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Penniman, Reed & Co.,
No.. 136 Inftiit. Ei,trOot.
F. P. 110111.14T0N,
aosiAii• ICING
N EMO.II P. REED,Pcistnes• Nanagerig
Elegle Copl,l
Delivered by carrier, (per weeki
1.1 , 84 lbers, (per T.. r)
I.loera.l reductlont to iiewsboyti and Agent.
310.NDAY, NOVEMBER_S, 1566
Independently of investigations, more or
.ess critical and elaborate, it would be ab
surd to inquire infallibility of - the Mary
land - Police Commissioners, - or their ap
pointees. In the innumerable cases upon
which they arc called to act, - on the mo
ment and - without Opportunity for full in
quiry, it is quite probable that some men
have been arrested who_ ought not to have
been - meddled With; that -some have been
allowed to go at large, who ought tohave
been restrained; and that the right -of suf . - f
frage may have beeti , witliiild in which it
ought to have been granted. Even parents, 1
in governing their families, make naistakt.s
which they afterwards, upon fuller knowl
edge, regret. Doubtless instances have
been found in the - Police „ Administration
of Maryland 'in which faults of commission{
or omission are apparent. There is not
tiibuitirl, of any sort, of which as notch
could not be proven,
For such tanks were the Commissioners
deservicui.of removal ?, Clearly not. Nor
_was their removal accomplished because of
these things. The President and the Gov
ernor had sinister ends to reach by the re
moval, and knee pretexts .had to-be dis
covered and emplO ed. Thconature of the
case indicated the description of pretests
needed, and they were invented. Nobody
is deceived by the reasons assigned or tho .
motives avowed. What is wanted isuot - a .
.fitir en forcemoat of the Constitutional Ltilivs
'br Maryland, beta Sweeping and persistent
disregard of bOth.,The object is not to let ,
all rote Rlt are legally entitled . tl;,that
privilegeV but to let_tholsands vote who
are ah.iolinely deliarred by, the laws. To- l
morrow these votes are wanted, and the
determination is to'gct them at all hazards,
Under professions of conserving law and
order the intention is to trample the laws
in the mire.
.Alv&ritEn landmark of Democracy has
been removed. Chief Justice Gregory, of
Indiana, on Wednosday, delivered the de
vkion.of the-Supreme. Court of that State, ,
that, the clause of ,the Constitution. prohib.
be residence of n'6g,roos in rifinna,.
is loid, bring in conflict with the COusalip
lion 01. Ipey oiled States. The judgment
of Ile Court was norm .
RAPID INCREASE OF sown. — Reports
trout all portions of-lowa indieuti , that set
arc. ilocliing there faster than ever be
fore, and that vilitst houses are very scarce
in U.:. towns, the unds are being, rapidly
tal:en up and
. suitled upon. P93o,•the
population 01.-Towa was 67.1,9t5, but it is
now estimated nt more thou 1,000,000:
"Tut: pramtnary surr,y of the Middle
Creek Railroad, front Lewistown to :a
the Susquehanna four miles he
low Sunbury, n distanct of forty-oce
was completed last Thur.,',ay,' in the un
precedented short tupe (if eight days.
This survey leaved Setinsgrove a mile an
a half south of 'the proposed road.
.It:miNo. from tile immber of Toles east
at the late electiou, Heading is estimated to
have :L3,000 iohabitants; Scrauton, :fitl,000;
Laucaiee, 23,000; Harrisburg, 2 9,000;
Yaik, 19,000; Pottsville, 19,000;
own, 14,000; Williamsport, 1:,000; Eric,
Norristowu,l2,ooo;.Egi&m, 12,000.
Fiticscis 1). Gage stys in aletter
from. Pennsylvania : met one of the
jurythen who' helped to decide the fstc of
.Tohn 13rown-4-a more ardent hater pfslav
ery and or secession than he $ will
he rarely found. truly the old man's
'soul goer; marching on.""
AT YOLIngSI ,, Wa, at the; late terra
homiug County Courts, Richard Bright
well, a tnulatto, brought. shit against the
Trusties of Oreen towiisLip,:for refusing,
his vote, iinitgot a judgment for $:P)0, the
jury being, cOluposed of turn of both politic
calliarties.., •
GEN. CESTAE, having got his appoint
ment from the President as Colonel in the
regular army, is now working for confirm.
ation by the Senate. The way he pours
grape and, canister into the Michigan
servanyes and Democrats is pitiless.
Tnt Rev. R. AC:DLEYBROW;M, D. D.,
has been elected President of Westuiinster
College, located at Netr•-IZ`ilm}ngtou,
in LaNvrence county, and under the :care
of the United Presbyterian Chu_rch.
IlAnninnuno ‘, people ore considering
s . chemes for the erection au Operd
QUINC V, ILLlxote, October 31, ISOG, le r.
Dear Gazelle:—Alsou announced, the party
Of excursionists arrived from t'idataelphitt
on Monday night; Ind, owing to a detention
beyond Altoona, the train Of which this car
• •
formed apart, dlo I not arrive in Pittsburgh in
time to make a. western connection on that
night. Early ou Tuesday morning, however,
.:• we took the road for Chicago, addcu placp-we
reached early on W.lntnidayniOrningihav-
Mg a Very pleasant trip between the two
'clt. ,
The party consists of-Gen: William J. Palmer,
of Philadelphia, Treasurerof the Union Pacific
Railroad. Eastern IR vision, who has charge or
the expedition; Thos. A. Biddle. Esq., Banker,
Philadelphia; Dr. Laeontc, Geologist,
dolphin; Capt. W: T. Colton, Philadelphia; Ed
ward Biller, Uvil Engineer, Philadelphia;
Elisio). U . Kennedy, Esq., of the house 'of
Clark & Thaw, Pittsburgh; T. W. Yard.
icy, Esq., Cincinnuti; Capt. John McCook.
stenbenVtile; Strickland Knees, Civil Engl
!. neer, Philadelphia; John It. Hassan], Esq.,
correspondent of the liedv York Tribune; John
C. Brown, hoi.,Philadelphia - , Casper homier,
Esq , editor of the Evening 80..
.. lean; Charles Lelan d , correspondent of tho
1.1111" eljth I t. Pre., and Josiah Copley,senior,
of the Pittsburgh (..; acorn. A. more genial
and agreeable party of gentlemen' are rarely
thrown together, and so far our expedition
ha--teen very pleasant and very interesting.
, You remember that Monday .as a very wet
tiny. Tuesday (the day•we went from PIUS
,: burgh to Chicago) was bleak anddark with
clonda; but this morning. suggested ttfc bean.
tif ul description a poet gives of Indian Sum
: uier:•
And then there ere elate those calm, Wild days—for
still hwill come—
'Tonsil the soUletel and the beejtrom out thelrynn
ter horoe;
~ Vhen the aound OttleOpping,oots Is heard, though
Andthe Woos. are
And twinkle In the smoky light the waters 01 the
It was on ouch a day that we ran diagonally
through this magnificent State. over See cu iti-
Voted and uncultivated prairies, diagonally
Bidmiles from: Chicago to this place, over the
Chicago, Burlington A Quincy-Railroad. To
A. N. Towne, Eng., Assistant General Superin
tendent of this road, and Thomas 11. Kimball,
.bs' g., Assistant General Passenger Agent of
.the Pennsylvania ittillroad at Chicago, wo are
- much indebted for their kind attentions. Both
these gentlemen accompanied us aomellfty or
sixty miles.
- To-morrow morning waitrons the
pl, (With the elegant oarlwhicn beam the party
froirahiladelphis to Fort Ittleyo and proceed
to the Miss- uri at St. Joseph, and thence, via
'Wanton, into Kansas and thence to our ulti
mate deatinationi I,!el.larninge.vre shall tak e .
St. too • •• . •
-tithing the - gran-
If Shia country of
apt I must deter
. ,
• •
. . 5
I ' I
, . .
• •
Go to Flentlac'n Draw Store.
4 Market street, for Cotes Dyspepsia Coer
and Cough Balsam. Sold cheap.
, . -
Dearness. IllUndnens. Catarrh, !
An!! atTections of the chest will receive cape- ITF NF 111 - TFI
dal attention by Dr. Ahern, at the Merchants' ! t 3 !Af
• Po to Ellen.lmes Mug StOre;
NO. 81 Market street fOr the Itev. Wilson'a •
frreat flornerly for Cmiouniption—Sole agent' -- -
for l'ittliMirgb.
The New Commissioners arc liefuotii an
Audience 11 - ttL 111. Uid floarii- T Tliey Or
benfoetat, der the Sher,lr 'I
- CI - 111111.01i a P...4 ' ; and
Judge - Maui Thr.c. , ltso. ,to Arrest that
1 1 1Indnesi, Catarrh and affections of the chest
[Wirer If lie 1100. Police Oliicers
will receive carom' attention by it, 17.
Ahern, at the Merchants Hotel. Sll °ph in - A pilerelidel Or City VI - Opel:I'
Minatlyil. [rout the 4 /id by the pew'
;Contending Part',
-114 ed [tors . Attentialt.
g It. Bulger lowi eilspoie
ng d of Ids Intel - ,
, mistocaters on a • Bench II arrant—lt, le
tam establishment to 310. stow. 3lyers, Ruppert
.of Judge--The • Su. rill :Ohl p
Co., all persons Indebted-t) him can make Cetrunissloners Ordered In Procure
ptirment to hie-successors, ko. 45 Stnithileld to prep the Peace. Itt Defiehlt of 14 Welt
street, or Thomas Itattigan, Jr., 47 they ore Put in Jail. •
111) aro authorized to receipt for him. t esea- VON,. Cm.-
trils-lonersuppeare.l at the Marshal's ollins,
! ha/I-past ton o'clock Ilia 1./Ilrilhig. Tliry
• I r were Met l'y the clerk ll the OM BO,lrll of
Cominb , sionera, to anon, I hey ittadr
their dethand, 1111,1 1 4. , .1 11e1:12,(1,1 sec the III:m
-in. of the old Ikaard. This rtoine:t
fused by the cleric, %Mei, the I'ol Cior
111100i/10e es I mtnislittely retired. Tlicy wta e
greeted, ma they passyll hcmilt tine
rr00 . ,1:. gathered In f. - out , 0: Ili? 311,•shat's
hiller-, teeth derisive laughter by SLIM!! 11r
frlt,Dll.l 01 the Beard. The tom Comints s tor.
ers then Inoue,: dal by . the tray et Lex
attest to the e
sherid's ogler. ,
Th carriage dl eve off it, the earner,. Ner,
and Baltimore strait:l6,ole bradquarler.
Conserv:o.l,es, whrre t hest
weld reserved with Intel ,:beet Jug by tilt-crowd
gathered Hne.
