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lla far as the President rests his Veto of
the-.last -Freedmen's Bureau Bill on pro
fessod..unwith or . onss to subordinate the
Civil 'to' the Military Power, we confess to
sympathy with his objection. The present
-and the preceding Administration made
many uses of Military Power that we could
discover no reasons for justifying. As an
esample,lake President Jeansotr's attempt
to reconstruct the revolted States—croavok
log Conventions-.dictating
—sad what not-rat the point of the bayo
net—and totally failing to asemble the law
. making netherity of the nation—gluing his
single will, as commander of the army, the
force of statutes. Even up to this hour the
President has failed to issue his Proclama
tion restoring the writ of habecut corpus In
the rebel States. This shows that subordi
nating the Civil to the Military Power is
not what distresses him; but only haring
the. Military Power used to accomplish pur
poses he does not want accomplished at all.
This same insincerity pervades all the
other points of the Veto Message. How
• cool in the PreSident to talk of his enforce
ment of the Civil Rights Bill, thereby ren
dering the Freedmen's Bill unnecessary,
when his failure to enforce that law is so
notoriousand shameful that General GRANT
has feli:constrained to Issue an order for
the military arrest and detention of crimi
nals until such time as justice shall be pro
perty dispensed by the civil tribunals. The
General understands the case. He knows
the President is not giving effect to the
Civil Rights Bill and does not mean to. He
knows, moreover, that if the President had
the best intentions respecting the enforce
ment of that Bill, the condition of South
ern society—the determination of a very
large proportion of the people that justice
shall not be done to loyal -folk, whether
white or black—renders the execution of
the Civil Rights Bill simply impossible.
But, it ought not to be forgotten that
Military Law has two aspects. It is not
alway3•necessarily harsh and incisive. It
is not unfrequehtly serves as an angel of
mercy. Recall Governor Orr's recent let
ter to General Howard upon the beneficent
results of Military Law in South Carolina.
Bestows tbat the dispensation of food un
der military authority is absolutely none
cestarvo keep thousands of the inhabi
tants from great suffering, if not actual
starvation. It is easy to talk nonsense, or
worse, as the New York Post does when it
"If men are,to be fed by the government
because they are starving, or to be clothed
by it because they are in rags, or to be cod
dled and specially protected by it because
they are ignorant, then the government
simply oilers a premium to idleness, ignor
ance and unthrift. It says to the ignorant
remain ignorant, to the hay remain lazy,
to the improvident do not fear want, a pater
nal government will feed and clothe you
at the expense of the industrious and
thrifty. The American doctriae is that if
a man cannot take care of himself—the
laws being just and equal—it is because he
does not use the faculth a God has given to
all men, and' It is therefore right that ho.
should stiffer."
These principles strike at the root of all
charity, public and private; and tend to make
selfishness and heartlessness supreme. It
is doubtless true that indiscriminate charity
is mischievous. But to make this fact an
excuse for refusing to lessen the horrors of
war, by, temporary supplies, until a crop
can be secured, is a procedure that will
not meet with general acceptance among
the American people. Even Governor Orr,
who doubtless has serious objections to
other aspects of military law in his own
State, has no complaint to make against
this aspect of it.
Trrs changes wrought in the condition of
empires by mechanical inventions have
rarely, if ever t been more conspicuously il
lustrated than in the case of the Prussian
needle-gum By means of it Prussia has
suddenly risen from a second class power
almost to realize the dream of accomplish
ing the solidiarity of Germany under her
sceptre. But for French intervention this
result would certainly be produced. Even
France, notwithstanding all its real power
and military renoun, is alarmed; for Ger
many, so consolidated as to be in fact one
people and governinent, would be au over
match for it in every particular, and com
pel it to abate the arrogant dictatorship it
exercises over all its neighbors.
n 11th 'Congressional district it
u understood 31 r. Philip Johnson, Demo
ciat, does not seek a renomination. Mr.
gcury S. ?troll, formerly Canal Commis:
slow and State Senator, seems to be gain
ing on Ids 'competitors, and, as he has to
, cality in- his favor, is likely to succeed.
Whoever the Democrats nominate will, as
a matter of course, be elected.
.IN the Wayne Senatorial district, Mr. U.
B Beardalee, Democrat, is not seeking a
renomination. Monroe and Carbon coun
ties each claim the candidate. The
chances now (Reline towards the former.
There is a quiet but earnest contest for the
A DISPVIVII reeelyeti from the Governor
of Kansas in:tummies 'that Major E. G.
Ross, editor of the Ltivrrenee Tribune, has
been uPPoillted "kilted-States Senator for
that State. inridttee Rte late Jeatss EL
T&mtht, the Republican candidate
f6xBtute Bnnatorin the Beaver and Wash
nittini-tibtirinte, wan formerly of the 101 at
NIA PENDLETOii•haII been confirmed
by. Senate Naval Meer for Norfolk
and nib, dee J. W. GIODDIX re
ggae. 4., _
Mirzus, late sheriff, has been
nominated by the Democracy of Armstrong
county for the Assembly.
—Among the recent changes on the
Pmnsylrania Central Is that of Col.
ft. , E. Ricker, who•tikes the place of John
/". Lain' I; Es q., sts superintendent of mo•
%lye poser and machinery, with-headetutt
tem at Altoona.
Edward a Williams, Esq., the till
cient-Beneral Superintendent retains 'his
position as such. During his absence or
aid:neat Backer will assume the duties
of that post.
—The lidestAix imposed by Hazimilhui
in Mexico on real estate is Toy exorbitant,
being seventeen per cont.' of the proceeds.
The local require all houses in
Puebla to,bo lighted watil ten p. m., and
hold boarding-house keepers responsible
that there are no suspicious chimtetoni
among their. guess. - • .
Etuntingdort Moth, of the
Ar.lik earl: ""To-day ; sixteen_ years age,
VAOtrat * - westivard over th , e
Yariuksyli-srait 'teal tlitouklithis place. '
--! , ""Mult"-.1rondrousOutages duos six,ppert
. 140441": about flirty - flue trattuv.
neightratttlassepigar; pass here daily.
MONDAY, JULY 28. 1866
VOLUME Ma.- O. n 2.
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The e Sarsapartua with lodide of Lime" Is
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Hostetter's ni01,41102 Bitters—A Ilan
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Hostetter'. Bitters
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i•lcininips Dreg and Patent Medicine Depot,
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Reprimand to Gee. Rosman by Speaker
Colfax—Cash in the U. N. Treasury—Red
River Cotton Prize Money—The al
leged Snowden of a Sedro lu a Church
at Columbia. S. C.. to be Inquired into.
W AMNIA' 07'0E, July Sq.—The reprimand which
Speaker Colfax administered to Gen. Sous
seen, to-day, in accordance with an order of
the House, for his assault noon Grinnell, wan
of a character at.d so brief that while it was
evidently satts?actory to those who had
voted to punish the aggressor, reflected much
credit on the good taste and kind feelings of
the Speakerand eallelfokhhigh commenda
tiono.d parts
Sean himself was detained ,scarcely a minute
in [nil view of the members and spectators
while the Speaker was executing the order,
and when that was done ho made a respectful
bow to the presiding °Meer and retired.
The following is a statement of the cash on
hand In the United States Treasury on the
United States notes, fa 1,476,000; 'flattens'
Rank notes, al,104; Fractional Currency, 44" ;
Gold, (14L27,899;5i1ver, r 2,560 eents,4...; in
cent coin, 4600; Surtiluo issue United States
notos, fple,a:V...,4Z; total cash in vault; ga,c7.,-
.Lt ICI; third and fourth instalments of Red
river cotton price money are now ready for
Howard has sent officers to South Caro
lina to investigate ati allegedcase of shooting
a colored man in a church at Columbia. The
victim ending the colored gallery full, yen
toted into the white side, and was instantly
Heavy Weather et ses - 8 3 , 0 00.000 ni"
Treasure Received In One Moutb—
taimie iitserae—glesatged Jley Indiana.
"Sur ra-eaculoßtgAzifil.—The *rifted States
steamer tiaginair,4iiach sailed recently for
Victoria and Oetvossanlawelci, enoottntered
heavy weather, and has returned to Mare is
land to refit. The extent of the damage to the
vessel is not reported.
Three millions of dollars in treasure have
been brought from the interior during the
present month.
A disease among the cattle is reported In
San Joaquin county. They die suddenly.
excitement cia
wty, s
ted letter
thebysa' that
intelli muc h
that Captain Jennings and party, fifty m ge il.
distant, were surrounded by Indians. Two
hundred relent.r9 went to the rescue, hut
on their arrival the Indians had disappeared.
The besieged party fought two days without
food. They killed forty-five Indians and lost
but one man.
Mining aharea are generaliy Uull. Ophir,
'2,90; Imperial, Si; Gould and Curry, 7,M; Say
ago Ugh Yellow Jacket, kW; Crown Point,
7,8 D: Chahar, 1,95
Legal 'renders are unchanged.
Alleged Foul Play in the international
*culling liatch-1102 Darla* Permits
Issued Last Week—Deaths From Chet
era—Arsest of Liquor Dealers—Bond
od Warehouse Thleves—Woods on
Nam Toax, July U.—The float of Hamill's boat
was displaced and an underwater obstruction
found which retarded the boat's motion
through the water.
Eleven hundred and two burial permit. were
Issued In this city to-day.
The Herald's correspondent at Now Castle
on Tyne intimate. In the Into sculling match
between Hamill am! Kelly the former was
beaten through fool play.
Five deaths by cholera In this elty and seven
iyßrooklyn, are reported to-day, out of twen
The pollee arrested tot ty-se4bn liquor .lest.
era in Brooklyn last night for violating the
license It..
Four men have been arrested (or robbing
Liaised States Bonded Warehomg. la this city
and Jeremy city, of eome SI,COU Wo rth of 'nit
The ;roods on Long island, Butiolk county,
have been burning for several days, causing
heavy damage.
