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Se' Silts 'street.
BEL",t I oxleas NI =wee.
I",te 09614. eet64.
"•• rotllvered by earner. (per 16 oentp.
.11441 ettlstalbets, (per year).— 68.00.
:.I.lbezal rsdoettons to New.boyt end Areett.
• ' TZ/LILI 708 WEI/A.LY: .
'brae Cop.., per year. by 1150
Pine do. do. do. eutt..«... 111
'it. , or tn.le COrtli. so ors addrees, and
one free to drib. each
Too 0111'
a Dental Satanhahment of „ 'DS Pena
street: Drs. 5W &lqsolo. .
To - Whedesale Slayers
Of Dry Goode we offer lisowabsir in Job dote
of Gress Goode, Pan Lined Goods, and
.I.l i hoot' of . SOCotings, Startliga, Prints,
Melia's, Cheeks, dc., all of which we Will
sell at tho tiory lowest eastern cash prices.
SO 31.11ttet street, below Third ft Fourth eis.
Ylaurard de Caswell% Cod Liver 011.
?be l'arestrusll9weetest Cod Leer 011 In
• the, .world... manufactured frorn.'fresii
h.auly Nverer upon Abe acalhcre. It. is
perfectly pare andaareet. Ask for "Hazard
a Caswe Cod Liver Oil," manufactured
by • CAS WYLL, MACK 41, Co. New York
Sold, byall draggling..
Depend Upon
- "You ciao always get the best Tea, at Arthur
,171 Federal street, as
low as LIU:, lowest. giro blot a call,
• . , Pure Drags!
N.Perell!ruginte -Pure Dragee! Pure Drugs!!!
• • Tom can naz
reralan Liquors of,all kinds at JOeaph S.
1111.1,9108 Distillery,Mb, .189, 191, 173 sag MS
• Go io 1 - temitth'w Dirctir More,
Fs= the trout WZuto Le ed in th e city. No. 81
Sdathet street. ' ."
• Go to flewform Drag Stoic.,
No. F 4 Gar4otatrect, for Flu: toed Oil mu
Turptntino. ' '
Japan Tea.'
Colored or uncolored .cau be got at A.
N vesicant...Alcohol es. Joseph B. r-orles.
Ton Can But
Now HOps at Joseph A; rin.ays. •
t •
. -- ,
traSS,LATID Teti Sag errl,ia a
lsoU szerre.l
—Thorn are at. present In the eltrof Si.,
.Foteratairg, negate. itt manufactories, of
' which 143 are a [Gutted outside the city !tees.
Their annual production ' le altogether
valued at slity , two million rubles. There
are Suker !thence, brandy distilleries.
'. broWerlas, candle and soap hollers, tanner
leg, rope wake, saw mills, tobieco factories;
etc. Thu elty of St. Petersburg will soon
enjoy a telegraph, which will transmit of
,. • natal and private dispatches through all
thnithstrixt and subilthe of-the city. Four
" teen stations in tile inner town and two in .
the •adjacent environs are-to be erected.
Atimputch of twenty words will cost forty
impales roper and stamp" 'for telegram,
will be sold thronghout the city.
—A movement is on foot to bridge the
.I.loephortin, The deeigne of the work have
• . been accented by, the Austrian engineer
nod director of the 'tussle radioed. The
bridge will measure 3,3 , ,X1 feet, it% length, and
will rest, on two •pillanA the of the arches
being 1477 feet and_ !Ito two others runs
. feet. The weight",: the bridge (rough iron)
will bonair cw . J.:; that of two pillars (ent
iron) 1a.3e0 Cset...• Tee cost is estimated at
et:van lei:Lion riorms, that Is e 1.38 505 in
Belted -States currency.
..... .
-,-Theeditleiste follows aris cheap Pe tite
tarn at present. se . The "Petit Jour,
writ' , luta IfAli,lo reader, the ' , Petit Mord
&urn 1314 We the • !Wrenenunt" eels sit,
mocks in ealstence, 50,00 u; the Journal Pour
...21air'!and tlmifoade lllestrVe. , Over HOAX,
and s great number of literary speculation
• papers, as the ...Yolcrcr: , : “Irtracc," ICTript,' ,
...11wcite,” ...Ptiriscane," which Dave lane out'
We.elle and 60,0e5 subscribers. - , ' •
--,Twerity years ago, the Vurkulti mother.
one possmeed only. two newspapers, the
Journej de Cbmientinopfe, in the . French,
and. the. Official .Ifonfteur, in the. Turkish
language: At present, twenty-seven Jour
! Dais are Issued. at Star:about,. In almost
' overYjiumnage of the Orient-. Among :Lem
", le the well Illustrated ilvd.seleaupilenunt,
- which is tile favorite of the high society of
the Ottoman Brooms. -
--Ttio. .
. issue,
.. r L of postage .stamps, when first
!Introduced In trance in Ito, was 19 mil.
Henn fp 1050, It amounted to 410 million, Thee - tamp olllce in the “Mlnkster imperial , '
nt Pada, tame out daily t ithlllon and a
half, the manufacture of which %stees ern
" PloYment POGO .men. In England the de.
mend for Mae:mai! still higher; it increased
/entreat to Stidralllione. . 1 • • •
—Toe art of Phonography is. nowhere
more extensively diffused than, in Bavaria
- - Sehreonntryeau boaat of twenty thousami
-temple (among theM are many represent.-
.. tines of. the gentle sex) who are skillets .n
a/Mit-bend writing. The echoltirs who; by
the Mat record, enjoyed gratis publici.u.
Wen in thin whence numbered XXII.
4-Birmingham,F.nglaud. mittufactures
• .. every week MAX gross of steel peal, winch
r;present nearly ten tone of %Abel. This
br ether Industry, gives employment to
,s. men and-200 women and girls. The
price or ti gross, which was in the begin
: - tit ff. 7 1 1 3 ,42 5 %LAM new only 15 fry., (X)
ce tames.) .
In the ii i r car from February,. IVA, to . Feb.
Yu ..I - the flambee of beet. sugar man
of brie' n Germany increased by 17 per
`conkin TA es tabllehtnents 11,531A1 cwt. of
beets were transformed into sugar during.
,•;„"fire sr. Most of these estahllehmenta are
' 7 tOanted to Ituisitr namely, MI. Brunswick
- rents next with eighteen:
\ ,• ...Thu number of lead .
pencils annually
`, luanufactnrelat lierwlck amounts to Mir.
teen mllltons,-ot - twenty.llve thousand
weekly. Some 'of these Lead pencils and
worth VI Int a gross,and otherS only Ira.
—Myarbeers was repeated
sixty...sight times before full audiences at
the upera House In iiireburg, and this
:Iblocessa Vet /Oat. nothing. of its attrac
,-I.lve power. - -
—CM springs have been dLscovered In
Mart Harch, In the dermas° Mountains,
Whicktit IS 60.11 r will yield sufficient
to supply the whole' Peninsula. •
—The city of Geneva, Se itterland, Will be
Pttitided : vita a pneumalle rqiiroad be.
I.ween the term Mus and the square of St.
—The machine 'bon of A. Doralir, in lier.
11n, (Pamela) turned' hut 21:00 loco-
Three Noted posillberners.
"Mack"- 'writes from Georklo to the Ctn.
• •
olanati pommercial: _ •
- ;.TOOthbit , baa abandoned all hope o f
- king hie slaves anavVer to tolOcall at the
foot of Banker kill, and has settled down
into the peaceful penults Of private lite at
hhillnteinWaahingtori, °corgis: 'lemma
out al the war tolerably well conableting
the Ohara be Wok in bringing It on. - Ile has
lost nothlogbut hisalave property. Le has
largo landed, eatolea In titargia, Alabama
and lillaulasippl,tutd he !snow diligently cul
tivating them with free labor. Thole who
know him, tied Dave raeently aeon hint, any
tbat no Indneemente tumid get Oita Into
. . . . . . ... i . . ,
.tiffid.lesi afotiii, Ile , iscreptit the altuattoo,
• will obey she laws, and behave himself.
hereon,his colleague In the Semite at
i the outbre ak of the war, IS Living at Minien
—broken doWn In fortune, and bad In health,
Ile managed to lose all Ms property by [he
wer, and now supporta Mania( by keeping
, _es largo weed 11i011...
Pit. Et' Stephen* Ititttlitifien 'or heard of"
lie is at his home at Crawfordsville, on the
mad between bore and Augusta, practising
iner-i'llOgrieVeltOritbe reconstruction ques
tion are not known. They have been re
'. peateidly given, but Doti:toying originated
/rem himself, have been as repeatedly eon
' , I,ratlicied. Alward sonitetblng moonily in
connection with the election of.kir. Ste
phone to the tinned Statue Senate, which I
ti !hive Set Seen in print.; and cilii lab I think
ought to be published. , it in this: Mr.
Matinees, an is well known, did not desire
to beitieeted, lie told his -.friends so; but
'they urged It upon him. General Oteadimur
was the man who 'bad meet to do ,With it-
Ile happened tO be in the Interior. ~of Geer
-.. gin itt the thnoi-in a runitary 'cooldiand, 1
think—and teoli great noblest inn the mat
tor. Steadman telegraphed to Johnson to
-know If it would lei tolvbiable to elect-Mr.
• Stephens. The P 'cement replied very tio
. eidetity in the negative; Baying that Mr.
