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ra . c.. msissa e3treet.
F. B. rr.NNtuaa,
is Lungs P. REE D, t Business Mann%
e4.o6oopiell 3 cent , .
ellrered by carrier, (per weaki.......15 cents
all Enbseribeins (Per year)............50.00.
Liberal redactions to Newsboys and Manta
Three Comes, per year. by mall
Flee do. do. do. each..
To or more copies, to one address, and
one free to etch. each
lost the Weather for :Young Docks:
lint very had for consurnotives and people
predisposed to pulmonary weaknesses. To
all such the spring season Is very . trying,
and great care should be taken to keep the
body dry and warm, and all irritation of
the throat and bronchial tuben allayed at
once, The soothing properties of Cine'd
Cough Balsam render it the conenteptive,,t
best friend, while all recent cases very
readily yield to its curative power. It is
Pleasant, safe, sure and cheap. Soto agent
for "Pittsburgh, Joseph Fleming, No. et
3larket street.
Now Arri Val
Of canned Fruits and Vegetables, and se tl
be sold as Olean as at any other house In
either city Call and eXATulne and judge for
YOnrsel:ce, at Ti 0.11.2 Federal street, Alle
gheny City.Gronon .llKAvax.
Also, Agent for the well-known house. of
Stephen F. Whitman's celebrated rldta
tlelphla extra lino Cream `gam Cons, ,,
*.Chocolates," Almonds, Walnut Candy,
Drageo Drops, Ac., Ac.
ESollabeimer•n Continental Saloon..
The beet place In the city to get the worth
of your money in good dining. All the
choice delicacies as well as the substantial s
of life, served up ut most reasonable prices.
His elegantly fitted up Baleen is next door
to the Postoillce, On Filth street.
Mantiera land Merchants
F.orred with tip-top meals at their places of
busines4, Dy lioltzteimer, proprietor of the
of the popular Continental Dining 'Comae,
Fifth street. next door to the rostoilice.
Coil in and try his oysters, which are the
very beat to ho found itt the city._ •
Tort ton Boy
Foreign Liquors of all kinds at JOsoph S.
Finch's Distillery, 1:o. IA 1)1 153 and DS
F brit street, Plttshrtrat.
You Coo Buy
as per cont. Alcohol ot. Joseph S. Finch's
YOU Can /107
lion Hops at do•Aph B. Tineh••
litspateh to the Pittsburgh a.ette.
lIA. - alumnus... March 11,1,11%
The Senate is not In session.
. On .metiou of Mr. Quay, the orders were
suspended and the Connellsralo 11.allroad
bill was made the setelal 'ordex fur Well
-00:,..1 ay at W.; o'clock. - •
Au net. regui.ung Assoelltn Juag" of
Common Pleas Courts of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Chadwick, an act to improve the Coal
Hill rood In Coßine township. To allow the
Borough of Sharp,burg to borrow mopey.
Act relatlneto Notary public fees In Alio_
gheny couoty.
, To allow the Tongletoghenv Sirtft Com
pany to increase Its capital stick,
To allow the Supervi,ors of Collins town
ship to levy a tax to make additional side
walks in said Township
Ity Su,lplemeat, to tho act
Incorporating tho borouzh of South Pltts
burgh ;
Arso, relative to the State road la Alle
gheny and Butler counties.
By Mr. lidaeldinzi To leeorger!tte the
macadamized road iiiiikrmstrong county.
- To repeal the second section of the act in
relation to Railroad tax iu the borough of
Kittanning: •
Mr, Quay: To incorpoiato the Brads COO
and 011 Company.
Dlr. Linton: To extend the law Licensing
•billiard rooms to Loretta Spring,
Mr. Waddle: 1u actxelutire to the taxa
'. ilea of lands which neglect to bring a tax
at the annual asse.,tnent. •
?dr. Chasm flulatlve to fees of the Sheet(' of
Crawford county for keeping pri,mers;
RICO, relative to trespws on selmoi premises;
also. relative to the advertlzing lawa of the
. •
"3fr. 31eCreary: To prevent discrimination
In the transportation of fielebt against
ill hums of l•onnsylrania by any railroad In
tile commonwealth.
Iloylet. To Incorporate Ferry lirldge
'Company. '
Early Sunday morning two ruffians,
named William Siiipp and William Cun
ningham, broke. Into a roorn Decanted by a
lady.tothe Branch Tolling Hotel, corner of
Courtland and West streets, New York,
knocked her down, and kicked her In a mod.
shocking manner. Strlpp was arrested, but
Cunningham escaped. No er.use is assigned
for the outrage.
The este of Cm St. Johns Park. New lork.
to the Hudson River Railroad Company for
one 'million dollars has been completed.
Pont honored thousand of the amount goes
to Trinity Church, and the remainder to the
owners of the property fronting the Park
. Several young men were arrested to New
York on Sunday for robbing the storedflien•
nerinin Co.,llroadway„._
Tno Excise la.* was %boreal : 101y observed
In New York on Sun lay. No arrests were
Mpean steamers go out crowded, tho
reports that the Paris Expo,lLlon 7111 prove
fedinre having no effect upon the tempo
rary emigration.
The New York Press Club has proved a
Ultimo. Bennett, Jr., and jealousy klII•id It.
Robberies hays been quits, frequent .in
New York for along time and It Is estima
ted that . 410X00 worth of dry goods bare
been taken in nil.
The Internist Revenue Commissioner has
cent instructions to Collector Shook, of Sew
'York, to selan all distilled spirits collected
m New York at ra tea lea, than Government
. The correspondence has been published
relative to the case of Wheel O'Brien. an
Amerlain citizen. Bo was arrested In Liv
erpool on suspicion of being a Fenton and
brutally treated at ilk trial. Ile was ac
quitted and the vase laid before the Amen
can Consul at Llverpoal, claiming comp.-
cation for fol. imprisonment. The cane
was referred to Minister .adema, who re
turned the papers with the - Intimation that
that the Rome Government bad better be
A State Convention ; of Fenian arlll be
held at Chicago to-day, and a large attend
unto is expected. neventy-flve circles will
Isu represented.
On Wednesday, by order of the Town
Conacil,of Clifton. C. W., the sole remain
leg portion of Table flock will be blown
from Its pi west position. •
Tee' Otto., (t:winds) Times says Dr.
Dacht,Calaillsu Commissioner to the Paris
.I.;xpositlet, on being shown the ',lntergraph
of Rend Centre Stephens, in the ofliec of
!halite Consul at Perla. recosnized it as
a likencsa of one of his fellow passengers in
the steamer crossing the / rtsh channel.
Inter Teleqranas
[l'y Merchants:llEl.4llW Tcicyraph Company)
Om CITY. Ilarch 'Ml.—Weather cloudy
am] cool. Inver ;.."1 lncho Aunt mm„,., mow ,
till market dull and ducllidng; quoted here
at slakhatMq.
Nesne.t.Lc, Ylereh 11.—Itleer risen half
an inch per boar; !a a ;thin tour feet ten end
ihalt Inches at trio flee of A rise of
foot Is reported above to Coma doadt
yet. Attired—Savannah, Cleetnnett; T.
Casno, 'Mareh D.—Arrivals—Luminary,
Irons New Orleans for St. Louis, to r. n.; Al.
frosts Cincinnati for St. Louis, 11 r. a.;
John Xilgour, from St. Lenin for New Or-
leans, II r. y.• "'sullen Cerro!. from New Or
hums for St. Louie, ii, a. It.; Edward Walsh,
from New Orleans, II A. N.
').l stern's,' March 11.—The weather Is
eloutiv. The river is rising slowly; It Is one
loch higher than the high water mutrk In
IMI. The whole lower unwary Is OVer.
1101,d. Cattio. hogs NMI mule, art:drown
lug stud pert...hint:, lessees urn swept tvny,
and p11.11.11.41011r ile4troyo.l photo here.
The hilistintunts say the river IS higher than
St was ever known beton, '
• The Liberty N 0.2, sunk in. Baternan's
Bend, is breaking down lore and oft. The
wrecking boat *Moon is working at hoz.
. •
~ ~...,._ -1 1 - -:::::, , _,,
_,).. _ „1 i ', •
l V
i i i• -- , \ s .. \ ile
... ti I t
rt. (._:_ . , .-
' I: 1 t 2 ...t, , 1 I
Z . V.'
..,,,.. ~ , ii„!, ,/ ;,. A i • 1 ! 1
r 0 :, , - \ ----1- • \ ' -, ~,, ,Pi
F-!..4. i
....Si 50
1 25
Toe English Eeform Measure.
COMESS:OL'S to Catholics and Jews,
LONDON, March It —Artemos Ward has
directed In his wtli that huts property, after
the ot 1,0 mutittn, f.hall go to*anuts
thus ertetton of an neytunt for printery.
A subsidy to the Cousin radroad Is to
be proposed in raflitlittllt this week.
All the nceonnts 'trout the scene of tho . ota.
turhanees in Irst and represent that nvaters
have become ellnet, anti that order reigns
undo more. There have icon no fresh con
flicts between tic armed police anti Fenian
bands, who are fleeing to the mountat as and
hiding from pursuit.
LONDON, March 11.—Noort—Con,nle. 91;
Flve•twentles, Sl! , 1; 1111nol1 Central,
March 11— Noon.—Cotton
opriletl,ol,t, at IV; for toidallag.•hPlac.l
and Orlran, 11rcarl,tra.4—Proy1110115 quirt
Lard, ti)n Ott.
[RU Seco me .J
Nsav YORE, 11.—The steamer Clt:
of ilo,ten, rep Liverpool, arrived Pere t
for me NI, 31ftreh 11.—The et comer Sort I
Amoon, from Liverpore rem Ihe 2,1, out
Londonderry ilk. eat,: :Li
after noon.
reform broiipects enutlnised the 7e:if
lee theme et tilt pre*, The Gorererizebt'
withdrawal or the rePOIOUOITS, til
r.reeileell Introduction of the bill, met el
that. W. ilernerb led by the Lib,.rsl•, awl
telle ore ivy:taw! with 'beet/ interebt.
