The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, May 21, 1867, Image 1

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No. S 6 Eltreet.
F. 11. • •
T. P. nou N, sTo 1 14 -"°"'
Eut ILE ia), / ii .u!dues"""' "'".
Nagle <Myles •—...—.... Scants
Dellvared by cartlar, ( ver.ctbl---• is
Mall bubecrlbers • (peryear) ......
LlotralYadactlobs to New,boya ited Agents,
Three Cop.", per Tent, bi mall
Ft, do. elteh
Tea or moro copler, to one add reAS. 1104
owe frrc to club. such
rind n Dental E,tahllsliment at :43 Penn
sweet. Dr, Sill Sibillesple.
To Wiitnilcitislei lloyrrfl
or Ur}' Goats we Circe bargains In Job lots
of lire ,s koala, rantings, Linen Goofs, nlot
101 l linos of, l.lletitings, Stuffings, Print,.,
Tnlkilbr, (Merlin, e.. all of telticli We will
Sell at thu very lowest eastern wsb prices.
J. W. If.tlZ.:ll 0 C.,.
lo Market street, below Third R fourth etc.
• 11.. always on hand a foil muortnient of
Cita:11,1:11.0c and Jammed Tea, which ha,
liii;.benalit,for cash, ha can pied at very luw
liGccs. Give bile a trial:Yoe will be ' , ore to
bo pleased. ...Nos. 172 and 171 Foklural sLrout,
Whey° did you get that Teal Why, that Is
thi, heat We We have had for a long time,
Why, at Ku... I can always geth ester tea
mare than anywhere glee, and a great deal.
cheaper, too.
Go to Ptem/utt•n Drog. Store,
No, SI Market street, for 1105tetter'd 8011
DrAke'd Bitters, cheaper - Ulan any' other
Ersee litrqugrf
Pure Drug,!! Peru Drugs!!! Pure Drugs
ut Hutu 2r. Drult'u,-‘Liegheo.Y:
You. CaO Boy
.IfOreign Liquors of on kinds :it. Joßept. S.
DLUllery, ISJ. Ll. 124 and 19S
Gin to ylemiug's Drop Store,
bt reel, (or the 11 , 1..11ttlieinal
Liquor. atoll kinds. •
Go to Flowing:lt Ditit'Sforo.
is; Market strtxt, for good :q.ouges, at
uc J o,, 'Ph 8. 7/11Ch'b.
Tata Caw Buy
ala Hops at JoeeDh .9. Finch's.
Ity rub•Krxph to thullttstruub (41,11,1
of YUnnsylvania capitalists
mAithuring about tAvtlatt, are 0114 prospect
tug ` tour through: the State of Virginia.
Tlmy aro tale to - represent some forty hit
Imam of capital. • •
— Dleerm,lng the Presidential out...Alen,
the et. Louis Denieertir aayet "Thorn 1. 0
tit who ho IPVVIIth[t military 'LIM,
nor of ail our Generids, and who, iturin
the war; las teen not leit, ilsServing Of
honor than of the brave hero who ever
adept on a. tort fought Thera
1, One such man, and out one; the ueeretary
of War, Edwin M. Stanton."
~1 also Kelly, on Saturday evening. lust
at Montftoniery, Ala., addreeled. a lar,re
crowd, eornotefed about equally of white+
and black, lilt remarks were contlued
allured exeleAvely to It Contrast between
the iwo rectums lu favor of the North, from
which he inferred that the inatitht . lon Cl
oe;very and the prejthlieeti of the , 01111:eill
e.lotes foul helm the lueubui upon the South
era .Xerttoa. Ile was 11.1tened to attenilvely
and frequently cheered'. •
—Tilelakeiy Ordnance Companyln Eng
land le haul:rapt, nod :pc - quo:4lcm -.brie
arisen In the Courts as to the onnervinp of
some gunti, valued at x - Aiitio. A co r , tract, to
furnish theta to the Confederate States 4110
made by filitheiy lieforeithe asnignmeat
Lea totereA to awe Cumnanv. They ore
claimed • by boi).14:11141.ely mai tile rnitcd
State, All orilti - twan made by Court that.
the Oahu be 'ascertained by in laterpleader
.suit, 001/112 OiliCOr Of the 1:11ItO:1 Stub Coy
ern taunt being Made 6, party thereto. '
—Excitement- prevail, in 'Pliiladelphia
over. the discovery that the - .=p2l. license
fniv coalition a section `author:clue...the lie- .
1 nu to Ouse oil lig picket 141 Muoduy.
The prorinion la named to be u trial:
the temperance men..
—Tliomns J. Henry, of California, lion been
uppolated by the Preeident an Conimi,ston
or to examine and retort upon the road or
rooda authorized to be con , :ruclua by the
Control Pacific or any other company so
California. under the out of July . 2 1,1,1
mots celebratl,i in I . lt.l'otrieklo
t2altlearal, New York, on Sunday, the strut
riueo lie - reconatruetion. Acchnl,bnp
Clo4les- dellveriel the teldreco.
- -
—lt has transinrcilf according to a soecial
to the New York l'intcti In the impeach.
nient investigatiun that pardons were cent
South by exprtcs,mat bed "three - hundred
dollars, C. O. L.," but It does not . uppear
that thed . resttlent was directly Implicated.
--,The printers of Memphis are Waking
ectexistvc preparations for the mooting of
the National Typegraphiesi Union on the
Ist of dune. !Worms have been engaged for
the deiegates at the Overton Meuse.
—The Mayor of Philudelnina ices stunt
order. for the enforcement of the Litilior
Lan , passed by.the Legislature. It lo very
similar to thu New York Excise Lew,
banking house lit Itocliestcr yesteriny
forwarded over a half million dollars of
compound Interest- notes to Slio United
Mates rLisintant Treasurer of New loilz for
Con version in to n 4iv en,t7' bonds,
—Rufus K. I.ltri lins been convicted
in the linprerne nt Lewiston, mainu,
or mallciourik mutilating nuil butchering
Lorries soil Cattle. • •
—Generals Grunt and Comstock, with
hear families, arrived at Fortress Monroe
Yesterday, from Richmond. Gen. Grant telt .
Is family at Chesm;e:am horpitai to sPentl
mauler mouths, and proceeded to•Wa.,hing,
on last night.
—Five thouthind dollars have Inren forward
.1 to CineintiaLi .rrOm Detroit, for the rc
ler of thai Southern dostituto.
—The poor hut.° ot lochs:it count v, Mich
(Ott, Nra, destroyed tryttrif zr,ieat erday. *ix
•tthe inmatesperishat /111,11,14.
—The Miehlgyn Lionstlintionst Con von
ion, in se/pill:n at .transingi - ; to now ready
or business, tt,o committeeei diavon.r
`en appointed,
—Hob. George, P.aucroir has baffled the
Auto Department of bls at6eptsoco of tho
11• , 1100 to PrusoLa.
—IL is Bata tho promention will not be
hJy LO try Surrntt: on *on,lity next,
II me lzed for the taking In: of them,.
—The Nety York; State Sport.nlen's Con.
mitten LLSSIMILIos at Leroy tOoNy.
—TI lo cotton crop of tominty for 1 , 4'13
Ottell of SC.,(100,01PI.
-- - •
he General aesembly at Roelonder—
Geeetinix to the oin Nehool Body nt
Chteintttl—henerall ttelortnea•nyu.
gain Zieir York.
I"; Telt:graph tothe Plttsburalt barette. 1
Itoentsr en, Alit; 2O—At the nibetlr4rof the
'resbyterian General Assembly,. resole.
Otto; •
were introtineed seno tog greetings
Ott Clirbitinn salut.ttions tO Iritl Old School
t r
.. ...iblYt .ottling at Clocinna ,
I, dethring
Ild PrOYing for . the preoense rf the sole
..ant of Ito:Church in their delthen atom-,
The irtsh deicgatten will be received to.
nevi E.. 1. Adams, color.* from eolith
o roilno, PI/11)0 ill bOluir or 1114 rats,
Thu -1 tuliciary. Cglll Ulf LIR, reiutrlc I in the
alter of the appeal of SI 2,1 I I,r trout
0 action of the Synod nll II iti Ito. e
The Asi t ettildy'adoptetioili tt •ert.tro front
rt Second Pret.byterlag l:1111,11 g I: - cars'
irg, 1114., making April I:All it day of f.tqt
and priyer.
The invltation Of the 1 ono, \ Alan's
Ith-thin A - toot - L.llOn of New Yorit,l to I lie j
unit ni..01 visiting that city to 110( Ito i
spllallty ontllcart, was on , lorsed I, - the
. serubly, and It Wlt, ordered html ,a II par ,
ro and (a)met! arrange .for oy...toottittetil i
ntributions once a year lu tot of tllt ,- 101./- I
10 represented by the boards and Glut- 1
(tees or this Asoocuolon
w Yeas, May . I).—ln I he General ..."3,10 , 1
the llefortned Presby teritin Cliurcll,lto. /
C i ltee...Lir. Wilson, delegate rr.Plll VI!,
I School lietteral ASSONIV, tirade tin a.l
est urging the organic' union. I:vv. :Ilr. i
taut delegate . front 1 he no ton Itre t aty. ,
inn Synod, til..rt spot, ter rot t - tn. stt,-
I opt ecru, or a stro liar nature were tootle, I
I a Con:unlit., on 1/e in. lon ttilitOin I I'd iii
fer with ordnotat tstoutotthe a ittaillitetl I
the sYnf.l of the helortoed Pretdoie•
n Glom:hito - meet In Alley/Lefty 1111s'
1,. -- ;" - ---
, ,s , i l Viddliffer- -____ . --)
' , 1 l' - ' ,--- . • . 4
. 0 n ab -- C-___- , --- - .
• _ .
--•., __. -. "- 1 1 , ,,,,, - ---
~.::.,:,..-;- - - , i • _-,..- -- -- f.?",„-., ~.••••••..;.,.„7:1;
11, • stetaci:::,•`427 :;,-•-•
~, ;t t t4,..--- - , - ;,_. 4 ,-.. z . 7 ,,, w .:- . :_ t ~...,_-_,•____•;-.•,_ ' ~•1 _ •
fkki....,_ , , , p-,4-.f. ,- ,-, : , _?:'_ 7•;..,•'.. : , K ,?: .; • ',
~, • - ', • - 1 1 1 ' - t -,
1P,:j1,11,1.4.----__. , ~....„,„_,.....„,
4 I
tA ,
-••$ I 50
IVonian Sittli•age jtelitsed
The Luxemburg. Treaty Signed
.Monument•to Mr. Peabody
By Telegraph to the Pltteborgh I;3,UtIC
31Ay 10.—The motion :or nen'
triAls in Cho ca,i of r‘loelifik: ,00t Moooy.
