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to week or
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CLcn has
already of
ant harvests
in Philadelphia by the Jews. It will be
open to-ill comers deslious of receiving
a tnowledge-of Hebrew literature.
V=. Duran seems to bavo belbgged
the" foliticians that tocked to him at
Drift Branch, to inch a degree that both
Repablicatus and Democrats claimed him
.as agreeing with them.
FLAIIIt is slowly finding its level in e
eastern'tharheta The nimbler; who
held the stock and controlled the mar
hots have not sallered very much in pa
mitilary losimi, as they so managed as to
let the prices decline slowly.
LAST there were three hundred
and forty.nino deatial in Philadelphia, a
'decreasu of twentyflve per cent, in com
pirlion with the corresponding week
last year. The health of that city is
good; and there appears to be no founda
tion for the report current here that the .
cholera:raged there.
. -
Gor: TIIR006111:91TON. cf TWA, who
has net enjoyed the 'confidence of the
loyal citizens of- thatAtate, has at leneth
been remoietcfrofnotiloo by Gen: Sheri- .
den, and t. ' rase,: Esq., maned a
his stuniounn The2reason assigned :for
the removal is that Thrbckmcrton has
been - an impediment to reconstruction—
a declaration made some weeks since by
tits Republican coneentlon of that State.
au) case of the death of a timid,
caused lirfenr, is chronicled in a . liew
fork paper u having occurred on Satur
day,. imst.; :31r. Andrew Jackson had
taken his son, a lad nine years of age,
into a rom for correction, for Amine
trifling irdecontluct, when the child was
suddenly seized by convulsions and died
within a feteminutes. He had not been
Ursa, but being of an exceedingly ner
vous temperament died through fear and
excitement. The feelings of the father may be imagined.
ia confidently affirmed by those
who are in the confidence of the Preei
dent that General finuurnv will be re
moved from command at 'drew Orleans
, soon eta the Tennessee election, which
will be held to-morrow. The impUlse to
this removal proceeds not so much from
the president u from Attorney General
'BraxBEUT. It will -lie remembered
that immediately following the publica
tion of Mr. STAXILEILT's opinion u to
thelegal interpretation of the Ream
strudion Acts, General Eace.nroes, In a
letter to General Gain; characterized
that opiates u "making a broad cases
derrized toad io perjury." This blunt
but truthful view of the MSC ',hurl the
seundbillties of 2lr. Svarinntav,; and he
desires to be revenged. If, . however,
the President is wise he will let General
5111411DAS remain. That officer enjoys
the public confidence many times U
much as both the President end Attor
neY Genera They cannot liurt him;
but In trying, cannot fatidamage
themselves, tot'
-Tut Philadelphia City Item, after I
announcing General Grant, Chief Jut:
Wee Chase, Senator Wade, and Speaker '
Colfax, u strong Presidential candidates., j
avows its own . pmference for Secretary
Saigon; of whom it says:
"The next strongest man at this mo
ment is the wise, indefatigable, intrepid,
patriotic Secretary of War—and be is
gaining strength hourly. It is beginning
to bounderstood that the nation owes &-
large • debt of gratitude to Edwin IL
Stanton. Facts show that no man, no
half dozen men, have done so much as he
to save the country. In the latter days
of Buchanan's administration, when the
old public functionary trembled and
would. two fallen, Mr. Stanton bore him
• stiffly.up, closed the doors of the White
Moose against 'Northern and Southern
traitors, stimulated patriots everywhere,
and assorted the dignity and Integrity of
the nation. It is impossible to overesti
mate his services at this critical period.
Main, during Mr. Lincoln's adMinis
tration, when doubt and dismay tilled all
hearts. he rose"with majesty almost stab
limn, gave tone and decision to our pub-
Ito Councils, displaced the incompetent,
reorganized the trustworthy, and organ
ized victory on erery battle Sold."
X 2 simlllan's WV IIL
A letter frsui Vienna to the Paris Lib•
erte contains the following statement of
a curious testamentary arrangement be,'
tWeen,ldaximUbm and Carlotta:
Two wills, perfectly analogous, were
drawn np by the Emperor and Empress.
Each of them, in case them was no issue
of „ the marriage, leaves all the property
to the survivor. Thus, Maximilian be•
toad, his fortune, - estimated at from
tan elve millions 'Of florins, only
calculallng, hie PruPeri”i Minima, La
- =IP; atm tlu) Xrtirtic wealth collected
there, reverts to_the. Empress Carlotta.
TheirillorMatlmiliat is there to attest it.
rlttit rioifirir - mis the strange affair. It
is ;alerted Alm the Empress ,Carlotta's
written with ber own hand, and which
wits sutrefully,loched up in minor the
moms at Miami.; bar snddenlp disap-
Eenred, nolpwly. know,' how or where.
-.nom that circumstance it results that,
sa4Empreas Carlotta has no will and.
Is brit stale to nuke one, mkt the •
alai sr. - complete absence of her mental
faculty, alt tier • tbrtune, including the
part coming trom her husband, the Em
peror Maximilian, and which ',ought In
Justice, after her death, to revert to the
.Austrian imperial family, will now legal
ly fall to the royal one of Belgium.
A was recently sent by a
spaniard to it Prueelau, in New Orleana.
w ldeb:wris rmnarhable for business-like
pree.iglon vital coolisem. Here It tat
Nnw ORLEANS, July .9, lair.
i'ln.ews•unssfrr—bearNlr: 'have
10arned that you have already fought two
gentlemen of different natiogituf, and ,
COMO out victorious, 1 hereby atop forth j
as the representative of the third (the
bpanigh), and beg of you to iry me also,
se a revenge for inv friend lie hois, your
late.sintavrilat. :accompanyingpietas
Mid's -bhialc.litided conditions. Fill it
up and rotrimby bearer, Mr. hrano, my
,to the hope that you will grant
my request, Isign myself,
oltoepectrully, - •Ato. BONIN
"Formerly Fencing ota,ter in the Span
ish Army."
Tills was not a challenge of the mid.
nary kind, nor woe the duel which en
sued a emninon mama. Tile weapon.%
were sharp rolls, and after worandl! the
Fraud= In the arm, the Spn.fdsh paladin
was disarmed and vanquished, but mer
mfully permitted to live. 1.
— Th e pf,poicA, printed at flonimeree,
in ittlaamul, gives a terrible account of
the way in ‘vhich the business of du ani
terring.omiers is carried ou. It says
there teem, out of the twelve lxidles falcon
from that piece, just tiro [.'wine iordierS.
At beset three of - the bodies were remains
of former reiddenta of the place. One of
them was the body of a Mrs. Fordham,
the mother of twenty-one children, five
of 'whom served in the I:niou army.
this, her
lier sex 'n corp se u...apparwas draent, bugt, d
Mom in epite
grave, chopped to pieces with a spade to
make it Min the small box. and carried
oft as the body of a Union soldier. All
this us dons notwithstanding the pro.
testations of the town's people, who ss witness the horrid business,
and to protect the remains of their own
trienal. -
.. s. .scrr .. _
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,irt , 7 ,'",.. X.i'rtAi.t;s7-71.1.--AK tA •
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.L A - : •‘-' 7 •lii o r ~. .le. - : .!"..4; - .11 , ?...4,- , _=-2m. .: -41 1 ,
7 -1-- --:”
. 1 I , 1/i ), I I.---2-----'-i,'--.4:--,-7-'l,---'•:,.-0,P.--,---.___
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\Mut dust Is most blinding to the
oyes? Gold dust.
—lt you svoithd be nothing, Just war
to be soloed:lug.
—The Now York Fire Deportment for
191;8 will ecet telks,stsc
—The pleasure ot:dolug good Is the
only one that never wears
—Live sellltln . your - meatus, you
would have weans within whods to live.
Mule thieving, hen roost spollntion
and suicide for love are some of the late
Virginia excitements,
—Parton writes that he is spending line
summer In Highgate, Vermont, "twelve
miles from a book afore."
. . -
—The widow 01 StOnewall Jackson
In. • sold the horse ''Suporier," :
ridden by him during the war.
—Alexander IL. Stephens was weighed
n few weeks ago, and has kicked the '
beam at ninety-four pounds avordapols. I
—Pr. N. L. Rico, formerly of Cincin
nati, end now of Ness York, has been
elected President of Oakland College;
—lt Ls stated that Insult one thousand
peri•ona within the Rmkts of New YOrk
city lire wholly atom • betting on mom
or t by jockeying horses. . . :
;thickly, a 'Waterloo veteran, new
seventy-seven years old, still bees in
England, and has had three wives and
ten children by each wife.
—A Republican State Convention of
Wisconsin, for the nomination of Stntc
oflieers,is called to meet at :Madison on
the 4th of September neat.
—The French prize for virtue has been
taken by a ballet girl at Nanterre, this
yenr. Where was klenken? She might
get a Fuse* prize for virtue.
~foa arsenic manufacturer in Ruston
died from the continuous infesion of the
poison into his systernothrlng his long
employment in manufacturing it.
—ln Troy a lady stumbled on the
-walk, and, in falling, the point of her
parasol penetrated her right eye, caus
ing a wound which destroys the eye for
life. •
—lt is rumored Watt ieneral Sheridan
Is soon to be married to the daughter of
Judge Foster, of Loasana, who owns
one of the largest plantations in the Bayou
—The Davenport (Iowa) Gazelle says
thot more than two hundred buildings
have been erected in that city ainceJarc
nary let, involving an investment of I
more than $500,0130. •
--A "hull" somewhere. A' country I
paper says: "A row was struck be light-
ning- and instantly killed, belonging to
the village physician, who had a beauti
ful calf tour year., old. -
—Both Kilpatrick, minister to Chile,
and Col. lithe, Secretary of legation to
Panama, have had a hint that they had
better resign from thearmv, if they wish
to hold their present positions.
—Queen Victoria Is 'building a new
house in the Scottish Highlands, seven
miles from any other dwelling. She in
tends it to be a place of retirement fur
Lomeli and a few select friends.
