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TUB moyettitiohir
The,ptryffekiktiti: to toi
31111 tdeillasAdistinction without differ.
Onelti"it:dextiel huTf9; put Mr. GLaus
fortindaa,Jta : candldato for Mayor, and
affirms le onlyintended to give Jhr uesth
Mate Of the gelatin) strength of the can
di;l44i.t....,This., is a subtlety which
wjgaig:icf,44‘inzotrith the -general
ligialriannothink with
newspeper. Men. ' ; 14: estimate, or Mr.
Giasia'a . superior Miroaarily, over t his
r: rivals waStar.‘tilikelY predicated on its
-own ltartlalit y fo r Wes.
" It may be true the Maples did more
10 nominate and' elect Mr. .llceggargrit
I - than "any of his friends, " which is as
r expreasioti of some ambiguity. Bat, la
tha4 reason- why Mayor McCsserny
should - 4(ow the Disisatc4 to control hie
' Policiappointments? Oar contemporary
Might have been content .with an ar7
gungemenein Its behalf ; but the rwople
. would not.
/ • !. Does the .yispatch• stow gain for. Mr.
hoping to have better luck with
him, in controlling ;Ids official action,
thanit hashad with the incumbent? So
, long as such a suspicion prevails, Mr.
i 'Cirri will find a serious hindrance in
' 1 his path. The people do not mean to
elect a , num Mayor with a reasonable
prObability that he will be a puppet in
the hands of any newspaper. '
tfor can the Managing •Editor "of the
JR/pored make a flank movement in this
discusidonly raising a question of ye
, rutty with the Managing Editor of the
GAZIOTTE. The people of this city arc
Indficiently well acquainted with each to
form a judgment betweeti them a priori.
,• Besides, the latter gentleman Is quite
competent to take care of hithselfilthout
any help from are.
As we said a day or bre age\ it 'in al
tegetber too early to consider Isla° shall
be the next Republican amdfdate for
Mayor., The question of Municip a l Con
solidation ought first to be disposed of
. •It wlli make a material difference as to
the snit Mimes the people will 11C "satis
fied with as .a candidate. 'whether the
city Halite shall be largely extended or
remain as• they now are. If additional
'population shall be taken in, then the
question of the Mayoralty ought to be
" left in such a shape that the new voters
will feel they take a fair start; that the
nomination has not been predetermined;
and that all the subordinate places have (
not been parcelled out by a clique in the
Dispatch office or any other place.
,These considerations derive additional
weight from the opinion expressed by
many - learned' lawyers,..ihat Fonsolida.
Lion has already been decreed by the
very terms of the law, submission to the
People being unconstitutional and con
sequently void. It' is not our province
to judge, being laymen, whether thin
o.piffion is sound or, unsound; buth la
maintained by gentlemen of high repute
in the legal profession. If this opinion
• shall be - sustained, or if the people of the
' various - municipalities shall decide by
• - vote to be .included in :thig city, it
not only politic, but demanded by
the plainest principles of common Jut
lice. .
that. no Slate for City offices be
made up for some months yet.
St Consolidation shall actually hap
pen, a matt of great breadth of under.
, standing, of high executive abilities, of
the beat Personal character, and of COO -
, • mending influence, will be needed to put
the new machinery in motion. ' It may
• bethought expedient to go outside the
present city limits to find him- AVall
events, the 'election should renisin
prejudiced, 4 ,
''.Whets-theproper time shall arrive,
whether Consolidation shall take place
ia'wbele or in part, or not at all, if Mr.
Gass shall be fairly presented by the
Republican City Coniention as the can.
didate for Mayor, we shall not support
ale ,hums BLACIIIORE, ROT - Ain we
do anything to induce Republicans to
votefor him, but shall give the ticket
squarely all the support in our power.
Vie tde not believe In the Dispatch's
' idea of compassing or defeating a nom'.
•nation'hy threats thrown out in advance
of an intention by ourgelveser others to
defeat the Repubhcan . nominees.
- it is 'doubtless true, as the Dispatch,
asserts, that Mr. MCCARTHY =Re very
near a defeat 'at the - election a'year ago
last January.. It may suit the present
purposes of our contemporary to at
tribute that result td Mr. McCervittr's
• unpopularity. The .fact is, however,
'that it was the backing the 'Diu
patch gave him, and of which It .now
arrogantly boasts, that put him in peril.
The people have submitted to the extra
ordinary methods of the Dispatch as 1
long as they mean to; andif Mr. Cuss,
or any other aspirant to the Mayoralty,
wish 6 to sink into the vocative, he can
best accomplish that end by. engaging
our contemporary t).114 itself out right I
earnestly In his behalf.
t ~ 6
Time was whenpersons afflicted with
certain mental or physical maladies were
- treated is preper subjects of contumely
and abase ; of malice, hatred and all rm.
'charitableness. They were driven forth
from among men, Ind compelled to share
the deserts with wild beasts. The fe.
rocity of those rude times is marked Eby
. no other , peculiarity stronger than by j
this" .
Since then a cut improvement haid
• been wrought in the conceptions of ..j. l
civilized communities' in respect 24 per. '
sons &filleted by visitation of Pipridenee.
tioly here and there -a barlinrian
managed to escape his proper epoch, and
appear in this age to the astonishment of
cOniader tee:!-what he is.
Rua : `itadleallatu is.
• v tiral d state." Then it
must .ItaVe.:“. arigin In some ahnurniity
. , of mental or snored orga'nization, and the
persons afflicted with it are no more cell
. surable than those who suffer from by
. pochottdria or insanity ; nay, than those
• ' 'who take the imall-pox or cholera.
. In this view of the matter, the Poet's
vehement and unremitted denunciation.
• and abuse of those who are smitten with
• the "disease" of "radicalism," exposes
It to the severest censure. It i s simply
• essaying to repeat the enormity of those
' - old barbarians who'.drove off into the
wilderness, as "possessed of devils,"
. those 'of their neighbors or kindred upon.
whom God had laid an atlliction.. _
Rut we avail Ourselves of the occasion
to make another suggestion. .Radical,
. e 'seems not to have a harm:,
..t ful import. • It refers—l. To the root or
j origLn of a matter; 2. To anything int
planted by nature; native; constitutional;
. •• and II: Toe substance or essence,
tive,tunderived„mcompounded. null.
7, i• cellsm, 'therefore, to politice,'‘nst con ,
slit In advocating 'such changes in the
• /awe an are dictated by fundamental
principles inhering in nature Itself.. It
Is not easy to see how Radicalism In this
be held Odiousor hurtful by
- any man ;Who( believes that political,
rights have their roots in the . nature and
- relations of human beings,
4 . , If, however, our contemporary does
' not use the Word Radicalism In "its gentt
ine signification, but. only In the slang
f • sense of political demagogues and im
posters, as indicating a class of Men who
• Incline to go further In a particular dl
recUoa than it does, thocase Is bravely
• A alteiad. If going to extremes, and with j
.~ ~
nndtte heat, ta Radicalism, then we
knoirpot another Journal that is hairs,
' 4l attical u the Post. It goes& great deal
totraida the South' pole than wo
staralt: s liorth pole. It is always
month, a lceep a i t . day, and month by '
matt and rage 1,,, e 7: a foam of excite
_ forward instead of bac world moves'
ma at 'Drell man who 'ngiti
head Into the antedn °Thu' run
in *lda' 1f deu bt 4 "ell ,
g / 1 40 nly
moderate ftsstyle, by tatiol the delhitun Denver.
flinnetr e — Odge — Orlai.tgri&;liiiiiiTl - Denier l ii clever place., and has;
stand some chance of getting a proper .I clever, sub n atantla . l, th e riftL ) l7.n..l . '
view of 'IM own 'attitude; and' that at.; 1 1 ° ;;;.= eet ° uli e t e hl v elements of post-
Wiled. It lidght Pe led. to adopt a chart. ) nie prosperfty. They Lave gone through,
liable tuftintatenf those who happen to • the severest' ordeal, and have come out I
differ withlit in opinion. ' .; purified in the crucible of sad experience..
I They have seen the day when gamblers,
cut-throats and thieves controlled every.;
' thing here—elected their. . stuudelpal olli-
uto and
Aataloix 4a,
. , I tine t, sae • ehergeof . ••
general boew .....• A .... ' ••
-.., air:-Short is your letter is, I t NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. ! RiPetil!ii!,fiow. 11., *t ii.:,ViatireZ.T`rtV.l" - - - .
~.,„, ~,,,,,, preferred, • ...•
STATE CONVENTION. ~,„„, „ 0 ,, ~, <,.. A 4.,,..... ,
_ covreas Avp,,,,7 11 1 II:: cern, possessed the wealth of the city, fear I cannot answer,lt without violating ' ''', C 1 3 17, 01 , ... 'II I , IT"' •,,,,, 1• 1 r=t11,11:‘,14:;;Vg: t i AL,r,::_°;:t.'"ii ' SAVINGS BANK. - oFFI IL •• g ovis '5.W.... ' .••-,.•..,
=No. •By rem. B. mead. -•• ' r - 'intimidated the officers of the law and an initmction of niy medical adviser ~
- no.oten -._....._
Harper* tkolnara. ' , held high carnival in their work o?rob- "not to suff All whs.'. 11.7 ...... .• ' eartoss• d‘ortlotti. • of . Dootans •ad Ppd... '
II ., Apro ......- WANTED, 'Tem eto.l, sober,
Grape cultureand Wine Making es- !
er myselto become excited." !SEALED PM IPOSALA will to re.e.;l,at
°t t% . Infortele4l;La.l4..r.Ttea d is, N. tr.:• ..r. ,
,„„, bety and death. But crime culminated, Yon live in a regio which was two or ' : Dana .,PV. 4 „,, T . 11 ,„'',47, ! ' ) ,, A ,Z, : •
,14 ° ,141,,' ,1 ...",. a e i . d i vi.l... b. Als o , D. o. Ifls LIB9i
.y .AhAr.
