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PENNIMAN, I & co.,
sico. as ainsth orrircelt.
r. a ramnaaara
T. P. 1101/11TOPs
JOSIAH ELM) Bm i n '
hines Myles • $ Ofuti•
Delivered try ourtar, (per wean......: 16 cents.
Mutt Bobsetttits, (per r0an..—.......11 1 3. 01 : 6
ittlorttl tottocticou to Newsboys nod AMA.
• . •
Three Cont e., per year, by ISO
llreL . do. do. do. each.-- 155
Tea ortsore copies, to one address, and
oae lire to tine, each
Astineael Unman Ryes,
Adjusted without pant, by Dr. Sp ear
Dentist, teiltenn street.
Attention Feastltes.
to - .T. W. Elllett a Scots, No. Me Mar
trot street. to buy your shade trees, and got
them planted. " ... •
- Of Alt the Mze•Deat Testes. •
For weakly and. debilitated Invalids. own
mead ostollne old English Bottled Ale. We
Lavolately had occasion to use some of IL ,
procured at Flenlina i s Dr.g Store, No.
Market street, wbieh we Lind to , boa prows
article, such es we have never seen In this
city. Leave atonuch Bitters, for a change ,
awl try some of this Ale sold by Flaming'
and Our word farm you will bo the gazer .
And Campbell% Genuine English Ale.
'Chinese Wager In Syrup;
Toutslot , s Extract of Beef. 80i,1,u s
condensed -191 k. Imponal BorucauX.
and' :flukey 'Prunes, Dates, and Pigs.
'Seedless lgoseatel and London Layer Cui
sine. Cross and Blaeldas , noted Pickles xud
sward. sauces; Jollies, Preserves, Eaten
nps, Spiced and . Pickled Oysters.' Choco
lates, fresh Pears and Pine Apples in glass
Tars, Canned Fruits, and Vegetables. Virgin
011 of 41x. Choice Mixed Candies, all kind,
-or Foreign and Arnerleanliate. 1%11 ado'.
Om Walnut Candy, Eats, Bonbons, ad, dc.
' °sown BasTrai •
ill Federal street, a/leSketlY.
llasard St Caswell , . Cod Liver Oil.
The Purest and Sweetest Cod Lyer 011 in
ithY . world. autroilsetored from fresh
healthy 11Were, upon the sea-shore. It is
perfeetlyhare and sweet. Ask for "Hazard.
a Caswell , . Cod,lover Oil," insantictered
. _
Cprorr;tt., liack .1 Co. New York
Sold by all dreg glats.
Go to the Continental Saloon.
Tha best eondboted and cleaullest Rattan
rant and Midriff Rooms In the city, for a
meal fit for a plug, at the most reuonable
of prices. Rottebelmer hooves how to ester
to We boo arPrdflltotutl, and It is no wonder
that the Continental, next door-to the Post
office has such an CIIOMIOIIEI patronage- . -
Cool Aleaporecting Wheel.
Call In at lioltxholmer's popular Conti
nental Saloon, next door to the Post °Mee
. oollfth strorot, fora glass of good old ale.
Or - sparkling Catawba wine.'
Try itts Coast' 4.-Nandy.-
It will you good. alanufultirot scut
sold by iietaim Beaven. ill Federal Isir&t,
Alleg/YukT.CitY• - -
ransela.24 l lah and Xxnerlean
Snaps and Cosmetic:4 for sale by liana d
Paint ioas4,Whltewaah Brushes.
Wholesale and 'retail. by Kama L Dinar
Dye Colors sad Dye Stuffs.
Par aide byliiirs t Dnurr, Dnhiglele. Alle
Ton Lan Buz
—forelgn' Liquors Of all finds at Jostopb. 6.
-- anal 'Difitillery. }lo. 184 191. 193 lad 195
'You IMB 807
14pprtislat. .11490ti0l sZJoseph S. rindo4
lon Casa Bar
New naps at Josepll S. 71nahoit.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
In the ease of Nicholas Carr, convicted at
Wilmington, N. C., of manslaughter. "and
sentenced to be branded, an order was re.
calved from Gera, Sickles, as commander of
the District, prohibiting the branding, on
the ground. thab It came within the law of '
Congress against maiming. The Judgment
• of the Martens amended, and the prisoner
was sentenced to pay a fine of 42,000 and be
immiScased for twelve months.
.The International Ocean Telegraph Com
pany are pushing matters forward, and ex
. Pert to Dave land lines laid through Florida
and a cable to Cuba by drat of June. •
In the Methodist Conference, in session at
New Tort, resoluthini were adopted, on
Saturday, endorsing the Congressional poi-
Icy and approving negro !suffrage.
The _City of Belfast, Maine, LI pledged to the amount of MYSO,OCO the Belfast and
Moose Head Lake ilallroad.
The removal of the remains Of 'Bolalerll
died In the vicinity , of Cairo, to the
Government cemetery at Mound City, has
commenced and is rapidly progressing.
The male Spinners In the cotton mills at
laudatory Massachusetts, have been on a
strike for ten hours Once Monday... The
mills are all rniiningliS usual, and wilipret.
ably continue, with new nelp.
James illsbrotieb, defaulting Cashier of
the First Stational Bank at unison, has been
taken to New York for trial before the UM
ted States Court.
At Eastport, Maine, on Friday last, a fire
broke out in the building oneden's
wharf, occupied by Mr. Liland, gr The
' 'betiding was consumed, together with two
adjoining buildings. Loos. M 5,000; mostly
At Litchfield, Illinois, ja fire on Sunday
morning, destroyed Derrie's dry goods and
grocery store. F. W. Stahl's hardware store;
nYoke A Smith's grocery. and three other
-buildings occupied as snares and saloons.
Loss 02,000: insured for. 412,000.
Captain John Rowell, of Brooklyn, is
building a vessel twenty-three feet long, to
- be propelled by four sails, arranged like the
sails of a In which he intends to
cross the Atlantic.
A new counterfeit ten dollar bill on the
National Bank of .Cherry Yellen N.Y.,'" In
circulation. ,
At a meeting of the Workingmen's Union
of New Toth, on Saturday night. It; was
stated that four hundred and fifty careen
tors, out of ntne hundred and fifty on a
strike, had reoelvedtheadvanco. In Brook
lyn, It was stated, the strike had both en
tirely successful._
- Anthony Casa, who, a few nights sines,
stabbed and killed Stephen C. Variant], in
New York, bets been committed on the yeti.
diet of the Coroner's fury.
Four hundred and nineteen deaths co.
curreglisiNew York last week.
Nathaniel Oakley was arrested in New
York, on Saturday, on a charge of engrav
ing a plate to print .tzLetlol2/111 currency.
Liuganso • Tacna.—lt was a wise law of
the ancient Jews that the eons of even the
wealthiest men should be made to serve an
apprenticeship to some useful occupation,
no that in case of reverse of fortune, they
might have something to "full back upon."
The some estate in Turkey, where every
man, even the linluta himself, laust learn
. thole. Bow fortunate would It be now, had
It been a law In this country. " Would to
tied I had &trade!" is the cry thods
of returned soldlers, North an of d
Southus an
find themselves ruined in pucka, with no
Immediate prospect or gaining &livelihood.
It should teach parents that whatever elm
they may give theirsons, they should give
them trader-:tea' Yor ker.
Ma. Wean mikes the following OrDiana -
Um of hts connection lath the Democratic
Utah t tan old and much esteemetl - Rir;
sonal friend, wahrut our knowledge. 'DU , '
our 'name up , at. the Manbatten Club. It
oncOentared, not strangely, sharp °mad.
two. and mu laid over; but finally wept
through. The 'itenbettent is a Democratic
Club. It e should not, theretore, have up
golled for totmlseton, net belonging and
never-empeot,ing to helms to the Demo.
&ratio Party: •
Titans Is now lIVIng in Lawrence county.
Ohio, a itentlhman wit* separated from his
Is tie, 111 Pennsylvania, many years ego, He
came to SoutherrrOhlo, arid marrW
P.—, of Itertetta. Alter the second witeis
death, a daughter by the tint marriage
broughtabout a reconciliation between her
father and mother, s,pd they weroreatarried
.more than twenty yearn alter the date of
their araration—tho drat wife becoming
the Oa
Tin. World having declared Lien. linger to
be vine refa - it terrible of the Bennblican
Vevt9. tho Springdeld Belibblioan retorts
that ••ft does not become the unnatural pa
rent who dropped him on our door step to
hpbrald newith bin inherited taupe."
-) Nitt. ,
...) , ~ .
. H . )1t 5 initi-, •,-.
i ,
I ,„ i
~,\ , ~..., , , .., ,
Political and Financial Distrust.
France and Holland Trouble
Auttrian Empire Mescal jug.
By Telegraph to tho Masher:4k (Watt
7/111.1210 DISTILII:IT
LOUDON. April G.—Thero is .geueral
trust. in political and nnoncla 1:0.61.2012 1 all
over Europe.
• • •
.Ltvenroon, April G.—A allspaten Las Lena
rocedrod :whleh states that the brig Lam/ -
both, Captain Degre, from NeW York to lla.
vto, went ashortiat Bremen, during a aide,
and was soriotudy damaged.
boon reeelved in this city that the bark
Nicotine. which recently left New Castle for
New flavea, has been lost at eon. No date.
No further parttealaTO•
Palms, April C.—Notwithstanding it was
wittouncod that negotiations looking to tho
acquisition of Luxemburg bad been sus
pended, it is known that the Emperor hesi
tates to release Holland from the engage
raommcs, dprll6.—Baron Itatanii, Pres
dent of the Connell of Walston, will Imme
diately form a new Cabinet for the tutilan
Aacrrirra atm. assail..
