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asno higher *irate to the worth lad
Shirseter ;ago than the
-gtqinrinkrust ;compliment pad him by
tin *eV daily Democratic paper of
'Wraitirn Niuzirlrezde th e day follewbas
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• aageouilnatloo.. ii laid;
- 'Me leetnatkor of the Hon; Henry
• W: tYtlliame ai a candidate for Midge of
• ilres Sopretie Corot is 'lord one. He
• wee OA be4llllll=llod .bettke tbe
petition donviintloii.'eadpossessealegel
for the-respon
U. gontiosto mid& he has toga elm.
toned. Both ea have vow present.
z An *portant deity
has hien laithfcily discharged by the
seginalts:be/readoes. - orbs nem paten
Allay now bee oconicted Whoa persona/
• allagenercee'enetdesiele4 .upoulay! Loin u
.c.let stabs two greed pectin. -nu te
•••4ht_ Oen& be: •It is exceosplolona al= of
1 4 : 0 0 pielld th e 031,01 7 coneerdlooa
fortonate thnselectioa of
Wes candidates, there will be a
'irValtOppetto Ile deplorable OprraPtl9ll at
1.14. net Of garernment nadera few
To:ttf am bionast • men . and nonactentiogo
4411feallri3 Part. Jew 284 i,
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, 7 ; .•.1344Airk , ildeTria* Ao• above,
de,ib'bllkof 4,11404 1. was pleased Jo
bate nOtblait to take beak or
. • • emealCy. .0f •J'adgo !Maple prim* or.
• hod • repeasalon. vs_ bare autdiut boa
_ww= . oreilied however la eukr
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end, beedy polity-'
deeek,'l4 aredrit Moir intlieelyea
sane amoulte deer wise or jo.
Vigmtate- eh
avlctlon of :oho, W.
'Elhorik.Othe Z.:rarer . ; im libel o n D.
c!r sAa•DftPrtick M publishing
n:drj*Nt of ,1;. ,oltatir, elmadd not ,
b . dirift . i* jay 'beThrred mr.!
of the OrdiAlai
r.... ,* 4litatioa Of the lima. vtioutum
in& the - result Of the 'feting of the
&gait, iliakitaitavk from midden
•lktitht tict that Alio
. mite,: article bad
:barn reHoati j pnbl Lewd mother city.
3 1 1Pdin: appeaninen ibe Londe
rtelathettsctioa with: a. fair, -and we
12 lettriety, ithpaittif, Mated. of sews,
!Waikato; Published kelts: o ,Tell 2l , is
,Otgeselitaseltfrom a aiming access
Coons - rallag, 3: It. O'Neill
-- widths,* made at , ; least strong a
eses et' libel agaiitit Yr. Plttock u that
• presentedby D. O'Neill There wu no
c.,torrldeethe mai, on the pait Or Mr.
• Plttoek, other than the legal premier
lidtiaryleh thuatablhlied ar
• ddi evideoco: offered
tag* 4?-fgaseo l 3 *its pittgicallact Pre-:
tiously, the Court bald vouldutot rebut.
'Thor =Mellon or Jlr.:•littock we am,
was obtitned upon purely technical
r wads, and ere also Denote that if the
*Vo cowmen sense
twat, idle gar
. ramdkip, the result would have been
Adtlibritnt.i It 4 .. lms:the pit:nib= of the
jury decide only as to the Abb.
, Anues,:bstt i elso whether the; pubilattbrn
wits libellous, and such we Delimit is
. the law, we would uk. bow. they
woe to deride as to the latter, under the
;latex of the cktunt It tree held that
.411 e ittichi was -libellous, sad ht . =cc the
]ettieeided only u to the pelacallat,
a lid , WißaWAY;aisPuictl• Thus.*
- entele - seem: the" old" law. revilent is
• ~.„4 1 4ishuta. "entire slim, Itu APPited,
Mete.% last.
'lliarmout of torte of Mame:rim: in the
seetbracits counties of Perucry'Tani& It
11 ,f 0 4 11 1PRIRilvb muck bitrizainem
coil, except that it will not serve kw
hit.. Vast piles of it have been thrown
aa rubbish or to rumba SOT ittatink
gr:id Mardi Italotts ezpiethasnis hive been
made to Millie this refine, brit In vain.
Sams miners and dealers in Penzuryirs.
alir/cal WllTOlll l ol ll d4.ebori time since
by the exhibition at Philadelphia of a
winrfael,manibmorekont of Ilse' coal
dirt loth* so rapidly imulatesin the
regioa . o f . the brittle anthracite coal.
pricieeotriiiidensini aid compact
lag the loose material seems to purify it
born injurious gales and odors, probably
~ T lMPll44llMmert of Um "selOtroutd the
"foraparedibidts said toluirn fit in open
Bata Woody, as long and more com
.glisteiftban the 'retire Maltreat&
,Te 1 .3 4.X", 1 4 4 4 1 Pds much dnactl- tY 111
l • plata; even sash parson u ha Idols to
• sans Cabinet places, either immediately
tar viotopecttialy. The `Ol24Ce Titania
ataldtkaaout of toev met
who would otherwisobe staigrlog. (km
lithatatt MA/ it Ate fore him to
11111111iiaa*ve sad oducatp hlschildnta,
• " iithatz 'that coats koala and take the
'Diputsoina. Eln li finiriing in
ITas Vevalion gahre striegth that
Ran* h 1 0 13761htit-tor war spinet Tar
-. ken Sal* this 'cad sha mold 7u r.Ncoth
America tt ,poasesalons. and bar _great
nithiay; pat Greece -trill certainly help'
. i t,"..oirert Qat itiesela is =der- private' en
gagemotte to hold. Pratte. Is check, or
, -104 - go In au the aide oaf
itoorlit; - melba. Italy • will 1101 her
pdvatiteipa , is following,Pzusia.
• . Tiol„Pijohleat's Wads at Woad's
' ton. Openly •&o am Mainfeation. to be
‘4.*. Almohro or linguae - OMANI,
delo , avoiC,lmprochomot. - Each
eat grmathi - I r resident Pi the
• tOmolltotios or . The only author
Aria bir foostifotlt.heila Os maim of
omotllnflohal monarchles, which mom
*frond& 61. - emataples Abe comm.
ambs Mid daitocrata delight la. '‘'.
Gam VlTiToirtiPozrznisks . ii new
tetal,pa the ground of dlecoyery of a&
iPtioaal Dicta ,which are la; hiaraTor. :
Is is Sto witnagt,tei
that. hs ardernl withra to ram§ lam
e set treat^ tie" odlorti traaci which he
ihrtaasta tt he nu,
,0,114,J11 , cOrreCtilre Itiriory, respecting
magnet, whtle ha itt !res. - ,
Tax Yuncluteetta etite Convention,
es Welteiday, declared that sumptuary
r 4 tt!4 ‘.l9o4:ollfhe'regolatioa of barer
. adia,weramot eleattrata of party politica.
„BOrrear,dedeable Temseranco rt
. 'Alia, Or ay other "octal svferm whoa
miT Tetkitink this Judgment
' . ' : - ;1 - . 1 40/ 2 0r 12'nd ! •
at PirOdon 1121 P 6 en .
stir m einead la seelajihe lowa duly
ointidtdod, he cimlot do bettor than take
lor.stOppltir whole
'islidedhii thiiiiartirordx holders
Rader blm, partkalarly st New York.
• -
•,)", - "- - fnicePastizai'nesna licit - to . hate
' ' sods Initidig, beyond the gratilkstion
at rilLotdlPethy, ba potting Gen.
Con Wide/x . or Gen. Ble/dot, so no
obanseotpolki *rill be snide:
Z.- CANT gancnosatt himielt
as an iadapendant candidate for Con
' Rem . , in, UM Second' d4strict, of Odle.
wind Itr.ltiebard Smith, tla Bepolli
' Aait serainee. 1113 relies zialiily as Dem.
• 417114 moist Eloastorfol Conformal
1 . 14,1ndr *sty tifotrict,' Mr. Loods
litiariClMolood .no. mars than no,
Votes of rho &Otani. .
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_ . ~ , . • - , t -1 . /::-....4,.. .. - , " . .
.. .... , , ..
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~.. „ ._, . I ._ • .---.; iiigai i, ; , --.:_----:-,0 ' . ~. 4 ,............,..‘„
:.. ~..- .....,,, L .
... -71 TPF 4 '.- .. , ---1-, - . •.- . \ r " ~_ . , ,
' N ../. \ -46
j , - 1 •..
. /
...r• ... .
; ...
. ..._ - _--4-, , :c '.*,,,----- - - • . ' 7 ' '''''- '...,• 'l4.4'' '' '' • jr.7-'?-. , Z ,"' k. , .:. - 't: ' ''' ' • * . t. '''* } f .:.
• • -•.,- -- " a - - U L t' _ ,
. .
. • .
... . , .
.. , , : . , •••; •-•-: -..---'•-•
.- - -•-- -..-_ --' .01.-- App. , - .'...... - e.....a.i51 , -2- . .
. ,
. . .
.- . •
VOLUME. . 212
So'ime as we can ;sera• the mottle&
lion of Col. Dwell Errett for the State .
Sees% strait universal ustll2loll3tra, not
only beze at home, trot ftrefogheet the'
State. to coombeattag 'cm tketethin of
the VOterettifbit; Eke WAIN/tidbit' arr.
patios% Jaye: - •
Rigiudh bootie= is tine iepre.
swedes Pot Allegheny, and • swine'.
blftalaberlbrtheState: 80 will bale
an equally able seciicsaor td Cal. I'm%
for a more te i kded • later of Republican'
peinidpits don't exist"
And the Clarion &mr lift Ila tad
mony to pm candidVA, Baying:
i'CaL Ratan t Matt haa on the nom
that= ror the State Be ateinAlleghevs
Waal. NO better choice amid have
been nada Rot only is he MAT tom
irtamat: bat has the ring Or tha, metal to
make' a remeamdative of an honest am-
Mitmency. Alleghaay has doge herseaf
honor in planing a splendid tlimet inthe
tleld, , and out Thlch will be elected by
• rousing majority. Ad Wi t AllanhclTl
Gas. June. Tamers= has seldrunaed
Circular letter to the ihalafoderate sol
dere who were balder his conaniand,
from veldt& we take two SaluSTlPhin •
"/f the wax was to &WWI We Wrath
111 thaw reoweiespf had et the right
to Needs, than Ido not regret the ght,
though t may have to grieve over the
death eels theory. If the wive•Vrilt to
primm t African Slavery, Witt I do not
nagret the etnaggite, VICW . .glt Ido grieve
over the leis eillsooo,ooo,tha t Coo worth of
idproperty; Ind the lad fate swaitathe
par tngro; but if we foughtbi emayla Sierran'
mly for thei pernal also
political pa rt isans, aso = few of win= Vroald
still make us believe that the Witratey fa
ruined ' only bastes they are excluded
froth office; then vinclerely 'regret the
Gantlet, rend .v1111;1.1.4* sae* error the
Peva of the breve men 4001 toll around
"/ Must gam :imam that 'I dillnot
Iltrlot the Waned States because I /toad
the 'Flirted Mates. I did not dshithe
'Ranh become I Acted the Notibj.juit I
buten for what I cowshed to to the
honor, the safety, and the =twig In,
taut, of the Sonthnen people, end I im
now, In smoker Way, to at,
I the same object,' end I will
make as many samillete, and 'Met as
earnestly wad persistently's nay man in
the South to tont:tot the pelitital clo
t:cant% to devise plinsand projects,'and
pat tn allocesoral operation column=
that will build up oar todo*,_ oissolate4.,
and Imprrenshadoonnny. Thlsta what.
the South really weds; this Is all the.
trots lelotrlotdo men" of the North mkt
and I will ad'ocatethe beat plans, Stray
jt=tat, to accomplish the object,- it
of who orlethates or supports
'Whtr ia z Side** Rs
, - feamitatlns, or
Ser tosL" •
If an, tle 11 Majority, of, thelcatihartt
people *add mem the idtuatiiika this
spirit, a speedy reconstruction would fol.
