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fittettufk gazette
BArrOkYl SEPTENBER 99. gas
_Clialtaititertt, as our readers
'huirtr, ' running for President
Judge of the Washington anti Beaver disc
- Viet: . - Thigd4tricswAs created last year,-
• and ' b ar. Chamberli n we,. appointed Judgq
by Gayer — for Striitirc. Mr. A. W. ache
- aon , ihiiresent Republican eandidate,wat
hie cappogtor for the place. The centre
Smay became quite shalt - between tbeite
two gentienierratulthilirespeotive friends.
- Ives dully arranged .thst. the appoint
er/tar ihetdd ber given to Chamberlin,
With the dist net - rstauding that if he
10 :Yt , this,leeple inter.
- eited;'ilat - itumhtt pot ; tkrs: lit 'ref; the notable
' ,
. ' .. ' iiiiiei. The
. t.- -...1t Is Mildest: h a . 'l!//" iikabl
- -, .
4iitatiiitilMtniltii(*:Olittlin' ,
, ..'. ;nomination ' ll "2 , onAy:iiiiii?r u nuin ng toy ev i dences
n as an
• . Via Whit ' , g ill ' °Wel '
:- 1- 04 ....,... , ... iient::;,i t imd u iti.s. 'withDemocratic
attrOoM ig i fd:ll° ,.., -, ----. with the friends
i:ll4 hO th' iniod ' thb'' theirin '434:(Teriw itia l; an7e d withth e Governor
. .
-4I Liu
do ant mean to im
to Sai t ing. i lls 1."
mari , ... „tiki
riputation for probity
-,'.. ' ltti pas sustained for many years.
e nil?eir il his feelings in this mat
- ii.....'he:l4.iL,2*,ivaed „judgment and bias his
lir to ii*att --- This
e a d i da or -will be without
tt. .- Itower ,
ult'except uPon•hiniso if • Mr. Acheson
ma ,
r ig be elected by the full repubii
• jerky. ' •
TnE mongrelites have suddenly realized
tbittlere la great defection In their own
„tanks. The great majority of old Democrats
in the county promise to ignore at the polls
all the renegade politicians from the Repel).
Uct4 ranks:and vote .fbr their opponents.
This is gratifying. These miserable men,
who, fbr the bare chance of office, aban.
doned the principles which they held dur
ing the war, wilt be fitly rebuked at the
ballot-box by their newly found Democratic
friends: It” is n ,conceded fact that our
worthy candidate for Sheriff, Mr. S.: B.
Cluley, will receivenearly the send vote of
the Democratic element of the opposition.
Inileed it is confidently believed that' he
, will carry even the Third ward, since his
opponent receives the creolt of doing muck
to wipe out the boundary lines of that old
stronghold of the nnterrifted. Every day
our drigival calulation that this county
would give between seven and ten thou
sand Union Majority, seems more probable,
es the opposition urn rapidly losing ground
while the Canks o[ the loyal voters are being",
ecumAtoil together in ono overpowering
solid colymn.which will Minh to earth the
puny pplltidlans found upon the mongrel
return odr 'Sincere thanks for his very val
uable assistants In enabling us to lay be
fore our readers a rereatuit report of all the
prominent spcechesand remarks made dur
ing the lite Convention. He is the only reli.
able phonographic writer in Western Penn
sylvania, and ourreaderscpnappreciate how
valuable his services have been to us. Pe
cuniary inducements need not be held out
to Mr. Dithridge as he labors purely out of
love for the great political cause of the
Union Republican Party, and on behalf of
hat party we return hint hearty thanks.
IN the Twenty-fourth. Benaterial Dis
trict, composed of Washington and Beaver
counties, Mr. Samuel Bigger, the Demo
cratic candidate, has withdrawn, and Mr.
.7. B. Weisla,„_Retinblican, has aunounded
hina.self an indepan.dent candidate, and is
to have Democratic support. Mr. Welsh
Las hoten In the Legislators, elected by the
Republicans; the last two sessions. There .
is no'probabiliirof his running as well as
a regular Dentocrot.
Tin ' " ground-swell" of the Pittsburgh
Soldiers' and SalloreConvention will soon
reach- Andrew Johnson's ears. It will
prate moietertible than the recent shock
front Maine. •
.. named Watson, the. seventh vic
tim, of the _lohnstown disaster, died on
Cfliz Mints.
, - • Get Superlib
Milk Puicgit. al llexviithir, Ito. 64 Fouith etroot
At Pittoctea
gear, Photographs
Prlcesatt.tittOtaii/Iciase Shoo Store
• , Nese Hooks
As soon pa Issued, It Pittock,a
ers house/that Store.
At the O
• -- trl_DP.s
6,0 4 01, 1 0 ?km.' Book ta Pittook4
All alie?Otaaber
Moat:tiller snit the Ilia 'Weeklies, at Pittaak,a.
, 11 . 1 1**.eItles bbeutu.
Good 6141.1'41'mile Shoe Store
, First Class
Canto - al ikiota., at the (era
Ilona° ' .
The ilksdialailiguesit Zizinl% Young America
PAokat at.rttiOck'S.,
0004 tor 14031 1 0ner tbAn Wier , ,blif em ° g er"
. ea its', A10.0010, - 0 We 'opera House shoe
r.WiaritesS -
Ana Deat swimsuit:zit, of ready =kw Boota and
8120 ea 1!: We city.' att.liti Opara house Sttoe
Biota; • - . •
*mg'antiwar Intipet,", jiot good: mate
lint 'O l 4 /*atom, Stylat. a the Opera Itonse
. 14 7 "Nli,aS 161,01.261 e,
Waaritytaiiiiiii.tei-'iriitateetesrlety; sad at
lizeprereit prltaa:'4ll aila see, at Barker Jt
tkNeeilarketatreet. '
- .A.4ogter Si:tit:ult.. Cliss4ll3 be ; formed nest
irosx_ditr: Wittig u),:jolsi ibis class
should 4 / 1 11.421' e!Es , ,ntor.tilng.„ , •
• Str...t'arik, , 11 V..Velorextea.
The Willishues*_ Ar l r4e , fi LLIN Lucille }oar
tem, Leek;lhadei;alhillihighh.hze immix
Um:Added cats . ritioars.
all'ihe. new *Wee as ow ant-can ticnao of
wunins, shunliw;# o .. l *.#oo4 otectit-sho
await PiKeihwtelsW• mid mum.
' *
Tholes Nat? Inftter-InekitHlE Wks silacpen
Crotisniiipiaciwiu—Wted verleki.litateYlow
prim; sitotOkfaxo4o , ;PO gicileopMarkor &
se Market seroat.
c ome to tittgi
ktitariAtt # .0 : 41 q, .0 3 44 4 t411 4": 4 -) ibf
tdt&inito Opri mmisravitauttthe ***aft at.
Zf Mitttir. to ,4,Ktailibts,:trtipc,f7M-4,ve
sixtaarvirtuic '
• ,
i 1 0 . 1
graduated stDaMs Herenni tie Coliege.
_:.-.. ..
. D.ltiliburgh. Pa.
J. Staflei Dezior:Calumbrus, Georgia.
A. D. Wihnef. Pittsburgh. . .
William Bicarn'Ahay, lienongsbela co. W. Vs. FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M.
Janie* 0. Ilrnlirgui Reynolanburgh, 0.
Eugene W. Taylor, 'Rochester, Beaver co., Ps. ~,-* , c 's ',.
Ileury It. Shaw, Steubenville, 0. . ''. 1 fi , r 1 1 ~
1 Lill I,llb I kLijat oh.
Win, Cceighton, Jar:maks, Elesoock co., 0. .
. ~
J. IL Btanton, Somertowu, Belmont co., O. ----.
A. J. Shirk, Allegheny city. News by Coble.
All of whom passed the usual searching ex- ' LlV.nroot. Sept. 21—Noon.—The steam .hip
amlnuttonn Of the College sat/Sfaeforns, and Mafia, from New York, and the steanislap
Who will, no doubt , hereafter distil - 4o eh Belgian, from Quebec , arrived thin 1310111111 g.
themselves by an honorable progelencyln bus- FLea.NC S. hopt. St.—The hunt of revel*
them Each graduate was awn vie.] the bean. whirls liars been carrying thing„ with a high
tlfpJ.Diplotnapf the College, as a credential of !tuna Lear l'ulci Ino for the past fen days, have
tik is prollelency, of bin industry, and of his on- lessen 5,555 u 4.1 by the military.
ennhary deportment daring his eourno of MAN. rt _1.—.1 grow mooting Of
study. do , friend of rt Orrin ,s to be held hero tarlity.
