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Penniman, Reed &
Mac,. Oa FlTth latircoot.
F. B. pwiranisa. )
'Jae ! , P. RE ED, Business Efausgere
De'eered byeariler, (per week)
Man ellpßl [bars, (per year)
/Abets! reduction* to Newsboys and Itirstas
(Wit gtbbtirolt 64rtte.
3116818.91PP1 a census has been taken.
In forty-f Oar counties seventeen itave in
creased their white population 10,906, and
twenty-seven counties decreased 17,705.
Net decrease in forty-five counties 6,799.
In thirteen counties there has been an in
crease of 7,70 d blacks, and in thirty-one
counties a decrease of 53,:174 blacks.: Net
decrease in forty-four counties 45,575. The
per centage Of while decrease is two antra,
half pee cent.t; -that of the blacksVthirieen
par cent. -Sixteen counties, from which we
'have no returns, had, in 1660, awhile pop,
ulatioii of
. 74,702, 'and 'a black -population
of 85,572. If the decrease or population
should be similar in the other counties, the
number of negroes in the State would be
reduced, in 'rend; numbers, from 437,000
iu.1860, to 380,000; and the white popula
tion fr0m.353,000 to 945,000, leaking a total
estimated deeredse of population in the
State, during the last six years, of shout
8,000 w bites and 51,000.
Tag report of the Controller General of
,- Alabama shows the finances of that State
to be in a wholesotne condition. The re
ceipts from all sources- for the fiscal year
ending September 30, were $6139,462.19,
which was increased to $979,368.70 by the
unexpended balance in the treasury. The
total disbursements 'tor the same period
were $6 . 55,578,93, leaving the balance in
the treasury (obtstanding amounts includ
ed) $31,950.55. During the year 1883 the
State Commis& ner negotiated a loan of
nearly $17,000 in gold to pay interest on
the foreign debt. In addition to the prompt
meeting of the current expenses of the I
State, this )(mu has been exthifguished..
The Controller estimates the receipts for I
the etyront year at $530,090, and the ei
penses at $804,439.
A i'ELEartalir from Chicago states that
'the Democratic leaders there sustain the
Times in repudiating the . President's Poli
cy, and demanding equal rights and uni
versal suffrage, but that - the rank and file
rebel. All this is natural. The leaders
have no strong convictions, but go for
what they think will win. The masses
have been educated - by these leaders, for
-:thhly years, to hate equal rights, and to
tram* with fiendish malignity on the
lowest plane of soci.ty,' These masses
have co/Fictions, coarse and brutal, which
follow their- nerves to the minutest fibre.
If what they were taught to belieie and
feel had a - foundation of truth and rea
son in it, they do not see why it is broved
fllse by defeat. Does anybody
Gov. PArrcor, of Alabama, in his an
nual message to the Legislature, frankly
acknowledges that the freedmen are gen,-
erally entitled to credit for good behavior.
Ile recommends a stay law to prevent the
collection of debts—a measure alwaYs of
-doubtful expediency; and opposes the Con
stitutional Amendment. The Southern
people will learn after a while that the
loyal men of tho nation are masters of the
situation, and that if the Southern States
do not consent to such moderate condi
iions as are now imposed, more stringent
ones will follow, if need be, even to the
obliteration of all their old organizations,
and to the reduction of them to the subor
dination hf territorial dependencies.
Rnarons run to the effect that3faximil
ion is to have the crown of Poland to com
pensate his loss of Mexico. - To accom
plish this the consent of Russia, Prussia
and Austria Must be obtained. The two
fornter. poWers are now in close relations;
but the latter will not like to spare more
territory or population, if she can help it.
The resurrection of Poland would be an
event worthy of celeration thjoughout the
civilized world, as the best atonement pos
sible for a great wrong,- brutality commit
ted and long entbrced.
raw meat, with great success, as an article
4f diet; 1n the treatment of pulmonary con
sumption. to Addition to this treatment
it is now proposed to add brandy, begin
ning with a tablespoonful and increasing
up to four oa - des. If this latter prescrip
tion shall become fashioaable, a largo in
crease of gousumptlve cases may be antici- -
prated. y -
Goy. Cummufos, of Colcrado, under
takes to defend himself from the charge of
arbitrarily and wrongfully giving•the cer
tificate of election as ,delegate to Congress
to the Conservative imndidates. His de
fence COUSI*9 in words; not facts. This
is one of his - hhrordc infirmities. Pray,
Governor, have done with it.
THE continued stringency of the money
market in . th . J western States is creating
apprehensions. of a Commercial revulsion.
Heavy failures are predicted a l A bout to Cincinnati.
Cot,. D.D. M'Cu.n.tar, of Erie country,
will be earnestly pressed for the Speaker
ship. of the House of Representatives at
Harrisburg, at the approaching session.
AT the Franklin county ConventiOn, to
instruct for United states Senator, Curtin
Lad 66 votes; Grow, 2; Stevens, 7, and
Cameron, 1.
Tin speculators in breadstullh are suf
fering "some;" yet, we hear impel - 0 souls
fervently ejaculating, "Good Lord, deliver
- Bev°lutionlin Burnish.
Bev. Dr, Stevens, Baptist missionary at
Rangoon, has written home an account of the
recent revolution In the kingdom Of Itarmah,
in which the king has been deposed by"two of
his sons. Several of the principal °dicers of
state, Including the bele apparent, have been
put to death; and, it is Bald, as usual in such
cases; many of the young princes. -
The king. it appears, was at a country seat
' when the Outblesk occurred; attended:by a few
followers. Then when his rebelilousNont) ap
proached him, it is said he askedi them why
they did thus. The elder replied in , the 'most
respeatitil terms that it wan not Trot Ciany en.
mitydowards him, but because they. Could not
endure the severity of the heir apparent. The
king then took off his ling and gave It to him,
andalso the royal Sceptre. Ile is now in con
finement, and his son reigns. llowever. we do
.not stippose the end is yet. The British rest-
Ze n te,alithe Ehunr:Mfr'llreitelpitrtriulaitarmre eon-
',snots way down to Rangoon." •
The mismonarlea are expecting a more 'We
ald and Intelligent government ns the result,
and hope to tat, able again to send their men to
the ancient capital, and-then to extend opera
tions allover the country.
_ _
—About sf 6 UOO north of stock has been
manufactured Into 950,000 hats and bonnets In
the establishmenta for this purpose in Frank
lin; MSS., during the, present year. About
oraelidit of the stock Is of domestic. manufac
ture, and seren-eahts Imported. The value of
Sho goods made la nearlys4,2oopoo.
' 1
• .
,- - • -,. .•
. .
~ . i -. 4:•*.
- .
- • .
. • • , :. .
..., . ...
• i•
~. •• , ..-'l,„.
. .
, •
. ..
. _ .
• .. . , .
. ,
, ..
. . .
. .
• . ,
, •
. • . . , ,
.• . • .
___________ . -limmipmpor .
- - -
--,-. -., -,l4taitsT, RLISTIeb .- ------ . 1 1 ,,Y----..., - .
--... . . •
. .- -. .
____ , •
• , . ' i b - , ,
Y,,. '.....5.5.V•k., ~.-„... ! .D . /78 , , _ ..
. ~
. - ! CON riz TAI E ZIN A D „r n THLRIT-TWO . COLDEDiR 0i
' .
.' ii,„;, . \,,,. ''.. T c7 ---, ,,
, ,
4 1,14r --7- P - :, , ' j.. ---.- m r ' .,.A. -- . - . ~, I r.. • \ / 7*-7,.t .. , .. ' ~.,
, ...
~ ......,,z
~... ~ ,
.. _ f,-
'--•,-.-- 4V. .P"'"°-*-7-.. '14 ,..% * 4: ' .1. _ -
t 1
i s \I
) '',: ' I -r
--• 1 - ` .•
' •
[ , , 1
,z,_ , 1 1 _ i ~1 . . . ,
::: ;: . &: ,.,7,_ ;r i.,.. : - :: - . ,!! :
. i. . ,1:.... ,_, , _ : , ,:,t ,- 1 ,
._ ~ :-i _-, :
.. 7 ..,.. 1
V '
‘ , . 1 , ( , ~) ' •
) :,
-\ I - , - , ';
__L.- ". , , .'" . '
• . 7. ' l ii \,
t '
1 .
- /
~\ \ ,
* " .. .. 7 '.. , ,,:,,,- . .,-,_
. ;.,F . , s _. j , -:..,,, :\ j , ' ,O h : ) ,e...,, TWOEDITlONS
„...! . 1 1 I
—4 . '
~.. .
.... 7 , ---...74-4,•-•. t
' I.
-. . - •
® i
. . .
.. 15 cent s
IJ II kb'al 4 ii a 0 i, t.
. •
You Coo Boy
-New Hops at Joseph S. Finch's
You Can Bay •
9S per cent. Alcohol at Jtxosph $. Finch't,
• 1,0001413 - left
Oil Tools anti Shoes at tient iner's Opera lieu.
SllOO Store.
Goal Cough 'Candy eau be obtain . e.lirt 112 Fe.
Orul street, Allegheny City. I:no. I:CANC,
Gold rtledel lnenn ha Wine.
Sold at the lowest rate, ail Fleml Drug
store, No. 04 Market street. .
Foreign Liewors of all kinds at Joseph S.
Finch's Distillery, So. 1 e.),•110,193 and 19:, I , lr . st
street, Pit tahlirgh.
Gd Fletsituten Drug . Store,
For iturnett,s Standard preparations of all
kind., cheaper titan any other Orme in the
city. •
, 215 Cosen
Ui tillperior _Boob+ andShot,i,JUA rebnlved. A
splendid chance to all to get bargains, a, h at
diner purchased these goods at a great eaerl
flee to the manufacturers.
