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address. by ordering tbe wane at the offles,
for fifteen cents per week for ono week or
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iroictkny Exrosim
A. few days ago the Poet, of this city.
published Idiot purpotted to bean arti
cle copied from the Salem, (Idass.)Jeur
ll4i, which was' represented as being a
radical or Republican newspaper, This
"article bore on Its face such evident
marts of forgery that we 'marvelled so
respectlble a sheet as the Post should
give it currency. . -
Of this article the Salem (Mass.) Reg•
inter; which is a weliknown and wan
catlal Republican journal, says:
A Corrantrzan Tmcx.—We have re
ceived .from. liarrisburg, Poem,_ andip
cut Benxi the Patriot and Union, a Dent
°critic paper of that place, dated July
• 211 h, containing what purports to be an
. "extract from a Radical orean at Salem,'
litassachusetta—•the Journal"—in which
l'enneyinmia la stigmatized as a "poor,
ignorant, stupid, old Dutch State, now
pretty thoroughly .Yeake " and it
is stated that "Thaddeus Stevens, a na
tive of Vermont, and a man true to his
(atilt, holds the political elements of the
. State In the hollow of his hand," &v.,
ke. The article is probably the
concoction of some Copperhead brain
for politiCal effect. At any rate there is
. no paper called the Journal published in
: this city, and the article was never
led any "Radical organ at Salem,
Ifassachusetts,'. so far as our knowledge
extends., : ..
The forgery sesinato hare originated
'With the * Patriot and Casa at Ruda..
burg, which we do not expect, in that
case, to acknowledge its own- infamy,
though fully detected and exposed. Bin
ire do expect , the roil to set this mat
' ter right before its readers.
- _
-The - democrats caused Gen. Grant to
be 'examined by theludielary Committee
of the Roessler Representatives. What
thef144441 was to draw from him a
itatetaint that he unproved the Presi
dent's Policy, In this they signally
;failed. -In 'reply to the interrogatories,
the General stated, in substance, thathe
was present at a Cabinet meeting, when
the .president's Proclamation was first'
.under conaideration ; that he was there
'upon invitation ; that he heard the docu
ment read ; that be could have expressed
an opinion upon its positions, if
. he
• pleased, but being in the military sir
, vice, he thought ii prudent for him at
to'capress any opinionwhataver. When
pressed further he stated that at the
beginning he supposed the President's
Polici was only provisional, until such
time as Congress should assemble, when
that body would rightfully take up the
Whole matter of Iteossistruction, and
- settle the conditions thereof.
We cannot be mistaken in saying that
this testimony ,was, sarisfacteiry to the
Republicans, as 'indicating Gen. Granra
real position.`
_ _
This town, which sprung into exist
ence the present year, is now the com
mercial terminus of the Union Pacific
Railway of the Karma The *mat tlood
In the Smoky Hill, in Juno last, over=
flowed It to the depth of about Our feet.
It then had some sixty frame buildings,
including a number of stores, ware
houses and mechanic shops. We have a
letter from a resident businessman there,
'an extract flout which we give below:
ELLISITOIMII, Kan., July 29, 1667.
We hue moved the town about' one
and a half miles further west, on high
ground, and everything wears a lively
aspect—wagon trains coming in for load
ing for th markets of New limbo), Col
orado, Arizona, Sc. As the' growing
trade of this country will soon assume
vast proportions, - is. very 1111111 that
those who go into the work at an early
day must be reimbursed well for their
sour city produces a great many man
ufactured articles that will meet. with
ready sale out this way, and It as for the
interest of your manufacturers and mer
chants to give the matter their attention.
Chicago is making hugs efforts for this
trade; and if energy and spirit of liber
ality will reward them, it will not be
lacking on their part-
Tux people of Allegheny. county are
notorious throughout the tommonwealth
for finding fault with the manner in
' which public affairs are managed at
Harrisburg. They arc entitled to six
membent -of the Home of Repreweits
tins; It is specially important the
present . year' that six men of sterling
• character and capacity be selected to fill
these six sate. Bo ffr as we can learn
those sections .of the opopulation which
baTO the deepest interest in this matter
are giving it no concern - whatever. It
o seems probable that nothing will-be done
to secure the right sort of candidates;
'that if the machine shill fortunately
bring 601 proper men they will be elec
ted; if tato other sort, there will be some
grumbling; but the_ final result will be
the ;tame. We are clearly of the-opin
ion that it the people of Allegheny coun
ty passively allow the current to run
•on in this way, shame ought to stop
them from grumbling whatever shape
Mira may take in the Legislature.
Tag impression prevai is extensively
;that - the Jedidary Committee of the
Bons° have in reality relinquished all
,intention of proceeding in the matter of
• thaimpeachment of the President,: be
cause of the laconseqnential nature of
testimony so far taken, and because
of Ineooncillabli differences of opinion
treeing the republican members of the
Committee as to the proper course to be .
recommended. All persons who care.
thily scanned the debate in the House on
". . this _Slitter, during the last day of the
:sent session, have probably formed •
different conclusion: 'lle inference
would scam to be will grounded that a
majority of the Committee are substan
. . Bally agreed in opinion, that there
ample, ground for Impeachment, and
articles ought to be presented.
las friends of Air..oeorge W. Wood.
Ward have withdrawn his name from the
list of contestants for the Congressional
nomination in the 12th district. The
nomination was not conceded either as
promptly or as gracefully as was ex-
Pm*. 'Yr. Stark', late State Senator,
is now looking after i his chances in the
• premises. lie is, in all respects, en lrt
' foliar man.
On the Republican rade, Air.,Ketchum
PrOi!tgu be does not want -the nomina
tion, but his friends insist laahill be
given to him:
MOAXONIISX.—Iteucnts have been pids
lyahed, as coming from Balt Lake City,
to the elect-that BIIIAVAIE Y9177(13 Lad
qUarreedifith s neunber of his promi
nent Elders; that the split was so com•
• piece as necessarily to Involve an entire 1
dieruption;" that Youtio wu likely ,to
----~ abandon the city and eideaver to make
\ a new start elsewhere, and notch more
to similar import. Late numbers of the
•• . Pekgraph, Torso's organ, make no
:I mantled of these disturbances.
—no New York Miaow has an arti
cle on tenement bonsai, showing that
15,000 personalty. wholly under ground;
that 10 - ,000 deaths occur every Year front
preventable dleeneee.
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' N •.—. -,-.. - . - .. — ._?—f f .1.,:.,.
.1",...., . '..-!.. ~,. - --,r .. — T.rev , -.- -- ---- ' -- 3 —— ,:.±:' .
r'.',, • ._______ - -- ,- .:.- --- t-- /-- - -- - ;S.-LT.7f L- ,L'' - "L ., '- - Z - - - -. - - ' - ----.^.. , - -- _,.:-....„..-..4,- -- ' ----....-_--= . ' . ' I EOM
f. ..-4.... .._;, - ._'___•_./.. , _.- - _ - __ .--- 7-' , .--!--.7- - . , --= - 4 z----- --- -.-.__..,---,_,;-=.---,.. - _,-- --,-.-1-."--.7-- . . .
•-----,_-_,....r.--- 7 want, ,
, 1.... - . . . .
. /
-/. • . gathers ,
. .
. , girl,
The Future of-Falt lake City
. Certainly no plane this side of Clucago
and St. Louts has a better future in store
than this city. The development of the
Hell mines that encircle it within an area
of four hundred miles will pour into its
lap the glittering gold in exchange for
the produce of the valleys of Utah, and
encourage thrift and industry by bring
ing the reward to the very doors of the
settlers. The means to acquire the com
' forts of life will be within the reach of
all, and enable those who pursue agrlati - '
lure and manufactures to obtain greater
'facilities to work with. Instead of the
barter and trade system now so much
vogue, and which leaves the producers
at the mercy of the traders, they, can sell
direst to the consumer, and obtain I n ex
' change the gold with which the produ
eel% can always obtain what they need
at a fair price. This place will be a kind
of 'centre fertile exchange of the minis
and the produce of the fanners, and such
manufactures as there are in Utah.
The mingling and commingling of the
people will make them more cosmop.di.
tan in their vies L i nn like
theirthi brethmn
of t
willoshitech e States.
down the barriers of
b a t e an d prejudice, and inculcate a
b e tt e r and a Christian feeling among the
people, and as they become more known
to ash other, they will see that they are
not sOmuch unlike after all., The "relic
of barbarism" will die of its own
weight, and fade away before the con
tact of intelligence and the demands of
society, as well as the morerigid require
ments of the national statutes. le bright
Patera is looming up for the valleys. of
the mountains. Salt Lake will be the I
emporium. Every good man will en -
deavor to rob the future of the recollee•
tion of the past acts that may have pro
dueed bitterness of feeling on either side.
A. stern, unrelenting necessity makes It
unavoidable for a general commtmity
among men in -an the varied trades and
basiness of life; and it may as welt be
accepted with good grace. Lot the sui
cide= opening of these new mines be
tailed as a harbinger of good, and let
the fires of prejudice, whether local or
religious, at once be quenched. We arc
to be thoroughly inthuedwithAmerican
izitig influences in our neat 'decade, and
the Imes" of hate and bigotry that are
now strugcling for mastery, will then be
forgotten.—Sad Lake- Eidetic.
Ike Tin Mines in Missouri
The St; Louie Times gives some ac
count of the recently reported deposits
of tin in Missouri. Several thousand
acres of - land have recently been entered
in Madison slid Iron counties, upon
which the owners hope to find tin—lands
which have heretofore been considered
as almost worthless because of th,dr hilly, .
rocky character, and their remoteness
from river and rallroul. communication.
Theseilands have been entered and pur
chased by parties respectively from De
troit,,St. Louts,. Chicago. Wheeling and
Pittsburgh, about in the order named as
to rituality, U. K. Booth, of Dettoit
taking the lead. The St. Louis parties
have three Cornwall miners at work ex
ploring with very favorable results, .
