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E. S. WINSTON, Preslden . ,?______,/, ---------
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$ 17,5c)c0,4C•cr co,
ExcLustiELT coo.
4nuual Invblends Available Immediately,
1.,,11ey-bolders and other venous intereated in the
inlectuot LIFE. INSURANC It are Invited to call
wilt beg; 117 aal.l.tltegm"g 'l„?.;,..`.'&l°,Yo'llre
menita and practical working or the Company.
Pio. 37 Fifth Street. Pittebtirkh.
Dutra College Circular for ISaY.
Tins just been Issued by tha principals of this
o idely known and favorite Pittsburgh estab
lishment. !rho publication Is In the quarto
form, and contains some new and IntereSting
matter relative to the course of business edu
cation, so long and so .t:inceessfully taught In
he Institution. Among other things we no
t its a beautiful electro , ype engraving of Wm.
Duff's handwriting, in an elegant set of
capitals; and au original and animated design
of l'en Flourishing, which every ohe desirous
of becoming a chaster penman, wilt price as a
gent of the chirographic art.
Ant..tn3l oi.l.lll.hisle Cured In Ten Ith:t
It isan established fact, that can be attest
nd to by many citizens of ilittsburgh,T that
I:pham's Asthma Cure,- sold at Dr. Keyser'S,
is a complete and perfect remedy for that
ttoubiesOme disease. It w lit in a Ica - minutes
take away the distressing ursracrandspasm.s
attending Asthma, and by a persevering use,
will totally eradicate the complaint.
Sir. Upham has hundred of ecrthleates from
MI quarters of the Union, bearing the most
nattering approval of his ASTHMA CU ILE;
and then, besides, Pr. Keyser, the agentfoilt
here, - proposes to refund the money, in all
cases where it fails to give relief, when used
according to directions. Thin relief Is last-
lug, and by the'use of the cure for awhile, the
bnbirot tbo disease is broken, and health cc
stored. Every. A.stlamatic patient knows we
Vali:A - WO- do, the terrible anffocating feeling
and prostration which accompanies an attack
of Asthma, and many of them would give
hundreds of dollars to procure
from. its grasp. MIS exemption be OD
speedily, surely and effectually, by
tln. remedy above mentioned, illlll which,
mine that we are. acquainted with has gained
more on public approbation, or procured
bier reputation. It can. be sent by mail,
by addressing bet Keyser, No. 140 Wood
street. ? and enclosing the
. price, two dollars,
and ten cents to pay postage. - Sold us above ,
by the gross, dozen, or single package,
If Ton Wnut
- To keep your boy at hotnein the evenings buy
a him a Parlor 11.1.5 e liaUfleld. They can only
be bad at JRUICS tier WOOll street.
Tx OVID Steinway Pianos
For holidays gifts, ranging from rksit to CPA
have beentiought within the .ast ton days, at
11. fileber k lire's; on Wood street. Their ware
rooms are filled with the choicest Steinway's
and other brands of Pllll - 0, at prices from WA
to 4,1,00, and they present such a variety of
strieS as never before went offered to our pub
- he.- A floe Steinway is undoubtedly the most
acceptable at all gifts, and It can be had at a
gpre one hundred dollars below the New York
selling rates at hleber
Tobn . ceo and Segars.
et W. Jcnkinr,on, maltufactarera of the
eelebrated 'Roan Bud Bright ronnds,Roeelßrl
Hough and • Ready; Rose Bud Golden Burs
Nay, Irene) Spun 8011, and" other noted
brdude of Tobacco.
. ;\n Immense •
, •-tock of Segars and other articles in the To
-I,acco line, constantly ontiand, all of which we
ere selling nt the lowest cash pricee,
at So.
federal street, Allegheny.
Al the World's Fair
In London, .IS-ll,theWheeler A: Wilson Sew
-mg Machine received: the highest award—all
the Machines cif 'Europe and America In com
p:talon. This award has always been made
wherever exhibited. You will make „no 'Mis
take In ordering one as a holiday gal: to wtfe,
s Inter or friend. Tiler can be purchased only
at Sumner & Co's., .27'Ilfth street. 7 .
t The Itesse Sewing. Machine,
Masi certainly take, the lead of all others In a
hhort, time: It was awarded five premiums
e n Rork, at the World's Fair, 1....e2; lour premi
ums for work and on the machine, at the New
'York State . Fair, Wei. See the Methodist, of
septetuber 22d. A premium. on the machine.
at the 0010 State' lair, Pic. Set the Paytdri . .
.7%itirited, October 19th. The only agency for
its, sale foi Western Pennsylvania, ist at No.
t-t. Clair etreet, Pittsburgh.
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chose out all our fur goods this season, those
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chnsing elsewhere.
SOusethism New.
Tic Parlor 11. the Ball I. Mid IS decidedly the
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Good .
Clear Tor'', assorted Candles, Raisins, Cdr
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neaviin, :4 - of 1.12 Federiil street.,
.t call Is solicited.
• : -- --.---
. .
Totted States. Troop. Sent to Lexing•
~,,, imi,,,rt.., rin..„.., que,,,i,,,,._.„,
ton-The Arrested Citizotm-Sclzuro t ~ , ,,,,,,,,igation Into the Inhhitir Trough
of Distilleric.-A. Fire.
• • Not One-lcielli of the lirlii•liy Ben
!., r. 1.0 t., Dec. 19.-Two Cotnpanien nt Tn ., , ofnetnred Paysitho Tax-ne Croton
If There IN n. llorznin to Ihe if.nd. , tea Stith , Ileltularelwe bean ~,,', to IMII"g" 1 Aqueduct Dfspiitc-.lMeverefientimee.
' I :on, Miasmic', from Fort Leavenwm. lb, to i -AT , AT.
Gardner gets It and glree hie patr.ons the ben• , pre-arve pewee la that locality. I N, 'Tann, Dor. 11 .
-The city will 1,,e
cat Of It. Ile Is awake to the tines, and will • Tito citizens arrested hy Disj. Mont ttomer:t ,
b in:ls In :he autt.n,t of two hulllone and a half
dell hie entire etOth. at !Igen hJIIIIn; In , ',rice, have been released. a r ie y the ban", for laxes which were so
rsa distilleries in Jackson n 011111 5 ., 311 - t' :i end 41PertlIr collected In 1543 end 'ISM,
until January In., _._ ...r.a have hpen
selstallty Ilte I idled , ,d,t;et;t 1 it Di the evenrltics comprlnlng
0r,,,,,, Ilur'.'n'"-,''7,'" ~ 1 3tet- Revenue ode:ors.
A largo. brewery en the corner of Csnac 11, it capital soat, A large proportion ot
. these were I:tilled :Rates bonds, and were ex-
Greasers nargrelna or th , " Seasoo• •itri•ct 11.”1 carca2 , , , , 1 , , , ..; „, avenue, :v. ae he rinal , mn ' r , , Ant of Cnogrefin trout taxtion.
I' ntll January ist . Stott:: trust be tt du 7,.. , t and 1 ,7,`t ., i t tiii iti '• Ifi '''' • * ' 10 ' ' ' ' ' ' o '°' i ''''' '''t I° ' ! f::apre I , nomil ing I r O two 'Millions have :d
-on .o.
yl lees am terribly so, ne a Call e, tll sa":sty. , 1.. , 1. can u.lit le.:Red the bonds will be bi
-1 The
1)'"'"'" .Wre"" ""Y ''''re.n, I " ;1 3 e ,I „c ,:t. Week in paynient.
Or ea lior, Sae.: c,. , .E. , =aye that it delepetien of the
. citizens of .lacaeon coenty.ine3,94,',7"fn'olnin. i ' Tr , .,,,r0 Committee. on Whisky
poesette Sr dels have discovered that great
i wi - . Inc ,therltr, ennviner a Governor 1 Weber that .• .„, , ,
• or: in the Than. •te ' e et,.:ce Onve I.eeo pia 'ctleed here. Boveral
.. the lawn will lice, he pion:pity enfruccti, ,''„ ~...,Is sr , implieeted. Many thousand r,al
- In reef In “I.lining'e P.stent Stove Damper. and that the connty delegatron gives a seisms tt"' " t ' t t t I - beenrind tt ova dollar
nee ie V. 1., ay Itl, o i •
...., advertisement in another enttunn. t dare plettge that all neater ill henceforth unit, ' ,Ihalf per ton, when te tax alone IC
No. II•I itth stteet. , lethal, end Under this assirstara the tie, 1 " .. ' ..n a
tlr 'The Coolant cchen satisfied taut
; arson ordered the troops gned for . t 's - 1..• i ' •
Yon Can Dny •' I son county to be sent to Lafayette. et one-Merin el the 'whisky manufactured
it- . c pay, the goveriancnt tar.. • , ,
I Yr'. ltradley, tho new appointee as 1 rem.
Foreign LlquOrb of all binds at Joseph S. I
Finch's Distillery, -No, ltn, V. , ..,1%.: giant 'SS First I FROM PIIILkDELPHIA i dent. ei the strnten Aqueduct Board, appeared
• -• • z this morning and claimed the Mace, watch
ttreet, Pittsburgh. - . -- _ Mr. otevens, the President, declined to (or
-...- I A DelsirtiCtlVO Tire on Inroad Street-
Boot pi end Sheer . 1 1.01114, d ,
*l-0 000-orath of a Prominent riz,loc,r,.d.
tintor.iftwriaae,,!trewasuolwmpint frit,torn,tel;embotlllioli
I Citizen. the promises. •
faller any body's prices, und cheaper than ....b ~
O'er befO're +Old thew. Pnitanut.rt ta, M.-Several large John Smoot wa, io-day soulenced to twenty
I warehouses l ' n North thread etreet were de. years in the -isle prison for rape on a thllil
Ovens Rorer Soot , S roe. - 1 111 oyed by He'e 'l'. Ws mOining. Allea X: Beller, six years old,
----ale- -- .•I Ne.V:, lose;. GeOrge U. Dervall, flour Yr, derick r. Peet, one of our oldest suer
dealer,LOU v2.5,0m; W. Beal, whleky diztillcr, chants. tiled in Last Hampton,
.al. . .