In the Shoo market. Gardiner has profited by
it, daring bought op a large eteek at ruinous
Prices, and is now offering the senile to hie cus
tomers at per cent. below the actual cost to
manufacture them.
Be decoyed or lead astray by false ispresens
tattoos and big talk by small shoo dealers.
Gardiner, So. CO Fifth street, has the greatest
facilities fur doing business, and. is up with
the times. Fur bargains, then, go to the Opera
Shoo Store..
At William Tieming's first-class ladles aria
misses Fur House, No. 1:`..) [Good street,,rhete
can be seen cue or the most magnificent stock
of hatii...l fur,. ever offere.llor sale in this city.
occarc,J, Berthas. Eugenic Collars,
ani Vat's, lily's Patent F:xcelslor .Nlnft
Eoostc Ber s.e . tient*, fur caps, collars
am! ~..r.07e4. The at-dye zoods can be hail at
Wiihana FleMine's, No. Wool street, at
lower prices loan at any otter' ilonie in the
Cy the ileretehtt` hatl;ittt Telegraph ei?
From 011-eify.
SpeelBl to the Pitt.thargli Gazette.
• Oai•Cyrr, NOV. r.—l; r. It.
River sereateen 'inches, and rising. Rain
ing hard. Oil market active and higher.
= From Franklin.
FU ANS:LIN,' November 15.-41tiver eighteen
Inches, rising; (Minty. sixteen inches, rising
slowly.; Oleopolis, thirtam inches.. 'Mining
all day, •
Sax FIZAHIIIIII7O, November l4.—Letters from
Generals Alvarez. and Diaz, via Acapulco. to
November sstate that Mar vessels of the
Frencii'llecehad lett that port. 'The garrison
consists of one hundred and eighty men. The
news of the capture of Oxnea the Liberals
18 confirmed..Ane tiler acilmant says that three
vessels' of the French IletA had procei,led
from Acapulco to Alazallun to withdraw the
French troops lrran the latter place and carry
then, to San Atlas.. General Alvarez has ILvett
his headquarters three miles (rein Acapulco,
which Mace he expected soon to captum, hav
ing received from San Francisco a battery of
tilled cannon, accompanied by twelve veteran
Wheat. Onset' yesterday uL tr2,o per 100 Ms
The market Is unsettled.
The schooner 0.. L Weston. which left hen
September .27111, is :mid. to have tleliverell
cargo or emitted ammunition uL a Ilex rear
port nt o..rne.s, which were delivered on bean
the ship at V 2, 1 .234 per hundred pound.
Fenian Trlalx—Prisoncia Discharged.
TOILONTO. C. NV., November 15.—The Fenian
'trials which have occupied the Court during
the past eleven days, will close temporarily
on past
next, an the Court x ill not sit
during the term. It was at first supposed that
such of Ale prisoners!. had not been brought
to trial before the Court roes, would base to
await their trials at the January Assize,, but,
it la probable that an arrangement will be
made by which they will be hrongbl before
fi Court sooner. 'A special Comual,ision is
expected -to issue In a few days tor nri:ding
their trials, linmediately after the term closes,
a fortnight horn next Monday. It will be Mr.
Hagerty's tern to lake up the business at that
time. Two Penises were discharged-from •
cuntaly yesterday, sufficient evidence so place
.them on trial not being forthcoming, sad two
more will be discharged to-day 10: slillas
Late Electilows lu Detroll—Herinit
• irdiangedflisrffstilpii Experleneed.
prTROIT; SOPC . Mher 15.=1.:476,1dertible•
leg Is manifested here by the Itcoubilran.,
over the decision of the Board of County Can
vassers -
who yesterday threw out the yotes
of the Fifth and Sixth wards, on acconnt'of a
surplus of votes being returned over the num.
her on the fall list. The excess being four In
one ward; and eight rn another. This action
causes the election of the entire Democratic
County and Legislative ticket.
Governor Crum), by p ro c l amation, nppoinl e
Tbursday, the 29th inst„ n slap Ottilauksgir
log and prayer. • . •
The crow of the schooner Ad riandack, Tu.
coolly underwent extraordinary hardships on
'Lake Huron. The schooner way . 111smasted
hnd drifting about on the Lake, tor twelve
days, nine of which they were out of ooglit. 01
land; the crow subsisted, nine days on boiled
Status of iiiiiii ppl—liispreuto court
I=tl2 CEI
NewOHLEANS, November h.—The Soprethe
Court of Mississippi has decided that toe
State never lost its organization as n gove re
men!. by rcaqo7l of recession or war, but that
It was, in ail respects, not only depict°, but
defure a State, and that the functions of gov
ernment are rightly and Constitutions ily exu•
erclsed by those who exercised the executive,
legislative...llnel judicial hint:Lions during.
that tune, w,thin the State. The opinion or
the Court Wan .delivered by Judge Harris.
Judge Shallyerger, of Missimippi, has else
decided that sales and execdtory contracts
made before the surrender, foundert upon
Confederate Treasury notes as a consider..
Lion, were valid and gun be enforced now.
Judge Clayton ' sOine.tirne since, decided to
rho contrary. These cases go to the Supreme
Coart for final adjudication. .
from Lon
Lonisvitte, November 15.—The twirler of
tomorrow will announce 'that Thomas L.
Crittenden bur resigned .the State Treasttly
snip, and Alfred W. Allen appointed. Sir.
Crittenden, Colonel In Ito Regular army, goes
to California to take command of a regiment.
The Democratic State Central Committee
have determined to call a State Convention,
'to meet at Frankfort, on Felduary.2 . 2d. .
. W. F. Ring has been arrested anticommltted
to the military prison as one of the maraud
ers upon the LOultiville end .Nashviile .rail.
00. Cr.
The Rev. 0. 11. Cummings ha been consecra
ted Bishop of the Protestant Fpiscopal Dio
cese. The ceremonies were veil' imposing.
Hatboro:nena allows Col - framing Jett. Da-
New Your, Nov. 1.5.—A special to the Foss,
from Washington, imp,: Secretary McCulloch,
in his annual report will simply repeat his
former recommendations osier us currency is
concerned. no will oak for authority to 18 , 1110
long L per cent. bonds, which shalt be exempt
from taxation, and for discretionary power to
reduce the volume of currency.
It is understood that soon after the opening
of Congress, the House Judiciary Committee
will review the whole subject of the assas
sination plot and examine witnesses relative
to Jett Davis.
Generals Grant nod Sickle,*
WABIIINOTON, Nov. It.— . .rbere !new 1 1 ,.,
take in the statement that Gen'. Brant h lu
attendance at the horse fair near Baltimore,
us It is ' , Paid it the headquarter. of the ariny
that he has hot been out of Washington tor
the last twe clam SIsJ. Gen. Sickles Is am no g
tbe latest arrivals from the South. _
tOtel Iltifiread Accident.
'Olt CITY, Pa... November 15.—8. B. Slate, of
-Tompkins county,•New York, an operator In
the employ of the-Western Union Telegraph
Company, Boyd Farm, ra., was run over by
train last night and so seriously inj axed that
!caled this morning. The remains are In
charge of Masonic brothers. •
The , ilaltlinore Trouble A d.
. . .
Mums/oar, Nov. .15.—Idesns. Muds and
tae old board °trolley. Commissioners,
formally surrendered everything this morn
lag to the new Commissioners, who have fully
entered on their duties at the.COMMlssloners. ,
Sentenced to be Hanged
BOSTON. November 15.—James Brown, -
colored seaman, was to-day sentenced to be
banged on Frnlay, March 12th.
- Tennessee Legislature., November 13.—The Samna OS.
tamed a quorum, to-day,
Belgium's Prfetidly Relation:: -Movements
of Steamship,--The Rebel BumMader;
—The A nueNOLIOII otilome- h{nauelal Al
russets, Novoulher 14.—The King
opened the Belgium Cliatuhors, itsteibly.
lu 1113 epeeett lie tool. reeailqu 115 nlluQo to
the friendly relations with!,ll,l, the iirent. pow.:
!re, anti asSerleil that a strict hularkility
be.ole:ereea. • •
iletexsTowx, New. 15.—The' bt011111916 fp City
of London, fropt 'New York, Nov. N.l, touched
LONDON, Sot • . It—NOti/1.-1110 rebel bond
I olden, arc about bringilw their came under
tlie notice of the Itrithilt Covernineet. 9t'l
- Il1:LLI1tet
011 , 10,11111i1 Clain], • .
It 1• reported that when t lie French troops
evacuate Homo the Romans will flamed lately
vote in favor of being annexed to /1:Lly.
LivtaLroor., November It—The market for
cotton is heavy and irregular; sales toelaN
have liceu 0.000 hales.
1.0 Non?, November 14..L-Alone,y market. is
armor.. Voni.ols have advanced to tor tourn
ey. the following arc the current quotations
of United State,. seeurltle." United States
N.;..0, n 934; Erie, 51 , i; 1111 non. Central, 7,z.
LivennooL, Nov. ls:—Noon.—Cotton market
opened doll and prices declined :idly tO.
Mlddllitir Uplands are /11101.01 t sales
7,040 bales.
The money market is firm. COniiols for
money.PO; S.!::; Erie Railroad, W 4 1111 :
mil- , Central, 7S.
Liven:root, November: C..--.Voon.—Tho cot
ton market opened dull, unit prices declined
fully 44: rimidllim uplands are quoted at 14,1.
Lomiox, November I.S.—Noon.—COMOIS for
money, PO. American Seel. ritte.s opened no lows: iitatea Erie, 504; Illi
nois Central, To.
