The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, September 22, 1866, Image 4

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Xind Year, isept.?!l.—A HeralePaWnsbington
n Facial ME MsdbrtJenerafG"..Strayne /Luis.
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,j ,kfesssMdanfOA had been' glventa the pub.
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ntly ad
4sthe Corn mounoth altitter,,.ln, which
le says: Ibeg leave to remark thabfor some
isegoesywartleenttention ef parties .here-.has
Of Items titthe North, apparently tit'otteper ,
son, detailing all werts of sensational occur
rences lb periods of.betb rates. The geezer is
genera/1X tan al-Auntie awl thoste,ry.,. In uni
formly witluantfoundation. •
,/daJot-,9allqrai ti . W4l, kasiatant Coat
atistittibered Ina Freedmen's Attire_ In Mists
aiPturrepOrta to the- CoMmissioner there has
tKen. constdcralste Mortality intim State from
etsie,,which _la. owing, principally AO trio
Want'er treper' caution 'by the 'freedmen,
Whom the greater loss has been. The
Ot phrtternittfirriolent, bat yields
lt CO" treatment... The cholera has sp
andril/. Abe district of Jackson, a n d it is
reeNthatite tourease la inevitable, The au
ill6rergeon he's abed nialtantealui try every
II Wit, power to allay the sufferings of
and to Prevent the spread of the.
ellanue,Attectiolera is also keporte.d
Snidrsiteld notinertstsmn. In referener4lo
9 , 10/n the Genet al states that AO owithstanding
‘ne - rirOpeataties or Slut army' trorm, bethinks
there will he a fair cotton crop, bur the . , Cure
ildel_PL'sd/Tett you poor.'
Gerierul e. Davis, ilisistant 'COM.
misatoner oLgreetiMen:fi, In. the Stale
Kenton/el , : report& tsth bled of the 'Bureau
tliat di the Meath of August lasi, there Were
kidkrlddeta tined to the Sultei r sei to reh:pees
Metre:len 'ltt the State - 11.4plinl; 61715 f
thearlettealreal- but, tedOwettr, seeher end
care,.e,The; General 4-eports no eontiscated
Lands la the State °Men tacky.
. ,
The &Mai' iltereritin . die Went—itoodimp
_Aiwa .ot Itotheily
~.1.140D of
peon Ntlbreer tut '
an_ OrdATI. Sent- ti;-13:ailroadm
• comenica
smri 1,0111/IWilla improving. Ili tratas on
the Little Menu came in on thee. this alern-
Theirultanapells and Cleelenatt.rit , cl
eisaroine , trains went-.out on 'regular':' ,4,,
The',llirttletta.aud Clue..--.ti
MIA In running order. Tho Clem, • ,
Arlentitoli and Dayton, and Atlantic anti • et'.
.Weetertri exelneperation ttrilautil um, s. ers •
undred. feet of embankment beteg-wash,.
away et that place.
'PTIte Onin river bare is about twenty sight.
pet mid stilltlettur.
illigiatelLfre m Dayton says that,''..t
Orilicedeettley. the eamtl batik mite
itt.thit Mouth Of Sled river, the water
i *,..Pf
Isitldday frame houses; great pes, o
4=4er .and other property, The water rush
ed throtetb St. Clair, Jefferson and Lutitow
Streets, selmte4mag,part of the main Peal
tescportion of the totes, and reaching the
=me of many desiaings and storm, Tim
InierenereaShed on the southern part
et saitytand at-midnight, on Wednesday.
.theitreater-portiou was under eater, In some
ttaerfettrleet deep: The whole co in
Theelltahhorhood has been devnatated, The
'RN is - Ofetituding cote, Conceit andstock Is cute ,
lawn- 'Tithe Wader./ road connection ,any
whe=niDlytou.e.te, pt by the Little Ili-
The yesterday Oats:
IThareitterrTeetulay 'night peened detru
McPhee. the whole city was tiit r.
irvrabbatzseq. - e4115111Z great damage to
Deily. Telegraph eerameeicatlou_ has been
49idditcrablyinterruped, butt connections 30,
:tt ur tAdryid.7il.ntho principal points w rue
1111111aPpraaar IlfeWS'br lattetnatai , llTte Cent,
c,-.lS'alrfOlsaoSeptenibei 2.1.-=By this - dart.ite
&.ital.dertbelailitteritintuid In teglarikand
warn =Steal:ad
fail k = " 4 l ilreirt i eTil ' ae m erra i ns c o m Alenr 41 1 1 631 n
Branca; there is neither drdinary quality or
[catty ef wlteat,and but for Ikce Imports
' a ticaxely =Oil succeed the abandatien
/ 3 1 1 0 ' 1 ' 111% 1 t er t e t irl ll ll - ear cf ; n n be- .
. Busse has had .e t =le in nt-X Y he u at q insr m .
cent well as Spain Italy does not mew to
,ISlVltitteh inters for t unate ' than Franca The
'detests - lave' raved= Aleers,• and as to the
Gaffed States the defect Is .114 . greater than
la Malec.. Northern Gstmany ,appearg to be
&hilted. The Southern province's or irmigary
bevtAsutrereal much.
stSTeratrooe, Septembkr mica at, ot.
tea for the week were 49.570 bales, Including
4 1 ,Z%Vta i Merci o getr,g1
.:biaeSorAnntrieli3. loYlWat—Wint ,, ltal nod
'Allathern,..los 6d9l'ls 31. lupus Corn 475, for
f .4=iliglatic*l.o94.=# 2 a Tor' XePturd
twiehnifered , welest., for Axnertinin.
I •:.74elfgrttis. Man%Sorsa.
- Seats Tourc,.Ssettisiber 9L—Dispatches - from
ETrai; ll 9/Mislifi
Louis and Chicago
II ' that - thy 'Marta - In a"at those
At Chillicothe and Pittsburgh it ruin.
&Lill last n tear:. TralteStan the LltUollistrit
Indiana Clnelatintirand the Marlette
tut i tdOttletamalng,t , On-this emetn
ma ton' afidalayteni Mt& Atlantic and
Grigg Western, trains are running to HAIOn,
ton. Several hundred feet of embankment at
to J .
that lace Mid been carried away. At Pitta:
the 01.110 S t lyer la..lmot iM InetotWlll,
- StWalant 4'44 .1 V ll t t.
flt.toh - rent ThISMIlli - tilit ill '• e
C the
on Weil n miday the canal hank' broke at
the month of Mad river, the water sweeping
away frame houses, P.OOVO, great plies Of lum
ber limdtcaliertpromertyf. , lnglratee rushed
thrOrigh , St. • CHID; r JerIISISMC add' Ludlow
streets, submerging part of the main business
pertlon of the town, reaching the first floors of
wisS.T . a.4 l 4 l all, 'luta - ettllruwl Once water en.
tfregialgiatiiitan igfolfouthern part of the city,
and at 12 Oleloek .nleht the
greater portion was under water, which in
some places seas four feet deep. The whole
country in the MelghberhOed has been dome.
toted. Thelon of standing corn, fence. uud
t 3e u t im ioyznonst ranoreig" tiaralltinul eon.
earebece tram ndytee, !toot by tho
• Li trodtevia.Senia. '
..._ ..„
7t,..., , ' ...... ~ •
.. 4r.:Si-el.q.M.W..P!lliffrii o OlLVlOL't. `
'4'.: !:,';
'Mite Terme, 5epL.1.4.e . ..4-gri.bune spe hit from
Nolo' Odeutts
„Idgi.ol.-rdivo ,tecei4, tetud.
varligonatt 11.1Chet6i - o nice me Iv!. , b 1: i-4
O.4.,, , udrate Goveruor. Wells, when ou bet
0 •ett<ji , 4l.s Viz frOui his latilt to his
'home 10111#purieir of St. - Lenard. The Gov
.V-tictiZ=l,o3 •Informatieu of slietrdei
AttrOtiSoloVer fuer , h - ' lced telt i 4. c , trcui r a
-WPM. atlitaloi.v.imen. received 'ciotddiffer
. - Parishes Aida Lewd.: of itivrie tete' iire
. committing outrages , Ord' 1 'AUTO rteitr- Melt
`Unionists. ' -..,
The ileadator Of Music In Alai city opened
butt lloudder week, and every . raigitt
me the
Arts yore 0.4tp4 therm Ar. emckb.4l
- . ei :LSO trooped (Wire by 0. (110103•03
.A. - r'ieitiOehin s eiWcfn,l sake : Iteporte
froT i l i t Luudre end Rapt: i t Perli t hes statoVin
7tMti.siOulberbntul sots e-Qr lrtit cirairtliores SAO
Commlttlitiosiulrderol tuost,4lstly Tho 'etc.
tites - tro innerixtly Vhicie ..jricki,oo4 . frOtrdir:eii.
, . .
Elinnotitstßa4teol i Ziomtelq.totyt.,
idaft et jtgAteel t it - fel b atA 4l nttel f dir
ay. nominated Judge Newcowb, of etIV.
eon county,,tor , tlonaromow , -liteseltittorre were
..adoptod.eastatoto nail favoring Liao
tite>tsdededt:l44os 4itterritork!
4 Mt il = l g t atect to tao Union by Congress.
Varattilifilnis-bribtiMettb Dtatriet,"fit con.
Ventlon at .gacon city,senteran7r..naugualed
rts.elettlen;br. seulamation.
TbeDelifreralVetts ittjirr Intonserindlia,amen
p . ful begq ntouee4 natore,tbiliaapbe
a ta i it t i&Vili . gitt g raft n g
Craw' o •
4°Ua rl/16 - 1218.1N.W.Heette
berman armett at Deaver 011 tbe 1
-lost., utd nriublietticeptton. _
"Term gooth'irtittliby &Vestal With
• tlitichitilhichtie hiachmsvilhomill.Wouro
•DlaeraPorlr I11. °1 ! n i
g~Rbdi arl ralal ert- ol'Or 1 :4Orl '
loridATPDbraii93aul y
005g..... 4 0612 r 4 oftC , r - bY falsangst Craft
ed*: aurt-Dr...lDlLliti
arigtZWifed . tre; herisudy. - iwisundi4
a hell. -The , yeasel. - wae
Salellooner 'rigged steamer and. painted a
color, with tour guns on each broadakle,
were aftnecharged at u distance of two antes
frOng_thei Inland, when the bout put to scar
The United Stated Drivel:ore Cutter wile lying
:In atm harbor at the Wm% thjd
strain was unable to pertribl:
Oiestlaplitiilrldailtaialii4-41 . stria.
