The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, March 11, 1867, Image 1

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No. 80 . M"1111:3. kltroot.
It. PENNI.I7/11.V,1”,.„
T. P. 11411INTON.
NELSON P. LtELD Bastuessr-.n.ft's.
Itie le Copier...... 3 cent ,
thvern 4 by earner. ( eer weed....... IT. cents
lint] i:iie,ii !heir, (pet - Jest) ~On.
Liberal reductions to 3inevenny3 snot Anentn.
per year, by rta...l
F!‘ , a do. Co.
Ta , or ttl
cop,, to ore addrtts, 0. ' 1!
11 , I' , flel., (fell
'rho 11: H. P.
lira of ton Initlqls above ,tan't for
Os "i , l nswl to the paid le, one sal!el. every
one :Ce. , :;11100 anti 200 which every COO
It Mit Vit'!eUtile; we refer to Coe's
,ti Calf.aut —411 o" Ottrite , t all.l Iterl plc.
11l the woe:4 for ern01 , .C. ,, :: 1 / 3 .
At'At, two! luog coutrioautl.
Via ' , :31, 0 1t4i arl, COW, ityspe , is. Clue —the
Chap ov , rlatown that is ,urn to .11.1.1
a, illaige3tloo.llllttlle/ley, .14 L!,
Su:o auent for Fit llburgh
eunnel Fruits nut vcg,ga!,l,, and I, II
,ol , t ruwp as atany other how, In
ant v. Call :nal oz.onloo and JuOgn for
Yoor,n[tna, at tio. 111 Fedora!street„till
for Ulu well-knou
, t.• 1.:,. a F. IVltitinmi, Plata
Rao Cream "lion Dons,'
•1 - Aluontle, iValnat
Du's% •
Ilnr.nr4 L l'axwi3ll l l. Coil Liver Oil.
The 1 . 1.0 , ,t,nhl ti , vcchhit Cott I.vor 011 I
the ,':‘,l-Itl. 11esmalllet110,1 Iron fresL
h. 410 fiive . E.. upon 1110 lx.u.,llore. It i
petfcenly pure until env vek. A6l: tor “ 1 / a . zact
I:3S Coil LlVer lillutll.leo.l.-v.
canw2a.t.,ll.nce Von
F.ohl oil dragg!sLi.
Tar 9rtllrmrr:i
. .
Tbo of .1. A. nobin,on A cn. liar,
1 , 1,11:Ca in C 1,., hands of Altkunnin E
Morro .v, No. 71, renngylvania !Iron,
oi,f,or n b; for rottiomenl.. All pnrlif:
flowing llmuiolve3 ut bo finlobto.l to tu
tut Will call immediately MITI .aro
R,,qtzhvlmier.n. COLMOCULI.II
In - I.le city to gut thu worth
f ttnr t4oney In good , lining. All•!lie
I. well as (lie hul ,, lnnita:s
I twrvell ',lt'll!. 'iv - kg remoriable Pt lees.
clrgantly evil up 9..10un Is neat door
I!zo on
Itanlrcen and Tierebanty ' ..
,irh tip-top InealJLt their plaees or
t,y voltahrhner, proprietor . or the
no r,palar Coatlnetaul Lade,: 1:oorns,
:lb : trcri. next deer to the rtlrtotller:
in eel try
. 1113 nyqlere, whielt art Alto
ry be-4 to be loon ala the City.
Tax: Can mar
I.lquore of v.ll kinds nt ;Toper S.
IS.I, an 1155
rht l'ittkbrlrcrh.
Ale r nZl ( :rl . Y ll : S. Finch's
'You Can lUty .
11 . 0r9 .I,s.nnA S.
wnrd 11 , 1;r1rm, of New Jersey, rnllrond
Lend,, convicted nt No v:iork or
ovticr, 'was lined ztr, huntlrell
nonieneed to three: menthe.' Inwri-or
nvLilAynco In causing un ncelden:
two 11W,ClIgerb were /tut.
t is vstinettea that since ItdiSfalocanct,
4:mane:need /ricer. seizures at Boston,
11.1,4 accurod teventyadvo thou-and
lions, Valeta! at two hundred and flity
dolhirs. (4. this amount 0013 ,
al hundred gallons were ale. About two
xl.lllllO pineti bal., been des;casea.
akuel B.' litowglea, d. Couaddibioncr,
Lawreace :Sad t h. of Henna:l;y, Corn-
Fstontaa to the Path: E11 , 0,1t1012, 4.1L711
iaturd ay.
ho sir anibehit Glpecy, in Government
iloy • iforinl . 1110 rar en Iho lola., was
thAl Jcr.,oy City alt hataitiliy morainj.
he clothing wort:boils° of llonliolib
huharkt a Co., huuth ,treat, New York,
ihao.hzeil by grz tiaturOhy morblng to
..mount of et'Nub
• ecnnuaaeu 3,vgitlaturu 171.11 atljou
3,1,1 i la ;Tenn.) has bccu authorized t.
, urth of SLT , IA: to lb.
Ittriirceul. Much opmitioa
outho par I. 01 the property hut
11.3 newly nnpOlnted X vi
.•r at sue rinncl=o, . 1 111.14,.1111,11 /11,
h fee td the most prominent morettintn
in York Lily, Swas importers, on a
rut tour of oh :ervat ion to the Southern
Cm,lLlTiVeti (It it MUGU Ul.l Friday
:and opout the al ternonn to nn luterner
Jot Davis. They were plennantly re.
el I an!' entertained by Mr. and Mrs. tin.
The eon vertatlon, which CRS 12161 On Ca.
truhlects, w. Wolenged
rat Loom. ltrt tearing the Fort they.
ed t hetra antrum that Mr. Davis Iv.
..utortably pitiNvided for, they having
water - the imprestlott that he Was
- poorlyaaken Cure Of. They found him ,
, od health and ttemessing all the means
mint uncut which the .lenloney of tire
erll !MUM be!io,7 under the grave
Ire 61 the cikirco for which . Ire remains
Nuw.:Kork Custom )louse trouble ran -
and 1-MiceLOT SMyr4l.l Is gutting the
.1 of the light. by nil odds. There Lux.
n great deal of 1 ing .mevThere.
- . .
tho new tax..levy, eleven snlllioris aro
- fmrlated for the municipal of
York during the coming 113c:A year.
southern_ 'teller Committee it vc
•d nearly one hundred Monte nd dollars
ire food unit clothing to famishing
Amer!cart 1311 do Society hare received.
my thousand dollar, durin suhntil
cs,en , led fifty thousand on tiro work In
nany, China, Japan, India,
u Stale Senate leos abolished the Roorti
• uncii men of NOW York. It Is believed
the bill Will pass In the House also.
;ht pecan steamers sailed on Saturday
6 of them for Europe. •
nerul Thomas LlCatite es the nomination
resident by the Tentmesee•Union men.
:Lys that as be Is nothing butssoldier,
to best eery° ht, eonn!.ry in that CI-
Mlryland Senate, on - Satur lay,
(I Iton3o of 11 , :legates Slit to call a
eLiuventlon to f 01.,. LL nex.y:ott:tltu.
Icy 15 to vet; a.
o . Nevada Liir.lslature adjourned sine
midnight on tbe dtb. Teri Lientenant,
timer, before It adjourn eil, relit the Leg
arils brought no credit. to tberw , ielres or
'tote. - No revenue hills hid been P. 29.
nit the,Scate was wltlibut ercail. 111.1. t.
Ing it had been refused credit for a
rod poultdd of liver te• the State O,
t•'eoty days lio would turn
limners loose to reel; their tiring for
.itilves. Thu elothig roeuts were die.
later 1 115patah Ray, the tiuestioa of an
b1,C103.16. being ligituteit by ibn
e, but that the Governor week' not 18-.
bull uniesi atoYonaubillgeenitre.d
beforehand nod the meolber. Plb,bab,l
Ilrealy anti- unt.pAlvoc.tily to
.LC4 bill itatuuditttely upon reng;teiii.
In ten. Inebei too''' through
•rn WI.9eOIIXITI on
riOV,IIOr Or MclsnorloZors n resvor.l
114 ILIO utreet,of Juo. W. Orputly.lzte
and ex•Collectnr of Adair county,
LW: 1h tarn =mount of
thaalia mu.zuc:pal clealon, an..Tacs•
fleet weay. In a coa-iervalre
In I t a artertniaster.— Marshall J.
ton ban bccn om t mlnted and con.
1 a., flnacroconnno thin
the rank of Major. fo r m er ly
NI in Patton - m. os, Ina ..ccod I ',rung',
al war on ncolunt Quotternnner,
: jmnocnctl In Colonel ecd Brovnt
Geacc..l ll° Is tho only volun•
:otrlcrtnu,incultollaguln:cn uppolnted
tc nor 4 .:,:vtatu Io ult:
k 7-<?:I ll -..",
' ; ' .o,.
~.r.• 2,/ F' ~.., ; / ' r . 1 '4 '. '
*1 II)
. 1 2.5
VU„. XIL - - -NO. OS
Flyr. v"1111ili
i ,ti..:. !Ali .
" r 11 :7, 1V1.4
PCP,TEEtiI C , O 7 j.;G: a ESS.
$1,000,100 Co. S:•uHterii
r:%; .1:11£1:1C.1.
q'to; CIL% I repOzt
of tho t , toloo. Jtclertc.l to
L , • Pri.tir:r. N,lttt a motion to
0,1 tohlit a . of LONN.E.S, tho deco
mutts ,11 it rt it 11t.11 to tho
treaty 1.::t th, :ihttes and Ila
trailan 1 t• tr. :Ira to the CO.ll
- On Fut, U. 1.11:e:1...
Mn. 11 . 0 . 7. the rotemlttee
r: .'.l , 11.3 111, 1 1,1u1l
uppio,ll:=,:' Z , ‘ Ifer/ . .17 the t,p1 . 11.0
th.• t , thu V:noi,lnnt
LV tho ln. ::.conatry.
'fr. VAN IV IN Illrovnlad a petit:on
from t ti. iO -n+ of Ait..twviriti,
ff , ngre- to :1011011 .11110 Jrant, very.
latinn !Oh: Alex:and:l4 election
until th , 10:on10 of .110x.1•nIrla. bad an op.
horflionv t , f 1001,4 he OA On I' , t11,11.,t.
Mr. 11..i./f. 0! •co onef nig the
1000111 r,, r0:1 he Intl been n :wad
upon by n 4101,n,inn front Alof:andrin, who
000111001 11,111 tl:nt tilly alq. 10:licve the
za`.. ut.Congero to their Intu
eleottop, a. ILO 1 / 1 0trIat. Cowl:mm:or hall
L: clt,Li.rnillta, 11r.a .31:. the llay oleetnon
they 0,1,1: Ihn volts
asno, Ih, Iol:Italy
• 310..h011ff 0 off ,111:11.1:3 peop!o 01 Alexan-
Cl,l o:ftt,,l r.:yrrai von nonr, prnf.
0101011 unninvholol.l ton! then, tho . co . .oreil
yvonle i:f .110xnadr . ,re 111:t ent1:10,1 to
vril a: at 0 . 00 , : on t
inder ILLt unhtury
VTAUVATION AT 0.1111.50[77a.
_ .
