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rusizsixE D BY
Penninaen, Reed & Co.,
No. 88 N•1111a. r fret.
8. figntlte. I
:Maa r jf-11,2,,tu m , Unit pas Nl!fiaairesro.
blogl• Copies
Delivered bjearriel, (per week)
. 16 cents,
Llberalroductloas to Newsborsand agents.
Malt Subscribers, (Der year.)
gttsburgh 6autte.
that Pittsburgh will not support a thor
oughly li ‘ vp and enterprising newspaper—
such as could snake Its influence and impor
tance felt, throughout the nation. It is
equally true that no section of country so
. eminently stands in'need of such a journal
to advocate and maintain the interests and
rlght3 of alarge manufacturing element.
The adVertising patronage bestowed upon
the Pittsburgh' press' to-day, will, in no
moaner, compare favorably with that be
stowed upon. journals of 'other cities of
equal importance. For instance, -in C'in
einnati, the last quarterly return of .cash
receipts from adieriising of the Commrr
ciat—a paper which devotes -less space to
• micommodate advertisers than does any
journal here, with perhaps, --a single t'tcep
tion—was over forty-two thousand
s dellars.
Against - this, our journal, making . high
est return of any Pittsburgh • dan 4 t paper
i , r the same quarter, only' .reached a lil
tlc over fifteen thousand dollars! Under
such circumstances, tow could we, or any
of our contemporaries; be expected to pub
lish a paper that would compare with the
Cincinnati Con inertia! Immense capital
may he wasted in the effort to establish and
keep up such a journal but until the man
ufacturers and merchants are willing to
accord a torte liberal advertising patron
' agc to the press, the result will be futile.
While we cite the prosperity of the Cin
cinnati rominercial over 'our own city press
we may he permitted to add testimony to
its sterling worth and enterprise. It is a
pride not only to the city in which it is
published, but likewise to the entire west,
sod we ere pleased to chronicle its contin
ued success.
A HANDSOME VONNO Tarty was arrested
let. Chicago on litonday on a charge of en
. to pars counterfeit onethun
dred dollar note ;upon a shop keeper. ' On
her way to the toMbs, she met a gentleman
inn appeared to he- a familiar acquaintance
She told tam the circumstances of Clear
rest, claiming that "the bill her mother
had mailed to her" was a counterfeit. The
. stranger remonstrated against the arre:St
till he excited the suspicions of the - police
to such an extent us to cause his arrest-. It
turned out that both were professional
shovers of the "queer," and several thou
sand dollars worth of the stuff was feund .
in their possession.
Soun'ot the:"Neri Faiglitnil folks are too
pious to live. LAti a sample of them we
. have Norwich, where the parties of
the different ehurchha hive issued a circular
disapproving the "freqent nud growing
practice of burying the dead on the Lota's
day." they hive unanimously decided to
atte4 no funeral service on the Sabbath,
unless in cases of great necessity: Why
not'forbkt people dying on the Lord's day?
A T.n.s.vrtarto humbug has taken up
rooms at New Albany, Indiana, and pro
poses to'cure all manner (if diseases by the
Imposition of hands. A fellow last winter
fooled our citizens by such "laying on" of
hands, waif he again makes his appear.
ante here, we think the game might be
wisely reversed. •
EDITORIALLY the Chicago Rept? 111 leap,
thinks that " Young Claimiga is attaining
its siatue with a degree of expedition un-
paralleled iu the experience of adolescence,
and prescribed- limits to its waistband at
any stage of that progression will not be
AT . CICERO, a part and parcel of Chi
cago, a German saloon keeper named Peter
Schhpp, ehot and instantlykilled an Irish
man named Milan, who was engaged in
raising a "muss." The coroner's jury re
turned a verdict of justifiable murder,
To sut.PnEss the rebellion Illinois lur
inshed 250,297 men. The numbei - of Mi
litia in the State subject to service is 357,- -
511, or on b eVery six in thepopulation.
Ohio'fornislied the late artay'vvith 310,000
TOE "People's popular hell exploded,"
was the startling subject of a sermon in a
Pittsburgh church a short time since. 'We
heard no objections expressed, nor did gee
receive any report of. the explosion.
A LERGYMAN of :New Albany . , Indiana,
is to Prettch on Popular Amusements from
the tort,' Zach.6-L--5: "And the streets of
the city shall -be full of boys and girls
playing in the streets thereof.
style-of icison t S Co., hue been established
at Alliance, Ohio, with a capital
000. Iron machinery, engines, boilers,
Ac., are to tie manufactured.
'Puy. Prptectionists throughout the country
are using every means within their power
to secure at the coming session of Congress
tlie pasEage of the tariff bill through the
Tagut, are 50,000 miles of telegraph in
America, while Europe has but 'OO,OOO
miles. We have 36,000 miles of railway
against their 30;000 miles.
' Gov. //VANS, Of Colorado, has contrib
uted $25,000 for endowment of a Cliair,of
Mental and Moral Philrisophy, i» the Uni
versity ut Evanston.,
A WRITER of Chicago advocates the es
tablishment of a Central City College and
u Righ'School in each of the great divi
sions of the city.
.LIEUT, (loc. Bnoss, of Illinois, is lee
luring upon tbe beauties and curiosities of
ihn central nni western portions of our
Continent. .
NEXT Friday will be St. Andretr'i; Day,
a day generally_ohseryed by tho Sons 0
Scotia tpr the honor of their patriin saint.
REV. GEO. W. MALLET, a well known
Methodist minister; is lying at the point of
death - in Cincinnati.
FIVE thousand six hundred bales of Cot
ton.- *ere shipped frcp Nashville last
JOHN B. CHAPROR, of the Philadelphia
Legal Fraternity, died last Sunday, in that
city. ,
TEE' first quart of . water that coulee
through the great Chicago tunnel will be
placed in a glass jar and kept, as a trophy
of the enterprise, in CoL Wood's Museum.
HENRI OMITS, one of the defenders
of Baltimore 0.1814, died last Sunday.-
Two daily papers of Nashville have just
been consolidated into one.
RtaTOB is at Baltimpra, at the Holliday
*ices Theatre, ,
• -
_ •
.._ - '
_ ;-J '
•-••• •
I ‘‘"
_ -
! _
- -
\ '
I ,
-- • -
I -
~ 3 cents
uiTy rrEms.
Insurance Company
E. WiNSTON; Preildeut.
s fili 17,0 4COC),C>CI)4I!,
Uiddeiid, AVIIIRibIe Immediately,
roltry-holders and other portent hatere.ltl In the
sattect to 1.11 , 1 t IhiStiltritseiC ore Invited to call
oh' the to ter/Osumi. Agent of tho l'onipattr i ichrt
will cherf folly give them Nil Information as to tOe
Turri , d told Plllellnal,rotklOg or alr Company.
No. S 7 Fifth Street, Pitcairn*lin Proclamation.
I i f!iNSYL VAN lA. S 8
/h the. TO. , and hr Itte nut hnrity
ANDUEW (•(111.riN, Governor Com
monweslolt. .
••••••-••• •
\Pltnnttu✓, It has bean the good and iii4ittiy
torn Of the Commone ea! tato let apart, antic ally,
foe the tip,lr I acknowledgment' of the go. ot -
netts of the Almighty pint for oapressinit tip the
whole people, at one time. and with a common
voice, the "filatatit and Pit/Una wh et. throughout
the year are 'springing front :be hearts of turn,
thirefore, .
1, ANDREW t•URTIN; Governor of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvards, by thlemy
recommru•t th.•t the puol people of the
tOoOnnon wealth obaer
Thursday, 29th day,November,lB66,
Asa day of Than k•givlng and PraYee, and do then
ahselobte In their zespeettve Chi...dies and places of
worship and mane tbelr humble lhatin offering to
AtatlnltiV lion fff all Rio blessings daring the
past year.
For the abundant gathered traits of the earth;
For the the., far eon tinned activity of tOrbratry:
For the general proterration of 'math;
And eapeclettr for that ha Hta Dines IlattcY
He bath b hayed the threatened pestilence.
And moreover that they do . beseech Hlui to eon-
Untid oio ...lz 1:11, bleeetruf...nd to confirm the
heartd of the people of three united 'States, that by
'Unlawful force of Melt !rill, deode Of reawlJtunleal,
Wzadozn and Mercy may be dune.
Given under my noon and tbu great e of [tie
Mate, ut Geri 1 Gus, Gas - . DM day oi.vVeGiOer,
In t e of our Lgril, 1818, and of Me Com
mon veattn the mnety-first.
ET TOE I.loVi.nuon: •
• Serr,tary of tot eommonwenith
IL:reeit'llatranium. Lad rnrm •
At the extensive and popular Ilat, Cap and
Ladles' Fur • Ironic, of ffilliam Fleruing. No .
133 Wood Strml. At thLs eStablLshmerat von
will find the largest and best stock of ladles
furs, ever tottered for sale In this market, con
sisting of Capes, Berth., Eugcnie
Muffs, Cuffs of Mink Sable, German ' Fitch, Sr
beriAn Squirrel, NVater Slink, Black it Brown
Sables; Gay's new patent Excelsior *tiff, and
the sew style of slat JEW Sluff. Sir. ;Fleming
has Just returned from the EaSt, having laid
In all the new styles. Call and examine the
goods at Fleming's, betore. you purchase else-
*here. , N.,
Pure Blackberry Wine
Is one of the most usaful articles to Lave ui
the house during the hot
19 it good for any derangement of the bowels,
anti It armless even for infants; the groat dini•
culty :ieretofore has been where to get it.
