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•PE-111141HititiVi REED & CO.;
m'rcbrairtiptok-. 4
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, remtwAr,
/tag :4111111/433 hper er Trikvs Penn
'OI7IOiAL PAPER °F73rt - 12E011GB ME
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M M ali Sob. beer yur
Address, ' GAZETTE,
k.The. ' Tbittrnir et iuittr
- -
TAIL Vann RZCEIPTII . for Adver
et•leir of the Gement. Pam birett
ad Mimeo of each and every contempo
rary 16 lb. city, Inee thelneemdelf
of the prevent Proprietor*. We coal
/entre dental from entY or on, 0010"
Dore, believing Mat flgureo non.* Ile.
WIVE MCC!! ARSE% and Wend Jett.-
ment the Commercial I‘ . " not accepted
the challenge of denial urted by the
above,,bnt the Dirpatch, 60 aecostotned
of late'"to deny everything and call for
proof," accepts the hone. It gOet; so far
• In Its brazen • effrontery an to produce a
carefully arranged table of figures by
which It hopes to blind iti readers,lnto
the belief that it alone enjoys unequaled
prosperity. The trick is cunning, but
figures won't Ile," even if they are
given birth In the tainted atmosphere of
the .Dirparch'ollice. The table goes back
to a quarter anterior to the first fall one
made by •the GaZtETTE proprietors; to a
Period when this journal wan conducted
b y a Stack CO MP: III 97 On: first ' Morn
from our own bus - local was made for the
quarter ending September nOth, 1868.
Hero are. Sad figures.; from that time,
which shots , the GAZETTE to - have been
largely in -advance of each and every
contemporary: .
. .
Quarter ending September 30th, 1666 i
Gazette -. $1513
Dispatch - - - 7 •'1!4 ,1
- Quarter ottding'Deember 31st, 1866:
Dispatelt - - $17,990
Gazette - .. .. 17,989
Two-third gearter•endinilluch
Gazrtte ... .. r $12,484
Dtapatch - - 12,031
Total Gazette for,the eight months
ending March Ist, 1667, and the
only returns of tho present pm '
prietors - .-I -•-$43,400
Dispatch for name period - - 44,163
t Balance - in lhvor of - Gazette si,r47
Inside - of those eight months we ele
. rated -the Gasarrn• from the lowest In
the . financial scale ie . the highest,
today enjoy a much larger share of Inial.;
neas patronage than any one of Our con
ilemponnies, not excepting the IYroafrilf
As a glance at our advertising columna
will sufficiently attest. Having shown
our patronage to be gresterilan that of
the Commercial or Diepatc.4, we now rest
the controversy. Any person still doubt
ful on the subject may obtain all the
necessary figures from ifel3. ICA; Weat
, ver, at tbe United States Assessor's
mike, Se our space is much robjaluable
to_keep them standing.
XLAZLI O TWO 111005ajno lattilOttANTS
day arrive at New York. In the main
- they are not media:ales': or Intuttifietur
ens; but 'farmers or common laborers
• By far the greater part of them. push on
with little idelay to the Great West,
where they' find places to settle and go to
work. AC once they become consumers
of. commodities Which are.. fabricated
. here. Th r ey, plow and sow seed, or else
lied employment in building railroads.
Each one ladda, by iso much as his mime
' ities may !be rated it.: to the wealth and
strength of .ttiC Republic.
Cavils aip sOmetimas uttered at the id
coming-of the least desirable class of im
ralgranta--&at claim which
.Itas . thalow. 4
eat mentOievelcipment.. •Yet -ai m
these, is seems to us, have per:ormed see.
'vices of iimnense,valw.:',. which could
her:NY have been Itttinnellslied without .
them. The humble toilers are they who
lap- the foundations of empire. After
wards, or simultaneously, the men of
greater idyll rest the superatructure„ and
embellish it with all
tile d'rnaments.of
the ripest arts. •
SOME REZIti.AI3O Mr. 4d31Z5 Mcfigar
,Tcy And others made a public stemmed
respecting the managemeit Of the At
lantic and Great Western Railroad Com- ,
At a meeting of the stockholders,
10 London,. this statement was consider.
tel and a meeting called at Meadiille.
At that meeting a committee of five was
appointed, of which mir: Joaa Dice, of
Meadville, wan Chairman, to examine
and report upon Mr. MclEL:rwur's char
ges. The result has been a report which
disposes of most, if - not all of those char
ges In a thorough manner. •
thin of The most startling reversions
rs . of poPular. judgment la that just now
Ij A transpiring in France In respect to Vol
slim. For many years his reputation
rested under a crushing load of accuse
tion and reproach: Now, Ida statue is
is to be erected In the heart of Paris, as ti
' . benefactor of hls fallen and race: The
chief sensation of the French metropolis
canters in thla enterprise, though half
the monarchs of Europe have been there
1 ` on exhildtion, and ono of them was near .
being assassinated.
vitir. President evidently attilhatea the
refusal Of certaincitiei to withhold from
him public Weleonies, to a belle[ that be
eatmon appriciate such honors. To
guard against any future mistakes of the
sort, he has given out In New York that
Le "thinks Do to appreciate
Tn); crops in Georgia and the Carol'
nu; Which pp#mlwd so well, have been
! . : 5 • greatly damnied by incessant rain alarms..
This unfaiOrable news caused-the price
1 . of floor to rally some In the Eastern mei ,
Rata. The crop reports from all other
sections continue very favorable.
IT 3 thollgllt that'Archhishop Spauld
ing, Of Baltimore, will be honored with
a' Cardinal's hat while In E 133; on the
occaaion of the eighteen hundredth an %
- nlyersary of the martyrdom of St. Peter.
If PO honored he will be the first' Cardi
nal In America.
TIM rumor reaches the New York
Iterata that Secretary Stanton intendeto
resign his position as member of the
Cabinet. The announcement of hie res.
ignation under existing circtunstances
would not prove surprising.
Ism -mania tot prim lighting seems
again to have assailed the "reunite'. and
"plug ugliaa" of society. An exhibition
of, Ills character took place in Philadel
phia on Sunday. The princlpeliesesped
/ arrest: •
THE Onion Pacific /ta Iway exctuaion
ists are seetng more of the grand Went
Phan the . ) , may... relish. One of their
number has, been woundod in an encoun
ter *ith _the Indiana,
• Tux announcement is made that the
relations existing between Napoleon and
the King ot Prussia are not of the most
cordlal , natnre. Buell has been the fact
for mittie thee - . •
eralnrctuis comsrr primary election
_returns show a majority of several hun.
dred for Morrow B. Lowryfor Senator.
Erie Will vote square against him, it is
thought. - •
IT is announced that the Utdoll Pacific
Railroad is now open to Julesburg, three,
hundred and wrenty•atz tulles weal or
, Tine Btrtanghant, Enghind, rlotahave
aided, sad all Is repotted,qedet there.
at the Barran zrr7el on eatt4day.
•'^•••r+aua Um;
. _ ,
tanshavepower a 3' reinforced , j
Il` in .REL be L e EßsT f or that the Cr i l l il
from time to time, both from the main. I
land and islands. It C2ll. hardly be I
doubted that nestle has largely contrib. 1 , .
tired means to the insurgents to keep the ' MIDNIGHT.
f i eld , On no other assumption can their ! =--
' recent snosess beexPlaiiiid. The Turks 1 RECOISTRUCTION TROUBLE.
bare had military force enough in,Crete I
to crush out all the actual Inhabitants:, I
provided they had been left to struggle ; SecrO _
tary Stanton to Resign.
alone'. • I
. •
' This contest in Crete has been thus i DEN. HERIDAN REFUSES TO EXTEND
fomented In order to draw the East- , ' TH 'TIME FORIEGISTRATION.
ern question to a head. Whether or r not
it Will have
that result will depend large.' 0 ': _____
ly on the obstinacy of the Sultan and I ass,,
Siok ll3Bl• RegfillStill4lollFundo
the urgency of the great powers of Eu- 1 • Exhausted,
rope in preventing: the designs of Rue-
/ .
ids.; The Behan nitay briwilling er:ough 1
avoid the. preset - alien of the war by !
acknowledging the independence of the !la y megraph to the --
Pittsburgh Ramp.:
island, but ba knows, and so do his sub- Nan. Tong, dgna ..—Etis negoirpsapeentl
, 3 lattameten ' and Christian, that f says It I. asserted In Washington, that see.
the trouble theme is only an incident of I rotary Stanton intends to resign.
• the main question. If the final issue isl oral Grant, klectining Minxtend the time General Floridan hag teligraphed to Gan.
likely to come up for arbitrament he and f or mgistrati on in Lonatot, in vitalise
ills faithful Moslems may better face the with the Trealdent's conditional Mateo.
inevitable without making concessions, Lions, be the ground teat registration has
been completed, and ha did eot,tem like
as to make them and then find their com
keeping tin expemiro boards to suit new
pliances unavailing. -
, ieeuea cointnig in at the eleventh hoar. Ile'
IT IS ALREADY CERTAIN that Congress 1 characterises the Atterney General's opin• 1
101 l agepeultig the broad raid Rd' Perjury
*ill reassemble in July. The President and fraud , to trav i tt on, mai %marts upon
has endeavored to prevent this by giving t.ernett.Teljaariel:v.' bitter
eVe ' r g tTda Terson o ttie
out that he would convoke the Houses a time
ron " fdlolt d ,:t i o n it .4' hz, riz . ,v:
-month later. No intimations cd . poettive dent's teleeratgram wan conditional.
aisuranees from him on that subject can lik:lron tb atifit,l7l,proc boa Tla l ii7, fto
nave any wilEibt, boynnVo nobody Inds U.are attordireTterdTireittintliVie=
any confidence- in them. He dote not atiosay absorbed. The Navy and Tinaanry I
want -Congrese should come together. , wprPtri=ts have
f gir ilitin d ' ls p t =tts ' N :
I half a ' million ti. u. is . P rod f I
That is about the last thing he does want. 1 ri,',:c.r0u,,,,,,, at o n e. ,an r.aia ' - -- or
Hut CO/IgreSS haS I (kik laid on it, which ! Captain D m .. U. Bingham, of •labama, a
it cannot escape from if it would. For - i ,,t ra n ataYred Priit t e ate bed itt'br.l%4lllrad.
taken to the woods and beaten by a number
innately, it has no aiSpOaltfoll to. evade , of ex-robelf,
any Just responsibility. In the present f . _
attitude of public sentiment, it may well
be anticipated-that whets 'Song - rue shall
be assembled, it will do its work Meekly
and with the plainness demanded by the
imenticm. Pawnee
, meant mad Sinrrotto•lngs,--Xeo Court
liollob—lMlted States conm—yne om
I'Mat Allegheny County Ana Con
, %Igloos Coalmen—Judges Ilerand•
le. mod Grler—Remnlon or Plate-
Insrollro-atarehel nettle,. and Dlo-
ta At
t irunham—Repnoll-
n flabe •Coneentlon—lnentneon
Plemlnary, Pte.
iSpeelat Correspondence rittstsreh
Wit.tiatteroar, June-M,
But very few Of the dentreasOf yiturgreat
manMacturing community ire ' imam of
picittreeque beauty of this valley.. Its pore to, Infuses now Ilfe Into visitors.
