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penniman,:'l3edd & Co.,
El; gitoblogit &aft
SATURD. /666;
Ton Unionitepublicanaof Northiunber
land county met in CM:tient:ion on the 10th
inst. A resolution: strongly urging the
nomination` . of-, R.,. Packer, Esq. ,of
Sunbury. ; for, Congress, _ was' unanimously
Passed.; 13.. 1L Rothennel was placed in
nomination for Sheriff, and Charles J. *tr
ain for Prothonotary. Ileum.' John -L.
Watson, A. T. and-John Yomagman
Were omitted 6anatOrial,cooferecs.. „
—A captain and aconstable of Bt. Louis
fell in hereVithialnedYFYomig wifo' of an
old hotel keeper of dun dty. The captain
took • the fair - one - to-task for not 'showing'
hhn more favor and at the same time arm&
her in the'ilme, putting art eye out. Micas
arrested by hit rltil; the constable, hut the
matter was compromised hy the captain
buying al glass eye for. the-.lady, and cam-,
hag dowiliandsomerywith tliegreenbadm
Tho lady's lost eye was &tactile; but the
glass ono iShrilliiiitind without a '
—The large .AMST, MU emigrant s bip
Monarch of - the' *hi& sailed firm
Liverpool en, the Ihtti of .311 arch.. laat (of
Rew_Yorl,4 luta beenifour months at sea,
and .feara are entertained that some Arcad
ia' disaster has overtaken her, and that she
has-gone to the bottom with' all 'on beard.
She had 67411gere, and a mini' 'of 64
men,incdriding 'onicena The vessel WISH
valued at $12.5,000, and is fully insured.
—The Mayor of:Toronto 'has written a
letter to the 'New Torte Vow. Among
other line things, he says: "Ths ilangsr
being nine ever t I leave, to' give you to
understand - that vrp; ie true Bathing, feir
not; that. , even can. raise Orangemeri
enough to hurl' bank any number Or-Yen.'
tens or , Fenian "marauders 4E16 unt:Y.
tempt to invade' the or Upper
It i reported Una (haw Booteesit has
written it letter Jealgo4i,g, scut_. in Con.;
Sfaieit sit -
Prestiisiortaxiont,sir Cicadas:
ob, S , . • ,
only ia,outh* Bosh ', M 63 ates streak.
Ton carrbuy Ehittqrs7ll442,o),Attsoutu &
Ross',63Marketi*wsi. •
. 156 " i'risWg- • '
Bata's it Bell so,'93,euliv. 11fiteline,
Back 841 cs. Aqua's White Bluterlsi ana.l.toan
Wo will 'op . on illnotaiortinontof Dontolt4o
and rcknOrkrickap.,..tb.btiriii*,:
shawl Lace Tlantlrs, , 4.; :cloaluti4Tt,
out regard to colt, ori,StrionOrtheset porn 4
Fourth and Muricrit. - ,
• • The Valntilee glee l!keteene.
Tho choicest 4httothterXhi seticin, oath es
. .: E rTelltp e gtr a tet. ta t it t o l Z7a -4 11,:i1 P . 1 ; u ariz .
.t next door to the Pettotlino,:en rfith. Street;
~ . ~_ .
relate /Aa lltwalllns. .. -: ,• ••• -
• . A good asneyttnantiV the best bnings; - 814.
Et ways on hand, en the northeisCeoiner of
K 1 Fourth andlt4koestreeti... - .:'- • .' -: -•:, ,
. ... . . . ,
, ' ~ :" • - •'• o.ll.tatOS Loys 6 Sao. •
Gen. '11004 7 14 / 1 4 n• iCT.raterr.ailk
Although;these . gentlemenhoitt - dtMatent
. 11political views, int they unite la Liu:CtTinian
- Tontine *ma: lialmo- : l l x 6 r ers 'r et- South .&-Boate, azt muter.
street, than at anyothos hoaea • ln the clip. Alt
11!. , 0as wariiinl4.!
. .
'..':,. ' ,. ' .olii. 'Vitt Cisiiieirt , , 4. 1 ,:
*.4 . f To be given_ at" bity • HaliOn the 90iIi1ruSt.,11.
drawing near ,: : ThOmeninere,ilesidePoter;
~ 3 Md. Thompson 8 Co.,nre completing -
• ; tangemente, so: tha public may bate. no ears
41 of an additional ' postponement. .I..t.'won.r. be
‘•, necessary:7:- theitleke*ari . i - selling wt.:: No
wonder. Splendid musi c and attmelaire gifts..
Rena their advirthsetrient in,
-jool_be convinced. f NveriPodY BbOOld.invo a
- 5 Picket . Doak wait till the evening the Con -,
t . 4 Oart, for then' There. will DO so zniab'Oxottoj
meat and wawa= that it,wonl be conveni-
Ti , out porbipi to lafolickoto reglotOrt444 very :
11. kL . imporat. 3ten in inekentiri*insa; ......
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B" 4111 n 1 ' 1 / 1 °"‘"‘P hit s
The pedestrian on St. Clair street le triads.
e um, attegttea to.gate iata the art Vanden.*
or the weWhaewa, ph6tographer, 11. L. It
Dabbe—; At the theptesent thuetluite Is upon as.
; 'lllbltione. numb er
, of photographs thathhed IT
' the artist ' , Wenzel; Which, am liesety of axe:
elation, are superior td eastalegaVaituined
out in this city. One cabinet Obotogiapho4
s a little loan ,or Jun Jninen'Amnon, AS var . tby
;of epeeist a auasteppleee of
‘- alte °rPM"ria md lit s i' t t , illa fai te: thr ill4 l:::llh. ':an an ' -6‘7t ass fh:'7'l6' : !Il an "' Idet ear . Il ls" -
,rty .:, anger - -Ito -,''- biro , over , seen. The
411raing ealet-linr r' lllia"Pi or-Ailroateo l4 ; O b rig‘ ev!r; it , 'fa h , ti th ltr at eA ° L a
4 a vilsahhtetphotiogisigkdetteatelfaolored, and
1,: . Setaial as We. Theta are many other spec
-4,o4hloo4'llikr the admirer` of
ittietwoald thssrpll;so' , eall and eyosebi
' thicthe.itu-iiiika 61-Ph°t°.
obliiikiVtiletr. Toiehlajoautlat - bllsh-,
kfiakevettiriert Tar' " ' calm ,
'ki**l6lrrprir,i)l 1 -ed NA his
1,04 ta
4 14031,tiPrtni Or' Er. ills
`'''"ill igtilirkbur 6 1ft. - -
••••''. _
..*liwtsh iliel opte swed e tir oott e Lti nrll - ;_toutrratosid
..'.. • .11114 Uwe Ini li p . 1 / 4 'hoznistr business" don° at
;.; , •,:talt Oeillis Ponta Establlshatent of Dr. Quincy
tirOo4,',lftarlre Penn street, third door above
N; :: Sliell:E:ltit;itilireitises eitensively, bat, ha
!:.. :esillestieloafiteihol he soya. tio is a trostwor
. i i„ thY and : WO* man, cad • a skilful dentist
hle don:tittlfdess to giro laughing Gas free, In
1 , order toontunt people. into ids office, and Own
r:,•' charge than extra for it, na ham been done at.
' ~ , t ether e
. sstalituituttotrte in this city. -He gives it
ti poottivelf, Ire.' , f.ceq-rOs 4 e. overt Wrvr,', Haoz.
• 0, tractor atirabors of teeth daily without . the .
V alight.thet poi,. atui . .:snaketi no charge for ex
tractlegg Glop when artificial teeth arc order, ,
;ad. 'Ho altiest • nal set of teeth Ca vulcanite
. with beetitifel.'lltlset , (seek tut other dentine
. charge 410,ford for eight dollars. A fall sot. 1
. ii . tbr OW widelothate charge tromp to t . pm.,
and a fall not tor from 1113 to $l5 widet lie trill
• ; guarantee to to.,Loottet - Atßio s .. made at '
.: • any other Pltillaltstuntnt IS FM/gyring. lio Lao
uf{ well establishod In trudoore tbiOlio.doevc eon.
..L: swot- it netswalltrY .14:PutalliOltretwooew. bet
' ' . ita for the sato `of thpee rebo.liAirkirettlionalre
i , Will state that - he can• reasots 'boom:Ku of
. 5 ...;? .tote beet faialliest is the. rip , : and surrounding
".*P?ltotiY, idehtdieg. at billterit; Phystichuul, JAW.
.. t
•' 131511/031-erauspla, bankers, and -in_ dart proplo_
• .1* every tlOPeztilitiat-tif boninoss. !'. .• .; ~ .
• --.--
.:.•:.;, . - • - -,..,.. ~.ti,•,- '•,-- .',
ti • .r ho prayers that have beisknofigeillipg for
more than & yoar were pewit .
.... Men
4 • • &rumored yo•terdcy, 104 roam
:. ti semi reao:atc442 tr
la aft . 1/11 1 an n
' s doable quick tci *plead lb e • Ore..
