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rinsusiseD BY
rvim, s; CO.,
No. mite 3Plram letrin
P. B.
P 56
1 Z d liars•
30P-is . -
BELMN xi. BAD. Business Kan
M0. 3 1 1. e.a""
ellvireabf cults/. OW woe/Li4ls coot&
DWI ttaboctlbort. trell.* l l .. ... d "' OO.
Liberal Wootton to Newsboys sad iZeials_
Tbree Copies, per yosr._ol 3 5111 —."
do. .110.
Te et encosesoptee, to one sddreos, end
Otot free to Glob. cool .. ............... . 115
- Artiness Exue'Fin Eyes,.
41,41usteel wltbont paln, !by Dr. SPOn 2 ar ,
Dentin, 254 Penn Janet.
Beat Kid 4plares,
.1,50 a pair, at 02 - Maxkot street.
G. Sbatztraa
811 k, •
Sllka, Mks, at 92 .14rket stret.
- For a rail Line
MOBILI3II in all widths anti qualttles, at
the. lowest latisket cat at 02 Idarkot
street. li SCIILLIT6II.
. • ' LIDO
of Table 'ldneitt, finplons and Towels at
Tory 104 prim,. at id Marti:4 street• .
Hoop !Mir's,
Skirts G. Bcaroarsa,s
Tho stock of Boys' and weiss—Cassl
merea, Jean's sad Cotton:oes, zZt. 02 Market
French Clatatzes at :,0c per yard, M. Market,
rtrect. - G. SCIILEITEa.
BUIL They Baas
To the -grout Opern 'Mete Store; for tho
bartratua that ate now offered were never
before approached In this city,
Your Money
By purchasing your boots and shoes for less
than cost at the great closing sale, No. GO
• ynalea• D
In ovary style, from 41.26 upwards, at tho
Opera [Wow Shr Store.
, ~•
• Cheapest unit the Iles&
French calf bcota for gents In the city. at
tio. CO Fifth street.
bele -Proprietors
Of aloClelland t Co , s. Mat Destroyer.
• -- ial.a.Dsum
, • • Druggists; dile&llollY•
."" * Patent lledletnes.
Fatent ILDCLIclues for mile by
KA3Z S Darn,
• Drugglits,Alloghony
Plire Liberty Lend,
roc sale by - KiNE d Decor,
- Draggiece, Allegheny
Don't Ray last YOU Can't .
Get the beet quality of English and
Scotch Ale, Porter, or Brown Stout—for, by
calling at Faits:Ws Dare Darer you will,
and the most complete stock of the finest
brands—anti get them at the very lowest
mice. Remember the place—rim/Dot's
Drug and retest Bredloin° Depot,
No. it Market Street.
Of canned Fruits and Vegetables, and tell
be sold as' cnean MI at any 'other house in
eltlier Mts., Call and exfuntheand Judge for
Soursolvea, at No. 112 loderal greet,
Clty. ' Oxenes 110Am00.
Also, Agent for thotrelbknown bouse of
Stephen 1. whitm.ea celebrated rid's,-
Oelptda extra flne : Cream "Ron :Dons,"
“Checolates,' , Almonds, 'Walnut Candy,
Drage° Drops, AC., Ste. " • "
. .
The Continentul Dintog Saloon, mist door
to the Pent otllce, - on Fifth street, Is crowded
daily end nightly with epicure.. It in the
beet kept, best managed and' moat popular
ttlnlng eitionu In rltteourget.
Fit for a King
'Are the' meals to bo obtained only ut
each goodstyles,
ber e t'lioltehelmr , s Continen
t Vining boom. t the Post
onice, Fifth street. PrICCS ars most reasona
Best In Benson..
IlelLzbetmer keepe the best of every thing
in the market at Ms popular Continen
tal Dining saloon. Fifth street next door
to UmPOstofflee. Call in fore good meal.
To Connie: Mere Titania..
WO are °Tering tell or Staple sysl
Dry Geode, at Eastern prices.
J. W. R&ILEGII. & 59 Mairketistreet,
Nursing B
A largo sad Mae sabertment, sold 'Mg
cheap at rialuso's Data STOZZi No, SI
Market Street.
lon Ow Buy
Foreign Liquors of all kinds at JOlentt B.
Ylnett's Distillery, No. 710. lgli 123 and DO
- 4
- • '1
1n 1 lb. Cans, for sole at the lorrrst rates, at
.Fl. *130'5 Duro STOW., N. 14 Market Street
You Owl Boy
08 par' cent. 'Alcohol at Joseph a. rlncles.
_ • Ton Cos Hal
Few 33UPS at Jamb B.
It is settled that the case of Liev. Thu
Senator elect, from Staryland, will go ow
to the next meeting of Congress for a dee
ellen, unless the present session shall extend
into the latter part of next week.
East Tennessee Is damaged to the eitent
Of over two millions of dollars by the flood.
Blount, Cockeroan and 'Lawler countie
t ells
lose heavily, La igloo t o conaty a •ry
Rook of sheep were drowned, and the loss 1
nteek et ail kinds is unprecellentedly heavy.
All the termer* living on the rivers will be
very late vettli their crops. The lees of
etock will be a great drawback. The part
of the railroad bridges washed away have
been recoverad,andlucias are now ruining
to ChattanoOga from all pante, Minylives
were - lost in lower.Tennesserh, and-many
families were left homeless. arid must, suf
fer. Over One hundred car lorms 01 corn
were destroyed at Chattanooga. The depots
were all submerged, and much freight. was
destroyed. The rivers are siall.high, iced
more rain is falling.
JohnJdorriesey, Fernando Wood, James
Brooks and John W. Chandler, elf the Now
York Congressional. delegation, bad a long
interview with the President on Wednes
day night. Tao subject a the teak Was
general, including reconstruction, condo-
Catioti and impeachment, but related more
partionlarly to . Federal appointments for
the city of New York. The President was
very reticent, sad gave them no encouraae•
moot enneeraing the_Clistzibtition of the
Thelrish enthusiasm in New York has ail
subsided. and the late rebellion in Ireland
Le conceded to have been a failure. The
Only parties who receive law attention aro
' those woo favor an laymen of Canada.
Several meetings have bsen held on the
subject of an early invasion, and steps are
being taken that look somewhat like work.
No malls have boon received in New York
from the Northwest elate the !Muth of
The Most formidable body of horsemen
known in Mexico for_mony years has been
organized and placed under Milan' cum
-111111kt:id, and - ebould tho expected battle.
prove ••Liberal defeat, h wilt moot prom, •
lay pa urged into a-disastrous rent, On the
Other hand, if Mazlmillun is defeated his
cavalier will suflice;him for a dosperau,m„,
tam pP to 0A his Way to the Rio Grande,
where ho will take refuge in the United
States. '
inVirginia, the order of disbanding mili
tary organizations has canoed the disbind•
went of fittunioutt'a colored guard., at I
which Ilutinieutt and the neirroes are Toll
much grieved. Weary A. Wise has consent
ed to stump OM State In opposition to Lima.
nicutt.- - : •
school honsre in Brighton, Masa.,
earl occupied by the high school, and the
other as a primary department, were burn
ca on Wedueaday night by incendierief.
Lose, Cv, 000 . , • •
• J
105- . -.
",---....\--- : 4.--..' 1 .., ‘ , , ' , . ---11'f---.' " 1 'l's'
, • :r ,
.....,......r.r'''.•^•••,.,. --:-.1,., , -„„„,„,,, k - rA <,...t . ,,;; ; .-„„ai (
,x„,,,,.„..t,„ , .
---,-- ,i,
or*-- , - -iVr - z-,.... /..p , i , , r , "4---- ..-- •
...... 0, ,,, N . , —.........:—, 4, ~. -..-:,
j „,.
1".,,,, -P!:-..
Z.- ~ • I Mi ..0,-------."- k. -•• '.,,,- 1.-- '' ~ i , t ~'
)41, t i I
as / 1 1 . L .,; 4 ,....... :; - ; ,..,...,. ....t, ~,,..4 ; v; 0 11 7 ,,,, AA,' , ~; 1, 175. I.
-..t.:74...' z ,... x. . 1 _ t ,;.----4 . ,,4, :P.,. '''S,.‘, 7 .- - - "1 • °". r 4 14.% ....
.d..... _-"7.,>" 1 ‘ A,,.24' 1 ...
\ • \
~.,_,,.!.... ;
~, --"; I
_ _____ ,z,.....____.--__sp,. . .
..-- --- 1 1 i-,- , i ! -_--_,_-.-----._-,_•_-_ • ,..—__--...„---1&w:,...i,_,•.___._-_,......;,.....---;-----7:;..,__-„..-_-___-_-___---_.__.-
• ~..
-,?4, ; • ',\. Aiiisp • 4
il. - . _____.-. -_-_-_ /--_,,,_ ____ ~,___-__ • ~.z.-- - ------ -_____,------ ----
" 1- • ` / ,/ ..._=- - - -- 77 /
...,..$ 1 30
Pennsylvania Railroad Bill
'assage of the Bill Over the Oov
a: nor's Veto,
susentoc ME RUES-11ES 73; 3155.•!(.1.
Dog taw for Allegheny County
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh 'Gazette
likniusnt w, March I. 1567
ThO SIS,,ATZ consumed thu day : on the pr
rata calendar
a the 11ot - sr. the private calendar was
also taken up; a stringent dog law for Alle-
gheni county being Passed•
Tho Mature of the day RBA the light on
the passage of the Pennsylvania Railroad
bill over the Governor's veto.