—The Sultan is decidedly exclusive in
his manner. One of his aeressories is a
kind of screen, which he Use. at meals.
It enables him to see the other poepte at
the table without being seeh himself.
—An acquaintance of ours, n Mother,
too, not long since, was lamenting the
loss of a child (one of a family of eight,
"Ismanse. - said she, there was Just
enough for n eotilbon, and they did dance
so prettily."
—x..triped snake, nine feet long, was
killed at Esse.s, Mass., the other day
and in his inside Was found four toads,
three email turtle.; four birds and a
large assortment of frogs, bugs and
other delineates.
—TheProvidenoe Dist mentionsthecir-•
cumstone° of three sisters who
have lived in a house of prostitution In
that city. on Pridav ono of them,went
to the theatre, came borne and sudenly
dropped dead of .disease of the heart.
—The Troy Tinos gays that 31ra-Trim
ble. wife of the deceased mana ge r of the
Albany Academy of „Aphile, 63m
meneed a suit' almhert DUI. Bryant for
breaking hLs engagement at the Academy
last April. Damages laid at $5, 000 .
—A crows' tie on an English railroad.
that had been laid in Intl, soaked in
creosote, woo recently token up. The
grain of the wood was as fresh and tough
as new timber, and the odor of the creo
sote was as Arcng as when first .put
—Miss Buchanan , once rallying her
cousin, an officer, on his camUge, raid;
"Now, Mr. Harris, do you: "Mally mean
to:tell me you can walk up to a cannon's
mouth without fearl" "irea;' , was the
prompt reply "or a Buchanan'a either."
And be did.
—The peat-office at Warsaw, Wyoming
county N. Y., wan robbed on , the - 17th
Inst.. of $770 worth of stamps. - The
sheriff of the county and the postmaster
who win robbed, otter conjointly 1 , 400 for
the apprehension of the thieves and, the
return of the property.
—Robert Henry Hendershot, "the
Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock,"
now holds a position as conductor, on
the Union Pacific Railroad. Hip young,
afferalth whom he lately eloped 'from
Poughkeepsie, is in Omaha, and ;has
made quite a sensation In that ally;
—Mr. and Mrs. Moore, of Londonrwho
take a great interest, in the• bllud,.have,
with great success, taught a large num
ber •ot blind women to age sewing ma
chines. quilted Sain petticoats and
gause the/1809 are as well finished •in
every detail aslf sight guided the work
er's hands. • 2.
. ,
—The peotile of La .Crosse, Wis., are
becoming very much excited un the sub.
yct of t h e eroposed removal of tbe ship
yards ad ]
repairp shops of the North
western Union Linefrom that city to In
buque lowaTheilbsbnque people offer
hugeinducements to the line to took°
the change. -
—Anold lady in Trenton, N. J., read
an account of the bunting of a grind
sone used In the easy factory, and became
alarmed lent the grind atone standing
is her cellar should burst In a similar
manner and 'blow up the bowie. She
had the "dangerous thing" removed
—An elderly gentleman was traveling
lately while, Mtheted with•a bad ocrugh,
which greatly annoyed his liello*travel
era, and at last one of them remarked. n
a displeased tone, “That Is a very. bad'
cough of yours." "True. air, replleathe 1
gentleman ; "but you will excuse
We the best I've got." ; • L. -
eaterpfislng Ainericala
In pautalooni, ?gra Dr. Mary Walker,
having been •hatithawed out of London,
Is now exciting the polite curiosity of
Paris. "Dr." Walker was present at the
Fourth "of July' hannuet at the Grand
Hotel, where she eras wrapped; up,..“ fa
Kirby, In the American flag, " She 'evi
dently wanted to make peoeb, but
would not be betird. -- "Slie wears' her
modal voted her by - Cougre. The
medal hoe proemed the " doctor" admis
sion Into the modleal circles In Paris.'
-The New .yark../tesellopC -1 that Dia'
New Fork Convention Will folictia-tha -
Michigan Convention 'and.:lllcliratik
Indian saffrago In the new Cons tie&
It is practically done in the report
ready submitted, and the Indians may
enjoy the double bit:mixing of the ballot
and taxationuttheaame time. The "New
York Indiana EMI) molt traeta of hind,
and are not petitioners for th e ballot. A
few orthem would - like ft prospectively,
but do not ask it stance. The five thinks
the State plan of incorporating the Indi
ana; into voting and taxable , nhabitants
vastly silperlor to the plan of the Foam]
Government, which Is to concentrate the
Indians Into tribes of separate settle
ments. --
Railroads Vlfly-Sts Years Ago.
The follewlng letter, in rep , :g t l en o a sag
geettlon about railroads, over
linty years ago, by Chancellor Living
sten, who hod associated with his theta
er-m-law, Robert Faller, to application:
of steam to vessels, shows the state of '
improvement in that day . ;
Ammat, March 1,1811.
Dear Nir i 1 . did not till yesterday I
receive yours of the tith of February: I
where It has loitered on the road I am at
a, losa
ery in to sal ;u3 l tuad r. bar t tro n Latatd.
commuulcetion P . I Pc' rear, however, on
mature redection, thatthey wilt bo liable
to serious objection, and ultimately more
espenelve than .a amaL They must be
double, that. to prevent the danger of
two oath heavy 'bodies meeting. The
walls on which they are placed must be
at least four feet below the surface, and
three above, and must be clamped down
I with Iron, and even then would hordly,
sm ael' so heavy a weight so you propose
mo ving at the rate of four Miles an our
on wheels. As to wood it would not
last a week. They must be covered with
iron, and that, too, very thick and
s t ro ng. The means of stopping these
heavy Carriage% without a fitlOek , and
preventing thorn from running on each
other—tor there would be mono running I
upon the road at urine—would be very 1
difficult. In case of accidental stops, or
nem ... T y stops to take wood seawater;
&a, :many accidents would happen.
The carriage of condensing wader would
be very troublesome. iTpon the whole,
I fear the expense would -Cie much alba
er than that or canals without being so
convenient, R. R. Livocurrox.
The Attempt of G aribald tuts
Upon izom e.
New ions, ad.—The. Tribune's Florence
(Italy) correspond.ct says the present
Prime banister, Retest', Is not as uncondl.
(tonal a champion of the complete senora-
Mon between the church and State as his
Predecessor, Iticarli, but he also la willing
to give liberty to tire ChTICCII whenever the
church is . ready to abandon her pretests.
then. The majority of the chamber still
holds to the old European Mews, that the
rights of the State government extend also
over religious affairs.
liaribahlt Ls exceedingly .noyal atthe
' absurd attempt made to cross the Itornan
frontiers. It le tree that he remains on
the Continent In hopes of assistance In the
anution of the Boman goes font that ho
had given arms and money, that )frasint
had sent In arms; but the programme was
that the Romano should commence &Oa
that the 'ltalians outside alsould assist
them by means of a second Man.
calls expedition I but too many
were let Into the secret and a few (remora',
melted by an ex-Minister, thought to raise
the laurel crown for
and failed,
Gmlbaldt's angry letter to WO - Gaza!) Df
7brene hes raised a storm about his head.
but he declares be end Iris friends Intend
to fight for the poeswrsion of the cannel of
Italy and he will beep Ms word.
UT Telroabb to the Plttsburb Golett,l
Ns. Tons, July 3.3,
ALGOL!, rononaa
Tho three mon, trrestal a few days since
as the auppOsed authors of r number of
forgeries, have been roleased. The hint
authorities bare been unable to identify
An injuoctlon h. ta.on Issued by Judge
Lot...restraining the lioaranttoo Commia
stoners from manta any portiou of I.:ouub
bland for boarding station.
Thorn were two hundred and@erect.,
seven deaths In Brooklyn. Wt. Week, lonic
ding nineteen from cholera.
The women Jormare, who Dta.scs as tit
wife of Barg, has been arrested for beta
concerned to Ms counterileiting operation
Judge Matt:llford has ormled the manna
to vacate the attachment agmns r
Verna K.
STOTOIIB.. quarter master Of transport..
ttart in the repel army. It also m alleged
that ho defrauded the Untied. States tine
ernment of a million dollars In conveYmit
Wand selling ln New York three thousand
bales of cotton.
Henry Wililams,.ebarged with tha late
double murder at ascruneyvtlle. Vt., un
derwent n preliminary czarainution yester
day, and was committed on.a charge or
murder In the first degree, on the evidence
of the little daughter of the murdered
couple. Co Ids way to WI tm effort was
made by the suited crowd to bang him, but
the puttee were too vigilant, and be woo
safely conducted to Jail. •
• r 0.3.1113 rATIICreg cer.ex.
A young man named r. o wers ;was street
d /Irnoltlyn.eharaed with forilug tan
lather's cheek for ;LOW:
letter from Monterey says that Lopez,
ho botruysalidaxlmtlian, boo been arrest
(' by the tharcznor of °asses, and le to be
Its Itsvnirrn on Dm Frontier—The
DI eeeee Among the Troops tanned-
Inn Die Denman—People rise from
ran EDDrornit.
II•Tclurral)0 to the rlttst..7l,
. . .. .
I.'s. Luria, July .M.—Westeni dispatches
easy there were six cams and two deaths
from -choler. at • Fort Barker on Saturday.
Sixteen cases hat occurred among Kansas
Yoluittco- - s at. FL I,artied.....,..Therdliatase Mao
atreit*l among the tiocroi elk - Ming the
railroad construction party 'beyond Fort
Backer, and savoraldaatas °dammed. Lieut.
COL hleGllPs wife died of obolera near Fort
Lyon on the Pith. Lie:lLl:elm died at Fort
Larned on the alth.and
Cant. Blerodgeod of
the alth Infeestu, reported. died beyond
Fort harped while en rout< to New Mexico.
Father Demortsey Cathond Priest at At.
Sierra •11..tssion, died on Thursday night,
neer 'Ellsworth. where he had, been attend
ing patients. lie had been among the POL.
tewattemie Indiane toe . Seventeen years,
and was meat respeoted Wl:Nam= Kansa.