. .
LIVIII.POO I ., April 7.—The American bark
Elizabeth is reported &shorn in Balch: dur
ing sanitize storm.
.Lownos, April 7.—at • recent Meeting of
the Liberal members of Psxliament they re.
solved•to otter determined opposition to
tho Reform Bill Introduced by the Govern.
most. They propose to orfne the subjectto
a test vote as noon an possible, and conft•
dently expect to carry the majority of far-
Dumont against the bill, in which ascot the
members of tee Derby Cabinet wilt resign.
Pass roar, April 6.—80nd5,71514. .
Loaner, April 6.—Earning.--Consols, 91;
Erie ISLlllinoLs Central, 7814; United States
Bond., ,llg.
• F/1.&31[70AT, April 6.—Erentag.—United
States Bonds, ,S
PAWS. April G.—United States Bonds, NIA.
LIV.IMOOL,ApriIG.—/Sterring.—Tho Cotton
market closed beam with a downward ten
dency; sales smo bales Uplands at 1216; Or
leans 7 12. Breadstuff , . market entire ly un
changed.. Ey:minims dull. Pork, Vs. Gd.
,Beef, 1278.1 Al. .04.311. 4.b. Cheese, ells.
Lard, 4Ai.' ,Petroleum,lo.l. Spirits; la. 5d for
standard white rosin, for common, and
IC .for fine; 011is—Lleseed,39a; Sperm, 31s;
White, .14r. :Tattier,: 9741. - ' Plg
Tallow, Wt. ,Linseed. Cakes, UV, : Spina
Terpenttne, S 7.
Pants. April 7.—Bourse fiat ; Itentea- GG
francs; U. B. bonds 77.
Inv Tele graph to the Pittsburgh Wasstte.3
llew 'form, April A—A - Pavia letter says
the health of the Prince Imperial tained
a BOP= shock by his fecerit illness, aua and his
general delicacy of .constltation given an
omen of an early death.
.5. Vienna letter says that moat marked
°Metal attentions . are mug to the Italian
Minister, while the txxlluess shown towards
the Brasier , representative wee decided. -
It is thought the Amulet; Empire will go
to speedy and complete dissolution, abuld
It not be lairtrelllattly trait together hy m n
sharp war with either Russia or Pr.sia. a
contest with Stasis en the eastern frontier
being most 111c,i7.„ • .
Authority of the Bheriff Reßisted.
[Sy Telegraph to tea Pittsburgh Gazette.)
April 6.—The Sheriff of-Lu
zerne county telegraphed to the. Governor
that a sextette riot exists in llazeltoi; and
Foster townships, in that county ; that his
authority In resisted with success; that arm
ed and organized forces were socessarY.
and that be wished an order calling out
Captain Ellis' company of Wyomieg veter
ans. Soon after Captain Ellis, telegraphed
.chat the Sheriff had ordered hen oat to quell
the riot and asked farther orders: The Gov
artier subsequently telegraphed to promi
nent citizens of Luzern. , county who advis
ed him of the exact condition of affairs. lie
then gentian order to Captain Ellis order
ing him hold company in readiness
for future orders, but In no event to move
without orders from him. It is unollicially
understod that the cause Aid the riot is a
strike for o higher ; wages% the majority at.
tempting to prevent the minority working.
llnlled Mates Senate—Estea Saul* •
MT Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.] •
WASEIVOTO I , April 1,18G7.
eonictiLT anti nuroirr.
Mr. Anthony made a report from the Co
mmittee on Printing against printing addi
',lona copies of the lepOrt of the commis.
stoner of agriculture, tint providing that
six thousand copies of thaw, heretofore or
dered be fornished that officer in order to
meet the demands upon him.
LinintALlTT Fn CHATS AlleSso.
AU. Chandler said the Senate had been
remarkably liberal coward nominees; and
a an instance of how they expressed their
gratitude, he caused to be read a newspaper,
article. The Clerk read in sobsutnec,
that a eOniplisnentary serenade was on
Thursday night tendered John W. Frazier,
recently confirmed as Assessor of intermit
Revenue of the Timm Distxlct, of Pennsyl -
Weida; TM. gentleman is reported to ba ff l e
said, In acsnowledicing the honor, that a
number of his radical friends ' had invited
him to return to the folds, , which he
declined. He Old not feel Under any Oblige
tone to the Senate, for he wax appointed to
au • Yu...ov: routiesur, he was still con
eerVative, in. favor of JohnSOn, Brant and
the Supremo Court, to contradistinction to
Sumner.Sterens and Butler. Ile was against
the radical element, trampling*/ the con
stitution under foot, Ana the injury lot the
eniTeney, Sc.
Noe , aim= cr.
Mr. SUMNER did not, on Wee expected,
GM uphill resonation. for the expender' of
Mr. Saulsbury; 1 .:
The Senate Went Into EV:entire Beesion•
I .
Prom California Overland—Mormon
Tabernacle—rori Buford. ilaimacro—
Beverly of the Winter. I
Dy Telegraph to the Dlttaborgh Duette.)
Mew Yost, April 11.—Ed ward IL 8011, who
left *ere on the 11th of December last for
China angJanan by the Pacific Mall Line,
reached this city today, returning :ram San
Francisco overland. Ile furnishes the
following items of news: General Connor
arrived at Austin on the 1701 of February.
Mal. Lien. Chittain, on the 15th of March,
was ea route to Salt Lake City. 'I he Mor
mon temple and tabernacle at Salt Lake is
advancing rapidly to oomplotion,
No foundation • exists for the r eported
massacre at Fort Buford.
The winter has been. as generally report
ed, one of unprwaidented severity., Thou.
sands of cattle, horses, mules and some few
fa wn ° ,
with cold, and number
of atations on tkei Overland 'Mall Line had
been kept suppfled with provisions at area.
cost and labor, paws la many for
cring the roads Impassable for miles. In
forof LakewndCjirty.
7 th a e . rui n e f t oe n.
several days during March..
Geis!rid Pacific ilattroaa—Western Ex
amples—Survey. Complet,a.
illy Telegraph is the Pittsburgh lissette.i
89.9 r F9.lAmeco, April S.—The eniveys of
W Ra e a n d ,taomSan
romeno C
teOn atr a
opposite this city. are so far completed as
to develop a favorable line less than eighty.
three miles In length. The present; route
to tbe State capitol, by water. Is about ooe
hundred and twenty miles long. The ter.
Minns will be on iloat.lsland, lotbe Bap,
one mile and • ball from the city wharf. It
la expected - the road will be completed
about the time the 1148 IS opened trora the
Nagle= Otani,
Queretaro Advices to the 12th Oh
Americans Arrested at Matamoras,
fly 7 - elegreph to the n ttsburgb Ga:etto
New Oat seise, April G.—Brownsville dates
to the OA, Monterey to tleiTilb, Saltillot to
t the 97th, and San Luis to the 90th, loco been
There were no neW featnres in the steno
of lueralutra. Tile Republicans are nut
Lllsposed to assault, but hoped to capture
the city by starving out thelmperialists.
Letters from well known merchants of
Zacatecas say the Inez news item Queretaro
—LO the 12th—WaS LO effect that tile
tinyattempted tonally, but were tin
en in with 15 killed.
l'Arflero Diaz was to Guadaloups, one
league from the City of Mexico.
Rive Palacio was iii Tucugoga with a fore°
of 00,000 men.
The reported capture of the heights of
Tamimpto and theJortilications of Locouse
Ss antheritattvely denied.
• • •
Nee .• Tone, April 7 —The Herald's specials
from San Luis yin l;niveston, deny
the report of the defeat. of ii,eobedo. on
the contrary. it i.e said MaximilLse•A farces
tieMe we - trite from Qeuretaro anti were
driven back. after eve hours hard tight leg.
Both armits are Ming' reinforced. I•i-co
bed° has drawn in hi, hams, craving open
one road from the City of Mexico.
'Forced loans were levied in all the Lilr
etxt cities.
'Strver..l Americans were arrested at Bag
dad for assaulting as Mexican guard.
:Theldeo4e4ll3LialltOr at Washington has
reliable information that S.inta Anna is or.
ganixing a tillibustermg Mee for the inva
sion of Mexico. Thu ratty is known as an
Migration society, and has many miltary
nOtAZies among its members. '
Stenn.hlp lawnehed—Enxiarnot• Dn •
rlng . rtaren—hafted tor Europe.
;1)7 Ten:graph to the Pitn.burge Gazette.;
Nnit . Yrdm, April o.—Tho be:an:0111p Cleo
putria, built Mr-Arthur Leery. for the Pa
cific 'trade, was lannehmt she to
1,100 lons regime - 1 . .
Derind the month or Marsh 14,171 Idol.
grants arrived at Mr, port.
Mrs. Senator Soradao and Capt. listens,
of namittnillark's Cabiuct, sailed for Lumpy
tad ay.
- -
The .111ssisalrpl
Clay Tchgrat it to the rittsuu EU li,zrttr.:
Nun' Alut.n 01,, April ti,—The 1,000 ahoy.
continue untavoraule. rho Mayor of hate
Rouge telegruphs that Hall'. Ltlee to in 1111
naluent Linugur. r
Minn Mx, the I.elinnthrori•t.
In an CEOhlinge_ W 0 tied the fol ton ing—nal•
Miratile pen and ink portrait of lirsslilx, the
phliantlarepist, which eolith° read with 10.
terest by her numerous frieMlb andadunrars
hereabouts :
"Here, then, Is Is. Dix: A sedate, kuully
He ife r
holy by bloat. really about
Iliftydilve years of age. Oat looting yOrlnger.
