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Tao.. fie Sarth estroriot.
n: PENNIMANrner /
T. mou.
instant NINO
altanon 2.. EED, n " ine• 21`nal'i
!Ur@ COWES 3 gents.
Delifsred try canter, (per is ova*
Babseilbers, (DeT 7etn.. r •....»»•5,00:
/ 4 331313sdnotIonstotiewsboT...d Agee 1,6
TERMS 703. yfieluiLy:
Single Coptes, per
Nee do. do. do. esetk
?en ortnore eoptes, to one ✓ldreie, and
one tree to dol., teen
...Etna Life Insurance PompanY.
By reference to another column it alit be
Dieu that - atrs. C. Oyer, and hire. Win. J.
ILlobardson have made public" acknoiviedg
mentqf the receipt of five thousand dollar'
. _each,-from D. P. Chapman, Hanger of the
Pittahnrgh branch of the :Etna Life inn,
ranee Company. The :progress with the
- prouipt and careful management., of this
Cbtapinicommenils it to every one inter-
Gated lakthe 'abject, ot Life itIBUCAUC/3. Wei
destro to state a few facts In regard to it.
- thousand persons of Pittsburgh
and vicinity have taken out policies in the
TVs Company issued 11,i6e policies dur
ing !the year lord. Doing an Increase of
6.389 over the preceding year. The receipts
•ere ilikUldOttee for the year Ma.
Comment to unnecessary. . These figures
speak for 043i:twelves. Persons contain
tmg insuring will do well to call and get a
ausa b ir a nd an explanation in regard to
the workings 'of thin popular Company.
The Whim le at No. 49 Fourth street, second
floor ofThirke i s building. • • -
In Landau, leXt, tho beeler 3 Wilsofi S'or
lag Machine reeeivol the highest award—
' . all thefilaehines of Europe wad America in
competition. Thla award has always heen
made Wherever exhibited. You will make
do mistake In ordering ono as a boll:lay
gift to wife, sister or friend. They can be
•pprchasad only at enumer & la Fifth
I Great Barnalna In ladles Fars
At the expensive I.adle s s , Fur lions° of Wm.
Fininlag, No. lan Wood. street, we are sell:
In off our stock at a reduction, In (Inter to
close oat our stock this season. Call and
'examine our Emig before purclutbing
Frank 1/11110ert teeth., Presterrtst two
TB the best thing made far Boots and .Sbori
itiproseryes the leather and Leeps-the mah
out. SOW at ;Who L. Thompsontt Bro,Olool
Vitrlety Store, 210 Liberty et root.
—All ILI , Want'
Of mnrell . frditn aunt eegel.bles are Invi
ted to lnepret tha astortzpeut kept by Gen-
Maven, at II; Federal street, Allvglonky
City. ' •
Orvio ■no P[e4lrine•
Doctors' prescrlppona carefully prepared
at half the usual price, at Fullo,*l Drug
Store, opppalta Yea Will..
larelan Liquors of all khois ot J oioiph 9.
Pinch's DlstillSry, No. LA_ h+l, ISt and 19.
Phut street. Pittsburgh.
raitand Ear anal Near
For soiling cheap. (1411tner's great Onto.
nom , Shoo Store.
• The Best Coeds node
Alaraya to be bad at the , great Opera Boa.
- 8 hoe Store. ' _ _
The Pride of the Illy.
The groat Opera house Shoe Store
• Tbe Bonet of the City.
The greet-Opera flown. Sliflo Store
You Con Mn,
VS par cent. Alcohol al. Joseph S. Finch's
You Vats Buy
.New Hopi itt 'lollop S. Finch'.
Pennsylvania Legislature
Speetelfi,l.poteh to the l'lLLseurgh Gazelle
lIA eel!, BIL: !La, .13 now y 31, Isl 7.
. • ,111.1.1 TE, •
. .
The following tells worn refiorte.l from
'the :-erette.e.ontuntkees:
Act relative to the Fire illurin.Teleg raid)
in Pittsburgh.
Art to authorign the School Directors of
Oil City to borrow money.
Act;relatlnglo Terin;..f the Courts of .11-
.Iricheny county.
The lollOwlug 1;11.1s in place were read :
,Ityldr. %Mite-1101 relating to the rote of
Into. esL
Ily Mr. 111.1c0, or Low rt nor—Aot rolativt
LO A° Now Comt:o ()it equip:any,.
uy Air. VI liiln—An• .eL to repeal the Jaw
appointing AtO lant ,lola Agent.
fdr..,ltteCamant offered a preamble and
resolution, setting forth that the Atlantic
and (treat Westorat Railroad diteritainates
against citizens of Pennsylvania at till
City, and charging that the ottleere of the
said Company are Intetestod 1 t discrimi
. noting In favor of citizens of other •itatet;
Nthereforo that a committee ot Iwo he ale
T, anted to inquire Into tin matter. '
A-;:ro Div Is offered It resolution that It
shall iettinlatrlid for any officer orti irector
of any company tolte intoreßed, either di
rer:tip or indirectly, in null company which
they are 0 0tuerAot. Agroctl-to,
Plan t o tt o ,,,:ukr bills in place were retail
ity A supplement to till
r i to ,b org h nil raoo,lger
Ralirmul act.
A bill to fftiorporato suV-
Inks Bunk;
An not to know Aldermen at...! or
'the Penec jolrlsdletlOto in .I,v" of
'is' conduct.
By 11r. Peters act 7elntive to
Coronet ot Allegheny county.
• - -
Idannistauta. January• xesolution,
.ntrodneed la the House or liepresenta
dves tretlay,endoratna President dounson,
- eras Indefinitely postponed by is P•rrty
tit° M.
FllO,l 111EXICO
Agf.extooltlateat the City of elesleo—
Vepartare of the FrenehTroop. —
' jofelety of the People Ili Cense
q.,,,:scre Thereof.
N a .- ()attar., Jan. 80.-11exicau dates of
.I.Oth state that. itarlialllan 34 at
e City Xioxico arrangieg hia private
11 IS reportno a C 1131310141331011 34 in take
lsce o rt - no coogreas culled at Orizaba In
bccember, and Oat it will bliortly assena;
ble. • . .
The anxiety of rho poople la_ view of too
prapanitious for the rtepartorn of the
Frei...bonny grows daily. The last cot-
Oren 1 . 1 . 01111 the. Interim' la cr.p. , cled I.y tno
.4•10s0 of ILA owning week . , and It Is evident
.tbe <IOWA! will be evacuated beferritl4.lllll
f the doming Oman ,
Each convoy t rnotet gning to Vera Crux
Loa am Tam tiliaan t Or lologetal.
The arrival of Ortega Li, reatella to create
: rolong tau atrltgfie, xu,l
LI! ! ritp,ravesai
tit!, Koerul x1..231 of tan
.poople. • The relent of Ole. Campbeil to
_New Orleans is regarded us signtilcant, us
21, was beltevad was ordered. to renort
near Juarez. • •
Business Is auepandell and taautnarll43.-
Hoe with tan interior entirely
The df Infaier of War /ma pool:shed II note;
dated the Si, stating that to:cording to the
tretity •tipulatiOns with irlendly poWere.
lurclan s sob.jects will not he conscripted.
Atspy latilpmeni of Treasure. Floor
aod to Sew .rorlf —Orman
famik.4--.7111.10z Stocks.
Saw Fa,taen,.oo, January 30.—Tne °Learner
(onettiorioa. rprildtrlit Lo-day, carries
s!xo,v , iu 1,e1b1111'.; laL,tiee of which la for
rsr . Orr 1 - 01.7. Atm) thntlnallil two lien.
drool barrel° of liner, °,:ol over live hundred
sack° nf wheat. • •
The Dour market is for:fiiioLfra an
porn., $L,5e. W haat, st,r-Lir74l;o:•
111 Mtn Stock srrge, 04 J ir
ot, & 97 ; GOOl.l y, .413; Clioilar,n. Isv
portal. led; !Weber,
Legal Tllo.ltre,
A tttt t t oat filvirersary Neward.s Mls•
sloe—A !lather in Mnyll rti 1.1 P.c.
chased Agent En
Manta to Welshla;,•tea.
.LlJA . ana, January t.l.—The gunboat W'l•
giOnice and the Cutter Mali ideCulloch are
still in the harbor.
150 far, ScCretary Seward's mission Is ha
-volved DI mystery. The report that the
Layorgamana has Leen bargained ior, has
lm,en revived.
Lois Arrays, Eleximillan , s -
Las arrived litre, to route for the United
AtAte4OU Au lmpertoot 1111S51011.
I 5 lilt
,!1 1 .
$ 100
. 140
The Trial of the Italian Admiral
Ftearwon, Jan. 30.—Aa!mini' re nano, who
bits inst. been acquitted on a cburge of
cowardice, will be tried for incompetency
and disobealence of orders.
region wAtn men.
PAIIIB. jar, 30:— The French man-of-war,
tielllqueure Wu salted for the Pacine.
13sums,Jan. 21.--Captain Weiner, of 11,..
Prussian navy, is going to America on a
special mission.
LIVZBPOOL, Jan. lO.—loon.—Cotton quiet
and unalanglkd. Middling uplands nleadY.
nt. Bregdstrufs genumlly dull. Com
Losnox, Jan. .30.-1111noLq Central allvane
.l to 8•44.' Erin Ault . ..need to 413, /1v0went.1.,7134.
went.1.,7134. Commas unettunglal.
WASHINGTON, January 30, Inl7.
• The certificate ofJohn Anthony Winston,
elected to the Senate from Alabama for six
years froth the 4th of March nest, was pro.
nested. Tublist:
Too President'a veto of the Nenraika bill
eks read; ordered printed, and tabled.
Tim eredentialsol !leery W.Gori.ett, Sen.
tor from Oregon for six years from the tin
d March next, Were presented ordeied
Mr. MORGAN. from the Finance Commit
tee, reported the Mouse Gold bill, with a
recommendation that It tie not loon.
