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...Wt 'the efts . 'derive the summer mouths
tbei eau have the Garr: ill malted to their
aoOteve, br entering the same at the oa"
teettneen evils
:more,per week for ore week ot
.I.'nEipicci Jon.naoN's deportment, in
l i,
he-progressess made by 'Win ibis sum
. er, has been a decided improvement on
mt exhibited by him last season. ills
admirers perceive and confess this dif—
ference, but attribute It. to thi', more
friendly manner in which he. his , been
received tlifs'year. This explanation L.
not blond enough to cover the case.
.' Even persorui :of a vicious temper and
the most' indifferent breeding man
to be tolersbly civil w . lte n treated
with marked deference. A gentleman
Is best distinguished under eircutestati
- ces cnlculsted to t?y his patience. .
it was not marvellous that -the loyal
_manes of the nation failed to treat the
• President with respect last yenr. He
had just been guilty of a signal . breach'
of faith, which. Elton_ their tetislbillties
,;io.theaulek; and he undertook, In - the
roughest mariner to beard all who saw
... fit to upbraid him. Still, lie foissid plen
ty ofluen who wcro. ready to do bits'
reverence; as he has this year. The pw
senor of do.roienso patronage is never,
without adulators, whatever may he. his
character and conduct. But the harsh
discipline to which the President way
'lcted in the western cities, twelve
the ago, bore 'excellent fruit. It
t Itim to behave with some sort of
tel. 9; which Is proving a decided
to the nation:
Oust Baruncicas/LICCIAMEZ3 from all
!pans of the State coma to us wlth earnest
• leaders endondngthe nomination &lion:
lr.W. Williams for the Supremo Bench.
. candidate could bate been selected
I'm whom the whole party would /LSTO .
united. with better give and unanlinity,
`-of feeling.' Even tho dignified Demo
. cratie• Journals of the Commonwealth
add their testimony to our aindidate`a
worth: and..ability.. Indeed, against
neither cif the munildates--Sharswood or
Williams—can any personal reproach be
-ast, and.tbe canvass' must nocessarily
conducted more on principles than for
' Men. lis,..Wlillams, ea we. have hitherto
"-reinsfited, will certainly receive anover
, wheel:dog *majority in the countieswest
of the Alleghenies, and If the eastern .
section of the State does proportimmtely
well, hd will be chosen to the position by
one of vhe laigest majorities ever ac,
to any 'candidate in,, this p:m..
, monwealth.
.:Toarlotest advices from. Mimic° con,
tho. tragic end of Maximilian, lat.
7 Zmperor . of Mexico. The execution of
the !pare soldier wee hardly looked for,
inasmuch 113 1118 PM excited the pity of
- the world and moved some of the lead.
tog powers of the earth to intercede for
. clemency in Ills behalf. Wrecked onhis
- awn ambition, misled, and in turn deser
ted by crowned abettors le/Dump°, be
trayed by big soldiery and executed by.
the nittrilesa mnquerom over whom he
Worth' have ruled, the fate of Maximilian
- ;.ptalleaSer-n touching. Interest and cannot
fail ID. provoha earnest. sympathy. Ile
thol bravely, girhig up his life in atone
xnent for the great error of rasitnes ho
. commitual in ascending the throne
of 'Mexico, contrary to the will of her
ifswrannay, lathe Suiiitt trial, very
impprpmt testimony for the "prosecution
was drawn from Dr. Lewis
late serge:on Uf the steamship Peruviah,
on which the prisoner escaped from Can
ads to Ireland, in September, 1865.
With 'fall kiniirledge of guilt haunting
` - I=a;:the'priaoner recognized= every
'• body on board the ship American deter
. tiyea, eintexpreseed himself as "willing
!:.to_ serve -.Andrew Jolanson tus Lincoln
'had bee d"—toinseinstod. He moreover
acinowledgedhlmself•golity of
- some CTIIIIO for Which he would awing ti
caught in America. The conviction of
:':the tidy:mar. I. *VV. probable, as "the
',evidence thus (Sr iccumnlated against
him is Yery • strong. • \ '
.. .Tia "Nwrions.r. t C
which recently held s its main at Chi=
'rage, put forth an elaborate t address,lo
which they declare that, "the Interests
. . ,
of. laboi are one," sndthat "there should
zio dietinatiou of race or nationality;
4 -no classification of Jew or , Gentile,
';•!, Ask& Christian." This is exactly the
. doctrine we hive been 'endeavoring, for
lima Weeks past, to commend to the ae•
oeptince - of the workingmen of this city
„and county. Backed by so respectable
an authority our inculcations hencefor
' ward, on that head, ought not to draw
ilown upon ne the wrath of our contem
.l)flrF,Yi,lhe workingmen's organ. •
Ovvrciatfiltstraca Of the muster rolls
of the-Confederate armies for every
month' daring the war have recently
lieea pabtlisbed, ehawlng tha...the rebel
forces were never half as large no they
were popularly estimated, and were stead
fly nverinatebed by. Om .Thilott troops..
These abstracts «Impel graatabatemeata
•• 'from the laurels of most of the federal
commanders. The war was clearly pro
tracted, ut immense coat, tniong6 &want
Cur militamespaelty on the; Union tilde
.proper to handle the armies placed In
' - Atrovnitn Fentanoutbresk in „Ireland
tustibipsicd. It is cx pity that the Wait! ,
people or thatland will. persist in insane
'attempts to free their country when•
there cannot be the slightest hope for
- itteeesa. • Such movements only bring
disaster upon themselves and make their
lot even more.miserable.,
Tag distribstUoit of. pretninta/ took
place the 'Paris Exposition
to the presence of the 'Emperor Napoli
coo, Empress Eugenie, Prince Napoleon
- and tbo SultanAziz, of Turkey. Napo
. Icon mado a pubic sliced' on tho °coo-
'Pna New York Thus tbistki it a
yew pity the people of New England
aro not better acquainted than they are
with President Jerome'. Doubtless
• ti*peepie think they know too' much
of'him already. • -
- Furor. prearint. appearancei Coogross
•I'lll-"11113r s-,quoruin Dreamt on
'. ~ _: '.Vcdaesdap;lintlater in . , the week will
be ready for business. The Prealdent
• •
wilt send in 110 message. • ,
. 11l Of tIMACCA tbe Aarlcwturai
'Department ststiitielnas that the wheat
crop •xill aggregate two billions of
TYBEY T 110138.1.310 Willie* are =port
In .Wiikubant caaniy:.N.irth Caro
;4lm, as Ina tan:data/4 condltlon.
LORD STAN/AST LS ' not :without, Logo
but thn Alnlwme claims wlii bo austiatbly
arranged and settled.
YESVISIDAT the Treasury Department
cetuteencol to pay the July Interest on
"rint'samor,of the killing, of Gteneral
by theki;eks
-The Neu York Ahlormce ~, - 4 i., - ....y,
!um= to carriage niris -... • '
'-Thrialett bone aystem wen - ..,...... ,•r •
... .
tioa in California recently. ' "
' • '
-Offenbach has put kohineffiCMsee and
airmen Friday into an open.
-Professor PeckarcLorYsie haa mien.
eil from • year's vial. to Europe.
. . ...
. - -Indlanapoli. is the Paradise of brick
leyere.-...nsdtgetlive dollars and a halt per
-Efendershott.'who it/eerie/Mired from the
mita= whit •Ms drum and his heiress at
Poughkecone, has emerged im Omaha
for a Chicano move/int
sllo,oo3ltai,fo3 Craig
Mumma for breath et Pr een fie. '
.Notgely can say her figure la • pram one..
-A Paris actress receiving a salerY of
47al refused an Offer from Mother thmtre ____
of tithe bccatite she Irbeld have to pier old .
. • . t,
1,, Bevely Tucker , Colorado Jewell.
-The NeW York papers arc Fantle= t eir
660n/ft Leann the hard times, end merit' --
ro largely reduced their reportorial • . .. .
latel Sarult I' ebils His Itploill- Daps icletari ad
-A bridal (Deaf in Parts cost la,ooo francs. & ere A ill b. J e k he ,,, a , Abe thathi W as lit
It was white Mk sco ll oped. bordered, me
ined, rirommo, lace, trimmed with semis ' - Iltai' 0 bid to Mlle Id at EMT Be odd
and made with a peplum - ' ',
Siiefj-A Ittllesame Gams.
-Them Is a man doom P.atit, &rather facia . •-•': '.
time {Mow, whose nem 0 Isla cr. s lio tamed 1 - .
his first eldhl Something; it was Soma • ' . .
thing Near. The nmt Vila was Nothing; It 113, ,elesraph to the Pittsburgh flarsttel
being Nothing Me t, • Ws.stioroves, Jilt, I, IfeL
-.A miry- le • toe Superior Court, of New
York hits jmt declared declares to the ex. Judgo• Carter discludged the nineteen
teat of 0,300 /a" the ocao Me P.M. who grand Jaren., feeling convinced the Irreg-
Suffered P'Pw w• 14 ' f•Ut. d " w• •• 1•••• ulcer ',amnia of thelrmsemons would valeta . ,
emelt commil emit bole. - ..
_..s. ramp fellow In Perla 11M ero-Htedatel.• any indictment they abonld MM.
ea rapis on the bridge of Jena which eons. The trial of Sewall was resumed. Judge
m e nds a coop' of the stage of the Chinese Fisher presidiag.
m m .
torah., Two soem spectators au ali
en viewer the Cninese stars. ' .- C. Dunn testified to employing Barrett to
the military freight depot of Adams Ex.
• -Lieutenant John Mille, 11 - : S. A., who Ores, Dmember Mrs, leek Janney lath
died at•Bratiford, lams., - u the rat at the ob tint .001 leave of &braises, what,. was
li t of, Wite =0 oldest °Meer mtuatel,,w hems expressing nape!. at the
Ice the semen, karing 'ammo' It La 15al. oppil/IfiOrt Made after. etualt a Malt thew
three Menthe otter General Scott. - employed. Barrett said he had. baucess In
-There Liam:cacti boy troNewport, 8.,r..• the country. Non day Mts. Barrett mune
five years old, tvelahlon only sicaue and wltuem refused her Woe. Serrate then
when sig mono.; ow the on= lett , and never came back , even for pay.
weighed only fear and a quarter uotaids. welehman wee atom readied and elem.
The boy ezdoini good health, and is of goal eStralined by Mr. Itrailley. Considerable of
intellaut. Ms testimoey given on the mumadiriation
-The 0 - - - • of health um ,six: First- that was moil to him, minute porta. of
keep 0. a. ...... ;3,0 0 4-.p a t re,,,,,i a , g od s lo g , which he Corrected. OM not give himself
Third-menteln regular bodily Matta. Up to Me . rar Richards, but to one of tila olll
*Yeltrtn-Tillie early end very light movers Me. Moen fo cuuml.... Ouch a delee
rim—keep a clean akin. Sixth-Gm plenty tiro as licthiwltt, and w a, as named LS - 01710.
of sleep at Mum- • Mal '-ogicer lea War Deputment order.
-Barnum hmbrought out." The Bea &lee"' " hl "' tell "bn Feed U ''''' '' ' ''d-6t " "Wn
at Ms teMlOllll3,, expectum to draw a big that I knew whom Barrett was et the time
'moved tills hot weather. The niece
of the measidnation. On the afternoon afterever, Is anything but a refrigerator l hole. o
the rho amarranation, I Diet Linlehm on - the
ndleace. and they, as meal, Pronounce street; went dame to. breeklast. I radii 1
Barns= • humbug. believed Asscrott amessinated the Presi
dent; mid I would 41005000 MI I =taw. lie.
-CmardelGemeineem.Ytho tilstingabdmil =name the remark at the table 'that
himself es commander of General Wanam the death otAbratam Llama was nothing
Walker's force. la Nicaragua, 13 now In more them the death of a negro In the army.
