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th• city dozing the mama ataiths
the can nave the Gamma maned to their
Rattrap,. by *reams the same at the onion,
torlnteen mate per reek for me 'week Co
Gan. Lail is rustlesting .the Ohio
White Eltilphar Springs: Ho attracts
considerate attention.
• • A. enAltrranut citizen ofe , einclnuati
mites a plea In behalf of the felines of
that city dying for
who, ho-says,e
.. are-dying
want of ca .
Tar death of Ron. Daeld it. Porter,
ex-Cloternor of Pennsylvania, to IS ,
ntnuiced u ' ving occurred at Harris
burg, yesterday. .
Ttht Republicans of Lancaster &ratty
have adopted the "Crawford County tlyw . ,
tern" of making nominations Lil t happy
dellutrance Cram the cam= AM. •
Watts* Wmusers, an old and re
spectable •iatizcat of dump
.yeased yell mysteriously some few dips
ago, Witte lbOgelbe hes 'been foolly
Lis intention! upon Rome, and mill dr
ttodAtinntil each time
*May deem it expedient to push his mover
went to a weoassial end. ,
Tug execution Of AT..Amnion has ac-
c tupi hehtleafouegoodremitlnEu
rope. It is reported that so soon as
PrancisAsteph heard of the execution of
the Mail= Empercir he 'foxed' never
again to sign a.deathwarratd. - •
Dn. HiIIIM SHAM, U. 8. IMO TsitonY.
writes to us from Pensacola, Floridi, to
say that Burs 3L Maass, private ma-
tine, aged twitati years, whoao Parente
reside In the sicirdty of Filishurgh, died
on board that veinal at Veri Cris,
Mexico, df consumotton, , on the 6th of
June lut ; Farther ruuticulara may be
ascertained by addressing the Doctor at
once; at Pealacola.
. Tan President alleges that the recom
mendation for commutation, of lie-Mence
attactiCd io the finding 'Of tisi Military
Consnuesion In the case - of Mrs. StltrAtt
'iris not 'attached to The document nisi
he approved it, but was aubseffliantly
sued.. 'lids idateraint .is ccirrabonatil
in the fact that Bern -Pittman, in. =king
ny his book, failed to discover the re
corniteruistioi,itithongti be users
4 - all 'We - pipers, and copied the aver.
went which now bears the plea for dem•
racy on an extra page. •
Tam .Mingammen MOVAL of Agee.
Sheridan occasions much excitement in
.New Orleans. The rebel', who rave
lien turning heaven and earth for his
displacement from Mika, highly de
lightedwith the determination of the
President, while the trelein meneintest
ly protest againstUny change. The lat
ter will - a _grand masa melting
today to entera fennel - protest against
'lbe threatened lanovid of Sheridan, In
wham they, . l common with the loyal
=uses Mu:inherit the eat* cottotnr,
CIACINSAIT la not the slowest of
Western cities. She rejoices in the pos
*l6* of , a number of professional
"domain" whci . are busily occupied in
teacidiig little girls Sic mysterious art
'of plekhig pockets. The little once taut
polled on The etreets and fottow
dies into atonal to ciamito their IrCK3IIOII..
Quite recently a young lady, walking
along the amid, was startled by being
pushed againat, inn very roughsoanner ,
by. Ma of these little =fortunate": The
, childliorked with 'rather clumsy fingers,
for the young lady immediately detected
the little digits In her pocket. She
I*i:width; lutildha - it waririthitrairn,
tightly. grasping the poCket, bxdc, but
being fully as sweet,in dleposition as in
face, and entirely- generatukaad fargir
, ins, she allowed the child to 'escape sf
- ter annteaderintt the wallet.
Term New York Gasettif in illustrating
benetite to be derived from judicious
and liberal advertising cites the pumper-
Ural!". Helnabold, the druggist, whose
name is familiar to all readers of news-
Net many-yams ago he started In
business on O. He bee nude the art
of advertising the study of his life,% and
owes his success to printer's ink. The
• drat year he came to - N em York, besides
the great *mounts be expended on other
newapapers, he paid f 33,000 to three
leading New Tork,dst Iw. Last year be
expended on newspapers 4214,000, - and
.• over 4100,000 In posters, pampitlasietr-,
-knowing that be would thereby attar
lisp a trade and reputation which would
extend through years, but not dreaming
that he would make any moudytbamme
year. So . quick sod so Bare, however,
are the Murex from Indians - 'Overdo
lug. that his receipts for that year ex
' °need his eapenditures by; about $15,-
. 000. The more money a badness man
expends In advertising * the More likely
he Is to get many fold 1t return, Is& fact
Which nobody can'deny.
-In 'May,: iscll, a company of Iron=,
workers wastvganized on the co-opera- I
... - SimiprincipleatALUanee,Ohlo, with too,-
': sue capital. -This bail sincebeendoubletL
.: - The work-shops, which cover Unto acres
Wrg d, eoun cost - 1140 000, nisi the'residne
of the capital is emeoyed In the business,
under the superin tideues of Mr. Rich%
.ard Jenkins. The company elnploys 100
men, who earl work from 12,000 to 20,000
: tuna of iron per month. The speciality
ef tht, Alliance roll n Fete Is re-rolling
rattinvid iron, and 'coal-short iron' which
is akin to steel in hardness and durabil
ity. Another factln oinneet ion with this
wad wittabilahment la of great interest
sna bi ziwkii whistles. for the enterprise,
11 ty'and mend judgment' of the
mil:sena of Al.Uatme. When Mr. Jones
- ProPesol the erection of the works, the
...torsions, the company eight acres of
land soiomo. to the town, and on the
line of - - the' Pier elanll and Pittsburgh
' Railway, and added to. this MiPOU In
mai, as a bonny to the enterprise:
--There bee WAY beet' diecovered on
the farm'of John ft. Lyon, in the north
ern part Of the town of Edinburg, Sara
t^ga county, E. Y., a valuable bed. of
Iron ore, known as the red hematite ore.
For loom lime before it hod been known
that there watt some kind of mineral de
limit there, bush was not known what
the mineral woe until recently.' Mr.
Lyon procured the services of a - comp.
bent geologist to make a enmity, and he
prOentaxMed it hen' ore of an excellent ,
quality. He made a careful survey and 1
eithmaticat of the ammtnt. and In hts re
port rasa there not teen than &o,nto
tam ofore. The farm heswithln twenty
miles of the Addrondee Railroad, and
only six or sevatitnlles firm the survey
of the Schenectady. and Ogdoneburg
mad.. A promineM iron company of
Troy mo negodating for the property.
—The arrival of the Sultan In Pmis
^ Rave rho to many amen:lota in Welt - pent.
• • Among them is ono to this erect' 3f .
Leopold do Eleyer,the pianist, was mill
upon to play . before. Abdul •Atrizi • In,
order that no tojury might be done to
the beautiful mosaic floor the plum was'
placed on the hacks of jive Turlon Hum
when hi. de Meyer desired to tilt down,
~.''he was told that no one wax pervaded to
be seated in - the pretence or thehultan.
- Finally this difficulty was got over; and
• the profttor alma accommodated with a
chair. • The Sultan expreased himself as
Nie t tl en . deaZitt:pittut3l4=nwrce.
During the month - or ,Inne, and up
.t,ci the 96th of July, la:manly-nine bulld•
tog permits have bean granted at St:
Lmds, an *damn °miter a gig),ooolmlld
ham one,
15000 41re e, 400
00; one, SO,-
otnOneiZegO:Uwe .V-,000;n1ne,510,04
'dm All. Me new'rm:tures, even one,
'pat down at the sma ll wet or ;500, aro
built otbriacws
• .
. ..
. .
. . .
... . .
nkis.n. , . ..
. .. . . , ... .
. .
: .:- -• • .' • .. ..:) -
• , 1,,, ~, ,-,,,,,,,. „ ~, ,„„„ ~„,..., - 4 .
..,,t .
, .
. . _._ •
...,.- , : , N , „' 4,.• "'
~ . . . __,...:.•,-,
_ ,, ,, , z , ., , % . 4.A.,,,,, /..„.........--,-, • f -.. .."..,..,70I N ~,,,.• : •
, ~,,,,,,... :•,,,,-",. ' -,,,-----_---...-.:..-?, , ..4PX,;_,.., •-•••---' "--
... • ••'
„I' , .' ' ,• : •.:'•
'4 , 0,32 , 1r.J.V.:15 •,- ..C....--14 "":;--,;1 , / ' 7 " . "r°''' :' '
t y t
. 1
.. . . •
\ ,\ ,
,-.. :..:,-.? ”r ..,.\ 'y ,.. • t i
~ _ -. -:'_ .•-•,,,,,...
,"tis _ • 1
. - .. „ ..
1- /'1 1 . _
,: . -- -- :-. 7---- ;;_,.7,--- , __:.7:..4. -'."-.. .:
~,. . ..,.., . _ .___---- -_--.
• ---___
- - ---- ----- -----'— ' -`"' ---- -14 , -,..--._ -.,---:-.._ 4 3. ,
..,.. . ,I. ~,
. . . . . • ,-,........,-_- .• .., __/____—__,_;,......,,,
—Daniel • is reported to have
made 4600,000 In Erte speculations last
The Now York Era Rap. that Thor
-low Wood lam applied for admisdan to
the Masonic order. • -
—Adrertialng fora wire, saya a cotem
pointy, la Just as absurd at h would be
lo geLmeasured for an umbrella,
- -TlMk'reurh actress, DlJezet, to eon,
log to' Now York. She is seventy-five
years old, and playa young and scirlish.
—A red cedar poet 6 standing In sits
ran, N. Which it not - at all decayed.
though It Arm punt' Its prevent • pc:Alden
In 1749--118 years ago.' •
--Votenet Win. Gilpin, hinetily (;°"'
not of planate Tertitory, ht one of the
the wealthiest men in the west, hnrilg
recently nold..'n tract of land for
, .
—The English Consular service costs
Staopo,, In gold, annually. The Con
autos staff comprise. ttl, Consuls Goner--
abh and 60 Vies *WWI, = mkraccna,
chaplain, ant law <larks. - '
—There in ruin in Netriairk-
Port, 'Mau. which dents the oanatiblee
It' was pla ted •in the acumen-stone 'of a
brink building JO' - Wcial;_ is
11112. The sweet* very tight.
• -
—The (owels.loner. appointed to se=
tent a site teethe sew lunatic asyhttn fbr
Ohio, hero chosen Athens, -Hccking
county, and flee work of eroding humid..
bags, ur to be xpeedlij , placed n ! er ace-,
. . . .
Pr. Y., .Journat of Onanaccey,
last Friday, neknotriedm the receipt or
new ripe ram from 'Georgia. The' ears
are abounkirteen lathes fn length, and
of a propMflonal diameter, all bright
.4...rew York paper - saya ant .the
:d Ls of -11nrandrIs Is. stopping at
Delmonico's- In New Tort with. two
daughters, and that their Mad' bill is
f er week. They mast. be, great
—PhllaSelphla Is grossing ate.tulily.
Since January one 'thousand. fenr
hundred ind ninety permits lor the efecs
Lion of new buildligs have been talus(
out. Of thews three hundred and (bay
-000 were taken out in July,.
couPle of termites, whit., it is stated,
have long been a source of annoyanee to
cations of Lafayette, Ind., were horse,:
whipped `in that city , lest SaturdaY
night by 'a watebso'sn. The pollee are
all members of the Democratic party.
i4iis Biwa, Jr., atthe
!t otal
of death hbs residence in -Bridgeport,-
Connecticut, lie is attended by his
ftnitifDroektyn„ quid
Dr. Hubbard, of bridgeport. They pro
nounce his dialady .Illrigkr• disease.
