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No. Be FlfL2a , Btroot.
P. B. PENNIMAN, E mwr ..
T. P. .1110CFSTON,
211 emo P. !MED,
/Cite Copt ts .......... ..... . etrits: ,
Dell rend by tarVer, (ytr ante.
Bobsvlbers, (ptrycLr) ..... W 4.00.
Liberal mit etions to Kt wer.Y. end 4.°°".
IrtnaleCoptes, per year. 4 •• ••• • •
Vhe do. dn. do. each
Teti or more <opt,. to ono ad•lterz, and
one fret to chi, .......... .
-rue cinmnaptive
Thee CLlll(l.eo.uulptiou with her languid
.• moods,
Iler 'mail - deg whisper, and her dreams
that seek— .
To muse themselves In al rut solitudes;
census with heetie sad wasted
And sttll the maiden' pined more wan anal
tale like the littond hew; yet would she
'The word o ;hoPei even she passed
Amid tfi ' e closlMt . tMds:and hided ray by
• The rao.stdre . it; I
consumpti , t it„
is that of
rttil 'of late Tear! It, has
noon by all classes of persons
rieceisarily fatal. • If the Urst symptoms
wiere . attended tu, them need be very few die
of this once formidable disease; If
thiy , !Ina Inception of a cough, or • sOre
throat, or a hawking up of blood, It would
thO course of n few Jaya, remove the ob.
ktructlonwhichenuses the cough, and es
the Cquillthrlum of the olrculatlOU
and thus resters health. p . n. KEYSER'S .
rECTovd4os,Trarr without doubt eon
moot:perfect remedy now known for the
.early stages of coughs - or OOlds, and had
cured very many pureons who have been
.hopclessly advanced in consump•
slon. . .•
• absurd then it 19 for persona to allow
themselves to Para Into an incurable dia
ease,erliedit ridget tie arrested 1n the be.
Ask any ono pi CU rig and wasting away un
ties ihis disease what were the first Ca U.o.‘
and he will tell you that he was out late Ma
bill, hr standing on the street corners, took
a chill, which was followed by a cough and
hoarecnassoreare throat;.these were neg
lected for awhile, and consumptiOst bad
lastene,l on the lungs or brbnchia, and the
whole constitution was gradually giving
away under Its baneful Influence.
IVe,iiicak of common causes which meet
the . medical 'practitioner every day, sup.
pO3O _such person were to take, for a few
days, a nuleak•iito Dr. Kevrr's Federal
Cyrnp. It wilt Infallibly remove from the
the morbid ccadltlons which, if left
slone,talght en,l'ln pulmonary consump•
Hen or In the, devellipment of pulmonary
tubercle. Dr. lieyser.'i PectUrsl &YrliP has
cured tens of thousands of jest such cases
as we have named.
.We meet oven - day on
the street some ono who years ago was
sentenced to a , consumptive's grave, who
by the use of Di: Keyser's Pectoral Syrup
Is, now restored' lithe:llth and a renewal
In summing; up we would 'say
that. in the beginulug of a consumption
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup never fails.
10 its developed stage It has oared very
often. Dr. liesscr uses, however, In ad.
Lanced stages of the dtsrale another retie
by called 1,121.i1i CURE' or Pl.'l,slolcAllY
111261.01 LA TI VI, which If one of the most
valauble metlielnen'siver compounded for
restoring the blood to. a healthy and isles'
tie condition, and for restoring and 'repro:
- sing MIL Only the digestive organs them
selves to full 'power and efficiency, but at
the salmi 'time imbuing the chyle with its
own utinderful preperfics, SO that It 'will
'stimulate the scesellng and seeerning 'or.
gans to a healthy' and mantel action. ror
all chronic diseases of the lungs and air
i:Jas.:gee Itlas no equal. It will carry 'out
of Iho system all morbid and unhealthy
material and replace It with new, and in
that Ivey gradually cure disease and rc.
.tore, health,
Dr. Keyeeni remedies can be bad of meat
Mdat Lie great snediaine store,
;Nci. 1 1 Wpist street. Consultation reams'
ler InnEaxamtnations at Pextu.street,
- Ircln.P. - a.. until Ir. Y.
Almost Lost
.13 . ni Lire .losuranee company
fly reference to another column IL will be
neon that Mrs. C. flyer, and Mrs. Wni.J.
Itichardsori have made public: actrnowledg
-10:;WIL of the receipt orate thousand dollars
wach; tram 11. P. Chapman, Manager of the
l'lttaburgli• breach of the ...Einn Life Insu
rance Company: Tim progress with the
prompt and careful management of this
Company.eommends It to every ono Inter
rsted in the subject of Life Insurance. We
dealre tO state a few facts In regard to It.
over one thoonand persona of l'ltteburgti
and vicinity have tahen Out policies in the
This Company Issued 14,in polteles der
ins the year Being au Increase of
3,8r0 over the Tireeeding year. .Th e receipt,
were $3,521,230.a1f0r the year I,M.
Comment is unnecessary. These figured
speak for tliamsolvos.. Feraona contarapla
flog insuri4g will do well to cal and get 'a
circular and an explanation In regard to
Use workings ,Of. this popular Company.
The offlea Is at No. 59 Fourth street, Second
door of Britfice,s
- Wanted "Merehnots and Store Keep.
0r...! to Enos . ,
That ire have Just received direct from the
importere and tilrinufacturers, a large
sleek of staple and isincy goods, consisting
In part of Spool ! Cotton, Patent Thread,
Suspenders, shoe e, Pins, Needleki Fish
• hooks and Lines, Pencils, -SOLO Paper, En
('ens, slater, Ink, 'Blacking,' Tacks,
]latches by the block nod box, Pipe Stems.
Stood adPipes, Clay Pipc, Pocket Books
Valentines,. Pocket' Cutlery, Razors and
Strops, Brushes of all kinds, Scrub and
White Wash, and Dusting Brushes, Paint,
ite., sitJvD. Thouipson , a, iiu Liberty street,
' At the World's Fair '
la Loadon, iSG2, the Wheeler &Wilson Sew.
_nig Eitel:duo received the highest award—
en ihe.Staehlnes of herons and America le
cam netltlon. - 'll2lB award has always been
made wherever exhibited. You will make
po mf.stailio In ordering one as a holiday
gift .to info; a late rOr rrlopd. .They can bo
purchased only at Sumner !7 Fifth
_passing t Colwell's Cod Liver Oil.
The rarest and Sweetest COd Liver Oil ID
LID) • world, naMufactured from 'fresh.
healthy Ilvebi, upon Lilo sea.allore. .if. Is
perfectly pUro an/ sweet. Ant for "Rae.
and a:Caswell!! COd Llvor.l)ll,',manorao
turea by . •
Canwst..f., & CO. New York.
Sold by all druggists. kw
Prank. lunar , . Leather PreiserVetiSe
Is the beet tliteg made for Boote aed Shoes
Ilbreservea the lentlier sad keeps the water
out. Bold at .TOhU D. Thompeons Brush tied
Veriety kore, 210 Liberty street.
. . .
Uf 0/1.120.1 feints and vegetal:des are tart
_ ted to the assortment kept by Geo.
Beaven, at 117 Fedend street, Allegheny
Drag, end Medielnem
Doctors' prescriptions carefully prepared
'at half tho - uso:Lt price, at Fattest's Drug.
Siete, eppe....!te roatedlce. •
Th , tnedlent .ofaco of E. Warner, old In
(Stan ravatalam Jk Son, removed to No. 11l
Venn enact. • OW,
Yost Can Islay
Foreign Liquors of all Schuss at Joseph S.
Finch's Distillery, No. Ito, 1111, 195 and 195
First strut. Pittsburgh.
Toes 41'en:Bny
t 5 per cent. Alcohol utrJoseph S. Fllneli'a
'Ton cliet 134.7
New Hopsat Joaoph 5:-FlaelVe
The Now York ElmZd's Ottawa special
nave information her. been received In Can.
ads: from the Colonial Secretary that the
COLitiAor6tloll 'scheme, undervt.he Quebec
conditions, hal brim item:not:fed .by the
boat gorernmens, end the bill %will be in.
traduced as a government measure at the
nikti sitting of Parliament. Prince. Allred
will ha• thy (lilt Governor and 'Loyal lice
I ,
''-..'- ''N .....3 „, „. , I l •N:,•'' t 4.1 , 1,:, , . . 170
. .1
. .
. 1..:01 H, h 1 -------5-_,....ki50 1—
? I:), , -./ ---, r : 2 . ! , ,
1 . .
. 1 ~,, 4ste 7 :, ' 7 1_._ /_2 l '
. - ._• , . 7 L q 4
i i - ,- - s . --; -- -.... ..4---x- , ,
_- .-•-•
- - - - - - • . _., --... •
__ - .
.- - - -
. 1.. . .
. _
The Great Eastern to Sail Tor
New York in March.
The Austrian Army Provided with
American Breech-Loaders.
611311 Ra TO lEPSILSNT atntiN IN TQ G!T.
/11, ib ' e Cable.]
1.m:1:Brom., January P.s.—The ateninnhip
Tan[ front front Now York, arrived !MI morn•
The Great Eartern, on the Mk, won Safely
nhwod upon the gridiron nt Birkenhead,
trnrioeite this city, IT the Ll:plain of tile
Stetltntlr James kneetnifn. An examination
shows her to beingO4d condition, and she
will positively setter America on the
Of MM h.
core, Fits*.tacr. •
Beside, Jan. W..—tkrant :Lamarck Lan
been nnmlnateti ter the German Partia=
mint s to repc"....Bent the city dt Berltr.
Ins RAJI itt rel.lllk.
Losreis, Jan. o.—blepatches received
state that the Cretan war has been renewed.
The terms of the Sublime ratl.t3
Were- scornfully re3ectMl by the Cretans.,
battle ha, ethce been fought, but the re-,
suit Is tot stated. There was apparently,
much • enthusiasm on both aides, arul thti
war had spread to the nelghtlbring Islands!
1. - Learner, January Persano
has been acquitted of the charge of core-II
%%E MU, January •.—American breech
loading rides have been given to a portion
of the Austrian army.
Tao o earl "MI,.
Moos., Januarj 29.—The Greek 31inh.try
preptise to raise tie effective force.of the.
Greek army to 31,030 men, Including HA()
reserves. This action is taken on account
of the military preparations made, and the
threatening attitude of the •enblitriu Porte.
'RVSBLN careen IN NEW volts.
Sr. PNEEENNENN, IaISIMky 2t.—lt it Bald
that the ItuseMu Government proposes to
build a 'Greek church in the city of New
Lonnos, January... R.—it Is considered cer
tain at Constantinople that the Eastern
consplitattona wilt result In war.