. •
The reform league :Mow edges of Increas
ed agitation. They adoptedre,olut ten,
for a tozof meet inn In Trafalgar fwentre, on
the evening 14 Ihareit Ii lii, allll Corte:et
meetings In life totem - al . , and abin one Invi
ting the p. oplo Loutton 10 ariemite In
Ilple Pork., for the Intrlfdt`e Of artt.fix ou
good Friddv.•
In the Ilitteie of Commons a 1011, having
for Its obje eft he thrown], open of the of
fices of I,l2,lCltancellor of England awl Ire
land.'and Ipxrd Lloutetta••l of Ireland. to
Itoman %L./ •I,,ve, by amending
tho o,ll4lrequired, ft, letowd to a f-econn
reading by In/ ithqof ny, 1,1 wno 1112, another
bill opetainn tbe Prote.morchtp lu I,u Attu
Unlvendly to itotnan Cat holler.
All aerannetelent lom been effected 114,
to ten thr , Pro-tian :rovt,nment una fit
Duko of Nut.l-ttb, awl It v-to tcportt. , l
oat b
Toe Emonror of .tn4tria. In an Impori
• .
patent dated efklt Fe:treaty, dts,olvot the
.flohemlon, tort tonlert it keen
electron itnnoollotely. Thurepton, nr
signel In the potent fur tee tii,oc.
lotion are that the reeolutlerei
ed. hp the majority - m of the .V.renthiy
tf theY terelecu Imperial annetton,nesehl
prostrate the eueeee,i teitieutent Of the
Coebtrtutional reltoloilo to unoiorelly. Tho
rrnol of gram hue resolvtel ttt 'tend a
proteet to the I-I:op.:tor again,: It,': ,ehtone
Of military or,ein,tation, ..nil tunleting on
the Integrity or Crontet.
teiegrnm ettyg the:. t!ueletn Bay. who
ban /Nell tam,'! for Tni knoll Minleter to
America, retool,. at klerehee
sutler of the r.rte.
(FIRST sEssios.)l
IVA,CINUTOI , , March 11, 18..1
VARILTIC Or I, 1.1, Atria:arm
Mr. E.1.!lS1:1" latrolseed a 011 l to grant
lumls for the cou,treetSai of a Railroad
from Sc. Paul to the .I.lS,sourl Rorer. Re
Mr. 111/WARII Intr.lured a bill for the
cilstriLui ion of aaiirils for the a:niacin of
Jett. Davis. Referred.
Mr. %Vit.:it/lir presented a petition of eight
hundred amt tbirlv.r.even Oita.. of Ales.
brie for the rearinexatlon ci tint city to
this Distrito of Columbia_ llefeveil.
Mr. w 11.L!.1316 lin:mooed 11 to provide
for the reglstratiOn Of vote, ill Terutories s
whiell was inferred.
Mr. SUMNEot introduced a bill tOPrelViiln
for moment. and bdti,titetioll of iiie
claim. of American eittronl for npolint.lon
commit too by thoprtor tO ul y. I slii,
being ttoi Of teat ....,Sort. IZef J
Mr. 3.1011a11.1. Int riol tivoit a tall to provide
(or the deleneo of taro Nin tiienoorii irontlor.
The bill of I in be.,toit to aid Lim Europ
ean. and Nortli American Unllzoin.l. Re
ferred. ,
Mr-TATTERS:ON introtinecti the Nil of
loot sersitin - relative to tile remittance of
loons sold for mass, de. lieferretl.
31r. Cll.tllN Inutslured n Ohl authoris
ing the settlement, of too etches for the
ttlsburscincrit of t e er-tr, pay grantra to
the oflicerr, seamen null tnartiont of the no-'.
1.7 woo served tin the Pacific CoA9t by the
naval appropriation 11111 of AUfust,l.:,t, and
31arTcb, Ital. 1 I,l,r:rd.
Air, 31011I1ILL Introduced a 1/11 1 amenda
tory of the act den ti log the num., well
regulating tho ippoitittnent of onlecrs of
,y,schich provids Out tbe Prcsitlent
cleat notnlngto, d iv! l a brtbc: consent of the
Senate. promote nuoll dices Of the
not ox,ceei,og ten 11l 13.I111bbr, thirty
numbers in Ihe raid,. who 11,501 , 4111110•
g o i,b r d themscirci In Inittio ne , l have not
already b 121,11 pronlOtefl for such service.
Mr. W11..,0N Introduced a resolution la
',root leg 11•0 Jodi... Jury Comulttoo 10fini,..14
fini,..14 heth, Ibe ntio.or mintmod fool on
,aano,d o, •• , - od belllgorent rowers, by
Alio:riven citi,eng, lIOW lowtol, nod
.4 bottler the rig:lL to do r.° ran be stood.' ill
legiotallou,and to report by bid or other.
Wde. Agreod to.
• •
TCitillrrt tillAlLAXl•liesi /LOY LATii
Mr. CUM NEM cAlle.l up the renolutlon in
trude:Tit liy hue on Tlitirs•lrty last, •I•icla
Ilitt 0,1,1111 tern., g.tu:unlct , ',Ault - est ill
the todossernutson of the rehnl 01 litre.
to or c,nsislcsnisle Mr./It
YSEN nabt Mime of tins Volute lit ti ecc
resolutions were I,lotlll/11;11 In the supple
y or Mr. Wil,ss. whlell woe DOW
betere the Jed loin, Cotenslttne of the
Svnal.e. Ile move.' to 1.17 thew 0.l the table.
CArrlesl—Yea", nay`. le.
31r. YOWI,EII Introlueect rerolUt tl I
rOCIIIIY the Secretory of War to lurnh.ll
limb] .0,1 ...ion - mown to the novernor of
tho etate 'Yen ro,rmee. to rani. e Ulu Orr.
equhonun4..4 the 1,111(41. taken by the
After 1.:.1,7111.1ve PPeglon the SCHILIO
1101;!it: OF 111;PRE , ENTATIVE3
HILLS 5.C7,611L0.
Bills were lull - WT{.ll and refer:ad as 101-
lfy Mr. I'EIIIIATIt Extentlin.< Itrtavklot.
of 1 110.1:0u:11y lon to 0 blot it 1111.1 ellil.irrta
of nohlient ettlft.te.l far nine rnonthn anal
killed t.l bottle.
Py .11r. VAN 110 RN: TO provld« for the
comtructlet, of it 0.11, conal ttrotnatt 1110
I'm to of A. logaro. ' Naflort ea to a ncloot Com-
to Itte of Bye. ,
By Ste. W.l ILI): To guarant..o to eort‘ln
States that have been in rebellion o ropub
lionts term of lovernmont.
fly Mr. /40 , ..ai1l EAU: To provide for in
crennotl revolt to,
My Mr. WILLIAMS, of IfolInnu: To i.g0.,1.
11.0 the honour. or .01 , h0r , .. bourn , . and 000
, 00..., Who ,ervi...l. In the Lau War fur the
fly Mr../ I'MAN: Amendatory of !Imhof:tn.
blend net Tor a .tinhattot. Alinettniftitt. 1.011,1-
..4 At Li... WWI fletrhlotalso, auto/Idol°.
ry of tint pro-emotion la 4,; idea, to extend
tho provialons of /OA Oct of August, 1,i2,
granting tho right of Way to rnilroutin owl
plank tenon over otthilo total ,
Ity Mr. WAnllltfllfNE: granting youslOns
from ilate of Met:barge.
By Ur. JUDD To clothe a portion of the
colliers et the Republic nom ruirerlng from
Injuilcs received. Retested to a Select
Committee (4 lima,.
By Str. Directing mho coin claim
ed by certain bank!, In limon.l, Va.. now
oepolitial in. the. treasery, tor mato Irelibitilt,
to lei pr...t out utile. treiciury wDLit the right
to to.e.ccute their chinas Ilktren, In Om
Conn of
• .
Ily .51r. Bout/HALL, l/cdorn
tory of Lilo law ar to woo :Whit: Ulu Court!
Of Itto1:111tr.,1Olottm.
By Slit Stet LULL.: lq.iein it certain ' Is
*hurl troop 04 att equhl footing with other
oluutecra ha to Wittily; alto, to amen 4 the
net to unto 311150url Into twoJudiclul 1.9.•
tri C Ll.
Ily Mr. PAINE : A memorial or the Mt•
c0n, , 10 Leelalature, aKklar; a grant of land
to ahl In the eromtruet ton of the Sugar Vat.
try Railroad, ,front Freeport, /Ilmols, to
„ .
Mr. or Wisconsin: Tn
Qitl le the State of Wisconsin Into two Ju•
My Mr. DONNELLY : To protect the right
of net net settleru on public lambi, by limit
lug the I Llnottnt of lend Mut can he entorril
in Oily townshipwith agricultural collet:0
Betio to three sections.
. .
Dv Mr. CLAIN( (Kansas)—To alit in the
colistructlott of a rallro.,il nail ((dep . 111,11
line front Lizerencit to: the boundary lieu
between the United states and Mexico, In
tile direction of Guitytnae. Galin/mt.: alert,
to authorize the Conetructlon of a brldio
acricte the Mlevoitri Tie fr. at Fort Leaven
worth, Ennnae; ;den, to.itirovido for giviiii:
the right of breetnittion to nettle on Chero
kee nrutrot lands in Kansan.
Ity Mr. PI.I.E—To establiih en °Mee for
the .say of gold and silver St St. Louis.
Ity Mr. 1101:1tILL: Instructing the Ju,ll
- COMMILtvo to I nqUlre whether farther
legtslainta Is necessary to give the United
Mates jurtsdletten over cane MS Com wirier(
On other waters than the high seas.
TOO WAIL DEBT raorosrrlop.
By I,Ir.KELLI.:Yt Declaring that the prop.
osalon that the war debt Of the country
dinold be ett:lnftnlthed by the generatton
w Welt contracted tt, Is not -ZanCtletted by
sound principles of natlonnt economy-, awl
dm, not sleet the approval of this douse.
Tnn Home refaced to second the prev inns
role3tlOn by a vole of 34 to 63, and the (1,0-
111110.1 Wn't then, On mOl Inn of Mr: WII,S.ON,
of lona a, referred to the corn Lulu. On Way,
and Means, when appointed.
Ity Mr. WILLIAMS, of Pennsylvania, To
egoista the 'prioutee 3114 dello° tale powers
the Supremo Court of the trotted States
a eells/111 eases arising under the conetitu•
Mon and laws thereof.
ISSlXlSrastaa tor.,
Mr..,TEVEii..3:latlyo to tho dam
ago ‘101:10 to loyal men.
y Mr. Si'it L.DISti: A concurrent resolu
tion tor the itopoitmutunt or it Joint Com
mittee of two Simators and nitre Iteinc
sentstivc., to examine the accounts :or re
pairs and furnlching of the Er, ct:tire man
mon, es provlilud lot lu the tlclictuncy
By Mr. SCHENCK: bill to equalize the
bounties of solitlers, antlers until 11larit11-3
WhO served In the late war (or the Union.
toque a bill In the ..soot words /1.•
the Hulot: urn the 1411 of February last, giv
ing bounties at the rate of eetilt. and line
third dollars per month for actual servo,
deducting local bounties and prize money.