Refractory Legislator Forcibly Taken
front the °Meer of the Heats. mad Dla•
charged by Judge Frasier—The Beer
Fined by the Court—Convention of Un
conditional Union Ilen--Judge Frasier
Nasnymtx, July 21.—The Sheriff of the
county tented an entrance to the Capitol yes
terday and arrested Capt. Iloydt, the officer of
the House, who had In custody Martin, an ab.
sconding member. Judge Frazier discharged
Martin_ and tined Heydt ten dollars and costs.
Much feeling exists relative to this altar, the
House considering it an infraction of their
Mena and insulting to their digratt.
The Colon Convention met tat the Capitol
tins afternOom - After passing resolutions and
appointing delegates to the Philadelphia Con
vention and authorizing all unconditional
Union litypd citizens of Tennessee to attend,
who can make It convenient to be present,
resolutions were passed reflecting severely
upon Judge fermate; for his action in the mat
ter of the repent arrests.
There vr wine quorum In the House to-day
Pall Pennsylvania betnoerstle Delete..
Hon to the Aniveist Convention.
PHILADILLPAIA, July Y^.—State Remoter Wal
l.'ies% Chaian of the Democratic Executive
ommittee of Pennsylvania, annouscas the
llPPointmentof, the full delegation to the Con
vention of the' Zito of August, as follows
Et.-lloverrnors Peeler, Bigler, and W. H. Pack
er_and Chief Justice Woodward, are delegates
larg .e and Judges Ellis Lewis, Jerry Black,
C t empbell and Prank Hughes and GoOrge 11.
Wharton:are district delegates.
Cholera Among Troops on Tybee Island.
SAVANNAH, ila., July V..--deven dew canes of
cholera oocruved among the troops on Tybee
Island yesterday. and five additional deaths,
including Lieutenant J. T. Ifoyes. Twelve
deaths have taken place In all since the croons
left NOW York. The passepassengers meo. oa boyrd the
steadier San fialvadox are all well. The re
uorla about cholera In this city are erroneous.
tiny Onymtes, July M.—all the reports of
tho persecution of Union men, the illtreat.
meat of blacks, and the existence of sneret
smdeties in the city and State, now circulated
by letter writers, are without foundation.
he are prep delega
to tion to thM ale e Philadelphia Conran-
Cary gee StaltaalroalieStiooknetnroad.
Bien/warn, kf.s., July 2L—Mr. Butterfield,
cashier of the Bowdoinham 'National Bank,
receivedyesterday brexpress, from Portland,
his pocket boot, conlmebeg gates add private
papers that were atuourthe booty'taken by
the robbers of that bank.- ,
Zs-Rebel la Mee Perrefatt 31 1 :17.
Now Teak; July 22.—The Reritcri Otero*
porulent at Uma, Yarn, sap it la reverted that
John R. Tr)rer A formerly Ceternander m the
Lotte States -Navy. and. a Commodore in the
dbel eervice,_avy• haebeen appointed Admiral .1n
the PCMYII/1 N - ' • •
• . ,
li _
Canal Ilrea—aavtga tlan nntradisa.
an. Jonisonnuzz, N. T., July
brealrln .ths Canal fonr tonna eutnfalttle
nut. rainy or;orty teat, ot the - tow Path
Is gone. Stye Star - below nottom. It Intl
rOW,biy taaniftlar tolvedays to Yttpair
0 1 1 lIR
Arrival of the City of Paris with,.
Dates to the 12th.
Armistice Negotiations Unavailing.
PrussiatiFirns In ller Demands
Manifesto of the Austrian Emperor
Basis of Negotiations Sligaested
New Yong, July 21.—The steamer lily of
'ails arrived this afterumm with dales to the
Inst. The following is a summary of the
LATI9r v,.t tjraiMSTOWN—Landon, ista 12.
No practical results Trout tho negoilat lons for
an armistice are yet apparent.
The Wokt believes that the continent 11 on
the brink of a giineral European war.
Prussia continuos ern, in her iletuttnifs.
The Italians are advancing in spite of the
French orders.
The French Iron-Mad squadron was twthwetl
to Venice on the night of the lith ins' The
Cherbourg squadron hits also horn 0t . .1,•“..1 •
Its destination is unknown.
It wan stated that the Prussiana weri• march.
leg on Frankfort-on-the-Slain.
The Afertiteur says that attempt+ Sr, still
being made for a peaceful settlement of the
The Austrians are evacuating enetia, hut
retying the Fortress there troll garrisoned.
The Italians are ailvanunig in force to spite
.f 'lie coselon of Venetia to France.
Lows/mud, July LL—Cotton closed less gn a
On Thursday, though unchanged. !ir !he sals.
2,M10 hales were to speenlators and exporters
The Manchester market N, 11,1 quiet and stea
La Pruner states that the Derby Cabinet ha
etrengly recommended Italy to accept Nob,
loon's mediation.
Prussia does not stay the 11111.1,11, looking
Parduhits her lieadiluarters. Her V. 1 .11111.,
Miner hare taken possession of Prague or a ill
shortly to so. Prhu•e Charles holds the rail
road to Prague tool seems Likely to at arell
rect south to Vienna.
The proportion of wounded In the late bat
tles Is eight Austrians to one l'russiati.
The cholera tenth, nod to rage at stett In and
at Berlin was rapidly Increasing. tin the 71 It.
78 cases acre reported at Both., of us hien 71
proved fatal.
TllO Austrians Lnto beaten the !Lallans at
itorgoforte and Monte:Ale!. Th., Italtans
were repulsed five times at /torgoforte. t;••n.
Umatilla cronsen the I's on the sill si pd. Nene.
tla at the head of his army.
A telegram of July 6th a ys: The Italian
glosses In the attack on ito:golorte were lee
killed and thirty wounded.
Tire assertion of the too France that Frsnee
has recommended lusty trot to attack t ettella
Is discredited In Bertha,
_-• • .
All tbn fords on the Mahe botween Parduhl I.
nd Ethothinnith nth in I be hand, of trio Pre--
hinrshal Il4snodek appear., tol be .11aa
towards Bruno, rollou t •, by latth
A telegraph from shangt3al, 14 .i nay 71h,
says: Alin Ilona Is In danger or tulitun•
tati rebels.
London Money .11orke, .11ontlay, July !oh.—
Prices have been steady and nittntle thebauce
negotiations proceed favorably as anticipated.
all the Markets will become strong. teasels,
Iterates, haf Wog.
n (.rain Market, alf•kyttluy July, ...h.--
Wheat 3 to is lower than on Monday were.
The Vienne Voter/and says the army of lie
north Is still . 3,0,010.
A Florence dispatch tit the lOth aty. TM,
morning the Austrians male a revOntoosan,
In strong force with artillery, In tlo• d ireet too
of Laydore. They were driven buck tt Ith tn.
bayonet by the EterMalthatis as far as the 1...
Auto, which place was oecttpted by the vol.
meteors. Garibaldi was presein but had to rt,
mate to a carriage in courtaelnottee or In.
The OrterattOnn Of the ILIA inxt army agallthl
BurgofOrto were being cent toned.
The Italian troops on the loth captor ed, by
assault, the village or Mattegbano, near the
lets ilepont, at Iturgolos to.
'wand, July le—The Lelia ror •
Austria bas issued a manifesto, in s Ii le.
nays the heavy tutsrOrttutes which have n.
fallen his army of the north moved to
most core oils heart, but the retinue° he /UV;
placed 1:111013 the devolltin of his people, 11,
courage of his army, noon God and his good
anti sacred right, bad not severed 111 41 'Mtg.
loot, •t. fie hail himself to II
Emperor Of tile French, rotmesting his go: .1
Millets for bringing abten. an armistice with
Italy. Not merely had the Emperor rea.lll
responded to his demand, ton efforts! to musts
• • -
Into with i f russik.lor n suspension of hostill-
Clew, And tor opening n••gotlAttons for
Tills offer ho accepts, And t.,IIIIIOIIPC. !Ail:11.1f
dprepared to make pence 'limn bomonbie h on.
itlons to prevent 1111. / I ils
of war, but lie would not make II pew, t,
which Austria'.poAitiou II grtqll I .41 , .
would be shaken. Sooner than this Sc wouid
carry on the war to the utfoo.t eat! emit
All the available troop' Are looney mineen
trateAl.and the gaps in the refill Are ttli•Al by
conweriptton and voluntnering. Cell e d r, )
arms by the spirit of pstriotinny, A 'lnnis ha.
hetm severely vinited by ini.fortutie, but 'ale is
not humillatod nor bow.] down.
PrztA, July 91h—Lsv•m.u.— AA Imperial proa
lamatlon calls tapon volunteer. to lot+ter, to
enroll tbernselvee ender the hammy, of t hc
army, in order to protect the fatherland a Well
le threatened by the events of the war.
.I.ff/9111—The ones of the I calla!".
itt tleatozza are officially stated at Millet.
2,909 w ottudeal, mild 4422 prlsonere and lulcong.
The London Thar's correnpreolen of he
battle of Sudoira, saye: The PronAllue, had
. •
engaged about . KrOA/00 men, and the A toarta
nearly 0.1.1 many. early one n mei red end nh.
ty getn• were In O,LiOll, of whirl. r 441,111 L y.ll vt•
were Pruanlan
- - -
Lord Derby made a statement in tbe
of Lords, on the 9th, in which, after detailing
the difficulties lie net with In torming a 51,5.
istry, he said in foreign affairs he held it ‘4l l / 4
the linty of the country to maintain/
relations with all foreign einintrles, to 10014 i
entanglement with (nreinio disputes, anu no
abstain from nil vexations mud Irritating In
terference or advice. Willi respect to
in Central Europe, the Government WOLIIII
lIIILLIILL.I3I a perfect n eutrality, but Weldd
prepared, in conjunction wile oilier l'on en,
whenever a favorable opportunity preset/ ted
ItSell, to °trellis
goodltsell, nieces lie the ro,aorn
lien Of peace. Cele tuentl ing the inn ten Si tile
United Stales (inv.:num.. In /vial ion to tie/
Yenlans, Inn pant a high tribute to the ley all
of the Canadian volunteers, adding an expres
sion of his desire that a Confederation of all
the British American Colon lea might soon
The Paris Presto nays the lag In the
basis of negotiations suggested by France,
and communicated to the repretentatives of
the belligerents: The Germane, (ltnfetlerii
tlon to be dissolved, and another Confedera.
