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Petthitaart Reed & Co.,
lib. ft inns fiensatim
eaasi _ .
aiiiniziea, last
• *AI 131ftwit
Ad WORE tin= THEM.
At s meeting out the novitiates"'
Executive.ounty Contimittee s
Iffstssoseassu,- Ilaturdays
was, on moti o n Of /atilt - IL stew.
liEtinhTigns, TiiiSt*inuii, 'ninon
Pelttioaltriend Uitheclues
ot PittibuithlisitliietatehtVitua
. ittretsgisout. the suntan, tit About,
theoutitilitx *epic- exclusively to
vertoettop or :their party,or
inninattissist the appolutooeut . of
Mich, andlrittlitutd Committ ee,
Ili **Ott Wite4l: rough, Town
ship and Eteettoii'rettonek, the
110 1,1 1 10Ittellt Challehrers et
pellsol:and magi otherminters of
dottstictts wilt insure
Lot entlTlPetrietio entails, at,
this critical hour,
,at whatever l
Pertouil sacrifice,give 'one week
of tabor*" the !haat prepar a tions
tor the: great struggle new lo
chtiely tit hind:
• Neadquatlets open at all hewn
for dlstrlbudof tic.ketr. peelers
for the poll& .11r. he.
_Aar W. RIDD;LL,
Chaim&Te Ccinuty Committee.
T. Pl. UALltile. ElecroUtry.
The following Is a list of the candidate's
for Congress in the four Stites which Tote
an Tuesday next, together with the number
of Totes given the respective 'pestles for
Congress in lea. it.t3 i table to be.kept
for :eferenee: .
.••- • . •
3134713.W.*7) 434. c0rr1a1124.3. I 1114: •
I. 8.1.1..1i311 14 7.741 3..7. Maeda 1 ..... .7.11. - 7114
2. Deerlet I) e 11 1,,.
41.107 Iran - Hama. 7.2111
& 311.. .reel. 11.441.1. boetwelt4
Aloha Weld. &MI
S. 111. Tep1er.1..11 7 1:03 Hear, P. Hpb5......P1.727
.C. Dart* Thomas.:a.lllll HP Markley p0w..12,6C
• 7. J. /16.113.11..16,106 Nat. tra1t.....):-...0.-7.111
Lawrence. Mete 11,1311
tti had. et.veint...ll,llll. .I.'lteruolda,-.• 7.241
._, L. Cab........ 16.1170.0. I). G10a13ger....11.161
U. Was. 1.11.1 " 4214_14 31: 1 7aaA1wa5...1.12/7
U. J. Areb1ia1.1.7...13,061 )I.lleasteem; • .111.312
U. C. Metre.. 9.771 W 4 Lin
11.Heetleraoa.10.37$ A. 3 ,4llembreatter..l.l,ll7o
. K0aa1r...11.242 seeD./yrell bkarre...ll.r/1
J. I[erra4..7.. n. in.
11.1. Wi150n...414n 4,40.
All te01344 • .11.4,1 W. Tv Zeatt. . 10.31
111.41. 4 rbnny....13.730 14.•XcCUM4:47..n.
1: 71. 10.4
V. Larretute.ll.7V Wta. Notmgamery...lo,l)2
• - 411__
I. B. Iftgltestos.'....l,lll3 111. 7 1)... U. Pabllletaa.... 7.111
H- 3 . 8474`.
M. C. rebtar11.714.371 Durbin
4. W. LIIIVIViter.:.:43CM a. bleithary 3.46
4. M.ll. Walter &BA Wae.,ll waren 41444
13. 4.3aria..".:22.3121111111.11uwa.3 bt.171
1. 11 .61.1 3 10» , 11.1 - ..1.2,7116 I house. 93/7,•
• lik; , Maalltaa...llo,lo3 - Wm. P. Bell&PO'
. ft.*: Baekleaa.l3.6ll T. P. Ilaerreek.-..1.1.n7
13 J. St. A•hi3y....11.77 n. 3. Clezamagar.•...lo,4ll
21. J. T. W11ebe'...,11.2129. 7,7114
U. Well. B Juttet -DAB P. Kim Trans4..-..11.1116
11. C. Delano 11.1411.. W. iltetgaariu
t 7, Inl 1
12. 24. T 11"41 . a P1113 .41 ter k" ...:111. 11 617 6"j )Crt.11:t n
ti. 3oao
15. J. A
Blue barn ..2.137 C. K. Itlelmaelc. ,1111
17. Kpb. It. tek1ey..13,736 Louie bb5eier.....7,4U*761
16. K. P. mfaiiift. iaton V. 11. Payee ...7.t..7.?•11, •
U. J. a. tieulleW...lT-11,33.imetaae
I. w. Q. Rreslism.42, C. Herr 14.
2. L. Q. Daßruler.•WM W. V. &BMW) 11. -
S. M.. 11aater.....12.317 If.' W. Maningt,a.•/1.173
4. C. C. rover.- ‘0,015111. 3. Balaala 9.3 m
4. U. W. Julian ..-/3,221 N. L. Alualr ..133111
0. loan eaunra..... 1 3,331.1e113.11.1.0r4. - 41
.41.4r 5tr ,b' ... '2 ..! . .P.,r31.0/ 3 ? l, lgregilt e .Z43,ll/ "
3:71 pall* 7 7. 11133.4...."):::14.11211 •
IS. al. W 1111,353 it11. 4 1/ttabert. &Oar/
IL .P. C.:beesta.7)6,32l- .D. Know 4.........37,761
1. J. P. son ....11,97 Ora. V. II- Warms 9.462
t. 7 . 4 331 1. /NZ a... 11111 fel:1211Z: .-... btra
4. ..Loashrlege.l4.lll.l CaLC.4l.2laekey •.10.1912
6. iie5.....11.1*.the1t,210 7,715
A. W. , tebtlarlf.. - 3.43ll2lBl.J.D.Thomputa ;Mt
DX An. OXltatsll/2 Oat reporter failed to
mention,that Mom 'EstoussiVinmune had
made 11111 . 11ite : Ittd taddreas at - the
secentlathinming ?dots Convention. From
the . eritlite 'manner in which he was
recelied,lWe7fcel. quite confident that he
will receive the heaviest vote ever awarded
suirother .aintlidate thatillstricr.
cond . :nen; mama efforts in the cause of
the nation have siren him a high place in .
the henna of . ; its people; and , the oser
wheeling . majOistrwhich he will receive
onVuesday nee; will be a fitting reward
for hill eminent *Meer, Mitts terrible re-
Mass Wilt° him:Hid - of badmen who are
boringso dillgentirto , accomplish his de
. Tot Witte =We Invite atten
tion to the of new assessments in the
Titirdwatt-only strionghold of tin
• desteenuy In our 'city. - In January" lest
ttut somber - On tha - sisester's bookamas be
tween easen_and eight hundred; innitacer
than Wee handredand ninety-live names
'lnivibitin added." This, In the face of the
tenement have been
aseted,tn thit ward; is stryintraot &nay,
_ and Wks. a _Man , snolcions—retnclanly
so to warrant mute Investigation. If an.
• these thine Innofrid and `ninety-five men
bare a ligal sightto vine In that ward, an
If not,. , this
,publication win
.* engin mor l eitlsenit'to ehickrinditntinded
mitiolnron from
On_the altruist,'
~-;ittustot sids, hs. kite. Fourth district, u
Was - repotted:; : 7st. r.
zoweritny 11 Aoittandicbtte.
. -
, rsisyL• la,Uktripiniiiii cost ill9Te
ttar itiViectioslro
ova ISO
lesid ofAmmoln on is ilootiliNg;-,.!-
the grabila .this . 'zniniv of the
Story la elevator st-Baftslo, desttollid
Sts sonsititrosks Igo still battling,-
• ' eisimsd to book-I'l=l,Si' ,
s~aeof b
4 tah ma k,' committal
,AlotAtir _ is Bt. I meth*
4, 1 _, *la n d '•toalallicss of the
rypre'eatatk of-hi. dog,.
„regosics "the iectissia
stiolo titititut. cm WI Sabot:le:AM
.tobogoacus enough to ,rouum - ms is - fest
4Ottiot - seedily, actliatitsions are rats nuts
-"Let none butwo_meo be killed, asikeY
• caret, votti,! , ,ina Ike patiie— tie unerance Of
elltd7-nt lbe ~Weet, ,dorlng„ the , 00niosiork
'-`: Itialtias
_ftwtkoi oireg ors bench
- 4 at limiest roaetiot, ,-, - -, ,' , •
~ .,:tir. &du' Anderson has reektaid the-
Sit — retnrinblii of the itroerican. isoaq -of
''-if i t i dr "Misdinin; • *MAL lkif bald for `4‘
7 ~0n Yethtleisekwaspresestedwith
tarolthecks of 110,000 each, by geoulemeo
• - ot Zak Zngland 4 4ng2R0w . 720rk,
' - ... -: . , :i-lome.plisirciitsitcy I;rvarrtili; , _, Tenn.,:
..-; • ''!akiskerit that &riot theta ht or:tlie`cholerk
tallo,, skif,ell,o; Addy: bloe vapor,
• - body Tbsible,, , lrilliout -1117 A PasoPubki
...,.*- toe% hung*TorAditinird, ' bring dem*
fn plaesseVids pkeeom arais was
.20 obetertiCiiiipt. by meleistigo
, k . , ::Tbisatatataaas- agrees witty
of tither: -eltiegr.ladadieir zMacoade.