The vote of hiontlay. punning 11.0411 to
punish forgerle, and couuterfeltuor of cur
reucy,wes reconsidered, un.t the Mil'ano:n.l
- by a reduction of the penalties end ❑nee,
end Rode pemett. It goon to the douse for
Mr. SUMMER offered a resolution
on the Vresident ter n ropy of wer on
which :ice-rotary Seward lounacd lee reerat
et quirien of Mr. Motleywn.
The expiration nt the morning hour
Made It lie ovet, till to-morrow. -
Mr. Tutathina, reported from the .111-
atchtry Comm tteu die ustoutondod hill to
erstaltheal a olopartment of odueatton. and
for We eollectlou of Kull/Ales.
Mr. IlltOW-N Introduccil a bill author's
lug tbo construction of a Oil vorninent
graph front Washington to New York say.
ILefel red.
The TarilT bill was resuined. Mr. hnia
nes amendment, reducing the tax on
bituminous coal, milled at any point thing
degrees, or less, .taist of Washington, to 1.0
canto per ton, W6B rejected.
Thn duty on borax was ralaeil to 10 cents
per pound, and on crude borax tot cools.
On freestone, except for monumental pm ,
1111.,1, $1 sc r a p' u.
On olil lmo $1 per ton.
L, browu and filrached linen, duck. ran
vans, Sf. , 4 veld, poi yard, and 6 read, per
yard, oat' 40 por ovut nd .11orum cc lieu val
ue.] al over as coots per yard.
o n hint ware la) per cent.
The Samtte then kook u rectiati till 7 o't
TUC 1 1 1.111.K1,1131r.v .11.10111ACY.11.
Errol/if' .Se' stion.—Oit 111131300 of Mr. ILES-
D , the Secretaries of War tool Inter
ior u o roquestnit Iti.fornt,h nuy papers or
ilpnlumutunenillni: to explain MO 0.130
of the Fort Phil Kearney maxlacre.
Mr. WADE called up Um bill probibli log
Territorial calkers • from receiving leave
of absence of over thirty days at ono time,
and it passed.
you is Or Tilt crest or TLIE 11009 r.
• Mr. 'r ItUM BULL celled op the Lill to reg..
elute the duties or the Clerk of the !louse
of Itepresenuitivee, In the orgenlretlon
thereof, which 0410 1,1111 "three 1113 ,es nud
prntponeti till to-morrotr. It jaOr i,lcy Lillat
the nergenntest.Artns shall tithe the plsec
of the Clerk In Ills absence, or the Clerk
shall an hls perk In the hbeenee of the
The duly on all wrought Iron, and glared,
!limed or enamelled east Iron hollow ware,
was tired at 4 , , cents per Ta , ntld•
"Toe medium; to Increase ths duty on lead
was disnsttred to.
motion or Slr. 110 W h. rho duty on
wheat Wit:. Inereneil Irout twenty to iortt -
Cetlts nor hushel, and 00 :lour, to,al,
ale.. Crow lilt) , II 11l thirty per neat.
11l t•tturewt.
. . .
...Mott Of Mr. EMMUNDS It drily 01
ten rent pot bootie' W. ohm
A motion won agreed to. incrizoitlif the
duty on malt from thirty to forty per Out.
ouhOloOlientit were Caroled &at natio
ItgreitO tO.
.Id. r. M., a toll of the yea: uud nap;
disrdueed no quorum pre:amt., arid Senor , adJOU rued.
Mr. ELLIOT, from the Cow:Mire en
commerce, reported u WM Drb the VUIII-
111 . 31Pliti /0/1 or olltrerehl the reven ue
which 3/141.11. it uppropretur,
triCitlnnOf Ur. COON, the Foreign Corn-'
ni ill. wow imacynitmi to im.11111 . 0 111{.01.110 ex
,,,,i,jiency of IGO nsaerticn. by C0...,.,ng of
tb„that. naterallgiffiiiii exempt.
(rentr r „, • 11,0 perforinatien of niiittary
and, ny Mreign goverimienr, icy
not v olontggily renounce the rights of Mi.
IgeimUlp of .11. United bliftmi.
smex 0000000 in Ton
' Mr. STEVENS introduced bill to maul.
Ilsh a syatem of free schoole in the Platrict
of Columbia, which. was read twice and or.
tiered nu Imprinted. No distinction of col
or IsalloweN, and the franalalko fa retuned
to the parent or guardian who nos not cann
ed tile di Ititto attend Colon e.,:n001, at least
imrt of the prceedlog year. '•
Mr. WILSON, of lowa, Introduced a 1,111
to conform the rules of. practice, 111111
pleading of UMW.] States court.) to tloi
lutra-of-toe coopectlye Mates. Item red to
Judiciary Committeo.
The Holm debated the tionatO bill of the
lout bilz.loll. to provide Toren annual !rope..
Lionolodise M. IJUL ea the eiar4 -
of the worts l: air Wis boor, IL wen t over gl tlll
cfMMLATitiii pr LAWS.
JUr..6.I.ILVIELI)Introdur4 joipt. reauto
tion eg.toptling fur (byes frop.l f.rjo
clam) 011.1.10 prroont resslon, ton [lino toe
compiling 1/10 rtlatiog to I:plump:4.
tripelt war tartukt.
UTIV x C0001.7111C,,,t0ii,
Severn! XI/WIMPvu annajurilea.tioas were
ceived, Including Uotteral I.:riirri i s report
the St. tilsilr flats, and (ionize/ Warren's
i , ..1 , 01t of the surveys of tiro tipper DI lash ,-
motet and ILA trllintories, tool u report rely-
Ilea, to the c4rolltion <4 affairs In Texas.
Til L' nir.r.o.a.wriii SYritnnflaT/..
Tire HOUK° went Into tjuilimittee or inn
Wattle and coosidered trio Yon:WI , rind
iturlornattc ripprt.prlation till!. Alien Erni
elnerable• emend
inynt, offered 'yosterility, and arnended hY
iteverre. Was ;unaided en OS tostrike
cot Roma front tire folio:ie. whore United
Slates 1111114 PP. are stationna.... ,l o'svr.
the doeo pr the present. Lineal year proylit
ing for too gprpinunyrif, of no:mind there.;
A prevliu) was adoptial 11.:11po further ex
penilitureir should he arrlhorlsrai 'for run
ning Lbo Patin:lan . lino between the pelted
states and itrithdi pesws..lens, borderlow
on Wirsharif Len Tprrltore, after the pre,.
ent , appropriation of
solne other atneadrperits were offered aryl
rejected aunt the 41110FnOEry1 !oh! , repOrted
at the /louse.
It ripprOpriates about #770,54,
4.15,f.5 n t for [W.:Second installUitint Of the rap
zatlon Of sound duet, and r24),111; Inc
/tie xtirief or AIIIE:CU:MU WAIL en abroad.
via lilt: TA Iry ars tinny AY 1./101'81A, oN.
010.CALIMILLI:0 (Ito Whole then eon
shier.; Eby' ftliilptry AertdornyApproprla
tine hill.
he tell approirrlalos 44.?".0.9. -I,fLor some
....anoint, w therionsuis.r 1414 ore
reported to the House,
te.toor.o w Yoe met toe
• nonlol',7 r
ILAY.IIUND pre4entod nertoorielq Of
in large !lumber leu,lneeg men of Nevi
ork toralte4 the Impeachment urthe Free-
Wept. end ergieg ueeksuree to strengthen
public eordlityrtee. /le/erred.
Adjourned. '
The Probabilities as to the
'Tariff Bill
Secretary McCulloch's. Position to
be Sustained.
Bandittra Bill Thought to be
WARM NO TON, January 30;
Among the documents scut to the Ro use
to-day, 00.9 the report of Cienel al Wright
oil affairs in Telli. lie gets - frequent coin
plainta from the Northeastern froutier, hi
barbarities towards refugees and freeinueml
and suggests an increased force of troop;
to put a stop thereto. lie also suggests the
employment of additional troops Jo prn
surro frontier settleme tn. , ' from Indian
~.tiovernor Cummings publiebes a canlem
phatically controverting the truth of Mr.
Charles' telegram, in relation to the excle•
Mon of negroec and intilatnes from the.lury
box in Colorado. Ile vetoed such a bill
null it was passed over his veto.
Governor Cumming. is here hp request
of the Commisvioners of Indian Alr.lnt, to
meet the Superintendent of Indian affairs
of New Mexico, with a view to runtish the
Indian Bureau with each ItirOrtillL/11:1 as
u'lll enahlu MO Cumuli lsalmine to take e11t•
Cil.llt mteits for UM execution of a treaty
with the Ute Indians in order to preierve
ALI:CAC/4 unitary ix cm...stag
The Diplomatic Correspondence, relating
to the American colony utJapFa, WUs ti nt to
the Senate today. at.
Constantinople, reports the tainaltincil3ltbo
colonists AA very pitiable. The Sublitun Porte
will not grant land to foreigners unities
thoy bochme his subjects. The American
Consul at Jte.ppa lias Pock anspoibled for al
leged misconduct thoTaXsltrie colonists. Tca,
Niter ore lit) in nilnibor; *nil are from
A letter to tire New York /Arntee Pug.
Elated Wnslilliton.lhir.b, tayo: It tt probibli.
the Taillf bill will fall for look of time. and
through thee:orbits:a del - lianas of nutnu
lecturers. It cannot, at any rate, 'o.
the ceouletto cote to ya nit over Vet°, and
It would not surprise toe If all great bills
fulled for loot of titer. In hunt:cud wai
ters, hleC olloclds policy will not ledisturts
ed.. There to nothing new on the Wrath
moot; no now witliessea elm:ldeal. It la
not prOnahle thin tiongritali wig do anything
- Loa unit inipeachnient.
The Conon',dotter ot Indian Adair. is en
gaged In the releetien of an Important rune
aisalon, to be eidopmeil of three malaria
ei r tlretis and two military oßlrern orptnml
to go to Vert 19 Kearney, with the
view Of w full and reitiplo to itiveatigatiou
Into all facts tind elrouttodances eorinerttal
is Ills ilia recent mieisacre, mid to take Into
ronaliteratiou the tibl.IPC.l tnnttltlon of In
dian allatra In that kucaJll3 ; Cod atop, If
possible, the threatened war throughout
the Indian country.