New Orlems. lie is rappreed by the Annie Suntan mild hat. Old not, testify
Crexosi to hare ramothing to do with that before. Meerut of sympathy for the
Santa An =he.= In Mexico. poor girl. Tell It now• became it is drawn
-A man et Portland, Ale.,Led his house mit of me, and bemuse I have been hunted
robbed recently by &New lockprotessional. down and persecuted for two years on m
arl., On tits way home, stopped and wrote a count of them people. Don't remember
I atter table victim, returning a Into! tapers telling Mr Carlin Mathes testimony et the
'valuable to the oarnor alone, and siguion emmenetiontrlel was written out for toe,
himself "a I.oor but honest burglar." and I wmcompeUed to swmr to it.. Did not
George rwl... 'rr•-1-• W re r
m„.,-, t," A .
.0 tell Mr. Cecile/OmM bare elven an mole
nation of Mr. Barrett% sash. had I been el
have received 4.50.000 for organizing the
Credit alobiller of America s tleancial 10- lowed so to do. Didn't tell Mr. I.Mrlin I
rautemplated suicide DM not take a P'-
M.. lim candled eaLCO4O since
h . hthh ,,,,,, h a
.I , 10 11 ,,,. 5. ~ hhh .„,,,
..,.....„ volver, and threatens suicide. Did net ray
•••••- •••---- Ivan going Meseta It eOnfelielon . to °sae
tract tor building she fast. section of the
Unlon Paelfie Railroad. my maseteace. Ma. Barrett Mil not my
Math Ism not in warn April Oh till. Ines
-The foreman of a job room ore St. Louis er geld hui so stated. 1 ati 01110.1 document
nowspaper turned Mit the whine esilllon el over Gen. Augur's eigneare wits renal.
'a pamphlet on the "Lite and Aasassielation Mowing Weeramm as atioverament 01010.
Or /160111601 Lincoln,: with the , startllng tiro, April lath. ISM 1 Mums. deuledhav
motion 'Tar Life and Amaaslnationa of leo ever spoken to Carlin or Brophy about
Abraham Lamle." . The blunder is under- • eon mallet, Never mad anything to
stool to bare cost Mai bra place,. • •= them &boot It , -
-Ur. Dumas, the yOOO r , lithe uncle • • This Ended Weichmanis testimony.' •
Theatres, ease there are some three hen- Mr , li"...Otti late Mot Iladelwat re
dred person. In Perle who make a point of celled. Photograph exhibited. arltnews
Mandan tea Jirst night_ of a how ri,,,,, reconcile dat es a• rezemblance to the br
and cep thole judgment Its emcees depends d iVidted • • •a t t, b9 o4 Ow lstt ° ' w We NOW
Ile gives 1t as a general rule taut a Theatre York strut eer• lit wan Met.. Of Ilmsellt-)
only begins to puff itself and vaunt its aura .. 1 %0 0tr..0 ow.h.. drop the letter wad r.-
eesairbea it boa begot, to p ot . d ou bt, nalthemy Man alto uellnote; Ira, attracted
. -What is the name of the now Greek lila- 10wai dam particularly bemuse I noticed
Vita dlseleed. ' '
titter tome United Stateal There to a great °" Dr. Lewis Joseph Archibald liettillian.
modety to know li e It Is printed Ilangthe. morn
-Prom Lehi to October 1963, was
Bangebee,liangeba, Ilanam, MINIM.) and surgeon on toe steamship Partivian. Left
severed ether ways in Miran:at newsapers , eig e t a ra yor Livenraol ou.„Septetnher loth
and It the nentlom an In queation value. hie - s
..., Know the priraner. Bo messed the ocean
mime alai', Lc lindbetter huge to ea Leo' with on on tbat voyage to Londonderry.
lish some mode of spelling tt, that will F irst sow toe pr i sm , eeo th e ra ei stea m,
be permanent h . ' : at Idnutreid, running between alentreel
-The Washington Pepubliornsayst There sod chaste-o,lm the Lite Cl September, ISM.
Ls a Brooklyn gentlemen in the city who About a week or ten days provlom a man
offers to contract with the liOreituneut fornamed La Pierre, priest, who, at the thria
the effectual "remora'' of toe /edam on lived In Montreal. came to me and said
the Pau., at a cost absolutely 0010,00 cam. somata:sly Kea coming, and on the lath of
mired with Um military °realities Ws al napienster 1 was gomg to hmhee en the
presentee - heti en. Ills plan is TetT simple, steamer Montreal, sod there l met this Mr.
being the establkdocent of a• few distiller- La Pierre again. He said he would intro
bra ln each tribe. Mice me to his friend. Ile took me to a
- -.Alexander Ileneml, a Genhen, twenty- .tate room, of wLa Pierre had thekey.
four years of me. wm et New York. mini The state room wallock and he unlocked
to the Court of eeasio o s, c h arge d •. 0 00 a IL. la the room 1 found theenamor at the
beastly ...awl nrao c o th e noe prook, a bor. Mr. La' Pierre ilitroilueed the
girl three years of aae. -who tiled from the primmer under the name of McCarty.
effects of toe Injuries metered upon herby t • tiescr
and • who ' We PeUmeoe
the suimult The man's goat mil brutality mot met lo
the eveng and
were clearly move, and he was convicted, night with h im. The prisoner's hour
and sentenced to mu Mato Prism tot ies then shot, M . • dark bre... color. I
twenty Sean. . _ . did not perceive It sea dyed, but afterararde
found it out. The convereahon that even.
-.The masher of add Ran al bounty elate. tog was general. La Pierre went.** traebee
under the mt. of July as, teed, toes Sarre with rm. Whea we got to haebec we had
ceived by the Pay mmter General is tre,mo brraktmt o n me simmer at seven or eight
of which• number .10.003 hate men for- ...clock, and between nine and ten the pate
warn en 10 th e moons! auditor for settle. ...tigers were Declaim - red to the steamer
adapt. Wt these -I[4.° Ww• b ` .• •P Peri:visit Upon readable - the Peruvian,
and paid, leaving 130.0010 proms:' of settle - la Pier= sold to me. in Marsh's prim.
men. The division Melon easiest of leer on,, b. wished me to lot bureau. :-
work is largely behind in its tonne- lare spy tar, room iIU the _steamer left
estimated teat It will takeeliibteen month. Ind en, and be omen - deli my room
l°a•Wh up - what I . oow w. hand .. -.,. mill the steamer kn. The summer left in
, -• horse owned by a gentleman In New eat! an hoar, and La Pierre went Where.
1' tort get lie leg broken lam week and W;Teat day I remember, either after lunch or
shot. •A. dog that bad slept foe three yam dinner, the prisoner came to me and point-
In the stable with the horse, refaced ta-be el to one of the pessengere and sated me
separated from Its deed' compmion. and If I knew who he wait I said I did not
. would not be comforted. When the remains Know. Berndt petit he thought the man
MU. loot Wend were borne eatiy. 110 was en Amerietu detective. and was after
on teacart, the only meether at the fuser- elm. 1 told thin 1 thought hag of the
al. Reset , rnemto the stable at the mid, et Med. - tasked him what be Mal done that be
, three holm seeming to feel the loss loop. should be afraid of an American detectire.
ly, and na dOubt et-needing sorrowfully the see Dished dolma grad noel that if I knew
vacant stall In which his Dime, was wont all Le had done, It• would . =eke my eyes
to eland. . mere. I mid he need not be .fr.t4 of an
. -Forty thousand wax candles are lighted American d t o' l-lt.° • pt..... Ile tom' 00 e
Insumitaneomly by a vingle•matcri at the Ifritlati able, and in British waters.' Ile
Royal Pelee. in Berlin. Tbe wick:tare pre. 1 odd be ilid not care tf be was. for If he ate
....ow e ..., e 1., by . thread „ pith , ', op , inuiptyl in street him this would settle
1 0. cotton on lighting tae eon of ceo t e t,.. - bire, and he exhibited's pistol. On the tug
1 all Um canriles are lighted simultancomly,' eothe from Wle •W•W•r • WM. M..W°4 lo
and the. the whole ot.the seven hundrms L e
r. / was' ilitrodomul Wild.-
mmetinents of the palace aro Illuminated Mr. 111=1107 eitlrated. eelms It
at Moe. • This method of 'lshtar by met- what counection this had with Senate.
Welty has for some time barn to neo In i Mr. Pierre. Cold what he premiered to
' Philadelphia; but only, we think, In cons show was, that laverly Tardier, Cienerai
nection with gas-burners. • •-; Hanley and other. who were in Montreal,
-A. generous thing Is Man COll.l for. the' weth with Satan In Ms flight- ,
Chicago University. Que =Urea agratil 10: Mr. Bradley asked If It was groomed to
give tw,toti, provided mope mere weer 1 ~ connect the men rimed with the coned.
'"ttriM-V.l°Y °Lb'''.
Tone rKh" 6"j' r`l7 rrPon , se
' 1 S old it as praror to show
rem have promptly c ome herw and ,efin r
proo dago t0t r0 5...0...k... Tw o j o i.., who were Oa the tog and were engaged in
suoloss of ths prepared subscrlptlim. ranee:nation with lieratt.
The ChiCago Benue:ma stow; alt is rin Judge lather said it could be shelve whit
proof of the onractiolau chermter of the en. men •ooko wilffithMatt; • '
rerprimittatthe four dmora who a mo wn, i witness resuntm-mid he saw one Speak
to Barran on the Inge twriiiic iin LW .
Oen. tlieltubf 470,00 e, or timely bait the de, i
aired Lund, represent m many t °Balm. dm ehnel. haw General Biely talk with a ce : .
1201311na1101111.11 • . rah. Of my own Ithowledge I dldol, know
who Omura! Maley wm.hut the prisoner,
-General Saki. had Demi an order in aid he wm General Ripley of :Muth
Marlette., elmlog ell barrooms and tte 1 Carolina. There win among the =noniron
vegan the Meese, hitherto toasts' for rule. commit Jewett, one they called "Colorado"
of Liquor. This order has created a good 1 .1,,, eett. T hor . ~,,,, also . colored moo,
dm' of excitement, wind city loans have de- who mid ha boa been le Jeff. Davis' em
, preelated ten per ecnt. rut the order cu. ploy; knew Beverly Trtoker;m Intro.
off the principal source or. city roves.. domino him 'bat morning on the se
The Cbarleiten papers complain of the from the steamer Montreal tO the Peruvian.
rem large numbers of people thrown out of tie went on beard the Peruvian. The. pets
employment at a time when other employ . ,nier win called MaomlY , We wailed
. trent cerinothe obtained. and of the cum- o t raot too o'clock t o 1 0 0 toma t o , go er
be ' " b°•••• 20...00 Wwk•lX., toe hands we got on Warn the steamer' perceived
. of the °mien, from the Sect that the hue , I sorrot.t; his hair mit moustache were dyed.
am for antra tiny were leased Is beer end he wore spectacle. geld . = did not
ken np. ' _ wear spectacles Memo he was abort eight. -
- Bbrnuerck told a person the Other day In ' ed. bet became they. ;Wed in d.goleielf
Parte."lhsve no th an for sleep. Now lam him. I bad a conversation with rem prise
golelt to a.' Droners. cm —.- Within flfeY onor Atiort , der -um it we. errisod at
miles of toy tionra not a imman being can Lesitiorederry. - Our oauversathme • took
be men, peke with toe, md pit= generally 00 • the 'm eaner deck,
for am fortnight I shall hmr no voice but' semetimes .betUnd the wbeellicrilair.' I • re
theirs. I wmt strong. exercise and perfect member marsh tolling ma he .had been in
reproe." The lams of the ment Premien the habit of going to UlahMeed with dila
Minister of oho ralleas <drooling on over, patches during the war, and bringing ills.