~,s •- i ind ii-belisreed Spree= In alga*,
• - moureedbylki* . Bowe *mega,
loasilplikk-r; Lenny': in Pa,__
* .geoglik. 1,,
~=144 I li
the ia sat e th" r 74,
14111 .adai ilia - Aids glib
~.::, . -ipitt ,thiiiir ihat „, ...ii . . 1•414ipid.,411.0$ 1
, _2loth Osoisslik „ rnr , ,,,,
'"-•_ ' ' , Ss-R . li 1t: , :34-,' - '!“4/-4, 4 - ,,,m,44, ;41A:c '
-- .x;+~~ t - .~
Cl?r lux*
AMY MSc= at lealp"Vi:Oliiiltiliist;
Bold at the oPetall nor
atual ...wawa. .
on the Ira rot aintiiwovis nonsw.slM!
.108thui them)* !at J. W. gierlierlt
ei '! l * Di liatkfltitri.kt •
rir *lair Cficift 211141111""
atom des oswir, Vous no*
iniiAcc a r 11"1"a""
sm. mvito
lu g: A larte *ton at the opera
o) l l l o sl l olniirbettet beritilny, et the Opus
Room shoe "tore !lAA any °mo; hove In the
— 11 .43 • • • • - •
..«10.,:iriitir Oboes
Iletpre the ifiaragy waidber sato tn. A steep.
6td s ipettteeed -at the Opera Souse Shoe
twolotry ismitaasts.
iSionmaToift:l3l3 Akin to Dl* rstent goat-
Ginn said,Porritinery hr. Ls Ilactarran a me.
14tiagin f a.104.1KOPO. e 0 //Atkin Meet.
: iSeidal Sate
Cif Etilke.l644 Aiit.iques. Velvets, CU:paktum,
and Stool&
J.P1.,1 '1.4141)r.' $1 Market,
Ir Site . aims of Pupae
Prows tartar war. IfollowtOW the Mae Idea
we adv* tar ta — brifettut winter shoes4aaw
tbsCatAlder, Ndantutti MIA?, has eta a
large stotk , BsPlPlr at seek Vltacala
04 Gesed - e as TlLltedaaate:
We arei, offering at wbolasida and retail a
most desirable flock of Dry Goods at Leos Um
Raataro yr oes..•
. • . Dais= * CO., GB Market st.
~Ytire ~+lf6iiilfi~rew.
Flexweed OU, Turpentthe, 'Varnishes. nixed
Paints, Paint !bushes, Putty, d 0.,• lilt. The
above articles cab be had very low at lacCiar
ran licliennan's Drag Store, &I Market street,
Corner of DiamOnd, neat YUdlt t [rect.
With linuiediate possession. If possible. a
Dwelling - 1 ons° either Allegheny city Or
Pittsburgh, but mint be pleasantly situated.
A liberal rent And good sorority given. Ad
drew or apply to F. 11. G., at the New Cloak
Houle, N. 451 Fifth street.
To buy ILostetters hitters, Drake's Hitters,
Notetek , sillltters, or any *the: kind of Bitter%
go to lf gzxrates Dreg atom No. et Market at.,
where you will get the genntno fresh artlole,
tor less reoney.than at any other place in the
'nny. Itornember this, and the place to get
them--84hlarket street. '
•ny of Our Ousehers
Who want a lino artlole of Table 011 will dad a
superb artiste at Pleudnits Drug. dune,.No.
et Market street. We bare tried this 011, and
aillakiciiiminsiy, and it can we bed at 4. rea
socabLo yrim lbstiessiturr Purstaties ntab
/labluent 'Manilawenn& anything in the Drug
or Perfumery Una,
Purest Amml Sweetnis
Cad Liver 011
_in the woad, manufactured
Lima trash lialecied tiers on the sea coast.
Mb oil Lecharactstisal th-si awlsOintess,W.
'ogress that Makes the lead of other'ids.
,and Is Inimically prescribed. by PlealoWolll.
- poi to , ask for Itasard. 4 Caswell's pod
caswi,ta, Ileea A Co, NeWlCoik,
Sole Atanolsotarers. •
For sateat wholesale la Platebtatiabit;
Sellers &VG. Alretail by al Dru4Leta:
i are= gt , ,titittiltistli•
The trustees and &entry of the attain *tall
eat College " h►T. lamed "seholatslopso
Setnerayles dolls= sash, ohleh entitle* ties
holders to 'attend lecture* trnUl iraduation
or as many sessions as he wishes.
This renders a medical education cheaper
than ever proposed by any Calve:thy or Col
lege in thhiocmntry or Europe. possessing the
isms extensive rucllluas
therware dines Prefessers and every brass*
nf Medicine aid Surgery is raornwelgiengrAt-
The student holding a .. scholarstitpo can
enter the toffees at any time during the Lee.
tures, attend as loop is ho wishes. and room
fterthelliffitutien as Crequtaikr as desired.
Perlolll wishing to obtain seholarships can
apply to L. (sideline, M.D.I Professor or Wino
PathoingT ht the above-mentioned College.
Ma office and residence Is No. 1.11 Want
Street. Pittsburgh Pa.
lierniair 4if iteisidiatragemi an
M. dsafra
te. weir-
Anal sidefo
ltxsrOacfathi, Oct. L--Salled—The steam=
Ooneontht tor Basmin.
(Angelo &Olds, Common:War at Brenham.
Zoom, charged with knownsdate of the burn.
- tag orthe town, has issued an order for the
disarming of all the in minimum of the neigh-
Denman, and la wrest declared martial Is..
states the eases of outrages to freedmen es
'bettlitee the inereftSe. Ens Intends to render
ertrytweietamwto.tbstinrese tweet in order
trad, lashes idly be dew-the freedmen -end
lbw guilts parties brought tO Suasion
tiemmil Kithira issues a circular to the Sob.
VOtehtiahlereere in Texas to make
tem - ate their twine:Mrs districts and exhort
freedmen working for monthly wages to e
.taithful 'adjust tuldilutent or them contrants,
and thole working fors
th. portion of the mop to
mutt of their nom
men to deal with them in tr. se r ttletent *coi
their entitmnts Ina fair and or/fudge manner.
ipaurloss Dieds.
litau TOW; Oct. IL—Certain parties to Mt
any bang tatuised ta
c olon
I=elitst bonds. the *tertiary e
Reitaßen In- Masidastat has tamed a
eircular anuounting that no boads can ever
be oculdered valid and binding On tbe
can Republic ludas Um be apptoced by the
ntintatersocautued near tbe thoutrtatent of
the Ratted Mates, OR acatittion being la tan
cordante with swab: Instructions ,leasiTed
hptn t4s ] [ e r s lo aaGOVartgzenti • •
AtlaSsingitiisiss IlstSheisont—Zxpors
sy• ens entains
• - nlii,letear..Ont.S. , —Thsproject at nuarlas
the settlententitat the tneeting Roams In hs
lionatheskrotostastesel otlegat Useless w..
second Was voted down's* Inermestionon
W g=beece cominitreeadoptedtesti
/Woo tontesuonnise contras to. re peal the
- extortdatrottootton. • •
41111ailini la
Orkagegatem, IX 0., October 41,—Iniormation
V sk tiZit recelvad bare Pat lleneral Allred
whobad tees Pleated without a dis
sent:Ng come to•equatent Om Unger semi
.meatoC North Piteous, b 7 a ineating as Ilal.
papa bad Poll aetulastboalorgovem,
or o f U. advinza the withdrawal
of all eandldabm tar Pogrom who oaanot
UPtillexceoctibiod oath..
tamillaale Arlene&
Xre.roasAbotobif dark
./Olbo Inottatnea herr. tuo Brigham
Um charge et embezzling valuable izuers,
Ptchsgeerizt *actuated Otter. ftir Chicago,
i=giAlad Lerfet, indlassiz were found se.
_ PlibaPpetuie wbea strewed. •
_ , *niaatassuirr Bow'York, from Itremen aad
'iiinumalnlvisd . this <lento&
Asir Two, Oet.a.Thellow York Anti• Pro•
/Ulan nialerCludisi Convention, catalogs_ ig
tOf Oni
clec aripsie from each Congressional ots•
as the I 3 UNlebolastlotal,in Macaw.
Ildinnoning , /kaldng bat is desultory 410.
eatindon. astute r -of holding a elude
'tt‘U. Laid
• .
.-COosurrramoiro, V0t..4.•••411 outdo arrow
Apo 'tracts e or , Norttountmerbuor, 000nsolo
Morrfirooneltit with Primo Edwant••
:Wag lOocotsfolly loUrtrrtbo Ewan Mix .... lltaz
algTOM14117:111•47-231s lied wax anti 'X
thin siMtao4 Monallotoly for. England: — •
• •
iiirmarfigis~ atm Mawr lpts SolelN.
Annum, Oot. _ gentleman of Oft
gag, who name is isittg.ein_ gindontial
num% ermigitgerlsidon nmeenty evening Wl'
atiglinstan tospatlrtaloar th• tame night
trpnic worms - vim • nugor. au law..
. .
„lulu Assiod.J.P.4l Wallansi
14 stipte% I444 =421titr l t
t a l i nrwAllgar 2 44asars L, , L*
30 1647- " V i==rititst
• -!:.. l _,! , r ,lxialb olilimrabarte • '1•11.1,1-
--7----- w7r*"
. .
. 4,fi'. ;r; - : ,i, •.,. 4 i'.'..:';-.',!i.. ! , „
r l3 ußoteLooK.