111 , 0 Getpixami and Hung.
Du Iricksropcgr.EA - Fi; number 19.—Tho
`ciection ildritalfa;on di Instant, la re,
0 1 faTo rOsttlited In a Democratic
AMAltbilltrot two thousand.
&n Idaho correspondent says Ma p& !lar-:
VrroVe l e " or r i e tt l e " o li w g y t te lCi rto t te A r t a o t i
I S s t irr r ib r" r 4l"-11.4tVA4:431,..,
Zbarire sat #4.ton,ivooka 11403.1,1 6 :
.44 0 t, Agtvit auwauteu wivknosl thaikaamv
wenn -of wool., Another lactotT, wont
ra:107,-IgiellyalrOwer,laldhOnslnbluthed lu
nty. California .
Ztykkeetillptia t i grst4calt moo) Aut SclitotUdi
t ;
!MINNOW Int the PoiSOMei'Diepsrtmtibt ,
..' — 4 l.3reulnir by the beelotary of they
Treasury—The Weather.
Wasdesoson.september 21.—T110 POSteitte: ..
ggYAGenerld has, aioeertsdertay. nmq47oo ) 1 4
• .hinainnarod and nny enanges of postmesWag!'
and: twantpave of route agents, the bitter
goina ctia dNe west.
Vie 4 *iiiZlgaPtiltaklSlitiu tart,,
re g 0 •ththing Went's', eontionins i
AbotgognigidOn: nailer:llW tWallOsidittes'Of
&orbs.** on Szotiottod4Wb for curing ilSn.
2 'kart l e tig o p g e ~ o n
?Lette l u t i;e B k t liqU s t ) ,"u t;
tert , t: o TiPt 07;444 Aire n; v 4,.
' .-
• '. - a . /A:4st iiirri=4 : atriiatleV:' , ; , :i
..,___,...: thipteidital2l.-itititibtlbresttin ilia,
. ' '''.:'364,, , ,tilibitinsii-Wilebisibitt;:lihr Eititetk 1
c.. "' ...err - 14 ° 1 • 31:__tttitViial..4 4 &,lit....dai..l*td. Foirtslttclbe
.411111t,X*Arepoebp 1 .- vrostned.-. Mope albols-fo.:
went abwreciait'got ormls - notiettgo„,
' .
..' • . -,
Oa One mr-AsegYtoselo.le:ollfitid , MizigW
'' brans have been either
' ~v, 1 b freshets.'
troybi .. 3 , • ;
ed Dbk.
go, • . .flot tl l.7,lf • t ia,4
7.141-'.. ; ' , •nt•., g. in ' 4, ' orthlita '
• - night, • ~ 4, is sired, sumo damage
/... ..,... -,,, . .- 21 ...1, " . fidniTs.4'7l t
... lkygteri 2 lPßitt J° . ' l ' e l
. 1 4
. .wa. aifs.jfl4.4 f t.. 4.1% ~. , . i
. ' lir.; 'l t c,' . et pt - 1.) r41.--Ster ~ g,, L _c.....
,_, ... 1 , e eat 9 i ,
~..., ~, v tviti .
= l2l "eicbifiant ,• 711 . ) ..v.ih. inen money,
.... ii s • - 4111 ..
_v ic 4 . l.o ith r nay . ifir,,,4
. ,t•Y•‘,,: : •'' . ;.:44W1 7 477r 4 4 4 ..AE - .7 1 . '5"',4 : '.f . ',.' , :f•':. ::.. -
r ,
s o uebern ZolwMe `
tk'lei 4201 .11thielint7
Reet to the Conventton Tent;
Ci..xvkaaxis September 21,—The Southern
witmmt. -- enet*_sezi;t,',grfOrr--la
meeting in the Partrtlitit inernW#,ltheite• r a
tent imported from Boston forte Soldiers'
and eallerilionveatitra otklenday.and.Tecs
day. The Atka apeaker WailGovezttor Hamil
ton, of Texas, who spoke atlength and clearly
on the different 'linen between President
Johnson. and Con... Tess, and adjured the pee-
Po to etleklYtti the setttmnentbetemen dis
lshall oAr Stamm and the - General - GovernMent
be of a nature to secure limiting peace.
litleeek Wks ved;r: warmly receiv dge
SherwOod; Of Texak r- followeil in a speechfull
0 4:kit:erne* torrent the President, and not
more than belt 'upraise of Congress, which 10
xibtaitrilleleatirtatirough•getng. - He advocated
negro suffrage to tea fullest extent. Governor
Broirdalr *lensed himself from smoking a
OPettlbsbY reason4f "nervons prostration and
Weakpetio,bet, ertheleas, spoke at Conti&
erab_ teialigth.aniVieltit much of nis old rigor.
'nos weather has ilesin satin', but the meeting
was Lugo and c thiwilsstie. The party 'an"'
'Verses toi engagements in i'•
ratentparts Of 040: ' '
_ .
Yellow Fever oil New Orleans—Body of
"eu"...311 Busts ,Foused.—Choters.
Terns. !
Elm ,Qatgaita, September a—Tbero were
tbitteitlatittarfroin yellow lONWeYesterrin7.
The body of raeutehant Butts, or the - IL reed
men's Bureau, who had disappeared on Ms
wet' from Satches to Jackson, has beeu Mend
In the latter parish. 110 Ie supposed to have
been murdered for Ms money by a gang of mo t .
peradoert sad deserters, from the tiontederate
army,•who,havtt beetelleing% by plunder, on
prOtorbio of beLng Linton men,
Private Letters from San Antonia, Texas,
report that theeholerwis on the increaser and
that It Is very fatal.
Ugrian Iltoet r iva ..1.111410201.
N air Yene. Sept. TetitritC`s Italoigh
dispatch says: A Slate Convention of Union
men WA. held there on Thursday, at a hich res.
oldtiOneiltereltdOpto 4 'endorsing. tale •Ctriistf
cot-tonal Amendment, exprosalng full co
dence in Congress, expronaing aid Menem, to
co-operatO Veithinit obstinate adherence to any
special plan or, policy with Congruent under,
CliPtiVo.3.o,tMenre a restortitlOn of the Upton,
repudiatiny the etatine or, GpV.: Worth ' tri re
-clectlon'as as and ilarninitting Al
fred Dalicati,y ibr,Geyenlnr., ,
steamer E. 11.allmtwe Suitt,
StraolitnaTl, Septenindr.3l.—The Mesmer J.
41,11 more, bound from CWOOIII6II to the Ar
kansas river, with a valuable cargo Massenet{
moreluindLte,rltruelt the Wreck of the steam- ,
er Courle two miles below Mound City,
nols. on Wedziedday atg4hund sank almost Im
mediately. The imrsengrer. anti crow camped
serth their
_baggage. - Tim.Gilmoro was valued
at $2,4,00, aunt was inented Mra2l,odo. filer
mror wee valued. at over sMO,boo,ltud-tt ae
orbitipally insrtrod:
: • .1 . u Parrett A rsiothiten—Steam
er Meteor Released.
Itoseen, Sept. SL—Gett. Et.-Kingsbury has neon
appointed Postmaster In place of Sir. Palfrey.
ILL, also stated that Mr. Cbundler k .A.&alatant
United States Treasurer bore, will snohly
give place to Mr. Wm. Aepluwtll.
The at.:ether , Meteer haal,etm
_re'easo..l from
setztareoth etainielttnnlittelh,lfeitedtoshoat
eatent for her detention. -
Dealt of Upper Cariada flitisopplitated.
TOILOaro„ C. Vr., Sept. 21.-I.t to 011110asiced
that,. the Baltic of British North Atoertea
protect letters. of e.reillt from Bunt Ish hankers
on the Banker Upper Quote a. The Uttertora
of tho Bent of tipper Canada have not yet de-
LA. led wiiiiCvaiume iq . porsuo,but It is thought
that •the tnst►tatitin will be hutted up by the
analguons. The bile of the oo4pentied bank
are selling at thirt7 - and forty nun la .11,,couni,
Primary Election to Nevada—Tito wool
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2L—A. tilapatch Irmo
Virginia City, Nevada, ettys the primary elec.
.I,a, held yesterday., o which depenot LhC
rde4 - itcrn. of United. Suites/senator, resultod tor
eaui.l,l4,ll.fDelentg.. Nya, , :cao trreaut Senator,
na ticket.'
"IcU d P-AL WOOL to ac Lli,vo
• • -
" CLUMIli'd 46 IS gri eve
rou...tosirata, Soot.. 2/.--eLallfecalty ha 3
affects betiteen , tlio Cite tliweedt nett the Hoar.'
of Health. lltto..format znfuaust yesterday to
grant the approptlktion 420" for Ly
the lour:. Ansi the Heard of Hooltht .day
rives notle'e lean° loaner' romov.
sauces, Ste.. and lms"erder-d Inc Health Ofh.
oer to seep/m.1411 orders for worktable hands.
Afloat of ftto Ptillortelplitanharaoren
Trlar.An4tirl4, Eleiittonbir
'reef/rail/a In an nitro, annotate..., tne erten/.
ur uotilleh ICillnsmo. Ina suonuotO murderer
01 MS .'Miller, Oho was so brutally mar.aa..l
04 :rumalas morally. lie
MiOnttni";lll the northwest part nt
Lla scan:Wag him at the station, a luny out
ga/Ariii Mmii loallo.w/o Lowed has pourmt.
*.lv ions, 9opt.A.-13. to sttuun that,tittritur,
' tlaiqiest. I'ol . ol4hr the etrm of $llO,OOO tree re
ce tved - frote nutrinteettrrers steel traders in this
ell ' arno bad emitted to lute out !monies In
aecorannee with the Revenue law. the attic.
gent eines° of the nenentnel Revenue un. to
nelution to distillers .have tux& the An:Tent of
etoiing !lonic of the smeller establt.h meets.
yutter.4 441151%h0p routax.
siva. IL.-The (amoral of J .11
oung. the Cnthelle 1115 hop of this diem ,
who flied ilhaellerds 'On TumiilOy, of d kcv.vo• o.
the hohlt, took pluee this huirhiog. 111.1101
DeanthiWihar:Miabaigh,tweache4 the fonormi
d.noourne. There wore over 1,10) people fui
`fiflihTfll Cltoter.s 'Depart
SaartertaS,Sept. 21.—Clagern t cm the de
ellue, tautaltymtner mice Sesterl2T, Is
were (alai. The city /3 nearly depopulated by
fagitleea Crow cholera. 42101w:a la reported to
Ilea y. rallhr, bawl?, a.m./len ot our
(*lmmo de .stbdre of toett, Mtn
is Aims/init.+, September 21.—Sencrr
eastelexturotsjpatertisp, preseatml,bls crc.
