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enniman, Reed & Co.,
Da Mirzrrn STREIT. Prrreoweau.
TMM% •
11 PlA i k B ANE) II Y dealt' ex eg lit
lie tttoburilh tbilette.
Tim President zuecntly said ssinic pleat
ant words to a delittlation of colored men
from Now Orleans who vaned lipin him to
ascertain his views in ivisprunce to the etill•
cation of their rave.. He professed treat
anxiety to have them acquire knowledge.
and claimed to he pre-eminently their
friend Hi [tall:, as reported, woe pleasant, ,
but it - emu - alas to amount to nothing. The
'.riident fail: , to consider that not only
the laws, but the whole habit of thought
an 1 vondavt in Southern ,ociety are strong.
4•rse to giving the blacks anything !ike
a la, c!111.11,. DUIIIIIIe,S they roust it
unit, to tutu and their own efforts to work
:at a 11 i!. , n?ioul , i I twit Co.,';'•.•: They
awn develop capacities and aptitudes, and
eat." estop is with their white neighbors
n wiler pursuits helot e they can expel a
LII re..tgaition of their rights. lint some
ling, Inure than words from the President
- nuhl grateful and becoming.
1)1. !UN. the rebellion, ,4111, 01 ihr demo .
rat it Journal- in Pennsy It :Julia threatened
N. many winds, ti. '•in:utgurat,. war in
~ tiorthern hills and
hat iii. y 1/.1 . 1111 , i " tht•
faint allellll.l, Nt'l.• 111:1 4 .112 I.•
l'n.i iu .trreral ni tho• Inno
um ii that vou-blerahb• uoluarl
• ton. re.latnl to s.uppres. the tat bulence.
A 111 , re .4.11011 e. xucwptWu% !Mid.: in the
.ity Nov I,ork. Btu no In.dy
Irtg:ltelie , i No ‘,114. rrightened by a rep
etition of these threats. The (_;oN eminent.
.1 tht ,it right t o
the 1.0,1 y i t loyal citizen.. The liepubli.
:an- .ante he the couiriil Ina leg ai
n• 1 :acy tileatt to carry .131 their vie‘,. un.
\ It a 11,v2...16a•1h, dry idol
ain,l thclit, 'bey do 1,111 mean II) 111141•
111. I )0110,111, ItII a rt•II. 111,
tut tol a.t Linn Itt ltlt . Ole nwonly
liecomv, Fhud ,ffizen,
.rllll llottee in pit,eini, - the I)ipliiinittii
Apprivriutiiin Bill, did it gteid thin,; It
ordered that no appropriation IT,nnulr to
pay the salary of n Minbter to
Normal, . 1 .0 I.lllg 1111 MT 111.11‘ I- 1' 11.111-- the
plat,. prop, y inlli,h that
otlice-:itiliters th.tlf treat Lime nil hi- •inli
ilk rebiyer! Congress takes :6i-
the onl Volo At us Coteloand- eilloree
the 01,:ig a tion of olliev•holdt. to treat alt
other •lepartllletits of the gOVcro local
rexpeet. cOttNe, the followers of the
President do not ;Ike flit-. They want ot
liev•lntlders to soundly :Altus , Congre , •.
But we think Congress not zreell 11l
to vote pty to Sur 11 fvl , 'A
TIIF fourth Lion ]I r ',in utunt,",
Luau prohibiting Ihinti.3 frioff I.' idirig
intel,t bearing note. part ap..r
:Trve.l fuurl wia, if orri•it an
When the vulupotinii nle,
NVI . F.• I (ISUIIi tLe imrntiuu (IF tho• (,(IVern
11Will IN,I(‘ that they ...houhl eon: inlet oir(-11
Ti., capituli,t,, will. V.1(0111 1:,1
ion originated. had II dill., .•11( ;Ilt(•:1
tint, tv 11 : 44 . 11 (Vat to Make 111 , :1151
ti Nat .on, lluula drat,. 0(1(14
Rh eclnal 1 , 11 s; 3.1.10 tat. law, as tratilt..l.
as they Loped. It is time Cm
atm, ,‘ corrected.
m„ sr onmEßY BLAIR, at the Re•a,l
ing Convention, threatened the ountry
with civil war in case Congress should pen
silt in not admitting the southern delega
tious semi. This is hot a repetition of
What Ise has been declaring in the rotund:.
had passages of the capitol for the fact seven
months. Montgomery has a grievance am!
is misiiralih. In accordant e with a n
lutioa adopted by the lint National Itepcl , •
titan Convention, he Wh. to rn,.l out of
Prerit'trit Liar•oln'. Cabinet_ Ile feels
sangnmary, and wants revenge.
LAEIT year the President "assumed a t it
tae, though he had it not." lie ordered
that to assessments should he made on
office-holders for l purposes. lie
assigned lofty. reasons, whi.dr were not the
true reasons, for this .our'a. He simply
wantrd to embarrass and. defrat the lie
publirmts, but did not deem it prudent to
say so. This 3 ell(' 111 the 111k...holders are
calied upon for assessmenid for party per
poses, but mot iu aid of Ore Republicans.
So the hypocrisy of the !President, last
year, stands confessed.
lo ANY MAN, viol Put anti debat.eci by ua•
ture, wishes to take leaso4 i e the use of
abusive and opproltious to
had best make a study of t
in most of the Democratit
Governor BnowNLow for
dent a "dirty dog." Soon
mils evince an in,,ornpart
blackguardiam, before wi
merit= of the Governor i
art, however considerable
inatiou, sink into insigniti,
h. mtsr be confessed
eratie State Committee h
main, au appropriate miler
to the Philadelphia Con
the rebel leaders meet tit
ed convocation they will
them as personal friends
the cause for . which they Waged a desperate
war! The omission of °tie or two 'mimes
from the list only detracts from the perfect
satisfaction it will give tote southern sup
porters of "My Policy."
Iv therein one right of d.ongress more
incontestable than another, a is the right
to judge of the eligibilityl of persitas claim
lug to be members ”r either of the !looses
Even President JIIIINSON is not SO far goo, - -
uto deny that right. C 'ingress has been BaLr-vtat tho.G.rnstdlooo.r..erzl.l.:
exercising this right in al way ihe demo. Linz:nod for time Ottler--Forrartst to
crate do not like, and ill threaton a dire rnt Tuilk"".„.,N7lY;
Prenident has
l o t retribution. As ye, c have f oun d no i, , d. tt s b i:i tee too' revlZ;l; t r the , g rade of lienerni
t I tinny of Ulu felted Mateo, nett this at-
Man frightened by their illarnor. teem,. comae t, to the Senate Lieutenant
General Grant t•r that onto., and Vice A.drul-
Ten orders Gcu been rtue 11 Yam {;el to Ire A".". 1 IIaVY ender
compelled to 'sync, fOiltititillig the riter- j
ganization of confederate military cond. i
panics, butteries and the like, and the tiree
lion of monuments to t i tomineueirate the
rebellion, may all be faitSly taken as Mils
orations of that temper t 4 witch the l'resi
dents Policy appeals arid to whitili it of
fords encouragement.
Tint Democrats profess to grieve that
certain loyal claimants are not admitted to
seats in Congress. 'They may as well
spare their sorrow. Loyal a lainiants from
the South profess great satisfaction with
the present_armngenient. They are the
other sort who are discomfited, Any lam
entation over them is thrown away.
TEE notilicatioes received by hundreds
of Union men iu New Orleans, that amaa.4l
- awaits thew unless they leave the
State, are all evidences that the men Con
cerned in the rebellion are not in a suita
ble frame of mind to have the fate of
tletcze left in their hands.
A splendid 11.0newood Piano, of a celebrated
make, full seven-ootaVe, and handsomely fin
lahed, price vary low, at Gardiner's great
Boot and Shoe house, No. 60 Fifth street.
Refrigerators. lee Chests.
Four and live minute Cream Freezers, lee
Pitchers, Water Coolers, Water Filters, Meat
Safes, Bath Tubs, and a full line of goods 1 00-
eralb ' suitable for the heated term. trorstrwic
the 1",11e1W, our variety the best, and our
prices the lowest to be found anywhere
of the mountains. Call and see, at 121 Wood
Street, south side, nee doors a , ,0v.. rife st•
w. W.
The Bees Bs
ithl, n
IL kln,,
WY lug
For +an. by all izioVol..
ailvertoicincint in anialitiT oolunin
Aortal American Transit insurance Cont•
pant of Philadelphia—Portland Fire.
Tin North Allierlean Flee Insurance role.
poly has paid It 3 lossea ut Portland. and re.
<sects! I
rim the Insured the follow lug testi
11 0 . undereigntel, haring belt lenient. in
the Newt 11 %mei - ham Fire I moiratiee t pally,
of Hartford, Conn., hear grateful testimony to
1 be prmlitt and liberal manner the satne
Net. atlitiettel and pant, thereby alleviating
i lie Moses sustained by tin , recent tnrritnie
CCM nalfrution. colilittlly the
North American, of 11.rtfor.L, to the mull
ion., And liattionage of the plan.. •
J K. leinnell, - A. N. Noyes tson.
Wieelman True A t 0., Charlie sae yer,
Jeremiah li. White, It AI Brown,
Ea s. limey
ft{ ,
Nathan J
J C Woo-nlutan,
M. .1. M..t L. A. B. A. Lek lo 81 ;o.
by E. S. Hovey, at Cy, / IL Mreed d Co.,
Due it Berg her, Joseph s. Jewett,
Cu,. rsok
Burke's Bulkhog,'2.llloor, No. to Fourth .1
Vila. Busse - sr, Jn.. secreeary.
Jos r::.DR.I.Oe, l'resldent.
11 AUT 1,1111, .1 ult. Li, Istis
71, the Pgar ~,,, of the ettaneettcsl f 'u'
l'hv old lu n na o t lent takes pleasure m an
-11,1111,111g to Its patrons that the .11,13.41(Otl,
01rfagrut um in Portland, on the Fourth Or
July. has 11.1 110 nay affet•ted Ito soundness or
pro.,terlt v. It has just declared and paid It.
:st Ii Ilvsfewl, and the money to In bank to pa)
ever V ti4li MI 01 Its loosen, most of witch have
Iga•il adjusted and paid. The claims alreadt
itd ju-ted reduce its a hole loss to $17,0110, which
it ts expected 0111 tte still fu ther redueed by
ielju-Intentsos being made. After paying
vt rt ,1-11 or of lo.mes It has a cash trplus
, .
•, can reins°, evory risk, and show
gasr , ~ e ntagc of surplus than, with ',cry
vioriptlints, any company now doing his'.
%V. Thome ‘3.” A Co..
itorke's Iln Wittig . Nu. t Fourth
Agents for the 'Move Companies.
