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The Philadelala ' Bulletin reports
" Jtnigi Wirmusts as haying said he
would wooer forfeit his right arm than
, s tale a seat on the bench of the Suprema
. ' Court as the final result of molesting
the elation of Judge Basnrwoon—or
o ,loniething to that effect. Whether or
not Judge WILLIAMS his tiken that pi
:. amen,
.3ru do not know; but we infer
' :vita ottr.-Uquaintainos with him—front
'' ' thOnlunissmerof honor by which he hie
. ;''.'lll) „. *forructoated, aid 'which pro.
. "ticeitU,. ly:fartiC his nature as from
, r ho would not consent to take
; . 'Rai
~,„,Smatuatly - awarded . to Judge
. 8: I), 'hy the <popitla ver
_,,,,clict, afisi ;ion fair and . oarefid
iatuptiatii:4l,-,frtrdit' lenityotes should he
proved hi such numbers and with sash
cabin*. as -to silence ill imputations
upitithe rlghtfelness of luilnettmbency."
...:Rennet s man to occupy a Judi.
dia. Manion, or any position whatever,
iiiidervircumstances that would erpose
'.' `.abseil =the reproach of attaining it
,... the intpfttPer,nse of , party machinery or
by doubtful appliances Otatty description.
• Itirta . Ybe that Jiidge Wmf.assten IC/111-
_ , llyenass would ' carry him beyond this
- tibbiii . bsi,, ws :hiyniiin - ritathirlii for
makinig the inacrincement.
- Beithis 11/1 It 01Ik Ici.iy,iiiiinditlicacy
;. on Itltirt ought - , a k to' be allowed to
, opmsdCto RIO detriment. of-the public
.: . gepiraßY or of the Repaint= party In
~ paha. .1( Judge . Soinswoon was
, . elated by fraud, it Is not conceivable be
Twos MIL privy thereto; but it is lust ai
inconceivable that be Or his political
. sums:uteri ought to be suffered on that
account to profit by shameful corruption.
The matter ought to be probed to the
bottom, and if Illegal votes shall
.ha duly proVed to such an ex
. tint as to give Judge WILLIAMS
the place, let the decree go forth.. If,
- upon reviewing the cue as it shall then
stand, he should be deterred by his Ben
, sitiveness to reproach, even when un
founded, from accepting the position, a
fresh appal would necessarily be made
to the'pertple next year.. In that ace it
Would bOnatural for: each party. to re
nominate QC, candidate It put forward
this yea. _A. verdict would then be
' ma-bed which could not be gainsayed.
•.• A...Down° the late hervest the expecte-
- was generally indulged, in view of
- the abundant crops, that the prices of
agricultural products would largely de
' cline. This expectatiort has den dis•
I,' appointed, by east shipments to 'Europe,
Which still continue. It has been well
known for some weeks past, that certain
mops were short in several countries on
that. continent; but the impression pre
railed that the deficiency in one, section
. would be made m by redundancy in an
. 'other.. Such has not proved to be the
• It is conjectured that the shipment of
provisions from the united States has
been stimulated by foreign governments,
in ilew of existing political -complica
tions, which threaten a general war. A
continental conflict In itself would be
. - perilseitioatmatrAhreires wlthoutkOpiti:
aging thereto a scarcityof . tbc means
However this may be, there is no ex ; ;
isting probability that the miCei Of Ibod
. will sink much below present rates.
conclusion increases the pehdexity
arisingfrom the ‘stainatiOif of 'tradl3,
which ISUPParcut; Esieridtmed busi
ness men sonfidentiy . predicted that iuTE
crop's, We& Se lammed valMniflionld
amessariiy result In Isige -putcbaies of
,gencmii ,merchandise, an‘easeequently
in a pron.:ebb:Call trade. 6 2kit with full
crops arid Ondlognisbed 'Prices diem is
an . ,,nnexplained paralysis.. The cam
., lantilvereal that
,bindneas itt slack:
rt, , Tithi is aggravated by the falling , of of
values In niany articles enterin g' into
comment A nne, ` by' which , holders have
been, and dill will be, subjected fo lout
Taiielegraphie reports from Italy are
' decidedly eV cling: • Peppier sentiment
is clearly with GARIBALDI. The feel-
WO Of the 'government are manifestly
with him, too; but the. King and la
Ministers are hampered by - treaty obli•
gatione imposed upon them by Prince.
That these-obligations have no moral
tilled b chair enough; but the present
'rulers lack the firmed resolution
- Width animated Cavom What they
Ought to do 'is to have the national
tracts at once take possession of Rome,
not under the odious treaty, in the inter
ests of the rinie, but under the dictates
of :national : jnetloe , for the welihre of
~.the nation. Such a movement ;would
thioWnzaranee an Onus she might care
to accept ahe should see fit in that
(Ant, - to intervene by force of sims,!
'Primate ands Russia would find the
*enmity they have tong sought, and
Vidal nay ROI sc . ..blFly presented
again in a century. .
Di:annul the wittiest canvass of 1862,
Geaeral Logan did excellent service for
the Republican - came by addressing
many popular assemblies. The Spring
field (TU.) Jolirnat publishes the follow
ing letter to show what General Grant
thought of the matter of time ;peaches
-,cont.thelr usefolneu tolls rutionc...," '
Tazirrassmc, Wcisbtrzo,
- • . • August 13,18824 ;
Maj. Oen: lohn A. r4ogan':'
Bur I mind' you tesdaysactes
sion of lean, anillelllgive you u many
~:sore so you require... lama read - your
speechte in Illinois, and' feel that -you
are nutty doing more gcad there than
you can possibly do while the army of
your =manta *lying _
- Vey while you tbal tracb'giod results
are being w o rked by your absence, aid
I will exten your Scare to corer your
-; , atseices In tic meantime, should ea
movem' eat of your - command be contem.
plated, I will notlfy you as early es pott-'
aible of it.. Yours truly, .
11'. .5. GRAZ; Maj. Gen.
. - 'lll .
view 'of" mgnesliosable devel4:
meats it it certainly incumbent on the
4idtelary !Committee of the Hutu 'of
Itepresentatives thoroughly•to overhaul
the terms upon - which President Jots;
son aid his Camillus have traded
Tuostas Misdates," one of
the Representatives of this' county, a
;member. of. that Coarmittee . Be. has
nap eourspi tact and abilities.
upon *in to do the cottetri ti - errtee to
111:111111116et emit dlikthe,alisithi:
t darn froui'/Uodothilltaide.Miethe
pop& who prayo,, Mat be might
win while he battered and stilled away
at litigious of rebels, now tam ;to tdm
their leader, to guide our couro mit' if
tie d9>ticulttee7ett bizebethea. '
Canaan by not been ielected as the .
.plane "for herdliethalion :Republican
liational.Coneuntion. The choice y4l
- made AMU the Akeetnit of the,
Cauntildee in December. Why
net let ritlar(faiti 4're the honor l
Mixed Ottirotwe hushes $7,500 pee:
imaam,salaryai eintarJ W
a el of the
.x,,04,.46, ether alitor in New Tot
re Ives nux u mach, •
_.. _
IerABLIs, , i
„ , a
, 4 .•,',, .I; ,/,./ .-- ....._ ;
..., - "="--. 1 -------,.._-_,.,,..„.„-
, • - SA: - "--------- - AV -
_---.- , ),-.. ~. ~t
,_,?/.-1 ~i 2- - ,:,..:.. 4„. : : : _°-..: 1 ' 5 ' .
. I
...4i„... -,-;;.. 1 ..ccu.,, r ; '.. • ~ , ,,.;V:a 5 t.47‘ ) . ..4 , . .r .
. .
1 pi
) - -- . 7 1 - ' - '-'-'- -;: -.. 2- '''----- - -.*---
.......„..,_:,.......,..,_____....4____,..... ...._____.........:____:__
, .
Parton in a recent sketch wisely re
melted that 'Western rivers appeared to
/mu been 'dug . ant; Nature for the
purpose of draining the lands, but he
assigned to them no other minion; So
far as our own mammy the, crystal
Youghiogheny, the clear. Allegheny, the
muddy Monongahela and the beautinal
Ohio, are concerned, his profound ex
maiden appears quite pertinent. All
our rivers approach dead Mem, at
least so far as navigation Is concerned,
and this Mei bee been rap -lally police
able daring ' ,
the past season. Willer
one of the rivers has beenwide enough
or deep enough fbr months past to Scat
a life boat Clear of bars and shoals.. In
deed; the sand in their beds has - hardly
been saturated with the water coursing
their channels:, -
This condition of 'Ma dyers. has con
tributed largely to.the deli tame recent
ly experienced; agricultural and
: wealth Is locked at' 'potato
ebove„ and Cannot And way to market
to be converted Into Money till a rise
comes. At Oil City and other pe
troleum trade points, up the, Allegheny
Mega quantities Of crude °libels leen
undated, and the owners patiently and
prayerfully await a minutia rise. Itlth
storehouses suil,tanks filled to their ut
most celiac-4y, production must flag,far
want oftramportatlcn. .17p the hiopon-'
gibela the same - state of eitalis'elists.
Coal hes accumulated In encrionsus %Ma
ntles, and the barges and boats must,
swift the swellbsg `of the' ricer lbefore'l
depastilik to gladden- the p4ple below.