Fleming, Druggist, No ii Market street, Itue
at length supplied the want s having benc to
Cambria county, oh the Mountains, where
the blackberries grow in such great prole.
'and secured a strictly pure article. No . len
.tlou this for the benefit of those of our read
ers who map wish to have It in the house.
English Aies and Dublin Porter
Allsope EngliatrAle. •
Baas Engllell
JarreT r ankotell Ale. •
Dulness IX Dublin ;greet Ale
We have just-reeelted another large lot of
the above goods Co highly prized for their
tonic and invigorating prOpertiec• lictlarran
MeEennan, Drugglate, Marketiareei, rbr
ner of Diamond, near Fifth,
We are now Prepared
To (Met you the mon aptaplete and geuetni
assortment of Gents Dresa Boots for winter
wear that bus ever been collected together at
one [Lime within the walla of our mammoth
Shoe Bazaar. Prices satisfactory. No other
house has half the assortment without a doubt.
and certainly cannot compete with put Prices.
'..OPERA llocaa.Sacn. SIQUE6
Hazard 441, Caswell's Cad Liver Oil. •
*The Purest and Sweetest Cod Licer Oil in the
world, manufactured from fresh, •ItZgalthy
livers, upon the sertattorgi. it is perfectly
pure and sweet. Ask lor "Hazard S Cern:eon's
Cod Liver 011," mateglactured by
CIANVELL, Mara .2. Co. New York:
hold by all drugglstS. •ate
Bo%were loodoroas Wyeerlne
liorcere luoilorous Glycertu4
The above 13 undoubtedly the &mad le the
market, end can be had at e Very low price, at
Met:lax - run tdclienuan's Drug Store, - nS Mar.
ket ntreet, coroLuer- Diamond, ncLir
At Gardiner's,
flood boots,etioes, Inamorata andiguts, aL low
prices, warranted perfect..
Urns♦ House 81.141 E STOI(..
Ton Can Huy
Foreign Liguora of all kinds at . .rosaph S.
Flueini Llxllllcr3, No. 1iti,193 and 195 First
stre4, Pittsburgh.
Winter Gooda -
AL n:heavy reduction 10 nriees, at the
House Shoe Store.
• Great Variety
(H Slianter.tiocls at Gardluer'n Opera Roane
Shoe Store.
'You 411. , 5u Huy
hd per een t. irobol at Joseph S. ythch,s
. You Con Buy
New flop* at. Joseph S. Fluch.6
liar the .ilerchauts , National Telegraph Co.)
• •
From Up the Allegheny.
Special to the Pittsburgh Gazette. ~••, •
OIL CITY. N0v..07, lene.
Weather cloudy and warm, with a prospect
of rain. River •twenty-seven Inches. Crude
market. slightly improved..
FEAMELLII, boy. 27,1001.
lilicr at Franklin,l,wentyleven ladies and
falling; -at Ott City, twentpethr tuchee and
tailing, awl at OleopolLs, twenty-four inches
and. tailing.
• • Taz Decision in Baltimore.
BALTIYO am, Nov 71.—Judge Gum, of the Uni
ted States Circuit Boort. has aeoldsd DMZ Mr.
Octet. Boyle sees entitled to recover on the
amount of taxes paid by him on the Sales of
tobacco grown in W.! and iltß, as - Abe internal
revenue act of 19315 did not authorize taxation,
on any DrOduce, as • income which had' been
growlngiorevlous to item.
As, of.himos Is before the city councils ap
hropnating 420,066 in aid of the Colored
'schools.: • -- .
The Forkino l'routtle.—The Mezierot
Matter—Pork.* Itolnstil to Itto.troden
Iteformers—The 31.,1tan Etotiire End•
[III rue.,, Itf.E.
. hullerMl Trfton
.ll lant IC Company's steamer Pori , , whirl' left
Now York on (ho Cult arrive,' AL Ibis
port early I ilia morning. -
LoNOOO, Novetub, ..!7—X4404i.-1144
troubles iu Ireland have assumed poualdera
bleproportinin, and there is no doubt that If
aerions outbreak Inn occurred. Two real
. inents,of nation' troths went 'urgently ordei
led to Ireland yesterday - , and tranaports were
being prepared all last nip lit tit Portsmouth.
A - hirae 4leteehnietit or marine!' wore also
sent over to Queenstoien nu the war Jsteanier
rlynitildli. .1 gilliliout nt chathaia has been
'Ordered to sail for Queenstown
Moult alarm is iett at Cork - and 'throughout.
Ireland generally.
The /.0,101.1 rose. of 01.4 morning Believes
that the chief organizer rdephens will soon
arrive on the 444:-elle, if he has not already.
The Olt pe editorlidly hints that, a more
serious trouble with the United States is really
at the bottom of the Fenian outbreak.
Laanox, Nov. 07. -}'non —d telegraphic dis-
Paten was I eeeived 3'4,1c1 - day from 11
ton by the U oiled StateA 3t Snicker at Parts. It
la believed that it relate n to., the aloxican
The tfornin, io-day,.,ay, that United
States Ilni,ter rev in woo the.
Gahm 0000. IA Caliltiet 'netting will noon he
held wten ihn vitro will receive the cc/Wilda:Yu
lion Whiell importance tWserves. • •
Leant's, Nevr27.—Neon.—lt is oftlehtlly an
nounced that o• Government has porempt,
rtly refine...l the 0, of tile parks tor the
Trade RefOrill/lemonstrullens.
. • • ..
LI k: nrotit, Note tuber ':7—.V , ,,n.—The cot t..a
market opens (lull but steady; sates to-day of
s,eoo bales tabldltne .noted, at the
opening, at 11 , Itreadnunle Nitnoat mat,-
Ms.!. elytnge. lM .1 •
NI?eN, .N0V1,11.01,01. looney
Markel. le (liner. C 014,01, toe 111011ey Opel t•ti. al
!k); United e . fatez,l , 2”,, 7 0 :: Erie, le; Minn!,
- PAM, X 0V.,11111k ,: n:/.-1t Oa:
nett convalthn in tiov.:11111011L Ilk
any, that the !:atoll a 11l Mt, Ica Is :•ntlehl, null
that :11,:challl.tzt a 111 .out, arriaa here: •
Loa ttra,, :November ' , "—lit:tatiola.--llost , tats
ch - Hett It,:s4. tqr tatatet
71/I.c: Central. 7z;
1.1,4111.001., Novent:att . :27—/.;vriiii:/.—Cot Von
Oa.. at It!;,.1 Tar tahlilllrast:platal.t. It - twat
rora el l.;lininr.
I'ttint Europe by SI ranter.
.`s EA. lUus, NOVelllber . 27.—The ,tt,1111.1 .
tia, front Liverpool on the lain and t,! Ewen,-
Lown nt, the Ifl h. -11 tiAllTri •
. •
Ttto licratd. I.Otedoll. 11.4iVOreite*
tootositiertion tot the petttlotog ottitoottioots butt null
till, 1:11iLeli State, atoll ltrttotiot,
The London l'lodu sayb lier AlajeSW: gov
ernment to telllplnte4ezzloox, er Jim a Until
sinner to emintre into theoperution hul-
Lraltty hiwo, nod to report 011 tnc porstbtlity
of numndlnit themllo it, to bring them Jot°
more complete conformity with inturnatlon
ol obligutions, Tbtu tolo airy will not preNude•
tuthre steps with r'egurti to the -ivlJlNltnent of
Clue Alabount claims, which ore sot: tinder edit
shit:ration by the lloverhusent, and most be VII ,
ti . rt.alled on t bele Conststrip.; . • - .
liZt been - Mine by the ilmol hi
Lattenoltire and Vork,hil e.'
A suhsattiption for t h.. Joni .!!! by (Ito !!rn..--
bet! tire, had I.cen.tarted at 'l.4.lnarpool:
London Hat bud poorol,
At the•tattlu k t of the Salon Coanon, of Dr.
linttes, on the h;il,, the Miniiter .li:elated 1.,
the alost posh fife mailer that So.souy 11:01 el-m
-e:nth!!! 110 Inn:lnce ant! Austria bolos or dol
ing an- au.r. Alin! ter adde.l that Saxony
Mu! falthlnlly nh,rv,tl 111 n! promise to that'
effect. .
Alta - lees front l'arset,ty ststr that the .letest
of the Mlles set•orspasty had eareed u rout.
Wet.: , Ilsttolort 0.11111,1 g the les-leis of Uhl ,
all i
utter. Oen. Fhtr,• :hot Itreu In Slontevhlet's
sitter !,'-eptettther .title. Goners! Milt, lett eve , -
uated Curuss stet !tit v. Ith t tte rest of the unity
for Tegoutt^ lie bud rehired to avail hltneelf
of the ISraztitata transports for theeonvepatten
of has troops.
Arrival. of the Pensla—nail News from
Now VORR, NOV. he Pelota's malls
WO hate the 10110Wilg 111010:
SIR li. Ma% ne, the ("Mu( Continiensionicr. .of
I•ol ice, heal Alt:caned to wake truffle itrrattge
rntrts for the con, enierice of 11, Trades he
lonia demonstration in 'London, on the (hind
of December, and expre,,ed, to a deptlLatt len,
tole disapproval of. batwing' great hteleet of
men Into erne deit thoronginhon.....