'Jo abe Ninny rAt of Liver Complaint.
A the w n.l erg to medical properttem
a limit have rotiorosl HOSTETTER'S sTONI
tL. II JOTTER , pre-outioent anothg the
leg preparation. of the age. its
virOloi ore not Ilie least reutarko-
• So (2W lu justice to It marvel
, elfeet upon the alb... Kid liver, lierlowe
a le /le.ertl/es it as -going right to the spot, -
tell rt.+. stork as clearly as ul.O to,. It doer
ra; I/ to tre st o t.II operates •Ilras•tiv upon
the /I+sorder/•/1 organ, and whether unduly
of tit a state of paralysis, restores It to
a con+lltlou of IouILIL The Sickneas at the
otomwell, path between the Shoulder+ and In
the 11.1ght .Ids, Yellow So Huston of the :skin,
I. /et It saes., 10/wetness and 1-angunr, Inin•
nes.- of Sight, Cone. Palpitation of the Heart .
+ cough, Loa F,:,ei, and other eyrnplono ,
Inot cate tile endow+ phaaes of .irate
an/It/Or/An , Liver Complaint, are ono and all
'amain ly and an/Lily removed, Ly
the action of th ih honouo prepasutton, w loch
is at care the heal of corns:tires, the gentlesl
aril nor t genial lit a pent:Lao, an Infallible r
and a powerful restoratlve. Persons
•,I e ~,Itt, l l, habit. 1411, %lie the Illt ter./ ISO a
0:0L11.(1V, willnever caller the
..alas and peueltlea of hirer disease or Billow/
Ur n 3 Mehl Fever.
era sold wholesale and retell at rely low rates
t I.IIN yud Putout llaltcluu Depot,
'0 4 Market otteet, coruor of =el Diamond
!Mal k et, 1.6. r Fourt
Illaturbaneen on the Foster., Pibore of
Vlrtttnin Between the Whales and
Macaw auto, of Ibe Trouble e
irroeo II noted DOIVn and lEtobbed—t It
A utborltles Overawed by Armed
Foams". Monson, July . 13.—The
elate. steam tug Geneva returned yesterlhey
morning from the scene of the disturbance on
010 eastern shore of Virginia, near Drum•
mrripitown, between the inhabitants and the 1
negroor. it appeara the trouble originated in
a band of white men hunting down some no
prom for the parterre, of sarching for one
named Com,lt, who. a few da e vit previous, hail
attempted to cut the throat of a white man.
The negroes were robbed of their Meru f. and
morsel. when they mails eom plaint to the
civil acithoritieS, who homed warron L. 4 for the
orm.t at eiev oft tie white Toot
The MI. InAtunt was net apart for the lit ar
i, of the mudi at a e Magi . flamed Woorlaek
Of f that day about one beetle...l well unroof
white men assembled, swearing they would
1,111 every TIC.OO 0110 at tempt et) to testify, nail
three...eel the inagletritte. Mr. itt., with vio
moo , . if the proeeed loge were eontleueil. The
orbiter moire - n.l upon tee warrants of arrest
tee Itnposailillity of conducting the trial
0.10011.1 /11014 elrCUtuetaneen, oustinform fol
M French, agent id the F luen'n Ile-
reao.of 111.. action. The latter officer advised
the negroce to quietly rote,. t. their Jenne,
Pa",ede while the )•
pwaorrset;tlV"hgys"Chle"ii'r. to w e o i r i n e:rti ". ;
01101 thee
places white ("pan the
airsr,' of the troops the men diapereiet
Its evi ry di:m . lloU, and not One fit : them effulfl
toff ad after a most rigid search
•ts of speech, h.
leaders where
jOttroals reliuke
-Iling the Presi
of those jour-
Lk genius for
that itispoolag
❑ his own
Coal Sold at Anelloo--Cholera Inset
and Denthos—liales of Eire %
not lureeated by the Fire Underlie!.'
ter..—fteistiro of a Connierfeiter and
Counterfeiting Moterial—Oloilliery I
*rondo nettled.
N.. Yuan, duly 23.—Thirty thousand tom Cl
coal were sold at it cieLlon to.lay. by Delaware,
Luelit..wanit rm.! Weutern Railroad Lompany.
Tic price. were. lung:, uteainor, 4430 Q)
AI l grate, 5ic,i3191p0,73; egg,..d,71.40,75; stove,
ehinitnia,S33:oo's,ss; weight, 2,240 Ili.;
delivered at XI iwabeth.
Out of twel‘e miles or cholera reported to
day, there wore Done death. in this City. In
Brooklyn eight cases were reported, Ind no
It ham been erroneously %toted that the re
nt eonvetition of Fire Underwriter. hare
hail aili aimed the rate , of erariee, ten per
cent. So action whatever Watt taken by the
convention on that toribject.
Jelin Brine and about a rintulred
worth of counterfeiting pres.e. and
other material, were ionised to-day ut 43 Maid
:en lane, by revenue °Meer.. 1101ni was taken
)• (rands have been settled by
the proprietors paying their lines and duties.
lint the Demo
is made, in the
'ion of delegot , 4
rent ion. Whery
!tri in that vaunt.
enognir,e mod of
nd as frierigk of
fre tt efre, Titat the Convention approves the
restoration policy of President. JOh !Mai ,
opposed LO the ratites:l policy of Congress, Wel
1r.... hen Orleans. I ha v i u g been 1.'11o! by n largo number of .11.-
Net Outr , l . e , JuIS —Tien ..teanter Ken- tlnguisiled tellow-elligens front the northern
singtort, fr.. Boston, 0 rr:ve.l. She broke her and moot tiro states of the Union to on Ito Itt it
twelve tulles trot. the Paseos. National t....onventlon to bo held at Plthedel•
The Southern Mettle itatlroad is open to put a August 141 S, areopts that invitation, and
Marshall, TeX." and arrangements are stank- alll proceed to elect four Senatorial delegates
In •, to continue it. and two from euelt Congressloual district, to
Th., old iterwieb'e BuY rO..R , t.alvsslou represent the state of Mla:onsippi in said
will open open on the first 01 Anutlast, with thteo Philadelphia I ...v
steamers per week. Tlio thee of travel alit go other resoluttons were Thorn
he lessened front six to ten hours: wa. no speaking.
The work on the broke . c..”Autlcos The delegattll at large are lilies M. 11111yer.
to, the first, of Septetnber. William
Today's receipts, toc hales. New YorkNorgor henryDoekoray, F.
Cotton easier and unchanged; sub.. of MI
p,,,,,,,„, 30n . A
bad ex
11. Sy Third 101.4 t M
riet, A. urdoch, .1 A
k:..r.ehange t4e. discount. GOId,I, 4 S I A. I Bedford; Fourth District, U.:a Nanthattiel
Barris A. Mayers, Fifth lbstrict, F. stet
rail, !Aram Cr.siday.
Cockaniirstllosa as Jersey City.
Nsw Yuan, July 25.—8 Y a lira which broke
out Is hlr. lielley's stable in Jeremy City last
c• ening, five dwelling houses, two stables, ten
horses, toid one mule were destrOyed. The
dames progressed so rapidly that scarcely an
article of furniture was say d. The loss is
estimated at *WOW, with
00 insurance of
River et Louisville.
Lontavtitc, July 25.-11. leer riming rapidly,
with four feet nine Inches in the canal. A
heavy rain is falling. Mercury eighLyeilght
Vermont. Delegates.
New Yeast., .1)1y 25.—The Demeerutie State
Committee of Vermont 1.90 appointed dole.
gateo to the Pilllade/ylala Convention.
263 Miles of Cable Paid Out
PrusAiatta Again Silcceohital in a
‘angiiinary Conflict.
Railroad to 11lla in Posses
slot, italiamy.
It Wright. It
Russia to Preserve Her Neutrality
Charlt. More... M.
it. Malec t.,,
trernmu pau.teti tills poittt. r •ut
left I.lverpo..l July 11.111, nbont .I,,eJoek
I irect for quo tuic•, w t •101.1.11 g ill Lon
r‘l.l i• thv. t.r,•at
were qultc tavntat.le Goad) progree.. ame be
lig mad , ~.tintlety the!'.• it. 'he
had paNctl out tan hundred urd elghtv-threr
mar,. nt . th , • Atlantic e„1•Ie, and !in.! run
tam , of tan hun.1,41 ,Lsnl city-three tulle,
hotu lathl
L:rerpnoi Jniy —Noral 100 t
nlornlng tle,nl,l nment In Inn on.
d lie na1..., nrn enIIUPLE,I ..o.a hale,
turirl.rt Tlrturt. hut pi lees are Vita li t
ncl .
for mini •N
In , It the Sel,
lug further has Inerege,re , 3 t.: , neerhnit
the hegotiallone het een Napoletor oh•I tht
v1.110,1,11[1,, power.
Setter.' Freaelt pope, tit", etteetVl4l true
11r:talent porar.hloa• ralwe newts
A wattgalhare (-emit tcl. Look plate on the I ith
het eeh the Pro tend Fe.lerat
hear A•eherrenhuri.-lato.u The honor wet
eat trely ,mereewf al The to.. 0 wa... ot awe,
atet are Feleral retreating. Tot
l't uenwlart* were ...rel.,: rarAfo ,
:11ch town 1,011 te Ott et nounte.l
fe•ter.l tr , Ops, an.l the Diet heel ,
to Aug u.tehhora. whet e forergo repn
eentativee were capeete , l to ...wash me 11.
to rehattarten , of the Pr tl.,0:1 x 1 ICI un.let LP
I 1..h0; h:+. e heel, ,
eels netee.l to Itrt,rte
wu. repteel to no pteme.whal of tl,
on the 16th
for the 1 resent
July —A
01:14, market, nlnt, IL.•
tallith, had occupied I . ndqa an I
town, 04 014.. i Ine /MAO tO 1,111.4.
Tl,u A11 , 411 . 113(1. '
enlet, thus, not ruilm.lolumuntv
Iton \ sunsuit, so that unit,. Lt•t•llsil I
11+10 , 1P , 1. the. AtiyarLit, t annt , t router nod i
it, i.ez
Ihe of thy• %1'1.4:.•%., isis
In. Auotrlan onNernu.,•,l t : , l lll,• • • •
cul glitherlng 111,1111. L. It •
Whl - 111, It still 1 , ....e1( v•unal 5. , in. , 1.,
.d 1111....1,1.1LL1g
Ist,llll e 1 It•nnt• tab-I:1,1" 4 nut
to. reu ~ Use
:.4/1“210 , 1, It WA, 1110 itilllll% lu.
ttlnu.ter nt )12,1tettout.III 4. a hi.