Justke Chase paid a visit
to Fresbniels; 'Md., a few - de...Ye - 814w-,
and while there expressed .the 'belief
that Congress will be pnrsapt insltotdiug
relief to the loyal men of Marybsnd,. ba
it convenes in :November."
-A suithas been entered emit:l2l,par,
ties alSetauket, LA, for violating the
law_DY:making hay on Sunday.. One of
the cases is aggravated by the filet that a
mowing machine was....ddspn, with its
almost Intolerable nbise, undet the'
Church vlndow duct .7 service. ,
_ „
—A young, lady at Brturi, — ite.eting
pa lytng• on the .- 151ftettt on Sst:.
urday, stooped to pickit nporbett amen
Mending near • Wished Si:award, -.rudely•
pushed her away, and at the sumo instant
snatched her watch and • porternenriale
contabalngol6o, and made klaesearts:' , '; •
is -rumored, • says .the Chicago
Tribune, that a Dianftgers Protective As
sociation ban been formed by' the - Maim
gers ofthe theatres in Chicago, St. tents
Cincinnati, Northville,: Memphis and
hfilwankee; - one of the planks -ot. the
platform of, which is not to patronlas,
any star Who may appear in the Op*
Howe of that city. • ,
—A On' RI . nun ha'a been =in.'
TOT a monument to tienerel Lyon." Cart
eret Sherman thought that the begmbn
lament would be a college at Springfield,
Missouri. The St. Lode Democrat sec
onds the suggestion, and urges the trnrut
fer of •the monument fund-to tide put-,
rawv.. Jr - chins. nf_epritninald offers to
endow one PteLMUranlp. •
- —The Ltwonla Democrat says there are
2,47 islande In lake Wtortlph=
though the number Is generally
at :SIN one for malt day in the year- One
of them contains more than 1,000 .ueres,
tremor° than 500 acres, six more than
Nir mires, - twenty-three more, than- 10
serfs, and two hundredend .tweety4dx
lan than tan mares. •Dirlauce round the
Lake Isla:lmile.
—The Omaha Reps blitsen says not Itas
then tine' thousand buildings, of all
classes", will he erected In. that, city, this
year. itiays the river eatamereeStlis e
than quadrupled within a single v eer.
Added: to Ale, the trains of the ChLogo
and Northweatern Railroad have hrtmght
directly from the East nearly. or quite as
much general merchandise as wan im
ported by all the clismnels in ISM.
Megalith:hi Aseipar - SitysAhat a
farmer living near Carlin's Spring, has
on his farm a twin cal/with' ahead eon
tairdng four eyes and three jaws lathe
centre Lot Its forehead le a large socket
with two perfect eyes; also It has an eye
on each Ode of.lts head. The three Jewe
are arranged in a row about the lower
end of the head, each one containing s
topigne. The calf la growing finely.
mate is not remarkable In its conetthe-
—Some adventurous spirits have been
indttlgirig in sitteer auluatis sports on the
Hudson, near Troy. , Three men raced
across the river in wash tubs, for • stake
only large enough to make the game In
tweeting. and two of them were upset.
Another raw wan between blirstarrdwl
boatmen in rikiffei, from the shore to an
island In the riser. brie of the c00t...-
tants ran Into the shore a mile below on
the same. side from witleh he bad
=At a Leaden dinner the other 'day,
the kcultan made a short speecb,in which,
among (ghee thlop, he delivered Edniuwl 1
of the sentiment that it woe his desire to
establish. among his own subjects of
every raw, as well as between them and
other nations, ' that feeling of brother
hood which is the foundation of human
progree and the glory of nor age." All
this sounds like keen earmom directed
against the' etlutologiost. yrutostrser
—A • company has been foimeti " In
}ranee with a capital of :I 000,000 r.,
search . for - the three .spanlsbv galleons
,whlch were sank by the Itiglish fleet at
thecornmencement of the last century.,
The'galleans In question ware troinng
from Aiello() and had' on bbard about
philtres. They are still at the
bottom of the sek,..and several • anemias
to Anne at theitesoutto have falkid• Pow
erful machinery is being constructed at
. . .
—The New . f'o'rk Time. remarks:
Though there are attlus time an unpre
cedented number of houses, and floors,
end apartments to. rant in the city, we
are pleased to hear that building is more
active than it has ordinarily bean for
some years past. It was brisk in the
Spring, but material, nun ha brick. and
lumber, is cheaper now than then, and
eonsequently.thero. is more enoompge
ment for operations on the part of cop!.
WAS arld the .:milers Of rest estate. .
—Thaqnstnt old wooden fronted Isolates
near ; the palace of the Illehop.of.Jlere
tbrd,' Where ”Nelt Gwynne" wet( bom
and peed, has been entirely 'swept away.
Every vtaltot to Hereford need to call to
see it, but It hati:parrati obnovitins to an
eeclestrashcal dignitary, and has been In
eonsegtieneo entirely demollehed. The
house wee pretty, Jilted in with otutiot
old wooden pilots, and In the time of King .
Chariee, lacing ea It, dale plesaystat bank
sloping -down to the rivet . must have
.been 11 charming home. -
—A Wilmington, (lel.), paper related
that Jeremiah Ayres,' oriels Ist Delatvare
regiment who was a grilse= at Ander
sonville been sulfuring:4pin
position 'for nearly a year, and was Aim
ed with vomiting , a feW days ism 'when
he threw up a ball about as large as a"
robin's'. egg, and on breakingit, found
to consist oorn hulls, which must ,
collected while be was lathe retie)
on pen.' He was much rellevedalter the
expulsion-of substepice,, awl
health is now improving.,
—When a ocruntarfelt 4/11 presented at
.the Bank of England, the gold In.
Fanny - paid for it. if It comes from
some known person he Is only asked
where he got it. if from a 'stranger, the
cainder email, to his detective,. alatart
In winking, and themilicor follows secret
ly. Before many beam the bank Is Ist'
On of the Istrangef's W
. ipe phy.
=ender once arreited, . likely to be
trued, convicted, and:sentenced within
two days; wherefore Great Britain Is not I
en inviting field for that branch off's,
—Air. Lowe, 1%1. P., In a speech lu the
Offittwoe,. Orating- tho new.
reform hilt spoke thus - or educating the
people ::+. "That whole question has now
completely changed. All. the opinions 3.
held on the subject 'Vara born 'siadtered .
to the winds by this measure'br the gov
arm:tent aroak,froin the notion of
forcing education *upon the people, but
now ILelleve .it will lie, absolutely
- necessary that you/die:lli prevail on our ,
lotus niastani to..leii* , their lettOrs."-
"Jeas so," Mr. Lowe,' :Education is the
iirstalbecessity of tree institutions. ,
— orE
(Hz .141.[VAPh.14 tee riti4Arth GASeite.l
1.0x06e, August G.—A balmy rain storm le
iwevalling throughout Englend.
LONDON. ARR. tho House
of Lerds last night stnendlnent to the
Heforme bill. increasing the bests of lodger
franellise from tan lentods to fifteen pounds
Per enunin: lefl Nteeted.
Bofors adjourning, the House of Lords
sewed topes the reform bpi to its third
reed ing ll=C A hL
.L 9 "4 , • AVU oll •lttqinandaff•—, Adtaata.Vt
telt - albeit; from Ykiryalontlf . reportthaf the
nntlah captives In that ananDy Are DO
banger In the handl of the Illeg.
• !!If.ffrm
The Brighton races einitonabea ba-day.
The /Int rue; for the Inenplal stakes, tram
non by Troceders. Tan dinburgh came in
second. The Met owe vu, for the ItotheJ
chihretakin. and was Wan q.nty.
titer sewed, Saudevill third ?:
• Losnos, Angnst 6—Mideight—ln the
Uonse of C,omeavos, toosistn, Lord Stanley,
snoretary of State for forelon ninths, MO-
Uthst tn . inhoty. to the Warm, before the
Stogie „of the *satin; the torgeopsth4ence
*blob passed between tho Uritieh flniern.
meet and the United Stela In marl{ t0 . .14:
Alabsms and elf other documents
beektnit 0* thernah : •
In the !louse of Lords' tpi Ileferm
Ira, read the I.ldtd,trate sad *eased.
it is onliniallystatigl th atign contracts for
carrying ttoi BritOh inaLts lies York at
the airliation of tire' Canafal contract. aro
,open tO all bidders; ships will
Care the innfarOnos.'
..ram u•ainsL.oux Noltrasirr ♦altxeT ilbxx
navaastol • •,
A iL0.,14.. Analog 4,—tlarlbeldt Mu come
to the' cantittiaa that, L ai...Wm - Ma 'all the
ciummstaaoca, It I but to atouldon, for the
present, the movement agilnet Rome. The
voltddnera'ablab bid Delete to collect from'
WI P.nn of Italy, and which bad already
invaded the • "anal territory at various
P /A.°4 l`" ' 4l3 Pttivin,? ,o 4 the. ~osemeot
edit piritted wadi aveat'actiVity, Gari.
rale tdravelf vanraming ;Ns firm belief m
enceesa. .'
lIIIT rem
ranm,.Atitist e —The name of Bas o 0
DepoiUmbis Vries
ken of to connection with the, Papacy. It
le said his thence ea' the summate . of Phu
ll.Att Um IN./chair will tmstitnittlymoged
mirmesei,whose intinesici:li Is ugterdid,
will ldt6ely premmeenite at the election.
It Is now deisied-thiM 'Any interview will
I"'slmP'S°P the r fnu smr NE. P °l "5"'
nab this miff ortrxu4, It '1
•Nceinii•rens wott. • igewerwonts.
vicar(': Ongpttattoits
are going on between theAustrtan tiovern-•
meet and the liolyhee for the. establish
meat of • new Coneornate.
XO6IIIITS DlX2.llMl.,•l4.2,ll,:r4vmsJeJ[Jum:
Nees, /I"eg:6,—te Is safe licesetheleellate
fire teat to the lineelzhel Peknaairse. Toe.
tetieSnpoei nbiv by the ' - aleetoee 'et' Wall-
sofa cowncna” roe riaalsor.
Boaats. JAalari. 6.—ralni-threr et iba
raglans who bare boos cal teal before the aura,,n , bar . be " e°44
_ . ,
• ~..• tftsierraaveacarivr.
lilaras, Atnicest Q . --Bea,Geetre Bancroft,
Asabaasartar of the .thalted States to Pro.
via. him arrived here.
421'D , C011.11.61/611A1. e
'Metatarsi Arrgest has
-warmed to L.A led. Cora =a. 2.2:' ream tzs•
ed," Lard advanced to Nis.2o.. DUOS U,.
id. Taloa , adlvanoed Was;
Iss•rwss.r. Assust. S.—Petroleum Liu si
if 6—Nm14110.--COnsole,•s4.dlii;
rit.i.wenties.olg =beds EddEfeX." -
Erie, lip{; A. G. nr.
A dispatch from Trankfort quotes United
Stateeboods at 17%..
LIV•ItIt01.• Aught 6—Ertabur.—Cotus,
closed Mai; the follow ins are the author-
Azi=tatlemr Mithi!lng Uplands, 'loloi
3gs!V i eSt 131 1.4 ' .. " 111.nny Vara
1111 Itd. Pens da tio. Beef 1.C.0 dd. 'Pork 735.
Lard too ed. Bacon 110 Petroleroo,
spirits Skl; relined Is Id.
Mahchester market for goods and yenta
Lomas. Antal .I...,lSonsfng....)lArkete
tly Ittemetr.i
atetapts• or, rroseb heopeeee-atett
hoorpeeell A+tt M-JI s ta• VV. hall.
way latreattgattearbe Was reel.
low—reewo tlemetteata—The pewit.
lieu at /reload Olmeamked la the
Halts' et Caatneewa.-14maatieettae
al she hatter/ .Nato* Coabatilos.