Clan to be established, Si which neither Prus
eta nor Austria should form port; oto territo
rial cession 10 be demanded of Austria; the
abandonment by the latter of her rights in the
Dutchies, and to replace the war indemnity
at drat demanded by Prussia( Prussia to In
corporate Schleswig Holstein, listen Cassel,
Hesse Ilarmstilt and liruuswick—the popu
lation of the Priiasion kingdom would thereby
be raised to 23,0U0,0tO—the Rhine to constitute
the western frontier of Prussia, and the prov
ince between the Rhine and Menne to serve as
an indemnity to the sovereigns dispossessed
by the war; all exchange of territory to take
plane (between Baden and Bavaria—wince
would give the former nearly the whole of the
Ehlnl Palanate, ansony, ilittiover nod thin
Dutehles of Saxony; to COI/elede 111111141.17 con
ventlons with Prussia; the inintiotauts of
Louden to choose whether they vlial I bulking
to France or Baden, and the population of the
valley of the Sarre to Clio°se between prance
and the Ithinish sovereigns.
The Lo France nays that the Prmodan con
ditions are the exclusion of Austria trout the
Germania confederation, the exclusive Vele.
mand of the military and naval forces of the
confederation by Prtualla, the diplOrnaLl , ri,p
rosentution of Germrny abroad, and the an.
nexation to Prussia of the Duchies and part Or
the territory straitly occupied. The Lti A'raitcc
also says the Emperor Napoleon at tines Aunt
therm conditions to at. Petersburg and lon
don, es raising questionn of European intermit,
only to be settled by concert of the great
Madrid, July Ildi.—The O'Donnell minixtry
realgned last night, and a new cabinet was
appointed with Marshal Marodes, President
of the council, and minister of war.
/h.rrard, July 11114.—tioneral t,'lul~lhtl Is
marching upon eavigo with an army of more
than 100,0 M Italhana,suul 2eogmes. The Prussians
have evacuated the wholotorritory between
the Mord° and the Ad lgodBThe greater part of
the Prusalangere statloced at Pabu.a.
Den*Hone by George Peabody--$150,000
Orlimes, and 81,000,000 for Homes fur
fer 1110 Poor.
Boarcot, July IL—The ammumwealth news
paper announces that George Peabody intends
to bosuns fifty thousand dollars each upon
Ilarvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges, of
this State; and the sumo( one million tMllars
upon Boston for homes - for the poor:- .
Woods on Wire.
*Nair. !only_ July iltTho wooden'. thenelgh,
"borhOodaf Holbrook station:On Buffo& comity,
on Um - Long Wand Beal; brio bean on Ore for
aerond demi Mist, and. are OM bomb*. No
elthaate mit be made Of the Manage. .
• - •
Conference Committee Report on the Bill
Increasing Pensions of %Vidows and Or
phan.—Committee on Judiciary Report
the Join(ltesolution Declaring Tennessee
Again lintitled to Representation—Reso
lution Adopted—Resolution Reprimanding
Mr. Rot:scan-11r :flakes a Personal Es
pia natioth--Pre..sents Reidgtiatiou —la Rep
rimanded by. the Speaker--Jll i
and the Assassination of Presilf
etit Chi.-
roin—Rehel P1a,, , , to be Rh n to the
States the Regiments of Whirl Captured
WAs n I'SOTON, Jnly 21, 1266
Mr. Nearutth , from Lite Military , Committee,
reported a Joint resolution for theirelief of the
drat 31Lchlgan Lavulry , which was ordered to
1,0 prlutad.
Mr. Guthrie tattled up a Joint resolution
tending for lIVa years to the Alabama and
Florida railroad the time for the Darned of
the Unites on railroad Iron for relaying the
track of said road. The resolution was pas.
il fro isag m r - e l e h ing 4H ism in e m n i t t l t' us:n o ts l
to 1.1., mil eiermissing the pensions of widows
and orphans, Male arreport. it Mixes not alter
the provisions Mlle BenatiOs amendments. It
secures to the widow Or a deceased soldier,
though she has married again, her pension up
to, the date of tier subsequent marriage. It
provides that arrears or pensions In default
of PlleeeSedoll by any 01 the relatives mention
ed sn the several pension acts, shall go to the
executor or administrator. Thu report "vas
agreed to.
Truntioull here ruse, and sold: The
(tonnultlec on the Judiciary, to whom was re
ferral the Ilona° Joint resolution neolarlng
Tennessee again entitled to representation ill
have inst.rnetosl use to retort it back
with Inamendment. If it uteri. the views of
the Senate, SA It Is a matter that ought to be
nil mom, I shall sneer that the Senate pro
ceed to it. consideration at the present !line.
Mr. M'Dougol—Lot it be read for informs,
Mr. is on all the desks printed.
Mr. AI 'Dom:al—het the a cleat be read.
The 'ha tr ordered the real lug of the resolu
tion nod a 11111,0.
it long and , •.iha...lite debate (allowed. is
I it.. ...inn., of which variourpropostt lOvis were
offered un„ , !r-c , •,,..,,1. Finally the following
and were adopted: Tire
nr..anti.l.• 1. Ilia? w holt Sir. Trumbull repor
t...l front i.e . . I toliviarytilitninittee of the Son
ata. Mari II„• II . +OlllllOll is that which was ailop
1...1 in Ih• ilotine, with tilt, exeopt ion of the
words, •'ltaly eleeted and upon their
hieing l Ile oath of shire Y...intred by the ex
Wax. a isas. In the year !sq. the t;nyern men t
of the state of renovate.° was seized upon
and talon pes;iession of by persons in tiOstill
ty to the United Stites. and the inhabitanta of
said State, in purstuutee to an act of Congrisss.
air e deidarett to Inc In it stale of laser
rectum against the United States; and
a Miriam, sail State Government can only
!no restored to its former potitleal ref/0301m In
Ills [tient, by the consent or the law-making
power Of the I norol States; and whereas, the
people of mid St .te, did, on the 24i of I,ebru
rs, 1..3 by a large popular vote, adopt anti
at lit' a ' Constitution and Government, repels.
than in forte, and act in concert with the CCM
.itutlitii and laws or ills United States,
whereby slavery aim Mad tailed, aritilthe
hams, and
. I sece,sion, and debts con-
t aeteil under the 1.1111% were declared void;
1111 , i Whe flits, a State 60Ver111111•11L has ratified
the atuctoluient to the COnnitlltioll of the
1 . 41 state: abolishing slavery, and also the
ithiendineet 1,111.111.1,1 the I flirty-loath Con-
Elrese t ; inntat liereas, of the people of
Tennessee have, by a ;troller spirit or ribmil
t•lice, I,IION to the mtlsfaetion tit the Con
gress of the Vetted States a return of Silk!
, 11110 in ti Ito zii vg nine.` to it.,, 1 .;"Ver11111.1t
ain't laws of the United States; therefore,
M. It eimeted by the senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of
An erha iii t;oligress assmunleil, That the
stale .11 ty.oitie-eiet bore' v restored to pier
tanner prof . ..! pructimil relation to the Union,
and is strain entitled to be represented by
s enators and Representatives In Congress.
M r Ito,. of Matt,,, , ,terett, iron the Xion.
Litre 011 N ts .\ 1144, 4 41, report,ol track the
me 1 , 1 II p 3.0,1 Jul.' ilth, 411 4 d00 Clio Irma
lour and regal., the appointment of officer. of
the navy, a lilt atietteltoonts. The first amend
ment wan 10 sir,ke sot Situ prOvloo Malting
the el le., ad et ,rOlO 411141 Inserting In
lion 0, t a proviso that. nahmir In the itet
.All preelter,• tie , pro lee et ofllmini
high , its.t,itittai loos or ilistrantihttoal
eend net. he oust agreed to. Ake
4011101.111001 L, entong the number of einem.
to t went) Lieutenant tlonttnartilcr,r, fitly
tittartertor ttei t, and AU, Entigeo,
pre. allot, tam 01 nattier officere attack:Joel to
verseir at. !tea or In ;contain ktaktons nety
appointed to tee regular riaAkomiLataiatiti
tt ent rove !hot el trltteer rfttiLY•l',
I.A t ( s els polltioni math the platen nan
to:pellet I,p gradttain. from the naval amide
air. I e• I up the reiteration of
the lion, , i,reett ilk too Speaker tot - eft - Immo!
Mt ihrtratatt tor hit assault on Mr. Grinnell,
Mr lie-ere:to ~,,t atheil roorrent tp make a pert
ooltal explanation. Ile kiddie, felt it It 10 (tory
the Ileate In hltnteif tonay 0, word or
two ,n, moi ier hat, hail irk en 111111,0 1004:1.1
pt. will n:t,i /tivat.l , 3l. rte toeught untmlwren
ti initotano tie-, 1,10 pu.ltiott, anti the feel
, 444 4 4 net/1..11 ttlt . ll bail prompted him.
Ile 00 , :Mal 1101,41 Ilialt. 4 oll 4 11.0011001.1
it e O, In 141,1, 11 no tnember chunk' aptwk of
.L. 4141 11 , 1..40.1 U 410'11 , •ertaluly dill tlett. tend ue
Ile loom:Ilk that the remorae of
tne gentlemen loon elhtn, (Mr. Garfield) the
oiter dai , aro.: unfair and nniust towiutis
him, all mi. gl, I hat gen tletnan hod risen pro
elate, Ink trient.lnltip u, Ititn. it •ettttled as if
he sitUl Ih. p.,..1.11/Wlvll LrOpa Lowa, (Mr.
bail Stipp...Al
011c ,- 111o.n. no I huti• g lit they bava
(Limploll col nalwv , l I.4Nniol, tun/ girejtallic7e,
:Mr ma, abfactial In a a:Miriam or the
Jo at ot In. limbos by a wan Mho wk.
u.o1(.1 (waoate...
r:.•• ;ma key ruled that the ronastrkev of the
gentleman, vantlng thwt the member. were In.
