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THE to' ',IL 'l' tafit.: T
PannimOtßped &
,0. ga lu,ULlritßli. eri-resuian.
ght Wittoturgit gazette.
WE have made arrangements for full tel
egraphic reports of the doings of the Phil
. Convention. The first Installment
we give this morning.
PEEATDEET Joirasos has orderedall the
Government advertisements to be taken 1
from the Pittsburgh Gszarre and given to
the Pittsburgh Republic, his organ in that
city. The GAZETTE has been constant and
faithful in its rebukes of the regteancy of
the BxecutiVe. This is its reward. John
son, it will boatel:4- Is detsrmiubd to do all
he can to elect General Geary by a large
majorlif.4 , PAflade/plticr Press.
When we took our stand against the
President's Policy- of Recons - ruction we
thought It not nulikely the advertising of
tuu Zsecinive Departments would be taken
from oar columns, but by force of natural
Instinct wo had stood square and erect, for
so many years, on all public questions,
that it was useless to make the attempt to
bow, equivocate or palter. We further
calculated on seeing one, at least, of our
contemporaries take up the cudgel for the
President, in the hope of gaining what we
were ready to surrender In obedience to a
sense of self-respect and of public justice
In neither of these expectations were we
disappointed.' 11.1 deed, the Departmetital
Chiefs did net tarry for a formal order of
the President before withdrawing their
patronage from us. They acted on their
own motion, and kst the order follow after
One of oar contemporaries, which had been
flamingly radical, even to tho extreme
verge of negro sugrage, scenting the spoils
from afar, suddenly cooled, and became
intensely conservative. For a time it
gained what we eheerfidly resigned. Its
conductors, enamored of Mr. EDGAR
Covet, made haste to do him servile
homage, and offered, humbly to follow his
political fortunes, if "thrift might follow
fawning:" The wily Senator understood
a tender was made of the service of news
paper property by those who were merely
custodians of it, and that if he paid the
price cif minium° the owners might refuse
to ratify the engagement and sanction de
livery. In such a case, he was not the
man to hesitate lees what part to choose.
He decided to start a new journal; and,
hence, our contemprary, recently so eager
for commercial politics, has fallen into our
wake, and labors assiduously to imitate our
radicalism, or to surpass it. These various
incidents abound in lessoits which the ob
servant and thoughtful' will not fail to
THAT our readers may see what sort of
doctrines are held by some of the Demo
crats, we give the following from the
Greensburg Argus:.
- •
Give rut equality of States, or anolillter
war, and in that War to promise not to
claim exemption.
Give us white men to vote and white
men to govern whim men.
Give us equal taxedon or general repu
diation, except the claims of soldiers, their
widows and orphans.
Give m a representation of every State
in a Constitutional Congess, or give us the
Abolition traitors assembled at Washing
ton in a moi-k or rump Coagress, that we
way stain the Capitol with their hot blood,
as they stained the earth with the blood of
patriotic Democrats.
Give us the -bonds held byliew England
thieves and Epeculators off the soldierg and
manipulated legislation, that we may make
bonfires of theirC-
Give us more nerve in - Democratic Et!
tsars, that they may come boldly to the
[mut nd help to kindle the patriotic fires
who beileva in the final perseverance of
Democracy over the world, the flesh, the
Yankee and the .detrit.
Tim Reruntac.—ProcCedings in libel
have been Instituted by S. Scuoirsa,
Jr., Esq., and Captain SAMUEL RIDDLE,
against the editor of the . Republic
The libel, which was published in Satur-
day's issue of that paper, was so gross that
no ether resource was left to those gentle
men than the one they have adopted.
It is tploubtedlyproper that the avowed
principles and - official conduct of public
men should le - epezi" to animadversion.
But the allele in question was a reprehen
sible intrusion into private affairs. Cap
tain RIDDLE was iherirninated in a Matter
which did not touch his official relations. to
the publiKaito, as Mr, *norms is not, and
has not been, in Page the attack on
him seems to be altogether inexcusable.
Of course; It is unnecessary `..) say the
cliurces contained. in the article referred to
are entirely unfounded.
£n Democrats have been anxious to
create the belief that the Philadelphia Con
vention was in - danger of physical assault
from the Republicans. Some of them appear
to have really desired such an assault might
be made, because of the advantages which
would accrue to them thereby. Various
stories of contemplated attacks have been
invented allafairt — zafloat,- the last being to
the effect that. GArenior Curtin had or
dated out three thaasand State troops to
insure the safety of the Conventionista.
All these stories, especially the last, are
without fotmdation: Nobodyluis proposed
to disturlt4
„R3nyention, and , the (key',
enter has'called ont-no troops. , - indeed; he
would have no lawful authority to call oat
the milltla antlli mob had aerially been
raised, and of Seen proportions as to over
power the police. .
Ravuntac,ant of Schuylkill county
have noraitiateil tow` Assembly Sarcsa GAY.
non, Burn Yocum and EDWAILD
They have also nominated General BEN
XI L. CAKE lbr Congress in the tenth dis
trict, subject
. to Nitieation in Lebanon
counti. •
THE "unidirdest eat Of all" baor Sooth
= mento-tailit that Vallandlgham shall
be turned out of. the Pldlatblipble conven
tion, if he will not voluntarily stay out.
Ho stood by them : tad their
. eattse, at the
peril of all lie helti.dotr.
GEN. , -.ivritten along
letter to the :Flon. It/Ain= Etna., In
whicl he trilli-expiains the objects end
operations Alm Freedmen's Bureau, of
will& he Is the Chlef
. that the Lotthdput
egates are "May 4:l . 4illadelphia explein•
fog the villainothi,aheyhatirevoked attempt
of a au24l bo4y of irtheliadicale to mob
the city of Rear Orleime.",
Tice Caiaerllanaiii - e such fear of swath=
Fenian invades that they are proydding
for the purchWileahateremerk affirm
boats on 4te . , pad the #t.,l4wrenee
Tik•Ceil-4 1 / 4 126 Vitas Sesppels,ange
: dOvar o4 ma • •
-1414 ToiAAttg: 14' , Oliki tiro tikias of nttt.
utu are reported In the VW ULU inortang. nut
About thirty sun:lion ittiOnilnif price
7 ° 4l turb IT?tplattforere , ' vovisted.- and
taw agnada.o=r&
Stank Ter n,. :nbiktittit ban been execs.
tenon Tutoday neat. ban been nef ;DMA =4n
z.," • - ;;;- • ; - s -
7 •
*/ Voievivi.A:
Ihe Poor Rich Girl
sp. was micillgent., but no bewails, her
wealth lay Ina lovely face, aurrounded by a
forest of the most, beautiful. iliPszkllng, daz
zling, ebarmLig ringldta and treaties that ever
glor/tled a human howl ill liar toilet contained
only Tebbett'a P111)&101,41=31 Hair Itegenen3-
tor, lb which sho and Liu:Rwanda owe their
beauty. There L 3 nothing lite It. Its per
fume la delightful. Always tuataras faded
hair, provenia tie falling off, tens the bend
clean and cool. Soils nothing, Improves the
looks of everybody, and is the great Dung of
the day. Sold at Dr. Keyser's, ito Wood
I. I lIIIIIIyI U 36 ono, and only One, Prepara
tion for my hair.
2,,Thle preparation never mils or stains the
fittest fabrics. •
3. It onntants no poisonous or injurious mat
ter, and Is not a dye.
t, It is richly perfumed, and keeps the hair
in its pistoe.
5: If the hams .1,115 or gray, It to
Its proper color.
It prevents the hair from becoming loose
or falling off.
7. It keep►th► ecalp Mean, healthy, and the
hair lively.
6. in using it, one may always have the
finest of beautiful hair.
9. It done all; and morn than its proprietors
claim for 11.
10. Every bottle mu - ranted or money re
Sold at Dr. Keyser's, hte Wood street,
And this preparation is Dr. Tibbett's Phys
iological Hair Regenerator.
Habitat Constipation.