R om
. _
Miura Reeettreeka Celersde—Dailit Of
Near Grecay— Meta litter a'
Itespeee—The Sat 'ortherikiartite de Nat
tkolen Safe.
Wassnmeroir, October a.—Poetmastar Omar.
at Itandall has reeetmt leads t ['pelmets! post.
office betemntabelna speefenene of mertntalit
salt, from the . Psi Ramat attains regions,
Thal are. duo. Pura and almost' transparent.
One of the Pleats shows the face of Um moan.
Lila from s Melt all are taken. The other
pfeoas Fate taken buckram them:ulnae. This
ealarmtne from .a mottuzatn of pure mit se,.
aral lower In extent, and several thousand
feat to bight.
Commissioner Wilms, of the General Land
Office, has just received a comenteleaticat
from the Surveyor (femoral of. Colorado, in
whichhe says ha had just returned from the
newly discovered copper and lead mine; but
Lad found the veins not sufficiently developed
to enable him to Judge accurately of their
value. The copper occurs In the shape of
boulders, imbedded in feldspar. These bould.
ere aro pure caromed. of copper, of due goal-
In. In some veins the cooper is bedded in
soft decomposed grits., 'decries from the
walls of the vela, and easily worked with it
The ems on the'Plainntd been seedy bar.
Vested. and ere-tailr. equal to an estimate
contained In a previous reporter the Surveyor
Generator the imexen a e production. of Mat
country. At least fear millions of corm can
be etillivated; and, thus far, the production
has folly met the want, of the people.
The Prealdent to-day made the followtng
appolutreentai Frannie A. Mall, Reeister of
Laud Ofiloe at Monroe, Louisiana; Jansea.P.
liictintre, lid:elver of Public money, do., at
Monroe, Lou deem Samuel T. Williams, of
Maryland, United States Veneta at Hamburg.
Commander Winslow, Commanding thetharr
Aktaadron. reporte under date of September
lath, the arrival of the United States rteamer
Choctaw at Pensacola from templed and the
Rio Maude. Be coudrnis the report that no
blockade had been established, and the rumor
la current that there as no probability of each
an event. The following special order has
been issued:
NAST Itrairrxiorr, _
WAISINOTeII, October 4 Mak
The Department announces to the Admiral
Maxine tamps the death of Rear
Mianati B. OmWorn after an Mama of a few
bona , . im the age of . sermtpeevan. Though
more than seventy year* of age at the kow'
inencement of the rebellion, Rear Admiral
liregorY laltely applied for active ser
vice. and in Jul Al, 1804 was ordered upon ardu•
cue and restromdbie duty with:l4 throughout
;Ma war, he discharged -with signal zeal and
enllitY. and In the closing which he was
gaged at the thee of hisdeatha, after more
than tiny -seven years, or honorablb service tu
the cause of M. unwary.
daredmark of rezpoet Yorka memory la or.
that at the New Navy lard on the
day of his funeral the tinge be hoisted at half
mast, nod thirteen minute guns be tired at
(311/pled.) GIDSON WILLED,
Secretary of the Navy.
The friends of the Marquis Do stontholoo,
whew:Leon wax 111UWIltd LA bays been captur
ed and executed be the Liberals to Mexico.
will be gratified taleltim tbat letters' received
from the young man trim moraine. give
dance of A is entire safety. •f
A Lsw passed by the Muted etatasof -
bin, defines the States mid rights of foreign
ere tO be substantially the saute
.ss those of
resident °Menne.
Farther train Europa by the Noss Oleo.
.New Tong. Dee IL-eTthe Cornish miners aro
leaving their homes by thormande. Many are
emigrating to Australia . and &manta, while
'Others are seeking emloyment to the coal
Olds Of Wales and of the North of Erte
-1 Dd. The edreniarwhich lots Laken pines to
the price of capper and tin leads to the hope
tbat.tbe worst of the crisis!. now over.,
The .Po appears to be preparing. for h a to from Nome. till thinness -has
.patched a special messenger with an auto
§W....2etter, addressed by htmself, to Queen
during the teat few dare re.
iTiniaierinterinews have taken place bertween
/ kir. Cl. Besseliand. the greet% antbassadocal
lb. Patel Court.
,„ • • are Wain intelligereci to the Mitt of
,l_Anyttist. The famine is still decimating the '
"satire population of Ihmgal. Seventy mile*
of railway have been needed In Setede.and
in another district whole villages have been
destroyed by a cyclone.
The London Mar has the following respect.
Ingthe truirtrrection hi (Media
Poossaas. August 11.—I have to relate trag
ical persecutions end outrages upon women
and children. Sly bale stsees on end when
contemplating tee frightful atrocities which
have bean perpetrated on our young women
Cry the 'restated Museeknans. Sly heart
thrObe wildly and my pen dome irons my
hand when beholding the ferocity of the lm
artily. grantle and roaring like wild
theyrun about breathing revenge for
the death of Matti Hassan, of Petoenia.
SolcDers, Irregulars, and Dative tette, de
stroy everything /11 thane way. Now they
plunder the cattle of the reonantery of
ALOOdhte, and 1114xese the priest of the chap
el Carideo. Now the . Stephation, of
exposed naked to the sue, far every
mark of indignity. Now they brutally and at
tem rss outrages tm youths, and id-treat
old and maimed pimple, and now excited or
murderous pasitons, they slaughter in broad
day-light luau:am two simple peasants who
are walk luut before the pollee and under the
ries of the Reponse:natives of the Europese!
Tam St. lasts Fate—Urea! Sumas.
Sr. Loan, Oct. 4. The crowd at the Pair to.
daytime greater than any preceding day, or
any other /air given by this .aitaisala•lon, the
number paeans being fully fitly thousand.
The receipt, at he gates amounted to about
twenty thousand dollars. The principal em
Millen* to the ring were lioadeter stallionm
Ave years old and over, premium one hundred
and ility dollars, there premium
sixteen entries
from Misseni /ninon, lows, end other west.
ern Stamm The tint presnlop3 was awarded
to Leasbar. Jr., ea ned by Starr and hearty,
of Upton, lowatthe amid to G. W. Wymore,
&UV' COnntf. JalaMti—the neat ring, nisi
lions tour years old, the first premium was
awarded GI Young Limas, belonging to Wm.
Christy, of M. Lords.
renewing thus and the main feature of the
day was the contest tor the COW price for tue
fastest trotting stallion to harness, won by
Pilot T'emple, belouging to S. B. Grant, Si.
The dhry lay of agrzcultund. Implements was
the )heal ever eatutotted trete, entorechts ma.
shines from nearly all the Western and .some
VC the Easterls States: The exhibition of traits,
farm eroduCte, machinery, usechenles
fine ens, etc., vas ids* very Cue. The Pair in
every respect rasa grand success.
Wrest preparations rre nab g made for the
reception of the Southern !endless us= week,
Markets generally unchanged.
dAS riASOMICO. Oct. COlSChinta
bout appointed to ntisettmilarto erect a toes:
antesit,to the tnenionrof toe Vaterannolt the'
tiailhanda Illatdroarbettallon.
The Coronet.* Ingest& beld over the TIMMS
of the exploaket on the ater.iier Jun*, return.
lid the usual verdict—nobody to blame.
do staanter
lled% t.o.dea City bring. ana,ooo Next
. .
Twain hundred saotsof prima whilst Were
sold pastatelay at $l ,OO par WU Poittaln on
taresSigan6a nouns eras aomeoppuzio4 on her oz.
elusion Yenerd or by Vert. Italian, Go,. Lowe.
lorvarat abantion and other dignitanen Huth
nivicand lialidesvenieredat Point
Mn iow, and an exhlblium of alielipraotios
Liven at loci Point.
awe . Faukasco, Octoliar 4..—a Canon, Neva•
dit dirientah sang No nomination has been
nada ui either lA:invention. Earn ono is wan.
Litter the other.
Inenteam Demonstration as Inglanapo.
lio-eiraten Terreiniallis Precession.
/al:waster:le, Oct. 4.--Tbe grand army of
DAPltinhang oettimeetio with the Re
publican' ory,ablesdiubei made the grandest
denismonnition at the Campaign berielootigbi,
oansisting of a %Grained , pro:melon Jewelek
moetaiLina mechanical trades and assimia-
Dons were represeuted. A large number of
business bosses and private residences were
brlWantlY Diumitncd. After the street de.
=cannabis, a meeting was organized ht Cir
cle Parke Addressee were Made by Jas. E.
Murdoch and other WM boculsbed spankers.
The Indhum Stade Fair lute been in propose
durtag the week. °Whig -to the tats wit
weather, the dlsplay was not as doe es al for,
merfairs. 'The show of sheep, however, was
very km, and Sbe meebsakalueportment and
Zee arta were fully represented: The crowd
an attmilaseo toeley is immensely large, ern-
Mated attweutpeto thousand.
mad Tragedy.
• ,
A Leass. October 4.-1. sad tragedy occurred
at Coeyman's • Hollow. in this county, mrday.
A man named Judson Palmer having eloped
with the daughter et a =shred/ Stapheas. a
wealthy farmer. Stephens follosedinam and
tbsatlngtheta In the house of a mutual Wend,
both draw pistols and Mama hrlah_akesell„
Mbar, atepaidul vas shot dean 'sad Palmer
Rill Wounded fa the besti r ' but not so badly.
bat that he arm able to ride or with the alst
Clims . • .f amp Indy ail Dogrlestowsk—kares.