A caucus Of itemocu talc meaillors Of Con
gress twat Lela thLs evening. d .olgo
of 111.1Iana, presided. • Alsod trrentydlye
on:111104A irc+ent. Tt.e .liscustion wets
free tut natter informal, and re,ulPal in no
Jelin Os action. 'Mlle chief lost ler of outer
eta wet the propriety of caning IS NatIOLISI
Caucus adioustt - tO to meet nett ' Monday
Leanne ei runt lies °Mere,: that en soon ea
the Seventh Cavalry—stutatted In the !hilt
tart Lhaston or the alltielssippl—is Ailed art,
reertaits be torwardeil to the lath Cavalry,
statioutel in 'rennessec, i'eurth true South
Carolina, illervii,lng the regluteet tile 101 l
nutria um.
ItepnLlicnu T.
Untliorliyl,lo.ACll here, to emphatic
that OW imptotclaticiit furore will ht11011:11
to I{oollllg. Democrat, ray liatiCachinual
IS sure to take Wall.
It is believed Catopholl wAlsnon tot Milo
to reoldo lo the bloxle to capitol AN Ittioleloe
to Ito; Ilovieen Itopubllo.
I:0111' I /40,1.14. Or
1 , 410 g 1f10.1..r.1 num !wen
RoudnAted !.:Litolitrollor of 1.1113
blil thollela holing
r ,t 0..1. •
ItrApAttltot to the Nov York Yrei+.l
tishinglon correspondenl
7, that. lin iota LIM liest authority' fOr say
ing' teat the artlete to Um I,Lioion
from Its Washinstou zorzempoodola.
n " o " t l h g to ion thu f
i l l ' t"rPi ricontain:,
conversatirdi with tou Preridont. Ile Ohl
not reier to lioncress at
C l.
T. New Oftener It
Committee will not
cot/relent their labor in two weeks. l.ens.
lyront awl ertOnatel Mr. ItAs xnonal have
been hubwene..l. Mr. Hover. the beim/era,
woollier of 1.111, comet thee, btut sot exam-
I ond one-third of his witness., hut has el
nireedy Me:lined his lnlenMou salirnit a
minority report.
The Impeachment committee of A. 4.
Southern ItepUlthean daeltelatloll Luellen.
pared a partial list Of . idle
In the.lin
peat:lnnen C. case and WIII rOOll encgeSt, their
programme of investigating the charge.. •
The :innate IMetonlee Committee have
tr e ttlV i r ellen/I/nation
Inmerartante, ' the Nltdeter from Colon,., has arrlirtal *a:dangle., pact New
York, and It Is illhterelood that the dllrite:
Mellen which
hem, spoken nr
v.:1401w between Mr. Ittirton, our Minister
iltigot. t ., top.; the Columbian Government
11l eonahe arril444.
The Melanie Coln Mitten on Licireigu A tralre
Cline to no eneclurion yesterday In
to foreign appointments before them, hut IL
understood both Criwau and will he
Yeitoried egain.4.
Mr. Coward's letter to :It. Motley to 100 -
, 4 11 ,0 a hj, senate. hero try lawn ireellthm
0.111 undignified. awe Ibis.eolishlcr 1 that
Mr. AIM ley, In bell rerpeet Mani died to
011001. Tint criminlttee will, there lire, eta
'lntl lonclirt ally one neMlitated to po
With regent 07 the gold sides. the
Cornrulttee 'On Mance the
policy of the Steretary of the Timer
they have eot yet dinporml of the 11
Tlie Warranted/deans Committee v
gaged ye.tennly Mr the tan bill. TI
not report it, however, CU they get
lir Bill, 110 as to harmonize.
,Uo c ' onellodon bus 'keen reached
the iSJUO pr fifty or OM! 1111[111
1101.1 nr loon rerttorat;;4, Waring . n 1
of hilcoronot than tear ontintoodl 0 0
l..1.:; - ,r I lon place of Ulnae bald Joy flat
;(IC•i•Likry 4i , 1111001 la . l era lloo•
Coon 'walla 1111,11y:..pfaeNvaltiod at
jfilllion tor dollar, Miro neerr •aoltlo
fitow ‘frcolloit Pm and. catiorrillad aloe
hitt: .
Inver Tel egrappo.
I fly Afrrehnnie Nunn - ma Velegropla
Clic :ITV. January :W.—Weather
with t lermoonetor tit II Orate., 01.01
i:,er 111.1 creek both chcatol. (111
V. 10 11. I' barrel hero.
O 04,0041., .lan. :Pc—Weather
glad L'' op., 111201nera ollaakina wool ut
lower , nil halo ;47 ororlflonx, motet
moopon loon 'of tellolgat.oni; ton the
al lowlsc ppl and (11011,. 1 lepartotc,,—
0111, fo St. LOlll4. Arrival—J.:mien
Joan, to p 1 Vlckslouri.
The Revere Weather—Navigation on
Long Inland Snood elnepentled—llle
igal Taxes, lo ho Refunded to Bantus
end Issiarabee Compnol YR.
New Tone, January• al. ISC.7.
Tag Dwane: W.THEtt.
Ohl navigators of the Snood say that the
',regent winter weather SILO 1,1,1 the Be.
verest they Saer experieneed for twenty or
thirty years. gamy of the Sound steamers
gilt (AOL In the Ire Dear 'rhrog•s Neck. und
',ergota hail to foot It ashore.
ogre tn.vitn beret:en.
lieergo Calvert, Inusgetigur of C. C. Parks
Co., hankers, who dee/tipped- In October
with forty thousand dollars Of their money,
has been discovered In Mont real, alid
ty-eve thousand del were recovered.
. .
A Iro to-nlght at f Broad way, destroyed
properly valued at .S.l.,um). I.oeern , Leopold
WISIVIOT,IlIrS;OpOld SillSilelllll,,.p. and
furs; laranageu d Thomas, ruturant; all
fully lneured. Vagner , s hoo eb k•lreeper lieu
bruit arrested 011 cuspidal of tiring the
preintsea. . .
In nu Board of hope:more yeeterday,
Alm Committee on Bank 4 and le.eran.
COMIOLOIOS reported in favor u: refunding
the quiount ef money collected Irmo those
Intitlttitlone-liv the wooly as tax,
truesti•VIRATIO PX.
The navigation of long Island Sound was
au•pended to-day by ice. No mimuuers eats
pass Fort Schuyler till the Weather 1110•10-
At the coal sale to-day '+,to teal anhl at
$1 tel, and tem, uteltal :dove a; iS
tyb eil;
Thy, roe In oil retluery hod w . litshy 4.11,11.i110ry
ry of Camoy Mollowun, 13rmhlY., wn.
burnt to-Jay. 11.04 s 41:1,ek0.
CODVAnIIOIII At l • 0111.11,1114, 01110-111e
claration, of Ito Porpokoo of the
Organ!Motion. '
COLUtt nua;Jatu. 'At —The Stut•! Coorrottnn
of [het:mutt Army of I i.e Heimlolo. met Lore
to-day. Iti4 %kelt ittli.nolo•d. Tlif Collgoti
tiall Adopted Om folltmln it resolutions:
Restercd, That tra malaria! tho reqolutlnn
exprenalre of the principle:" and purptries
m o ttle Grand Army of the !bleat' h . : ttiny
ted by Ile rt CVIIL National Convention at In
Resolved. That the G. A. It. iti Tint organ-
Intal to make 110111111/tllOn for 4" . .., 110 r tl.l
me. Chat 1 . 010111110 /Oil In farther
the ambition of political a - dental, but 11
;inflame is.lo promote Ole t • titre t et toilet,
loyalty unit lie advance by all lei:Simile
and proper induenet,e, till` gelloralu.•l ntru
anti otterwits or lite eolith., lately In the
United ntatett army,and to re the nt
talnruent of their vols. we Invite the cleop.
erat mid repport of all pat Hotly and lib
eral misdeal ,al2.lti
itr/r.frelt, That to refute eanteny and pre
vent wilsappre honing:l, we hereby h e ctare:
Whale the G. A. I:. liae 114 teteret ceretnoulta
and ineurei ti ri ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ly and properly ittlopted I•y all ,niilar encl.
valet+. to Intleit.te tnitir loetaliti•ee arid ern.
clone?, It attempt.. no cowl:Miner. at. or es
iMence or nicialttaultip,Upti - 11,1 .1 111, Objet•lß
1111 ii. Is not rt•atly on till prop., 0i . e.510113
in 111 . 011 V; and that lit
of our principles, we w 111 theta up
on our limner AO plainly thin all may hnow
and %111.1e1,11.11.1 011.1"
lecd, 'that the benevolent object, of
the Grand (tiny of the liepnlhln Ir to lane
particularly for the lute re.o, of the n litotes
'and t - plume of our fallen ciao r.cle, to still
In sennrintb employment to the ill.alileil,be
cora er the war, il to .ecure,
by entry
means ita rawer, na toe inter,ot,,! evict
wbooluriun the paAt conte.t for theimpre
many of the 4:overmuch l, un wl In
Mg their ilyea auu 111,1.11 S for It , .le fence.
Mennfor Alcorn. of tlnotha.lgoid. Sup.
'burnt the Amendment—Th..l,4l . ..l..
um. Rejects. lI—A Murder In a tiara•
Sao' Unt.irrtot i Jan. --tieitero I .I.leorTh
I:uitirtt . Stalort Soma°, o , trout Allietootli,
pt. sirlilre"...eil lioth brune re tte.Lai tha Allavga,
Wiipt Liegilitature to-iltty, rot them in
accept flor 1:00.11L1J11.,11A1
the least Of ContlremArtartl cod-. .1 on ant
minim Vat, reit:v(loa It - on , rho iculootoi.
lion. 11. W. oorhe, of 1.41 tont, arrivril
to tills city tool.iy.
J. J. J:r),“1,.:, 1,11 known 1:. r,er or
fain hank for ot.rny year• f,t 11.1- ott>,
nail L 114,1 as ttot 1..11111.. Hotel Ito
ott.tlil Jitatro KIION ti
Tr;VnA lawyer. 'II, iltillo,illy
01 11 k r tiair..rid tio
Ilrytirrt by a lintel tent).