• New Tate. :latest '.6.—The stawaselp
Reeslat Mop Earl:Teta Melees to July
The Empeels Enge ohs mien= to Manes
The oirt SmearMl ma t t e nenthanitites .
with 30 gallons eit water so spare. Übe wee
obimed toles town time. from tee atreas
of Weather. The' Captain was poorly two
days during the voyage. Otherwise the
, crew were le perfect health. The mit kept
' water tlght.all we
way. I .
Lord, Ds MY wet eminent lobed from Me
goat. 1 ,
• • The litmay reins IA • El:island are minim
aPPrellimidocsabont the. crop*. . ,
- Fcsnele. lOSIPIII di felhirjet to
Oared an hearing of Me execution of M
inh= that he would never cumin Men S.
death warrant. I .. •
• A letter from the Chairman of the nom.
Sill= orinvostbratlem or Ohs Albuttke and
-Great treMarnliallwaY =MS Mat comild ,
treble reiri .. rs are requiN to ;retitle line ,
In' Prope r
re i traT ' lle a a .16:1., I tioidh p oid=
to capitalise iliedrJ t kW a. period, and
postpone for a time the Mtormt on the min- i
mdidated bonds. • I
, inkidtwO correspoedenee of Bonin male
teens that
be the argument going se
in France, n ee, - the imlicy of the French Gov. ,
ernment has taken no decided craned I.
lapparileulasAlric=e , ll , Mbils that pee. .
have Uni„Frealik , Will , *horny find '
maga •ky moupy Mat . ante :thought. of
aenexlng the Latin oleos .tram !Maio or
Toe Fa= oorresiumdesne of the full AMU
Gazette been the French II mbassad or at Ber..
fin has been Instructed to demand an et
plastatlon 0( the nether-out of Um !narcissi,'
coltgagent 0t.4004 which , CMS . = 10 be
assembled till next year.. • '
The London Morning Pod declares tbere
Is no =sad muse to teas en cel istarbeneto
Of pears - The cabinets VI Bt. Petemburit '
and the Miliarhe are acting together on I
tea .130bleawl/L i Cion. and • bolding the
same lingeligis Morale- The * too came
Of the 'general 'd t i is Ile 'reetoration
of tee French arm' to what IA called Its
natural footing. What we feel about our
naval power, arshas teals &boot 'her mils
tarkiwinstlge. In like manner, France is
•v on andlngsbe '. no leaser thereat
ry power of-EarOps woo will have to
make great esentons to keep it drls-reto
place. Apart loom the: uneasiness pawn.
dared by the precautionii Of elerneighbers.
there In, es slogie Aueatton Spou
which an
u m diSkonlll , Mats, Or open
Undon - diarlayt 't .ft - bai been sta fed
that France is timing upon Anstna to 110.
.manertlie follUMent. Of Wicia,,,tth or the
treated Trial= me to Schiewirlh. Anstrien :
Papers deny Ulla, but therein abundant
evidence Mat France is leaving s° stone
unturned ._tc , .. SeCtirathe cOooarialon Of
Anstrialtialsetedning :With Frthant.
The Memoirs of Prince Albert, complied
07 00 . . urey, antler tee dilbetiort . Ontbe .. .
Q.cca. ankpablidont -.' ' . . ' Yellow len* at ICI ri.
In toe noes& Of bonus, FT Colman -1 111701.100001 uwpozatmesb Gasette.l•
C i l=tt ilhziatral. the condition of Z . . r. ... i. , Ar i g. o _ Elgot , ,„,,,,,, or yoi .
tam country labors, • iiid "" emitan e trirt h e ~.Ifor fa y riTarerenOtted at herein hbriati and
meat mime po ..; effort .to tepee, I four deaths bad occurred.' Mmllleee In ger* • -•
'' ib la . t m lle . ertin i"*ltmg e of which d i a intran a torViriet 1 '"a -nr iY e lreradth. I ' d ,: 8. it i rda nz. i ,L, d• ~s , ; ( -I ,° : k' il
hers made speeches. reeding -which, one SunduF• fror o I.“*.
---- - - ' --.
...road suppose that Ireland was the ban. I cotton. ,
ir e
for Pollee 01, 4 110. Taylor.,
T M " ° °...L IT •• hi 'Me norld.;hlr. hie. Medical Director. are dead.
OWL" declared - Ale
of - Ireland ' had" arettO bla tbis . bgterest •
tamable feeling • against this coun
try M the United Maim. The (Maw:eller ot
w e F.,wheener add that the state of Ireland
.11110 . A0OF Sultialsatte7. but at it amen,
nos note Sete of the premed or mat govern
ment. but trom the urbane of an eoterinj
iumw „.. -se proceeded to declare that the
movernment's leglal&Uon for, Ireland bad
met ISM be. irepPOrt.loiti he held Out no
waizigtra1=,..........5 have
-Sp•-pil . for pennies= U. establish them
selves In bintsealand.• s The Federal Cabi
net "rermismt :riouclost.tscr • to toot: a / a tonal
. .
MAO= ft= D e _o
. te rstate. , =hen.
'lnsetdediftlet to en the surgewkw
Mat sho sbeeildr IdMeMignarentees for
the protect= Gemini In Ninth nettles-
wig.. The Da nn GOMAIMInit efilhais that
"the =sting. laws allitulla si)Mii
_tight. to
gym one, and•SZOSSIC 'itcransentrda
a nioinuenga, agnaosgsgrjr , Od the clues
MOO WI estillnit the . trOntiedSt PrSUISI • 13
eked t. 1. 1 .. 1 ..4 bi anms
tb take
el z d i i — IS SlSTbease taeng'rlT=O;:l
and'. vart..,,01
thaw imam nom..
twat tor :Acton , ,and. ma :Julio-or xtt the•
=MIFF helltietal.realleed. - Thilek IXOLsOw
so more elseestatons sad 6191001116- 4.13 the
.fientione ot , ther Utorill party . haul giatin
r oll er
w r tb p. is t li d ast o. d.ll o3!c,rv tted t r e elf m = t ,
• ....
of Papal goreininctit - and isPro Ramo id
italy...The National Rome Committee and
Centre Of the Inialrreetlon will giro Place -.
to a National Boman Junta, which .lallt As.
sumo supreme direction of the movement,.
Let us rejoice eit this lloly Concord and cm.
play all oar energies to utilise it by
• opnbtruipon of faith airid 'discipline
a ctimbination of hall and
tinny of ylews Beeriness the Rom.
l'Or o Urreitirforligai ' Let tut so act
tba t ever again hontoken,butsoon
give OintorT. Itomansithe botiorable
citizens who compose the Junta, into
,whose hands we now resign our charge, are
worthy of their high mission, but they will
be unable to ancosed in ,anything without
Pour co-oneretione aawnd tham, therefore,
with confidence and courage, and our
=rise 1 1 111 tot faLL-Lat
breent:twill.:titet,: t ih n e v . e caplial. of
ISlgnetEr ...The , National. • Itedian.
Committee. The Contra of insurrection."
The 'London Starriord ears: Experiments
show that the Antornitatiouribundrcal sod
fifty pound gun Is betel. lb the present"
:froittagPotiTire= hove cot o Vexsel
thy - 7 ,, ...... ft.,thealtisintrah.timeint•l., '
' • . ' .NseV•Tbeir, A r tigesiti;lSC: ' '
'7 O -1. ISa sat warn-rah anuli-Imr e sae
Tiff BttzKk.rOrwet.
The 8 ordn• special says of Secretary
Stanton' removal: 4 anomie tbatpr more
than a y r, and this so have trona the bra
Mat . Pollmh.!eiii , week aline seek: -
ens ilf - iitrirrat , eilhatb.•. Ted Preeldert
Welted, expecting each Ailey thhear from the
• lieeretavy, wordetuse, and at last a
latter wilatirdirii Oriel I..*Pirintilent in
, Ins Mr. atanthe to resign. ' ( This letter sea
also held heck. roe some lameliteentuie the
breach between the inieretary and the Pres.
Haat was asaYTrawlell .tact sad old e r.
This hoetinty sea so Midden MU It was
A right 1111. ,, 82in , .. oselil i rongo i on mach
Mit g A r r,Vtittnise t lttlto l a In filietTlVlnVl
and the evident desire for eel leliGatig. All
I have already elated, it elm net Until This
Morning_ that the letter sat
y ield? Wit
hhould Yr. Stanton decline to yield, I have
authority .ror stating • that 'the Pro..
Ideal. :wilts uptiettahie. to remove bon,
... 4 00. telleale-0191Ace bill itself. it as
maimed, sin susfele him to this exercise of
v . w t er. abe gi g u Tler
e Jle i g, t %ti,..l . !o: . t i t t b i. e .
power of diddle Kr. 'Statitectois• the lat•
ter, wes appointed by . Mr.. Lincoln. 11001 not
Mr. Jolin,Ms.'lti reads teas: tuProvlded,
thsA:the Secretary, of nate, of the Tresaury,
of_ War, gra, :levy; or the 10111100, era_
the Postmaster General end the.iiternel ,
General, Emil hol
m ohair othees reel:naively
during. the term he Preeldent by Whom
they emote= shphirited. , mid lionsenoutli .
.therrnfter , ouhf ea to removal by let with
the advice wad consent of Lb.:talent'', w. The.
Preshtelres the ground that he cm. re.
mot'. ato ll .Cabinet *incept' the thme eV.
POW stone Ids seeiatilod to The orrke.
L tglehe will ..linsespeen Mr. eteattott tuttelo I t
has yet' beefs deelderlf It b'Protable•the
Geeeral,Grent....wlll .be. sußone.l to el
temporarily,' lad the Pres t codslderr
that It seem be: the. shiest elms for the
Present. —General Greet, Wing rettilllse
with stem ahldmang the chief orthuazte3l
could undoebtally ha an ,anneable eel.,
Mon. le making th is statement about the
General I am but giving thole:lyre...doe or
people of all shades 01 Ofertellie _Dora. n•.,
The Th ietotes ipeeletanys, - Tett rapture 1
babies, Ute.Prosident and heorcturi uluwl
the 1. 01111 ale chief topic or conversation
bete.. Stardom's. ,ftleeds, Who WV , . beet { !, ;
stun him to-any; atal
et h says. lves outh u ei .
be will not resign. lie that, i f
Presidest w Wee to get rid Of hie . heryll '
have 10010 so by violas= the lea and r*
moviag Wm, that -100 nem? : ?Told. 'tie
the other hood, the Jo/m.OO. men, she
claim, to .his. potted. se to the Prueldsont
ordutom Wert 1. hat thel Prwattlest - st ill to
move or ...Pend anthem if be Mile. 10
resign. The ..i iseatilemillOist "removal ..ol
Sheridan is lost eight of, Mace It traibeeergul
known that :Johnson tom stated that emit
ten must go Ara, and all Interest LI teetered
to fleilmei to the JOhallinbritinmeT 01000,1.
Stastria has been isn't/own with sr:Awn ,
moor •of toe day.' Certain friend* or 34r.
Stanton's, who called on him to-diy, say ha
alsarodhtlimmltil Wean We rentri..• lie is
preparing • written response to the Presi
d'lF.l4.4l4, •• .-, , :'. • z ~ , 4
~ ..-,
it ' , understood that • Kr. Johneou
enriohalldeolee that the penera , pam
lag of the court in. the . alfweouneitorl
ere first subtaftted to the Lanett- Ile
abroad his apprcreal of the active of the
court.. 110 cud the wldeiel retool was pr w o‘
wanted to him by I/anent/Wit; and It as
sinned to Ma prawanatttbaL at that lime no
recommendation for the tonneasation of
the Senteeco of tiro,' Montt. *OO attached
to the (open. The approval of the eentcoon
by the I:resident woe attached on the
neat to tte last page on the last anent of the
'averment. and lirdshod On the other aide Of
the sarnepage, Instead of only writing on
=.ootaligettsetat.ol,l4lhlthe other sheets.
an dodo beaftwteltioriteLltatern
other *heed reoudnlng, fastened to the den
uments promoted feeble allotsattre. A. the
doOtlntent :anew fotml la the war Depart.
teen, the tateCenmeladaLlon for the vont m a
tattottet Mrs. LttmattOl sentence follows nil
the other matters, and la the oretebtaton of
. . •
Wavt. .
mort a the trial by Dean.
r Math ' ," had see.. totbli-TOCOttli ad
document. by Parnassian of Mr. Stanton,
ror ItlePthWile at - MXI , 4 au obook, 00-
.7th-the spawn except tho mamma ride.