A Leavenworth special ay. Persons
from Fort Otbson report the Cholera raging
there. Twelve hundred PaePle ded_ from
jEllsworth_Clt.y. -The as - any , ...r 1 .7 . to
'ten per day, and antenna or : pv*l7 ten per
sous attacked die in 'from: two to fifteen
hours. The place is Alamos; completely de
serted, and an attack froM Indiana Is en
pectea. From three to Ilse deaths per day
are reported at Fort Horner. The e
has also broke. out amen the tr oopst
Forte Lamed end Dodge.
. • ---
C pendent.. MorderourlY Attach
ed for Participating-In the filepubtl-
Can Cooll<ntiran• •
Telntripb to the Pittsburrh Gazette.).
New Year, July 30.—The ColuMbla.
S. C . . special says: Wro... J. Armstrong,
representative of the Conkresmonal Benet , :
linen Committee. and J. G. Thorrinnon. car.
respondent of the New. Tore 2lntes, ware
murderously assaulted last nignt, 131 Oho
NlClternal house, en nocoont'of thelr par
ticipation in the itepubllean Convention.
No fatal injuries were sustained by the par
ties :mantled. Germ - nor Orr, was present
arming the lass of the .rlot, and advised
peace by urging the assailed to retire to
their rooms. Hemline. the most Prominent
assailant, Is n brother of the Chief of Pollee.
The rioters were arrested and immediately
liberated on bail. tleneret Barton, post
commandant, was appenled to tide morn
lag. Ito hes the [intent now tinder military
arrest. -
P. C.. Jute 30.—The assault on
W. Armstrong and J. Q. Thompson, COM,-
pondentt, Was commit t ed by two drunken
men who were arrested- The citizens de
nounced the assault, which was the result
of liquor and unpremeditated.
"Dexter" Dina st &see for 65,00 G—1110.
marlsoble Sammons dolt eltleTrste Sc.
By Telerreph to the rttsnersh tithette.)
Barrow, Inly :o,—The trial of speed this
afternoon, at lllvendele hiding Park, Driah.
ton. between the trotting borer Dexter end
Brown tirorne and running mate. (Or
r=f e3.oth. +ae woo by Dexter in ttuee:
being the first appearance of Dexter in teas
folly ten thousand People assem
bled to witness the contest. There was cot
much, If any. bottler. except on tiler, no
theresolt was generally anticipated. Don-
Gies time on the second heat 'Weald to be
the beet ever tends ore a balf.ridio track.
The track
passed excellent condition DIM
everything olr quietly.
Disturbance. at a Colored Eleettufee-
Convention Delegate. Aaf"... , !11PU....
.abr,Yelegratit to the Putatarga Gasette.y.
' • )Deireoln,3olY3o.—Thla efteenoo6,w4lle
atolored• hieethig was baler Edentsse • el- oy
4101ored domed' Glynis, 6
heal .
Driscoll, who It .onut charged ills.
hed- - the . meeting, wee get epee
Ned -very' badly beaten. 1.10 was rescued
by - the yeller, Who were lotlowed to the
Dation boase by about on ethersa nee
*roe. Re lade pistol. widen It.o eettroes
utargebe Inetepted to use st the meetteg.
• A oonelderable nemoe bol t delegate.. to the
Convention, appointed e late county
theaUsigs, =teed tlilstreenlog. •
ea. Explealow—nrigisen 'lnjured.
Iny 7 * Y 1,040 tattle gliwitergh Etasetteo
Utourstrnii. Mass.. inly 30.—Three et
plaeleos of du took pilule -last 'emitting in
that:eller ofthehlanelenaouneet Ebendolo,
at, the Core. By 11:41.Hign exPlotion fOne
ten to twenty &meat and Others were bad
ly burned. One fireman, named &reset
Boatltner, died of his tujnrim. •
uterus...inn, Slily 30.—The following per
sona were tnjured by the (Ma eXPIOCent I
WM. Somers and Vomit Barnholm, badly
Monied face and bands, both will prebabLY
live; 8. B. Sbermen and J. carter were ter
ribly blamed about the foes. and head; 8.
Bleb, badly bullied en faro and neck. hopes
ter his meoveryt B. Crillins, burned; and
Wm. H. Gardner sev.rely Attuned-to the
bum and neck, not totally; Thou Ra.rnotuil,
burned, not dangerously; Edward Botch.
.klie; right hood eheekteglY bdroedl
Boweinorund. but will probably Mover;
Ueo. to ,Oaken. othooklngly burned ln th e
• peel Mlle 5.-C: Bay and Wilk) Hattie,
'Lightly burned. - •
Arrivals flea Europe.' •
(By Telegraph to the ?Mouton el &sane.]
:taw Yuan, July :10.—The atearnera Malta
from jAvtrpool, and Ccinoorella, Irani &Uv
nun,. arrived today.
- Boreog,ltty go.—Theateatneldp China.
trout Ltverpool on July 90th, and queens•
torn ea July gtat.,vla - Halifax on the tat,
&graved at ten oteltuth to•ndght.
Ht. Paul •nd Citieslto Bailout/.
toy Totemrti to the Pittebaran flagella.)
.Gunmeo, July en.-abe Contractors of the
St. Paul and Chicago Itallatly hove
thatn n tined to commence. the Wont 00 part
of the Ilnebetnece elt. Paul' anti' Winona.
It to to he completed In ono year.
ramilles of Uovenament 001elals.
Teieirseh to the Plttotrerab dalette.]
Dorian, Jet d).—The nunhood. .edeentner.
arrived from VI eshinitOu. henids b° " a
the ladles of the Whine noose, handy et
heeretary Wellem, and Meletant
~tly Telegraph to the mtitheigh tlesette•3
himssals. July A.—The laver is &nth{
Lemees us; J ttly 31."-133ser [Ailing with 3
UM. Inv 605 16 tho Can 3.33,
gmo 1. FOURTH r.toE.—Thepafra and most rettrt-
igc .Vanes, Oa and Produce Market Reports
siren by tiny paper in the ray, wit/ be Roma
FOUR O'CLOCK; A. M. on our /burl/. Pay,
A Harbor-out
o A t i n " t I w t oY o ccurred
h e t a d O t f l ". 11 " r
n7t u o i r r' ,g,'i wblc b e
f ßy Telegraph to tot rlttabtarib tiuctte.: 15 , 10 be neeely hurwntoll, not 10 much on
=corm: or 111. del:nor/Meng Influence', Eta
for the consequences of the affair itself.
tore 11010 AND 1000011 raLnertlar. The parties. John West, Of Grant street, and
Lemma, July 3:).—ln the House of Lords : Frederick Ilaefner, who holds forth on ;
the reform bill has been amended by add- Wylie street, have boon line friends .tor a .
log live pounds to the annual amount of : time ' , wherein the memory of man runneth
the rentals upon which corryhold and lodg. not to the contrary, g and it was confidently
er franchises are respectively bang. by 100001 that the howls of friandsble would
the. amendments the basis of the copy- j be strengthened by Oct anion between toe I
franallbe IndyunsSen from,ilvepOurig. ; but, alas, that "hope hos departed
to en pounds per armour, end that of the ; frirever. o 11 Appears that Mr. West was to
lodger franchise from ten pounds to fifteen, marry 31., liatfner's sister, and the time
pounds per annum. I approached when the consualfantlOn ao
ggiyge, voutly wished tor should be elected. Mrs
I Weid„ tee mother Jobn, preefeentrlx
polgraltocyn, Kau , July 30.—The United e,,g.geme,
States practice squadron, consisting of the o r the
seas worsted and
inn he I
frigate :loop of war Dale, and sly belie "i the two ailm4gavintlVal;
other vessel eti '‘ rrtVcd C ' ""•- lent the holy the to:zeal/try amount of',
00013 , r000 haves, lllo ,3o7 , about seventy &Shan. without do-
Loamm, Juno 30—Ere010g.—The Good- tot ding the usual audacity. Time easel!
wood roves comm.°. to.slay. Too sly, sleet ono llher.
weather Is very flue, and thousands of I one auto drinning beer together.
spectate. were present. The race tor anal the latter hinted rather strongly
mot the money. tame WOrga ensaw but
Steward , cup was won by Sib Throws: The Le subject ropped. Tee
leading hors. came in us follows: Sib • however, and yeitentay, 4. Wont, alleges.
Throve first, Woolsey second, and Sultan gite , iner came to Lis barber shop, rmd hit
h (Wean repeatedly over the heed, first
third. with a Chair nun taro with a atool,tathettag
Ittplries BO Severn thatof:welch. ban to
be celled le. West accordinelY Wade tofu ,
motion tel AhlOrlliArl 31CMILIterg, ,
Inn Heather with aggravated assault and
battery. Ileafner was arrested yesterdeY
morning and brought face to face
Sowith his
acetone vetoer the snagistrate. cordial .
wen the feeling between the two, that the
constable had to stand between them.
Ifeetner embraced the opportunity to make
inlermatien against West for assault and
Imttery,nlieglng that the snored came to
bls (11aeloer's) shop, pulled err Ids boot and
' Aral °Car Om bead with d then
struck turn over his manly brow with •
0100,0 stiCl4. 110th 00504 were held 101 .
hearing at tell .o , elock this morning. We
I me informed that the match has been bro
ken el nod that Miss 11., whey West called
car, politely Informed elm that his calls
for thu nature could 'be dispensed with.
sArntemOs nose To ratTAPIA
LONDON, Jllll 33.—.31idefght.—In the lioum
of Commons to-night, Lord Stanley, neer°.
tory of /Rotator Foreign Anoint, In unewer
to a question, stated the Emperor Nonce,
Icon bad sent a auto to the Itlnic of Prussia,
but it would be Improper to disclaim Its
contents at the present time.
usual. vo cam.a us . venom,.
