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T. P. SWOP x P
rdltOrx. Business .11.. ire..
ornez, uszrrrz surcnuro.
261:144 AND 66 FIFTH STAXET.
!tali; :Ceiticia Pars gluten Pentpuis.
♦ed CLIMAJLEC/AIL PAPER in the Iltete.
moos or wiz DAILY:
3 "*"''Mw Sudiorrbisi, " TrePett w"l sLag.
Address. - 641ZEM,
tjrt Rittslntrgij Gayttt
Conrinclistox nen been suspended in
tremely dull in the
itsto Contention will
sport an .Wecinesday
next, June 27t13._
7 - Fnnn were but nine deaths In Pitts
burgh daring the week ending June
16th, and mien the week previous.
FRANcit evidently anticipates no war
in th . e. near future.. tier army in to be
still etiither decreteed, by - order of the
Emperor. •
AT TIM RACE which took place yes
terday between "Dexter" and "Ethan
Allen" at Jerome Park, New York, the
latter won the three hemp. malting the
best time on record.
Tun death of Ex-Gov. Henry. Dodge,
of Wisconsin, and formerly United
States Senator from that State, is
nounced. He had . attained the ripe old
age of elghty.tive years.
.Tus Cincinnati C'vminercial •has been
advocating the .nominattort to Congress
of Mr. Richard Smith, of the Gaz.etti,
of that city. The motion is numerously
seconded, and it is L not improbable pat
be nominated.
TIM 81:nt.'s's Powrz,ot Turkey refut
sea to suspend hostilities in ,Candla, but
is Willing Ilia the Great Powers inquire
into the alleged grievances of the Chris.
thins, the Porto to be represented in the
commission of inVestigation.
TRH SCIIRATT TRIAL drags! slowly.
Icsterday the only important Point es
_tablished by• the prasepution was that
prisoner and. Booth were drinking to
gether in a low saloon in Washington,
"an the Clay of Lincoln's assassination.
• Fronus B. Pustrrow, Esq., now. in
Frwee t la "supplying• the Cincinnati .
Commercial with a series of letters ex.
'ceedingly clever and well written. For
eign correspondence tests the abilities of
most journalists, and but few succeed in
adding to.their reputation as Writers by
sketches from abroad.
Ten CABLE announces a aingular at
tenfpt of two hundred aimed men' to
'take possessiim of Rome, and then and
there to proclaim sr Republican form' of
government: The attempt was too rash
to be accomplished with anything like
success: Forty of :the revolutionists
have been cast into prison.
Mn., WADE'S suggestion forfora redis
tributibn of property *me to lugie
yieldedrio other result, than 'damage to
his character as a statesman. The same
is true of 31r.: CIIANDLYLIt'A proposition
to seize the . Canadas In settlement of the
Alabama claims. Both theseantlemcn,
doubtless, realize by this time that it is
( ) Rey to ssy mischievous things, but dif
ficult to escape the consenuenccs of the
Tna Padadeinbia-Lager building was
lesteiTtaty taken possession of by the pro
prietors of that prosperous • journal. It
is doubtless the finest and most complete
structure devoted to newspaper purposes
in the world. The occupation of-the
premises was celebrated by a grand din
ner at the Continental Hotel, at Which
some eight hundred persons were in at
tendance. The feast post the trifling sum
of. $15,000 to Mr. Chiles and lus partners,
LEADING =mans of New Orleans
have united in bearing. testimony to the
worth and integrity of Collector Kellog,
against whom serious charges were pro.
ferred to the President. The main fault
of the Collector appears to have been his
sympaihy with the Republican party.
The document impugning hie character
for honesty, mentioned thirty citizens
of New .Orleans, who would attest
the truth of the charges when called
upon. Twenty-six of the gentlemen
named have signed a paper endorsing Mr.
Kellog and denouncing his accusers,
while the remaining four are unknown.
Tng Avernus Earranon Szcludes
Fosauth in his general amnesty Prods;
motion to all political prisoner& 'The
latter but recently 4 protested against the
regeneration of Hungary by the crown
ing 'of frauds Joseph u her Emperor,
cueing the following language: .
"If I may not carry to my grave the
satisfaction of success, let me kt least
take with me thither a hopelor the fu
ture of M country!. Lead bee not to
such sacriticea as may rob me even of
this last bopel
"I know that CLSBAIWILL'S role 1110
unthankful one. Weigh thou, however,
the remembrance that CASSANDIA teal
fight r..
Twit arciage daily attendanco at the
peella Schools of Cincinnati is 16,Etegi
out o, 9:1,544 youths of school age in the
city,, The salaries paid teachers aro as
Principals of ihe Intermediate Schools
receive for their first year $1,809, which
is increased ;MO each year , until it
reaches the- maximum 0,100; First
Male Assistants, $1,200, increasing to
' #1,500; Female Assistants, $BOO, in
• creasing to $800; Male .Teachets In poci
- lions of Female, $7OO, increasing to
In the Illetrlct Schools, Principe!! got
$i,600, increasing to $1,000; First ,Male
'Assistants, $l,OOO, increasing to $1,300;
• Female 'Assistants, $4OO, increasing to
$700; or Male Teachers in their places,
$5OO, increasing to $7OO- -
Music Teachers receive each not sr
rending $l,BOO Ar annum; braving
! Teachers, $BOO, increasing' to $900;
Gymnastic. Teachers. Male, $1,500; Fe
male Assistants, $BOO.
The Superintendent has $2,500; Clerk
of the Board, $2,500; Superintendent of
Buildings, $2,500; Librarian ' $1,200;
First Assistant, $650; Eccpnd Assigint,
t 35 0-
—The North Carolina gold mines,
which were worked before.tne war, it is
announced,areagain coming into notice.
About eighteen or twenty stamp milli
ate op and Wing erected, tour or live of
which aro nowin lull operation; • and at
one of tho mines. known- as the Huey
Mines they have a tematateP mill•whith
is now producing g,lOO in bullion per
day. The North Carolina papers 11 49
that timetable minors froM California,.
• with Lugo experience in gold reining,
having examined the mince of the State,
hive pronounced them equal to the rich
valley' and mountain gorges of that fa
mous State. .!
,ndenee }lnd.:fib Gentle.)
btannuut. lane 19. MI.
.The Filmy Judges met in Convention
Isere Yellenlo.. to anutt the. vetesreat at
the late Republican t o ril l " it4
the ration.. candidates. . P. Uon
' lin. formerly of UM 4th Pan:Wg? . .
• - aim wee notolmited dearth...! oter all
' 4 mmpetltorkby • large oraMeity.
'ant rouser bravely all tbroueh the
war, woo a good aohller .4 the Itepubll-.
cane will reward els hismirm by elentlag
Llm to the. urt Lrittelature, with an over
,helmlub .1.1. % Connelly melt , -
ell the nomleation for Aloe/elate Judge)
. T. J. Morrison tor County Trouurer. and
one wagon Darla for County Cceerpleelork•
, er. The la a strong React and will be Imo.
ceeatul. - -
The County Committee wee re-organised .t iny_ for Chalrinan. The non.
watt. adopt. a resolution
. (avert/1 aft. Railroad Law. . •
Y. 0. geelm, formerly a member' of the
15111M11 4 0121 Ude county, wee ono.,
... , 'Wtte to tbe State Cementite. at Wil.
mammon, and, - although ne, instroetione
were even,. he .111. you for Judge
llama f or Juan Of OUNCateFOuth
• -
STARLIS/T, . _. - .f
t t
' 4 ` .... ''''' -- . 1. =- --- '. = '-=',.'",, -. -;---_,..,--;"=" •
.&,....-- k r --- ,
- , -
. . ,
- -\\ h ~'" - - _• 1 , , ....?? , ' ,1
_r__._._;/lifVi', ris ,: -. " : 441.77, X;i ----- :" --- 4- . 1: 74 , - . -. ..: r, : .
__2,1;;,"!-at"":4,..1.! ./.1 1 . „ , ,
; 1- 7 = 2 , .1
: 1
_7' 1 1
)1 I 1 , I -''''..- -I: 4•!-7
-- : : ]* . ,° l ":- --- 1: _ lll . ,-:- ._2..-.--7,_5.--.±':.t_'.'l.-- ' . , L
10 4 41: % j. j. '/ ' i i ` -I
"*\ , / 1 ' ' -:--- 14 -7- '- • -,-..1=-I',lt-17-23.,:ti,,,,,..f1fig...___.
_:- , --_-- .- 4-- --------,!.. -.2_74-- t:. - 1 - * -- - - ----''------"
.1 I
- -----/
An Important Witness Turns Up.
(By r Taltrespli t 4 the rittthar . gb ravthe• 1
WASIMOTON, el ur.e i%7.
Judge Fisher decided the Court would
follow, the common practice as to the mat
ter of recalling witnesses, : That a
witness should consider himself dmelmagod
after his examination, .unless told to cc
Brooks, stabler, recalled, testi:l.l-11as°
seen Boolh.Atserett and Harold conversing
with Berndt at my stable. Had a conies
cation with..ataerott about the trip of - Sur.
rail% lieshowed me the conclusion of a
letter from hermit, and Atkorott mild be
had a letter from Barrett, but be would not
let me see It all. I read the concluding par-
Atkerott said the letter was
dated' In Itichutiend. . and Stirratt un
derstood the -datectivmwee° alter
blue 'and Was - =king his way , North
as feat as be eduld. That was le the
early part of Aprtl, led. Tie con versalum
between us commenced by Atterott
tag ma out on the taretueut and telling me
about the /otter. I asked Atierott to let
me sea the letter. I understood Serrate
was making Ms way north from Iticlimoitd,
aniline. the may dninculty demos was
as that detectives were after him. I and ra.
stood Size otL in WWI govltrnment
tectbres. When thew men came to the eta.
bias theywould go to the hack end and eh
gage In consersation together in a low toes,
at least ! could DU near what was said, roc
they wore atileast one hundred and twenty
lent from me.
Jun. W. Purnphroy, John Fletcher and
JohnF.JattlytosUlledlo ration." matUre
related m the tomer trial. ,
Alter recess Miss tlonom Pitepatrlek,
won lived at Mrs. Surratt'e, testified that
Surratt wan intimate with Payee. Booth,
Atserott and the other coneptratoret , and
they had interviews at nire.Surratt's house,
on D etteet.
George F. Chatifn was exemined to car.
rot/orate Myna and liobartle etatereent. and
testified to seeing the han dkerchter marked
J. U. hnrratt, found toy Blveri on de, Wed.
nesday after thoaseamthation. Witness got
the handkerchief from Wynn and gave it to
one Of linker'' , detectives. named Grinnell.
Benjamin W. Vanderpool, or :New York,
testified he was in Washing , on, April 14th.
186.1. I saw Booth on that any and spoke to
Mott I sate blip three - times on that day.
Saw Booth first at WillinPe. sateen - aids on
Pennsylvania Avenuoi bet ween; loth and
11th, or 11th and 11th street.
The pnaoher was called to sttoul up.
t estloa—Did you too the ptl.uer that
Ausursil sat him it She ranee tut men.
Monett. Ire wee wltlVUtllkes Booth anti tern
or three others. Tot,' were elt !Ins: around
a table with glasses on It. I hod been tot!.
psymilister's, and mutat g down:leant music
at rho place refers,/ to and went In it, and
a ballet dancer was perlormusg. The lute
Booth was at was a round one, and he and
hleeom were talking. I saw them
/ Was isltadu • few • feet Of.