'''''' Vs l ";,4* • rant- I
pecially, are yetia their ' ilire ncr- ... ' as it ever does, and gave birth to Vlgi. three times Invaded by the armies of 1 i'v:Zii...
T ..T ir.; 0 11.1.01114 TED 1866. The REPUBLICA , ' STAT., CON VC:VT.I.N
:VIVI VITI . V.ET, In the Itancheater. . .
will meet at tha ••11..hile Hon..' ha N LLo
the principles and conditions upon lance Committees which made a number Jefferson Davis, in the counties of Becl4, 1 ei'Ll'67
, ...,A wares and a• t '.....'F ...Writ.. will tro
which success &vends are tolerably well ,of the most desp erate outl aws dance jigs ford, Fulton, Franklin, Cumberland, : 41E7PIELD ternerr. front Bidwell to Bea _' - WORKHOUSE PRISON. , i • Capital,
-- - $lOO,OOO. LIAMIPORT, ~n ' it. . Mach Inc rlf • 110 mIders.
, • so.. /opts At once, ••••
nothing on the hill hard by, Adams and York. They visited almost' r street.
'inhabitant.MPSt 1 .' Alto, for the ....grading Dar ragh p er u se o r La- T HE BOARD OF MANAGERS of OrrioE. No 80 FOURTH STREET, B.* J. aiesoult,
es t a hli s h m i The interest which these
, stamo Vernon. td. .
theytheev ery ae l ,vvona HOUSE AND , INEBRIATE
1 1 &Tel. would give them farmer and other and . CoUR. nrux,er, ...en and Craig
branches 0
' f bualtiess excites becomes f
i f orm o a trial by an improvised court, plundered them of their horses,rcattle, ur•.".
R. B. FRANCIS, g r iii.'; . ,lll2 , . to .ohtra. with responsibl e .
--7 Vretioesel.7. 201 h On y or June Next,
- .. , , , , , ,, 1 ,. c . . 0 -e i im th t ~,,,.
~ : 0 ; t, 00 :0c m 0 ; , a r 1 . t .:;, ,, ,n1 : 1. 1 ,1, 5 0 1 i 5 0 .f 00 r _ .. 7 2 ''' C '
!! _
! President ............... HENRY LLOYD proper inc.ure. fur we is 1.1 Stale veto
more general from year to year. Vine- 1 but the Door devil who was ever brought provisions, wagons and money, where , =Tama City Controller.
1 . „.“..d g ate multiplyium In some sec. I before that court knew that his time had found. Besides some detached cases, , -„,...,....
' 3 ' °°° ' °°° ' l of b.'s Brink, - I T ie° l ' P ' d dene. ......... WILLI BEA; As bercesr.ii, the i oic,iiiisa that to eon:- : DOS D 9 Aso no. Wroalakts. •
Ellarauf•cture of a j /Sorst Three VIIIIIon
tie. most Irotimeholds are abundantly I come. At other times they would de- thev laid iu ashes one thriving village of Ii,......GERAT°nS, Mon the proalres ofi the Instllvelon,• about
~,,,,,, of tkpretentallre sod Senatorial Dew. Gk. AZ. 1.:. EPIP , M,r,
eight miles tron. the C ty of Allegheny, on the I
ine upon the death of some noto- 6.0130 peopte, and turned the iiihaliitants 1 - ii ,,,,,, cm .m ,,,,,,,, ,
v.. t rvvacv , •v+iv it era., • Ahandauee of HaNiti LLOTD, TR LT kIiTCrL3,!„.
BOtet. chow. In the usual way. and rho. In
supplied !with 'grapes as an article of tern'
snarler clay and other aellltlei 'rather...t a b. ,igw . g.g 1. Haws..., Janes Loot:Teo,. ...mid , r to th e whole of tha Be nators and Repre- ! Nenter and Rent Ysinto Agent. NO 11..).50TH.
none outlaw .and a select party', chosen hOuseless 11110 the streets to seek shelter
FIE n antral.. _
,_______.- ...Man
diet, to the increase of health as wet as ;for the tack , would "go for him," as in fence corners. No provision hns ever
I. vuor.. Manton, ...Iv. In thee:corral Asse•nblY.
1 Torry's Ice' Cream Freezers " ik;rb . l. Pl'4l? "= l :i an be obtained or arel 'ti i il j t?tatt . tv,
coneort. A premium has even been !
they say out here, and a hasty fune ra l ' beeromsde, or is now making, to reins- . ' . soopoian may be nade eau JUNE sloth:to.. . . HitLiax i'. l =l ) .;;;"''''' By ordor of the ntste Central CemMittee. -
,•• • • -
GEO. AL BEE, Neeretary, I
F. JORDAN. Chairman. . •
offered to the first township furnishing , was sure to follow. One fellow named horse the plundered citizens . VERY CHEAP, AT
Cor. Wood and 1 nrlh Ste., Pittsburgh. 1 MOrtary la
proper evidence that
every family in St eel took offence, several years ago, at By the law of nations a government 1 •
• 1 r - Urn. IV. Hk Om en.Y, •
.‘ r editorial In the Nees and rode up to makes no compensatiou for dm :crises ! Grafton's Bosse-Furnishin g Store, '"
' ' I ' I%7LT:if:NS catt "In"l:onsPewr'ulaPePullaPn'Olir.;',". fP: , 11,..1!.c""i1,"..`," . .....,,, 1 . "`""`"'
Lae a vine. In all the large towns the 1 the editoriel office and fired several shots done by an invading army, unless such THE IRON CITY MONTHIA. ,
markets are beginning to be tolerably lat Mr. Byers, the Editor, while another government be victorious, when it al- I GO E v ocloreal 03t.,
' " Illforry/Wo"tially except Sundays. from nine - - - ----
well supplied, though, 11l many instances, man stood off some distance to protect ways provides by treaty for the payment New in. ustimsa D.ret,
1 Wednesday
. and Glaturday evenings I, ant sir IA
cheaply not as as Is desirable for the , the assassin. A simu lumens hunt was by the vanquished 'enemy. A goymn- '
made for Eteel, and Ile thanhalf anent which nelects - to make such pio- I ALLF.OHENT Lr'ITT ' ..... BEGOND IitIMBEI READY BOGY. I o!..1.1, A. u., to 'roar e•ciect, ra . and on
/n addlrlon to the great amoust of valuable le- 1 ninto•clocit_
•,•ITT, ton:nation to the cols. and stranger, it will • . 74 .2".._ Tile 11,110:.. RPOUBLICAN VOTERS of the
!greet:ll/TECO: I i WENT lON.
THE LARGEST .LllO MOST c . "..' . than meet at their teepee-
good. Still the progress that ! bow' he lay on the p eeil s entdid,l2v n . visions in behalf of its plundered cltl- ' eou.n t I
me On.. of buldluu eleel.ns, on
tins been made may be taken a s a su re , ing been shot as he reed a owner in , eons is basely negligent of its duty. A ! T HE
- Tniet, OF A .
. ' The Consolidation Bill, Complete. i -•
prophesy of much More thattle to cOme. I his effort to esda - pe. , 'Mel h d a brother poisi peace exists between the latebelig- I
'Woe Makin& also, haa taken a start, w ho resolv ed to take ' lie life of the man creole, the terms of which are dictated
1 ' ~ vow and authentic MAP OF ONSOLIDA
-1 :he had'icllled him, nd fo two years wholly bv Congress, which is under the 1
and the promise now is that the United ; they kept a lie& on for ach other. control of ?bele:publican party. Noll- I Wri.L TARE PLACE AT THE POINT. . ! :It i c ' d:r i t T rl P Prl t ierili7, aod BROWN SCULL
&MeaIs destined, within a comparative- ' Once they met on a h ghwa both arm. Mg but the proceeds of the confiscation I ,
Complete LIST,OF Rise BALL CLUBS, and
To-day , _____~_. 4 ,....., N. 0.4 of 3lstehr s Wayed this season.
ly brief space, to produce more , T i ne , ed with rifles, but St I was of the first of a small portion of the property of 'Friday at o'clock • ^'
Llst of looted utast ta . tne Cost Famine Fund.
Sam any other country on the globe. I reef:el:l;u- his f"'"7'.-- red w ca h e did wealthy rebels can be applied to pay the ,
ow.d . a. I and many ot,her nvw matters mast-
To ~,,,,, is ca‘ ," ths
n Tlew of we : ecoud Pro , ...riato Char.., I (h.
him Ms oft was] veled. Re damage inflicted by those marauders, !
Indeed, th ere are many people, not a did not Are , hOwever, but tld Steel to unless it be paid out of the Treasury or 1 talnable tn. any single source.
Mayor, City Councils, i PRICE EX dUCED TO 30e. Part COPT.
I few of them genuine friends of sobriety, ' Fans, which , he did oaf y, with a the United States. .
CLOD A TEAR. In adrance.
