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. -. ..
Blitila 'Copia - • ' , II beats
Veil Fared by carrier. (per w0ck1........ 1 ocnto
Hall naboolbers, (per 7.+r) ' 118,00. •
.41.1?trilsintag!AnsillD kicyrnboyi maxi Ateaur.
SCuDtee piiihakby anal!.
Pia*. to ;do.: do. do. each
ICirof Ida* cogies,:ti oho hd , l,ress, and
„ one, (man club , each ... ... ......
.Dr.lleysei 4 Bload Searcher...
. "Astra two. loathsome , leder, btakid acid,
• siodhitcor with rile 'MIA ioathaome crud:
all my rmooth
41k.i10361:—Viiapoix:en • Lenilitidwitti
tar cc. salt. rbstun lociabont thirty years
The /eat test years , it-turned Loth.) mall*:
' lac. It was. ottti w orst kind.. : lay whole'
' body was covered with
.11.. Thospots over
my body were as larg o ' s.) "a uyppv,.. 'cent:
Slylffieb thutoyea arbre covered eo with ti
.-11p1103;111111 almost blind. I loot ray hearing
- so that I could not hear 'without speaking
ontey Haut* tm . .J.Ztfied all khidi oflloo.
• . torso:if every acho3l of altulleine, for Idtare,
• • without, any benefit, and. wen:item 5011201.
very; great distance, who were -oeletyrated
'as 'physicians' I hadto h ISO MY Minas tied
up, they wertv . ao - trontilesornearld covered
with disease. ins now,and bavebeen
Citteithy takinaleea than a rumen bottles of
- • Your ulood Searcher at a cost of that mazy
..Allohara.... - Vdtaisrttliad ambit. huhdredi
;I.Yre• -, lon may habil& this If you whit, for
the bananaothor sufferers. •. •
4. ; • -•, ' Etatanwrn .
, Cheater, Mehra county. Otto. -
..';;; 1000 Aland eda of Cures that are
= toads every *epic by this 'utast extraordi
• „nary.modiarau.-irlioaa valnablo and life”ro
., ;towing virtnee hear inch an affinity to the
Of man, that fhb most Ituithadmer and
the iltlvon'out of Uni body
.. 6 /iltaierisejr..nttNtsunn. - It In not nrondelfall
..tbatowneern, trant . ntos, old WeerB,./4tntoz, piles
id0r,.p.:04.10: - R t. 0 1.3340 -.3lispOis..that
Tomo Vnlmed. th alr victims for years, arc
`Ovoinfrby 1iE113.1311. , .3 BLOOD SkAII.CII
- Olga, ICU data lOthqut
ifOloariftte or ini.*:!g ate* t4give
their noiiat sioaailona; on tbo contrary, sail -strength arc gradually as
stomach , ansiblad to divot
tad rood; taidAtcinictiy - ii Imparted to every
.. °igen. Of the bodir.
; Ask for flu. BLOOD.
c'- "EIC' Ala te,...kSo - iiektier Ono aoUni pea' bet,
Uzi di:far Aye • dollars, If your dnezer;
deal keiVit,,', write tolia.7l7Epplt,and
. ,
. , .
• , Haw to Gabe In Illedaltie.
/Amity, wasp:lced wharp, obtained 411 e
meals, as the. faro . must be exceed;
FP, Idllpo he Appeared to xrow.
Peg larger and. larger - every- , day. 'Tito
prompt. reply Pres, th#
,Contrimputal Se
next de' to the l'ostainoo, on Fifth
' IltKetli.wkdat lake*.
' byWat,
Caree--klolitielxiler." The answer pelt
' andle the paint, for at the Caatlneetil the
Y?..04 An
daily nerved up at the meet. f
Prlcesr. , PS. ,o :aria+ et 0 304 ., 11. b, end
everythink tlitezept . J.liejjelite; are served
. .
aptlt' abate?' style. !inn malld PrOfemior
Mot trtOatd, gatlltyno eat ono meal gotten
r ut/ by floltsbabici at a tow minutes notion,
fon 4.lll,foraver boattorimar pationgosm
To Housekeepers. • - -
Good Tot:maces at 30 cents per cam
. .Stotteberrztet at 40 cents.
~ slackbocriee aL £0 cents.. •
Roaches at 30 cents. .
.Peach hlarnialtide at 50 cente.
Peach Jam at 30 cents.- . • • - "•
Good Raisin! at 30 calcite per heand.
Good Preece at 25 cents per pond.
• 'Geed Currants at 02 ratite per pound.
At 1.12 Federal street, Allegheny City.
DORell rail
TO visit be Opera House 81100 Stoiro, now
tnat yoU 50.00 such do oonorlanlty to buy
1139cOnsmktiltuns on clomp. : Tie 04osin6 ouL
positively on!yuontinuo tuatillkprO
Aboatliftiera alxteen year% 0/ age, caa ob
a good altuallint by. applying at .the
Oxietallattaa bhp!, Atora. None need 'apply
but tboaeptriacla Allegheny city.
' '1 . 12 'lttnet;alad: )l . 4 thlue.•
Doetare:hrescripthke venially prepared
at half the areal-arta, at. l'uttoses Drug
:etbru, onrckidto POStGlaoc.
locatgn ittition ofall kinds al Joseph 8.
rins:lVS UyWlecs, No. 183; wt. 13.; And 195
suit 04 - lietal.ttabargu: -; .
= • , • Floe Tolle* Reaps,
,In tirrot varjeti, sznl,St low prime, at Mem.
mg'a Drug Moo, Ito. 84 Ilarket area. lite
member The place-84 Market street.
Coutbiuos for MO groat bargains,. at tim
grand sixty days• closing out gals, now
going an Lathe Opera Ttrinsa 81/00 More.
sni per cant. Alcohol c Joseph B. Finch'
. . . Ton Cyn n 417.
New Hope at .Toeeph B. rincli,e.
The Suffrag ems;eettou In the Kansa*
- Legistatiatreat Freshet. In the .
Western Itlvere—,Rattrood Bridges
Torsaa.E.Lo,,Yob. It.—Tho Scoot° voted
ou the 11Ounajoint re:total= to amend the
t Conotttutiort by, sulking out the words
irttti ao aniontlment
maklag intelligence the bawls of auffrage.
'The - Klein riveris higher than It haa been
..idnee-Diall soil Is still rising. Tae railroad
- bridges at ...W,yandotte, . and the away,
theat Mannuttan have been swept away,
the bitter carrying with it amoral persons,
wholrere on It at the time. A portion of
the pontoon. Mudge at this .place has been
swept away, and-there is riciermaing except
in a adrift. _
rose:Lartaani, February 11-snow fell to
the depth of Mile inches last night. and It
atilt 'continues falling rapidly. The for
. warding of stores to the forts at the North
'is much retarded.
Kaasas Clew, February .A. utler,
. implicated In the iteottCutlerlL—G fire of No
'timber, left. Independence' for St. Louis
yesteaday, In Marge of the Sheriff, In re
sponse to a writ habeas corpus issued by
Judge lioluies,of the Supreme Court.
--The Railroad bridge across tile Republi
can Myer aelart litlay was 'carried away
.bythelllgh water this merrairlg,taking trite
IL Leaman who were eaddavoring to make
it sec are. A part of the bridge was secured
Wautego; no limas lost. The bridge across
. the Blue river at preh•wals le in ineta i ..
sumt danger.. The lime and Kansas rivers
are higher than ever' before mown. The
flood Is a generalone. The railroad bridge
across [bu d g e Rnnes at the State live mill the
wagon at Wyrandette,are seriously
• damaged,' and bears are entertained that
both will he carried away. The Missouri at
this point has risen three feet since morn
log, and Is still rising:
Sehreat7l4.—.ldvlces from Iowa)
say the rain storm has been tundra west of ,
Dulyggittee flooding Thep rairi and break.
mg rip the rivers. long bridge at Dy
ersville has been bwept away; loss very
A portion of the Illinois Central bridge at
Galena has been swept away and two s team
beats luirl barges carried. Off. The -break
water waa also injured at Aurerra,
The Island was overflowed, covering the
Knit Door of the basilicas bottom , wed Wm'
yell tug families to leave their dwellings.
There was a very destructive are at ilsira
go,-Illbsois, on - saterday night. Several
boldness liousertwere destroyed. Lose not
known. •'
Threemen named tee, Cofer and Horne,
were arrested yesterday and this 'morning
charged- 0111 forgery of Buena Vile
la, :lows; meaty. heeds to. the amount of
forty thousand dollars. A preliminary ex
amluatirm was had to and the prison
ers be id fu IMJDO bonds. •
The warm weather or the past few days,
has produced a freshet Je tee eererfl
greases in this atate,and con , lderrble dam
age has already been done. propotty. Tb e
Chicago and St. Louis ItaU road bridge,,,,s or
the Kankakee river, wee swept aw l y
,norning, and It lc ins poselble at present to
make translate of passengers. ere hear or
no damage to other -Made es yet, alth ough
the tracks in a number 01 places ere under
to the i YeaterdtrY*seise
tJ Delhalter—Tbe Blarkete. -
RAN Paanclaco, Yeb.l4.—A'llre this Morn.
tug On illealpit • etroet.between 2d and Id
streete destroyedelght or ten wooden belle.
