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TOE . 0,411,V GAzsru.
Penniman, Reed & Co.,
No. SO NT'iffi.v_ Street.
T. P. 001STIld.
" lIIA/I KIK " Unglues* Nsissini•
Slays Copies.,
DsUnwed by eaSrler, (per week 5......... 15 cents.
Mat Bites= lbers, (peryear)
Lftw.ral redactions to Newsboy's sod ♦isms
titc . rfiOttrilit...o,3otitt.
SOME folks
i kill rats with poisoned oys
ters. In Toledo, the other day, a German
stepped into a Store and ,seeing Upon a
plate several tempting bivalves, proceeded
to swallow one. Imagine his terror when
informed that the oyitel had been covered
with deadly arsenic to polson.rats. A po
le* emetic was immediately introduced
into the nearly insane German's stomach,
and the dangerous bivalve came up, thus
relieving him of his great danger.
A. ROGUE named Cohen purchased four
thousand dollars worth of dry goods from
Dyer & Sons, in Cincinnati, •and had them
removed to another ware house, from which
he was not to remove them till be had
made payment: Becoming. suspicious,
Dyer & Sons had the house watched, and
discovered preparations going on in the
dead of night to remove the goods. Cohen
had transferred his purchase to other par
ties and made good his escape.
TIMILIt Is a woman in the New Albany,
Ind., jail one charge of murddr. She had
a quarrel with a neighbor viroman, and
throwihk at her a pot of boiling coffee
missed her mark and struck a little girl,
injuring and scalding her to such an ex
tent'as to cause death. The Grand Jury
have just found a true lull against the
Dn. Fnnsuares, a christianized 'Jew
Rabbi of Quebec, is deliycking lectures In
the west upon Judaism. Although now a
disbefiever, in the doctrines of the Jews, he
paid a glowing-tribute to them as a people,
stating that they would not steal nor mur
der, while but few eter find their way into
Prisms or penitentiaries, charged with any
aime. • •
A rottso NAN in Cincinnati of rich and
respectable parents has just been discover
ed in a very mean trick. He paid his fond
attentions to a wealthy young lady, and
succeeded in taking a valuable gold
watch from her, which he pawned for some
"IPoso change." He has been compe9.ed
to disgorge.
Tug following is the programme laid out
for the grand mass welcome to be accoided
a loyal Congress, at Washington; previous
to its nmissembling :
• Peocession; mass
meeting at noon; oration of welcome; nes:
ponse on 'part of Congress; other ad.
•dresses, and finally grand banquet at night.
Ar-a publiE: meeting held In Brooklyn
for tho purpose of eataldisking an. Inebri
ates' Asylum, a:committee was, appointed
to collect and otherwise, raise funds for the
establishment of such an institution. Such
an aaylorn as that "ueliposed would be a
blessing to this community.
Tut contest for the 'United States Sen
ate in Missouri, 'will be closely fought.
Gov. Fletcher and Charles D. Drake are
proMinent candidates, and possess about
even strength. It Is thought.that d'com
promise' candidate will be elected--proba
lily Ben. Loan or Harry Blow._
A. CINCINNATI paper throws out the hint
to the pork eating world that, inasmuch as
the hog cholera prevails to an alarniing ex
tent in that neighborhood unprincipled
dealers kill the animals infected anA sell
.the meat in the markets. -
Tax Young Men's Christian Association
of Cincinnati, recently.opened evening
schools for teaching; at nominal charge;
writing, drawing, book keeping and math
ematics. This is the right kind of enter
prise. •
• CONVE4TION of Life Insurance cern
netlike is being held at New Ydrk, for the
purpose of procuring national legislation
making the !awe regarding this branch of
insurance universal throughout the States.
A FEN line of railroad, running through
Indiana and,to the coal banks on the Ohio
river, will soon be built, under the. Pitts
burgh, FomWayne and Chicago and. New
Albany and Chicago railroads.
Is the Presbyterian • General A.ssembly,
now in sessconsat Memphis, an' overture
from Cumberland Presbyterian Church
proposing the union of both, was read and
referred to a select committee.
Trre street railway cars of New. Albany,
Ind., have had stoves introduced into them.
This Is a comfortable arrangement, and the
good example should be followed by our
own companies. •
.oriss. A. M Consi'has receiva the.con!
tract for extending and dredging the Chi
cago piers, for which $BB,OOO has been ap
propriated by Congress.
Tau Cincinnati House of Refuge bore off
the first premium, a bronze medal worth
one hundred dollars, at • the "fieformato.
ries' Exhibition" in London.
IN Cincinnati a formidable protest is be
ling signed by business men against the re
moval from office of Commissioner Rollins
dr the Revenue Department.
J. MADISON BELL, the colored poet, is
giving readings 'to the Cincinnatiatis. Ile
s highbly spoken of by the Commercial.
Dorf: low: Monntssgv, the member of
Congretit elect, has, living in Chicago, a
blind sister who Uhl abject poverty.
Kew Yong crri hits contributed.nearly
eight thousand dollars in gold to aid the
Quebec sufferers. --
A.T KOXOMO,.Ind., the Democrats ran a
colored man as their c Indidate for Justice
of the Peace.
A NAIL factory, 'With a cspitel stock of
$50,000, ie to be escabliahed at New Al
bany, Ind. ,
311105 Trrus, a blind girl from Cleveland,
is announced to deliver a lecture
TURD. Bresrmahas talFen upiis winter
quarters in Washington. •
Parrs. BLOT is blotting oat old styles of
cooking in Cincinnati.
Tait Republican majority in Kansas will
be about 13,000.
Trouble With
Norman, C. E. November SM.—Dispatches'
. received here by the. Governor General from
Zugtaud state that the possibility of-mom:de
with the United States renders increased vigt. l
lance on the part of the Capetian authorities.
- Navy rains lave occurred ln the eastern
townehips, causing disastrous foods. _
Neutral Averill, aienewly appointed United
• States Conn' General, has arrived.
"I. McQueen, s 'prominent citizen of this
place, has been held for trial on a charge of
reartumtting tatenida fonmt.rk!z
The Imports last week were 1100,000 lea than.
for the same week 'atria.
faz This canal dues
tatobar aultalted a Slight amass ova
/- • - .
- -.• ",*
r ) , '
.....,.:- 7--:-Orgift,-
_.''' * e
7 ,-;. 1 : 1 - 1 - 111 .k. (---.'- - : ,
~. - A, -; --' . ._,...-3-=•:, 74 ''
• . - - - ' f',.
-. .
$4 : 7 .-:" ' - ' - .5 - I,l*--I‘i4-....- - - /..,- :71- - ,--kt" - - - -!..2.• •__ ~oc •• -• 1 •—• ' ,
, _ . / j
- - z -- _-_ -'l l 7ll l-- - ''''''' : . •: '4". t_ -' 7 7---t 1 1 : 3 ,1 .L 1 .=- '. 7.--.--='- ,- - - - -----'\ i: 4. 1 -46 :1•-. 4 -_- ‘ ---4t.'-': 1 ,
' k ' tilt
, L
„i1.,,e. , • ,,, , , *.,....,.,
~1 - 17 :41, : a. , 5 ...::::"L , ,;` , :5. - ::-,--,, _
ri ,
L k
_74:_i , ---_-..'-..." 79 . -' ...! 4 =- -- -4 , --!-I.'l-r .: - ., ). (
) .. --,--- --- '-=.------- ~r_ - ' ____:_. - -...'"" _ - -,,,--s.,_ :7- •-:-.---,---,-.----,_ : - --.-- ' -
k • 4_l l, ,
. •
• •
Insurance Company
• \ OF
I\lllriVii7 YORK.
E. S. WINSTON, President.
Annual 11Ividends Available immediately,
Polley-holders and other partake interested in the
sti , Ject of LIFE ItintlitAliCK• are invitee to call
on the undersigned. Agent of the Company. who
cbetrfulir give them full Information 44 to the
tnedts and practical working of the Compan a f.
.• No. 37 Fifth Street, Pittsburgh.