Turkey has called out 150,010 reserves, and
the Government of Russia has ordered all
military furloughs to cease bn the first of
JanpauP , :,-.4.111,101.
mil= has leaned a manifesto nationally .
arrangement betwetm Trance and the
United States in regard to Mexico.
ddvraroot, • January ^r.—Cotton opens
quiet and steady; probable sales, lr,tto
bales; middling uplands still quoted at 113;
p Lannon, JaattAry .V.—Consola for money
advanced to DIY.;; Flve,T weuty bonds ad
vanced to '73%; Minnie •Central, elli; Erie,
LONDOT. January m.—Consols declined
3% and quoted 90 3-16 for monetqlrive-Twen
tte'S 5.16.• Illinois Central, V.. Erie 41X.
PAR... January ...—tinited States bonds
advanced W.
LITE/U.ooi, January M.—Cotton market
steady and prices closed nnebange.i.
Breadatud*Wlteat Inner; Red Western dls
.3.1013 s tkl per cental. Corn 41;6415 , 1 per
quarter. Provision market 11 rmer. lard
02.1 per hundred weight. Petro/cum reared
Pennsylvania and Canada white 15 8,1.•
Ileacamrza, January ?Lt.—Market for
goods anti yarns quiet, but prices clearer.
Ameriban Consul at Mazatlan Ex-
ecuted by the Mexicans.
The French Troops Rapidly
Leaving Mexico
X"! Year., January
The Ffernidta Mexican aslvicel, by May of
Nem Orleainti dated. January :ALL. stun.
1 hat a French newspaper in [ha- city of
Mexico Says that the Mexican authorities.
at Mazatlan bud executed Mr. Carman.
United States Consul at that plate, upon
whIOLI the United Mates runboat, jying
near at hand, had bombarded. the town for
eight-hours. • -
Net, Tons, Jan. M.—Vera Crux dates to
the 234 bare been received.
The French frigate Raccon left Vera Cruz
on the 21st, with Ito' Austrian infantry.
The evacuation of the City of Mezleo
would be completed by the ?alit.
Marshall n.lOllO had issued a proclama
tion to the Superintendent. of _the Itallroad
to arrange to transport:24ou troops per any.
lie bad al. Issued an order, stating that he
had arranged transportation for all partial
to France, free of cost.
The United States gunboat Teheran was
at Vera Cruz.
SAZWiCtSI2O, January M.—The attempt
to capture the steamer 1 enema and Conti
nental off Cape SC Lucas, by Col. Dartols,
Liberal officer, was frustrated by the en
ergetic action of the commander td the
United States steamer S w aneeatho boarded
the steamer and pot Dennis and party
ashore, and sent the vessel beck to alma!,
len. It la not believed here that Dartois
bas regular authority frOm the Government
of Mexico to warrant such an enterprise.
Myriadler Arrested—Belief for the
nouns= Poor—Death of lase Author
of the "Jaen Downing" Leiters—
First Shod of the neason—Whip
Building Suspended.
Sew Tone, January i, ieb7.
• sedan:ea snitcsree.
Colonel Felix Othyrne was committed by
Justice Dodge yesterday, La the Jefferson
Market Pollee Court, in default of bail on
the charge of swindling. Cellythe claims to
have been the thunder of the Johnson club
at Washington, and has lepr,sented him
, self a s an agent for the President.
nOtrratall natter.
A meeting of the Executive Committee of
the Southern Relief. Commission wan held
yesterday afternoon, at the Merchants'
Bank. Wm. vermyle acted n 9 temporary
chairman. The Committee organized by
eleeting.ktr. Archibald Russel[ permanent
chairman, end proceeded to tranqact the,
necessary business of the Commie sloe,
ergoteetr Lanz tone numNso.
The American Darns Steamship Line it t:i3
be resumed on the lath of February, and
will be composed of the Mate, Fulton, Um
drone and Ithisissippl.
=CUM Oa iltrOnTaa
A Case Involving the payment of the "ez..
vise of 40 cents per gallon, in addition tattle
reventle duty of id, on linpOrtal ,hua
been decided by the United States Circuit
Court in favor ofthe government.
Charles AugUatile Davis, the well.known
"Sauk Downing,", tiled on Sunday night,
aged seventy-two.
salr nuILMITO.
Ship building here Is al entirely sus.
711197 ll•.
The fi rst aha,l or the ti eeaa D on from Savan
nah, rue 4014 to-flay at alz tlollaze per pair.
(Bp 21frrchontr , Nahanni Telegraph Co.]
Oa Orr, Jammu N,—.lVeather cleat and
very cold. Thermometer, at zero. /Elver
anti creek atilt closed, Market for croile la
vary dull-anti tending downwar,l; uo
today .tooted at 4 , 2,33 Imre.
Special Piepalch le the r IL 61;urgh Gazette
11.saiuser .1110! 1,1;7.
The following bills were read In place:
fly Mr. Lowry: To Indemnify elect fen
°Ricers for costs In derending • salts for re
fusing to mesh, deserters' votes.
Also, act relating to the law of evidence.
Sly Mr. Bighorn: Incorporating area nat.
Deposit Conlpsny of Pltt.burgli-nesv
Also, To confer certain nowt., on ate
Pittsburgh Forge and Iron Company.
fly Mr. Graham: .t bill resoling the 01,1
burial ground in area VorOugli of 15e.wlciiley.
Also, A supplement to sn met relating .to
tho paying of line, for selling Itquoron Burt-
Aloo, An tot Incor:nn.,lng the nattdoilfY
and Cr" in !street Bridge company.
Mr. Coleman offered a resolUt con t rddrue tr•
ing tho .indivdary conitnltte4 - to Imiuire
Into the power .1 thifl.eglalattrOoVesti.Ati.,
cemd c , ornranlohlrelativel,,l lolls and pitsset,
?ern, area tons lest Iti Authority oyer the
The folio , iii ,k , lll. were mussed:
An incorporating pa, itrudy"s flood
itridge t'nuipany.
A. net ineornorating 1110 M [anal
01100 COiil'dally of Ilvsetve township.
At the afternoon b. 31011. 1110 Soct-htl or
der, being 111. jolt, ntion relative to
Edgar f.: ,, won, Vas dl c.i ic.t and pnssed by
a paliy vole.
Tug: fullowing WIN on the prive.o2.
tlnr wvte con,biered an t p6eeo 1:
To ',cat, c'ettiLn hines and alit*, In
MrsVcr. 7
the .s.ouent, of rn 0ta1.09
tal.09 iu Isittunntni.r•
To cnelito the School Itircetor4 01 hirtA
naming:lam to barrow moist y for the
Lion of reboot entitling,
An act retatiny Itt beeinurant, anti beer
b0n...! in Washington county.
To prohibit the granting of licenses in
Heaver county.
Eau:titling the jurittlictillu of the Oi
nk..., Lotiii, of 1u; k and loyettouailatot.
An ant relating to the Dllttlet Attorney
el AllOghtny county, creating the ofnce of
A.pi.±tant 1 / I ..trat Attorney.
A oupplem,tit to the act ineorporutingtha
tint.P.tol I t o,,litter Poi!rood.
To priced the eprintiling of ;tall no tire
truck of I'a,-cover Rittlvroy to Philadel
phia and :-Ileglieny rountit,
_ .
nt!l ry
The t:114.111 preeented a commualentien
from this I . resolent, enclosing the ' , urn,
pondenee of the State Department: on the
subject of Mr. Mo!kVA rehttntatten as Mtn.
tutor to .10atTiri, entered 10 he printed.
THE oLoakmE.TO.
The CHAII6 also zinbmi , ted the 111.,
vetoing the Colorado bin, and asked what
action Would the Senate take.
- • .
alter - mone debate, ut the expiration of
which the worn log hour vxpireil, the mes
sage Went over Mali to-narrow.
SIM TA ft.ll, BILL.
The Tariff BM camp up. and aftVr some
blight • automlment, Slr. DAVISVooved to
rteollllolt mu bill to tbn COlutnittoo for con
ohlemt_ton with the Internal nevonne
for the purpo.o of reducing the taxed oh the
country olio hundred rallifond a year. •
The Pre;ldeitO , 'Private Secretary h
entort-a with the Voto of.lhe ritarvviir4
. -
TIIG TAMP," .1.1.•11,.
Mr., 11111311, moved to Millie Out that
portion of 31r. Davi,' 1210tWil looking ton
eleureti,o of one Lundrkfl million of 1:1.1,
• Mr. DAVIn accepted the modification.
After entatte the- futitom to /I:m.ll2lnm. woe
rejected—Vl - •
Pe e defy on wan increased from
ten TO twenty eentb pen buelati. •
Mr.inUMSE.H. morel to make the duty Oil
Coral tattled net mere than thirty degreen
east pf %Va.:ern:ten Wry cents per toll.
This was in the bill as repOrted, but she hen•
at o had already amended It by nicking the
duty 94,30 per toll On atl imported coal.
Wlttimif farther action the Senate ad•
learned. •
On !motion Of Mr. Iit.AIVE , , rho commit
tee oh ElettJolts h e Ett.eharg,t from the
trotoeduratitet of the, sublet', of theMery
hoot electlott., oh Mellott.: hoot h - e .. , ty
strut - le , : the J 101 tetary Committee t thee..
ttgate the ollictut eontleut of the IttOhittent
In re:talon thereto.
'Hr. , SCHENCK, from tho Mary Co:m
mitten, reported back, with (111 emend
Went, the Ilooto blll to etottitzebutlntlea
Or.Nrect to ho printed.
Mr. JENCKS, Rom the Commltt.. CM IL,
tredichment, reported Luck the flower lid]
to regulate the well neretee of the United
mate,, nut expl.lned the eintracturfdles
The nlq:AliEtt nnnottnetal 31r7arns
worth tta taldott t I/cplace ( ,f m r . W: v44 , o , ne
on the Iteconatruction Commlttt4t.nt lat.
tor haring Imen granted learn 01 It men e.
Mr. IND W 12.1.1., thPlit Well of 1.110 Compilt
tee on Attrloolt ore; announctnl that he
would moon lIIICIPttice. a 1101 i n 1 . 04/llllttart
Op, Aurpecht Jr,` IP:pIICIPICIah r
Mr. itl/"l'Elt, toad :he Commi:t Int on :tit.
rlculture l reportett a hill to reatrlct. the Pe
partuo In the purchas.t, for.llntritattlon,
o mt.
only of t. CII relthe, plant. not! ilowura tot
are not common In 11111.:PlICII SLItCS.
Atter 111,mislon, tit, hilt nit, Litl/ICh.
00 motion Of Mr. 00 N N K1.1.X, the hee re
tary or tlm Interior wait reque.tiel so fur
ufah Intorm u ttnn rdailVV. 10 the macsabre
at Fort 1%11 Kearney, t lie eaihnis /Se.
Mr. WIN Ih) II roported bark the erniit e
bill, promOing for an annual Imipectlen In
to Indian aOhlr, After nf.cnenfon , the lathl
went ever tilt to-morrow.
lA-. ,
• IT )01.:1:11 Etta.