It is eeder,,ton.l that the new Cononiisio,
Tire Malt. 1. , ,1ng Ii lit lv pollee I"..ree
Svc or elk mete hers of the 4,41 pollee three
engned hist mgt., and rtmorted ter atlly
morning to Stoners. Y1,111114' and VIL/ li,lll
- are reports of an aerie,. of Pet
States trotip, at Harper' , [ , rid Kr, on the Ma
ington road, but they ea miot 1,r,1,
1,39 P. —.Judge 11,nd It (~ • 11
warrant ler the aric,t. 01 N , 1,11,. 1 COD, It
• Vultant, tile new Cohnnumstencrs. •
nine 1t t1111nl:d tile , I,el elf hetore
11111nire•I it It .t• icirt that lilt , .111,1111.
lug 141,, 111, ,411,1 he a atahmor so ,
reg.:slot the Cominksioner,,
•-n. aml said If he .11.1
Obey he 110,1111 111...11 1' ,1 Ills ,111'0,4%
A ft, ollicers have 1 , , 'AII , OIII 11 111 II.) . 1 110 10
Police Commis:rimier t• de- [::0:11,,1
white ribbons. lt It rap, eto'll 111,1 ice
wlllarre , t them.
• The ildLuintn: prtsient, 11 Alai Board ,
Pottee 01111,1M,11 , 11,, :1111,11 C ,l llllll t.,0
ern wits Il formal tlellViliti for 1110 'II re
all the statloh
alarm telegt.tpo and lIIC.IIIIIOIIIICI
-11,ti.titloSL'. Noyeltslier ds—Ai MOI-pest ie
O'clock few rrohltr tadiee a pj , ern d II
vestibule:lM I.l.e ' Coul limo, and e.llll ,e
at 011VN. ejeeting the 1.1;erl 01
were 01 . 01VN11111.: IVO Shift ‘ . .../3 1- 0 10010 1:111 50111
entrance tO the
ensued, Holler eihe..Pleruh,
eiyhinsiOn stet welch 1.0.111,01.i..g 1,01v..v. •
Uoe.l. Many . SlNCetolol . o 10, ,0,01,4
- 111.110 hash exit lek.hil The hhthl
Inuell cm:110(1101a out,hle. Pre:copy the he
Commissioniers were Me en apppee`hlnyt 11,
norlh 11l the 1)11,1.1. 1 1,e, 1,,,„,„
stroll. They hag :.:e:yreely ell;, red hao,i
hen 31 . 41 , 1111 pat,,,,1i a ,..1
tog from the direr . ..tit ol the
P , P.t 10e, 1,1 tile Ile 01 It 1.11 . ge110 , 1,. 01
0 110 1110.1e . a 10111.1 t 01 I 010,, 11.1,
11001 10 cleared Ike ni.e. 111.1.1 01.1. .0
1)11 eittering heCrheinal P.,11t•
• , i h. ' 1111
benelt wartatut for the
milt and Yount. had 1,00 ~,t tal, and C,
met, We, C..1,1:r the cbtltlt Inopearel
0 ith 3lessts. Ntillanit and Y 1.111,,, 111
VIII: Court Informed I nem that :Woe w,I ll.; It.
an Opport nutty alforoe.l
rounsel. 1 • l - t tly . the,
Schley - Tim:Lauotw Tipp. 11000'1 ell
100 atild.telt up,M. , 1111:11 Ills arry , t had
been Tic Attorney Lit. ity
Cited the CVO] 1,51 C ,, 1 11111 11:01 be't'el 1411,11 1/1'
upott te , timoa r • log her ,
warrant fort pti.e.,Li 1.5,-.1
C 01111,42 I for 11.11 ine w
Comte tr.ctmitirs,
Schley and Ititrole-, then :orig..,
that. the 'arrest was an 'ma
.their clients leers the duly tamiteissmiam
Commissionera of tad lie, unid• tt .
Only their Itt fee
The tollowlng , :es the reply , t ditdro
Deed made to the ''appllatiant si
t or a licntell 1 1 ,11 1.01 for the adlcw ~1
31 ease. ,I.ll.tut aml
t 1, 3 ['Urdu::: to triug to the notice [-Lille
COUIL the very grave Lets latvr 11.-I turtn.
thmed. It tile only •1 ribuo. e rill
with the pooh[ meat only
e, tmc 111,11 till Ina ser Tit, the peace. W 1 1 .1.1, 1 . 1. Jl oat a It ha,
for thine purpose 6 slaml.l 1:011.1,11altly 10-
,40,1eleleiNtitI I.err. IL NVIAN•II ,1 011 .-llggvvt emill l ll.ll.ll 01. It
is amt. .Our duly- to. deb,. me
Imes hr tospute 11",.tauen cioinon./
is• rakers mid po:ler 1.1. it
....lilt 001 to ire id - mein:ly 0,14 L 10 11 gor
e:mirth: .10 11.1/ 1:11t, ,11 Cl
lalol, the. o,llj. tI 1,1 to 01 , 1,011
.411ee h, llv 1 01 orals. The emir, lII' ope.
at, ;rime:lido 01 t
hetweito n
till, I.i s mi, , telt (I, This I our,
cunt Le 1.1.100'L1...1. At. 41. ay 01 111100 hir [thy
p111 . 11.1e11'41 , 1 11110 , i1,/, ;
the parties eturm, , 1 1 1 , o
the I/tr:lA . l . ' l,lld imist Le 111 11 , :e•:11th ell
y,oyente.l. All the I 1.. •.0.111 I;I
rkeielord With tagor lehli plump: he:, to pie.
veal ,itch Vie.:0:00 1-1 the 1..0, 1110.
I,e ,e 1 11.1 r.,
Thvjaele that livl .010, v 1.1.111010 • Ig 1.1.1,11 1 1
Or %I 0.1:11011y 10 1...
1100111 the ['ldes 10,-10.0 /...
poiseselllerta tilargt, I wlto Irt
aUrving 1111 pul.lie p,-sere, 1 1 .1 1,.1' culcuir,t,
0.101 . 01 the 1,111.10, 111111.1.: The 0: ...0/1-
6100 I.etweell the llyp 1 , ,,c.• 1..1 1,1 1111 111,Itt:
armed contlici, tt ill 1111 the hood of pp:on:able
and order I , mtag 0 11
lapo,ll.le that tillo cholll.l if
isw call prevent 11, hie! the tv..reant 1 , 21,
vital! 1,..,111.
• 11,1 hat ell Ida de.
CINII3II. 11/111 order. 1.11.1 ot 100
youolted to Into 1,111 11/ I'lll3 •
1.101 ill tae,lit
ihotts.olll .101,100 l 0 ket.o_ Iho 11,. I,c
ward the hu,lrd 01 littsempof it-
011,11 1 IT Thontpeon wag also reontlitol
bail la the same al11:10/I.
15 1/1111e1SII,Ii .111 .1 1 11, part lea ra f00..1
' to gave Ir I.
di it la 1,.v peeled they 0 0.l 1•••
Luated. 11011: foe I ••pvr 11..1
WitO opprai to Vi
slut 10 I, h.:.
leased Iron, ens, 11l
'the 111,V 1/ , /11Ce
(role the poh.q...lpe:e Leru an
Ail but the ueepest ill 1., 1,1,111 1-
fe•ted 1 1 0 large (Z10 , , , 1510 1.,•,1,111,
I,,,gerly (I 1,1,11,1 1 / 4 nila. and , prealat log net
le the adore.
't he old BM. of Pollee hate of dcred thin
Closing of all toveras and places tollVrtf
Minor 11001,1. - •
La 7 s ll . - 7T IIO liattles have been ['month ted
to Jail, having Vet lined to give the req.. ed
11 in now rumored['tar 11211[11111 law will I/0
declared by Canby. •
4ets r. 2.1.—1 t Is not true that Gen. Latiltylur
poSen tleclariog mitl law. Tha Gner
sent, Mr Mayor Chap ar ma a n aunt the lid
C,OOl, al
mlssloners, and they - had a very pleasant In
terview with LIM Gen.:l,ll 04 ills beady uartl.r,
a few moments 1100. lie simply desiv , ••l ,01,1.
infurmrd by theta of the '01111: ton OI,u
and as Ce, their “hllity to pre,er,e the peace
of the city. 1 ;0.1,000101101, Iltlide.l NV1.0.10
1t1.0011,1 the llellerril that I hey had ant extra
force on duty, had closed all taverns and gro r T
„hops, and Were arrentlug all disorderly hers
&ohs 1 that they ha Ino tar ougeredohl 1,, pry-.
Venting any outbreak, 51111 Judy ei.perted
to be able to do so.
With this statement the General seemed to
be entirely satisfied, 1,1111 Inn COM 111 1 . 1 , i11/11111,1
Ulla Major Cl/11111311M returned Lo I hell . Onleve.
It is 611111.1001111 that the nett ;till to be 1 atoll
by the couesel tor Ales=r, ysii”nt 11,1,1 1'„„„ .4.
will We to get out a writ - of tribute, latrine,
Which will bring the whole question Milo.: the
cleans. The ',nit, however, Call “Mreely 110
returned before 51oedur morning•
mainly, n
On which I before Judge Bond,„:bo8
temllt l
thILL of coo_
lie was, th and support the
erefore, ordered to be
and }bung.
corniultted In default 01' 0,5,000 hall.. -
I.—The Ceinuthrdonern
and the sheriff
have just been sent to Jail. some excitement
and riotous ,Icnionstratinnt, occurred in the
ntriglib allotal of 160 newspaper mite upo n
the unnouneemeot Of the rttsult of the 100.
eretllngs in the Court, but the pollee promptly
scads[ the mutter Icy arresting the 11110. 1 0. IL
is believed that the hole altair NVIII 1100 11003
On without, tatty sertote, ol the imam
G (Pctoca, r. u.—The
W ily is perfectly quiet.
The excitement has •ccutly subsided; the
police are maintaining the best of order, ands
there is DO banger any gt °owls for appreltenri•
lag trouble. • •
OIL LTakouv., November 3, 11 r.g.—The city IS
now psi eetly 011ie! • the streets deserted, and
the exeltemertt of the tiny has entirely disap
Messrs. aliant 0.0.1 You:, and Sheriff
ThoMpthart are Still In jail, antrhave not been
balled out. it Is repo/ tell thaat the co set
these parties are end euvoring to get out n writ
Of habeas corpus before some Judge of un ad
joining county. IL Is hot known positively
what course will be pursued, hut It Is pro
bunted that some [melt cue will be taken,
and that the parties will be bronghtlbefore the
Court On Monday. •
WARIIITIOTOir. Nov. 3.—Much solicitatton na.
tnrnlly prevoth, here,lionewning the troubled
condfilori or affairs is lialtlmore. - )
It Is reported that troops were today se nt to
that nelghboihtfott to Co ready m case of any
emergency, nod If there shalt be any hostile
demonstrations On Ll* inwtof the amens. the
United States authorities will Interfuro
t i hh i h r t , the city under martial lnAtop 111111MP*
pose of preserving the pence. - ,- -
fins stated that In tile • CabluelCounell ”of
.sterday, to wrack Gen. fersolt , Wlts gig/4(4 -
. _ _
Joint Pastoral Let ter of L ille Catholic'
Bishop% to thetrirlockA-AlrillrS of the
chit rent Discussed, nod Adrooti t stuns
to the Faithful.