The Pennsylvania Railroad MOM suspend
ed the rules, bye vote of 73 to se.
Messrs. Boyle, of Fayette, and Meyers, or
NO - ithampton, were furious. The - railroad
men calsa and collected. •
Thos. A. Scott was in the Muse all day.
Registration in the. District
The Philadelphia Appointments
, W.4..EasNo . roN, March n, laa
- - _
The rogistratioa 61 votes under the new
suffrage , law has commenced In Washing
ton. The registration in the First ward
els Own the blacks greatly in majority, the
whites taking no particular interest in the
acerizasarattralsooserraccrtoti mt.
The rrmnlent will prober/Y to-morr
return to the llouse the Supplemental I
construction bill.
. .
The following nominatlorui were rejected
by the Senate on Tuesday', end net con
firmed, as erroneously published Cohen
ton Internal Uwe enve--G verge EL C revue,
Second Dletrlet...sll.isonrl; henry C. Witter,
Twenty-third Dletrlct, Illinois; J. 0. Me-
Lure, Fightienth District. reonsYlranm;
David Caldwoll,Serenteentli Dle.rlct.,rour,
sylelintn; George fir.nderson,l:inth District,
PenuaylvauLa- l'ostmasters—A, Richard.
eon, Jefferson City. Missouri; Albert
Clark, Toledo, Ohio; Richard, Benham, tin •
Arbor, Michigan; William 5. Nye, Franklin
BELLS 61031 D Cr SHE PE.3124115.
. . .
The President tots signed the bill appro.
priatino Slap° for the relief of freedman,
or destitute colored persons is the District
of Colombia; also, tile bill appropriating
lilo,ooo for the Paris exposition.
ruir..anirxruis arrors•rxesx,
le understood that the President
nominated Mr. Goodwin, as collector, en
Mr. A. D Meekly, as naval oinco F , at rho.
Three Oil Wells Destroyed.
[By the Pacific and Ationtte Telegraph Co.j
Special IHspatch to the Pittsburgh uggetto•
Ott Ctrs', !larch el, 16.1.
A fire are occurred at Pit Hole to-day
which destroyed wells Nos. 1 and 2, on lease
No. a, Ideli•lnny farm. Also well No. H, on
theveme farm. All the property and about
to thousand barrels' of oil was deetroycel at
well NO.l, on the liorrey farm- The leasers
in oil are the Haskill, the United States and
Natl.:ad 011 Companies.
The weather Ls cloudy, and it to raining a
.1111.10. •
The river is twentretwe Inches and falling
The market is arm at
Tito Abortion Caso—Tbo TamVotaosoor
tioolety--Pitsro fintrratot tt
Down. . •
Ntw Toax, 'March 21.—TheKimball
who came to her death, as alleged, from the
effects of an attempt to procure abortion,
was not the wife of Major Kimball. of
liawkln., &mares, but widow of the late
Me Kimball. taken prisoner during
the Mexican war, and died in captivity.
The wile of-ldr.Jer Kimball is employed in
000 of the departinema at. Ws.suingto..
The TIMIDILELY 00010ty purchased a lot On
the north ■side of Fourteenth street. former
ly the site of the Medical College Cniversity.
which burned down with the Academy of
Monte. The ground Is one hundred and six
teen feet front and ono hundred and twee
ty-ilve feet dee. It cost eiht
dollar.. There t o a balance legft, y
as nthousand
ing fund, .of seventy thousand dollars,
which will .Ixl Increased : eeveral thousand
The elate Convention bill has passed the
Legislature with tl.lO negro suffrage clause
stricken out. .
. •
Legislative Maltem—lmpeachment of
biov. Nell• Abandoned—ltegistry
°Oleo Closed by Order of General
New Oktessa, Much 21.—1 n the Senate a
joint resolution was Introduced recom
mending MI citizens, white and black. cm
titled to vote, to reter their names_and
take an active part t o ton reorganization tit
the state.
The report Item the special or Impeach ,
Comnsittem in the House recommend
that no further steps for the impeachment
of Governor Wells be taken, e late °stab-
Ibihment of military rule in the would
render such action nugatory. Adopted.
In the House a joint protest has been in
troduced against the Itec.onstruction 13111.
The oflleeof Sweeter of Voters has been
closed by Gls register by the advice at Gen
' oral Sheridan.
FOTOWI2 alarbets b 7 Cable.
ii/VelsailTown.March 21.-,Tho steamer Tar
iff., from how York, arriv
f eded to-d
l 0 clot.
Lognon. March: I—Etvng.--C
en at 91% for =Ones; ill/Dols Central 700
78.,v; 041. 74%.
LirearoOL, March. 21—Eveiting.—Cottens
market dull ovary throughout the day
and closed at the following quotations: ni id
diltig uplands 12/gil • Orleans iSgilisalec , o oo
bales. Breadstuffats sold to-day at 34.
3d. for 43 lbs, for American and Canadian.
Provhsious—lleef; extra prime mess /275. ad.
per 104 lbs. Tallow; American Ms. hi. per
ewt. Lard Ms. Prodace market quiet.
Spirits Turpentine 800. 33. per ewt. donee
—Pots 335.3 d. per cwt.
Michlgen Legislature—Weti - O ne
ilattroad Intim V.toed.
. . .
Darrow, March the State Senate.
yesterday. Governor Crapob , veto Of the
rort kinron & Lansing Railroad bill was
voted upon, and 'resulted In the bill being
lost,lacklng one vote of making the nous•
eery twottdrds. This morning the Gov
ernor sent to. the Senate a veto of twenty'
railroad bills On the same grounds u the
former veto. The Senate took arose on two
of the bills, and lacked etrength to peas
them. The others were tabled thus proba
bly ending the project of building railroads
in this State by means Of municipalities.
A violent northwest storm prevailed all
New York Cutout Mouse
Southern Destitution Appropriation.
Mr. MORTON presented if creral mem
talc trout the Minne, , ota Legislature.
Mr. HOWE preqoutca a memorial fro
he Wideonsin Legi'Ware for aid la lb
onstruction of et military road: Referred
. .
WILLIAMS. [rota the Finance Corn
uottee, reported the lloude Jolni Resole.
tton to extend toemployee.. of the
Ltlvlelen, Currency Itare..e, the iwuutici of
the reeoluttun KIN tag twenty per cent. exit&
compenspAtun to certain employeee Of the
Government. with reeemtnendottlea that IL
ho Intleanltely postponed. Agreed to.
r.xemer rang TAX.
The JOlnt resolution exempting wrapping
paper made (1 - 0111 WOOl or COrn to irons
Internal revenue tax, wan paatked. -
• -
The MtMary Committee rupee.' t
j(ll.t resolution pluelng t Mop,.
Missouri on' an equal footing with oil
troops le relation to bounty. rusted.
Ittiroter To 1111 TWITTED.
Tno resolution to print five ttonsand
eeple9 of the report of t3enoral fingaphrles
on Ilydraullos in Me M.t.l,Elppi River, wet
on the protection AA all regions from over
flow, was p.sed.
Mr. •ANTUONY Introducuil a resointion
tramming the Committee on Printing to
;nuttire It there Le any detlclis in the tie
count of the late Superintendent of Print
ing, n briber he made toutracte preludielid
to the Government, and whether De bauittlit
mote paper than he should, Sc.
Mr. ANTHONY explained the Object of
the resoltition to be to remove certain Im-.
Pressions,cteated by newspapers, at to the
conduct of the into Superintendent. He
read A letter (ruin Mr. Wendell, denying
the allegations made eguin4 him, and re
qucating an inyeStigatitia. The resolution
It to or rretttt TO BELLIGEAti , r 3 .
Mr. CHANDLER, front the Committee On
Commerce, reported a re sointleu authOrli
ing American citisew to dispose of Vt-eatti3
to friendly belligerent governmenta
certain caunurstancca. Laid ever for Lhe
TT. rutticit.rrr
Mr. Titt:ltiti.: LL hitt educed bill to
atnevitt Cho bank tint lint. lir repealing . tho
proehoon ring' the Chief J untice to nTe
point. regiiiteni of tiankroptcy, and tirovi
illng that. the reelitera etipointoil by the
iiiiitrict Courts.
Mr. TRUMBULL rola the toinvioroinel
ovin e
sanction of the Chile( Juitlce.
fur the present.
- -
ISIr. Stlfill.slAN reeved to teem:slat , the
vole by whinll the M il exempt Ink from In
ternal lt,venue. tax ara;•pinc pscr made
from we
Or I.arra ht..ll:s. 1 . 4 o ,ol ' .
pn Inollon of 1.1 . ..51t 1:101 A N a tax of ten
per cent. was Impost:Apo all 81511..11111111t.1-pul
pul or corporal mu nolee, or scrip Issno.l , y
any naLloual banks, mutt thus amend.' We
hal pasbcd.
TAI 0111,,1101,L, SIANLX.
A letter I roll the secretary of the Treas
ury was prevloooly rss..l, showing that
national banks In Now Orleans were lam lug
rcrlp us currency.
- The bill to sell certain block Kehl In trust
fOr Chickasaw and I.:M.IAM indlscla wed
Mr. 51013.11 AN waxiest 'Avocet: ay on re.
Milting the tax on steam agricultural Mac
ChtlaOry. The aubjucl V. 5., poslpen ml until
c,.ulle 11 1.6 V,.
Ur. TiII:MIX Ltd up the joint rec..
