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" Deny. Mad Itliedleine.. 41) ''' 4• • P. , '--"'''' .'1 f' ...- ' -,.. , 4 " l7B t.
• DoctOrs' prescriptions carsioliy prepared at i , / -.- , •
half the usual price,at Fulton's Drug SIAM 4 ~" - . I • .., I '- - -. • Ps - i k l -
opposite Postaffice. - --- - ,
ihtire neforanttlo a *liege, ritlabitrula, . ,
~ ,i i k . . •-• -:',..-.=. :-- , ; 47• . 11,__-__ fm 4 -f-:,,
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iteterring our readers tn'the advertisement - /
of this institution In our edam.% we would I ... ~ 5 .., I , ... ..t„,„,..„.__... ..„.„,,,,,.........„ _.,„.-,74.- r•• • - . di- .. •... .-
_ - ..6.; `;'- ) Yt- - . •
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recommend a ll who (lesiva to obtain ato ,r.. 7.. —, I - i • wg, .6 _
_ . ,1 1 1 - 1
- Vi - _ - -...."-^,T. rr - L/16.4, -_-,...- . , ,
oust% bitable-Mt eduontloo to Bond for ate new - I 1 I I 1 --_-- -.. "'' ,--, . . 7.1 -/.. .„-t--_, ~,-;---_-: ... - - .....,... - - 2._ .- --- -7,-.,__ 2.. -- _.- --- - - ~..
Circular for 1367. Thor Wili titrd the superior , • ,
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Managetnent and enterprise of the Principals - _ -.. .„-. _
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tlOricted it every page of this publication. 1..- , -
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• Atollnt giosateellate.
Meaeacing )1 Is feet len& and weighing twelve,
nonoes,ls In the bands otw London halt dealer.
Ev Identiy, Ors 'WY bad need Telbett's rhyslO.
logical hair Regenerator, vettedoes produce
tbo 'stoat glorions ver adorns a
Raman bead. it Often inialue a new growth
.fi bald heads, always-tarns white and gray
-- to Iti rtatnralnolor, prevents Us golr.od
la a lovely dresslnv. Dr. R'eyetz, Ito Wood
street, agent. .ticild everYw ere. •
The Haire' Mewl Sleietticie,
Most certainly take-the lead of U othera in a
short thne. It acts nwar.lett five premiums
on work, at the World , e Fair, ISi four preint
utati`for work and en the machine, at the New
York utate .Fair, lace. See the, Netaodid,. of .
Sentare - DA' A. premium on the.malihine
at the Onto State-Fair. 1so; • See. the Dayton
Jheyout, October 10. h. The onlyngeney for
tt, sale !Or Western -Pennsylvania, is at N 0.4
Street, Pittsburgh. :
•'O, ffotlier,
I - a ish, every gray headed person would got
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rying that dtd It, my eon, but Tebhett's
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A Sad Pidght
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As the World.sFetr
. .
In London, 1862, the Wheeler & Wilson Sow.
ing Machine received the highest award-all
tins Idachines of Europe and Anierlaa in com:
lietition.. This award has always been made
_.Whereyerexh.lhlced,jon_Will.nuilto no mis
take In orderincone as a holiday gift to wife,
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taai - JElai • -
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Flnnti , a Dbtfllery, 2i0.1.89, 191,193 aral 193 First .
.. su euf,
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• ' You Can BUT .
New Hope at Jpeeph S. Finet.7.26
from the city of Maim, to Decem
bar 9th, have been received. 11=4E21116n was I
still at Orlialm, where he purposes remaining
there for the present. The church party are
giving hire pecuniary . aid. Itazattan and San
Luis rotosthavet been occupied by the Liber
als of the Joarist periMasiou. They are also
Occupying the greater portion of the country
converging upon the city of Mexico. Maxi
milian energetically protests against the
seizure of the custom duties at Vera Cruz by
the French.
We have another batch of pardons from
WealtingtOn—rebels and mall robbers. Their
names aro of no special interest. -
On. Christmas morning, the trestle work
over Elk Creek, near Middletown, on the
Ustnittetiand Dayton uaiiroad, broke 'down,
-cariyingwah it the enttino of .the pasienger
.train bound south. roar persons were injur
ed; two seriously.
J. C. riganiere .Morso, envoy from Portugal'
to the United States, diet Monday morning at
the residelleg,of Watson; in Brooklyn, at the
age of sizty-Orght Yews. He was the oldest
tnember of the - diplomatic corps resident in
this conntry. Criers were Issued from Wash
Linton that the civil °facers of the govern
tient pay. espeot his memory, bynttend
big his NOW York to-day, (Thurs.
The retiring French minister and ids suc
cessor tuned •irtin the Secretary of State
Christmas evening.
Itieuritatis Constables" haßoston have been
very active - of late in crashing-out the mid.
dims class rind small liquor dealers.. On Mon.
day morning they , lit nport higher game, and
made complaints against the proprietors of
the Itsvern.%Vernonf;and Parka - House and
Young's Rotel. Warrants were lsseed by the
the Municipal Court...
Chrfottruseirag a. great day in Charlaston,
booth Carolina. , Only two, negro? s were
killed, one by a Federal Soldier, toad the other
by a local despokado. : •
Colonel A. Wainwilght,, of the United
States Ordnance Corps, committed suicide at
Bencels,barra.cks, California, on Stinday,
Wallace's keroiene 'Mats,. Brooklyn, were
burned on Christman, including twenty-five
thousand blzrolos of oil, three frame , hulldlogs
machinery', etc. Loss about:11100,0 00 ;
it Are on lioaday. al we
Ifason coon.
LS* 01.1 loots, destroyed-an entire block. Zilch
leen Wallies were bathed ont.l Loss,one Imo
drod thonutpd dollars.
Tim'Alhany Board of Tiede nava adopted
the Cnieago Or central system of grain meas
Californiais suffering from , great floods in
the Sacramento scut other rivers. ,
The bankers of livens, on the 17th, unani.
. mouldy protested against the forced circuliP•
tion of paper money. committee wall l
pointed to report measures of relief. The
meeting was convened by the Captain cum:
General edgwick, who made tho blunder of
Marching United states troops Into Diatamo..
vas, sad takhut a hand in the free light goin on g
there.has been ordered under arrest. UM
sucoossoi on the - RIO Grande Is Col. BroWn.
The Congressional excursionists spent. aims-,
day list In 'Nashville. They Were diced and
.Wined of course. The whole tarty caned, by
hwitetlonttO pay their respects to lire. rouiri
am widow of the - ex•Pre,sident. The 11. C'S.
are treblently having 7 6 / 1 3.1 00,1 time. They
_Monday night for Idemphts,
• . theaoll they got.'" Tie; t — iir a4 s
Cart= has again ignaredt._
alutrupirmits day); ale -has axed Wodierday.
Yebruary a, for the imeention . of Jas. lindaff,-,
The sputa carounA sonata, oa thasist,
u n giusly ieleoUal the .Constitutlonal Amend
-Ikleipraph Line Down. .
Inctit; 'Dia, 213—Evening:— The telef c rit c yII
i T p .n 93ta aggit i 3 l :?ri l lti: l3:lTttawitreletabZ
+ta Mote been refeive d • - •
A Dispatch from Seward' W . Na
poleon Suppressed.
Tradea' Unions of London Unite with
the Befbrmers.
