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Penniman, Reed_& Co.,
35443. so F.tth iiitareet.
P. H. raNnnutaN, Edi tor ,
r. P. 119P6TON.
JOSIAH also Bnitueis misasgers.
NELSON r.szsp,
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Delivared by canter. (per wO2l ... 7 .. ••••• VS eent
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Liberia redactions to Ziew,boya and Agents
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A Woup m suasCanmas.
. .
Owing to the stringent rules adopted
with carriersby a_contemporary local jour
nal which takes alarm from the rapid
grdwth of the GAZETTE, circulation, our
paper waa not delivered, yesterday morir . -
ing, to some subseribers in the upper wards.
We are about to reorganize our system of
delivery, and no trouble from Oils quarter
can hereafter annoy us. It is a matter .of
congratulation with us that our subscribers
refuse to accopfdur iaeighbor's journal as
a subAltute for the GazarrE, and we hope
they will adhere to their 'good judgment
and mines to pay for 'the gratuitous copies
of papers which may'; be "run in" upon
them. - •
- ,
THE Siamese twink . are traveling together
in Michigan.
Dation Alclrirosn;.a hero of 1812, died
at Albany, N. Y., on Sunday.
Tan heavy wool firm of J. &A. D. Gon
salmi, Troy, N. Y., have failed. -
Tun first American Sunday School was
formed in Pittsburgh in August, 1809.
Tart.on CASREY VGIS run over and killed
by a street car in . Philadelphia, Sunday
night. . ...,
Tan Allen street Presbyterian Church
eelebrated its fiftieth anniversary on Sun
day Wit.
Mori'. Joan-Monnisser is "" training"
at:MT - Ward's Hotel, Washingto . Some
body calls him the great ex•pou der.
ti t
Nzia Monday will beene of w York's
great' holidays--the anniversary of the
..evacuation by pritish trooi:s in 1783.
A NEGRO ironer.; of Philadelphia has
turned professional burglar, and was ar
rested in - the act of attempting to rob a
residence. . .
13..1ctliAIID Lewnsxcs, w h olittempto to
assassinate (leneral . Jackson in 1835,' is
still living, an inmate in ilia liaryland In
sane Asylum. •
MARY WAIGUT, .a negress, has
been arrested in Washington, D. C., for
murdering her new born infant, and throw
ing it into an, out-house. -
THERE were aitteen deaths ftoin cholera
in Cincinnati during the week ending Sat
urday last. In Philadelphia there were
flue deaths from the same disease last
week. - •
Tnitun vothga autn were arrested in
Philadelphia of r a charge or' stealing sev
eral.bundiea of printing Inver valued at
$250, from , the warehouse of W. H. Flit
craft & Co.
Tan fast urchins of the "Hub , ' have fal
len into a way of appropriating other pen- .
pli'ahorses and buggies and driving till
thej are tired about the streets. • They then
turn them loose to get home the best way
they can. •
Tna PittDzs in the Philadelphia family
markets are coming down. Butter sells at.
60 cents per lb.; sirloin, 30 cents; vent-.
son, 30 cents; partridges, GO cents per pair;
chickens, 23 cents per lb.
A. LAD twelve years of age has been ar
rested in Washington on tyro charges of
daring robbery. The great capital is a bad
place to raise children—perhaps, they see
too much of the, Congressmen.
PROF. Greaten is to lecture in Detroit
on the "Religious and political condition of
Italy." In the same city General W. G.
Halpin is announced to lecture upon the
olmpiuding crisis in Ireland."
IT 'appears that the Resident Na
tional Union Executive'Coinmittee of the
icilinson peril did not i''go up" financially,
a; stated, but have a handsome balance to
their credit in their 'Washington depositing
• .
L., the reformed drunkard,
is lecturing in Utica, N. Y., where Alf.
Burnett is alsoholding out to crowded
houses. Rev. W. C. Steel, of Auburn,
Y„ formerly of Utica, has entered the lee.
ture,field for.this winter.
Tire Philadelphia News says that the
health of fluit'city is remarkably good, but
few 'deaths - occurring, and winds up by
saying that their."best and most renowned
city physicians may be seen.down in the
marshes engaged in shooting." The latter
fact may account for the scarcity of deaths.
DirritOrr is afiturous spot for sensations.
The latest:is the tale of how an orphan
girl 'wised -Catherine 'Brener was wooed,
but not won, by her aged guat:dian; how a
' young beau made his appearance and be
`eame,a suitor. for her hand, and .how he
fooled the old gentlemen by eloping with
the girrand making her his - wile.
Teen will possibly grow out of the seiz
ure by the' Government of largo distiller
ies inliew York a very interesting legal
queStion.: manufacturers, who are
charged with defrauding the Government.
out of an immense revenue, claim that
they were engaged In the' manufacture of
burning fluid. For the privilege of doing
so thor were to pay a direct tax ,of fifty
doilare per annum tfithe.Government. In,
.., the manufacture of burning fluid twenty,'.
per cent. turpentine and 80 . per tent col
ognespirts or alcohol are used. The distil
ler wairsi the turpentine into his mash
tubs, andl distills'altogether,' turning out
burning fluid. Honestly every Gallon of
akoholahoeld pay two dollars revenue
into the treasiry of the government, but
as these men did not make spirits, but
burning fluid, they have thus far *saved
1 4i taxlition every gallon manufactured.
in-chesiistry there to nothing;: easier than
to separate alcohol from turpentine. After
the burning fluid passed the Inspector, it
Mae converted into its two separate ele-'
, ine nts, !and the manufatturers realized an
,„ kme profit. As the care- stands the
• question wiil. - prove very interesting. The
frand tit very apparent, but It is'quite prob
able though the meshes and teclualcalities
of the law the offenders may escape the
penalty , -
- s
aesliblt*aChSatS. BratiOiolTeiegrapb co. 3
--- - 1/101001l Clay.
ip e bial ll
gm".r, Nov. 19,1865:
toutleit4,no.34ll4.ltettl.. On market
4 1•‘1 11 ' • 4700 7701111/111/....:
NeesNizi,Ne., N ut: o . Seat sixvember Skittn,
gully to lnches'
..m...4,Axty,krOirl bet mix InctlesFst
itlbttly.. At OlecTotiCtiv=
•"•cr Soar Mt tour Sawa err 2 =ex.
VII T. PI a l ITIMIIIt. .... . ...
• .t
. ' I Al e , 1' , •
t t . \ A ‘‘ 11, • ...r;
i : • ' v,`,..,. ~, x ,0,,, . ..::- . ,, -1 - -a 17Bb 7-"--- -,
.; . .
. .
....„, - ,co.:' • • ----'''-- -- - - - ' , ..:4 3 ;t-'-' e" k' ' • :. --. .
. -.-= . ,--------17-7.0....-- -„,;,-;"--4 ' . f . ~ • ,• ›... 4 ::., .
. ; ,- • ~ ---(' ~.ti • A riMIAt, 4 OOI,E 7 , ~,3 '-'sNiirlyr-g - •...4 ----'-, '
\ tt C
• , sr --g''' - --. . 16 ,r kii iii.;.- - `'''' i'
(. I
• ~,,,,...„a j,„..-. : -. 4.v.. c t . • .--,.:.
/). , /
,-,-- .- ..,... 6 ~, A'-' t9,, 2 1: 3 .0e. , t 7 , 47.,
„... . . . 1. , , ,
• -.7 ; f ,t-- - •!.... -,----, - ,...4; - -,..,..5):z ... ....... 5 , fr ..,, i‘ ~,„,- s— ),„„,..) .0 I •-• (
N , - - - __ ' :-- - -- , -- , 'l' , zr.: -' f: 1- =:-. - .;, - -- - .. - -.‘,., : „_,%: .; ,..-....: 1' ;_ ,. ....-,*•' ,- - 1:- . .: --
------"°:';-- '''':
- - '
---,,_ -;
. .
_ i• ", i\ ts, •„,. .
. .
a- .
li& 00
Zb~alc gtTID E Proetaiastton
In the name an d Dr the oulhoritll bf the Common
wealth of PoorlAy tvama.
ANDREW 0. CUMIN. Governor of said Cum•
WukBllP, it hu been'the geed end smithy cuss
tom of the Commonwealth to set eptrt, AC OLI Illy
a day for.the epscUl acknowledgment at the good •
nese of the Almighty tad for expresring by the
whole people, at one time, - and with • eommou
voice. the 'XI:UW[S nflti. PEUSZL Which throughout
the year are springlng from the hearts of men,
I, /INDIUM G. CURTIN, Governor of the COO,
monweslth of Pennsylranit,,do by this toy prods
' maiden, recommend that the. good people or the
monsmonstealth obserre
Thursday, 29th dallioveraber,lB66,
Asa day of Thank•gis lug and Prayer, and do then
assemble In their respective Churches and places of
worship and snake their humble thank &Peeing to
ALMIGHTY GOD for an the blessings during the
past year.