' who look to such an augmentation of 1 dead bead" drawn on him tit he was A few Republican meteors, always , Ana MI public gencralQ. royal:all aGe•All orders/nu. be iuldressed tel
out of ranee. Subsequently rey met in , erratic in their course, • are flitting , , iirEe • vr • virrocit at c o .,
this manufacture as shall make wine a
New Mexico, and the recognition was through and exploding in the Republi- 'lx
1 FC12.14111111‘.
common beverage, as o ne o f th e eider simultanettu., both attempted to fire but can atmosphere: They attract sufficient 1 ar ' roe onata v iZVegr.r"' rin toatcot
instrumentalities for diminishing, if not ! the "drop" was got on Steel, and he public attention to enable them to as- ' ,
eradicating, the evil of drunkenness. ! N. BURCHFIELD & C().'s, DISSOLUTION.
shared the fate of his brother, and from aura the amiable rebels who inflicted 1 0 •
' •
They base this inaticipation on the corn- I We wane hand& The man is now& thia Injur , that they need fear no co ! rills- ,
IS respected citizen of Denver , and is Callon-that nobody of any note in the , aT c: , a ,
parathe failure of all other means, so ' generally beloved for exterminating the North is in favor of imposing such pun- I • - 31X11-rilLet *L. suf. e exist.), betrra. WM A. KELLY
far essayed , to arrest and turn back. the I Steels. Another murderer was bunted by ishment for the sake of remuneration or -
and HORT. M. SNOLIORASS, in the Wholeaala
tide of dissipation that threatens to del- I the vigilante among the Wiens, captor- of justice. They assure them that ninth- I 4.0 ni.E/XLIED MUSLIN. for isr-,c.
Urns Business. No. 27 Wood street. Plt&burgh.
ed brought back mid hum, end a men ing shall be taken from Aiken's estate of '
lige this nation , and on the comparative
-.. 157. Idui Oda oar been dissolved by mOttrol,
naimed Fent was taken Soil the coach; millions, fromilampton, Davis, or Faulk. I 4-0 "
exemption of wine growing
lase. ' HOIST. M. ORM/ORA:a retiring from We ann.
counties few m il es east of Sleety, by a company air, or from a thousand others who are ; 4-k .. SUPER .•
from inebriety. How far thee expecte- ,of the vigifants, shot by the • Chad 01111 worth their hundreds of thousands, ~,.. .. 23c The bush.. rein be continued by.t.Elißt. It A.
lions are legitimate, and destined to be aide and buried . WI I 9 did it, no to reimburse the loyal men North and ! P
one has Orel. inquired. Many doubt- South, who were plundered of their es,' itteco utiormaur mks.
realized, tits not our province here to
21/11T. N. hNOL/tlttA32.
determini,. • less could guess, while some certainly ' bites, and to aid your neighbors to re- , FANCY IBL/is.
, •
. ' w; but it is a forbidden topic. Ford build their humble tenements.
. Pittsburgh. May intb, In 7. • usyMara
FEES Cil rOL•Lar,a.
The object of Mr. Ittranz's book is to :'' bad to die to give peace and security to ! It is scarcely to be endured that Con
treat Of all the facts and prin c ipl es i n . Denver, and he was thdrefore shot like a cress for two sessions should be indiffer.,' PLACE Tisusx. • GEORGE A. KELLY,
volved in his subject, so as to make it dog. It Is worthy of note that the pee . ent to these sufferings and Enke no steps - ...
oLACK 111/lIRAZIN Ha. e
plc of new territories, who are annoyed to enforce these rights These remarks is wiWholesale Druggistr
of the highest value to the amateur, as ;hy the usual incursion of desperadoe a apply to large portion;of aryland, of •A Large Assortment of NEW Goods
well 121 the gardener and vineyardist. : make it a point of honor not to banish West Virginia, Ohio, Ind iha and St i r . ' ''.
1 KY Wood Street,
Tubs he has - aucceeded In doing in I them to other countries. They consider . solid, as well as to the slave States. I J MIT RECLIVE O.
a most excellent -manner, t ih ts " ting 'it in the highest degree dishonorabla ' Ge who can patiently liste a
p to that Remember um place. co. 51, HIPP.Ite the Si. Cheri. Motel.)
the whole with nearly two hundred en- ; t hi s t err i tory,
4 and they never allow it. One citizen of putrid humanity we now see proagated, ;
otherwise highly r spe t. has more columned of himmelf than I I 'Nair 0008 to I[ll SIGN OP no -al Boor. LlA'N'.l , l ) .l4.2.atiliVßiNCnita
gmvings from nature. These cuts ex- 1 cd, has lost the confidence of the e eop c le have. Indeed it looks as if we NetTe . l'''.
' L' 'sp 'r l li t:r i ' P rlf .. li NAM/E.:V. celebrated
hibit the different sorts of via.. and I for a sre.tano, fu r sav i ng t h e li fe oil. bail s till t o a dd to th e b ur d en of our taxation, HION - -ENGINE IN THE WINDOW. ' r ' P ' 74.r c."... "'" ":. .• " PM{ P":l '''' ''C l:gl"
. 13.W1`. CHOLERA CURE. Se.
fruits, the methods for managing them, , man on condition [hall, he shoirld leave to defray the expenses of transportation - _
s th o e co . llntry forever , "It's a pity." they and the ovation of triumphant traitors. , THE uNDERscaNED needy- TEAS i TEAS ! TEAS I • -•.--.
the insects that prey upon the plants, the '
ed, on the 19th Inst. the largest and brat . -- , .! ,•
y- he's a clever man, hut he didn't But I must atop, or I shall commit '
or ALL mimes ANI/ QUALITY, kr
ways of preserving grapes and of 0311. do the fair thing in getting that fellow `lto fault against which I have been I,,tLialt,fili:JiWc .I:ll,..`te`Vie',°.,:::tl,sl'll"t
sorting them 'lnto wine We know of , off." 'fwo years ago I they hall pretty warnel. With great respect your obe. „•;.11: e r s, •ll o a V i s r d, r w m ,,, • ! :„ . „‘",,,,,,e` s t s ' is e,,,m,e , ', l ,,,,ai r • s "! ' .a.. Pr,„:11‘313..7E3. i
no book In this country more complete I well banished the diameters dangerous dicer servant,
Broker. le la Indents Tra Dealer, an I the
;to the peace and safety lot the citizens, I. Slg.edl THADDEUS STEVENS. I ate 1 .,,,,, 1 . Ureter . Tu.!, T. as are among the GREEN * ' EA. I or NEW WORK, W. HESPENKEIDE ,
for the In
wi t ex:t goo ..7.1Ver=111:11:11. ' 0 V:r . • ' .th '' Pilo. Toting Itrion ' ete Per Pone&
I , i
. • but the orderly gamble* still controlled ~,...„,„,,,
esusese iI no • • I
Tel 'xylem. : An Explanation of Ph. 'th t I
~ j ,
: USTI lit 111lf lanram nOsnrc
notanna,oecamonLycsailed epintemal. POll. , e men eipal ty, had Ist 'wealth, and PURE L IQUORS, 001.0,0, W. , a „ .....
.. ; Who will continue We general hue... Ito all to
&datable:. E. 11. Lippincott a Co. Pine. Porsued their shameless oration in open - ' '. A Light it Black Tea. Good . 1.01 •• - nett.. The Marin...of LAT/I, by the Merchant grail° 111 vILLLUILI 15 1W1115113,
borsch: Davie, Clarke b co. day. They had their alliblitig houses I:ure Liossors, Moe Liquor., Fair, noisily outd at $1 00. we s f ll at ra. Bp. •
re 1
The author of this volume judiciously in some of the best bui t ldings and bust- tore Liquors,
Pars Liquor,. Pore Liquors' C.. •• LYS, • 41.1,0 •
~.. .. ,a, .• Beet Crola . nt 61. Pc'rr Pam
~, .. I Great ' American Lath Machine,
No. 50 ST. CLAIII - STREET, : 2117-Tir" ' ' ''' lll")j ' lT ' e1.K.'"44
Pure Liquors, Extra Floc. ••
withholds his name. The nearest revs - neat! kkalitled of the city, conducted For nsedleinal porpores.
'olio . ho makes
of „ Dire , j . j . amino . hh k e o m mo in
l li n ew tt, of every nusser-by, just ts. choice. •• 'IAN, •• Len ..! BLACK TEAR-Poweboug, MostoßOssE I Will tOßtade a ..alatti. Ilia
Is pro-
For medletaal t aro...s.
Nose !Savored Foetal, 1.71. " /M • nod Coneouss. , daces an hundred thotiogad lath tor day, or, .
, No. 51 Fi ft h Street, ~
d cameo, had bawls For medlcl.l ur otos
that he belongs in Ohio. About one- !of musi7playla m g ' inTrVnt of the doors to ' J P P rort . Wine, - En..line Bose Flay•d !jail lirmolf., 41.1 :...., , ,T e =t o tr o gg.47,4llva or t,z . ,a ; 7, 1 , ,, ca Just received, a second arrival a NEW e ,
Loan. Hr.dr,
,; tier :: r c l on t x : , tintry. do
1 : 1 ,,, , Orders fn m lath deslertfor any neerniTeeriabs- SI•RINU 11(.1011S All late .d new arts pat- • eels line or MI new enel deserable pattern... i
third of the volume Is occupied with ; entice the tetras:tor, and were moat pro, cognac oreadv.l i - --- Por t wi g .. A da. olVl...2lsTais. i nl l tgrlN T W l et Tea.