Mr. ftri. , :lt Dill he one of the srootker,
An Isrmiense Rosiness. Ivn .I—Soon —The Bend y•
Strang... at tt lacy seem, the large" Into°, WWI:LIP/4, 110000 for Nov York, ha. put
dolle friritisburgh in the dental flue, Is eon- lobo the owl of cork, portly db./polled, hay.
ducted at the estnbltshment of Drs. Sill & j r „ j.„„ fn
!aspic, 248 Penn street. Dr. Sill boo been loop,. L i ce u r ums, S cp•enit><: _Tho
known as a gentleman°, tbo highest stall In , of oraton hus notteloolty deolinett, tnltlallog
LAS nrl. His praise is heard - upon the lips vfi-ming nt 2 , 0. Toe Ins, A
kll.l et 1, 0 1,6
:itre. TAM, Al 0 indications 0 , .
eVO.A3/ 000 who knows bin, beat. Ile Is a thin. o r 4 4010
onghly' trained Dentist, of eminent attain- The broadst off mat kr tl4 quiet and general
monts, /112 n it is not strange to those knowing I y without chmign. tor.l, w- anced, and In rooted at ':A4 wester.the ability of Dr. M. E. Cilllesple, tts it gentle- ,
Manly and skillful nartuer, that this should be j Los nos, Septomher 21 —.Toon.—The money
regarded as the most ponalar place of Fitt,. mbrkb, is rooter, Consols 8.9 for
.burgh. It, was Dr. 8111 who aria
tbo Nitrcia Oxide Or Laughing GAS In this
cite . . De was administering this delightful C Di... Appoint
agent for mere than two years before any carat—Partion of tronnierfeliers,
other povelOn gave It. During the first two 0 . 1 11./rosoleptcuther 28.--Senor Romero,
yearn Of its .nee he never advertised It, and the Men k,211 Minister, received, to-day, the
wontd riot have (MOO SO now litti for some of followlog °Metal dapatbos, dam' the 21111:
tits medical friends, who advised him for the Thu whole Slate of AOOOlll 18 In posi.esslon
goal Of the eon in unity, Yo give publicly to so of our troovs, Ineludlfltt the port of Ousyninas.
L. r , :it s l , , , ps t irt .. t , : ,, e%acustesi by the French. This
good tin agent. The rettSOnable rates charged
for all operations has iiirtrged this worthy G ooetnlCnlvfOlo.rleel. 10 b. soon In Pmi•
establisbalont into a business not believed by
any wheare nut in the habit of calling there.
N 0.248 Penn street is the place for all seek fug, rumor of the broth of Generul Dist, tour
li:tattoo and Math:tea,. C. It. C. Vositeu. ueueral Diaz, One of the best Al
i eon °Ulcer., tn, In the estbnat ton of Senor
Itennero,Um goo , d
a sold lot to allow tibuself to
Heroin or Rupture.
srpsed m anetur.
It will be observed that we have published ue
sen u or ri Romerby
oO doe s not attach much credit,
far a Tau,post nn tadvertlsement of O r. Geo . TO the reimrted shottnia of AL thollttaltTit'.
ILL Keyser, of Ito WOOll street, Pit talairgh, 7T',
in roferenCl3 to Trusses and Other tnerlian teal • Table 155111 is true.
appliances for the cure and relief of huenla or The 64 , 11•1 of lie nerul Dix :is naval emrrr of
ruptureebeeldes various broke., down condi
lions of the human body Weil an , usually unit 110. (• 0 11111,1011 WO, de:IN ,crud I 0 hint.
baytld' the reach of medication. Dr. Jicyser bad a l, Parate / / d a l
1018 branch of Ma great lll
tentldn'for several 3 tsara past, and we th ink tleated repor po t
tilhl lietteral 1 / 1 1, o Ilt tare the
we are nuy Jug That it r coothreloirol, "Alec only no short tune and taut, tlC.irt lair
It thairOuschig. You e..tu get et ht• store shoal-Ito
Tier 113•11 COO far We - . 114 broAstd, Elastic stockinSete pardon of
gs pets,' It hr
cop, conv, lent
r, ell at the santember ter,n
lot varlctsie reins, l l de tor the cure ot —lsoN--cf the l 1111.0 ti Court for
PUe '• ' ad ' 1 ' ' er r v''''Y
sal appilithea. Dr. 1i.03 aer the illreolOr Of ti i coo n'ertrU carrrnc c, ±uul ern [cu rod to
Tr 1359 tar the radical en-, of hero ur rupture, A pal I•l' , n o , rered for BOIljaTll!la
so pqrfect 11l IL. part-, 11,1.1 a:, comfortable to
the Nearer, us to elielt flit' 31.11131rat1011
who ritlaftlOOTleliell all nee. 0,1 , ,• tor 000 )(Tar. 1
Hebei teeently tee, lit contra onleation with ;
some of tie ablest ati.l Wort experienced truss rrlrt, Ao tier reirrec, it”l.
surgeon! the Untied states, and feels sells- tart. /al ten, 41,11:, IT. 3 Ina, FoL,rtenath
fled that all those uLs have been plagued or .I , rl, 1, Woo, Walt, L. It - eck alf a, sewn I
annoyed w,tlr ID-lilt/nu and uncomfortuld a
trusses, can be aCcorutmalattid by railing at s..e, 1 - ; ; It
Ithaat 1 • .
Ms consulting retrain, Nu. 120 Pella Street. or a, i 1 1 i-tilt - I. 'tar. t
and Tru is Depot, LW Wood street.
Oillce bourn trots eight to eleven a. M., and 0110 I ...III,: 11.4 ne, 1•,%1•••, 0.311111 1 • ... ITT.,
to four r. I: . ,.ieeeth_ . I , ,r • <I, uTTITI . Jam.,
. . . .. ...............
•-..c-.--...--- i Meek t-n, 'I st,t , to 1 ., ,1ti0:. .N.•• 1"/ it , .11Irk
The Unman flair. . L:. tte:ty, Tver.t, v.,..t... ,, ,•! Dlt.ltlct. NV 4 ). , r;
,ct. )11e
1 tt.,i,t, 1 1) ..,gs:i.
Torbettis Mar Regenerator ts the wonder of .F. 1..
the ag• and has elicited the applause 1121.1 Fprerb .. f challenges the admiration of all classes of the ,t. t `ruit7,4"'''''' Gn
community. It trill atop it front failing off,
make it grow when it 1.2 thin, turn fa..le.d
tiortettn!“.:l. tu•! let t., th
ugly hair to its original color. It keeps up
mototuess Without, oat, Bolls nothing. and oi b.- h
foal all question the most vurprleoug. and L i h 4,
wonderful lortgorator for the hair yet tiIaCCA
erekl. Every bottle warranted or money te.
funded. Ark ust Torbett's flair Itegunurator. any
et Dr. Heyser'd., 140 Weed utruel. j nntlun a,t. v Ire
Gas Fixings at [ow. T. tacos
New as the wiolor mow., are approu 'tong
people will male ennoges in 1.11.1 L101.14c1.10.ti
. .
awl among them they will altar sus Ql un¢s tti
reader them more convenient for
of no better sus fitter In the Llty, than
Tom. T. Esens, So. lilt Wood Stteet. lie has
in employ a number of first class rueehunfes,
gives personal satparv:sion to all work. and
has a very reasonable bill of charges.
Bening machine, the host faun/ y mach a. In
ate. u ban beet, before the public for many
years, and has been suezea fully rafted in ev
ery land notk, and lies received the llrst
premium at the Sew lurk, Sew Jersey, and
other State and county fairs. and at the Amer
lean itialltute, Nen lurk City. iiher
went. In another column. Also the We—l. For
solo at. No. 113 timid street.
Miscible! le bressinz when von lowt suipesl It.
When through eareleysneas your teeth deeav
and get loose inihe socket, you sr 1.1 !lien an•l
mischief brewing. Avoid It and keep y.•i.r
tooth and gums sound, with a pure breath. by
[Ming Ward's null, and Powdered Denttil ire
Sold wholtssaleand retail by Joteph
No. 6l Etarl - et street, and all druggists.
The Me•sra. Barker d Co., SO Market Street
Lave on exhibition and for sale, at surer - Ulna.
ly low prices, the moat magnificent Stock of
Slik* wo bate scan for many a .Icy, and we
roominniene our readers wanting silks to ex
amine their stock.
Those wanting Flags, Loot t:rns, notlg C2l ac•!
Long Hooka for the eatopolgo bbould, noce,
semi their orders to Pittock's to !inure at
Gen. Dlx and the Appal-alumnalit—kooot
lions In the fte-orgatoinea Army
°Minions of Application Nothing to do
with Promotion (11
Wssufrosos, Rept. Ti.--Generni lit. end en
interview title morning with the Prts kit of,
and subsequently with .cleretary
and will return to limo Tork b 3 thin evtulf .f
train. Although nothing donna° to
known upon the subject, several of hta ror.
amid friend* saylthe nrobabillties aro now that
ho will retain the position of.noved °Meet of
the port of New York.
Times special nays: lip to s late hoar thla
evening no intelligent. had bean recolted
from tseneral Dix with reference to lila ee
-1 ecotone° or deellnation of the Trench in Wool.
It was freely-reported on the street to-day
that he had accepted it, hut thorn has no au
thority for the rumor. There has not been
Sheeler a reply in the ordinary court., of thn
malts Stile° the eppointmant fres Sent. it In
understood bore that two. Dix bee been quid l
ifted al naval officer of rho port of New torn,
but that does not debar him from the accept
ance of the French mission.
In response to the general nnalety among
the applicant...for positions in the reorgaule.
ed army nothing further Batt be raid than
that the list of debt appointments, though un
derstood to he nearly completed, is not ready
for announcement. The eon try w ill be glad
to lestn that under the eerefel supervleon of
Secretary Stanton and tionerni Grant. snob Ss
lect.loolll aro being made fr." Om Immense
number of meritorious lapilli..• eta no will in
sure the best officered army le the world. LI
errztleil Will hoof proven valor, of end
intelligenee, and bin appointment will be
Made on these grounds ehiue—no political
views or influence. had Inn.the slightest
weighain thetuatter. The better a men's re
cordthe more Certain will be be of accurlng
position. for the record of every man selected
is rigidlySOYUthlifed.