Yoe the abundant gathered fruits of the earth; _
/or the thus far toe tinned activity of industry;
For the general prsservaiton of health;
And especial', for that in Ma Divisos Bluer
Be Lath stayed the threatened pestilence..
And moreover that they do beseech Him to eon
lone unto ua alt Ills Wesslig*, and to confirm the
of the people of these oohed States. that by
•fol force - of their will, deeds of itondauStiV,
n and Berwyn's) be dune.
fen tinder my hand and the great e of the
State, at Ilarvisburg,,this :um day of October,
in t e year of our Lord, nos, and of the Com
mon seal tilt e
Br TIM tiovg.sxoit:
the I
R', +d
Secretary of the Common orenlttl.
. IC There Are Any _ -
Of our readers who have• any doubt as to
where to get the best Patent Medicines, we
would suggest that they walk around to
Fleming's Drug store, No. Si market street,
and look at his well Ailed store. •Fleming
does a big busineas, changes his stock , evervl
tow weeks, 'so that you alwalk get a fresh sr.'
Mole, jue malt nen:o and his prices are lower
thou &tang other establishment. Dive him a
Ilaserd da Caswell's Cod Liver Oil.
The Purest and Sweetest COd Liver Oil in the
world, manufaeturei from fresh,_ healthy
livers, upok the sea-shOrO , . It is perfectly , .
Oureand sweet. Ask for "Ltazard &Caswell's
Cod Liver Oil," manufactured by
Sold by all druggists.
Conntr,' Merebnuts
find.that sce are gLving greet induce
merits In ull kinds of dry goods.
J. W. BALMER & CO, 69 Market St.
Boys' Whole Leather Boole, .•
Out and out—oak tan soles, high tege—only 5
cents a pair, dirt cheap, lei everything In, at
Ws Opera Hoar Shoe Store. • •
Flannels and Rift cu.
Great bargains' In thew, at ..
J. W. 13ar.ara S CO.'6, YJ blanket St.
Speedy , • /teller
Will be experienced by tulng the Cough Candy
manufactured and sold by Oeorge Beayen,
Federal alma, Allegheny city.
Evening Stilts
Tn great valletyand at editaed prices.
J. n 7. Balsam' Co.. 69 Market
Yon Can Buy
Foreign Liquors of , all kinds and oseph S.
Finch's Distillery, Nti, 8S 100,193 195 First
street, Pittaburgli.
Shawbrand Cloaks
Grandy reduced In price.
W. BABUIr. & CO.; *I Market 9
• Coif' sad lilp Boots,
Thebestmarte—werrented—Opera Mose Shoe
Dress Goods
At incredibly low prices and in great variety
at J. W. Dakar b Co: e, 80 STarket street.
lireeteet - itiseitelus
O(the season now offered at the Opera House
hoe Store.
• Superior Shoes.
Of every desCriptlort, at the Opera lions° Shoe
•f? Women's Clams, •
Beat quality, 93 cents, Opera. MEMO BUoo store
- You Can Boy
99 per cent; Alcohol at Joseph S. Flnch.s
Tim Coo Boy
New Hops at ISseph S. Finest
YELEG.47..rille yr
The Mexican brig Brabasto, on her way from
La r11.4e to San Francisco, was boarded at St.
Lucas, on October Jd, by Gaston. Asta, and
two others, who were arined°with pistols, and
demanded of the Captain the papers on the
vessel.- The brig was released next day alter
giving bonds for Siege.
Forty thousand pounds of cotton have been
received at San Francisco from Tahiti.
Secretary Welles announces that. Mate Wm.
Leonard, of the U. S. steamer Michigan. dis
missed =suspicion of Feniatibito,bas been re
A grand Masonic banquet was given at Bal
timore last night. Tickets of admission-4-'5
In the Supreme Court of New York, ye w ller d -.
day, the decision of th e special terra,.aar
log to Ketchum. Rogers & Bement jitepoo
damages by the Schuyler frauds, was shinned.
8119111a3 man et Boston
are giving Berton s
attention to the decline of that city, as com
pared with other Northern Atlantic cities.
Captain Ludlow, Deputy Collector at New
York, yesterday slesed Wilson's Distillery.
one of the largest . In Brooklyn, on simpleton
of fraud: Other st Las
es will be made. .
General Allegro has furnished a bill repots
of the attack upon Tort CnrrepaltY.
The utessage of Governor Worth, of North
Carolina, has been sent in. Ile declares that
law and order exist everywhere to the State,
and. the Civil Courts are sufficient. lie oppo
ses negro Suffrage and the amendment..
• A rumor from Boston states that two firms
there have failed for *175,000. Their, assets
will amount to nothing.
The import trade of Boston this year will
amount to over one hundred millions of dol.
The Charleston and Savannah Railroad wap
BOIS at auction yesterday to Joseph H. Saylor
and others for 1 30,000, cash.
Government has ordered two regiments our f
infantry tO be stationed at Bedford, cu.E., as
tho Feared trials there. 7
AlVonames Rights Convention was held. -In
Albany yesterday, Lacy Stone Black well pre
sided, and Dlrs. Stanton, Fred Douglas, Par
ker Pillsbury and others addressed the Con
vention. ReSointions were adopted recom
mending the right of suffrage for all, without
reference 10 sex or eolnr,
Large Wisest Cinetsznatl-4tartling News
. to Came from Meste*.
New oar,licrrentler 212,--/i. Cincinnati dla
patch says a Elre Mete last night destroyed
:our hundred thousand dollars , worth of ro
perty, belonging to
3. Jrm es ft BrutinonAlquor
dealers, ann NIPPer , Brothel.. dealers in
clothing. They were partly insured., •
1 Berard WaShingtonsveMal says: 'News of
a very startling character may h e expected
ftom Ilextect in a short time. It. 313 asserted,
awn rood authority, that Maximilian will
lease Mexico sliOrtly alter the arrival*: Gen
arm Sherman, and that there will be no
French troopa en the sall of Malec thirty
days after bit arrival there- Quartermaste r
Ann commissary _stores tor
troops have been Ordered to Fortran Monroe.
4. 1 telitihßtised to mean Sherman andl Mexico.
• _- . ,
' - Aswirsl'of Treasure we St. Joseph..
':he. I.ollts..Nosember to.- - Tne Northwest
Pur dompaars stssuferltiner, ,frota the %UP
callalsidppl, armed at B. Joseph , l e
al)r• AX9Fteirked.hhe PaSaed
abatis ene un re ••••• sw Loots op the
way down, each Marshy supplied. with Malt:
.AL New itueiloow lonn—Ontniz
Mexicof the
Dosch thamberar-Eranpeee and o
—Tbe Evacuation of Stow e—Rninslan
Lonu—stefornt Sleasares—Tbe King . of
Prussia Invited to visit Paris—The
...Homicide" on Italy—Commercial.'
• (Sr c caar.c.l • ".
New Teak, November h:/..—Tlie following
dispatch has been received at Relter's Tele
graph office, this city:
Losotht, November 10.—A new Russian loan
of nix. millions has been announced.
The Dutch Chambers have been opened to the
King. In his opening speech he expressed
hopes for reciprocal conthience and loyalty to
the constitution. •
'Before official business hours to-day there
was a better Inquiry for United States 5.Z1
bonds, and sales were reported at .70j 4i37014,
against 70070: on Saturday. The advance
was tulle sustained at the regular opening of
the market, when sales were announced at
70!.4 70?..
Dispatches from France and Amsterdam
are also better by %IS% per cent. wa I
steady business reported.. ln the tormentsax
ket transactions were affected at 75 ,
American railway shares are rather higher,
Erie belag quoted at. 4l.i.j•lbßO, and Illinois
shares at 75,4 buyers, 753.1 sellers.
Lavaatoot, November 10.—There is couttna.
ed firmness L in the market for breadstuff's,
sound parcels finding buyers at the current
rates of Saturday.
Pests, November is said that- it. Mon.
stele, the French !Mister, IS preparing a note
on the Mexican question. It ,is understood
that it will be conciliatory towards the United
States, and will not object tri the recognition
of the Juarez liovernment.
.The preparation for the evacuation of Rome
by the .French troons will - be filially completed
on the 16th of December.
Sc. PETZIESSUIO November V).—A proposh
Bon has been introduced in tile Blouse to au
thorize the negotiation of is loan Jr forty mil-
BoMilorins. .
Idasoutivran, November 70.—At, the National
Reform Conference, held in this city, it was
resolved to use all possible efforts to counter
act tactics of the Tories, and to prepare the.
outline of a Be . orin Tories' Bill.