, Inn
an woonsand mod
narratives MIL intercourse with spirits .! Indeed so powerful were they &berry ling, Ilmbdra Blue, ~,,,„,., washy .. .add st 41 D, Wr snit M . 's, s e? p... •
JAPAN TZAR. _ , :romps y supplied. ~,,, • ''''''''• Is-rota...ln lb e tete. Easters styles.
... raj ..... , at [ono time, that they controlled the
~, bb r. W • 4' 144 ,c." 7 1• '' , fiF; .• ja otee :: ; Zi , .. L ..'., .... Uncolored Japn. very pleasant Mover 11. A TheMseltinet, and Het. to use theM, •old ~..” . , MEDALLION VELVETS,
The larger part ' of them,
bre 1 r re...1,e prlgem i at ?engine.
• '''' ' Legislature, aomething after the l'erm- '''''''''' .' ''. - . r. -.'...- 'l '
. ~,,,,,,,,,:,,, :. • ~.,,..... J•palt. tonna Dyson. Leaf
I IllitVletlU.YeliAl'AAT Iglng'il'PleAßK URLING & BUCHLON Velvets Brawls, I
the account he gives, were of a.most pro- sylvania fashion I doubt not, to pails a Catawba Wine. 1 Pure Holland Uln.
No, I Mixed Teo. h. heat Li wk. l. do. Y. 1L.1.60 WIN LH, Sr /Ital.: onlirr . r 1 7
Pere Jamales ltitur. , , A natural, uncolored Tem the most pure 11.1 No. 2••/•yr 24 nest •' s do. •• LB , ' LISTIMS, hUllell.l.N.
Iligate•sort, and did not desire to be any bill legalizing gambling, nod n is the
Pure Jan.!. Huy.
chief blot on Governor Evalta•S official s -Ture Rya IX iris.. Pore l ye Nb .1\ 1. ' .--‘ ..'""
Orden ( or Sawed Stufp•lled with Merchant 2'..erzszter • BR
ail Letter. They told him all' manner of
o!,. t .ty. , ~ ,, ,, ,. .4.4 . :,, ,, ,:, , ,5t. e . f snit at IlLet. we roll at a. io jr ry. •oe iutntity..nd forward. by soy. the Ea•
!..,1./•,';Pl " all Tens imanrtmL and "Well Flom the above in, one '
can 'sleet Jusit what - ',y am at 0wy ,,,, y.
feeofil• that Ile apprOged the measure.
.. It
, 11 : 0 . 1 . o e f o T m e s p : n il
t e . y ..., e v . : :
. a . n ., cs t. ,.
.. . , e r them :;:t , n.p.
. ,
Merchant Tailors
I '
, • largo .6 gaol. assortaiont Of
iles, and played pranks with him gener
se •• 1e •• row rat. and h e
be twed ee. .pee , Wd at fair rates.
' Last wittier a year the gkoving morality ,
N. iL -Contracts for 11/1817ES. coAL•till OIL
Piano and Table.bovera, ---
ally, going so far as to kick him violent- .of Delayer rose u I '
p against the grnt, ors, AI JOREPIII FILER LIMA Very eh 'lee. " i rs, •. i. is . m.o. In 'the price.besidesi getting a pore .4 i
Y. at. sal•sis •• L., •• I uli - mean .tlele widen exactlyoults. weir wt. I __r.'e. .T.'.. 111 °..... hT • nom... old Ir Car
_ _ _
Nos 54 ST. CLAIR STREET, r , -- -- •
IA. iliK, : 0 . 1 . v.•
ly in the stomach when he was walking and drove them out. They still doubt- Corner. tee Diamond &oil Market creel!.
' tors,lo 1.2 a 171 redotral ... Alleterny. -T. L. BIRCH : 1 , - HOQUI7II (OVID, lODIC DU ID ILI&
iu the streets Reclaims to be a weinzig , lees remain in some numbers, but 1 E../ or the attolino!.d und Blatt. meet. The one. tlY,Tr ih ati t re l x?4" e i . D... y e '
Are daily reeelvtog --
12:M1s , • ,
they dare
! not exicse their business I •
- ? ''' ' . l.'. ''''"*".'''' " 'l' : - I ' ' "'""
' T l i'! "-E' ' '' ' FOR TEE SPRING TRADE. I Cameral Superintendents Xo,ll.l3adasesa,
medium, and tell. with exemPlary gray
to the piddle gaze, and they are uuder GRAY IiALDNESS DAND• rine. "
n9lq.7_-_-_____-__ THE LATEST ' STYLES I
ity of the contests the spirits of good as wholesome. netraint as in our be • ii " M " . 1 r rune. ..
p Urtv. v as t
.INNASIEtor THE NOMr.-Nu ,t• i ee.
' ''''' " ...'. " At 26 and 28 St. Clair Street. i S. s• BUTA 9I , ~, I' i TIME PLY AND TWO PLY
and bad women had for mastery over governed titres. It was this early his- ti: in u ct.V.llitttirteet u Nt r aestU u .! i i veti c jaolce. "
nuncio 11. - .2.8 r•:_all___
the pen he need; the bad commonly get_ tory of Denver that made. Dixon blunder ::1;„o:ln 0 " . ' 1.55 lit''',P',„'„ ° ::,„.. a. , • =::: ;meaty/AL a t.UN 'ow Del one aa .„...,.. We have In store and are dolly receng, of I
Ling the better in these scuttle& An- so fearfully as to its present social con. ••Loadon Phyeldans •
air Color Itesterooro nm Is tillontn& l nn , n'n ' nrn. In niPen;'• our own wd other . inallufACturee. • co.
Wilma. To-clay it is as free from men ' "t^t"ma Hair (Mier Restore, , an..
other Is occupied with an explanation of ;outrages upon public morale __
.. London thro and Ha. ceder ...ref , e te_AAVO. 01tea . ...1 sold at 0 le, we . en at rj". i , lh.
as nay A est- ••Lodon &tremor Restorer. • v lee FLOUR ( L OTIIN '
1 . ,',;: .. nl r, •
~ Wl;l l l7,Fit eittsiies,
his narrative. Doubtless, to his own ! I ern place of the same size. Indeed, 1 "Lase. Resommend IL Hair Color Ite.W ..... . y Xo. hoe. '.
mind, be has made the case tniniparent j regard it as (ar in adyance of moat of toilt::7slttr.Pl be nr ialarg " l • Vl"' ' a:VIP'. Ti..... . ' ist‘t• :: ' :". :: BLE AND CARRIAOS I AND REAL ,ESTATE,
r:dag. f'... moth, r ' f al"' 1 Ea. eboice •• 7. , , '' 1 2 •• CIL ositlits,
enough; but plain people, after reading 1
t th y em. In Omaha the two MOW BUM- ::,t,',,tgr i t' 1.„, thk „ „„ ~„ ', L oll Very Choice via 11Ywn. 7 ... • ••• tnn '' • RUFF HOLLAND&
1I e and courted ladies at the most Leh- matt • Insttle,•l in. hated.. ..
what he has offered, will find themselves ; tenable hotel in the place, were, w he n 6. " b 7 Ml'' " AlU",.' . M.KrIN"- erra .4 g 5
Also, LEATHER BELT( Nil, Apollo Banding, Fourth Street.
i_, I Market etre.. exit. A NALL - It 37 W- SHIELDS /BOUCHER, /LUBBER BELTISII,
111 the predicament BORON was in with ; was there, known as "Ma. Faro - and .4 bus' /LENIN°, C Market street, a XS! ERMA AND ST BAN rectum,.
CoLearanoe's elucidation of Metaphy- I "Mrs. Kincs• Here they would maim • "'e e
....,, ,gA, a a, I.IOIIT. Alleght,ay. ,
..)Irfl• 106 Smithfield Street. ad. ' I -
e nrannfaelarent. we are .55510010 ober
sins, and wish `'he would explain his ex- tolerated in anY ' cirele°" ' lde e . ' " ,,' lnn o r or o - - -'-
N COUR GUARD m merchant., earrts ga makers and Hie retell
pew or a Lone dace. On . um-ay the
° P • '''''' n '' . P a" un 'e' i . .it',l' , l7Y.T.Tegli, in eft r ;! . `" " Id ' " 1 °'
!planatiOn." - city Was as quiet and o - deily as is ,' ;', 1 `,.:,;'7,,,,, ft ' i1 " !! ",t . ..„ °4 ,' • !.'""1'!", ' t " n Timevis •
Ii It is a fact that ninny people of redne- ; Chambersburg, end the number of ele ;„!-- --.- ---1 " •e ..""• :r1! "' '''''• '''''''' -it , ' °3
S J. el a . PRILIJPII.