Robert Lanatnere. Treas.:leer of Batter
.connte, absconded on the 10th Inat.,lwdeli e
"defaulter of 512,000.
elites of dour are confined to the local
antra °at 16; enperepe Hood. shire
, e
plug wheel *), ner lee Ina Choice Choice East
ernbutter 350. Inning htecke—eavago 17,
ye; Crow. , foist eJI; Yellow Jacket 810.
tioeld.t. Corry 51n; dollar 2:1J; Oplitr
Legal Tenders
i ,
' f - ---'
le 1 1 11 1 •I 71
~,,,\ e. .
,-_ )
.0,NE:;,6!q.L.4;i0c :A;:m.
Beport,of Committee on Bribery.
Probable Defeat of the Con
uelles-lne Railroad 001.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette
IlArtatenueo, February IL ITT.
lir. 'highs= reed lupine an act fore gen
eral law to pare the streets in the bomuith
of .hierzeosport; also. the ; petition of St.
Orphati A/71am, relative to soldiers ,
orphans. •
The Connelsville Railroad Dill being
again before the senate, Mr. Scsraght made
uzi arifitoMit in farm , at the restoration of
the charter.
Tile Clerk read the proceedings of a meet
' leg of ; Me citizeox of Pittsburgh rldativo
to this bill.' ' •
The discussion on the Cannellsville Rea
-1 road .bill ocaupiod both sesalons of the'
Samita.• ThO trim& of the "bill wished to
adjourn 'lillhout Real action. -To Lim
Senate would not agree. and Idr. Itighim le
still speaking On - the bill.' Test votes hall
ago that the bill xiil-40 pass. -
The I'ollDi:in bills hero passed:
• An set Insozporating the Allegheny and
lifh".4 l V4PeY Ege r. Esilway.
lag's and Ulla Amoclatlon.
Anent relatMeto bierkirm and peddling;
Westporpl....d. vriitY• • -
The following petitions irere'preamited.
By MT. Mcßee: =favor of the passage of
• lawloeinspecilogrelined and carbon oil.
By Mr. . Wilson; Of citizen* of McKemport ,
for a general paving law for sold borough;
also. temonatranee against the removal of
dead bedb• in the Bowickley burial ground.
ByMi: ClusdcleM From .the School Dl •
rectors Of IlarrLson tgiernship, for authority
to boriow money for mhool.mtryoses:
. Mr.. Ideihling In 'favor a the re.
peeler - theLiechbui g license
By Mr: Quay: The petition Gray,
for divorce; rdso of, citizens' or Brighton ,
Boar= county, to4lrile said - borough into
threeelectien districts.
By Mr. hisCanaustroThe petition of elt
loons of Blair county, to abolish the coun
ty Superintendents of schools. •
By Mr. Kimmel: Of citizen* or
for an election as to whether /Pinar should
bersold in that county or not,
iiir. Colville offered I. resolution that
there be a &mu:Mee of live appointed to
inquire whether the Pennsylvania Railroad
has discriminated to the carrying of freight
against the eittsensofPittsburgh. Adopted.
.. The following bills were repotted by Gam.
mlttee :
Au act =pasting the fees of the clerk of
the Courts of Crawford county. •
• A supplememi to the act incorporating
the borough of Law renoevllle, allowing it
to borrow money for building purposes.
Mr. Stambaugh, from the Special Corn•
mlLteo to examine the 'charges of corrnp.
tlon in.the eloction of United ,States Sena
tor, report:rat thllt they,had invited Damn v
having any knowledge of ouch corruption,
to appear and present what testimony they
had, and that thcro were no grounds for
such charges.
Too following public bills wore pawed.
An act relating to foreign /asumucocum
An act to provide for the wdeof unsettled
lands for non paymOnt of taxes. .•
An act to extend the law giving railroad
cotapahles otos rota for each share of stock
held In bridge eorapanles.
An act vvilatlng,.to the .24rInalLural Col.
loge of Pennsylvania, appropriating the
Interest of money from laodadonaloil by
the United Stites:
• The Committee appointed by the meeting
In Pittsburgh . , for the Purpoie of advancing
the interests of the - hill to restore the char.
ter-of .the ConnelLsyllis Railroad, waited
upon' the (Wismar: who asenred theta if
the ball was passed ho would alga it.
(Dispatch to the .eissocionsi Press.l
liensumcno February It.-The ice in
the eneduchanna le broken up end' has
moved olr. All-apprehenaion of a Hood are
rale =ruing. while the fast,train was
'Passing the neighborhood' of Watsontown.
a broken rail threw a number of care down
e bank of the canal. !Several passengers
wer Mimed.
The Union of the North Amer-
ican Colonies
Landing of Fenian at Va
lentia, Ireland.
ouvinzos araa's TmAL,
Lemma, February lf.—The Government
will lissome the legal expenses of the de
fense of Governor Eyre, of Jamaica, whose
trial is now progressing. -
The bill for the confederation of the
British North dmerlean Colonas only em•
braces the two Canwiria, Hoy ia Scotia and
New Brunswick.
The mall steamer from Rio Janerlo,
brings intelligence that a rebellion has
broken out in Paraguay, which seriously
threatens the power and life of President
Aissivosts, lelrrcucry 13.—A number of
vessels hams psseed throvgtx. tho 8000
Lemnos, February IL—The , (Jorernteent
has been advised of the 'sliding of two ehip
loads of lantana at Valentla.
Sir llugh Eden, Commanding General in
Ireland, and Lord Seas leave for Ireland at
There la s renewal of the rumor that the
Yeomans will attempt to eat the cable.
11111101 AL AND comseneist. -
Livanrow.. February It —The etenamship
Denmark, from Now York, arrived at
QuerenstOwn. -
Li morrow, FebrearyCm.—Cotton
market has a declining tendency, though
middling uplands are still quoted at 14%;
Wee, as yet, trifling.
Los tars, Febreary • it — A . . o . — C_ aus/Is
closed at 90y,0 for money. .. iVe-WW entlekl,
71 n; Illinois shares, 7834; Erie 4'i4.
kasecroar, February 14—.EcentUfi.—wIc•
ted mates bonds, 764.
Pants, February 14.—Eventnp.—gentes are
Loupe., February, 14—Evening.Consols
closed at ale for % 'money. Five-Tecutles,
IP% Illluols, ;
A v ./I'mm, _February 14.—Cotton market
closed Iltaktaliddittot.Upimodsatill,'at
Breadstuff. drum Provisions, generally un
emaged. . allows a light dentine,
Meted at 435 old per cwt. Produce—Pot Ael, ,
Ms au. Solrlia of Tarpentine, 37s tal. Pe
troleum, maned, steady at is ed.
By dferelkinte A - offend:a Telegreph
• 0,, o,„.F.bropryll..—The Ice Irom chOre
rencheil hero thin ofVentlng and. is going
clown with terrible force, kith kinky bonus
among It. The creek Is ttiso sendingont.
heavy Weather wet. Oil market
Interviews Between the President
and Republican Members.
Possible understanding Between the
President and Congress.
IV/61610..40,, Febivary 14,11417.
TLO.NOW rprk..P.lN tretelliniiten apuclal
says: The President suited yesterday teat
his nominitloidein the /attire would be
as he esould expeortho !Innate to confirm.
The lrays and Means ,COmmittee ,adhere
tense Senate tarn/ bill as regards Iron and
steel. The rates On outMry'lere those of the
old nous° bill. , .
Serend conservative republicans bad . an
fntetclew with the l'tesident taut evening.
The President /Amused anxious to moot Von.
gres.s half way, but no phiu was suggested
to irldch both parties could endorse.
Ammrriro To re■ su'rnlds 00CeT
.NooGovernor. Brown awl. Judge Davison
A. Walker, of the Supreme Court of Georgia,
wore 'adtrattett to the bar or the Sopron°
OT 1011TITICATI11:41.
Brevet Brigadier Genertiil 'ldabzeler and
Brerrat.t:olonel Bader are detailed as mom ,
berg, of a board of officers, to : react! u
ingtori, for tba purpose . of detorminiall
calibres, number of each • calibre, land ihe
yropmtiona, of thled gum required for the
armament of fortifications.
The receipts from customs from the Lotto
the nth instant, was 0,0:NG:J1I, and the re
ceipts ,from Internet Ilevenne ens only
$2102e. •
A. delegation from the Sioux Indiana or
the Upper Missouri, convicting of several
chiefs, is expected hero on Saturday, for tho
purpose of settling the d 'Dictates existing
between them and the Indian Direr., grow
ing out, of the intention of tho GOvernment
to remove them into the Indian country.
Mr IN toe rotten.:
• The ico In the Pete.= is reported well
broken up and Rooting or. •
The New York Cenoncrefor's Weehlugton
special =ye that leading Republicans =unf
ired n dlepooltion to apply the Prloc/Pic., of
the Louislanablll tO ell the Southern States,
and thus .supercede o general reconstruc
tion bill.
The geseral lmpmsalon la the donate will
te-morrow adopt the Blaine amendment to
the military government bill, which was
yesterday defeated In the Monde by a ele.e
vote. Ic was moved to-day as an amoa&
meat by Mr. Williams.
Tavilrac nurnbc, of the Ecr:ping Lea de
radical ItepubliFan In i . tryearect t
Prom Evening (7bronlcle I,lspatcl:e.