'MUM 10 suspend further proceedings un
der llot act to appoint u cntutnittec to pay
local slave owners for stases enlisted In Ulu
amy. .
th M e ' 1 7 1!:•7n IT i •Vae l h Zirtr n " .i r isc . ‘retr; ' ) l 2
aguttost 7. __
111.E1.,,,T 1.051,07XJ.
The Muse hill to luclud.• the ronployee
quart of the quaermasters and Commissary P.
permeate. with their calmly/. Incre.O•
tw , lilo Per cent, under the resolution b
last session Villa received front llto Hulls.,
nod on suction of•ilr. Williams, 'AM, Intleil
lately postpone I.
The Senate went
executive tonal'
• and coon after adjourned.
lIIt. SCHY.NCR introdeeed anoint resole
Lion to extend to employees nt quartering..
tors and subsistmtet Oepartmeots at Want°
ington the provisions of the joint reseln•
1.1011 giving 'AI per cent tulditional cornett°
cation to certain employee. iu the civil ser
vice of the goverment:lt at Washington, in
cluding methante., laborers, wittehtuen nod
other employees in these Department.
Mr. WIL.Su.N, (lowa.) from the J tulletarY
Committee, repotted back the Senate 11111 10
provide for the Inetelet. and Clectitt Court of
the United States for Nebraska, with art
ementlinent, melee the Judge of the Cth
Circuit Mot additional salary tO dcfrptY
•travelllng expetthes. After some iliaCtission
•the unmade:mit was rejected, and 1110 bill
Saw TORE cC . STen nellea leaTTElts•
Mr. litillidsUltO, chairman of the Coro• •
mitten on Lucite Espend Buren, stated that
the Committee having taken- testimony, I
which .upparently inculpated one or more
members al the Senate, the Ceestuittee
attained It proper to report it to the Homo,
so that emelt action might be taken as coin.
ported with the courtesy tine from one I
house lotto other. tin Mimed the follow-
Resolved, That the [totem, having been In-
' foreutd by one of its Committees that teat:-
mony was brought to the knowledge of laid
Committee, which testimony apparently
Implicated One or more memb - es of the
Senate, the Llonso therefor° direct. that
, L it and, testimony he Mem:tatted DILI.,
Senate for Ito in fornialien.
• Mr. °PAULDING inquired whether the
Senate coutemplated any further contiu
nonce of Oil. neoion.
lilllti.llllltli replied that it did not.
Mr. TA B Elt stated, that as one of the mi
nority of the comtalttee, he did not agree
to the report. The evidence was, to his
taint), eutireiT lusuftlelent to base Such
revelottou upon. anti he asked it to be read
to the House.
Mr. IitIitLISURD stated that the report
just submitted Was hissed On the testimony
takenim the Committee of last session, to.
anther with the evidence ot Wm wittier..
who app'eured before the Committee of the
present Congress, and if the linusly would
require the reading of all the testimony, It
would probably one° It
Alter debate the resod. taloa WAS VISSeil.
Mr. BC !CUMULI) reporied the following
Resolved, That It la the sense of the Hence
that. Beery A. titriythe should he Immed
iately removed frbm the °Mee of Collector
of the Port of Note York. and that the Clerk
of the Mouse cause a cortitled oopy of this
resolution to be Said before the president of
the United States.
Mr. BUTLEtt opposed the resointion.
There was but one tray by which this 1101140
should dement) the removal of a high ore,
cerithat was by impenclunent. There was
no rTIANCIALL orprensed the opinion
that the resolution was unusnal and uncoil
. tel for.
Mr. BUTLInt asked Ile. Randall what
should be done if the YrCeideet , :Mime to
remove Mr. Smythe I ,
' Me. ItAN DALL replied that if the Prost
, dent did what was runt, he would tell the
House, if it paased the resolution, 'On mind
ALS own business. (Laughter.) Ile concur
red In the opinion that Mr. Smythe should
be removed, U not for malfeasence, tor un
fho morning hour expl rod, and the reso.
I'lutlonwent over veldt to-morrow.
The liens° Went 1 , 10 Committee of the
Whole (Mr. Blaine in the chair)) and resum
ed the considers:Mu of CA: nenate Joint
Resolution appropriating title million del
la'. for the relief of destitute people.
' general debate being ordered closed.
In a few minutes„llcsars. Banks and Bing
ham withdrew their pending amendmen ts.
Mr. 111.5011 °fret ed ftMendment to
strike 001 of thejoint resolution the words
apPropriating OEM Million dollars, and in
serting these words: • "And to that ond the
secretory of War is hereby authorisal arid
dircted, throuh the Comissioner of
Yreeaethen'a Bateau, to apply so m much as be
may deem necessary for the purposes
sforeeald of unexpended monies heretofore
provided to wanly freedmen and refugees
with provision. or rations..
Ur. BUTLER owls n speech tinniest the
emend:tient and plat rosolvtlon,declming
FROM LOVlrlitii.
IL wa% intended to aid in Chic
bodied white .1,1,0 , who loafing
around corner grocery stores refrodng to
work:wiz ile the utudsills of the North n ere
forced to nark.
Mr. tirACI.DINO StlppOrted the joint iv:v
iol lon.
Mr. WOODUISIDG it, for the purpose of
snowing that Union emitters who ,milered
in rebel prisons werthemselves la fever of
his bill, reed from a letter front a soldier
living In Rutland, Vt.
Mr. LOGAN, while considering it as an or
' gunnent,quote.l against It resolutions adopt
ed in inceting;i of Asset:tat loos of the Grand
Army of the .It,public, In Washington, New
York, and eta:where. •
Mr. WOUDBRItniE declared that If such
Associations consisted cf ,ohlturs, they
were wanting lathe attest element that tils•
tingulshed a coward from u. bravo Mau.
t Applanne.l
Mr.lilloOMALL supported the amendment
mutt trusted adoptott and Ulu
loin! resolut ion as tt111.(10a DO passed.
Mr. LOGAN could not eee what tile ques
tion of bravery sell Soldierly conduct had
to do with the montage or defeat the rotolu-
Lion. Re Maned to hear those remarks of
the gentleman from Vermont. Redid not
think they canto In good grace from a man
alto hod hover had an opportmuty of. toil
ing that courage, so r,s to know whether e
was shrove man or not If - the resolutio h n
was passed,los should prose that like id
be granted to triode who aro po seaming from
intunlation In the Ohio and Misstasippl Val.
ri EN AT
L ' L BUTLER, referrlng to the int imatiou
o by Mr. Woodlirlego
t at other daY,
Wet he ( littler) was not a statesman, said
he agreed to 1 hat, anti hall just escaped be-
Int a sintosuann by 'idiom to be elected to
the l'lttrtydanth L;Ottgo.s3. (Laughterd
Mr. V,' OttUtilitlalL dueled that he had
tail any moth thing. -
Mr. DI/TlER—Then the etleman from
VeriliOnt litetilie to Sity,•il a n t s a State...di."
1 not very much obltged to Mut. ;Laugh
ton) As to the action of the soldiers of tne
(Irani) Artily of the it epublic, I het 0 ramie.%
from them, unsoitelltal, a. resoluta' , sop
porting my coorm, anti no, long as I linVe
the aptideVill 01 iau niihiler9 Of the ar my, I
Call Very Well do without that 0) them who
went out of this Boum do t ing the entire
war. (Laughter from the 'hutment!. I , side.)
Tito deb,de went 041 a conElderahlu time,
with some rota rlty 01 feeling. nirtlcieatcal
In by flair.. Iteheack, butortnce ii/h10,)
Olio, Milled, Farris wont,. Oro:mall, Shelia.
barter, Butler and Ilmjanon. In the
course of the dcionte, Mr. Molar spoke
of Mr. thathaut cc lotAillig gene user to
the toiler side id tho Boom, net
ohly In
Ludy, bat lit .11;:r1I, ...;.1 remilolcil Win of
what th.,i ti ;:ad t to:"1 to In, rraddeet
Johrmo.t, not done, wOM rrortookal (lev
et-her of Ttnnemco, to (A ring wealthy reb
els to support root laitidie.l. „,..
Mr. iii.tit4llAM—it ,1 , ;., tot become the
gent, w'o tic , °riled 1,40 tole Ili , y" times
(Mr. 13.1)Illln , 11. rouge ?owl I (ty-mvon
time...) tor the alidi-tr,-ilor ii oi 11. 1 tloilllon
for pre ;won , of the United at MA, le a n('
let tidie to cast an Imputation *din no
my iid,trity or my moor. I. rm.,: wit h
Ccoco and cont t mgt . any )sil tl aa, 0 et
hatiiy 00y m io, w p r .eio, ho be hero
ti i'm t II .a., tale", het. ot I ott
11-her not tit.. (Bier. el Ltaghior on
t Lia bt I.; .. ; I alto ,101111 Item sir, 11l ill'.
nalne of 1 to 2. tom .c.;11 pouplo, to rspe) w Ith
tgorlt the nu east, to let y clierliiiis by eon
',ll,e.ttion, in elidation of the CouaLltuthet of
Tay rountry. Toot. IMO, the r .)
l or e
which the g outlet-Ulan lel, hullst.) dares to
WM: In the amen tm Congram la the sa
cred nettle or charity. (Applause Mail
' laughter.)
Mr. BUTLER. rem to reply, but the Chair.
1 .1iaurte11zu,‘,,,,,t the
ti. lt o il . ot I ti t , xz - hlch the
Sir. BUTLY.R t.holl the privilege et the
linu.e to reply.