The S rEAKy.]:prii.s,lit,a Etteut.lvt; Ixu
report tho lil,CreUtrY of Y<rtte,
If, re certai Lrtz n m 1.11 -
litLempt.l compromise
of ilts
Court, In behalf of u the Cattail st.thol,
ugaln.t Frazier, Trenholiri & Co., alleged
agent, of the au cnllo 1 I :m l h:iterate State,
Iteferrial to tho yitantittne
Tim rePort of the Secretury of State. in
answer to the Douse ri:bolutloti, stating
that nolo formation had hrelt received 1.,
that Department lo relation to the remov a l
of the Protestant Church at the American
Embassy at Route by order of the, iimeae
tiovernment, trio,, retuned to tile same
41190, from the Presldea of the Colt,
Slat 04. tvllh eopo, Of :elegraphle dlnitateh
hb., relittecting . the Now torlo.tun riot.
Ittforred to the S,Ouet. Committee. , -
rp.x.,oost TreltS. ••
. . .
The report et the GommMee or Confer•
once ea Ole bill relatl-re to penslOns, was
concurred In.
'rim noose wont into Committee and con•
oldercil the mcnild nous!un bilt, which ap
propriates iyiti,io,te.O. It wits reported to tic
notieu with tilt recommendation tbat It
. • •
'rho Committee then took up ti ro Conati..
for awl iliziloulatle Appropriation Mil.
:11r. NIIII.AI it ail WllOllllll.ll. IA
ineert an appropriation for the malary of to
.111 n let.6r to Portugal.
A ilebato followed relative. to the cunso
forwhich Con grese, at the hist oession, cut
oft' Mr. Harvey'soil
,itry, viz.: A lot or fano
him to tieeretaty he ward condemning tint
action of CONaltba. it was agreed
that the umehilment should be considered
adopted to Committee, that. it yule :night
he taken th Alto House. • .
Mr. WlLLl.llltjain'tii t.l;:t,illlce out the
aparoprirthonLfrtne. for the United maths lagn-
tion at 1
)Ir. ~ TEvE.N6 moved to tirnana thb 1)y
triinz:tlng the fallowinv:
. .
- iiVnealiAn, It In beneath the dignity and
'contrail' to the juntleit of thin tuition to lie
repreneti tell nr-any Court Minn govern
ment. prollibltn the free wornhiplip Anoirl•
van citizens. edible its juri.nilliAlon, of the
Chrlntlen religion; unit whereas, [hullo - man
g 0 04,11/11111:11i. hop lately ordered t the Anted
ton churehee to lie iunloved outnidu the
city, Mel deiieprohibit the frtm exercise lip
them of Chet ntl an religion; thereforo -
Re erwairt,i - e. That no homeyn hereby
atipronrlnteit shad lie paid for the support
or the United Staten Letrution at Rome, or
the future elprriut, of unpolll. legation."
Mr. moved to sir iho out the pre
Air. limo's amendment welt adopted l,y CA
ayes to S 2 naps.
Their/ending iinent .111efitg on the ittnimil•
;neon. ternetided, the Goinnittieo rose anti
repo: tett the i 1, 11:.1 , 121 hilt to the
ilonne, sehleltAi putltd.
hie =I,LiTI.I
Mr., FERRY' 1111 . 111011x1 I re,,,
the tiorernerd sliehigan, the Gi Kulilinlk
rnend: of
Referred to tl Committee on MUM
The Bill for the Public Sale of
Gold Rejected.
it& Atoitt
Bounties to SoldiernDisabled Other
wise than by Wounds.
Report from the Pre,isteni on the
Nen Orleans hints.
Tit 0 1 ;I1S - cfr H101;161S TO i'MCIIC6
I. A -111ILT . CM,
The Presbhmt, tOsiny, returned to the
iicnate, oldestbms, ti.r bill for tile
win/15810e of Nebraska. Ile refers to the
fu ado:neat:al ellthllt ion precedent, that nu f
. 1,4 1,4 uillAlved,ts about distlwetion
tit race Or colon ' eendition is not Men
=tied to the, ,oriiinal enabling act; teas
not contemplated at the time of tie passage;
1-00 not sought by the people themselves;
lies not !men applied to the Inhabitants of
any State asking admission, and is In direct
con diet with the Cow:tin:thin ndoliled by
the people, and desl mr;ul in the preamble to
be repumlcan In its term 01 UOVOTltttlent,
for in that Instrument the exeretrai of the
ultmtlye Intnehlso and right to hold niter
are expressly limited to allitecltlzona of
the United - .States. GongrsTa thus under
takes to autherliw and lsotaLsel tee Louie
lute, to el . .Lsge a cen,titutiou,whfell it is
.declared Inthe preamble has received the
sanction of the ;maple, sail which, by this
bill, he tie,epted, ratilind and edntlrrned by
the Coustre4s of the sietton. •
'rho proceed, to show that the
flout add third ..ctione ol the bill eahlblt
turther Ineoncreity. he says, .4... c
ivets It ratisfiesi ldmt riebrashant the preik
ent pollsesecil sullMent {emulation to
entitle her to full tepresantutlon In the
conoelle of the nation, and her people de
sire alliate.governruent, good faith would
clernand that ellwahonld be admit
.Letts. rpui4,l4l4!cpcd.• :Out
4)l4.44lt4alesieerelitlirtlie Preamble,.
'her inhabitants have or:outlined."
The President, Incompliance with a rasa
lotion of rho Mouse, transmitted, tartar,
voluminous clocuMente on the subject of
the New °tie:tits riots, In July lest These
include four handfed foolet.arp pages of Wei
many taken before . the Multary Board con
vened the Instance of General Baird, and
. con:4l.lting,of Mower, Quinhy, Gregg
aalS , Raldy"fttrlttli; together with their re
port, In which they , condemn the "induct
or Mayor 'Monroe, and nay but for the de
claration of martial law hy General Bared,
and the preset:mord' troops, tire and Ideal
shell would Mr, raged thi . ough the night In
all the negro ,la/tern of the city, and the
lives not property of Voice lAt. and north•
orn men would have been.. at tiro mercy of
tee teen. - Thu emenervator- of poace ha
log for the time the Instlgatore of violence,
ittithtng woiltt have mutuitnett but an arom•
lag for ielf defence, and a scene might have
cueued unparalleled la the history of any
ern, LOH THE 11.2 , 0 THEY or CHEM. r
• The Pre...loot, to-lay, transmitted n largo
man, of dOCHITICHLS to the Bowie; reapeet
tog the compromise of certain tulle Dog!.
Lilted In the Englistv Courts, In behalf of
the, Coned States, ..aintit Frazier, Trot:-
holm A. coteeany. alleged agents of the sot
called Confederate Otottia IL append, t lint
on the WI of December, Asalatant Secretary .
Seward, In writing to Conant Morse, nays,
that the arrangement which the latter
assumed to make with Mr. Pigott. has
scan illhoove red Inlnit wholly Aillmot
A,lntant , :ncretury of the Treasurf,
Chandler, on the St:, of Derefishor, wrote.
char to Socrotory nowar,t, saying that ens.
tale nuthorlty heretofore yob fr reed on Con
out Moran ILO been revoked, and he requests
that Sir. SCA,I.I Instruct )11ntstor Ad.
11.3 to deslicnate sumo sultable person to
Like charge and cOnetudu any unfinished
aoe Wass grOgring ma of the authority oon.
feried upon him, Which way still remains"
In Merle's hands.
. A:ell:Lary Seward, JAMMU' 12th, Informs
Minister Adaini that dollen! Moron has dis
obeyed lustruutiOns, in making concessions
of law, against, wide!, he was• expressly
warned by t DeoArtment, and acting with•
oat the concurrence id Mr. Minim!. Finally,
the ',intended agrnetnent was ono-sided,
atlpen,t log absolutely an allowance to Fra
cant', Tren holm .t Co., and not stipulating
lily venial balance whatever to the United
beeretary cw ar , i , writing to Conant Pull
ley, Jametry I ith, ell's, to PoliPei't to
act: Land, awl prontirtytit Mr. Morn's alit
thor:ty really to, that he wad ender
erdirce, lnatriletiotet to do nethlng willeb
allould recognize the calamity of We Pr ,
terichel rebel onlcials or abetters of rebel
lion, Oho dealt tattle them, or maim any
contract which could glee vutldity to naidi
lIn,I or ch
Thu correspondence between the ~.,h‘rettar
y. of titate and Mr. Holley, Stlelster'io VI-
C:nett. iras submitted to the Senate today.
Mr. onward wrote, November 21m, that tat
had Information that Mr. Motley Lad az
presw,d disgust at the Yrealdent's conduct;
that he had sold he ateapiSed American de
mocracy, and tonally proclaimed that an
English gentleman was the model of ha'
man. petlhation, and that lathed Bald the
Preeddent - hail : dosertod Itle , pfedies and
principles in mailmen a itll Mr. Seward,
whose condition was Impale...dr alegraded,
Mr;llot4o,i'an - o
dental or coniMmatiOf the
atatencents ..
required. '
Mr. Motley replied at some length, Wa.'
leg that, w fills lie hits never concealed Mx
political hit:mein favor the re-organisation
of the Smith by the ttonetlt ntionnt Amend
ment, the charge., [natio against, him are an
false a, they are contemptible. lie unit
einelekby rerlgnlngllo• ndeslon to Vienna.
nen ell ki,Oll7lSlll A Tirrt,o /OR A MilmitOM•
In the Supreme Court of Lou District of
Celumina to-dui, Mr, liradley . .movil the
admiselon to the bar al Allan B. Magri
der, of Virginia, a member of the bar of the
old Circuit Court, and now an Attorney and
Conoeeller of ilia , upretuc Court of the Cnl
iod 64sNL.. It was generally trudeptoed
that woidd be nautili, to Dike
!rat le herYwil its the !eel. ~,,th, and this
(notion Itnetalido a this a Cohn of ascertain
ing how ,
Cnurt recorded the recent
,laclifei, of Ilse Supreme Court of the Coi
fed ' , totes; fig affecting
,fit.. ,Intme both in
levant to the rule It had Jahl down on the
subject. Chief Justice Cart cr in tor.umi .1t I'.
Bradley Waite giant his motion aria
on order far adnilseion, a °ilia be Id b i t.
aside the arNt rule of the Court. Mr.l:a
ly presurneti that When a member of the
bar of the nuptcuan 'Court applied fo ad
ty , les!on to this bP.retrould be attm Me a 9
a waft:or of parse, tag ioh oaths, I s
preAcrihea by that tribunal, (Ills court be ng
a branch of the othaf.
Jaittee Carter swAtt the heAlon •tl,un
whether this.9l . 4rt Aiohitteettrrat ti, reptal
hr inotiity I telotin
.1t was agretal that the argument be heard
on Thurvilay with a toll bench.
About ono huntishtt no.sipen „hoot Salts
bury, passelVsheonsit "Washidglon
this. evening. on ti t % way to Arkansas,
sshere they are OSI . O to work on cotton
plantations. • .
_ 1101...Vi1e.,11),.
ReliXr-ailliratdr*barfilart has' - preero tml to
ittre llorree a petitini Mooed Ormvoe one
thousand , PIO. Minitel veteran ;01ri1e,..-,
who regnant that tort4ieos enact suer. Inon
as sill! See - lire the pa Went of bouot imi to
Soldiers, who 'have Mn dire:barged from
the service, by reek. \of diSilbillt , Mei
than wounds, and t 'Owe uldr.Pare lob:
theirilineirargu pared; both elaqem of the,
men bolror.nOw it eprhiet! it: bnipkey, ct ~.,
the act or July, Isoi.