Mr. Sumner has decided to report meanlyt
the confirmation of any ono to the Euilins
say at Stockholm.
lilittitsessious will he bold in boll Houses
from this time until the fourth of March.
Either to-morrow or naturday, the Re
publican Sena'lite will hold a caucus for the
nomination au finecougor tour. Foster as
President of the &Mato. Senator Wade is
the tires choice, and will undoubtedly be
.. .. . . ,
elected to that position.
The appointment of n negre to a twelve
hundred dollar elerkehlp In the Treasury
Department Is merely nominal In Its effect.
The appointee haur held the pont of a tiles
nenger lit that Department, and continues
in that capacity._ the appolutmeut being
tnerely designed to -effect an increase of
The Navy Department lii 'beginning to he
seriously concerned for the safety of the
gunboat Swatara, which la over due at this
port 1101110 two weeks, and has not been
hailed at any point no the route. IL will be
remembered Diet this to the craft: in which
John IL Surratt was embarked for this
country, and 40 Is admitted that atm Is one.
of the oldest and craziest crafts in the ser
vice. •
It is underetood that the evidence thus
far taken by the Judinlary Committee does
not implicate - the President In any oMelal
mistndnct whatever.
Dinra.Tl.3lT.O TO Tile RYW YORE r.tric.•
['mt. the Ilcrald Correspendesee: j :
It is believed that pilot's Louisiana Gov
ernment bill will pass the Senate before
the close of the week.
The whole amount, principal and interest,
of corn pound interest notes outstanding, Is
5170,g24,331; principal and interest falling
One in/hh . I.S II9 .M , V= .
The report that General Dix Is receiving
toe salaries of naval office and Minister to
France is denied on the best authority,
r From the World Correspoudeute•j
The M Indianaan twee route Pionell
tiou to guarantee, the safety or travel
through their country, and also tho frontier
settlements, provided the government will
authorise the organization of not le.
than two hundred and lift; men belonging
to the!r bands, under an °Meer satisfactory
to themselves, they to fix the compensation
at sixty dollars per month, and rations for
themselves [am il ten and heroes. Thee will
furnish their Own at ma, ammunition, horses
I. and transportation.
the Tribune Cnrreseoadencs.
The fifty million Mexican loan proposi
tion was up before the Committee en ror
eign Affairs yesterday, but as there M.llO
• prGapeCt of getting. security, owing to the,
unsettled state of affairs in that country,
the Committee unanimously decided that it
man Inexpedient to extend Ito old .ked, .
Governor Parsons, of Alabama, bas noth
ing to do with the cotton claim for $1,440,00e,
nor has a claim been granted as stated.
News From the Pacific ersast—Litternl
Force• In the Vlclotty of the city oc
Alealco,Mas [millets Moors to Embark
for Europe—The I.ltternts to Occupy
the Capital.
Sax. Foanctsoo, YObrnary. 13.—licalcan
news, per the steamship Golden City, via.
Acapulco, to February itti, has - been re
ceived. .
General Alvarez' forces were in the Imme
diate vicinity of the City of Mexico.
The Imperial General Pauline Gomez. La.
wide had been shot. -
General Diaz had taken Tehuantepec and
continued operations in the direction of
Puebla. ile had exchanged French prison
ers for Liberal. The Austrian priseners re
mained lit his hands.
Acapulco is still recopied by thelmperlal- 1
It is expected the French squadron will
MatitiVely nail on the :nth Inst.
• 11AVANA Feb. 8, via 11.‘1.1•Inone, Feb. 14—
The Englishatearour Solent, from Vera Grua
on the lid, arrived yesterday.
Maximilian will icave the city of Mexico
Immediately, ur he has already left, Mr a
point from whence ho embarks for Europe.
The French are continuing their prepara
tions for their embarkment, end look for
the arrival of a large fleet of trwmports.
General Plaz is to occupy the city el
Mexico after the evacuation by' ]iazadne.
1 and bets now UnprOach Mg Um Capital.
Ac!realar lasuud by, MMabits announces
that all Frenciniamt who Min thu Mexican
army disfrancit.e the tneelves.
Marquis., wanti money, and demands
Vest) from tile Mexican merchants at Vera
r,etn that the Amer
ican, English Thu
and a
other Bnmfeu merchants should
ho levied 111 MIL as well as thu Mexican mer
chants. 1111mmou and Marquise will 1 , 0
obliged to hoar° the toiletry her choir own
safety. e
E tiou or Mont rcnl —Picts . Fort ft
to tbo rected—Nl Ittplrlf stl of Log
nab Troop? , .
MorrrneAL FehroatY lA. — Fort Itlmatbort
Stir y 7.43 prderilmi ol ille city will wpon
commoncml. II M1.'1 . .1.1110. 1 lc to br yen.
Ilorna Imprequablo. aad fort , aro to Ns Or.,
101 lit i,n Itrarle, Mon. ILIIIi ,ievernl
other pm 11 oi 0 1111: Smith Aim,
AdVit:ll2, l';110111111 11,01 four reg.
loientn are to Ito witharawn from Cctintla on
1.44, ormlaK of naVlgatlon ,
• ...
Direct Trade Between Norfolk
and Europe.
His Views as to the Ditties of the
Southern topic, '
InUILOT TRADG 14611FILIN .7 , 101iir01.4 AID
FOIZTV.Voi Llormen, Febrtutry 11.—Tho
steamer Peruvian will take from liorlolk to
Liverpool throe thousand bales of cotton,
With naval /Moron, leaving In Norfolk n toll
cargo for the oteamahlp Delaware, which In
pectell to arrive abOut March Direct
trudo:froul Zorfolk to Europe . has Luca
talrli Inauggrated: '
,Ctiehtzsrox, February ll.—At the aunt-
Vereary. banquet of the Chamber 'of Coin-
Meroe, , . last night, Governor Orr image a
speech, during which he alluded to bLa visit
to Washington, and the formation of the
echeme of reconetructlen, already printed,
which it Was thought could Bemire the sup
port of the Conservative Weathers or the
Radical party. lie was received kindly
and treated courteously, ant every
inst.,lmo manifested to have is per-
Asa. tang ,complate setUement,. hut some
of those , .yery gentletnt.M, when next they
went late the Halls of Congrers,lnaulged In
speeches of the most violent character. 110
said; My own jutlgment Is, If the Leg/sta.
tutu adopted the programme -with any de-
greeOf unesUlniry in.arkanses, and if other
imuthern States adopt It, or manifest o dls•
position to adopt it, It will produce the best
results upon a considerable portion of the
-radical party, 'and 'rave the' - tooth
from many of the proposed radical
nitimenres... know a . groat many .of
Our Ovate.- are In favor of folding their
arms: They shy' we are to the power of
them people; let thorn no they please. I
do not believe In sot • our,b doctrine. tam
am not onoof the "d/itottY" sort. I bane
both:vett In one doing something for war
m/vela I have believed to lodleatlngtothe
people of the North that there le no sullen
ness:at leant, on Um part of the people of the
south, and that at were prepared to give .
them-all honorable guarantees to secure
our .rWits. In the Government; and when
wedid so, we at least challenged, the re
spect of the honest portion of that party. 1
have boon myself, for two long years,
endeavoring to produce that result,
Whether -It 0111 follow I do not know.
In taking the position I now occupy, It
was to servo the people of South Carolina,
and I Intend to continue to serve them, and
notwithstandlog the growls of grumblers, I
shall not be swayed from the porformnooe
of my duty In that line. If it ancompliblies
the results hoped for, I shall be fully com-
Pensated for any sant - Moe that may have
een made. If ft fails, I shall feel that any
responsibility for the further humlllatlOn
0.13t1 oppression of South Carolina, does not
lav at my JOOl." (ApplaU , O.)
fanlight Governor Orr. by invitation,
will:address a public meeting of the Freed.
ninsriortxa tisEr, SX rneosni,
. WAseimrros, Febrnary /4.1a17.
A dispatch received at Wailalngton, from
Itichinond, Virginia, states that • very
strong fooling of radical Itepublicanisai la
developing Itself In the southwestern por
tiere; Of particularly in the court
ties bordering on North Carolina. la Car
roll county the organtration known as••lted
String' , retmently holda meeting at Shel
byville. which way addressed try an es.
rota-I cancer- Ile proclaimed their 5711110-
Hen to the Radical party at the North,
nounced the present Loglata.ture so disloyal.
and advocated the adoption of the Constitu
tional Amendment. Ile demaned that they
should have reprezentatlon, and was par
ici,4rly severe in his strictures upon the
President, who he said should be impeach
.l and removed before there could to any
. .
security for Union DM. , They then para
ded tnrough the streets, numbering about
rive bemired. and carrying a Urinal Mato,
nag. acre very nxpteasivu in demonstra
tions of loyalty to the present Congress.
They adopted re-olutious calling for a
Jorge meeting of the organization at a fu..
tore day, when they will take measures to
make known their grievances to Congress,
with a view to procure immediate action
fur theft present relief. .
CiI...L.EsTON, S. C.. February 11.—Four
Wen. lately belOuging to the crew of the
. steamehip City of Bath, arrived here from
Gaaargetown. They report that steamer
horned on Tuesday morning off Cape Rat
turas. 1)f twenty-eta pemone alumni, all
are believed to bu loat.,earaypt thew Vier.
Tao Clay of Bath was on her way from Bos
ton to Savannah.