• o •PeoeS7 I
mum sizetrigence ato iniblerulahed ' gear . churches, eerninaelea schools in to . o r r i L e y s ,
o x tr es . ;n t , Le
. ......1 . , i n .: , ,, , s t ,, , ;: t a o s: It,: ~....,,,, ;
(~ it
morality, accept the theory and practice eluding a convent, reading TOM, 1.c..., eed.vorin g to flood the marketa of thla . rountry. ' atent Direction Mkt. THE. PEOPLE'S
leaving no room to doubt that Denver wn
of actual Intercourse with the splits of • h as a mo rs ,i, t one con t on fli n , i ts soc i al ss je ° „`" rth i r"'"';"""' '''' db••••• itr.orcca PRICE Liar. TEA ST RE
II departed. That they are led in this di- ' life quite abd e ve the average of new cities. 5. 50 ... 'rho o'atrr.d 150 = 7 . " Ofdall r tr th • LP:: , ,
rection by diets width have not been ex- ' Dau t rit:er to
o have fallen into queer sus 'n tracto r nem on and Mose. thee to tsIIe.:,nt.b7O:I,PM,Z3I.I:.V.AT'I.:"ZI
`Wien Wilson & Underwood,
phoned away', is evident. Still, WC are It was there Ili
the d ot h is Bob Wilson* a Imre of wale, Within • Wort time InJuuctlons have haTe • fon s.'-it . the 'whs. sire. W ••e
0 Areu co.ta•ned In we Courts. the Usu. Stales are preptred to furnish at Beaton tartar, tot. , 1
constrained to confers that all statements prophe perhaps, is unkt;o‘wvhno.nsiakehethro agamet...., or in Sloe ual• we dn.. wad tlf r e b all i airl ', :t . :Zl3.s . Tr i : . 4‘e .l e I v u t.d . t!;`,17 . :12!
of the philosophy of this intercourse, here, and his statement that from three ri,T,',,".: ! ,7 '. , ' r "P i ."."""'"'la''.". ;:r. , 61::".7:::.1A..1.17.47,4,...0 .. " .. o.o . • . on e of the cheapest and bet 'wholesale nod
,ne elses ranee from Ns I to 17, and prices U ' U ''''',nr.b. "n '''' 'Utn.•
and all practical illustrations of it, which 'to are persons were usually, killed lint ln spite o P flie " ol t t be l P' ll 'P t°‘l PPP"'
w r i t , from &LS to IS.Oeper thousand ob..
' during the night and sometimes in open 0,
' ' ''''''
have fallen under oar observation, are d. Lei ith ar L.. deleeD To amen.. Me undersigned are . th r e • o n.T o nr oi n,•:aPo j eos: . tarnerat Cte Near- No. 1:1 South {Seat"
'h d f ,
a OW 0 trut. to jus• mune unable to protect the public entirely , chants auLtdpners.
~s be ae goods toALLY
weak almost to puerility. This volume tif Y lit. e ;l '
; y
„, Upon t e whole, I have found s t rata. piratical lealwioss 01 .standard ha- Mot and examine 0ne...1
does not furnish an exception. 'no place TR the far west that appears to tlOnal Turtle, eserywhere lo reeneet. atid as J. R. WELDIN & CO., nr''
Tee sterol ' s airs ; Or, The Valley of a•me so pleasant socially; and so substan- readily convertible low cash as United notes
llundreayires._ Ry the author of . 11.. tint in Rs business, as is Denver. True, U.." nn'T'smn'T 0 0... T.T. sbetefore.. • SPECIAL.ACIENTS, - 1
grirlt toll
-;; Ir 1.7!!efp,v..... “Lom. •ud it discounts tta future detelopment of 2,:rZlVlB,7.l;°:;°°J. dlre. t attention to the
, rirrspenou, Ray Lath DC.
1,'.,, , , ry,,_...._ eesetaoe P..Z. n. Peter.
ex vall lane , . rope...tin e total No 101 wood .
.__, NOTICE.-Pursuant to a BIONO. the precious metals, but not more than at o•ies•••etas "r•xec.- tuel • b""tret eni-
The principal scene" of thls novel are is fully warranted.-Cer. ch..b.bur a TA'it:lT.'";"' '!"" T0.:,°2:1,,'" TT ' : "anent iSloricE TO CONTRACTORS. caw !2.,7 ° .;, ° .`,,`,. ° .! alrol:;•g:rt bpnA, A `..t " r.
a..tha. L'ilTirr's'll7, ...".1,7. r:4 . ;;:i.t.. , the Board on. Imrtors of the TIIIILIMPII 'tom
among the mountains of Wales, in the , R`l'mt"U' theenteraterd by • ature no of Lauel, with _. tirricagez ,L otee Iv liklEl. 5.., V Heped( L , yds day AA. De o mo.
great hen district, where it would seem ' A Jealous Husband Shoot. Illenatlf I f2A -" """'" ( ' P"'""' • " 115 • • ' ' c. "o• a. .•,a Propos. for et r osengine .- p a n
II Ir "N . S th.
, terra"""' whlth Is • DID ri.r. erime The tr.
f . ley Potille newer. will be ree,lved at a i sl e i Re Truitt. lit.. soil be V elosed i lt '''' n
urn t elst
Met not "a hundred," but a thous.snd Ti rough the Picea. EL T . '''''''' " Id , " . ;"js'i . ren4fia a s rrril. a , Wrst Market Buildings, .C 1 THUIMDAY, to Wen. de. of Jnne. IneMsive.
[From We Poughk meal. 1 5.*. lasele./ June 7.. iti.7:
By order the Board. '
urea are conStantly belching forth smoke
One o n Stowe. alloy from eastern side of
The peaceable, quiet loving citizens of PINCE. CANADENSIS 1 " ' witztass 110851 LEN,
and flame, mad where tens of thousands the li.tle tows of titanford, in this coon • • CP "" ". I ' -5 " I ". •
. tree whleh Is Abundabt In Cusada. Nora "..... T. tO .. Aiarkee to A ood 01. rd... Ne,retary.
of hardy workpeople earn their bread ty, were thrown into
state of most semi& nue the mere northern tarts of the New 11 . 41,71:4. - eo r:j. . !VC' " 1 fr• i • V " B ” . “" 0 ' .
either by digging and delving in the intense excitement at nearly the hour of Eullln u d::.ate:. at Ls also n ereen: In tbe elevated yn, ,,
e , , , est " ....Curblng- - e • .
boirels of tee earth, or by roasting about , noon on Monday, by there port,that Ed- ;1 15e ..." i ." o , ssi t ° ,,Z, y r : n : l ' l .' l , l . ' 4 :7e CHAWARD eilAT a . Prom ...tor to ised. '
. s, ; toed street,
eland bad l.rhill of the town of ash- '
Or all Graillee,
the lurid fires which burn ever with an 1 ington taken his own life at a h ash
: r lk."*•
' '"di'in'
6T"'"V" r".' s"'"n"
' I
OWNNENDIST/i ET. from Decaur to Clark •
SC w.t Inelde bare of the pi. tree. Pt&
intensity that
would give one a vivid ,in that rustic village. In a few moments LAND'S 'Willie 11NE ColtroUND. "
wretch Is " Ptli•L'Alt ALI.II cow Iter, 5 to t xsot • e
Idea of the infernal regions, were it not after the report gained publicity,ia visit , Or, of mit calm. In all debilitated states of the II navy/5 ALLitl, from Crown to oevillTera ,
for the fact that even here is the abode ' to
e se l lne where the rata' act was said kidneys. /taw like • charm In All e 11... of ' •
" UT N a 4 Alatl!.e.N'' rY:Lit'orrl"'""ll"t
nlmnmited, confirmed the mz,,,:oter::::,,,4.„iim= ~,,, ; l in
. 2 , 11 „,. ii HU • • IA , GLUEY HUM 01011 TO fat ILIN
of contentment and, indeed, happiness. ' state; T he partleolara, as related ad oted to MI Moose Maria.. where Ruche e 111. J. MOOE,
The story of, the "Rector's Wife" is atoas by a gentleman from Vie eastern- t•411 ""e •na " - um. • I •ne." 1 •• that . 0050 • '''" Record!. Itetulator. At No . 107 M arket Street. -
simple one, , A beautiftil girl, who is all I Part of the county aro as follows : , Vi l gfill:nirsits = ° ,,i=r s ! 1 . 11,,ti1l :Th
sons who nt amt.:oily t.k • bottle of trusnleol. e Highest Market Price ' J°S ' R. lIVORES IS BRO.
heart, marries a young, elergx who, I TUE nrlElneE. •
. I% W try, afterwards rams 0.5 and got • - • SOILS --,--------________
If not all head, is more p cal; but „ Edmund L Undcrhill, tbe suicide, was ,Air,••Lresroicitl,,,,cvsA r i t x,,,aggr k a.LTrv, • PAID /Oh nO.,S. .... JOLIN 23.1. M..• 40115 IL noITS.
bent thirty years eta ge, and h. a broth. yea;. mend' g.
they are happy together 'and tide to the
, Cr residing at Hartsville. His existence, Itheetry n ce ..... that baa been looked aeon s HUENEME' SECURITIES, , PITTSBURGH LAMP COMPANY.
world a goodly family, with many moral ' lea connubial point of view, has been t;`ll'.°°glZ.laTT,ta• "rr":16,.?"`”4 I
lessons. It Is a book worthy to im re a d 1 full of sorrow and disappointments. he s , 1 /.„,le,,h7j,Lew, s e tie. us.'" ° " u :' , p1e,,,,, T,,.... ; - JOHN ROSS & CO.,
I having been married three times. It is teitans, .:i.. "Ili "‘ ""'" 1. " 7. "'"" E •'" ILIII,J.LA.LIF SlLl7Zdiri, = I
prea r cr i llxed In leucarrtunt, • 9 9
, NO. 23 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa., afai. - --- -
A Loo. stated that he was known to have a very , 'lT',,krandcbronle Intfolst:trT'o•rrYtisr"no"V;
•ELialiarAttr PittlecteLte la Aar.