Some °emulations of le predispose to Cos
tiveness, especially those snitch allow but lit
tle exercise. Persons who contract this unfor
tunate habit of body, under such cleenmatan
°ea might possibly be relieved by changing
their sedentary employments for others of a
more active kind; but this Is by no means cer
tain. 'Habitual costiveness lea very obstinate
disorder. All the ordinary so-called remedies
invariably aggravate it. Nothing can be more
injurious than the continued use of strong
aperients. They at drst irritate, and finally
almost peralyse the bowels—rendering them
so torpid that enormities dogma of cathartic
medicines have no effect upon them. A mild
aperient, oombinesl with a gentle stimulant, is
the tree remedy; and a combination in the
happiest proportion of these ingredients ib
T ELLS. This famous Stomachic invigorates
the whole intestinal canal, while quietly ree
moving ti um Its convolutions all impediments
to a free passage through them. No mere per
gativivium this double operation. No ordinary
stimulant effects the desired object. Oases of
Constipation abandoned as hope's= by dis
tinguished medical men have bean cured in •
few weeks by the Sitters. To those who have
tried all the medigines of the dispensatory in
vain, we say try this irresistible stinaniant and
aperient- There is no sullicient reason why
consUpation should be the consequence of se
denten- habits. IIOS'IETTER , S, BITTERS, by
erwtly mg the vigor which would otherwise
no derived tram exercise, will to all cases ens'
ble the system to perform its excretory fnne
'nors regularly and healthfully.
i• !cid wnolasalo and retail silvery low rata
at " Frog and, Patent Stallelne Depot,
'c. St Marlon el I set, corner of the DtensonCl
1 lllnrket. rows . Fourth strees.
YPALadelpblo lUtalvereity of .11e0teine
Aug Surgery.
The trustees and facultyof the above Medi
cal 'College have issued "gamin:ships' , at
sematk.,,ire dollars each, which entitles ti.e
holders to attend lectures Until graduation
or as many sessions as he wishes.
This rends , rs a medical education cheaper
than ever proposed by sly University or Col
got lo in this country or Edrepe, possessing the
extensive facllittus.
The foctillties of the University ere: Pisa, It
has the largest College oink* in the city: see.
01111, the best amphitheater and imams, Italia
In CA United States; third, the best dissect
rooms; fourth, extensive chemical and
philosophical apartment; fifth, the materta me
dim embraces all the medicinal used by all
clauses of physicians; sixth, the museum con
sist of a most extensive collection of mato.
mica and pathological specimens. In all,
the re are fifty-three :coma In the Collage.
Mara are .nicer Pe lessors and every braaba
of Ifedieine end Surgery is thoroughly kneed.
The cmdent holding a .acholarahipe can
enter the college at any time during the Lec
tures, attend as long as be wishes, and real:in
ter the Inaltution as frequently as desired.
Persona wishing to obtain eaholuniblits can
apply to L. %lame, .2L D., Professor of Urine
Pathology in the above-mentioned College-
Ills °ince and manatee is N 0.112 Grant
street, Pittsburgh
A D.wu But Debasheg Club
Has been recently arguing she quetiton
"Winch is the most effective agent in the mane
Lion of thepopnlatiou of civilized °outsides—
War, Cholera, Switchmen or Bthona Cenim
plaint& After a warm and animated debate ft
was decidedtbst the latter had proven by tar
the most disastrous, until the discovery of the
now celebrated "Bobeclls Stomach Bitters and
Scandtniviaii , Blood Purifier' and Blood
The club therefore actuated bye spirit of phi
lanthropy, have determined to recommend
them to the patio as, plailt4sl7o , o chelerrik,
and certain cure for all diseases resulting from
Bilious affection, and to inform them that
they are prepared by Prince, Walton & co,
Nos. te, 511, 03, and 62 East 3d street, Cincinnati.
and are for sale by ail respectable
Tbe Three best kolOnt tOrdos, skillfully and
elegantly mint:tined In an amber-colored
beautifully transparent to the eye, pleas
ant to the theta anti acceptabletothostotook,
In Caswell, Mack I Ferro-Phoaphorated
Elixir of Call.salotßark. -
Each pint walking one Obillie of Royal CUM.
says Bark, and each teaspoonful Contains one
grain of iron. Bititifiles fogidahed free tO Abe
profession. CAMWILT, Mama Co.,
. hole Xannhecturers, N. F.
For Nilo at wholesale in FittabittglHi by It. X
Sellers I Co. et rotall by all BruggUts.
nefelireratera,, Leo Vilest*,
Four and five ' Mantel Cream Treaters, los
P te ttOrk Water Coolers, Water inters, Meat
_ e, Bath Tubs, and a Itill line of goods gee
lyreeltable for the boated tarm.• Our stock
is the largest, our Variety the best, and our
pelves the lowest to be found anywhere west
'of-the mountains.' Cell mid et*, et 124 Wood
Street, south side, five doors above Fifth St.
Until you get the elmlora, but be prepared for
it by baying a small bottle of Fleming's
Cholera Remedy at band to nip It In the bud
on the first symptoms. It never falls to care
wbon taken to time.
Sold ooly at nemlurs Drug Store, No. 84
Idaket etreet.
Rieonnstliso no. sore
ter "" "r 0 guaranteed by the nee of ono
bottle of Clayton's Batter., and one bottle of
alienmatle Liniment. For solo only by the
Pr?PrietOr. =io. SI Diamond alloy. Price—Bit
ters, Id; Ltabrient, 50 canto.
allaittaa Stale Comas oa of School Sa.
Inntaas..icurs, August 14.—The National as
mention of Menem.. nuperinteudeuts closed
their session to-night. Addonal delegations
reported to-day front atictuipm. N oy , T or k ,
Ohio, Tennessee and /Wiens. A committee
was appointed Lt4S' memorialise Cachous for I
the establdationtat or n National, Bureau of ,
zducat i m . A reported resolutuna was adop
.ed thanking the Ileums of Itepreseutattres or
the passage of stlall /oohing to the erntablish
ment of such an instltittlon, , e n d appointiw,
etezdnitteeto.brlngthe st!b_j_eet props - b,r are
the tlenate: nen. N. Wlitte, of Ohio, wee
elected President, Of the asecolation.
Statistical requite -show Itattanws school
fend to be over seven rtillhans, the largest of
asl °"" 844". lion enlivened
he AmericianNocatal
Deliapdas Srom all sectkaui of the
'" E l n ir stronat ^llloio t. hiiir . aetdelatilwa wllt
UniTlll,-leuiliaiins, Calebrf-
T. Loma. :Ammo ..1.11.••-•‘; siert quarantine
has bean eatabelLbelOW the CUT.
nialicrooeren awe of ,obolgalt ara we rren4_
by tEe Bann at Health, kw 018 •t•
:ben= einzn at' soon ,- o3•43iin telrtpaz
which faint Thet.toard of SOslglbate
prtennitteeOß the sale of melon, nuoutobera an 4
all stale Vegetables anT.Plut he Car—
, • ExAloversorr - Ualux: mot Judge' WatmottZ
Of Lennenrar•Earnirol .haroMlay and
simeral garb:LULU • GOfialnir
HaberHabra l l tig c" 2 , ll nC** * :l i t n
1n"4416.' :
r • 4.3.413 tP,..C;:n1;5,-;?/.,;ij.,(''''
"The Wigwaxm"
Pe: )1110411 kIiMOUIPMINeI
Gen. Mx 'temporary Pre-141epl.
Proceedings Opened with Prayer.
e blob It has paised to it. present yoroeperity
and power, to present to tee world an exam
ple worthy of imitation, no utopian vision 01
good government, but the grand old reality
of the better LIMBS, I:Fringing up the memory
of our father '4, and the reeollmtlons of thu
post, and with the past the future, insepara
bly Intertwined, one noautry, one flag, 0.1
union of equal Mates. (Long continued eip-
Ad dress to the. People Suggested.' plauSe.)
Adjourned until Wednesday
FMrM7W1T . 177T .... M
Special Dispatch to the Pittaburih Gazette
Pau.Atorarni4., August 14 MIL
lo the north-western sohorbs of the city
nearly opposite Girard College and not far
from the Northern Liberties Water Werke,
stand. the extemporized creme building put
up for the accommodation of the Con•entlnn,
and glesiguated in the Jocular language of pol
ltt.•lans as The Wigwam." Carpenter* are
still (at half past eleven a. m.) at work %awing
and hammering, and making a general racket
In fruitless efforts to have it ready for Coe
meeting of the Convention at noon. The un
det standing Ls, however, that owing to the nn
finished eouddion of the wort, and •omew ha
perhaps to the political innehlnory not being
yet in portent running gear, there will not be
touch business transacted to-day, and that the
Convention will simply organics temporarily
nod adjourn till to-morrow.
There has been no attempt at architectural
display m too construction of the wigwam• It
to pretty nearly if not actually a square, .1111
the eastern and western ends n little round, in
order to sustain the sloping roof. A mused
platform for the officers occupies the *mate: n
ride of the square, the main set.ranes belag
the opposite side. The door of the ha!) L. , re
rerTed for delegates, there being four rows of
benches running the whole length of halt, di
•-tdetl by narrow aisle. These henceas will
teat front twelve to (Mean hundred verso.,
though the exaggerated estimate of their ea
peettyla equal to twice those Oruro.. Rising
from the door, on three std., are galleries fur
the spectators, of whorntbern may be aecom..
thodations for as many as four or dye thous
and. The tall 'tirdber that support the
roof, stretettlog lengthwise down the bail,
are decorated with a broad stripe of tricolor,
the ma-of-arms or .11 the agud bolus lute,
folly , thrtstbuted. Ther plutform for the nal.