Icrw, not in form only, but in sabstance.
Loyalty and ability are the two great
requisates !nth.% able !be lk mat en oar
Sitpreme bench.. When any gentleman
is presented to the people for that oftloa.
his record as to these two great gentle.
cations la by that act put in controversy.
We, the twat' Teem timildently recom
mend to the eretrame of the Union peo
ple of , Peonsylvania, lion. H. -W. WU,
II cd - allarhenv, and; tithe hest, ev-
Mimeo of our wellunded tionlidence
and good : faith, fearleeniy challenge an
Inspection of his rettord. We invite the
cloves acorthm, the demon attack.
dattlf*filcseWuld have at any time—
loyalty, devoted, unflinching and
unquestioned,' we dare not venture to
di with at this critical period in
the ofeear State and oxintry. Its
_ :emphaticall y j ti thase two
gese:piermeasttea, J Wilibetme
enters the ee
lista of Me
When Judge . 13 acceptsmmi
nation on anantagonistic platform, he
therebyjoins isms andplasee his record
on triaL The decision between - them
mats with the people.
On the point of loyalty the matter may
perhaps be considered se settled beyand
dispute. -The pen love of , country and
unialtering_fl, in the darkesthoare,
of Judge Williams, is et macaws' fact.
Ms blameless record le unsuspected.
Not a soldier in all the land, or a dead
soldier's father, or. brother, or wife, or
• mother, can accuse him of prolonging
the war by moral and intellectual aid
given to the m egoiao . He never, by One
pe wo the mho enn
of the draft.
Ire 1301 , 111 . dis k i nr nAr a the public crevtt. So
deaden of was ever quoted; in Dixie
or cheered in the aunpe of treason. On
the other hand, the fatal opinion in the
cue of Berle vs. Trott has never Imeneett
bdeeterile explained, and what, is more,
is not yet apologized for. The, Calhoun
colors are yet shamelessly flying at the
head of the Democratic ticket. 11 -is an
admitted feet that In choosing between
Sherwood and Williams as the Judicial
interpreter of curlews, wecboosebMween
the oarunitntional law of the South Caro-,
line statesman and that of Clay, Webster,
Jackson. stidthel fa/hereof Revolution-
AA to the question - Of ann . pete7 or
a ttle l %
which, next to loyalty, ought to
r the choice of aMtpreme edge,
we present as a fair criterion or test the
Mowing aeries of facts, to which we
defy contradiction:
:Pint. Jades Williams boo oat itt judg
meat upon, and dtchied se many as Ira
-and as intsbuihe cases as Judge
=cod, or . any other diettict,iudge;
daring the same term of Service, in Me
Becoat.His opt:ohms,
= andwe challenge
t elt ,.... tergon to those of a marawr ver. ekst
re met,- with f rer
sale upon- appeal,"than thous ewer
of Judge
Sherwood, or any other district lad"
during the same term of service, in the
- Third.
Hie Opinion:flare beini adopted,
as the law, is the - area by the flnpretne
Mart more frequently than • those of
Judge Sherwood, or any ,other district
Judge daring the ammo term of service in
, We invite the attention of ectirraterrial
men and lawyers, toy the records which
eumot misrepresent, and whieltwillemb•
stantlats, beyond peril •cf denial, the
testa of Owe ellegatkom
In another column wepubliah a colla
ttion from the Pennsylvania Reports. set.
of 4ti =if iii th eupi. d f ib u l
of me estate, and commend it to the a 6
teallou of the trtudoess end professional
community. It tells *RC awn -awry to
theeewho knew how to road it. •
The conspicuous eminence of our MI.
didate to his ardnone profession is a
point which ham not been fully enough
brought out in the campaign as yet. lie
stands as a law - pleb:feriae to none, and
ass judge without his peer on the
tette Bench. Ms nomination does credit
to the Integrity of the perm, and his elec
tb:s will to a tribute to the, intelligens,
of the State. .To this .Point-the sterling
ability Of Our Martilielv—we shell from
Utica Meitner devote attention - twill the
elicited, moving and ill rustruthig it from
his:evm tailliant_professional record,
whielieven already en often and so grate.
telly light, up the heavy pages or the
Seporta......Fgflodelphso Press.
Erztdi Gmbm
• Antenna planting is he many eases de
ainible,,- but the practice in this reel oct
must be gorerp by the emaddarations
eteen un der orchard and Nara ry."
The sorrel of sauces In small fruit grow
tag to In well preptupiElblett o sZti
n e" Ttler,wh n oihing that ay
liev "' doge:their whole duke. merely
sitting oat-the plants, will Atidtheir mis
take when they come to barred their
itterri es; it: p rirreety . abortirned,
will have thrown wit side shoots, which,
when they such the lerigth of eighteen
tnehea, should be pinched - eat b' this
month. This will caw* the wood to el
pen rind withetand thewinter better than
when they are allowed to grtor an until
checked by frost.
.13tach•ersps and others, that only prop•
agate from the tape of the breaches, will
need to be layered.
Dtipberdeit.—Keop the- young canto
Clod up to wirtwand stakes, and the soil
dear Of leVeda. ' ' .
Gasper. Mk et the early ripening
varieties. bandllng carenilly so aa not to
fames bloom . Mis minors in Rath
bun • ir•id - /time long stems to • the
• Pears are to be gathered es soon as ma
ture; and riPelmedln the bum). Itplek
ed too early, they teM - shrivel inateed of
gil=trriet. Lt planetn is raw.
'noel, this is the month whlch t e a„
Plants that were at m& in pate ere me.
rnevedulth littlarlak With ethersoin
lass the recta are taken up with a ball of
e le art rwayedrtih. it-will,te better to remove all ratas, as this diminishes the trap.
orating ears and increases Wichmann
of strews.
Pitom EUROPE. j ,
„ .
(Hi swearaph to the Pittston ral Caratha,l_ r
ttekti - .” - - •
4a3.11.11:00171iaLL Or .Tat ciLT•OLICI 011VaCE:
Boas, september 13.—The Pope-hall ;s
-wirled to call toiretner 'a ,Gieneral
of the Catholic Church..
den, and pith
ssrvelid te attend Venn alt Pate %:,f• the
'wail. ,tba not:bitTt . qr to ntittedVern
gereatson cot wen Oardint.Ul,- whoin he
has =incited CZ duty 'or artsitittn*
• pratiothialei papa" meeting of ShWOOtin-
ADlthit.irannsour Aliro ' lll/1 Rug.4**in'
Tl.ll ANllKWAlloggierans.
lieroaciterir, AVMS:ginel..4ens bilked Statanateaasshrppranklin,
fitatesstiaasslupTranklin, dottrel nine.
Koh lead feet by the 43 anstinalges,
oonderoga and Florence, arrived here
owettly, attar visltlow several - plates_ t lA*
WM:4 The extetomney estate ev.-4
The (Mel itlliyiVellth% !e . t . a in the palace
CT= h 7 ets attended by /Austral
giutaint, hts officers, and many Swedish
Tceista were drank, epeeedies
MUNI and the utmost good feeling end ein•
thoshrinsillin Unattested, .
On ooze aaaaa neon. .
Loinbica, September 13—.Treeitog—The Don.
msW)Dopitlbfivitotwvaratit general no
tintocincOlell tiki - F dill Slakes were wonby
Edify TUC' 'She ' was the 'whiner of two
ram. wig: The two hundred &overstrained
swe•Petakew. Banneeaway was the ttinaar
of the tort sad ttagh:' Tdi tbil.Voneaster
stake MOM" fell to Treatise, beating
Vauban who eras mooed. Achievement
Roth ..iktbalterotleVer !Winn In Ike recis
for the tioseeenter. cup. The Yorentle
hog stakii ;rare won by Triodustig. Tra
gooier Iran won by Teuton lathes.
.Ccrstnuts, Sent. I.l.—Tba Franklin, An.
dial raressat, nrinted it Rock
:int= and Is non Minn antnain. : Ln thin,
suroliataz asoettOis ousso•ar.
Ymoiro, Ooptesoborl3.—i'ho thuotatal ton
latices Ottoman ittoirta usd Annear; halo
bassi adjusted. to this oaTastasthoi oitt.ogb
akesttotr, September IS—Toi stesasabv
atberala, from Pies York, snivel . to-elev. ,
Scromumrrott, September 13,—YesteaM•
ship Wasters Rekeopolls, which PM in kuli
remettly ertUt • broken Malt, la -in Sods .
Bor dmkellek erlit be epeedny malted.
ruuuciaL BAD CotuezisciAL:7-'
Logosir..Betitember Lti—Ziontleg,lCottok
owing to the !tolerated Zone of the tried
mt .- closed firmer and more =Cirri
so PDX* take at lit for end o
for Orleans. Ilfeedidefli
drawn -Corn le now gagged et ills fid. Pens
Steed. sod Barley , et es .Id. Wheat and lasts
without &sage. And the market eke.*
toilet and etaadf. ons end Beall&
'Maid Is W. a nd 10010 , at Ms ad, Lest
edronots2 OW sales at OW Bd. tads! ad.
Bacon once Siattnrodisce.:=
rancid to geed. Spirits of Torpeatlne de.
alined to 7b lio ;bangs soother articles.
Lannon. Snail:meet 13.:-Soreog.—Consols
W(t. Eris Sidi; =ode Oetius.l 111 a
toestlee grater at :MOIL
Yugo/roar deptomper 11—Earitiog-17n
Asientieg neat et IVA, • •
Lagnos, Sep ogler .11—Strabig.—Ifarktga
Astriou., .gopostaber 13.—Serefeg.-.!e;•
trots= Mier, dodo& et Of too..
mom OAxarcinsi.A.
Ifollflest of on ilogo•to• iloctiss
WM/. IMO Tamilido
Oros /Joellso—TbeetT•110111114 04 V4411,
Well ilsoOppme flooloofts Lovistsfl
Voted Oa* Illonwooratle Tf•keS
Tlnoioodls-42moni nobs
—ll/szfaets, le.'
17 ilforisob u am rluitrargto Oasalta.] .
lea Fasurcooo, Sept. 11—An immense
crowd was attracted tadav by the told:
meat of ea amusing electem wader. •
ens (Onion) tallied a hand organ the whole
length of tab principal street, phoOlVta
he wen; and collecting motley for the wo
not te• Protestant and Cattallo Orphan
anima. Tao leading local eapdalatee
lammed sful, eaten_ .0W
The Mort via to,boars and Due
new haunts deserted. Over floe thousand
dollars In gold and litre, was collected.
