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82u.zrr4 etrrastraan.
Lit the. tvania Mr.
R. B. Beardalee, who has just finished n
term in tho State Senate, is quietly trying
to succeed Mr. Philip Johnson in Congress.
Mr. Johnson has held the place three terms,
without personal popularity, abilities, or
anything else except intense partiziunship
to recommend him. His advantages con
sisted in the fact that, excepting Judge
Padker, of Carbon county, there is not a
Democrat in the district of marked position
or talent. Pike county now claims the
honor of furnishing the member, but
Las no competent Man to offer, and, as
usual, the Democrats are In a wrangle.
iteardslee belongs In Wayne ; sustains a
good character, and has more brains than
any other person of his party in that coun
ty. Re came very near getting the nomi
nation some years age; and may succeed
Ou the Republican side, if a candidate
shall be run, it will simply be a matter of
form. Most excellent material exists, but
the chances are, hopeless.
Tux report is contmdleted that in cruise
queue° of impending war in Germany,
American securities are there discredited,
The report had all reasonable probabilities
against it to begin with. The indications
of war would naturally lead people to hold
on to securige.q depending for their value
upon causes beyond the reach of the anti
cipated disruption.
A REPIIIILICAN member of Congress
from this State, and who is also a eandi•
date or re-election, is trying to defeat him
self by distributing large numbers of Mr.
DOOLITTLE'S and Cowan's speeches 1111101Ig
his constituents: If be succeeds in getting
permission to stay at home, be will havU.
occasion to quarrel with no body b u t him
Is the 19th district of this State Judge
Schofield is having some opposition for re
nomination for Congress. Ile belongs in
Warren county. Mr. Benson, of Erie
county, and Mr. Soother, of Elk county,
have been named in competition with him.
Still, we think Mr. Schofield will not be
laid aside.
Ar York, a Yew evenings ago, the Dem
ocrats, mobbed the printing office of the
True Demoerv, a republican journal. Cause
—the publication or a card sionprl by sonic
"boys in blue," repudiating connection
with the Clymer Club.
—The Editorial Association of New
Jersey have made au arrangement for an
extensive excursion. Railroad companies
will antler.
—BenJarniii:Mughes, of Mount Holly, N.
.1., was killed a low days ago by the acci
dental discliSrge of an old gun which he
was endeavoring to wrest from a cougran
—Wm. GeV - emu, a waiter at the As
tor House, New York, tumbled down a
stair-way, one night last week, and cut his
throat with the glass of a broken tumbler.
The jugular vein was severed, and it is re
ported the man cannot recover.
—li.tsreported that cruelties and gross
injustice arc again being practiced toward
the freedmen in various potions of Ten
messee, and within the past week, in several
cases, General Fisk has been obliged to re
roil to military interference for their pro
—A mall in Philadelphia has been sued
for t 25,000 for a breach of promise. his
defense is—and it ought to clear him—that
he was ready to marry her last winter, but
she kept putting it off, and as she weighs
2.p,1 pounds he prefers not to marry during
the warm weather.
—The Union campaign in Indiana was
opened at Indianapolis on Tuesday night
by a grand mewling. Two hundred guns
were tired, huge bonfires burned in various
parts of the city, and linmense crowds lis
tened to addresses from Governor Morton
and other prominent speakers.
—Says the European Times: Nothing
min show more strongly the adaptability of
'the Americans for all pursuits than the ease
with which all the men of no in the late
war have slided from the military into com
mercial life, and the same may be said of
the great body of the soldiers on each side.
—On one little street in Galena, Illinois,
and within the space of four blocks, were
at one time the business places of six pri
vate citizens, now known as Lieutenant
General Grant, Major General John E.
Smith, Major General Rawlins, Major
General Chetlain and Brigadier General
J. A. Malthy.
—The Boston Journal says that the
statue of Eton. Edward Everett has been
completed iu clay by Mr. Story, and that
it will be ready tor declicrition in May. It
is to be cast in bronze at Munich, but
should the impending war prove of long
continuance the arrangements now made
may possibly be interfered with.
—Great excitement prevails in Fayette
ville, in the town of Manlius, Onondaga
county, N. Y., over the supposed poison
ing of mare than forty persons in that vil
lage. Reports were in circulation that the
cholera had broken out there, but upon in.
vestigation the cause of the sickness was
traced to some cheese sold by a merchant
in the village. The deaths resulting from
the poisoning already number tWo, "while
several others are not expected to survive.
—A Parisian letter-writer describes the
Emperor as foiloWs: He is of much lower
stature than I haAl thought, and inclined to
be fleshy; is quite grey, and wears nether
beard than a moustache and imperial. He
has a large and remarkably tine shaped
head and bright eye. He was very plainly
clad in a pepper-and.salt citizens' dress,
with silk hat and white silk gloves. He
returned, in a good natured, graceful man
ner, the frequent unostentatious greetings
of the passers-by.
—A. Springfield, 11L, lawyer is prepanng
a case for the United States Supreme Court,
which attacks the constitutionality of the
income Tax. 7he contestant reports up:
wards of fifty-two thousand dollars income
the past year; but, under protest, he de
clines to pay the tax, and will, when the
usual compulsory action is invoked, ask %n
-junction from Judge Davis to restrain the
Government official from collecting. Thus
the gneation will be brought squarely to
the consideration of the courts.
—.& lady at Atlanta, a few days ago,
poisoned three sick children by giving them
laudanum, supposing it to be paregoric.
Before the mistake was discovered they
were too far gone to wive their lives. The
lady la rkfi, and theta children would have
been her heirs. Foul play is believed to
have occurred, and suspicion rests on a
young man, a distrait relative of the lady,
to whom her property will now descend.
He is thought to have changed the bottle of
cregoric for laudanum, knowing it would
administered to them. No proof, how
ever, exists strong enough to justify his ar
—A strange spectacle was recently pre
sented in a Prussian town, when the levies
exe troops were about starting. The train
was ready, but the wives of the soldiers op
posed Its departure, throwing themselves
iwtheir despair on the rails in front of the
locomotive. Recourse to violence could
not bmemployed. What was to be done 7
The station-master Proposed to the women
to apcomtinh i their husbands, but in sops
rate .carriages. The poto„,creaturca tsm
seuted ; but when the train started, th e m.
ziageswith the women did not move. The
station -master bad had them detached, hut
wisely teak care to get awarbetote thedis-
F 3 V. 0 7 was madu..
rt 7.
Trade .
AI the opera itonse Shoe Store.
Pure Linen
shirt Fronts and Cutts. Boma & Bunt.
geltli Good• In the Market
At the t4,orit Ilou4e Shoe Storo
nomphrers Illamoeps thle
Medicines for Fulton's Drug store, No.
10' Smithfield street.
ll'Oatom Work
At the Uport tic:AIN() Shoe Store
A full Incl now In atom at less than factory
pnees, on the north-oast eornarof Fourth and
Market stavota. C. lIAIVNON Lova A Into.
Bottom Prime
At the l)pera noose Shoe Store.
Polled Rod Tsveilestl Masilas,
Lace Curtains. BAT. S. filt.Ll..
Meaty of Goodr
At the fitterA llottse Shoe Store.
suited to the sestson, on the north-east
corner Fourth awl 3tarket street..
C. H asson I.OV. Ar. Bee.
Lace nekntlew,
Pluck Silk awl Wllll. Lama Mantic,
Low Prices
Al the 4)pers, 'louse Shoe Store.
lace Mantles.
White and black, on the north-east corner of
Fourth and Market streets.
C. Ilidgeore Lov¢ d Ilse
Willie Shawls.
' , holland -bawls of all eolors.
Thur. A lint,
GOOd• nit Cheap au Before She War
Al the Opera Ilonee Shoo Slot,
rotor.* Right for Kale
For this or neighboring States. To manufac
turers of agricultural Implements, or am en
terprising persons who are desirous of making
money, t would simply call your attention
Morning to my flay or Straw Cutter,
i"tilch In . good as. any In the market, and
ern be built for three dollars. I'ou•evn buy
one or more States for what one county Is
Ortb, If applied for thin day before the two
o'clock P. Y. Chicago train )01,13.9. Patent
Just hewed. Thte is worthy attention. Call
and examine model this forenoon, at the St.
Clair Hotel. L. ft. liorr, Patentee.
There will take niece ut Oakland Park this
afternoon, precisely at four o'clock, the
w rather proving favorable, one of the most
interesting trotting of the season,
for et premium of four hundred dollars, be
tween "General Thomas,^ entered by .1. S.
Beitler, and "Yankee Boy,. mitered by T. I'.
Ittrich. The hones are In the very best condi
tion, and will no doubt show better time than
has been made this season in this section of
the country. Remember, the time of starting
is at four o'clock. Trespassers will be deal
with according to law. The very best of ore"
must be obserwed.