IlesMasi . Agralrs—An American Com.
mlisslonen In the Ito o ral Arms—
Lower dittforniii neve ntlon Ended.
flastlaanciseo. Car.., September as.—A let.
ter. dated Sept.tlst, giving an account of Caro
na*. recent 'operations at Bolas Prleuts, near
tall!: Seven hundred men under
the coniniand of. Coloaels tlieitatile and rifar
fineZi. entered. the French ',Cation from the
rear, eaptaringi, one piece orartlUary and the
Itopertill teasinzlne. '-Tod'Prench thus eat off
front hiszatlart, made two desperate chortles
under Captain Detata3r, who secticeded la re.
itaittering the cannon. An Imperial Battalion
ccaallled,CaNWlors, ; . shortly arisied, and droro
critini.Lelerill toren.' Bothsidee exhibited the
Utlnoist bravery. and espcoiat praise Is award
ed tO , Captaln Delatslr. for hie obstinate do.
fense.i , : , AttrAtitertelui named Alonzo Hadley,
received , ft eoinhitsston as Captain In tin lin.
- pet-ial:guarde, while anon the geld or battle.
The revolution le Lower Calltornht has ter
minated: peacefullir.elt parties uniting in Ise
l'Or Of Governor Yearen, who roans from hero
by thane:a steamer. The Belted States steam
er renwanee tUI-sdotil salt for Mazatlan, to
look atter American liderrnits. The steamer
Contine.ntar brought thirty -tax- thousand dot
los: ur treasure from 1114Zatnitl.
stook- sawisspiedlry air sprea4
IlaiavatirttiVSerdetaber2ll; l :dd accident
Oceorted at Spread Eagle atarton,orrtbe Peon,
.aylvardarattroaft,_llfreett miles tromi Ulla city,
eteereaux to-day... Tim flange Of the trades of
the loteenotivo", of ..the- feat 'Walk golisk east
DroV a tbd . ddltfoe.wali thrown from . Lad tract.
s ad /mot, Dart of ttro train wee 'vaulted to ,
pieces., The eteot teethe' wereirsoelewhat de-
Wed' duet= road isnowolear,
.SUUEiti4semUll CullWelatltU:
NOV To neOtembet the Efdroolnd
CMlntentnni; rnMsls ink... o oMrrOdroOttrod from
11401]]Ce itorlitaLlaUr tiny thulium] dollars to
emotion twometri-rbrn -Altrility and
frrOdid7MVZlll,,frllqic4. 14,1ePtmi,
rintale wad Lyon
The Ca umpa Ign
IP al"
n IC
f 1 t
riot t I
a .A. (•••••!4:1,1+4.1 •
• :• •1 • •••:1 !• ..!1w IA •
rt, i.l t-on,
pl.•it 14 4
lt,m—rAxr. not lort
....t 0. 10 00,
err .•I I
Wu: to
nelth”r u• •...- rr.. rac .....e. It Is
tint 1nrrt...1•.. 7r,
dl sigh:: :I I , ~1t I.•s their
5 , 71.11,11,.11 , 11 .ntr 'rho
I 0. a.. AA.
I' I, t .1, • n I.rn ttm 1,1 rt ti)
Ittet, an, le' I:tent trtt,. t.....t,ortefot
eortr. - t •. ltatrol• ti ttitit t o lattrte es( •i . tr
ar itor .. ntr.le•tmt.., tt, or Itto , tirtenta.
In Ant, :re butt what •tre tutly
tt.:l,c •nn It it It urn th - ttrool nttr
It:, •• .• , tr Lt.,, Its
U. t- tot, ol Cart• tVo .caw with
, otwttottt the North
tlnit to - nt!t, t•Ltt tlye A.: /Intl fall b In the
nn: trtutnitn t•I In. oh , 1, trot wo tthatl hot,
li. pO:lttrtnont toot ;Its, n /ft Ito%
aro] ‘11: t• t t•lfi' ~1 or.: .1 In nt ol
r.eti .tt Itr lit two,.
no.,t.•• /I- I , L 4 , 11,pat1,10,1
wt . l .1 :nn / 1 ,,,,, h0t ....en the
two CoUntro,
Corry. pond 11.•• nee., .1 lob n
1;•44. nod 111.tI.len• (..• t,to -
rtictioni• Iron, l'ovin - set•ler 1..,0••• I.
re Yuen, ?if p' 0 --Tin. r..ll‘err,eg 1 , 1“.
puutlenee appears :if the P. pupet
L •enl.. fro ," SI,
feral— beret tit: -1 1• e tie 1— . beet, fre
quntly n•lrefl of ale. "IS 113 r tin
01 , lii, ••i.lf-nl ♦' +oh, yof recor.slruetiou
would bare upon our nut 1011 td II t keg,"
vronld Li, into your • leuref upon the rub.
Jeer, If It wou id not In, lreapnenlng too much
upon your lime
roar Try n•apxunu S.
Jots♦ WoCit
September r; a
Sill, 14 answer Iti yucr y a - I,a effect
itneceas of Lite Prestilent's Will have
on the oat maid st . ,l dile, 1 :knn of the opm ion
. t bat Its I.lteet W 00 1 , 1 ,4, .:ry 1 , 9111100.. The
Pi, .Meta eon leocla t 11,1. II", Liretly of teen rail
ing UV a COOgre., 1,1. on roost', utlerial pur
-1 er, and Cu, do nu ,Lll.l ot - t1 IC In ttesenec of
II he excluded ;tate. The t„ratirress that an.
mad the Car itect no.l :Mil the Intertral
dofLa to pay It, e ero uomposed of pre-trawl v
the seine 0n113.,, pit
r 01 rep o
es from I he
same Stores as the preient. If It should IPO de
' chiral that those (Must raise, had 110 Il-
Ilona? then the lt-irlsa,
and the legal lender greenbacks hare
• been hissed WIIIIGIII. authority awl alit Lei
worthies, IV better ,t they ever let tra
doctoral wount en what the President
would consider ttCollollllllloOttl onlyress,
after the edtritici ion .1 the rote) reprewiuta
i twos, when the conillllrai of the aehin ut both
belligerent a V Ladd be considered.
The Postmarter General he, recently annual
Instromlons making provision tort he pi :ril
ing of holinoss cards on 00 VOOllllll 111 any .le
erel form or design. 0 MI r0(1110.1t3 to return
letters, provided lout Dot lees 11100 II v 0 hun
dred envelopes 1,1 e m omed, ~no the per s ons
wanting them Ito,,ph the eots or pemee pre
paled for the ',res., Iron, nhieli to kayo thy
',rutting do u. llostnntstet sit to reeetve the
orders on the usuol tri ins; the cant beteg
about the value of the pluht ens cloys 011 h
the reltlliton of the 11(11011UL Of the regrarml
N o , TOOK, fnodlein,n. I 2 4 .-1 'Jerald' a 0:1
we SpeCilti inky*: The rumor of concentration
by the Fell la. 00 I lie Ign tier, for another rend
Info Canada, In preentlitre, uts•l to bolluvleal to
be so In Canada. A Ono has been dno..nvei ed
In the lei lain the Fenians cup
tared at Fort En,. Melt will probably nonce
entitle their discharae.
Stephens' benilquerters was all beetle and
activity yesterday. Impnroolt negotiations
are pending, us hicyhen published, aa.
toelnh the brut herb ed. none prootpui nes
been eel eyed. In tit' vase at Air. Roberts, the
Fenian Bead Centre, and Lla case boatmen
-Notional Express ransparry—appllca
lion fur srs lisijtoreslosi.
rowriusse Idosao. September 27.—A writ
WWI 11. to-dny t, the United States Distriet
Cowl at Norfolk, rnn injw.ution against
the Orange ana an.irta itolU owl.' Thu in
junction srpa issued a favor of the Adams Ex
press Company, u .n the grenade of alleged
violation of contra t by the P. R. Company.
The National Expre s Conaway some month*
ago were granted t e privilege Hof tranaporb
mg their freight o er the toed tipoll'better
terms than those ado by opecial agraethent
with the , res. Company, sad hence
the application fat n injanellOn.
TerrlbleGaie on • toe Coast of New Found
land—Greot tin bee of atdpweeeks—
Osse Ituodted a rd Flier Dead Lodges
rhattesi Lim •,
Nsw Yana', Sept. 28.—There was a fearful
gate of•wled Ott eat r el ay last. ea the eastern
waster New 'Fowl. land and groat many.
wreak* haletWell re • ortea. A French frlfotte
eras kat tit. P 1 rre and ac Veral COallter*
.were .wreaced. Or 4%one. hundred add fifty
fiend bodies tiered.' Iced up at St. Pierre on
Bowan. which • • • lost from the d o it , : ta lereaS
•velutels. funharpartmulars Ism e to
From Few 11‘
listr Oru.saisS, 4 ft wicr,
late of the Union attar, has' ttNer - errested at
Rouge on a charge or scalp !leer°, of
as/omit and battery and beundeittle - the Sec
ond ,District Court. •
Tte Jackson Arrivili.NOti.b Lettbdana, ear':
The skeleton found on tbeedge OriTln" uuJ
Jnckson was not that of-
L[tln[en¢nt-•:'llutt.~ of
inn rteed iti en's nu tcu n. 104 thettight Ihat ho
to not. tlvaLt. Tla• Lathee jury ara•tnaking
-1...,. v I..u•r ht.h up.
F.ppurnou, UrtlOn COnserVattrei s like
ly to ha run In the gecond Moto)* Of Tonal
for COngreSS without oppooltion.
1. eneral 11-Norton, Union Conservative,
Was ntso nutulnate , tieett First pistrict.
gaoler's Septet •
Maurine, Sept, VlL—Forty-sta - no :eases of
cholera are reported and thirty-1 deaths
within too oast twenty-four hours, Increase
of ono over yesterdny'sroport.