Ilan at the Court for .001312.12aL1.rt of see.
lettess,,lar. Oilman says lathe Introdoettoo
of his hOok that ac towable all the orders,
2:=11 =Mtn ' It= 4l.4, o ' rn:
Derr were nOL prasentnt I. too enbittet
until the atiloation far habeas nerves was
made. and o i l
erl toe sanCenoe by the Prost.
loot.. The xecommendatloo for emnfenta.
lion ls not In the. bandwtitlag , on Idiatto&
hem, le *linked by some.
The. Ms/ seclWlSldete UM the Presi
dent did not know of the recommendation
for metro, to Km. hum= preemat to her
executtob; and that ell the Cabinet Toted
for theettsontlon..
• ,
Clang Illethin Carter, sitshis in minify.
has given •Clatiee on the! mil= to dtsenive
thi InienetiOn Mt:mining the defendant'
from .witherlmetng . _ certain . roads rumillng
It tbe imeaury of rte finned
Stamm the complainant had advanced rn
nixenlalet SIAM to, tee -Purim. of y lrao-
enllnq a, *Wax. le ocrosideratlen rim 40-
=.71211 ' f=4. 'him Tri, - zggrdri:
that $s the OAP antenend ememivancal
at sneb neli as to lame/ a much lecher
prOfit an the advance than Imed Intenieti
It Old a t, tlostilp so lame a entelt. ILA [170,4.33
how. or
and LecordittplY
gave 01 , 01110 In how. or coniplataant for
IMMO, with IsMerest on from alto or
• The ofentelitaleinint of . the pnblld Alebt
on the let of August thaws the following:
Barrtiferan thterirn.l4Blooo,t4l443; boo n
otirrWrit .3:l,tltd,rdi; rattrardd debt
mat tad. for parment
dlos aolotorresiOrshira,l4i uarei
owl orcerefierfal",Tallf Cola oeftWo_ tau
of d.p0titte113,4374 , 00. Total debt
ne.D. Amount to Trmeurr Cwt. 41102.. -
1:13 ourzenar Tneam ooo t of
dents its. reel In the Tmenry hae deems
=Mee— Lent pearling coin luterrel
eln.effVfe% while Viet bentLeg' one ,
refer Interest has Llecrewend gs3-Melo. The
metered debt not ,resented for rttrinept
has lntrmr 45,1f-ArIS 55. The debt bearing
Oa tat -tlelreeed 11141,210 , 14 , Anstlhei.
to T -In nolo since Junelgt Increnevi
$4,1413,716.89 and tartOurt ln. curreney, lone
"than astilbsted In lat starasosot, 4010,frri.M..
..rdIS2OYIIWki.L Fon +a r•lt—raritlntra ran
.WA MOTO* Atl !Monarch
ban been placed m commlealon, and' the
Japans,* east is mw aleulaTed*rt. *ha Pie
• IhilnarAl4l( . /Yom It Are:. Mee, htle born
bulled out In MI ntaaatn, and Will
hi? triarn Vbl week.- C.c9Mnn Uroam tiMn.
out TUC him marcillehenl gold ebronome
terammtleCla Mae ig:tdit - Yered.llent Jot:n
-m, wbScb M to he presented to the 173.c00n
ot.Jcpach alro, a nmoMeant Clint mount,
V in,c bM". rcklt.377o; l l2 " VIVI
...rreunenclOntnnin sedr-shittet, man num.
bar ototburtaturnen4ShhUalbunfr and
setentina men.
saaturs..n Lam
"Onikondreci and twelve LAMS, eoptpru
otgOt thou.and tidoe hundred and
tdirtpone aot t War., added V , taw Pro.
d active force of Slorltis durlux JalY. under
H, provisione of tho lip:nomad Acd tor
laenoviaara Platen. r'•.-
TIE ernuAvyr Clea.
Mr. Plerreoont concluded for the 'mown
OM it, Ufa' Barrett cue tads), •
India-nation at the novoletted Ito"
• troolott.eLtietattitl pit5tkx1.42,1..40,
New Your, Aug. 11.—The IlrruW4 New Or
leans , special , Imes i ltellguaulon Is felt
hero among the Union MOM ILL L the threat
mtetl removal of General nherldan.
tuMastnutg. /Mfg rin .tarOr Tumoral
emanates from speculators, Well/Wog prom.
leant John.= ORICM bolders, WOO are afraid
of Ina normsty. The rebel. aro greatly ro.
Soloing. A great maw othallng,Vlll be bald
tamorrow to protaat against It.
Theltarte• •{
itlitispli to thi.rliiattarb cruene.l'
BAnvonn, - August G.—Tbo =env emn.
mance t.o.Attiatnri end onountfil OA dna*,
go number ot-Tirst Maas horses
Aft num , including Onward, .Lielawnre,
Merrinev, Fleet Wing; Zig Zim nail 'ninon:
lireataort. u.vpiniten..Tno vlllimu
New yorist;August IL—The ..Herniff's Sore
Cruz oorrespertoleut 1/419,-, Them woo follob
dtanetbstleticla exbreßsort by Araryleaas
the appointment ,of Altbsoberfb, bloorter
for the United State., be his eymbathble tool
bow. with. the importable. Tufo wore e.
thoelted flostruert lo- the ecrinerY oeohle
to tcaVe.. ,
, . ,
. • Orrler froze Gan: POpe.
tisr•Ttderrapb to Na Putalnutth tiarettt.
• Nair'Your t •-,Arrigast Heralrpa dont.
aoroary nuked *aye Gyn. Pope tote ordered
that all emu In 0-vlll:aorta kratastaoldlerr
tor sotsporlorrdedll order br thosollttary
t o diaooottanod..asid not
hereafter orttarratzted,
tee raph,tot,b*Flt4o.l4.lhli.ttte.)
a te.' Ming
agni,4 , ,thre• 10. t of water F37.06Ual
THE, rgiagup,
Stanton '10631in68 to 'Resign.
. .
; '
C Teien , ish (01(.11%1.4(nm/di (incite.)
• • iaszasrci.idiii'iliation. 14Ti.
it . qtgiarp.. os4, :+ loo- the , rcesulant
yesterday adrosseda notate the Secretary
or War. spying his reentatton woeN, be ao.
coated. This note wo, tt Ls itOorted,
lined Ott the ground at pablle goWider•
of high character. It islnabirstoal
Weight ..tllat - Sboretarg Stanton. has On.
snood to tho rresidelit, Wing the for
(thriller reasons he will toretlnuo In that po.
anion till the ensuing meeting et CtlOnireite.
.There la no (lonia ants is thorn:woo:rt. of the
response. ai4atop wi Dot USW!, Cab.
inet meeting today; • •
(wrens oi
Secretary Seward returned tOWeddilogton
ireproyed In health. His sew Fred;
erica is recovering from his recent biotite
arid'aill soon return to W ar
Socketed. Med ulloettle again atius poet.
after sevetwl days iitie.ol2oo With hitt taln.
14 .. 00 tiorrolk.
Mel iricifori todirritsadilaa4is-
Rrb., na•etlomi of the Union Pardee
ailroad decopted—Paasaaaer 801 l
#.411001 . .7 . i0uned. ,}
L'ltyle,rieb 1;1 Inttibeqb tfitette
ILoupe,. 6.—The Indian Comte.
sinner., trokuitly.sepcdoted, Arrived hero
to• eley opetrah in, informal inset:Mß. but
nothing of Importance was duo& It I.
underittood they will hold n eeeelon tomor
r°llll:Villt%Mrtt Voo sr
era have sceeOtert another *cotton of twen
ty-flee mute or the toban. Pactllo Railroad.
b.egto;,braticbieztottillnit to tbo two hut.
tired unit thLity-flftlf natio woet • of tbe au.
snort Ulcer.
The • war which hoe been ruins for the
Put two weeks between some Street rail.
rot tom:motes end the the ghee.
Lion of Increased fare, wee closed to-day by
theesi.iroesloompasieli reca4to4 tAt . the old
. . . . •
atarr—itAuleal .aureilog Called
r tir telegraph tu the Ft Itshinrh 6azett4.3
• Eng [pun tan, Aug.. o,—Brent Cotonel
4142.plIneerVol ,Jiebtoo4ler. Me/stint
ephoLOr 01 GturretShertates.a Staff, lima on
teat foteley aventog of tun= fever.
nite.tltneKlug eene4 tOottght
eucturee the action of General Sheridan
ilVlll . _pt,lnutee z t yam: lead ern nre 007
Death at ts•Goveraor Portee—Caaa-
Airctelver Arrested. -,.
CarTDEneAtaititerittAbenti tru•ra.i
Il ll nermgeo, August .-o.lPotte:
11 , ==. 6eve .3 ai t ekat=
iag ;wren !maimed, dollars IA eeenterfett
lee on %bellTd•Zt at Weal /Wet got thita4e4
pals to lw posedaalon.
°Meer nabbed all 1111prIeSfilld. MUM.—
V4M0.1 , OhbaMagid.
Ill; Telterspb to the rlttatnanth Casette.
,raiitormo.llsw, Any. riot mad
, olt as
tn D e o d p t it nfitL ,the de
UFO tioneta t by
YOtoormd with Ws Übt
" 4:r1TVIII tie en.daeltabklr the
armory. Two hundred and Arty workmen
b.... boon awbbniti 'lan 'the .pad
t two
'ALA Chh.teittl Throvrtkoft.
EB)T.terraot. to tzto rtnabaritt toustso.3
lly n ts.luu.ObtO,
Intxt the r e ekast n it snd was drownag.
nr,sco. August o.—The man droned
beta last nsgal was named Joshua Culyer.
am Bowers. and - belong.' to itnntlosnim.
• aoUSC,neSW+M as a tad 7.
Titrel! . ,pti . Ott. nsutrenth
Legg tr, Augeistel—gt the the. 0f the
I. aiteinglytingreettiats:' twitlegestUtg eel.
Item argAletelel. R., la the. MAW. a twit.
Latina ste adopted reeetweitstittleg the In.
tralacticei of the Metre *mg*. of weight*
&Ad measures U e breach at study In ell
public sctlagg sad seadeallee.,
.; Jeep Undo Responded.
itjqg rapt. to, ton rtlttlacie(ll cSanta.i
Sitiortavron,togUlt S.—Orders halo been
received train General blakiss to append
.41 jury trials, on sworn:dot nottoomptionee
Will. tooeral Order No.T7, ordering nro.
vied of the Jury Mt, Jai jury WC. ngon
Lilo receipt Of tilts order nage SoSpontied.
tlir rtulmvb 0 me Pittsburgh 011e0ta.)
Pstalea. Aug. li.-4iettrtal Stales has or
demi the Poet Commander beret to not/17
covernor Worth that thandjourned August
session of the Leglalatnre ts postponed • un
til timber tinier*. •
. • _ •
Illasionarsire for Cilium soil ladle,.
my 1. , ,ei5.p.1.11. ritiaSerctiOyelia.)
New Yana- Aueuet G.—The beig oriental
and shin Cutiand, from Baton. wilitake.
out a number of miesionartee to Ina aml
claim this month, among them AO. %II 111114
V.3 1 0 ,- dlUlttit.r. 01 Mao, an d nr.'uut
lira, Allirtuenn; Of Chicago: - ' .
