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rtNNIXILLii, REED air. co:,
xt..: : 22 , 11. , 0r arr
nog. $4 Aizi - As ea Firm 'maxim
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eArtfiftsintryiT GrEttE
PoDolaF reiolutione *meg the Celtic-
Latin. rime of "unkind have not been
such: in times past as to inspire very a r .
, gable exPectittlans in view of the present
i; uprising In Spainagainst the existing
government of DAJILLLA. - A viler per
j-. lounge than that woman has not ruled
, over any people In modern times; and
I• • the fact that the Spaniards lutve suffered
het 'WI lier adherents to oppien and
disgrace than as long as she has Is evi
dence In Itself of prefonnd national deg.
That General. Plum is making some
headway . ,
the work of revolution, and
that 1it. 4.1/is party aim at nothing
. slier - rid' ti toted oVertlirow of the exist
" lugger meat, ii generally conceded
by all save the venal organs of the ire.
petllod government; atid it is more than
probable that Spain 'will not ream to be
agitated until this hot remaining scion
of the ola Bourbon stock Is swept from
thethrone. lt, may take some time to
do it; hut the signs are that one of those
reveitrtioue which are said never to go
bat* biotsgm in . that almost defunct
aationajitp, •
This will be . the palling down, the
demolition. Th 6 next. will lie 4 more
dielcult pahlobuildup. Are the Span - 1
lards r4df - for -- -in free governmeut t
00 4 11 6TIMY attstain - nne if they had It 1
are the . next , questiOns; Their kindred
of idea - leo hive been trying it for "forty
, .. ,
yearsbut without alleiCll3; Mahan only
. sunk from bad"to worse. Other offshoots
from:the 'maim' old stock in • this hemi
sphere . have .suceeeded but little better
thsktthellethamm. ' We confess,therefore,
that we Tookst the pending straggle with
losit i ihdpe thtua if it, were put forth by
some other people. Constitutions are
- not Ale workor a day, but the growth of
generations. Still it is necessary that
the old dead fortis should be swept out
. of the way before a free Constitution can
even .. . begin to grow. For that reason
genre glad to see this movement. It is
eiklence guethere is tome life left; and
let -us,hope that, under the influences
' new operating 5O powerfully throughout
the world, even Spain may be raised up J
tolife'end liberty. , Bat the schoolmate-
• taints more to do in Spain than the sol
dier, or even the statesman ; and the
Bible must become well established be
fore written CoViitntions can do the
people, much...gocni. They need a moral
revolutibia e'vert.;more than a political
Titer Democrats of Mercer county have
oltuatui s ted for Assembly, James Pierce,
or Tilchory ; Treasurer, Wm. Buck, of
GrecuT4le, who defeated a soldier corn
petiMi, W. B. ' 3faguire, almost three to
one ; CommissMaer,. Aaron Carmichael,
of Worth; Auditor, George R.
Graht, of. Mercer TOor Di eolor, J ames Me M
WOW Yenarm ; Jury Com
missioner,.Wra. Drackentaidge, Of
Fi nftair:: . • -
,• Mo . :Rein:him:ma of Clarion county
haro .
,ntitutbated for Sheri a; W. P. Pio
lay ;• Treasitrer, B. .11." Means ; County
Comnderloner, David Itceliy ; Auditor,
throe Edsrard P. Lerch ; Auditor,
year, - .T: T. Coax; Jurre,onnisslorter
T. B. Burns. •
o[,: Carbon county,
lane' nominated Daiid -Lorcu for
ininunbly. • •
nepnbllcans of 8 , ...htr711r111" county
bate aoimitated Cain. .Tronea R. Cleaver
for State Beanie; Conrad F. Shindlo, of
Tatioun;GrMth T. Jane; of St. Clair;
and J..Leils, of Tremont, for
'rho Aciaocrats of Crawford county
have nominated T. J. Lowry, for SMte
Seitate; Dr. A. Logan and B. S. lIcAl-
Esq., for. Amembly. This Mr.
'Lowry 'is brother to Mr. Morrow B.
Lowry, .The latter carried. Crawford
bookty, Some weeks air), after a severe
contest., end conlequently. has the Con- '
fensea therefrom in the District Conven.
ieni.."ther. primary elections in Erie
comity were held on Saturday lea, with
Whit remit has not yet been announced.
'Tlrpfe . pote4 end the Gazette of Erie
boUi - oppoted him with great bitterness,
iihrelle:Olserrsr advocated hie re.nom
Itepailmam of the' Tirenty,finst
Diattict hare nominated for Senators
IL- gobinnon of..Tnniata, mad
lisratel 21I'Vntey. or Huntingdon.
-Thinitirain place of-Mr. Hall and Mr.
. /Una, - apse terms are expiring. .
aitarruni coLcurr. win:be found
the Preiddent's general ananeety procla
mation.- The' number or, persons ex.
dadelisitt7 satati,- embraced hi three
clamant !al. follows: 1. The . chief civil
` - ofilatra of the late.Gonfederate State;
tactndtng 'Grtreinors, heads of depart
tient& and foreign agents; the - railitary
colenrs otannk illx:Tejirigaiiier General,
and - itiittni - officers - abOve Captain. 2.
Tbitsa Ifinfetreateri pawners of war as
they etwoniti not have been treated. &
•The codepirietoreregatnst ibe life of Lin
t itain and 'persons arho are in civil; min
:Airy or. naval confinement, or on bail,
;nanring" - otit sentcnee; or awaiting trial.
1 : Thereat:ler will observe that tree pardon
:Ss ititertaixt to the - rebel masses, who. in
iltioninion - nt 'the President, are "now
':WellamOgyellY 'disposed,"
.would be glad to conceal a
didstince,which csonot. We (Incite
• Itsjudgmeat of Mr. Wrx.maus to cor-
Mborate crown; to show that In cad
• asittng bin'. We aro not biassed by party
predilections; but , lodge soberly and
righteously. The Port quotee an old
woman's opinion to the confounding of
**ant to the demonstration that it is
liiipable of a judgMent it can stand by,
or which-its party ought to accept. In
mt. way it thowi:that 'an oldlvonin,
and that one a Itepubllcso, fa a safer
• 9eader of *the Democracy than It le, In
this coneln!ion algal have no <lnurel
with our neighbor:
Paor. IVerson, of the Michigan UM
„wally, as a close observer of the starry
firmament. .13ut recently he Incraght a
a , Intluirto unknown planet into the notice
t .,of,theastronotateal world, 'and \ h ad
.1 ,
;._named in. his” honon Be has ;oat found
another liitidenphinet in close neighbor
'.'„lntad to old Neptune„ and we enggest
4 :.that it bo. named ilia lanchigan," in
honor of the Institution which boasts of
ku4ed End watchful :and an astron-,
ointrria the discostr. , • .
Tax Irish police have . been decorated
with medals ix acknowledgment of 'their
praiseworthy eforbi in suppressing the
recent spasmodic Fenian outbreak. The
I oor fellows . Wholmre id wear the inn.
r alaontOrro! Frill.subject themselves to
mach dat iser. fthat Irelidbreaklng
;i+~len4a¢dwLat was !Meade as a
weed:wlu become t.dtrect: Duolehmcat.
Efit, Gummi has assumed command
catmith Military District. In
tratchini over and guarding the
. lives inepropeity of 14a1 'citizens, thegal..
hint Sheridan proved a too seldom grifJ
'ln int tin President, and war Newton.
- ,
) I
1 ilpE . ' ..'"Z•g; -- - - : - -- . 3. - .:••• :„ .2 6 i - :i.'e-._:„- -78
1 I •1 I ; ____: fr ,:..i.,.,,„:.,‘ 6:
: , t r : -,.• • ,\‘ Tjj, z A , i ' 1 i ; ! ---_,_,.??...._,---,_.---=.. - - , 40 7 ._ L A. , , ....,.,,..",
) --..., , ,,m ~. .vic ,----- _
• \ - 7.=__-_-_,-1..-_-_,-- , :• , -.... -- -,. = _ ~- k.,... ,:.., C -7.. :, ''''' ' ' ', '"'S; '*''''`
"-.4,. $ ,
( --_:,,,,._,--..-,—__•,7,....-____.__.••,,,_-„,_*,;.,._,_ _____;_—_ .... _;,_•.,,,,,..--,.• -__,. ,
. _ 6
_____,,,----,------;,-- ‘;‘,----,--- -- - - ''
Li Ti' 'XXX TTxr
........_ ric
. .
Havatia Cigar -. 4airera' Strike
[ o.f Telerlaph to the Pittsburgh Ossetia./
hi tennA, September 5.--Tbe eillstr.o.k..
at this city are making earnest exidesc,om
to (edema all among their fellow workmen
to not unanimously nod declare themselees
one Strike for the par they were receiving
in the early part of toe year, before the
new tar law went into force. The city an
thoritlea take aides with the employein
keeping the wages dawn to etareation n es,
mil the Government has Issued an or er
enjoining upon tee former nor. to take y
Operatives, mule. provided with a cortiti.
eat e , :re m the ponce' ward, admonishing'
them that they will be held reeponalble for
Wang in report every person demandin
higher waste , to be dealt with. aclllterhe gr
Of the public paten
The esannetes of the sugar crop are &bent
the same. last year's. There appears to
b e a jgrge Increase of exports. Surer 13
enist and Inn. at S. reale tor No. /1. - .
The money market 13 stringent.
The object of the negro rising to Santiago
De Cuba was to attack the Spaniards abd
proclaim their freedom. Two morel:tepees
were arrested on a canoe senate near tabgl,
on oonfeamous of Ulosepreviomily &Meted;
also a son of Senor Borne*, one of the prin.
cleat offenders.
It is reported from et. Thomas that there
had been an nprGing of about three hun
dred maroon, who canned 'considerabe die.
order in the streets. They attacked the
fort, bet were quickly repulsed, with five
killed and Several wounded, About tiny of
them bare been Imprisoned. The uprising
is said to have been caused be some san.
of ures decreed by the Governor and
Bout!. ilealth. , .
tilt' Telegraph to the Pluishereh Gesette.l
Now Teal, September 7, 1597.
•reswese same soaers.
The etearners Ilerautnia, Virginia, Coiam
bi. and Atlanta, from Europe, arrived to.
day: The lateen dates" are to the 07th,
Nothing important, addleloard to cable.
new COO! ron•coo.
A arm in this city has received the first
hosrsheadof Whelk.° of the new crop, green
la Ilan county, Hies tacky. •
isostea arrx.oitoe.
• The boiler Of the Bennie Print Works, et
Lodi. Now Jersey. exploded yesterday, de
stroying the bundle* and tainting deeper
vote badly, not tidally. Loss, IS.A.UCO,
• nook TOADS
At the beak trade sale, lit this city, the
rrireallsed were about tweatpeigns per
ent.hlaher than at laid sale,
The dentin, for the week were five hund
red and airty.two, slightly less than last
' The Ken tuck, Baurlxin Co.'. dlstrllery, on
Vestry street, eentaintorr one thousand
barre/t of whiskey. yr. &Wind 'lnnards./
for alleired vtoistion of the Internal tore.
Two thousaadroar tiriadre4 era flay-Cll.°
immigrants arrived to-dap.
• 115)0411.011.1•110314
nerartlog the losses of the Itret Na
tional Beak of Kingston. It is slated the
Preeldent, Yr. /Zubroack, was In arrears
to the amount of 1131.0.0. It to tbllsbrbd be
lived beyond his Income. and :has became
ladebted to the bank. Ile hsa placed all
Ns property In tbe bands Of the //tree:ors.