Clothe tsrarsole ,to the election of Urine
to the Preittlency sty betas formal through-
Tbs Ilmontsta VIII haws • myonty of all
Wan twenty cm joint boulot In the next Leg
idatnra -
EngeneCasserly owl J. P. lief. both old
Croo sad Domoorats. and .00ponerats of to.
oroolork, an talked of for Senator.
- It Y■ow known that the German voters
were organised thumbnut Atte Manna op.
==nt legUletten, and Toted Ut•
ticket, by
,thtlesszna fOr thet
p H(anion) Is ogualnly elected . to Con
gress ut the mnldie district. e was
tenet Zan/cal casktglate Is the W Uent., the
The two Dentocrulo Congressmen Own
ere Aztell; of Ban Fransbuo, who weir !c
-hum l
the unread sung Lhtunn, sag
Ja nssen. at gest* notrnr. of tittle [tenth.
The receipts ot wheel:Um July leh, were
two milllon seeka of one hervired monde
earl:oat:a to trro-drthe of the alltiTh.lll.
Mx* et she lest harvest year. The price
has edvsoced two and s•trf I so art cense:
the range:rue defer and eighty cents to one
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Arrived: 'Whale firAA Me and, :leer.
act 111.4xtlaek, the lln<of the 116.8021 steam.
er Active: foot Vlatorte, with marl' , aistY.
seirantlioneand dollar, re Ireesere, •
: • 4 $4 1..- • gig per
ora4 algal; legal tgallies, god
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gall FlakeliKo; eiretismbar 11.—Tbe Eine
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wss witroded hs larks crowds. tam. claw
indldelikercel tbsansuslikildows Winless.
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elettisse, Ofd majority
. .
The vibilk of fronton Ina/big 'stock., foe
sziasysgant working, Over prOduotlon. and
smatittion ba declare leawe almonds, ere
matrix sarkeinemt. alterations values.
Temaars, sisly•tanis to, asrlinir
CPI To*mob to too ritstoono otootto.)
' •
As. Tozz, Sep cent:ft 13, 3867
wnm Poi 171.Z0W-WSVS1811,17211111.11.:
At a • sneettrig 0( physicians' te•dair;a 4:0111.
mitts* was appointed to call a poplin 1110 et•
g• to obtain lento tor sufferers - front yid.
lost forst 1a tits South.. . -
Mid= ittatorl exorcises herteltdellohtoo
cto• more to reach Haw York, which oho
c.olls bar Doman hams: -
1101.1:11111 WM.21100111 lilElll%
rtis banded tiorebouro 'of 'Albert Iffilor.
In !Salim /treat, -1/rotrfirt. rm. tritt.l
for repot * ted leakages of
4 7_1407 'Fro
• = 4 t/ro b6 C . ll4 : qme;t o. f a r t : t o o t=
tiny won found to bo semen bandied gat
71/017t37 meow TUIIOCO AID . ...TM? KM
the tobacco man and dittljhulituis about
to send • committee to ter test - aatlmi the
consolidattaxi of boaded wheel:mum io one
estoollahment., which it contemplated. •
. ,` . lr/OLIF eeerf 11 10 IMMG 14 .
The bona) recentieetoten from McGlone,
Pommes 6 Co., IMltlenare. hews all been re
ceived Aiello Express edam in this city, bat
the thistle not yet secured.
seurs merselec nil% ate neves..
Rellasuan, ertm abot Wiesen last Men.
had been prevlcrualy failed. in on attempt
Weill MS Mlittete, lie probably will not
Surftl l ..
CASLICIL. AT T0•Ei.i61.41 to LA.r. •
Teil.ebotara therernoin Celan& bee
=a nada con Teo* number of
OW& exemelt trol. wolve, end all Um pre*.
art patients ars.oonvaleacent. , .
rassaava 'Ammer nerraccrine. • J -
N. IL Dogn.r.tortrerve tEctos7. of Kay
1111 1 :617114 . 1as awitlyea by= telt
myna number arna . epro axe 41111111,0%11: of
'citirias Albert Druneertax • !reach
drithititallens hie been arres ted and hen
tar examthallea as the author or several
fcmajoi to Janes and July on the Stay.
TOMS led' ItrenestherPs rlationiu Rank,
emOnanlall in the Novenae so 03.721. Re
operated easonsleelv 20 stocks, and these-
Eimillretherl to • errantly seat at New .
with bL WnliT. where - 00 wait
apt *fewavi ago.
,i,"~" Lim ruukutia riereres.l
deggenther. /2..-Werthstre, attar
Eroprestor„ dike LiehtentSuler oho abtelned„
sergety.dee ~ e hintegea eteuere tram • - the
Sant of Moses Taylor • Co., New York in
Jot y um., by forging She name of Cornelius
Vendsrtelt, I was erertitild on Wedmore',
seer alsokNow grottoojthts litstre: by de.
ie. al New Tart, &no Ells,
About- ion .thossand dollars• o of f
WA MOW We recess:4d the traumas has.
tary MA amended sa tA4 riodtese of
, . .
tirrittruau s• r nemsliowt to.
taarlaaltaa. eutaabfw7L—aulaallnli
vala %laminator lathe assail 07 was
Tba Walabla la walla
Jl,•. ....q.4 -. 1 ,7 1•7,r.. , ,r; . E . ( -1 , - •: , ;'!'.; . .! , -, • • ••• ? :,•;,..-..1...1"T.T:-,F•f:,%•••
. The ;; ; re.;,C;
islana,New Tor on
ii5,11.412181.50ri Fed
""4 "
—Malcolm Ucayali, committed enlelde In
New YoMt 'OM TbbstidaTiiliFitomitlag huo"
Salim= a rArtlier.
—.LAU* JO treldleus, .01116:.ye1terileY
giorrOillM Combienchig at the . Franklin
dtteistlfitterilh"of - 3he:Cciatinental
Nburnedthaiigtingteendwol op lings.wlth their
tiOnten/ilhp . the 11/eveland and
Colittubum Rallroad. Posh iTSPy 'heavy; In
=sElr4 but not yet ascertained. The -
Hotel was great Amager at
the ilme.tmt was saved by thernatiring
iktideui lrard
Lae ,been ; removed,
gitt 4k r /I.'llion, L D.,' elected. if,
•o f eeed i_. Zed lablitetrafrnilicient for
hirevilsiLto = L ei...Mina: of
labJ:lab Ai t iartit e gi;
Miro New York, end was very unpopular at
the College, and among the alumni
viiThikliForMr, epeeist saysi . TibaGovern-
Maki hig rostiftedi bitedlltiniik that the
ht . OonteMplatethe In.
euinratton of a enema. at the election on
the lgthlimt,yidn the kow slate Canaille:
Moe , * rat
Which Wig stiriity ;14dloi*ii
abed, Under the Mipimption that &colored
ratable as much right to vote Sit Maryland
no be has in Virginia, the • more desperate
Radical leadertila the former Slate are arg.
Leg the colored men to present themselves
at the polio and demand the right to vote
ria the
er e now Wa l conautulellh tion., . This. rci-tielleid
Boriitmiti which
,Ilet.Mard, - - Snide: rdn NlT - meant assembled
Miler in that devotion. Prominent 000.
servatsve citizens at the Stale bane been
herb today. among Ahem .M.M.loyerrior
Pratt, oonferrWg wigs- the aMMIs on the
impending Mould,. The Mato antherttles
[balk-beide:si of being able to preserve the
pessitaliat rels niellinprobatile - dist Gopar.
nee' Swan trill bits to WI on the General
tiovernment for to be throlsbed in the
warmer tba Coultilation.
.-111410 MiiMblis. looms in
bsittwrnurstiorora beeig assenthat Gen.
Canby haa fully determined to pursue the
Marked Ott byllen, tickles;
and to We** the system of orders, rales
and reguisilmis which be had established
that dtstales: It to Well - known Lamle*
blektes bad instituted for the people Of Ms
district aitode=reibibitionlatilet
they almost, Ansel otsiy eitinated were
more ;Mt end thelroberation
than arty that bad beam voneheated them by
I legislative antheettypesoany . year".
—The Tribune's sposlal Says: 'There Is e
rumor In eireMatlasithat tokin
son deafens it aides en immediate change
in die , War DiMaimied: , llCLa 'Said that
Frank P. Mar l Jr.,will be put In the cake
anutligerti la hadattlrOm. The
President hoe natal Mid derieral Porter
S de". *W.
,Gwent: brans m
rorll • •
~ , T henfocepockaluicurlf thorcsahlant
will way Pccoch SecretarT McCulloch to
1e9114112 hchlu i hroucut poulechAlooqueatiou
:Orr 44 h hot lougonrer Of no.
ppPcuret.:, "r to
tallyho own tultmotualorce.
—Ths pOTIPMIII fritakilse f Ceti. neCtellan
bard smart thal, iallgotigti b e ib a y Imre
beita,rWattgel ttprolerrapll tOrietarsi d ae
sir Id. or &to g sc im i tor ,im th e
doodd nir a 7 to naiad
ednad ,it
dame bona,
tad sada media dad autiod
adadria, daxadlatl7;
Afaisiogia , the- alio Mat Asa.
Talagrait se um filtaxnuiriis3
- 28•PhOnlaarl&—Tbe =mat taken
Vl* Blip 11$11 ;MAY e5f133,771, all bat
latiiiialreits thous/0d lt.eirlJsittaiirtmt. t
?r abP viow
fever in that city ) up to tseptemoer,
ahow beet &ma; eta' the mortality
ad 18 . 511-4, which - wens Alai:optional year/
in all of the Sontlairest by reason of the
violence of .the fever. There were M
deaths in Galveston up to September
Iss3,,ind I% to the mine date. in 1854,
whereas there have been Cgal - deaths In
the mama pariadetthe current year. /a
1466 the fertercontlatted radiT the aerie
Of November, and carried off 330 in all.
In 1851, Qom: were 404 deaths, ending
November 5. In 1823, 344 died before
Lttel4th; fa 1850, Itr2 to let Deocreber,
',sad 104...2V) 30 the tist.ol'Ffevene,
lerr:`l.4lre bete to record 680 this feu
up to the beginning of September only,
Klan b 4 seen that the type of the dis
ease is untonally Severe. 1n.1953-4. the
Population was estimated at 0,2 11 0;
182-0, at B,oooolr-IBR -it was 4,403.
The population news hr." , clime of the
Aside= and - is 2:),500, of
whom 15p0000 are put down as unwell.
mated.'Mei last report intimates a de.
create inthessortality, which It is to be
hoped may continue. Bet 'it la to be
bonus In mind that 'change of the
-weather may at any moment renew filo
fatality of the „ season.
Vtriikaebbot (Me.) Union gists the
Farlicidirs Of a mme suicide reach
are 'harrowing to, rizsd. It seems ttuit
Mr. Win: CI. Foster, a`warth'y citizen of
Millbridge„Me.,,, while r laboring 'tinder
excitement caused by 'tautness - losies,
shut himself up in his barn and deliber
atsl7,hanged humus% A yesmsdaugh.