Mclntos?, Vs., September 'Lots of
bright yellow loaf turm.• -were. dui. the
Tobacco Exchange toshty at the n phstetten.
tett pride of tun dollars per on hundred
The cholera setmn on the Itter
The Board of Health reporteight, gri” o a
yesterday evening at seven osMoolt sneers' of
snitch Nero fatal.
R sport of Geo. nit's AeeoPla M T :
Lees by a Revolve - ea lampix , •
Nary Yong, Beet . 2B.—This Portbtap cisISZYsl
General Dix hie accepted the bra to
A block of wooden buildings OttThing
street, owned by William and Gilbe
was destroyed by Oro yeaterOsy. Ip
nkel of a kerosene lamp wag the ca gerAit rho
condsgration. None 6f the prOrtu e te 'A 1 1 , 0 2
buildings, which woreoccupied 66 ‘"
dweilin t o, was saved. Tee loas whaVn.lal,
partially Insured.
Dead Isiody Found—Foal PISS.:
~. Now Testa, September 91.--Some ayij I ic e
a man Was arrested In-Jersey City On MP 0-
ion of foul play, he having been the MSS P r
son seen with a boatman named Con t‘oy, ier in
he had hired to row to the Central ; Nati 0 d
ferry. He denied oYerything. This g . . 1
at four o'eloeit the body of Conroy' trait . 1 •
covered in the harbor, near toe place we i -
Cohort, with tits throat out from ear to eat. 1
! 1
!larder of (pose[[ , rtwl Soldfors. ,
Now etas se, Set. IM.—Malor
wander t o
the federa p l ittJeal:rnoot,Tua
tim. ,
neporti the kiltang of two sold are of the
ii.)th colored Intuntr), by one took YID/UP , '
Deputy Morstol I at Jetttrson. The tuurdbeal
mutn were vlctl Ins of blind, revengernt Pu. 10.•
Phillipt it large but e. warrant lok los Intet
ht.! been snout by the Melt mutlterMiesh
T. I•ttr , q, S• plt•tallor I,—rlour Inlet ant
to.a Iy. Wheat I•tioyant un,t aeltru; boat gnat t.
h 101 $1,t0 , 4•44.1 4 t•i it lit tti anti Itnettalltpd.
oats t;., at 41'0: Pork hear y, at WAIL
Clear shied JOIVOC, , .•Iear ribb. l
LYI 41,1i11e1l
Itt.aky tt tut and unclt.angotl.
Rictilgag, Open% Troupe
rarLso2t..,o, ,01,0100. 10.—Tho AtteL
ing,. 000. a Troup.. so, or eset a gmat
at 111. ,tesdriny of Music. The 11 , 00.0 s art ,
row.lorl nightly. sad Mit Stloooss 010 1:01g.•
Ilsh 01101 a lit t litz y Is e5ta.141...1110,1.
Mare Pardon..
tt ,011160T03, Preallont htidi
Men uo,ior 1301ty I rOtIllttla•
1011 Oar al I r , Te IV • 51+or" wA
.1;,.,,n I:. F , ul h rift 11C ISO . , and J. hl act 100,
of taargta.
A rrearM far roiwers. ;
Sr. Yea.. September —FrederlAk Karoo /
allege./ to bore iteen lately an tomotti al Low.
ottno. I'm , pr won orreeted one. eitorgo Of
torgtng a i.uto tot JOtimlllitti T. Forman, of rim-
Is 01“, N. J.
• .
Exerolion of Watson. the Murderer o
Sept ..^.73.—iratter P.M - discos. ro - r
hn at l'avtatn Ilantur, crae hung at
Nevi t, , tt;le 311,1 anon.
CLA4 I r—lln vienuesit of Troop,.
ro, (L. iv ,; se Id.. 26.—The Prey Ir lonia
fair Orme,/ to-day flln Wren W.I . /MS LAM., Vat.
e ntitu• dr., vary large and Ina
f l't
.1: •: .tircenn. lot y nou..bor at tire
11,,•.•• .111 1.11,y aro In town.
The Sroodlown !face•
1. , r,rit.s, Popletnher ttiuodlawn,, ilsed f , r October 30,
rip teen poSliume. t the lit h, on ll , o po-ucutket.oratt the fl. Louts 1.0.4/Idep
,ept. :lull dha lee
2A.•rt . ..ItlU. al 11,0.5 I. aL •I
No rtyr 3. lulu, tll.
lit 310
/ e
11 I'l, 0
‘ ••• •11
ttekoilon. Republicans
S:1 , 1. 29; It, 1344.1. the last tiny for
zle eiteetatatl. Ail ettlzans entitled to a rote
zc•pl t hoe., rating on age) tnitet be •s S SSS
arl I. uiou Republican ir earnestly request
e.: In sea to his au aseesstueat anti that of any
or aNI uL nlanrrl, not yet suossed, ft tentily
to taa nate Repuirltean eattee.
tnettutt newt, 'll etnnto4 at eliontbottaxton—
i someone Onottotortent of the Vetoing..
Yeaterdny there seat the molt
gut !ring of the Beput.lican Man ever ta
l• P.M its Wanhitt,ldn county. The day wait
pt opt t non, and at KW Curly hour all tLe high
way a an..l ny.srays were filled with throngs
foot. on horseback, and In all manner of
Al ten o'clock the precentor: began to
more. and wan two hour% and a heir to pas.
inr. Consequently It was mash larger the"
either of the processions in PI, taburgh during
lie and Salton' Conventioe. The
tine, In at close column as It could comfort
ably form, was from seven to eight mile, In
length, Bony of the Itch/etc, were of orodtg..
Inn. proportions 000 had forty horaen gy
tantont to It. 'atonal others nearly as many.
The ornttmentatlon of these vehicle!, wan not
only einhornte, but Mannish. The atrette of
I Ito brew:tut Vlling, Were literally flooded, to V:1,:i111 N
eeemed to exist. or
WA tol, all. e good many people, etapalrlng
of n, enee to get Into the prenionlon, had
alront out :Ltt team, There were enough
the. tt. have tenet...led the proneasion two
tat not to hare thieved the orantlx.itlon
01 the "teeth., I. an tobtenannable none 111 the
N1,..11000. The muttltntle wan alltnlntect try
apparent contidenee sod exultation that
am tshlteralleg. Nat a shadow of doubt
Prg•lfit. to ~germ of .A - tril:oolitlif victory.
todieral James It Nu pie called the enliven
hot. loonier by moving the lion. George V.
law rune. , to Chairman. The Vice-Presidents
wrre Noah Sheen, Henry nwarte Wu, tong,
Ii m, 1). Carroll, Wm, Ferre Je, Fargnaltar,
Samnel Thome, Seeretariee—eapt. It, p.
Bonn, Chem.:ex ftrownleu, John FL Meek.
(iovernor Audrey. ti. Curtin, lien•ral John
W. Geary, General 0. N. Butler and °there
epoke rant teems:,,. 'rho Hon. Thomas
hi. Mardian and others spoke at another
lu the evening a meeting was held at the
Cost lion's, at which Mr. P. B. Penniman
and others •pot's. At anotbsr stand Thomas
M. :;larshatl. Eng., and others addressed their
lall,lW CICI Zen.
In every rumpeet t Ile meeting , was a enacass,
nnoantant unparalleled to this poytlM or the
nude Ilepenn on it Wakliinglon will render . a
gavel Meet/eel In Octoter.
Porigal Darning - of the PORPerus OR
At a:met ton o,entelt on Thursday morning.
the Petrona_ol I Refinery, situated near the
sharmsburg bridge, In abarpsburg, was par_
tiell y destroyed by tire. It Is not hIkOISIS ow.
sctly how the tiro originated, but before it
could to checked It had destroyed one of the
tank% of reined nil, and I:ad extensively dam
aged one ot the build lugs al the tenacity. The
tank which way burned contained live hun
dred bane!. of retitled oil, which was totally
dolt. ove.l, Quite a number of empty barrels
were intend. and come crude oil .1u barrels.
lOrs relined oil burned was north some elt,iteo,
The buitcllng wax damaged to the extent of
atom sa,otle, n Idle the damage dette to the ap
paratus and the lons on the Panels and en do
oil amounts to about Itt,utre more, making a to
tal loss of .?.0,.a0. The loss was bully covered
by !Immune°, entirely, we believe, Eastern
companies. The refinery Is one of the most
por leetl r 001101 urted In regard to the preyem.
thin of fire, of any In the rieln•ty. /f It had
not 1:oop SO, the whole estabilehment would
have been burned. it Is espected that the
tinning. d portion will be in working condition
stadlli to about three weeks
I L 1 r!
A philosopher has mild that to soolety wo
owo the duty of always dressing as well as our
mosne will penult. so that our APPeltkluwo
wl.i he rather pleasing thtut disagreeable Or
offensive to the vision. This is porticularly
en of the ladles who we all admit to be bee* ,
Wel by nature. Yet, without the adoremeut
01 IIeAL and becoming attire, they would look
decidedly homely, it not positively ugly. This
Is the greatest oulatni:y that' could befall a
woman. She can submit to poverty stud all
the Ills that flesh le hely to. but to be uonsid
crud ugly is too much for their delicate na
tures to withstand. If they-would ayerfahts
catastrophe they should repair at *nee tO the
city grunts establishment of Messrs. Bates a
n.u, so.= Fifth street, where they pan have
the pleasure of selecting award Ty geed a from
the largestatid ntost ?titled r atookeyer.blneght
to this city. Morintle,callettcs, IMMO, /luaus,
tousling, shawls, cloaks, lace, and Mantillas
are there In abundance, of all etyles Inottattal-
Meth and at priceetilat Will compete With arty
. --
harrow Escape o f she AllUglitelli Kari
kat morn ing
amid; three o'clock =Thant.
day morning a fire was illecroveftd lw the Col.
lar under toe hotter and egg depot the'al-
Jeglieny lliarger,,House. -it bad rood* IMMO.
tlo be.dway before it was diseererod. hut
was speedily put out try. ldr..Lowig 171berlin;
who workeid most entirgeticaliT4o? rte &ILIAC.
thtion, Ibisaindoubladry through IliserataihM
at the splendid building now standtd4
for if the dre had prooseded.tuiMaleidad for o
few moments longer tnearbOle Market ikons
would inevitably: hails been dartroyedi 1. li.
not EnOwn how 1410 Us origlasted,- ,
Criminal Corset
Court opened yesterday morning at nine
o'clock. Judges .ktellon and Brown on thu
claw. Brown, eluvleted lint week of robbing
lie tuvern of Air. Wycoff In booth Pittsburgh,
wan arraigned off an Indictment of larceny. It
being churned Unit the accused stole a melo-
Aeon from 31r. Wycotylust previously to rob
bing his house el money. The Jury returned
a Yerillet Of not g Silty.
