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EtlEiltobuttg Gag*
()dl . AND MMwAN.
:CITY courrcus
r 'TbrilMfbtburgh city Councils held n
- regular monthly meeting Monday even
ing. October 24th.
Members present: 3leesre. Armatrong,
Brown, Coffin, Crawllird, - Diettion, Gal
laher, McCarthy. M'Ewen,
Morrow, Phihips, Tanner, Thomi.soo,
srhite, Wilson and It'Auley, T.-residenc ..
The minutes of the • Iwo preceding
meetilhil Were read C.nd approved.
A.OO oomaraicavtoara.
rriddes ll neAulev presented a coin
munleatieri from Rfehard Edwards en_closing duplicate tax receipts for city
taxa'''. 'which he .Did he had through
. .aotohcremoicounMble moans paid, one
of 'which he thought woo wrong, /8,81 of
which was paid to Mr. Patteillon bind
• v.,643 to Allinder. Referred to tha
nanee Committee.
• Mr Vhiteproeented the bill of Willis,
Alward a. Co., to Council Chamber,
.amounting to 110.00, accompanied by
reardedlou authorizing itapaymont. Ac
eepled and resolution adopted.
dri lieEtven presented a petition Drom
citizens residing on Rose street r .in the
Seventh ward, asking that the'earne be
opened from 'Overbill to Devillers street,
Which was accompanied by an ordinance
providing for the opening of the same,
and - appointing David Stens and James
McCabe Viewers. The ordinance was
read twice, and on motion of Mr. Morrow
• was laid over throne month and ordered
!- to "he pnbliabied once in the city papers.
Mr. Themlipem offered at resolution au
therighlg the erection of a gas lamp on
Harmocle street. Adopted.
Mr Br° ela offered a resolution author
izing, the Water Committee to receive
frotOthe Pennsylvonia Railroad Compa
ny File,S5S..B, to expended in laying a
water pipe, of greater capacity, on lair
arty Street, which sum Is to be repaid to
the Company from the eater rents =-
credal; to the city from said Company.
Mr. MeEsven offered =ordinance pro
yiding for the change of the names of
Fountain, Prospect and Redford streets to '
Bedford avenue. Read three times and
falre .Icaflllan °tiered err/solution pro
siding for the erection of a gas lamp at
the corner of Centre ,avenue and Din
wadi, street. Referred to Gas Commit-
Also, a petition from -Mr. Zug asking
permission to erect a 'bridge eat Etna
On motion of, President 'McAuley, as
amended by Mr. Anualrerig, the petition
was granted,
ties time given, and that the
petitioner be yesponsible for all,damagee
arising (rem the some. .
-• 'Mr. McMillan o ff ered a resolution pro
viding for the erection of two gas lamps
on Bedford and Gum streets. Adopted.
• cowircesicaivesz
FROM cortyrrocnon.
A communication from the City Con
troller was read, Inclosing sundry bills,
and recommehding the transfer of antlers
ter of appropriations, accompanied by a
'resolution authorising the payment of
the bills, and providing for: the [renders
as suggested. • Adopted. •
_ _ •
• . .
. .
• Mr. DforrOw. rresented an ordinance
presiding that. the rates of wharfage on
all steamboida landing at the Mononga
hela. utast', making two trips• per week,
shall bt, four and a half cents per ton.
Read three times and passed.
RETORT or.sescut. coSraterrgE.
The Committee appointed to investi".
date the claim of Atwell, Lee et Co. .for
amages sustained by the lose of tobticoo,
by reason of..A defect In tho_Wood street
seater recommended that the trial. of the
-- muse be confined to a statement of the
rave by the atternerv. Tho report was
f. accepted and, adepted. .
pone o. umarry canta:r.
The President teed a communication
'Rom John H. Hampton, Esq., Solicitor
of the Pennsylvania Halimed, asking
the passage of an ordinance authorizing
the company to erect - telegraph poles on
the..enuth aado 'of Liberty street from
Morris street cashvard to the city line.
The communication WM received and the
, ordinance pa n ned, the city ream-aim the
right •to • use the poles, if necessary, for
the Fire Alarm Palest:al:b.
_ .
• Mr. Whito—u. resoineon authorizing
the.eroetion three gas lamps on Wet
. aO) , atrent., between 'Boyd and Chostrint
Sweat -Cteforrod to ties Committee.
Cotrueils adjourned.
There were ptesnt Mamma Partite.
Beck, Boggs, Brash, Courehl,
Hare, Hemphill, Hansa, 311whitarkert
MeQuetran, Itice ellnnd , O'Neill. Reb
man, Reed,. Risenigh, Roberta, Seibert,
Sloan. Torley, Verner, Weldon, Webilr
and Preddent Steele.
The w.hautes ,or the preyions meeting
were read and ajwirered. - -
"tmrrrioN ran A saw.r.n.
House presented a petition rran
the property owners of Diamond Alley
praying that a sewer be laid from Lb
' "rMSt aide of; Smithfield to Wood street
Referred to the Street Committee.
Mr. Hare offered * resolution mstinet
.l.g. the.chui committee to pare a nubile
lamp 'Ord:MA.on the corner of Liberty
street and Garrison alley. Referred to
the . proper Committee. .
Mr. Rebman offered a similar resolu
tion prxeldlog for the erection of a pub
llelamp on Grant street, between Sixth
street and Strawberry Alley. Referred
to the Committee on As. .
. - Mr. Barnhill presented a petition, a...k
-ing for'the erection of a gas lamp on the
earner of Decatur and Townsend streets.
'and one between Clark and Dembir
streets on Townsend street. :Read and
teferreeffel' the ComMittee.
• 4 iumeowsruaistm. .
Mi. .11uGenvan .presented a , remon
' stranee, signed In..thaty of the property
holders of Pike street, against the, pro
posed opecdngot that throughfare, as It
win Involve unnecessary expense. Ite-
. •
Mr. Mel:omen offered a resolution
•atructing the Street Commissioners to
uncut the removal from the corner of
Stevenson street and Pennsylvania eve
nue,of the lame copper hollers which in
, teraronith the flea paaeageof the street,
Referred to Street Committee. .•
Mr. Ford pienented a petition asking
for the grading and paring of Mulberry
alley, between Clymer and Smith atreeti,•
Ninth w n rd. Rehrred to Committee on
Mr. Cousin offered a petiti on tor the
=Armof Crawford at street,
Sixth word. Referred to the Street
Tho same gentleman 'also presented a
patition- frlam reAdents on Elm street,
relative to the grading and paring - bfaald•
street. - Referred to Street Committee.
31r. Council, aLso offered a petition rel
ative to the grading and paving at Beat
ty'', alley, in the Seventh:, wart!. Re
ferred to'Street Committee. •
01 . 1M111 . 0 prVINE ALLEY.
Mr. Brush offerer] an °nth:ewer:lA,
.viding for the opening of r
from Wardatnaton to Federal - street;
the Sixth ward, inaecordance to Watson's
plan." Referred to the Street Committee..
'Mr. O'Neill offered tho followingrence
lotion, which was unanimously tvlopted:
— Retottied, That the Controller be and is
hereby requested to inform COrtlidb§,...2l
their next meeting, whether ony of the
city officers; now In office, or who may
have held, office within the last • five
years, are indebted to the city:and, if so,
said Controller to furtherregnaded to M
itten Councils the amount of mid indeht
edncss and what steps, if any, base
loon lii . ken:totrards collecting the same:
Mr. Ford reed the following_ petition
dined by Thomas Martin, a resident-of
the Berenth ward: "Your potipontle
would reprment that owingtothe added
- tog of Bedford rime( ho lost one han
dled and twenty-two -feet , by tern feet
nth° inches of kilo-propertywn sold street
for which he rerzeivad no allowance. mad
bootg spoor nalan,,and unable to pay 'for
aIP-rading. Poring, etc., of sold stn.aat,
noseased upon his property arithout oora•
perwation for the low of sold property,
would pray: tour honorable bothers to
allow him the sum of four.bundred dol.
lanfor-thewanse, as :being but • jnot and
reasonable." _ : •
'The petition - was warm:Opal:tied by .1
resolution granting the .petinon and
charging the soma to the Contingent
Fund. Thai petitiongati nocepted and
the resolution tolloptott S. C. non•con.
atrred. •
Mr. Brush prteiented the bill oilseed by
the State I...ataro vacating Spruce
Alley from r.roll to Wilkins Bernet,
.together with a resolution providing for
the appointment of viewers on Mid va
This resolution pave rise to a lively .
debate. :desert+. Ford O'Neill and
bert took grounds opposed to recognizing
the - ate vacating the street until Councils
had pissed uren IL The act required
the eemaime of Councils after Its pase,
After ormiddernble debate and at ophilon
from the City Solicitor stating that the
Act provided for the action of CounciLe
before it teuld•go into effect, the reso
lution was, referred to the Street Com
mittee. Received by the SeloctCoundi
and ordered to be tiled. , • •
Mr. Mectuesrlul privainted a conununl
-ation coverhig several bills for wading
and paving of lkdford street : which was
reed and referred to the Finance Con,
—ln all•action not otherwise noticed
there was a unataal concurrence.
On motion adJournod, ,
"- Malicious filiscblefL-3iney A nn c u r
made an . Information. before Alderman
Thomas, charging Mar) Cuff with ma-
I lelona mischief. Tho prosecutor riiiegea
that the defenistm glostroyed her loom,
spools of thread mill a bonnet, amount
ing 01112.40. The defendant was COM.
mltted fir trial.
— lretpesettmeut Cull • X eW I
apetial) is gathering no at
the members standing tta they did
close of the last session. In th,
Cork delegation them are
converts .to impeachment. A l!
member of the. Senate said, on ;
day, that *ten all he contd.. ?earn,
not believe there was half a
change. in the Mance on the ha s
knew of none at all in the Senate.
-+a proposition for a oontinton •
sloe of Congress to the end: f lir
eons term is favorably received
Republican member, who hay
-2... Southern alltorhan hail a
cal Conversation with Generale G
reports the General will not acne
nonelzustion from the Radicals pro •
handl! ornept It as the reptwients-.
the CorardirVative men.
- IL-Thit emeralds) on Elections, i i their
inv'ertfigations of disloyalty' eget et the
Kentucky • member', have ref rned.
Tice chief evidence is against erns
Grover and Trimble, and ills un de too , '
that some Prety otrong points hey been
made against diem. As to the oda r die.
tricts. except the Eta, which Mr. eKee
Is contesting, there wits not much ..
many taken.
- ,
•The. anneal rtlent of Secretary Me-
Culls* for the fiscal year ending! June
30th, is almost finished, and will it Ii
said, be sent to the President on be let
of November. It is elated that as nas
the anneal report of the Secrete is In
the hands of the • President, the • trong
forces arrayed in opposition to 31 . Mo.