Mmtlutslo-AMing Steis3tary of Mutt.; sad was
.rnestreatts Qualm de larairspt the rePublidot
Coals, hies Senn Don Vas Medea Laving re.
signed as alialsWr Pleptpotentlary of that rr.
tin srshrs ,ncinaniher ft.43on. Dor.
ier bastions removed nn.Poileetin of Li:
I.l7tnal Revenue, for this district, soul l'ichons
lippot.lted In. ht. - pined
Lterstpo.tbsti Unkilotniscrntirwill .in-nottilthita
thd presidia meniti.or or Clinergi
kw ulf. ?NI -4/..‘ri",.
Uaotere lal Low ertlto—Moour flcipasi
Pies bre:Wier%
hare' , "voeuiratk sin= upon, stain of 'kWh
were fatal, el In oue Iycui liy, near the earner
of 0 reerkand,,TentiruGreeto.
Thererwanreellgbt 'snow' lagoon -lain night.
iipt . :2l;•Theetttitialtoostelenr
of waterantite Met MIMS , receding', 1. 4, 1
xenfetplAtellp nn.1.110a.; yet-Pt sow direction;
except with Peoria and them:mill.Weatcil
cool anaeloudyorlth Lndleattous of !molest. up,
Via_ saitturoirmer as ioviiaatu
Lortsvni.a, Sept. 2L—Elver stationary with
eleven feet water In the canal. .There Ls eight
feet steamboat'. water tm.the falls. 2 Wc.11,11144
chilly; mercury 80, barometer W.G.Sanel rising;
trial, N. BgitemDcr9l, Reozoczax!
le VolilmColibtrCpsiilntltool
_voiednateg ',Palmer - .Y...,Ffeltogs. „IA :T.;131* a IW,
Sq. tome:MOLT°. Ccpag rear, .
11 : pe OttetirtieCtto ;
Matt toix;septeraber,ll,4laire ware three
tieak..apier-ar cholera. falba env letarewley.
waa erievrebariel vomits , were , isear. • - Le
liaeoltlyrreelyeeeetweehir repotted?
Ben. IpititattNatatitiWiLlitoston.--
, NoweWmby .21.--rolltra- special
sake:: litoj.,Gost. CettetLitos , to4toy appointed
by, tho,Prealdenty Collector of tho POroO{ lloll
la? via Itannibetramltni resigned:
1110 re TretibilOrlCOitageq.,
Poe? sow 5AA9.17.1, *Ws:: iflrge
steuuteribareue , riggia, - 61 pusslifir west; the
L supposed to lump ,Brltlitt.tzoopeaurboard
•Pajmens of Bgn
tim&-..rios 0!
Meat haajun .2_oo. a u n it. the MIMI=
roviol==. ,
k+Udiss_ 4deptSndoSS Strylrliare
wars twelve destbS isochi cholera 113 thli:cdl
" t ,F 4a 2.< l r-pdrr9osse4.
k -4
Ids, SE 71sladdi Sod.
a,CIDLOXD OeP,II 32 4CX . '4.—Thgre were. cosy
;heavy WWI xm , D ritsml slits difdinsidi, Os.
oompanica sM.ta dltSt " "
Ir 1111 ADP.
, law • 4,-• . •
Alsoaut.cker if Co., Philatettphin
- La\TC:ll4;
.rate 9
1 , Alta
'AMEttromicatteAsi74 '
X eltiartedicia tfit i tetr.atkil Watt 4.lE'tu•
1.41144.1015tes to be au rlO slisthars taposs , r,
Punt?' stia/POISY st 414 Sod thuresar 4tritsmn
tr:AginuhylirV'Zreakct 1441,"ar",,aftigt
4,11 44.4.111yoyeats.
JIZI SAX , LI St. Clatttitrest,l'lli at, Ps.
tem - - Smithfield /Ural- 160 i
- •
i'"ntter l **lo-Atnidelifxtic;
i ttfik t etd , Street, ;
AittessisickotL 7 _,;,. . ,
. .s. ,
d V..*4*ZLZ
1434.41 i. • 111,
• r V. We ,
y:7•;; -
; fMl4ple.d.
II e • way to,
a= rialto 1.1*,..00/.
orrxtupurigu melt
- -i... , 917101 borate Pll - Tiondidlt • Of:ills /
Y , ln/Ar. /3001. 21.1/00. S
' t ' ti ' i L lTre l fol? ; Vll l lrl:a i s n At t At r lt o s: m st, i t er ab o llght
ruLtoe offlonno t ax audio. • a n IIIN acial;
Lwapozaazianaa the nano i baz
r o o f p uu
moan um tarti Pz soaa ate o. ntu • t ton r tottheoknaaoa:liitt Awn gik
lr le Olathe ease SIZ regard eastern.
:400sdzawatat /War w • a demaap
innatpanat alaaaantzbenzinPlP. Drunk
BPIF welVitttrutMs4,o4lo3 fon •
Rua Tittt u nlPfr a u Lt i g PP%
lititai4 . l , 43i.rots • teou%.•Wittid. `o o.ltznos
-116 MO, I ' lln to do
do 00-hoprati
110 z•-• -
0004° 11 tItto ; ( 6 cri ,. trit g !tritt.
I=l •
204',401.4WgzIltMatftlatelualro t 1
e x tgriviaciwilwß Siff
110 taAiXtairtZt. - 4 -4- 4 ;• 4 ' h.
„: • • 1 1 . 1 1• 1 , 11 1- 1 0 — , 1 11- " • .
; • • . 7: 4- 5 ,;v - Onwelrl• , §
• a rgot aafx. t":l'p.. • „
001 . 0 4 1 4 9,7 " 7 " 1034 '•"'.•• . '"'" tUri'-'09.04"
PH . 11,. TWE e l t erZ ,
and . Itrokei
no near corner
CIS If 11 of Firth
fad dmtuziptdofts of Goveroineot Bonds
booed and sold Ilberfd teriagN
Looooti artd Gorddnontal Exchange Sold at
New York rates.
Golf], Slivertuld Conoona 000ght at btgbost
,stew, aficiaold Datftsissned ottlgolk York.
F tuner, September 21, 19S.
The New York stock quotations to-day,
at reetoved -by P. IL-Alerts, -were'en Idllm
OW, 144%1 Is:-bonds 111%; old bile,
now do, ins,thdies2G; 3-30,, hat
sundl, tefi'%; Michigan Southern It. R., KIX;
Cleveland ft Pittsburgh Railroad, 87I4LPILLs
burgh, Port Wayne s Chicago' Railroad 1004;
grill,. ifailroad, ;sup Wester a Groom Tele
graph Company, WA; Chicago I Reek Island,
11114; Chicago 4 North Western, praj g ,r w i,
The stock market is again higher to-day.
Brie, Clevelann ,t Pittsiturgh,and rot. Wayne
&dire:et stocks aro stroll at an advance of I
.scat, Western roads that have sus
tattled heavy Josses by the the recent floods,
declined, anti Western Union To egraph Is
weak, and 21i per cent lower.
Gold to lower, but reported strong, and may
posalhly, In spite of all the Incoming sap
,meats, advance 269 per cent at any moment.
The setmditnee of money enables parties to
carry large amounts at low rates of interest.
'Government bonds are steady bat qtnet.
Thereneems to be little or nb tionannalor in
vestment, and lower rates are looked for.
The nutter in Columbia ell stock.
have subsided somewhat, as Morels tote An.
dairy tor the stock at the alvancmi Deem.
Our meal bonds, county and city, aro in good
demtuta, while Rank shares are very quiet.
—Ens western money markets are-reported
easy—more so than usual at Ulla
season—hat the bloat rates of Mumma. at
Chicago find- Cincinnati remain steady at It
per Cont i ands to 9 respectively. The return
slow of money from the interior to the West
ern cities Is silt going forward, nod rho drain
from the east is imperceptibly Red. This is
undttly owing to the local monetary centres
of the country having Steen well supplied with
entruncy . pidetorts to the harvesting of the
craps, since which time the payment of in
terest on Mi.:Scroll Thirty lowa and the re
demption or Um bye per Cent temporary loan
have greatly added to the abatable funds of
the interior, on well as the metropolitan
—nays Um Now York Tribune;
Tim ease in-money and the general retern
Of speculators from the oountry ere prone,
Inutile usual elect upon the Stock market,
alters greater solidly and adrimettig quota
tions ntgrocorded. As long m the giant tact
remains that the public and the mass Ol ope
rators are bulls, or buyers, this result 1.111
continue to be shown atter the summer holi
days, but prudent people must net forget
that seen. as In Such operations al now mark
tau street requires a constant stipule of new
stud credulous buyers, which the /utters mill
probably not produce the Year. The Treasury
"Oolinrtment Is rn WI, moving toward +peels
payments, and at no distant day the national
Minks wilt take the ale is, and crests a div.
turininee h. money. ity prepdring to redeem
Um Girt:anima, thou . debtors it 111 suffer
severely in tile form of declining valuue in
communities sotd to pay debts, which never
*Wing. During the contraction widen must
prenetto resumption, the great body of stOeks
dealt britt the exchange sail be among the
severestsutreters, treat the Simple fart that
y are insect re as compared atilt Govern
meat stocks, to whose support they toast 0011•
tribute in takes. hall ray shares are nein to
- - - .
grvaltur chant ty spvcalators Upon margins
tuan ever talore, and at uo time. since May
commenced to bu milated by pawr monayand
tv,titi combinations has Um market boon in a
molt dangerous
_We find the following particulars In regard
to the tont uthlon of the *J .- mance? Os Dank"
of Lolutgo, hi the Ciaeago prit>.ne of ThUr,-
day :
1 tie sempcnaton of the Produoers' bank, of '
Ibis ally, was announced at an early hour tills
'NU:noon, but tho erout did not give rise to
ally Itintlnlticlit Who I. clryt MI thantletill CLIVICS.
Th. Ltault also a swat! irtMittltiOti, Igid from
Lie manner 123 Si kllcb It was I,
porttut 11 ixne c born ccrnductesl, wan not very
popular with our merchanta, 4+01.1411 It cn-
Ptr•l u Co:l3l4orabic country business, which,
rumors ~t, r, as ishtultic•l 0., term, such as
. 1.0,4 itIIIIIIIVC bank .3 ht.,. 1...1.14114 10.4. It
Oa. •,i .• 1\ I, /...1 .mats teen yenrs urn. In c c a h.,.