.. .
The Committee on ,Reatinotrutition mlll
enter luttneillatelv ttpeo the forint:rut:on nr
6 prOper bill for re-orfutio4lng II:e SLOIe 1:1
view Of the:repot 101 l of ch. coostitizt tonal
arbentlthent, fuel renort. at the ereetiti
A delegate from & oilot hi Virginia. hi, ar
med here, curing a petition to C0n . g1e..... live 1.110‘.6{1C1 V0L,11 , . coking the
Immediate outouti, , i Of. e.) , te vnervi Oen
of reconstruction. They also intend to eO.l
the President and teltliim Dirliill y till
der the apanieee of hitnolley the Into Con•
federate.; art. intoierant of Cn:rm t i. an.l
hie cell/depth' ilsltlnX the later with Pei.
. -
ty persecuttons.
The it - “Jlllegton C t Cooeras, alter
lonf debate; barb effreiel to bey the Tru,..
tete of the colored schools ono, howiuol
anllers, (het being thy 'minuet ace by lee.
(or Orel perece,e.
'no Ways and Moans lammittee have
ad Sorting, Clothes' Wrmcring and Washing
mochint, to the Ire° liat in Llhu tariff hill.
The Scn•te kineneo Coeiculttou bas re
ieeted the !tee.° gold tequltlett
notlee to lw trtven Or All rule 3 of Rohl.
• From 111;pet%hei to !lie liFe- Vr k repert
'rho Comn.ltt:•o have
agree° to transfer the Indian lime:tit trout
the Interior to the tear Department.
1 ho Ju , itclary Committee nd li cre to their
purpose of Hosing up all old business be.
lore commencing the listpeacbreent mac.
Pr. Nen:tele, formerly . .. Mayor of New pr.
leans, was emu-Intel' Ise the Riot tonirnit.
tee yesterday. Ills te4thintitit a tit prlnel.
pally concerning the polttiCal rtit.lui tip
city, and the personal trublte of the to mac!.
Pal authorities, lottit !cattail*
Delegations from twaieglittree of In
dian [riles to tile West are in
invited there by tiontelllardoner. !logy to
Name upon trentirt.
The Puttee in Ult. Moose on Mr. steveip
r6Conitrtection bile, referring It to t .tolu;
'temintittee. Is Peen:tittles fatal to It.
Mr. Clerk, of the Currency rrlntlnu Do
reen, explains the irralle Diet that e, rural
bond? with ouplluritod signabcts have Ivim
printed and issued by tetylitg that Lhc ;mu,
tiering machine got ma ektirder.
• •
The Capitol ihaildlo -opt' the Sitate—
The Word ••Wilit' . Image tbnAtitu.
Linn—The Waiver's Magazine Hero
lorstrA n It•neks,,tatittury V.—The prop,
Alton, before the Legislature to suftropr I at.•
one h I:mo2 . rd thotuntul chiller , ' to mot in ut•
the wort: on the CaottAß it,.
hl t,lv deemed, let, n 'LILL I tbui lb
reale, as non , .untructed ,uan crnin,, to
Petitions arn coming to crow nil ray,' of
the State, asking that Wm od r .1
stricken out of the C,nstitnt son. t Jnint
resolution to that alma atairattactliy
tt11" 114 Bill," an favoraMe enliven in the
last numher of // , coa.l's htttc at
Junction City, In this si ate, an. is to
be gambling of tun
Sr. I.ort, Th'oteerat',..ron , •-
ku ..peohuleutys alilt. been Ilitto.ltuo.l
Into the Homo. to-day, provl.llog. tot tbe
by the ,tuteo. clutme glob
out of Pt lett'e tabttlorlo g the .r r.
Thu 1100. defoattut (tat reuolulloo a-1.•
log I.:ollgres9 to Ova 111111.. In e-tablt , ll
rlVetifflela'S noire:ally, on the ond (but
bull tire uree, , to ti.o Comm',
'Schools sod ill the 0141.0 ttrovel.ottoe.
The pratiosttion to amend the Coo-it It n
tion a m to allow negroes to vie
eteised In the liciam. but nli leen Ono: no
tiOnj It fa laid th is immure has more hat
two-thirds majority In the Legishitime.
The L . egallgy °Vine francbt,e Lnw—
tropenchennut o 1 Jodizr Irri.ler, of
Noiinvil.t.r, Jon. ton
adopted by the State nenitto to-limy, untie
the the 13 OVAISnOr to employ cOntliel to de
fend the race, In 151, ,nprelete Court, in.
alvinK Ole comilltUtlol,4llti, of 111,, !pot
ent,. Inw. Om) Of the 001100 1111.3
been oTreeft. The other will not boreitcio
fur come weeloi eNnnn Litton tip Out 01
In the 11011.! the Tenor:: 110111 tbo
Committee recominouiling the ittnieuele.
meet of Judge Trio:ter, of Me ertininal
Court of !Livid.unty, .1 . 0 1 / 2 11:1.131ed
with rrtlelils of intile co torhuotui, n., row!.
Jullselrosier i o °Oen., lie 1 nieruiron
from arrest. noder-a writ of babe, rortiei,.
of men:line, of the Ln,i h ioterii erre,teli
lost seamier for. ;11,
leaving the 110010 without IL .100lIMI. Ito
r 111 propobly try Impeo ottC 1.
The I.wer notate of tho
Imre ban adoittett tOreoolullein glvintr 1-tire
nil to the cornett:Lion 01 tla mtvy .1 11
Monad Llty, on uhlt . h ti:Tutted ,httns
Governattnit hi. already Ottlenclett 0 110.-
tired thousand dollar,.
Itorrortm from the plains NA). that inn re
coot cold we Wu, boo calmed much 'offer
ing. Many men him been badly how.
end It Is feared tbal Sr hole `rants wlll Ise
Yesterday morning several forged el: 0 0. ,
cheeks were offered at thin dallereut batik,
an Philadelphia, and the forgerle, being
well executed, the cheeks were bald with
out ottepleion: A. cheek eve forge 4 on .1. D.
Mid, broker, for e1,0:4, and another on It, P.
Lancer for co,eoo, blmoltaneen. effort,
were matte to . vieLltnize every bank In Phil
adelphia. . .
man named .i Olin nowt nut arre , itc,l ilt
Albany yenterday, on a CIMINO Of InAng
enneurnna In UM Lord Laud robbery ln.New
York. iiC nun teen taken the., for esurth
A mun named Milton Itenny n n 7 garrocral
and rObbed by thrnamen, of nearly rig bun
d'red dailkitn, In 00si00, 00 Mond,. Toil,.
The anneal sport of the Mewl of Trade
of Toronto s states that gcnedul trade has
Leon in a nourishing condition during the
Pmt year, notwithstanding lb , dabrogati on
of the Reciprocity treaty; hut the Canadian
Luke shipping ?IlrferL,l meriensly In
COASCQUOLICU of being prohlidted (rota car
ryipg trOight • from one Aland
eartpart to another, as pertained teeter the
Reciprocity treaty, and that emmequentty
many Canadian 141410101.8 ilUVO ' bterdlll,
Irun by changing their register. '
.A.L . the'municipal election In Wheeling, on
mommy, the Democratic ticket. with De.
exception of Treasurer. was elected ny
deerewOd Majority.
Lieutenant Ame, with thirty !,, , !.11,r.
from - Fort Bedgwick, overtook n band of
lndtaanbn ltwant, on Pule
and re.capttireit Cade and Donaldo,oroa eat
no: The Imdtan4 were going aouthwe
and were certainly C heyenne,t, who have all
hoonloretotoro reckoned as being at pe.iee
with tho whites. The Lieutenant and hi..
command were badly frozen. •• •
.Lcmu'a Woolen sad Sattluct Sang.
took. ct., way borne.l on o lny iiiiiht.
loon partly ruin red. •
Great snow storm In Sort her - roil:
tdoo lll fig tip the rrill rrie i”
vicinity of Wirt:V.
U. J. . COW 1 / 4 111.51
F ,, aterd.s r, at bar rtuatleace,lll l'lt4ll. Burton
grin) I.lst.
1 1 I I ii: S 11 4 111 .1 1• 1 1 0 [.,fr 11 it l li V T 1,141 , Cal:TiT—Jlldgll liiIItIPILLT..
11 - /C . . -
• ,• 42 .1.11111, SIITTTIII'I,III', ,-.f.illY C. Irvine.
. 2,..linui, Sainivison vs. • .1.1.4iii Krop).
73 C. I. Ihni,cii .t. vons vi Ii
. O'llari., , iil
1-rearinr; rin• the Case of Wm, •••2Vi! ' •) l.lying OR 12.02iiinig ti,m .
minn 2 3' '‘'
E•itiltalile 12.2trtince Cninvany
~., E1..:‘,,..r v, %Vara vs. O. II .T011...H.
~ . . " :".,/ Earsrt S. Ward v• 4. I \ 3110 & CO.
- .._ .
Ann Mackey To. D 4,11: Patina.
27 F. 11. Watson vs. iroavpii l'iainin22.
nun) oYsTERS AS AN ELEMENT , Coaatia•Parras—Juilge Mellon. •
• .
- OF "SUFFERIAG," :ILI J. 11, :!..lell9n i.,..:titynern Steouti,not /11.
.... . . .
... . 17 Hosanna potintn pi. Nth:noel Ohl..
. D Levi Etlmunil.,vet v,. 11. Heath:
Tho Prisoner Held to Bail. I 3,,, . , D"wllug ~ I".l`''nuir et-.a1..
.34 ff , ; , g.4nt , t 7 71 v?. v .il l .... i n i tTrrL-.. ,
_____ .
4 31141111,;6 . 41 Illitwell v, Snob 'lt: t ottne
winh.., 47.1114.1061ier, the allegcvl I , 4riet• . awl .13,,,,,A. corry. '
(rater of the famous ..Sewickley Outrage,. I ''', 1 J.h.M • Fu ' t u . "• J • n • I '' sl, r,
1,1 ft 1 iv wring beforo Mover McCarthy at ten (' —.4..
nited State% Iri,triet feud.
• •
o'clock yestr/Jay morning on n .haMto ref Itefore Mon. IV 11,110 .1 , 1101101
ratio orefereedbr Margaret Brush. The es- • This enort met le, Tun-day at the looa/
""""'"'"" great
Interest, 11111 hourFten o'clock.