. .:
• , now era . Tito old stjokit re
. I
~.,.;•, e , Won bait , beetri-,elooely, , _ 1704 . 104,
....,..%W; Vale oatuet.tly beselseidhg • eggespri„
•!Y: , , , t . person nt tho bawls of Dr. lit, that theillogik
'err _gars gars of. laughing GM ht , I.s0F;'110.1114.
grated and. their_
_pTphotelsol .....,, •_*:eitetlM_
, T r ''; 3 puo. lint, • unfortematele - bar thens:-tjleittr
•i.::.,! . worn the ,Vothae of .a sell . fet st. WO...ite
) , t -. Uto Ilanehoster street- . cars, , Who; nude ,
Dasightng 'Glue . the. subject of ,itfik pr:ll,oing
;•F,2 crapti an 'Litt woia 'paii4iskiiit gig the: -
•S‘ They didnA ilisibuid PeDitithilikit i ell:Owe
: r;i;.. Inman-1010n the. ottsepAle . .igildibier
thought that Xtr.liVikAisirifield pow
..'sooit be. divldedilitak lloili
. 4 ' POOtitlie* itaii4eilt ,
.41 - so eminent , , , ,
tar now Ovenheldif V1V 4 .( 111 14'. 2 4 1 4 1 40 1i, or
other 5p..11*'151,010.01140
prof „1!4*.Thi14,10.0.
- 4 lnds of Iheili :
.. , ~,, ...'4.*.0.1,1,1",!!:ir
/ass of bOlfbititilf
t 4 Xl# ' P '4l ' ,
'tea frozikhettailuwairwy end de.141
~..icilk • - -,, —— • •e - ••• - i ii -- -
, -)rd
Illit4.- i....,‘ ,-• •• Of' *l.' .'„,l'.. •
: e •
-c ....i'r^ , x,ii , ~ i, -A ~,,,V.ket-,,- ~..'s
" ~ve
- ^ , ...!••: -. ‘-,
. ! , ..,t. , 4,:, - 6 -. 42 .34. ? z , , -- ` , . , ~ , , i •=.',-,,:-,„
, .4,, ~...t.A.-:•:,.::.;._tr, ',,,-.- -. r"--!---'-',' r•
--'1"a" ''.. ' '•-.." .'" "+.:-.1;26k05-6.' ':'''"
VOIADM:E' T3M3r..-NO. 171.
Yraihmww;lnfmt of 2fow
OW/ 1 0 1 . 00 ..
high., ormillk hare Touting oltddo for
isidies. tit Be et "' *PsoV4 lhtarke 'street.
• • - Slow Prgati. r •
!taco &Bell are opithik.• Prin ,
Immt May Pieneei White:Blmi* suit' Linen
'rerre4bia Xeres* s.
A good iincotoloot just °period thonorth
mud comes Of 'North it'd btarkstotzeets.
- .
• -
aw i •
Wo opo4 p issiorimilmt of Domestic
azia.rtiimc - H , Deysis this 'week:
• Singh:rata double width, atoll prices ' on the
nertheiter corner of Fourth end Market
Arcata: C. Murillo Love ft Eh°.
A splendid 'Rogow:on, Plano, of a celebrated
task*, ruu asweoelotavo, il,andnontai9 an
.ithed; price very low, at Gardiner's groat
Boot and Shoo . Homo, No. GO Filth street.
•'af*Sar ilia Wintry
All the delleattes of the season are served
PP at the sboitatt notice nail In the best style,
at Ilottzheunerrlekee Saloon—on PUth
stroll: next door to the POstotdee.
Twelire and a Mar Cease
a. yard is all Bhellaby & Barelay are aslung
for good yard *tido Unbleached Attalla, tho
only bonie In .the elty. that- Is * selling yard
',bleat the sameirtee. Call and see foryonr
selves, at the original 800 Hive stand, 74 and
7itt kik* et street.
`4l:losilasteastiat Otatter.
Sibstantlal Wailers, .of •&I the seasonable
yttegetables and neat. In - the market., can be
Obb.ShOd at any hoer during the day. at Wm.
EleltzheLaterts—Ftleter Dining Witne—on
Flith street, next (leer to the Postolilee.
Willheill,111100!rd 110.108811,
Ethel!Shy it Barnley ergo - raring all Guns stock
of_ runnier goods, *.including Dress Goods,
Shawls, Lace Mantles.' and Pointe, dna Una.
beeline; White Goods or.. Teri descriptlau,
without 'regard to cost, to close them out pro
vloun to lityluihr tin& Gm - stock. Cell soon
for bargains; at Is and 'X Market street—Bee
llefelgeralee CikOIMN
Four and Ilse minute treats" Freezers, lee
ritetiers,Water Cooleri, Wotan Filtel* Meat
Sates,,Batb Tntwiand a full Wield goods gen
erally, suitable for the heated term fOurstook
'the largeedonir - varlets , the best;and our
prices the lowest to be found anywhere west
of, the mountains. Call and see, at ISt Wood
street, south side, aro doors shove Filth at.
W.' W. 111.41DIMAIT.
A Large and lirmadosate
Assortment of - all hinds of Flannels, Por•
Chased before .'tne late 'atoned in 'Madan
immix, will ANS . . sold ALS law .s; they' an be
purchased at any Place In the ite
indiabehSitellabrallarpl4, alid - tio:aure, you
tall and ismunthe their" Stook: Mitre imilung
sour purthasei elsewhere.. They are still in
thopld original flee Hive stand, nand la Mar.
het street, 'sliest you min rest' Memel ypo
ablehs find sMlet 7 eiy grim - that;
The llisale 'of leneesea
iiiilvinizes rebels into patelota, speculation
Into ,enterprhe, and Impudence Into genius
and ander Its magma Inflames vine 'tots!
tulani for virtue., and, Ignorance sometimes
passes for kdOwledge, Offered as hateek text,
from which we , would ' like to hear aormons
- from all the pripits In the country, thus—"Do
not dritik, do not smoke( do not minder; do
not Ala, do not cheat, do not shwa, do not gam.
file, be just, begetierous, fear, not, love your
Wales! men as well as God, love truth, love yr:-
tueotio Roback's liftlersaid be happy.
Ttionhs 'vho _hare cut their wisdom teeth,
osdAir. SPencers Circassian Tooth Powder.
and all litho do Ore willing to declare to all
who dont -thatit **Abe most porton
anddelighttel thing tor the teeth they ere?
dipped is brads into. Thredirbo ae tOothleas
areal/So - ears to call on Dr. 11. M. Spencer, 151
Perin SL itituk,furnisbes a tallest. or beraitthil
troth fo;113 and extracts teeth without the
eughtest. Palp. by :tlid' *Wittig*4 ,
Di. Opener? Inakia -arid adyiesta the' ,
dal Boman Eye, wttlnatt .the allithtelst told.
It. 11. , reinombirrlthat .tirdeiteerlesieoe—
ildr.iiiiht4=4s. imp: ril". In ottorlaitee, to
roceirdand ininilthat oriyoc, ' • "
There Is no pmparathm of medicine, par.
hens, in the keg catalogue of remedtas fortis.
man Ills that luis avfalteneil In the mind so
Much fulsome eulogy on one and so
much aninuniveralot on the other, than ado.
Mel. Ai hie time It WM" the remedy for Wiry
everydbiease,or nearly every disease known
to the lonian rata:- =lt was believed that when
eatcrinal was taken IntoM. system every other
noxious Principle trite drtien -If Weever
were true. It was on the principle that_ttio les.
sec aril wire place - 41; and 7 nia replaced bytbe
greater, one can rationally explain bow
estate of health could be hititeght: About To , a
medicine which in thottilandOttlittellOWlttall
Made sad havoc with;h: • • • • • • one;
The evil which it has p , •
manifested, *Milt the g• • • ' • hi. done ii
looked fur in vain.' There •• 4 ,r v iliinktitverY
Pointitir . throng, men a - PUS
specuce, with *
witlithe tottering suns Or• • _,l . jtiliOiltve .
been made to in spite of gonp.:***Wltiona
and aicitum: commonsense -
drwls whose toothless beads, iiil.ll` infitteth.
lose, hi Such 14 . 141haikit-a , gikikiiiASlWWW
make every tooth untillisizsus us
melon: -This fit ttiti*trletsfcalootaNlobrou
noretiedy . - 4444plificio, a / 4 4.rnmsi-Ati,bu:
nun uvlani - 04140.0:efement:4104401
/LOCOS more to ass;itimsa suitirra3k4sg l r,jra!k
Dr.-trePwir!r aided 40~
gredhults, the'otißty and propertien whi•i , ,h
are known to remove from thitheittantlyitern
every atost•Of hattfof Minerat , gulsont The:
xiclivegetatdWitihniof Which ithiUSWIJONWst
are in perfect littriithir - Wilh'. Ihi - Ttis4 ol , „Pa
working 'of iveLtnactioti r of lifo;lkisitintOt
with tie tiniirMlig TWOllool.llltheilirthi
secretions- of the tisiy, and =able, each -ton
faithfcit fotfillefent ofthe dirties which within
intended. • bi.lteyacNi Blood scimitar his
curedithis Most hopeleaotillssaseof the
WOOL The IlithOtittlekttite to' LIM tacit are
rooldtutti &Abe OW: •The cured patients deny
walk the 'Streets thatAtli . Who choose can
be - ,
If we htil Polll6l4,'Wfidente of the gnats
7110--atia4,o4 *Other, Usti,
'But havi known it Vs into the Mott hope:
leis and abandoned, csWesiet ditsWne,wid than,
tOo, utter every other reins US*
to vain. "Tar. ordidarYthinnia
110 equal; prinenshti Agee.,
thunii' Gamma -Debility,, WcilettOoh
trout otiiinnit . de and Lassitude; are iindlly
cured by a few bottles Of this wonderful relict.;
•'dy.t , Try it add YOO-WillitetbW;4l4l4 ol lllsot
;prise ISkhtlifstiOr-ill.s for 113, 140, Wood
street. -I . er .DniNlCegeOss..Aloisr• Searcher
end take tui •- , •
, _ _
240 ,
itoifitemin , "
a M c
. .