The "tin fever" has assumed a conta
gions form, and everybody has the "at
tack," Farms which could not have
been bought a week ago for $lO or $l3
an acre, arc now eagerly snapped up at
11100 to VSOO per acre; and It the Investi
gation now being made results satisfac
torily, some land we know of could not
be purchased for $l,OOO per acre. The
Ironton Register says:
"Cornwall's glory has departed, The
United States are no longer dependent
upon the Old World for their saucepans;
for in Southern Missouri there is tin
enough to supply her kitchen a Million
"Our people are-fairly wild about tin.
One half the population own tin mines,
and the other half are trying to own
some. 'Everybody has a piece of tin ore
in his pocket, and there Is scarcely a
blacksmith shop in the country where
ladles and pans Lase not been coated
with it.
"Our towns are full of jauntily dressed
individuals, who;.tutvmg made fortunes
in the eastern oil regions and other land
spectihttions, are here looking 'after tin.
Blowpipes protrude from rockets An
frequently as 'bowies' do in Arkansas.
Farmers plow up green.ccßored rock and
unhitch the team, for they have found
tin. Dismission' on theological and no.
Mimi subjects all merge into tin. ler
erything is tin. Mendrink to tin. Men.
dream of tin. •• There has been a tin
wedding." . .
Metier of Tight Lacing.
While we are growing vary sensible
indeed in the matter of dress, in the way
of boots, balmeral skirts, warm stock.
lugs, and high necks, we are degener
ating in some other matters quite as
-portant. The corset is not a necessary
part of a woman's wardrobe; and, a/as
when a woman does begin to wear cot.
sets, she will wear them too small, and
will tug at the laces till the breadth be
comes short v andthe feels it necessary
torefrain from anything lice a comfort
able meal. We say nothing against a
well shaped corset, wornloosely. but
there lies the difficulty. A. - loose corset
injures the appearance, instead Of ba
ntering it, and people wear corsets that
they may have small waists. All we can
say Is don't squeeze whaterer you do.
Yon may have small waists, but you are
exposing yourself to a dozen misfor
tunes, which is bad as a large waist.
First, you will surely have dyspepsia,
and crow yellow and cross, and unhap
py; secondly, your hands will grow red;
thirdly, your nose; fourthly, you will be
unable to walk a mile at once; fifthly,
dinner will be misery; sixthly, your
shoulder blade will increase
in size and
altitude; serenthly, your eyes will grow
weak; eighady, you will break down at
thirty, or thereabout,- and be a stair
old woman from that time forth. If
these truths do not frighten women from
tight comets, perhaps the information
that gentlemen do not admire what dress
makers all a "pretty figure," so much
as a natural one, may have sortie trifle
ence.—Norntrestern Oh - tit:tan Advocate.
• .
A writer from the Paris ExhibltiOn
has a few words on the women who are
Seen at the great fair. He says:Eng
land sends us "rivers] , mines , . whose
specialty consists in letting themselves
be courted by all thet world, then finish
ing by marrying some rich and idiotic
nobleman. Russia mods prinemees,cre
ated and sent into the world for the ex
press purpose of marrying artists. Spain
sends guitar women, reported morose,
and unworthy of their reputation. Here
the eye rests upon an Italian, with black
eyes and purple black hair, and coUred
with this graceful trgezzrti,, which is one
of the moat ravishing head-dreever
inventedby sc.:lunette. Therein Swede, '
with golden hair end complexion white
as ivory, with indolent step and dreamy
eyes. A little farther, the blonde Ger-
man, melancholy, to be consistent to
national character. Bat among all hls
the Parisian whole the most feminine of
all women. She Is always invested with
charm pecullirly her own. She has
eyes to era everything; she hssearsmade
to hear everything; a mouthrnade to say
everything; end In the meantlme, the
man the most rude would newer dare to
address her otherwise than respectfully.
us is the woman the most dan
gerous and the most devoted. the moat
ardent and the most tickle, the most
spiriinsik, and ho least instructed, in
• tie entire world. . -
Beecher ea Firemen.
' Mary Ward Beecher says: I like to
go put an engine house and see the fire
men, oven if they are rude, and if they
do sometimes forget their manners, and
about out my name when I pass by theta,
as they did yesterday—l like to go past
an engine house and see these rode smut
of Industry fondle sad pet their engine.
Sometimes I think it Is their little god.
Bow they nib Bow they clean it!
How they put ilowera upon ill t.y?
They know what It can do. They
MCA it play. They have seen how well
•it performs in the hour of danger. It
has 'tuff In it. It is a brave engine.
They personify It, and give attributes to
They love It. They talk to It. And
they rub the beau and clean the leather,
and keep everytlung all right about It.
And I like to we it; because it is te
radical quality that they like. It s its
ability to perform. It is Its real execu
tive power.
—An Irishman wishing to expnns hie
Idea of the Inestientstible supply of futh
In the Irian waters, said .there were
tunny fish In the one thatlf you were to
take every fish you could catch out of It;
he didul think there would be one .lees
in it! ,
[lll Telegraph to the rlttsharib hustle.]
IVABEtmrrovr, Anne% CLEW
0.. b/INIZIll.”11 IMMOVAL.
No order for the removal of Gen. Sheri
dan has yet boon issued. Gentlemen non
aily sell informed as to military !Matra
nay Geo. Thomas will be his seem:wear; that
Gen. Hancock will succeed den. Thomas in
the lattees present commend, and General
Sheridan be ordered to report to Ltent. Gen;
Sherman. •
Marshal GotleDoh, or the Matelot Or,North
;Carrell., boa reported to the Attorney Gen•
end that the process of the Untted States
Circuit Court, lately held by Chief Justice
Chase, Is obstructed by °slur or Llent. Col.
FrIitik.OOIZIOSAMIIK the poet at Wilmington.
'The green& le expreellly menUoned the
order to be that m each or the cams ob.
structed the calmer Cotton adtodleattul by
Judge Chase oneurred between the 19th of
December. Pole. ami Atio , l3th of May.
General Slagle*. order No. lot having for
blddem Judaea to entertain any Cults lot the
latter .hatters .ocenrrlng between thefts
dates. Toe Marshal auppopes that General :
!tickles did not mean to Malone .the Coons
or. the United States, hnt those or the
5t11.413. Colonel Frank interprets the or.
tier differently.
Karnes] Goodleo enspended acilon
until he learns from General Stales,
or re.
Tetras Instructions from Washin
sion boa ton, being
anxious to avoid a collils firmly
resolved on his duty, Chief ' Justice Chase
Is In Washington. Title matter It regarded
ea • very grave oront, although the impres
sion p revalLt that the eenunand.t at %911.
minimum has acted without the knowledge
of Gen. Sickles, who is eongdently nepoo
ted to disapprove els action. The Marshal's
General'. approved of at the Attar ,
hey Oaten. but no atop shall be
Ulan until ttme shall have elapsal far a
report from the comtnuttllng General.
esznorcx Lawns TO suceoLn.
The Cherokee neutral lands, which nave
been surveyed. are to he appraised. Those
not occupied by actmil settlers nu the 11th
of A. 131030 lass. will be Wu In e Weil for
cash. if eligible an offer will be made by a
responsible parts to the Secretary of the
l i t t =7AVlT•tPll ' iro b gcli e li . ed U l:ra:Va d r:i t e
tracts. i r • • • . ,
cilia. Preterits Istrat,"
secretary McCullough left to-dal on the
revenue cutter Northerner, and will be ab.
rent WI Tneaday on a down river trip. •
Comminsloner -or Mull. -affairs Taylor
loft to-nay tor Bt. Louia where the Indian
COMmlssion assembles on the nth.'
.111 the Surratt ease Mr. Plerrepcint neva
pled tbe-whole day
week. will continue two
or three day. next .
• -
The following is the aIDOSIOL sr/Alain. , In
funds in toe Treasury of the rotted State,
Currency . , gold. 11101,935,171( of
arlsloh 1119,537.VGn in gold contemn's.
VIZ •L'31 . 6 !ax DZIVTATIO,
Adminl Tedethaff, E. Goal and E. lien•
neberg, the deputation from Austria to 10.
calve the remains of Idarlutillius, nave ar
rived' here.'
Contain trait, who has been reported
MIMIME, somas to hove drowned himself
India laboring under insanity. Ills beds
'LISS 0.111011 recovered.
The receipts of internal [mantle for the
week were 1e,1 0 , 0111 .
WashingTos, August 4, 1.1.
aseirrnit , ON tar sores canousa.
Itegistrati on is to commence immedtate
iy Carolina. In accordance with
at order.. dated August Ist; by Gutter.'
Sickles, Post Commanders are to be Super-
Intent:mote of Registratten within their re.
Rotative commands, exercising, m addition
to the !muttons specially conferred. general
supervisory authority. looting to the faith.
fed execution of the several reormtruction
acts. and' the maintenance of order. 1 hey
will anspend registers for malfeasance
Its °Moe, neglect Of MIST. 'or imam.
putaney. and peered:illy rooms. their ac
tion. with • reasons therefor, to the
commanding - fieneraL The Mule
donee are severe neatest persons
endeavoring to thwart the. right of regis
tration. the edema being pnaisliattle by the
Post Court. Offences perpetrated by white
persona, distrutsed of frequent
commence. therefore the attention of all
itnthortties. Melt and Is directed
to the device Noma adopted to escape de-'
motion and to cast unmerited obloquy upon
the ootoreo people. In all cases where re
sort thereto shall be shown, the fact will be
taken into aonsideration as thtioavittmg
the agenos.
!Ea.. /111.1• TX.
IL 1. reported in edictal Orelee that
ahould Preaiden I. Juarez decline re-election
to the Prot!deny, or merle*, he wattle east
to Wuttington Mloister by tha new tut•
odniatratien. so a mars of regard for the
United 04102. •
Official correspondence restive to the sir.
not of. General Santa 'Anne h. been
printed. The materiel feats have heretofore
DO= publlehed.