II neneaal by snowoott, were net in order.
ler. Ito-aye:to ' , von:smi Ills roathnees, If he
Ittel -ant ;outlying Improper, to take It bark.
.tit Ite hail path'wee that Member's 'Moult'
e mane to the sanykoloration of the enwe tot
-0111.1114 1 level If that ket e 'tot 1 4 41 4, then lie w
111 error list appealed to Om Hoene It throe
gent let/WTI I.: IL t n 41 1 4 4/11./11/ IV hestdui
0,. 0 :or more imeetots In !node and 'Lotion
than he lyinuelf
Mr. ,teveirs upon rust; anti ituid Ito must ob
oe! to u erittolum Oil Iho Juilgmont of tit°
am:l that ho had ton referreel to
10, of the licatae. Ile wits simply
01 11. argil:m.lst of the gentlemen.
Lite -peaker in _minted that It was not in Or
-14, 10 in. putt.. paA,Oit
Mt. 11:,..+1nua.11 said that Ite would take that
111 Sinker wniither he
I.t• ,tiloweii 10 nity 101 ..drOrt had
1.,. In U. creAt, esell.4,lllmlL against Ilan
1.) . twinging In the rileatipanitee of a Wit tight
In :None part.l,l I lie I ni,41.01.
The l•peaket replied that the gentleman
had already nahl tt.
Mr hn 'would then stick
to il, anal WI, It tack. HO Went On to say
teal 1,,. wa• aori y to an effort to intinenee
tl ino•oilwir lainging alscamilota a
11,1 Inxfilth caul in do anti the
•Tile H0u.... nlicitilal not 11 , 0, Kenn
upon to listen to thing,. of that :amt. fib
friend from Maasach aset tn. t Mr. ltnnkn) secre
t, i<l Intact! n. a, lying In wait until the eloae
01 the argument, runt wimp all reply Sae eat
ern, Munk, tan ILI)111./ nttulnet blur runt, as Woo
novel 110Mtli w itl . olll, caeca
nil tine Inagint.l vriitios 10 Inn law. Ite
Ilionglit the(amid thq,
.1 tint a. Well without that anpeal aid with
It. Ile taunt say Leal the proceedings In Chia
ev,e Iltl,ll 11111. 'wen entirely Just to Mtn.
N14,4,11t, MAUI ha suitnt. louts!. Chat IL Wits
nu nr ertlt•r t•rilleirte the mode to wltiehilto
0.1. t. art IN Poi ntJotlgolool.
The :weather -altutaral lite point of
nom t h e tattattal a nouLettee Out no
tit L,UIIIIIII illll of thin House la to be 241.
4tltttl by au)stenetter. 101(1!.3 ho utratis;to
total Mit. aMI omison rtueltol.
• .
Mr. ranitark 1.112 A. that aqui tba
flirt holt (r+ , lll his Its ten tin:,
Mr. *t., yens t here 14,04 00 muitaking the
whole eCalrlie of tht• argument.llv 01.ftwleil to It, and instead of the R osso he.
log nerinianded, he asked that the respond
ent he reprimanded in-carding to the order Of
the lions,
Mr. lloanottu prot ttstrit that to fOl/111.111011iTlli
•Ith the tleCotlon of tic Iloumo, and Raid ho
lion id einhtult ton. like al than, An Well 11,1 110
,0“1.1. lie aeentl tr, Bother he would 110 allow.
11.1 to may ttutl, the hos.altrawlto wore to Ice Ma
oder.% 11101 appearod hefero the Couttrattleo
hl prosecuted the rase ntgulust
Tbu ripetik or mid he Mil nOt think tl o gmi
tlio hod n right to plaillontio tile motives of
mem he re. - - - • •
Sir. Itoysenat repeated his assonance that he
did not final fault vrtth the *minion of the
House. Ile wale merely speaking of the man
ner In which the dusar.ion had been brought
daunt. If he was not allowed to do so, then ho
heat attaining to say, On the Stlttle4.
Mr. Banks said he dial not dealt that the
gentleman from Kentneky meant to speak in
vhatlietation of himself, anal not to impugn
the motives of members; but ho certainly did
Ilutt when he spoke of tiro gentleman from
Massactimsetin, lying in watt for the close.. of
the attract/salon. That certainly implied a mo
lder x Melt Wes noa creditable. and - it was en
tarely untrue. The member f rdiehlaseachusetts
had rgatakett because the report of the Commit
lea. lanai boon v hnently nntnated, mad thnit3 had
Innot nO otanngninont and uo tuo4ivo. It Was a
1111 l ttor oft oo occident.
Mr. liarneld ihniartut that 110 WO.Et entirely
uneolonnoUs Of law inn neatnny unfair grim
meet, tar lancing been actuated by any WIWI'
motive. It stfo.Unni to ham, however, that If
that wind° tnatter could he IV, InWo4l ' in - this
w u y, t en the order tat LIM HO.O would be re.
and ho (Hr. Itos.ono) would he repel.
mandnag the. house, Instead of twang mart
mantled by the House.
Mr. Iterisenn told ho would be very nom to
abuse the tourney of the House. Ile whlhod,
however, to May /I Word or two to the gentle
man from Aln,etchusetts. (Mr. Banks.) U,,
bad said aumethnig about that -gentleman ly
ing In wait in the argument ho made. The
gentleman said that he had in that done him
Injustice, end ho would, therefore, withdraw
the remark. It had beau asserted against
him that he had waited four days before talc
lug redress, and that his auger had bad Mule
to cool; but he thought the gentlemen Would
agree with him that no time was long enough
torn man to cool when he le defamed and ma.
ligtlatl on the teem* of the nation, when au
outrugeormassault Wad COMMittetr oh blef rep.
Mallon. lie had,waltett for the Holum to take
the inutor..l3l.lla.owtrAokiall-46 thotwtit it
,should have4ollei hatjlis,laader. nec.emaplaint
.itatoursa "oa.:oo;ktota ,-
illoni . noroatUO Sixtaketi
cuffed la sifeW momentaiand tborp•tigt;bo*
in exqtAlgOtEs43;cogituOtki •.21ut4njoft
• • " . .
the Matter called up, and the member from g ''....
and Cameral Oration
to (tire Grinnell„) eine hiets..atrp or ,. r .. ' Krim. Services d
lobed for djarespect to the /louse '" ' Pma- —P'"es."ll and tice
dos' '
'" In .---- °t ' Fun lor Col. Samuel W. Black—Be-
In Conner Issues 01 the GAZETTE we have no-
Mr. BOutwell made the point of order that
gentleman from lowa, and It true I late Colonel Samuel W. Black—who fell gal
the Pones bad already passed on the remarks tired in full the finding o , the remains of the
rol d in b ertle h r ° for the gentleman from lien tuct;
now to criticise the tenor of there marka.
lordly lending his regiment on the 2:th 01
dl,The Speaker Sustained the point of order. June, dl, at the bottle of Gaines' Mill, on the
Mr.„ll,ousseau wont on to say that he had reit amend or the ,on.o. , ay. ,
',LIS - ritt'to b fin'Zi'tf:t Il l .`g i Lrli h o'ulleTgit'l:ll l 4 m ""mi -- anol their aubsequent arrival m this
cOntliet before Rich.
action in the matter. Ho had been Informed Mty. when they were deixelted in the body
.d of the church , the tiny afterldno occurrence that the gentle. of the First Presbyterian Church, on Wood
mad from 'Own would tender him a written y troet to
itoologv. , That caused the delay. He waited
Deihl Itittriday till Thdraday, and then no mem- . n es Were announced for two o'clock on eat
bet having taken any steps to assert the dig- i urany, but long ere the hour arrived Wood
nity of the House, bethought that he had but , street, In front
i . ? await burial. The funeral cerem , °-
one runiedy. He was smarting under a previ- 1, r
cr. wrong , and could not get rid of It without 1 from curb to curb by those with had known
; nose the led.
some action on the part of himself or some 1 the deceased in life and were anxiede to wit
' body else.
He thOughtthe only remedy ho had was in ; merit—perfol inml or r i_ re ns ere they,
his own ' hands and he resorted tel IL But it were consigned to e t i ,' - - -mai f the
wail the last of hut thoughts to offer indignity gray e. The interior of the'icphii'lim 0
to the House. Ho thought he had given the wooded floor to the lofty 'i- go acious es, wee
House evidence of his respect for it and for crowith opeebnors, th - Limi
the law of the land, In aninaltting to the abuse whom were 'adios. The front m " II on er o o
r ".
and: ded
epm4or }he
heaped upon him. Words had been spoken of of the shrine were occuMed by t i l i o, Cathy and
him here to which he could reply In no other friends of the deceased, ih e „,.,,,, ~-,, Cathy and he,
way than he had done. He did not believe Site of I ie • centre aisle I, y tnendo e ,.. „, t „.. „,,,
there was nravellsr on the floor who wculd elelouel'e regimen dilithe sixty-secon d Pen ' n,i.
have mbmtttoal to what he did. lie dial not yank) Volunteers), srltllc t“ u n ,. .).
t . . •iii that ii uminber lino a snored Coco it it- chancel ant the pail-heart t ...... e eel-.
toned privilege to done,, , ..I defame tied coneisting of General J I.ln. 6. Se . gley, General
o i oo d er e brother te e eth e , „,. ... , .or of the 'fluorites A. Rowley, Gen. Young , Hee. Geo. S.