'rue previnns question Was ordered.
Mr. COUTW ELI. mooed to reconsider thin
roe by which the main quest Jou wits order.
ed, and Mr. HOLMAN moved to lay that
motion ou tins table. Negatived—yews 61,
T lie vote ordering the main question was
then reconsidered; ye. rinays 41
Mr. 11011TlY I.E. t r 1 ritlll4 to debate,
One bill went. over ender the rale,
Elf .Inounc.l ton iii.polat
in.nt of committee , , follows:
Ibisovit iiplurs-111,,5. Ortli,
bon, W,Oiliorne. n( Wisvoniin, Mcilisithy
R 1.... Ms er!, Robinson anti Morgort.
Juint Commat-e no Library-51,,ers.
I; 1.1,1 x In ti••l Provo.
Vn Enrollni Btil,.—}leshr, ilron, ilo.
kin 0,1 liolumn.
To all VACMI(.II,
Jlllllt COllllll I: it, 011 Iteronetimetion
Meaero. Weimer and Harlin l;.
—)earoaal Committee , in Niagara Shin Can.
le Ilion, (S. V.I. Cook, eteven
Wa.ltimene, 51m, ), unit ti.
to.loot Counnittoo on Clot him; lo,Lble
6oldlorl--51c.arm. J ad, Vile, and Col,n.
Al r.GACFI}I : i intrcklareA a 1411 appr
priatmg tor the Department of Edileetio
.7,10 i. I:ono - red to the Committee on A
eropriations, worn appointed.
Hon for the oppolntsuent of a Sulect Gom
tolttee to teem , allthelsws and n•solothe
111•• ex pun dlt rol of the Conti ,
ytent lon.l sod other fonds Of 1100 House.
The spLA K ,titled there wo. •mint
10t1ht ue at the pa!, went of mileage to meth
hot , ut rho preernt ae—iton, the I tw dirrct
In,: that IL Le paid at Hot oonytorlift.Ment 0
eaelt rette tar Nte •oon, end th .ot At L,..t
WhIOI HO, !WI Of in T , to OH
II ',CI) I hot milfettfe !0 ,11 wit he paid t ,
titeee member, of the prefent Coo,ret IS ht -
Wel, me:otters of thOLLitCO34I , I,I. Ho do•
sired. therefore. to totrecet the queettea t
the .la.lictare, ComnatttLe, it, ha Owl to gtv
eartilltates of uttleage.
i. WILsON (Plea) from the Juilhilary
Cominitiee, reported e bill calling it state
C....ivy:aloe of the , iate ru.
merits rebel Slate.. It IC Itit• bill intro.
fuel by Cdr. WILSON {Mee,.
tile itiC,loll et Jett Thersoty. Tile hill wire
cur.:Oiler:dile Ll:set...dine, anti tautly
'paiiiiett by a vote of 1: to' .
Mr. DONNELLY offered et preamble an,
resnital ,, n giving encomagernernt and n 3 to
burpenn rulna the Douse rllournol.
Urn. Sheridan Order. the Lirellan
Nut to be Ileld—llloton.
nod Prewar:n(lol.ln A•ond Trouble.
Nov Yong. March 11.—The 7 Wnsio
legion cpeclal thro. Mates the narration in
Now Orleans Drier to General Sherldnrt'fi
Order ire hrtiltlng tho election. There bo.
Mr Indic. Y o..Mf It -riot, Gun. Sheridan
.ma.le nil neces.nry preparation. to 11/051
r poplin:lra any Mout bance. lie has tour
wo hatterlea of artillery and ft
bottaliton of eavalrY, Ilmelber will , Geller
-0.1.4 Mower, Kant: anti flailly Scrota 10 lite
city, ready to take pall in any hontilitten.
Tim trouble origloal on In the fact Ito 1,00.
moor V, r lin recogntred the itecoost ruction
blll, enotedered the' ntate Govei nmerd re.
driced to a
Goys-none:LC, The Marcell to le, Mtlrt are Governor oilly• Th.
municipal oulhori nee, borcover,ebt riot rece
wolf. th 11, ;Mango, InimmuCti an the !tenon
soot-two till WO 110 t yrt tmen read 10 ofti•
oil! form, and Mayor Ithero, IlUtt Chief of
Poll., Adairs ordered the police to obry
no ortleis DO , 13•0,...1 by thou,
rrlvsto formatton recel.rol at Washing.
ton from New tirleann pays that Mayor Mo
roe ordered the police nut to obey orders
except frOm him. Governor Wells and the
recorder., or police Ord lees. orde ed ilie po
lice not to obey order. except frotn thorn.
Governor Weill, Clairol that the diemallll •
eate. 1/t tile reC(III.I.I . OCLIOn 1/e
1:11(w - cell, arid ft - el:Omen 10011 be eat
vote. Mayor Moro oar cialin. that the low In
1101 yet In force. 1. later tilnpoeil nays that
tut election is proceeding quietly toelay,
but the negro°, aro not 0001,111 . with tile
01/1111 in ea. -A riofin espected lo grow out
of till, 0101.11110.
An election for City Col:m.llmm was to
take 11111011 011 MOIIIIIV, roll Goy. %Vella, in
limprociranatiomoedered that tiro frOtiillir,
mar - uncut:eel under tile recoomtructlou brll
11110111r1 vote, endthe cia4n die:ranch Med
cirould not 71110. lion, was an opportunity
for a re•enact trent of the former rin , n, but
Moo irlan'n order postponing the elm titer
net II the MO riot Coartnender in apt/ Muted
ender the reconatructlon 1,111 or apeutal in•
ctruetloim coneern In g the mum aro receive/I,
has rust tired o der.
dieolean Adslcup—filming Company
lOrld end•—Nbnen of tto Iffirthquake
—cotronerelol Newt,
Safi In•safsro, March • lL.—The strainer
I.lerra Nei tole, from llluzatlaii, February
with in treasure; arrived to.
The report Is current at Mazatlan that
J our e z had proclaimed a general amnesty
to all political eArenenn of a prior date.
Thu defeat of Mc:town In two engage.•
cued . m by Escobcdo, Zacatecas, Is con
firmed Thorn Is no no.ell regitrtlllig the
timeetnelits of the Liberal attains in the val.
ley of Pitexlen.
' Tile Trustees of the efoRILPOInt. Mining
I. ,, rupany Lave sulmerlbete nevenly•livii
thousand dollars tattle Satrd Tunnel Co..
nuldeet to the rutlfleatlOn of the
Stockholders. The Stockholders have de
clared a dividend of eighty dollars, payable
on the Ifg It lost. Tho Halo Norcross Com
pany iltielarril it dividend of ono Imenlreil
:tridterenty•llvedallars payable 011 tliezyneue
Arrived—The hlllp Chieftain, froia,Valpn.
ral,n; Horatio gpratoe, liredon; Itrllloth Coa
t ul. Live, pool; Mnl lnhxr, itONCILU.I; Poly ut•
Ida, Mart:olle,
Flour unchanged. Pr heat ad vanced r.c;
111Ilrk et 11 rm. Legal lendori, 7411
A severe sutick - or an earthquake Ira" felt
at bacon' , ge. Mariposa county, March
Th., nevillationa northwest and southeast
lusted 1l ft gen secoralx.
. . .
The ship Kosaarell Sprague, with a full
cargo of wileat for Liverpool. railed.
Tun trarkCatbarina takes s,tttJ barrels of
flour for Rio Ds Jam:.lro.
Ziellonal Bank Iter.ompitou—ADrulfl
kJ order.
trfom, N. Y.. Moron 11.—The Float A.
tional Book ali t ri-onno
row ~ f rfonlf. Itokkri OlooporO,
etopoll.te , l Cashier. 1110 1011., I, Ihe
111 Coining eaolOor lhortomek, n to: not eo
serious io• to luipalt• operatiOu.,
looltol murder no
counnittogf attior
ao oast/own; Saurday morning; the victiul
was UM Oslo of John Welch, so I doh Labor
r.. Welch war arreuted we the murderer.
I , v - :. - rr --'' - •
' -' " t;' ' ' '' - • ''''' - - . s e::."'T-- ..& 2 1 , 11 ' 1. 7 . - 77 - (; - 4 :' , ''''''--
i,-,:,),,,,,, _ „
,i, .„. I _ ;L --
.7 ,_ .M, _ ... 44. .gr,q-q-1- -- -- 1 -,-,--,;z- •0 '
trk , 2 : oz.—v. ,> -- - - - i-iv,.:j...g vn. 7 5., V Q„c•-•e, ~. .- ' 3
- e-1•1 , --,.. • , - _ 4,0A7-, - r4•31--......' , , A ti, ' ',...=. 4 ' ,.' -.V.e ., ,r''''''+' - ' ' '!'
_,..) 1' '''''''_ '' , s' -'''''' ~.I ' ,- \ • ,
,*..,.......,_ ----- \—. li:; - •aoo. -& >.- allifnAllk, j ,•: .
~V ie 5.,...:,. , !! ..
1 -
--- , .6,7, ..r."'" ,
~ . -. :- IESO P.:',::::, - .. • --T ,' 0.?,77.37i . ..,
-c.•:•:=-1 :::, -.,----' - - ,. - :: :' ; ‘ , --- _:.7 - '-1. ---
'4 ' "' 1 --- L-.:.:
• .-- '..-- -t
-.-- - ' - ' - " ,--- 7 ,--- / -;- _ -'- . : '-i---- " -'2*-- .. ..-7' - ::: 7 .- ' '''7' ''''- ''-'-“-•--.-,:;;%. - -
---.-----:- ' ' ---- 7 - 1. -- . --- --=',/-=' : ---='-:,.. _.--/-.-----..---"----
'. ----/
Military Reconstruction Com-
Difficulty Itetween General Grant
and the President,
Caucus of Republican Senators.
WA,nlNoto,, 111:41111, 1547
al.turnim . re or (:).5r.C.11. ,ICFLEA,
Under a more earettol rioting of the lie
eloastruetlon Lai. It Is not required that tlio
Coonmandants 'shall he Gial!ntLi of the neg.
ular army, therefore General swklos to
There it orients to holleve
erait Sherman, Meade, llancoch, Schofield
and will tot et:lee:ed. Thla ifort not
titT ,, et General 4 Thomas tool Sherhies In
their Department COMITIRMIS.