Chem. bo afar shiest th le.
Cromsezamlned, by Mr. Bradley.—l did
not speak to Booth 101001 eon him la the
place. I saw Booth and his compan tone
were engaged ltfronverautlou. I was only
attracted tbgre by MUSIC. I norm . saw her.
rate, before, ore until now. I took a
gooailook at him thLe lnee,
morning, and menu
' nlsed him a. the same man 1 our 'with
Booth. /am •I to/:dent that I raw Soma/
as that I see you now.' This wan stime alma
la the afternoon, and might hove been alter
three o'clock. I cannot remember how they
were dree.d. Tbing /Numb and Starrett
hul then . bats MT. Mill think Surratt then
wore a goat.; If he did It rag a very light
one. I do not remember the hall, brit think
It was at a ball called “Metropolltais
Wlttrus was asked why
„he did not
eoutrounlcalsthese facts before, give
us reason that It was known lie wag Intl.
mate with Booth. and he was Jecroa ny
brfrer alum and he then hastened to tits
reg ment. Witness never mule intn state
ment to any ono until now. Wee neVer
summoned no a witness In this case, but
f• baying bean that the. Street. trial was In
sew-so se. If stir:att. vru env .f
the men h o witl.flooth, and reenenl4,l
laltnaki one of the party. lie then In formal
Mr. Carrington of the 1.6 awl Was placed
oa the •tan d si lenntss. 5 •. •
- • •
By Yr. • Plm•re.,ant—Vll.thera Lax a Cr ,,, t•
faculty of recollecting laces be has one.,
seen, and bat been subjected to a test of the
neat:ion. By Mr. Merrick—Woubl you
recollect the race of the woman 0110 free
Ana.—Uld not pay much sttentlon to her
Giza My attention was tlireetokk. to her
hews. [Laughter.]
The COOrtthen took a forum till to-mor
Departure from Washinglon—thalle-
Uwe flame—heeretary 11.11.
Ilia Fiugar—irtrat Wood for Delta
ware—Tiworath Philadelphia With
out Ittappi mg. Qe•.
th 7 Telegraph to Yltteberge tiesetic•l
Was atworos, June 21. 447.
The rreaddentlit party left at. 11 quarter
to eight this morning. The Postmaster
General left last night, nod Join. the party
la New York. Secretary Seward and Gen
eral Roman accompany the President. Alp
Stoeckle. itneelan
n lee thelmrrY as far es New York.
The President was received at tho rail
road station by Knights Templar with He
lical° honors. The large crowd cheered as
the party ramrod off. •- - •
Aar/aroma Jiffs Tina. SZO a. r.—Govornor
Swann of Maryland, here came on board
and paid hie reepeeta to Lila Pre•ldont and
secretary Seward, and acoatopanim them to
. _ . .
Governor Swann handed to the President
a letter oonebedin conioltruentaly terms,
and enclosing a revolution of the Maryland
Constitutlonnl Convention, cernestly in.
viting him W Melt Annapolis, - on his ro•
The President, in a riete;bensed the Gov
armor to return his th v.
anks to the Conven-
OOP fOr WA mark of their confidence and
en,pect, saying that if precticable ho ' writ
visit Annapolis on the oth Inst.
8AL2111101.. .ag u A . X.—s the /Min
re.ched here, IL e cro 11 wd was In attend.
alma The President was received with
cheer.. '
gatMenite, lone 21.-9:0 A. x.-or. arri
ving at the Philadelphia and , Wilmington
..I=4„he c
nh rzwehetroidr,stem.hledsooz
tar? Seward.
A delegation of the Baltimore Knights
Templar here joined their brethren of
Governor Swann Gofleeter of Gastonia.
and ethers, took tho ' ir lease. Many wren.
• came Into the elate carte welcome toe par.
ty, and wish 'them s pleasant journey,
Thermulelpal authorities of Math:core I
and many prominent eltirens had esteinlat
the hospitalities of the city tot netreildent,
but the Invitation was necessarily declined.
• Witstilewros,
O Dot., Jena 21, 1.2:50 r.
The Maiden?. wed through hero at It:30. I
The train paused live minute.. Cheery were
even, and President Johnson and Stem. ;
tary Seward shook hands why, the people ,
lir.Seward had a flare, hurt, lieneclared I
'hie was the fleet blood idiom 10 ware.
Putt anstrain, Jue2l.—Tlin Presidential
party passed through Irpat Ph Undid Mita at k
. nail nut one o'clock this afternoon without
stopping, going ever tile bow cum:Mellen of
lb. railroad from Deltimore to Trenton.
Tissues. June 01-040 r. —The Pres!.
dent's salute was fired by Mb State author-
Lies when the train reached this oily. The
crowd reaturt to the mato oar, where the
President wail Met. by Governor Worland
the State officer.. Tbo Goveruorrucerted
the l'resident to the platform and Intro
domed him to a large number of persona
Melodies Marty ladies The Governor end
thou aCcompuylng him came into the cur
andpiad their respects to Secretary Seward.
NEW Lausewics, June 21-3,30 r.
large crowd came to the car and the Pt...ol
den& shook halide with many citizens.
SeCratarr Seward also apneared on the plat;
'WM, and with the Prealdeet received the
hurrahs of the people.
Earaameru, Jana number of Persons
assembled at the depot and paid their ru
in the President. •
Nswaritr, Juno 21-1:30 r. or--A large
crowd was at the depot, 'she cheered the
DD J... CITY, 5 y
r. s.—The Prealdent and
arty were met b Mayor a nd
of Now
Y a ork-city, and Admiral Ferment and staff.
The cheering was anthem/tattered frequent
ly repeated.
Admiral Farragut'a tog was In waiting to
convey the party to
railway ahlo Franklikt.
As the tog loft the pier the thou
undo of person. Haag the dock cheered
the visitor. while unites were fired from
Governor'sisland. The flags of <ark,ns
thine were displayed in all directions. both
from Steamer. and sailing craft -
The tug having relented the Franklin, the
President was welcomed on board by the
aring Of a salute from, the leiltorleS, the
ship's baud playing, meanwhile, ' , Gall to
the Chief,' yards rearmed r and' sailors
Admiral Yarragut had previously i.lied
a largo company of ladles and gentlemen,
who were on board and pat Defeated In pay,
lag reepeina to the President and Secreta
ry of State. -A doe table of entertainment
wt. provided for the party by the Admiral,
and all Were delighted with his attentions
in showing the warlocks puts of the ship.
As the party left the Franklin on -the tug.
the baltre.rles of the wee.' tired another aa.•
MO, aS also did two trench-frigates witein
slaw of the Franklin.
On baud the Jean liart the bend played
anal! Golumtda." 'The President and Ad.
Udril Farragut. who were a
llowed bow of the
boat. lifted their bate and in compli
ment of the cheers with which the French
men greeted them.
The Presidential party landed at l'icr No.
...d, end by them escorted through
—head": to the Fifth Avenue Hotel, White
zbout o'clock. -
-All along the _! al
oute the Prealdecit wu
grated with cheers W°llr.
tade lot the street. and ww lugbeadkOr.
eble . by ladles from window. an,: 4 10 E;
mes. The sans throughout was of a Moil .
enthalisatie end °unties character.
New Teak, Jane 21,—The arrival of the.
President way not Made the occasion of any
MMUS! Orterrionies'of recent-sea of a tor
n:al character. At nine _o'clock the Prcel.'
dent and Utile easelown to topper, and all
routed early. =arta made to obtain a
sDeeett tram the President Were tactual!.
ittg., • • '
Spertal Corr espo..nee Pitta.vrxh Gazette.l
SaLmaJ(liamar,) Jme W , MT.
- I have been here Mora Saturday after
noon, detained by the washing out of a
small culvert below bore. Me hot. to fret
off at noon. On Friday eight and Saturday
we had a a UOCCIatOri of PS heavy
_ shorten as
I ever saw." All the little streams were
swollen to the sine of little riven, and the
Smoky 11111 Is eald to be higher than It has
been - for six or seven year.. The level
prairie on which the town stands sea liter
ally one broad shallow shalt of water en
Saturday evening.
1 paned from my friends who are going
to pond Creek—two hundred miles east of
ElieworthLon Saturday morning. The par•
ty eonsisted of some twenty gentlemen,
amen whom were Major General Hancock,
Johla D. Perry,ilirri., President of this road,
kirt bhoemaker, Chief Contractor., Ron.
Maier, Thomas, of Maryland, Hubbard, of
West Virg inta, Mr. E. D. Kennedy,. of Nos.
barb, xeveral correspondent. of Eastern
papers, and others.: intoeether a very Otte. I
ant pa
It was at drat arranged that I
uld go:but it
return afterwards arranged
that 1 should to Lawrence or Lear
en worth to moet the Senatorial party—
sone forty in all—conslating of Messrs,
Wale, Trumbull, Comic!, and others, who
have just returned from their exeurelor
river the Union Pacific Railway of the
Platte. I like the arrangement very well.
On Friday afternoon, after the main body
of the excursionlme had left ea, we had a
tremendous hurricane. the severest, Gen.
Hancock add, that ho mid ever seen on the
plate, One tent was torn up and prostra
ted, another was drawn from its featenia.s.
A frame building was blown down and scat.
:oral over the prairie as if It hal been dry
leaver. We dared not remain in the tents,
snot it was hard work to draw up afswinat the
wind. Bat there Witallodtmger. Thence,.
Was truly sublime, especial/it an the north-
seat, where the dark clouds. tinged with
eone, tossed In the tannest In the
wlldest aortfusloe, oaueing stetningc optical
Merlon that drew_ the attention of all the
party—the app....Mee of a Teat lace with
well defined grassy shore on the sitar side,
farthergo nod tugged mountains on the
chore. The storm lasted about an '
hour and a half, and then partially hailed.
Some time lathe night, while we were all
In Our tents, it began again, and was little,
if any, less violent, and continual about two'
hours. This wait accompanied by the broad
.t and most vivid flashes of sheet light.
Meg I over saw. andeo leoessautthat thorn
ws4l hardly an interval of one second of
darkness. This, WO, pared over, and I fell
abaci,: Out long before daylight I wint
atmaed again by toe dulling of rain upon
the canvas a. If the window. of heaven had
been opened. Alter awhile I pot my hand
out upon the ground and found that the
water had filial the ditch and was Sowing
into the tent. I had no light; but I got up
and put my blankets, Ace upon a table.
Placed other things upon boxes, then
Mounted the table and 'tetanal to the herce
oboists and dashing of the rain upon the
tent. At length mcknlegrliwned,and when
wo went out all was quiet and cOmparstiva
IT pleasant- About awn It poured down
again and then agatuomusing- the flood of ,
stitch 1 have already spoken.
About nine *leek I took leave of my 1
friends and telt the Fort in company lath
It. it. Shoemaker, Esq.. Assistant manager
of the and, and Mr. Wallace, in a spring
wagon, lo go to the MOS at Clear Creek,
three or Ina tulles distant. On the way we e
came IC what Is ealledranch. When 1
made !mama moaner, abou a t
it. Mr. Wallace !
kindly proposal to leave me and return for
me in an hone. Intralutteng me to Mr.
Falser, ennui the contractors, I was Melted
In and had a very Pleasant time. - Thera :
were eight tali es, mostly the trivet, of tne
',enactors, lovely. Intelligent and accom
plished, and a number of gentlemen. We
awl a pleasant and interesting converse.
trio, and partook of n bottle of fawned
ehampagne, very goad. Mr. Fisher gave
me several specimen, of stenos and dal.