Cullech have determined to mak a pull
all together in the erotic' of Worm leg a
change in that department. •
—A handbill offering twentydiv thou
sanildollars for the assassination o liens
Moen, Underwood A C •., WWI found on
the "streets of Richmond on Sunder me re
ing. This, it would went, preys the New
York Herald special) was evidentrf in
tended en an . offset to the letters of the
;Negro Vigilenee.. Committee ordering
certain citizensto learn, the city.
.--The Episcopal . Church, Town Hall
and Reeler's stove warehouse, at Wal
lingford,. Coml., were destroyed by fire
oh Sunday. • Lem k 30,000; insurance
about 8110100.
—There' seems to be no abate Mont of
yellow fever at Memphis, There were
eighty inter/ciente on Sunday.
—llon....Toseph A. Pond, late President
of the Ara husetta State Senate, died
Yestorday afternoon at Benoit.
—The groat podeatrnut struti to-day
from Portland, Me., on his walls to Chi
Trebly Wed* by the Klemm bed
ST. LOUIS, October fn.—The treaty
by the Indian Commissioners with the
Flown and Comanche tribes; on the 21st,
Oives them about nix thousand square
miles, or litres and a half million acres
of land, embraced between the North
Fork of the Sled river and the lied river,
beginning at the intersection of the thir
ty-fifth parallel and the ninety-eight
meridian, and embracing the south
western corner. of the present Indian
territory with a fraction from Tex..
The tribes am now estimated at four
thousand persons or about eight hun
dred lodges. This taint will therefore
give them not less than' eight hundred
acres for mach man, woman and child.
It is 81E0 proyided'that these tribes shall
' induce their brethern, tie Calnallehm of
Northern Texas, to tome and live with
them. !rattly succeed the United States
will enlarge their reservations tyadding
a quantity of land sufficient to give each
person three hundred and twenty acres.
If the remaining Comanches mn be in
duotsci to .come . in, :this • will give
a large, election of eolistry on the
Teta: &outlet -and open a way for
civilizatims in a once powerful .'tribe.
-It its proposed to bnildan agency, weer.
house and other buildings, for a teacher,
farmer, miller, ishysician, In., and that
these masons be furnished to them. to
live on the enervation, and aid the In
chon, In ilea of the annultie.s . previded
uncleithe• treaty of 1865, it is proposed
to give each Indian. on the reservation,
annually h suit of clothing, consisting
of ;,pat, pantalooiti,- hotwatic socks. In
addition Co this, F 25,000 annually is tube
given in such articles as the/rattans may
meet need.- - fileyeral other - provisions are
made to ftwnish seeds sad agricultural
implements to ouch_ persons as may con.
memo filming: The Indians agree to
let all railroads be built, and especially.
the Smoky Dill and P latte M ids. - ' They
agree to keep listing'peace; to .eaptare
no more.women-and children; !that they
*hi attack no more. trains,. shit cease to
kill. They wilt brf.fdlowed to hunt on
the old reservation southef the ;Arkansas
till the settlements drive :away the but-
• . • straw al Itaebee Amikted.
49y 'Teary* to the rlttioteint,
• QUEBEC, Oct. 23.'--The ringleaders in
the. late .demonstration of the ship ear
penbirs' strike mire arrested to-day. A.
mob of several hundred , roughs at
tempted a rescue, but were driven off by
the soldiers. Rail to env' amount was
offered for the release of the prisoners,
but reftied. 'The Jail , Ls guarded by
strong detachment of the Rifle lirigidn.
■W lammed—Two Neellitllea.
ferTemmat to tbs nuennes
etnamicxrt 0, Oct 3.--The eastern
mail, which left' New - York on Friday
„;tras burned in therallroad tem,
derd'at, Xenia on litabirdzy night.
Two men, named Stewart and Fistosia,
were run over and• instantly killed by
Saturday night's F-x - preas west, at New
.i:JlDrivy awls In Mai* Cowslips.
, L l / 7 Idegr,pn to the Mats lett Cilasatte.l
• 'Wmxtictrrow, C., Oct. Ll.—Thent;
Gam bean a tremendous . faU of rain, ac-
Oompanied heavy' wind, which
produced a very bigh tide. submerging
the wharves on the , opposite aide of tho
river, -No serious damage was done.
asso,lllsosidaak KR ZoOSo so Portland
;By Talsorspli Who tinateurglUsSatt.CT •
Peticrearottim, C ar. Oct. 113.--General
Sheridan stopped a few minutes on his
postage through hero for Portland to
day, and shook hands with a large^nnm.
her of permits. A sahateihm tired in his
, • . Weautour Noroes.
tar Toloarroob to tat nuonorro
PlEttkralarno, OCt.
Heavy rain storm since 2 o'clock.
iltrar Yomr, October 23.—Midnight—
A north-tourt stern lot prevailing.
River lrelmerass.
77 TeLecnokb> tai Flusbargb easel 4,1
~Lountytt.w.r . Oct.. Z3.—ltiver dieing
Slowly with ffil 'lnches In the Canal bY
—The Austrian tioyernmenLis taking
great pains to increase-Ih° efficiency of
Ito racy. The Archduke Leopold, who
bat recently been on a tour of umpectiOn
In Pala sod Trieste,has appointed acorn
adssion, composed of naval °likens and
ltelentitic enturat Obe former po to corn
out experiments In naval w re, and
Rear Admiral Von Pete, who
anwireLhVn.hbnntilLeuwpom of director
of the Naval Academy at Flume, has
been. ordered to Polo to assist the port
Admiral 'there in superintending the
outAtof ahlps.. There ore now two Iron
clads at Trieste, one of which I,* nearly
ready for tea, and the other, the Lista, to
being rapidly completed..
—A correspondent of the London
Globe, alluding to a report recently cir
culated concerning the 111-health of the
Craw, eayct "The rumor Is wholly nli
feutuled. The 'Emperor looks 11l and
seems hammed; but his intellect ifi In no
way affected 3ty in formation is, derived
from si man on the, spat where the Em
peror is. Although no attempt to sense
emote hins has been made since that at
Paris, - it Is not Impossible that flans are
entenained as to the exist...min of a plot
Maki" sib Mr the earittnees. - With which
the -Crar guarded at prates's'. is quite
teinalkuble. Precaution.. are taken ins
if be were surrounded by lames. This
ennunistanee may account for the worn
look which his NUjesty hes hod for mine
Amanit and ratters.-_mi c h,,,l
culionsdt, of Baldwin tinmo.hip, appeared
before Alderman MeAlaiitera yesterday
and „made information :mutant John
'Drieedatt fur =molt and imttery,
alleges that the defendant invited him
to alaall at Ida boom, and that ho kicked
him out -of the hoax when them A
warrant Ins brined.
Assault and Batteryldary Ann Cuff
made information before Alderman
,yeaterdeg, against Mary Cuff,
sterter with assault and battery,
ag g
that the accused th row water on
her (the proseeMrix'a) child. She wee
arrested and; after:tr hearing, committed
in default of the required ball for her ap
pearance at Court.
••- • •
Thstreda7, Oet.
lath. MHey,. W. H. Andrew, Mr. JOHN Ma
CABLIN. of Hu:pion ta least:op, Allegheny
004 las. - ANNEX M., daughter of J. B.
MOOR[ - 111AVIEL—At Byron. New Tort. on
Wed.:Muter. October :31, MB. T.
Medgetatt, Mr. J. Z. BOONE. el Bridgewater.
P. otod Mite JtNNI; A deagbter of J. W.
.WZMltlaTtli . knuclar =orator Ob..
at cl
o'.ct• LO tab!, UM place at kit. Troche.
ILATICOIL—Ou Ifondai clornlni October :1.,
1 o'clock, HARPY LOYINK, oldest sou or
licorge sad Cane Raynor. cad kyear• boa root.
The lbsabraltlll take Placebo-bar. at No'Clock
A. 314 Dian the tasldtbAck of Ida parent., NO. 188
......, The Mends of tbc
Wally are respecifoUT Invlbed to attend. •
WWBO/5..-In Elsoores:o.wrti4zttif . to b n
riVjaa 2 VaireNyks3N. Ittov. ated
geOTT.—Oet liredsomisy. Oetoder )1111_of
11 . 111Rplee t 5h1=244....
e ge t 1LU1 L 4L . 4.1)
Witi: =54 or bu
ngtb •
nt the
ly no
• • lug
' ur
—At Oberll2i Collego.a negro woman
teadivi English'grammar. .
—A man died recently in Verniont
from a surfeit of honey.
—Salt Lake City 1, receiving immense
iiceeiailat i a Ulla season, largely of Dane.
--A sea wall of granite is swing con
structed in the of San Franclisso.
—A eompany for the manufacture bf
Asit in richuylli.lllr.unt.', hm been form
ed. and the works will soon be tit course
of e9wstruetion.
,y the
—The proprietor Of the Julesbuiir llCe
braska.) Varsoties has hle price of
stimiseion . "to the !Antall sum of fifty
roots, including a drink free."
—An Idaho Miners' League has Just
been formtwL They flied the fal.&, of
wages at 00 per 'day 'dil the value of
greenbacks at seventy-live cents.
—A young man named Glutter, while
engaged lit that beautiful and healthy
game, hose ball, at Goshen. Ind.; Natd tit
right arm broken at the wrhlt.
—There Is a coal famine in Cincinnati,
,the result of low water in the Ohio, and
even at ibis stage of the game It costa
twenty-eight coma per,l3llshel at retail.
—tarn:Midi has rive grandchildren liv
ing With him at Caprera, named respec
tively Manton, Amami, Lincoln, Arleta,
and John Brown—the latter twill "mew
ling in the nurse's arms."
—IL It. Cattier Weal, of New York,
Preclident of a Company formed a yaw
ago for the erection of water works in
Indianapolis, announces that work will
be commenced immediately
—The 'coal trade. of Pennsylvania in largely each .year. ft Is stared
that 550,000 tons more of anthracite coal
have been sent to market this 7rettr than
during the corresponding period last
—The residence of 31ajor (Amoral An
[bony Wayne to now occupied by litagTeat
grundsou. It to at Paoli, on the Pehu
ylyanta Railroad, and to kept lu tituch
e condition , Is when owned by
the Revolutionary ftero.
Eding, aged one hundred and
ono years, died at her rswiaenno in Rock.
creek township, Intl., on last Thursday.
husband was a soldier in the war of
ISE, and died In battle. Mrs. Eding
was a native of Virginia.
—The builders , 1 It'd Peel& nallroail
are now in tight of the .Rocky Montt
talnc, and will in a Tow days reach the
new City of Cheyenne, where real eittate
speculation is running high, corner tots
selling at $5OO and upward,.
—A man mimed Saunter gained some
petty suit at law In Smithlmal, Illinois,
against another named Stone, last Thurs
day.. Both parties resided in the COMI try,
and on the road home Stone shot :jun,
ner. dead, and has not been captilllnl.
—A large, muscular Irishman, in
Party 'crossing the locky Mountains,
lately left hts companion. to chase a
grizzly. He was afterwards found torn
Into ribbons, and the boOr Using dead a
few yards distant, pkrced with nix bul
citizen nt Liberty, Mo., hes be
came on delighted at Lie completion of
the. Cameron and Krutsas City Railroad
thus far, that he never leaves the track.