Lure. Boston, fro Brothen. - i jealous disposition. ' Ilis first w if e, soon or the bowel, la chronic astarrbal aer ' H ' '
• ' na g s o ... o af... a y sa saw .„,.. „f• er a COUPONS LID fOINCID InUIST Norfs, I I klanufaosorers Ai - 81.1 M I ST=TZSVPAFI LI MIN1 E 8 1: 4 LET. Of Every Description.
ThL is a pamphlet reprodintionof an , after their manage, becatue acquainted
I ceedinglY valuable In all gov e loj seectio n .,
, With another Matt which aCullairdarice Weekly nrlne lUld
, where there Is red and elle
„ s J. F. STARK A, CO.,
esaay which originally • appeared II:l}1.- i o ripened ja, map, . d wid signs 0 ,. sediment It can be taken without interro w U h
. tousual avocations: and Instead of maw- ,
millan'a Magazine, London. affection. and in a short tim e there: t it er . Inu, orato.s a brachia, healthy poorer of redo- , Cor. WOOO AND Tllllll3 STREETS. , LNlV'ttl ieer.
'155 ATLANTIC Itokrear. fee Tess. Beaton. 'so brimen was her conduct, that her bus- Mt ;4 vg,7-.„,17; , .7.,„,in Priry.r„...i. vs. . -ri._n____ , ~*-, I
“r a ,,,,....,,,, ~..,„„,,,,,,,,,,,ow
_____ „And everything. the HI E ' • Llne.
The second article in this number is by 1 band could do nought else hlit sue fora MUND. /ornate by Weil..., as.i . a7or Boost; • A YOUNG /14 CO., . ....
Mr. Pluton, 'and is devoted to St. Lours. ' divorce, which he di d , and obtained it.""lui'b """S'dki'."*"'
By this wife be bad one chit a irl o
The eleventh article Is on Muslim Amer- ! seven or eigh y a g, d. d gn l w y
, lea, and embodies substentially the facts , child he has lelt. ear A ° 6ll ' or e t. UM% aflerre- NEW AD vE,II.TIEIEDIENTII:
, and argumeots widch suddenly convert- I ceiling a divorce from I Ifs first wife, be ' 0.174 iirrlll,..,",,,?"•;l.,,,,thuos___..szoszs I
ru t'
ed a decidedmajority of the members of .
; formed an acquaintanee witiSannther re- , '44.. ...,,,,,),'"ar
I auto, and soon after married her. The an oraer=throserZet the tinted /Mess
I the Senate from opponents to supporters second wife also becatne enamoed with end tea •
of the treaty. for acquiring the territory, another man, and the honeymoon had -----.
Even apart from these two articles this I scarcely passel, ere she too dishonored ROBINSOIT BROTEERk
number isime elf unusual excellence. I his name. Again he instituted proceed- 13awalceawas
ELI!. DACIOON, dr the Old HMI Eton. In the L , 148 t on Soother divorce, which, after a _ •
Halt s, ' . S
ly;Mrs. Frances Dana Oa r .. I l engthy trial at the Conn Douse. in this , Er.7g POURER WERENE,Plttohorgt..
. adelph O. B. Lippincott & Co. ; city, was granted him, the evidence Convey y-ate.. nee or ebsrer ono.. e
: Plnabiarght Davi., Clarke &Co. I against the second wits tieing overwhelm- r ~,e,,....,,, ors. TiesP base bo.Dently'oe - ari'lli.
This is a Temperance story, written , leg. The latter case happened a little , --- , 5 ,,,,,,, - “ -
with an excellent moral purpose; and a I over ono year ago. For the third time 11...1 .
_R-R-i. 33,111001417.121019,,
fair degree of ability. The ineldentsare , the illd'ated man married, the affair tak. ! a! e
ro ,
, ohey
In lace abort! ar r h • o di vorcea. sell/Railroad Bond.
g p y .te t-e escort- oreitocki t BIM. (Co .4 BrOge knocks: Mon
protease* from real life, but strung I was obtained. , Es . ces4nt ital Eetate..L.d Warrant., &c.
uremia thread of narrative : for the sake I 'not ammo's- WIPE. wA. Tit .-M u dead@ of th e counties of lin&
1 ler, Beaver. Lawrence, Mercer and Washington.
ofunityand general effect. lathe heroine His third wife, now his widow, Is well '
rower a1t0... TU. iseposlts.
the endeavor la ey portrays true 11•130/117, known In the vicinity of Stanford and 1 11 _ OBlsifilling her place as ., wife, mother, and the town pf Washington, and has always I•
I borne a good character.' She was hoe ,!!
- ''''''' ' ''" xxg -"" '''''''
"' la'
member of society. !The conception is i keeper for several yetins for Dr. Peck - 3.
o -AD
- -
_ oquesee Borough.
oo wrought mat as to Sustain the interest I (formerly Supervisor Peck) and we are . 1.. sob sett to aoy DAt nr eltrebersh s od Al
. the end. - informed was - looked upon as a lady in es i ery. s c ,lnest. reduction from cusomary
Ingtonnowo W... By G. T. TrOtortovid. every sense of the word, is about forty- I I",:s r illii,V is°l=4"4l:
BOW : Lee S Sheol‘rd, .I•lttAbiar g h : am. five years of age, and rather Kept ., ! s , OrtearreUtnee 512 receive aeons et attoollon.
AIR Clarke a Co.
sing in appearance. Latterly, however, '
This is se w II to
e - Id story, and of ex- fit IS aidd Underhill had entertained an , SHERIFF'S SALE. '
cellent purpose, which Originally '
al , , id e a t h at s he was. mane to him, his -• ow THURSDAY. /day 70, 15117,
peered in the Afkierie Monti:, Idis , many friends! assertions to the contrary, ;At 10e•clewk A. M. St
St. Clair and
t I notwithstanding. however much he Liberty wee. Plittpurab,
Bell worth the Per ern form .
now Ima have thOn ht her t a o Billiard Tables.
given to it. Not only will those who I are y aseured that g •-4e cher
she did not deserve the RACK CUES. PICTURES, Ste., lend iseaseteed
read the chapters of it atilt first appear e d charge. _ of prvaeea.
L.2ayknatt IiAIIUEL H. OLULEV,Pherier. '
be glad tO have it in this shape, bet mul- i '',
Stades more will find interest and Katie '
faction to its pages.
A w ... ~ . yaxame Cornea, Bo net
'From oTenCornbill M•grtetnet.. 3k2lettr
Loring. mum:iron 11. lather.
This L a pamphlet of tke seriesknown
u "Loring Railway Library." The se
lections are all admirable, and this nom.
ber is not an exceptuin. No better ma
aortal. IP fill a vacant hour, whether at
home or abroad, Can be desired.
boors other Marl. BY
nonid• n Istollneeiphi. P. B. [Apothem&
a Co. Pittsburgh: Darla (narks *Co.
.Tha author of Chandoe, Grauticie de
'Vigne, and Strathmore, has given us
here a series of eketehes, mainly of Keg.
llah life, a century or more ago, and in a
natural and charming style. •
Ye. BANEICYPT ACT. ALOSOtiatnitl Blirest.
1111111=.1praGerrir &INC;
John E. Potter at Co.
This is a pamphiet'of seventy-nine pa.
ges, for the easy and convenient War
!nix of the legal profession and of buil
ness men..
Bairn, Miaeseersi Useacnor icor. May.
New York: W. B. meson.
The.!muting article Is devoted tai the
w arctitrea, trade and commerce' of
Lo svillp, Ky. •
I is:premien ofcounterianee, became - fright. ' e- ' as-
Candi a' C ke • Ants and Fruits.,
On the daY of the fatal affair (Hon- ; .a. man. • I
day) Underhifi's wife was visiting at the ; L. H. GONDICILWAN.
residence of Egbert Tripp, in the town ; ricttg,TlVlNl. ' l,7l:l rat"ri actirg s ...a: '
of Stanford. Between Mee and ten I I;abasy City Ns wears eye 1r....1nes
o'clock to the morning of that day Un- '1,13;•e:,T,,, gßkitTeg; asrsu ' i;P:r 7;;i.:!: ,
derldil was observed in the village by a ! diev'iinurrs me alsionsla s lir. Ousels wax '
number of personsobet no Importance : ~1t1,V,,4,44,„1::'70"21,74 Vsli*JiNtro7:ll:4
WAS attached to his presence so early in ; savor tam with their hieloelaw meMinli
the morning. Ile was armed with a re -' j HANK &H
solver, and atter being In town but a •; W.
short time proceeded to Tripp's house, ''
where his wife was staying. • . She seeing ' • ' Desks lasli kthd. of
him coming, and observing his singular
ed and rushed irp stairs Into a mom, lock- I i.liiiiiiir""°' to
ft"athth 'Ziggigg d
leg the door after her. He followed im- . i li - viDEi D rrICE.-T II E
IlledlEte/y, evidently, intent on doing ' a- , Revd of neve of re of the , " EN A h o ve NM
harm. f * Teat. AND Dern OIL COMPANY de
, It second dividend of N PKR CENT. on
, AITIYIng at the door of the room; and , the pastante, gr.v... th. oth arty. at the
flnlingit; locked, he became greatly ex- I Vi'ittleNststilnal`taTl:iTitiaTa eg.:°°
' cited, and immediately ;tented himmikm•l ,ii.yrricoiriwir DANIEL KINZER.