The bank will pay all its ladebtodness, and
is perfeCtlY eelynef;
.tatarr argon.
The latest ramor Iran Washington Is that
Rerenly Johnson Is to same." Secretarf
John rely and Archibald Inesillr hare
heart arreated tooluspleion of being concern.
ad in the outrage on the pereep of Kate
to' nicantion, which malted fatally . .
.New Taxa, Sept. H,1.907.
anruatot, -
The Mechanics sad Traders Sank, of
Greenpolas, Loop
.eland. locorporatee
12114.10/ tea late w.pensd payment
on account of the collapse of the
and Queens National Bankol
Mr tilLtarsborg. : of wee:* It was an °Cahoot,
and In which Its d omits were made.
TTT I.ot COLLZITIOIt aistearran.
It Is reported that one of the Collector.
at Internal Someone in this elty has Coat
KrYO•ted. Tor Colllltalltalto lo whisky !mod.
The cele=l . o ° o2 tro o tter;Lady Wood
ruff, died it eopake last Sunday.
The Reseal Election—Cartier =pelted
to Moth Ileaseo—Metiewe
277..meelmeales altselsee by •
Ageb—Tho Slaters ithased by the
[by Teta-rape to the Pittsburgh U•zet4ll.3
TOZONTO, September 11.—A dispetch • from
Montreal last evening to the Globe up;
Cartier /s elected for both /louses by • ma
jority of three hundred and dfty. . The ma
jonty for McGee at the clone of the polls
on two hundred and fifty seven.
After the annonacement.• mob of about
two hundred of the Dwells party arrived
opposite Mechanics , Mall„, and tore dOIID
the statement of the poll. A not then twin.
manned ha ul, wer of stone. bei directed
at the and the windows jo g the front
were bro nen. There was • free ght the
street. The mob was kept ont,'Of the hall
where McGee was by revolver shots from
the Inside at the entrance. The
charged on the rioters and pot thaw to . •
The Aleettesta—The Geverameut
the Mederby—giglas Between Me
'genera YOU le/ob.
CRT Telegraph to the Plttsburgh bustle.]
Toarlirm Sei?t. 7.—Forty-tour elections to
the louse ot t.ommons are complete& The
Ontario Leaser clam. thlrty.nine a. sup
porters of the government.
Orrowe. Sept. 7.—At th e election for the
CO of S ts to-day, a severs fight
took place in Clarence. between the french
and Irish. One bad a leg broken and a good
many other. had broken heads.
A Montreal dispatch Rivas the particulars
WV:tern:it yesterday. About a dozen rioter.
were captured by the soldiers and pollee.
and wen only with =Scotty saved from
the vengeance of. Ile enraged cdttherix, who
threatened to lynch them. o oe poilamas
killed, atone thirty batons caaualtles,
and halls dozen gun shot welled.. are re
ported*. Uses= of toe Injuries sue tam eel
vend, Inju citizens. r About a dozen are reported se
ed. -
I . Mowasar., September 7.—No further die
tenni/lee took pce law night after the at
tank on IfeCandre house. Yoffie ismil
dew* was guarded by ;Debate° dunes the
Blechwilere stillerwl awar e])
Daring the toorldng the ßail
doora and wind° we
on the first and Atwood doors were being
encashed. The parties were wrested,
breath; before th e Police Court to-day ant (
discharged. no ono avvearlng to proeectite.
Dlnaltain - and others, who were shot and
beaten, are recovering. Sereral Valeentea
were brutally beaten..
The city by returned Its wanted quiet TO-
d t, Yeldleton, Of the coal 01l stenos lately
destroyed, has cbeoendal. An Inquiry
show, • denelency of lye thousand barrels
of oil, reload $4,1,000.
The California le.l.elloss—leationue
Um General Apath7—
to Celebrate sheAsalversory of lb.
Admission of Inliforalsr—lfiligni of a
Deraoltinn Caohler—illatan
/garnet Continues
ferrate/own to Um Moaners:a Omette.l
Den ritcnoirOo. geotemberl.—lfo data L.
reeelred for a aflame of election °nulls
further than alroady noted, only that the
mCoritles teirgrarted from the Interior
thereon ilalititPa majority. eta frowns.°
now mends over GM. -This mum litre
overcame, lit inn rate had not ham pre
vented try apathy. Tho nom , aoath7 me.
roiled In Um Interior. Nevada comity, cepa
of the Cron/mt. hap [Wilma turnout, polled
only 3,56 out of 1.700 registered, giving
mrionty.ftve majority. This lea rap.
resentative instanee. Morena email corm.
Um to-day ere reprommted for tiOrbarn by
malOrities overriding lems than one hundred,
nut thev do not change the molt &Immo.
“0 , intb9. Vales. for,thragress, is Ito
ahead. • •
Arrangements ere making for a Dabllo
calcination of the seventeenth tunniverem7
of the admission of California. on the Uth
An iron light borne la constratiltig hero
for Cape Mendloino r
St...M.lsta mettlir of the Aim TraneleCo
Sag. Refinery, dbMorereal Co be defaulter
to the ammult of one hundred thoasand
dollars, left la the steamer Great Republic
for Vhittet. Ws habit of gambling led to ti 0
Tao new directory Of flan Francisco show.
a population of ever ono hundred and mfr.
_,,nolleande There were Only fifty aft
91Pt7t1Ta ttratirrtrtntret eon thmes to
j p. Alpo ' O 4 Crowe Point, Ota; GOuld
f e l teieroes,l,oo9, a 101 l Of
Icro,4r agt.R:dg . ::=l,-„,...iitau.
....porte for •Oleeat ware yearly don.
We the same month last year. 'Arrived:
steamship !herr* Nen., etuatlan. With
amat,Coo in Mexican om. bailee: tio/dest
Thoe°, fOr orpopl.
••Gemara) Inualltate Bankreeptey-10ity
• T Appisqati•o• b. • usu. — l%or •
;sr Twirr•pt, Snuunte Outttn)
lilicnnOgre September c.—lnsolrenay
allneat general among the merchant. hem
and Northam erealtor., attl. dyer
and Nauman. are euteri.e rcaul In the
United State. Court. for reeerrery of debu.
A Man Mtn bankreptay ts the consennnos.
go lees than romp eplesettou. were re.
calved t 041.7 ay dm unglues,
Justlee Chase.
( - ay Telegesob to the rlicoscoatchaette.)
aepusmber 7,—Chlst Justtee
Oboe lessee taahcbt. WI on alcceo,
be la=aclr. awl prooeS
rßYTel:ffrann to [Le Plltarcrgh °Lett.)
...rovnte rActzla Rom
IltltLlN,Beillember imelflo note bit
been homed from the Primate FOrelot
Office. to which tiro recent note-of M.
Moonier, Trench Foreign tittaster, to ht.
lolled to ot,bignly retteleetory to tbo Prue-
MUM gOrerilnlent.
rue rsorri a. T. roan ro om,
Loam ~ September 7.—The little yacht
Jobe T. lord, from Beitimore for Pub, be.
tore reported capsized at Tao entrance of
the English channel. was Zoned a day or
two eince on 'the coast of Irelane. near
Qadenstown, whither it had drifted,
wins larawooasaio use.
Loam., September 7—Earning—Franck
Honda, of Now York, him concluded here an
arrangemeat with Captain Pito, of the/loyal
Navy, looking Valle establishment of a new
Intamoorstrac line mimes Nicaragua ,by a
railroad connecting with steamer) co the
00 .
GA/1111•LIII MIII2II tRIR 2II121tr.131•11
Ftemacm. September 7..—Gen. Garibaldi,
while on the way to Genera to participate
In the l'eliCe C011ar..., Paused through tine
city. and durlog hie stay, on Invitation of
Comet de Userioni, 2 diniater of Prnaala to
Sterenoo, dined with hitu,st the palace of
the rrusanth Legation.
Deems, September 7.—The Lord Laeotes
,mt 0/.7,614.7.w-414y decorated with modals
those of the L•lah pollee who distinguished
themselves Mainz the' late FeaLsh out.
• .AMMitICAZ Aral.
Lennon, September 7 .—Adricell from Can.
Ma report that the Turkish authorities had
interfered with an American velem/, which
was aiding the ethane of Cretan zorhgcm.
and compelled her to defter:
Wristsmaim. corrects neoneessirse.
September 7.—Barun Von Buest
hu reorganised the Connell oti Ministers.
as follow: Prince Charles Yea denersperg
will preside; Dr. Berger Is appointed Minis.
ter otTostiee; (lack-nun. Minialer , et terle r,
end Herr Berm. Minister of Pnbllo Instruc
Gasoovr, September:7.--TM gemnshlP
, Brittanta, trom Nee. York, irrtral thle
graessrows, September 7.—The gleam.;
stop City of New York, from Noir York,
extbrel today:
.• . ,
Itoperled flatten of the Innorgeota—
Alleged Desertions from the Repel
Anny—Contradletery Amonts.
by Thee:mem the ll i tttstrarsts Simenej
e New Tose.Sept. T.—A Madrid di:vetch.
dated August SIM, annotmees the Inecess
Of the insurgente In Aragon. The Phi regi
ment of. V.lwarresi Infantr7 had teen thor
ghly beaten. Remforeements. a real
moat of Cuireaster• heel seven Imedred
I It:dwarf% started tor the scene ot actin.
There Is a report that the dregonere hum.
fnts are falling back Mtwara. the French
A Paris 'dispatch assert* the loos of the
Royal troop. In kilted Mosedoil three bun.'
dreg. and there were heavy amerllons.
lieu. Wargo was among thd killed.
Item comes from reterehtnan that the
lusurgent ts Soldrlch has cut an A Montan
regiment Mee., and at th Catalonian
Ineorgents number eightt h
Moor e
and men.
MIMIC dispatches amen that four Ones
deed and eighty wounded hiseurgente had
given themselves up to the militatTanthors
tales at Catalonia, and that eight nundrml
aed eight had given thernselven ttri be n•r
The ispagne arrrerta and the L YVanee
danlee Met the royal farces were Conetastly
Clesertfait In latire numbers.
Madrid erne perfectly flnintas the htth.
• '
Lowoox September "ri-alvarao.—Con...
0..01 trildt at 91%, Ite.Tarantias,
Ittloola. 77 A; Etta, 4.5%, Atlanta and ('rail.
aeptambar 7—Jinrafog.-7.T01.
tad State. bonds, 71%.
saptamoor I—Erening.—Petro.
lama declined V., .4 closed at 0tt.5112 tor
L,ard. wbite.
VKCSOOL.Se taatber7—ffondog—tlottot,
la fouler .4 rather more dotott, trtth Woo
O(10,909 bale* ontand• .104, and
rleans 10%.1. 13teadatolts are Una. Corn;
Stes GI. Wheat, 134 44 for white California.
torkg;nst, 17 .
04. 3. 120„ 3 :7*3a. • Por k 7014 -
and Suet Oa. Potash. It. Petro/04.; la
for aplrlta, and 14 Set for rano..
Vennatlest ..... semen Item ashotwel—
Almeass • litepsore'lltetereem Jammu
nag rites.-111stely I.llterele Sheeley
Br Telegrapb to the n ttstrtrxtt Oasett. ,
7tiw Tear., September 7.—The /fouler
City of Mexico letter, dated July nth, gay, t
Juarez Inu completed the formstiou of his
new Cabtnet, Toe whole countryhae been
laid off into military ttletrlcts. to which its..
vale., gaeobedo, Corolla, Diaz and Linens
have been assigned to command.