Hot the 'mn or u
•Gasintated /Mean scope gay
.gPOTLU M os r •
parstion. an a 1 MiliFalifaiociteaal they . WO
aII Ati .
their =ma is teottea
411gloste to nnwliniecome, ;
'111011.4 ; eatiansctnir neat,. or , and I
C* 1 114. 10 Calleea This aerie
oweneciecare Jur any corrective and alteri-
WRiallt4icßen'a..-world.widi 'sad , tiod./Len
rhea* illtanall eatWk Great eroUP hY
othifitattair• Louie obtinciaineveisia
cenikleillei l 9P a ilia Pa 14 40-..bri:Propep
'ela.'Ltii Aammahat, Mille and Neter. Dittoes
Remittent ',were, -Ctiolera ltertms, Gramm
001k.Conetlyelton. General DeMlity, 14=m-
M:re Decay, lemale Irratolarßies, . Conaitta.
:'anal Feakiama, Bea Binicaess,Plarrneli, Dye
eutax7, Yletp.lcary Vartlno, raise e Fins.
11 :10 Oriel,' MIA eil complaints proceeding from
imperfect Rifest! on, and a ILeordere4 omit.
Mon at the laver and bow ale, 11.0tieltens a tam.
aM. Bitten are the meet Dowerhal, -
harmless and,agr ainkble of all rettitoßmiadver.
- aiLnintitoried La Ronal
TnE:' - '''':PITTSBUIt
asses s iswfs
Mimic* Lciva a Bno.
Appalling State of Affairs on
Hart's Island.
Nsw Yoar., July nit—The Cbmmertiof Adorn.
User says: Facts show conclusively that the
cholera, now raging in oertenrportions Of the
city,' is the ephiemie pureeing ite. incipient
ants, beginning in =glens twist favorably
disposed for lie development. The facts rela
tive to the number of came on hart's !eland
are deemed No appalling that publication
surgeon Ualboun, of tnat post, has died of
cholera. Able corps of physicians hare been
sent to that Island and also to Governor's Is•
land. several additional cases are reported.
In the city today.
Large quantities of tobaccowere seized here
yesterday for violating the revenue laws.
Winn:Karon , July 20, 18/18.
Mr. Stewart callesLup the bill granting the
riga to all citizens of the United States, who
have de:lamed their intentions to become
.citisens, to enter and explore mineral lands,
and prescribing the manner in which they
.may obtain and retain possession. The bill
was passed. Messrs. Lane, Vanwinkle, and
Davis, were appointed a Committee of Coth
foresee on the bill increasing the pensions of
widows and orphans of the soldiers who fell
during the war of the rebellion.
Mr. Poland Introduced a bill to prevent
courts from being need as Instruments of
pareicution against loyal persons, which was
referred to the Committee on Judiciary. it
provides that in any action of tort to person
Julyspoperty, done between April id, ISM, and
lst, MO, It snob be lawful to plead or
give Liovidoncre in bar of mid action, and
Nine. That at the time where the wrong was
committed, the plaintiff was dbloyal to the
Government of the United States. Second.
That the plaintiff was engaged in insurrea
Men and rebellion Against toe United States.
Third. That the plaintiff aided, comforted,
and sympathised with rebels and insurgents,
against the Government al the United ates.
Worrell. That the plaintiff applied for, St and
obtained pardon from the - Prethlent, relieving
him of the penalties Of treason.. The establish.
moat of either point shall bee good defense.
lir. ressonden, from the Committee on Fl
uent*, reported the bill to protect the Mora
nue, and for other IntrpOeell,witalliaaaalitenia.
Mr. Sumner, from the Committee on the
Consular - and Dipioniatio_Appropriathoi bill,
made a report, which was read.
Mr. Johnson-1. desire,to ask the. Senator
trom Massachusetts (Mr:Suninerl whether the
mission to Pcirtugal has been abolished, or
whether It continued
Sumnerm- .00mpeasation has been
Liked away teeThm i e teriresent inceinbent, Ind
there Is no appropriation for him for the ens*.
qr " A ri. inner explained that it was in came.
nuance Of 41 tetterarritten bythe Minlater
Portul, James Ilardey,*to the Secretary of
'State, nnlmadvertiny on the action of (Wo
lves', and which 'was shown - to the President,
and him recommended to to published,.
warch was done In the New Tore-Zeiss:
Mir. Sumner said he sympathised with the
Mouse inswing that the writer of such a lec
tor, setting forth Such sentiments thus hostile
to these prolciples which the majority ot the
Congress of the United States regarded so es.:
sentlal to the public welfare,oughtnotto hold
odloo abroad. Ido not wish any each man to
=for oar country ins foreign land; but
hale discussion seems to boa good deal
out of place. - .no question is on agreeing to
the report of the Committee of Conference.
which Involves a great many matters of which
this Ii only one, and involves the fate of the
M - N.
Mr. Howard-It:has been remarked that the
letter under eonsidenttionmas published at.
the request of the'President of the United
States. I would like teinquire of the Senator
from Masesehusetta whether /hernia evidence
of that fact.
Mr. Sumner-Certainlyt the Secretary of
State says so in his letter.
Mr. Upward-I am inclined to think the
House has done exactly right In calling off MI
pensation tett'. presentlenbter resident
cop .
AMr.m Stanner'-oThe letter wolf Written m mo -
Mr. Howard--nThendiehgreee bad been 3n
session some months before the data of the
letter. I do not understand what right an
American - Minister abroad has to pima such
redactions upon the legislative authority of
his cOnntry, whether they could be found in a
rigt=etter or a puidic one. We CIO draw no
.of the kind. 81r, an American
Minister 'who anitlinestO censure the oondoct
of his country at home, or its policy, or to set
himself up as *judge or a censor of the public
arenhert of Ids country, is not, in my smlnt,
hm, St lobe a retii i caentativo of that errantry.
L i rhi ned ueols -egtainser de al
g h t e s
IMMO in a spirit al partisausittp-a spirit or
hired end paid partintnahlpiwritten tor the
very purpose of being used as partisan dee
nment. The persao to whom lt was addressed
saw dt to use ft
promo that purpose, and It has
been used for the motion of the interest In
which It was -written: II
prem . , to teach
the gentieuent Who thes assumes to represent
the .anterisan 'Government' abroad that for
the future ho cannot he paid for VOW/WY his
time in. Portugal M. such elle and unworthy
. . 3 ,7l=ntiticks said. he would regret sty .
'much see-the report *dopted. conitress
. would not, ho thought, be
by the
country In any such action. Ile had heard it
Mated over and over again that the fate of a
bill depended upon agreeing to the report of
Conference Committee- lie did not believe It
irf th case... There were four days of thls
senlon is
still remaining, and he had seen many
appriation bills paned within two days of
an adjoarnstiont. There was no danger of the
lailarest the bill, and ho hoped the Senate
wititddriot be driven Into *treeing to whet
did =genders°. There was nojustlamtion for
"lak ti e ar e Vie j ,=trr
...Written private letter which bad
tergetws imbibe wlthout his k nowledge or
COWNalt.,But;si3ppolie it. was publie letter.
suldressed to ones& the Puree's of tee eons...
trjah a lcustilf, tor putdicats n, wanid that be
justitiots, for refusing to
SOW tall
Warr' lie thought not. He contended there
was nothing in Mr. Harvey's letter, - w,tdets
merited the • punishment proposed, by the
Conference Committee. Mr. Cowan - defends&
- Mr. Horsey, and in Ilse emote of his remarks,
mod , Jellowing dispatch. received pester.
day, from Coy. Brownlosr, 'Web he said was
a filthy allusion to the President, writenbr a
tes(high anaptild hilted ey ses!eoretary et
_Host- inc.. W.. Pionly„. ,If'asittiseen, .q
-,,wobs. ought mg, --- •
eramined - tl use 4
4 Ce•
drew' Johnion's
r Howard
.j.resideni as*
.nrynuu ;
~ir~: i~.d.`
rait — or ,
~.b efore
01 tht .
WOW ata.........uSinAdh,
...111Terapendenreari=the.11=-Stillai ro. li
teiresearke un met° LOA (Cll , -
Cmitilliatee of Conference...On n th u (
fated, as undignified and he
would not vote for it =lamb Bare the bill. •
-** llr. Darts .poke In Opposition to the Confer
imoo report. /le mid dm Secretary of the Sen
ate drew a lame salary for doled nething,and.
that be priblisbed two newspapers in which
be was constantly rinobet forth
r te art/OIOS.
lha t t b- 1: %Tarte anillt r e !rap p j r 3 4 '
tine 65,003,00 for The persica* of COnlpallso.
Tion 10 the loyal owners of Shires mustred'
Into the military service, under the stet Of
Mt. W offend la substitute thr D.
cris , amendment ' provldlnir that' he much !
rummy belooging to the tiorninutatum loud on
, le now in the Treasurybe appropriated to the
payment of loyal 'MVO OWOL
elalrei provided,/factory
ne. mmuy shin herald nd On eat
prOot of otontlatio=t s ig cairn the war.