Fie hAil his Inhale sent to blot 4nd at
night eleeps'beti'veen a couple of tills.
—The 'shrviting members of tliti First
litinuesota, which-made a gallant light
at Clettysburg, have prepared a head
er/MO meth erini tribute to their fallen
comrades, to fats the Nfintiosota lot in
the 'National Cemetery at' Gettysburg..
• Minueanolis teamster, with alotid
of lime, sot tire with his pipe a bundle of
tiny in his wagon. Ile attempted odor.
don of the dames ley dashing water co
pinuslt‘• tipMi his freight, mid soon - found
himself In fresh trouble' from the lime.
+—William McMullen, an employee nt
Cacti tell', saw mill, Bay County, Nto.,
one day last week win thrown on the
saw of the mill while in inotion,which
nearly tovertd his left shoulder, ex
posing the heart and lungs, tearing his
thigh Willy, and cutting MT one foot. ha
this "condition he lingered for three days
and died.
—Not many days ago, a little darkey,
driver or a• - • fainlture car, in ',Louisiana,
Pike County, Mo., put some powder In
his pocket as a ...ens - cadent mode of
corning it. By some means it exploded,
butnna and breeches In even'
direction. For a time the darkey thought
ho was shot. Ile wan only potted and
—Professor Light made an ascension
at Perryville, Juniata .County Pa., on
Thunolay last, in his !dredge] tier Bal
loon, with a perilous termination. Het
balloon - split from the hoop to the top
and descended with alarming rapidity.
As goodlortnno would has e it, Mr. tight
'lit in the, Juniata River and escaped
without any serious Injury.
~ — On the evening.' the ath inst., us the
members of St. Joseph (M 0.,) Westinln-
Ester Church, were assembled in the
chureh building, fur the purpose of bold
ing their regular weekly prayer meeting,
u stray prairie chicken fluttered against
one of the nrindown and would not be
driven off." The parson stepped out, end
like si good Chrtstlan took him In.
—Probably the oldest book extent,
ever published in America,.le now In
pomession of General J. W. Phelps, of
Vermont. It is a dictionary of the Arise
Language, and mom printed in the City of
Meal., in 1571—.ncerly fifty years be
fore the landing of the Pilgrims at Ply
mouth, and more than . thirty years pre
views to the establishment of the eclorty
at Jamestown, Virginia.
--Two men recentl3'died suddenly at
a Canadbm tavern after drinking a cup
of coffee. The landlady called the po
lice, who suspected her of poisoning the
men. She protested she had not, and to
prove the harmlessness of the coffee
drank a cup herielf, - when .A 0 else fell
doirn dead. A examination of the cof
fee-pot showed that a bunch of matches
had been boiled with the coffee.
—During the ewalon of a temperance
convention at Pittsfield, Maas., some
.rowdles buttt a huge bonfire in trout of
the church, where the conventfun was
assembled, and raised an alarm of fire.
A cask of beer was rolled into the riotous
crowd, and was wan poured down their
throats, end their Whole proceeding,
were lawless, noisy end disgraceful;
The authorities made no sign.
—Vhe refit Journal of Paris has a daily
circulation of over two hundred end nfty
thousand copies.' M. 3Larinoril haa re
cently, placed in the office of the Petit
Jour./ four presses, each of which will
print 600 impressiona a rainote, or a to
tal of 134,000 Impressions pet hour. The
Paris fficslc, In speaking • of the fact,.
states that th 4 American prises, which
up to this moment have been regarded
as the perfection of mechanical ingenu
ityoue now surpassed by the Invention
of M. Marinoni.
—A young °nicer was at a large party
given in Leavenworth, when perceiving
a toad, he took it up and attempted tee
frighten the ladles with it. After a time
ho threw the frog on the ground, and
then happened to toueh lets face srith his
hand. A trifling pimple, which ho bad
on hla face, instantly Commenosi swel
ling, and the moat violent agony 'speedi
ly forced him to return to ids quart....
Every effort was made to stop the inthl.
Malan, but all operationifalicsi, and the
unfortunate officer , axplred otter two
days' intense pada,
—An Ohio paper mays that Vallandig
haw was poisoned recently, while Irian-
Ing at the hon. of T. J. Kenny, Erg.. at
Ashland, O.
• —Tim now 'dein° of !!tanoerts hag been
unveiled at Llabon. The 'king, queen
and diplomatle body were present., and
a grand bail wee given at the palace In
the evening. Many streets were illumin
—One Jeroine Strange bad the miser
trus to be captured to chthtbria'by s par
ty of.bantlita. lib ransom was fixed at
twelve thousand dollars. The money
arrivetrone day idler the time appointed
—a delay which coat Mr. Strange hia
right oar.
Schweitrer covets the suffrages of
the Prussian workingman. Ile has an
nounmd hie Intention to Introduce into
the North German Parliament a bill to
regulate the hours of later, the rote of
wages and the employment of women
and children.
—M. Regan, the famous French outlier.
itta stout, Mary man, with rather a dull
appearance, until he begins to talk, whun
his featurm light up with a wonderful in•
tellectual brilliancy, and his whole bear
ing and impost utatufe4 the scholar and
independent leacher.. .
Sourkof hue Just. vs:rived the
degree of J?oetor of Medicine from the
Uniceraltyof Zurich.. Sloe Is Bosnian by
birth, and studied at St. Petersburg with
great credit Until the Russian govern
ment forbade the conferring of degrees
in medicine upon women.
—The Paris member of the house of
Rothchild received the news of tiaribal..
di's arrest at an hour and a half Winn
the first meagre dispatch reached the
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
With this hit of knowledge ho made
50,000 francs at the Bourse during the
—The oldestjeumalit in Frahm
Jean Baptiste tiourier, Bled recently In a
charitable institution at Insy. He wax
ninety-twe years old. At one time he
was in the odic° of the Jouriud do Paris.
Realnowroteagreatnumber of ‘!poents."
Re VOW. the tint years of his life in piny-
Ing do • :Wanes.
, . •
—Fernando Wood LI not troubled with
fitodesty- - lle woo tailed upon the other
day to follow Mayor Hoffman in addrett
ring a regbnent, and Debt ' have not
come hereto-day to make a booed,. but
as I AM called upon to nerooo.l ilia I lonor,
the Mayor, I do It With pleutturo."
carriage recently upset
and, bruised 'a little Malian, who was
screaming "Viva Garibaldi" in the mid
d ie of tho Boulevard Montmartre, In Par
ht. Tbo composer got oat, picked upthe
child, examined 'his bruises . „ gave him
twenty francs, and Winded him over to
the police to bo healed:
—The romnt revival' of Duma's "
tony" Paris was Made the occasion of
fervent popular tribute tails popular
author. ire wept hirnseltriearly
but regained his eyesight sufficiently to
write to the actor bavolger before going
to bed a .note which 'finished with
these worth: " not despair of art;
toy dear child; with your future and my
past nothing bp loot.
0101 DAIL Y
it.mE . Eurz.
B. 1
.11, ' IN D BO: 'di
118 W. St, near oorner of Fifth.
Go rnment Securities,
Gold; Silv_er,
And coupons,
atiOttsb% lad Mil es llblitt tam. Matta 40101
op .11th. prlnetnalcltlea of tor..
- .
te ►re now premed to ootreert the
I Fi'Ll 4441 g
Re* lfdh E.-B) Gold Coupon Bonds.
➢akn is pttnuat Bnitiiee, •
Corner Fourth & Wood , streets.
IRA B. ReVAI. & CO..
AND HMIS I. BittlltK
Cor. Fourth ald Siatthtleld Ftretts
zinv i r r ,t l ,o4, l74l : JULY
tent. to January at, and gliTigat &1111:1;:
5-20 BOXDS OF 1867,
lateral LP BULD at 0 Ina cant, from that date.
ink H. Mit",&ll' d 01).
Orson op ry Pinwsounon Gnerryn,
Mayo.., October 21, ISM.
Gold opened Emig at 142%, In emisequenee
of more warlike roman from Italy, but tt be
came weaker when the Aieletant Treasurercorameneed pnyliut idnvernber gold coupon.;
ite market, nevertheless, closed strong at
141%, large short contracts hying still out and
no farther new. .from Europe regarding the
'quotation. of annuities.
.13a1111 opimed strop tuabitht, but be
title wealt,ind blotted It a robsiderable decline;
Eightpone bondl at t 34 £l7lbrirentle• of lad&
VG do, 1806 1 e, 34; Console, %; Too•Yarties,
Seven.Thlrtie., % to% per gent. The scarcity
of money, or rither the width of cor:Wenn that
cause. the stringency ot the market, forces
people to .Iles their seenthtlee, 'villain there la
bia littio demand for thou—a YlvaTereaty
bond bought at par bearing me par amt. Gold
14 a otoo InvestmeolottOn t angst tf,r i months,
It eothmands a premium of 1 or 10 per cent.,
but on the other baud, a bond bought at 100,
with no Interest uthoed, and after a months
ts, Including Intereet, only worth Its per
cent., Is .undoubtedly Investing money at •
lots. The retort aught &embalm. In Italy
have canoed National orautitles to decline
from 1 toe per tent., what their market value
will be lb out of a general war to Europe.
It, la a eeltudon to support that trench.
Italian, German or English semantics would
decline, and Slinethoon.bonds advance, while the
National (century is under superman. If we
aim at remitoptlou before the foreign indebted
tie.. Is considerably reduced. aro must baps
pared to the !mode go lower, •ad probably, be
'airport If they moth the better for the
counirgi it .111 tend to keep Mode abroad un
til ere are propathd to redeem them, and In•
.teal of writhing from to to Id per cent. we
may buy • large per restage of them book at s
The steak market is excited end higher, but
nobody nee. for it except proteesionel
Nubian. .
Money le becoming sealer, le riete of • To
nle:101ton of n•vigetton, mid the barge aaJlO.l
of ?oil to go out.
Clueing !Yew 'York quotations received by
I:M. H. Mertz, were se follows:
Gold, 142%, 15111 . 11, lar4 119
1114, 101%; ass, 1111% tionools, 101; Gios
100%; 7-L,
clirralmagla Plttabure. R. A.
Merchants thaloa Expreu
Wamtern lIWOa. Ulegrapb.......—
, •
Pittaburgh Tart Wayne (Mimeo _ Sire
Northwestern nallrood—common
New York (Mattel .. . 11 " ig
Ohio ehdlea Carthicathe 1.41,
MM.. Southern 701,
cond. 70
Quieloilver' ta i
—Tim New York Tribune of Sato ntay.haya
The failure of Robert L. Taylor, . old and
nommol. It Is smiled that lat le largely cote ,
=Mai by the 1.4..0.0.4. 0f - the of H.
W. liaboell, Malpping and moo son Thera
dia., who baa Mao felled. putimbevs
Taylor an
The debilities. Mr.