, STs,Ono, and James Ralston, weaver. 6... NW.). The The Jury in thin ease of Went or against the
pm cent, .Aleohol at Joseph S. Finch's. , 1,,, 1,,,,, and is ,upposed to have per., First National rank of Now Orlearts, for al.leg
. , , Wm.] in the names ed negligent delivery of a trunk, raid - eta a
You Can Buy . I Ldwurti lb Dale:President of tlie Philatici- i-ordlet tor the batik.
New Hopi: at Joseph S. Finch's. pLan, GerMentow n and Norristown Railroad, In t Ile safe ease ot Sanborn to. Berrie g, the
____--......., dletl yesterday. lie was a son OS ComModure ' bury litre unable to agre
A Thousand Pair of !Shoes Le.. of GOVerillMelli Property by Flee.
101 l In a day at the Opera Liouse ShOo Store. 1 8411.114e4 Accident Between Cincinnati Jrnclie.:: CITY, Kansas. December la-The
end Chicago. Conanisary building nt Fort Dodge, contain-
Ci...misnan. December IS-The baggage log seventy-aye theusaud pounds et bacon,
, r ar e!. z•rll.°tltCr ew e n t'n f ' z rO . t m i tit'lls truck. re nude to r g - Ve d ‘‘
sat la ktfeee amount
o yoeftit'yvgrreu.mlTot clothing,
• , sy el Indiana to-day, killing J. it', Timmus, papers of th e &marts:muster and Commissary
• t " Aniartetin'Uspres9 taesseuger, and .r,,, , 11.- mere Meetly not ed. The fire was accidena.
y welinding the fiaggage In asc,.t. fl.c Ifee I. not at shod.
. _ ..
. .
• If ion Want
To keep your boy at home di the evening hay
hint a Parlor Buse Yield. They can only
COi had at James noin's, 131 n'cot E•tr,:t,
he 3pere.1107.50 5t070.
The Confedeatiori of the British
Mexican Humors in Faris
Arbitrary Measures of Prussia in
cONrinr.ILLTION or 0011130 COLONS 11,
Covnotl,Dec.lB.—The deleantiOn from - 11rib
ish Americallave agreeil.npou the basis of a
bill for the confederation of the Britten Prov
Daces iirSorth America. The perfected till
will be sent to the British Parliament for con
airrmo.niazteu TO NIXISTSII IttliElNlw
Gantt, Dee.l9.—it tan's - peeled the Emperor
will attend a farewell dinner to ?Sinister Bige
low to-day.
The re -organization of the French army h.
yery. unpopular. The people cannot see the
necessity of such an immense army while ut
rltt:3sl.‘N 01,1c.ZES TO
BMus's, Dec.l9.—A number of licuseiau call
cera are about starting for America to look at
our Navy Yards. '
TEE l'Ort'S 1:X1'11E6610S 111:i..1.T1TE. TO TDE 191.
ROME, D6C.lS.—Carilinal,AntonellPs explana
tion of the Pope's expression relative to the
Crated States is that las Holiness believes it
Would be better for Canada to fall' into the
• bands of the Bulled States than to be sunlit
. gateiLby Fezdans. !Sinister Magmas:Veil the
aricax or (MN'. PRIM TO orals.
LoNt.oN, Wcthgesdng, December
It is reported that lien, Brim, who has kept
himself away from the country since his at
tempt at revolution last winter, has returned
to Spain, having reeelted a pardon from the
Vials, Wednesday, -December l'}-Edening.-
It 1s reported ha sami.oflimal quarters that
Marshal BaZflille has opened,,or attempted to
open, negotiations with the United States go,
arrißient in reit:retie° to the establishment of
.a-nqw government In Mexico after 'the with.
dni - ival of the French troops.
Dec. 19. This morning a party of
Hanoverians, numbering about
thirty, were
arrested 'ln Hamburg while ndeavorng to
evade serving in the Prussian army. They
were on the point of embarking for America
on board of a steamer.
Ytaiswa, Dec: 19.—The Dlet has decided to
recommend a plan of separate administration.
Paula, Dee. 19.—A telegram from Berlin
states that the Federal army-Will be under the
comntand of Prussia.
Mama, ireflueiday, December M,—.Ereoing.—
Count Von Bismarck has resigned the Fre2l
- of the Conference.
• .„..nextees nenqns IN VLORENCE.
/FLORENCE. Werflreschg,D,ernbcr
report le current hero that Maximilian
detained in Mexico in CODSOCiIIerICO of its hav
ing neeOnle 'l,3lOWn to the Austrian ("oa-em
inent that the Austrian army wish him to be
come' immediately the snecessor of Francis
• •
iI.I.M.EURO, Dee. 19—Eregiog —A lie, German
steamship line is`forming to run between Imre
and New York. under government patronage.
• BERLIN, Dec, 19.—A German Peril tIlleDI will
be almost unanimously voted for throughout
• tospos, Dec. 19.—Conaols American_
Securities opened Arm; 5-gos, 71I•1; Erie, 47. 1 / 2 ;
Illinois Central, 7C.
LIVERPOOL. Doc. 19.—Cotton' opened very ac
tive and excited, and advanced l9id for , mid
dling uplands. • •
'LIVERPOOL, Welille.4rty, Peecober 10.—Even
toThe cotton market tuts-be advance ctve
amotiy, and eIOSeS firm, at the of
noted at, noon. The 'wales sum pp to fully
10,03 e bales. The brandsinfrs and provision
market• are quiet and unchanged
LONDON, WEdIICODID, DeeClMbrr,P.—EllrltiNg.
—Consols closed at RSA for menet. The mart
ket for American securities closes steady.
The' latest. ofUcial'BRUNS are follow
Plaited States 5-2les,;pc,; Erie, IIS
—The market for petroleum is firm,
francs. _ •
A i,
;: 1 1 1i u I Appeal—The . s
y At ' e
Conventio nfo n rt 1 f. 'el t ae l f s t : r 7 :
\ h ri e l l i w i l C t
purpose. 0:1 .
.1 th i
v i ' D 1:o t
. : 1 6 n a . II: t: i iii ti t 1 1 :I -.. .: :. n: Y 5 1 : .
In Ness Hampshire.
NLW 11...VV . 5. C 0 .,... Gee. lii.—The lenuo.
crude ntule Committee lias is sue d a tall for a
of the call, "of considering the revolutionary
acts of the present Radical Congress."
This Convention will else determine npim
the propriety of making nominations for State
officers, and recommending to the people of
the thirty-six States the neces.olty tor a Na
Convention to adopt such measures 119
l n l "thwart the designs of the traitors who
i are endeavoring toisulfvf.frt the Constitution
and Government of our fathers." "
Com ora, N. IL, Dee. Ili.—Advieca from al
most every section of the State 111.11,11 th the
defeat of tile railway monopoly candidate for
Governor. The a ucstion of railroad
"will lie thoroughly overhauled at the neit
susion of the Legislature.
Game, Sept Make, 911.•
Oharges and Specifications Against
the President..
roLiTtct ,
tab nEmiga•atioibit.. io to Proh Chi
Change of T ime in Meeting of Congress
111:Poil.T .1.1131 S
Dee. 19, I,e,
' , HE INS I . f..I3.7HVENT QVI!`LON •
lt!ls now understood that ti movement ls on
toot tolprepare• charges and specltientions
against President .TOIMEOH.
THE TERRITORIAL pawl:c.f.. • •
The territorial project will, it is hclieved, tO
Postponed until next Congress, when the rad
ical senators will be in stronger for It is
feared that the project. would tau in the Kee.
ent Senate
The Nebruskiii 101 l will pass, but ii reto'wll!
be fatal, es cannot fret the requisite two
• • -
The Semite dit not reach a vote on the ice
braslin bill tieiluy. It is bitterly oppoien.
Senator cutuner, for the exclusion oC ntero,
front the right of sulrrug,,, under the S- • taie
Con 4 t Wilton
• t 131.1,1L5E I;>lltilt.LTlON
The resolution offered thi,q , morultm by. Mr.
Wllliams, of Oregon. to prohibit the emigra
tion of Citinere Into this comity, oro.inctel
much surprise in the Senate CilfLlllher, as our 's
it styled the a-yium of all nations. The rests .
lotion tea:Vit....fen-ea to the Committee on VLlT
"nave ..a.onies .ku.kiS.7 nEsalou.
There is is sensation hero In refunalcu
rumors of a 4:9ngresslonalinvestigation into
certain charges against a AL - inied :state..
for of having been iniluenced bS pc c un hitt con
siderations to use his interest, for the appoint.
meta of a person to a tivat-class position in
the ItevenueDehartruent in New 'York.
,EcaCTAILY Or 1.1:01LTIOn Dian,
The Senate Committee on Freign A
report favorably =vibe appointment of Mr.
Hoffman as Secretary of - Legation at Paris. •
TUE ancren LOADI,NG Anst
The report of t hoard appointed to Clain.
ino breeen loading art. IS prataiSlual. he
conelusionsUare, that all amain the nerv T iee
should be iitted for the - same cartridges, anti
that Colnordan'S plan Of alteration should be
adopted. The Committee are unable to ree-
OMlliend any of the breechloaders presented
for examinattOn. The t3pencer Magazine Car
bine is recommended as the hest Cavalry arm.
TOE DISTunT sr urn•GE tam— •
The statement that the District of Coluinbla
suffrage-bill had beun tonsiderell in Luc Cab'.
net in unfounded.