The :season has so far advanced that a
well grotuided , altuni ' is felt' thit the
customary rise so regularly promised In
coal 'men's shoelace will this year fail
to put in an - appearance. ,Should the
river much . imager -unneviga
ble the numerous points below us
dependent on this market fbr their
winter's ; coal may - exgegrience -a Mel
famine; which will entail much distress
and suffering, especially on the poonsr
Alrecidrthe Citizens of Quoins:UW.lnd
Lonbrville take alarm at the luovecta
. the former city the black diainmds
are rapidly , being exhausted, and the.
stock ontand luts suddenly enhanced in
value. On the streets coal is sold at
twenty4ight and thirtycentiptu bushel,
with indications of farther advance.
At totireille the same panic' prevaiht
Dealers are holding' back, dispersing in
Entail quaistities at forty canape'. Imshet,
On Saturday last, a Aim in this city re.
celyed an'order to ship by nil, at once,
several, thousand bushels of coke to a
point, down the rives, which ,goes to
showthe great Scarcity at that place.
Good Christians should pray for rain
to swell our riven and, carry ; comfort to
the people who are apprehensive of un
dergoing a coal famine in the blighting
days of the coming winter, for a much
greater calamity could' hardly befall
—J awes has been elected Prevident of
—The Captain General of Cuba sup
pressed a newspaper foi
toiri 'saistie itafiniSlliatecin
vention of New York city refused to put
fn. nomination: candnlater for _local, (or
county) ofiblaaj!.?" " !
The Clevebtud-. Erie railroad hs
itimeasedita capital Mock from five to
fifteen million of dollars. It has also
lamed the Clevelanb Toledo road.
—lt, waa .rmLiiiimmteutt, but Ida eon,
Lurie was urreshrd In Richmond on Thurs
day for tearing up Contirrristbrrielirdlon
„tlelgta In the handa of colored men.
Austrian Arbutial , trgethoff I.
gill waiting the filial dollish:4os the ap
plication for the remabilibTlifaximillau.
There appears to be no probability or his
obtaining the remains.
14 4 of n n L un og aanion s
0111 the
Ordnance Committee of Congress, • of
which he is a member, luta adjourned
until Wednesday next is consequence.
—Here la saample of numerous senten
ces in Hiss Evans' novel of. Mamie:
Perish the rolcrooosaa in the limitless
macrocosm, and sink the feeble earthly
in the boundless, rushing,g=
—A Paris edition of Tennyson's works,
in fire volumes, is said to bia'sclUng of
the rate of live thousand copies a month.
.As the French luZ i underatind a line
of the laureates, the low price of
the edition, ten es may hive mac.;
thing to do with its large sale.. .
—"khe diameter of the earth multiplied
by 108 gives the diameter of the stun the
dismetex , of the sun'. multiplied by 108
gives tho mean distance o' 'the earth
from the sun; and the diameter of the
moon multlpliettby 108 givegathe.mean
distance of the moon from the earth.
—A precoclons specimen of Young
America got last at a county fair In Sew
Jersey, and went bawling around, Mach
to the annoyance of some quiet people,
who ingnire_si the cause of his grief. He
anaemia], .arlth - suppressed • sobs: "I
want my •• 4nammys that's what's the
castles: Vtabilyan the darned thing
she'd lose me.''
—lie Indian Council at Medicine
Lodge Creek commenced on the 19th.
Sebator. Ifendmiwat explained the object
of the Cottheil and the desires of the (3 ov
ennipmt. N'othing definite resulted, all
the tribes not belugrepresented. Saimaa,
bead oder of the Monts, an& leadin
man of the Southern Incliane,,
objection to leaving the, Plain . .and be ,
in confined to -a. IteseTratlon.'• Re
claims all hunts south of the Arkebeas
dyer lee belonging In the Mown end
Ceninnthes, and did not went to give
aleYof them away. The next day, how
etre; the K 10148.5 and Cruntmcbas made
treaty with the Commieslonerry He pro
lialorut being the same' as thew of the
treaty made at Little flock, Arkamula,
two years ago, with the excepnon that
' the agricultural reservation is eat apart
, _for them on thernaln branch of thirfver,
fitrtr. the, Yiecttlte„. Alioexttaina, , w •
mowers gowlsofsese."•They eloper
milted to hunt n theft =dent lands
, -south of the • kiniskur Gilt rata
rtated ettnnglY, agelnst going Into.
past hike the wmtria, but- fi nally alibied
=Le - treatT.f Anapaboni were to
meet the tlenunlaitioneri on the =tl,, end
the Cheyennes eirthe -29111,', In owpitrate
councEL Satisfactory trestles will prob..
ably bernade with all the. Southern In,
Zi. leato Chstaago.
tOn Thursdaylark a Mini Murphy who
hew with her father on the yirlginia
shore; about two and a half miles below
this ottniutd en errand at the hows of a
neigtbor, linew hundred yards dhstaut
Whilenu &away rho was , encountered
by three Men; who seized and, gagged
;her borer° she 'could enako any outory.
Haying her - gagged, they bore their
struntheite viola{ to a woods some little
distance el 4 And there hidden from the
opts of ail passers, with the poor girl.
unable - to 'sound the alarm, they pro.
seeded to accomplish their devlllah par-
Wean. From all accounts,.t,Uy_metst
have retainod possession of, the girl's
gerson - for i t trivg:. e ti me.
mel ting. tth . her „her .In. turn, b me ed otherW
treating. her In, the most Ingeoentrand
,,ipltumanntanner. Aftertheyabandoned
tsar it wee somotlme-trogire,the girl Wta
able to attempt .to reach her home,rand
when she did too rite -Sault- Usenet&
to the lloor, and has ever since remained.
in an uncoescious condition. poly
effort was Immediately =dote Mihertain.
the names and: whereabouts of the. per.
pertratens of this crime, - and mum their
arrest, hut without effect. - Up to — ttda
time no arrests- bayo
u tvader.- ;Wm
Murplivwho was oe a yotal g
lady about eighteen .yearee d,and ft was
feared she might from the In
roceited.--rtiteetheauitle Herald
es* l'entaristailigare
trri , olgrmat loth*
c=o ,
put:Wive:led:weft the dilly market OP.
1 1 =cg d arM I" OramotAio 'P p t
'[Qtly tbositaad dollars; ' ro4ed.
were hypothecated itdiffeestit bauZ,V
ThinumNitlostil Bank boldin lea
dboarati , dollsor-crflkson. Dt Is
• ,
CDT To'oomph to tho Plttsboroit
WiAlt.NUTOit, IV 1867
General.Thotruus' kepart to Gen. I:rant
on the subject of the niuntelpid election'
at Sashedle t a month ago, will be pub.
lisheil on Monday. It comprises the eon
respondence, by tolegraih,betWeen these
°dicers. In reply to the Inquiries io•
venting his duty, Gen. Grant expllelliy.
Informed Major Gen. Thomas that the
tatter's duty was to prevent a collialen:
If Go vernorltrownlowahould Issue hls
proidaniatlon declaring an Insurrection
or invasion to exist too formidable to 'be
put ddirn try the follies of Na tiommand,
and called on the United States to aid
him, then aid would be given. tieneral.
Thomas is then Informed that Ms mini..
ston Wee topreserreperwo and notto take
sldettiriAlie politicaldifferenciesurdll call
ed out In acwerdance with the- laws. He
. WWI to prevent mobs aidlogellher arty,
an!. if called upon legally to int erline
his duty was plain. The conclusion's of
the report is in Gen: Thema* ;own Inn,
gunge: The election Is over and all
The President ;Jarnedlds proila
,rnatton recommendin the Pith - of Nor
embei to be observed as ai day of narhrnal
P ma ? m g?Thig•
. . .
• • runite toter atit . raitrarr.
The monthly_ debt stela:tient for the
present inontittrillahour it contraation or
Kooo,o® of currency. ,
rmti .. thd et-it urri JtEncr Leatune. .
lacy printed during th
currency redeemtional Bank
ed and an i l n , ed dee t2 tro 4 yrl : '
W 7,800.
cueroms niecEirre, .•
Tba receipts .of eustoras , during the
Nook ending the loth were it2,895,76e,
itcroturL.t. nivoatm.
Thu Aciptst from Internal ROVODUO
fur the week were 5r2,990,=1; for the
fiscal year to date, *67,789,000.
. _••
• John If. Gilmer has filed.with General
Schofield a formal protest, :is a resident
and voter of -1 11e_.htMthd,.sagainst the
°minting. of Loy - vote recbrchor at any
precincts after sunset 'Wednesday eaten
. • ILICION' 11P.TiqlLtai, '.ADDRESLI. -
'Tho Union - Itopnhlleare Congressional
Eno -native committee :have jnot issued
an addnan to the jieOplo' or the States
that are to vote in (member.