- :
New 1 oak, Nov. 3.—Tlm Prelates and Eccle
siastics who' composed the Second Plenary
Connell of the Boman Catholic Church, lately
In erosion lu. Baltimore, issued it pastoral let.
er under date of Octemer glst. Thla letter
opens with a discussion of the authority of
the Plenary Councils, and after quoting the
injunction of St. Paul—"obey your Prelates"—
it notifies the faithful that when they aro
warned, either collectively. as In the present
in,tance, or singly, is the present dioceses, to
avoid secret soeMties end all il l ,oeintiCillif
Which are pronounced unlawful, they cannot,
on the peril of their souls, disregard tne ad
monitions in treating • of the relattens
of the church to the State. The pasta.
toral claims that the Chetah In the great.
support of the temporal ',ewer, while It corn
plains that the State laws assume to regulate
tune manner by which church property shall
'llO held contrary to the Canons and discipline
of the Catholic Church. It recites: These laws
however, are, for the most part, based
on principles which the Church cannot accept
without departing from. her practice from tne
liven/Wag, as' soon as she Iv ,s pettnltted to'l
sejoy Melly of worship. They aro the ex: . I
' , cession of a distrust of teeleslastical power I
as such, and are the fruit of the misrepresent
tatious' which have been mute of tile tic.
lion of the Church in past ages, as well
so the Civil power, prescribe. to her the
clectelitei Wile is to teach and the wor
ship with which she is to honor 4.3 d,
as to t lie rise on her a • system or
lielding, her temporalities. which is alien
to her principles. and which , is borrowed
Prom those who 11 11.101 rejected her authority
lastemi of seeking to disprove+ Various
reasons alleged for tills dental of theTherents•
tights in ottani of the States.. We emit e/ t our
selves Willi the 101 . 111-1 protest see 11 ereby en
ter alaltist It, and briefly remark that even in
the tupposttion which ece by no menus iidillit,
the lilt It denial was the result of legitimate
motives: the denial itself Is incompatible with
the lull measure of ecclesiastical or religious
liberty o libel: tell arc supposed to enjoy.
The pastoral directs that a contribution In .I
aid of it, Poo. 11. i taken up annually in nil the
ata re.g.t.t Thu political Changes in Italy
lie referred tons trials slid 171111111 latlon3 to
the Holy Father, while the fortitude. of the
Pope under three circumstances hi alluded In
with.prolbutni interest.-.
The devotes con - seer:dole space to
the fidertilileill of matrimony and urges that
marriage lie contmeted tororn the altar lit
lied. Touching linen the press the past, 1,11
Ines Scent, the eellnett of Teen t oti.rettetrom
ill hooks that treat et rein:tee to be seined
ted to the diocea.i.ei. /Wein-hen it says the
book him no episeo , ./1 balked inn, it has merely
the guarantee of I reed Ont trout error in faith
or moral. Calholle Journals are net- to lie
blench:led a ith tile; Bishop who may endorse I
Mein by endoeseillerit, mettlly.deelans Ilitt
I paper us One in w HMI; the lash pip wIH eau, to
be Ilmerted such official documents as 110 from
' time to't hue may have to publish. •
' lu regard to education, religious teaching
and trammg are regariltA as indispensable.
The establishment •of Catholic tndu.trl al
' schools or Pt Oteetnr,„ is urged to save child..
ten from the seeterinci reform, where they are !
placed by the courts, t litmee to be transferred
to distant ibraillties and lidluenevis litietar to I
the religion 11l which they have Loch baptized.
An Mete:lse to the null:her • cit pt Jests is tie.
- 3:i Oil, end 3 01ing 111011 bre urged to enter upon
tlvecema. The laity are urged to new
11l —I:ly a:A zeal, taut to pay more attettlion to
the savrit.zwata of the chute::,
In regard to aniuscupmts the Prelates say
in this Conventiou: consider it our ditty 1
to warn our people against these eletote
ments, w Filch may coolly become I 0 them be
otettflull of elm, c.o.:molly those fashlonabie
(latices, %Odell, as at presept ea rrled w Lou
revolting to every footing of delicacy 1110. i
briety. aud ore fraught cc 1111 tile gOdtteot :1011 tt
ger to eteral,, ✓ We waled elou. warn them
most solemiliv'agattrst the greats no ea w
have sprung up in the mutter of fairs, occur. ;
510113 and pa, tiles, In a litelt, as too often con
dueled, the name lit diy Is ninth: to es, air
ups multitmle of sins. We forbid all Cello
an3 thing to do with t hein, e.Seelit
whom Indifitgeil In accordance with the I ego
1-tt 1011. of the Ordalltry,ititil under tliu lin me , 1-
Lite shlierVlsion of their respective Pastors."
The clergy are exhorted to unremitting zeal
bud bleitelessiless of life. in regard to the
freedmen ti:u Paeornt• holds the tollovring
language: Wu must all feel that In 1011110 Man
ner d mob anti lutitd ux t enxive Geld of charity'
and cieretednens lots been opened tO in( by the
emboli pat ion of the immense slave popolatlon 't
01 the' South. • We could Lae,: wirmed that
In neeertifOree w Itil tile attain of the
Catholic Church In prod ages, In regard to ther
serfs of Europe • a toots gratthal nyedeln of 1
Curbed-platen could have been mired- I
ed, 80 that they might Lave • been
some Ilielocure_ prepared to entire a bet.
ter ',St Of their I reednin than ilmy sin t
Hite!, to do Low. Still, the evlls which must I
neees.3arily ::tend /limn the sudden dberat'on.
of so largo it militittide...e ILe their peculiar
dlspo . it lions and habits, only make the appeal
to our Clitisttati eletrity sod zeal, presented
by their forlorn condition, tn. More forcible
and imperative. We Urge epee tine Clergy/Iml I
people of our charge the most ,generous co
operation whit the mans T e.blelt nifty he adopt...
ea by the Ilishems of t Liltmese, In a hich
they are tO extlaid to them that Christian-ed..
cable ,led moral restraint which they -
much stunt Minced of, Our only regret In re
gard to the matter Is.that our means and Op
portunity of spreading Over, theta the protect
ing bed salutary indueneeS of our holy fen.
glon are as rest,rletio t ,
,A hearty I tilogisin is ',romanced upon the
reholohs condiamlties 11.1111. the Pastoral says:
I• We dos:barge u grateful duty In rendering a
.pololic testimony to the virtue and heroism of
these chrlstlan virgins 'whose lives elicit the
good order of eiristiunity In every place, and
w nose devotedness and spirit of stet-sacrifice
have more, perhaps, than other cause contntt-
Ited tO effect a layered,' change In the mind,
.of thousands estranged from our faith." The
protest concludes the pastoral by saying licit
they have pronyilguted new decrees in tsgatel
to discipline, hrelear otatementb of faith and
morals, which, after .Utnnission and approval
by the holy hem will be greatly,proinulgated;
Kneen*lvo Eire—Petrified Ann an
Won Ueprednlloo■ on file tipper Mie-
ST. Louis, Nov. 3.—A lire ]nit night on Frank.
lie avenue, destroy .d the Soar milt of D.
Greenwood; the home factory, of Chas. Sl uel Icy
and I.everal adjoining buildings. 'Luse about
trz2",ooo, partially covered oy lusnrance.
Tim steamer Tom Stevens arrived at St. Jo•
'stub from Upper 511seouri, with ieb),ooo lu tren ,
sure. An agent of the Smithsonian Inst.tuto
was also on. boatel, with a large number of
petrified animals tor the Smithsonian lust!.
tide mind the Philadelphia,Acaderuy of Natu
ral Science. There are: ovbr three hundred
different kinds of small, animals extinct, and
countless bears, ,Irc., ci tritimmouth size. Thd
collection was made - -in Dakotult territory',
near the head of White River, by Prof. Ilayi
Two Mackinaw boats arrived Outing thOday
direct from Ftirt. Benton, with a. quantity of
furs anti a considurimiu treasure. They con•
firm the reports of continued Indian hostill
tiro on the Upper Mllit,ourl.
General Ititidoo'n Examination or
Ereedineten Minim—lndiana in Texan:
—The Crepe. •
SEW ORLEANS, November a —.General Kid
doo,- Superi ntendeut o( the Texas Freedmen's
Bureau, Jo about making a tour Menlo the
Htate, to examine into the condition or the
Freedmen. He pronounces himself altogether
opposed to thu determination expressed by:
many, to decline making contracts for IFCri
which lie declares will be ruinous to their
moral and physical, welfare.
The Indians have appeared In Barters conn
ty, Texas, and are driving in the settlers. • ,
The crops In Texas are nearly all gathered.
More has been saved than was expected, hut
the cotton crop is still very short. •
Math Mall Police Case In Memphis.
Ticarms, Nov. s.—considerable excitement
exists hero over the arrest, last night, of su
perintendent Beaumont, of tho Metropolitan
Police, together wRh E. W. Pratt, hie Chief
Detective, for malfeasance in office in levying
black mail, etc. The case wee brought up title
afternoon, and a number of witnesses for the
prosecution were exaxrdned, and the exami
nation was continued until Monday morning.
( By the Merchants , Nation al Teleyrayli Co.]
Prom Utl Clay,'
Special to the Plttaburatt Gazette. • •
OIL CITY, goV. 4, 4116 .7. 11..
Bayer two toot nine Inehe• sad falling.
Weather cloudy Ana eool, With indications of
,ST, AB ,"• I--d,. ,- S --,- ,1 -, 1 . 4 ,,6, 1 ,,. / _.,. . i , 4
_-..,.. -.. _ —B. i_i '..)z,v'
.. 7 -- -,.•
z•z* ,, , -- - - ..." - „,-,-,- : • '
~ . ' ..." ',".' - - lit.:"i,
,ar„,:----477,-,...1".2-t:--=';‘y --, -•:-....: -':- ' --"" - , c,t- V; - ,), e ..t.:::: ' ~ .-'l,-,T
Igi>" "V.,-; - ...., i , 0 1 ' & % ~ f, --:!," _ ;"` , f, •
-% r,-
~,,,„. • --
).' f, t "'"%tlf, N) •:- -2
.. 1:17-, ' , s - ,,, - , = . ,y.,)• _ , 'f .... c ; `,": `-, I •-•-. ,
_ ~,..:__ OF ."--_- :V/ele -- s•-•1 1- ":::."-,
y ;..•-_,-, - 2_7. - ..y , -
'''--....=2.-'S.,:X;;:tei,Z,,/,--1-j!W•t_al:e"..*/, ---',.:: :
---7--- — ::::/ - L ---- 's -- •,„---A -_.t.-":25\--- --,_-_ -,---`-
. - - - ---
--=----'-'--,,----- ,)---
1. and uh Mt onloubtedly related to the Ilaltl•
move d Micah y, the position of the President
ii,iferea Very materially from that or Gen.
Grant, as to what 1410111 , 1 be the eland of the
'General Gocernm , ut Lt cam, of an . outbreak
In Its Ululate. The latter, It Is; belle vet,
only favor of the lotredllelioll of United
States troops the arrest or eontestleir far -
films In ease, there was an actual outbreak.
The hsecutive, en the other bawl, advised
that the intervention Fhould be immediateel
upon the ofual 1110 /0001,,b0,,cs the Po
lice Beard to aurrehnler the office to the ap
pointers or Gov. Swann.
reoltto Trielh—tfle Come of Rev. Lum
den—Acquittal on the Ground
Toem,ro, C. \V., Nov..l.—The excitement
regard to the tertian trials remain,, unabated.