'tastes Bricklayers' PI talk e.
Ire tyleeespe. to the ritlatronth °mutest*. )
llowroo. Angola 0.-1 large Outato.r Of
ttrlcittoytuv bore lentleted 011 Iwo teeoanas
they allege test their hOsoes em pl oy wont
,gyentlefet t
Awooloti l c, or , a ,o ll:::lll2it pi tbe .11t
o yeti ,=.•
acceding to the demand e.
• • glealleCa4 Attaildseel.
Talegracb to the Vtltobereh lienetteo
M0n...0n0, August G.—Tbe trw and.
minnows of a working Armin off a
SOnAbridge witero tnatrack btlna lunar
st. station. on ciao wns
Itomo and Watar.
104 n litotroad. • Tan men - Won% lajurocit
nono klllun.' •
A nie..lona Preie.dhaff
PIT TWlnwrahh Y 1 thr rjwaborsh curate.)
I.Bit.nonrriti. August fI.A number of
boutmwn tO-0 ay Mule on attack on a tavern
of n 2nr. rotahol, near lifonartuk, Who creel
nn thorn, wownrung ono roan oorlouslr.
Parantl won arresteAnnd holt* to ball hobo
: at the rloters woro also nrrested. •
Oofoldo Of di ifooatEny. Mutter
[Br arlrotath to 01, Plttattorfb tiv,totto..l
tlnantesrea, Aniphit
Thomppson,w w ealthy planter of the' tp
fort Distrlet, who Was recently Itlaeo,l to an
Insane) asylum at Colombia, committal std •
ties yeatortlay by hauling,
er.rinEr to Pick Cotton. \
(Di Telonkphw the Plifebitrsh9szett.e.7
Actin..., Ga.,
Aug. e:—Tee planter. In
Meth Western Ueorgla are preparing to
p l ica. tiotton.nut weak., Actiounti favor.
Leiter i . Front lilertir lingo on John
Cabo ibe hoeing opened n. otbsrrtptlon
with a Ow to uttering u modal to John
jjrowilth widow, rooirivetl 11w euhjolned
lotted front Meru. Hugo :
11 huts - vim): July 11, inn,.
Sin: Ale name belongs to MI who
would make use of It to serve progress
nod truth.
A tneduldolilntoln calla fora medal to
John Brown. Let us cancel that debt
Trending duck pine tw Arnorliw shall nut
tvd pear,.,,Aiukrlon owes John Brown a
statue as tall as that of Washlton.
Wttablalltern "founded" -Arnerles..4oltu
Brown'.ditftuied llborty. J Timis your
Vimon If too.
•••A jmunit lurk/ at
Glen Home trim
- tensed srlili mamba the wife of u friend,
that her busbaud Was Crater- . '
, am, i i tamoutih." Gadd ahe,•'lie forbade
toe to take more than three trunks, to be
gone a as,:hole (nontli, and thenthen—"
I breaking demi With sobs.) . •
"Who t. thee? said the other. •
"Why,' than he put Ida hat anti 11005
Into ono of tuy own trunks, and took
aver loud+ roam sway from tun
IHdyea tousent LILLY unmanly ap
propriation?" •
"Deur wet J. had ; but 1. used his
altirts'for napkins, and my poodle tondo
dog.binuto of the but ,
Efutottnity Was vindicated t" mai
. —Muskegon, Mob:, has it. population
of fi,fitXtural steam nuM TIM%
Hutt will cut this season two hundred
million feet of lumber. The mills are
I much better stocked . than • they have
; been for many years. The Afratkegon
river fs completely jammed for ntore
than , live; -tulle% et ila -.length. Them
i,, , i,, - t d.i hotels:' - 'six church I °di-
Mei. tatt4 , a seventh (Episcopal) In
cent •rhination,• an 'opera'. hollher One
new • operand u.stroad mit:aged; throe
toga ;wing vessels; 'three - tugs towing
logs; • o steamers for local amommoda-
Mon, . days propellent for regular oonr
non, cation with Chicago and.the outer
.FOURTH PAG.E.—TkejuUnd and moil rrtki
ble Maack, Oil and Produce Market Reports
piney by any paper to the city, WU Oefousui
on our Fburthitlye.
Allegheny Hoard of Slot Control.
.lere—Thent Book
. 44 griffon get.
..The Allegheny lloutd of School Control.
fors held a regular monthly meeting Tut.
day evenitilia-AteDilt . eth.wiliteli Was opened
with presechggreeldentClark,
elembere present! •EieSgre. Harr Drown
Hoyle, Beeketirt, -.llaek - or, en, Bennoy,
Chrodater;Donlapirranels. H Kart
Leggate, Lockhart,. MoUenne,
Itotol, Swift, Seett.§' teaser, TbOme.Thomp.
Imo, Torrence, Towers, White,'Toring and
Preeident Clark.
The minutes Of lett Meetina . ,
and adopted. - • t
Mr. lemlthart, from the.epecialisommittee
on colorsd Kneels, reported that the cOul-
Datum had purchaatsti the lot on Webster
stmet, slaty by ono • hundred and ten fort
tor 67,003, with the Wilding thereon, and
had engaged Henna Moore Jt Chamber. to'
finish the carnenterwork. the cost to he de
terraincd by Mr-John H. Ingham. The corn
' refute hope to have the house ready far an.
oupthey by the drat of October. .A resole.
tion reluoinpanint the report authorising
thu payment of the mochas. monny. Ra
port accepted and resolotion tatiopted.
Mr. Key protected a mnumuntesslno from
Mr. Heal°, Prinelpaltsf the Colored Schools.
relating to the om needy of the moms In the
now bonding. Referred to Committee on
Colored Schools.
Mr. lionnur suhmltled the election of !
school teacher% in the Third Ward. to rod
lowa Princiiial, W. P. Moorhead; Assistant,
Mies Sarah tdoLaughllnt Granimar,laary B.
=ter; Asitletatite, Mary klay.Jeamtette
ay. Agnes Lamont; Medium, Maggio
J. McDowell, Mrs. M. Burt, Miss M. M. Her
rington; MHO Imatert Primary, tat
eye MIAs Hate Patterson; hi hose; Mies ki.
J. McLain; lot girls,llllas h. ftyle; ?A girls,
Stile MaQogg.
Mr. Barr pretended a Hot of Machete
elected by the Hoard of First Ward, to tot.
lows: ' J. N. Caldwell; Assietanta,
Mary - (htleetry. Anna 0. 10.00100; Grammar,
Lille Hawks, Eliot Hock, Ltisto Wakahem,
Mary Lankliutladde. The, Liagle Hammett,
(writingrenclumin Medium,liary MetDrigg,
Jennie _Lawrence, Charlotte
garnets Itowliann Primary. Annie Minter:
Anna grown, Maggie McKinney, Lizzie
Gammen), Susan thuslaer, Sarah May. harsh
M. Ewing, Artniina
The above nomination. frontage First and
Third wards were nuturiscoudynontirened.
Jtor.X. A. Swift, Chairman • of
mit-toe on tirades and Text Books, present
ed the report of the thentrattee, welch - he
bad not Maned, because he did not agree
ith it to any particular. He hod thought
of presenting a tulnoritY report, relf.moilil
explain his pOOlllOO on the tpleatiOns pre
sented lactasaires. rapOrt 11 sa
sottv,l.Tbntthe following named Text ,
Hooks berpted for use to /hie city for
the casein yeat. • "
'Clarkhr mummers.
AlltettelPsi Geography.
Greek'/ Primary Mental Axinhondites.
Wray's Wrillen Arl[Maatleil.
Wilson's Iteatlere,Chsrta and Speller.. •
Together 'with each Text Hooka on the
higher Manama ea History, Phyekdolrr.
Philosophy., AstrobOmg. Book MeeTirtift
Algebra, de.,• sa..havo herelethrre peen
adopted he thts Hoard.
enrited,i Jona B. brogan,
Anon. Torte, •
J os. Coanw let.
A lengthy and animated discussion fols
lowed on the adoption of the report.
Mc. Francisuid Mr. Barr celled for Infers
matten In onward tothe reasons -Which bad
Influenced the Courmltteid • m recommend.
trig a change Ds the - la ct emote, . •
Mr Unman real a naMber of vat::amend.
mines from Principal. and Teachms, air
bag various reasons In favor of aubaJto..
the test books earned •In the report• for
miltedo IA 3.114.. • Letten wara also sob.
from the Puhti4hers. agreeing to
fitralah the now hook Fs !volume for vol.:e—
lm. the old hooks now In use, without extra
elm amt.
'on ome° of cm, Yr. Leggate soh.
muted LISS [oboe's..
Knithwt. :CO. e
f Books. Re e
7 tail Cott.
70 -
3 in
The surplus book. ere waponi third and
rminn iftlfarin dia., and scrawl Speller.
(' iStresher Cr.
M 134 1 ..P' . 7: . 44,11'
$ 190
Grammar. Xtamfar.
garrylos.... • I 'X
Ths ourplus Yf Cleit's.iliuury.
Anatole.. Nsonaser. (bal.
1 , 90
1 93
boy t brook*. 4
tOarpto4...: ' I
The kozplua book I am ol4Onontary arith.
..Mr. Prone," opposed any cbuige m the
preseetverinu of boots now in uee.• •
Mr. Young expressed greet .rprbe to
beer e gentleman oppose series of books
th ehbed advocated tbo adoptiOn of at
Coo tunevith treat eerntortness.. • .
The Prwhaent kindly but earnestly ad-
MOrdsbeet We members toavollallpersooal
feelterl In tbslnaber. and hoped they wonld
abstain frofa any personal remarks.
Mr. Pranele boomed • very sharply. sad
remarked that he but <banged hls oleos
nee.use %%bun, the pal:Maher, had done so
by, additur now book. to Ids series, and
thereby acknowledged hls system alallore.
Alter some further diseusslon Mr. Mc.
Ounce moved to smostitnte the b ooks now
in use to, LIMO recommended by the Com
AAA oAAA by diviSlou of Mit
fl d. AIM rerolt —yr.% If, nays, 15. Bo
tan 1130i1Ort .as CM% Clltaltaltl.l.
Ito. Lockhatr reeved to take no the aeries
reported by the I.ommittee and pate boe
them serrates. This Mot:on was dooldeo to
the negative by a rinse vete:- '
.41 . Brown remarked that as scion cir th e
berm were in favor of tome change, the
rot Jostle/don moth] .lace them: to an
awkward position, no tt •vronitt boutpel
them to vote on the reont as a whole.
After argue further. dieenssiost, it,. hay
nailed the preens. qualtion on U. &dup.
Lion of tee report.
- Kr. /low noble Ammo remarks In .regard
to the 00.1ne In(lnenCe 13)(4d by tent's., eta
and others upon the member. Of the eons.
mitten and thought that a:different res ul t
wo uldLae,. been arrived at had Leese Inn.
.nee/ not been employed. .
Motors. :Young, Leanne and Ingham.
Member. of the Committee, repelled the
leatonationa of Mr. Ilew with coeviderabie
leallag. and dmnatuled an esplansUon.
Yr. }lima eooiamed that bit 'remarks were
general. and that if the alma did not plate,
the gentlemen wield net have been .0 In
The President again tulmoulabed the gee.
tlemeu to avoid personalitimi. Unmounted
to nettling. and only delayed the Madness or
the meeting. The woortion that influence
had been brought to bearupoutheeommit
toe,othihthe met. with the charge that home
infttlentm hod been used on the other side.
Dlr. tittles moved to Strike out Wilaou•s
settee from the report - and substitute 0.-
kood's. Agreed to by s vote of 10 yeas 1 . 013
Also to strike out AlltahelPs tieogrephy
vo te d inrt Warms% whletreal ititteed
by a t thew ta VI
Ott'. to
It then moved to strike out the
balance or the report so far tot any now
boots were cottonseed. tu other word. to
strike out listtlent•Arithinetio and Clark's
Oran:men ' • •
moyetl to .amend by adding
Clark's lirammar. Amendment, tampion.