.16 4 endive All 414 talent
slaveheitteks und ou ef l24 . ble4.
..roorpg th e OA of th e AMVOrI•
10004 the Benito 9E te'exeClitiVe Whalen,
„; Inalltdel.
The bUstarea transuded relatro - I Otrolualvely
tO Diattact of Columbia, and was of no,
VLs. Deming. from the Committee 0n.,101.1
buy Affairs, reported. a bill to establish and
protect Itatlonal cemeteries, which wee ro
'oommittott and ordered to borgintorl. ,- • • -
Kr. Banks, on leave. introduced a Joint then ,
bitten giving the hooliging.thomitly. othroplen
tor the purpoece et • laifin ald of the Home
for Orphans of Soldiery and .1341.10r5, to the
licene far an additional fair, together 11th all
material, La., whin& was read three times and
• Kr. Price, troth the Committoe on the P•Otne
Balboa& reported abut to authorize tho tune
bonds. 1n 1 demonithatiorte grader
-'•. • , .
• - -•-• - •
, • •
e••• •
•.; • - .- , .•••• 1 / 4 k.A.-4-0:• 6 1 1 7 — efft;s1-'" , •
grass, by a proper spirit of obedience in the
body of her people, return herdue'
allegiance to the ent, laws and. au
thority of the United Staes, therefore
be lt
Rensfeed, By the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, that the State. of Tennes
see a hereby restored to her termer practical
relation to the Union, and is agaip entitled to
be represented by Senators and Reprosenta
th eel.n Congress, duly elected and qualified,
upon their taking the oaths of office required
Mr. Bingham renewed his Call for the pro
vil'iur ".
WcTiw s t ti Tli desired to offer the following
as a substitute for Mr. Mechanise "When
Tennessee shall have :stifled the amendment
to the Constitution proposed th e e legisla
tures of the several Oates by the Seth Con
grant, and Mall have established an equal and
inst. system of smffrage for all male citizens
within its jurisdiction who are not less than
ellyears of age, the Senators and Represen
tatives from sad State, if hound duly elected
and qualified, after having taken the in
quired oaths o gee, be. admitted into Con
grese as such, provided that nothing In this
section contained shall be oonstrned so as to
require the iltsfrancidounent of any loyal per.
eons who, are now entitled to vote. "
Mroffer . Bingham declined to let the amendment
&. •
Mr. Ward detdred to offer an amendment
oldtrig to that offered by Mr. Bingham a pro
vision that the United Cato do hereby reeor.
Wee the Government of the State of Tunnels.
see, inaugurated under and by the Convention
which assembled on the ninth day of January,
MO, at the city of Nashville, as the legislative
government meld elate, entitled to the guar
antee and Other rigatoni State government
under the Constituldoci. ••. •
Mr. Bingham declined foist the amendment
be offered, and insisted on the previous queer
tion. The previous question was seconded
and the resolution was ordered to be en
cerd and read a third Lim The pream
.. o.
then ordered to be read a third time.
The Rouse got into some confusion about the
preamble, which Axially resolved itself into a
motion to reconsider the vote by which the
preample was ordered to be engrossed and
p rowl the third time, Which motion was laid re.
the table by a vote of 11l to Cc
Mr. Le Blond addressed the Speaker as if on
a question of order, and commenced to say
that a portion of the members on Ms side de
sired very much to vote for the resolnuon,
but could not vote for the preamble.
lie wars intercepted by calls to order, and
was informed by the Speaker that it he had a
question of order ho must state it.
Mr. La Blond, resuming his remarks, stated.
amid loud calls to order, that as the House
would have to vote on the resolution and pre
amble as an entirety, some members on bin
side would have to vote against the whole
The Speaker said that there was no prece
dent known to the Oldest member, where, aster
a bill had been ordered to be engroseal,and
the question recurred on its passage, a part of
It, could be passed and a part rejected. That
was utterly impossible_ the time to vote for
or against s reamble was In the ordering to
be en
The previous question having been seconded
on the paaeage of the Joint Resolution, Mr.
Bingham rose to close the debate. but yielded
halt ha hour to Mr. Bentwell, whoproceeded
to address th e House against the Joint Reser
Mr. Boutwell said that after the mot care.
tel reflection. through taunts and jeers, ho
was still as deeply convinced Si ever of the
unwholesome and dazigerens nature of this
proceeding. Be demansted anneal of impar
tial suffrage to the colored people of Tanner
see firs ad then to the colored people of the
whole revolted and, until recently, rebellions
section of country.> ills ObjeCtion so Lids mea
sure was fundamental it ewe that the Gov
ernment of Tennessee was net, la fact, a re
publican government. /la asked Wellman to
consider the condition of Terineene, with two
hundred thousand abblobodied male elilzens,
its governing power placed In the hands of
less than sixty thematid of them. By tbeiDon.
agitation of Tennessee more Mum hell of the
white male citizens were disfranctrised and
eighty thousand male colored eiti
lens. Did members suppose that those
disfranchised =bell mild rest quiet under
Moir excamilon. There would be a combine,
lion between the Were dbdranclimed colored
memerd the GO, illsfrombiseel rebels, and
they would Overthrow the Goternment or that
State, and what the House wets doing. to-ney
for Tennessee, It would bettereafter Invited to
dolor the ether ten States of the derulit. The
history of the country was fall otarernber to•
politician poster*, but it might Vit o.
those States to be forever ex i , y`no
means, They had awintanthe glar. ,
Cana, Tenneeme, Ark pass and , if t
Congreessmaned but deMend im ankle, 1
the people of th ese ORO:emit° • , *At to '
the (falai would enter the s
forgot stand ttitintattlilfineured .•-•.'
Mr. lligby distal Witty best e 0
the Joint Basoluttast
i. ,„-ilistreatki•MOW del
Ms objection to 14 be bad omens wof
hope coming from, State or lb
4014 but he fennd,WiscaMiniegthe
Union of Tann ftst. the vette* 'power
was .' ond nice& to the whitspepul
bab, Ws rOW*4 VOA Tomes.-
seetretuld be the Joint 11 ed.
lotion with the Of reprocess
tires that she was en to Maitre the war,
whereas she stand &he number to
which she should be Sr the Consti
tutional Amendment. ,e, '"
Mr. Bingham elated the. bate. thitleeLared
it et matter of pineal regret that any 'mho
man, supposed to intend welt Wills country,
should take the =allot teltidtifghitildilth*
man from Mettearhursettea -wk. ..,
Mr. Moutwell stated that his °ejection was
that the colored people were diellasnatitseet
*Do an.. UTlrrate
tiu" nom 1 : 1 1 .. /Win i s r ate ha L l
the minority, and w he claimed that, the 6:10,0M
voters =der the new constitution and law,.
re led MOM c
one the white population,
w eh wax as two to of its black papilla
lion. The gentlemen from Massachusetts had
agreed that Terinamee could not be admitted,
because she bed not extended the elected,
to our black citizens. But en that
principle why not csaltida Miaow% which
diafranchised her blink population and het
rebel popnlationt
Mr. Fleck Interrupted to say that he attached
noeutmequenee to the act of the Tennessee
Lc mature. Madill not. believe It to be au
expreolon of the will of her pastel.
Mr. Dimension horsed hts colleague would ex
cuse him from yielding further. Mr. Bing
limn declined toyield any more of his time.
lie amerted that Tennessee twee mush repute
lion as Maturachusetts, in the principle that
the majority, whether black or white, There
right to control Its pithiest Dower.
was no member on this floor who had any
right to assume for himself higher or greater
moisture of patriotism than was to be rittribie
test to eveu loyal Is
I num of Tennemee
represented in till. great u Teo.
noose was not re publican in torte, neither
was New York nor s Oblo. lithe was not end.
tled to representation, neither was Maauc i,c.
setts nor Indiana. What then remained to be
done, but to declare that inaanneh tiejTennes.
see bad retitled lu good faith the Conelitution
al Aincadments, and Oren evidence to 'Maly
Congrela of the return of her Peofde to their
allortancia elm is entitled toYepreeentaticet in
Tbe HOW preereded In vote on the pas.
same of thet„Wiltit ratolutlou. During the Tetra
the abeence ot many members ou account of
eicknese Ike., was announced. Mr, Fink and
several other deumeratte members, while
voting ays,protested evilest tbselibrearuble,
Mr. Rldridie nodes the exenisellerd that he
seat ern t.
ler. romwell stated that he was paired
with Mr. Leingyair. Ito subsequently anneuter
ced tbat If hey believed in the preamble, he
woad vote aye, bat that he dld not believe In
the preamble.
When Sir. Stephens - voted aye, there was an
entbutet of letertrter on Resides of the Ileum
Teo Speaker law ing directed the Clerk toed%
hia name, voted aye. Thejoint renolatlon wag
Hgreased la Wit wi t haneOunnt Of - the
es s erne greeted general Applause on
the goor soul gelled*,_ „ ,
Mr. lithrousifrom the Jelin'. Committee
--•-•-• , reported - • - e is bill to prettier . ler
Statealately in inearreeteen
t rigida Ia provides - Mehra
, el the rebel Oates as soon `
• ratlded tile Bendittitieniali
Uremia • prat of the ton.
termite guar States to as
dilly for Omit taxes no.
rd allow' the Mine tO re:
if the States for ten own.