Hostetter'. Stomach Hitters
Success is the "prevalent cradle "
of mon
mumble humbugs. No sooner had IiOSTET
TER'S STUN &Cif BITTERS made their mark
In the world than op sprang a host of
lions, and as the tame of the creel restorative
grew and spread, the pestiferous crop of poi
sonous mockeries thickened lint the true
medicine has lived them down. One by one
they have disappeared. When the bellows of
puffery, which kept alive the feeble Ore of
their borrowed reputation, ceased to blow,
come and go. Meanwhile, EIOSTETTER'S
larrsals, the great protective and remedial
tonic of tllO ti„^e,hlito Mall:Med
ty with eacb succeeding year. Their success
as a mesas of preventing and coring the
ease. resulting from malaria, unwholesome
water, and all unhealthy ellumtle influence,
has been boundless; and as a remedy for Dys
pepsia. Liver Complaint. Fever and Ague,
General Weakness and Debility, and all com
plaints originating In Indigestion, they are
now admitted to be superior Many other pre
paration ever advertised or Inscribed. From
the home market, to which a few years ago
they were confined, their side has been extend
ed Into every State 'ln this Union, over the
a liole of South and Central America, Mexico,
the West Indies, the Sandwich islands, Aul
t rails, Crtina and Japan. Rome and foreign
testimony continue to show that IIOsTET
TER'S BITTEILS are the most remarkable
tonic and invigoranenow before the world
Illostetter's Sitters
A te. sold wholesale and retail at very low rates
at. 'leming's Drug and Patent Medicine Depot,
AO be Mattet meet, corner or the Diamond
1 Market, near fourth street..
A aOUPLE of anecdotes of the visit of the
South Carolina Railway delegumon to this
city are worth relating. General Sherman
happened to be here and was invited tocirop
tot where the South Carolinians were being
entertained, and give them a (sill. The
General staid all his time was fully (romp
est, air he proposed to go to St. Louis by the
next train, and besides, said he, 'tell the
gentlemen from South Carolina that I mill
i ell upon mid did not find them at
home, and that they now owe me it call."
Mr. Ttenholm wax Wily Wfortned that tan
old friend of his was in the city who perhaps
would have (sailed upon him, but had some
trine straw endissvonst to 2.011111114 11111101.111111
not find him at home; and indeed he was
led to believe that Mr. Trenholin had pur
posely avoided seeing hint. Mr. 'l'. anmial
I not remember any conduct of hut that
would justify an accusation of discourtesy
of Girt kind, and inquired what the name
of the friend might he. lie was told it was
• - a Mr. Sherman. - ••Mr. Sherman, - said
Trenholm, and upon his word he boul quite
lorgolten, there must be some mistake.
The mune of Major General Wa lhun 'l',
Sherman being toentiOned, the Mouth Car
oh:ilium outwitted they had heard of him,
wool some of them rteAtilectoti they were not
at home when he passed that way.
'file other incident in that of am exehange
of views between an Ohio politician who has
devoted himself to the pr..aeldng of the po
litical goosple maionling to Calhoun, and one
or the prominent, citizens of Charnsoton.
The Ohioan Indulged in eloquent Inatome.
mentor or the doctrine of State Sovereignty
and the right of secession. The South Car
olinian replied: "I have been accustomed
41 hatar that sort of doctrine advocated on
the stump. It sounded well. 1 believe In
it fully. hut when we came to try it It dial
not work well. Tire theory wan pretty, but
the pratotiee was destructive. Wo do not
want any inure of itin our generation. Woo
have buried that." The I Ihwmcrat in
sisted, however, that no tomb initial ut,n
lain the Munortah that MAW Sovereignty
as South Carolina laud interpreted It Would
gel 1111 like John liarleyecitn. The South
Corrottnian did not went to be nonvineed.
lit, had oseen it, and was satisfied- P. he
11111,1 k 1111, bead incredulously moan Ohioan
proclatungltherosurrection oftho rebellion.
A st t normittreV Pitt V ATE. —.During the war
a good story used to le told of a private In
one ot the Massachusetts regiments—the
14th, 1 think. It stems that his captain
wits noted for his love of good things, and
I one day told the high private to go for some
oysters, also giving hint, lu Ms usual }taxa,
way, the command:
tromp bock without them."
Off went the roan and neuter. was seen
of Win for Several ditys, and the indignant
and disappointed caritain reported him as
a deserter, and gave hint upset a "lost child,"
lint to! after the lapse of nine days, the cap
tain beheld his reported deserter, Bailey,
coining into camp, loading in a train or
lour wagons loaded with oysters. Ars
preaching and teapot:tinily saluting tne
amazed captain, Ihdley reported:
"Here are your oysters, captain; could
not tied any at Alexandria, so I char
tered a schooner, and made a voyage to
Fortress Monroe and Norfolk for them.
There's about two litmdred bushels; whore
doyen Want them?"
Bailey, it seems, really did mako tho trip,
hired his men and sold oysters enough In
thstrgetown, before reporting, topaYall ex
ixnuses anti leave him a profit of a hundred
and fifty dollars.
The iwo hundred were divided
among the regiment, au I Bailey returned
to 1154 duty as Ir nothing mid tranaldrvd.
—Tho population of Baltimore is now
eatimatml at 300,000, and its trade and com
=eremite represented tube In a moat flour
*dog condition.
x F~ 4 ~"^.:.e ~ .;
~~.. >
'Fite (4e:l-mm4i Wzi,l
The Atlantic Cable Finished
NEW Yong, .Juno ta.—The steamship Joy
from Liverpool Huth, vie Queenstown 17th,
rived this evening.
The Federal Diet having, on the 14th, by
vote 019 to a, agreed to the Austrian propose.
for the mobilization of the federal army
Pt...., agreeably to previoua notice, car
1 . 1,1 oil her threat to consider it as an act o
Motility on the pert of those States whirl
supported It, met on the following day cons
moored war by sending troops 1111.0 Saxon
and Itanover. It is also rumored that An
trlan troops tailored Saxony: not confirmed
but believed that Renedick would Immndl
ately move to attack the Prussians The Ern
Recur of Austria, in a speech to the Fiona.
Common Conceit, said nothing remained but
the sword, and after the notion of the Federal
unit, the Prussian representative proiosteil
nh agalneil, It MS unconstitutional. Ile 'mid I•ru.
eonsidertal the Confederation diNSOIVed,
anti immediately withdrew from the islet.
The Austrian Representative moved and the
Diet resolved, that the federal diet w. 1314115-
Great commotion and financial depression
exists throughout Germany
Baron Manson is termini:et now Italian min.
La Ilarmora goes to the camp with the king
ns littulater without a portfolio.
The news from other places Is unimpor
The Atlantic cable is finished and the Great
Kunern leaves itheenieseon the 30t.11 of J nue.
The Jo Moor believes the rumors of the
11t.:tit atmlicaLlon of DlRilmtllßn 1b tlnfou
_ • . . . _
Connartet•i..—Lsverpecti, Nuturdop ifornino,
Jane lay.—BreadstulTii—Richardson, Pence .1
and Bruce AlL'LlauelT report dour timer; I
pence lower for sacks. Wheat In good demand
snit held for 2.1 and at per central advance;
Winter Reid and Southern 10011,1. Vorn antler
heavy Imports 1)4000 per quarter lower on the
wwek Mixed 2.8 siilfM 3d. Prey islous--Ederisrs.
Itlgland. Athya :I. Co., and W m. Cardin. r irt Co„
report more doing. Pork In better request
and Ujokl higher. itacon stosdler and In inner
demand. Lard Inactive and nominal. Cheese
In steady demand at full prices. Tallow a
shade tlenrert North American Biltlsre. The
Brokers' Circular reports Sugar qulet hul
steady. Coffee dull. Petroleum quiet.
tendon .Ifark.c4l.—Burlng, Bros. .t. Co., report
Breadalmtli firm and well supported lie. In.
aeLlve. Petroleum; 2tlr/1.,s for Redued
LATRXIT PER J Arn.--Satenrtag Kte-ronv, J .,,,
16.—The action of the American tiovernmen
towards the Fontana in the Untteti State
giVell general sallatattmii.
Tito London Times to-day unionises the
Itiwhlngton government...lid gays! It would
be impoible to exaggerate the good faith,
the friendliness, the sincerity and the recsird
for mutual obligati.ns which have prompted
these enerwetic and decisive measures. The
American Government has acted in a manner
watch even exceeds anything that could
reasonably have nedn expected from the most
friendly nation.