- ,sseratisirr ooriennoicien.
There to the beet aurDortty Mr the =Mr..
diction of tDe statement that Preogdent
loaner.% hes decided to Collector
Kellogg of New MM...
[By Telegraph to the Plgtabtagb Borette 1
Saw 'roux, August 3,151.7.
During July T. 3,376 immigrants nrrleed at
Castle Garden• Nearly 'one-half of Gila
number remain In this State, while the
western States receive the largeet propor
The death! for the week were 5e2,11301114.1.
Ina two from cholera. 01 three cases et
cholera reported yesterday only one wee
genuine. .: •
eta: orrice.. TO ll* PZONterTeD.
It to reported In Troy that criminal urn.
neding' , are to he instituted against the
oMcers of the Unadllla Bank. for
alleged eseindUn g. An assig Natio nal nment non been
made to Bands h Loomis.
ine lona= and Paris pratorlices with a
view of improvrroonts hero. The Posters..
ter I.:esteem has assented_ to a largely in
created forte of letter carriers and more
frequent delivery.
INDOPTIOA2IO 3 roarrossn.
Tbeingtury into abused , swami ker. Mr.
Tyng bare been partponedundlliepteMber.
A CALIDGUAD Comm.asion is In ...don In
New Took taking evidence in behalf of the
United, States In the suit against Jacob
Thompson, in. the Chancery Court of To
ronto, toreeover the rebel privateer Gam-
Wan. intended by TD0001:111011 to depredate
on the lake during the rebellion.
It leant that the moultolUnsadala re.
'turned with two feet of water In ner bold
and proved a bed aea boat. Iter officers
say the was likely to prove their ovine If
they had attempted to crow We Atlantic
aly.laano. to ae rtusarot, oaett..,
Now You, August 4.—An Orisabe letter
of July ISO gives anacoonnt of the Mean
ttuslastlo reception • given to Madame
Juarez all along the route to Mexico City.
Juarez will undoubtedly be the unanimous
choirs, for President-
Maar Admiral rainier. In the flair Milli
linsquehanns, arrived at Vera Cruz, July
MA. The Pantie snit 'there.. All quiet In
the vicinity. The Austrian Corvette Eliza
both was waiUng the body of Maslmillea.
A French gunboat was also in port. No
foreign representatives are recognized but
our. own. other. foreign.Constils having
idrunlr their doge. Banta Anna Is at (im
peach,. lientenant Commander Maxwell,
of the 'frantic, diet: at Tampico and w
burled there. Tl3ll Timmy .1111$ arrived
.MllOl2O her .paillealters was
Prime Minister, LISEtriZ6 •
la: Telegraph to the Pitutrorth Garotte.)
ear Faarcisco, Aug Bidwell poid.
tivelidesilthes the Independent llededithrn•
lnatiou for Governor,and advises the elle*.
Con of the whole UlllOll ticket. The Inde•
Pendent Committee will 330121111110.6 another
candidate. Gorham la gaining graded.
.There Is no Meriden in the Union ranks on
The apremshlp Montana pounced. to the
r,yesterday, brit Wit Oil
Leal te)aders sales of 'wheat at
slimed—The Was Governor himion,. for
Liverpool, sad Battler, far Min PAIL
Mortality In
Triremeh to thirgittsbarge Heardl• •
ignerate.Angnet J.—The Board of Health
adjourned this afternoon De • Nair to
eennenoe ot the Mara min a erm delay
ing ISHilfthit or Maha their. action.
Tis• inOrtallty for the week Stu anoint:And
01111111211 dpths, of widen forte were from
ChOlera: The mortality tor the correspond
woa,of last year was Awentpone
deaths. .
Gem. Simm sand lineunian America.
rEf . 1 .0. 0 .0, to th. Queue .1
AUFjpt llcenenu
inft thin eTenblit for uhiniftm to consult
with the lietltee Uommissionnr regirdm.
Me Mader of taeplewTormorT.
• •
Threditaise Jain in. wit.,
(By Telegrorh tOtho rittsboJet dosette.l
BVII/1.1.0. Au i ae. rA zpart nomad Jo.
I.7lllhaflai' V a... belbnil"- arrOgUla r
WI,. la Ifirw.Altourr. lad.
Teleimoh to ibenrubbrill tiasel.
L0u15.14.1. noFst 3.—ohasa Watalar's
loubdt7. rubarty, lad, lois
raLlsoAZat,=. LOA. manssi.d
Ft storari.'
rayTelarave ro Plu.barg►tiaratta.) _
Fontana 11.04,00*. Animas I:-.111 1 •1
saavarly taro rumba are visiting the wait,
sad arm probably do mach arnica tO tha
crops, •
Napoleon's Visit to Austria.
Arrival of the Dunderberg.
Tel etratittto the Utitsbarth ltazette.)
rArotaton'e nnlr Til .17,11,1
Pante, August :I.—Napoleon will be sr,
compel: al byX. Moocher, Si lender of For
eign Affairs, on his visit to the l: taperer of
Austria, and will remelt. three days In the
Austrian Capital.
rsais, August 3.—The American Iron-clait
ram I,suridertiorg, white was pumbesed by
the FrMich liorerarrolot,•fier a remorkablY
quick and successful trip across the Allan
tie, has reached her destlizatlou ot safety
The. following telegraphic .11spitich an
nounce. her arrival In French waters:
Menai rg, A upusr I—To Jemcs tV.lleclsar
A Co., Parts:—The DUndorberg hos !mitred
here In fourteen days and seventeen hours,
from NeW Nock. All on board ire well.
The Teasel lain good condition. Although
wo had berry weather and high seer. the
ship behaved nobly. cad proved - herself a
splendid L eek beat.
I,lgned). We. H. Wens.
ZZZZZ OA'S STILT TO AT.T61.1. D.Yrteso--
WIT/tllti WITO TOO C.O Or Tilt3BlA - TEO
• -
Paws, August 3.—Errning,—The depar
ture of the Emperor for Vienna has been
postponed one week. it NAM UAL arrange- '
manta are being made for an interview be-
tween the Emperor Napoleon and King
William of Prnesia, to utheplace after the
visit Of the former to Vienna. The place
of. rothUng me not yet been designated•
The Emperor has received an addreew
from the foreign members of the imperial
Commission of the Exposition Universal,
in his reply to which he says he hopes for
the prone and progress of -the world to
spring from such exhibition/.
I..banos. August. 3. r. N.—Despatches
melted te-dsy from Athens, bring tomtit
genee that the (week Government has an.
noustoe4 Its determthatlon of declaring War
easiest the Sublime Porte on the Ist of
September, should tbe , hostilities against
Christiana ln•Condla not be ended by that
Lima Grant military preparation are be .
log mitde for such eentleneueles, and or
deft Lamed calling out the entire reserves
of the ttngdom.
.11:1•123t 3.—The elecuon of Louis
Kossuth to the Ilungartan Dlet. from Walt
ton, causes alarm among the members of
the coneervattre party of Ilungars. who
[Mak that the extreme views and powerful
prestige of the et-rresldent may lead to a
ilstembanee of the eststmg polaLoal agree
ment With the Emperor of Austria.
• rwanstor, I:.
me of the leaden of the reieht Yemen
movement In the United States. le now In
Naples, where he 13 reported to bt , Minna-
Mg with radical democrat• and men of the
party in action In Southern Italy.
LAVV.I.I . OOL, August 3.—Thei wrAmst , l2.,
from Nair York, ban arrived
lrho.Atlantle Canto of lOW Brekno—
Emmen. Towente 1/1•11. Q.. •Ir
torao—Llboral Members, of Yarllo
wont Lleete4-11rotra In Crete—two
wt. Protest /41•101111 Voneeensery
Vlolosee—Mews from Cltlno—The
IfWrest...4 Anewlott of tae Papal
!Oaten —Reported Oomplete Over
t/Wow or tbe Cretan liworteoto•
I By Stooner.l
N es, Vomit. August .I.—Thu •Icemsbiti
American !ram liftmen. July •Aith. via
hoottampton an the 5341, arrivud this utorn
ina. tier Dews is mostly anticipated.
The 2fsers publishes a telegram - doted
alrutts, Jnly
which reports that the
Atlantic Cable of We ...again Unman end.
denly the% attornoon. It was thought, about
fifty miles from lienrt'is Content.. The
Chairman Of the Analo,lincriemi Tele
graph Company says the breekage has
°marred at a very moderate depth of water.
and the hal at 7 can be repaired with as groat
facility es in the case of the recent accident
to the shore en 4 of the same cable. The
able of len3 Ie lu perfect order.
Tim Grand %later gave a farewell banquet ,
to 'Lord Lyons previous to bis rektrerneut
from the post Of liriteh Ambannutor to the
Too Pope had sent some valuable present.
to the Sultan and t Maley of Egypt fee the
protection worded the Catholics in their
Six hundred Gariteddlaus had appeared
on the Papal frontiers, but were driven off
by the Itallim troops. -
Oath.7th of July twenty.two deaths from
cholera hadad cameral a t n
Roome. Rome.
Toe froth Jearnals state that Bassi.
emissiones are distributing money among
the Itomantwis In Transylvania.
An extensive fire weaned ar Lisbon on
theist. The Yana PM Asylum was de
stroyed. .
The deficit In the Italian Budget is two
hoodred and seventeen millions lire.
Queenpress nisei,. reside a yr...visit
• toVictoria, at Osborne.. on the 11 1 ft
This bill prevention_ public meetings In
the Royal Parke missed after a neemid reed
ing m the House of Commons. It ens-op
posed by Resent kiln and Taylor; on tbo
ground that it limited the liberty of speech.
The steamer Cambria. from itamiencs.
via Southampton. July pith, orrired earls
this mornins. .
The Kings'. Bavaria .d Portugal had
arrived In Paris. The statement - that the
Ring. Denmark would 'visit Pans le pro
, sienna. unfOunded.
George Dixon, Liberal, bits been - elected
'.• member of Parliament from Ilinuin it Woo,
to summed the Into Yr. Seboledeld, as 11r.