.otephens ire* en parole, and ought not to
meddle in Politics sat,alh - tits :advice was
mit taken, and Stephens rots Mecum.. :
—St.' Petersburg h gone wild over a
...Patna dfreistle wb "had failed. however,
.to ,ejelter ;as par Molar enthusiasm at
Parts. The Crux b set. an eraurple of
. adoration by sewn v her magnitlecut to
' peels and Jewels o fabulous wonder; and
~.,„thertioltiaty Milo the Imperial Inn.
nificenen. The mf lion Ina spread through
. the ,Whole : %Mule on, and every night ,
after the curtain h 41 dropped, the audience
rush round to tlieporfe der artistes; end hun
dreds of sledges, with tinkling grelota and
... Stitterlaglorebes CUM'S the favorite toner
home. All this creates great amusement
among Partslan circles RLIOVI the fair don , .
muse .. • Path no favor tit all. ' • :
- • Imotruta Wrrnur,—Tbe month 4s like a
house Una. However nretty , It may be ex,-
ternallyot Is impossible to judge of Us
.merita until you have seen the Inside. it
IMMO the ruby goon there are Montt - Of
:Pearl-white fiXtraCh 700 ut
•once, Phew beantlfol to To Impart the . 114;
most gosalblebrlllinticg to' such dental fur.
Dunre—to keep IL always sound and per.
mct—there - 15 nothing like fragrant SOLO.
---________- --- -r -- = • ---= - ---7 -- 7 -- - _-_ 4„__-•---:-_,"2-"---__-..-•
. .=/ .. 1 ,' 1 •
1411t,',W\:,\i,111/';'%';',/,/19-11 178' '--Th, t .,;
.. •,-
. -
- -.4,1,,,,,..4„..t. -
J , i •._:,_, 57 ,, , _
. . .
..,_.,,,,,.. .... .N.• ----------- 4,. ,
•-- -t" b .
. '
. ' :.: 17 .- - .7.- 4 -, ..vt.•
.... Mik
-,-, , . _
~.. „,...,.T. t
_....) a _
~,0 .
.„., . .....,..„,..., 0 ,
. .
1 - ..:.(12.41":•-• ,41 :-.7; ,;---,;
....ItN..H4' : . ',.:41 ." ' 4 .4 f ,- - .,
4 • e 4 • ~, •-• ~ ..— . .:7 _At— t..- 4
11 1 1 I 1
interruption Caused by an Iceberg.
That of 1865 Sufficient for
All Purposes
Tttrks Reported Victorious
French Aruly 11111 Opposed:
Financial and Commercial.
[67 ri . .corriqat to the I'lltsbargO liszettc.l
1 CD rims.
Dean bin: I have this afternoon received
.a telegram from J. C. Deane, Secretary of
the United States American Telegraph Com.'
pent', containing the annexed copy of a
letter, which appears in tho . london oapers
of this morning, which I send you for infor
mation of the press.
Yours; very truly,
(Signed.). • Crawl W. FULD.
To von EntiOnOr rile Losnos
Sir: The uninterrupted state of telegraphic
communication with America 13 evinced by,
Um fact that in the course of yesterday,
messages Passed, 'yielding 0,531 pounds
and seven shillings. In order, however, to
mitigate, as possible, the effect of
vague end exaggerated remora, I feel It myduty, as Chairman of this Company, toast
you to place the public in possesaloa of the
following facts, via: On th e oth List. it
was reported that on the ith, at 6= p.m.. a
large Iceberg t ha t
otr the harbor or
hearts 5'., shoot one end a half
miles N. N. W. of the hor.thinn point and
tinsdred yards ntht of the lnE cable,n
atxtut sixteen. hithoms of water. NO danger
with the present wind. On the Nth Inst. It
was reported the iceberg hail peappesred,
but on Passing over the tab e of tale, li,
seems, however, that some damage most
haveticen tidne, for signals through that
cable became .imperfect and 'have not
Ceased. • The Cable of 10th, however, is un
impaired, and there is no reason to doubt
that the injury 10 the cable of isi will be
repaired without delay or considerable ox.
pease. I need only add that the capacity
of the cable of 13n1 exceeds the regain:l
-nmate of Oho business, great as it ls, be.
tweets' this country and America.
am sir, your obedient servant.
'Chairman - Anglo American Telegraph Co
_No. At O'4 CWORCL atroet, Loudon.
May inh. WC. •
- .11.scx . ir vmrfontep THE Trot]
- Lbisuoir‘littiy IS.—Noon.—The Turks chum
great victories over the yretsus ,in the rii.
cent battler. .
TOO .ri.a s s DICLIT(e3 TO Titus CAT Dl:t.
Lennox, Islay ID P.:main/J.—Dispatches
from .Constantinople state that the Porte
bad replied to the proposition of the. Great
Powers,relative to the cession of Candia to
the Creek 'government. lfo assures the
poiiers of Ulu ability, to suppress the exist-
Imerebellion, and firmly declines to cede'
the Island to any foreign. State..
Pants, Lluy IS..—Thu French .I.,vslaLuro
are oppos.l to the army bill propoloa by'
the' .timporer.
,-•- •
Qcastolva, May la—The Meamera
Lualstaito, t:.ty of Cork and the Quena,
from Yaw York, have arrived.
Passe roar, May 12.—live Tweet.lei closod
at MA•
Aar wear, May Is—Evening.—Petroleum
Is dull at 4/k; Cranes per toe kilogrammes.
Lennon, May 12.-2 r. x.—ldoney market
firmer. Consols 94.; American secur.tles
lniOyant. Eels 5,n2s 72.%.
Lennox, May IS.—Sugar doll and declined,
No. 12 quoted It,.
layearoot. May 15.—Proy1.lon), market
.firmer. Ports advanced Is and qemt....l .G 5
en Gd per barreL Prime Eastern
pi cotton steady.
Loanos, May /B.—The money market is
quiet and ateady. Consols St!it• Erie, 42;4;
111Inms Cent ra1..7G!4; SAN. 71%.
Livearoot, May IS.—Cottou steady; sales
of 12.000 bales. Breadstuirs quiet and un
changed.. Corn 41s. Wheat 10s hl for west.
ern red, and Its ad for California white. Pro.
visions—Pork closed at 795. lewd 41.5 Gd.
Produce without alteration.
Lend en TI men en the Hyde Pitch lieu.:
onsiretleu—The Suez Canal—letimo: -
• DM Difficulty, With Great Britain
Settled.. • - -
Now Year, May 18.—Tho Steamer linnea,
from Southampton on the 7th, arrived this
avenues . ,
The London niter, speaking of the 'llydo
Park domonetration, nays the public was
surprised to bear that the government per
mitted the demonstration and had resolved
not to Interfere. The autherlties had sworn
fifteen thousand special constables, re-an
forcemeat to the military wasordered roam
Aldershott, cavalry brought op, and a plan
of military operations against then demon
straiten to-.part perfected, in case the Po
lice were inadequate. Forty or fifty thous
and people were present, end the crowd was
one of the moeterderly ever assembled. •
The Suez Caps! Is open for merchandise,
and will be open for ships an thirty
months. •
The Spanish papers deny that any
disturbances have occurred,. and say per
feet triteetilllty prevails.
The Malta correepondent of the Tithiit
mils the Spiticab Wl:Scully has been settled,
end the trotuCleAds at lit oraltsr had been or
dered hack to Malta. ;
Theforeign. ampere are generally filled
with diecascons of the Luxemburg quer,-
Cis 1.1211 TROOPS
•'• • •
The New . ' TOM
..ftercild'a Constalitinop le
litter says:
It to gradually encircling
the Turkish provinces with troops, and
large Iledieeare between Katz and lieu,
while.the COUntry between Satz and E rut
rOun was scoured by Ilassian cavalry. There
era 150.0.0 troops at. Sebastopol, which Is
ntronger.than ever, and Wessels tilled with
Beat Rate on the Tyne, Iteatteen
ty sodChenstiiiiro—The Fanner Wino
—The reels.
a large o Y
n r
l ll .o o n a e . r e . - - T Y he
Viols to Ports.,
Nin Then, May 19.—The steamer City or
lieston, from Liverpool on the iithoiLit
Quoeuttinen on the
nth, orrtv •
bits but Little none.
' The bout race on lhe Tye.; eetwean Ket.-
ly,oflondon,andChambere,ul vew Castle,
was won by the former. Several people
were drowned by the breaking of. a ferry
The London Port has reason to belleve the
Government has decided not to carry out
the sentence of the law on realm. Burke
.o,l'l:Wren: The sentence in the awe of
McCaffrey is deferred until atter the ergo.
month on the point reserved. Connolly was
convicted 'out Terrence Watriek Ger
sm and Clarke Were ageeuted at Dublin.
The Special Com:Weston for the county of
Limencir was opened , on the COL and bills
Inc high treasoh were to be semt up in that
Court against fortrff re persons.
- One of the largest cotton houses' In Liver
pc.l,lo the New Orleans and tialveaton
ttgeeTztoPtied payment on the Kb.- The
liabilities are 40ti 3 Oto pounds sterling.
'.The London tear .aye it would be wrong,
and even a [mires, to execute the pentence,
of death on rho convicted Pentane sod
sorts there wan more justification for the
yenian rising than there was (or the
!ginner the Southern section of the United
:Shaer, to 'stuck the sympathies of England
were so gefierouslyTaceorded.
The Czar Is to. be accompanied to Palle
[ early In Juno by tionschakelL The palace
[of the Trolled , or the Elyses, has been
offered him for residence. It is said be
has chosen the latter.
• The sang of Greece left Pa rte on the 7th
for St. teterebtr(g, to he etrothed to a
dautcl.ter 01 the rand Duke Constantine.