Mr. '11:11311111:1.L. trout the Jultritiry
Cottxtrutt.ti, truortntl n joint rest - tin t too tip.
propritttlo4 ono million tit Ilona, for tiie
collet or tit„ rooto
S. V t
.to rot ottt -et, to V,
jlended It: Int prniiitclottottro or :1 - 1.•
Ittnio.lottla's itturcou
In of
.Itr. THL - 31I:121.1: prt!Othal: at•n•otttl
art! bad wttitO on the J•elhotry Coro motee
tutus morn.", oral • tw.thitat th at unto,
snroutittaft of tutr Mu I wets %Mao, there
a Auld he rettbat FLl.fratiOn among the dis
loyal pordloa of the .ttouth. The former eo
proprlatloast hot been hllltitqt,lLl to rruyido
for Mo . :to:art! scants ct the Irt,lodat and
local reftty.,-; ttlf r the resd.utioas
p'•-,tour 111 , 1:1,V Colllitto ,p(na fu
relteetag a
de , dute 41,10ya1. It was now
ashtd to tart,yl Use LA lit :al tilt:, The
rretonmehtbd too cf Ore Committee ore
... ' +M": 3 leer tbsu thdt a,:oal he by liCneral
LlOWllril. •
Ator tibtrt,,lrn by 31 , ,r4. STEwAr. - r
romliitt/Y to hirer of Cho resolutlon
31, rt./tit...A:l'K tome t tanruotot by l'u
crealtr:,bo attoropriLtino
Mi. It(MIA / /1.1; itaVtltattd t:10
Aft cr further tlittutstan, the ftwantlment
W! .ILootrith.l to.
lit the onto., of the .1-note, Mr. STEW
RT L:10ot Intnth
ninth 4, ant Mr.ll.lnl AN , knn..l any molt:
corn; in in in try 1:161,1 trt.1 , 14,:j other lie
part Cat. of tho overt:lllo,M.
Atter L lona . nthate, the trzehation mad
310:LA :1,11,1 or, rag .113.mattcexi COSTLISYST.
311 - .C.IILEIZ'JN :1111N1 /Llettti it rmotution,
itistrma fog the, Com a. it ti•a on F•re tan Its
.lat iiirm to t.t Ylttri lie.
man - to Kt:l,, ft , rolgu
ti Itt 011111 i, co:au - Ant lost,
trains contrary to those
3110 imolai,' at this Itopal.
BC, A. , . II lack W. 1.4 1 t'tttri . t..l to the Commit.
toy oil Foriaga liii!at
The ommtu votra. aito Cm: eittlire
a .. e1l ruin :::tor
Lectl•letlve Coleutitten. to Protect
Ataitect the Itt.c l itecf rnetino
linteoseloor fat cot 1211VCF11146r
lel tied Of—ticorrat . hetet i.toti itt
riot ec that if NI gee huffs-oho to Ito.
laced the Mt, thoi Woolf! httll—
" to if - taciliene the Eftetiou.
Ncw Yettn, Nuroli 10.—A 9pec:it:l Now Or
/eons' telt:grate to the 7/trait; (aye that the
Lottl.ttan.f. //oft:cot I:oltr,catutlec, caccur
red In tee Scouto o...toletlett uppatuther
Committee to pretetd tat;.1.15 et tt.o thdtautute
liceet,truclitift II:!!.
Churgee 1111.1"11 preferred ugsfrett Governor
Wellle In tilLlLlootet I•fr toturauteet In mauled
hlt proclutotif tea deolur:u4 tho tuiliffteit n
of voter, le ia :template:o trite the
IteconC :oh 11111, and 1/o.i luipc.teCtectd
IS ptetuttlo.
0110. or 31ourcut, Het Lteutchont Gavernor.
and, Cud set Interview. wills litlztoettl
eltoeltlan z tu t!.0•1.,0t er nettl et, tO
tote It 100 - cNettotc 01.50 they u uto
fnrelull that It tet,iteci Ohl cut Cult: the
tacit! lott would lie hull.
A bill maciffenttlettcly pnireeet In the
1100(0 po,tpottht 0 the prat,tefett,el eot j o u.
unwaru.n.cxe cuterlott re:tree:int.
- Nun . Ulll.O • cc, 11Intelt 1 0 .—Troutle rating
hOlOttltohtlotl ttt eaco the ulunlel out elf:aunt
1,1/1/14 . 1111 10 11“ bi Gtherel
Sitort.lun 11. loot Oil n l ortetr that co polio
shell he Opened, tool that the thy If elec.
tip. p.(-tour.l :(rind the ditdrtet coo-
mantel noise lit , , tt -, - 3 .10a - f l ute:her until
special ittatrections talc Iccellial,coturtug
the 0040.
NEW ,roux,.
The res3lnts Er.,ll.mzent—r.rilltuslng
tie ~ . .- r Ung•—..Nlacteta ht rZm..h IF
SAII.I-I...icittinons Late U. E.
Sloth. ' •
Naw Yomt, Starch 10.—The Fenian exclto•
mutt is tootuntrhl. Numerous Onuathhu
liars been tr._ p:ed. Intl owia to the 10w
nu,..1 or nth tlr, ohdreula who offured to Vol
untut•r woro tut, Aut•::thulnntic
met thy: of Id,. ufEccra was
hula St .31,onte Iltil last oteto. Thu mum
hers of Wt. 1001/:‘,1100 , 11s :0 - 4.l,,turt nntl
eiburebere ttra :Lilo mortar; in tiro matter Of
01,11r1 to loch at the trout.
Iltut,ert hteatllollpl led from New
•Yorlc yebterday for Europe, WPst 111.1 m,
Central ..tmcr:c./.. and oo,t, n fort e,
rT Mg 1,001 p . ts,,ener, and 1670,0 A ~/eren,,,,
Tire :Ite.Lmer took 114i41 United
&ate, troop,.
Erie It. 11. Stock havlnkt.l.loolllo.rgell ore , -
Fab. tvivaCcf4l yesoenlltylo '0 amidst rfrPat
exottptcnt but alt,rward rc4ctcd closing
at b`firtl.:.•
RI cer Te!“,^ra m
1.61/ Oferchn.rats' -Vaticourt 2'elegruyi. 0.1
O. Coil', 31.4rell10.—WenUon- cloudy and
raining' Lard.. Liver at Inches nun on a
Nnsuv; tax, 11.trch 9.—Tho river it ri 4 lng
ono bait an Inch all boor. IVcc4l.ter cloudy
fun , l warm.
Locc , cmca, Iturcl; citing at owly,
nod lg , 51.t . et,n1 to 1.0 rtut bcfmo
morning.. c:uutly. .11c1..ury
Mot:runt, March 9 —The Weather la
cloudy; t Iver tut) nontry, le„no: ture. t ._
rinnuutry, Olternlou, routine, Carrel,
Walter 1:. u. 1.1 Pauli., Correll, ter
Ilidlono, tor 1atu.1.,11/e, tutu 9.9
tone el lrotph t.
31stel. V— Tho 31empt Is
aNnitner LlortonaLamid:. a log loot 011,h0,
Ut Lot f , ,,Lat tun u'clOelt, no , l , ualr, alnly
talka bolas: tit , city. 'lllO cargo ettorlated
.of two toourotol Niles or Cotton. Tiotllont
or.leArgo..l - 0 ,total 'l'll, Lout mink
in twenty talwllua In Incoly-a¢ loft of
water, the elilict,itya nail' bolltra fell over,
mod ono potacogOr on. last. crew tool
pargers wore rercortt In small bouts.
blon wita yahoo! ot. !Moen thootootl
I1(1 Caputio Wllloono 011(1 01.41 0 .
n;. raj In C.:MC: tIL 000=0 for Rifle
3.111 eto.lorr.
TreaSuro unit floor (cool Colifornan.
Otti:m Frtarto/tico, 2.l3rrk rri—Tho :•.norti•
MULao, l'auallla,Salit,lto•clity with, cn
111 1.11 , 11“1 sOJ , tiVente•la tbotimottl throe'
howl rod in tinnt•iury-;hrLo rattly-
IWO Llioti.noll for New lurk, nod the hi/l
-ane/I lon V:14111111.0 , Et , ilhtUtl, and Over
novels tilontitool hand l of /lour. Tao touil
troniinro olillonentun wince January Int, are
tight wt+llnn rortr.siz thounnild.
The :Lip. Coln xi Nen' York
arid Percy from /30/trin, kr/ .
IIVOT ay. •
Pit *tor 0100lter Li 'lnlet. and Prieto kr ,,
lint/ ut
Virr. - ,txtth tlngl It...vonNtruct.l.l.
Matsu to-day
[cc t /1 0,11t3011 [MO re.-
/ .. " 61 1 Wl/.11 . 11 . .. rat/Zi nt.1114
VI[US flit. -
F'! .11 EUROPE,
Anot4r Submarine Cable
Ireland Habeas Corpus B
Tho Cretans and the Turks
ft, CAGLE]
. • .
Loserel, March n,-03,,0t, %V. }iei. ha •
ousts ottani c , l the purpose for which clikll3
be conic hither Jew trecha ago, by con
teuctt ng ter a met:natio° cablcfroto Places
tia,:icwrountliand, to Sldney„Capo Bretton
- - •
I.ON pox, March is reported
flO,ll Ireland to-day that tranquility has
bean reatored throughout the Province of
Leinder, and that there has been 110 recent
dlaturbanee In the county of lierry.ainco
the abortive outbreak of last month..
- - .
A , Iltpatch trent Waterford states that the
Unity mountains, Ott the borders of Tip
perary and Cork counties, aro awaroung
with Fen tame, end It to feared an attack will
In, ma lo on the town of Tipperary, the In
habitants of which aro ttleatrecte.l
Etmegly tllspo.te,l to help then,.
Leaven, Nlarch o .—Eccning.—Oinclal ilia-
Patches received from Ireland say tondo o f
arms were ditenrcred and reizel by rho
military, nod that this fact seems to ego._
firm reports that the rising of the ALL
to lied to he general.
Dent's, March B .—ErenMp.—A dispatch
from Milo ford reports that the nations
appeared in force at Devil's Hit Mountain,
Tipperary county. Troops, with artillery,
were rent to dislalge them. Tim result Is
vet miknowii. Tim ineurgents muster in
strong force, particularly he Tipperary
county. No bands, as yet, have appeared
in the county- of Wicklow, and the town of
Wicklow tit tiufrt- Reports from Drogheda
report no further disturbance there up to
this hour. Twelve of the foremost rebel
leaders were captured. The ferelan• have
captured and hold tits barracks at
lidteet, to enmity Kildare.
Paithaaf rataestim ltioo TIMM COCKS,
LOSLON, March D—E•ening.— Din:stars
from Dublin state that small hands of renb
ant aro patroling the counties of Cent,
Wane, turd, Tipp cairn and Limerick, press
ing p.. nplv Into their ranks and committotg
rebberie. everywhere. Toe tlaVr=3F of Corl
aro otiered to tee closed every everting at
02.21,119 1.2 still In Marls. ' •
' DLNLA.2.4 or AtlyeYen WALD. •
rile funeral of . .lirtentas Ward. (Chas
F. Mrewint) tOsirplacettedity. ',:flti remains
Were Lotted In Itetoul Greene, and were fol
lowed to tee crave by a TLitC number el
literary wen and friends. I'll Uned states
Legutton woo repreaelited b Reef, Moron,
First Secretary to Minister Adams.
ret6lll - GOVAtIND le, DLO .20.711.,11.