01 . 1111 POPE 10 A fin(' ERWIN
Arrest of Fentans with Supplies of
(By the Cubic )
szwanoqrrosravca_ on THE, racoon . it;
•. • _
PAWS, DeCOMDOE EL—T4eirODUCUr saysthat
the krench' Government never received the
dispatch of Secretary fiewaraf oh the Wd of
November, to Ilinisterllbpslow in Paris, Pub-
Galled with the official correspondence just
sent to by the Preeldent to Congress; in which
hir•Soward speaks of Napoleon's new umpire.
meet for the removal of troops heat spring es
being a LeFOIE,OO IDHefillitA UHL 7111Ple.
71THEIBH itutasSijoa TARDi.
The newly appointed 'Amba•sador of the
bun= of Turkey, to France,' presented his
credentials after the reception of General Dix
yesterday. The Emperor offered him a gra,
dons reception. • •
xuarstes cunt , To hoax: -
It ID now stated that the Empress Eugenie is
not to go to Some.
k'LOIIIHCZ, DeeHMIX)E al.—The budget sub.
mitted to the flatlet: . Chambers by the Fines es •
!Sinister, shows alarge dotcit In receipts as
oorapa:ed with the expenditures..
Losses, December 21.—The Trades , Catena
London hawe resolved , almost. mthnimonsly,
to place their organization at. the disposal
of the Reformers in the coming politics:Ll con.
=rut-se or TOL TRENCH In CORLA.
AdlriCES from Bong Kong bring rumors that
the French eniceditlon against Cares, sort for
the purpose of avenging the murder of the
French missionaries and other outrages, has
Item halt/en with severe loss, and tuts return-
BONN. —The relations between
the Italie= and Papal. GovernMents continue
In a critical condition. The Italian embalm
dor makes little progress in his negotiations
T,ONDON, Pecember 98.—Ear A. Hereford nth
gone to Dublin to command a division there.
Some powder de tined for the interior coon
idea; hulled:di sated. Eight men were arrest
rid inDublin on - Monday' On one was found
~iteek. gra and the materials to make
It -
sou AND zussth. ••
- Ms Utmikut...4l9lo4.°4°Al4ooll**s 7,7 *
liticiiiiiifianirreirgeirie—sx broken off, and
lel affairs relating to Doman Catholics in Dna
41a. and Poland will hereafter be under gov
i ernment directions.
AMIRICAN 11111 r AND CRZW EC111151) IT mares,
The American schoonerGlMlXlll Sherman
has been captured try pis in the riverlead
in to Pekin, the crew tied to the mast, and
the vessel burned.
[By Mad dicamer.)
New Toes, Dec. 26.—The steamship Allema
nta, with Southampton dates to the 16th has
Greek Fire.
A 7751215 is 1117M.L.ND.
The principal, hotels are closed In Ireland
and are watelied for Stephens. Arrests are
continued in all rifts of Ireland.
The Waterford magistrates have requested
additional troops. Artillery is daily sent to
FEET= T 0075 741:71•13170 II IL
SIX companiesof French troops remain in
Rome until th Ist of January. Tee French
government wi i not interfere in Italian af.
•DD11.7.138 or THE rope TO DZIPAILTING racers
The Na.ldne publishes the following Speeeb,
addressed by the rope. to the officers of, the
tb regiment of French troops, at Dome.
..Befora your departure .
I wish to bid ion
farewell. • Sour regiment left France to re•
store the holy bee; on its departure it was ac
companied by the unanimous good wishes of
the cation . The flag now -returns Tranee
to .
but I believe that many confidences will not,
be satisfied. 'Wish it to be received in the
same manner as when it left Waite, but I
doubt whether this will be the case. There, .
must be no illusions; the revolution will some '
to the gates of Home: IL. Das . been
said that Italy is complete. • No,
she not complete, and if she ex ists
as • she is, it -is because there re-
mains this scrap of territory, where 1 SCO still
at the present time. When t his no longer re-
Mains the flag of tbe revolutron will Dosterver
• the Italian Capital. To reassure me at te m p ts
are made to persuade me that Home, by the I,
nattire of its poidtion;cannot. be the Capital
of Italy. I D i anneui because I have confi
dence in theprotection. .G 0 to France
with my benediction. Let those who are able
to approach the Emperor tell him that I pray
for him and his tranquility. But he must also
do something. "France is the eldest daughter
of the Church, but it'does :COL 'suffice tO wear
the title. The right to wear !twist be proved
by deeds..
Report of a' South oa,rolina Envoy
to the President.
entzsrox, B. C., December %.-Colonel
Weathly, of The Matersion, who was entrusted
with an informal commission to the President,
has returned from Washington, where be had
an Interview with the Executive upon the
question of restoratton, and kindred topics,
In the course of which the President gave it
h 1 deliberate opinion that the. Southern
States, through their Legislatures, shOuld re.
Jest the proposed Constitutional Amendment,
bet enCh terms &I not tie give Offenee to
those who are urging it upon the South. Snell
action on their part, be .14 rePortecl te have
said.; would be .sustained by the Supreme
Courtiat teast he kind Takata-hone that
would. .
The recelpta of customs for the week ending
,Decembee rid-were ei,909,48), of which elk.
Bards ofarattlionwas at the port of New Tort
'December, next to August, is the worst month
in the year for custom receipts. An Increase,
is anticipated In the next two months on the
Spring Importations. ' . . .
rue EZTOLITTION tie 11P;11t.
--..--- • The impiroseion prevails tn Diplomatic Mr-
FOX? LAILOLTC, December St.—There wits a Ides that the revolution in Simla will be car.
lorrid'olaasaer° oo the W. liod” near . Fort tied tolioatoracif termitration. .
Pull Beerier; Brevet Col. retternian;_Capt. , , - , r „ artier _off muranirarf.' ..
,Brown and Lieut. Gramviond;_af Sha. lath -1 11 . .PDumltteea are &naming tor a festival on
awry, with. Mint z/ tudieffir raitractf Dia DI Item for the benefit of destitute freed;
Cavalrl and. 19th Infraitry.orareferatiraneded-Itittni near Arlington . 11ekthtli. - Deratrt
rodianr slietverlionrotoca-'etOraSe.::lawb-ktliedi.t Mitt :ls ire...soledizabeirei
jantisdleh, a,
, , ~ *.,„.- .:Curd BOOTH..
Arrhig of Grads ' 'esti 11 v a Tide- . John Adolph rainier appeerad to-day before ,
'-' -: --- `• 1 . 84 "' -- -- ' - atilitlie Dowling 11114 made' oath to certain pa.'
- Temr,December iii.—The.A/Many Ardor - . _,.... in .__ _._.__ __,
_. the tiro, _ _
atZiet • My of flour , wheatcorn..lll24 .T. Z . ",..",
then ea va 6l .°P Pm , pt. 00U Of.
orie7 left at ........""'.. 117 OOMMegiro. te*ll bY citizens of Waalittigtera for, the
mentor nairittep for , no r, rapture, of John Nitlikes - Booth. - Ile was one of ,
fellows wit4ust, 190,1t1f
4 limas 0134 101:0A Ma= itat.i eras,
NO MA :corn, I.llllpae ram, the detatchment which eapturop.httn. lie re.,
far from the Government." .
By roducingroffnestio niiiiitaiAnsatity.o; .itiiiiiiviceria„toretidini ..ooULlGlading :the
lattn- -"
tigi..W"ir-tidieleareXml..- titraitatitent cot-the tliillf.-iduratinces thii fol
. parea Ida' the.oorrO9Onding
shows a dellelaticy Of 1,112,64 0 tM Of nrair , r ?
leowtstalralie of PfrfPnA del*rTiniCivinorgi.
Ninety V. S. ()dicers and Soldiers
illurdnred by. Indians;
The Test Oath Weldon Again
Virginia Sentiment on the Gonetitu
The Effort to 13eOure Dr. Itludd's
Nearly a Ilnisdieff Millions, of
Gold in the Tiensury.