111” renians i nt ently (0 , . tn.l gotlty, have
!: , ,crn,r7v: TO rntinnnr.
LONlnrti,..ll;tiy City of Lon‘l,n
10.1 live 1 . 1110, :poinvItil twvar.l, fluo etti
-I.lon Or Iti statue le, G,orgo
rOni , l:lt. •Te..NK LAID 1117 •41,11,.
Ler.hh, :May VLetorla to-lay
Tall the corner none or the of Arts In
the preOence of it vat( /I,l:lllbiAge.
ceremon!, were ningn:neent teel imp.,-
. .eee,and the entleeeLeAe of the rope:Aso
t 1 r
o,natur, • 0. ,1 :: 1 :V , .::0111:01 a.
vuNIAN srN,
tOttlt [fenny!, was , uttenco,l to Le 1.11,14 , '.!
tot the !.;h Of 40,,,!.
.ff I.:C.1111i In the recent
lighting in Cnn
report lint[ t
Appror to otoo:;r: the
,t thE,
. • ..
I.nNram, 3tay •, ; ,,— . l falm•at:.—la the
of to-mglit, an azatmlimait to
tiro Reform bill, itrantli.a. team . ,
war! ntevter, to one handle.: aml twenty.
three. ton:: Ma, • im tia.
immialment propo.ii, ne••,,-..n:,1 lr& •
1 - St.liA AND FR lAt•Il. •
:ny , Otcrnpll Intro, t,b '
Lon 01qe,111,y 1,1••
hurg , plest.lon la regar.l,l ui tleilmtely srt
tte.l. Napoleon nett Alto n of Pru,:o
Wire 6 ittllett the
ALE,ANITA, 3t.ty .1,1:1,1 les
grunted !lie title Of riine tO Itte Viceroy o
141 , ,Ilsrath of An..lrlu , look pluck
to.thiy. .
stenowrg 1, icy
of 3.101ta, from
2 , , omp, N - ,•4
11;:n01, Le:o,k
- 1.1 1 . - rrrr"or„, May 2•1.-. V
rtler.l2., 4: , • , .1,; - :s.te.l males,
,11:661.1,41.11T-,-Coria cqr 1,1 111.11.•16•211:..• o;
.11.16 t I, ,',6,turn, 11.,.!. 1116-11.,,,61
Prowl,lon4 uur 1 ;66,..1. ; on. It• ..
127 6 r6l. 11 9c0n,,r3,. Lent. I
6 , (Iwett•
Pro.locc (21.1%,
• 1.6”•10:1 •
1.1,4, May 1 , -/;• • 6i r,
t+; 1:11,641.r,
Mrly /:.•••,6
1-tat••• , 1, r661-.,
1,:vr.r,•••••,, 313 , ,• 1,- I.) ,
II' clo,•1 at, a dtellt,:,•(
;:.1; 11 •;•1; ;‘,1,6, of 11,,r0 pules
11 rearlarulri Itinetlyo a6•l 611.11 de,
It.rtcrley. torn--; , 1116•1 wt6,l,rn c1”••••1
I• 11. nozoinal al . 61-, . 0 ,6,66,
51.6,61 y /old unc1.6,61. 1 - r,-
flne: 1••••,,r;
nI 1,!•••• 641 for comm,x, 11illrulogt.416 bltra • ll - at
ti, 011,eri un 6 lptag;•ll.
I,o,Dorr, II ay / .. . ( :• ,, alorr.-T!, - , markctm
arr. uncliarig . .1,
MaT 2•1-, f , ' ,-,,,, ..-4 . etrOltuUl-
Sr,J, of ritandar•l;wlto, at Li r••/,:
By Telegraph to the l'itte,orgh
• Nnty Yenta, P., 1
. , .
.r , LACKsTrI..L'ef
tillOW //Club:faun, charge.' WILLI crncl•
tics at nizt,ics, 01'3
Tlio wltne!•O! almlaxt. Liw
win prolmbly bit ntilluLttl for fterj
Frank 11: Fl4bar; a young exotrnt y (Juicer,
ormanttUal eptritln to ley by altootlng It
eitlt in ello •Ittrad, le n !tiro litc k. 0:1GI
we, found on Lint on aßelch Lau following
wee written: “Dent by eny n on grautl
bend. (;noon—eletnririeltreat by playing at
1110 faro bank: and nutty !be A:1111011er God
le ,u 0 merry rot toy soot." I , lnnu'i ••1'”
a nit
Ff , inult.." Alen, tho'folltte tog lull ert
( ~r urs, , —lltmle In-
Ment . NO,V1)11.11 IA.11k(I :/J1 01 MY totenallY
death Weeny I rut, oret iny poor. a tekett
bu Iv to '... be rittornwl tot be buyout or mother
uartlt by than, tool utey Ignty God 10,0
..CV Ott toT Poor nunl, through Carle:
Irene, our `derletur. ntvu.
F. 11. 11.7,..
• •
P. S Inform my poor 0141
mother. Wm. coylyF.3l,,r, of I.y .
CITY, lnwi,
The olneem of the Atlantic (...thin Compa
ny teport the trouble on the eulanan he
located ut iL point than three mile,
WO atm me ht. I I,•artts ColUbnt, nnd
thorn a 11l ho no .lelny 10 In:Lama , the 11l •.
reboir , and We cable of 11 , 0.
bb.s been no Intorrlllll /WI (.0 the
of 1,6,
' 10!
Nt,:irly 111 ri.ot 111911, ..1 ,101,110,
11.1 grun Lure nr
lieru ',tun! ny.
.1.211;1 , 00k Imflret urnn•l to tho holt( toot
tonuorrow for Cao,ola.
n - Nrz,Nct.
11.11,1 prfuleutoll thu
rnblic rer,,n
-1uv011,,1 the vr,•tin, ,
.1/311, Othi, inttrt -I): eltv.
iro:lck,:taton rn !?• •
I: 1•111 . .•,,, lIn•
III:V.1.1.W • ot clonnt,
- •
te e
Al/ utterly aliftratiapil rani •r wasreireart
to•ilay, that ttio mtcauieVirits Ili• Pnris
Car+ railik the Wahl 01 stp• irsw
,pokra Lilt, .19:// taie steamer Trip.
011, will. arrinsii.
The Ste:01.111p sailed this
[Op ininCiSCE, Via Straits of
and Panama.
. • . . .
Tlmi:reeli hi ink;ter to I:en.
Medi PO. 11101Ith A. 11 1 ,1124. A
let Ler (mini say, ii., wll. Atk,t 111
1111 t ling fl:10,, hill ills WH, lu {V.Lrhl,,,,
thin, undold Ig,tl too mow nail., hos
1,, Ih. n I;nllrii Hatt,. TII4, 1 . .41,1a,/
111:111.1 :11111141, uptelvd Ifiu, 1101110 ?in.! Is
dlo,A 'noon WI., Inn itrrlvAl hut A I lien,.
I.ltlgo 1111111bl:1d of gm anti
otlwr, , hare lett to attolitt Alleworotry
Cot/ vitoont nt Chic:ay:O.
1:1,1 - 01L1 o I..rynr,
br , 011" tler dephrturo,
contreCet wlth, %la r , NWP""
New Ibrk wertualler 15th.
Negroe.tor Libman.
Mug Galern
I.lAnit. tl
11,, n3' MOM
t..l“,;tory coultnclAllyrc, owJti.g
.; .;
Pro•byl•rion Coney,' Anoinnhir—
Wnollainz Aost l'im'y'( Moe.-
Sont•—ttovol lon of
.1211 n On Stnnlo, —l/elogollon
From tile Fret' Svolela
Entoto.lon Iteltiort —lllneln
.111 l'on. non, "lerentstflot!lbro
:special Cocieusfivl.n initaburgls Gassitt...
Cl , t1V0,1"1, 3111 y to, 1,7.
The .knnein file with greet Uffililltuityllxed
lipon 11 antlingtim Clip, ti. C., at Llie ,1111 1 .00
111 1111.1.11ng-nvxt vie,. This In well., Thut
cite still Ilan 'pod of a httle more O . f the
wholesolllo leaven of rod icolUm.
The ease co the ineitenteil .o:tts or Coin
1111,,Ionet n, 1 porn eertkin Prenbyterles in
Is eziourliy, 1-1 now 111 Inil_letntls of
it Special
conniattre sir the report In
innte, 3011311 .11,11 , 41111111 en 311
11 tiring 11p npfe.:ll the wvexeit question!'
"(the lonlitlition." When will
1110 Church nn,! the State get hey i ong the
hateful It'll urn, of that " aunt of till va
t:mien 1 ” witiali now. thank no Ithiger
illitgruces and eurnea the nation. Thu can
cer hut beew taken ont, hot nnine nr the
tentertng root, rtlllretnion. It Om; reqtare
) ears if, reinOve them 311, 14111. Lilt! 011 e.
1! . 11,31.111t1/ to 12.00111.nt. length.
Thit g uts ttiongellin g nutlk On the Sab
bath In nor tar, t i ll!, not, before the A:v-
C....nuttily to,lay. It 1,..111/0 Up lit this wise: A
ononlttee 4111r401.11(31 by , the litnt. Ann
neniblv to ni ike a report In 1110 present ono
on the Tho N..ta not
lii report. A mutton 14 - .0 niude to
raniouirtilb the niPipiet rut another year.
.tner eittinhleruble illneunnion, 'howling
etrite e variety' of ....1111011.• 01/ tits Merit...l
1 he question. tile :notion nn.: thus
the s I sill jot 1 3101 Wisely .