The motton m amended was fort' by m vote
Of 131.13.
. • „
Mr. lhay mowed to adopt tan report as
alnearlod, written was marred to by a Tote of
II rata to la nays.
Mr. ',writ moved to add artmdale4
tory of tSt
he United Staid& widen Ina lost.
Mr. Ingham purred to add Brook , . XII,
amatory Arithinclac, widen was to.
/inertia(' transaction of roam unimpor._
tont business Um Board sdpurntd.
. .
The Decker Plano ggeoe.T. ,
cool f ro m the I'lttsber
• Wpoa , s Art Journal, . of August' al, l
ilh Chmtwevhd the f
Mat card of Hoffman, Hoene & Co., end
thus emommts upon it:
These getitlsmen, it will be remembered,
Published-that they were not born with sil
ver epoons tn. their motiths,:pelther, we
should. Adios were they . bare with civil
1000000 to their months. Our articie Met
week on the piano controversy going on le
Pittsburgh, Me been mated Into several
Journal. al that city, and se IS spoke plain
enS simple trnth, time naltundly Clammed
Mows. Hoffman; Hoene lb Co. greatly. We
stated facts in a straightforward manner.
we exposed the Infalouns system by which
men can today bespatter our piano with
fulsome petite, and tomorrow throw dirt at
it, traduce its character and. elan dln 0, and
elevate another piano to its 1,11.00,04 m fa .
allying tbemselves mut libeling limiest dm.
fem. while eoolly Mating that they wish to
be benefit: we bore testlmoey to the 11106 1 !
excellence of the Decker pianos, fixing 0p..1
.011 ilieurs.liodettim donned Co., the mat
. feasible meanness of wilfully perverting
Mete Welfare aboslnes purposes.whieh Me'
I not end ought not toprOarter ' when such
clused ese means ere e.] hp forwardlte interests.
It is, therefore, manful that Hwy , should
el mare 'and vituperative, eitimegh we
d glee the credit about the .., ,sioetts.e
Ileum. Ilegteart. iloomv& ' ~ who imam
to have liehnlred the Valgarlt seat the Eng
lish longtime with facility. 01 11 soon learn
c M b s a ti t m st e b is tk nroot
f . aooge mont with which to
is eilaY to P1i..0
low Invoctleell. but It is not so easy to just.
Ify a dishonorable ant, snide °retuned with
the conseloutneas of theottlith, of the an..
onsatlOU. .
To give the public tome idea of the great
worth of these Decker pianos, /Omit which
to much has lately been written, we would
state that they . are tho only fortro.roth
made lu LbllsCoUntrf or In Europe with the
fall Iron frame, la which all the strings rest
~nr'...„0.040. bre.rthife. zed in Windt 0000
`'` •v. tuothK Diet' do Oracle tee thou
'ate. The eavaefeama sthi. , “ k*' tht. Or
rengement are toe produottcat of a Were
tamed tone, with oombleed saveseeel and
greet power, and more perfect quality
tartathe tlia enure zettle. mid the caP=lt
of standing .longer lat tuue. and retainin g
. its enperior quality af tone, than 007 other
C. C. hiellOri al Wood street. ranting/li,
Is the sole spier for Doilicer'ir Planes in
Wetham relinsylVenla , . , ' '
rims Wager ecnpe
Mary Bimpain yeeteraay madehii hi gmg
ai before Alderman Tboalaa t one i
Maggio Eacelonias for reolifgotui nf.
wagn that the aefeadant
hos been in the habit of throwing dirty
and pithf w on, atm her door steps after
being ant) , cautioned to t ato', it. lately
I=llla. a rl=trr. buti=s.
madebeforethe same
Alderman IMMat the mhitt Maggie le a rn,
aLe ror snretror Os pr, inuTiat was
kr. Charles It, &mon, a merchant of
Uniontown, Fayette co., cadre to Ids email
yesterday morning undei eirctinistanges of
a inOst . hOrriblo nature. Yr. BeiriOn came
to the city one day lad week, and daring ;
stdctajhecamh Intoxi&ited. lie wioniefsa ;
about the city until fondly evening when
he well found by two gent.aMen from
liniontOwn, who took him toghe COnnelis
vide ltallroad Depot and pot tom on board •
the train far home, charging the condnetor
'ta watkit hied and prevent him from leasing
the tiitin If ticaudtfle, Which he promised to
d o; Th. trim proCeelled to MeNeerdwirt
where Mr. }health made an attempt to :cave
It and minkieded In getting C. am was Ale. i
.., •
Covered by the notideCtor who got him an
boaigelm easelersely weitched after.
word mid prevented from leering the train
until It arrived at West Newton, where dm
; lug the time the conductor eras getting dui
senger. cal the tram on one side, he, It
la eupposeo, . get OfT . on the oter ,
ta d .was not missed MILD after the
train bad got under way, and It was tiro
late to - return for him. lie was observed
by several nereons In Woo Newton wander.
log about the streets, bat no one knew him ,
and consequently took no account of him. I
nometimeduring thenight, between twelve
and one o'clock. ne went into the raper
mill. of Markle a Co., at that elm.. whore
appeare they rise a Mtge quantity or
nelentirle acid, or Mho vitro', tor the por
no. Of cleaning rags preparaterr to work
ing them into oaper, a qtnintitv et which .
was to a iarge stone pitcher sitting en a
table in the apartment hero Demon
entered. Raving limn drinking liquor for
several days hp Ives very thirsty, mid Oodles
the pitcher mopes' itcontalned wider. Ile
took up the pitcher and Crank freely
of the contents, as is very naturally imp
posed from the feet tam his Mullin., breast
and Moe all showed dam of having been
in faintest with the liquid. Ile Wil2. Mond
reamed.' morning, about sour o'clock, 10 un I
almod. Insenattile condition, aiming, or
rather rectinhig, against the side of the
building, near the door, and was im
mediately carried to a hotel. Dr.
80 , of West Newton,-was Sum
moned, end rendered him all the at
tention powdele, but decided-at once that I
his Injuries would prove fatal, as he was
satisfied a considerable .portion of the .
poison had entered the stomach. Ills
brother, Kr. A. ls. Demon, having heard
that he wan In dam cby, in a state of bra....
feattorl, started af ixt him CesterdeY merit
ing, but by eOrne means beard of the oo
currence end stopped at .Neat newton,
where h e found him In the condition above
descrined. Latter a consultation It was de
cided to take him home, and be was steam-
Ingle put on board the Mall train midi and
made as omnfor poeuole by having
sienna. put In C o l
baggage car, on which
he was pieced, and attended by Dr. Robin
son and his brother. De appeases' to Im
prove under the treatment e
attarandante ender.
ed lila, for a abort eimtOr starting for
house, bet about ten o'clock he Inman to
grow weaker, and show auras of 05 , r00.0
pain, which lasted until a qmirter Past ten,
- whim he dted la Ina mom exerutlating
pain. Yr. B. was a man of respectability,
and was poseessed at a largo amount of
property. Ile leaves a widow and two
"G. A." sad the Board of Stealth.
In Idealist weather article "0. A." takes ,
mouton to refer to our remark that: hie
predictions shout the cholera might in
.:newt the apathy of the hoard of health in
psaltery measures. Ileteayst
Atom some hints in the papers, it MIT
be Intemod the hoard of Health has taken
license to neglect to keep the eatiltary con
-4111050t the city m wood order, from eome
remarks in my presto. communication.
I have not assumed to fled fault or dictate
whet should be done, hot only to maim" the
community of what are the Indications of
the eoming weather, arid smard against an
uncalled for anxiety, which does users to
spread the cholera than the anginal causer
It in oertainly the dull. of the authorities
to keep the city Mew end healthy at all
time. A citisen from this city some years
alums settled In Boston. she rusted 0110 all
the pectateritice of the people, she believed
they Made It their religion to keep the city
- ••.
• Speaking farther of the matter of elem.
Mess, he nary "If we take a general view
It will be found very difficult to 'keep this
ells. with the same means, as Mean as htb
er cities. lit, It is simated in a low flat,
where once the river flowed over; and la
walled tm with hills from river to river.
giving the water the privilege of settling
the Mal.. &I, the original laying out
of the grade of thechg, the side walks wore
made lower than the crown of the streets; !
the water settles , under the pavement..
one:Meier boles sled unevenness, where i
Glib socusuulntia. The aliforence muy be
s.n ma St, tialr street. Iletween the Blau.
cheater Passenger Railway otation and
'Penn street, on the lower part of the street,
the side walk on the Cant side It low, while
On the West ride, near the upper end
of the street, it is much higher than the
street. 3d. There is a large anion. of
ProPerty d. or in fait, or beloning
to the !miren tailee, which cannot e impro ved,
within the city, which makes cheaper rents;
consequently twenty people occupy a spec:.
'Wit for good health artero acme mended
fns theratitalf flee to mat oath.. the Sr.
cumulation of filth byerivies and vegeta
ble rubbish around the premises. ti.h. It Is
a manufacturing city; enormo. lauds of
Iron, 'coal. de., are transported over our
Pavements, sinking them, and leasing res
ervoirs for 111th and stale water. Yet. with
ail these evils, a city . wealthy as Pitts
burgh should net neglect to hate her prom.
abroad VT," We
street/0 ,
Arrested oa a Bent, Warrant.
Judge 810000, of the Coon of Common I
Pleas, was engaged yeaterds,y forenoon In
bearing a bench warrantee.. The man an.
rested,. John Coulter. and the warrant
was sworn out by 3. W.Charltort. The par.
ties del bealnesa in Allegheny city, as car
riage manufacturers, under the f ( rm name
of Charlton A Coulter. They dissolved
partnership In February last, Coulter pur
chasing Charlton'. Interest, by assuming
the dente of the non and giving two notes
for thapaymtht of Rather conelderation.
Bohn after Coulter had taken energy of the
business, the eataellattrneat was levied on
by the Itherld and sold. tor six handred and
MIT dollars. The notes held by Charlton
not being cold, salt Mu been entered upon
them. Alter the attertfrs mile Coulter left
the Mir, thd having returned, Charlton
caused him arrest, on the ground that the
sale was fraudulent, tante Coulter was
preparing to remove fro the city with •
few of defrauding his alters. Defen
dant denied the allegations, and averred
that he had paid off the debts of the Om as
faro he was able. Tl3O cum was raid en
' der advisement. 1100011 Pollock, Eed., rep.
resented the plaints ?, and Thomas Ewing,
E5n..1.116 defendant.
Weralslasesen . s Ticket to be Adopted.
At &meeting of the Executive Committee
of the Labor Party of Allegheny county,
held on Ifolulay evening last; the follow-
I (hag resolution was unanthionsly adopted:
f\ Resolved, That the F.xecuttve Committee
of, the labor perry of Allegbeer thump'.
=l=V, te ' re ' t; halt upon e h:l ' :
ment, the artisans, the mechanim, the la
borers and all other good citizens of Alto.
slimy eounty, to meet in their respective
ward.' boroughs, and townships, on the
rstsidentay in Separnher, Ioe7, to elan del.
estates to • County Labor Convention, Jobe
held In the Court. /louse, In Plttelrurgh. on
the Second Wednesday In &panther, for the
towpath of uomlnaling suitable candidates
for the Senate and Others& Assembly of
Pennaylvania; and we urge all true fnends
of 1.5.0. Irrespective of tomer mutt. a.
socialite's, to actively participate to prima
ry meeting* for the election of delegates to
said ennrentiOP, and call max laboring
men throughout this State to adopt' the
policy heroin set forth.
ihreanaa and Ilrigh hlcllagb, whose names
are gene familiar to the readers of police
news, again =the their appearance, this
time with Hugh loth* relief proeccutor. It
appears that finding one house too small to
hold them both, they t greed to disagree,
andsciarated,thaludina . taking the children,
little boy and girl. She tookkp her lod g.
hags with' Ur& lied, 00 01110 street, Alla
phony, which is near to habitation.