Mae et the latter I think is very valuable,
being more ninety white than chalk, and
so soft that it had to Le handled carefully
to avail puirerietag it.
As men; render. may wish to know what
kind of a habitation • ranee le. 1 shall at
tempt a description of this one. Ylnit—ati
excavation it made in the side of • bank or
blur, thohaek part of ' , nigh is left nearly
perpaidmalar as .wall. A stone wan,
one hundred and twenty lent long and wine
ten feet high, with a number Of Wale win
dows In it, runs Wong the (toot of this exca
vation, leaving a clear space of sixteen feet
by tweedy. From the top Of the wall to the
bank small rough logs ere lad tacitly, and
I upon then° what I took to ho a large mew
i of. rairie grass. The wholes large
with p • heavy coating a earth. sufficient to
keep out the heaviest rain; for nots
wlootanding the deluge of the night
before.tla is ranch was Nifty es if not edam
had fallen. It war Is rough bat Teary-Com
' inedible hanitatlon, and must be very warm
In %Miter. The bank here was 'orenteared
of eiroug particielorod Way, of • stone
clar, ittrehhw with Vermilion. I oleatal
. nIT a small sorcitnen. Them aro many
• ranched that roglen, setae of them
en 0 4 41.1. I sawn few widen were mate
. .
no selut to the...Lk out here that Wells
deg A or JO feet deep and used waning, without
1 exanitma ono to-day at the rail ,
Md station at ado place , which Is not yet
nMshed. It Is about fifteen feet In diame
ter and in now dut to the depth of a feet.
la is round. and Um ride.. winkle are pretty
perpendicular, have more the appeal..
of rough plautareol walls than earth. Prom
top to bottom there eeems to be no , d 1 Per
once in the roll or earth. It le • nee gray.
loin send, similar to IL e maul or mud bars Of
the Bliscourl.. The water of the wells here,
is Duro and, pleasant to the taste, and if
trellsare dull to the proper depth they an
Cr fall. The Oceania are narrow In the
channels and have high beaks fringed with
Itrvoo of vertuor kinds, principally of Cot
tOrt wood. These remarks waif regard to
the COMpartnals Of the earth, wells, 'water
and streams. apply to ell the elate Of Itan
an tame I hare teen it—Shout 2..1 miles.
In many swainml they are very fine
The Smoky tall which has it soma. not
far tlils side of Pike's Peak, end Ups a
course of notices than font hundred Mlles
ittxrde thin place, a sail rising. and has
overflowed some extensive flats shove. tae
rain Must have been tremendone hp to
, ward. the mountains. J. C.
[For the Pittsburgh tiszette.:
To the Netoory of Moe ltel'ettOeo, of
no. arca War, dame tram shore to sham
Thu srhlrl•Shd . 4 /I sarse—lts tusbing sweep,
heft thunders erasih ehafed ocean, roar.
Au aralhache's crgahhsg leap.
Brightl7 ynml, le glesmin R,
Pr.gul ibewdb prboclng. garlands ...tabbing
umb bdir.l bw wds sotheathlog.
blatiwr'sbliw their deep 4 - rays rs brb &thing.
Proudly the •rm'e. ere marching
o the music of Mt eLdbasa,rtiot.
Dresot ltd Its Jeep ardor strelllog
1./cremator tee drew! strife to come I
ilems bottles Sr. fauett. low Ile the two,.
tureen es dead Wee the Odle
The Hera Iles without &grave
Shrouded to pserder, mud and rale:
And Iron than nory
Ara s bothe the bhrteb • of the wounded
Flow death by "serail. to Weld,
/e'er rein:ore Oa - elided
Tte a phlie Lope.. the deeds so great.
la Week ohllelon'teembre
ee,spe se dire • fate,
The le,gtheoed cries o e'rosat eel
Start the thousands at the 517.
To hospitals and b.ttle•deld.:
tome I m their eager Impulse
♦nd at m. in ire thoughtful toll al - hoina
71{o sickind weunded to supple
'With nourishing diet. with wine.
.And Jeilit., and pillows. and sheet•.
That no hero la lone airgrlsb plus.
♦id wbo, vt I b porp"o more Lublin.
Th. tapixlal 13
lAbauttql In 11414 SClAralini• bUrninK
nuppling neg. net recurringly.
rint.enr, never Weaning.
tiumgbtfui. unnit
In toil gg.t.triduring.
}invite wltb Wier prescience stringing
Laraa waled. noldre,eaV4 woman.
For e,aer, or wealth; for rook or fame.
Thou tollest , al not: had atrouser man
rte.: m. 4 a thoosanilh part: • mow.
Or wealth. or power to Fat.,: wilt(
: &tomer
Vi beardletloaa, lurid prahe
Had heralded his rialog powe,
!fad "'Toothed his brow with laureled hays
She fron her licsui•• im.derneari—
rity or her kindly nature,
lies circuitry riceideerness:
Ifa tr7lortna I Mature
Ur ed. combined .4 earned through
of of Utmost thrill,:
Mires In her irmy coloossi greh,
min set rico of bumanitY.
‘ • :114
the morght.not nealth, oiffsuit's belatiOneed
Urlolant eltaillatione:
More skilled the soldier's caufe to ;lead.
To.poetlee his hovel) fat lois
With stmn ber.l r..ltllife and frail.:
Itupart tug the grateful toll..
wading throne. null. • and deep Int.
410 ice.,
MS We nu the. care Of the 10 (lan.
Bits:6l:n, fur thee the pearly gale.
Gave opened elder pore spirit* Meet thee:
With outetretehed hands the dirlour welts:
In glorloes Inept, MO. oniun greet thee
Who. from the field of em and Wood,
MO agony or utternele.
Paned from their misery to God:
Tu glory lannen.l.ble.
ittssurgh. Jon. 10111,
[UT Telegraph to the Pittsbartla u&t tte.)
The Laiper banquet, at the Continental.
Philadelphia, Thursday night, ft is repro.
seated was a truly grand affair. Speeches
were made by Mayor DAMirbeel. of the
city, Mayor Ilutrman, of Sow York, Gover
nor Ward, or Nem Jersey, De Chaffin, the
arrlnanasplator, nd Ateiht
hundred persons oat dorm,others.
to the ... brolgu g at.
seinen oott fifteen thousAd dollars. the
pro's club was totally ignored. wad' not, a
.Doyle working editor wan tailored with an
Invitation. . •
Capron.• it Is generally expeetel,
well he appointed ContinistiOner of .11griCU,
impeactoreent bee has all
bees arranged, and inn be antenitted to the
H o ." AdN. wnb report sepcnn piny-
In It. "
Queen Victoria Annivereary
The Disturbance Incited by Har
angues Against the Catholics.
Startling New' s from ROHR!
The Gi' et an Question.
Reported Successes of Omar Pasha
16/ Telegraph terthe Pittsburgh Oast tt, I
LOXDON. JULIO 11—torntop.- a dlspeteli
from Coustantinuple gives a report that
the gobilete Porte ha, refuted to consort to
tho reguest of the Great Poiret., pm:term:l
through the collective dipiomatio uote.t hat
hostilities be suspended In Candia. and
that inquiry be made Into Ulu grievance, to
the Clltristlans by a Cortunission appoimed
collectively by the tsyeat Posers and the
Thu Turkish. government Prnfe4., tit
have information from Omar l'agha that he
is making ounahturaolo nsarres, emt hop.,
anon ICI ImbtAm the Cretans.
411.[X . 14 anntrus.• oozy . u•r.
LONDON, Jane Una o‘u
tleth annicereagy of the ace:: P,Or ,
Queen Victoria Of the Unite.]
Belle wero rung. royal salute, bred at et.
James Park, anti tinge are flying nil ocer
London. The Queen to at Wurntoor
this morning.
'MS POP.. 9.107—,tnE
Bingurog srs,J nee ns—The hareoeues or
Maurasd Murphy against Popery led to'ilte
great disturbances here. Wilton the.
few days thorn bars been great exciteinext,
widen looked at 9110 time IS If It would
load to very serious consequences.
At least one hundred thousand people
were on the streets, The mob held Inc ray,
sacked several bosses, nod drarened through
We streets asking rodory
rlJohn Crown° and otter choruses. The
hot act was read and troops were ordered
SO the city from Mactebeater, I,llt were tot
obliged to Lire upon Use people. The pollee
aged their curdasses, and succrol persons
were wounded, Ind none killed.
The eseitentent has somewhat lune.l mut
it . thought the di worhanet has en. 1,1.
Murphy his person...l every night in ma
ting long wad ertetatvo speeches against
the llOrnan CuthOlic Churrh, thilentoet ilk
NOE. &Mem pta to renew the flisord er bury
been put tto.r. SW4 relSerstlvo quiet now
Thdeutborltles et this tnetropeMl Lure
voted? .
to present w Ores.* of oonutntula
hoe to the Empero of Itussla and Frnhee
on their escape.
- 1 —
erieruaa /WM 11031.
FLOnaletr, lupell,—Startlinglltelllceuce
!ma been receivdd from itOwe. lin patches
m.ft that two hundred armed men 11,1 4 r
thrown themselves into the city, tt wm'
supposed with the intention of proclaiming
the 'Republic, but the desperate attempt
t 110,1 nuti forty of the revoirdlott!Ats are
t:eery:es o• vim MILITARY.
Pam., June 21.—The Emperors Govern.
meet has decided to make a considerable
reduction in the military borers 'it ton
The present session of the Corps Leptis
tiff, schieh lies areotoplislaid aleirce amount
of hastness, is appros.thing a close, and the
do; of adjournment is not distant.
[rennin INI'LLI.O to 11116 AYS.I . I.
Ms-Ecvniny.—The Amtrlau
government ban granted amnesty to all
polittcal offenders, including Kossuth.
roirrinenesonin reLnin eicereporn.
Weil:ln.', June bi.—fibelperor Alroonicr
baa le.uu.t • deiced" /Ingramlaic eonneen
*Jilt! WED.
tia.sarrotrra Juno V.—Steamer Scotia
-from Sew York, has arrived.
PAtxooww,JnneTt.—Steamer A nil gn,rrom
Now arrivld. •
I ==!
Losnos„.1000 o..—F:tening—The. Atlantic
and Oicat Western eocisolidattel sharer dc.
alined S peel cent, and cloned to-day at
r11•1111[110T.T . ,Iane 21.—/rentno.—Curled
Mains bonds closed
lonnon, June 21. erentsm.—The lluillon
in the bunk of Lughout mereeeett 552,M0
A ..... r, Jane 21.—Petroteum tlecitned
to 37% per barrel for stanautl White.
LtVatonot, Jane 21—,Ereitle g.—Vie Cotton
market continued steady until the 01010;
pates withstood; rates 10,000 bales mid
dling uplands et 11%;011ratti., It!'., Alvin:.
(too Manchester tinini.oraltik. al rket. for
Woods and Yarns evince. no linp oversee L
llreadetuffiq Improving matinee , I,ro,
which silvarintal early in the Kite noon to
38. per quarter, liar again Improved. and
quoted at the aloft; kan 0.1 for tailed %Vest
am ourquarter. California Wheat imitable
at lk• ild. Barley advanced 1 ;gamy; mow
quoted at Pied per OU pounds for American.