"la"y upeet:rtoes ' o"P"""l " • ' A3 Joseph Weaver, v rc_ident 0l yill:ghenY
has gained rneh wide spread Itotorndr, no , cottro , , , ,ras plagg,t on trial open nn indict
give a full report of the tniportant points; meet ChargOtz t'd,to 'Os
h . :slog : ln wit In the testimony. MaYor Me-n it !won:nr erne; Ih ii't;
rat th dothtr
y—, erl in-II:tally we think. In 015 W 110t0 011 the F and
ount, NI:0 losat (tank of PhIllt•
ot the oil t ton awl . po , lt lye thut has de/ph ia,'lonrant tenet ettrrthey. with
best, livataal upon I,na because of the etreutto Intent 1 . 0 0/tont "tut dtdr"ltd r.. 11
tavern accort on Penn street, of tine oar.
stantots of the arrest and itnprisOnltlent O( Tgo aerr.ed was dthal hitt wen., hut thn
the aernost—tolmltten stlth'nt concern- jory faded to agree. sue :It hens holding
tor f a ,„!, the nn eintelet eel ant the rentair . oler per,
• shdlnit 1, verdict of aw,untal. • Tim eale,
1"" "10" 1" nisei[ 'the prisoner han be. '" 11TO:tented hr Air.aro:shalt, on 0011011 or
01'e't , "^h ow his canton,. It will he secs the (iota:mono - M s eotueValet stronger
1 the II (lite y urn, thO •• Jug of than on the provants ttecastoft. l ine note
water ,hore'l In," the "loaf 000 and was proven to have iconp:L•rctl till Otst.
then, •• the •'llO all,l` of clothing -Ince ehrWl star defy by the ttectwil, who toOk
~.-J .; , th,e i t lr t ,l,,.,fte M
ell the Other'. dihner at gager, r tavern, In company' with
~.o.a.r, tnt, of which we Napoleon organ. 10 Ifffyllor for the mt./
1 •' - at•I •"" !" , o to. r"rn tt,:itlrt. It for it awl compouton, telnlerell
11 ill 0110 sue t tint th e o: 11•••ot the S.:O hill 1111,1 leech ed Ole Chang
I,efote 110,1 aft,•rh is hi, aree- da, the hilt was direoVeted by Huger to ho
lAt 11:, IA:31 till' 1 11 , l of tits,•st letcuff uterlett•'
h-pt Ilea 11l I.:, kept the loot, The cawe was not cunt 11.10 , 1 at the ad
, being ~t att - to jail. II the verve Meet el the Coe+ 1-
,tetereent v. lino fsos ere to he to•-
twill/' l in lorMarrnee to Hoe Ii; rano/on/LH ra , , goner ail on Plenk.
~ction+ of ompt Into penal, no prlsoner . ~
~,,,,, i 1 ,,,,. Thom , ~,.,.,,,,,,,.
on, fern Metter than lin, Laurotermer, A. fo
ICo loi, las 6 Iii,:III" I ommuniottoon „Ith out- Joseph seloololrr v.+. G. W. +Tenter- An
t -,, , k,,, I, ,111,1 II °ln 111 I lIITII Ho, thM nu thou for do/manes. l era let. for •refendants
coo vermol Moly awl nightly tln oagll °l'm
,I,toluet to Lc, monL vs. dlerm - tOler :Um+
No .rtttn „lids other poi/1011," in the lock
up, awl two floats 1,..-s lie rens/vete.' to be ork S. Co. nalni ill I+ 1,0,,,,ed of a hotie,
',Wed 1 , ...g the MIL, prhoone ,, , M. re-an.l lot on the north ri , ln of Second street,
our t „to canal tea „Hlt. Ifelow „ e /11-.-e ::::rom Third and Wood, In tar iills..itt
Lee trathnomy,
, ', / c-o-n.!
.alenda, fa „ orn-1 vertu IlvInt: at 'which 0,111/ has 1 . .1. - 10. PI since .April, 1 , -0.1. Ire.
1 10 - rS.lfosmilt no', no 11es:inner am the Melot of fen,loott/ ,o„ a a lot loolinlnlnsf, not by their
tin 11::10/ Nol.ll l / 4 , la,i, - 110,1, imyol mono se a / a nt+ and adelot+l ,,, othoo „ 11, Mlell . „and
thn large Nuuntlthle . Oa ro:g"'
"'it' is
•'i'r°. ln Ora
ntto null brava' metal,, rekttng
s,/,)st I I +lonia', go on, , / ad 1 hen- iron, I ' ' ' L od tho plaintiff's dos,ell
me ty sell ! :ante In, „nil mold thorn ' great footnote lig, . .
„, ,a ta ,-, ~,t , o r ,. i „,,_,,,00 - ~„ r „.,,,,,,,,y mg 1101120. OW 11,111114:IOU, -.., 111 . 1.1, by rot / .
a nu In al, ......... ol (lie henry :tonight
'”-"'a"ii." weal. "'"I "in ' """i i ri' '
ll'' —;
I ' tise „ al - I , • 1, racked and In luamia
term nrel al. Moo, el//rola, „ ith Illto, amt.:: t I
01.2.0, , ,,
ILlkti lIIeI 110,41. Lae Ilanolton and 11111 Lear- . 1 , 1,'„ , 1 0, 0 , au c d , , 0 • 0,‘,01, / ,t o „
1t10.1 , 00.0
:caner, 00:001055 "I,' Ills It o ''' ' " hi ig'ie ' l ''''
0 l 0 out of pi..e. nod 1.7:c :twilling
Nut Grape Neely; we all Went a•nwrs to the 1,1:I I a n t/ .
stage.,.ail Hop ealke ImE:210 up . the A fret. a , 01 . e . r , / , - , . ,
, a/ gkret,',a,til,-.o,o,3,omo:Listr,,s.lbut,lton,..r
r0 :111 .1 1
Ha nolton omol ',moray lam Hod th+ erli d •
to admen. Lautalerturr soul (toad +tom ol ' so n . . " ^„l t tila ' er ' ole abl lir., aura, Wm plats
wstj, /A ,.. „wi s e. a taco b dow 11, N./vitae . .. o 11l aa ..... led or . fro - flges . 1....0 tic 1 , ...V...en . t . o:he 11 .0 or s.
la , 1 , 1110,1 no, Jarmo!, than threw ma, ' entT wed. Lorknarrn s . am. ?triton n I r
n and Leh: Me thervol I soreamol tool ' tolatntlft J. II- /4'1 , : ,, Y. l'-' , 1., 1 00 , i.tnanits•
1, ~,i. 11,0 vlolat, 0 tda , ill'od, then 1. our- VII :nal. .
aertues, mat then Leinelly and Hale- I
... Stanton ,._
__..., Lit.
is.,nn e.ont ,
up anil .11,1 the Wee. ' •ennrter 110 I° ..101°.
Mon orboch.they all loft tie exeunt Henna- The In the Court. of Qttroader
oy, who walked nn l e e land with rue. 1 '
~,,.,,,, ~,,,, taken o i , ywatrs day, Judge,
''''''''' """ihi ih2 " .‘”'""-' ' ''''''P" ' ''. 'tort, Id Moe oon the lane,,. nohow-
I ash, ID> 1.1.i1t brother. but 01,10'1 sue 010 • . • '
him. I Hl/.1, - - Pont to my, Urtrle John Car- lag wo-, tine :Allewallni ,, o+ , •ol of: • .
I '"" ' ' I '''. tiTh° " 1 ti " ...t.:. ' t "' lt " i g ht • Crontnanwenlt It w i e. „abottel Hummel, in.
rws-U.saiairt,,i—TaLclopeurred od :0 -lb anoteil at Direiribizr i... , isioa., Mt. iiiri , .. -
.liii evening. at ii,.. a LoOtronnt olgt.t. ;and 1 ronnlt omit Let tr . .otor with intent to coda:Ott a
t ' i s V./. ft1111:116` . a1,011,1Y. /111 . near- c ,,,.,„ , L 0u 1,.,, i ..-, a,e ilro , reutrik. .110t1On
I'`ll Vona
VI, al, Wtoltaole, OW- in tle , 0. to • q „,„„i . ., ~.,1,,,,,. ~,./..,,,,Ams allowed and
to 1.1. Had an):,,,,1y 10,0 at home, thttok ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,h , ,,,.
" t-i ' d ' ''"' l° "' 1...4 " I ° . " - " -- 't t "• IL ‘' ' ' Cotul3lollwralth aka Lllen Allam, Indari i e. - 1
ceen tunrelenuar baloe, Imt. was moot ne- at teptenale, Lewa rn, for aa,,ault and bat
,: ante.' as ttlo lotm. Loyd aro' Litur,leritter .). ~,,.the t „,,, ~tilts. pr0.,,,,,,ri,
Id , ,uni..l Inas from gatinf; to hutch. Lear- , erg „ .. ,, , ,,,, 11,f ,. / i.' 41. , , , z.
~ ,,,,A , ,,, ,„ ~.„,.,,,,t .
m.cnorr lor 111 /nod°. n, /au.: Loyd threw ma, 0 , ~,,,,,.,.„, ~ I g t arresletl.
(Mr to. 1 wa., eenall/Ie /01 the time (Taal , Commonwealth I l s. if. a. Hebhatl, Irralcr
111/til (point lag In nrhoner,f la lAncdtordor. 'ment. !amen , .3 batter; A. I% Caettoonen
I never went out with (laud! ton 140,0. N o
pe0 „ , ,,... tee.
~ v ,,,.. gums. Ate , 140 ,,, ..,,, r, „
Ludy (AMU to DIY 4/ . .1 , 11nee• l'he'S IL , III w sr s adaLt/rrest,,o: Judgmeort. -.11.2-&1-
lOC 114,e IVAASLI.WO )10:11 . 6. I.I.III.IIILILIIItAIt, 1... 4 ... 11 . I, ' _E,.. ticirriltitgrizt •
1 ' ) '''''''' s ' l ''' t. ''''' * d ''' " ' - --'.
I '4 COMmOn 0.117vd. I . .th - s`..r. „fhdic
. in, i y,..h..4.,..„,,aw0 r n-1 lomlleurnoal Hutt , ‘,,,,,,,!,,,., c , s/n „,„.,„ m i nor , ~/. , 0 , 1 0/, ts.
f t
loon lekme I wa.. , Its Atbenl Ohto:11.111 ere 1, 1 ,.,,i . , t ,,, 1 - 7 ---- -.---.--
fterMon, I arrive-I'44nm adman eleven . • ri.„., lot - w ,,,,,,k,,,. / % . ,,,,,,,1 0 ,,a, •
d,•:: ,i nofl ott - et , Into the lo."'+' , at t e r .111m:hens' Co trig Ifornd oa. :or. re.teh
1, 100 l ; her otrot: ,• I put 101/n on the ear+, illafi ~,„„,„, „1,,,,,,„ Ci t „,, n.
romere , o I.ovelanal anour o'clock . .., ff.: bta ~:,,„, ~,,. A„l /s , It. fLet.oraly, Indictment
It° ' ""i• 1 ""' I "' i t° I ' m° °" 1110"1. - totoll-t ,v , llty: }lotion for no:ay . :el,
I iv. /anal I vIIION tat hi. lIAIIII,IILII I.ook .„ , ~,..r . , „, ~,,,,,,...,
11101 te/11.1t.t,:, gave Mtn water, soap, lea, to . cr ,„,.. ~,. ~,,,,,,,,, m 0 ,,,,... 0 „ t 0,.., 01 ., / ,, , L.