Taylor ars .10 10 autettet •betit $1.11014.0,
lucludine the Indorser.. of Mt 'lubber/is
paper. The difficulty la nekotlaung oomerer•
Maly aper sae led tot re failure. In part.
While lamike can make sone par MM. 111 OS
gating mock gemblisg. mentaetlle paper is
steadily threw, ela, and Itquldidkin will be
found na.asary with bow. drilling Moue
welting for munetting Outrun RP. -
—Say. the Chia.* Journal of Saturdati
Sois_ . • amt., eresideg the Inegrity of D. D.
Pete.. of • nne.tal eirealor,
went afloat cm Vb... It s
/. alleged that
has aterdented. kiwi. taking a somber of
forged warehoine nwelpm, on which tee has
eurh ng atmle r ater .000.7. St . ear . ;
been issued by M,. h .4 calling for
003 tierces of lord, It la NM, hive bun do
covered. 11 is 01.0 reported that other forged
receipts en varki n pork hot.* aft In Wimp
stioo, but no Nether partleulars have be.
totmlit its we. to press.
—A panic took piace oe the Philadelphia
Stook Exch.., owing to • eedden d.PPlak
rrot et sight of sayeral herclee whieh bmi 0.00
:fly for some time past. Tide Is •
premonitorater of
Power w . Quicksilvt may be exp
ter mod ected Mime.
bare already fahta to etrOgralt of there'rete
selling prism aed others ant won frdlow,
North.stern ecuaeure,'Tkim J ohl to South.
e Ohio tWitifiratrot and other" which pay
nolethendare Doodled &Wit Rem one barker
to another at prim far stove their Talmo and
as no outsiders. will Loath than they east fall
to their P.M among the Meeks en which so
prude. beaker will lend .y money, and wo
layeeterwill ea. to flak hist .—New To*
. . ,
—We ara Irony lohmer that wow ot tha
!,•ome flue to Ur habit et
opoaa, -mad Teeemetult :has
into tho eed Tr kl ew " nt sta eats aa s U'll o
ea "'".
The Proveml:r Interest payment la a:eeled
Qf many to derma the prise 01 gold; out tbls
afoot..Pial* from past capertintoe, resnot
be amoral epos aftla
Orem* at eenotste.
Tereaty.four adhloas of gold matt be 'squirm:l
to pay pay the November Menet upon the
nog Twenties. The greater part of thlo trill
oald through tea. New Took Sub-Tressury.
-. —Berter, Bnlfafla. .
—Kistler from Titusville, ra n refers to the
PnleesTeozoiltlon qt. the all btu/new es
At mamma quotattose the bueittem Of pre.
duties oil Is mulardestly.mmtmeralive to retain
the old hands sad Maw in seam itew mem
Territory wale profitless well I. raptdly Wino
onted. sad titers la no foment feat of the top
ply (Milne. The old spotter of sellaatlas the
productioe oftow WWI has not mitirmy
peered ewes. and Soo hes to keep to mln4 the
lejonstios of the .tolfues steward.. sad whim
. 0 hundred measums of oil" are reported.
taken his bill too wilt. any. nee Pellet
prlem which oil hes obtelned tor the puts two
months has totted attention to the volitive
of abandoood wells, Boma of whish hate largely
reneld their operators.
Very few wails ars now got'g down in toed.
tell when 01l la found at a low depth than TM
feet, while the majority are moulted' to drill
from MO to fire. True require. the beet of loco
01104 and has oven quite en Impetus to the
000401 ... th ertlelek Which had Wes oh very
ove r lly a ye o f d ag
Mo o,
ck. es. then every one WIN
their o
. . .
The pipe lines are extending their pipe. to
gauety Sew delft, thry few team can be
ud for any ptirpoan. Iron tankage la now
uke:natal that It 1. thought by many that nil
will be realned en inmate beta (In we(t/ranee
to noting It to rhuanalobla) until 'ales are
actually male.
00,100 or Tea P 17111.13111 Gazer.,
ht on DAT * (MON, 98.1567.
ORMIE—The oil businme was- • perfect
blank to•day, no ter ae operellons warn eon.
caned. The roan which set la lila morning,
and eontinued almost without cemetlon. dm:
loath...We dey, te the eau,* of the present
suurnetion; and until the 000011 of it le davel.
oped. It isnot !their that thiftwUlbo soy
nrovrment. Boylan expost lower pilau in
teas of en aerie reeowptloa of navigation, and
es a soreeduenes, with the present favorable
indleationc, that , are all. or nesrly ell, out of
the market. .A floe hi badly needed, and so far
.as WS CIO 141110, needy eVtly IMO la thetrade
would like to see a good river and heavy or.
rivals of oil. The stook doll la this market
ts nearly exhausted, and those who have sold
'loon" for November would he partdonlarly
gratified If there ahou Id happeo to be a'riee
It EPINEU—The tilt same to hare knocked
the prop. froin.under the market for bonded
ell *Jae,her• am well aa la Philadelphia. There
wu note elnale gale that we could hear of,
and ft N .al4 that there were offers to sell 14
thetas' rimed place at a matenel rednotlon,
For edentate, epdt all wan quoted at lierpasha
against ate on elattuday, and Norco:awl et et*
11144 &debut ado on pat ordo.
OM surer= not loom strousewli Deco,
A. D. 31111er. 115 Ulm relined tn Warted, Xi.,
Co. Philadelphia
Lone & City, as do do to q: O. War.
Ilutobleson Oil Co, 204 dodo to L. 1911.0 x,
• blladelpht...
Brook., Ballentine & Ca., 97 do do to W.O.
Arden, Ptilladottolds.
Duncan db do do to Waring,
log & Co, PhOodelphts.
Johonton & Patna, 00 do do to W. P, Loreto
Bro, Pbtladelptds. •
W. ntecotoneon, 92 000700, to J. Parkhorrt
Co. Baltimore.
Eilty,Oo do do to Stormon, Elm a Co.
rhllsddlphis. '
.011. eIRPPIm 210 T 11T A. V. a. I.
Montsbeiwor. Koehler s Co, Oro bbla milord,
to Warted, Mod & Co. Philadelphia.
Clark a Sumner. 164 do do to Wriltht &
Sono, Philadelphia.
Nat. lief. Co Mir do do to F. A. Dilworth
Co. Philadelphia..
Farroatt. Lotion & Stookdale. I'oo do do to
Altoona Storing Co, Philadelphia.
•Yorryth Bro. al Co, AO do do to F. A.1)11.
worth & 00. Philadelphia.
Braun & Wagner.= do do to Warlok , Kw,
& Philade/phts.
P. Walseuberer & Co., 0 do do to WiWleg,
ICieut k Co., Pbl4l,lelphia.
J emaetoa,ibddodotoWaring,Kt n g
ar. co, n,adalplda.
liesakoown & Co. 112 de do to A.G. Wardea,
.Philadelphia. ••
Freidaoll Wort& 600' do 20 06 C. W. Mona, -
Philadelphia. - •
Leanly(Ho Market
LET Tetempi' to the l'lttsbarinihnetted
Lennaurtin. October 48..—Tobacoot salon 17
Ida an s3,olllCto for lop and -mealyilititk m'
Flour eteady; imparting Wheat
. Oat.. bulk, Ito. — Cotn—shollen.
be7l,Vroole eor, bolo, 700. Cotton lett&
Mon Peak dull anlat. Lard 199te110, 1 1 •0011
—shoulders 10140, ohm. ado.
69 and 79 Wirer Street,
Arid rlealen6ll.l:ll.M. LUSIIICAT/1.1
CARritro.. "- t Lard ell
We OPSWIMS OUT ay. - gi! -
beat or GLOW PrOtoe
tea. arr.. C.d.. or Ude.. no—:.
Our. tro Lard 011 or • 3¢brte.t¢r ..llnot 1M
of Carrot coN Viet to. ,*
tb i !r h r g ln .6J usgstZire p n f' :: : ;:77 r4 Vaiii; g 643
Lard 011 from thir ect.
ertibir o 4 trim Protatrion Guns, Oolober 25,
The general market. were very doll to-dry
which rosy b. attributed In part, at least, tc
the Loa lament rendition of the weather, wider .
Maras. has te!tdertca to retard out-door
operation. •itt boit , liefre+ery thtio, lo Wit a
limited dooaso4 for any of the leading article.,
and, as a collirOlieice, we have hot few round
lot openittone to record. So far, licrwever, as
prises are oimoorned. there are no ehanies
worthy of special notice.
GRAM—Whist is quiet sed uncheitee4—,
we tontlatis to duets Mem fled tit
la tires ii 1214 fad In Street
este of bear West Vleginis White at MR,
Core •le to flood stiphle and dulli common'
mixed market tke quoted .bore 1 1 1441,11. eel.
of I der prima 'itilow at * L bate 'awl and
..unchanged; eel, of ter on tried/ , et ebo, itt,
mall Wee la eters et sefiloe. Rye is quoted
et 51001fra. Hat lift), aohyr.4konurt.w.
continue to quoto ek 81,mi do thiel; thd,t,eta
11:14 le store.
FLOUR—Ie quiet and a little dun but
prim are nalbanand. We continue to quote
at tot *eclat Wbcati omeain
for Winter Wnenl; and 11111,0045115,00 for fasey
brands. Eye Float
. _ •
pnovis;orts . .—.saran ti neatly, lazt
Quiet riaelmagea. W. eoattaua to
quote at l4git4Y(o for Shoulder.; Prat& for
Slbbedaud Clear Sides; 200 for Plata Sugar
Corea Haw, god 2341210 far Cacrused do.
Lard my' kit quoted at Ida, tad Mesa Pork
at =Amu.
#OTATOES—Peach Blows are comine In
Pratt/ f ell. and may De quoted M SIM per
bushel on amok.. New Jersey Sweats N per
barrel. I
nurr4ll—Primp 801 l Butter is he fair de
mand, eats at NiNia. tloiiBtin Peeked
Butter Is dull and nominal; may be quoted at
sl7llB—stead/ with a fair demand, and eon•
Unclad light arritalai salt. of fresh packed at
tAtEkSE—VIrm but . uatiutugod. Sumas o
/laMbar" . at 164:1111o, and Gnat= at ISOM, a..
Unsling to quality.
ELY—Is quiet and unchanged; sales from
ems at alto 102,00 per tom accindlng to
APPLES—There is no abatement in the or.
dials, and while the ma.ket Is Stall, prices are
unchanged; sales of tale to good at agegii, and
Prima to cholas at 1t3.t004.
Orritni.v ors Przcsocrum Goiorrra,
Mon.:, October U. UST.
The inanely on tale to-day wit hat My op to
that of loot weals, mad with a fair retail , de.
mood, the market was, if anything, a • little
better than last week, for dnasers; that Is,
buykn took hold With lee. thnltllty, And mime
fat tattle, In wets tams, brought • Cight ad
vaum. There to some loqulrg for Mook s ' attle,
at nry low figura, say from a% to te—farmem
Wa n t to buy pretty good steer, at these
prices, but, aa a generel thing, nothing but
. •stalawaga. can be bought at the quotations
pat awned. An win be wen by remove to
the .M below noted. prime DA reecho[ eat.