The beauties of natant, In Its WILMS& form
as well a. by cultivation, may be coloyal
to the fullest extent. • Fishing groneds of
of the roost Inviting !diameter and access,
ble withotit.much trouble. This beautaled
oily' or twenty. thousand Itibabliarda—no
longer the insignificant town, with Its an.
uquated betiding. In existence In termer
years—ls located. on A level plateau of
ground, of considemble length and tine
breadth. The hematite! West Branch of the
Susquehanna elver, ripples along 'ono side
of this loug leeel, while the other is triaged
with riantit ground. almost swelling Into
theyroportions of
op Within • few yew, ibis place lies mown
With wonderful - rapidity, so muck to,
that it Is dielealtto nd the land Mtge,
ea marked mdprouttlitedt a decade of role
ago. The imptovemmts are of the Mon
enbetantial order. Old bialldbas n..1t0 been
malundoeCl fe keepleir WIDL. ine - dew Ones
of th e most •PProvee Mfr . .... 'Much of the tie- 1
nr/teo stein th e ~..t.aerie, of
railroads In vets^Ktlowlth ll,..lllDoiets.Famt.
Wm, Y.Ort2i. and area with_the bomb, j
BertlMertu /Jeep; • gmareentre for
ittMlnik ofenlttlette., and contigiOna to the
molt weitivanite noel hod. Peeteg
Crete Mem ormoectionwi t h river ma
canal commagication trade has enlargrd
.into magnificent proportion., CO that Ito
commercial pourer is greatly =lemma tea.
With the opening of railway cnnnectloo,
and followmg the maim power Mild. great
leveler, the West Era of tills plain hes sod.
denly been changed from a .. wilderuess
west.. Into. sort of • Eden,” by the erec
tion of belatbil reeldenese, with surround-
ings of the most charming character. Near
the extreme point of the West- Eud exten
sion, le the railroad depot for the different
companies, where an elegant hotel Of in
profcrtions. lorger thee itey in
Pittsburgh, is located in plot of ground of
two or three acres.' It eras built mainly by
Mr. lierdic, an extrnelro limber merchant,
sad IS celled the n uertlle Roma" it coat- 1
shoat two btudirt-1 thousand dollar.. The
houeeLeo .t. well rernisheal, and conducted In
istYsre' M:itry'ettotrl:gsmt-
milwair Ma gone into
th e
he ar, which
I renders the Matti:Me tO Ito neart of the
- City but a few Meanies clOn.
The new Court House erected about five
year. ago, 18 MO of Medium to the state;'
indeed Ile claimed to be the beet. 14 1.8 an
elegantpelled ntructure of brick, with
cut. tone onsomenta. The style of arch!.
Lecture is of the most Improved character. '
and the budding outsid and Inside Is of
the lateet modere finl.ll f o r such edifice.
The C, b. Circuit. and Dletrict, (Mart
hos been in sessum for several day.. Jorge
Grier is In feeble beAlth.nod be. boon en
the benc bet Ilttle. Judge McCandima m
AYsoblAte h ,
It preelding In' his usual grace.
I.MI manner. The'nettergentlemen estimumes.
great eeavlty or address, and though omit
ylng a high place, he is neeerthelem Refl.
tientonly aetl• frank - IMM all who have in
tercourse with him. /knee the time the
Madge has been appointed the duties have
' been eteadily IncreAtlng, , lntolvlng much
mental and physleal labor. Congress so
well apprecisted Ids valuable condom by
largely H inson,
creasing his salary at Its late sta
men. Miskon, Mr. S. C. McCandless. Clerk
of the Ihstrlet Court, is smite a favorite
here. Hepburn McClure, Em., is the gen
tlemenlY Clerk at thin poled bf the District.
The Grand and Traverse Jimy Is well re.
presented from Allegheny. county. We
note the Seams as far as wu can learn
Mon. J. Sterrett, C. W. 11dUp. S. tregelvy,
J. 11: Ernsh, J. MoClanian,,W.M. McCallum,
D. Fitsslotons S. Ir. Moss. A. Kerr; •J.
t/Oblunm.. W. damptena, G. W. Murphy, W.
•r.Robb, W. J. Moorhead, L N. Coomm,
A. Colville, H. C; G. Sproul, Gall Patterson,
W. IL Mart, W. D. Moore, W.S. Paxton, J.
' N. btoClowry, J. D. Duncan, of Pitteburgh ;
18.a.gri.e,14b,i1.4r I n g,..«"lt.°V.' ° G7l,l;en! . A ll 7
McCuteheen Dirmingham; D. nn....
H. B ' Lawrenceville; non. T. J.
DI ghemt. Wmhingi on; Simnel
he f mealy of Lawrenceville, is also
K nox, he Jury . ; Eon, S. . Purslane,. and .1.
' Esq.. are also here. Several of the
a a ntors are
om we n itecomparneLt by their wives,
mong whem; Mrs. tilf bb
and Moo. Captain W. J. Moorhead. Mims I
ateCandiess, daughter of the Judge,
;Is among_ the.. 1 .43 - 'mations. Among
the Jurers from sdloming counties we ob.
. serve Bon. G. V. Lawrence. lint. W. Mop.
Irina and T. B. 'Legated, Fop., of Meshing.
Too county; Hen. A. W. Toyer. of Boater:
l'litcCalmont, of venaege;
ter,Grier C. Om of Armstrong; It. p.
Crawford, of Westmoreland; Juno Al.
Thompson. and Dr. A. W. Crawford, of
I R.. D. Carnahan. Esq., Coiled Stamm Die.
trot A t is nf course - hero represent
' lug the Government In the prosecution. Ills
largo experlencoandebillty entitle him to
du the dittleult position with great efficien
cy and Mena! ability. Being a man of cor
reot imbit. and Of moral ' depostment, he
exert. mach Influence. iles. Carnahan, his
mtlemble lady, in:companies him.
Laid ' evening; a aellgtaful reunion of
Pittalmrghers, and a few other., took place
at the hoepitahle mansion of Henry sprout,
Eel.• the well known and tor many years,
Clerk of the Cooed State. Cironit Court, of
Western Penio.ylvanla, who , hen recently
moved from Allegheny City to thin plate.
He lives 'ln an elegant streMure,junt, at the
;Wirt. of the city, on an • elervatlon which
commands the valley for aoomdderable dis
tance In either direction; after an boar
Dent In social chit-abut, the toldiug doors
of the dining room soddenly Opened, re.
venting a tante of ample dimenelon., groan..
leg with trabstanthela, ice cretin. strawber•
ries, end other rich things, too numerous to
M . ..
ckinnon gem limy is Incision he re,juat at
the rim of the city. on a oommanding ale
'akin, In a camp. of live acre.. The Com.
mencement Exercises took place leaterder•
t During ram year, over three hundred MU
f dents, of both seam, hive been in attend.
ante. Thu Inatitution la presided over by
Mc,. Dr. allionell, a brothavan-law of John
1 Moorhead, Esq., a rinltehant of your city.
Tht ApprOteLMlZ MLOOrt MepUtOlollo 9 4gte
Convention. to he held here next week, la
causing gaite a but: amour politicians and
=emboss of the liar generally. Moth Irmo.
llMtiOth Of COtltte, M.OOMO t , ,r • ..I ~.
who will Dkely be nom In .•' .. :,. ~ ..,,ti ul..
MM. has many warn , 'tic ~,, .-....0. me! who
Iyid EMI grout eller. to Mottlfellit comma
, is . .
m worthy of mention, th it the corp. of
Jurors in ILMOLIOSZOO Sr. with few Paean.
Gone men Of good character and inseifl.
CAT r egdli I , l7.7 ' t e se ' l t .r J.' !tr.:, ' 'rig Rowley,
Dotted Biases ilaratial, for using hie Mike
so discreetly. The General to admirably
adapted Loth° position, arid hie correct do-
partment and Mid =minim gt.Mhentithit
eminently 111 =al ffir .Me discharge of Its
duties. Then the General's services during i
the late war have not been overlooken, 1
Which entitle. him to the oonsideration the
. I
Poe' armament bu Invented him with.
Your correspondent le indebted for many
ontirteslea from Mauro. George Murray and 1
If, Btorderant, in the olbee of the Herdic
House, who are Justly popular.: . , "
Mee st. lea Panstentutri-The Weak
• Dwa imakea , -Imea $60.000.
[By TOWN* to Os Pittsburgh assalkl
' _Nasnotu.s. June are (mama at
eight, deler.Ji thistmenlng at the remelt.
tlary. destroying the -stork shops on the
stet aide. Mare was in them a tares Qualm
utii of eabitut was*, cedar mme.
taral implements. machinery stock. sc.,al
of which waa Winn. It la not known how
the are oriensted, though Moommeneed fa
the angina room, The /OM •la 'esilosated at
lanko3,4ha greater portion aryl:itch tau=
the lassese-laatuaulao M OO % • !'
. .
.......,,.--8...„,„Li5.---------,-,,,,,,:„..,-,...„...-,,:,,,,,8----,,...•,,,,, t ,t,. ..•„,..: 7.. .
) .., if • t , .
, \ 1 ......._!,,:. ~„.=_4_,.,!„.•.:5•
~,,,i4.../.:....1,.., ,
~,...„:„.,..,;,• ~..,, •171 -- .),
..,..;;„ .
':--.7. , -;;'; .. 7 1 .- 1".... - .;z 4... . p -,' p . ::,•! ' z-i-__,..._, ,, L "., P.-. - .