Thanks trine Proclamation
In the name ant bw the autho•ttee of the Common
wealth of Peonsytrargfel.
AtiVitEW 01 CDFUIN, tio,roor of iald Com
. Monweall h.
Witanhati, It has been the good and wrathy cus
tomer the Commonwealth to eet apart, annually,
a day for the epre. lel acknowledgmeot Of the iroml•
neat of the Almighty end for ezyirestlug by the
,wholr people, at one thine. and wtth a common
'mee t the TtLursa and littstas which tbronghont
the year are et:dinging .froitb. the hearts of men,
I. ANDREW 6. CURTIN. 00 - ventor of the Com
ormealtb of Peonsyleaule, do by %hie my precis
• Won, recommend that the good people. or the
niommonvrealth . observe _
Thorsdaj - 29th day .Novetabey,-1866,
Al a day of Thank:Titles and rrayer, and do then
assemble In their respective Churches and places of
worahtiand notle their humble thank offering to
it. 311011 1 .7 GOD for alt. flu blesungs during the
putt Sent.
For the abundant gathered fruits of the earth;
For the thus far continued nalrlty of Industry;
For.the general pn:servatton Of health;
"old especially for that in Me !Helms Minn.
He ha , h stay - edam threatened pestilence.
And moreover that they do hrseena Him to coo- .
Untie taboos ail Ells blessings, and to confirm the
hearts of the people of these unttcd :Hates, that by
the iswfal foiceof their will• del:woof 01 , 0•1 J 11.11 % .•
•Wiseom.snd Mercy may be done. •
Given under my band and the great e or the
matt, at itarsishurg, this Vitt day of October.
. In t eyear of one Lor.l.lBoe, awl of the. Com
mon ve.l , h t..erinery•Anit. -
.13T THE tloTanxoa:
Secretary orate Common nealo.
$3O Beware
If the Indian nett. Doctor fails to describe dis
eases and tell Ids patients the nattiro of their
complaint oitilnesa without receiving any in
formation from them. No charge for consul
tation or advice.
We use such Balms ac bate nOstrife,
With Nature or the haws of Life;
With t ur blood our bands we never stain,
Nor pOison wen to ease their pain.*
Our Father, whom all goodness fills,
Provides the means to cure alrour 1112;
The simple herb beneath oar feet,
Well asetti relieve our pahis complete.
A simple Herb, a simple Flower,
Culled from the dewy Lee—
These, • these shalt speak with touching
power, -
Of change and health to thee.
Ottlce—NO. WI Liberty street, between Sixth
and Market*, Pittaburab, Pa.
Ladles' and Children's,Fors
A large stock 'of Ladles' and Hisses , Furs,
al William Flemings fashionable ladles , far
house; No.I:G Wood street, of all the -latest
styles of Capes, Eugenie% Berthas
Gay's Patent Excelsior Muffs; also Bost.n
Berthas, •t.adles'_Fnr Hoods, Skating Caps,
ladles , Fur Glows; a • large. assortment of
Gents' Find Fur Cap. 4, Collars and Gloves;
Gents , Fine Silk and C,u,stmero Hats; Gents'
Fine Felt Hats. Persons wasting anything in
the above line will call -and examine our
stock.. Wm. Fleming, Ulf Wood street..
The Boot Known ionic.
CasweU, Mack & C 0.41 Combination of Iron,
Phosphorus and Callsaya, known as Fir
Phosphorated Elixir of Centavo. Tne ron
restores color to the blood; the PhontOrus
renews waste of the nerve tissue, and tho
Canny& gives a natural, healthful tone to . the
digeative organs.
One pint contain, the virtue of one ounce
of Calbsaya and one teaspoonful a grain of
lion and Phosphorus'. Manufactured by
CaewxLL, Moan & Co., New 'fork.
For gale by nil druggists.
Their wives and staters can,lnd Christmas
presents lit for their husbands, brothers and
beaux: at . 11. ,t W. r,Jenlrinson , s, Allegheny,
third door from huspension Bridge,' where
them will always - be found, besides all the
common varieties, n very choice selection of
meerschaum, briar wood, and other pipes, ci
gar holders, At., of neat and ornate design; a
large and varied stock of smoking and chew.
lug tobacco, and many of the popular brands
of Cuban and American cigars. t
The Howe Sewing Machine, -
Meet certainly take the lead or all others m a
short time. It was • awarded nee premiums
on work, at the World's Fair, 1802; four premi
ums for work and on the machine, at the New
York State-Fair, Hea t _ See the Methodist, of
• September lld. A preminm on the machine
at tbe'Otdo State Pair, MS. See - the Dayton
Journal, October 19th.. The only agency for
Its sale for Western Pennsylvanla,.Ls at No.
Clalrstrect, Pittsburgh. :
Ishoeklug. -
A MID - died a few,' weeks since in Intense
agony. Some short titele afterwards his Oda.
ed wife visited a mecllum for the purpose of
ascertaining what , had so distressed her poor
husband In c tis last moments, the table was
put In requisition; and the astonishes.' wlee
soon learned that he had refilled to take Ito.
back's Stomach Bitters, and failed to pay the
printer. .
Speedy Relief
WM be experienced by using the Cough Candy'
manufactured and sold by. George /Waves', 111
/Wend street, .a.liegheuy qty. •
' , Yen Qui Buy
Foreign Liquors of all kinds at Joseph 8.
Finch's Distillery, No. le, 199,114 and 195 Visit
street, Pittsburgh. '
Mantilla Instrumento.
The lorirest stock ever received In this city.
'For sale at Chertette Ilincee , s; 43 lrifth street.
Half Price
For E . toots and. Shone. at the Opora Howe Shoe
Martina naval, ' • 1
9estiall Photos' in the coUeatl , PittOoltes
You Can Buy
N par coot. Alcohol sa Joseph IS. /Noy&
• GilOth Osumi.
,Thcsorol, can Os bat at Pittock.s.
No gift that you can present to a friend, be
that friend a tuother, father, sister brother, or'
maybap ea nearer ono atilt, and a dearortmell
slaver or !sweetheart—will be more accepta
ble than a counterfeit presentment of your
self, especially when the picture is done up in
the most finished style of excellence; like unto
the beautiful creations of arcto be seen at the
exhibition rooms of B. L. 11. llabbs, No. D 3 St.
Clair street. If you desire a picture—a like
ness that will outlive the ravages of time and
will defy the eating tooth of decay, you will
have to go to Dobbs' gallet y, wners nothing
but dnst class work Is done.
From TiMe Itstosemoriable
The English 'people have been considered the
most hardy and vigoroui Of any race, which
no doubt to a great eitent can be attributed to
Blair universal indulgence to a greater or less
extent, in Their national .beverage, ale. Its
healthful and invigorating effect upon the
system and digestive organs, cannet fail to
produce health and vigor. If our weakly re.
males and enervated and dyspeptle males
workd try the (onto effects of the English Ale
and Porter,. they will enjoy betlOr health and
appreciate the (dossing., el life in a more emi
nent degree.
Tbd :Meat brands of English Ale and Poe•
ter can be found at . 141 , Clarrun lirKennants
Urng Store, E 5 Market street, corner of
mond, near Fifth street.
Want a Leant. Fitter.. '
The Brownsville Cisi,per bewails the fact
that that there are no practical lamp. fitters
In that borungh. lie throws down as invita
tion to some enterprising mechanie to com
mence-business there. here we have no scar--
oily or aria class lamp and gas fitter., among
them Tom T. Ewen. so. 198 Wood street, who
appears to monopolize a large share of the
public patronage. lie has a full line of all
kluda of-lamps, chandolters, pendants, globes,
orackets, pumps, sinks, basins. &c, which he
sells below Eastern prices. All work or as
or water fitting en trustedlo - Itim 10- this city
or county will receive Immediate attention.
Of tho season are constantly hoot on bona and
agreed up In the best eta le; at lloltzhohner , d
alaloon,- neat doOr to the Postornce, Fifth
Km. linabodc Co.'.
Pianos surpass' all otbers In every respect.