It is authentically stated that the F,uprelne
Court has agreed upon a decision In t h e Test
Oath eases. and that Judge cater, who is at.
signed to deliver the decision, ie now engaged
in tile preparation 01010 opinion of the rimier
ity of tile Court. From the fact. that Judge
liner I, selected to deliVer the opinion, it is
inferred that the Court has decided that the
lest Oath is unconstitutional, at least so tar
its it affects lawyers.
1,001, l's Ttt 701:111E.11,1 STAIOE. ' ' •
It. is ,aid an effort will be made lit the Llom ,
to regulate, by law, tho-asstgnMent Of a cer
tain number of troops in each_of the Southern
t'lli,hl. 4, 1 Tun TIME or a nr. MEETI,,, I.FP 1:0E}•
The Senate Juan:lntl Committee al, WI,-
' vor Of the 11ouse- bill changing, the LIMO for
the meeting of Con'greti ,. . - .
The ',EWE FilEthee COIMUllithE has not
touched any proposition to Increase the cnr
reney, and will not do TO till attef hlAhia}lye
• _
Terrible Loss of Life from a Fire
. .
211.tinertis, Deo. 19.—A ilre. broke Out in tit
basement of Joseph teeth '4 eonfectieunry
tublishment, Maths°l street, at three o'eloel ,
this morn log, remit Big in un appalling
ter. hi:W:6l'l,o'Bou sleeping in the fourth
story ware suffocated, or else woke to a sen , o
ni their situation, and, leaping through the
wind°, s, were crushed On. itn,Venteut be
low. Wm. Jelde,wholesalemotiost dealer, andwere
,orhittsi.m, Mr. speebt, wile arid child,
aslee ut the time. Captain Waltialven a
l , Chief
et the p
Fire Dl:penmen t, ascended be y adder
to the room mid (meld the wife dead, sad
Jehle lying on the Rothe just Etrength
enotorit left to point cradle where the
child, tour weeks oil, was, slid dropped I fe
lesa. billet WuldaiVen and the child escaped
through the windows. Tile o ver
e Mani:els over Its e
face saved the life of the child. •Josp Bartl
Jumped from trio fourth story and escaped
with slight bruises. several others attemPthd
'it but, On e re dashed to pieces ott the rocks.
Nine .groes, employed in the nstablish
mobt, were burned to death, o no , eighteen
residing in the building,
only Bartle,
escaped. und
The engines Were prOlnittly on lint spOt.
eXtipasittilett tine tire with I title d anut go to t he
Mnurnis, Mccrnber.l.9.—ThMl stern. wheeler
Memphis, hence for Lit tie neck, street: a
snug In Arkansas river, -On Monday night.
Tim :nett Hunk :tad site aud her cargo areaa
tal less. She ott' owned by Dan Abel, Mont.
wait, of this city, awl Was Valued at ih,toh
Insured at Cinema sti Ittni St. Lents for tit,non.
Tills 1 , the second • time this Sed.Soll tile has
been sUnlt.
kd-SLIWUiLL:"I:s •
IL:ash:Sol os, t , ec. IP,
Itl r. Harr is, from the .1 utliciary Committee,
ravorted, with amendments, the Home bill
fixing the time for the meeting of Congress.
A Joint resolution, susnendrig the publica
tion of the y olunteer Army Register, was
taken up and recommittal to the Military
COnanlt tee. ! •
Mr. Fes:tendon presented a petit toil from
railroad Preslilents, asking a reduction of duty
on railroad iron and steel. •
Mr. liOss introduced a joint resolution role-.
Ling to the government of the States lately 111
rebullion laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. Wilson the Secretary of
the Interior well requested to cote inmocate
what novena of good§ for tile Ina mu Bureau
had been p arch ased In open market, giving an
Mr. rOnlerelr int:Manned a bill to softball:so
the cutouts( corrency.
flu motion at Mr. WillialoS the Committee
on roreign Relations were lustrUcted to im
quire into the expediency Of prohibiting tile
immigration or nuportation of Chinese into
the United Mates.
Mr. Muss, of. Remits, offered the foLlo•ing
Joint resolution relating to the government of
the States lately in rebellion: Whereas, the
amendment to the constitution of the United
states, proposed-at the ricer session of the 3901
known as Article 14, and submittal
to t he several S.tates for their ficeeptanee or
rejeetion, not having been acceptea by the
States, and certain sections of country lately
in rebellion being thereby in danger of falling
Into a state of anarchy by reason of t hotr ha s
no legitimate government, Be it, there
Rdetteed, be file S..tede mH w
Ord o Repretcri-
Pair , of the roiled Nor, fa
Wed, That the .1 oint Committee on Reeonstrue
lion Ur...bra:tea to inquire into the tapeateney
or establishing such egulation for the goes
ernment of ouch fltstrirts in tets s
dlion against
the 1 tilted •states as shall have refused, or
shall hereafter retuse; to accept ',rich auum , l-
meets s ay
e l, Rand
or ell
mot ton am mste ,
And ction of el te p n and
the intelasts of the tioverunient in these dis
tracts. •
The resolution was laid on the table mud or
derestto b.'. mina..
the bill foe the odtrotr 4 loo of Nebraska was
'taken up.
The pending question was On the amend
ment of Mr. Co, ml,krov lama as
that the Offset. , of Nebraska should never
chum the right to leave lite Union.
Mr. Rowan!, of Michigan, argued that the
te•thirements of the enabling act had been
compiled with, and at Ltd , t rattail time the
:Omission of these territories (Colorado and
Nohnlsta) Rhoda not be made tne subject of
tiler All,tractlomi • ptoposed by Senators—
making, the conferring suffrage upon
negro a ,undainental coed 11 ion to the admis
sion of Nebraska was a dangerous preCettent.
Congress hail the right to impOse conditions,
hot tb.ey should be conditions precedent,
made before. the territory entered th e Union:
it tva..s competent for Nehrt-tta .tt any time
after adnfission to annul tills provisioo, that
being one of tile reservol rights of states. Ile
Metal awl expeeted to seethe tulle when mond
rigtiss wonld be glee' , to 'the black, lie
thought nothing else woub.l bring pe.tre to the
lately rebellimts Stales.
Mr. Brown. of het tier as
sominz that elates had exelUsive control 01
the right franchise, the DelletOT held that
In ease a SIAM thOUM destroy Republican
government, the United Stsite• had not the
right to gettrantee and prott•el that Retabil•
can form of government in the state. _
Mr. !toward said that ttle,itlestiOn did net
present ! tself now, When It was he would up.
ply the remedy provided by the Constitution.
de wold ,ay to the.ecnato that im did not
• believe u
that a dentel by any State to allow the
negro to Vote such n impart:ire from the
principles of a republican form of govern-
Ment to authorize COngress to interfere
with It, as had been alleged fly t lienttor
from Woo.
Mr. Sherman seta that C.01141 ,, A h lui agreal
to re-M1 Mit tile stet ea lately 11l rehellton iman
the adoption by t ook of the Constitutiona
Amendment. lle o the oecas ion to emit ra
diet it.
Mr Norton, of Minnesota, asked a bother
the f3entitor had nut on is former occasion, •
used this very argument which lie [IOW
Mr. Howard Bald the Senator was
ng ress
fora:eft Cotta not areed to a
those States on that li
rataleatlong op. leaving denmi t
tile question whether three-fourths ut the
Mato" would natty , those unleashes-La, Ile •
co nih wl from a retmrt faille Recoil , ' reel ion Corn.
tee to thai when these amentint ante
had b ec o me m a
part of the Constitlition, then
tllOlO States' should be aamited. T
tu his
]tow ,
eontaining this proposition,t Mel n,
ever, passed the senatc•
lie denied that the itepUblican was,
actuated by party. feeling la favoring the ad.
mission of those territories. liu would say,
however, that he did desire , their admission
hettuuse it added tot reng tit to lib , party in Con
gress, tor the Interests of tile country re
,Listred it.
Mr. Rowara spoke In strong terms of the
President's acts and speeches 'Anew he bad
denounced Congress, and sant w aMtime Co n
gress should 1:01llIty toll ngnmet illswwstoU
and promiscuous use of the veto power
lOr It was obvious no legislattOn could
tclre pis, without two-tided vote {NAN seen
red. Is this view, he thought it ids duty tO
'Meat the absolutism of the Executive. The
Socretry of State had mph, and prophesithe ed [
Presid n ent Leonid tou of
the President hall threatendu reVointlon.
Ls not , to he Intimidated by the threats of
one or tile prophosies of the other.
Mr. Johnson of Marylaufl, followed in
oppsition to tile afire:talon of Nebraska. Ile
el so o discussed the general political e.roct. cd
the natation.
Mr. Wilson, of Massachusetts, moved
amendment, giving the Legislature of Ne
braska power to the question of 1.11
11040. ilo supported the bill at some length.
Mr. Doolittle, of Wisconsin, Irvin ired wheth
er tho Senator understood that the bath of the
nation was pledged to the admission of the
southern States on their niloption of the C on
stitut lonia Amendment.
Mr. Wilson said he voted for Tennessee be
cause she AIM tutted to come t lit, but denlost
that Congress had made any pedgee. lie said
would COLO the etmost verge of constitu
tional power insisting that those people
most respect life and liberty tufa property,
and he thought the only way to secure that
wadeo give t tie ballot to ail
ra m. The rebels
had o right •to bolt goa
thought it the ditty of the General
mcnt to tat-fathom front their
Mr. Doolittle *std the feet thitt Con greas
submitted the amendments tor those stifles
to rote on, acknowledged that they were
States and had valid leek statism powers.