Heifer above the unalints size , at ,d, when
stamiing, presentrag a ooturminithig
11 Kure.
Her fah 15 hot very dark, ari,C.he low silver
threads are only otissre Able the strong
est light. Her eye, the distinguishing fea
ture. strihes you at ilret as 'Mich, IL In en
clear and InarloUn a liennh u epeakg, hut It
Is, in fact, gray. Ile: fate is attractive, anti
While denoting ..rang ti.raeter, In lighted
up by a very t, neillutorr smile, widish
seems to ripple about the eyes rather than
the lips. She dr... , at black. end Iv 3 Ila be
coming severity of style. Aliout the neck she
Wears a White anoLe gambler, creased tu
front and fastened with 6 gold moss. On
her Angers ore a Variety of Laid ring . ..anal.,
- 3.0.17 - ratutible except Llia wl
it Otto brit;
'liant pearl. They all look Ilk. sovenirs
the past, are evidently presents. and worn
Want souse ple... V.4.0 . .{.10u erMrleeted
with her twnsv a otent l
ailss o ron. There Is a
witching persuasiveness so tier voles:, and a
clear, cora:Went preelslon la her accents
, have the roust e0111:11.1.11g r the
' listener. Any ne who hears liar .peak ran
I Understand oil y her tones aro on quieting
and imperutlve to the innarle, assess wild
est ravings she Ire.s olson coritrall , I by tiro
magic talisman et her voice and the perfect
cora poems of her man ace.
I so a miee, s his '1 loroineis L. Dix,an line
its an ale., of MO Stile 1 I ITary In Al.'
bany, answering her numernus letters,
I whine she doesln n boil, pt vend ine nand,
and with much celerity. she only found
I 'here for a few slave or weeks lurlng the
I ....stun of the Leglelolure, an,l Senators
:and members of Assembly are fre , nently
dropping:in to consult her about new
asylunr. Ilan 110 b o na but her co try
She travels alone, stole , 110tela, and
l clines the nuttier°. lenders or private hos
prtallty, 11101 tat lens to dine snit toe,
s which
would loollOpollau tiro 111., whit.. elm
has • devoted to the One grand par
-1.00 of her life. .To oil applications
to (aka part In fairs and !es:teals.
or tU be present at nubileilanionotratlOns:
the mirror:n/1y soy: , no, tier letters am mars
ally addressed to Treatim, S. J., wilere ehe
lian a room 111 11. e ensue 110,0.1 a blob rho
toiled In founding; but she only biny there
it few week, during the wlniai year. HISS
151115 u cosmopolitan, unit her only
buena In Wheir oho 1140f/ens so la: laboring
In her philanthropic In leeloll. Au oho never
asks or receives any “Onalinne for her own
use. %May be presumed , that she reeolVed
an annual Income inert nor privt,t e in ves4
mentsi, which places her beyond any anti..
ty about bur own support- in her habits
site la very methodic end regular, rlatug at
5 o'clock so the moraing and retiring at I '
at, night.
One hundred Thousand Machete.
Celibacy lo raela—..l. Nparteku taste.
not Ipruciticable.
The/here...of celibacy in Franra,and ea
penally In Peat., Is ;WI •II Eth.,eo: of tlibell3.
Mon. The noverneacht which wants vuldtors,
the tuartulacturers IL he 'taut, hands, the
farmers who want laborer...end last, hat not
lewd; the women who want husbands, ask
everybody - , era each other . , ark In perplexi
ty and modern 001/0. by two's the men
marts I" Here Hyacinth preuchtl againaL cc: -
blracy at Notre Dante, tile 11U.SPietrell
preach Ir.:Hart it at the etrcet corner); yet.,
its one of theM a:41,0[1130y remarks, in all
hour's walk from the Madeleine to the Bas.
the, one May 110,V"meet at leaat a hundred
thousand it:WileUlth.
In former times, contleuva this writer, an
unmarried moo woe ObliGeti 10 exhaust ills
Ingenuity Su framiLe excuse) (Dr ill) thlt al
tint. "Alas. lam yet the VU:LOIS of betray.
ed liffee.ion.". "Ala., le yvtilain all tonal y
has made ateay with all ily ftune."
1 am like Worthier, 1 GM I
in lovor Al
e with a win
Mall was Is 101,1aly Warned." ...Mall. 1
bane ettirereti mile," 'Alan. I am like
Antony, 1 dare not mention the Sethe of her
I love." But no ve dared te 000 W Itie
dual napealleitco;li e appealed to the eon/.
passion of lilt friends tor a temporary mks
' SOIXISOIX and they, credulous, Were %filing
'tO eXei Om, "The poor 1 ellow. he a Intone
' form spite of tilluvelf "
But all
bot tletha Chant:WU SIO, From the
top to the of the sov seate Comet
t h o eabloAtto a. atistleeritt 10n..1 am a both-
clor, 1 Late been a bachelor, and 1. always I
will be a bachelor," will rearrins are •IA ler-
Woos formerly excuses. i.l will licit marry,
l u s t m° I Whit trillxted my youth to my
l days," 4 .1 w not merry, because in
lon it a n t, too innelbto dresSa wife." ..1 will
not may, beeMage i want to barn peace At
t. Otne.""i.will not marry, ISeeSSISO I want. to
be able toe ing the evening where I please
without being ultilged
give an account of
Myself." "1 v. 111 not marry because I dread
a mOther-in-larr more than hydrophobia
and earl hqUakeg n
The writer who laments these flats wares
learned, and remembers that In Spurts. celi
bacy was COnaldertd-nsllserece, and tint at
a rtn yearly testiVal It wa.. the custom,
fordowomen to drive all bachelors out of
the temple of Venus with myrtle branches
gathered on the h.mliirs of the Enrolee. As
certain dillleultles_stand to they of tie
tolltal of this olassln custom, ills proposed
to Impose an 611111Uti tax Instead upon all
unmarried men,—feria Vorespondoice Nco.,
York Arming Poet.
Royal Ocoeslip 111214 Scandal.
Al.Ondon letter glveq tile thiloW hag:
The queen hits lulu oth ten-habiliments of
woe, and (rumor has it) Is Ihtlutng for an 11.
Igiule person 'to supply the -pia., of the
late rthSCOLCOUSOCI. It is well known that
the Court Itself, 01000 Prince Albert's death,
' ho bouu
demoralized, and the
m wlt r tr i' a 117.3"ah„ 'al=
completed the work. y Teo :Uttar/age 10 110 W
Altai to be an unhappy one,l the I:rtiree Tech
loving hls first wile only, arei marrying .the
Princess I:entries simply 40r t he
sthe of
getting money to Lupportldonsalf and food.
ly. 11 is mote Clem Cellft goOlp-dt Is a
wen ...I.:mi.:a.' fact—that; the .Prille
cells AlotrandriA Is baling it very unhappy
sort of a• 111, Ilex nusba tol is ..-very
Molested, and PlaYs the part of a very ty
rant tu their SWIM:AIe MO; At iii sal./ that
helms kept attliStress in ills OWe hOlithhOW
ill the person Of LX.I) . AUSella li------,1 for
this lest your, that he ficquents tho lowan
it of 'lva 11l ',noun, .0110 is now cra2
in Well Stith the Dowager burliest of A
a widow twenty-00d years of erns II170:
I 'c a rd to the secondcharge, a bleu} of mine
--ft New York...who was bound to see all
the eighth and know the ropes of the Me
tropollsassured mo that while visaing
these pl .. aces, the Prince of Wales mall Cal.
pointed out by the detective who iteemnpa
Died him. At any rate, tau Prince is going'
TO Paris to attend the opening of the Ex
hibition in Ma. and the Princess will not
accompany blue On account, 01 family guar
yotS, .
Nominations Acted Upon.
Illness of Thaddeus Stevens
[ll7 Telegraph to the Pittsber:AGare3to.l
W•RUPIOT011, April
rsurrrino INV.TIOATion. •
Tho Committee on Printing, on thd 'order
on the
. 11.iuse, mot yesterday, to investigate
the purchrums patter made last Novem
ber by Cornelius , Wendell, then Superni
tendent of POlllO printing,
atILITartV raouniums.
Tho Senate confirmed Geo. 11. Thomas to
be Major General by',.brovet, and Thomas
L. CrittLittlen, Daniel N. Sickles, James J.
Iteynoldi, Benjamin U. Grierson mud Nel
son A. Mills, Brigadier Generals by brevet.
Neu in.kiloars ar-rot , trot.
. The itenato confirmed only a low to -day
mut rejected Adolphus Jones. Postmaster
at Cincinnati, Ohio, John Steuart,
tor, Jelin Boyle, Amasser or I.ltm-nnt IteVO
ntio, Tn',.nttli district, renusylventa.
Il rtalse.t nerzieVe necatt, a.
The receipts of 1 nit:lrina 1107e00e for the
week were 434,W.5
no3ll.lerrio.ea coxitrottn.
' The Striate conilnund the nominations of
E. It. NBrton, as ',Lambe 01 the District of .
Wee. Virginia; P. LI. Winter, as Marshal of,
the Sontherit Distriet ot II lealealppi; jam'
J. Ctutile so Postmaster at Bran,
Meier General Eduard McCook to be First.
Lle , ,ton i tint in the Fourth Itegular tax.'