QUEENSTOWN, Nov. 31—The steamship Heels
has arrived from New York on the 701.
Yams, Nov. :310.—it is tistil that Napoleon has
invited the King of Prussia to visit Paris.
FLOIZEN7R,NOv.a—Gots. Fleury has arrivkd
in this capital.
Peals, Nov. 9.—The Monizeur of to-slay sees
in the recent note of Baron Iticasoll the Inten
tion of Italy to obey the September conven
LivEgroot, h).—.Noon.—Cotton opens
quiet and steady, at 1411 for middling uplands.
The business thus far indichtes a day'S sale of.
10,000 biles-
Loaradr, November eo—Aoon.—Consols for,
money opened atOoli• United Sates leVs,
Illinois Central, 78!..j; 'Erie, N.
LIVBEYOCL, NOV.' .'e—EVClthig,—Tllo cotton
Market is dull and . unchaitged, at for mid-.
Ming uplands; the sales were S,ol.9.bales. The
breadstuff. , market has shown an advancing
tendency; Wheat closed Cd higher; Flour has
advanced Is. • The Provision market 14 easier
to-day ; , Itice ban advanced .1,13641.
LONDON, Nov. ilif—Erening.—Consols closed,
at 9:04; U. S. 5-lire, 706;;; Illinois Central,
00. •
from ANA dviceo TIVAI of Me IMlllber qunarters.ion oud Brlmmo
PORTLAIND, Mo., Nov. o.—The atom - nobly itt
bornian,-from Liverpool, at ll o'clock on the
morning or November 6th, and Londonderry
on the 9th, arriVed hero at 'PA o'clock
A'nnother of cabinet councils were being held
in London The Times says they can hardly
agree on the sutra of refofm. as the meas.
urn to scarcely II ely to ho in so forward estate
es to permit an •elaborate discussion of its
detail., and if, therefore, presumes the atten
tion of the eOunell la occupied Dy departmen
tal busine., amongst which, the .77mes hopes,
is Included the army orgahlzation.
Sir: J. L. Knight Bruce, late Lord Justice of
the Court of Appeals, died on the 711 inst.
The drafts of Dent A Co. of China were, on
the 7th instant, refused acceptance by Rent,
Palmer Co, of Liverpool. The two firms
are entirely distinct. , The engagemente of
the firm axe estimated at 43,ge1,0e0. The part
nere are wealthy, an wh o le believed the credit
or. will receive the ot their clams.
It is announced that ex-Governor Eyre, of
Jamaica, would. be arraigned at the Central
Court. of 'Loudon in about tea days, for the
New Toss, Nov. m.—By the Bremen's malls
We have the following additional items of
European news:
The British Secretary of Slate - for war has
decided upon granting a substautial reward
to the faintly et the now unfortunate tiSceas
ed, Dir. Jacob Snider, the niventor of the new
breech loader. Tholuuerelof Mr. Snider, who
.1740 an American, took place at Keusel Green
Cemetery. Only a few hours before his deatti,
Ilr. Snider informed friend at his' bedside.
that he had a new secret with regard to the
great erindele of national defence, more
portentthan any he had yet discovered. I
will tell you the eetzet to-inothovr, said DU.
when yon call to see me. The morrow Caine,
but he was deed, and his secret with him.
General Hembree, woo negotiated the'
treaty of peace between Austria and 'tidy.
has arrived in l'arie. tie is said to be charged
with the task of arranging the restitution of
.the private property belonging to the dynas
ties of the two hiciiieetind
It is stated that for eleven months neither
rain nor snow has fallen in Pekin, and tire
greatest distress prevails fu consequenceln
that part of China.
The AfOnfteur de L'Armee, of Paris, publethem
an article upon the inference, drawn by Paris
journals relative to die proposed reorgaiii
tion o f the army, and' says that. tee National
Guard will never bo anything hid a reserve.
Above all, It neonsery to have an army be
fore the formation of a rrve. The effective ,
strength of 400,000 men Ii a pence tetoldisU.
moot and will not therefoi ebe reduced. The
object of the C00:M1..40n appointed to report
meansquestionjwill be, to discover the best.
id constituting a reserve always mail- I
able, more considerable and better instructed
and exercised than the present.
The Pruellian War
was no t
a state.'
ea t
&SOW that It was not tue supurionty
of tit , tea gun, but of the men wno
ed it,
w ar . tt gav victory to the gingdonf i n
th e
late ar 'rhoe whale cOnailiMptn of ear-
Midges during the caMpaign was only seven
to each infantry Roldier. In the' hottest en
gagement the highest figure Dur ing wnthree
per men over those present. ur the war
nine hundred cannon were brought Into play,
and each gun fired forty rounds , : . •
A Prom." ministerial order had been pub
ILehed at Hanover, Introducing a system
general liability to military service among
the inhabitants this year.
The telegraph and courier service through
RUSSNI and Morroila, via algtellta, the (Ma
tter town.. appears to have improved. The
o-W/plett by the couriers, between hi
age . and Tientsin, has been reduced to
twelve de,vs. The telegraph wires, are com
plete from Lav
ing ton ladita and work woll,
a. telegram having bee retuleed In London in
fourteen [lours.
Captain 'Janos an alleged Ameri
can ridden, no* of the tiount Joy Convict
PrillOn, has bail a liniuMlol2s end complaint
served upon Colonel Fielding, Deputy Adjus
Aant, General, and Major Bacou tioverdor of:
the Military primon, 'Arbor MlD:Dublin, to re
ceive one thousand pounde damage* for as
baud and false imprisonment. The gammons ,
is signed by Sir Michael Loughlin and Mr. I
Isaac Butt, as colinsel, with Mr. John Lawton.,
as attorney. .
A Peat. correoPos.dent, writing under date
of NOV. ath, saym A gentleman pat returned
fo a trip throuh &follicle, Unarms me at
Bass m
in is concentrating troop upon the Ir th on.
tier in large numbers awl eta rapid rate; that
a rumor is prevaleut there, as made here, that
a treaty has been, or Is being, betWeen
Russia and Prussia, the principal object of
Which w o e the -destruction of what little
amount of nationai extatence rotund still re
tat., by 'the extluction of the name and the '
abSOrption of the territory into that of Rua.
Ida and Prussia.
Then Is to follow the march oil:tussle to the
BOspbOrUs,aUd -the conversion of mine.rted
'mosques of Stamboul Into Christian temples.
Austria Is looked upon now an the slek lean—
brother In ufflictio reduced Tark—an
emailo be
dismembered and to linen a pro._
portion tae to be . forever the of doleg tur
ther recent or disturbing, the peace of Lurope.
The recent appointuaeut by Austria of tied. ,
crook', a Pole, and a decidedrepresentative of
the Polish element, as Governor of
As looked upon as an act of de dance by Missals;
and .Austrift, which seems now_ disp ut ed to
raise a Polish question, and undoubtedly, by
such an aet.seeks the evuipalloy and prospec; .
tive aid of 7;1=00 and England in the Pre
speetive otruggle which Must. era lope come
for the settlement of the whole Eastern,ques
Axreat of Supposed Bobber/.
LourniiLLE, Nov.:Xl,—Seven men 'were cap ,.
tared on 8111.13rdity near Stitch°llvtlle, Tennes
see by band of detmtives of the Louisville
and 1t82111,1110 Railroad acting withand the
red States Cavalry stationed there, lodg
ed yesterday-la the military Prieen in use
city :They are supooned to be connected with
the robbery of the recent pay tram.
Desdalots d Tonnefiosee
IfaenTuait, Nor.' VL—itt , Id urtreeeboro, on
didurday, Judge Hehry Cooper,or tile Circuit
Court, decided the present. Slate Legislature
bogus-and tee trarichise law oonetitetional
'adjudicating the case of Gilbert re. enerbroOk,
veruutiasionorofßegistration for Rutherfor doindity, for refusing to laitiosottug certificates
to the Stotriff.
Gold in Canada—The Abduction Colter
Confederation Glamor Contradteted=
General Napieria nuenesiaor.
TOSIONTO, Novembor discoyertea of
gold at Bladoe are corroborated and there le
little doubt as to the extent or richness of the
Both the Colonial and foreign officers are
making strict investigation into the Lamle,
rimers abduction cases.
The statement that Inahop }loran is going
to England to, oppose the Confederation Is
contradicted. •
Major General Stinted, C. 8., will succeed
'Major General Neplevon the Staff in Canada
at the commencement of nnxt year. General
Stinted served with distinction in Persia,
and through the critical periods of Gm Indian
Imposing uwmonetrattmt or the Blasonle
• Order In Baltimore.