The tartlets then-expresses grutlficeitlon the
snob 119tingnlshed eitleonf as Generals Grin
end Meadb shOuld have been sent to the seen
a+ d. says these energetio iu-ls of ;iceman
friendship will be long and cordially remote
nered. The Fenian, are almost entitled t.
thanks (or hawing given the %Tuerienns an ea
canton for displaying their friendliness an
good feeling..
At the clotting Of this dispatch, them in ne
news of any collislOn hay lug yet am-arced in
A Prague telegram, Of tin. Irtt, , says the
Presstans oocupy Labatt and Lenten, and
Inernte.• Schemafits a n d folly
The rcultsay hetst yen ititirstu and Prelate:3
ban been dtWtelltleal.end passenger and posaal
Csanmentention between PenNtlA nail ',stony
is stopped.
The ertYlett Princess of SUllnly procccals to
A Frankfort dispatch aye Prince Charles. of
Bavaria, will tee appotroi,l commander-it,
chief of the federal army. It was assorted at
Parts that the proceedings of the Federal 'OK
had determined several of the powers oho
slanted the treaty of Vicuna of itelf..
to declare
that in their opinion artisno and 43 of that
treaty, Which form part of the litteopean inter
national have been violate:el. The A wart
aim bait interrupted all lines of Comm imita
tion, on their elde of the Fe mod Millen/.
Liverpool Joine ti.—The Federal war vessels
Augusta, htlartlitawah, and Ashuelna arrived
at ctneermtown on the evening of the lath,
The entry of the. Prnaelnas Into Saamiy
fully continued Pruasm having previously
iltscM.rval ear, the entry of the Austrians Is
hourly expected.
The Paris /Yeas, palatal.. a report that the
first engagement took place near Leapstg on
the fifth, but the rumor is out mniiirmed.
The Diet heal an extraordinary ineeting on
Ihe lath to decide 01.1 the motion try harany
that Austria and Bavaria are rnpiested
15.1,44 [11...111-,./. were
•-•11LIII.Lti by the Pruselar. invasion.
. _ .
l'rusma hits lasned n deelarellon to the lineal
Powers Jost I tying the invasion, on the ground
that the derision of the Dleton the 11111 tiros.•
op the Conf , leration, mud the law of self-p
serestion host einopeded Prussia to secure
herself against the loo.hboring Statics In open
or mineealeil hiedddi flint .be had ilreel
misly offered load item& al:lance, which asks
Purls /Morse flat on Um 16th. Rentea :dosed
at fit, preferred e tot tv Mend.
Tne Sunday papers say :hal lee rei..lll/
and the ministry will le. decided toouot ros
The conservatives are deLertioned or alienist' ,
the defeat, of She government
Line - Toot, Jone l:.—Evenlng-•tkittem sales
textay / .000 balcA, Including I,tOU lalni, worm..
al ora and exportern. The market leuiet
and unchanged, and iinotatione are partially
rather easier. The tirendatuff market le Orm
with an upward tendency, The pricrimon
market ia eleady.
London, June 4.—Kvening--Coortoola elinoul at
titr money Ameriennetoca—Cititrli
ritateateikkg 64.,4011; 1 Central rand
74-3ajdrei,,, ; Erie Railroad, 4.Ye
Large Cargo of Clgars—Terellsomalal to
Wm. Lloyd tiorrlems—The tattoo
Raw Yoe., .luau-11. steamer More
Castle which arrived at this port toslay from
Havana, ha. Ms millions sonars on freight, the
largest quantity ever shipped to this port.
The imparters doubtless are an lions to avoid
the Impending higher tariff.
The Post publishes a proposition signed by
numerous prominent gentlemen, lo present
Wm. Lloyd Uarrlson with Cape as n testimo
nial of their approeiation of hie past labors.
Among the stgoaturos are Chief J Matte Chase,
Gov. Bullocit, I.lont.aiM. Andrea, J attic,
ripetal, It. W. Pmenen, Garret Mmith, It. P
Wade, hensters J. Henderson, Chandler,
Howard,t/risnos, Nye, Cannes., Wfillains, and
The New York Dry Cloods Exchange ho
concluded an estimate of the *grow log cotton
crop, based upon the reports of Sheriffs and
prominent persons In every county In the
cotton State. It Is reported that the overage
Is between ono-fourth and one-fifth of the crop
of OM
The Revolution In /IL Donsinett—lnter
esiluit trona Mexico.
Nsw Yeas, June 27.— TA. Moamar Moro Cas
tle bnngs 'leveret dates of the SW. The re
port of the Revolution In lit. Domingo and the
flight of Rees In St. Thomas is conflrtned.
Mercantile affairs In Jamaica are suffering a
money crisis, owing to the Impending
war In Europe and failures In England.
Twelve hundred dissidents [under Azeua had
been repulsed and dispetsed from Preesille,
Mexico. The IMMO troop( laid also bean rout.
co by a Prench column from Darlanilo.
The Bsirtirelle any, the fate of the Empire do.
ponds upon the IMMOes of the departments or
war and the treasury In establishing a nation
al army, but whilst the Empire It. neither
MOD nor money Its situation In
Pueblo and liuoreto
the Emperor had ordered it draft.
Don Salvador De Marina ithal in Dayton on
the 2Mil ult.
The Red Mel llesiventless—itawellee of She
Cotton Morin—ftieso. Canby.
Yew Outeass, Juno 27.--Cotton feeble; esee
of els hundred halo.; pricea unchanged. aler
ting screentyi stow York, par.
Tito Radical Convertlon, w hire cat yester
day, Is rLdieuled. Mon of character refuse to
participate. The old Convention gave power
only to the legislature al.kbe On. bemoan to
call It togetlier again. The legislature re-
Meat, aol the Convent on died by Its own act.
The cotton worm is ravnglng the plant to
western Texas.
The favorable rooeptlon of the Lev. Corn
intsatonera at Weeddngtou give), pleasure;
&leo tho ritlDOrled return of Cieneral Cu by.
Ito to popular as u. prudent old soldier.
Presbyterian Sleeting
LOIIIeVILLI,JUne 27.—A Very large meeting
of the Second Presbyterian church and con
gregation eustumed Itev. Swam Itoblesen,
thelr_pastor, by en Overwhelming majority.
New Zidere were elected, and strung nautilus
were adopted endorsing the Louisville Pres.
bytery eipthwt. the General Assembly.
Was= Weather—San iiisroken
Su You, Jane I.l.—The wencher to-day
h as been untinualywann. The thermomotor
znagiona ninety-iou domes to the shade.
novena cues of sun otroke„are reponeii
WI of WI pt.QUira,
Mr. Anthony introduced a bill to establish
certain post routes between the United States
and Europe, and to regulate the transporta
tion of malls thereon, and reduce the expen
ses thereof, which trim referred to the Com
mittee on Postoillees and Postmasters.
Mr. Wade, from the Winn:Otte° on the Dis
trict of Columbia, reported a bill to repeal the
act to retrocede the city of Alexandria, to
the State of Virginia. Tho object. of the bill is
to make Alexandria a part of the District of
4 Memo's. Sheri:nem Wthion and Gales were ap
110Inted a Committee of Conference on the
part of the Senate on the army appropriation
Mr. Sherman called op a bill to aid in the
construction of telegraph lines, and to secure
In the Government the thee of the sawn for
pOstai, 11l Li Itztry and other puriposmt.
Mr. Grimes moved to amend the first section
by striking out the words "That the National
Telegraph, Corporation, organlzml soder the
hue of the State of Now York, Aprll Illth,
Khali have the right, etc.," and Insert In place
thereof "That any telegraph company now or
ganized or authorized to he organized under
the laws of any State of this Union shall
have the right, eta."
Mr. ethernet. spoke in oppretition to the pro
posed amendment,.
- -
Mr. Brown, in the tourer of some remarks,
alluding to the recent report of the Postmas
ter General on the subject of telegraphing,
said Lint In his report the Postmaster Oen
mai had shown himself utterly laeompelent
for the positton he Imlds . His report was
made tip in a great pan of oommtteleations
from persons interested in the great rtionop
olv that now omit-rots the telegraphing of this
country. Ile (the Postmaster General) lee)
IIIniCIANI more discredit on himself In this con
nection than perhaps lisd transpired with re
gard to any ollicer of the Government. Men
hie position heretofore had striven to ad
vance the public interests, tot the Postmaster
General bait stood In the way of a ilessled re
Mr. Thurman regretttsl that Mr. Brown
should have made each a personal attack
knew tO Mr.
have Dennison
the public interest whom he (Sherma rt.
Mr. Dennison did not believe that at
the plan
suggested by Mr. Brown WIN (V 0.511,111 M. the
present time, hut was favorable hs anything
that promised seller from the present tele.
gptph monopoly.
Mr. bra - dime illlOl od to pThitpoor the subject
until Irsinorro .