The Wind-op of the ittser)nopreito-.
intent liatbering—A. Eons el at She
Idndell eeeee I—ipeeehes or the To
rtoni Deletrnies, and •iientnnt Goon
ST. Lome, February 14.—The River Im
provement Couvention adjourned yeller- .
day afternoon, to reassemble atAhe Lindell
Motel at S r.x., where a banquet had been
provided by the Union Merchants Exchange
sot the convivial Interchange of sentiments
cordiallyof Real icllewshlp . n
he Invitation and 'Miser.
Bally accepted by the delegates. The guests
were In the beat of humor, oOnSCaluent MMn
the harmonious and stiocessfal completion
of the work which bad brought them to ht.
Charles L. Tucker, of the Merchants
Union Exchange, presided over the ban
quet. Among the regular.tosats were "The
Pedant! Government,. responded to by E.
11. Richards, of Dubtufur• "Commerce,. re.
mantled to by lion,Tihealore Cook, of
Ohio; "Minnesota,. COT ,. lett Judge C. E.
Flandm it sea needed in •rieb yobs of humor,
clielthse frequent and hearty plaudits. lie
insisted on tint remitidiug the delegates
from . all along the Miaelssippl that their
obligations to Minnesota were very great.
If asked In what, be an•NOSell. thats where
the Mis•dsalppi comes from. (Great laugh
ter.] If it bad not been for Minnesota, they.
would not have any river to 11111•
prove upon. hoe "Wisconele. ledge T. P.
Watbertry happ ily
ily responded. "Illinois.
waa responded to by Mon. Mr. Doherty.
Among the volunteer toasts was "1.00151.
nun,. to which Genteel Jen. Thompson res
ponded, and was greeted with uproarious
cheers. General Jeff. made every humor.
0114 xpeech, stattng that sa far to he wits
concerned ho bad a very sad expe
rience ou the river known an the,
"misaissippl.. lie saw many focal 1
around use table which be bad seen'
in battle, and preferred to eve them plwaYa
around tho table. lie had fought up and
down the Miseialippt from Cairo to New Or.'
leans, oil. horseback; on foot •and On 111.11.
and he was willing to own that he never
got •wilat ho expected. He noutinned at
acme length, watt was v ociferriusly cheered
thronghout. • •
The blur Spangled Banner wee ernig, all
singing with spirit. after which the banquet
adjourned With "three cheers for the per
petuation Of the Union forever..
Movements of Cite Free Trotle Ineon
—Firemen Injured—The Otenmer It
It. Cityler.
Nsw Yong., rebrpary 11, 1%7
rho Executive Committea of the Ameri
can Free Trade League held a meeting this
afternoon for the . purpose of making ar
ranuemen ' ts for a grand demonstmtion
favor of free trade,Xtt tibia city, in a short
sins is A retossrasr amass.
lty a fire in a tenement house on Eleventh
Area, this morning, Wm. Moulton, John
I and Wm. O'Neill, firemen, were dan
gcrously injured by fulling from a ladder.
Tulin. a. crnisc.
it appears that the owners Of the IL. It.
Cuyier were not to receive pay for the ves
sel until her arrival at Laguyars.. Mean
time a conspiracy was formed aboard, un
der the lead of an ex-rebel ofneer named
Bead, to turn her into a Chides privateer
hen at son. The owners urn now sathilled
that they would have loot the vessel but tor
the intervention of the authentic.. Collec
tor Smyt
thenus PeeeliVeli orders In conformi
ty with Attorney General', decision,
lo len u —P io T ha r d
moZiunt tCoem&
the Fourth I.llotriet.
Nonvrtuir, Conn., February 14.—lion. U. 11.
Stfitrk weather has been nominated coy the
g ß e r e e n p e u to ican D r f a o n r
da ß g e epr, es h en taptr i e v s e
nti nr eCpo"n,
tativa. -
I I warroun, Conn.. February 11.—Tho
I puhi
leans or the First District bare reborn
11,nry c. Doming for Eno Kress.
I'. T. Barnum has Immo uOniaatta.l In the
Foci r Llt I.lstriol.
Thu Dena - ATMs of the StToan Dimtriet
have nominated Julius 1101.01k1..
(fircOND . eisi4los.)
W ASEL [MOTO... February lt,
erne Tr. 1t1ti201....
Mr. WADE reported from the Committee
on Territories. shill to regulate the selec
tion Of grand and petit jurors In Utah,
With an amendment In toe form of a sub.
etitute, being substantially the amendment
recently adopted to the 'ainewlatory
to - the act providing it temporary govern.
meatier utonians.
31.A1t.9 To ..(11,01.ULU.
Congress introdneid'a
the Poet, Master tieneral to Invlto propo . -
Bats for. steamships:ln ttio mall sorTleo. - : for
nientfilk tripe lietielm . San Iribeleco And
lionolulu; no bide =coaling ono huritirtd
thounrh.l .41,01hre 'lst pro:cppel.deorect. Re
Mr. Moltltll.4 introduced a - bill ameudu•
tory of the act Oflho that seitalenTOr repairs,
Ito., to certain palate Ivorize, shloh. author
izes the use by the Secretary of War, of
appropriations there made for other pur
poses than for,,extuninaLlous 11.1.1 d surreys,
when required'by the public Interest. It
passed to a second reading.
Tho credentbdsof Mr. Row, Sumter from
Kansan, for ldr, Laneinunexpired term,
were prounted by Mr. I'OMEIWY. Mr.
'tug, who has OD U. thl. time held the office
by appointment Of the Gorerneaemeyw„ra .
Mr. HESS prrleeLed ereilentink of
Mr. Pomeroy, tignotor elect front Karam.
for six yearn. Ordered to be filed.
All prior orders wero postponed, and cm
motion of Mr. GRIMES the Leaguo
Navy Tarsi bill was considered. After
during which a motion by Mr.
WADE to postpone tt andtako up tha Lout's!.
nna bill, Wan rejected by 17 alO6lllll
Mr. SUMNER'S amendment (or the ap
pointment Of. a tginimLaslors . noloct idle,
was lost by 15 area against '25 nays The
bill then passed. •
TZTInt.IC or orrice
The Clerk of the (louse timid:lnnen lie re
to recede front Its amendment,, to the
tenured' of OW. d Coutnilttne or Con
rerun= war, arpotated. •
Mr. 511ERMAX male un ineffectual ef
fort to gut up his Compound Intermit Lund•
lug bill, Out. the Imutilaus billvraft taken
up ut Ur. W'ade's motion and read Cie sec
ond 11,00.
. .
Mr. TIII, several Amend
went., neoessary to perfect the LOU. •
taT 0 notice or nmend•
meet consisting. Of. three additional•
tines. The first raporlx ell rebel legrnettou,
beginning with, the ordinance of 11,,C,11011,
esnept such so ms.* - bo 'necessary to keep
the government In motion, if Mere be ally
such. The second annuls the niter...nate
decrees of Courts, and ;del" curiae; powers
to the same; and toe tt;lrd req cares an oath
TO support a lttrenddlCrin form or govern-
. .
31. r. W.11.E, by ye7,4.4i. connented to the
potponement of the bill mall to-morrow,
a s il that it be printed. •
Trro bill of the Itoroustrucnon Committee
as taken up, reads recorkt limo and or
need to be printed,
The compound interest funding bill IV
. ken op anti read,
atr.bilEitalAN, by direction of till Ft
napee Committee, offered an antondment
Increasing the amount •01. tedloontry loan
earthiest°. at any time unstandlng to Stou r
040,1.5.0. Arced to.
Mr. SHERMAN bald that libel/cc/of this
bill was to provide, - in pert, for the payment
of compound Interest notes. tie had nu of
ficial statement of the amount of them and
tAten they Matured showing that during
he present'yeer, litts,ofq would mature,.
upon which the I 'rest war tbr,r..l4,PM;
making $11e,t02,t90 to' be provided her be
fore the first of Jandary next. rift). mil
lions of dollars paying Internet matured on
that de). and prior to ,Nownliber, Maly
tight millions. The question was how this
must he paid. Mr. Sherman stated the
amount or currency mi hand, where It was,
sad 11110 . 1.11, frost the ogiCiai statement ut
I.:entre." Spinner, that it was not mart than
sufficient furs ticoomary working tralanew.
lie also read the °Metal statement of the
amount of train on hand, showing r.,7,::-Tqpfsr
or which twenty I:lithium. belong to individ
uals upon gold certificates, and he ultima
te.' the amount in gold necessary to be
Wed by the Gorerti - mont before January
IPA at eighty Millions of dollars. Ha con
tended that the gold balance .tionl.l not to
dlnitnialleil; but Ire kept as a steady re..erve
to Maintain the pOOO4Ol Goveroment
to prevent nuetentlonv, and prepare (or
the contingency- of declining revenue and
for specie payments. Therefore, the bal
ance of money on Aland could not be relied
upon to any considerable uncut to
pay the accruing compound Interest note,
Ile insisted that they could not be paid by
selling a dditio nalda gold • bearing bonds.
The whole of the present debt. be euhl, will
soon be funded In gold bearini.T bonds, and
will amount to 1ig,0t4,01/0,./.. This In no
eta, ought to be luerettued. The emu
and notch phoula ho met tubber by tun
porttry loons or by current receipt.,or by
tho I antler issue oflegal louder nut. The
pulllic debt, if not tncaearied beyond its
present limits, could rapidly be converted
Into bend. bearing ;loner rate of Inter...L,
and would not be a material Lurden upon
the people.