- - _
Thu 51 , nate rejected George M. Robinson
as hocolver of Public Money at Dinnaskit:
Wh.condin; also F. M. Field us Postmaster
at Lexington. 'lto., and W. Delfts as Pea
master ht Lgoomingtoo, Ind. • •
acticas arraies.•
A gentleman here, well Informal On Mex
ican affairs, illsbelleves the report by way
of VeraCrua, et General Escabedo , is defeat.
The following is au extract from aletter_ro
calved in Washington to-day, dated Vera
Cruz, March:lid:
"The imperial Commlssione.r at Puebla
feat.; by con fidence a, and this
shows how little the people litre
In the surreal of thu Empire. PaStangert
from thp interior report that-Gen. Diaz was
attacking the City 0 1 Puebla, being already
t o y l . t b i ts h o e u i tr pr wor s ts
s ar g reat
p a ced Gin plaza or wit:M[lsam] by tat, time
they have undoubtedly been captured, and
lieu. Ulna wilt be loft free to march on the
city of Mexico. where ballad already illarge
portion 'of his army in good Position-"
ittADDECS atiVaan
lion. Thaddeus 'Stevens has been col:dined
to Ms bid ever nines WednesdaY last, from
,generaPprostration and en sanction of the
esiled- this aftdr
noon, but 11r, tierces Ras too 111 to see him
and other Inquiring friends.
utast,' vrisszr.
Within a' few days past them have been
large contributions of facts, from Tarim.
amerces, COacentlug the character of the
Itusslan•American territory, nerVlag to
show that comparatively little has hereto.
lore been known concerning It. In cons.
queue° et these new revelations. thorn Is a
better prospect than there was a week ago
for the ratification of the pending treaty.
Floodalo Arlsosta.-11 1 stern Attacked
by iodises.—Neobew of Senator
Back stair Manly U•sio ded.—Steato
p :Lt se Com petlttpo.—Ald for the
Destitute boosts.
Elly Telegraph to the Pittetargh tiatette
SAC Fusacisco, April G.—Late advice
from AilzOna Territory it ate that great
damage has been aulaitoned by Ii toots. Ari
zona City was Inundated and several hous
es was hod away.
The Apache Indians had attacked the
men In charge of tho• Mowery mine, and
tilled I ono and ~Ww, ounded several.
°scar Beckalow. nephe of; United Sena
tor litiekalew, of PennSvlvants, teat den
gerouely wouncied; Ap , Inciting were kill.
,ed and a number woodded. The savages
I were *ell armed with guise and tides.
Tne Shins Archer and St. Charles, from
New York. have arrived.
The ;California steam navigatimi and Cal.
Morn* Croons and Mexican Steamship
Cowin...One latter known LI lieu Molls
daylsiltrics, have combin ed to obtain the wit
draw of the Anchor Line Steamship Ore.
gon route. The pride of Insights bag been
ralecti to the old names.
Leading bankers and capitalist* of this
city have purchased the steamships Idaho,
Montana and Oregonian, and purpose plac
ing an OppenutlOn line of steamers to New
York via Panama. it Is understood the
vessels already make connection on the At
lantic side.
An enthuainstio meeting was held last
night to aid the destitute People the
Southern States. Governor Low was Press.
dent. Over eleven thousand dollars were
subwordied, and arrangements mole to
make oollections throughout the Facie°
Express. navigation, railroad,
stage and telegraph companies offered
gratuitous kervices.
Ewa Irsaketsco, Aprll,6 —The ship licit
wing for New York. cleated with 15,0 5 0 bush.
nig of wheat, and 1.100 sterns of dour. Flour,
V3.00(0.50. Wheat; good shipping, $1,731U1.a1i
i Legal Tenders 73c.
The Reveled! Movement Isabel.
tlanlC—Qaleinde at Latest Adateee.
Eby Telegraphic , the Pittsburgh liarettot.)
:dew Teas, April IL—Additional newt has
been received from linyti. Tne rovolution•
cry movement was led by Victor Chevalae,
some time Cu exile. who landed secretly at
St, Mere.. General Sows bud boon elected
President, but declined, and until another
election the present government , will be
administered by the prinelPnl Secret." of
State. General holnave• had returned from
and taken command of the northern
department. All was quiet at the latent
and th e revolution was
The political movemente, general diecon
tent and the embarranded state of the treas.
ury are the Cannes.
Sbooll Affray—Probable Murder.
:uy roirxr.pb to the PltLabarrh Gelet g.)
ALDAIrIf. April C.--A shooting Blimp Oc.
carted here ti le evening, • Which MLA likely
whiprove fatal. Two young m. 11, named
But, le andMcLaughlin. whe walin
gather were assaulted oy ail third. k nagmedto.
Ellis, who tad had some misunderstanding
with nutria. Approaching, lie sand to
Metric."' am going to sheot yon," where
upon Battle ran utf and fell Just as Ellis
fired. The shot missed Its atm, when . Ellis,
turtling. fired his second shot at McLaugh
lin. who had not moved. The ball penetra
ted one of his lunge, and it to reported ho
cannot recover.. Ellfs Is under arrest:
- -
The Fort Buford Bassesere.—The Ee
post Unfounded.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh ft a set te.l
ST. lAMB April o.—The reported umbia-
cro at Fort Buford - is unfounded. Addl.
[tonal evident° MIA been received bare
the shape of letters from Fort Pace, dated
February 47th, which make no mention of
Mrs. Col. F.ankinqs arrival there, as repro.
stinted in the letter published lu Philadeh
phut. lion. Sherman hoe a letter from Col.
&Laurin of slate subsequent to the time the
Itrsager o Is said to have been committed.
Recent Disturbance to Charleston..
Illy Telegraph to the Sittshargh Untrue.
I.4IIOILESTOII, April 6.—(len. Scott, Com
mlssloner of the /reed In ell'a Bureau for this
State, has Issued a °Dollar letter to the
freedmen, deprocatingtbe violent assertion
of theLr supposed rights, and urging them
to have reeourse to the cciarts for redress
for wrong& TWA letter refers to recent
street car dleturbanoes.
LOOINTIUO nlSollpial Election. •
CU, Telegraph to the Plttsbareb thut•tte.]
LotrisVicto, April 7.—Phlllp Tolupp_ort,
lode pop de .1 Democrat, was rooleeted Ma) ,
or yesterday by 4.014 maAlly{ total POLO
polled 9,072.
Canadian rarllamesit
ny 'Telegraph to the Pittsburgh fleretts:2
OTTAWA, April 7.—The Parliament Is pro
ronued until the lath of May.
Discount on American invoices
FOIIIITH PAIIE.—The fullest and most re
tinue 3foney,i)(l and Proguee Markel Et
ports gitien byany paper inS/!e WY; will be
found on Otir iourth Nge.
. TO Stabscrlboria
Starrenbiullg? sPging their ;places of rest
denqo will please leave their new addresses
at our counting, room, so that our carriers
may be enabled to dellyei the Getryth
'without intermission. Our terms for the
year will remain as usual—lllteen cents per
week delivered by carrier. • •
iftaild'lCllrletS-4 Chaste or Murder—
. Onenner•e Inquest. •
. -
About OneVOlock on Saturday afternoon
a little ' tOys,Mimcd Adam Bens. Rae run
neer by Car .11T; Of the Citizens Passenger
arillwayilt ; th i gterengh of Lawrenceville.
andalmostl ' 11l killed. Tho driver of
the car, John 'Veit, wail arrested a short
time after th Aseeldent, and taken before
4 . p 7 t4,7C0 ..
14 . 1 who .tistriltred' him to jail:
on a charge Offeerder.
Eorguer_ght aou being summoned, held
an ineuestOsi Wept:Sty, when the following ,
facts were els4ted lia .hiridence A
dllehdef 4foligAonf sworn.-1 am eontlneter 1
of car 31,ivtalisit ran over the child; was in
side eollectingSfarNfelt a jar and ten to the ,
rear Of. . the Oegatigi_rsawthe child lylnit on
the track atm( it ad been rem over; there
tas op pergesik On the front platform but
he Orlveri-thenecichint occurred in front
of Wainwright 'street, on Ilutier; the car
was goiegelhatly, the heroes only welklng;
' the ecelderiyhappened at ten minutes be.'
fore one oklieek on hate rdity afternoon,
April 6ththealriver is a sober man; never
beard of him Porter' an accident before.
Charter C. - Aikthaon erforu—Fail standing
on the rear platform of the ear, which wee
goltig at-nmoirrateapsed; feittwo distinct
' jam; jumpedand cil.overed.the child;
i mi
picked it Mar se ittei track and errand it
Info the boost andlseut fora doctor; the
child weal:KW, wheracarrini it 10; slid
not beer Ony e halloo.
John W.
Et sworn—Got Into the - car
,td. the Com . and was coining Witte city t
when nears onset street felt alert task
ed out and se amaze pick up ;something;
I could not see bat It was; . think certainly
.that the dew did not know be bad ran
.'over the etina eras driving Mow and pay.
Ang el-tenth:on a call !ruin a po , enger
wishing to green; ell the driver said was
that he naked ene What, was the mutter. and
ap pealSedttalableorrys the ear whitlow as
, down; did nertheas any person halloo stop.