CO, LW dear/rated Walt the nailol34o. tta,, tho
Pennsylvania coat-of-u,ne forming the ...-
try plerre; over all to Inscribed varle4e
deviate, among which are the agure4 - 1774"
and alteßl." and the word" "united we eland.
divided we MIL" A list of the States, In the
form And colon of the rainbow, Qv, wh:ch
the symbolic stars Are 11 Zed., rompletei Lai;
decoMillon. It may he remarked trint - the
Mates include West Virginia, This is • gen
eral outline of the Wigwam. Thoground out
side Is covered with booths, from which water •
melons, cigars, ginger beer, and other surl,
combustibles am are to to, sold. The proprie
tors Of these establishments haul laid m .tores
of whisky and lager bees, bet the District At
torney interfered with their IltIM arrange
mints. The national flag Boats over the
The weatber b warm awl pie wows- The
delegates seem to be In friendly accord wll
each other.
The hand L. playing the national and other
melodies, and under those combined harm«
pious thiluencee, the Convention opens its
proceedings. it about noon the members of
the Convention began to ernes, and soon Aged
op the body of the hall. The galleries else be
cane pretty well filled.
Vortneseter General Randall announced that
the deleantlons hate Idunsehearrtts end Booth
Carolina would now enter I.IIM In arm.
This eanaed the exultance to rise and cheer
lustily, and as the representatives of these
two States, beaded by Mr. Orr, of South Caro
lina, and tie:send Couch, of idassachosetta,
walked up one of the aisles in this fraternal
manner, the highest degree of excitement and
enthusiasm was manifested.
The band played alternately, "Reny limpid
the Flag," "Away Down Micah to Dille,
"The Star Spangled Banner," and "I alike.
Doodle." The men waved their het.. nod
cupped their trends and cheered vociferomey,
and the few ladles present, not more than •
seam or two, waved their handkerchief..
Mr. Randall—Teo Convention will plow..
come to order, for the purpose of effecting a
temporary organisation of this Convention. I
propose the name of Gen. John A. Dix, of New
York, as temporary Chairman of this Conven
tion. (Applause.)
Lieneral Dix came forward and said: Gen
(lee= of the Convention and fellow citizen.
of the whole Union, (applause) I return to you
my sincere thanks for the honor von have
done me, in cailleg me to preside temporarily
over your deliberations. I regard it as a ilia
thiettOn of no extraordinary character, not
on account of the high social
o and nly political standing of gentlemen
who compose this Convention. but because
It le. a convention of the people of all the
states of this Union (applause), and because
we cannot doubt, if Its proceedings are con
ducted with becoming and - good Judge:mat,
that it will lead to most important runes.
( applause.) It may be truly said that no body
01 men have met on this continent to consider
events so momentou. and so Important since
tee year 17/7—(lpplatre)—the year when our
ancestors assembled In this city to form a
better government for the States which com
posed the old oonfederaMon—a government
which tugs been confirmed and male more en
during, as we trust, by the fearful trials which
it has anommtered and overcome. (Applaure.)
The Conetltutem which they came here to
frame we Wale here to vindicate and
restore. (Applause.) We are here to resort
the supremacy of representative government,
nod all who are within the confines of the
Union. (Applause.) A government which It
cannot, without a violation of Ire fandauten Lel
principles, to ex:ended over any hat thole
who are represented In it, (applause.) over
(hose who by virtue are entitled to a voice In
the administroticin of public affairs. (ip.
pieune.) It was such a government that our
fathers framed and put in operation; tits each
s gevernment which we are bound, by
every principle of fidelity and Justice and
tool faith to delendand maintain. (Applanee.)
llentlemen, we ere not now living tinder such
a government. (Applause.) Thirty-Mx States
have for mouths been governed by twenty-five
States. ( Applause.) cloven States have been
wholly without representation in the leghlse
tiwo banes of the nelson. The numerical pro.
portion oldie represented and unrepresented
states has Just been *hanged by the admiselon
kendelegation from Tennesnee—a unit ta
from the smaller Stater, being pet to the
'Amur number, but ten of the States
o re still
denied - reprefientation in Commas, t which
they are entitled ondeethe constitution. The
President, not In pursuance of any monster.
timed powete had called on the Leufielerate
States to adopt the Constitatimt for their ad
mission to the exercise of their legitimate
fu net s
as members of the Union. The rati
fication of the amendment to 11,5 Constitution
almtishing alweery and the repudltion of the
r debts contracted to overthrow the govern
meet wore these amillitlons. They Were so.
meted. The 'exaction. of beer eondititnie is
ore r. nu a i r , t , d tm et tti v t rit at r y n o of the faith of the
of the purpoecw_of our
political system, and dangerous to the public
proepariq and peace. (Applause.) Congress
may, as they judge of the qualification of its
own members, reject Individuals for Just
cane, but the two bodies sating conJohrely
cannot exclude an extra delegation without en
unwarrantable essemption of power. (Ap
plause.) Compere has not only done this—it
ha. gone further—it hes incorporated new
conditions, with antenemares to the Collates.-
tiOn, and aubmitted them for the rarefication
of the States. There is no probability that
Abase ernendments will be rattled by two
threds of the states of the Linke,. (Applause.)
To mast CM toe conditions they contain is to
, prolong. Indethutely, the exclusion of more
than one-fOurtli Of the States frpm their right
t o be represented in the teem - Latter. bodies.
Thai had. a Tight, under the Constitution.—
they bad a right under the resolutioua
in both Mouses of Weary*. in hen. (Arm=
=Me reaeletiOne Were not - concurred lb,
`,het they Watt Sllnstfreitially ideatmal. More
opp, they wet, elattled to beeswax:attest Oa
grounds . Of, littinel and good talth.
Ittolptiklyr**loNwolmyropeols, Imo to
tr. 1: - ;A
, - _
,: I ' , " IN lAY AUGUST 15, 1866
rroteBt. nizaln9t, and as far as In u • 114 m redreng
efu=l .. . - „„ - de. Wh areTtl/ b a a t :r."eigrernenistrg
to the authority of the Onion was over, ail the
States had a right to representation in Coo
-1 gres., l Applause,) and tide the UOVOraftWilt
Is. Is thoa the Government our fathers fought
to establish 1 (Lend cries of "no.o) le this the
goy ernment we have been fighting to preservot
The President has done all in tits power to tor
rent this wrong. ( Applause.) Ho hoe done all
in hie pew er to restore the rights of the States
' In the legislature of the country . by giving to
verb section lie full statue. Legislation with
, out repr.ontation lean &nom loy In our pot at
e/t/ Hemet!m. Under any other form of gore:
meet, it would be but another name for user
; potion and misrule.
Gentlemen, I trust that in our deliberations
hero we shall confine ourselves to one MBAR
. .
purpose, that of redressing the wrong to which
1 have referred. There Is much In the &Mein-
lett/Won of the GOverrunent which moods
amondmoi, 1. Some things need to be done,
nod othurn mood to be undone. There
which are indlepensable to the .....c .....
but we shall not have the power to carry Out
these until we change the political oomplez
lon of Congress. fApplanae.)• This should be
our drat and our immediate aim. teppiratm)
It ta in the Congraudonlal districte that the
••o. r re•ntv.t In to Men place. The control of
earl ,•• ru4 . ' olltl ...„ 1r
.0'•• • h II str•tr- „,ti, ~,ti
LAI I •eve. t. „.. h,rm, and br
the government back, In the language of Jet.
:arson, to the republican traekorld come later.
[Applause.] Harmonious and Judicious action
on oar part and the part of
to t ;l e t v isa ,, t i miti p od . nrcl op not o. br s long del a iti t c , :d t:
it Ls only necessary to present to the people
clearly the issues between us and the other
party, widen controls the notion of Congress.
And, gentlemen, in not the °idea for which we
are contending a conLumniation worthy of
our highest nut our most devoted efforts lan
untuse) to bring back the republic tiled and
strengthened by the eery ordeal through
General Dix then announced that Use pro
ceedings would be opened with prayer, and
the Rey. J. N. McDonald uutclo tOo p_rayer, lb
which thanks were rendered to Odd' Or the
blessings which the nation enjoyed, mote par
ticularly in having been pruserved ha the
Iste troubles, and also, for the assemblage of
this Convention, to consult for the puidie
good. lie preyed that the members might
take action us brothers and an friends, might
lay aside all aelfluli motives and all unworiny
per.onal anti sectional considera lons, so that
the anion of these States may be fully roarer
ad end tendered perpetual. (Amon, Beni •
delegate.) Ile prayed that boil WWIt manliest
his especial favor on the President of the Uni
ted Suttee, and make him a great and,
blessing to the country. ( Another loud amen.)