'rho Fewrn Onittoreeteno Ike Chrem
rinetellon—The hobbere
by the reeetlateu.
Januar, tilriltur
troninii Ititi [41.011,10,
Carolina. TIJV 11VgrIN, will out
place, unit still to plat: , nay con
tracts for thTl
A colliFAriiii innrning to
winch ilikt
I.' iv
liitnint tint lite Anil
It I,,porta.4ltiort now
110 , 1 b. a itrotonet by the T1V,71, a. 0.1011.'1
S,b/ey hat , pram..l !two to
Atm %vette of /lotion, it..., •,r /111 I itgag,
t air prevulvni.
Thu Nury,eon of The 1,01 Iltf3otry
1,0.1i...i1l over, nott we ate no% nit tug
1 7 1tto arm& of It, ttoto tor nail., tg.k,l,•-
The Word ...51M1.... Ist the Coo hl tt Inta
—A I's • Isi•VIV•V' log Ilist
The Itersth of Coorrul lame.
Tott.u.t, los., ,1111.41 y , 1 . 10. 1100.0 to.
day, alter u - lussu sl.sscis-001,10 , 40. 1 lit rolii•
Millet! Of llos Whole the otope.ltioss 1,1
011 1 0 Ult I. the 01,t0 I/10Of
alnen.,lllµ , 1 1, , t1,11i2114, LO ay t to
out the 14 . 01 , 1"astsite. '.
A re.fillntaon WV. I.A,out ILAI.
In appoint a Coss/mit tor 1,, m.rin Outs , the
fOtaltgloik Ull.l .'.stilt' .1 on
Spun I Alt fever.'
rud tired
Coueurrsust 1,11111 0,114 Won
Its Ike t'oolKto to OW deans Mt
11. Lstno.
Kentucky,. C. S. kenntor Elected;
Viteti v:l4
e1.•,0 , 41 ,telcc by Inc I.cnc.-
111 . 11.1 i till Cooi:; , Itv volt, tk;elc-t
it for Bretton. There nen. a Ice • ce.tier
nig veins.
Ciont,ol fjoto N.. 111
da, arrived at now YAnl.l ye-. 1 4 ,14,•
T1101(111 - 4 lel, 1.1 !A., hal
tho cholera had filmor4 .11h1q1111,11 ,. .1 flOll/
it. Thol.lllol, Inn the -mall pox lola not 10.
• Iluvanx wlt - Iceo xt.t., !Avg thr 1,10 , 11.1
InPrellutati Imve 1t14.114 I04(41 1 14 14/ta: •
toe Ilxv,tom untrepot for tho
0t0r,,,03 of cotton, by ronnovolg t to
1.11.119 no fortaln
Tao Fenian., 11.1,11 tly otiiii.l at
Toronoo yenterdi y sentenced to he
bungee on March fan. it'int nod telly beard
the sentence alibi:tat:apparent emotion.
!Several denied being' FC/li/1 1 / 3 , and elated
lite testimony W:l4 The mimes of the
C. 11.1111.1 are Patriek Norton, F. 11. Max
well, l'ittriek teNeal, .1111111, heel,, I/111110
Qili 3333 3 John tin,linor, John
pingan, J n
!!wen Kennedy met oli
The nun' .4.444 4 444014. 4 1 .11.1111i...10110, 43f tto:
Borelto in Totto
tho order In regard to latior, awl I 01,1.
...11;1 4) a] now con tral:t lino any laaly w
(Or I.lto /Foat tn.:loon got.
°rear. liomm.-I , mt night Helen ern
pinyiPl to a very roll hou,e, it much litiver
gut' lesi,t, Vvtl.vrv.l In x It
°en her peIMIIJII DOM tiai , `l, "'del/ iwy"
ritie was warmly and repeatedly iipplaudea, lent Mireyn ISuotioc"
Tile Yalta or VIAIINIL—Lagt evening 310.
while Vail was absolutely Minuted to all
e. the imtnal;iiicig performances or the
Fakir of VOthe. 'Alcoa
111 lett. nV i r l ti r ii a n t e e i , r l tl Wis l a l old
yyerooway wort th o e f e Limeroxl n assembled.
rfelilotti hoz It lama the Holum, of any 1.,.
ono there preh.ent to wit:lets fedi 00 111.1(111.
iA11111". ur 111050 oSliliilLed l,itl. evindow. Tha
prlirelpal (11100, Illagn 111,111. Veil I 111 111110,
prrp , deawn hi; Mr. Edward hurt, of Alai eat
atreed, Weyt anelootter. Tienight the eli ler
prize mill he it Iniall.moni oar. . I egret
that the Fakir xlll remalu - witli 111 toe
;:readit week. •
ey Wltl
Lu tur
` "l 7
Tunstitt.—.l very gond !louse 0:14 pres
ent Ift-d. not uII, , In Is lit.'s
~ rendition o.r Yliln 1441 Dtanbe."
t ilty 11Ann1. the ;1110001i at
fn.:. lop. P.l .11l as well .onyt(nnul)'.
I it 111,
li gi•rt.
VW I' ll
An EMU... • limn.;
of ihn )111111:( /:111100 01 fair
tad fentivtli for the the I irphunn,
h,u. hoed opened 111 '1(101. Ilan. AlllOrlif the
uttrahtlol. a 3, wllrmc chair !or tint Jnnr
11,41 which rf,d,11V.,1 of
note n,11.11.1 n rlivnr horn for the booth
pr ove re coniptuly. , 1301/0 the I.tir will
pr a pecuniary nuchenn.
tark 0..
i'l,;i t i=
Alleged Robbers Arrested.
Oily readers will remember the robbery
of the Great Western Gun Works of Mr. J.
11. Johnston, on the corner of Fenn and
Wayne streets, last week. On Saturday Ile.
Johnston received word that two men were
seen on Friday at East Liberty endeavoring
to sell some rillee and revolvers similar to
those stolen. Officers were dispatched and
made three visits to the place but were each
time unsuccessful. Yesterday morning Mr.
.1. D 00301.1, Supervisor Of the Westein DI.
vision of the Pennsylranlit Railroad, went
cast on the day mall train, which left here
at eight o'clock. At Larrimer's station he
observed a man get On the train won a
splendid rine and mayoral revolvere. The
possession of so many weapons seemed
trange, and Mr. Dolman watched the mew
passenger. We soon uOtleed him endeavor.
mg token the arms among the pub.:mere.
At Greensburg Constable Kiirlo happened
to in, at the depot, and Mr. D. asked him
on the train to watch the armed man. Ile
compiled. At Latrobe, Mr. Lohman sent a
dispatch to officer Fox, of the Depot pollee,
asking If the man should bo arrested as the
robber of the Great Western Works. ()lll
eer Eon telegraphed to have him sent on
immediately. The dispatch reached the
train at Blairsville * mitten:leer Kline home.
diately started for the oily with the prison
er. aluantilbe Mr. Johnson had received a
ilispateu from larrimers Station, stating
that the mall was there with the tire arms,
0.1 some °facers left hero for that
place to arrest him. The object of their
pitmeit crossed tilt:111OP the road and reach
ed here at about three o'clock. Re elves
ills name as William Adams, and WWI em
cloyed until recently, at one of the oil refi
neries timer Shoriaburg. Ile bad in his
possession a splendid ride and live revel.
versa, which Air. Johnston Llentilled at
011ett on It part of the property stolen
from elm.- Ile had also 111 Ole Imw
seosion another revolver which was stolen
shins two weeks Auer, from a second band
mune in the Ninth ward. thus proving that
he was a party to that robbery. ile denim ,
that he stole the articles in hla possession,
bet bought them on Tuesday. Hot as he
answer.. perfectly to the description of till,
noun Who was at East. Liberty ou Frulay, It
Is probable that he Isnot qua., reliable In
his statement. Ile was locked up torn
hearing. A message from East Liberty was
received lest night slogan that the other
man with the remainder of the stolen
property was out there. Officers went In
Pursuit and returned this morning with the
object of their trip. The seend prisoner
trivet his name as Thomas Stevens, and de
ntse any knowledge of a rubbery, Ile says
that Aillllll - 4 boarded with him at Negley's
Ban. .t rale was captured with him winch
has not itivntlited yet. lie says he has
owned it for a tong time. The prisoner was
brought in at so hits an hour that we ease
give ILO 011ttiellilltf.
Tbn National ?Matlug Mullet—Firm
Dliy. ''
Veithrdny al Len:tools the greet content be
tween reale snaters Itir a premium of four
loldr , l dollars stn! , the Anierlesu Chem
plonS. gold I'lltNiai, isSiumeneed at the Cen
tral Perk. An Borne.° crowd was pres
ent and lune!, entlittsh.m was inanifeatod,
held cheers frequently rew midi og wenn un
r.nenienly fine potforinanee. , Five
iints w ere enterisi, viz: John Engler, Jr.,
..I,•revy City, N,./., IVilliain Bishop, of New,.
Perk; E. T. Hendrick, of Chlesno, ill., till.
Ile i'ufliN, of Chluagn 11l , and John Miner,
'of lietrolt altetogimt. The following iv the
hit of Judges: Viiink Van I.:order, Alias.
c. Burke, T. A Dilworth, Charles T.
I_ ,
, I , l ll ir
, 1 n. ie ,.. 5 , , and John Burgess. Befare the
cotteneneetnent of ills oontest, ...h ...
'motor signed artiCles of agreement, oy
14 hie!, all ars sOIeMIPY 1 050.1 town feline.
lug conditione r viz: The winner of the
ehaniplou's 10,01111, if ehnlitniglsl to a eon-
test during the next ten years, shell make
the condition of sneeplanen an agreement
to sketoithe Contest on the C.:eel:lLl Park.
All challenges from mile skitters for the
possession of the utedal, are bo Bo accepted
if niVen within too years, DUD Jitnuary lit,
i IST, the acceptation tg. he on certain condi
- klo*i.,_ If the winner ter cimiliengud before!
of Donenslier s lsCri, Ussiseasasnans,
Aake , [l,T•later that
date, weather permitting.
afr o , the signing orthe articles thejuilirem
and conicessmits wern !elegy addressed by
T. A. slimes, Ile stated that the ut
most cartslind neer. eaercised In selecting
tile most therongttly qualified and honora
hie men as judges in the rmittcsi. and ex
pres.d his ismildence that they W(1111.1
Maio- the 11, :Int 111 In`lll,t fairness. per.