Mr. /essential, 1 Maine, said be g Wanted
unhappy. COll I C OOVeleY 0 nonia
not yield the guarantees already insisted ofi,
and perhepS 'such others us Will be MAIM
IleeMeilay• • gars
Mt. peolittle eal‘ed whether Collglelel
not, by.eubmitting the amendment for reties
affirm, assumed those Mates lad power to
rarity It
Mr. /essential s.tid 0111 Collgreall 111111 Mere
ly provided t ha t. it should bo sub were milate s. tted to the
States. w about any lug what e
Mr. Doolittleatail It was submitted on the
Implied admission that the southern Sts
Were to Mille renresentation In. soon 30 they
adopted it. The Reconstruetlon Committee
had committed themselves to [
alidthe Senator, (11 MIL I eke 011 e or file
other, either they bad state governments or
they had not.
A motion to adjourn 0115 111,t.
Mr. COWltll'a (Mend 111011 t. was lost, mid var
ious motions to Lailjonrn were also voted
Messrs.:ill/11110r, itlleMlitile sail others,
sired a post ponetrient and time to consider a
mciisure setting forth 'Pathan important pre.
Mr. Isirkwomri of lowa, called the eenator
from Massachusetts r. Sunnier) to aecOunt
for calling disloyal a provision which waolllso
contained lit the leglatithtiOn 01 Melt.
Mr. Sumner •sald he look not referred to
low a, lea liturette rat ea that the ill oposal 0010
stittilion was disgraceful.
Attar Dingle diseusidon end rarities 1110-
1111)s. Mr. l'essentlen culled ettention to the
small number present of the advocates of tit;
bill, awl on motion, the Senate adjourned.
Ste• Melia. 10 trOalleeli It resolution reque..d.
ing Committee on the ilitliciary to Inquire into ,
the expediency of increasing the salary ot the
-,loOgo Of Llilt l:Oiled States Circuit Coma
Kentucky.: Referred to, the Judiciary Com
Mr. Epson, of Mieliigan, Introduced A bill
supplementary to cal net vowelising the pen
sion of revOlutionitry pensions, appoved .5 1011
Ist, rs',U, which was referred to till, COMM itteo
On Pellaiette.
51111 Maynard, of Tennessoc, roae to it per
-5011111 explanation. A to , statement
WAS It day t i wo ago t o o_ t
~e ffuct. t hat.
flo"-r.ditOnetrc7:1 s`ol.?L'n'r:,l'i.V.,
.while lie ill
was rcla with ileueral Moue-
Luau; that the Governor as North Carolina had I
deUmodett the body of Wilson • f rout the liov. l
ertior Of Tennessee. Ile tMr. Maynard
bud been informed he Governor O f North
Carolina that he Motne ver made any such de- I
twat; .
the it/term:Abet gal been obtained I
front Governor Itrownlow and from Captain
Nelson toast. witch
.Mr. Phelps Introduced a resolution,
was agreed to. instructing the Committee on
Ways foal Meet. to MUM. lido tile.
nary of a 0 amending tile Internal Revenue
laws as tO dispense With Lull tares oil groan
Mr. 10-01 soli Introilueta tivesolution direct
ing the "COlllll.liL for certain iCO l (
Aiyoh, ex.•
AMMO IMO bill, goods, eared AIM,
erchandizm for the Indian 111.1r.11, Met tee,
amine auples, and ascertain whether the
contract wits awarded to the lowest
All objection w (LS made and the resolution was
laid over.
Ste. Wentworth intrud resolution,
which was agreed to, cu od lling ce up s
oa the Prost
dent for ell thu information lu his poasession,
rolativu to Goo. St. Leger Grangett, who was
charged with complicity In the attempt to re
lease priaoelere froze. Camp IloughtS. Agreed
to. •
Mr. firings, from the Committee on Public
Lands, reported back the bill emendatory of
the act, approved Distrait 34, IoCI, grunting
•- -- 7 --- - . _ - - ---- ______--_____--e------,----- __---------------,
lands to the Stale of hattliMS for the coatrum i The Ilehrew Benevolent Society-='' Criminal Capri.
lion of tt railroad 111111 t1111.10.1111i1 line. Banquet. I ea:edify morning the Crituinal Court
After discussion, II tilts recommitted • I Tee ilebreer Betteveleht Society 0( . 1 tle• opened ta th, usual hour; Jlltlge, Mellon and
nr. IfigMe , final the aillite Comnitttee , re - ;
ported a tell emendetory, of seeend Scaten 1 1:11euY Ceuiftv. eelehratej 113 f!rs' aealversar7 . &toe,: occupying tee bench.
of the ad to euthoriee the .egisinteaa of MI. . 4,4 evening, by a magnificent banquetegleen The trial of John Dougae., on a. charge Of In.
nols, IfilitStoi and Arkaneas tfe sell lnd here- 1 et Addend liell, en Wylie street. A large and , cre.tnotts adultery, which was reported Intlfre
toter° donated for Belied purposes. The ,
etnendment ali"w l, ' a /e a " Or mia'sral lauds , elegant company assembled et reeeet eight gress yesterday, we; concluded, and the case
tor fifteen y
ears. it was passe I. o lclock, at the hall meet lifned. Over ilve hum suler_itted to the jury. They-returned a ver-
The Ilem , went into Centm it tee on 111.f:tell 1 dred persove mallet,' ln the apartment. d li i:...of not guilty, anti directed that the proge-
APProliriell oa Wit. 'rl‘'' (ler" ere t° 'I'11'• t If - f-• wee t 'idles emong ;• cuter, Patrick Blown, pay the COOL of preaocu
read the bill from the point where he lett off ui. one- 01 pitet..- _. .., . .
y • efi l
s, t oc er , S lo e?: ,
, vt u s i . ..
0 %1 tile
t p i
° a l e , 1 iie, o r a , p h h , IT ,
,pyrue,l.f,r,e,f.teirt,ig.. 1111 s, c lito
C. 31 ha1 1,.. t 7 ,4 1 . ,, , , y) b,
117::''.11,f;''xiirrrorg.: 1 , b
,rt rho
Carer,aen t eLarm.srleass
f r tt e - , at i
t 'a d r n n e e y t , t u , A n l..
tary, Assistant Secretary, abort-band wider,
Clerk of Pardons, three elerks of•fourth ell,s, 0n..01 1 • t•
11 111 31 Kirk flt riek,.l oslah Cohen. kiAri.• ry Grant and Robert Jack.r., all colored, who
were arrafirfeit on en Intik:talent for feloni-
Stewart and Meseeitgerof the Pre,iden lof the I Ileeldes ti hire , : ',tether of other well khown
United Steles. -reliant". 1 amble - abootleg e r hito boy named Thomas
i fw, 1 Cook. 'roe shooting occurred - on the erst of
Mr; Orland' Moved to strike out Clerk. of 1 The mefemblage was ealled to
order lee --''' • August hist, beyond the Iron City Park, Lae - -
deaden, The lions., having failed to obtain 1 Oitelheim, President of the Benevolent Hedy- •
„ el, , renceville. On that dee the cotored people
a list of pardons, ho 111011g111 till, service.. of a I ty, 3101 tbe eveniog,
e we elt ,e, rel. welt be ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,‘• " ~,,,,,. , He b rew
i t
IN, . Mr.
.'"'li,",rt'gr°l, :
the' -- I 'll, ,re celebrating the West Indies etaanelpe.
, , Con and the defendants were at the Park on
after . .
_ liebrew e;ongregatlon. After the prayer toe I ~,..:,,,,,,,.
Mr. Wentworth, of Mlirols, was oppm:ed to splendid band Of .milli a Toerge discoursed "
During the afternoon they rode out of the
the Motion to strike out. The Ileum, had rue,. teed bled mate, net.l to the etreine, the cotes ; -
ell %won tile lb esident fora left of the par- 1 fettle tool, scats :d the in,,ettelileeretlY , • , park and up the road.. They met two wagons,
sous „ereees ere ,,,,,, and 0 ,1 „ our , it i to il e ,. 1 1 1, „H e e; b .. , 1 ,, 1100
.o , en e , p 0.,. loaded with lumber, which were being driven
I along the road. Some ilifeetilty eneued In re• •
It be imposeflble for 111111 to ileike 1 titie•-of a mere elegant, bountiful and alto-
It ,pnt with Yeti men heeds. (Laurel- 1 gelled delightful banquet than thel of ' las: 1 wird to the right r Of way, when a fight ensued.
~,, „ 1 , 1 Ile men on tuons used nt.MAIVO language ,
tea) Ile lied 50011 it entinutietel in feel. of 1 evening, ill mutual mi ail It was by
. t i ne, ' ' 'n '" ' " ' and threw stones.] According to the state-
Ihe hOutnersi papers, that the Legislatnre of lof boantli al Wonien • mate. wdo merry
FlOtida, which was the legislature of traitor , •I lengliter and the rent:lag e ~,e ', need of the accused, and Wm. Arnett, one of
f o fenlin'o,s* en- '•:.-- ! tile defendante, drew a revolver and tired at
Doge, hall gout. to the Dry Tortugas and Lad MOM substantial rattling of e tot es.. ,
...., , the teameters, the boll striking young Cook;
been Investlget log late tins ensiof prisoners and tempting with rich viand.
and taro when who was seated on one 'of the wagons. The
there for pardons, end hail t•iten up the case After the eompany 0,111 done,umple end K C- ; •
, indictment charge' Arnett with having done
of Pte oious leader in tile ettempt that wes preenative paste ,. to the efin.itiet, 13 Hence was
' the eleireing, and the °there were indicted for
mad to burn Chicago smile time ago , and ile. rpiested, awl A. hoeilernehe-Lsq., President ' . _e.,., p.resent, aiding_ and • abetting "I,lm.
eide4 l that has emieletirre Mel 1,000 Mabel (if the ASSOCiaIIOII, 1011110 a few rrarks t , o ,""
by perjured witnesses, etc. Everybody k lIVIV MDSE
11,,,11101.,1. For the tirst titi e o.ln , II 1 Me...rt. Merebell.