PAZ., Jed). 3o,—The dry weather nb ICU
has prevailed for over a week peed prove,
unfavorable to the coops, and reports from
coma Of th0114,2/CaltAlre d latrleth of Tramca
nay that much damage has been done by
the drought.
It ts understood that Use Emperor Napo,
I.n, on Isle visit to Vlentm, will be mot ity ,
the Emperor oil...eta/a at the frontier VII •
lace of alllsbach, on the Tyrol, whenco the
two Emperors will proceed to Austrian
TRITXPIS or awsmease.
This afternoon a trial of the reaping and
mowing machines of the world took piece
on the Emperor's farm, et Vincennes.
Over a dozen ulachlne., from France, Spain;
England and the United States entered in
competfon for the international prizes.
licCorrolek's reaper performed its allotted
task in twenty4aur minute., anal Woods`
reaper In twenty-u 1: minutes. The price
wIIt undoubtedly be given In ...Mime.
with these result.. The Americawtnnehtnes
Worked batter and foster than any otherS
on the grenwiL
Viagra, July 2X—The t Jenne Prose of
this morning .erosounces, On authority, that
tits Imperial lielwty, the Emperor Napo.
tonn, will arrive In this city-on the :th of
August, on a visa to the Emperor of Aus
taa. •
1150011 Eau Boost, the Austrian Premier,
and road Pasha. the Ilitnister of the Sul
. tan. who accompanies his severance here,
have bad a conference on the Pollmortd
ehiry into tho affairs of the IslaOd of Can.
Naro.o.'s xdts DZYIAL.
lientts,Jvly 33.—The .Prussian Journals
have denounced as false the .Ifondree , do
Wet of Ziapolcou'e.note to the King of Prue.
•,..lnreetard to,9cbieerl4.en4 th_ox Mona•
ate thes , ttie'lleelet ;nts prompted by the
defiant tone of King Wllllatn's reply to the
note of the French Emperor.
. .
Tbn nntlental fist tat' lbe"oosifedcration
of the North German states has been edOpt
oct, snolylllA.lnto use on Lao first of OD
10111311", TEE MILE 137011%11.
Dent.m.ittly 30.—At the examinstton
°metal natal.. yesterday, llesse9 was..
the witness stand, and testified tractile
pritheer bid been Chief of Stiff idlrierietal
Cluserett, or the United States Army, dar
ing the rebellion.
Socreservon, July 30.—The Nortn tier.
man Llrepra steamship Clptetn
Oterenlorf, which left Seer York en the
10th loot., arrlved here today, and, alter
landing her Englislipa.SlSCogerZ,ZW‘ll4l and
relght, staled for Bremen, .
Ltvenroor.,July 30—Enralny.—The cotton
market closed dull; mind slue uplands, 10,,d;
do Orleans, leid; axles of 0,(00 bales. Bread.
to .15s, recovered and '
closed at 35s 3d par quarter for mlzed s seste
Ore. Flour, 30s for Southern. Earley In.
ats Is. Peas, 4ls 6d. Croy boona—Cheese.
560. Lard, Ds ea. fora. 03s. Bs
in, 4.1 Produce—Armes, als for rot. - Itos.
consmon, 7s, MINIM,. Senna Tprorn tine,
Its. Petroleum/Spirits. 9., leaned, Is
Tallow . , Os GO. Clover Seed,
• Loseoe, July 93. Ecentng. Consols
closed at 24' for_
mOnov. 41.15tertelin
ties elbeed al. the following mane: 5 , 205-29
29 94611111. ft Ceutra/..M.:: Erie, se. '
Lesbos, July 93—Nrenin9.—bugar 001,1
Iron Unchaogedfroin. Opeinanß . 00M411000.
Linseed Cakes advanced, to LPL Other ar
ticles unchanged.
Livastroot., July 91.—Brenhts.—Trady , re-
Pert; the adyleeslntoos blanebester are un
favorable to the' merket for. goods, and
yarns were dull and depressed:
i Hy Telegraph to the PittabarghOsaatta.t
WAIMISIOSOIf, Jai 10, lea
1.31•71 real. oCiathrieSzOse..
It is expected the ' Commissioner! , op- I
pointed under tiro Athol Congress, to treat
with hosula L itellana, will an:o3o6le at lit.
.. . .
Lotfis on tit is tlth of August, for organization
nod arrangement of programme. Those .
POW in the Atlantic States will *tart for the I
point of rendezvous at Once. No difficult" ,
eapprehended. The territory" propeeed I
will lasspprOpriat l ed an a permanent home
for the •Indlans.• That portion of it rem-
PTwitting the. elarthwegthre section Of Team
. cot elf from the residue of the
State by - what, m •ealled Stake
plains. a sandy waite, , -and the consent
of the State, it that indeed; In these times,
ahould .Ina deisralor. neriegiary. win be pro.
cored at a eemparative trifle. It is Putt-
Matedthe whole-expeneo_ of the plan of
endinafarever Mar Judi= difilonitteawlll
net emceed the cent Of carrying on the pres.
cos worfare a single yenr. •
The . followlog Clients: . to District Atte,
nay. and Marshals ofthe United Staten was
, ~• • gerteditthir tirreltatre . Oirtcx,)
W/LINIVOTOIV, ,Jaly 30th,1017. i
Ilyglreetlenof therrealdent of thwilnited
neaten, yen are hereby manacled bonbsery
with vigilante all persons Whom may
have reasonable canna to anspect of
combining unlawfully for expeditions Into
the territory of any (=Mgr, nation. and
prompUy 'lnterpose the elsthority• of the
Dotted States when you have a probability
for believing any pawn , has. violated , she
neutrality law. of the United State.
(Sigoed)f .• I. •:-• '•, Jgo.3L.DAgelftv,
Acting Attorney (mourn!.
Mr. Carrington canon= ed a.large portion.
Of Um (lay in the conclusion otitis ergu-
Mr. Plerrepont then hated 010 rabice of
law for the penroutkuh end the Court
took o recent till tomorrow.
Lkaas lonia 111100stei •
The Ravenna tracers of
this district hey°
seised a lager boor brewery, and deterred
the eXtanelire undercut:and bottling.opare-
Liana of the proprleW. The latices toes by
hie 111=1 traneaetlOne will be not less than
Saufenl Conover haft been taken to the
Albany uentrenbary, to which he was eon
, muss no use. inuer.
b mM
e:69 returned Au Waehlugton to
Mascara! Sheridan Itamewes Throek-
Martoll as SiOTISSINI.S. Of TUNIS, sad
Appoint. Z. M. PSISS• HA MIS !Stead.
filyTalegriph WASS' inttANIONS Quetta)
Haw °ULNA'S. July ML—The following
order Lin print this evpnlittc, • •
Urania' neon MAMA= • DISTIAIbS,
Haw Oatacare, July 30.1857.
Spatial Order . No. 106.—A earufal coma&
erosion of the reports ot Cravat Major Gen.
Charles CUMIN U. B.AL showing that J. W.
Throekmorton, Govermeof Tomo. Ls CO
impedlinant • to the reaonstruction of
that .Btsta' under the law. he is there.
faro' ncrsoied '• from that • Mike. M. IL,
PeIS is hereby apo inted .Govenao
Tes lL sa, in 'plies of J. p W. Throekmorton, r
moved.. He wLU be obeyed and respected .
aeoordingly. •
lip command of •
Mal. Gen. P. it.S.Nmoin.
• . upa. L. HAIIIIM rr,
ASS% AdlUtitit
Istsoektedg Itattroad Aectident.
(hi Telegraph to the Pittabergh GUI Its.]
Ilitoweramt.c, ONTARIO, July 3:l.—Jolla
Smart, an old reeldent. with tde grand,
daughter, Aimee Smart. were killed on the
Wand Trunk Railroad to-day, ea they were
cronies by the tract lea carriage.' TheY werwer e struck the of the trb islbt
Walt. Both bodieslocomotive
were mangled In a
IMOCYLNI manner,
Merlon• AeoWent on Liborty S
Vonr looms Ladles Injured.
An accident era very serious nature 00-
comdl yesterday afternoon at the cracker
bakery ot S. S. Marvin, 50.91 Liberty, street. l ,
Fear of the young ladies employed In the ,
eMniollaltment had bean in Ike MM. story 1
at anon, eating their luncheon. Shortly of.
ter one e'clmh they prepared Income dower''
to the first Story to rcaume their 'antifraud
instead of cc:lmeg down the Maid as they
tuel usually done, decided to descend by
of eta elevator I.ed for seising and
bringing down boar, &e. They emotaL
in:ly pot upon the platform and commen
ce i to descend. The platform had scarcely
centre diced to move, however, before one of
Ithe rot wheels used In moving It broke mid
," the elevator, with the four WI., wee Pro -
did tat ell into Med dler. a distance of about
fifty feet. no Creates the conmasion
that the, heavy crews beam to rthlett the
main which w
Ich Inta the platform is attachal
veal broken..Tbe Orli. of course were all
more or lesalniurbt by the fall. Mary tiro.
amnia was severely hurt internally: Kato
Brichlev had her lett ankle broken and re.
Internal Injuries. Mary Ann Crow-
1 ley was covertly bruised,
but received no
_parlous ralurlea. The fourth, Mary
, J a ne tiOnnly, Corniced severs Internal 1010.
i dee.end w. severely hart abont the Del.
1 via. Ms. A. McMahon, 01 Penn street,and
J. D. StonernsA, of Fourth street. were Itn
; mdlintely summoned, nod everything pea
-1 tilde wan done lor tee Injured girls. Wiry
K.Mards reaidea on Grant girls.
Itrichicv oil Wubtaitor street, Mary A. Crow
ley oa . I.llgh alma, and Mary J. Gormly , on
I Grant street, It Long's row., .
J homy inDouncli, of High street arrest
al on Oimday for disorderly conduct,
charged with running thEhugh the street.