- deo., dieo.
itraszuseron, D, CA Becentber %, ISA
THY 14.3 T OATH Casa.
thilsceotint et . the ilea - tire' Orliatice Grier,
who is to defter : the opinion of the Supreme
Coutt In the test oath cases, It was not deity-
ered this morning. - The.Ceurt adjontlied no.
til Thursday of next week. The °Within may
not be expected WI Monday of the following
' TUC CITY 'OO - 71181117EIDT OD , r. 00111119703.
The City Councils of Washington are under.
stood to be nearly unanimously la favor of a
revocation of the city - charter, and the substi.•
talon of a government by a Board
of Commissioners, -to be - • appointed by
Congress! The resolutions to that el
ect, introduced ,some. Says -since In I
the Board of Alderman by Ur. Magruder, will
pass both brandies of the City Connell. '
CIVIL 111017711 LAW IN TUC 5CP27.07. COURT.
The Conistitutionalitif of the: Clvil rights
law; will ken be , tested An tease before the
Supreme Court, whiiii - . has'' been Made up In
Hon. Mr. Eegar, United Status Senator elect
from Virginia, tau just returned from Bich
mond, whereha has been in consultation with
the Members Of the Legislature of that State,
and especially with the leading men of that
body. The object of lir. Segar's consultation
with these gentlemen was to, learn what their
Mews ate - relative to adoption of the Goa l
sUtutlonal Amendment. Mr. Sega; rentals
thlatha.VDSinta Legislature Is prepared at
one* to adept the Amanita:Mite If they can
haveaseniannefrOm Cengres4 that this shall
be the tittfinafitm, and that the loyal Senatori
and Itepresentallvea from that - State will be
admitted without delay. The Virginiatut are
Wining to forego -their objections to the du
' franchisement of their cltisenti who have par
. titivated in the rebellion, and illso to give
itidtragetto the Pellicles; hese Propositions
they were unwilling to aadhPlLPlTO.aetthe ago.
They believe that the Southern iestiallitures
. that have idinadyteltiat sedan and rejtatd
ttds-aingillitientsrionid reverse their proceed.
Inge and follow Virginia in the course DbOVO
indicated; If Congress will give - the desired
assurance. Such is the substance of Ur. Se.
gir's statement. . • :
The President a fee days ODIC% in convey'
salon with a friend, expressed his unabated
confidence in the final triumph of his restora
tion policy. lie also took occasion to con
demn the project that was being agitated In
Congress, for the overthrow of the preterit
Stets Governtrients at the South, and declared
that it would release those StateCoverniiinnts
from the payment -of their,. State debts, and
impose them upon the United States. Mr.
Seward has reliantly expressed the same con
ffdence in the triumph -of the President%
policy. as was expressed by the President
hlinsciL 2
TUC CABIC 07 DA. wenn AID 0711111 conarisa.-
- -• ~. ...
. . . ..
No decision has yea boon given i t h e APO
cation for a writ Minllecia• eorp us in the case '
of Dr. Mudd. IL is treated that Chief Justice .
Chaim doubts the jarisdiction of the Court. If
It is not speedily decided by the Court, the ac 4
Lion of the Niceties whit* inYokedto order
the release of the prisoners cendemried by
the military commissions, who, it is claimed,.
come within the terms of the recent decision
et tne Supreme Court in the conspiracy cases.
It it rumored that John. Minor. Botts and
Alemaider 'Liven-have prepared. a bill for the
reorganizathan of Virginia eon the North
Carolina plan. . • ' ', i ;
James ti. Stalth.of Battle Creek, Michigan,
and J: S. Tobias, of Bradford, New York, have
been indicted for forging bounty and pension
claims. The former will be tried at Detroit!
Michigan, and the latter at Albany. Tobias
confessed his guilt.
invitee sic r,irrs.
The receipts of internal revenue on Monday
were $112,000. and t0day.1074,00 0
Many removals of inspectors of distilleries
have been made, and more are to follow. A
determined effort will bisaideijo secure the -
ibenefits of the law to ihe.Treasury. Not more
than one-fourth due to the government from ,
this sonree has been paid, owing to 1111411•
merit and corrupt °Moen: "- ,
- Monteath 11. S. Wilson, of the Sixth thlited
States Cavalry, the only eon of Bernd& Wilaatl,
of Masa chusetts, died recently at Austin,
Texan -
The Treaspry to.da7 „ bolds gold to the
amount of nlnety-foim Millions dve hundred
and serenty-tarren thousand dollars and sigh.
tvelz caste, ofmbleb, seventeen millions see
en hundred and Shirty-nine . thousand one
hundred and slaty dollars are held in gold
certificates.' The balance, about seventy-elglit
million., belong to the government.
- _
lien. Lawrence A.. Trimble, of the First .
Congressional District, of Kentucky, who Ins
witn others, been oiveatligating •,Wlasky
frauds In Pita:. York, ..reataiuit
thought his place in the committee will be
cant alter. next mouth, as be will' probably.
be the Ilemoin : atlO nominee for Girrernor of
that State, and resign his seat la Coagreu, .
• , CIIBTOIk •
Vie pezattia tor tantlftd and meritorious bet
vices randeretlin the United. States Generall
'gospitat near New Orleans, to nurses and at- ,
Umlauts during the Prenilebte tf the clot-
eta there: tobert Tucker, citizen employee;
iteiheeVan pi Irate CO - mosey
Sixth. United States Cavalry; Decree Cshl.ll,l
Itosplial Stewart, and. Charles Cistren
employee.. etenersl theridan, In his order or
honorable'mentioni, says: **The huthinl pert:
tormance et thity in . a ;subordinate capacity,
while onnstanUy exposed to certain and al*
Palling, but invisible danger, and withbut en)
tit the stininlatinir influences and excitements
or. the battleAleld Is praiseworthy and noble In
the highest degree."
XATTE.r.S. -
A letter has been received in this city from
Ono of the Grecian Archipelagos, dated Mee.
stating that it is believed the tireeks will
be able to continue the 'war, with greater
1113o2tarl, nephew of Marco Itoezarl, had
arrived atthe head ot a regiment of Infantry,
and two more reigiments, °neer artillery and
another of Garibaldlane, landed successfully.
About four thousand Mtn Irma the king
deal of Greece have gone "to Camila to light
against the Turks.
• A - Turkish Ircapeliti has been wrecked at
IMand Bantus. Another Turkish steamer ban
been ennk near Candle.. All the erow except
twelve:Nerviest. , •
Reception of Gen: Dix by the
. (.110118 Attaufic Cbble.) .
- DeCeMbel - 1 14 .
' The Emperor accorded an audience, yester•
day tolls . . Bigelow;ex-Mintster of the United
States:for the purpose of presenting General
Dix, his suceetsor. General' Dix made a few
remarks and referred to the long standing in
ternational amity which had existed between
the people and Government of France, and
thiv_tilasPle and Executive .of the United
States. The Emperor replied, thanking Gen.
Dix for ins .agreeable manner: hi Majesty
said: "The historical re:Meta:once; to which
you allude as having orbited from an early
date, between Franco and the United States,
constitute a sure guarantee that no mistunder•
standing will disturb the friendly - relations
which,prevail between the two countries.
standsntinuance of a loyal and sincere under
ng between the two Governments,. will
be a groat advantage to the industry and com
merce of both countries, the hthribltants of
which already astonish the other portions of
the world by the marvels of their enterprise."