( Ilos Lren. - ada,, to.ok the ears for ~,. ~,,, A. /. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s . t ,,,,.. !,/,..!
i '''' i . , " „ tY ,''. " .":'. t° ,. get s ",."',1 i ',P,.'" g „..T. r, ,,' , , ,, , ~„,,,..,...,.. 1,,,f. ~1.,,, mmut a,.i
-'. -"-. '' . ••.' •' "- - - --.4-- , Greenawalt ple.ol nul. tied rec.anol special
"" "" " fle ' °i ' i L"l ''' t " -It ""'"l'' th ' i " """ t lc Ihe 1n,..1 too loath Ills aft lavit ol airnamon.
hi- urn...l; / got r•I! with him at the south • ~, r ,. 1 „ ~,,.„, ~,„,„., ~.„,.., 8. ,, , 0_
Put-Mardis 1., on, came foyer and put lonnia ~,,..,. ~,. tile ~,,n , ,,,„, I , midgt c om ,,, n ,
n, the os atall Lonna, took ham two meal, ide - , la re-Pelhom , of Ihe Alleglai) and 31-an
neat dat, te:. ' , cat; brought him triot oyster,/ ei ,,, , ,,,,,
..„.,,,,,, 1,,,,,,,,,y ,„,„15„n„..,
101 l
"'l' C''l"."l In trt ' t 1-llt ""I''' ,11.11e1,1011 iirILI.,:. (1./13/LII , II , of .‘,/ei.lL,ll
t.l.tng lin wanted Al Heineman's; the e ,,, , ,,, / ,...
tdoenetr are g. , nerally fed I mon Jolin __ -
lieown', 'then/00 Mater fool eotolollas ot,-
~ .e ~,..,, ~,,,,,,,,..m .
mooed , lbano tolan l'oor 1 . 1,1,0(11,70% bet- „...
err "loam fa,/ him thou tonal „as that ha , hag ", bald a ' o•o • chi:
1.1, nil, 1./la.-oaf +ao so ell lo lay t !barge hint 1 any Poor Farm, and under the omort. of the
I 1..0l ioutoorol Le +handol be treatiol a- evil ~.,,,,,. ~,,,,.„,„, „/„/ ~,,,,,,,, ,„,,,,,,,,,,/,_
t lanes - '
to to omb.e. II a moo, snort, a req. , - A . ~, St . /,,,,, ~,, 1/.. / ite,. , „, Ls.!., amu 0, own
0 , rr , r, Or 11, think' wIIILII wan not (701.11141•41 •• . • _ , ,
~ 14 for forty-co/Mt home 111 consequent, through 111,. 111:0114 department,. Irbert
i iiil- "ii-.•; 'c
Itue ' ti '''''"• n ' ' i ti ' d "" ' lt ' l ode at pt o -ent o•o• Iv:mired and IIIIII•ty in
'..,hers "'
'""' ni"icit
t't •Loam,on - - 'lm ecoeioltallty of the city'
Le Ist rut 01/0 hours therowfter. a ll,, Ism. rata, ol+ • ,
entinmas In the Inao part of Ho/watch house a tAi so tours(, 0 t th,,,,,10as mosare / rs k sor on e
i- ' "" i '''' "' """'" '"" "°' ' I " aii l i • It " are „omen, seventy-one are men, stmt tint)-
.- ~. kepl le n, 1,11.1 Levey.,( t,,,,,.1., ,
I/ L. I,: A5Ol water. teen are eNtldren. Fort) - -nine unfortunate,
. . .
f.O 0.......•van:1nv.1. I tr.... 1 o,Lef l 1.1. 11 110 ut 0 101.001, of Alto I,one tlepurtment. The
'f& 2:0,1 1. , 0 , . to JOll f,:thtu a Otty nr tyro at. 1001 111 01 the 1 110101, It rum.trlitably ;001f1.
If r I. ;o,prv.ontovot, 0011 :,‘ crul tinier there lkolag but very few c . 0.5., Of siCkll,6,
1.1 - E,ltyr. 11'0 N• 1., ,tl'l/1 . 1, With the :Alt' of comfort thuf
/ . .((d 1,
- . t swora—d word: my pervaded ev'er.y portiOrt ot the preutt-es,
rdteer. (•dtied Lote., No. (r: O r Stn111:1 and toe umelres: efforts made on all stdet
street. I seepleal 01111 food r to renaer_thQ •Itu.i9u of the hero:mettle
nOnut tone neck,
hien Jo, no guilt people 01 0 , nrn co.:Polled to sotli retatte
((Jed, :sad as much of it, tin y . aet:lye any bod). there, at plensaet as nO,lthlt, ele
Cent Inettl3 pne tin Ile huff beef lever this Institution surpassed by
Ala! murk Ate.ll. eat tlets, (* . Atr, any of the kind anywhere. di. visit to the
I:rd(ort tira ' llarn (Iled tar the meals. (school ruOur ptlftirnlnrly
. . . .
charge ~(1.13.1 Eleven children tare', o irst olvtlon there,
10Ch-ap Idat tog the Or y. Lent - dormer hat and have a room to ell 11110,1 up nut those
taro In illy charge. Ile Ioo• been 11 , 1 twice Ittnlo.ll of tuts school antwee. Of the - mane
etteloluy.ingot One food no Iteleatenut t e. lie Interest:nu tea name under our
to, t era:lo.mA about It but once- or twice ol , .erVation—the Cares with a htstot . V—we
and then that the., etS not eliOngll Olt/read.. have not room to sneak. Our hest thanks
Ant, - this more I 0r, , ,u1 u - no aml he are Sue to hi,. 31 . hclvv,t/to kind Matto!,
°Atm left some. Ile eue n'
In the ' and Mr. Bullock, the koperlatentlent, for
hestpart ot the look.up. IL Is kept in ltd. et/too - sten It rolVed. Not tho least Of the
ter onmltt lon, 13 WILIII/Or • cleaner, an t• plew-to ot the trip nue the exceed mely
ter aired tame other parts. I have been enjoyable "stria Itrlde" t burn until ?tank. The
natter two year.. Latirtlertlon - 1 tr.:n[lllolA roads were In spletulet contlltton, and with
Ima Ito•n better than that of any other p 11.- the best of cutottanY, a sPee-ty team, and a
uner eontimel In the winch-entoe. . comfortable sleigh, it bus a ride to bin re-
Mayor Met arthy bete muted that av liCMeMberett.
hoth,ht ItllVhl. Itoreeoary tocontlne tine
pi lcutu:r :.Ir, long time,m Qr.ler to forther An Itrgent Word to till. Charitable.
ire, he h.,11 determined t There 1,, kr groat deal of ataferin efrom al.
.I.ould tteatial its wens po,ilble.
tualgo . lcd Ulu rigor, ut conauettlent • 6.3lut u wan, oar t' , Y. LtW SlisAoo -
In tlotrrroee ei.t ropiarord tnmcl.l Ire! , ' KU , brings Itetvre me eaves of utter tle.titt.
the opOdoo of a cen,orlous ImLllc. lion of fol.( and toe. Tire lottowo soul coo-
of icrtiniony foe Lilo defence wit* pro- • „ , • . . • .
-eitte.l, anti the prbioner was ilt•itt to ball 1 , "' d u. ' 44r. “
the 6:1111,1 $70,1c0 tu ritoswer the charge at' Laboring mini, Wilting n t
ut 11111 lll i0110 10
Court. work, whose wageo pert:titled no ravings,
J. NY. r: Whita. aeared for the urn ont
. 01 employ !neat . IV nion and or.
pa In, vllll J. Cohea, bog,, hir ton do- ; pilaus arc tome: without. any food for more
(one , Tlto tirlioner will prob ably' ho able than a day at a tin,: without fuel anti with
to it..curt:J.ll belay. ' ,runty eththing. I oarnt,tly ark mune,.
• • unit other mentor 01 relict for thO.,u aol.
144 st Int; Carslcnl. lererth
I pledge tuyseit to secure duo precaution
Ve , terilay lateruOrm over two thou-moil ',ln flitrlbillstur anY sludl or
people vbfileil the Central:bkatinir Part; to every 0
reli l ftl e oull name aplio ilk
will and n eed, ipml. Tiffs apring
triple., the mulled for The Incise of throe h
hundred dollars In 4treentmen, nullthe stoner), but 1 hope acd pray that It may
cold medal tii - he awarded to the nest fad, ; fi rst
o rin;) moni
rGtorn r0 dr , 1 , ;1; , 0 , 0 o d r
. su p e p h o h w ril, iho
081-pant three feelooh, MPG ; t nve r
y t en tlllt 11 o rem rit. o
6 " "le V ' mthireth " . • of Y.rk. ; other means which the benevolent e ff _
nn. - I ., Proy tls enterer! for the vouto.t. Their I tru,d, to toy earn and deposal for the relief
performance Qll the Ice wfoi adp f irahh, um! ;nt the : needy; us ouch all may he ',at at
elicited ration mold:pun, The Judges utter ! 01.1! to me
ileliberist ion ufmnisnotmly decided in Sir . II , " 1.) , v 1 h
of VIPs Protillaghant, she Seine eon. 110 , 1 .
flunk of t:nwmvTOC.
the most cal:entitle skitter. The de- T. K. Mr'sn'''',
el-1..1; vra.: rverinded the cpeelfstors an en- I Mr. G. P. Van Loam, Trade:often', Batik.
tlfely imtmfiletory. After the l a dl es r e t t r e d Pnllllor, •evond 111,r 150011
Collie Curtin, and Goodrich, otStrve!.
Uhlenno, Captain It iner, of lletmlT, aunt Pr. L. 11. iturru, 11. A. laloomtriek . e-, flout
Il!ber gerATlelllell, 111. are Inert, TO coo• : and ii 0. 1 •
test for t h e four handrod dollar prtre, Mr. J. U. Morris, Church Book Store. tor
t:11ml and performed some of Goer melenti.ner of Seventh and Sfulthneld.
lie "N. , ” 0 1./.IWY be wahlertritt the MO : .1 ohs B. I:rdscoor. Minato, IP. Penn street.
by teen - exploit!. no the ice. MG! Plyrup
join, the enfant •Latortal Queen, Only ,evell Sale or lienl I
ye:0001d, la quite a proigy.. To witness ; 31catra. Ilacruni Carbide, trimming
I , cr skating Is It the price of 0,10112,1012.
Tteday the grand cont,•st of tho scaaou NO. 10 Ittli street, Ingo con.
lake, place, Ulu prize being tour hundred ; eluded the purchase of a lot adjoining Mr.
1011w:4.1.o the beat gent leledn / , kater. We Dent:aeon's trimming house, 1111.11 ,tree[,
:Imagine tin, Judges will have n task _
.„ ,„ e Paul tho _
to perform when they contr., to decide on I.r loch ..
the brA , ,hater, NVlirll 1.110 1,111t. , [11.11t3 are ; emu of WSW.. The lot runs back - lo au
all lit the :Well Of 1.1111 11011110 111 their pro - alley, and Is 171 Not deep, wit.lifront et tic
' feet op Fifth ,ttset. starting from a depth
of fret the lot takes In u. blip 52 Net
Aft•ntilt With lutent to Rill. I, 0.r0v .,...