. .
The senate, on rootlet* of Mr. Edmonds, con
curred in the House amoutintents lo the bill
regulating the transportation 11( nitro glycer
Mr. Morrill called op the Scuttle hill to retro
htle the eleclive (machine in the Instrict of
Columbia. It provider that every :lisle person
eOl,l pan perm and persoun nailer guardian
%hip, 01 tire aide of twenty-one years anti up
s aril, who have not lawn convicted Of ant In
intimus client, and w im is a citizen of tile Vet
ted stet., and has resided in the aim nlet for
the term of six months, shall be entitled to
vole without distinction of color. Any person
whose dot) It is to receive voles, and who
nhall refine, the rote of tiny person a he is gnat.
Med under 11/Newt, shall oe liable to a (Mello:
escveiling live thou/aiml dollars, or to itniirlii
otiment not more than rear, or to 10411
film and 1111prinmi meet. Arty person w liostmll
littertere to prevent qualltletl elector from
vting shall be golity of a intralemennor, and
Is, liable to a one id one thonzand dollars anal
imprisonment for thirty cloys A registry of
titers in sine pre, filed for.
Mr. St r om art moved to postpone We present
aml nil pending orders and take up the bill to
regulate the sale and monolithoo of mineral
lands hut eirem , lnently withdrew his motion.
Mr amendment, an modified, wan
e • lectial by the following vote,
•reos—Sitetra. Anthony, Cragin, Edmunds,
Feeeendert, Itmter, Harris, kirk vtodl,
Poland, Pomeroy, , barman, Trumbull Wade,
tt Wei , and W ti flan,.—lS
Suwa—ltrovrn, ItoekaleN, Conner, INtvIN,
II It . , liond rick, Howard,
orkran, N orton, N yr, IZetnowy, Sprehgno,SLo•-
~t, bll.lllllor. t mal WIINon tun) 1 ea...
m Ille) triortiii to emend t hut ell meting
rti.til eggs Ain!! Imre the right to vote•
Vonillog the the roeete
The vottaitlesntl , m of the las bill Vr.,A rt
.1. •/eti.
Lt. Unrrtllsaid the ,o,iteral ).‘trp,sx of the
otuntilLeo of Watt and Sloan. bad tree. to
1 , •1.11/1 the void of LIM Butts, ttls nil titacsillowt
•It•Llseti anti aetod On he the limns, Thoth.%
Intportatit a...10w:a a In regar , l to L`ol.-
1.,. The 1t0,,.,, by a very Insist , Kati dt,gtee
.110 Ilal the tat aL e••ntrt t.t•r polottl, anti
t• t, ttettat, had rt-datsad ttto Homes..
fo• 111,1, ort•ft.rll.l to hate Lila Las the
anti. at all t.rente. It should he nothsna
tilt.,, tn re, ..entn• Ile that d
st••-niti malletinj or, on the ite,olt. td the
- hut that Ito, eaint,t/.
1., dr ••f ltd. reduction. Lit Ilb• tat from ein
••, vtut. It woultl crake a Rota Ledle in the
naftuca of the tsovernlttent.
Mr. Itayutottri Inqutreti stmt latttalt: ilLe
.t:taLaltle a ttttt nnt of Lilt , diLl2lllllll.ll to resent..
• titt. ills on eott..n nree it retlu,
ttl 4tlta
Sir ldorriSi gate the estimate al I twenty
.. Len nsillhLna
Ilr. Hay further, .11111 tile
I ntlttlitlon sunlit he with the tat at threw per
• ell.
Mr. Morrill tedlntated it al etgla teen mll
ti Ile wont On Ur lepefltele about LIM teetelte - CO
c ',tools/cent, noel deelareel hl. optolt.ll I hat a
of twenty ovate tail pouted wive Itlth.
• ~ ugh lie regard tel the amendment allow.
h.e go. 1,111IINLItle". In 5.1111 the tax to the, nrtre
ot gait, cothe.e. ants once a natal by law, he
I , ought a refnaal eortcal In It wtstdel he a.
•,..etelcw of tellreledlip sleet tyranny whieth the
11.. . • rsushi not ILL, to lee reatintnethto for
Hr li w rtswol.l ntpreateeed concurrence trlth
II thalrouto of (heti mum Ott. of Way. and
SI at
MI the 4111leeet,111 of tax ten anion. 11' ben
sultioct as Unelet •Itecussion better.. In
Ilonse, Itad .tall that at twenty-eve
r, rata it tamed {merlon rentem 51101,1 Iteerel
England in prefereore to cotton of lobo.
The gentleman front
111 r hionper ) hail llealetrreet tee that •tate
u, el. Ile how gore as bet ant homy f i t It
toter: of Parliament from I..lttleeeit. a 'mar
.11. , ..chenter cotton leptnnet, sod the I
• l.ronfeb. of Aprll 7th,
.11r. 11.9,er, of tieseentehl.olta, thought the
tourecta of information rather sawn...lon, aa
In, great collect, aplnner Migh t he Inter...steel
ill the gnaw lll cif 0014 , 1111 Irella. and would,
I, that eserM . , prefer In have American rotten
sett nye ••ehte, a pound Get mote.
Sir lerts•ond exprnweeel hle tootle: that Eng-
In.ol would gladly ',someone threw mutton. of
he. of atuerleato taupe Si prier not less
t [went yea e cents litho nd. a
Oranclt of
rt taueld sir well etseetrllmite In the Ma
, f crellee
11, hat...,, I twilight he itirtneroldi haul eft
.ii•tx ot erlookcil tn,. tiling., lent 1.111.4. M., ono. to total and had lo•en othatoxed durinlf
c and ounooptentit w in extra 11e
,1.1 It tile Ilret „relict oust oo
and that the
tux would have 1.. Iv. Iwo - no 11,1• I 1 111.
11.411)/1, 1/f this eiountry ruler tho tax wt.'
n lii a .lrnw hoc k 011 PM.) tar Lured girwel • cit •
pn teal, the , giewle would he sold cheaper
met Illitu at hater The points of manse
io. 'are would ronlo writ Iroto the fotwign hut
the it 111114.10.• oxioultier Ile wan Informed
that, at the present oantt Latmla, COl ton eoulil
not hie produced at too than fifteen or intsttwitt
ceuts .1 pound. sod alas of eye etude. los that
would I.e mitml {” u , , per cent.
Mr. otevetio fetid Chat anyton. • 130 11041
limbo,' the history of eOll., climate, gall WO.
ilisettona, :soot know last America could pro
d.., cotton at lean lint. half Lb., ...kW./ of
Its production than In other 1.1.11 Gt
II the cowl of prolog:log In thinvomits - )
sit re thirty rents a potted, It would leo all
bought. A tas of five ciente a pound would
no. thorefore slop the sale of a pound or 11,
neither would st tax of tea male, if (-4.34.(1,11.21
hail Icon who. enough 10 adopt the l'onetitue
Lionel Atnotioltnente Ile hail proposed to Irv)
an °sport duty Of ten oetito a potted on
odloo. insult! have producer a revenue
of frost, two to three ualillons Of dollars,
still Chit. the totuntry would have got tattoo
little pnctin Jury rout penwat Ina frturi those who
bud mooed the mighty debt of the nation, but
few that was not doe, ttmrpross should levy
lbw tax of 000 coat,.
Mr. Mantel toircitatod the Ins of five cents nn
(701.1011 es our of the meat, of deriving it rev
. lel pay Lbc 1101/b. Or the tiovernuitott.
thw cotton finer of the country could
largely increase, It would hp nettoosary for the
boverattifeet to extol/it Ito ahl In ropelring the
levees azi the Mississippi, in reliev
ing the planters of than tiouthern
litotes from their proportion of the
taxes for a,tilite at loud, end 111 sustaining
alid mpporllikg the people otoptered In nor'-
cultures - I pursuits lie lociloved that then the
quantity et owttrin pnslueml would NI 410111,1.1
trebled, soil that It would he Rohl (or half
Its price lie hollevutl It not Id Ito raised for
0!.., tient. a pound when tlaft former Olson he-
Callllo the trwrier or planter of One or tiro Or
five [term, lioretofole cotton had been itrto
allayed In only five states. fee hollovml IL (staid
he grown Inure or lens profithhlo In twenty
The 110010,11 1•108011 by the previous que„,ti„..
The House then proceeded to vote. The yes.
111111 nays were cellist on the latter motion and
resulted :ppsun, 01; nays, 4.1, Si) that ills motiono
to reconsider wen laid on the table.