Bright's colleague. Coventry Mtn also
elected a Liberal.
The Empress of the French, who eas
stopping with 'the Queen at Osborne, had
made a short visit to Portsmouth.
The Portuguese Mter of Foreign AL
fairs had arrived in London to endayor to
obtain► Id.. •
The Delegates. the II ungarlso DIM , and
Austrian Ileletisrath would meet. Vienna
on the 7th 01 August. Generals Corey sad
Pererel had arrived at Pesth.
A Cretan squadron is being organized at
Athens to give chase to' the Turkish fleet
I It is composed of six vessels armed with
thirty gnus eath. The blockade runner
Arcadia had completed Der alneteenth triD
1 to Crete, disembarked her volunteers and
cargo, and took aboard four hundred
women and children for Greece. - Ithhomet
Pasha had been surrounded by the Maur.
1 gents In Crete. AbOntone thousand Sphw
ktot women and children had taken Mello
In mountain caverns, where they wet, in
danger of beteg killed by the Turks. The
foreign consuls protested against any un
norreessa7 violence, and the Eruilistdcormul
min a steamer to protect th e m . e
A Bucher. telegram he' Govern
ment had ordered never° measure. to be
taken to prevent the:ll4.6lldt of the Mold.
vtan Senators and Deputies which bed
teen convoked. It was believed the object'
ot this meetingUto promote the sop..
lion of the Romanis Principalities.
Advice* from the Cap. of Good Hope say
', th e war - between the free Stites end Bass
i las bid been brought to • dose.
Advice. from Hong Kong Hay 30111, say
that , an American vessel had been seized
while dying the Japanese flag, for entice-
I raring to anticipate the opening of %he Jo
venue ports by trading.
A wholesale system atidnapping Co.
Iles has been diaconal:it Maths. .
Two ware houses were to be built
on an old factory site at -Canters by Medina
The Governor of , murk ova has Intro
duced an orimanee against the unless psi
COolle Immigration..
Then. , islik crop is abundant. The
• c
apon. estimate that fifty thousand bales will
le exported from Shanghai alone.
Tn. 5t.....bi0
City of heitioilool from
Liverpool July Uth, and Prieenstown 10th,
arrived this evening. • Her edvices are one
day later. • ,
• Irs.r.v.—ln reply to Inquiries, at inn last
sitting of the Chamber of Dewitt.. Signor
Rath...l declared that the arrangements
and entiatinente- said to be preparation
for the Invasion of the Paper States were
being made by Um Romans theniselves,And
added that. the Dalian Government would
thou. the integrity of the bontal
dominion. The riatlonal Hamra Com
mittee have Issued a circular to the
revolutionists, calling on them to reserve
their energies for the overthrow of the
remnant of th e Papal nOVerninent, and the
annexation of Jaime to Italy. Toe repro
senuttives of the Papal Court have, on ha
bitat of their several governments, guaran
teed the protection of his beltnena M rose
.0t certain erventuanelea
UltanaaT—BerUn., July al.—Brelitlip-1t la
dtaled that the Danish reply loth. Promisor
ispatch, on the mai : Met of guarantee. for
'the Protection of Germane in the North
Schleswig distracts, to be ceded to Den
mark leaves open thaway for a mutual.
direct midendand Ind between the Cabinets
of Berlin sad Copenhagen. The attitude -
taken by Um Danish Government this
matter Misr no means nfriendly. •
• Ittneth—tit. Dnerehterg,..foly24.—Theresee
overtures of the Emir of Botha. were
eased to ou the 11th imit. In theordmice
therewith, hostilities are not to reomn.
mum, Etheritin case. extrema no:assay,
.BOktars on part tO l& Me el or
dorsi'. the theelthignof tus
, . ,
voV from liolchara has gtennguarantees
that these conditions shall bo filled.
grata—Mdnd, Jell , :I.—The conversion
of certliMatea and the pasetvellebtwill begin i
OP the Lief August at London..Yerts sad
Amsterdam, ArrantireePtVor this par"
1 =Vt;ill been owe' aea !Ps Imporumt
At a meetleg for the choice dt amilinsees
end broths of debt cadet the banlrruptcy of
Pat o, Betts and Crampten, Mr.. Linglater,
oh behalf of the Chatham road Dover
way, tendered a claim for geige against
the estate. Objections wore turned against
the receptionot theelainas and it was en
tered with anent that IL wan dlsiuted.
Tr ecar.—Consfuntlimple,Jely P--The fol.
Inking °Metal dispatch has been received
from Omar note, dated, "Splinido, Jaen le.
Our soldiers, after , too tights, have routed
the insargents and L eonel:del the heights of
Callknatle and Speedo. and after decurlng
r e e t s th e e i sa oe tnhm munno cenedde dvillages
the plain of Asklgo, whore they enrolled
their denetten with the Cortss which came
from AnoeCiranCe. • All the Villages of the
eastern part of hpliiihia, and lastly the
*hole district of Schelde, anointing eight
villages, which add easily ha Pedaled, urn.
now In the hand•nr the Iroperlst troop.
The only res ge ource loft 40 the Inatirgemte is
to tat ran in reeky. narrow val.
toys et the village the
Of SaMiminl..ellere the
as remain only a few dee., atter widen
there will he nothing left to them but Com
plete eadalsston. The insurgents the had
taxon refuge in two eaverns at Pachtanos
and Capsalneno, sahmitted today to the
nember or two hundred nun fifty men end
women. steeliest whom were Cert. Anna
attest rantulaknel. • member al the se.
nulled Provisional Government, Capt. Ma
noell, and solvent! other Chiefs. Their wives
stol the property which they had Placed le
the cavern, have been and will he radicle..
barrelscted. Coto the present InrrY - eevoh
orgenpowder and twenty-Bea mina
mother ammnisitiOn have been discovered
there. The Third Division have effected
their junction with theatres at Clillkaritts.
The number of Muskets. sent to the author.
ithe amount. to Ms thousand. Bed Puha
has subdued the district. of Mesons. Col.
itustapha Bev has Jolt cut to pieces the
teen hendrca fillenle volunteers lately dle
omtwkrod in the talent, together with their
commander, Capt. Illethe, and two Greek
oftlecrs. tie oleo captured three hundred
Reis of bineult, leer hundred thOUslar/COStS
and twelve thousand rifles.
tommr. Aturnet 11—.Veam.-oonlOla open
ed at le3tie ter money. American secantlea
opened at the following rates: Five.Terme
u, 'A [Untol3 Central. 70,3311 e, 4.
n 153 .
aveuronugust a—Noon.—Cotton
altangath haddling plan. MVO; Or.
leave, hroadiqullts—The Wandler la
favorable for the crops. and the market pt
mar cod the opentng quotations arena
anhand. Com Ms for new mtsoelvaliern.
Wheat, las of for white Calltwal. Barley,
Oats, lid. Pete, if. per quarter.
Provisions-IMM, 1420 tkl, Pork, 731.
toa. lumen, Ma. Cheese. PD. Produce—
Petroleum Spirit., ni.atid reigned, 14 r .
The Loudon murals two nuchang A
dispatch from Antwerp goatee Petroleum
at hi francs per barrel.
Lod 0, Anguat I—Conools t - ,11 . 4 for
Money. salted States Owe-twenties .3 Pelt;
Mirada Central 77; Etta at; Atlanta. and
Great Western conenidamel toad., IN.
LIVISMI`OOL. Augnat 3..—CoOrm easier
and quiet; sales will not reach MOO MUM—
I itnotatlona unchanged, •No change In
lit. eadstuff,'
11.1firom, 1, 1100111 closed at
in% far 42.
Bea'gelation of the /11111tory Commies.•
der—glre et rote of
Cer Telegraph to the Plittsbarsh Queue.)
MORTP.I.IO, August P.—General Michael.
Commander of the forces In Canada. st
resigned. it is sa id the position hag he=
°Vend to Ott generict hUllams.
Money abundant for good paper at Via
Fear Cotac
temAim. —A Paw
mill, In ilumberae, belonging to e lan
Co., were burned Tut night. Logs itzo,ooo,
r an lusorsnea of SUMO In font Arnett.
I can CoMpanlos. The Arc It ouppoted to
here men eatutell by the umehltiety heating
itt the upper story.
_ _ • ___
E•prlbileilLo tteetlehts ItheesghOttl tb•
tottitt—lteht ***** tom elteree.
flit Ts:errs:a te the Prittbeign queue 1
New Yon.. /ingest special dn.
patch from Montgomery ears mess meet
ings are tieing held all over .111abarnannder
the direction of the itepublleart Executive
The total registration in Um Mite
wlittch 0,7ti0 are Wank.
Union Ileettww Ilerweeen
Br Te:e.rrsee to we littd.tedit:
Angort Unton Meettag,
ream .1.tra0....1 Win. Lk Gantry, earidt.
date for the Kenterdry Legislature. on Sat
urday av suing. sr. broken Up by IL mob of
rebels, who pelted the crowd, oonststlng of.
about three MUMMA, with mall .10075
and eggs. l'lstote were ilourlebed. Mr.
Gentry owed speaking end thee prevented
bloatthed. She election In Covington to
morrow for Itepretentatlve will be elm..
Jewelry Snore Iliebbery.
Car lialidgrash to Os Motional
z. Lone. August Z—TheJoretry store of
Taylor. Sedalia, Mo.,' sras catered at
cared coa.t suwd.y and the
sate burro open and robbed Of abOnt fire
thousand dollars north of watches end otti
arod.".lV,;,,,lfe?,. e gs% l 7: l a g to
rObours. live hundred dollars reword 13
oirercil fm - the appreheciston of the thieves.