11 Is 1.91.1.th1p, Jibdlce .John Wilson, having-In
-1 Innate.] yesterday that the trial of the Epla
copal 111101-ter, D. F. Luinadcu, mould take
plate thls,inortilog, a large 'lumber of people
I long before the time, congregated in the eleht
ity of the comity bulldlng,., anxious to °biota
.a scat. Although the conitables stood at the
tillrerent entrance.: itntl did their heat to pre
serve onto r, Out only permit those to enter
who had (',right from position an hurristert
burns. or let,others managed to crow ,
im. When the court opened; the •t
watt tilled to its tam,t,ear t ,ette.
a,t, ten tecio,..l, Ills l.ntdship trook lots teat 01
the ltenelt. morigal thit4o protentlas witness
es tor the 4104 , 11,e Were phillOp COS, Dr. True
hridge, Res'. 3lr; I I Thomas. C. 0, A,
and other,.
1 he n ile of Ill . •.prhoner, a Volirol Woman o
Islip this tientennor, tateniticilis Sellt. 11 , 01 !lei
ColltlSel, mol seemed to feel Mt
ontortunato position In which her lint-bant
9 - 10, phone!.
The jury panel helm; railed, and the juror
savoy; irnetvered, the prisoner, D. Cum,
den, on, irate court. flu 1011001 pale,
and mastift,ted 5110lety.
iii,: Lordship—,re put ready for trial.
I . rttt , n ~ my Lord.
IttNait Opened the ease for the Crown,
anti :dated t hal tint ttrisotier, o m prOre—....l lo
11 , 11110,1, r ill the 0 Oro .of God, wonl.l
pro ~ to ha, aelotowlettgrel hint.eif chap.
ma 10 a people w po-se•-seil neither relig
ion 00111011 K I tevotol the-desire of cute.
silo, lull , paw erful country foe the nd.n „r
uturdernig Its puaeool/10 01 1131. 1 30alitS, 1111,1
p.ilue,log all the property they could lay their
nand, on. lle hoped the. jury
aside all pro.lotilee tile matter, and try he
betel vent o,'olll'l man. opart foto,
ligtonw et party twelve,
I he 01 . 0 Wlttltrs called for the Lirtiu - 11 0110
John (locker
Gatneron, for the defence, objected to
tins sett no,. I , otllg examined, the name. of the
itn, t... not elute:tang on the back of the in
diet meat.
lii, Lot .511 ill 111,1,' your object ion.
The sett nese teittalled that be 14.10. Roc, 1.1.11?-
00 tine Ist ..1011e 10 (lie 1 . 100/01 al roy.
ttlher Witli,,em were , 0:1.1. who teat Med that
the tletetalant mloglited hew all twang its
f. or Ina Fenian eutop. /*hey altoo san
him in the l'ettion artily at Fort Erie. It No
lte:l,n' from the [alimony 1 Ina the Ilex.
Loaf-.1..n drank set y itettelly whim,' 011 i 1 the
Feetat.,, trod got .1: tint: '
1 - 6
~ 1
For Ihe .I,tence, vittneext, 11,11:led to the
litthlt drink:lig to tteee., '
Itur. Dr. U.,t e.
tht. e .l , lence--.tut
thr.aop the ED:neap:o Canteh New l'clittit
Ottaw the prl,nrer: :tat ,
he e. eht to itott- tin Z 41.4,, to v••rral g
Dolt ot rain, I r,tret to ,ity he had talokred
hithject to da.a1i,..11 Dent the
tc.teaa ot 1 1 11 .0rti.11,111,1` /o th, het
1, ter troln Itt-Loy PoI Dl', and adv,ed
utt to I v-it:uat ,tt. lii , entaltnian,, ,
tth IL the thui, long,
1 ,, 11.,' latill.11:1, i.el
t!,,,,": .11 1110 heing ill It Le
tlt an!: ‘ , .1,:t,t.t.0ng it ht•
0110 that Ine had no F nr,rytthyj WI the Fe
nt:tn., ntot taw, had.
N. 4 iti.lll,olL tL, it ntadrj,, , , , ,l 11, Jury
loo,t:tutt sirvoq:li (0r t
,0:10E: ea , el , ll - 1110,vvrl w.,4 (mu
t.,0411.-. 20132 :10,1 .
nn ”rt orlLlltti , ....aio the C.. 3.1111114. 101.
t!, Jengrlt. :And.
Iteil.:l/.••1 41.00.1 W jurY
/11:14./.,.. Itv IMO r,t. tat
I :1I•
• I Iloa. J. b i t!, eon teiti•lbli: Britt
the aro,: Itta 4,laiiiklica It y ca.,. It th,J,
,• , ere ,I.:1:41;••1 olilthi:ver,-qtqy•
• I thn 1 . 1, 1 / 1 1.115
• I ailt br wail:rub,. I, I X A,•;:laliy
•1 ,Logltz. 11l 0,11 n 'inn
• I •••1 -I if 11l II 111,. :or: . 1.1 , 1 It it
i ni arth
• ;ilibr 0:1ug...1 the jot y,i • uncluaing
; at hail 1,01.
.1 Illy in it r. tier! nud onon ri•turnra,
.: ttutiiY."
pi istinbr :sal bar,i
Intl, len.,
I; H. :t'in'e tho praiburr het
Ilin L1111,5 , 1t.n.
,I'! 'J taey
.n, v., .4 )ou: .
lon itit:st.
linr:litai Innir
I :Lila hill :ha: Illut :It the
lin It'', lit it , it Cr r
a Stilt IV
.lr i.ctioaa,
yin.r irbraluate ril think,l . /11 tilna
I I`t' ' , !j'hair:Rea 30110 Inn. •
:lint, bl ..1 , 1111:r br (•ugla 11,. a by
i•iiiprriaiti• 51.1). bincrraiy
1 It ..1111 :tail that) riti
1.• r•iriant ti, Oar 111.41 /4,1111 DLit!
•••••Lip.4l., 51 , 1 Wlr how di...liars:li.
..I It. I 1./1., tht:olt,k ho crubriteril
iI ili• Alin no, ort, pont:nal by
I/111V(I 1.0 the ,111/, I
Dislarbancerd a new.Oilcan liectioff . —
lattlys to Ilia, lltrolly-nl , illoa• of
New Yorli—lhel it., no* loilatidalf,
fa, &lid lfero—A Levy-31 . .10 Oil older
.odr, r,
t - e• Itten t NOV. •Tial rultretrins;
t.; ,-;411 - 1 x 411111; ••1.41111 - 1/111,i, et the lief/Walt/tart
i "tee: et 11 I . 4l , t_tfy flail'Park till:, ttfturnoter
! 1 Ile refit et - rt .t!treo Itrid 10,111 the
t•ts tt-; 44410. 44. , 14,1 they t4ltt etort tied
eft IQ the platter . ..t•••netai Unit t0,,,1t.' eft'
ett,. f t••te• alf.l itatottaf't•lt
; Ite • tie,: 1•:, lit,. 'a all,. tag, .1.
tt+ titt•ti. tt at ;Limlttl - lilt tilt. falr.y.
rfsf!`;: It "Idle he watt:
ee. I Inter: tztouteo i•tiltte t tt. Itt•rerat
Beller ettett , tet•tt, met lott It hatl Itt,rtt
; 4 , 14111: 41 11111 4 -111;0 44111,11 LlOllOllll On
Ili, 1,11111;u V.l , V. 1114 , 14! ut,re, 41;44;i4,1 4 ,,, ,
111111t/1 1114 4 t•etAtel ht., voice, toter
"ki t e net; irteur the ••;•otttlt tor protect tee
dot tee. the Wal t 11111/ Mr DOW eteleavetr t uttr to
inlet; 4411 Knarcliy. Thu hustorultie tern of New
t ~,el,l teat ,ittit 1,1 littertere with the
t 14,14114; ut 1.11, .1 - 4.141114, 1V141•14, the 11.11,111.114;
,41,11 party ex!,,, s ett In I t ;t•ffrej, irr4: F 1 l eft
t• "tat, cart pi In I.lteett.l . ut New Wel...
It 111, i 4 .1 he Detaverary 411 Net,' Yeti:, the I
••,i,,oet it ti 0 iheo out thin 1 ,1,11 . 1. Ilrgan heel
Inn I.v. thvin tiro,
plunder were 1.,
1 , , c hhn. ti Bile rne tuay pardon
he :0.11,1, they elan thole
111:01er'S hehting, log S., hold too hauler
}welt;:. On,: got the Meellc 01 , 011 Mayor
11utlhoi, whu w
, our i.ant ;tile,. the men who urn new
howling were, in lest, burning nod [swig no.:
tion, roe,. You poor (wily, Imi:out:tined, I 1111.01
1111 . 01 0•11 r 1,10,100 111 II •//1/140re 11111 i New
I lig, hung your betters. If you l/0
ant 101111.03 you raelven I will have the plett.hre
o. me you ming. Ito Sou think I 11111
K. 1)1 1 1 14 1,11 /1111011 DO )011 think you
lire the equal of the negrot YOU . ire
1144- liverlllrOW frrw speee.l Um/ free
thunghts, miteo ant tine live polutn, thleven and
fw.00111V . 1,1 of thit tomb , I 'think ) aronot
worthy or th o ,•fro.ivo null Mutt [ lie crowd Stlo cornoo4eil on the loud h
ot the ilenoieratie pally. who urn paid no
much n eek to Hu press (no speech. No
higher nycetutlo rental ban prone:at:a Why lion.
Yentosi chain 1..1 hu elected than 1111, if there
. anything that nlioulil he urgued lo favor
1,111 twaltult the r tale of the mi.
horily agulihst the toujority, it V,14
1 , 0:11 , /0 thin On, It Stotllll LOCO hilt it few
Sieuonsiltratituhi of a Inks character to make hi. r;i, , ,AL•l:,innthineo“ 1,0. ty I , ecouto .1ibi(1.0641
with the free elective tranelilso.
ii.,to.rdl wa..l then a,tte,l to go on and
give tat• rani., n w hilt ilt.trvc4l. Ile to.
No, no, fellow eltizenc; I will not pier the
lii.ieligenvi; I am 001 a !Ire:Admit or
11,10 /my ill/unveil,.
tulle 101 angry crowd."
The ceenidnl log the lienertinf speech beg
gar- Oc,erigition. TllO el Wll sus eouipoticil
of villainimi faces. The General spoke ' , Pliny
and leariesqly, tinnily defying 11 Is 0110111 lem
1140 manner sus Impressive and carried great
er effect. with It Gina hie wont,.
The i'nvt 0:13 s that a levy or sovalled con
tribution has Ix ell made upfm the mnployees
of the Custom 111111 40 end Naval Mill Surveyor's
often, for tile perpoge 01 defraying elect ion
expeinica.l , l which it number have refused to
respood, 000 .111 R: WO 11‘0,1 reason to 1101 11211 . 0
/11111. 1110 ettorts o may - lie 111400 10 1101,r190
Onkern of the elit4olllS of their places beemfee
id Their 1 el 11,11 to 1. /. 1 11/ . 110111.1 In this' levy Intl
tall thcolih the reles.o Of te elector to /11:1,
110011 lie g
011114;11N mill 1 110 fac h t that, any man
stood grin In opiendi 101 l to an Open or Implied
demand 1., on toolurstaiiii, to .he talten,lia
la vor.
Peath of Meredith P. Gentry—Fooloaa
•„„ .--
LOR/SVILLE, N0m..3. - 31eretlith P. Gentry, of
(lied etaerday Ut. the house of IL
TultlliVe beta' this city.