On the lath of July th e President WU ao
corded an Informal reeeptlen, which wee
rather an foal/Teraina/fair, the people being
conspicuously wanting .1n the usual MOM.
can entimalesto. A youth, nerred
ultimo read a poem dedlcated to Janitor,
and a little girl. named Carlotta. Plesenisul
him with a golden crown.
Man had nitnoet armature with Jameson
the subject of the expected execution , of
fourteen more ornament of war, and it wee
through his efforts that they were respit&d.
He is mooned to hare threatened Juarez
with the forcible Intervention of the army
Ireton be command., unless the seneeneos
were stumetaded.
Carlos -Miramar, has men in the
mountain.. and recently abet ninety Liber
als in revenge for Lie brother'. death.
CM. er U fle Assomes Cemzuture of
tae Dlstrict—Vleksbe pis nutter Dome ,
auttne—Vellew Fever Deuthe.
[Br lahumph b Me Pi minute, elmette.l
New Damage, Sept. 7.—in assuming cont.
mend of the Dilltary District Goo, Griffin
ears all existing orders remain An fore*.
and district end staff Mincers will continue
to perform their customary duties at bead
quarters, New Orleans, untll further orders.
Den. ord telegraphs that Vicksbure it
placed under quanunine. boats from 1, ear
Omegas must laud as the station, twomiles
below the city. • „
There were forty. three ' , chow freer deaths
for the twenty-f Our hours ending this morn•
A2711111l Of O.R. ShOnfilib , -Pebifill . De
mosumrsaion on BLOMIIIA7 /6aenleg.
(BY Wei/I.Pb bible Mahwah chums.,
BT. , Lorne, Deptember 7.—General Sheri.
den Arrived at Giro at noon end left for
St. Lents immediately. A salute was Bred.
but there was no time fora dernoestratlen,
the General being obliged to hasten hum
the boat to the cars, which had already
waited DAIS tim e.
hour for • him, Arnved
at °din en time. and left there for tit, Innis
At 9:50, when he will entre at 1010 and be I
met by a delegation of the Retention Com.
mitre% and escorted to the Southern Rotel.
The public demonetration wW not tate
plat:moth! Monday craning. .„
. .
ellfrtr illakers , Ceiventlest: --
fay Te!serene to th• Vite share. Beside.)
finrsar.O. - Sept. 7.—Tbe National Cigar
Convention closed a very harmoni
ous easßl73 List evening. Cincinnati was
ssionUid the Plnee for - tioltllog . the nest
annual ccnvention, on the first stonday of
nentember next.
Ma Fztranurn, who has been the
shier obstructionist In the Senate, yields
to public eentitnent, end Joins in the
mand for the impeachment of the Preal
dent. Mr. Thomas Williams, who wan
an some quintets, recently accounted fa
natical on this litiestion, now finds Abend.
ant Company.
Tait death of Gar. Ilelm, of Ken—
tucky, la auctioned as having occurred
yesterday., Be wee luattguratud at Ids
residence on Tnesday list, at Which
time lie was iambic to', leave his room.
nu funeral wilt tec piece to-morrow.
Tux. Prussian Garemmeat is mach
plumed with the annotumement that the
late l Imperial conclave at t3alsburg meant
no more than an innocent shedding of
royal tenni in bewailment of the fate of
Tits rriturto, at Bt. Loma, the gal
lant Sheridan *ill receive an patfon
from the pathetic citizens of that nay,
and will be made feel that the people are
with him in heart and spirit.
Ova friend 'Col. 'Russell Errett has
been nominated for Senate by the Re
publicans of APegheny county. He is
one of the . Old Guard.' radicals, and
will prove an able, honest, and . efacient.
Besator.—Yeadrille Repubision,
Excluded Classts of Rebels Re
doted to Three,
Teeltrapb as the Ctiuhurth lletette.)
W..,131Ni.t0N, Sept. 8, 1367.
- •
711 - 8 rxrnos ranexxs•riox,
T he following Nord°n proolamation, al
though p r oparoglyettortiay. Was not insuoil
until thin oventhß:
Eli the Pre.rideolf of the rafted S.tlef of
reeetemesmon. .
tynLIMM, tn the month of July, Anno
Detain' list. the two Rouser of Congress,
with eXornerdluary ttuanimity, toltstnnly
declared that the war then existing was not
waged on the Part of the tiovernment la
any Spirit of oppreselon, tor lor any unrpoao
Of enne nen;
,O t ratlllgktintt i liar for the Pit;
s r: 14 0 1.t:S:0:r„,t.:11 I..?:lacirins'l'lttetfircfnalt7tho
pee acy Of the Itob.‘!‘'n'n'unttinet;tr'lL,neePS
the Union, with ate the Wendy, . 4 /entity
and rightof tbe lateral Mater untie:hared,
mad that as soon a, 01,, °Woe: aboald nu.
meentphaned. the wilt ottalo to cense;
strut IlTweeor, Ito Prmident ot the Vatted
States, on she 8111 dig of December, A. D.
lott o and on. the Stith day of !lurch, , ltd,
With the object of eupproyallyeming toe then ex
lathig rebelli eir on, of Mattoon all pelmet. to
return to th, au of ring
the authority of l L. a the ged d
Statesros te,
prOclamatioue petting , tittle eaty enapaidou
to ell persona wile hart directly or intirrect r
IT participated.. the theit existing rebel. •
ltou, except m th use pirociammume were
epeolO tonlrevervedt
Mod 117.ereur, Tiro President f the !Mrs l
led Stet.. alit.. the tiday o f May, A.. ft
littk Issue a further proolamatiou, with the
Lime objects before meutlontrl, and to the I
eat that
ledity Of the government
Of th e A/ Stet,. might be restorml, end 1
that pee...order mad freedom migin ho eel
tabllMed, and - met President did, by
the said tut to:nett prociamits
Lion, Drocinisa mut deep. than he I
thereby granted 11 all perm.
who had dlreculy or ludirnotly par • I
Ucipeted in the then existing rebolilan, oz.
Mat as therein excepted, anineste and
pardon, with zostoration of NI rights Of
property, esoept he to .:area, and czerpr In
certain eases where icgat proceedings had
been inetituted; but upon condition th at ,
to person. should Wks nod tutraCribe to ,
an oath therein meerlited,
oath I
Should be regt.tere p d for Panthauetit prt,
And Uhreenranand tweet/ Jolt mehtloned
priclunatina, of the :L411.1117 of My, A. D.
Meg, Mermeneste:mire classes el peteaer
therein epeolallydeecribed were altogether
excepted end excluded from the benefits
lost igherou. The Prestieut of the Unite.
States did, on the 2J day of April, 4. D.
ink Issue a preclerhatt.ia, declaring that ,
the Iruntrrection vim at an WWI tad
therseeforth to tot no regal - A.l
Arid Whereas, There nowammo no I
organized armed resist... of mtegutch
lid eittzma, ur others. to sue enutor-
It, of the United Staten. In the
State. of Georgia, South Carolina, 010 •
gin's, North tenable. Tennessee. Alas
lama. Lcatel on Texas. eae. Art
tkansbe as, - 311..
law. sum
'tatted and enforced there. br era I.
tee Proper
°ITN authority, time or Federal, wed tite
people of mud States me well and loyally
itdpceao, and have eontorniad, told, It
alleto do so. will conform to their leaf.-
!slim to the rettion atfalto gromng
ant el thenmen co dureut to Me loartuuticte •
of the United Metes, ereethitleg slavery •
'lothie the limos and iumetottou el the
United Metes:
And Whereat There no longer .mist., any •
• retwomble groan., to apprehend wit hitt the
Maim which wire lammed in the late 1..
Denton a renewal thereof, or say 'inlets:el •
meistanm try the people Cl Pillti Stones to
ti,. Constitution man law% Of the Vetted
Whereat Ad large standing amebic •
military ocoupettort martial Law. thlblary
tribunels. end the , ...pension nt the erten. •
Ilege of tit. welt of Aetna, ceeper, ated tile
right of trial by jury, are In time of peers
dangerous to medic Ilerirtv, fecoropetlide
• with inettrultrel rights el tee citizen.
• cotdrary tO the per-Ina and enirit at oar tree
Mutt =haus, eitil extras:lre et the national
reeources, ant! ought nut teerefure to be
• “nctioned or allowed , except mem of
• actual necessity for retelling threaten Cr
SoPPreettng Insurrection or rebel:loot •
And 117teree, A retelhoory or rind..
slips pelicy, et:ceded ty outer/ere 41s
onalifloations. pater, peneltier, cone.,
guts ead titsfrancalitement, .new al eelsamtmg
• coidd, only tend 10 hinder reconchirtern
the people and netionel mato',
that, wittiest must saris/eel) , mninernms, Oh.
I street and repross the popular retirees and
• national Indoetre told segramir, , ret
led. FrAfren Fez liege reemitc . Ills now
deemed ettsentl s,
ef to the PolgiO welfare, wad
in the momperfect rental talon ofmnell I
• thitoM Me and OrtiPt, ttat the mid last
yroclareatiou, so es etormaid
, issued, on the 1 10[0 tiny of May, .t. It :MA
• sheelti t. modified. and th at the , fell min I
benagclent pardon conceded t Le feby should
De opened
l oad farther extended to a large
nember per..
per... who, by Its aformerd !
exeeptiono. hare been 11 Motto excluded
tenon Executive clemency
Now. therefore, 110.11 known, that I An- .
drew Johnson, Prc•ldont of the railed
etates. de hereby proclaim end declare :bat •
the IttripardOn dere:abed In the evil proes
ismetioo of tles tellt day of Sla e y,
hereafter be opened twei xtended to
all persous who, directly or indirectly, p.m.
ticleated In the late rel./I:oh, with the role
torailan of all prlvileges, lmnrunittee and
right of ' property. except ea . to
property with regard to eater, and except
Paste et legal proceed Let
ander the laws
01 the thefts., Stator; tat npun this
Wm, nettartbe/c., that every by person
who 'than seek to avail himself of Ltd.
moclamallou *hall take and euhrscribe tire
lohoweig oats, anti shall muse tte tame to
be regtatered fur peat:man: preleTVW.O.
In the saute mariner nag elth the Caine. Cl.
feat, with the oath brareribed in the sald
proclamation of the Lin day or May, Mk
lamely t
canoeo solemnly ea - ear. 0* ROM in pre.
of Ahulghty GOl, that 1 limlre
fonh latildui 17 support, 0 mem end defend
the Constitution of toe l'oited elates, and
the imion of the Mat. thereunder, and that
I win In like inane or uhide by and faith.
folly support all the laws and proclama,
(tone which have Lamm made dere, : real,,,,
rebellion, with rtderunms to tho cm/Cacti.