The newt case taken up was also that of elms.
Brown, on an Indictment of robbery, the Ii rot
count charging burglary And the second tar.
cony. It was charged that the accusal, on the
night of July nineteenth entered the
house of Mr. Wirt. TOlght in the llorough of
Mount Washington and stole therefrom a
poeJsetbook conlaiming We in gremthaeks,
certificates of ostock to the value of Silo ) mere nod notes a tonntlng to Slog. The thief
entered the hoes by climbing one of ihe posts
of the porch, an getting through a second
story window. Tins window wan that of the
s e r van t t o pa sleeping robin, but. he mum.'
through without . awakening 1110 girl, and
found Ins way to, the room Cl Mr. Voieht on
the same floor, The money was in ihe pe• het
Of Mr. rolghtie pantaloons and the gunmen,
was folded under his pillow. The robber took
the trousers from( their place and ruled the
pockets without awakening Mr. t.., and an
weeded in getting out In the name way that ill,
had entered, leavlng the household an asleep.
The may means By which It was known how
be entered the bindle, was the taut of the doors
and. window tieing open the next morning.
Circumstances eventually led to the suspichm
that Brown wan the erimlual;and he was ar
rested and taken before Justine Marker, by
whom he PPS corubiltted to answer the charge
at Court.
The Jury in the (lase yesterday found a ver-
diet of guilty, unit the prisoner was remanded '
for sentence.
The unit case was that. of Charles Dean, of
the First ward, Allegheny, rhergeel w ith ii - a -
Sault and battery, with intent to ronnunt a
rape. It is alleged that, on the night of the
' 13th inst., tile accused entered the house of
Mr. goon Rowland, in the First ward, Alle
gheny Llty, Ma midnight, gaining ono, ta,
through the balment window, and emit e I
ro tt ,
the sleeping In of Mr. and Mrs. Hoe la.. I.
Thorn!. undr seal housolf and then 1, .:• .:1
his hand over Ito! Month of MIA. Ede ,:ed It
Rowland, and melvarored to got Into t re hr.!.
Mrs. Rowland into awakened and aer.i - med
for help wheel the Intrude, ran ett .1“1,0.
Tile 1.0115 0 worn called, and search was made, ,
whim resulted In the discovery of lama, nit-
partially asleep, in It 110,1 In on Tapper room.
Ile WM. /1.131V11.4.41 and held for trial. The tle.
home proposal 'to prove that the defendant
boarded at Mr. heed...nits; that Ito only Ml
lowed the example or lei I h,, hoarders In get-
tin; thfough the ba...ement. window amen
Cl , mina 114 , 11se• I,lr ; ;hal ii.. ~, ~,o ...,:r-% i PI: I 3 ,
drank 11,41.1, 104 , ..t ii t•;I INI ndiopo r I to Oil,-
Ink°,. herd'. r,,, ~. 1., - h 1,. 1,...n; I hut tie
aan aelm-p ta Ittf on tt teal a hen tt i-t-e et ed, 1
bnd bin.. ItOr:and. in Uri, 1,0 e thattnrit:,.ll.l
ut knee e India t It ens the neettned it:oute .
ether man a tat , t t-t t d tier rt.ont• 'Pm el.('
Lad but been minetutleti Si, the I:MUM:Amu',
Tiso Kau . le I:vet/roblon to Philade
On Itiondny afternoon the Eagle Fire Coln -
pa tty of this city n 111 start on their long con.
templated excursion to Philadelphia, a Lore
they 'arta remain until the tattooing Friday,
as the gneeta of thc t Igidtet Company of tilt,:
city. During their star In Phil...le/ph la they
will bn ituarteren nt the American Hotel, on
'i par id
c. The Eagle 1.1 the nide., lire
otirmilZat.lo:l In r ho malty, mil among thane
salt° terra: soon,; tleetl as Its mem ttrtt half a
con: dry hint . , are Sell nnw ,atpl Ittglt In
the eonnolis of the ,tete an.: In fart
ten to la, ill, tree Ilnk hte
MO. tile ;Mat nind thr preann!, an a •
ben". if 11l link, tern. In time VI - nicety,* esen
tinti the eneiTtane 111 nc ereleente I I , : •
lire nteinhtere, elf of a hem n lit wear the nee -
Itilti ttlailasaal• MM . , 111 oat p tteattatta t tam
tating ill e ie.l
Adria and `g it vette e tie , t on. -
'rile) . Wl3l tutee II • hi,. plea
horses, and will terrier their new tan Se.
I ttAt temp: rte.', n I their at rival In Ilea.
wt.:wet, II ,11.1 ant Whlte, who is.“ Inn a. a
An artito me,10,11 of the Eagla, tear. , f
Philvelelph make any arra
M.• 11/. a tilt!, nay `Fe neeen,a: A :we 0... e.
rale. rad! lo'son;ll..'ny the f5...1n.0n0 , -
Lorght r•on r. n.rtnn, fis
A•sr...unt Lot , 1. ( 01,11
iiIIJ JV tiVtlet . 3l .I. ['ear H. t.
Tholltarnersnd I nrses wstr ship:rad yester
day aftornoon t. , 1l V. Penns; Issnis radroad.
sneci.ll,4 of Ida but - ura. n l 111 I :it'll
tisslevrodng. vireo itre doll a ranre
ritent*abr (tic wore mnds. err:V . :ha
Iltaltiessi Isll . . h.r.(s yrnrst Inn , . no 1 r•rr.t
a tin a yonrr 1,1r1,115/1,0 n( itt. nospan:rtr,
IQ •
Mount Vion•ont —4ho Ittrf h-Plnce nr
..en. n BI /1.7.0 tIl fAiory—
I mammas.. Turuon I owl 1/osn
11.mnt. I,3llt—t ...p; nrr.,
•letitonitre!liel nueli I.h ie
ge t.ever tlo be
re en
s: n Xit'et: enorei.o. fleleehteerg
/tom ult n. tg of the eouht) Auve Fel,. Si 1,-
:.ncv ll.ut LI, people are welt owal‘e, eh.'
tie egit :pen ifiegteel ghowg a :II It file
hone of General Grery will maLe 11l .el!
hem: ,l in ... , or. Tao tele:op:eel
gpaenied :lie lit ihelph! etreet,
wl:I: Winn.,, an -1 teatooileal it Iw now eel 11.
ITCH.t hou•e wee re 11,,inehted h
weenthe, ibieceAleil will. 11.:4. Iv lagliin
11101(.104M 1..1.1ty,1 el OSI •110 I /1,11, 4,1 the
ant Care rent In I eel: . feelltigg plazid•
It. of wrelegOr 11,11" honoree: g..h.
lieary. the prorege:oe • A.. A qrall,l 10101
we, bet ween II:t 15 , 11,4 1:1
In/elf h. II Iv, 1:11.1(110W h
crate, :i1: nags Aii,llitng or tile vet:
seen 111 (11.. ceouhty. An ttnruele,.. 1111110•11,3
In the gronntla seatei of :he tell
ing, Anil were ihll , oregge:l by tier:ere:l Geary,
:liar condi:late. and tgeneral lto rein:go, of Noe
II grupgblre, Ker. J. W. Item, nl 51111 hoeghhe,,
Anil A. It. Chase. of WA lurk Frue Detnov - ot,
ell. r lu r /et 1,1 for LOVOti,
Sor.onaly loduir,4l.
if iiiirhilay-afterioica. while,' a hut t a in
hOunr of the Soldier,' and Sailor, Lonvention
was being fluted on Seminary Hll, Ur. liaiberl
Fite, who retinal at No. '53 Loaetock street, was
lamming home a wad, when a premature eat
hitt:Mon took silsoe, earned by the ammunition
belag two small to all the lilt 61:11111:er. Mr.
ulfebi arms were severely lacerated and It.,
loft cheek and r enal badly tort. and
A Sir. ktostut,mo. thumb on for
sent at the tone, loot hit thumb, a tivai um.
Completely blown oaf. oeviirol porton, al.
were •tandlne In the immediate t ininlty
the ere luown on their fee,.
man being hurled 14/:0111 a anion Cuntr , .1 .1
Infory Was hy ally 01 1110 M.
Vihn.was earrliol hot:wand
and . tab, nto a drug stoic, x hero
ho was kindly cared for. Ale. Far, :::::1:g11 in j ill Re: VI we, but hi. tarn a 111
1,0 bully illefleutut/ for life. It lo a fortimato
I womb:dial 1 . 1,111:14WILUO Mut. ullue of Kr.
File . . hone, wet, L?1,11(011.
The Dell 111erve..