Thu is acknowledged by every unprejudiced
connoisseur. For kilo at C.l arlotto Blume's,
43 Fifth street.
Prince's, Riorld Renowned Automatic
Organs and Melodeons. Each Instrument ,
warranted for Ilve years. For sale at Chan;
lotte Blume's, 43 Esith street, second door
above Wood. • ,
The Oysters received daily at Iliiitzlieltrieris,
popular. Continental Saloon, next door to the
Postoilice, Fifth street.
Excellent Calf 800i.5., superb and borond,a
doubt nueqtnided in tiro city nt the Opera
UOUS4 Shoo Store.
Venison nod Genie,
Served up In the hest style, ut the Continen
tal Saloon, nett door to the rostottlce, Fifth
To St and sure to please—our gents' Calf
Boots: Opera House Shoe Store.
• Hainan . Broil. twlebrated Primo*.
From $3OO flag upwards', only at, Charlotto
Blume's, 43 Fllt.ti street.
Uisequalled'and iiarranted to give satisfac
tion, at taiSOpera ' itiouse Shoo Store.
Lot of hob ttile4 Sboes, very cheap, at the
Opera House Shoo Stare.
fici.!as Rad shoes
Sold remarkaply cheap, at the Opera House
Shoo Store.
S. Immense
Stoeleef tee Opera llama sire
Astute Waite,
Leak, Mrs. iircriltt. Magna Photos'; at Pit.
6onoy Bank,
The Book of tho moon, et PittoeVe
. Too Can Bay
New Hops at Joaisph 8. Flnch•s.
. Wallets,
Any quantity; at rltt9cktis.
Gel It,
Griffith Gaunt. at I'tttoct•a.
• Stereo.cople ♦'lewn,
At PlitOck'a.
C By,the Mental:lv l tlol al Telegraph Co.
from Up the Allegheny.
Special to the Pittsburgh Gapnt.o.
Oic Ctlrr, Nov. 2S, IE6B.
River forty-one inches, and at, a Stand. Tim
weather Is cold and lt, is snowing. The oil
market is dull.
' paszamir, , Pa., NOmitedsarli r llgg.
'River at Franklio fifty inches, at a stand;
at Oil City, forty-two inches, falling slowly,
snowing; at Oleopolts, forty-eight Inches, fair
Mg slowly.
iffeteorlc Display In Georgia—A Mina
vial 5o Congress—Messes/ Assembly
N ssnyn.t.c,' Remember 13.-At about four
o'clock, lust Tuesday. morning, a meteor,
lightabg the whole heavens was seen in the
• icinity of Rome, Georgia, moving ,rapidly in
a soutibwestwardlY direetlOn. it appeared
Itke a fire ball as large as the inn. Itexplodad
apparently ten miles off, with a tretnen.lons
report like a So.pound cannon, that shook the
earth and made windows rattle. •
Mumma, Nov. 2.3.--A special to the deafen
the says: Tee Little Rock resolution passed
the House unanlinously directing the Com.
mittce on Federal Relations to pr«sent a me
morial to Coogress, setting forth the spirit of
despotism m Arkansas, 'their desire for the
restoration of the Union and a speedy renew
al of peace mad coral:Meow, and their
.nets to concur in all measures to secure these
results, which are consistent with the honor
and dignity of the State. A resolution to re.
join the Constitutional Amendment was again
refOred to the Committee on Federal Bela-
Lions, by a vote et 67 to 7.
The bleneral Assembly continues to•exeite
a.deep interest. The question of educating
the freedmen, especially these desiring to
prepare for the Univereity, was up today,
and must enlightened and liberal views were
expressed on the subject. •
Jeff. Delila—SL Expectations.
Jowriass M 07206, SOY. 23.—PArtled who
have lately visited Jeff Davis state that they
dud him remarkably cheerful since the tecent
changes and additions made to his quarters
In Carroll Ball, and the removal of Mrs. Davis
and— her sister to rooms prepared for them.
Dlr. Davis , health is much improved; and he
s =m v itv r _ l is Ti l a t li a c e d ut kne o t r an b ay in b g y_ e l e ti e
and Menus from the South, and pa ckages of
presents are : frequently received. ;
Constitutional amendment lei nlssOciri.
. Br Louis, Sioveteiber 41.—The Evening Naos
of to-day-says: an% Fletcher,' Hon. B. Units
Brown Bon. Jimmy T. Blow; and other promi
nent itimicals inaugurated the movement in
this city having for its object the rejection, by
them gisisture,' of the Congressional Conga.
teflon.' Amen dments and the amendments of
the Suite Constitution so as to abrogate the
disfranchisement of rebels %mad substitutes
therefor negro-suffrage. •
The President to Abandon His Polley,
Paicanstrni.t. Nov. 23.—The Bulletin pub.
Itches a Washington dispatch, within state*
that the President, after mature dcliberaUon,
has duelled to abandon his opposition to . Con.
arose. He will set forth very fully In his laca
sage the reasons which have induced him to
take this step. Letters have .been 'addressed
to leading republican Senators and-members
of Congress in regard to the matter.. .•
surveyor of Mae Plattedelpht Pert.
• Weseumerov. November 51.-4oveub Severn,
bee filed We bonds se Surveyor of the Port of
Fnumegoote, and will St onee enter, owns Ms
FOUR'O'OLOCK,? I / 4 . M.
The Great Eastern—The Austrian Loan
—Fenian Arm. Seised—Vlalsor from
Austria—Relations Between Anginisd
nod the. Vatted Mantes Critteal-7(aat•
million and the French Leaving. nem
teo—London and Liverpool /Toney
and Cotton Markets.
(nr Tag oAaci.)
LoseoirNovember U. The United States
steamer Troll°, left Southemptoa yesterday,
to joie the squadron at,Ltsbon: ' . •
It la reported that the ateatnahlp Great East
ern will begin to make regular trips between
New York and .I:treat early In March.
There in a rumor to the effect that an Ans.
trlan loan of several million pounds sterling
will be soon placed in the market.
.1311tDON, November U.—Afternoon—A large
quantity of ariks,deitignea for the use of the
Pentane,' was seized 'on board a Livertiool
Wand steamer at Curit.
VIENNA, November U.—Admiral Tezetboff,
of tile Austrian navy, left Vienna, .yesterday,
for the United Slates. Re will go direct V 3
New York. • _ •
• Loatiox.Novembertt —.,lftentoon,The Pans
correspondent of the London Pose says that
the relations between England and the United
elates will soon be critical. • I
LONDON, Friday noun, Nov: U.•—•,k schooner
was s elzed to-day by the government autnori
ties at. Cork, on suspicion of having Fenian
arms on board, , -
Dargan, an Irish cont Meter, has suspended
payment. Ms are: estimated at a
million sterling, but, his /Meta are considered
P Nov. M.--La Froncwthls teeming edi
telltale admits that tht departure of Maxi
tntilan-from Mester:cis Likely to take place at
any moment, If it has not already been Be.
Demolished. -
Le Trinps says the t'rench will quit Mexico
speedily altogether.
The Monlieur matntalas silence on the Mex
ican question.
Limnroot, Nov . . Xi—Noon—The market for
cotton opened firmer, with the prospect of a
days Salt, of 13,000 bales. Prices, however, are
unchanged; middling uplands. at ltd.. Bread.
stuffs are dreier. Corn, at Vs 0.1 per quarter
for mixed western. •
Itoavon, Nor. N.—Nam—The Money market
la easier end eonnois are anotol a. 9d for mo
ney. The following are the opening rates for
Amertom recuritlea: Erie, SW; Illinois Con•
t no, mi• U. 8. 5.20'a, 70 , 4. Tito quotation of
wheot at 3.33 9d in the morning papers was an
error. It alionid have real Corn Sts 9d.
. . . . . .. .. . .. ..
Ltvignrooc, Nov. i.—Cotton nu I Well quite
AC life to-day, with sales of 1000 bales mid
dling uplands, and closed firm, at ltd. Petro
leum dull and prices have declined 511 for
refined. and closed at Is 64 . The ma rket for
tallow Is firm. i .