. John Denteriaworn—Wo tdout three hen
deed yards beta the mar when the necideut
esmusred; SOW. little child crawling tn.
ward Me lugged between the two trecks;
the ewingle ton struck the child on the
halal, awl ill on rolled under thaw Steele of
, theesr• loaned at the driver in atop that
he beef un tessera child. Be said he did not
Omer it. , Teigettild was apparently going
awry from home; I feel satiated the driver
I did not known., eti tun over the cellit
• Dr. James- ihrtnhaon, sworn—Abbe% One
~ recleek on Saturday Was cadent° seen child
1 which woo IVTlOrted to hare been run orer
by it ear; wens an,LeXatattled the child and
I found a number Of wheelie on the child. all
of which were entricient to rause death in
any person; wee evidently run over by sou'
[ Jacob (Ili, soars—At the time of the mei
, dent eat standing at Dane aloes sew the
, child when it vase about els. lost from the
I hors.. endued et the driver very loudly
Land think the driver beard me; saw the
child pies.' tip; the driver-looked In my
face w hen I lialiond; I kal hod three times.
Anthony oga, eworn—W ae la tny shop at
1 the earner ohlXnate to Dana' Law tee child
fell under the car; the driver vas Wealth:
loan oppOsite direction (eons where We
, Mind fell under; car nu a atom olotance
' before tt stopped; 4 - 113 O. note! ast of Wale
' right street; think the drtver did not see It;
ti id not beta 'thy true helicon raw the acct.
'dept through the eludes,' of the shop.
The jure rat:trued a verdict that the , 10-;t cane ta Ins death by being . PAC Went
•lly rcurovarthy ear .1i0.3i of the Citizens
Passenger ....133111340tes IP szetts th e
'thEdtiver Iron any borne in the prinufwi.
An epplimstans • will bewiatio, to-day In
the Criminal Court for the tlhCharge of
I.thgtelt 00 bail. .
-- .
An inneer In Trouble
Brown 13.1Wedlt act °Meer Jeremiah
Smith were arrested on Saturday 'and
brought before Mayor Morrison, elitrged
with having committed out, aggravated as.
malt upon William El:lst:ha,. on Troy 11 111.
learn the dielteditioll of the latter it Cl , .
peered. that 'taw...Chad some diftienhy
with Elnatelo about money that the latter
owed the former. The quarrel matted In
Einstein s hoving U ',sr sou vlolentlY• where
pon the assaulted party repaired to the
collet of Alderman Mullen and preferred a
e11en...0 of assault and battery. .1 warrant
was tasuml immediately and placed in the
hands of Odic, Smith, who, In company
with Dawson, proceeded to Troy 11111 fur the
purpose 611 arresting the accused.
They oetid Ltalteitt la roar Route , '
which h f o refused to leave until theoremic
would show him his warrant or authority
for making the arrant. Strange to state,
Smith refused to prrld nee the warrant, but
trildeati drew forth a pistol and tcht
stein that If he resmted another
Instant he would blow his br•lns
out. liawson. Inspired with courage
by thoconduct of Smith, placed his
hand m his breast poket aunt mule a aim liar,
threat. felinity, violence Einstein arrow.
panted them to the Wilco et Alderman Mul
len, where tie entered boil for a hearing anJ
WWI released. As sOOll W. he sus at liberty
he proceeded to Slayer liOrrlitOp t a enter.
and Coale oath as stated. Smith entered
Will In the sum of five hundnat dollars for a
bearing and Pas eon, being unable to 10 ,1,
security, eat tooted to remain in the lock
up for the present.
If the facts In the case are as above stet.
eti,ane conduct of Smith en thle occasion
was highly reprehensible, and he should be
autarchy' dealt with for assuming such ar
bitrary powers. Einstein had a perfect
right to see tiro warrant before no wend
take a stop,and if to tad knocked his as
sailants down when obey laid hands upon
the ~.:nurt would have Justified the
act. °Moors sheuid remember that there
a limit to their authority.
Auscultation nod UnSouod. **** 's Lunn
‘i hen Larestc. who was the flrst to intro
duce to the medical profession auscultation
as a means of duterchinl nu the exact state
of the lunge by listening to the respiration,
he met with out little favor. The novelty
of Me Invention excited not a little atten
tion, and , Its being cri different from that
mode of examination which had existed
since the commencement of the Chrtellan
era, up to Rts time, ISM, It was denounced
' as quacking, rind unworthy the dignity of
the profession. IL la need!ess, however. Lo
observe that at the present day. Ismonce's
mode of examining the long. IS, Dream°
form or other, resorted to Sty nearly all med.
Mal men who make any preensions toward
the cure of lung in any of Its Man
ifold varieties, Isihiease
it Oct mote Shea that the
human mind should exert itself In Its dew>.
Lion to that science whose function it Is to
ameliorate the condifdon of the human
race, especially with regard to a disease
which annually sweeps its untold millions
to untimely gravest Our answer lea plats
One. IL 10. Anil do. whoever he may be.
who adds hut a little to the .cumulated
lore of toms, la entitled to the need of praise
from which none but tt blgot,who diadres to
stand still, will demur. We desire to Invite
ettention morn especially to anew. instru
ment, called .L.lO fa: SOUND" partly the rn.
vention of Dr. Keyser, of tide MCI*, which.
ho claim& nets to the car, us the microorope
does to the eye, and Tandem the normal and
abnormal intends, i the w a l ls ms
oins, f
thi as p s lain to
4hei car as though
were made of glass Instead ad uptake flesh
and Stood.
Trial Lint for Monday.
Alexander Elliot vs. Jacob underrn
. Nlmrgurut Dour vs. Lambert. Knoth.
. Hebert. Caldwell ve. JORII AleLaugh
et ha.
Henry "Daly vs. Ephraim IL Trlmblh.
~satnuel Inhunstockva.,ruers
Ilrows &An:alarms TIL Jollaley s . 4.•
RO a Lang ys, Morton strolls.
1 1 11tnthers.
, deferl. Ti l t
._~: .
47. McClung .t Noble vs. rlttabnlill: Alle•
60. S. C. Neel vs. 160500 E slorrow,
51. Ilamet Donn vs. same defendant.
W. l'bllls 0500510 vs. 11. Fleldbu..ll.
fl. David Chess and 'Lunen Kirkwood vs.
Benjamin Column.
55. J 41240311011 vs. Franelsks 801100.
In the Court of Common Pleas. Saturday,
was presental the petition of Mary A. Leech,
by her next friend, Oliver E. Cornelius
John LI.
Leech. on for divorce
the ground of her h dese usband rtion .
She avers that she was joined in marriage
it wi thed him on Nov.lef.2. lived anti cohab
with him, in all respects demeaning
`herself as a wife should, Until' September
nth, 1861. from which time he bus wilfully
and ugalicionsly deserted and absented him
; self from maintainy and habitation, and
refused to and support her,as he
was bound to do, without any Jost:kr res.
uaDle cause.
le 14 per
Shocking Affair ossthe Pennsylvania
AAllto.llll—Train Thr wet from the
Track—One of the P ties Arrested.
Ono of the most atrocio attempts to de
strop life that litu,conie u ler our notice for
a long time; occurred about one mile east of
r i
Wall's Station, on the enitsylvania Cen
tral Railroad, , yesterda Tao-Cincinnati
express that left the la n Depot at eleven
o'clock, was thrown o the track tit the
place designated above, by encountering a
number of ties and a couple of kegs of
nails,, which had bee plated across the
rails, the Obstructions e tehding the entire
breadth of the road. The engineer,
Kerr, did not notice anything in the way
until within a short disce of the barn.
Cade, and the speed of the t t rain being very
great, all his endeavors to atop the engine
proved revent the approaching catastrophe
futile. With a ermhlng report that
could have been heard for a great distance
the locomotive dashed against the ties and
nails, the coneussion throwing it headlong
to the other track .
While the baggage and
two of the four passenger cars followed suit.
For almost a quarter of a mile the half
wrecked cars, cow freed from the restralt
Of Unmans. sped onward, leaping from tie
to tie, until at length the engine struck the
end of a steeper and capsized, burying In
Its rules enghmer Kerr and another em
ployee of the road named later McCauley.
The track ou both sides, from where the ob. '
etrnottons Were placed to where the ursine
stopped, was torn up, presenting an ugly
scene of destruction, while the two ears
'which Mal followed to the locomotive were
considerably shattered. Three men were
observed standing clove to the obstructions,
two of whom decamped. but the third was
arrested and brought to this city, where he I
wits looked up la tile tombs for a hearing. I
lie refused to give his name, and
on being questioned as to why be did the I
deed of which ho was charged, his only re- I
ply was .11 don't know.. Although piled by
a hundred lzuerles he refused to give any
thing but that same reply, and Sat ia the
furthest corner of the mil during the greet-
r part of the night with his face buried lh
his hand., moaning low as if to himself. Si
groat number of those who have seen him,
dnalailla s a neness. but that will be gluate
for to bo determined by tie-medical frater
nity. Sines his arrest tan evidence of his
criminality has ruultlphed. McCauley
and IC-re are both seriously injured,
toe fanner haying had one of his feet cut
°Timid bluing broken, while the other was '
severely scalded by the steam from the 1
boiler of the engine.
A. young men named Bricker, a brake
man on the train, was injured tolsoch an ex
tent that his death is loosed for each hour.
LQuite a number of others were morn or less
abored, but none aerie...W.
The motive that those wretches had for
the uerpertrittion for such a hellish deed
cannot even tie guessed at, unless It was
with the expectation of having an opportu
nity a ff orded them for the robbery of the
mall and passengers.
—.Since whiles the above, wolearnitbat at
an early hour this morning two men named
reppectively Peter Howard end Thomas
price, were arrested on a charge rt com
plicity in the diabolical deed of obstructing
the thick. They were arrested at the Ninth
ward coke oven..