, Aroicrsalawis-lien•us
toad Seetillesil•t asta - iW sew
neat* is We Weems:). • -
Cer Tomemph to tea PltlabaTth emetic.] :
Uses:sr:Am October 27.-At the Bil
liard Tourtmment, yesterday, the first
game, between Vermuller and Parker,
wee won by the latter in seven innings:
Vermuliar - Made o#4ly B 2 Olrits. - • The
second game; betweervelmatteand Davis,
was won bythe latter; Choate made LTA
points. The third game was won by
Ackerman, his opponentAmlth, making
104"•.pointst. The fourth sFune, between
Elvers and Snyder, wag won by the lat
ter; Risen made Sit
A passenger train on the Little..Mkinus
road, coming to• this city, met with a
serious accident last night at Xenia
within one hundred 'and fifty vards of
the depot. A freight train - just ar
rived and the switch wialcit open. The
o palnger train ran into the. caboose
freight. 'The caboose
passenger engine ran
under the freight, and thesaatss=
' " ' • '•-threllfitititeDtav
weir So_ 'great .tinuash several orthe
cars. The baggage car was carried :di
rectly I nto tint .ate , and
the wreck took &nat. oneria.'a • '.Wriand
box, baggage cm, one passenger Orr Suad
the caboose et the, ftight_tra were al
most entirely a:unarmed- One ma* in
the roseenger.•oo-_;GbarlipThaote-Xenhar
was disabled,and• tiatignf• fit 'De wreck
and burned to 'death. Hie cries were
ertrd in the Stunts, brit i . 6euis Was impost,:
sible. Another passenger,John B. hemp.
tan, hada leg broken and at /east a damn
:others .were injured ,! Thera were Ace
men on the engine, and but of them
was hurt, and he only received a alight
cut in the head. The Viggigti was almost
entirely destroyed by tire when the train
beating tin passengcas'.hi.fhlif city left.
Alicr . about two hours,datention the
I=olila of • the 4;hatted . ,_trtiplat and
g were naturated -eith.Water and
were being taken fiom the wreck. The
baggsge mu- was well: - loaded, and the
damage is .heavy. The accident is at
tributed entirely to the carelessness . by
switab watt left open. ;
luxtritaditesic Avalon 'Mt trl7 co.
- ailmalls••44.l6lovisitiliMeitarrimS
• •••••
for veiesrsaa tom. Intimate/ 61...1‘..)
cict.w..—ciffickdmiti,itma In-
Alone the election of thirty Conseivativm
and sixty Ibullmilih eighteen of the !ai
leron, colored men. Ship live counties
gave 70,777 for and 41,0.4 against the.
Convention.. number of ImustUra are
yet to beheard from.
The polls closed in Riebtuond at one
o'clock Thursday omitting, with a ma-
Orli/ .0'476 for - ilunnleutt's lickeL Mr.
GlltntWiffirotest holds that the clause , of
the Supplemental bill which - provides
that thirty dove' public notice shall be.
given of rho time ofholdlng tho,elanion,
limits the (lemma commanding to the
time designated In his order, ifs ohm
urges the shameless frauds and eowertn
of Conservative 'voters by the colored
pollee In' the emuloy of Col. Rose; the Sa
pedntepilent of thic.election.
Conelderableexcliement in mimed by the
fact that two citizens pf Richmond, one a
prominent tobacco manufacturer, , had
been ordered by a vigilance committee
of oolored men to leave the city in itl
boil* Their offento-Imiii 3 violont oppo
sition to tifelladleat tieket.' •
-1 3TaA3U/13'4 , :J4,4
ripese-ee ,- seelereattory 11.14111111
weetr—Deottb ot - it lettalter:-
Ott ilittOttsc Ittatgu.) :
8:15 - Bettis,, Oct. 27.,GoventOr emit,
ItikinttEitatittoiliout,or Keneeil, ant
od sokTopeks te:Ftiday, having let tlity
01:,•:ii:i3liwirrs at MealCitioic Age
k t 11024., Bertbezereeettleeplei
. • • ii4telkeliovel ., tfesty WM be
„ made witti the lic.Onon., ,
Willfrun.P.'GCOdwio, entity° of Penn,
tylvnoir,,,but_for, several yenta identified.
with the - bstactag interests; bore; died
tow Teak, Mate Ilamater Alawsted for
Itrineirp Meg Ca ramplien.
jar Teta/okm 0. rittobatsb Eliie{ta.l
AlLicant, ont; ,90.1,—Wahxd.0 Hum
iihreys, Senator, from tbo Thirtieth Din-
Viet, Was melded. at Waniaw„Wyeena
(=yarn, d brought ` wiz= iv'B.
him with bribery' and -corruption. In
nits*. The warrant obiutartliit 'Hum
phrey. did feloniously accept aye hun
dred dollar* to Influence his action on
the bill pending lxdbre- ,Itallroad
Corninittou of the emote. The accrued
gave WI in two nurethai uf ono thousand
doliariPeach to await the - action of the
Grand Jury in November next.
gotiiiihrenao ream
titrrstrirrsiea so tea r l temarsauasaita.l
Now Yong, October tr.--Hayti dates
bathe OW instant elate that a general_
revolution la regarded imminent. Pro-•
visions were at therdne motion
had been made in the Legislature tom.-
Initthe nnurn of all extles, (Jerrold in
- Julialea datoo bo tho Prth.Atatralliat the
Cloyemment bad reused to satiothm the
pmporggl'.. Numbly to Om ateamsblp
between New York and the Wad India.
The annual budget showed-et detleeney
"mem tm Piumereir thiatt•.)
elly:rearts, 'Coacher ~Pening
some' obeli at the Union Rolling Billie
today one of thorn exploded, killing a
young man named Rie.hard Welch,' and
wolinding Chariot, `Williams and.
John the tbrmet
Tolbw Paver Beneath.
Neut.OnLa.slia,,Oot. :a..—Tners - evere
Wave yellow Aver Interments during
Ltte twenty-burly:lune ending Ibis morn.
ireavz s ' o 'rsins • are telling and Ore
lip Tylenol. Is litarritloN44 essigyo
tater..s..Wrox, "Oct: 2tlb-;Thi
t/ittaf4 Midas rovenutheutter Wilderness
gaol innltatraeruwwlth Sannt/icluaro,
Into Mexican Miniiiter at Washington,
on Wirt
, . _....-__,.... . _
[By Teturesici to Um Euskiwsk. 43..4.5.i
..NEor YonE, October 243, UMW.
. :
A:/S.OSn *Oka:MEN iOeICEU Ur. :.
' i`Wri lritililclicals, elaimlii ii) be En -
Usk noblemen, were locked' up in U e
staitioit ]iOttsd . for Certain alleged imp
.ttld MET ♦ l'agiNL.'
mietica and beating a policeman. Wit
.. • nsOisvErt arroirrri:O. . :
geliarnditt to-ctiv. isshed an nod r -
appointing Cornelius Harrison Itaxiv ~r , . • ' ; '
of the Washington Marine lusnran ..e
Company: The total fliabWtios or t •,-. • . :-. •
boacern, Including capittd, atnotutt • 0
1t958,048.16; =sett .t.)7,(W.M.. „, e . wis Froiitomp:
It stated that the government NV I G
anticipmethe NeNember interest on Mo - '
day.or Xuesduy,;- ,
• There were •everieseisuree of d lath lcr-
Iw A dollat: of sip,ooo Was the
covered In the accounts of *cigar house,
and the revenue , Winters have the coon
,under advisement.'
The -deaths -for the week were three
hundred and stxty-Tour, a marked do-
ELYBIAN iißLD,iiUnerze;
—• • .
,St le. reported the Pneldi COM
piu3y have bought the
.Elysian ,Fields
from E. A. Illevenaloi ro mlllidno. of
dollars. - --
xxxreAN rztasmiciar
-- •
The • iferold's Hamm: !says
Diaz reedited only netiontyidlytt or the
taro hintdrecr . tied"; forty4ire , eleetnral
reins In • • .
reported that negotiations. are
pending for the . consolidation of the
rmnvlliania Central Ind Catuden anti
Yount:, Qeto - ber 1E47.
unn4cu or rioutan.
Mary Erick°, a pretty- young 'Unlit
uer, has sued Edward Hannton; prOPrie
tor of the - German • SLadt theatre, for
breach of promise, laying her damages
at g/5,000. ...Nothing ern:oh:il is alleged.
-••- •
The eadrohling on which workmen
were repairing "the ship E. W. Steteon
;raceway yesterday and a dozen dr more
men were painfully Minns', two of thorn
.NAllianutArne:. •
Tho . nuizitierlitvotOr.;auturalizott
,in one itittnt.h in ttdi pity Lc stata,l to be
Mammas Anuivr.mi
noThritiahiteemar-France, from Liv
erpool October 13th, and Queenstown
October 14th, and the Hamburg iitmmer,
from Hamburg on tho 13th, arrived to-
_ DOWUser tbo Telmalltpiptre taTatag.
ESP• 44 ecaTenquadtaec PlUsbazab Oasuk.
HAVAITA; October:": adVlcea re
ceived from Mexim the following details
pt the Tehanntepee grant to Ennio La
verne and- his asseeistes are made pub
lic. The giant is to continue in force for
seventy years from its date; fifteen peX
rent. of the profits during [taco:Wow:nos
are to be' paid to the Mexican Govern
ment, and at its expiration all impel:we
lt:mt. Made revert -to the Government:
the terms of the Government require
there ehatibe-,constructed yearly until
the route is fully opened not less than
fifteen leagues oiCleimraph line and nix
leagues of twort road; operations must
be commenmd within eighteen - months:,
merchantilzo gaming. over the route and
the capital Invested In improvements an)
tribe exempt from taxatiott;:•the criuirit
is to be free to theworld;the nation guar
anteclog peutrali%.the Isthmus Cm:ma
ne le to pay any dnagete - thitt•lnay be
adjudged to the Com ai pany pf labinti he Is
- Proddent, arising front whaiits =known .
no Sloo grant road; net to be subject to by
'pothecation vri th onkeonneater the Gov
ernment. Meetings of the Company are
to be held m Nu. York.