John Minor Unite has written a letter, un
der dale ot Marra ltit, ton prominent Cori
um:into:lm ins n hich lie ,tates that the rend
Le:; tel.tutu of V I rgllllll, Will tan' 1110 iltet
T n ,,,l a y in M.,,y UM! t hnl
the tellt . ll l, lers are therottplly organiae,/,
anti will certainly Control the COIIVC/11.1011.
ainie-.• a reu,try 15555 nntl provi-sons for
°nag by ballot are pri, :dial at the prceent
tiat Loiiiitte — ii Ile sit), not cow-fifth
the colored people arc a‘t arc or their
Ight to Vote at the etooting election, unit
i.e I :don Implore Coe gry-, pot to
a heti.: ploylillog the leiiielatton
utt of the pro ~U 31,4 0101. 00t putete.l ttu
• the last hours et the Thlrty-Ninth Con
w 1,0% lt2el far the try,
1:a!te1 `tatty Mitr-nal Itl•triet or
Columbia by tho Jti,ttro ur tbo
pl.etnu Court loatvaLl of 1 y tto:
ut prapent.
An EDmiriu Chronic. , , pedal F The
Inlvinty I:etAft . MA the LAnAI
runt teltatiVO to the :Appointment of the
otOders Tlle
lietteto cornl
wants tire act elt cute,' at tin,
the t•retitlent IX oe lttrr fOr SrMlll,thirla to
turnop apparently. Al the matter now',
amt. , . :Lc 0i11,4 , , for 1,1,41113!lai of .sirtrlers'
111 (...neruls nnerman, nt,kit!.
nontill The arrangement
ill not effeet Getierul ;nom, Ist 4110 coen.
and Of 1.14 011
~ o ronent, roo . p; obanly
tv+tl.ot 0 hoar I.ovo d.: )+ulimcnttl
nder thele control.
TX6 aceasii.
Thu Republican fniontiel , of it, niinate
hula cam:Lc:lloa morning mut agrceil not
to lin time for adjournment or tie,. un-
t❑ Lre:gre•+.ll.,ll has, pb.,,,1 the pr0r , 0 , 03
bill eutplerneetary to the IteeenNtractlon
net, tta.l until tltho Is given for
dent to kv . t. I:port tho
Cot,titution ullows I.c.k du), for L
ectitivo ron.l.lerstloo. riA
I,llloot p't
that Congrets 401. I,lit contrmOnto
.r.l tuthe than to whlClt tircwol
trod, Om CAUCUS took no Ortlalte notion, but
thy opinion rl',lllB toy brovall among the
sootktot3 that it will bn until 9,:tobrn.
The Pre • ole spomoted Dr. Barnard
of Counecticot. co:nnueeloner of EllueLtlon
. -
Indiana Lenialai arc adJourned. -
)lArvll Ind!.,lAttiru tidjouritc.l Yilfr ale
tier n eca.ton of slaty days. [4 .su - Ko nunf
,r a Important. In%s Int,qs4 .during thu
itinong which a reglatry law for
the prow iithili of the eOll..
twielonal and leg hilativu aptiostlenternt
hill, low to pintialr I toll lee lit the Idignila
lure, arid h I+l,l . for ti', initalillehmout lit a
loot, of rrt lice for )(Iv.: ille offender' The
,Ileatioll of local iglu nt on agricultural col
lege, snit illaiweneg of rorigreireional
grant, for (.16111,1. Tile amount
of money approtirtaled lu gcortal and
elticapproprlation bilk amount. to
A for the
der oof
Myellury dlinoton
It. Custolstahotolllo
- James It. Treptro.
NASri:OAT .1103.170, Metrell 14% 1%1.
John It. Adlloglon, tho prbomer,
brought Into Court by the Sheriff.
The Clerk culled over the pane! of Jurors,
when all bat four answered to their names.
Proclamation 01.V.1 theft meal, that Jurors
lumanenilmlto try J oho IL adling
ton. The following due the name/ Of the
Jurors impanclicul:,
I John S. Irouthett, of Adams towns/dn.
Thomas U. Rolf, Borough of Mlllurs
3 rillllp Iturtorr, llorOugh of Saxonhurgh.
4 John Christ lry, :Slippery rock towns
Thenlins Vandyke, 51srion township.
rotor rentieli..l 0., Clem' 11e1.1 townselp.
7 'Whore Trimble, Middlesex township.
al John lietsrignper, Winfield 1011.1011111.
W Iluto NIeLII.I , IO. Petal township.
Ilsory IL Iketr, Jefferson township.
1 1 •Iseeb Croup, Ittnier township.
1 John Q. A. Kennedy, Venn township.
Ton wire.' WWI or tho Court, up to 12!4
Weleek rh., was OCCIII,II.ii in im panelling
111110 Jurors, when the Clerk nonnuors,l thu
punrl tahnuenrel. end the Court 4¢1.1 they
would two° a precept for calling In loininm
to 1111 up the, jury in Mu
11 u, and thu
Court adjourinel to meet Itt r.
Tr..lOON 11[1. , / , 102
Court met pursuant to n.ljnorrintent.
join, It. At Ito prlauher, al
brought. Into court by tho hticrlff. llo H Is
usually attcnilvil In nottrt, hy his wifu,
children and n inuly relative.
The.; ury—tlie n Me select est—were brought
into court by the con•stutsies, and later b....
log seated le thethe Clerk called their
names, when all were found to Ins pr tha t.
Can Court then ia.mell It precept to the
Clerk to call inlesmen. The door.. of the
Sher room were closest tool guarded. The
heriff' commenced his solectscom, ano it
w its
mtnntes to live o'clock, p. m, be-.
fore the Jury was complete soul sworn.
The clerk of the Court then read the in
/t charges the prisoner, Jehn 11. Adllng
ion, In er t of Sydney 11. he usual lega Ce l v
n erbiage, whit the
'hardeirsallarts, at the
talrerlgh Of Porteraville' In the county ot
Butler, on tho srith of December
Ills lerist be I
stabbing 1 , 1111 le the left stile,belie
penelmtleg upwards between the lower
rltd into the chest, Inflicting it mortal
wound of the breadth one and a quarter
Inch end of the depth ot fosse and it half
Inches, eaualeg Instant death. Tho Indict
ment over• that the accused held the knife
lu his right head.
Alter readmg the Inillettnent, the Clerk
molds—Upon tide Indictment John 11. Ad-
Bunten hob been arraigned, and thercomm
bath pleaded hot guilty; and for h. A Oat
bath not hlsorstslf upon Coal und but country.
which enlia•ry pull hrn. tie that your
charge 1,1 tO I smolt° whether he be guilty In
manner and fore. as he elands Indicted.
Jethro areGulllnott thesuggeatlon of memo
bars if the bar, reniarked that it wan now
near dark; the room hall been crowded all
week; the atmosphere was ut Mow and un
wholesome; the Court, bar jury, altiteriatal
--uveryleely Irma westry with the week's fa
rigc,, Ile wools!, therefore, say a few
I words of canalise totter j ury, and adjourn till
e A Y. or Slnday.
The jury was cautioned against • ermirers•
tog with any ono on tills ellldeotj or of rood
lag hearses's.. comments. They wenl.l bo
kept together In a room; but Blond , ' boor°.
visied with every comfort. They tolseht
I read ,woke or write Lathan . friends on loon-
Hems. 'Vises , ' roald rem! nay Pala , . ^Wall
contain. , nothing relat leg to this With
hey could rum go to clench. Thu Conetu•
Het wore strlatty charged to see tbut.they
had tsVerYthltsg to render them comforta
ble, at the eeleity's expunsef het to keep
them aloof from contact with the nubile.
Court adjourned.
FOURTH race.—etc fullest and most re.
liable Moo', Oil aid Produee .Iforkei Re
ports pit:entry any paper in the city, will be
found On OUT Iburth'Ave.
Also, t 1 Court .P.cportc.
Daring Burglary gm Mount ireahlug
tun ll•roul.h.
There scorns to be no and to the burgla
ries committed lu this city' and vicinity,
nod no luntt to the range which the opera.
tors give their enterprise. Now we are
startled by the report of their nefarious
work in the heart of the city; the next day
colors an equally startling report from Al
legheny; now the perpetrators leave their
traces in one borough and again in another.
-V tow days lance three burglaries were re
ported in East Liberty; and ea it gals with
sca , cely an intermission.. So rapid and
alert are the scoundrels,
that the tallurs
have bcareely commenced look I ng for them
at the teene of their newest exploit, before
they turn up at the opposite extreme of
Ott hum Joy night the quiet and seldom
heard of borough of Mount Washington
wan ode the theatre of u burclarlouo per
formamnce. home time during the night :0.-
Iml—the hour eonout be fixed with any lie.
elliney. so startled and excited nos the only'
person who hod the epportnuity of jtnig.
11/X—tee 1101750 of John Cnigati, Esq., Tar
Collect. In the borough of Mount W %Kb
lngton, was entered by two men, who gain
ed entrance through the back door of the
bolltlieg. They roneocked the lower port
of the house, but dot little harm there, he
paid "tearing lip" tile IteellOgeoleute et the
lnedio , d. They then went tip stubs to
the sleeping room el Jolla Crewel, Jr. Mr.
thegint inn tilsoltimed coddler, torot is at
present employed in a rolling mill in the
vicinity. Ile hoe. reeently received one
bemired dollars of Ms bounty, and the
cheek for tills amount was la het room. The
robbers berm to have be,tllloaru of thlo
feet, anti to gain posseaslua of this check
won apparently the object of their visit. At
all 000010 they toot it.
Mew. ibllyerm lady of thlselly, w. sleep
ing In the house, In a room not Mr removed
front young Mr. el etion'euotel heard it noise
n loch Mtl her to believe that nll Was not
right. She made &Movement to a.certain
the ea.., of the 'noise, and the I Libbers,
heurtng the stir, linuselhately entered her
rem, Hutting her awake and dlle,ed t.i'
Intake a Al, Int 11:0110, they Inn:ate:lon her
111111 death oho remained
len feet ly quiet, and toghat greater tort. to
them ltneato, one°, them drew a knife end
told her he would cut her throat If she
mimed or crltd out. The fedowa the mu
vaXml her room, hot taco took nothin n
g. lin
go r ing cut they repeated their threat. II she
1.0,1 , 1 Mire any Merle. to Lave
belt the hound onumtnately after this, soil
the flu- , of Mrwiilllyurla Loving been (tante
m pl ultubly the 100 , m of Incir nu:Tending
their dep. edatton o without waiting to ex
0., farther. As IL I. tiler took nothing
of butiortance, save the cheek Mientiontsi.