Mr. 811.}:ruAzi abated lila. objections to
the further issue of legal tender not.. It
was nut tho policy of Una Gorerntnent to In.
crease the volume of legal tenders, unless
to meet et temporary revulsion which could
not he guarded against. The unmitnum of
currency hod been reached and passed, and
the lawprovides for its gradual reduction.
Tubs policy must not be deported (rout un
til specie pay meats are .resumed, This
might be severe on theople, but it was
on absolute necessity w r Ich no nation dee',
)5 , In debt could nvonl. Thornily remaining
resource was a temporary expedient pro-
posed in the hill.
Mr. TRUMBULL said he had not expect
el MU MU World be called up to-day. Lie
aripposedlt AILS =MOSS to offer any opm.,-
million to it, or attempt to dismiss It.
The hill was pnesd as amended, and Imes
to the Yonne.
cuoved to consider the
Niagara Ship Cloud btili pending which the
Senate took n recess.
Evening &elution—The bill to ostabll.ll and
protect National Gemetrins was pursed
$750,C0D are appropriated.
A number oh ,privata pensions weru
A.blll to authorize a submerge,' tubular
bridge acres. tau SlississlPPl ay. , at St.
AdJoarned. •
ROUSE. . -
rOsTOrrICa arraOrallTlues.
Mr. KASSON, from the Committee on
proprtations, reported back the Senate
amendment to there/doff:tee Appropriation
bill, which was coonorred in..
' Tarelie Or orrice.
on motion of Mr. SCLIENCH, the Senate
bill to' regulate the tepuro of certain civil
°Moos was taken from the speaker's table.
The Senate bad refused to concur In the
Rouse amendment making the bill apply to
cabinet °Mears, and the Rouse Instated on Its
amendments, 11111 asked a committee of
rektor.: Or coarrui.cs.
• On zuctUOn of Mr. LAWRENCE, the Sen.
ate amendments to the Douse bill to donna
and punish certain crimes therein named,
were taken frOm the Speaker's table. eon
. concurred in, end a Committee, Or colder
once asked.
The Squaw Joint resolution In reference
to ocean mall service between Ilan rrancleco
and. Portland, Oreg.., was P.. 0.1.
W•IL arrinseaB Or TKO STATES..
The House hook up tins bill nal - anted Jan
nary It. from the select oommittooen the
war debt °noel States, to reimburse States
that furnished troops t e x pen s
esio itrmy,
(Of advances mado Emil ps in
toeaising the same, the question being on
the motion to reeemslder the vote by which
the bill was recommitted.
Mr.DELANO asked Mr. Blaine what was
the aggregato sum Um bill would told to the
indebtedness of the Uovernment.
Mr. BLAINg sold Mu bill provided for
the Woo Of 050 per cent. betide, not nego
liable for twouty years. to the- f of
One hundred and fifteen millions of dollars.
Aft ,„ debate, Mr. WILSON moved to table
tie but. 1. o f against
The vote of recommitted was then recon
endured, and the bill came beton, thellouse.
Mr. BLAINE wltb,lrow 013 InOtluti to 011-
to l i t a r r triteliAbyktlEl
W 0 Gommlltec of Way% a moved
nd Moans. Agreed
tO-44 to ti.•
TEL' cants nett..
M r . parSE,, from the Committee nil 31111-
tin, reported FL bill to provide for tho organ.
Icing, &rattail and dinuiPlinmg of tits
The bounty bill was postponed until to
morrow. -
r aorosen IN nlAa NZUOTIATIONS.
Tba 61 'EA . KE11, provented a oothmenlea
Lion from the heoretary of the Interior, re
communding an appropriation of ono lion
dreg andtifty thousand dollars. to tumi(
the OCIAIrtMOUttO send commissioners tt
all the Indhla trilme srest ni the hl hislss Ipm
Inver. !inform!.
The 1i0n, ,, . wont Into emmulttee
Wholo, Mr. RoutArun in Um chair, mot I.
'N.lrtlell tltn ellllsldUrla 101 Or till, I.U:rm.!
ltevenue 1,111.
moved to uU IlcF out tit
- --7
proviso a:emoting butter and cheese from
trpecial tax. 'Rejected.
air. WARD, of Kentucky. moved to strike
out the clause raising distillers' license to
gm. Without action the Committee roar.
Evening Salon—Tho tax bill was resum
ed in Committee of the Whole.
Mr. WARD'S amendment was adopted.
The tax on distillers remains as now, ten
tint mot ion of Mr. TIC BIPIIREYS. the per
m:sup't llwlUog until the :Xith of April next
the right or gas companies to add the tax
to the prices of consumers, was struck out.
Mr. SCOFIELD 131041111 to reduce the duty
on refined rock oil from twenty to ten cents
per gallon. Rejected.
()emotionof Mr. SC It was agreed
to that any person who munnisatmed or
sold nom). mixed with oil exploding et
less temperature than 110 degrees, Fahres
belt, eboutd be punished with tine and Im
Tile paragrapher the existing law Mmes.
inga tax of Me per gallon on oil of moths.,
benzine, the prainet of crude porn-o
h:um, was struhk out, in order that It might
be put on the free list.
The punt, rapt. relating to sugar were
street: out and anew paragraph Inserted
taxing all sugars produced from sugar.cano
and not relined, one cent per pound, and in
lined sugars two cents mivalorem.
The present tax ou wood screws was re
duced from lo to 5 per cent. od intorrni.
The paragraphs relating to gun powder
were antentled SO 114 to teaks the tax on
canister powder one cent. per pound; snorts
lug powder inkcgs, one cost. per potnii;
blasting powder In kegs or caskaOnesbalf
cent. per )101/Olt.
The paragraph rotative to Cigarettes, cl•
gars, gc., was discussed.
Mr. MIEUS moved to amend by linty
µa uniform species tax of per thetas .
,V nitwit action the House adjourn •
Fl URIII PAGE.—ha hah , i a n d mb+ l
liabb• Mqnry, Oil and Produce Markel He
-1.-fa wren by any pope' in the city, will be
„Mimi &n oar /bur!). Mae.
,1130, ackliaonal City and Suburban
Major General Phil. Sheridan In Town.
This distinguished Soldier In temporarily
a guest Maur city, stopping [tithe Union Im
pel. Hotel. Yesterday, with other citizen.,
we called to pay one respects to the gallant
bero, and were delightedyri th the interview.
The General Is a compact and stout speci
men of a man, of medium height, and
strikes 114 as a person of unlimited powers of
endurance. A few sneer hairs ai d e discover. ,
the amongst dee thick black locks winch
cover his heal, while his complexion is cog
gashes of the prolonged Southern field
service through which he line passed. Ordi
narily the expression of his conntenan& is
mild and gentle. but oceasionally the ener
gy and %huh of his character 11 gashed upon
on no he warms in the discussion of a sub-
IMet which more than interests him.
In conversation the General Is free, suave
and intelligent. Singular no It may seem,
he Is earnestly and bitterly oppated to war;
thinks that civil rule should at all times be
preferred to military rule Put not under
afteiretleirlanees. From his conversation
we Inferred that his diagnosis of the South
ern patient Indicates the sword; that an ars
crescent:o remains after the four years of
treatment through which they have al
readYgone, that can only be safely rimer.
od by Inn knife. The great misfortune of
the seurherner is that he believes a diapers
Ity exists In favor of Southern Intelligence.
Ile has been talight that "one rebel did nu!
oared ten Yonkers in battle," bat his faith
In the auperiotit of his intellect still re.
males. Whilasic y
knowledgirut Ma cause
hopelessly defeated he mamtaine Its justice.
Tins is the southerner's great anti mitt
elder:toes error, and it tends more than all
else to delay restoration.
Witte spread yulverly i destltatlon and Ilia ,
Mellott pervades the South. Itlcturcs of
the suffering iii. some sections which have
reached us. are nocreatlons of imagination
to stir the north to an exerclm of charity.
They are true. Gaunt poverty, suffering,
ant for the actual neceeelties of life, are
with many of the Southern liteople. Sole
ly all of the plantations la Louisiana are
mortgagcsi to their fall value, and If thrown
1111011 t he market would TICS discharge the
Incumbrances with which they aro burtien•
ed. To rune, any money by increased liens
is therefore im tastable. The Southern peck.
pie bare not, as yet, been properly educate."
in tile Northern and Western Idea of Mimi
gration. They look upon the Immigrant.
not in the proper light, regarding him
only us a modsill or laborer; They
most learn to , billxleelde their large
plantations, so that one family may
ltve comfortably unit grow rich on
an hundred acre. or land, whereas in clays
gone by, a single Intl IVldual or family, lord
ed it over three, four, decor air tnousend
acres, of which vast estate but a small pro
portion • was under cultivation. All this
must be changed. The South must have
_real, school houses. churches and factories.
She west get them as IIIInOIS, lowa and
illnuesota have acquired them—by filling
up her waste hands with an Intelligent and
lmln•trious yeomanry, no matter of what
nativity. With therm her capacities cannot
bu esthanted. The oligarchs of the South
t litiblbe inure of tile plillttiopliy.
nod enterprise of Me people of the North,
ere they can vie with the North in wealth
and solid progress.