11iocnas School (7onticted and enteuced to
hr —Thomas Doolittle Acquitted.
Touooro, C. W., Xiivember 15.—Thu Court
met ut ten when the .retlan ti Juts
were resumed. la C 01 1 ,31411016" Of the in
clemency of the weather the attendance Of
spectators was -
Thonia:s School was placed in the Ile
to between twenty and tiveuty-five yews c;i r
age, and. did not appear to Ice) hi, serlon
stliOn. tie we, eharge.l under the sir ennuis,
Mr. McKenzie oljected that the prisoner a a,
charged upon tau sets of eonnts, speellyin .
differentlwo offences, and tl n It w s
ants of the Clown 10 Okla to It hall ',I. troy
wools! prose, it.
Hie Lordlittp overruled the objection.. '
Mr. Harrison opened the cuss for the Crown,
In which le ez plat nett tki the Jury the law of
the Case. Ile toid the Art. it was their fluty,
after they Mid 14eard ,Hie evidence, tay
' whether the pt/5011, alltS an American citi
zeit or ltritidi subject. I
After an examinationinf the witnesses, Mr.
McKenzie addressed the Jury on behalf °fill°
prisoner. Mr. It. A. Harrison replied On the
part of the Crown. •
His Lorkirdlip then OollllllolleVa Ills charge,
and having read over his notes to the jury,
muted that Use defence set tip of intoxication
wits no defence In law. t f the Jury believed
he evidence, they should :Ina the praioner
guilty on I lie fourth and tlfth counts ' that of
being found la arms with a ht,-tile , intent, but.
the CirCIIIIISLILII,:eS trees ills alallarf 111 - to eon.
Viet hint on the sixth count, hut ot conduit
tin„•• un act of hostility.
The jury then retired, and after an absence
or tire nimitte,, rctinn.l with a verdict of
guilty on the fourth and fifth counts, and Lot
guilty on tilt, other.
tion..! Cameron moved lOC judgment on
the pii,ititer.
Mr. AR:Kinzie moved, in secret of Judgment a
that the Verdict was found on two Cone is bad
tont Lac prisoner could not be found guilty Oa
the same imitetment of two OlnaleeS,
Kl3llOll tie scion arfaltllli as 11l the 'ant aria
former cases of CollYletloll, allll that till, ot
fences in tit: 4th and alit Courts are not of
fences created by the secoud scot lon of I lie
The prisoner in reply - to bin Lordnhin,
Ile tool 1101.11Olf: to .ay Wily 1110 t If
thin Court Ghoul l notlbe 11,004 upoonuse. ltin
Lordship then ..seotutlec.l lOW to to hangol on
the 15111 of December._ -
Patrick Donohue E yal then placed In the
dock, but the Crown 'tailed to piny,. any case
against him and Els Vordellip directed an ac
quittal. The prh , otier, hero, Leaving the
Court, took up his hat, and addrensing ice
Lordship, said: 1 e God hiece ydu, icy Lord, Anti
gentlemen,” lie then left with_ his friends.
This concludes the Fenian trials for this
.I.ondon orliner" on American Affairs
-New neforlin to America,
New Yong, Nov. 15.—Thr following I, addi
tional by the ateainer Persia:
Mr. Walter, principal proprietor of the
Tm who i•lao, present 4,lv:cling IRA rnericn...
has addre,i , ed U-.101.1.0r tt, 1.111, Chief editor of
that Journr.i, Mr. bonnie, o.r.pre.ssing his deo
apprOt al of the folley follnatat t:, t Int .nt tut.
of the Tame, relative to American ail d,ll-4.
- fir. IPfgraell and his nilubitidott courage.,,
have drawn win new•reform bill, which 'will
be taken into confide nation andldiecie,oti ui
the next Cabinet Council.
According to the, terms Of Mr.• I"i.rurl is
bill every house tenant world obtain
aulrrage, and apparently there• nn it lifer•
enCe and the bill Introduced bylmr.
Bright, who demanded only tioiondnijd suf
frage. But fir. irlsrael coil ides hie qualltlet•
lion for the franchl,e %vita the condltiOn of a
three years re:Thiene°, although the tualority
of the workmen-wise occupy the entice 1.011..9
lu lingland pay a weekly Cent and are rein
pelted by n tro , “..ra
to also move to lli llnrnitt OtthtilhOthoOd,
Mr. D'lsraelPs hill will, therei.'re, Ind be ac
'elided by the lAbernt party:
Prints: Alberto( -Prussia Will sail out short
ly for the-United States, accompanied .by.tile
members,' of n commission, entrusted wi tit
considering the organization of the Aineri
can navy,.and to draw tip a report thereon,
for presentation to LII, king of Prussia, who
hfu3 purchased the American monitor for $l,-
The Ifeiattl's corn espontlent learns that tile
Emperor of Brazil,' lion Pedro 11., is noon to
pay. a visit to the United States to study
American Institut:otos. -
• Fenian krixocteur Vaunted.
Tomo:ire, Nov. I5.—A Fenian prisoner unified
Thomas Ityull escape's from Jail this morning.
The plan was etlected in the most daring man
ner, and there are strong suspicions /hat he
must hare had accomplices.
iltrlOrALG, November I5.—A Toronto special
to the Expresm gives the particular s of Hyatt's,
one of the Fenian prisoners, toespo from Jail.
On turning .Queen's evidence, ho WRY given
greater freialuns, and seas permitted to sleep
in the chapel wit li lire turn keY. Lust night Ito
retired to bed at the usual hour, and iit 2.10
this morning was sceu lying In hell as usual
with his clothes on. .A t. 31N one of the turn
boys had occasion to go up stairs and found
Hyatt nort.eAt.
The other turnkeys were Immediately
aroused and Lim police In the Third di.VISIOIM
or the city, Wore notified. Tim escape was ef
fected In so daring a manner Thathe 1111151
tiara hail an accomplice to assist him. From
an examination of the surroundings,' It ap
pears that , ityall, after leaving the eliapel.•
went down stairs to the next fiat and enter‘d
a room used for the storage of bedding .te.,
heihen took a heavy tick mattretb ont o Lora
It into solos and made Ids way to the door Robbery by n Clerk' of the New Turk
in the third dal, vatieh
ibis d ot
to l it open 1 Ilierntd—hamages Reeovered.
air on LlOl east side; this oor was about ! New Tong, Nov. Ill.—This morning Charles
thirty feet from , the ground and strongly las-.!
i Octave, a clerk In the chanting-room of the
---:Jlert4ld, left for parts unknown. taking with
. Ryan hail provided himself with un iron bar t om A package containing 0110 nlOllllOlOl 0110
With which he rtrellUl,4l 011101 1110 11001', 0101 hundred lied thlrty•llve dollars Iti greenbacks
after tiein the nianufacto red rope toll pot ! and currency; which he bud abstracted from
,ton of the' woodwork on that Mit, lowermi „„,„. 0 lo.too am ,.
bonnet( down lota what Is known us the outer. ; '''' '
Mrs, Mary idthennett. recovered a verdict of
yard, and escaped through a fence on the east .
. d
side, which Is in a very delapltated condition. three thousand dollars against the Second
Avenue Railroad Company for Injuries sos•
i t alum( by her In being thrown off a car,whlelt
The Army or the Tennettee. ! the conductor:darted while she was le the
Ci rieltini ATI, November 1f.... , -.d rettolu two was -act of stepping old.
passed passml fixing upon Clylle,7oldo; the burial ; _........--
1 of General Mcrlterml, as the proper I River. and Weather at Louisville.
place for a monument ` 1.00105 mu; November 15. —Itiver fulling.
After transuctffig ',m tielniOortant lomi- ; with nee feet 111110 inches water In the canal,
ness, a I'o6ollllloll Won adopted to bold the I weather moderate, /
next annual meeting at et. pints, the time to
___............_______ __
he Indicated by the P intitt
rest, whereupon Um I • ,
soeh!t. Mortuary Report. .
y adjourned, • 1 It -G. L .McCo o k,• •
After the adienrnment, the members, In a r. 1.. i • 1131001011 to the Hoard of
viono,i the hail of do,
ere of , i , r.1,,,. Health, reports bOVCIIIOOO 511 the total number
by writ ation, where they were cordially re- of deaths for the weekending November nib.
calved by the merchants of the city. 1 WU.° deceased nine were •Inales and ought
. ; females. All were white. The diseases pro-
Prestryterlnn General AseemblY• i d o .4 ,i o " ftllry t . 4 l; w ATu a' n&a i r7a " 1; Con . s u rn pl. ion,
Meuruis, Nov. 1:, —The general Assembly ! I; Pneumonia, I; • Hypertrophy, 1; Enlarge
of the Presbyterian chore! :smith, convened , Meet Of the Rear% l i t : t l t l a ,h 7 o l o y p si i s n , g • I; Co A u n g g h lr , t l a ,
here to- day, Rev. Geo. Rowe, Moderator of , alembranuetta, 1 ; Unknown, I; Croup, I; heel-
last General Assembly. delivered the
.; d en t, I ; u,,,,,,,Ni 0 ,,,, ,
01,cillng address .
e nv. Andrew 11. Kerr, of the t Still Born, 1 ; Typhoid Fever, 1; Diptheria, I;
7dempets Presbytery, wits unanimously elect- Pountonitt, 1.
eel Moderator. A very largo number of min- Of the above there -were ; Under one year,
Lsters (torn Southern states mei preahytnriAns :1; from one to two, I; from two to live, 1; from
were In attendance, 0,111 Um greatest harnmny ilfteen to , twenty, 2; Rom twenty to thirty, 2;
and Fraternal feeling characterized the pro.' from thirty to forty, llt filorn ftxty to seventy,
ceetlingli. • • , 2; from seventy to eighty, 1.