Tine re erLatt male aot the ern). I.overn-
Inent has been eoutpleted. Thy Late of
.11,1 borough beeinhes Lor Preetdent. of
the Privy i,ouneti, fa place f the Iluni of
1 ,
.11octtnallain, appointed Col nal eyes °tam
ltrul the Lillie 01 Richmond will tulle the
Chnirhead at the Board of Trace.
sr/infra& AZE.V•Iia. '
iIt•EL7OITOW24, flaunt 9. The Met tuselp
City of Washington and lib sego, from New
Verb, tuttelted here to-day. '
Tee IiAtTLIt, 01712,10:2.
22 is stated Mot the hoofing powers 01
Europe It we united in uricin • uponl 6, . It. 10111:211 Government the LIM Dilute rutin er-
Meet 6.1 . the provisions of 'kb t test). of is.Vl,
awl granting 01 liberal cournons to the
Clutstian subject..
PULLIN, Mart It 10.—.1 banil of Fenian% I
wklott wa , t preeknoly reported to h:tse to
kelt Dettie,3lo. of the liarrackl, at limit:l, In
h. I hint, Levu lwun tlitylitekil 1,5 troop, illto
tiu•iiilittlas mug., tau attack ors the bar, ache
at Mount 51 , 1111:, at the toot at eintynftioont
Mountain. anti were repu6n.l. Two Of ten
party were Shut. the tit:Awls ere
Said 1.0 bete 10eeekeleti to tile I.IIIIIJOL 02
3,10 , 3 its the neighborhood of Alierlais, Ale
is Rebate county. Tattoo tote,'
Levu Aunt Out to ill.perse theta.'
The exlttence of the Fenian Conn...ll,vr h
hod heed eeeretly ht ...lon In DuLII,
hal been dlhooveted, and Its tuelooeo, have
been oorrmted, by the pollen. Unnora I Lharkt
one of the Fenian loaders In the south, ha
Leen ohhtured uLTlppetko7.
rticswil TEAx/ra OCT Or Il6zlVo.
PA cl....?,tarch ....3tontlefirstates triat
14 . 11,14 time ell 1110 .l.njora Inu-t
/iota: Mviteo, Wit/ Lunt 1110 tleparturat Ot
the: Empt•tor Scum Vora Cruz
to 1,14,3 tukca plateu of
ALMID, 31arc4 royatproclataallou
Wlll , OO Del" Lao . tertn/aaticaL 41 . law
apam. •
Ythannne, hittzell lU.—An aLtetnnt Was
ramie to aasasslaate the Hang 0' 1411.11, [war
]Ulan, tr bleb hated.
Alarela 19,—.5. tattle' utrtlettrake
nt plena la the Islarat I Alytelene.
tabltalln. are tit re a and !tau
tly., have been lost.
11 . i Ekk el
All Lli h.
dr.../. ot I
CO:WT:11110N TO TM{ C287'•701.
Loaner, March 10.—A dlspatell from Con
-151 WI 1.13101,,0 states that the ISUltota hits blade
coace,tions C kids arm natbduclory to the
people of herein, .111 has VRIIIIII 1 tocar
ry into effect the armee of 1b54. The Cre.
tau deputation Otis reached Comitarittnople:
l.ivaitroot, March S—Eecning.—The mar
ket lur Cotton contindea dull, and quota
'LlM, HilOW a ierther decline; Middling Cp
lar.da closed at 131; middling Oriental, il'id
Thu bales to-ilny loot up 7,0e0 hale.. Thu
market for Bremistuffd closes easier. Fork,
prime City 1500 s, 75, 61 per WM pounds,
American Lard 1.0219 d per LW pound, . Es.-
in, common 'Wilmington • 1 , 3 141 per Ito Zs.
Aaircs, ;kw Gd, tor rota. blasts Turpentine,
51. 641 II 100 la. PAILITILCUILI, la :Hl . 1,1 gallon
for l'enneyiritnin Itedneil and artilus Cana
da. Whale oil, sk, II 1::4 gallons for It:eland.
Lunges, March 13—EVenitiff:CO0SOIN C 1,,..
ed unchanged; at St/1i; U. 5..5-2Ws, 7434; Illi
nois Central, T7II Brie, 10%.
Ftiancroter, Match o—.t.ltrairip.—United
States Benda closed at 77,4.
(By Sfermierj.
lIADZAS coarva MILL.
NEW Yoarr, March 10.-Ttio steamer Amer
Ica, from Southampton on tho NU, has or
In the llonso Of Lords on the lit", Lord
Derby Loom! the emend readtr.r 01 the bin
to continue the eusponslon-of habeas corm.
Lord !toenail gavo a cordial assent to the
Irll i, widen he tomdderod fully j wattled by
recent create, and commented strongly on
the conduct or Yen 1%11 lenders In the United
Stutee, Merle/ IY deprecating the Interfer.
enc., of •the American Government ln rad,
Goo to the trial of the Feta= lavaliere Of
„ .
Unti Perby gave explanations on the part
of the Lord Attorney General, awl prom.
bt,l the turreapontl tame relative to the par
agraph in the AltletiettO PIOSIdOIIOI toes.
sage concerning the Fenian trials In Caulk,
'1.41. :Mould be laid botole Parliament.
Thu 11111 was then read a LICCOUO SOOC.
Two Irish -Americana were arrested on
board a ve.el front t;arittlr, at Cork. Both.
Wet u recently at Cheater.
Powde mazine at Paslllp
explo r ded. !luny were kitten and ded.
In a railway
accident between .liatiloW
and I:Wean, Itutialit, tell were allied and
thirtla •fullntied.
La Franco denies that the Laer at ce ,, ,tantlhopie, rind p r oposed too
mernbur or lb LI tUplownitic body, that, repro.
amitutlona . should beAtrade to the Porte on
the subject or Crete.
The hew Press Law exected to
be al catty French
modified, The roitis p
et. confiwat
tad prop. rty wilt be cold at public auction
In December.
I.lrfeefrom China Btato tan rebels
threaten Itaukow
A telegram Ot Feln nary 21st, states on
Greek authority, that E,%% Turks were de
folded ou tbe 17th and 14th, In the Western
gm lent of Crete, losing two , gam. and many
pet.Atnet The 0t14111111.1. not e able brat s 4.ll tLII. h and Mit In another part ul the
1.1111..1..11. are Tepurted by
Tho Cretan elected delegates to Con-
Flant tool,lo reinto tOand the Cretan as
s crobly nersans In theltAttnhand for awns
~. :.-1--- ' --- 1371, ,,, , '';/
_.• • 178-b—e,..-
N-.; \ -...:,.. .-, •
---- 'O - t-- - -
,e , --,- ':.-_,lcr. •< -I '---'--- ;--_,,,,<` , -I,', r.,ts*-
~-. '...,:-- •=---_-.7-:
1 _.....„.„6".....kv,,,, j.............. z. -- ........x..q.
~,Ty.,,,- J,,y .:
J-..--,,c:cimi rs=. tk ...14,\ t ' =--.
s--.= i . :-:.:, - - k--: t - .. - • - ---- ,--- AcLe I ,.
1;,....1(..---"'"t7 - 1- - - •). 1""'""0—.:-,
. : :'' 'i; ‘'! - " - s e—,— --v-r--7--..--=-:_--:—,:„
e 1-...__:,..-:.--
.1„::::,,L.:. f..-7.--=---
_ i
The CollgreSgOlilli iIfCTES.
General Grant and Reconstruction,
Wilson's Registration Bill.
French Abandonment of the
Mexican Enterprise.
March 9, 1,7
It uppenri to be conceded to-day that MO
Se - , Congro, will continue for
. •
al wceks, but wall the titt.lcrstuntling Hint
no now ltunuelul nteusttrui will Ito itgreml
upon. Prominent pen:Awls eup tilt:yet-m.5 of
congress will be ut the close of boot
cob to October.
Tun A1.1,X.11,1t1A.
(1111,:lnla BL Alcirandria, Vie., ;say they
re nail)- for another election, With liege°
ulTrage, lama: ox, if Congri,,,, NI lit let
hem rutnatu with Virionin.
Stte 4.4 tr. rmo—ILUOLS
Four ilvatl bodies have thus far been tal,
frole . teelett of the 1110 of Lilt uieLt•
r.Eaheviek, n rv,Laut.tat keels.
The COmudzulonur of the Gettern.l Land
Onlee lieu rixelvcd rcturux cllaintLing the
tofgregate of ithttnr acres of pule le
land!, doting the month of iebruery t. at the
Mllolvlng local 11l e., Neltrat•im Clty.
acres; St. Peters, Minn.. lails acres
Humboldt, lian a acres. A Inca° poi
tlen of the land woo talon tind, the !tome
ate it Law (or nete.ti bettltdnent and culti
vation. The ream:haat war sold for ea :di,
millhoT warrants. Thu co,lf Ik,
Thu Counhi,lohur
Inltte.l to the , J.Turftur of horn Patent No.
onflu - aciffif 1,120 act., of swami, lun,lw ln
the latu Cluatton Watt - let, enuring to the
Stmt. unacc Thu grant of ...i - uptetuber
The tle,lw,cenents for laef. Week were
War Dellartment, Navy, In
t0r10r,,et.:4,1,. Too weelt., Internal rceon
tee Total eine," July 1.1, tt:el,
The :ez:nte In ezt,utive bvs.leernellreettl
en uc, 1/i6trlct, rennaylvonia; John
IrytoC4, DleLrif:t 'Attornty. E. , tern
Wet. rkatuts. Zl,cted—Wlll.lllce.Stir
voyor of C..t00t., Quite;. Illitio:, I'. var.
ilcat, 1'0,1.1.1r: tor, lienostie,
Apt,C1.411:13, 1111.1.111.1 Pt trident tent to
the heettle the toot:lt:et too, .•fJohe .!.to.ey
-I.lnots, as naval olltehr of Itostott, h. IL An.
WM : oe rnv,ll "nicer of ./ . h 11...1...1phi,, tool el
monber of 13,:s0saorn and 1 1 04111.1,1111 . 1,
:1 the Went.
The .3.ll.Lldippl Leglats./le hi.proi.l.l.,
sly theummi dchlars in/ I:alnuLLeLL' 3u
. defete. or Jeff. David.
..‘• U. Jole, I.Arsocrly It reprc...tatlvo In
LW.„rus. w lil ,cmalair
A 5Y11.41,10g opetlal to Nt, York etatra
(hut Geatral Grant bag in tmc nvicx telth
tiro kresnleht.yeeterdnx, when It Li supntoo
tut the 'lnutile:A of tullltary appointment -4
under (ho Itcrelottructlun but In thu South
was alleetauo. General (;rant
La Ix:11mA to hark, erne pleted a pet of In
rtructions approving the lull and to bare
nebtolite a them to Iho rrobillent.
tor hue beau approved
by the .leollelary Coe of both 11 penes,
cull Will Proh.Edi leo,
A prominent .•en.ltur 6mi roc:, lymt
T.: 411fOrtuall011 from three boutucrn
Statt, that tLoy 1111 IMllledlutoly prod
to organ'. their !anion gov.:ruments under
the Sitlitary bill, nut{ is le now confidently
n...ert0.1 that all thu Snutlo rn St/{..od will
hu reorgaulzed under IL, pruvlsiquJ nod bn
ndmlltud to [Luis former relullous by Mu
Of January
THU ALXVI:SI , LItd ldliiollll,TV
tieing°. Tacker, raj üblicun candidate at
be late Mayoralty election in Alexandria,
ailed on Friday adorning on Mayor Lath .
m, who wan declared elected by the Judges,
and demundetl the matt of the corporation
acid hoots of ollice. tireittted
to yield them.