Car reasosaa to toe riststaratitaartisk I
Havisa, - October Vb. ?CwY.l4: tai
Get. 'A.-Governor
ltai 'intakes-las linve • teen ordered io
MuttiVpsl liketionswre to take
pyire, on the lid of: r. }...ovenater.. Colonel
3lenann returns to Cubaha - Chief Ina.
tier. ,Them will be a .generni, change of
Government employees.— -
There were IVACO in the •Treasury ,
here Islam the Goverrintnt
aent a requisition by,ielegraph for".s3oo„.
et& The Cuban merchant. clubbed', to. ,
Better and supplied the hokum& and the
web -wee vent out by the twit mall
ataanier for Spain'.
he gasp:meaty threatens to stop the
supply of gas for lighting_ the' streets of
}lowans. bewuse the municipality- o wee
_them $OOOOO and want jfay.
Decomposed west need by negro. for
food has roused a malignant disease to
break out among them. 'Aare lowa
been twelve owes, seven of which proved
fatal. The omit is epidemic., but there
have been but few mow
• It la reported theta cargo of slaves ha d
recently been leaded.
The demand made upon Cuba by the
Spaniel, Government - for 120,900,0 0U her
not been compiled with, an the trewouy is
irosaks Mutatlesto. to—Sm.
• eaddlar,saltip • ISOlea Dtalafeelea r .
CBI Telmesse Pitammougs usadam;)
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 3l;—The whisky .
Satinets eat rectliteis hese remised to
.noperations in twu weeks
M c'd receiving eblp Polon:me was damn
i'eeled, when mummy mummies of rani,
which had been poisoned by armada
some time before, were dacovered, emit='
tins a miasma which a euppmed to have
been the primary caner of. the cholera
Yiut •nd Curtis Kash tar Ps lad.:
Oat awe Itl.o4Thlee.i.
. .
ingTalagrarx se the Mumma atamtoxi.
Porravn.xs; PA., October 27.—The
of Schuylkill minty hold
an XmtheaUct meeting loot nigh; at
which resolutions ‘Tere adopted - naming
ben. Grant-far . President end E.x-flow.
Andrew 6. Curtin for Viee-Prealdent.
The meeting eslieurnod with cheers for
the noriditees. The - next Saturday, night
e ratification meeting wilt he held by the
rote) has ordered the' military
tortaiLitt thOolvil authorltlea In 90/lOc,,ting
4`.41 ,Th.44 11 11 bommttteh iPPOlbibti 'bb
to, 44/4 have accepted Mr. Reid.
g's, en tor a bridge over East,. River,
at Now York atty..
Thidleal meeting wee held .In
Lynchburg;on FridaY night bud, ut
which'a notantltioe vita appointed to so
licit subactiptiona (or eegroes ~who butt
been 41sehAtietl. from eMproyment for
voting the liunhloutt ticket.,
(Brrclegriph to the rumberte Onactts.)
ATLANTA; Oct. mtheed
delegates , elected to - : the Conven-
Iton ,These.on, butk petaled .delogerm the Alabenin Ccmventlen.
114vArtoort, GA., Oct. hm boon
ralninwin torrents ell day,
Daaaatioaa Mr* SS ' •
BT rumens Utaanal '
NtiuurniaOclober 27.—A dlanatron“
conflagration - occurred bora Iron night
about - 12} 'o'clock. Bradtoy lila* ru.
moat totally , , Zoo Ransil
Co. liocKtraVca. and R. P..a11.t.C0.,
all wholonale grocers, aro tho ' prtncipal
5,2, loos Oatimatal at tc.toUr
~-,Aicitseta consecration. ' . r . —
ply 'firstracti tra Ylitturss °watts,'
NNW' 11.AvErt t Conn., tictobor27,_,E 4t.
, Potrkles Church, (Cuthollc,) of tide city,
wastuonsestrated to with lanposi ug
oeratnoldcs. ' Aich-Blanop McCloskey,
the' Bishops ritPairtltind, fleutford, Thu
•llnittott and Brooklyn, and forty clam..
were present . Mach intorratratto
. .
4 Steels Broker Illuspeodeak
tergetweide to the Pittsburg Quetta] ;
Puts..inzr.ruLA Oct. W.—Charles r„
Bayard; stock broker; bats suspended s
large arnii. He hal large twets,4int or
nruivalbblo character. It ls tbougin
be mill ultimately be able to pay all d o _
Mantis and have a balance.
The tallow racial, Railway Lronreini,
Cat Oatla crab eareitct' .
°3 " ,, SThe five IlUndrOdth
lone or the Ihtion - Pactlld Itallsrgy - tau
lakt to-4y. Seventeen:llllles XaCiro will
carry the track to Cheyenne, at thr out- .
- ern d ace or tho Rocky htountalna. -
, •
. ,
Molars allPadladeloada.
[Li 7 , isarasa is sas rutseirsioisu . tu, I
,PIIIIADELLItia. 0tt.,23.0-7-XWO,,doath.
from cholera occurred since yesterday.
: 7 7,111-.0 FT ccm nirL
Marching simaed in Sight of the
fly fitY '
IR THOU Flitti• ORDEltil To' BAIL.
TW e i t x a
Fonda - -
a_ ;unhurt 7.---wr
1 - 4
UST :ref ir*Dt , kitthe rlt!sburgh Assene4
tt.T.UnCUM ,
71 , 01 , 1iNcE.)tOobck.g.feuethClal:
dint, to wilontivivi entrusted the forma
tion of (be net,blintstry, has taken 'de
cided groun*itelituit its present eOn
struction. Inlcial.communicatton
he nays - :the , 'retention: of
diuteuf in tle •:11111(14OFfitHfi no
conducive tuthe bent intereste.of the
nation. • ".:11
P.ivnis:• ' 04bar IN' ' s:c . '25.t-Poci tig.4-B%ri
pateltra state Viet Garibaldi law gathered
a largo form iribtuni.blin and is refely to
Pat tho Palfroidion Cirite keechtti
to in a stare *ego.
. 40 ON NONN. '
• LONDON, ' ' . 25;—.Zifoon.--Tho newt;
from Bali , lo v *ttling . Dispatcheabinve
bean receivegtri,thry stating thit - Gari-
Lahti ism
rig on Rome.' His corn-
Mond MINI di ' till' tvrocaumfin; Which
were takin g. Ifterent 'directions. The
column undtiGaribaldi had arrived at
Monti,Rand' 1a -le* milt Penni' and in
sight of the y'clry. 'The Pdpal troops
wen rotirin • aa:lx/rehire tho vieteri
oat march 'ot t laur hurargentri,. , hot con
testing t.ho gitizioo as they retreated.'
• Bagnorea its again •-captured and Is
now held BytniGaribrddlans. , - .
Fnalecu oitimami TO &AIL.
PARE, Oet.„2o:—The Noeilear 'in an
olllcial artieha aaka: The neat at Toulon
haw reenivedjaaltive or ore-6p*asll.foF'
rENIAN num. AT
Lnsaos, :o;etober The
renian tri* are In ptcgrpss, 31.4che.
(11 C. ' The toaist Grove was exaarileted;
Wdict 0 44104_
maphiglik;hn eonfeasod he shoe
41aehaigiat after a abort
ao., doubt in
the mind of *Coml. that the man was
lastagesaty . -
The triallillf l'Ordias lwprlsouod ffi
' • --Cisuard
Vatrola hal declined- the 'antrimi of
mum* and will &had *Omit
... ,
.141 r ibpOrted a:M.10'34416*(1i.= Dun
loirrbratas tnineaBtiW4vidan9e.
Pafxuoa Cielober Ali. 4Re 'Bough
ton meeting
wabepslakey alero. .wobl`bY—Typtiocum:
lbe twanty-Acciibunibi envvopertakE:s by
Plopigb Boy, ond are Montone tank. by
' ' 7 •
Lowoorti October It —Reenino.—The
wontotilelal 'press ore slitnet v Emil.
meanly u( the opinion that Italian atEttre
ere - wenn, thin when Napoleon plinned
the French expedltlon In the Interest of MAXIE OF „LI VSII.IIIOL LT A FLOM
• • • - • •
..lArtintooot., October:A—lt Is said the
liisgal Bank of Ltvittpocit cannot ran=
linaltteas and that Its atraitnazo in a hooe-•
tillitoendltlon. • ' •
*islcrAs aa;:nr Ot=asu.
Lenient; October LNl.—The Ansa
toriaUy commends .Ihe national berme
. exhibited by t 1 doireininant maid maple
of the Unitial Stater. in 'resolving to paY
dim national debt and interest' In gold.
Amman:. cArrvits pr i A TIMArt.
— Lotigc, Oct. :x--Ifven'ing-Llt U ; ie
ported ig.troland that a icalativraft hod
boon captured by a Britlah gunboat off
tho..Northoin coast of Iroland.