BALTINLOS.e, November Ti.).—Tiae demonstra
tion made by the Masonic Brotherhood here,
10 -day, was a very imposing one. From fiVe
thousand to six thousacd were in tile line of
procession, dressed uniformly In black,, with
regales, and carrying the symbols of to or
der. President Johneon and Governor Swann
will witness the ceremony of laving the corn
emtone of the new Temple. .The President,
wearing his Masonic regalia. reviewed the
procession 'from the steps of Gov: Swann , s
The procession was barred with thoJ aster
lodges In advance. Among the lodges from
Washington, Alexandria, Norfolk, Petersburg,
Lynchburg, Wlneliester„Stiepherdstown, and
other points in Virginia, and among the corn
menders of the Knights Templar, there were
those from Philadelphia, Pa. Now York, . - ew
Jersey, Louisville. Ky., - and Washington.
As • soon as the procession had guthe N.l
around the site of tho new temple t e
positions assigned to the various
been taken up, the Grand Lodge of 'Maryland
Neap opened with the ceremonies appointed for
such occasions.
The Bloat Worthy Grand Master, John
Coates, directed the exercises, which consist.
cd of the usual impressive ritual and the
chanting of several hymns written for the oc
casion. The ceremony was reminded by
pouring oil, wine and cern upon tile stone,
the Grand Master making solemn invocation
at each libation.. .
.1. N.ll. Latrobe, Elq., delivered the oration
Disgusting prise Fight..
Wssitmoros, Nov.t.o.—Sbout eight o'clock
this morning, the - expected prize tight took
place at. Johnson's Land ing,below Alexandria,.
The contestants were Mike Coax onus English,
of this city, and W. li. White, of Baltimore.
Forty-four rounds were taught, in thirty-oil
minutes. On the seventh round White's shoul
der was dislocated. It Is eabl tbat Engltsh
fairly woo tho but the referee claiming
a foul blow was struck. by him, cave thu
Victory to White. The baclusres of English re
fuse to pay the bets until the matter con be
submitted to pugilistic, authority for their do-
Additional Telegrams on Fourth Page
RM.. Brick •Worlmt • Dvairoy od by Etre.
Number "62" was signalled this morning in
mournful tones by the great fire alarm bell
at the Court Mollie, and within five minutes
after, every engine in the city wan on Its way
to that station—the Independence' ,Englne
house. We immediately departed likewise
and found the ektensive Star Fire prick es
tablishment of Messrs. Lemon, Eingnn d. Co.,
located on the Allegheny Valley Railroad, foot
of Allegheny 'street, enveloped in a vast
sheet of flames. The ateam engines
were all upon the ground,• • lint owing
to the grout scarcity of water In that
remote neighborhood, could do but little ef
fective serfdom. The building was onowtoried
and 'of Iron-clad brick, covering about on
fourth of an acre of ground. The r uootinge
walls and timbers were completely destroyea,
although the kilns and flues are thought to
have escaped serious damage. Fortunately
the wind was blowing in a nortlaeastoni dime.
tion, elsw the destruction of property must
have • been greater, as the 01:031:3tVe lumber
yard and planing.mills of Mitchell, Gillespie
d Co. adjoined the, burning building upon tile
other side. Within an hoar after the alarm
the flames ware subdued. •
We were 'tillable to learn the origin of the
fire, but it was doubtless caused from the
dues, which were in use at the time, setting
lire to t dry timbers which were immedi
ately 'o h ve e r
them. Two or three men were
working at the time at the rear kilos and did
not di/mover the names till they had gained
1.; rest headway. The loss will probably ap
proxiinato to ten thousand, dollars, which WO
learn is fully covered by Insurance.
The Result of an ileetlou Bet.
During the recant election campaign Mr.
Geortlo Allsouse, of Allegheny, bet Mr. quliusi
Moore, of this city, that General Geary would
not receive five thousand majority In the
State. Mr...tilsouse bet his guitar against ten
dollars. Last evening the loser of the bet
made his appearance at the Mayor's onion In
a et ate of blood. acid announced that the blood
was the result of the bet. Mr. Alinouse - stated
that about half pest five o'clock In the evening
he was walking up NYyliestreet with Mr.Ssultb,
lies brother.ln-iair, a well known musician to
thin city, when they met Mr. Moore, another
well known musician, and stopped for a few"
moments conyerneftLon with him. 'theistic re
verted to the bet, And Mr. More nuggested
the propriety of handing over that guitar.
Mr. Allsouse made some exams which Mr.
Moore affected not to believe, and at lenath
the conversation having waxed warm, the
parties Indulged in epithets not pleasing to
each other. As a. finality Mr.:Moore, according
to his accuser, called Mr.
liar," and then knucked bliff down. The blow
damaged the countenance of tne latter gentle
man cOnslderably and knoeked out one of hie
teeth, but as the tooth watt a Lille one, and
was picked up afterwirrilsV the damage mei
not no serious. An infOrmation for assault
and battery was made, and a warrant forth"
arrest of Moore was Issued.
Probably Fatal Accident.
On Monday evening Norris Shay, a laborer
at the Grain. Elevator, on the corner of Liberty
and Washington streets, met with a shooting
accident which may prove fatal." Ile was rid
ing on the bumper 01 a freight car which was
being hauled into the lower story of lhe
lug to be ailed with grain. The track Is laid
between two rows ot pillars which support
the building, anti while the - cur wax in too.
Mon, Shay attempted to jump to the floor. td
doing so on was caught between the pillar and
car an terribly urushed
Internal his ribs
being fractured and salere Wailed
Ludlam:L. As soon as the accident was dlsoit
ered the injured man was
to hie
pert at the corner, of Washington and 1101 t.
pert streets, and medical aid summon Ito
was still living last evening, but his recovery
is considered doubtful. Ile has a wife and two
' • •
The nonappearance of the great celestial
phenomenon of November 13th, 1 3 33. on tile
night of the 12th or 13th, should not lead us
into decided ineredallty of Its resurrence, as
the following extract from Humboldt's Connor
will confirm
°The mote th e
of Olbers led him almost to
predict that the next appearance of the idle.
nomenon of shooting ~tam or 11M-balls, inter
mixed, falling like Oakes of snow would not
recur until between the Edition ,'4th of No
vember. Is27.l,—Haryer's Page 127,
17,/. I. • -
Humboldt wit unwind a grand display of me
teors and firoballs In Booth America, Novem
ber 130.1749, which would make a period of
ihirtylour years between the sublime exh
tio . ‘s. That their Imminence hen nObeen
periodically recorded in
the past, may b e due
to a cloudy sky.
Charge of Fraud.
Mayor Morrison had before kiln, yesi - erday
Morning, a man named Harkins, on charge of
fraugQ Harkins has been contractor for aeon'
Idderible aluount of grading to Allegheny,
art.l It is alleged thaChe has endeavored to de
fraud the laborers In his employ out of their
wages. The moo was heard yesterday morn-
Mg, and 8111110 twenty-110i NY Isnesses wore en
, mined on the part of the nrosecuttob.
in An Mr.
had graded the DlatnOnd equares s•
ny, and had rho, been doing Home excavate
f b o; in McClure township. On compietlng the
work, it Is alleged that he removed ho torts,
horses, harrows and tools to a place of safety,
drew t e he monev t i , t o n u o hint, and ivre.isbOU4
ilougdtelLufiti 1 hetwPiLtygLiditu,e,Teroirleal:
The .Best WORE, Remedy liwowu.--•
Therefs no doubt about the feet that Dr. Key
ser's:Pectoral cough Syrup Is one of the most
remarlrAble cough inedlcinet now offered of
the puhlle. Old cases of long isease, bron
chial, and eve' y variety of lung disease, have
therefore, Its wonderful • powent, and we,
feel no hesitation in recommend
ing our =dors who may be afflicted In that
way to try it. Sold at 140 Wood street.
Arrived.—ttter lot or . the ode- I
Grated Finkle & Lyon Ano
also Weed ',oak-stitch,
Setting itnehlues. Wci'are new reedit* supply
those that have been waiting for them. They
are the best in use. if the purchaser does not
regard theM.upenor teeny other mactilne,be
can return it and Cleve hie money. Cheapest
headline by 20 per cent. in use. • Plata Au
up to mahogany inlaid ant with pearl, at
112, Grant street
. . .
Ytthote.—lteports from Pintole show that
the businetui there improving vastly, the
pradtkaiOn of petroleum even at the low
prices of crude at present, being a very nroft
Usable Marines& School houses are about be
tog built, and the general Ulu° of society. ta
touch improved from wbat It wail a year
sine. There axe hopes tor It
Y, NOVEMBER 21, 1866
Preittley SenolatlLlthielal Report of
Or Presbyter,. Committer on Potoll.