LONDON. Not. 41.—ConsoIs elosed at 00 for
money. .The following are the latest price*
for American securities: Illinois Central,lB;,ll
Eric, 50„ti; U 3-8/s.
Livsaroot, f 5 (day Noon, November If/
During the week the cotton market bus:been
rather dull, but steady, at for middling up
• lands. Transaction, werenot very heavy, and.
the sales fOr the week do nOtlesit.up over
in,ooo hales. To-dayz the market shows some
improvement and prices have an advancing
teuilency. !diddling uplands are quoted this
log at Ktid, and the sales to-day promno
to reach 15,u0u Dale,. Breadstuff, etnitinim to
advance, and the market triAlas is atill firmer.
Corn is quoteitthl, morning at 40s.
.Lohonri. November 21.—`bon .— Consols are
quoted et 901/ for money; U. 8. Saw, 7031,
Central share, 79%; Erie railroad snares,
ZeT4O •
*Win New Orlcann—Seounes--Ortess
Nit , " OntSAns, Nov. 2.—Admiral Raphael
Semmes, late of the • rebel navy, has accepted
the chair of •Profcenor' of !local Philouontly
and ZnulLsh Literature In the imolai/tun slate.
Seminary of learnlng, at . Alexandria.
Gen.-Fitzpulrlck Lee, nephew of General
Lee, arrived here en route for Texan for his
. .
The tialiteaton Bulletin says, editormitc, W at
Ottegs said whilst at Galveston, en route to
the iris Granite, wax lie sras in constant. com-
IlittillentiOn with the authorities at Washing.
too, and they were In fact Irlentily to him and
his Mexican project.
The ship Joanna lies arrived from Bremen
with ono hundred and afty cosignanta. Thts
is .the second cargo of emigrants MID season.
I fl
Patzzozzrutz, Nan ember 23.—Joseph h. hi
Gibson, a reIIII,VVIIIIIA Railroad conductor.
has just berm committed. to prison, in defau t
Of ton thousand dollars hall, on a charge of
embezzling fares collected by him. Eaten
eat inteatizatlon under the supervision of tar.
'Alien PitlirertOO, a detective ollievr of (Was
go. shows that many conductors on this road
areal...fanners, and the bompany intend ptrose
cutlug them. Numerous. discharges of con.
"doctors have recently . ..taken place.
• Maley r I
• Naw Tong, November W.—Thelforaldis spy.
dal from Troy says: Some stupendous frauds
upon the Internal Revenue by certain liquor
dealers have just been discovered in this city.
A secret agent of the novenae Departmcnt
has been investigating this and kindred mat•
tors here for some time,and 1 am Informed
that several business unties have been mak.
lug partial tetnnas for some time, and have
been discovered by this agent. . •
harder IleroOuneetteut.
STONITTOY, November M.—Ralph
Itedman,Teaceclale, It. L., mate of the Scho9o
- Elizabeth 13, of Newport , was killed MB
eventng by . Nelson Dewey, of that city. The
Jou rendered a verdict accordingly. Daring
the altercutlon previous to the murder, Dew
ey resolved a severe blow over the eyes, when
be look a gun and shot Rodman dead, Imo
than delivered ttlm,elf to the nuthorltles.
Rum was the cause of the matter.
Additional Telegram, on Portent Page
Bob Der, and. Attempted Murder.
Oa Tbanday night one of the. sight police
found a min lying at, tire foot of the precipit
ous cliff on which Is located the lower bade,
In an almost comatose state, having evidently
fallen from the top of tbo bluff. Ile was taken
to the lock-up, where ho was attended by Dr.
lideCoek. The man gave his name aa William
lounges .and stated that he had been assailed
by ano ther negro, Is bile on his way to his
boarding home In the Seventh ward, knocked
down and rebbed of a pocket-book containing
about fifteen dollars, and that after robbing
the negro shoved hiniOver the precipice, and
be rolled to where the officer found him, Ile
had his left leg broken above the ankle, and
was otherwise broiled and injured.. Dungee
has not tbo sliihtest Idea as to who his assail
ant Dungee further states that he be.
Doves that the negro did not intend to hurt
him by,pushing him over the hilt ,but did so
to enable him to escape with his bgoty. Dun
goo was removed to the City Farm yesterday
morning. This is one of the most singular
affairs that has transpired for some time.
Consolidatioa of Railroads.
-A meeting of the stockholders of the Cen
tral Ohio itsilroad was held at Zaneaville on
the hist lust, ante contract was approved by
We tarsus of which the Central was /eared to
the•Baltlmore and Ohio road for twenty years,
either party reserving the right to terminate
the lease at the end ofllve yeare. We under
stand the terms are considered very favora
ble to the interest of the stockholders of the
Central who have never enjoyed the pleasure
of receiving a dividend from their invest
ment. The Baltimore and Ohio management
assumes control on the first of DCUILAY bur next
and will at once proceed to put the road In
complete repair,,• besides greatly Increating
the molly. power and rolling stock. The
ability and seders' of the Baltimore and Ohlo
liallrond is a sufficient. guaranty that the Cen
tral will now he second CO no other road in the
State. We are gratified to announce the foot
that the local trade of elle road will have
especial attention, and Wheeling will have
hereafter a prompt ;did reliable wt stern out
let, for both passengers and freight.
Explosion of a Lamp.—Testorday after.
noun a party of hands were employed at work
In the hold of the isteatl2l)ollt Delaware, at tho
foot of Wood street, when a lamp filed with
carbon oil standleg In the bold, suddenly ex
ploded, scattering the burning oil through
the bold. The flames communicated to a bar•
rel of pitch standing near, and for a few too
merits the boat was is danger of destruction.
The burning barrel was tumbled overboard at
length, and the are in the hold safely. extin
guished. Fortunately no person was injured.
Aceldent—Legßreken.—A lad aged Bartz
loam named James Gallagher, fell from a hay
loft, an tea rear of the fled Lion Hotel, iester.
day, and broke Me leg a little above the knee.
He wee carried to his home In Scott's
and from thence MUM Mere? liospltal, where
bile Injuries were attended to by the surgeon
of the Inetatutlem, Dr. E. Donnelly. • The lad
was doing well at lad accounts.
En% Henderson, the wife
Of the manager of the Theatre here. ha/ JOat
Oonehided o anecesaftd engagement la IntUln•
%f, Minas. Bho opens Oloonanglon on
Wads, ersaing U 4833 for sla nlghte, after
wtdolt she Monis home.
General Conference
The Conference re.essembled tit two o'clock,'
Thursday afternoon, and after prayer the
consideration of the resolution offered by the
nee. Dr. Scott, as a substitute for the second
reso lution of the report submitted .bp the;
Committee on Union was resumed. After
soma dfseassitru the - resolution woo adopted.
The thirct and fourth resoltalmoi were also
adopted. •
Time Conference thanoutcred Into the elce•
Lion of an editor, publishing agent, and Board
.of Publication, which resulted as folios,: •
Edttor'of Western Met/axing Protract:at—Rev,
John Scott, 13: D.
Publishing awl Book Agent—Lee. A. LI.
Bassett. .
Board of Publication—neva. J. E. Slocum,
J. G. EVilll3 and V. Lucas.
The Conference then adjourned.
mference convened again at half past
seven, when prayer was olfered by 'Rev. Mr.
Rev. lir. 'Raman, from the Com ittee on
:fanatics made a report which w accepted
Rev.D r. Lucas presented a resolutl
lag the mune of the church newspaper from
the Mrthrftlitf Western Profrstant, to the Jfrthos
dot Record,.
• - • • .
Dr. (hood moved that the name of the Sun-
day School Protestant be changed to the Su.
day School Recorder, which was oleo adopted.
Ua. motion, of lie, A. U. Emmett, Revs.
George Browusud AJesAnder Clark were ap
pointed au:lnn - Witte. to prepare a history 01
the Mou:KULA Droteatant Church, and eubtnit
IL to the Committee on Publication. Rev.
Bassett was attOrICOMIS IidOOU to the commit
-The report of the Committee on the Judici
ary was called up, and that portion relating
to the government of the Several Boards of
the church adopted.