I - Um 1° "rin g li ting nen '
6 • &ebb -'.
, - ~lit.
i the .........../ earn
e, the Ueda] her
sitoit,iiiiiiiiiisiciner onion& b lout
ortteli jaletalitill Ot the Weil Dare of
..betn. Itesgms, who are hereby au lied teem
eretse F i stwer Masse 01 emergency.
$ or Mated that it was or the House
to dad °whether the resolution should pe ors-i
tortalnestad squashes% of priellage.
Mr. Striterus nuults-11 ereentli derderinit that
his object was to guard stgaluat, tiny improper
•intern eat the part of =theA.:veldt:et, lie be-
Sieved Woman boubl delegate the right ed
containing tiro two i i ." a i lathe doerkeepers,
lilt choose so to droc-Mes expressed his appre
bettelon that stoup it eta would be attempted
during the recess, but hoped it would not oe.
Congress f• bOlsad into stioehtlleit T. O Triliket it.
The =solution was' entertained na a Priv'.
feged question and th en rejected by the fol.
lownig Tote—ie:M. 4 e: n43' 1 41 5 .
•The House en sulloarned. - .
_ •
I 411411Pili Absji An...tied me TPINIZOIN-01 ,
1 .-- der or tisesiraidals Terbiddlog
41.1oaleabyasiy..ZT.1 us4stayi Abad.Or.
igymusowYsibi7. : •••• • . -
' - -Kw traiaiks,JulFßlTodei 'Abell, of the
' brat District. Loon of New. Orleans pariah.
et. ArTCl4o4thlwmorning on an atildavit by
. 111,111 , 11 olden's', emu/Aar him Of treason and
'enavoring the Ilee bt tiliseas wider
Zito cbe , l rbcbui., idll• *lbertl edge . Abell was ballad
AM dye hundrou dollars to oppear 'beftrre the
:November term or ()molt 'Court. The Wilda.
.git, is booed upon the 'recent 'charge to the
grand Jury, delivered by the aemed, to Indict
thee* members of the convention of Mt Who
would rooonveno It, i . _. ... . .
General- Sheridan this morning publiShod
goners.' his gone' order forbidding cocoon:monition
of oanngle rate mentue ante to his department.
and . dissolving orgentsallone for whatever
Omen's Steatitnan and rallorton, ofthe
troodszint's Larose, Iho have bean Itivreiti-
JULY 21, 1866.
.. 43 ?
Tennessee Admitted Into the Vision—
Attorney General Nominated ny the
Tresiden --Dante Department to be De
moved overnment ILeeelpts and Ts
pendittirhs, die.. dee.
WAsnmerfoit,July W.—The House has passed
a joint resolution admitting Tennessee Into
the Union again, by the following vote: Teas
.1.13; Nays IL air. Storms, of Pennsylvania,
voted aye. . .
The President this afternoon nominated to
the Senate Henry Stansberry, of Kentucky,
tabs attOrney General of the United States
in"place Or Speed, resigned. • , ,
W AIIitNOTOII, July 40.—The now orphans'
- asylum on Fourteenth street, shouts mile and
a-half from the Executive mansion, has been
lessen for three years. for the rise of the State
Department, or until - a new structure can bo
erected (or its accommodation. The removal
will talc° place in October.
An °Metal statement of the receipts and ex
penditures of the Government from July Ist,
ISSN to Starch al, 1806, foot up as follows :
celpts, po t iss,aas eu3; Expenditures, Including
interest on public debt, .1318,6118,839 ed. Mitt
mated p.reeet to from April lit, laid, to Jima 31,
$lM,3Ani2 o 9; estimated expenditures,
57a,a513,183 la.
r. WaShburne, of Illinois, continues fit and
Visitors are e vet tel ed.
The Bennie tc.:lny, In executive st.stlnn, re
f, :et! the noullnutlon Of Iten , v Eltansbe• a
Aiterouy tienoral to the . n nn u.
All .1/alet—Troops SIIII In Camp—At
tempt to rebsen a Well from which
the Soldiers Obtained Water.
ALBANY Jab , to.—lteporta from the anti.
rent distr ict say that all is quiet.. The troops
are still in camp on Warner's farm, under
strict military discipline, and no depredations
upon private property are permitted. Two
vo lvates who shot two sheep, were arrested
order of the commanding °nicer, and de
-1 ered into the , hands of the authorities of
the town. Homo of tile tenants against whom
, writs Of ejectment have•becu issued, have in
timated that they will Make a settlement of,
their indebtodnerai and to enable them to so,
the movement has been delayed.
This afternoon a man was discovered in the
act of poisoning a Well from which the troops
procure water. Ife however. succeeded In
elteCting his escape, leaving the deadly prim
pound on the ground..
to Mart on the
War Pa
India" =le%
of the Arm/ of the
Se. Louts. duly 51—The Democrat's St. Joseph
irtiecial gape Parties from the Plains repre
sent the Indians massing for a war. Old
ranchmen say that as soon as the corn is ripe,
nearly every triboon the Plains will start on
the war path. They ere well armed and have
plenty of amtnunition.
&circular letter was published this morn.
ng callingthe drat annual meeting of the
Society of the Army of the Tennessee, to be
held at tlinetnruitl on Xovember 11th, tor the
purpose of perfecting the organlxatioft of the
Society, and the transaction of other impor
tant business. The olpects of this Society aro
purely of a social benevolent character.
pen. Rawlings, of Washington, Is President,
and Col. Dayton, of St. Lords, Secretary of the
leatlataetory Treaty with Indiana.
Sr. Louie, July 91.—C . Taylor Superinten
dent of 11:Alan A ff airs t °male:, and Presi
dent of the Conunlasio Which recently held
a couneil with the In at Fors Larasaie,
actompanied ny Gen Thayer United
States /Senator from IN rash*, and 'Mr. Pad
dock, Secretary' of th Territory, arrived at
St-Joseph yesterday, d left for Washington
lartnight. Vol.Tario Llama Met a perfectly
sattatiertuty trestyluta made at Laramie.
all reportato the on y being circulated by
parties tnterasted In a init Wistilities. Go
elan says Shiva' thfni Indians 'were wee.
eat - Fourteen etedit it oblate Signed - the
lreall•efiesPrOleed. a im: belief that it
:metals troubloen t he, talus, it Will he cow.
Unoseed by tho whitee,
1101"."111rOrtallt,T, 1111 MiliV 'fart—Mew
elbeirra 1: 1 . 014
yhtv:Tosoc. July 93.—Ottainindritd and tatrty
• .jandatparnatta3 4 - granted In Misch , "
, - Ilwerniatr. the of 3,0d1 Interments.
g 'x • • d tor hears ea/great that. Moan,
' aW il = Or eitt an reported in
1 , s 4 • tay,eirtrAletattito die& six eases
•. in lardoklyn4 of w hien two diet.
+^s :fie •• •tu'lltillalplaspector on Hart's
luts itio*Oskinri. aria il not expected to
• . Donn aro many, asset reported on
it3emeresaleguil Nasal
etactsofert,JulY'Xl.--ThO Democrats of the
Fourteenth Maria- of Ohio runntuatell. U.
Fount-FOr COntten. Ge neral Bohn Coburn
was normineten for *Con by. the Union
men of the Indumapotis inetriet. General
Mtn= Harris yea nominaterefor ()mining
by the Union mon of , the First Indiana Me.
nueeessee ee Renato' Lane.
IW. Leine, July 'M.—Governor Crawford, of
Kansas, yesterday appointed Major It. V'. Hose,
Late of the Eleventh liana's thoodryand amon•
trade editor or the Lawrence Tribune, United .
Matta Bennator. VIEW Glen. Lane's unexpired
terra. 1111001 . U.OAS IS a radical republic-art. - 1k
lett Lawrence this morning for Washington.
Escaped Marve
nils. Arrested
ed. ftr suciairir;
sch Ant
ft - sw Taint, July at—Two neitroes, eainfied
Slaves from CON, elm) .were arrested here
some days aline on a etun,oi of stealing from
their master several thonsand dollars In
Messer and Jewelry, wore to4lay disenrged by
Judge McCune, on the ground that no treaty
exists requirina their extradition, and also
that the paper* were irregular.
Steamer Detafeed hr Harts fie Beard
Dilabtfal Goods. • - , '
041.csirrow,July19,—Theitostnur Patotuoskt
was detained by the Somme cutlets thtbswam
on eccount of doubtful goods found on board
am . ° 7.l he l= i titrinia='ltrig u titru e .
sand dolltun bonds, which he could not pro.
Costuaaroa, 8. C.. July 90.—A mutiny (1.
eurred last nigi t. ausangatit partials 01 negro
troop. on Folly Island, which vas suppressed
ater 0120 of the mutineers had been killed and
two wounded. The rest of the mutineers were
brOtight to title city under a strong guard.
31firliSpliPeit Cereespeet Won toet ter the En .
rowan .
Ni. Yoga, July 'a—George Alfred Town-
Mod called for Europe to-day by the creamer
AttanUc, to follo r. w the Italian army for the
Wand borrapapa
'3 V lire3Gl alr4 ;Y:W
AdaMenai Local Natters on Third'Page
A llAmish Proceeding,
Bridget - McGovern and. Thomas Richardson
are denizens of the. Third ward, haring resi
dences sithdriMg - each Other on Fountain
street; In the rear of Kelly's. planing mill.