Further imeounta trims Alabama and
Georgia repretent the di-stitutunt greater
than heretofore elated. Deaths are report
od Frain !narration in Alabama, elillu a
leading paper is Georgia estimates the to•
tad another ' , tarring there at llfty thouuand•
3,11..U131116N TUOVIDUD YOU.
.sLuce Ilerch Ist, two hundred and twenty
six freedmen from the District of Columbia
were provided with ileums In the Northwest.
and booth.
A. F. Leo, tll/3 Treasury elort, wino oh.
ea/ivied with 1.311,0e0 In Trewsury boucle, Lan
been brought to WI/et/Ingle/I,amd bus madu
A lull confesalon t averring that the' theft
was AOL premoditwo.4 but that bu Lail
becu drinking whoa hu Committed It. All
the money was recovered 000001 iPe.), •
Governor Morton, Ina speech loot night
to acrenutlers,spoke lu favor of on, Milan
ry Itecondruction bill, Ile hoped the I•res
dent would execute the law in its latter
and aplrlt. Tall South would malro u great
inistalto It they refused to abide by this low•
There might ho in reconstruction,
but ho anticipated that to two years the
South would be admitted to all Its rights.
ond fratoroal feeling exist everywhere.
Speaker Colfax Doing railed for endorsed
what the Senator said about rmonatruction.
Congress had opened o door to restore the
Southern Santos to their civil and political
power, but Corigroas has said to thorn, you
shall coma back clothed la new robes of
liberty and Justice. You shall bu led by
faithful Ur.!outman. whom you despised In
your fancied triumph of a miserable Con•
fedetacy; end the friends who IL.tuuml to
him would say, as the country would any.
thot: who into tho nag shall rule tho coma.
:arch Evening Chronicle Dispmetes.j
The Prominent hue non:new:4 Ex-Senutor
Cowan for Alininter to AUSIda, and Cenc
i-al littrt/ott, to Sweden. Ltotti mill be re•
A idrgo number of minor nonolounento
Wlll Ins snot to thu Sonata on Sloceisy, In
onelor n.3lumber of !Wheels.
There is 110110 Ustruggle going on for tho
United Stairs Slarshleshlp of Louisiana, In
pingo goo
boon f DigKeu rejtCrod. _So nornlnntlun
smolt, Thu rglulhlutn4 aro Com.-
rot Horton, tiosst.rulTs TloosiSt9, Kirby
Alels,s.s. MOSUL, Murphy osisl Solos.
i .
t 14 nhaotutely certain that Caltttrea4 will
remain la at . ,ltta until the Impeachment,
and tatter tatoortant matters, are so .
Yatttaat that they colt tokyourni over In Nttr
Vniutot, stated that the Pre...t
at:at Liorlonthea to :cud to the Olt
vhlee the &math I . le - t . t
names opt.,.
llnal action.
There are now neerly ono huntlre,l and
I tiny Internal revenue oilleea without heads.
It is ripened that lion brontgontery
Blair wilt be strongly' attilteatel (~r the
Mate /end Sett:L[o,3lllp. illattgletnls are rig
orously at work, and 3ln, ;lie reveal or
Ll he law rettnltlng Sett:tuna' to he rivaled
I alternately nom the Itsstern :mg Western
Shores, his neutlnetten is hot considered
, The Juan:tu ommiee-Imre agree
that the taki a ng or C eynle tt nee relative It, the d
ion neeeltutent bnould eu provettled with et
There Is trouble altent retiOnstructlen In
The ex•rebel3, ter - some reasen t
are ...Mous to proeeetl, hut the Colonists
reY the itre.ent raeriStaturn hue no right to
roll the Convention. Tiler 0 11 ogion ahe
hen MU tight. Thin con Int then.len only by I
the adoption or Sir, bellyts resollitlon, now
beforu Congress.
:ipt , lnls to New Tern rips rt.l
The Timer Wlti.hington suretals says: A
delegation Of proonnent era In
ast:login:l fur a Inl nry
It the
rfetildent anti Attar an" Geneeitti end to oh
lain hoot tie title r .Onelsion Ituthurinlng
I 1
Ile p
s 1 .0 1 1 1/11Mialli, tie appoint Ihe
odg: ul V retie tor Mk:gates tpo
I he Chu.
Vent ion provld..ll for natter ltn: rueon.,truc•
Judge 001.1, who tlenooncoll In the Vir
Lam smitten Mate :Mottand o the
oil p lts titi rom/A nS9rtlton to call
th en
traitor. , to the smith, Is ono of the 41e r lega-
Elora The propnelttonlna-oc both' llouseS,
notwllralatt lin, his N 31,3111011. This Sole.
:ration reek tm got control of theimolot
awn tof the .tmlgre the eleetl3lll, illl3 tei
lutl hence the ellelee of olilee, -
The nolectiou of military commnrairas f or
(Mt Southern States lots not yet boon timile.
It is not trot) Mat Genetal has tree.-
lienerels Shemin., hist:len raid
others. themrati Shlelos I, not ellohne, as
has latth in the regular army in Colonel.
A frm...1!•pi.,1111 oars: Govern' Fullerton,
DOW l'osttonstor nt St. 1,1113, WllO hnn amen
rebyellon of the almliclary
Colllllllll.oe 111 - 11,e impeachment hatter, for
about rk man , 11, 13 to 1)o brought to ll'rahlog.
ion by an officer.'
Tllt 7115te pedal Aityr: The:l'riablent
Se-iterdity returned to the Sonata the name
al Mr:BoW:111 (or Minlator to JIM. ilia. It
Wits no: rep e ' teill but 1,11100 the table. line
froonila tenet I hot 1i tan tut conlirniett.
The name of Gen. Bartlett as Minister
Mockholin.also sent 10. trAtator onto
ner nlll rilipo, lel• continuation.
Talc Irotta'a ppecial 'ay* that MALI Sono.
torlal evenintt it wits agrowl to
cant itinn In .e•,.1.,n unlll the Prethlunt haul
put in operation the Military IlecOnstruti-
Lion lialr 011.1 then adjourn.
AV.4,1117.(01 . 0.W, March 10.1617.
Sonntorison.a hill romplarneetary to
tho net to provide tor the Moro eflicient
gorernment •f the Rebel State., by provld
'ing for tho registration of every toter In
cirri military itletrict, throagh tho com
manding General, for conducting elections
caltin,tt con.titut lona! conrentiona, and for
etnja- Furrows, prcinulnary to the adinls•
sloe cf :southern :rosters and Represents.
Live. into Conere,, meets with rho cos:L
em-rot:co or leading; aon:herri rued now in
traalting too ~o 4 nb i nlutUS nerevonry to
carry rut the intent of the Reconstruc
tion eel.
.SCONIIN AT:r.N nr mart•rans.
Ike ncnuto Connottoo on Foreign Rolm
ttons, It Is vita, rand., no sulvrroo• rry ort 771
tEr tannlOation 01 rantord, now Mitt
IA) I N. !MOTU, lit 177 toren , . no Envoy ES
tinoralaaty nod lilintitri Plon'yotrutniry
alio all adverse report cn exiSenatOr cow
7771'e 7)o:Ovation to to illraster to Victual.
The l'oltee btotru et, undei r datEe:
l'arl rolaruary jaLh. 0 tits 10-34zetarr
heauttk Much geed geonag cx.
proleua Mule - ea the Uulte.l Stutet,'ulf the
unaeuaccue et of the utandoreneut the
51exu an era. opt Leo contumett In the arm,l
expclttion. The eonditicu of the tikapiro.
Ott . ..cote.' by Ike I .ereru ulentothe:coute,
43 0 true 42.1.100 01 tno general (101101; 011110
ista there ea Loth leat,jlll3.
The folio. tog tan tranvia:lon Or that Nat
• of the 1:7.1.,1110111.n reference to Mext _en
We toot not recur at this Minn to tint no
cotelly wmleh Cklnitql Its to unlertalte tho
eupon onto to Wa tonight rettre , ..
j 1 ,, - trrievatfooo of every tle.mtpttott and for
.len iof ) from which our people haul
enacted for many bean mut uollunted bt
thot geavrnlll atoll nl O OllOlllOll .111 nIMII.
1•:.11en ratlttlt to I end, In l llilientiOll
i whereto'. elm wbull tot led to
orry tier orate, wu Jut not tofu, to holte
in um attempt ut rottener,: too, tor t. Inch all
Intorevto would Lave Tontted; bat in lend.
loft runwouratton to ILIa rural, the Oliver...
moot o 1 tne El:Up:Tor two neslttoett
beforo` and limits to Its raerlliee., anti
tint Entporer Int 4 I.llt. end or the
me-eat your as the euttuttr• (vita of our
unit:Jug conmpatfult. The oVll.lAtion
to liAve hoot made In throo tiontchowntv,
ton Ilrut !unclog to the mouth of:\ uvrfoher.
Tun, tut 50,01341 In Manch, and Ulu (LIM lu
Oftve [litter, Pet:. Thwto ortoneommtivf eon..
(ormolu.: to our Trevino. Milt Moto, had
Ibeen made In fnllfinv+ ut lin r Itherty' Elf ne-
Lion, enyllnitt; 0111,1. MotTortaken of
I Situ 0-51010 oluertml prevnute vhould only
hove Placed tot Ma n Ittuallou in spite ill our
-5 otter of Troltnauttnit a math of thing*
watch we 0-1,11 to ohrhlgo. tk uvotts
rigitn; met of our ntllltary rttnotlon doter
!anted the Ernporor to modify the first ar
rolteetnent ay substitutlog fur too Tezthal
Cl euveveultog notions of Stn.
the vitoultantout ronvionlittlon haute of
tho WllOll, curl" d'arritce nt 1110 •Triut; or the
patent your. These nleneinfli, are now In
court., of elocution. mottle of March
neut our troop. will low° left Mouton. For
(torn tlevlrtfe: to tree noel( front toga" ,
moots which It Los et/tarot - fed on is Own
ACCUIIt/t, which It ham Tuttliely announced,
tioveroment of the Etoperur
Welt lull lutalluteut.
Wks: am! lung re
tGibla Mntry, Chi and Produce Market
Port , g+ccn by any roper in the city, wilt &E
funnel on our Fnurtn . five.
A! to, additional Cay and Suburbnn.