~,,' .... z !.:. - __- -I , 4 zi . - . r Qirda - 04<- - - - ) ~......-1 ' ..,,„.. . I ''' •.. - .--•."......>. ----., -..---,
~!"7"., c :P. " 4 13..- ', ;.•.;•_=',. , r, ' • C)..".;.C.Y,VeS. i" . ,:i.zi.",.i i N. b. ..,.. - 1 'T-- ,, , 4 ._ - ''...- - ' ej.„7. -.-,.:::'.•-:, .. 7. '
..,_I-L ., ..,- .-..' .- —-'.... - L •. . ~.t '_,,,__ !-- - .'""kk:' \" . W .‘, ' *::1:1 4 . . •i • ,
. . ,
M r
"A.:2.44,7 __,_..-z_• , -. - _•_, A .-:.,..'• ..,,..
. /'-'-'--"---: ,:.. 'j : ".. - 7,7 ,- .. 7' -:-..--; -t."7777...--;_j_-_-----• -,--,_„
..._ _ . _ ._,._-__-_-... •
.. /:_ - r- ' - _ , ;;; --"---/- '''''' ,7 : -.,- '.._= ,-, -• i -... : - -''--- '''''..--
Depatinro of the President from belt
Vera-111 a Reception in, Cooneell
eut and Raasaenonette—Arriral of
the Party in Heaton. •
.f Oy Teerraoh to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
, New Yost; June . .12.—The President and
suite !eft hero at eight o'clock thin morn.
log, General Gordon Granger, Collector
Smythe, the Boston Committee, and others
had Joined the party. The President, in re
j ply to an eddiess preeento,i by a Committee
of the Constitutional Convention, last even.
lair, said: Gentlemen,. I return you tity sin
, cum Menke for the cordial welcome. I think
t I know how to anpreciato a welcome of HIM
kind from my fellow citizens, and I.would .
be doing Injustbm to myself tO say that 1
I could be Indifferent to the cordial reception
given moon this occasion. Accepting the
allottion to myeelfi twill say that I think
that In my past consort, both in my acts
• and measures, 1 have reciprocated and an.
zwered to everyprinciple Ton have put •
forth. I
Seward— „ That Is the true way to so ,
It one The
ePcemar y residen temult ned. , And this mates 1
n, It Seems to me, to assent
farther to this now than by 4 .Y I
, past conduct shows that I as se nt io n
s k"
thing. It woold seem that, through my
whole life, I have made It an object to pur
e. theec principles and to act up to theM,•.
and In Pe edam I could not do wrong. •
Sraftrottn, J une 4 pe e r o.—At this
point the various partleeed the Pres.
dent, and nern a largo crowd assembled.
"Lich enthusiasm prevailed,
Nolwait, CORO. Jane ...2.—Cbeen for the •
President and Secretary Seward..
hat bae - roar, .Itme ic—The Pres-
Ident, standing on the plitforui, received
the cheer, Or the People. A salute was !
ITz's• Harlot, .tone 22, 11:10 A. o.—Taa
Preeelent.,appeared on the platform nod I
was cheered I, the crowd.
Corm..Joite 22, 1233 r. 3g.—The
crowd cheer.' the President as the care
Raavro an, June Mir I r. 31.—Demonstra
tions eirellar to New Haven . The Mayor of
Springfield, With Reception Committee of
the latter clty, got cm board.
hrtitsoviate, Jane 22,2 r. ir.—Th.e party
arrived and woe received with etieera and
title of cannon. The Precedent irmAie •
oriel addrva, Mauer partaken of, the train
Dosrox, June 'l2.—Le the Presidential
train passed. eprlngfleld armory , a salute
wan fired from that establishment. At Pal_
leer, Worcester and all places on the route,
crowds gathered around the State car and
cheered the President, who shook bands
with many citizens.
The - tram arrived at Longwood station
three miles. from , Heston, at nve o'clock. ,
The party was received by the military ese
corn nod delegations of the city autheritt..
Salutes were deed,' and the thousands of
person...semi:dad cheered' repeatedly.
The party were conducted In 'carriages
anvhn through IhooklYri thd Roxbury.
amid the cheensof the residents. Three
regiment. of Infantry and a battery Of cav
alry, and a tall company of United States
Marines, were In line waiting to receive the
President. The streets thd windows were
densel ` crowded with spectators, and there
was wving of hanakerchtefs from
tow., anu welcome., and occasional cheer
ing ail the President passed up Washington
At the line dividing Roxbury from Dos•
ton, the President was met by Mayor Nor.
cross, Boated 1,1 a baronet. °raven Iry six
horsey. The Mayor extended to the Pres I-
OoMlial welcome In beballof the mu
aimed authorities, for which honor the
mtter returned thank., and accepted the
ehehltelity so generously' tendered. Thu
Preeident was then invited to take a Bent
I watt the Mayo ,r which he did. 'while the
band played "Mail to the Chief," many in
the Inn naeolhtte viabsity atmeeteg, the ml.l.
Itury formed to column, and the procession
moved op Washington street, thence into
B t ylston, Arlington, Benson. and ran
sreets, and next to the Tremont Rouse.
.161 thong the route the streets were throng.
mi with thousands of citizens. The Presi•
dent entered the Tremont Bowe while the
band played "Bari to the Chief." "Stem
Spangled Banner," and "Yankee Doodle."
The party were conducted to a parlor, and
the Mayor and other prominent citizens
mod their respems to the President and
Secretary Seward. •
litrivon. June ti.—The Free Went wasae
seeded so.night. Sad math, a brief speech.
Secreutry Seward also responded to the
call. of the assemblage. In the course of
his remarks he mod: Niles me the user
ance that in twenty, thing, or forty years
there shall not be an unlawful resisutnce
by an armed force, against the President
'bearing the authority of the United States.
Ad I will give you the contract of the
mericancontinent and control of the
world: , Roth the - president anti 11r. Seward
were vociferously applauded.
fiascos, June nl.—The President and par
ty this morning, accompanied by a coin
mate° of the municipal authoriti. i
the +State behool Ship, having been con v oyed thither from the wharf lu a tug. Other
gentlemen and a number of lull. reached
the vessel in Medlar way. The boys
were ranged at their decks In tee
lower cabin. The President was es
corted to the head of the room, In company
with Postmaster-Omieral Randall, (Repre
sentative Goober General flanks, es-Goy
. •rnor Andrews, Jedge Olin, of the
I supreme Court of the District of
Columbia,nd • Collector of Customs
Religious eervices were con
deleted according to the Episcopal form,
rTge=',7`4l:l7 b.7.7V""ver'one
Igloos songs.
Ez.Gov. Banks, one of the founders of the
reforming lustantion of this Schoolalitp
system, was called upon to aildnate the
youths before him . Ills remarks were Of
a Wag ratulatory character, and earnest erc
comairement and INIVICO as to their Present
Irld J u dge
Jud utu ge M e ans n ell, Postmaster General Ban
dad, and others, also addressed the heft pampa, who was present by in
citatioa, tang a song, °Ave Marla.. Sev
eral bourn were guessed on Or& the IN
the party returned to th• at tam
past unri. • 1 ,
fiascos, June W.,•-if to:serous Eomman ers
of Knights Temp la r hr - •
:ampler have alintely
to take part to theinew Temple dedication
ooroMonitir to-morrow. garerta giggly
traine will arrive tonight •and each Le,
morr morohig, with es 'and del eel.
liens of the brotherhood- A beautiful end
Imposing demonetraUon may be &allot.
Trio Velma Porido Railroad nom"!
Sitiata—irleriss of
dame —Two of Ma Zara/slow
hum la a Fish& with
lee Telegram, to the Pittsburgh tialtette.)
Torres, lian., June . l2,—John D. Pere*,
”reeldent of the Delon Pantile hallway, er. ,
tlVed here Co-day to advance of the exclife
elotalsta, oho accompanied hint to York
General Hancock him gone on to Denver,
In consequence of the Indian troubles.
The excursionists left Fort Wallace last
Temlay, with a strong escort under lien.
[Morrison, and will reach Fort Barker to.
morrow. All Mr. Terry
them, at White he ! Rock, ninety mile. west lett
Harker. The party had several hurrah)
hunts and found plenty of gain* on the
ins fight between %besiege pamengers
and the Indians. near Mg Timber, on the
fifteenth. previously renqrted, George W.
Brownell, of Galena, Illinois, was•killed;
11. Blake, of Philadelphia:. wounded; B. •J.
Harrison, of Boston. escaped unhurt." Two
a idlers with the party were killed and ono
...minded; slao one drr. Blake and -
rison were midi th e ' exeuralonisfs. Thu
k ln i d fiaannds
l w p ev eryone
c o a ned , L ' ad
Hared that General llancook will keep the
route open and afford protection to travel,
bet more troop. are required, and It is
hoped that a regiment or two Of Kennel .
men will be called into service.
The Recast noel I tihnelestest I. (t—
-all eke Parties lamJetta.
(By Telegraph to the fleabane Ossatte.l•
Cathurstot, Jane. 12:—The Grand Jar,
today, after reeet. 'pedal Min
JoChe Moses, intlaW th the • e le con
cerned to the meat fatal deal =raw.
.The - trial la expected tO MO &AO 21613
ft. Telegram, to the Pito be •st, dm, ! 0
Prom New Orleans epeeist to New York
states that General ileauregard, to conical. l i
Lion with the First National ]tank ring :
Now Orleans, and a few of Ida persorud FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M.
friends, has been uttemotlng is little game 7
of lamp prtletlo4l on the litivernment which ]
haa tbromately "1"K: t° I" " 0- 1 lIIPOIITANT 11031 EUllOl'l.
lance of the °Moors of the Treasury Depert.
merit. Among the amu tranSierred to the !
Government to secure It neatest loss tram
the Mav•Whttakar Sub-Treasury detains.. The Birmingham Riot..
tlon, wu the New Orleans and Carrolton •
ttallroad, of which May held a large amount I •
of Moak, and which le now under the
intenConee of Demoregard. Has frier,.
ed $140.009 to the Government Mr it,. hot to :
it was reined at OtiSLO,O the bid Was refused, Further Trouble Ealiecicd.
in the meantime the Graphs Gineral wrote
tome Department...op.:steals., depreciating .
the value of the road, end stating that the
bid wan too high. Fortnuntely n eneme.l
agent an Now Orleans new throUgh the game
Sod tlctelted
Mower, Freedmen's Duman
Commiseloner m Loulalana. has -ordered,
The civil attlihritles having In many In
st.:Mee failed to arrest parties who have
octal:netted °booties on the Darlene of freed
men, all Sub - Commissioders and Asobst.ent
Commissioners of this Mire.] in this dl.
trlet, aro hereby ordered to arrest all such
°Vender., Lo all CMOS. where She civil au
thorium have neglect.] to perform their
duty, and upon the nearest milita
ry commander for train. to enforce the
prompt elocution of thls order. .In cams of
murder, the narueakd Murderers anal names
and affidavits of wltneases, wlh to
ate)? forwarded to headquarter..