House. Callune, General Barnes, Colonel It Biddle Ro
th cianolusiOn he said he was willing to Nub- torts, Colonel Robert A 11ems:104 and Colonel A.
mitt° the punishment which the House had S. M. Morg• n.
chosen to Millet on him, but he was unwilling The cotlin of rosewood, Inlaid 011,1 highly
that his constituents should be In his person ornamented with sliver, with a mrved Oliver
humillatml in that way. Ile had therefore plate on the I I• 1 hearieg the following inserlp
sent to the Governor of Kentucky his resign. Lion:
Hon, Coolly of which he cent to the Clerk's "Colonel Samuel 10 . Black, Born Septornber
desk and had read. ad. 181 e, killed at Games , HUI, June 27, test;”
The resignation having been read, Mr. Spout- was placed on a rulami platform before the ai
ding moved that Mr. Rosseau, louring resign- tar. The 11,1 ov. 'covered with wreathsot
ed Ins position as a member, he be discharged laurel, and Imqueta of choice flowers, with
from the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms. sprays of jessamine tied clusters of blue forget-
This gave rise to quite a lengthy dlimusaion, me -note- interspersed willt oak leaves, while
partielpated in by a great many member, as the foot of the eollin was adorned with the na
to the effect: of tile resignation of Mr. R..... Lionel ensign of silk, festooned with crape and
bowed with material of the same. In the con-
Mr. Allison called for the execution Of the ire of the flowers was a large photograph of
order of the House. ' the Colonel as ho appeared a short time prior
Mr. Itosseau was called to the bar of the to his death end which all pronounced to be a
House by (he Speaker. Mr. 8013.118.11 took a Ille-like counterpart of the dead here.
position Li the open space m front, of the
TILE tmescent. Isr ma eittleest,
Speaker's chair, when he was addressed by the
Speaker,. follows: After a solemn (haunt from the choir, the
MIL 'tosses ei The House of
I tslteprestentativ orator of the occasion, Rev, W. A. Danne,Vant,
hrui declared you guilty of a violation or s ,
attended by Rev. Dr. James Prestley, Rev. 8.
and privileges in a personal asaault F . bcovill and Rev. J. Ill'idillen, entered the
anon, a Member for words spokes in debate. chancel and opened the .rvice by the read.
Ttua condemnation they have placed on their tag of the ono hundred and thirtieth Psalm,
journal and have ordered that you shall be beginning with,
publicly repr.manoled by the Speaker at the "Lord, from the depths to thee we cry,
bar of the House. No worth /ti ,Y . s of mine can nth! , a vee., Lord, de thou bear,"
to the force of this order, In obedience to which by ev • 8 . V . B°3 ' lll, wb ' eh .98 takes U P b y
I nowpoinounee upon you its reoriented. the choir and Bang with tine effect.
Mr. toascau tamed and retired. Rev. Dr. l'restly then read the fourteenth
Hr. Conklin g thert offered the following res- ehaPtererJob,elmning with "Kenna , la born
Minion as a question of privilege: of woman In but like a flower In the field, of
E,,,, ~,,d, u,,5t , ,,,,,,„„,..,.. r i ng. - n ua t h e p re ,. short growth, and Heigh but a day," after
Went of the Senate and Speaker of the Renee, whieh the choir sang the follommag first three
on the n e I.,!..ecto e g , noon n oj oero th e i r . an of the one hundred and third Psalm:
respective douses, until Tumulay, the second I.
day of October, lali, and that on that day, un- 1 • 'Saab pity as a nether hatll
leas It be talon otherwise ordered by the two bine Ills children d ear.
Like pity shows the Lord to such
Hone., they further adjourn their nepective
blouses Iratil the first flay of December, 1866. As Worship Him In fear.
Thu House reused to lay the resolution on
the table by forty-three to sixty live, and then
the concurrent resolution was agreed to by
tidy-nine and titty-four.
lir. Rogers rose to a question of privilege,
and stated that he, as a member of the Judici
ary Committee, to which had been referred
the log nary } an to th e complicity of Jefferson
Darla in the assassination of President Lin
coln, had been refused access to the testimony
hod papers before the Committee, and Mad he
was therefore deprived of all opportunity to
form such a judgment In the matter as would
enable him tojoiti in the report of the Coin
m Ittsm.
Mr. DOhtwell explained that notwithstand
lug the °trona of the Committee to keep tile
testimony and papers secret, emit a report
should be Caine, some important portions of
them hall been communicated to and publish
ed by the New York/Jerold. That publication
had led the Committee to exercise a closer
moreover the papers. They Mod been refound
to him, (Hr. floottwell,) as a sun -committee,
ton yeidenlay he had Instrectool the clerk of
tic Committee to permit Mr. Rogers to see
the papers, bat he learned that se (Mr. ItOg..
Or , ‘,) ilea employed n phonographic reporter
to take timeatniets from them • land he, (Hr.
Be utwell) hail taken posseasion of the papers.
i ll ' e " lT Vas t h a a l t ua t h n ' te r h ' crt ri ral r been TU . d yf ag b lal M l r si
opting a rebel paper in Memphis, Tenneasee.
Mr. homers protested that he knew nothing,
fit that, elle asked the Holum to let him em
ploy a reporter, either at his own expense or
at the espouse of the BOUSe, the reporter Is
he sworn to secrecy.
teeeCtitel wan made.
The Speaker ruled that when papers are In
the hands of a lIIIIII.COMMittee to prepare a re-
port , no other member of the COILIIIIItt,O has a
right to them mull the report has been pro
ace Mil to the committee.
- - •• • ••
Mr. Flock said he would advise the member
friar New Jersey to resign tut a member of
Mr. Rogers said that nll he wanted seas for
the country to know the facts.
- Mr. Selientir, on leave, intralueed a bill to
authorige the Secretary of War to turnidi
transimrtation todischarged soldiers to whom
artinclial limbs are furnished by the Govern
ment. head three times and passed.
Mr. Ketehuto, on leave, Introduced a joint
resolution reel. cstbig the Secretary of War to
transfer from the War Department to the Er
.rut ,re Of the several States, for satekeep
ing, the rebel [lags capturell by - volunteer reg
iments during the late war, sending to each
Mate the colors raptured by the rOi.ilMenLii of
such State.
listed three times and passed.
rut- Douse proceeded to the business on the
Speaker's c. We, anti &goosed of it an follows:
The senate amendment to House amend
ment to senate hill, bridging the Mississippi
flyer. The Skinalo amendment, whichpro
whloil fora bridge over th at river at St.. Louis,
concurred in.
The. Senate amendments to the House 1 , 111,
grnine right of ato ditch a canal, by
ow a n t ers, g
ov The
the piddle w
la y
nds In the ta tte r of
tellforuia, Oregon and Nevada.
fend hag action lc the bill, the Rouse ad
Fenton Prisonirrt In-Ireland Beleased
Upon the Condition abed [bey trill
tarn to the United Stabes.---.Advieee
Wp , osNoTox, .lady The at.,,,., Depart
ment low been ailvised Lind. Ulu following Fe
nian prhmners in Ireland have ham released
on coalition of returning to the I: n hal Metes:
Daniel J.Aiy bins, C,,1. Iturke, It. MeDiirmot,
Edward Morley and K. Irwin.
Letters from General Diaz, commanding the
Kastern Military Division of the Mexican
public, dotal atJoehia, Arazaca, June 24nri, have
been received here. The following is ex
General laguernot reports that he defeated
the Austrian column, which' attacked him at
laYsitoplc and followed the enemy up to the
walls of Tiniscan, noosing the .lastrians great
losses. the Austrians returned to Thiamin
with half the rman' they took t0...ya1.
The Corti:alibi, on Foreign Affairs nl the
'louse have tiorepleted nn elationde report on
the subject of the Neutrality Lim., and will, It
Is nailerstoml,. recommend is thorough reels
ion Ili tile ,Mutes affueUng our neutral
witsother government.
iieneral Dusting, leaflet:l.r of am Q. 0[1 ..'
master's [apartment left. Washington ou Fri
day for a general liaramion of thedu
instils and poste on the Plains and through pes
the Department of the Paola. Ills trip is with
n. view - to retinotions, be., and will embrace
Kansas, Utah, Poends. Arizona,
Montana, Valiforuin, Oregon and Washington,
li.; will be absent several months.
leo Signs of a iitentner Dun,
V 3rru Poise, July 12,10 o,ll,—There were
no signs of tile/steamship II iberul s, now about
dee oil this point, will/ Londonderry data of
the lath inst.
LoviaVitta, Jelly river Is fulling
lowly, wills three Motio/ ten Inches of water
n the canal. Mercury at noon PO deg. Show
n' this afternoon; now clear.
AAldltlonal Local Natters on Ttillril Page.
Boy Drowned—Au Object of Charity.
fumble Liu row-boat race on Saturday after
noon, a crowd of men and boys occupied
standing positions on a lot of coal flats
extending for a considerable distance out In
the stream, just below the Monongahela
bridge. le ben the race had been concluded,
there was a general rush made for the
shore, and in the excitement consequent on
the occasion a boy named James Jones fell
betWee.ll two of the flats and Was drowned.
The body has not been recovered.
About two months since the father of the
deceased was drowned at Saw Mill Run, while
at work attending to some flats. Mrs:Jones,
wo believe, in In very Indigent circumstances,
having no soups, of support but bur individ
ual label . ; besides, she is burtlnined by a sick
child whale life Is despaircd• of. We trust
that the charitable will sock Mrs. Jones out
and by a little timely aid alleviate In a cum
sure her sufferings.
—Os-- -
Rare Chooco. for a liostie.—Li bert Ar
them, Esq., offers for rent his beat iful resi
dence near Mbleravillo, possession be given
on September lat. This is one of the most
1,,..,,,,,0r,,i and pluturesque suburban residences
In this median of country. The 0 idling la
cozy and comfortable, and Is ear ended by
charming gardens and a predacity fruit or
chard, covenng about seven sores f ground.
When we are biassed with a good on this
Orchard produces upwards Of one thousand
dollars worth of fruit. It is but a!short dis
tanoe from the city-line, and tak g every
thing into oonsideration it may be onaidered
a very rare opportunity of acettrln a subur
ban home. The 01101011,111.11, gretalil CMS, eta
bia, Ac. are in good order and plentifully sup
plied with the best of water. See advertise
ment elsewhere.
Obiutary.—ln oar last two& we published
the obituary of Robert Morris Esq., who dimint
hie restdonoa la Norwich, England, on the
Pith alt. Mr. Morris was, for over twenty
years, u resident of this city, and did business
as a rocary and tea • dealer in the Diamond.
imving - amassed &fortune he retired and re
turned toEngland; again making it his home.
He was mgonoross' Christian gentleman, and
:his toss h, a warm o f -grief to a large circle of
acqualnancee ham: •
. 1: wt• ; )
Anomie Dvilirtit Itobbez7 , - 4 a l lles Mt .