When a minister of Cod fails from the path
virtue and morality the community sud
d nly develop a strong desire to sink him
a nto the lowest depth of dogradatlon. The,
cave of the unfortunate and erring lir. ['reel
ley is a sad example of this truth. Ile has
been excoriated to a fearful extent by a gos
siping community, and his dark deeds of
cruelty have belie Wade darner and heralded
to the wOrld through overyacceesible avenue.
Thee far we have refrainpl from publishing
any of the current gossip concerning the case,
out of a spirit of charity, for the wrecked Doc
teror Divinity, believing that all reported of
him could not taftrue. We awaited the action
or the Presbytery, and to-day publish the re
port of Its Committee on Publication: Uere
Lathe document :
Thu committee appointed by the Mononga
hela Presbytery to make a statement of the
wise of Dr. James Prost ley, lately tried in null
Presbytery, void I present the following:
• At a meeting of Presbytery. held at Union,
September Isth, IK.C., Dr. Prestley stated that
certain rumors touching his character 'as a
Christian and a minister were in circulation
in the e •mmunity, and asked Presbytery to in
mild rnmors.
:In compliance with bash , qut, a cotreult•
tee was appointed whic t a meeting of
Presbytery hold in Lawrenceville, October hi,
reported thattbe were of such a char
acteor that they should r e ceive e a thorough and
laipartial examination.
In accordance with the report of this com
*Wee, it committee was raised totpreptire a
ilbel against Dr. Preetley. At a meeting of
Presbytery held in the First Church, Pitts
bergh, October fifth said committee repOrtee
ei libel.
,Tho iuvestigation of the libel began at .a
meeting of Presbyters , held in the Fifth
Courch. Pittsburgh, October tali. Presbytery
°battened in session eleven days, and the
charges contained in the libel were patiently
Investigated. About thirty-two. witnesses
Were examined.
'rho libel contained three charges. The tint
was "tinkled, cruel and violent treatment of
.has family." The second was the use "of vul
gar and profane language." The third was,
"Ilufaitlifniness to tut marriage tvow.r
The Met and third of inch° charges were
unoninionsfy sustained. The second charge
was • tilso -*fawned, bur not unanimonsty, so
feats "profane lan;illave" is concerned. Coder
thetle charges were fourteen specifications,
which were all sustained, nine of theut truant
mensly. ,
Presbytery, however, were, earelui to say
etbat by the language of thethird charge they
did not find Dr. Prestiey- guilty of adultery,
or even charge him with that sin." '
The charges and specifications against Dr.
Prestley being round proved, Presbytery in
definitely suspended nim from the exercise of
the ministry, sae from membership in the
When the sentence was pronounced, neither
the Moderator Sr the members of the Presby
tery could restrain their feelings. Every min
ister and elder seemed to feel his responsi
bility, and every, heart was moved with aym
pathy for the brother. on whom Presbptery
was compelled to Pass this painful sentence.
t S. It. unto,.
I' W. U. Aventrw,
1. Wltat su .1. men,
la no locality throughout the entire coun
try have thibterrorsot petroleutri and kindred
Illuminators been so keenly felt us lu our city
atm Its neighborhood, and In no place ahould
any Invention tending to -promote safety In
the burning of petroleum. henzine,naphtha or
anything else, be hailed with suet, a welcome
an here. Among the recent Inventions of this
elarn, the Lightning Lamp, arranged upon ad
entirely new pnaciple, in well worthy of ex
uninnuen. A pain extending through the
luTinlier separates the wick front the alt and
the draft Is applied at the bottom of the
chamber. Explosion seems to b_ impossible
fw since the light would be obliged to pass bo
een a close II tt Lng wick and tho tube, Into
second tube, before reaching the oil chamber.
A gas 11 generated from tne carbon before
burning, thus securing three-fold more light.
The principle is applicable to all lighting uses
to which carbon is applied, and the patentees
claim that the lamp in not only t a
m pnou-exploiv
and safe, but cheap and beautiful, The ap
Is now used in many of our lighthouses, hav
ing been adopted by the United States elov
Ilessra, Jones, Crawford& Vogel, active and
experienced young bnslneas men, have re
craved the agency for this great invention,
end otter State and county rights for sale.
-Rare innucentwits to accumulate a foi tune are
offered In their sale, ann we invite attention
to the advertisement In another Column. For
the present the lamp Is upon exhibition at
. h 1" o1
1 1
1.0 1533e1-4t" g w at h o e re e choirr. eJr
e o l f
nF i Vo h g aenl d
w S i m l i tDhe
found to explain its many supertentlen and
dispose of the lamps or district rights.
Yesterday morning a young Welch boy, who
gave his IMMO as Sammy Davis, and seemed
about eight yearn of age, appeared at the May
Mlle° for direction' or assistance, hJving
come to the city is search °flits father.Dantel
Davis, whom he supposes to he employed In
some of the Iron mills hereabouts. Ile could
give little Idea as to where he came from, but
said it was a Welch settlement somewhere,
called America. Ills mother lies been dead
for several years, and it has been• two years
since he saw or heard train his father. tY ben
childlde DAVIS left "America" lie left his
in the charge of David Junes. en MinimY'
elates, but Jones nut mitt ired of kemiltig
as near as the boy can tell. nod has turned
him out to shift tor himself.' The young astray
reached the city yesterday on the train from
New Castle, and was directed to the Mayor's'
°Mee, as as we have stated. , Ile was taken to
llowards , Union Hotel, ouilleconit street, in
the Eighth ward, the proprietor leaving vol
unteered to keep him temporarily until Inge!.
aster lather could he made. We un
lextitmiltl that I t
gentleman who Pan t Ito boy
fond was pleased with his Dank, intelligent
ippmtrance, Is desirous to adopt him at once
C lie father does not Nasality "turn u p . once
On Monday the anneal meeting of the stock.
holders et the Dante of Pittsburgh was held.
The following gentlemen were re.eleided to
serve us Directors of the instituti Johnrng
the ensuing year: John harper, , Gra.
ham, Robert Beer, William Morrison, John K.
Wilson, William B. Copeland, William MC.
Knight, Jatnes Datzcil, WIL I lam H olmes, M.
Whitmore, N. 'Yoesttley, Jolla Harper,
is l'redidont Of the Rank of - Pittsburgh,
and is one of the oldest !sett Most exporteneed
illnanclurs In the State.
Also the annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Pittsburgh and litrinlngbam Pits.onger
Railway Company wait held ut the Atonongse
be le Rowse Monday afternoon, at two o'clock,
when the following gentlemen were elected to
serve us Urrectors for the Company for the
ensuing year: William 11. Hersh, William N.
Ntuttak, 11.. F. Jones, John hi' D. CroSsan and
AL W. iteltztdrover.
At a meeting of the stockholders of the
Keystoso Savings Bank, heel Monday x,,fter.
noon ut the store of James Robb. Esq , No. so
Market street, thh following Directors were
elected to serve for the ensuing year: James
Robb, IL J. Lynch, Wm. Pleker sglll, Jr., Jas.
Samuel Barckley, J. St . Carnahan,
John Murdock, Jr.
The Meteor%
i'llSisorderly Hotel Keeper.
"'Yesterday afternoon Mayor McCarthy had
before him Wm. Morgan, proprietor of the
Morgan Hotel on Penn street, charged with
dleorderly conduct on oath of officer Cochran.
of :the special police. The preseculor alleged
that on Monday evening as he and °ulcer
Smith wore passing Morgan's. house they
heard a row going on inside. Morgan stood
ittthe door 01 the house and said, apparently
to the officers, that he wished they would atop
the fight. that was going en. Officer Cochran
made some Inquiries, when Morgan turned
upon him with violently abusive lanenage,
and went into hls house, d
gut inside the door, and daringt h eo ffi c e rso
COMO In and attempt any arrests. The pollee
men waited about the fume I repeatedto quell
any le:trims dlstm bonen, and ly Mor
gan calm, out to them, talking and acting in
most disorderly manner. At length he was
arrested, and ut the hearing yesterday was
fined ale and . costs,
Griffith Gaunt
• • -
Tats latareatthiCatera ,- of Charles Beade's
still continues tho popular topic in reading
circles. over thirty thousand copies have
already been sold In this country. It basalt . °
been successfully dramatized, and Is drawing
crowds to the New York theatre. Tim drama
Is thus spoken of by the . Commercial ..Adter
timer of tno 17th:
A. drama full of *the moat thrilling Incl.
dents. Trout the rising to the falling of the
curtain there Is a The
of them power
ful in the extreme. The serious, the emotion
al, the pensive, and the broadly Comte stla
coed each other In bewildering enocession.
The theatre was crowded,. and the applause
genuine and repeated. The play is a success.
and will probably have a long gnu."
- Iggogger Item, of thw Opera House, is pre
paring this play ant will soon Produce it. .
Tractional ' Correwey..--Last ~weelr: the
- printing division of theTreasory Depart,
went printed fractional en:inner of the dif
ferent denantlitadonestimptinting - to ttlAtio.