0010 4 . 1 1.. 1 / Penny; laat 33103 no 34 63 per
43 pounds Mr tanutlanaliflAmerltu.n. ream
44,1,41.114.4 IN making 2.1 -for the day, timing
quotations aklla Gil per quailer Canadian:
erwrlalrm market without much alteration.
Lard declined &I; American g1i0 4 434144t 433
rid per wit. Pork 70s. • Beef , Mai 0:I. Moots
41* ad. Aahw nits. at 31. per owl. 11Win
unehanged. Tallow rioted firm at 46e.
Bplrita Potrolepw LI; refined do, Is 2d.
l' La.iialen of linseed nil lit
ispo ' ardlij 4 pel . "41 141 . 5: Sugar other articles
Loarnan..luno 21.—/:renlno•—Usnaoln have
reCOvarad Joanna rated anrly Ulm
Morning and Moiled ataudy 10 114 for man.
ay.. American acannin. , VISIre without
change; 1,110 deolinad . .,,,, per cont. lii,,
Ong patrol-640 bonda,4ll 1111noLa
; Erie. 35. X.
Nerds Anna retteleltns Himself Em
peror—Ttle Vatted Vandal di
rects illtato Depart mad Melt to lte,
f By To NNNNN ph to the Pittsburgh Omeile•l
Now 1 mix, .1 tine-I.—Teo Tribunes Wash-
Mama epee-lel says: The Goiernment is in
formed by thelhilted states Consul et Vora
Cruz, laid Commander Leroy, of the Tulin.
hems, that when Balla Alma tirrlved , there,
In the Virginia. he announced with mold
ernidu flourish that he name there by the
desire and at the requiml. of Jnnrea and
Maximilian, and backed and sunpornal by
the United States Government, to lake con
trol of the MezlcanGovernment. These
facts were intmeilletely mole known to Inc
United ntatee Consul and Commander Le
roy, who, believing Banta Anna's atatetu cm
mho fatal, name together and 0013.010.1 ne
to the emirs. to pursue. Commander Leroy
sconce repaired aboard the Vlrglale and
informed Beata ADDS that he and his suite
meet come aboard the Untied States Vessel
Tullahoma. and spend the meet. It teen
being nearly dark, they were conducted to
the Tullahoma Imp' there all night:
tin the following morning early, Comman
der Leroy bad Santa' Lunn and hie party
again placed nn board the steamer Vlrate
is.,,wltti bee Ilstalcan pusensfere, and was
conducted by the. Tullahoma twenty miles
out to sea. and then act at liberty, with In
structions to Santa And. Ott to appear .
'wain in that vicinity
The Tribunes epochs] nays: There la ra
cial authority for the Mate:smut' that Mr.
Seward enclosed fu Ms letter to Juarez onp-
Pa of dosplitcheie from Qoren Victoria and
Napoleon to the:Yresideut, tusking the UM
tea States Government to me OA influence
wittSsatee to preserve the Ufa at Magi-
The :Hero/dig Mirreepondept write. that
there is urgent need of some one at tholes;
of Government to re t reat :AMarlinto In.
termite and reshare 0 Iltestige of the
led mates, wbinb suffered - coulder4Dll..b7
Voutersit , sx.cassrpoOasoo. . „:
The. CrnemlsAloner of the General Lald
whee steles LG . ° amount of agricultural onl
lege leented In Kannae,hrr here.,
h,r104. over (iietlXlr to be taken. The
aliment of 11 - lemma taken In 3ltnnosota Is
170,611. In Wleeensin rea.nee, In Nebraska
277.,0. Nash mate Is aliment a million.
Peer Admiral lionlon reports from Hirt
Janeiro. May thq return of the Kamm
from the root of Africa. The Wave Matti°
hail virtually tmped.
The United :Anton eteams .Itmlaita or;
rived from the is of Unailnloope, en
im, to Phlindelphla. •
The Spanish Iron', Choi, Neasepellt, dug
Alto of the Itaelfts Squvlron, was at Hlo,- -
Itret•ot. Col. Itobett COtatels , -
, nbsistenee; and Chief Coattail...TT
or the Departtuent, of the Lakes, bee been
etateaual at ChlesWo.
rearrika ItITES;
The Amend or llon. bane Nea l :on took
place I Lilo afternoon. Tim renouns were.-
monpattiml by numartme Mend. to the Bal
t mum° depot, anti thence conveyed to Phil
oded phin for interment.
01 , 11 1a1N51.1...N-Jal.rucAN Tamura.-
It Is ascertained from General litiateml.
who Is roan:11.11/w of The Del/arta.= of
ltregon - and WenthlUcton Territory, that our
recant ly acquired linsalan.Aumtican Writ
tory la to to attached to tilt military J.rt.,
• • .
Tne .
tritn strike tinning the bricklayers upon
the treasury vFteruflon continued. No now
employees have yet been
srrlved metier from Ittehniontl ant) Amiss..
Ils, but%Tore pOralbuled by tile strikers not
to eotuldenee work.
- avvittrx.larrmrrA.
TO° reci•iotw of hatorlml ruverma today
Were f,..1,081.
Norman I:..ludd, t angrovmnn from Chi
ormoortrlrml lo•nll(ht.
Mire Ilninoyabt by kiennral iiherilan
--11,gleiraillin in Eon ii.innn-;;Enzi
fny ura=lll—licilstratles
.1,1,1,1...I:Ito M. oh lisiette•J
N 1... oar...ANN. Julie n.—Geacral Sheridan:l
has Issued an order lowily removing from
unity' Dewily Sherttr John 1.. Whdreore.l
and Constable 1.. It. Wright, of Jefferson ;
.oonly, Teat, lot refusing to aitClllo a I
warrant legally issued for the arrest ofa
tman who lord cmolit It Ohl ansl.oolotlll otalitAr
ier The rulinarVanthorilles ordered
to arrest It. Ivu dimes.
Attorney tits
rat bnbeirvla otihunu. It
carried ut. Iv prabably defball th e lealtl.
cAlm In I..oboana.
General Sheridan telegraphed. IC General
nut yeeter:lay ttoit to, lw.t return. mike
.nn numfmr of regleterod Valet In Louisiana
Tn.,' will !to a lucre Dumber of
Dee entitithl tat ncsisier who will decline
nu ItrwOunt objeottung to Ito 111.1ttary ball.
bovertmr Foizteto. Inn speech, UeettAlne
NA the con tltealltel prOpoiltlon. •
I...toting citizen, of New tlelstaitir
nouttec the chncties tar peculation, etc,
.hrelne t Lolleetor Kellogg., raise and roan*
I..LAIti, Snail 41.—Tise'steamship
st tne nit tots lett thii ally this morn.
rkg 4lth twr. roth.lire , l and Prtsillan
psis rants.
The Sloss tits rtmi ,, trathos het •Iteen
Istiht Ls the tsth rtt duly, in astir Parish
hs^sPl- ..)rtutaS, tv Melt la limiest' taltat Mat
1. 1 TYIE INDIANS. - , •
alleged Itel-bortf tee of a !MY {tarp rota
Drip:anteater* asf
me half age,. '
So. Lorne, .Titan ::I.—Oulatie.dispeitcln,
give the foliowing harharltleto On the Lttls.
at Vert Sedge tea. Colonel Doit.ite had a cit
izen named Hendricks 'logged one bemired
udic" on the bore hock or aeltlOW WhIAT
to adtdlera. ire tha ea:no any, and at the
vole ;:ere., it soldier reeelYed 1.11,11.3,11V0 Srn ideadog 4V. On the nowt dad'
nun" for two hoar* Mr
4elf lea era n ti, utoeenttoiiii and buffalo Waatt
lin tUrOnd Link.. tinny.
The !Attie fuosht entail Idt 0, at fYrallfees.
.tact. in, w,. ii, , tween el my whites. grinned. [
1 ,
, 51 en. 4 n.l t• le i.; it., e'ii irate, to rate far
ow I. int i o• ~..,1 ti eon one noon, .1 In t 0..,
..dre.l I n,1.4,1*. Nll,O 11./12,1:11 W...., pg, , 0..1
•, 1... 1.1.1... toe; 01... lettOe• lin.:nininl no'
lry.. ~.5 i , tn]mn to. in t Joie W1 . ..5./W.. o f
1.% tort .auilern lain Saturday.
. The are outer. Potrero the North
I . l . lalre and INinver. lint trouble enutiuura
::11;:ire ' r t. ; " 4:1 - I “L' of I " 4ll7:annoutlee the
uittridnr !Its Natio•saut forty D+>•
f, wlrL>drapy math ittl e t" , ae "
ti de and muter front /logo F•tritibui
eoil ceot
tided Otill sodier. Gneral_ rhartusai
11»am.: be •Ilsploarbil with the Colorado
roontrers. mOsectentx Oct bele;
iblllelently to otupt. Ile Is still at North
tT Tel♦ to ill, Piosbureb ilatettp.
SAW l 0nc..1 tn.
Tb, dblullory or Hoginnut a Carr, Green
wriuu et refq, OIL. burned thts morning. Loss
slob,Unb In x'ured !or graOoo.
t;eo. Wthlatt, has been arreetett charged
with an attempt to OA. a foram! otieek on
•he that's, 'Mad liana for .1,44 J, purporting
to he etspoStl by Johnston st Co.,lnmber mut
11r+. Catherine they, nue.t sixty-four, wo;
fount 1,0 In her he..., to Mott street, thin
triornlng, with her throat altharenUT eat
ry u broken tumbler. Mr. Allen Sthll.thon,
An 11CCIIP.t or the room. wastarpht.,l On
1, , 1111111C1011. .
nt.ort - mega • necierTioa.
Admiral Ferranti% gave a reeentlonitda
•ittortirein on boatil hfa frigate, Franklin,
to the celliere of the French rueneif•trar In
Owl - h.:ate, the Wile." of tne Navy Yard
artil, , rato titmolerberg, ands large - party of
KKKMS Alt6lr6o-71•W , ASTIICII,I,I,
Tire etAantene City of Nev.- York anti N
Ilr‘o.lin, from I.lrerp'.nl. heoremrtiv,l. Their
hews 11M, beta nutlclpmtekl.
etre..Mr Lotter In Member, from the
toftm Execs.lfe Coria - retolanai
tOy Telegraph to ttial'lttsburgb Pasette.
Wsenixdron. Jolly U. lent.
The following circular letter lee been
issued by lion. Itobart Schenck. Chairman
of the Union Ilepubtitan Executive COU.
grceeloual Committee :
etYsfournrox. It. C.. Juno Olat.-7b II ra
—. Dow slow, of the recent tie.
clenni of the Attorney General of the Col
lett lituttw, and notlou of tilt, ntliultilturat
lion, I, am red:Jested by many Et:public:to
nuoutors and noproventatives to remind
von of the very great importance of being
punctually Prniont ha your pia. to answer
to your untou when the two Houses shall
sundde at twelve o'clock on the :1:1 of Jniy.
I t la thougnt ounentlitl to secure a l quorton,
lf it should only reteuln In sou long
eenuall to puss stone dealaratory acts on
:out:lents of reconstruction.
Very truly nod respectfully yours,
Itousae 1.. beltenen t
Clor. I 'ult. Itnlottgleall Etentitlvo Com
'Governor iletither aaa e.. ion
or /he Railroad Poreharod by Gen.
Irrodottni non Ribero. for Nub•/'oln
plllneu wind Con • .
flit T*lzs spit todlse Pludstash (incite.]