(ion of slaves. So help me God,"
The following person.% and do others, are
excluded from tin, benefitsof this procia ,
motion, lad to Use pr.lamaLlou of the
Wth day of Way, A. I). 1.4.3 , , namely:
Fiorgo-The thief or pretandcd - chief ex
ecutive ottimire, includitur the Prestdent,
Vice President, and heads of depart/tient*
of the pretended Confidcrato or rebel
govermuttet, and nit who wareagenta there
and lu foreign Staten and ,
ell who hold or pretended to he onontriesld, the
servloe of the imul pretmaded Confederate'
Government, a military rank or title above
the graticof Brigadier limaerol , end naval
rank or tale abase that of Captain, and all
who were or pretended to be Governors of
States, while malateining, anottleg or sub-
Witting to anti acquiescing In rebellion.
perlems who tn any way
treated, °lntrude/0 than at lawnd primmer,
of war. persona whoin any capacity wore
employed r . etteneee le the military or
naval service of the Wilted Matra.
Third—Al/ pers.. who, at the then they
may seek to obtain the brace is or this mob
lismatiou, are actually 00 civil, military or
naval confinement or custody, or lei/ally
-held to bell, nitherhcfnre ur after contd.
tine, and ail peraona who were elraged,
directly or indirectly, in the amiaselustion
00 the late Proslacnt of the United' Steles,
Or in any plot or onnapirecy an any mower
therewith con/tooted.
In_tesilmocy whereof, I have/lig/Ind these
presents vita my hand, and have Paled
the .mils the United btutes to be theretia•
Lone at the City of Wanhlngton, the soy.
enth. day of liontain taw, one thousand
eight handrml and slaty-seven, •
By the Presidtet. ATteelle Jongeott,
Wit Limit 11. tlitwAnn.
ei . ...rsr . turr of Mat,
- -
death of Governor Illelos-Wooerat on
Theaday Moat -Lt. Gov. Ntaaaaw v
Anatoes She Dollen of /ammo;leo.
lily Talrii.Db to ibe Pitt aa ere 4 note., .1
September' 8.-Cloy. Helm
died at half peat Inn o'clock today Mins
realflume near Elnhthatratown. 1110 funeral
will take place on Tualatin:a . ..Just 0130
(rem the day of Jae Maus uratlon. Jim
heath hewing, °marred allielnif tee ant (Cl,
yearn Of In. tam. the law tusked it the duty
of the Chief Jeinte, to order au election fur
tiovernor to be 11011 on the Orel Monday of
„fosonat next, Meantime tan power. yea
Ontles appertainthe to tol l Wheat moat be
examined by (tent. Woe. atevetimula.
MIMI. rated° ranee poiseet—lbernage
and Lose of Leto by le rreehoe:
(Hy Telegraph to the Pittner* (wetted
itettloogle,lioptembor 7.—UOV. SITAtal leas
tuned en Order postponing the =JIM% pg.
rade from t he Ltth Of September, the day of
the ineeting of the Border eitato Colleen.
Ma, nntll the 11th of t.•.ctober.
ElliCott's 'Mils were visited by a freshet
Thursday \ night. A boned on the bank
of tho Smith Branch Of Ma Pommeo war
canted away and a colored woman and
three chlidred drowned.
Drums/gee Vold to it Pierre for Pottier
Nina OR the tars.
Teter.peto the pltuburse titasttal
Ilion MOTO, iiehtembor 7.—Yettertlity no.
groMed 11/VIVO, WOO bought tint Cu.
ear ticket north of Washington, was peter
theltichniond, rreilerieksberg end porom.
se can, neer this city, haying • refused to
ride lathe herr° ear. Ho M. nboat to sue
the company. bat to-day IL cernprorni tied
the matter by paying two hundred dollars
damages. This Is the ant case of the kind
in the loath !heron negro received dara.
lamer Discharged 4 sofill Ilearesstetl,
III) Telczni ph to the PittsOuret dandle, j j•
Tonoirro, book:mbar 7.—Frank iIORIUII,
th Calesfio /orger, was brought. beforb a
Judge In Chambers to-day, under a writ-of
Piabear corpus, add 431ScbAryfeil on foamiest
grounds. was afterwards roar's:nand
and retaluoil.
17 . 111 .111.. naLet. vt eprivelela. •
tny' W Um 6 l•lltstourgh tissa:tted
matchedt. L—Tre Bt. Tohns /r)
crew, to row the Ward brothers at
ISPrthJiamd,..o Wedetemny next, here loft
here tor Sprit:laden]. dater Wei their Imp.
xtrelk Dann?letla." •
Ent Telocrinb to the rictmorith tisrntte.l
leminisevoir, Septet:thee r, 19GT,
Leoat, artier or•rfte Annear.' huno.ltal
The hitetarrencer• lusyn, Duiring the de.
'Sheri/atone of the Cabinet:yesterday, It I
understood It beeamo etident that In th
opinion of every member present the leg
erect or the contemplated amnesty emelt,
motion would be to relieve all Demo.% In•
clotted within ltetorma.leolit al./..'12
cation, ea wall as all penalties Inenrral by
entupllelt:t In the Into - rebellion, and of
course, so tar as the action Of the General
Government to concerned, from all dlsabllO
tics, at to the right of suffragan
Amor:not retitle neer e7arsamer.
In coesednonee of the Olertnea error In the
nubile debt statement, rsfetrod to to tee'
dispatches publlebed this morning, the
georetary Of the Treanury has decided to
make out a nem and correetatatement, to
which It will be found he hase4ded a report
of the COndltlon or the pehite debt on the
Int. of B Optetnber,, IWO, which; compared
'with the Witten:mut of the let Of deptember,
*ill show a .redton.lon in the duet Of
1,610,012,204 39.
The following le the stutementi
.I . IIIILIC taLlor
The following IA correfii4laternent of
the l'ablieDebt,ns appears : Item the took.
and TiTnallret returns In inn bepartment.
on tat of Septemner, iit
nenr !Mil corm lIITCHOC.ST.
Fire per cent. 15,13,,n0
eli p=r 4:e Ito n•la o anallOlo It. 110...70 ISU
x per
...... 1 4C.•10.4,0 00
Navy renal° u tuna 11.04,q0
- 10.63:',0 , 11
, .
n.tremn cccoliscr It They { ,
Vtfrri..C:rnl;_ttle?dtiWrV;i 4..?.*4°,0',."-;
' Three year 7-a; rrotea •
• Total'
_f1i.971.125 Or
O!IT ]OT TSICARYTI, Ihjr. ray-
cl4oLlulpoUr, Inte rrott
Nf t • o
. enivd IC,.i„,,
% 4l tva t
•Irlr.,tri nerr lTastr,&niel.Aa.:uty
prior [Pere.
'4'' le
' '
lWilf stes /I/ :ebtrdnu......,
. .
0. 1 4 . Nota..l
1.:rart10.4.1 L'ern..err
teel4 C.rillicate.s. Ur
swot" IN rat ractnr7i4:
l.r.rr .1
Amapa/ of
uu .1.04.1a1a Vaal& /a Um
rrcry •
tt ,
. araCtliON•,ol.
. .
DO,rW s Cai.l3 V Tre.its
61.1 . 01.
111 , 7..n,1571
it..., Ss,
2..N2 7M.,K5
edurtlen est. tea.
a...n0v.4c Asyhrit roe huunah
—rto•au or ' karma.
The hoard of Managers of the Asylum
for lhaa.blatl Volunteer Soldiers met in this
city yeaterday. There Were in attendance
Yrr sidentJnblisen.Ganartl Urant, (married
flutter, tot Governer Smyth. riedieral Mar
t indals.Uancral Mr. Gunnskel.
and lir. Woolaset. Report. from esYlum•
ow thcree now in the 'three aeriuuu
located Si A ar nsurta, Maine, tolunshu•.
ohth,and Milwaukee, IV 1.0. M. ILL
hundred disabled soldlen, and that
her I-oilfired more, with their WWII., are
whirl:ouLdoor renal it Weir own house..
General Marti tidal°. trom the C.llllll Ittl.
I.ocatiest. ore Central Allylnia, reported the
prit rebate. or flee hatalred adzes or land tear
itsyton. Ohio,ati which was arenfirtucd, md
ehitt.Prion made tor thellumottatoerwere
lion of buddies. sl that place. The.. with
tae .w tecildingS In course of criation et
Stagnate and Mil wank.. VIII acconinsalat•
av nualreal more, which, froth appliaationr
roletred for Ildratnt/013. tho hoary think
sad he required daring tke
1; . 10 r 111 ) , •bOtId.4
lost adopted by its Tmmeerf Department.
reeteption, heretofore talpf.e.l upon
the tracefer of 'putts in bond Iron *are
het,. alum /I, Bono away ./1 , 1 oil
Metre o.i jerehts are alletr tat 30 may, from one
atetnet to enother conaltmemet from
one collector to ano th er; Them mulattoes
go into Palsoeittate erect.
vest - tar, tom csnsuss
Tbn. reins:motor Gummi hAs dirnots4 •
rontrset 0111 MMus MUM., Musphbk,
to osenly malts StOrs 3ut,tllB to Vies,-
tans tusl heck isles swum,. oustsunsts
11 use IIIOOTOOLOVI, sapplysis all 'storms
ousts 0-fits•U: uatoVeCIMI/Oa•
nuns., Attlell -.7
<bites /Von Quover Ist,
SU...rum IP 2 TOCTIOtt TO um Aso
surf AS I 01),...
• .
There la authority for abating that it hoe
' bean deteriathe4 furatth torary off.mat,
el ri l or military, la tae Vol teal Staten, with
a C./py of the reoetit proclamation u( etrzl
improtoacy, with 'lmitable lajoactioca of
loyalty awl ohedleare to the
ler will ahortly ho Woad W I the heads of
Departuteata, with apprOprlate IUAtI.2O
- from the Yreet•leat, <barging them
reap...cur.} with the duty of elatraticalnit
CL pr.Lantatirm.
I[llllillol, LIES suave?.
The Contrulatlnner General or the - Load
°Cita bee reeetverl mares. from the Sur
veyor General at fit. Paul, ellOw/nit the
r.llVaVi'etrourntefsb,lTUP ra o , p a e n:St eln L e c
an area of over forty-three theme:L[o sores.
.111.1 . 11101111 AND TOTOWA. IIIZIOAD.
Tee noestreSelen 'or the Deltlmere sod
Pommes, Itallroad has 'begun, aw.l. will be
rt,mptly cornpletpl.
the r Time, Tate. was elected Governor
of Sone( Welters Drench. and General
Iratlt_r was mai., temporar y Trawssror, am-
Intl trawls In Vte earn ur Illettoo43. The reopen
allowed the eeveral w a ylunts In a most
flourlstuna condltlna.
Bomotary Enward had a long laterslo
ILO the rrealdenc to-day, ersensieg le
details of ton amno•ty procl•matlou.
.InTIM/en IVV.Ve..
Tan receipt, ot Internal Revenue ler the
week Pcre
The Speeches or Napoleon at Arena
the Ittle—Ni ish sennenneastast
of Inar Noreen—lepan
ash tontereemeae-Thetspedltlon to
Atopssiala—tte., tem
( Sr re:egrtet to the rulabarat aunt.,
Non-Bony September e,
The statmers Uty of Baltimore and Alta
Mttan, (rota Europe, bare ardent. The
latent adrlees aro lo the Stall vie 'yuccas
• '
Napoleon wee preeent at the celebration
of the, two huodredth atiatvereary or the
annexation of co Franco, and both the
BmllMrar had EMPteee were received -with
greet ea theslantin. Tim following I. tho mll
speech at Strati: •
. -
~.Monafter Le ifettr, 1(10 with Plesime I
end myself among you. after such a long
period, and I nave seised with aridity the
oursolive of it national fete to e r r ine and
lento your clealren,sod to atieere yea that
mT eolicitude /or all the Intermit. ut
country 1,11411 'never fail you. You
to feel eatiedence In the 1 Mare. It In only.