V bet tvt.le, Well Is In the rear of
A les.andor flail, a colored man, melding Mr. Deaultion"l bore. The lot
li ving,
In the ni,runith warm, niado Information ho- noit In Bank Block, 11:0; Iron , he tot
s been purehnbal
lotrAlict•Utan Sutherland ye-net,tnny,utiurg. Rot h -p: o mbes
Ing Atmahnie (Med, another colored men, still elt
ventually put up, nn theseslte, bond
with an'nnatill and ha l Ln•ry with Intent to nil:. Inkeeping Ith the 111,1 clues ham.,
11. Inn a 11,41 ntl that, litninlay night, the ne- • In thatuelghborhood.
gra , . were haying . It secret meeting,
nide!, lhn deponent. was Frebnlt. The 00- I ~,,r,,,,,,,_ yeaterdar. In
of 1 " .0 the Called State. Cutn't, on 11,11tiOn OZ Bon.
mg Wm Cite name,.name,.llo then drew it Knife wa k
s ad,
and struck laced With it th ree lime,, rut. I mi tt en ' to eruct Joe bolora (much .• r.
beg. kiln in 1 holnl:etiaok xl,ll theleft
.1,11 Is an 30001111111,11.1 unit well read legal
sml 11 , /, tMat consider.' gentletnunoindalthointh not lone admitted
.Itter title he olreu: a revolver and wa. made yarld but ...IS' ml
akout gre. when Reed enateheal It out of r o p,,,ment in hi, pron., , stea. 11r. o_llloo
1110 hood , then started torun, ! atoll City, where nn 1100 bunt lip a very
pur.alag Intro And throwing brick abet [ ereffltanh, practice. Wo with him etteet , a.
1,110, a filch, fortunotety, tols,e.l OM.. A , •
I,on, war, had ye,totolay, and the defend. I
A blLy Is getting her
ant, In or sl,oc , 1,011, aes committed 1 , ”, 00 ~„„ lam. week they had a
1101 s , tight 011 the Allegheny bridge; a tirt
, , „ ,„, men for 't nalto 01 1.14.
"" •"" I. • Mulls:011g. the character of one ortne other,
mod the trap, , and tut oslobitton of genuine rowdy - I,m,
n 4 ran otft he track no Wilkon , hurg, w hots rnmueo„si„,, 0 b urly of
coon _
ale nyc: Ile: I , ru!t• , rxnll tll~4tonlu g: 110.40
wsy to the city. The enure trait, was
v deptllo.l trio hours. N., ,„ 000 , 0.
dunitigu ninon rxecitt natarpt.n Elio ntlnPu
inn, of Il e . workingmen UM., were kept Los ,.
troth their ruppei , by the Ins:Meal,
C, #
- r i _
-, t
Tile , Cave nr Airrer, Brown
tcc ym,tettliiV morningmitt,
Out In aOO manner vtm
Olttnz {no Mt:ill of
11, no. vLltememt nt a cOMII gn-1
Agner Drown, concerd!u, nutragn whleh
rho atltß•cil Ilan trim] cotumitte , l oh in, la,
sworn, at Se.letzlev. 11e S'erternY
tglthntthe hint mole another r:nteni [mt.
nveriort In some respec, In7n, , t...•-
!iment alsitf wo troll publiAwd, al,t: al!". toil
Some points coutaluel In her story" os elven
I to and fry um ts ern not stmotly. true. We
mat 1. ran Cu. neon..., of p..rtie, renver-an ,
it In the mem soul also visite" the On her-
I self at tto City Pour Put co. From her pret.-
ent "totement It u Opeari that the outrage
was committed in Jean hot by a lull blood.
/ ed negro employed nt Me ,10111, hollte 11,
horse!f. He accmnplialted his purooFe bY
violence and than threatened her with death
1 4 .1 1 4 C w7rh ' t ' n ' r. " %I. h ., ' ,1 ` L '' . ` .,, h , ‘ , "- T, l , s ,,fr e T., °' „, ' ,
She told. Influencing hoe by these threats he
violated her person three times , awl ehe, its
She says, w. Ho frightened that site did not
Mae to errs tell her cmplOyer. In October
elle.elono to this City seeuntuanletl by Itm
mutt Ind Uttele (Tom I rvin's.Stutionantl with
thee! want to the Mayor's intim !Ate atilt ins
now that she had no Intention of making
tiny information against tile negro bat only
o , oired pormis - 61.0nt0 go to the City Pone
Yarn.. lt Is Certain slant' rho made on re.
omens of thO herxcep to be rent to tee
Yana, and when aunt Mylstett on her
making un luformetdon, she 1.0.1101,1y' re
:used, still fearing, tea she alleges, the to.
Feuge of the negro: She was tent to Mr.
"'Online, fit:el...n°(ll. Poor. led wits to
formed that site could ant guilt ini ne..l nit,:
./IfICIIESIon to the Plana, as Min lift , ' nut re
surlett endleicntiy load In the city. Pilo the i v.-
;Tore tleCeptCl the offer of a gentlentatr
''seta out of pity for the girl, would
;give. her a Mtliatton to Fervent •in flit
downy for a time. Mlle m: toed' itt
dlis,bouse until Tuesday last, When. no'
;her friends promising to bear the expo =•s
'of iter nialotainance, elle was Bent to the
}oor Faro: t 01,12/3111 until Ler child rh.ill
be 'horn. 31nyor idel.:ortily..iifter.t he girt
had refused to accede to her Sun na renutoM
to make sit information. cent-Oiled with:
'to'o MOW Mont lawyers, anti thelr.deetatFed
was that but n poor case could be made out.
had therefore the friends wore not advt.,'
. 1.0 Winston an information., We give these
'itodements In order that all turtles may
: ethml right on the record. ' . . .
"Mn Sirakosch's company of seventy-aro
fain, class artists, the prinelpals of whiell
'tr. , Alnedatece Wltionlarol Strakosell, 31 , 11 e.
rarilind Capiesa, :Signors Irfre. 3larra. Ci.,
null. serial, .3e.r.ti und.Coletti, having ems
_ .
gegtgi to appear at Ifni , °Opera house," in
fielfrOriff Inaugurate their reason of
el. alghee ou along:, evening near, when
lc:lib° presented Terdr's 31asterwork "II
Trevatore," with a cult aqiieh will embrace
the strength ot the compluty, sepported bY
a, twngerful chores dud cloalue orchestra, to
tut tollownd on Tuesday svrin the new opera
wtheitb,sl a roe in Sew Tort: Of thirty con
*demise nicist,usrispetto I: la tonsure, or
the Cobbler whit tne Tarry. , " On IVetinestlay
and Thursday evenings: ;tie; operatic nail
I Inf!,ilVllkea of ..I,' ..Ifrie.elne..' This op- '
ernte , ,ntrink elr.borate scenlC effect.. the '
principal portion of the plot represent ed le
1 occurring on 'board of a' large chip. Tire
director of 'the company will, on tills ocras
1 A t o n e% g n a
IS= i.e S tl ' t e t'.s in : Zi ' y 4' ll 4 . ' .. sear t t Sl Ol .c .l2
On Triday craning imul,ette's opera Lu.
cram Borgia and •to 'close Do Autwes
tiLwrrarranged ire Merrill.:
As alit be seen byre feree, 0 t^ onr advbr
thhig columns the Cale o f reeved(! seats
Inv the SlOl,Oll. nlxiy. (9:490:51CA.S 011111llid
any 3... e .A." 31., and for single rights' on
-Yrldey entrit !Amu at 3tessni. O.
C. •Idellor
.h (Ws Music istore, in Wood . street. -
_,_ . . . ., •
3.l,sOnii. flait..—Theraidr Vssftertopened,
tau delictly racked audlenco hs,,tinight at
Masonic null- Ills performance of truly
wonderful tricks ekettled any thing In the
Tice we over witnesses:, and fully sustained
the 1.1153 re put a tion which pruCedint him.
bond. o 1 the feteonf legerdemain were mars
vetoes. and alt attemyk. to discover it elite
an to 1101rItley mere flOtlt, were useless.
AS the noneluslon or the performance a
annthot or. valuable and substantial gifts
-*fire tlflrldhested =rings; .the audience,.
„ t/s t fres, t?econsi r .rn i . , ..s ,
„, , . .4, 1 I
sno re ve r y
I =2 - ! - Z e o , t,Tr,i3v to:night t t 1
y O U snnluil Secure a genii sent.
Na,, 0 , ,1LA .110^..--011itO a large end
f . .liionatole audience greeted 311, Helen
1r es . urn. 111.2 evening. at the 0 net II douse.
she appea:lng In the clialiteter of Don Ce,-
I ser de Cagan. lilt has elways lua•rt very
popular here, and no aoebr. the pi esent n 11l
prove untie is so-et:sand enysuement. A
s•srs good bill Is offered to-nigh L.
1 . 11,611t,011 Thistr.u.—Thls oil r6s. , :ut
of plea-ul.: feeferi In dray. lag crowded
houses and the performances are well re
colml by those who attend. The Per rOfM•
ere arc ell good. and as Is cheao•olare of
amusement there is nothing which will ep
preach it in the city.
The Champlotmhip of American' the
Central Park ToMny:
Much interest is miinilesied in the result
to-day, for the Champion Skater of-Ctn.-i
-t.. The bewittiful medal in being prepared
by Mr. Jelin of :Market steer!'
and or. can assure our readers the ennte3t
will be a very close one, as the omit sant.,
In America are Kent:tit to take 1,311.14 the
content. Among the contestants n
name, the world renowned John Engler,
the tutor of the,cciebratiiii Jacknon
DOW' skating before the Emperor of Russia,
no also mention Mr. Win. li. "%Mop, the
chnmpion of the Nun York Sliatiog
Club, who for grace and elegance to: 1.1 poe
try of motion cannot lie totalled. etc will
also mention Mr. Collie Curtin, of Chicago,
wed Mr. Goodrich of Chicago, nine Capt. Mc
nor, of Detroit. The loot three named'
gentlemen Caine to us very highly recom
mended by the papers of Detroit, Chicago,
et. Louts and Neer York. We would say to
one readers, go very curly to the Central.
tQslity if you wont standing room.
Loom, Talk unit Its Consequence,—
There w . :49 a rumor upon the streets yester.
day that a well known grattemaa had sue.
eroded in getting himself two a peck of
troutio by a too free ilae Of , vulgar ton •tife.
wuo at a hall and paed llie
that one of the ladles in si ,
virtuous. One chants,' him before wito,..a
to retract his words, hot he Sass tiled In an
atmsive manner, and fatted to apologists
Ole is about bringing null for .410,11,
against the mallgner,and he is endeavoring
to Pottle-the affair with money, offering
i 5.000 as a•onement for his rash words. The
lady iningnantly refuses the offer and is il,
termitic , ' to truniatt her traducer for hit
rash talg and Judgment.