The next amendment. Wits 1.0 Insert a provl
81011 01/11310r1Z1101 1 111 I.(.00111100311111 s hO/11/ price
for gas Is fixed by law to mid In the tax. The
yeas end nays wore cancel for and refused, and
the vote was Laken by letter, resulting in 10
U 1) no the 60101111 111011 L was concurred In.
rim ',out amendment increasing the tax 011
ready made clothing frotn coo to II Ve per cont.
wun nonconcurreil in, oleo the amendment on
1.10.111/1110 snidest making the exemption apply
to those w hose annual [llOO cots 110 not exceed
wt,orxi. The next amendment Imposing tax
of five per emit. per pound on Mustily wool.
Miumfacturml (rein woven cloth, was noncom
<Jarred In.
'rho amendment rmlueing the tax on mink-
Mg tobacco from twenty to unoini cents per
pound wan concurred In. The amendment in
relation u, scams wan nonconeurrial
The next amendment wen that authorising
railroad meat len to add the 141 to their
fares. Thu amendment win 1101000UOU rred In.
Thu amendments a. to 1411.1 leonine tax were
nomeoneurred In. The amendment taxing
State bank circulation UM per cent. after the
find of August next was concurred in. The
amendments an to oil dressed loather
were non-otmenrrial in. The amendment
allowing apothoca^les to sail winua
and spirits on physicians' proscrip
-1.101. without paying license an re
tail denters was concurred In. The amend
ment requiring inspectors of internal ltove
nun to divest themselves within sixty daynlhr
any interest they may have In the manufac
ture of tobacco, willnky, ke., wan non-concur
red in. Thls disposed of all amendments. The
House voted to insist on Its dmagrecruant w Ith
the Senate, and asked for eteonuntittne of Con.
finance, and they at half past four, the 'louse
LOIII67I_I.LIK, June 47 .—The river la rising;
Six feet of water 1.0 the canal. Weather:-
clear spd cool,
WAsunroTeri, June 27, iStie
Myer at Loalrvine
The Financial Budget—Cost of the Feat
thrown, C. W ., June Z".—The in arteial Min-
Moor wrought dawn the budget last night.. The
expenditures for the post year summit to
51i.4000,000, of widel V 270,100 was applied to the
reduction of the public debt. The expendi
tures Included all the chargel incurred on or.
count of the'Pepinn customs have
realised over nmilllon dollen. in 0100.4 of the
previous year; Imports mossier, for,notormii ex
port,. o.'oOn, Mumma). The whole trade of the
province ban inereameo *im,oloo,noo. 'the expels
non lune rout In consequence of Venom relit.
amounted to $l,l 10,000. The Financial fa lufs
ter minded tp t Infecu d n manner In which
the StAtes tili
government hail dealt with Fen tans, but rani that the Fenian snake
w its seared. tietkllleil.
The Mit). of LIAO Province was to be Ina posi
tion more efreethitily to repel aggressors, con
emu nuulit instead of 531,00 U heretofore asked
for 'militia pill - poems. $1,500,00 was placed In the
estituaten. In oOnstitioonee of the abrogation
of the ItcelproolLy treaty, It Domini: Impent
, Llve 10 arrange , tile customs. The attune:rod
tailing otT lit ruyenue in y 4,000,000 To supply
the tleficioney the following Is proprated t To
raise the duty on spirits from thirty to ship
cents a gallon; to raise the Custouts duty on
whisky and brandy to the speeitle stentlard of
seventy rents it gallon; to levy, O.
Initian corn and °nurse grains from the State
of 10 emits n bushel; to levy a duty on flou
coming from the States, of 50 centlf a barrel;
to abolish the free ports or (home and Sant St.
Marie; to raise the duty on tea from 9 tyilg and
12.4 cents per pound; trit Impose ankitport
duty On saw logs of 21 eents per staridard log.
To change the method of levying duty, which
hereafter he levied on the LL,-crortoluied
charges at the port of shipment; to reduce
duties on Sugars to the English standard, viz:
keened Sugar, ea per tel 1.411111dg; White Cloyed,
y. 1,51; YellowAlitticovitch dI. unit Clayed,
and other Sugars, $1 ,75; to make the duty
oil Cane JO tee Ida per gallon, and Molasses Si
per gallon; La impose IL duty of In cents per
Indian on wino in %oast not over twenty.sts
degretsi of prim( spirits, tool twenty-fl ye een
per gallon on wine contalnlim twenty-sit de
gree, Si proof spirits on wine In bottles, e
cept spark ling wine yl ;Si per dozen , Oil gen umc
spark wine taper dozen. The ditty on ottf
fee is realm-et! and there Is 11 general relittction
.1 the duties On manufactured goods of slant
three star emit these changes go into effect at
k in the more a,
tialt announced that strictly
the fin llo ncial vernmquentestion haul Hr.
Dow I e fon over tine of dollars, to
nil, win hdk they proposed Instmhi of going to
England to Innate ilkglLi MAI'S tu t that
rwtrdoohl by the Pre,Often&
W /0111 m o -roe., June 27.—The Prtsahlent lute
hill tiorlsral the brow of is nardow to A. T Bled
,oat, who In the early part of the rolr.lllon un
raphal thn ponttloll f Anslnturtt neerptary or
Wm. In fill! CO11(011011110 1,31.11111 el pitrolOri
aao.ehrtnitlr rocoonnenthal by I. 11. Brown-
InK other,
Arrestod nl. Richmond
It uMOB., June 27.—r011ar4 non arresto.l
tI II fornnoon for muting 111.11111114, and hailed In
the sum offiltJa3U, nom,. at the tlayni
rourt to-morrow. James lifts not yet 1..31 ar-
Additional Local Matters on Third Page
reed Boy vv,..1..1.—A F i o l lemil oev
wanted Iroule.llutvly to nines. Apply 01
t. ,rICrTZ col. tiny Morn. lAA's..., I lie bout. of
ten Wul 11.11 o'clock r r.
A Fen,le Berwiscr
A tett . eVettillg. Ago, at an hour when city
14.401, (during thei Wortn weather; enjoy the
4.4 , 4411ng ItreezeB 4114. r nightfall. ••••1, erni etlt
1, 1 rewl.lenl 12.11•1 doing 144.1111,.- on •or
out matt, atreeta, while aente.l I . n door. ay,
1.41 their attention ultimata! to what appeal
! to them angular and saattletOutt proceed.
ott:a nt a woman, who they ole.en .1 tottering
Clout and tinnily unturlng olltn. Ott 11,. Op
-1.4/1110 Oat' Of the d reel from a here they
WtTo +Mtn,: nOtIPIO/Ott. were het
meat, that Otte ofritttett. tO
.lain no the Wert, the other, relit mg Of tit ,
parting homes - meth Preaently the tetnate
catered the when and want after cattle the
occopying It, tined.,. entering. but
1,111111: 0,1, 1.14,1ng the .1.4 r 4114.4 hon.
‘..t l tong after he returned. rentaintal 'tat 4
-teni time. tkrlti again I et., red. The Indlenlttal
• •nt tecitug ita.thittett tbr *roman at.ue
•the boner, 1 tstwille.l It In lilt tetwer to
I4•4ltrue .. famn ale Litz g t ot loot.
r;lar tlt•gut•e. and sq.. Ihe
I ails of thebight Pollee, to ‘art Ile toady
t , •1•11 •u•pletortr Snarelt W10111.14i1,111 VA.
„t„, tat,,,otttg t• Whir "t be
4-eareliern. The I. atawin 14....k,1 at the door,• 11 tett to. unloek,l (mt. the Innlde inc the
pito.... it, (newer 10 trittale n(414,41441. rout
he/ (or 141 a, demean., apparent familiarity
will. the pr .-444.44 e. the 1,414ta. and
.111anl 4 , llltrtrVitt etttarill•ittit 11100 ott a
, on, 4eent, and ret t red m 111,4401 making ez•
1.1 tontiou or Iwlng naked to nt•lte Thli
It anaplred st•aat t .'risk In the night
•..1 a great While .trier their a en: to the 0rf1...
ln rile) Wert' 11l t`OSlttellOitlatttOg What
.64 11.1 . 0 tOIN done in the pr when, Itit„
man froth in ternale apparel mote nut, locked
the,et tleparten Th. Is the telltale
rclat w Fitch hi. been rlrculatt wg ahem&
the *1 rewla fora It,/ day..
4 Popular puler Its a .few Pleseve
Tire p.crltotrian orr Market •treet canton fail
n•wtral tag the /...)11, elegant joint moil rrloar
relent!, oimiou.l by ft rr Me
h•ffrry, fortnerlN of dtchatte3 a Neely The
•nr bronco If gra a...rated and 0111 oarn lam
c. nor the foaloartsahle depot of that floe of
1.”.11•^.. In the rot, The oropr rotor tura loft
rr.t on mod front thr tn.. a tact r Ina u( the
Ea.!, nn.l ha. !pronelt with Mtn one of lb.-
nr,... grock. of I rot, .horn, getrlcor and
p..,. ever oprotert In thr• "It) 111, good. have
tree. neleetert with vouch ease, a. the oca More
deorer. to make a reputation tot ...lane the
artatlea at the limord of pr lOC* Erer)•
I !Ong In the way of covering for the pedal ea
t rentltteo loon the ii.,, mantling In the huge
ti 11 brogan. can bu obtained Wore at prltlets
touratsig it heap lir Mehafre) mato,.