Bridget is a thrifty danund; mid in order to
furnish her Mil* with meat she manages to
'tette it couple of porkers by allowing latent In
run nt largo in the stri!ets and Prey on 'the
100agewhich.eareless bMnienlinnithr ovr into
'the etroet. 'Anion _ In
litirin*: a city ' ; end on*syerf,
.proolamition r • • . th a , likkletii r or the
stero .4 onic en et-the ".porcine or
canine 'Yet VS begs are not with
ont:theitVthd, ey form: the part or
fusSistalit-‘l, an- tY'devotiring
rinhianoes WhieWviOnhPotherwhiehave • to he
rellioved,',Whihreseir presence ieeendireire
health Of theennimunitylor the very saute
-Ytriniammd above::
esterday;e however, oneetillTir.`PleGoveriPs
'4Orlries't trespiuMe't on 4,11°-'inlyftt°'d°Ulain
We iardedit , who fa es got rld of his
Mori Set .11: lingo mast -qn the intruder,
'Mille the cOnnief. - that ensued . Mrit 'McGov
ern's bog Ida leg broken; The news of tho
disaster *as carried Immediately to the WIN .
.W l lO - hastened to the rellet of bar chattel,
which sho found helpless cOhdition
front of. Itlebardion's door. The Sight its
ingratif Wm:Wit SO OR the fowler feelinginf,
lirld t- that oho Immediately procetaled to
ere ohartlecm a nice° of her. mind., htre;
turn, the latter threatened to kill not only the
bog, but Bridget herself. This was addingin:
suit to injury, and swelling with indignation -
Mrs. Metiorern botACIk herself to Alderagul
r t it
; lag a fog 'we bail
log prop especially I
case among Melba the gentler aet, who Pro
PmParloi their wardrobee. tot i..triP they
seasido or stnno country rOtroott" 41°U"d
by the 'decrees of comfort. To too latter Ito I
*mad mot:amend:before starting. a Wan . to
.11.1stee A Doi Vs dry goods zetabLlehmer.
ri lth ntreet to totstaltio the beautiful nod
711rOM Woolf of sibratestina. detainee, ott
ehlata,linonsontudlog and calloosthat are now
on: exhibition Marchand. at prim as low am
hAl k hease ln the city Meld° the articles
'Mind abovo this at m J;Ila on hands largo en D.
Vier Of flake' fundalting goods, that in quality
:sad, quantity aro mond came oarnerislng •
41 hhOola, glom. tr/oltnlagbl had bonbon
'ldeas of tho most caloric pattern and finest
:texture.. Tothose who haVO had ocolinge with
41=14i Dates 2 ftio I ;t%T•a vt' ho rti n t =e t run
.ripotltion of What
they stroady /mow, Matto
thaw who hare rarer austalnialthotte pus
to those gentlemen, wo would ;earths", In an
our expertamo WO' *.*•- ...11900SS
mops urbsauhoe-
at, wham Mind
melve oaturteV
__ crna,n.
atm ' .h- t,...,
named ha
ft rgn i l:niw.i, bo,
41 / 1 Y• - Th w i =
I, ,2.t...nest4l6=rlarrs,tha ' S tAClNlMl=
Nisit t lor qtrthiltr&Pudeil Ift occoo'
‘ Ana
bees:vansott ,•• : ,
t - _ : 4 , ,
,-: ' . ' '-'. -;...- ..,
. '-
'- • ~;4 (...,-1-,; -'-''''''''...:.,
. :.;?,:',.:,-.. ..„.„:4;,,,-.7,2_,-I.v=--"'".-- , . . ~..-!'", • ..-, I:.
. . .• , :t.'-',-. :'..'-': : : ' ,- - r, ,Zr:.-'-' -
, •:-::,,,,;;C.'`,:r•C''''''''
..-_, ....
Arrival of Colonel Block's mamas
—The Obsequies to take Place To
onel Black arrived In this city, yesterday,
Acaardmg to arrangement. the body of Col
at ono o'clock, acoompinied by the Committee
of Arrangements, who had receleved the re
mains Into there hands at Latrobe, having
gone their for that purpose. The body was
conveyed to the rust Presbyterian Church,
on Wood street., and placed in the vestibule,
immediately inside the central entrance, so
that persons can
pass in at ane of the deem,
and after seeing the remains, pass out at the
other. The come in which the remains are
enclosed 19 of rosewood highly ornamented
on the sides and top with silver mountings,
And Mx heavily carved handles. A silver
plate on the top bears the following lascrlP-
Baru September 3d, 1916. Killed at Gaines
Mill, Jane 17th, A. D. beiz.
Tailing over the foot of the con in eeful
folds, la the national ensign draped ffi in mourn
ing, ' The entire interior of the 'Church is also
appropriately draped, and presents a very
neat, chaste and sombre appearance, in keep
o#l, 0 wi th w e i solemn ls the occa si on.
'Molded by
the Committee of Arrangements.
Thu following programme and mate hove
less adopted by the Committer of .A rru n
Itoligione services will beperformed at the
First Presbyterian church. Wood Street, c 0.,.
meriting et o'clock, r. fa., to-day, tinder the
direction of the'llev. William A. lAasavant.
Atter which the funeral cortege will he form
ed and move in the following order:
Carriages containing ofnclatlng clergymen for
ass of Pall Bearers.
Band. .
Col. Macro Horse—Sumpter.
811ty-Second.Regintent, Penn , p. Vols.
Carriages containing family and friends of
tho deceased.
Carriages containing Disabled Soldiers
Officers and Soldier* of the late War.
(Detachments of regiments will follow each
other in the inverse order of their numbers.)
Bench and Bar
Orders and Societies ofwhich the deceased.
was n member.
ted(For tomb as attend positions will be Indies.
Citizens generally.
Tho route of procession will bonlongElixth to
Irwin street, along Irwin to Penn street, along
Penn to the Cemetery. The column will be
formed and move under the direction of the
Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements.
J. 11. Swerrcem
Distinct detentey end the Atailstaines
We have noticed the fact that the District
Attorney obtained a rule on & the Mayors of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny, and a number of
Aldermen and Justices of the. Peace, to an
swer for their neglect to comply with the act
requiring them to make monthly returns of
hildrinatlons and rorognixanee.s. Heretofore
they were only required to make Mantua
quarterly. We hear much talk concerning
this new order of things. The object of the
bill we have not heard definitely stated, and
inset confess li is net apparent to us, 'except
IL be to give more time for the preparation
of indictments. Under the old order,
when magistrates were prompt In the making
of their returns, ire heard no complaint made
of want of sufficient time In thopreparation of
business for thi Grand Jury, and hence it
would seem there exists no necessity for the
law, which the Distzict Attorney complains of
the magistrates for disregurding, or neglect
ing to comply with. Ono edbet of the law we
judge, willbe to increase the fees of theDarlct
Attorney, at the expense of suitors. Assault
and battery cases, of which there Is - a host at
each term of the criminal wort, magistrates
are empowered to settle with . the consent of
the parties, and informations In Hume casesitt
Las been the. custom not to return Wall thd ,
latest moment, as many are withdrawn up
on the eve of the meeting. of the court,
the, - "litigants, after cooling time, con
ntiffiffig to save time and
by settling their differences short of the Court
Howie, Ouch a settlement, of course, Involves
the payment of costa accrued. Is It the de
sign of the District Attorney to bring these
under his own saperrision, as must be the case
if the Informations are - returned) If so, and
la their settlement he adds ale own to other
additional costa, the new arrangement will
add vary oboe durably to his emolumenta, al
ready trufOolenUy large, or amply renumera
tiro. Theelsadvantage to magistrates will
oonallt In their not being able to secure their
legal costs as readily - as if the eases ware sot-
Hod at - their °Meth, and in their, being
pot to additional trouble, for no oth
er porpose,.they claim, than to subject tho
suitor to additional expense for the
benefit of tho Commonwealth's officer.
Magistrates haring the power to dually die
peso -of those mules should be allowed to
do so without interfolence or embarrassment,
In the. manner Audit:Mod, But, perhaps, it is
intended - that the magistrates shall return
monthly the InfOrmations la cases other than
thmaireferrud to. to which no objection, we
jufte, can reationably be mole. 'However, we
sh•M learn definitely what is intended by the
new act upon the hearing of the rules granted.
A Day Wild Robbery—tarty Dollars to
ILtreetabaelle and Toasty to Jewelry
The dwelling of Ma. Me'Myra, on Fulton
street, in th Sixth ward, was entered and
robbed yes ay afternoon of acme $4 l ) in
greenbacks a a cocustilerable amount of O w .
elry, worth the aggregate about twenty dol
lars more. . Mrs. Mclntyre was absent the
. .
greater part of the day from the city, attend
ing the plank of the Sixth Presbyterian Sab
bath School, and it Is:resumed seiz ed the thief,
having a knowledge o this fact, on the
opportunity, and during the prevalence or the
rain storm effected an entrances through a
window in the rear which was found open.
The missing money wax deposited in a drawer
In the chamber of Mrs. Mehdyre,-whtle the
Jewelry woe In atrunk under her bed. Itseemi
very strange that a house could be robbed in
=ln daylight ta in o r g e or e lt y e moat denselypop:
the attention of some pinson. 5
To leave a horse standing hitched on the
street during the greater pert of the day, ex
posed to the hot Inn, without food or water,
comes, we think. under the head of "cruelty'
to animals," an offence known to the law.