Intist e tmelve4l Vl•uttis
rre,..e , l 1, II ttow the I 1%5525e
Muctwitt.lity. 1,110.111 g Ilse the '
regardo t at.. glefnme...f tettua.
at ,1114, r..1[1 , ,,1 11,
twilnit/tt. ma...weft:44 that %.2,554
. •
I I CAI Vti R. Als 010,4 ~I .) ...2.1 st.hlt , l that 1
uul.lllll/1.1 Ult. operhtl , ..., 1. , It .IR: I • ••I ti
line ~1 the Lhiouht . , + v hich tztvxhl I.ring a rt,
hinn .t 1.41, k, Oil Fil/1 - ,1.1r , A vtlinge to..
1.1111 , e mill , from tit. gut, of It nun. vr
LIII .km• , Mts . " ..otrlmotir , l c.slui l
Lilt In-..M t la.. /
mrolv.. t.r ttltnek %ICI.", 10.1 • 1 ...t1.1.•
ly a1.1.4.mpt to rlsr.r i•otitt
ne•, .•” v,;) • ota, la:
u,oltlitirt) Int" the,
ittio 14
Au,r,an .11.) tm+ s r•
1,011C111,, ,
vitia4.ll - 1 h.] /11.11 J ..' C 110,0 1 ,1
cure tup h, 1•11.1 tr
the P rtaw, c.• f. , , t ht. onnet
Intervlew 1.4 P turmarvlte.
take pint.,,- 1.101.
pr,ttli•t•ly /.14.1 ~,,, ni
03 nigKrkt 7 -
I a 411p1innai lr cirrinmpi -it l'eler.lnirg it
nu, deniprenl that 14.1..A5in Int.o , prrn.ent
tniation of istnsinloning itn polio of nonitnlit)
and tint Indy In et,a• of Pvtivt, ot
the part of an) fornign nt Irinalnfllrt a
no nl.l tank.. kninun ilerkar t
' lone Lisle an attlindc norrnnpoinlio,{ n
nitere ~ . n
Tin; I.l‘nwecor iin_rfn entlra ;Lynn
tth n 1 2 ,1 f ,, os.
[11,1..1,11.a 14,,1ug•
Ath.4" I ra,,, .ipte that a.I
(la toi
tali) 2/11/11, )!u./.. ,Art .IA, :I•na ri
1.) fr , rl , l set x
n ~ t EnK.ati. tr 0.3).. x. rt In 1.1.1..iLg. 1t... V.,. zit
to 14twIrnbis.
Th e h hhh t.h I ern :nett t 11.1 41r. t 111.114.41
.I.• of ne% •tpape, Ilst.
Report of Committer rarerlna Iterwal
of Neutrality Loa a-Payouts. Claimed
for Property Ibrotroy col by Prisms...Fs.
-War Prrierobir to n Maerlllrr of Our
Righlo-Lnglood Mecum,' of I le.-
one lbr Itebeillon -Tian reeds.. lir
• 00•10111-Reparation Vary to Ireland
.”..1,11,11,1;t, July .6.-Thu report of the
Unmmittee Fotelgu Afforn,,,ul.lllltl,l
lLu Iluane t.erwritl Bank, Inv.,
the repeal , J( the moult kallty lawn awl enact
ment rtf "the, , 1111(arialt y withthe law ~t
ourseitow. It chillan payment from ltrltion
for property ,h,,,troyett oy privateer% fitted out
[wan AMINIt ports,
and .
W title we in elm pew,. l, 111 ILIO/ OSOI
My 4W „ In;natal-ailing totaim
war, it nri (Coin iteerwaity. II we are
compelled to climate torturen LOP -.milieu id
ut' rights arid an appeal to the arbitration ot
aar, there COO IN' 110 cloolA about the der:wool
We can no longer •ttool tooldor the lOole.• Of
OW We hat ntorml amid for ottou
nations long enough.
It io n, Magian.] of countenumellig I tie
ruination, and imerid, of the auppronnstiti the
Fenian invasion or Canada, MO better twin,
meat than England had a right to c mita
It alludes to Idaho... ari race which hen
1 anifereu for ticaturloa bleat:m.o,le nnu InetTa.
blemega, anti aaaerLes that the A merlcan
people believe that England owtw reparatlon
L. Ireland. The triterventlon of our borer..
uncut In the F cnlnn ottutpalgti againet Canada
In therefore pf of Ita fielity to obligation.
nuppritaut to hßlue to oth d er ILSOLOOIy and ought
to nattily the world that non have nett. her
tntoreet tIOr ,1081,49 LO illaturir the peee. of the
world. The committee repOrt rtwo w lutions to
carry into effect their Idea.
15111m61.e Conventßesolutions Adopted
Endorsing ••!lty Palley . " and Accepting .
Invitation to !tend Delegate.. to Phil
adelphia Consolation.
Jn. axuv, Jmy . 15.—The Uonvolition.
tuut. anti adjourned. Thirty-t no eou uttern aro
eery nutnerouttly repromuoted. ottleerx
wort...twig,' John HnlLx. Prorldont; tillen N.
ji Illy,. A ay.. K. Joh ruston mul Ist.rturd,
Vino Presttirntr.; Uttar.. and ta. , Ward,
tiocretari.. rb. fallowing !usoitaion
Maryland Cosiorrssiiivo Union '
lie July 2A—Tho Connery atl ve Un
ion State tonventio t of the friends Of Pretti
dent i01.11011',1 policy 1.1.0•0111141,1 hero at noon
to-dity. Poste...tut Purnell called the Con
vention to order ant denounced the radicals
and siren nouelyentlorneri the policy ar thy
Convention. Mr. MAWnominftted Mr. J• M.
Fifer as President or the Convention, w blot
was Conn rmod. A canon Mee on resolution.
Was then appointed, mutilating of Mr. Blair,
EtisCorigretsrpsiert Cronffold, Alvans anti others.
Adjournment oft Tennessee inmemanre.
A enruJA, July Z.—The Termemee
tsture adjourned 1.111 the first Monday fu No•
Senator From Kansas and Senator and
Representatives (roan Tennessee
Sworn fn—Joints Resonation Adopted
to Adjourn on Sattarday at Noon•
Wssarso•ros, July 3, I.
Mr. L. U. was sworn in as tiountor from
Kansas, rice Lane deceased.
Mr. Joseph Fowler, Senator elect from Ten
see' for the term ending March tth, 1871, had
hts erwlennals pro , ented by Mr. Sherman and
wok Int , oath of otter.
Mr. Fe.ieteinn eaded up the resolution for
the adjournment, Cud mused to dx Friday the
97th a tile ,Itty
Mr. Sumner asked:Mr. Poland If he Intended
to abandon the bankrupt b:11 for Lill. , stceann I
It not, wt. cannot adjourn before Monday.
Mr. Poland oar I be irMWod the late rote
ou lee bankrupt bill /16 dm:siding l'. fate for
St , ,umner movod to amend the motion of
Mr. Fusee:alert, by aslngMonday the iteth ae
toe day for adjournment
renoltaton " rtlr' •. , 00.•• !.•
.0 ',LEM ni ay 50 pa,
air. Wade hoped that t.ongrone would not
adjourn without admitting Nebraska wad Col
orado. Ills owe opinion wan that Congreaa
ou F ut not to adjourns at all, and that wan the
manumit of the majority in the Senate two
months ago. There wits lin af/PrebeolldOl,
throughout the country titan something woul:1
take place uetrnuental to the Interests of the
ntry, if lougress adjounted It would be
if all LllO dellartlnanta of the tiovern-
Meet were harusoolons, hat It was evident
that when tong ress atiJourtituf, the liovern
ment WOllll.l 1 , 11.4,4 11110 1at1111 4 1 . 1011a4/0 to the best
Ukterests Of the country.
qUentio,i lot:mg Laken OIL AO. ,umnot's
0t50111.41,t11 , ...1at, till . 31151, tar lA, se w, i t
inagrveol lo Jr.; .nytt, Z.
. 1310 , . : et1 in klUttlICI Ills 113011011
TI ring n ,lily 14, iLtlfutimulont at Sal urnlt‘..
.lata, at noon. 'l'Nn Itlll4lllllnAtlnt wan agrukal
u•l t atilt:what paseaat
Truess, 13
Ylr Tm tty bull, f rum Loll .10.11Maly
ramortott IL lull in rrlot..lun rurpo.
Id said Ite .110 taut o toll Imweittile enrinider-
11r. Itw. kalea muilmn tt 10.1 a rotiol tam. n
ructliq.; the t 111
Oil thellltnrt .1 lrut r+
• report ti for the hots:ll3e, 411 noldlere 111
it late wnr I'olunWerg,kl In 1.1 land 1..2.
wthi Lunde Knot till revolution gOeto
Mr Wthle tt,kt..1t...-all op the bill for the 1.1 \ otolotklt.
dhh,shloo lttlyroolloh, the
m Mug hour exihre.l watt the' apprOprt-
lir. 'lnward ottor,l an amerniment appr
mil lug tk ulll, tent 41Ini nrtil Pay lik
lie Fl,l U. Ingan tavalry, t mustered out of
ryter in I tali. The en, nf Iranwporwtton
Mt ttt
011110Sw altl that the cam, Ineh m
tuetl ttt..
Ifttaatt) watt not I lir only 4,11.• ot the. kiwi
nat Ititflef. Not eral I allfornla reg.,
taw nt. !nut lat:n tunatentil nut tar rl aurae lol htt.•l ikt trturn that: tin r . pell lle
ai peg I ttl.l viul.l ull iN• eat I.roa-rit 111 "UV Intl
a~rtstrvartl ,altl hi , knew ctl
i) tte,WIN Ilth w Itll tltal iit thr. a Ytrvt St It - 13
,44111ie htt,tattl Mt. Mocar•l'lt amendment
ttuhl lie amended .1 to tnttlatltt regt
itet.t. It...tatted nut where kitty tint not tr-
Mr Nnstnith astitt the Mich ibnan r . n,n wan 1 ht.
onc buldulttial to the Military ...outwit.
•,• rile appropriation, he Faint, na
to oc
uh man
Ili. ' , l enna. drina tined the r Vannil tut, •
.0 tun AU Vtllitlll , lll. or Mr. Itowaitl, and the
n..1.11...1 wk. n
- yea. ay. Pt
Mr. t onneas tillcrt,l au amendment appro.
foi t) 1.110..• and , 101:aia to prattle tor
surrey 01 the tatlitua. ttt I , arteu, under
t.c •1 ire. lion ot I:.t. az I tap, tut ent, for tat.