The tieueml referred to other matters
which have escaped our memory. We re•
god that his stay in our city was so brief,
as we learn that lie took Ws departure
westward last evening. Our citizens wools
• have. been glad of an opportunity of puthig
their respects to the distinguished hero
and defender of our country in its hoar of
A very bold robbery, which, however,
soonnrought the robber to grief, was per
petrated yesterday . afternoon at the toll
gala kept by Mn. Margaret If odleY, near
the 11.111 ditto Cemetery . , Allegheny. Mrs.
Medley was absent front the toll house for a
short time, leaving n little girl In charge.
During her absence .a man named Jam.
Kerr entered the house, and in spite d 01 the
chilit's opposition sours the puree conui.lo
- the day.," receipts, and also a money bag
lying near, both contalhlng about forty dol
len s. aunt ran away with them. Mrs. M.. as
soon as she wits apprised ot, the robbery,
went to the oftico of Manor Morrison and
maths Information against Kerr for larceny.
Captain Bowden, of the night watch.
andely started in pursuit 01 the robber, ant
speedily traced him to lighteep's Hotel, at
the drove yards, in the Second Ward. Ile
tuunil the object of his persult in the bjoar
rooi With a large crowd about en
trig n
the lavish hospitality ha was dispensing y .
lie Lad the purse oat on the counter, sad
was expenillug money with the meet reek-
less extravag owe, treating friend and
stranger with collet liberality. The 011icer
reached through the crowd and .1.11 the
purse, remarking that be would take charge
of the money. and Its possessor. Karr
aims very Indignaut..seeling vaelteroaslY
that the me:ley was his, and that the oilleer
woe utunlftsithig great impertinence in In.
tertorteg. The latter was inexorable, and
the prisoner eventually went sulimissively
to the lock-up. where ha now remains
awaiting n hearing. • ,
This man Kerr is a man well known to
co pollee, being, as is stated, a thoroughly
acmplished thief, and havltigjumped Wo
bounty some three times during the war.
nowise Iterating Extraordinary.
Last night atabout twalVe o'clock, oincer
potters, of the night watch, observed a man
knocking violently at the door Of a reel.
deuce On faun Btreot, In the Fifth ward.
The ollicer called him away and Bent him
tennis home. A fow moments thereafter
tha inahrutitrned and commenced rapping
again. This thaw the calker took him M
charge, and started with him for the watch
house. , The man, who gave his nom° as
William Witham-, took exceptions to this,
iind offered to make It all right with the
watehomin by going "right down here to
the saloon and getting some pig's feet and
°veteran The guardian could not see the
inducement, however, and conducted him
to the preecnee of Capt. Lewis. WilberrY
ti,' explained his conduct by saY-
Ink that ho was on Ills•way. borne to
the Ninth ward,' when he happened to ro.
member that his wife had. told him of a
•houeu to let somewhere in the neighbor
hood of the place whero ho wan arrested,
and ho thought he might as well bunt it op.
Ilu hail already been rappiog ut the doors of
one or two houses, before ho wets arrested,
and thought he would keep at It, until Do
found tae right place. rho watChman told
' him to go Immo, but lie thought ho "must
I end a house, for ho had to move to
Ito oahl he had nothing about him but a
counterfeit oill on a broken blink. lie wan
locked up for a hearing.
Coroner's Inquest
In the-Lift:terve Of Tuesday, we gave an
account of an accident at the Union Depot
by which David Highborn., a tireknt..a on
the Pittsburgh, Columbus ari4l Cincinnati
Railroad, wits so severely Injured that ho
died a taw boors afterwards at his beard-
Ink house on Darragh street, Allegheny
city. tin Tuesday. Coroner C lawson held
an Inglievt on the body; the investigation
N11,11 , 011i1111 , 10t/ hot, evening . . r nd n verdict
returned In aeeurdanee with the Illato sta.
tot In Da+ pa per. Ttlo Il 0 t Ito 11S
1.1 ii
al token to 10.1 Innno.m y
%Veen...,l 1
atqtly InlerMent. n 0 Tn. 01 . 01 1'• lie wit
11MlInie 01 tilt, employ 01
the ilinelonatt Itellro.olCouipany as a brake.
luau on a height train.
, 1
\ , 1
gleetineof the. Allegheny Councils—
lantiorustst all!SiDettla—Aossesntion—
The Commons—Receipts and i:apen•
tilturen-,The New Market House—
The City I•oor Yarns—The !Mayoralty.
Both branches of the Allegheny City
Councils held a regular monthly meeting
last evening, in their respectivo Chamber. 4
In the City Building.
There wore present all of the members
with the exception of Messrs. Dunham and
Horn. i.
The minutes of lite previous meeting wore
reed and approved.
Sir. McNeil° 'presented the report of lb,
CoMmMee on the Poor Farm. It nets I zth
that Imismuch as there will neon have I, NI
rebuilt the Dui/dings of the City Poor Farm,
and In clove of the unsuitable charm-tor of
the ground, the Committee has been con
sidering the propriety of purchasing a new
site. It is thought that this can De done out
of thu proceeds of the present ground. if
sold, and moreover new buildings can be
erected on the sieW farm, thereby avoid lug
the direct expense which will have to be in
curred If new buildings are to be erected
on the-present site. As the present farm
Cannot be sold until another is purchased,
.and the necessary buildings erected there
.on. bonds will have to he issued to pr elide
for the immediate payment of the new
A bill was submitted with the report
granting the city authority to sell the pres
ent tuna and buy another, and also author-
Icing the power to home bonds to the
amount of fifty thousand dollars. The re
port woe :41;10 accompanied with a resolu
tion to have the propound 'act certified to
the UM/Mater° by the Clerks of Council
and its passage urged.
The Committee recommend the adoption
of the rules referred to them at a recent
meeting. fur the government of the City
The report was received and the made
ilea. were adopted.
lie. ileums presented the report of the
committee on Markets with an ordinance
providing for the erection of a weigh eta).
for weighing coal, hayand. other article.,
at or near th e Junction of Charlton and Re
becca street., and that all coal not else
where weighed by noire weighu3aster, shall
be weighed thereon—um wet...hamster to
give the seller of the coal ft certificate which
le to he delivered to the purchaser under a,
penalty of not less than tire nor mote than
ton tiolbtes for each violation of the ordi
nance. The report was accompanied by a
resoliOlon to authorize proposals for the
erection of said scales. The report was se
''.4tr'.lsagoinbael o rdinan ce
yr a d ' ll% report the
lias Committee with a* resollitiOn tO pay the
bill of Mr.
l ad no
13. , . The report says:
hil ts the city laml no gas Postsion hand, the
Committee advertised for proposals for fur
nishing folly posts. The bids were as fol.
James Marshall Lt. Co.
Atlas Works
R.ll. Smith.
The following resolution w. offered:
.liesoir,f, That the Gas Committee be au
thorized to contract with It. it. Smith for
fo r ty r posts, at a Cost of a 1 ,9 50.
In regard to lamps not being lighted, the
Committee reported that It was not the
fault of the lamp lighter. Mr. McGill, brit in
consequence of the frost. The Committee
report in favor of procuring a steam ap
paratus for thawing gas, and offer a resolu
tion to that effect.
Rids had hem, received for lighting lamps
for the ensuing year. the bid of Mr. Klein
being the lowest, yrs $950. A. resolution
was offered authorising a contract to be
made with the Lowest and hest bidder.
Mr. Hanna offered an amendment to the
effect that the awarding of the contract
should be prastparled. to LOWS Suture time.
The resolution, with .51.r.....lianna's. amend
•• ent was adopted.
s.legraw presented the report of the
Wharf Committee, with a resolution to pay
sundry bills.
Tire report was accompanied with an or
dinaries% daing the salary of the Whorl
Master at twenty-Live per cent. Of the re
ceipts of we wharfage, tit said receipts do
not exceed al,tto. If over that amount,
twenty per Cent. Also Axing the rat. of
mince 'adopted.
Mr. McDonald offered the following,
ReJottcci, That the Mayor and Poll.
Committee. aro hereby instructed to re
quire the night policemen to light and en.
tingulsh and cleanse, at least Once a week,
the gm lamps on the respective beats of
each policeman. And that the Gas Company
be requested to attend to keeping the lamps
constantly In order, and charge the espouse
of so doing to the Cli,.
Referred to Gas Committee.
Mr. Smith read at ordinance to repeal the
ordinance opening Green alley. The ordi
nance was laid on the table by a vote of
seven to six.
A • tr.ll of albL; w. presented of •R. C.
Oclunier, against the General Grant En
g1e...0.0.y, for painting and glazing at
their house. head and referred to the Com
mittee. Engines.
Mr. heed, of the Committee on Engines '
presented a report as to the propriety . of
entering into acontract with Mr. S. D.
Cushman for the erection of his system of
Fire Alarm Telegraph in Allegheny City.
The Committee reported favorably to the
Cushman system on the ground of ita aim •
plicity, Its economy and other general ad
vantages. it can be used as a police tele
graph if necessary. The reort contained u
resolution which authorized p the Committee
to enter into a contract with S.D. Cushman
for the Introduction of his system at a cost
not to exceed ss,see. "The report wasaecept
ea, and the resolution referred back to tuo
Committee with Instruction to re , pOrt the
bids of the other companies or systems.
Mr. McNeill offered a resolution for the
Immediate paving of Avery street. Read
and referred to tne Street Committee.