Amide governments which seek In ionise
emnNigatltmsa ..Brannon from home en,
barraasmente; but wheat force la deny
fal Inner the masa of the , tud.loo, we
have only to do our duty to satiety die per
enet interests of the countay,ked yen.
ciroolbolding aloft tbe natleoal banner. to guard
y.s from being led away by 111-tinstm
impulses, hOttlver patrlollo they may he,
I thud( you for the ammo/not you have ex.
pressed towards the Empress sod my aon.
Ifenf aseurod thet.heystharetny devotion
for Franco, and 10 04 their greatest beim.
neat. would-Le to put an end to Mt misery
and to alleviate all sufering! ,
In his aneecir at LlllO. Napoleon maid:
.When yearn Aso I came for the drat time
M viii t file Department of the Nord, every
thing sewed noon my trishaw: 1 had 1
wpo eso J scd the Empress ed I may say I had
Jut Weddell Fran c e ..
before eight mil
lionsof . witnesses. Order we, reatored.
valuism paesione were lulled to rest, acid I
fort enter Mr the oountrY a new ern of great.
one. and preePerity; mid at home the ordorl
.ytaLfmg , among Rll reed cill eerie presaged
Um peaceful dawn of neon. tOrroad. i new '
our uterine, hag " protecting erery Calor
of eynit,ng Justice. During the last font , •
.en yearn teaai of my 0000, tlare been
realised. null greet preen,. hoe been re
complished• Park spots, 1 holverer, hare
darkened our horlson; nut aunt es sop
fortune tans not devricd me, en tronstent
ravage,. w1;1 not discourage me. Vow
ahead .I be Obloeureged, client_ bee front
ea& .of Free., to the Other the
..Temple acrostiacclamatic% the
on. Emotes and my
lf with ln which
oclatal the mor are
our *on. To-day ans I
do not come here only to
~,,brace glorious annivernary In the cap., Bel of ancient Flatniere. I Also come to
leers your wants to heighten the 00000,fe.
a f f
v t t:b i roi a
pmg 7:11 00 ' p r a m :ll ri f o r r t
and commerc, You will ald toe, gentle-.
Men, in title noble Maki bet you will net
o"rgenet thee
OTO nr ttlTa nd" rare "o
poen., t he oonactottnnees of
own strength, and not to allow itself
t o h a depressed hY imeginary allow
hot to
reit' upon .L.drlot ee4 patriotism ot
the gortaromeet• The Emerges, toimbed
by the
witse ntim ln ental whicti y 0 eaptylsa.
unites hme thanking you for your
warm and arepathetle wetooman
Theeesimeebee hen e tfeennlitsma effect
In London, bn i tie not mitieny apprraaw
ted In Perla. '
• The Mailld Water Of War Lade.,
speech at a guit given by Bier/001as
munny.Clorb whtoti the king. Crown
Pyle. and Ceartaltett were °regent, in
widen be
to edM that MI liltrefibrta fartbeen directed ward the rormatloo Of An
Organloatloni well be lu 0008 4nese When the moment should arrive for
regonTzraigt:thivioatrakewahlett ben.
ritaurbin the dellyel7 of tie epe v e,7l: 4 :l4 .
hoer lo Ih...evening bad a belt henry con.
VereattOn with the Minister of War. •
~.Ttie new Promise, .Gusette mayo. Frond&
Seas expressed to Denmark her readineet tO
t o7nr i (NZ lly r t!belVte ' r g er t th W e n ,;=:
merit of Germane to North Schleswig.. To,,
discoastoe of the ghation xlll Probably
take Meese& Berlin. ..
Sr had disembarked
me eseigrante Athena
It le repelled that A merriage had boon
ArtengebetWeen the Crown _puma al
Denmark and the frillZees /Loyal of Sire ,
Spaniah official dizp atchn lf e 27th
elate that one thousand Insur e gents t ihn Cato
onlaa had takunoolvantage of the atrullultT
sad aerrendered. The band. In drawee
tutil been reduced to feet Inhered men who
were tilariog toward the lrontlfw, pure:toil
by the Beret troops. ..Tbe rent of Speak ran
qutet. ‘ll9prtlOh Of tllo 99th Mute, that
the AragonEtaurgcnts planed the frontier
- and disarmed. , ' • .
hehecrlptions to the nt ar !.reek low had
reached ten million drachrr.e. The iffeate:
earth= line already been spent In the in.
chase of vuesols and war munitions. Three p
ertninnerS stern bOtleit In England and two
oilier iron clue were ordered.
The expedition todhysetnia le teconslat of
two regiment. of the ilno, and eight real- i
pietas of native Pulliam!) Infitetry, sit real. •
meats of Indian cavalry, tentintaln go_ns, and
Iwo brat,los of royal artillery. The Tierra) ,
fJfypt, has been • requested to furnish
0 camels for traneportatinn Imnponmoe.
XL 19 Oafs underetaniltng /ic
Prh question was come to at Salzburg.
• lie Fortress of Woribuzg, In Bavaria,
•, beteg disarmed..
The greet iron works at Blab:wan, Beath
Moles. has stooped. Aloe hundred Demons
lace thrown out of employment. •
?ea. aehelleld Reetivoilay—Examio-
Ilay P.extairistlett Returns Prepara
tory an the timer ter en /steeliest.
lilt Tottersph to the Pi tab./ roe Elatati.l
Foe:these Monaca, Septembere.—Generel
Schofield has tai tar recovered from his re
c nt illness es to be able to visit the fort
t lay. Lie to now busily enangee to er
n latex the Toronto of registration in the
S -ten. nreparatory to inning theorder for
a elbstior. In October. it la not probable
- to will return to Richmond tooth next week,
:teawe, September She oiratal roe
'anon rsterno for the whole •State neve
b enreceived at. headquertera TeX./ Tete ,
iihyre; the retie is eleven while. to nine
lance!. ,
mintingU e e ü b e a r n
a ln w r ll m a a d o n t e at
echeo C ofo
deleyetes to the Convention, one hundred
an • foam in ntimber, to taco place between
tb /Rh and lath of October. .-
Another Planet blichiralutd.
Cdttielcursph to tee PI naborgh' tiaactte 7
Duval:or, September 7.—Professor Wa4
son, of the tdichison Colverstly, reports.
follows t thi Friday night , whlle observing
in the vicinityotthe planet Septum', I dis
covered pU another planet. hitherto un
known, th eybrill larincv ot *hitt was eatutt
to that ot star of theeseventh magnitude.
It Is situated In right asoonsiou, 14 degree.
and it minutes, and to docionolua G degrees
and io minutes north.
SI : • s
let, I n
.3 5v,,..,3 1
• ;
Yellow Paver at utrenprals—Quaraw-
Mine to b. Petah.felted.
by Telt-tomb to The Pittsburgh thwett..l
llutirnts, beet. at —TM, towboat Mohawk
Meretiante Union Transportallon Company,
nrner,l this morning from New Orleans,
with seven oases or setkie fever cm bail.
One of the Del:inn:mm . 4l died whlio the boat
wax AL the The Mayor ortlerwl the
Mutt to leave. Nearly all the crew are tiow n
with fever, gnarl:mum will be established
.... .. C.. 471,071.1
Peanetrivauala latenkitale, Fair. .
the Trleitreelt IQ Mt tittsbusse tiazettei/
Pattie.. toe, :September 4—The ar
raieemnte tor the VIOL i araf•Starti Fair
st - tiorrtstotrn, ;tams the hreitent.weielr :
hero Os. teuttpletett : ' lerterhloill Meld,
LatlyThorrie, Flora Temple .4 Leticet'are
among the treating stout that will be pre
sent. The premiums react,h9Vords of
MAO. The Yale Intl 0013th100 a week.
Ile Cawavast" Ogg Magog et
e Telegraph to the Plusher.. liasetv.l
tartaric., Sept. 7.—Abrear Myers. 00.
bare alive .Iplloata for Mayor of
tell acchlruMtly. itatreplan. from the
second etoryvt g tractrulng hi t
ak ml acd onus.. Muth Monty attar
ward. Mr. ityoni v. au buslncu Malt to
thla atty.
011 17.0Iaerlea
By intenranti to tint Inttstnstnn onsettal -
Nent. 7.—A • tr.. nt
btoke nut tn Jattann A Wllson 'a Con' Ott
igh tt
teener:l. and Ostatiand to the Antnfinnn
(kannans•ta refinery. Lola Gtrnnty thannand
Itea•mney einikired ••is latk.
nr Tenor/eon to me Pau borgi &arena j
Sr. Part, Ylnn., September 7.—The neare
r,' Motlnntlnn nao onagred and sunk near
te•tm•6•u, and will pros e • total NO
neer /net.
The thleas42. lneee.en.
11r Tennranh us the 11:trberatz Quetta.;
ChM/kon. KepL 2.—"Cho nwe to-elny
[wean 1 -4 ozher end brown titorge and nark.
awn mate. nee wartzhy the fanner 1.2 tjmne
.242-elnht heals—time, 24. std.:Z..
firer Tel....nuns. •
;CI T.Orriatta to It. ritubtash OaSets.
Lrt.Scn. Li, September S.—Silver falling;
3 loos S lorbevlst canal. •
Stew rsms.Rilytonlbor 7.-41yerIgling tiun,
-- ---- •
o Eva. Meal.* Ea llonS•for Lew T.l.r.
tar tea.alat al vat /lath:4.i GAtans 1
1:a "Las Ms, F•claccotra 7-4 Gem. leIrle•
'anal toy ?iv. Mt* yytorday (la
otamatz aralhattaa.
PAGE,—Thyfultbsi and lomat bogie,-
Me Iltoriey. oit and Primly,* Market Reports
Oren by any ptyper to 4.44 e(4, tobil befoicnd
Oft our 'bards Age.
itlgkeray Itoeber Arrested.
AnOut troll.. o'clock lest I :trill:bleed
Scott, with onlcora Dressler end
lilvers, arrtated Michael 21Alcmar,
at hL
haute, corner of We/later and Wash_
legion streets, on a chaste of being
concert:lad la the rOhbors of James
mitrowl bagae on
Saturday night, elsewhe g re g noti mute,. ced ritck,
it settn.,' recdrolled Ifel.ey as ens
of la....allants, and made en information
.game t him. - Aner Wang Lek.n to tea '
tombs, Maloney divulged the names of ht.
companious, and the pollee
s lay , la
unsling them et • house In B u l ge
Clay, la
the kWh ward. We did not learn their
The Twek-O' • Affa ir.
In PhUndelchla, Ca Satin , lay, Theodore
A.. add , :trot. 11. Tank, charged on tho
oath of Jiunce O'Connor, with coneptroAY
to ‘lefratid him not of 'charge turn of money,
re arralgnod before Aldermanßeater for
anal hearing. Leona C. Cateddy,
eouneul for timelefendahla, stated that Ida
chants were moan,. that ch.:lease might ho
thorotochly tantellned Into, and for that res.
too they waived a hearing Coat it tolcht
returned to Court and then, discoenl of.
blower, Attorney Lynn told he hadno ch.
Jectlone, bat he would redulso the defer.
dant. to be hell Ls eallictent amount. of ball
to warrant their appearance at oourt. Tito
Aldermanhood the bail at IMAGO eachi
which was promptly entered.