11 , prayed for the maintenance of the Union
inviolate, under the constitution adopted by
our lathers.
Un motion of fir. Randall, Postmaster ilea
oral, th. following were appointed Secretaries
of the Convention( O. E. Purring, of Now York,
aid., F. Coyle District of Col:liable, A It.
l'ot ta, of Petinsilvazda, and Jewell M. O'Brien,
District of C(412.1310111.
The call of the tohventoa having been road
by Secretary Perrin, Seuator Doolittle, of Wis
consin, offered the, following resolutions,
which were adopted :
Received, That until otherwise ordered the
general rules of the flotue of Representatioes
of the I' et ted Stott., on far an applicable, gov
ern the prousedings Of tittle COLIWOCitiOni
until 01.110[Wiii0 ordered, In case any question
shall true to be ilOterMilricii by division or
try toe yeas and nay., the ttecrelary al all otli
the roil of e.I otatos and Territories of the
nod meta. anti the District of Culneut.ta.
',wow mate, an called, shell be untitled to cut
doable the uumiii, of you. Lo which It is
titled In thu Electoral College, an Use deice,
ton shell determine, and each Territory sod
also the District of Cult...Ma sita:l lot 0111.14:0d
to mat two rotes as their auroral delegations
shall direct.
&seised. That all resolutions nod proposl
thou not Mating to the organ) cation or the
convention, be referred by Lee Chalt to the
LwitiliplttOe ou Reaolutlens, hereafter In he up-
goloted, withont dottstot that nll reurolutla.o4,
propoottons and qoeslions rotating to tbs
igbt or claim of any person to a snot In the
Got. :cotton, bus ['clotted by the Char to Me
I guncotton on tlet-iontia:s, boreaftor to he
r ponutod, without dolluto, and that Until the
spirottotneunt uisUcb lointaittet, they do Le nn
tbs table ultimo' debate,
. .
Oa motion of lien. J. 11. litolutan, of Ohm,
a Committee of thirtoao t u appotratat by the
Chair am a Ottntrutt.t. on Credential..
tto motion of Mr. Montgomery matt, of
Mar> Luid, a Oty=tutillotro 0: one from each Slate
ut.l Territory a•aa ppotntati by the Chill to
rcpor.. othren for the peratammt ortantratont
of the Goo•entlon
Mr. Fitrrence, td the Llsisict of Columbia,
enguated !Urinal:men:l as thou Irma (Top
rursupprehenslu u to Liu character of the
dole hobo, the Secretary he Insuneted to
rud the circa:at issued over the aig.silliNw of
Perourastor ticoetal Purdslt, Lewis. D. Camp
hen, of (solo, and llionlitornatrr HOW. tit Mary
land, inviting La.. co-Operation of the Demo-
Crate as Sects In theConseortlan. If there
aer •Igniflcanre to reading the origin:o call.
tie tnettiritt ti Wins as Important to Order to
retiree any thiaapprehenaloo aa to the poettioo
which gentlemen oCeOpto-1 to-re that tee •ulr
plementary east should also la read-
The heoroury in compliance wllh the re
quest, proceeded to read. net heal not i rAt
through more than It fee resinous, when Mr
Florence rilsoorencri that the paper which toe
nrwretary was readout wu the call. 111C0e1 by
the Denuaralle =ember: of Goo:gruel. /le
called attentioo le rite tut, hot reined. that
the readlng might be concluded.
Mr. FlOrtnace then read too circular to which
be had refer:mu, after Witch, on mod= or
ktr. Malt. the Coneentlora: at a quarter past
nee I.ll)olarrted.
I.llosediatety no the miloornment rat eom.
MODOOdto mad a porT.LOO of the MANI
wing Incomp lete, toe rain came pouring to
Ike wlgwasmeempelling Mope testae to con
gregate In the centre, where it was water
mat. Many remainedher home unable to
city.Tur to the different parts of the
the accommodatton of street cars being
latpentabiy lainalMouset for toe ports:me, an be
sidee the delegates there was en andir_eoe of
mireral thousand assembled to wltnem the
The ccatimittees appointed by the Chair are
RI follows
thransirsas en Onrdenrial.—Jinnes B. Stead
man, Ohio. N. D. Cowman Lostabms; Thomas
16,5n0 toed m. 0." P. Daly, New York David
Kt mme, Indiana;J U. Campbell, Seoul Uwe
nen; .1. il. Batt Wisoosed.u; tieerge IL ltd,
Connects-at, R. IL. Epperson, Texas; William
W. New Itunpatilre; Anibal ItiUn s Meily
Jet ; James Missouri, and John
R Franklin Maryland.
tit rirvanisallens—niatitanlel S. Little., Maine;
1.. N. klitabanl, Nor itampsnire: J. J. Dee" it t.
Vermont; E. A. Alger, Stassacitnntus; A. Bal
ms and It. J. L. P. Traedes, Connocileuti
Ludlow, New YorkiJoel Porker, New Jersevl
A. W. Truer, Pennsylvartle;J- Hart, Delaware;
Montgomery Blair, Maryland, Chairman: T.
Y. Flonrror, ',mental John P Thompnte,
West Virginia; It. A. Wright, North Corolir.•
A. Dawkins, booth Carolina; Peter Inge"-
bean, Dasorgiat James R. Dawkins, Florida; 1.
e. Harley. Miesilitimpt; J. G. Parham, I,onoti.
Ana: J. B. Luce, Arkansas; ii. H. Eppersost
Texas; Joseph Ramsey, Tennessee; Aie.tander
White, Alabama; E. A. timers, Kentucky; lien
Fries, Ohio; 11.1.1. Bone, Indiana; Tone. J. Tot.
or, Illinois; A. A. Stevens, Michigan;
Rice, Minnesota; L. 11. Vila, Wisconsin; J. IL
Morph', Lowe; A_ Smith, Eantios Samuel per.
dy, California; W. LI. Farrar reggae; Owen
Thorn, District Of Columbia; John W. Turner,
thecota; T. W. Belts, Idaho; Edward &vane,
Washington Territory. No appointments
have yet been made for Illmenirl, Nevada or
/ •
Plutaeetratts, August 1.4.—1 t is positive Mat
dr. Vellandighano has sent a letter to the
Oble delegation, m which ho expressed _lila
lurpose not to attend the Convention ' Met
etter will probably be read before the' Con
It has been decided that Senator, DoOllttle
will he made permanent Prealdent of the Con
Midnight.—The Lrdper mate. on high author
ity that it hos been suggested to the leidittg
men of the Convention that an address to the
people would be profmahle to genies of react.,
lotions. If au address is prepared It will be
coneorvative to lane, and calculated to ante
the moderate men of tooth sections. it will
roeognito the feet that the war has forever
settled the question of mansion in the
negative, without, however, impairing
lu any woy the rights of the Mates.
tt will be denied that war can destroy a State
or exclude it from the Union. The etuaninpor
titm of:slaves will be recognised, but the right
of the servile population latel y admitted-to
freedom to have the ballot will ho denied. At
j the name time the address will assort the duty
„ of the people of the South to rate for freed
men, and Dy every means seek to elevate and
; lit them for the change accomplished by the
-Tio3 address will also assert the supremacy
of the Federal Government in all matters
coming properly within lie sphere as donned
by the Constitution, but claiming for the
States all the rights not expressly delegated
to the General Government. The tight of all
the !states to be represented in Congress will
be claimed, and the people will be called upon
to assist the conservative men of the country
in the effort to seance for the Southern States
their constitutional privileges. The ac-ion of
the Pi osolent of the United States In cadnt
vet log to prevent unermstitutionill legislation
by C.vtgreva will be commended, nod alfEbn
servative men will be called upon to organise
by Mate and national committees as a
grand National Unless Party, to rescue the
A U OW °v" ee r' e m k en to t dfriovmertthitefro'neitTtinoretbsurdeoragwhio
, nal purpose.
The addrene will probably be abort, in order
to reach, more surely, the popular mind, and
beau serenaded
thus secure an attentive bearing.
ton l irht, a b i6 u h t am the w Arrpli b ute y n s t.
on account of his being ill.
It is unuerstood that the New fork delega-
tion, selected by the Saratoga .UonVentkm, is
to be admitted Into the Convention, to the ex
clusion of other claimants.
Fenian Generals ihreeney and name.
Spear,es, August 14.--generrds Sweeney
and of the rtuilan Brotherhood, return
ed to this city from Vermont yesterday. They
are &Llama on bail, their trial for violate:ea of
the neutrality laws being set down for Otto.
her. at Rutland. T=ll u eri . ask hopefully of
the pros_p_ecte of If • The Irish refu
gees of ISSa published aWI this morning on
the liberal Minded: Wizens of New York - for
Olds; Aaousgrasslimal asalaastosa
ataTzwaithAlljast I.l.—Has. .12. P. Dual/wet
was rooming tor -4. l osgresS .to4sy. trir kti•
Dapubilessis ibis Slain District. Ppm-.
tlons Fars pliststsustazniair,Wactssia,
Napoleon's Demands Cannot be
Complied With.