The Secretary of State to-dm; introduced to
the President Monsieur lierthemy, the new
French Minister,' who was accompanied by
Marquis de liontholom the retiring emboss:sr .
dor. Kr. Derthemy said; "Mr. PIT.3IIIOO[,
have the honor to place In your hands letters
which accredit moss Envoy Extracadinay and
Minister Plenipotentiary of his Majesty, the ;
Emperor of the French. ln .condding too me
the 1711.11.0011 to- represent htm here, my ever
sign : specially charged me to'reake known to
Yee the value be attaches to the relations cf
friendship ve extdbetween France and the
betted States, and to maintain these relations •
and to draw them more close 11 possible. In
ew of the development of Interests common
to both countries, such will be tho constant
aim of my efforts, and I have a firm hope to
attain it, as lam inadvance assured that the
Government and people of the United States •
share in these sentiments of which 1 bring to
this place the sincere clpreelli." •
The President retake "Mr. Berthemy—
Sle Grate:el affection towards the French
nation is among the earliest, the most pro
found and the most endearing sentiments of
Meet Siegilge.andAlidakereent. of.d.b•Unitsd.
'grates.. 'e constantly try to believe that no
Interests of either country can ever repitre
alienation or antagmitsm between them w
the intimate coinuierciat intercourse tends to
bind them together. As you have justly ob
served, they have at the same time a common
aim In the advancement of civilization and
humanity throughout the world. •
-"In expressing these feelings I amonlY re
potting what has been uniformly :aid by the
United States since become sovereign States.
We hare bad much reasem to be pleased with
the conduct of your predecessor, Monsieur de
kiontholom, -De assured, Monsieur, that no
consideration of courtesy will De-.withheld
which will tend to make the performance of
your duties agreeable and pleasant."
Henry Bobber?—lantd on DistMers—
HeMOTAIS from Ornee—Arelval of Ex,
Resasor 'kiwis—Tem flow PortoMee—
Lola from Smith America.
. New Toxic, Dee. *I, lsrk:
TwO moo were Jailed for II teuling a twenty
dye thousand dollar deed. Ono of them. Capt.
Clark, aO,l formerly on . Butler's stuff.
• "no 10 LAILIZiIh" •
. .
The postoltlee at Elizabeth. Now Tersey,was
yesterday burglarized and all the letters
The raid On distillers has advaneed whlsky
10 to fitments per gallon. Several large. seiz
ures were made to-day.
. .
Gee hundred and thirty anti•Jobroon. MOO
bondeden TOMOVOS from the United States
warehoused during the past fort
Dr. W. H. ti win, of boners notoriety, and
hie son are at the New York Rotel.
Thu Commisaloners appointed bypost COMMIS/I
to select a site for thNew • offiat' -
decided todsirto acc e pt the location York
at the
lower end of City Hall . Park.
She clerks in the post mince wore assured by'
Postmaster General Randall, to. whom.
as tilt*"
were presented to-day, that an effort wbe •
ing made to. increase their salaries which
would probably be successful.
LaTA 110 A 1100TII ‘..1131111CA.‘
Advice' from liarcalbo, Venezuela, by the
bark to which has arrived hero, state that,
the rebel General Pulgar made an attack, No:"
vember lath, on the fort below the city, in
which he was severely wounded, and with one
hundred teen taken pi boners. The steamer
accompanying Pulsar. with several smaller
resists, surrendered. Pulite" forces retreat
ed and atibiSeelleatlidilballded.
General Sherman, on the Treatment ot
Federal °Steers and Froedmen
Loalabium—The Harder . of Eseobedo—
., The naem7A Elsalotutry from the
NEW. Oat,Eina, Doc. :Z.—General Sherman
called the sped attention of the Congres
sional Committee to the treatteent of leoeral
Wheats and • Freedmen's agents by the Civil
Coarts of Louisiana and Texas.
Late news from Diatameru seem to confirm
i at o egri e n o.„ . . l , ll .: h a e nnle r s :
'rho drat. raee today, sale heats, beet two its
three, was Won by Nellie Gwynn. Time-1.5o!i;
.12,2. Second race, three mile dash, was Wtm
try nary of the West. Time-sue.
Rev.. Dr. Newman. the Northern . Dinthodist
Missionary-to Louisiana, who wall in the see
ond Philadelphia inmventloni has returned to
the city, and is holding services every Sunday
lathe Representative hall of aiecluunes ,
etatute, the scene of the late riots.
eau Fiancieco, December Se—Liberal advi
ce, from Realm to the Nth, say that Celina
was still in the hands of the imperialists, al
though it was surrounded by the Liberal ar
-my, whi was under the comm of five
general. e ch
ach jealous of the other, and and they.
would not combine to capture the town.
A riegiiietal nude tin Cabo—Roupeosion
or the Books to lionnos—The ni
meat Petitioned tor Benet.
Now Dec, 40.—The steamer 7106
Castle has arrived with late .news from
The financial panic. Mill prevails to an
alarming extant. The ten millions of geld ex
ported train Cuba In the Met nix months had
caused extreme scarcity of a circulating me.
diem, and there was a run on the banks. The
Grocers , Bank suspended specie payment on ,
the WO, on presentation of a check. for 115 0 .-
COO. The day Mowing all the remaining
hanks excepting the Bank Dipagnol, which Is
a government bank, also suspended. The run
on this bank is very heavy, and an the crowd
cannot all be mild In twenty boon, numbers
for priority are given to the applicants for the
next day. The cashier pays In sliver and I
small gold to gain time for action of the ties•
cranial to allay the panto. .
A mooting of merchants and other capital•
ley resolved to appeal tb the Captain tienaml
for a decree authorizing the Spanish hank to
I re
only MOW tact' day ot Its own
to pay checks In notes, anti also to issue bills
to the amertaut of eight million dollars, mclad•
thstive - ands bra-millions It has already is.
sued', The deoreels to be in Rope four molting.
The! TOlnivesiiisontennow—kiWl7 Men.
tcOoesnie t o e VO niers - Convicted 'end
Neoteneeet be linag—Othera Fedrall
Swerrsts=, -Dec. 2A—The Jury In cDon
altDscase greed and wore diacharged.
titellit's ease wes _then proceeded who. Dev
lin addressed the jury on behalf Of the pril ,
onor. , TheJadge then Charged the - jury who
retired. r'
MeDonaltltwas again placed at the bar on a
charge of robbery.
. At 1:15 tint jury came into Court with the
VerdieV;ot ghilty beilth'a peso, en& the
Judge passed cite sentence of death on tau:
De was sentenced to be executed on the Irdh of
The same evidence - was given &libeler° in
McDonald's 'Case and the jury retired.
Jaynes Reardon was then Put be trial and
thejtry, Utltl the direction of the Judge re
turned a veti ct of "not guilty" without t ear-'
lug their seats, and Reardon *ea thereupon
Michael Cdrney wee next put on trial.
j a T s Ott ter ' e c i e tVit r e
_a7;-I;hgpipyrnaily Tile
of settee Mille Fenian tr ut h oWdettibUrg,
trialso one now recognizes the wisdom of the
Wing referred to that locality.
scedwro tot &rod.
In the ease of the Fenian, McDonald, charg
ed Iran larceny, the j ury was unable to agree
and was discharged.
A lury.weli empanelled in Smith's ease end
evidence .on• elmilar_nature to that of the,
previous editir was submitted. Thu counsel
for defence 'argued fled the trithetment was
defettive In not being charged with intent to
levy. The Judge ruled that the offence hereof l i
antral:ate( being in arms against iterlialesty
Was adiStinetrte.. -
Mr. Dot Ito addressed the Court in behalf of
.the prisoner. -
The Judge inetrdeted the' jury on the law
and evidence, witch showed that the prlsoner
had been le -antis ants against Her Majesty.