Thu Liverpool Cotton Itrokers' .I,loclation
nail adopted the 10110, Ing That It
is thu opinion of this atterViaLlon that the cell
ern Of ration 'hon. , : front net carter, Dee. IV,
l'Xd„ fully. accept the respolenlndly with 1 , 10
.ipeet to fraudulently or falsely-packed, dam.
Kent or unmereantable cotton, a Ineli Inas of
late heel enn ftennently It matter of dispute
between the Miler and toiler. and that after
that date, clahos for sorb returfini should be
allowed for at the cutup of the round cotton
at the date of return, if to within ton days
and threat monition from let, date of porchase.'
It'neau stated ft.!. Die :pant ell I tovornment
hail addressed repi - ceeintattons to tin:Cabinet
of Bruton:10 relating to Spanindi refuge,. in
that vapital, de , ibtring . them to he engaged in
timer open tintrigites tin itistvin panda order
In Sputa.
new needle goo hay he Inventea, Ititee
pound. lighter than the former.
atiantonoumh I fat ',SIAM tat :Old, for
the Mailiterratmain. .
Ttio • Di% it illry. Ins ePttlicallon!. In New
Nzw•lerin, NOventher,2'i.—The Investiga
tions of the ninnt dintfiletry butlll - 4,, in th,
city 40 tail/ nOntinUnd, aunt to-dav whlttlueld
distilleries {MI! It quxutit nl t‘litolsy teen,
Helzed Ind
The *treet, aro jolt of all sorts orferelga ru
mors, this afternoon, ma to the re tat ionn ivl ,
England, Mexleo, .K•e„ but though these are
pretty 'well nuderidood to :be the tnereat In
ventions, the bpeculators bate used Ilona wit if
suceeas to rum up the price of geld. Seswal
"per tent.'' partlen, Ii ho bonght it at 139! 1 ho+l.
week. are now enabled - 1131,11 out at a hand
-60111(3 profit. . •
The Mackenha-Chilloh torpolb rase was to
day ordered LO istam(l, river till the neat term
of the United States Clmult "Court.
.•- • •
Capt. Abraham M. BrevoOrt, Y Well known
°Meer of moriarPi fur lour yeara past ILI
mood of the naval teerifiting rentlezvuos in
till/softy, and for till, years Key lobs In .1111110 ,
of the nasal recruiting atat ion at tho Brook,
lyti navy yard, 411.1 In lidooklyil; yesterday
morning, aged eeymity-four ye , mo. He W.
forty ell ye z ars In the Marine eorp.l.•
sesuli,. tii 0.11.1 .I . er*.ey A tate trot
T.11.8,0/14 , .1.; November 2L—TII•I .NCn utn
urAt to.. lay and. aummuced Ihu
'following result Flret 111. , triet, for Congresq,
ILepublican, 1 . 20/17. Slane Democrpti,',
I.ltvf. Second •11Qtriot Deluoefatic,
- 13,:r.1.5; Nowell, Republican, 13,47.1. dl4.
Setgrcuve,. Democratic, 15,708; David
son, Republican, 12,:17.1. Swath Ilintriet, 11111,
Itepubliean, livmomuth., 1,43L,J ;
ilurlet, I edependeet Democrat, !,Ti.: l'iftl,
dbitrict, Halsey, Republican, 1 . 2,770;
Conservative, Certificate., of election
wore then ordered. LO Wm. Moore, of the tin , t
district; Ch.. Haight', of the Be , oil;
bllgreaves of the third; John 11111 of the
fourth ;11.tul tier,: A. iitliSCY, Of 1110,11(th.
•- roalnl Trenity swill% 4/real I;rilislas.
N URIC, 10s.ember 27.—rostinastc;i: Gee.
eret lieJelllll bna liettlly agreed upon.a postal
treaty With Great licit:tin, whereloy posts yes
to and from am to hr reduced to I.!centw, to Ile'
prepaid. The postage Is to IM collected and
kept by Government alien the letter is mail
ed; suit each Is to keep v, hat it gets,
Judge Iteths delivered an - ittipartlal deei.
yesterday, la till, eleie Of the Clilliatit priVe-
Icor, the :Meteor, which 'required it very elese
analysis of thecprinelples Ur neat rality. Tim
arguinent established the distinei tad a•i en
merely sending contraband 11...C410.11,u to
the'market of it belligerent...object to the
chances Of cant lire, and Alm , luting out of a
vevsel to cruise directly from our ports against
a friendly nation. The Meteor was condemn...
lid swim, this argument.
New 1 oidi, Nov. .S.—The regular board of
broker., ,by a two-thirds vote, have this I hay
ramoved the restriction compelling members
of their iontrd to charge one-eighth per cent.
brokerage. The 'members of the Stoek Ex
change ‘,.in now arrange. their brokerage char
ges with costumers.
PiPt.lo.ll Agent Appointed. ,
4 III:, r.k, Me., Novetelter 21.—Einui I. Pills
-lur •,111 Fartuiegten, late Democratic Celan
.lat for Governor of this State, has been op.
poi ited, ~./ received his commis:don as lint.
te.f 'Alai-, Pension Agent at this city, ' ill place
of Charles F. Potter, removed.
Tax . on Cotton. .
New loon, Nov. o.7.—The ton's Washington
...peetal.say.: Prominent Southern men have
-- • . arced Secrelarr kl'eultrich to recommend to
Against, Inlroletnnesit. . llongre., a retortion of the tax on cotton.
• BOSTON. SON. .27.,The ftepubllean papers in '
this city ate taking ground against the nu- .
p Nndde v itz Death. • •
eactunent ot—Truaid IMI
ent ..1111011. Cong pmtress
.‘1,1.1.111, No ember 07.—Gone. Grove,
belug master of the mitnation they contend i'„f Ik e firm of fie„,q.,. S. Br o th ers, e . tenwo
that sO violent a step ad impeachment is whol- , Manufacturers of linseed oil, died suddenly
iy unnecevnary; and, they declare further, that ! t,,, a y . .
MUIStIA:II WI et. E 5 will not follow Butler Co th i s !
matter. Still there are large numbers of the : . lltiver and Weather, at Louisville.
party who would be glad tutee the President !"
disgraced by impeachment, one of those Is a ! Loctsvitts, November '..t7. Itiv falling
serVen feet fear Oche., in cons.
natodter Da* leading ell nal], liete,'whO, yee-- r slowl y A, .rr cloudy . raining this aternOott.
tertlay prayed that tiod scaulir tumor° Qui! ---.- -- •
winked refers.
Great Bridge nt Cincinnati
CirecisinAli, Nov. '.a.—The great. :Wapehdon
Bridge, Over the Cubic. River, at...l.2lucinoati,
two thousand Iwo hundred and 11l ty-tem feel
long, will be opened to pedestrlate, on :natal . -
day,'Ducousr er ISt. With upproprioto versus.
toes. IL is Lila longest edugle spats Orblko In
the world, costing two onlllone of dollars.
itrillWay tracks aro laid over It. The sn,
front centre to centre of .towers, Is one thopau
sand'and titty-seven feet.
A proJeet'is On foot to supply Chteinnnti 'Tills
pure water (soul the Lath, Anatril River, all
.nalles above the city.' -
• .
. . .
Fire at Newark, Ohio. ' ' Ns, tons, Note mbar V.—Private ditpatebea
._, t i from. Loudon to-day quota United States t-twa
• t;lxolz+Xsal, Nov. .:;.-4.dto at Newark, Ono, at 711.. i -
this afternoon, duttroyed Snook ..t reilree'D I ' .
stable. LOO3 about Ip,Olni La3tired for 41,000. i
, Telegrams on Fourth raipo,
Forwarding Troopk—D'Arey McGee Re —The 'l'rinlr—nl ephOwa.
Me:miner., November 2.;.—Tlie Government
has eonclinleti to forward all the regular
troops In the Provinces to the frontier, be.
tween Niagurm and Windsor. The Goverii:
meet toss erected New military shed in this
city, which was opened this morning to rw
cvivo a large quantity of ammunition nail gun
Carriages, besnies ft large amount'Ot military
stores used by an army In the field.
A rumor Is current in this city that D'_trcy
Heise has resigned his position. in the Cabi
Parties visited the_ ail to-day with Consul
General Avert!! and B. Devlin, tne Queen's
counsel, who found. the prisoners confined In
very dark and dirty cells, crowded together
without any regard to their hehith. There
are two of the prisoners counned 111 the con
demned cells and allowed only one meal it day.
Through the Caen ions of the Consul Gent ral
they Wert, released. The prisoners are very
hopet til and CCM fld era of being acquitted now
that • Geherat Averill has arrived, who hue
been unremitting In looking after them. The
Militia Cr,, to be ordered our In this district
to do guard during the Media. -
The Canadian (Ana, claim that James Ste
phens lett New . York, rin saturday, for Liver
pool, aCcompanied IT a large military staff,
who were all disguised. Stephens was dressed
in black Citizens clothes, and had hie whiskers
shaved clean from his lace.' They were accom
Partied by an English detective.