—The fresident has requested General
Sheridan by telegraph to extend the time
for registration In Louleilma to the. lama
:Ingest. General Sherid,an proem,. 'to
chain it On the 10th of .luly. Sixty,nine
thousand black and white voters have been
registered In the State at the latest advices.
The total . number of voters registered In
Leninism., op to the 19th 113TIAnt, the einem
date received here, was mail. of which is,.
re are colored and 1.99.5 are white. This
number largply ezooods the vote polled In
that State . at the Oreelliential election In
—The Cincinnati Express, from Cleveland
Saturday morntnn, collided with a . two
horse wagon near (lailion Station, unlink
William Sipes and wife, and sererely 111)er
mg three children. The horses were al.
killed. Mr. Sipes expected to cross the
'track before the train reached the creel.
—At Chicago, on Friday night last, a Are
at the corner of Lake and Clinton streets,
destroyed nine buildings and loptred
twenty others, canning a toes of about one
hundred {hennaed dollars. A woman Lam
ed Elsner was burned to death in endear
ruing to save the Urea of others.
Letter of General Slade. Asking to
be gallered —Orders to fffff .
Commander. at um bomb.
[B7 Teleltrityb la the Ptttsbarib
Wasinagrroar, Jane 2- 4
aItIZMAL 'IIIC - XL.' LETT., •11[{}e TO 1 , •
Tbtils.4ll/starir General qf the Army. irruh
ington: - I have the honor to request that
may be relieved from the command In Mit
Military district.. I respectfully demand •
Coact of loqumy upon my official actions,
that I may vindicate myself from the accu ,
entlons of the Attorney General, p.bil.hea,
It ts presumed, with the appmval of the
President. Congrere having declared those
socanerl litangsoversiments Illegal, the de s
claratlon of the Attorney General that mil
itary authority has not summoned them,
prevents the execution of the Lteconstruct
lion act; disarms me of the meson to pm
tent thglife, property or right!, of citizen.,
and menacee all with ruin.
M.J. Gen. Co maocul lt m.:
.•. . •
hare norm issued by the Pre.
Went, througe the Adjutant General's °Mee,
to commanders of unlitery districts under
,the reconstruction act, for carrying tube ef
fort toe AttoreeruetierePe terpretation
thereof, as given In the nineteen points al
toady Published.
The Merchants National Dana of Memphis
has, on Its own Application, ceased to he n
depoutory•of pohllo moneys and duancitil
agent of the Malted States.
..11111.110 COMS•CT
The Surveyor General of Dakotals bu
transmitted to the eeneral Land 22111., 2.r
val. a surieying dintra. and bond,
for the survey of pnbite of lid
adjoining the Pembinaset tlemen tand the
British boundary.
Heavy Wine—OlLlMSerer to Coops—Far
. mere /Uprooted—Bogle tr 011...
[By Telegraph to the Plusterse
Witatarrog, S. C., June at —11..7 rains
continuo almost without interruption. The
termer. are greatly depre,sal inethane•
qualm, of the immense damage to the crops.
(leery froehets take plane in the rivers, and
large portions of the lowlands overflow.
drtitet,, GA., June . 3.-1.1 is feared the
heavy and continued rains during the aeon
will seriously injure the wheat and other
crops. Therein has been general through.
out georgie and the Carolinas.
The number of registered voters In four
precincts In the outskirte of the city I. five
handre4 and eighty colored and one hun
dred and stxtvdttree whites. Registration
In this city commence. on llonday next.
Caset..ron,lnne 22.—Ple eters report In
t:main heavy ruins daring the last flee
days, materially injuring the cotton crop
along the seaboard.
Loam*, Jena W2.—The regletratlon taken
le the First end Fourth wards Lets week,
stands White, 400eeolored, 811,
" • ' •
asrsalsB, Jane M.—Reports from the
comityy state the 'Crops were badly dama
ged by thelate gale.
A Queer Alfalr.
A St. Lous paper says Thu baby
utentione.l yesterday 114 Inning bOPII
found In a hagketfront of Mr. lian
ker's house, on .;:ay street, was 'the In
nocent mime crf a 'serious wrong being
done ton young lady. Said young holy
bud purchased a Mee basket from Warne
Cheever'a to go to u picnic, and at
tacked a card with her 010110 00 it to the ,
basket to prevent losing it. Returning
from the picnic in the evening, she went
into an tee cream aaloon, and sat the
basket near the minter. she was
partaking of the cream her basket was
stolen,' the baby WAS put Into it and left
at Mr. Bankeee, and when the name of
the toting lady was seen on the basket,
It Wan naturally Inferred she had some
thing to do with the foundling. This is
the explanation - given by the friends of
the young lady, and we are bound to
twice it as true.
—The papers are getting up evidence
to show that Hendershod, who drummed
himself Into the of of a silly girl
and run away with her the other day, IN
a humbug. A sensation correspondent
of the New York Tribune, It will be re
f membered, started the story Uinta drum
mer boy of a Michigan 'regiment wasone
of the dust persons over the river nt the
the "crossing of the Rappahannock,"
having clung to the side nt the first mud
and swam the stream. General Henry
Baxter and C. A. tilmocks, hospital
'steward Of the regiment in question, no—
tarn that there was no "drummer boy"
ofithat name or description around there
w n theAtappahannock was crewel..
hetrtestan well at the St. Louis In
san Asylum has now reached a depth
of S feet, and salt water of n tine tin
Vorlssues (rem It. The calculation to that
at tie depth of 3000`feet pure drinking
wa r.will bo found. Ott has been struck
wit. times in slating the well, but as ,
It w not intended for an oil well, this
w not all well, and so th e boring has
p lided toward the centre of gravity.
it will be the deepest well on the coml.
Aunt, if not the greatest bore in the
—.I. A. lla Roche, F. Dubois, J.
Becker and H. S. Dayton, partners In a
fanny dry goods store in Now Orleans,
, arreated a few days ago, charged
with 'setting tire to the premises, for the
purpose of defrauding the underwrite..
They were betrayed by a clerk. When
the officers entered the building, they
found boxes and paper, saturated - with
coal oil, piled up behind the counter,
with a can of 01l In the midst, to which
was attached a burning slow-match,
—One of the most intimate friends that
Queen Victoria has ever had, was a Yan
kee woman, the daughter of Mr; Bates,
of Boston; the American partner of
Borings, the bankers. It was directly to
her influence that the kindly feelings of
:the Queen toward the United States Gov
ernment are to be traced. She married
M. Van de Weyer, the senior member of
, the diplomatic corps in London; and - the
l_Beiglan minister who took such a prom
inent part in the :Luzern burg Conference.
Rev. J. L. Corning. the artaic cler
gyman. of Ponghkeepsie ; saw York,
reached Brattleborro' Wedneeday even
ing, on his trip down the Connecticut,
and left Tuesday moral g for Gree t =
He arrived at the latter rt on Tit
erten:mon, going in his up the Deer
field and Green river cutlery works,
at the lower nude!' the Maga.The Rev
°nand oarsman rows a harry . thirty
i t
long, sad pale her" 7 the sidn. an te d
grace of a, prokssio
~,,,i.,.• -,...---..F......---.
Relations Between Napoleon
and Prussia.
Turkey and the Great Power.,
Financial and Commercial
[IR Tologrgt : {ih to !berimn ll Ultsrtte. I
,-- •
EAU,Juno retains'
cshle eontinuen to work Perfectly, and may
Ina el nslileald On rolliblo M though no thau•
ago hod a:gnat:a. It wog found to On abso
lutely crushed, notwithstanding Its heavy
Trot, armor, for the length of ono hundred
and twenty tent.
• • .
111.11.611 AX. Juno ll.—Tha lOU which
soma:Wed the riot of last Tuesday contin
ues. The city pollee le atilt armed with
00110080.4. Five hundred spoolsl onnstabiee
hare been sworn In, bnt of those two hand
led hare born discharged:
Ins yore, noun. coheir,
Loannie, June 11.—Queen Victoria held
Court In the drawing room of Buckingham
Palace to-day.
',POL . .. ASO POOSST/1.1%70..1M01VP DOT
Los Dos, June . I . l . — Etrmog.-,Ailslees from
the Continent represent the feeling press..
lent In rem and Kerlin• that the relaticom
nettreen the Emperor Napoleon and King
of Penseht are not cordial.
June —Erming—The Conelt•
mufti of the North Germatil*mitaleration,
basing bten rithled by all the Mato. tom:
oolong that body, :1911 bo 0211cially
muldatcdTaeaday next.
C03TAx1 . 130r1.., .1111110 sultan
tme lett for Pane.
rum 6LLTAN Ai , C.1.111 TIM riproArnosi or
',motor, June . 11.—.1 die etch, which
reached here te-day from CatetetalOotOe.
&exerts that tho Sultan has 140041 to tho
proposittoo of the Ettropost,:powers feria
Joint Commis/I:On to Inquire Otto the great.
hooey sod tie/minds Of the people Of Cattofs.
CROTI• AND ]C]p{t{r. ..,, •
VII,. NA, .tunel.l.—accountlf received here
!Mt° that the feeling to ,flrtfitia •hetie that
the people of that province }in greatly op•
PDODDI to union with Hann4. - •
! --- 51141 , 4 —. 11L.
rtrrrxr or -.ix I
hr. PLTICELAn ungi, J tut q 11.leaty tbo
1 . ... pe t -or lots .erlyett borne flout bin Ylelt to
A 0 .OUGNICEN Or Tit{ 1.0181,T13..
Pa T
010, J ono 211.—The Corps Leotalatll ad
/bunted the debate on reforms proposed by
Napoleon to Nolomber next.
il•a Immo, June 22.—The steamer /torn.
Ird.(o New Vert. arrived tOolay.
GLAX4OII, Ju n e 22 —The steamship St.
Patrick., from Quebec, arrived last evening.