Money and Cotton Markets.
1110811 We repro-
Nun. lions - , August 14.—The following dis-
patches were received here at 2:30 e.
LONixr, TOXIIDAT, Nowt, August 14.—Toe
Prussien Government has Informed the Em
peror of Frame that Me dementia for the on
tOttOlOn of the frontier of his Empire to the
batilos or the rtWerßhtne cannot be complied
with, and that , the "Pres:Mtn terntory there
situate eIM never be veil to Fran Ce.
PAWN August 14.—Noon.—The Moniker of
this morning *tea that the course of Napo.
Icon in the recent negotiations has been
guided entirely in Itis, endeavor to preserve
the peace of kill own 'bemire, and of all go
Losoos, Atig.l4.—Noon.—Coneols are quoted
this noon ettlili for money. American Secu
rities—U. 8 .5-^ 'ern quoted of mi.
LIPS/J.l'OM, &Orlin 14.—Noou.—Tho Cotten
Market rules Arm; the sales id-day are esti
mated at 10,000 tidies.
LONDON, Atlrldt 14—hominy.—Adviena have
wean received from the Continent, hulleatleg
the probable renewal of the war between the
Prusaialn, and Eavarlana, utrin the territory
of the latter power, and great fears are enter•
tinned of snob an event.
Losuos, August 14—finning.—Thu quota
tions at the Stook Exchange were:—Console,
Five-Tliontles, <lltt. linnets Central
Eeltread whams, 7.. Edo, it.
LlyrittrooL, Atbrust 14—Evening.—Tbere wits
o change In the Getton market, and prices
re bras. The sales to-day wore 10,000 bal..
liati•as, August 14.—The steamship tube.
Copt. Stant, (rola Liverpool at 2 o'clock on the
afternoon of tbill 4th, Ma Queenstown ou the
SO !natant, arils,' hero at ten o'clock tills
The Moamar Cyclone, ,d Glasgow, was dr
ained in Groat Y 1111:110LLL II 1[0 , 145, on suspicion
, f infringing on thu noutrallty proclamation
•Ith respect to griam and Chili. She was
onodoly bound trom Itautborg to Rio de Ja
oar., and is pgirood for ton guns. Olin sr.
the request of tloc
‘. cur itemux—There hes teem se uaten
re titta onleure of Yenlan ammuna.
tier meta matort►ls.
In the Renee of Lyres the Jae:mita atisis had
L. , eu •toWted earel the enrol uct of the offleteJt.
The Bows bill amending the elate... Meet
treaty 'mitts trade.,is p.m./tare to a +crone
rending, UT 77 tell.
Net Sort atirieem of August Itl, reeni•ed
by thtt Attatele Telegraph I able, appear in
the English papers of the 4th, the tiny the
Cutsa as trom
The hector Deem :tea,' city article sat,
rtio prove*. of the equallsathet of prices as
',tierce Reiland and Atherte.t, theingh the
nteellace of khe Cable, ...Lunn.. to itt °Judie,
the lite . ..lloh et hetet teen tie,tr t
Shoal,. 'tar/rpt ' report a large tee,
neva in t;litighl Athlete Itive.t.entlea.
. _ .
l'rtime teem( to be ttre.l upon er the
Pie./ fuel?* betrettettobr, and It ear expert
-4.1.1 Seultt tiltOrtly Cotontettors. A 120..0
better ferta;; prell3llll at Tn.:MC:oat, Ito , WA
,itetsOtt,tl tipun toe inht,Oitant• our..og
ae rt.1.0,..1 to lb. barrsak•
4 loyal decree has besot published order tog
n toth.l currency in the Venetian prostnens
u,-,cupttil the itaJtans
The MU 11.41 f restwantlont of the Tuns.
atilt the Austrian srnry give* an account of
narshai rel. eat, desor(oss the dos
11101,11XSUMI Of his troops, and say• that
ter) toesessucer from Vienna was onargett
VI nay on ha return, "Make peace, or the
Lig any Sal b. in.olllhlLltted...
it tf vtartekt MAL the government of the
Unllo4 Statott two prefrrred rtatnts against
v , rttaln ettisens to Prance mho barn tltattmovt
of Imo properrly bolonglng to thy .401.1111,11-1‘
The Parte eoreen•anient of the l.
Tlate• ...arta that the r•••ult t>T the ear ha.
oceastanntl a deep fue1...., art atenuntent In
Franc+, Tne Ku:lmm; tiluon•lt WM. Laltlaltlrlit
Ul AUst.ii• being the cletoi, and 1.1.1 , 11 y our -
ocetleal the ve that he itteattl obtain the
'Chloe prOV LI.. without the low of • Meant
31eirro ilidsapplag lafliorS—Appolot
meats ay lbw Presidemi—Delsiaaati
lu Use Mats-ipseeta Emos.--kbesusit.
W /OW I SOTO.. impute
nun report. that t o can bear of co
piny of negrooe off the Florida coat
The Prostdent has uppointod C. 6. ttrater
*sr.:mute Justice of the Supreme Court of lAA
orado, and LAfayette Carter Surroyor General
oft Idaho.
he Commissioner of the Freedmen , .
rou has received an elaborate report from a
opeelid inspector, who was charged with the
duty of investigating the reports of destitu
tion received from Alabama and Georgia.
lois "Meer visited in We comae of his inspec
tion Northern Ain.l3 tma and Georgia. mei -
vie+ 1 Meng, W order the bct,et to traca the
tenth amongst all chums. Aft r giving a de
tailed revert in reference to eat, county visi
ted, it. says that his observations have eon
% limed him that there has not been a
single case of starvation in either State,
teat the amount of destitution has
been largely exaggerated, nod so
located as to be in many rases unable to visit,
that although some destitution exists, and
has existed, it is not absolute, but consists
mainly In confinement to some or a few artl-
Nes of food, of Ishtar.. In nearly all eases, there
has beau a sunk tansy, and that It has been as
crinod In gennt part to the Idleness of Use pee
fir that.tho home of mtirem, he at presuntoun
dueted, Is producing great demoralization
and Idleness among the people. and that so
lung as It Is continued the appal ont necessity
for It will uxist; that the croon though small
aro amply nalildent,, with economy, to !supply
the people with tlib necessaries of life till an
other orojp Is harvested.
queen SMMO and suite was recolved by the
PreildMiLloaday, who extended to her nor.
dial WelooMe. She Will vitaa object! of inter
est CO-Morn/W.
. .
IL is stated that Judgo Ed wards, who rommi
ly resignect tho position of Commissioner of
the General Land °Mee, has been appointed
Postmaster of the Senate, Vice Gornism.
Retreat of she Imperiallato—horthern
Mexico Abandoned—French Iron
Mesmer Bunn—Arms and ammuni
tion for the Republican..
Nevi damms, August 14.—The Matamoros
correspondent of the Times says a brigade of
Escobado's army is in occupation of Monterey.
The Imperial garrison at &OMR° enticed
gone, destroyed ammunition, and wont to ro.
Rove Monterey, but retreated to ban Louis
Pound. and all Northern Mexico fa stow aban
annul by the imperialists and den Louis ro
wel Invested by the Republican Governor of
that btate. The French garrison of Tampico
were driven to the citadel, and the whole
place will be captured.
The French Iron steamer WWI sunk by the
Republicans in the channel below the env.
General Law Wallace had arrived at Mata
moros on the steamer from New York, with
arms and ammunition for Governor I.smaali-
BA* Fitsgetsee, Aug. 14.—Tho barques lin
golatte and uambrla bring Llunolula dates to
July 14th. 'rho former brings Mitchell, cap
tain, and band IL Ferguson, paasengeni of the
burned ship Point.
Min brier. Burlingame and Van Val haulm rgh
elation July loth (or China and Japan.
Tue ship Voltigour brings Hoag Kong dates
to Juno la Although the shiptrumt of - tea to
Great Britain has been light tho amount Mill.
ped to the Maud States la very large and Mae
supplies of the past season are the largest
over known.
Thu expedition against the pirates woe, boa
been very suocesaful.
The brig Jam:mole brings Japan hue d
Kith. A tariff eouvrivition las held at Jeddo
on June ‘Mtli, in which America, Japan, Kng
land,Franee and holland partielpated, adopt
ed and revised import and exporttarlit', which"
emuldered very importauS to commercial
Mumma.. The now tariff la to go Into effect
at Katamawa on July let, at Nagasaki. and
Ilakadodl Augnst Ist-
Tea remained firm;
one quoted at 032035; online swim medi
um new tea WOW; good medium to fine We
dd. Arrived the barque Bertha Bang from
Baaa,te, Aug. H.—The great [totting fair
opened There was a uminittleent at.
umlaute of people and flue hones. There
were two races this atterneek, the drat mile
heats, won
by Lehlona, of this city, In three
beata. Dutchman, or errennee, was seeead.