An Invent fisting Committee In Tenn,
At two Saturday morning, a
Legislative Investigating Comuilttee ay-
rived ill this City, in= lifirrisburg. ThMr
appointed duty was to inquire Whether thu
I'cnns,lvaula liallrOad Company discrimi.
inlet in the tariff for freight between Mils
city and Philadelphia The Committer, con
stets of Messrs. Cnteiltn , of Allegheny.;
tjulitley, of Plitriclelphla; Markley, of Mont
gomery; Peony tacker, of Chester, and
Weedy:ant, of Erie; and is attended by
William Evans, Erg., Sergeant-at-urins of
the lions. The Committoe Mid a meeting
Saturday aftomoon at the Monongahela
House, and examined a number of winless
es. We runlet - stand that no witotsasi were
found who curd,' imetir to anything confirm
ing the statunaenut which had been freely
nettle. Sumo of these 10.41.101 i very distinctly
that the Company does discriminate. but.
eadd not tell how. Thu tateubere of the
Company leave to-day.
Tho Atlantic and Great Western Unthread
Is to have Ito again investigated at Mead
ville. on Thursday next, by imbiber Leal.
tatty° Committee. Tills Couunittee will
Monsi4 of Mesen, Jo-eplis. of Allegheny;
arkley, of Montgomery; Malice. of AlM
ritenet Chase, of Armstrong, end lie Haven,
of Philladelnhin; and will be accompanied
by George ntrain, Erg., Assistant Serge:rut
in-arms. The Coot:Mao° MIS CIIII•CLI:d to
arrive hereon Sal 1.11,11ty, 1,05 CM liCeollllt
I/111(.11S 111 one of the 1.11C12115215.
Of Ito Inborn MIS postponed until the Lime
liBMl d Droll, Allegheny.
Rano nod bruit, nholesaJeaculretalldrtiC
f.lsts, corner of Federal and Laeock streets,
Allegheny city, announce that tinware pre.
pared with afresh stock: of drugs, cheosis
cal+ and paints, for the opening of Spring
trade. 'their stock bus been selected want
the greatest of care and nothing but pure
drugs, such as will give satisfaction urn
are kept. it 001.81818181811 rare tIXIIBB nod
eliendeals; end medicines compounded are
warranted to he of proper strength and pur
ity. The Ilan deal mrsely to 8 . 4 1 / 8 !cant, red
lead, litharge palate s OILI, Vair l lll3l.loB, dye
stuffs, window glass and putty. 81•18181, per
fnutery. henr.ole, carbon oil, Ste. We cont.
mend tills house to the pawramge or the
It will be well for prosecutors lu the
Criminal Court who have caws which have
not yet been acted on by the Grand Jury, to
bear In mind that emir presence before the
said Grand Jury 1a not by any ineann to lin
daponstal with, but tlint they must, un
quentionaly appear In the Jury room. As
sistant District Attorney 'Liddell, has been
very greatly annoye.A, during the present
term of Court, by the failure of prosecutors
toamear. tic 1s 410.131=1111134 that", change
shall be In traluccd, end if prosecutors stilt
continua to chiral tnnalealVta, atrinvCaL
measures will ho uoloptott to compel their
'Marie' Court.
Trim Ilht for Illufolt 13 tb, ISG7.
The following eater Jiro set down for trial
In the 'Limit% Court na follnwa : 112,
11,1,111. 11.5, 116, 1 . 2.3 to to taken
un un Morni:ly Latina or, Jolt, at 19
TLIE EL'fLEII (00Ii110111i11J13
Trint of.r. Adlittablon for too Mot , .
der of bydoey It. Couutughutti :sou
Before Judges Melanin, Cummings and
Garvey, u Ulu Court Of Operand Teruai , lKr
of noller . county, FridUy, March `.:l,
The prisoner Was brought Into Court by
the Sheriff.
John 2.1, Thornmon, Esq.,.:on behalf of the
attendant, asked leave to alu the runsons
for hia motion to quash the array of Jnrorn,
Willett wan granted. lle also a.lied leave to
the the allidnvits of the unicorn of the Court,
rotative to the return of the reni,vlovlitch
'sue t.:ltasca by the Court as er pone; but
pnrui Med the oillzern to be OVOI . O and give
. •
P.. 11. I.l , ,roturt,bworn.-1 have been cleric
Cl thia Court Oilier lleeernlter, Pal , l, nue ion
stll 1 eterk; 1 Insued to ree torrent! tether , Put ,
tenting to be eenfrft, which were delivered
to the a north; 1 110Ve:not yet Iwon ftirnlsloal
with 0 list Of grand or petit Jurors, for
31,treli Term, 11177, be the Conunissloners or
any 411101/1 permute. There never was 11 list
I pia 110 In iny office by nut hot 11 y; it orbited
copy of titulary lisl signed by the Sheriff' in
print was so tick tip; the tilterilf eltut his re
turn titt he ronre on Thursday last, and IL
was uotrked as Of 1.1110 date; It ion. kiElf the
mall alter the bill of Itinlctitielit had been
lotted by the Grand Jury.
C7etocroblins,f-1 bat It nllllll 0 to book eon-
Wining the moues it, the Untie! um) Trn
verst• j croon; thla In the Intuit" I tondo the
record 1.0111111101.11 lit IL ilteutst exhibited,
showing n last of the, (fraud 111141 tett Jur
ors for 31ntch term, 1,7. 1,11 Monday morn
tint last,at the opening fit the Cent l, 1 tall
est over this 1 Ist of Gould in rum; those 10 et
eid 111111 / 00 1 1 1 , ,10,: 1,, hint 10010, were
znarlal, hurl we; e retro.: and 1111 1 1 111110 hal
na such, toot. acted us 40011. Tllll 11.1.0 f
Grand Jurnre altachtd le 11,0 writ ~I,,,ie r
14 111,-10110114 that recorded in the Inlfietes
of the Lona. They were called over, sworn
~'churn,' by the court In the lasnal lash
' tier; they towel bill., fool pre/oddment!,
which Gore , fsily recottled. They 'veil: 41 14-
chur/01,1, certified and ptl,l oil ~,i Silent
.11r. Thompson, tor defendant, rsl , l they'
made 110 10,1uCl/011 to the 1113100, 01 Sllllell
11111 Jury noted; they admit tell tee proceed-
Ines were regular; they oblectssl to the le.
grtlity of the Jury 10 the first 10 , 11101,, prior
to thehr he Int; sw ,, rn 101t1 (0/ tirged.
Mr. 3lnchell, for the proreentlon, then
offered the record of the Lrnvere.e juror.,,
ctrl compared It with the pnicel annexed to
tilt. 1'C1.11 . 4 : I here were set trill 4 11:10 . 01.1101,11,
it, the 11.00114; 1110. 310. E. 4-1 was (the Clerk)
141111 they hail all answered to their nand:,
when cant it front the unbutes of the Contd.
I could nut slate the day 011 w -tell I put up
the prude,' 11.1 1,1 Jurors In my sill 'e—p: tea
witty “ o, o lltll sag O. the traverse Jurors tette
cned user every Ineren.g nett nos wooed to
their 01000 , , and acted as Jut - et,
D.rrct —I. took Ti,,, ltst limn the puhlle
newspapers; I hull nu mit:cll.-I,ols of Leo w
log who were the Jurors; neither the put.
halted /1/0.1110 time !"coral Is in al phahet
order, excel,, leg the districts Stein whlell
Molt:rocs came
• .
Crafra-Vrenthard again.-1 received an or
der for an ell train Ills I tenor,
Joaltte Mailiunin. In anion Court, but none
tram laity quarter relating to the Grand
ry nff.)7orocialical anar , trorn.—lnm Sher
id of hauler county. Then pair
portang to be trains, Were p10...01 In my
bands; 1 wade no t.r tarn it: thwart until the
111 ludant; maid after tine limed Jury lead
been allainineen; I gavo tile arnartz to Ale.
Tbannr,on, et defendant, on Toe*.
day of Co art; they were handed back tonne
by the l'lN..,4:l;tit Judge Of Cm Court, oat
if ealnecalaar; %ben they /mane into roc pa.-
111,..4:04 natant there wten no panel 0/ Incurs
annexed to then. The pana.l was given to
MU on by the,
there never Waco Lst of Jurors put up In
ray oinco.
0 - ear a - tor...dd.—The annexed tO the
renite for Mr,. a aru nnrt lam..oral
' toe,ltre Coon on recordd In atteoldanen;
they are the ;tome Itortolly drawn by 'my
self and the Goninal,stosiera He noal tate
reuty Iti regent to the trover, joreo.,
tow eoloporl,ll at the return or the el the
aril nod that rt corded In the Intoutus of
toe court...excepting that theta It or a 1114-
ere e pney In tile lultiolo of three or four ol
th . J ury. 31r. Thoutovon, prOonerls
nnverked me to tore tile n rats of urri,r; 1
Went to Ito; ulna: °Loomed them and gave
them to Intnil acted to regard to returning
the write as sly predeee, or lad dontdlltelr
nal/ of erode »ere liottg In toe tolleo too.
haps for y err, !rock, and 1 did-Tut know
that It a;3_tr Oct e t nary t d retor t , ti ; ,m,
T., Court roktol the slier:ll;f hu employ
ed nil attorney 11l invitee!. Idea Ile eahl
not. Tan Court telvieed Lim to do vo al.
In Knower to tile COurt.-.1. took' Co
.Iran hy Counodatooery and loy..tell as I
authority to summon the Jurors.
to). , ted to by 3lr. Thom ;lotot, Le:canoe the
paper. re Id la, itrootatrd.
ettatt Ettetsr, enure—l ant Clerk' of
the Couanier,; I[ll
ttror,l. out a li I
ot. lod
inating to lot of rand .
jUyt...1,11; I sod the alga It yesterday
dot ulna. Tiler-hung putt hes 11.14 y; vi er
day: It Woo net araed by the eherld 4.11
the Jury 0111* 4 1L-01,-.1 . 4:11 loud 110111
The defendant:A counsel rest hero on MIA
The pro,ertiton c.llea \Chi. Diek, wltn
te4tlllekl 10/10%.4: lam one of the Com.
milione” of liotler cuuuts ;1 Ivut pre•ent
at this drnWilig 01 the tirand en.l relit
jurien for Mitten Term th;:; flue (wi .'''. le the
11,1. eont‘ining this manes of the tintu.l
rehlt jurors ,11101 0; 1 presume toe paper
writ matte out 551 Wu Lame of the Ufa.-
Mr. Mitchell, for prtnweation, offered to
pr.,' that the bum's cottlapeat In the pa
per aro Identical wall the, In the panel .
tkittle.2•ll. 1.1,1 term titnl pi the nat., of
rend Jurors.
taMete,l to by denottlent's counnel--otc
Ject/en overruical and papers mayor./ wad
'l:noted In mbleae.
hlr. Pick lenuulett-1 nlotted the paper;
tile twat° peraatirt 111.111 ToClittonetl en Lit alai
James ow cm° certitir.l by the Clerk of the
ut l peal olf estICII; Cllrizty.
14,1”11 W. 141/11t1011 tint! 1113,,1f 6/1 . 0 the CMil
ull,loner.. et Metier ceenty. / think we
were all prrnuat et. the drawler: of the Jury
—certainly two of us. The bacrill co
Lit answer to the Court.—The AslesLonLin
making their net urns do not report the tw
o:lost ain of taxable:, lie nee It 14 not nowt
to girt the utidaion or mettle:Won to
the mouesof jos... ba :coati' to in
, Mal. Miami of foil ehrintlan 1101101,11.