Prlatulfticbt laternapted.
• dlminy Sullivan end ilmmy Haley had
Some "difference" yeeterday. and concluded
to senile It between themeelvew, and foetid.;
porpoto ropetted to Boyd.* Mill Shoot
four o'clock yestenlay °coning, followed by
elute it number of the " fancy." Seconds
',eve aeected, a rin formed. the outfits
atrlppod, l and the fleet g
round tnught, when
the el)Dcateneo of odluera Mlle and !abet.
man interrupted the affair. .111 the lint
round Maley )mocked-Sulllvan down and
- draw nest blood, and before time was called
08,01cl:de had taken' charge of Sullivan.
and Haley bed Important besieges In an
other part of the city. Sulltvan was taken
to the lock-op, and Ilaloy was being looked
Abandonment—Nester Brown made in,
formation before Aideraum . Donalo nen, on
Saturday, against tier husband, Jas. Drown,
charging him with deserting and Oben
denier( her. Brown it a barber, has been
carrying on bus' nm• In A Ihnban ally,
and his Wito resides In - Beaver. It o was
committed for Court.
Kato Dickson, on the same day, made In;
formation before Alderman 2 aylor, eitalnat
Semite: Dickson, char/flew blot wita the
1101.110. Tho Parties reside in the
Ninth ward. A warrant was Issued for
Traveling Boot • 'Knight of
hellosve." calling himself Charley Afar.
r/red• In the city yesterday from
earatogo. re rents for 1, leksburg, rinses.
lept, which ho eays to his home. lie loft
Lome early last Rprinit, boo visited 411 Olio
principal elLics In the east., attended the
recce at Antratogn, 1111111 s now 00 Ms stay
home to spend t
he winter. Ile la. Shoot
fourteen yenta of age. and Is an unusually
bright end Intelligent'boy. Ile' proposes to
remain in the city until he eon maks mono,
enough tOnarry bin to.Clneinuall.
Body. ronnd.—The body or as Infant
was found ymterday morning In the yard
attached toa hommoccoPlad Or John nand'
k ? iih t o n% 3 ?'' wl r e a inu:it r ir e t & i t elrf f
a n y as to render IL Imposelblo to come to
any conclusion alto how, when, or In what
manner It
to tie death. Coroner Claw
son Isas notiflod and held anlopuest on the
tobody, when a Vinyl iet was found that It came
thrult at a time nd place and from
eatineatinknown to the J ury,
Utrentse.-111ohnol Duffey wee at. a sa
loon at the cornet of went. and Water
street, baterday, and feeling fatigued laid
himself down epee a bench to "enjoy tired
rstate , . eweet restorer, balmy sleep," arid
neon awaking he discovered that lame one
herd abstracted forty dollar. from hie poet -
et.. lie appeared before the • Ilayor and
Made an information against Henry Crow,
who was arrested and heill for a heel-Mg.
Primary Weallera—The proles:tots Of
the Leber !Inform Tarty hold primary
meetings In the .InTuraht eloition ttlatricts
an eate rd ay, for the election of delegate. to
the County Convention which win aseembis
nutednuy next at the Court /louse.
little enthusiasm or excitement was'
developed, the elections proceeding quiatl7.
We nave not been favored With any returns.
Comlosh--kix. hoott, Wale( of Pollee, Lisa
teen credibly Informed that thleges front
both tile &went ' and • Western cities acte
making their arrangem menu to Ttatt this
hady g
cit durin Oho state Y. We thigh thc7
better star awnv. o I we bare tote of
of that alma of Inalroluals berg now then
eau be attendrd to properly.
fisrocb lby L ightning.—Dunne the
storm od.Frolay evening last, *ha barn of
Dlr. Thomas Kidd.; elthatect In Snowden`
bawostoo, wa* stannic by lothtnlng, and
took dra. The betiding. together with up*
wards of forte tone of limy and a /aryl*
OlUllllity Of WV, Wan COOSULLIOd.
Cbsepteror Robberies
-•••• • - • •
It appears from the number Of robberien
_,Saturday nicht and Sunday
morning that those who make their living
by knocking Donnie down and 'lining
thronghn their pocket. were Dec in force. —
Itfe, have hoard of no less than three sur
mogul robberlea end one attempt,- 'thief '
were committed between • the himre o
eleven o'clock Saturday night and daylight
hominy morning. The first is that Of lames
Flock, bagglgh Manter on the .WalPs Ad.
COMOiletlol2. rOrinerleitaf? railroad, which
occurred about eleven - o'clock Anturday
night. Mr. Fleck - wee coming down Want.
Ington street, and when new Webster, he
as armosted downee men, one of whom
, knocked him and the other kicked .
I him sereeral tinres abotit the bead am) face,
catung and_ ebbing him In a shocking
manner, and rendering him Inemulble for
a short time. Lin yeturtong to connelono.
nets he discovered that his pocket. Wok,
containing been
sefenty and eighty
dollar.i, had been taken,
Shortly allot Oaten o'clocll a nuke, whore
name were unable in attacked
downwo Men near the Elevator, and knocked .
by one of them, while the other took [
his pocket book, containing fOrty-five dol • t
late, sod a ys.b. , nbie gold watch, from Ws
• .
About one o'clock Sundat , morning
a [ranger, to ensiling Wong nigh ettent4 woe
mat by four men, knocked down and bit
pocket book; containing forty dollar., ob.
tdractedfrom bin pocket. •
Between one anti two o'clock on Sunday
morning anattempt was made by three
runlet,. to robe...lmm who wan parsing down
Wylie street. they caught blot at an alley
between High and Tunnel streets, Into
which they dragheri him , ehoking.him to
prevent him from making a note. The ap-
Proach of the poileaman malehm,
when they left their vtetlin and good
their escape, before !meinc accomplished
their purpose.
Ive intro heretofmn Minded e
nasality or an In c reas e In th p u c eforty,
and think froM Patent occurrences that
not only Alm welfare bf the cloy bet the
safety of Oho chicon. requires If. The men
aomposnig the present force are fella.
bin, ao far as we can learn, but the num
ber le ineutticient. it would rentore fully
double the present number to make any.
thing like en efecient force, anti It citizens
A.e In favor of it, and art willing .TA pay
the expense, we cannot nee the propriety
of tlOnnellu rah:dying It. •
Down on the Dietrich AUeeeee.
The Dispatch I. Oct of humor With CoL
Duff. the District Attorney. ,It says "for
iota° timeliest complaint(' hate boon no.
morons of the manner in which Minimum le
delayed in the Quarter &salons," and With
this Merge" proceedg ti rap tho District
attorney otter the knuckles frlr elercgard.
leg the arrangement, which prevailed ' in
former yens, "to hear the surety of the
peace case. ut the beginning of the Cann."
The Dispatch cello to lta old, in making np
Ise comaidahat, member. of the tar, and earn
they all "condemn the practioe In name.-
need terms." Judge blow. hi wren made to,
may "that he would uot alt there (On the'
beheld and eWe the public interests coffer or
the county peat to nneeceseary
doing all in hi , . power to prevent
it." thir uneasy neikhlior would hare the
Court, and members of dim bar, complain
log of "the practice of bringing onrth/
of the peace cases, and keeping lauds.
witnesees. Ito, altmg In the mean.
time," and succially tefele to the "fact
that ale/7 had been kept walling for Mule
ness several hours in the boT on hursday,"
fierier made ammo remarks for tits Donor,
the inmate/. says they had "the desired
effect." "The surety of the peace business
wan dropped h
, and tbejory, which bad been
lattle Idly lu the boa for no hour or better,
soon found wealth/cc to de." Jurors are
paid from the unumenceinut of the term.
might while thetr presence during last
nave been dlepenmat attn.!, view of
the Mermaid number of sorely eases, thin
isua matter with which the District attor
ney had nothing spulally to do. Tide offi
cer did meetly what' the Moue& charku
him with not doing, Me followed the cus
tom pursued In the Quarter Undone for at
least tea year* put,. by devetmg the Situ
• Wtek Of the pe ac eny tothermal ot
rarely of th maw. Thu Diatelt
trY again, "the dent lesson" will not
.Hnrgiara 11 0005 110111.
Officers °lane, %Trod, Seeright,
ton sad lirogan made e dicky hit yesterday
morning.rUhl captured John 31.arPhy. Fred.
Faulkner, William Paine and Sohn Harris.
four professionals, who have for a long
time been doing a thriving bustnese la
surtomt parts of the MAT, Ind In such a
manner as'to avonlldeteetiOn. About three
o'clock fundey ring Patsey nennet.
proprietor of a grocery store at N 0.14 High
a:roe.„• Informed °Meer (Rano that the
worthies above named were in his his store,
whereupon he. annsmpented by the Oiler 1
oftsers trientionat, repaired to the place,
and foetid his statement to be correct.
Monts thane sad tirogan went to the beet
door or the house while the ornery watched
the trout to . revent an C 15.1150 from that.
dlrectioa Weer. Wane Opened the back
door the thieves
off the so a
made a rush for the front door, but finding
It guarded. fastened It again and retired
Cr eate
tm:inter to Arndt
melds. A held was procured end the fond
door forced open, when the thieves were
discover.: lying behind the counter. The,
officers tookthem M charge and conducted
teem la the Jock-up, where they menthol
maul nine o'clock, when they had a bearing,.
and were committed for Court, it is not
known Low they: effected an entrance to
the house, as Patsey was too 05000snort:sod
to tell, but It is tbe opn of the °Moon
that they frt,rhtened Parser, woo Maur. in
the store, Into admitting them.
■ettiedlst Almost Con(
Crloxrowr, Ps,., Sep. 60, 11567
ratan tura , examoa.
Session 'opened with religious serstees .13
usual, called, minutes read and ap
Several Persona were Intraluokl and In
vital Co honorary seta.
BeVOCJI Committee* reported Scher.Ur
unduished reports,
• The hour of the day having attired,
It. Itou, Corresponding secret...! elm
stoner". Society. eddrereed the Conference
to en able manner, wiring, If possible, more
aid In carrying on that cepartment of the
On motion. a Committee tem appointed to
coneider the subject andreport tokonfer.
Committee: W. Collier, V. Luesa,
Jones, J. Beaman and V. S. Elliott, who
ruteednently reported that one halt of the
collection next Sabbath be given to the
board, arid that each Pastor make an effort
Ut cub alas appointments or hi:torch., In
eannber, to raPe tummy Inc that part:wee.
Committee on contention of young teen
for tad In preparing tor Ana Ministry. re
torted the name cf Y. T. Conoway aa wor
thy of itarlditnee. 1101.132 F meson; started
immediately for Adrian College.
DVDIVPION Acesidenl.
We heard the iolloi.lug particulars in to.
raid to an accident which In said to have
occurred yesterday forenoon about eleven
fetlock. A boy, whose name we were una
ble to learn, while M. 1.6 a skiff In the
Monongahela river, about the time men-
Maned, noticed a boy on the high ploy of
the Monongahela Bridge, who, In attempt.
log to ain Ids hat. had blown r,
lost hls re
ba g ltume, and was which
precipitated In o to
the river, a distanou of slaty feet, strlitit4l
Sgaillat the pier as no fell. lie Informed a
number of persons of the fact, and,
on repairing to the plat" they bound •
little cog there. which, It to eupposed, had
accompanied the boy. They wrote down
the facts as given by the boy wto had seen
the fall. and unglued it to the dogs
neck, espeetior him to carry it home,
and that manner Inform the parents of
the unfortunate boy of what had °marvel.