Ina, •••1 41. the Maim 1.04. . wader an oi.l cli, i• L : ,
ontamt,l mverna yrsr, store; on! umo: lue
tr. mot toe u.thet unt of the - if i a:sub.:lt 4 , ,,
t•ni - to. cur hu,thcs- , alto. , um, 0.1 , Ccelsnlca •
able ctiCillistlon, 0 filch hus sicCO lectuu 01111-
.11,a it alto tub eXekbUOn 01 alsnUt..‘rus,•• owl OlitstbliAlitg. Out his Sits!holduri Will not 501-
• ter any Mmerlel logr, us securny for ii. re
: den:ovum, had born Orposited with the State
Amlitor at Sprlngflelth Thu *tuck of the in
•thutton, ea al to me fra , o,Mia.., a iss woolly Ltio
lier Me control of, roof o toed by Ithrte) LOC.
1111.10, , V10 had hcco lor issvcral 3 V III, Y 1110.1.11.4
It, a private booking lutsiness. ILc tik4c.
of the Indoor° of the stool:, it Amy, are tot•
It no , 0, ,used 10 fOlillftlf 101 el rCoNS ISM alespoded
ss i store inyttionst Mr Doolittle at the pros
Silt lime doe:links tl , 1F,115 ./I1) stat e ls..' of 00
efristrs DI th e 1111131 r, and says - lie w mat to
uencixi, ow nu Ic 6,1110 short rreney,
and havolg bitemix•l his discount' 1 2.5 w In r •
that WWII LI flf I . OIIMCV. warrant,. ,Duruig
thy past two days the Lank lIMS be it btfcriati
Sou 'fort exchange very freely, an l Xs we at:
to (mut,' by Mr, Ihkelittle, sOld el us Ire , ,oed
ou Monday feat. Whether axis will boa lOsi
tot lac I. ,ye nil or not. 00 Csiou4 ea . Istateils
'lay altos It'll, Af I /),010.1.1 , 1 1,11.3 Vll anxious
10 sell no athllf Mae! strocthit of ea 1..4. ..1
1,.0 , 1zed it rattan to shveoul of o banking
Lumens, hot, as he tutu:sus us, uoti Id fled no
buy ern. the lipcitstna It at Inca at .11rom.
that /u_thyst,and will proliablY m ytax Vv..
Waled thro e u ry gh thc Courts
Isl 1 Zi il LULU LI. , 31-14[11.1:11VI.
• n -- ...... ' ' I
. Of • IC2 aP r,is Yrrruse so it ii•teri n '
- Fwd.?, September 01 um i
Tlos produce markets coothtue i quiet and
d u ll, g e ee n t ily epeekixim Flour O Wheat
are cotton bad exalted. la constsfae co of the
excitement in the western marks but other
articles remain gum; end pitcher. . The
arrldals of produce from the west, la probe
ble,wl/1 be somewhat rodrlcted for - me days
as the recent rams. It Is reporti , have se
2-10titlIF irdured some of the wester road*,
,„iagAlN—Wiseat_ia In light ouppty add bald
Moir( tuliiiiirm: Sao of 1 "car•NO. - 7., 'piing at
111,:.Watni t Car Ult. Winter at 32,;1. Thar. Is
nom° inquiry tor-Barley wad , but , Lilo tam
ing. ItTe hiquoted at lid to st. Sal of I car
prime liellow Vern at Siff car prim Osta, in
elevator, at. 4.5; and kollaSks from s or 43.'
FL(lUPTItcre to ticemthinislig derailed.
and tbentamit Of (ruff:touters are sob IMAM We
geotetbe Market firm at 11 i to •LRY for Spring
Wheat; lilili; to IlVel ( ~r Pall Syria and half
Winter; sue 03 to •Uldi r '• far. Olt , ise.• Selo
Of fib Ohl. 'illeille" et SM. Itito Flo • fa selling
in small tote at - S6 SO to 441,73. •
PRA.WISIOXS—There is a Steads , eines'
tomer.. and we can report reuittlitr r
to 17): for §tioultlarai Ibis tO m it
Sides - , lima itt so. W for-Sugar tiered. t
is dull beritrut at 5P,.5. Ms Park
sur i ater , ddrat atr,so to 1i51,73.
Sal of I tons di • 1
Middlings at *t r ee. Brim Is fellln • t
Shorts $1,1040,14, and ScoOtirts at • 4
Armr.s-14.. Edina), eentathes 1
-in bulges Of,,the demand, and th
.dtabovuoor,oogrAtuotostin *tog I
10 pi $.1,50 per bbl—choice. in .
-Tele; at th
1311TTItti,.1s skyway - anti in fai rae - .e a ,
Otire.Sti DiltaCtlti, in &ulna add pu Is, at
- tti
30; told'frearoll at la to SI.
~,taticzez,l ia p ADO bilk Itaelleill i • 641t00t
' Antihero Referee at itto 171,_ .• .rg at Who
_And tiositennttniall. - ~ - . .. .-... •
~ - .llloo3—staarro and tbriticlak Ale MI; fresh
jmelteff sot i rest ally.atlti:,. ^'. ~ ---
AVELOttr—Ttiedtals a 04 ilgtzt • tot flits
arat - AMC' tvatutint..mitio,briot It
rriethrti inore. - TMerLitY Send Is vett , atill;nad
thaAaarket -U Mottg.well glutted with it.
There lino mcrrament in Clover. , , •
ZAT —r illn
tildd. lig S
la gop 4..
i s
0111n4ttSUPParton . elWes effected
todtrot IP&on wharfs bat ttd
,4W tad Ikon
.ttotoa to tao.min. . .
virrau st,.prxim.a.u.gitn.tiumr.
_. _ .
Osmoul mews ramnreao idarrere,
Italbsdh :I.ZI, / 80 3
UStrag—Thune wits lair , inset done fa
Cradistirdayoloarparathrely • - ehig,timagt,
there is still otentr Meads torlaparrement,
while ao tar aces are geneereed, - thpre bas
Peen 00 change worthy orspecial imam We
maroport sides, Of. 200 bale, la hullroa the
dihrlitertdarlivo, at ON, and InOtt Was,
to ho delivered In Ilmientbori, ~ Thit
vloostrom thit east montinne • • vorable, an
lidame %greasily still seem ills sod to hol
araldifetdodOr lower )P. but &told.
eV* de. nOt Ws • 1 1 4 1 7;forlitter
.mytiorodters3M Odor to cadet es.
HEMED—Thorta was ember • ore &airily
In liOntliadell ha•dat, brit at h Slalera WO
Can repo t bids for true won seller , * op
tion, arAarso .en board ea heal; eXido
vort :Woo do do Sat MO Mid°
- at SA nod POO for, October, buy S option, at
tor rhuatietpho delive was thtt
bad offer today-4.1 for blender *bite, awl,
even to Mate ilirttrotti the en mud to b no
meanie' prinising. lana foreign noses -brut,
Awn summer rist.t.. tabu rugu.V•raido,innit to
Slitt, partially at leash_ may Riov Kribut,od tho
present dullness sad deellius
attoromo—T hero Ltisotrieln airrlar Ode
lintels," -mainly on eastern sod • t, eta we
have no Wee Se report, bud SS may be cod,.
shared a Mir &notation,
ditlar4l.6—Tise arrivals we
tads', owing to• the high st
4shlett Milers rannhig 011
venni*. ins. Wilkins son an 21,4
yttl , e? l ,tr 51 6 ,4144 atirbatir a co,
Neer York atock 310nez
. 914;
IG3sw You. Septeuabeelt.he did m i x ot for
money Se moderato tram atckeic brokers, and le
s all reitd ;et 40 per cent.; mostly at the
thaldo iale.7.llievltecolainecOrtieizte have
tiatineteafreiekr their' at S per cent. The offer-
loge for discount are generallight, and
Prime piper ds m _demand at 0O Der cent.
There ist little firtelte feeling In the market
for Forage diakehallge, but the business is
very,light, Prime banker's bill on London aro
quoted at 10701107 X for sixty dors, and 10734@
103% jorehort sight. The Continental rates
aro iniallanged; • • •- ' '
The iitsit market was a little - 10iter at trie
close as Tompared with the highest point at
the second board. Petroleum shares were
dull., The Hopp Gobi Company has received
seved-ty ounces of gad , from the Mitre. which
realized 31,730. Petroleum Stocks—llynd Farm,
30 ; 'United States, Express sioeks—Ad
etas, 164 X ,. Stocka—Zenton, 205;,C05.
,suiblated.tHeegory Hold, 10,91:0; do, 111.83; dO,
1700; Corlolen, 5,30; do. 5,151 no,
8,10; HOwnie
vile. 173; Keystone, 31; Kipp & b ell, - 300;
Rocky Mountain, 733; du, 730; do. 730; do, 710;
Smith & Par, 11,73; do, H,05; do, 11,70; efoekiii,
2,051 do, 3,80; do glO, 2,03; do, 0,00.
The Commeretele Money article says: The
upward - tendeney In the rock marked Is in
terrupted by a break in the 01101./Wilel lu
Erie tills morning; large sales of Erie were
effeeted ;apparently realized and priees -fell.
oir to 7I:O;i; a Alecansrof 2 per cont. The Mar
tut:gone-ally sympathized with the MULTI the
ateck, e_ railroad shares averaged about 3•4
poi cent. below the liguros of yesterday after
Attar board there was some disposition to
bey lirle,and the general market ens steallN,
at about board quotations. Governments eon
thine generally quiet, except 11re-twenties of
AM, for which there is a moderate inquiry.
The wild speculation In Gold sleeks ahicia
laasheerti t uging Tor soma time poet, appears
to'have Peached Ito Culmination. Themarket
is lower, with one .or two exceptions. and
.therms *general disposidon to realize. The
effects of the receipts of gold from Europe
end Aspinwall baler a stetuilly dm:Taming
effect on the gold premium. This' morning
the price ranged about la lower. The prin
cipal support of the market Is the constant '
large abort intathst. The Sato to-day otelotula
hes been WS per. cent per diem. '."Titat Jaya
broeght 11,400,0001iniMmle. Tile Blaney 'rear..
ket is unchanged.