Reims. a resident of:illicit:lM had 1 1 1, TT: . ...iii6,iiiiii6iic iindeiided,,r4ll.. Aptelbannje P6:•1?"111A '‘')
' 1.4'.
'''''''''''.. •,*'" .. ‘4. _
' 171 ,” 1:i g gw7b° 8 3.1u BsZbbe:"Stowri : 44' "While° l'aleateralabliECK6"4ll l /kjet'llanSe*:- A ;41X7osta".410°ftn°11;471114"93•...treetAttiengelnurrthkate*"riestitatioitat , E llo , th:Satt"
COM. ten3'.. I MOCciA. I. V i TERIK ,AtiIk:O - 61 .1 i " adV111) 31 )itt li tr EJ AYI r' I ' LcitA
An — P ro ' s tintit e. tHkt th 'il s L arrhsit taChed :9r . 114 1 . MIL ' ss i ..! .. _ meneing ludra On the 2,., . ..,,!I*CA qug.„ 19},She
~ ..4itn,,... r o4n olta n at Tlesenc4rlllollallwati" 1110Veg000a.1411..<0.400,... fra:r12,4"48
iing the 94 / 4 44 :: ',' '':' - il
.'.:-''' •-, 4nigt.
',. ,- ; . .,...i . ',:• , .. 1.,,_.,: 1 ., .:._ . , -,,,, --, -,,, ,-, 1: •-•.- . ; ' -,,, .- • .-:, ,
••• .=. - , -.4 -'' ~. .z ' - : ;:•, n , • V- , :•1 • ;.14, . 4- , ,,.,Y,::-. :. 1 , - - • , ~, .
~„ :- - . „..., .7 ..,.-`,1,-'1.,.,',-,,,q-4-e4A-;-,:,.:l4: :r. i , : ',i i , i';',i•qg i ;'t
1 ,
‘,;'-:--- • . ~ , ' - i '<, - -:, ,,-:' ',1'::.:,n,',';',..,-; .1i,,q7a27..W,11--,V,'-*-f---;,-.0e.;?,\--;.,g-jXI-.!,..ii'f.,;!-;:-z,j'14t-,e-,,..W..,--;',z,-7.A.-'1;±=T,:t4ttigtiOicA
z.;.a , ...,,7....v.:4.&1.iv.„;Riff;-;:,:1.K._.iet.,:i;,-p2,-.... ,,, ; , .. , !' , 1k.: , '5t:-I'v:.:.:-?4,-,',1i,,,,,,,-,',,--,p5;?.."-4..-:,-Y,.,•:',P,-:."*T,:.;;;;,-4.Vr4-'1W.,1;
IttAt.oQ,,,g, - 14: 1, .. - -'" •• '-- ' ' ''-" - m...,1.5tra.,:*4F-162-44,414-gtzW:Lc-t-.:::si,tsq,-;;;-,4.01-:04'w.,:-;41,,i-g..vfortv,_
t h :z 4 Leiriril
--.-- , :y,,A gti r,Nc,,,;:,,T,:0 :i.. ,, -; 41f.
'.. -I L'''''' - !:'" . • ,,, ..0 . ..-,,r - ?t,f,-$`:?„.4 , „..,it.. , V 4 ,..z , . .4.14 ~,,/.,'
Erriaana—le speak o iag aa all lla
fcriVigalteriTtreal/21111-Itersalei n'Tt l ittet.
A3nbisteutotne,,,roarcracon.i...,4 o coutc.:
la due a very Idoaaaad - aeakina ludefCgt
ANSIIIVIPK/ 1 904,4 1 010tathekilltabOL, , -, .
For lie remembers we arr dust
And lie our frame nett
Frail matt. his clays are its the grass
A Dower lit livid he blows.
For over It the wind &all pane
And It sway In gone,
And of the place where onto It tens
It litintl no more he known.' •
When the singing had been concluded the
Rev. W. A. Passevanc approached the coffin
and spoke in substance WI follows :
Friends end Bretherw—At the request of the
family of the deceased I am hereto-day to pay
the poor tribute of my praise to his memory.
When I review his many virtues 1 feel / atn
not equal to the task assigned me, and would
gladly even now place among his
stricken relatives in order to teach them con
notation in their great bereavement and reaig
nation to the will of the Omnipotent, who, In
Illswisdom, has chosen to the creature
back to the mansions of film who has created
him. No words of mine can convey to you an
idea of the esteem—the veneration in which I
bold the character of him who sleeps In dentin
before Ile. It would Em an easy matter to apeak
of the frankness—the valor—the nobility of
soul, that made him preeminently the friend
of liberty of virtue, and of truth • lint this is
not the time, our neither Is it the place to
sneak of such things. We have come to
gather the dust of the valiant departed
and place it in that dust of which it Is
a part of, and where it nhn.l rest until
the dawn of oterulty, when It shall rise to
enjoy the bright immortality that endures for
ever and knows no e n d, It is not posnible
to say how much lie was influeneed to see into
tile groat conflict in which lie rendered up his
site. Rut, at the very outset he saw that the
law must be vindicated and sustained by the
aeon". Ile cam this when the penetration Of
ointment statesmen (Mimi, and ' , predictions
were ma le that the strife would be of but flu
ty days duration. Ile saw that a thrust was
made at the heart of the nation, and that
honor, principle, humanity and law were as
sailed by a powerful organization of lawless
men. Co imbued was his aplrlt with this truth
that be threw himself into the conflict with an
earnestness and deterintnatimn that showed
no abatement to the end of life. When the
news of the disaster to our arms at the first
Bull dun dashed through the country on the
wings of electricity. causing Money and fear
among the people of the north, he raised
voice and called upon his fellow citizens
to join the standard he had chosen
to defend. With a spontaneous enthusiasm
seldom equalled, the people shook off the
trepidation the rimester had incised, and na
iled tit-his tilde. We all know the result wins
th to ele"iinirg''w"lum°Enn of
le t t. Vro b tu "d nd 3 r . e o r f ere M n e t7o
for law, for liberty, for nationality, that while
him no prominent, both in the community and
In the field, guided him In taking this Step.
and made every other consideration, at varl
allee with this criurse, insignificant in his ayes.
The ties of love, of kindred, of social position '
and the whisperings of ease he set at naught
awl sucriflemi all on the altar of his country.
It in In this act of his life that he spurned the
niatertalnim of the world, and An the COIIt.C.PI.
platlon of which we are brought 11l spirit
nearer E.G.'. In this he has taught us a sub-
Ulnaeof self-aacnlice, and shows its that
Ulnae who would be like him, truly great,
lutist make every emotion of their beings sub
servient to misty. Those who knew the dear
departed—knew him Intimately—know the
secret workings of his hear, knew that he
wits it man of lofty aspirations, of 'exalted
charadter and of intense emotion., through
which Tan a vein of deep piety, that ac
knowledged the supremacy of a higher law
and that bowed his spirit down to the Mete:.
ity, Mild mails him ever ready to [moment, 1.0
,r t
z l g is c h ., ol l t b h . e . at c l . i f er ,. ....A p ei l t i l e, thg o se , e v n e e r s fo iLf
BOHCILIIde for the spiritual welfare of his
men. While on a visit to his tent I found a bi
ble, worn and thumbed, upon bin table—the
pions giftOf is 1011. i hither to his pious SOU.
This was hi, io companion; his solace dur--
mg the long vigils sitent In the Mild. While
tnildellty Is spread broadcast over the land,
and the Initx teachings of Paine and others,
dm/ their way into the households of Chris
,tian.fanalliet, and are displayed upon their ta-
Ides and in their libraries, it Is consoling to
know that he had piety and a reverence for the
Most Hugh, and that there is ample testimony
to prove that lie was free from tiny taint of
skepticism. his love for the law, Tor the gOV
erninent, for honor and for virtue, is they:rent
proof ill We nobility or h eimmener. Mice all
men, lie had Ms weakness, his Infirmities,
but they were covered and more than over-
Indancml by his insulted nandt public vir
tues and Ills sublitne affection for liberty.
Whmt a rich legacy of honor he has lean/ his
children that bear his name, and who have a
right to call him by the endearing name of
life mercy to those who fought under his
direction when guilty of crime eau he fully
latteetett by those comrades that are here pres
ent to-day. Through that mercy shown his
fellow man will he receive mercy from the
Father of Mercies. The good he has done hi,
fellowman shall live when all those within
tho sound , of my voice shall have returned to
their native duet. May his bright e.tample
teach or to follow in the way of the righteous,
that we may he brought with him to a glad.
cue Immortality beyond tho skies.
At the conclusion of the Reverend gentle
nusn's remarks, the organ pealed out a solemn
dirge; the wain was taken up by the beaver.
and borne dofti the aisle, proceeded by the
regiment end foLlowetly the friends and fam
ily of the deceased. When the cortege Lad
s treet the door, Weiss' brans band upon the
street began playing tine of Bethoovents beau
tiful dead marches, which they rendered with
a subdued harmony, approaching perfection.
'me rein at this thee was tailing heavily, yet
Instead of scattering, the crowd on the streets
It Seemed to augment in numbers each
moment. A b er a slight delay the procession
was formed General J. D. Swifter, assisted
by the Arlie
Ll y
nt of the ac
Lean, and Lien
tenants Pa rson and McLean, and the com
mittee ores ngements, Messrs. J. IL T. No-
Me, Edwaro Timony am! James Qualm% A
detachment of fifty regulars from the Arse
nal, commanded by Major Morris, anted as an
escort, and after a double ale of the city pollee
took the Ilene of the procession.
The Great Western band came next In ant.
form, followed bythe hearse, taste fully decors.-
ted with the American flag, and drawn by ft
flack horses, on either able of which walked
the pall bearers In full uniform, with sashes
of crape.