Search was mule for the holy, but without
merlons Accident.
tieorga A. Megiew, of Allegheny City,
President of the Allegheny Ureenry and
Prostalon Company, met with a notion. no.
cident yesin o laY, which for • time at
least, p tit him ,from attending to biz
business. .M. • was riding horseback.
and when shonen Penitentiary, ow Ohio
street., the ecame frightened at a
ear, and refused to pas. it. Mr. negrow at
tempted to force Inminset, we b r uisingared
and fell backward on his side, him
considerably about the bead and face, and
It Is Leered inflicting nivi3re Internal in Vi
Mr.. was taken to hie home and r.
Kirk beteg summoned, attended to Ida In-
Yranit Loring, a rcoldent of Tres Hill;
etanlo3,l at Miller , . grocery store, on 1.10.
arty atria, met with a scrioue accident ori
Pato:dry afternoon, Ile was engaged In
cutting sugar out of a barrel with a cOoPer's
sUr, with which ho struck Memel( On the
left wrist, hovering the radial artery, 004
cutting ball way through the bone. He
was taken to Dr. Childs' Mlle*, on Caen
amen, where his lit)erlos were Attended to.
Ile lost over a hint and a half of MOW
before the hemorrtmge could be abetted.
The Doctor 1141 the artery and Yesterday
Die Injured man was In a bar way to re.
m. sleigh Ids Came as William Weer%
committed ter trial on Saturday, by
Mayor hicilarthY, on b charge of steMlni
articles of clothing ROM W.L. Tem, mate of
the steamboat J, Team,
ldfchael Smith, of illatr minty, unpeared
before Mayor McharttlY, on listuruaY.
moused David Rodgers of Stealing from
him Um. dollars, whilst In drinking
saloon to the Dumbed On rtlea7 eTeelea,
The accused was locked up tor a hearing,
if:lltihdeorze.zutr falling to attrear at the
Coroner's Inewest.—Coranor Clawson
held an Intinest yesterday on the body of
Leal Hetasl. who died yest..dwr mwrlttnif.
from the effects ofa wound Indicted with a
Or iss h os w en n
ty t - h e e Lanhu ot Mos
which .ea - published it the tia
earia Of the ronowiee tisy. The Jar, ren
dered a yenllct. In arvonlencewith the
facts. Reedier Is In Jail. basins p ee n
mlffed by it•yo, m0rm0...• • c 0. .• of
felonious assault wad battery, He wall now.
have to answer a mare lettUnaeharlte.
al cultism of Possello.—A epecial meah
hog of the Select branch of the City flOnn
will be bent this evening et 73 o'OlOok-
A. full attendance of the members el 0.:
sired as businree of hhportance will bo
Drought before them. '
Th. Upon the reosalne or If ugh
'Stewart. allied at Graff S Bennett's renter
132 111. at Oirty'S Ben. on Imlay but, wtll he
concluded a% th e A4egbeny Mayor's Milne
tlas evening. • •
• First CU L" Motet
The St. James Hotel, No. 40;:ed 407 Liberty
street,. Same, H. Lanahan, pro,7rietor,
oinks among the first hotels in the a..7e.
Tee building is new, having been emoted
within the last year. and for comfort and
convenience is itecond to stone in the My.
It is situated on Liberty Street, nearly op-
Desna the Union Depot, having a Irma of
forty feet by ono hundred feet deep—a
brick building four stories high, with an
iron front. Oa the first door is the dining
rormt, kitchen, bar, baggage rooms hod
wash rooms. The dialog room 'is a very
commodious one, Otgion7lng one heir of the
drgt goer, being& hundred Ptyalin length by
=teen 11l Width, and is tarnished In a
ntauner uusu . rpagend in the city. The bar
Is also large nod cdramodiorua fitted np
regardless of expense, and•furnished with
the choicest wines and liquors. it is separa
ted from the dining room or a bait eight
loot In width, and in the rear of It are re
'epeetively the baggage room, wash remit,
and kitchen, seek of which are complete in
all their details. The dining room and bar
entered from the front, an Is also
the the ball separating them. In which Is
he stairway leading to the second story. At
the head of the stairway is the entrance to
he parlors, the ladies' on the right and the
gentlemen'S on the left, The ladies' parlor
is furnished superbly, yet. everythie, 1,, so
WW1:Illy arrange: that there is no appear.
Oof extravagance. The roars smear.-
d a g,h stresaejs carpet, while the (connate
mileage a 'linen mare rosewood plus,
f Koabe's mantitionture, a marble top can
, table, two reception or rocking ensirs,
* tote-atete, milot dorm, parlor chafe.
black sonnet, sofa casts. The gentlemen's
Parlor. on the left, Is (LUCA/111W II similar
style, excepting it is mono the piano, and
the f grannie to oak. Over the hall and be
ow Memo parlor. is a writing roomaitted
p with all the ntioessary paraphernalm,
xpresdy for the use of guests. which is
intered teem the gentlemen's parlor. In
, be rear of each parlor are
.n rooms, ' lateen feet square, the floors of which are
overel with gruesele carpet, and the fur.
hiture is of solid black Walnut, consisting
Of bedstead, di - miring bureau,
and choirs. Further ',long tho hall, and In
ihe rear of these, are the bathrooms, which
re suppllid with both hot and cold water,
nil urrmgeti for tither teller shower bath.
of them are eight bedrooms, all of
bleb are furnished In meth the same man
or as Mose described, with some sight
riatlons in the style of the faruitore, an,
waver, of the ve best enty.
' From the main hall on the e cond floor a
stairway leads to the third story. On ibis
door is a private Parlor frcuiting On Liberty
nineteen Weeping apartments.
The parlor is forniedied in the same style ea
the ladies' parlor 00 the, floor below, save
the piano. The sleeping apartments are
carpeted with the best quality of linglisn
marem earPet.aml the furniture is aillmild
walnut and of mociern style. While the
Imes are each eePPlied wrth a husk and
halt matress._
• .. • _
She leerth door la readied l y n flight or
stairs lending from the mein hall on the
third floor. and to point of arran,rennent,
furniture, 6c, Is the OWL counterpart of
the third floor.
.The building Is 000etractod with two
which ' ventilators In the center.
trom the surrounding rooms are
lighted and ventilated by windows openin
Into there. In this way even. room In the g
building, of which More are eeventy.eight,
have the advantage of a window. Every
room Is supplied with gna burners. and
seventeen of the sleeping eppertments are
arranged for firma
, The Hotel le conducted on the European
pls.u, and the restaurant connected with IL
Is open day and night. Mr. Lenehan, the
proprietor, perronall7 ariperlntends the
business, assisted by John O'Connor. Enth
these gattlemen are So well known In this
city ns to nee cl e r k . ecointnendation at
The °M c., situated at the
head of the doting room, is occupied by
Hugh Kelly and- hannral Christy, who are
bOth gentlemanly n
eve r sc:nomotinting Men,
and will be found attentive tO the
comfort of guests.. Behind the bdr the
smiltog countenance Of Adam Weigand, and
the pleasant o phian of Thomas Hogan. at*
always visible. The employees of the da,
awe seem are conneoua and attentive to
thu wants of customer.. From the cellar to'
the attic the house Is complete In all ite de
tails. and mightjustly be termed ttemddel
hotel of the city.
. As an evidence of ldr. Lei:shen'. .
to "run a hotel," It is only necessary to re
fer to his sake.. to the business daring the
past fott , tzenf& l where w find not only
T . . n r/e y_era c ' ho ti i . T r tr ' yo t Z e igi
man, b w e:n b lue prem. and by t his
try and attollttoll tO buatneaa Dna gateed
reagreurge n g e w or d:an:7lr g. Aral
lot on Wlfialt Ms) new building stands be
untetussati to: 1110,002. The building on,
erected at a:cost l ot sso,coo, and the furni
ture cost iati,ok.
To be, or motto he—that's the questkesi
Whether to 'suffer with mental &nimble,
Feverish tips, cracking pains, dyspeptic
agonies. . •
OrU nameless bodily sniferingi
.whether, with sudden dash.
Siete a bottle of P1,111,1'10, BITTMA.
And, as Gunther swears, he myself a man
Again. t
Gunther said my eyes.Weremdlow, .
St. visage tomgard, my breath treMendoui
Sty disposition troublesome—la tact,
Ge gently hinted I was last becoming
Unite a mitssams.
Your bottles I now beneath my vest have
Ity food has relish. my appetite is /men.
lly step Manta, my 01(12d oriWant, and
Nine pounds, avolrdopoiss, braided to my
Mee nozu delightful tollet otr•
tlele—superior to Cologne ermihelf the
Mice. arlf/aWN
sn eW mpia d,PlMldlear Nada Water at Z. T
later% .yo:; ,t 3 reams'
rola Palesialass Largo Maros under
Me Bo
ni non
that y got things cheaper.
blz snstage, as you will find at No. llh
Federal acme;
time following article, as
cheap as at my house In ei th er city. Spiced
Salmon, Pickled Oystent sad onago hu
malade, Lohman, Spiced Omen. Preali
Com Oysters, Ones Oil, Cross and Black.
well's famous Pickles and Mosta., Kash.
1 . 00171 and Walnut Catsup. Stash El no apples,
Chinese Binger, 'tamarinds, fiardMes,
Preach huststrd, Plnest Bordeaux Pmoes
Souses, Condensed Milk, Extract of Beef:
Chocolates, very fine, Cream Bonbons.
Cream Candlea, Mixed Candles, hots, Sc,
to. G. Buses
No. lit Federal street, Allegileh.L
Houses and Lola to . 4 1leettesur City.
—Thle day at 2 oolock .. on Iho prOml
e,te. No. isenterey et will be sold at
auction the total ground having a front of
twenty foot and emending back. one hum ,
tired and ten feet to a nineteen feet alloy,
on wnich is erected a two a Lou brick fl
house of seven rooms, pantry, cellar,
Sc., and a amaller.dwelllne on the roar of
the lot. Also, a lot adJointng the above, on
which Is a dwelling house of form rooms.
See advertieement of Smithson, Palmer S
Co. C, Auctioneers.
(4estie at 44.02M1111)1. P.looll.—Tdr.
aotb, No.
crue of
the pioneers 20 the bodt man ahoe tie" of
this city. has on bend a base and fashiona
ble stockof boots.shotsaand getters which he
offers to the public at very reesonableprices.
It win be remembered that the aseortment
found hero le not from Eastern auction
houses but has been selected direct Mtn
manufacturers who deal in Cobb articles as
will prove serviceable and durable. Call
n end nee for yourselves.
OPetalsw—Now Tallsetoetta.—
ramie., September MM. and during toe
week, Of the choicest dross goads ttrer
shown in this city. Auortmeot Urge
waled, 10 plain, stripe, plaid, chaise, heavy
and beautiful, cane be aeon on the west
cornet of Market. and /math streets.
at Garth:tees ottly place nrbrudnere. to-
gather with the cheapest stook of general
domestic goods in the city.
Gaansau A lirstrawr.