. --
Fernando Wood's Foliation. I rives In the Untilltaltis.—The Armstrong
New YOrts. November 15.—Fernando Wood 1 „Republican states that very extensive arcs
denied the published rumors , coneevnlnz him, • have liven raging on the Allegheny and Brush
and says: I have not advocated negro sof- ; mountains, for the past few clays. The one on
(rage, either in Washington or elsewhere. 1 ; Brush Mountain is In the large bench near
stn not in larOr of the .proposed amendment , the Kettle, and is visible from Johnstown:
to the Constitution; nod I nave taken no part I The one on the Alleghenies Is to the neigh-
In fayOr or against any candidate for naval I btwittood of Kittanning Poll, and is only visi
race at New — York; nor have 1 In any way I '
hie from that locality at Intervals. ..From
taken pan lB that watteri ..
.- what cause these Ares Orig 1 to is not a n t e d.
. —s. • . _ •
l'onunylvitnin t , 11.a . t0 i:o . iingt—iiillll for lie-
dekuptio .
Anat.. ieno, November Iv-The following
are the bids for the redemption of Penneylva
eta Statit loans, Opened in the State Trensu
re r's Office to-tlay e ltyihe Coinmissionere of the
Sinking Fund. The Commitedoners have re
eerved the right to receive or reject the terms
on 'which these State loans have been offered
for retlempt
Name of Bidders.
George linker .t. Co.; reg. :.+ of '.'.., 47,711... 97 '
George Ilewee, reg. .59, i 0,000.... ........... 9-1 1 ,
dO. 19 , 119.1 54, 10,01k1 10,1
Mary W. Ite-x.,, leg. 5..., 1,6,51 10,5
Ilitherea itekloi on, reg. 3,, 3,uou illti
Drexel .0 Co., reg. ss, .11,00) ..t.t,‘.;
First National Bank, Phila., Dig. Ss, :01,000 par
Do. do. ,In. do., 11e.950 94
Do do. do., coil poll 3,, 9,1011) 701 ... i
First. NAL 11.10 k, 151110., reg. 3., 1-911, iiii i rosi 97;,,
Jay Cooke .0. Co.; reg. I, 19 ,, X,37
d .. 97
Do. 0., coupon 11s,41,111) 97
—Knowles, reg.:.., 3,000 . par
Len iv t:lkin, ryg. 55,3,11.10 - 9- ,
110, do ,' 4,0)0 97 1 .;
Do. coupon 3.4,3,900 9+
Joseph H. Sharp, reg. ss - ,-11 170 99.11
Illnglotni & Yetis, reg. 3m, 11,000 9(9„
S. Weir t.exvia, reg. 39, 7,791. par
.1. 1.91011 r Ca' 0, eOllllOll (0, 6010 97)4
Charles 11. Itodget9, coupon ss, A,OUU . 931,
A. Diddle, 09119011.5.., 139,o111) ,
110. do. 14,040 9-it.. I
- ,1 1 7. I
Dv. reg, Ss. 37,00 U
York Co. Nal nmal Dank. coupon es-, .Al,lOll WO,:
1". L. licesy, coupon's, 00,0011 1113
1,0. reg. rei, 11,000 1.171;',
Slat. Tre4+llrer lieinhie to-day received a
dispatch announcing that the safe In the
f reasiirer's °like at Beaver COMA) . 111111 been
broke!, Obeli 911 d robbed 010 considerable 411111
Of 111011e3". ' -
President Johnoon—How One or Ills
Cabinet hentirdo'llon.
- •
Now lona, Nov. 15.—The limes gives promi
nence to the following portion 01 a COnitile
- ideation, to-day, addressed lye amember 01
the Cabinet to a' friend of the admlntstration
In Now England who seemed to be apprehen
sive that the difficulties between •the Preto
dent:anti Congress might induce action On
the part of the former, which would tend to
widen the breach, if it did not put important
lamest , In point. Tile member of the Cain.
net, says: tNetwithstanding Ills long public
career, pew men teem to be less understood
than President Johnson., That be is a man of
strong convictions and earnest' purposea, Is
OVldeut from the manlier in which ho advoca
ted anti pushed forward important measures
in I - ongress, like the Home/demi bill, and to
stand which be took against secession and in
favor of the Government during the
late _civil war. 'lie believes that (ho
1 manner on which he proposed that
the tiovernment should deal with the
zmuthern Status Was net only a tuagnaniniMlS
one, but the only one likely to result lii a
speedy and hearty reconciliation between the
sections, anti lie has felt it to be his duty to
stiStain Ills VleWs by the exercise or such pow
ers ad the Constitution had clothed him.with.
But while this has been, and daub:ll,s will
continuo to be his course, he will violate no
lw, nor tail to perform the ditties which are
le a gally devolved upon lion. Ile will veto every
ME that he may regard unconstitutional. no
matter how u n popular it may be ler hint to do
so; tint he will execute with scrupulous fidelity
' all laws, asp 'Malty t. 1.106. to which he has dot
chimed to give his Executive sanction, 'The
apprellennidu wel , Ol you seem to feel, and
whtch many others share with von, • that Mr.
Johnsen will avenint to force Southern rep•
iesentatives Into Congress, or do any hther
imprudent I Mug by w hich the public peace
' win be disturbed, or the public credit bn de
ranged, Is utterly unfounded. While he will
exerelte leurlelsly the power which ho pomace
sus under the Constitution- in fertherance of
the muomtes which he thinks are best talen
t/dud to promote the public wealth.
he • will not quarrel • wtthh Congress .-Mr .
pursuing . the same independent course,
tie regrets Wei:lt...agreement betacell tee Le
gislature and raeeLITIV,e . nranches of the tier,
erntnent, and wonld, I doubt nut, yield hunch -
to effect a reconciliation. Ale will nut, hen',
ever, morrinee Ids principles nor violate the
Coiatitut ion according to, his interprethuon
of it, no matter what preAshromuy be Itrfluglit
to bear mien him. Ile means In do right as he -
understands the right, and will trust to time
(Or Oho vindication of his ceurse.. ila will lot
n trite to the COnntltUtlen; and the Govern.
meet an Preeldeuf 01 - the United Mate, as 1.. e.
ohs true and steeditod to the f:itionhi the
darkest days of its trials. .
Order No. 41—The Redemption of Seven
W., , IIINTON, Nov. ]3—The President, Seer,
tary of Writ', 0011 foo.rai Qrant, aro ilmiTing
that they hove revoked Order 41. •
The rapid conversion,' at lice Treasury De..
imminent of nevent !Orly notes and I.lve
,leittly 1 , 0111111, attended with many dinteul
t les un account of the number of lost or stolen
:Seven-thirty note; sent 'to the Department:
Banks and persons dealing In Set . ..llllnm,
3hould remember that although the Coupon
Fonds of the i:overtito eta itie Issued payable
to'bearer, sir that they will j 1113.-1 by delivery,
they are , good, although •liy,t or stoles when
in the hands out bona tide bottler. The ease
it different with the noven.thirtios which
ar'e , Issued In blank, Dut with
word , "or or ,, or,"Nottead of "or bearer,.!
In 111(.1 on the tote. AC inng 119 a lieyen-Tilir•
1,17 IMO remain, in blank, it pa , ses by
delivery like a I,ollloin 1101100.1 d 11 bona title
purchaser fur value eat! Collect the name,
notwithstanding It has been Wilt or: etoten:
le ,
. .
, n •
• ain vale the holder of the heve,ilorty
fills the blank space with his name, the note
then herrouefflds property, payable to him mr
order lend he eamnot then after Lie depriVed
of him title, by nny or—lareetty or( he note,
any more than the holder of u
cheek. or_ draft
.payunle to Ills order,
und thbf s the law notwithstanding Ids
name .may 10011 been ,co
extracted by acid, or otherwigo, ns to leave no
trace of the name II the holder or the note,
cull prove clearly Unit his . AMA, W.41 , 41)1100
Mpit tell upon the face Of the Fevers-Thirty, his
le is good, not .111141.1.WD] g the erasure, mud
even against u bona tide holder for value, nod
will be rt:C01“11,011 by the Tremblay Depart
ment and, upon proof, the :IMO will Ini 'mid to
Mtn. All permeaS4b,lin.• “"yernment.
iritie9 ' to bear Id mind the
foregoing peeuliarity of haven-Thirty 1111100
which clay, us'stated, bemuse
_converted Into
negotiable seytaltte, payable only to order,
which CanaoZ i.e Ole V.:1,0 1,4 h any I , f the rent
pun !Joni!, Id, the Government.
Splendid Banquet to tYrnri w. Elem .
N Inc Tone, November lb.—A maize Mem, t.
hibimuet was given to Cyrus W. Field, to-night,
' I,v the members of the Chamber of Commerce
at lite Metropolitan lintel. Three hundred
guests were present. A, W. Low, Chi alrm,
of The Chandler of Commerce, presided, and
made the opening speech. Mr.f.leld replied
at length, In which, after giving! the history
of the Atlantis telegraph and an account 44
lila early a1.9, , 0datt4, lie eulogised the British
government for Ifs zeal in LIM subject at Me,-
ant. , Thu ann-Ints been to secure nrompt-and
certain tramonissinti of inesagt - ki. The two
cables do their part well. If anything, the old
eable works better than the new; bilt the new
Is constantly Improving. Thu caul,, could now
be worked with a buttery composed of a gartf
tlll Anita strip of zinc *salted by a drop Of
water. lfu wobld nab° content Until a mow
sage reached New York In twenty minutes.