Sr. Lome, Juns , 2l.—Tlse Prmocroes streeist
on;. Governor Fletcher tonify took posse P
.Aitill of too Atlantis, and Foolgo Itzliroad,
formorly knOwnros the !Motif west Itronell
or tile ldlssourf Pacifie s winch woe PflTdfluod
from the Sista by General Ernumnt and as
sof:Mirk, the purchasers having neglected
To pay tilts nr,t snnonl instalment, • dos,
June Sil b, nod otherwise foiled to forlorn,
their eontrntd. The roses has boon flamed
In elinrcfs of General Clinton It. frisk, of St.
bents. Th. GOVI,IIO3''S raltloo inlets with
the (learnt soprornl Of Ito penplo of SOUI h•
west Missouri, nod the pitizens of Colin
hold w lousy meeting 10-n'ght, at Winch Goy.
Fletcher spoke.
Thn Ungluirnilinn Invents'
lloontront loon no to :liana' cavil val.
fors urn Ihniranchlnon.
I 11l TrPenni. to the Pittat,rch intrette•3
June rOpo tolluy
issued special instruction, so the Board of
Regnant 1.1. it. Perm:mph .N :direct* the
Clarke and reporters of the Soprano° Conn,
oleo. of the euperiur and inferior courttl.
gull' the . cl.rks to .nrdluury.. county
trimsureri eniuty ■orreyo_s,
receivers of Ma returns. tan Collectors, tar
receivers, sherltfe, Justices of the pence,
eoroucts, mayors, recorilorn, aldermen.
councilmen, of any Incorporated city or
We'll Who ore ct-nineers of the Colifedo,
stay', and alai preen,. to Ise uter occupied
Sheen offices' and liftimorarde ran [clouted
to the rebellion, are all dlsqualitled am( nut
Mallard to robbitrutlon.,
Drolly Astonistring.—We moan the en•
trunnanary low prices that Dry Ornate are
selling at on the west corner of fdatket and '.
Fourth streets. at Gardner 4 litowartis
great sum of Saw Deals At thin firm's
etortis Isall pew, teelll)iiiteY le at 1/114. 1
I solemed, ers new goOdi can be bought at
le.. than one boll the price that old stook..
bf ..0110l In tilt, city cOst. The emcee. bag
een wonderful. Tile ladle. are setting to
..thintiiiad this, and they are constantly
crowded with eager customers, and all's
. unite 14 'eying theiris are the cheapest
Mensometle Flume Nowstrenslowe—Pol. goods In the city. Teets Dress Goods paw
ley of Conerswe Coodernoest. , rebeaper than before the war led In the hue d ,
( try T,legreph to the Pitutasnee nueste ) I ordir;:;lo rt frge , , o ,thiLleg to tetZe t rkii , ,
' Mae Femme/co, MUM Se..-.Tbe Democratie ' 11,.., or,,,,erriee, oar modem will also bear I
Mate f,onventton tamanated H. 11.
Haight for Governor. WlllimoM 3o ° for 11 In
taTiti , se ' ntr ttnat r A s tw w ,,lP trritr of
a .1 re Gan ,
L l °°loonot G°v•rO n ri n "" , L. °u.r. r 11l ether, amiffourtk p str w e i ets,./i , o. t. r e guava necreiary of Stale, Hobert Watson for ' oour e o mo log ,
Comptroller. A. F. Cornell for Treasurer, . bojootot. w o ootioo oar rood .. to too
and John W. limit for Surveyor-U.I,NA. 1 to,„„_ •. 1
The Convention adept.] reeoluttons con-. ow
donating the reconstruetlon policy of Con. I
_al Ur' f
old, (mt.,.
groin, approsing of Impartial sunrege.Yllll died ln liprtmpleld, Pa., last wont. Do bed 1
frteVN l' a ll ifon ' t ,I * :t l .l! "" ln i TavOr r Vtritt Y ci rn s 'n h ' t. 164 sense. rnr hie th
o ht ereh Y"n" bed:ast ba d t co r Tr y o . rt " cit
e b u onr i l:A g la i n=u:s 3 l7: the conatlon.._ Intelligently of occurrenon that transpired
Flour and nose; 9entefloiiiii h." uouti..iii" i the day and week previous to has insamty, 1
I tusking Inquiries About a Felte of firen ,
--- - - -.. --- . - .:.which debut valued, Of Um Werelg far the
-R.O , Shoimittioes isti Instlintet, . 4 farm nod of old neighboneWho Mai bean
MT 're/errant& to tee Pittsburgh 1 deafer Team The intervening s tpece was
PeTalreacito, dune 21.—negIstration to . ° l'ortO° ll4 allht o illsotemetT.
two wards of this city Glow& teat evening. i _ .
The-hat steed. whit., Mir amored, 1,..m, i . wamaillesig.*The place of business of All. i
le the remsuning two wards, whore saws. C. C. Hartrafigh. house, slim. doooratwe and
(ration Oat li• held-hereafter, 'the' Astute. ornamental Paltiter t is No. FA Lacocketreet t
ere heiteseo.u, be i n ibt,..4.niy,.. , , , f .Ajlenhetly..ll.ll4Miefl WM at the airtWO
At Dlnwhifile UoartflAtille 113 Whltristiad , litheM. Mr 1 1 3 NM 43 Neutral htfeet. will re•
2 / S DOPOW/Ifera Mighiteledt • 001111 prlnilt attanthier, ~ .-
Tne Irst.tess Mao en Siteiord—"Etti..
alien" B.sts Master."
al. , Tek u ....P.bY. PUl.burgh Olzette Vls
rsalea Teternwh Compaq.]
New Task, June 21,
Ac the rued to-dAjl at Jerome Park, be
tween "Dexter" end,"Ethan Allen," the
latter won the 'three heats—Time 2:t5; 2:10
s and 2d7. This is the hest time on record.
Nag Yong, June _i,—The` great match tor
• thotisand ftellars,'betassen Dexter, in har
ness, and Ethan Allan, with running mate,
took place on Fadden Course today. Up
wards el twenty thousand people were pre
sent. Dexter was:the favorite. 11110 io
Another rousing mate bertha. been Aob4li
tut.o.l for Charing°, in ronseque.ce of her
haring one lame, all bets were declared
Off. Ethan Allen won in three straight
heats. Time—a:lN lle.•and :de, the lastest
trine on moons; -Dexter's time 'On the
second heat, 2:10%. •
Benvll-Paragoayan lear—Tlio'elbolera
—The Evaponor at Bewail. nod Val
ved Stales aledlatloa.
lily Telegraph ;ogee Ilttsbarsh Oaret W.)
hew Your, June 21.—AdvIces_from.Itlo
,lanerlo to thee:4h oft.. show that the allies
make no further Prolrreall In the' war with
The contort has much abided In the allied
camp. It lereported to have broken oat'
among Lopee's troop.. L..
in his °laming. snares.. to tho nmalllnn
Parllament air the ma, tbe Emperor add.
that rocenUy the Liovernment of the Urinal
States otter.] flu kindly mediation.' The
allies were graietiel for theme offer,. They
could not, however, epeeist them; am they
were not cohabitant with the' national
The Recital • Final husl—Nurrlvor
Charged with Felonious lionslelde
-Freedmen holters.'
Caatitserox. June 2L—The coroner's Jury
.in the esse of nue, who wen aided in the
!mount loci, rendered a verthot of felon
ious homicide spatted the surviving princi
pal and second. d
lienenti Scott, A•6llltijaCennotiaalbner of
the Freedmen'. Duman, has Issued an or
der enjoining on lolfoordlnate oftleer. 0,11
esfents the importance of the duty of keep
ing the Veedmen folly informed as to their
rights and privilege. under the recent act.
of Congress.
Return of the Ilowursuor from Getlyo
bors—Copinal.Employeros az - nmad
tor Mooting . Maio rYoPorl7.
.jUy legma b tin rithentrith ti;,l
Itantrsecno, June 21.-4/orernor Geary
returned from Cntre-lung today. General
Grant emme at tar an Tork,end tam went to
Sevon ereplbyees In •the Capital were Sr.
ted to-day. charged with •maling boots
talisman. belonmen to the Mare. A large
mount or the Stolen property ems rec.,-
red at &jun Sabot , : intern it but been cold.
be arrested pestles were held for a bear
1 •
Pr Telegraph to the YittaberghOssette 1 .1
Conenao, N. IL .lune :I.—Mille, therm.
enn Is murderer, ...ay.' thin morning from
flarertult Jail, but • was recaptured. tie
PH.I out • atone fire feat long and two I
feet whin, between the cello, ralsotl tip the
dour a few Inches, end . erarrl.l Into the
aPace way. When they were - carrying In !
hla breakfast, be pushed by and Hushed outs. I
hut ws seen before hp got out of - the
'ard. l ie ran about throe-quarters of a
intl., and finding he wen punned, sat down
and gave htmeelf uP , • ,
. Ohio Wool Growers' Convention.'
(fir Telegraph to the Pittsburgh (write.) •
Ccavacann, June 21:—Tisp =Wagers of
the Ohio WOOL Growers , Association here
determined to call * Schur Convention of
the friends of a protective fay, tote held
at Cleveland on Meath of Joly, to consider
the late nomtnaticm of cleneral glares for
Governor of Ohio, Who le understool to ho
es fres trade men.
liiry TelOgrarrall.
try'r , kgrlip6 to the Intssba rah liarettr•)
j Locurral..S., Jane IL—juror ramp, 'ma
J Mee tact Mara inches water by canal mark.
st OIL i
~,,,onClr.;: Wencher Clear tai .n.u))
Alec ram, Jana 21.—FIlyar Warm.
A Ileaatly Mum!item.
i oy T.lto,sph to the Plat obitrOb Ofat11•:-]
Goitre', Dune —Charter Lord man, sex
ton of nor. Or. Garrott's tthurolt, was sr.
{Wilel tills morrang. charged with noticing
them to licentious int=eil"- d It0111 " 1111fa
on 110,000 tor trial.
• nenhtnatieo of • lootteeter. •
[fit Telegraph to the Plaalsargh tiasattal
%%tan eurow, Y. C., June 21.--001. d. P.
roster, collect/Sr of CUStotne him resigned.
The Investigation of the affairs of the office
hr the Special Agent, of the Tronsin7 De
partment. zenith - Al eatielaotorlly and the
charges preferred before the United States
lumintselonar hare been withdrawn.'
The Telma7apb Line le Cuba.
Tairgraph I I Ply Vitt abergb
Sarawarem.inne 2L—Contrunnicatlon was
apessest by telegraph with take City. Fla.,
to-day, thence to ltunto and they
are, hOW only awaiting the cable, OBIS] Is
Nclro laid by the `th Wet., to open the lino
to Cub.
rsited Mates Con.rol to Mexico City, h,,
lx:co apnoluted Mtuteter to Mexico, Vico
CA1,10.14111 resigned.
A Itorderiee Neetaisisod lo to Leung,
(be Telegraph to the ritieheigh Gseeite.i .
tinecuiNATl, Junen—glininel foliage, one
of the tourilezets at Aileen Rawl, bee been
eenteneed to be hengon at Georgetown,
Unto, July lift.
.The Billiard Clanmplotaibip.
tlyiehtraph to the rlttaborgh Odd.
Morton/a., Juno 11—The hart billiard
match rot the Championahin of America
will he botoredi Plea and S. Nelms, of
Frequently depend on good dlgostion, at
leelSt we arc 11.0 tint good health &Oil •
good temper depend on good dlgestum;
which soy of our readers coo have by a
careful attention to ohow good rules of dle
tetici, 000 the nve of r few bottles of DR.