A large elithUsinst le weetlng of ' , ennuis was
held hero. Resolutions wcro passed condemn
ing the recent. action of the Brithir authori
ties in reference to political prisoners.
A h. avy rain storm Is prevailing. with tre-
Inendous pests of thunder anti dashes of
Radicals Elected. In Tennessee
Namur - 114.5, Navel:Libel 3.—111 am Patterson,
Radical, pun elected Mato Senator from Sum
mon mai tinsitb counties, over Bailie rut ton,
ittivu. by overhundred majority.
'WHO, lodua memo° Represeitust.en
from Summer county, over laionain, Couserr.
wive. by lot ty•llvo unkitirliy. Clements, 11...41_
iormerly member of COlllllllll4l, Wag plept.,
to floating Iteprenuntallye, hoar" - Iluzumisr.
'Smith mutt Macon porukt„4o,,,over . pro4.,,mt?ew
Conference 4111 141/11 .o Allairm—Bre
Tel Cat. ^ to i ,- itey—unui. Wittman. Ar-
FOUR.O ' CLOCK, ` A. M. . reNe t il—rroop , lleittli for Baltimore—
.aittie, or i/ 4 . l l lliNedi Union :Soldier,'
- -,h:,,, - . Noe. I.—The Pre,Mlent. ben.
VERT' I Huff • fill;Lii , p, li lii v 1 ,`,",',',`,' .',',',",:;.',:,.::',°:',..„::X,"..',"„,',..'..,'r';',:.','"i.:,',','";74
1 Ji , ii Ilk " i
on nlifitutt
-- -ilo. , , a ceareiehre o
in..,- the t ' ailtjeclot itr
, . - ;
Mi at
- it, fl . ..lima, '
-, ,
y itreVel. mrieilel one..:, M twit, and lei ri . RO' BIN ADV 111 ., ,., By IHE c tux. i m:` l.• • l lreet aim:Mato. to tm ia -im-tated to ;
. ;
hi- Mheirr 110,1 iln) . 1- , ' , lain' in tio, itrolV'
i fteri. weIII Iva- ,: i- or ~, , 1 m coome,lnence
Alliance Ili I%veenprin.sia and it ti,ia --I lal y E ‘ l ' ,c l,'''' ,Vt E "l',;,`-'1 . ,1, 1 .'''," j:, i . ll ;, ' , ' , l :,':j ' i ‘ . ,',' " , ' , E' , ) "' , l :i ' cjil`,l l ;l ll o l , d ,:
. 0 ,, t h e p e „ e _p r0 ,,,,,, 1 ~ , ,,,• Lea, ,,_,,: „ . , ..Ca.,,,,,,,,, to Int nu ‘lOlll,l, /I 1n11 , 11.1 Int. re-
J u ' ,, t- iii,_:.iew 1 . . ;,.,..1, Pope—Proposed
~--:,..),... ,
, : , a t tl. trai..ptie,l, that .the Pr. - epic:it Ism! le
-1 ite tem
fr t ion— Beller iiir the .(la cher !- 1 1111,•1,..r, ' . I ' lll- " 14 1 '"' 11.4. " 1. •
1111 ' 4 /1111 1' 1 . 1, ! "i''k
—Cou-e :lat 111 :;'''l'''":'rTE,''';'."itl''4lpHt ; ; ta , 1ni..1,;1,E T,,,u,.,i ilnlllt iL
Met t hanges --FM:int-Jai and Uomiiim- :'•,,:',, to to tee matter
: . ;
~. 0
, i , !:1: , , , ,,
,11,;%a Mese ,tatenieni a. ...Ta; 0L. i 0 ,, n , 1 , 1, , , ,. 1.
I rLl ., .y ,i tZ
b a r 74 7 , 1 ,11 J.- ,
ri01,6,-,..ix. .
' iii , eormol o-11 , I ao sitingtheaction
Penis, November 2,--The Pr,..e , -nly‘l 'OW ;of 11 1;;I : ifIllt.i .i'11 4. 1... 'i
aiii,ace bat_Tscoa it,,,,,,,, and ita.,ma I. a a veil 1 It i• - neartalle Imbeved that the, troops in
fact: Wl, biligln2l,lllllloll . 11 1 141, 111•11 . 1111111 1 osier,osier,. E
, '
1 to }nor, i•.l In h.iltiiiiiii, in en., thin, pre.,
letiiite, Nev. .2.—Tlin Italian ureJol denounce ; ~, ~,,,j , ,
~j,j 4J l ~,1,..,0 . , ,,, ~,,,,,j , ..,,r,,j- to pr, j ..
the allOgarion Of the pope again,t I lieenjulino ; :Jerre the 1,,,,,,. •
; Qirtrterunt4ter 6,1;1,1 Mi•l'm Uni js,,,ed
of I t...1.r. •
, alininin . pal:Thiel eiiiiiniiiine rile roll of non
it i s ' , ported that Count IlicaJin,,, n IJI bontl j or ne nine, of vieii,,,, 1,1 10.• ' IL,,.;Ajjw, i•urieil
resign 111.4 poqittun ln,t lie Italian NI inintry: lln nu. N'Atnnial i 1,114,,1t.:. ill Moine, Minor-
LONDON, NOVellii!el. 3.—Tlie lirlt,ll .1•1 in ii i .\'''''' 3l ' L ' j3 ij ‘ jJ° . 1 ... un - ' "'J. , ' l'h'"il . 1 ' 14...1 .
rhan-n- • M0...j....ip10, i lor , JlJi Loull-latia awl
rally have PrOrrii , ell a del.. .I,on rlep AV.lit- i CJ , lnrJoi.... The U.JniplilJ•t eiJOinins nimut rboO
oil upon them, in_re,,,ini to lila matter; that- JJ'olo, J•t I:lnJleeen , ti —non', from thelitrger
they will enenurietii the prl,purr.l . -N lea; noilon 1 '''' r "J'": •ill 11J. L . 01 “ ,.... .
route. • - -
PAWS, N0V121111,, :I—Ft I-4 ...ILI . 11. V 11./11,1:
Monl.holo,n t.. tr..
..inor 1,1-1. - rd, n:nt tn..;
Count .I.h.'rthenly h 0 I .V.o.0111;;II011 IMO
plare t h. 1...
renny'.-1 in
French Etnlia.4y to treehnh.:t n.i4
he'll.: fin' TALI ,n,-f,
er. , by the queboe flee.
31 Anew. NI., 3.- It hi 4:thl !nat the h rh.
01 , 1 Of Illo• 111-.111..1it•
naval Aire Aron t,, d
I heir 1.11
rIENIIA. —Tits h.enn
vnli...l toe the told.
enteretl bn• Lit el
N.‘v. niner o
nrninirt4.o4"l n Ile
311.11tary ::I'i :: , t V
ihne.l hvi •-• or. T..- . 4 I.:. I.•
point Ihihnn .7enn r r, , d ,.
31dnI•try p ,;t.
V:01114,1,1 I:a
,Ay . r. , :11.• _lit-••
mu: 1.6113 4lt
cor,lll.tlory it. , 11,•) . , oat.
rt.ortLn , t;
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ree , Ir, I
~! !r~ ~t:~ ~ n ~~r it
I;, ' 11: /1
. .•1411e Ati.ll
- tor. 1t,,, 101 Iti• „ St 11.1
• •.1 h • , •
!,,.„.„ V, ;,„ 1.. , :...1. If, 1.,11 t• 11,-
. —Tire
fattuly ,
4.00. 0:1 t1:0
Tll,, Llor,:i 1%01:0: ~,,, 0
to : t:•:: 7 r
IA:, . ; —I
LON Trcrn, N::1.:•!11 , ` , 1 2.- 0
t 0 I flin !II:I:1:1:0.; I
r:oot , t. lor
Irrr: /I
--1:r• :01•,101-,
IJ. .•JIJ . .
I I: hli,ll , .1 ;1..1.1 In s - 11 1-1 nose
f, 1 11 /11,Iota tiny.
j; J.. t ..,11 J...
--A It,
.4 t_41,,1nni,4,
',1....1. all./
. 41 31 .{ iftu cr, ,-Inn
1•::,• Itt t In, .Treat.
L 111011 1111117i11)E1:, ,I i n 1 31, I. , •nch,
• _
A ppllentions for n 31r - li/of 11 abr.% t Isr.
lA. 17, Sll•pin s , to, , lriillFrCs n
(...•515, .t.,44,1111 In .:, I lA. Nn , 71.— ' 11 , 4. A. Ste-
In.. • 3t,
. .. Mat , ,,,,insi
Intyl• 10,10 :51111:1c.t:::,,, 1.•
of O W (.. 0, 1 , 1 .51 , 0,ti• 1, .. ~1 1 • 1 Ile (111,11,.,Us
• - •
11:1•I c , ,t0.1y Ino tVatkt t.::; - 1
.t...:. Srt o/.1:• of .111 , 1, 1 . ...t.•1. MI It. •
writ ,cvn4,r
t hr
ho 1,1 1111: E. •• •,131 .
ta! (r:
01 1 ,, r. :t •
tl.t. to, 1.1 )1,, I r.
tlle• II I•ts.k.. ' , tr. , .
t( r 1.013, a•t:.
th, patty ,•• ,•,,, 1 t 1. :.,.! .
.; ..
for 1.11•3 , st Its .cl. ; •,:.
1••, I,l)tig , Irt•
0 , 1r.1iC.: I tit I:•!•
1.11:. , ~ 1 t
3. •c•' ,
t.• ;•2:111
i srt u 10.1, t. 1 1 ,,•• • r
It .0,... , 1 I! t• Art .1- 1111;
g.•t ,s lit,si .•,1.,, .•
InUrninr. i•t 1.1111,:1 l'4
111 -
I. pri,l z
oLr.l tnnorult. i”.lrs:, 1.41.
5 , ../1,11..1.,!
I..aIm:NAL 1_•/1-4.r
‘Ve.1,11111.1114111 , 1 t.. icy j it
I , Ile,
Yuan,: an4l 11C40,
ini•l Ilii• tllatroi of j •
.1111134 lin
aria, ant it , tt ,
tr•olg tr•Illove nail pa
t ..lit
nil lit 111 1 ,1••• and a. 1V0...1.
iiiii.ll , -.1..0.•[4.4 1110.11) 4.1 It,n pr
lit. •1 •. 1..ofIlly prop, ll'
1 ira ;it • ',II . .
• L'Qurt, 4./
I..crk tt! to l':Pnifoi: o: it .1g0r:..;... ;
The preeec , loU.,:e;tnetti:, :hero!' ttcre
inateti tio , rout,— .111, et, , !4k
ttIO .• teat tio• :tte toe tt , rti,
Thump-on In tt , tue •Oteitt
III'," tore, :it Het to, tout 11, CO:11! . It ,
11111., onion rouol-put; tut roc
Sheriff :ot ttareett lo•o to 11eoto , lit.