Horace Clreeley eo the Nflunt inn—The
Impelseh...eta llntoolion. •
N ew Yong, Nov:27.—liorate lireeley detlat4
Ills position at length in the Tribune. We
quote one paragraph: "I am for vnlversal
amnesty tar 111 Immunity from fctir lit pnn
isinuent or connscation Is concerned, even
though impartial suffrage should Ito Is: the
present resisted and defeated. I did 1111111: It
desirable that Jefferson Davis should be ar
raigned , and tried for treason, and it still
seems to Inc that lisle might properly have.
been done molly months ago, but It was not
then dour, and now I believe It would result
to far more evil than good,, It would rekindle
paiisions that have nearly blamed oat or been
hushed to sleep. It would fearfully convulse
null agitate the South. It would arrest the
progrese of revoneillti tam and kindly feeling.
(hen It would cost a large sum directly, wad a
fur larger intltrectly, and unless thdjury were
wintoPalonsly packed, IL wouldresult a non
-1,11 or non-verdict. 1 con limighie no
good end to be e rved by such a trial, and
twit log is to lien either •better nor worse
thanilhousands of others,' Would have him
treated us they are."
The Times, In alinding to the. talk of Im
pe.acionont, says : The. runitirs of forcible re
endance to "such, an attempt are simply ab•
Any member of the house has a right
to bring forty nl it Mail a 11.,01/041Uoll, !MCI //
, übth.t ,, hd by twit-thirds of the itouse;it.
most be bent to the stints for trial. Neither
the Prevalent nor anybody ei.e hay any right
to deeleru forcible re,thdanec 'Oa much a step,
nor iv It easy, indeed, 43 ,eee Where ,Itell
AStaneu could begin.
ctipil;ll fair IL.•
• WASIIIIOII - 01,, NOV,lllbor 27.—Judge
Ler, ot Nett °them., who has bean Ile this city
for some nays on JUL Important rulssion, look
Inc ton flow•of capitol Southward, Inks sue
eveited to his entire satiSfaistlon, having con
ferred trendy Ion , : Northern gentlemen now
here. Ile leaves tosmorrow for holed to urge
upon the South an agitation of their indus
trial interests, instep! of political , peadiona
aty r. La 1:01111.1 . 1,. late 01 the State thwart.
men t, has replied to the curd of 31r. ft:tritons,
puhlished it, the New York papers. It at -
peers that -the leintuntePett kndroitil grout
Inns 1101.1110 d, i Adoption 01 a 1011011,1
111011,00,1 4 101101 , .This au,. w wits only u
coldly. given, 01 I'MM:01,11•In (201111011.111,0
will, the eomlitiona of the grant. President
-Tuareg expresses groat. enuthlettee Le the now
company, a Lich entbrares among its menders
General Gmtit.
Thu alit eoznynury..tacvn fait 101018.11 e, of fa
vor liy 11.tielng appill.d to Ma:cm:ollJan for :t e
tlowal et 1;
113. Neon .ti4Coi , i , r.ed n,;ar thi4
coy and the Northern Company wall at 41[11,,
proceed to onk wean.
In the Cleinliet Inectinz to - Altty tho Prost
-I:cut's nJees*ge had nMud renaing and u'att
scut [nth. prude., Uoples will tot ready to
utotTruf for tuatIMII to the ,lottunt press.
'l'l!e Fre4l.l.log Point 01 Itrbel-Cattlsteri.—
W API n I, 0 inc NON", (senora)
non , V.lnhn,n, having In - en reeenth: par•
none.( le,' the 1 . . - ethlent, I o - day upon
Treason, npluner for the payment of It check
for three or loor hur.iZred donars nuo to him,
tin ertth•Lite nL. at 5/.!th./r in the UnitAel
Orion tin ISQ, yost helm,' he JOIIIIIII tole 14.1 - 1115 . 01
I Ile Crlnredel)thy. TUe fres/011er thO
0.1001. Irt tnaoher which was anything
out pleassan no the npoihn,nt.
'A he thteertll.lll.lCll. lots In Its Tr,u.sury about
golnl nod coin ,11111 , llt,i; about.
y::,1pe0,01.,0 01 Iltu /titter.
Blue , Line Itailsviky—Tlincl. MI - evens alld
Burr:Au, Nov. t bird rail on the
Great Writeru Itirtivrey, tote:n[llo the ears on
the New lurk Central unit Allohigan Central
reed: , to run oi: • i.iet:ooll lulu. The .ire , lt
Woltern and other rorehr erne then to put on a
through l reight hetween Sew
ten and the Weer, to ho known an the Blue
(00.111•,:inl 441 errs ler aays:
havejmomte inteLligiamo trout Washington
that .Thall:iiterenti lla called 1.1 i'ril , lolll 01 Re.
publzeart members to 101 . 1 q en 71.111rH1lay to
brim.s 'mom R 0 0 111,11. of notion' Or WI
lug the Premitienr. : .
T. , cus W..) or, _ l7 =So. decision hat
bccn given In the Court Of Queen's Bench or
I:ooluiun routs to-day, as to grunting the rule
far now Uhllh,lo applied for by C 0,111301 from
/he F17111.1.1N under StAlLetielf of death.
.•1t ly rotuorel that a heavy concentration of
troops in this city IS about to commence In
vies of I 116.110150 approach Of thn nth of M
oen/her, the day died for thu execd . tiou of the
Nevi Voide, November :a.—The Delay:a,
Lacicaw'unun S Western Railroad Company
Was - Sold to-day.
Forty thionsiont dons of Scranton cost,
of the different at. a docllne
vidying front ff.cents to 61,40 per ton. The
coat is delivered at Ellzabetliport in tons or
T I 0 pounds. 'Aden sold at an average or s3,te;
Steamboat, gritty, WO; egg, 01,1.5; stave,
The Dimailairy Fraud.
. 'Parr—% nvt.cniA, Nov. 27.—Thu iiilleer.of the
internal Revenue are diligently investleating
the rands on the revenue. Frani, Carroll was
to-day ernnuill WI for illegal distilling.
Te.inerrOW afternoon dm hese hall season In
Philadelphia will close, with a grand contest
between pteeed trl 011 rotriprnied of players (rain
the tort el Chant this end other cities. Pratt
rind .51iilbrlde will pitch.
' .41.0 A NY, Nov. meeting of the Board
of Director, of the New York cent,,,, ltnllrouU
Company WWI hrtd 10,11: to4lay. Torre ore ru
mor.+ that the V anite'rhllt movement to SCCIIIO
control of the TiAld Wan elleeklUilleli, aunt that
I,llmA/it:owing will be chostm Premblent, and
‘V II inns li. Fargo Vree l'restglent.
Pio Cabinet. Meeting
be r 27.—There I was Co
Cabinet meeting . held to-day. The various
hcmly of Departments are, however, attending
plumy at the Executive WMo lu tan order
that they are sent for by tile President. No
in her visitors ate received by the President.
A Doubtful
Tokoic.'o, I:. W., Nov. '27.—The Glob.: of tlik
morning sayn ,het It telegraph operator In
Canada fell heir to .. , ...,:goooo,throusth the death
lilt relatlve, who holds Wit Interest in the
Trinity Cloireh property In New York. Thu
elitlui is la the hands of .:llessrs. tIOsLW
huwanl & of Not• York city.
dueler 2 . 01111. • .
queusv, C. E, November . I:.—Five bemired
peembibterling were received hem Birming
ham, Englund, and one tenured pounds trout
Wegehr (or lire retie( (AM eon...rec. I,y the
Quebec fire. .
Tim troop , . et. (Maws. were inspected by
Ilfaj. lien. hindmity this morning.
, Itrocleirtion HemOved.
goods In London-
Last evening Mr. Theodore Tilton delivered
before tile Young Men's Mercantile Library
AsSOCiatiOn, tit the AcadElny of Music, a speech
or lecture on ReconstrUCtion. Ile Co:lshii:tea
the three points, when, by whom, and on
what conditions the Union should he reconsti
tutes!. The work seas to the hands of Con
!gross by the universalltnigment Of the people,
to ini aCcOmplishell on the basis of the equal,
civil and political rights of all loyal citizens
without distinction of color and rare.. On such
a. basis lie would have asked for the readmis
sion of the Rebel States on the first day alter
the rebellion, bin until the Rebel States can be
brought back on terll.lB of Justice to their black
loyalists, let these haughty states 01011,1 null
Walt oinstde like the king lu the snow at the
Pope's doer. The question Is not whether
these States are 111 or. out of the Unlou, but
whether they shall be In Or oat of emigres*
If during the war they . were In the Union, and
yet Out of Congress, so si ow during pence t hey
can he In the Colon unit yet out ill Congress.
Andrew Johniou's ,polio' "hail cease,! to be
conie a. public question. Thpeople bad dis
missed It from! U:
their eel :o,ration. The
French Academy, said the speaker, has ills
rover.' that net:ulnae bed/ after dealt: ut
ters 11.1tIlIrrourfog sound tel Ricca hours. so
Andrew Johnson still continue to groan a
while longer, but lie came to Ills end on the
flit of November. What policy, therefore,
shall take the place 'of the President's! 311.