Thejurrzeterned a verdict of guilty, and
the Judge4atencettihnith to be executed on
the lathot bruarY. -
McDonald a ease was then tried, hitt the J ury
was enthia to agree. Reardon was aloe tried,
and a verdict of not guilty returned, by dircw
tion of the Judge. ,
Michael Crowley was Titulary was
unable:. to agree.. add.were - Welted up for the
night, the Court adjourning till to-Morrow.
Death of-An 010 eettsen—Counterfelt
ere Arreoteditoneto ,Eroels—holten
-of General Curtis—The Onlehd Result
of the Efts Election—Eight Itenneol
. and On, Co vvvvvv thee COngeosomon
• Elected. ,
' ST. LOINS December °I.. Jo McGrew,
the oldest! hemp manufacturer In the ely,
died yesterday.'
United States Maishal Ilogers arrested two
cotinterfelters on Sunday night, and captured
two sets of, dies, tools, and a -
amount of counterfeit money.
florae° Dreely lectures here to -night.
ST. Lome, Dee. :33.Tke Denio<rat's Jaren,
Km CDT special say: The Secretary \pf State
has just flahhed counting tue .vrad of the
Into election. Tstands for Superintendent of
Public Schools : Parker (litatileal )
st,St7; Williams, - (Conservative.), 41,%d. Par-
Irises majority, 20,530: tkorge IY. Anderson.
received the certificate of election from the
NinthCongrassional District, Instead of Col.
Switeler; Rie Secretary having thrown out
the vote of Callaway county on the certificate
of the Supervisor of Itegistiation to the effect
that the reentration law was no a could
not be carried out in that county. ThomsO B.
Noel, (Uonsarvattve,) of the Third District,
received • rtilleate delegation . to the For
tieth Con a The -now stands
• eight to one Conservative.
Major lie Curtis died of apoplexy at Conn
ell Bluff, lowa, to-day.
The DeesocroPsSt-Joeeph special earn Dar
ties from the plains bring . rumors of tho mas
racre of a squad of soldiers tule - vicinity of
Fort Phil Kearny. It also states that the re
cent cold weathet canned much sulfuring, and
considerahle loss of stock on the plains.
- —_— _
- . ; ------.--- -
A Chapter of Murders and Homicides.
PaILADZI.THIA. Deo. %.,-Yeaterday Charles
&trod was shot and almost instantl tie y killed on
beoond street,by Ideary Ettinger. , red blow
a tin horn In Ellingues face. when the latter
tired two abets from a revolver one of the
bails takhig effect, in Sao-Ps Leidy, r
heart, calming his death In a few minutes. The' ,
murderer then escaped, but delivered himself
up to the,authorities this morning. Ile has
been committed for trial. •
Locisetl44 December %.—On Christmas
ittON.MMEDos. a negro named Robert's, from
the - Lebsnott lath who hliot an Officer while
arresting him for the murder of another
negro. and hong him on a tree.
Conrad Schmidt. was run over by the street
cant and killed, yesterday.
NASiIvd.LE, December 01—E. D. Crago, Cain oo-
Torsi In the litb Regulars, was killed l
"teticadiiran of liolanaville was killed here yes.
Rica ipso, Va., lJecomberlV3.—Jesse Murphy,
proprietor of JaekliOn Park, was gilled at the
Chesterfield races yeaterdaY by Jeeehh Kelly.
The parties me welt 'known In, sporting cif ,
Reaves, December Is—This MOrrling Simon
Demahue kicked and so brutally beat his
motaebin-Law, Mary Donahue, aged seventy
nye years, that she will dia lier Lueband
aged eighty years, vras also badly Injured by
the brtite, addle. defending his wife. Donahue
was committed to prison.
Thomas F, indicted forr of
bit wife in- allon Sdfitember; by t out der
. brains with a brick, was on trial to-day, plead
guilty of minder in the second degree. aud
was sentenced to th e penitentiary for lite.
flyer Telegrams.
ZiRR asavitix, Decembe.r .21.—The river Ls
with Mx feet on the Shoals.
The weather is clear and cold.
The .7:L. Graham, (rem Louisville, arrived
at Nashville, mad departs to.morro TY.
The Rebecca left for Cincinnati.
The Cotton market Is tilet; sales 163 bales
at 170'Se. Received. 154 bales. Shipped, X 34.
•!, F ire . In Stalstsnore.
Ilst.rtmone, Deo. %.—Tbe , stores ot Adami
Mortbsad, hosiery dealeta, and Truitt k
Hahn notion ana trlmmlnes'dealers, were de..
strolled to-night by tire, .1.404.10,000; Insured
In °RlM:aces. .
Shoaling Affair near the piston poneDeA
Deserter s hoots a !Sergeant I
Army.. .
_ . ... . .
A shooting affray, in which the parties we.
two non.commissionedoglcers in the regular
aralnY"ocOnried yesterday tatirning, near the
Union Depot—the circumstance.' o which
Sergeant were as follows: ' Dyher, on f
duty, in
'charge of the Clothing Bureau of the quarter
masters Department, at Cineinnatt, was de.
tailed on Saturday last to conduct a detach-
Mint of forty men to 'Carltsle Barracks in
this state. '' lnclude d la this party was Ser.
genet Lorenzo A. Phelps. under arrest. and
ordered to Carlisle barracks for trial on a
charge of the larceny cloth two hundred dollars
worth of government ing. Sergeant Dy
her left Cincinnati. with the detachment
WirletTena morning, but on reschitig Cr
line, Phelps managed to desert. Ills absence
was discovered . shortly after the train' lett
tireatline, but Dyher did not have any oppor
tunity to semtre his arrest's rid he _Arrived in
this city yesterday knontlng with the detach ,
, meta.. -Imimatistely upon
dutyal here Do
informed . ofileerßook,••on at the depot
that andxcted another man on the next
traindesired assletaneo In securing him.
Vr hen the ten o'clock train arrived sergeant
Dyher and °facer Rook took' a position on
the platform, when the ' latter observed
his man in the act of stepplng down on
'the ' other side of the - train. - Dyher Immothe
distally , started toward Phelp., when
latter' commenced running, and jumping
over the wall dartedjinto a beer hall her
on the
north aide of Liberty etrtiet. - Sergeant Dy
followed rapidly, but just as he was In the net
.of entering tired r
d Then shot volver and two shots. drat
.rnissed, but tae. second One struck the ser
geant on the left wrist, passing directly
through, and inflicting a severe and paintui
wound. D ing h time officer BOOK came ne,
h int possession Of Phelps' revolver,
took int toeustodyd convoyed him to the
Player's °Mee. Vytter walked down to
the Mee, wham Dr. McCook was called in and
his wounds I dressed. The injuries were
found to be very severe, and it is feared that,
9'mm:dation may be neceellary. '
realest" at the BlefOr'e 00100, but will prob.
ably be handed over to the milli aly autheri=.
Des, and, in addition to the charge of larceny,
In all lik.ellhood, will have to answer for des
etting and shooting/Sergeant Dylier. Phelps
ates that hadad nO intention of deserting,
but having a dleloulty•with the Sergeant
he determined UPOIL not going with him. ber
gpant Dyher has Deeri removed Loth Soldiers'
Dome, in the Ninth ward, where h i ' wound
will be property cared for. : The detachment
under his charge continued on its way to Car-
A Christmasi Reunion. '
One of the most agreeable of the many joy.
nes Christmas reunions in this city, Wee that
of the Sunday School of the First 'Methodist
Protestant -Ohara,- Bev. Alex., Clark's,. on
Fifth street: The inmates of the Orphan Asy
lum in ellegheUS were present, by invitation
of the school, and enjoyed themselves most
heartily with their young hosts. The :Ludt.