The , lel .. final the Free i + rti tilt
4.l . l tr o ll.upio . aretl itl the i\ nth!)",lto.ti
:hot lon, we, I r.vlttid to take neut., nu the
heforin. IL 1 , 1,1,1. of Itev. Patrick Fair
hnit Pt pleb+, of Nevi College,
Vow: owl nev..l. %Vet!, pont, 01 10.1
nom L. touch at the nun, 11 a .hail
hove ikieitnlou to :week of Ihein hereafter.
ue o,i iiittottee iei t. 11,11141 t.Atennlon,
thriei.rli the! . I. key. lir. llopt i n.
.1131, 1113.10 1 ', lO l L. The :quirt iihows
e nt i oursiglog :tear, of see,- . Ittlr 114 tllO
vv ors of it. existioni: trio lloar , l tin,
foo•lste.l seven 11 11111110 A 14.111 t entvailgnt
churches to obtain t rrh propertois free
fru , 11e,ti tiwtit i. t,, 111 1111.1114 .110
Ite.l 11101 will neeolione.,.., at 11,1.1
/lift a sinnil plopnrtion of the churefir
tl..• trguinr rono.lelii, to the. cane,
The reffort 1 41.1,1 • LI., fort. .te-i
nisei t
it, the ,:nly y 11111.4. Thin iirgeeti
ei,eht tto gri toi goo,: it eitu•ii
erpiotht ee.! tn every
hour'. Tee fur., e tf.esunll ,
for - year , to't °lee ' tie If On In tilt
ebiiren tenstoli-11,y lutist lie t i tlttivuteh
1 ovirottonn w ere iioeivin! owl titan Lately
ech•epte,l the .Innitiii'op front the olio,
I .oitetryi
lb.. 1 wo M
o; on': 1.11r1•1, 1.11 .A . 0. 0 ,141 103 111
1 1.11:110 1t', Itllil
.1 1 11 . .•.3 . MI , Rd 31/....,1 0 . (1. 1,-
11110 r
1,11 01,11 1 11 10
I hom
,1 1 1 111 , 1r,1111 4
et - Yi n
0 0 30 y —y Intl Lune, ti
, I , lllirary room.: tl '
ewe. !ley ao p . trit of the
13, ,.,(;1 1 310.11 11.0.. 3101 1 1 4,1301001 (00101,
,T 1.1• I 413 .1 ,01 . ' fil .4 1.41 /41111 111.. 111,
utv.l.ave, :linty a. tenant.,
ela big. IV., l i ien,l the 1'1... 1, 11
111 3 pi o nonteit - lito,. II) tier V. by in
t D ii! 1 0 .11, otty a, no: en sale
hero. IVe l vive .e.trcloo! it von the
tor te, lt p
lei P. 1,1 %I
ore - tea voio y. poor 11....11,1
, /evn notl oi
wOrk :wit cit h
%%i ,
h eileht • mice: Zion., sir the
Itterer 31i,, ez 1-t 'we Anne - h.:ion.
loom r..r I~r read.
for pi r 1.-0 . 10310 C. 1.14,
11,1,4 00,1 ',ug up lo c
•' .'t 'U.. city, a
l'lllo it at 1 l' -1' liat uiaily
cuiorinit i . ry witni til
Ilwy ;LE, titut .111:4 Itfu tauula fa( - - msk lux
inquiry fur till r,lu rcli ',hay ilettru tu at-
S. al.; a:I the, Evan; , .!!cai Charrlo, of
!1!.. anil o: Cot - 1114ton. are to have their
0u+ . 1111, , 1 oat t•woo , root. I. 1ia1 , 11104,, Of
10- t,e,,ral WIOt wt• coolil
l•ar .corr tOO-0 N, 00 ore aut.
Pot - bap, hoavvYr, two
o(th, .w . rraoat :nay prove ,totti votraglt for
•11:Ifi two,att.l 14 . rharat may rep•ort Oh
1:roolb or Ihr. City—lt.. I inpoi•lnnes
n Cr ogre—A• n Plnee or
tee I . :ttOpzrg,
Att . ;
I we
our goo•ny
e.t ee ore, wee CAIIIC 111 a very rout.
fortmeelu run or .....veete hour. le. the, Gee..., or
the, reeul tire .r ,I}' teee.treive.l to
u ite
thee leoume , ef our friv
e:, awl buy.; met with
e•re rein,. or 1,
re, b., brlr ;his eta ire., of rutty
~, mane back to ampler at nett roma,
the !tam, tient timer Ins u•rocatit tin .at'.
aroer. I, ~ 1 7 trt,r of 1,, Mature ,
deli, ion ar. mid tat:di/if up new ones tt
:,_ toi tiy others to the onward
and ups ar I pro..tri•-•ol lie, city'. Er:.• unto) it•l 11,9
loitering legtslo,
th.o. w doe to her et:egret:olmM post.
Imo. It limeoollry 1..) . tine
to, of system of canals entmett
jog the a psi;te of tin Dena are, Milia
,:t.iptil4, .1111 hoot of the °him at Pitts
bur,O., and of the Lake at Erie had .11 once
ont, not them Cf, when the
t e tor of the mainl 'W,t.4 discovered,
,[l.l rail •t
roads matte to , !:err„ do It. If the
same 'tomtit, trawati Philadelphia, Pats.;
In/gaited hric, had !e.t.a Insisted upon and
and ntilierni tuall lines of railway trav
ersed all the , counties between, v. hatan
Mi M
ni:ile tan! secure foundation wotail
this Imre proved on w lath to erect the
witMe Pa c ts, prosperity of the Common
wealth. root such lisso lines brunches
ei ight mimed and ramify until every part
of the state would be to.netratr•cl by' the
Locrenotivo on itss errand of iteritiOnment
a•tol progress. '
It Is noteworthy that the artit prent pro
ject "r trfutllorl'!tt , bulKL amt
Erie—although abandoned as e. State enter
-0.1,1 delayed anti baillni for ,
years, was so tnatilfestly n commercial Ito
y, tint by var
tnto, it Is at last accomplished, and Erie, by
hese ntt.l tatter connertann, Innrople nu
mam:twit center and marl; a new Ide ntol
vigor tot 'imparted ; her population rapidly
title , 10,tre by which she once
estimated her Inture Isiont: niece' built up;
a:melted asel third nide tetintre, este, with
itparkof ten acres, like the limaate Istam hunt up. The population, now
n early • Is/as:, will doubtless lei swollen to
before the close °f lints century.
The plan of tho 'ray is rectangular. The
central f Park, reserved in
nille minor!,
1,4 ine4,l.llt feature In tbe A street,
' Ina feet wide Insects each, running cant
and went, lanOther north alb! smith. All the
other streets !tn., b. Piet wide. What In pity
lialchurgit has not such streets. Et. Is
alre,itly a twat:W..l yinnit city, unit tini
maiiY elegant ),I,lrnees—extrlbelVe
1 , 10e1,6 of st o l 4,4 —ellturrotbi.
among which are the FatlmcoptilPresityteris
an, MOthrellst. 11,4,1141 hn,l cm,"llo r
very tirtn structures. There oafs also sort:r
ift az tvilmlre
—several hotels. 21,111Ortg tehlcib the lfucd
11.,e4,,tri be opened next month, will berate
of the attest In the State. Wu see no,ressen
why, should not become a favorlto•
place of residence for Mutants cif wealthy
entlnsien, retiring from or bibrilglng is Ue.
or why IteillOehl nutlre the , oltrilber
or winter lenortolhtoblon, if j ilt, current
ousel butset thitherward the votarnw tif
ore no pore r. of ummer hreeres
winter sili d
egli ai
nat, would s dud that tottere •
.1111 , 4 IRMO everything for them hero, eccept
tenet. art .would_ onlckly !Apply, to
render ad,. Plant gIIRO Inn dhnroug
tuts' Or lII,' , pooelur watt:rata Ds
,ort, The 11601t111.1 I,ly, coreritig no
arra w
Ilvo cir square miles, sheltered
!rout all , inils tattle, Prienateislo, (almo s t
aml islantio hvyol,ll the Whole
or pan, of Lake Ent, With the shirr or
Buffalo, !Maki, k, Theriot,
"• • -.dile hr easy ezentsitios attar
o; the waters arnunding With limn, and
tile shores with game; the roads along tho
shore or thrttagit the Interior affording
olrtred to Mei [le .11.11,. ' ionagroves Kihrsltibly
eito,k, blunt Int.toritl flocks, green pastor.
gi Mg crops for teem! lig harvests.
IV 1, advise yonr readers to make a trip to
1.110, and see Inc thin/net red how charming
a tesort Iles but ntweti LOLICSrlile away /Mtn
Li cuts
' Colthtru hi linrbor—lour
l o vihnon•
rgenhgrapl4 1./av•ltt. I. •
Mt*. cal:timid In
humor Yeblertiay helµ . 01.:11 eleillanier
.Inowillog Nor .11 Of rdlaatr, Tilll
11.111/CM 01 !no itrowel...l aro
y MO.l 1.111141,
itt and
nivor Tel ewe.. nam. • the l'l.,norgh
/dayll.—Tne lrin Iteett.tep„, l
the. toorning at eleven ur thteu
ro! .111:11( feet awl Inlllott eluwly. Wentlier
cloudy 011 a coid.
The Lee movie vt.ftcltly t rota to Cairo Una afternoon
In 41•Venteoll liners met twelve mlotnes.
may . .,1.-I , lt:er In etullonniv
l• aril bit 1,71 lour Inch, water In the i . . 10,11.
• • .
r.". 7 Ashley lllantimn. of {Vest field
31k40., , :ql! , 1 oins, old wit,.
rrnadicollier I. oral Illirly•uo:lit, sea, obl,
u, ho,
Three Per Cont. Certlllente%—ren.not
of 14.70—Iteconotroellon—rreentnen
In North Caroltne.
Teltgratth to 'hp Nit4l,lrgl t
WAS ' !IINOTON, Mit) . 29,1,...;7.
Tho Printing iturgun has completed the
three per cent. eertiltrattet, to take the place
of the compound lottfrest notes.
("C3Sretf , M
Preparations are 1114 . 1ng to take the con-
HMI ISM through the . Internal itevenue De
partment. Thu tlttporlotendent of the
bu renal took the censo r s of the country dar•
leg weeks in November and iseromber,
without other expense than ettitioner.l:•
Tito total MI. Illt.t . of: tbs.
Southern States there tram a tlecrease of pop
utatlon, In the lt,tern Stati, n small In•
creaNc t and In the Western States it large
oCNItr .17fl,
It lune generally been LI, At
torney ,tionernl'ir Interpretation of I I. TI.