In palliation of the • nigh tariff, he stated that
twelve millions had been sunk,
Vensebs lo 'rouble.
GALVHSTON, NOV 14, Via New 001.5059 1 NOV.
15 —N. H. dent, agent of the Reuel of Under
writes, reports that the steamship lien. Sedg
wlcltwentm,littler bar, yesterday morning,.
and, in the afternoon a heavy %rind created
considerable sea. The Captain left the ship
and came up to the city for assistance. At one
o'clock a lighter was sent down a Ith a Steve
dore undo gang of men to lighten and pump
ine.ship. captain Hawn :intl. with the steam
tugl Mizabetti ILeail, was• sent down with an
other cable and steals pump, and the Ugh ten-
Mgr the sh ip. and heavy eta, with a very high
tied she she MILO tar, and is now discharging sev
eral canes ofrods, damaged, winch hare been
_and we fear, 'gorewill corns Oat
ilttnaate4l. Tle schooner Adolphe Huber old
the brig Florence coined with the tiedg wick,
and all three are somewhat damaged.
A Protective TnriliWnnted:—Yextertiny
Svert3l Corryspund...nce of the Pitts bu e
Cr. t:rct..tsn,-~oYrmrbur li,lsr,ol.
truly It leer and enlightened country like
nor on . lt mein than' logetberlll comull. so
Innen wi-dom and Intelligence from ' among
the Limiest yeonninry of the land lin met yes
terday in nta, r is convention in this city. We
have attended political conclai es, where the s6tle,..nati, the polished Orator and
usamnhled to ntl ranee some
nal lentil senellle, or to enunciate new petite!
pies In polities, but we liave'never been prey-,
OW run nation/4 nivelll4r Allele more native
talent and intelligetieepre vaned than at the
N 111.10.11 Wool UrinierS' ConVelitloninst eel.;
ed. Each diidegate appeared to be thoroughly.
itequainted with every feature of the interet
he represented, omit bin views and Ideas (moil
the eilbjeet were clothed in the plait manor
truth and sinverity. Alt felt the urgent ne
cessity forborne protection, and claimed that
tinder the preiwnt Py , tetti of tariff, the advan
tages whiell talent.' be given by the GOvern•
meld to its oral ritlznus Were eonferred upon
l .' oreigners, who grow rich out of the parti
ality, while Anitirtcart, found profitless
bets for their wools. They lelt that the Na
tional Letrinliillire wood, itt its neat.
listen to the demands of the great agriculte
rid Interest of wool growing, amt afford the
reasonable protect ion .1 eat red,vl7,eslabl jolting I
a tar It stmt will equally protect the Wool
growers smut the manufacturers, of wool, and
pitivetit heti. from ntill ' erlntr ill competition,
with the rich producers who pay low wages
in roreo;rl corm ries. The tariffs which have /
hitherto) Incest established were either Made-
I mate to the u ant• iii tile . I rool.ltrnwera. or
were In direct oppoiltion to the Interests of
the wool ma:inflictor ers. Thlslapsed Itittag
unniin between the!, wo grea bodiesclmi
elicit busied in undoing and reiktallng
trio legislation .teernplistuid by the older.
lint It nen . Order or 11l legs has daWned.
Auntolfacturers join hands with the weid
growers, and both element, petition Congress
for Ihe passage of the tariff hill which stall
Adopt ion, lip the...lloubtit. was post p,...41 by .
the Sarah, at the it se,Nltill. Theeirort
earneffly renewed to have 'the hill
pa.-eied, and lisneo the assembling 01 the Clsu.
ventlon, which 111, inst r 10.1.4 Its labors. l'he
meeting , was n blletles,, and the greatest
uu :nitwit} of feeling prevailed. Tile attend
ance was large, tllO4lO/ the "assembly might
more propolly be styled RS n. electing of the
Executive Comm tree of the ' wOol growers of
AVCD.N.I,II',I I,octEfuNt.il3.
- At t WO o'clock - 011 W1 • 11:11,1 . /1E• 11 I[OEOOOllO be
Convent/0a cu-rynifiled helly's Mull, on su-
I:tor stre.ett and or/non/no! hy /denim.; Mon.
It. M. Alonf goipery, or , lino, as elifilrinan,
Ir. 'l!..Greer, of 6 111 0 ./INO•ElOttry. t: 11011 1.-
runting the duties of the ponitiOn llin
dent ?mole a brief and title addre , n, Ili which
hu dirolully rev 1, Ile , ein.tion of home
0 - oieet t,Oll l 111011 the pro, below/ of
the prop./ ..ed to, ilf
Shi Or Marry IV •.1' Indiana oolndy,
ro / ouveltul [bat the propos/ /IT:trill 11.11 he read
111 onter he in/ n.hef I to: ItollVetlEioll
,01 10111. 1 hot unghly mole, tand..fri
real , y - the , cereldre. tiller which
Mr. Samuel Meru , , 01 In.
011011 to Ilto 111,01:1):. Ile counniti,
late/1010 weril tin,oers upOn tlio union winch
they had beirarant .01,1, Ire manias/a wren., no
nelthar Inlentst eould hell live fool pr.por
wlttlont. Ilia. tither. if too omen 1, tint di ,
lunntlaaVoiP / Crodyrnzi,lllo Lunn' bill will proba
pa/e, lit its nem ..e.snioti. The genilemnn
concluded by orcointhen/ling onion
ono work ao.ollc the NI3OI growers till itEo
t.trtlt lieuunided in, granted.
Major Harry W hue, of reute.ylval/1.1-, took
the Moor and _taint hllo,o altliougli, her loot
COM& to Jim touven: lot/ to In, I.t.ructrd
rather haft io hist( net, he felt that. the
Io,L.WIIy TO V. 51 0 .4110 1,11,11,•,1, tell. , In Make
OttOII.IVO tletuttnot. ti;oto for In /Ann
[lon, Claiming 11,111, to/ n terhorlol re;rjeultoral
body, their rinhb. no.l ins re,pcnio d , anil their
internal,/ guarded. Ile would Inerelolo nioen
that 0 committee he al/n0un...1 to draft. no/.
lotions upon the -I/Intel. a 'ipre”-,n• e 1 Ihe
,1100: 01 the "meeting. Alter ii lei lon an ,
• tnaled deanneorit, itelninod in by 31/.0500.'1.0t/
tie, of_ New loi /den:J.l.e :atty.: , 11.11.1 yIEII- -
lit . ''l l'nuis , rleunnt, 11,/ork, of /Ado.
p i c/ .40 ///, of 10:01,, II:011,01 110 , 0
PtE , 'Etit 1 :0 10 10, it 0
,' 0:1111 11, t• op
t/W.11,d: L. It Pollle, \ . ,:a I tan; 1.. Mao,
tnontl, V. Wei:rill el i penned, n- Tl un - -not
/Olio el the New Fauflund owl toren r,'
~.oeinuon; 'to. 11,10, lino, ono,
Aloyne, IVO111.1: E.
Stlliloan, i://onsul, 111floy,
enin'etition 11 , 1,1.11rn0d re, slipper,
and lie iidnie :dare at eight
o'clock. when, atter reorgan Whir. theallow
re,oloitioirs were reported Ly_Mr. . thittlit
Llialinuin is: the i•oinniittee • -
Rc,ofood, 'Flint to, e believe t 100 ste{eo toodoe ' a by
A 4,003.11011 of 15'00i 1;r01,....n4
hd Alitnutflettirors peCillo 1 1, • 0 411111011 Of
HP , mutuality 01 their lint:tools, I.ill, it tallow.
Oil unit In goad hilt n, insure incrosioost pros.
pertly of both. • f
Rezolt 211, That the tit ~,•n who benrs the
burden of the Governtnellt collide:I to the
notysittngesol the utarlotorro odlos country, Jinn
too compel hint to pity too the privilege of such
inurizetf loose than in rofinlred ht foreigners
Is unwise:inn tnif ust, and In the end will pi•fove
flete/1,1, That the Taidir Hill, as it relates.
to wool and tt osoloops. oto,l by the
. 1 01intLotlifiii I It I! 01" 1% out firowtoi W 001 ..
N1,01111n , •1014.1-, no, 1.41 , 1 4 ; C
, 0ng,...
1.. 1.1.5
Calcol.tlo t 0 10,1. e u...p...k;ty to
g lo Wct. l o.lloatilfit,lilivr. OLI -11111 1..04 lit
' gi.larrtil prosticrory oh lire cnt , nod
thin w to O stain' tiny by it, , sailn hy
all taesnro its'early adoption to it law.
Joie edrcd, copies or rt,thattitts
he 1, - .;rst,ttratttt to the Hon. David A. %Volts, to
tile Committee of Wiles mid Teuton, :tont tint he
Scoot?" 1;01111011 NA! having charge of soiol hid,
Atter the 1, 01111.1011 m 11 en) reotol Ily the see
rotary, it resOllttioni was paased that. flat* . lie
acted 111,011,1:1041.410y.
Air. Jupiter Pottle,. of New Yost I.:, tool:
floor, iolvocottlint the reosilut noon, Milli
hollowed hy ''titer L'speolcoore. -11 Ito Ili•tot too
1 . 1,401111100, II ern 1111:1.0i111t0iSly .101,1,41 said
the consoletation of the others wits held over
for unit oho 'n meeting, Tu.! Con Ventlooi then
10 Illttet next moral:if.
.. (1 11 , 11S1,1" . 0 rnecfaolsooio.