The papers coolitln speculatlontron the
Laxemhurg quegtlen, Which Elle:Cable noels
lienerol Synod of the Reforrtied Pre
byterion Chnreh—National Arsons
1100 for Amends:la eeeee thieConetito
Special Correspondence vlttsburgh tissue.
New tone, May 17th, mi.
The General Synod of the Reformed/Pres
byterian Church In North America held Rs
regular anneal meeting In : Dr. Leod'e
ohtired,New York, on Wednesday evening
of lust creek. Dr. McMaster,. the retiring
Moderator, , prenched. the openinc sermon
from Isaiah CO: 1. "Anise, ehine; for thy
light:le come, and the glory of the Lord le
risen upon thee, , after which the Synod
was constituted with prayer. •
The delegation rrodi the Irledapesbyt.,
Tian Church mode their app.:meanie on the
floor of the Synod. Their credentials Were
preitintod, after which they were lorded
to take Seats as eonlelltatiVe mdm,nre. the
tier. Dre. Denbo= and itch, the members or
the delegation referred to, then address.,
Synod, and gave an interesting account or
the prosper - Myself orospecta or the Ueneral
Asaumbly the Preeturterlan Cuero' , `in
Ireland. The most blessed results had fot
loWed the union which had been formed be.
tweet, the Synod of (Jitter and the Sew,
slop Synod in lsio. The A.scrably were do
lag all in their plower to secure an educated
taint-An-, sedan increase or salary for their
ministers. A resolution was offered recip
rocating the paternal regards expressed by
the delegraion. The purport or the resent.
Lion was conveyed to the Synod , the
Moderator, as the ergo of the- in
appropriate terms.
On leassembline on Thursday morning,
certificates of delegations were handed in.
Objection was made to the delegation Of the
Northern Presbytery, becalm° IL exceeded
the ratio of representation as °chattel'',
adopted. After a long debate the whole
delegation was ad mlttedonasumeh as It did
not exceed in numbers what the liberal con.
341 - action of the law allows.
• •
Rev. itandolph Co.; , 1111nola,
lens elected hialerator. Rev. J. ?(. McLeod
D.D. was appointed Stated clerk, and ILer.
Deo Scott D.D. Assistant,
11ZOOLL , 170"3 or SR-Clflo%
" •
The following resolutions were introduced
ance of
Urea; flee& of the Church, having removed
the principal causes of the separation oft
Presbyterian Churches 'tithetotted States,
holding the srestminlater Confession of
Paith, and the remaining illireteumi not
being of sufhclent Important% LOAStifY the
Conthimanee of dilYerences anima Urethren
so neatly allied, nod secordially united In a
common fajth, therefore, be it
Rersh , d, - 11 Y the General Synod of the lie.
farmed Presbyterian Church, that we re-
Spectfally theothmtnd To our respected
terCburehte of the Presbyterian order the
eruption of measures for an early organic
Resolved, That Ult. Synod respeetttilly rec
ommend to the cetera' Presbyterian J udica
tortes, no* met, Or 000 n to meet, to null*
With tie In calling a General Convention of
the Presbyterian Churches In the United
State to meet In the City of Polladelphis,
the second Wednesday ot September east,
or at each time and place as may be agreed
upon, for prayer and conterenee in regard
to ttie terms of Colon and Communion
among the'varlorte branches of the Presby
terian family.
Resoitell, Teat the Mee. T. W. J. Wylie, D.
I).. th e her. John McMillan, and Mr. ifill•
Ilam Matthews, be, and they are hereby
appointed, a Committee of Arno:lgo:meets
and Correepontlenee In regard to Inch Con.
retitle° and 'on the whole subject of Union.
Bemired, That we recommend that said
Convention shall consist of one Minister
and one holing Elder front each Presbyter
e era Presbyteries of the
7. 4,V,"A th
erillqit Vhguerch In the United States
be Invited to appoint each delegates at an
early day so as to Insure a full representa
tion of th n entire Presbyterian Church.
.titer considerable Innate the resoltalons
were referred to a special committee, am
slating Of a member from each Presbytery.
lot, IM:fl.. ,4dlagg4
At thecommencement of the session ori
Friday morning, Dr. Grasrford complained
to Syria] that the Presbytery of !Tabulal.
phis had refuse! to grant him a cer:seCate
of dismissal, with the view of connecting
himself with the Presbytery of :Jew York.
The matter was tinnily referred to the Phil
adelphis. * l`r.bytery, with Instructions td
grant the certificate, if the request should
be pressed.
The National AsSoclatlon for the religious
amendment of the Constitution of the
United States, held a Meeting In the Your.
teee , ll Street Presbyterian Church, On
Thursday evening. Dr. Douglas was invit
ed toopen the proceedings with prayer. -V
series ofresolutions wore adopted, similar
to those width haveJarcedy appoar.Sl In
the columns of tee GAZETTS. - ArldreSSee
Were eeltrerett by Professor J. it. licit.
waine, of Princeton, N. J., and Dr. Crone,
of Newark, N.J.
The Committee on Devotional Excreter.
reported on Friday afternoon., it recant.
mended that the first half hour of the invert.
log session, after the reading of the minutes.
he event in reading the Scripture., stnirmg,
prayer and free conference the Moderator
to name and call to the Uha ir on cacti occa
sion the , members of Synod who shall pre
The follo wing subjects were recommend
ed for conference: On'Ssturday: "ilowtnay
those: who lore the Lord'e day spend It most
profitably I" Efouiiay: "Gals:nay those who
walk with God Do kept unspotted from the
world during the secular , lays of the week I"
Tuesday: "Ilow should the weekly prayer
meeting he conducted so as to'secure the
attendance and co•operatlon of the largest
number I" Wednesday: "flow should the
Sabbath School be organised and carried on
so as to fulfil best Its mission both In the
church and lathe world I" Thursday: "How
may Haling Elders in the Church be most
aliment to their Mhos, and most successful
as 'helps , to the ministry In their work I"
.Uri Saturday morning, after rewiring- a
few report., the follow/hg papa waa Intro
• Wessman, General Synod reallirmed, et
Its last niettielr,• the principles of the Un
formed Presbyterian Church on the sabloct
Of Peal...lY, end declared that the ono
hundred and fifty strlptstre peal me only are
to be used In the public social worship of
God; and, whereas, Ueo.ll.Btuart, Esq., U.
serted boldly on the 1100 r of this on
Thursday, that he MY In the habit of alma.
tog hymns of human composite:to, in direct
contravention and dedanoo of the long inc.
,tabiLshesl and reaffirmed law of the Church
on the subject, therefore
Rcsohyd, That the stator (Atwell. Stuart,
vac t yusd,
be,asid II I& hereby, de.
Resolved, That be be referred to the ma
iden of the First }informed Church of Yid!.
dhlpbla, to be dealt with for a “groas
latiou of the eetablieluxi order of this church
tho use of human pealmody t acoordlun to
the order and discipline of tho church lb
such cat."
The paper was discussed at some length,
by new. Dr... Douglas, Bor. W. T. Wylie, Dr.
McLeod and others. Ou motion,ilin paper
was laid cm the table to be taken tip at the
pleasure of Synod.
Synod adjourned on Saturday at 12 o'clock
to llonday morning at halt-rest nine.
"import on the nn eject to Itmehasembly
at itoebesteTersrla of ama,
Car Trier:apt!. to the Plnaburah Gazette.)
Bocnarran, N. Y., May 19.-1 a the Pre** ,
tentut General Assembly, thls morning; the
Committee on the re-anion Of the two
bodice of Presbyterians reverted at constd
°cable length, after a consultation of sew•
eral clays. - which was conducted la the Mau ,
licst spirit.
?MIMS Or 113,11113010.
The preamble sets forth the advantages of
session, greatly augmenting the strength
of the church, and the condition. are that
the doctrinal and °outcasts. tical bull aro
the common standards of the mobnineh.e;
th!. Grmlaaolon Ot Faith Shall curalbuo or
1. Lore. and the discipline of all ministers
and churches in the two bailee are to have
the ' am.° rawdhlg In the United body; all
churches not I.bOrtalghly Presbyterial,. wh '
are In orgattleation, be advbed to per.'
fact their organization, and •no other
churches shall be rcoalvad; the °Metal re.
cord. of the tee branchm shall be Pt!'
carved and held Y. the history Or Wt.
ob ft:en ; no rule or precedent not, rteog [1 ism
by both bottles shalt be accepted until ao.
canted by the united body; the corporal
rights arc to be eon solidated; there 4,41 be
no °lngle bornmitlees for church enter.
pilaff.. These te are to be ratified by
thret,lol3l . lll2 of thePreebyt of each
branch.. The terms ate to bo published,
and repOrt made to the general anlemblie.
In lint. Theolglel inonnablies may, if
they d..lre; Val bur l
under arenoth
cal ValtroL
Rom IJaincl 'Cayes,. Lon. H. W. Urbane.
Dr. Theodora W. Delight, Lion. wild.
atid Hon.. George Sherwood are
.recommended as a Committee to Mama&
totie the gnellitloll of the propriety of W
ye:did right+, to report by next January.
Toe report wan referred, without discus
Mon. tO a committee of Moe, toroport to
the /useemtily next Wodhcaday.
Slyer Telegram.