COlintrUctlini het., ivOltl.l nil tio
it r•illrle oplitl.m, shortly to li(proinulenteil,
tint It ti anlil the prai.Alltl operattort l )l the
animal - es, by developing in . ,
8 . 1, 810”.1.,1.011.1) 'lay, keep that nnicert,
Intuits fell of the iollilect fr.," lliee In it one,
tlinirgtt the tra
Will thintille, ertitirace eli the mate
The Attorney thine"), lens to
n) Incfor Sew York, Where Le ri hiin
Only n short Inn, on), lor t Nit
N t Moon lan otivelitit rriL ri gar , :to
inNi oh-I:Jet es.
The Fro•uouirif., 11:1, A u
for North Cltrohna r,pnrt. a
orolicom o:
ttlitlon; the r..-1
X rulacraal ;I':,e: N.
a •
13. ol—ert..l, e 4.121 v , ..:r0 • ,b;
Inpirlo, 1, I.
work conttntse.
Order to Prevent runner !Int.
letter—llly Pollee td o:ttl•IrntIon
T..1. - irsltt. tut,
Mohit,, fo!:o.4
:.'•'041 , 1 - 111/4V 4 11,'11111,'
itt). 114 --4• 4 13, 41 • 1, /1
Allll4ll, .11.1 h, I , f .kl,
folloN. r.
Co:plit.vm 0t,1,11.t:
tonvik ot 0r...,
1 4 11,111! pol ni,131
the 01 , 1 ten, wit! :PV
1111•1,111, ot rt , y •
Ile of CO' o:Nt,:tn..: !, is 1 11
deal; Nk Itli th...
111,: .'lll,l 111 sf.a,n I , ,trz% 1.111• I' l l - 4• - 11 - .• 11
111111 0,1.
it,. for Ow jk1.1,11.,%:0:1,..t 4'4111 .1./.
Mg Or
i lncitlng riot t.r . r!o rnrr.
fez theo,urts.,
Or .1,40r.1er •
pnrltr . eatert
uncut. f,lgtwo'.)
Imperiallat. In the City of Pll-alro
Prep...Mg to Calpflolate —Tito Pow-
Exetotton•--/tuntbritalittent ' of
irea t
hr lb. rlttthorit,
hen Yoga , May •Jit.—.l. , trleelfrron the e:t..
of Morn, -tote that On
had , eventyaon, , yahoo, 0,,,y 0, on It,
I 'arn/rllle gntu of the Capaol. and that ..1
Call Guam.. 0,0, ,Al tar kg:A. M..,
91. 4 .0 . 0 only twiintr of .Ivh , .. %,•n•li;,'
,R141(0. lie mon llse• von. ns..!.
trix Gtr. , :eri Weer pp
ro•a:!,, J,11,1,1,
ttio vrcut nit .1 loy
..I,lVarez' :LI Mt . .•...nt
wani ,, ..lLMtf ,r
I.t:A . ,t,:t, Itll.l 1 , .•
...nArlien lit heard of It, 01 , 1. ....1 It 1t , .; 0 , ,
0 01
tol 10,11100 the oth.onerm to t - Itoo•
A hot ttombhrtluAttnt. of 1 ere tool.
MAy sth.
of LArtt,n 11.t.1 pr^cl.l/1114. l it. r
he rt.:l:hitt, • •
A Robber', I"rfn4—ttneer Awl .113 Ate
lane of 1110 meet singular; null,:!: the ...vine
:line, strongest rolineraie' wl,leh lii. ever
crime to our notice. happened laid. :tight wt
t cankllti, near Ilitssachusette street. It
soilsln that the gentleman Itvilig at !net
place Mid quite a sum of gold 0,1,1m0
packs stowed under hie mot
wn coneldereil AN neeure If it•
I deposited in a burglar And ;:re.pi.sit
vault. What one lied wston lob meat ce
witk Ink thin morning to flnil lilt gold eect
tcreil about the floor. Ile line, .11 .tely
awoke 111, wile mot naked her why ;
Our motley on the floor. :me not et bre,
cmileretanil hint and tomtit:Most of feel In.;
unwell, and • Immediately P Pflt to sleep
again, motile,'" conielustvely that an,
11111 under the influence of 011ov:form
widen had been attralnletured. Upon look
ing. around 111011,, thoroughly, the uentlie
mon round the w irolow broken up, unit open
picking up 1.11.1 gold, he found toe following
note, adilett trrtionort
•itil Ut ke mom (1 ditto no you."
epee elutltimg the money he lll•cover,.,l
with iturptl.a., that the "cute' robber had
only taken two twontywhillar gold . piece. I
and fit In greenback.. the Itiont
61114,1:41 . unaccountable part of 11,, rote
bery.together with the note plekeit up, for
why a robber eltoubl run the rink of Inca 1.•
log Into a 110E00 tool only to take girth email ,
amount, whim he mould have taken u coils
enterable pile, Is umoinprelonteildo. The I
gentleman who wen robbed deemed sto
tate;anit be tlm l tort when he Mild lt, tluatlt
the robber wee. , ennehterate. and who, It
eeetes must know Win, will cull at Ids place
of tuselneks, lie wilt tiny nothing of the rim.
hell% tont will treat Matto a hot ale of chum.
pagan unil make blut a
. prestmt of Mho I
money 111 thebargain.
the cannot Imagine what plated tilti reason
can he alintknoil to thll ntritimu and most
unkruinuntablei freak of the robber. That
lie knew the gentlctuan sclunti he robbed, 14
proved by this note, and that lit, heal some
meiglytogn and feeling urcompasllon knout
him Is 1111 , 1111 by oho entail amount he took.
LYn hope noted 01'10 will nnTatial the 11101.
tory, for we cannot. Thu lady ham net yet
uecoVered from Lim ehlorefOrm, 1,1,1 It , 1111
.004 but the gentleman suffer, no littoti•
von tenets trout IL—Motile Timer.
I.lvi•ly HMI In Orew.m.
At Ai - A:Cent bull In Iln:it:burg. iiinigrin
Wont nn iinil until
. . .
Colver, John Fllktoingh, Bob Verb., .lo
Hannan ant .5411C:0w mime there, it le 0.
to brook op Um bail. Ibhini Ihry eider
the NW room they ha', a few 0 ord. WI,
genrgo Rennet...ruck not. Culver In the hii
with a revolver. geranger then Item,
lip In them for the purpose, It In subs,
dtopping the loos, when Jelin i. 041 in
rew a Dm - Inger 11,01 oho( ppn thimigli i,
head, after which he never - ,,poke.
Aulh Clnyton, who was flahllliignl therini
then drew 4 knife and hinldied nol, col s .,
In the mall of the bark under the rikl
nhoulder. Alm Crow then 1 . .11, In mf
shot Cliirlon through the thigh, and l
ntint I
er ball 'truck Min flu the rorelewl, the I,
1 .., • • hter , :, the skull, flit /r/.../.4 ever
Ungertoe elint, and pi...lug out. ut. II
back of the' bend. Crum, then Ore
into knife not Krunk tlaxtoo ~•,-”
the head, liihlethig a 1,11410 nomad. I'll.
Inigh, of ter/Mooting I:ea - anger, rmilied 0
Toni Thompson, when the latter idiot hit
tvrlce. thulium then litrile'r ThliiilleiOl
when the hatter mlint. hlru in the stolultel
tho 1,511 1 0,,, 111K through Wm. Bob Yorhe
then minhed In , " the fight, ii hen Thompo,
shot Inn] down rileui the hill elliemlug th
right 01,10, riinglitg 11,,, hark, ritrllilihr lit
linekliOne, and humilileg herliiiek, the]
glanced to tile right, going down the hip
After the :Mooting 0001.110,er, coli lit
O p
went Into iliel me ire, .11.11 ,111. 10/1.1
,Ormili him over the head with ii 'evolver
mid 1(1111 hint Mit lor i1r..1. 03• : , tnilli 010
came In Henri:Ming ii revolver, when C 11...
Hugh. who Wu. though( In ho .leanl, ur II
It•d_st dying, raised Idinself,olth lil
bowie kulfu slabbed niiillll, inflicting it Me
rill. IVOIIII4I.
Ont at Um eleven mea Who 0/11:11g0.1 Oi fin
right, ohm lay dead or mortally wuntulu
on the hell room floor.
7-Ttio tix-Conlailerato Itlajor tionarit I
hwitli tit qulvtly cultivating n fatut of it
coloilu cif thoonatiit item. at Sprlitt; 1104
Tana. Ito try totatilltly devote, Ilin
111111 4WCO rattling and to Elio Cu!.
to:Hilton cit corn, 1111,1 Ilhuttyor ill col
t°, Hall to an loony the IOUS( :111e1 . 05.4...
tit/ In 1114 t hating art
troatilii ' , loot:tit.: with the, to
stliotin kind tool sapportlva
lil.llll Ill" 01 I helr tae%ly
giith 0.1 sti.t
be,ol. crop of
IlilLt Ir3LL
—Qpilrgeen 111t1.1,41,0-lotll,,tlpan,s
to ;41low liii nl.lleni,lo con7ol, o•t.
pccl•,rate. ntlivrtvisn rtlievy the it
Ingn withonl ono.
— 1 he 1 :. , /111 , h j.pers unnot.iu6e tilt, death
or Ic !Mum .1. l/ . llrlvn, son to flit, fitnnok
1, 1)11111P11,i,n, • . 111...Cicrro from 1 , 11..nn0n
Shnre.” ilu t1i0.,1 (rum Injuries ro:cuivc,l
xlillu Ilnntntg, ,
1 1, ,11,e In 31.1:17111. tleGlttlrilln's new
Pith- Au A 1 1111onulre," to oblrli
follow 1111; word.: occur I .lVar I-
Er! , ecletl. nut Ite 11,1.
rept V .- sent/16011 ill furls.
—The trrepre,/1 1 / 1 1. Uolenao itropnaaa to
suluelt hi://elf lot dleco,oon inn nea way,
by putt 1,, li t Ka (I ul:t1111 to
..COgn 111 , m At 1110 I: t•lNlrytt .111g1 lean Con..
ell, Which tweets Lonctan neat In/member.