Rec. lidir.fdaruhuli mov.ii that the action of
the Conference In appointing a -committee to
prepare a new hymn hook, be reconsidered,
and referred to the next Ger.erai Conference.
Adopted. "/
A re-olution retundefelt auks to the chi
sees Of Pittsburgh and Alliiisheity, for the gen
erous hospitality they exhibited to the mem
her, ot tile Conference, and to the V. Le
ens, Pvstor of the First, 11. P. Church, of Alle
gheny, for courtesies extended, was adopted
by a rising vote. A vete of thanks urns also
tendered the Pennsylvaidit Central,' and the
Pittsburgh, Colucnbu. and Cincinhatt
re ds, fur Issuing excursion tiekete to the
delesittes, and to the Plusihnruh presi for pute
lishing-procaedings of the Conference. •
Shortly after ten o'clock the Cent-I . olles, ad
journed tomeet in Cleveland, In May, 1e 7.
I - Palmer, Ansttrass st Compatty.
Tho well known and popular retail boot and
shoe Louse of A. Itobineou .t Co., located at 01
Market street, lets been dlspotett of with a new and enterpriethg atm, Messrs.
Palmer, &nebula & Cputpraty, whose card ap.,
pears In another column. The new firm I.
aom pone& of young kruslnese men who are not
unknown to leo, tinchasing community—
Ilessra John and William :Palmer, extiTheo.
dose Y. Anslintz. Tile former tw., gentlemen
have ewlile and extruded amvaalntunce and
reputation es atirewil and fan . dealing
cent gentlemen, strbl'm 3tr: Theodore. Anal:eta
LS rintwereally known, having had large and
liberal experlenee le several first elset shoe
stores, and more recently 11... a hunched to the
United Statue asses.orts..oinee
The firm have entered Into l l, u
determination to lentil up •nelt a tmle as
their enterprise warr.tots, and will continuo
to evil hoots, shoes, waiters. and every article lI
of pedal coveriuigs nt prices which ale even
lower than time° of Eastern howies, for simi
lar Ilrvt elass goods. mile stark, pontithie
for u - loter wear and efltntrahly adapted to
the wants of this community, Win been laid In
and .111 1w dl.ponvd uf ut Pb ices uVtleh per
vaded years ago. itietivenn i onliitin.:
men are eonstantly In at tertate, 1,, watt upon
bait, nhlle every indeeetnen; alit lie offer
ed to continuo and In crewe the Inrge Wit rim-
Rif ettzeady ertycll t big house. liOnlebb
btt the p1acc...."0. el Market etroct. .
'ReirtlrAt. '
Notw ithstarelMg the ft equent attempt.
made by designing and envious men of the
Dental profession to elude n±ut influence pas
Dents from Dr. O. W. Spence r'sonlee, the rush
chiring this Seek for his unrivalled Artificial
Teeth and chemically pure twughing Gas has
been immense, being nuercellod by an y wt.-t
-aus weak. Thu following ladles and gentle-- ..
men are only a Pat Dal list of those that have
experienced the delights of I.;angbing this this
week, at his onife,C ISo. ii.i l'enri stun:, all of.
whom cheerfully testify that under its admin..
istrution the must dilllcult. teeth, Or way num
ber of them, can be extracted without the
slightest pain:
Joseph Irwin, Rer. J. Crent
" U. AlcCoullougts, /4w. Thu, Col hour',
P. Meyer. Pr. W. tteCts..,,, dentist
° H. Sittsttnan. ll.Slpr,
Mins ll,clcore a. Mrs. U. Ititn,
" Motile lionlthorp, Mr. S Try,
" Minnie Jams, " E. L. uncci a in,
" Laibella Carbon, " Thos. W. Tuumns
fitrkpatrlck, " S. A. Barr,
" Ella J. McKee, " L'lcreon,
earall Sllcairl,, 1 " 1. P. M 1111Arnaon,
M.A. Annum]," W. Chreceebru
" Mary Palmer, " • Al. Llnuacholder,
Mairgle McCreary " B. Crumpl9n,
" Mary Lynch. • Wm. U. Conk, •
" Rena Gartman, James arnlth,
colt Notice.
the. liarmony Society at Economy, Pews*ha
nia, Fbundea by CleJrge Rapp. 4. D. 1543. With
an Appendix. By Aaron 16141t0rni,D.D.,.!
Is the title or a book of IS) pages, for a copy
of Which we aro indebted to the author. 'Dr ,
Williams has enjoyed the best of opportuni
ties tor access to tho record' and archives of
the Econorsites, and has proved himself a ra
mble and faithful hisurrlsti or them interest-'
tog and worthy people from tho origin of the
old Irarmony boclety to Germany. more than
slaty years ago, through tin varlana changes
of location, and name, and vicleitudes of for
tune down to the present timer—when by the
same of Economists and under thu Trustee
ship of the honorable and venerated IL L.
Baker and Jacob nun lief, It is so well known
and CO highly esteemed by good men of ail
classes of society. The world will not ap
prove or adopt the asceticism of the Econo
mists, but It would be well for the world and
the people thereof If all ourll were us orderly
and peaceful, as loyal and vat not le, as honest
and truthful, or as hlliftrine and benevolent as
these excellent Economists. -
. . .
We are aimt that they have found in the ac
cidental leisure of Dr. William., en faithful a
chion Icier, and commend tjte book to general
formica as Reil oa account of its anther ins its
Professors of Astronomy seem to be In an
Inextricable dilemma. since their prognosti
tions with regard 'to- the meteoric showe
failed thew. :Notwithstanding they declared
the heavens would be brilliant with failing
stars, there Was nothing perceptible here "on
tho 11th save a greyish fog that made even the
house-tops invisible. Although the stem did
not fall the prices of boots and shoes at T. A,
McCleilanes mammoth auction house, Nos. 55
and 57 Fifth street, did, and no IoW too us to
place the finest finished and most durable.
goods within the reach of the poorest artisan
in the community. McClelland is now selling
all kinds of domestic goods, such as cotton
And woolen dross goods, Isdies and gentle
men's boots and shoes, and a varied assortment
of fors. Those goods were purchased in the
east under exceedingly advantageous circum
stances, and McClelland can therefore justify
himself and sell them lower than any other
establishment in theeity. Country merchants
desirous of replenishing their stocks before
.the holidays, should net fall to visit this house.
Remember the place, Nos. 55 and 57 Fifth street,
under Masonic Mall.
George Evans is a cripple and the keeper of
a stall in the Allegheny Market House. A day
or two since Chris. Frolick, a German tavern
keeper, visited Evans' stall and they enacted
a slight misunderstanding between thetfi
selves. In the course of an animated conver
sation Evans, as is alleged, called Frolick a
"Dutch liar." The musical name did not suit
the frolicsome listener, and he pitched in and
abused Evans most roundly, calling him every
thing the language admits of, and acting alto
gether in a very disorderly manner. Evans
had him arrested and taken before Mayor Mor
rison, by whom no was lined ItS and costs.
After paying the expenses, Frolick insisted on
making an information aaainst Evans for call
fog him a Dutch bar. Ills Honor informal
Frolic that be hail already Indirectly received
satisfaction for that Inowt, for if Evans had
not given him that provocation for his con
duct., ho would have beet! fined ten dollars in
. stead ortlve.
On Saturday night last Mr. Nathan Thomas,
residing near Perrysville, this county, was
burned to death. The particulars of the add.
dent, as near as we can gather them are as
follows: Mr. Thomas bad been livingby him
self for a number 01 years, keepingobacheloes
hall: , anti on the evening of the accident had
retired at v
his usual hour. Hain
placed weed, abo for ut
the purpose of drylna it, too
near the Stove, it Ignited, and abouLtwelve
o'clock thb Ilse was discovered,when a num.
her of citizens rustled to the sc ene.. Whop be
was taken from the burning, be was a corpse.
In d said' be lived rattier undermperate life,
and MU
a t
tile s
he wasthe Influence
of nquor at the time of the accident.