'rho far Noted Spaulding Brother,, Salta!
Bell flingers, open for it iiraif etincert season
itt Masonic Mail, on bliinilitY avaffMiA• Jon has
irrirritorinifr Sit tam lovrot Manic itiyina and
Jingling melody of the hell, and all true lovers
of natural wash, will agree with hin, In pre ,
nonneing It the 510 st eharmlug asu,le lie scar
hair:nisi to. n a , in ifs 1110,5 rteillictsi con
dition, but what a etlid lie say If he heard the
Bonen:tug Brothers and their corps or artistes
play the most dUlleult and bewitching al rs.of
toe giant musical Masters iilth suet, precision
and faithful/3.s as to Seem as 11 the bell a ere
articulating the words el the compositor. Im
probable az this appears, yet It ~,
the truth, and those who visit Itlasonle Jinn
nest week will, wo hare no doubt, bear testi
mony tOtAlla fact, In art.tlitou to the hell con
cert there will be persortuanee, Cia tile harp,
violin and piano, with vocal mush, uT a 1 1 1, 4 1,
order, forming an entortalutilent well worthy
of public patronage.
The Cleveland Clobber In Durance—A
• ' •
Largo Steward.
Chief of Pollee Mane received a telegraphic
dist:Wail from a detective In Cleveland yester
day, requesting lima to see that Tom King,
rah:. Theron' apemen., rain, E. K. Shaw°ll-..
now In Jail On a charge of conuterfeiiing—dhl
not escape, as relleble evidence had been oln
t tined that he was the robber Wit," had colon
nteeteeen thomiand dollars In Cleveland 11. t.
winter. If ho prove to ho the veritable robber
—and we have nu bout instru
mental In capiurlug tint Will realize the Snuff
Sum 01 lien thousand dollars ' reward
Mu been 01113113 d lot. tile arrest. From the feet
that King manuftter Print on Squirrel 11111,w4th.
In a few utiles of this Lay, spurious currency
to the amount of twenty thousand dollar., we
must say Witt 1110 community have Just entice
to rejoice at his capture and the brilliant pros-
Ppeel. of a leng term before Itlin In the NVestern
Called liar \wmo•
Margaret Murray uppeared before Alder.
man 'Varier yeiterday, and ,instituted legal
proceedings against Godfrey Miller, for surety
of the peace. Margaret acknowleged Mattel.,
was using her League In vtllifylng the wife of
AlLUer,whout oho denominated as it lying, 80.1.
ey, impudent thing. Whether It wan to then&
Jectives governing the noun thing, or to
of thing Itself ehe °bleated, we have no means of
ucting,,but do know that Wither.ono
or the other Caused Ur. - a great ,deal,. of
°nominate, and elreAvag hompelled,'Ont 'of it
sense of duty abs owes to society. Jo_bring
suit against. her traducer throligh her roma.
lino vri weer half Godfrey:" After a bearing the
cape eriottileddaeod; the evidence elicited fell•
log to prove the matential,potnti
MO. Miller was afraid offatergaret.i - ;The dens
waredivided btitgalin the parties. Mee. MU.
ler dooMosa. erisheettO... ,be
Reeond, WaNI nova 14..441,4N''.
Tileto'lia kmetti9g ot Bois In /Rae
bald h at Mght
in pc*baizi-airt44AlleiLtri
m nks
iiiitltsapiii4 in the
:te.aetee et tharaiNwinottoye.tußilltl Clubs
atlatt A tl V=ltrovealtat• •
—,a at Gems tutther bust
iiestribettee Leon Meat° inept- at the Sao
pma itixd School house this 03`.entolt, aV alien
VolaCkiwAllottitirttietabers abs' requeaed to
Itats OW •
Silo*tibic j.wrencinrille—White Boy.
Silos by a birgyo.
The colored people of Pittsburgh and Alle
gheny, had a festival at Iron• City . Park yea
, ternay, for the benefit of the colored church
of Allegheny. At about throe o'clock to the
afternoon, nix of the young men of the party
started out ffem the Perk on borne-back for a
ride, and went together up the hill. Soon
three of them started ahead at a rapid pace,
leaving the other three riding more leisurely
along. These lust had gone but a short dis
tance, when they were met by two wagons,
the first containing a man and boy add the
secOnd two nreif.' 'The party in tho wagons
I began, without any provocation, taunting and
insulting the negroes. One of them named
! Arnett, responded that they were
I doing and saying nothing to disturb the
the white party, and he thought the whites
ought to let triern pass In pence. Thereupon
the men in toe wagons renewed their InsnitS,
and teremmilly all got out of the wagons and,eunu
~,, rin attack on the others. Otte
struck a negro over the head with a board,
an the others commenced throwing paving
.lones at the party. At this young Arnett
drew a revolver and fired twice into the white !
ps rty. and he and the two other negroes rode
rapidly in tile Park.
One ef the bulls tired by Arnett, struck the I
white bur, wu, . Cook, In the left temple, and
tat: log' an Maki tin vintner around the skull,
burled itself in the bone Morro the ear, whetter: ,
It was alert ranted with considerable rt
Shortly after tire affray. the three remaining
tregrees, Albert Curter. Robert Jackson, and
Alfred Sidney, returned anti were arrested as
the parties hnving been engaged in the diffi
culty. They were taken hero., Justice ..fs
coy, of Lawrenceville, On a charge of assault
and battery with Intent to kill, preferred by
Thomas Cook, the father or the wounded boy.
A inctletl bearing In then . ease resulted in I
their being mitimiltted to Jail [Or a Anther
hearing. Early In the OVlnt :LW Arnett return
ed to the city and learned of the arrest of the
three men. This wau the hod Intimation, as
he alleges, that Ile had hit any person when
he tired. Immediately oil learning of the
tarts, Arnett went to Inc Mayor's °Mee rind
delivered himself up, Ile Is now in a cell of
the lock op awaiting a hearing,
Tonne GOOtt, the troy shot, bough painfully,
is not considered fatally hart. Arnett, the
negro, Is employed as poner and night watch.
maent Stevenson's Jewelry store, on Mat het
street., and the revo.yer with which he nit the
skirt Ling, Is the One with which he Is armed at
nmlit, and aldeli, is lie any a, lan Met lett lead.
vertently in the pocket oi his coat.
Ilse Voice of this Welsh
.The following resolutions 'sere atloptotl by
the Welsh Congregational Assoclnt 10n, held at
Potl,-HI., nritt. ^td an.l 11 11, representing
- ,, nog ihlo ty or forty Welsh churches In the
ttton This Are,.Callon has a:ways r -
14-• rPill It a ditty and :t privilege in Lnke 1,1 4 h
olt t Itnntolahle prinelples of Free
tl.nst .I.l3os:we; 1111(1
DUISOg 1111, S svebolders' Rebel:-
Hon, we stood It cell}l.y 1.110.t4.1 101nelple3 :met
aeststed to uphold the COVVl'lltneut and .1.
Loin Itie Martyr Lliteoln bile efforts tOsttbdue
trey ml and
• W uxonas, We lisortlly endorse the aentl
meet one red by Andrea. Johnson 'hat,l
- should IR, main NllOO4 and traitors should
be punished." thet Elora.
Reollreql, That lo the present great contest
Ise aeon 'tile people who in the field ortishetl
Rebellion, and the Into I ultels who aro led and
•t rayed by a Preal•lent who has roved
fultall, p
, e to the prinentl,l upon which Ito was
eitern Led, the ciao Clog regal tonal As luc'latlun
Peousytranta, true In tld remora, ranges
ii., If on the sole that.+, t;llreeerve our Inter
t ang guarantee In all {7:5q....A 0( eItIZOOS,
freedent, Jest anti Equil itlahas.
T nal 5i041 . 0% . If the CO,a(1(.1.1-
11010.1 All,, 11.1111vOl 61.1..11:0,1 1:3 l'nngreaa, 6a
vat Reel( halls to, act lot, belle,
i lug that 110 let nut the moat. lenient rear
1.. LI Allot, I that until they art/
In the peOlO., Of 1110 Stale. late In re
. leeeetat lees or 1111,4 e State.
,ttu:.l n.itulll4. n 1111 Ftlattre,,
Ina! 14 the , inly fit each citizen
the Webtli lanalna, to of pport by
.01-0 and vol.. 1101 pllnelph, t.l Freedrin
. eth/ Ire 4let, lo the 41 el.ll heart, and
1 1 ut , ve men attebant.lon at Llte npprvat•binl;
t... .li , :, ''u .1,1 ',AI 1 , 14.101 y forth, Rig.lll.
1:-. ',et. Ties! the teet....l utentory of the
In .1.) 111/.l.a:els or brave Union
'o or e
. 14 halt In
whoaere vtuelly murdered
. 1., the 14,1, ofthe Snot h tletnalt , l that
he .11 onprot cated Itehttltioe,
1 1,1 1 ,, 1e11n bl 1 eeen.lolot crones, should Ito
punt:lite,/ e,peL tat, I hat Jetrnrsort Davis, the
taa.ter-rn Ind it I print . ll,lta..tor In iltedread
t, 1, w sbonel tu trial, 11101 I 1
tee,. ndequate.lll I
00a,npl, 01.04 t,..ek In fa- i
liter the hie of lily
1. to ~1A11.4, Moderator.
I,: I.g tzpi, 1110 orrn
to• t t:t rat n( Mr. I%trn,y
lyst of Ito great
numnrt,s, llr . and :Ir4.
A 1,11.11 trtaiir, harleg lir.t . nt than
tlntitatiatea anh a .10,1 ritei,t; at manner.
h 1. ,11 .1111 1 111pry , t, , oin !Lane - Fire PetWe . ' Or
!VT:111,1,1 to /1111:1111 ‘141./r nt the Opera LI./11.41..