11101 there bad been a covspirtiey to liberate In me Benevolent :society of ) Arl,leg,benf. county
-.outh appeared for
tlefenilanfil, end Dim
Kirkpatrick and C. B.
the PrlSoners in Camp De.tlf,lllS i t:St befere the lied followed lb' example t f liter rfail r.lechiett I trit Attorney DufS and Geu. Collier for the
, pro.tieutlon.
elections of tout year, end take paseesean of 11,100110011 S, 111111 111111 Sought to raceme ..,
the polls, and then bum the city of Chicago. (Meets ife 1
a ettemet. so ler tie COll 1.1 110. /11 , ( . 10 .
1 . Tile jury retnrned a verdict of not getilty in
One of the met convicted of participation in seen, the propfet thud been a complete success. ' 1 - ace of Albert Carter, Clifiries (Ade, Al
t.., 1 troll Sidney,'leery Grant and Robert Jack.
m y had killed letadt; the other A his ge 'hare of this soce c " . W " d ". I"
1 found Wall' M Arnett utlty; but re- •
L i ttge n tPs ' e k tit ' to Drs Tortugas and, now the waye the ease, to the efforts of till' ladies. I
, ':o'''n'tolll.lndeilhim, to ' Zile mercy g Of the Court. •
PreVident was beiefught to pardou lam. They now, us always, 1111,1 proved themselves t :
Air. went worth did not e ant the pardoned ready and eiger,t‘co •
110 ti..,f;e.J,,thf,,ongep&s,,,,ll,..,liedole,sr. i lii,?,ies'te‘tnlettree't,,,,Parnisdueriderts. wjaeiri,c relea-sed. and
~1 1. 0 d
;T a d . ,
o u , lt
„ 1.11 0, 1 1 1 , e u F ; 1: 1 0 . t , 1 . 1 ,.. :1 ,4 1
!Laughter.)btll l ie, 1 t r, t u ic i
1 1 , 1 , f5 ,„ 1
r l p lll l l . l . f
1 n. i ' t nr e ate feltleoor'row that be T'll'..limenanseietogttise•mas t(lregkofanilffrk-,..siOnri
Mr. eeliOdeld eahl Melted been told during I elim,
notiuml.,tll,ttiorleelflfelrio,....efestectfilleles }cars h,.., a ‘ 1 1 , shanks, Indicted for aggravated
Charlesassault and
last nusalott, that opou
pardon sent mean , i . •
.1 , t., t . t
for 1 ,
we , ' battery., with Henry Grant and Cole
there was It charge of three handrail 0•111 a. 1 soul .0 the t
,ango srlllell this eoemly as prosecuting witnesses. The defendants in
Mr. Ward, of New York, remarked tact II I formiel-the eccretery of the Afamelation, Mr.
1b 10 c a se are those who formed the with
was cheap eneugn. (Laughter.) Altelder. me. [yielded Is l. resignation, Lied Is ,
• ed had the difficulty on theist of A' )
Jar. Schoneld went on to say 1 het lie lied al, about ftevering his connection with the Assts. 1 'flu.. the defeodeetS in the UnSe
been informed by a gentleman who had bete
mutton to re•visit his r :dive place. The Pres- u pa r t y
g .st
, p
a o i t t-
1 the elleged assault was committed in tee
Being lit-
the Some, I het It great teeny par. dent then read the first replier toast;
e t- AIR,. i course of that affray. - The prosecutors were
.Ides had been sent. down there by the Aflame "Tile II ebrew . ' Ilene eel cat noddy i tietendauts In the other ease. The testinaony
I•;tprtefs, with the request to collect on deity- gbeite CeoiliY.' .
;lusta.tii . tili,,,elaorreg. Inches t : l,i
m o f e c o o n f axes
o w ,, e r r n e u c
o o n n t el ]alga
f fry three hundred dollarg.itud 1 hat the ineevy Tlll, we. respouded to at 5 1 001 0 length in the 1
had been collected and sent North. Ile del Hebrew tongue try •Hey. Nurnberg, pastor I f . un ..
not tinned! assert 111111. , I , ' , 'C110 ,111.11 1 ..'ll, the lieldew congregation. The second toast .1 will be charged this Mornieg.
tree, beefiest . he eld know no tole . ,m, bet if it ws -----...---------
51 - 0-1 tree lie simposed the money iimi been tee , "The President of the ("tilted shies;, mr,ie ,Aeknowledgment.
CelVed by the pnto!, gnts. If they were so by the meflall t o the Chief." The next- .
well paid he thought the per lon deli. ought West we', 1 Ilia undersigned gratefully acknowledgeS
to he dealt with litterelly. i Lel/elder.) The _ "Tee Ladles:l Mr. Cobh,. respeneed in 1 the ertutribetion, by Mon. Tttolnas Mellon, of
fll/1011li 1111111 t, wItS 11411 10. I,lo.luent tind lilting tenni,. Mr. C., In conela 1 two Inn:tared hese bushele coal for distribution
Sir. IlenJomtn,ol Mo., movel en amendment on, prOpOsedi ”Wolatin-IleaVell' IltSt ii.t 1 among Dia:iced)... Alay f further gifts
Of fuel,
to the hie tied nu or Colleetor sled' glit to umn." welch w.f., iseenved wit it tip• I
be entitled to any imrt ion of the salary \ser. peel , and drank with cull:Oslo4M. clothing; money, etc., will be carefully used •
10 tee uttke entii he le, runertnei by The fourth regullirteast w Ms , "Oat' National Ibe the Lay ele.,elouary, Mr. John , H. Morrie : '
the Senate. Caen, es represeeted by Conerees." (Intel llf is address IS "Church Rook ..tore,
After delette the meendment we. miepted tipplatoe.) Mush , try the hand, "nail lolunt. Smithfield stree" ,omens nd Children Cape.
and the Pllll,ll adefitrne.i. bete - I etelly need °loafing Mr. U.S. Lyneb, Trees
, The efell 10,,t,- . 1:11. 1.,..,0,11 nod the Ilare' 1 firer, eff Market street, will receive earl in
I 0
tor the Lay bliadiOnury's Use. 'I he re
"i'"''Stibl?:.rl'l'i'll'atTl'edkv..'"3llil.)-}rl'ilapft'rleicdifft'oe r b ...?: ' 1
'.'llll'enetlfor all such help Is earnestly renew e.i.
•I I I.lll.loalrlft s T .. .t . Cial 1 ls:.1 Vet/ .1 11 11,11 , 1 ap51.011... In 1 J. B. Kenroor, isisnop.
, elesion `le v dest on Robett Pe:lieu I:+e, , la addition to. the af-ove the subsetluer
. . ,
The fdeti , Ifefsl-Cli tills re-poteled do ' tolloy. ill for the relief of tile poore Flannel
I, '..,"••e,',-,-,..,,,e..,1 i ' die ' ti y. ' '' i thane eel - effewowledges tile receipt of the
me d. eloquently . end . le•ote.ely by .10. 11. 0 lee , from JIIIUS, White, Esq.; buntlia w - urn gar
teed, lse., wen, !a tbe eout,, , ci hi. retnati , , . ment, trout Mr. 11.; bundle ditto from J. M.
~, nod, e beeetflet amt hewhiteepoem with 1 10.1 1 hale ditt f . ..,
o rnm 0 It • II pairs man's socks
t ill rey tor its -Weed. In conelusten Mr. Co- I from James n.•Atke,t. .
h., _ proposed: "Tee. pf tinkle:lll,i,, of Pitts: -,,,1
Altegl'eu.r. '.
11“ Y
r sne.ii'Tl'ro-'• (toi;l'iusertion of our appeals for the poor. -
A Beg !Ivey, free yelled or, but ie....10 1 . c
apotolaig, Urging that Den. J. 31. Kirkpatrick Jorte 11. Mouuts,
should respond. '1:1.3 latter declined, mid brief Lay ellesionary
tell father tickler, ',elements were made be
1 1112 LI - Boum,. W. C, Mll:ll.itt , 11/111 J. Morri
son. •11,11a11 tathen, Lig., inell proposed the
healtha of the Pre-ident and Seers
of the
Asset:W.lon. This ea, responded to on e b
limssrs. Beetle:be iumr and Meekly.
Mr. Atbilllann then sting, ll ith the 111111114
-1 -
1.11.1 steer for v. hich lie is co well known,
0ra1.,1):1V., 0110 Of ,11101—” T be Tuare-wini
ro, rived w ' ith reptnrous appleuse.
The sentiment -"The Preese-e as cell pre
paid be J. t•Ob V 1
ru, sq re-ponded to
tdieey by T. r.ilcmston, keel.. elm was bIWPY
11 14110.'111g that, titter teastieg the Bench and
Lt{. the company had now toeotett an /tom of
llon. 3. 31. leirkputriek proposed "The 31.1-
KM Profession' I 1115 was happily responded
to by Dr. G. L. 31'Cotek. At tile couclusion of
this gentleteen'a immirks, the company ad
vowed to sp a , roo e yel e t staire, and there,
until . wee hours the teal' , they
merrily pa,seil the time in the lati.ool4 Of the
fight laitlastle art. Much money Wita realized,
awl the Benevolent eoteety achieved renewed
FtlereS•4. .I.
Cr Telegrnmq.
lIOLIN.—The river
ly. Thu A.l Mtn,. 11 Orr 1- 101111_1,
leo!. Ist the channel to Latie Departto e
—I p.—Tile Cora and Liberty, for I
Sam for Ctneintott barme ran 1
tilleial eats, toovii—Nr'gro:r 11•••+ A11E43
for New In poi er Moob,
•NlekLbngworth awl It. Patric I:. The Liberty.