Cues • room of the church was beauti.
Sully decorated. with. evergreens, while on
either side of the altar were Christmas trees
richly ladened with tempting uel_kactieS. 'The
audience- present. ass very large. and at the
usual hour for morning services; the exercises
Were .opened with prayer byliev. James Bob.
inson. Brief but Intereattnt 'addresses were
delivered by various gentlenienL i derspersed
with tousle' sad clecMmatiOn • the octopi
children. - After this =meth° buticm of
the Christine! stores of sweets, when the chit
. area dispersef, singing ,joyously as they
passed from the shored', "Marching On,"
. . . .•
.--..----------------7 •
C hrlatinas in the City.
Christmas has write 'and gone Mime we last I
greeted our readers. Tile day Itself was al
most an ideal Christmas-.-cold, gray, bracing
and snowy. The change from the ' , soft wrath'
er" of the preceding days *Visas sudden as It
was welcome.
ai course, the cercatemoratlmr. of the diisT .
began Were the day itself had fairly dawned:
Besides the troopa of little feet that pattered
unseasonably out of bed in everjr heeseholdi
that their owners might investigate the Wye.
torious depth of enchanted
.stockings, other
end older footsteps were passing to and fro
almost as early. Tire or three troops of oran:
tastios," dressed • in grotesque unseemliness
and accompanied by execrable din, paraded In
tile early morning the streets of Pittsburgh
and Allegheny; and men and boys were out
from early till tate,-celebrattne the peacetul
advent of the Christi:oas Festival with the
anomalous uproar of flre arMit
Before the sun had very long been tip the
streets were thronged with peoplc—men, wo.
men and children,—hurrying to and ire, some
to make purchases, some to take purchases
'home, while merry sleighs of every size,shape
and style flew briskly Past. ,
Christmas FeStiVILIS .pre held in several of
the churches, to the vast Joy of the children
and the gmtifiestion'of older folk. acnno of
tile sanctuaries were very beautifully ticeone.
Led with Christmas garniture of-evergree
At the Cathedral immense assemblagea at...
1 tended each solemnization of mass, and the
I services were peculiarly imposing. Of course
i there was no end to the mysterious rites ce
brated in the multitudes of home circl,
when meat offerings and drink offerings were
I sacrificed tweeiea devotion, and the
after hours wer quickened in their flight
'with music, jest and dancing. with also, per
haw, a protane thought of whist and euchre.
The places of amusement were thronged as
they have not been before daring the season.
At - the Theatre ."Mazempa" was prOduced,
both at the matinee and the evening perform-
mice, and on both occ.asions the
house was
I cros ded to literal suff. cation. It seemed bra.,
poggible that no many people should have
found even standing room in the "old Drury."
At the Opera 'louse the "Three Onardanion."
the one unequivocal success of the season, was
produced to an audience that could not have
been larger without an enlargement of the
I building. In the evening Mrs. lkiwers, as
Jails in the "hunchback," achieved a new
and greater trinmph. The house was abso
lutely packed: So great was the crowd that
I the orchestra were driven to occupy seats on
the stage,
and no less than six hundred peo
ple were 'turned away. The skating at both
• the Parks was magnificent: and durina the
day and evening both the Gentral and 1., Ilion
were so thickly thronged that the skaters
jostled each other In every direction.
There wee more than an agreeable share.of
fighting, drpnkenness and incipient. disorder,
though through the efforts orthe police no
serious diettireances occurted. Capt. Lewis,
ever hospitable, welcomed to his hotel an ex
ceedingly' largo number of guests.. Between
forty and, ally left his chambers yesterday
morning Wine what justice could do for them,
wadiansire number of night lodgers
won away from the fireside of the miter room
unquestioned and unhindered.
(load deeds were more than bail deeds, how
ever. happiness overbalanced misery; and
spite of all, it was a right XCJIRT CUFLISTMAJ ,
--....m.--------. , ,
Drell 1111 l day
Many of our retail merchants complain of
dull times end say that the holidaystailed to
yield the accustomed amount of purchasing
which is generally experienced at such sea
sons. This may be true with a few, but Will
not hold good is a general rule. We pester.
day visited several retail dry goods houses
and found them crowded with lady purchas
ers. More especially did we observe unusual—
nonot unurnaf—activity at the popular estate
lishmeal. of St Bell, tio.Sl Fifth street.
But where aho use js so admirably managed
and the stock on hand is so remarkably large
and well selected, busy times alwayarewards
the efforts of the proprietors. Their shelves
and counters contain the choicest dry goods
to be found in tne market, and embraces all
the aatest styles, patterns and fashions. The
silk goods dazzle the eye and doe
ot such
quality as would make evelithe person of the
ugliest woman graceful and pleasing to the
eye. .lor "semething to wear , ' our lady read
ers full well know where to hasten, Le Bates
Bell hate long enjoyed a full share of
trade. A visit to their cloak department,
where are kept all Myles of coats, Barium
baanues, mantillas and cloaks will satisfy all
that at no place else In the city can a better
lot be found from which to make • selection.
Orde workmanshipived and executed in the
best and according to the late
Paris styles in this department. Here also
will be found pn immense fpm shawls of
every deseripUon, varyingthe moat ele
gant and costly down to the more modest and
cheaper. Country blankets, eastern blanketa,
coverlets and flannel goods will be found in
profusion. A pretty styleof bcotch plaids le.
traduced by this house will be sure to win far
tor with the ladies. The schedule of prices
which prevail throughout every department
of this fashionable headquarters, for every
style of goods is as reasonable as can be fonn
elsewhere In the city. Remember the place
fth Street.
• A end, Slid Accident..
There WAS at least one hearthstone In Allt.
gheny City, on Christmas morning, malt
desolate by a sad accidint, the mere recital o
which causes a parent's heart to fill with sor
row. All loves of prattling children kno
bow they live In golden intonation of th
great holiday, and how nervously Anglo
they beComa, swatting the visit of Old San
Clans, who Is to fill the little stocking, plan
to the mantel, with a rich store of trlnke
and gifts. Such an expectant little angel e -
thosinst was Elliot Whitehouse, a bright eye
four year old eon of Sir. Edward Whitehows
residing w i th
No. 4 Isabella street. ills stock
ings, with his little sisters's, were plane
to .the wall, and both were put to bed
ts with
their heads full of busy marry though of
Christmas and Santa Claus. Early next morn
ing the little ones aroused from their sweet
slumbers, and, without waiting to be dressed,
turned to their stockings, and were wild with
joy at the store of toys left for them by the
generous saint of the children. The little
boy got close to the Ore, when his thin cloth
ing ignited, burning him badly on the aide.
The father, being present, nut
fallowe flames
in a few seconds, but the little fallow had in
haled the flame. Ur. Matson was called in and
grwlnally all the- ass sank till ten o' istance in his p
clock, ower, but
the child when
thronem moining he was borne to the
of the Great Giver of all things.
• Personal. ,
Bev. W. B. Watkins will deliver ihls lecture
on "The Use and Abuse. E hnglis Words,"
at the Trinity (M. E.) church, 'Ninth ward,
January s.
The overseers and employees at the black.
arr ith shops of the Peansylvania road, at Tor
rent.' station, on Christmas day, presented the
foreman of the works, Mr. John I'. Wilson, a
splendid gold watch.
Mass Carrie 2doore,' the great "skatorial,"
did not appear at Central Park, Christmas day,
for she was then on b. steamer from New York
for New Orleans. -Mist Neill* Dean, a prodigy
ottwelve years, will be the next attraction a
the Central Park.