The shipment" during the same period were
as follows : TO assisUint treaSurer at New
Toth, altay)(l2; to Milted States depository at
Cincinnati; alepata United elates depot:llml
at Pittsburgh:SWAG; and 1 0
National banes:
, esrmso.
_Ttie redemption dist:dot:redeem .
ed, defaced and tontUated notes amounting
Good Haul or Profeislonol Thieves.
For a cormlderable tithe, our city him beat
infested with a gang of professional thieves' ?
some et them imported and some of them na -
tire and to the manner born. These gent
have carried on ;their -sneaking operationt
with no small apeOess, tram time to time, serf.
prising and knocking down gentlemen whoM
they might encounter' alone at night, robbing
helpless women -and children, and commit
tins sneaking . depredations about the depots
and warehouses. Fair specimens of thele ope:
rations are !offorded In the robbery of Mrs:
Portlier, last week, near the the elevator, and
. the knocking down of Mr. Blair near the
same place.
So adroit wore the operators, however,
that no definite else to the perpetrator of any
particular outrage could be obtained, and.
those who were suspected of being profession
ale kept themselves eo scarce Lust the oflicere -
could not get sight of them. It was ascertain.
ed, however, that the objects of solicitude:
were making their headquarters at the hwlit
House, on Liberty street. A descent on then/
was determined upon, and at about 1; Itinigl a l
on Monda nht. most of the officers of LI
police ma d e ig ;
a raid on the Irwin 1101.180 an -
succeeded in arresting five of the rascals.
A choice Jot Of birds they wertrwho were
captured In that nest f They were Yob Gilles:
pie, a well known character who bas ;leered
one term already In the Penitentiary; TOW
Dougherty, who - has the reputation also
having graced -a stone • cell; John Bird, who
has served thi State compulsorily during two
terms. "Snubs" Arnold, whO Jack Y oung, wo
' ln State quarters; and an
operator who eclipses all his compeers in their.
peculiar glory, haring served out three terms'
In the PelliWalllry, and possessing brilliant
prospect. for another. Two revolvers were
found In the posseasion of the disturbed parti
sod were duly appropriated. A fine-too , ,
comb was the only other weapon of desire
lien fOund In their possession. •
The prisoners were conveyed to the lock-up, !
where they atilt remain, awaiting a hearing,
which will probably be accorded to them tO.
day. There is no doubt that they will all get
lire full benefit of tile "Ninety Day Law," and
It ii possible that they may receive something
! a degree nearer the justice their case do.
mend., and renew their acortaintance with
' the familiar scenes of the W. P.
Trouble at the Irwin noose.
Aman giving his name as Foster R. Do A r
mitt, a blacksmith In tile emeloy of the Pen-'
sylvanta Railroad • Company, 'in the 1)1011,
ward, put in a hasty and sanguinary appear
ance at the Mayor's office, yesterday afar:-
noon: Ms taco was streaming with bIoOLI
which flowed from a severe gash on the for'e-.
head, not leas than from a badly bruised pro-
WIS. Ina hair was standing in about the pc._
sition that might be expected if liamiet'S
lathe, guest's tale bad been unfolded to him,
and his coat had evidently been tecently in
the hands of ooe who was by no _means an
anti-renter, it being torn and upped in the
most complicated manner. As soon as he had
washed the blood sufficiently - from his mouth
to permit him to speak, he proceeded to make
information for assault and battery, against
John Irwin, proprietor of the Irwin Rouse,
No. 360 Liberty street, llegisag that he (De AI . ,
mltt.,) went Into tao hotel and took a position
quietly by the stove, where he stood, saying
n n o g hi ms elfany
wne p w re h s o e n s t t ,
oobdut only wda rmhe
bar, peremptorily, and without any prelim',
nary words, ordered deponent out of the
house. Ills visitor demurred, when Irwin
came from behind the bar and summarily
knocked Do Armitt down, and subsequently
kicked him in the face, the heelof his boot
producing the gash aforesaid. /A warrant wits
Issued and Irwin arrested. At the hearing it
was 'proved that although the aecusad did
knock the deponent dawn, ho bad provocal
Don for so doing. It appears that De Armill,
entered the bar room, and Instead of compart.
log himself like a gentle lamb, bad kicked uP.
a musk and on a remonstrance from - the pro
pricier, had not only refused to leave, but had
aggravated his - precious conduct whereupon
ho had been knocked down an aforesaid. In
this view of the case, the prisoner was dis
North vs Mouth.
Patrick Driscoll and Michael Britt, both
claim the sweet "Gem of the Sea," as the land
of ,lit Ir nativity, but unfortunately the youth
of one was spent amid the cold breezes that
.play around the rugged mountain airs of UL
nor, while ths.other grew' into manhood be 7
neatit the wards sales of Munster. On Mop,
day eveninsr, at the solicitation of DrlealL
hMichael paid . visit to the home of the
er b , in court off Wylie street, where the'
twa In managed 'to pass a pleasant hour sir
sweet 'converse, interspersed with the sing'
lag of Irish ballads and the relating of once ,
tiott , s. Things moved on smoothly as friend
ship could wish, until Britt, recounted a joke
that reelected upon the intelligence of thd
north country, whereupon Pattick hecamti
inspired with sectional enthusiasm, and an
nounced in ternss snore pertinent than polite,
that if his guest, did not home
diately quit the protection of lig
roof, he would be forced to use viol
lent measures in, ejecting him. This In
turn exaspemted Britt, who unable to curb
the fierce fire of his southern bloots, struck,
his angered host in the right eye with such
violence as to force him to occupy a horizon,.
tai position on his parent earth in which al
titude he further maltreated hist by kicking
hint in the chest and doing 111 m 'other bodily
harm. h hen certain his victory was complqte
while he
to his home in Browtistosin,
hile the vanquished hastened to the office o(
Alderman Lynch and mnde oath against
Michael for assault and battery. A warrant
was issued anti placed In the bands of officer
Conners who unmet!, led to arresting toe ao.'
costal. lie was released from custody on f
nothing bail in the sum of 4300 fora hearlag
. .
No part of the human structure is so wises
tint to existence sa-the head, and as a natural
eminence It Is highly prized by any person that
desires &little longer to remain upon God's
footstool. Ono of this class is Dennis O'Neil,
who, until recently, was In the employ of the
Western Pennsylvania Railroad Company,*at
Sharpeburg. A fear days !since, Mr. Wheeler'
the Superintendent of this section of tae road
lying in that vicinity, hail a difficulty with
Dennis, who he threatened to decapitate if he
ever caught eight of the offending O'Neil '
again. Fearing such a catastrophe the latter.;
appeared before Alderman Lynch and made )
oath against Wheeler for eurety of the peace.
The aceuseil,on being arrested, waived a hear
ing and entered ball for trial. .
. .
Terrible Tato-Man
Between eleven and twelve o'clock last
night, en old man named Stephen White was
brougkt to %bailey - nes elllce hi a vehicle,. he
being unable to walk on account of injusles
received by falling oviir-an embankment
Whit lri
int ward, about one hour merlons.
'Alden that he was walking along the
track of the Penuaylvania Railroad, near the
outer depot; when a t t he ligh t
' paired Ills vi alon with the lightn c
, so that in
ntepping aside be missed his footing, and top
pled over an, embankment. as stated, Doing
twenty feet Id h. Besides breaking one leg
a little below the knee, ho sustained Miler In
juries of an Internal nature. When we saw
Min late last night be was suffering acutely.
The Gazette, as the oldest journal, deim
It fitting to speak. of Shepherd's Steam Bake
and Confectionary as the oldestentablinhmen
of the kind in the city. for more than tort
yearn Shepherd, of 317 Liberty street, b
I• lobed the bent and purest of bread In a
Its forms of loaf and toll, cake and crack s
A hundred thousand mouths have been added
to the bread-eating population of Pittsburgh
since be began to teed them, and still the 4.
der Shepherd,
rn aided by his son, star
ready to regale tho all with U.S cho ti
ent products of Ms enlarged establtstime
Among these are included a superior quallipir
of Graham, or anti-dyspeptic - bread, (reit;
baked every morning, all the common kinds
of bread and crackers, and a choice variety Of
candles and confectionary of his own manu
factures. Wu con safely, as we do cordial,
Commend this cstablintnnent, not only as e
&lent, but es among tbe very best of the ki d
es city, one that keeps fully up to the
times In all manner of Improvements. -o,
The 'Valve of" GOod Luage.—We advise
our readere who are deeireous of preservin
the usefulness of the lunge and bronetdcal a
paratus not to deter taking medicine to tim
tor tneir cure. Must of the consumptive Melt
which end fatally. are the result of a small be
ginning or e cough or cold, whleticould be 4aa
ily removed by ltottle of Dr.layser's Pector
al amok ...Veep.has had abundant'evldeace
dies,ts vest superiority over meet other reme
and those who resort to it in time will
save a great dual of sulfuring from those disa
greeable diseases which are so prevalent dur,
tog the winter and - spring months. You eau
get it at Dr. Iliyier's.Drug Store , No. its Wood
street. •
• Sad Accident.—de the Exprens train On the
Baltimore and Oio Rall road, we. t Li
leton; westward h
bound, last. Friday.asahn a l ittl e
chlld whose parents , live at that place, hap.