Wilmot brain are 00me...1 - dinroot from =tithes lime to Wraltiollthe etto Montreal I
those entertained by our prolossionel Mai. Ile lasted hest ono tale was Whir iii Mom
no.. men, who teem 110 ate fee a wafering I oval he would meet a 'Myth :few York;
place• and autotitede ADM kb= Of trent , Milt hornet a Woraltil et hien York, and
merit and coutpany for lifat 'winch had Mae to Washington and started tor Rich
wearied there at. house. i, inonl with four or Om others.' Taint after
tr t', . much Livable he erot-ed the Potomac, arid
--• . 011(00 " el ' br ''''''' ' W " a y.
e' ". • getting mouth Of Cooderieliabarn were Ma-
Revels, pastor of the =nen= yantly ; _
Ijo a
platform car, and its they were .
Church of Leavenworth. llamas, against i ',17..... ht ,, h . t. „.„ cow., me. app.,.
Mr. John H. Morris, way determined alter ri , , o , aed found edit they were ceeszad set
tee davi t 10.1 in the Ciamaid ceort of that ! 'har t, end wcro remit starve! to death. and
otty, nu hostel 010., by *verdict Of eel toe
tal, the Jury being out bush minute. The i
. 1 Yankee seldierS,!' and trier shoe them ; then
the ai ' maan said, "let as shoot. the damned
ant Woo founded Ott 11 etateillent Ininin 011 [
.„, , went. On. Ile told son the male et the wo
"smPhairet',,,' D ,,, °b ,.... li t h e ' ree d ,i 4) ,,.j e 1- r b „ " ,ier d° , e r r,, 4 7.„!, 1 man, butt annul recollect it. I menet re
erifier ~--„„„'" -- ,,,,, -- e ,.,,,, --- , -- 0 • - e - ..„ -- .. e ., - ,, - , ,7 - ;„ -- „7,.. - I °mice the woman , me would' am like to
- - ---- ------ - ---- 1 ; n ay it aounded like eater. The woman tom .
1 belonging to the colored brothreu 01 the . conimicums in Montreal durum the trial of .
1 ob' " '''. v " rd l ., ...... ‘ rii i r I.P l fr • I the ht. Albans raiders, carrylog messages. l
OM Unitary Miley.' the etatenente true d .
=rte] I The solthere referred to were uniformed. • 1
ortli h is ht t t hw ey
i lr w ers . m in to w l!l good fetch •-- . ate. p ra m., sa id he tonal pot 000 obeli i
this cry Ideuee we tending.
-The Cannalsemacrot Interest tierce. Jon se Fisher mid ho cenild not am to I
'". d'Cideall"" repairs ere /Mt tecable. , whe re It tended now. - l.
1 and therefore, wh en it taannfacturcr makes 1 • Sr; Plorpoint said they would connect, It
his returns they ere to be exempt. Peent. I; 11th1110eunsinnier.
[ Ung Of Weer, recanted as repsim. When: W lama • reamed. and SSW thMaimmti.
the prialtude Olt the remunioniter di/ not ; e .i. Ito had reesived money from ile=stain,
; ti[Z.rfd too .... L6 O M Wfi r e P. I eat= or MAO 1 the Confederate secretary of theta. The
, pox month, trie7 into= Moot from annum,
,• auniunm he named wore SLIM and *Mpg;
W..b ° V . ,,%. ut 01 t th .%12, '" r37.„ . 4 2 L ° ..1..r U.... ! be said he Wilo In 'Richmond a few day.
her''' ---'-..,----.. -.!" --- '" • ete. ' when ; ommoos til lui fall. lie mld,one day, soy.
mice.. tao ..rat Pain. 4 to the co.. eel of em were °coml./ChM rOteettio I t l •
tire amomt Is taxable. All sgidavite h ave; 00.,, lon they were pursued by a gunboat.
, eebertill""cat'itiTeetathte'rlerkt6'cif°lcsAreeeTi'grele ' nil ' ere ordered to rarrender, or tImY
, so dbe fired upon. 4 smell boat tons earth i
Uth ter er orth ".° o p o T r on ''' o r ti n e l' s g h t g l lw r' ha n' tj,,C h b h ,o h ,t w e h • j to them, and tbe •• Illeg p in i to de th e small boat
I a s Stank aa at Untie Iwo
as th e Jen. . • '., • . • Witness wee meal to relitat this by de.
-4.1.1r6S Etipreined that the tunnel on i;lenso nod retorted by telling Mr. Merrick
the California division of the Fining Lan- , that 11001 r filerelcln could understand It
road, throng:: leo eummit of the sierra Ne. ! it • a would ' keep hie ears epee. 110 illo
sada, would require, Mont. three years ter • Milian) tomNot ;o be ensured m ell thee
its ,ratoplation but the contract°. and la. ' witnesses had already berm insetted, end be
boron engsgedat It are Mains it :armlet , i theeeht the tomtit to wilaemat o g l . n 10 ... 1 1
lat a rate Mai le &McMahan tlie peopled .. Of %toward mail sneak. •
' men thettast comtry. 11
counnenth ',, kr. Merrick allied If that was proper
In September last, and tom laid out ISSO feet i leoseasto for a salamis to use I
)rag. About IMO teem( the tonne' am earn.. TM Wart raid. It tree • not; . bog counsel
pleted bp . the die of May,leavirm fr 4 feet ; Zinn het ~..,,, ~,,d .„,,,..„. ~,,„,...
900[0.6 6 worked. Ibis, „. 3 salrl,lolll.lo. - n ling-ar raki 31r. Merrick had
nearing In tbe rate of Lk/ km.. erXng, end it ', Other o 1 tu,4 .11 tile withesses ought to
is now erpected that. hos toured will ba 1 MI In the rstnitetit lasi, end he warded it
fledshrd by the earl of •AtiamlL tel. comae- ~ esiderothed be nod Mr. Merrick.
hog the WOrk In elereat arollithl licatmoled i M li n ' . n wemed ettfel Sumo stated ,
throe yo=l. : 1 ei l td 4 e * r d l t h r e ' rsiLi tl e Y d t n nLy°l. l to
n r i lso ebm n red i
...A. my restiondent of the Ifenchester tYL)
Journal vouches for the truth lithos Wow- 1 1,,., - ,, eer i at e eai ateniaLthe Meat of Jr e.
shyrumn . Veen •W " it "
log very remarkable cirOurtietenm ; tine ; ib - c ; e .,....„ eeeea.e . h me bind
.the Imbed
day twenty a chug, alootren month* el ..., an , .. ottotee O h k h e h lm h, ?' tomtit. Mod IM
Ye, belonging to tint D. H. Median, of 17:1,,,, pocket, be ~,h h. „ ......., ,Ittmo tei h.,, ePlet o l
h e went out into the floor.ymd th e doe ghee he coda ro '''......
while the family t wo wreat dinner. meght a drew
l- A e rea, .. h or a i n &l. zy - rfit.
green snake nearly t feet in leulfth. ..a. • serval- no Mid sheltie If an En I la ofil
about three lacb.Of
came Mil . blt tt once ..„,,,_,,,,..,,,.,, , 0• ,..,.. at la -
through the head, end into Me house
and-him .. - 7 . 1 11 1 . 1 - rr o i t iat,tWgr i tg . /t d lerg
With the snake' wound' :mind its arm, , very little mercy itt /thalami. Li e r e the _........-.. -me--
IMM toting the MIL with the blood rioting I he knew th at, h o t he worm d o 0, eh ,,,,,l r ' thh. , ,
Miser 'rein - Mat. .
from th e cOmentor her mouth., With the 1
.... es. for he would eminerlin bang by m ! fity Telerratili to the lattsmr.h tlasettyl ..
eiteeptlen of a badly mammal Math, the Eotaisti tom than a Yankee- ta s 0e ,,,, he ••
child received nom lmy. ' ' i tee m wo e makd maim ape= s; W ee ,' he 1 Lomas - ht. Jew I. 7 ntior rising k with 4
I feet 11 inches in the Lanai by mat .• Thu
.The, HarttOed Sharpe , Wile 'ooinemlY weak( sunroof .- '' ' ',. I. , ; .‘ m r e .h ralgi g e l op m, fro ro m m .r , aw r O ta rl u eari .r e. Th . emote.
OWS• 4IMALT•d •D • dt Oeti lthedeed themseed Mr. Bradley metal that the latter stet,„..--
stand Of arms adapted to the pro - of Me , meet be repeated by the reporter.
linen Partridge, for the Government ger. 1 • Thirieltneba WSJ abOnt to innitYi-when IL ....- ...... .
vice Caring %nib war, and liars been run. , was touted be was not asked.. • - ArsteM from Europe. .
nag theicomtill engine he= TeimMel oe .', Witness meld be could tell all that was , ley Te'esraph to the Pittsboub Chuatte.l
their 0011.1=1144 Orin. ;Lod toot.. for • mgessary. and,• ematinuinc. his remark., i tr , ,h ., , , , ,,
~h ir ,
_, rbe ... hip j ....
We ma* , preparatory to: potting tale sehildr. lierrMl ...not eh 'et/ dangerous . tram Idlerlevel on June 'M, melvial this
whole works In etwrattee. 3 . 00 new erns :. No was not afraid Of him. ' • - I af.moorf and - sailed for !legion, where NM
is Mighty improved of by ootopment Judges, At Rdo thetas:we took • Mraells till tamer . , l a ft .., 3, , ... ihhhdh , ... nth ,. . . ,
and the previrsui arm. are lamet - Ooldo . i row..' . . 1
Ming mortified -to Use the metallic ear. , ~. , ao Isirooraiß Illirjrlllll. ; •
trielipliat • =dent= eXpens. /till tn 00a- 1 areserlLily, Jullet-at VI Mated ill pollen .
. i . MID. reheat= Metall..
temptation to make-new arms and alter ) I imam ear. for Washington, to give. est-. Br alserthe to toe Pitutrarsa emcee.,
fanner mazinfaetures, as maybe desired. , deem that Barrett bomb& a kalfeMblitiOn Mosetta. Itilyi.-Five Freedmen. were to.
It he the =Cantle. or the 0 1 1.11 1 .13' 20 cote - , the mornter following the aseaulnatiOn of der Mignated teethe pollee Mid swans In
Mime work jeneriedietel7. '' ' President Llama,' —•-• .• , by,MAJOiI llorlon. .
. .
, • •
~ r ...s .q
~:~'~'r..i I.t;'.4i
• 1,41.,
HighlylmArtant Testimony.
_ .
- --- ' - -• •
, . 0 LlBi I: e
i, , ..•., ''' , : .,1 ii•'• , ,../. , 4.0 178 ...
k- \ '. ,, . w• , v:i'o/ , -/;--- - • _ .
' --•.•,.
~ .• •..., • , ,,v ,, ,,- - . =--_;-- - -
' ' -,, -•-•,- - -;•;,;( - 4, , ., , .';•.,..".-,- - ;_,-..,„_ , -r-,
---=' - 5"-_ , ,•- 1-.: . ---- - • - tx'-'• ----- • ' S. . .../tP ..... i. jii : • •
. t t
• I , •• • - .. ..) 4,..:"?'.1f:--- • ./ , • ' _
, 3 '''''';`.l 4- T'''- I .'"'" - =1 .. .. - --, A- -- K . '''', ' , ..... 4 , "' ~, 4.-w _, . - .. --- ' 4 l- . .`"'•'. '' '1 * ' ,
4 ~,&_.1.: 7 4 ~ ,k-1,141- .. -- .".".1. r , .' :::: - -- - A - N ,:i'.i. ,. ., s'.'-':' , ,---...,.- .". ! -- -v - ---t.= !: — .2., '''', -, • 7 -1 7 .- s ' i ''.