KEYSER'S 111.00 D SERREIIEIt, wham Ia•
valuable .tordc.powenl have metered many
• mental ae well as a physical valetudina •
lima to his 'routed health and vigor. And
nn worier, for It I. &compound of the most
valtlattlu root. and TAWS known CI herbal
medicine. It always does good, and has
rend some of the most lombsoin and ja.
tractable disease. of th e blood wh ch have
over ILMIcto4 mankind.•
• •
If the great ouren made by DE. REI-
S RIC'S 111.00 D SEARCHER could be exhib
ited In their proper light, and brought to
tno entice of the aftlieted, tt wepid be n o..
(erring a boon nu the world. Anil, besides,
Dr. Repter..
Maid Dr . Searcher to no secret
remedy. There Is not • plant or root need
that will net be illl.lll
known to any one who will solicit the In.
formation in ei proper manner. its loam,
!louts are perfecto.. appl icable In all non
lebrlle and hilst - the Mood'
Searcher eradicates all Old and stubbern
diseases, It at the same time takes away
the &Mit IMO (0 moot contagion. and malar ,
ions 41.essee of an acute character, and It
logs so by fortifying the COUStltlattOtlla
..trength and adding tolls power of rraist
Ask for Dr. Keyser's Bloat Sekreher,l4o
Weal street, and take no other. One dollar
por bottle, els for kf...
Consultation rooms 19 , Vann street, from'
k. tt. until 4 r. n,
A neat C/ats Barber Shop.
tVo direct the attention of our readers to
a really Stretch.s barber shop hi odelster
city Allegheny, at No. 1151 Federal street, et
which Mn. 11. B.. Williamson Is the enter-
Miami( and accommaletang proprietor. It
contains sit chairs; and In addition to the
parpriotor. dye gentlemanly barbers, who
arnrecogniced amongst the very best In the
protrusion, ern constantly in attendance to
wait upon patrons, In connection with the
elliOnn Is a well kept sod orderly until house
with five of the most improved baths for
hot, oold or shqwer bathing. Mr. William
son has been twenty years In the business,
and knows how to condo. It In geed Style
and 111 a =UMW . ealUtlikted to 010 him
friends ahtl customers, Ile attends prompt.
ly and la the most solentitlo manner to cup.
Ding and leeching. We commend Ale. WII-
Ilatustin Inoue Allegheny friends as %clever
and honorablehnetness gentletnan. Sham
penning allow ul to. and a lady will attend
to ladles at their reddences.
~,_ .
FOURTH PAGE.-7Ae Attlee moat re.
liable Honey, Oil and Itoduee Markel Be.
porle glum by anypaper India etly, seal be
found on our Fburb's Pagn•
PM...rah Central Ilfab • (reheat—
Meet' ***** tie Mutant Atmeclatlon.
The Plymouth Congregational Church,,on
Bond street, Was well filled with a Mitten
able and appreciative :audience last even
ing, to witness the reunion of the alumni of
the Central High School. Many lemiller
fat-ea scholarein days gone by were notice
able throughepit the audience. The mouton
was of a phrtneant character throughout.
and the exercises of such a nature, . to
show that non of the alumni him re
t e rograded some leaving Aleut Mater. The
excereises were commenced with the Vai n ..
tlietory of the retiring Pnaldent, W. LI.
Moore, follow..m by the Marmara' Addrem
of the President elect, J. G. Bryant.' Roth
addresses were well writton,...ed dolivered•
1a good style. • . . „• ,
'Neat follrneedthe poem by Mhas Jennie ,
E. limentrup, read In a clear and forcible'
manner and well received. The address to
the assoeintlcer.W.thrm nollvered by Jahn•
lit Kerr. Of timeless of IBM. Mr-Kerr
If 0110 o f the promising young men at our
Bar, sod his addreas I.tevenseawns a Very
happy alert, replete throughout with goal
001:100.0.114110.0.0.00d to attentively by the au.
Men.. The pea...menet, Mated with an
remit - Julie Demurer, written In
1 1710 mid- well read. Altogether the
onurcisee were very good end reflect crailt
thoSepartietpatleg In them Bechnesett
logs serve to bind closer the Machntents
formed in our earlier yenrs, and should be
well attended by. all wba wish to cherish
the friendship of sehool.boy days. .
A First CW a Eatabllehment. •
From Lime to time we have directed the
attention of our reader. to • the plumtleg
ens and steam flitting establishment of
Thome.. T. Elats, Ito ltd WoMI street, soar
Sloth. Air. Ewen. um long held a front
rank in his businesA and ha) been fevered
with a large obete of the public patronage.
A earoul and practien) metillude himself
mad devoting his entire attention ,Mite
work entrusted to his earn, be boa ever
proven worthy of the nubile trade. lie has
nu band In his sal. teem n fine roisortment
of t hat
firings, which embrace everythrng
in that line. The stock of. pumps, an/table
for the mentry trade. will des found untme
ially large and well ...octal, comprising all
nn improved styles introduced. Those
Mr. Ewe. will * erect at the most reasona
ble terms In any part of the country. Ile
likewise attends to ail order. ter work in
the rural districts ln. the promptest and
most faithful. manner. Maim ailing le
Made a aecialtyteend all worker this eller
actor per fo rmed W14r111010,110 prose. Sat-
Istnotory. For any and everything In his
way, either In materials or work, We can
cueerfully, commend Mr. Ewe. to our
The third annual cont.& between the tr
ving and l'olloutathean Literary yoctollee
of the University, took place last oveuing
at /Wool° Hall, wiumssed by &Asia° and
enthusiastic . audience. A fine orchestra
wars In attendance, discoursing sweet
movie, which added mach to alCiONOyment
of the occasion. The exercises consisted of
select orations, essays, original Orations
and donator, in all or which too performers
fiequtited themselves very cretlitshly. At
'the ChPie of the tletrato,• after .I.l4lnrable
deliberation, the judges rendered their de
cision as follow.
&1 of Oration—William U. AlcUrak, rm.
lomatnexo; Essay—Robert C. Moore. ,
ma; Orielnat oration—Bobert G. Taunts,
'reins; Debate—question ••Do Animals
Zeason." llislaam, Irving Society,
who had the negative. The announcement
was received Intb Immense applause.
The forty-third analversary of the West
ern Uol•Ottilty Alumni Association will be
held In University Gall, Thunelay evening,
Juno 07m, lot?. Orator, Gas. Herrn:a John
atm; Poet, Course J. IS Janney.
Assault With a Hatchet.
Edward Duncan is a tenant of Robert
Franklin, In the Seventh ward, arid pester=
day lamming Duncan, tainting the fence
►round his int needed repairing, toot his
hatchet and some nails and started to make
the repairs Oa his pinking tip a piano of
board. with which be intended to mend the
ranee, lir. Franklin, his landlord, seeing
him pick It up; ordered Lim to lay it down,
inreatcolng to cane 11)01 It hu dm not dodo.
Duncan refuted to compty, whereupon
Franklin came at him with the cane, and
-Putman 141113.1 on him with the hatchet,
but strlicirighlus, but threatening to,
and taking hold of his coat. Franklin, re-
Memberint that "better part of valor,"
rdiscreetly beat a may retreat. (earths
Allop, /011 On man with the hatchet was
ear. Ile finally "palled op" at. Alderman
otters MTh. and' made an information
hist Macao, cliargiug him with assault
d bititere„,:A *errata was 1.000, Dm-
PM arrested ...timid for II bearieg at Rine
'civet a. mtoclay.. " . , ..
\ '
.A number .
or the friends of Conductor O.
. Torrence, of ths Pat/burgh and Erie
1 tallroad. yesterday honored Ulm with a
enema tial token of their regard fof hlin as
gentleman and courteous Officer. ..i. sump
moue wino dinner, to which Mr. Torrence
nut been Melted, at Um Si. Charles Hotel.
was made the occasion of the presentation - .
Colonel .). T. P.Wricht, to • few appropriate
words, delivered to the recipient an ele
gantly wrought:um' magnificent gold shield
or badge. which born an applopriate
Inscriptlon, expressive of the high regard
In which he ems hold by his friends. dir.
Torrence responded appropristely, and
several other gentlemen Indulged In
oemarke. We have long regarded kr. To
tu one of the most faithful and
accommodattng conductors of the Erie
Itani, and with much pleasure record Ibis
tribute of concert from his fnulds.
;scellent roads to Perrysville." IS the
expression On the lips of every lover of de.
llghtfurevening drives. • Tele is the only
din:el:lon we advise oar readers to 'take If
ru quest of pleasure behind•spankingLeSlll
or four In hand. The terminus of the toed
—The White House, In keeping of Itr. Thos.
Costamagnir Is not the least attractive fea
ture of the drive. He tins all the enterprise
and administrative abilities to render his
resort even more popular and famous
than It has ever been. All guests will re
ceive the carcfulest attention. The tables
are always spread with the choicest viands,
end Itk not saying too much when we as.
sort that no where else In the country can r
better meal be procured at slight notice.
Enjoy the pleasant weetherand good rued.
by a trip to Perrysyllis,and fall not to stop
for rest end refreshment at Costainagoa , s
White House.
An Information was made before Alder
man Butler. by a very respectable citizen,
who refit:mate that lila name should not be
used, against one Marks.. butcher In the
Seventh ward, charging film with selling
impure' and unaaleable meat. The gentle.
man alleges that be want a iittle girl after
the meat yeaterdav morning, and that
Marks gars her me. that was tainted. We
cannot see why the gentleman object+ to
the use of lii name in a cam of this kind,
for If there Is one re n who deserves pen
ishment more than another, it is the ono
who, for the make of a few dollars, would run
the risk of taking the life 01 Ms friends and
patrons.. If the Innis in this cam are es al
leged, this cramp should be marked by all
who;ttave an liseralen to diabonmt men and
spoiled meat.
Death of Mr. James Meegh•
We regret to announce the death of Mr.
James Keogh. of Port Parrs, which resulted
yesterday from the tOrtble apcideat record
ed in our last lane. Mr. Haigh RIM an es
teemed and worthy citizen. The possessor
of many noble and endearing thirds of head
and heart, be had won for himself a host
of friends who will learn of his demise with
no ordinary narrow. lie had been extensive.
ly engaged la the coal baldness, and has
long been reganiml as ono of the meet pros.
purees and well doing citizens of Port Per
ry. He leaves no family, his wife and enild
having died some time ago. Coroner Claw.
and will probably hold en Inquest on do
ceased to-day, and Inquire rally 1111.0 the
Consent the accident.
On Monday even leg nestthe tunnel read-
Ingeoutest tar the 'gleeMann Prise," be.
teem thaptiplls of the Pittsburgh Yore,' de
College, takes place at the chapel. A hem.
bet of the young ladled have entered the
contest., rind very spirited emulation Meg
he rupected. The following gentlemen
haeo been selected to act as Judges on the
eeesalon: Ile, J. 8. Dickerson, Be?, W.L.
Locke and .1 11. Bookuts, Esq. Doubtless
there will be a tar& attendmlett. as the
reeding contests of the LMllege have been
hitherto egocottlegig selertainthit and in
structive. The ftleude of the College ars
respectfully Invited to attend.
No one of Um Ice Cheats to the market
stands deservedly so high ov the Z. L. All.