Miming tholrSittlicalt task uninnuencod by
tiny ronsideratlons not strictly put. He
exhorted the con mutants tor the rumba, us
honorable men, to abide without demur, is)
thedecon,or the judges.
A Oiliest entered the euelimitre On the tee,
and inn mistiest cowmen 01,4/. The pro
grit Mine entbmees twenty-one perform-
I6'S, In each et wnich ewe, contestant
rempete, All were closely metaled, and
the decision will he n most dinlcult task.
It was Mond utterly inipmeable to complete
the prngitootrie yesterday tate:moon, nn.i
the contest. by COLLIMIIII content, will 10 re
tooled at half past One o'clock this
remaining perfortnancea are us
bi 11... 12. Toe elm heel mortnuentt;
liatdont spins and liOnitle•fnot whit Is:
ii. ttee-font ringlets; 11. Oue-100l loge, ie.
•et pent Met; IL Changeed of edge; Is. l'lgure
1011 0110 11.1.; 11.• ,pedal ties; M. l'ut.pour
tl. (atent! grace and dumb.
-Capt. tiller. of Vitale, has formed an Cu.
gageinent at thei'att for next week, when
W. will exhibit Villa lortul Milt skating,
on stilts thirteen Meta , Itlgh.
Ills. kali. l'orsyllt has challenged hilss
i.crto• yh re/011110min, of Sew leek. Ina now
contest ler t chain plan's hied al. The chnl
lenge is accepts 1, but the COllll,ll. 1 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 ,11
1111111 114,1. season.
rouleu Ronal. mad l•re,eno •N
hating' dicolluan.
on 'literally the conduct/le of un exprorat
treln 4. the l'euityyMillla Railroad, when
approaching Gallitzen station, asked nu
li - I.Y/ulna on board for hie ticket. In place
of the required ticket tbe p.wonger handed
out a reauti, Hood, recooktliur the cond.a
tor, lid the most nouchulant alt nu the
It /old, to into the ale eon!. out of tint!. Thu
ounduotnr declined, and tat argument ett•
suod, the ('alt Instmlltur that Irl , lt nionuy
was an good us America,. any day. That
might he, but tho conductor Informed hlln
that ri the Arnerlcan Looney won , not bath
[...ming he WOO 110 pat of the trout at ital.
111 cell. Arri eat at teat place be looked Inc
tin defaulting pasuouger,.unit til6Lovetral
him on Ids • 4.IVA wrapt In the
iitod progound devotion, praylug silent
tot hone the Ices cartaustly, hot
wi thing LO tab the prayer. or ant'
man the conductor tuft t,lm, Inatrnetln l, the
los to dee that the man, otter halsh•
log ue, L pray , r,•11.1 ant continence another
and to put Mai Olt tint train at Conetnagh
The Iritionau evontually got oil his koros,•
pea trio braketua addressed Mtn, editing
I abut lie doing jueCotari , •`Vrayitor fit
nd the actor,wthe quick re
M0011:10. ".tuft 111./e sett, I tell to either let
ti me u fOr
'rho irreverent • brakeman ittaturial Wet
that prayera %valid pay Ito more turea on
that roatl than Icalan bonds, tad at Conn,
until aunt enoititti tau tittliteky traveler war,
tut OIL it ben holt keen Of hlin lie war,
nting' . for •Whisky shop, liatiouldthlly,
bent on getting till Or
Yeuterday morning a young married man
nalMal IdWheel Itb:e, residing on Jeger.
can :drool, beeoO.t word. A IlOgheny,
• •
tiringa wagon whleti belonged to hie; au,l
bed.nemokin to use a knife I 4 the work. Ile
Went Into the bonne atter a bUtoller
111111 1111 catalog out with It in his band, al
Ind on the ley Plena of lila house. Ik.W bb
feet new front In under him and he fell
heavily on Ma right strlb. Ile fell la eniell
ekeetter Ilea tile point of the Untie entered
aht bin, .trik tee the edge et the hipllmue
atol glancing mr, fort namely entor/14 Oat&
aide ttte hone e n the iMole o f
t he knife, w b
e ntire wan a Icing one, entered the
flesh the entire length; and wait reniored.
th 411 me Mt:Welty. Although Mr. Ulm,.
ml; On ow Immediately. he nearly bled
to death betbre lite Ceptaaa COW.,
hod 'ea/alit ht. At length a
Cootier, a
:Memento , remding bear, - eureeedt.l In
w „., the bleed by moan. of ateLe
]ilrect of leather. Ehodee woe SWUM. 11•
iat end attended to the Injured Mau.
.m t i,l that If tub 'kart° bid pondtrat,Werit
very little further, it would hare killed the
patien. Tim ammo would hero been the
ease had the knife glanced Inside of the bone
matead el outelde. Am klr. 21.
l iei hurt, although doing mi well as
co“id ,6
no Monday night u man named l'utriek
Chhuhobl.l I, ettelo !hit° Mayor llorrblait's office
lit Allegthouy, In It BLitt() of col - trident/110 la
toklertloni and COMIIIOIICO.I cutting up In a
- ,Tryolooeohnly :throne, Me wits 1111 , , bbtIlt and
1,,,ige.1 in the locroahh, hind to tho Thornton
. • .
Wid tined rt. and comta. Ito went away. hut
WWI heard of to the afternoon hmtlng in a
10101 dt.sardlirlY thanker oil Ohio
tore East Lane. tillieern heutt. and (Bind
lo of the pulled repaired to the elan and
captured tho tellger again. 110 allowed light
Immediately, and loseatno desperate In las
t rhastaned. lie fought no furiously Clint he
holetroled 01 bitting both the oill..err pretty
eflectually. During thu tight he kicked 01-
licer Scott n reruly In thu face. Ito W.
niiilJeeteil 101110 ”alpporil , ' ut length, a n d
hrought,isti I I etr uggl log, to the lockup. er
tenthly morning he Was 000.1 45 and COS 44,
which he paid and went.
Trial, Lint:
42 James Summerville vaGny C. Irvine.
Janies Sanderson vs. Adam Kreps.
73 C. I. lbamon & SOMI v, O'Hara, Shulz
& Co.
90 'Wooldrlng 011 Refining Company vs.
Eqoltablo Insmanee Cninpanv.
Eghert S. Ward VP. 0.
no l:gl.••rt, M. Ward no. Kane a CO.
93 Ann Mackey so. Ben j Patton.
✓.l E. 13. Watson vs..l.3epleFleinitm.
2l J. H. Idelloa ye. Uwuorx Steamboat Bril;
. . . .
17 Hosanna Unlrman vs. Bilehael indur.
19 LeVI /.2.11111111.15011 vs. 11. Heath.
J 4111113 Dowling vs. Thee. Renwr et. al
31 W. Sueathen vs. David 31`llonsId.
31 Greenwald &Kahn vs. Adam Ben,
. . . .
4 Mllllnrer &Bidwell va. Jamb 11. Young
JLLIDeb H. Corry.
221 John M. Fulton rn. J. H. Foster.
lUalterl Males 141 tttttt Boort.
Before Hon. IVILROn Al'eanto.uss.
The case of the United States vs: Joseph
Weaver was proceeded with on Wednu4day
morning, the Court having Ilia at ten
O'clock. Weaver wan holieled for passing it
counterfeit national currency nide, with
intent to defraud John F. Hager. tavern.
keeper in the city. The fact of his having
passed the counterfeit wan clearly strucen,
um! admitted by Onntniel4ol . defense. The
evidence - as to lila having prev tousle pass
ed three similar notes in Birmingham, and
Of Ills Waving attempted to pars two others,
was add.od as hearing upon the question
of "guilty knowledge." General e . Collier
most ally defended the prisoner, and his
remarks On Merman. of Identity (it be
ing denied tO i Wearer W. the party who
"shoved" the notes in illintinghttm,) were
peculiarly forcible. Insult:4 Attorney
nabau represented the Goverment. with
eminent ability, arguing that a clear ease
of guilt Innl been Intidit out. Judge
111 , Camilint deliveted n lirlef ohame, and
the Jury rettred to their room nt one
o'clock. Aftoran ...mice of ahem an lance
they roan.' wdl a verdict of "giatlty."
The prisoner was remand( d for cement e.
.1..1. Case, pre-en led the petition of
Hurgratlus Hellman for it writ of habeas
corpus In tae ease of ills ton, John Bellman,
In the county tail as a deserter from the
army. The petition sets forth 'LEW the son
is only XISLOoII years of age, and that he en
listed In August lust against the will or
knowledge 01 Ills father. Cur this resann
ho Is !relieved to he unlawfully detained.
The writ woo allowed foul made returnable
oa Thurralay at two o'clock.
John P. Ilerelley,lndleted for earrylot on
tbe hush", ol a retall Jul.e r w Onnuf 11-
CUII9O, 11110tIgh Ilia 1 . 01/1.11, B. I.
EWA., nut in a plea or lollty, and wan non
lanced to psy a fine or ten dollars and the
The cameo( Thelon-, tinvio, Indictment for
peening counterfeit money, u es entice], Out
Tito counsel for defence holing übe'ilt ,
tending to tither L 11.1110314 It WAS deterred
until Thuteilny morning, at ten o'elOek, nt
which tittle the etititeshee were 110tilifii to
bein aLtenilettro.
Ti t o court then
Before lion. Mreas
Thil 1 . 0.0 of Henry IV. Bei haell an.l
ea James 11enni.ton and "that N, Lel lon In
ejeettuent, taken up on Thuraday of last
Week, w as ennelndial slederday. It WWI
bulncittod without urgunient. The jury In
tired, and returned aver a short ale,eneu,
Intallut agreed upon a verdict. but tloi pima-
Lurd taking a non.aolt, It wna not rPrldertel.
Court adjourned 1111 Tb urelay al a A. a.
Court of 4 onunoo
!Wore lion. T how to AlttllOn.