Crow rzaniirtra.-1 know of no other panel
or I let of jolt)ts having been 01:1110 001 ex
cept 11.10 unlit Mu seventh of Ma tnuntb—
L r t hut:rand ./ nrOrs had been LlS:charged.
Thu COLlaluissitiners authorized till, //bI, to
hl, pubilcheit in both papers.
.1. C. Chrisr.o, sworn—l fibbedf tile Corn.
rails:donor, o f Nutter County; Ilse:, been for
Iwo years; the She:strand t w 0 Coinntlemett•
era were oresent at thu drawing of Lilo jury;
this la tile Ilet nit:doom by them, 1 took It
to the Cabren 01 . 111 I.log 011100 111111 'requested
tbunalo puln 1011 It, surd tarnish the firrola
wllll a copy fur publteatlon. January 1 111.,
(ca. Lona 1110 date 011 he drawing of the l“ry;
Mot lleculd shown to wittactsj ttlla 111 tht.
Writ of Healed un I rent Jurors,
Mr.. Thompson, for defendant, objected
to the rending 01 any published lint,or tiny
other flit unutillkorlsesl by law. Over.
round: .
Thu lints worn rend and compared by wit-
Ilear, WIIO said —they :ire the 3 3 3.0.0 LI ter.
10.01 by 1.41111111.01.1 10nuri 101b1/1.,
11011 10 both 111ifle.111. Thu lorscreurrs of
the comity do not return the trill chi : hill:in
names of the tagalong, null therefore they
cannot la rill eases he placrid In rho wheel;
that In the mourn why the ' lnitials only or
notou of the urors tiro given Without the lull
etolstlan 1114101:21. W. W. DOUtl4 . olltl A. N.
Meeauilles, tire unlVersully known by their
lettials, brit not by thsir 1011 chrtstlita
crow.erantifned—Tho list made Out by the
Cons ntirsloners differs. from Clot unnestal
to tau tenure; In that tint latter glvta thu
cuicupattrin tit stinn, oflite J arorn, and the
former does not. Tills Lunt 13 not signed by
the Coutudnalenurn, nor 11 any other I Int;
It boo MIL been eustomarY for thorn to nlll.
It for publics. inn. Thorn is law aid t hon.
Is Ing its publlcallOni it was signed by the
John It. Butler, so - Orn—l am a printer;
worked at tau Erroll ultra In January latil;
rot 14.. Mu typo or the Ind of Grand uml.
Traverse Jurors for Marsh Term, IS 7; this
la the I tat !Crotched mu as copy; this is the
Kerala newspaper containing Ike publica
dlr. Eiottmon, re . ealled.;—question lip the
Court.-1 eat from the newspaper a flat of
jurors and potted them Up 111 llly oillee.
ply Protteentien.-1 entered the names or
the jurors on the rninetco of the Court about
three Wes Its ago..
Prosecution (Mem] the nowspopors and
the certified eeples of the 11.314 of jurors ha
Objected to because there Is no certificate
or return showing phut the persona named
thereto were never drown as jurors. That
,lt U.'s nut contain the surname and Muta
tion non, of each persons, our Ida occur. ,
Ma or addition.. It to not signed by tint
COOlnlibrionerri or any or them, or by any
person for them. It la on Its bum wholly de
fective awl void for want of leant formality,
and In tasting to set out In formal manner
it rlficleet usacriptienef the personal Iden
tity of the persons named therein.
Mr. Thompson ' on the part of the prison
er, argued the low on the question very
ably—referring to the Act of AttremblY ott
the subject, and also to other authorittes.
Ile was Interrupted by lila Honor, Judge
McGuillu, who suggested that the ar„•,u
went hatl better be suspended, until utter
the balance of the papersauo °tiered In
tta they all seemed tube Invoiced
In the same argument.
IViterennott, dlr, blitchrll, for the prese
olfortsl the ratio:no of the rtJ 1,1 I
jurors; the newspapers; the altos ettetain.
leg the names et the !holdand TruVerso I
Jurors nl. the .1 room; trots t 1111 wheel, and
ever sines remaining In the Siterlirs pO-1.
set.slott. The herin was called and Wenn-
iNd them eltps na rite ones itrown, Tool,
„,,lor s '-.. .71
, . F , ..” ,
t if'l -',- -, \ - 4 7,
, — 7
\r,' 1 7 ---/:,- iT, f-, ,
5',...%,..._ i',!.
not contain the re:Mit:lieu of the Juror, olently for no other porno,: than that of ti 3 O-
All the record! of the case wore ollered Pi lay. they hail not placed before Court
to 11/dent r0tt.,003 it, warrant It la granting
All of which wore o4Jeetedlo 011 the part ot a continuance.
the deft Mr. Thomps sold tin, Mr. Airt'orthy further argued in favor of
J .rinted. Ilet the Ilan al ol Jerold Is 01. 0 tiontntolliCe Of inn 0511,0. Ito opolth feel
ecte,l to 00 tin ground that it to the prl- Maly, aim vehemently.
Vale plopttrty of ifie printer or ',Weigher— The Court said they were moved by the
Ittninillint I dent by any law. _Thu slips nee eloquent appeal, in behalf of the prbtouttn.
not. ll,' Ilion, it( mit thlug. The lallerilf le and a* individual" they might 1,, induced 1
not. oolitic 111 In Cl3silTi i:111 re Ihelr mite-keep- concede to tine rc.queot fur:, con (In mince, 1
mg; they du not coition, Ihe ournaines, the lop, there v.,. no 1 ground fur It—not
cin Blip! 3.01tkt,. nor no OocititatiOnd Of the ellghteot. They LOUSE. COMIC agaluot
the Jurors ne the law Trtollt.,. the Mutton.
.t 0.101131.03,1 for dime,. MeCantlirse, on the part Of the to.
fend ant, moved to slouch the Path:Uncut for
the following regootp,
lot. The bill are, found In the Court of
Oyer and Terminer, Mid 1100 in the Quarter
!Pl. The Indictment boo not been eertihcq
Pito the Oyer anti Terminer from the Qoar
ter Session,
The Oyer and Terminer can Iry only
elicit cases no be found in 1.110 Qatr-
I IT Sesslune, nod tertPled into the Oyer nod
till. Tin, inelettnent lure not Oct out that
thlij [ - ors 'were ,everaily ~ot 01 11 and of-.
firmed, and that eachlurur tool: Ma corporal
oath. ,
.alr. McCandless refereed to the nets of
Alesonibly toltiLiVU bled i•ntitt ouebert
of his motion; mull obit, 11 that Pik mem,-
/map ill Ito mintlen declaredthat It bad
been founcli,v the Grand .3 ory at the Court
of Oyer and Ter l ! ' 'Which Woo fatal, te
mp." no VIII 00111 , 1 he found in that Court.
They timer. Iro found In the Quarter
bee:dons and certitted Into the Oyer and
Terminer, -
31eJunkin, for proecoution, said the
C 010.0114 Woof part 01 Mit 101110.141011 i/..!
/..! pl. It out unit It would be pre, , unied to
have been found In the Quarter liessions.
authorities to support hie ar
The Court overruled tlin motion to romoil
the indictment, and noted ani cxccpt ion
The prlsolner was brought, Into Court by
the Sheriff.
JI r. Nlteinell , On part of the proment lon,
argued thu pu!lttt or law involved !n the
objections of oefinnilanthi counsel. There
In a Bleeding order of this Court...Ml:ye to
tile Leming of a precept to the Clerk Mr the
etuiret; this rule Mel heett eUlildited with.
Tire Judge hail ro demi in open Court a
pre enipt fur th e senlarnteueett of the panel
int poem. Ile scant the .let or .ILneint
anni said the preceipt for draraug and sue,
mon leg the jury were eon ten rust in listened
the sans te order. The Sienna - needed no new
'1 11, Mier the drawlng of the jury, to its
" truth Ism in tine 000lwouing of
thestone. Ito read the returns
of the Shertir end the Coierainenioners
to the error, inlet thepanel sit Jurors at
malted. nod thienget it. nil sunleiliet. They
eel the Meta for the drawing and moment]
lot of Gnu juries, thelr 'mutes, restilenem
tom imenpai itm, no far its they can Ito it,
corm seed. It Is objeeted that no ccrutli-
Int NVOS futhisined to the Sheriff to post Isl e
in Ink eitice. Ile only required a Ilit for lb.
putpum of informiug hiumelt lOW In SUM.
mon as .1 mots. Ito took this list, to4el het
with the sl tierdra Yin from- Gm wheei, to line
Mlle,. Ile imennoninil the jnrore trout tell
It WWI Ithri,..llllo Logi. the orsettpun
elan of jurors in this county, because the
do not make returns of them, nor
el ;he eli rift tan moues of the tosubles. So
that upon this point Gm objection 'oust fall.
The J Orion setemomil appear and answer
to their Ileums. 'nuns lists of parer, are re
qintrind to h:amile out Inallemeettnal order,
ith ti ems, ant tetatia and telditaines; one
el w hith ,niant weed to the Clerk ot tee
Lem 1 , unit i.e punier tin tile :Merin', to he
00 , 1 l'.l 'II/ in ti,i•ir thieve:twin ninect tor the
lii speet ion ot all concerei , l. This hail In -en
,Itentaint telly clone,• tile Commi-slottent had
uutimrized thenitblicallon of the panels of
inthe: wspapers; they were coin
pared and proved eioreet with t h e eolnY
larei.ll ill'the Cuumnbenlonet•s; and tints
penitent 11st lost been posted up. Thu re.
niers lone been returned to this Court. It
May If. lull' 50 ellaileage the array of the
limed Jury Mier they hail been organcsed,
and brought in hula and presentments to
tin, Court, otilers 110,1 been acteptml. They
shown' Inter asktnii Dyer of the array of
1; 1 met Jurors before 'they ware mg.. .MI
becaii,e. If tee array hail been quashed at
that tame Ilia Court could bare Mel plower
to .1 stet a special rrefre for a newjery. Ito
referred to antentre le, emu: nowt of this leo
tett.. The list to be terms:mil thus Sheriff
uu l is enable him to summon tae jurors.
Mut he del summon them is answered by
till' I.Letthat the jures are all le attend
anent. The entintei,,loners bail done more
than duty; thee had uuthorized the
publiettuen of Line Jurors le both politic:!'
e were ample tutees of know
lag who were to be the inlets of the defeenl
aid there a ere lots in everj . ' ole. In the
county. The ditty of the ilefehentet, It he
118.1 no knowledge of who score 10 be - his
trier, was to hare cm. lute Court
t klenthty and demanded user Of
Grand Jury ; but -he lent not done
toltn. n anvil until! they have found
o lof limits.' meet aa . ntlienit bite—transact
e.l l lin it bits ne.s, lie a 41 tat•bargeti and pithi
eir. He Ls bat lute, how, to take advantage
1.1 ally detect Pi the litionntenthme of 'the
jury. hlr. roll elted , everathethorlfle.s
le entre,: ot has Argltlllent, If the Sheriff
11.1 refused to make n return, art oyer of
tine jtl ry having been centred by defendant
Cr ell etterney—on 3lotelay—the Court
emuld breve compelled hen to do 60, by flue
or ittipritonmenc or both. The wheels of
just.. are not to be c/ogged our Impeded by
the lathes or neglect of the officers of the
law.. ante. elm rsahts ottlmtiefetteleat weee
jeeparil /Ltd thortky.