The Cli difilf AS sold the gentleman
could not ask that privilege when the
11.311t".017,1,11.11:Nt=e'',1 u ' att 3 l s l:lT.. ), t o s . cOn
mot to speak ten minute.
l'imultnous cmotent baring linen gt . :en,
Mr. lit:ILIA: evorassed kin mains. 1, -, - x
tions to the !Some for Ps I: totincs+, amt
-a.-1: -11111 re over concealed the fact,
who-II 11 new... otT,;(1-(ively put for
word, that 1 voted for Jel'ormn Iht.vis
the convent 1011 of my natty hay-ace times,
I thought, him too beet atr.totroan 011110
net:,aoil 1,1,11 111011 by to ~..y the
I Ur-Melted ;Mo l9 ulton,. wide:, I fearod,
ix, lit tile die:anew wigs I w. (11110.1. unit 1000
11100 came. The .lifferon. between Lao And
the honorable gentlemen !tom ohlo 10 t ht. i
I list w tide .1 9 ty. Warts w iiii a , anator of the
Unima atate, 311,1 was chinning to he the
;diets el the L'iliOn, 1 supoorted hint, while
tile (Ding train 1 10)1410011
1111.11 is lilie 1:0 10 a trettor , 1 liars
new el/rim - toil my_ etryleOrt. 11.e0g111004
1 latt•• .ice it the error ol thy past
why and repented; but I dot het expet t a
blu'w to he aimed at two in that direct:oil
troll that side of the Rouse, will. sup.
latried him. There they horn eitypiorted
11110 ever 01000 nod are stitl eupportlod him
and his !rio's. [Applause.]
llf alr. II mg
bain'a ' Pont at 19 00 the eiiiiigratte
side of House, I did ltot mean Lo
o m ipugn
the honor , integrity of the gettemso
from 01110.• I only sm.& I tho , itilt ho was
lerottne the other ;dd.; of the lloare.
M. r. BIN GIIAMIf the gentlemen bad weal.
Bled lit. words by saying he thottglat so. 1
Wii.ll.l not have be
one, word.
Mr, BUTLEK-1 Haver ray in anyt blot I do
I think (Laughter and apols.u.e) I wilt try
to repeat tl:e words I used. I sub) the gen
tleman bud gono In I.litrit as he had go.
ile body over to the other side FS the Boom ,
I timeght so then nod I think ro um, 1
.x. 1.1 no then and say en 1101 g, (Laughter
eon in) 1 0001101 take it back. The gen-
Liam ait has Irvl the tool taste to at
tack mu fur the reason that I could not
do (my mare (Nom to the 1 0 101010$ of any
country. I ,lot the test I could; other Men
of loom ability could ;le Mare, end no man
L. ready to gtve the higher plaudit for their
valor, . their Macretion toad their
ceedeet, than myaet(; boCatisii 1 C1.9111i1
not do noire 1 felt egetio ,tingly chi,
imined. If ;tering the lend the son-
Itoman from Ohio, (Mr. Bingham.) did .
tun.. 1 ebould be glad to recogelza that
multi done; hot the only victim of Um gen
thenan a plower 1 that l - know of was an M-
I Ingient woman halted open the scaffold.
Ills may victim was ens Alta. httrratt. I
I an ser.taLn the IneutOry of Fort Fisher. If
ho and his emociates man 'tenant him lin the
1 bleaxl of a awn., tried by Minden .
I Lotrorti.sion, and condemned without
solneleot evidenee, la my judgment.
Mr. BINGHAM /Mired and obtained five
' minutes to reply. Beach): After ten puma
of acrvl. In title 1100.0. the gentler...
will look In vein for any remark* of mine
personal to trtortal man On Ulla floor, lute
whel Wee g rat aimed) , ed by hers.
I ha v e observed the ...oily of debate ot and
the ...BY .01 personal .condoct out
;if the 11011 Se Ia att. forts. 1 Mod, as 001
titled 'me to rho respect and consideratio e-
of Mom who tnow me boat, but the gentl
men, (Butler) While he talks of matters of
Judge~d chooses to constitute himself my
Ju tOMMIng Eta Integrity et my C 0139
duet as a (Worn representative of the pea
pie 'ant when he collies to make till
reedy to me,. •leellng that ho line
chino a 4118110110 Y to. II Inmelf. and on
Injustlce to me, undertakes tO qualify
Ma rash Judgment by imytng that he only
sold Mt hught ero Sir, if ite wouldl at
II that he t thought emit never have
disturb.' to yietlean Int By. for I would ha ve
concerned myself just 'this much about
what be, thought sot I would about.
who killed Cock Bolan. (Laughter.) The
gentleman low shown the Path° Want of .
isideration 101 . the right , / or other. In 010
I remarks willalt be had Jost made by favor
'of the 110310. B
to y what right does o f on e .
.)Hans Unused( a judge, say ,OMe,
1 and to ;ayof men who wore MS Pours
On the field of . con n ict, when
ttoe earth ;make', that the blood of
1 romoice Is on my nand.? Does the genii
1 ig e e ' l ' in th a t V. I. it ' in ' O b e y . b :lt ' e ' ir.,l7, l" o ", it T.'
bravo men who wore Constituted, by a war
rent of your ereiddent , a snort In prinnotnen
that Judgment without , which 11019091 y could
I tie executed , Mr . I retool, I n the
langtuge of 0 man, the 'smite , ' of whom
Vet ' 0 . 71 1 ogle", WgltTlZTM,l7,.°•tho'.ll,lplll7.l.ll?;
ly hear fin:, and consider end pronottoce
I.judgment afterward. In the language of
I the, great. 1.0191 111g11 Chancellor Of Englund,.
[ notwlthstandlog the Uttera g nce of the
. cynical rold. that he
Wa the great.
I est, wisest and - M eanest of Mankilundnd,
I will say, that whether t Ito ti
' of loom.. Is on toy hands or not, I Inane
to the charitable judgment of tneu and m
in.+ ates, an the greet 1)000400 connectel
1 With the assawdontion ot the etwomn of the
110000, by which he was cot. flown la the
presence of Lls x ejolelng countrymen, not
for his crime?, but for his virtues,
uturmurlng, all Ms treat goal wont up to
the common rattler of in nil, °Gliarlty to.
welds; all, and malice_towards none.. It
was at that the means by welch his taking
oil was accomplished. should ho uscertain
ed and 190 determined. When summoned tO
It, I oureld,l 1 was not conal to the
task, and 1 11090 who willed ino to that work
.know best 'With whet solUetance I entered
upon it) but With my own foromnt convic
tions und faith, themecords that hove gone
to the -country and .world, I defy the gen•
tletnanla matron),
The eI'EAKIIIth hummer announced the
termination of Mr. Bing 110,7111fi11. minutes.
311. ST tar.NB moved Out the House ed
journ, remarking that the members , Lad
hail eIiMORII of this mutter of. negatives.
31 r. ItOgS fmggested that ten minUtes ad
ditional be kW. to Messrs. Bingham and
Bat-sa .
Tlin Mott. again went Ante . Commit
of the Whole and region.. and coneld
er; thejoint rebointiOn. - The amendment!'
offered by Mese, bettenek, Butler. Ferns.
vrortb, rile, nhollabara ‘ or Broomall, Logan
and others. Wigh eilegliewti
, An amendment offered by Mr. LUCIAN,
providing that the expenditure shall not
,racers beyond appropriations already Made
for the FrOUCILIMII'd Bona). WlLSatloptud.
• The Committee rose and reported the bill,
and the Rouse seecmded the preview , Rees.
tine upon it: • . -
Borderer Executed:
Wo.xnanannr, Ps. March itt:—/fdexander
B. Whey , was banged to-day fora, murder
of3leLtvea, in May last. Ile dOMared
on the aeadold that hn had not tntyntiOtt•
FOUICTII PAGIL—The ftsile4 .and most re
/WU., Marley, Di/ and Produce Market Re
ports Oven by any paper in the city, milt be
found oil our lb tat!, Pnge.
Full Particulars of the Crime.
We gave In yesterday's GALISTTE so much
of the account Of a horrible trivia commit
ted In Washington county, aicould be galls.
area from the SlateMonts metro by a gentle
man who came to the city on the coach
from IVashlngton. We obtained yesterday
the full particithiss of the geld-blooded eV
fair, mll 1015 we giro below. }t will be ob•
nerved that Om hasty runlOr-Whiuh we Puh•
tithed yesterday as a rumor, WAS a taste'
iten One to some of Ito important purlieu "
lure, thought!:o mole fact of the terrible
deed laving been committol, se too well
cot:Orison!. Our inturturdlo brings the
matter closer home to Us .than before, as
ties crime proves to have Imencommitted on
the very verge of Adeahenj county, a part
of the murdered mania tarot, as we learn,
lying on lids Mae of the county Due.
The name of the victim to this latest fiend
lohnosa nest Hugh Wproulf, a wealthy and
highly respectable farmer residing about
three miles Irmo Noble:down, near the
Steubenville Itatirotd, ated u short ale
ranee from the t Mr. bproull Was a
bachelor sad with Mtn resided his sister, a
maiden lady of hout tidy years of age.
For many years the two had 110x',1 ramie to
gether on the farm, anti were known
throughout the neiglibre hbod. Mr. Sproul!
wits noted among all classes for his quiet
lift, and the utmost respect was pall 11 i la by
all. Us had been hernia the welglaborbodi,
and bad never been long sway from the Old
homeatril set t . he tnet las terrible fate.
It des suppose that ho Ives very wealthy,
and stories were eurrent of large time of
money" he heti In bit poescaslou. Thu
brother and !toter of:capital a .two-story
frame howm erected auroral years ago, sad
s few feet lit the relief itntoni the original
log ratan, which Teasat first occupied as a
de. ening, hut now ‘lOll as a kitchen.