Digiariovni. Pa., Ottober I.—The igaind
fisiDual Mar of- th• Agrloultaral Mitotout•
let btstatx• multi:stud Ude ate:Daft 41tItlf a
Isottlag muter Kor alma:Wm at Am hundred
dollars, Tile Ina best was won
.py Moiguala
11604.41tal t elieSulgr a, s tir &I s t, iza
Vatt il asii awii•la &wait. sul=l44
won I,r-ritual'
". - 151186
2=lcrcyry e Z t tams.
" trittor.
twq_2lolollll *bd. US ,
1 21: 1"t".. tr . thit
liav ila gosae llir.- vamp Wilt-a
r w it Ir e W iwi ►
, .
. y .
TT .___,
' • •
-• • -•rare i
rea.x.weak: •• 0114-V
, irsotriwOct.
I TZ t apo c , 4 -- Oct. 4,;-Tbar. - eatttri-isit
ry,/rallaelaf AtOnlilemr;
niaTlM...Z4luir;:triii, eh 1 411
1144...WAsekt'eri4rintr—u-Fatas, .
m'di -
Stoles ilowersineil Mosiongt *7• , • •
the ift w . l 27l roup douiri •
wo , etti Oit ot ober gwerantia . .4.l3kiri:
imp= the vaults or.thelElsirtf. I
busk hat been Ut - sese us the:.
balk; He Wanes to base sold the dejleiAll
stnuniew, Who lett theta with him r
bee*. An investbielloo-14
Cholera , Repirtte.
N.uurnuar, Ocrobetl:,-Soin dasitiaria
otroiersoccurreata the last.twentprou.t
Ootobez4.-4infteencese• anti
,dtaxF l abolArA Ate rePortAtt A071111)rt,
floussoellai ifinumusilimpt. f a ;
Nzwmuc, Clamber 4.—Tha traioaL
ocuaio ConvensVm, hero nomtnotod a
Usdk, of Platolleld.for auto BeisatOr; - : 4 .9 •.,2.1
,TYa Elver LtLwlavUfe 1
LaCctlincts,'o4.4..—Tbsi air& toll
!City With Woo [cocci' wacor lathe Cssal.
wcattser IsOloar and csool.,
cumazcoma, Loan MBWB cal
McKeesport to a Slane at zaceiltliment
-. CreasenalleaseutpantrisMf *Pico UM*:
The Grand Craton MaaSConventhia held yea!
heyday at McKeesport was one- of gill .110Mitl i
brilliant seepages* of the eampalgs, It
math a meeting as will furnish 'falai for cane
versatioi and inspirstka Mille grad inbal.44
tants of that beautiful town-for peat.' .
come. It will also strike terror into the
of the enemy, and leave •titest .in the audit
depths of despondency. •
From an early boar In the Inartliagthel
muses from all the little towns and village(
surrounding McKeesport, gathered .101Pdhr
er and marched In solid. °Plumes laid
the town. eloonthe streets-presented the Mari
lively appearance, being filled with Mangan
from mar and far, all of whom were eager
and tautlotts that the exercises of the clay
should be inaugurated.
About ten, otdonlithe procession was form.
ed, and headed by a number of brags and mar-
Mal' banal, of music proceeded to draw tti
eary length through the orb:lapel evenu
of the town. Among the most cacheable
tares of the imposing demonstration We, a
deltkott from Elisabeth township of Avo
hundred mounted men headed by e martial
bandin a wagon drawtebyterenty.tero horsell,
Next foil • large delegation of boattaals
ere plying their vocation, alto were sneak, lo.;
Dated on a large wagon 'drain by twenty
horses. Motuaed delegations humbering
probably five hundred strong, from different
townships, followed, and presented • very doe
r oe. Then there ware Innumerable
i tgr " mutns on foot, in wagons, and mounted.'
A very pretty feature of the ,processlon
was wagons Oiled with bowel: id yeas
misses misses representing the States a the Uhl .
and out or the Union. The former ware drab
ed In white robes, and presented a very due
appearance, while the Latter were divined to
deep mourning'and did not look so handsome ,
—but their appearatme will be improved after
they &reads:Mace again Mello Union. Alone
wagon fated with matronly looking ladle was
also a very attractive feature. Tim Goys In
Blue from the Second ward, Pltalmigb,larth.
ed. out In full farce, and were greeted upon all
sides with Immenseenthusiasm; The entire
: enthusiasm; was about two miles Lang: an
(dashed any er e have over unlik able The mottoes
and devices highly cto the ge.
Mem and intelligence of the Porting Partiet•
patina. Tho streets through withal the pro.
evasion passed were thronged with iatUel and
children, who waved thelr"bandkorettlefs and
added much to the general fervor Of the occa.
Man. Tne houses writ nearly su la ntliostely
festooned with flasand emigrate., andgird
sated an entraordinary holiday examinee.
Between two and three o'clock the
lion halted at the Market Square, sr=
spacious stand for speakers had been emoted,
and after toe numerous delegations hadttret..
red the meeting ized.
- The following Dundee. were chosen to pres ,
Truk/oft —Alexander YUter
Nn Porsktenta—John Walker, Jr.. Vol.1'!.
Douglas,, N In. Drawn. John O. RI r.
Kota are. John til!gtak,, •
J. nue. John Yotaulfu. tram 'itios.
.tr Lit".la7,; ,T,lll Moatook,o
Hens,- Ummawalt, Wm. noymnd, Ray. Da.
thew AtoEtnetry, John Lawlor, Junes Penny,
J. A. Carnahan.
Sterektrier.— hns. WM Loo t= ort, Jno.
BloOnne, Gaps. nnoiuot Brown, DMA, M
D. 1.1-non.
Alex. Miller, Esq., called the vast assemblage
to order and a few remarks
Introduced to-theaner
andienoe appr /Jon op.riate J. It. Moor
head, who was received firestorm of applause
from all aides. The distinguished speaker et
ter thanking the audience for the kind recap.
Min awarded aim, proceeded to explain Ids
possiou neon the octal question, and to our
minds =weeded le triumphantly defending
himself against the base impotationailo freely
circulated by the opposition. that bb Is width.
lid to the coal interests of itermaylvania, fie
nest spoke at consideraolo length upon the
eight hour movement, clearly desionatratleg
tee strength end Justice of his position upon
that question. end claimed t bat bet views wens
in strict conformitylei the true Interests of the
great element of American laborers. The
treat fishmeal Issues were next disenseed in
PA able, clear and concise manner, and the
speakers remarks were received * with the
greatest enthusiasm by the vast assemblage
of freemen in council.
The redoubtable John kora& of.Gettysburs
notoriety, followed General Moorhesd in &
neat anal urtmoroos address. Ma style of era.
tory Is very_, wader, and Is both edifying and
aninaing, ills sharp and telling lilts were Ire.
emend) , applauded.
Mot .1. W. Pope being loudly called for
mounted the stand Sued discoursed • few of
blamtweedlnglypilpular musical compositions.
At He nisdeuousl, reoelvel and apphindeiL
thhi jaucture the ebairman annonnaid
the pr seatatloa of the prize banner prepared
by the Ladle* of McKeesport to the larg est
delegation now in order. Ikea. A. er,
In unpreastive and appropriate language, In
the name and behalf of tbe ladle& presented
the banner, Waite gad beitutHul, to the-eetee
'nation frOnrKibabertatownshipailtbatedmore
numerous than any flitter. The Rev. Wm. W.
Whitehead, of Elizabeth, on behalf of the del
epsilon, returned thanks In fitting end two;
Mut terms for the elegant trophy, of their
waists patriotism: Taft :art of thepressed •
t y ri el=me three e , e , for the LeAlmi of
The flag was glean lute the hands of Joint
1 Wainer, -Jr., who. wi ll keep It - Subject. to the miler of the Jr.,
borough loyal Vetere.
P. E. Penniman Esq., being loudly celled
fir took the steutilLand for We hour, held the
greet throng of upli ft ed eyes and llatelllnd
ears wrapt attention, while baby elear.
seasoning and In moldable logic, tipbeed the
fallacies, of the copper Johnson IlliltoWer—
and illustrated the wisdom and soundpole:dr
of tbe CongreetiOnal plan Of adjusting the
tualonal Interests. aut teasaneatire counseled
with, and ramiltlest trout - thaAatowar.-:110
t►iti 'et si rritl i Vtue area J=et of weird t e b cre s tt
, blf On WWI& the "Andyiteto are of , a
tholllaildarlegs, le Welland,' playlag. n•
mis Iraqi:windy Interrupted by the wildest
applause which enthusiastic hearts could
ri=de stand was 000etead-by lion.
theme, who addressed *largo aseentblega
awe the Important questions - el the day. Ile
was Warmly received , and Made onAeit-a
ablest speeches. „. .
Themeettug IldlOardied at five - o'clock. In
the evening another grandilemonatration
anuouneed testakephieh
A man registering himself as E. T. Martin.
St the MissOurt Thipstifoon, was anustedshort:
AV after mbildiditkon. Wednesday night, at tbe
ifoziongithela Reuse by °dicer Strain, on sue.
pichmotatterapting to rob &gentleman bOard Ms. Geo. D. Brook, of
ftrtuterly connected with Pike's Opera
Clouse, was returning to the' Bore] with his
wife attise tone Uourildned, w hem Martin, who
pretending "tobe drunk, brawled up against
r•beiqdy, near the hotel Coo? , frishtening her
vary nadir. Mr. nriltamm y ietalber into the
ribose and Martin towed!: " When In the hail
Martin gave a drunken lurch against Mr.