(07 TelegraPh P ace d Pittsburgh Gazette. eta
Atlantic aad '/es legraph Company.]
r Telegraph to the Plltshorgh tlasette.l
Cirr, 114418—The Echo departed at
103. M. The Petrol la arrived thin afternoon.
ltivnr 4...; feet and falling. Weather clear
and cool.
nanrnia, May 18.- • -The River 13 declining
at the rate 01.100 foot every 21 /MM. • •
_ -
Old !Wheel Pretby teflon Attenablr—
Report 6f- the Committee on tto•
111110ZI—General 'impressions of Inc
special correspondence Pittsburgh Ossetic.
Cmciaisati, May 17, :ail.
Aimemtly met canine &climb A. a. atter
religions services the regular business was
resumed, The Moderator announced the
Staridieg • lgsnamitties, , ' thu principal of
which, with their - Chairmen, we name.
111110 and Overtures, Dr. Stanton; Judicial,
Dr. Howard; Theological Seminaries, Dr.
Dread; Education, Dr. Williams; Church, „
MM.:Won. Dr-Drownsoici Veneto bilscions.
'Dr, Lord.
The report agreed upon by the Joint Com
mittee of the Obi sod Now , School Presby
terian Churches was read.' it Is s very able
document, evincing great', care and wisdom
on the part of those who, prepared It. It
sets forth Very clearly and strongly the de
sirableness of a re-union of the two
Chutches alld lays down &plan by which It
!fgo '
e t, ftoVirr=nl e gPtk i e .h e u ntl A re ss r e e m p h o l ri
wiih profound interest end evident ssi :e
-lection. It was on - motion accepted, and
referred to • Special tiommlti,. of seven.
When reported back to the Assemby
worm discussiOn is anticipated. It is un
derstood %list soma will bravely Andeer•
neatly opposo-•soine, too, of the older and
shiest men In the Assembly. .
Ltutous Dcvoito les
At le o'clock these devotions began, and,
under a resolution of iesterday, continued
two hours. Tile singing, prayers, antd to.
marks -were manly voluntary, and were
characterlited,by brevity, and •good degree
Or appropriateness. Tr. splrit Um meet
ing was excellent, and Its interest seemed
to 'annum, It closed.
11l •!1
To a looker-on, and one who has no pre.
Jen/Ices to gratif y Uoneral Assembly, as
It pox:cods wlth Its business, Invests Itself
With no antandegree of in tempt. The first
impretslon it mates on his mind Is, that it
is composed of men of 110,1—tn-n full of
faith mitt of the Holy (;host. ' They believe
in prayer, In looking orndlnually aud con
.ndontly to hod for Ma presence and bles
sing. More than half the time, since the
opening of the Assembly,.has Wen spent in
Public religious devotions. Singing mid
Praying, and talkleg about revivals of re.
liglon, has, thus far, been more'prorn in out
than nil else. hod al ways honors those that
honor Rim.
A second imeresslon %that the , (Thumb,
represented by Inch a hermit Assernbiy,
mind be a truly nptritual. Church—ono that
I. smarting a mlghty power for good in 101,
land. And this is an Impression abundantly
sestained by feats patent to all.
A third len preselon Is, that the Presbyth
rise Church is truly represented by the uen•
oral Assembly. Believe. in Ototrialendpre.
wooled effort, to secure revivals of religion.
To loan such cloris member. or the As
sembly hays already referred,and have
spoken of them as signally suabessfuL. Itun•
drods have, In tome instances, Won conver
ted TO the Lord, and added to the Church.
Several cases of this sort wore reported to.
'ley during the prayer meeting. Another
Impressmo la that the Assembly Ls thor
oughly LOyal, and in • tali way to become
radical. le ho.whielY Parsed Itself or all
the old leaven of disloyalty and pro-dare ry
,TLIAD Alotterator's sermon had the
right rfogi tt branded rebellion and slavery
with a hot iron; apd we observed th it this
branding gave peculiar eatudsztion to the
A final impremlon Is, that the spirit pc,
seating the Assembly is truly catholic and
interunly cnissuntasy, It spurns all re me
sectarian boundaries, and proffers the rig h '.
hand of Christian fellowship to all evan
gelical churches; bids a tkal's eperd to all
who lore the Lord Jesus ‘brist. It gore out
alias Utia.lose and cosigning to tide sad mill
other lands; and longs for that day when
the kingdoms of this World shell bee,,e,„,
the kingdoms of our Lord and of Ills
Church. God grant that the Preebyterian
Church may be made a thotreind.fold
stronger. • V !sire.
AT Tt . I , X , IMO to the Ilthborgb Utrrite.7,
Toe:, Msyln, InG7
Yeaterday the Broadway lh, , a we. ,Yle•
Whined to the extent of $17.540 by • forged
cheek, norportlng to twi drawn by officer - apt
am Board of Education. The (Interims not
been arrested.
Tho E.:Mowing dispatch ems reeerred at
ttlaVntort Penldc Railroad Company ofllm,
from General Dodge, Chief Rammer, laud
May 11. The Indians Rave StL ICIER
Brown's party on Sack Creek. They I. t tiati
Stephen Clark, of Now York. mytured one
patent' mulm and harness, also 01110.1 nue
wan of the escort pa ts• Gen. Drown is now
at Port Saunders.
(11gned.1 S. %river n. •
• (:onsultieg Engineer.
The Yenlnn Goloud O'Cenbor arrived ye.
lords)! from Ireland. no states the Hues an
communication between we leader, ate
again perfeM", and the organisation etreng•
er than croft The man are more determ in•
ed to grapple with the enemy, and more
hopeful of sucCess.
New Team, May la, 1e..;7.
Caroline Darla and Dr. Utisonberg were
arrested yesterday, charged with Um mur.
der of the husband of the former,. Henry
'Dans, in Avenue A, on Wednesday. Both
partied dented the charge, alleging that
Davis, In a tit of lesions frenzy, shot. him
The ahlp Palulu,. hence for .Valbaralso,
with war material for the I.:Milan kiovern•
meat, put Into 81. Thomas' retedtly In a
leaking coed:tam, mud - was hardediately
blockaded by two apsnlab men•or-lwar, and
will probably have to be ttloadethl•
The Ilerald's Washington seeder says, It
is reported that Gee. Grans will 'tram visit
the scenes of his old campaign. lathe South
on horseback, and the alchmendll7llp sna
ke/nil that Lee accoMpauyttim.
,• •
, os trrni, rasyiecs.”
It Is meld judge Merlin 'Of YfOrlda, Sen
ator elect, has been permitted by OS Poste
master General to frank all his men matter,
which le regarded es oeterzolnlng, the right.
of the Southern States, gad those who claim
to represent them, in advance of Genres,
or the courts.
• • Lamont& oonarr, •
Secretary Welled has never decided that:
sabore and marines, honorably discharged
from the service...ere entitledl to the same
bounty' as those• who served fall terms of
enlistment, as has been stated: - •
A fire this morning, at N 0.17 Malden lAno,
occupied by 'arl Douala. d cab, bailor.
tenor ta.r alms ware, bdrat . throw tbo
two upper Door of the betiding, and the
others went flooded wAlit water. Loos 01,
seep fully Wound. . •
• .
'Philadelphia debeol,oemmaitee
tors—lkeinan'a roogramllly dee•el•iheie
—Failure of • Larde Oil Company—
ReioraJor yeallhermail"-Au Minim
War•sOptiedal • •
(Sy Telegraph to tha plusbergh ossette.i
Sr. .1.001s;l May 19.—The Philadelphia
Committee on Patine Schools arrived bore
last night, and Ware cordially revolved by
MayorThomaa aad Mangier& of the hoard •
of Public Schools. Tomorrow they will
visit tba prmicroal School buildings. one on'
Tuesaay, alter being shown some promi
nent places of interest In and around then
city, they will leave for Chicago I thence
they goo Milvaltheo, tanalimati r and oth.:
er western
A Woman , * Suffrage A ..••• , ,A too libe bean.
organized In this City, and some of our
Most promlnent ladles bare boon elected
ottloars. Active measures will be taken
'I , 'et lu the city and throughout the State
to shape bailie opinion ec, as to elect are.
vision of the constitution conferring the.
tight of suffrage on women.
Import says that a large oil manufacturing
company in this city il,llleutted
Mist toed attach manta, amounting to Sit3,ooo,
have been placed on Maud Ito property is
now la the bands of the enema. • ,
:Gen. Sherman returned Iran Fort llarker,
Kansas, yesterday'. Ho Is reported whore
gam that we gen have •13 Ind talt . lar or not e
mil we choose. Ile says' patina IT Kans.
dpi ge _p,gg.Atut, , coe't think they. wilt be
gnti p&
araeial llAltera Mataguall hers Avg
..lrlga—laellaa War lagartgabte—Marge
grZtezegengraglapg aura fa' Large
lay Telegraph to the Pliabgrgh Iguana)
Ent Pasecisce, May
sad St+dr. and Qaarterinentee.. :General
Allen bare returned . from Arizona.
Indian depredations continue. •
The latent Intelligence elates that a.
general Indian war woe maritime.. The
saVages are assembling In large numbers
In the mountains, raiding j through the val
ley and On traveled TOW.. driving off
atOek and capturing trains. Tba - Indians
were notified by the eitlzena that they
would to shot at sight when found wenaer
ing among the wh Ito men.-
Governor filaisden has appointed
Neely Johnson, Es Goyernorut California.
to nu a yacaqty in the anpreme Court of
Nevado, occasioned by the destllorJ udgo
Brannan. •
iewelpla 11111.11 bbbbb meats—Kau
damps liefasioal—Tbe Irepoaohenerll
—are Baalkruptey—tionoral
!sickles ireorotted—llalof Justice
Lhoso, eke.. ae.