Two dramatic, or. Thespian, societies in this
city, have hit upon a queer wrinkle, to decide
the question of superiority. They both play
the comedy of Charles 11. at the Academy of
Music to.ulght. The "Edwin Adams" and
"Burnett" are the competing associations.
An Al*Cited
lf to the Murderer Stuireud o rs
se Authorit
The particulars of the affray at Weir's tav
ern, near Turtle creek. on the night of the 17th
Inst., in which Mr. William Dodds wu fatally
injured byJohn Way, a drunken miner, are
fresh in the recollection of ourmadams. ,S.fter
the occurrence, Way, disappeared, and his
whereabouta remained unknown. 'M having
been generally annealed Mat he had left the
•Lvlcinity. Yesterday motung Way canto to.
the nity ,
city, and surrendered himself info We
custody of °nicer Beth Wilmot. Tho accused
was taken before Alderman Strain, where an
information for murder was lodged by ander
IV Limon against him. h:earing on the charge
was waived, and the accused , was committed
for trial at the next terni of Vourt.l
treated Staten Circuit Court, .
In the Vetted States' Circuit' Court, yester.
day morning, Judge McCandless on the
bench, the motion for aetUng aside the judg
ment In the case of J. C. Breed, for use of da.
lam National Bank, VB. W. W. Easton, was par.
Bally argued by Robert Itobb, Esq., for the
motion, and J. EL Large, Esq.. in uPPositien.
Eastonralleges that the judgment was obtain=
ed on a note even by hint to Breed through
false and fraudulent representatkona. Tae
conclusion of the argument was .poetponed
until the Id day ofJannary next,
Trover sod COOverSion.—Testerdtg
Sena= Morrow. i i the Eighth ward, had before
him Mr . lionsty . who waa charged with tracer'
and bonveraion, on cotti - or John Diellville..
The prosecutor alleged that. .he left the
watch in thin store of the focused. or•
nor oi Washington Erect and Pennsylvania
avenue to be repaired:: Calling foreis tame•
iece a few days after Itollal told Lae that he
Pestle, and Would not indemnify the loser ,and
hence the suit- a. further hmring will bebtut,
I n
the case. The accused bears a very gcod
Character for_ hones**. end will dOubtioss ex
. plata matters satisfactorily. • •
The ellipisaiss, rate continnes to draw
crowded audiences, and doubtless timbale
less nubs ones will be substantially sided by
the charitable persons who attend nighUy.
contest tor the. massive maid sliver %rum:
jet Or u w ilt° / 1 " 17. The ,7.f 0 ' 44
stood last evening tor the Columbia, lett
lent, 140; Nagle, 1.% scattering, e. , _For • the doe
hareem the VOUS WIN onqueene, 147; Alle
gheny. 744 scattering, 4.
, ----------------
A Mak That Was Hat • nape.
At about midnight on Christmasniglit there
was a great Uproar made on Hoes street near
girst, by some person who Was uprOardeel 7
calling for the watch. Lieutenant David Carap
bell and a couple of officers of thenight Watch
responded, and were Informed that & horrible
tentage - OM being committed on r Tooter girl
by a party of men in a sand boat tinder the
Railroad bridge. The
ran to the *Pot 1
, and heard woeful screalcs from some woman
' on the boat. They sought entrance and were
1,111, f ,i todtrasott
t i 1d . 0: i . . 4.1 t h i a gj go done a rn
James-O'Neal with one or two others tin-
known. Betide" the men there was a yOting
gill named Mary Maylove, who bad aPParefit
ly been struggliug severely, and bad her dress
entirely off. besides having the remainder of
her Clothing badly ... tern. The men, except.
in Liras -giLiti .traithewilVek.inrermarrra-p
cod' in • a cell. Mary Maylove was Aft
with a female friend. who bad coins on the
1 boat with the onfeem. An °facer WWI left
with them with directional." ) bring both to the
l trregd i f
IV; it: r 3 1 1 :2 . ; r t ‘ t i b 1 1 l b l l s e ; tCM
. e r tcl rl ;
theme of Ward Nicholson. Esq., who mid so
been called
the Outcry to the scene
alleged outrage. incoMpany with Mari were
her friend Ratty Stanly ages litianntaa, and ti,
male friend of lietty's named Andrew Haat
demon, both of whom had been placed under
' arrest by Mr. Nicholson. The twowennes wave
locked op as witnesses, and HeadeMeat was
permitted to depart. The tree positicas of at
' fairs, so far es we could ascertain i from the
statements of all the parties, wax about as ,
follows: Henderson end the women Steely ,
were coming up Liberty street a sport time 1
previous to the row, on their way to Binning-
ham.. gear
w the Union s ad ep insisted
their going Into a saloon to take a drink.
They did eo, Mary tatting, as natty , alleges,n
tumbler full of whisky. They then come up
to the Dirunond and took Knottier drink. They
there met (Mica], who, at Henderson's invite,
tine, joined the party as Marrs escort- They
then-agreed to go to the sand boat for thereat
of the night. They took some mare drinks,
Mary taking whisky every time, so that by I
the time they reached the boat she Yrae
somewhat the worse for liquor. Entering the
boat they were joined by floras. th e
locked the door and the party, with the creep.
Hon of Maras, retired. - noon seam fell
to the door and demanded entra; 1
O'Neal eventually opened the door and Hen
derson and Hotly ran .ont, Ilenderion being'
knocked down by the party outside. ,Mars
tried also to go oat with her friends, but 11115
prevented as she .says, by O'Neal. She be- ,
came frightened and betran to scream and
straggle. Henderson called the .watch and
the arrests followed as stated. Diary was in
great gri o f. and terror, and averred that
she did not wish to go to the boat, but was
persuaded by Henderson and Hefty. A hear
ing was had yesterday morning and the pris
oners Donut and O'Neal were discharged,
there being no evidencewhateVer to sustain
the charge cologne against them.
Interesting ExperinseaS In Blasting.
A novel method of blasting In the carbonif•
erous rocks around Easton, has must been sue , .
cessfully attempted, in which nitric and nitro.
silicic &acids have been need to excavate nevi
.ties at the end of the drill -bole. The expert.
merit was first made at the suggestion of
professor of mintnic, in the siliceous limestone
The e
which college buildings are &Misted.
acid charge the
was introduced at night and
to the teething the chamber was ready for the
charge. The advantage gained appears in the
fact - that sand ielke only otnmping n need,
and the exploion—is ethelent upon a larger
surface, with less danlr from eplinters and
less time consunted in e Irak. . .
- •
Ladles` Vomtnittee Meeting..
At half-past two o'clock this afternoon the .
Ladles' Committee of the Boys in Blimarill
hold a meeting in the Board of Two:M . II4 O M.
It is expected that the 'various charehes in the
two atlas and adjacent boroughs will • Sentt
lady delegates to this meeting, as 0. is impor
should interesmselve s
noble and praiseworthy un dert aking .. T he la
dles are
to erect a monument
worthy of the noble men who laid down their
lives in defence of their country, and no doubt
tbe coinesival will be one f the finest
ever h el d in g
t f he t city. Ills propose o d that each
church have its own table ordepartment, and
have the entire control of It.
Toting Men's Christian Assetlotion. — '
A public meeting of the Toting Men's Christ
thin Associntlim of Pittsburgh will os held in
the First Presbyterian Church, Wood street.
on Sunday evening next, 'ins hith instant.
will be -delivered try Mr. Moody, of
Chicago, Bey. S. F. Score'. of the First Pres.
byterian Church; Hey. Herring Johnson, of
the Third Presbyterian Church . and Rey. Hen
a 11).h.15Three 'ex o c f r . c P it i leir wt h be (A ll a h i l fr a b i l i ,y in-
Ceres tin g character, and a general invitation
ho extended to the e nrol,
-----ewe--- -- ' .