111.11.11:01111.111:111.1.111111111110 Nar.,an•ltiln
M itiager newt gets nil tit him the hatter. the
....not hone: Ills 11500 1.110t1,.11 v e are not vet
ciao° It tilt,.. 1 1.11111 1 101ktiCI,ed teptitation
,4•11., at:El it Mating,: lie., rinflbllot lrmore
littn, the theatia goittig ruin Inittllty wlll know
111f.1,1.00 a :Iv. .1 9.111.(Z{.111111/1 sti oak! hotter
slut iar poall ton
Tl“..rar placo o( er.ter
-1.1.1.m1,nc a.senifiltel fact
ursine, Inn .eten.loll of Mr Mri
Mayo'. lefeUt.
Te-0f , ,, lit x gime :.111 I. offered oi, the oecaslon
of Mr. Mal, cf, I ast app.“ ranee.emLlenianly
office,. air I:. .11 Len , l ince aL • Ind Drury,'
an.l uo perecei um it fee, of raid that he Will the
If In onintemy with a tany,
toe , Linea of amazement.
--- • .
Tedmatx , 4 tt ILA —IS ha7lnir a good run
ni paf T,, tented ctorn, gef.tlernanly
rl,atr keepers. and Burnt tails are the stunt,-
t aut that win
1 , 1:13/,...01 61.101.1 h gingers Open next
e•e• at Slavonic Pall.
4,1 tic v.., which Ii I 'nevi that ever yin
OILS is in full blast in Allegheny
broth from Iletnorrlonce.—On IWeitnrO- evening Mr. rhea. Will, employed by ten
Perin.ylvimia Rolfrond (.ompanv, Mehl p
denl y at Stewart . , Station, of hemmer, Liege of
the loans. Mr. Wlils has lind ceeorge of the
transportation of Government guns, nut
On Wednesday. while walking along Ih,
latfurin, he was taken with I'b•eding wool the
lungs, and died la it few ill n ten. Ito 4,4 a
meet 1114.1111 n. .41111 v 4104,014 cltteen, and
It. s lento will be rog tiy a large eirele of
friends. Ile was Ilse wily lirothor of Willlato
M. (Yellin, Rion.) Foreman of Neal neere
10 the Pet es) Ir toile hall road, 440 leaves a
wife awl toe .1 , 1. The (msg.,' it sell...toil
for this morning at ton o l uidek and will tak e
place from No Ni P4llll argent.
A II) Led, Mall Melte. , ted.—Michael
Morgan appeared iwtore ,thierman Lynch
ywoerdaV anti cotoole oath agal tibt John Wilson
ter assault and colliery. It anpeara cacti Mi-
Wino', who Is a arid believer In the deetrines
roeaded 7y Clymer, Cowan A Co., imbibed
rather freely on Monday, and as a conee
,lmnoe felt a patriotic eta I net on learning that
tno former would arrive it, Allegheny City on
Monday anti address the Masses. in his great
J ot , :to prow cried to IYlWracts residence and
tl•;;.tn to cheer lustily for the man Irota Barka
ounty. Tens aroused the ire of Wilson, who,
utter orocriog \I whitel away repeatedly,4iruvia
lout a blow In the face, knoeiclng Wan clown
and alm..ini; 11411 to a cruel wanner. !le gave
1 , 101 form hearing to-day.
We have before is a little book made np of
"Essays on !Mycelia:mow SM.Jocts, by u self
oil scaled &olured youth." Tics style la gootl,
is,: moral two, uxeullent, and tics thoughts
more utigge:itive than are those of malty a
Moro ambitions book. The author—who
•d at our Juinetum yo.stertiny. nun With whove
Intelligent appearance and modest demeanor
wets tench picaaml—hopes, by the sale of
his little boolr, to gain means to enatlu him to
...gain., a regular end thorough eouc t at on .
tic is WI tie young, and 11 ho Call BUCCOOd to
his InminLln ambition, he may betrome a very
Ito ful malt among Ills people. Wu hope be
may he very successful.
Trampled man named Bradman,
manager of the Painter rolling mill, in the
borough of West. Pittsburgh, was among rue
crowd In the rotunda of the Monongahela
House, no Irednes.lsy evening, sod fell down,
pofore be could recover his footing the throng in all du ort lons had trampled Sun
under loot, bruising him badly, and ' , reeking
his right leg hi two phew below the knee. He
was reecued front a serums Peril Of being
tratupled death, anti I....kfctiook was
summoned, who set the fraetured . liones and
dressed the other Injuries. The Injured man
was Lakes to his borne, and at last urnounte
was doing well.
1/ owe.. 0/num.—This popular eircna—the
beet over in PI tIAbU rgh—lo eligibly located on
the Minuend, in Allegheny City, the street
ours leaving vim itorm at the entrance. Today
tile ht..t two performances wilt be
matinee at 21'. Y. and the anal eA r ldlug per
formance nt There n ill be another of
those gorgeous prat...mos today which ere
ated en emelt edruiratiou yesterday Morning.
Thu route of the proeceilon will be its follower
From the Bridge to Penn street, down Penn to
river, up river to Grunt, through Grant to
Yon°, up Penn to Bridge, nod - across Bridge
to place of exhibition..
!Mac Hell In Illini/nutintn."—The Ameri
can /Mac /MU ChM of Birmingham held
mooting last °Coning - , at which IL was deter
mined to thririmulte the club. An election
for officers rtoodted in the choice of .tMorloa
Patterson fot Mosident, George U. Emma
for Vieo President.itouert PatGeradu for Sec—
retery T.D. Carthame for.Trnesurcr, and
314 .4111400 n fur Captain: A constitutiou - and
by-inws +similar to those goVerntog bltbflur or,
Itanizattene la thiechnnty were ad opted.
4• . •
trredli matorogloo,-44 our: nroloi,iit the
flOoorotiotOl Of the . court House. Ito
' toot/7 awarded all the stela the truly Ave
Olablay rieblieriff Otewart. -, 1 bile that tent!.
man d cantata a Jorge attars° tbo eredlilie
anzioin that woshonlii award fair share to
fellow occupants lathe bulidinvespeclat•
ly Prothonotary ,Widoiwa. - All rhilit; spittle.
'moo,tho illePlaY,waa creditable. atiO,teoriited
=lab credit upon tho ofileirro'luot oroptoyeer
at the Court IteitSO:.: • •• 4- •4 .
Al/malt and rtatter74-tlietiael.litfi :
imamate:dors Alderman Ilabitigitt,"Ke Nay,
runt .alado oath against OlitoortjCilOsovr, OPT]
*mat 'and tatter,y. The parttes:tWahler „in
:*Yost: Zittaburith, rarbtre •libeenent-i , lriaitiM
variaty alerts, Which... Sharer d.itiaml.
Jilted • Nagy eher,” ror saying Whieh writ.
inuadtal down and hiron • the breast with a
large ottoklo tha hoods of thogirooner.o....
Highway Robbery at Oak land.
Testerday afternoon as Dr. Umbstaetter was
making a visit in Oakland, 'he disci:memd a
man lying on the road in a senseless condition,
and weltering in blood, with his pockets tarn
' ed wrong side out and several papers scatter
ed about on the ground. The Doctor applied
proper restoratives and when the man was re
stored to Consciousness. w he n ted that he was
walking along the road he was met by
two men. who 'attacked him. knocking him
down with astone, pounding him on the howl
with a boulder, and injuring him so bad
ly In the side that lie eras vomiting blood free
ly. Investigation proved that ho hail been
robbed by his assallaiikg of two thousand dol
lars. The men who perpetrated the outrage
are not known, but they are supposed to nave
been the ones seen with the injured man
during the day. Tns victim of the assault Is
named C. Lewis, and Is a klnjor from lowa.
and was a delegate to the Convention. Ilia In
juries were perions, bet not necessarily fatal.
Fine DClUOlN , ltratinu an Weal, Middle
sex ;—.l. very loran and enthusiastic meeting
was hold at Watt Middlesex on Wednesday,
the Plth inst. Notwithstanding that the rain
had ooaro4f down in torrenes all the previous
night and up to num o'clock In the morning,
the meeting was a grand snecess. There were
not less than lire thousand peoplo present.
Delegations from the adjoining townships
wore out In strong force, and judging from
appearances, the people of this section wore
never more In earnest. Speeches were made
hp (Jen. Geary, if. IL Chase, , Esq., of the New
Inrk 7r. Democrat, Mon. Mr. Brown and
Fame Pretense.—Anderson Godrich ap
peared before Alderman Taylor yesterday and
Wilda oath against Samuel Johntton for ob.
tnintng money under false and fraudulent re
plesentatlon. The neensed was arrested bnt
released on furnishing ball In the limn of 4300
to answer ut Coon.
Jolly.—Accorning to tho Reading papers,
apple-'outtor bollings aro 130 W all thu rage In
the "surrounding country."
IJEEN-I . E7"I'F.HSON—On Thar•dwy eretylrig,
SepUl t. D nt the re.ideboe Or the brlds'• parents.
V t. rte . Herr. Isrdste.l by Her. A. D. Clark,
E E. E. LIF: •, PatiAblJ rof Capt. Samuel
Dean, r
.to DEVIL/ 1.. rJ.I I EDSON, all of Mau
oh rrrr
111 ti. 1311- 114R811AL.1.—On Thataday evening.