,n.tructa al a 'hip ratan] Agranal to.
tan WO tin... allibr ,
Ibl uK I • 1 k
1 it.buaarabl .I‘bliat+ for a lig. I ttttt
.1. 4.1 loot 1'..r4,44..,
1'el. , 11:1g ditaols.loa on the above. Sit
"rialto , moo 0,1 that Insatiate at ay/ I. ;tel..
Ibbbb 171.1.1 , It 1 abb One 1/141.11 Italf 14.1 tabs.", and It
‘.l Sit Wii•• ,, g, tile army 1)111 troll.
I 1u.k.1•14 tip 111 agr.,4l
v• clt 1 onirrrnee, ren.111 . .1 for 1.1
1,1441 ..t. t“ hi.. tariff an.l
;•• ••rsm. I 0.11,1•1tet., tatlll-.1
• 'AM 4•11.1 %wt.
tu• •.L , I 1..43111.,
t •
AIS,II. i.. 1 .1/ POI VI a
gt, prop..
r•slin, ...Amt., of tli.•
4 • V,
a• 16$
.I•Pts[ ik,••••` /II 111.. L 1111, .11.1%1, 111
••11,4 1 1 1.• 1•11,1,i1/ 1.11.0111 1..1 . toW 1,"
.11.1 kns,w
..;• tr• 4,:ia.r”•s
..-1 VI/7 I f start. elluki
.•. ”.•1 it,
. 6666. • 6166 616 'it., 6•I• ,ratingeht %pew...
A •I•• , .alo. n :he relut.•,.
lit favu,sl th.! p. p... um • , f Mr becatt. • ,t p ul the f , r
at l mt.. I. han,l• ~
l,e put. L 66, / me 6,661 • i 66 1.0 161' tLe
s,g.-ant-at-arrn• ithoul any authoray ri
h.. had ti taht, •Irt If sr,.
, of t eharr w< egorwtt, e
•.flieet of the .a , m4:ellr Yr ur lute. bat
t, ,ergnuht. , -al-ar rt..
Mr I :awn a
it,, tlust
at; ar I a.• 611,1 61 a 101114 51t11'•666 Us
-16116. VI {1166 , 6 ,66‘11,661 , 16 - 11166 a...a faithful
b.,. h.. •411,e as any utast wt.,'
r‘er be i.l It. Ile Mr Trumbull, woula
Ilk.. U. Show what pet Of fur ..rito Mr ~.rxturs
Lad whmth he wiatteal have appotrite•l 1271.6
666 rt•1,4,-,e °Meer ert the
Mr. Unruh , . .at,t that he luearst 110 aa.aute 6115
fry !..-riLrunt-s 4 A ruts. What be bad 'rata wa..
that t place for htra the wrest.. .11
..111661., was at the rigni .4 the Preatcleat
• t: ~r •n.I not 6111 reuraßylvanlit *V4.016.31' Wall 1/16,61111., pureba.ea Ile ti..rtmesi had
...erul E 16,1116561161 616
Lb, ar..qtpl.
Sir 1 b.:II- I he, er heard an.
trn! :i.e. 11 luip/
.51 I , ••1‘,.., .5i 1:111.111. 1 . 1 - 1 - 11,11i,111
IltsV, v 4.1.1111.1111. t•J twat,
, 11., .000: 1101 1.1• O. 1111 l 0. 111.14.•
LllOll. 1 ..10.1.1 1 .0.1 1,1•10 •I 10 Mt
ISt /all bill tr.. 111 0ff...0. tlo.
fr ill 1110.0.0.1..101 10. 1:10101, 1.. confer 11:om
1.10.lllt• i. 111 1,11 , V1,1 . 111 a, k. .11 11.. PO,
• .
!ilz nt4,....1.1t.11.“ Lir sit It 1.:..1uts to ray
a fenordn 10 11.1" . 1 the impitt.ation. CNL
upon the a
chartwlrt :he ~r a•that-a4A rot.
by Mt tor laifni Me had I. nou it tl,ut trill, et his
went y•llvy ) yarn, and hint tt, ,lit.m,„
Of spot Iran in togrlty lettltlat and private' ,
Alr di.nuanlon, Mr. Icatles
orogataltion u 1141106114.1.1.
AW.^ MI", gm Sir %Voile's oropoirition.
and It It NA dinagregl to by a vote of IS year. to
'Si nays.
At one o'clock Unit rnorolitig Rho Salt t, the
Mr. ILICtf, 01 Mansuchunettn, from the Com
mittsacin Nara. Affairs, reportud hack the
110 W e, 1,111 It, prevent officers of the navy from
being •leprteici of their regular promotion on
aea , l,lllll. of wooed?. received In battle, Ith
41.11 ~ ttt Intel) 1., The tot:melte eats were agreml
is, and the bill pensed.
Sii. Kamm , loft mte, ed a hill to Incorporate
a National Farm belimA for orphans and de
pendent children of colored midtrm and
to, o th er colored children, whlell a l as read
Li der I lmrs and pitsned
end Cooper, one of he Mehl born (non
Lilo state of Tomo:este . , appos.mni ml wile
qualified by taking the oath 01 office pre
nerlbed by law
Mr. Ihmtweil, front the Jalteiary commit
tee, reported n. 1,111 giving to fmned,,,,k,„,,"
oppolnted by Circuit Courts the name power,
In regard to lelanlell avoiding their contracts
t hat are given to ot the Peace by the
seventh sent lon of the act of .1 my skit, 17tc, for
the gov rnmrul and regithd 101 l of seamen in
the merchant
I ry Ice, hall was reed three
1.111 panned
Mr. Womthrldge Ulnae nevlool reports,
wI ich were laid On the table, among clean the
them.• bill to tneorporste the National 11111011
Telegraph A sms•tat.lon .
John W. LULA ick, one 01 1110
from Tellneneee, appiarml and was qualified
by taking the oath "1 °Mee prenerthed lsw.
Mr Witham*, from the Jodlciary Commit
tee. °ported it 1,111 to recut Ito thoappoint-
Men I Of elerIES and coututlieilOncrx of ball, ;ire
hi Intim the itiquitoLinent by United Staten
of judges of relit Clone by Mead or marriage.
Alter NORIO 11 laCtlaceOn the 11111 While
Mr. LaWrolloo of 011111, front the same norm
mitten, reportoil u 1,111 to define tool pneinh
curtain Tito bill make!. It a crltno to
rt/ I . any persoll 01 property belonging to the
V tilted nteths, or to 1111,1111 any impediment on
the track Ili bolt out. currying 1/ tilted Staten
Misr sortie dismission the 1,111 was misled.
Mr IV'llll it the name committee, re
ported a 1,111 rental ,. I.lle 111 , 5010,41011 of lalllle
.n ttsoatud by Rut nority of the 81.11(.1 lately In
I,e/0111On. 1. makes It the duty of the Presi
dent or covetuateling orticur or intlllary haven
stalloned within a particular:o.MM or district,
lin COMplaint of Any person dispomemed of
W 011,5114 for adherence to the cause of the
Vole, , to restore him to possension of the
Mr. Trlnthle denounced the bill us giving
military °dicers authority to decide legal
questions OF to title to real estate. Me moved
to lay the hill on he table. The motion wan
Wonby yeas, Mt nays, Cl. The bill wan
thee named with a division.
Mr. Lawrence, of 01110, from the name COM.
lalltLee, reported back with Illnandlllolll.s, the ,
bill to amend the net of September 24th, 17M,
to mitabliali
. 11dicial courts. it gives the move
°. Coded Slates, and Judger/ of
such court sus hoursr
s, In asldition to taunt toy now
conferred by law, poWor to gran writs of ha-.
bees nonplus iu all mat. *hero any pore°. MAY I
be restrained of Ms or her liberty, trt v Whitten
of the Coustitattlon or of any ism
or Met Of I
the United Stated. Tho act Ls not to apply tti
the mum of any version who is, or may be, held
In custody of the Military tux thorltles of the
Waal Staten charged with any milli:aryl of.
tenon, or with having aided or abottod MO to.
hellion against the Government of the United.
States prior to the temeage of the act. after
diacmasion the Amendments were agreed to,
and the bill pained, ' Loofa 31a o age
The House then resumed the consideration
of the bill reported from the Committee on The Rolfe at MI Pie-CLlC—Affray at florae
lhutking and Currency, to amend the national land's tirowe— lnjured Party In a Celt
currency act. The bill and several amend- lest State—Escape of the Offender.
• • - -
meets proposed Were ni 9 e , mbea ni e..^ 5,41, r. - A cutting affray of l serious nature took
hie length by Messrs. Merrill, Lynch, hoteh
igUilsoa;llC:ll n ,
gP.r.Rier, dall , of ' o n ( NVe l v ert " V ‘ l n r . gl l n e i v a - , ( P i l r a o7re, 3 o ' n 'th t the ay
a o7th rn e °° P n e Pennsylvania ' a
I ' Ra n
Kelley, and others. Tim hill was postponed roan, about three miles east of this city, which
try a vet.. of 54 ye. to 17 nays.
Ar t i r. r,, ll , a r n e k po s , f t r e n d m . t l !r 1 4 1 .;o n T e m fe i r t e t , e l ig t n . r h 7e n t e irri a- "' II I probably ho t
as tar na we i t: a r r a n t:l a
. 1 I ;
trallty laws, oldelt We, read twice and order- Too young Mee. named Patrick
cd Co Lc printed and ideterred until to-tnor ,
r widenand Thomas Burke, were attend-
Mr. R.aymoml, on behalf of Mr. Patterson, , lug a pie -ale given at the above Grove, yestel
of New Hampshire, and himself. submitted a day,
minority report.
On motion of 31r. St lien,k, a committee of About four o'clock !turtle got into a titillv nay
.or the benent of is disabled soldier.
Conference' was appointed on the disagreeing it 1111 ..ome pr. on,er un,e name we eonld not
vote. of the two houses... the I'M to rear- meertain, and after several blows had been
'Rano.° the army, and Megsre Selienek, Paine ,
and A. c .0., e .„" y ea r e ,. eee en t h e et ruck, lll'Vlidden intertered !mil succeeded in
part of the house. separat in;; Ile' rotillsatan to. A friend of the
The Spentier promentotl u letter from the unknown 'tarty. 1.1131 . 1 i Thomas ...t.tunlon. Hot
gergeent.t.elt-exute Hulttnittlng the question met
.utislted w Ith tht te rut itottion of the tontrrtl,
LO the time to wltteil the compensation of the
. T t.. e% eel
.th i e t m o tte m
n t . ta e te ., v ., ,ttkj i h 1 1, ;Wt.. r and
wt' .. '4 eevot,
i i ... " .:. '' ..11..1 t
.1 . 1' : n. t . r..1 or, dot not 111,1,1. , I I t, 0 0 a oe.