Tlo, en, of Mrs. ll,:tontont Nimiel:
0014111u...1 1m trial .1. lag
lout wikallot
Almost I.+l
Our advert king eel too nk:lnnottitett today
a olhomlutlne of the old mot wiaely known
honking firm of 'Lunn, It art N. Co., the no.
nno , partner, .loonto Mat. 1:4.1., Dm
"tactically .011 tetran n. for the the ys t two
year.. from the home, hero to the tone of
Imitortnnt intere,tst in Now York awl New
.fer*ey. 'rho mow km of hart, Uor,piem
tokenized to ronttnne tee
lowee4 W. It. Hart nod C. P. t'n 11, , , hey, of the
oil firm. Thetergentletnen to, e heretofore
for many youri, a itti honatunthole pea.
•lence.ontlt tog lialatri, ottalrlional noire-,
tnnangtal the offal,. at the old firm, oral
they Wang la the conduct of lac • new drat It
rip , t azorrience and a 111,1 Inta,rlty,
xhlch, wrath in, it hahtt tit rot,,taut
Clot,. pitplleollati 1.! 211 i detati. of their
lor h o t' 111.111112 , ,, their , h.ra=t4.r.
tarpon , ' 1118011 Ull , l C. 11.1141. g I are
saatorance of bright nil Itt11,1"i1a1t,
The Awelenitrartd hotelely.
Thin ito.of of Mao:were of tit , . A het:hoer
Cuttitly Agricultural t•tatlotty oil attreb.
tag yertt•taloy afros 110011, Sts. Vat to in Me
ottuir. lit nottlost of L upuott Yllll4, the
lilac of holditig the hest I 'tootty daft woo
tiled tortnotteure tot Tutheittv, It, hll er bd,
aulottet to tbe thatroon of the Manager+ of
the rlato dair to regard to holtlort; that itt-
Itlitltion ht., A I.O4IIIIiIICP, C 1 /1.•".L10), 1.1
Shod... Lima, huge, JOllOlllO tool butler,
w as appointee to Veal for w 1515 the Idotagota
to the cysts Imr. 1z..,f1../1 tt •
utittois to prrielre it hill wrests tog 10,1,0 t„ Rd
for thoOtort o dotte to tho•Falr Orotooll dur
log the war, teportett that they 11101 todtttalt.
tell the toll to rho 1,10-13 , 1 art% 011 , 1 run
.4-toothily yet - alter 11111 had beet/ tird•rn 1551
01111 road 10 pl oar by fir. Clbelattok, tool
that how they auaollott. Ad
Story Isorts, n remelt, not altogether
ktms it 10 u,e Allegheny Idol Courts, WAN
taken up Jl unit' he Tuesday night, 10111
lalged In n cell. She Intl 111 her Im-session
a pint bottle t/I rOle.l lank), nLleh won
etnithiented. to the mom lug she hid ig•
delonittled tout 1/01.0.. of stimulus,
sham,: l lint she cot ilk it for
togpooi, for 1,/ nal uppliontion,
havtiot ft very lame !Med N etch nib
entlust with the Motor. 'rho 'AVMs etlul.l
no . A 1,,, t Ito Isom 101101, nod the u. etnlty
0.1 retto :RA to Slat); but she utter premix
to behove 11l Is NINI 0 leltubtlJu manner
'wrestler, Otis permil Loh lo go.
- Merl 1.14.0 i the Volts.) Committee.
cll., [inn n 1/11•PLIOg of the Volk° Com
mittee' of Connell, John 11. llttro,
w. 11p1 , 1 I Llt .“..ciult,„ tea, ,
klayorls OM,. At the it,ftteil of emu-
Mit tee the Slayer .lbws lost ell the Members
4f the pollee form, to be muscat, tout they
ere neenllngly lILLNINiNIaI, ohm
.l mute c r exuminntion. Thu Committee
gpressed themselves highly pleloc4
Ito force a• at e:en t orgnitl,st. and bug
toily Gl* ur 1011 oftimers wlillih luny
or 'filly Not hn kifflltltNi on. The rumaing,
,lithely 11.11-11101110“4.
Ammo sad Ciallery.ulth Ituleut tie
t'omnall 'harder In the Vint Degree.—
Jot.. Nolen ram° Is-tore Altiormau Taylor
yestanday to make Inform, 100 awaited
John tt, elnot a n o .Ittlin`llrlltbln Mr aggro
tatiol'usattott and battery, fir, an he sold,
far saquoiltand loittery 0111, Intent Of
rommlt td linter IS degree'.l. 't'at
par, Ira weir el. work "IL Miellhorton street
tool hail 4 raw. tatting, allege, that Flinn
.truck alto ot the been, a iw I. be' of iron,
and Grit:Rim struck at him with it pick, at
the sante time calling on Flinn to hill Mtn.
The parties wera arrusted tool held to nail
fur a hearing to-day.
Horse Aeehlent.—A hon.stlnPqml to ft
yogqn becamp (Morino lii`' qt. 9 emotive
BistarttuY tb•driling, to hoot 'of 11, 0 Hash
ette, anti' mode It tutu,,,, break to go
through One (41110 large I.llOrOrre of MO
/OM , In mailing a midden slid complica
ted stop, in:mover, Lim nointal fell, breaknig
bOth atm Its of tho wagon, which was very
linfortilionto ier ti, owner, but t herehr pre.
Venting 3A . V 5011,04.., window from milig
Saahed, salon t'ro ' y wits err r.
None the Worse for 11.—Our
11f. J. 11..1ohmiton, of the Great Western
Gun Works, corner 01 roan and Wayne
ntreeui, has • been robbed, as our readers
know, hut, however unfortunate that may
Wive beep nt . Alm, his modem era ts cer
tainly he none the worse Mi . IL lie liasjust
received a complete and Ilea stack Of goods,
all of themel the hest styles, and will sell
them at eve: lower rates titan usual. Call
at the timid, Venom.
'The NHL k ntloor Contest—v. ukut
log contest for the. championship of the
W aited.ntittes will he renewed tbalay_at.
Central' Pal Ir. Ihe eolstestantatwityfnalie
their appriat Wine on the ire at ball past one
O'clock; net Will continue until lieu I'. W.
In consequence of it general .I.Nire on the
part of the intille tO see inn esneluslun bt
this the price of admissirin
has linen re. need to twenty One yenta.
Neat 111 Wlfe..-Jelut Palley, an ei
eemlingly r runken man, Outs arrested on
Tuesday 11l hi, on Weal street., A tieShett'Y,
by the nig it pollee, while In the act of
heating his rife sad family in a gross main
nor. .11e w s locked up, and at the hearing
yesterday morning was committed for
twenty-lon .. hours. -
. ,
, _, ,
An Old Conlldenee Gems.
The old con andenee game of the padlock.
which has been lost to public view for some
time past, was revived with considerable
circa on Tuesday, near this city, on a train
on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago
Railroad. One chap produced a padlock,
'which he offered to bet any amount cacti
tint be unlocked by any person on the ital...
Another chap innocently took the bet, the
,mount being one hundred and eighty dol
lars. On examining his treasnry he discov
ered that he had not the requisite amount—
. fact, be was estrum:del. , ' Ile was rdlial
to the emergency, however, and started
throngh the train to borrow the JJJ
Incredible as IL may seem, he succeeded In
lanrowing one hundred dollars from one
man and eighty dollars from another. The
attempt was made and he could not open
the lock, so the money WWI forfeited. lie
ge; off at a stationwhere tie wise 'tn.., WOW.
ed't to get the money from a ilintln he knew"
on the platform, and has not been seen
since The man with the lock also dis
appeared, and the two green lenders toe
milt creditor,.
Alleged Thief Captured.
On -Um 19th Inst., William McClelland,
who was living at the Farmer's inn, had
htoled from him a milt of clothing worth
forty dollars. William Greco, who board.
0.1 there also, prOiCli9ed to have teat an
0.1, .111.1 made so much Into about it
that suspicion was excited. He left the
house almost immediately, and wan beard
of as carrying a 1i12.11e over the /110111,011 A.
Bela bridge. McClelland road° information
against him before Alderman Donald.o,
who issued a warrant to deponent. The
latter followed Green to LifUe K saldttirttin•
whore he put the warrant Into Idle hands of
a constable and preen was captnred. Mc-
Clelland arrived here yesterday with the
prisoner. a hearing wan had sad the ac
cused held to ball ler trial.
Alderman huller, of the Sloth ward, was
called_ upon yesterday morning to hold au
Inquest on the body of the 001 0 red men,
John Doran, who was supposed to have
choked to death while eating. llOran. It
appears, sat down Tobin supper in his usual
good health. Suddenly he was .observed to
.prlng back front the table, and atter strug
gling violently for a few moments expired
—all present behaving he had choked to
&mil. Drs. alcNary and thubstaetter were
ca:led by the Alderman yesterday morn
ing. and, after a careful exasnlnation, ex
prsed it as their opinion that the deceased
had es died of heart disease, and the Jury ran
deral a verdict accordingly. The deceased
was a single man, about forty-two years of
age, 101 it boarded at No. &I Centre avenue,
Seventn ward.
To Property Owners
"The select Commlttee of Councils ealti
the attention of the property 'OW. rd 0101
citizens of Pittsburgh to the following reser.
lotion adopt!idat their last meeting, Jan- M.
Resolved, That the eittgens and property
owners of Pittsburgh, deslroull of bating
tine streets in f rontof their respective pro
perty graded. Mixed and net with curb stone
are tun lied to praaaaa their petitions to
Councils before tole Ist clay of April; PSiT, SI 1
nil petitions presented after that date will
bettv . lid over until the folio* log
year. ,
Breach of ,:recortlie..—a young man,
twoutpone piers Of age, c ',locate! with
one of the railroad offices of the city, WWI
before Abler Man Lynch, yesterday, on a
charge of breach of promise of marriage,
preferred by a young laity of sixteen. It
seems that the yonna man boarded at the
house of the plaintiff's mother, and mode
One to the daughter, binding himself to
marry her. lie refused, and hence i.he
l'ne hearing resulted in the defendant's le.,
Mg held for court. lie could not raise the
bull and a commitment was. made out
against him. ' Ito could endure anything
railer thus being imigod in Jail, so he prom
sed to marry the girt straightway. Amy-.