It in scarcely possible to obtain therein=
•,1,13 . 0 manufacturer as fast as wanted. 1:4c1
preserve the leo well and are provided with
a perforated atone hotter =OW, water
cooler, to., and are sold herons they arrive.
The Patent Ice Pleat clot pl rash with
'• Van Combined, are thes Weld of 'the Groom
devices. Water CoOlors, loci Groom
, greenere, with all varieties, kinds, mem
and styles, Pratt Jars and Cans, Jmt In
season, St Hublers Moose Porandttng
More, No. ad Federal street, Allegheny,
[Mar the Maar°. Depot. • swa.S..•
Mortuary Repedi ,
Dr. A. AL MeCalidless, Physic'an to the
Board of Utelth, reports the following n.
torments tor the reek ending/Una lath:
Cenentoptlon,t; Peas:monll4l; Dysentery,
li Meat* I; timitro Entwrltut, It lentallkon.
It Cones:LA.lone. I; Cholera Ltifentote,
Of the abore tpwre inder.oneyear,
from two to ay.', f, from twenty to thlricrn,
itramle to ON., sti r g i o u nr ! to only
Females: , .41 iColotaid ,6
, •.
You. gantitsupa was thrown from •
-hootlaat - imaging in Doquesue Borough,
44a sallouty anpareo. was Waked up
Amenable nog conical to hla resldunCe In
Libegbony irhertr medical lilt Imo
ratnatoood. - 114 horn that, lbjarloa,
that:pie:s*l., w it - at-bris
. , .
•I• :
Abatodonissent.—Thomas "1116,e- is
charged before Alderman Strata with haw,
Mg abandoned his wife; orcoatt, of Cella
G 1711120.11, a sister of the abandoned I.wlfe.
She alleges that Thom. does nothing to.
ward+ temporting.tus ' wife and children,
who aro in great want. Wl3low . was.
arrested and held for a hearing at one
Cella udrman alto charges Catherine Ito-
Glow, a Oster of Thomas, with assault and
battery. Alderman ,Straln. bafore whom
the charge was made, homed a - warrant, on
which Catherine was arrostedand hold tor,
a hearing to-day at three o'clock.
• Narrowr lteespe.—Yesterday morning •
I Rife girl, about four years of see, daugh
ter of htr. Pahl, on Grant 'Crest, narrowly
mteaped being too over bY- a bread wag..
The wagon wee down the street,
and the Math' *Um:ante* to arose. In front
Of It, when she was street by Um
horse and knocked down, fortunately fall
ing tar enough from the horse to naelso
the wheel, as the trent ono ban passed her
before rho horse could he.eheeked. The'
child wea nicked rep end' carried Into the
hones by , Dr: De Itoletts., almost insensible
from fright, but not in the least Injured.
Atarety.f Pesee.—A .mvaterleme
affair' , occurred ye/don - lay on Grant. street,
Dartlen7ars or which we wens unable to
eather. resulting In George IL. Cochran be
ing arrested 'and held for a Nering, on a
charm] at aermy.or the peace - '
preferred be
doneph E. Robinson, , lluiceterions , l .Indt
victual, forthetie.ennnected with the Alto-
KlienY 'linter. Lie - allege. that. Cochran
threatened to ebooT, him the trit tinn he
Met lam. but Cochran hannot,kept hie wool,
it tin made such a threat, for ho wiLer
eon in , Alnermen .tdcliaster l a dirme, where
the hatotmaidon was made, atiddld aotahatt
CO3lllO tied for Cowire-1 eter Berger,
arrested on oath of ;Ibr;aa,L before Jus
tice .Thomas Dumb', of tiolline'townehly;
on a Charge of keeping a ferocious dog. Woe
committed ln•uefault of ball to answer at
Conn. Berger keeps a vary cross doll,and
a few des, since,. when , Mrs. Joyce IVIIM
Missing his barn, the dog ma out and
caught nor by the arm, lacerating it to
dreadfui manner, and would probably kayo
killed her had It not been for a gentleman
who was near at the time.
Maple, Dean, lone, cherry. walnut and
onttonwood . base hall bat%Bite. use., gad..
trtc.. B
Goa ,55c. and 8.., and dim Eng
lish walnut, curled militia, elm eye maple,
cherry. rosewood. mahogany and -walnut
bats, torprints. Orders for umuntlutrprise
hats with gold, silver, or German sliver
hands and Ornaments, promptly attended to
at lowest rates. Pittockls Bane Ball Ilead.
quarters, 0. P. P. 0., the only 'place In the
West. where a complete and railed snort
meat of flue Ball floods Can be Mond. •
The Beat linown 2onle-Caewell. Mack
n.tto..e Combthatton of Iron - Phosphor.
not Calleaya; knoWn. as Yorro‘Pbomphor.
tott Eltzlr of CaUsayk The tron restores
color to the blood; the Pito-Thorns •ronews
'mete of the nervekles. kud the Caltsaya
given a natural, hoalthfuftone to the Olga.
tire Enka..
Otte mkt metal. the virtue of one ounce
of Calleaya and one teaspoonful a grain of
Iron and rbosottorns..'llaculactured by
Caveats, MAIM.% Co., New York.
For sale. all druggist.. s•
Greatly , Rediced Prices..;-11. J. Lynch,
the woll.knOwn dry goods dealer, No. Oil
liarket cram • Mtge and finely se
lectod stock of dry goo], just porches.] in
the Eastern markets at greatly reduced
Prices. .10 embraces summer dress goods,
shawls and mecum cloaking Coins, easel.
mere.• end piece goods of every descrip
tion. flaring been purchased for cash, en.
pester Inducements an, offered to the retail
traria Remember the place, Lynch's, No.
US .llnrket street.
Borough of Ite N .—The Grand Jtu
ry„ yesterday, earth:fed that... Ger a full - in
'eestlgallon of the coact presented by the
petition for tee Ineorporatlen of the bor
ough of Bellevue, G
ln oes tignablu,•.‘ ma
jority of said Jury do and that the .teed!.
Gnus preserlbed by the set of Assembly re.
hiding thereto hare been comphed .11b, and
believe that It le expedient to grant tb.
prayer of the petttloners.”
finical °penallam'. Br. WllUsui B.
Childs performed a illfileolt 'surgical opera.
Lion on Thursday lout, taking s thumb and
forefinger from the. bond of Thomas A.
Broelln, who had pin hand eevernly Injured
in e p inning mill several months tante. The
operation wan aneeessfolly performed, and
the patient biking well.
No Blowsud,lllear. or bloc beer served
up at the Continental Dining 'Rooms, next
door to the Posh:Mite. Nothing hot the
Try - healthiest kept, as Mr. Holm homer,
attends mnsonally to Ids marketing and Is
an ernerieneed Judge of qualltles or beef,
as In ererythtog sose to ills way of cams
To Wholsmilo bri.Yers of Dry flicode
rc oller bargittria Joe lots of Drees
Goods, Parktings. Linen Goods, sou full
luxes of hbectlnirm, hhirtirigs. Prlats, Tick.
iou. Check, ac.. all of which we will
'fell at the very Jewett canton, cash price*.
J. W. Iteirocce &
D Merket street, below mad & Fourth mts.
7110 Special AnamoassoCuteat of valuai
bla anstraraltooka,olfered /or map by CoL
gagilVtb&Oreoliricara •• • •• • \
and. praorbtal binder, blitti snorer. below'
'Southfield, In \ =ado la another column.
Readers &pairing of procuring an decant
ansortlogrit oUlderaturo aro requested to
The Beat Mince tonere a fine photo.
Graph taken teat Van Pelf S Webber'• ant
class /sae,. corner of Frith and Market
streets; entrance from Fifth. Experienced
insnd.an4 Pieter. takers sn any
kind of weather, at very reasonable pri
ces. Special care taken with children's
Fro= Moon. rittahmmise-Mary Miller
made information before Justice Marker, of
South Pittaburgb, against Thomas - B. {Stol
len, charging him with assault and indoeent
program!. Whalen svm arrestor yesterday
and committed in default ox one thousand
dollars ball, torn licarrnron Monday next.
On Its Travele.—Local Items of a gen
e.] nature tritrvl extinlstvely. Nearly
twO years aeo en article on the "counting
room end woe - ' " ‘ppeared oritenally
the Level. ,
yeeterthr - -oe the rounds and
;Seen place In that
lournal coterrivrary.
we: Al an Invitation to la.
prmera a Pedal:tr . Filth
Annual Excursion at Olensrood firove, tube
held Thursday, July limb. Theo occasions
hare ever been the most enjoyable, and the
coning on nee promises ht loans respects to
surpass lhom of other years.
T. M. C A.—The:regular monthly meet
ing of the Young Menet Christian Associa
tion of l'iltabusgb, will be held' at the
Smithfield street. M. E. Church, corner or
StuithUald and Seventh street,. thla even
ing at 0' o'eloult.. A LOLL attendatiee li
tar. at Wombs Ittin, betold on the prem
ise. at 10 o'clock Monday morning, by A.
Bicllwalne. Nona dotlling it tame of their
own. conconlant to the City, tboulti fail to
attend. -Term. emy and sale positive, •
Itkie Great Bastin Match between Dick.
McGowan. of Pittneurgh, and Chnri. How
ard. of iew York,for the chainpionehip and
tiponte of font hundred dollar., came - of
loot night t
i til ea
the Varieties Theatre, and was
decided clioroan'a fay..
Left fort Ettrope.—lter. C. A. I.llnkeY
and wife, Cbaries Arbuthnot end daughter,
and N,.. Mary glm, of Allegheny City,
left on and will mil for Yew York
to.clay. They interullulaiting the princl
pnl citing In Europe and on toe. Continent.
! r
f"4"Vt""•Bhh4ni I
Ginger,tatathdr, beipDuslll%,
b Itesiarr,nTf'r'aY.u:
rtof;l4y. nt thu saiV UAl l ;e"l Alleor
"arg. Igto.
Mann In and examine the large and ex
cellent arsortnieui re_ due solid and lasted
silverware, fashlornible - walla gold jewelry,
prmions gems, end ll the a:11cl. In the
tine, kept for Went v i ry reasouable prices,
Heineman, bleyran A aledle's, No. 29 Fifth
street. • .
Fire Dollar lloorm,—rientra hanii-howeir
custom-mail° Calf Boole for Flee Dollars
per pair—tlasea mono. old atria goods—at
Emporium, SI and Si Fifth street.
Smithson, Palmer 3. Co.
fount ey Buiro4feepert will go to the no
store, No. In) Ohio etreet. Allegheny, , she
they wdl find u largo stack of Dry lio , ul.
and the lurgeet atonic of Hosiery and No
Yon. In the city, at flew 'York prince. •
- Takeo to 'loose of Zhu*
moral., convicted at toe late term of court
of burglary and sentencull to the House
of Uetuge, co w taken there, yesterduy, by
Deputy' tibertll W. G. Stubbs.
Feat Inavr, of beat En arab btaillnai
eolored and nix etripea, red and white, blue
and yralce., blue anti red,, white and
blnet end 13.50. at Plttock , a hue ball
boadquarterf,o.l', P.O. •
Tb Young hien% Union prayer meeting
will be bold Llt ovenlng nod Bah." ,
day craning, until ferther notice, at the
rooms of time Young hum'. Christian , Antu.
'elation, NO. =girth recent.