00 111 r . 1,11 f i.nt kt ). A .1.
there was limy (11111.1 1 1 y about it, Those g- .mere prelon t nary It iiil • --eanl7lll 70 rock Mork
tioen wore meal hers ft om the de) of th e ir n
10141, titlarle I w 3-3 00.• h 0 , 1 51'1. 1,.1.77•7 ,- . 7
elcatloll,as I 1 finally lames out. (Latlgh , ero log 1,1,1 fro•rol arra. t . ._.t.t .11, I it-lied 101011 , I
lie moved that they he Israel mileage and coin - crowd ttm .l endeavor. 7 0..0. ,, . ! .st. away. ii IS
pensation from the 4111 of March, lea., the le.. effort, , unavall mg nu a 1 $171.. hut ..t
ginathir Of the present Congress. length 04 - I.llion broke 111/In ,It. co w.! and ram
LeDawee es preer.e.l Ito same oputlon, and down the hill lit the slo ectlon .., I lie re7ll , ao
sold thet e ea. a preeedent for it m the rase of track. McFadden then ii.llloo.o.•ed to thou , ,
tner,ul.lann members Iti Ilse 3ltli longress. et/m.IIN, 1.0 Idta' the lig" '1517 107 77, • •"•':
Mr. Loan 010,31 0 , rotor Idle orreettou to 1.1 , ,. Llll,OOllO gn to snow ladles elm .Liam e so , 01
llornmit tee on 1-,leet 1004. N eget r ve.l dedant•e 01d,,,L0 .-,•. 0., ould - t, :doer, o•
lir. Stevens . mot tof, 3n. then turretel to. . 1111 to the grime , . -.7 drtbs dm. r*,. •de lilt Ito
The apeirker app 0 11077.1 Mesa , llarfield, 11(0 Ile was lint...out 1, 777-Ice up, ,Imo It 000
„,01 ,Ire,rhesel n I. ollferPlice C00131110. 0 e sli,coverlo.l 110.1 1..• ea, 1.0,711ng prof tr,ll,
on the Amendttlor,7 1 ar,rch,ii. ~a , a ~...0,1 .n It, I I 11 . tot:net. A. wren 110
tin 1110t1. , 0 , O Sir. '11.111, 4 Ihr Selltile 3100001- it vehlcle e011. , t 10 001, 0 h, I 110 W. 1.5 Lill ought to
11.11110010 liouee rozieurrent resod et but 11a- the city nod 'A- -P. 1.0 111 , residence, No. ICI
lug Saturday, the 31,111, t at 12 reehtel., us the Webster street. era 0. 1.43.i411111.11er .11,11 striae
111118 for ad) °urn moot., was 1.031e0 ,cell in by 71s e 1., .i“unloii,l to his 3134...i5ta11e... tilt
to 5:0 tool, ing Ii
eXt+.3l :1:011 0I the scourol
Mr. llarrir•Ill, Iron, till, 1 ~Inuit! lie of Way 4 I, ~,,, tuned I h,o the knife had ch
ant] Means, reportrel back, wttlt anotrultnents, tered the rtelil 1.0511,1 about one loth
the Senate toll for rite payment at the poldlerd. , . c the rdpp 7 e, 21,01 pen.-Irot4ol In a down
.lebt. 5 ard .1,-1430n 40113 , Istir merles, tutdsorg a
Mr 7 /nrileld moved to rottpend rule, so ILA wound that 11,0.7011 y wlll prOVI. WWI.
to allot Its heel vonsiderntion In the House. We 7,11,0.1 111/401 the wottn.led man at a late
Th. rules Wel - 0110i suspended, and the 100 holt, 1.,-I night, but could lean, nottOrtg
lu'ILIRMeIII-IIhehl” . 7 . 77 ' l/ 1711,7 - 1 1. 111 reterred 171 4.1 , 111,010.0.1 troth h ,t. he had been speech..
the Corninittee oa Ito. 'stale of the dire... le.. for ' , event' lentirt A. 40011 Um i1114,11/54
The Commlttrer of %Vs,. and Mean , prole..- t aot ..t the .s.l
urti.lll.•• restt•hed the city a poarre
000 I. 10116.11,1 the .4'olol ..0.4.11 , 11‘ 1., etrlk tog of polio, e set o.7.lstdched In otreet 01 -0..0.1110n
-011L Lb, 11131113t11013 oi r follrlloollll. Wallin who re•relcs s deo. d. -hurt .13,,,1aheer.1 Lill; lentwhich, bettor, the real orb, tit (-toes, holders where ti,',',utt 10, 1...1, piart--0111 lip LO tile
111118l,11:01.1Ce their election as 10 wile•Lllhr 1.1,10, tone of the present writ lag, 110 has not 10,31
will onovert them lute :.:bb's, 1.0 ,, ..g . then,LO arrested. Al'Vaddell 14. IL N 4.113 S maarted tutu,
make that elverlon at or before met aril), tool bet ween t 5 er, 1) -I I,Trer and i went y-1001 , ears
enthorlr. rte. 11. t. ,O, rein, 1 . le pay 1.110.4. a , to tit age, and Is a trilerevorrlst by occupation. Ile
w bleb no not lee ”lokll lb, ,O. eos to lon tut rte.- 104. htl.l,orin 1.01 - 10. ,01 0 ,1•110111 character for
ley-Or Is :,-01)1.00,1,- 11... he may eler•t, pr.., 1.1,.1 10.4, .00h god ischsr..l..r. Tlaere stems or be
that Ilerenft7o 17..1.11113115•1011. •1131113• ,1110 . ..- no 00,00 In I Its Ilt L 714144 ,41 31i '4' 4 ,, 4 M tt.e.. 31
431 or paid I+) the 'eel 01,,ry ot the 1 ren,w;) t lie An.Lll, Ilia! SCAIII O I I 001 the ttalomig.
1 It any party lot ille 100,1130. r. OM, . 0 ~
Change- of frond , ,o It 5..t01l 3 'lot ow Heecing or leer Frlg-uol• of Hamill—Ar-
U-r • ~ m u`, , liu'n W ..' ,,, 1 to t' Isla, 1 ...‘" remmeemenzo. for ill Vtelamose Home.
,miterl ,miter of {/11. hole., .. hi. %U.` 0( Illt• I 1414414
'rile,a„l,,,„ „,„ „.„„ ~
~, ,„.„,, ,„, Ic „„,„.
The far, of e.. 1 molly " HAMM helng ,Icleatort
• thereopott Weld int, I 011101:Itne 01 Ihe Whole th the •30ernt Intel 0111100 ml W 11111144 11114 tell 1
the ,tali
" I I IIII*I • M 7 • n'"U"l' In Li , " doer not 8,111 1.. 143%0 the effect of du Lasing
, chair.
There were Iltlo. lan, on Ihe lol,olar hat- . 1.1111 to the rest holies , . or 111 , 11 Muds end track
then,i e‘ L r ,., ... ,..,,, ri r ;. 1 .,, I t t . ,
, w7 ,.,, 11.. ,. 7 ,,r 1 , 0. r 5, e ,,,r 7 , .: ,, r .., , ,,
.„,„ 1 ,, i,
~. ., ,,1 , 1 :: ,;;::.• 4 , 4 , 1: „.,, i4 , .. , 1,7 , 1 ,
I,'•e - -who
44 ,1 ;;:44;t he 1 i i r ie:; , 11 1. 1 . ....11 n 0t ... ;t im re . W
5. 1 . 1 . 1 .
-..1nn,(42 1011 elohnl'lnroo,l the, 110011 v. h, ,n,ll- ~ ,,,I lo.t. -till l 1133 /1 i" 1.. wall the aaule
leg fur vote, e., teller., :001 11 5 a. , eery .11111- termed, Ine, , I'l7l sr. the dayn of his many
1 II". I '" g 7“ II 'I II " IAIrh I " ' h . M 777.77 ll. ' I " . " troll. pile In erste! that Ire might receive a
3.110.11,1 In 11, 14,4/....4.434 Ittri‘,l,tig thy , 1 1110
tilIC•I 111 Ullt- ~..13 01 the roll ere otl eel-ome or. 11 le retdrn home, .largo
The rind lout hilt , tot thy ralyrelar were laid 1.30,1111,4 01 It,, friend. and .yuituttildrer. con
! liable. celled in 1 1 0 b, :tete. Mall Irtst '1,011,11 to make
1 The 011411 .31.-4- lit,. hi), reported tw• MI 'de. ,
vette, to 0101 In the 'states lately tri ret.elo ~,, 1777* e• art Preltarat toed. An oreatti... -
Iron Oa. 7.01417.1 r., c• 11111,7. Mr. Henry F rery
.7, to• regain the. - prtt !Lege, or the I 111011
Mr. 25t,e,5t3- t..... mob Said 10. Orel a .ul,st t. ' 11177 no the s'llall. and stlol l 011111 41 Mr 7 7 77017 10 ,
i tote to otter 11,0 the 1011, nod No w.eild sost. I re• VI 1...001trd Se. retar,
1 ~,m , n i a,, „r ci „. h.., h , , ep.,rl it 10 Inc I "' 1" 7 " 77777 " I 117 3 li. " 7 "" II • A I -7". 11 . 11 " .7e
1101111 c anal tare'' oon Oar roO 1,,-thot rO.
, lee t i le., ......, ~, ll „. ~, or ~,,I tn , ,, ii... t o ll . “13,.. 1 ,, , , :d0e. en 1 . k•
~... t.... i treit re.tritattc.n.
I w 101 l the 1000 i.f I , II:, /14, 31 11, ..t1 111.. I •iigt. !::' , 4: . ..:'7:1` ' 1 ... I r ' .:.-..,, Si
~ , ,...I . i , ! '
,L !' 3 . •c:'! ,,, ,, , F.
i luillOe 1-0.0 ,0,1 Ih, 11.0,0 , a ..,..n rid
. 7 7 , 1 .,... :
~1 1. ," , 1 , .‘, , , , 77 ' ,, 1
~,,,..,,,o, ' 7
,' t r. ' 1 . 77- i
' ' .:.e r. Ar 1 .7-wri ..i a .s. tw I •. Is ert a. 11331111114 3134 adorstral
et e ....., I 131, 31444 onpulee of National
srale oso , hanst•7oll eltallonarel 7'Englaol'.
4,3,. Mr darns h eh , , tr. contest tor tr...