Tho second twee was two miles, and wason
by Antler, In -two straight Imam The Limo
. ot , both news were net fast., The traeles were
Si Was heavy, eyries' to the recant rains.
From Clalna and Japim
Trollies Fair in Boll:Me
Injunction Against the National Ex
pire!aa l'ompany--Cholera lucre/Acing
In London—Prates nepolse--Peel
glom. from Small German P.o.e.—Pro
tection of France Solicited.
. . .
NEW YORE, August 14.—An injunction has
been granted against the National Express
and Transportation company by the Supreme
Court npon the application of stockholders In
:Ws city. who are dissatisfied with the condi
lion of its attain,
ilvbrn from Europc by wail atato Chat the
cholera in on the Increase In London.
.1 telegram from Munich, of July 2Sth, says:
The Pru.dans bombarded Mursburg yester
day, netting firs to the roof of the arsenal.
Tim Prm•slatts were repulsed with the loss of
cistern Canooll. Little damage wag suffered
by the town.
A dispatch from Prague of July ',Nth, Say.
Today the bridge across the Elbe was blown
up by some Austrians I rem Threserenstadt.
the soverelitno of Ogden,. Darmstadt and
Saxe Wein ing,,n have followed the example of
the King of Bavaria, by addressing proposi
tions for an armistice directly to the King of
Prussia. Petitions from many of the smaller
soul been States are being to:et in for teet - pc ,
ratinn with the 1 ... •• `An ••• ra-,-
A ACA.AASA. LA, • . . apparent
of Electoral nesse, has ..11ttitett the protec
tion of Prance, in order to secure it is Lerrii.o.
rial right of fateeollllo,
Navy Yong, August IL—Several distilleries
on Long Island, in hew York, and in Jet soy
City, have been P , ,12 , 1 under the authority of
the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on Sue
pinion that frauds have been perpetrated on
the revenue. Two of the distilleries are In
Brooklyn, between Finrlblng and Park aye
tines, owned oy Howe & shoupter. Another
distillery In Green point, owned by Bohtn, was
selsed. Only one ehtablishment Le Now York
won taken; It was that known as Dorman's,
carried on wider the name of Hayman, at the
corner of .7./th street end Tenth avenue. In
Jamey City two places were seized, one known
as Hoffman & Curtis, and the other as the
Cholera at Savannah
SAVANNAH, August I4.—The Board of Health
report thirtv-four death% for the week coding
to-dae, including twelve, ea and twenty
two black.. Thor , were nine camel of cholera
among the blanks
Trial of Freedmen•* BOMA° Oaleers.
Bar -aloft, N. C., Aug. 14.—A court martial has
peen ordered to C. nveno on the 18th for the
trial of Freer Inlen•A Bureau orderer* and others,
of oaleh tioneral Huger, of IV Incourtn, is pro.
aiding °Dicer.
AeLdlMoual LeDeal Me n Third Page
The Unhappy Termination of n Love
Mary Ann Junction yesterday appeared be
lore Alderman Lynch and wade oath against
E.rnostlatOld for assault and battery. The
pet - swami-rte., In her deposition, stsdes that on
last Sunday she accompan•-.1 the aecusattl to
East Liberty, where they went to enjoy an
t Ai , Or two in ;inlet !Oral ensure. Selecting
LL hbady retreat, which. Irma its seclusion, In
sured theta egnantst intrusion, they seated
themselves, and, according In Marys story,
enjoyed tbralsrlets haday until
when the latter told het gullant that It 'rat
Impel Ittrely nvot , s,%, that the :to hack In the
ell y heron, der L. E1 . 1.(1, Idled to know the
any and tho al/wetter, - µnu,
Flotere.l that to, o u pt irate bummer., she re
fused Inens w, r what cite deemed an antra -
lineal quest loth der rettrence aniee'etl
Ire lover. who. ,1 nes spleetteletined
her ttf hat tog ttnothvr b. AU ttwailllng
het r. tug off.-a.1,.1 Mary Kite...len tak
ing net 1.1.,%1 I root 1% %.%1.01 1, a I.nil It Ol
elnitge, snr ass ,Itsult to lent, t• htnu her
adorer caught her ity the d rena, en
deavoring to hold her tine gurtncut was torn
mint her waist. Aft, Makin, the runt 1 . 1
einleing Ihn atuntipted topologia,
hat it was no use, end, nerd with ind a igna r ntst,
ttleh lasted till the following day, Mary Ann
took the ears Inc the etti , de Es nest, avow
tug he was not in ...teat, walked !Octet? to
Ids taste - thug house, uear the village of East
Libel ty. "Meer l toasters was furnlalta,l with
w a rrant err the arrest of %Venetia, but up
to the prosoot time no arrest he, been wade.
Usitrtl States District court.
In thin C4M7I. ewtordal., indgn Wnlnon
1./31, 1,110, t..e Jury 111 tn., (N 11.1.:
Innoin, of I.y t.onu trig eon n ty, indletAn
U pawing wont...lett money, found a vet
..1 palltS. The prlatruer wAS then aen
lane. 4l to pay" a flue of 111 tY atel Le an
clera..... an lutprtaenntent ul live yea= in th
(Eeelc. . I allentlere
Jacob Longer' hut, inducted for retailing
,inor without licen , e, At. next plauod on
!rt.!. TrlFfury found A vet dirt of tiot guilty
Lt ninon liar - 2111 ote.a.l guilty to purentng the
rots. on of a ph) stelan without Accuse, and
Aenteneod to pay a One of one dolls: And
the eLoote of proltectlt
tin 'notion of the IJl•trtet AttOrney, Judg
ment for etght hundred And fitly-two dollar*
.L• entered against Ilenr, L. 1.11, 1 ,1,11 And thnvi , l
It. IN Low, irupleaded with l/vorge W. J add, the
gens Ally on A taond.
On motion , /f .1 II held..., , hannuel
ILLeAA, Kan., oi two , elty, too. sworn And
maltnltted a metia , e, of the l•A; i his court
-Lone •IxteAst elrli cubit were on the
docket fur trial w ~nattneett by runeent, lu
coete,nettee of the ere.
ll,nesa of the otruusel for
tag:Aral Board of Edoeatfoo.
The leetcri hoer.) of galucuAlou mot on
Tuesday evening, Auguet Ilth
Present MOSS,. (jetty, Lure, McAuley,
hobba, ,ergeAul., and Brugh,
Tee minutes of lite preceding meting wore
mad and approrod.
The secretary's monthly report eras read
cud ordered to he Med.
it,. Lowe, from tua t..oormittee on alga
School, reported in favor of the election of
Miss /temper Wilkins as an assiataot teacher.
Un motwat, the report wad sere pied and MI6.
Wllklna cieetc4L
Miss M. Mans was nominated and cleated an
assistant teacher to the Colored School.
The following 0111. rate read and warrant.
ManthorLsed In paerneot thereof -
McFarland & Collins, carpeting, oil
cloth and mats for °Mee of Board. ....SIM 50
J. Phalle it eon, wall paper 0 00
J. r. (.Ittley, painting tilacktmards 17 00
In, motion, adjourned.
RoarWog noose Rohl: wry
On Sunday morning three men, named Zim
merman, lltll and bhonsenpaugh, were robbed Charged Wish the Lart.o7 or a W•ioh
et their boarding house on the corner of Fed- Mrs. Bosworth was before Mayor McCarthy,
sent street and Pennsylvania arcane. Zito- Yeaterday, charged with the larcenY of a oil
merman we., awakened by a noise In Ids room, vow watch , the property of Mm. McKnight, of
„ an d
hn l„ clothes
Alleghenp City. A hearing was had In the
lie found his pants on the dead, the door open, i ,.:,r u e L,, a ,1' a ,T 5 h g t t ,„1 t t0 w" ..,!1, h r . 17, ° ,,,,.%%,. M p r5. , 8 ,, c 7;
and Me poltitnt. hook, containing night dollars, to the charge being made, th at she had found
and a silver watch , stole.. lie awakened his the watch and had kept It in her window on
1001 u mates, who discovered that they also inhibition, in the hope that it would be hien-
Led beint rohned. Samuel WU had two tided. As there w. no evidence to show that
died ...! doll.o , la al. POehet, which was a larceny had been committed, the accused
Missing. and seosettuaugh list lost be- I was discharged ,
croon give 111.1 i sln dollars. Suspicion attach. In justice to Mrs. Bosworth, who is a ver)
eti to Oliver clear, a boarder at the same estimable lady, we would state that there wits
boost- appulred before Alderman not the shadow of ground for
Chu present,
lor lit the forenoon and imule information Mon, and all who heard the evidence were
charging him with the robbery. The aCCUSOd a ssaile d that her probity had been unjustly
was arrested, cad himself and effects searched assa iled.
hut none of the missing articles were found
upon him. lie was held for a beside?'