Fos.' M / issy w
netweentt M Ilsoluentwer
ow leabb•als tieb ow
Ins Telteraidiw the Plusbartit Ottacus.)
stow nava., Coss.. !taw:Let 4.—Tooda7
two lads, aired about Mean years. named
Tbomas bottle. and Statthew Cabal, while
rottirOLng 1r01115.1.11j 6022001, lOL Into an
•altercation aad battle. stabbed Cablll
with a penknife, Indicting a wound from
which be Mod to a taw hours. Sullivan was
Sootaers Cropg.--Regleirselon.
ID/ Teleer•ph to the Plttebereh 3 Garotte.
hey A te ems, Almost 1-ILeport• from the
crops Rt. ertooursultng. Deily elmmers con
Iteruhration closed In Ohio It to-day.
The neMber Of while& regleter Is INA
PI manilas it ...Weed.
:Br Tetrarann to the Flttsbersh Gazette.
ervato. Anwar 4.—Ch.rloa Ito Genhard.
MUStel.i. wan adeldontally drowned. while
ashind di the Manses river, atloor Wel ma
on Saturday afternoon.
First or law New Woe. ,
En, Test graph to the Plttelphegh la asette.l
. RosiOC, A most 3—The steamer Ontario,
Phmeer of the new Amerlcen fitemenhlp
I.lne, galled t0....1.7 for Ltvimpool. ,
Fire in /Mobile.
Litg Te:rgrantiio the rifirburgh tiaretta.)
• 510mir,• linnobin
strver, burned thin morning. Lore WOOL
pultally Inured.
. -
Promllse's& Cltiseiss Dowd.
IllyTeltgratth to the rittsbore. lisaelta.l
LOUtS. Ati{toot 3.—V. J. Itzunots •n 1
Isaac Hellman, t pronsinant oittnens,
died this Morning wo .
Illy Tele/graph la the Pittsburgh tiazetts•3
Locluslt.i.g. Vag. 3.-121be'r alling, .11b
smut Libras feet byCanal mark.,
—Maximilian In said Lobar° ateasumi
six Ann three Undies after be we litot.
—.Sarah A. 'Ripley, a literary Indy of
ga4ssarbur,etts,l% dead. She won 75 nee
—At Georgetown,: S.C., a case was de
Oiled recently Ilya Jury eompowd whet.
—Thee are called "dog-days" pods..
bly bey:Lase there Is no ranch growling
'about the weather. .
' •--
One reason why the Watering places-
IneSc. dull this spoon is oissouse they
ain't gel. the 'ups"
Barnesimaker to New Bedford.
Muss., has been left 3137,0 0 0 Iwo deceased
relative in England.
—'f he new City Directory of Baltimore
contains 73,4 I - nantes--ain increase id
F,P2S names Since
—hifred Kershaw, formerly of Phila
delphia, was drowned, while .bathing in
Loulavilleos few days since.
--Eightoen hundred chicken's are mu
suined. nt breakfast in one of the Sera
tog, hotels, says a correspondenL
—A.-inovernent is now on foot among
the tendon -Is of Nehreskajo organise a
Teachers' Association for the State.
inJtilledgedll Ga., and vicinity,
Moro have been yiglit pairs of twine bona
Within the last eight or nine months.
' —Nine car loads of Norwegian band
ana' tsarrived at Toronto last Thursday,
andimmesliately atnitol for the Western
—Jens Mace and Ned Baldwin, wini
.are soon to fight for the chatnplonalilp of ,
England, have again mode their delma.
lb. good of £lO a aide.
--Eihnyorth, Kansas, la nearly depopu
lated in consequence of cholera. ' There ;
were front three to ten deaths daily far I
li•ft—etTnheaaJY,7urn7ttf of, Cow/tyr«r calls at-1
Button to the feet verse stehm Is rapidly
disolaeing ls s te in the trans
-I,,,,itag,r, of emigrants acroaa the At-1
lantic. It says that to the year the
proportion of those who emigrated In
steam vessels WI. 15.05 pee cent.; In 1044
It .incraosed KI.X3 per cent.; in 1045 it
was =super cent.; and Pst; the per cent
age WO 4. 10,
...:Hurepetet correspondents at Bel
grotto glee currency toareport that while
the Turkish Council were considering by
what they might obtain money to
-defray the expenses of the Sultan's visit
to Paris, a proposal - WM made by one of
the high °facers to soli Jerusalem to Ruts
al. It is further said that the report 1s
generally credited, and that Turkey
believed to be willing to sell Jerusalem
and Jab for one "hundred millions of
piastres. General Ignavieff and Ash.
Team are reported to be busy with the
prelkuhumies for the purchase now',
FOURTII P..l(iti,-77te f talest and most rdfa
We Money, Oil owl Produce Market ign.”f
gitam by ~ y paper b. the oily, wit! be/ound
on our Fourth
• Wonted the rondo
. A uerur transaction occurred near the
'Gish 0100,0, Liberty etreet.onrriday even.
lug, which created considerable exeltement
In that locality, all of 'which peaceably , sob
sided Into quietness without the loss of life
or In fact any one being injured. - An Erig-
ILshman was standing near the hotel men
tioned, and a woman was observed coming I
up the street, with is basketon her see,. As
elle came peat the Englishman stepped to.
witols her and eared her by the threat.
,Without rereaminz or seeming greatly dig/
concerted by the assault, the woman throat
her hand Into her basket, drew forth a
am 11 single barrelled pistol, sod present. ;
In it et her assailant. bade him stand off. 1
wi eh he promptly did, when the woman
walked en towards the emigrant depot. on
Grant street. The man followed her,
and °einem Gordon nod Miro.. having
COillailp Laren what ocrortnned the excite
nr• l, followed the too and Milo up with
stated ln answer to inoutritm the woman
that the men was hor husband, that
e days age they. came hither from
Mansfield, Ohio, and now her horband was
determlnol to de4ert her, and was en/aeay.
ortng by violence to get from her therooney
that she had brought' and the erasechock fo
the baggage, which she held The
justified himself by claiming his right to
learn her,andassorted Mselatin to the mons
sly and the baggage. The Deicers succeeded
In quieting both the partner, removed the
loads from the pistol the women had, sod
went away, tbe-woman meanwhile quietly
declaring that. "If that man tilde% let her
alone she'd 1011 Mtn yet."' Shortly after-
wards the Engitstimarr went Leto a tabu .° 1
stern and requested them to take charge Of
a navy revolter. (or tear he should cheat
his wife with it. tin then went bank arpl
took formal leave of his wife, tolling he:
to teen everything—he contd.% elay with
her. The next seen of the toying Pelt' they
were walking op street together, talking in
a very got`aionate manner. A talking
'dolge" to the ehtwks.
Ile Was end 'linen lie %Faint..
tan Therteley or Friday evening of last
nook a young woman win taken ill, or ands
deolv nelson, inaudible, 'whilst riding In a
passenger ear in the Borough of East Bit ,
minghant. The Car was stopped and she
was conveyed to the office of Or. '
—. She
contineed to en inseriallgo etate• and monk
commtseratlso was felt to her behalf. hes'
Mahal) , as she seemed to be unknown.
Iteetotatives were Rattled, everything poe.
slide done tar her comfort, but seemingly of
no avail. Theoircronsumce created some
excitement, and among others attracted to I
see the object of Pot:ouch solicitation, es she
had become, wan a borough emcee. Ovum
resitting se r vic e vicinity volunteered
to render such as might be required
of there. After a considerable time bad
elapsed the young a omen showed syrup.
(omen! tovivtan d <reclimed
at Intervale...Ohl Fred! Fred!" m " Fre d '
con. tieteY , The °Meer referred to, his
can , . betog "I,vtd." heeling this, mace
closer inspection of the festeres of the
Patient, and epos a repetition of the excla
mations sand "Bat's xec; I knows heel" and
also assured the women to attendance that
the was a' "nice, decent •girl," that be
knew her first rate." Ills Interest to her
behalf seemingly Increased an she repeated
"Fred Fred come here:" Ile would nay
"Yes, yea, Pao here te Save the utterances
stated, she gave no other signs of returning
conwionaneea. The physician, in when
omen she lay, in tattles with KMe persons,
in the hearingof "ervd," expressed his Ma
ptel°. that the young woman was in a
ertain condition. At this unionticement
"Fred" became somewhat Imitated. When
nest he heard "Fred, Fred, come hero!" .
reply was "Irat's not me! I knows noting
about you:" and aeon alter Fred was not
among those who remained In attendance
open the fair creature. Sbecontinued in
...tido during the
laneniht and for • gOod
part, of the nest day.
name, Init understood she was from Butler
comity, and that a wedding tme made nil
thinfa straight. "Fred" the colour, how
ever, was nee the grown on the occasion.
Deported Mord., at' Palette Ell 7—
lloapecia4 Perth. Arrested.
John Evans, a reaulent ot • isrienrield,
Washington c , inty. disappeared suddenly
from Feyetle City. Fayette county, Friday
night.° er cireum dances h load to the •
Arrested at the Depot.
conclvef on that be 'n'rn ri ', l r r a i e n L ix in the It ap-
A "%lett . ..T h i n
salorios in Fayette Ctty, with two welt ; oar nigh t f lc
at the Union Depot, requesting the arrest of
known ohmmeters, Jam Britton and Wm. j _ _ t h e
-rk"'"g' th"
P4"2. soli ivt seen 1 ln d° " I ' l t g hsr 'n' Pites " l7nrgb ".' ,Turban
wltli teem: 'About tau ' clock tier night
Hey. Mr.itecee heard • setae In Wont of his eh...god with larceny. 'restrain arrived at
bough:hand on looking oat Of tile window be Ism oteleeh tho,e t -day m orning, a nd the pni.
en• "" meta ' igh"°4 nor. Th' three west
round els game to Charge of Sergeant
over to the river bank together, and In • _
• Minute or two be heard a splash in the wit- , of the Canal S tets
ter. ile helloed at them when two of the army. The Sergeant, who was a Ger
them ran away. Some liale . af ter he hated ma., rezoned In give no the prlimner, but
eome one breaking the lick re a skiff, and after conaldersem trouble was unneeded
I then row up to the pith. 'them the fighting to let ram go. Young Frey wimistken tO rho
had occurred, and, after remaining the a lock-up, where he win remain until to-day,
tear reinetei• row away. The next morning . ox having notified the liatrisburg
Evans Wag missing, and upon search being I s e ven of theuss. The prisoner Is about
ade • hat, pair of shoes. and Marks of , seventeen year. of are, and enlisted in the
Wood were found on the wharf where the Hegel. g From
fight had taken place. The hat was resod. ; statement It *posers that he left his
nixed as the one worn by Eve., Britton I home in tilenteck, York wen., in April
and Ifteming have been arrested. Evan. but, won, with bun forty dollars of his
was 0,111 tdimidif at last adderbta- father's money. Ho does not know-the tm•
modiste cane of his arrest, or at whose M-
Nods Par., Change. stance, asserting positively that he hid not
I ' , touch a thing',
st irt liarrlsurg. nine."