Tilton then followed lii nit elaborate rerliOr of
the Congressional plan of reconstruction, ar
going that the chief 111,11 hill I important lea
tureof tllts plan was not the pending Constl-
Wilma! Amendment, but the future Kos ision
by Congress for giving to the unreconstructed
States legitimate, and valid governments, In
place of Ills 11:1111 1 pril 11114 i bogus governments
welch exist thm .! uow. t;ongress lia.., never
pledged itselc, neitherran an) body el, pledge
Ir. to reitilinl, their states on I la , adoption el
thepentling amendment. - TM, aniemlinent is
unjust. ll:leaves the political fate of tee ne
gro to be chamital by the rebels. tut Use con
trary, the Federal (coyernmen t, 11l t im. , ,, 1.0..1
to secure to the twat - omen rights, lens nllll ih
equally bound to ocean!' Ills 110111/CAI
eights. Under the amendment the Itebel
$llllOO elMiti Make a wholesale business of
dleiranchisement, South Carolina could
dlsfranelilso the tiero, il'eorgis the Irishman,
Mississippi the. Genoa:l.4ml every rebel state
the Yankee. Shall statesinen of Mass:who
setts rensent to such a surrenderhy Elie Fed
vral Governmein to the rebel Legislating.), of
the political rights of ail classes of
citizens! The only safe plan 01 - 11:4 impartial
suffrage secured by constittitiolia/ amend- .
moot tit the states North und soli. Mr. Til
ton drew an annlvtical _distinct: n betu ten
universal' 11.11,1 11111IArtLa su ff rage., At prit-sent
~en- r age e, limited by ~ge, ..i . a,tlolllr, IliiiiVll,l",
and intelligenve There Is 110 111i1, 1 1 sill rill
frage. The vital .111 t, tag Is linpartnii suf
frage. Fin the 41. 11111111.1,1 blab or 100, 11111 11 5 n
any citizen ran I,llollly 11 II It 11, 1111,11 111 111111
vote, whether 1,0 1., 11 kite or Nark. It Ig
ooraijro is li/ 11., .1 11:111ol-iol
.I. l i ILI
Sue-ludo 4[1101,11i. 11..1 ' Of lily color as well to
of another. I lolemitinled that :he great par.
ty which k-hi ...true,' the C,lll/Ire lilrO•Ii:11 110.
War 011 the 1.1.11,1:orIll 11l 1:1111111 , 11111t1011 5/111,1141
110* carry Lilo 011,1111 0' throng!! 4110 1 . 1,4,11-
structloo on the I , l.tlfer 111 of equal right,, Lie
Mel Luca eeniandin l ; - .Li. h 41 rt-conxtrlletloll
111 -
for a 3,111/4 in 17.,. Thin, misal, 21114 be ill.l
1101 mean to abate:Oa et, 11,0 , ot : tile% ‘411.113.1
luring the tie xt.,,e,10t. of congress. The Re.
Publicati O•rt Y has beeonic :be 'absolute unts
ter of the situation. The l'redd!uo no longer
is nn obstacle. It, I lieronne, the Repo, ',se
party does.noi 11 w' rebuild the 1 . 11101: on'the
corner stone of equal rights. It 1.111 hear aeon .
its own head. :lie undivided .11-honor 1,1 t..
traying the neer. and iSo md ion.
OlLlteuloa. of Penh•yl ran In.
H. It , won Lnon n that tho grcal pcttolcum
supply of tnt., country lUD, 4rllll POlllusylva
-11114. =LI I . lllcfly to nu the. alit diorler.
A corto,oonllci,t to t to, No-Mgt:v.l,l
wt . ., the Inflow ins skutelt Of dud regent. Ile
ell Alreel/ Is a It thetalv near tt bun
ire.' mil, amen Pittalnirgh, and mucti of !lie
product //1 the oil a ells 1 , 111... tt, IhArli, t hy
the Allegheny. lien:on - A , ;d u ; i., / ,; /efe •
are A/atter/at along chef. losk; xhe /vat er
ot Ito/ river /s say/d/tI n 11 I and olten
Ito Whale , set - fare etlVort,i 111111 lint , wed y
noun, and telnio of the trail,.. At. Natrona,
t vrenty.twohlih, ttl
77rvI I „ ^CO tIl tnl plosFertr,...
Flare aro salt wells and stsla and
Ilmnate also, t/f - eenesr-, Wen/data and cheap.
as through nearly all rein laa and Lp
ht11”. 51- tlng flOn; ()DIV II Ic
fOnntlapo tons 5 //ally olartmly iLtionnt an
Lreoly:e. all the um p fetta, :tve eared fog
producing yarnet.. Iluottant ICals anit
other elmiee :trtieles valtothle In the al Is of
malinfarturea. hes I/Cleave funtle, In large
tonAntdlvl,entnnuel salt, soda, 1, 04C•• • IIInt...1
1ye,,011. uomialte ,1111,1 nen, roe
pet-as, and distilled /out yenned
..\ tingle
company, with , rappel t.l Lt Mali,. an.: a
quartevdollat s, eat rte_ Oil .11 theta./ noonday.
le/,ldes twit:lug I Ile paper 11.134 i Iron
boxes Inter w loch the, ere parked tom the 11:µr
bet. The boo thy,/very exten /Ivo and,
prosper - on, Ilere e eoneituled on: Itl,pte.
tiOrl of the Industt ire of Pettutt itunla; and
here. reeregtilt In.; a Inch that all must nave
felt, a gallant Airee- Logi:tut er toast Mi . • Thli
WOlll4lll tli Pennsylvania; we rt,eogtll/111 their
ChlreLeter In the ettilltation of teen. but Ay
therefore Ittinent the more that they .bath!
Le the .inly,prestnet or the Mate that pia, not
been shone to
A fatal Iweidvnt, Carl Brack, a 1, 1111100,
the Vietlll/, orrarred a short time before lama
ois Monday, at Fretlerteli Ilmisman's coal oak,
tli East /firMinw,lima. At the Mae mentioned
the deceased eatertal the IM., and very ~ma
man at work In smother rJamiliar aeard
heavy tall. tin. wank to a - welt:Oa the rause,
Itrfiek wits found harle,l twiteath a titans of
elate, Ids leas only protruding The del,ri,
was removed .Itnatoltalelv at,:f 111.1t1toil
Mart tarried lon house halm t Matlty. It Wll4
Mond that his shall 5,1, ert,ll,l hl, It IIUgI'
pa, of slate latnifig strark tom on Ihe tor,
atitol. /let`
ito 1:1S0 Initirott breast
soil arms. ma '.held an hoar Lifter
the a. elitent. torourr Eta,,sft
o held nil in
quest on the body yesterday morning, Mel the
Jory rendered a vrrillet of areldentul death.
The dereamst was st • Prasslisit by Milli, about
thlrly-tive yenta Of ago, mol was antnarmen.
lie has a hither foal Ln, , tlsters living In Prus
ala, hat has no relatives in this mam try, Nel far
OA 1211(11011,11.
Fire It 4 the Fourth Wesrtl
About Milt inlet One .04.40E41 this morning,
Milne, Wet. diet:Orel : ell isnuing I role .the roof
of Heel on'e stable, alt nate otollte nor
nur el ottrrl l ipi nod lea in tilluys, In lite
F(4111111 'Warn. '141.. alarm watt ptotilptly glycol
tram box . 23, and tow ittontents after lite
DilqUonno, Nent.llllo tool A degnen y nOttiptill lee
worn on the upend. The Me was extinguish
ed without much 1/ 11.1/I ' ll4l` 1., the pretnims
savo the ho role g of the roof of lien building
in Withdi It origiunted. Two ruin able horeus
-who had neettplest stalk on the ground floor
of the stub]. were taken out without In
cu-riuganylajury, It is' sttilpfele.l to have
been tho work I.f nil Illeoll.llary, in , no bglit
loud been lirtlte amble Milieu tine (Illy nrcelott...
At Is late hour on Monday night Itentllgo
liavis, ell° had been drinking mouldy, became
1 ery di.orderly on Liberty Street, altd attack
ed varions indlvidnals. AL last he assaulted
a negro, Who lot. hlnr hare ono on, the lineal
organ, conspletely knocking him off hi,' rho,
tie gathered hlon , elf op, and greatly Indig
nant Rt. being knocke d 411/Wl - 1 by It ealg g w,
rushed down Liberty :druid, when he wan ar
rested and taken to the leek -tin. There he
again indulged in a lighting humor, and he
lord tho onlcera could gel him IMO n cell he
had broken revered panes ol ghee, In rho watch
1101140. Yesterday morning I,O,I,ICOMIOItted
Ins 111443.11,4y,1n .ioiaait or a!11,0 of MIMI).-
MO: •1011111. 011:11:4.
lin.lly Hurt.
A nericitel tteettleut, repotting in tilt 1/I . lllly ut
tie:rutin nanent lictuguritreir, lecu rrctl ell
ultertotort at the rolling mill Of itieftsr,
Lyon. :Aloft a. to., , ottlit Pittsburgh. If
pears Hutt 01111111 01 the ticieltinerY bettitnet
I wched aleiht the roils, tout Ihungurtlner. Ti
tit [coupling to ad Inet - 1 he t.n.p.,•thol his h. g ,
',twin, in the nutelitnei . y, and before It conk/
be cheeked, both or ids legs horribly
crushed. hut nu, Iltkell 111 Ills rt,i , lence umd
tat:Meal whi proettred.:lt nu, at. lirst suppoyett
that liunighrdiier's let e were litoken, but all
tortoni:latent Of lila injuries proved I too no
bones Tern broken. I.ld. the 'leek brow the toot
almost to th. knee wjot'eotnpielely stripped
(rout tlll- bnrio. Thil injured 1.1.11 ty lit3lllg 111.11.