101,1 11 , rc.1,11 L.r.11. uritluu I ho
Intl:L.lW :1,-411,13. of, ~it t ie. , Piper, oil
;it c.Oh Atit
lb, NI ILI I Lot.
ol elo,o nom
or 1: ‘1.1,1..1,,
U.,„„r nl ,„„
r Si tft. • ,„ „,. , The
nilt I, .;.. ;, , h, h
th,“ h-I,
,„ „.;„.; ;;„„•;, „,„, w," „.,, "„„
.11 , 01111, , 0:1 (.1.111 . .15u h lintocaco IL ntuoce
yn iu
\ 4,l ' { ‘ ;)
getter 011 Mil:stow 11 Irt, v.l. 111
;ht . i J - til 1,4 1: I•liii :if. the IleSt term
.rt opt. hundred 01'1111,,
Crlinllllll court
Witnte, the ilon,litigh itongi, tlutl:te of
1115111 Court, lull Itooiett Lite ThIIII it
Exempt I . l'egn.-1:3 . the new elnise
~,,,,, ~.. . t ,,, c ,,,,, , I taw, the tat licit 11,1 eat, nut to ileiltrov tho
. ilioilei, 4 , 1 Ore, initisur.. linil implore. it now
Clerk of lin, Criminal tom I of 11.0t1 icon
' i oceoloo , .1,1 ir.wi the Mei iiiiv of Atli:Jet
'the city 111111111111, 1..I11:11;i1,14 , Illit I, IIIII„! , st. " „, i , , .. , .,
~,, ,
ti ,..., ‘,,,.,,,,
WILLI ill'' exceptioe of i•neitt gm fierily+ iir . ~,,„,.„';„ i 1,., ~,,, ~,,,.„ „, ~,,.. ,„„ Ott ~,,,„
p..llph, 10211,L1Y .1 ,,,, 11 , ni0q,11., tO . LII.IIIOiI 11.11,1 I „,.,„ f ,,, „,„..,,,. ~
.„.„.,,,, „,. „,„„, 1 i,,„ , ,,,,. 1 .
the mimeo - it, rumor. !leo hie in oil enhit ioi,, '
~ , h. op ~,, 1.1,1.1 , 1. ..,, h ,, i „„ ,
~,, it
5i ., 0 ,, ,
(litre is nothing not we,itqc (tilt ot the 0ir , 1i..,
..,,,,,,, 0,., ,
ii, ••111 ti li. ,
~,. the.,
~,,, ,CIOI, Or eyente. It hi reintil nil, eiol ' -
ninth , or Irilioneo le; 1iJ1111111,.. 01 !Ile., Ill Ilk•
P Y C "'"'" , "' U. "" ' . r - '"''' ' W """ '''''. i ..,.....1 . 111, ~ ...11 iir .- .1/111t•IVIIII , I chill leo, h.ill
needed to lViiiihlnizton 1 I , lticiiiiiiiii,,
:Ike Lc eteelio.'• • .
.. I
llALvimnitr., Novioolier 1..-I'll., wrOollethoo. , 1 11l ti0...e.--The ate.. of the man 101 iititii
corptic hasyret yet le, si ,eri.,l ei ,11 , ..h01i bui I v.l el• I o. li'i'''. It ' , i5 . .. , '',,, .'", ist ON' initirvii
will 1,,, to II10".., 11 , 1'11it1..... IL I.'S 111:00 L0k..1 lil'ar L1.0110W1.,1 , 1411.111.11111110 L . 111,110Y,411,
, 1. , 1 . 1 , 1' , 1, 1 1 , 1 . 111 4 1: 1 : , 1 , 1 , 1 A 11:: , •: ,, 1 , i t 1L1 c t . 4 1 , 3; , ,1 , 1 , 1 ,1 1.2 ,., V , 1 . :: . : , 1'it: ,, 1i...: {7, : , 11 . ,
i l . i : l t r i t
,' L ., , , , , , , . ,. , .V. 1 5 i e . , ..1 , ! . 1L , ..... , .1 ,, : , ..1 , 1 „ ( , ...1 , ...; , ,. 1 , L. , 1 . 1:=1.! ! :: n ..t „ l , b , u h r e L
ILIO IVILown .111 'laic lii ~,,, lie hi . i cu. 11 ”ii.. il' I ly• rind IA le. 1',1 , ,, ,, :. int , W 3.1 1 , 1-
111 I'd iately• . • licive,l to Ile: re-, O nne o
e tit A. NV. llrwnling,
It iii .11 . 11,101 y reporlell Ilmt thorn , rill 1,.• n : 1,1 the vlllar4l. of ` , .'esv lit- :loon, it here hit lll
now get. of .Iniii.iiit or Ell , ion , 1t1111011111...41 111. i pll'it, 'A L .,: 14..1,1 Iv nitieoted to. liii 114.'-
Cloll'ow LOI/I . llillg, 11, lIIipIIIIII,I 1ty . L1,,, u „,..., ~,,,,,,,,,,,.., ~,,,,,,,..„.„,..
Thotegittetti of votnrii, it Is also reported, I. A W,‘"l". Ar,..i11n1.n . 11.11 one n'ehick and
have tietiwinineti to return t 'unit . 11S1.11 0111.1 . to; 11:1.V1' , . ,,, On' , P.11' , . ,. .. nt
livoing., e,en ooknown
the Judges vim mull 1,,. iii,rienteti 11y 1iii1.,1 . 11. io ~
.t.,,1,L, it...ll.'lply loci Imo wnewly Iltrew
or Sivniiii'm COnilitle.itinitti. it oil, I, i , ~„ ti,,,,.., tirot,
~,,,,,,,,,, , 1,,
j. I
will he fro.), eon - Wile:it tons. 'l'linin 1., llli iliiii.lit i m milt, of the ilpero li.ei, , Mo., ',ninon
tn ,, t , tip, Milli:0 linin,l n ill till nut till pei,ont i on Fifth ..t rl CI. 1...11.1 II I/ tile In ..0 hllailt:l . ra 11,
11 , 18111/IMg (ill' el.'nell.3i iii , ...Inn/Lay of Inn ! to Malin Ihe pin i•llii-i. iil t i
Ile., fielitlieniet
ilowlY uppoiliiiiii lioniuthitionnet. I I.le. .11r. %Vol it'll, I lie prepri eer. ti ill loiei by
oult, Nov. 4.--4:011,ai tiralit im.,l, thin outrai;e I ,lilt iliilli Llllltilrli dolltir,.l
rived tint tiiiiieilleu Connuil.iiiiiners with Oleic I
cotineili 10,1 now bolding' au thin. yiew iiith I ,•.,),.., p r ,,,,,,,, _ N , ~.... ~,,,,, , t it j i, ~,,‘ pen.
' '
Cage of Jen: Dal in—Paroto r vltentletl.
rtlieritkee lion nee, Nov. B—The parole
Jett'. Large 1,01110 111011111 n ago, glrnyt loot
the pi/ellen. , 01 the refill or ill..
tinnily:4lm day has been t.s booted, throo,l.
Executive clemency, In removing all onrird
lanee nu him and the /111.11'11, 1 0..111 111, loom,
011 Carrell Mal at nigh,t,.. ItoO rue 11e... to 1.1/1a
ef f ect letce 11-011 stmt. from
General Batton, conisnoutlaut of the Port,
L thits tellevmg Ida 1111111 . .1/111111.11 t ill 1111 N 1.1111111
like anverlty, and psylna the Avav, o
generally prestuuml, o v ertol trkt Me 11,1 1.11-
11.11110. Al, the guard:. , 111111, f.o••edu Cie,
an d nhtld, befog rottorv,.l, 10. nu
onJoys overy Ito siblo means of comfort - awl ,
11 111111 L
ou 11 prleoiler In the Fort.
llt 1.101.1 nu 110 hoe thefest.ell rcat grlaine. , - ! A l'oettent ..eoar,”--A poet has under..
ll at the unction Ut t, and taken to !unman al a retell list boat
already eontetuplatem the vacating of Larr+.ll , Cry 0 ,, 0 ,, C ,
1 , ,11., , 6
hu11, 1 , 11 wking residence with M , ••X stanza' Culls oi e
Duels, in 1.1111 apartmen analgned Ilex, nnott- hosved awl -ot, mot and LicaVed.
11 . after her arrival here.
Well 111, 1 udder dung:
dnil .rcrY time ..ho lemeetl and eat
• - Underwood's l'ourt. • • . 14 . 1/I . blll . It 1111 she eoralig.
6101 , U 0 .1 2 foroMber. 2.--The Unl- • -7
tad Sudo' District. Coon, hoeing adjoor,..d. . iLn •11 4Drit aotl 1 1 . 11 • J c —. ) u h" " .1 7;
yo„,order cameos. on •Itta Drat l'oeoulay In De- "' c .I
• l'n.
CO/11.4 lodge ULnlera . tnal, last erentnwrook . : that notion AI;
iletaartUtu for Antin4t, tot the North'. [lll' n 'r' nn . 1 5 1 ,4 r.
genera,l'ulatmee of the - bttlrheierolure'am a ,„„ and ail tor o.e. v.tonots 11 1
Aaitmeg,•..-frrtilett.-•reqkDrea the ',m.o. !
paid 06141.4i,earear,DIS llotttltlia Or /111,0y1,! CLI n al eor reol 'lll
etlialbs rebethim:Agaitat Lim IltUtixt Motes, adv,rosenlooL Pala , i,
'wittolantati rstlirdsWilillwAating d
the Gion I sale and retail Stooery for,ale.. flee slyer
VA j." ) f
....I P )
' 1 / r I I ,
I - j
~:~;; y~:
~~ =-
5, 1866
I ji 14 % lISGTO%.
TI. Pan•lfie .I:4ll . rosti Esen reflonkslt.-
11;Itspernnt. I.—Eng 11,6 Ilnntlag
It,. ly I, if pilaf ruff 1,3.
1 AN •ok , OINOI, 1 —The 1 - little
1•Nu1011 /1-1,
1 , ., Fort it :Ivy, urriv.:ll
at:iy• tent:rine:l
.•,:, :•1 111. 1::, t, : rite ;n411.4 . 1 ..teitiVed
, en•l other plece+ :0..44 the
'leeiteltte• .1 11. I'r•t•el, lietor.tis
1 .M 1 er• - • P•• I,r, te•v•.• nor
001 11 11.1•1 . JIX tille.,llor Slll4l/.
- 11011 !,1111 tll 110 f 0111010:1I 11.1,1 11111:Wail
/Arlin it -Cltl
rlll 11, 111111 111 , 1: : ::nr ly
1:: C:ty. I:runttlll. ter
',101.11111; 111 , 11,- Miry'
Itn:1 cuter.
t ir.r•
1v. , : :17. • L 11. 3. a: Ir. ,411111 wore :e
-1 ••••,..:1 It, And a ..telego•.
I/o.i 01,1:111,, N. 10 11 e 111/Irl,allllll/1.1 . .
111 F'l
I, lll[.' ••• • 1•• r •-t. 1 on, to
t 111,11.51/g / 1011 , 1 •Iellgi:11111 41111
.•••eltetl in. ut/I
1 .1. "1:I of rile I'll i1,t.1..1p111...
I,LN, I .
. Drur t .00, 0..1
I .
.1 .:: I. i
1,. I :111, I
i..rntti.• Jlli[LL.•r tti 4 . ../.ll.oirr
at . lll. n.:—/ 11.• ri n. tier fry .ttry,Setl.