1.00{; (111 00
I , olre :1 Cr Cern. bales cotton.
It, slim flab: dint not get both tilt to-night.'
Now ORLEANS, 14,1.1111E0l U.-141,1114,s MI
the levees Is rather snore brisk under the to
11rIence-of (air wvatber. .Vrrivr.l—Tlto %V. I;.
rthur from et. Louis. Departures—The
itter, Seurytott and eer Wave,
1.01 OVILLE, Dreamt., I,..—The Steamer Al
gonaut No. t sunk at New Albany, tills morn
ing, In the fog. No ere The
-1 , 111 be retard. _
fiorn up Me Allegheny'.
On. Ci ry, 1/1, ctglitcou
and on Wotther 1110 4 leral Ott 11
opp,,rtsooo of rota. (ol; u 00.1.1. Ono r.
Another limp Explosion—Tv, o Prr..llll
Burnett to lwath.
l‘a I riday last, the Ilth imtout, a tuost di,
trehstng calamity occurred at the re.,Mence of
Lplfroim Hail, t,outit ilufhtlo town,liiti; Area-
stvoug county. Mrs. Halt and tISO daughters
were seated Itt 3 laide, On I,IIICII a lame 11a'
burning, t.ewing. I'rolll come Call, an 00)110.
911111 occurred, uila the burning :laid was
tired in in every clirrctiom , The , I Whim; of the
dangliterslnall immediately ignited, and In :ill
1 instant they were enveloped lit dames. Fins,
1 Ilan rt,hed to the ots,tatice of Ifei,laugtl•
ter,. and entleaVtired to oxlingui-h the name,
but was unable to do so, and In her ettorts she
w 0., shockingly burned about the liamk awl
face. .somie low Ili in ales alltl M e
e xpla-ion,
Mr. Hall returned 110111 e, but 4an 100 /MO 10
rescue nis aufortutrate Children. 'their cloth
nig was almost entirely consumed, and their
hod ie.: burned In 0. shackling Wanner. Death
ensued in- a few mule . es all el` Me rear hod
home. 'Assistance AVa3 speedily- svitnindFied,
and Sire. Hall's Injuries attended to. She 0 ,
able to ,peal,c, .1,11 related Iha vrtkulars of
the sad casualty. tier injuries 3'ol - 0 found to
be of a more 111303113 character titan at first
sunposed and her,recovery is considered ilia-
Possible.- Tn., cmi, of the explo+lon remains
it mystery. The lamp 011$ tlntleg 011 the try.
le. and hail
prOtielin not been
1.0 m
the oved
! .. o xolu a s r
T fol
del.lo tiler •. he
force of the explO,ion shattered the_larnp Intl,
f ragmen ts.
The above account 14 that transmitted by It
neighlau of the unfortunate family. We do not
think the t•an4e of inerteldniral So very `Mlys.
teon," It was untloulamli) owing the ,
use Math. adulterated eat bon oil ; and to t
explosions, scattering death and sorrow in
I•lloeSeinla 01 1101.14101dr, will, ts-mtinue until
ost I•trlngent liirearlrea' ar !Wonted in
pri•ventthe m
tile sale Or tansinfirelure e
of the vil
lainous compound. Scarcely a day pas,es, hot
we notleo 111 0111' Cirliallge.Tl an "accident' .
from 11,1-0511)0, 111010 Or. 1065 30r10,15 111 Its
:onnelieren l 3 l .
--- --
- a
A Present for Lady.
Odle hundred and ten dollars for an extra
-----'..----- - - - finish, full ense,7oeewoOd, inlaid ;With pearl;
"larder ef a Pitt %hurl:tier In Louisville. VI/ for an extra tlnish, ha lt case, -! mahogany;
W ohav a referred in , the 1i.V.F.1 , Ato the rain 4W for a black walnut improved linl . t ,g.
der al Louisville, on ,aturilay meld last of Lyerie;oaolso
t.T.;etplesTel.,,n,gipnptasech. ilike:.;,.ys.t,tte'pfl,fys
John T. R. Smith, formerly of this city.
1-4" ' t.o l" ,'lci its w°ork,tistis beep in use for ten years,
I."l'vi"e J o":" / of 31°nda; 1 , g ates the en ' 'i and gives satisfaction in all eases. n pi ,, ei7 1 d .
neyed pat tleulars of poor Smith's sad fate: , rim ITo , ? - ei e llist se
f i t i l l ifl 'ut s e rs i N c v In tl:tri a d tailoring,
Satan A as 11 netlvef New York State, and
' n l s l l n g t n h r ' e, ad from " .14.. .53 u p to No. 150; will run
n"' "t" 'l"' of
"'Mr'. i'L", rra' • mar- \ over seams-without breakln-• needles or skip
ried at ltiea:New Lora, to Rattle I- 'Marsh. , •
t 1 too stitches; will sew fromihe finest gauze
.1t the time dot
LI., oxcart • OUIILO 3 all- ,
spector in the I' nityll States
[toned td. 12 llca, a here Ito 011010 Hiss liatt..o , ,
a ll _ I for L.,•.any machine in the market can return
it r to
a a cal ~, t a, - I 7 „, rho
n h o e f a e V e i d ee ,, t e .
e c a l o w t h o ,
t rt e r .,, l i e n a n t ; h i e f r
not w
, it . h p o e u r t . .
n ' a r ,g h t . r . .l i r"oeb'iu.'llieu'sZel'ee,'.'s.iiiiTt'h e h li S ti va t n o dit t i. , it -tlic cheapertt,eitio. bY 1 .3e r r a,. e NZ,,,, i1
Ohms. , I, and trout taence to Pittsburgh. liar. , 1 . 14 , 7 , 71:t: - ‘, t a r n a o n s i L,` L r column , -IC. LL Long, agent,
log A Olllll,ll latest:iterate habits, his entldos; - r, Grant ~,,.
er, Were cottipelled In disharge him. rsi in -
ling i cier e becme, his wet is., who to
- An Ilveninit'a EtitertaluMent.
‘iir"Yw"f f"m 1 "I °"a"M i'”
°°"l. "0'
I 'I ,' in. , lady being asked hot a necrOrnan
_it a _runt he to Ins Mora , , loam_ aped . , 3ot ~, f l i ,
, ~, e 0 „.. 1 caeni,!-LerrfewruleLltnytbreicrkesa,agfa,;twhaey
8 e : low ni,
t ;i t . :1 . 1 1 11 ,1 1.: ,, i , n r 1:1 ,, t r t , si t i o . ir c g o t , i ;a a . u s l , l o : l , ol . lll h ua
111111. for Iln IA 11l only do well for IL MOIII.II Or 0 1 OV' I e pa p
h l
I I : t r i l ' r . [,: ° ll . o l ' t
711 ‘ 0 ‘ r ‘: t s ' :l i i ' e :,.: gn i
' i ' t e t.: ' , t t ltri s.' d:: p t t i7;
l ' el i l i e •
I , 1
p. 0 1 . r 1 e h 1 1 e
eo, end tin:l4l,o Wlaree than ever, lea , i ,
• ' . I 10iV e ti
n•ttrardealeylpslitspl 'Yeti e
hitn." She li now, or Nal at the date ot; her 01 eLIo . p slt 1 1 i n...... , s 1 ,, , a c t Li
. 111 .
,nit letter, round open his belly, lilting in fa i T he'l "+ h 1 in, li
nati. ; h e. d U p a It I h a p a d e h
' ''liar.lloing letters found upon poor Smith l e. al 0 v I p s 11 s p 1 r i
, e . d e ( d • .
oxplain. themselves:. „ '!
at e . y 1 '',', ' e .;, l' i Ir, l , , „
t ...INF ist.N ald, Aug. tl, Pte.. , 0 • l
11. th e 0,1 it tatty ventral :-.'r line me 1.0 Chaffy i WhICII Commencing at the capital Tat own ltd
th hearer of this, Mr.Julin T. ti. Smith, MO., middle lineal:id-reading up or down, by
was in our employ no• hat aware nnielier from fee,inently turning corners„thepalnsswpoirmls"con.
datnittry J. 1.310.4 to ..tit rll '2l, ItIF, and In that ea- stoutly the Sande- .
paddy gave general satisfaction. Having tan Let any , Of Our re..TabdeorPsel'itriloe_
thel.! l.)l,le._l3el.ll.o„gleitn-
VlLealley for 1111 n at thiS tinie, we recommend t tern into 4 p1, ,, and then spendevening
Len to any one needing lam services. { arranging them an they are not,
J astiss L.llaVEli h CO."_
I -....----
Nl'lth the above, Smith returned to Pitts- -New Lock. for 3ails--The Postoftlee I.le
burgh and entered Into the . employ of =le e: . 1 m vently the
a new brass
t mull lack for use, at the principal offices, upon
MOO 1 Co. azain, but lilt I te
Cool Proceedings. . after no short trial, again compelled them to tbrOugl!_ptouchett. The Wilms in thin State au.