Tho tie. re-asseni Med this morning
M. oleo o`elttelr, and proeeetlod with tile hello,.
upon the yelolutton, ...ported I ho Previetiv
evenint, 'rho third wat., stnntl
oppokal by the 1 delegation, they aye,-
ring that the bill preaCtlte,l to QollgleeS,Wlll
not.popular it. that State, unit that another
_be mtbstlintett 'iltch would I(ll3wer the
purpose anned hi, tool prove ..atlslitelory to
all Of Abe Staten. After sortie mai rited didatte,
the. Ildnots tieleg4 I 101 l witintree. 11 , 1 I' Oldet-
Holt. alai ha published above the resolutions
• were un Ito Ittiouttly
On inotion It was decided to levy upon eaoll
State a flit to defray the necessary expel...,
incurred by the AN,OCiatloll.
Col. Muds, of the 01110 delegation, etre red a
resolution providing for tile al/1101a tlnrnt of
11e55r....?.101141011112.ry of 01111, Poi t to
and l:nu
dali, or :low ork, allll Garland, ot 1111.101,012
a committee to 01110 Preolitlugton next winter,
to urge upou Cougrees the orwent neees2ity
luamediately co...nth:dog 1110 !arm' bill.
The reiolation who unanimously wielded.
Itesolutions of isynmuthy with the Ptesittent
01 the Association, Lion. It. 0. lt . tudall, of New
York, who Is dangerously 11101.1.1 or thanks to
the Joutt C0...x.111.m oil Conterinice ..f tae
Wool.Growels had Wool trcae Lovers, were
After tho transietion bf setae minor bust
netts, the COllVealloll adjourned stn.: the-.
Ti,., onlY t, d at the Con.
vention wmo ilor Pittsburgh Gazer tr., Chi
cago Rep./down', Chief:nett i Coninirrdot. New
York Tribune, and the cl,eland Lerlder and
The Pcnoyyl run is Ilelegut w
of the inlluu ing 11,11.Vy WOOL
growers: .I.Alellonet,l Glenn, Dr. F. Jut.
be Moyne. lienerel Ilarey White, Jethe ,, Slcr
chm..A ,h .fY titrebler, Samuel lie:edam% I.:1.1-
.Am 11. Wegetir, T. A. Neat IL, V_ 11. Bryant..
Meet lag of the New Tomelserpt AMMOCIr.
A meeting of the new Associut ionl
will be unit to-morrow (Saturday) morning tit
ten o'clock:, Inl the lourtk School JIUSSC
In tills city. The progrntmue will comprise
the following exerelse,f
Inaneurttl adore,. by hit President .cleet,
Geo.J. Lucky,
Ltretuto by It. McGregor. . Subject: e:dll•
ton's Paraillm , Leet."
. .
An many by Nils, Ilulen Ituntrlclt. Subject
"Our Human Nature."
A general. di.cussion of the question,
"Should State authority select n uniform
series of teL books, to ,:
in the public
schools." Diseupsloti , to ho opened by Mr. .1.
A. Snodgrass. -
This meeting will he one- or great import
-111101,. and slrould be lolly attedded.
of the 1411.411e0111/PC—We
learn that the diamond rings stolen On Tues.;
day. ovening from the Jewelry Moro of John-
son & Scott, on:Liberty streoi, were recov.
ereil Last evolving. It appears that lintnedi.'
.t,tily after the rotilier3, the two bo s who
stole the rings, placed them in the hands of a
third party residing In the Third ward. The
receiver, it seetas, .became frightenml, unit ,
tent night placed the stolen property in Site
handl( of Alderman Strain. Store will no done 1.
ri the matter to-day.
The Methodist Protestant General Com.
ferenee—Second naps Proceedings..
Yesterday morning, at half past. ofgli t O'clock,
the General Conference reassembled Rev.
Dr. Scott occupying the chair. •
,Itellgions exercises were conducted by lies'.
IL. Ros 4, after which the minutes of Wednes
day's session were read and approves.
Rev. Messr, We and Knight Were intris
slid invited to honorary seats in the
body of the Conference,
On motion of Dr. J. M. Flood, the hearing of
Rev. D. 71. linight, fraternal visitor from the
Wesley a n Methodist connectiOn,WlLS Made the
order of the say'. at II o'clock R. tn. •
The president alitiOnneed the following.
Standing Committees: .•
Connntilee on I
Seamen,ublithing Interests-316813-
W Gunekle, A, Seamen, Wm. Miller anti " Rev. Stull:, and P. J. Strong.'
Committee on Missions—tier. J. S. Thrapp:
Rev. 0. IC Carlton. , and F. Douglas.
On College Interests—Rev. Dr.. JOitathan Al.
Flood,. Joint Redman, Rev. E. A . Wbeat, F.
Scott, Rev. S. Morrison.
On ilOiislenal Educalion—Rev. T. B.Graham:
Rev. Y. Lucas, Mr. Gregory , White, Rev, J. W.
Sonthard, Rev. J White.
OnCiudishe.i—Rev. H. Basset,
On Boundarie4—ltny. M. V. BUl.ed, tier. N. It.
Swift and - -Mr. N. Hiller.
fin Union—Rey. Dr. George Brown, Rev. K.
Rose Rev. Wm. Hastings . , J. Sergeant, M. 1.),
Rev. 11. M. Scott.
On &many .Schoolx—Ree. J. Hamilton,' Mr. G.
W. D. Chandler, !WV. O. it. Carlton, and
Mr. J. I, Scott.
.On Manse,'—Messrs. tl'. Rinehart, 11-E. 11.
Harilsook, W. /,'. Hughes.
Rev, Dr. Brown °tiered the following as an
additional rule of Order, and on u. vote, being
taken, it was adopted :
''No substitute shall be entertained until the •
gee:stain under consideration is-laid on the
table; nor shall. any - amendment he enter
tained widen amounts, In the judgment of the
chair, to a substitute, until the original que,-
thin is disposed of
.by action of the Confer
• 'Dr. Brown submitted. the Constitution and
Discipline of the Methodist Church, as formed
by t Ito I, nion Convention, neld in Cincinnati,
in May lust.. The • paper Was referred to the"
Committee on Union, -
Rev. J. B. Walker then read .a quadrennial
report to the Genera) eellftirelleo Of the oper
ations of a self-Constituted Board for the rile
eaten, of yoting men preparing for the minis
try in the M. P. Church.
The paper was presented. by Rev'. lir. Flood,
and on his minion the reoort and accompany;
Mg papers were referreddo the Committee on
Ministerial Education.
A memorial was submitted from the Ms-.
consin Annual Conference, requesting the
General Conference to so amend tie eonstite
tlsti and discipline of the Methodist Protes
tant Church, as to make it harmonize wits
that telopted itt the Colon Convention at On
communication from IteV:Mr. Tipton, del
egate elect from tile Nebraska li'.olllol once, re
gretting Ills Inability to be present at the el
NlOll teas read. The cmmunication l. ,set.
forth that at the late session or the Ne a ereetre
Cenlerenee, the OLII.IIII Of UlllOll adopted at
Cllletheiltl was considered and approved, and
tliat any action which might be taken op by
the General Conference looking towards union
would lie fully cre lorsed,
These papers were referred to the Commit
tee on Union,
Rev. E. K. Sqnirer, of the. Cumberland Pres
byterian Church, Pittsburgh, Rev. James
Graham, al the Wesleyan Conference, Rev..
Mr. Young, of the West Virginia IL I'. Center
ellth, and Rev. B. B. Snyder, of Christ M. E.
Churen, was severally- introduced, and Invited
to honorary seats within the liar of the Con
-The hoar of eleven o'clock having arrived,
the orderof the any, which was the hearing
.or the Iter. 11. It. Knight s (rent the WesleYmi
eMinezion, was calldti up. Tho Reverend gen
tleman was introduced to the Conference by'
the President.; and proceeded to address the
Conference at some length. Ile referred to
the 1111 1 1.111eld ve feature, of the 101Veral
inatiohs proposing to elate. 01111 the , 11111eultlet
wlttelt are to he encountered In the Wesleyan.
minneetton to the •accomplislintent of the ob..
wet. He concluded by urging the Conference
to consummate the Unlonill the bastsrtilOrt
ed Cincinnati. • ,
101 the emieltision of the edilatiiri re,
Marks, the Conference adjourned until two
o'clock, with prayer by the Rev. H. BF Knight.
Conference tnef 117111 wits opencal
acrvices conducted by Rev. Samuel
Young, of the West Virginia Confereefeu-
Rev. L. McGuire, of Wesley 'Chapel, lii. L.
Church, Pittsburgh, and Rev. Messrs. Mott, of
elm Ev o Otteißal Association awl Rutledge, of
the M. I'. Church, were introduced and !twit.
,1 to honorary seats within the bar of the
Rey. D. Flood, of the OhloConferVaire, r.sked
leave of absence for the Committee on College
41.11ter4,L440f 44 41114 - 11 he Is chairman. •
Rev. J. 11. Hamilton, of Muskingum Confer
ence. WO, oppoee.l to any such requests being
granted, preferrlng that the Conference
should tolJouru at an early hohr, unit afford
opportunity tor .01 the 4 - 4/111 111 In...CA to meet
for cousultation 10 pleparing their respective
repts at 11. 4 1 early an hoer its'poeablc.
Reis. IL R. Nu tg , •l, of the Wesleyan Cont me-
Ulm, Cleveland, who tel 4 made 51W a halipy
speech on ths subject lor (lie union of Non-
EVI , COfII .11(1110dt:4,, 111 Ole 1:4/1,4110011 1 4 (n4/4/n
4/1 the C4/11 14 - 11:111,1 4, 111 /WC bt.temtmt iu retard
to the pr enable protiortlon of 'Wesleyarts who
would be rept escnted 111 the organizing. Con
vention of ins prospectWo Methodist Church.