Messrs. Bartley T. Campbell and William to web re
ar philosophically.
G. Mooney have purchased an Interest in
the Pittsburgh /Seder, and will hereafter • Grand Drank.
be aseoclated with John W.Pittocit, Esq., in Michael linghes, Hrs. flushes, his .ire,
its management. Mr. Campbell IS not no. I and John Denteleo., congregated with sever
known to the reading community of tine 1 al Other parties In • house in thereat att.\
neighborhood. lie has been more or less , Ihrpotra building and were having a "lolly
connected with the preae of the city duriog good time to themselves in the way of a
the peat three years, and v 01... .bleb
reperati.. easy.avrisntly. , geoerld drunk. They were progrosslog
and had sr'.
and thoughtful writer. As author of , finely with their undertaking,
most Last.. and other equally brilliant ea- , that .tarsuir druuh...w when ali,
Pr: rpo. hero
eribuVit=iftl,tl rugir i tttr r t= ' b v w kr,V,g
I name is. become familiar outside of local they wore slightly interrelated by the Sp.
a rt . Slooey, tho other mentber of pearance of one of the rGuardians of the
I Liens
, w rm Ls alsoa biassing . and gracefol ight,o L
em kily took thiamin charge sad
writer and Las - bron recognised with the Th
ey th safely In the lock-up. There
Leader for some tn. past, editing ite they remained oath yesterday morning,
fashion and sporting collie:lTM We are .n e romar , a hpariegi thigh.
1 pleas.l to store that bur friend a.. AWL , . John Donee= were each lined fifteen dol.
Esq., whose rare abilities as • Journaldt are Mrs and costs. and the others discharged.
anflielently known In this community, will I michaei, &tieing the PrOgres• or the hearth
continue tp Droopy the editorial chair. stoutly denied tieing drunk, but as soon Co
der eta new tuanageni.t the Lender Cannot sentonce had been passed upon.him, reset.
tall to Improve,
we heartily wish the deginitedy that the whole party Were
arm of John W. Pittock & Co. unlimited urunk.
A Hie Bug Ina New Place. I
A lady residing In the suburbs of the city,
one morning last week, arose from her bed
with. very , painful eansation In her left
ear, and was at a loss to account for the !
feeling. She first Imagined that she was to
undetgotho torture . of a healed ear, but so
the pain neither Wei eased nor dlnurils hed,
she and ner friendsarerc lost to account for
the suffering experienced. On Saturday,
unable td longer bear th e pain , she visited I
our distinguished surgeon Dr. E. S. 'Ahern,
at Ms No. lii Smithfield street, and
Made known her mice to him. The skillful
eye of the talented surgeon soon discovered
that • foreign" eubstaneensil found Its way
into the drum of her ear. Antler operation
was performed and, to the intense delight
Of Um lady the cause of her su ff ering was
removed, I t proving to be s big garden bog.
nearly • unarter: of an Inch lons, which,
while she nncoriscionsly slept, had taken
lodging to the dram of the, ear and there
'lowlandllmrnoose and Urn
• Palnters, dlealteny.
We take pleasure in calling the attention
of our readers to the busineascard of Masers.
Rowland S Ilarria,licrato and sign painters.
Valuers and glaziers, No. e 4 Diamond. Alta'
gheny city. These gentlemen are practical
painters In every acnseof the word and oc
copy a high Adam arming the prominent
firms of both cities. They take especial
good care that &Maw entrusted to them are ,
executed in such a manner aa to add to tha
reputation, and by codas thirvery twat qui t
ity of paints, oils and varnishes, their work
mon prove Swabia and highly satisfactory.
- They contract for hone° Minting and glee.
Inc at tne most reasonable rates, and exe
cute elaborate ornamental and decorative
work or ltign painting. on equally liberal
tans. The gentlemen oompoeing this tine
and w e
worthy of publics patronage.
and we bespeak (or them a full shar oft he
boldness within the gilt of our readers.
Real Some Agettti.
Our well !enown owl reliable fellow oltl
sea, William A.llorron, Esq.; late Clerk*
Courts, hu opened n Real Estate °Mee at
No. ea Grant street, where he will attend to
the buying and selling anditenoral aegotla•
Con for real estate, Government itnd
other sactirities. stn Herron carries with
him Into the business largo practical oano.
mama. and his unusual keenest:stance with
man and places throughout oar own and
adjoining States' renders him peculiars. fit
ted for the transletions pertaining to such
of our reader. as be has ever snstainou the
highestreputation as a fair dealing, eater.
prising and careful calls on and business
Death of /111r..Oodrow lollon.
Mr. Mama . Talton, ono of our oldest and
most respected citizens, died veaterday, at.
his residence to this eity, after a lingering
illness, lasting through some four or Ova
years. Perhaps the name of no other Wu.
zen of Pitteburgh In more widely known
throughout the South and West than that
of the deceased, he having bean togned
manufacture the ittfanCY of w h ichY le the
of cast bells,ofbrusmes.
he was the pioneer west of the Allegheny
mountains. Ho had amassed s. large for•
tune and was recognized among Our most
prominent and successful citizens. Mr.
Fulton had attained the age 0f .. .M1T-ail
years. The notice of his funeral appeals In
Our obituary coMmn. • '
Fight In Bast Birmingham.
gebastbut Radlinger made information
before Justice J. r. Beim', of heat Bir
mingham. against I'. Balder. charnini blur
with &mann and battery: and for irtiretY of
with . 71
_Tr i s= thbi at dieifildleLibr::tebnrl
to kill him. ...oder works tn a railing mill
.in Smith Plttabateb, and the intimacy arose
from a oonrersahon between the parties
reeard to wages. A warrant wee tespile
kW tee street or same:. •
Volga Wiet•—Yr. John CV. Crown. clerk
of tbeCoarts of Gammon Pleas sad gear's.'
amatens• wIU leave tar lowa City to-mor
row acataipanied Tiy bls Ile will be
ablest, tor severalverete.l
The Heeent plre I. Allegheny — Fn
tber:o 00000 •
We published an ROCOtitit of a deetructlYo
tiro in the Seventh ward, Allegheny, some
ten days since, end at the slime time noticed
the arrest of Deltoid Flockensheir, charged
with ewe, who, after shearing before Jug.
tie Areal, we discharged for want of eta
, Octet evidence. It. appears that between
the time Of Plockeehlerls arrest and the
bearing, he was confined in 'Jell, sad while
there confessed his gent to John Ellett, ono
of the Irwin Station burglars.' Anthony
Waldman, req., was attorney for th r e'proe•
I nation was aro Said and while the
[ prisonera in jail d him • visit, at.
which time he met Klein. and on Thursday
I last gin W. received the following note
lla Weement—it is my duty to tell yen
all about what FlOCketi•Ohler told me while
In my cell. I would have told you when
' you were here arst,but th e Inside turnkey
who brought us down stairs told me at Dm
hers not to say anything *bout this man,
for I might get the poor fellow Intotrouble.
L will tell you all now. Gems as noon ste
yon can. Jona Kern.
On receipt of the above Hr. WI flatted
Klein, who related what he ways Flock..
ehlar told him, In whieb be (Flockenscbler)
not only eOnfosed /WI 005 guilt, but Im•
'dieted a man named Oberdole. who ii a
night acavenger, and with whom Flocken
chler had been working. The parties were
arreeted at ItildebrandVe near Spring Gar
den Eon, and were locked up for a heeding:
when a thorough inrestigation of the
affair will take place. The testimmil. eon..
Mg from tea source it dOes, would not Jtia.
tlfyue In making any commence, and we
reserve them until the matter In mole fully
The thetrlet Atforstletell.a had the.Ceste
We made reference hurt week to the differ
ence between District Attorney Duff end
Assistant District' Attorney con
cerning thAharlag of caste In forfeited re.
cognizance eases, 'the former resisting the
lotted , Mahn (under the AOt of Assembly",
meeting the onlee of Assistant District Ate
tonics') to coati, la the prOVOrtieti of one .
ibird. The question was argued, bet
as yet no decision has been rendered. •in
the meantime Got Doff tins determined to
bring op the question as to the coustitu
tionality of the act, and to this end on Sat
urday died exceptions in a certain ease. We
copy from the record:
Commonwealth to the Court of
es. Quarter Session of
George McComb.. 11 Allegheny county.
! Indictment, false preause.' Verdict. not
guilty, sod prosecutor, Daniel HMV. for
And now to-Itti: August 3d, ICI, comes
Lori Bird Duff. District Attorney, and in
hisown behalf excepts to the of
oats In the moose cant, and show ta sxi the n
lowing excentionsi
-1. To the anomie , . of only three dollars
d thirty-thf nre do ree rents the District Attor.
nesteut o llars
a. To the allararsee of one dollar and sixty
cents to the John W. Riddell, ae Asalamot
District Attorney.
S. To the eilowance of. one-I bird of the
fees of the District Attorney to said John
W. Itiddell. _
An Aggraveted /Lemanlt.'