Close to the hearse was the Colonel's bores,
"Stimpter, ,, led by Doctor Jackson, after
which came the Sixty-second regiment, dress
ed in black with white gloves and mourning
badges, while on their breasts they wore a blue
ribbon, on which was a maltase tufts, the
symbol of the corps to which the regiment he
longed. Seat came a long him of carriages
containing the friends and family of the de
ceased, while in the rear of the procession
roil° two of We Committee of Arnidtgementets
horseback. - ,
As the cottage passed along Penn an ha.
unseen concourse of people gathered upon the
sidewalks, while the doors and windows at the
dwellings were crowded with speetatidra, who
evinced the greatest interest in the proceed-
Ingo by expressions Of sympathy and regret
for the dead.
Whin the funeral cached the gmve, the
rain ceased, and the setting sun thtew a few
golden rape upon the pall lighting up the
solemn scene with an alba secentible to all
While the band played Graffola's celebrated
dead march, as toe come, stripped of the flag
but laden still with fi0A8111,1,115 /owered Into
the grave. After a benediction from one, of
theciergy, the escort tired three Volleys over
the grave,. and next the TeLlow.clay.inattled
upon the soilla lld'and all wesover.
Another lionater than Coma at the Fort
Plat Foundry.
On Saturday afternoon another ttrenty-ineh
gun was east at the Fort Pitt Foundry to this
city, now under the proprietorship of the
Charles &nap Nephews. /t is designed fin the
e nultan,” now lying in New York harbor, and
will be eighteen inches snorter than the one
cast May sth, 1864, for the "Duodenburg." It
contains 140,000 IDs. of metal, of which 101,000 is
Bloomfield, (Junlata.,l second fusion, and 30,000
Bloomfield pig. Fire was placed in the fur
naces at half past four a. a. One of the fur
naces was melted at 10A one at 10:30, and one
at II:45. Two of them were tapped at 12:02, and
the third at 12:45. One was stopped at 1.— , .."2;
one at 12=, and one at 12:25. The metal was
very thin, but the scintillations not very
excessive. Gas began to evolOo fiom the core
12:10. Fires were lighted in the pit at lAO.
Thirty-seven and a half gallons of water were
allowed to flow through the core barrel every
minute. The temperature of the air outside
the foundry at the time of casting was 71 , ', and
inside at the pit, 51'. The temperature of the
watAn . :IA it flowed from the hydrant was silo,
.f.i • • from the core after the mould
t- . C.Jaiparstures were taken every
1. 0 minutes for two hours, afterwards every
nail 1, , rtr until is. enty minutes Plat nine Sun
day u• rt log. 'lnc highest temperature was
our bemired and eighteen degteee, and was
reached twenty minutes after the casting,
continuing the some for forty minutes, after
which it gradually became cooler, and when
the water wax stopped it had fallen to ninety
seven degrees. The metal was ran through
conduits into a reservoir, where it Was allow
ed to remain one minute before running into
the mould. The gas which evoiVed Irma the
core burned until two o'clock Saturday. At
Iti,tf, Sunday the core was drawn, coming out
perfectly clean A very small stream of water
as then all, Ito flow Into theborn through
a pipe whirl, ~ . .ct.ended to the bottom. Mon
day morning at eight o'clock this water will be
turned oil, andcolumn of cold air thrown
in. The gun will be cooled with cold air, at a
density of about 7.24. it is thought to 'be a
moat perfect success. The metal was selected
with more than usual care, and Col. Joseph
Hoye devoted him entire time and attention to
the fusing of the metals and the casting of the
gun. This Is the third twenty-inch gun he
has east, and he will soon cast another. Ile
has held his present position an foreman of
this foundry for twenty-seven years.
The finished dimensions of tbe gun cast of
Saturday will be
Extreme length
Length of bore
Depth of chamber
'Diameter of catfcabel....
• f' ° cylinder..—
. muzzle face.
Length of tronlon
Diameter of Iranian
Radius of brooch 32
Thickness of metal 22
Estimated weight of finished gun.oo,ouo lbs.
Burglary Ism SoutbPittsburgh
—Eight Hundred and Flu, Dollars
The residence of Mr. Eli Wykolf, In the bor
ough of South Pittsburgh, was entered and
robbed on Saturday night., or Sunday morn
ing, under the following circumstances: An
entrance was effected by climbing over the
roof of a porch"in the rear and opening a
second story window, which led Into the deep
lag room of a colored girl employed in Mr.
Wykoff's family as a domestic. Through this
room the thief passed up a flight of stairs to
the third story, where Mr. Wykoff and his
wife lay sleeping. Wykoff, who is the propri
etor of a drinking saloon, le in the habit of
placing his wallet under his pillow. This the
thief removed with en adroitness that allowed
him to be a proficient at the business, and for
his pains he received $770, which thepocket
book contained. The key of the bar-room
money drawer was taken from Wykoff's
pants which lay on the door, with which
the drawer was opened, and thirty dollars in
small notes added to the large pile, already in
toe hands of the burglar. The adventurer
also found the key of the safe, which he open
ed, but finding nothing worth taking In it, left
the key in the door, which was found
standing ajar. Before quitting the premises
the thief visited the chamber of one of the boar
ders, and relieved hie pockets of all they con
tained, amounting to mime five dollars in cur
rency. From the fact that none of the cratsine
doors were found open, it In presumed he loft
the house in the same way he entered It, The
whole affair, both in Its conception and execu
tion, was the most daring piece of villainy we
have been called upon to notice for a conalde
rable time, and shows the perpetrator to be
no novice in the art of stealing.
1111gbIrn1 nnbber7—A
Donn I Me Parents mad Itobbntl.
Daniel Green and William Jameson were ar
rested and lodged in the tombs on Saturday,
charged with highway robbery, on oath of
John Sweeney. The prosecutor alleges that
while passing along Webstiiir - lirr'Fifit, and while
near the corner of Chatham, on Friday night
between eleven and twelve o'clock, he was
met by the accused, knocked down and rob
bed of 011X1 in greenbacks and a silver watch
worth $213. Neither the money nor the watch
was found in : the possession of the accused
when arrested, and so far there is nothing to
suostantiate the charge nave the oath of Swee
ney, who acknowledges be was very drunk at
the time the attack was made on him. Green
and Jameson elate that they are students of
Iron City College and hoard at Lanahanis ex
change, No. SW Penn street. They will have a
hearing to-day, when they allege they will ho
able to prove an alibi.
Sweeney is a stranger in the city and was a
hoarder at the Ward Hotel, on the corner of
Seventh and Grant street.
A nleeping loran; Janina by is Rat.
We have Just received the particulars of a
horrible occurrence which transpired a few
days ago on Roberts street, in the Seventh
ward. It appears that u young married lady
placed her sleeping infant—a little cherub
three months old—ln a cradle and left the
room. Five or Len minutes afterwards she
heard a piercing shriek from the little inno
cent, and immediately rushed to its side. She
arrived In time to see a large rat Jump from
Iliu cradle and escape through the open door.
Upon raising the infant she found ti cold in
death, the rat having bitten through the lip
and cheek, producing spasms, In one of which
the babe had died. The corpse was laid out In
the parlor, and being left unguarded a few
ininutes, a swarm of rats entered and attack
ed It, devouring nearly the entire face and
arms before their presence wee discovered
The house In question is literally swarmed
with large, ravenous Norway rats, which fre
quently attack grown persons, and are a
source of terror to the occupants.
TT I:l:===2
The residence of Mr. Volgt, in Mount Wash
ington, Lower St. Clair township was entered
St no early hour on Sunday morning, and WO
taken from under the plllow in Mr. Volgt's
bed room, while that gentleman lay asleep.
Mr. Volgt owns a grocery store In South Pitts
burgh, immediately adjoining the saloon of
Mr. Wykoff, who was also robbed on the
same night and almost under the name circum
stances, the lull particulars of which are given
In another column of this issue. From this
strange coincidence we ate led to believe
that the same-party committed the two
robberies. We are also led to believe from
the celerity sad dispatch that must have at
tended these transactions that the burglar
IS not entire stranger to his victims, their
habits, or their promises.
Teastroonlal to Oar Cluumplon.
"A Friend of Hamill's" prop:bees, In the
Chronicis; a testimonial bandit to James
Hamill on his return home from England, to
be given under the management of Mr. liens
derson, at the Academy of Music, and offers
himself to take any tickets at a dollar each.
lie says further "that since Mt. Kelley at first
declined to row in this country, and has now
beaten Mr. Hamill in England, although
througn fair play I have no doubt from nearib
pager a ccounts. I will be ono of eight to put
rip five hundred dollars, making a purse of
four thousand dollars, to challenge Mr. Kelley
to row Mr. Hamill a race on any American
course for that amount on the Fourth of July,
Ml, or sooner, if Mr. Kelley desires it.
deposition show. my thlth in Mr. Hamill, and
bay firm belief that there Is no man living can
beat bgra In his own country."
illiegod Hawse Thief Arrested.—The
sheriff of Ross county,. Ohio, arrived in tub
v yesterday , from Mount Pleasant, West
n soreland county; with a colored man named
Pleasant Eh - Inlet, charged with stealing shoran
kola Chillicothe, Ohio, on the 31 of the pres
ent month. I'leasent states that he had been
on a visit to some friends si Chllimothle, with
*them he remained for over s year, and that
on his departure on the 3d, a horse was miss
ed from the garde of one of the residents of
tU e town, and hence the suspicion of his being
the thief. lie will he taken to Cr," eothe Jo
di ty.
. 4, Move In the Melt Dlreetlea.—T hero
is some talk among the eitizensof the Eighth
ward about purchasing a few acres on the
ammmit of Boyd , a Hill,for the purpose of eon
werting it into a piddle park or "breathing
xfp4t" for the denizens of the city, with a pond
in the centre sufacient to afford skating fa
cilities during the winter. As we are a.dly in
need ofJciat such& spot, let the good work go
on. The site we think an excellent one, while
the construction of tech a place wonhi be of
incalculable benefit, to the community.