L o ofantlay eventing, *bout
notene O'clock,
while Dr. 'aproull was sitting he robin
with hit ewer. 11..111 1,1:11;11 . 1!G at Um door,
anti the old 1111111 0110100 I.
Ile was met by
throe nun, unu el whom ask , ti if they b y
on the road to - the liemptlet4 Iton d
track. Defac lie. Sproall ream: nut
t tie stater too l them that they were ea the
wrong rust.. T men then pushed the old
gentleman back into the cabin, and entered
at thenuelvt,. Two .ot the mon seised and
lend Mr. cprotill hiln tea third mon,
whe, hied aid die,pahol by loot or 111 , 1110
other nil balance, L.. 101110 sitter, under pen
miry of death, to follow tam ' et the worm
tune snow lior her. a hba.ol. Ho took the
rota . x h into the frame building adjoin
lee the eabin, oh Motto into an
of tho Mat
roonts, and C li ouatectled to swore her en that
tile could not give any al .nn or Intwrfert,
it l'elr wroceerlingl, lie throw her On
the hot. do! he, feet to the foot peals,
ins bands behind her fmck. and toen
Isuatil be: firmly to lan nasals,
, rope 'want her boil and around the bed
W W to
this was being , done, MOS SprOnd
statoa, rate could hearabo two nth., m on
te!nw: gnarrellng wit* her brother. They
tiro/ d e n, mite: Diet thredd glee op tO
them ell tilt it t ord, Ise .Initi In tan house.
110 said Le had Mit ir butitlred
ant Cosy (mild faze et If they vronin ;
ev. 311.1 I), 1111 or 111111 1.17 his Oster.
It'll tal :dug with t rohbers the 01.1 testi :
Suit lo then, hll the altder overheard
lain. "I 1,10 te/Of you test" been Ante
htit'- - ' 11.1t1 it 1101 I.lllorll for Ws unforturi- I
, ALA. statement, Mr. Stloool might Lava
clued death, but ho ingike hie own pen.
term, Ti sister tip e l l 1 0 litonedlately
Laud lend oaths, a fall tho floor. lilt :
sound of blows, and grolol3. An interval :
silence (oilseed. st him the ruffians came en
stairs and lido the room w nem ok tied
to 2,0 Iltll, .114 Clll3/1&*'11C1.1.1 n tourch
:annoy anti ether Wllables. Old shade. I
cbote 0,1111i111117. ,11 apt oath. papers.
[ were it.keu ope, awl burrows anal draw
foreoi, t,tit the minter s oily succeeded
In getting ono loularea and twenty dollare
snottat o silvr atttnes.-oue hneting es,sen.
Tito sister c. e hild give no bother of orms , 1
lien, OLun thrnt bet brother had sum. loaned
out, the notes for which were in the chaste,
but that he never kept any Logo sum at 1
money to the house.
tare amoolang thoroughly, the question
of um rtiertit ar the utifortimato lady wasats
or iototent, she stat ex
claimed to the attner—eteilt Ammo, ow hod
t si tl otter 1,.111., or the tell( Mew." The other rev- '
":1 os, 0
oat, Juhrt, the stool know
calif/Ong,. 'The three vaned revs thou left '
I tile house. hoetnc been there, aCeOrdleg to
/11,1 /p 1,11.11 1 1• jUklClllt.lll, about bolt an
1 honer. She 11.1M.0 It was oboes .holl-past
nine wit. they left. Th. rulniers
loft the lady, bound to the bed. ht we bane
There she rem...toed, sulfuring' un
toln even' lof Minn hotly until Owl
: light of Tuesday evening. 1t that time an
oh! mast named Murphy, Ilvvin near,
to the house on errand. Itocciving no
answer to his kntask ion pushed Wed
[ tin, Iloor Om cabin, where Ur.
ninvull and tits Meter ustmlly sat In
'Abe l:ening; be noticed everything In
connote:l—i he Mr:niters thrown i n
der on the floor-hut did not toe the mot . -
' /lured Man. Ito then heard Mies from the
up.eteire apartment, when he went up alit
fonod the old lady tied to ths bed as Siefert.
11, and In se almost exhausted oinidition.
Olin was quickly released. and is companC
with sir. Murphy' proceeded Id
ed theto rOOlll
where her brut her was suphov be.
Here, old Mr. nproull was found stark deed
by tile sine of the bed, his body partially
covered with bed riot lung. The rubbers af
' ter they moldered him, it appears, could
examination night of their victim. Aat
of his twoonde was made. whe n
it appcnreti evident that he bad been locators
CO death with a hale of mow., while other
wountla necessarily faint, tisa been InDloted
with a knife Or dagger.
The : alarm was immenintely spread
throughout the ueighttorhotsi, anti In
, short dmo crowd was collected. While
portion of
t 101 for 11. ain Allegheny county
thereon I.'lol Where thin murder we, 0,010.
mitten la In Washington county. A justice
of the puttee munitioned • Coronerh , Inry,
and on ex aminatiou was commenced, on
Toeoday night, into murder. Doctor
Cook, et oblestow n, mule an examination
of the womitia, and reported twenty-nue
v. minas on tint Maly. Both temples bed
been meshed In by the heavy iron tongs, the
scalp and face were cut amt bruised by a
knife anti ton, and the throat nf the Mur
dered Mon Woo also cut.
A vet.licr was returned that the murdered
man eau. to his death by violence at the
bann re
s of the men unknown to I hujury.
A troll of evidence rest speedily discos ,
pointing to the floods with Monists ,
keine certainty. It will ho recollected Diet
the old mans declaration that, the parties
bud boon at his house before, and he knew
them, woo the sigma for his murder. The
sister also recognized two of the murder
ers n having - been at the house, at the
tone a relerred to by Sproull, Moult le a
tau prime( cattle; bet she raid nothing and
no soon. ]death. lie. Dell, who keeps a
tavern in Noblustown, elates that shout
three weeks ago—near as ha coo h O it, the
dote was March tlfh—two mon breakfasted
at his house, chaotic liberally, and Inquired
Of him before leaving the road to Mr.
Sproulife farm Louse, and asked a variety
of titivation* 00 to Mr. St-'a habits, who lived
with him, etc. A lad Molted Shane... the
Men on their ne.ty SoronlPo. alter they
awl left tint tavern anal evao queStlOned by
them 11, the Inntl4l,l, Mr. hull, had been.
When they, parted, Ditty were going In the
tired Mu of Mr. aprooll'a bonen. :1 hove
two men paged idntly the parties Monti
nod as e lu tiro robbery, by Mr.
51,10011 and his Miner.
Again On the night of the murder, three
Men get Mr too.necommodation train On
the Pan ndle railroad at McDonald sta
tion, thre H e a
Or Mt. Mlles from Mr. Spronll f s
house. They Were particularly remarked
by persons at the titation, end moved MTh's
the altreetton of Simeon's. At ten OfelOOt
on the some mein, more
than an hour after
the murder hint been corn tented, three par
sons were 'Men comlogfroni the d [ruction 01
tiprotans. They tk Pittsburgh!road back, In
the direction of These men
are believed Di be the murderers, Every
Wort fa befog Male to apprehend thorn,
end every Chrtatian will pray that the ef
forts may succeeti.
onw„, li o bcrt, Hague, of tlO Independent:
Police In thio tidy, want telegraphed con
cerning the murder on Wednesday mons.
Ing, and mitea the place. Ile
yeatorday, hating been unsuroessfulrettlrned in
finding tiny trice of tint perpetratOrS.
Found Drowned
Yesterday afternoon, at about a quarter
before three o'clock, fon r young;men unwed
Joseph Haudlon, Albert stage, Jolts Giant
and William llarper, were rowing In ft skiff
near the hood of hare's Island, when they
discovered tile body at B. man lying In the
water, fare tlownwa_rils, near the shore of
ewe t o lloCallongh , s saw ullll,
Thoy l
bollledthe corpse ashore sod found
it to be that of a man apparently twenty.
Orator thirty years of age. Ile wore a pair
of black pantaloons, an undershirt,a cheek.
ed flannel shirt and a pair of hob sailed
boots. There was no clue to his identity.
same at the saw juin found/ some three
..,,,,,k,,,u t corisg on aboard pile near the
mid, a coat, hat belo ng ed whic dece a sed.
supposed to hero to thes
The body appearsto hove been In tho water
about three weeks. Coroner Clawson held
an inquest and a yordlol of found drowned
WU rendered,
Trial of Jobe IL Adnewton for the
Monier of Sidney B. Coo. Ingham
and James H. Teeple., at revile.-
Wllooesp.7 lidelleitto, Match 23,1567.
A. H. Curren, Sworn—l helped to lay out
Sidney D. Cunningham and place him In
the COMM, at Wurtemburg• De seas burled
in the clothes lie was murdered in.
Janie Gibson, recalled—lt appears to me
1 saw AdWigton throw his arm around
some one's neck. and - the man sold, "bold
on here, you aro a littletoo fast."
Teeple or Cunningham. Tlas occurred in
the sitting room. .
The Commonwealth had a witness Bab
ponied, but absent.
Defendant offered no witnesses, and to
the testimony closed on b'th sides.
W. 11. Riddle, Dlstrict Attorney, open
ed the ease. Two men - bad been killed;
there had been asocial party at tile house
of Jelin Oliver In I'ooer...hie, Duller coon
ty, on the night of the 111th of December,
tug. The deceased wore there; not at nret
to take part In the ((Miriam They had
created adlflloulty In the early limn of the
evening, but It had been settled, and they
took part In. the dance. A dirllculty then
sprang up durlng••whieh I !ley were killed.