Agre,.. ooo -Cing 1 141' ilditicr's;actiotut, sus ,
ceded thst all was not right, and sent a
little child to the barn to watch her .
fathstr.- I 'Ths , :clitld returned, saying,'
'Your father is standing up straight on
thelyda Xlop,
_ism *fag. lit,.,a few
mutes the dmghter was at the barn,
and beheld' through- an opening in the
door bar father • suspended bribe neck.;
Forcing an entrance through the-door,
she at once tried to release thetsAy, but
her strength was insudierent, Thinning
into the moat, she railed' an alarm, and
then overcome, the poor girt sank to
the iround tummies., and, in that - condi;
.tlon she , her remained ,sincewith bet
alight hope of ber recovery'. The body
of the father woe taint - down,' but lire
oar festival . of the Juggernaut
hoe hardly been a motes* this year in
l'oorse.'.The car is a ponderous' ere°•
than, on kat pains_ of wheels, each one
made ofnne enorroona piece of - wood.
Tho' ',larded blOOk which doot 'duty for
;Juggernaut, le in a tower on the top, and
the other turret. are 1111•1 with priests
who. cling cymbals, - sulks bells, brat
drums, blow much•shella, and Infuriate
or nautas.thepeople with auntie exhar
tatlona In a trod: dovalsh faohloni '
—lt ke laid that Met 'Kato 'Bateman
(tides Mee. Crow) Met 'been - induced to
return temporarily_ to the stage, ha
health havhig been dmily reestablish
ed during the veer of repot"! .7/lioll ebo
bat lately eapiyed, She has rasp:aided
affirmatively to a moot liberal, offer to
appear in the leading theatres 'of Great
Britain and the European continent, and
will soon mil for Liverpool to enter open
the fuldilmont at the contract, which is
ter WO nights, '
Thiele the cornpliznent 'paid by the
IsUmfon Athenaeum to the memory of the
late hlim Catharine nedirwlek "she
anu a ni'iny years ago ,to England, and
if unshed on het ?mutt MAmerlat one
of those rare books of travel by whirl"
her literary • countryman and country:
omen mitten the intention?) which OM
thorn them on a mornigganily scale
whop they Oak Uto Okt Nunn.'
.. •
. . •
Atkofes, n limpet.
of Pherburno, Choi:mug°
untied, charited.wlik lutvlEgiura
curtnlit proofe in the penelon claim of
Jaoob Weller, the widow of n
soldier. flo‘tras taken lo Buffalo, in
dicted, arraligued, plead guilty. and nen
termed to one year a imprisonmentin tho
pcultenUarint Boacstor. • ' •
—A young mei bre been apointed by
Prosidnut Johnson a cadet at,WesvPoint,
In accordance with a promise made by
him white PorlertiOt of Tonisestute, that
he would bestow this favor upon tho
lint u eVt . y " on i t er st•er bu t rel i nvet y s . years of
seams probable that s new 61-
'ten otteleltraph construction will soon
be adopted generally.ln Eugltuid: The
wires an to be kid side by side In hike
burled at tbb bed of s railway, each ho
lag separstely.insulutedin, a very
pie manner .
—The Probwor of.Astio nonly in the
new Chines* college le a nerman whode.
ties the theory of 'gravitation; "pooh
peons' the calamine, and nye the stem
are living cresturee. He in eminently
qupilltted for hie plat!e,"
—White, the forger and pork •packing
swindler. at Atilwankee,. plead guilty,
and has three years. In , the penitentiary
to think admit IL ' , e
Irkit Moo Auden:Treas. A pattutol seek
dent occurred in herd , . saw told lii .Liar,
Aldinentortiellost hit ers. Theseer,circuLar,
.. 411 Magog dinresh s large log. larger,
than the dlenteter of the UV wpm • knot
foreeduard and torenint with Rent
reload, Indidott the rating mond! In the
eat ere. 00tohletely dtetto7hte It.
Fe-113 O'CLOCK. , A.- M.
tiatiiin it/tended,
Fitz: 0 Oase:—A. ew
htger N
Trill Likely to be Ordered:.
or Tdegrsokip iikri4owth thoct,tc.l
Zepteruber J, IMT,
211.1.70 R Oolllollo7i Oit 10,114111111UVIOS ii•
01D—X4OC1101.11 ti 1001 . 11.1. 81,111 a.
- At:An . kw - cll4 . l4llatz jelatL . ed. by ezooottye
authority, to eurrest to the several District
Ytlltaty Oduthianders Die adhinciten of the
tone, until the art of October. for the
.. T r oc+ i 9A'
cater , of 'thole who , lazy Dittiloce
proofs. of , • and.
Ix as the .time " Or the eleetheth
the Ind. Monday of SOffeteher, to order to
secure uniformity In bf 'the &butt:Lora
Cutoff.; Ito oriter4ll.lbliDiciediiit the rib
jest, *0 the hi't oli4Ertalon" &eta elie the
District, doccuenWeptifteeretfonarypowers;
but they willyrociftly.iii furore:tad of the
recommendation or edvatetton In edictal
Tiro petition of Fits John Porter, ape Itc
companying Tinware, RA Tr
his eeee. tem beili b1:14 lii .114 N et
General Grunt by the Presifter. Titers
moo. to So oP POribt flit Patters applice•
Mon will be„,grunted,and.e new *trial or.
The moat tzar:mire iiractataatioll. Ob.
lob:dogs strict oosarvassaiiof tanstltallorkal:
requirements, was tfailatt *paned from tha,
War Daaartatmt tor the Information of all
co:mine& • - •
'Therlioard of StmaditallearOCEMer., am.
vats udnnapotlwiloOM mama. to *s
waths qml4lMat for idiatuata to th. No;
via , . •
crate= immix..
Tne rocepto of caw.. from Septemier .
Id to Sept. Itti, Molosfro, mom 111,616,014.
/Olio to TIM
Tho`ooto to the Tomsery today amounted'
./M1A7.000, frAnding eottldostea to the
ommmt of .14.63.09; TlOmorY.
)45,v3403.. *di
IOW 141460411 it .1111.011*Olow-Next
&oaths g• uh uela tusgholpbta
—Tb• E.stlabitlea IW. Unbatost lb*
Se, Loris, he" it terabits ilirittot Poloologt,
Ind Foiliftaton, adjothrthed Witty, after e
ray Interesting sessiott, lt will moment.
hie two•yeate hence to fithiadelphia. The of {canoed halts etinsisthil Of six
band redond eiglrtrnishea et grope* eight
tinodred and ten diohes of applia,' loath
honored and toris , fith.Cludies =poen, sad
.two bonfire, and teethe ULU:sot peaehea.
21terrosidath stated that. the eternity
andqualith of the fruits ethelied the 7 moil
sananthe atheetationi or the Seelety, snit
that the ennionlon exteedstt anything in
Trelr ' o a ll i s=ftiret=ls :get ' ligt;
to waist in , Ortfloying the espensespf the
Scaletir, and some of atm:night high prize.
A portion of the Society 0111 viols. th e
slot:garde Stertasen and Bluffton, MI.
iit to
tftiticiTritrAitho,"4sWet 10 snake ;'
match for filin with Joe Vonore. for Wu
thousand 'Ooltarn iferkiol hoe.
a de
point of one thOosand dollar. t 6 Nee rC,
sad oast • yrookli Ws*" will contain hls
chatienge. I • • .
Lisbrinset =a Van Beck, too bream* of
thud alai erste ithidlin the thotaind dollars
bands thtalekfaketolittlei rec{oranslaw.
trtebanilitlim ,Itat ea Irkellots.aar
reader cit; taskalvellrtgasolo—taeobe.
Alo•esPPI.1•41plo lII* 11.0.1•Inalo.•
16 41 ttildsocl Moto* toe MI. Recess.
. liolobeva. . .
. .
sweareek to Ms Plitsbatak Glaasits4 '
(Lar.unitoa. Septa sta , room &nylon
ewe that proodosettion *ea protottleatok
ordertuti an clean:in tot Dtputtes b Con
tßete Prevldent atia supreme court
on Ili rat at Sepintekber. Thentatrint elec
tions rata to take pions on the Mk, 7th r ateS ,
etb teal. , to' spa* Meat. Co the
November. atuathe Prealdent takes lets teat
on the tat nt Delmont:up and tan chlat Jus
tine on the'lstof June.
T .
he brigand or Canaled troops bare
mrrea6ete4 tOesairalvoa to the antborltlee
at Ltnaroi
• _General terlasatial Ms resigned tbn(ior .
cenorelup of Tamarafp.. and General
rimh bas been enrcaniod In Ms Mead.
General EsooDedo reached Itoncaey wiltb
kniri troops on the WU. ?berg was great
rejoicing th ereat. In a speech be said th at
ibis name 'of American would Always be'
deer to tam. He denial the reports . that
tie kith' Insulted American. at Queretaro,
sod acknowledged Ito toilentathose to the
Volta% tutee for nls thaws:: -
Digs reuses toptivatallto;.L '
Juan Jaen Bea, Howernor of Hie uspital„
deerena deathtOatl robbers.
reestamtles Dfilturbassees—
Depart ere ofileesailleade lead issettea
far islet:rine to the glitsbersh tisserte.l
13. smog me. Maar.
bimetal on Monday night large pickets of
military conilane W patrol the I.4prlE road. ,
- NMhsdt6iNnddis: , these IrkicardlOaari
melee - res. disorderly Water. have , been
guilty of farther let* of sioleaoe.
General Iteede and suite left town yeater•
day for Portland. During his nay here
he received cuntanguntbed attention from
nilliltesT end dill itilUdirittre..
i wen Boom, 8414:13.—Tbe 'teenier Wen:
ban broke • abaft. on uteri:l4l i on Übe Be:
porter, end rented.° the harbor today: atm
will be about tiro weak' repel/leg. • ^ •
MONTSILL. , dept. ,aormurr o r
,th e
whole doll of llontreellfest tobe Ituti
ttited by IleGee's Maeda who expeet tO
show. that floe hundred fraudulent :votes
were polled for Develin.
Baculatto, liositernber Mk-John Calif;
dlrliaildeat. alba tobitoeo *than& died
neral Schortabraonatintrthelliata elec.
Wm le deleted, In view of a Washington
kilogram relative to a ennultaneona oleo.
,IJOrk on the tat Monday of Rotronilier. •
The lleventie tax • coileeted on tobacco in
Ude dietriet lot linarustommOtinte to over a
bag million. Thti. amount of tobacco we
one million and quarter Wands. •
The hunOoat Yenoeeoott , ham arrlsod at
ors *mum, from-06 Thomas.
Sebtor VtOgromb—Oess. 47,1121 •
Taken 111-01.11/ Sight Deaths To
y Telegriph tb rltembingtiGatetti 7
CiaLtnerfor,deotember U.—Thic number
of Intealnente In this oily on Weentedily
- sou twenty-nine. Mrs. tionaral Potter, mMit
ensChlist Qaartennaater. died yesterday,
Elias Smith, anent of tbe Associated Pre•l•
PSI peem doorn with the favor. Gen. Griffin
trastalteil ltl with the lever last • erasing
boils doing well to-day. There werolO-day
only eight , ciealAs mi the oily.,
, .
nom Jmv, ORLEANS'
Oth Eibierldb.=Taar Kato.-Telloir 'Fever
agpyard_an /IMO 111116. , •
ieteirrypti to the fitieberthtimette.) •
tiste,Ciatalmm. September lt.,anit haa
bean commenced In the /nukes Court of
eataafty for the readtery Of .I,lle value of a
tan dollar NOM Mignon oltr note. It la I
" tee ogle's» and terentv ot thecrea Of the
Unttedinadasirtmenol Mansaka haredtal
of yellow lever.. There Arent lorty-three
deaths In this cite . Mutat the twenty-fonr
hOore mulled We morning,
Stow . Cattetsed—elan Orowned—Larine
.• • gentsettlde sr Nevelt% Deseret N.
militant* So,teekitueereb omen.)