' Mr. McDonald read a petition for the
pissing of two gas lamps on Palo Alto
street, nead and referred to the Commit
tee on Gas.
air. Manna offered resolution for the per
onaf a suitable desk. for the Committee
City Property room. Adopted.
Mr. ..McNeil altered a resolution vistruct
leg the City Controller not to certify any
warrant tor payment of any supplies where
any member of Council is either directly
or indirectly Interested. This wx.amemfell
to as to Include only Indebtedness In the
future, not forbidding the payment of bills
ow due or already contracted. The Tees
aler, Wax adopted. S. C, non-concurred.
Mr. Ingham offered a resolution request! -
ig that tile Legislature berequest. to
mend the haer of the Gas Compore any, so
to have c the rt gas pipes laid bel the
treetis paved. Laid on tile table.
On Motion adjourned.
Present—Messrs. Dunn, Englisii, Irwin,
Alyler, Patterson, S. B. Smith, C. U. Smith.
Smith, Themes. and President Me-
The minutes of the Drevions meeting were
read and approved.
• Mr. blyier presented a petition for paving
Ilerron's alley. Referred to Street Com
Mr. Lund presented a petition for water
on Gas alley. Referred.
The petition of David filackstock was re
ferred to Street Committee. •
A petition relating to the removal of dead
animals wise referred to the Street Con,
Mr. Drum porascated a remonatranee from
General William Itobleson, against consol
'Matteis. The General says:
'Tan undersigned requests your speedy •
Interposition, by. resolution or otherwise.
irotesting against any and all legislative
nterference with our chartered rights, us.
til the same maybe asked for by petition of
our fellow citizens- In relation to this
question It Is sufficient to barely advert to
the persistent efforts of a few gentlemen.
under an organization called the Board of
Trade, to induce the surrender of your In
dependence into the hands of the different
or new corporation, embracing this fair and
eprosperous city within Its limits, and oblit
eratulgher name from the register of cities
forever." •
Theiprotest was referred to the chairmen
of Council., to take such measures as they
may consider best to carry into effect the
object of the communication.
Mr. Rail, from the Finance committee, re
ported as follows :
"Tour Committee on Finance would re
el.y report the accompanying ordi
nance laying a tax and fixing the appropri
ations for the year ler, and ask its adop
,tion. It was ire opinion of the Committee
that twelve mills ou the dollar would be suf.
ncient to arouse for a city tax, and accord
ingly that rate is inserted lu the ordinance-
The rate for business tax is fixed at one
isiff, with thelunderstanding teat the City
Assessor shall assess SUM rate 011 he rlernini
amount of sales. We there fore offer tile fol•
lowing resolution:
Airso(red, Thal. the City Assessor be, anti
be le hereby, instructed to take such mums
, Urns as may be necessary to compel Mal"
to furnish hini with the true amount of
their sales, and to assess the
in all cases on the actual amount of sales.
The first section of the ticcompanYing or.
dinance levies a city - tax of twelve mills, •
poor tax of three mills, and a business tat
of One MIA; provlded that no assessment
shall be fora lees amount than two dollars.
Vie ascend section tines the rates for
vehicle license, which are the stone as last
year, vlsi Ono horse vehicles a% two horse
tlO,;; four hors , ' 510; two horse hacks
sl hiet two horse innuitil,l4l,llmil timber heels
mien additional horse to any vehicle 51.
~.: i 4 , ,,,,,,,lr l r i l r oz le r t f l z ;n e .u 4 , l,Tro o p‘ r ltarm the re.
molt Matron As
„ A, required, ter the• irtVluerit or the illtvryst 011011 the b"".1. 1,111 . “ Lill.l /TIP
- .
pr weitolot of tin• snort, the tiploopri:Ltion
to as titylea No. 1!,.
oat too four itppropf the receipts
tilt) *o.lli Pt /art imprvywaunt tronds
to the permanent improvement of the
wharf. the appropriation to Ire styled No. Pl.
Section five appropriates the rsicelfila
(rein taxes lister rent+, to., Its 10110""ill
NO. I, Salaries 1113,E tV
" 44 Interest 12,313 0 1
2, Engineers tysio to
4, Priming • 1 foe 10
" 5, Street, nod bridges 13,0n0 00
6, IV haryes nnil Landings.,.. '1330 on
Tares 1,003 00
c, Police 13001 I+l
to, Contingent font 55,003 10
• to. Poor farm, 3 mills
" 11, Water Works
" 12, tiotstniailing warrants
" 13, i.asi
11, Sinking fund
The estimated receipts for 1,7, are set
fortis as follows:
Lau tax, 1. mills
Water rent..
cafe, 6,030 oo
heense 4,3 W W
• s tax 3 OW 0.1
1/... It. Lotnpauy .1 ' ,300 00
•• • •
V. t Si
. .
FlllOB and forieltures
attar sonrces
SI.N. Z. 5 0,
Under the above nssesament the tax We,
been reduced two mills, for city purposes
and ono mill on business ;tax. The poor
- - -
tax remains the same.
The report was accepted,. Mr. Thomas.
ed to strike ont the words In the nrst
section of the ordinance "provided that no
assessment shall he fora less amount' than
two dollars.. Not agreed to.
Mr. Patterson moved to toexeept all from
business tax whose sales were less than one
thousand dollars. Adopted.
Mr. Hall, moved that the water tar for 1 , -
67 be red need thirty per cent. Adopted.
The ordinance. es amended, was read
three times and passel.
Mr. Drum, Chairman of the Select Com.
mittee to confer with a similar committee
from Manchester, relative to the annexe.
tion of said borough to Allegheny, reported
that after a full interchange of opinion on
the subject. the two committees agreed
neon the terms of annexation, which were
afterwards accepted by the Manchester
Council. The Solicitors of Allegheny and
-Manchester had prepared en act, under in
atrUOLIOOS front the committee, a copy of
which was submitted with the follow mg
lit7olred, That tiw Clerk; of Councils be
instructed to transmit the accompanying
bill wherever the same shall have been ap
pr oved by thechester Council
to our
members in the State Legislature. who are
hereby requested to urge its passupe.
The proposed act was then read. The pre
emble sots forth a “community of interest"
xisting between the two corporations, and
an agreement to consolidate.
Tile lint seetlon authorizes an erterision
of the boundaries ot Allegheny, so ns to in,
elude sold borough, extends all corporate
powers of the city over said territory, to
gether with all the ordinances in force in
the city, excepting such as prohibit the
erection of frame buildings.
The second section transfers all real es•
late of the borough of Manchester to the
city of AlloghenY, and all the 'fatalities and
indebtedness of said borough, (excepthlg
that for bounty purposes,) are assumed by
the city.
The third section repents the act
h acorpo.
.atlegsTnid bon;rlTih, ;nth - a promise that
the corporation shall continue to exist for
thirty days, to enable the Mears to close
up the business and balsa° their accounts,
Section four provides that all officers In
the borough, corresponding to ward:of:h
ears In the city, shall continue in said ca
pacity as ward officers, until the next city
election, and the Burgess and Council of the
borough, shall represent in City Council
the district now known as Manchester, un
til the next city elation.
The report was accepted, and the resole.
than adopted.
The report was accepted and resole
Lion adopted.
The report of the Committee on Common
Grounds was presented by the President,
being as follows:, and the acoompanyieg bill,
see second page.)
On motion the hill was read 'pp the Presi
dent; section by section.
Mr. English moved for the acceptance of
the report and the adoption of the resolu
On motion of Mr. Hall, tile words "real.
dents of Allegheny City" were added to the
third section.
tic motion of Mr. Drum, section eve was
amended by adding the words "Subject. to
the approval of Councils."
The report, as amended, was adopted.
The report of the Commissioners of-the
Delmont street sewer was presented and
counrmed. •
The report of the Commissioners of the
West Common Sewfr was presented and
The report of the Viewers on the opening
of Buena Vista street was read and up
proVed. •
The report of the Street Committee, with
walkce fixing the width of the side
between Anderson street and the Rail
road Bridge. on River AVM.. at twelve
feet was se - Omitted. and the ordinance wan
The ordinance Increasing the sahiryof
the City Controller and the Superintendent
of the Water works woe adopted.
The moor% of the Committee on the Ne
Market , liouse,,laid over at previous meet
in wan taken up.
Th g. e
report was adopted. and'', RIM agreed
to knee bonds to the amount of $65,000
the purpose contemplated. as soon as the
necessary - legislation Is obtained.
Mr. Drum presented the report of the Po
lice Committee. with a resolution instruct
in c: the Boleitor to draw up an act to ertend
the term of eface of the Mayor of she Ott;
to two years otter the sent city election.
Accepted and the resolution adopted.
Air. C. C. Smith offered the following:
Revered, That the Pollee Committee be
Instred to have the night Folic. light
and mt out t h e fr.. lamps as provided In
the City Code, ahu that the Committee of
whether any change in the manner of
appointing and controlling amid force would
add to this efficiency. Adopted.
ln all of which not otherwise noted Cora.
men Council concurred.
Adjourned. •
Important to SoidlOra.
By the 'provisions of the bounty act of
July Pith 1.3, soldiers who had lost their
discharges could not collect the sloobounty.