AllmiNwriullori or .axr.i..-Cnio.osr;
votober 2 Eseak g --
spatohes from Onurtanttnoplo state that
a change hap been made in the adminis
tration of the bland of Cmdlo. • Omar
Pasha has been rolleved., conunind
there and orderod to the Danube, and
fra,e.ilir Pasha boben einnuslasionea
to anoreed „Omar Psalm as Governor of
Canals and commandor-In-chief of tho
tnilltarrof the , • •
Vatuanuits, Octobei 25.-The Diet of
Batton tmtlity, by a largo majority, sane
tlonad thal , :tergi Zeivordn, and adopted
it proposal ajllnoco with Pravda.
I rui•eraufivirga voitutaatAx.
"tiivlntroolz , °clover 3—coon—Cotton
°pone firm, at:Yestordarit rah* the esti
mated sale. 00 .16,000 bales.. Provision.
andPrOduce . nnelningcd. • .
Lonnong Ootobor 26—,11bon—No quo=
tattoos luntebeatirecelied from America.
Conant., 945; deivreTwontion,6Blitillifolo
Central, 704 111414 . 4534 Atlantic Ja Great
Ventern, - '
Lonoote, fleet. :104...Abening.--Bugar
quiet at 20a dr{ No. Llnteed erode
Calcutta Ofia od_ per quarter; Linaeod calm
Xll per ton. Tdiuteed oil X4O leper ton.
Whale oil atllair 2,50 gallons. Sperm
oil 4116 per ton.•
} oinion,.. o .otoliert%--Abentait—.Consolts
,cloned firmer, at 'OP 7-le. .
Amertnan Securities—No tolographle
advice., mince fhb 29th have been renewed
from Atomic% and the, following quota.'
time are given - without n knowledge, of
tvinditlou of the .New York:market:
Five-TWeettletioB 940; Illinois (.7redral,
79; Erie, 491. .
The Cotton Markt:di:loud rather quiet at
the following authorized quotatioton
?diddling uplands, eld; do Orloatte,•9ldt
Niles for tho deg
_31,000 baln3. Itrenti
gods market wag 'firm . thtoughout Oic
and ploaod at . the . following pricer
Corni• now. mixed western, 49% ltd per
quarter; Wheat; California while, .163 3d
per motel; red western, lis na ental
, htta, 35,114 017.45 lhat -Galley nominal,
fiend potil9 tah-Peart, (de par gunner for
Canadian. Provinionx—lnrdalt lower;
Allier Whir ad Parent; .11noon,n13+ per
Owl.' or now •Choetie; American, 92. per
cwt for mitt kg; Boor extraprizne nurse,
Ills per hbl; !Pork pritno city 1t1f.m.4, 71.
per Uhl. •
tDr Telinnintx WWI Plttnnirsh Ostatt•:l •
ltALxron, October 22:largo and en. 4
thuelaatlu frathatrat. irambled at the
Court Renee heraAtAliteidibtraght,
revues* to . e!Nal pub1151.44.14011ty: pos.
f m T al-
e e l r t It,ll r lll i llt laPprldo ontpb r rain a g l 8
lf9 thle
hf enietrabs:eervn2:
The meeting atut , rayantrad by Woollen.
A. 'Br: .Blcealee, .Preeldiroy, on. A.
Montana a ddrovied - OWYPeetang Alf a
• long and elaborate itegnra=ellt the.
CongraralOnal_ plan off etlon.
itesolutrann MVO 6dOtted "fgag
ration to' the GOratltutlon aWAtett
' 4I Y. Deiegeirar went lippolated! to at
tn Thlite end Aoobaty tamventlon temepthera
CITY srm
• Another fiendish outrage is reported to
have beeil committed on Satmslay night,
Which,: if true Is'even more brutal than
the Kate Waldron affair, which oceurri‘d
In this city a low Weeing since. Bat like
. .
the Waldroncase there are circtmeitoneeit
connected with It which have a tendency
to ereate'ft :Mapleton,- at leaa 1., in the
mimic of the incredulous. The circum
stances as Mated to nit are as follows:
About seven o'clock Saturday Olin
Ing, Jane Flialpitrick, Who has already
some notoriety, her name having' cc
currcvl frequently in the policy reports of
the city papers of lati; both es presodu
trix and defendant/ mime to the lAile
glieny Post Office, and at/coated two men
who anti standing •on the corner_,
telling them she was lost, and ruined
to be directed to Robinson street, where
she sold eke boarded. One of them, she
says, offered to accompany her, bat In
stead of taking her to Robinson street
they went to Ridge street, 'hiairdleatty's
Hall, a dormiLor3c of the Wtaterh Theo-
Itzgical Seminary., whore they were met
by three men, who, a‘sisted by her 0513"
cort, committed an outrage upon her and
left her insensible. She was discoVered,
shortly. afterwards, it Is alleged, by tI
Mlnlata4at the , Gospel, who, it appears,
occupies rooms in Beatty's Hall arid
kept till Sunday morning, when s ilo re
lated the above story. She Bald the per- .
son who conducted her from the Pcst ,
office said that' he was Chief of Pollee,
The Illnister trent to the - Mayor's office
yesterday morning to make an informa
tion againat the Chief of Policy, which
Mayor Morrison very properly rejected,
Ito her whole statement in regard to Chief
Lents absurd.: - •
The preacher very kindly kept the t a:l:l
oty e are not informed to n
ho a phyrticlan, notwteM
standing It istdleged byhim that she was
Insensible when"he found het. We .d 0
not know who the Reverend gentleman
to, but we would suggest to him'the pro
priety of an exploitation of the matter.
Tb. APP.O.ihtuz stoat sr.see.
The principal topic of 'convemation
-among spotting men in the city at prea
ent hi the approaching boat race between
IffnrY„Colter",, of , Diancliotter, and John
Melted, of Cold Springs, New Senicry,
which is to take place Wednesday,the
30th'. over'. thaiupPer Monenga
beta course, for a punt° of two
thousand dollars. The affair is cre
ating some . excik , ment,. and the gen
eral supposition •in that .tt ,be
ono of the most closely contested and
Intereating laces over pulled at Pitta‘
burgh. The men are both young, and
have eaeh actinteed ;toputation in the.
"prate:whin:" -I.lll'loll-h never
having rowed . a aingle match, line been
11,1'mo:teal competitor In most- of the,
nastern riumttas for two years in smite
pt, which lar,luts InFule;excellent
Colter, In lila inth With Jadkaon hod
spring, demonstrated beyond a doubt
that ho. possesses both "'peed and bet-
Wli learn from Male( that them will
be a imaiber of .sporting men from the
.to Willman among . whom
he inentforiorlionli Ward ' : . • •
. . .
arrived, in the city yesterday
.morning with-hl, dant, a paper Atoll,
ozolghing thirtptivo ponnds. Yetzterhlay
etterncion; is tympany with- Jimmy
Hanimll;ke took a pull over the lower
connze, and in the evening wont up 'to
Glenwood, where ho will. remain until
after the race. Coulter" has been there
WM% Thursday, and are learn' Le in excel
Mrs. Rechiel Itiyant, wife of domes
C. 1115irtitt, a reeldent of 'Shehir township,
.thte county, met Wills iiiidnus accident
on. Friday evening Mat, .in AlleghenS•
. •
city. ,Mrs. 13. wme to the city on Me
o•e:oek train on the . Western Puma.
Railroad, and guitar at the Federelstreet
dePot r from whence she gotta a
trfeiiird bri - Mtngan - iititec " - She'
mu walking up the rallniad tieiweeri the
tracks: and when noar Sandusky street
she heard u , trnia approach, to avoid
which, thinking she was on the track,
instead of between • them, she dep.
pod to; one 'tilde' and full - .tlarrugh
,the trestle woek,• •h' - dititanee of
twelveorrilikma foes, indicting severe
InJurtost.4otia the. efforts' , tit *Wets she
remained far. some time iio smunton
%clone state. Rho WIWI oishavered by a
gentleman, who immediately wont to
her assistance, and had. heron cve y ed to- 'her friend's house ,Momun
street, where the null remains; Med
ical men wore summoned,: '• and
rendered all the attention possible:
The unfortunate ,lady is the wife Of„,a
farmer and mother of a Wanly Of grown
up children. Sunday evening some
hope wan entertained of her rueovery',„'• '
The Mannleie UOROO 8!"110Ide.
. -
:The'Ctironer sjury Irnpatmalled to in
quire Into the nianoor and catmoof.the
death of Junes A. Al oi:withal:l, the them
of which have-Aeon provibusly• pith
thihodi 'met et the Itfayor'it °Mee
day et . roll*, when ermsouttditional tosti
many :Voile. taken. Athiw;ot'which, how , '
ever, appears to have thrown atilt light
upon nureitse, as the Jury again railed to
agrott;a'ad. adjourned unfit Wednestlav
ereitimrut,i:Roveu. oddf
thmalltealmony-will botaken:-.
Dr. Hamilton bottled that im and' r.
Dicluionl coincided'' In the' **gm tho
injury which mooed the death of Moinit -
glom one not rocolved In thO rei - roout on'
blonday night.
D. McCook Was. of U m opinion that
the injur,y which roamed the deuth at kle,
-sedUgess indicted after he was taken
up attdra to his room.