Sept. rah, IBM, be the Rev. V. A. iii.io3oo
MUNI , D. hill/all sad SS./tAti BlLUtitt, daughter
or Soho Marsiisll. Esq., all at Pittsburgh. No
/03.31 , 3 TEO NO—On Murat inuroln " t. 37th,
1.9a9. %Ira. Meat:lll.k ALLA I ti.UNl. , , g* ln e the S9th
year of iter age,
7 he friend. of tiu Latally are reepectiolly Wilted
to attend the to °era! f em her late ro•ittenco, No.
Vranklin at reel, on ItOttler,ro, • AL 10
11 II 4 , -I—Vel7 .4.1°0T, of hoer/worth° lunge,
at blewarl'e L'a. It. n Werimeaday,
toe °,lll CIII,IILES A..WILLS, la the 34.1
Tear of hie ago.,
beautiful “00d . .-sere," the largest suburban
place of sepulchre, except one, in this county, alt.
ustu.lon heir Brigliton road, Immediately north 01
Allegheny. For burial lot. penults or call
. Aaistral Drug litore of Colif. & CLANE Alle
gheny City.
190 Smithfield St., cat. 7th,
lEnCranee fromßeventh Street,)
7e2l""1" 331:7PLICIVJEE.
No. Ha Fourth street., Fittabargh, Pa. 0072 . 11111r.1
all Givaa, CILAPEIIy GLA)VB4,antl ener.rdtacrlptlun
of Funeral Vurrnualug (too. mrsuatleu.
o .T and ullch L. Hearse un.learmt,aturainnao.
iterturoctrau—llar. David Sam U. . Sim Al.
W. Jan:on:a. MD., Thomas Ewing. Lig., Jacob tt
Valor, N.,.
P. T .
& CO.,
Stseettester. Wased , s /Lunged stelult34
Verner at 10.13111041 glad Mutters streets.
II ...ree and CarnarestSatalsbed
Fires Street, above Smithfield,
ilavlog added to their st4ok new Carriages, Bad
rinletir and tinseled; else acme of the does( !Ming
an liiiving trses. invite dia... that Want good
, rar o i a rtir ... at i t : r . n i t o lzu paid
K •ot at Livers.. seCdSeil
Scenes of Soya in Blue at the
Views of the Great Procession
From different Mantling points
VIE We OY THE WIGW&M. mad rilliTofiltAritn
of tool; EN EWA An the Convention. 1
.1 the Mammoth liallory of
40 41. and 4 ft. Clair intent,
The Isle of Season aecared seats baying elated,
the Director of tne cw Opera ttoutw take* pleasure
lit &newel:icing to 14048 desiring to purchase} ts
G that
LE sitorr of the fleet week,
toe w.bsertpl'onli•t WILL OTI.I •T NINE 0 CLOCK
TIIIS MCl..l,ffit'di MINK! STisitle,
No. St wool, ST/tr./CT. W[llloll IICTISTII00• Vat& um
made• ffwm toe reportoir • as announced roe otte Or
mure operas et the pleasure or the pu 031.SScr.
.11.1cse Cents Mar Ito pleasure
SIX 1.14.1 IN 6D-
V NtIE. •ktlie tollosting prices:
A Piero re.l Orehestrn Chute...
A Secured DIN antra Cnetrt..
A recnrod Dress Circle...._..
Toe stern Will commence on
With Witircc+'• Druid Open lu four acts, of
Presenting lu Its east Messrs. IL C. Elte,amt,
e•RV-14 N. C. Csurstatt., J. Pisges, and
I.otra. Misses Batt:, HA.alcsoN. Claottlec
N n t Satsb,YtYr. Ilue by a Birtacnnd
'horna o d f Th s rty Colces Sad U po d e °renew.,
der the dlrectloo of Er. W. J. UnTßzcli.
Fleet tlum of Eleht...rg•• eelebrated Comic. Otter*.
one of he inset geculue of rennet operatla . auceesll.
is, the to •
Presentlng Ile”rs. Edwin Itegoto, J. A. Arnold,
IL C. Pea., .1. Pcskes. Wylles and Neal. Miss
Tele& llarrison. thtrollna and Mrs. Bell.
d Mot. out panted hr Grand Chortle add Orchestra.
Ilalfe•s charming Opera of t h e
13011E31.1AX =
Pres. Clog Manors. (lomat.ll. Cootie, tlogatu, Wy.
it.. .t. Gorton Mil, Steal. Dltrott. Mama Ritthlues.
Harnett and isaloct Aruold. with Grand Chorus and
THURSDAY EV ESI.O, October 4,-Doctit =ON
eclabrat.d Op.* of tt.o WAWA/TER •OP Tot t.
ItEti lat itisZT, protect log Meagre. D. D. Wylie. be ,
Arnold. ti. C. resew,. Xe•l. lila Nita Itiehloas.
Lturwett, and Ittra. Itonditior. with i lirault choral
Anil Ord. airs,
PRIDA EVENING, Oatulter 5, benefit of Miss
itichlogs— LHAVA.L.u.
Saturday—T/1E uoszorApilitiLt. ; -
Admiasiort Tlckatc without resarred Seatit
Dross Circle
t alloy
U 5
Boit' eel! at the Mlle° of OH, Opera Melee ae2P
Thia School bas Just Conaluded Wont ye ' far. ,
ntaTonr has been ono or proaptuitr- lia-dten.b
from thoeonunencomeo 'rho tat two years the
Oahe average mundane, lots Dec o more lean two
ho mired, nod .say hare Doan tensed Mt Want or
E. now uuder eontraA. tO be ready tar eWCar r b V,I .
the opening of the ran Soaalon
It la hoped oat hereafter alLeaso lb* _nswrfdii
are recalling ytwig n - ,7 1 INV
The eacalty , tonal/We
aeueraidmale teachers, oil
17.131 the Preparator7
roam osadene.
4 '3"741 " 4:teal wadies. a, t
orwssmws Sa i00 " 1 "; ° • . •
K - WHlltes -
2 Went riogirt katreet,
• .
. • .
PENS . 01014LtTe"
FOR:Y.011610•, - DIES
Marts: - illit - ; ll.;,Zgrir3: firtigi-
/WM lEtakneockittt*el: z" ,- - •
The:1141,414150.111ollrops 31.0*DArt,
- • ,
• - tifigo***.i ~-
cel*edAtry4f twal# i f
'CURTIN at.lll.4lltpril SIPTLIIBIt
_votoNeilater o
_N- J l 34 r*DaTt
ON WEIDNEADATI9 /ND aarrvamirs
The edition It roman:fed sebieb will reach be net.
.setioers meatiest as the wail MIL
. _
?Wall J
smuts COI•IICI, FEE 11.41 1 .--- -••• • g I 5 °
:buss OF TEN ND ..... .
i'll 2-IV/VA 11 , 1 oi4 ii ki al l'i i al allifil
38 78,111.1 a Eiti-coot.
trate Jun racotvod a new stock of
InT.ln Sitter C►.es
17t7X3C.03 - 1I
lee NEAR
Time Registering .
/ealeitv In plittca I Goody,
03122 Ilrhlthtlehl yl ttvt.
Thla Instrument fe very alonerally baed by F ire ed.
and Merchant. as well as stelainhoate•en. con,
bones Clock, 'Barometer and Thertnomelt
oau dvoccdod upou fur tottleatta, toe
f 1• , ..nt to, fit.
No, 89 33orket Strort, Pittaburgt, Pa
This old estandshed hoe, hen nov in .10
dry thnosso.l .loilars worth or Hoots and nosh, ne4
sLyles the Ire .1, the quality the hest, sev•leh ns sre
determined to tell nt P 1,11.:
haver esolved rt 1) to he ondersoldl/7 any lo 0•
Ines, that keeps goods worse havla,r.
Cell and eratteine nor 'aws of goods, sod rsel
satilded that ye. 0111 perehase what you wsnt on
te Hoot and bltoe Line.
Ho hot forget the plane, FO Market slreet,
J o : ) JA •a to
1® cpcsc". ID-7;
3®,c>®® ,
01' Bunting, Silk abil Muslin, I. r
Horses, Houses, ['recessions,
i - ecorations;
15,000 La-Lute
15,000 I_Annter au -4,
Jlll Sizes, for Illumination
Lay in your aupply at ma,
Get the Befl C—Ttry_Alcrny . x; Giro Salle
Every weak, Dr. Qubley A'. Scott 13 called
open to Insert, Artificial Teeth In cases where
other dentbna ham /Ned, been paid, and f o
and In every case his work gives entire sat is.
faction. • lie Is quite an artist In hit lie of
business, and has merely to examine a ca-i.•
knew how to articulate the teeth so that,/ lty
will present a handsome and natural armour.
anew, and W iii masticate the fetal thorouni fl y.
Mr prices ere lower than those of cop dr
in the etly, and he Will puarantee its work ti tin
superior. So it would beater for any of sir
readers who are In want of teeth, to call Iti
the Dr. in the first plane, and thereby Beta
their time and money. W o would also a
those persons who Ate suffering with disca..t
and unsightly teeth that they can have tit •Ia
extracted wilhoui nap pain whaterer, by Calling
upon Dr. Scott. He has extras:toil for over ten
gummed persons within the last seven
and among this large number there 6 nu/ eta
ease In which bin process has proved Injurious.
On the contrary, ho can refer to need - Am, of
his patients who claim to have been !patient e.l
In renewed health. Ho extracts numbers 'tal
ly by the new u lthigclone or Vapor" process,
and gives pure Laughing Gas to those wr
desire It, without cr.arge. lle mattes no
charge for extracting when artillelaiteeth nro
ordered,. end gives a full set on Vulnanit e,
with beautiful gums, for eight dollars.
member his number, 278 Penn street think
door above Ham!.
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