,'-'- 1 - - -,___= .--- - - 4,, , ,.-..-:. •-: - 77 - - 4 -__„,- -7 . ''':',''',' ''_ P , '":7-kt , ,,--.k,' 4 :: : * '.., }, ~,'F , ;;;>1....1::• - i ;,.1 - 1.1 - ,- - .. , -,, ~- ; ~-;
:,,, ' I , ._-1::, ,, : , 5.--1:-_-_, --_ ; „;:-.:..,1 ...---,..-.,..- :-'?''''!..,--., .1 - : 1 - :2 - - - -.; - ,__: '..!"'_.-:: - .. - -1 1 - - -- - '::-.
.. ' (~.. • '
, 1 1 ' -'. - '' - • •
-•;.,. 1 -- . - ---- - ..;. - - 7 7—'...-T-i--,F--5- - -,/ - i - _:„.:/ift4.........,..
~,- - ...,_ . • . ... --__-
• i •_-----==----= -- ; .- - ,- -. 4.7 . , -.E...= ,- .. -- .n7, -- .3. - /r,- -- :y.:.? - _ , -,:-. , _--_,Y, - ,.-..6.- ~....!--:_-_--. ---z•-•.;,,__ .._ .-• - •7, - ;.- . .-- - .
. .
- -------,-. ---'-- ,
' - i
1' , i0.111 NEW YORK
tome 11 lasbariAh
Nh Your.. July I,
Stattitleat reports Macleod at Lim Agri,
Cultural Department up to hattar.lay fool'
conarm pronoun 'lntlications of s superior
Whom crop, hich Is noir estimated at
2.000,000;030 bushels.
• The Metropolitan Revenue Hoard barn
paused revolutions directing every EvolOal
inspector of spirits to report to the iloard
every inspeetiOx Or liquor made by him
before branding dyny, liquor as rectified.
,Careful examination will ho Wail° to
determine whetner the sumo has imen
.rectified or reKtistillect. Any gonerul
Inspector who shall brand nn reeti
lied any raw spirits, or allow any other
pe n
to use his brand, except In his pres
ence, will be disci:ate., Each revenue In.
specter shall -make a daily report to the
amends,riting of the 4lcalrs performod
by hft. w
110 /Went. Inspector Shan 1V
lentl43 any property seized, or detained, by
him Without the authority of the Board.
A eollinlon ooeurreil to tbe East river till,
mombeg between the terry-boats Superior
Pod Cammodare Peril?. !loth were enuuld
erablygluinege.l.• The paslengers had time
ly wureinkr awl no puruon Injured:
TCn eachlerit trakemlued by groto ehreleus-
Cable dispatch. 'from Gibraltar. June
30th, anneances the arrival of the stetoner
Quaker City, with the ClCODOolliotet to 111 C
Italy Land, all on board lathc writ. The
steamer hod urea 4elaveti at ray.. There
is nothing in aba dispatch Ind lasting that
their. had not been of the most pleasant
character. •
1.,..3.1,10:1' ESOTT.7.
The Intertaattoeulgamea between the
members of the venous Calual,nle clubs oh
'the butted Slates end °anode is gen
Delegates arepreseettrean Mona real, Knob.
lota, Chicago, einclunat I, 1' hike 'Aphis, one
other cities. The exhibittou wall continuo
several Wu..
sego:are suer is Nuts .12113,T.
d riot occurred In Last it r enter.
day. hems thirty purloin warn enged.
Pistols, knives, atones and deb* u• -re used,
anakeescral persons were severely Injured,
Includinge policemen. Darkness milt
brought qui on etude. Threats worn trade Of
a renewal seat Sunday. •
ISLIOCCIN, lien .6 Or A cue, •
Or; Saturday morning. at coma:wine N.
daoot, daaarsaale. a shoemaker, cut
throat of a little `boy. a eon of Andrew
Beard, shoot twelve years Old. lie thee
knocked down Mn, hoard and attempted to
escape, but was captured. .
An kith letter to Um Triubl, dated June
tem p awea that apf.relthestena of another
rud more formidable Fenian outbreak tau
ontertuthed. • •
TII. stir 'them
The Atlantic Subtend. Compeer here
purchased the bulk of tho In New
In:melees, sunk MT Lannertlsland by Cu.
burning of the vessel. They will at once
ratan bor.
The new atcarnablp COI:us; for the Japan
and China route, eallod tadey for Pennine.
and San Franc/toe°.
,y0.112/12.11[11,. 111711M.0.
"llthekeray. the eithothrfetter, and Atkin.
son conledersta, wen, sentenced !or lit
Lee yews to the Peathentlitry..
1.6611,1. OP 17l1.411Alortr.
One tboasand two hundred pad thirty
mtu4sigtotparrlrod to-day.,
The taletton for this city for the current
'riser to twentythree millions.
• COO? OS SOLI.. •
One death trout east stroke occurred yes
Maximilian !Mot on ins, lOth of ..ittur;
—Dirsattest of. Chilled Matra .me-,
for too hotly litelleard— pd Brother,
the Lo of Anatri a moo hap.
lean Informed of the Execution.
K 1 Telegram to the Pit:enema harrite.'i
Nag Tose', July I.—The Int neer Wash.
button special says: The follow:rig dispatch
ma received by the America Ululates
Saturday evening: = • '
SOrvirrrasePase, to., via Now Baran.—
To Conn, Wydenbruckt I coma I.nuu Vera
G the to telegraph you of the vendee:ll=cm, ,
Mid death or the Emperor Maximilian or
the lath inst. Yttotdent iutuvr refasto
deliver np the body. Blundell. Tani err,
Captain Austrian Strain.
Count Wirdenbruca.• IS ahrent• from thr
city at present. To-day his Secretary u .
Lagadon mute dispatch by Mc came triErne
for Francis Jcateph or Avatrla, and to.
Emperor Napoleon; announcing Maxim
WV* execution. The event has produced n
great deal of exclurreent here among tin
foreign The residence ot tln
Austrian B l uster has Mesa .visited male ,
by nearly all of them °Clouds, oho called to
condole and obtain the lauds' inteingener
The follow Lug dismittala Can received
the Secretary of the Navy tceilay, stymy
new. of the event:
liarcran Inance &mann Tacon - r, VCIA
Can. J ono Z 1.12, Via Nee Urlesne,J one :Inb.
—to the Hon. Gideon li - ellen. neeretary nl
the It lisalnahlen van shot on tno 19th
In It. I begged hard for Ms Corp.. for 'h.
Auetrlan t:Sptalll.• and of. refused. Tnr
. ity of. Mann surrendered -on the Olin.
Wore Cruz holds ens on eccount of the [Or
olge legion. Mae opine no acceptance 0.
surrender. I m - moored between Nein.
and North Untlan. Jusou le In company.
Letter 01 met/. C • '
T. A. not, E ,, mrmmder.
Intbratatlon received bereyeNterday finiu
What is rewarded se a tenet wohliy pgrarar.
Is to the effect that by •decree of the J move
rovernment, Elimitriiitm was .hot mt in.
19th of June St seven o'clock A. X
Ille friend. Of hbutmtilan eked the pitfall
fee or removing hi. body for the Par prwe
*ending It to Europe, bat the tequost
Ulmer:l Grant's!. rocs', e privets tel
egrem from Uenemi eherel. ntaht
containing "substantally the some stair
meet.. •
- . •
It Is blelleured that J Imre. reluctantly con
sented to the czeouttou of alsaludllsn
When t ha mes.ugar bearlng the 4111p:oche•
from oar tiorernmeut 2,17
lance to pads.
the life of hlnzerolt. dell oar 4 his pack
'ma to dears's: tn. latter In. armed torn
that he - sr. disposed to spare the life s!
lassillutllse. bat the pressure from Ilexwasi
loader. and Deopie for his exioullou ens 1,4 .
great that It would bo almost Itepossible to
collet it:-
rosogarallori or the Confederation
-General holiday—Groset Keefe. 11.
T roe po.— Lard Monet liitorn hi
OW Telegraph m the Plaisbersn' °sante.)
Toaoirro, C. W., July I.—Today was ob
served as ■ gekeral holiday. The city I.
gaily decorated with flags. The retries,' of
troops, regulars and volunteers, was wit
named hYmilintilcaseeoneourse. To-ohibt
there is a monster concert in the Ilertleul•
total (/amen.. The principal buildiess arc
illuminator:l and there Is Werattri display 01
lire-setae. •
Orrow.s. C. W. Julyl.—ltord Moock was
sworn In this mornlne end' culled John
A. Delhanald to the former privilege of
Connell. Shortly after Lord tdorack reran..
ed the troops. The obeervanco dt the Any
aen holiday wu niversal. It L under.
stool Sir N. F. Scillies, will beeffplnte.)
Governor of Quebec. Ovnorull Illun.
nod Doyle wall continuo Governors of Novo
Scotia and New Dronswiels, provlslonelay.
•enfll General litlshrl la spoken of for the
setae In Ontario, Una:mortally.
• I.lAtwAx. 'July I.—Thu Inonaurillon of
the thuntederatton was celebrated: fry a
grand procession, dipolar. end public meet,
Serious /Ire at twenty, Onto.
,Tetramps to Ills Ettatar•h earetteo
Toteno, - July 1.-11.11ra broke oat 'MIA at.
tentoon le toe aortal,: factory of null a
Lyans, n 2 Summit, Ntreet,.w bleb. together
with the confect weary establishment of a
%Ton,: and hardware mote of U. Bwilard,
were totally destroyed. —LI Stallion .t
wholesale furniture .hoddlug and Amen
were badly damaged by 'lreland water. TI,
Ulnae aprcsull to the block on the opposite
salttorthe street, Mutinied by Rigby &
furniture dealerst Shaeffer &Co" arguers;
J.llan Dealer, enot and J.Jobneen.ana
then and couttnlsston store.. Thabulitlings
and eoutentli were oanslderably dansag , tl.
The total lose.lll nrolralay r4.064,(11 , ,D41.;
Insured for r..0,00r. • '
Dittih of an admiral—Nan teat Cap.
.tied-. Too rersono browned,
(E) Telurnpb to tho ilttsbuript llitelto I
reataXonell. IL. July 1.--Itener Ad:nl•
nel Comae F. rearelon Mod Old morning,
aged slaty-night years.
A'nost containing a melllng owner. On tbu
gletslognariver,upeat yieterday tome.,
drOwnlna Michael -Cones, a reek!. el
New4darkne, and • yOUng tally ethos. mono
nOV g leen. Ms della. Were remnant.
Italian IDeantierfel tern• Arra%lett.
tGf Telostuob to the Vltttborgb oaiutt•.j
Itorrtht.Julyl—Twoltallana.Rivlair their
MUMS MS Boas Marta and Solvtolor Groglo,
wore arreatett thin warning, charged who
making , and - Otreufatlng emulous coin or
the d coons to atton of Are coot platen. They
restated arrest and one area loo.ral Shots
from a revolver at the olliceta, hut forte.
[lately tilt act one., '
Deplorable Steatites/on to North Car.
• ollas.
Telegraoh to tax rattuarth litz..tte 1
New YOR.A. 11110 delOornino account
10 alaon of this death salon in Wake county,
North Carolina. At (Cult three ilionlauti
famollea have nut fogirdaya , suppLica. boom
ruta no meal for wooka,no lit ntrl for.den.,
or flour for tuOtithe, aad ftorailltf•cm fuata4
- - -
Oillnr inspection' Brmorol of Louis•
lawn inner, coonotirsionenr.
:Cl/77.1enT•PII to the Plusbargp earrunj
Zino' Tons, July I.—n Washington spoclal
to the AS•pras nsys t .oi - dent were rtruen.
Lr.: by th e Prrolloni. respecting the ro,
I th e -Levee Comuthrslnnere In
s 17. • - • '
oirr ,
SECOND 1011101,
Distribution of the Prizes
The Eultan of Turkey Present
Happy Adliodnteul Foretold.
Financicil and Commercial
Ur Tologra , It to the I'ittotoirg4 Us>ette• I
Path, dully I.—The dlatrlbotlon or pri
zes took Once et the Interne:lona Expo.