. .
Committed.—Pot tie It tbo pcopne•
tor of a dlinlnntir. Clothing stOre - Cu Water
street, had 4 mai n named Dennis
NW_ YelherdaY and committed to Ali. oo
°cacao of stealing an overcoat from Min an
'oway ersnitts.
" 's7' '
A Dborderly
forbad to Deatb
New (irons flours.—Few novels which have
recently made their appearance have so sud
denly taken possession of the public Mind as
Charles Reade's Griffith Gaunt. Indeed, we
use it stated' that the sale of the novel has thus
far been meal more rapid than that which
met "Uncle Tom's Cabin" a few years ago: So
popular a story Coul:t not long 'remain un
dramatized, and almost simultaneously with.
the .publicatmn of the novel, RI is presented
here In Pittsburgh upon a Western stage.. To
the inilefatiga'ile and enterprising Manager
'less, of the Opera Gouge, belongs the credit
of introducing the great moral drams—for
moral It Is, Since all the objectionable parts of
the story Mitre been expunged—to a Pittsburgh
audience. Len evening we attended the Opera
House with high hopes for an evening of rare
entertamment, and were even better Pleased
than we hail previously taought We could be.
No play has ever been put upon the stage In
better style. The scenery used , throtighOut
the piece, is new and natural, reflecting: groat
credit - upon the aklli and talent of Mr. - 0. C.
Itieharde, the weenie artist of the House. Who
liar Our been to a fair lit Lancashire will,
doubtless recogntie as familiar the third
scene of the Gard act, where the greased poles,
lat woman, slippery pigs, seedy thimble-rig
sera, ballad singers, wad itinerant showmeu
are introduced In all their glory. The audi
ence fairly convulsed with laughter at this
scene which wee au entire play within itself.
W o might suggest, however, that trailniMeent
and Ifituldgulit little pigs introduced be
rumen better than to Jump I n to the
nu violincello Of the orchestra, as hal:inane&
last evening. Act Mb, oontalus the murder
ti MI, a latch la one of the prettiest and .most
touching part if tae play. The Characters
are cast carefully, gnu eviry actor and act
runs is placed tu proper part. Mr. Leak fully
conceives the c airliner of the jealous ..nd, tra
, petuous tinflitit Gaunt, as the author pictures
him, and sustains the putt throughout in his
usuall able and studied style. Mr. Megan in
Tom Lowester, admirably sustains his high
reputation and never have we seen him up
pear to bet ter unVitetatre. Mr. Jackson as the
rural doctor is good,. while Mr. Beall does up
the part cf Pr of. nor of the, Royal
I Hume of Thiuddlug le a.. manner so
°mule as e LOOS • provoke the 'risibility
'or the sourest old - maul in Christendom.
'I Lo oilier actors equally sustained their
parts. Kate Peyton, the beauty of Cumber
land, afterwards Mrs. Griffith Gaunt, was tier
aonated by the charcons. actress, Alfas Anita
%Valle. eta, Cutrled Into the Character Phu
1 deep Menu ari of lays, acorn Idol haired, Whielt
to ingenious author bas Interwoven Into the
character in the fair woman so cruelly de
aertod by the Jealous (ii leith. Mrs. Emma
Skerritt appeared as Mercy %%at, the beauty
of Lancashire, aho was deceived and wed by
.(frifllth Gaunt, after having deserto I Kate
Peyton. Few theatre-goers need he told how
Admit-Wily Oh,, sueteedW, for seldom has the
stage here been graced with a more pleasing
and accomplished artiste than Mrs. Seer
rt Lt. The deep, canntokr and triascherous Ca,
'Mine Rider was ashy impersouned by Mrs.
laehO:S. She played the pert'. trebly as to
tualw us Lope teat the acting was I.lllLettlll.l
to per. Tile Other ladies were equally worthy
oh meution, but out crowded space will not
moult a were extended notice:. , Griffith
Gaunt as p:aruf at the Opera Grime Ls a suc
cess—a grand success and will doubtless have
an 1111p:waned 1.0. d ie urgently advise all to
eLonollhe liotir./ Ilotl . se sixth, It is anon the
bosom, as they eftlinOL fail being mill:died ' and
pleased is Ilk the great sense:lea 'play.
Tagsver —An unusually attractive bill is Of
(crud at this Loitabltelinlent this evening con
slating of tho drama of the ...nag Picker of
Parts," Jones , Baby end the Neilltiltli weir. ,
I dl awn of me o.ileuhte Lover."
i the fs Turde Cl:entitle!), will webs his initial
; bow tads p1e.48011. Is each of the nieces named,
1/1141 tills au nouncement alone should Le WM
clout to crowd the hues. Oa Monday eye
nine, Went: Marietta Ravel, the Immo. son
; aatont artilte, will open for a hi lore season, in
Lilo military drawn of "Thu French Spy."
She has played smile of the most euecebelLll
i enjOhStOnenle of the presebt season in the
( Last, where she has been flatteringly meets
ed. Laity Andley's Secret, s up for the matt
, nee Gm elternoleh . /. •
M.Lsoisic LlAti —Ben. Cotton's California
Minstrel , gayer their - second entertatatuentiat
'MiugOnie Ilan. last eveninc, to , !louse crowd
d In ever part. To consinend any particular
portion of the orogramnie, or any metuner of
thin very excellent troupe, would be bat doing
Injustice to something orrutue person equally
meittorlous, and therefore we refrain from
purticularfration. enfUee It to say that In
our estimation, it Is tue very bon company
.that has. tern here for quite a long time.
Frank Campbell's tinging of ^ Meet Me lu the
in alone W. .1 i l is unit to hear.
‘ROLLANDS Muortisa4.— celebrated
gi mounts and accrutrats upuir in Masonic Hall,
Ort Monday evening.
Nell +fly to of Thieving.
Therein ono'itttlef In Allegheny who would
have delighted tout of Edgar A. Poe by the
mere t•thilliti . of his originality. He di._
plays a talent flitthieving as a tine art, atict if
be could he discovered and cultivated he
lead the profession. Meanwhile, so
long as he remains around, we recommend t_q
the Alleghenien to keep a ',burp eye on - their
door steps and chimney,, or they wilt wuko up
some morning and dud gnat they bete asap
One afternoon, a few dove slice, at about
five - o'clock, n man entered the hall of Airs.
Stoddard's millinery undeblishruent, on Fed
eral- street, Allegheny, and went quietly to
work pulling up the tucks that fastened down
the carpet. The hall was large end the hate
entirely covered with carpet, but so quietly
did the fellow conduct his operations that ho
encceedect in unfastening the carpet, folding
It tip into compact shape, after which he took
the roll coolly under Ids arm, walked out of
the door and made off with big novel booty.
-The first intimetiou him Stoddard cad of her
lose, WAS when a little girl. wtio lied noon the
thief going away with the rpet, canto In
awhile afterwards and asked her where she
I had trot her hall carpet. Swell has been
made, hut, no ttace has been found of either
the thieftor his plunder. Allegheny la ono
ahead in the matter of thieves.
Heard sad Discharged. •
We f °Hoed, seine time since, that Michael
- Dlellahe had been arrested on anspleion of
haying been concerned in the robbery of the
shoe store of Together(' & Co., at the corner of
Smithfield and Ylfth streets, and bad been ad
mitted to ball for his appearance. Mellish°
bad a hearing before Meyer McCarthy, yester
day afternoon, on another Information-lodged
against him by Johu Bussed, proprietor ofa
shoo store on Fifth street extbustou. Mr.
Russell etateg that on Friday night. October
Isth, his store Was entered end robbed of eight
point of boots, one pair of shoes and six dol
lars in money, the stole amounting to one
bemired end fifty dollars. On. of the pairs of
boots stolen from •Itursell were found In the
posstnaion of Stellate which caused the In
formation to be lodged ' against tilts. '
• At the hearing pude - inlay afternoon no eel
dance was adduced' , sufficient to warrant the
flowing of the prisoner for trial, and he was
discharged. It is true that toe boots mention
: led were found In bin powsestion, but Edward
Hornet, a boy arrested on a charge of being
I 0.41 c m -tied In the same robbery, testified that.
he sold the boots In question to llPTighe. Hon
net wits arrow ed two weeks ago, anti hex been
In the lock-up ever aline. awaiting the arrest
of ll'ffighe, Ids supposed accomplice. Fie will
now pi obably he seat to Jail.