Vie hippra Ills Urothes-In-lam
Patrick M'Garry was before Alderman
Lynch, yesterday, charged with assault and
battery, on oath of Dennis Murtough. The
parties are brother-in-laws, Dennis having
Married a sister of the defendant, who, at,
cording to the story of the prosecutor, he per
sists In abusing In an outrageous manner.
Dennis thought to remonstrate with Patrick,
with the hope that he would in future treat
hie wile bettor, but his remonstrance instead
of reforming the accused, only served to es
unperate him still further, and In his anger he
M.ll.lCk the peactsmaker a severe blow in the
li the pent
Patrick's right
to abuse his wife, but had conscientious scru
ples WI to the validity of his own chastise
ment, and in order to have the matter of
right made clear, he instituted suit as stated.
Patrick was forced to tied sworn.). in the sum
of for a hearing to-day.
Terrible Accident
A. terrible accident occurred at the Shalt, at
Tidionte, on itaturday last. The shaft had
reached a depth of nearly nine hundred feet,
and the workmen had name up to the surface
to exhaust the foul air, and Mr. Mart, the Su
porintendent, had descended about three hun
dred foot down when en explosion occurred at
the bottom resulting. It is supposed, from a
lantern which ho held 10 his hand, the fire
communicating with the gas. The alliOrLU.
maw Mall Was instantly killed, and lab 24.1.
mains were afterwards found at the bottom of
the eituft in 11 horribly mutilated condltiou.
Thu deceased was a resident of Reading, MU.-
act:11180,u, where a leaved a wife and several
children. Fits remains were taken to charge
by the hirisOnic fraternity and forwarded to
his friends.
The Attempt t• Tztort Roue" as We
Late Etre.
During the late fire in Pitt township, a mem
ber of the Relief Fire Company is reported to
have .demanded payment for his elements
Which being refused him, he positively de
• dined 88313[11m in any way to stay the de"
striation. We hate been welted on by by a
Committee from the Company DlMlted. 11,60
state that they have made a searching Laves
tigaticm of the whole matter, and can trace
the libel to no authentioaenree. If limp%
lams who made the charge will
t uch
name of the offending
t ory te , theY
Oblige the members of :rlizfeatmn _lay.
serious of maintaining _
have aequited by Jong years of
Two men named Job,.
• IVIDNL— n waxed In a t brawl
eu i tjic i a t trmilePP e Ll ni -aii,,t ir es, withtw ain
frv'r n ""eVAATKerma and
On Imlngbrongbe beard, the MA.79. .
the two elnit named were__,aleen7oo._
LowrT And 111""11
03 and3rienna
A Ghost la the Fifth Ware
Biddy and Edward Sic %natty hear the in
ant and sometimes :tameable relation or Liu,-
band and w Ile to each other. In addition to a
family Of three ragged nrchins they are the
joint pOSSeRSOM of a tiog—ri very small log—
oboes cruet and only virtue rest. in a harsh
grating hark, the music (1) of which he belch
es forth eighteen hours ont of twenty-four, not
only to his own gratification hut to the areal
annoyance of %certain William Sheehan, ale ,
occupies a tenement in the Filth want, Lotio,.
mg Ghat of 2de...tnally 7 s. lin Monday roam,
. .
about that iiwitching time 01 night wile.
gra, ityards jean," de., Mrs. filoatially Nell--
awakened by a noise in the back yard, till
going to the window she pt. reetved 0011.11.,
tram underneath the shadow of a large shad,
true a tall norm robed iu buoe)
while, folds at a Zilch hang SO loose(} Loa.
she eiLlppOsed the figure at Onto to Ito a apireti•ai
Visitant Irvin Linea.r a cant kaaritia
turn through the darkness to where her hue.
baud lay aleephig, she stood in:walla...Al
horrOr to the shot while great drops o.
rail,. Oozed out On her Sorehead. 'lnc en oec
Ofti horor moved stealthily hone... Int
• . Ag r o , apprOardird tiog-lii -1.,. te• the it
AnuaLly occupant. lint as she was about t"
scream out lu affright the figure made a sod
den leap—very unghassilke-,owaril the kaolin/
and drunk the a:aiming inhabitant there . ,,
with it stick that had hitherto been tionocalcii
beneath the gown .1k hta alioatehip, at them...
ilea muttering nil imprecation on the hand e.
the On lori.onate ranshe. lu an !natant Un
learn of !Ira. :unanimity vanished, tor in
v oice of the ....Lorna! wauilernr
recognized that of her neighbor h ut. Sheehan.
W lien asked what he was doing on the prem.
fees of the iticAnallys, he replied that he had
Item suffering long enough Irises the Inonasant
I noise of that dog and he had come to kill
him. The worthy Bridget informed him that,
ease lie should istrry out his murderous in
tentions, the would have her natural pro
tector to r ejoine d a thrashing, To this threat
Sheehan eby infOrming her that be
would kill boll! her husband and their dog.
After Borne further colloouy of an abusive
CharaCter, Sheehan withdrew to his own prem
ises and Bridget retired once more, not to
sleep, however, but to plan dire revenge on
the hem! of her neighbor. In the morning idle
appeared before A I de rman Taylor and charged
Sheehan with threatening to lake her Itfe.
The accused was arrested and held to foul for
Leadlord woo Ludirer
Florence hurley le the prvient proprietor of
a rather diminutive boarding house, located
on Penn street, to the Fifth ward'
Amen °there who have found shelter las
!Math the hospitable roof, was one Timothy
Galvin, who after sharing Burley's best, and
pudding at his board, had the ingratitude to
call the host harsh names. As Florence stat co.
It was not the words of the ingrate that
offense, ea much as his ingratitude, which a
of such a provoking character that noren. ‘•
a...compelled to resent It, which he did oy
knocking Timothy down.
The latter t Mere] suit before the Mayor,
and the landlord was bent in $.300 for his nb
pearanee at Court. This In the estimation of
Harley, was heaping coals of fire upon
bead, end determined to gain at least e,he
point In the legal game, be appeared lictor ,
Alderman Taylor, and made a charge of lar
ceny against hie former boarder, accusing
him of parlotulng 1.14 in greenbacks from to
drawer In 1-thrifty's own onamber. The larceny
is alleged to have bean committedsome tour
weeks prior to the melee leAseeen he par
ties. As there was no other resource left.
TAmoUty gave boil for a hearing to-day.
Ytitterday taunting henry Wo
Miller, genJamtn ktincham, Edward Copley
an 1 Jolts llogun e ere hued for being drunk,
and paid up. Terrareo Peynoltia, John
heart:Le. James Mitten, Frelorlck
der, Dennis Davis and Thomas Deime, charg
ed with this offence, were committed lu de
fault Of tie payment of the usual flue for such
WI offence. Of dieordorlles arraign• d the Meet
NT fl 9 Patrick Carr. Patrick nas charged with
knocking a man !hwn twice. At tac hearfre.;
it was revealed that a general row had taken
place between a ctowd of young_ men on Fitt
street, In which Carr, James lPhenna and
Loarrywerc engaged. Carr, it ap pears,k noe toe
one of the party down twice, and it was
that pistols and nlungehots were used. lon
none could be found. They were all arrested
and placed In the watch-house. This more , ng
Carr was fined ten dollars and costa, which he
paid. .I.Plittnntiivu committed flee dais
doMn it of a flue lit live dollnrs, Lowry, wi f e.
tt seems, was the Insttgator of the affair war
committed twenty s, In default of a due of
twenty dollar.. Jolin carrylte lined fire
dollars for disorderly conduct_ lie paid the
Am Attempt to Capture • Thiel-14tolen
osoll•aa Goods! Bee
About to Hight yesterday evening. Sir. nom. -
ton, of the firm of Houston ..t Son, No.
Fourth street, lhicovered A man leaving hi
store with anew ow_ which he recognized .L•
one belonging to the firm, upon his term.
suspicion being aroused from the fact, tn. ,
the article bad not been properly strapped up,
he made Immediate inquiry of his son. Mt.