.11 emir. onterelattly. and tool In 'tore
I site of the roost laraut Ifni style. of cloth,
r. It nit arta can vita pattorn., with la he mono.
Int WO,. 111,1.1 Fine col( hon. for gentle
Inert wear are sitar Insole to ordor, the attport
only In Ulla portleolar Ilto• roctranittal
ny the moat loathlonsa of gentlemen Ile
rannufseturoi lank. for the feet, to L.
no. I In the nianufacturo of tarot., arid 1 4110011.
li• ).' loot. arc the cartel coontorforta of the
not, and to ircronta ,ng nor n•, jrnfon. or
ill Mil, t. ercro Ide—orta a.
root fitting root cu.) hoor or .n•a. n row n).•
he' Mr Mehatle3 1.,,, .teal ore
anrlll,, , ,atible grol I A, 11.11.1V1r )
i ill HU' gmln,:mg.. of ill., ts
!if card amoral, in 01110 i l'olllol/1 111
to-Arty . er paper
Michael LAsamlwa/low•
The. Is t ht. sr ,n nit the annual ti tam ins
tenni 01 for pupil• in oat pnbliii 1.1.11001, r
sere present )kisliitilsy al the Find
Waist sentati, 111 nlark In
i i t s i by pod it , nine kilt, tine of the most
t Ilti. section
mil 1111 , 010141. 1111,11, the allerniset, the girls
inel lints In the nest and 5,15.011 pritilltry
Ina wants Irsas, 0xg11111.0.1, and the manner to
meta the little duev et.itott e d themselves
gave ample evidence Of the aptitutte and
penis...l.l[lll44M Olio lady teachers under w 2.000
1 / 1 111110dlatticharge they brut loon pleogi
the pout Session. The thachent who have
labored to "teach the young; Idea how to
shoot" in tinge two departments ate bliss
Jennie M Frazier, boys, nail Mist Hurrah Lyle,
girls, nest primary epartment, Miss Sarah
blet,lnigg, girls, alai bliss AL Y.. Iktyll. boys,
gtootid printery department Pganngier
Niguel ittlitile, one of the Directursolell vomit
the ptarnatattg, neatly Ismael books, prefacing
their dull grey with appropriate tinned.. Tlln
lirrilSlion wits 1311.11‘1,111.111 by musk., under the
leadershipt 1 Mr. Darling, 112,1 tilUsleal W
ins-nettle of the soliont. 11111 t he ling bean env
etegful In the performanon of the tesk usetigt.
ed hint, the voIIIWO of rah nielesly which
milled up from itmeirmie of 1111.10 throats
Mnto ample evidence. To-.lay the Medium
Department trill he examined, 111111 nn Priddy,
the ti rani illar and 11110 nekton! Departmeets.
The parents of the uhlitlren mire ruspecifetly
Int 'toil to attend.
Reception of the n tato
Prom Information received at the Emmet lie
Impartment, in this city, says the liarrisburg
kgroph, u r infer that the attendance of the
military of all parts 01 the commonwealth
1.111 be immener on the occasion of the Hug
mouption 111 Philadelphia 00 1110 41. h of July
gat. Thu Committee of Arrangements, of
kWh Naneral Ilarry White le elialrute, have
been aselcitions In their efforts to facaltate the
transportation of tr 01111.4 from MI parts of the
State to Philadelphia 101 till, 0000011011, and
there IN no longer any doubt that the military
display will be magnificent rlii Its Proportions
and sublime beyond all description In the his
toric grandeur of Its ludividtmlity.
It has Wen partially arranged, owing to the
foot that the state Capital has no present mil
itary', organisation, that n delegation of Our
01011 (rem each of our o:nettled llrn coMpanies,
04,11 typed, be cletalled to participate in the
°option. It is suggested that the men thus to
Int detailed be selected, on account of the
length of time they served in the fluid an sol
diers. Gov. Curtin line Indicated his detai:M.
nation to furnish such delegations from tills
city whit monies, and secure them a place In
the lino of procession.
Thieves indOildom.—The Titusville lien
c ud says: Slouday morning a daring out
rage was committed on the premises of No. I
lion, belonging to Stantou Oil Company, En.
torprise. A valuable cable, sand pump rope
and pump were stolen. The saute parties, it
u. presumed, nailed the Bates well adjoining,
and committed further depredations, abstract
lag nand pump, rope, etc. Robberies ot this
description are.heooming so frequent that pro.
defiers ought to resolve themselves into .a
committee of viglliume, and - intitet summary
partbditnent on the depredators.
Orarre* rmeare , —;ohn soll a hod carrier
atlfeadiegi Pai. Making p while
cattyluffmortarom Watineeday, fall from the
Ithie m, etleMrl4o : th e-Areilloor or the Melding,
Court of Quarter Sessions
Judge Sterrett presiding.
lVaerrsee V, Juno 27.—1 n the case of James
and Charles Stevenson, jointly indicted for
selling lb nor without license, thy ury cony let
cd the fernier and acquitted the latter.
Fred. "mall, lager beer saloon keeper, on
httuthlialti etreet, wan brought Into Court On
ttrOCtuttt b , atittwer two indictments for selling
114111. r tiorr) without liCOnse, James McCol
lister returning °Meer. The defendant do
s:red to put in pleas of guilty to the indict
tilent, let, :wt.,' antler the, advice of Ills outi , d, AI. hlrk " patriek, Esq., he concluded
to goo trial on one Indictment. The return
log ilner testified to having sold beer
tlortug the moot he of April and May, and there
being no widen -~It t th e contrary, the Jury of
oil' course con, toted I'o the tither indictment
the plea"'.n.lethal Ur ii• entered, and
StlatatltOti (13 Ow Court, for the reason that
the evident, g onllo. lir, iniiiethiSat was
rolled 113011 For 1,11 V let lon on tilt. seeosul. The
Jury therefore rotiolorell n ver , llet of not guilty.
Mr. Smith Was snit...evil to pay tt fine of sixty
dollars and cods .Ithi• eiever titsl(.. , e Was
stoutly t liatl the d„ lelltialtt liertiralld in
into desire 111 put in plum, or ho would
have been sentenced upon Iman Indictments,
one (that on which he wt. , ac.lll atetlicharging
the actund offence. whirl, Incitints imprison
meet In connect.ton with a tine. So, by follow
lug the advice of 11114 illtorlie), Smith escaper,
et Ituist. Ihlny Way,. Imprisonment In the coun
ty Jail.
Newton hictinrren, druggist, nn Market
Street, was planed on trial for selling liquor
W(them license, having been returned (or so
doing by the constable of the ward. The offi
cer arm Informed (by whom, It did not up.
pear) that the deiendunt sold liquor (whisky)
by the bottle. The Uourt held that druggists
have no right to sell Minor (except alcohol)
unitss on the prescription of u physician, and
In the preparation of 11/011100., Litt Llie set.
(1011C0 lad rig 'Mearritiy,'' the information I. to
the selling not being offered as the admission
of the delimit:int. or as given In ills pi esence,
the Jury (sill the Court would not be insti
lled ie 17011 . 1.. t nig.. The Jury therefore ncgntt
tod, but required del..Juni to pay the crate.
Benjamin White, of Ternpernneeville, plead
ml trMiry of xelling Minor wltliont n !Menne
null our. lined fifteen ill - Marx rmil the costa.
4.eorge Weygold war arraigned for Ilia] for
feloniously •dahltlng Joseph hillier, on Troy
on the lint of May, (Pentecost Monday.)
at a plcmie. Iglller Imitilled that tin he wan
leaving the plc-ii lc gronsols, in company with
t ail young ladles, he salt two boys fighting,
0,01 endeavored 10/ .01111rItte then, In HO dolug
he was stabbed In the leftende of the abdomen,
by somehOdy, he did not know who. Ile said
Leo had 11We., uaintance wait Weymyld, did not
recollect seeing him at the plomie, and saw
him for the ]lint time, to recognize him, on
Friday MAL Dr. Ibtmlittin tertMed that he
Wan Valk:4lo attend hillier. The wound was
it am lom one, eland two Santo 01 the Inter
tines protruding through It. Ile attended
Miller for tome two weeks regularly, and lie
was yet under Ms care. Tint wound, In the
opinion of the pliptlclan, was indicted with 11.
knife, 111111 Might. have ,• ~ without the
party [wet, mg II obaery lag who del It. Mary
It 1011111111 11114) Mary Dougherty, Inc young la
ttice in company with Miller tt(willied that
Wcylogt! did the cutt,ing. that they intro the
knife 014 111.11111 W, 1111,1 Milw him strike Miller
with It.