, s premacy or ord. I,' ol ~3 3441 lb , 3 131111411 M
4. :.• 44 •.rto .., 57,170,1 , 'ladle, ... tr 10. h to,
o• 1 ..ill r opt 4.-0.131.01, 0 ail, 1 , 10 i) 1h,01,-
, 5,. 01-11, ,, , 1:. till. meet tog, ~1
,Pr , ~ 10, le., a u
:„ 0 ,,,,ath.a ~r- 0.,
0. , .11,14101 ell:0110W t 44 ..1 Ms L13‘.41,-A 1./110[1C
1413'1114 II . 111311 15 t 100130 1 ,1 and apps 1,• Lill•
~ ~ t .....-00r.,, ,, 0.0 ,nterprO, 01 Our 20% - 11.-
,0.0. Atol friClol. 'lli. undertook tech au :o - 1.../. .ls to ert . r 7 lit• c0r.00.1. A7el
.cre , -.7• '1 is.. et Id, It,, Ae• :0.,.. teeei,.i of
the eidertattonant 7.1 03 4 I ,pro,feltiAltse
- 1.• the ..0:00 , " hi 110 1 ) :. , ..0.1er., mei
,he r ~1,110. IP f Nee i st-. 1.. reo tt. niers:l. 7 , and
•I I t,.• 1. , ,00ta.1•11o. .. t0r01...1 to Idle le7furr.
3 4 erre. , I, .lel.oo. 1..111 010 r. LK: bold ill
grnLvf hi 0.0‘00.11 ,, rht.r. ,110-retore,
h,OO/0401, 1100 11 1
the art, al of lain,.
II ant il.iol -01,, s*. u .. , 11.01 , 10110 n 000
113 , ...1 10,3 ty 41,1.1.110i110h , 31331 rile, nabs re-
Elt./•11,, S• •• , •It. T. vil.,,,...protnnnltvt !In.
nil...mem. on ulv
The ',nat. , !,:l: n. In, n-i.ormt , tho
ton I.ntnl „,
tr. t thr, Intl en , .
o MI oni,n,
nnntn•ing 11.% vt• In O. 1" ,
•1111.4111 - ig • romp., r.l. i t.t. I. hn.l t...
ts • 1••rw tar
Mr. Nl, , t, 1. t.•
1 1
1.111,1i0n of Ni, .•$ll
Mr. i&I'11011.1411, 1, 1 111 1, 1 11 1111 11 11 1 •'
App011414%1 li•••••-11,,,t 1 . - 11.0 ‘10:
'll tile kIl oDriaal M • It ..11
;*1 Ilf l.nvn, tpr , ...n1. , 11;1* 'rixl .• ;• 1;110-
1,1[1,14,111, 1 10 111“/ 11, , 1 , 1 : 1 1.• •
h.lllllll/rt 1 0 2, MOO J 114. 1 1. 1 1111. • r
Mrl slianklm - • •
111,1 111
M. 1. , I;londprOtept...l on,
Of 1.1¢4041) •!
littry... A.J.t• I , t etol It I It.
1.113 tlnSlig n , Ititracqt ,
tt•ili, xi. of
...I • WI 1.1
.".'s,s•Ss! IV', 111,11..0.
1,0 , 11 r.gulattliv I , n t:ve 4,t1
M r tt it, 4,1
‘r,'11111"Itt in
rt. u" ,
1,1,...11tr10a 0,0. 1 •4 pf ,tll ‘ 4
10 , Prti l••••/.•II•
1,111 11 . IWO Jk tkl eg
.•• I% i It, t kl , llll Anti
ft, bernvi trt 1r) tlo. r.• of t
Mr if r00ff1.4 . .:1.4 1, 41,1 nolof4l
, At If,.
Ito, of I !sr gent Ws" „ 111 of olio - . •1.1 ,
Th 0.14 t,,,1 4f , +i rr lo hail llfy zoo.,
of O. tkol
M ,e.l lk kt ‘• I
I".vt,. 1 I prlt.,llla .11
~.ti n )•lco n 01. 61 -4 r.,3111 , 1;
In.- I LI. , •Po -,.1.•r.a110tt .ri
A ourutw. ul DoO, /et ol olatrl l .l.k 1.;11- ~ rt.
otron or / I' it, led
TO.. room.. 1 .111 grroAol; laud- ol 1.1 o•
orlosArtuAloo o( tiAlltrovi tuna to.•g h rapt,
'root tto• I •lntr , r.l MrA,..0., I u„.l 11 la's., lo
till corAnt mule uo,
11 , r l f ll, ` rvo.l ll , thohlll nlnt 11,1 1,
the ,1311 iin • :013111,1,1,1
A Vi* Itstidnli Coal'M no Pastas
...sterna- Nomination* 01 Lien...nem
t. It:rime a lieneml of the
Matte Army. and Wire. %denim' Enema.
gut a. Admiral of the Net* y • Coulter...
Wittemat the V•real F °mustily of
fletereneos--Ot bet Appointment*.
W y -A . V. Randall Inn.
vve,,lng rv..llrmwl O) it;. q.•
0.4.11 I I /{ll
11.1,miunvr .61 I), al 11.1 ":tare.
tir,til to "vi.., al of 1114 , Aluay ..( tto I oil. 1
tali-., not 1 t. •-A•ltnlral Fat rage: I
totrul of the N , isia• t 1, 111
Joel 011 hoot the n+.lllll Itir in,lli. • I t rt
was nnoeittootoly .1“..I
Too zit-antis 1111. 4.11110 r t•e
ttttt 11g 11..111111,E0 kr, 1 , 01 t
at %rib., to lo• Anolitoot 1 at , t I ei
It Ifeeolyot el rob:. ete , .
•it C11110:11 . won, !Petri att. If oglotot
••I Land 11111.” ot I I. NI loneono. A 11.
1.1.1 t-, itoo,tei :It II Intiolozhe
Tie. roue, that Mt .11111.1. tie. 01 at And,
lot 411 11..1 roaotry. lotetel. 11.+1,01 ittg, poen,
1171 it roe not of Ilto fart that lln 0111 lo• aboont
iron, Wnol.lngzen outgo wooko lb I. oetniner
The Irinij Nfttkplini hank of
C., o'6• orgatilze•l yesterday. 01011 it valuta' .1
one hundred tl ttttt mann dollar.. Tido lo tin
lottrth Notional hank organized in North ("or
/nine. Tho applleallorsiwoo pltiood nn tho
'unlit/to ago.
A ...che.ll.lo Ilf LLrtltlo oziatept front the
tortitil ll...venni , las from and ant, July I
the .11144, ptioutzge of Lilo neo
being prepared. lire% went In. published.
too Nslforrl boon Tin r Mc
and Do,
Co o nfers!. for Pricer..
Inn' not I LI. V., ly 9 Vktrloth. eX en ',loan
plc-nlenti.olf place anti rehultrintle. through..
thn any. In the evening, he tet ie. rolnl
led 101 Lill! prlAtiM, hi: 1111W/1111e
1111 Fri.l.t) •
'rho nnongerotind Ilnllwaxerainine.l to
utnno. cuthtell t y,nottr Mug alnllng leer llrY
promxlve hunt. The t Ivalry between the e.
tondlitg entlin.htstivally roeelv
aria Whit toly ttibpinu.lo.l TYo e serelmon aro
conning,. sr 101 11. torch light proeund
Cholera lu Philadelphia.
I'll LA 1,11.1.111 4, lily e a...., three
wore fatal, were eportotl t ho.
of health t0..41my tin to '2 o'eloel. this
-.0.041 1 . -
- In Hungary, during a recent hear tie
a very savage site hear hail just been nie
billy wounded, when all at ion,ll'l/l l l 3"
girl, about twelve years of nee. I
of the thicket and threw herself on the es
pi ring beast, giving utterance to most In
anentable cries. With some difficulty this
young savage WI et (.111411r1.11 115 Means or' JO . ..Wen Death of an Eftleartanl Claim , .
and nets II Inns been diSenet'reti 1 are palatal to altuOinace the death, Irmo n
that a peattalit woman, stone twelve years .;..,,,, I.loV,ln° lii'.`"A\„ 6,11,,,„
ago. lost her child, a little girl, on the eon- ',taco yesterday usternista at I.ti ' s r‘tvtith:„Ll.,, took
tines of the forest, and hits never since been t.1:0 1,1111110114.1. HO hod been in the enlOy e n ' t 3 eft
able to obtain any tidings of her. A certain of 1 ' ,1 4 .., , U , ' ,..1( ' i 1 l
. 4 Ih t , t , ' ,l ' , 'P ' ,1 1 , ' w ,' "". " i"" lairs
e""uteto, Enhelt has taken the little girl ed friend, a Kollin] etfnpn ' tltr ' lu ' ltt ktnd t "'"-
under her care, and us obliged to feed her ; ",1,..",,,h,1gn11,1.,"„1,..,"11" gentlemen. Ilia TeagY, l , r ,„ .
with roots, honey and raw mein--the use i',..,`,''T 7 7— ` " "I - grnnr ""‘ 1.94 e circle of
a 01.13111 nog own. nacos. If fttuernl ant
al Iltiod of hears. take place thin niter...ft at 10.210 ck from
—0,......- Ills match:lnca. No. tti Inn:nowt
--.. . .
_Among the 'Oaribaldiaa" there are tearer., Against n Ear Conduelor.,las
four or be swanAyres, of whom a eorres nfranr;rl,:t....f.r,7l
pendent writes "Their dress is very Prot elottilIV& 1011 agtillat Joho 0 11505, 'the oon
ty, consists of a pair of baggy trousers, dilutor of ear Nos of the Liiin . ensrassenger
a short green skirt, and one of the red :I,l,7.ll:',. d lTt":„","l:(l=y h the w "7;
eacnue fastened round the noddle with a of too iloootiont, forCUS if IMO emillsion wa e with
bolt, also, a jaunty little red cup with a car No by srbitill the said wagon was dam
long tassel, the hair being knitted up quite tlmiltiont.louLr.otia..t.dsto,r:udovfearrtith.riwzre,
short. A very pretty girl one wall, but o r Williams if he did not Immediately get oat
should not advise either volunteer or Ty. of the way. A warrant was issued fur the ar
retest) to take liberties with her, at all rest of the conductor.
events as long as he carries that sharp, Crows Sun.—James Rice was charged with
bright stiletto iii bir girdle." assault and battery,before Alderman Morrow,
yesterday, on oath of Anthony Yarninbautt
e tt ninse consisted Rica nipping son
—Henry A. Wise said in his pious lec tt to
ture at Norfolk that negro is one with a the ha bit of beating ts ' ltttleson o;E m e t = s
black skin but a good blood-rod heart, while on 01 00005 10118 . Oft being arrestodlithe en
tered sodtagairest PalrenbaelOs son he warttfor
&nigger may have 0 skin as wain!, as anew, a lino otninge, ttoth parties gave boil for their
but his heart is as black ati hell." appearance at court.