The July numbers of 4 .llarporPs rarer
anicornr) llontbly" and, • , Onr Tonna
Yollta,a an I i lootrated monthly for boys and
{clrle, am already Oa gals at Ir. te.ltlen
I't•keit to Vonilmtlar.s.—Peter stew.
4r t, co.'? 10u.4 of robbery at this term of
iv e t; Tratr Tileeryey'e'sltrti„"yr'in;
- can Mute treaminwtho Pee eneolmens
of photographs tut exhibition at Van Pelt It
WohboVe popular and woll conducted gal
lery, came? at Plan age Market etreed,
trance from Ptah.
Colottry Clubs will And It to their 10.
veatago to send their order s for hese Bail
ZeulPthts, 0. P. P. O. ettla to Pittocks Base Bell Head.
• Am, 1011. Pltzoori. Ouo Wlbew
q.arters- O. P. P. 0. All prtoes.-lea,
tt.s4a, 400.; 730., $1.04 ,k 99. $1.10;
4, 1 . 60 . V4l ‘4O 10.04. .• •
htreerbtoortehend ell the &notelet of the
teatime, leaved up delle et Itoltsbelmere
Continental Baloou, nest door to the Toot.
dew, Plfth street. , • • •-• • •
•• • •
. XOll lattl .12ad a Dunaj X4tabbsantent
at US Pena street. Drb. 11/11 R tlitleavie. •
TM Best Indtra Ibr tha lust toaney,
Pleralnra kittle Stare, No. EA 1 4zketst, •• * •
visic-I.4tart "Ws *A fkestiti
.103 Clifla amt. 4 / 1 4 0 110 ,*
nix I 6555..53500
055, OM 5 per St
NW" 11:011T.4r. • .
A large *floe; e.n.Witing TRI!ITY•Sll
LIMNS Of .terootl,res,lng matter. InCIO .. I^K, Editorials. latynt "eves by To l .lYbY l '
0.4 Itsll. volosole Res.l‘o. VaVer t, Ito
yixolly. rod NOM: and most 1..11•Me ,-
,•1 and eotmerel.l bt.T.A 1144.6:1:' ON et IT
ntre! Into eTty.
.I(..,**nte:onlA lirl•bnot -
. Clung of rive, 11.L3.
entbs of Ten..., ........ . . 1.15.
—and one et.OT of TO* , to. the Deenen Wang
no,the ehtb. Additions .to Nob Cali be souk lit
any time, itenub rites. • ..;
Sortcs To Strosconnuls.,la "edeentS your
• te.Pes. De irooe nod etwetti what edition Son
.grant, at wn Issue b Wednenday Rditton tor sot
tsribers bating bat one mall •weeta
Jar Mouo7 bY the; ;son" ' /1011111 Orden,
or In 174.ilstmd Letters, tosylosja: at our risk.
Addrosic - GIAZSTIIIr,
eimimitum, PIUrNA.
• atairrney se Is with pleasure(
that we aim mend to those of our readers
needing the Services of ea experienced and
careful attorney, Sone Harry Sullivan Esq..
°Mee le'o. 116 nab street. H
He attends In the
most faithful Amebaer to all batistess en
trusted to his care, and will be found own.'
petrol and thoroughly versed;iivery de
partment or branch of his pro t on.
fielll.ltwett—Tbe ?atilt* 'notch botweoo
ScomondJaakoott, tor • parse ot two Ms
ef of the
Ilionougabol• COLLM, and ITU ISOCided , Ia
Jackson's favor.
T. T. Tare... No. 163. Wood Ilireet,
tends promptly funtin the best ineehaeleal
style, to all,orders in the elty. Or .Stool the
country, for plumbing, gas or again fit
ting. Priori very relutenable. :Glee him".
Disorderlyti r oduct.—lgini.elis'Salorodl
byabreured yen Miry n °renting beto May
or Morriorko. ohm Ina T. 811wIrtarritb din
orderly conduct. Dcfondant Irs.s.arrestol
and hold for in hciartuff.: ~ r t ..
. As eine Mower the little Philialelphia
er,pemled more mimes than was
taken In nay-Pittsburgh Journal the two
months ending March/m.IIAM .)
, .
T. T. tsrens, ICS Wood street, attends to
all kinds inning stOrlr, ass and steam
Ming, at tau shortest notlw and on the
most ressonabletarins: -.
co.ol Jewoh.7 of tali:lethal:ideas, to bo
. t0[113.1 at the:lliat-dasa aatablighalont Of
golntaaaa, mayr„. h 510 4 10 ...N1. "ftu
, r°".
cheat. and ourmalo 'altseasom gattaruly
cepa ally treeo4l by Dr ,tibprn /SI sl m.
Clad Hparltlng Suds Nester' at J. T.
Sample's Drug Biore,hto.lB Pedal*: Mery
Yairraaley.—.7. W. Pratt, charged on oath
or Andrew Young, With ~,a r.neT, wu
mtitual by Justice -Atnsnon for thirty dal
• Walter emire toui not yet been beard
from In reply to ilansmill , s amnesia. lite
ad ens° is winning Leaf Jimmy's friends.
Cburisell•ea; pendants, bracket., globes
nod lamp. for mule on the most reasonable
terms, at T. T. gaols, 166 Weed Mast.
Trade haS bright:aced op with our what..
sale and mall merchants dozing a woe's -
Mat closed.
.The Ve7y Latest styles or flats. Caw,
and Straw Goods, at Gourley d Logan's,
- •
N 0.66 St. Clalr street.
• Too Coo Bay foreign 'Liquors - of all
itlndsat.biosepu S. Moles Dlettilery,'No.
UM, WI, und lee.•
litaaatam Ones Towelling .t 6 cents per
Sitrd. at ate now store. No. 100 01i10 street.
Cold Sparkling. Soda Water at T
Sample's Driet Store, No. 38 Federal street'
Tbestreets. of lie* Cable are Mawr
paved with boulders.
Tenterday waa a warm sad •
dgy. .
'You eau Boy Now. 5
Criminal .Court Report and
Lloot of Indictments Returned,
on Fourth Page. •
ELLLE - 1 11 8 0 N. — Ohnorstlayerrealog, nth
toot., at the realdeneo of the bride , . parrots,
A'fieheny City, 'by Itaa. , oho Doostae, 11.
J 0. 'ELLIS and Mum MAtiettr. A. 01BOON.
both otalleahery. Wo tares.
31ELLO6-116/NHART —On Thursday even
!uy, Sete ZIA by the Nay. 's. F. PCOTosi,
of the late A. G. Nab:than, Esq. No cards.
DIED.. .
PATION.—Po lretday. at 7WreeloOkia..
CEGELIA. JANE, dasibter of Nary J.
Root. ?anus. aged ye.r. 3 mos. sad la ys.
Farterst r om the resNeaos slake parants. No.
31 Palo Alto Street: Allegb.y 131t7. Tdl•l3Ak.
o , alorda7,) A 1.2 o'clock p.m.
No. Iflo Toortla street. rittabOrah,
OOPYINSI of all Mode . . 6RAPKEI. GLOVES. and
crerl,deddrptlon of, losekt Yorolealart Goods
fonathesL lioaretoonenea dayalttl nista. Healy.
tea Cair - lkeee tarnished.
Harratxxca...--Dev. David Kw; D. D.. Da,
'U. W. Jacobus, D.D.. Thom. twin'. Kw.. Ja
eO. Ff. Minor.
. MLR AND EIIIIaI.2LEB, ineeeseor to no
.late dunned L /Wade" No. 99 Ohio Street.
ethreeeloota from Beaver, Alinement' tatp. Mee
tattle. BosietoodOtelopany t 'Walnut and
Wood !natation t:otdos. at the town[ re.dnee4
Delete, ;Lomas open at all bourn e tht7 and night.
Hearee and Carriages tarulabed ei abort notice
and on =est reasoneble term.
ter. Wood tßun and vicinity. Conic Booms at
hianeleater Cher) Stab... corner Kat
Chattier. etreeL, BRumana Cantlenu far.
E . P. STEWART, undertakei.
eorneieLMOliTOS and Mann alltnltTn,
Meth Ward. Canna of an Itada. Deana and
Carriages dendsbeifon the atudvret wet,
-...plrd FOR SALE: IN TAKEN..
TUN. Aka/ wEel/ IT. = -Farentene O eau
tied on the west bank of the Allelhenfilver. 31
miles above the City of PUtioutigh. The lota
are generally In Mee 60 feet front and ISOdeop,
(rem meet to they: and tact of St to 8 acres
acne the Borough wee the Soda 'Work.. wall
adapted for cousitt7 !wideness, being rich non.
erea wstersel, and comatendlng a beaelltel and.
extensive flew of the river and mileometer
country. Femme desire.. of nastier suture/-
tering establishments, sash a. rotting =Ms.
wooka factOrlea, paper mllla. We., would Bed
the loottlo n, near the river or rallroad.Wlmlra.
bey sated for each purposes. Capltallets will bis
encouraged to parches. by Woderate prices sad
easy terms. at It Is Intended thee the Iloptaittr
advantages of We placw-saio abonessa supply
of watez. coal, lltoottope, at., and rallioad and
river facilltleirshall . be Ilbaswhy !,gored for
manatecterleg purpose. senerelly.
Trains on the Western Pennsfersele lielboad
OW to and from Taxentom. east Lad•vrest,
real tones deny. For a sup r stirTlty of the lota
apply to lion. A. IL BKACICINIIIDELE, at his
residesce near the bode Worts, Or J. N. Flitto
FIANCE, Tarentaw. • •
nuvLiN &Jou!, Beat Estate
sai Insurance Agents, Butler BL, Lw•
ra,.<lllc. Ps.
VAMCYACtLetaII 1 We offer for sate lb. best
and own desirable 'life fur llcallad 11111 sad
lOW Panama, or for any Wye manalastorlat
PorPoses, in Ma many. :Ids property ts toes.
led on • 10 foot street sod VW At egbony Weer.
tad ofthin 100 feet of Ow A. V. ROY. The lot to
40 by 510 romans dwirits such s lot would do
melt to, asamloo bear baying. also.rhare.
Terms .0.00 to lull par boson. Rased,* of
a Hl.
a, • Rasa lEttata tad insarsace
arenas,eller orser. Lawrenceville. I
FOB , ALE—That vary 'atom
- 'Ole a:14_4..45b1* ;trowels. Mtawo on R.-
beers* T. and th e ALWSWay :Warr , MAO..
sb.otrrir t Its /II 'set, as obkb I. ...sated
very so , *anal Bel& 7100544. Orronortm
blob. WWI dert, es!colattd and wall &Monad
for carry la on "Ab et. my bnunk or waostae•
taring. It sbldow a lot of Mrie dtaleasion.
within t he ty, can be bad, sad Sy aron.darrita
the special Suakin of Mow desirous Of wear*
Ind • plow Or manormtnenst OMR.. to <all at
!ha oaks oVEVLIN a RILL, Vaal iststa Rap
lueuranor /rats. Roller. terra. Lannaeseltior,
uousEs 'Trust) Ol wrrst
Hot and Cold Wafer, &c.,
By operionerd eke mmotteal Workmen.
plumber and GM Older,
227 Liberty Street, Pittsburgh; and
G 9 Federal Street, Allegteny.
1. 17, 7hn.rica6
Fruit and(lary Dishes,
Merovreqlerms ..
Fine Weteleee, neck& Jewslei
•.. • .
411r.rtf146211ar •11119001... Yawin g
Yd lintklkk.• AU work rat'.