Vs Telegraph Loth, Plailanorhaasette.l
IYASEITIMTO3r; Iday ly, 18q.
The dlsburiihnOhta of Lite weak were'
$1,21.;,093; rectilpte of /Aston:toll/ortolan, el,
Tho suvond National Diu3k or Chicago has
voluntarily censial to IA a depository °tout,.
lic money..'
. rim fkoolieno.
The Inlrneldin Wusblngton for the Nut
two weekg, for the Pellet - Of tha fleidltuto In
Ito South, nottn.Vbotweoild,OW and 61,..J./O.
' Tll2 1111•111AMIIIIIT ICATTZ2.
Tho Julllelut Committee have taken •
largo mass of evidence on tlio:lmpeaeb
mem question. ^liteptesentatire Ashley, of
01110. is bttll Deis. *lt connection with this
Amine:errant' Was mule to the Supreme
Court of Ws 4lairict, mayoral days nalpritir
mandamus ttleonipel tbe 4 Joilges of Elec.
lion to place tlie, Dimes 'of certain White
cltlrelan' the registry of voter. The
C"rbihlocJhJadgal Olin, Italie,.
and Wiley, ilellyared ruparato opinions, all
nyriying at tllO "Ude Mall( ' Tit: that in tin
denim could bottle until after thrilexplra-
Mo.& the tyro days allowed by law for the
Correction of timil:poll lint. • - •
ritanlibnr rinctrt•s. '
The followiniCtrOttler to Collectors of
Customs hos Woo tinted:
As it seems derleilble that the privilege of
unloading at bight silould tar untended to
that ciess of eteansers engaged in the coal
ing trade, In re..3ltiarly untatablial
aloe the Innen d the northern frontier of
the United State, • between ports in the
Vetted States, Last of the Niagara Faits,
and porta West o/ the woe ' which are con.
polled to Mae the Welland Canal, and thus
touch at foreign Vanes, the regulations of
ebruary, 1 , t11,1/h,areorith reancet to such
steamer*, 80 fax as to authorise UM
unloodrog o( naive from there at night, by
virtue of roenlial4wrsolt from Collectorn or
their chief °Mar:sof Custom*, under the
inimedtate WW•Onal supervising of an lo•
ametor, and ultrifeit rt.] tort es the oath ore
geribcd I/9 the aldreerthl reguintions of r'Oh•
{Yawn:rotes, May 1.1,1467.
sdruisritita is savior rice.
Chief Jtodlcelatasehas thee fur nomina
ted about owe-third of the entire number of
Cegtsters rn Iblokrriptcy, Or those for the
Eastern and Northern Stales; also for-Door
gla and Louisiana. lie has addresses! • let
ter to vialous District Judge*, informing
them that if any nominees are known not to
posse.. the necessary qualldcatbms for par
forming tho duDent of the oClco„ they are at
liberty to withhold the - *pool:it:nem, fur
nishing nnuma or recommendation by him
not being cone:midst and not binding on the
Judges. For thisroacon the names of nom,.
no, here not ben furnished to the Press.
AO 0 W l / 4 ,19 w JO aaovo,
1.211!f lalat[e tttatil ur yfatd Ulchmond
to hold a Circuit Ccurt, If uny bminms
shoUht come beton It requiring his pres
ume, tt Is certuln [but he Intends holding
court In North Carolina, cue of the States
included in . 10,1 circuit, early.ln Jtine.
.11 note from an role, In tlenurat Sickles
department, ...Wren.] to a blend In this
eity, ante.l the rib Inst.. .ATP! "A II goes
on well In I NO I tot.. nu Motu,
; but tranquility, order and tam.
fileirlei. lots been breveted WWI'
tieneral fit the regular army. for gallant
and meritorious sdrvlces at the battle Of
ijetty ;burg On the of July, Imji.
Ofltrial Arroant of NeVettationaStle
teret.s tbelsoprortattolo ostl Liberal.
—I be Street barb) at Queer
fly Tel, tr•Vb to tee litrotte
WA.Q1,11 . 01.1 CITY. MAY follOwlna
oalclal dispatch wag forwarded on the Zia
of April to the:Mexleast Minister to this
city, and dived an account of the negotia
tion. between the Itupcxhallateand Libel-ea
In Ma City of Mexico: •
"o 4114. 21.-71., Gencrul Bosnia.,
Ctoneionding borers Iktore l'ero Cru.—Sta:
Icsthrdisv Jr. Berman Witte.., wife of one
of Aro‘oontoo.„ slits ,
prenenhed herself at
the heaulquatters of tit:mend Mar, asking
an (funnier She p nivosed the follow.
log terms, sir: The Mandolins of the
Austro-Lielgian corps; guarantee of the
lives of Its members, and permission for
their, return to their countries. she WO
rioliclos.l a guarantee for the safety of the
life of filastadllian. W 1.1.1 reference to the
first point, the general said he wa• disposed
to entertain such propoaels as might be
made to him; Out es to the seconds that he
had no authority to pardon Masltnthan.
-Nothing of note Is °courting during the
day. We have an occasional erehaege or
shots. I mann recormoisance yesterday In
hunter my lines, which ball enabled rue to
takeamne very useful observations as to
the most advantageous manner of attack
ing the enemy. no soon us our mortars ar
rive, should the city not have surrendered,
wn shall open our hatter!es upon lt, and
hostilities will lie vigoronslyprosecuted. •
thinned' Liars, Brigadier IltneraL
Tian AUstro•Beiglan corps been ills
banded, and Its me others Sr.. now under the
protection of the Prussian flag. -
Barret Beeravince,
Gemara( commanding!, front of Vera Cent.
April =h.
tie Luis Panel, April Yrgh —To• General
P. Berrlocabel, Matamorasi-Aecompany)ng
reperts contain the latent news from our
eamplefizen flee:curl; -:Vance.) Itscobedo
has. Just inferrmod me that nothing new has
occurred today. _On the 2ith Dias Inform:
eu me that he was abbot COW wincing over.
ations against the City of Men= Irma his
headquarter., now at Guadeloupe /1110.40.
Ilimiro Jester.
CAne Barons Quanavallio,
Man to the alinhoer of War, San Luis Po.
toil: The enemy TOWS early tale morning
threw himself with all his force upon the
line of tamatarto, held by a division from
_Michoacan, and illsiodivAl; completely oc.
copying greater part of ft; but Che'reser•os
coming up in time .repulsoithe enemy,
driving it back In umilusiOnto- the Central
Square, leaving in our hands it (urge nine
her of killed and wounded and_ prisoner..
'The cavalry force Of the enemy - wan routed
during the conflict, Which lasted six hours.
It Is now It crehxlr, and I forward thin. re
port to you from the aforesaid line. clam
terio. (Signed) P.soonetoo.
temp briar, Queretaro, April MM. link) a,
lb as Notate" of Ithe tine Lids Potosi:—
:Neat leg now Psi occurred daring the past
night. We are engaged - in burying the
dead, and the field is still covered with
them. .The losses of three corps of reserves
which Matlethe attack leas follows: Caere
d ores De Galena, :14 men) filupremen Padding;
I. men; .of the .I.lne, lii men. The
Of other_ Cavalry-Ana Infantry corps
which came to the succor of the first are
trifling. (Signed) Eacoaallo.
The following extraetis taken from a let
ter written [tom estop before Queretaro;
dated April VOW: Aliramon, hayloft. asked
for a a aspaislon ofhoitliales and - permis
sion to bold an interview with his former
personal friends, ben. Rocha, and Colonels
Ito-Ito-Ines and tialardlit, Wet. granted.
The latter advanced towards the river, and
Allmetetaetood on the bank opposite. lio
proposed In ,- them an 'armistice; during
which a Ofinferentre should ho held in - the
.Alioxien, to decide upon a form for
the. future governMent Mexico. The
Liberal oil:leers laughed at his propoisals,
and informed hint in tumor the capture of
Puebla and thedefeat of 'Marques.: which
Atiramon was very reluctant to believe.
Reported Arrival of the realm later
mer—AMmals, Poultry, Ad. to be
Imported from Um tallied %tales
Duty free.
tit,' To learaph to the Pltlttatrah inmate.]
blorrnsac., C. E., May To topc;rhn.l
that. M.oaoy the Fenian general loader, and
arrived In Canada yeatanlay
per steamer ht. Andrew.
The weather le very cold and showery.
'OTTowA C. W., may ltl.— An order bins
beenlse lad by the Councils. and publiehed.
perrultting horses, cattle sheep, pigs, awl
other animals, poultry sunk caner birds , to
•be Imported duty free.-from the United
states by agricultural societies, for the im
provement of steer. • -
The discount on American incise isle per
Menernl ilinant on Hri_Mattis Inalas.
cap Telegraph to the Pitiehresh Gazette.]
VA., May In.—General Grant
and staff visited the battle delde around
Richmond to-day. They will go to Portrena
Monroe to morrow, where the General will
leant Isla brolly pad TeVirr. do NY !...clantten.
[lll Telegraph to the l'ltteberill yarette.l
-2. grand tournament, for the benefit of
the widows and orphans or Confellorates,
comes °trot ileriiphis on Wednesday next.
Preparations have b :en mode to seat ten
thousand Vernon..
—Trouble being apprehended In Rear Or.
loan.. cornsequentnpon the holding of a
firemen's Native!, General Sheridan tele
graphed from Galveston to his chief of staff.