%tuna Id-duty, In the presence at the multi
tude, who LI iled ell the italck and circles of
the great Iplll,ltog and overt:dwell the
:garden. or t h e Clump De Mare
Emperor Nenotenn, I:wpm. Eugenie,
01111 the Prince :generic!, end Prluce Na
pulcon, with[ cotton, proceeded to the Expo-
Niglon In eight carriages each drawn by Or
They n - on necouifitelled by Ataint Azir,l
yahoo of Turkey, and suite, In six splendls,
carriages, oath drawn by 0111 honied, richly
lvhenlto inttllt• cml lea rrec..
c L,n.p z rir L it,r : n..
said: 4 Peoples and kings nave coca.
nere to crown the idea of peace and conelb
tattoo. grantee I. proud' to be great,
prosperous and tree, yet she to not on.
nerved by herrunterlal Joye. ThethoOttht tee the national dines vibrate for
tto honor of France; bet this noble swim , -
should not crvlita a fear tor the
world's repose, as we horn prove our arm.
sty for peace..
The Emperor closed his gporeh by Raynr:
'Told Exposition marks an era of harmony
nd pieurese, and the triumph 'of grand.
•oral principles, which. Slth Justine, tan
lone etIAIIII,2I throne unit enoble human•
Erent enthusiasm followed the Emperor's
gpt•ech.. Erica of 4' Vire Nopetron,u Eire
L'Esnperor," coollunce Mme mtnutes. '
When the excitement had subsided, the
Imperhtl Commhelon proceeded to no.
nistmen the .Itetrlbution of prises. Mille
conslnsion of this ceremony the Emperor
out the Oletinnuiallest visitor, the Unita°.
setotopnnital by their emirs, rultuntal IA)
the Tuillertes.
togneg, July I—Atoning the Ileum
01 Commons eveulnz, Lord Stanley.
iwimary orate:fa luk Foreign Affairs, Pitated
that his governmeni trek making Alin pro
;reel In Its negotiation with the keret.
meat of the Culled Staten in regard to the
Alabama cake; but he did not despair of
.alevlng a 'happy [Mutt. The foreign
office would noun lay hcioro the Boone all
the docuoidote and tormapondenee . Iri•the
acre.. 'A large untuber of Yuallali claims
against. the Vttltotl States had been pied.
IirrOtSTYKSTOr .13.3[021.1.06. '
VllNNA..lulyl.—Baron Von Ilene has re-
Poiveil the Appointment of Chancellor of
the Austrian Empire, an Wilco formerly
hula by Prince Metter:nisi.,
I! ll=
QUI6LISS4OWS, Jolt I.—Thrt *tetemers
WalallOgt On anti Malta, from Now York,
love 6.trivod.
lit.+s3lV, July Le-The eteentehly United.
Lingdom. trout New York, Mu &raved to
Lien , July I.—lke U. S. Frigate Colored()
I, here.
lavuttroOL, July I— Earning.— Colton
noweii 01.111 CT, but without chanii• In prate..
ie ceiling outland*,. linl Orkin., Ille4;eailma,
imam Neva. BreAtlentiTA hare been Oren
intougliont the may. lYorn ciMpl nt esi per
teener for new mixed wencra.
Ailteut. hi. 93 per crnt. Barley. Oss• spa
anctianged. Prorlyirme have been i
regular. Pork se l venceil IA for prime not
-At meon. which eloreAA at 734 per hat rot.
lieef atewly. t Lrei. Ilwrort; the noel. ar
anon for Curt...lan , cut middles was 42.
eer c•t. A merinau Lord anal Choose tin•
argrannot le' %I per
rearm !Dispirits; standard white uochAng.
ed. on It Id. Itemlo meaty,. TallOw t 419 fur
Losootr, July L.-Consols closed at Ult:
r.r.twentles, 72};.. IllltrAs Central, tu!.i.
grie.l3.4. '
in 12000, 4. July I—.Ernsing.—tron lower.
odes at Stator beaten plus. Sugar steady.
Linseed unchanged. '4lllO stead•.
urboy ;July I.—Atlbnlle analirrebt
nrri C0nit.114.121.U.d ALAI-en 'a.
lievelez Ceorgreoo—t'roop.o.• for
410/... Exeent loot
woullemOd—Tb• War la —T.rik.
lon Dreonnals thoeroolited—Conver/
*lon DEiiii oa - WDEe of I/en.
Cnolar. Et0.../ItlL,Jko.'• •
11} Telegraph to the• Plltebarsto llasette..l
WAMlltielT(lll lolf 1, 1H77. '
ellOspal.,/. /Oh ♦ gOlenagt101011•1,
So fur only thirty members of both
House. hays lirrlred. About one hundred
And twenty properly apportioned will be
necessary to assure n quorum. (Misers em
ployed la tho Capitol are sonildentarom
letters and tortntl cmnititunleatlems, that n
quorum of both brnaelsem will answer at
runt etslt on .Weilnesdny. N., Presidential
pr I/rootlet:it reports if 111 be Cu
inecha b-
M topuirms.
Thaddeus Stevens otalinta an Inoltatlon
of Ito City Council at 11.1 t imam, to become
go o ot Of 1114 city, tot wont of time.
2AMIKILII..E'd !MATH Collll6S[in.
Gen. SA...Wan telegraphs to Grant
connrm lag MuMolina's CICVA2OII.•
gosexi , lntotte at the Clarendon' !trite',
tb Ix monthly, oetteelomwt by eilarcnlng 'tor
leek wqtlt tenterra. elmttermi the wall*
nod I,ivetely injured them:mincer wall two
Tne I Mott tellelnk Demount. received front
Crete are dated the Itti of June. They eon.
t•ln no coortereetteet of the reported vie.
lurlta 01 innemntehe. Theta were 84111. to
have taken puny 'Jane 2.1. Armenian; to
oevicom from Thirantlnu, Outer Vaned, at.
tooted the Greek, with Ills vvtatln army o
June let, but trout the fact Mint the n
Yorke .untlntalnal ah . obstinate silence
In regent to the dean or'the bottle, tt is in
lerted were badly beaten. Thu Croak
Truilgtt .ler CIO Veneta. bear
The We tepid Itreoeut to thirty-two minims
if amio, and inomtoe to notch tort) milt
I one. The his hoot recelete Neer. the An
nexation of the lonian !..dande lo Greece
never exceeded twenty-fray millions. The
expeetllture ter 1%1 Is moiltnatee at,teanty
cONVI:ISFZO,I OF ,61,1,1•TOIR11101. •
An the notice of the Tropanry Department,.
puelthned this morning, IhiatiVO W 000POt•
e lon, Is Int& y to lead to
Is deemed to say euron•Thlrly nines
looting datu of Anduat lasi, ING4, only should
hn forwanlad to Ito Trrnsury Department
tor col:trunk. Teo June and July-lagnea
are not yot courertlblo.
Brevet May. Gen. LP Loup, Captain In that
tth Cavalry. bat Won ralloytal Irma Um re
cruiting var. len and polar. it Jout 1114
n iregiment. Brevet Ito). Jan, 5... Crowfoot."
tutenant Colonal ocennil Infantry has
Wen ortlciail to Join bin r1.10013/11..
OU4LRTAnOR OM Tilt 1,001,....
Tho DVINYMOUL Commanders Lard, Iscen
directed oy R mammal order, to give order*
rot the rrnpropriato observuoco of the
Yonytb of July Uy tUp troop* under Ultrr
tra'rl or UL]. CMISTAR. .
:Neither at the headquarters a the army,
nor lndlan 841 , 041.1. nee any
bean rradrel whlo'i eheare the truth at the
raped* of the Muster wt.:choral Custer by
' •
Final 'Arrival of Now IN boot—Wege.
Ironton 1110,11os—Remseas of eon, a.
P. 11111.
111 Y Tab-graph to the rittabarab u abate.]
Itteuxone. July I.—Tho that lot et bow
wheat we. received to-dal.
.t largo Montlue to-night wu addressed
by ...ypromlntut citizens; who urged all
to theism*, arol them right.
wen. not affected by the Alexandria Count/.
Tbo weal. of ()aural run wore
brought to the elty today and Interred /u
Holy weed Cealetury, •
IBl.Telegraph to the rli.loatret thas.ll4.l
Itoonsarea N. Y., July , - break
whlcA ocenrced la We Ede canal, 'aismtlec
weld ot bere, wi ll be repaired today,-
_ ~-
FOURTH PA IS.—The fulZeit andinad re ,
liable Stoney, Oa and Pradueet Mbrket
Pont Qinen by any paver to the ellYt be
found On our /tined, Page. . .
Mr. booth, hotel keeper in ilrownstOwnt
brought an action hems Justlce Ammon
against Whitity it Co., proprietors or the
circus, for a board hill of Illty dollars. Ile
alleges that he hula contract with defend.
unto to .board them and their employee":
that Du foldilolt tile part of the c mtract,
but the defendants had not paid the amount
agreed upon. It eras alleged by the defend
ante that the boarding was not , ret goal ns
It should barn hhen, and that they bad not
been fern:shed with sleeping apartments,
which they contended WWI a parrot the
contract. Alter hearing. the Justice gave
Judgment in favor of plaintiff for forty dol.
tars and costa. '
. -
Pante' Lewin .Made Information. before
Justice Ilefact Charging Alexander Pare
with surety of the pence. The partlm hint
Just settled ammo) before the inetalstrute by
toe defendant, Park, paying the coon
Lewin , a
e nd
on leaving the ogloe lionnuned and
threatened to knock the bridle, nut. A war
rant was famed for the arrent of Park.
. . .
James McDonald. baton, Justice
charged Thomas Little with aelamt *nu
buttery. McDonald keens a drinking house
fn tam Birmingham. and be sllegerrthat
the defendant came to his howe and asked
for liquor, which was refused him by Orr. McDonald, wife of the prosecutor, who was
keeping the bar, whereupon Little °truck
her and otherwiseabused her. A warnint
wwi isuued, and the defendant arrested, and
toe case nettled before a hearing, the prol
ttor paying [he emote.
Elinor* Shielda made Information against
Dun. , Espy and Divehi Tarr, Wafer° Jestleo
Meisel, charging th-m with usatilt and bat
tery. Mr. MOON, the nroaecturra's bus
band. keeps a hotel to East Birmingham,
anJ the proaccutris alleges that E,tty and
Tarr came U, the house on Saturday Bren
ta°, and entered into a dlactilelon as to the
rropratlVo merits of Loll/nets Black owl
Mowley, that.bur husband t oh ono side or,
tlin question nnd the defendants the other;
that the discussion ended in a Bela, in
which Shields was twaten Ina berrinle man
ner. The defendants were Arrested, and
after a hearing wore held In the hundred
dollars each for their appearance at Court.
Jeremiah Coffey, charged with malicioue
mischief, on oath of Mr. Darlington, and
with surety of the peace by James If. Mc-
Choc; was arrested 'and had a hearing be
fore ills ironer, Mayer Meltarthy,yeaterday
evening, and . was held In three hundred
dollars In each case kir his appearance it
Court. Coffey works, at Laughlin's Init.
nacos, near Four Mile nun, and an Sunday, I
after having taken a "wen drop of the cra
f.. juet to keep down the perspiration,
nothing more, canon on his neigh nor. Mb.
chest Connell, who lives at No 131 First
wad, Just two doors above where the 'de.
ferelant reeldes, and after smoking and
41 rill t lug a glees of beer with Connell. with
outany rause or provocation whatever,
kicked over the table, broke a Malabar of
disheiNtook the door from off the hinges
and made kindling wood of I', and when
sir. McCune attempted to stop him from
doing any further damage, he threatened
to kill bun. the officer. arrested
Coffey. Thomas .baker, a friend 'of his, in
terfered, ineistlng that the) . had no right
to arrest him, and demanded of the officers,
Moon andDurks, their authority for mk
ing the arrest, They very promptly sho w ed
him their authority, atter which he still
persisted in his interference until he was
him:sell arrested anti brought to the leek ,
up, Where he was laiged nntil three o'clock
yesterdaY, when, atter a hearing , be was
committed to jell to nastier at Court the
chat rte of interfering with an nincer. ,
The wPatertb” at ilitatestoown• .