Jingly the preliminaries were settled, 541
the couple were married then and there.'
A Dirforderly Cntromee.—On MontlaY
might, at elate boor, [women, named term
Ii monger anal Christ. Myers, went to Wu
khgo rake., kept by a blind man, on First
street. Allegheny. They Were elreitily
drunk, and demanded drinks, widen were
refused. They made noise disorderly de
monstraf ions, and on going oulohle one of
them burled a large boulder Mucilage the
window of t till 1.10.11, sultu.tlln•• and
.1.411. Margaret Illnkle, wife Of the saloon
keeper, made Intel manna Into, Mayor
Mnrrl.ll, on Tuesday, charging Minenger
end Myers with malicious Intl...Mier Tory
were arrested yesterday by the pollee as,!
Mid for a further hearing.
The "Naulharn Press" at the ('en.
Iral Park.—FlT the past two days a "so
t-ailed" reporter for one of the Bon thern
pere has lieen making unite a stir eminig
the °Metals at the Central Park, by Modesto.
Mg WAY.. and hi•Ormucl etrlgneur MAU nor
of °Manlius: 'items tespectlng the great
contest. Me were proffered 'an IIILT011.•
Liail 111 the gentle youth yesterday, but it,
was rendered unnecesserY, by the fart that
WV !MS,' met 11101 every day for the past
your In the streets Of Pittsburgh.
•nother Atlenapt.—another atteultd,
tortunafely unsuecessful, was madessf,l, at an
earl) hour lost night. to rob tile cutlery
rune of Wm. S. Ogden, Fog., In t h e Ms
-I,•it,h building. Another door opening out
of the hell was partially forced open, but
not tar enough to admit nut' Pers.u. I'n •b.
ably the 1 Meyer were LiiStUrbVai a n d 'right..
4,111.4 i lovuy Nola.
A ppeln tert—Tltgollleo of additional mar
ket conslable has been created ho the War
het Committee, and yesterday otlicer John
Moessner, of tho Independent Pol tee, was
impel n Ica to the position. Oilleer Idovesner
Wlli colons nee his statues on February Ist
Ile Is 11.11 crlielent and thorough oillicur, and
will render satisfactory. e'er - view -
/ticked lip.-- 4 / 1 1 Tuesday night At man
John °liver wus picked up to a State or at the corner nr Ohle
street and the Diamond, Allegheny, by the
night Watch. It was a timely rescue rroui
Irecaing, foe which Yestcrtin'i morning he
paid the customary tine and costa enacted
or tirtioken mon.
Paine & Co'• Argootine—rpr Instantly
plating all arllclei of °tipper, brass or , Ger
man sil v er, with porn silver, where worn
elf, and tor clean-lug and polishing silver
or silver-plated warn. Warranted to con.
Win no quicksilver or or any injurious
article. Fur sale by .1. :Sample, Allegheny.
fled alt tirllabliilt. delt,tr
Aii,hrny {'ay..—kin Tuesday morning
three or Allnght.tiy female caltene, Belle
Irelly, Ann Kelly Alai Agit.•r %Varner, hay
log no place to put thenteelvel, mere Coat.
witted to Jail tor twenty each, by
Moyer liorrtate, cot a etturge or Vagrancy.
Fearful.—We leant that one night last.
Keck a family. conalstleg et :IVO persona,
residing at Summit, In Cambria county,
wore ail frozen to death. Ire could not
learn their name., or the particulars of the
dres4llll Case.
DeMb of Wm. Mom. F.,m —William
Esrl , su old eltlr ea of 1.1,1 r place, ,11.4
suddenly yesterday. Decease,: was shout
elsty..ei,!ht. years of sae.
Ss.l.—Threo of tliv our., ile.ants , ng local
cdltors of 1.1116 vlty wpre taken to the Poor
lipnso on "rnemlay—t hey were to search of
an team.
almo.t 1454‘
I.! Tuesday evening. Jemmy :Nth. et
d•lta U, lie of Efferent V. Long. In
the al.h year of her age.
Funeral ar II takeplaceon Tiring/Pao, January
at I: o'clock preeleely, from the mild r nea o r
her huaband, No. 151 Third sircct. Thy fri,iit
of the faintly are invited to ettalld.
1, • w.timi 31 npairiwill
J-Lbratitlful "Owls-arra,' tbe 1a...4 al .11111:-
ban place of sepulchre. oarepl. auo.
ty, situated on liex, W.lghtoo road. Ituruediatr-
I uorth of ra:lrahadr. For burial iota. Orfothr
ITilkr: , ,,M i tf u 'eAra . ll) , f .. ua atom of COOL
E . T. WHITE &
w.w. 1;44 /114 Vi5.lllllX.
Corner Sheffield
and Clawrtura at, att.
rlealar ana Carriages fural.ned.
• 117D733.111AR.T.ALTEXI si
NV. ILn Yonith struer, Pittsburien. Ps. COFFINS
ut all Linasi CittAl`F.S. 1/1-riVES. and cry de
scription or funersi tortilru
s.l. *Looms opened day night. finest sera
t ir
.55V4: .-
k ~,,,,w.L.gocKl ao NURAND'd
riTAIILIS. [ors rood Ow).
11051 STABLE ,
Monnornbela ~
l'srtieular attention pa. 1.1 to Loping and stiiin,
Norse.. • 1,22
at new and twautiful deelen• on Green.
Tau. and Ituertirounda Gold and ranted Mur
der:, at. IT,' Market Street.
odd .108. 8. kikaiiiMa A 840,
I t,
lIT. Canal.), Horn, Jan. Mb. INea-
Ole PlPTSllllitti If
tirs rtizu its —list lur coque from a distance tO
enn3p 1- For the Ladhrs• Stating Prize. I desire.
on nty drparture. In publicly featly, In favor or
the Linda..., edartre, and huhursblu treatment
,celved of the Manugur. niut all , olinerted with
lour A+onclatlon. , I tekerbeter:een In "Latins
grunt letter ten or inure ppllcioa• arrange
in Ws far the cunif,rt and eur.v,olenve of all
taioul In the mr, nor in any cimilno largo as
combing. ouch goal order. iiivarum and ply
piety of deportment to ail.
100.ot the Lett localhm. in 'he city, dultig a
Is Offered. For. Sale,
This Is opt °CO., btstopp Ow Offered
to (tastily, 34 Lite 330., .a.:ilfactory re x.. will
gileil forvelllne. Address.). IL C., ti.s.trZ
Orrin, or lay., It. K. 53.1,L1113 CO..
~...raer S, stile, Joil••
The Properly hosanna. She ...Govern.
mess/ Tannery Ik-Steam Mass BIM,"
with Oevessly.five Acre's or Load,
neer Man Ajoloolo, Texas.
ei:oi,s l.v, to duplles.te, will ' be
re..eived up to Ito. oAy,PY tot nad.
Br e t the purchase 01 22 mere rof and, mor e 0 ,
less,) together with tin Bui taint...rec.! Were-
Oh, and Mr &pm teutomes appertaining, th at
Is to sy.
T melog 12 Stone Lime
Vats, rut/.two mlal Vats, Seven iron&
Poole; and r•pahl e 15,10.21 Wee per
ONr n rITEASI SAW MILL, cavable of sawing
P.(04(.•.t lon bre .121 ly.
The abbr.. orrperty If nlittstett shoat two miles
shove :an Antonio. on the ban A4lOOlO Itlitr.
soden° rratet Is erm.'ortrd to the establishment
by a l a n d ' r owl nose lu cement..
Ilse Ira! pt.r..l,,ed and Improvements
made by ➢ ll,e tale tooraPed Conf-dttrate (tavern
a tit, and are ate.' to bare root 11.117A.1X.0 in
The przp,rtr bas biro 'mare Irate for the year
1206. at & monthly rent of $ CO. payable to ad.
ranee. A erelltei title in Yee • Pool. will be given
by tor 'Totted Slates (tor. rumen,
erolloll/. wilt be lost Sr.! t•lhoposals for Gov
ernment Taossry sod non 01111." 014 u'dosed
to .1
'let Lal Osn. &set C.a. hurts, IL P.'• A.
Islerrai I,th ratan. Tri3J.
foromower calm or rev 04y . , -
Ta 11... H 4,11,1 said G,w arV. Wrreting:
Where., namm.l A. Long. lately In our Itis
trlM.Court, berm, our .1 ud,,ts or •r Bald curt
at Pit abusgh. to wit: 1. n t ne nth dsp or.lanum
ry. A. 1 , I y W • .1 i dgm.nt of ou bald
Court ',monied against Joon 11. nando r
aMolul,teatorof 1.01,1 g A. it . l...ra 1, deerated, •
lodgment for Ow smo( hudred nd
tilum, -one ar.4l I. u l-111, dollars y torghls n debt, a a•
wet. as twenty dollar tar 11. ro•t,, and charges
he hlt• about volt In that behalf expended,
wtereor the said John H. danderson,
trota, of Loul, A. It'lsrael. Is convict as ap
pears In °sof record; and whsreas, by the rust .•
u o floe 02 the said , iinuela. we have to
our 311 , 1 I sort untlrn,ontl. that although the
ludartient In form anire•aid Le given. yet eseen
lion tureen( •11.1 remAltoi to be rustle. whereof
be ht. 1 . - mmghl n• to grant nal , . hlm Is list, he
-11•1(0 prom r reto.,de. an 1 we being wIl!Int Mott
what ,s etant and lust .110111,1 he done, hereto do
C01..111.04 , Dull, - I. ~
y .p., m 1 'Awful torn of
your hallw ,r r r.otire to the said John
lb. ',ander. on. • , hool, rAt..r, le., or I.ouls A.