:hr."! itemosoo, ma part Of the prlsoner
AMlN:ten nail no ytatellag in tills Court
Mall Kitt, a bill rl tielletment was found.
If asked why ho estme into Court he could
only reply that lie was a prisoner /a the
county Jed, en Oath of Constable Wllliams,
Of 1 , rterevinle. if he had imkeil oyenr UI
the Grand Jury, 'oo .Liounloy. Lae Court
would bavu said, we Lave no k nowledge Of
your ease; you are not le court; we to
know you. The defendant had : s
etiolleinge the array on Monday; he hail no
slatts m.OOOO at taut time. Notice was
given before the Jury 11,10 thsehargett that
these objections would be urged, as tney
aro_ now.urged—to unit, Oa Wednesday,
Inthe fisrmsoces. There can be no
chasm to 2111 an realm panel Grim
tort; limy can only be called ft out the tiy.
n tamiers to 1111 tip an °shed:tented panel.
Tuere is .0 law, DO authority loony of the
hooks, to warreet each a proctalure. It the
loam: Jury were composed of the Most In.
teliteent, upright, hottest men of Thu coup.
ry rl
—tf they were nut a legal body properly
COoStlttlti•ti, drawn, sumeartued. returned,
organized and sworn—they were nothing
fill Oro to a.l TOON they could ant Ind a legal
Itellettneut for the highest crime
known to the law. Mr. 'l'bousesert argued'.
5, gieat length, citing authorities to sup
poet ; his lessons to quash the array. la
Gus leose oil theolllcera of Court—t Jerk,
rniel uhf, t i 011 C rt!, COlOOl i3.1011C111 .
4:lo*.stall 1,...,1 th e printer woo Caned, to
Ins e that which eLuuWappear On the taco
tau of theand the anuaged pithel--ort; to- aat who.° the Grand and
the pant Jurors' well Run never before el In. the annuls of jurmpruilienoe.
Tien 'n-trot isthed by your Honor,order
lug as enlargement of the ' , anti of jurors,.
la not ittrecteni to tho Clerk of the Court,
tem to thu "Amite; h e r to the Commission
-010. nor to uny per". treittever. it orders
measly to Inoue 'tense:re. t - tulght as well
he eats:Med by the Sepervisor of a 100n
chip, 64 by the Clerk of tile Court. Hurls
t 'wren, convitleratiOn of lils ob.
pint., to the art ay, very earneetly as a
tether el right sad of humanity. •
The Coto t ectiloiney felt very deeply the
re•poostlitlity to determining thee...Gunn
Iv eil--of the rights of the delettilatnt.
He had right., and they 'Montt' be 11,1/e471.-
ell; 0114 i 010,000 i lSrOpb Wign t. think that
the tnuu to the Court 105.1 been unpreetto
ley E.:motel Mr the bed twenty'-tour hems;
Y ., . the/ thought it their duty to 'listen to
Ginn eloquent arguumats of the counsel,
nun' their evidence bearing upon the solo
jeet, it, coesinteration of the magnitude of
the conseithenevs which are to follow the
deetsion, sitould It 103errotteens. The rule
rit the Coen was thud by the Judge rela
tive to the standing Order for precepts for
venires. Thits.tar all was rtglit; there was a
great Inalty on the part o(ollicers, in their
manner of perfuming their deltas,. and Ito
womb' unlvlbe them 1n future to take coun
sel. lt a jury shoilild bis quashed, /runt that
CAII,O, IL would put the needy to great tii.
pOONN.eI relattou to the surnames and
unehtleas lathe panel of Jurors, the Conn
nalssione re had dune all they could do; the
fault lay with the Aenneeaors la net mashie
the preper returns to them. The returns
have been 1110tiO and set - tilled In proper
form ,nut not On Monday.
.oyer could have
been Caned ua that day by the defendant:
lie had a standing In Court rualetent for
ilat, pnriwer , and btu rigtlLS WOOill have
bowl respected. Thu Court could Lowe MI
MI eft the arr.)" cry talesuith. It is too late
to quash the army after an indictment Mot
been Walla. The COl/rt. 10V0 a then and
forcible eiticlitat lot, of all the pt.. raised.
They noted exceptions at the IVIA L LIaIt Of de
fendant's counsel
Gem J. X. Purrlnnee, on behalf of the
prisoner, Calm' that he would inure to can.
[IMP, Ira% trial 110111 next terimmtt the
ground that there Was a great projUtliCO
calming In the 112Inils of the community
against the pri.ner; the moral coma of
emnumnity had been elmaked. Two men
had been ulhered Into the prudence of their
Maker by t 6 knife in the bands of Kann one
In an affray. Thu very fact of the durum'
clant having been charged with the crime,
had great inthienecon the minds of the Cam-
Meetly. MOrtO,OOng Of opinion had been
uttered g mmtly to tile preinttice of the prin-
Oner. Ile woUld en - r
r to lO,VO Mr.
AlllluKtoa eworn, and other Witiniony,
and then ask for a continuance until next
J. C. McCarthy very earnestly seconded
the amino:m.4n his colleague—in consider-
Wen of toe wren prejudice existing in t ho
Intatie of taw caw eitnaty.,far n Cana la thence
of the trial. 110 said. la all his experieace
as a lawyer, and tsn men, Delond ne• er
witnessed so deep a prdudice pervading
the minds et the ettletnnalty. Fll teen trifles
from Butler ho end hearth cepreshione which
men Intaht, not to make cf any one mama
vie bed of crime: and, as be approached But
ler, this prejudice Ives earenor, morn fre
quent in its ethernet:el, Sad tteepar Sealed.
falho ALI sot think his client could posolbty
Beingto trial with any thing like a provect of
Being fairly and impartially heard at this
Tie Court said they were hnunitnewly of
the opinion 'hat the yrlzencr could get
taw trisl in hatter county, at this thee.
John It Adlingnen imoru-1 think 1 wealth
- . .
DOG be s..ifo In gulnie to trial at thin time; if
tha Cain were continued mall this Juno
. -
.. - - . • •
term, 1 -could bo better preraml to go to
trial. / have bad no opportUnity Ult. Mr to
matte prenaretnnta e ra [nal; I could not
DOW 10/ mtlely to trioooo.o My relatives
vit•re not here In 1 ne to esvlst tau In ob.
tattling my ultrit.4 , .e.4 ; I expected thy
4 A ,
nephew to ussut met Ite ts In n whingtoo.
Noon ofty (Nona. came hero until last
Monday. I have no means of uty own to res
ets, Wu 1:1 1413 , 1010. 0 0.
Mr. McCandless, tor defendant, saki ho
thought toe Court would bcsatate, under
the eircometanceti—and 1110 oath of Ills
pri.,oner—to force It 1m to trial. Ile could
.ay M 1 the 1101 - 1 of b i msel (and Ms collenz ties,
that the prlsilltor was root, 1 11101M1 to fur.
II Ich !Linde for hi e I lilt:rico—to bunt up wit
noetta who might bo 011 important to his
catoly_,_ IVOII (I.2G:re:leo to , li/s honor
there V... 9 W 4 1 401100 1W the tulnds or the
peOpl 0, oncl he urged that the Court should
Onllpert mitico With mercy ' IMO not put the
prisoner upon bls trial at this time.
lir.llll,chell, for pmt ration re. , litea the
PPP/IC:lt:ha ter a ItnitAnuatlou. It wag ell.
The prisoner; John It. Adlington '
then calla! to the bur , and ordeee.l. to hold
up Ids hand. Th. indictment Wag read,
charging Lim wilt tho mur.lor or ridney
Conn Ingham, by stabbing bon with a
Oat tau Old. of December; laiO; of eiblel.
%num! he. instantly Med.
Clerk—"Prl,uuer, how nay you, are you
guilty lu manner and faun as you Stand
.Pelsoner—"Not guilty."
Clerk—"llow will you be tried I"
rrtsoner—•qty (Sod and my country."
Clerk—" Goal gave you a safe deliverance...
The prisoner wIN thou remanded to tho'
custody of lb° r:neritr, and after the trans
action of toms small bustoess, too Court
...loomed until to o'clock eat orday morning.
It will be remembered that ono night last
week the arocery and saloon kept by Pe
rick Magee, on elle corner of Westangton
and Webster streets, woo entered and rob
bed or some money “ua s pistol which
hung over the bar. There was no suspicion
a, to 'who the burglars were, anti the Ells
coottry or them depended apparently on
chance. The day after the 'burglary one
Michael :Malt, result:lg near the seene of
the burglary, had a quarrel with Ids wife,
and unsung other tdre threats which he
he threatened to shoot her. She
(tent Immediately to Alderman Taylor's
onion and made information neatest Mich
ael lon surety of the peace. bhu took with
her the pistol with winch 11.5 proposed to
tboot. liar. and lett it In , the Alderman's
, hands. Magee raw a notice of this tact in
the morning papers anti went for the mato!.
110 Identified it Insmullately as the one
stolen from his bar. This lx-came known
to °Meer Owen, of the special pollee Sorer,
and he!nude information beton.; tun
Mayor elhirging Scall with burglary. A
warrant west Issued. and on Saturday Beall
was arrea uL his residence by officers
Cochrane 0.11.1 Owens. tin his way to the
Mck-up ini.souesJed,. admitting his com
plicity lu the burglary and naming . Willi:Lux
Lvesers as the inlet:mat la the affair, and
from whom ho Obtained the Pistol. Infor
mation Wit then Made 'thseer., - a
warrant - laSue.l, and the accused arrested
by the name officers, In the Ninth ward. lie
was in digging a well when cap
tured, andoemanded pay from the oltlcers
for the half lisps work they would make
him lose. Both the prisoners are now In
the lock-up awaiting a hearing,
Destructive Incendiary Fire
•East Liberty.
Yesterday morning, at an early lion
fire was discovered m the residence of Thos.
Scott, Esq., between East Liberty aim
kinaburg. The alarm was given and every
effort made to extinguish the Shireen, but so
great was the headway they Lad made be
fore being discovin ed,and so rapid was their
progress, that it was' found impossible to
morn t ban, temporarily check• them, and the
handsome betiding was wholly M.:strop:ll.
A email portion of the fare tture in the
lions.° was saved. The family of Sir. Scott
has been absent to Philadelphia during,
most of the winter, and there has been no
lire in the house niece tiliristmas. co the
conclusion 19 Inevitable that thence woe set
by en Incendiary. !axone. 81.plelonn are di.
reeled in a certain quarter, but ter.the pre.•
cot, and until the Justness of tau anspielon
has been more folly edatill.hcit, we forbear
further mention of it. The lots by the
burning of the house and furniture will
reach to between 12.5,000 and Sai,e4/0. The
loss Is „partially covered by insurance.