The defendant had heen arrested, and you,
gentlemen, arc sworn to try whether Ito In
guilty of the murder of Conninghate, as
charged. , lie then recapitulated the evi
dence: that defendant was seen With a knife
in his hand anti watt beard to_ say, " I
warn you," or, " I will warn you."
Ile was the only Neon with
a knife In his hand during the
flight. Ile dist:anted at length upon the eels
lence, and argued logically that there rota
little doubt he was the one who Ott uck the
deadly blow. lie Mel been over home
but a short time before the tight, and II he
did not have the knife to th e early it of
the evening, he must have obtained it at
that time. De ...In 01000 quarters with
Mr: Cunningham about the Who the chair
wan raLtoti , and the lamp was being passed
out of the sitting room, and It must bare
been at that time that bo struck the fatal
blow. Immediately after Mr. Cuuninghtun
Illeappeared from the tilting room. the de
fendant left paateal tlitongli the north
purposed kiLhen, out on the petal!, for the
of hecreting his butte, no doubt.
Repeated his eXpresdonsolp stairs anti in
the, that "hit didn't tricoilla
how soon they dle.l"—ineaning Tespie sod
ettnnlngnam. Suchelpressiens were nue* ,
Montour Ma guilt. Ilea expreesions moo
being arrested. dd e , it was argue evinced
EMIL. aseltinuce to the wounded, lend-
Ing hLlsll9.lllkerelltet, sus only done to
ward modest •espielon. Me
mat toes, toes, when she called ont, slien't, John;
ohmscm', meant something. She knew of
sthing that wan not dleeeeled here. Ile
Illnannied upon tau OVitleeCe at co:lA.lcm-
SW length. Wiles derendent went bottle he
C 0111111 1 ,4 sleep; be had to corns hack to the
atone of the murder, mot La repent t he story
In the New York Ledger, entitled changing
the Wrong Man." Ito should not labor th e
testimot , y, as lie only Intended Lo upon the
nine. and moult 1.-followed by tils experi
enced colleagneS.
General J. N. Purviance, for defendant, ,
then addressed the jury. Ile said a search
u Incentigatlon of orer nine days bad
to nolve the profound Leyntery Weld/
surrounded thin ease. The whole trans.,'
flan eeeitpied but !the minutes; there were !
enalrs, pistols, knives„mokers, and tumble. ,
...I; 'there Was greet. excitenu
et and a I
large crowd In tile pant. It 16 SIO Weeder it
e4elel not be abcertaincd who struck the
fatal blow.
Yuri—TM:s).y leeSt be bet laded, bo . Yond
a reatonahls dentit,l of the guilt of the de
fendant 0010051 they are bustba In render-'
lo a verdict rif girths- and that If reason-
able doubt ealntet in i
ts maul of the litryt It
Is their duty to render a verdict of not,
gut Se e" a moo of circumstantial eel.
.tenee beery material eireeleitellee rutted
on by the corn in an wealth forme tu Itself an
Inependent I..nie; and the law reunites
rant clreurnstanee shall 155 entabltshod
clearly anti beyond a reasonable doubt.,
Tito CliCelll'lleCe. fillellet to morel eV,
Minty actually coaled° evry hypothesis
but the tine proposed to he a p
roved by the
tom men wealth.
Third—if the mortal Wound were inflict
ed—by L10112,04,er done—under the re—
lief that It was necessary to sinse the I tfo of
friend, lt wOulil lie Ltutulehle In sea
Fourth—The eOlee.B9loe of a inif6 by the
defendant before tile comsat:et:en of the
bombed*, was received for the purpose of
kisowtng the defendant bad the menria
infilethig such wounds ea those found on
the 1.11. of the deceased; helmet ne a fact ,
from which it. might be Inferred that the
dettoulant would hare a tendency to tom- I
ID ot the dotal.'
Ylf..h—The possession: of a knife Is not
competent to be shOwn far the purpose of
preptlicing tile character
mi ght decede
510 nt.;
or irons which Ihe Jury ght
fondant probably dld the SM.
Mr. PerrigLeed referred to authorities in
support of hie poinie, mid especially with .
reference to circumstantial evidence.
Ile .incanted clearly upon the evidence.
Ile said the Wry were called upon hero to
say what not one single witume for the
Commonwealth, on their oaths, could
they were mtkent to say who stabbed
rung ham. Ho witneas, out of 601Ite fifty ex
amined, could tell who struck the fatal
blow. If It were done under eirctunstances
of noir-defenses or pretectlon of prone% ty
and of Indaldtud*, or in the heat of mumion,
it COUII.I not he toriblevi but might be putt
-110110. .51 chain of circumstances mot be
untrokemetnti most preclude the p.m tell I
ty that the:stabbing could have been done
In any ether or by any other per
son, thaw the one thermal. .11e dlscant. l
open the tact of the trouble these
men occasioned; their sloe, their threats.
their annmencing the night, all tendi ng to
alarm and anger those who were th
party', and who kept the house. lie re.
marked on the conduct. of the defendant at ,
ter tbo Mehl. Lie Old not flee away, hut
staid and.rendered all the asamtance
Its hU
Mr. McCandless, for the defendant, wish
ed the Court to Instruct the Jury on the fol
lowing points:
Vint.--If the jury believe from all the
facts sad evidence that the homicide wen
committed by the defendant (or any One
close byl after Oliver was .IYMa' neoetraio
011 the liner near the north room door.
having been knockal dow n by
Dam. who is proved to a man et great
strength, and while Cuottingliam hail a
or drawn to strike Oliver, and
the defendant believed, and had reason to
think, Cunningham wasubout to kill Oliver,
homicide, the blow would be excusable
.nu defendant must be aettulttod.
Second.—if the Jury believe the del undant
committed the homicide at any .time dot
log the conlltct. In the heat of premien, upon'
'tins sudden quarrel, without malice, It is
ulanstaughter. -
Thlrd.—lf the homicide was committed
by the defendant the tight Wee pro
grossing between Oliver anti Cunningham,
or In any other combat then going on in the
rooms: If defendant bite:fermi on seeing a
friend attacked by a stranger, - It la men
Fourth—That the Jury are Judges of both
the law and the foots.
Mr. McCarthy. for defendant, addressed
Wintery at considerable length.
Mr. McCandless, on
on n part of defence. cited
the Court to law toe points which
had previously made.
Edwin Lyon on part of defendant ad
dressed the Jeri*.
AdjOurried till nine a. Si., to-morrow.
Curry Institute.
One of the educational places In our
midst, which reflects much credit upon our
city. Is the Vero , Institute. located le; Nos.
fa and id Bt. Clair street. The summer
term opens on the Sett proximo, and prom
ises to be largely attended.
This Institution, as nose organized, em
braces four separate Departments tor the
accommodation of four oifferent classes of
pupils, as follows: A Normal Ilidoartment,
for the educatlOn and training of pupils o f
both sexes, who Irish to quality thornsolvet
for teachtitsi In our public schools. A Com-
Mereial Departtnent, for swishdatio of
puplls of both sores who to obtain a
good English education at a moderato at
ponce, or gualifylithomacives for the bust.
' w o o e r! t pursuits, for the of
t 1! i t ) i n a o ° ,2 ° ladlest
h wish to take art advanced course. Tho
',lodise of this department embrace all the
munches usually perusal in tomato semi
naries., A Classical Department4L for the
education of pupils of both solo., who wish j
to study the Latin rind Greek langnageo and
literature. We commend this well or.
ranged and popular place of education to
those cooking a plain or ornamental educa
tion. The system of im muting knowledge,
In all branchos, le perfect, while the faculty
is learned and highly gratified tor the dis
charge Of their important duties.
In W. Millers ii grocer
and datum that Anthony %Veldt
owes. him a bill. Yesterday he went to Mr.
W's. requested the payment of
his bill. A lqniatinderstandine ensued,
which resulted In secants. to the Is.. Mr.
W. town Information before the Mayor,
charging Mr. Miller with disorderly con
duct. The case was held for • further hear
ing. Mr. Hitler made Information before
Alderumn McMaster* charging Mr. Weld
mad with felonious assault and battery. id.
lemng that
ordered him w i th
his efllce, and threatened to shoot him
a revolver, which he took out of a eun
i and Cocked. The defendant ...boa
bearing In One thousand dollars ball.
Sent tis ilalL—Earl? In February Wm.
n.AckeYi of Allegheny, made information
before Alderman Donald ion, charging, Al.
frod Into; S youth, with malls lons mischief.
tie allepted• that the accused entered his
paint nhop through the roof andd Ut Tate
earrted the
aloe. out. A wlinllTlt lAral bone, b
Wee not arrested until yy. Ur 000 In
default of ball 110 was Committed to tall for
Beller for the Alabama I .
In WedneedaY'S Issue wo referred in our
editorial columns to the presence in Fitts
burgh of a strange gentleman soliciting pe
euniary aid for the destitute in Alabanuu
As he teas not properly credited, we cau
tioned our readers against rashly subscrib.
lag to the object. Tim Young MELI'd Chris
tian Association immediately telegr rpbod
to Von. Patton, of Alabama, and a prompt
response was received, stating that Dr.
deems is eutiorseil by the liovernor and
LOgi6IILIIIEO of the ratite." Yesterday tho
gentlemen referred to again called upon us
with the following communication, which
we cheerfully
Bret the necessity that compels me to leave
Immediately for Cincinnati, as I had fondly
hoped to be able to accomplish considerable
for my mission of mercy in this . Iron City."