Allegro.' False Progoneos.
John Crane, of Manchester. la another vic
tim of oil speculation, Ile came before Alder
man Strain, yesterday, and alleged that onthe
10th of March last, John C. 'loyalist anti T. 11.
.McClelland came to him front — 1111ddletown,
Moon township, and elated that they had pur
chased. on Little hilll Creek, Hancock county,
West Virginia, sixteen acme of valuable nil
territory, for 6600 par acre. They mere about
organisms a company of twenty-four shank
at 6400 per share, and wore desirous that ho
Should take some of, the stock. influenced by
these representations ' Mr. Crane, after some
. besitatien, puralmeed one share, paying down
OM Subsequently •mu ascertained that the
parties from whom he had purchased, had
only leased the Mad instead of buying lc, and
that accordingly be had been defrauded of his
OM. On this statement, a wamtut wee leaned
for the arrest of the pardon ou ft charge of
false pretences.
Charged with Passing Counterfeit
Nancy. ".
George A. Speer was brought before tot
ted States Commiesioner licCandiess, yet.
teiday morning, charged, on oath of Jere
m Mb Elliott, with passing a counterfeit twen
ty dollar National Beek note. Boma is bar
keeper at the Irving Bonze, on Liberty street,
and it le alleged peened the note hi question
on a man named John Berry. The intermit
tine was weds by Elliott on °information re
'citived,•' and a warrant being issued, Speer
was arrested. Ho gave bail In the gum of
el.40:1 for a bearing at ten o•clook to-morrow
morning. •
Deafness and a Discharge from she Ears
Cures.—l eertlly thatl had an olrenstvedhv
',barge from my left ear and the hearing we.
so Impaired that I condi not heave watch
tics. Dv a foe week's treatment, Dr. neore,
at the Merchant/0 , Hotel, boa cured th.IT,";
charge and restornd mY bearing T u
or mY
does not resort to eratins,, i pW b r o t.,
painful operations,
rere- Yederel
At W. Sample's dry gem' 8 7 - , .
Street, Ane g heay. .•
• it. tune Experimeal,„ paved 1 . 0 .
lopirctase one of
Wheeler it Wilson's ww . e .ateal per-
Sewing Machine.. a. 2 7,,/ p 7,11D tur w.llas. the
he are the _el" a c re
heavy heaver elork,
given In their es
s 5 nub atrea
ry beny should remember
v""""•"414'51.1..t0rt0. Ladles , Romeo.
that the gree d , opens Osa Monday cremes
-eathle wbo wadi %opium a pis a..
le city ameSeralnit, ahead AMU
ant hour M .— ldea opportunity.
taitaserres et 81818 ge
Frightful Fall
A fatal accident, resulting in the death of
Mr. James Kelly, a slabs roofer, of Allegheny,
occurred on Thursday evening at Johnstown.
Mr. Kelly had charge of the roofing of a Tory
- large building recently erected in Johnstown,
and between four and Ave o'clock on the af
ternoon mentioned, had ascended the ladder
to the top of the building.- Just as he reached
the top, a derrick accidentally swung around;
striking him and knocking him back off the
roof. The unfortunate man was precipir tied
to- the ground, a distance of sixty.evitfeet.
lie ntruck a Isteging In his fall, which, how
ever, did not Check him, but gave way with
nis momentum and fell alto him. Mr. Kelly
struck on bib head, betaking his neck and, of
course, killing him Instantly. It is not times..
ble, however, that, In any case, he could have
survived thoeffccts of so frightful a fall. The
deceased was about tlftY Tears Of age and re
sided et No. dl Monterey street, where he
'envois family.
pawed at last
Oa the nightrof October 17th, a toad named
Moses Donaldson - was arrested by officer , Bar
ber, and tried beiore Alderman Donaldson on
a charge of assault and battery,-preterred by
- the prlaoucr'a wttc. The hearing resulted in
his being held to ball. At life request, officer
Barber went - out with him to procure ball.
When they had reached a retired locality the
prisoner turned su Adenly 011 his c ttatOd lan and
assaulted him violently, and finally effected
his release from him. He romaLtied at large,
do spite of all efforts to arrest him, tintil yea
tereay, when lie was sided by officer fiarbar,
taken before Alderman Dooiddson, and by
him committed to answer the two charges of
aisault, and battery. •
Sneak Tblivingps
Allegheny, no less than our own city, is in
fested with an • organized band of sneak
thieves, whose specialty seems to be over
coats. They slip 15
. at every door they can
find War fora moment, and Funny hall etaiots
have been made desolate by the love of these
gentry or "good clothes." One of the most
recent lactase In Allegheny . .le Mr. liarvey
Child, r siding on Stnearsn avenue. Ills hail
was outor",l a row evenings lingo and two
valuable overcoats stolen therefrom. The Al
legheny police took the matter In hand and
have been in search of the COaLS at the dllTer
enapawnbruking establashmente, but without
Common Pleas
It the Court of Common Pleas, the case of
Jame. ;..1. Spoor vs. tho Pittsburgh and Moro.
laud Railroad Company, which was taken up
yesterday, Is still on trial. The plaintiff Is a
resident of Slanchestcr, and owns and occu
pies a dwelling at Walnut and treble street,.
The track of the railroad company is laid
within illteen feet of his house, and he alleges
that the constant passage of trains to and
from the depot of the company hoe deprecia
ted the value of his property,•and prevent.
him from disposing of It by sale. The.sult Is
brought for the damages thus sustained.
lilt With a Backet.—Maryylledrlck, lie.
log ota-lEasi. lane, Fourth wary, Allegheny,
made inforntatien yesterday before Alayor
Morrison,accusing George 'raptor with as.
tacit an battery. The defendant is a neigh.
bur of tile &maser, and, sit she &lieges, entered
her back yard, where he hid some words with
her. 111.i.'reke increased and at length he
selied a heavy slophucket and bit her on the
arm with it, intllctlng painful bruises. The
accused_ was held to ball for a further hearlug
to duy.
Ifard Iliskoekr.-I . llllllp Weaver, Of the
Second Ward, yeaturday. carnobeforo Alder
man Sir tin, mut made information chargiug
John Knox - with assault aml hattery. Ile al
leges that on Thursday night the defendant
attacked him and dellyered.a series of hard.
Tin°eke timmthia person, the result of which
war that he waa knocked down. In fact ho
don't think that all axe could have knocked
him harder than Knox knocked him. The ac.
Anted was
_arrekked and had for a further
heating: '
Serious Aerldent.—Phlllip Curren, an em
ployce on the C. Railroad, fell, yester
day, at two o'clock p, m., between iwo freight
cars, near the 'Market street crossing, Steu
benville, and was. so badly crushed that it Is
supposed ho mutt die. He has both legs bro-
ken and badly masked; he Is also severely In
jured In the head. Ho had been married but
two weeks. His residence fa In the country,
west of the city, on the railroad.
Knocked Down.—lleary Armstrong. re
sitting lu the Eigl,l3l card, yesterday lied a
tnesel with Jottd Gillespie; also of tue .ssme
ward, and got- the worst of lt, as Gillespie
knocked him dnnm and kicked him In the
ribs. The injured party made in formation
tore Alderman Strain, and the accused was
arrested and held for a further bearing.