Stocks steady; United States as, 'el, 11/%;
pDon S. Oa, 5410 Coupons '62 1 , 0 1 1 .4 , ; ,
tr d.tittiott
74e, V'. coupon, 99; Tre u aa
•314 series, lei; Tenn. Gs new, I T I *I
0. M. certificate!, 2411,•; 1. C. 11 e,
75%1 Reading:lls; 11.8. fiSim 111. C., Chqt
P. b 3. U . &N• W.. as'ai C. T., 117%; C. B. I
ill; C. 107 4 4.
At the 4 b'clook. beard stooks warp steady.
Gold 14.T%;'1118. Gs 111%; e.g.. 01 6 0
Coupons OA 111%; U. B. Ge, 0 , -ni R. ail, 158%; U.
5. 6e s.MP coupons 'Ss, IOW; It. O. 61..10.40'1„bn.
pone, 903 Treasury Notes, 7441 s ad series, 106;
Tenn. Ga new, T.P.,; 0. 4 M. CertUlcates, 214%;
W. U. T4e1941 T. NI. B. A. Co., ate} N. Y. C. 100%;
Erie, 75.1. ii needing, ill; I:C.. 121%; C, 87;
C. and N. W., 11.5 1 .43 U. and T., 117%; U. anti R. L.,
ill, C. and A. 107%;
New Yoke, September 21.—Colton violet and
cattier castor, though wain:rut any noteable
changes; sales very light, at Mi23sr4c for Mid.
.111.4 Uplands, and 3,e for Middling Orleans.
Fiotis quite Urn. With s Our enettli y; reff
lu,Su for Extt a State, 2p.1,1.41 !LW for Extra II
O. and 411,43;1)13,W fur Trod.. Brands, the in o
bet closlint tiros, Whisky arm and 14 good .1 , .
mead; In bond, r_4o. Wheat—receipt-, 43,a:
bosh—market iglu boiler and in fair demand;
sales 3 1,4 15 bush at 4475 for Common 1/11wati
bee, r "10 for mixed MAI weaker., and VAN tor
fair No. I Milwaukee. Ilya Stereo and arm
at astleou for State, 11,15 for Ohl, Canada West
Corsi—reedpts, 173,0tX1 busill—drregular,
umwtUod and le blither; 51,1.146 176,000bashelo
030 for Inferior, 5.1,../.8074 for. Mixed Western
stloat.grateldo. la store,U3c for White Western.
receipts 33,1 07 bush; market Imo satire
but prices without decided change; sales 12 ;
uou bosh, .0 404411,0 woe Chicago. sea 1543.50 e
for Missouri. Petroleum lower and dull, at 35
erg for exude, and '4.143440 (or refined to
houcL Pork dull, at $33033,10 for new mess,
closing al $33, rash' $.31E3425 for old mess, and
SOU for prime; also 3,050 Mlle new MC. for Sop.
teisiber and October at sellers' and buyers' op.
$33,11061115,114. Hoof steady. Prorislons,
at preeloresprities. Hoof Hams dull and noml
itl. Damn 'tract Ise. Cut Meade unchanged,
ar•14 , ...,33.100 for shoulders, and Is322Ue (orisons..
Llird li...i•y and lower, at 17($190, tad small
lots at 1/1.41:910;40. Butter unchanged, et 'fury
xM Or Ohio; 03015, for Susie, and coo. for
Orange county, pilled, limes° del. to, prima
grsd.w. lOab e,•
New York Dry tiood• Mortars.
bate Tonic, "r; pt 11.-The dry good. market
1. sot Quite 80 arrive Orowo LIN:4,41010-M
-1,htte A, Appleton A, V; Broadway, 21..1;
Na.lina rain, Ili.; lledloril, 16. Bleached
shirt log ,- nat.., 4. 1 ; It It, N.; Itartlrtt.
alachatene, "M i .; Prolito-rfOrtler sty ,
Avnerican, DV, Arheekene, I s 3 Ewlpire.
,141rts--I;tiolie.) . o Dopler Entitle and
Fttiprero Trail err to goal demand. Meyers
tech tapes, ti ton. Tbero Lau little
faring etf In the roittme of bronnes in
tottnehe. •if ls noticeable.
.11) ...awls Mobor's eta only buying to
turkey .eortrocotte Trade Is In
eery healthy state. quite an Interesting
rIL airy ti 6.4:4 on in regent LO Statulerwl
!ShootinitY., att.l the two great Johirlitg houses
a - i• ...hind the came goats at tharriti that tbei.
agent." ;Lek tr612..1 . , for. Drown goods are arm, -
and aching at tut prices. Bleached goeids era
to request and a fraction Prater. Pat to aro
rand up r ery elose, and the market Is well ans.
tained. ale hoary, except for any
now sad tette) . tar-enable goods- These beim ,
bean:Some large eleartqg wet tales of Ipaat
stytaaof fancy Casstaterta at a 'merino°. in
Forerzn Or,-a+ tabrre• there Is a goal demand
for One gncere at about prforlous prices, but,
low priced Saxony nag griAtstr goods ate
lower. In other departments-carpets, hard
ware, whit hoots and elltree-a goal trade to
done at full 'previous price. Thsis - Antort -
Ircort A, tir do. 13, llr do. L.:, 30. Stritres-trocer
k-ag, 3I; Alhahy,l4..
irbieego Alikeetee.
CltiCe.oo flaptcrxttrer The-Flans and
tinetuangea. Wheat Sall luuthrieellned 3 FFIer
sales at 52,0841,10 tor No. 1,..1.1 $1,6301,81 for
No Corn excited and advanced 30,2 r
exact/ at 331p&w.,
, and closed at fllagf3K , S3 or
I,and 3741,33thy0 for So. I. Oaplistwad_y at
31'-e for No . I and 21/`.0)30c roe No. 2. Mesa
pork N=a33,23. lltguirluesErnai Freight-tad.
ranee .93 . 1 e.
Philadelphia Slarldmet.
Fin. 1411.4, Sept- .2atealeuta declin
ing. Flour (Inn and.. t
oe Wheat ta
steady, at 1tt.7541 - 415 101 , red, 11 2 , 4 40 2 .0_, far
sprtug, and jr.,F1603,00 for white. Corn 1/1 DM;
yellow 0.1 anti weetent lotted M. Whisky is
Its. Louie Markel. •
Lucy, September St —Flour Zinn without
quatablo change. Wheat higher; =1,63 - for
prime not and s4,oo6%Rt*tore , earn
tangos at 61076. Oat* . tl.lll4thange<lV;=
lons txvimnged. miudry bight* stri,
l'la I k tl )(stmt.
usot~xen, Sept. 21.—Flour firm. Whisky
very arm at 10.,YWIWASt.i. Provisions fitmer
cltn an tioproVed 'ammo.). Ado,* pork "Ass
usi,34ltehl.nt - geltkillei 10,13r . 31,50. Lark/ dull,
end otrernt/ta/ 00/4/Z4,'
lilitonscre, September ..,_ Floor stonily.
Vinont 12,115, Corn firm no 00 60'.0.
Itostelpts of Floor and Grath at Tide.
ernand for
ea at 1754
or Wirt:m
MI. Lard
The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and hur
ley left at, tidewater during the drat week In
septerober, la Liao years tol&*nd Mkt. waa am
tans Flour. Wheat. Corn. Bala ,
T9OO 318,000 0764k1
tac0....... Med 1.91e1,4D0 a,loo
Law leavy
at aSIII,fb;
40 t StAr•
talltket 1/
lax -way at
alaed bar.
Deo. t 9,309 Deo-951,700 /..e.420900 1.e.000
The aggregate quantity of the/tame artirdee
lehttt tidewater , froat the corolneactant of
.havigation to the7te of Septehibeh ta rudvel
daring the yeareleaD siva 1930 u Wea tut ow.:
/floor. Wheat. OOrn. Harley.
1805.... 421,10) , 5,505,300 7,7/9,400 110,99
100.... 137,100 1,820,700 /3,035,300 145,440
- - --/-
Dee. Ul / 70) Doc 1,194,100 fIuTAX/J 3lo proi4V oo
By redwing the Wheat torflebr, the gum .
lily of the latter .10A at tidewater thiquar,
compantitiritti itia ftrirmi-
.vpolititsirrniri tiltst
rear, stows a deafease .1 94A700 bale/lon .
la, at ti
(lanusuo, September frishrocei pm of
beet cattle to-day at trtatinkin-took.Yartis
are 1441 head. Entered tales, 1117 lead, at
prices ranging from gt,e0410.10 for common
cows and betters, $1,4146,7, 0 100 btdehers
stock steers and from 1,2e67,t0 tor fair to
tirl d lu s VElVr i ht bu s
uavruituldlimugtkait. dull
per 100 lbs. Thera are a tow lots at choice
steers in the yards, but Senors refuse to ac.
cede to the above decline, and it is probable
that many will Pe shipped on owners' rm.
coons. Tho,l6oloolllViii MIR York emote a
4 canna on best grades of and - buyers here
era not disposed to pay the price asked, The
PrinolPaltrasteactlons .are dl gOtittnen cows
and stook Steers, of which there is abundant
supply—estimated at from eatitl.losol4 beadle
the yards at the p
rassat writing: 'The market
rides weak at the Mose.
iffrogra nx-mtiosn.
Prrosamnia, !oat. 16 , sum t Cataaito
Bept.2l-2catrang lead. J D CanDelome
flour, T C Jenk s; 100 do do,Watt & Wilson;
leo do do, Beglnairor it , Y 0,141 8 18 ' b 4ll G
A Kelley; lin W arlsiolf II Inds
apples, L El Valet & co; 2 ean hay,W Bingham
7 can matedailnalek &100111.5 bbbillotir,J.Uanli
ner; 10 tea rams, C OO k, Dro & ocri 10 bbls oil, E
II Myers
.J8o; 1 car nallfeed, A Taylor; SI dos
brooms, Dilworth milli bin barley, W J
Moak; east meat, J TAlpPinco l l) 10 bbls dour,
W 11 obis appics, 12.6) PALI.; non, 26
bhts oil, 0' balleria .:hlule tobacco, 111 lieyli 6
bbis oil. 10 hie can dles,. litrkpatrlalt & Dm . ;75
bids flonr,Shotainor 60.14611111 100 GO do, 05.00
beano, bp Volgv& col Ifibrs -candles, • Atwell,
Leo & co; 101 bbla cal, liter, Moore sec).