Ile Inel given the subject considerable atten
-1 ion, and thought that 1.14 01104101.1r1.11 to one
third of the /V 11011: number of members a ould
he about the proportion that would be Identi
fied will/ the union movement.
- •
• . ,
Ur. tool atiroo to renew his request for
leave of eilisunco for his Cotnutittee on College
Interests, for tin, purpose of consulting Maim
haring too saildattomil mei:utters appointed
thereto. lin mutton, tho request was granted.
nor'.' .1. 11. Hamilton read_ the follorring
paper: .
Witt:miss, The distill - dine makes no tiroviirs
ion Its to filo IttetailS In reaching the standing
of a minister or member of the Methodist
Episcopal Chimer); who. May hare taken a
certificate of standing from the constituted
nutliorities, and at the ttinti.may tiara
Been tittriire orat ter Ohl:titling such Cc:111(1(.10.p,
anti hcfritre depositing the same with the view
lieing‘recelvini into conference Or chtirch—
heel) guilty of immoralities ouch as am eon.:
donned by the Wool of God, therefore,
ff,scteril, That thududiciary Committee be
direr :sal to inquiry im fp - Mir necessity
ina to tb Li, iteill ! Mei:ling the demand
W/0,3 ilitiriltateti. •
Oa 1/10tiOn the paper no, appropriately re
ferred to the Committee.
Rev. It. plow, of Wu Ohio Conference, read
the Quadrennial Report of the Wester Liter
ary and Publishing society. The report was
of coneidemele length, lint presents many im
portant facto lit regard to toe publications of
the-dinimultiation. Thu weekly Journal, the
Irraterti .Ifcginclist Proteatant, and the monthly.
thusundoy .School Prottaturat, aru ably edited
and Promptly published, yet the circulation,
owing .to lack of efficient effort among the
ministers and members erne Church at . large,
is scarcely sufficient to clear expenses. It is
proposed to take measures to extend Wu cir
culation of thee. excellent pnbhcattons.
- inher reports bearing on this subject were
asked for by the chairman 01 the Publication
Cogtaliue—Wr. laymen, of the Ohio
Itev. A.ll. Bassett, of the Ohio Conference,
former punlisher and editor, of the Western
Methodist Protestant, - to whom, perhaps; more
titan to any other one nuoi,lhe paper owes BS
exbderice, arose and asked the privilege of
explaining, at borne proper, time during the
session Cl the - Conference, the reason of hi,
resignation as publishing agent, to which he
had been elected by the last General Con ler
seer. The privilege was unanimously granted.
Rev. 'Wow° requested theComealttee on
Church Polon to rtnlnlin (titer adjournment.
for arranging - specific business.
Ott motion, RCN,. J. 5. Thrapp, of the Mus
kingum Conference, and John Coal, or the
Pittsburgh Conference, were elected addition
al members on the College Conlin lltee.
Bev. T. B. Graham, cliallionn of Committee
on ltlinisterial Education , relinestell a sliccial
.neeeling litiuledfarely utter adieurnment.
Bev. Id. V. li_Evans, chairman of the Com.
mince on Boundaries, nude a similar re.
Rev. 11. h. Knight, of Cleveland. wne an
'hemmed to preach In the evening at. the usual
Adjourned, with prayer ay the Rev. James
Rut liSOll.
The liteenville A ryas says : Daniel Coin
stock, of Maymiille, Hon of Cephas Comstock
Instantly k Wed near s.pearav Mill, It
West Salon towaship, on Saturday last: Ile
was returning front .loy.s Coal Bank with a
load of slack, thi startim; 4101V11 the bill be
low the mill, the horses took ft Iglu, and start
ed to run. In attempting to lock the wagon,
he aus thrown out, the a hand passing over
and crulliing In a horrible way. Ile
louts mood nonno,t immeolately, but lilt was
Wits out Of five broth
Or" alto entered the United SUMO) YOITiCOIII,
1110 cOLLlloofiCelliellf of the war. 31r. Com
stock wont a LiollfellOOVll COO2IIIiBSiOn by his
morrtorious conduct. Ile remained In the
service until the close of the war. At the time
1 , 11119 death he was about [lit rty years old, and
was a mall respected by all. who know him.
Ile leaven a Mite and one child to mourn ills
untimely death. ,
The Triel of Lennox
John Lennox, charged with the murder of
RoberlorrOw, in the Borough of Washing
ton, Pennsylvania, in the 'fall of Pal, Is being
tried this week, lu Beaver - county, Judge
presiding.Chamberlithi •
The facts of the ease are already familiar to
our readers. Tile diniculty originated from
political thsterences. Leant [ drew n revolver,
and pursuing Merrow, /dint hint dead, us is
claimed, his Own door. Frequent efforts
have been made to bring the accused to trial,
but from Some CIA Ilse or other it has been con.
tinued Iron term to term until many sup.
po-ed he never would tw tried. .•
Tile hat I.,rist•anre granted a change of
venue from Washington to Beaver county, the
defendant claiming that he could not get a
fair trial In Washington county. The counsel
•employed on both sides embrace the ablest,
legal talent In the dlaillet.
Heavy Robbery—The Beaver County
Trenatirer's Office Entered and Mat
The IburglariO u s . artists seem to have it
weakness for Treasurers' oliices Jag note. • A
couple of days ago the Washington county
Treasurer's °Mee was broken into anti robbed,
soul yesterday morning the same:treatment
was accorded to the_Treasnrers ()Mee at &el
ver, Itilaver'reounty„ probably by' the same. ,
glum of operators.
.The Bearerl . o.'l..o- seas 04,1,1 by dratl
prying open; the door 10 the Wile: :tild then
blowing open the safe. The outside door was
pried open by menus of a crowbar, such as
used on railroads for removing spikes. This,
together with a pick-axe and some railroad
- Chisels, was left on the ground near the scene
of the operations. The safe was blown open
by means of two holes drilled in it, and Illied
with powder. Ono of these holes was trilled
ln•the trip and the other near the bottom of
the safe. The charge of powder must have
been tremendous, as the explosion, us we are
informed, Waa so serene as to almost demolish
the safe, arid Was sufficient to shatter the
building to such an extent as to render !tun
safe. The noise 01 the explosion was heard
throughout the neighborhood; anti oticuri•eil I
at about four o'clock in the morning.
• The robbers See llred t cOntentS of the safe
$5,4J00 in bonds and national Call-4,lU
and made good their eseape. Yestet day after
1100 n It tootle of °Ulcers visited this city in
the hope of !lading crime truce id' the depre.
tlators, but without set:el. - S. No elite what•
ever exists of the identity of the thieves.
A Tenafly Out of Tune.
Justice Aminon, of niriningham,yesterlay
received an lufortnatioix trots Mrs diary
Jones, churging her husband, Jerome Jones,
with assault and batters' and wife desertion,
and another Information against her step
children, Sarah, Catherine and Silas .tones,
and a relative mimed {Valiant Frisbee, charg
ing them with surety of the peace and breach
of the peace. The parties nil reside In McClure
township. Mrs. Jones alleges that tin the 11th
Of. June last, her husband, seized her, struck
-her on the neck with his nit, then choked her
and dragged her down stairs by the hair of
the head. Mrs. Jones also alleges that the
other defendants uriiied their father to whip
her, crying to him to kill her, and using other
like expressions. Mrs. Jones further alleges
that her husband has, upon various occasions,
threatened to kill her, and has, through fear
of Idle, been compelled to leave his house.
The defendants were all arrested, and after a
hearing, required to enter ball, in the sum of
f3oci earth; for trial at the next term of court.
The AMON M. E. Church.
Tao epligregation of the Ames Methodut
Episcopal church are about -to erect it new
church building, and hare pureltitSed for It
the site on tint corner of Third and Ferry
scoot, where formerly the Third' I ° ,4l,yo•riao
cloatyll edifice Mond, and which was destroy
ed by tire sonic years sines. Tito lot. lets a fifty
foot front on Third street und seventy-two
feet depth nit Ferry street. It root the hand
some stun of eight thousand nye hundred doh
The plans atad epoch:lent:ens . have been
drawn by Messrs. Welsh and Ehmen, carpen
ters, gentre Avenue, Pdtsburah, to whom the
contract Of building har been nwarded ler
the sum of seven thousand dollars. The work.
will be immediately commenced, and will be
rapidly pushed forward.
Mel{ by es Nobller.
Yesterday, dlajor noway Fince, recruiting
<Meer for the United States army, In this city,
made Information before Mayor 31cttartily,
charging Frank herr, an enhsted man, with
the larceny of three palrh of Government
trousers valued at 1011, teen The cc
vestal war arrest.' and had a beating yeeters
'lay afternoon. At the hearing it aplT“red
that Kerr, who has but recently enlisted in the
regular army, bad stolen the articles men
timol trout the recruiting oilier, on fin,
street and sold then, tea ~.eeorl hand cloth
ing illtler. In default of $lOl bail the I.:H
oner was committed for , trial. lie may a sol
dier In the volunteer army, and did not will
a verY Koval reputation. lie Is elan sapisastal
to have been connected with a clothing rob
bery In the Fifth ward some lime ago:
==2lll! Tr wyr r ypl
- •
A gentleman named Blair, who date Vara
110Sa tiri Liberty street, In thia city, but WhOSt.