Skull Fractoreal.—A Matt who* u{twe Ice
dui not learn, het who Is. a .melted, residing
in [lnserve township, was hieing down Ohio
street, Allegheny, on Monday evening, when
his horse took night wlll lan furionsi,>,
the carrier of lederal.str,t tho w ug o n
oil against a /amp post, and tile . driver was
thrown, violently to tho ground, striking his
head against the curb stone Avith suni, toren
an to fracture his shall. lie was taken into
Cnol A Claney's drug store, foot after reed',
lag proper attention, was conveyed hoe r .
The Eagle Hell. l'emlght. the Eagle Boy?,
who have an enviable • reputation as caterers
to public oyment, a n gree ha at I
the The j
arrangements atte d
are ll
of e
most i complete character, and We itetrare all
who may attend, 1111 evening of rare pleasure,
The hest music eiptich the city 'north will be
In attendance.
Orititi *Regalia o Loilgo
355, of L U. 0. F. announce a • tirunti ilegella
ball to-morrow, Thanksgiving night, at City
Hall. .The managers have spared no pains to
make tho comingalfalr the occasion of tho heal
son, and we know of no batter placo to spend
the 67enthg. Ecklea , popular band will be
attendanniN '
• Steel Manufacture •t Pittsburgh.,
A correspondent Of the Now fork Inn gives
the following Information 'regarding the man
ufacture of steel at Pittsburgh, PA.: Half the
steel made in the United States Li m'auufac
factored here, and one-third the con
tains ?milt Interests; iii nails it divides the
manufacture with southeastern Massauchn
'setts; It is Lowell, Lawrence, Easton, Chico
pee, Worcester, Hartford, and half dozenother
of your casteiti manufacturing centres, rolled
into one. At the head of the nalglible. west
ern waters, the very of Ilje grand cen
tral valley of the continent, whoec eye sweeps
over the whole, It Is a very creator and source
for It all- It.conta Ins eve hundred large men
lam:luring , tablishiumits, includino Ilfty
glass fnetorlos, thirt yomu rolling mills, forty
hit Iron loundrles, thirty-one rolling mills,
forty-Rix Iroit foundries, tifty-eight oil relit.-
cries, thirty-three inachlne shops, twelve boil
er works, seven steel inanuflalloritts, ten brass
foundries, ;sixteen potteries, five cotton and
four woolen factories, elite plow factorlea, the
shops fOr henry forging, with! white lead,
chernleal, saw. ex and copper works, yielding
altogether a total annual product of one bun
• Iron and , aeol in various forms arc a third
of all this, the ewer Metals about two mil
lions, alums Ore millions, oil ten millions; cot
tons and woolens five to six millions The
'manufacture of steel has grown up almost
j , finely In America, within seven years. Putts
. 'nirgli us Its birth place and chief center; and
now of to,oo tons used in the . United States,
full h u ll Is made at home, and more than halt
ti that half here. The quality' of the home
made steel its fast, progressed to that of the
foreleh; It Is now used for the finest cutlery
and swords, and yowls tioitidlons establish
ments us that of the Ames CoMpany in CM
coet., ive it wenn approval and extensive
ad v optio g n In their delicate ninnufattures. The
tut:ling Of iron Into steel Is u delicate opera
tion, requiring great skill and .tuick perm:D in the wolkmen; At tho beginning is
pig troll the itrst and coarser product of the
met then.the pig non Is refined by tire and
manipulation into bloom Iron; ,this is next
roasted 111 pure Claire9al for two weeks forthe
carlioribtatton which is the distil...tire change
sought to be gained; then the metal Is rolled
into light, thin bars. 11110 carefully bro
ken' by lisn.l and hammer into small bits, and
the Itnimre pieces earefully culled out; cruci
bles or pots of about two gallons in size are
11.1.5;1 with those bits of carbonize 6 iron, and
placed within'the hot test of charconl and oak
Ores, and carefully watched uncitended; at a
given moment, wont the 11.01.1 metal has
11,1011101 K vertain stage of cooking—to be told
by opening the eructing.: and looking Into the
yellow-white dory contents—the crucible la
withdrawn. find its ntent carefullpoured
into It mould, mid c o dling, s s
ale y-
an ingot
of 0(11 - 11 steel.
The hest steel made in 'the' ...nary is
wrought out from the • . spatlile" ore found in
the llousatonic valley of Connecticut sod
ehl~•ucll nasals; 101 0 111er,SlIell ore 1/4 1010111111
the United state:. the 'cop ore, of Lake Chain
plain tint the Corn...ill hills 11l the Lebanon
vanes of Painsylviin ha are - ningnetic;'• while
all . to,, other iron ores of Pennsyl ratite lire
"heniat Ito," f Ores front usher ileetions, poetic
ninth. 1.41, ;superior, are brought to Pitts
burgh in coi.l.torable quantities to mix with
the motet. ores. loot so produce ditforeni awl
111 -01110 1•0,1 1 0 better metals. Perimps„sme
nail the ores worked at Pltisbiirgli are brought
othe.,:oate , :net of,oalfth of tilos.. wit 1.-
ea 10 the whole st'ate.
A Rlrt•Rlng Stomach
If 1 he stomach be Inactive It will not he long
until the whole 4yidetn, organ' attar organ,
will begin to perkli and decay, tOr Want of
, the proper .apply tit aliment and nutriment
to repair the wasting em•rgies of Nature.
Thos i. the reason why Ific. .11",w.ser'.g Blood
2k , iriller has ouch winiderful potency in curing
disease. It wOll Wings the stomach into a
condition which enables It tli n , itrillato the
.food Itilcialed (or the rebuilding of t h e liusinan
Machine. Dyspepsia Wolin!, in nnist ruses, tnt
illsenne of short illiratiOn if lir. litiiiser3
Blood Searcher were earlier resorted to In the
elite thereof. At this Sinn:Ono( the year, when
Ito overworked and lovertasked organism
prOnhyl:Let le, there is noise
esii :stall Tie With /ie h - ruv..4 Mood Seurrher,
wlio, curesmeet ou jai every - tinnier of the
id trent. The Blood i.eareher has not onig
!aired the simplest forms of disease •tiy Its re
storative end Tonle power, lint It tote, by its
noirent, Inn shOrt time restored the
thottQatiits 1 0 11, nealtily constntency,
and abseil,`lnns m ricer of life lots
rrstore , l mei soon! Ili, .to the stand
ard 01 Nature, every organ or the
Th, most Minh( feint diseases
1:110ivn hare been enrod i by it. We
know Several wham names could given
who for years have itlaputrcd f ever gettinii
well, who, atter the use of Dr. Rey,ier'm Blood
searcher for a short period, have tiJ,t, rector.
entire health and vigor.
Item ember render that NO speak f Dr.
heyaer's Rlood Searcher, whirls the Doctor
prepares with its own hands, and whlot, ling
in its eintipolltiOn more medical virtue- than
any , other preparation with within we are ac
quainted. If you have any doubts about Its :
eilleatiy, rail at the lioctoefi store, 140 ‘Vood
-trre', and get a Circular • COUtlilling 860 nd
mire ot testimony Of Its value, or call upon
him at his consulting rooms, No. Itai Patin
atreet, lila oak) hours are from N toll
and until 4 e..w.
.oak for Dr. Keyin , r'n Blood voucher, and
to o l, no Other. one dollar per hurtle, or SIX
for nvo dollar..
in pi., Cunt L Common ,Ilons, yesterday
Luortiln t t. thu Jury lo the ease of Speer vs. the
Cleveland .t 17tted.,ttritl, Railroad Con.pany,
telurned 1. vorillet toe Cho plaintiff lu the emu
of $1,30.!...".,0. 7'11,, verdict Is snitieet ' the do
eision of thu Colin on reeerved points of intr.
♦ toOLIon tor new trial New, Immediately made
by (ho counsel for the 41ertn11,C.
~ , The twat race-W . IW that of Mary Ann
ley V,. Fred FuWer. This for the
reeovery uf datliag or rewlting from the itow
of water Into the cellar of the plaintiff trom
the pieullsaa of the defendant. The fury found
for the philutor le the nom of 6107.17.
Thu ease of T.llolllooll v ßeyllo/dS S Co. VA.
tat, Gorman reCtiry Company,. was next
taken up. - 11,1 N Is au action to recover the
value 01 all Invoice of teas sold to detenuants
on January 22, icaO. Tim ease wee Still Ott trial
at the Unto of adiourntnell I. •
•W. It. Mmtre.. tireensbarg, motiOn of
A. M. Watson, was quallll.l and admit
ted to practice la the aeveral Collet., 11l thin
Another Libel Mull
solotoost .N,lfoyer appeared before Alder
man Sutherland, of the Tenth ward, yester
day, and made oath agahutt John 8. Kennedy,
ono of the editors of tho Itoif4 Reputt., for
'prlttillta, publishing 'Uhl utteribet /Welke's
language, calculated to cast a :dam upon the
Integrity of his character, and to create
doubts of his probity and truthfulness. The
aecnied was arrenotl anti arraigned before,
the Magistrate, who proceeded to hear tae
•, when Kennedy waived the formality;
anti entered bail to the Mum of fl,foo, to Mu
am . the charge at Omar.