Premature BaMtles , ..—Tu a holy, is
(rightful. The Imexpecteil discovery of 0
gray half tellers none should exist 13 moue.; h
to make 01.113'd Isairstand on end "Like yof ils
noon the fretful porcupine" We lion's like
to grow old, awl we still less like 10 haV.,
false to - lilt:nee thereof before the (act oc
curs. A Judicious corn of this beuutf tul
covering of the hood, a tho eon sh treatment
with "Barrett'S Vegetable Hour Restora
tive," has .saved tunny from the horrors ei
the appear . .., of old ege•
Testimonials of Its ellicaelomi results
are exceetllngly, numerous. The afflicted
Should not. fail CO try
Allies - Imlay Soldiers' league.—.t regu
lar meeting of the Aliteginy , Soilliers .
League was held last events,- at their room
in Davis' I hill, .I.lleglieny. Adjt. Af P. Cello e
In the chair. Ni3lo new members Mere en
rolled. A committee of three, cou,isting at
Nieeiiru. A. 1".% Callow, jolts G. Drown and
Joseph It. (Way was appointed to draw tin
an act to be presented to the Legislature to
nrocure a charter for the Association. The
meeting then adjourtnni to meet on next
Tuesday reciting at their now hall on Fed
eral street, between Lama: Street andthe
railroad elots
Expensive lee.— r feetdrdaV afternoon.
a cask of choice wine woo being tickled to
the upper story of Mt. J. M. Fulton's drug
atore, on the corner of F7Rb and Crutchheld
streete, the rope broke and the cook fell to
the pavement, breaking in piece, suit the
wine ran down the streeL It froze into n
broad and long skeet of rather expitnalco
Al nlonl Lost. •
Sapplled.--At a ^.heeling of
the .2entri.l Board of Edueetton, hell nn
s,ourdes evening In et, Barte:of I. Prie
m:. of the Fifth Ward Public Schools,
elected Professor of Matlewantles. to sup-
Or the vacancy 1¢ the faculty of the 111 rel
,chnol, created by the dealt of I'rol , ssor
W. Cl .Plekeen.
Another Walt—On Saturday morning r.
tine male Infants Vaunt In the Ninth
ward, on the door -sterol of a prominent
holeaale liquor dealer ou l:hertyrt ft et •
The little estray was Ist:encore or, old yet•
tardily transferred to the City Poor I arm.
NO clue to its .parentage.
Carpenter' l'nten.—Tee jonrcoymen
carpenters at this city held no fol.:rood
inectlog on Monday and resolved to °mac,
Ice a Protective Colon. This branch of in
dustry is the only one that ho.g no orgent cos
Sion in this city.
_ Received 11
Ungkey, .I.Merumn 1/111CL from int.
Sixth w er.l, h:r• re.r..lve , l 1114 corunt , .. nm
from the Linverner. W.. beer n.. doupt. I.uf.
that .Ir. LtnU uy nlll mtbu au LC:Meta
.s,..r.nit nod Ent tery.—J 4-4:cc:Arent, Or
LOIVIIOIIII, committed
for Court, In (lefnult of .430 tail, llormr.
9017rne, charged tat oath of Surg.r.t nvhmo
.40 R•Olnit and I,AttarY•
t- • -
Larterry ,ot Xxlne.—Ur. Monday. nigh: s
it WI. stolen from the
rc , ,alseA of .11essrs. Schruldt S rrlday. ln
the Fifth ward, on Penn street. above Canal.
le4terday morning the cork was mead
I.l•ross the with >everal holes bored
It and all the wine except about a gallon
gyre. The *lee was worth !stout tire dol
lar, per Jrillon. end the loss therefore
h b , tb considerable. The thieve, ern
calmer.. nzt
l'enjnne,l.—Ellza Stewart. residing m
4.lmaty on Sprint; alley, Fifth ward, made
Information before Alderman Taylor, yes.
cLar,:ltm her haJband, John Stew.
n, wr,h toi , an!t. ar.,l battery. Ahe atates
.1 ohn accused her of criminal Intimacy
ezh.•: con, and Immediately took at
ter h. , ..trikinr. her with a club. The ac
ra.....1 nr. , ,,aeil and committed for
Choked to Drath.—Last n4.ttht., as a cO/-
or,l nvol, re-sling lo the Sixth ward, was
st.tts Itts .uppri with the fsmlly t he w
0!,••,,L: to norloß ItActi from Oho .:/•,.
t•tragg:lng . : - totoratc. m. 11111,1 lu a tow 1311".
men:. thereof:or. SAVIOR Ives, choked to
....emit, :is it ,tipposctl, Atilt a Wet, Of turf.
,tt•al: which he was stst,lng.
Pattie Ar - gentht,—For
plat:nut all article: , of copper, bro . , or Gee.
11111211,:,r, 1,11.11 puro allvcr , where worn
off, and for elearodng and polishing silver
or Filver•platiNt wan, Warranted to con
[-la no tiniel,diver or neid, or any ipi,l o "
:trticlt. Ear ,ale by J. Sant plu, Allegheny,
and all ktr“V.Zints. , ,dednd!
APPointed.—Capt. W. B. Cook Imo boon
oi , I , 510!o , 1 by tho Uovernor Naas . ) . Pub.
1,:. In this cl,y, In the place .ofq Ouslor,
. anti has opener! nn vale° at
J. Diamona btreet.
Prolifie.—The icife of ]tr. William war.
about it filo eolith of Ca.llz,m2
road, gave birth lately to
ar wo of whom. however,
Good for rstav , llle.—Tthosvallo b. S.
School, which opeue.l last Moo
d,. wool:, 'nib on uucnanmo of 01Cr Weft
Gotsc.—lestorm, morning nt 4 o'clock,
Chronertham itbstrson and "another
loan - left the city Tor Harrisburg ono Mist
ne,t trip.
',migration to Montt' Americo -4:40w
...ilia' tonal C 011111,11110121 In Lonl•lons
—Capital of Alabama to be Itetneired
to Altitille—DeNittutlen In I'm South
orn Ntates—Sonstreswional I.:leetlOn
JELIIIISTY 2...—Thel Schooner
1:11.1bn - n, the brat retool of toe Venern.-
clan k.ullgration Company, sailed tnia morn•
ma On!, lillY cinttirritut.a.
•, - •
IterreSentatlres is dlicus•
hh, the qMo.tinn of culling u State Con
vention to emend the connitutlen.
.1 an. °.—].loth hourns of the
MAIM= LW Iwllture fere.eninclitly discern.
in: the Co.ututional Arcieudmemc.
to , t TOGO hat been taboo, pbtelt Booms
to IlltitrtttO that Mobile uilllioOrt ho the cap
ital of Alabama. ' •
b; an , 'Tong., Jan. gO, 1961. •
The • Her ebb .4 • correnpoodence from the
principal mime in the Smith, Indleete a gen
cral•redcmon, politically among the South
ern people.
Una of the moans In pee among the Vit ,
Malang to a lionato enfferlng among widows
and orphans; le bngelottery end gilt en..
turpri.G. Among the gifts which It in pro.
pored tti give nosy is the resi dence of Jett
Davie inhichmeoc,how In possession of the
- 1. - eiteti - Maher ScoMOr Campbell, from
rJoutarl.:MoMm, alrferoled Horace Greeley,
the noon :Flatly convicted et the murder of
- .FYortal'inshville, the Indl.tlons arti; that
no_eihtion for Representatives rill behold
in Unnefor the' Conn:Lb - Congress. 'Clover.
.nor 11rdivolow Neuf wait mall .august be
tore lie orders an election. losing. tr nee..
stir.; ell representation in the drat hesslon.
so I listhe may take advantage of the color
ed vote, Nit it seems certato, will be le
•gallzettby that tithe. • .• • .
, .
The flaser: for Spierm Oil.
h _
ea- tire ome; Miss., Jam in. -Actable cable dls.
patch recetved hare from Loudon today.
rays the market hus been cleared of sperm
oil ar , .CLI:p. steslltnr per fon—an adyance of
Cl eluce tho 1610. Inst. In ads market Oa
bbl, of sperm oil sold yesterday at $145 per
1 - ,9SZO--Qn Tueedaieeentnr. 4anuary h, at
o - eto.:l;L+Alr.Ao, - 'etre of Lderard Long, get
she •:. - tnn year of he c ago.
- Notlie I'7ner at hereafter.;
'Lion:a-acre,' the laegett subur
lian plene sepulchre, egeent Ulte. In has noun
ty,attantytt on hen Brighton road. lettmedlate
ly noyht of Allegheny. Fog burial luta, permits
or title,. null al Central Drug ntore 9f COUL
CLA.NET. Allegheny City.
wnsrF. •
.• Road's Run anti vicinity.
Corner PLeMeld and CL art eve In, cc is.
robot.. Carviages turelatmd. • .-- •
ISX\T4ID - F:r st ,
o. 16.3 Perth atteet, Ylttrbureb , fa: OthrFLIS . 4
of 41 kin:I,..CRAPE: , . GLOVES. and <very <l.a.•
verlpt...n Funer•ll.2l.lng furl:ash
' and alga. EicSrve
. . .
• : 11,e1 , 1 Karr, I). D., Bev.
.1 - 3ma7mx.3us - ,
6 It) lie St., 3d door from 50.
1111 - ./ Tell R EP.IIRI.I"G
rIES ra,.2l,:mx.or_6szscrierss7r3.
No. 56 Fifth Street,
Ilasinr. tilted up room , ex . rleitlyely for t itie re,
1,07:111( of sad t with g 0 7; , , d .
nrl 1-rgc and etmupeut for.,,ii . f 7
r•p. ,rernabled t 41'1 Vl9rk 7erk r l bt.
:hull au, oat., ,tore cll.
Tr. Antra will recrlre prompt ikttentiOM
nvd 14: P; our
C 7 "E=Z3R. 7;Yr7ZIW MEI .
Have More Improvements.
A 033 `7.1 It ,PICEDY and 3311IPLE in op.
.aline titan any Ilscalta, la the marital.
11:31. SU:VINCI!. .1: CO.,
27 Fittli Street, Pittsburgh.
Gas and Steam Fitters,
A largo assortment of
Chandeliers, Brackets, Lead Fir,
Pumps, hheet Lead, ac.,
161 Wood Street, near Stith.
CAF: tomcat 2H _a.m.
Xo. 92 Federal Street,
Fine Watches, (locks, Jewelry,
No. 974 L/13£11TY BTRZZT,
P'ittesl.7 - ali-gh, F . 4o2lzkac.
OM(((, CLOSE & CO.,
Pr?st ic al Punt!tare Manufacturers
et):er of TURNITUBE conftnatty on
If so , ' wt.. a gr,r,f I.le, ;to to nuWAltipp
STAB LK for a good Warn.
y 6: re t , nes, Sinuonstx!Leim Boat..
P,;1,1, rxta to Du Slap and al lllag
INDOW fiIIADES—A new lot
, gt r ';': " :os=uigral i d
" "' & MP),