• Bimarq lento:neer le.—A wow,: con.
•utetnit tutu:ay-nen laboren. wee motelsett'
by n maid boat this ariernecut. - One Man
Iftarnoon, In a' cellar under
00[001 30 .6 Attg. *tom avatroyed a large
amount M neNna. Lo u not. ascertained.
tar Tellithidt tho Marston Gantt.)
minim°, Boot The Nattoust penes -
at.the Oahu. or OoOtt Yellows cics4
to-ass: Washington sae softened 'as too
Pftee fee tlttoten inotutl Cconrontfta, tot.,
n 0.,. vetesleeted los the emitting psis.
. .
uat as 7tuli4umeir.
webrersnle 1.14. An liesette.r '
lifibirernels;Benternber —lllO trirt to
A sty, between' Butter Mae, Step inn Yam.
lees, wee Wen by Boner. Voss t1ry9 7.97.
CITY, Arm 60111JBOAL
rotraTll PAGE,,The /Went and mod ratfo
- Xor q Ott and .Prye.JkaiNics,mparts
eal.n e•Air Mon. 4. gm 84; wit; bilowid
on our, AINT!.th AVE.
the filteill-Pitteek Libel Cass;-Ver
'diet el qullks—ellaeellatiewo•
!latent - 16n. Etprtii boL Levi
Bird Duit, iixotrtat Attorney. , •
The triniltial • &At 'Met 'Pitney. t®: O'clock. Tie following was the day
. •
- O'netit te
Artrrooi aet can. .
The Jury In the nub of LSO*natio:tin:Ann
ee..John sr, rlttack, of . the Lender, .-za :LE
ii. ' •on oath of
Daniel O'Neill, of the Dtepefeft, roterned a
verdict finding y.II. O'Neill not guilty, and
ear atf. laida , ttinhi: rota tog promo, tithe.
Dardeltilfelll,to vas th e anti. The Gantt
conk( not: rani rea the ieilitht tide eireces
ee the Kate efould tiocessarily.follow • Tor
*oki Orrin e.. The ory, theist' Die:alien:4W
their floafoß by en3l:tehre, the allusion to
coati. ThiTeAsit is first risturned *Arian
ententitakable lodination of the ft ohlnlon of
cation, the court nosing hold the nrk eta to
be Ilbellone, the rethlt might heel been
Ml:mins°. • motion Torn new trod alit
• tirtenur elate.
:inns 10(114Callkort brortu
fllgh=rl 4 n 6 11 " &flol 'i rttrralp; andm
commewuketo the termer Ute Court. 1900
war eerrtartrod ply IL flee or 01. x and a,
rourtl3 was, Judd to ton 474
ThoprJectirer prOptreol te P4Y.,
000 awl proaneed. ton culla, urppealeg 10
ay, that rho 0110 et Le tethered of
=merit pronounced.
re ellam reedre mae seentud 07 Muted
Zen., mite of the atetteer 0.111.-34•14 711 A.
haring otolur &coat sad • 7•10 of ro1114•;
Loons, rtyeetl at toe:4oll7m Wheparerter:
.hreadravo o ret& I t e.•l arrer.olth the Collet
0000704 rfrOuriteli. l ' 47Vtri t ei Trr a tltt " S ' eg
Wooed to the eonaty jail for tblol7 d. 71.
• iirreos ounts—rrrtr tow TO rotreze •
Wilthoh Mittel, of thi tourth, yard. In
dium-for, selling Mem . lOW:tent num..
vas lined 'Eft! denims and the 005ta. ,4 , -
In the Matter Of , rt petition Pled I the
case of Ilorentlidligher, inittlti!-fe ' ttut
' hie drinking house, kept muter nu ekOlt
haute' Menlo, et No. Iff Wenner et
SUM maid; le spleotrotreoul for Idle=
.disorderly wow* to the eptumenoe of the
nelghoorhood s onnUnuy to tlncrenrilreeeents
of the hug, "pease& Much !fat, IW7, the
It bas hems alleged by MUD=
In *nth,/ %ht.. day omen:tied. .• • •
signed by T. A. Duncan. end .ottlflr% 01.1)ek ,
tae ou at
ch Oboes
tattoo atautd ln .) M
(nat tba 1 6 ,
ter oy aw
required, a role to Dhow canoe why the
Iletwee Weald Oallsaberlokeao amid eating
house should not ha revoked (for (faucets
oat forth In cold petition) te hereby onlared
to be Issued by the Clerk of the Conn, dl.
rooted to cab' Owen Ciallagret; rrtarnatde
on liatnnlay. the _lot day of Beptembhf, a
cony LA he served on aald Oallrgher on or
6•Lbr•N•g.... 4 ,./D•kt.. ' •
alio salAran AL.A.CLT iarramr,
, John Burke vas indicted for mianontted
wul battery, on oath of O.l.`fogeL
The defend was wtth sultLo g
John 'lltsebel on lo i
st Amerttniacharged awa
Mut Illy.
mlognam, on the WI of July, Injuring him
ynry earyerely about it 5 he'd and fano. and
al. Ms body Cerdlet punt, Cif &maul*
Jobn Illscbell,.the tojared
~ af:S. l , l tko
`4 6 7.I.„*IotIVRIZ -t mer m ag,
mi.op assa * alt and . betlery cue3Pnw to ,
Wltneares were called Wee eatatelsked the
Ise& that Itlwrh tavern wsa open (the
backdoor) an tom 's ay, T enet lrb, sod that
they Ontalc bear them eetry punt toted.
Inert wt' W)' still' soother indlaszonat
against Zilstrben, (Or telltsre liquor Lo nit•
non, in Inaba - Hurt. flto *IS Prailiewax.
1117 Coilnell-11pseta1 neetlat llse.
11/100 Branch.
Sim tkoicef. troaob of Ur* city . cosactui
bold a spacial mootlos ycld,y orimlng,fiep•
_. .
Et - ,
amberapmant: StAtisrs.laroir,tiorlo,
ilzhplord, liiramon, M'Ciirthy,. leiiallan,
Phillip". Zees, ihilti,Wilsou, lad it'Au3 0 7,
Prcalheht, '
The rattail:gotta. tichlote. et the pre,
too. meeting• as atypenee4 with.
The President Meted that the ta,Ject for
Which the teetuteg wee celled wee to take
setioa he regent to ellowlng
Mu the leybag of litleoltoe d toa
Wood mem se per moll:two pissed by
the Common breach. • •
the Yves Went sated that MeV:Wags et
the resolutioo• be hod ascertained, would
tot authorise Ctut property' bolder. to pot
down the oavenient,lol. the twal.ol3 that It
rtqulred to ordin.od for Os ►►me, and a
resoilitloll would not do.
Oa motion of Mr. heed- the pre.lous .o.
flan of Owient •brantn (referring to Street
Committee) was adhered to, and aConfiellt
.. of Cooler...* ..14 , 01ntad, *a follow.:
Moters.llrown and Phillip..
*motion to adlOtllw at W.! point wad
voted down. .
The matter of widening Mama allel
below:the Idarket eras taken ttp. Intel Mt.
Bap, a property bolder,asplalnett the mat.
We- In Common •Counell a petttlon an the
subject, at tan last meeting, eras Miami to
the arrest Com tot tun.
• •On ioollo¢ &Yr: ntOWn. the UMW" Of C.
C. grai cOntarre4 .o.
Jr ordinance from C. U., an:Mom:tog the
impaling wad paring of Lumber street, wu
ulnas op. thou.:ma cod itard reading dtro
permed with,' lad ' ttio ' onlumnoe
Oned. •
On mollon;s4jourood. • . •
• "
• Allabway Robbery.
sitar'sleter eity•• It appears le not forever
be enjoy her former geputetion for pease
and quietness. Fights, riots, larcenies,
highway robberlas, and moo murders, am
fully eatrecitiant there as on tide side of the
river. •' Aaallosed Ogle of hiSbWkl r robbery
OCtitTrt ISA ; Reduarday night, at waloh
we gather the- following foots, from an
information_ made by the rictim_before
Moor;ltofThWni Prank Dwelt eller*
that he wee met on Pasture Unto., astral
distance from hie home, by annul who rep
mental himself to be • °Mice ordoer. and
said be had a warrant for his (illantionle)
arrival. that.attor arreirttag Mtn he pro.
needed to search him, but finding ottmener,
left him. He says he then went to the
Union ROW, near the Drove garde. and
0111011 rest GbOleirDoNriall. who (Patrick
being a little drunk') voltinteered to take
Mtn home. Patrick declined this kind otter,
fnd to get rid at the meals attentions, of
ered to treat him if he would leave. which
proposition wee accepted and carried out.
lie WWI tstarted for; Ida home, and had
reached-Pasture''. Laneorhen he mu arm.
taken by Douala., knocked down and rob.
bed of aeouttwersty dollars, A wanant was
issued - tor 'Mingles, who was arrested try
Caption Howdon and (Racer &ouch Thrum
lily evening: et the home of Mot. Itrawdy,
and after a hearing was committal In de
folgt AI X+ rrintted biu . l.foc he appear-
.A•distresslog aceideni Osetirsed at List
Liberty, on Thursday evening, about gig
o l eleck,gellulting in tile death of John Lott,
• little boy. sh un twelve year. of age. The
'lxTame ifirtylbg Wang the ffergley am road,
near the "proving ground," with [linear
blur 'barna* Of eider holds mural, when a
part of the harness broke. Ste got o ff the
wagon to malt. it, and upon getting in the
weenie antiattem piles to start, the' hone
would noi go forward but started to beck,
and.kent on beadaug until he ran use wagon
°reran ensbanlrment,nyeartilisgit. The boy
tett off under the loverturnvt, wagon, and
me' of The barrels' of elder also fell upon
him. When taken out the yaor little fellow
way found to hectare dead, his peek having
been. broken. Clea of hirarms and • abaci
der were also frightfully crushed. An in
quest, was held and a verdint of argidental
death rendered. - •
M onto Matson and Bella Mathews, noon
pants of a house on Caldwell atreet, are ev,
dentlY advocates of woman's rialit4,,atta
amour the many tight. °Bunted. DY theto
fair but fret% creaturos, It that or or4ertrut
the "I'. It." They not only chum the - rhtut
but occasionally .4:irate° it, and are. crew
lags 'thou olnoe be.
51/01,111111411114%i 1111161 V i1t1111.1411 put 4. 09 t of
MMime" at the end of the second round, try •
shoulder strike!' Mom Minute. - TM* did
not end Otto Affair, however,: ea • Bella lip. ponrod
pirated before Alderman strata and made
information - Oaths; minute for strata' and
battery: A srarrauthaeiesainl, Minute &c
-rested and held for shearing.