Gan ilartsaff. thus: "Let the festival go
on. Hold troops in readlnms to suppress
riot If lawman , . keeping the Custom
'louse u yOur biisls of • operatlona;. and, If
neCcseury, call on the naval commander to
place his slops opposite the foot of Canal
—Tho Galveston (Texas) rioters were thiSs
addreeSed On relday last by 600. blower,
Visa* wiggle dl hundred of them passed
his bead.saustiters, brandishing CIIIH3 and
threatening to lynch the contractors at the
now Nunn : you Mel youraelves wrong
ed, you 1.1/1121t apply to the proper authori
ties for redress, and you shall horn It; but
ir you take Ihts thing luto your own hands,
YOU may !ono whit rights you already. pos
... if you goon with Ulla rioting, by the
Eternal God, I will pour grape and canister
into you! Now disperse, and go to your
homes, or to your work:. Thu mob imme
diately diSperae&
—An Adams Express Ca4lller in Cloth,-
nail, named Frank %Cumin!, has Win arrest
oil on a charge of stealing al,You.
trutiof the Youlan Prisoners, Flood,
Duffy and Cody, was flulshed to Dubhn , Ira.
land, on Friday nreatng toil, and, as in the
eases of Barka sod Doran, they worn found
--.B,ltOnarly G.:floral Stariburry'a opinion
on llefrancblxcm•at has been agproyed by
the Cabinet arid will bo prow alsrato'il to-day.
—Tkoatak Lealy, the alleirsal defaulting
Intstrual Bureau° Golloctor In Brooklyn,
li. h., has 'Man belt to ball la tho soul of
$15.(01 w awalt this action of the Grand
—Arrangements for reglstratlim In the
edate of Arkansas have been nearly com
pleted by Cienend Urd, sod Ito cork Irl/1
shortly be commenced.
—Tim Committee on the Declaration of
flights, in the Maryland Constitutionul Con
vention, have reported u WU, and among
other things provided for Is the ail eilislon
or negro testimony In the State Courts
The hill Is made the special order for Wed:
—st tire broke ont at lln Halo, on Setunlay
afternoon, in it. 11. Oyu/burner'. sheep akin
factory. Thu building and eJnteuts, eon
alsting or 1:J07/ /Mtn,. loon green
hider, and a quantity of finished loather,
were deatro) ed. The lo's la about elle,mo,
and 1. tollycoeoredbylneuranco. Tlie root
of Howard's mower factory wan slightly
- damaged.
—Areliblahop Wigan, of Chleazo. and
Her. Henry W. Hallows and fatally, of bow
Tvrk,eatled! in the Ville de farts (Or Europe
—The ear works of the Louisville and
kVinkfort liatiroad Company, at Louisville,
wetq 41emtruy.l. by Are on Saturday wore,
tag. Thu to.a Ira. not ram timer. smanal.
two boxcars and a small lot of tools were
deatrnyed with the bulbllng. The gni was
t; rant, .Thomas and Dent at
Iced at Richmond on Citurday Irom 'Mon
it .
Now, allow toe to rend a little. I give
you a glint pm or Paris oil Wunder. ie ha
glish correspondents tell in that th i . Part
slam. do not go to Church—that the Parts
churches are almost empty—that 'the few
that do go arc women. Tills forms to be a
tradition with the English, which hai come
down from the revolutionary era, and which
is not true now, IF it ever was, as they might
easily And out by taking a little trouble.
The truth is that, though the church. of
Pans are of great Ace, and seem nelnerotia
there are net nearly...igh forth.. church
going population. At the large Church of
at. Pilltilaci, which has two large chapels
besides the great body or the pales% and
where three Ie.rViCUS aro Mien going on to
as many crowded Cilt3gregattens at the nano
time, you may doll .nOllllllO apparently
earnest. worshipper. At 7 o'clock, and at
every Lour anti/the lasi—Vie lazy people's
mane, at I o'clock. Titers I. high Wlsa and
renni: at n o'clock, aml%gum at
It. Here then, story anudnY• to a
chores which will tiocommistate I. many
as ale common Cited American churches,
you have a aeries of_ Wiz or .tIVCI,I dis
tinct services, with es many successive con
gregations, Why cauntat Protestants MOll
- spare, and acoatranistate people in a
similar moaners Lest eunday morning,
going out a little atter 7,1 saw people enter
ing a porto rocAere near my hotel. Voiles ,
lug teem. 1 found an old church, entirely
Inclosed. and not •Loble from tee street-
It was tailor people. and a preagher, luaus' I
'ln the pulpit. which Is the fashion bore, was I
Instructing thorn In their duties 11th groat
vivacity, dirtCtllGS and earnestness. Tee
proportion of men present at tuts early
Lour was not large. DLit there were. unpaid.
arable number, tint among them the parish
authorities; who always occupy t eerily:cu.
out Seat opposite the pulpit- Nearly half
thereouirreiration went to the communion
rail to receive the escranien% As the mass
ended, t, heard a full oho/rot old With voices
singing in another chapel adjacent. The
einfitregstion lase no sooner lull than them
places were taken by another.
At /2 o'clock I happened to be ellaamh the
levalitles. • great crowd was coining oat
of the chapel, from a service just ended. I
went tn with another crowd, and found my.
self In Coat long and lofty nave, with wide
aisles and galleries, hung round with the
worn, lolled, tern and tattered battle-fl sin I
of, half the nations of the world; Premien.
Austrian, Spanisti, Italian, many a mere
f k= h 'i na t it flag, ; 4 4 " ge l. . p h V. ' : urn' tatters,
ti . fe w r I!.
CAD. Franco and America , Lave always
Dean friends.
Suddenly there is %roll of drums In the
vestibule, word of command, and with
drllline belting:dui Colon; flying. & goon' Or
mvallthimamberlith the brood Male. They
form two line., nail greund arlo.&oath , r
roll of a dozen pretty drummer hops, arid
the great organ plays a triumphant march,
while a procession of veteran officers, hair
and beard whitened in camps and marches,
breast* covered with decoration. march up
the aisle, and take their Neale in the sancta..
ary. The priest. In georgeons chasuble of
cloth ofgold, enters, the drama roll, and the
inala begin.. At the Kyrie Ekfron a lull mil
itary band begins to play, and continues,
with grand effect to the end of the prefaCe.
to II sung by a choir of mute's
voices to the great organ. Small hello tin,
kle, the guard presents arms, arel the
dream roll out the salute during the eleva
tion. At the memorial for the departed,
the bands play rielirge. The drummer lions
tears their Matti:intents and march Into the
sanctuary, where they ..log the -Arians lief,
to the acisompaniment of l a small organ,
with response,. from the large .one. The
mass is ended; the dtums rod, and alimarch
out to the innate of a Joyous and triumph.
ant March. The chapel was full, and there
was here, as elsewhere., series of service.
Strangers con:2,° dopbt, from mirk:sits,
bet three-fourths n pf the .people were real
dente, to whom it with the most convenient
pia , * Of warship. - - ' i, .
, n ever walking on In a Waring rain,: for it
rains y day now, and makes thabeautl
fel gardens of the Eghlbitton an exponse el
mud, I went to the Exhibition, and, in :mite
of the rain, found t here t breettmes as teeny
people anthem were on Sett:Way. The pla
ten gallerieS Immense al, they are, were
' All the MOM attractive parts
were crowdeal— There alum crowd moving
Kenna the great circle of restaurant. , like
• f t h en , Mem Iran up, but very little
of the machinery was In motion. The
workmen, like therest, have their holWay.
On the Continent, to enjoy Sunday as a day
of rest anti recreation, Is not to break K.
They have more or lees conscience egalant
work, but none against play Should neat
Sunday be aline day: the }fat:Mitten will
have from IMI,COO to na),(Ke visitors, mostly
of the working claet. The faahlonablell
will prefer the races and the Bola .de Von
loges,. • . - .
For Mtvtre Sobbed L-81,500. Reward
Ily Telegraph to the Plitst;argh Uasetted
Pllll./11,111LPHIA, May lit—Last night the fur
store of Menem. Womratb, /o this ritY , woo
robbed of a' large quantity of valuable
furs. One thousand doUarss reward has
been offered for the recovery or the goods.
and Avo hundred dollars for the arrest of
the thieve&
—An.. Important illecoVery has recently
been made in Peru, termed the silk plant.
The shrub is three or four feet In height.
The slit. is cooloeed In a pod, and each
plant gives. greet number, end la declared
to he superior In Ilmmese end finality to the
production of the silk worm. It is • wild
perennial ; • the soed smell and easily aspen'.
ted Mao The stems of the plant
Produce • tong and very brilliant fibre, su
perior In strength and beauty to the finest
linen threw'. Small quantities have been
woven In the mute manner Of the: ludiene,
and the texture nutl'lntillentry is sell!. to im
ntl,ittrPritlze, •
rOUIITII PAGE.—The /idled and mut
!table Money, Oil and Produce dtarioC Re.
per id.. by any-pater in the city, will be
found on our /burin PC1174
Drummers from Eastern House, are sub- ,
.Jected to stringent license regulations In
Allegheny county, and most be very shrewd
If they succixd In evading the law. Last
week an oily tongued chap came hither
from New York, burdened dorsi with eau.
pier, and proceeded to canvass the town to
make sales. He succeeded in jelling large
qualities to our dry goods mirchnute, and
was congratulating himself on his success
In doing a trade without • license, when he
was made aware that, two detectives were
on his track. Ile hastily departed, and
doubtless felt quite swat ineartie triumph
In dodging the"Vharilys," a feeling In winch
he had a perfect. sightto Indulge. Tim "de
tectives" on the scent concluded that at
night they would 'Kelso the "tinuttmer's"
bOdy and vile traps, and bring him toyuds.