Hugh being a tender hearted man, had a
desire to see hie children, and perhaps his
heam yearned after Itosarma, baths did not
saY so. called at the house of Sim ILO,
where he wasreet atl i te door bible 'loving
and hire. /la , and the pair made
a combined attack pon him, Sirs. Ilan
holding him while Itheanne gore him •
complete thrashing. Ile appeared before
Alderman Ideldasters, yesterday. flifehist
his Wile and Mao Hall, charging them with
insult and battery. A. warrens was issued
for the arrest 01 the &neared.
Knoeidown drinnnent•
That Wen a clever Joke on the Board of
Control et Allegheny elty, last night. In a
debug on. Me qumtion whether or not Ger
man teachers lolleduCed Into the
public schoole of our dilator city, a
the only one, we believe, to the 1, 4 41 Y, tech
the floor and proceeded ,to read i‘ooinnin
a ^ rtlele from e Dutch' newspaper or u n iir m .,
4la to prove that the molly et be
of the nraderland'e abohld notes Ignored.
Alter patianlY /Uterine/ to tne mrann.¢ of
meldocment, one word
which theY
not nedontand, some of the members
of the Board telt their children ahead have
• knowledge of Berman. The question was
not voted upon,.
Ileard Bill.
1100. G. Darts, Of tho Western Hotel, road°
information' befOre — Aldermen Thomas
niralnet one Joseph Pack, for chanting her
out of Ms hoardlag bill. Mrs. Darla allegro
that 4state:is= brought a woman there rin•
de. the Pretense that she was Ws wins. that
ho had one hundred tiolle.ratiorth of goods
M tile trunk, that was working at Price s
foundry at the time. and that money was
due to him there, all of which proved to Do
tulle.. me Intonstation wits made some Mao
NM, gat be inumeeded losoniee 'Oil , 0,
the way until yesterday, when bo woo sr
roSted by Maker Julius DONOMY bod
hatted tor hatrilig bt delimit of hall.
We, the ung...timed, bohemia that
We pOsseeaknowledge weal to the combined
wisdom. of Allegheny sonny, do hereby
recommend Dr. Alexander Steranthe for
/mammy. Knowles -the Doctor U. be • a
rem of great public Muth , and potheeslng
large views or stateemanstap. and one of
the Wet orators of the me, we therefor.
4xmltallt recommend tam to the lthttm Be.
publlcan County Convention for raid °Mee,
and we hope our anal:trimmer will he tied!.
I dent to glee him the nomtnerlOn. • •
J. Melba., T. J. Lerma:nun,
U. anabOth Errata.
A. WendN Burney, En.
And Meath tkownd othere of the Moat
eolbli euttemetha. , and latlnsaitua-attizaus
of AllitgetAlf 0004llf.
The Cookstown llonktekle—The Body
Found—Confession of One or the
In Mendel's Garrerr we referred to the •
fart of the disappearance' of John Evans,
resident of Greenfield, Washington county,
at Cookstovin, Fayette county, On the Mon
engaliela river, under eireainetneDZa
led to the belief that he het beer, foully
dealt with by four men Of indifferent char.
actor—John Shaw, John Britten, William
Fleming and Cerinereen whose corm
parry be was icat seen on Friday night of
last week. on that night Rev. Mr. Reese.
re3llllng on the bank of the river, in Cools
town, bad hie attention ratiacted by an on
mnal noise, and on looking out Of the win
dow of bin residence he saw three men en
gaged in en tineelaaing that
two of them were operating. against the
third, They were on the river bank,
and prevently Mr. noose heard !
splash in the water which induced
boa to call out to the men, where
upon two of them left the spot. Next
morning, fßetnrday) upon search being
mae a hat l ank ir of shoes were frame
on t h e river k. and idmitified as holing
behm god to the man ET6113. !od matte
were also discovered. Those eire ho mastaners
led to the arrest, soon after, of grata° and
Fleming. On the. name day the dead body
of Evans was found In the river, and from
appearances seemed to havebeen anchored.
A Coroner's inquest, upon hearing evi
dence. found that death was the result of
violence at the hands of-the roar parties
named, nil of whom are In custody except
Shaw, who keeps out of the way,
Drittiln, we learn, has made a cOntession,
atating that Chow knocked Evens down,
time Jumped noon him, after whida his bony
was laced In a skid,' taken out into the
o= ms thrown La. •
The Slamlngham Bridge entrap,
We are In reCelpt of a communication
from a "sabscriber n etesairaing the 4.l3lr
mins ham bridge Ontmge,” Or rather In re
lation to the ,ilsornltlaa whist Lea been
made of the en s. TOO writer Is too !Wien
lag In his condemnatied el . the Slayer, end
his conel.lon we fear cannot be jastilled
by facts. nut that there Is some emend for
regarding the action of the Mager meant of
the usual - order of things, and es calculated
to impair confidence in him as a magistrate,
we must adroit. In remembering what took
place et the several hearings. we cannot re
stst the winch:Won that the Mayor& ied the
case, instead of coalaing Ids inquiry as
to whether there wigs probable mum to ena
mel the parties before biro. With partiolpa
tion In the allegedcrime.. Wo have been
educated in the ocher thatehhoogh ainaa
, may be arrested and held for ainiear.
e fOr trial; IL does not ecestarily follow
; onc
that he is to be considered itttiltYper that .
a magistrate In the diecharge of the prelim
teary duties required of had should,' before
holding a defendant to
ed o that rho esrt n a t n ys.W er, be
Mayor onVinacr
an y d
ittenPAe been proven;' rVrten," fr
dicato that a different belted obtains with
bier. lint mode not see that lecher tits
, cession of the subject will he productive
of good,
cueing [cheer certainly
rat in
elgetlOTl fils
I rogative as a maglatrato Lithe case referred
4.%!::rngeda hot
an tr' eur W 121 1 .11.
And he's of the same opinion still."
A case of a very distressing character oc
curred yesterday, at Alderman McMaster'.
ofhee, and as usual each •party Mid a differ
ent tale to tell. glary Dean made inforrea.'
lion against tar husband,JotmDean.eha?g
log 11. With aggravated assault and bat
tery. She alleges that on Thursday he at
tacked her, and alter beating and abasing
her In a shameful manner, the marks of 1
which alio still carries, he thrust her out of
the house, and has persisted In keeping her
out. ever since, and whenever he meets •
'her threatens to do her bodily harm.,
A warrant was issued and Dean arrested,
and with him he brought three-little chil-H
deco. two girls and a boy, the eldest Of
w [deli elm not over ten years of age. Short.
ly titer his arrival the Wife came in, and he I
begin :a tirade of abuse, such as we never
heard before and never wish to bear again,
charging his wife. In the presence of his
children, with Infidelity 'in the plainest
terms imaginable. lie denied striking her,
but he admits that he puout °Mlle .
house anti gave aS a reason torso doing that
she had been tot, intimate with another
ruan, which charge the woman flatly de.
nled. wie committed toil laoted the
Maul ren, who, It appears, era depend,
ant on him for bread, plead for his release
i !Lb tears streaming dawn their erieeltal
I hut the Odledril were inexorable. The•
woman took the children m charge and lett
the office in a much worse condition than
she . was before making the charge, as She
now has the children to provide for. -
An accident of a very painful
.happenol yesterday afternoon at the saw
mill iof hieClintock ft Cochrane, In the
Ninth ward. As Salerno workmen were draw
bug up a very heltrYthe to the Saw, the
"dogs. Which held the timber gave way
with a sudden Leap, and one of them flying
with much velocity, °truck the left side of
/1r Jacob Oho; faros ince,.lulttrinit him In
terrible manner. Eight of hie upper teeth
were knocked out carrying with them frag
ments of the jaw bone, The lett cheek was
out through, the incision being about two
Inches in length end of Inch a nature. to
render it imooesible for the man to drink.
A bad cut Was also made at the back of the
head. The Minted man was conveyed to
Drs realdenoe in Lawrenceville, where he
was attended by Dr. Bruhear, who dressed
his wounds In a skillful manner.
After a suspension for repairs of some
three weeks, the extensive Sable Iron
Works of Messrs. C. Zag & Co., will resume
operations to.dEy. The mill, which is one
of the most complete is America, has been
much improved of late, and we learn that
It Is the intention of the firm to run It to
the fullest . capacity. We are plesselto note
this evidence of prosperity after the dull
spell through which we hare passed, and
hope ore long to see Pittsburgh resume its
former proud position as the ant =metric
turregmty In the State. Messrs. Zug & Co.
are among our most enterprising business
gentle= en, and now as they have Steamed
ork they will permit en obstacle to pre
vent there from running without Internals.
losttatlera—At a reviler meeting of the
Allegheny Soldiers. Lemmas Library Asa.
elatioo, he last eyeing at their hallaio. 73
Federal stret, Allegheny City, soortlial
vitation wee extended to the visiting omit
mittee from the Columbia Engine Company
of Philadelphia. to visit the ball of the
association during their visit in the city.
111+ understood that the invitation has been
...opted. The visit will be made between
the hoar* of one and, three, o'clock tltis
afternoon. • •
"blessed be the Asa who Vest 10-
Tentea Weep," quoth Sancho Panne..
bleep has often been "murdered? not In
M....bones mt.. Only. but In many modem
Instances, by /ddlrestion, Nervous DOM
dem,, and a host of other cam-
Mande. For all such there Is n remedy,
and sufferers may now erelann, "linsweed
be the man who invented the PLANTA
TION BITTERN !' This Delitions Cordial
sod One Tome is now'nalled byp mint dss as
the great Ilealth•Olver and Restorer. Re
solve to buy a bottle, and don't "sleep on
"Ile win ha time." •
Ilkozot• delightful toilet
arttale—atiperlor to Cologne - and at half
the pries. wfl:Fdw.
Glorious News.—Slanchoßter he rapidly
Improving. The operation of laying water
and gas pipes it going on rapidly, and *web.
Mg and business houses are Ruing ciP , rdY
Cast In all parts or Meetly. All thosehavlog
DOM. erected, and wmtiog hydrants or.
Moir homes timed u with hoc and cold
water, would do well b milingon N, &Md.
dlo & Bro., the n practical Plumb
ore and Gall Mier. bile they do their
work in a worktonnliko Manner, their
charges are extremely low. Their eitab
lisornent Is on Beaver street between Frank
lin and Chestnut.
Bales & Bell have opened ■ very melee
stook of Prints.
A Good Lop of Tea tea luxury in any
weather, and it lea decided ono when the
deltelone beverage Is male from gobbiscrehr
ohoico teas. At thle old established mart,
:to. Pt nth area, will too found a very C.-.
.yerlor stock of all the favorite. bream, of
tem, which are warranted to be free from
adulteration. Housekeepers will consult
their own' Interests by favoring the more
with a call. Priees are very reasonable. •
The Zersoese .11leteriegs. WOO O . O M -
M:tied -the troupe which recenOr visited
this olt7, !aid that he forget itio.4l add
thought he was In the land of the .TTOtenn.
when ho was taken Into the Old Tea Mart,
No. atruch street. The teas were ect
[molt that the educated Jan reedUr thOngtt
Do had ch.sed his CM.. Tea drlnkere
make r. note of the feed, that no what else
In this city can Delta; tam be preohretL
Joseph ..I.ltobtneen, it the proprietor. •
Vold roaridlog dead Water at J., T.