—lt Is .:tit anc folly 1. to incase
appearttove in raontltouanitler the title or
one ',Oh/ Tine, It 1,, to/he /Allan! I/y Call.
Mayon The tooter la toeMIY
eight png,—..:llllo n:MQ 01' the Poll
Ittal cOiltn:n ova, CO lannulant upon
. •
if. reporte , l that Vkyateta of elavery
P1i...21:5 011 1.111. ti.feloty ' hind, under the
ffulifleos of Co. French got - I:nal:00M. um,
liff.tlitel to het tefrifr by any former pluntft
fon sylleto ohm ooutlf. The yt,titgpq Itre
Chhle•epoollef ancl milll'eff 01 the retitle
11 GI , gltto botly 11 1 . the Counte,4
nen lot.
.1 Intrte
•1tt....•1. In Itte nin.pc Of 'input., tit, 'ring
I•Ltye.l I.y a ,t . .plk•tr: In.llt, Lind iti:iitletnen
11l penny t wht•lles and cletne•,
nt W0r.1.4 f1,n1p , 131,11,1
'1 , , , t1',1 1:In style
Ot Ile, Ur/rid 41,1 not knev.•
'the 1e..., hilt liven,•• tent pria..ility not
one le tti ten 11l eV1.110,111
of ttit.l.• 1..1t I. w an on ~
n.I, .11 1104 nett' Intely In 4rile
` one .I,ent.nt
•• .. • •
• ~• 1•111.,/1
tho 711
/a • / 1 -1/./. : 11 1 /g-1• r for /a:: Poo Va
,rptntt; ll 1:t
120100 n;; ono of the
.x••••1,r, 111 11/1/ 1/1,11.... • 1110 al11•11,11/11/11
'1 , 11.1. , 1 lot In ILILLIIL 1 1 .1.01.1 of
l'ogo;o1 41;4 11 ale,. IWI Non of 1 1 :4Itturn
1 fo.n.; I,:nof ;1 /lOW In London 11.) o
••••1, bun Ireen 10.1,11ng
ti; ;;; 1 11/ 1 11,1, ...II I bo
1 to.lifol It I. 1;111104 stn.rtlbor to hoar
r. Iro,, of wotrttlt Eng
; -
,; ty xo.;; ; :he Salt I , lltolnty,l/111
It • 201 t 114 or
truo beyond:lll,4ol.lA,
—XI, 1, •. ;1-1: 1•. , 0k no:do 11,11:
lil7 1•1 c•lntxtion:
;;;:: • “.11- ; 'bop lie 0 . 111, In
• It, Int tru,glit !“ HP,' 1 , 1,
11, .; , tot.; n 111,1,1
a : Wl/1.771/1S foroblon,
,41 1,1 p;olnpt t
I I ..1
„ „1.• rt.::: 1.0x,.,'4;1
ert hi.
t.rz “:114
. .
r.f :
l'ltysle/t1 Faerel.e. •
,;•.- In/
•r :el: 011).1k.:: r xpn
ry to bet: ZOO lir. it -,‘,, l p
CO ;[ 17 tot
t., '
.'n ,11, ''' 11' t l ,o ,
!hey In,: t. 14111.
leq 1 .011, .111 1,,1y 1..1
of tlen ,sll
11,:ong11 Ittul
ing lotne
e In 11 end nnl. 111
• L,•1: tl,
10 ,ono, ttltntette
11.1, No ono won pt
nt tort
1 hnn ent .1. T.., tt,v4. num.,
pztt -.hog ,eventeen )entl,
gee 1 ,1,0,1.11 eloienenl, nod N , 11111.. rAo
st ts.t/t5
tg3 o: V11).,.1 1.:
t eneen ol ,' 1, 1
p.•t e.l of ille tou.l ceer 11.10,1-11o.lonitl
th 12 11.1
. lung.
.111 Litt
el,,rll,ll..llti,lic.l,urtsm ,s
he-0 trlt4ol• ofa of yei.lgtel legly. The out:, 11'.1-
/ el ‘, l .e , 1.10,1,110 tuts, Ont.]. when lite
11;1•• on II 1,10.
',l,t ntatth, 1.11.0.
$4 , 111, ger' Ihu ports of Engl.,
met, lUe) I,ever four InVallon,
thlg we Inni/e wflnay win it ul.rr pnwerrtli
Zoe we elnetnele InnleVe
n..llrog 10111 , 11 U sport,: 1,1;1 their
lu upel pint, In on; gollleg!loonl btatthsli•
....v.! never fear Lb. Inc. )911 of
thegelter.tey Igo 131,,,y 01 ignOtaime.
Our t:ol.l.nod Piliver !line•
Tho•ril FO,11• 101'11 In/ I•nd to the develop
! thent or the !n!!rul valat of Ile, Idocky
monntoto OA 1. • 21..•1411.:1•4 :rot,/
3liottoon, Colotano, Nevodo tool l'ollfor !on
ore Moot 44 ILI! itC1:1•1111,, I/f Upl.4 1i5 , 0V,11•.4
teodyth„.. o„„.„h teoAln t ftisl.l oto o.lo'oellit In the preeleuits,l,l
1, I.torti Ntva.l!l, new in , ln.low ~1
Hl"lng out ):6'1 , 13 111/ ILM !!clot lur
• • •11./tlVitg•ii
An"th, 0141rhd olgo prowls:to;
11214 , 1 y . It Imo, :t ?II:1110,101.1 fAr het-
I, I Ippiy of ootl nod v. atter Matt toe
‘‘.41`.!10•• The , On, 14,qty 4'.!1 to
4 . 4.44 [Oh. .line gtvtraytt y 11.1,1 It eon.
ii.littitTy expected 111 trout 1.4.4 lA, SP, t tot.
"rhe older Nevado mine, are now more
thotooehly wo! tool thou ever hefore. 1/v414-
, 'Ludt, tlft• 4111kilig,11,111 there lornorerly444
tom 1,, the working of the b010...!Tr.
rat , Ore . idx!!!!!Ie rr..tty well ex luttist
ed! nll4l for tin," thol..t
olio 4111.11tm
tIOn hi. net products of ni lint ••, hut
the-444T 1111.1•10; 0 11leventunIly 11.43 - us W.. 11
All. I retortel horrooottile.
All tIT odolne Interertn hove received
1.,11 toopettet front the ontleilooted result,
ol the 44 deoletlen of ' the great raihrai
runo-4 1TT:01411.4d-
-- - -
—ln lui or your+, It 'boo, billory tui true,
Cutuliul ouilllfii-Leil, ii Ilti all lief porivinul
vanity, It In n[lllllll 14 pli•ty irli h•llllits+ not iiiiiil,44 Iluit of sliiilnine bunt liler.. 11,4 tiro
tub! I hut idiu never outer,' a thLutuu - 14,1111-
nut euriii,l. pi rip, lino. ilin ntigUt lon emu.
-(11/ and (hut bebilltll.lli,r.r., or at the
1 / (110.0 In If, Ihiviibir bet, ~lie bilidit
1 1 41111 n. ini , iiil In liunil, rel....abut:3 Pi.) 4, 1'.
• 1111.1 tirZri 11111111111: In,. ~,,, (It the rroys 4,11.1
ri 44 4- 4 aiilni, 'Jul book to bor attendant, vibe
wouilu pu i 4 Oli to the "nu' prepureil !or tri•
inewli. A1.1.11ti..1. alai 'ill, lionvrvcr, Unit lie
-4141111ar 1101.11 n ImlC:illig bur {..bitiulls wail.
lll4Avuu. When nlio viu.s al. Hamburg, in
hi'', ~be 11111 troutu4l veviirely by one Of I lie
t 4 44, tin4l elite tr. , :: nip crlinOle Nu noir.,
ri ,,,, a huh , Iv, I luin murlleigii. "When
1:".f." , 11.1 NI ultimo, 44 bnii ;;IVMI tun ItlOral
1e 11 I, i r.iuruiliury Ltientoui 1 1 1 0,4,r, Pri , .'
i. , 1110011 10 4tpplalid illid 110 , 10 r IL ILA I, 11.11,
MI kixlr.
((co inn plOllOlO 10 . l il ,4 4ellite (be gift,
f "
—Thi. 314 . 111 p ht . / .lill/./twiler t/t
V;1111 t11,0105p1 et of Vlwit4/1
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A hold Itobbery.—“At Friday night lost
t lore of Y. I). Cathlwell, ot Ww.lOpg:on,
,inn eolereil 111.1 r,//lo 1 nt flow) aorlL
of gootlm. Upon search (Clog rondo, tto,
etoleo property tow downvered tit Ito. hotoo
of a 1111t11 /1141111141 U. 11. hill. wont]. Ele.'n•ort
W. a/11...tea neNt day, tool on Sunday
to o otner oleo, 01.: 1111.11.1 Oteep on.: too
other s , ,eertey, 1011, ImplO . nced to tee
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11/1 comol I:7 tor, rt
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s4urimat. , l, lt nie/tum of palntlng
onil b4ll etturch "MO
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fennel up no:trt. I 0 19 llwdd o
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hat.k, grn“
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01, i.t.
ID I J.11.i I
p N., 1 ni I. tli
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lot Itt:t
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/. Olt, It iris
•lp ...
a ❑re it
thole A: Co., 11l
fully . i1t..11.. c.l
oty and Iu o thick
...,., ads 01.10 g.
IP. 0 011:-....1 11 ... 1 6 1 1111,103. 0 tt. _it,,,tt.,l ~a
/a. IV,tell l'erof.,),lo,lll:a 11a11r0..4, and
,tende.l back loaYokls Wain ,reet,-They
Intl been In et lerat ha, torentirttimible time,
wet had quite a hal,e unto nut 'doll (In bond
theln 1 .311 . ..1.,tr p 1 t0r,.: , , The ongte of,
the tire t, auk nown, hut It o .ttupo,e., !roof
tie. loc . .dityln Is halt 11 wa., 115,1 notleed, '
that ~, n o oil tool:', tire at the lko,lere and
thence ecnnotunleated to t h e i r ,., o r 1 1.,
won los, IVlzen .we arrived 4.11 ill.. gr. 1111.11
11, 0 . 01 /..1 104 , 1 tandi already , .(1 113,d, dud
(Ito cfro,tm of the thin non acre IrOog .111v/r.