The citizens of Fayette county Intend to
celebrate the Fourth of July at Uniorhown,
An real old fvehlonwi ityie, and from what
we can learn otthg affair, it will be one of
the . grandest demonstrations ever witness.
ell in that section. The Managers of the
Prayette County Soldiers , Monumental Al
tiMlatlOD:' have decided to lay the corner
stone of the monument on that tiny. attend.
ell with the ceremonies of the Slum& Fri.
tentity. After whieb, a public dinner wdl
be served up in amigo adjoining the town
Thu Commit., of Arrangement. W.V. L BBB
Istitiring in their efforts, and to • great ex
tent have been sucermatui bryonti their own
estate...lona The Pittaburgh ttnti Connell.
ville Railroad Company will run OSCLIrei , III
trains.° the Fourth an fellows: Leave Writ
Newton at &clout S. x and Arrive at Un
iontown at 1n:15 a. 0.; Leave Connelleville ut
o'clock A. Y. tato arrive at Uniontown at 9
octoeir A. x. A through trtou will leave
Uniontown for Pittsburgh at O'clook x..
Excursion tieket• from Pittsburgh anti MO
iioespOrt will b. Ow the Third, good
or the Third, Fourth 'and Fifth. The reg
ular trains will make their usual traps. •
Few hotels In the city enjoy a higher
reputation than the St. Lawrence, which In
pleasantly situated on the corner of • Canal
'Land Penn streets. Ceder the Proprietor
'Ship of Mr James Johnmn, as careful and
experienced a business gentleman and host
as 'Weer managed a house for the 8C40131M0.
dation of • t reigning • or transient commu
tit, the hotel bee stained an enviable remit.
attoo. it fa condanted rigidly on the }lum
ens. plan, and ban Just men refurntobed
arm redo's' ln mom, excellent style, and the
pulnle will find is lie to the highest shin
dant of modern times. The hotel hes
alnpin and elegant parlors and dining
name, and neatly Punished bed room ..
commodations far a Ilirgtl homier of
sues,. We cheerfully commend the St.
I...orreno to frtecot• visiting the ettF, and
ur those who desire lodgings en that:ere.
peen pl..
We are pleased to note the succors uts
trnaling the organ - . Ise of Messrs. Sualtb.
Seaton & bonito, No. G St. Clair Street, In
cateblisalug a local collecting agenoy.
Such tat ilictiratlOW, In the charge of Pm .
dent arid mthly nonorable business man,
commends Itself to the morcantllu commu
nity by it. mare vacate..., and concenl•
ence., Just now It prOI doubly aorta
tbe Arm attend, no testsonable
rates of corn toiellOrl, collectl n
one actual* ,
made, to the callestlng of hills of all do.
.criptipall. The most tedious part or burn
oose. Coil withal the most Important, la that
of gatbarlng In of book accounts, and this
1,40009 railcars the marabant from all
trouble cod vesallob In that department.
tee command la the tiliartlest manner
Messrs.. Smith, Craton 1t Heaton to our met ,
chant and manufacturing friend..
This tmatitiful grwrn tout bo opened no the
Fourth with an' entire noir platform ler
deoMug, and everything emailleto for the
holding Of nacos or pobllo ple-mss. It Is
easy of sccess from thaolty,ll.ll.l in delight
fully situated. It lao tosol, if not superior,
to any of the groyne now used for plo-etc
purports, near toe eltv. and can ho rented
on the most reasonable of terms _The co
tonsfro hotel grounos adjoining *III Ito
rented n. (insomnia terms to peso- ball
elute, • }or full la...nation inquire at the
Oakland ltailway Station, Oskiand.
• Margaret. Baugh, of the ninth ward, died
about two o'clock 'yesterday, of coup de
solid. She bad been washing in the tore.
noon, and bun eaten a hearty dinner, about
one o'clock, shortly atter which she started
to go up stairs, and fell before she had aot
entirely up. A physic!. WI. called, hill
ooUld JO hOthillg for her,ae she tioyi In a
few moments atter he arrived. Coroner
Clawson Was .111311120[104 and held an ln-
It Celt twit eVertirlg, Whelk the Jury rendered
it cunt lot Ie 110e0r , h/rtee with the rn.c.cp, that
she tunic to her death from sun-stroke. •
Some twenty or thirty young men• and
hers were engaged on Sunday In playing
base ball on the hill above Woods , roiling
mill, at Tomperanceviile, and as under
stand this amusement has been indulged
in every • s.llday. When 1.11.1 Welltber war
falVolllbo, for name time past: Onions of
the neigh borhood ...incised at this 111.
CrAtIOD, anti, at the request of one of them,
wo write this TIOLICO. with the hope thw
the olfoucers may take ambling, as Uhl the
Intention to have them prosecuted if they
Mandel la their "pra.tloing"'on tneSabbitth
Day. • .
The Queen , ' wan played at the Op .
era Ilona° lan night to a large • and reliptro•
table midterm°, end we 'understand wIll•be
epeat.% 'several times during the week.
The a:meager, lir. Leak, hue been at &henry
expense In presenting this plane to our nit.
nen% and we are pleased to 'learn that tax
ePorte to piston ate being appreetated.
The main, e on t he afternoon of Lae Fourth
will he a mind iffistr, Ruda° have no doubt
will be well attenaled.. •
• . 'Tires Morin; June.
The buperlutentleut of the Fire Alum
Telegraph reporti that doting the mouth
of June there were nine Warms ntreek.
One heart red and ...meets -eight blows were
struck on the greet hel fort eetulleg alarms,
and two !Modred t
it y blows lo stalk.;
Mg Um hours. Total amount of lota, 44)0,-
315. Tot I Moun n °. of twourtmoo, 4•1475,
Toe lerucA tiro of the Monts was Um bon.-
lug of 11:twerrt._githotpts MU:11011'n Mar,
log Mat t is the Nhith ward. on the Mb.
Larea.7.—Brldgut Diamond, realding
No le Weboter strott,,, Mani* Information
. hefOre Alderman kitraln. charging Mae , .
smith with laical/J. itha aJlrgo. Lost.4e
had t*enty-tva or thirty doilara in live
dollar hill., !sat week, aid that during the
Kook the dafendant wag at her Moan end
had bon In whom the mono y wm kept ma.
oral Um., th at on Bath May laer ebb thiated
the moriay.and that .he hollered the tn.
fondant had audon It. Lad ie Wan masted
and a partial hearing had in the cue
torday, but It wan motioned until :Battu.
liloselelew-This terrible ariuld was corn.
witted by Jamus.alaTaseert, of iiewinaleY,
near Leslielac tlmtloo, On the TA Inst.
Otis John Ryan had is valuable sew, which,
it appears was, like nustlY Others of her
race, mischievous, and troubled MaTaggart
setting Into bin and rOoLlp, up
his oprsticau Ibis WY!. More Stith Met
enold bear; end ho took • the anlntal , s
Ryan made Information before Alderman
Bind, margins Mare/ sett Vi t. mallet°ua
mischief. o warrant was issued.
. . ,
~,,....... NW.—tbrc a. giltgroat Mlle.,
for baeo ball °lob., a tu.., Emporium -of
budtbsoo, golb?"? 14.. CO.. o and 07 Flflb.
h Tram. .
` Mallerlo for New Dry Goode.
bead our pricey. the lOwest to the eby.
can be found on the west corner Of Market
and Fourth street, No. M. ltemember the
number Of Gardner's new and only place of
At 100. Menllns bold hint week far .1214 c.
At rlrlo.• " 15c.
• At 14)40 Chintz - " " 1110.
At 12110. Long Cloth .0141 last meek for
LINe.• •
At 12100. Eaten Fine SheetAngs sold last
week for 200.
At 12440. best Print. gold Inst week for 153:.
At 12" lie. Chintz. Striped Prints sold last
ireek for 10320.
AL 12)22. driable width Gingham. cold lust
week for liNc.
At INc. Ticking. gold Inst week for lYjic.
At 10MT ,l i l st , i'l Tlekings gol d last week
VA: and ad . r. 1.4 and 1.-1 !Meetings sold
last week for .7.11,4 and 75e.
At 3714 c. bent tilalnto sold 1000 week , for
At briPi. balance of our Lawns .1d last
week tor37lM.
At 50 and 071.0. Table Linens sold last
week - Moir. bed 41,00.
At 01,50 Deal hamburg Quilts Sold last
week tor OM •
.01 DA lialmOral Skirts sold last week
for SAM.
At aize Don Juan Best li ld 01001,11.
At 1214 c. 113 . ).4e, Mc. 37t20 and 200, Dress
Goods. reduced one-hrlf.
At foc i hlc, 750. Black Alapacan, [edema!
from Ice end $ll..
A . 1.57"011.1.1 Poplin., sold lost week at 75e.
At ifitie nod Soo, Pant Stufa i sold at 621 M
ono 750 dust
At 5.0, 6110, 75c,
greed Iv reduced.
At 621.0 Organda 'Lawns, veld-Mat week
at s'ltto. •
At MAO, hest French Ccroatts, cold last
week at um. Cambrlc...iirlmes i Nannoe:gand all wLIM
goods cheap. Lace Mantles. Cloaks nail
nlinwi price—Clack 01100, never
cheaper than now. Our ensue Ntrici,bar
been reit cited for ourJ Sly maim of New Good.
Bring ibis along and we will 1111 the MIL
West corner Marketand Fourth.street, No.
OA. • Our Drew, (Maly cheap as before the
Weiser In Dumbest...
That portion of • Allegheny formerly
known as Manchester is to be favored with
an extension of a tiler pipes, and cons&
quelitly the demand for practical and ea.
perieneed plumber. will to great. We can
cheerfully commend our readers to Meson.
N. li. Biddle it Bro.. the popular and 'expo
rlenced plumbers, gas and steam titter*, on
Beaver street, between Franklin and Chest
nut streets, Manchester. They are carefdi
and experiencel mechanic., who give per
boned supervision to all work entrusted to
their charge. They attend to the erection
of hydrants, bath tubs, sinks, water CIOSIAD,
suit all oilier plumbing work, in the moat.
careful and creditable manner.' Both are
young' men, but have had largo practical
expetience, and are eminently worthy of
the patronage Of our readers.
I certify flail have been painfully afflict
ed with granulated eye-lids for many
years, that bad resisted the skill of two
leading physicians of New York City. I
placed myself In the hands ot Dr. Alma.
when he was here 111 OCtOblir last, who ef
fected a permanent cure in gee days. An
neer half a year has elapsed Since recall,
leg his skillful treatment, tam enabled to
bay that the cure is permanent. I motto
advise all who ate. eo unfortunate as to be
fflicted with dictate of the eye, e
, hroat, chest or any other chronic dine.,
to consult Dr. Aborn, No. 134 Smithfield
street, It they wun to entrust themselves
to an hoh.t and scientific gentleman.
Turmas T. Cy teem
• ' No. 22 Castro 0001.100.
'lnvoking Whadows.—Wl.lll.2 KWlan,
ahoy residing in the Fifth ward. IL appeara
Is m the Imam of throwing atonea through
Mr. Set emlah Cooper's w Indoaa. something
that Witham Should not do, and ha will
1111COV(Ir that **people wet, ' live In glass
houses should sot throw emote," Mr.
Cooper made information "against • him.
charging Mtn with mallclousmalechlef.
Mamma Taylor, before whom tue Informa
tion was mule, !monad a warrant for Ms..