Caeozzliri 4011 , ,8.ethsoais.—
, September 2.1.-2 earn rye, Ammon & Saottl 1 0 0
bids door, J a w.5..V1D1 _llo 4l l_ 2 ollllla
& co; 2 cars tildothlki.John tatoorhlmol; JO boxes
cheese, John Daub; 25 eases; clotties_plns,J D
Therepeoni apples r .,Petiit.t. Newlin; 2
aka rage, Godfrey &• - Glarkt 10' tilllll' apPlos, 25
hie cheese, Potter Aiken & Shepard; Di boxes
choose, IL woof 2 Wag rippl es,
00 10 age molasses; .Baatter g ooo i rbblit eggs,
MAMMY &ration, .Sept. 21Z-.7 l aars.wbant,
Kennel & Ilrod4 car siting:6J Mannar; 2
rEfoa 'l l ll4 A eggii, l MS flter; reenziloot
sundries, A Kirk & cot &cads Iron ore, Bpang
Chalfant ma bbl * notnesiE J
Iterbertil bbl eggs, Shun & Danner; 10. slicks
126111/6.44 KaSl4...f-•.1!.
o very, Jlaht
or water.
Luirrols; 1. 4 E.
. - • -
I.l722katmoireCrormarow& Crsonnsail It. B.
Sapteutuar 21-ISt bst:stareb,'2l•Uottzletuni
•alpt hair, Solbtattnater 04347 plum apposJ
22022110.cett0,,Edb ontows, Sturgeon &awl $
Ws lord, L.Btlattdel 21 bale* Cotton, J Rhodos
& cot aux tronillapertortrozruo.
Isiestainuiveivo,..l frvo
tardritradrar. 4
• - irotiffvXm.
, - SITU
VA" , ZI
• ;
~xti511( 1 4 461. ,--;
dMitate,"4l*- **ma* rittill'"gb!
The ricer rose about three and a loaf feet at
hhigpoint during the twenty-four nouns end_
big last evening, at whlch time It was still
rising steadily with twelve feet at the chan
nel by the Monougahcia,,and thirteen feet el
the Allegheny amens, At Oleopolis—some
distance above Oil City—the Allegheny was
rising lankily, at last accounts yesterday,
with seven and a half feet in the channel at
that pOillt. Heavy rains are reported at the
headwaters of the Monongahela, and a rise of
considerable magnitude is expected In that
stream. The weather continues cloudy, but
conslderrhbly colder, with occasional showers
of rain.
The Lent Leoti arrived and departed for
Parkersburg, dui:lithe Julia No. 2 got In about
noon from Portsmouth, with n very lair trip,
Including a Considerable amount of metal.
Tao Forest City, from Parkersburg, Is duo
hero thin morning, and o 111 return again ut
We understand that Capt. Smith of the
"Quick step" has traded his :nterest In that
boat to Capt. W . It. Donaldson for the "Spray."
The Quick -Step is a new side-wheel boat, not
yet quiet completed and Capt. Donaldson in
tends running' her between here Cincinnati
until the Great Reptddle Is Ninished. The
Spray Is now on the dock underuolng repairs,
and the-QUlek-Step will be ready to commence
business anent the latter end of next week.
In our report of yesterday we nave 0 State
ment of the different tow-bouts that bad left,
or would leave for below with coal. The fol
lowing named boat. which len yesterday were
not innlvded In the list
Tom Farrow
Manes.. ..
? Reported
Pegsengers and el:tippet, snould bear In
mind that the Armenia, Capt. McCallum, w
lasso for ht. Lords this afternoon. Mr..A.
McCallum; the clerk, will ace that all having
business with the boat receive every proper
Argosy, Capt. Varoloritrllt, Is Oiling up
steadily for Cluoinnatl, es fs I,liBo, the ebnoner
Hello Vernon, Capt. Darragh, for St. Louis.
The Importer, Capt. Nose, Is announced for
New Orleans.
"so Allem,
irtiollleiienv River Packet Company have
fairly got into operation again, and the line
will doubtless do a good beetraess. The Ida
i Rees No. I left last crewing, and the Peerless
Will leave this afternoon.
The old Ida lines with n earge of oil barrels
and pig metal, was due tram Cinement • •
night, and will doubtless he hound In port
The R. C. Gray, Glasgow and liortha wr.rn
loading at Cincinnati fur l'lLtsborgh mt
Wu extrAnt. the fullon,ng river itemslflom
the Lancinnati Chmeseretel of Tharsday
Capt. Wean. 11. herr ycetorday pu y
the Root. Moore from the ttlir Sand Packet
Company for Inte,ooo. cash, for tile Portsmouth
and Pittsburgh trade. The }tont. Moore aid
leave bore on Saturday to enter her not trade
In pia*. of ttto Itovenuo, recently slink. Not,
withstanding Capt. Kerr's nalstortftes, he In
determined ro keep np ills old tittle
..Two mot one-fourth Mel o. of rout tell to
illts vicinity from Ip. m. Toerwrisy until 7 a.
yesterday The JohnW. Gar
rett, with three barges, is loading at W healing
for St. Louts, and will arrive, hero on Sonolay
and leave for St. Louis nn Tuesday
Capt. D. G. Yowler, of the house of Fow
ler .t Cheerer. returned from his ,00thern
tour yesterday Capt. Jame. O.
Morn, river editor ot the Memphis Arotonehe.
.arrived In the city yesterday. We met Ulm on
the levee prospecting. lie will remain In the
ally a day or two We understun.l
there rim an informal electing of the itt Wra
ps.' ausekholders of the Pomeroy and Ilig
Sandy Packet Companies In thin city ye•Ter
4lay. We suppose, or lit least hope. eompro
miss was the object of the meeting, a., op po,t.
tieti On the river, in any Maur. -
•ltt nor tut , It
being difficult for almost any boat to crittlai
&profitable balance sheet at the present i.el
rates of freight and passage • Mr.
'Mark J. Stamp. elm k of the Glasgow, dropped
i this lieflpleket down to the 'cyan Intl eve g ti•
log. She will load and leave for Pittsburh
on Saturday. Capt. Johnston, her cominen
der, will arrive from Plttabergh this evening.
....Owing to the damage to railroads, ;mused
by the recent 11111119, we failed to reColve• .0111
Louisville and Pittsburgh eachages last eight
as usual.
LOl.lll.- -11sr pas rugr" •trsto," •
WIII Ica,. for the oMae •n.l a:I 1..:, rm-4111,
ova esATURP•T,
F -
or flrvtelt or Apr, o
JA.MY. , 1111.1.1 g•
As WiT.rarL—The One steamer, "
Willletra for roe &Saute raul UI In tcrtn.-cIIA to wun
oo 2111.1 1) AY.
Far (role. 0: p.o.g.ffre.,t, iy boar , ,or t.• re , 4 Ir sl IC 01..., io Apt,ul.A.
IVIKNY :1,:•
r. 7411.1.7. „ „..
Will tor Llse orfrlnl.. , rm. 5t,0,11,.
Oa Tllll liar.
r,r.tAnt or Pa wee j v s
wel7 .•11
LIMINVILLV.—Tbe tlne eten0,...11/4012.6.,:h.
Will Ina., tut the .0,3 sad .1: G l 6.
on Mtn VAT.
Will net commence to I c0.1 , a freght until 'Nes
Say- Tem Irt2ser Info:mall°, apply en boanl.
WfEELING, 111A1111ET-me..
passenger steamer
DAY Unmans Moors,
Lasers rittontorh
)103:131aT ASi). 11.1VIL9Ura1i
Lea,. Parkersborg
fl/I[9I)AY AMU PRIUAT at 2 o•clock r.
rot f.cleit or domande app , r on board. aril:k I
V U.
WM run three dolly aide-wheel streamers between
Pittsburgh. Ildonoogshela City, Drowrogrllle, Rice'.
Landing, Greensboro, Of aerir and the Dobtard UII
Roftiolf/L. Thla MIA a ebespneed of the follow Ina
.... „CAPT. AL A. Cia.
TzLiNsta,rtt.. '
. Then packeth leave Pittaburgh dolly Lila.
:ill totrzrz..,. when the departure
The thrmigb packet tbr the Oh Regions rail lase.
Pltilhergh dolly at 6 p.m; Browner tlie daily at
6. nu
d =viithr . lzor 4 es Erwharille for Plitsbargli
LOATC_,Atree.bort Ina Loiters at o'clock;
glees Landttig at 2
The line. conipoted of oral-dines aide-whorl
steamer. Pall exprelialy for the fro Ale. They are
lewuntatoted by oaken of long experience, who
01.11P07 Partleolar attention to t.tko onto and cow.
hut af=isexn. rho boats wlllleave proniptly
rar r.qh.p.nusiawo e.
Y. gran -
At tho Wbarf-Root, [w of ru " 'e,
arid, L. COLVLN, /414
lOrgfiraso in.
office. No. 130 Fourth street, IPlttoburgh,
ALl►ttleilide the followlast Beal petals:
A beautiful new Freme Dwellbe hlghl• noldned,
ectuta.nler six rooms and wide hall. parlor 16 coy 01
rae t t=tro i 4 , lo l p4of ut . t . l .l 3•Lrto c l , e n to: , i i i v e n s .. r t n or 2
- as of ground. Parties buying Om entire
aerate. ineltplind the house, can bate the crops,
rileMs e r. Ver r efi n ßw:tl . rif3l:; , : l . ' balance
1. st. years.. secure by bond and monsoon.
ate at lidgewood elation, 7 tulles alit on the Peons..
natl.:odd. Plants padsing to soil
ircm tills station
e•ery hoer Of the day. up le oeloch. SI. POI,
Alma. A few more A. 111.. LOT+, at 11,609 each: one
third nap the haistme in floe years. anus. at the
above. en. Tr.° gas of [loom lots, and the nine
adresan booms abase naeottnued e•ra boa geett at this
A large amount of eity and cot utry property for
wale, includlny, two Aged drocort Pleads, ono la A l
ingUetly and one 111 Vittsburgh. Partied wlehina 40
c: o r t e r llne , .=lue on me. might tlnd something to
for teenier pal:neaten, engulf. of the above
' Vt. noun: front 1 Id It A. Y., I to 1 P. bit.. and 7
Inthe analog. said
eldida Window Curtains and Chair Covet ■
Cleancd h neglazed Without unpacking.
Noe. 84. and 37 Thud Sheet,
Uvt.cen Wood .4A11t1,1
Soldiers of 1861 and 1862.
All 1.13. s erved three learn on, entitled to 41110
bounty; those, nryths two Tem . *, 130: or who were
dtsehaiged Di re.on of o °mole, or their heirs.