Moak, at tae same moment, placing his hand
over a very valuable diamond plc worn by the
=man, and making an st !dent ellbrt to
-It.- Air. Brook pealed film awry a, eee
and time and took his wife to their route. Me
came Minnfimmediately and stated the bete
to odleer Strain, expressing hie firm ballet
that Martin intended to rob him of Welcomer.
pin. -- Mattis had - gone whit teem and the oak
cm , went immediately there atterlittn. thaw
Strain told the anepected mad that be Would
be to -go with him,- and Mar.
tin replied that be "did.nt care mall,
they bade ninety day law In Pittsburgh.,- 1 - Al
though he had been apparently very drhidt
only ohm moments beton", be seemed per
feettysober once ise..
lie was at arrened v and conveyed to
the Maytirw' when,Ast examination- of
his pockets disclosed passes over nearly every
rallroadin West — each one bearing - a dlr.
farms& name-a number Of letters, a memo.
random book *boats/big In iho names of- le
-inales,and about twenty photographic:MM.
seetatioce ,of the ealiso sew The --fielsouer,
stated that be witata: n to _New Torii'. bet 4111 ,
durbad only 'len do lumonty,.ano bad
pass over enyreed I g Caliber, the .3laycir
cadged him a linspittions character,. And
etianded IS tee tar the tilght..--kit
-dehK o hOurir berths list say hitsidlos-ef
comminingany robbery.
Re poiltively, Mama Mk/ ludisrlen-
Amass to the manner in, whieb lie came. In.,
'100111111141401:1 Of- he plailla.and,-/s.docultelly 'On
,Zialiter f Ohli t z4 u rwircte o Ut g at i e u elf.—al!
'lWirsul sainitUdlig more, ockaarnwasaTra
Tit Kt pea irk seesoi.lialt-
BM* 1 41 1,11 . rPolfalacluil." = I
• _ ,
w ihrbilviltaliblaiies ttigerisablitUoisat
ess , woorisirmsnv - fixoupiwie Lthi Omaha
etiewl ovum but eiviSasi a, - dissuidosiota*
litirvtoceic at , wias austk.. l 4ooo4 iitsime"
winch neart*O.ln simmitilvtair dftmitesur ,
iStmi %:Ipesid. , . seivar,. -111A20: . XIII 111 rettezat:
1100:Inkop r .- - '
--'.- -. • CrUninett ißettra. .
-mriskedlty - morning at a:tine o'clock Court
et, with Judge* Mellon! and Brown tiihrie
In the pee of Abraha, OriMitts, trioalor
rilishatilt arid . baiterY with Otent - to cOmAtik
r i, Arkipn the - peraon oflitt 6 Mary,aciagaii: the .
!try returned a verdlet f utility, but rococo.
mended him to the me Of the Court. A.
otion ter an arrest o Judgment and for a
new trial was made by the counsel in the
'base. It fa lobe hoped th at, lf the hew trial
,be granteil.tbe Jury on the Occasion will have
) s,
of th e gravity of the case
tray aro disposing of. The verdict in this
easels. something inexpilcable. The man is
either guilty. or not guilty,, if not guilty ho le
net a subject for the mercy, of the Court, but
is put entirely outside- of its Jurrsdlc
tkm sad must be acatulfted fully and
lionoratily. If there is doubt in the
Safe it" shOtild - be Wei gheirehinthilY and die.
red Of OnenrayOr the other , bin should not
penult:led to /end the Jury-to find the pets
,eirjer a lifife guilty.- U he le guilty—and the
jury must. certainly .. have believed lilm guilty
' : or they imrely Would net have convicted hint—
*bat possible claim has he to the mercy or the
1 Ciettirtt A man guilty of nu attempt so groin'
.sit mu" to outrage a Mlle Child of eight years,
e xpo belle stankftsuppose, to
the men who canylined him oi the hor
,111:11ri crime, to, plead- that he should not feel
the tau weight of the lair, If there Is the re
lambast doubt as to his gullt,int him have Ina
new trial, but, no more cOmpromiserVerdiets
Co snub grave' kisses.' --.o'
, The counsel iii
thoosse of John Loom con.
Vittted Oa Wednesday of_ assault. awl ndery
With intent to 1011, committed-on icuso3harpe
neck, also made a motion yesterday in arras
Of mderment and /or a new trial, and the caul
win be argued tremorrow. -
The jury In the case of Bernard alums,
tiled for the larceny of a watch from Arthur
Uotnuirreturned a verdict of guilty, and the
prisoner was - remanded for sentence
Thomas Johnston was next placed on trial
on =indictment for horsa stealing. Johnston
was charged with entering the stabl s t ea l ing.
Zimmerman, at Iron City Park, and ,
valuable bay-mare therefrom. I enlict -of
guilty and remanded for sentence.
The next trial was that of John O'Brien,
Mary o!Bries and Daniel BM, arralgued on
twolndictments, the first one charnag them
with conspiracy, and the second false preten
ces. They were charged with obtaining the
.sum Of fifty dollars hum Mary Deer, the pros
matrix, for the Mare of a certain tenement
house, which they claimed to own, in
fhea7 (111.Palnkil'hich li r e. i. beer eu
ii... t
_y learn . th ey ad not lig to au
Hewing that the three had conspired to de
fraud liar, she made both in forme none as sta•
ted above. The jury rei it rued a rennet of not
guilty, and tottered the detendants to intr the
. .
Charles Gallagher Was nest placed un trial
fOr asaauft and battery. It was alleged that
! on the llth of July lust I be deleadant assault
! - ed jolly Barry, a constable, for the purpose of
rusqulng Peter 111 . Coy, a prisoner whom Barry
bad in otertoily. A verdiht of entity was re
turned, and tile prisoner ordered to pay a tine
of six cents and the moats of the prosecution.
The next ease was au interesting one, in epistle° of the peace as defendant. Wm.
U. Barker, Justice of the Peace of South Pitts
burgh, was placed on trial for misdemeanor in
Mike. It la alleged that In June last Win. Ds-
Pill was brought before the defendant on a
charge of deserting his wife and fatally and
refusing to contrittute anything for their sop.
pert. Attiehe conclusion of the hearing the
tnagisinrequired Davis to give ball for his
appearance at Court. Davis signitlud the wil
lingness to do this, but in addition the Malice
Irequirtsi hint to Rivo hail for the maintenance
Otitis family until the case should be decided
In Court. Tins Davis refuse,' to do and was
ttherefore committed for trial. Davis was sob
imquently released by the Court and institu
ted :his suit. The charge was that the defend.
ant committed the plaint of to jail from mo
tives of malice , and this point sae the princl,
pal le the case.
The jury was out at the time of the adjourn,
fits. Republicans of Pere - peellle Awnli
The iteptiblleans of Perrysville, and the antic
rounding country, auctubled at Keatings, on
111111 Pfedneadaywresting, according to previous
giturnmeement, for the purpose of bedding a
*WWII Meeting - . Qalte a large and respect-
IsMlostudlence were In attendance.j - :The meet
was organized by elating Hon. John
ihowa t - President; Dr. Joseph A. McCune,
Idgdy.::rilrlder and John Greld, Vice
XlcePredildenta, and Joseph gees, Secretary.
' 3 it. - 111; - /"Prealdent announced the °Meet of the
•. briefly. and Introduced E. P. Jones.
• • eittelleorcal is lengthy and able argtb
-•• X, which was received with great y r. taitt/a. • Iticr,John M
TOrtapirited and powerfni. speech, Whtch
was frequently tuterrupted with shorts of se.
=tion. John W. Taylor Esq., was the te-.
Ced to the meeting. Mr. Taylor deliver.
ed an eloquent and Wel roettre address, and
elosed by urging thaw present to be warty at
the polltron neat Tuesday, and devote the en
tire day as well as the intervening 11.00, to
the service of their country. The frequent
shouts of enthusiasm that greeted the speaker
were a splendid ocklence of the reeling and I
determlnattOn of the Republicans of that see.
Monet the eountr7. the nostess of the Keat
ing House. hat prepared an decant repast for
the speaker,, but as the meeting adjourned at
lato hour. they wore unable to remain to
partake of M.
best Her 1111nobsontI
. .
Bernard Mallon appeared before Alderman
Lynch yesterday, and instituted legal pro.
emedlnas against his wife Mariana fo. assault
land battery . .. It scans Bernard In in the habit
Of rpahthag Ida evenings apart Irom the sweet
totklety of the (aptly circle, and In riotous
cOnirtriallly and excesses. Repeatedly has
the Weaken. vesetd, who, in this ease, ap.
peered to have been the atrangel. one, tried to
PrevinuPott lltm to forego hI nightly orgies, PAUL Ile would promise amendment.
Unto and again, but after three or roar days
good behavior he would shake off the tram.
mils of domestla happineu and seek pleasure
WI Wednesday night, about that inteaming
Mae Whe n graveyard. yawn go., Bernard
repaired to his domicil in the Sixth ward.
Wheal he was met by Ma irritated helpmate,
Who, without q uestioning him where he ban
beta or what bad been doing, set to beat
ing blur lustily over the Mod and shoulders
lathe:barge stink, hich ba4 no doubt been
prod ediae:he occasion- the melee that
matted Bernard w kliocired.doon, his head
.Ig:thing the font of the stove, Inflicting an
. iroarc, or thew* thes ln length, fro m
laugh the blood lowed al p fusely that when
he appeared at the inagiatriste*s ogle. yester
day morning. he loolced as if he hivi been
dtawn 'through a blanghter house with a rope
around his neck. The pugilistic feminine was
emoted later in the day and made to furnish
Dail In Ibenum of gal fora hearing to-day.