~11 M N ilMg• ltorne
~ t th. antl ,•”
101-1 10.ake the 00.
At t ni,‘• 01001. 'Ol I 0 r pr.riwr
hio 'I.. fist. I.Pll,.xring 111\111-
.h."..n. pt... tar 1 - • .44010 001.
i'.40.1s 11•1. 414 . 01,
tllolr , two,
11.• , .1)
,•04,1e.•1 3•N 10 .1.1 01. eL.,
it. N a.lopirta , .. eine! %MP 11 tilt.
t•• to.aa 211 sazitt,
,alrtlay Vl , 11114 g, at Ilaif past aervn
Important lic•enne Devi*lon
A ttflnlil4.”llo, , lo ,l k l 01 11z1+ fit!. luk-s Jti,t
v, vat Irom thole. 01 Inlet Revenu
11.1 I , ulVn ing %cry Importuot letivr of kle,
Tx.F..,1 al
• ~. as.•t•ullt.l). 111.
llutt h
‘.‘11.11 1.
t lllrotl
.tur lerlr 0.l (11 , 1., Lui5501,....11,11..g
.1,1 , •11 I. I ht..., utvurr...l l.v
+L,I.Iu 111 a. :1., 1E. , "
:11r, ill, 1 , 1
y 14111 .,
a.,1 •.o. .1.
‘.ll S st
F. \ -I •, .outinta,timei
In II", 1..11 ail t 0111 ttttt •I ..tent
1.,•110.1, lu,lge dell% el,' 311 oplOi
P.n....nig,' ky t . 1
1.1.1.au1, 01./ Olt 11.t . t,
littile, ,11111111/Rea I , Llic , t. • Int 'rt.,-
"I, • . nas unn Inn:, the 1n.,. by cutting I.
flint., 111. I.ngern , l on In nal agony (1..
innrning, the wi
whet .leatn
a". hi:, tvliet. Mr. 1 , had been an Invalid
..1 • an , l great ~11IT.rer nor yinus, and itepre,..ston ni
..t•l , y hdn.ilreringn, supin.aett
, I, to li.t e l u.en I lie call.. • tile
I. vvyll• tlt•I thy' potoa,
• oa, •, 1.0.1 1 3 , r0 p.". 1 xptl the .10..31 dolt, c
11n1110,1,1, rriviVilttfli lgV
.1.. 3.1 IL V%/1% ivlivv•tat vat dirertanig the nil,rl
tlevilevvv,vvvv• il • Itallway
vvlvlaltlv . .l prrlklnvitlttr) Illikilletlitll It) tv,tl[l.
Ile lit (tint/ vv,i`,ll.illA 111, writ, no.l it to
11 tt 01.1 VilsvvvviVf . It Wv. lttg tvil
ye...ter , ln, 111..403,1 the Injul
Changes. In the Pose miller Law,
reCelitly loildlelled the leading pro,.
lons of Lim ainended money order
,4,110 w will show other Important.
1,111.11 gee trout the old litoin regard to postage
fee r anti the I onsin lesion of lettere to ter tutu
I ~Nu pottlerytt in to It chat gett oft totturs tort,. al . -
, thal tttt .Itte valve to d a
another, or on ed let
ters retUrtoal to the wrlfers.
I Iteguest letter, Llescl ilasl In the roptlaLlont,
of IC Id, sect ion :CA to n also lola. restored
tot lie writers !tee
Shelton Is: 01 the Postolllve rtaflllation,
Ilslaul to hat', so tar tottalithal . to allow
• l'orotUtodurs to revel vs "niers for•eto. elopes
I t tot It buslttnas oat ILLIIi ells leSt to retnrit
- ton I/Art.olh. addle., In quantltlos of live
I hundred anal upward, 11,41.11010ne thousand,
' Igurusiteut.--John suisorgts wu.9 strrtssttul mid
Isronglo Isrlore Istri suust Morrow, Netsturdst),
rhsts gust Ills 0111/ ,0111,1 trout Aluxstessl,ss
01 Ms•lstus..ld Irstsislssleut russrrst
rd . gi• col rreil Isull tor It turtluu hear
.. lug yrsturstay utturnoots, stud was 1,i1.,40(1,
1,515 011011 Or hour los' it., hostrlng ors Ived It
Wt,ntwortstistusl that Ise 11101 lett Lt. , ell!, ots
5111,101111 trallll Isar Chicago.
r' John Srldvley -subsequently uppestrral herd,
1g the sl.lllO ILuglnlrulo 1111t1 ul lered 41111.114/I,IIINt
a 511'. nl\lllt, delusolusti, fur the larceny of two
I dollurs. A .0.11,1111. wus !rums I Fur the strressl
sst tirorge, but me this Ise i. sloubtitus beyond
la any Itututuent slaugur of capture.
A Daring Attempt to Break Jail.
On last Saturday night a Wild iittempt t.
break out of Mil occurred in Beaver. Tht• par. '
Oculars are substantially these. At about
half past ten o'clock on ' , mania, staid
Sheriff 1.0 , 111 c, who had not yet me ire I le h... 0
thought he he. a erase as It some one AA,
digging In or ahem the pudding.
himself this we-the case, he awakened up our.
of his subordinates, and proceeded to the rear
of the cell from which the sound rams From
bare he could nen that the cell in a Limb a prrs
oW, named Ferguson was couthleil wait Me,
and that he was evidently trying to 1110
way out. Hence the Sheriff procured a light,
went to Ferguson'. cell, and eacertattled Unit
he hail almost socceeded to gutting a holt, Ils
the wall large enough to permit lam
through. Our boom goectioneil closely, he
Milled that the prmeei a us net int Pad solvly
m the interest of Lunnot, or Washington
want), who is at present coal:Med there on
a Charge of murder ' Lee planWl. 1 , ,
Ferguson to reII,LLSO incest:ll Irian Its on it
ten I, oh tools, no doubt tar.
fly lends of LOllllO.l, 1111 , t, 11.,• LA,
ort, arra trtrraruLua uy Lau tru.t . tr r
lluru, nulockLal by lerkplautt, 1.1. t
,old la Lug tint:Li loth JAIL° the pill hall. trot..
Ili, has tuL, purpose wan cUL a taut:
11.11arg t wall rut" the pantry, [rum tt e
bra, tutu Litt. 11 , i...211113g ;lan ol Liar
ba I.ling, nod taa lilrolll hIll.: front Lluur. Barr
11111411) Ow 1.0,0 ue e , all atautrlea ttuar,
111 1,L1N1•.,1/1:111i) ru
um, at °nue r
11.111.1 bl uu a .11 fru. I 111.
01 Itll,ll. 1.. ... • NI
I , .uut/ . .1.
• F.
1L41%.• 11:,,,,,
111-I‘. y 1111.11.11,11 , 1Y..1L 1./Inll ill: Al,
el./ited Vint ,
wra lug I,4•imuX y,
Wetly r.W...,11..,,,..1111.t ...gelLipt
311sliciutaw 311ftchlof
T.. 1. Burton made oath against Thomas Cal
roll and lilt wile daina. yeetelday, :adore .t--
dermal, Humbert, tor malt/bona tnitelnet. It
ILppeara that Mr. Burtod it the prolmetor ol
couple of acres of ground to gat lowntlop,
which he has .urronnued by It tcnee.
Doting o Inc heavy rants of la,t week,
the Intl(ne whirl, In b u t a
-hot, and:thee from the prosecutor . . place,
beg.. to leaf: ‘er , 11.11 , 1 11,111 g no [ant
her of the]:and 11, wife took a
portion of Mr. Burton's !elle, W/111hieil
it, withonl I.k Ing M r .
B. to do to. 111 eout-e, the gentleman on Ilea,.
lag of the injury done Ills etntraan grew %to:,
Indignant, and on the t o of the hneneet
unteted .tilt against Carroll and
stated. A., the 11 , 41 Ing.lhe gent lelnab relent
ed and withdrew the charge,on condition
that tile deters Lint. • • pair the fettle wn dol
teems-tour 11:,11:., 1.1 , 11 they eagerly pto
tntted to do, al,•1 were ,I,cialargi,4l
An Ant/Addi s torn PArolding Wife.
Witham Hoffman was i•liargett before Alder
man Taylor. yeoieritay, with shirty of the
peeve, on oath of Mary Hoffman, het wife.
The prooecutro. etatws that W Illhormalisekto
Maisel( from home during the greater part of
every evening, and frequently returns 1115001-
lava. On nue!) even-41011u he shout. hie Kneu,
edge of nothinit fly Imettng her over the head
with lilt thenclhed hot. Fearing he may U. her
toothy injury, olio thigh...led that hr tie 110.1
to hall to keep tile peace. WIIII/alat 11 111 n o t ut-
Lernpt to deny the allegations of h. SV:fe, and
rewre 1 hie defence on the ground that Ise
forced to beat het to keep het from oeoldlne.
The defense w deieil Inontrlment by th e
inaglotrate. unit nn 1,13 force.: to 111:1
Wall In thi•.1111I of 1000 to keep the peace for
all mankind, and Illy better In tut,
ticular. WI , Mi.,. confuse Unit 51 kiiiate's
e for u wife bun at leaot one merle,
that of orlgtudity.
Wtlliant ithulty, a 1/0) . about Mt.,. years of
age, had a most remarkable escape trete in
stant death on oat twilay last, at Millersville,
I hillphin eouttt y. White In Lhe fourth story of
the Normal Sehool building. he got upon a
labia directly in front of a window, the cattle
moth or which hail sun removed during the
hot weather, and whilst attemptiug to reach
some shelves over the letter ex, lost Ills lei,.
auce and plunged out uendlng. Ile. .truck
the ground with fearful violence, tort
falliag nu hi. hand. raid knee.. e rigt
arm 14 brpken the wrmt liothT h h
hones 111
the lilt were broken tuldway between the
wrist and elbow, t tract ured bones prot rh
ding through the flesh and penetrating the
ground. The left thigh ...IA broken mid
het seen tile knee anti body, tile lAltle 11.11.
Mg driven directly through the dealt atel into
ttie ground, so violent WAS the CMICaI63/011
Tbtl belght of the window le t , Olllll. forty fret.
o.l.lll4llrida (or tr.t. rap, —Our highly
il it,
eitizen, ti'Ne.
moil It.P , M•I/0 , proprietor of the itispiaten,
1...1ei - Oily upon his Cut ) ourne•
to lie took wit, Into for Illlert/1,11;
, 11 her torth. tileremain.,itt
tale Olin. Pr.-vim,. returning.