A difficulty occurred In Ilardscrabble Sen.
day morning about one o'clock at this house
of Isabella McKeon, In which William Hea
ley *Pr... its one of the principal actors.
it will be remeinbered, was a few
weeki striae arrested and held to ball on a
charge of adultery with Isabella McKeon,
on an InformaUms made by his wife, but
I the matter was subsequently settled and
the charge withdrawn. It appears from
what are hare been able to lemma the case,
that Maley, at the time above referred to,
j comenny with John Lynch, who is a ten- •
t ant n
t e Of usiey , e, was at McKeon e. who is
tenant and occupies. a part of the
came betiding. poring the night 1 1 .. 1 .7. 0
Lynch got intodifilculty sad Lynch
letes that Healey struck him over the heal
w h heavy trod poker., and that William
I McK ee., who was ahmpre.ent, assisted Be.
ley to the assault. ills hemi we.. badly cut
and he was otherwise considerably bruised
and beaten. He further alleges that lea
bells McKeon banded Healey the poker with
which he struck him and threatened to kill'
Ihim. Lynch appeared before Idayor Mo.
earthy and_ made Information against Iles,
j l b o a 7 t ?goal for
rarsu t r. V:; 1 .
balls McKeon for Surety of the peace. The
Iparties were aerated and held to hail for a
bearing tatter.
some two weeks since one Peter Whisk.:
lin was &frosted on a charge of disorderly
conduct, and after a hearing, was ,mulotod
to the amount of twenty-five dollars, sad
not hawing the "stamps" was sent to Jail for
thirty day. ' Sitheequent to his committal a I
charge ci malicious mischief was lodged
againet him on Monday the
week he
was taken 'outof jail to the magustrato's
other, before whom the information was
made, for a bearing. Whe th er he bad'a
hearing or - not we are unabletc. say, aa Peter
nu not been heard from since. We are in-
formed, however, that be quietly took his
departure from the place of confinement
through& livery stable, which has, on former
occasions, afforded an exit to prisoners, too
loosely gnarliest. We would recommend
that those windows cloeed. • •
Pillaging. • Caller. •
About elk o'clock on Saturday morning
an unwind noise was hoard In the cellar of
house occupied by Sirs. Minnie. 170 Fourth'
street, and a member of the family going to
the front door to see whet was wrong/
observed tour boy. running from the house.
A. policeman was notified. and suoceede:d
in capturing one of the young scamps, who
gave ha name as Moblanaman, and ears he
rendes on Mulberry alley. neer Factory
street, In the' Ninth ward. lie gave the
names of his confederates naldeocatd Aunt,
Charles Naylor, and John Kearney. host
and 'Sayler, he says, reside on Webster
street, and Kearney on Mulberry alley.
McMenamin was locked cap, and the officers
are on the loot-out for the others. The
boys were looking for something 'lrani to
Interferlog lab an Olgieer.
On Saturday night One of the night waist,
arrested John hoed, ■ negro, who eitu
drunk end disorderly, and when attempt
ing to take tam to thelock-upJaccb Meetly
Interfered and attempted to rescue the
prisoner. Toe officer succeeded In taking
the negro to the watch house and Illgorly
persisted In Ills attempt to release blm,
and followed them Into the Captain , . omen,
where he wan taken charge of and looked
up with his colored friend. They . had •
; hearing yesterday morning,whon Peed wax
fined ten dollars and. costa end hie irtena
innerly was mulcted m the stun Of twenty.
Ilse dollars and costs. Ile will probably
have eons. enough to attend to his
business hertaftBr, not
oMeers when In discharge of their
A Floorfishing College.
Lelayette College, at Easton in this State,
bide fair to become a flannelling institu
tion of learning. It boa moonily been Mete
ed with a permanent invested endowment
of eloo,ooo, and it le now proposed to smileit
Ito friends to 'increue the endowment to
elOO.OlO. President Cattail, at the late com
mencement, said that he had already , re.
calved eubseriUons to amount or CO O ,-
MO. Of this s um William the
Adamson. awl..
Beaver ity. subscribed elope, Thorns+
01 Danville, 410,00:b and A:Pardee.
or Hazleton. /WM, l'bis makes Mr. Par
dee's donation Irgo,oOn, as he contributed .
1119.000 of the e200.00u endowment. • There is
no doubt that the endowment will be cateea
to elOO,OOO.
_ _
Mores, 0000 Peace.
Hannah Denim:l atTeared Were Alger'
M 2,31 Lynch and made Intormation aeinet
Margaret Avery, tor surety of the pear.
She tliat harm.nd threatened
to do her bodily and also utkatipaed
her hurdle.
asap aopeared
Janie. DIMISOU wen,
the mune crater and made the same charge
needled Williant mere, alleging that Avery
threatened to whip him before he retired
to bed. The parties reside on Feeder's al.
iie d rapposa are neighbors, and the
above snits are the result of a tangly
Warrant were issued in both Mies.
niersiary.—The boarding house keit by
Mrs. Catharine Martini at O. i 6 Huth
.y rd dr., was buralarioualy entered on Satur
day Wight and several small au= of money
taken irouritia boarders. . One gentleman
loot $10.60 sod another SOO. The burglar
entwW3 At the front doer by mats of a
I. —,
Gambler , . on. the Qat %lye. ..
In writing for Saturday's paper under i:he
caption of "Pittsburgh Gamblers," we were
Ignorant of the fact that the "fraternity"
were at .bat particular time exercised con
cerning he probability of several of their
number being proeecuted. ; ibis was the
cause °tithe assemblage at the corner of
Fifth and Smithfield, noticing which seg.
gesteiltii as the item' we wrote, Judging
i that "Mldness" meet be dull when 'carders'
would boo congregate. Daring that Clay
iirtadrttghrrr ' enl eig:rfnri:'tt. lead
b ::11 ' or
prevent Informatton being made by a cer
tain party, a woman, we tedieve, whose
hnenand b adbeen "fleeced" out of erlMe twar
lor three thousud dollars. A ..descent"
(after the manner of Harry Wearer's time)
thoyhall been advisee was In contemplation , .
; and hence 'cetera:don their guard tor each
I emergency. A ceruiln magistrate, who it
unherstood bad entertained the corn.
"friend ern e waited upon by some of the
"s," among them a brother meals.
, tram and an no-town politician.' with a
I •loor to ascertain exactly bow
stood, retber complaint bad been
made. by whom, ' and , the nature of it.
Wheth r they obtained 'any definite infer•
matted we cannot say. but u "Mends" of
ithese :whal, tiepleatiOne they desired to
quiet. 1 trey volunteered to counsel. that
nothing ehould be done In the matter. , that
all would be made right, Sc.. We elfitil see.
I •
Playing . Thier Swell knoll merchant
on Flithistreet, on haturdsit. um an effort
to dileover bow vigilant Ms crk was
hla abitanCe. U 8 donned new clothing, and
with ;Me aid Of
mar "Dann:nary" whits
kers and monstrous mmisMhe suocseded
'in effectually disgung himself. Ile en•
ter..d too store and practised kleptomania
while going th rough the routine of a pare
ch mei nu he Ind his capacious pockets filled
With wh e n
articles. tie mut about moving
off when • policeman, who had beren sent
for by the clerk. arrested the proPrietnr.
taking him for a thief. The mask wee soon
thrown off, the clerk complimenteo for his
°level:nem and the policeman treated for
his trouble.
Salvoes Attend Him.—The amusement
Roving commtm icywill be extremely sod
to learn of the departure from this oily. for
new Itields of operation, of Mr. John M.
Burke. the fernier manager of the Academy
of Meshs. This gentlemen mace his advent
in to tins city with Manager Hess, and rapid
ly shoseeded In surrounding himself with
hos% of friends, who regret a:wantonly
that , be has determined to emnder his oni:
section with the &waste:meta of th e .
lie Carries with him our best wishes for h
future welfa of , again w elcom i n g and e trus soon to have'
the pleasure elcom t ing him to our .
mid t.
Subscribe Larty.—No enterprise has of
1 ate!been more generously seconded hr cep.
Itasiste than the new tiroeery and Provision
Cordowly of Allegheny City. The steak has
neatl all been taken, will them wber desire
maki y ng a sere, safe and highly profitable
invinstment should call at ones aria eat,-
scribe for some of the remaining shares,
at So. 'SS F,ederal street, where the books are
still op.. With such shrewd, careful and
enterprising business gentlemen at the
bead of the enterprise as Men.. John A.
McGrew and J. P. Israel, the project meet
ne• ...fully emceed. . • .
n y kroptcy Cases —Daring the month
oul there were Med Ofty•two paess
adjudication In bankruptcy. O th f l this
nninber fourteen were Involuntary, flied by
credlu,rs,and thirty-eight voluntary. From
Allegheny county there were thirteens nett.
Lions, Lurerne ten. Waahington dye Ye.
nango three, Northumberland three, Ly.
coming three. Crawford M ett er,two.
Armatrong, Centre, Dauphin,
van, Erie, Cambria, Jefferson and 'lndiana,
one each.
A Warning to Tramstera—aloseph
'rullwomi, a conductor on the Citizens P.S.
&anger atliWlLy made information before
Alderman Donaldson. agslastlames Ranh,
a teamster, for obstructing his car. Booth
woe driving his teauton the tract In front
of the car, and when reverted to "torn
°la" refu.ed to do so. Ile was arrested and
on payment of the oasts, and promising to
”gin no more" In that respect. was a ll owed
to ' , depart, in peace.. •
Aet Tem porar.T.-ILanr sail be rejoiced
M. learn that Dr. tiborn. the diatln
gumbed surgeon of the ear, ere, throat and
organs of the chest, hos concludedto make
ttsburgb bin final headquarters, and at tits
Office, No. 101 Smlthileld street, is perma
nently located. Ditisourgh ear, nos , boast
Of the possession of a ...KM. and OhYsi•
Clan who has not a superior In America.
False Pretewse.—Lerl lemma made In
!Mutation before Alderman Thomas against.