Arco .71fosahm .Extt•a ~Pay
Is dgeNolunteer °Macre In the service March ad,
ISM, and illsebariged, mustered out, or reidignini
since App e ll di isks.
PSN OEl.—r*rmaneritty dleabled
o m entitled
"to". 1& - &Oar Sla v accordlue to degree f dL►hll
-11). " "
W. il.: & RAM. PATTP.MON, Attorneys,
711414 R Street. PitUtinrstb, r.s
4 large assort ens of
Iteetivid and forinda nf
' Aintrat t anus.,
ants • No.. 12a and I.lla.Wood sttaat.
WILED: OTWEET:..cotheF of_ Sixth.
4 1
Lr 'U t;ii t E 44;C614 4IVitrill ‘ t ie Vylli
Ara t" 7 ; ' Zirriliol. W at t *
, rok: bbkolipiktoCillit ofx,borr.
itt. "7 — "ZnitrnlistrAtiti
an 4 able'COnie
u made on reasonable Nom end
FOB-; srr
-evt H /A:s. Produce and commission
- -
°Mee and Works, cossitr Sccond, Third
iShort nattl lAberty Street.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
47/Order. mot ilir 'bore tldres, will In
promptly ottendoci to. 5u14041
60 O.A)
MCI.A.Y, 4 lit, AHD Cu.Ab (:121
ELLivri, 4 , 1. EMI-F.1.1.11 - 1W
Cut, Spring Slid,
Cast and German Plow Steel
PLOW I'D, AND 51.70.1:
SICKLE. 11,., AK, Forth. TOY.
CAI.K AN , V HIN • 111 zrE, I.
Warehouse, S 3 liater St., Pittsburgh.
- - -
kaI.I4EN mti.t,rlt, rAli'L M. taint
IK, NV, BAI:1:, N.AM'(, 11i YM
Warranted Equal to any to the Marke
either Imported of Domestic
AI IF NTI4, 1,11. 1u 1.1!“. r. Act
tith 0, tit UULi 5 Lreot,
IN ST. I:11A r.1.11,1/11,.
1tt1...11. 11 6 • tele:649
1)111 , 41:i ,1 F. 5.1 Si Oliii
c. ,tl4 &
~ ~i ~ ~.,i ~~..~., a-~~e:w
li - L46 17u14 I\t& 3tACLUNEN
4 I LI: I I V. I
CI I{l , LAW", tr.
.t • :•%. Spring Steel,
ANI , noi k
•• pat.l to KOLLIN. MILL Wilkh I
Ii I h kI.Y and ktY.l tALT.6.
A the rrti/ aln.l. Ke
~. A: tilY Ko• to
of •ro, uld patterne. we ere pre-
NYU AND IlititoVE.DA - latkerals, eon
uadar tupl rshaolt of k.u.5r57.1.0
AI. MA , 110 4.• S ‘ll.torl. notice. iy 2o
tt nre Jul Ltbrrt) Stree4
1.1 a , VAAILOR
.t It I a , . aroolog which are the cel
-..rat.. I a 1.-at,nr and Monitor Coal Cooklnn
ti ut,arrat and eaegitittel fur coal or
woo.l.•&al lot rivalled nar of the graph . , at
rrh un . t: ratio, levelera, Nt.,rar Kettle,
War ... ioerally. mtJO
A. 4i ''r VI .41'01E 11 OttliS.
• moil wmalt are Lb.: celebrated 51511.21i.A.. TROVIO
4111t(tro!:1 ') ' P VWeti.)
wart mac. , re
Cat ATE:Si, tatATE VRIONTS, 6c.
,thce and u,ruer Wak
I . lo.sburel. Entrance ca dtcow: atree,
IEfrinErJECL. IiTCIO2-1113.151, •
PlTTSBUttisti, Pa.
tlanatatturess of
sr,rigs sad octsatro, or Idsts. Warrants
ts,rsuy notoortdd or to sal
nsuftetortil la Vitt 006 -
fas-Itatra sad waraliousg No. 101 and iv First, sa
sad 17ditsladrssr.s. Platrdwatt• tot's/
Iron Bucket, Tub and Trunk
fr 16.•119 PlTTStitrltoll. PA.
N I A.—CLILILEN CL H. CLAMS, a bolder of bends
WiTy 4 Fltrt ?:0;74.1111
VALLS. Y flAJ.LlioAu any. jkad .JOHN
CHAD/L.ll fond IJ. EDGilt THORSON Tnintees
In sold mortgnso. In nqulty. July 'Fenn,- DD.
No. U.
teeirt and le pursuance of. older and decree
of Soprani. Court of [h. ewe of rennsylvanla,
entert d septnabot e, DOS lo the shore We. will ho
sold at the Roams of the ll,isra of the city
Pitiabersh, /Rate ..t rro..sylvanta, °abbe &ac
tion. to the h 1 heat Lod 1 eathiclder, on TIJIZDAT,
Weday of • o bee. A. 13.. MA at Ter i :lva
~,, e r,ea, NOUN, od slagelartit* enUre ail
road constnteteti Alt 4 ouriatrooted. extending
from the point of) ~.etlon of The Chartlers Valley
Railroad with Lb , . atenbenville Rail
road, In the cnunly of AM.-ebony and State-of
ponnsyleasta to lhabrirengh of Washington highs
eounty of Washingtoa and acme aforesaid. orith.all
aft rfa ' ,Uf:l;,lit ° ll l l " peVogrifl i ght " , 41'4
awl and
erher awl atterasotrar Eta.
tell and b‘tonging toilsalid The Qbartlere Valley
It. !tread company. or *bleb may hereafter be se
quirt:4 by them. And also all 11115 rlghta.
privileges, tenants a n emoluments secured lathe
/aid Citarticrs Valley Railroad Compel.> by certain
articles„of aercement Mere And inhered Into In
writing by Lb. said Pittsburgh and Steubenville
Railroad ompanyand The. Charlton. Veber Rail.
road Co npany, dated the Ilernivearenth day of
April, and Me Demi!, -sLeili day of Bay, A. D.,
DM, tad record.d in the °nice for reeording deeds.
„tc” In and Ibl.the eonnty of Allesheby.'in Mriltate
of Pennsylvania, in Wed lloot Vol. 119pagelet:
Said side to be made upon tholollowing ter , nu .d
conditional •
•• • •
L. The sum of MI,MO to be paid 41 cos/914,00
time of sale.
24. lu went of •cry of the hot/levier tat/bonds,
Interest ....els or coupon: asif , ured by the mesh
pa b.arlot data " 4 1 141441 ' fhtlsTregghttSi
Vatic) Railroad Clompauy to Johli biruhaire•and•ol.
Kezar Thomson Trustees tu sconce the pelmet/I ar
tour Imintred inowoond dulLora,' recorded Atigust
lam. In Alin. h e lp couitty. Mortgage Book,
boloe al, page O. becerriltirr the IBleilheadre Or the
bolo premises ot the saki slaw by altatueetta of 011 h
other*, they 0111 he on therloo.tatittjohooett mutate
payinent ot the holont, or rotes/leder or the Orley of
purchase moue, b 1,1117 111011 et .414 1140,•eitper to
e bow or In psi, by transferring or deliverlog up to
t treste•••lnreliald oda 141111 Iliterket .4444 4
rants or-coupon. held t.ttitet at the y im sane/
he rotor al' 1110 son, or Mien Ivy themi•the
I.llk II {Mild, 101. r4l eurr. .lour eta e to roe Im,
m .1c I nt one el,
0 r emit. of he par view/ we coil
ma the c hev ron ~140 a 1/1 Ica in retitled to Iv
rn Or 10e olt•ito foil:woe onm lot
.I,hb ex it
pi . he soh! ill stiOreiabl, or-%
• tholucling (rum Ulu said price or suet the amount
three:int; o tithe balahah II tiny, of the oeld pet
chase mosey Shall' be roa by the purchaser ill cash.
011111,1 thirty day. after 0),. day of sale.
ad. to the Comet Of seta property and pretubles bee
leg purchase/I by Persona other than the holder. of
thu bonds oturceliposis aforleibla, 'theft Itte Whole
purchase tetniteystiali be tuddt tO saldtristress. the
sum of Ivrea ty-oee•thousattit flea hundred &Mere ee
the time Of the Azle, and the balance 10 Ildrtylleye
Lbereoftt r.
ItII pon Unimak, being so unideowidcontion
lie ' overt Mid coonritriee the terms thereof
or the purchaser. Inc wad trustees shall , gniarand
soarer tol tut purchases an
. anernpatar tho said
Prom al, •.• • Joliti titteneal • 1.
J. r 2110th39,17. NrtiMeg.
Plut.i.Piztrnm Eons. e; /Nat. -- • selli3l3
'tilt. YOUNG. WU orrhilodilplkitil' ,
No. 73 Ttilwavreal. tibiae all dosariptiotorot
vale ineeasea with unparalleled imam
Partlenler attention. pald taispoLoonorrhOetiii
diseases of she Urinall Organs. hie treatment Cot
the same being tub. most sintesselitt wirer employed
lie gives topes ornapeedy aura Tolboadilletelit
Ladies will lindhlattranurnagoiruneupene e u i .,
other preparation nor motoring obatruelltpria roue
•Itealthy inenelatat , Good. , .N0..1. -Ono blau, goo
bottle. No. I, wnleitle four degree* ;Reenter, and
desired fur obstinate coun t Fire .Dollare per
Ofticithimiskiln,lo:ll3irq tr..N..t,0 r: N. •
Addreas,. with stamp.; Dri.-'IUINV No. •IS
Thirdstnset, - Nittelrn •. • teillaNdirr.
XECITTOII - 07,41 Vidorilautreas
Letters wimuunmitmr, en rtut walri or U n3l
THAW, Jar o . cthe CRY ar e.t telniWt tar
Ar.r..a." , 7stilke4l4lll4Redt:
ast i SZAsirtset4edawAsst es SUL itts_siftt TS":
ritt dto vase thus' lirtew&g,A4
PcVlifftlejtins44ll... I
wis ' rif HEMH, PHlStetthr '
Wholesale dealer la
Made on Consignments,
Hofer& to
Warehouse 201 Liberty Street,
Wholesale Grocers,
Nos. 221 and 223,
Corner of Liberty and Irwin Streets,
Constantly on hand
COMMISSION 111:111 . 11.1%1 8,
ratiik, Globe and Liberty Oil Wot kg,
Ample btornge made rud cons i gnmen t of t Editor al cash advances on oft or
Hefted Petroleum. rage and ship
ment of Crude Oil at L awrencev ill e
011 Ice and Warehouse. Corner of Duquesne Way
and Hancock street. Pittsburg!, my 13-a35
rItTLYS, ...... D. 111 IVILMIT
Flour, Grain, Seeds, Mill Feed, ax.