The following highly complimentary !at
tar .basi nit been 'waived by Mr. C. C. Mel
lor tram am Bev. A. Wildains. of ReonoMY.
formerly Principalot Ildgeworiblieminary,
_at flew sekley; •
C. 0./getton—Deor far: labs happy
to lay theta Decker Plano by been in nee
in my landly now for mom Um three
leers, anti , that'we prefer- d to any others
that We bave tried. Inverting with OOr Od
pianos:atter the fire at Edgeworth. we had
onr choice of • new oneamongsal thn ele.lM.
ants for public furor. We selected Decker
01 preference, end bare neTer regretted the
ebolott For.lsweetness of tone we think it
cannot boatmen...3,4nd it bas needed to be
tense hat open since It was placed 10 0110
..VC0301 .01 73.7....
• A.
The DecicerUnoe aro only to be had at
C. C. 7dellOrML -WatermimS. NO. in Wood
street. .
Dl/04g. Ana I.kt...taw—Capt.- WlLltam.
'Conway, who tat seriously !Wend on Sat
orday of last week.. asteount of whlehell•
Publmbod to-in. 01201T1 of Wednesday,
died Of his Warta. ymterdel =brans ,
opronr motlftelof death:
and bald an tneestAnsblabody,:tee jam
a verdict of seoctanall death..
Tbe deceased was an old and respected
citizen. Ha was born In F a yette county.
Pa., In 1817. and about tnOnty year. st...
moved to this elty, where he raided eh .
U. Om tame of Wseath.: li
r e lean* • wife'
and :way of cblWren. • .•
-Ilassunoses4,s44ttlok .Lattaa ln
lbssussionyeistssaay, •Itstbre
attain, against Bernard Little, uuson,
him watt a(carasate4 assault and
hs a imgtr,:i.lSNakSar-41=ist
bui lcuotklng attil tlons; - 134
also nada tatassoattao sicallat Stlottail
~..p uor and tattary.alleor that.
Ab. amused strastis ssa. theta pp us his
astray uccurrel trlstba t.
is MUM= toansshlp. Wattallt. Ism is
suatlin 0014 Cain.
IMO Jasliefftioen Toter. et Dttotag
b " . /: —
Mae , •sues Ably oleenesed.
Pennant to ainteiricentelit the
Cane of thrmingtmes met Iff Masa :
Jut mot at, the Town Gall .efitia ..The
1 4teh4nehlrell /hrge and merhanthimmard
, ettilihtaini c At tit gpp?!hited hour.
the Meeting was °dig by Mr,
Cameron, of the County y. 7.1 4, elms.
mitten, and the following GM .etiosen to
preside , President, 0. A. , Esq.; Pico
Presidents, Messrs. George Powell, Geo. E.
glootn, C. Cretan J. P. Pisan, Stephens
renrtere of the
aesOit the eh r, Made
felt ?wen,. appropnale to the emersion,
and hotrod Istihe, esullegee B. F. Luca-I ,
Rag, Tata g en tle megf *lto •liss few inann•
clan: gg a !tamp onw., to ad
‘tigreV Arill l ClCA t trtl:oral g t l erl gala .
rAiti4 h :.i°ll" 7 4tyi k Pili i r% ti
grievatmee somplal;red h 7 fee AebGst
mamma, and presented the issues by the
hour with mush fore and :preolslon. ho
pawl a glowlng trthete to the moral worth
of Jddghtlllln. a add held npJudge Share ,
IrOode Mord tot the consideration of DAM.
elle and Oltiierta The speaker
telt that the neputalent Muses would not'
ander themeetred to be deluded fine the
Inner that no work wdz retttdred In this
bumpaln or. that the quen.ohlk nevolved
ere trilling ln ehargetSr. The DeMDerats
West to 101 yeei itoll.la3 , WfdialheP
thestolabrm have oronLeationond
01E11 preamit a so i r =, d. atibennen,!ront ad
eleetlon y
d` y. 'The spawns Initiate-ft , /
wlea marked attention,. and 000mionall;
drew forth meek Sprfenve from bla Mere, a.
William C. Moretend, its, was, ttazt In.
trnducort te the audience. Il e nisfe n !bar
intarlatlo speech, tull or reason and imiErd'
nehmen louse 131 a main arguntanta were
.0.110 on the labor reform dim union ma the
Republican realm Be held that the Dem.
..urktio party was :Cleave apemen to the
Interestiot the WOrkingezero aed that the
real *Tenn under whlch the laboring.
Classes ed4e Onky ne lighted thelthin
ttlp Inthentro the Repablican party. The
anon. was unitTy taterrepted or sp.
please gad
the Marlsant a•lnCet fateseese !mines
lm on lhineo.
IL B. StalMwdek, En., ',minket DAM
dated nd toads Isrter aqd nertinent
dnuoi, in Which the Ineetketa of Meat
Interest ware 107,1 r dimmed.: pm Great
arhsten End furnished the mule
. of the
The most terrible dlsessui with tellteh we
peen to eentand are those of the loans sad
puhnonary arrems, bemuse they attack the
very Citadel of 111 e. ft le in these imp o rtant
*gags that thi vire ilf Id =dived. and
whfitleahk sod vigorotro oselniness
dent:ad. Rolf InipMhent, thou. to true the
Mid Milieus of duesse opt timely epode..
We of the rte.% fentedy.
petolonery That re Dr elvtly for
euee of arITOEBM Py
tbe, means is
EZECORAL EW% ' , Mkt ,
In mode then ten a i rsees has
WordedUff and named Moos ss IC:doh,
It Jett to thestwolves. In , many asses, would
have become Meltable diseases of melange.
Ira purpose by strengthening nnte - m her.
ethane, by etteekatia dissolving. curet - Dog
or es - pathos morbid burners from tbeelesok.
ed or clogged oruttutm"
. h diatonic sod mutes out of the system
that marthy And viscid phlegm 011110 oh
streets the bithiebis and sir possum, and
waders the proper inspiration of oure air
reeesestytdthe- propar f old ilment of peps'
MO life. Ii hM *Von boom Swum. after In
t:netted barn been formed add dal/eloped m
the edltstanenOt the lenge, to dissolve them
sod carry thorn oat of toe gyrate... IL Is in
this way alone MSC wd amount for the
many entrannaleary cues Mei, DR. SET
HI:Ili:8 PECTORAL tiTEOP has oche-Curer
Cade fn MIA etty. and among people wbo
ave given Mott lectimontals to its
Not one ore few eases' but In nearly every
has made ogres of =hoary - oodghs and
colds; and In some Instances of huts Mesas.
so, welch had boggled at the me of every
Whet remedy or hand of treatment. Do
not neglect slight coughs and golds. They
are Die borblogors of Mal "InslloZtl dr fatal
developments of come senous ledgmmt In
the sys tem,
" tit c'rri- n4 i
_rt.! C.Yort_ " l;
Into slued' swe o datlitaillutto es in wa throat
and hint/.
TIP, lid Wood street.
moms for
Cog ereritioallons, lie Perm street.
Deafness. cbsehe.pu ham Ore env, panted
blindness. Adobe and 00,0010 Wean:ions ens.
arsenate. , ended by DS. RETBEII,I9 PENN
Ors.. floc * al.-Vtlie Wonted young ad.
tress, MISS Charlotte ThoniO:Co. Is drawing
gorded houses nightly at the Chem
liontg: Etc; is - rapidly ascending In Der 1
profess/ay end, .bed cearnples • position
seldrem attained by- any tivis is her see ,
she sin shyest at the Matinee ilia Men ,
noon, and also Ws evening, on which co
caslans rare bills will be presented. As
her esirblestclOt dra gang to • close. and
eseralonyle adulate toles her, tee Dense
will din:adhere be eneWood acting .the re-
Inlander of her stay with Os, and It would
be wen for those dalirtnif geed vents tO en
lace them early. on. Conklin, the genii.
eah µd accommodating Treasurer, will
Oa fermi la tag hol.'itb tee usual honrs, and
• Mole ino•neenteand 0011.41 , 9 gentleman
V not to be forma. anyrrbere.
Turnings . T. OAT Iller Etwadred. throng
TAU popular frlaoa of atoysement
and. leave It oulreitli a antra to return
agate: Al no tlina mince 'lto eatabltalunent
tlaa ft rad erten • .ren , l entitle tie
Dreamt sensory al feet .01517 attributable to
the extellent manner In which It la =n
ailed. •
I ==
not attention of our Dithers Is directed
to the Saba of Kesel.. Dratth•A Donnelly;
Droprlateri thelaytirably karma Green
weed Foundry. ofdoe sk. Liberty street. In
the Academy of Mesta building. They Man
ufacture all styles of Light or heas7Jobbing
sad mitehthery esstleirs of either mailable
or gray Iron, in such a meaner as will sire
mil» satisfaction. They maim a sPecthltr
of the manufacture of elms molds of every
pattern find description. The attention of
Plunthers'amil [mum founders directed to
the an or ITS, Iron osatinau nthoufao
cured by this Irto, which are sellable for
thole mistimes.. The foundry Is large and
commlidlous. and Ims three capacity. We
bespeak for Messrs. Drum& Donnelly a full
share of public patroustrs, and commend
them to our readers as fair deans. busthess
Cathie Me Woralb and, re.
tautly hiultnipfrotn - the olfadesland,ll are,
matemante at Po. 61 Pennsylvania avenue.
Attached to the house is a CalundOna Sara;
welch has been !nod 15 common by thin
two worthies, and on Thariday Catharine,
as IS theenecini:.ii• a laree walitiles, and
hung the clotbsis to the aforesaid yud to
dry. Zlisabetti, without fear of the law,
and being Mainland by an erlt irplnt, de.
' liberatelneut the clothe, line and trampled
the clothes in the dirt. Catharine med.,
Information before Alderman Stillastars
yesterday against Elisabeth, chergteg nor
with malicious inishist. She wee arrested
and hold fore heartni•
The Bela Sand tiourefentels.
The LiosmrHereld(panstantinople) of the
HMO( august, for a coDY of which we are
Indebted to Major 0. W. Morytty, of the
li nltad ewe. liarAhaVs eke in this ettl,
states that hthe Meant yacht. Quaker City,
arrlved In the Golden Smarm Yrlday lost,
(the 1610 016..) from the coast of Italy, wittt
HLety-olz esouraloalsts, among whom were
on. Jeoob S. Holdeumno,co-Untted States
Minister at Stockholm.
tr snad Vol. J. Heron
Foster, editor of th e VI elourgh Dispo.
• • Ho Monday (the th 04,4 she left
for the Crimes, and win' return on Omer
day, when ahawat proceed to Smyrna, Iley.
rout and Jaffa; for the Holy Leutth
Itatieer and Citypeoler.—Tbe attention
of oar readers is emoted m the advertise
ment, in ano th er ooltnan, of Sir. W. I. Dick.
sylvrant earpenter and bald, No. ad
ania Aran 6, residence er No. Itt
Grant stmt. 'We know ilir. Dick to be a.
skillful and linisbed workman and one in
am conch confidence • can be : reposed.
116 attends carefully.' to the execution of ail
contracts orjobe entrnsted to 121m,a0d war
rants satisfaction in every, ouo. Anvof
00r reader* desiring the services of a find-
Ann csrpemierdrev directed .:to_ bit card.