4..1 to eavlng 11. nook Of 1120 1,111 44111 v .... pos•
...11.1y k . 011141. In 111.,' tr., lit tliti Alock.4 10-
0,,r..1 s Mall, ~ .treet, I lau ~ II it 141 . g0 1.0:1 ' 41.1 . ,
or t MI., /. pott.l, wluelt wt. hill 1011111114
c.ll ~ ..111.11 0I• v thtte , l I,e ~ ...10, ,11) . ~ t lO,.
Our earth on the harri Is In thi. , rte , ton, quite
sauna r llf the 11l W. IC `.21.1,./. l'flo, large
taut; or the tonne. ~ cootalnl tg ahout
elekt hundred barrel . 004 not if..mtrop.4l,
hut live tuinortnal,, a Ith two or 1 k ,ee hoe.
dred barrels re11111..1 0111.11.11c14,..1.1.,014,11i11y
ii1.,,,,,,.0., 7 . 1,,,,,,, 11,1,1 'huskies t u entydlve ..
or ,111 1 ,,, , 11,4,14,1,, of tar lor n phlounl In t als
lot, which 0,1 . 0 lillo .1.,1103....1, tot,,uo.t.
011.1 it 1.01.1 110. 11.00,1,1 4:1111.1). hat tele.
The let 111 1.1-...`0r the renuery alai ktlll Ouse.;
11,1 d her a illt the Oa, ~ .111 :110;,01.1 10 01,0111
101.1.13•11,11100-11/01 . 10 1111 s. 011 w 1.0.11 11 4.
( N 04, 10.0, - 11%1, an 1115111 . ,014., , 01 1irc.1 . ...• 11100. I ,, hot £llll 1111 1 CO/11:,11 if, Ire CUIIill 110 t ,
ffilii 011!. .
TI/ , . . 1 il NM 0 , 0 II doubt,' (rayon dwelling !
1 , 1111.1., Mini, I/1111 40 ill, I,lli irl,./ illl.l .1,11111. .
M/114. F h.l ~o rks.l l ,lcoye.l. II wa , , 1,11 tout he
uthent ter, and eugutoed the
er, r I' elt , lontirt, .Ituost [Ohl toitl IMP I I w l,
hoe,:welf; 'lke toe< el tile ...ter°, ill I Ills I ,
tvz s s de-droyed, although a nota.ll I..rt
wax raved fader,: the tire had ondo touch (1
P 1 ,5, 1 ,•.. %1 . ., touler.dand that 1
1111 .II 1..,.1•:, It
Fotzheinte, 111tVe Ill:. 111 .1 / 1 ,(111., on thor
pt ouet I' In the Pone ...yi V11:111ft 1,, , , 1ra , 1C1. I,
Colapatay, hut 141 whett ,4010.101, 0 , : tou 1111/I- 1
ill 11l Nity. 1V114.11 1, et Iva. I 10, h 4 .1,1.! 11l 11. k c
1, 1,11/11,, the We ale, rat!l rugo,,,, 1.01 not
Inuen 11,1 her dataul. u onhl he done to ~,
gd °het t,s' 111 do lie engine, 1,,
01 1110 1..0 4 . 111.,.... 0..14: 1 11 01111.11 y 00 Mil „.
gr.... 1,111011114 110,0 ~.' , ,,,1` 11, , h"ttit. , hic 1 ,,
1110 1.4.04“,1411.110. nun.. N. NV1 .11 011‘4 , 1%.00 g.j .
company, as think bile Hope, or, Al 1,01 eny. •
vs putt.. 0.
.lug t. 011.14,141,141 1 ,0111.111 • 1 r 4 .11 ,
tl.O , 1.... 11 0.11.111,1111., 01 their no, it is c i
041 i lint 4,11 rrinrClir! Um. ,1, :i..4rtm1...0t ~i
be welheipplred a lilt goo.] it0,,,,,,,,t th e ,
out hot Ito., , Isould 0., that they ere so. ' ii
IVlthotit It they ea.uttot do :II 1:1 . 11 ;100.1 1111 11 ‘,..
Ilre, he :Ise) . ever en ttettee and wllllng. et
Itarbitip Its (hey , Slntere Improcrd 1t ,
or,l Le, F. tqt!rh`" , vivin, 3Lt. t
cllitte. It /1111i.i, It "11101 :l:2ki.un I,”;11
, ',., IL 1a....1-yv a 1,1.1401 of .olporlot
toy. it, by vv Lich Um mper:mter 1. enthied to
m.ew from the thltmeNt In time I itlyto—t. •olv
vltauct,,llll.l 0.14, 1,, 011.1 ov yr IrrYtto•
leror mMecert surface., mralmet reed.m.tme,
11. em 11 . 11 p. _,y Oyer temmus without Munk-
MK the 1:,,,11.1 I.r ,kloto.11: $ 111, 1...v, or
1 ,
lirmmliltur time thread, lit ion . 1 ....11 111 vyllt do
,di,, latt toot tad, loy ~,,
the Nano machine. It, Iv yam • purt, ere
eomrott stett,l co( eqeel,:mlol it 11. 2711. m e:m . me.m.t
tutmelmiM, by twelity per cent. in ler., wet
vi.11 , e.m. , 1 . ,1er. It net :ewer:m.lo al, Itta-
I i 11... iil i Izi• 11.0.01. !te 1,1.1 ' , 11,. SI lull
~,,,, hi , .. , 1 , 1 . I% ill 1:IIII,I Mr :err meet - ..
Am MI mmaelm , l. I:. 11. I 'em, 1, 11l
mlrant Vt.,' I.
I Telervtiell ,cO3ll
.olllrr 1,:t1./11.
IV. , /lose recelsed or .t. , ltn W.,lt
• CITY AND SU111:11111 , i Chntehes.
i.rery eOnitregni :au it - Menem afford erne
)I , ILTII Thr u.!:,.! rtn4 1. , n3 , -*. hnn'in ,,,
dollnin or more, or. now ,ectire a domt Cr
Tor, 7i lit or l"nt II recen e. el, higrutnents have
pnind ert ettr)i.l.rth Pug, ,
.— ,, at beim obtained. Large tope organs uro
nod Remedies Tts
01 I,l t.trioo, 14 .
oite of 11:11tilit 1 0 to
Wththr, got the `o.•
re-oloilon , ro•Crto
'ling tho
.111i1c intoa 11111111
pqrl of ritzlrowl ro
er DI 5.11,g00l limit
iwanlet, nn;: 111. w r:
Leg lAA , . e, if
could Leine,
Committee mono
Limn Gee .blipi.e if
peon. The 01:11
i`lmt Nor,day. .
the...swan. The .I.mticlary
toted bre:l...err inn le,ol
,,,..1 a feller and fairer in
-11.1.11).1. Litt ( * omelette
fmtlee up (or the err:t
alc° met. at 11 , rri,lfprg
nat., ltiglpon; of .8110-
prellnimary mle,Pon, lot
If a II", n fmaplainapts
felfr.ll.,o, mid all Other
-, pit-net comp:Mel, In
”rvi of the
lie avowed hht
etc the Clatter at
wool.l emlrrtaku
',. TllO CL/1111111t
that it
arrlsharr, Ph Ms
paint In the
wenthl XIV*/ MI
I,lote It IL r , lll
gouty. Wnt,l
Con larortnntlo
ttlen 1:oro tilt
pw,onix d 4, 11i
ogard to the e
propoool Invo
own ;taw WINN
all t l;
to do It pql, un
tilt fralOO to t
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d.rl, t, an
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an 1,/
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fri til
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t lin rt
Lll I I•Il
•it I u •
t ul tl' .11It
a I 1
I ti Li b I a
111 .%pp
or 11.• Lt.%
1, It ut
• .11 01,
I HI •
Lug ,1
,11. °Y
0 )
ni ' isif
\rz. - 1 • ,
• ,, ....._i f
too costly, and occupy cm much liPace for
any but a hew of the wealthiest cougregn.
bens worshiping in tb- largest churches.
The melodeon lack, power and volume of
tone, and harmenlllllls and 810011 reed or
gans generally i c ier been ea unsatisfactory
in m tone its to be earbadratile.
In tile 1,:“11$“cL trrean the-e Insufalencieo
toot defrolli ate /tOleillell. Its great, voles.
eq.! true organ tunes, with Its admirable cu.
i•rossion, butter adapt It to
CON) music than any other instrument, el
ing ouly the I.o'g°plea organ. Othserve
in• another column, what Rev. Dr... Prime:
the weloknown editor of the New York
SOVX Of II 111 lII'S respect. Ile styles
IL "a glorious instrument for the temple ser
vice," nail tells why' It Is so. DT , LOWeII
Mason, than whom 110 one has had More cx.
pert en co In church made, writes,
.1 regard 31.0 n it Ilamlin's Cabinet Or.
trans aa likely to he ot Important servlco to
tiro 'ream of Church Merle, horseman as
the: are really very effective end beautiful
accompanying Instruments for sacred song;
while the low prices at which they are af
forded render them very generally [trada
ble. After 11 yr,trel experience In the use
of onfl of theta In Dielne s serrico, 1 can re
, ernumund them instriartlesta •strltti confi
dence for eabbath Khoo., Vestries, and .
smaller Churches." •
A4lll churches volume or power of Woe:
I.: so lm Portant a Teem/site, It la better to
cr , it triu at Meat a ttouttlit roll Cabinet Organ
for this not, Ara Instrument with four oc
taves' courpsesdrauMeleut for the OrCOIII
- of church music Meter:WY, lint
mie having five Octaves In better, enabling
the performer to double the bassgas It to
termed, and en considerably inercassl the
power. The larger Instruments, with three,
tour, and six sett of reeds, have promar
tloriately greater volume, with dory much
Otcrea.t..l variety.
A single reed Cabinet Organ lim
era y more power than any single reed
melodeon. A double reed Cabinet Organ
has at least three or four timed an much
poser as such a Inelo,leon. The largest
rl or.rd C
theabirmt gen haa not less than tea
volume of tone of tile melmterm.
This tern give sonic indication of the ca
p:Le:Ty of the Instrumento, and affords a
geld.. to part:
1. lamer,.
let it Mast riot ,uppe,cd tkut
tr,,,t reMind. tiraan miti.del Or nearly
'tact.,ln volume, or tone, .1 large Pipe or.