Ile, nab as first elm hatcher. are accustomed
_ .
to buy. brought (from 7 to 7;4, and medium
hatchet, nettle eold at from 0 to etf. The
Chicago Republican says that the beet . .butete
ere etooktn that market Is ynrchseed for the
Allegheny, Baltimore and other aware . mar
ket., !nano nook stock itoos tato toe Chicago
earl." Thl• paper al.a remarks oast of use
of the. Ohlune butchers buy. • deeent sal.
mat or tea, he bate up the llve.took apex ,
tag, and Laportunes them to note the remark.
able f•et; and, en the strength of a teputatlon
thus •ahleyed, he will sell four cent beef for a
month at . Wane fen. Juana per pound. It a
•tmply outrae•oua" Pretty rough on the ehl•
ago butcher.; And we hate, no doubt these
same remarks win apply to some of our All.
ghee, and Platabargb butchers.
Greenwald A Kam noon Laing rebelled Gi
treed of goon to pnm►Ohlo stare arg to 7sd.
heysolareold G. A SLIT fat steers and heifers
at b.
1.. Rothchild* retailed co bead it Pi to o's.
/Crane Roes U heed ot NW. Yowler
'balconied I et 6. • • •
Jas. aletillisuer reports haring sold tt head
for Ch. James, at to 6X.,aad SO head for
other puttee . to hheotheti set
RW*6l6 are to,
Ryan h Needy .1411 border Ohio settle et
.6 to IV ilOhead el Weehlogloe
.00. cattle at
igt to 7%; head *1 Chicago tattle. at an
armee of 431, sad le for EL A. Mentes at 314
Venter geld di head'of Orson Co. nat
ty. for giaanigno. at t to at(; la head Washing.
ton On wins at IN tosS, and di head of Unto
eating at 414 to 8 .
Feta. Hartwig roports hating sold SO had
WSathe. Oh canna at a to,.
the...Ws & Byer* *old “ bead at aid to
bTLII. N. Carr wad R h e ad for Clerk at 4% to
awla had a bid own account at
lialledood h Co. report harlas sold 34 head
of Indiana cattle at aid to 71.41 21 mod for Zlm•
memoao at ald to 1114, .04 30 head of yell Com
mon moot, far another party, at ; to op 4.
John Kerala report; haying mid */ head for
LAI= 3 3‘ Id 1. told 14 ./tead •for Ilolan oo
Itarlie a Trams. report hailed aold 13
head Of Ohte add LI Dead of Washlaytoa
eattlaat Ito GX. Chat. Stirmaker wholesaled
lo lout offsb. Be/maut 230.,
Ohl*, Mayra r ta
Itathehllde *Byere at a
Lorrrty, Ulan J 1 130. report hating sold UM
head of allaed Mack at 1423 to 4-11 heed left
awed N. Wens IT head of rommoalsb Mork
atIWO. .1 800. 14 head "manmade at
ts 033.
The market for Sheep had Lambs, owing to a
dlentokbed aupply, was rather inner to-day,'
ad omelet or with was . astimaalloa, quite a
amber of daalaro assini alma% eel by eleveri
Weloelrg but pet..., upon the whole, wens no
better then lot was.. The maple. waaproo.
ably cae•thled lea than last week. though the
deemed, .0 tar awe could me, was no mom
cope,. W. aba quote th• fpllowing •ale.
duck Iglu wholowaledie heed to Weever at
el per heads 99 to Geo. Bellmataa (hatcher) at
11.0, per head, glad Marled ne head, at as sneer
ago tit per bead.
ruw tepeta paean reiatlea 144 head of
Rutler W. Sheep at $4ll per head. Thomas
ll:aghast reports billet retailed :WNW. at
ars average at 91,111 per heed.
Jahn Waken reperte haring cold leo head of
Witmer Co. Ntleep et 11.54. W. Tote!.
TM head ot Mama 01; Cheep Cl 01,7112‘15
Adam &kart neporta ku tR seal 110 Simko at
450 to HAI per howl, sad. 112 Lembo at 4111 , 0
lop% per bead. San aalt to basil Waablaa ,
Km GO. Lamp alai tee&
Walls said Torrlor OS head .1 P.O. par 0110 d,
and Atlrlafroa,7lo et H prr. head.
There war wore utility In the Hog market
trader. the Operettas, to the eittreitete, allot
larger thew fcw tome time . past. Prieto, how
wrer, no. .not oitotadoly higher, thentill wUt
.6334•131.3 d; Ms Improvement tit' the demaral may
be attributed to the change la the weather, cad
wino the dAntiardl for freak pork is laareaprd
ae the told weather approeshae, there will be
aortaralairidlog hitting ar In the eaneueip Ma of
motto. TO. following are the Wee reported:
116merlak al Co. report harlwg Wright 26 head,
fro* Sumer; ate 6,Z),• IS Goat itilthisaal at So
from Satittr lt,t4. ft.saute grao ,open htrag method least 63.( to M.
Man wild It head to Alattohr et e. Pnwle
a to
retailed lead Butler
Hogell to II:. e., Kate report, 09 at ace
Hato • Bro.
hood at •to 7. liot Waldo d
Hyere 17 hood of prime to extra at :34 to exg.
CordlaNcrt Oct. Itt —near did' and priec.
uttebacjtect i i kxtt5.1110.7361.1.10; tetra rgh.43.
/ 0 7. .11,78417 CC Wheat dull laud buyer.
for No.l Red Winter. 0115 for
No. 1 aping. Corn doll, at 41,0u(41.m at the
close. Otto dun, at fi7OOM for No. 1. Itve
doll, at 4140441,47 for No. 1. Barmy, 41,33.
IX for i.ii, and 41.M1111,10 for Spring.
Cottakuntet, at Ito for Middling. Tobacco
Oral ittcl unchanged ; *ales or an hhdo.
Whisky unchanged f in bond 'held at 340.
Wen Pork unchanged r. gales at IMP, but
there Is not much .offering at this natl.
'Bacon min/imam] t. not much demand;
ShOolders held at ;Mc, and Clear 6 ide4ll3 4 c ;
stock small and In few bonds. Lard In
moderato demand, MCJII2 , ,i. Nothing
dning flog.; receipt* *mall and none
°Staring for future dollyery.• Feeder. are
nor inning td take Mont at the present
Datchirs ale paying 40,40447.02 per
arms, and the supply la hardly equal to the
+rant.. Butter unchanged; Rosh. 08441..
Chem. Mandl. at 10.4015 c. No demand tor
Clover or Timothy Flu dull, at IWO.
Pouters steady; at 43,14)(113,10 per bbl for the
best Pedal; Plow* on arrivaL Apple* are
In good simply, at 10.3041,3 D per bbl., Lln.
sued Oil doll and prices drooping; sale. at
81.06 Parroleom quiet, at 410.9/e for Re•
tined, fret.. Gold, 113 buying. Exchange
Mtn. • It ban been raining moderately sintie
r.m. Itarennater fahlng.
707 Teleerane to lb. Plinks reit dash lie.l
Br. Loom, October I.l.—Tabasco Is steady
and unehmared. 'Canon; then i• but little
detest naddlinces Worth 176. Flour Is to
bettor demand for Southern; Bogard.,
.6.820710; extra, rigglig i dottele extra, este
llitrettle extra, - SIIAOO and choice. $12..W
MUM. Who at; choice all tO silently and
Spring la Annan 000102 white, 1172; prim.
Ern-006 and spring at OAT Corn
le bat attn. wltiesalea et Ina LIS% for
aid white; mom:lu° tee aimed ye low, and
VAS newwhite. Oats the market le 1111.
[lmaged. Wlttt sales at lelialgie. Saner le
0010 t and unchanged e.l 11L271401.7 far
to loner spring . .ad Olka for h 0 6.0 1,
rellArg. W itgg:ltg: aZe r ;y ' d till eVt7l
ohly retail booth.. doing. !den fork,
MM. Bacon; Mumblers are eelling atIBXO,
llnd Main Callivaned hams at 10140. Lard is
Mill at 14c for 0200100 keg and 12 5 en for
pennon... Itectelpts-11,e00. barrelei flour;
Me/ bushels wheat; 2.0811•40 S. Corn , 2,22 1
sacks osteil,B7lB snake bulky; turbo ere
le clear and pleasant.
tar 'Yoking* to tea yiusborah Clisor
Moonles s October ML—ltseelpts tar
reek were 27 6 936 bbis door; 60,656 buswhent;
10243 bus °Drug 28,794 bus oats; 0.00 boa rye;
bow barley. Jib. 639
leur; 13,60 bog Wheat; 1p tom ment66 berm 1/6..
170 bus 'oslai 1.404 bus rye.'2lonr Is quiet.
Wheat dull and 0o lowers amber Michigan
1Mid:6602.64; No: f spring at IlLtd. Corn fa.
, Ours barmy; plea of No.l Wabash at glami,
So. 2 Wabash at 1.12 it; re. rideotod ullee;
new oondemited at Mo. Oats ODenui 10 and
doted 1.0 lower; nodes of No. 1 at 6,101355((o,
WI No. 3. at Mo. Bye quiet- Barley 111:Z
for No. I. Seeds—Clover at 07.20. Lake
freights dull; 46 on corn to litittalo, and Po
animas Cattle nenkern.
Eite - Telegesph to Um ntttsbonan lhNlte.
• Cawatel, Oet 41—Beet oattla+ q n. at 150
fat tower. I . 4Fary dull and lower;
Wet at 0 for rood to aloe. /to
-051M1571•00 -
Fataacial Natters to Sew Nark
geld Ciosed as 142%.
cßr Telegraph to 110 •Pitisburgb Gazette.:
NSW TORZ, Oct. 18g.
*our AND aor.n.
Tee money market ts easy wad steady at
6 07 Par cemt for call leans. aternbff .twiny
at 106%0169 gold Mr first class bills, doid
:reser, opening at 112%, declining to 14N,
. .
iifff ' 0 it .11
ern out o i n an m. oop
notoe or IsBl., 10%010+ do of - . 146
intd: door %54,'1a,(01 :do of , 0
0 , ..%5; do 00n.1063‘010 54; do of , 67,106,10
)US 10 03,1q.401u04; 744104140105%. .
Onena,l tame. aubsetplentlY 1MPW 31641 1
name nervy anti dnaliaeVi r rary alp
Canton,4.l• Comber
3 433; American, 66:i Aditmr
zon ee7 -Dt4 • • . n 'Q U ' a ulous sta llr l 'a 74 5 117 i,• ‘1' 2,1a31 .
poem, c Pastan Mall. 410073ii_r,
A na Li. T i A. 11 1 74,7 3
o :
1376/37%; Meadlim,P6l,‘A, 01.10
caws 4 YM225+4• St. Paul 43= 10
.o learn/di
tf "
104%, Rockilla ran
nd.a.504; - N. W 4111247.30
nagg ,1 2 9. 6 _ 1 5?6 , 1; Fort Wayne, 19974;
aLyi. Row Tem...met GIP
krstrik ens rem
Jiro cinleir Gregory, i.. 4425.15; No fork 2'04
Stalin S. Mu; Combination $4O;
11111$11 no buslnCrs In othAr stocks.
sosaliossaar ascriris
Amount to 0,928.427; payments, 0,527.075•
No,noo 14,044,677. Of the payments $4,700,-
M 0 Wan on octoont of liovembor Interest..