D'lsewel. with widow, if ,o uts
t , ••! het.: at 113. tts•us• d r,,lderee to plea/-
Ulf unknown, or•al Loot. 11 . 1trael, eleven.-
ed, that they fir hefore our Jodgrs,
at Pit...burght at our ',Mkt Court, there to tit
told for th.- eatioly the YlttoT 31 , 14-
DAy or matt,' Ex Rto sho.v. Ir anyaltior,
forn lute m•or mrely ea they eau 'my why
nal-1 plaintliroteght not 1.• 11, e ri elution
SlZlgiutd. tbem f..r debt Intereat an,teosta aforr
atJ. aticor.l or to the Tartu mid diem, of
the .ty mores:tot. it Milli think lit; nod
further to do sail reee,e what...ever our mild
Court 611311 Wenconcert:lll2g
blot ID this h. hal( Cu 4 1 •1. 1, r. and have you then
th-re the ',amen or tlooo hr Whom you 01011
mu know nm. thew, ami till, writ.
•• •
tlin Hun. M. 114 rro4dent,
ul our told a our, ar I . l..leurett.. the lath dey
of.l.uusrv. Ant, umr thousand eight
lauu./..lanal • a ty-o<veu.
J.,11.11 M. la:L.
• JCP1:8:1.
,1, 7 ., at an "rd., of the C",uurt or
lLe uu.l. night titurdlan of
Minor ..1.11 I a 1 Ar..l. T. 5hi..1.1,..,. will
Sale, the ,retulaes,
On TneNdny, Februa,ryl2, IM 7,
At I o'cleel...r. la.. all that 'retain tract of land
In Eta,. A o, c0...v. Va..
hong the prop erty or sal., •low h (don
sn e ril of the
nn the or
to ,L.-
er aro c
estl Irskate fas rl..c r Alt.. Filleltla
In pi Qcerdlior, ti 100 at Se. .C 4, March
Trrot. contain lay :11 5e0.,1 and AIG-10 perch
houn I.y lands of Or :loan rhafer,
tVa.r. n. Zerah Ilapi..ll and other.. The
lauds It ail tinnyren.tivath•hexret.tatlant twelve
aeresokf WO.IIMIIII. WIIIII, Is underlaid with
t e l.esl.luallt)'.
Trove or SALL—Ow—third ease on delivery nl
deal. and lAnd.e.4lon nil the ilrst day or April
ext. and the balance in Iwo
1.Y,„t0 ther.alltr..lll4 lotere , I. from Ajorlt Ist.
to red bond tt al o.ortgaite no the
hr•Tulo The purel.A...l ail pay to eunveyatle-
InA and slant,.
rur for . {l., pa .wlre or C
, I•.r Guardian,-No.
134 ert, I•ll.tsburgb. •
J •
SI 1 0 11. HUTTON.
-1.11,11. r 'Gua.rdllan
A 1.1. E( lI ENW COUNTY', fig.-111
the Court ol C 011111.04 1 . ;t..5, No. I:I/March
1,7 —ln the mall, of tto. aplleaZion of
toe 1111100 .114r0.100.0 Coonere Ald
11.0 of Alloy. OS Couot, Penhayleants, fora
Charter o , '..onorpordtloo.
dud how to alt. January rah, lot The
.11rionsald varltlng to De fled In the olnoe
of the y C , the I hurt. at Common
Pie" In no fur sal t Conn:y.ood Dotter thereof
to be po 1, • In •oue toto , anent, printed In the
ckty of rilt,biiral, and County • f Allegheny,
for solo, Ihrfe act•ks.forth that an
ar plloatlon h... neon 11221ir thlin Gout for the
port... of grout.. the Union Journeymen
om, er. d n...siriatlou Allenneny Conntra
Crunsrle.oou, und
ofttt!, same be granted
at the neat trill the court
Coml.:a Pleas
mon a exottoldt, hered., IC tiled In parer
[lntr. . .
Ail prrrups ID tenate.l will please to take 00..
lice 4.1 tilc. Abut.. urdtr of Cuurt,
, • ' A. WII/Dll/LNN, •
J. 27,3:, - Ally for Itte Applies. Um.,
% LLEGAIIENY ('DI STY, ss. —ln
~..„ 3%, r. ..,GHT lb) c.1 , 1%(.114 PLEA& No.
... .1t.r..'1.. rat. 1,. 1., thr matter, of the p
plie:d..... cf 11... SC .7. - .1, 1 ,1 - 1.1.1,,,,,,,ni Builth O ug
and I ..... A.......,.it.00 of Atlrg,voy ..'ltr, for n
Char.. rot I ...0.p0r...10n.
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%Fostoria Pennsylvania Build
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I 'ittrliA:l;24' CtitTELT NAME OF •
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LAWILENCEVI I...E.—ty vlttne of n order .1
the Orphan. , Court of a 11.,thily
utotelslgsed guardian of Horn, Ilulf and ixey
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in ther..nel. of t.mereneerille, at 11l o'clocr,
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OLl.lallon ItaTS.S, Guardian.
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WILY Coal. Term, made know, at ante.
Inquire float the tdeml...a. of
, .,l rTUH~I PII ti I{
Or ar RAYNE A :id Ao..rAr,r.
lOrl Fifth etzeel.l . ll,lokargl, Vs
.V 0.410 t'enn Street.
DAIN & PlTCAtitti. Proprietors.
Sur Onanlanass and earrlaAes f ortlosbed for all
trains. Also, Carnagss ion YullerAs, 11'c,1,1Ins s
and rartles, at sbort outlen and r.l3o,sable
- Stable Open Day and Night
No. 56 Fifth Sireet,
lisping rttted npp rooms eselmileely far toe re
robing of Wit tibLIS find CLOCKS. Want good
tools and a large sod competent foruof work
men. we areenabled do wort U well. If not
tioluoir than any other otureliktneetT. wed.a
le firer repel rp will receive prompt attention
god be regulated by our - _
6 Wylie St., 3d door from sth.
Have More Imprpv . ements,
IKER LESS i;717191.9E,
AO4 Inv+ Muds SPEEDY anti' SLIiPLE in op
mutton than any Manta. In 'the market.
• 27 Emu Street,, Pittsburgh.
Gas and Steam Fitters,
A large wortmer ' d
Chandeliers, Bracy4ks Lead Pipe,
Pumps, Shelq Lead. &e.,
164 Wood Street, near Sixth.
149 h 9 M 9 _S9 fit) 149 $9 4, 49
sfol :
fa = l. O 8 . 13' fa, S 9
Itfarkst Street, fig
S S 9
89 1800T5 3 SINES ;'&C •S 9
'J.IS. ROBB, 89 Market St.
s 9 S 9
S 9 89 89 89 89 89 89 89
111101,...P. W. D. 1,1,116W....1,-I.IMRSON.,
fortorrty owned by M.BO, KING, rENNOUIa
uo een,eratsll3 . l.altoott tar pubac /oat wo
alit continue the motto raitura of . I
ghee Mtgs. Cotton Yarns, Carpet
maim, Candle Wick
and Batting.
Orders may be kth at the Other - orth. thirks,
• du Ar THE
Cornet of Itioto onto War and liszkeral
.lb. 92 Federal Street,
J. ......... . SCOT%
OILVSITON be scorr,
Fine Watches, Aloclts, Jewelry,
1J- Pullen!. Attooldon olved to Bewrthr
Waten.a. Cloak. and Jorolsy. AN work ...-
1411D.AV1C71.2118 or
Iron, "tubber, Tub and Trunk
foimtdr, PITTSBURGH. PA.
A full stuck of the shot,- Packing aliwas• on
hand, which cc will sell to Dealers, Railroad
corunsolcs and C0L11.11121 . r. at the same prices as.
It ran purchased /rota the tuanufaeturers, as
we blot , hero appoluted Sole Agants for Western
Penna. Call aud examine It at leos. ICId .
St. I:lair street. J. l H. PHD..l.lP an s,
Sole Agents.
B FOR. PAILLOM—Preach Designs. with uply
POLL HAl.l.2.—New Utrei rattan:mon/lad Clay
Ta it CHAathirid—Late and Yuan. Pattern
ovar dark around...
Far sale by W. P. MARSHALL,
-• Wood atreet.
Candy Manufacturer
And dealer la FollElt/N AND AIfERICAN
N 0.114 Federal Street, •
Second door from the Ftrat Natlei& it aith.
1 171 7 ,Et
11. ST& PHICaS, of lieorala, entitled .. A LIPS
EESULTn. Idr.Staiphens• name la a tlihelenk
wuarantee that this will be the atonildrd Hlatora
of the late war. nod all
worksho dales the incoa
',Hai! , and rioniiitare abould 11W•11. I.
one. Harttli•AL PUBLISHING CO.,
Nei 5; Minor atreet, Philadelphia, Pa
laiiintidna •
111E1E11 CLOSE & CO.,
Practical Furniture Manufacturers
COIL PENN AND -WAYNE STY stylog of yunNirunx nonnontly
Business Cards. Lotter Heads, Bonds. Labels.
Circuls, ar hhow Cards, ISlolomas, Portraits.
V wire. Certinesot Llosits, loritaUo
Cards. O. Nor. 7Y and 141 ep Thlrd Plus. n
TIIANOS '1 PIANOS !—An entire
-a. new stock or K NABS& CO.'S PIANOS, which
are raw the twat made: also ll AINI-N
BROS. CELK A'S us. Price from tad
upward. Person. to WOOL of • drat class Plano
are rt spectfully tut Ited to call and caaattitet
twfore purchasing elsewhere
M. 43 Fifth stree
Anchor Cotton Mills, Pittsburgh,
Bumfactororm of
lloquETS, C EtimELIA s,
We b „, th e lemeat .L 1 heat Mock of WIN -
, TEtt rl..lWhittNti atact the city.
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pr0 , u1.t , 5 x....-d octet.ars run to U. tireco
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irenscnt, Pitch, Pell. P'arad/ A s e
Irarnitd and Black Paint,
kiwinisetured alt Sc'.!
hose. u toc coontry, sky" . k.
IVAK•sr, Ve nat. it Ramis
Tne CELEIIII.4:T7iID STEELTriOTit IIAY RSREy. •i rraistn Hirai , sod
••idistio ONK nlArk" arc Ina nutscltirtil °WY at tko
chtjt WOlitit.„.. near the I . .. Menu ary.
AIM eheny City.
tiny Yorks sprink and
ers if•arons, Wheel
lur... awl ' Trucks ot fvstyld, nines or
the intterlat. at : . „, Dr( Donee, and nicriant,