GO Market strut, comer of Fourth, west
aide. Et*
To Conitry igereltianta.—Yonr atten
tion Is Called to the wholesale and retell
groetwy atom of Arthur Kirk, Noe. 172 and'
, 174 federal street . Allegheny, lust the place
to boY for
groceries. Mr. has Lulli.
tins for baying that enables him to sell to
retail merchants at a agora than
other hoesolothe two lower
eltles. Ye keep s. n
all times all abuts of groeerles, and will ho
pleased to LTA . . intrtles
,atiO. examine
h ligo p . " r i i:Os
1 1 :t p tl 4
Federal street, Allegheny City, strie •
We sell Dry Goode both at wholesale
to k and aro, u COElSKtleuct, en.
staleeep laxges and mach better /st
emmed. Istoolc, to mall cheaper, And giro the
R. 0411 In more accommodating quansltles
thatiesolnattejohbing houses. Retail met
.obAnta are Milted to cramlne oar clock.
- J. W. Baena. lt Cs".%,
• • • • 00 Market street
lejounte4 etelr
-eats— c i sy --, rrihmotatOnl!"%l l° ,r,ll . . ue r t. b, 7
„. 3 wet lc, s.
Illog 'louse and Lot. corner of llama,
mn and elislgwict strans 800 adYnttl
Mont Of Smithson, Palmnitt (k.. • • •
To Allegbenleaa—arthur Urn, Whole.
gale and retell Grouer, Noe. 172 and 174 fed
eral etreet, LIU rercived one of the beet
Blocks of groceries over brought to the city,
that win be sold lower than at any house th
the atty.'• rew:*
To Tomlllol.—Go to Arthur /Uri'. Grin
ftry otoro, N 00.174 and 171 rededul Strout,
rot stock Mag. OUT. Call end eon for ford
salvos. • no:.
The Meteors Votrteotie.—. Tou'ro
duct tucking mat,. ma • hozooomr manl to the
neglected teeth. oWe Meal moon improve.
under your auspices,. ma the negleclAld
tooth Uld to 8020DOET. - raw%
Illossedblog Pyr'ss—The Tess, Coffees,
.itidarstePtres, at Kirk's Wooers
tore. Nos. 172=4 11l Federal etreeL,
• bony, are warntsted to be the eet7 best to
he butrSet, Veal sad get =lce 11111.
chirp glreeorloa.—For cheap Groceries
arid oomotatag good, go to Arthur Eirkh
ilrocory Atom Not 172am:117i Federal rtreet,
Allegan:it cat.
1m Ear, Throat, Loam Otani Mr.
easosa, and Catarrh. a unmorally trotted
by Dr. A bora, thacolthlairl street. A boot
by taall BO coats.
tilt to FIAITMI.r. Drag Steve, NO. SS
Market street, to got Para North thwallna
Tar, at the lowest prices. . • .
Go lo Iletoters DIM( Neore. No. rl4:
tdarket etreet, for the beet 010. Rye Whhilty
In the city, at the lowest prices.
Go to Fiembog's Drag Moro;
tenet Won, Mt the bun Gin lit
Um city,
as p ig . .Nedwilbss Mott. W•Ser at T.
itr.w.;:o.sliore. rodaral meal;
• ides aatet. eoalalatag TELILII4I2IS OM.
TfeC4 et Mien:Mar readlameeter. h.d.dth ir
je.dtt r .. E i, d 1401ta4: u, , Wan ters.. 74
tat 7 SeZra t ra
4 ,
. and Mtn sad won tenable • Ma..
dal Commercial • Karket arperia styes ~,
any 7ln the ray. leo Palmer. Meta.l4or
/defe.baat alioald be wllluart It.
tarn FOR rill IflaNfa aarartm.
e eateer1ber................—.........i.5.a,
Cie of r1re........................--.. L.a&.
—And aa ow of rape; ao th e puma seals*
MP /Medea. AdeN4estos to elute aaa tetrads et
aa7 mac, at. nab MU. \
11 0143 rciestramars.e—ls srdsrls• TM
PaPa4l be rare sad neat/ alai edltlon yea
want, ia we lam a Wolaeiday SAM* far .." a
anibela baring bat ea. matt a week.. .
idr/lloare 07 Draft, Itatiresa, None , Wmy
or la ItedlataxadLetlars, mil be aeae .4 er.slak,
Address. GlAZdril.l.
r171413118(111, Ilessi..
DI • anne.2.—James Rodgers. charred
an ost4. or tared Renter with larceny. hid
shearing before Mayer McCarthy B•turd,LY
anent . Homo charred In th e Inform.. UM wnn
tn ,1 eaDng Ordeals collars from
t tallr ~,t or, hot at the hearing the ell
dncee alter to establish the fact, and the Te;.l discharged.
A OJoiirmri !ittia—Ar dotirable lot io» relitAMM carom of Hamilton
al Alia&M.7 01 ' 7 . ‘l
auctinti qay, tame o k on
the ormaince. au. pnlitma•Term, eaq.
For partkmlare a0 . 12:1-kaittakt In 4...-
thin r•tioni. boiltbAork, Palmer t Om•
knot:. mama.
at Auction This Lisesilms.—.At
Fifth IMO Auction Rooms, M mut Si Fifth
street. at 7.4 o'clock, will be sold it irehota ,
assorts:milt of table awl pocket out)ary,
row winches, Jewelry, clothing
bats col notlims. Smithson, Twiner Co, &
florenali of Dol'rms.—The fluid order
In the matter or the Ineorporatlon of the
80-roma! of Bellevue, formed cot of a por
t:on of Rom formable, ame roado_ by the.
Court on Seturlsy. and It Waco for Wong
the o:ectlon In October deadgaated.
drAdd itioeaLl Local NOVI'S es
Tided 'Page.
Sotordarmonshie, MUSLIM
DAVIS, la the &Us Dar of hie ate.
Funeral Tots ar ozaitoorr. at 2 o'Coek, Dom
the residence or his Day. Than.
Crompton. ho. 171 liaisdaiky sorest. ASesh”7.
STE.' hwe„--Os /olds,. Se otembersie,
HUGH BiZOO Ala. a, Walls, of Cisatitj Lorry.
liet.E. In the 0.10 yesia of bit see.
- - ---
A 14E4,. 11: 1 111DERTAKEll,
••-•• zeePotunt gm**.
ournio of all kladafolldr74 01/latalltl, sal
cram desalt/oOn Punlallnar acacia
funtalud. Boomsopened davandlaladal.' Hum
and Cusluee funlabo4. ! '
Szrxworcss—liew. Davta Su* D. D.. • 2 .1 ,
X. W. Jakcabtu., D.D.,Fhasua Swl4Jt. 244.. Js
cab K. =Ler. 'so..
J • au AND 21111A1.M29, mersisar .b tao
late Samuel S.'artatacrA No. 99 Uwe gm'esrt.,
tmag doers .rant Bearer./ lloateag MT. 04.
MI/M. Smar.aad• ilaamisrat. iralaal.d La*
•004 Italtntaa Cog.. at the toren regnae
rota :L am at all hears, day and item.
tisane snot Can-Wm IhrahMad on agartgaMmi
Lad oa most reasonaNc terms.
ED ADD I[oll..
DEBT/XL/S. Unice. SI i 4 Osuc. elTalms.
Allegheny. Y.YIU , Boasworel rod other Cog.
Ans. with • cozonlete stock of Innerst Ar•lenhug
goods on hand, end r.rnnhed se_ aborted% tiotke%
at leant Tata. We sad Myer. Cable.. toe.
Ile/ Of ints,ll.lrD MUM.. err. art. Canty!!.. Hammett.; Boogies, saw. Hons.. Ito, M 0....
for tdre.
STEWART . , :Undertaker,
corner of MIMS sad ,Z2ftir STBSILTe.
Ninth Ward. Geghtil of all kinds. Beall cad
Uarrlsres tarnished cut the geortart
—A. I. HAMMER, at ter Cal:palmy Eat.;
awn. .
• INlCAlifigiri.
or.olhithedthc peetthe Anne:frill here-.
ell& condort the eeatheth. of Jewelers suet
he, GS Tithe wee!,der she nett:, .
thd style of DUOISZATIZ&. un T,
.I.thfll.62at Tll &
Jewelers and', Optieians,-.
soatehmanee of tite public pktrontyte hlth-
One to imarfod the am, of On.
neath & Co.. tad ILutett;& respestfhlty
solicited. h .anihsait
JAMES' t.-0017,
anicomuouTo aoluirrow soarro •
=muss:Rm. rag'
Ali L 11131177 ur., P/TTIBURBEI.
.—Particular attaallon giTOR to reps tir.
Clocka and Jewth.l. -
Fine removed Code. 1311 virut WeaICICT.
17 :Is r elaTe ` &7:lll I:I . "'
1 " .
Whet OM be made to order In the meet styltsb
x ti ;elf= tWae " l4 Va;
ban be sold on very ressonallo terms.
• _
B. 15M1T.11. Merchant Tenor.
No. 95 WYLIE IMBISSP. Gir. at Federal.
r.i..AigiTW Fi ;TAO
Adulterations ars used •
• • .
awl LEAD, ;- - MUMS&
Tali!. ALBA,
Are Among tbe • AdollieracZoe ' s OWL
utecture none but paten:, MAL MORI.
$500:00 REWARD
Por,mrf aftolforatl.
paococe of Pore flyless oral to AA lsr SA tbsyy
portage[ of odelteratod Braces mashy *do.
NOME I:I3IILASEV-11164111221
Weals inters ed hopridara ¢hn kite IGtb
V 2. and 224 Liberty Street,
• rrnssuseu. PL.
fry • poaud of oar prl.l. Rafted UFO ROOND
Ecoreid.z, Tyht,tractogos.
amnia Li than any Coffey sz..men7l4,-
BEOLDIRG LOTS. 9W* slOuito 0:nUne9.994
1 .r 9 9V.4 94 9.19199 19 . 0,9999 nm re*Monce of
Col. H. Heatllona. =wig are tG m oei
able tali for anetry mideitsts In LawietioNnill..4
for Ana views, aa:. pan Apt be eiselled..
Scannas es. 7
lazialte of
LIML a aliOrlitiZT.
Real Enate .1144 /manse, dant,.
F OR SALE—That houaSsotas
.0 win o.lratoe hTOKT BMOC;
Dwytt.iNti xemble. Matte 4 .v :rot
street, /Inver.. This hense L eithatial oa
ue of ate bindsamest etre* n in ilttfehrith.
d now abate for SL This proPanbY 1 ..11
worth the attention of thin evekiss • • nibe
ho . tne. blaL LIIHUTTHIILY, Heal Z.tatdaall
Mu.. Aireats, Bathe etre.,
lathe. Lewreat.lllo. • - • • • '
• lio . ward's Livery 64ible,
PIRST 6711X1T. amnosonsalle*Hom.
Ono WHOM, Wry
( tile $0 dnve: ~ 11Lp2,
low. Bonet boagoo mot onlc ooiazoloston.
l'nwisal E altare BiamaUturers
at a t r ist7w , of ruairrtrasoout.r,ll
Beale. efleas Mal ltielinf rel.
rim 0 rol7ll‘ll7lerszer.
Iletvreta Lltmrlysett Yu.i
thew pretnetly attended te. name:,
ourms, BE E& CO, ,
Artzttn• Cotten Mils, FS abarsy,
Zomututs ten of !GIANT. KEINLIM A' WONT
Choice Wines and Liquors,
1w es% g. Cot. 01110 IT. AAD DILMO?/D.
_ .
nolVieleero andlllie Cws Rion biro Lite awkin.
117.' 1° ' F" 3 Pa gEt ).1: b
war Linens .tipet. to. kOr TII