• luso resninolf
Precisely Ott sent on Saturn op.
New Xerk PT°striae Market.
(by Tel to lts Pinwheellk Duette
New Toes, October m—cottoA is w shade
lower; salmi 4600 balei at Me for middling
uplands. Ylour—reeelpts WAD bbleand lu
to 1712 better pa 100 grade. with lees doing;
sales 14,d0 0142 at $2, 6309.7.5 for supernne
state sod western; $10,10010,79 for extra
state; 19,65013,50 for extra western; *»770.0
(0,80 11. 11. Os - 00,50011 for St. 1.1.11e6
Maalox aurae, inehatilug males of 2,000 bbl
extra state to arrlvasoon at private terms.
California rather more Sallee( "kaki. 1,100
sacks at (11.75013,50; rule. 300 bids !ye flour
at 117,1509,25. lehlsky quiet and steady.
Wheat—reeelpts 112,474 bu; market opened
a shade 11rmoraod closed quiet., -with hold
ers move disposed to realize; sales 93.0:13 bas
at ..3.13 for htralitht No. 1 Yining; *:.1109,33 N
tar o.:do; $.2.35072.39 for No, 1 do; o,`
1,77i4 for amber stater 4305.10 for *Mt. ...-
mon and amber; whiter Canada. private
terms. bye dram; sales 1,000 ter western at
tt 5. barley el:tartly favors the buyers;
sales 46,0000 n at sl.4llfor Menem' e1:4301,44
for State; el 6141,85 (or prime to vary choice
Canada West. Malt—sake 0,000 MLitt 11.00.
Corn; receipts; 703,470 bush; market galkt
lower; sales of 161,000 bush, at 111.40i401,43
for western mixed in store and afloat, and
41,45 forwestern yellow.' Oats; receipts
/09,514 bokh; market without 'decided
I change; Noes of 199,900, hash, at lc-VW:A for
western. Stock of Orals t eo
as ser
Wheat 505,016 bash; corn 1,053,0, frare6 bus ; oats
1,4747 W Web; rye 63,962 bush; barley 23,599
bosh; malt 114,126 bush; peas 9,500 'bun.
like doll;sales of 330 bags on private
tents Coffee dull and unluittled. *agar
quiet and mulr; sales of 150 Wide, at 1140
itrr for
e Caotrbt:l:llll4rehTifejd'''.rW'f
eumeteN3.7. at 140145(0 for crude and 335(0
610 for refined borMed. Hops quiet and un
crmged. Pork dull and bean; mil. at
2.710 barrel,, at 021,21,15 (ormolu, Months at
M 1,15 regular. and at p.rdits for prime.
Beat dui_ males of 190 barrel s at.prerflorls
fakes. Beef llama (0104115,1 es 0(30 barrels
at 02120. 10.000 quiet; sales of NO barrels
of combed Mod Cot. per tat 11%0 for Novell.
ber, and the remainder at 11M.3 for Decem
ber; and 75 00S611 of Stratford. Cut. at 1740.
Cot Meats heavy; sales of 218 plias at 11 40
12V3 for &boulders m. 1.150170 for
u 1
Lard firmer. sides ' of 1,070 barrels, at 130
ISW. Hemer role, at :004t° for etate.
Cuomo doll at 11471100. Frelktats to Liver
poolv steady.
LATZST.—FIdur cloned very firm for com
mon grades and dull for medium and choice
brand,. Wheat Arad with a fair export de
mand at 81.301g2.32 for :Co. '2 erring. Rye
quiet at gi,6601, 6 4 for Western. Oats steady
lat Me for western. Corn moderately active
at g 1,4101,42 for good M choice mined west
ern. Pork
anti quiet! sales of
at Ohio laces at 1t21,111041,114 cash, closing at
.21,115621.30 cash and regular. , Beef quint
and unchanged. Cut royale quiet. Bacon
steady, with moderate demand, Lard• firm
at 13! tor fair to prime and kettle mu-
New Opium. Market.
• ay Telt graph to the Ms aurae due tre.l
New Oataese, October 4A.--Cotton I. so
ften and offer with Isles of seto Wee low
middling at lan. The neatens to-day were
2,644. balm nag. I. In fair domand with
solos of 10 hogeheads who . crop Louisiana;
the Met of the season arrived this wonting
and was sold et 170, and Cuba brown at 12.
013)40. Moles.% *rat ehlpsnent of the
new crop arrived this morning, classed
I:lrlmat, and !told at OLDS; Cubs lb held at 530
400. now Le drat there to a far job
bing trade Debut done In superficial at 610,30,
and choicest 515. Corn; the market la bore,
bad small lots were sold to-day at 51,75.
Oats scarce at We. Pork laden ancl lower
at 0214224,50. Bacon; there to only • retail
bashrese done, with .ales of shoulder* at
15)4e, and clear elder, at IPOlege. Lard In
dull with West of prime In Llama et 1130.
and keg in 15}fe. lalusky le dull'at 12,00
0,37 no bond. Gold. ILL Sterling. letifilhe.
New Tork Exchange f•C premiere.
Tnr Selcsank to the rittstrorss Ossetts.l
Ctsvatsan, Oct. W.—Flour quiet and firm,
In fair demand, but no change m the Orient{
double extra ad winter at a range of *10,3
011AO: double extra amber 11 1 1013.30; treble
extra white 411013; width covers [bounties
of city and country make. Wheat dull. but
firmer; km I red winter In ter lots held at
HAIL round late Infrared lower to ;Lora;
Yo. g do at idao; No.l Milwaukee s g AL
$11.13 for allots. Corn quiet and rut, at old No. I mixed; new corn Is com
ing forward to some extent. with ettt7 little
deemed for it Vats quiet and sold at the
aloes at Mateo for Na 1 sifts from theater.
flys quiet and nechimsed. add held at MAO
OW for state and western farm the
Mere. Bexley dull. and So. I bald at 61
Mak Na. t 11.1501,M. Petroleum marine
q d ui a et sad unchange4l standard white to
d Mkt.
to ,sto Pltunorst. Osamu.;
Camas.. eon 26.—Flour arm and ideally.
Whom quiet and 4Mat loner. donor St C lar a tor No. I and aI,rIMOI,S2 far N 0.2. ' Vara
doll and :ate loner; 111,0714Q1.01”.4 for NO. 1
and 1.1,06011,07 fOr No. 2., Musing Ortu at 10.
skis prlms. Oats moderate's attire and 1
01Mo lower; Baitrsau In Moro and ..SSMO
ad.tat; closing arm at Inside Pries. Aso
dull and MINI lower; macs at 111,2201,30 tor
No. 1 wag eimnicil,t3 for Mo. 2, closing at
weiat,lo mr Provision. doll. Mess
pork MD. Lew Armor; 12N,1212140. lberelpts
—ISOM bbls. door, IMAM boa wheat and
21 bus corn. 44.00 bus. Pats. 6Moments
-111,1100 bbl.. four, 111,000 bun *boat, 71.001 bus.
corn and 74.1.00 nus.oate. Freight quiet at
1140 tor is beat, 7540 far eons and MO for oats
to Buffalo; boo for oom. - to Oswego. The
• rattler was clear and cool.
City Telegraph t. the Itlttabargb atom.;
11.2..t.t0.00t0bar 4 2..-Tlont . Mall and no
onangeol. Wheat inactive; Wen to,Too
Mnaraukso at $2.10. an 4 TAO boa No. 2
do. at 211,05. _Corn onarad , at 202. nnbOnt
hived. 4.122.2 doll: Ws 12,022 bus No. 2
Weatarn at On... Ere g oloti a.IO 2.023 bna
canon mu.. at 01„.20. nadar .loot sale.
OM bun prima Cavan a at $1.22...11.030 202
no. 1 at de532.20 livered. 1202:4 , 7 0 k
oltannet.• Illionnutea n r o= Vrolgtit;
Aran on wheat, Co on . 0000. and 140 on
oats 00 Son York. itecaltda-tYnoat, 214,000
boa; own, ILOAO.I22ai oats, 122.020 ton; bar
/.2. 2nn nna; 20or. 14.000 fiblytrontle-Corn
- 74,00.) bus; r beat, 129,0:9 troaioata,22o,ooo boa
ne Senientab to tlia 11.1hInitikdasetie.;
.batt'intaina' Oct - 21.—lheivea' heavy and
lower with • comity number- untold. Sup
ply. SW bead; iteeraze qualltr, fair • wary
beat ;1 70; nitre , intim prime: - 13544216 e; first
qmtlit/. 14 5(.0iht fair. to Atooa ludo; °hit
her, Ilene; inferior. beloo. ' ltooelpta for
th e er,...E.7.03. ak.p amt. Lamp. doll, but
lees Whey than hot weekt MO were offered
and all *old at th.Go for sheep and .ifir4o for
tomb.; rooeirtn. $.471. flog. depremed and
lower; the market was brisk ;attar at so
kVA f or km , magfil INISTe for fair
to good; 114124(e for heavy prime corn fedi
reoelpte for rise week. /flan.
;Br Telegraph to tee Pittsburgh useetts.)„
°swarm, Out. out advanced 20c on
Spring grad.; 1.500. Obis at $ll,OO for No.l
Upend,. Wheat quietll,6oo bush No.l Mil
waukee Club, at $2.20. Corn quiet; 2,011)
hush No. 1 /odium, et $1.20. Barley held at
41,2401,10 fOr CallOglian. bales on Saturday
Mold of 4,000 bash gay Rye
and Peas nominally unchanged. Lake im
-11002.-1M Pion , ' POPUO Mr Wheat:
20,520 On Corn; 27,000 tur Oats 31,200 .ho
llariey I 1.50) bu lire. Canal experts—CM
Obis glour t e141:00 Oa Wheat; MVO , b l 2 0000
50,000 bush Barley; . 13.920 boob nye ; 13,50)
bush Pam.
Pia. bona. Oat. '3...1/ry goods inarkat
dull, orlon. quiet, Irregular and oondsorbat
depressed. Atlantic A heavy brows Sheet.
Mao 154 e. Lyman E do 150. Appleton A
°demi at 140. •Augierta 150. now held by
agents at 13,.(e. Reynaldo A A bleached
wY offered as low as 12;4. POWs steady,
1140 tar all regular :nukes brit era to bum
active impost. Detainee Ste SAY 'l7rl. for old
mynas and Da tor new do. All regular mark.
aul unmet:leo UM 6611101 down as low ILI 16c.
Tame prices aro now lower than before t h e
war and consoquentlygollto moat. atop pro.
auction no they are Icallog money.