:in leN els a Ell intake air rtteu.lril tour through
bor.,' MAIO 11.1111k,11 the /I,,tfaCA his pl.llCli
-1111,, tilt ay-1.1, tie wt.,a...imp/lot,'
in, the sift. and ilitOglitel of .1
-.tutor eillior of the Di,
vierti We Still the entire omit) . pittaYalll
journey through foreign hunks, mini a safere
%tabbing Urns, r learn that oak Satn,
daye‘ ening I.let 111511 num&
on end I{llT•thCl I•TilDvil I. llake, 'etth ol
luau teenie in the vtllage of Innelannieuon.
WItT•TITTIZOII t , muty, gut In It"
1,1111,0 of winch the latter wsserei
stalakeol by the TOT In, I hat Ills recover)
sitlertel d0nk1.1.1”.. We hate Itene,l till par , ie•i•
lare. but are intoratint that W est lake revetve..
ene Inure cuts in the utejokuien, ,net,
tie.nt that het boa el. protrud 1-i It is SI,
that John-un 111:., left tur oar, unknown.
r 1.3 hag the L.- It:
• rAt14 , 11‘... I.elvit . t . o lb ,. att.l .., 0111‘
lo or Inc. %silt., , 11.. ,
• , silt •IdA the up w , I 4. ,
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Free Puente. °nitwit roadn• vonform ink
h , the ilatioll3 Of the rutletny etet‘enthat.
held In Nee lot k In Ma) end June th•
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Tr? Itoys tatitsrtped larceny'.—Fac t
my boy,. b.her Parini) Fr oz,
uhlirles Dell rich anti Lake Fislitir, ell: be
m-` lore Alderman Taylor, 'yesterday, charged
aY• with the laremiy of a lot of scrap iron valued
''' at eight it liars, from the prunoses in Jainuel
Bri•lge, 'll the Fifth ward. They each gust,
hail the snot of ace hundred dollars for a
,urther hearing tictlay
Base null Its Allesttetay.—An Interesting
and hotly eteltertleit game td twee ball took
Iw•e. on tile Wort Comm o n, Allegheny, 01,
Tuesday, between the Atlantic Club, of Alle•
ghetty, and the !dowel, of Cot Llbertyott
sultmg in the .utr of the Atlamina. The
Eagle and Triumph clubs planed a game on
the same day, at the came plane, the Eagles
R'nllw Removed.—The unsightly and con
stantly crumbling walls in front of the triune
buildings on , 01:011,1 street, in the Eighth
ard, have been removed, anti IT hero for mealy
years 110 sidewalk existed, there is now the
semblance ol out, ahlntg considerably to the
itppearance of the locality and the convem
veer oh the residents.
realism' , van la Railroad Appointment.
—Col. It. F.. Iticke,
r heretofore General Super
intendent Id the Terre Haute and Indlanato
ty itslirond. has been appointed to the post
t lon of Superintendent of Motive Pease and
Machinery of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and
ill enter upon his duties in a few days.
Tooth of Oftsoond Fonter.—The (loath of
Hammitt Fostur, son Of .Ideeph C. Fortier, fut.
oterly Alanagur of the l'lLtsburgli Theater,
announced an baying ocenrctal Chicago Oil
Ile 17th Full pt.rtlculara concurning him
doyen,' ono obLnlnott toldrettaing
McVlrkot'u Tountret COO:ago.
The Sewickle y 31larder —othing furth
er roccerning the Illtmler tit' to N e colored girl
et Sow le kluy has been developed. The cal
a•, of the vit,nity have offered a reword 01
tire lit:mitred dollars for OW arrest mud convic
tion of the niorilerorn. The Coroner's bitty
will meet on cat orilny.
Moine titelect.—On Tuesday u eaddle be
longing to Dr. Kroc,en, residing on Ohio
idreet, wa,% stolen from the Allegheny Weigh
1101180, during the ahrence of the weighinew.
ter. The door was locked, and Ihe thief must
hare entered through a window.
Laseeny.—Mary Anderson was before Alder
man Humbert yesterday charged with the lar
may of a carpet-men from the boarding house
of Earnest Ideyers, in the Fourth ward. Mary
was arrested and gave bail for a further hear
ing on Saturday.
The Judicial Confereeg of Washington and
leaver counties held a second meeting In thl6
city, this week, but came to no ...elusion,
those from Beaver adhering to Mr Coauthor
lain, and those from Wnslangton to Ur. -‘Ch
The Septa.!wee kteprivieniastiv,i Conlercr.
of haravur trod W At.on .Kllllll. have n
hilliOd for Aaarnably Cot. M. S. Quay,
ver,',Cor. John Ea trig ani: Capt.. J. h. Day, e .
lad Amos Jona
Drowsteal.—A young u Utah
rOli was drowned to Bleat m n
land township, Cambria county, on Monday .
last, Ifo fern:Lorry resided at A1t..00n 5, With 0.31
aunt" .
roe edition Ls torw.rded *Wet. Will re•ati :LW
wribers WIGWAM 41.41 W. Inall-Ma.
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diNGLIE PEI[ I EAU.— ......... SI SO
cI.,L Bs Or TICS Mil) UPW - A2 — C . D . S.. • . 1
Illattalstoy.—A stottlietl hong: tiasbtal at a
»11 , 1 of ..poetl nrltingh ittgottln. ieuL
rt•lvort tvi 11/11lOit3 lkr learntona ..11.111at iwiongett.
The Inqurwi the (.orotsern j ary
Iph rut., ..t g
, ~, t .m-
MI IV.• In
FM, 11. MI EH-
11ILL DA LE l'E.111: I talk.- tIlO3
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at, tea rw riglttoo 4,.•1. nu a
alai p•rat
tt votrw Drug n 0... ail “Pt •/, LA • r-1 . A
No. 196 %withheld St.. col'. 7th.
r.ulA muct. trow JtvcaLri a. •,,L, I
rr`r ms - crx-t. H.
ANI , 13.3 t
iLL:A. Ala Ex.
esi ,
o ".. ‘Lrcet, 1, • fit or
. n," : • ILA LO ,T e
. tirnt ,n;ml
, ••• , Ttlona, `'
IL •r. vi ttrrt. co"
Corner 0. dnefllain nu.) ':hartlers Vre.l
Time Registering
BiiBLTmTT do fJO.,
DeaJere In Optical lknxis
ruin 11' I-
In• Ilvvel).1,1 upon no, pLi
.or orratllcr.
j tl
SS 3E•iirt.22. ISt:re-we,
16,1 NE -kit
J . ]E-1
o. Fedrral Street, aUegheny,
work 0ntri...1,1 to. earo t
prompt 'Mention b, lei r ..ty
Practical Furniture Manufacturers,
}• ST. ('LAIR nTREE:T. .).")
P 6❑ 1.Y..1•e.l lA4 LES.
. .
1 . 1.1
p-4 1.1 F.,.
-.41...tar •
H KRTIONI rEit.l. 111.,1,1
ETEi:., ..4.4 at t.y
.1. 1/1,011..!, f•rw.i IcAo /oticla i.
1,12 1.16, .trret
Fifth Street. b•t weer, TLI ru in and
( ha rp .treeh,
.tod a.: old Al to , oo,zt orKt
4- 0 ed th. ro.low
$5OO, $l,OOO, $3,000, $4,00(t,
AND inklN
,- orllcr Woo.: .nd ot.•: 1 . 1•,....ury1a
Al. FOU 11:t1+ NKS•
- - -
_Plows, Cultivators ;tad
"UE.III k:371.
'I, 10.
73. 3:31:4:17161C • 13,
An.' 'M. Phlo Al , 'Jziwnv
r I N Ott at I r. pr.e.a.
I r r. ten. *i twr rw
Ill: • .I%.N'- NI_N% lul I(r
111/W No. - st. strecl.
O. M. lei .lEl3ElMilir, Proper,
Corner of labella and Yed.o 21 6, - tt.,
Near the Suspension HI iilge,
nly19•11,1, t.1,P.t.11 Ks) •
$9 , 00 . WH0 CAN BEAT.THIS%9 , O
For Two Weeks Only.
leut at•lltng a gooot ktltENClit:.ol.l NlillUl,
of my ov.ti make, for lb...avail •Nu.,,i • •
LAGS, al. No. 311 Siartet
1 .11.1
2 1.0 pounds primelg Bolter.
boxes rho'e. t oath. 1 r•
303 lobo:. prime t' cll mho/ otatoes;
. 3.10 dosen Fancy Broom.. lo store.
aan pound. clear J ble Hawn. lu .tore.
NI: pounds Hard country Stw, In story.
tai boxes Rosin Soap. In .1.03,-;
lu barrels prim, Sorghum;
2 200 bukbela Small Beans:
I barrel pure Mountain Blackbern Wine,
In store for sale by 11. Hi UM, It,
.: , 1! ho. 111 Liberty street
too WA, New Vutstues,
lal Immea Cheese,
ca au .11carina Oradae3:
S. do an i... 11101.:
IL,:as Prisue
iireeo 'OM Groan Coro. (*W.W.I
tk.ra, tomato-. e. Arrk
add for sale by W. J. I h.EI. ado ,
No. las Tldr , l rit..uorprl.
•. • •
16 bead itrav7 Draught Borer,
pa.r Ha) h arriagu
1 poor Dapple ore,. florae*:
:sing, Driving Liurare.
Etsquiru of ROUT hIMP.arrS,
Prari Hut* at au.e.
.trner at Itrbreca and Schutri eta Ariugor, y.
BItIE EltS ? ATTENTI 0 k rHt
n ALE.-160 good aecond band AL 4 tiaiLt.L
ANL; LIALVE6 will ue sold At s bargain
Lihtrty. opposite -rarosh street
Tiricomaraxtztia.g 43,221 c)c•
Civil Engine el a t`o/11 I r ,cao 6 Fore
ri" IV Ei
Office, ro. 14 tit- Clair $l. 1te.1%.1.A.0r, 14 11.1, '1
SIIITUfIELD NTKEET, cog - 1...r of WI.",
Alone, Loaned on ntivei. Ouw.a.
I.llautonda tioid MIA
Cloth mud vsklux ole"niarttl'ea..e'oo!'n7'o r:one'","
S4l.attklel CVerT4tirsCr,r,•,.ll
• st. h.!. on In.,
"Hui E3IPT t - ft t
Ikal•ki• .4 ..1.11 .% a..
Jjr.LVA wt.
tAftt4lUMe IMWtr , •
~,,, 14.11
Veritirl6 Wbat kW It will
Isitrutke It--srk tadltlakuu :Le snonly.
tbtrAiLt 1:84041, titutra 4g91,
.141, Itrus4fir-a.
a, reopeCt..
.B:3l_C .trwet.
y r . r F•rrnr
I - r
F.. )1. I' EI a I
=IIE M 3