Denied to be pi Ting on the track, The engi
neer saw it, but too late to save Its
stoe. Ale
though etrery effort w as mute to pWe
train in time it could not be done, and the
child Was crushed to death.
The Sand ratehiTtuaneL—Ths Band Patch
tunnel on too • Pdtsburgh and Lonnellastlle
liaUway. Is Rs last cut through. Its total
length -- Is 4,760 feet. - being 1,060 foot more than
the lobg tunnel on the. r cnnsyl e t s alna w Lentlat
Itallsop throlign the adealtent
_stet een Al
toonaand Cresson. It Is intandect foradentde
trackand is feet. wide by ts int, hoigat
Appo n
hswnumefoeaWg'e en—wUne lJoeaph
1. 0
hss received the appointment of
county UesiKeir for this County, at the bands
of the Uovaroor of Pennviesnis. lle will
clonhtdoeredit to himsoil aria the econmunl i t;
et mrips.
A Railroad Catastrophe.
. For some time past the officers of the West
ern Division of the Pennsylvania EaUroati
have had suspicious relating to_some or the
employees running on that pOrtiOn of the
road. When they contemplated the moaner
In which the conductors of some of the pas
senger trains I were gotten up, the probable
returns that should have been made and the
actual returns that care mule, the perplexing
inquiry, "How do they do iittu made itself un
pleasantly prominent. So definite clue could
be obtained, however, to the evil praies that
were known to be in progress. The aid of hr.
Pinkerton, of thi Chicago Police Agency, was
sOpabt, and a number of bin efficient detect.
• t Ives placed on the several passenger trains.
some time elapsed before their loves :igations
, bore fruit, but on Saturday night the ripened
results wore produced. Those results were
sufficiently startling to eight conductors of
passenger trains on that road. These eight
officials were, on Saturday evening, peremp•
corny dise , arget from the service of the cum.
patty. They were not arrested, their employ
ere contenting themselves with dismissing
them. It is whispered that a similar lob of
decapitation Will take place soon on the East
ern Division of the. Road. We 'may mention
here that, no company in the country pays
better salaries than the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, und if It ts poeslbie for any
employees to be honk t. It is ..y for theirs.
Paterlto lirkstted.
. .
The following are among the Patents issued
ir tho week endthg, November 13th,
Nathaniel Adams, of Altoona, Penn's., for
improvement in machines for drawing spikes.
-A. F. Grove, ofJamesCreek,Pa., for ImprovO
ment in cultivators.
Ileiderich, of Brady's Bend, Pa.. for Im
provement in car trucks.
Peter,C. Heintz of Funky tile, for im
provement in injectors.
Thomas McCleary, of Blairsville, ra., for
improvement in fire places.
Theodore Schreiber, of Wheeling. West Vir
ginia, for improvement in combs.
Rrastus Slater, of iiimrd, Pa, for Improve
ment In fruit extension lader.
-Jesse S. w heat, of South Wheeling, West Vir
ginia, for improvoapparatus for ileshing and
stoning hides d
Theodore A. Williamson and Charles A.
Richardson of Allegheny city, Pa., for im
proved rolling pin, Re. '
Joseph C. Tilton, of Pittsburgh, Pa., for im
provement in lamp burners.
John K. Andrews, of Antrim, Ohio, assignor
to Joseph C. Tilton, of . Pittabnygli, Pa.,, for
improvement 1k lamp burners.
Hnehntera In.Trauble
Patrick Kern= and Arthur Donnelly were
leagued together in a partnership that had
for its landable object the capture and con
version of the fickle goddess fortune to their
own use and convenience. They wooed her
not with crisps of alike and soft velvets, but: -
with cabbage,potaloes, and that odoroua yea
etable onlons—in shorthey were in the heck
liter basin. as, out of which they realized a.
sufficient quantity of "stamps" to purchase a
horse, the bargaining for which - was entrusted.
to the care ot Donnelly, who, it is alleged
by Patrick, bought the equine animal, but
baring an opportunity to ;peculate, sold him
again at an advance from what he had paid
saket, and propriated the . proceeds ot the
to his can Individual use, without any re.
,grard to the claim of his partner for half ot tam
proceeds. Alter exhausting entreaty Kaman
appeared before Alderman Lnch yesterday,
anal made oath agatint Donne;ly for troy
and conversion. A warrant was issued.
A Paylllmitlo Female
Emeline PO.OIIIOII came to the °Dice of A -
.derynan Taylor yesterday. and made oat •
against an Individnal named --- Lo' nira Elie: I
charging her with surety of the peace. . The
prosecutrix alleges that LOutinicarne to her
residence,ln the Fifthtward, and invited the
fragile Ea:mill:to to COMO out of her domicil
and participate 111 pur p ose prize fight or
tournament, for the of vindicating
Loulsa , s honor which seems to have boon
somewhat tarnished by the slanderous utter
=tees of Emeline. The gage of battle was re.
jected, and Louisa then threatened to burst
whereupon of threatened less ilistic antagonist,
the one made oath as
stated.' Louisa was arrested and hold to ball
for trial. • ,
Masons. EDITOI3.96:—Teo "Great Republic"
letter, impublished lu yesterday's Chronicle,
from the blempros Attdanche ejld - Clncleknot l
Commercfcd, and purporting to have been
written by X.:A. G. Gearing, la a base !argon - ,
full of willful and malicious falsehoods. Un
til the guilty! party be detected and brought
to judgment, I ask a suspension of public
''Wo prefer the Wheeler d Wilson for faintly
••• hey are the favorites for /611111168. "-.-
'The Wheeler a.. Wileum,iate no rirsl.` , --Sel
entitl tt e American.
"We have used others end dud this the best.'
—Mact Presbytertan.
Immense Rash for Laughing • Gas.—
Fifty-seven ladies visited the' omen of Dr. G.
W. Spencer, No. 254 Fenn street, yesterday
(Tuesday) and had from one to twenty teeth
each extracted without the slightest pain as
they all testify by adding their names to his
scroll hook. Dr. Spencer has had more expe
rience in the use of laughing o u r wort
dentist in this city, and take our word for it
all who patronize him will be perfectly satis
fied. Besides the liontor's regular assistants
he has two experienced lady attendants that
are always in the operating room to wait on
ladles and children.
Blowier Death of a tialtd.—A woman
living to the vicinity of Manchester. OhIO,
cently went into a corofleld to gather twine
vegetables, and while doing so, sat her intent
child, about six mouths old, carelessly on the
ground When ehe again took it up the child
appeared very sick. A physician was sent'
for, and thinking it bad taken po
child ,n
eeup s
in was administered, - when the
a large, live, green worm, known as a tobac
co, or corn worm. The child lingered in ago
ny for sometime and died.
Larceny of Table Were.—Chris Schwartz
appeared before., Justice Barker. of South
Pittsburgh, yest&tinv„ and made oath charg
ing Marla Muller with the larceny of a duitu‘
thy of table cutlery, such as knives, torts, -
castors and sugar-LOD ge from his residence in
Carson street, la the Borough of Birmingham. •
At the time the alleged theft was perpetrated
Maria was employed as a domestic in the fam
ily of her accuser. She - was arrested by offi
cer Coyles and brought before the Magistrate,
w)10 held her ha S MO bail far • hearing w
Vituraday, •
On the Itantpage.--If what John Tubby,
says be true, Patrick O'vonncr has been de-l.
porting: himself of late in - anything but a 1
proper and gentlemanly manner, his conduct
being very reprehensible indeed. Yesterday
he leached the climax of his evil doings by
striking Taber on the nose with his clenched
fist, after which he drew a large knife and
threatened to cut the intfruals out of the
stomach of the meek and humble John, Mr
threatening which, he was brought before Al
.....rman Taylor and held in pastor a hearing,
Trotiateaemo CoOLIO. mind Co l4 .. — The
health of the community le always a aobject of
militias consideration to those who are imp
posed to direct public opinion. and there are
no more prevalent source of untimely deaths
than the coughs and colds which make their
during the winter and **rink
months. We would advise all sues, who are
'adulated with any lung slifSculty, to apply at
once to, Dr. Keyser's Syrup. Prepare d and
;sold at lie Wood street.