In anode state, was kept in the lock-up
until yesterday, awaiting* hoaxing on a
charge of a/vault and battery that had
tv'eu 'Previously preferred against bun. The
Marge Is made by Michael McGraw, who
rsilde , on Iligh street. Opposite the
,Idonejtf_glarinnell'a 'yids do.,
recent states that between th ree and four I
o'clock buntity morning the dePoosut
toted Ills house, the door having been loft
unbarked by the lady living op some, and
wont to the 1 . 0001 0r0p 0 ..1 1 n IG t nm . .
loft his boo' - outside. where they were
found the teed morning. 110 aiiiirceehed
the bed whore the little girls lay and
awoke the youtigest one, andwhen she at
tempted to ,cry out to etruck' her in the
face. The lder girl awoke and he caught
her by the threat and choked her partially.
at the setae • time endeavoring to strip off
hereight dress. -The child got free tad
cruill murder. ..when the young radian ran I
out, An.he went out by the door, the chlid
says *aye he tarried his head and she Paw
his id¢n ditttnctly by the light outatde.
ilrerllcGraw ran up stairs end saw Soren
do:ot. as She layr, o leaving the room . And
subsequently saw
run outof th
door Anil across the street to his er's
reoldenco. •
at the conObilliOn of the hearing the orbs.
oiler was hold to ball In the sum .of 1.500 to
answer at Court the charge of Indecent
( DLO6W116•10.1 A6Str.
A number of persons
. .ot both sexes at
tended a ole-nic at 14 beer garden In Re.
serve township, on Monday, and many of
the "fair ones" being frail fair, were at.
tended ,by men of little or no character.
The ern/it hada tiny dhogracefal tern:dna
lion. Dancing and drinking were Indulged
in to auluditotted extent—particularly the
latter—until some Mum after dark, by both
sexes.. When Mao i!lsneing ceased the com
pany gave their .anclualve attention to I
drinking. hit only beer, but all kinds of 1
. lieners known to the 'rivers of strong drink.
About elms &along the nartlelptmts started
lot tome. end not a few brooms meet 'hole-
Leta. its their. citeduct. Murnerons tights
I °Centred, and many bad their faces disgg
owed from blows received in the combat..
I lh the of ettlityof Chestnut and Onto etreeLs
illracollat tight occurred between two
I females, and a large crowd, principally
mane up of the returning picenieemanth
ered uhotir: The clothing ot the combat
ants wan literally torn to, greeds, and the
- ‘ll3guet trar speetaele was only ended by the
Interferon. , Or a strong, toren of ettirens.
For over tn hoer squads of Men and women
pained down Ohio street, guerrelitur among
themselves pail inanlttag peraoeS LafOrtoa
ate enough to be pestling along, and we
were surprise d to leant that none of them
were io
Falai linitrinad Accident.
John Gibson,A brakesman In thu employ
oldie' Allegheny Valley. Railroad, at the
shops Of the. Cotenant , . in Lawrenceville,
yesterday; morning ettempted to. Jump on
one of the yard or "shifting" engines while
it woo In motion. I.le missed netting alio
cure hold upon the engine and fell down in
such away that hie left leg was run . over
.d drcodiully meshed and mutilated. The
bens from the knee to the ankle were bro
ken up into small pieces end left protruding
fnnm the man gled De.: •Tbo right foot won
tdmo severely lacerated." Helm taken to his
house In the Ninth ward, some two hemm
elapsing beton, be was ROW by s Burgeon.
Drs. 'troche.. and Ardelost the Ninth ward.
and Dr. /Union, of Allegheny. surgeon of
the 'fowl. wore called. ta .attend ripen this
unfortunatimmae. The ...WO vas so no.
sure ult. <Mateo did uot.toko place. and
the toon..dleit o little before Ono O'clock.
about nix hermit attar recd . /um the injury.
yearsas front Zoller timmtv, served twO
in the *mil', 'hod hitO beCu In the em
ploy of the company for' two years. lie
leered a wife and two children In depart.
Sant etrcutastances. Comber Claweon was
Vlpotfi,rat= and 41:1c:::n inquest on the body
aceldentel death wile d "d w a t t'ett ° °"'"c't.Pc
The EVellitig .Adrocatertif yei!.erdsv soya
ewe sincerely rejoice that' tite. lockout - 01
the Leon reusternef this .city, mount the'
Inns hollers, Yhteh has existed for some
months post, has been terminated, at WA,
by an honorable concession to the boilers.
Acting upona proposition from the Iron
masters. represontattyee of the Boilers'
Union held a conference with them early
last week, the result of whilst:ism an egrets:
meat that the
should receive eight
dollars car ton for veddlirdf, , instead of
seven dollars as hitherto required by the
iron masters, the attemot to enforce which
redaction canted the long steneleg long
out, the boilers having previously rooelyed.
awe dealers per ton. Last gamrday et , an•
tog, es our readers are aware. haw:lmes:rt.
In of the Bolters Union was bald at their
hell on the earner of Fifth and gmitblield
etteete , Ste Ws plapelle ni ratifying, or re.
Jesting the road, of, tho late conference,
amen Yrs retllied by =almost em the
vote, the Dolma agreeing to accept the re
daction of one dollar, and. Rise, to regain
the lest tre ue, a further redne
tion, in case theories of Iron regodee."
The arrangement will go into' effect on
the 17th proximo.
sent to the Tombs,.
john stmeart, a character Wittlaoholla the
realm are familiar, end with whom the
readers of pollee mows - have a tioasleg ao,
quautatme, from the frequent IMPunnulllo
of hie name In the .police reports, wee Sr.
rested by officeiritieY, Monday, and 'taken
to the Room to await a hearing. ions, it
aroma, was drank, and was insane along
Brent street, near Morro. in company with
hiswlfe,Elissvocatio Stert. thowfwelve Apes
tlee,n whole wan
it to to =rages the dirt,
from the streets, merest work on the street,
and stn. Stewart addressed one of them,
an old men, - who responded, John there.
upon rittaakal the old man, and opeat him
uomaerably, when A
rrestw anvoted so.
stated. , Before. his ahowever, the
And retaliated by hittLna his gs.
I '
anent a pw
over the heed with a boo. Yester.
i day morning, at the' hearing; sin and Mn.
[ ' X e w r I n n?r, ", t_h " ;:g 4 t l t b a y t
dint Of mean "pal
the ilrs:blow. Their succeu, however, was
I n e t., mrftql, Inasmuch as the defendant mu
mut to tall for n period of ten daye in de.
faulted ten dullare tO pay has dna '
Cold Sparkling bons was. , al 3. T.
Sample's Drug Mine, No. ni Federal stre.t,
•AtioaheD7. -
Senator Idebarn and Wm CanaWU
.t.a—no:was add lie Stand for •
Plenum' term—lll. nein,. • "
dna. TtanrAs J. Marten:
••• • • -
Drat Sir—The nod, reigned citizens of
Allegheny county rospectfolly and' most
earnestly urge that Fen parent your name
to be used as a Senatorial candidate at the
approaching, election. ,
The devotion you have manifested to the
Interests of your constituency. so marked
and se seslons, deserves any and the host
gifts In their hr.nils. We claim, also, that
the grave importance of pending moasnres
—Particularly those concerning the finan
cial hod railroad policy of the Statc—de-
Luanda that Lmd of experianco,only attain
able by years of previous scent!:
'Menns d
loose d Laughlin., .Park, lire. Co.
James 11. Lyon d Co. Park, Painter d. ' Co.,
McKnight it Co.. ;Nils:dot & Co. '
Lyou, Short. & Co., :11allman,RnhM A CM.
James Wood it Co;Crane, Close, Dotard!
Reese. time S. Dull, a CO..
G. P. Senile. W 111. B. Scallo,
Adams. alelice & Co.:John Rahman,
Isaac Jon., 'Graff, Byers. it Co..
Methane t Anier, ' , Jobe W. Riddell,
.1. Painter & mum. Lloyd .t Mack,
singer, N Ruluk A C0.,l Wm. tlcCul y A Co.,
Robiresoo, Rea it Co.,,,Sliecoberger in Co.,
Wm. S. Bissell, W 11. Sneenlierger it
3icKea'a Ilialr.
Wolf, Howard A Co., 'Chris. alnr.hal,
a, H. linter, W. Bel tzhoover,
IL E. sellers, Fr it Scott,
Jos. %Foods ell t Co., Jobe D. Greli,
P. IL Laufin. & Bro., DIII .t. Smith,
Carr, lirCatull. A co. Ilakewell,Poars & Co.
Morgaustorn .0 Bro., 11. uhllils'a Co.,
James 11. Murray, AlcCord A Co.,
CUoulnollota& /MO= ItoyMer Bros..
S. S. Marvin, D. F. Assess & Co..
Graff, Hog. Co., Lorris.t/liver A rhli•
%Pm...Poore, • tips.
J. M. Mun land, :Loll. Fount & o„
A. tlarrLson A Co., ralersonC.l4 C r
Wm. Dllwortri, John I. House & Bros,
W. W. Ward, Moorhead Or Co.,
Posticy. Nelson Co.. , ltotiert Finney,
Fultomllallinati R Co.!lsaiall DtekeY.
Wm. 11.aley, ' Martin, Bricked' A Co.
Robert Dickey, : Wm. Holmes it Co.,
Caldwell it Bro., James Dalscli A Son,
N. Holmes & Semi. McElroy, Dickson d
m. M. Faller A. Co., Co.. •
: S. M. Kier &Co , LOgan, Gregg A CO.,
John C. Risher, 1t... Holtam.,
Fleming Bros., , W. H. Evereou,
Charles C. Mellor, Henry Lligby,
Isaac G. Kauffm D. Stein. i
Kirkpatrick, Herron George E. Brewer,
d Co., ,T, E Harrison,
Samuel Richardson, It, W. Burke,
' Charles C. Burk e, Wm. Dilworth. Jr.,
R. S. Waring, , Levi IL Harris.
ft. 'FortYth. Bro. it CO., • Carson. Darlinguni
' J.. A. Hutchinson, 11. D. Cochran,
Fairbanks, Norse .t George W. Cochran,
Co., 'John Fullerton,
, A. lel tan's Sand C0..1 W En. Stein akar,
liostetter A Smite, ..1. W. Barker A Co..