Went. Not being aware of the departUrEof
.their man thew called at the hotel ate very
unseasonaJle hour on Friday night and tn.
(mired If Mr.—was stepping. there. The
clerk blandly informed them that he was,
but had , long since retired to rest. The
"detectives" said they had urgent and
Important business to transact, with him
which would bear no delay, and see him
at once they most. Afterconsiderable par
ley's's the knights of the concealed mace
were shown to Mr. —'e room which they
found securely locked. They knocked re
loatedl v, and finally a gentl etnan's voice
inquired from the Inside ...wheels therel"
Detectives both chimed In "m"aid told the
Inmate that they bid very Important busi
ness with him which must at once be trans.
acted. Mr. —arose, and, in his night
shirt, advanced and ruefully opened the
door, to see who bad dlsturbed his a/ umbers
on such •n important errand at so late an
boor of night. The "detectives" pushed in
the door, seised the banawakmed tomato
told him he eras their prisoner. Of
course the gentleman struggio end in do
ing so the stout grasp of the policemen tore
his shirt into shreds The wife of our friend
awoke, and fright' ned beyond measure at
the struggle gotosen, cheeriest tor help and
stem a numberOf persons came to the room.
The ...leteetices" stated who they were
and their business, and It required con
siderable explanation to have them believe
that they had en.leavored to arrest the
wrong man—although bearing the same
name as the happy ..drommer" who had
escaped by the noon train. The "stars"
grow elm, apologized and retired. The
gentleman feeling how deeply be was
wronged, has brought suit against them. Ii
nettling else than as a warning to prevent
future foolish acts on their 'autos° trust
they will tie at least severely reprimanded.
We know not who the "detectives" wore,
but their conduct was certainly outrageous.
lied either or both been shot down as bur.
'glass, the law would have Justified the act,
as they operated mere like thieves than
pollee, in forcing themselves into the gen.
tictinevs room and laying violent bands on
him without a word of explanation.
Youthful Iluotanteu—A Wild lupe
dttlou Interrupted.
On Saturday evening Chief of Pollee
hcolt received from Philadelptda a tele
gram directing alai to nrrest two young
boys, about fourteen years of age, who
ran away from borne with the intention of
going on n bunting excursion In the West
ern States. Cpon the arrival of the eleven
o'clock, r. P iladelphis train, Chief
' Scott arrested th luyilLives and brought
them before Nay r kfcCorthy for • hearing
.41,2aMtpat m tet m litt nr t tateemee th
exoelltion, but, owing to their ananelsi
circumstances, they had been compelled
delay till now. their filturodian scheme.
The Instigator In the matter was the eldest,
named Alartin echauck, son of • wealthy
merchant living in PLUndelpitta. Ily some
means he had succeeded in providing him
self with a key to his father's safe, from
which he abstracted some •300, the sum he
expected would be required for accomplish.
in their western trip. George Troutman name of his assoc Late, no pledged
hislidelity to his conductor, anti under his
•tesi t Ices consented to follow him wherever
their good luck 'should cal them. They
arme,t and equipped themselvea with all
the material young and inexperienced nun.
tern might think necessary for giving chase
to bean, wolves and other ferocious animals.
The leader was carrying a small ride about
fourteen inches long, in • very poor condi
tion; ills coot Iranian a elk barreled revolver,
old style, rather worn-out and more Ilan.
'fermis to the 0.13.1 that might use IL then
the wild !wash, It was Intended:to subdue. A
small black Ong, earned by each, completed
their outilL They left Philadelphia
full of hope, and were far from thinking
that Pittsburgh should be the end of tnetr
Journey, which they had perhaps spent
Jaya and nights to reflecting upon. -
They were placed in the lock-up to await
further orders from their parent. in l'Illitt•
/toenail, o• Mt:sm.—To-night, at this
magnificent temple of the . drama, Kr.
James E. Alnr.loch, the great and loyal
Atnencan actor, takes a benefit. The beau
tiful comody of "Money;'. with Air. Mur.
dachas Alfred Evelyn, eupported by the
entire company, will be .prosented. We
keel, a full house will be in attendance.
ULACt Canon.—Thle grand spectacular
drama continues to draw crowded audien
ces, and It Le meeting with no more success
than the entorprice whichprompted Ito
magnitloent presentation deceives. The
Opera House Is reaping rich profits end the
play will draw large andlences many nights
rrrrs !meow TRILLTIIL —Chiviey White
and his very excellent Combination Tronpe
remain but a Lew mote days at this well
conducted placeof amusement. The enter.
ialeMente neared this week will be mote
than neually attractive. 'Everybody should
Visit the Theatre during their stay.
Vawsslss Tlill•TAlL—The "Black Crook"
drew a large and appreciative audience on
Saturday night. If It does not present the
golden grandeur et the Black Crook of
which Kis a burlesque, It certainly offer. a
rarer toast Of fan. Together with the usual
ly well selected and varied bill of enter
tainment, it will box rim this week.
ClllOO5 'AND MINA4IIIIII--TOilly at the
Red lion lot, on Penn street, Heights &
Chamber's colossal Now Orleans circus and
menagerie spreads Its tont for a brief
season. it Is generally aonorded to be the
best exhibition and combination In AMEIrI•
ca, and those who attend will certainly have
a rare treat'offored them. .On Wednesday
and Thursday morning. grand exhibitions
of the animals and trained horses and po
em* will be hold for ladles, children and
schools, at which no circus performances
will be given.
Leaves for memo.
is company with majority of the
Catholic illshops of America, Ut. 11ev. IL
Domenee, of this Diocese, Ultra his depar
ture to-day for Itome. Trio object of the
visit la to be present at an important can
old:stunt of martyrs of the churah, which
will be celebrated In June by a min
d.' ..of prelates from all partg of the chrls-
Ulm .world. .The American:Bishops
make their VIAL a /peeled occasion Mr re,
tiewing their love aratlldelity to the Pope
and bootleg to him large, pecuniary angst
once, as - the voluntary, offerings of the
Catholics of America. Dashop Domenee
takes with him over thirteen.thousand dot
terel° gold as the offering of the PlttatiOrgh
' WI CI 41111r4t—DooDS• thrilling wad
Tbta beautiful nltnatlon imlnciently
known se the most desirable In fear City far
residence. Its handsome Areproretienie,
purity of air, and delight:el ylows, IWO un
qualled by any other locality. This prop
•rty• Is to be sold tomorrow 'ironing at.
Mcilvalne , s Auction Rooms and is in every
iaritculdr ono ot the finest for sale. With
n a low minutes reach of balance.; its
beauty of WIWI= and spacious grounds,
combine all the ateractireness of a labor.
ban residence. •
Keeping I Wasson. Hoagie.—Jane You
Clara Fishes and tins Kirkpatrick,
were amnsted last Friday evening on the
chip:goof 'Mahlon a house of OW :fame. .Axt
invesilgation having been made by the
Mayor. they wore discharged, and Richard
Knofe, the prosmator, ordered to pay the
eanx nut the next day the charge we.
brought before Me Alderman Lynch, and
the case finally settled on defendants prola
min, to leave the premises by the lint
of J one.
Dr. EIPektIISO. Professor of Chemistry.
or Philclel pl., tn. eerier. the Copper
I.t , htning Rod with Spiral Plumes.
menufectured In tide city .by Leclumrs &
Company. ...Nothing can be hazarded ,in
eaylng that it Is the test rod before the pub.
no." Dr. Daytimes, the ordettrelred see. tOo
Prete-moor, ears of this MI: sm roily per.
Inimical that it is a complete protection
against directors by liOhthtog." , •
This Tree Minaret's and Grand Ames
Stan Male Sr Isms, to come off at Sharps.
burg, this morriirg, Mil present
,sonss of
the Peat prope rt y ever ottered to this
market, and, a rare chance for good invests.
moats. The loos are immediately at the
Junction -et the Ma/Lotting Ibilhosell, end
centre Ib ShmTisherg: Trains Wave at tl
Web:lor, J.. N. •
To-marrow aftormam the long talked of
boat race for the championship of /acerb
can waters takes place Itt the Monongahela
river in:lneen Brown raid Itamill. ,
nix ; hundred And ninety duly ; and
and weekly Warrens' containing the con
fession of if ogles have already been sap;
ilfssiongton and . Greene eountles, and
arge week ly, r nen Wednesday'solitlon
of ou which will contain the con
fesslon; have already been reeeteed. This
goes to show the intense feeling excited by
the confession In those pmts..
A.l4eraux Strata the efficient and pop.
MAY magistrate of t he-Thin'. and' Tenth
ample; has rocently. segued Las oIDq In a
magnificent style and It Is now the neatest
In the city. are glad-to note this fact,
inasmuch. ae.ii ahows Increasing bnslness
and 11 no evidence orthe enterprise anti go
ti-haaitattveneas €l,the worth; Alderman.
"Jaen ofiatiltift—{Y. A. 43Ulderdenny1
Ro-Alrldtk, eireat. ha, j net received the
numbers of . Galore Lantos Book arid
Prank. Lealle.a Kapantne -Ara Ozanne of
Taanlon for June. _They are good numbers,
oontaining anandaace of 1004 rotator mat.
ter and all the latest fashunis. Call mud get
Abaothrinneni.—.lannio Bowman made
Informattononindurdny before Aldermen
Wein nyatnoi bar binbend, Addleoo lb:m
ums, for abandonment- Bowman was ar
rested and inabenteently . diorbe.rged on
Laren Llundred dollars natl.