The article on which the snit Is based, ap
peared early last summer, and Is tito same on
which N. P. Sawyer, One of the proprietors of
Ise Kq;uhtir, was convicted for libel last
Womack Burned
rt.. .1 ulla Markham, residing . on tient
etreet LI tau sevent ',ward, wad severely burn:
ell yeStertilly morning, by het clothing catch
lug Ste.. She was ironing at a table lu front of
the 01050, the draft of which drew her wrap
per eimie to the boated liars, causing Its igni
tion almost instantly. The 'first intimation
she had of her danger; was hearing her little
daughter, a child of Ilefi years old, simutfug to
her l rum an adjyang apartment that tier
iireq,l Was hero Int..- With strange presence of
mind, she east iter,elf 1111011 it imago still
gathering the hurning garments under her,
sllcreCiled at length, In tonothering thus
Moues. Ilex Mold, and tell tlllgll,n ere nevem
ly burned.. Dr. I. ttam wt. , summoned; and
ire-sal her Injuries.
A Light to be IF:clip...if.
A itiAntla tibiae , a colored, lady, .aplieared bQ
bn e A Idormuo.liTh ue 3 - e4lorday and lodOedan
JOlOrlroiLloo ugali/cI Ellen 'Carter, also colin,
intrety of the peace. Miss Shine. de
charm! that Ellen had said she would “knock
her daylights Ont.," laid tearing .her lustre
wo 01,1 be 0111)10(2,1 thereby and that she won't!
~bn• no more; A niatniti mole the information
against the dusky I.llen. We are more nOrlees
in anatomy and cannot thereinto Worth our .
particular 'part Or Amanda's
rreraanrire wits threiktenoll t but we m1'410 , 113 It
to be itit Important part of her physique. an
Amanda teems greatly agitated least the
threat should ballet in execution. A warrant
Itai been issued, for the arrest or Mile Carter.
Another Eight In Reserve Township.
party or Gentians were gathered together
on Identity evening, tit the boor nail of Louis
illertmpper, bn titeSpring Gunton Plunk Read,
In Reserve township, for the pnrpose of ha,
tog a friendly game of cards. While thus en
oy Eng tlieniseives a I.C.,ll , lparty Colored, and
a dispute Immediately aread between thet wo
parties, which resulted in the first party rout.
'leg the second. Rut some of each party re
eiiired bloody nos - es andblaeßeo 4,l cr.'s*
Through the interposition of the proprietor
of the saloon, undo or two t.t the more
PeacraNY 1,91-. "' • n ne
4onel in the room, or
der and quiet sits tintair restored. No arrests
were made, . -
Anus Yee iedusterfeSt. — A new counterfeit,
of thedenfoulostioit of V.S), on the !lover No-
Licwai 'vett put In circulation,
tho detectives have been working to discover
the offenders, And their efforts have been so
far successful that the counterfeit has been
Suppressed. It la stated that
the (sincere have iiecuted the phite from Which
the spurious notes wereprintol. ,
Amano.n . e - Cittft
T iothou T a T SM.-31'11e ltaiel, the
French artiste, Is playing to excellent houses
at the Pittsburgh Timatre, and her perform
ances are decidedly tine. • She. appeared last
utEaft in the Wirzerd skiff, and drew from
the audience the, wildest liaplause. .To
night,will be produced the Dumb Boy
.Of Manchester, Mlle Ravel appear,
Mg-. as Tom. the .tiumb boy. At the
conclusion of this.favorite play, the beau
tiful artiste will appear, in the Poetry of Mo
tion, performing graceful action on , tlia tight
rope. During her stay all should attend the
Theatre, as she will not be here again for a
long time. The 'stock company of the "Old
Drury"' wonderfully improved. To-morrow,
'Thanksgiving hay, a matinee will be held In
the afternoon at which Mlle Ravel will appear
on the tight' rope and as the Du di troy- of
Opens 6.—The charming an, gratlefitl
young actress, SIM Anna Waite wail greeted
lasted evening by is large and lash tenable au
dience, it being the occasion of her benefit.
Site has won many admirers since her advent
-Into the Cloy of Smoke. Few of the star act
reason who appear from time to time at oar
theatres poasees halt no mach genuine talent,
grace and ability. ' , rids*. night. Mr. Leak
takes a benefit, when wo trust to .ec the house
crowded to ate utmost capacity.. Griffith
Gaunt has thus far proved an immense can/
to the Opera House. It is produced in splen
did style and would run till the Christmas
holldaye kept upon the boards. lint enter
prLsing, Stanager Mess has decided to with
draw It atter to-night when it will be pro
aimed for the last time. Grand bills are offered
to-morrow afternoon and night.
ROLLAND% RBOTIINIM—At Masonic Hall the
Itol_Jamie Brothers, who aro unquestionably
the best gymnasts in America, are perform
ing with their highly' trained troupe of ath
letes, to good houses. Seldom • has our city
been graced with the presence of such skillful
artists. If the community could only proper
ly "understand the real merits of the per
forenances. Masonic Halt mould he much ton
%mall to hold the audiences whiten would as
Braon," a I,lWe. Mitrsrants open at Ma
sonic Hall on Saturday night. This is said to
be the best minstrel troupe now traveling.
A EOpe Thief Penned Up. • •
- _
At about half, tot live o'clock last evening,
tnau sPPeared at Chief llague's °thee, and
excitedly announced that a fellow bad been
sten:lug. on later street, and Unit ho had
been traced to apiece on Ferry street, where
he was then penned up. Officers Scott, Cup
ples and Bustin, supposing that the thief had
taken refuge in some congenial den, - where
he might receive aid and condom went but
together to effect the capture. They were
,preceded by the 111,dt•li ger to Ferryetreet,
near the corner of First. There they fount)
leaning against tile wall a. large colt of new
rope, and sittingen ly within the roil was it
man, who was pointed out as the thief, while
elcme behind, smutting guard over him with a
heavy stick, stood another man, whose mis
sion had evidently been to keep the
denizen of the .'„rope cage from flit
ting. The alleged thief and the rope
he had stolen were speedily taken
In charge by the officers, who marched off
with them to the Mayor's odiee. The ' , Mutter
gave his name as John Wight, au& the stolen
rope belonged to Wildam May. Mr. May keeps
an iron and rope store on Water street, near
Market, and this coil Of rope lay on the top of
ter pile of similar chile outeide his d day afternoon Mr. , May, who hadbeen load
-log- coal upon a boat, returned and discovered
tlint the coil In question, worth some al" dol
lars, was missiee. lie , with an assistant, made
immediate searelrand at length found the
rope hid to a cart on Water street near Ferry.
:instead of being content to take the rope
back, they were ambitions to want, - the thief
abso. They accordingly station.' themselves
at some AlLstanee and watched. Soon , Wight.
appeared. took the rope and started up Ferry
street. The two avengers followed him, and •
overtook kiln with the result stated above.
The unfortunate - Wight was docked up for rC
:Another Diehonest. Scheme.
well known and shrewd buslneis gentle
man of this city yesterday received a circular
frion some th:titlotts lirm styled "Vincent,
Willis n Co., Williamsburg, N. Y," proprietors
of a gift enterprise, which he Is desirous we
should show 'op, he circuit,* goes on to state
that thr 11151 Is anxious to Increase its
nese here, and as it chooses to mince Mtn its
"agent" they enclose throe tickets ceiling - for
gold 'ffsliCileti worth 115 each , which- ha may
obtain by forwarding to them the sum of two
dollarw, and sixty cents. Of course, Vincent,
Willis .t CO, ace cotindenee Weil and perhaps
have di'Oexistence. They flood the postothee
with their dishonest-circulars and expect t , ,
nape verdant indiViduals, who will believe
that they have selected them as favored
agents. Wo have repeatedly warned our read
ers against ail gilt enterprises, no matter
whether Of this stamp pr any Other. The only
way to get articles of value cheapis to buy
them from responsible dealers. The system
of gift lottery no tarried on-at the present-day
in this country, in nothing more or less than
genteetrobliery. Personawho have received
itlizillareir6nlarshad better think twice be
fore they trust t heir money to such men as
Vincent, Willss
The Great Dexideratuus
Thu wonderful acidevements.of medical
011.1 VI Itl l t the past few years can boast of
tyolllltOS tiqual to that obtained In the 11,4
covery of that wonderful-working remedy
known as be. linen's Bfmsl Hearelter. The
inced 14.1pelees esters of dis e ase and the most
re/elatess agony hare been. battled. and cured
ny the magic notency of this, most powerful
combination of roots and herbs. It maysectu
strangiato some that a low roots .1 herbs
known only to the instincts of the animals
that browse the fields er crop the herbage,
should possess such peculiar adaptation to
the wants ut man. Nevertheless, it Is true,
and the chemists alembic has been brought to
bear In the - production of De...lieyser'a Blood
Searelscr, pm. of the greatest blessings to man
kind. In all 'dise.. of the blood it Isklval
less, arid for bringing Into harrnouloe. play
the functions of i the Stomach and digestive
apparatus, there Is no medicine that will not
pale before Dr. Keyeer's,,now well known and
extraordinary Blood Searcher.
Ask for Dr Eey.m , s—l4o Wood street--and
take no other: sl , per bottle; six for $3.