J. H. Jenks, C. Love d lire.
F. Lightner, Joseph Horne &
James E. Barn,slricrom, (Hyde & Co.,
Lip Waren, 'lt. J. Thouni9,
R. 11. Hugh., James Mackeon,
It. L. Falateateck&Co, Joseph Alin . .,
James Leuatirldge. Richard E. Breed,
Raub. Miller. Jobe Ilunninirs,•
Darts, Clargh a. Co., :
Boyd, Oliver McClintock,
George F. Minn, ..I.N, Anderson.
Is.o Tomlinson, Page, Zellers is Duff,
Alfred J. Itassalit, S. P. shrives.,
Eecles. W. Noble.
Joseph Fleming, Arinsttrmg Bro Alto..
It. P. Watson. J.Lyncli.
B. %cola, Jr. ACO , .C.ampbell A Stones.
MeNish A Butler, 'Stcolten Wood.. Jr..
.Schoonmakot d - Son. A. IL Leeds,
Robert Ilobb. W.F. Grisham,
vi. Moffett,
ssumel Harper,
It. U. liirk patrick, C. T. Ewing.
A. C. PettelADO. '.1.T00110 A. Peale.
R. 111.101 e Roberts.. J. C. Stiller,
'John Morrow,
John A. Wilson. James W. Newman,
St A. Woodward, A.. Wilcox
Eugene snovloo, :Thomas McCulloch,
James C. Ilagety, Jarvis. Halpin A Co.,
A Minato% Snyder, 'Edmund Snowden,
o. A. lunnaetloo, John D. Thompson,
Nieman, littedkle Whitmore Brothers,
Co., Henry IL Collins,
T. A. Keens& Ca. Wm. D. McGowan,
' Beck, Phillips & Co.. J. B. Cannetd,
Plitillpa A Mittens- J. S. Dilworth it Co..
Wharton Brothers it
Prloo.t Sims, Co.,
carter, McGrew &Co., John Annoy & Sot.
J. M. Fulton, 'F.. M. Fulton,
Cheri. Atwell, • .Wood d Lilken,
W. Setoley, Hendrickson,
Wm. Evans. . ;G. W. Oral,
William F. Cobb, .IC. E.-Milliken.
11. C. Christy, jCharlea Clark,
.Thomas Atwater, John M. Identgoine.
B. B. Courmn,
0. 11. ford 51111000, ' , John Kennedy,
Wm. Atwater, Lames Lynn.
John WadstrOrth,lttison.
John Fits.
11. Mclicetro,
J. P. Learn, S. D. Herron,.
A. Miller , D. S. Lisney,
N.S. Baron.
, Prete action, July 11, 1507
Gtmirmm:: tin my re urnfrom the en.
thrsette coal regions, w ore I had been on
wheel duty. I reeelyee call, signed by the
ligation heathens men of this vicinity. stak
ing mu to be a candidate foe re.essetion to
the Senate. This endorsement by me con
stituents, of the tighest intellerencis sod
moral worth, many of whom have watched
my every veto at. Ilarresbnrg, L esteem of
priceless value, and shall trensmit to my
otaldren as their richest legacy, as conclu
sive proof, by those heat quadded to judge
that no susinCion of legislative vecelity .
bad ever been associated with their father's
nano. The conviction that my experieece
may be useful to my conatltuente is the',,
chief inducement to incur thagathoneibli.
Ity and oblouny incident to a legislative
trust, 1
Ton enter in your call to the important I
railroad Interest of ?Maher.. it has
been my fortnne.eonanren ring lit the right- •
of.way tight of ISII it, to have been In every
strugglefm that day to this on that
I ject. 1 hav ro e consequently bent., familiar
with the views of almost every public m..
11n tile state on railroad Walden. , in my
judgment the Interests of the whole State
would ho promoted by the extension of the
Connellsville Ilahroad openingingte and
Baltimore, and al. the of an thee.
pendent l via Williaine from
mspo the
rt Alleegh de
EystOn Valley
esstwerd a
Pew Took. flemre these could be comets
' ted come of the routs readcme e stocky
31onntains will cave ched the Pacific.
and nnddition to the trade ithd travel of
our own country, half the Inalle of the Ant
alio continent may Seek transit through
I the old Rename State. Would .7 wt.
statesman ealt that all tills thould NI con-
Sated to a elnale railroad I I tine not.
if the Pennnylvantaltaliroad einfine
itself to itsown legitimate ephere. laded-
I Ina even the
of An main line to
tae P.M andruake Itself, se I believe dt
maybe made, the best railroad In the n. wrl,
it shall receive my active imptiot lf,
however, in the future.. In the past, large
portions of eta eergy. Ito h ied
perhaps lismoney are expended at learns
burg in making speaker., lemmatizing and
cO ntrolling committees, and running the
legbilialve machine, so as to crush out all
enterpriam not In Its own Icnreeelate
interest, then I shall continue to light It to
the bitter end.
All these naussures. se vital to Western
Pennsylv.l a. ought to be secured by a gen.
oral railroad law. equally liberal in Its pro
visions to those heretofore coot/deal in
1 special ?slimed charters. Titer Dribile sans
timent madly cOnverging to that Mint.
besmear of the Senate,' have spent several
eks in taking testimony la the leading
business centers of Eastern Pennsylvania.
Every candhlate for legislative honor& in
, cleating severid that never voted that way,
are now clamor°. for a free railroad law.
Governor Geary la ell right On the subject,
I and Kill-people people , are notileceived by wolves
I in sheep's clothing, the next Legislature
will give the people what ray oonatittients
for years barn demanded.
I also believe In calling a Comititntlemil
: Convention to revise our fundatnentallaw
and Incorporating upon It reseheafeguaria
us thirty year's .exnerlence has taught ns
are neesesary to extermtnate logisbttive
corruption at Lierrisburg, to °endue our le-
Militant lout- general lawn, end to restrict
care/orations initiate own legitimate epttere,
as the nerve:do and not tau masters of the
I ern, Inerefore. willing that my friends
linaentray .nalne er a candidate for the
Senate, und in case of my nomination and
election, pledge myself to the best of my
ability to collect the dentllnente of my con-
Stant:tuts 14 every measure that comes boy
fore the Senate.
Ilan, your obedient servant, -
• T. J. Stange.
Ineferire Aglaia at she Cholera.
The neweloPers teem with articles whose
object It is to put the coreuirmity on their
gourd against tee invasion of this fearful
and once deadly contagion. From the time
the cholera first Made ill appearance in this
coontry until now, the highest end bright.
cot Intellecialmie inyeetillated the entleet
to sit Ite bearlogs. and if one fact =outlaw
another hM been de'reloped it is that el:mi.
enele notlikel to attack tse sthoeephys.
teal fondltionis in a per f ec tl y healthy state.
It makes Its attack where prostration and
feebleness have been refuse or where an
over-tasked stonlach to digest the
food which has boon taken into It for the
repair of the organism. Liken skillful gen.
oral. it chooses not to attack the strongly
fortified and Ithalttly, but waits until some
inroad to made, or twill come of the
eat oral defences or outlets of the
body are to a damaged. or Impaired
or disfencolem condition. The healthy
eonatitntion wil an disease:and
unhealthy may l
te y
racity f Potter
Imparted to nos enable It to conquer ma
were out any disease. It is a question of
life or Beata—your constitution must kill
the disease that invades nor it will kill tho
...Mutton. ;The healthiness of your con
ontetion depends on the healthiness of the
blood, whose itlcibulmt arc carried to every
Part o thOraltaieth. tO repair the waste;
tad fami sh the Itobateriala ritireat.
WYTIIIVALVID tallitEa dobs
Mere than any medleine.yet discovered to
restore the blood . to a healthy Btaite. The
storm:ma, the firer, the kideepr, the heireb.•
and Oren disesed tones, and the very hairs
of the head batea had ritlieteela and, health
added to them by a few Lottics of this won
derful scienUlln coMPone , l; al
Ask tor. Dr. heyser , s .11l Searcher, at
140 Wood street. and take no other.
Da. Korean's eonsuitatatlan rooms, 120
Perin street. thileo boors front 6a. ni. %MU
• TheVs intat'a the Mager.
Why to %that ten faice Of
of Wall o heeler a
Wilson Alsertine axonal tht ther
machines cmninnedt Simply became, ten
your' trial of tinun d h emOnatrated
their superiority clearlY tat ne
nouweile will purchase or use any
Other. These Machines have lost i n , en
amardrel the litalmat Prize at` th e •Grene
World's Fair. Forth, °Vet ell the hewing
ilisr.banor Ot
and America, whia6
stamp them as the best IA the World, The
veer traprovemet3ts adapted by Wheeler
Wilson con be used on no For far.
titer particulars. call on the .gents., tncu
Salesroom, lin: 27 Filth street,
Allegheny Temperance ceegoe.
The Allegheny Temperance Leanne hold ,
their regular semi-monthly meeting last
evening in the First Methodist Church,
East Commons, the President, Bev. Colonel
Clark, In the chair. The meeting opened
with prayer by Bev. V. Laces. I. B. Block, ,
Secretark,reail the mlantes of last meeting,
which were approved.
On motion, the name of Sir. FreebOrn
was added to tho list of Secretaries. Mit •
tee 1
On math/not Ilto. BradleT, a eom
was appointed to draft a preamble and re- '
solutions in view of tea Increase of Intern-
pinnace and of places where liquors, ales •
ad been are sold. Passed. The commit
toe aormitned was, Pro. Gee, W. Bradley.
Bev. V, Lace. and tire. B. Becker.
In the absence of the committee, Brother
1.. 11. Eaten was called upon, and ePoke of .
the working Of the new liquor prohibition ,
law In Useenchneettel, amine lately spent
name time there. Ile apeal to tile
to labor fora prohibito p ry law ed
for tele amtpeople.