the steps or Boor, and taking out a me m- F • IiIINE Al'im----
orandtiM book wrote a few Tines to his 1- '
brother, Hiram Underhill, of Hastsville, i ittt:rtreigi:t•f::rtitralg2ill,f::24:
the purport of which !was that he ;had I a ar s elle ersuls or
or at retail at the
with him $288,55 teletittle the payment i ra '" "'"'" "JOHN A. RANSHAW• .
of a certion note of *NO. ,He also re- i mill tomer I.lbo r ____alid Hand sins..
questerbtus brother to takegood carouf ; A CLEAR,' SMOOTH lIKIINI
his child. and stated that that would be j 1 1 n[
05, COMPLIXION follows us
the last communithtion he. would mithe I „"•,? " u'L"'"?L''''' uirgtir:WrisezilitoT
on earth. Having thus briefly closed his ; eisbrisasto an smattassas Millais. &MAAM" ,
worldly atrairs,lbe deliberately drew his ; VAIL—FICEGA-2,000 Oak. now
revolver . , and placing the muzzle against i - ,1 hisidnia from Meaner Hobert...MOM: Re do. ' par &Mosby
his breast died, and falling over died al- i,a tor., ' '''' b 7 isAisittnotat a•cu. a a..a MSS Marty at., foot oreureine
• 1 -
_,. .
most instantly. The scene that followed WM_ ADVERTIEBBLENTS
was, of course, an *exciting one. The I ! I
appearance of the fast flowing blood of U. ffs• GrapiEVG• ; M. H. HARRIS, p :ROYAL.
LACURSION WAIMP- 1 / ,- ;" %true Twates t
or the
the dead?men, the shrieks of the inmates
ta" ma
TRAIN to th, great sLio e•rk mat .. la AN, Jaen gd.
of the dwelling, and the rush of the Til• Planing PIK Sash & Door Factory, AG NT 'Fog
lagers were part and parcel of the tragic i.11,7,13.U.T1,:E.111:11•1,6474&278%Tr2.; ; BANKS . DINSMORE & nt East I.ll,ortr, leaves 'the Teton Depot IlepoW at I We. a.. InVBl.ais
211ry01/0 ILO knOW
• Bee Xe,lho Tett,
The , Peoples' Savings liank,
s•OIS e•lter ay., ArTE,UNUON,
mt0.e..,,,e. •
• • CAPITOL • 1 , 00.000. • stopple/ •t dtertrerit tqatious out turAirria
I Toroth,, Wetter Brackets. Block Letterhead Mauulecturert of Pstent St •ndard : Removed to No. SO FOUlail STREAT. In the .8.1. In. ersBl •
o f 1
Shnned sold brrilt Moulding Jane to oder. •Il
, Apollo Building.
lorple of work MUMIIIII, os h.d. Leder. from 01-pf grog ,am
tee email prompt!) . attended to. ittS2l - awn - r we 9 M. 1 .1 1 .-.1 . ..M el • A LMCoUtig., , t e• 4 . 7 •
Mr. 'Stevens on:Fontiscaton.
Id/MASTER, P e., May 10, 1867.
Dear. Sir:—Sha-- •
Commission Merchants in
, .
Dive A INCH YRIGINN. R 3 hush stroke, Raw
cuinirg°4os?l4 OROILLATINO ENULNE,
" 1%1 tier b
sel r on k dle and ENG Nt. 14 Inch
"Look•eiol3TllV/rtillolli e mond
bend. ,
The above wU4 be field cheap. fur cub, 'at '
Corner Sandusky and Water Street.,
anyttSile ♦LLeli le Pri CITY. r
Brackets, Pendants, &c,,
CS Asps aid. 011.
'A large assortment on hand and receiving at
rstraisrmseaD GAS FITTERS,
V 184 Wood Street.
Inh=dit N [Alt
No, ICI Laetek Street, Allegheny City.
1 CLIIIIM. ° 14,1:1,M111 ° '"cuu"
tem. Dui le on the inns,
tem. IRON Tn NR uuTrows_.o
. •
Confectioner, Fruit Store& Bakery,
ICE CREW sAL° Tliaga• uninivar.
ellth aid Llber.A.
BOARDING.—A large second-
And TWO OR 311RX6 °THAR /I.oolld with
grOi 4614 bu TilaWNLIVAT h""
N - 5 ). 555 Penn St.,
4E2nrir aza, Jr
D Ifirixond,
,ztiliENY CITY.
::td prices.
J. S. 3101MF0N.... D .ycso nimvatm
11. i1..171M,i AJACOII X..
Jlaporletrumtp of MI Pled. of
(homy promptly tilled.
nwF Colfuty, Penn
ErAjcbest cash once raid for ran
WM. Atimmthur &
Mann6:tinny's and Witolena.ellcalers
Broom Brush and Broom iFlndlugs.
Faeterzen.? Wareham/ a the rear or Belo
maker t Lases,
N0e.172 and 174 .W00e1141... Plltsbaretb.
I. Louoilirr
.la.t.ithl/.11 ZW.
Saddlas, Hstriess, *ranks,
and all articlee In their Rue eetialllkep{
N 0.102 Wood Street,
(Ixtncan illsakond Alley end Flith 8t..)
His Office and BealdOnce to
xv iTf . .ll/ el,Pealte the i ononzahela House
A Tory largo stook of
i Eases, Geraniums; Verbenas ; &c. ;
In McKim. at the Oakland (Ireton...
JOLLY R. t A. ittranotal.
ao. NO roman NT., Apollo Building.
TEMINVIT.I4, PoltDota.rd
o Yl7 Itr male !Attn: traie.' ill4
• • IICILIUM•KIII a 4019,
.111 and ill Wood ausdt.
COMPLETE ASSORTMENT, Saturday i J une 1,1567,
AND And elect TWO DE,LitiATTS from each dee
tion precinct Co a County ColloolltiOn. to lie WAIyTED.
. -
BEST.STYLES AND QUALITY, held at the CRUET lIOUBF..In the City of,ritts. '
. impel, oil TUESDAY. Joon 4th, VO:, at ll=
-0 ,. Or
I will par 310 each I, r secotol.hatna SYNNCEIII
o'clock a. m., to nominate I Tlcaet for Ciionty , tu FLEA or•CAILIIINI2I.n ipmail working nyder.
• linkers. and the election of Delegates to the ,I, delleered,. at the Urea , Western U••
BOOTS• SHOES. ...v.... !
, 'lle meetings will ,be held In the at AM. and 11'....qthi";:rttlic.1".ril7Pir" ""Ji.V/7.4:30.1r . 1.1."
• ~
oOtotigne between the hot, oft anti 7 o'clock __ - 2! -. " • -
, P. is . and the Toting be by ballot. In the TOttn- '
AND GAII - 21% - ---- :o'.,','-.1,','!"°—..4.1.4.""r•'•,ntte we ,
la ‘ ur A' s . j to ' n 'a res ' o Y le n tion of ilie Exceutive Co. 4611EOTTBI.WAJA:ATNE:F;E—NALICa
matte! the Convention for the selection of Le- .In Mw o k . wlu , CO n n it i. Piiiiri in •Oil• , ttY Per
gialative candidates will not he coneer el mull nine rk It t. 'W.I." 4 =;pur..; r , t.11 pH , .
Sept•ruher sc. Inr, of which !hither notice will ' tt.fe. Bold by go:v . miption only. Address Ina.
.• hereafleybe Oh.. , ~.,,,, , J. (1. K EN,
" mhka'a , 'A . 1 Thin' Alreet. Pitlablirett, Pa.
Ili /MIND 13: LIE,CITY, is AT Er r Nillr it e rPklf.,L, *rcLant
. ,
GentleMen'S. Flulliii:lng Good's; :
31 FIFTH. STREET. ' C 0L....
144 S. I IITIIiIELD liTlitZT , • . AI L rlitE l an Oa 311
• Tbree door below Sloth, I'.l . Tenelt 9 l ,,‘ . I'd.
' All the 1a1 , ,t • boring and Sommer ety:.o. of
Cloth e, Case Itu ere, and V, aloe.. on lined.,••'d
W. E. SCHMERTZ & CO, - .... S.. up In the moat , faililunaldle olyl , 4=e•
reyll:o7l.uur looted prices.
stt., SL fhu Shut kb', 'Schell City, Pa.
. name bees rerchaseJ by the
'Pon,bases nodnells on ionlonoolan
Fank Railiwayt,
Insurance,Alttlog & other Stocks.
, First-Class Merchant Tailoring For the Spring Trade,
Orders executed awe New York. rhtladet- ' Establishment. .
Pttla ind Boston Stock Hoards 01 , trlogroub, at .M:0,7 . J Their Splendid Assortment of
there gular rates of Commission correct la loose —7 - - - ---
,ul=t Pittstmegh Importing ilouse. NEW CARPETS ,
Oil Cloths, Ehades, &e.
tention Ciiidt to our fine Hook of
1 ' unman fing AlDpido
Mo. 72 Fifth Street,
IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN Greag P ealn e in I"ce. ..'
ea mnr..awr= mswrianarr
;In'l'r l7 :4 4l `i r =flll 7 ,:X°,,M;ll74'
t • w lbrk •
Wlti'ES AND LIQUORS :------- ,
Perfect Fitting French, Yoke Shirts, I
':.APRIL, 1807.