Hit to lbn Eye.—henry Sea' Ott appeared
before Alaurnian Strain, yesterday, and made
tutors:nation for assault and battery against
(leo. Beggs. Thedefendetut assaulted hlm
the Seventh ward, hit him severely in the eye
and abused blm: In various other ways. The
accused was arrested and held for a hearing,
Ilelessed.—John Oliver, convicted at' the
recent term' of court of assault and battery,
and sentence" to pay a One of On and undergo
an imp:lsom:tient of two months In the cone•
ty lntl, was yesterday released from cantles.
went, having Welled the Conditions of his
Partial Ilearlog.—A. partial bearing was
Mid yesterday before Alderman Strata, In the
case of McCarthy vs. Marshall, raported yes
terday morning. Thu bearing waa continued
until this bfternoon at three o'clock. •
Will Meet.—The 10 . 11 Pei:Luffylrani& Velma-
Mors held a semi annual meeting for the elec
tion of °dicers, this evening at ririnnatt's
IMU, City !Minting.
Hare Eargala.—Attention Is directed to
the advertißetneut In another coliuku, offer
lug Edw. IlaseDon, popular grocery, for
We are indebted to J. W. Pittock for a copy
of the Galaxy for December.
ovoolor. November ot the residence of the
belle's parent.. bribe .r. R. Wagner. ED
WARD tiItut.ZINGLR., of Alleeheor • 1 , y,. and
CHRISTIE, toothier. of Ci arias Barebn-lt, of
Gas • Condensing Burners
be usrd on any Lamp. and Dispense entirely
celih Cohnneys. The dame produced by toes.
Burners spreads out similar to that of elan. The
construction Is such thst he smoke if &maned tn a
(1-• Coudenslue cluimoer, and Is wbohy concerted
into he burner do. not depend directly
upon the oleic for itsl•ebte• bud burns the smoke
which Is produced therefropi;axid
Barns Less Oil Than Chimney Lsimps.
And produhas a morn Brllliiint light than ma/other
burner In the maraet.
Haying purchased Oa right or eispoeielt
ab e Burners. Allegheny County. partl y
tug to examine or VIUTCOOSO. can be acoommodated
by calling at my obi.. .134 WATIN
abrre Smtthdeld. Yittsburgh. •
Mc LVEY —I.IIO,IIAM—On The 'May Pvenln
Nov. MI. I,r Um Item. Dr. Page, Mr. WlLair.
Met:Mt:VEIL% or Plitthrrgh, to Miss IA RIME OILLMAX,I.fAII,ghmy.
B 1 RPLIIIRT—no Friday mondeg, at 6 O4doela,
C R IttsTlA ItEltitlT, aged 60 years, 4 months
and II days,
Funeral from his late reald, nee,lBl Beaver street,
The IrlenCaotthe fara!ly are respoetially Invited
1 to attend.
+Lbliititi—ln Richland townably, Alleshrny
county. Pa. Friday morals =I lag., Mr.
dellttl es:f.tecni, f th . r.oi the Rev. James Aut.
eon, al the Presbyterian Banner, in the 714 Tete of
Funeral tr:eokk mouttlo - 0, •l 10 o'clock, teem
',late real4tenet,
Ds nlrul ..ciotps-acr.,, ,, Use largest suburban
place or sepulchre. except one, In this toasty, sit
ated on hew tin ix laton road, ltutordlately north of
Allegheny. For boded lots, permit. or titles, call
at Ventral Drug Store of CVUL tk CLA %EY.
ahem , CIO..
1:7:47:".1/1111.11M21.13CXECEL, .
N 0.1443 Fourth street; rittsbutre, Ca. MT ilNis of
tad., CRAPES, til[AlVl3,and *vier, denn_ptlos
of Women! ornming 000a$ 004.6
°peals yawl:Light, 114e:wand Carrier rermeoeu.
Ltr.xemeriC*B—Kev. David Kerr Rev.
W. Jr , 0he , 411.1)., Thome; Nome. al.. Jabook
Hiller. Y.:,
No. 196 Smithfield St.. cor. Ith,
CND trance frombneuid seress.)
A lilt 11:i "tar.ligraf. Pa
T. omiccc & co,
• •
Uarzeros lOW Okartlers Ut.U.
U lane wad CArrisure• fornlsbed.
3St. 0 $3 - 313 ' E 3
619 Market Sired,
?Tit 0111CAPUT AND
XXV SZEB O xnvir.;
st. AUeTION (311011 S
J4lll 8080. - sit st.
89 89 89 89 89 89.8988 99
MATTZE, worn= wan %us-
The Edition 1 forwarded which will mai the
robwrtiber soodeat. • • • •
41 .4 11 Copy (par amnia)
clan. or r , .e .._..~,_.... , ~....._ • LAs.
~.........._ I.L.
Clain °Men or more
m i= , . . . . G i
FOR gelLn on WIESIE,
sr GREATLY nramsto PRICES,
ke wVL I P: tIT., N EAR •ITTB.
Sewing Machines
Ara TUE Blln'T for Fatally and linuolaatintelr
poses. Call and .co tbem at
1 .
Gs--cp Tow
J. Ir. JOLINSTON......
.111c1111NSTON & SCOTT,
‘' •
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
pit tisubtxx-6.15, Wiemiziar.
Aar Particular attention ittnen tO
atcaes; Clocks and Jewelry.. All work trartnnt
ea • Whale
Get the•Bel4t—hey Alway. Give Sails
Every week, Dr„ Qhinay. t. ecott hi called
upon to insert Artificial Teeth in cases visitors
other dentists hare 'fried, been paid, and/aged,
and In every ere his work gives •'entire sells
faction. Ho is. quite an artist in his Oa :of
business, and has merely to examine a ease
know how to articulate the teeth so ttuittliey
will present a handsome - Anil natural . appear
ance, and will., nuietleato the food thoroughly.
.bra prices arkjower than those of any dentist
In the city, andte will guarantee his work Is.
superior. 86 Cwould better . for any of dur
readers who are in waist of teeth, to call silica
the Dr. in the first place, and thereby ISTe .
their time and money._ . We would also assure
those persons who ale suirering with diseased
and unsightly'teeth that they can have Simon
extracted without any pals whatever, by calling
upon Dr. Scott: - 'lie has extracted for over fan
- thousand persons within the last seven year*,
and among title large number there is not me
true in which his process has proved injurious.
On the contrary, ho can refer to number, Of
his patients Who claim to have been bah:Wed.
In renewed health. He extracts Slumbers slab
ly by the new oßtLgolene or Vapor" groom, •
and gives pure Laughing Gas to - those who
desire it, without charge. He makes no ,
charge for extracting when a riatletal teeth are .
ordered, and gives a full eel on Vulcanite,
with beautiful gums, for eight dollars. lit'
member his'. number, VA Penn street . thlr4
door above Heed. •
beeene.RDODZa..Y. W. S. 11.Tanaw..". AXPillga
....ED TUE CAULK CterfoN arafile. peattr
ly °e. t .a e l gems. NINO.PE e.NOCa VO
rftPeeitutty loom sas paella WM !avail 50
the iseusufaetans et •
tton Yarns. Carve
Sneei C i f i taln a s t :p
Or e....may be iirt se the Otaee of the Warta,
PI T TS'B unCili BRE RYER r,
Corner of Daquerne Way sad Batkera
rittimbrsaralts.X . a.
column Advertisements of inhrio
llaebises, bat set sit BUVklt & BAKILIt.
It tots been fully tested for stile=
years. mulls by al 1X4190.
tango nom
DEAT Ibt th e me.
7re, 1.E111911113. - I3troot.-
nocnis • .
Practical Parnitara itlaaufacturers,
Lstint...styles of IUHAITUH= etaxstanttiree hist
Xis Cori. - • 1
bn ja.t isottv -
Y e wean sold cheap: *se sowt D VINO kW tilt
Oee Rood Wok% Ja..ltll. guaraateen to OS moan
and gwod workers. Cali at ,
HOW /Liars LIVIDtkZ 6ALt6T.1.111.11,
First strvet Dear . Mortaltaaaelealoata.
$25 TH xyro ILOAILk • ' ' . i , • ,:..,
reams eaa3l,4lti. barrecw mo-p ,
13WiD AND kOitTtlatt!.. '- k,
ler onsOniliermaTeran, Ina 4 Invite ejui,
DO - 4 0 41 11 5 1 4 4 Agea5. 0* a ii. 404
X0..18 rift% Street.
98} Sutithlleld Btreet,