Dltrelch FormMU for fa se pretenses. • The
prosecutor alleges that the defendant did
obtain from him 121.55 worth of Dambleo, or
;See Grass, ender Wee and fraudulent rep.
resentattons. A warrant was issued for- he
'arrest of the seemed.
42 direr John Fax, one of the oldest and
, tuost reliaole the city. rewired injuries
la few days since, by a tall. while attending
Ito his duties at the Unica". Depot, on Liberty
',street. although severely injured, we are
!glad to learn that he is recovering and will
:won be able to resume his duties.
NO E101.0.—.1 1 1. 6 meeting of the conuty
rnsou Board. on Saturnay, after Intl
vetalgatton. Warden White eras fatly exon
erated from any blame In , the matter of the
means of Lucas, the hone-thlef..nOtleed
Saturday , . liaterre.
Foe, Med.—Justice Barker. of South
Pluaburgh, on Saturday, dually emumitte.l
few zeta] Hugh Yenta} , sod William eltager
aid, charged with robbing M'lllutto Price on
the Monongahela Suspension hrldge on the
bight of the TX of July.
Recerering.—Mary 3. Goanly, one of the
four girls ininred in 'the accident at liar
vites cracker bakers, and relented so in •
critical condition, we are nappy to learn Is
considered out of danger by the attending
lease Tiring-1n the Dtstriet Cburt, Saler
day, Judge Williams rendered an opts.en
in the case of Dellinger vs. liuoa—action
for slander—settlnivaside the verdict sod
awarding anew trial.
Flned.-11rldget Snyder was arraLaned
Wore alderman Morrow,naanrday, charged
with seling berries from sunk/pi paean...
and anon a healing was Anal Jive dollars
.1 coats.
Cavorts Causeo.—ln the Comm. Plea.
Court, enturdnv, outman. ware awarded In
the dl , c saes of 'Lebec. Steer re. Wel.
Moor, sod Mazy WC.. re. GeOrge /Meal .
U.S. Oxon.—Th.. /input tam of ille
United stator Conti bommenona to-day,
wite Hon. William IdoCatinlnsa
The Camp Meeting at Tarentum wlll
connsleaceou Thursday next. •
Vold ellparklbas Buda Water at 3. T.
Sample's Drag Stare, Na 88 }Wag Mar,
"Blessed be the flan who First In
nten !Deep," q
ve aoth Sancho Parma.
Bleep has often been "ronniered," not In
Macbeth , s case only, but in Many modern
Vrr, lreNtb e l O s t n eTtrar D ern:
Per ad such there le • remedy,
and sufferers may now exclaim. "Blessed
Nic mon who Invented th PLA.NTA.-
710 he
0i RITTED.S I" This Delici e
ous Vordial
and One Tome is now balled by milhAts as
the great ilealth•Giver zed Restorer. Ile.
itsolve to buy Imttle, don't "sleep on
It." 'Borne o in time."
blAusOu.s. WAgen.—A degghtful lanai
artlele—euperior. to Cologne sae et Dad
the prim*. wrsorgir.
paThteed J apa
Ilwlhce amwho mted
OW city, rind that ho forgot Ithneell and
thought he was In the I.d of the TriMOn,
when be wed taken Into the Old Tea Start,
:to. 9111th street, The trim were aO fra
grant that the educate:l3lm reedit) thought
he bad chanted
true. Tea drinkers will
make a note or the tat, that no whefeeme
In We city can better Me Meowed,
Joseph A. Rorineon, is the proprtetOr.
Important Nottere.—D". Spencer', Den
tist,lho. *I Penn Ansel., requests us to
Mate to his many friends and patrons that.
having removed his family to the °aunty"'
for the seamier Menthe, It will be necessa
ry for those desiring to one him to cell at
his Mike between the hours of seven o'clock
C. and siz o'clock r. X. These will be bln
ofhoe lentra nein about the 15th of Beldam
tor, when he will move back to the clty,anU
am then be found at all hours. U.
A Goal[Napo( Tea is a luxury In any
wcattuir, audit is a decided one when the
delicious beverage is made from Robinson , *
Choice tem. At tale old establlthed mart,
V 1 Yfth street, will De found very nu
parlor stook of all the favorite brands of
Leas, which axe warranted to be free trom
ildUlteratton. ilorteekooperli will consult
their own interena by fsvoring.tbe store
with a oath Prices are very reecirleabl. •
Glono 21e•r• from /Weaken y tonnerlp
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sorted Moor, to sell nbeaper, and fare the
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Wan exclusive Jobbing home& Retail UM ,
chants are Invited to examine our stock.
J. W. C0..u..
rO blarket street. •
Ilseard d Ceserell.siDeil 'Aver OIL.—
The Purest and Bweeteet. Cod Lver Oil in
the world. Ilarmlactared front froth
healthy liver, ttpr the ..eesolhort. hi
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A Bare Treilil, - -For one who has been
accustomed to get somethbag good andolean
at home, we wou hom e y , dr op sailees. don't.
permit yon gamy
Unental Dimon Saloon, 2N0.11 Fifth street,
and you wtll end a dunes waning MY J.o
ea good ao can to got anywhere to the ,
Go and try IL. I
No Plane MM. In tun better
or. cheaper Boots, tihrem, rolin 0 . 1 " " 4
everything else In this line, be found then
et the time honored store of James Robb,
Idairket, attest" " •
- -
bops . Alia Spleee of the beet and on.
rest grads, at the old established nun well
known Tea Mart, N 0.20 Fifth Street. Price,
on • love] with Eastern Imposinrinteil. •
W. earaectly call tee a:feat:We Of 0 •
melon to the adveralaamant of the AU ,
'teeny Grocery and• Pamela-lea Company'
Delays In caSe are vary dangerous.
INICIDAY 1411.Tiralejem:
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Stewart ,t Co., near BrintOn'S a=la erg
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A man named human had ho th Of his legs
broken and wasotherwise' idjared. While
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001 his right leg broken 0 above the knee
and wee badly bentemi about the beds.. o ,"_,'
Ilamilton and Irish attended tt.
men, and at
sounnte theS &&re 00D
starred 001 of danger. •
eudyrsamMs Carmlasavra.—A cortaln•
cure for Diarrhea. Cramp la the Stomach
or Dowels, Cholera 3lorbroa
nothing Irritating or la/nrlona to the atom•
acb. It la cheap and Infallible. ETery
fly thattdos %once jreep it on hand
ready for immediate rue. Bold by all drug
eats. 1.61.1 w.
Coffee of the very beef. ormlitl , gretc4
browned mod ground, for mile at t old es
tablished tee mart ot Joseph A. Itoblosen,
No. `X. Fifth street. atop cm yam way toe
from market and try Ms specimens.
Minty none better can oe °Method In thin
market. •
The Latest tint. , :-Yor all ths sti
the eating so to the Continental
log Saloon, Sio.llWltth street, below the
Yostordee, and you (=get abetter dinner
far fin, COSIte than at, any OtbecllClll.lo
Pooootbise lialtlo4l.-1/ 70. want' SUS ,
thing good tor your droner or easserr go to
Holtsbetees Iltnosahaloori.onderrllloo re
Book Store, No. 73 rush street, lu you
et ell the market a ff ords, and .06 ta
We price& •
Dearness, Dlacharitaa .tram. the ears.
Catarrh, Mamma or the Spa, sad all &dee.
Dons or a chronic and ettatldate character
auoceaarally treated hp Dr. ahem, • 13‘
Smithfield street. °Moe howl. trom .
O'clock A. a. till 4 ottlock r. •
• White Wituesses.—The mouth of the
man who purifies his teeth with sea coos,.
is a witness box. and ever? time ne opens
it two rows al gleaming witrowses testilY
to Us beautifying properties. net'
Itoillown , s • Imperial White Wins
sold to its purity at. M4trrArs Drag •
Bunt. Ohio avenue sad Lincolmstreat, Alie
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Alamo audieremees of aLLkinds of Frail
Jars sad Jells Tumblers, just arrived at H.
Bates Lame pia:13,150.6E6 Tenn street. eta
wara. t*
Go to•Plemisfirff Drl.o'Bost \G N .
Market West, for• the Black bart7
Whte ever brought, UP Mama*"
Ws to Floodoir • prof to".•
hiarabt trees , for Cooa Dyspepsia C oes
Lod Cough Balsam. Bold cheap. •
GO to FlGlGniro Grata . atom No. St
Starter street. for all lands of
Wines and Brandy.
• •
"IdBna Soda Watt.
Sample'.= ho T
, . ,
deed, cool and refreshing leacabeer
drstrght, at ?rare polluter hotel, No.
mood, Alleghent, roe
or Add itif . insik Local News on
Third Palle. ,
• ..
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ITLTON. — At bi t s Itsjirt::::
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..iv.. /Lomas A 1..
/OLTON, ...g.r..
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168 loarth• street. Plitsbaren, ra.
COIIINB Of all tlnds: CRAP-Ea. GII.OVIRIL. sad
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tin•ntage6. Bocens cmenol dosed 0100%. Hearse
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SULILCIL6BaT. David Kerr, I). 0.0.
W. 4.0000, D.D., =mos Syrtis. Zee., J.,.
Ninw. ZOO.
• XZE IXDALI&B. semester to the
late Samuel B. Badgers. K. 119 Ohio Street;
three noon hem Beaver, AlleshenT Cnti. IN4r.
tfile. EasewOOd. lfahOrally. lehlnet .0 Bow
wood Insitatton Coffins, et the }essest rtehe:7
prices. Meow open Is ell bourn. der and :1001.
SW. and Cerrisees terittshed on short nettcs
end on most rensonsfile tents.
DISTAICIM Moe. Ad* 'firiXPT.
'Allegheny. Lan.lW. licomood and other Cot-
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TAKERS AND alinatirens, *tither.
ter. Wood's Bad and sirtalty. Coffin Booms at
Manchester U•ell Stalffis. corder Sheffield and
Murders streets. Beams add Careened los.
dished. -.
P. S. STEWART, Do.dertalraer
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