Hie terms are most favorable. •
Muir 11111 , Nela.—At the Board of.
Trade Sales Rooms, last creamer, the roll-,
leg • mill and hinge factmy of Lindsay.
Ovum umpie, known PS the Ex.:Minter
Iron Works, together With Web, aeres 01
pound, and tweety-eighedwelilegs. elms
taut below Allegheny Jets. (alaneheeter,).
Cu sold by J. D. Maley, anettoneer. for the
sues of 4193,330. Y. Boners d Co., being :the
perellasers. The mill Was emoted and put
in operation some trele•rs ego at a 0055 of
A Geed Cop of Tea is e, luxury In imp
westbar,, sag It two, 4eclao4 one :arisen the .
deltaicua barenote I made Item ItoblnsonT.
Fbolos mac At this old established mart,
a to rim street: will be found • very. in-
Minot wok of all the favorite brands of
psi. olden.* warranted to be free from
adalteratiOn. LlOnseatropere will eonstitt
their own Interests OT- favoring the MOM
with a call. ATMs* are Tory. reasonable.' •
We mat 1117 Geroge, Mali at Wholesale
and retell. aest- sre, as a. comegurece.
label to keep a larger log mach better as.
mated stoma. to sell cheaper, wig giro lbe
Irma In Mtge eccommodattng gtemtlllce
Bean moo.
(tor node
4: W. Saari r (W.,
Market street._
Itteelialli•OL—Josavh Ascholta..molod
ynteolayao &Warrant Issued by Alderman
atraLoota oath of Joseph ?admiral% chart`
lag. blur irtUa *malt sad Piston , . bid •
homing anti trio, OW:bargedTb•
dant3a Ita too amyl*? " .. "' " "" wr i
woo keep, &clowns store at the 00r ner
WOW anti LtberWotreent.
atelle:fer•• Menalmer.—Sobn McCormick
wan amine& yesterday on Ilkel•rel or ale
multi and battery preferred by Mealy Mil
ler, before Alderman Streit , . Miller all& r ea
tbet the defendant lacked filmdom= •
• s.
Toe parties Meld. to Booth Pittaborgb,
McCormick •a neld 1n Um sues *IWO fOr
btetirnyearazuso at Court. .
. .
beffeli end etre best le krekima roanO, for sale at tbe old ea.
tablfebed tea matter Joinift Moblnion,
No. 40 Flab etreet. Stab on yam. way tO or
from markaand try. AM Anectreenn cay,
talaty none better am be °ideated In OM
Math* ethics Ithre -llel..—Tb •
or ithrisevale, bbly the Althatle, at
this any this althencem. - Game to mai
dela*. cm the Zomba bath ball
grOaatiSi Math Ward.
*Hexed Heartlead 14leigtf;
Andrew Carter, a resident of !Ina Pitts
burgh, Is In comfortable circumstances, so
far as the goods of this world are concern
ed. lie to an elderly man, birdie been
twice mauled and rafted a Wally of child.
'red. Tile tint Age likier, leaving moral
small childferijrrod Do resented again.. The
second Wife, haring ne ahllflred Of bet own,
!Vigilant perfoimed the start of a mother
to L.l!Mlldred]. and treated thee,* though
[bathed be4d iser OtiOn.• d'no abllchhe all
grew up and left ho.N.e. - , , ,peri meeting •
sinceote from the lath Sheri thne
Carter mime to the conelagne .
could getalong.wlthatit hie wire, b.trorr no
small children h e rake care of, and deirV ,
eratele tamed Out of doom'. The old
lady woos from house to house among her
ne Ishtar& 0220101 and clothed her. and In
Thee,hen Vero kept from limnin.
ladle Coming Id the , phew/Who 01
Jobe C., he made them ,
gnon'a to Judge teray who d•
meted that att mform Clot be Made against
Carter foe tthandoumenti fed 'the Panora
sent Into Court forthwith: lo • seeourranee
winh three directions, an ref r te „ waa
made gore A.lderntad Mai!
isterte Wien
a " r o reiVed, anltroie t l ' n lAm the ' sa b er ot C gr r 'fOr W ht
appearance at Court, and the Dever end
particalomarded ro the Coury for forthor
action. If the facts In the earn are no BUM
tea, Carter mutt be II heartless wretch In
deed. There may, honour, be another
aide of the story, that may change a ma.
tertal4.,,Cle shall see.
gr. ePeolthenee caret to the .Putllle of
- rltteenrits.
COlll, AAAAA floral. )
' • Pithiest.PPM/kg& 11, 18674
Mira at;rrretgoli Villas noticed.. wmtr
blicli,artiele Published 'LI the . Miler:crab
Cied.ria headed the rbliglelphel , Pkgs Oa
the Tacg-0 4 0onnor dm= it.hit
I. Every line in as artkle tenth:AY
faire, and well known to be to by. th e Per .
ties (the Tack.) who paid far Ito lrisertien
la we Of the Philadelphia papers.
I. The Tack. are under e 31.000 ball here,
to !shred trial at the Criminal (3orirt on the
charses preferred against them by me.
i.ALLnowsether ,•indilt• to mislead the
public, mid attempta create a meek
sympathy , ' are- MOT ...hailer efforts"
wile% the trial of the eaace - will gob no
Pi reircated the Tacks eb)t n/ide they and
their orninglll had eloiated their pledges to
me, and of ler the Tacks had hill knowledge
of the whole mailer, arrd It immure astern
neeesalty. The Algernon that stilt for
450,130 detente. has been entered against me
by the Tacks is simply untrue .:
The Tacks had better first fthe the ten
! sic" on the charges 3 brought. I think the
thence pubile of Pittsburgh, (110V.POtrOleara
Broken') will agree with me In thinking the
law, walla and official, are the Only proper
parties to tra4criae of James tel.dneor
against the T , and the reign can be
MlLltedlfith Adana, re the Impartglll.7
and platten of she verdict. ,
Very reanoctfolly,' '•
T. T. Means, boo Wood geareet.
Atiacmd the se , Who bays bad hag esPer.
epee In the Plumbing. Pea and Steam la.
bus hmes Mtn , olty.a Ifr.T. T. k wane.
whorl, WWI known establlshment is located
at No. 165 Wodh Street: He bee long Nan.
reoognlced In the - fret rank of thaw fol
koala g the Doziness, and late work ban Doen
enbjected to the aerates: Naas without
leg away smythlng from the hlgii rePO
lion he enjoy.. Practical • blmeelf.4:l
personal supervision and attention to;.:
work entrusted to ha care. and employing
none bat the vets best amehances, he boa
male an enviable record es amectunla He
attends no all deserfparma of plumbint
war, to gas and *team lilting. at Ma em.t
reasonable prices: Orders from • the eons.
try Outflow are promptly attended to, and
competent mechanic, are dispatched to: all
Parts to execute new wedr Nod repair the
old: , As Ids more. In addluon to a large and
earofully releeted stook of gargrfeirs. elem.
delfefO, pend..l.4 ell IaMPS. pones and'of.
cameras. will Do found a vcry excellent
amain:oora of lien and wood puseps, Dra , ,
drama bath 'tube,- areloeecl. warbataada
sulk farina, and everything Dete.thi
water natog. farm y,workia,tlas Mew*
eau safely commend Mr: teens to the pm,
ronage oh our readefgc:Jtemember the
pima 140. 1.63 Wood street, Lass girth.
ithumg the many oonducteel Drat
dui reetatesete and enema saloons Inyba
city, name Maud higher to the uttniatton
et the pulele than the 7Ccmtteenhtho sem.
tee. hest datr to the Potteftlea, on frifth
street. It MS fora long time put been un.
der the mthastereent of life. 141111ain
Delmer, the teoehleet and matt 'skilled of
propeaters hie trier meritat and is--
401.4 a lingo Owe at teethe ;strum..
The taloa:the well *ennead for the bud-
veer to teeth It le adapted. ratog Arta
airy tuukneatly tilted.. The turretttre to of
ttret eiasterv, lo while the thutatt emelt.
tees preralle.....All the cooking 11 -done la
the rear GI the Nal Orni—a great ma rentthee
10 the warm weather erthett other Midair
place. might profttahly adopt. The tablet,
are kept ornate:3ly snagged ' , nu the
chareet of rime. the dellouthe which the
euerketh afford, served up to the veer beat
etre of the culinary art. The bar to Mar
tp armored letth Wes, aloes the teem no
strougor bererares 00100 sold. To thou
1 deeltooloo proven:ma tlest ohms meal Ina
eau early recommend - Mr. Holtahelseees
*amiss nbats or Year owls.,
We know` of eui better opportunity •at
grebe= of go doing than, will be presented
at ttin treat sale of one hundred and admen
eligible building lots to Oakland township;
near rethdienites of Pr. Gar.isaa. Wta. Sant
and Tata • Ilretlep s .g.sqs., on the beautiful
knoll oyerlooktng Pennepltanla and Centre
AV.1111106, and "dual a fie • Rage of rtte par
winger cm on both thaw thoroughfares-
These tote are particularly well salted for
prima residences., The. nedgliborboOd
good, the sitrattoreeleatted, the theses
olverirldad. and-to point tol l location and
ales at lots eh tastes can be salted. ,
Tafres.-Onfettftti =attn balance in' one.
two, three and fear year!, Plans of laminar
be swat t the' offices of Itdle upper...,
a,,,pstreet, -Mews. And s renn k Com:
loandry, q,,,:er street. or at fituntison, Pal
,ggr I. 57 rum street. Bale Ms
der at two o'clock p. li.
We welPd call attention-to of
property advertlaedln the section colemn,
ander be head at 'Country Somas," fat
auction. Thla properry dellabtfaly
situated on the of the Seri' Ilrbibten
road; /nthinberckettr of Beller**, I. on, of
the bent nalehbarboods'entede the city.
convenient by ate= care of the
burebi Yort Wires end Caleapre Sallwey,
and prlyete eauveyanca by tee New Brlgh
.ton pike. Settle ten or twelve 'new bete:lines
hare been put np lieu cream la theboroceb,
and lona e dye or. eta mote are oontracted
for, and now in prawns of etteaten•
ties dealrorun of ettereuns tensile can t the
the 005 and 10'5. nu tram tram the
ebony station on the .Plttebrintra; Fort
Way. and. Cb maga It ill way, on Saturday,
september ltth, for Neville ataxia return
ing at .la 6 at.. Bate at. 11 o'clo ck x.
Smithson, Palmeri Co., auctloneera. •
The art of Japanning is one whieli re• .
quires much natural talent' gad rare care
and "skill. The processor beautifully's:nit.
meriting in: gilt Mid eOlored dalJJos, 1 &B .
cleverly practised in this 0117; as In Japan.
where It Originated, and from wheues ti MI,
rived its Same. 'At till estAblOttolleat . Of
W. No. a ht. Clair *treed.
are exhibited • somber of specimens of the
art which rival in beauty, deidan and !LUSA
any of Moment, exquisite foreign .arh.shil
the prices are immeasurably lower. lir:
Lloyd thoroughly uuderatauds the art Mall
its Claudia and we bespeak for h •. large
share of the -imbue patronage. rt re
lay.* tea cantatort In asgood style IS
when new. and attends Wall Jobe )sertairs.
log to the business with neatness and dis
There is no mom delleloui dritik theft
tho old MettloritM, brittietreagtheribair tiev.
crags, of toed No matter Mow .trieeti folks
may deride the ..bbia of old women, it to
At for a king. Tho American Toe' Cora.
pany 1 0ll ose lame isat No.ll akar s
otf re.t.
has reoalVed a• fresh instarie the
choicest of toe*, direct from the most *ebb
banked Pr0999199:9013atr105. • Thetz brims
are vary 31beriti,arpt W 9 amllla9 our Madera
to fever them 'with -a call. A Oriel is all
May ask far their leas. being satiation that
A better article for the -money csanot be
offered in tlito city. - - •
. •
‘silluibto Loo Ibe Italia Caul me .vs•
At. • auesiest.—A. Legente.