The Ureat Meteoric Shaper
We have already mentioned tho great meta.
Ode shower whichl. expected to take place
on the night of November lath or 14th. It wilt
•be one of the most stupendous phenomena
which It falls to the lot of man to witness. In
coder diet elirreadetw may form some Idea of
ite iniblimity, we append a description of a
similar exhibition flurhig November, Mk
Clitthis Oosation from two o'clock till broad
Aillight, the-aty being perfectly serene and
0100tilese, the whole heavens were lighted with
a majittincent and Imposinied (splay of Wes.
Hal nreworks. Arago computes that not less
their 410.0e0 meteors were visible above the
herhron of Boston on the morning of the Inn
.of Nolreniber,lidlt The display was seen all
ever POrth American. A similar display was
seen by licuithwdt, et Centeno. 8011th Amer!.
ea, In ifvf).: - The -- oottionrison of the epochs of
olt time great liaol/ONI has led to
trt=iinery that they eta perladlcal, their
return, Wait separated from each other by
the third part oils (mutiny, or multiple of this
.penes, sad are periodlat appearances of one
grand meteorhi sheerer. • thotersor Newton,
of lehilloliegei Who bat devoted much time
hathettiveatigatlon of the perlodlo character
of these showers, finds that the next return of
this Sight will be on the night of the istb or
IStra of. next month..
Gas In rstteborgb
Wide) not tabula to the political campaign,
out totals figures obtained by a committee of
gentlemen from Cincinnati who visited our
city recently. In their report, after return•
lug home, they state that the Pittsburgh pas
.COmpany, during the year ending Juno aett,.
1300, manufactured l01,(100,000 feet, of gas (be:
aldose : what they aged at the works) at a cost of
07,808,Which ninety-five and a half cents
per I,ooofect. They roper& two busholtof crud
will make three Inutile)", of cOket that 100 bush
el* of coal will make one barrel ef coal tar.
The Coke they sell at Use cents per bluihol, the
coal ter st,fid per barrel. The demand for both
Ht. linuted. Much of. the tar they mole the
.river for want or sale. Prom their pubilshod
report, $10,531.36 was received from the aide of
coke and oast tar, being 034 cents bushel,
aredit on voitorcoal,,of which they. consumed.
the past year MAUL bushels, and for which
they payot , their wharf nine cents.
The cost of labor No unilltbout equal—com
trum laborers, ,, K 63 l -11 trmP015.. 2 4 3 . • Now. al
though we pay 1114 cents for coal, Yet the price
we get for coke, say nine cents, alone pays for
, tho cost of Our coal-that is, if two bushels of
"coal yleld - tbree boatels of wilts. as reyortewl to
Pittsburgh. • t:o41 tar sells bens at Miti per
barrel, whichla 'credit:of cepta per bnshol
mon, • .
Tolle SII/I r tor 4 111 •Irder.n.ntrOr• their ad*
jontoment, tbo C 441.1,1017 returned MO
tel/1/11/ IMO' IN" or badlettUent fOr woofer
ajolaut the following partins Chas. attuttn.
forth° wader or young Roberta In Temps
4Anolititet Amer Lottebron. Btiojainlo hill
4oitJaotes Craig; for the toordir 01 Jaineon.
luihrers,...romoperituserUlot ileum Both,.
for the - booting of lielligan. at /Witold, .n
Jobo ttotzker, for l i tio t teir t ltir. of Zatricic , Zioo,
ZkVit i ti b t%tt llle betti
:IMMO O r ol uut Wttllob;vltt Coleitata mar.
demi /X41: 41 $ 11 00 411 Pc PODS &bloat.'
Alltioder unraiblp.„tellikKumw biz bountyj ottt
Auriga. iboattlintly eummod. to'isit. • wed
-sudsy br opueotor Gan' Woopilm , there to
Vlaritt,ll both. Um -AU caf ti fiCIIIIIIIkkafiI'OCESIIIIIONI hi, action
altiotAcotol -t 9: - por
i.:.l4o;rlt.hili :111",1,6 V
Z , lOl
g. 4
!onld thi it i ibarit.l.l l7, l VaLlpWt right
I V ktaiefte7 l4 Liattiiiumisd
F tlel .
Al.Y' "`•
The Start county Republican, published at
Canton, Ohio, contained the following part
graph yesterday:
"Nothing has yet been heard from Carden
J. If— Criswell, whose mystanotta dhappear
ante we, noticed lust week. ' Sir. Ltj. u Mitten:
who attempted to trace him, wag unstiOressfni.
He fotmd that the miming man had been last
seen under Shave circumstances : Stoppe at
the St. Charlelfvflotel, Pittsburgh, on the 11th.
ult., the ,, M4oB . ..the President's receptions
when latiAti la to take the 10 o'clock P. X.
trans for ' t. He missed the train and
returned to the hotel, Intending to take the I
A. S. train the following morning. SWAB"
sleeny, about o'clock r. et., he aceffelpa- I
flied Mr. I'. him. Carroll, of Canton, to Um
oats and saw stint for home. lie then re
turned and entered the at. Charles Hotel,
about ltd o'clpck r. Y Ho was admitted by
a guard, eatldfuy a t the door in consequence
of the Preoldent'st „being In the hotel. Tao
guard recogrlited him, having allowed him to
pass out a short: time before. Thin was the
very last that Is known of Captain
Teeof of the St. Charles he po
llee of Pitteburgh have a large interest in
solving the mystery. The security of all who
pass ihrOtigh'S'lttoburgh and stop at that ho
tel is the question involved:- Ile may be in"
stlivid to MS watching slid grlef-atrlcken
home in hiaoletotwbut no the days pies, hope'
flickers leader and the conviction grows that
he has beet. foully dealt with. /Ileum .1 . 11.
and B. F. Criswell. start to day to make a last
effort to unravel the mystery.”
' The above contains a grave mlitaement,
places our police form and the proprietors of
the tit. Charles in a totally false poodle°.
which Is very greatly to be regretted. ()opt.
toe gentleman mentioned In this par
a• mph, arrived here, an stated, on the 11th
suptember, on isle way to New York to
ke purchases. AB 18 stated, he put up at
at. Charles, and the next evening myna
mously disappeared from the knowledge of his
family and friends near Canton,
ding I n
there la no heed for the Implied ding In this
paragraph at our pollee and the Bt. Charles
Hotel. Chief Hague t ruc e out
°Mears have
spared no exertions to truce out the mystery,
and the Chief has ascertained, beyond the
filiadOW. Of a doubt, that the missing man set
tled his bill at the St. Charles, and 111
'burgh - on-She /Cele train of the evening of the
lath nit. ISo the "large interest" wlett the
police of Pittsburgh have In solving The mys
tery has been fully satistled. Of course the
harm done e by this item to Mr. Shirla, of the SO.
Charles, will be only among strangers who do
not know the character of that gentleman
and his hotel.
- .
We take great pleasure in Informing the Re
publican nod the family of the missing man
hat the uncle of Capt. Criswell, Ole. 11. 11.
Criswell, of Ptilludelphia, was In the city yes
terday, nod that he has ascertained dednitely
that ids nephew is now in New York. Noth
ing further Is known concerning him. Why
he has Involved his movements In such mys
tery, and alw babas kept himself hidden from
his family, are questions on whloh not the
slightest light has been thrown. immediate
steps are to be token to learn more of the
matter, and we hope soon to be In possession
of all time fasts.
CapC Criswell
Is a man of about thirty years
of aim, and has a family residing near Canton.
lie is, as we are Informed, a man of sobriety,
and the only explanation that seems tenable
for his singular behavior Seems to be a sudden
ftt of temporary insanity.
Sleeting of the Worklagnisen.
Pursuant toe call published in several of
the city papers, there was quite a large meet.
mg of the workingmen, especially those o
neeted with the different trade union., held
last evening In the Second street square. The
meeting was milled to order by Thomas Arm
strong, of the Trades Asserribly, who announ
ced the following gentlemen as officers for the
PreJidenf—Andrew Dal roll.
Prealdentikr. A5Oll, JOhn 115nnlgon,
, W.ll'.Core E11.7.,111.15y, Wallace tiardlner, R. t,
Milburn, AL PEtl',l uI 111-11,01 . 0 _ tr.
tiveraarie."—henry Ferman, R. 11 thirrldon,
WlL,on Shannon, John 1. Verner, 1. M. 6mltn,
n04.1V. I'. Johninon.
After the band playing several bcantiful
airs, the' President introduced General Ma.
ban, of Unsintehosette, who proceeded to dis
cuss ILL length, the interests of the working-
Men,and what duty they bad to perform .n
justice to themerives In the present political In the course of his he
took oteasion to alenonoce the Bill,T a lon call.
log it ahenlous outrage upon any man Who
was conthellest to work for a livelihood, and
advising his audience to elect only those men
to the elate Legislators, who would solemnly
Tam themselves to work for Its repeaL
a speaker gave en extended history of his
e its in the Maessehtmetts Legislature, of
which he Is at peasant a member, to have the
eight hour eystern made a law by legislative
enactments. UP said that the workingmen of
Michigan and Near Sark, were banded
anal, together, and no Man could claim their
support en election day, who did not stand
fairly in favor of the eight hour law.