Iffy Stohnerf.j
Nam Tong. Juno M.—The utaamors tiam.
moult ano Sew YU/ k, (tom Southampton
on am 12[M'and City of Boston, from
_pool on th e 12M amlgommatown on thefht,
' nave arrived.
A mysterious di Is repod to
elarrateght Increameseasel the death rterate Inhave
land latterly, and crested some alarm and
coneulmtnet of medical men In Dublin on
The order of the Garter Is to he conferred
on the Emperool of kussla and Austria end
missions to be sent from England (or the
purpose. The name honor will be conferred
on the Sultan, who comes to England to re
ceive It in person.
The rolo whoattempted to assatasluate
the brae is still In prison. Ile makes no
dleelmurtm motpemista In the. denial of
halting bed names pliers.
The Times Parte mnreeponftent says some
influential persons are doing their utmost
to pm-mttle the koveritmcntt to withdraw
the bill on the liberty of the prose, sod on
the right of writing,ln voloselluenoo of the
late attempt on the hoar.
The condition of the Trench ham - mite ni
Yo soldier wearing the Crimean modal
NMI allowed to boon duty at Etece, during
the Cones Inst.
Gen. Catonge. Spanish Zdtnieter !if State
and Foreign AlShim. has resigned KIM is
sucedd bboner Castro.
A R om e
to the T. hies esys that it is
thought Archbishop Speulding will return
to America a Certil.l.
A natal remew will be held at Spltheed
nn the arrival of the Sultan, on the MM.
16th and litn of JalY, and will ha wittiemed
" thelll. members of both 'Rouses of Part
1.11. 3'
rumored that Napoleon will visit
Berlin in September.
The Spanish government will detnaud of
the Cc' frt. a lam of Ave hundred millions
. .
thehe govement of Warsaw has alished
problin r tl n on against people being bo in the
Arians after midnight.
, The Turkish government is arrestin
' many Important Turks belonging to ta e
Egyptian Prince. hinstapha Pasha's party,
It e e l v as . oLr. nFie
l . d o nosfp trNaew.
Tork, had ad
. dressed the General Assembly of the Pres.
hyterlah Church in Lublin.
The Jourunt Purer. the orga n n of the Ens.
Clan party In Cretin, had bee seized (or an
article declaring every Groat whowbonla
attend the coronation of Ulu fling of Ilan
gory, a traitor to blsconntry.
The Paris Liberfr Asserted that the Co.
asked Napoleon to spare the life of the at.
tempted assassin. '
NA. Load, June XX.—ily the steamer Cite
at hoeton, from qacenotown ou the Uth,
one day's later news Is received.
The London Globe sa Parliamentrally not
the English will not
be prMogued before trio middle of August,
an. general election may be expected In
tho ensuing spring.' ,
Omortlitill to A private : telegram from
Athena, an incident had occurred which
•111 probably came an addltiouel complicit
[lon In the Cvetan question. As the block
tale runner Al•kation w. on her thirteenth
to C.dia, site was Chased by four
1 Turkish steamers, and pursued to the pout
of Cerrigotto, aladnign CerrnrottO is a nee
, sewoon of Greece The Turks attacked and
I Inflicted Close of one man killed and one
• wounded. The Greek Governments ent the
Hellas frigate to render her asidstanee, but
she managed toner...We, and the Turks had
retired. . .
It is reported that tlie Ambassador of th e
rowers had mot eevaral ships of war into
the Candim waters.
Atlviase from Catudantinopla etate that
on the loth, Admiral racila Pasha, with
two Iron clads, two steamers, mil SIM
tnsops, sailed far Crete.
A Madrid telegram Oftliollth SOPS that the
statement that the (poen would visit Pane
sad (tome In July le officially ocutarsurni.
Los PM ono R .- R.rning.-Coneols, 90.4;
3.39'5, 73; I.lllools Central, 73; Erie. 39:Atlan
ticAnd Croat Westorn consolidated shares,
ILavorrool,, June - Ecening.-Oottort
closed dull. eltn .1.1 to-Jay of 10010 balm
: .rolddllog urdande,lls3/311 , 41; roloorth g
Breacotuffel corn. 39e for
soutbern. Fleur. On. 00.,3311 Canforola
- Wheat, 135 61. Oahe, Seed. Barley, fs 9d.
Provitlonsi F0rk,75•.:• Beef, lay dd. Lard,
49s Ga. Baoon, Cs &hi Produce; Petroleum
V . 111; 0 11..3: ' 4 74; 0 103 reined,, Is Id. Ashes, 31s.
Lo3Do Jana 11LE
1.111333d. x
cakes LIUSen 23.
Whale 011, £3410., 14n$'34
L 33;
= = Erening.—Petroletem,
MI tr.. ❑at 100 kilogrammes.
June I 22—Ercning.—IItated
States boons, $,
raawarear,rhne M—Sultrkry.—alteer
States Bawls are Attmted to-day at 77%. .
-• _
The Ocean Homo .11,110r-Ordwoo 110 r
Moro Cootlo-Captoro of IlazotwAsma
(iir Telegraph to tha Plttaborth t/aaatle.)
anon t:L-1%0 atiamar Wath*
from Havana Munch, reports that Cap
tain General Yuman° had railhead.
TDe Caen Goverdment had received an
Invoice of Parrott mpg and ordnance for
um on Morn tistle.
Secretary Seward had requested nEaT Of
ehe dnne In
tim n the mud
inVeisti of t4e bark,Ooean
Home til he to e. • '
The capture of Banta Annie .hlaal Woos:
b P d r mthd .p r T x h d e t a M o nhe gt s o e O m f
mba. ootsate a prosooncement
fa Ws favor. - •
F84Y31. PANAMA, mum Amnia
The Tax Matron' , In Panama—Xt.*.
.landihnlen War—The It...feint mu In
reset—Fire sled Flood In Montana.
by Tier/nape to th• l i lltsheeth Ilarette.)
Nita. Yotta,J ono ir.l.—The tecatmohiplicarin
queen hits arrived from Aspleyrallti - en the
Iran Intl., with $1,11.3,en tremor!, and two
hundred and eighty-three passengers,
The •Innin of thin principal merchant!! at
Moreton, Which were clonal tor one work
on arietortd. of the fifty percent. Increase In
nano/tarta tat. hurl Neel otted' again.
firs moron:e n
on, warn merle !tithe merehantis
lb theldlottl., rtediontling taXation
for the premed, lean giving the onnattla
en In for inetreetlo
thno LO e•Onlntinlentn
na 01111 tlintn CO'Yntn-
M .
Art American linseed Bradford had taken
inniantnnel of I ht, Cnltloilds waratonntor,
A noel' orteettilarat, of twenty ben
I,•en tren•Or ovvy tiro IstinnOn fee the
sir Inn 11.114n1 leaden erultytanods lo the
linrnor Of Pnnunia.
Jnlntie C. A. NI ockonnv. one rof the oldent
trrerrhatent in Contra! America, it antine trf
trgln W , deal.
. .
Tnn reportoil blockailti iliolta Martha
by llty Murmur Columbia, wax untrtlii:
attrattler pen arrly
.1 at P m
anaa M OStub.
umullbnalll.l.l for Nan Frau
'l' lit, Mon:tied ilaernmen wan, at 4'nein'ma.
, Ilia' lit andenvarin idol kf olllnkun at
Anwillert ins din. The nitrarla Mailed
/If II •tn.evi•tr Iroin Vatparelno and
I; nllon, rot the idth lilt, hail merited at Pah
-1 ei
rn n dein or di army lir ChM was tat.
and IL wily thought the war with
%nein on, la an coo, Oil,! bUilloran was re,
The,. Pero rovnlntlon trio interior
.11i vorittionel. Thorn hind laud Milne/Witt
THIII4 and Arlen, lint
ai they Pere ptreim wFittl ny
rhond died P a •l at ent r li a ad n bad
It yet, obtain.. the ewe warty. had o.
,iteel the I .eatelatitie to adept:nil Inn w rit
.I, , ens corr. In ennine Mon to put down
the lint IL wan tholiehl. the 1 . 0-
nd/int would noi lie granted.
(lolled 1110100 Conant at
Goa) le, till died on trld lilt.
crituani 4.—Aileteee trout Ca1 . ..1.mM. to
Win. reported (tattling Wax Knlng
aloe. lilll River and all commie.
Weal O between llogi.taiand the omit wan
old. Orr M
Thu had twain taken
iotinennlost or till etendoer Mayer or It. IL 1
df lo
Al,ll.lllA—The ntentoor Mauna hail mi.
rly••41 ALYeiniams (root Shlnpy Mour Ist, and
Waal bl.y . Nth. A Intl tiro hail of
Cu' ro /I
flu ethloryi I.nver .14.1,090. noon.
Ne* south %Vo.hda And canowt
of proberty and W.f.
111'efed‘e Prowl. • ottiradlet And
Ntmor Corruption OE W1..4.114-34.
BT Telegt.plt to Itt4 Plttstmrith
• 17f selneros. June =,
• Mrs. Martha Murray. wife of the keeper
of the Ilerudon llouse.gaveaorno testimony
relative to Payne. She del not know Sur
,WM. L. Itellugored, and non. F. W. Be'
wand, testified to the facts virtue - I:dog the
attempt. by Payne on Um /tie of acerstary
hos lard.
'airs. Frederick Seward abd Col. - A. H.
be ard gore similar testimony. .
Levitical to Preside
od with the asaposlnatlon at Limnt
lleorge R. Robinson gave evidence rea
lly,' to Payne's assault on Secretary Howard.
Ictyu .. y . , k M y a o y t l O a f n t d h , e es e taiceed in Prince
to a Ono
s'ersation with annual; about three months
In fore the assassi nation Surratt said he
wauted to ac awa to avo the Oral.;
' think ho said b e wa s g o ing
going to id
Canada; don't
reniceorter whether ha wended money to
mime his mother sate or not, or whether ba
wonted money for the voyagel am not sore
about the conversatton; tiller, he Wanted to
Make his mother secure In ease of hI
urn to return; I partly nrolerstOod be was
to raise money and wautod to socurp his
fter recess a long argument aimed opon
Sustition by the defense to he allowed to
recall a witness for thepurpose of laying the I
Liondation to discredit them by cross-ex-
tooto•tiou. The object was to prove that I
liye made statements didvrent from those
mule on the stand, and that another
nett s had acknowledged him corruption half
antour ofter ho left the stand.,
'Tile Court' resen - st Its decision, and at
:till adjourned until Mouday.mornlng.