The committee having returned was call
d open by President Clark, and reported a
preamble and resolutions, milling upon the ,
people of tuts county to take early eaten on
the rapid increase of intemperance In this
Atter remarks made by Bee. Clark."/lev.
Brotherthe Bennett, Brother Eaton.
Warren and B r oth el Bradier, It was,
on account of the ent.. ef the boUr,and
the noble steed to betoken by the League in
tee Piwole go of 'them, thought best tO nail an
atliournest meettog at SOuth COnamerl bL E.
Church. Oil Tocetlay evening ...It at 74
o' clock, Inviting an good people of all or
ganisations in tile cause of total abstinence
and temperance to come and give an en'
prosalon or onto lon that anent be tne more
0 Manual In flu pre,fllng the CIVIL
A resolution asking the County Commis-
sloneWsr bc pii;seni one passed. ,
The published proceedings of the Tare,.
tum League wa read awl approved. The
Rev. Clarke end Rev. related ewes
within their own knowledge where licenses
had boon granted In eplteof remonstrances.
The new Temperance Choir of the League
sang some of their eweeteet maelo, among
watch wo would mention, "Peace be Within
thy Walla," "Come and ProttlieW Re for
Your Not her,ere Is Death in the Cup,"
and closed with the DozolOgy cod Dawdle -
Lion by Pr.blent
.Hatanelpritltia Ce Del—Me d w It well be
To-morrow, August let, Is the anniversa_
re of the emancipation of slavery in West
India by the British Government. The day
has long been held worthy of epeeist 0010.
braUon by our colored fellow oitirens, and
among them It has occupied a ulnae
second to our American Fourth of July.
To-morrow, the day will be set apart for
rare enjoyment by our colored friends, and
from present appearance the demonstra
tines will be the grandest ever witnessed
In this city. The arrangements are under
, the charge of the Lincoln Memorial Ass OM
eta:in and are on the most liberal scale. In
the morning the Lincoln Guards will parade
the strann (the route appear. In another
column). and at the Iron City Pare a man.
uideent flag will be presented to this favor
ite by the ladles of Allegheny
city. The ptesentation speech will be made
by Itev..f. Holliday. and on behalf of the
company me eting
Colonel .1. lark will
respond. A mastitis of ell w h ocnooee to
attend will then be organized under the
presidency of our friend. Her. John Peck.
Some of the most brilliant orators of the will On In attendance to address the
I meeting. Dinner will be earved up at OW
' o'clock. Hefrnhuient Tables will be pro
rolVie'st 471 h. i t a Ise" Cream anal
reaeonable prices. A good band of mum
will' be in attendance, and the Committal
pledge themselves to do their
. most to
make the day era of unalloyed pleasure to
all who may attend.
The can of the Cline. Paasenger
wayill effort* conveyance at interests el
I minutes during the day.
de tho proceeds of the demonstration are
to be devoted to the establishment of the
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, It is earnestly
I hoped that the agar will commend Itself
Patronage. See advertisement
Li mother colemn.
Az. Intercaglag Item:
The relation between the Dec*ratioon of
the Legion of [toner and the Gold Medal of
Honor, presented to exhibitors at the Pans
Espooltion, is made evident by the follow.
Extract from the Report of Monsieur
Router, Yreach Minister of State, read to
the EnsperorsliapOlean and to the public In
the seance of the dietribution of awards at
Paris, July Ist, ittl:
" rhe enema,. solemnity Is crowned by the
proclamation of stilehlohcr meant..
lour Majesty
. Condesclenete to grant o the morialtstire
i otsf•hod chalopion. Of thiS pacific struggle
• 11.prna order erMs rang.. of Maar." •. This to dennite. The Imperial Order of
the Legion of Boner was given an an arid!.
Gone* award to the most distinguish.'
manufacturers In the sestina deptrtments
of Industry. In plancefortaa, then, Gillet.
ring & Sons were considered by the loners
Ihe moot distinguished in their class, and
Steinway a Sons received a Gold Medal,
and were awarded the second place.
Tho only place of amusement now open,
in the city is the New tilreira . Home, which
occupied by Skiff & Gaylord's Gelehrallid
Minstrel Troupe. The company hammede
a good start, and from the universal ex
pressions of satisfaction we bear, they will
have an excellent run. The home was
crowded last night, and from present
cations will be every night daring their
stay. The .endreprogramm e, including
Wogs, witticisms, buries/no. and dancing.
Is carried out, and ts of a high order or
merit. The musical panorama of •,Sher
ms March to the Sea.. and the great
"came off" on the japs,i to
re alone well
worth the admission fee. n addition
the large and excellent troupe, the man.
gore have the services of Johnny Howard,
the Oar , 01 the profenion. and gen—
orally admitted to be the bcatdolineator of
negro character In the world. Go and hoar
him. _ • .
Ate Aggrocsated Ammolt.
Three brothers, Jaceb.dians and Michael
Martin, were charged before Mayor Morri
son, Monday, on oath of J.E. Low, a eel
ored teamster, with aggravated wenn
and battery. The prosecutor alleges that
on theiEth of June be was driving his team
along the Butanes Ram plank road, when
be encountered a team belonging to the
defendants, which was obstructing the'
road. Ito asked them to you out of the
way, but as they minced be attempted to
drive past. In doing this his wagon *trunk
isobstructing ono, when the brothers, as
alleged, assaulted him. with stones and
then beat him with their gets. The Infor
mation was not made until yesterday, for
the reason that the prosecutor was unable
to ascertain the names of his usallants.
The licensed were arrested, and bail a bear
ing yesterday atternoon vrhen they were
hold for Court.
in reply to ths uticio published m the
(Move, copied from • the New York Art
Journal, we only have to say that there ere
In Now York calla a number of the most
miserable misdeal humbugs, - Ulm. reedy
to write for or against the interest of some
piano manufacturer for • a certain amount
of liquor and money. To debt euoha mean
set of bummers, never minding Mete own
bulnese, but always rate} , to do mew ably
work/or others, we think much below the
dignity of a piano dealer, and the foot that
Pluses. Meeker and Mellor cell for nuke
tance from mak a source. moves clearly
that the are not able to defend themselves.
No slander, from whatever source it may
come, can injure the reputation 01 the Mar.
scall Manes, or their agents. •
Morriss'', lioura Co.,
• 63 Fifth etreat.
Vntrants Committed.
A number 01 nvege" of both sexes have
been Wrestles{ the vicinity of Woods , Mu,
Inc Li n -re tewncilllblor some time yen. nn-
noying Mr. Dllworth, on whose premises
they have "situatted,o arid sub,latins upon
the gardens. petal ry yards and milk houses
of the residents of the entire neighborh.
Ur. Dilworth made oomplabst befor ood e
Mayer Morrison, and YesterelaY oflfeeY J.
Campbell mad Nixon yialted•tne locality.
They succeeded m chnturum those_ ootorb
cos females named belie lielledr, car." 4
Block. end Mary Daffy. They . °got eight"
of some four or floe men, but they observed
the enactors and eu sacape. The ceosded In mantes cod
their females were sent talon
thia'reorning for thirty days each, hr Mayor
21orrison. .
Division Me. 42.
The ploAle of Division tic. 50ne of
Temperance, at Monitor (Dove,
be one of the grandest 'Weirs of the season.
Every parson knows what splendid micron
Attends every atoll. of this eociety toter.
nigh eejoymeot to • Its members .
friends. Tho social re.uniens and promee.
ato concerts have Wen among - the moat.
harming and, of the oast season. The
gre.,,,dpiarile at Monitor Grove will be of
the Dino description. Ilvety person 11.4.
tending can be sure of way of moot dellghl.
ful recreation. Trains will leave the Allis
g h,ssy depot every hear.
lawpeeredts Done T—The new school
last winter by tea
mak. It the duty of the trustees of the
I illUiCth to make. or cause to be
made a correct census of the children in
each district between the first and twen
tieoff July, in order to asoertain the num
be children admuelble to the public
pawls. A report of the mums in oleo to
be returned to the thountpSuperintendent.
U three requlremente are not oomPilmi
with, the district to failing will be deprived
ot the amount due It from the State eppro
N. IL Riddle re Mn,,. Practical Plum-
bare. Gas and Steam Fitters. 8e.... street.
between Franklin and Chesnut, blanches.
ter, *ha. have on haad Chandeliers, pen.
dna...Brackets and all kind. of G. Fix.
tares, Lead Pipe, Sheet•Laad. Bar Lead,
Gum Hosts. Hydrants, Shower Baths, Water.
Closets, Bath Tubs, Litt, Force and Ale
Pump., Hydraulic Fo rce
Pine forbearers. All work warranted to
give satisfaction.
Lame Mate of Lose.—Seve.ty-foar lot.
will be sold at mutt. on next natnrday, at
r. x.. In Birmingimin, on th e Promisee
Immediately adjoining the improved prop.
orir on We tenth aide of Manor street,
only two minutes walk from th eft rthn
street Oars, and six Minutes Prom
either bridge. rare opportunity is here
offered to encore olieap haulm near the the.
tro or Maine.% on easy terms.
!Ueda lief Irdseles.—Emma Baal.;
ti lt , mu. rid mho foli from bloomy iu
mtborqhm .Bo l:ll l , l2 :golir :ietst r
tVarrattOf InJOIMI rescind.
La.Veoy ef S.lOO
J. V. Kerr made information before Al
dorm. klumbert yesterday, charging
James and Winfield Cressingliam and Thos.
Miller with larceny. Kerr Is engaged in
the roofing business, and the defendants
were In ids employ. 110 states that 'he
hung his coat, which w orking 6:4 , 00n a
bouts In which they were , and that
the money was taken out of the coat pooket.
After a hearing Miller, who andboy four
' teen or fifteen years of ago, Winfield
Cressinghatc. a s sfS Cressingnati,
the d en te,defe were discharged,
there , being no isfidence against them, and
James Cresslogham Was held In one thou.
sand dollars for a furtliff bearing on Wed.
Work for Hamill.