For the de ttttt (:. Moreland, Esq., coun
sel, quite it number itr witnesses were exam
ined, and lot hen the testimony closed, toe case
presented peculiar feature, It appeared that
the defendant wail acting In the enpacity of
bar-keeper, and was one of the managers of
picnic. The, were several lights, In
stitch he was concerned us peace-maker and
sevoral persons testltled to Ills having boon
struck repeatedly and knocked down, and one
01 - two state that the prosecutor, Miller, struck
him several Unica The ciltleilmi of the fact.
that Wygold did the cutting wail pcmltiee, but
as It dld nol appear that there had been a
u tarn,' between the defendant and the prose
cutor, the Jury acquitted of the felony nail
coo vleloil of the misdemeanor of unlawfully
4.1 tting and wounding. sentence deferred.
ilLinca booth %I" ILA arrolgroM on a charge Of
tarreivy, convicted, and recommended to the
mercy of the Cam rl. Sentenou pOrapoutul.
.•ellrge er, emloyed at the Clinton Iron
M D on y ongahe p la borough, was arraigned
mon an inctet foi ...mat and atte
alth Intent di to m rav n ioli Mary llon l ells. b a little
girl not mune thmi lael vn yearn of age. The
evidence in Ulu cam. on go.. fur pubbea
ll•Pti deaelogn.d .... The •leprat ity most
.hoeltnig eonteluinot.e. re aa lin evl-
.Irnee „fin ) :twee itaV log l.evi ust,l, the little
go I conting to the ed. mai net atol Meet
log Urn tier . ... lant Ir . ) arrangement- 7be ease
ow. not conelittleti at adjournment.
1.1.n10g of live Xlerrbmoia' Motel.
he Merchants , Hotel, formerly know n 1.
talrll.lii Honor, nitiltal.,l Oh List, corner Of
, mithflei•l and Third street., view formally
°peeled to the piddle yeatrr.lay by a grand
vompllmetatare dinner to it llllcnbur of Invited
trorest" The dinner Al. prepared in the most
2.01111.130 US ety iq and spoke volumes In probe
of the eptl .l 3lV•rll‘l,llllten of the popular hunt.,
b 11. 10.1, hwi., formerly of Lite ht. Chart°.
Th.• now holdi will tank with our ulna elm.
h o ntsre. and Mu iwon fluted up tn sixth is man.
net at to render it ~dual Ill) In appearance.
IL number. tine hundred reroute, Independent
of the large timlng 11.11111. The
raveling piddle will a ,I ecert
lion to render them coutfortaitle, while the
rat,. are eery moderate IV,, .1"M the new
lumwt all the pre sleep) imaginable
Cooameaseema•gal.-- 11,a tsl/Intetteetnent ex
ereowe at Wester , .lll take place
commencing at eight
telock "ta:tone 111 1.• dellverea by Robert
!Ldger, 01 Lan ragieevlll«, 11. it loanable, of
Me/ b teat-line, of littmewood, g.
II rgley 01 F. 3.14/ Llberty, and John breiralon,
alr. 411.4, et melt degree,' will no ton.
h•, ' , NI A preetwatoon, under Lie charge of
to t nered J It NA vitae, • and realist/m.lot Band,
t•mime, otuden4, Faculty. Alamo, of other In
etatullotte, Triode., and t tern) men, will be
Ito toed at the I it ti eteity at caeca Weleek.
Oea •alto).— (.triple oracle oath
fore alderman linnet/4,E
. iesterolay leg - an:eat J.
J heeler for tllsrutlet ly t,titluel. It appears
that a non of the ptereecutor had a huts, at
taehed to a hydrant for Mot penmen of
- the pal mount, when number ant) endear-
gie.l to crepe!, It from 1111 grasp. in thestr %le
t. that ensued the hose wroi aueltlettinii)
turned into Mr. Kt...dere elixir, whereupon the
latter rushed mt.° the street. g - ra w l l ed I nn bo y
lk) Lhe Lure., and gave 11111.1 PeVelni I,teks 1n
the side. Tile (.I.e An, nettled alter,, hearing,
the defendant agreelitg to pat I lir recta.
Fell from a Wlo.lolal 1 , 0111111. Wt.:annoy,
the proftritoor bt ‘etrat atore ost
istweet, fell from the Leith .tor)windrow of trot
Eagle Hetet. tat Liberty nil - eel, last night
etthatt la ett o'lock, anti Injured blatant( to
extent Urn. binreet,pet y Lhpro
-11.11. ttrettiely tlottittftal. Ile huh a
hornier at the hotel, anti had just return.]
G, 111.10.Clite before the o...currency rtlightly
tooter the lade ee et, of liquor. lire. Herron
anti liirketet were the atientling physicians.
lug...stft. 1 unmet l'lnnuon bent tut lutoeut
)estenlay •.II %h.• reunuttb. et ./outtpli Sebum.
tet . the Ito, a1t,,11. killed on the Pero settle
plant, roma ~t, uun . tlu t Ity holng run over by n
turgt . The Jury I urned verttlet of See,
dental death, .hilt,; that lbe ovettprutta of
tile refuel.. u411,t outtenly [recut from blame in
the matte,. Au Inquest watt ales held on the
body of Samuel Harper, alto tiled from uun
!amok., on Totals}. A verdict trate girt, In
iteeorttnatte WILLS the Met.,
ut a It rellew.—A boatthan
named James, shoemaker aan drowned In the
VAZIIIi near tlreenville, nt., on Sunday. Hs
had Jumped into the canal to osso a boy alto
sae drowning, and after resetting him was
taken with cramp before he could get out of
the water. Ile waa a resident of Summit tow
snip, and had served in the Illth l'anoutylvw.
Ma Volunteers during the war.
Before Alderman Johns..—Mary Me
l/mice, a remittent of the 6 , 13,1311til a and, and u
denizen of "Port Hell" on Vverhill street, was
charged by Miss Mary Porter with having
most shamefully abused tile ufflant. A War
rant wits issued and Mary Drought to the tem
ple of lustier, and after eonahlerablo walling
and pitiful appeals, this daughter of flaw was
, liseliarged with payment of cost..
Ingeoters• luiponlotte thief m
Browuev .110, Mercer county, recently tapped
the till of n more in that plate in a very`ingce
Moue manlier The drawer when closed, van
itgalnia the wall, and calculating the ithgtaliCe,
the follow cut it hole from the outpildo of the
building,ntriking thin fair in the centre.
lin linage fle by-the operation. Little enough.
for th e Ingenuity dleplayed.
Painful Ore .—On IVoduesday of
last arook , n boy sit yearn of ago, son of Frank-
Iw Itoopon, of Thornburg, Cheator county, was
shoo In the head by a lad unwed Brown, of live
yours. Tim oblldrou had I.lollt together, and
Um little follow who drow the trigger could
not bo induced to rc/at tho otroutuntaucen.
The pistol had boon hoot
t loaded lo Um house
for fear of robbers.
Dr. A. d • Devereaux, of North Spring
field township, Erie connty i while at work In
Wodneeday afternoon,
had Ida ardn taken on by the Wynn,
within three Jamben of tho elbow.[l. So ouddon
ly and thoroughly was it done Odd. ho was not'
aware of Ida injury until be now his arm lying
on the (altar solo of Lim knife.
1111 ro-Lilyeerfne.—An explosion occurred
last week at Petroleum Centre IN'y a torpedo.
The Came had been tried Ina well and woula
noL explode, and was taken to the shop of
James A. Sheriff for repairs, supposing. the
charge to be rally ouL (nitro-glycerine), but It
exploded, doing considerable damage and In
juring one man.
Charged With Thrta—Mary A.dureon
was arrested and brought before Alderman
Humbert, charged with the lemony or sever
al email Piecee of ribbon from hire. Hanes'
millinery establishment. Tim evidence fulled
to fix the theft on Mary and she wee accord-
Ingly• dieeharged.
Fatal Aceldent.—Abralmm Avey, au old
citizen of Whitesville, Indiana county, Yu.,
mot his death a tow days ago by being run
Over by his own wagon. VW loft a wire •nd
seven children to mourn his loss.
Lamm Mock Shiptoonts.—Two hundred
and SOA en ty-eig hi oars or stock passed through
Mils city eastward on Sunday, three days
from Chicago.