Escape at . Coal .—James
Cantab., an alleged eountet totter, enrmm
to Erie, In charge of Deputy United States
Marsha] George 0111.ple. whore be was to
be trierhulade AL: escape yesterday morn.
lag by jumbing from the train white under
toll haatiway. The train was stopped. but
he could not be found. lie wan committed
from Venaugo county, and had been in the
Pittsburgh Jail for two months.
Committed for Trl.l.—)fichael Leon
ard, of South Pittsburgh, charged with
ahootmg Patrick Graham. at that place, ban
bourtropt-'yestortlay, and wascorstrattted to
answer a harge of assault and hattory
with latent to take life. It appeared at the
hearth', tbat Graham's wound Is mote in.
rinua than It wbul at first thought to be, and
may yet prove fatal.
fiamsult l'atrlok McAfee, a storekeeper
at the corner of Tunnel and Webster oreeta,
was assaulted by Patnck Lennart. 'McAfee
made an Information against him before
Aldermen Moflostery, in which he allege•
that Leonard came into his store and abused
him, threatened, and attempt.' to strike
elm. A warrant was Issued tor the arrest
of Leonard.
cold tipari.llaa Node Water. at J. T.
Sample , . Drag aturo.:to. 38 fedora: streat,
Al 1111. Mammoth sroporlons of Smith
bn, Pal tiler C0.,55 and Al Fifth street, can
e found the largest and most varied anon,
mem of boots and shoes, gone., bulmorals,
sappers, tis,e hall, tool lane nai l oboes, super
Ingrain rag and stair carpet s and matting,
fancy window shades, straw goods, domes
tic dry goods, hoop skirts, cutlery and no
teux-t hins,Utp_pric at private rs. aisle, day and teaming, at
We cell my Geode both at whnlenale
and rettal„ and are, at I/ eongehilenee, en•
ablett to keep a larger and Math better rob
eOrteil Stec[, to coil cheaper, and glee the
goods •let more areototholatteg tittantltlee
thou exeluelve Jobbing bouseo. Beton Met ,
chants are Invited to sami tie our stock.
J. W. lttittemla a Co.
. • , to Market street.
to Meese Rwelt.—The Mammoth' Enirn4
Mom of Hottilteoni echoer 3 Co., Si and 57
Fifth street, thronged Ovary day breszer
eattomers. Tho large stook of bocCe, shoe',
dry goods, strew good, carpote and notions
nowarriving from Lectern auction andlr
ShOrio ealee, should receive the custom
of Mode who would economize. word
to the who," • .•
Disconilliastod.-120 noon-day prayer
meetings of the Voting Illenle Christian
Association, which Mate ocen held for some
lime plum to the rifth street M. 0. (Much,
ware discontlimed on Saturday', bat soil be
tmotnarst again during the coming flail, of
which Sue notace wall On glyen.
%kid llelebrarlow.—There will
Do an Odd Fellow.' oroemlion at Humor.-
burg, Clarion county, Ps., on the Fourth of
Jule,nder the sus meet of Ritirereburg
Lodge I. O. O. •Col. Samuel Young, of the
Clarlon Bonner, formerly of Mie Oily, will
ho the orator of the day.
Chasing Out Mtn of mallow nate.-1
ure.t closing not solo of men's .and boys ,
summer nats at iho extensive hat house of
Wm. Fleming, No, ISS Wood street. Three
wanting ..)'thing In the above line will
avail themsolees of this opportunity, and
call at Wm. Fleming's first class hat and
cop lion., No. IYJ Worst street. •
- Early Clo•lng.—From 3aly ethebUl
Sarteatherlet. tbeelare of Wslllem Semple,
Mend WI Ceders) etrebb /Wash.:worth
be oloeea la 5 o'clock T..II..CMCOpt Saha.
day , * (5 Welock). Tha store will not beapen
on ;hay ttb.
ststoSho Ls rrrrr stock of boots, shoes,
balmersin andsilppors, for ladles, gent.'.
m., inors, boys sod choldren at prices to elllt
11l most UOOIIOO2ICM
, at Smithson, ?slater
,t Co.'s Entmorlum,„ls and 47 Fifth strum •
tinniness Change.—T6o interest of Mr.
W. J. Mt ere, tbo furniture mtabliebuient
f MyorOe noPoOr en,Mainithau fl etrem,
bee aeon nurobiteed be Mr. W. S. WM, but
the tome or the arm will remain unchanged.
llob nod Basun Ball labroon.—iitmes
torwork mot shoes for play. Everyihtha
In the boot and Mioo line, a largo moolcai
reamonaltle prloeu, at the Emporium, M and
17 atruet.
No Plane Eine Ins the City—east
lm better,
or eotter Soots. Bbora, Linitnernin and
every thing 111 , .(1 in thin line. to' found titan
at the time imaormt store of Santee Atone s
ti o. eD Market street.
Deafetertro, Dterbarges from the Ears,
Catarrh, D , orasee of the LYe, and all nano•
tines of a chronic and Obstinate character
eaccenafully treutfal by Dr. Ahern, 134
.Stnithdohi• street.
The Fourth or Joly,—Get your Slip
pers awl Mamoruls at the Emporium of
Omitboon, r11.117/Or Co.,awl 47 Plftb
bisect. The largest atul'best nook In the
welkit to relent lrov.. •.
Aquarium., 00t4 Fish, Canary
maealna Bulls. and a fine lot of Cages. of
ell amea, lOW, • floe tura° Canary &mart
urn, for sale cheap, at Elliott 6 SOrt , e,- pq
Market Street, Second floor. .
Mamma mad Children... •41haM.—The
laryeet and Mat aeleeted Mock ever elreeej
by Salitherm,' Palmer , at tbtlr
mem, 55 and :17 Firth etroat. Noir on bend
every ilcuraolo 111:70 rod price. •
nalleltilwar foe lbw Fourth of 30/7,-
(Won ,plinoln, powder and Cam van'
chea at J. 11.4olumon.a tifoof nvaler.
Unix Workg corner of Penn and Waypo
Moots, • 41. •
Roots, Shoes, dinners. do, received
daily, and being diepoend of
_once* to
milt the most economical. at' the Mammoth
Emporium of Hadtimon, rehner d Co.. 0.
and 57 Filth arfvet. •
Wido to
T,o tinanoonslgurinrnio.n In ,
rgo oniortmont
at ion then tonoutocturer , a prices. St
Stoltition, .t ond
th,rprts Inattlace and Panay Mu,
dowr !shades atauothm prices .0
ootteMumenta, at the Auction Kat, 86 end
Fifth street. eolith/mu, Palmer: Co. • ,
Keep Cool -.Coy u Straw !lat. hiatlea
Coat, state or Titre WU.' 8 0 044 rod you
o,ll•l4irrigit. dutlthaon 4 Palmeri CO, at
the htoporlom.hs mad 6, Mtltamtnrat. •
CaIS Sparkling Rosa Water al T
...Umpire. Drug More, no. gl ledaralshrnp
ion Coo ray Now hop, l 4 Jnnyy 8,
/Marc •
K 3
inn tient!email who hemmed the lare.
Co Iced States tint `from the ofhee
elh please comply, with his • oromlp ,aa.l
return It at once, as Ise have °Chasten So
one It. .
From Pltioilt; 01Mee thi•
we hare reetivell. the July onWher or the
Apriculsorqat.. - and the. cdtrent uember or
the Roue/ Thble.
Evoryttittog . Desiitiblo a tho - doot and
Shoe 1100, nt prldl, to *II. at (ho ilatomoth
Emporioni of Eltntqlson, Palmer a Co., Os
and DI Fifttuttreut.
• .
Piro Dollar loonto—Genfirlntrol sowed,
otottom mode...C.lf llnoci, not c 4.1 stock.
too EMPOrlum orSmithoon, Partner d On..
ps snit 57 Ftfttl street. . .
Minim Goods el Auction I...Woe:An
liftlll.ll , lo .401191. t at Ito Emporium of
Sinlihoon, Ye.hour A Co., t out t 7 Fifth
gee nal BA.. Aunt..non/a for the
quarter entllng J my let., on the secoid paro
of the.tlay'e paper. • , - •
. -
Gent. Linen Coat., cheaper th,L ever,
at hmith.n, Palmer A" Go.hi Emporium, ca
andel Filth street.
• TOe•VarT Llama strait or hate, Ca ps,
awl Straw Goods, at Gourley d Logares,
10. M St Clair alma.
Too Can Hay i'oongo . .wooovi of all
wow. S. elach's DUtiliary, No
110 Rod 1195.
To RIB Qua n Denthl EaL9llllahmont
st 24 , 3 roma strout. Drs. Sill S Ulllevolb. •
Yon Can May 93 ~ o r cent. Alcohol at
Dlvldend.—See dividends declared and
announced on our drat pans riv-ilay.
CEr Additional Locil Ness's of
Third Pagr. • •
—Horace Greeley has imen summoned' to
Wubingtun to teetify before the Judiciary
Committee concerning too release of Jef
ferson Davis.
—Quite ¢number of nominations w❑l be
tent by the Preside= to the Senate should
there ben quorum an Congress Mats sweet.
Among these ere the nominations of Minis
tem va atletria,Pressia. Mexico aed
Consul General to Havana, Commissioner
of agriculture, several Collectors and As
sessors of the Revenue, and .Yosimesters.
R. I. quite certain that Mr. Raymond will
be renominated for Austria; Mr. Bimeroft , s
name will of course be sent in for the , Pros
Man Mission, and probably. Gen. Thomas
Kirby 0 , 1 ath for Consul to Ravens.
—The Wubburne homestead, In Liver.
more, Maine, was totally dertroyeel by fire
on Saturday last. The house 'bad been Et,
Jed op In fine style by Es..4ov. Wsulshurne
and Coniressman N. B. and C. V. Ward:s
hame, and they were accustomed every
summer to make a pilgrimage to their place
of Meth.
—Jostles Weiner, or the, Vatted States So•
promo Court,l3 lying dewgerousl y 111 10
Washington oily. • '
The Lgut Parl•lao 19,0.1.11 am—A Bell..
or it Frlg4tl. Palotie(<.• •
Philippe Duke trOrleantr; -known in
French revolutionary times as rgalite,
and father. of Louis Philipp', was, as
historical students knee:, bit terly hostile
to Marie Antoinette. Flo' favored the
revolution. and took patios" against his
royal relatives. Ito was executed by the
Jaothites, notwithstanding. The apart
ments which be occupied at. the Patois
P. .yal inive•!lotig been shut up, but were
recently opened for the acemnmodation
of the 'Young Queen of POI - fugal, who
was ',lofting her sister Ciotilde , the site
of Prince Napoleon. In.cutting a (loin.,
through the wall so as to make n connec
tion between the sisters minis, a picture
is said, by the 'correspondent, to have
been 'discovered, of which the revolu
tionary chronicles spz:ak..but which knit
long been missed. It lean pp.ed to have
been pointed immeciately atter Emtlite's
capture with the court, and displays the
secret hatred and desire of vengeance in
apirol by the supposed slight he had
endured at the hands of, Marie Antoin
ette. Round a banqueting table are
seated a mater Of heathes.. figttcot,
recognisable at once :IS those of the royal
Gamily, by thdir attire and' insignia of
rank. In 11. corner of the Pettus, he plied
up the stltT, bleeding, steaming heads—
that of poor Marie Antoinette most con
spicuous of all. route himself is cov
ering. them with a royal mantle, nod a
smile of satisfaction is on his oentate
num,v, while Sunomo, the.esecutioner, in
:standing by counting tno bends nod wri..
down the numloer in as 'memoran
dum book.
Tho sight of this horrible picture so
shookod elotiltla that she had to take J..
journey for bur lie4h, nod tuovheen
sent front nil the rt festivals.