. Charged . with Vaitalnyf Cestinte eeeee
lionlsane Eidor made an Information
before Alderman Taylor yesterday, Charging
Sir. Jackson, a colored man, with passlog
counterfeit Ilvo dollar "greenback" upon hint
on Saturday last. the deponent averring Ms
belief In the presumption that Jackson knew
the character of the nbte when °fretted by
him. A wrzrant has been placed in h
of ometer James Bell for the arrest of J ac kson
Don't Neglect a Congo.—Or all the di.
mimes to which. sre are exposed, there Ls none
more deserving at our Mimed tide attention
than what's nasally termed a cough or cold,
for the reason that, 11 not arrested, they are
apt run iuto some fixed diseases °One air
passa to
ges of pulmonary tissues, muting in cam
sumption or incurable bronchitis. TOO tray
to prevent this to tate Dr. Keyser's Pecto
ral COagh Byttlp. Sold at 140 Wood street.
ircianterfelt Counterfett five
oent pieces, In natation of tha - "Mlckela"
canny issued by the Government, are In circu
lation, sod are reportol to bo more plentiful
than the genuine holt dunes. Too bogus arm
is said to be lighter in weight and darker In
appearance than the genuine. but the genuine
is so Imperfectly known that It la probable
large amounts of this stuff may be shoved
upon the too gullible pontie.
«Barn Her Oat."—lrrinle Morrison came
to the office of Justice Lippert, yesterday, and
made oath against. L. S. Sourbeck tor surety of
the peace. The prosecutrli alleges that the
accused threatened to "burn her oat,e and
hence she deetred his arrest: ..A. warrant eras
issued tor his apprehension.
A Pollee 01!leer Used Vp.—A pollca of
ficer, a nighter age, mitered n den of
rowdies at'Allerffgwn, and attempted to ar
rest some of them tor disturbing the peace.
when they turned upon' him. disarmed ram,
got him dosin, h.M thumb and 0111 - ... mt
almost asps him up.
`Seth; .Uquor Without license —MI,
thud fieramen craze to Wu °giro of alderuirn
ilitrUberio-Usturday, and Instituted legal pro
ceedings struiosi JILIZICS COuneTy for sealing
liqur without l icense. Bath pes reside in
the o
Mtn ward. :A ',Maw% was arti
•e ITO 11ffitilIM 701/1/4_,
- Tbe Edition is forwarded Which will mach tie
rubeertber aooneat.
4losle Copy (per
Citlkt of Tim or more
Death 01,14* Venerable - 41ligen.-11.r.
Samuel Bess, senior, departed thul Ltre on the
14th Instant, at the residence Of his relatives
in Beaver county. Lie was at one time a rea
dmit °fads city, but spent the last ten Sears
in Beaver, At the time of Ma 'death he had
attained the ripo old age of seventy-seeen
years. Ile wan a, worthy, religions gentlenisaa
and his death is sincerely regretted, sanonl
a large circle of, friends and ' acquaintances.
DOWNEY.--tha Mender morning Yrs.
John eeney, ated tef..7 .o n. rear..
Tlae funeral will take place from the realdente or,
her parents, .No. 107 Itoblnion,itsvet, Alligheny,
WILDNISDAT JaTEIMOON , at 3 o'dlock. This
Mends of the family are respectrully Invited to at.
STEPEIE 1411 N—Or Monday °yentas, DM loot-
Al., MARV STF.ViIIiNnON. relict of the Lite
Joe lab htepho sou, aged 7.. years.,
%he funeral will take place TWO xnlii , Mfa•
loit, st 10 o•e . lock, from lair late natdeme, No.
Fiant Ile street. The.frlcads of the family are
Litntell7 Invited to attend. •
81LY . 1.-7011 the 14th lost.. at the house oe this ret •
Orr in N.Aver 000. Pa., 3.6.11U2L HAIM.
Or., lu the 7;th yes.r of hi. 11Re.
PM AVAlttiloq.e):lol
beautiful ..4sofre-aere," the largest euburban
place or sepulchre. on, is tbM eaglet', nit,
tatted on New-ltrightan road, immediately north of
Allegheny. Far burial lota, hermit& or Min% =lt
at Cenftal D . sg Store at elg/L CLA.K.T.T,
tawny eltY• ,
ty,tv - 3331EELT.ALIEXCEEL ,
et 0.166 WOurtil street, Pittitairsh,l l . • 001111111 of
all nods, CIiA.LIOS, tilA)VY:3,lami ere. dimmujpttom
of Portend Yunnanlug Moan mina.... somas
°Kg:, erjArkogn.All4.44.ll.•
W. Jacobus, 13.11., Thom. LAUD 1 1.4.: 7/ V . a
No. 196 Smith - Gob,' St, con.
(Entrauca fromSeTenth Street.)
W"X`X""1"4333 , 13 -1,1 . 413 . 8 .
A NI. 1513 N D Tlmighif Vi PA.
Editorial Notices
a..hoster. Wood's Run and viclait7•
carrier o a bettloid and (Martian attests.
Byars. ana Carriaires furnished.
FOR ! 564.L.E OR HUM, - 1
o‘ _. GB wastis. isroft.
. "C77.112TC1A:=9.
vcr - xxlinlr
14171.1E13T.. NEAR 71ITTR.'
Sewing Machines
Are TUE BENT for Fatally and MattafeeturlNS pus ,
poses, Calf and see•them at
Jro - .48 FinkStreeis
01.0 TO !
931 Sniithtleld Steeet.
J. NV: ...........
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
No. 314 larnorrir entEl:X.
Pit tisibmarsix,Pe 3 asia.
- Dar Particular_attention ntrOn a:l4 • Roarins
Waccocs, Clocks sod Jewelry, J4l work warrant
R. C....TONES .. :.. cnalrr °an JS 0 .
Adopted by the U. S. G oiernmest.
Non exp'oshr. Cbrap sod Gesiittfu‘. Climes a
brtillant Said thres.fold grantor Isla an 7 ottar
lamp. This o dem% ts adaptt d alliamoPurPosea....
and as the with 10 morely a conduci or, never vs..
quirus any trimming., Borne.• on ttds principla ap-
plied to ordinary lamps. *TATE AND COUNTY"
RIUITTS FUN. SALE Apply atna Drag
Worn: Filth Street, or , Alara • BookStAlTan
rift hatred!. Cbrouldt Building. 1,07.1
S 9 89 89 89 B9 89 89
,89 89
9 14. CO Mt 9
8' 89 .Rfarket Street, •
9 7118 CHEAPEST AND Bur -
'X 3%r 'X' EL NI CI X .1"Sr:
189 S 9 69 89, S 9 89 - 69 S 9 89 'B9!
leivarrvwcir,_ .
ED TUE Esinr. CuTToti Worms, nrsner
ly owned by Mem s. KING, PENNOCK & CO.. It e
rbspentfally Inform the pate lla teat we will tenth:Lion
the manafacture of
sh e elimpi, Cotton ItalTle. Calvet
Chalns, Candle Wick •
• . and .flatting.- •
Orden may be left at the °Mee of the Work.,
Conn of Duquesne Way And Mattel Alley,
Pltssbur6la,Pa. -
Bann -
rlonrttbtnghait eoleran guiveitlsernerd it of Inferla
Jasehlues, but Retain:lolMß
It hesears been,
Audisoily tes
by a te ll coso d
for sixteen •
• tent Judges pr.',
uouneed the S •
- • ISPAT .
.11a. 3.13 30117.3 a., Eltroet.
Practical Militate Illaattfactartrs,
West styles of 11TIRNIrll RS soustaatlyoo
No. 67 2Pcnart ii. sot root» -
D•pootia to . di ea or 1.-fore Norsusca
tiß draw MM. PER. CENT. INEEJsEaT gnu,"
rt laß sd ez 41..141yufr050.49.7.1...Ttuw. to 11. I .IK- sc.o. to o ..s..__Er•E
IlifissEss sonsvor , _
. • •'. x.c->sai maussisil. -...
• . • . ..
5.-good, P-na WOUlE'lloll4.,..o_!tirikoer.fil
wimi will tw *Old cheap: °tie 'Owl War/MG 1101$ ,
otie goo! , WUNS. //4... c 1ia. gwwlWl4,o4wi 4:, , , La Wis.
grigArai'LLV 4, a. & Liars's-mu:it..
Isp i r
wcoll - rW , .."."".. er
"'" 'ioganets .
V 1,..:
• V AI
TER.—itorif, 0.0.1,04,02L1NG ollTiar,
ELS, Oath awl • m, Uthevllls fort:Ookr.rpra-1
end other traardshel Vggrar , i t,4l.:: 7
MMVRr."AO Arasi strw4.7"All-cauPC-
~ - it, '