Tao highest Court of Law and Equity In
the universe has long since decided that
it is more bles.ed to give than receive."
The same tourt also decided, a
tht he that
giveln to the poor lenduth to the h0r.1."
Surely there there can he no better plan to
restore national harmony, than to `geed the
hungry, clothe the naked, and keep our.
selem unspotted from Mu world.'!' I will
remain In the city of Clncinnati a few days,
and any donation for too purpose indicated,
forwarded to me, at that city, shall no (attn.
fully applied to rellevlug the wants of the
most needy In Soutnern• Alabama, WILEOUL
regard to politico, religion. or color.
C. S. 11... v., M. I).,
of aloutgoinery, Alabama.
Dr. fleeces, card seas under On seal of the
Yung Men's Christian ASOOCIOIIOII, and
wa, accompanied liy the following recour
inendetion from that eredli able body
Pr. Reeves, 'mentioned above, comes to
aceredlual by Governor Patton and
twenty members of the Legislature of Ala.
Ilia mission lea worthy one.and shout ,
appeal to our sympathies, an lilt call for
sift should be responded to liberally by.
Pittsburgh. We have never been bellied
an other clty In ether mutters oi• charity.
Let us not he behind in
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of
the young Men's Christian Association on
Wednesday evening, It 'was resolved that
the ministers of the•arious ceurche s of the
two cities be requested to lift collections ie .
their respective churches on the coming
Sabbath for this object, and 'plane -the. pro
cmas in the bands uf tile Association. The
Association will undertake to ocu teat the
money is properly applied.
Oliver McClintock. President, at No. T 1
Fifth street; W. 11. Edwards, Treas.,. at.
Ede anis', oti Waal street, und
A. It. Ittzef., Saeretary. at the rooms of the
As-ociatlen No.M Fifth street, are author
laud to receive contributions.
lterorlog in the Wilklnsbnrit fuse.
Yesterday morning John Illehmond, of, brother-lb-law of Janice Mc-
Quade, came to the Mayor's Milcu to mike
Inquiry concerning his Mother-in-law.
Richmond's ' name was In the same infer
elation with McQuade end he was accord
ingly arrested and locked up for a hearing.
Meantime some oflicera had gene to Mill's
brick yard, between Wilkineburg and Tor
recce S tatton. lot Rlchmonii.another broth
er-in-low, who to engineer at the yard, and
wno was also informed against- They found
him and brought bile in Wile°. difficulty.
Itobert is the one who eras hurt in the
ie. eupposed at first to Imre been shut.
it turns out, however, that lie was only
struck severely with a club In the needs of
ono of the officers. A hearing In toe casein
the three prisoners w ai cad yesterday alter
noon at three o'clock, Dr. Perchment, tee
pfosecutor, appeariug as the only witness.
From the °eidetic°, It appears that the in
formation was haled on t no fact that a little
girl. an adopted daughter of Mr. 11..4uade,
told Mrs. 0 vreini, a adored woman, that her
mitic, Hobert Richmond, bud such a beauti
ful goal watch and ring, which he had lust
Kai nod hich he had locked up to keels
Until nu should ge away. She wild that she
1..1 been told not to bay a word shout It.
As lit. P. had lost articles similar le. those
mentioned, the eiretit.ta.f.l was thought
lo be su.pleious enough to warrant an ,In
forundloit. This was the
io i on ly h e ... 0,
weecainlduconroedth Thp ri is n ne au
stated that they [cot the officer+ to he
burglars at the time of tho attemptal ne
fed; ahil aJ roki,tol theta.
Bouttettle la Fayette CorrntY.
On Thursday of last week an unfortunat e
affair occurred in Henry Clay town.
.hip, layette county, remitting In the
death of a young man named Thomas
Sherry (sometime. called Recknor.) Tbo
report Is that the two young men Thomas
Sherry and Jacob Ruff, met at ttes berme of
John Moore, all three ot them having been
boldlere, and were apparently In a good
lamer, going through themanual of as,
orieb aloore , s Enfield rine, which was l rmoad
ed, alternately giving and exeCutlag the
commands. When merry gave the corn
mid "fire,' tiny pulled the trigger, and
discharged the gun. The ball passed
through the baly of sherry and lodged in a
log of the house, causing his death two days
laud had a hearing bolero John W. Lan
caster V.eq , and was committed to jail.
Me ealuis that the shooting was aeeiden-
tat, On the other hand it Is reported that
he ned previously and about the time of the
fatal occurrence made threats against the
his of tint deceased.
They had served together in thoarmy,
lag members of Company D. 34 Maryland
Regiment, and only lived a mile apart when
at mune. Muff la between twenty-ono and
t*ent.two years of age. Ile was deely
enacte y d when Informed of the death p of
• Lincoln University
A meeting in 1.9111401990 to I.IIIS 11181.1611610 1
will he held in GM Second Presbyterian
Church, corner of Penn and Irwin street.,
on next Sabbath evening, the 'Gib, at ii.j
The smirker. wlllbe amongst others,
Illajor General Gregory, ASsustant Commis
ary of the Freedmen's Bureau, nod lice. J.
id. Dickey, D. D.
LT :
Lincoln niverAlty is loeated near Oxford,
Cheater county, Pennsylvania. It was in
corporated in Mt, under the name of Ash
num Institute, and La designed exclusively
' for the education of colored youth. • it ,
charter was enlarged In ISC,S, and the name
changed to that of our martyred l'resident.
Its debt of usefulness has been greatly en•
birged and Ito students trier card since the
~ .0,11100. About eighty are now there, and
otheis anxious to receive Its benefits will
or admitted, when moans 6911 the
.4.10 I tally prepared. Three endowme building.nts are
th conditioned on lour beWering made
4p. rmaand dot lars of the th are
subscribed. The friends of the colored man
should feel such an interest in the welfare
of the race, as fully, a nd with 96 set
O sec u r e
this endowment, mi OXIII earnestly i
' to encourage tills effort by their presence
at the meeting.
The nobbeiT by the Forty Thieves.
—The names of the men robbed on the
W heeling train on Wednesday morning by
the gang of thieves and pickpockets, who
left Alla theny on the tram. are Henry
flelebell end Jolm flyers. Mr. Melt:hell
Ilyes in Indiana township, in this county.
and was rubbed of nine dollars In money,
Myersa note for MIS on ROtNirt Roche. Mr.
Myers Ryes at Salem, Ohio, and lost fifteen
dollars In money, And a Wit held of the now
lures of United Staten neven•Thmtles. The
number ad the hoed Is An. The bond was
probably disposed of at an early period, and
the note Is worth nothing to the preecett
holder, so ha might as well send lt,back.
The Grain Elevator will bo len a place
or terror. On du
WedaY Morninearl a
short time after the es party of pic k poc kets
left the Allegheny depot on the train,
'Bn PAW' Arnold, Jack bong, Wash Fre. , "
two stners—y the go t off the t r r a aln g that p
war robabl starting Ilve
wllla who
other crowd—were driven ont of a tavern
on Liberty street. They took their doper.
3fatturn the same evening on the train for
Ohlo. We hope the Vigilance
Committee won't order them away.
The Cats. of Voliger.—The Washington
Reporter says: "We learn that the Supreme
Court, rater an inspection of the record in
the Yeager ease. has refused to allow a writ.
of error to remove it to that tribunal, not
cooing anything le the ruling of the Court ,
Wow that needed revision. IV hateree hope
the prisoner may have indulged on this
*Gore, no one, save perhaps liiinvelf and
counsel, expected the Supreme 'Cann tono Irw.
terfere. There is, therefore, nothing
left to him but to prepare to meet his cud.
An Enterprising. Minch Man.—John
Owens, a ono armed colored man, I. a ello:
eimen of enterprise. tie Is emp•oYl_a/ .
Illillhi patent present° brick Fart t r.', ..,..1
Williamsburg and Tont:nee S u it ._,e...
el:ippon.. Eornfortably a wifoi.tsuttiMonbilit;
titan by .
h i d' digng' clay for .lrl rK d i.,,,grg,,,,i
'one hand. who aro 1,111:117,.
might gain • Intl. back . _ 7 0 7_
t. 1
Mug this one armed clay di o •
-_---- —...-------- . 1
Di.orderly /111.0.6 —%itward idatiln
Court In the Yourth ward. The patties were
held for trial. • Nary Martin alto charges
Edward with surety of -the peat., alleging
that. he came into her kitchen and threat.
Ito .h oot net with a pistol Ito held. Me
gavo bail for court. . _.
Iteleascd.—John Mooney, convicted of
s oneg liquor without Peruse, see ordered
to pay tho wets, conflord in Jail for
three months in default of payment. Yes
terday he took the betelt of tho ololTent.
or! and ^e7 rolooxf.,!.
Assaulted a tilrl.—Mary EtinrY. em
ployed WI a servant in tae family of - Theo
dore Snyder, at the corner of Rosa
nod Second streets, yesterday made Infor
mation bolero Alderman Lynch charging
Theodore with assault and betters, alleging
that he struck her twice as she sat sowing.
Theodore confesses to the died, but ays
she provoked him. lie was hel for c ourt.
e Lawrence County Homicide Case
will be taken up in the Criminal Court after
the conspiracy ease now on trial la d teposed
on Blonder next The
r demared
received les Injury In Lawrence county, but
died In 1 tie Mercy hospital In this city, and
LoriCa the Jurlsdletton applies to Allegheny
The Soldiers' 31os:tamest Aaaaehation
held a meeting yesterday at City Hail.