Lady Jersey and Lord ; 13Yron.. •
She alone, with her husband constant
ly at her side, could with propriety otTer
iin asylum to Lord Byron,. when every
other door was closed against Min. Du
ring the years of 1814-15 he found a hoe
oital *holler nt Middleton NA; where
ha passed the uremia.' part. of Mat: dark
period in seclusion, - brooding over Lis
wrongs, whether real Or -1111ofrihary.
When the evil spirit domineered, he ha
ted the sight of a human being. Avoid.'
lug all OOMMUniention with the _family;
ho nt those thins remained - shot up m
his roan during the day, living on laird
biscuits and water. In Mode:Idol night,.
when every soul was asleep, • ho would
learo the house and • rush through the
adjoining weed- until daylight and the
early laborers appeared, when he tend('
creep back Into his mein, haggard and
worn oat. . . .
. .
Neither .Lord nor Lady Jersey . Mier ,
fared with the unhappy man, whosestate
of mind wax at that time. honlering on
bleanity.. They pitied him,mud received
lilin,with great kindness, whenever he
chose to Join them at dinner. !Ills he
would do - now and then, when less - exel,
eapeeially when a vermin neighbor
ing Lord, a reputed bard drinker, was
expected:. laud Byron, who had been
livinglike inn .anchorite perhaps far n
month past, or even, longer would then
lay a wager to drink Lord C— under
the table, a' feat which he invariably so.
eninpllshed. Coolly walking oft to bed,
he then left to the servants the 'WI: at
conveying the drunken man to his room,
no easy tank, his lordship getting, as II
role, so helplessly drunk as still to reel
about next morning when following the
\ing. - (tols•rts, a Cleveland vug, was
arrested on Si' tturdav night tor helm:
intoxicated. She had 83,000 worth of
diamonds on he; pomou.
BASSETT—IA/WHlE—'no thi:etli of June, by
rovuley, 11. IL. CHARLES U.
itiossErr. of rtt.borg. bed Albs MANY
LA.WHIL, of Ath01..., boearda.
atiS—eIIAIIIYNEOIC. -tht WedllehtiY,
Jima M. at the eablenee of the taste's p..
Teats' tireerte cooory. Pa.. by the Re. I. S. wt...
•JO Ott MATI•JEOHAL.P. ECK sod Mr. .y,
AVlStlatt f. of texoblevoct couote, Pt. •
TEtentlehnsHUlte.—.... 'Jail let • be the
/:et. John .
CUN, do , tad Alas RATTAIL E, BIJOU et, both
of thlo elty, 'Now...,
HID ALT.—On 31obd ym tnlof, July I.t.•ller
• Übe:ring II rr it 4 ed
it • Canes,' will elect bolt the reside.. 0f.,.
P. Heigh. btocktou avenue, AllruharY ,Cltft
THIS uttelel) Arlie:v/oe, at two o'cloct,
to proored to ale Alleulroy Vet • lte
Pleader f the Wetly &re respectfully 10011,4 to
ItopElay'snorolvie Jse, Int. al
ITS o'clock. WILLIC kelp, iernot soa of Jan
aya nate Sels..n. sad Ave
The tuner.* a ill iike ,la 0 TH. xrimmo, as
Cititioct, DOM thot'r...ldents of Isla p,mat,
2+l Ltaiort anat. Aller , etly. - • •
ISG Yount .trees, littaborg6, r..
CJTYL'ib of all UnAufJP.LPX3; OLOVEs, 000
every doadiptlon of Yonerat Purnledox (too',
hantstool. ItootosoPono.l Ivy and
and 0•r11.14...
1)4•ICI v" .
4. W. J.C.obns, J.
‘" • it an'A*o ZlOl/.1.21:14 enceSsior to the
uu ashanel 11.Agere, No. 29 Uhlo *gest;
dues decoy L from Allegheny Car. Ys
maks . Rosewood. itshogeny. Waage enerNoei!
rood habauon Codlne. et the /dwelt Indented
pelage. WM. natant ell boo re. deg and • ISta.
Roggen sad Carnes. fotaleheel en short notle.
tad meet ressoseble tonne. • ' • •
LERTAXiB. (Mist, Aa4 mu* final r.
MI , Rhea/. • 31414111,, Movossood sad other cot.
]as, *lts • tatiOleta stock or funeral forsasking
SA.A• on hand, soil Ruttish., d at sktrtost nosiest
-L urukt, prim. 001st .4 Livery Cables, OW
scr or Yu...1. Am> ASIDDLt tiartIIS..;CAUTLA,...
0044 k norm, ta.s,
(Orbits. •
W. Wood's ma as..l atoms,: coati. Wu.. al
.Mll2Cheetllr LAI et, MOM. Cor/.4.
Chartiar. 0IMI& itrAINI Gig Capl.ft* hr.
R . B,,STEWAIEIT, tradertallger;
ogratrot MURTON and Patti:l'lll7A
Nthill Ward.- Odllu at al WON.
9rhT,r , 7i , lit4.sra9k9.4mun •
' • : zprrtaws;7.
wrolnusimaT „pawn MllerMaDitY.
• lam Maoist. contaletar riltlrrydrlX OCL.
MINI of kistireatiest reading mattes, tsshisies
Readier Eilltortala. i.srea be bblevapts
acd Mall. 'minable Readier Mauer tor Mir
Puillf. - kind fullest and smelt reliable Meet
ofal mod:
Colornerelel Market Reports cliesic,
any PIP!? In tee city. No Farrier. !lecke:Otos
Marckent should :Cm seittiont it.
Tata an TUARESALT °Annan;
..... . .........
nub. of Pitt 1410.
Clubs et ................... Al& ,
—lad ...dopy of baba to the abb.
lap the einb. Additions to cina an 1. neat at
ene time, at club retes.
NOrla. to Sheattlitif.—in erderine Tar
paper. a .are and Main' 00 nt 501010 Toa
mat, luta Lune I Wednesdla 1.111011 ter sitb
scriber. nava, bat osenonli ■ week.
Money a Drab. ltaress, Moan Orden,
or in Iteitstered Leiters, me/ be rat at our
Adidreide ' GAZETTE;
Pirtnitrtilii. P.lo*.
Fruit altd*Wifihek
a. Iv. mom
. i;tdilsaanV
Fiae Watchaii, Clockt Jewett?'
- 10 " 1 t 41,11 . 1 x , 4 73 . 3PEksaack.s4.
altentlaa AIM la Haralrlak..,;,
gatataa, Cloaks nod Jayel,A. All wort vat
& CO.'s -
55 57
FIFTH ST., Pittsburgh
, Z2• l l=llr=rlft'L
void at.
Wholesale and Retail,
Irl'. WOUN•S. c!,fILUCEN•y A.Na
HATS. clarrr SACKS. . .
Aim, direct nom the sesaufsZterere
Ingrain, flag and Linen
C 1 1!-X 7 WPT'EES,
At Auction Pricers;
Nos. 55 AND 57 FIFTH MEET,
N. IL—rural% axe and Hon•onot4 amodik toe dale
st Auction ock Z. YAM( THOICSUSY. -
Nzurrasox. PAIXER a CO.
•-• TUlf. AMU WEAR. IT.-Tarantern it situ.
sted on the welt beak of the Allegheny riVer, dl
mile. above tits Idly. of Pittabotgh. The sots.
are generally in elm 10 feet front sad Wide, p.
tree **rem t& alien and U.i .r* to S teem
near the Borough mid the Soda Weeks. Well
adapted for country realdermes. piing Mete .or.
well watered, and commendmg a beaetlfal antr
PSterilliVP view of the river sad gurrouedirts
country. Pero. , desirous of madded imama te..
puled establithmente, sorb so milled large,
wooirn tactorlm, paper mill., We., would fell
the location, near the river o...railroad. admire-
Ply salted for seat porposes. Capitulate will bei
iocouraged to purchase by morlerrie pricedeled
ratty term,. as It Is latendedlhat the superior
advardeem it( the glaoe-se to abokisat mistily •
f water, coal. limestone. to.. gad railroad mad
river ractlialm-.bait be liberaLy offered the
maurlacturlog pan.. generally, .
' Trains on that Weatera PeuerylvautilledroWe
.3510 504 temp Tarentuus, east nod - Mega. gm.
trid Items Maly. For a map- (gamey Of 'balm* •
apply to 11... N. If. lie•CeLSNlttUtile. rat his
rectlince near the Soda Works.. .1. N. CUM
VANCE., Tat...atom.
DEVLIN & SILL. Real. Estate
and 11titmice Axenta. Bulk! at., List
rincevllla Vs,
gal.vo-lIANgrAOTITItIigg BITLi-Tor
gaentoragnontan <ger fwt ago rte but
ann moot nostrabk Otte for pogo. • NMI nod
glut tunas., or for aon. WA. taanalbanting
parpone. In ono-county. This PUN ny
led tea • Ingot scoot .4 the A.llegben7 niter.
and with!. NO frot of ton A. V. g. It. no PAU
la) by Ms Porno. deatrivg Loch a lot would do
wall to exasolat Wore bonbon toliewhanal
rums town to TOIL rotocleascos. Inquire oe
oavt:no a 131.1 a Scat [mate and langur.
Ands. Butler end_
VOIll SALE—That Tory
Lie and dultable property almata on,gw
hecca amen and the All 444444 ylifer..bp Age.
lobed' O : - Ite l 7 127 ogee. On which leelinwaga,
serf aerortnegal aka Building: Ora Udine
blab, 1000110 feet, calming g an& 'gall agninarl
for corning on simnel any brao,nl of manageb
wring. It la seldom'* labor den destuslow
wlthla the city. eon be bad, fad: 11/010d bingo
the special a Tuition of ;hone desirous of (44.0.
log a place roe runatacittring pupae. to 00/1 at
lb. °Mu or grtv UN A BILL; Intl.laao ano
manna,. Aunt.. tutelar treet‘Lawrannewiga.
or we Villlr*LEtt a WltteUlla NE WlllO
(MACHIN a Me. all otters, tar Wall)
laaa and enteral 1.11/0.14 Ste an
Labllsbed and Vinerailr•aduil..1 real
.11 shed
ou of Weir relative Zeal,
rawest. no linger eoludiev.d a eta.
7. Thal.. slesule. durable and beau.
• ,
wirsrica.N. MIEN CY,
r No. 27 FIFTH 41413.111 .
DAHL ROO & rtio:
Practical Pa-allure Napjuat tu re n
hue c w t /. row ar stmr: mut , - .. a . ay
. • •
110 Walril Livery !Maple,
MILLET, n.,e liermazatielsacion.
a 11Ottn. vory .
_ntle to drive; 'KB not
;w0 ..:41 ve at loacnottte. O ne good glrlyteg
hut to trot. br oth ;n, work Aar, - for oalm
low. nom, ow4 11614 o n owooklyslo.
Routtrm, nzadt. to n,
-4minor Cotton Itl Ws, rittsbargh,
jimmdi war,
auncremoog Awn tlATrttlo .. .•
FOIRSALE—A ponventept,.... :
.1/14.101,11J11111111Z0 nOOlll. •
elfbt mown; lot fillod biro ma, varletlini or
Isnot and .02.11 b•ming , ral sz lorateo
In the uarlying I•or, of New Unglwn.lntl-0-
Ickatn. nx.r. n• abe nr-onvllntolt
kW :1114 Pee tlet.nton. ra.
411;1u - 1.1. • '
• . :Wholesale am aelall Grocer,
beiler'l4 ?KILN WlTdittta i rano OW .nos-
B OT . ttkrstr4. 4 la r t
mood. Allegatalm Chi, Pa,
11. My ellastsuUy en lama le - lactdo
bass qualty esosta ma.
a, Oat oar Ismet. sna narnmsa.sts 4 =
Rat • ; it
_ ""1 1 U. =
!1 4 R A.ll t 4 a E. 4 'lin Ljrl-7C-011
rtnNet2= " l ett %% t r .'
gnflltlj; {IO/. sla* klumitt