We learn that the name of the man ar
rested at the scene of the catastrophe is
Monahan, and the police remember him as
the person arrested on Wylie street some
tae mmy h. ago, while begging, attehtleu
being attracted to him by his playing
"tummy... and throwing away articles of
Mai given him as be passed from house to
Martin 1.. Bracken la the name of the
brakesman injured. Ills right thigh la frac
tured, and Wattles is internally injured to
such an extent that it is
ne cannot
recover.: lie was taken to his t.arding
hon., en Walnut Str yearseet. la the Fifth ward.
la about th of age, and has a
wife and child irt re y
al,Ung at New 1/ortrico,
Weatmoreland county.
• Ilissont.—To-night Mated., the crest dtaL
Una artiste, the tragedienne who tuts created
a furore wherever also has appeared, ill the
' • - - .
oil or new world, will hold torahat the
New . Opera lioeso. Theoccasiort will,prove
a memorable soup all vrtm attend; it will
call forth theth, fashion and beauty of
the two cities and neighboring localitied
within a radtits of fifty miles. Certainly in
fashionable circles of caciety it will be re
garded almost equivalent to crime to fall
embracing the opportunity of .annntrand
bearing the magi:dam:lit queen of tire tties.t.
Ideal world—"the InlaillOnary Of art." Al
ready a large number of vents have been dis
posed of, but, thanks to the discretion of
Manager Ilendersou, the space has not Mt
Wan reserved, as choice quarters nate been
a3Agned both nigh for new comers, or
persons who are t o ly In deciding whether
to bona attend c o. c The Lex book
retnalea Dorn end e urge those who have
thus tar delayed urine . Beata to make
early application.
liisturl appears night in the historical
play, written for ter .in the Italian lan
guage. entitled I . isaboth, Queen of tug
land. The Idea o f be author accrual° have
been tothrow together, regardless o: plot,
Many thrilling and deeply faTeetilig seenes
in the life of k.itrabetli, iu enter to display
to the best nocsible advantage. the un
equaled abilities of the great historian. It
Is Impmeable tor us here to give any outline
of the striking parts of the play, nor would
ft be of soy service to readers who
may, attend, It we were to pnblish the en
able tragedy, Once Hastert and the taiented
troupe accompanying her, will interpret
every line by peculiar, remarkable and em-
!sent actinic.
Tomorrow evening, Itivtorl appears as
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. If the Immo ,
tal INCIO above tha grave;to-clay he
could ask no Minn, reoognltion of his genii.
to pro teeing the powerful tragedy - than
Meter' deserves for Its interpret... l ton. But.
all will be in attendance, end unites the
world bus conaUltied to deceive, Illvtori wilt
not fell to enrapture the brilliant said Intel•
llgent audiences which will greet her In
- -
VARIEVES TIIMATBIL—The great farce and
take.olf eltastore-bere will be prainced by
the immense company flaw playing at the
Varieties Theatre. Now f/ALS.CtiOI3B are
offered each evening. .
CITY IiALL--Fred. Douglas, the colored
orator lectures at City flail tomorrow night
. .
A German, rejoicing Id the horticultural
cognomen of Grab,lti Plum, has been indul
ging of late In the rather questionable
amusement of beating his wife, Annette.
This drama of real life was anything but
pleasant to the sensative sr eaker reasel,w ha
being desirous of thversifying the porter
onaa before Alderman Taylor.
Saturday, and made oath against Got-
Irib for assault and battery. ~
On the appearance of the o ff icer in Mel
domicil of the unnappy pair, armed with
documentary authority r, to take possession
latter body of the pagandom - Plum. the
grew terribly indignant and picking
up a chair aimed a blow at the head of the
' g policemen. The adroit.
ly dodgedunsuspectin the missileraral leaped to a back
door just In time to provost Plum from
dodging him. !ere Annette Interfered
and endear() d, by sweet words
of gentle plead ig. to dinsuade the officer
tram the perfor !PICO of ILLY duty. Dot bet
efforts in an an orthv cause proved una
vailing, and the ungallant Benedict was
arraigned before the magistrate mentioned,
when lie won made to give ball In the cam
of three hundred dollars for a bearing on
Tuesday. From present appearances the
affair w ill be amicably adjusted, as Annette
Is Barely erserelsed over what she foolishly
regards as her has , I, inprmecUting her
liege torn. •The best place for tiotlelt , is the
windy , where, le tbe course of three
months, lie might learn that there le neck
a thing as a man perpetrating an msanit
and battery on his 'Metter-hall..
Caiataie ttttt litene.y by Exibrelts—A rrrrr
Acting upon infOrmatlon received. detec
tives to this city were on tho look out, Sat
urday, for tin arrival, by express, of spank.
age of counterfeit national currency, nd. ,
dressed to uSamuol Well, care of Sialsmund
[bees, Pittsburgh.. The persons named
recalled at the Express orrice, received and re.
cce for the package, and were
soon after arrested by a detective.
who was watching for them. U'n fortunate
ly,poweenr, for the cads Of Justice, the
plirragr • us nolfatind to their pomession,
the'rekr. 'caving, it 14 supposed, after the
.cue.... 4 okpockets, adroitly managed
to ,1161111ederato In the street.
were taken before
4 Elrataillaitrildt Sproull, who
4 ,,,,e5s for 6 hearing on a charge
I • iikm .eutiterfelt money with intent
'gum is a Ylttaburgher, end
Well Ic frei* ,• hilatlelphla.
Illobbery or 810,01,0 on, the Mongol*.
, bolo.
tine of the Browneville pickets, shortly
after leaving that port on SaterdaY night.
was robbed of a package of money belong
ing to the Adams Express Company
amounting to $lO,OOO.
The money was In the sate in the clerk's
office, where the messenger WE. lying
asleep. The thief, 11. Is supposed,
took the
key of the male from the pocket of thenes
senger, while the latter was asleep, uh
straetekithe money, getting off at the next
landing—a. place called Beeville.. No clue
to the robber has yet been obtained.
Jewelry !Stolen
Diary2dagraw appeared before Alderman
Donaldson, on Saturday, and made oath
+wenn Rebecca Davis for larceny. The ac
ceted is charged with havlng purioloml
from the residence , of the prosecutrtx., the
Fourth IN and,s oot of Jet Jewelry valued at
•15,00. Rebecca was arrested and made to
give bull In take 51101 of WO for hear u 6
t e
- ii
I •
Almost a Dae—An Actor One of the
The cafe darlio has not been recognized
among our staid .burgers of late as a recti
fier of wrongs, and it, therefore, is a matter
of some surprise that any person in the
community should have the temerity to
surrect the barbaric practice. Yet such a
man does exist, breathing the pure oxygen
of heaven, In a small room , on the second
floor 'of Airs. B--a` boarding house, On
Third street. lie Is an agent for a mercan
tile uss ' ocitition, and claims to be a worthy
scion of a noble house in seotland, distantly
related to the author of "Kenilworth," and
withal• a man of good address and many
gentlemanly attainments. g e nt le m a n
room , on the tense floor with thi
is a hietronie cuss, who is, at present, en
gaged at. the Opera !louse, and who, a few
eveeingaaince, ineulttsl the bernchman by
peril:Ong from his chamber a valuable
umb Ila. On their meeting an altercation
of avery implessaut nature occurred,which
terminated in the man of noble antecodeam
retiring to . the narrow confines at
his room and directiog. therefrom
to mortal combat. couched
h igh sounding terms, that would admit
of neither explanation nor apology. This
epistle was received by the knight of
the sock and buskin with all the gravity
dread contents merited and a note of aacep.
tames was dispatched by a third party to the
gentlemen ou the "second floor front." Thu
latter out abo
the encounter and onut making the neceasarY f Prep
arationst:t for an
°veldit last directed his t roll d ot rida her y
valuables to his friends in Scotland. with
the full expectation of the duel having a fa•
tal termination for him. arrangenieula
were made by friends of the would , . com
batants to have the affair come off 'Coal
11111, early on naturday morning, hot by
this thee the coarsen of the actor oozed
Out and the redoubtable. Scotchman had tits
venom appeased by an apologetic note from
the player, promising that Ca the future the
Umbrella a the former ahould be consider
ed sac red as the escutcheon of his father.
Thus what might have been a very serious
affair, terminated to tie satisfaction of all
That Tritimphal Arch.
Who that witneased the grand soldiers
demonstration In this city, In September
last. does not recollect the ,magnidc out tri
umphal arch erected on Pennsylvania Ave.
nue, This arch will be the subject of con
troversy In the District Court, Mils .week,
Michael L. Malone, the constructor, having
brought suit tor 'compensation. It was built
It seems, at the Instance of committees of
citi mat of the Sixth. Seventh and Eighth
wards, and the amount of the bill rendered
vat two hundred and any dollars. After
beteg referred trom one party to another, in
his .ttempt to secure his pay. and every one
detiv in g any responsibility, save two or three
pert.pd who paid their Share, Mr. Malone
forced to bring suit, and there is a strong
probability Of his being awanled his just
du at the hands of a f The partie
whit have paid their share ury.
are John IC Ell. s
Inn, Esq., of the Eighth ward, end S. B. Cluley
she Jacob 11. Walter. Eros., of the Sixth
ward. The Seventh ward Committee to al
leged to be cl ai mult. and will miae a de
fense to the made against them, about
one hundred and thirty dollars. Perhaps,
the matter may be arranged arid the trial
thus avoided.
Shooting Affray In the Etchlh Ward.