Ile argued the equity of the propound abridge
ment of The legal day's labor, area in support
of his Idea relatml a maxim, o f lien. Frank
lin% in widen the Pii mdel olden advised eight
hours for labor, eight hours for relaxation and
social enjoyment, and eight hours for slumber.
The,pmsker concluded by a strong appeal In
favor of the Coreervative ticket, thus deceiv
ing many who attended the meeting, thinking
it was a gathering of workingmen and not a
political assemblage In the Interest of a car.
tale clique of politicians.
Blestflog a lildo and What Come of It.
On Wednesday morning Mr. ft Mrs. Rupp,
who rt aide about four miles from the City, on
the Brownsvillo plank road, cut= to t Ills city
In a oho horse spring augOri, on some bust
neat. In company they visited Sweltzer
In the Fifth ward, for the purpose of gott log
They left the wagon standing on Penn street,
when Timothy Curran, who it tppened to be
passing along attempted to unhitch the horse.
Mrs. 'Lapp came ont and ordered him away,
after which the emit In and ate her dinner.
When site return.' the wagon and horse were
gone. She immediately repaired to the May
or's office, Where she In femed Chief Hague of
the transaction. Chief liagne lu company
with enter Guppies immediate ly procured a
baggy and started in permit of the would-be
runaway. They followed him out through
Oakland to East Liberty and :hence down
the Greensburg pike where they discovered
Curran driving town the pike at 4
rapid pace. The offhters *polled the whip
and an exalting race ensued, during which the
officers continued gaining on the runaway.
At length ; they overhauled him and headed
him oft and alter Cupples jumped from the
baggy in which he wee riding, and enceended
In getting into Curran's wagon, and taking
hold of him attempted to top the horse.
A funeral was passing at the time, and Car
ran drew the reins, tinning his horse Into one
of the carriages. The wheel of the wagon waa
torn Mr, and the spokes broken to pieces.
Orneer {,apples thou drove the wagon to
shop at the lonia of the road for repairs, and
took Curiae to the look ttp. Hrs. Rapp came
to the Mayor's (ace and appeared against
Curran. A charge of larceny was first made,
but was withdrawn. and a suit (Cr disorderly
readmit. uislitated. Curran wan lined llfil , and
in default of the money, was committed to
a aU toy thirty das. The reairs of Me re also added to y his accou nt, and he wlll wagon
doubtedly have the pleasure of serving that
out alto under Warden White's care.
Still Another Charge.
Oar residers will remember that a tee days
since we mentioned the arrest of Louisa Mil
ler on a charge of larceny, being accused no
cased of stealing from Mrs. Liscoinh. It will
be remembered also that she was Went hied as
the same who stole a quantity or clothing
from Mary Scriber, Lacock street, Allegheny.
Yesterday morning Mrs. L. C. staves, of Alle
gheny City, made another Information haters
Mayor McCarthy against Lenten for larceny.
Louisa, it appears was In the employ of Mrs.
Shim as domestic CITO,IOWI to her going to
work for Mrs. Lisoomb. On Sunday last, three
Weeks ago, Louisa le ft Mrs. Shires and took
good care to replenish her wardrobe with the
following artieles, MO property of Mts. Shires
Ono black ank stress, valued at fifty dollars ;
two French lawn dresses, worth twenty da
tum one green 'silk bonnet, worth nine dol.
tarp one gored dress worth ton dollars and
one elapses Uaribaldi valued at four ,
after which Mid received the money dna her
and departed.
These articles were not missed until valor
day morning, when Mrs. Shires, believing
that Louisa took them, lustithunt the aoove
suit. Louisa is already in Jail stud In likely to
remain there some little time.
Meeting of the Iltrannsham Connell.
On Wednesday evening a regular monthly
Meeting of the Dirmlnghani Coupon was held.
The Street Committee reported a converse..
•tton with the LIU Company as to the Instil&
met light given by the lamps. and that
arrangements were being made to remedy the
lame. The emitram for grading aid paving
of Union alloy and Ormsby street ; been
given one. and work will aeon commence. The
committee reported that fire Plugs bad been
pat In Gerona places to accommodate the in.
ereatinuerants of the eltitemi. The report*
of the Street Commissioner and Treasurer
were read, and On motion accepted. • The
Onntlintfle s.n Market House won) !Maligned
toaseertaln the number of dues necessary for
the market Minding., and cost of building, and
report theastme.
after the' tratumotlon of some other pint
nes* the council Adjourned.
' A Ceatiableil Cleatt. , -Ilantes Mettle . .was
before Alt.erutan Taylor yesterday, to answer
a charge' br gyre ty Lf the pews, prathrnat
ettatnet him by his settria . nme. The Petit"
hare been Married - burn re weeks, and Yet
atlnte;teatttlea that Janne broke the Peareral
cadet of their honey moon by threatentett te
irrtt bar bratnaont. James made eonedasterr
ate, and he and Annie reter"d t o th eir
• otnes;h tellofln -, g that nothing weakd avid mar
eir etty.
" 1 ittl i =l i gg a erttl a s, Liggr an
:Mr IsneeltalrEttirtiOrai firmly:wet before
ilethrin u atitenn i" ortl " 3 riVAlwatsltuns:
The estone conehised in she letter towing Up
"It new bonnet, the property oftba tortneriattct
t a h g : pro r g i t u ng z tb ra e tri re miar t g avar to ho u r Ocni4xt,
,Cluareredl.Wisiaz eneestl_eqr,. •••11kttu - mil Axial,
_bal4, appeared before ameltatela- Sittothm;
4 . 0 .,.6 0 . and mare oath 'Alveoli— Jane
;;g, with berth felonUesekTlettered car =
'dyed - In West b.
a l s of saueeParliabs o
jaatn It • ,
Tel tear .maratat halm*
I mm,
-, . .
A Ellstallte Corrected.
Alleged Larceisy.
Yeatoothy afternoon, four young men and
hoye:were playing at bagatelle in the bar
tooth of the ulndlan Queeu" drinking house,
kept by John Mulherron, on th e conie.t .
Pint and Grant street. NC one belonging to
the house wasin the room except the bar ten.
dela a little boy named Michael Maloney.
At length, as young Maloney alleges, he came
! he came back to the room after a momentary
abeeneshand saw one of the Nikkei's, a Young
boy named John Rogan, behind the bur. He
demanded of the luterfolier'what ho wan
log there, billlician madeho reply, and turn
ed ab bliraccuser saya.• OW :white no a sheet,"
and handed something hurriedly across the
bar to one of the other playent,Thomea Menai •
Man by name, and ran out fro m - behind be
counter, saying mth e Others letfa break up
the game and tget away." no bar
tender examined tho 'money drawer and
found It empty. 'lie called to the party to
stop, bet they hastened out at the door, and
be informed the laud lady of what had taken
place. Bite immediately ran for an editor, and
whole party were anweted on Roue street.
They were taken to the Mayor's omen and
locked up for a hearing. The boy Room is
about fourteen years of ago and has the up.
pearance of being rather a hard case. tlerah
man will be remembered as the ono who made
a pretended attempto commit suicide in Jail
last winter and cam e nearer suoceedlnir than
he Intend. names of the other es
we withhol ed d, as The
there rooms to be no p
that there Is anything against them more than,
the fact of their hacwg Levu if, bad company.
COnlest tar the Championship at MI-
Yesterday afternoon u match game of bll
Herds came off at the Brunswick Billiard Hull
on Plat street, between James Simpson and
'John Nelson, two well known players of this
city, for the championship of Western Penn.
Sylvania. A large crowd bad assembled in
tho hall to witness the match, and pressed
abOnt the table so closely as to seriously tm•
pedo the players at Bustin:ie. The game was
one thousand points, and the average runs
was fourteen.
-•• • • .
The highest run was made by Air. Nelson
and was eighty.eight. The next highest was
by Mr. Simpson, and was seventy-eight. The
game was very closely °untested lip to elx
hundred, when Mr. Simpson succeeded In get
ting the balls Into good position, and by diet
of good playing, succeeded winning the
game and - the ehtimplonthip by one hundred
and seventy. The game lasted two hours acid
forty minutes. illuoh interest was manifested
throughout the game, and et times the con
test was very exciting.
The Cholera.
We made diligent Inquiries yesterday to
discover whether there were any new eaCet ot
Oholota to report, and are.qulte gratified to
state that NOT ♦ MINGLE CASE COCLO an Mate D.
The disease has as suddenly left the city as it
came, but gas the weather !new very cold yes
terday, the disappearance or our grim visitor
May be attributed to that rause. If the
weather again changes and grows warm, we
may anticipate a regular scourge front the
disease unit,ss sanitary reform he immediately
Our readers may depend anon us to furnish
truthful accounts or tae health of the elty, and
If there Is again any cause for general alarm
we will promptly inform our reamers. WO.
now state that the cholera has disappeared'
entirely from our midst, anti we hope the °W
eans will use every edort In their power to
keep the city tree of its dread presence.