Um. t. alarmed toil household soon after
the hurelurs had lett h.roont,biat the MI.
loom Lao troute goo'J etr meant,. They
e ere fts rung . e. tr, Mr, 1., •nd 11110
identite reseals... Mu moat earnestly
1114. flint the ratealt, map be can:an:4.
A Criminal Wife—A, Pending Divorce.
The details or anothet cam, of domestic
infelicity peculiarly aggravated to Its char•
actor, and involving several parties well
know n to our Citizens, bare recently come
to car knowledge. IL 111 a front derelop
merit of a phase of the 1 4000 1 evil" which
IS la reirrintg letglitr any prominent in those
and which calls for must active and
tmergetio measures of reform, It there be
any measures of reform *bleb are capable
of reaching It. The crime of domestic In•
conitromee, which his Warn :rota an en.
eeptiolott man utmost general Crime, One2l.
If possible, a atilt MOM pressing need
tar legal. social and World notion, than the
ante epread vice of Prentloomeat *Web
bee alwaY• clUreed ell saga cities.
The ease to whlelt rtfEr probalsly
soon be Made public throttah the Courts.
Meauwalle, wtthnolding for the pt ,seat the
names of the parties Corteernenyre 000 a
brief statement of ill. facts 'Otto lending
partner to a well-known
Mir city
has • arlfa who I. beeatiful and well quali
fied to please In eoctety. tier hosimmi's poi
aition and her own attruetions made her
scheme In the obese society," and she b..
!Iv - bort° mingled freely therein. She male
the meg uaintiance of several fait young Writ
of the eupper etre:ea," sal come time ego,
an It renuni, ticestne regardless of her oat ,
inn.Luly character nod her hustatal's
honor, and became erlintnaily intimate
Nvith some ot teem aegnatutances. Her
criminal kindnees, It enema, was not grant
bd to hatter two, brit to quite a large num
er, tonne of whose names. If Published.
would set Dame liormb's tongue waging
for a week. lite lady's ntriband at leoitta
learned hi. dintiOner by proofs 100 strong to
be gatogrila Ile decider on legal aepara
tionea the only remedy left to him , and
linmedlately net abOOL Instil tiling the
heeetlSSey steps to obtain a divorce. TOO
e fe, as we are lnionnof. doer not deny her
guilt,and will not remise dleoree, tint
she inol,l that It shall be Obtained quietly.
with as little publivily mlb
pola Toe
Unstated, an Olin other hand, deemed.. teat
his a lfe's clinic emir. of crone elm! I be
laid before the oolitic but be (Start piticecti
litas, and eton that she .hall Make a eon
feiedon, a hi Mrs. !ten to ho pubilely
used in the CoarL. Ile moreover is deter
bilininoned an w Itnernia In thn
the refuses to comply with these demands,
sod so the matter toot. at preseht.
The unlidi•py ain hie ere liv ilia' i."iinriitOi
Cr pre-Yet, rad their chlthlten hair bee
lent away CO 4 !warding euluatl 112 prtpa •
lien for tilt Impending ' , milt, We the
lirobeldy be able to lay still further lacia b
lure our readers 110.7113.
Bela Burglary s
Roe la Allegheny—Stole
uou.l • •
Thu resilience of Alra. 11111, on River Ave.
our, below Anderson street, Allegheny, was
burglarious)y entered by tbleveson Sunday
evening last. They ontalned Ingress to the
Route by placing • tut, beneath a back
window, and standing upon R, rer. ono.
bled to hoist and climb througliit Into the
bark parlor. They lelauirly proccisleil to
gather up teen vainablet they could toil in
the way of clothing, oilier service.
jewelry, itc., and WI 1.00 the
piano. It la presumed that they were
alurtned and fled before accempllabing
the r plans, le they loft alt the Wunder In
the parlor, 0 . 1111 the exception of a valuable
velvet lotolaufl, 110 , 0110,1 g tea Uteelbee
11, faintly. Yesterday
m ade , mg,inm tlon of the burglar) , was a and deter.
live Long proceeded to Intik up tile intsalog
yarn.. It was toned in a pawninsikers
onlco In street, where It had
loien left at tete!, o'clock - youtooloy ni •
lug by a young plan who ryceletel to eIVO
,Inhere tipoll IL as a pawn. Soelue (archer
than the illiusivery of the ene,lllLl 100 l as yet
been dtacovurtal of the perputraters of this
bold robbery.
Milker/ Naval and Claim Aftww<7.
Toreadors who may hero soy collectable
chant, upon the (liniment en t la the way of
bountler, pentanes, back pay. (deluxe for to.
41011111Ity nail prize money, or officer., claim,
for aerrunte i pay, Would do well to favor
Wesere. IMP end Dann, 103 Fifth Wert, with
them for collection. l'oeimealne
obtained by lout; application to and expert
elleo In the littetur , a, they are de to In
tone the clatamot at once w hether lilt
claim le collectattle, and If a In, w recure
payment In the least poosit,lo Wino. We
el ly recommo at
to the p of our relilter
t his li ds, and to all In
ferreted In chili. upon the Ouverrimeet.
They nth reionelbl (air dealing and Whi-
m atde gentle m men, an e, d
ill !maims.. outrust •
to theta will L. attended to lu a prompt
Wo have 'mentioned the project by wh ch
It wan proposed to effect slackwater navi
gation to slOrgantOwn. The Morgantown
Post has the following concerning IL': Ily
referenno:tolour advertising columns it will
11(31,cen that the couandssionerl appointed
by the new charter will meet ou Monday, '
the 11th day of March, for the purpose
covaetaing and opentog books :A subscrip
tion. We hope thorn will he a rnoettng of
all the conicalssiontin , , and that they will et
once put the work In molloll. Our drat
shoold bo - built the cowing mummer, tool
can be, If the proper means:ere used. Let
on hale the river Improved at once. Thu
money Is awaiting lho honks. The ' , coldu
are anxious for it: A littio "filthy lucre" is
nothing compared to an easy across to the
Pittsburgh market. Let us have It.
Attempted Ontrage on a Female.
The Allentown Diva:Many. Lost night,
shortly after nine o'clOck, as a young
w ommioterying Id a family on Yahrth street,
wan pealing along that street, when near
the loot of Linden shn Was suddenly animal
by a burly raglan who placed one OS his
bands over bur mouth, and then attempted
to drag her Into an open lot, close by. liar
erica of taunter attracted the attention of
someeole livg co nn inghe neighborhood, and
of them to her rescue, t lie vil
lain relinquished his hold and ?lOUS L saf.ty
In flight. Suspicion rests upon. smut, ono
and we hope too guilty party, whoever his
tutty be, will bu drought to Justice.
At Ilorne.—Jobn G. Brown. .Esq., the
present ours , efficient Clerk of too Court of
woarfor Sees,Ons, absent' ut Donor lost
week on Court basil:tense, has rotor:tad, nun
resumed the MOMS Of WS WACO.
/gb '
An Anti:horsy' BololnoSS ilonse—ftro.
eelles and tilneusettreaw. lamps and
Chandeliers—earth° r Melt, NoS. 172
and 171 Federal M
l'ereeYerance, application and dote at
tention to bnetnese, gilded by a nice some of
Donor and fair dealing are sure to win MC
eentl • antl - prOmpertly to the trittlceman or
Numerous exemptes of self-made men aro
to he found In this omgliborhnoil—men who
have commenced life without a farthiug,
but overcoming all ditllculties, have made
their way np to the highest walks of Ille.
-Such aro Invariably el:ft:Las the reviver:a
tenth men of benne., thosewhom the
young should imitate for they ere living ex
emptoe of what perseverance, Industry anal
honest bumluess tact will ace:mai:ol. w hen
tightly directed. In a trip of observation
through Allegheny we were Impressed with
the blocs that all Relic t me might be
prosper°. If they d foll n ow In the
track or systein laid dom. n lay their fortu
nate eel); hbors. It do. not do to rest upon
our. Oars ail trust to luck, for luck slotms
all who has . ° Ito real:men 11l their cell ell.
pat:Allem. Wu must move, put out our best
endeavors, tau active, energetic, enterpris
ing anti always have a close watch upon our
a(faire, If we weight be muccessfid.
Wu have already noted some of the
retail Infests which have sprung up In Our
skier city which anon to tarty. formidable
rivals to eatable:ham:atm Sn Pltthborgh,
nod to' day will direct attention to
the now well known and popular house of
Dir. Arthur Kirk, Noi. 171 and 171 Federal
street. A low yearn ago this house with
several others was !tenet:ly engagml in the
took °Mee:ling emu trade from tinning
its way to this Maloof the water. TIM was
dinithit, matter to eracomplish, us it as
harts to make the purch.aug community
believe that Allegheny atoll vita
and compete I euecesmfully with her
mere op,,,aleut nelgithers of Pitts
burgh: T.'oe, - sepal one people at
011eit recognized the enterprise of :spirited
end prorresslee merchants, nod bt vtowtel
epos them their patronage, but at Rloe 511100
tone before the masses were cheated to
the fact that It was to their ad vactsinge 10
Inv On that nide of the water. Gradually
the prejmlices of folks were overcome, and
, the siumal stores well maneged were the re.-
etpionts Of an I ut fau e
nae patronage and were
sotto tralleforntert into rate:naive business
marts. Mr. lilrkfa house stands as. an ex
mole, Of cote paretic - ray humble harganning
fear years ago, It hag grown 10 fro 0110 of
-the largest and most pa 09perOtts retail bun
neva pinees 01 elther city. The veered of tie
proseerity le not hidden. Mr. Kirk me
naced at all times to keep cal hazel,
la, befell 'flocks Of goals as would pleath
anal satisfy Ids enstoaleref ho mmiett an In
vert able rule to veil at G.A.:onside pm.. as
"Map as the prim coot nod anneal marginal
Lprotit va maid penal; he advertised his wares euri ollered 1111 hadeeement to
trade tr latch he roold not emery tett; eal that
ea:tome., 1:00:1110 onel , perebe.e at the
helmwould inverts-bay return again when
11l need of any article 11l Ills Iliac.. Thus was
till! popularity of -Kirk's Atom" built rip,
twel that It In retateed. In mar Vlrll to the
e•talaltdouetat yesterdsay wit found the
clerks busilyemployed In stowing
away original package," of green
and blank teas. which had Jost ar
r,ed (rush from the unpnrtern hoods. IN.
log eutnitwltat a taster of the true!, tre
whinetl fferolal specimens anal unhemsta.