;on Tat-slay afterurion Mahout two o'clock, discharge: him. Returning to tincinliautiettale.
rtli..otypirrottli.soriuesvuthheammag Philadelphia, Rat
a and Olt City. The
Ml •Ittlin Mit , stier, of the Independent 11,T0fe641,11 tr.rtl,2lll.,,rutur , I Mszrot l .: r to at
RI enitlloy-or rm lock in, . - ery powerful and omact, and was
Pone° , brought to Ow 24 °Y ar' ' °Mac a wan Ictl;fl;g7M'l' bin, cg„ following is their reply- natented, wehelieve, by S. Andrews, of Perth
named Jaunt t Matey, charged With tan:elided -Prrnmencin, Septtinner hi, Itititl. 1 Amboy. ,
larceny. The accused 11.1 gout., it short time
in J
r o
poi's.S tt 11 , ,
(1,1.,,j,::-0,1,1,r..,,,i1c,,61,1ana.,7%,,Vei.,,air1f i
I 1 • • 11 •11 • 1 linseed' ou it Callti.-We Mentioned Toroe
prey toted y a t,„., a. , rioth,,,g. „ ore °a , 3;;;eh.l. would say Wit if you had kept sober, wo Lure , torday them of Mrs. ili i r i t o ic t k g h ) t , irggi t i u l t if ed : , .
street, tieing in his shirt sleeves.. II n :irked to no doubt that you would have been in ouresn. i-Alttl:r:lti,nan,,,,Totylor, n Data
Olt n O nd Da t ttery el: t i h a e little boy•
see some gotxl coats Mot vest.,
and when 1` °S t‘rittlei
mute of
r y , ri m u r r ~ f lis .n , J l gi o p t c li. s l .. l p ia p t . ! , 1
. to v f the deponent. The licensed had a hearing
1 nose gartneuts were shOWn It lilt, he litll ' l ' s t ' o ' yMir honesty and energy We hare !rarer I yesterday before the Magistrate, and Was held
himself With the he'll all eaeli. flaring done had tense to comulain• • to ball for her appearance at Lourt.
so he quietly turned to go out, saying, as lie Mr. Smith, take our advice, and forever ;
~ ... e I etiVe OIT the tasting ot liquor, and wt bare 1.0 , Paineta
A Aricentlfze,-For instantly
did "('• "Th'''' snit w e l. I ,g ne " I'l , / h,eclC,`"'", 110010 )011 Will sucked 11,1 life, You Lure llie , plating all artics of eopper, brass o ar eri:lase
The Illerelllllll. I Ispeel. laity relll,lluell ,I hi Cll6- 1,,t W1611,1 11 f hlle (Inn for your fixture success. I
silver, with pu sliver, where won MA and
ttnuer that he had forgotten tO pay !or his Yours It lilV, ' Lirri.r, Ramo& VA rroN." I for cleansing and polishing silve silver
clothes. .ilthey re.pontled that "it made lio .
~ 5 in..! tin- pobr fellow did not ant Upon the I plated Ware. Warranted to contain no quick.
dlir ''' ', it ''" nil Tight." .1." th. ' huvho. contalneff 111 the idle
paragraph, and 1 silver or 'acid, or any injurious article. For
couldn't Fee it, however, and detained the un
at eltwen o'clock on ;satitrilay night met his 1 sale by J. Sample, Alleghony, and all drug
profitable customer until ablest Messner or-
i , 1 , 0111,11 Willie ill It state of Intoxication, being gi5t5.‘f............4-.2dellittl
rived. The clothing was returned and the
itirdered in cold tilttrat by n ru ffi an Mauled ! -- .
OTISOIIer WW.11.111,0r 1 tO the lOCIoIllh lt WAS Ob. witili,,,,,, time "B rim s! , tylOtt,hleS. . . rftIEIDED.'
Ina ett that her wore a pale of new boots, and A Coroner's lute investigated theaffstr, and 1 ~ „„ , , .
Inve;4lgat ion revealed the Pact iliat just pre.
Irt!in testimony Mieited it seems that White- . i ''''"",: e . ' -.'F.TiL"E(' h ER-De Ilu ' Wen v'''
, hr the Rev. t:, A. el, .31r.
VlOue to entering rho clothing 'attire he had
shies had promised to pay Smith's faze on the ! ,-: . -.4,i,...'i,r ,:tw,,„,,,,,, of Cinch:testi, Oulu, and
gone into the beet tool shoe stern of
I s , b,.. ferrOtoat, brit afterWartis 13Illbell 1.0 110 60.1 mi...., 3 1A4j161r, KI.IttlAli.:1;10:13,, or thin eity•
Palmer, Anheliut a it
t be y nmine, as_ he asserts Smith told Mui ho had
street to exatulne Cs°ferler:".bocrlts).--!'lle! DIED. .
tried on several pairs, and id length Iln.l. ,•!..,!.:',,,,,1tatre4;1ie',41‘,11119.i,,,5,:e.,,bi7gt
Pau II pair that Must 111111,1, mai ellyil toil. jet,.
b ~. to , ,
. 1 ,..,.
„e a u , e s ta t
e tt e n , t i , ,,e, lV
h it
litoesitiloesdekento,eli , it him
1 The tultrderer a )11,.. Halt] A. WILLIAM, wile of ilnrry NS ill
the store, gratin^ , nice y neay
clerks were awure'of the ortgitial in armor 1 , Um, in the . 2,1• I y , sect her WO!.
The funeral win nazi plate Irma. her husband'.
I w v
e l
, i l utel , e ,, l l ds , \
h ..
el T i n , e p h i ~ , , ,o ;' ,• :, :'-', l" ett urrode_ t ! .
Alf. Darnell's Readings. ! reddenee, corner Allen street and i.reeuseury
hearing. Ills demeanor - ! . . - ttul IL. mitre •1 , ti:
arm co t
wan of a most Cs:relay Maur et 1,1! TodnerrOW erelling the wonderful elocution. I Lawrenceville, TO-Dar, et :o'clock. Th,
itit/NSTiISIIn Tuesday evening, Iteceniber
1 , F .- . IL , II , t i . i it
* Ct e [i O l
t e a l T v ': l i t n e t
o il
o p n o t e t.
literary a n al s ch e o n lu . ; ; ti n t : i i friends I,W .e family aro Invitee to attend.
a i l i:e:
g f ‘L o
r r h , ,ne,,thetarldlbert,m,°tie,i,uteni
c i t t la ifi l fns, ° : l , taw: ,1
r l ° l ,! ; t :11:,'!1°,,,'nt,1:a:17;7',.. '
.....! , ,
„, ! . ,
bi 9 eapproprlations," in st a.. 11 e 1,1! . .1.: !I,` 11 , - Illellt tinder the astSpiees of too rohlh - ,cothci . or has age. . .
IN 11. l. II tt,s'N Ftral P. M. IL. ln tue ,r ib year
iiiterato rdeft‘t ti l „ 0 1 . .1" , ',. d . , '',''') "t t he ''," ' Ile Lihrary Assoelatlon, at Masonic Mall. 3lr. ! 1-141mo:rat rid t ale Peace rut At Tin3tOON, .d.
IV, 1.",,°,,f,,,„°r."11‘,,' 'r anra'',".,',',',,a,'...‘,,, ',,,",,'jea.....1..n!',...'., I:urn:eq. has long t drata head awl ennoble '2 o'cloct. .
~ , .
. 1 , 1 . a ., ~,,,,,.,,e . , of m,,, r s. lA O I,, &, Gil- Arie° his protesslon in Auleritut, and has re. MUliltAl.- n,luesday
.mornine. December li,
e i 9991 1110 mil veranl verdict
the public too.. at 4 we10, , 1, AN N, wile efdena, Murray, a g..,i,
tiler, trunk Imuinf octet t 1,, on \ V col
Ile rt . II rmnitlns Inched ,ar, ~,, ,i . .., ,Inl-.. , : . n, - I ' , •'‘ , . 1,,
, *3 ~ tie: In-shlett'nunt ry. As a facial contortion- The frrends of th e family are respectfully Mittel'
titnee. Ile ft r- nevi nu t l a the greatest and most polished ,1, years end II Amarts.
L'L 1,1, ''' 31 '-''-'-''," t'.., ‘ , a j., b e ilece he would put the blush of shatne : to Jtte_d the funeral from her late residence, Etas.
meet as Inc -an receive t! . e re. , to a Grimaldi. He made a glorious recent , , t owe e • e inst on TilraSnati, December .2a.
_........ , during the late war, following the bitty., boys 1
It ow Ist 1.1 Oat Nolo att-A tin fll4ll cif v. lie: o danger UlOst abOUntied, anti by Iti. . ~.'4,...CP11,1,13-,Z T . ieneit.,-7,.%rolnitnelpoin!e.ceute;ublta 14;
the Routpar.-.a. 1 cheerful nature keeping up their spirits all i ~,,,1 p o „,11,, j. ~,,,,,,1,1,., ap, ~,, ~,a 6a. g. At ol
i , ts,,,,,ct,,,;Zerd:l';:om her fat • hrre re,,e st pi r"'
0 ..
l q: oo , l t3, lle.:. o day l
o n , I , sleet, 1 1
3 t . , ,
, n u t , l , l 1 i
urea,o,at..t sv ma C L lv e 0 '.., I o els . i 1
itit.,,15.,,,,,,a,g,..,t0,1t,ebvue1,...l ni n . bi7 l o i
e e . w t d c. ll . c o tt r r t r a o t w n I y
night, r eLt!en4ol. ,
cul l'. ho , - , 1 1 . - ‘ rent favorite in Pittsburch ,
was c. rough nalned "Vtlif . ..1..." 11 , eltterl 4 , IV, orOgranttue . embraces recitations of . -
:tin oyster unison In the Idt,,tnetti t, t t,,, , 11ratt . , 1 rhe,7l%,,titi,rlit.'
~...,iti.,e1.,...T33.0.r0atta,a1.1305. -
i!'"" . Le'Y , l'er C 1.5. ' 4 ' r ''''' t' alley. t ;h 2 , :i ' Sby is Said to be fun pros bland slim .............-...----------- - ---- .7 .-- - ;.!.!
The party were holsteon an I emit tirm , e , 1 Fp:Wing. There will be no reserved "'" 1 HILLDA.LE C.FAIETEII...--..m..
making loud demand.. le•I le In ro, O:,olar, i ‘m Saturday night he gives his lifial reading..
; beautiful eGod,t-aele.•• 1ifit1n..._,b,...
loudly called' for pickles. Mr. Walter, n lie I ; ;
Rated,"„A"NarimlntlieTartb of
Triumph Olt Compairls
Watt {osing' a plate of oysters to n itcnilemar. 1.