Martians SUlCide
An affair of most startling nature occurred
yesterday afternoon at ewetts Rolling Rill, an
South Pittsburgh. An. old mm, totally un
known to nil the workmen; entered the mill
and went to a portion of the building where,
at the time no one was at work. There be
made fast to one of the suspended rails, 12•13a1
for carrying hot MAMMY of scrap-iron to the
"squeezers... a rope with a noose in the end.
lly some means ho managed to fasten the
noose about hia neck, and when he was die.
covered hs was dangling in the air. A little
boy passing by, discovered the holy and gave
the-alarm. When the workmen reached the
spot the old man was quite dead. though he
could have been banging there but a short
time. No clue has been obtained to the Iden
tity of the suicide or the causes that led to the
pose Record■
.Imi:beg the ardsgiratea In attendance at the
McKeesport jai.", Meeting yesterday, were a
number of "Boys in Blue" from Elizabeth
town/day who bore an empty sleeve at their
able. But therwwas another gallant patriot
from the 118133•3 township who was the observed
or all observers, Camara lames tie
Ism captured In the ardty during the war no
lon/ than threu rebei Colonels, and has also
bronght with Ms own hands three ..rtte of
rebel colors flow the battle field. This to a
prom! record. and when duel, tree and gall set
patriots espouse the canoe of the t'nion Bc
publican party. who will be Weld in Joining
the rankst Captain Oliver was brevetted upon
the Iliad tor cool courage and daring.
llama INMelling in Greensburg.
There was an Immense outpouring of the
Union llepulillean masses to larectistidrg,
Westmoreland county, yesterday. A staid
was erected to front of the Court nouse,l from
whioh General Cochran, of New York, tinier•
al Lee, of Ctatnectieur, and Judge retlaln, of
Louisiana, delivered sole logical and eloquent
addresses, which were weal received, the
speakers Wing frequently Interrupted by tu.
mults of approbation. Judging front the
turn out of yesterday, the voice of old Wen
morel/and will be heard on Tuesday next., in
tooee that shall strike dismay to the hearts of
those rene,putes who have gone out of the old
grganizailoo to worship at the shrine of Andy
Old Iroo:
also enact Mont was passed by the last
LegLidatore on Ltilsranb.lect, w blob may not be
generally known. It provides that any person
who shall "newts or buy /root minors on un
known and Irreopensibis parties, any scrap
iron, Dram. /tug, copper or other Mead, shall ho
amity of a misdemeanor, and shall by senten•
cod to pay a tine not eYeceiling fire Aside/
dollars, sad undergo an linprtmouldlll. tit aim
more ttion 0110 year, or both or either." , Thom
make. it Criminal to tiny or tevolVo trout simii
parties irrespective Or whether tt was ALOIon
Or not, and 1 . 011101,011 the temptation to chit-
Wren and vagrants, to pilfer.
Anottotr Cbarge
George Ernes Is at present laeureerated to
the °panty fall awaiting trial ou tau to ugui
of larceny. Yesterday : a Lean named Nelsen
Jacques came to the ottlee of Alderman Iler
ron; of the Ninth Ward, and preferred another
=erste of larceny - agarnrit Grans.. arm lam.
charge Is fur steallng
sin valuable auto!' eatpeti.
tet LOON, SOOSCUMO M; /FM the'premeres
of Nelson, the above Ward. Yea, verily, the
clouds 'Wein to gather darker unit deeper
around Evans, and his chance fur paying a
brief visit to Warden Gidiunbell, Alleg/iCur.
Is at the present limo very flattering.
Policeman kites:kw& —Bridget Devlin
apposed before JuStice Lippert rffSttlrally
aud mado oath against • Sarah illorimolan for
aggravated assault and battery. An officer
wits ilispatchod with a warrant. to secure the
body ordlosi filonnibuth, *bout ho mut at her
residenctou Pitt township. instead of no.
calming the policemen:its kind invitation to go
with him to the °Mee Of the magleirate. the
fair keret raised hur tiny hit end dealt toe
btfiir roprellesitative of Justice a severe
thump In the lace from the erects of which
his right cheek has become so *milieu as
almost to pm:dude the possibility of his seeing
at aIL Sarah has not yet been &treated.
Eighth Word.,Wo , yesterday pub
lished • card trom one of the staunchest and
most reliable of Union men, a prominent
Malan Of the Eighth ward, calling upon the
citizens to Make a grand rally tonight at the
public meeting to buJield at the School house.
`Pe trust lils warning voice has been beard qn
that ward, and that a ;grand turnout of the
loyal eitisenswlll bo the, nit of the spirited
Rienzi. in the old gutsy ward we look for a
great majority on,Tttaday neat, and a roar
lag meeting tocilikhE
Ttteke.—To of Molteesiterlt
not forgetting the the deiegates and
vl2lt ""WeAteneettel at the COovent.O. Yes.
tewleYs 13:13 deliOEl oOf returning heart/
thanks kw the warm hetet:any-emended to.
wanlithem. Every house wall tbrOW.grOPOo.
Anfitho soolpi itimptous and regal or repave
were spread out to all who elm. tone/wet of
the huopithllty offer*. Ofr baba! , of Ow vial
tOrl from tali City we retort, amen , these"
Am Aeltwewledguseue—Tlie Second Ward
MT* In Mao desire as JO sok uo w ledge In their
tumult, tho courteeinkratentlo-s bestowed up.
on t
hem while MattalOomootiltlie 'muss, meet
log to /McKeesport iyeaterday by Mr. 8. 11.
'Monad. of the nun of 40aarsin a Co., bankern.
The hospltalltlemof: Mr. llorron , s elegant
house were shareaby almost every member of
the dalmatian.
Creel Salts—Jobe Hans lippeared before
Alderman Taylor, yesterday, and preferred •
*Wargo of assault- and batterrwifall4l. John U.
berry, Um proprietor of a peanut stand an Ca
na street.' In - the - 1 , 11113 ward. Uu belngar
mud, Lorry made an folormatlOn against
Maul- fOr.tan larceny of poveral banana; of
rapes. Both were beta MOP molt fora hear.'
Lareetig . ..rJohn Edwarda, touungtrom the
of the great Glendower, aggearea before
Alderman' lerneWieeterday and made oath
agalost..A.damdforattatrur the larceny of [oar
noilara and' front - th 0 3 . 414 ea' Ord he
Termer at theho two ,at Mr Jacobdalnhart on Duquesne-. ay/ Variant VIPS
iseuell-for theatre* 0tth0.1110CU5134..,,... • •
„ .
_ .
••• 11 deili Ctatituvan
draws Ddarllue, was ran civet' by a - buggy.=
Pennsylvania aientre - yaetarilay evening, and
awnerilrittlurod that bAhati-to terlharrled.
to, int yeaWnace ••an.Tty attest; where he was
...Valued by L. Easton, dressed his lops.
'rim At hut' accounts the Male fencer veal
MOUlit INSUNA IIII / I :ianbanlY =Dover— ,
-,,irturimm-Ipauwtscar.saga4ob4 Mums'.
_...yesteras. v, log
ickkoacitlas brion4 *qv:
mulastair- _ "iliA:l 3 4,4weiros on 'rup- '
F-. 4 -4% +e:\ :;.•
TWO airrloNS
on i11ED.N61141.11119 ASD MATCHUAII9
ttke edition Is forwarded irixtellnineach 0.
senders &mamma.. tb• snail ram. -• ^
:LUDS OY •ND UPWA.11138.....-... 15
3 VOA Pki 01 t 4
beautiful •• God'it-acMiho largest entsortgAt
place of sepulchre. a:ego: re,
ot1.41: to thin Conolf• Ot
uaterd on holy Brighton rashUdgarirdlately north Of
Alleghen. For bridal lota,Versul to or titles, call
at central Drug:no, of - COttl. CLA Atie-
Abhor City.
40. 1943 SRI ittl field St., car. 7th t
( E*Lt•nee Roza Se•encla Strout.)
Z'STTEsgzr cs
V AT 7Z,
NO. ISt Yourth•
e'lfflN ol
CI lope* UNA l• LS. lift/VR.4,es. nerpre'd.e.csspttote
Flettersl Fureeetnits,
Heser, 2,1.1 r'Kerse enrusts
}L¢reietigNetS-11.07. Ihoe. Suret Ee,v. es.
11Macot,e, Thoma., Kel, ;amp
R . WHITE & C0., --
Manchester. {Vold , . Ran arta rleintty.
Verner. nnentaltfito4 Chnritters aLtnetth
••rse ,relstied.
08 3011`tia. IS tiro() t ,
Rare jun received a new clock of
A 1 1 LE-.3,
'ILL 'V. vcrxx...lo-7z , cs.
lee K n om . . SEA j t
Tittle itegisiering
qOE&IS .
mIL A L ELL EIVIC dt, ara`.,
lir al ere In Optleat.Goods,
I-1 Smlthirld SI cert.
I A 6I, 1,1 I 14 vrry g. ,,, n.llibbed by Fiarbbyt.
1,. rulr.o.L
iit s• .41 4. OM,
Oreattlot•4 4 . I,r••tovEvr TlabYmomet• 11.1
ul •, f.r imikblUbg the cbazgy
~ * .Ao3 l llarket sitrert, Plibiburgh, Pa
estahil shed boas° has now.ln do ttileti:
otean do: la, worth or Roots and :hoes, and
swine ins
l e
t latent. the quality therheatawrilchliraa rn
dened to
nap at VERI" L../W Enj(Jg,g;, W.
Mare resolved [Mt to ilindeerold kg any to the base
inea• that acorn gouda worth Ints'lnge
Call and examin. °lse aioa 'ofgoodg and we Mal
tre"ltit that
tige 7 line rgin"' .""" la
Do not forgo: the place, 80 Market Street.
Jett • • JAb.n Mits..
Oarbon Oil Dimps and Fixtures,
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Soldiers of 1,:i61 and 1862,
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First Street, above Smithfield, •
• NEAR Stun:ONG AIIELA. House. •
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Pittsburgh White Lead Works, 4
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