Sample's Drug Store, No. SS Natalia street,
dlleghonr. •
Nottee.—Dr. Epeueor,
vat re roan @treat. request. to to
tato to but many friends and patione that,
having removed his faintly to the country
for the rummer month.,ll, will be neeceo..
ry for Dingo desiring so to m to con at
his epee between the boor. of tern Oelleek
leand six caclook r. x. These will ha his
00100 hOtarA until obout the lath of. Bantam.
tor, when he will more back to the city , um
can thro be found at all hours. tf.
Este. 8a11.% rfittl street., have In a
stook of Muslim; Rout r,1254 to 1s Onol 18
Coettiraneeta—Yersons who suffer from
tta. PaMini Coralitton of the digestive or.
gene. will experletene Immediate end par
mamint relief. by 'mixing use of Wllson's
Pills. a medicine which has been thorough
ly tested In into and one hundred diseases
of the bowels. Sold by all the Wading drug
guts to the Unbind slaw.
• -
W. ee 1 0.7 Goode both at wholesale
and retail, and aro, am a coneequence, en
abled to keep s lamer and mush better sm
armed atoes. to sell cheaper, and maw , the
hoods In more SOCOMIXIOCIating quantttlell
then =Weals. obbin g Ril
chants axe Invi t ed to examine ut our eta stock. ar-
J. W. Ltstumea 8 Co..
69 Market street.
A Aare Treat.—Por one who tat been
socustomedto act aomethlog goodandelean
nt homey we would coy If - boatnesa • don't
permit you gmoß home. drop into the COsa
tlneatal Dining 801000,Na:76 Ellt4 street,
and yen wdl and a Mauer wafting hr Yon
Oa good. try be got. anywhere tho 0117.
00 and l o t
a. Limo ematatalot SEIrTT.aII ctn.
13 DM of toteroollay matey matter, toolodbUt
mauroc.AdDorlDs. UMW Nowt by SetambrOt
and EoU. yblasblo Renato. Mater for um
rugby. ond tolloM and moot rellablo Dam-
etoland Commerdol Market Deports given
.OT Puma . In the otty. No Farman Iterbarde
ltarobbot Mould be without U. •
IntatuClaCa . roll WKIXLY ilazavra:.
• lub II:
• •
aod .or
am 1.11
—and or payer Da t
op the dab. Adattlou to clubs cab bo made at
ear thae, at club ra
NOTtcsk To BlllAzla.—la ottlarbit * TO. ,
paper, be ma and sp•pltr .bat amittloat ion
mast, ma tato Woe • Wednesday Zdttion M sub.
WIN. UM, bat MI tall IL week. ,
za . yaxmay Ontrt., Mamas, YOUR Vied.r..
or !. s a i:taterodLoWita.taay De e seat a; coaxial , .
ALdlirettat AZETTIC,
!Tr/amnion. Aura.
**rms.—Pair/0z McSumo
mane', Info=Wan bcoldre Ald Ono= Mc-
Master., y e aenrensy, sr . sratnat Thome.
blecklin. Hugh Laderfek 1,21,1 bowers NM..
them . 42 , 0 , 1 bge . g r b. 77
Is athr end
g e g ry " stable keeper. and SdndeT
the defendants hlred three tozaea gal D
al. from bins, 'which be allege*. they tr. " .
ed. In a shameful manner. IrallataC the
horsen and breaking the buggies. %Tswana
Were lasued foe the .trait of the Vacua'.
Trouble to Germany.—PhilOtrieri• frch,
lien made information before, Alderman
TaylOr.7CsterdaY. against Michael -Kauf
an, charging him with assault and bati•r7-
The parties me German and reside On Pews'
'treat, fifth ward. They bad • dap*.
about their ancestom, when Michael, Veil
ungallantly. seised the young lady DY the
arm,shook hey vtolantly mad • tureaten ,
ad to Micah Um life out of her. A warrant:
was Issued for Karat's.,
Dianbarged.—Jobn Loniter, arrested . on
a bench warrant Leanest the' instance 01
J. W. Charlton, which we untice In anotbtur
column, was diseharned,tr evidence of
fraud having born adduced.
chammitted Trial.--.Tey Burnt.
rged f before Mayor McCart hy r y wnit
permeated assault at:d battery. upon Arthur
ondernew. was committed to answer inde•
fault of $1,90e bail.
Headarson'a earnanattre.—A certain
enre for Diarrhea. Crry in the . Stomach.
or Bowels, Cholera DI rim!, an, contains
nothing irritating or 1 Surto= to the atom
nab. ILIt onean and Infallible. Every fern.
fly that tries It once lU Map It on hand
ready for laddedtate nee. 0014 by all drug
. !. am.'.lw.
llasard At Caswell , . Cod Liver 0a...
The Purest and Bacardi?, Cod Leer Oil be
the world. Manufactured irons Treed
healthy' Men upon the toes-ettora le;
perfectly pure and swoet. Ask Tor "Hazard
a Llieureirs Cod laver manslaateuvd
by Caswshe, Ms= a Co, Now Toth.
dead by sit droaxlets. erw•
COlirde Of . the very be quality, green..
browned and ground, for eat the old et
tablished tea mart or Jose sal ph A. itoblimon,
No. l rlfth atzeot atop on your way to or
from Market and tal , hb snmelmena Gee.
Vilely name better can 00 obtained to this
market. ' • saw..
Tbe Retort ClOtrtOooks.—“Tost,re • Mill
loJklar set," u spzodeet eakl L AO the beg
lected teeth. °We isNal WOO treprote Ryder
your nuggets,. ta tn." neglected teeth •takt -•
White-Witnesses.-The mouth or the
msn who urifies his teeth Vith • 80ZODOWT .
is ft witne s s box. and every titee he olcssto.
It two rows or gleaming vitaeWe toltlitf
to its beentifying properties.,
Deafness. Dlsthargei from the Ewa,
Catarrh; Diseases of-tee Eye, imd all area.
Lions of it Marmite and otaitimde Mummies
sticomartilly treated by .Dr. Aber.. /X
Smclo ck ithfield stre til et. Ottee boars trout SO
o' A. l 4 o'clock r.
The Latent mas.—for ail" the latest of
the eating HUN pro to the Conthumtal
tog Balboa, No. 711 Filth street, taloa the
natelace, and fan Can wet a tatter dinner
for fluty cents than: at any ether Doane La
toe eit7..
gomethimg Geod,-.1.f you ar guy:
thing good tor yo. 4.lnrant or suprek, go to
Holtabelmer,s DhungSalonmunatuntuera
Book atom No. 3 firth streNt., Gad you ego
get all the market affords, as a at mum.
bie prices. • •
... . •
No PhileCoSlss Me City—Cosi better
Tor..cber Boots, eboes, Balatorate 'and
rytir else as tbls line, be tonne taan,
at tie time tweezed Store of James 31400,
N 0.119 Market street.
Hest In /he World, en says the nen
Felt:lV—the Weed wring,
received Grece' Lbe
_pitied. 'medal.. 40r
what? being PO pa:W.A. , : adapted . to ib
kinds of oak. Cell lad M , =eh; still
Grant street.'
DollasauNs Imperrst White Wine Vine.
gar Bold 2n Its purity at .11deroet's Drng
Liter% Ohio mane end Ltaeola street, Alle
gheny cap. - 31
Bates * Bell More reduced the price, of
their Summer Stock atid oefer the Mel
unto very cheep to aloe.. •
We earnestly can the attention of our
readers to tae advertisement of the Alle
gheny Grocery and Provision Company.
elays In this Caw are very dangerous.
. Bates m. Firth street, are wiling
fast-enteral Prints, warranted protect, tor
144 centa , •
Cola Sparkling Bogs Walaignt J. T
lininplga Wag More, Pi. al Fedaralagen
Go to llemLLc'a ITfoC Stora MO. S 4
Market street, Zl . a reliable Straerly for
the (;holler.. ' .
do to ri.nam% PnVE at . " , ' s '' "
Market street, for all Genn..oa Patent Med
lchaes, at the lowest rotes.
vir Aaatiwasimoca Novi' Ikon
MOORHEAD—LITTLZ—Ott Toaodayx.aulog.
Walnut Atb. at inoltratel4 N. E. Chun.. by He..
H. Millar. WILLIAM W. altroteMAD. of Mao
Telty..altd Mb. MARY A. LITTLZ. 4:sopa*: of
'Timm. Little. Cm, of Onkload. •
YOLTON.—Jit.m. restdenea, at the caner oC
ribaLa and Yourtn street road,an Ba ndon. on•
t ne
ADIDELLW /OLSON: en., gedel
Pozen] front ht. yes:Waft on TiftrlLSDaY
Nix?, at t o'natit P. m. Canton. tall tarts
Patterson's /Avery Mb!. aid WWI... int .
dertateVt; Fourth stratt. at , 12.54 Waloct p. n.
on day of Inners].
ICI.DEIL-7coaday moraine.. flarittf ata.4l.
&aloe. at the of the Pannttn ,
t am er
1y.2 latent. MIST Atint.l,yonsureat
or Jena A.. and Anat. Ilan
and Tatontha.
The romans& VIII betoken to InallTratla for
tutor:neat, rata xoamath Axon Ith..on4la
isa Fourth sue& , Plitabare4-1%.
0011718 allklads;CWlll3. GLOTE&sial
Gam dear-Maas at luaeral laralakdaa tiooda
taralatted. Beams owned dalaad aiebi D.j..
and Cartlaka• taraislied.• • • •
ErraakaVss—llev. David Ben %Th. Ry a
kL W. Jacobus, MD., Itasom 14101. M.a..
• Kra D tbo
Dui Mood Dodgers. No. 49 CMO Moot.
the door from
talltG Bootwood. Mahogany. Walnut an 4 8000.
wood Donation Co.Das at the 0aD , 0 , /
prim,. Rooms open ateD Coat. dar sad 8141.4.
Ream and Carriage* faralabad oa abort 801180
Lad on meet resoovela terms. -
DZIPTAkta. Wee% 244 01110'4ral.wr.
£peahen[• 31. llla Beeeemod and other' Col
d., wan a complete sleek Of faltered ternlablne
geode on hand, and laralsbad IS densest seeks
at lowest prices. Bale and Livery 00001 a, ooe.
net of Yaisr AND Yuma erszers.
Isarnebal. Sagan. 904416 Horns, - 04, Ala.
for etre. . • • ,
we. Wood , . San and irlebtlty. 00014 lioosuo es
ibstottoster Idrory censor ItlbMidd and
Cbastirra stmt.. Ham and Gamut, rem.
P. Si STEWAUT, llndertaker
eon= of accarrus ..a,raas maim
210•. as of Mts. parr an
Cants.. famlabed on tb. aortal
011:100=108 nazurrozr Wert)
InivEn-FLATED wsue, ETC.
Ina ram= 5? nrissuEeU.
sr-F.11.w ataisiue ens to
Wskohos. Cloaks sad 4sosstri.
Fos SALE— Th at vary. • • au ,
/tie and desirable DiwitenT antelie on Be
tween etreet and the AllethanY Mhz. hi Alla
sa e ., ; Ist by di fitet.aln end& blatant..
every satetantlet Mtn Begat*. Are stariee
' high. Minna feet. tali:dated and well Mailed
I fee eemine on altoost`en7 Winch . of wawilto.
term. It u seldom a lot at Una dhaanstons,
lemon the UV, eea be bag, tad we wade u r n.
the special attention of Wows desinnie of neer.
tag • O. !or vizastictuonst wows. to an at
the Whoa of Ding.= /1 AEU., Best Utak and
Insurenek nitwits. Boller meet. Lawienarrille •
lintaimeer rwzmuune
Wheeler & Wilson sewing Ilsehlae,
r al atztAT l ML , toznA r lg=
00Oliatiet OC AlingtO WO" oO.P.aa r of as
most Oompetomouta imparoollo44o 6 .
• .
No. IV 191111 W Siadafla•