Tile New York Herald's corresPondent et
PoughkePsie glves the folloarlow informs:
lion in relation to the movements of John I
McKie], the well known oarsman: John
McNeil. tn oarsman, went to with day, where he was to be presented one
of the newly invented P.m. Oen matte.
lie will this week endeavorto make *match
with the oarsman of the Smoky City, Jim.
my Hamill, for fire hundred dollars, he to
Ore lintel: COO to remote Poughkepale, or
Hamill to wive him oleo Irmo to Pittsburgh.
If the match is made, Alcatel will in all
probability row the race in his paper boat.
• raor Arrested.
James ItaffertY, .• yOuth about twelro
yearn of ace, who reeldes with hie parents,
on nerd's Hill, In the Eighth Ward, In coin'
pony with earcral other hors woot Into
rlttook's est aollshment, abonteight o'clock
last Met, on a pretence of porebadog a
base bell bat, and while some One of the
number was making the purchase. Saffert9
vo olocrved by the cleric taklng a book
m the counter, which he concealed about
hie person. A policeman was called In and
the hoc arrested, taken to the watch bOnee
md locked up for a bearing tide Morning.
Glenwood drove,—To-day.ut tnle Lawn
tiful grove. wlll be held the lint greed an
nual pia la of thecongregation of St.
'Thomas' Charon (Catholic. Ile, W. A. No.
lan, pastor.) sad e. rare day of Innocent
amusement may be anticipated by all who
attend. flegithir trains will leave the Con
nellevUte depot at the usual time and an
excursion train leaves at nine o'clock this
morning, returning at *even In the even
Appel ntssassis DI V. N. Comaslas lesser.
—ln the United Stamm Chaoit Coon. yester
day, Judge MeCiuldless appohated Samuel
Mercer, lase., of this env, as • United State•
Commissioner, The United Stat. Com
mlstioners uoir . reslent in this city consist
of Samuel harper. Minty Sproul, S.C. Mc-
Candless and .Tohn IL Batley, Esqs.
Important to Psombers and Una
Pitsera—By reference to our advertising
colorant. yen will see piropoeals are invited
for work to be done In lieyttone Satinet
Bank, Liberty Street. Proposal. are to be
left with the President of the Batik. No, &J
Market Street. .Sneclilcstiont to be seen at
Not and 1 EL Clear street.
Ilse Linton inch Haim. gun Just tested
In England WWI so much success was the ice. Pittsburgh. Foamy!yards loads the
world In Iron, and will continue to do so as
long as she keeps down fres trade and de
Plessans.—Use of the ulostiplensult and
select haf.ket pine les of the aluagon was held
yesterday at the beautiful prlVate grove
attached to the suburban reelneneo of ILO.
John ti. Duncan. Lawrenceville. .
"Blessed be the Una who First In
wentect bleep." quoth eartcho Pasta.
Sleep bet Often been “murdered, d not In
Itembeth , o' case only, but to many modem
in.tances, by Indigestion, Nervous Ninon.
dote, headache, and a host of other com
plaint.. For all such there is a remedy,
and sufferers may now exclaim, ohlessed
be the man who Invented the PLANTA
TION DITTEBSP . Thin DellelOns Umbel
and floe Tonic Is now nailed by mills es as
the great Ilealth•Glam and heetorer. Re
solve to boy s. bottle, and don't "sleep on
It." . wise In thee.
MAGNOLIA WATILC.e , t deilearOl toilet
araleie—a ovular to ahalogne sad at had
the price. ernentr. _
Important Nottee.—Dr. bpeneer, Den
tin. No. al Penn street, requests ns to
Late whin many friends and patrons that,
having removed hts family to the reunify
for the summer months, it will be ammo
y tf o o ff r
ic hoe t d w e en ri n t g e
hours him to mtll
of seveno:clock
a. o. and six o'clock r. at. These wilMe his
onee boors until about the 15th of Ceylon.
tar, when he will move back to the etty,anci
can then be found at all hours. tr. DIM G.. bollt aa Irlso
and retail, and larger conSegoenue:eo•
shied to keap a arid much batter..
sorted Mock, to aell Cheaper. and give the
gooda 10 more accommodating quanCties
than exclustrajobbing houses. }Latish ma.
chants are Invited to ...amine our stock.
. J.W. ➢
Dana.. & Co.,
• • as Markel street. •
Geed NOW. 'from Allegheny, formerly
known as Blanchester, thet Memo. N. h.
Riddle Bro. the well. known practical
Plumbers and . (laa Fitters are doing their
work with good strong material. 411y0TIO
wanting anything , in their line will give
them a nail. Remember the pu.s. Dearer
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The Great Cooae or the popularity Of
WILSON'S PILLS 1$ them singular ellicacY .
In the cure Of Dralniliala and Bilious com
plaint.. Ever. one who ass. used them It.
ready to o'repeat the time" on S. secon4
emergency. •'llenco all the leading drug*
guts In America find neces.UT 10 keep
Deafness Discharges from %he 'Wars,
Catarrh, Dacus,. of the Eye, and atty.
Dons ot chronic and obstinate character
successfully treated by Dr. Aborn. 454
fitalthfleld stmt. 01130 e hours front 0
o'clock s. till 4 o'clock 1. 0.
No 1.0100 ILIIIO 101110 I.lll7—Cen better
or ehnetetr Boots, Shoes, Bs'morals end
everything else In this 11 no, be found theo
et the time honored store of Jame. Robb,
N 0.69 Market, Street. •
for Medical Dee, pure French Brandy,
pure Blackberry , Brandy. pure Blackberry
Wine, pure Port Mee, pure California
Winos az Ohio Avenue, MOS Mere. • 11. B.
pro(, tamipbell le heakig the eh*. tree,
ovary forenoon. in Ashland Hall, Wylie
litreet, with most eatoolthlog Bocce. and
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A Lame eesoreoeee or all Medea SIMI
Jan and Jelly Tumblers, just arrived at IL
Be'.is Lamp Store, No. SZ . Penn street, Sib
Vela gtmegllog Dolls Water et J. T
entople , e Drug btore, Federal strer.
Dew IFlersing , n Deux Iktoro. No. 81
Market street, for ilostOttor4 owl Drake's
Bator; chtoper than arty other place. •
Go go flogsgorg Dies Moro, No. 84
]t•rlBt street, for the boat Modicum'
Llquorsof •ft kinds.
Go to Flan Drag glom No. 81
Market ,strard. for good Sponges, at Low
fir Additional Local News on
faltlelellel.—tin Tuesday. July tab; JUStPII
BOUXIW. Only th/ld Johu and lallaallutti
2Gnfooetal 1411 lake pliee (Wednesda7.)
AT1 , 417100X; at 3 o'clo , k. from the re:Wel:cc a
Joseph Lorms, 'Pio. 12 A.•oot W.Rhe47•
Ko. , 104 fourth meet, Pittaburst. Pa.
00/FLA'S of a Wads; CRAPE& IHAWNS, and
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Iturzosacurricu. Meld Kerr. D.
I K. W. Jacobus. DX., 211rnaauLwinu. Jr
631,11. Mc, Km.
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• azit AND ZW.B.ILLUSJI, samessor to the
Lie Manuel K. itocllers. No. 519 Mtn dime.
three Om' Beater. Alialltletti(MaN
unit:M.:owned. Iclabodani. Walnut and Bow
1,004 Imitation. Mans. st the lowest reduced
noonts open. all boars, clay and night.
Hearse and Curium furnished on short notice
tad on mast Ve.anable terms.
DERTAILEIL oaett, 944 Unio Mawr,' .
/Mans. Rosewood and other Cor
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goods on band, sad furnished st shortest nodn
at lowest prices, tale sad Livery stables, cor
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my [Loud and Notarlikdati;d 3, 3 r 3 4 . 4, , ,,
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AT AlisllALli SALE.—Br Eirtlate-:
....- ode writ of eendalemt e , Poada•• lett , ed, , •n. ,
of the I -Mulct C•nruf
i te Unged?tatZtt; ,
the W ' e c ',.. e n , ' . j ' Zi t i r t t e
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Tub,. One 'lge7i'llta'it Tun'd We er T uba. •
lair nr Chnna•ln Monet and nature. Wm ,
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MAIISHAILAI SaLE.--ny virtue
Of a wel‘ of ,endfliont cryGnin, late. d oat -
of the District Court ••• the Untten state 6 forth.
Western Otentet Penheylvattin, and CO toe
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Whisk y ;Two Wet . •
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U.. Hugh Badr. at the nett of the tin lthd titalen.
U. B. MARS , / L.
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the suit of the t. Oiled Otatela.
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DEELEE Beal lkletate'
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Termi shade to suit posuEumm. EIAIMM
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FOR SALLE—That.Nrry.
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Wheeler &Wilson
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WM. 1313111NE33 &
NO. al 67TH
HoneEs you. Luiz, AT T
Uoirardhi.Livery Stablet .
' MOT unarr, OeerKoivseO~ HOW.
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Ditat, CLOSH ;
Practical Foritittere Manttfacyrera,
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H. Et. ILAIC,QIN,-.....,..-
. . ..
Beater of ' Weights and BleastireV
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nahrem Ltbarty sad Tail .t.C.ti. - 77.•
firdors orotopUy attooded to. arLI•loo.
itounEs, &ELL & co.,
►nchor Cott* Mills, Pilisbarglie
liglaulletaisrsOf MATT. stairs a taellt:
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anstrrisialowsu NAT rsr4e
J. &s.rneriratrai' -
. ,
Contracts taken for Itn atont 'Route.
and Jobbing. Paratealle mum tlen o straa. qt.
p i gatr ‘ rt ,.. nNt'ot /nand:les and On 1t,t,, , •,e,t
he. 566 166 IL.' ilitgkry lap h.,
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CEO. 0. CLARK .11g-00. - ;
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No. 4.. DZ. U 4 fLoara
Unlols Depot. Plttstrarlo.. - jets:o7"
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.(Fourth door &ban YttiinosiLl
Glass, alga Watt& Table ftillery .
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