.‘,1,..t11::i.J!.A:. '.........1.. NEV.:, ON Tall3.D PAGE.)
lt. .. l4' x.lixto
ri• • ••.r-P,
t. alletL't`lJ[
" 1. 1.1-1 Ott to Olt.,
..It t It . ' 4ll Ja.., I • Vt . tr I .0,
14, twl ,•,0 , ling,ttiatt
~ 1;
,:••: ot •
'zee. •
z 2,; te,,
z—elz,uel b
11, •e t.
eo.Zl,ztee ez ,-
n'ezerr: z.. et o;t4, Ili the
.1 nI
1 ., .•! eet . .I:llzer,zi,
4.31 V
peel!.e•leeezt ee! ele eze,z;e ltzeleisureets
eee tee teze.ez, :zee i,e•zze , e!eee se reuree,
, e:sez —ezetz•.,.l et t,f 111— ,
z:zie!, 013-
/t 4 .,113.: 11,4 , . 01•141 . 4 (.•p
01131'1 , 41i 33/33C131 3d,1/3,31,11i 1111
3 1 0,141 311 V 3,1 1 ,, :Illll,C , .31 . 3 b:
at,/ 3 3 ,
11,,,r ttee ;AA V a
, ee.y •:zeeeel ezee,se
tt-11,1_ LU tilt.
fit f4:120g
I..„raphio ,11,11:ttel/
rItZI n:,:. 11 link, 11 . 11, purollttl,,
••4.44, It .4 4,4 . 4 114 4t lVe4,gcr, at.
44,1: , 4.!41:4•1, 14 44- 4..p11.4 I 4.4 ,•,41 44 , 14 , /t 114 Sony
,C k ; linf TI 441 04,1.,144 ,t 4 attil
l• I:1 1 , 1 1 , Ct deltvvry
• •4411.1.1.41:,•,1 , 4 44-444 441 i 1•142,1444 ,lu4ll, 11,5
4•41 4.1144
,4,:44 (t(I lls IHT, 1 I' , 1i• t ,t,it
~" 4,4414, r44,-14on:411,1,
444 . , 01.1.10111,i, cue... 410-
14y 44,, 144,14 el, Thi , jLit
tl-t VL, 1,111/I , llly IA
~ 1,1
I ,• ' •., t
i , • 10, ^4 at ho,tl lug lor •, t , t.jore..l
1 ,, /k• • •• 1,1110 tho• ur A I , l , rillait Strain
1111 5 , 31 131.13 V Itint ;1.11!/.11
lionlat-t .$1 11.11,11
I, ard nittivr I,lt.
A v../114,11.1 ttipl John
goes , . la.thl 11111 even
1.. g at four
A* 4 .11/14 81.0 it.ttre.3.—Pairick
sllt•_rnt 11
t/t.lll, .1. 1 .1e11111\ II fittlor. nit ',it.,
niatlo . alt itiform .thm
Rolltnall for Thu
11 1 11 1~.
cutor.vll,-,1..+11131 too it, Mk!
1... waling! 0-I gun.: ”I• 1.1,11'0‘,1141k,
11/, Cllrt•li n 1.1,1111, 111111.41", 1.1..1,1%
Inatled tor lb.,
Oaring linbbery In Open Daylight--
Fire nominal 00110 es , Worth Wane.,
I Ono of the . c'..e.est and bold rehhorleS
we have been Undo dj report for some time,
was perpetrated 'one day last week at the
home of Mrs. Vrawford, near the City Poor
Farm, In Mlle in . tow nship. The lade mention.
ed is the prOpriet ores, or a boarding boos°,
where the 'workmen employed is Dickson's
brick-yard are accommodated• i few weeks
since two teen named Jack Leonard runt
Michael_Murphy,the former hailing from }lab
t I more and fuels
,ter from New torte, obtarn
work in the brick-yarn Imo! took op their
lodgings at Mrs. Craw lord's. They show eit no
di-position to wor k very hart :Ind were often
100 nd lurking about the groi/nds talking to
gm her, while their erLployer's inter csLs a ore
lug sucralceil through their luck of In
destry. ate. Dickson Scaly immensed with,
heir sera tee- un Thunelse. hist loot
ihey unlintniniliy started for this city, tina
gnrre serer al hours they ere. seen oi re
lur. to Mrs. Crawfotils house anti en tens! hi.
nick way. 0 few minutes had scares. clapsnd
furled they name tilt the 111 e way thee en
ter tni alill u htilitile of clash og [Miler ;•111 . 11
arm, and star td at a raped walk dirwa olurtg
the ',lrk of the 3lonotigalrela ricer. Mrs.
awtord n gebar rip stairs after their dem,-
tore found et my thing ill disorder. Thu bus
reas 11 11 MP ,, hatP been a
:10,1 the c01111:111, st novo over the fluor, while
, ortur valuable al lades .or wearing apparel
Were flossing. mom 111,,ItigatiOn.
.mml/fly made, showed that Ulu house had bona
robbed or everything that rOtll , l by any poss.i•
batty be carried pd, every boarder totheir/mese
‘arlfering to a greater or less degree.—
Ime young Mall named lusso 21101 1tutitlle. lest
One !Modred and sitteea dollarsin greenbacks.
anda gold watch atoll churn yrilind at 4110.
Anottier-an.ln ;rained Merl, was roboed'of 41.11
in cash un,l a consideranin quantity of cloth
mg, in ram. Sir. Morris' Zithniay Ward.
robe was taken, Itichard Dunn, :11101.111, hoard
r, l sat Willow artleles, which stomp:less
_:veiled the Natty si the thieves. I,lllet of Po
-113,u0 was soot - hied et tile rohbury the
1011,11 v lag day, !lilt 111, to the tires - nt writing,
Me anti...toes s.coundreis are still at large.
Tit ere scene tt I , t, very little doubt that the
rot W,1,1 001111,111(.1 by Let/hard /01,1 Si
I.llll', Whit,. Shen we Cattle Into possession h
rue raot, as narrated above, ad Lave learran
are well knew II as cullers thieves to the pc
bee ot the East, where they halm doubt/eel
gone with their spode.
/bat Cntie Again
Our readers will remember the tepOrt that
iippeared to tntr columns a.short v f.ime Since
of a enter In which a lily,. Nancy right sued
.tames Melvin for the recovery et a hog which
chi, alleged lobe tier legal property, and Which
Melvin had feloniondir taken frOm her prguil
,e,. ..i.a.sll3fence Melvin :et up' that he could
I , not have been guilty or theftots the hog be
_lvrwell, to hits and that the prosecutrix, had
no valid claim on the:intim/I 4hatever. • The
; elt,tl
ensue tir,t up berme St•telranau' Strain,
who dt , dnii,s . eil the Cain.. Inig believ that Melvin
had fully sund.antlatcilht.3 claim, Meg. Wright
neat brought the mutter for adjUdiCatioll be
fore Alderman Morrow, %the gave j11.1,41111A1t In
lever et the lett/1011w claimant. • ;.
Doti:et/Inlet! not tO be outtiOne, Sileit
MI 4 . Wright (or tre , and damages la min ,
Alderman Butler, mid the hearing calm. ow..
:until lv etterlinett, Mrs. Wright, on the ter
mer hearing-, h a d :dated that :die got tho• hog
nn a man named cleorge Duke, but Melvin
uonZentte.l bitm oil ti;tblitally, and strange to
he declared he Inil 111 ter give - n the hog In
mAlienl, to 'Mr,. Wrlght,.but, tie had given her
1 her porker. Which Ile could recognize by
a , -car tat the nialt. jaw. The iting6tlOte has
I.ot y et elven Ilk deeimon, hid the protialillity
.1 that Melvin w get tins hog. We
mete PO
matter will be dingiatcil tot' finally met ePO
Ole U:l4ll4peeting. V:111, of . . allll/1 . 11 litigation
will line be brought rue', of the eontanid.
cal I ng influence of the law.
Di 4enise Oulgeireraled.
Few'physic fans go thoroughly understuml
the anatomy of man to guarantee a cure for
any und e Very disease which Id Written TIMM
, in !hi, vOluine 01 human infirmities. But there
1 31re ea-. 0.1 of talented gentlemen, who, having
; inane aped all war against disease, and having
had almndan I practice, frion which thus de
rived Invaluable knowledge and wonderful
-k-lit., Valli mire permanently Tillie easel Vat ITT
remi•elim Wlllen Mlle Under their treatment.
1 iif thin truth we 11,./0 thoroughly reimneol
.t VeTit t.i the rtinzM of Or. Aborn, the eel,.
booed author and Medical Onetne, who i.
briefly itijoilriling •in our city ut the 3ler
: elmnfs Hotel. we-fossil numberless patients.
many of a Lout had come great distaiiiciN to I
plum IliellemliTea tinder his Care, as ills tamp
aA au eye and ear doctor had preemie -1 him
here. The eases wero taken in rotation, mei
we loniel mane 0e them expressing great re-
Bel even after the briefest operation. One
~n4entleman, who informed Us that IS had been
ett lor twentv-glx
. 3 - cars, drelaied that In
live MinUtes lir. Abuoi curs, tutu end bad
full) f restored his hearing. tit course all the
. e-isos at e not sueureesgfuliy dealt with, but
there happen felt el•Cepl lons. The gentleman
treats all maenad ot di,eat.e. null we have the
at musiteonfidenee In his ability to seta where
he prong lees to do gu, as he is trank enough to
inforrn his patlimii.. , vbetlier or but It would he
advisable to go an if, 111, treatment. • . .
A,, liiternallottal Sidle
31i011,11.2..,C;rictwiths:unding Ills natl., 19
', of Lure slat are 161,1 muscular build, and re
j Aldus in that lbeal . - which 'has gained quite
fnn eared ado repnta nof late, and hears
, 11, euphonious title of ./1 lardscrabblu." A - 11-
joinin IlielmeDs resin • ee standS the :0,0,-10
Id Tau, Drake, a telion with a round, tub's
i cc., good-natured taco, and a profound res
-1 peol tor the loggyb,lu of Briton. On iiaturdity
Drake imbiced rather too strongly of evr.
t ail, Ynorxieating liquors, and elated with /hi ,
siculauts, he became boisterous in his laud!,
t ps ot •thold Ihngland,"• the land of roast l;4,4 ambarregases, Ills opinions openly en.
pressed 111,1 not exactly suit the tar of the
tall le 51!e1,e1, and he informed Drake in an
n,alting manner that lie (Drake) ens a goose.