Tiley passed a resointloa petitioning COULI•
Mla to take such special motion as will give
all the engine companies the privilege of
soliciting vote. for the magnificent tome
c =loge to be voted for at the approaching
A Few Dana Ago Mr. gensalser Wel
orth, of itusvil;offas
train of e w inatantly c an, killd
by trying tTo
jump le a at
Oneida, on the New York Central railroad.
The engineer alarmed onthe srt of hio
Coat as he was jumping, and he was ki drawn
hack under the train.
The-Vigilance Committee of Mansfield
hold meetings and publish proceedings.
They tender voice of than.ks the Itegol.
tors for the.prompt manner I n welch they
mean individuals leavei in obedience to
resolutions passed ty the Committee.
Wade It to passing alone Seoond
reet. at end In ihe vicinity of the railroad
ossinz, are obliged to wade through mud
blorth mehee la depth. The Corn
. Wenner It Inquired for.
Ari•sted on. Procena.—John McKay,
chred with the •larceny of n box of chick
n+a In g the market, some time no, was yea
terdny arrested on n process and lodged In
Jrronny Hamill will be Invited to
snake the eighth member Ina crew forming
by. Yale and Harvard Colleges to visit tho
Paris Exposition.
Three :Members of the Cumberland
Prustivterlan Chureb, at Cniontovrn.' died
lust' week. Their .ages averaged severity
It le Rumored that anrerrl of the Iron
mills will resume worh next meth. We place
cretilt In the rumor. :
Over Two nittiona of dollars hevebeen
kepi ant of circulation In Pittsburgh, by
present strike.
The 'city ie ,vory
altrono7:onlie'red:eru.; worthy of report >o to
bo obtained.
St Patrick Ilsy was celebrated 7 th
nthohe Ltterary .I.esoolation of Tituavill
aohl water.
W. A. Glldenfeetny — , 45 P 1RG 2 1.4
aont us a copy of The Lodi F end
E.. J. Itoberte, Eng. hes been 0 ted
aehier of the Cooluaede Trost Coati:la c y.
Wan t t-d.—See advettlamoat of Intl:tat ,
- aatod by a fernalo, la to-day's paper.
Pr oO o
ug t 810
llet w 120 t blur Pitt...burgh
will not come here.
of suow, rain esterda and wasArmuenaLhesagreeable day
A Vertlief In ibelir4ton trial tray be
expected ULU weak.
Hoene Tr.laces are operaUng in Wash
• gton county.
A Party Is being formed In Ebensburg to
!grate ur.t.
The Grainesdam is La sitouris*F,ili•
Lafayette Hall WWI thrown open last
Wild Cate aro numerous injudlasis
Johnstown to to have a steam lITO en
Cleveland b to haves budding assoola
Mow Is the Ulna to trim your tracts
Good Sleighing at GLOW=
Court Reports on Fourth Page
Fnon 15T. LOUIS.
Airseoodleff Sheriff Arrested—Exten
sive He rglary—Lawy er aaaaa beTest
0010—ltard Webber Palest Cams De—
cided Against. Den sssss .
'TS , Loris. March 21.Z:John Onssby,Sheriff
Adstr county. eh° absconded with
of the State money, a short time ago, was
recently arrested at Little Rock. Arkansas,
and Drougt back. It is probable th most
of the sto le n money will be recovered at .
An extensive burglary was committed
vesterday morning at the 'tailoring estab
lishment of Stephen Cunning. Olive street.
It was onterea and about one ti.ocinuid dol.
lars aorta of cloths. Sc , carried off.a
The State Stqweme Court has rescinded
the order requiring lawyers to. ake the test
oath prescribed by the constitution.
The Goodyear Hard Rubber Patent case,
which has been before the United States
Circuit Court for two days, was decided this
weaning by Judge Treat, granting an
Junction against the Dentistto them t s using o said
patent with the primlege Sa
bel ve the some On giving the to bond. to
keep an ACCOIIOt to pay such sum as may be
awarded on a dual hearing and coats.
The weather Is denip and cchilly with in
dicauons of rain.
NOpitll3o COT. rt. !Instates the Fran.
cells. awßadicals Elated, Con •
merlon' rem Despondent—Rallroad Be
rn et.
Ditch CA —The Supreme Court I
.edcred decision to-day sustaining the
..tianchiso law of the hat session of the Leg
idature. The decision is contrary to the
etpretation of the Conservatives. The
Itsdicals are 'elated and the Conservatives
In consequence of rains the the
Neuhville and Chattanooga hallMts have
not progressed as rapidly aa expected.'
Trains will, however, be running through
by Saturday. . -
The Elections—All gales on the Fran.
tier—Se Fenian DeMenStratlOns. •
Idosoras Li., March:U.—N.:trip all the pres
ent mousbem of Parliament in Lower CtOS
de will ho returned for the noose of Com
mons. it Is understood Um elecUon
not take place until inbl-enmmer.
A report recalled by General Memel
snows all quiet on the frontier. There Is
no ground whatever for excltement On tio•
coq of Fenian mo vomuits.
' • Inver Tider}lll9ll l . '
Dams, March M.—There mu some rain
last night; cloudy to-day. Mercury So. MIT ,
or stationary lan night; and bu fallen one,
half tech to-day. 111191OCS• continues aulL
Arrived—Lltzle liopklns, New Orleans and
Chielnnat4oue P. 0; AMILZO3I, Nest Orleans
and Cincinnati. four r. x.; Alice Dam, tile
cinnall and New Orleans, six r. 04
EVLSSVILLS, D, March M.—Weather
cloudy and damp. Inver fallen It Wei?.
Port list—.lllce Neanan, Clneinnail 3tev,
Orleans; P. W. Strader, Now Orleurnans to
einnati; Ch. Lenorahmer, Cairo and ret;
Ina star. Louisvile and retu r n:
11, to Pittsburgh. •
lAM.S'I March has been rain
ing inceseLLZ,
autly slum yesterday morning;
s°r:n:rro:43:llWolurt,rh:Lize tg
I, ° z a u:r
i hl ' s ot a ux sy b o ' r y a .
the rata. •
sisairols, March M.—Weather cloudy and
we nn; threatening min. Mosinee* very &al.
latr, glilltru=tnvitzt.intg;
z e r ,.. ;;J. r x r.. tor t y n , ort „
....r.• •
Alamein.. March M.—The Tonnelnee river
at bl.Bl/011 lo SIX lent over the
rpreph rt r ea w ut e r db r che' 047
, ply ng between
helms. and Montgomery. blew up to-night.
The express messenger was killed. NO pill ,
Nasuritte, larch 41.—River rising, with
eleven feet on , shoal. Weather
l alnv.
arrlved—Nashvale, Cairn ilowe. l 4
natL Departed —Nashville, c.tra.
Destitution on Green Bawer.
Locievita.s, ![arch 21.—ThedestItellon
Lhe trallncrated districts on Green River Is
very groat. Tha people are. euderthg for
tbe no...mules of lire. Many .ere corn.
polled to fee to the hUls. Bhalrneetown is
submPraccl. TOO whe n boat Is crowded
with unfortunate refuees.
The approaching election it Piranreille
Indians, is producing Enna streltement.
The Democrats hare @pin. Op lighting tomb
The Maryland Sexists DM, srpropristlng
5100,000 for the relief at destitute ycople
t Ecr2tl3, ta, paned Mc Homo,
hn'eanesaan. liven Oa, tar. yr.
JAMES SMITH. In the Itch year of his site.
The friends of tire faintly are respectinh”..
quested to attend the 'one ral unralnAT sins.
NOON, at:We:oak. from his Isle rol4ence.
15 Scott's pilot.
111111.1HT—uurre.ineadny, Yue tn
n =. Ir.;
P. WIN tElt 1131(iliT. ngrd 1 1Te.m.
The funeral will tole ohm on 1111 DAT 510115 ,
LID. Must r.. 14, al lOo'clock. from the re.ldenall
Of i ll soother. near Hu'. ton Station; A. V. 8.
The Clears of the family are reapiiotfally
tined to attend. s ' March hills. lat. at
1 , , o'clock r. st.. at Vs- residence of 4.1. i. Belt.
No. la Ann Afloat...sly City. Alta
dif A. ST fil..lhe. le year.
Yrirods of rut hmll7 are rs-Ohesl 4 S°.."‘ l ' d
the funeral. at': r. xi.. on FRIDAY.
za vapia.vvr.amcimiEt.
r:Alrffil,"l.Vt•PLT , M, L ,l . . cu rT n2
eariptiol) a Fuusral arrLetarar
iiear.o area ed .137 1 an) Ldiitkt. Hearse alla
6%re...t0 fu ru . rl;~•
D`rlA Kerr, D. D Rev.
11. 13. J xi; U.. a . 13.♦
buLa.s. Luc. K+C•.
c4t, Li. 31111er. /ea.
Manchester, 'Wood's Ran aad r vietaqi.
Corner le he Meld and Chartlera strenen•
[ lic,iw rad Carriages furunbed.
toluttral "40.1'5-sere.' the lamest sub..
Wholesale Agents
American Watch Campany's
No. 56 Fiftb. Street,
a - lorvv - :Ess , xs - sr.
6 Wylie St., 3d door from sth.
.7. .... VOM
e Watches, flocks, Jeweliff,
3PlAtmeacral-r63;1, M.°02.11.1111b.
AEr rutlealor aiteatton rtreo to Fteostrlog
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