Dr, Keysers coneulting. rooms, la. Penn
011 Refinery Barned
Between nine and ten o'clock on Monday
evening, a tiro was discovered In Helmick's
nil refinery, at Sharpsburg, Jest above the
81tarbstirg bridge. The alarm was Immedi
ately given, and such efforts as were possible
were made to ertinguisb the !Ire, but the
dames had made such progress before they
wore discovered, that It was impossible to
check thetn,aml they raged until the building,
with Its contents, was entirely destroyed.
The establishment was a smell one and was
devoted to the refining or oil and them anu
facture of aelda from the refuse orifetrole tam.
Considerable oil was contained in the tanks
•r the establishment, and was entirely cle
stroyetl. At the wharf, near the refinery, lay
three oil flats or hulk wa r part filled with
oil. and they too were totally destroyed.
The Origin of the lire in not known, but is
believed to have been accidental. It Ls prob
able that the gas from benzine running frotn,
the stills Ignited and set fire to the place.
The tonal lees 14
Wi at 412000, on h
re 1111.8 loaurance.reckoned ,
The loss willwhic tall
heavily ou the prepnetons.
A Market Forestall;
A grocery keeper from Woods' Hun, J. W.
Underwood by nuns, visited. the Allegheny
mirk el. on Monday'. evening, In search of tor
keys with which to Supply the demands of Ms
oustomerts for Thanksgiving. Coming across
U. countryman Who had a number Of, L/1.0
testis° bird:ll'or Bale, ho purehasod seven. end
was about to depait In peace when otticer
Nixon, of the Allegheny pollceoilIo"d
'watching his motions, approachisf
Snootiest his object in buying so maur tur V,"?, t .":,
Undentocal rotated that he ha.l bee i n i t mie.
Iced to make purchases. tor c" nr l t
, atacta d
reek:ling In bin neighborhood. nn, W ... s not
home. Officer Nixon. sosedn! .l l 7L - 6, nd th at
right, followed him to W O, nd ,„' al. attocery store
the turkeys wefo n n i tr e : l 'G oug ht him before
e ttl f :a r s y i t
.'iourtreot a r r ested
re e
i fl b a a c
ar m k zn o. p dollars a,m and
whim. he was discharged.
Dollar fors ,11.orso
There teas a very cool Dutchman in tow a on
Atunlay menses. Vas that night Mr. Wm,
n 0 bt e ,,0,,, who resides in Birmingham, rode a
valuable mare to the city, aad hitched her to
front of the Merchants , Motel. Shortly after
wards Om either broke loose, or the halter
wan cut, ran down Fourth street to Wood, and
was returning borne boron accord, when
a . voung man named Sullivan caught her.
hliu he was leading her along, a German ap-
Preached, kindly thanked him for his trouble,
gave hem a dollar, took the rein, vaulted into
lie saddle and rode rapidly away, allice
which time neither horse nor Dutchman has
beers aeon. There may have boon things done
here recently displaying greater degree of
Impudence than this, but we laave-nOt heard
of thorn. A reward of kis is offered for the re
covery of the horse. -
The !loitering Asiviertlelletst.—The. De
cember number or tne eighth volume of this
valuable montlily has been lald uon our table
byV. T. F. Wright, the genial, ed itor and pro
prietor. The number ls a truly excellent one,
full - of Interesting -matter. not only for the
farmer but for the general reader as we%
The Agriculturist is constantly imorOving, and
Ls deserving. of the largest patronage. •
A TEAM llSSffilifil JOVII4
CONTAIN /Iski pinny-Two coLuir.xis or
The .Edtttoh ti forseerdekl which 1•111 reach the
sybeertber soonest.
'l. C' e COPT (P•r!annnm).--•—..—..—51.50.
Clubs of PIT e
Clubs otTen or innr
! , Another Flre.—About hair pa.t, • three . '
o'clock this Morning the - big bell" soauded
another lire. This time the alarm came from
No. 34, corner of Canal and Liberty atroots.
A frame stable on the side of the hill, back of
Basin alley, inure Third ward, was dt,,,... ver ,
to ho on Ore, and before aid could be extended
was entirely . consumed, The stable belonged.
to Robert Alid.loy, and was unoccupied. It Is
UpPOSOLI to have been the work of an Moen-
Till Thief.—Yesterday morning at about
nine o'clock, as John, Rider, a grocery keeper
on Palo Alto stree e, t,
t Allegheny was altting
with his wife at br sat, aim-Rider law a
head behind the counter in the grocery. She
,and her husband made a charge on the pod-
Lion an2captured boy. about fourteen year%
of age,nossessing himself of the contents of
Mr. lit r's money. .dralrer. The young thief
Was handed over to Chief Reliant, of the Aile
gheny Pollee, and conveyed to the lifartes
Wilco. ilexes searched and in found 11 00
his persottrell of which Mr. hider identie &I
his. The young- reprobate utterly refused to
give kin name. He had a hearing yesterday
afternoon and was committed for trial.
Death of.aix Estimable La dy.—Eisewher•
will be found the death notice of Kra RSV-
Dr. W. A. Davidson. late a resident of this
city. During the pastorate of Dr. Davidson
in this city tor seven years. closing April lain,
his into estimabiß wife was held in high esteem
by a large circle of uenttalatauces for her ara
ble moaners and many excellent traits of
Chn tarter.
Conic and Claim Them.—Our readers
will remember that tfiree overcoats • were
found in the poadestilon of the overcoat thief
who was arrested the other day. They are
trill In the possession of Chief Hague, and any
Person having lost a coat will do well to call
rind embattle° this stock of ready-made cloth.
Black Canbincre Long Shawla.—Fine
irocha, Paisley, Black Thlee% Stella, Fancy
ilaiiis, Wooten Shawls, cheaper at Gardner a
'ehleiter's than elsewhere in the city.
Cheapest fas the CI CT.—Poplin Plalde Em-
Cloths, French Iderinoes, and Fine Dress._
Goods, at Gardner Schleifer's, 92 Margot
Read, Read, Rend, Gardner & Sch
nd vertlsemeat,.and ge there to buy your Dry
GootlA. 90 Market street.
MED. - •
1 DAVIDSON-0u Tne,dag mOrnind, NOV. 27th.
1566, )Sr.. AlkBllAitEl%3l.. DAVIgisON. wlie of
lter. lir. W. A. •
Funeral from the redden, of her husband.
W.Eanglon. 111•1., At IP. M.
Wedoei.lay. November:3, at 10s. v..
In New it.. man,. A. 1 - I,IIAYEn. printer, aged 61.1
yearn, a um...,
r and foe a Malabar
S..ta or Si.. "Meat.
- -
beautiful "Slod`witcre, l ` the largest autntrbah
place of sepu/chre, except ouo, In this co.uty,
tatted on how /frighten road, immediately north at
Allegheny. For burial iota, permits or titles, call
01 Control Drug btore of COlit. A CAA NEL Alls.
gherly CitY.•
mriv - 3zpit7irapr_daimicum.
No.loo Vat:Mt street, Plttiburgn. Ps- 007lINB et
all kinds, CRAPES, 1/14..110:2i, and nvendexelptlO.,
of ltoo ena Yona:sulng Goo. rurntstioo. swum
opeuda y snlal64t , Hoarse and Ciarnstasnmusned.
• usucts—Rev.- David Kerr
• VS,. IL. Elm
" . J 00.0011., :1110.1.4 .)11001)
• •
UNDERT A iz . : - PIRS
No. 196 S With field St., icor. TM.
(En trance nom Seventh Stieet,)
R . T. WHITE bc CO.,
41orner at Hbellold and Llitittlera streat.a.
11 taro• and t'arrlaerrNrntehed.
08 Sifax. Elitreeit.
Of 9 •
.-. AT
•I ~1
Sewing .Machines
Are Tll£ BEST for Falsity awl Menufacturthir
posee. Call and ere them at
Jrct. 1S Ptah Street.
43-Cl. TO
93i Smithfield Street.
-- - :7=-
jommaroN'& SCOW,
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
F b ittaskala_rigl2, Poll7la .
.trigr.4 4 ."1t
89 S 9 89789 tl9 S 9 -89 89
S 9
89 1
89 1 1:76 41 := 0. 33 $3' 7
891. SD Market street, •
, •
IJCU&S-1101111, 89 Market 8t:
S9 l
S 9 SA S 9 S 9 SA S 9 89 89
•72.111.0PV.4 ANULHEerIII
ly r.ncd by Meters. NINO, PENNOCK CO, we
rrapocirully Inform MO public OW ICC 15 COnlinna
Inte Manufacture of
Shadings, Cotton Yams, Came
Chains, Candle
and Batting.
Orders me) he lett et the Once of the Wert..
Corner of DrettleSne Way and Barter'■
N s ittinikkiarsta„Pai.
Flocuisblnglult colutuu it..dfortl.semergt=erb a
Machines, bat get ÜBOV B
_ It has been fully taabhlfor .Lxleixt
year., and le by .11 camp..
cent. Bulges. rms..
uotanc,d the •
I\Tc., N•iftla leltrisAmt.
• • 3PCIalt. Efifkyam
- su good, mend WORK HOMES jtot
and will be sold elegy; one good DIIIVING Et 0 01!
one rood W°l4ll. ktigr.E. gwaranteeo to be 1.0,11 r.
end good workers. Cell at
nog Vlrstatreet near IldOnot•wthela Hom e_
S ES—A new lot ol
W wtr and Dearit.nal edam .ea theca
ti Market We
and Muff Groynes. Meld aria Patatea klaritert,e. Mt
ocFir Imo;