Fight Among the Fauey.—lmmedlately
otter the rowboat race on Saturday, two of the
interested parties quarrelled about the re
spective merits of the contestants. Tho
suit was that one departed with a smashed
towel organ, while the other's wardrobe suf-
fered so that the coat and west were thrown
into toe Monongahela. Al the melee occurred
at the boat-house attbe ford of Boselatreed,
;bore was no arrests lnit4B4" • . . •
. . at vallmealigurg.--Tho base ball
match at Cam:imbi:lre_ BaturtLayi between
, tbe College Club at tenaPlace• and the 'finals,
' , of this oar, resulted.llt an easy triumph. for •
the „former.. The , ,wealber WAS unfavorable,"
being wet, asel for tLlssea , oo tee playing WSW .
not: aa-aallsfaetory or; pleasant as. desired;
, The - Bsgela boya *erelumdsomely.entertaM
(*d, and.O2prethlalleeWet Piti4ed
TWO Eirn.oms ISSUED.
The edUlan le forwarded watch WM Nagel the sub.
etalbers wawa ea the =al ran.
antliLZ CO_MICS, el /K 1
Scfgr - aam OP Isa
Vto. now?oot Rae* on Mtatdv—Ditto•
burgh we. Manchester.
The ea,
between the four-oared boats
p"rriunr.byllftlep" It
rk," the former
Oa h ff e c ht roen co w Sul:recut:7 icatl7.n'b'afttt7rMacugn' te h' d c:f it O 7 :r g d r, thtb e i lm :';l c ;: o ' rtn n t ni 7r' e g**Wb o ya f
spectator. The Plusburghers Wore the fav
orites from the start, 0,1.15,1 two to no bring
offend, and a very considerable amount. Of
money changed hands. Among other instan
ces we beard of a well known steamboat Cap
thin pocketing igi,ust, and one of lisuallPs
prominent haukers In the race with the Eu..
gush champiou losing COO. The Manchester
boys, in pink shirts aim white tights, were
David Lighthill (otroko,) Comae Speer, Chas.
Coolly and henry Coltart, (bow.) The Pitt.
burghers, dressed in white, were tydh am
Jackmn tatroke,) D. Wolff, Fred. Durst, Fred.
Wolff, (bow.) The letter crew, alter a fair
start, took the lead, and from the Monona..
helix bridge to the loot of Market street, had
galnal on the "Now York.' atm° t
lengthts. They then seemingly held up
somewhat, and the cap was closed, the boats
keeping almost evenly until the month of
now Mill Run was reached, at which point the
“Vriedishlp" ran foul of a log or plunk (there
being ennsidernble drift Mime river,) (Una
glug her bottom and causing her to leak bad
ly. Ohs continued her course, ma to all (sp..
petulance:, would have turned her buoy in ad-
Vance of her eommotitor, but nufertullittitty,
when not more WWI one hundred yards (rein
the * Albatross.' of the l; reline Club, (the buoy
boat,) Jackson (stroke) broke lissom.. litaitti,
lag the buoy another oar was procured, hut In
so doing the ••Friendship" come to a full stop,
the "New York. meantime haying (most
awkwardly) turned her buoy and,strafghtened
up tor the home stretch. and ore Jackson had
again nettles down to Ms work, waaa very
considerable distance ahead. The . New
York" reached the starting point some lens
lengths ahead, winning the race' Many
assert that Imo it not been for the udsforturin
to the Friendship, the result would have been
Another race between the Name crews we
understand ,has been arranged tor, to corns
off two Weeks hence.
The Portland Coollaarratioa
Among the Insurance companies which
nobly met the lossss attendant upoli
estrous conflagration of Portland, the old
Aetna ntunds foremost. Polickes held by the
sufferers In this company are being paid upon
presentation, and the losses although amt.-
gently heavy will not the least inconvenience
the corporation. The total amount covered by
Aetna Polledee on property destroyed or dam
aged Is al 06,854, on which salvage will be about
per cent. Total loss will not vary much from
+200,0t0,1 p et. on the assets, a figure bet
ly exceeding Government and State taxes,pald
last year by the company, or a proportion
equal to a $l,OOO loss for u company of $100„560
assets. The necessity for Insurance and the
value of wealthy, strong corporations, is tore!.
by Illustrated by this fire. Several weak insu
rance Companies are destroyed. Portland
has a population of thirty-five thousand, was
handsomely built, mostly tine brick or stone
struotures—proteoted and screened with up.
wards of three thousand shade trees—bounded
on three sides by water, Indeed literally rising
from the ocean—and with a good isteam this
department—yet It has .10,010,060 property
consumed In a few hours, upon a holiday,
when Its people are least occupied, from the
very insignificant cause of a contemptible lire
cracker. Remember the trilling origin of fires
that sweep away In a few hours the earnings
of years. Consider your bob interests, and,
give the -Etna Agent a call if you need. proper
Insurance security. A. A. Carrier .No.
64 Fourth street, are agents for this city.
-.- 198 inches
64 "
35 8 "
Temperanceville Connell
This body assembled on the evening of the
19th, Messrs. West, Carnahan, Smith, Hirsh
berger and Burgess Canis Jinn being present.
On motion, the Burgess was authorized to
draw his warrants in favor of the following
persons for the amounts stated: Patrick Ken
nedy, labor 67.93; Thos. K. Pe
j tiz. , lumber, 4 J
-62; James W ools .t Co., nails, 75; Isaac Wil
kinson, work. 611.00; Francis eFudden, work,
616.12; Thos. Kelly, work 41 0 . 001 John Wamo
ter, work, $4.00; A & J. McKenna, license
dates. 65.00 ; James WalMce, hauling stone,
.00; & Anderson, printing, $4.62; Jas.
oDowell and S. H. French, auditing sdbool
account, 11.00 each.
On motion, James Kelly was appointed Col
lector of Borough Tax for the ensuing year,
and nye mills were levied on the sae need
uatltnt of property for borough purposes.
Found Drowned—lnquest.
On Saturday morning as a couple of men
were engaged in drawing some logs from the
Ohio river, at the mouth of ObarLiers creek,
they discovered the body of a man protracting
from beneath a flat. They took illlll3odinte
measures to bring it to shore, butt owing to
the fact that it was so far decomposed as to be
unfit to handle, they were forced to let It re
main until the arrival of Alderman Donald
son, who held an inquest on the remains, the
Jury returning a verdict of found drowned,
after which the bogy was buried at the ex
pense of the cotnty, there being no evidence.
even the most remote, of his identity.
Well Caned.—We were made aware on Sat
urday of the Intention of a number of prowl
nen. citizens to rune D. O'Neill, Eng., edltor
of the Dispatch.. The Infliction wen done np in
good style, and he win made the recipient of
a beautiful arnaretta cane, surmounted by a
sold head, bearing an npproprite Imeription.
This was a merited compliment to a most
worthy gentlemen. Few of our citizens have
done more than Mr. O'Neill in a public and
private manner to advance Individuals in po
litical and social ilfe, and there are many a no
owe their exaltation cid' fly to AIM friendship
and exertions In their behalf. Mr. O'Neill id
about to make a tour through Europe and a Lil
take his departure 011 WO4llO2OllLy next.
Diseharged.—John Paul, charged with
stealing au aelmrdeon from a tavern on Weler
street, had a nearing before Alderman Man
bort, on Saturday, which remelted In his being
discharged, no evidence having been adduced
to fasten the theft on him. John Coyle ably
conducted his defense.
AaanniS and n,stery.—Margaret Finley
appeared before alderman Taylor, on Sal nr
day, and made oath against Honors Barrett
for assault and battery. Minoru wad arrested,
but sac disaharged 01/ giving ball for a hear
ing to-day. Both parties reside In the Fifth
Panorama of the Itobottlon.— This
work of art will be on exhibition for two
eights more, and those who hale not poi Been
it should take the opporiuulty. The place Of
exhibition In Masonic Hall, Fifth street,.
Oa DIL—We learned last night that ail& of
Mr. Edward S. Dithrldge, theglans manatee
turer, had been dangerously_ anlleted with the
heat whsle passing down Washington street,
be the Sixth ward.
Gave B*U.—Anthony Sheridan wee before
Alderman Taylor on Saturday, charged with
surety or the peace, on oath or JetulmaJonca.
He gave bud to appear at Court.
CL ARK —9 AMBLE . —On the Inth lost., b
R. COL J. b. Clark. at Ws reolnenoe,AlVOTlN
1.. CLARK to bllaa hIOLLLIG E. GAMBLE, both Or
Allegheny City, Ps.
Mu Inst.
Funeral at 2 o'clock P. w., on the 2W lost., from
the realdenos of Henry lrsrin, Irwin avenue, West'
Commons, AJlesbeny. Carriages will leave the
corner of Bialthgeld and Seventh streets, Pitts
burgh. at IN o'clock P.M. l`rtenas of the family
are respectfully invited to attend.'
FOUTIINE.—On klatunlay evening. July 2lst, Mr,
MASS, el.ghter of tieorge Fortune, Zan.
The funeral will take placo TO-Noraiblr (Tuesday)
AsTLltlzeOrf, at Yo'clpen, from= Penn street,
tianday altorkoOn. .toly Z.NI, at
o'clock. Jolly G., yoongeat.on ot Jacob Kea.
E.., of Sharpalmrgh., aged alta . yearn.
The funeral will take place from the re...thence of
his father to-nat (Monday) at 4 o'clock a a., and
proceed to the athlegheay Cemetery. The Clench
of the fanny are reopeetfuhr lartted to altethl.
p Divixs ni 41 i;
beautiful "tiod . .seros" the largest snintrbsa
piece of sepulchre. except one, to this inninty, att
ained on Now Brighton road, immediately north of
Allegheny. /or burial lot.. pormlte or titles, earl,
at Ventral Drug Store of CUttL & CLA %MY, Alla
gheol lily.
No. 196Smithtield St.. ear. 1111;
(antoacp from beneath Street,)
zwrlrsa33trwa.civiac. Nub—.
AND 133 34.11D11811T &REIM
Time Registering
SOLD BY 'rug AU BriTS,
Z1L49113X.833 . 1 1 .10 dtr C 700.,
Dealer* In Optical Goods,
• 93 1,2 Smithfield Street.
TbD listrummatte very generally used try Yana cis
sad Iteretumts, as weu as elearoboe town. Item-
Woes a Cloak, , Barometer sad Thermometer. oho
eat be be depended opon for itatteattog the change
of weather. • jy=
bvNizeati i co.,
Ens n s+,
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