Passers-by could not have avoided witnessing
such an exhibition of cruelty, in the vicinity
of the Court.heruse, within II abort time past.
Tione a horse might have been Otpserved,
vamping the pavement. hour idle hour,
awaiting ins mnstees eonvenience to be con
veyed home. lied we a horse Pre: wottld.not
treat him so, but secure him shelter from the
torrid sun beams, at least, and in supplying our
inner man, would not be unmindful of the
wants of the beast.
~,,„ Flooded.
Onto a nu bar of houses on the south side
of Penney,. la Avenue, from the foot of Tun
nel to the er of Try street, in the Eighth
Ward, wore mpletely flooded byyrater yes
day afternocin; during the heavy ride that felt
In torrents from two until fear Velbeic. The
entrance to the sewer at verities Imints was
partially choked - with. Adams* and rubbish,
and the Immense -bodp,..ePwater that came
rushing down from Wylie-street, having no
means of ogress to the river, swelled.up over
the curb end into Alio dwelling - it Mentioned,
doing immense damage to the furniture; and
In some cases Injuring the buildings.
-Iffiest Loall,,Derlng the Orevalenee of
tho rota storm Yesterday, ar.ourlous speelmett
of Um canine species bopped - luto the gotta
or. Cluttesta street for the purpose or procor.:'
log soma particles of food drift:Mg down
with the current, ~b at ore; .lie..
Hood, could es
cape th e ask he ems 'carried almost a square
to :Avenues where / 10 Wes foe.
'rued. But tbat the . mouth of the sewer was
choked with rubbish.' -be -would - doubtless are
thud Won Ids way down the Ohio. • -
Billt011:43011'43111trOCC11.1311,11 WWI arres
ted andtakealadoreettbleeman -raYloe Yeller
daY, Charged , w ith sestina and battery oa aath
of Barbara welpart. ,Yhe latter alleged that
Whge.Wallang down . 1... e street -yesterday
morning, elm met the defendant: who, after
Math:or two attempts lo shorn to tho
ralktigi hiarTritrus.ava,,,zuv,.=
entering.ball to
keep rate Pelee.
Not fttelen.—Stailidi Mason appeared be-
fore Alderman. .Donaldson, yoeturdaT, and
outdo oath against John Colvin, for the lar
ceny of her • pocket book, Containing some
three and a bolt donate In postal currency.
While Cho hoaring was progreaaldg. a Attie
daughter of ho prosecutra arrived at the
goo with th • missing pocket book, haring
found It In • on the parlor mautio-pleCe.
.of °cure° C vlu.was released.
re ath the
Ls b000to•
The !Can deems. Mao oammltted or
notleett several clays ago the 00.01.
mltment of a young man Sallied tioolgtl Jes
sup, for: a further bearing on se charge of ob.
taming boanllng at the Scott house under
taiga pretenses. nets developed Imm:owning
him leave bet little deobt that be ie g i?rotee.
Monet ..00ntidenee man:. Alderman ntraln,
yeelerday. fully oommltted Wm for m
default ot I2oobelL • • • •
Chaswedl unis IsisPeagf.—Phil hi Stad i a
beton!) dersurvAlbelts; ywn.rd...
with Pm larceny or Are . yards of *ow .rp
from the =Winer natablisnment VDUs:
Kasnab, on Penn street.% TtIQ
soods Vet°,
found 111 'O9 poaseulon. of tho no:qu ruler
bolug mako satistatdory °Warm-
WM PAW lusw ho had obtalnod them, ne was
held wpm printed D
o llars ford fanner
.130301fdanigaifida.,tetil 31-'
riti7ZWITIRTit. Mid iiiiltoraliput . L.,_ /5
lose.hlze4impt not w.laitasa&Z o o'l_. 6 ;
1 13 MA" " ki , !. :. , a 1 4 0 ".', 1 1101Adrt m t,
• .
i gHUM M L M
Erie Conference Appointments
The session of the Ede Conference of M. E.
Church, hold at Painesville, closed on Wed
nesday afternoon, after a pleasant, Interesting
and Instructive session. We append the 4. ~
polntmonts made :
Brie District--11 L. P. E. E
First Church, E. A. Johnsonßaker, ;
e, Erie Simpson rie
Chapel, J. H. Tagg; Weslvl Blinn;
Green, J. K. Mendenhall; North G
East, T. Guy;
Waterford, F. H. Beog ; Denville, J. Allen;
McKean, N. W. Jones; Edinboro, G. Elliott;
Fairvin*, A. Hall; Girard, W. N. Ilene; Union,
0. L. Mead; Wellsburg and Mina, W. Pl. Bear,
It. D. Waits; Kingsville, T. P. Warner; Conne
aut. W. IL WIlron; Springfield, IV. S. Lloyd;
Albion, W. A. Malthyt Lockport, C. L. Barn
hardt; Ashtabula, W. 1. Wilson.
Meadville Distrut.—.l. W. Lowe, P. E. Mend.
Title, B. Iticsal, L. D. Williams; Sagertown, J.
R: IIatlock; TOwnville, J. Shields; Cochranton,
P. Burroughs ; Saltville, R. M. Beams; Frank
lin, J. R. Lyon; Greenville, W. P. Bignell; Be
lem,- G.' 11. Brown; Sheakleyville, M. Smith;
EVanebarg, J. Crtim;Conneatitvllle, F. Brown;
HarmonSbnigh, J. Akers; Rockville, J. W.
Hill; Ettp„,Mile,, R. Gray; Linesville, It. C.
Smith; New Lebanon,. .1. Scofield, 0. Babcock;
Delaware Grove, J. G. Hawkins. Oil City, J.
Whitely; Bote , eville, G. W. Staples. J, Mar.
o. A. 11. I Professors N. Norton, Gee
er; n Agent Of Allegheny College;
members Quarterly Conference.
, tlXtle Charlet—R. A. Caruthers, P. E.
New J. C. Schofield; Mt. Jackson and
She...a go, J F. Dill; New Wilmingten,J. F.
Perry; Tastbrook and Ilarlrusburg, T. O.
McCreary Harrisville and Centreville, T.
Graham; Piercer, 0. G Mclntyre; Henderson.
One, C. Wilson; Waterloo. .f. • rekole; North
Washington, A. B. Domer; Clintonville, J. H.
Merchant; Poland, J. W. Stogdiil; Middlesex.
W. IL Reesman; Flue Grove, R. Beatty Clarks
vine. It. M. Bear; Greenwood, E. Bennett.
Brady's Bend, G. More; Hubbard end Brook.
held, C. W. Beeves.
Jamestown DI -.rid—G. W. Maltby, P. E.
Jamestown, 11 . Day; Ashville, A. J. Lonisay
Sugar Grote, J. F. Stocker- Pine Grove, W.
Bush; Frowsburg, B. F. Delo;' Hansen, W. Rice
J. K. Shaffer; Sheffield, S. S. Goodrich, Puna:
ma, G. Dunmire; ColuMbne, S. Hellen; Corry,
.1. S. Lytle; Youngsville, J. C. Sullivan; War
reu, T. Stubbs; Pleasantville, H. H. Moore;
Tialohte, D. Smith; Pithole, D. S. Steadman;
Petroleum Centre, E. A. Squire; Riceville, A.
H. Bowers, E. Chace; Titusville, N. G. Luke;
Garland, M. Colegrave; Ellery, C. Truesdell '
HialllwaY, W. A. Boyer.
Frerfonto District—J. E. Chapin, P. E. Fro
deals, E. B. Yingling.; Dunkirk, E. A. Led
wick; Mayville, L. W. Day; Portland, G. W.
Gray; Delanti, C. W. Woodworth; Sinclair.
vide, A. L. Kellogg; Ellington, J. Leslie; Leon,
L. E. Beardsley; Cattarangus, E. B. 'Cum
mings; Villenovia, W. W. Warner, Z. W. Shad
duck; Forrestville end Sheridan, C. M. Hear';;
Little Valley, B. W. Scott• Silvercreek, D.
lllizener, Westfield. G. Marsh;, Quincy, to
be supplied; Sherman, J. Clymer, It. N.
Keehn". of the Firemen's Association.
At a meeting of the Firemen's ASBOOIOII ~,,,
held last evening, in their hall, In the Clty
Building, to take when with regard to attend
leg the funeral of Colonel Black to-day at t
o'clock, the following preamble and resolution
were adopted:
Wussess, On recount of a shortness Of no
tine, It is impracticable to call out the Fire /hr.
partment in numbers sufecient to do credit to
themselves or the deceased, therefore
Resolved, That the members of the Depart
ment are earnestly requested to attend as cit
On motion adjourned.
Assault and Hatt ery —Henry Summers,
a colored individual, and a resident of Hayti,
was before Mayor McCarthy, yeaterday, for
assault and battery. Tho suit was brouget at
the instance of John Bernard. who stated that
Bummers, on several 00082110118, within the
brief period of three weeks, had struck him
without env cause or provocation whatever.
Henry gave hall In the sum of .300 to answer.
Threatened to Shoos Ma Tatber.—
Michael Barrett yesterday appeared before
Alderman Lynch and made oath against hls
eon, Thomas Barrett, for surety of the peace.
The defendant states that his eon has fre
.quently threatened to whip him, and on
Thursday night swore he would shoot him.