The WeeltlytlaseVie, Wiled tomorrow
evening, will contains review of the Din.-
more murder• history of the trial anti full
report of the execution of lacier, Including
ills confession entire. Country agent."
■honld order at once.
The Merchants are subscribing liberal
11 towards raising a bouus to be appliLdiu
strengthening tbe application for the hold
log of the State Fair to Pittsburgh. Don•
[lons fur this purpose well prove true aeon
Hamill la In Brat rata trim for the race
tomorrow, and Ma friends are betting large.
ly upon Lim. Brown Is also In very good
conuttlon and feels hopeful of the result.
May theyinve a far race and the Oast man
We Awe Indebted to John W. Pittock,
Fifth strimL oppolllo On PantoMc% for tno
Atlantic Motittily, Potent:ads Ladra Myth.
zinc and tiody's Lady Book for Jana. Pit
tort ban all the priblicatlons of the day for
Larceny an napes.—.lames Bonn was
brought be-fora Alderman Strain to answor
a choral of larceny. bailee, lodged against
tam by T. at. Lluk. Ua was commuted la
default of dye hundred dollars ball.
Clisuire or Tlose.-11. Blackstone, EMI.,
the efficient General Superintendent of toe
Allegheny Valley litilrottd, announces In
our Advertising columns a change of time,
to take erect to-day.
The patriot nod actor. JAIIICS E. Mur
doch, appears to-night at U. Now Academy
of /Mule In ”Moncy." 11 will he support
ed by the capital stock company of the
Academy. • _
At the Adademyof Mosta to-night Mr. d.
M. Murdoch again &DN..* in
beautlini comedy of "Money," with which
the audiente were so delighted on the open
ing night.
To-nlett the I/let:Mors of the 'Ward
sehrals meet In tbstill ward public
school booms, to determine whether there Is
nny need of • city Superintendent.
secure your rests today for ilia benefit
of the patriotic historian, James E. Mur.
dock, w noappears to-eight at the Academy
of Music to the sterling comedy of ••Mouey.""
Dietslmo acknowledge Leo
receipt of a kind Invitation to be present
at a social re-anion at Mozart LIAM of Lodgo
4/ of the Sone ot Temperance., . •
- Ittaaenacee tilrt the talented actor, Jas.
S. Murdock, takes a beriettat the academy
of Music to-n 1 et, toben he trill appear as
Atired Eretyn, la the play or ...Money."
!thorn!' RmltL, of Wiahlngton county,
less In the city yesterday. He convey. Len
nor, the alleged murderer, to Washington,
to-.lay, for
The ocieutilal comedy of '•Hones^ will
be presented at the Academy of Munn this
evening. It Is one of the molLbrillinat and
chaste comedies In the language. •
The Sob.faience Committee and
Allegnony'oounty Monument Assoc:What
meet tckiny at Ira o'clock, at City
Prof. linky'l temperance oration takes
place to-morrow evening at Masonic Hall.
The audience promises Lo be very large.
/.e aplie of the weather the usual num
ber of persons with turnouts were 011. the
Perrysville road yesterday.
It fa onflerstood that slll,oco will be re
• sett for the Firth street .11ethodist Church
t, which is 110) feet sqhf%rtr.'
0 .110 me,." the croWning work of Ile!war.
to.nlght, at the ..testlem_ y of Music, on the
occasion of James E. Murdoch's- benefit.
Everybody should attend.
The Exam Walton oleandhlates for ad
• lesion Into the MO school wll t ,be held
n thoand nlth of Jane.
Jianday le better °beer - v.3d In Pittsburgh
Wan In any other • correspondingly large
plena In We country.
Attention in directed to the advertise.'
meet of lime stone Itir gala in large coon.
The Moldier& ilonahoret Pair will be
almost wined to tho groat Sanitary lair.
A nears rola sot lu about ten Mock last
night and continued up till morning.
Improvements still go on in the bust
nom centre of the city.
The oil trade remains dull, but promis
es to brighten ere baug.
The Allegheny . TOUlill were without an
occupant last Want.
A 'meat maoypersoas steno' the eeme
erles yesterday.
Tana Alarm Telegraph ie in , splendid
working order.
The Oily enjoya a brier much of order
awl quiet.
The Market street Dower ls nigh well
Sot few inebriate. occupied the tombs last
night. . .
The hotels rare pretty well estrontreil
Yesterday watt a dark, dal' day
Pane* /WTI b Tory Scarce.
CH - Additional - Local News on
Third Page. •
EDGERTV,N.^Oa .alat , l!,y monang, May 11.
The (antral erUt late Plass Tula aril luicem,
at: o•cloot, from the reside oce -of Der mother,
Her, Jane Drake. Steubenville Plte, Temper
ano,rathe. I'hettleude the Mildly atis Wiled
-80. 11313 riniiit Weer, rtitibargh,. 0..
001r111111 of 41 limb.: <nurse, GLOVES; and
every, description or nom* Tontlittlog (foods
tw. wpm. , jk...ortkaod days.] West. Utant,
and Carriages tarnished., •
Jestripsnscarr,neTt /Ms/id-Km. :D. A. res. '
K. W. Jacoboski/Al, Thome Swing, rag., je.
cal 11. Miller. sac.
• < JCEEJIND 1310#4.11LT.C. successor So the
Ist.; &mud E. itddgerx, Sa. 2CW:do hareet,
three door. floss Bearer..Allsgheus..iti., M.
balk. It‘aereood,llsturlasi. Wslast .od Noss
rood battalion Cotahry et the hismtin reduced
aelces. Vaasa open at all boars'difUad sight.
Luxus sad Carrluous faralihed;stahort settee
sodas aosiseassubla teems.
ter, Wood`s RAA ud Ir,ktAlty. 'toss Eaoms it
Manchester Liter votAble, eotaarßbeflald uJ
{;harden .trierta. Doom AAA * Cantu. hr-
BRUN., st rut Liberty Stmt.. ' late. for
of CeNreat; Neu, ot VW., Paging tram 3113
to *LUGO. sad *situ' Una. ,
VITICS OF bliCOlibtsto ttsOcustOis. t
• • • • rittaborsti. Kay 1116. 110.
., Los, earlog et Wylie strtit:
from Tan. to Crawford,'.lll be tralsral
st this often; Wort almort. Bolldlago. sixth
MON LIA 1,1147 MOW, 1101..
. Recordlir &ants-tor
NOT A FEW of tee worn dinel ,
deto that W a llet mnskto4 ar Verne r ,mp
%lon of the blood. HILLIIII WS O. le it fottedy nrlOo virrmt
Amother*Lot Just Received,'
Embracing some of tbe best styles of man ever
broula to this market.
ct.t.iNWe 401 uk those who are d of es
see au s t .. .Melee la ULM ilk 4
" War "
tock. ea"
D TINSPIktH & - Cp.,
Armnamscr..wa L "tir.. ••
.117 Airisy'llEALL MOM% ,
6 0 - 1 -64.114
2. W. .yo • loon
'oitrurrom geOTT,
Fine Watches, Clacks, Awful
310..114 MIMI` azintatt.
Air Partkali. &Stadia& ohlot b Naitolnas
Wain... (noels Ita4 Jotroiry. A Vs* Ivor
& 00.1
55:451 57
FIFTH ST.," Pittaburigh.
DaPr sonuleuments of Bankrupt Stock. of
ttoods from all parts of the Untied Mates, fobs
mold at
Wholesale and Retail,
YOUTHS• 11{.)016, 8110E2, GIAITZB3, DLL
-11, RILE ♦ E raPPEEP.
Alto, direct tram the Immo Lateness...
Ingrain, Bag and Linen
At Auction Prices L
I? raituni ea MD,
N. 8. Furniture and Hcruehold flood' for pia
Auctlon on EVERT TD Ult3D/LY.
1531121180.34. P.A.L31.101 it 00"
'B9 89 89 89 89 . 89 89 89
I 1
643 TO
s 9 I = l. C 1 033 33 P ES,
Is 9 89 Market Simi,
89 ruz oarzzl i tr AND zrzr
59 NO AUCTION 1100M6
S 9 JAS. .110814 89 Market St.
89. 89 89 89 89 89 89 89
imsctunr. oyer all Oben, for Anal,
use and general purposes, are so writ sa
lmi:11181nd and so generatty admitted:that
(an enumeraten of their relative owed-
Ilene(Leis no longer considered antes..
;U. Tear
are simple. darable and
(11f.d. . .
wurcas AUENCIY.
ddles, .Harssess,' 'Trunks,
sad all ankles In their use =tiny klp%
• .In ant-clan catatiliameats.
No. 192 Wood Steeet,
tbetweeliDLusond A.Ury and TIZIA dt..l
Practical Ymmitare Maulketious
wan .tyla or ruparroing eosisessirs
arcrilmcriwEri t ac t ,
414 PERM sT2Zlfft.
RIGA • OF suarzig.--zonar A•
11 EtoViTt a_ CO ._llO da rize.
oPeorlte the nertolnee keep ani ma y? auto
peamotly to oder, • varlet) of elegant
Minds—vire was end onwards. Ile ie=
W Ladner bbsde
penebd t , 1d16 Coland
un Clod., Bud. d. !tags. (Moe
mane, B,lnd .4 nature Os nand TinoWs. Alba
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