C. Murdoch woe - sworn aud'co-
Welded with thapreoeding witness.
prolisbli resat acrid L,
. „. .e...scrlous accident oecurred at the tun
nel, a Indlrnile west of Greeneburg,ahout
six o'clock` 'Friday evening, by which
Jittnailimith,,a rsehlent of, Greensburg,
was deverely, it not fatally, iniumd.. Mr..
Smith was walking upon the track near
the nest and of thutunnel,nnd hearing a
train epnroachink, stepped to one side to
o e
lot itnaan, and In doing so, all pent end
follMthlni hoed In midis non that
the y , n ebwmacher" struck': 'kis:midi:lg
the greater portion of hie p pit The
Injured man was dietOlieled . by the
watchman a short timojakrtnirdit, and
conveyed table reeldenesi, , tehere ho was
attended by, a physician,; ; no was In a
very critical condition butt ;evening, and
but little_ hope entertained • of hie tn
The following challenge ii)penrod hi
4 . eNt.eralfty'll I,eadcr nigne4.l by the •'Com
poalitors . z
• :'The "First and Only vino' oampota.
'tor e of the Pittaburgli /bat, do
horoby tthallongo the "h'iret. ine " cm:e
posl tons of the Plttaburgh (7cLeettr,
to afrinndly match game of base ball—
the participants to be those who have
never before played in a baseball Oulu."
On behalf of our comPooltore we ao
copk_tho ,cluilictige, and elate that they
•Inxrvartor arrange the prolhnbaarics
flue "the resoting of the amateur base.
Sento . atrioturoatq.peared in our col- .
unarm a day ur_tavo ago . upun alleged hra.
stigma* of the Mayor - in enforcingjlts
ottlinance which roquirce driven to keep
their vehiclas ton foot apart, no as .trilfa
ullltuto tho ormaing or etroeta by podoe—:
trianh. Tho33iLvor statoa that WI
provitiod.willtru I,alk ter thief oreelly
other grniern) virpono.nntil noon of °sou
;ibty awl that...4er that hour he liar only
eighteen men nt bin Ilinposal for the an
tim oily. It In corlainly a,iting a goad
deal to insist that with no uniagto n form
the Mayor chilli, du 41 that in do.
simidolvithin eorpatata
Valuable City Property at Anottun..,p.
llondny next, nt teolook V. Mollars..
Smlthaott, Pnlinor d. Cu bill Poll cft:t the,
prornlnes, thnt valntibln lot, of grcnicam
Second ntroet, floor 31nrtint, hikT4l4l:a
front of tltfoot, nxtnndlorr book 'al et,
at prownt a:tenpin! on n lumber - 44rd.
enpltatlntnt 'looking limn .1, 4 •:,,ka
nntato ntllt find thin on "
[Witty to' nrotire'll - ropo of- • wan
adapted for orntliannakerturlng
purposes. Terme, ontotell In cash, bal.
note In two equol'Onnito2 payments, with .
!lament; nottund by WA nod mortgage.
Pertoaal. , -Col. DAII. Rio favored lie
with' personal visit last' night, He
looks the. very picture of Leanly artd•le
as full se over of wit anti butnos. • Ho
will make Ills farewell profevslonal.bow
to our people with his great circlet, the
last•tbretrolOte of - this week, said WO
trust be will bo eotnpilmenteal by en mei.
totally largirattendetee.
. _ .
win 11 .11 4 4 - p l vedere•Mte '..meutbere
'of .the Unlntrasomiteiv.Oomnailteeinre.
requested:4o meet.thbrefteranon Ad 2
at,the.offloo- of. 0: Al Taylcir,
Glint litieeetr : A". attehdettee hr
W asibuilu
rneeung. iest
M ine the
A sole arid Illobiier.
A -young man, giving Ida latrae 'as
Robert Black,-was arrtaftedgast night by --
Meer McCoy; of the Mayor's Polite,
whileendeavoring to escape from the
pursuit of, Mr. John. Daiglaish,
siting clerk in the Postai:lce. .Ir appears
that Irbil° kr..D. wan attending to Ills,
slake ho observed aheod reaching about
loosely through: a lock-leis.. forlillit-
MM 111 neighboring. hosci. SAM -
'dandy. Lauf soinOthing was .wroth, . .
Daigleish seized the Mimi and held 4t,
muck to the dilcomliture of the Mail
robber. . The latter ; struggled. vigerr
onsiV till ho got ins band' but !of
Mr. D. 'S gnilip"; Mid immediately boat
hasty - retreat np Smillifield street, !Mr.
11-got out of -the .oiliar as sot& .os.,Posict"
hie andiadth the fellow chase. JuStris l I
the fugitiveWAS Wilting off into Virgin
alley ho was nabbed by officer McCoy,
whnhad Joined in pu.ranit. Black Was
taken to the tombs and there search4d.
Several !kifirs and
_papers addressed ! to
C. Yeager ,t..C0.; Market greet, Iron,
found in bin. possession. Shortly after
his arrest seven letters, , onorl and
oortisining a draft far L tifty-a
srldrensed to R. Robinson o.;
erty street, and abunch of skeleton keys
were- picked. up in! Heineman's .Cogre;
oft Virgin alloy!, where they„bad-beat
thrown by the pi:lsom:Min his flight' Mo
will be Waxed over tn:.thafilirillalStatm
authorities! to-day.-Mr: Daigleisltr : fie* ,
serves great credit for accomplishing, Ida.
MA= Drowned—Uorettei.x 10g116 . 1111. •
A seenalty of a very distressing
clihnieter ocenned at' dam No: lion the
ilettotigaliela' river, Saturday, the par,
Seniors of which are as follows: .. - lborit
twelve - o'clock' Saturday a , number; of.
workmen, who' were engaged on the
Smith aide of river and bearded ,ott
North side, Were crossing
going. to then dinner, They had got
half way over when-William p T e n.lN
Guinan, who was'idndmogt, Slipped all(
fell into the river and . .was drowned.
Being hindmost the accident was riot
observed by his companions until their
attention was called' to It by a little
daughter of lir. Swoon, who wee stand
ing on the shore waiting for her father,
end on seeing him fell tried fo call the
attention of the others to it at Once,•but
it grooms could not make them hear Until
they had nearly reached the shore.
They returned immediately to the as
mistaticoVof the unfortunate man,- but
were too late to save him. His body was
taken out Immediately, but life was ex
tinct. Coroner Clawson woe notified of
the occurrence and bold an. inquest:on
the body, when the jury rendered a ver
dict in accordance with the above &eta.
The deceased was about thirtv years of
age and leaves a wife and two children.
• , Lectures--The tickets for the admire
hie course of lecturer:lnnen:awed for the
wining season by the Young Men's ?fez
eimtlie - Library Association' ere ; now
ready for sale. They can be obtained at
four.dollars apiece from. Mr. Appleton,
the Librarian at. the Reading Rooms ' or
'from any member of the Committee on
Lectures; - , • -
intv ITEMS
• Pittsburgh ide has long enjoyed an en
viable reputation at home and abroad.
Yo English friend was overheard to cerm.•
plain Of a• lack of 'ops,as.the.glasi of
warming and enervating- ale. procured
hero will compare with that of toy more
celebrated, fereign, brewing. , tfitleaga,
ahead in many. things, linnets the tan
ner of Lilts' and Sands' ales on every
corner,. seemingte talcs especial pride in
the nammi;•nni yet even there Limon.
breath, will not surpass, if equal, the
ales brewed at the old established Oregon
Brewery of Messrs. Pier, Dannals
Stevenson street, tighth ward: Thls
brewery is conducted on n-liberal and
extetralventhit.ds its patron
age Increasing. "1114114 - e_„ boat
Itisttraeolt- plintair end having
thoroughly 5ki1,101... au • aiperinn eed
brewers in charge of all the minute de
talls,•the aka of the firm are remarkable
for their purity; life and general health
lmmulhogiphilitiee. The brewery, which
is complete an every depar.ment, hi now
redinhowleitedblieet eepacityps'order to
• itumlly theelade,Mithelfrzat 'Ares are
rapldiywing tato public livor. The
firm make e specialty in • the manufac
ture of Buxton ales, cream ales, ars*
partep Eine quality. As tenth
kv'or . table beverages; 'their. brewings
stand very highin public eslimstimo, and
deservedly reoeivejast recognition from
merit alone. The ales ere' pbt up in
SOW2dpackages of barrels and ;half bar.-
vela, and are shipped prompy to any
point or adhered to_palrele by wagoes,
Meatier city...Waren safely tscoomnieml
the aces of the Oregon Brewery to the
use of our readers who denim es good as
article as can be obtained in the country.
Eerren Gsmerrei—The time has ar
rived when ' the people are 'eoviineric
ing to cast about them for a proper
ponies to suoceed , Mn 'McCarthy In the
Mice ortitayer, an oilleewhich, with the
growth of the city, hitS . beCeme Or great
Importance tothewell-beingandprosper
iir of the oemmnity,.and• which shotild
be filled by do able, dignified, respects,
ble and honest man. . •
The name of '4 , m. A. Herron, Esq., oc
curs to the writer as one In every way
fit to be presented to the people for their
consideration when they shall come to
make choice of a candidate for the posi
tion. ,Hia courteous 'amnion, integrity,
liberal public spirit, and acknowledge d
adruirtiatnitive power, all point him Out
m• eminently qualified to all this plum
of honor and trust to the satisiliction of
the people. Xerrit'Vrino.