Woni.l direct the attention of
the oubile to tee
MURDOCK & PUTNAME. The Latest Purchase of the Seasha {Lai importatlone
et. • .
NEW WALL PAPER : l iVlT:FacliSlialagYinatlllai!
of prices reaper Vntly stoics ce! , l!
ct"r•=ar...l, 1E" Oa:ME
. ,
.ST,,' [suecc•eon to a. a. ACI.OTII. AM..]
To eetpmmpdµ,
MANUFACTURERS or Wilton . and. Velvet,
agrttl7l.rte ' FURNITURE
B I iIIEIRLIF AFREET, with an . Benin new
rah , ' WALL P-PER. WINDoW
CEB4ll3:2ahatraintY r.tuve.rolit
Netih TM 3 i n ZER E ATZLI E B T A EMT. Of Every 'Description.
Z. EDMUNDSON & CO. Best Two and Three-Ply Ingrain,
. ,
.. . .
CO.• 1 1 No. 45 Smithfield Street, '., . LICHOKIks,
No. 3S. Clair Street. i . Dlifilflti /10(31/3.
1 . ,
Having parchneed of ANDREW ClitillS the ! PITTSDUROII. PA. I Hall and Stair Carpeta to:Match;
anti!: e:ocn o of
.11ardware. Cutlery . Paned '
rol e,
on r antrriVef:e d i . e l ag " Or l'"'"°'
1 '
HARDWARE CUnERY , IWe oder our "Mtn" /IS MR ..
oc, my te,,,,,m1i“,„, b.,....rA ie ' ear 4. full aseortnient of Pittsburgh Menefee- . patterns. teak..tore n. (a G . ra. rasnav
mg 111 , :r , b il ," ... : aviaro a ..., on hamlet LOW.ILOT . --;-__
tiithilln,fliatereneleNtre,:c.. Zuttial tligslitl .
r i. la r . nanrit tasking neat and Cancelling ' WY. J. MT11113...WW. C. morrac....o A. NiTantl 1 LACE AND NOTTINGHAM' CURTAINS
nit itilows, aa...k.r. ! _!°°2. C.A.
-- -- 1 J I.ltEd 1. evni0nt........... .......t. '
rt. mdaLshot.
8 ....„ ... i - -------.-. --- IRON CITY SPICE lIIILLS ! • .
Nos, 6 and 8 td. Gar Street, , 9 I .
• -.1 •Ar (11.00 to 1111.23 PEA - YARD.
' liar Penmsygranig dinnuf,
_ , 9 . i Oheap All - Wool Two-Ply pirpetd
H. a Vensetnal chatter, ;
, L ,_ ~_, ..
Book-Keeping, PennianehlO.d Arithmetic:, 1 PrITSBIIItaII,.I.A. .-• - I
• Carpet and Cur taw • .
time nallinited . ......... •. ...... .... ..... 40 09 '
Arithmetic and Penniantlalit per Meter ' P US S sums AND musTABD • ! .
of thrto moat. ......... i ...... .; .... • SIO 00 L
P.m.... O. month ... .: ..... ..... ...... VOO ; Warranted when our name Is On the Artier& i UPHOLSTERY WOR'K '.
Tor Clre - ulars or Simelmena, add..
. .
n. sidirrit conemtar on hand.
~ lilt PEOIPILT r D B ill BM MIL •
.•° ° e : -7 7 , 3 - - - i - !. 1, _ AY. Li( .w. -- COFFEE AND OROUND NETS /RUSTED ' •
mot. m ISLAND. , ....... Decirt. L. IIIiCUELL. PStept./1.
”. . continuo the inentificture of all tho I ' • '''.• .
• , .
. .
Livery and . Sale Stdbles, 1
Which we oder to Wholeesle and Retail Deafer. •
. . t ...t. zdv:11 ,,.. ;11 , %= ... itb1rzg 0a.., fth, ; l7l and 73 Fifth . Streit.
°spiel. Eanasyleaninglailmted Dim, : chopped Fee%.,Constantly on Hand. ic.7l.AV'fax•,,:tourrr""`"" °°". • •
I • , •
, .
! onus Whorl:IOUS& ; • ••:--;
N . ,
1 ESsel'artlemlar attention: pia to fUridshink tit, r„..... 'cos. LIU.; I --
Hearn and Carel.. (dr fOrierals.
. .
llorees kept at hem.. ' • als,zte_ ! ' . num i
"-"0411 . v....mmetz, , ..1 • . .
manze•c.arapareFons, , •
cn; vriva.v....v:4,..... A .nak0: 4 1 . Nanufnetnre e, Wholeeal and Rai. ' 1 1 fir,. 100 VET A ... ...
other vehielem ~ e nding or miltrifir ter etre baba ' %Leiden Ln ' . i a.A,r• lry 004 otrees. •
vicinity or the hianonesbeli Muer, be lowed I -
a u wet. nee. between ercithnell and Wood ,
rftlilifiP grOVVir eTreC T 4 ' 9"."
; ill R U lq . 11 . S (ELI : w... Hr. TEA. TEATS no TAIILIE
Volvo,. on band.
In a :ceordatrigilth:=M:it ' C l e rut ' int ' Xi ' , , EPINA TEA SETS ' •
1"7.•:21l. J . lloolitE, • ' - VIM Creltlitg°,'
. .
' .l• VHIN• VAo_,,,_ Ey
• .
. ,
Recording Redniator ani , Clerk orcommitoe. , Valises Carpet Bags, Re. i FighlttaitM s ,;(..,y diserlptlon
. i .
: i . *.e. V 1-3.
. '
a`7.....„7211., ti .... l t i . di t i fi l letrotnetilaritel envied ; W n-A IF-ge ai.ortment . i . :ll.4les , liaicheie sit ! ENILLIIILIASTUSE WARE or all eartellaa, 10
,1 ° ga,=1.1:41. 4 .7 4 2 . 7... x...
b Jut revile- : rOn ..a.
"Mt le : , ' , Pgl.°3ars"Vnaltp to Mock 4447 •
, •
Nos, 70.1 and 106 Wood Si, 1, ogi c ijitt.t t te)2_llLuti.
.. i.
i.., l ;
_. : dile, .....
136 6 ood .Lroet.
1811=U BE
J .1 receied. Atm } lot o ' f !alos., from
• to tnar n ds long. 7to p fee , Amp, aml I 10 , 011
Also • fled •.rotmeol of Illono le Melo
' m e m " . to 10 . fect loaf. -Yoe .•lc by
3.00 11 c POLES.
" 7 ..2:,p,VV , 41it.r.mtu:rca: Pi a nos,
bro .4 . thlit mart.. Tor We b 7 • -
f Lm-sole Avesta for the Celebrated SILADBU 1
wls New Yost • aza aditom•cricsa. •W. I k -
yo° LAD, "".'.°A.RE ... retwtoottia. PANos„--, i.
thth lEB rkeeen,et.
er 7.1....1, „, „,...
all . .... ESTEY • 110.1 '`OOTTAIIIE. , ' ted I THOSE WHO DEfiBBE B
Washer Ail ...A re.dles! close ap [be pores , H. • H. W. !SMITH'S
. o AMEIC10•11`• One 1 LIA NOT or COMPLEXION as lill peri L ry"
of e tbe sk . le,.._ , Weja • sheet time) eetrer e See ones • 'SANS, aiIeTILTS/14% PATENT OUITAR. nee eerie!! the blood., welch HelmeoLo's
um, 41,,, , 47::,t,==.8 1 ,7,zu,n 4 . i Vh• best ii...w...1 eens•• vioda and OM- I <mat= ETTIACT or emosereollAe. WV.
24.0..... "'"! •' - •PlEal - Wr I I•illtrisas always on num. , wall 1 Gila 4"4.
ask rat liraa""Lir& T". ` . •
. ,
'''' •
. •
. •
By order of Couity Committee
, C;4l.!rtnall,
.ron:y.7 CARPET STORE.
. i 1 .Body Brussels,
. I i 3-Ply and 2.Ply.
aletrepolitaa, Garibaldi, Grant, J ' Tapestry Ingrains.
1 ; A Full Line of Straw - Idattinge,
9 • : I
h (tur stout le
r ine thin at time. NLEll,lo:_t
ALL SIZES AND erne SEVER' fALIZ, j 141,:r4nTio eaZ at ',till.
A large and complete acaortment now ou hand, '
No. ;f7 St.
And every verlety of low prleed Carpeting 4 _
30Eiiiiin con, pm LID St Mit tin ! Z O CALLUM BROTEEKA
mt . SUL 3P1.11.13. 111111tre got.
All the Novelties of the Season, j
Such as Is only j . tunnd In •
Oro. 409 Penn Street,
- •
fai'A""'l7l.. t • -
I S H•
Summar* to IVAIIXLINIt a: BABA.
N 0.19 St. Clair St., Pltiebargb. I CRACErhatta
_ Organs„ 317 Liberty Street,'
And M. 1.11 Uooda smantin
A sam.ln sent Ver.111:0 eztittir
ax.luohmlbug.. 41,1re,n,
T 261111ro.hrit, New York
Who eattenoage once. ADDIT Poriort
or ddrers,
W... D. , ,autzit
optS:ISAT •• 110 11 lA/tOrilf fir..rittaborith
TaPealry Brusenl
21 717T8 bTRILET.'(s wand floor.)
AT fHi I
. ',.... •.'.-,..i:-.•;:;.:
1 1