Friday night a tlikgranef ul disturbance
occurred at the houoe of .4rs. Johnson, in
the Eighth ward. The police were called
to suppress the row, and in order to do so,
they arrested a young man named Robert
limier, who seemed to ho the pr,inclirsl
actor in the tumultuous scene, While ofIl•
cur Dressler was conveying Yowler to the
tombs a crowd. of roughs interfered and
ro.ened the prisoner, whereupon the police
' Man tired two shots at the crowd, one of
which tool: effect in Footer's right thigh.
Notwithstanding tho wound, he escape
Y was re.arrested on Saturday and lodged
Su Jail. His wound. though yery painfal, le
not of a dangerous charantuh.
Young lien's COrtetlaa Asaraelation.
Professor brewer, of Yale College, loo
t res Si MI .011ie flailon Thonrday and Fri.
diis evenings of Oita week. Llslectere on
the “Itountain Scenery of California . is
pronounced superb by the Enatens papers.
The lecture will be free to all members of
the A.,soCiatinu to others fifty cents. Tick
ets sun ho had at the music and book stares
and the rooms of the Association, No. 21.
Eifth sitter These lectures are given by
the Association for popular instruct iOn anti,
we hope , he pulnie will attend ilium both for
their own ta.nelit and to somewhat lighten
the expenses of the Young lien's Christian
Association in securing them.
Larceny xis Itallee,—A follower of Ace
eulaplue named Dr. LiOnekee, of Lawrence
ville, appeared before Alderman Strain, yes.
torday, and made oath charging a tailor
named Anderson vith larceny .aa bailee.
Tits proiecutorulleged that he gave Ander
son &quantity of cloth (corn which he ex
pected a cult of 'clothing to be made for him.
eel f. On Rom gto the “Knight of the shmro ,
some days after, he was coolly informed that
'the clot ta was non ear that It had disappear
ed he knew not whither, This explanation
Y elled to satisfy the Doctor, and be accord
ingly made Information as stated. A war
rant taus been lamed.
The Pesustsy or. roo . lah Act —James
.Stepleton, a man of middle years, melding
Platll3 street, attempted, yesterday,'lo
perform an nupostiblothing, near
haring his la. through his follyalt appears
that ne was nn the front platform of car No.
0$ on the Citizens P.S.CIIgCr litallway, and
no it was parsing another ear, which was
coining In, attempted to Jump to UM set ,
mid car whe both were In Of
mum bo il
thrown under the wh mot mls and
very fortunately - escaped with Ids life. Ills
right toot was badly extolled and will prob
ably have to be amputated. So much for
The Free Whisky . Bill.—The applica
tions film for tavern license, under the
new whisky bill, up to Saturday noon, num
bored one hundred and twenty-elk, or an
tivenl.os of twenty-one per day since the Arab
instant. Clerk Brown says the neat list
will be a largo one. As the peminna Opera
ting under licenses baring some time tO
ruts are not tie yet applying for a renewal,
and the majority of tense now applying are
about to embark in the business. WMO idea
may he formed no to tits, liberality of new
law as compared with the old.
Declined to rte.—Pritchard Parsons.
having been elected Supervisor of Jefferson
township without bib knowledge and con
sent, and to his Ilwehee, and being melte.
ted as to prevent him discharging the du
ties of the °dice, petitioned the Court on
Saturday to accent his reaignation and an.
point some one in his stead. J. It. Large,
Esq.,presented the petztititi.lind sugge,ted
the name ofJohn Payne. The resignation
was accepted, and Mr, Pains ooPoottod to
Ell the vacancy..
New Runde,. Paper.—The Lender has
at length found a rival in the Allegheny
Blotter. a now Sunday quarto paper,
ed In German, and to be issued every Sun.
day. The first number was laid upon our
dock yesterday, and after careful examina
tion we found that It contained much bet
ter Enpfith than the other Sunday journal.
G. F. Bauer, Esq., Is the editor and proprie
tor of the now paper, and we, wish Slim the
succors worthy bill enterprise. to will be
published iu the Dispatch building.
The Leader, yesterday, contained the
following paragraph: "The Clurrite, Doti.
Ong the enormous advance in rents in the
city this sprinz attributes it to the strikes
of the ni.cnanics for higher wages o Not
so. Too (;•rarrr. never said unything
which could he so enistrued. Careless read
ing is a grave fault, especially In nu editor,
and the Leader man moat Plead godly to
misrepresenting our views ou the high rent
Beat a Boy.—Mr. ilarksiono Is a music
teacher, awl lives on Sloth street. lie has
become quite familiar with sweet sounds
during the many years of his professional
life and has beat time to everything from
a triangle to a violincello. Ile attempted to
change the brat oil Saturday by beating 4
little son of Mrs. Ellen Kemp, for doing
which he wet arrested and brought before
Alderman Strain. who held ham In adigi for
a hearing.
Stole en towasownles —The Court of
Quarter Sessions, Saturday, 'granted a rule
on William McCully nod tt. F. Vottle, of Mr
ming tc show sh ould y their appoint
ments as deputies not be recinaod,
because they arc not residents of the town.
ship in and for which A. Stele. la whom
they were deputised, was elected. Tbe
rule is made returnable on Saturday next.
Common Plena Conrt—Vetere /lent
Thomas NWliOn.
James O'Connor ca. oriners steam tow
boat The jary d ischarged c wore un
able to agree and, srure by the
Court on Saturday triarrausr.
Court Will meet thin (Itonday)monalng at
ton o'clock. See trial lid eialletlara given.
One of Our Aldermen gave aAventat•
hen% member of the Plttsborg h. Bar • sorer*
thrsoddng on hatunlay, whereupon the
aboend .Itommy appeared borore • neighs
boring magistrate and instituted no lam
than lour charge. against hla &mensal,
Ile would dentate. have add tendede list
had las legal knowledge es any
Asianlt sad Battee7.—A South named
Edward EulMbe was before Alderman Tay
-10, yeatarday, charged with committing
an asMult and battery, by besting limulle
Cramer and Adam Hall with a club, and
auneeouently etriking them with Wines,
Tho ku..cused gave bail, for his appearance
at Uctirt to answer the charge,
A Bridge is to be constructed over Chor
tlers creek, on the line of Baal:lP= and
North Fayette township, on th Pi
e ttsbuh
and Neblestown mad, with a sixty feet
Span and ten feet high. The location has
been approved by the Court, as submitted
by the VieRCIS, 51016r11 Patton, John
It:ing, Jr, and A. M. McFarland.
Gave Hon.—Patrick bleSteen tru before
Alderman Strain on Satarday,chargoel viih
the larceny of a coat from tho clothing es.
tablishment of A. Aronson. corner of et_
Clair and Liberty groom.. He was liberated
on giving ball fot his appearance or the
next term of the Criminal Court.
Contented Election,—A petition Um
been presented to the Court of Common
Picas praying that the election in Harrison
township be-set aside, for Irregularity In
the matter of selecting School Director', or
in designating the tern. for which they
were elected.
Warrawt Isaweel.—Rosenburg appeszegi
before Alderman Strain, en Saturday, and
lodged an information charging Jacob
Shuck with having cruelly beaten and
abused him without the slightest proven.'
110" for the assault. A warrant was
Deer Creels hrldigs.—ClLlzens havini
petitioned for a linden over Deer Creek, to
West Deer township, the coon has appoint.
ell c...§ vlawera Me.sars. C. SrtiVely, artist, P.
lintetilson and A. Marvin to locate and re
port as to the necessity for the structure.
The CAI il•qtteag on the body of
the child found Scarf In thn Stath ward. n
few days since, terminated, no Saturday l a
=verdict that the deceased had nome'to Its
death by •lolenee,nt the bands of some per
sons to the J ury unknown.
Committed.—is:cargo Meitamery, whose
arrest for larceny wo mentioned a few days
since, was cOmulitte.l to JaU yesterday by
Mayor Sturci.On In default of the requisite
Issassranee.—Trie attention of our read
,s to directed. W the advertisement of
trimly reliable and successful' Lila insu
ace Company for a General Agent.
No Sentences were pronounced In the
CrimLualtiourt on Saturday. ant the sea.
aloe was occupied in the transaction of the
usual miscellaneous business.
Histori.—A number of choice orchestra
boats for Ristort's !italics can be obtained at
the office of Weldon 1t Kelly, Wood street,
one door below Sixth,
Tom' Down.—.ll.frarne block Of buildings
on the corner of renernl and Wylie streets
preparatory to the erection of new houses:
Yeaterday wee Puston Sunday.
Sunday will be be Palm Sunday, and the
ono following, Easter.
The Gees% Republic excitement hen
died oat. Ittitori is the crab which now
create. 6013311tintl.
The Iron 4Yry eloothly will be ready
this week. Pries sixty =MS per copy-
Look for IL
The Iron City allowably wlll :la ready
talc weeir. Price sixty cent per copy.
Look for It.
The Leader objects to the brevity of our
Reins and the routing public to the length
of theirs.
The 'Lane gas lamp in front of the Unto.
Depotaias been demolished.
Tito Income rotor. will not Do pabltsh
al Into yen. Senetble.
Profesoor Dean, Pallemai of tho High
School. oconvole:.c.nt.L
Yogter, tire Washington county ix,
demi% Is repenting.
The Peanut brigade will bent the Ope
Rouee to -night.
Th• afluilat Ward waste a .tam are
rifle EKIa steam ere engine IS agSb. Sa
There still talk of removing the Poet
The Public Scheel• resume PeUteh
The aDIM IS two feet deep at Ebensburg.
Etlat• /rown tiled wOith $17,000.
NT FICK .—On Friday Leon:ans. April hth. Yla
Iler funeral rill take planet trona We maiden -
of her tor.tbcr, Alen. Nintlek. No. IM Noblnao •
atteet. Allegheny City, on MONDAY Anna
:1000. at IltlieloCk.