To remedy this a bill was intrsxlimeLl In the
Rouse of ROpreSentatiVOS last wool , . Provi
ding that in such cases on application to
the Second Auditor's Bureau the bounty
should be paid. This will no doubt become
a law before the end of the session. We
call attention to the card of Messrs. W.J.
Rail Patterson, Attorneys red Solicitous
fossil claims against the State and Govern
ment. No. 71 Grant street. We can recom
mend them, without reserve, as being wen*
thy, capable and prompt, and will give en
tire satisfaction to any and all whO may
entrust business to their care. They have
been !tithe claim business for some years
and are thoroughly versed In all the routine
end. minuthe of the different Departments.
The Indian 'Korb Doctor. No
Liberty Street.
Dean Sim-1 fool lam only doing a duty
In publicly stating my gratitude for the
benefit I have received from the use of your
Ilerb Medicines, which has given me ease
and comfort attar long years of suffering.
My disease was as follows: Liver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia. pain In the back, Inds
mauon of the Kidneys and Bladder, awell
ing of the Abdomen, General Debility .tc.,
Sc. Bnt now, thanks to Gott and your med
eine, I enjoy refreshing sleep in my bed,
• and am now quite a new being.
Owner of the steamboat Hero. Lest.
TheDoetor's omco Is lat Liberty street.
. .
Weed, also Finkle Lyon lock stitch
sewing machines stitch alike on both aides.
If the purchaser does hot regarq them
superior to any other he can return It.
Chepest by twen per tis 6.
ranted four years best ofcent-in
references where
they are in use. E. 11. Long, Agent, No. 111
Want street.
Also Choi:else, tionm Yokes, Wrappers
and Robes stamped from the French ger
forated Pattern.
Also, amodel for cutting ladies' and
children's dresse
s. at the eelehreteliWeed
Sewing llachine ofdce, InGrant street.
Desert,'Committed.—Maier Dickey,
of the Thirty-fleet Crated States Infantry,
yvderday sent to the county 'Jail. for safe
keeping, John C.•Chambera• deserter fret.
the regular army. Chambers, who, It ap
pears, is not yet twenty yeara old, resides
to Allegheny City. lie enlisted about •
year ago. hul before being assigned to a
regiment, des MAI and lied tO wino point
down the rim Nr. Nothing heard from
hire until recen tly, when some ar his friends
tukaig 81,k, a letter was !OEM to him, and
/to arrived bore a tow days ago.
:Meeting or tha Educational Aswel
stles.—Thle evening, at seven rreloe_h6the.
Educational Association of Western
sylvaala will hold a meeting in
et liothodlst Cbureh, rites. .
lii to be hoped that a lary....Xli 1,7;7
Rill bo present. as the exorcise
a meet interesting character.
thl...rittle°bwuiredghgefnmr°A3l7oo_,..,oo han
.ck.owl.dgq:°, 7o 7,o akating Park
un%, " s';'. trf,rer,4by tender. the_ fling..
thh IninXers. fly ardor of the Bo yd.
I.Kln re. on ""*l":l7lc7eu"rie'rtrheGliumnli
nlug.w.ll give his secon..r...y
of the University.
Laat - puat iseVelt 0 I.u'n'
The Gas torplealen.
The death of Samuel a Barker, the child
whose death resulted from the terride gas
explosion In Allegheny, as Wednesday,
Wt. very sudden and unexpected. tip to a
short time before his death, he seemed
ranch better and was considered out Of
danger. Dr. Thorne was moth him only fit
teen mtrintei before his death, and was con- . •
tidunt that he would bo almost entirely re
covered before morn in g. So poeitiVe were.
all .lhe friends that tno Child Islam: Of.
danger. that all swat one saw. lidera' had re
tired to mat. The little au TerCr sugr. 1116
. I '';
” 1 :" Mot etPtrea as tinted . The physic
tam - tattlers that 4.1.11 must have resulted.
from the 1,1,0,3 shock received, or ebbe
trout Internal hemorrhage emend by some
peter° tniury, u latch IMIL hot the slightest
external mark.
The mother of the dead child, whom we
mentioned as lying in imminent danger of •
death, was yesterday - cautiously informed
of the terrible calamity which had befallen .
her. The erect upon ner was less violent
than Wad feared,, the tidings being received
with calmness and resignation not to nave
been expected.
Coroner Clawson empanneled a jury in
the ease of the child yesterday morning.
and the Iwo.; will be held this evening at
iho office of Bradley's Shoolon Mill. The
ease is exciting the deepest interest In the
online, awl the causes of the explosion
11l be thoroughly investigated by scien
tific men. Professor Rath and. Dr-. It.
Sutton are giving the matter their eaten
Toe Alleged llama Inca Mgr. •
A hearing in the case of William Woods,.
arrested in Allegheny, on Wean'tieday.
charged with having in his PussOnann , the
hones stolen from Mr. Irwin, in Deerfield.
township, Warren county, in AtMust hat.
aOl tot had at Mayor Morrison's ogle!, his
morning. "Jack Sheppard,” who to now
serving a term in the Western Peniten
tiary. for stealing horses In Vonango coun
ty. nmfesses to stealtagthe horses and isei
ling them to Mr. St. Clair. In Youngstown.
Mr. St. Clair Is now In Allegheny, with wit.
nt,ves to prove his good character tor hon
esty, and also to prove that he knew noth
ing of the tact that the horses wore stOlen
at the time they wore purchased.. •
e , ,,57 15
e.OOO 011
4.14,( I 00
. I 1.10
risings - dr Co's Argentincror linitantly
plating all articles of copper, brass or Gor
man silver, with pure silver; where worn
off, and (or cleansing and polishing silver
or silver-plated wars. Warranted to con
tain no quicksilver or acid, or anY ininrionn
article. For sale by.). Samylo, Alleithosji
and all drugitats. delBMl
t,174; 0,1
Death a( a Pioneer.--Dantel Duren
Esq., one of the first settlers. of Cambria.
county, Pa., died a fete days sines, at his
residence in Munster. He was an estima
ble and worthy citizen and Christian gas
tieman, and leases behind him many warm
friends to mourn his departure.
Glas• Manufacturer.. Glass Blower.,
order your shirts made at Murdock .11 Fat
hom's,/ Fifth street.
CAN' ITT -,COTT.—On Thursday. 7ebroarf
IttC. lu the 71st Psr,;Nlytr;tl eP. lf c c etkAtil.? b
git l l24l. tc; ' hi.ii LE g. seorr. or Alleata.T.
tiAltliEtt—On Wednesdlyq. nr
I :T A S1 ) 41111: Y : : .; 114 / 1 =i
hatter. aged treat's. t month& and Ilday••
Funeral Rom the resider:Leger kis parentl..lllo
F 5 Robinson street. Tills .errkuoool.4 at
o'clock.' Friends of the (milt are respectfoßT
Invited to attend.
113ZW - MISMIFE . MA. 33 . 332 Es
No. Pa Fourth *met. Pittsburgh. Pc COFFINS
of all Linda; CI:LAP tiL.OVY.ei, and evary de
scription of Funerst Furnishing (taxis Mods
ed. Rooms opened day and isligbts .Hcaviia
earriaxes furnised.
isitran.aNCiit—itev. David Kerr. D. 0.. Bev.
M. W. Jacobus. P. 0.. Th 11.11312 Ewing, Esq.. Ja
e q . Maier. Esq..
Manchester, Wood's Run and 'eletnlet.
Corner IS he Meld wad Chart Sara
Rents.: and Cm - riages furntsheil.
lecantlf n 1 “Ilod's-scre,l the largest subur
ban place of sepulchre, except one. le thu oolth
ty. al !mated on New M 011... coed. Inmlndlan°
It north of Allegheny. Fur MOM Its
CLAYEtitles. at Central Drug Mare
No. 56 Fifth Street,
Flaring lilted up rooms exclusively for th goodnelrlon of WAll (MED nod tILUCK.n, with
tools and a large and competent force of work
men, ne arc enabled to do wort. as w r
11. tf not
better:ban any other slnrclenthe elty. Witends
tell Mr replantent reeeire IMOMDt utIOUSIIrrt
and be regulated t.y Our
6 Wylie SG, 3d door from 6th.
I.'A. J01111~T1d............».
Fine Watches, (locks, Jewelry,
No. 274 Llnd-STIOTBSIT,
3P122/24,275-V202, 1.12Z222".
giSrea. Ird° tr Repairing
Sla essebbass, used buts abort Urns, tosses Si
stabs. prises. WM. 81.:31LNES 3 CO,
fct: Yllth Street.
,WAutt.Lx . riu Timm ImAns. EaLsasocs
Gas and Steam Fitters,
A large assortment of
Chandeliers, Brackets, Lead Pipe,
Pumps, Sheet Lead. inc.,
azwarii ON 11A374
164 . Wood Street. near Saba
- 9 - 891 - 0 89 89 89 89 89
s9l .173 — T0 •
1 , 39'
e 9 S 9 Market Street,
S 9
s 9i i risr Tmezi crxmlr
89 JAS. ROBB, 89 Market St.
9 89 89 89 89 89 89
;02scin xis -am
' S.
ta r o . 92 :Federal Sired,
Pra,clical FlllllitUfelnfaCtUnill
Lust wiei of YIIIIMTTIRZ consuailll
Oyes wen D.ll: tor a t P. goal
ride, go to HOWARD'S
I good team.
first Atm e t, age Mormathea Hass
rerlicular attention paid to buying ad mania