.Lao, pronounCe the teas kept :ay Mr. K ark
as •ery napes for, anal only marvel tbact. hie
pileen are so haw, (as will rao seen lay his ed.
vertasement elsewhere). Bat he has made
a I:permit ty m team, celiac awl sugar and in
determaned that his coca will equal In
quantity. cleanly D o nal Klee any 1001111 here
tlr ellew here. Tho stock of et:Woe grocer
lem.-everythlo kept (or family. Mae
is large and MOW,. anal hOOIICkCCOCr., Can,
po,o,.....beretine to better advantage.
We feud however. that It le .etees for es to
speak in particular terms of Mr. llirk's
,:Aveiro( as nearlYsil Moor read
tr, are already seitlehmtly infer med noon
he subicet. At other specialty in this
store intim aelect stock of table glean, lamps,
chandeliers, pendsois,glotres, da, Ac. No
et tore Into. two allies Is a better stork
kept of lamps and floc pressed end cnt
glues wart, Id the heat N 4,1111110 roomatm
tsehed to the store are ninny t style,
of limps, some really benntiful epeconens,
which would peeve intim: ornaments for the
to surly!. apartmentsof at king, 110L110.
konn Sas tO Supplied stay and eve
ry art le in tell line at eery reasonable pri
cer, alalle atealors w alas 1:117 to 'fell agate will
In: tarnished at rates its low as the um ufac
turer's Elegant clottelallm, su eonstruct
eat 00 to re inerd ter tither cam or oat Cr,,
al. to be found 11,, , , eanoraciug all the !s
-iert tool Ino.t st
ill of eastern style*
W. , observed patent e lamps suspended
from :annoys anal really lowered anti beaet
oat, lam Ps and comer.
nue of her art:odes this nee warn will
rOlOOll.Oll themselves to tile Imusokeoper,
end alenier. Upon the n hot' the ,Olck
loss, goo oral srocerive, !iss and oil chstolll
- and I amp., net glasswae,
et Mr. Kirk's, ba equal to tha ny where in the two cities, while the range et
mac. I. anon. reasonable and 1314111 CW lc. We
commend this house tothe attention ot the
nurch.ang etontamnltr. km:awl:lg that an
IMMO , 1.11011 of the stock will secure Ina
cteased pet renege, The i n steams
In pleats all who may call am! there 1.5 no
charge for showing goods. Ifenterither the
place, Nh's. sir twat 111Fetterulatr.t, Alio-
Vwenty.thlrd Ulatrtet Appointments.
the ItepubDean Pectination hold at
Shaw's 11111,1 n township, on tinter
day evening InatL-/ . S. Smith, EN., Prost
dent, anti It. ilowaid, Secretary—the follow
ing resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Resolved; That we recognize ma beau fide
itcpubticans. Mose who cormally ePtiOrile
the policy of Congress Inwards the Mates
illtV 1n reUdilon 17 opposition to ••my poli
cy° of giving them representation without
any gearantees for their future conduct.
Renticol, 7 bat Congress has our heartleet
thank • for rll.lll[ t Liu - Military Iteconstrac
thrm 11111 ovTr the veto of actin[ rthsitlent.
Johnson, tells placing the. Southern States
-in a attention to obtain renreidtatation by
recognizing that all men are ft - co and equal
without regard to color or nationality.
Resalred, That lila thanks of thin emigres
stoma district arc doe to the Senate 01 the
United States In thrush.% to • confirm
pointmentn made by Ito President In t his
district, for tho Cola purpose of dragooning
the people Into a support of his measures,
the appointees either being fresh from the
purlieus id democracy or roue/mit , republi
cans who sold their political principles for
the °Svc, loaves end two fishes" 01 official
Beat c•tnte ?wring. Bank.
The card of t ha tellable .ntlyerfuctly s
Real hente .4avings Bank, 47 Yourth stn.
appears In another ?Mame. Tile business
of this Company is Onducled upon correct
principles, and in no department is there
any lock of care oi ability In its manage.
meet. No where in the elle are moms favors
able in tl ereinents offered to dep.:enter.. Pars
lirelarly to 11,000 a ho aro of limited menu..
an Inherent at I tin rate of slx per rent. is
senti.annually compounded :upon all e
posits, free of Covet 011,0111 tax. The ' PIO 1
lowing gentlemen am the Truntees, and A
mere glance the 11111111,1 wail oilmen 10
01111 W the salute of the Dank a* a place (Cr
deposit: Mu. Timms+ at. Howe. Inane
Joann, W. li. Copeland, Itarecy Ciiild., 1100.
.1. li. Mottritniet, C. li. II ginner, Jacob II us.
ney,.l+rott Patater,Nichelas Voseghiler anti
W. 11. thotth. A. A. Crrier Is the
tary and TI venter,. fr a om whom all Inf..,
I nwron may ho obtained ono. alltlittlAtlta
at the °Mee. 61 Fourth street.
flArglars on 1.1b1917
A burglary, daring enough In Its eoneep.
lion and execution but wait exceedingly
small rermite, wag perpetrated on Sunday
night. In this clty. Yesterday morning It
was discovered that an entrance had been
gained to the roar of Mere., lived and
Stet:gotta wholesale grocery store, et No.
=Liberty street, up boring through one of
the doors. Investigation ellowed that the
safe, containing a large amount of money
and bends, had been tampered with, and
violent efforts made to open It, but they
were Ineffectual. They haul probably bona
fro/Memel away before emotepllsldng the lr
purpose, and ail they realised by their en
terprlite was forty-eight cents. They evi
dently had II very narrow escape groin male.
tug st very large haul. No trace of the
thieves has been obtainpl.
Partnere hI is Dismeeyed.
Elsewhere we 1101 , 01 the dissolution of
the firm of Dunseath d Company, the favor
ably known jewelers. hir..l. L. Dunseath,
now of the arm of F. Sellers & Company,
tot ic rocker., has disposd of his interest.
o the remaining membe e nt of the firm
Messrs. William U. thirteenth and Georgo
W. ilaslett, who will COlalllllo the business
under the same eaten and style of dem at
their welt established etand, tie. 56 Fifth
erect. Ten Orin have now on band a large
and carefully inducted stock of watches!,
clocks, general Jewelry and fancy gem/
-which they are enabled_ to sell to at a grog
advantage to enrolments. lime them a cal
for waything W t le jewelry lino.
No More to nig.—The monsters of the
Pennsylvania ti , te dgrmiitor
havo recent ass, olv Wolfer uo more pro ,
minute fur ft It tree and there li ft strong
feeling in favor d excluding all nionstrosi
ties, mountebanks and ohm shows from
their exhibition grounds hereafter. This
is all right, hut It will vory much dutract
from the excitement and interest of the
nail road llnstinon..—TuceolUmbon (0.)
Jet:rani nays: TM, nesters. on the ralinusis
is again becosultur active. Inure (reigns. ”1
Unfelt transooried and travel has reached
the old standard. Tile cased is open and in
worsting order to Übillicolhe, but business
Ityet is Only uralorato. Before east week
la thou g ht the regular and extensive Aux-
Intel will be roeumud.
.~ .t fin.-~:,~.a~m.,~
. , 14 c*- -
) I
7 ;
(,•1-, • I .t . k ry - kz 7
t ' el ( • '-. t . 1 ' r ri
t / i ) . 'ft/ \ / •
....., '
Fire trs South Pittsburgh.
This morning, at about two o'clock, a fire
was discovered issuing from the three story
'brick dwelling, recently occupied as a reel
'dente by Oliver Adams, a colored black
smith in Eolith Pittsburgh. Efforts were
made, to check the games, but they
had gained such neadway before being dis
covered that it .was found Impossible to
stop their progr - ess, and in a very short
time the building was one mass of gra
The house was entirely debtroyed, but so
far as we could learn. the surrounding build
ings escaped A short time sin hoseand
slide occurred in the rear of tha and
Mr. Adams' family becoming alarmed for
the Fate? y of tan building he moved out of
It a few days ago. More recently he geld it
for a considerable amount to a gentleman
in the country. The latter was making ar
rangement, to move Into It, but fortunately
had not yet occummi it. The loss
on the building will reach ,to be
tween two and hr., thousand dollars,
and 10 coveted by insurance. The fire was
undoubtedly - au Incendiary one, as the
bon." .5 unnCettpied, and there has been
.no I o n
it for some Uwe. It will be re
membered that Mr. Adams' blacksmith
shop was it hhers time since destroyed by
o re—also the work of an Incendary.
' Robert S. flaslett, a p mono r In the county
NI, committed from the aluyoes office on
Sunday, for drunkenness, was found dead
In his cell en 3londay morning. Ile cot,
alned offfiness. 41111.1eu1t3 in IdrentlAng
during Sunday night, and was peruiltted to
exercise In the hull. An 'lnquest being hold
be Coroner Clawson, at which Dr. licCami
less, tall physician, was aumrsoned, the
Jury found that death resulted from intem
psrance. or convulsions caused thereby.
1W...4,i was about thirty-tiro years of age
and unmarried. lie will be hurled to-day
from the bolos, of Its brother-In-law. Slr.
Uzi+lett. on Crawford street. The deceased
tierformurly employed la a Jewelry I:4o ma
the rile.
The Coroner MILS also ca'led, yesterday,
to hold an inquest upon th e body of David
Thompson. colmed, at No. 191 Crawford
Street. Itecenmid had bm.o suffering. ae-
ennllnd 10 Dr. U. 11. MeNarra testimony,
from pulmonary ‘llotie Cr soma time, am]
hi+ death ,molted therefrom on Sunday af
ternoon. Thu Jury found that death re
sulted Iron natural canter.
Tbe sequel
It will be remembered that abOnt a month
ago Mrs. Kate V. Close wade Information
bethre Alderman Donaldson, charging Geo.