L By TotgraDh to th• Vittsbargtx Erazette.3
You=, Jute =,16t16.
The ocean sweepstaken of the New York
Yacht flab takes Waco on the 1.1211 of July.
Illtren vessels hate sdreatly entered.
• - • •
aTtut manual regatta or tha Jurody City
Club occurs on Wednesttsy. mud that of the
Itubuhuu Club oak - eh-tar acat.
corumonock worm of ro-pliVing. 13rootlivoy .bo
A man named Annuli heck war su ff ocated
OF heavy ato.lll r loop well In Eras BTOOk•
n. Simon litoontr.ct rut AUglitailllCLlOr•
IClr, who a , totnatod to save him. worn aim
uolrocud. Auother named Reuben Elarloy
trouped With h. Ufa. lironanock and
Illlchnclon each loran a Wife and 0111.1 d.
• ,
Captain ratter. of .tho ship Caravan,
charawl with nianstanabior ot ••111411.13,
Min bo honorably.oncuarge,l. I..‘ommaw
11 1013.../011CAT01.1 thatthe lint mate was
the Moak wile ought to have be.. Mot..
ONION ',cum 6A11.6040
A tilapaie It front °Mahe gab!. Th. UM..
Pt ine Raiload la nw open Co JoleslihAl.
those hundred antl o
sevelaty•nli 'wiles w
of this helot, Kid two daily trains will com
mence running each way on blonder.
There are hel, infilloun pounds of freight.
which have been awaiting this event, acid
will now be forwarded at once.
Slate Dirincerasle floc —Noma.
eat loon—lteaoliationa.
(11) TOegrann to tee Pluanurgb liscitte.l •
Moxvratasn, Juno 21.—Tho Democrittie
State Convention was held toelay. The
Convention nominated Moroi:Lowing B•L•itto
tickin; For Governor. J. C. Edna/slit; Lieu
tenant Governor. Weide Brigham; Tree.
starer, J. li . 11. Smith, /Neil'
11.ys. P. S Uunintlllo. and Isaac: W. Illelian•
lel. were elected delegates to the National
Convention. and Merrill G., Noyes, G. W.
Adm.. N. Bingham and U. /1. 'Simmons
deplorin t a xa t i o n irodetuning.
the heavy bun:mii of ; also. con
demning the establishment and °errant of
Donor over a portion of the Union; and
ark log the repeal of , lie preeenn liquor law
weru adopted. The , tiOnYerillint Was well
attended. ' •
Lottery Concern Come to (icier.
ley Tel. Erase to the ritts , sitsti llatette
BS.LTIIIIOaIs, Juno Ti—. The menet:nod.
Souther:, Orphans GM , Enterprise Relief
AssOcialann, he which Jorge amounts tern
raised, suddenly came to woof last night.
A quarrel arose among the monagent about
the funds Irbil% had been collected. and on
the testimony lir. John L. ilammond,
President of the Association, the tinted
Jury yesterday found
Co.. the item nt Palmer b Co.. for violating the
laws of ilarylsaid PrOhlhiling lotteries. It
Is stated that only.9o,otOont of 000.000 Octets
bare beau soln, and the most Valuable
prizes announced .bad bean tailored Item
the uchomo.
Jerome Part Rare.
Naw Yoax. June 22.—Tb° hurdla reef, ,
mile and tbreesmarters, six hurdles. was
won, after splendid race, by Blackbird,
beating 'Lug, sho ...mood, by a peek.
3 ird, and General Williams fourth
th 9%.
The Jockey Club handicap, oille throe
quartara, was won by Earring, by a neck,
beating Climax, who was second, Gilroy
followed liy 'Onward, llismoion
Court, Intim, Idald of Honig., and FM.
Morisse) , won the cOnsolation handicap.
The selling purse was won . by Redwine,
beating Itipiey. angOng, Wad druila Work.
men—time 2117%.
The Slate Properas Thieves—Pl
Iteco•or•ct al • Paper Molt.
Illy Tclie,r.pb to the PI Ciltretta.7
Ilat*it ate, dune al—Four of the partici
aranted' for stealing oroperty from the
Stir° :Jae Pal, wore bonne over to appear at
Coml. Yesterday evening that:bier of Pollee
went to Si paper milt, near Carllelo, unit re
turned to-eight with nearly a ton of the
finnan rnfpurty, mailman' , eight hundred
and' ftv volumes of the Adjutant Genet - AN
/mist reports and' other public OroPerty.
Your bags full of the Adjutant Genera l's re.
Pert bad been cut up Into paper.
River Telegrams.
thy Telegraph to the Phtsharao U•5e1.4.3
higarms,dune 2 . 2.—The Itlehmend passed
at about I o'clock p. 112.; and the EMU at l
p. m. The Richmond made the run from
New Odom* In two days and eighteen
hours, having 111.1.11, 1.1.111tV-onn. landings
Marsala, Jtme 9).—The Raver still fall
Lotassztts, Jane 2D.—Elver falling, with
I teed In the Caul..
P.p.. Flint to l b eiladelpittra
CB) Teligraph to the bolo h oarattei
ro Pnitnalpina. June 2.1.—Tw0 Philadelphia
1100137 i Dillon and Boyle, bad
Price light in the ;foretokenth wood today.
The affair was arrenged on Friday last and
kept eeereL Mooted one hour and twenty
minutes. - Dillon -was deleted, the winner.
Both parties left the oily this afternoon to
avoid the police.
R•111r0•4 Accident. sa North Carolina.
WV Telegraph to the Pittsburgh duettai
Witaristrros, C., Jane Ss.—The mall
train going west, over Wilmington and
cheater. broke through the trestle work at.
Peeper.* station last night. J. D. IT/arisen,
°vendee. 11.11268. a eoetlein :tauter nam e
Hired. were killed, and several others were
Intend. The aCeldetit was rayed by the
Leery thins.
: !wren, : Storm as Iburanab.
CDT Te!orlon n. the elltabuint 1ivat1...3 •
,gavanican, June haul , storm bnd
been raging bare alone morning. Veal
have been uprooted in great numbers, U.
Print° Property bully damaged. Eie•nrel
vessels were bknan foam Moir mooring, but
omonre4 with Wight damage. , •
JAM* Mfrs at Cue., A. T.
* Una, 74.1 Luna $3—A destructive lira
canWatnit In Um vnlaße of Camden tads at.
ternoaa:.Tb. Park Bata/. gamma mud
Mothantot Womb's, and •nombae at Ma
InUldtaga:araro burned. Zoo not lean than
. - -
rOURTEI PAGE.—The /West and most re
liable M. antv,.ol.l and Produce Market Re
ports giant by any paper in the city, will be
found on bur Pburth Page.
I =M2I2
The extant nod importance of the powder
trade of this locality is not fully known to
the ems.. tech day largo terraces are
recelvmUin the city and 10 safe packages
transmitted to the legion of coal alines and
stone quarries of our own and adjoiniug
nudes. The demand for the explosive h.
Increased greatly of 11.4eanst in pmporlion
to the Increased enterprise In mating and
quarrying. The powder used li not-manu
fut.:mired -here, lint elsewhere, and from ne
cessity In brought by rail from neighboring
litotes. /to handling has been carefeitY
regulated end provided for Oct of the wis
dom and foretholled, Of nor State Logitilm
tarn and by ordinanoefl, carefully trained,
passed 'by nor City - thitlnClis. For many the trade has been ezelneirely tvot•
need to a single firm In thin city, woo have
oilniirobly conducted the business, but the
demand for powder bee Increased on mono
of into as to dlrectlnt.ntior_ from otherno.
try n laisineno gentlemen. Mr Arthur Kirk,
min of (borrow,. enterprising, active End
hnoineell gentlemen or oar diner
city, recently, In accordance with ton pro
/rho. nit the bor. Mod a petition In the
Commo qess ...court taking for the privi
lege of erectteg a magazine for the average
poordor on premiscear the Dearer
road, In tectflere Townsbie
p p at thr. and a
bud miles distance front, the Court Booth.
filo near neighbors, althont a Notizie creep
Else, attached their olgoaterap to the poll.
tion, knowing that under lira It, roan
segment, there would result no harm, even
were thorn an bensdrod rnamoolow onto,
11-hod in their nelanberbedef The applies.
one was duly advertised, and the other
• fOrtes of law made nee.sary gone tills:Mali
With, and no Saturday the Detain:l W.:A pre,
nsmted. singular to say, a [monstrance
an handed the COM t at the same then,
oigned porno.. not reslillset• of the Im
mediate neighborhood of the proposed
magazine, and who, possibly, were not an.
'lonintod with the growing Importance of
inn powder trate, and hardly gave the re
monstrance meet attention before riming.
It lam ho hopi.d that they will reconolder
their action, and withdraw their moron
Internet,. of
manufacturing and minted
Internet,. ef the city large • roller doerion
meat of the troll, or bleb canon!) , be brought
oug hy active rivalry. The Ablation
to ono nested by mantled 1014 Pte.
donee an the very beet for the puma,
the county. The powder wilt be brought
utbe Pittsburgh and Ens Itatiromi,
nloaded at an untrequented point bele.,
the City, and Ohl be hauled in safe packages
over streets On which there is but 'Otte
t• steel. Indeed, now, every, day, powder Is
'heeled from the Colon Depot through the
most wee!ar thorougbfard, over rough
Dared street*, cod - to ellositui has ever
occurred- On the other and the powder
will ho Dulled over in ,beds. and rife
danger of the loon wheels or bootee hoot
melee ere -111 be entirely obviated.
There are many other reasons which might
Wonsan In favor elf the pew magazine.
which vrerritat will be prOperly etodted by
the Intelligent dtazens Illgniag the remon
stranea •If the petitlonlerefuseaddr. kirk
dill be forced to select • place beyond the.
istance of eve miles, over which toe Coon
hut no control. and in thateveni mutton will
be but tittle Improved. It will necessitate
handlingling, and if there mater ial , m the
of tbe explosive it will
certainly be Increased In the same ratio ea
the etecaticte le made greater. We believe
the powder busiti.s, as well u all others,
should be encouraged, and we trust nor val
ued followwltmon, Mt. Kirk, may imeeeed to
his enterprise, sod that the remonstrator,
will view the subject in its proper light.
Mental Assartit.—A Maeda Mead /salon
to • Jelly With a "MI I sly."