Iron pity Xples
The brands ofthe above justly . popular
Sploe Mills, which are keeled on Fifth
atreetextenedou, near Pennsylvania As ,
enue, have already become, well known
Masters in pure and ,unadulterated
eplem. They mroply the trade at very
Mos& prices and guarantee overy•pound
- ofspice sold from foreign sub
statfem. 'The "Excelelor flouted Coffee "
plump by this firm, in zeal pound pack.
ages, la a very sum lorArticie and will
commend itself to all lovers, of the genu
ine Java. The firm deal in chopped feed
and cern meal, and have always. a full
supply in store, They attend promptly
and carefully to roasting gro nubs
and coffee, and deliver on the same day
the lots may be leff. with thena. •
Valuable Property at Auctkg4.—Thla
day at 2 o'clock, P. on She ernMillelf
Messrs Smithson, Palmer lb Co. will sot
n very- *nimble !of of grotuid on Second
streetnearkiarket,balluga front ofsixty ,
four feet and a depth of 'eighty feet. For
business purposes, this property inmost
desirably located, being but a ihort dis
tance from the river and the principal
railroad. depots Or, capitalists desiring
to invest In real waste, would find this
an excellent' opportunity to secure a
piece of ground on which three excellent
and commodious dwelling hope. could
be erected. A prelltahle investment will
be made by whoeyer purchases tt.
•Indlen , Furs:—lVlll.llun lemiusNo.,
1* Wood:street, has just reoolvoci ahrgo
and complete stock of , Wine:. and IniaSee
. ,
flood Jewelry.--Iteadora will , bear in
mind that the entire stook of dna jewel
ry In the store ot. Mammon. lifeyran tt
Beldler,No: ZI Fifth street, Li allbred at
greatly reduceerates, preparatory to*.
copying their now and maglncent atom
Gold. and Siblir Ultbl4l.oll, jewelry of all
dracrlptlone, clock», silver ware, omit-
Inental'artleles, net eyerything In their •
line la offered at very reeaonahle priors.
~.Lory Goods • at, Wholimado.—we r tai
alto tho particular attention or boyars:A
wholosalo to oar complete, stook of silks
Airseagoods, and all kinds of.flatay and
stall.° goods, and to tho .fact that we sell
tp the lowest eastern prima, - and out
Pila rl, L tiet
69 Market atreat..
. g
_Planetb Good,—The boobs, ahom;
• , 114 men,ladlos andeldldron,.
I MS IMAM rarest, - are made uL
the very best material, and sold as low
as Um lowest. All goods are warranted
td gi ve aathdhetlon. It you want swam
t o good, and at gold pricos, call 4
Robb's Shoe House 89 market street.
. , .
At Edgeweed Station.—We would call
the attention of our readers to tbo sale at
.auotion on Thursday next, October 81st;
at Oils *Station 'on tho' Penn. Railroad,
full particulars of which are given in
,advertisement of Ilmittmon, Palmer
kei4, In the Auction . •
TlT:Evreni 165 Wood — street, snoods
to all kinds of plumbing work, gm and
staust-litting, at, the shortest notice sad
ppm the most matchable terms,
Salvias in ladles` and Misses furs at
die aatenedve.., bat w and fur house of
William Plovdiv, No. 180 Wood street.
FIR 249.
Valuable' city - Preplan) , a, be Eltdd
, YIN day. Oel. ea the Presdoes,
Massie., Smithson, :Paimar .!c Co. will
sell on the prendses thie day at 5 o'el oak,
P. sr., that valuable lot of ground on
Second street, ,naar Idsciref, occupied at
lirescnt as' a lninbei• yard. The sloe of
this lot la well - ada for mmanfactur.
lag or.businesa purposes, being .64 feet
front,, extending back. En feat. Persons
&strew; of investing in• real estate - .will
tind .thls an exeelicatt opportunity :go
secure a valuablolot of ground. • ,
Terms—oneghird cash riming:trot:its:4:Z
annual paymente,With interest' secured
by, bond, and . mortEmfes.. ; '1 •
saws Testhboas ono. O. "(b.'
maims a use= A tt.tousimens ni ts.
. . .
Aamsonmar, Oct. 19, 1897.
Ma. °so: A. .19mamur,Decir
have been troubled for some yours with;
the domplalnt iletterlbed by your ladver
tiaemint or Dr. Burgetita. Marone or
Backache Pills, and concluded .to glria
them a trial, and ant gradto eay they af
forded ine immediate relief. 1 clteerfully
reComniend them to any .ona suffering
frum.ltko ; symptoms, feeling confulent
they arlado you carts for them.
FOC sale by all;:l4tigglant. ;Price bO
meta per box.. . Tr
Tollonntry Maxlaniht-r•lfour atten
tion is called to. the wholessde - fmd ro
tail 'grocery stem. of Arthur"Hitt; boa.
173 satd!l74' Federal- greet; Allegheny;
just the place: to buy- your groceries.,
tar. Kirk. has &dillies for buying that
etiablms him to sell to retail merchants et
a lower figure than any other house in
the two cities.. Ho keeps at all times all
kinds of groceries,' and Will bo pleased
to have parties eall and examine lusprice
list, and, the,-quality
.of goods- kept by
him. Remo:fiber his ntimbers,l7.mid
179 Federal 'Street, Allegheny City. Mw,, '
Invalids frequently safer from tender
ness in the teeth caused be strong medi
cine.' A free use of Wand's Field and
Powdered Dentifrice • will :harden the
gains, preserve the teeth,_ and, make an
entirely new , sensation' in the 'mouth.
Sold whaltsile and retail by Joscru
Franu-na, Nod 84 Market street, and all
To Allegttenlatts..--Artkurkarkisrhole
tale aria retail grocer, Nov. • 172 and
174 Federal street; has reeeived'one Cline
best stockS of groceries over brought to
the city, whlch.,will ho sold lower than at.
any,house in the city. 3rw•
To Famill...—Go to ;Arthur Klidett
Grocery Store, Noe. 172 and 174 Federal.
street, Allegheny; and buy your Sugar
for putting up 'fruit IBA has your
beet and cheapest stock bt the city., Call
and see for you.roolvos. - um.
• •
T. T. Bwem , .N0."165 Wood: street, at
tends promptly and itt the best mechan
ical style, Man orderable the City or from
the country for plumbing; pa or steam'
fitting. _Primal .very sitemitable.- Give
him a call. . • .
Something Pare,—TheTeas,.C•trees,
Sprint, Spicier., Sc., sold at Kirk's ,Gro
cery Store, Nce. 172 land 174 Federal
greet, Allegheny, are - warranted. to be
the very best In die - market, , Cell and
get a price 'bit.
Country Orders molicited , foi the erec
tion of.pumps and all workin rho pluntb
ing line,- by T. - T. Ewens, practical
lumbar 'rind . gas and steam fitter, No.
161 Wood
Eye, Ear, Throat,' Leave, (inner
Demists and . Caraneux, annerearthlly
treated by Dr. Aborn, .154. Smithfield
_A. book by !nail 50 cents.
The . Wheeler t Wilson. Seising Mar
ehiiie has one-third less mach - Mary than
any other two-threaded. machine, and
has been run for twelve years without
costing one cent for.repairs. '
Chandeliers, pendanta,brackets, globes,
and lamps, for sale at. the most remora
-61e terms, at T. T:Sweres', Na. HS Wood
Cheap - r enbhls -Gra
aeries and sonteddtig.goodi go to Arthur
Grocery Store, hlteh I'P2 and 171,
„federal street, Allegheny. ll**
." , Cehatltatien edrtain mum
for Diabetes and sadism= of the kid
opye• F9>:# ale 1%9 1441 1 111estir, glyr•
Instruction given Imo of charge on fle
Wheeler * Wlhonief.No. - 137 Fifth mt.
urAdditional Local Matteri
on Third and FacirtlnPsaeni..
No. ISO loortb street. PNtAboigh,
COrinja• of a PUP PIS, GLOVES. and
ererr deocription of Ifo.nerar riarrildfts Goods
threshed. Bonn open day and ragbt., 'Beam
and Conloia famished. • • ; . ,
3t....5533C3.67-Dev,, parld Kay. D: D.. 8. or
Y. W. 4seobas., D. Thitmu'i*lng, Lg.
- • KZ:ELAND Enlll.ll2dEll. lOnnnsnens to dm
late Sunni K. Rodger., ) No. =I lzhic Stneet,
time door. !inns Beaver, Allenhany' City. X. -
Bennmood, Manonzny. Walant anditenn•
wood Imitation Callus, nt the lowest mimed
prices: Hon= open at all boors, day and Wild.
Mine and Curtains- famished on .wit noneei
and on moat reuoualna lams. . •
DEETLISEIL Otithe, No. 244. Ohlo
'Allegheny; Ketonic; Rom.rodd .red other tof
'ga..wit eomplete stock of Amend ritredshing
Good., on nand and tarnished et dotted , nonce.
or lone*. prices. Ask end 'Amoy Stables, do.
nor of flint lag Mane Street.. Corrisges,
llethindon. BOUM.. Wide Hone.. An, an,
for blre.