Gas, a I.lch cacti :en er twenty times al
It Is rat, to say 11,01 no pipe organ' an De
built ire troot •loolde the cost Of butt.
eel Organ. 'olrlclt 10111 eclUal the tatter In
pout, and ;leanly Of tone, and virlety Of
vile.. The Cabinet Urg'in Lan the whit
c.o.! 01l vantage of keeping in (tine vast Il'
better, end Ot ii 1.1;01ty to get out or
oiler, in any respect, besides that of occu
lt:, mg notch le.y motto
( ;done!. ttrgnn therefore, not eller
substlttite for large pipe
o,e.o,Lieg three to tifty thousand
lit, each, igtt it ii off-red as a very great
1111,-re el
eefelt. el
eat oy noon Inciedeon+,
i.rtnolloons. enlld all other reedorgans, nut
~;••, noon ,J 1,1! poneorgan, as ,ntte sett'.
dent tor t tocho s and halls of moderate
1,.v0i t et:i re,liielA better, as stcil as
prlced. than +twill,e rieup pipoorgarts.
. Illete rosch of ann.,: every con•
Je::: , lion, beeettse almost every one will he
DYProner exertien, to raise at leutt
gli to On e
; ne of the Fleenor te,,tre•, :1 will add greatly to the Ont . :lotion
dot tnet alto', of the utuslc; trill draw to the (hutch, on.' help to them.
;test white Iltere; it ...envie.. nolittloepate
tt,i te,tly he (.011211 for it; It Is
lur.thte,:t.nd u Ili 100-11 lit good tune; It cnn
oDta!ned, nv every one in boxed
rod any N by ordbuLry frebibl
The 51aaon If am tin talolnet lirgana ran
t.n/w Ipp pno. nt U. t. 31ellor'e. No.
whornJr-ivn wladeam e agent
ter Plttatalrgn anti Weblern l'ennaylvanla.
1,40:C03t luxtrinnents, pertanudly se
ttr•ttl. earl' Gtorat . . O. Moral at• lata mutant.,
and persona are reque-toar to call and ax
le them, ahe tner Intending
••,,a, o r Newt for a ctrcular. Cent
- • •
An exeeedlagle pleasnet egperiencn was
at of tlot'. Dotanate persons who 17.0,i With Invitation., to attena tLc
111010 warming" at th e St. James lintel
st eveaing. This elegant new hotel has
st Seen contpiettai In elegant style, 011
galairty street, nearly opposite the Union
lie: et, end la thrown open to the public an
der the r,ppriellell and able - co n trol of Mr.
K. Lanishan, gentleman 'widely and
iaverahly known in'eyir city ns a Man' irlio
ts i keep a ,leattl:" All the various up.
point:hea nredir4t stria hotel are room.
r, .4 , 1 In time net house, including com
modious Coonni, pleasant parlors, a spas
nets arid elegant dining bail, float &dna tra
rzy iie atal oil furnished Oar, and under
I enreful imperintendeneo of fir. LisnaNan,
Inc cua.ts of the ettablishment filly rest
a••lieeti tint they w 11l an. 1.4 enjoy to the
el trill all film plemiurea and Leone
nomma of which hotel I lfu la capable.
faieliehill Of lorttlai opening, last
iveidnu, wife milebratel by a grand hazelnut,
it a a largo party of Invited greats as
!shah Tine tables of theillningrfanu (allay
o ed beneath the templum weight of mu
ollent 00.1 potaidies with which
hey were Mailed, and with most cheerful
seal ill~l. all I,l:Nem of, lull incline to all
I:11 the hountlfill hoot hail provided, Cla
hing :hell - then pleasant efforta with eo
-1114 Illall/ris of eliampagno and other
ei denciom , uesses, poured, not out, but
,ae. After long tarrying at the byaril,
relifilant Comas nail° I heir hied adieu,
tat t , et Iced with the tulast pleasing rceel-
liermanTrarner Aftmoclatlon Crlebr
1 re,terdiy morning the member, of the
erumn Turner Aseoelation, untier the
pervislon of Ille.scrs,ll. Schnabel, A.ll.
suit C. Warner, went on (141 recur.
tin to enjoy the otauty awl the Ire:tune,
the ueueon. With than were a number
young boys trout right to fourteen years
ILge, dress.l In light attire, and carrying
oh a knapanck loot a gun, Ilkqithe boys nt
arY nulnltte.l apparently
nu sanso!bey wale:ant
Rh t h
manual afre. ppy, anil free of (hoe
roe whleh-grown people are alwaya
wander, they hall but one thought, that
rending a lovely oar under the etude el
tee t roes or lens
there before noon. Their playaWere Run,. t
herleas, and their Joy unbounded. Under nth
toe vigilant care ut the Committee of Ar- lot
rangenient, !hey Were provided with a /al
eplel.ll,l tent, In Which all the tuenalierS
the German Turner Asseciation partook,
flyer) . 0110 had his share, /Old the eacusien
lei - minuted only by the arrival of the night]
ell buy putt the park and returned to the
cs t , s ,:,
ity lute le the evening.
----- •
PO. Panra Orphan Asylum Condrachm. en
The contracts for completing the St. Jlnr
Paul's Orphan Asylum on Tannehill street, ;.,
seventh ward, hays been awarded to the sm...
following partnte, o, the lowest bidders: NI
Carpenter wort., llooreat Chambers; rhos
terms. John Hunter; gas tilting and plumb- A I
leg. Weldon holly; painting . , P. Jek.
The awards for Moiling appliratus and
lightning rods worn postponed for the Pre-
sent. Thu proposals received were over
forty In number, of Aril leh fifteen were for feral
plasterers, and the buds accepted overage and (
lity per cencolf hook pricey. The work wl/1
: pushed forwuril vigorously, sail It is ex.
erted the building will be ready for Coca.
auer In October next.
reloolotow Awwwplte
wintam Dotll appenreal, yeeterday,
re Mayor McCarthy. charglug I
`Brien with atemult. lloriY . sfa.
al that O'Brien went to lilt house 01111 a
tile. threatening . to stab that for somere:
tojurtee. received at Ills Int uit..
!idea w }4 H 4 eructed mut .11 , 1equently re
-1111,011 10 and Tl e .ma Hudson were
rente.l eaterday morning and brought
'tilt.. Mayor McCarthy to auswer a charge
fehou-o, legiolt. tagain,t then,
• Willem, Lee a . They a ere releazed
The efirenor.—The entry of the
Wee, anti tit
eagerie yesterday Into Me
ity ming:tett nutmeat attentiou, the pro
lielog very iniguylng. A largo an.
mom, was In attendance tit night ami the
niverioil verdict wan that IL Yurineiyen any
acur that lius ever viyited the city. lte
i.eit tell mot twelve tielook thin morning
grolid ellilliltion will to: given of the
rni - num.( anneal-, without the Circs er.
for lament tit ladies, tch u o p ol,
ol eilthiren. To-night tliii regular Herter.
ant, VIII be MAO. tie cannot advt./mei,
Giimian too torte, iltt thin
llen! cutertionment while IL remains here.
On the .• . •I l .. {yy( r ww ~•• or ,or.. It flash of
lightning • ruck a houso :it
bmldma flattene•ter. Englitntl. Ihtf", wall of the
Ma, loteten,tl front Itafonntlation a
tool, bolow the around, and raked !tilt mats
to the totrfacet ono ott.l a - motored nine tin❑
thttoto , r four butt front Ito ortylnaPplaoo.
'll.O 0 - 511 'hut moved Was cloven feet Wen
5,1 thrro feet fhtett, contalninc % t on b rie , ,
t• loch 14,13 roll footed! to V. 010
I army..... tm,.. Tlln Captor • Tubular
I..gbitong 11 , 01, mllll spiral ng, , ,
r.un.: In :his r:ltt - by I.oettb4rt o nt
0,10 511 kind, ot tooll.llng flout darneatt try
The Black Crank retnlV:l-1 on thn
t It env *Tern Itoo.o, nn , nttt,ott,
Convert by In. 11111b1.—To-night the
t:r•t grand concert la this city tar the pupils
of the Pennsylvania Institute rot the blind
Will be held, at llatayette Halt, under the
,hrectlrn Of Carl :seine, conductor. The
Concerts of these p,orr blind scholars have
been given With mach success In other
Chita and towns threnurliont the State, allet
we trust it large audience will be in alien•
dance. To-morrow - nfternotin, at three
o'clock, a convert will be given at the same
1.114.411 a in the evening likewise. -
Another Of Otlr rigthenegn Divines
Going to Cineinnsti.—Use. W.A. lMieely,
pastor of St. Andrew, chill - Ma on !land
street, preached lath farewell sermon feet
Sunday, preparatory to accepting the
charge of Christ Church, CincinauU. "Tile
congregation is one of toe largest and
wealthlest In CtheinnattiMnot wn sincerely
wish Mr. :MIN - My a long and usefal life In
WS new charge. Ile has been one of our
third working preacher., here, 011.1 the kind
wishes Of his late charge go pith tam,
carol? of the Pearos . -.Stman Young
made Information yesterday befuro Alder
man MeMusters, charging Mary Cattirmoru
and her twn daughters, Maria and Sail.,
with ajwcpch of the penes The parties lire
nu Arthur% street, In the Seventh ward, and
Airs• Young alleges that defendants made
an attack On tier with stones anti brick taste,
and threatened her with bodily injury. The
defendants Isere arrested and held fur a
• t '
an<llletin ry.-1•618oy Nolan
Sterosteli yesterday. and !nought before
Alderman Mi./. TI10111:11. to answer a co K r ge
'Of assault and hatter, agnuodhiau
lie Patrick Harper. The plauttlistated that
Kenton, on renn.ylvanitt avenue, attacked
him without any provocation or WArnont,
and strock him so as to make the bites!
now. The plaintiff withdrew the chary;'_
onon defuntlant' e consenting to pay a nue
pad caste.
The Boot itare.—Thls afternoon between
two and three o'clock the sculling ebnuipi.
unship of Alll)UriCall. water.; Is to ho decided
between Brown, of Portland, Maine, and
l'lttnburgh. Both these gentle
men have been long training for the contest
and are In Very good condition. The race
will take plant on the Iletionitanela river
between the 31onongahvla bridge anti a
point on the Ohio river.