A man eiving his rihme as Peter Wood,
lately arrival In the city from: Beaton, a
stonaentter and Monednasion by treat, was
cruelly bested with a "billy," at the corner
of Washington and Prospect streets, yes
terday evening about fife edeleek. He el
leave that he was sitting on the •tdpS at the
corner above referred to, when a man,
whose name he did not know, ume rip and
struck him eleven times with a billy., Ito
was assisted to the Mayor's office, where be
made the matter known, end gave a do
vcriptionof the man
Coppice,d the deed to•
officers Drees'. and who =mall—
ately started in puisne. of him. They went
to the niece whore the difficulty occurred
and Wade inquiry about the matter,
found 1 het Woods" statement was correct,
and also remelted information willeh hat to
the uroal. of Thomas Sweeny, whom
they feund.. at the house of one
Dugan, on Webster strtel, near
Washington. Sweeny was to bed. pro.
to be Weep, be ems arousal byt he
office. and taken to the Mayor's onire,
where he was Identified by Wo the
. u
man whO struck him. Waal'. DOM..
are very severe, but not of a aerial. nature.
There ere six severe outs on the head, every
one of them penetrating the scalp to r!in
skull bone and one in the left ere, which
appears.. be the most aria., as the eyn is
' . thatoly swollen that ir. is.lmpossible to
tell to what extent It to minted. Dr. Rodgers
w. called In and dress. the. Injured man,
Wouta and to do so properly as cola•
palled to shave nearly all _the hair off his
bead, which was literally beaten into a
jelly. Cicala is the same man we ...Weed
ne day hat week kii having been arrested
for the lareeny of a coat, on oath of Patrick
tialleber, la hotel keeper In the Seventh
word. We lost shot of the matter then,
and slimmed It Was matted, as we could
hoar running more of it. He states that ho
is. at Gallaner's yesterday, a abort Mute
before he was injarea, and got a drink of
his kr, and that be law Sweeny there when
be 1011. Sweeny was held for uncaring ttils
morning at nine o'clock. :
Powder Marnsloo Cane. •
Under an net of Lasserettiv of ISM parties
desiring to erect powder magazines within
aye nurse of the city are requlredto make a
apechtl application to the Court, alter three
weeks pub/Ication of the same, and to file
with the potation a plan of the beildleg.
Arthur Kirk, of Allegheny Jetty, mule such
aPPllcation, to which •remonstrance wee
Presented, and the matter was the mthjeet.
of controversy to Court on Saturday. It'
seems that alr.Klrk is dosirousof locating a
tnegaransi, for noting powder. on an eh:Tea
t Inn in McClure township. in the vicinity or
left oDr awlein C d e of e t t h e e y e o v e e rhaad tulle to the
apoet three mute of the Court House. The
parties remonstrating dye In the neighbor.
hued where Om proporal tolocate the mag
sine. Thomas Lt. klareholl and J. Rah
petrlck. linos" represented the petitioner,
and S. &Moyer, Esq., these remonstrating.
It Was emigrated that a Commission he ap
prime to take testimony' In the mter,
but th in objected to, inuonech a. the rewas
no probability of • conclusion being arrlired
et in that way. The enemata as to danger
front the location or too magazine was one
of opinion, m winch there woola be great
citiversity.. A Csnamlssioa of three Or more
Ober.% men was sunken of ae a Meru prme•
thud trey of settling the matter, not no, tong
definite wee determined upon, and the cue
was ordered on the - wrauMmat flat to comatip In regular course.
Ors.. Hosea—This popnlar establish
meet opened on Saturday night antler
the' management of W. 11. Leak, with John
Durk° ea TrepArer. The company tom !
prise sevorakOld Pittsburgh favorites,prom.
'neat among whom Is the inimitable Joe
0. Sefton. The intention of the manager,
we understand, Is t va cs hut • short season,
merely to nil the um in the way of
aueements - which now exists In the city.
The opening on Saturday night was quite
a mimeos, and wo anticipate • crowded
bon. to-night, as the thrilling drama of
•lßaccarat; or the Knave of Ilearts,” will ne
nreesutal, to be followed by the laughable
farce of •lfhe Dreadful Murder on Troy
Hill" a• an elleavloce, with the inimitable
Joe as Frighl.
estahltaltheerit is having
• big run Just, now, and the managers are
nal tie g In their effort, to please their pat
rone. To-night. Miss Emma Marsh, the
greatest terpolehoream of the age, ault.ap
pear for the first time In this city .• Sherthes
met wi th universal success In all former en
neTeTy:ell6".! The l ', :a d n ' tTf b ol ' U . U hl "' '
entitled "A Dream at Sea," will lote r' pet
seated to.night, with Mr. McFarland in the I
prinipal character. This is the tint time
thin e piece hal bean Offered here, and wet.'
confident that It wUI have • good run. The
other non, performances will be given, In
ingan entire new collection of !lunge
an 4.184.111.
• The Female College.
The commencement exercises of the
l'ittebtugh Female College continue and
thee far the pupil* have fully demonstra
ted an appreciation of the rare education.
al faoilltles which are afforded them tinder
the present esmilent management of the
elms rooms. This morning an exination
alatherestices will be held. T hin isgen
erally performed with much spirit, as the
Bishop peril is awarded the Mrs.
Illstiop Simpson endowment primp. This
evening the exercises will be doubfW Inter.
r.:n u al•Vt4eDn'frdi."Ttfl".s.l.`.lllll,Zmni
annually draws en d
&brilliant assemblage will gather to-night
an the Chapel of the College. The clads of
admission may be obtained at the meals
. - ntwlttistandlng the high cost of =Merl.
ale and labor, and consequent expense of
betiding—amounting to mars than donble
the rates of IMO—the number Of houses
exceedd to be bulit in lag will probably
Mat of any formeryear Mont Mato
ry. The esiOrtnous advance 1n rents, and
the manifest deficiency of tenements for
the grotto:lg population, as felt during
renting season of the peat two or three
pare, bate at list brOttatit owner. of Pa- .
cantgroural and amltallsts to sea the poli
cy of Improving their lota and providing ;
Minim for the People. This. spirit of tOt.
pr,.vement we are glad to ere J. Dot limited
to this city. but la equally manifest In Lilt.
enemy, Lawrenceville, Birmingham and all
the adjacent parts. Let the goon work go
Taken an the Penitentlery.—Dr.
Molly Calmley, of Susquehanna oonntY,
enostotel at the United Manta Dlattiet
Court la Demon at 1 9 1111antapOrt, or
na m ing Wm:aerielL United etates Treasery
note., and sentenced tO Aye years , Intorno
onmintt to the Penitentiary, arrived th e
*My to custody or an *Moir. and taken
Over Oa Saturday.
The Nese .Ifee• elecurday,. Over e
Alleebent aouree, beiweea Joni* Kate
.ed Dupla Jorden. for • pease of iwo nue.
dsed .dollarsi was 110111 er- Tateby Over
eve iengths.. *eye hi teetathe
end will seeks his meek among theme/km
barer* be 14 =ay Itato older.
Importation of Stilled
On Saturday morning , about throe O'clock
a Special train of five cars, direct from New
York, arrived at Moron Depot, with up
w ,1 'erard. ol two Iron workers.
where wagons were wetting to convey
them and their effects to the pieces, or 'resi
dence prepared for thorn by the Iron tin.n.•
facture,• n( the city who Imported then%
Many of the men were accompanied to
their wives and children, and the wagons,
loaded with Iron bound borne. made In efs,
land." on lop of which were perched
the women and children, and followed bv
llln men formed a nodal cavalcade. We on.
deretand that ono hundred of the imported.
go to work to the mull of Jones S La ughline,
thirty In rho mill of Una, liyere S Co..
thirty to thermlll of Spank, Chalfant S Co.,
and the remainder In *rime of the other
pore Old Otero ti•sody for 111rdlclool
Purpose.. •
r ewe DWI day In rewart of% fifty wise. of
nurc Old ()lard )trendy (iirdl/./). a Pri ma
tide at thin Raman of the year.
Tao*. winding Pore liquor* for medicinal
', :f r o P n7Ptir ' C i n o tenti t ga l l t ne an wlie e ferarl e atY a c re fl k .
Went of sidling a butter article at lower noes
;than elsewhere In the city.
.10aepb iJentlng, Draggled, No. 04 Markel
etre., Cornerof the Diamond, nearlourth
Harlem Springs., Carrot fir, Ohlri—
The. springs. In ounneetlon With the .11n.
sal Seminary bending,. Will be opened for
Motors and boarders on Ina first of July.
it is noljnoss Inteutbal ass lilacs of fashion
shin resort, but a plane tiro demands
of those seeking a quint, healtbiul, retired
and inespiinsise retreat, free from smoke
nod dust. the srosss are dense, the scen
ery petullarly beanuful, and' the locality
And mineral waters, rimed for; their health
imparting quid. les. Visitors from Pitts
torah, Steudenvllle. Wheeltng ' and Chain
net', Will COIOII Via Nets Market elation. en
the P.C. fr. C. R. R, distant by hack from
two to three home. For particular', aI.
dress, D. Lon, Harlem Springs. Carrell
County, or °all on E. M. Oa:ma, pag
an' of the South rittsoursh M. E. Cuomo.
nen on Cool 111 , 1.—0 n Sunday ih rn
eiO. about one o'cloe t, the stable of Timmer
Campbell. a dalryutan. residing on steno
Washington, waa conatuusd by Ore. TO ,
noble contained, four valretble henna, three
of which were burned to dent h and the other
est trolly burned that lot yr. shot. There
wan an on ilia property, but the
ninicy expired- no. Saturday, and had n or
rota renewed. A. there wna no the abon.
the pretn tow, It la no ppoaed lobate Wen the
work of ail
Pr,. Excursion Train to solo orlon..
—This morning at ten o'clock Ins tree en.
ntnnn train to mile of lute at. Verner's Sta.
lion, on the Vont Wayne and Chicago kali.
war, near Wood. Eton, Will leave the Ally
ebony. City depot. Tbl• property la not
quared by any other plan of lota for sale.
Tuey are nlttlated In Immediate continua.
two of Manchester,and lorniund..d by
webtarsctortnst Intstreste, s•lthin Melva
minute's ride or Federal Went.