A warrant was issued for his arrest.
Settled.—Louisa Bose, A. J. Coheran and
Catherine Coheran were charged with surety
of tho peace and disorderly conduct before Al
derman Taylor, yesterday, on oath of Owen
Carey. The case 1.10 - . settled by the prosecu
tor and defendants .paying each half of the
---- -
Stole a r Konin ap
peared before d Taylor yirderclay and
made oath sgaLtst John flyers for the larceny
of a load of wood' rom the premises of the for
mer In Liberty Insruship. A warrant was
fiumad for the arreaWilyers.
Had Hearin`. William Forrest,
arged with deserting his wife, Nancy For° l L, 'had a hearing before Alderman Donald
son yestesday, which resulted in his being
in $5OO to answer the charge at Lite next
term of the Criminal Court.
111.-eaptured.—Craig, the man confined In
the Lawrence County an, for shooting Mr.
Bllard, scaled the w of the rd
On a o
Mn alls prison rt day jest He went but dis
tance,sho before he was captured, and was re
turned to his quarters.
The Quarter Sessions COUPS will be In
amaton today for the transaction of the usual
Saturday'. business. Amting other matters to
be attended to la the rule on the Sheriff, asked
for by the District Attorney, in relation to the
payment Of fees.
For Mall Ileattag;;-For the
third time, the Mayor yesterday committed
John Loop, charged with assault and battery
with intent to killand larceny, on oath of
Rama IL Sharpneck, , for a "further hearing?
Church Dedleatlon.—The new U. P. Church
at Sharon, Mercer county, was dedicated on
Sabbath bud, Rev. Col. Clara, of Allegheny
City, oflciating•
MORS.II3—On the :-Ith JIUIO. -. 14 Ole reshlenee,
I. No Itruglaud, Mr. O.O.ISEELT 101E1118, for
upwards of twenty . rears • reeloont 01 Yinsburgh,
bk P AVAIL WI al zi
IMwtlinl . 4.:od • ••scre," the largeit subdrlrm
plate Of Irglalrgle. dlrrlgt one le DID county, en
gaseitoarfelr grlghton m id, l mmediately north of
Allegheny. for tigrlgt lota, -perrolgs or tatter, .11
Venthil Drug Scorn of OWL*. CLA..4.Ey,
No. 196SmIthileldSt., car. 7th,
(E,ma, freatNeventh Sweet.)
imrn i n41033171 . 1..4:21.=.
No es Toarth suost,lrattobotab,P*. CONTINO of
ahldada, tHihriMOILAWIHoohI avers dosorlytton
of Tqo osal lhassuaglng Hems mambo& Homo,
°howl& and night. Hearse asolCasrlagestarulahed.
.1 &COMM, D.l), Thomas paths, Lat., • ,Meoh H
Ulm. M.o.
Practical Furniture Manufacturers,
„Ylesof FTMNlTURlZeonstautlvonhand.
IFlttiltStreet,bilinnin Tanned and
' - - • nine's Streets,
Tint , Wass, roods of all, depesiptions-.always
hang au bold at Ow lowest Prices- klapOxing done
Catallsl 1,-911 strait xellop; •• ' • • -
3140111FACTIMMAI or.
, •
iro_ nPuckey Tub and Trunk
1100113 AND SHEETS;.`
fti6:4Si • PITTSBIIRaII. PA.
Y. C. DIUFFY, • ,
• I'artli'Acninzie
Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Wart,
„And dealer. I. ItiTOWM, I.IIOI:IIIIk . FUNgtOUNG
01A V.
=fa , . 2.443 43vrabsiotiliteseet,
n 16110014 .11 We Clleenes!...pleca in the ell, Win 3 l
Stoves and TIA Wert. ;ion Work luvrniplly att•OU.
Ilatlmes' Beaver street mud Ohl* River.
M•ncliester, IS.
10141tra for ail lea Lis of I..nrntrar for balldlrtz beat
uldint. &ma Ci tat, 1440 fr 11 1 ,441.
co., TWIG ISNITETilr,A'),rl:+l47r,
;_'Liter 41 lobelia aid Nisi &mac-
Alear the euspensleet
awe very low to cl*tonidipaiAtis.:. •
BEA; Jr.,
...ago zaimart Sr.. emaite 9.teoti.
The edition le forwarded welch will retail the eat.
earthen soonest ea the men rot.
Tra _
ELVES Or 714 N AND UP 1V AIMS 1 le
SOMETlilPcli N E iv.
Time Registering
ti()L.l3 BY TRY.
13.1AJEIXAMITor el" Clc:)"
Dealers In Optical Goods,
tI3 1-2 Smithfield Street
Title illetrUmont lo very generally lived by rartain•
sad Merchant., tut well as arnook Been. It
nine* vt Clock, Barometer
an d
Thermometer, and'
eon be b
eather.e depended upon Incor Indlcating the ebanace
o 1
SS iinttla alltrebot.
NA7.401 1 403800.19, -
12171.1.1 X—. T. 1MT1.X.533,2"151.
left WV LIE 151'.. NEAR FIFTH..
Get the Best—They Always Give Batts-
Every• week,-Dr. Quincy A. Scott le called
upon to insert Artificial Teeth In cases whore
other dentists haus tried, been paid, and foiled,
and in every case his work gives entire satis
faction. Lie is quite au artist In his line of
business, and has merely to examine a Case to
know Low to articulate the teeth, so that they
w 111 present a undsome awl natural appear
ance, and will ustleate the fors' thoroughly.
Ills prices are /ewer than thou. of cup drntiti
in the clap, and e will otarantec his work to he
superior. So I would better for any of our
readers whoa In want of teeth, to call upon
the Dr. in the rst place, and thereby save
their time and coney. We would also assure
those persons o ale suffering with diseased
and unsightly t nth, that they can have them
extracted wither!
any pain whalemr, by CIS Illng
Ile hue extract.' (or over ten
pon Dr. Scott.
thatssand porno•
and among thin
case In which 13
!s within the last seven years,
large number there Is not one
process has proved inJurfous.
he can refer to numbers of
Mahn to have been benefited
. Ile extracts numbers
thigolene or Vapor" prove...,
ughing Gas to those who
tut courge. Ile makes no
Ong When artificial teeth aro
ms a full set on Vulcanite,
urns, (or eight dollars. Ile
tber, Zib Penn street, third
On the contra
his patients wh
in renewed h
ly by the new n I
and gives pore
desire it, with
charge for extrit.!
ordered, and el
with ixmlitifel
member hie nu
door shave Ran
aumnrAcrultrataai -
Bar, Hoop, Sheet and Plate Iron; "
Bridge Iron;
Angle and T Iron; cr••••
Guard Iron;
Coal Screen Iron; "
L _
th <„,
T Ralls,l6 and 20 lbs. to e 4,
Train Bails, punched and •
ter sunk;
Boiler, Bridge and Tank Ittlle
Cut Nails and Spikes; t" Fit
Ship and Boat Spikes;iii3;-?'TIF-L.,;.,
Railroad Spikes;
Railroad Fish Bars and Bolts; s .
Railroad Car Wheels and Axles; •
Street Car Wheels and Aix.les4' • -•
C.nol-Pit Car Wheels HAW Axles;
Patent Cold Rolled Shafting.;
Patent Cold Rolled Piston Rods; . 1
Rower and Reaper Bars.
120 Water and 158 Front Sts.
Nos. 22,24 and 2611iser St., ,11
& iteKACY,
Ale, Porter and Brown Stout, . - 7‘`
_let d 65
No. S 3 Liberty St., opposite Foorthr"'
They make a speetatty of Iron ite dewed .d_plyot
Csatorc•Poroelatu, Bedstead and 11001. Uastorn
/kdatead Fastenings: Stops tor Er tertalon Tata..
'at. They,also znaullbeture sad bay. constant!) ,
ott batulaTitumb Latches. Sprtrug hatches, 111.1.0eau . a
Vitudowifaah Supporter. al , Leauou Ecenntrla Nub
1101100.13tIllty Shutter and Butt Hinge. °dud-
Lattille Ilaugluga, , Sail trona, rash WelaSte:&.•
1866: • SPICING " 78 ' 1866.
- lat wilt'', STAR VT,
Whci to Call giLTelal latelltiLka to their - large
'Paley AV" or Spring and Sung
: • • ones* Wear,
.6. lEtzscilse am; treaarloty.
vtAvs... , iIRIOUTILOS , LgUelititS, X 011.70296 .,.
14112* ptIYM
itteo;ri d0...1pm.... to filo
too. •
_ -
STA 11A ,1
mum &
- N05.'425 & 427
Tho very treat 110ESES,
61. S kept. Elr Laze *t •
ILIAJLti as 11{.• city: ;Fs
to ot.abon lOW Is Ws lies
Pemba *Wing Uttspr
agontillopel base Sanwa
Ire elle Use4r •
`ll7'7".ln lratrATo
~4 . 61/ 4 0 11. 1 24114 0 1n tionid
, 1 7,Alte . 11•Curefie l .
do lis 4; randa :
W •liato Polier Bolus. • •
Gnosok..appits,•.Coldwie. Girton Corn
Wtdpin...."eoy , ii,..Sol • Mow h.o
ONE'S LOIN' 'Uri' I . 17SJ.Yri o
.•=l.:Pkt , t t its ET. 4,1,44' •
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