William Houston, if he had sold the garment .
seen mg a negative answer, he futon:no.: the
iter Mr. Houston. of what he had sere
The latter started Immedialelv lit bursud.
and after a little seacili he found a Mall
mg on the Monongahela bridge that answer
mi the description of the thief, while in his
firm hung the missing coat. lining coolly up
to toe robber, Mr. 11 accused him of the theft
and endeavored to arrest ban, but after pro
tracted tsinflict Oa the bridge the thief suc
ceeded in making good ids escape by titiellig
to the opposite side of the tart, in his flight
he dropped anew pair ideal( skin boots, which
no doubt were Also stolen, and the coot- The
boots call be seen at Sir 11013 FLOWS StOre, where
the owner can recover them by calling.
A Npito Action
t.reen was arrested and taken before
Alderman Morrow, charged with attempting
to commit rape on the daughter of S. Ilillson.
The parties were at a gathering at a friend',
ht.., on Wylie street, on the night of the
Ilth of March last, and It appears that when
playing a kissing game It bramme the defend
ant's duty to kiss the daughter of the prose
cutor. Sne was rather backward about It, and
atniggle occurred for the coveted prise, dur
ing which Green threw Miss Hillson upon the
lied in the room and took a kiss by force. A
quarrel bari sprung np lately between Hill
eon and Gree ng
n, the former made the charge
above stated. It could not bo sustained.
being antialled with the decision or Esquire
Mot row, Munson made the mime charge le fore
Alderman Lynch, with alike emetic. He was
compelled le pay the coats In both cases.
lalsiona.—Two brothers named Peter and
Joseph Berger, who own and occupy a smart
grocery on tientre avenue, grow bolster..
awl violent ander the influence of bud whis
ky last night, anti proceeded to a drma lug sa
loon on Sixth street, near Liberty, where they
partook of further potations. Taking um
brage at some remark of the landlord, they
attacked him and tried to pill Ulm over the
counter. Be, of course defended ulmself and
in the fracas Peter Berger was at reek In the
aide of the head with a bearrung, inflicting an
ugly wound from which the blood flowed free
ly. The Burgers' were finally arrested and
lodged in the tombs.
Newopoper Sued for Libel.—the editor
of the Daily Republic, Nathaniel P. Sawyer,
was arcuated and brought. before Mayor, Mc-
Carthy, yesterday, chat g.. 11 with libel on oath
of Samuel Middle and Solomon Schoyer—each
making separate charges. The alleged libel
consisted in an article thatappeared in hater-
Um s issue of the idepublts, reflecting on the
probity of the partied mentioned 5000 u. Al
ter a hearing, Mr. Sawyer gave ball in the sum
of $l,OOO on each charge to answer at Court
and was released.
Two Obarges.—Hoary Moyers charges/ Wil
liam Calvin with assault and battery, before
Alderman Donaldson, y e sterday . The ottetice
consisted in Calvin brutally beating a little
son or the prosecutor, in a back yard, otr Grant
nu r~r
Mary Myers also preferred a charge of
ty of the pease against the name defendant.
e gave ball In each case roe his spreartirtee
at Court.
Thaukis.—One of our clerks desires to re
turn thank. to Miss E. C. H. for err kind do
nation. Will the roam, lady pitman inlortu
him what those cabalistic dances are Oil the
inside. All that he can maks out of them IS
place d
tetwar b AVIS 0 1: 1 0
tt rrt N... ' INT Y e : Ad ' a
No. 198 Smithfield Bt., cor. 7th,
R. T. WHITE .& CO.,
Kathester, Wood's Mut alul
A Alumna
Vageblial4 Siam sad Muller* OW
-,,..`zionsuast Colgimihralo l 4. *
03 WED:\ ESDA TS AND riszimr..ars.
The edilleun U tor.s.rdroal re.Cn bS sub
scribers ...est, as the Mall ran.
LLbU, tlr r ..
Hatch ls- •ra triug k:sta.blibknient,
1543 03ti-v.ot,
"OP I-ILn 1—•
60.1111;Til eV
'l'inlc Regimlrring
13111 tUAI z:'•
1./baler% tti Optlca! twodm,
li 14
Si r
.‘ n u„ a,
'finer Smithfield and Third streets,
Ikarlng ...,. £.l. opait,.l
S SUIT ONS lu} IVI6 1;t0,111,1\
iptmtn irum ItA eu treyhle es penenp,,
etenularalon L.k 111..fac. .ko.I by Ni. , ,1,C.U•1
!twill/ES, t., ole,crye en , , reyrise n litx , ral pat-
S. 11. SI L, Proprietor.
Soldiers of !Mil and 1862.
11.• ,rv”d it fur 1,1, a are , to 8100
r.) in, to 3 ,, r , 4 ,3 0 or who
1,4r,••1 0( M •.r their heir...
%hrre Month, Extra Pay
V,•11‘..‘ I r• 1
••• r• i• e Marrt,
au, .11,•1iar,,41. 71141. r tv•:g•..l
• .11•.‘1, ed are tritl:l,ll
I. 20 or 44, o.•gr. ••t , ILoa. II-
111, 7 1 t.,711,1,.!. 1 . 111-11111,11
"co. P ., lrk encet ei t. ttaariargh.
III: • 1 Li , d rt
r ~ , r t az4Suur
~.4,41 nut to • . un•ter--i•I r../ . 1 tit tle
t. 4e.
tv.srth 11.•
ol rttritt 1 , 1/1 NV, feel
that y su percl,:ut wriotr. want In
4r plug, +U]l 4rkizt , at «t.
Afi.HIILL [UNA!. DtCOriA 1 4:No,
a. 317..00T1A--",
lino +cre. t. t•ittaburgh
••3“ it
2A, au AC bawl
. 'Ol, u aIL• Afe rri,11...4
ant) of from 1100 to $4OO.
A. 11. It lcu W
wtt..rur? et Lew.
Ofiler. No. 11. kifto etreet,
• AI-est:AA w l'lrl'NEtu ISOM.
Die Sinker, Seal and Medal Engraver,
Stitinits anti Visiting Cards,
Also. I'l.ATit kUK MARKINu 1.•. I
93 Wood bi., Cor. Diamond Alley,
11. SC:HMI:I, Proprietor.
.ro. 90 Third M., Piiiihisrgh
Aii Orr luxUrie!of tbe t.e2,011. Llquors,
I . rlrx.te Inulag ram.m•uli ~taire.
Iron Bucket, Tub and Truuk
I. c. DUFFY,
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware,
Add dealer In ST..VF.S, HIIUnE. KUILNIBI - 11.NO
, JUUD6, ATKIt couLEltz AND
NU. 143.6 Grrisiaxit Street,
Tn.s nom, la the Che.apeat place In the ell.) tons
Pto, • n .nti Tin Ware. Job Pe ork
Practical Furniture Manufacturers,
La, It .1).1. of Fli RN ITU RE constautly on tulat:
Filth Mreet, bet weer: Tu fine! and
t".aiham streets,
Flrt.t r•ri Food , of al! dc,. Iptlaat always on
1.11, •ovrent ..patraks done
t+lNl.Yit, CIIENISr ANL , oW.1:11T013
l'Al 1,1 Or. CLA. , • A.} T Foot
odo , Hos WO, licoldenco, 14 Hay otrol.
lOA.. 1o14:4111
..110.36 Federal Slreel,allegheny,
Alt work ...Woofed t•• Idstare will tweet with
prompt attentwr. ti. , or
jyI2:RI2 •
licoLmEs, BELL & CO.,
Anchor Cotton Mills, Pittsburgh,
Mayo Iseto rert of
t ItOlt IA) bIIEETINoh,
ANCHt:tt (S) RtlEICTINliti,
AIiUHuR(C) mk/IL - 11NRS,
&tot RAT I (NO. tor lhor'o
I tubourgh.
aloo-y boomed on Silver elates, Guns, Pistols,
I , lanotods, Jewelry, Gold and :Inver Wate.hea
..thltn(, and alua.ll. artleles or eve - y def. - LW:IOn.
he . cannot b. del ivere.3 without a ticket.
ut asernintathe a ease of bre or robbery,
tiootts of verr tleacrlptlon for wale lowest,
tychltdM) EMANUEL. Is RA.)l'.
No. ide Yourth street, L'lttaporiA. Ps. C' nth Of
ad CRA/1021, amp
of LI Oil FUrlll•lgng lioons in
y ;-,nanychor„ ilfcarsetad tillral eq.
lisrcas.cas—/Lcv. DaTiO lien; , La,
J ;woo D.D„ Thomas Ewtni, „ nem
$9.00. WHO CAM BEAT THlStts , oll .
For Two WimiksOnir.:-
/ VII SeUillj • good TRENOWO.I.I.I mai( ZAMA*
Army own lazke, tar Me null .13111. 4risiunt
was, ataw. 36 Illatket - Mett: -
prima - ".^ , Dium, a s i
• ;.- J-2
L ~-"~
.- '~:
61 •o
..- lt•
le.,'mr: •
2.• sod
I.'o 1 . .1'T,, 1..,r8,
ult the• Itila
~~ 4. ~y~