A gloppy Mew Tear:All those haying
grumbling teeth and who wish to - enjoy a
harry New Tear, should visit Dr. Brener, Ho.
151 Penn street. That Laughing Gas tbat he
administers, free of c har g e, is a wonderful
charmer for decayed and aching teeth.
H. fl..—Ten assismuts, besides two young
ladies, always present: The artificial humll an
eye insertW.
The 0/11C0 at the Merchant's Union Express
Company has been removed
stree are now go eo eive tW
pointt, where. goods
s ::-ofoedr
East and West, which can be reached
through the connections of the Erie and Pltts
burgh- Railroad. it Is expected that all other
routes will soon be opened to the business. of
this company.
Paine & Co's Arientine—Yor instantly
plating all articles of copper, brass or German
silver, with pure silver, where worn or, and
for cleaniing and poilkting silver Or silver.
plated ware. Warranted to contain no Quick.
silver or acid, or any
in article. Tor
sale by .I. Sample, Allegheny, and adell drulantg
. .
Gold Wateh LosS.—A. young lady bet, in I
one of the litnersvUle Passenger cars, vadat ,
day, a very valuable gold watch, for the re
turn of which she offers
In our advertising
columns a liberal reward.
First Ward Itepobliestis.—The .Reptibit-1
cans of First ward will this
at seven' the
o'clock, at the sehoolmeat
house, for eveni t n he
purpose of making nominations for wardofit.
cars and city Comma,
Serious lfeal..—An old lady fell %ion the
ice near the head el Fifth sires% Da curate
mac, and was seriously injured.' he was eon
veyed to her residence In the Eigth
Additional City and -guburkan
on Fourth Page.
• 4111ARRIED. . •
CAmeALLL-roLLocA-012 Christmas even.
tog, t a_ 1.46 roaldooen Thom.' rollock.of Vre.t
legahirarblLas MAUI' I., et West
CRAIGOn Wedneldal Morning. between one
and two o'clock. WHEAT .1.. eon of W. 3. =4
Nancy Craig. aged Ave y , an and.eleves months.
The Wirral will take place on TAITAIDAT XOlll. ,
Ind at 10 o'clock, from the I eallenee of Maps:mai.
Benton alley. Allegoeny. The Mend! of the fam ,
Ly ate respectfully low fled to attend. .
1111111 HAT.—On Tuesday mornin m g, Decembee late
r Ma..
Inv, Mrs. MART MORNAY, ilk of th
Thomas Murray. Br.
The funeral will lake Place gym mosicn:O. at 11
o'clock. from her late residence. No. 31 Cbstkasn
street. to proceed to Si rase
Cathedralrela :thence tives
.10. Marrs cemetery. The friends and
the family are respectfully invited to attend.
ILWALE colicrElti,;-.The
bwairoi -4:lodpv . IV Wrest subarban
r a tig r aVirlinen t n =l, 3
°X,AIb4 ala NiTitrarilk.
41 ----- ii - LEN
L"' • '
s. ISO Yootrtit olomik I'llPs. 007/1111101
WI tioaogliA2._natie=oon=mr=
or Ton
o rol al anigloosse ma Comerunloolo.
. DavldsFrL _ 1)... Wm la -
W. soobao. 1).1.1„ rgalk , zwma. .. dialell
Milo% Sm. '
13 - N . DEBT/A..1413
Bro. oxisegutfinad sr.; cow. 7th,
anima*. nosournista - •
•" 1/3 /23 LIN P. I NT "WA, PA.
R T. WHITE &tie
UNDERTAKERS AlliktillAUlllll.
, Manchester. Wood's lin saidtletelfir.
• - Onset ft Ebtlltiebl mid Mull= rialletik
If vase mid Careisirso iNtrwtshoill. ,
piiszBs tit
Vine Witched, Clocks, Jewelri
Vittarkriazie 2 o3roxi"'
0 temp
" aviviriumatir.
6-Wylie St % 3d duir from bde.
Ileteiethtniraimfor scasday Presiat. as& fie..
MitY arorair. by owl a the bat Kama,
la.taxops. enervated IS be perfect.
Timelieepers from $lB to $l5,
arca. SO 111Plftia
Great Closing Out Sale
SU and 336 Liberty Street,
Coprbc•isite• NlV'swzio.
We vrirrant onr Goo& equal in
every respect to the lbest antom
Christmas ,CHits
. ,
31 W.
Boots. i „,
QI3N RUyVn{.p Yp~Yn '-
lceDaollo{* CanrL.
t llc0a' • ~ H7mac > Cpare6.
s.nual°' out sookPoetstalfattrd
IL zug
rhoureutogi oystencw "3"tards.
suognam... -
mares., Flamm
•AB O Mocks.
llosato Blades-
!Mess cards.
lissk Cards.
. _
wrxing. •
• Welk BlYis' e compallo". r u.toos.
JU'entle4POY B.lttrArellart
P°ll°46 rj•Patriltourigtl' BoZtiki,rl Gee"
Vel , "et' , M el.
Ottelt ortmonate.4.
• Velvet Fortmoniaes
walli.ts,rec. _
, ta Nookt ocas.
. . Bill Collection Books,
001:060tO!'.., B.
eold_rensanißolklo. , o.
" able
Lsdtes. is .
6kat" %ate* for Lien 6i
?Amt. skates to
INA mum
akat4o _
rres •
enarr the t:e ,
ir f ee
Prevenll for the'
ldgrre" Pe uLd..
lor Os Bible,. Vint.
Wax Candles. Was Cantra t rt.
All the abeee, erttb tandrade wage art=
sellable for Holiday dills. can be obtalood at
' opposite the Post Waco. Pittsbumb. Pa.
89 89 NARIER't BTBEET• .
8 9 Pri. Co X 3 mtresi,
891 88 A
AID MT TOUR ariterilreet,
89 BOOTS, SHOES, &C, , ,
w XXr IX XL Xi 0X C . "ir.
8 LIMES ROBB, MI Market M.
89 89 fil itt "
.TINFIn i *ZHOD mr. a samsaior.4. ANDIataN
" "Et' " 6" —ism szn,.;
, Frtz =-43163
inseethaPis Cotton MOW. Carps
Chains; Came
and Batting
Ciederilinabe left Ls the Mee or the *eels,
emu um tea= 4lll l l=
Cosuar.°rm.,. Wye' Ass iiitere Ally/.
Niitellil3ll3nlol/9 2.0"
cukusTwo. intAreur, .
1 .. - NAVES ,
Evssirsops Liszt rr. •
TarCiMir ITCYLIX crixsazabe.
rums .ot commit weir= you s.u.r..
Scud stamp for circular, or canon
Gat and . Steam Fitters,
Au fellUtit ,
• tugs itascrtuasst at
I , • - awl 'Brackets, Lead
Pipe Pumps, Sheet &c.,
Azvang msr).
W4 l Bi f ealllear Minh .
. .
= •
a OMEN 11101111.01 s •
' • . ' , 3 0,0044,404:957 ',
v v .,
,Rtgi.Lio... 'vrotx ti
604 wU.. tUr . eta
,to be SIM
Wiera r tt iiinr At RAZZ STAJALA_
• sat - - Les atessear asset saa_gra..s
'lma - wagato. ,
Lawissist• ""326TUBS us&
tr - •-f:
J. ar. warODszt.