Those with whom we conversed on the
premise, could not giro the names of the
coreparaus Id Whit% the iil3ll:ll.uea was
Almost Lost
The Lender yesterday contained LIM close
Mg chapters of the sensational story of ".1.1..
most Lost: , As much Inquiry boa been
mado Lodi - scorer the author, we todayluive
permission to say that the clever romance
was from the pen of our gifted young friend
Bartley I'. Campbell, Esq.. of I his city. Hu
hr. had published In the literary pavers of
New York city se ere! other proluctions
whirl/ have passedinto the current of float
ing literature. While Ito tins faults upon
whim an ungenerotm critic might condemn
111,11, still we heavy° that US a descriptive
writer. a pen painter of- natural sciences
suit life, - Mr Campbell has few
awl ..._, Mr. Cllllll , lit few superiors,
•'dimoet tom" Was a clever production anti
Lguinea (or the young author a local r. putt.
on here such us no other home action' wri
ter ,enjoys.
On Satan-lay, Alderman Morrow took the
Information of Nichohis Goodman, charg
ing John Matfett and Bernard 'Farrel'with
assault and battery. The deponent and
his taco step daughters occupy the upper
portion otCatherlue Longs house on Beach
alley, and be anentcs that the defendants
Came to his abode anal acted Ina very ant
hem:mum,. manner. He protested, and teen,
no he 5111.11 r , ,, they attacked Mtn, gash:m.lllm
a very severs beatimr, anti producing Pl
.) uric., which lett very palpable marks nu
his person. Ho also made information
against. Bernard Farrell tot malicious m's
chief, alleging that, in the course of the
'ha/ plemaanlness,” Farrell throw a chair at
hint, •mashing ono of the windows. War
rants were issued, and the accused held for
a further beano e.
Fire on matoraAs Evesfinc.
A oliglif fire occurred on Saturday eyes
tug in thq cellar of Irtiltonts drug store, Oct
tho L eorrier of Stnithitchl . and Fifth streeti..
The die brit:hinted With come of the gap
fixtures In the cellar, and was first tili,eov
ennl, Os we are 'lnformed, by a pa.leenmet.
who ego the smoke from the outside. 110
notified the ettendant, but when the latter,
uttempted to enter the Cellar to ascertain
the extent of tho - tirr, be found It Impo.l
- because of the flame and smoke, to get
In. The alarm was rounded, and the Urn
put out by the engines b e fore any serious
damage had been done. It wet+ a very nar
row escape from
. serious connagratton as
substances of a verylutlamablo nature Were
In the cellar.
Blotlota Argued
The motion for a new trial In the ease of
Michael Mullen re. the Venneylvaula /tall
road Company, was argued before Judges
StPrrett. and Stowe on Saturday. The ease
R. tried n short Clint! ego and resulted in a
verdict fur the plalatlfr. The quwetion in
volved to tho /I.ltillty for damages occa
sioned' by the caving in of the old litate
newer on Try street. John 11. Hampton,
Esq., rennesented tile tlefondante, and C.
the plaintiff'. Thu Court re.
burred its dectston.
The Fihertfrally Questlon.—ln the
Court of quarter Segelima on Sututday T.
at. MarAal. a.,lred that a day, be Llzed
for brarlng the argument on the rein to
chow cuts, by a twat of quo warrant
should rot be lashed against , herllf
Ctuley. The conned destred that the matter
hhotdd he Illemoted of at an early day. The
argument will probably be heard to-lay.
Tbnoka.—Wo are Indebted to our es
toemed friend Dr. George 11. Jieyscr, torn
'copy of the University Journal of Lledicine
and eurgery, publi3lied at Dhiledcipbta.
W. W. Paine, hi. I). It Is brimful of inter
mitre: information whichwill prove of In
calculAblo benefit to the medical fraternity.
For Filrorer.—ln .the . Common Pleas
Court, on eaturrluy, tho petition of George
I'. Almetul iris p men trO, praying for u .11-
tore* tram Mr wife. Lena, on tnu ground of
Omer:lon and r.dultory. A subocenn
ordered to ho issued to notify the epome of
Prals.strirtoy.--Wo learn that n Fantle.
man, who will nut permit him name to be
made public, en Saturday ennated cur) to
the nom buildinz Of the ?Mlle Vrphan
Another Mel terrey
We have troll:featly had occaslon - to ?nen.
/lon the imminent danger of acchients at tho
Penn street eroseing Of. the Pftisbergh,
Fort Wayne and Chicago nallnead. A easo.
ally whit 11, by an apparent mit twin, was not
attendee with loss of life, occurred thereat,
about eleven o'clock on Saturday teeming.
At that hour as cat No. 35 of the Cltigena
Passenger Railway was creasing the tract
of the I:a:tread on Penn !tract, It was strnek '
be the rear car of a freight train which wag
slowly toward the grain elevator.
Tlnf fftr....t car .vas shoved off its track and
d..sufane.l the wheels being
broken off eau etle . tneiEheit, and 'some.
seven eight p.sfferffters, who were maids
et the thee of theacculeut, narrowly
Mserious In J ar . f . , tamping o One lady " the
platform In her terror, fell to Lae ground
Eermined her leg badly. Vat en instar.t
the linty was under ttlf! freight ear,. and
In Imminent danger of being run over and
crashed to flnatti. hat the fortunately had
presence of mind enough so mil over. sad
1 , 0 averted the terrible calamity whlert
mast otherwise hare followed. As It easy
nor ilea of her body was gra..A.l by the pfo...
l og The coaductor and driver of the.
street ear both narert that they .burl ne
warning. of Lite approaching trate, while the' .
bentallu stationed at t crossing is tit bear
,pt,illVd that he rang the bull when the
j train was sixty feet tiera.y. A goof.
' tletual. ief.o witnessed tee affair stated that
tile :Wit era, rfifthin, but that the driver did
not to understand the signal Per '
e:sutra. a I ply on the car stated that sheer:Vl
look..fg oat of the window and the bell woo
rtn: 1110011,eibetiCo of the accident
tie st Cara one. come to a full stop he
re, „, ez the railroad, and the conduc
t, to ascertain whether- trains
are a, pr,; ...I:lntr. We wonld recommend it •
tbui! an 1. , era titian on the put or the Stall-
Way Ct•tupbey.
I.ualurcht and Tenant,
The county nut ^ so- fee as it rec.
Lite, to Alle,neny county, has been repeal.
ea Ly an net passel by the PenoSylrantar
I . Tots act authorized any
landlord a Ito hart rental a tenement to a
trailer on the coobl•luratlon that lie shouliT
work for hint, and ouch miner should front
any Caine relate to dose, re Once Iron Amu
madly In nun dap.. Tile
niters COILI
ea Of groat Mw.: under the act, and seta;
down a put limn with I..tai tliglilltUrtui ler
the repeat of the low. )Ir. IVllean, Of that
ennui r, dascrrca mach credit for B...curie . :
1. Ilk JAC:1011o( the A locating; of this
a a:ken:men of the errnitty, under the
hellof the Treace' .thettubly, will La
hela oe
Cale Veil , to-morro, evening, to
urge 1311 it, 'entire repeal Of
the 1 ao 1.30 Col. Clark in antiOtth(7.
ea fie ono of the epeakere.
Call tiro Alteration
Of farmere, and all who desire to settle
the Welt, to the advertisement of over 1111,..
WO acres of the finest hurls is Kansas.
These lands are all within fifteen hours by
rut of et. LOlllq, and comprise severe
thommnd acres of the bed. limbered lands
ahulg the valley of the Kansas river. Thu
I/eine - are Reserve was ceded to the Union
Pantile flail way Cennemy, r.astern
Jon, by treaty conditioned on the budding
of the railroad through them. The Lerma
of the treaty linen been compiled withowd
theynre 'WIT for the first time offered at
pubile sale. Tills is a rare opportunity tor
men of small toomis to secure homea_m ono
of thy most en terprisluctind growing of OUr.
traus--lithessippl States.
A On ted—Thu Ce men over thentletted
tleirdetaltm of the Retreat" ta, - tt of the Dollar
,A. 7111.3 iLtuk hoe atoutudourd 5150 lastita.
Lieu eeloys Its usual credit.
Tbo Matrimonially inclined Should
onler a dozen of tit WO perfect LI til tynninor
Yunc ebirM LL Alunlock i b ultnateth
Filth Street.
t li Inl,nr. !UZI uC Coi.,loseph aua Annie
a,.1 li tu.putha.
Tho fon,ral trill t,ke Pare hum the reelacnce
f 11. .1. 1 . .21.1., k eq.. 1,60. WY 1 1.•..,, , • 'mg
oVIECNoOIc, atT o'clock. The Weeds
• f the totally Inched to attend.
I 1: Fourth Etre,t, rlttsbCrih. P3l. CUPTIN3
or all Lln Lo 104 00027 de
oC liootls turntsu
/ op,u,d day an 4 ulgia.• near. altd
Carr', t rmrol,ll.A.
. .
David „nem 13 - . IL. Opt.
0. 4.,:ohrtt. LLD., Kama. Ewing. Jo-
7.171 1 / 1 T11.5z CO,
- Ilaxe,>tar, Wood's nun and rittnity.
Corned-Übe/Meld and Chartters
litatze and Currtudt.4 furubh.d.
..liod'e-aere.• the lasaresraliblbra -- --
ban pl tee aepedellre, e teen: ace. In ads cony..
ty. ad este.] ou .Ntrer Brl,thion road. imicedlato.
ly ocot6 ad Aileeheny. Far burial lots. perud.
or a. . 11 at Ceatral fitly atom of COOL .t
CLAY:kW. Aileeheny CUT.
J3El'. 1...R-Si'',
AT A vEny-grfALL rotor T.
6 ►l'Slio St, 3d door from 50.
I. W. BCD=
Fine Watches, (lochs, Jewelry;
g 74 LIME/ITT ET11.F.1.-...
Vrreerlerlsr attention Oren to Beetlrlow
Vitaecce, Clotle tad Jewelry. All work war
Gas and Steam Fitters;
A lArKe Actortmeat of
Claude Hey.% Brackets, Lead Pipe,
rumps, Sheet Lead, &c.;
161 itrood Street, neap Stitt!,
, S 9. S 9 S. . S 9 S 9: S 9 49 S 9 S 9
. ..
1 6A--9 1 88 - 11AgKET STREET. 2
18959, GO TO 1 ,99 i
PEZ. C) 323 0 'ES, ss I
s9 l 89 Afar/at Street, 1"
$ ...41)9
1 BOOTS 8110 E ~4S9S . &C
,s 9 irra• .I•=3:1 CiT."2 -
;JAS. ROBB, 89 Market - SO
.89; lB9
IS!) S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 89 89
CMCELAL.X.; Xel 49. T.
.ro. 92 recrerai
Practical Forniture :Manufacturers
bae,2 sty:as of ITIENITUICS eoultsattli via
!! F ri/E rettEAPEtsT.
The Slusp!est. The Best
Elz stachirres. Used hats short time, for sale •t
Fifth street.
Pieca price.
11016 - E:4, CARRIAGES
EtltiGl ES of the reel - beet for Lire at
Howard's Livery Stable,
Virtt strett, 21[17 ltonoortbela trotting, , •
Citt . t.l Attention psld to Loylzg and stave
• po,
1.)11"1.9B1;RGIN NunsEnv LIND
J 114KI,ND G1LEEN1101.141.....L.7011N
• MT 74I34 JCH. (..t . cc» , .), Jobs. 111.0.0»..14
..) As!)
it attentl9a t.) the!). extensive
Ql' Fru anal Oz. suncntal.
itrr.,)4 ea. 6tei-
UraPC it
tt nod timettbottee / taxa