Cont nt*, 620.-4nbo Widmer Urea In
the Yiltb ward. ani.l Wlte bm an &Mina
niece in Decatur aucy. Firm srd. Thee
doe', live together. tlailltday. John. from
exceeelve d ringing orbeer, Vt wrong about
tbe head, and went down aoJ called
wlle bad names. Officer Drexler wait Plat
for, be brought John to the lock rto.
ne remained till yostenlay morning. No
got clear by paying Into the city ez-'
Foot Ram .e Oak...rm.—a match that
may be expected to produce a close and ex.
cterra contest milt be decided at Oakland
Park, between four and Ave o'clock this
afternoon. It will he ran by Jamey Newell,
well known here an a came and rem.katily
•nat pedestrian, and Frank Wunderlich.
who halls Irani the eastern Fart Of the
PanICI /nevelt Semety.—lt is a terrible
shook to a charming woman—inneeti, to any
a - cmm.—to, fled that her teeth are ••liegirs-
Ina to Rote , Never will any barman being
who neon the fragrant Soronowr discovery.
teeth are still aoanct, make that
Even when decay ha commenced, lilmmto
diately mope Its progress. marl'
'Cold Sparkling ot J. - T
Sarnilo'd Drug Moro, ho. Filderalotreet.
To Wboiessate B of Dry 6100dI
we offer targets. ln Jon lots of Dress
Goods, Pantlugs Linen fasods and full
lines of eht.tlngii, liturtings. PAnts, Tlok.
Ins, Cheeks, an.. all of which tire will
sell at tae very lowest eastern cub prices.
al Market street. below Third a Poll.ll3lsts.
At Ole Old Tricka—jack Brtdfnrd
maila mother raid upon an. Italian mer
chant. on Saturday Inset. no wed arrested
by a combination of watchman, and piked
In dormice. Yesterday morning ha was
word OS for disorderly conduct, In default
t whlcA he was sent to Intl for . thirty days.
• Prints. the very bent Prints; the very
hestPrints f 12.14 e, at the great closing
Wt ale or Bother G., ao Market Street.
g do h ', adoertito what we have not got;
remember thLs folollog Our adlartl.e.
Ileserd dr. itamvie two T he Purest arid Sweetest tre
Cod LverLives.
011 Oh la
the world. ilearifeetured from fresh
healthy Mona; upon the serwehore. IL Is
perfectly pure mil sweet. - Ask for onnserd
CsswelPs Clod laver 011,” menututered
by • Cabwas.‘, more a Co., New York.
Sold by all druggists. am.
'Gneiss arraps.—ltaxyberry, Strawber
ry, Orange, .I(auslia, Sarsaparilla; Gin aer,
Catawba, Grape. Pine duple, Lemon, Black.
b rry, ape itaapberry Vinegar, or very au.
eerier quality. at tee 0.517 lowest pric•a, at
fly Federal atieet, AllegtieuY Oily.
George Beaver,. • •
Church Dinaleation.—at, Joseph's Ger.
man Catholic Chorea. on S
litthchnitar, was deduathed yeltardlYr.u.n tr eet.
tan nsoal solemn and imposing ceremonies.
The service. nitro thoclodeii by' the CIOIX
singing lineal's Twelfth bass,
Foot Ilkart—L foot race will nOtne off et
Oakland Park th!s afterooon,et tour O'clock
Wwween Johnny Newell (and Frank Wen.
nerllnk, for 1000 siZe and the Champion
ship of short 11111M000.1. Teo headred
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tell, we mill sell for 124 a pro 3atd. We
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at J. W. Banns' it Un'4.153,1iel tot el-reete •
raisnititz—The plaro of brogues, of Mr.
C. C. tiarbAngb; h-tma, shin.desonatlyn and
ornamental Painter, terd 179 /A
at mok 1.
Allegheny City. All orders lef t tha etre. ntmee
plane, or at No. 43 redethl meet, wlll te
nelto prompt attention. •
Beautiful Fait Consent ILanrne, cheat,
at We, we are mine g at 1 Ehe,and base teem
in Larne quantjtles, and warrant the colon
PNat, at J. W. Barker a co.,ren Xareet
street. • •
• PITO Doilar Usioca—Chint's hand-sawed
custom-made Calf . Boma tor Floe dollar
Oss pair—those are not old stela goody—at
thii Emporium, CO and 87 Filth ' street.
Smithson, Paltrier & Ca •
Country gtnro-keepers vrlll go to the ne
tore, N,lOO Oala street. Allegheny, who
they .111 And ► large •ot or Dry Gond
Ind the largest stook of Healer, and
time In Ute clty, at ben York yroes. •
Cold Rpm.llos Mad Waller et J. T.
Sem plo's Drug Stops, 1t0.19-Yealerai street,
Allegheny. •
Tan lreiy Lataas acy , ca or Wats, Cain,
and Straw Goods, at Courapy /*V..%
No. to JL Clalr street.
Ton bast buy roman LlquOri of all
laud. at. Jokoopa a. Vlooll'a Distillery, No,
1440,91, 19a and
Hamlets Crash Towelling , at 6 wets wr
yard. at the new store, No. 120 1.)/do street,
The examination of applicants for so
mamma CO the HUD Salami commences hut
Te be Dediented.—The new Y. E. Church
at alanebeater will be dedloated on nest
C. 11. w i llA .pec,„l
Councils be held Ws tenl ii or City
rOll CUI Bay x.. naps ,at Joseph 8
Plztoh.h. •
You win 110,1 a Dental &Mat,bailment
at .1e fc. menu Drs. eilli atililesple. •
The Heat Indira for the least Motley, e
. 31114 there, X.. ei Market at.
Fresteh Sty/s st V) cant
per peed. _Pro.loo Ohio street, Al/eghetlY• •
imr Cam. laolabol at
riracliiitiOcuil Local News on
Third Page. r
- - .
i'O L . . OO E — COLLINd. —do the iftb Inst.. b 7
/L O. /tomtit. M. POLLOOK. of
L 1.111.100 COT/IW e fa; and Illss
NNIC CoLLIMIL of Etna. Alleabiny Coma.
No. 100 rotate street, rl immerge, ro.
GOFFIIit of AU kinds; CRAM If LOVED, and
,„gtrg description of rimend lorniseing Moods
tern istagt. Booms oneood der.nd night. Marge
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Itaramoncis—Res. Meld:dem D.D. Net.
At. W. Jsroleis;ll.D., T hostawltotar,l/4., Jr
G„` ricKu .iummEn. •
• usual'', zusAvues late ,
am.. l Rodgers. No. We mate Street,'
Shred duo,, from BUM. Anegtigay glty. Ys.
mule Ro m w oodlliabotroor, Walnut end Rose.
road . Unltalton Ceitio. 'at trio Unrest reduced
priceßomeo open at ell bones. der and MOM.
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T.& IIIS AND IMO aLKEIOI, Mabel:tea.
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Malleassta, Livery Wan* corner W 14011.141 and
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math Wad. animal sII kidda;'" Man. 4
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• Two InTrvms.
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E 11179 of InterNtlas readlar sme& latlnoing
leadunr Editorial. Idtant °ewe by Snlearadt
and Man. .valontdo Ratak , Nai1... 10, to
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6111fleSuiver11... 11.6..
Club. of Fire...,
Club. of 1'0n....... 1.16.
—Led Cue copy Cl An, the Demon Witt'
CD the club. ir tine. can be matt• at
ear time, et club rates.
Norm.. To ticooOtiomtS.- 1 0 orderfte 'err
paper. be tare nod specify what OVUM rt■
want, ee we Issue a Weinesdee Edltto. (Dr ewlw
scribers Devitt: bet op e mall o week. •
id' d 0... by Draft. if:press. Napery Ordrrr.
or la Seetete red Le :tees, may be .eat et oar att.
Addre.i, OAZIETTF,
P1+13DITIt(111, P. Inca.
TUX. WEAlit Er.—Tarouttlid ta sloe
ated on the watt ban:toe th e A11.a..4 rear, it
...pc. sn. Pitts or gh !The lots
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apted for - cottistiy restdenceth . Itno th
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eouutry. Person: desirous of starting ma etethee
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wool. II factories: paper milts, cc. . .Cold d
the location. near the river or ralltoad, adinthate
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encouraged to purchase by modern- pr ees and •
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walk,. coal. Ilmettone, an.. and ratitoad sad
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Trains on tuba Western Penutylv”la Itallsosst
pass to and fn. 'ruentunt. east sad sost.
e. tunes daily. For a tnap -uriey of the lots
We. St. X. UNAUIi ;Milli/dig, St its
rts.Ntsee near the Soda Works. or J.
VIANCE, Tareutem.
DEVLIN As SILL.; Beat Estate
and lemma. Agent., Butler et., Law
renceville. ta.
roN. RA Lw--11.1:: U r.GOTDRING IST
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, erms road* 10'0011 Otrchsiera. ftno;ltie
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`Olt BALE—That v.bry value- .
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, Fruit and Berry DIEM*
66 WIPER Prilevra
' , JOIS:24iBTON & scam,.
Fine Watchese 1 1 E10;Rs. Jewel*
•Ao. fl 4 L.T.+TrIC STIZEVa.
1.11 - toollour, Pease. -
41r Partin! az •ttaatloe lima So Itemarlic
Warmer. Gloats .04 invelry. All work war
& CO.'S
FIFTH ST, PM/burgh.
Dally 000simaents of Bankroot ft.oeka of
. z d ocarro...o P.M of tho 1:111100 oat.. to Do
Wholesale and Retail,
MLH•R..' 41 , 111EIVR‘, CIIII.DEV , B LXU
YoTITHr. , E,71.D. BHOILb, hiAITERS,
DOMErortC WRY (MoDS. •
con , :i•Dta, SHIETS IRU D... 547 61 14.
0 LC. Xs. 141 , 11ERY.
. also, ADM from m. mazufactarius, ' • '
ingrain, Rag and Linen
At Auction Prices;
U roman! OLD MD.
.1 1
N. 13.—Tonnttnre .11 Nontobrold aeons tot tint
at Auction on Vitali tinDAT. .•
sarrasox. PALIZZR
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Airrir. QUALITY. 'f
liu..nours 9.okur.nlcu..
dose Is .seall. Too. who desire s large ens.ri
s, see Tarr. MI. • ktil•lhrws
. RUA& ,CLOSB & CO.,
Practical Furniture Hanufactoren
Caton nolo* or IRTANITITET. eooriostit
Howard's Livery %tapir,
1111.32 wrazrr, aear Menomatipis
One BOWE.eery mote to deem ent i net
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• Wholesale and Retail Grace!.
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