NV's learn , from our Thiel: rate correspondent, i, Aettit:kl7,?,.l,7rYsiirstat,='2lWl: a 11/ . '42 : C:4/1
Preseut, told hum he should have the plat:Mai
r p,!,3 ~,,,,,ht 1 that on thd laud, about two Metered and thin ; sheaf LLY:__..-„, i,
In a moment. Leslie IVOR angry
at the plate. lie ws prevented from taking 1 ty,ON ell , , owned by the company in fee; ! A 1..06 lm,
,t, bowev.r,. and at moment afterw:iels Mr. I there have latuiy . been
several tine Jell
_ .. .30 s
Matters handed Win a plate of pickles. Leslie 1 w ells, viz: ; Nos i.,4 and .il, Lath 3 leldlng two , 'Ls Aw“ --
eized the plate d wed threw
, alt,,lllitriee=l4. 111,,1,,1117.1g1igeIthIIIIInt.f tl a k rrel,, :lf ,a
i i , o r . e . a 2.f it, l „. , i
No. as rwilit ant e ll i tn e arg . ..b i r. l 4 .. ,, C ga r l i l =
eltZ , itl , turs i
r ah s
e( e , .. . .t.
l'l,7',:ar‘olt‘rltttor of the tl . l - ant. ' 1 every day No. :Ili just began pnroplug. pro . . eV'Ljaa,°,,trSßlurnlslans 0 0 ... ruraupaat oolorn
'iOtiSe,6lslettrti the Ulster bane,' mid came down I mist, to be dully up CO the others. No. Mit is 1 ..,.,.. 4,1,,,y .11ntsd, Itearral,,Careas.Hi..artVa eg.
stairs; lic
Leelin Ollt, and bolord the 1 being tested, with a fine show of OR. lour , -UssaitairCAtrrilllvii...Z.V..,l._...err,-U., ;;1;_.....
latter ,co uld reslat, put lam into the hall. other wells are (lowa at least four huratrin e i I w . ..,1acu.? . .. 0 : tt
, t ;
____L_.^ts. nt.s.a.
There h brief struggle ensued. and when r. feet. and quite it number are down front cr., I 1 1 ;11!1.7.7 !;_-_. ---.
Seely returned he was bleeding profanely hundred to tae hree huntire , l eet, and are be 711 FAIRMAN & SAMSON.
trona three stabs la the right cheek, a sevaii vigorously Med. Such fuels as, tilma w u, , •
cut in, the cartilage of the lutte anti a slab in netwithatautling th,3 low pr., °"'. ''''
the left nide. Dr. Thorn was linnielliandy . the ntt:wh of tile °Triumph" valuable.
halted 111, and dressed the wOolderi mus t ' s iu- 1 —r----''."--- - --. , ~,, I Nu. 196 Smithfield t3t., cor. 7th,
Juries. Leslie escaped for the Dine being, but' ihr Fair al Escalator 11.11.-..T.,......"1.4!: ,
Was arrested yesterday. and taken beton, tEntruice fremtleventh Street.)
dance at the Fair and Fe °. ';""'-' u ' -:
Mayor Morrison.' lie bad a Partial hearing ', Ball inc.nen) 1..x.r"r131313-El.CirIX. .W,!..a.„,
-nd wan held for alu rt her hearing toslay. Clan Church, at ExeClbi nr 'O, • previous]
last, night far exceeded that of ... 3 AND 112 tIANDIMSEIr afLUTIET„
interesting articles I
evening; a number of ,u ea salt, and the i
________-_---------!---------- --=L S.V.lrizitsr.sry PA. •
were added to the 5 t.. ,, ,.. ,p,1 p
co-chasers. The : k It T. WHITE & CO.,
goods offered readli tr L y WAS pto the •
‘,lthiinerraerrgioYal. Toll at t welve A MIDI- UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS .
lam l'albla ;71 ; 11 b°
ale ' r Zish4'll:.b,lllo,P,U; ammusur. Wow. vicmiti• !
roiln:lggia i,l, ratmply repay the trouble of gee COMM RNMS . Al MANCHESTER LIVERY STAHL
t. I: , ", V, Vd " th t.. 9 Parttelt: Ae a red G i l or Bttle, .. OolSer 0, ft 8201.3 "d Clualtars strert.• 1
!:gt'id;;;eirtinetrient l o n another cedlituri. .tittane and Cirrlagia furat.hed•
• .
. . -
. • .
harryl the Tresenyer.—On Saturday
evening Overyncton, 110., the w e n
known and universally popular Tressur t
Pi TliVitro, l s to receive a b er g a t
711g1;:notbtl'yerbeens°an'tjadlia° 11 1) p ii , 1 . 1 1fift. w ih l a ll an co °
prise most popular and taking features
ry is an unbounded favorite and his neti r t
sill-be eelobtatiel by , em
rowded house.
11 ' ‘•
Rift OW
.... .
Carharr% sifter Tongue Organs.
The oldest, best tried and most tlibroughl
known -Reed Organs, ale those of Curlier: .1..
.reo•ifte nil, make,
Some of Mr. Carhart's, inventions are lased
and paid for (;an a l by . elf other reed instru
ment umkersathe present improved Par
for Organs of Oar:inn J...,VowLitillri surpass all
l others in sweetness of tone and dorablll
in such Is the 'exquisite quality of Its
music that it Is called the "silver Tongue
I Urgari.”ded Improvements the
lip meatus of lately ad
full resources of a Lathan :t. Netalhatn 1./star
organ can With ease be
controlled by the trier
cat beginner In =Sic.
Smuts forty of these line Organs Pt 11. Metier
n. Bro.'s
th e
select offer an excellent oppor
i 1111 y for the selection of holiday gilt, at once
delightful and useful.
---...------,-----_ .
xirvcrraa=t - sr ,
6 SI,, 3d door from sth.
Something nice for• Itoliasy Patent. made ex. to et:corder, by obe of the best linnalgo.
1 ,, e. In Europe, 61.1,1W...110 be perfect.
Time keepers frotO $lB to $25 ,
M.T.D.. SQ - Irtrt33. rittrapieS.
kvElll-11011Y H.'S IT.
LIVE MEN 31:16E mt., El Watt IT
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$3171i" 'V C>ll3.R.
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•-, LIE lVt;11 F
Ch a &Bohemian Fancy Goods,
No. 100 Wood Street.
No., 1.24. TiCfc,c,cl fehtx-aot.
Ot. A. - 11.11. - t t
11"1."'" REE(* T ` . .. I I !.13.,,.?1 45..
Ign.ellinnt":,:iin'el;ToTlTll 'ii...::::tiL'iltll2.^:l3
the mauntacture of
.... ___
Sheetlugs, Cotton Yarns. Carpe
Chains, Candle Wick
and Batting.
°Hors =ay Ire left st the Office of tbc Works.
WC AT nil:
Corner or Daquesue Way ll•rld Il•rher . . AIRY.
W.1.“11511::› 12 .X . G Y1.,
vAnLon c fiHoy.
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Z. 7 40 . 124 Vircac.d ertroot.
S 9 S 9 S9 -S9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9 S 9
s93EL 3B 30 1 E3 ;s9
is 9 S 9 -Market Street, 591
`ass'; 891
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idEtIES ROBB, S 9 dtarket
,59 59 S 9 S 9 S 9 59.59 S 9 59 89
Gas and Steam -Fitters,
A Isrge . •eeortmaut of
Chandeliers and Brackets, Lead
Pipe, Punips, Sheet Lead, &c., _
AL WAYS WY B4lsro.
IA Wood Street, near Sixth.
1866. , FI LL .-Igfib .
C - .EI;I7)IE9C.b.
*e are now k,ablidtine for FALL TILADF: til, .
most extensive stock of goods we have ever had the
pleasure or offering to our patrons.
English Brussels and Tapestries,
of our own Importation, conapri,ing many new and
choice patterns never before in this market.
EktI:III.OIDEULD 13W 1.n.1-. LLCE CuuTALN,g,
Nei ilia Elegant Pattern.' of Cornices,
Side & Centie Tassels, Loops & Bands, _
Choice Myles ';Notting Curtains.
Nov. 7i and 73 FIFTY STREXT.
Next house to U. X,. Custom Bonet and rosi Unlce, 1
sem • second Floor.
. ------.
410)-.11.rtiNG ntoNS,
; iitoN4 C UllLltiti TONOS PI S KING
IRON • LADI t.ts, tb.A.Tlth, at the lloute Fur
utetani Luiporliim, No• I:II Wpod Xtieet.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
pit taslaeam-633.,
rarslculsi attentton siren tortpsrlg
steoes, Clocks ant Jewelry. All warrant
tiltg &
Pr&Weal Furniture Manutacturtrs,
1... wt styles of FUR, con.tantly on TALI,
11011SES: HOUSES!:
Six good. sound WORK VIORSPj., reeklyp
and rent be sold cheap: one goon v liOrtn
one goon - WORK .11,1 RE. guarani,. 10 C. gota
andlinod woikere. Coll at
non irtratiartet oral . Viononzahrls Iloff e.
Fifth Stria. bet Wan Tar land and
• Chatham tdreets,
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Fir" Clvf4tige
ililVt c•
.I.lllGll.—Yor a gaxl COOKING B4OVE and
jYr a l t rni%tiP/. 112 : 80-11?.7.M1111.1].%
331.13, r lain spa raper Utearils tor Cooking Oy 141 ,
sad other 1./ dishes'. Fender, Ptove Pipe, Nca:
1113r4!'Wg0-nd.,tl 'lt= col,','o;;'
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lair. A. U.K1.12): BCO.
110:5 WbOltWail DragrUis. T 1 Wood mega.
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