111111witalic.e' MINOS.
Bi Selecraph to the rittstmeste
1111....eur..,0qpnber 121.—Flour walk and
lower, ally clOtible . extre_*loXl i oilldintnr do
$7.12(1%.17, 117,1117, 5.7301,00_, Wheat un
.ettioa at 81,9110 r No. CST l'OrNd• t owl.*
declined to NC for No. 0 Coro nOnanal.
Frei/thee quiet; Wheat tolluditio lto, to 00-
wad 16e. Badelptie-.l.lolltible floor, WACO au
WbteLtitiMildbit esta.4loo bu cam. • NW omen to
—113,000 libls f10ur..07,000 bu Wheat, WO be
oats Ana eOO bu corn.
' • fflemphis market, ,
TelegraDO tote. Pittabunth Oatetle.l '
lliarrelL'OOZObor '2.--Cottoo do11,11175(o.
Corn Karatat gm. Liar r 060044.10. =Ace
MOO. Oats ' acute, at Lie. Pork dull, at
r. 34,75823.00 tor' /lees. BaoonT-Shonldere
at2set Clear tildes doll, at 19e. Lard
dull; at _
Baltimore Market.
Hy Tslthreph to the rittebusgh LI seethe.:
BALTIMMX, Oct. RRss Flo clto.dY. .Rboat
active and actvaqW cc. with sato. at V.,tiDe
11,56 for choice red. corn—white 0.2301,4 Lay
rorow. 11,371111.40. ' °stall= st 1011111 c. Ityc
1.56421,i5e. Provisions do ll aud hew's . Mesa
Philadelphia Castle . /11
Ulf Telegraph to the Pldabarrh Hasetta.l
Pismaestrata, O.:dotter 28.—Beef Cattle
are armer• aales of 2,103 heed at U 08.60.
Sheep are dull and leder,' With tale. or 11000
Mad at elan. Hoge are dell and lower,
with sales 01.0:43 head at 119810.30.
Pait.n.,..r.1., October M—Tloar I. not.
10.1 et 10.110a..73 Mown; red,
$11.6.1114.08. Ilre st western . L 7
ex .1.12 for 0.1 , 1, 70127.3.
Prorlslons are nuotianged.. ,;
oina—sa633 tiTUISZT, nau /lad,
ror eara of all dhows of • pinta tat
la from P., Ibur br . gauntly nortiiii
alfo lrosiment. elm. Mania Waakams,
11 oiler Mae.. of Um and tad,
dare warraarad or money ran:laded.
r"-Anlra:°lllNr.... ntalntVots!
tillt—Tbo bat tad ably , Wrlaer that ll
Peaarraatad to at/1,1,011m oath/faction. anl .
a them NM. Purchasing etwewharix. , .For sal
the ...I°.'"'"'Apjiil7rlqU.S.
sat . Maul 21 86 Otar street..
Ymantaccure tEa but
0 1 111
TVIVINEs., is tilt; witty.
IlfareJlol2., 114 o r llk Izr water .t.
I •
alw or , amp' for C 2 rem US.
Halo commeesed to fell before dey-Iten yee
t.4.r tooralult. sod It so atinoed alenoit
out . filiation . during the entire daY.
petches rePore rela at Stenhily and 011 city,
sollat there will probably to ossa t o the
Allegheny; and. as thelrely seems to he gm.
rel, there Will.. In all probability, be a flee In
the Dr o ..pasu, Wee. Our etesosboatmeo
ae dotICA,', feet highly eleted el the favor
able tarn thief. bevel r. 04 It le to be
hoped that. their eapeotatlona will Lae Cgcn
be blasted as they mist lame hide since.
There are ohlte a suriber of boat. at the
'.landing ready to ero . theneace bUstnese, a. won
a. Otero Waiy,shoW for letting out. Aotone
other., are the obneraie, liobtneon, Les.
rani, .Zsagle , ./lays and Arrocale. The Selma ,
Mot. Borers , iieV best, win lond for Prete Or-
• •
We eel/ 11 .4. prOposol
: in. the Steen:than
Owner', Convention, at Cloclattetl, to lb the
intot , s isgeir;qo ethapell theta to take "cabs°
put In the rib:ghat. ay the Oiptain. It will
hardly become k law., : .
The gthamerilielationd (not Ht.'. woe sold
t St. Louie ne,Wedneeday for Staheel.. She n
bat • year old tthd cost 06,000. ,
Pork'er, on of dent. Balker, A well.
known river men died at Taltelgtri On Sunday
last of yellow:fever. •
The secretaryof mu wax tenthoined by
Centredat th e luteenion to build and Otero'
ate two dredge that, fur the purpose of deep,
ening Red keeping open the eherarel of one or
thereof the at the mouth of the Muir ,
eppe doer.. Under this. authority the Seer*
term hu ...lead into a contra. with • Boston
Ann fur the°out:notion of one of these yes.
eel,. It le to be ISO feet • Ins, with a propeller
at - each cod; one of which is to bfl driven by
two eeklace and the other by 'ann.
The et. Louis Erpublthan, of Saturdey,sayer I
Capt. W. H. Iforsobtort, of the fatuous Great
Itepublic turned in title oily on Thureday
moron, ' hues - Ptitsbargh. tart Dan Able
and otters have to Dave Camptall,lhe
••wrecker,e the ergth wheel mum., Leonora
end Silver throe. liter will pruned o 1 was
to Olemantla them. We understand that ne
110tISSone wore about closed last evening for
the Hauler of the little ...wheeler Counten
to a new set of ownifi.
The Boonville, Capt . . Wed. June, arrived
yesterday afterncom from the Upper Min.&
The Huntsylila left this port July 7, to um.
plate the I De. Lodge's trip to Benton, dot
could only gel. to Cow Islaadotthere th e height
was put oat CapislaJacobri thinks It very
probable thatthe steamers 0.11.1 u, Imperial
sod Zephyr will be nimble to get down this
• winter. The Gallatin, be talulth, will prove •
1011,. It moulted every exertion. or the
crew to keep her afloat, the hull having bun :
1461 . 10015 damaged in croselog the Mite.
' rapids.
Salo Cape/roof., of -the same dater. We
learned yuterday with-unfeigned sortow of
the deathof 0. 0.. Clement, who was well
known se preserger agent , of the Keokuk and
cod the AtlntlUe line packets. He died at his
home In thiscity, on Fouttcuth and Market
streete, his disuse being Poumonto , cod
leave. a wife and two .children. He was
breast-Latex of Capt. D. Delleven. Otis life
wax recently bowed for 'SAW.
The Lot:U.llle Courier, of Saturday,
Tha work se e the great brides over th e falls of
the Ohio g vthorauely embed forward
during the low water -season. Eleven of the
Alen have already peen Darted some fifteen feet
mpight, and the work le of the mut übstano
till tharaeter. 'The catfer dour °alba Ken
tucky side of the Indian chute IS nose being
Delia and in a few days the Inundation let the
pier to Seerected at that point will roe ready.
Hte work he being pushed night And day, and
all the piers will reach • pal. above ordinary
high water mark the present sea... It
somewhat remarkable that at eo Moe within
the, past tifteen years
presentch 40 oportunity
beenoreted Zs the ninth to e the pro
mention of snob • work. From the caul to
within one hundred and Oily yards of the In.
Must shoe, the toll, life nearly dry, prem.-
lag factilties, And the contractor, have
not been slow In availing themselves of this
low stage of water.
• Woolly the following items host the Loner
Denocral, of Saturday! •
Capt. Flak Vandal:a. eneueded le reliant U.
Sam's Incomotlye on -the falls and Ludlng it
safely at the not of Fifth street. when It will
be hauled out upon the wheel toothy. He
ewung it between A pair or flatboats and took
•It over the falls, and came through the cabal
with it to Garay wharf.
One of the main obethelet in the nwrigatlee
of the huhu chute on the falls hag been the
left hand reef rock Almost at flathead of the
chute. This. Detraction.. • good sage of
water, prevented the channel from beleg more
than le feet wide. Capt. Sink Warble, on his
own responsibility, and for the benons or the
Steamboats, west to work and blew the ob.
etrualon out of the way with powder. The
fragrant, are being removol, toed, whto clear,
tbe churel will be unobstrueted, and, Lute.
of being IS feet wide, will be 69 or 7o feet wide.
lathe luipageol l •Tuba • Dan," we exclaim ;
"Bally for Blake , •
larron2B OZ 1 1 / 1 111320.1.D.
Lggeuago Aso Ptrranotoet Rartacia
October 111-4 care ple Iron, Bitola & Cosa do
do, Loomis & Collard; ears trot; ore, Shorn.
Darker d Wotrl i do do, Lewis, 011 ear 00 Phil
lips:l do 40, DlcKalght. Porter & 410; RIO Dbl.
sand, liskewalf, Pears & 0000 feel !amber.
W W Higdon It Out 800 do de, /I A Clark
Co;4030 do do, I Heath; ID has stare& J Con.
n P e o x rt e l rge d l o d d C J os D : De Do a v *c r a p r i s . aJ b J e o g
ndeo, J
Dla wood, Hay. & STaleart; /6 DOla peaAE Haas
:retool 2 ears 11000.3 0 Knox; I do corn,littr.h
lessA, Idetireere d 00; I do elan Chess, Smyth
0000; Ibarley, Culp 00 tibepard; II coil.
rope. Go dfrey & Clarks; t ear loom J J Hens
de.: tibia et"; kga butter, 81 ll'Hirkoattlek
& Co; 20 btds potato., It Weeds; 0 oarbarley,
Spencer HeKay;t tub better' Graf 00 Bei.
tar; I ear eons. J W Fairies, Dbl. 011,5 T
Glass; so DDB apples, Miller & Frosty; 11 DOL
lard. 2do guinea, Fetzer d Armstrong; 0 aka
rye. do 018,14 de barley, McHenry 00 /logo;
I Dols rgia.l do aced, Head & 'illettgar; g ski
potatoes, Bricker 00 C. 14 ska batley, LI sacks
Ae...1 Olean; 111 bbla
do onion4l l
Clemens: Ls 001. apples, Void a cal Obi.
keg lard, Herbert; 23 O bis Olt, U
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Pmts.:rood. Foot VT.117,13/ OHIOOOO ILE,
October 23.--421 Dan 0118.. Dims= a Son; I ear
101111544, Pater bah.. 100 Dbls lour. I.lolp 00
Shepard:loo Dbl. dour. 500taakt, d Lanai 100
do do, Watt & Wll.. 1 000 do apples, c - a .1
sholar;22o bge oat, Di bola appl a es. Ido elder.