13 - 1 4 .7373ELF1LT.1333.3E1101.7
Do. We Paiute stmt. rlttsborse, CO FF I N
of all kinds; cii.A.rrs. GLOVES, ars:levers de
scription of rll.l.llYornailelug tiosst• [smile
r& Dooms opened day aO4 olj x. Bram and
ti foruc4.
s rise.excle—k lsb ily. David Herr, D. D., En.
E. W. Jambes. MD., Thomas fres/G1...4.. J.-
..b ?Mir, Sao.
llanchautar, Wood'. Run and ;vicinity.
Comer 8 heMald &dad Chart' ern costa
Keaton and Carrianus furnisbed.!
ber.utlrul the Isubur
ban plans of sepulchre. except am In able Marl
ty..ltasted on New Brighton rued. lutlelltutu•
1y north or Allegheny. For burial lots,pe milts
Moretitle, call et Gcntral Urag
Ipmoroiukt.s FOR LAYING
tht WATER rtec.—Stalrd eroposals will be
received by the Witter Committee until
7 041.700 k P. Q. of Eooda7 J Apotllslh,
for LAVIN.) 'SPAT PtPE 'on Duquesne
Way s run optimists Avenue, Water, 14tiertt,
Butler, Hautw Wulton. Colwell -and leride
wire eta, to inc lu ded arn.c. repaving where tie
maths required connection at the sev
eral cross streets. elation and .conneeting main
pines, .d comowting therm e to the vatiallsos
tots of tun nupertntendent. Committee
reserve the right to rej ect ail DMA Dot se.rool
talislantcry. ttetalls 1 te• contract will be
furnished on appiteation th
anvivr4 JUSZPII I'Etal4Cll.
slierasow arhiannt.T riuthol CLUB.
•--••- •• -
(Sumasors to ueo. 1. nay:Lao:an & C 0..)
Tito ONLY STELIt LlTliutlirarelle ISMS.
Bum., Cards. Latter Beads. Bonds. Labels,
Circulars, allots Cards, DIRIOIDI4, POMILILS,
Views. Certificates of Deposits. Invitation
Cudo. te. Nos. 7Y and VI Third at.. Pitts-
WEST C 0111210,7 ItLitHINE
13TONL WORKS. Nerttoresl Corner o
Wes Comma. Aszularorr.
Have oo basid Or PmPgms os man noUa
iVrtlren promptly ozoeuted. PitiCEDAKZA
501,11/.Z. .
Candy liM
Awl dealer is 70111.1tihi AND .I.lllBCile
ratan. MILLIS 200T8, tr.. AC..
Nu. 112 Federal Street,
3.00 Ad duo, from the First Naeloss Beat.
crrnAirr. OF MAGNESIA.
In IS on bottles, to powder. This Mawr:eels la •
mild et:mattes aed •pertene. eery acceptant • to
the Momacti, deg Lead mite. sour et Met
etosoleb. sad aligned:le case. For sale by 111.51
Druggists. reepa-ed AUTlitia
LSt Spoturs.reet.2,!_w__________lllb=.l
SUOMI'S of the very best far hire at
Howard's Livery' Stable,
lificatrett, near Moe Geishas Hoare,
Or st atfeetlon pal to Do-Mg and aemns
..... . tt..wr Ywet St T.lgreirgr, ell
mutases. need but iisbort Um.. foes •
redued prtees. WY. BIIHNICH s CO..
rein SI Fifth •trr•t•
I. at 8a 140 unAw_ ITJZZT.
000 CORDS or nEatILocK AND
los CO111)544 CB EMT]U2OAZ HARM
fore ale Dr the sue" , ether as the V estsbarg aj34
eesaa Breech et the Pee ;Mimi. IA It.
Address. R. E. TUDOR.
4:413br1e (Putty. 1.3,
Wholesale Agents
American Watch Company's
No. 56 Fifth Street,
6 Wylie 84, 3d door from 516.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
No. 114 Lll3lllLTir STENS.
1 2 .1ttailaux - fsla., 1 2 .03:123.14.
fir Particular attention Alma I n 41,1121.111
Watanea. Cloaks and Jewelry. All watt war•
89 89 89 89 89 89 89 S 9
s9 ,IEL CP 3t1 . 33 '
8 9 89 Jffarket Street,
: 9 9 1800T5, SHOES, &C.
i 9 \JAS. ROBB, Mt Market St.
1 89 S 9 S 9 89 . 89 $9 $9
6L1M5021 . 15 COPPER TrBULAR
With Spiral Flanges.
TEL Rod has the power to carry off as mach
elcity ea twentd.Cowtoon or
f.; In other
words le equal team:rid bar or ironshirty Dreher ,
In circumr.rete. It does not r.sti it cannot
get Put of order.
oncehas re , rived the drat prcml
=t= ' l ' t a :r y eree: b!sPelri r t i llPe i d r AN ' t!
it bee been recommended by reverm hundred
Professors In the best Scols d Colleges rn
the Dolled States. as the be ru st ir Rod an ever iv:, et. rt.
In this list we may name Ptillotu• Dean. Crofts
nor cif Nature erten., Pittsburgh dice sel.00l;
George Woods. President 'Western Beirut - Fit/
f Pennsylvanie, and 1.1:. Pcreldng. President,
Pittsburgh Female College,.
Am the hualreds or buildings upon which •
this Hod was erected within toe past year In this
vicinity we may mention tbe Locomotive Worts;
Banner tett. Mill. Allegheny Ir louring Mills;
Pint Preabyterieu Church of nilegnen, Second
Ward liebrol Mouse. Pittsburgh, idly Poor
House, Clttaburgh On Bridget's hutch, fltts•
burgh, •c. do. to the surrounding °entry
mane of these Bode have bet erected on resi
dences or public buildings. It may be examined
on Me Lutheran Chums a; Johnstown; on the
Disciple. Church at New fleeter on Dr. nerd'•
residence Hiceoryi on agiltdett;.;• of EPielre
Jance• Lawrenceville; N. M. En ton. Mehet e •
port; Wm. twist. Frankfort *rep' gs p. &J.
W. Large, tillebettdown; Col. Wm. Miller. fort
Perry; P. Baler. beetle bland; J. Lockhart,
Carlo ,sorag: L. W. Lewls, bbercsburg; J. Y.
Freedom. friend liaker.towu.
Sc., de, he. Mats hod it adopted bylol who
t lightniet horde wherever it le Mtn Ahmed,
kodan experience of ten years we hero never
nown an instance of damage to a b..lidlug Pro •
maser try it, wal.e man
di y instnecet niceve
Trld 'r s ge-v d e a' t>e?: ir:a7tu tee Iro n
cellede eommunitlee lettere attention is
co the sub'ect. Mum we are almost deli?
tht ed on to takedown the iron rods and erect
e Munson Copper B.A.
Price 30 setae per foot and $3 for points on
each rod. Our 'Foramen will go to nut Part or
the country without comae:barge.
B~ggoeue Way, below Hand se:Bridge.
- • - --• •
. 611r83 ror : od - t • • • co. •
at_l3. It [TOSS]. ..d Coon., Worthoose,
otteet. ml.22,s6:stiottfr
No. 3 St. Clair Street.
llSrtnß porceased of A NORM': IlefiliS the
oaths Stock of Hardware Cutler, and Variety
b. de at ma above tand it la teeth tetaotwe
to keep on hand a etas s etas .
atm. of
Gans. BM's. Bev:doers, Pistols, Istdor Total*
and snorting good. of every 'Win, Inca are
also pp pared to do all kind. of JOB WOOK:
Uri d Razors. lotatort.. • e....en tt stencil§
and :lamas. and making teal and Laneolling
Swat*. at ahtruat molded.'
R. IL SOWN, Manager.
lora sad Ca
In New Designs, at
Yllth !Strut.)
BusiNEss MAN'S
Hos. band 8 81. Clair Streft
.E. Peapataal Charter.
Book4Ceeplas. Fesuaanslalp sad Ailthmettc,
time unlimited ' 1140 00 -
Arithmetic and Penmanship per quarter
of three months
Penmanship, per month..
for Clrenismi or Specimens, address ,
N. 11111-FPBS. or
Practical Furniture Manufacturers
.trio of 71:11131/1:111i ungssaatly aa
T HE E T i t i rstrga rr al. Be.t
Is WEIZZLES TRIM 12..5.. 2.28600.
PLitrUblgte. gg
roorth stro.t. one dz.,. feoni Woo-I. raleburgn.
Ales). on hand •gesvral eseormient of ad,
dles• 14., Bonen. Carle; Genilemvn's Wigs
Topeka. genelpa. tinned chaise. Bracelets. tn. •
n e good price In node 'rill be given for RA_
enj gendenien • • hide quits done
the nvideseiviinnor. - lals2l:tGl
049.211rMFINTor3Eriri• •
.9• •
Marie doors at - no titolladeLi dteeet,
Every kind oVicork ease on the abersestaoel
and moot reasonable Leernit. - / . 11.1=1. SIMI LI.
Dead in Jahlene• leit,r64
Anchor Psttoti Mills, Pittsburgh,
P.tartufutaren of
A 8111.31011 (13) BHEETIEGN.
4014 a vrrt my1.5:2)
TT sUccrsauius TO CH AMMAN a ci..A.u.s.„
Monufsetaress of
It. It 01uo 21:21t4 Allognsny
Also roil assort:was of Beltlsa at .4 H. AN.
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P. OT.O. O. MARX. Osos. of Works.
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