City 8 uperlittendent.—The school di
rectors Of the city, lust evening, held n
meeting In the Third and Tenth ward
sellout house, for the pnrpote of deriding
whether they should gu into the election of
a riliperintendent for the city puolle twhoolet.
After % , 1/10 dbeins,inn the question gete do
ended athrtualively, and the day of conven
tion to elect tined fur the 17th proxamo.
arena Temperance Oration.—Let it
not be forgotten by the frteruds of the good
that Piofeee.or Gray of London, will
'deliver his brilliant oration tn•n^ht en
Temperance, at uto.oule Hall. Ilia lecture
tide been highly tpolten of icy the EttgllA
rje+9, and tioubtleb, theme aho attend to.
night will be delighted with the rare intel
lectual treat afforded.
()biotalnd Henri!lre: Under Fallow ,
Pretence...—Gvorge Birmingham, preen.,
for of the Iron city Hotel, In the Ninth
llPloured bete: , lerxuaa Taylor
yeeterday and made information charging
Samuel 1/evrltt'oo otetaltoog leetr.fisrg
fah,. end traudnlent reoreootatione.Thu
defendant 11,..1 arrested autl gave bah( for a
Ashanti and flattery_—Yranels Trainer
matte infurtnation yesterilay, lienwe Aids,
war, Taylor, eritirgiug liilwaril iiwineyer
with assault. iitel battery. littler n
that Nee ineyer struck Attie, on Senday
eveg Oil ,tret•t, knocking bite
th nin e: itiluring !inn severely. Tan &a
ct:sett waa urre.sted and Lehi for a hearing
No. Cliff Street at Ant.
Night.—Thm, who aletalre u valnatble liavebt
t, or to stmt." an unteemlay destrable
re-blence for thermfoi.yes, remember
the , aela. tmartight, of Ulu abeam bandsonte
tarrani,s, oat tar:rand ilea, of Mtliwaine's
auction room!. Seo the ralverideettlent un
der ammaon head.
M oro( tlevon.lloy.—harles Tiudolphit,
Ji the Eighth ard :School ilimar,
thmie liitprinatiou hef.tre Alderman It. J.
Thothai., nmtinet it boy of the name of Au
drew Timothy, for throw lug :Aunt, and
brealziog two pone , . lu the WirldOW pf the
Inborn, school Lou.. A warraitt'haS bee:.
A linco ItneA fell froze the precipice
overooking Everbon, Pre , ton roli
lug mill in the I.lgllth wu.rti, to the troth of
the/ Lonnelimville ti:road, on Monday
inerahr, donaLf. howerer, but littie .lau,
ainr, 1,11.4.au0n rewove 4 by u force 1,1
John Lenox, the ane- ' cd raurtlerer of
11 , inert :,lorrow; mad taken Irom our county
jail. yellt•rdtty, .
11'.hulgton borough, lairbherur Sugth and clliger Jo,eph.
Da-Ls, o; the , lluyor'. pullec; Lea !um ru
• -
A be retatnln% of the Mi. and ter
riay Inuttiatvd tro the Clevelund arid
I c o nPit. Railroad, u law clays :Ate,. have e
, 11 . 110liuti DA tiro, of Irm. nobu, WeA
N if fihßu. 11.1 Ivua and lying on
line.' No Itelter.—.John tiolg i t t f,
p ot in for it plea Ibitt no know Ito bet
:in Loci! by Mayor Morritiou fur rialto:
tiorou Oft Cot Of tutu .I.ll..gileGy
olltee to enable him to drop lu u Ittter.
T he Body of Jame:, Stull m mato of t
htoamer Gallatin, who won dronm 41 In I
Monongabula.uour the mo tall of Brush Ito
labout vd.x mouths ugo. Rum loutol tC
I:row:me:Bo rucoutly.
-- --ww--
~/inniew E. nordoclin benefit was largely
attended last nlgit. TLe great actor re
inauts only u few nights longer. Tonight
lie uppea re in the brilliant comedy of Wino
W echo Wonders.
The Reports; of the water committee of
councils, the superintendent o o •.t engolcer
of muter works, anti the ..s.seessme of water
crate will be Mood on our t.tmoud ~pwite to
.%lle.hon7, Connell" will bold II SpCO.lll
this evening ''ln conobler the pro
, dcompromise cm the horse ease." ,"
Additional Local Newts on
hi d Page.
IN—.etc.EE—At the retiden, of. th
Parente, I, t,ot Rev. It. Lea. air. A. W
,of arrolo Elk cnntv. l'a. and MI.
A llcKr..ol Law r enceville ,
nALL.--1111 Sabbath egoning, )Imyyob,
}I.I.EN IiLEAOALL, aged le y uoi t-arg.
‘I on TIELNIOAI, at: v. N. (yoga do Se
o her eon-ha-la, J. E. Flatrogio!V. ,1
Wn treat. Frlesold of the fboaliy ai9 re
offal Waited to attend olthoot fhrther no-
- - -
No. Ira Fourth stmt. llttsburgb. rm.
'FIN:, of all kinds; CHAPE,I. GLOVES, .d
s l.
II e rlption of FunerAl FulalrhirlF, Urrods
tialled. Itoornsoortusl day 4.141 night. He..
C•rri....,. rurnlfhccl.
[3:E.. ICi•rr, D. D., R.
D.D., Tkoulaa EwLac.. E./
t. 3111.t.r.
J. le(41:1t lATI/DF($14E11A11". o h.
late 14 strael }:. It.idgere, No. 2'..1 tnilo Street
three doors hunt Beare, Alleanen9 C It''. Me
ta:ite, Itotawa . na. Itanvenne, Walnut •nd Ituae
wood Imitation Conn, at the lowest reauee,
priepe. Ito nint *penal. all boon, alai and night
ilearee and Carriage. furciebed up attar: c 011...
and on twat reasonable terms. -;
1 1 , 111 TE A. CO., t IVDER
TA &r.ltn AND P.MISALHEIN, ll•nchre.
tor, !tun and vicinity, Coffin !Loon,. no
.)13noto,lit I.lvor y.btablr,:the:lle:Ll and
Cnnrutrg. Ilealae.ano Carr:axt• fur
ittwr.; nt Rast bibortv Station, tare for
sale TWi ' , HUN Ii UM, FINE HUILA/INC LoTs.
at prices rioting from 1117
to , 1, 111 10. awl on lOIIj time.
On Thoracic*, 31c* 230, nt ti P. rt.,
I:xl , l , er the rhanzge,, tJr
And in Vnlch klu.lir [..prmn
31 , ‘s 61,1
1.11,, St. 11, t'•N1,11,.. and otb - r Ladits,
I. PC:I,MA , , MB. W. li. MORA n
Another Lot Just Received,
"C'l" eye.
We sT•siiM ask tirnae who are &almost Pur
chasing anything in this line to call at onta and
see nut stunk.
54.1 IFlfirra PITILIET.
AT A TEZZY ?MALL puortr. AT ..
6 Wylie St., 3d door front silt.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
Yarl , rulsr altontlon OTC. 10 /100011 . 1IIN
C10r.." and Jawalry. An Volt .ar
mac , ' _ -- •
55: 57
FIFTH ST., Pittsburgh.
Dolly Itonstxmoonle ort*anltnlt/t lltocks or
Goo l from all parts Mates. to be
avid at
Wholesale and Retail, "
-31'.. RA LS ANEB '
DOMESTIC DltY 00003,
(LOPE,!. Liven:HY.'
Alio, dime: from be tosnufa.Murera
Ingrain, Bag - and Line•_n
4 .L ° 1_3FLP,M 1 1"..51,
Auction Prices
B.—Yarn It u re atm Household Good. Cot sale
t Atictlon 0o EV.E.I.IIC TIII.7I:tIJAY.
S 9 S 9 S 9 S
s 9
, n 9 dIARKET STREET. 1 89
s 9
000 1 891 `'1
%9 Pt 3fai
1 •
S9' S 9 Market
I AN D GET YOllll r
ikris 9
s 9 , An
89 xIST TB3-]ox '-1 89
JAS. ROBIT, 89 Market St.'
'S9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S9IS9 S 9
(ltl 7.;407ti11ii30414
MACHINE over all others; for femlly'
use and general purposes, are to we II or.:
:Lattll.hed and to generally admitted, that:
enumeration of their relative exeel-!
lene . =ll no longer con:Wert-11 neeetta-: •
.17. They are gamble, durable and bean.:
Practical Furniture Manufacturers
Wan styles of /Ull5/TIIRL oonstaatly f
Man ofacturcriof
1.171 , 1L1V X r 1"1:72111.33,
!MOWN S CU.. 110 Stltrartgbu 11rugg.T.
oppoelte the Posturnee teep on band. or matt,
1,, - , 17 , ;1 4 4 .. r , 0rder. Scantly of elegant Venetian
aittr and Upwards. New styl•
demdow ettades, bd.%) and upwards • -
Or Clothe. Puff. Mallard, blats. Re . gs Colo 7 4
mans, Itelnd and Pletnre Cools and Taasel , Os br
at we snide store. on band or made to or d er,
floe stock of White and Canon Warts. (to r l e la r rs .
le.. ,r gentlemen's wear. Wit:veto
No. Sc, FOICILTII MT., Apollo BancUoß
-1,1,1,1„.1441.Un Se” June In nyles.
CITY to bay tap
•t No. :;6 U/lA-NT STREET.
• DS011.1:.-The undeT6lgued LAW opened vpa
First Class Family GrOcery,
At No. 239 FICI,EICAL Aileght or.-
he tf 111 &rep ronstualr on hand chains
or al! Artides usually foalL4 Li a Store
of this find:
n-1,4,73 W. R. LOCRIEART.
MAY 20th. at
Yo.: I lULY STREET, near Penn,
Where 'beattaad pitimas daring office
hQur.. frt., I o a. ca. mttl Itosp. m. •
Hoz..ttEs, BELL & co., .
Anchor Cotton Mlll9, .Pittsburgh.
Mann (Actor,' of ILK A TY. 71 CUM !I 2 LIU UT,
AN t 1101.t.A U IiALINOLIA
1.4111:1FITING3 AFL BATTEgiv.
PEACTIESL- r bo barrel
.n 1 halr. • FJC.lcit,ce,
1,118,1P.1 . Nu
' troal gitsh
& CO.'S