A quarrel mciledlately ensued between the
lrb h man and Englishman, wldeli Pea in
Die latter revolving a ,E•eVel, 0 bypplug. The
wile of the defeated one, truncallutelp after
the ressation of hostill!les, remilrell to the or
d., ut Aldertuati Humbert, awl made an In
-161.111a11t.0 against 511eliaellor assnuit and i'at
lel, The ace 1150,4 har, not yet been arrested,
although a warrant has bren sued for his
apprehensaon. -
Caught and Committed
• An insolent y alb named Albert Dame,
partook of the hospitalities of Mrs.Slargaret
sentilen, for a period . or one month, for which
he prontl,ed to pay tier the :,ntla 01 twenty
dollars, alleging lie hail money loaned ton
friend who he expected to liquidate the debt
very dar. Margaret dually olbeovereirthat
tiaeour hail nth-represented things, and
in fact he ens 'l.'ll4.lmi-tact° swindle her out
of her lamed hill, and she thereupon repaired
to the other of , Alderman Strain, and made
taut against . the delinquent for obtaining
hoarding ander r:t6e pretenses. A warrant
IV. issued tort Alberts err st, but he hemat
itic apprised or the steps taken against him,
tplionly eluded the pollee. For three months
he managed to ercape the vigilance pf tile
minions of the Outraged law, but on S4rurday
lie Minters.. thy - ttnuth his appearance • n the
street, and WILS arre;gted bylVltuot,
and t•rottuht hoore Alderman, M Strain. l who
later a partial licsrlng committed him to Jail
for a heartng 4lettfult of too teonlitlte
Mother.—Mitry Metrey ap
peared before Jindice Lippert, on fl Saturday,
and ade C.lll, charging her sister, Sirs: Ell
zabelli Su lifer, with cruelly beating and alms
big her own child, a Ili ale girl of Sere. years
old. The deponentatf.tes that her sister Is in
the habit of taking the child by the arm, on
the most trivial pretext, and. beating her un
til Ate would sink down from pure exhaus
tion, often lining unable to learn bed for sev
eral 41111, alter ret , lving a flagellation. The
Inhuman mother was at tested anti made to
eater ball (or Uhearing on Tuesday next.
Picture Wm...ex.—We made a. brief visit
to the Lookino Glass 11111 i Piet tiro Frame est al,
I. of J. Lyon., 110 Wood Street. We
know beim e that Mr. Lyons was among our
eNtelittivo necesslul manufacturers
in Ills lint', out We could not before certify tut
Wlt COW tin that we hare not elscal&re seen
sign speelinens of portrait trainee of so elegant de-
Einleh as a pair on their counter.
We advise oonnoltesturs to exam one Erotical
other beautiful sample, of artistic design a nd
pee het gilding ft: 110 Wood streer•
3140 . 01 . 0, nr1nc ifonrosiv.—Tlic Wrckly
Mining anti lilanutActilring
tore publiOled b% 31r. . 7 .-+ Bh ", . b een
Flttb street, In folio rOlott,„_fi , U o . lo ,, , :t
niaterntll3 . enlarger!, tool lel
fight 1,,,gt"1.."°' Mr.
Ili in ' making ills
n inde.
01r"1 guts,t t "' ;7tl n g und manufac
"lll now Itlrely to ret,gr
nig linnetni per„.•
honor rperinl Ills,
r"."'"t - I. r ....r.l OW/ rt' -
verlog effort,. Ws oilrna • I
*re • fr• . fsnor...thout cdne.
cciock Tha .tvr
—rley evening *llll' adroit v
1,111- en, med Ile• hail er the rdsnionee iit .11r.
Iticite.l e tVaring. on, -tile., he
ey, and pus - mined three overcesis and two or
three bats. Mr. Hang, of tile Gazetie, who wan
speeding all hour at Mr, Waring's, retired Mi.
nte , tits overcoat and hat. The rascals seem
determined to keep warm In the usual may
until the devil supereedes for them, the use of
eavy Powil ty ....John Gates was arraign.
e beforre the Own of Quarter 40.0100.,, on
MAtunistv,on Ibre.• chaarmu• of frilling Ugnor
11c.b.r. 1.,
a—l • .1. P..106(4..1 1.6 Int , • .11,4
,•,j• 1,11•1114•11 il"ll n-.• , 1, -•:11 b
•••••• ttryt...t•ut 1,1; Atti tt :
et: , • 1 , 3 11l tit,. i•'.
rttSt• Wtitt- t it
k V,.. tot.,
ninety-4x years, died at Lancaster la,t week:.
His last vote was tor Gov. Geary.
4ArfElt, ToGETI1F:1:1ViT11 MAR-
The YtIItIOG Sr fOrWir,led Which reach :
11PbeCribf, 60011. i.
Slagle Copy (per;
Clubs or Fs%
..... .
Clubs or Ten or more
A. Great 21intftanre Abntvd.
Thanks to in , litutas.!.lo bht.: gy of Ilts
!Minor, Maycir Mi;Citt thy, the city 111.8.1tcon cc.
;hived of the peratillailating Istreet walkers,
, rho plied their loathsoniti calling by uceoit
log respectable citizens upon ourqnsin thor
oughfares after !InJilt:al: Ile' i.i de , erving
of the praise of the entire Collllllunity for so
summarily dealing with this impoed Stock
thought could, Ull.ll rt
our moral - coy into as dark n hole of iniqiiity
us Philadelphia tic 'Yew York. The r0u611,--
t hose fellows who know 1101 What virtute .9;
and are stiatigers to mitatue—opectlyVotolema'
the 31toor for the course he . 111iS taken, but
tills wakes no dittertn,e, u , wards are Cheap,
and their a !gilt ins-turning public opinion
amounts simply to nothiog. If lIIs Honor
I . LISLI/111,1 any 1 . 0111 the stilt
which ha: , neen loinight to to-4 iii nothority
lor arresting atnl InearCer,iting the,. vile
1111.1111(y, s": 1 11,1 11al1 IL 11111 be the
duty of the 111 1,11 portion of the congniunity
to wake it good,' hhn. na the cuea.nwhile wo
trust Nlavor los,energette
etfotti to nee ut least ho strects of the pros-
Mutes who patrol them.
Wamllingtogs n..ct Je
An Ita,restll,; itapiotionn meeting of MCA,-
aril ismh,clutimiof Washing
on and Jefferson College., held on Saler,
I t ; amnion.; In the Illstriet ( um! Houk,
The Oa ataoli of till ineeting who( to
he Coil ., noli , o Dr. Edwards. , d
Vashiligt on att.!
loa'sidtal, and int tmduee.l
11c tatnnni iir(c.ent to 11r. E.lacr.l-., uho
Ivened a short ad .tress on I he econdillell, In.
'mince and Pro:meets of the I'M
Before the hieetilig adjourned, a eon/um:or
r win, cupolated to commit h ti
Janda in other protessimis all, pii 'suit-
I e cite, to
lawn . : nod Inuanis el I lailiegi• in li,. • .
ity, for the purpose of 1111,
Ile views el ill. 1,1“ , •r.1 , ', nem, •
a:Maumee; and conso.long on the nom,
he Institution.
11e 11:tve ,oem :earned that :l trieeth,t of
me ittee Lm been held, and that 1 hei.,l,
'enter; or I ho, w o.: en tit,lgiuto , l I.
e Ireettng.- aim time tooltirbtee tiehbt
es be formally adho
The Gni!WM." rag Work.---Tho guillotine
I . continues to work elb•ctuallv. Aless'rs. A.
Ruchank, Leander Robinson, 'l'. J. Richardson,
and M.D. Young, United States jr , peetors out
Glowers of the ...^2.1 Distrlct;received a notice '
of their removal iron eine° on the first lost.
The gentlemezi above named were competent
and trusty officers, but were not "My Bread
ant Butter Policy 3len," nonce their removal,
Their successors ttre professedly copper-John
son men, and for theit-ti , ll 7 lity to "My Volley"
Irate been rewarkiedilla lint 1.1.
knows but f lust .(..,ingret•-,...'0n• teitssmabling,
mav not reverso , :Mm-presento . riler of things
and "stick out' 'Mel, melt. . .
Surety 01 rg, l Teeters
came to the edit e'of Justtee Lippert on Satur
lay and wade oath agalte , t. EtizAlteth ti ulnas
for surety of the peate.' Ettzabetti was arrest
ed and made to outer bail fora hearine, tottlay.
The patties botlittesidit in Pitt township,
PATlFl , ,tt.s.-t
i n , 'eh,. at the of tile hrlde'd pa
rents. W.... 1.• Oat/. S . IL, err.thr Iter. J.
.a:..1 Miss
1t {'l ' lll. 31. • •
!une: Satortlar luorn
ntent ber U ri T
Ilt.:All'LetN at ILLEH.tur, '
Funeral iert lee all! tale it:see' at the rerldenve
of 1.11.1 . 111•Illier, No. (tale! et reef. in T1.78,11,,y
at 13e•e:ock. •••
beautiful "God's-acre," the lariftst suburban
place ofbepuiclire.. except one. In Ws roubtr, sit
uated (t
-ort Sew lielatiton road, Indfu.diately [WWI Of
Potbiurial into, penult:: or titles. call
at central Druff btu, CLA \ k.Y, All,
- -
No. 196 Slllitlitield St, cor. 711.4
lEnt,nre frow.h , crentlt t‘trLet.)
ALt 9. AMEN,
No. 1 O Fourth Ft rret. Plttsncreh, Ps. COFFIN nof
sfiltlnds, CRAPES, 01.1.1 V lin. and er err deecrintlon
01 VUntral Punt :suing I.loous :urn. taro.
open 14 y And night, II al C enrac anurrie. 2- . 3 thrnttneo.
'Rtrenxscss—lkv. 'Darla Kerr 11.11.; Rev. NI
vi../...tottne. D. D., Thom, Ernsg. Jr.coll'
Miller. IC,.
B. T. 11 HITE S.. CO.,
.11artch,;ler, Wood . fi nitri sod vicinity.
Wrncrot ehaleta and C!larlicra //nets /
_litar.' at,l
FOR S.ILE on mar,
AT DUNSEATH & oo.'s,
ss 73.1_tt21 Eitx-c3cst.
N 7 17. 4 31 . 1710 41=1Ma o .
ALL a vs LES,
NAT22-.2.a 'X% 171721-IM7Z 3.
Fgß'-C E.41,.P
931 Smithfield Street
TIIE EtGLE'ltrErt , re WOE f ,rupr
ly owned 1 , 7 !less r. El Mi. PENNOCK d 1:0 , we
respectfully Inform the iutollc that we mill cuutlutte
the cosuufacture
Sheeting's, Cotton Yarns, Carpet
Chains. Candle Wick
and hailing.
Orders shay ins loft at the (lake or the Works.
Corner or Duquesne Way aad Itarker'e Alley,
PittStt~tu-sh, pc..
Na, SO Market Stnrt, PitUborgh, Pa
no old ...stabil alJel brorge hat IlIaW in 410 th I rty.
0 re thotDand dollar,: worth or and ebota, and
sLyles the latest, the qua/Ite the het, , e t, Wham .
deterntlaed to .elt at 1h at PRICE,. we
have re,olsll n d to of owl , r,old by any In the Loa
thes. that keep, rood. worth haring.
Calf and eantn,no our at Vrk xood u and we feel
that you .111 por,loase what you want In
the Hoot and nhoe Line.
Ito not osenet the p 1.., FO Market Wert. •
Jan , all at' 1110113
Practical Furniture Nanufactur.N.
j.ttrot eortf; of rmt rt U K ronmanclvon hand
3 ITTSBA , RIiII BA • 11
No. 67 M . 01..1.1" t.7a.i t. pot.
r ‘. v IL to.
-All drew I%IX '* - 1 . crN i• ol
L r. a,..
Iylow 0 A• t , • r 'a.. ea Cori ...)-
011(111 and ,itu eit nlnFe. 'lTutu o'cluck.
Houses: izoitscm:'
One seen lent tZttOng neta.l"rfilt t e
Two ttntee.earternfort, dr ,
Woe. soi bur,
t.. nt ,t -ttt,
Ulf ].it
'PUFFY nw«pp : n an. 's. No. AID .cf.;,,A.1