Ilechtel, an attendant In w 811;101h:0 street
grocery, with throning boiling water on bsr
❑tti. hey CO tin WAS scraping Vane sugar
ant of a hogshead on the sidewalk. Thu de
fendant in that ease yesterday came before
Alderman al•ttasters and made Information
Este v ,Close and Alderman J awes
Donald.un,eharging them with obtaining
money nod, 101.0 pretences. lie nileges
that the water thrown upon the child was
rot hot enough to :held it, hat Mat the
mother, by dressing the head with cloth,
end 011, n• It it welt, badly burned. made
Idea believe, with the awboance of Alder-
an lluts slai%on, .113 a t bo ball aucerelS InJur
. . .
eit the child and woloil have to go iincrthis
the river." Wlththts belief he pant a toms
tired dollars to sotto this ease, and of Ws
tile magistrate and thewoman each got
half, a, lleclitel alleges. Warrante were is
suedand we shall au - ait the nearing of the
ease with considerable tntereaL
llottle4 Alec nod 21Ineral Water.
Elsewhere w 11l be found the advertise.
meat of ..11e.s, , rs. J. C. Itutfurn di Co., bottlers
of ales and sods. waters, Nos. 22 and 21 Mar
ket street. No other house la the country
enjoys with a aide spread reputation for
the quality or the beverages turned out, as
this, and perhaps the trade is as extensive
ly carried on hare as at any other place In
the Union. The ales are the seer best
lin...ed. are selected with great good,
and are eTerywnero recommended by prac-
t is In
ure phystcians.g.Tho sods Staters are of
the pst quality, contain nothing
two and Kee temperance drink are quite
Inviting. Orders from any quarter are
prOluptly atteu , le , t to and tibipMClAUSare
tuaat• at the slightest rani., ritewirs Bot
m ,t, Co., w monopolize their particular
trade lit this locality, ate deserving of the
increased popularity their bottled ales and
°littoral waters have obtained, as they are
careful, energetic: l / 2 1md fair dealing business
Men. in every way
,Worthy the confidence
of the community and patronage of the
R. C. [lnward; n livery stable keeper On
First street, near the Monongahela house,
canto before Alderman McMaster. yester
day, eel charged James McPherson and
John W. Yeas with. misdemeanor, In viols.
ling the Art of .la.embly, passed in 1513, re
lating to Livery Stable Keepers. lie al
leges that on the 3111 instant the defendants
hired from hisstable a harouche .ind two
horses, and while the property was In their, they nAed It recklessly and Ins,
lielewir , abusing the horses and breaking
whalebone whin which belonged to the
establishment.. The parties were arrested
and held for a farther hear Leg on Friday of
Mils week.
Mitchell, the Sit. Lortia Shover.
We gate, some days sines, the MoticUlars
of the arrest in this city, of John U. Mitch
ell, ty Assistant LT. S. Marshall O'Reilly, of
St. Louis. Mitchell, it will be remembered.
was wrested in St. Louis, for dealing In
counterfeit money, ••cuto his ball and fled
to this city. The Missouri Democrat says
that, on his return to that city, the ison
er t a kes, into court before Judge Test,
who fixed his bond at SIO,CCO, in default ot
which he was commottui to Jail, where be
will' likely remain until the nest tefutof the
Deiteti.titates District Court.
Alleged Lares•wy.—rotor Kelly states
whileon Mb lest, be was drunk and
. ie li st entot Mon lie entered the tar.
ern ot Jelin tout - sin on Market street.
Willie thorn ho allege s the proprietor,
Inking advantage ol his condition, took
from him thirty six dollars In money which
he hail In his possession. Kelly made oath
to these representations before alderman
Strain. .t warrant was issuisi and the tte-
C 11.4 WI was arrested. Le had a partial bear.
leg verterdayund was held to ball, In the
sum of OW for it further hearing of the
Pith lost.
A Hewn Deceiver.—lt Is mean enough
fora man teptoutl-e to marry a woman and
teen to refuse to NMI ale promise. But It
Anna Ziegler tells a true story. she sae
found meaner meanness time that In her
lover. Shu came twfore Alderman Taylor
vestenluy and made Inf , rmatlon against
Ilernerd Zshnlngor for larceny as bst:ce.
See stated that Barnard prom!-wt to mar
ry her, and then procured sixteen dollars of
her money. yubleutiontly be refused ut
terly to marry ber, sod flora than that, re
tubed also to return her sixteen dollars.
The Pherllthlty it.Clivirom.—ln the
Court. of Quarter Sessions yesterday fore
noon. Judges Sterrett and Mellott on the
bench, a partial Argument was hoard on the
motion 101 . . rota to eIIIOW I s su e hy ft Win
of neon
warrant° should not aealnet S.
It. CI uley.Esq , Sheriff of the county. Messrs.
Kerr and Unhurt, argued in behalf of the
tuntion, and T. M. Marshall, .Esna In oppo.
*lllOO. Tint argument will be coneindod at
n early day by J.llllOB Vlgeti t Etott., who in
at preseut abscut from the city.
Ze/da • • Nur.ery Note Hook, for th
use of mother*. There Is much wisdom unt
truth very pleemultly Oct forth lu this lILLI
I,ook. Its title indicates Its design.
tuoroughly ebrlstirtu. 111.1 We Call return
mend it without any misgirlug.—Devis
- .'s I..ermart Series, No. 2. A el
book for the Germita lanuunge.—W. A. 0
Dlotettergeil.—lli cline] Coward, the keep.
or of a hotel on Grant street, near Sixth,
had a hearing yrat-rday before Alderman
Mcwasters on a charge of larceny preferred
■ainst him, as already noticed, by Henry
take, who alleged that defend"nt opened
his trunk and stole therefrom •'Cre or sax:
pounds worth" of clothing. as Those was
no evidence to Support the charge, and the
case was Oisfulssed.
Tb e !low Eaglec.—The magnificent new
steam bre cop!ae of thb YmlLont ComponY
will have tts .,, ,nte fullY tented thts
noon, at two o'clock, at the corner of 1150
krt end Bator streets: Dlr. near, Superin
tendent of tho Amosknag Works, who" s ue g
engine was built, is ln the city an . kl w
pe il
rvise the operatof testin.
machloe Ise:sotto s
wore splendidly. T ho now
Beleaned on Ball.—Tony Snyder, eOta.
=Weal to Intl by Alderman McMaster", to
await hie trtal for aggravated assault and
battery on , colored boy named Washing.
ton Miles, obtained the necessary yes.
today and was released.
Morrow At Darehtll.—The card Of MOT ,
rowtho well known Boller
Mater], sod sheen Iron workers, proprietor.
of the O'Hara boiler works. corner of Ses ,
and an d yroertysisests, appears in another
Erie catching Skunks
hal bccoroe a favorite fano...mem, as we
learn (rote tile Dispatch. Thorn 14 no al}
wunclug for taste or smell.
Faluting up.—ln all coroners of the
two cities palntura ere at work renovating
an d improving with paint, stores, Vitro.
houses and dwellings.
The J•tl 1 In oxeciloiat sal - 44w condi
• Larceny of Coopers , Tools.—For some
time past, Mr. John Dixon,. cooper to She
Scions ward, Allegheny, has missed tool.
from his shop at Intervats, but has not been
able to discover who were the authors of
the depredations. On Sunda ya large htu l.
leer, worth seventy-Ave Cents. was stolen.
and Mr. Dixon saw 21. boy, named floors'.
Newman. In company withboy. go •
ing away from the shop, and believes that
Newman had the hammer. lie accordingly
made Information before Mayor Morrison.
charging the bay with the larceny. A war
rant.- was leaned, and officer liens yesterday
succeeded in arresting young Newman, and
locked him up for a hearing. The boypro
tests Innoectee and mays that ho was
not at the cooper shop on Sunday at all.
Allenbeny Common Cases.—On Ban
slay there were live returnee Canoe before
Mayor Morrison. James Reed, arrested by
dicer Campbell, on Federal Street, for
drunkenness and disorderly conduct, was
lined two dollars. George Amen, arrested
by °dicer Eck., for gross disorderly conduct
In a house on the corner of First and Mid
dle streets, on Saturday night, was lined
live dollars. liohert. Brelstline, found by
officer horagne In %drunken elect, to a dry
goods box on Federal buret, was fined one
dollar and a half. Tyra other drunken ones,
picked up In the gutter, were lintd the
usual amounts and domissed. „
Slownlar.—Ye3torday morning, on the
Tpremiere where stood the residence of
hee. Scott, Esq. , near East Liberty, was
found a brown envelope wnich'lras found to
contain an excellently executed'corinterfelt
one hundred dollar Intl on the Central Na
ttonal Bank of New York. The envelope
had evidently been dropped by the incen
diaries m their flight. The bill was ono of
the best executed counterfeits that hue
been put in circulation. When the flee wan
first discovered the back doors of the hour°
were all found to Do open.
brae Importent. Reties of Real Estate,
—A Leggett', Auctioneer, will Pell on Thurs•
slay the 14th 1nt1.., at ten o'clock, on the re
spent:ye p amities, the valuable real Ontiate
01 tits Into Hebert Ashworth, In the city of
Allegheny und McClure townthip, detailed
description of which can be seen ut the
Auction House, No. 151 Federal street, Alle
gheny. Sale will communed wills the lot nu
the elintll western corner o Federal atree
and Noes Av e en fr. Ninth Co f
mmon. Sprint
ettentlon Is directed to this inige, impor
tant and attractive
Diumslatten.—The partnership hereto.
fern eMtillat: between Marshall, Fulton A
Hallman, manufacturers of heavy cordage,
nines, c., warehouse Viand 71.1Wuter street,
has been dissolved by mutual consent. Mr.
A. M. Marshall blot disposed of dsnterest
in It. to the remaining partners,
Messrs. b usiness
E. M. Fulton und IL L. liolhoun,
who will continue the trade ut Untold s tand.
wish the new firm a cont Maurice at the
patronage awarded the one J.:, dissolved.
A Nntsance.-3.11. Eat on be
half of the Board or health, yucturday
made Information before Alderman 31or•
row. charging J. KeSTney. recant:a , on Wy
lie street, with maintaining a nuisance in
the shape of en overflowing ells. pool. The
nuanced was good two dollars and ordered
to citrate tho Lau:mac.
nearing- 11•4.—.thlonnun Donaldson
yesterday morning gave a hearing in the
sf Wm...ll , lintleyl-eharged on Oath of
Brown, of Lust Liberty. with egg.,
t Beret& and battery on Thomas Free-
Lot weer.. Several wttuessea were
-_..:fined, and the hearing resulted In the
defeedunt Wing COO bail to answer at
,Get the Beat—The attention of nor
readers Is directed to the advertisement of
the great Triumph Cooking Stove, o.lil/.
factored exclusively by the well known
founders Itlssell S. Co., :To. 233 Liberty
street. The stove is mannfactured for
horning bituminous coal, and is among the
very beatever brought oct In this market.