Ear4b37 rTTTBIIII33Id, l'A
ttnecassaor to ALEX. GORDON
No. 102 Second Street, Pittsburgh, Po.
air Agent for ate "St. Louts" Lead Pipe nod
Sttett Lead Works. Dealer to PIG and BAR LEAD,
6110 T, HEMP, ir VE CLAY. de. Consign:men. so-
Hutted and Orders prom pfls Oiled. tnylltto4
DAP. ........ A.. CR 6WTORD.
CODS nalasion Alerchanl.
And dealt. n PI. META, BUR'S Wl3.l.uulpy
ne.ILAP Ilt FIRE 2t KWh. and ad lelndu of
Itol'ing AUU.uppllea. Warehouse- and 1.1115.... hos.
360 and Mi. I'ES uT KART. aeura,se t ie In lad.
Consignm lC ent • •uterlted. tt LIU
T. °W,. Jaaaaaur if. Etaairra.
(1111FE18, KENNEDY hi. 11AltPE11,
Whole.le Dealers In FFUuHYIUN AND DUltEdlle
TATUES, Sc., and In Prorlalons and Produce gen•
orally. No. 70 PEDP.RAI. STBEET, opposite the
Railroad Deesue, ALLYAIIDeaT,I . A.
Aaanta for the sale of P. Y. Illte•a, Donnell
Ellerean`s and 1. /LAW. !mitt.. nolDlyd
WU. J. Mart SD. T. sr sah
W I. STEELII. 8110., late Ficus
.. • Iwo a dein, ,FROIJUCE 'OlLtilddliiie
KERCISAZITtI, receive and sell PI, Corn Sisal,
Oats and Corp, Beans, Baena, Lard, ler, ebrese,
Eggs, Pork, Green and Dry Fruits, tatoes, Flax
and liras. beat, Fostbers. Oil Barre isop 1 oies,
Lime, Bah" Am , at. Fartaccom at lon paid it ,
tile sale of Foreign and Domestic Fruits, ho. 138
Third street, Pittsburgh. Fa. 1014,111
j . NEW/MYER & CO.,
And dealers 19 flour, grata. Teed and Produce.
Cash advances mad• on woustrumenta.
Warehouse. No. 390 PENN nTlitt.93, opposite
Colon Depot. Pittsburgh, Pa.
and PRODUCE, Second street, tavereen Wood •nd
Stalthdeld. Pittsburgh.
TILOS. M0TM......T0NN •111.112. S. A. 11.1112.11,51 D
Commission Merchants, sad dealers In Porelgn
and Domestic Fruits, Floor. Butter, -Cheese, legs,
Potatoes - produce gencrally. No. Ito LIBERTY
STREET •OPOSite Passenger Depot, Pittatmigh.
WM. P. BECK. Br. CO No. .ISS
• r Liberty trisect, Plttsbusigh, ra., Wholesale
I.lroot t @oormis i s hartte and dealers la Co.-
Re P ese, I ' 4l are itionT trzr4-4M::
Gra. sad Dried Finns, dle.:Balt had Lbas. Iylll
1 1 .11:11* Ss SHEPARD, ComtuLaion
Vats and delimit In Flour, Grain and Pro
duce. vlrLiberly street, Pittsburgh.
Chow um& et Pinar tbr Baker. and Family nm
constantayma - . hand. Particular attention paid to
1.W.11/ •Nrciv slur Merchsadlle generally. =fray
holssaleGrocars, Commandos blerchasW
dealers In Produce, Flour. Bacon. Cheese.
Carbon and Lard 011. iron, hails Glad, Cotton
Yarns son all Pittsburgh manufactures generally
11 and US Second adman, Pittsburgh.
J B. =numb W. D. ¢72 OR
DEVIL= & BIROS, (Successors to
aer d Autumn, Wholesale Dealers in rut ,
cign /snits, Nuts and Spices, Confectionery,
fifthks, do., Nos.
to Del Wood Street, s =
. .
HBO & SON, Cammt*pn
• intIICHA.STI33,O4DeaIeszInYLOUR. 4184.111,
MILL TEED and PRODUCE gsacraMT. No. 73
Dt °mutt. Qv Ameghsel City.
JOHN B. Coaamission
and rarßardlag Merchaat and NV IbILLII
to Weaternlimerve Chem. Butter, Pork.
Bish u ß and Pearlaudia. tata.
Linseed and Lard Dried Fruit, and Produce
lealuiraftry.'Noa. Bland 40 at Meat. Plttiburg
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f OMBIIOIIII. -- ZUWARD 501MX...11111.
lonNL 110 USE k 11110, cameos-
BONO TO Jai= 1. Moran L Co., Oro
cen awl Commission Mertibatais, canner of kianlib.
&Maud Varotor Mesta. Pittab • n. row
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ear sabeV r rune s d
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ultimo, Moe. Wand W - attent, i 'rueab4rea
• savannas wads on Westgaments.
SenORIAKER &LANG Wholesale
eleateraGencerfea, Plow. Gent4Pronnoe,_Pre
visions, Flan, Cneesa, nalt, Canon. Nos. Mann
0 4Wocel Meet, new Liberty rituftlb•
Pa -
EAD &ME:MEAD, Grocers and
Commis.Loa Meretuucts, filVd dealers in all lambi
or CRuntry Produce =4 Pltraeuriat usnufactuna,
LiDerr7 Utreut. OfVoelte Uesd of Woodulreel.
itteburtt, • ' upaar
wallituuliguil Commission Me 9br For-
t,Bt.r.-trrliatßuß., , Lard. Butter at l3ltod
4 mrivie t ir i =ly, tio. 3B BLetkit Street,
Corßrx IWO y
POUT. ILIZZELL 84, CO., Whole.
mile Grocer', Comotwon andfror Yet
emsatseaddulerrtn Prodiree.stf Pittstairgh Mon
./11Crt. r...• No. 251 lAberte street, Pittsburgh.
WATT' ' & WILSON, Wholesale
°racers, Comm lesion Merchants, ar,4 dcalsra In
Prtslocc and Ytttebtana 'NOON
erty - siren; Pltailmrsth . 11=
111DDLIC, No. 188 Likerty St.,
• r l l l / 0 /2/0. Ps.. 002/mbstaa igintlurat, laud
Wholesale Dasler I. Country Produce, lincenea am/
.01/04factures. - Cash •41.2•24/22 . .an (Ank
stgamentoi 10ad paid Iftw Yrodaceimuerally. . /021
f SALIM LICJ &CO Wbolesstle
Grocers.. Colnligsilottilinpaxre i sv4drlet a lo
M4.441.t4. DP
'V s
-44 's 4
[ H. VOLGIIII lr L. V 020117.
-Co., (Successor*
.4. W . G. tioart)Produal Awl C*41:1.1012 bleg
etukuti, UnAbertr street, Pittaburgli.
WI liniK L c : • : T, ~
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VAL n•Un ,
Temp FLOYD & co_ t Wholesale
WItICPMS. Mo..= Wool iratinflUbset7lareet.
17It4llutorb. rob, • solllitsd
J R - 4 4 !UKFT., IfALLACX
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1 4 : 1 .2 ERS AND IYOF Dillatakk
"u• 1. • /qualm h.- • •
it; 'l ::rtu rtAta ' r74t.-Z13:61,13gU1ua1!NtA216,19ph1114.54:41:5101/1' t ai a s
~u ot- A 0 4.44.t055, T. A....11413.,1:1016=41:4*
"XIM M rr--- 1 --- fe .kaa i_,O V rort nt. " 9l " d.r.
•ViLtof roINT;
WW00 ;
procured' iron skis Moe. No try reasita4 aco ,
6301 or latlmar eliratkl oa &Tot Ins, spay •
I:j sr; tcrasq-~
Roback's Stomach Bitters,
Afar years of ex pertento, and tri 1, have proven to
be the best remedy extant for all oroplatnts when
a tonlo and stimulant are llKlEllred. Thal naTai fall
to .trenatnen the, impart rigor to the strong.
and to all respect, restore shattered and Osaka.
down GOlllit 1113 Stops. No remedy has bsettrecelyed
with as much (sear aa NI 'BACK'S hTOMAOIt WT.
~ ~
~~~ ~ ■
.cload ..411 Diseases of q►e Dowdy
Blood Pills,
Blood Pills,
Scrofula, Syphilis, Skin Disease, Old
Sores, Salt Rheum, Dpspepsia,
or Indigestion,
Sick Headache,
Liver Complaint,
St. Anthony's Fire,
It to admitted by oar roort learned phyriolarts that
DE.:BoyrAcx•ri BlTTZRBcortbrolvtitZiropirtles
Of • ineritio talrativo, as efficient m
and the best otomoorlo known to the wo ' OarAlrOztt
HITTERS should lie used by convalesest
s acute diseases.
trengthen tna prostratUto uritheb alma)!
In the bilious districts of the West and Bta*
there has. for a long time, been much need
article anion:lath Bitters, which. Malian in imp.
er quantities and at Qs proper time, are a MS we
ventative of
Dllions Fever, Feverextd Ague,
Fiver Coniplaiiil;3746l4ife,
Indigestion, Jsumility l AW:
ney Complaints,
Digitate» ' 4 oe cl'AziiiiiiiV“4ll
tar nature, =o_7,,
As it preventive far Miami dreterret S
ing the system. sad airing i=4, en ,
gnus. then any saber momni • ',.;•• „
Now that timwor OW WI
einnanyi banes. in thelient
MS shotilaginever io
esne•the t u ar e „,..,
tries sd,
..dpres with
.„......;::.-., ~..,1 . ?I
1111NOti , ifilifi?i -- 4404,
- - Stussfan le DIA W. 8ef5f14, , , - , * iii4 , ~.
. ..'
' ' . : `-;:-;t 1 ,:'i'.!ar, , --'•
SOLE : Pl lo ol4lENVijiiii -
- •, .- - ~ , t-,i, . ...t, i
....,...ii, - ai:iiiOl!i i ,
M0 '.1 5 :.7 . 55,
Raiwrgnetunk-snotarr:;:._ , -,.
la 2 OthrtloawitlynT ' , --, '. V r-e ',,-1.: .
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