SueSuettQueer, sell on Patnoley afternoon
ft...441J at 2 oteleck. ttre oroeod elgt7
Mot 10; sent of tila.Thoologhttl hymn:meg'
on North evenno. North Common. nos to
uneusetionably that/nut Vanua /Ot In the
( MY of Allegheny's° tetuth rho epergal
teeth., o r ell 10 quote. of &fleet Meet site b
directed. The °enema end prospeettye
proven:l.o.lold handsome nteldentril ad. ,
leOent. sill tender Cass tongulfloent
mg lot. A arollt will be glean ftgrott. •
She Oast Itstowa teolo—CesfroP, Mack
d Gamble/410 of 11011 Phosphor=
and c.maya, , known Forro-Phosphotd.
tod JNltzir of Gallows. TOO. Iron rest Otes
coor to the blood; the Phorphortsi renews
=Ls= of the nano tissue, and the Galhtaylk
gloat a aattisal, healthful toms to the =dos
e= odd c OeQam
ontains the idetno of one casoe
f cdlisers sad one toaspoonral I VOA 0 .1
Is= a= Phosphors. Ifiusadosur ad by
Gummy Sid= ft Co, Zi Yost. •
For sale by dresplsts. • • s! •
• •
Goods at ivosoirahle -- 1114rtesse—ter.
Jantsailobb, O. es fitartert One. one of
the Pioneers in the boot awl shoe trans of
this city, has on bate a Wive andliablanso
blestmk of boota,shonestulttalters which he
Ine" to the publlelever v reascoses Prices.
t will be ternsolbered that the sasorunset
found bete IA not from Eastern anceon
horsies but has been selected erect from
snanufseurers who deal in snob artless as
wUI prove serviceable inn Curable. Call
Llt ltligtelVolidtag lots al A.e•
townstilpaoser ear / 1 " 1
op Saturday, September Ittn. SIN oblorg.
gsroolssly, on' the premises, will to
sold ono hundred and eleven _various steed
Solid log Lou, near indoors:es of Pr.
ei—ennueill., Smith and Joo. Dunlap,
ee9a, th e beautirol lcooll oterlookins
Pennsylvania slid Centre avenues, and
within a Pio steps of the passenger oars on
both' slims tli brae , Bee *iiirertiao•
=MP of glotilisota Misr C 0..,
'Cod sliodutorgoda , itikte , at Y:4
}Ample, b r ,g 6tore, Dia. SI Federalstreat
inialMWIT Rlll7l7loAlr.
b odds Moot. nottiolog 2 111:WIT.102 COLT
VIM t laterolOss radio/ mom ladolittor
boding Modal. WOO TM log Worn&
obi Ad% vs/sable Sotto* noun for tt .
Pusan pa Moo Td wort niiods
egoi sad ClogiottOloi Yorion nom. ana D*
SIT Mir tri the gay. No Inman Mambo. ,
Illosaalot Otodd D.trlOßt n. ,
Mao or
Cabo a 140.
—lad ow soy of pWSf to the POINT Routoo
as too oat% uIIUOw IA elute tea be nods o
my boo. at dab rota..'
DOT •w aillettag
Pn.r. nodes war *IMS MI
mum, rw. Ism.•Weeimilia LOW; gke
wows kerbs imt ow mall • week.
.111•Xosur7 M Draft. Ispror, Maim Oldva.
tr! la itimattorelloDaws. all boson at ini.eAki
Addregt, 111/1/41175,
, , , ITTTlDittita H. nu m&
COowollltlwtion ovenbigi
at seven o'OloCki wiiOniondintloa
will be luißt wt Oortin Gairsow wniir
eallroad streets. itsaMinoinifllo. , EDW..
ors will Oa in aLliasiiimio and the ail ha.
Portmot Oiestlon of Cooilondarlor Me ally
Ana Its eorttots will D 3
All Preppie:awe wrinewl Irwsku. Will
regret not seeing our "New ?awe - Quick
&Mu" at Robertl.mes Worka befoul bus-.
Ina else wh Hausa,
J. r. Kansa, No. rt INOEt strtet.
Pa:.Deatts—lira 'John Loot. Or
Bedford, died fn
chain at reak
feet, s few days Alms. to the Plaakept.
of her death, she nad apparently erflOyfel
good bealtb.
• sllasetes SSW boasts that therliste DO
h k= i.
men will /al/ 'where thieves iesai.milh• •
. Saga= and Nide= et the beat aah
rarest grades. at tae old estabitslea had
well =arra Tea mart, No. Irt rllth street.
.Priees art a level trlth Oath= haparttra:,
One Dar Ws weer; • W4 4 /fir nem DM
vino. stOmpten to COW son Ilnions_banna
gaol:shinny. /Wenn the:Onn. ban WI Ilan
bozo oiredinnsfeL
/1, var 7 Duna amount of Dunbar Is nowt"-
Ina Dram , Irma the Delaware river and Or
trlbsnad to toe Tan= Bair mll4 in the Vl
otalcy of Easton. • ,
ingiv Intlrest; Los& MIMI PW
ease., one Ca takr‘lb. Bnaxestally trebtel
b y mall DO Dr. Aboret, 134 Ilm:btlada DM.' A'bXile
. In •
Admitted.-the mielon :71 sh 1. Lama.
7mtanlay, Oman nienrews, Zan
of Frank li n, im4 admitted to limeade lam
in thatrnitedniatee aXnatt•
Min. Itlekard4 melding new Hfiflr
teete4l to start • Are with «ma ca
wan we weal result—elmeet burned to
A belt of esktato emcee dolm the chim
ney of 'teatime to Veline). Teem comet/.
leaf week sae killed Yr: Henry Onkel-
ALI . wooldllst to Scriuttoa,ft.ibeblide
recetrea tea thoculer &attars worth at
presents.. Good plack WNM mss.
s German lady namaorstrs. lurtnlwri
wu Killed by Ifightaing m winurabarrs,Lar.
tome covaty,s ysw d 475111.
Waynesburg has the mall pox. Tiara
are number Wausau, there asdartog visa
the 1011thl01310 abeam. •
eold eparlallas sod• W.* at
Ssmptes rrtaj Blom N0..131 radars! strap,
mm Yerrirlatiolt for • mwlh Cathe
dra has ban. 1a Parkrasturg, West
Good Pasonew are aalliaa
Ohio, at two &Mall, pax Oataal.
Z•mewrille, Old*, cMbal.stweaty than
tar Additional Loma II•wI
Third Page. - -
miumay. "
701011T—FIZI1f811. Tonto?.
her lOth.
fa M the - mama • of Mb=
father. by Zoo. M. Rom. JOHN 11. - 10141111,
J., of Irantito tp., Wainnottlin4 mint.
sod Kim MIXT Z.„ dmettor of /oath lan.
ker. In.. at Pena lewastilD, MI. misty.
60017—WATT.-o.lllorradm awning, bapt.
utth. C 7 tlsv. Hetrick Jobstmo. D D., gIiDnUT
A. accrpr :Mt JZSIIIIIL mound dooMtar St
John Watt, ZoO.r both of this atty., •
4 901TOILICrizabooldO h ntr z gpAir ig :
in tro n gk j o C eor of Olt ay.
.111. topitalwlll' tato place fats Vs late not,
dna =Mom= townobtp, ot
tan., at 2,4 o'clock o,,a,Osoologeo .I.lllesta,
Opeocar Willlooo , a Btai , ies; Oblo strut. AD.. ,
gbeny. n t2llo.okoelt. The Moods of U. foLNUT
sM 111,f el to ettral ' , Moot Cantu mottos.
:;I e:):4. 6:y
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41 all IInataiCILIMIS. OLOTIVoann
anal . dm:Man •r romans Ow.
innalabad. Beam osaimian q and KUM. Barn
and Cnariagsa laln!aluni
linisaunacan•. David Z. D. Ron.
IL W:Joadnas. D. Mg
D.. rhons!nir Kaa , sin. Zan., Jr
aan ROI:Wm La.
J , siogrerze. , ionuoutATA-,
- • 8= AND ZYBALIII2I, novena to the
late hentood I. Mason. K. ll* ad* Went.
radio dame bead Beam, Allegheny an: AM.
tale. Boweeroad. Mahogany. Wthon, goes
wood In:Mellon Comm.. as she :Owen reduce&
Ohms.'Moats owns% all bear& day and ELM—
Beam awl Cantles fernlehed ow ehort natl.
aadon =at msosable teima. .
DILIOAKEIL Moo. 31•4 Wit. atossr.
/hog *the, Cal
las, with • accrual.% noel at llama
coals a. land, sad Malted at Konen isoika
at la.est Data... Sal. ilia Liverr Stables. ear , .
aim If IV= sun =OMR elliscrlL, C a..
BartystbaS, wee Etne% ,11, -;
for hire.
0. STEWART, Undertaker,
11lath Wad: e.tom of 41 Itholls. ileum saa,
Claretsw ftrelatiod all the 0m...
-1. J. HASSAIM, at Ma hasten sat..
Lavamaryille, Pa.. 0116111a2NTA.taLlai3LIC
LED aTtrZii NORMS: =UN; 117814th
Jewelers and. Opticians,
NO. 56. FIFTH Man.
- A soul:lmes of she p.W leirtnti•
M 1.1111•01Iil7 airuded {Do Mos Ot Dm.
went Co., sad Mart • Ca. L rupotHany
limo:mos To.Tuounno# A scum)
enmen-Prwrip wawa, gm
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Watalcs. Clocks sod Jimr•lM
Merchant Tailor.
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' Virerrnan AMD,CneXaCOATINer,
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to wed on very am oonsl.lo Wm.
Merchant Talker.
'Fe. Oa WILTS WfSZILT..r. of federeL
1:011 SALM-12 ' nartuau.7T
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BIJICIUT;0 LOTIf. VOIR Mario on Gnonstwit
Tan OM . keelnlng ttonllarnso nstdortea
Cot. 11. McCullough. Stu. aro Sholtort dear
inio lots for enntrrrirideartolsto Lavrnrortil&
for too Mows, Set, eunut be *mullet.
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',Ltd very 42.41rabt• TILLIE STOW/ 13$10X.
Ow WALING HOWIE, slum. 80. le.okoook
street, Mitstargh. TM. noun Is situate! ow
mos of the tomosestest streets la liessborgh,
•ss4 soy rants !Dr lids Imperil Is well
monk 111 s stiostleos of Mass @califs s aim
berm HILL a SHOTTIALT. Best rotate ...II
lonseasse Omits. Holler atevot,
tattle. Losennearettle.
• •
.lionardls Livery %able,
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