Shoeobercer C o .—The card of this
Id and ostensively known house appears
another column. The firm mmnfactures
eat n.. 115, boiler plate,eneet Iron and patent
Intironerod horse and mule shoes, Wu latter
of a superior quality to any . over before In.
traduced. OlDees, 9 3 Water street and 1N
Etna at root.
Waived a Etaaring.--Ciam. COeUrane,
Esq., proseentetrfor assault and battery by
JosepnE. Robinson, before Alderman Me-
Masters, Waived rin
arance at g, yestethe rda yJaunn, de
gave ball for his hoer heappe
session of tile Court of Quarter haulms' for
At iris Post.—The active and psrseve
rlng Atudstant DiairiCl Attorney John W.
Hi~ldell Esq., is At his ofllce in the second
story of the Court House at all hours of the
day. So far as be Is responalble, the action
of Justice will not be tardy.
Croarded.—The othce of Asatatant
trict Attorney John W. Itiddell was throng•
ed all day yesterday with prosecutors. It is
Important that Prosecutors be in canal ant
attendance until their cases are reached.
tine* 178 e fortunes have been made by
advertising in the Gar arra. It 10 widely
spread, to read by erGrS body and as an a
vertising medium 13 without a superior 113
these parts.
The New Bridge.—No optrosttlon has as
et been wade to the election of anew
ridge from nundualry street, dlleglaeny,to
min street, Pittsburgh.
Immerme linalness.—Tha Birmingham
assenger Itallway care aro crowded with
aeon re from morning night. every
ay or e week.
A I.2.o..Qamotley of counterfeit scrip
s lectreulatlon here. Snot, monoy Nages
y that one.thlrat of that 10 clrculaclon is
tho Woes don.
Shedd be Payed.—A. portion of Carson
street, to the neighhorbood of Smoky Dol.
litraungbara, la in sad condition and
simaid So paved.
Crowd a ttttt og.—The ' , Great Republic"
steamboat attracts gross attention at the
wharf and crowds of curious people Visit
her daily!
Llvells.—Tbo hiournagahela wharf pre
.enia quite a lively appearance, the ship
•enta by river Doing quite large this
Mr. Thomas C.ostammirr.. has Porch.-
sod Kcatiog.a White House. at Yornsville,
and will, atter the First of April, act as its
TLa Ganotto Das entated into nrranne
mews for corrnspondenco from
talented ritusburnnor now In Europe.
Ankle G aaaaa ens delighted with the
now styles of short skirts *etch hare Lunde
their erituantuce on our streets.
Tempewsnen.—The temperance canoe le
gaining (reel strength eacll day and U:113
revival goo. on hi right good earnest.
Diaapp_earlow.—The old fashioned "To
ts" aro rapidly disappearing,. Pooplo as
ell as things aro settling down.
The Reaten.—Yolka me opera glasses at
uteri:, and theatres to bring gcodeoeloty
closer contact with themselves.
Idle. , —Ttiousands ot worlunori yet remain
Me, owing to tins dialcultins bOt Wei= trium
- ties and the mann, net urers.
An Increase of the police force of the
City will probably be imitated At theocrat
meeting of the city Columns.
Mt. Patricia's Day.—OU City an/ Per?
lcum CPtAro aro 1.0 01/3.V0 St. ratrict'a
Day with apnropriate ceretuoahm.
Faithful The Central Alarat boll nntea
the passing bents walk unareentinbab i n ab•
curacy sad Iblelay.
Nearly a dozen perreae art about ay to .i tat ty n
it., field Yvualalalal LOr
next torah.
The Cholera has again become, the, type
of convora ttloa. it wtil hardly ICLULLtnart
Th. Atteeg.lon'Ot the city authorities
is ' e blockade of sbieWalka by
~,mpty ',eV:s sa e buses.
potter Iron is being brought to the "Iron
City" to large quantities. from the EleL
Fifth Street Rewer.—The much needed
Fifth street sewer will ho lead atiOut next
Slay or June.
• Pea Fut Merchants have advanced the
Price of Jiggles owing to a acsielty to the
The Creation Moose, ou the trietuatalue,
wlll be opened about thetindille Lot next
Will Attend.—A large number Of Pitt*.
burghers will attend the Paris Exposition.
There Is Talk of estublishing a Press
club to Pittsburgh. It is an excellent ides.
Newspapers.—There aro now seven Eng
nth dolly papers punnaneat Io EAtaborglz..
Pull.—Tba hotels are driving a good bull
ness and nearly all •ru full with guest..
Parton, on Pittsburgh, is expected/nth.
May number of the Atlantis Monthly.
Travel is Lacreastsg OM the railroads
sectoring La tela city.
; Free Delivery.—Erie is to Mass a tom
delivery of letters by carrier. to commie:lca
on tbe First or April next. the city being
divided into seven district, for that put
peso; there ore to be two dellyerles each
du; in most of the districts.
Ulster! !a the subject of fashionable talk,
and from present appearances atm will ere,
ate a fat ore upon her advent into our loot
begrimmed city which will bar exceed the
excitement occnalonal by the visit Of Jerni7
Ilevrard For a Illordorrr.—i rew►rd
fo t r h ttl e o ° Tr m re i rt. ' 0 ' 1% 7 K.
elanrced with th 3 rottrflof of
uJoald of t.tat. county.
Fr beildlnge:oeemPl B4 ,N s :
law ofEloes oe Fifth street.
had on the eame of the thor
euChfere. are all to toe remodeled into its;
class .•.ores.
Nearly Com p l elea..—Latayette 11111,
Wood meet, Ls rwarly wrap:two.. Wo hear
Some eoloplaint that, its walls are too tutu,
awl will examine Into the matter before It.
ls ready tor occupancy.,
Filthy Mired , /s.—The streets are *EL In
very filthy condition, nO faalt, however.l 3 (
the active :treat t;ocatulsatoalsra who wytt
cleats tip I.looo+las they aro groaned afOr
able weather.
Cherie. , filttert, or Pittsburgh, ities
been nonnualmt se Minister to Copetklauren,
by rrts,blvet Johnson. So slays the Pelle.
aelphia Press. Whole Cher!. Stuarl.l
Esenralcnet.—A large number of ladle.;
ant gentlemen of tat. citywill depart on
the e
rnt. itepubllu" for New Orlera, ulna
nn ezgurg of pleasure. .
The 1111marlmootalrl7 inclined should
ord ern d orcn or those n”efec: dtting Firemen
Yoe* Pith!. et Monica S rtanAriVa, 12
111111 Ir
Two hnnured boy. have already Doerr
plxced on board thu 6 .0119511 , "Sepal) fur
atupmauL aontrt—WO mean etlrboys,of course.
The nominallou -Ex.-Sheriff Stewart.
to supercode ti. S, damns.. H. A. NVeaver,
hcs been re-called by rrmlldent Johnson.
liay.—A large quantity of Loy came down
no Allegheny 011 Saturday.
rhybielnraa Complain that trade Is dull
aria the population healthy.
The ehironey NI of tho .Grestle”
are seventy feet high.
31 Brat.—Tbere to not a Moused Wren' In
Washington, Pa. -
ERR". are vac plenty and cheap In MIS
Mat dee.
FoICK HR-0a Bondap, March 10th, ll)Itt.'11ClE.
Btlltliel C, Infant eon of Col. Joseph and Annie
Irleket , aged Ninon ha.
Thu funeral will take plate Ikon) the rectos:me
of U. .1. Fender. hag., Yo. St Wylie street. THIS
t Honda)) Arta its our,. at o'clock. The Mood.
of the family are reepeatfully Invited to attend.
1:111,1 - 1=13EMLWALlEGIE1 FIL,
No. VA runrth rittatiurg P. COYFIISTS
or all kinds; (2 KA, IiI.UVEd. and eve , 7
Furnial,lng Uoods farnlati
-1,,,uw day co,l night. Beane and
Carr , ag.. furi,ll,ltea.
h•rsuES , .s—ltev. David Kerr, D. D. Bei.
M. W. Jacouus. D.D.. FA, Ja
r .1, t1..‘11114.,
Wukel's Itun •nd viemlty.
sect Charti‘ts street.
lieshee And en.rrt.g.s furnished. .
••• ••Gotra-aere,' tbe latirest subur
ban ri cc, aeputchrr, e leers oue. In this roan.
ty, attuatrd on et rw Brlehtoo road- Immediate
ly p.m!, or A Itreben r. r o e burial lota.
or call at Central Drug Inore of COUL
ct.ANF.V. allrehenr City.
Wholesale ,Agents
American Watch Company's ,
No. 56 Fifth Street,
s3a-vvx:7_. - t=t-sr,
6 Wylie St., 3d door from 50.
Fine Watches, (locks, Jewelry,
I...l.tUsbusigky, 3Permumei.
@• Panlonlaz attention abrin to Rena Unit
'Katona,. Clocka and Jatritjor. Olt work war
ranted •
Gas and Steam Fitters,
• Jam anortment of
Chandeliers, Brackets, Lead Plite,
Pumps, iiheet Lead. &c.,
164 Wood Street, neu Sulk.
Inv= :h1
89 89 89 S 9 89 89 89
no TO
49;13.. C:0 - 3B.113 7 Oa,
, s9 l S 9 .4 arks'. Strut,
9 1
91 1 BOOTS , • SIIOES, &C.
JAS. ROBB, 89 Market St.
IS9 S 9 S 9 89 89 89 89 89
.fib. 92 Federal Siren;
11111Elt, CLOSB & CO..
Pritctical Furniture litanufacturere
Latest rola. of I . IIIINITUILZ ooninnutly on
The Simplest, Th• Beet
i742.2ax7x0 Tunzz !MSS. BALLSIIOOX
EU machine.. used tat a Mort tlrmr. tortilla itt
redreett pricer. U. LIUMINTIII I CO..
'S Filth street.
IlttiGIES of the very belt for hire at
Howard's Livery Stable,
rim street. near lfonaatabolz
Grant attention ptld to ttrylog
11,..••••• . 1.•••••• ..... • 1.1 k'
• IWLJOCII. (scieeccoonl
tt N U. '" i t
otirl riterttill:
.st m or . o . f Lra po lt lut v g .. l.7 . , aore d
Pltubarrb thalwth n
P u.
Vile erred:a. tftefa ffilatlN• -