4 Obis eggs. Ilenry Rea Jr; 24 lAti apples, W
Ilrad; 4 pkg. 00100, T DIU she II; ' IU DOB applu,
Vole% 00 0.62 Wes hop., Carson, Darlington
& 100 Dhla tour, F 0113.140111; 1 ear bulk
oil, ale a. Pinkerton; 103 hag. barley, John
Gangwich; II Olds apple, Maker k Prong; 1
car stone, K Braaten; 1 car tamp Iron, Stark,
McMahon & Co; a pkgs butter, Little & 31=1,-
1 1 ot; 10 bid asap. tnBth, Bobenaon a Co; 18
bbis apples. A Fox; 1 /kr tobacco, E 80. 0000;
el empty mater kat., E lleseletott; an boxes
candle., F Selland Co; 100 001. Dour, Ueanor
a Harper; 2 tts dry beet, Fob= & Brol lo o l lltls
apples, a bloom; I C. potatoe.. W J Stott*
2n;100 Dbla door, E 13 Thomas; b/pkgs 0011 • 11,
310Colley 00; r h o . Ors!! a 0 0 1 0 ,
11 ska actor& F W C FeW; 20 dot brooms, W.
prattler; 00 hes glassware,:semple & 0012001 s
apple butter, C Sam 9 hall elder. F rawealti
ley 1501. apple& hl W Ilanktiii2o do vinegar, W
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10 dodo. 8 Opt; Ido do, Lockhart a Okla
apples, J Deete rt ; GI WI. paper, Pittsburgh
Paper Co 181 bbls dour, Myan &La ngeo.
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Hamilton; 100 sits oars. le do eget 7 Craig; 10
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grata' estapaell & Brown; ear earn, S B
Floyd & Alo, 150 Data seater, Volgt & Co; ISO do
do, owner; I ear rye, W Meek; iot halt 011,
Wilton: 1 cat sta.., &alerted llattingt; I
do do, C Smith.
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1 ear atone, J Bracken: 2 do. do,
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October 26...c5 eke oat., IV Moore; 111' barrels
pplee,Sturecoa & tiro: 7do do, (0100 •& Bel.
ton I tot dry goods, blefitroy. 'Dickson & Cool
ear Dort , A Laud, ligi MV bather, 1 do dim
pelts, P B P McLoughlin; Pr eke wheat, .1 13
Ltreatt & On: 1 car sand, A & Members:
I do do, IBllltogs & Estop.
lrmg i mßuTaWiT,
Przwit AND wenunaCeL
No. S 2 'Third Street, Pittsburgh, Pas
DTPIUMRI3—ittIOUST Hester rresmeat.:-
J 240. H.
rE1111:18t, 1111)1.H.E..gearetary. •
Unnteratti—August Hartle. Jobe /Hata', H.
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.C. Et. tHerelet.
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dart received.
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30 •• 1111vccillors lamb.
roe rate Ir. to the Mute by the I tt,
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si = 13.1ELC*33S
Bar,tieey,Sbee and Plateiron
Bridge Irons
Angle and T bi. at
ennzd frntal
Coal Screen Frei
T nans,io & uoias. to the Sari
Tram:alai te,plia hed and coun
ter runic
Boiler,ltridge. Tank Riven;
Cut Balla and Bp ell
skip and Boat S Men
Raiirosul Spike ;
ilailrond Fish Ho rs and Bolts;
Railroad Car t, hand Axles;
Street Car whet i ls and AXles;
Coal-Pit Car W eels and Axles;
Patent Cold Rolled Shafting;
Patent Coldliolled Piston Rods;
slower and llenperßars. , •
W4.loll.lotraz AN.) 0/7/Cr.
1511 Water and tIB Front Stn.
151L/12404 80081.
Mi. 23,2 i an€ 23 River 81. 0
Jal:cl6 OHIO/WO. ILL.
Lindsay, Sterrit & Enwer,
Manufacturers & Importers of
One' fqnare Below Union Depot,
ore Aorertu far IPAIRDLIMS . VAP.LIZ.
IM.L. /MAY, Clam - Lea, tura AroCm/WM
Co6l sprout Bteel.
Ocisl add German Plow Steel,
61"" nrg2.0 1 P&AWhartni/7. 3
Warehonee;SS Water St., Pittarlb,
Ninth Ward, Pittsburgh.
TIIOI7US N. MSLI.EIt, President:
These Worts •re molts the Istsmst rat meet
eourpleto ,establtstmesat la the West. nut are
pow prepared to fur:Lime
Ertigh3es of Every Dextiptkm.
011 Malts
ghecl Iron Work.
Itellroad castings,
Bolling Mill Cantina,
Engine CULltige:
- cuting.,
actl:X6ll /
Carson St., 9th Ward, near A.F. R. E.
Hammer Dies, Steel Moulds,
gag US sel Nags
4 .108 . ra w W1111 . 8 promr;gr to. Or.
=beat.. - xae
stA,TOTWatrottaa Ca
AND ALL NINDB tt/ =AMY cAartikez.
Botclal attontioa paid to RULLIRti HELL
11111 t.. LAtIT MACHINEIIT ttol NESo=tt
REPAIRS ationdot to promptly..
As heretofore, the but amtettall artr. arall •
Nosed at this
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couttractod ander the sopervittoa at Mr Zia
trairt, to tarnish NAIL 11ACHINIS at W ontno.
Iron, Nails, Spnngs, Axles
11.0110 X AID FL STEM, &O,
=tra. 47 "Vireatcr 1131 - J. root.
AN4COA r at"Wrirda. ,
11a..111.otrA romp Varlet? dr
Cook; Parlor gild floating Stores,
-Amor& irbtall meth. aft Mated ZIIICCIL
Sitorio and TALLISILLN
_Tan Storm) PO
Gook gloves.) Lige roanubletare
Olin WI. Wathowno, con= al &mud and
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sa .d. Octagon.
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WK. rime— —tome i1L1X....1413; s. n•Zv.
M ltaos and Waranoase, 301 I.IML ELT ST.:op.
poo Malihneld. mananctora emery Tar/OtY
WON, rAtil.ol: IDLATINO STOVNA ommin
hinlo are Ina oelobratol Al/cob/my and Monitor
CoOkilue Motu: also. the AnuNzat and'
entinol Orr ooal or wood, And Ora unrivalled
Star of Um Implre. .lor wood; also, Arnim..
Orate. endors, onatltottlor. Dog Irons and
Hollow Ware nonarally.
JA.91131g. 0001311 .......i.4OIIIITAD 0. o . l lo oo d
JARED !IL 'MUSA & /301%,
Mom Rollers, Oil NUDs, ..Tankty,
peat Iron Works, kr.
GI /Pols» at., P{Uebrryl►, Pa.
080 N. 021311 OltrOtot.
ChM Bona. HtU Csatiers. Roll Lathos. Ao.
verr/NWVAMIL w mourn, nu.
e aa t iv.2"f a .'Atal
a. so ordertaZAM Xliki/Fiso. of .o nlmaa•
Iron, Bakker, Tub and Trunk
Pr•pimaprtnrrm. PA
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MOW WOolaiiCi*,
Y.WAllbdruli ts ,R0i6161420111771.4%. or 9
011oarda Howls, P.Wkbamb , Pe. 101.48
itoGPas & BtaiMMI:LD,
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CK~}l f~i~~; ~'~ ~ ~~~~ i~
It would take s nsa a Watt]ma to rtad the trip.
Ir. that tun, Eces trtlttcpt aprnt;tlas tnpfh
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high baltheewi„ beentat the palm. or tho,
hands and soles Of the fort. szhanstleg der oh
eight omits. ,hewile lever. ...Use of tra p h os
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trauma Is mon ranldly arrived al. and noon ,
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sue of approprtata Ismedies..*e Lave lour
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P.M'S& to the Wags. or a thew*. !Atha body,
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si nazis all. Ha Preparei a mettles , calla
1.11248 CURE 0 rotakolfiscir ,ILESTORA
ITVZ,',onIett If a great tonfo,'lo4 stas,antseus
Ann restores the puts to hn renewed, while tt
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whittle/WINDOW clog or destroy IL by DV-agar
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took • violent lataiot JC lewirr. In 11►±.
iSse,.elileit left me let ils'a! eooß4luLLnß BUM
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OCTST ifroot . the pleottsy. •u.isca to ■o
arows•s worn, ua l weak* every doky.
.on •Qcspablair clover oiling 'w•U. 73. teu
belief 02 no ticaosbuity ofOomompUoo. so
haviniteeard °rams io.a• Ecru'
I was Winced In October lest to FYI no thq Doe
4pantni..•l4l .oth ISOUNi)."
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and the persevef et.le thetsse Of Ind seediedne s .
Imo." lief At the flea e. fesfied on Ur.
'Keiser me pulse Iran over rani hundred and thir
ty bents la • minute.' and I ti nenerill7 Freer
tested, sad pe And toy. I com
menced the Dectoi4 Cleatineni'ln October. wills
a Amble s Milken conetttifilons - cad "contlimed IC
thilldbily until * 001 0011Im0. The Downes
sindlelnes helped me from the seri 'asst. and 1
00014 0.0400117 feelmlrelt cettla alronstr
and my Cough imd esmictoretion lessening. I
bare salved • sisalslish,t.ariclL consider mr
airmen; illshe rani*. of zer 11191 t has cease 4.
td amsaseral hmath is In aoay.a7 0004. A
my relatlfei .4 friends keno On the advanced
Maze Cl= disease .4 at lIIIMOIVIIarT teens
. or the Med/Cinee hi Dr .
/leis. sr. a medicine nailed L 1 .7513 CUBE.
which I %Oak tel connection 11th the Other tr.
PITTS , Iitre.GII, Watch 30,11/87.
atom or oinowarrnorg
ITATILIMIT Or. Jolllr. G. WIGWAM. Of 117303.11
I spa discherged from the Dnited Seater ant f
haste/. raw. On Pedant Of a ',wound the
tad. from a Pell; and a dleame which the tree -
hyslaana pronounced coNstritraco.w. Iha
a terrible hough end fell away In 'tauten an
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menthe, wfthote any benelit trimmer. Ind nab.
er grew white, and wasted to IMP and archon
every day. -Dedham; Ita, am walla took me.
to DOCTOR Sigler.% Omr.. s'• whoa
1011 arch can DP rant had been highly
'Maas Of and put Renoir ender his treatment'
he Volit remanilled lugs prettily
with his LUND SOUND, end told me Mat my
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Pt If I was cereful he thosight - he Pad cam me
bY fathering his areal., ready, which I a
mp that day to Pls. tgraoailykoprooel to.
der Dr. Lames mediae. from the gra week
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barenved. and norefusit..Where it ...WO
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Ideament and medicines. ,
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Iley lift% W•rd
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age:was al:Heted with ea:m.lol4los of tp• leaps.
for •rbleh MI was alsettarged from th• shay. Es
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Woad • that Pi matt Ms with the 415... te•
breasts:. blza ta Dr. KETllitt. 110 Wood street.
(not s e Peas street.) este, after stnatala6 Ida
hate. esdnaksoesd to treat hiss. and eared tan
sonpd sea Well. Ye Is now well and bas bsea ro
toe the post Three years. SAW, omiotee to luts
manner eau Iltetrls• be rued, •
'AVM X-A4070. •
cui es imt *tins smut' /6110101.1. rola
140 WOOD eralaT. Cleuallattes ram. ..;•1
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