Wally relic at. Salem. thllo, Started, "night
or Dye ago for the Union Depot, to take the
train halal. AS he Was passing the EieVrthr
ho was .Suddenly 5.t11101: a t relent Mow On the
Mend by Some person haklaath glad tell !salsa..
lies to the ground, Where htjay,llherhhatallha
for a ettutddertddel period. Wren 110 recovered
his scow's he wealth - MO and enuld Ilnd no
of Ina unknown assailant. The OWet of the
sudden attack is a prototiml illy•dery. It could
barony have been robbery, cc 24r.
valise was . by Ills idu when lie iaSaltile
Onions, and Ida pocket 3 were intact.
Appointment.—The Mist chant', tololl
Espre,n Company—having them, arrange,
ments nearly completed for ayigorchtb, phoN
•rehtioth of the perpec h r, col their organization . ,
lhive iven ilia. bm-ino,s mOf burg au
eartleM g l ill In eleterminarum en
to ',team:Pitts them h
makes the company popular, same
time secure a thorough management and cure
of the company'r, interests In the appohntrecnt
of Who. Little, £55, as..Agenht for the Cllr of
rill , btkrgb• Mr. L. true formerly Mayor ohlac
oily, anti icor° recently United Ctates Coulee
tori of internal Revenue. lie Is native born
among mt. atml has been Cot euhporary of, Well
known and Justly edteemood by all our mon
01 businoxs—a+ a high toned christian gentle
111311. a prompt, energetie and urbane man of
Time Ont.—Welktold, the man who was con
victed in July last, of the felonlotn, assault
mien Miller—cap h.g him almost fatally, at a
ple-ale on Troy 11111, last nuonner, and 'ten•
tinned to undergo an imprisonment Of lour
months In tile county jail, and inty a consider
able line, wan released from durance yester
day, Ids term of imorlsmonent• having ex
pired. lie also reTeased himself (rota the ne
cessity ( - inlaying Ill+ tine,hr taking the benefit
~t th„ insolvent act. flit under hdl, how
ever, for the payment of the costs 01 the
and the expenses of the medical Attendaneto
upon his vletml.
Sorrow }:.rape.—Two•ladt employed ttt
the Eagle Tobacco ' , Manufactory on Find
street, yesterd‘v evening, undertook to let
themselvex down Irons the third story to the
lower floor, by means of the hoisting machine,
Whew their weight was Drought to bear on tile
ro e, it parted limn the•wtodlans stunt precip
itated them to tine floor below, a distance of
about thirty-five feet. Their descent w0..4
more rapid than they calculated upon, but
wills the exceptions of a few slight bruises,
they escaped without any curious Injury.
Bearing TO-dny.—A. bearing will be given
to-day, by the Mayor, to the case of Alfred
Wilson and John rogiin, charged with steal
ing the two alumina rings from Jolllol°ll , &
- colt, on Tuesday evening, Another Informa
tion for have= Usti been !edged against Gro
gan, by Officer Glenn, who, It will be remem
bered, cantureu tbe ivy in the act of picking
gentleman's pocket
Sizeable Game. -.Messrs. Captain Samuel
Patterson and 11. A. NVllllnanuther,whllst.grin
,g a few dayn since, near Alurraysville shot
lag owl, measuring eight feet Ilya inches from
th tip of one wing to that of the other, and a
squirrel weighing eta 1101111aS anti two ounces.
• -
Releissed.—Win. Dickson, - whose arrest anti
commitment to the county Jail az, a deserter
from t h e Newport Barracks. liy., <ve noticed
several dave ago, has been released from cus
tody, there being no ground for holding him.
Vl . .merle of 2:4,8X1 families are now zistna
the. Wheeler Wilson machines, and they
have never failed yet to give' satisfaction.
annlner , 'S Co., the Western agentalat.29 Fifth
street, have a flue stock on band, from hleh
you can make your selection. Every Machine
they sell Is warranted.
Dearness and Bllcelnes• Cared.—nr.
Aborn, at the llerchants•'2lotel, teters to res
pectable parties, s;bom he has operated 0 1) 00
and cured. '
.... beautiful ••11co`aascre." the i te m c o Wm than
Plane of sepulchre. ~xcept, In tb la county.. p z .:
nated On lien Brighton rout, luonn`" .4l) , h , noru L;
Allegheny. For burin' lota, Delhni!!
at Central Drug Utore of ClAal. A bn.
then,. eitT.
N 0.164 FOClrth eyed . , rittebargb P. UUP FIN bof
POOPral F egArgs, lflt ...LUVE4..o CVirrV d
Uoub. tyruMpq, e.crlbtlst
y xbdnlght. HeaneafJ Camay. :a rr..n,..7
Tr.crcuraicsa—lley. !Meld Kerr He, Id •
IV. Jan.:ma. MM. 71 , 0 Mat. /omit. E.g.. Jamb r
No. 196 Stu ith Geld St.. car. Ittz,
( from Seventh ti met. )
2. 0 3C . M . 19 3211717LC1VEX.,
AN I) 132 Oa Mummy ErritEßT .
A /. 1, 11.(AP ISPAIV. Pl.
B. T. WHITE & co,
Manchester. Wood.l Ron and •icinitY.
Uoracron Shelsm and Claimers streets.
11.srse And
eelwed and to
tliglE A. X ELL A" aco.,
Whatisale Dnigists, $7 WOO 4 Meet,
The Edition Is forwarded which will reach
wrubserthwr soonest. •
iiOP7 (per:uarntm)
9 2ubs of Fire
Clubs of Ten or more
FOR &ILE OR 11111 E.
70.11 Th. /EA*a-o e t.
1217XLX, T. INTXX8.11111"/X.
t.s w I.IE St . .. NEA IT FIFTH.
Sewing Mdchines
Art• THE ItEttT for Family anti ItArinfactxritlipur
po'es, Call suit act clitm at
.Yo. 1 Fifth Street.
C 31.0 TO
93i Smithfield Street.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
. ,
•AlV`i ['articular attention ;ri IQ Ben/tiring
Watenea, Clocks and Jewelry. AU work lllltrrant.
et! • learctir
S9i S 9 SI) 5915 4.. .,) S 9 S 9 S9ll-S9
.%9 FL (Co 3E3 13 'Et
I ' ~
19 SD Mar/GM/reel 1 49.
.., .~►lar/GPSlreel, .
A ~.i'.67II,T,TUIIIt
s'f-, Ism
• ,';-- DES,
' BOOTS AI MI, i. 9
=IV 'X' Mr El CJ x .1" Y.! !
.49 NO AUCTION 60t 'Ds Kum.. !49
19 JAMES ROBB, S 9 Market St.-
.S 9
V 4 S 9 19 19 _ 19 19 19 19 19 $9
C. 1/..IIESS
On MONDAY I:VP:NINO, Not ember 191. b. most
critively will he • IL ea the clot regtrerentation of
ndoohledl eoue 01 the moat elfeeltive, and. at the
time eleaaul and recherche dramatic prods.-
one, entitled
. .
•hlch he', played :0 tilid OlLYilre the 'oat
netcentent of Mr. di thorn. and never wi th the
aloe. attentico to Slew and tilegaut !Seco.", and
VaTlPtigt r"- A IT o r ON, at two o 'clock.
aehlonattle Ma' Ince. For performance, thew - rand .
.ecnlc drama, ectnelelc, ut 1110
Tit !LEE GljAitl.,,Nll;:,
1 . 1:0110 .'1 NG 1 FIXISII
MLITT, and wHI., one half the labor, Gina
01 any Other pracelt.--
twuberlAnd ;.2 ouut7 . ra.
.111100/,1 . .
:116,GLE COTTON woms.
ly ned 3les , ”. KING. PEN NHCK .t CO., w
the eApeetfull anufa y cture o Hiram f
the vuullc that. we - 4111 cocaina
Sheeting's, Cotton Yarns, Carpet
Chains,' Candle Wick
and Batting, •
Orders may he left at the Office or the Work.,
- , (sit AT T4IE
Cortier of Duquesne Way and Marker's
Pittsbtargh. Pa. -- -
Holsters, Grain & Hop Dealers,
No. 17 Water Styeets antl _
Not. 5 and 7 PO2Ol Street,
The lighret mertet price nn for WHEA T , 13Aul.e.Y. UJKN mat O.Td. ty15718
Flourishlogbalf column sdrertlcerneute °tinter'
Plnchluen but pet a UlftiVF.IL ItA.NEEe.•
it hp; Oeeu fully tested for sixteen
Yea., and le by all cutupe- •
text judges Pro
uoune•td the
USE. •
NO, X Miftl 73tzroet..
Practical Furniture Manufacturers,
list. , At styles eq Fthl.l ' , RE constantlTou but
No. 67 X.cyvart.ll3. Elteeet.
Hopaslts In de .ra or - before 110 , 71{11BXR 10
W 111 draw l'iX l'Elt CENI. INTEIIEaT (tree
tat,) YllOll Ng oVEII/11.11C isr.
Open daily from tr A. M., to 4 V. nnd On Wed
CMOs) . and rot tw,dar crcnlnga.uoan 0 ton o'clott
1101:00 •
Houses: nonsE_st:
s , roo d 5 0nt,,1 WORK DOLLIEZi., Jtot
bt:'nold cheap; one or 004 lIRI VINO HO',
WORK 31 RE. guarantee° co be SOun
aad ". ac id Lars. , Cal I at
nog_First ftr124, , ,, near llononkabela Bon's,
owner of the best .
Intends to both! nett spring. The ytaad is imitable
a Rank or any other public laelitutlon- Pattie&
tO $l/01. a will please adt(rm
not i:_co BOX 2097. FM LADELPHI.K. P. 0..
TER.—For a goat- ciOoKING Si OVE and other
Kitchen l:tenelly, go to No. 140 Urant atmet.
Plalo and 1-aoey y:oa giro% -
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