A. 7. MANBWEGIL at Om Camataiy Gate,
Lawratteevilla, Pa. ORNAMENTAL MARBLE
warranted Inter proof. . .
ROOM lagad Well
G1iETft.0017.2',14417" ridthg.
Tied. PlCebarAtt, la open EVERY. EVENING.
be awarded to tbe'Edltorreceteleglltsblzbed
number 1 6 vow. , rx.r.
•.. . '.Cmos recirretßeatmeir 00... Z. D..
ffice. No. Cr Warner gtt..
.. •' Y PinzAssnrra, October lan, Mt. •
The Inte restoh the Tint Mortgage Moeda,
Learetnrorth Brunel, •or the Melee Fudge Rad
.vray Comparty, Eastern llbrltion, doe November
Ist, I/E, writ be raid oe i rzateration of tn. On,
rift, gran trit% re&ike U r fl!aee 'r D e;
Tort, onmad a gar cdadate.
wpm • -
'ol` ea: Efl " ...
lIROLLIULLIC WID astazt.l: '
SPICIA.p HARG4B dto dil ' arm
1317,1iMM, 71$1.ET.E,
Jewelers id OpOpine;
co wszranstc
'oiroarriusoario HALL. '
REnorp) AND
.., • • . . ...•
liece, , a-caimaxt
res;lovol te:No.
harm' Teehmal HMI; when he Is sow rwwwwlC
t oirr a 4 xiesul ass aio n e l t Am
AVANTIVDI67OOI;t' Tillittfwbis h
oo usau... •
R. sutra. MerchimatVailcir, '
OS VT= er...rot:;:eniaarst.
rEdru Narscr.:-Di *l - *VIT of
leatii . parsona deatrlng to'bt ttiatiactotl
Coh arena cantata
at tttl • TEM , WHEEL= a WU,
BONO` 'to hare toads arriagantents altarst7
aro ottiblitd to inTito any asah to oar room, No,,
.a-ni th amt., !room may will b Ilananoia7 la
4Fntad rilhant.obarge. ,•To.l.lltata wan aro con
tatardattig aaogtog • garoaati, or aid . aobtolo.
lltatallotta. salt wilt ba osaoat Cirotablo °lvor
tranity,Ottt, costootara aro wocallgraapeatnl
to 4ottiowo .o.r
maTbodastroVaa re hire a large roma of ma
patent latialitllgtniterettaramanomoarthato ea
9 1f,i' "'!":" "" Zir gumrzo - 00.
Iromus; 117=1 &Val: "
Audio. cops Phliburith
Ifignit &etc't ;tan_
TB:c Imam Wain
• , .
primnanit AND fiVITUIDAY.
.daet. ....t.thuvrarirre4ax. cot—
umxu reealbag loaner, inorsallrig
I.6thirtliterh.aunt Ka. wreeirroh Yd
Niai, rateable Herding Walter tbr the geoilly.
and dolleat sod meet reliable Ftneartal wed Cow
menial :/11.Arket. Report. siren by eh, paper IR
th. city . Yo Tanner. tierhariLr or Sterehoot
itiould be without It. •
rare roe iffi <11312
- nlo le
..... 4 L 3 a.
Vt.* or ...... : ....... ..
' , I ale copy of Peter ta the ....M.
op, Adettione to chtrat. be Made et
slab neje.
Nenci 'to 'Tes‘e'
bow. eaoaah;.. sP.oty what edition gee
want. u we %Ng:wedgy Kadin for rub.
Wu 4
wom b , by Date. L awa r . MogeTOgehese.
or Iv Registered Loiters, nay be s .wbi t inir na •
Address. OAZNITT/14
• ' • rtrreauniva.-
WA.N.TXD . •—.2O 000 "A.GE7III. -
.• eampla sent het lint, tan., Int any ank
le. et eat VS three boar, Inialnani 411•
altalf laida.`llsb and deslaabli: gat. be doll! at
Ulna or tasrellog. by. both male mal female.
NO o'l enterprisetn
or toe . ug.. W. fr.
TER. Mn.i.d..Y. Nev Tork. ".•
PHI SALE,3/0 C.IISI 'C10411.1
rAvpurNo LAND. lo losia.k • Terivi
Sim! title. TA -assail 'paid. 15111 trUls (Or elty
property. - Par irartletniare tuqujes of D. •W.
, 501.74. No. SI diteset street. •
Fon, t? A L E-- 0,0
LARGE. BAY URA irrfarr / 10 r 1 SE:'
lane }amity - BAUOUCITE DOME. r* , Wa at
uowAnws Lfrirr 1 4
.11457 MiILY/T.
F on ft A,ll.ll—sB,4oo.—.NAGirr
9ialtitheity City semi . per mat . _Hoods, his sala,
of s'clisoga for dr/sera:sons Sororities, vas , .
"fasoribto tams, R. B. "FRANCIS, Cooassass's
?moo. Allegheny.. .
SAI. large , LOT
•••• E.--d,
Gyou - 193, .ituat.4 on.renn street, Matta
feet, having !Lice front, luprosementi are
ur good dwellings on Peon street 'andtilwo.
tort Quip gur. Shop Is sixty trptogireva
tut; a good insagraotorlog Mtg..bp,,, g ig
separate If tlealred: . twitillre'tit Not' N16.133rx
liOssw...lll3(lolt.S. , bk-
ROINLICS. Most ha sold. as preent Armor tura
ntbncnoatno;a requiring Ms ottentlon: Lot
Trafor rtiret, wear Federst; * Nlleihonyttt*:',
Tor forth.? particulars Inquire ot:'w,TLLIAU.T,
P.M:VA:corner. Anderson and. Izabella atroota,
Fog IiA.LIO , 7 eRICIEL .
. The; undersigned trlli .011 nil et one-ballet
• Bela raid, to any percou.ndshlng to engage lb
the The'yard ne.rllelth .11 ths mod
erAlteprovementa.. Learn runs ten pears.
need *play but thOre iwho mean hualneso. Ad
ele.. E. T. C.. Allegheny I'. 4
Von SA. I .4:—S4 Alirg!t I,and.
one double frame tioare. 'offs& hone.
and good notagl mall barn:. all,toOldlo&ana.,
Elurf meat to four foot arta of roskoadorlayln&
about 10l acres. Butler and Tern
pfkmons through-Om farm. Tbeitioyeorlll he
exelamed for property lo lbealty or aajolotog
Om& R. S. BOYD & CO., Beal 11.
taro Agepte, IVo. lm run Street; Pltiabirgb,
. -
pou,SALE—BAKEIIIf.,-.&. R 00d
dolor a Onsineas of from S 3 to an
barrels of Anne it week, and *Misted at 'lgo. 40
r..II.O"ALTD.9IIkEET, Allegheny City, will Os
told oil rsatonabfe terms. The above bakery is
dolma ifooll' bualnesi, and Lao the• tiellitlea or
doings much tuner einithan maw, running.
Any person within to engase
,in the humane.*
will And tints rare opportunity. For particulars
inouire at the 13MiEltr. •
BALE.—Eloupe and ...A on
corm, of Maatattsn Adams itreeta.
mega- PaatieTagei Ballyrry. , . Lot .14 by.l9 Ret.
'Have frame, coatalvlng: room, sad good lull.
well Improved. Roue sod Lot on SbeldelL near
Bidwell street. Alleaheny Cf ty. -. Lot 5 by 1.7>
het: bowie frame. contains bell, dye rooms and
good cellar:. water sad gas. Also, soonest small
Itonaes and Loy , 10.11 NA location, Inquire of J.
ROSH b.CO.:' Bearer attest, near CbOsoot.
NVIL OF/Ell Fort EA S E tem L-ee entreot....
Double Brick ,fflansiiiii:Boickt,
!Atomic 1e0.{513 WASHINGrOST . STILKET,
(DegrClt7, Wrists pose sad well
Ilalshod rooms,' Waffles s kltebes,' pelf or end
Silsbee besesseve,lall of tee:nal , Spollere !all*
and latest improve:Meats; arnao4 'S a d .dAP IO .4
for every enirreulelkoe.
The Lot 11 ev by sto reeti.
'iedoeetanieon the biek etK, ZarreAl ratletles
of the cludeest ,
Peach Trees, Grapes & other i'ruit,
ilarelmon emeroili selected and solUratati
bearing_ marartty. together Ciuty Marc
sery, systematically arranged oier Via lot, a •
lug Dimly and Tettriesemit
•eat Utah, and Imgersoes,/pwits.
LitratWOr ,Lr. •
toe: & 57 PI M 871"4
ice orerlFg gt7ai bargains
. , .
IX I 1
BekLagoasts. ,
{s a
floor airs
rovniT AID 14 LE ctrTLIZT.
• • -
l Periods Wivhlig to inveltsio"ottl Lk; vell
:to iziodeko siks'of ttto ben wort:awn over of.
'..airrnenlttire and Ilotiellold Goode
'4l9* on.I.VZICT4HABBDAY, .
Merchant Tail'4r
Cor. Penn and ht: Oak Streef
Yuma of laformkos cane
gda• riblie In portal Qua Us stock of
Zav ZinaNnr
D 1 N 1E 4. 14- CCO!IE
A „
!N a f. ll CATUrnitgreP
t Lakost style. of lITIV