Person/ILL—William A. Galbraith of Stir,
Asr beea gleatearged4o4T.Orglilr . VILUM„
,AnA 1
A 2. - ; A,7,;;;:,Z;
:. ~•_
A Worst About Watch Howse
... .A..ntlgers.
The watch house last night contained no leas
than nine lodgers, or vagrant., each of whom
had voluntarily gone to tile totals. and 111,
mantled that they Is accomintsiodoil with gnar
-1 tors for the night. Of this number four were
women—if such wretched specimens of hu
manity innerve to be ealleil
one of them bore in her arms a chi/di Milne two
years old, whose sallow complexion and
sunken cheeks gave evidence of a total lack
Of the comforts usually enjoyed by the poorest
while in Infancy.
Each one, of course, hail a distinct story of
'woe and suffering to relate, tat j edging from
their appearance it. Is merothat, likeiy that
the greatest enemy they bail to intiteliii With
was themselves. Theme persons are a frequent
source of ttalleiyaillat LO Captaill Lewis, 1,013-
Venial.; as they do his ',thee lain 11 sleeping
apartment, utterly oblivious of that dignita
ry's comfort or convenience.
11 the city authorttles are determined to af
ford a house for A very drunken vagrant
that comes along, We propose that other I jun,
tern than the tombs ho found for tneir recep
tion. We have no Inclination to dent harshly
with the erring one, but we do mean to Inter
our protent against the contmunner /if an
asylum in our midst for the encouragement of
Pined Hy Her Ha•band.—John Kenly,
charged his wife Mary with surety of the peace
before Mayor McCarthy, yesterday.. Mary it
itopears from her ii °s h
hawl's ataLement, as
MElrlle from
111•ChtraL1111.1,1 that Oho intended
henceforth to wear something very much af
ter the lush ton of Madame Ilium well, or in
Other words, 1114,111. to terve the unfortnnate
Benedict to envy her. Mary made it wordy
defense, but mita ithstatoling die wan held to
answer at court.
Flood for !It ollennoo. J E. tt'il lia ins
ehltrtrod tt. Bing ler, baker. on Wy ire .trees,
1L maintaining it nit ism., o n prefillSe,
y.terility, before Alderman E. s.
Bingior,as arrested, but On payment ofV.
stud costs NI. discharged lijeltael NII/Lll,ll/111
was before the samemagistrate yester
day, Charged with a similar offence, on oath of
Street tionunmsioner Flynn. de paid tt and
The Theta.—ltobert, Brown, whose sudden
death is noticed elsewhere, was not a boarder
in the Potomac House, but the proprietor of it.
At the oolleltation of a brother of tha de
cartited, the Coroner held an inquest on the
body yesterday evening. Death from heart
Illaatteu was the conclustou arrived at.
Slightly Blamed .—A pal Ly remonstrating
against the application of a woman for tav
ern license, in the '•whisky court," ymilerday,
admitted, on cross-examination, that he was
slightly biased, the woman having given him
the "mitten,- or In other words rejected his
offer of marriage.
llonext.—An honest Indlvtdmtl named Pau I
Wdosot found n pocket-hook containing a con•
sidernble amount of money..,o Penn ..nreet,
In the Ninth ward, yestmOity. He took it Ml
noehatoly to the Wile. of .1141.muort Taylor,
where the owner can get it by calling.
Aerldeol.—blr. Sinn h, of the firm of Itir
mlngliain S imilth, merchant tailors, on Hand
street, had lib , right loot horribly crushed on
Tuesday night while Jumping from a train
While In :notion on the West Common, First
ultra, Allegheny.
MUD Stroke.—Cyrus Rigby. brass founder,
Was sun struck about noon on Wednesday,
while going to his work in the Fifth 1% ard.
He was taken to his boarding house, Mrs.
rhillips',ls Ross street, a n ti Is In a fair way
of recovery.
In Town.--kieorge Youngson, an old Pitt..
burgher, just from Aust.],lilt, where be beas
been sojourning for a number of years, in in
the city cliculatlng among his numerous
tinted In Well.—A young man named
Cyrus Job, of Ephrata, lancaster county, was
bitimi on Friday of last week, by the earth
caving in while engaged In digging a well or
6* Whisky Court.' - sludges Mellon and
Brown were employed yesterday, In the Su
preme Court room, at the court-liocum, to
bearing appLicatlorui (or license to sell liquor.
Boy Drooned.—A little non of CapUtm
411130.1 Johnston, or Talinton, Braver county,
Pa., was drowned on Monday lent by falling
from a raft into the creek, at that place.
Erie Grain rierstor.—The city of Erie is
to have a grain elevator. Plans and specillea.
Lions have been procured from Chicago, WU]
the work will be "nonvneed nl not,.
Mtn O•er soil %t
of liruntorts tournahlp, Laneukber county, was
accidentally kLLIeA last week by lining run
er by a heavily loaded wagon.
tm IN. nith at •A . II .. 1211:4T
PI 11l h, In thr ..ith year Al Itt•
Funeral Atli tike Mace from Ilk Into renblence,
No. IS Emporate •treet, near Third Ward School
No. 196 SmithUeld St., cor. 7th,
I R. 13 trance from yr nth C t,,
. I.. X . ET/93E1171 , A.CA-33,
m71.1:b.M A 1.1.E4.11ENT, PA.
No Ida Fount) rlm.i ltlanural., P.. ei.)IFFUna of
all [lnd, Ca/1F Ks, til.)."ViEn,,,an every dtacrlptlon
of Fun eral rurn,u)ug kmants turu:stann. Huna)
ore ) and nla la. !frame and Carrlagun furalebed
11.1raux.xt David hero, Itcv. ft
W. .la ~,,, 11. Thom., Ewing. Esq.. 'act)), jr)
W..? I n I.`N-C7l
- • Iminctlbticly at OVFII. E. Apply at GA
ZE tTP.: 1 . 4111 N lIN MtrAlm, tb, - h o u r , o r
two and Ilk, o'clock r. fee.
86 IPirt3l3. lEttrewat.
Fine WEtt,chc , e4.
Silver aid Silver Plated Ware.
Wearo reeelpt daily of stew styles of GOLD
CliAlfsS, PINS. EATS liINFM do. •
Call sod see oor n OCi and get priers. Jr 7
LIASLETT & CO., Wholesale and
Itetall Dealers la
CoI.."I"2OALL. amCpCia=ols.
A (Ina sod 1l ovlt-eted %Lock of FIKI.It MA
RINE and a A tsLAS.ES, ItON(.;u p Ky,
T )-L eNt•il Vita, NTK atleatl'ha, ItAKIIM ET KMS
nd TII KUM, KR, al w aye on laau.l.
I . ).:RECOPIC BLANK_` latarrtr.l In old Iralara
Jelr: .41 ilrlwr.n Filth and Diamond alley.
121 VM/ME nt% Wititaenrlas
Practical Furniture Manufacturers,
latent gylonpf PUNIi ITUI[E conntantly on hand
2..0U poondsprime Fresh Butter;
=I boxes choice Blotsgam Cheese;
Wu Kits. prim,. Peach Potatoes;
dim down Fanny Brooms, In aloft;
"asel pounds clear J Bacon, In store;
rieu pounds Beni Country Soap. In store;
lOU boNes Rosin Soap, to store;
0% barrels prime Borightitni
bushel. Mundt Beaus;
I barrel Imre &fountain Illacklterre Wine,
In stotetur sale b , BID ItLk.
le , •ela No. i Liberty street.
Toys, Baskets,
v • Aan.x3Errxmta3, moo., .a.'m
J. G. L4VER's
Variety •oi etore. No. 101 Market:street.
LA PIERRE 110178 E,
The sob/Fern/ere having leased Wle favorite House
NI/AI/ANT HANNAH, and Is o.ow pre re pared will/
the most perfect uppoltilanerns for the ception of
guests. The Prat poolllonettoong first-cluss Holub/
will be maintained lu the nnure, ea In Ilia past.
usaNhhau Ito NCI( 4/ VARLET.
- -
For Two Weeks Only.
Lt. felling a good PUY:Nen CALF nICIN DUO I,
of my own mate, for the small sum of NINE LAN,
LAGS, at No. 30 Mutat street.
Itahl al. REA. J.
TWTAt, tiltiCh MACHINE maitre!, with only
a l 000 d ylcad id perda
maehlue does out'goo'::. zlf - w,:nr:.,."Lr I. w:
will take It back and rytund the tooury. Addremt
IrEttJUA. licuera4 Aaent. 14Y Broadway,
Now York. .
UNlrElissiLimirraiEs WI LI NG -
igabc beat Wringer In nth. Van awl ion
theta Barahaalos any other mat th For Sale
Itua.m ipIZSA...t/laite4rtiqt.';:. ' Z;; ,
bate 41,4 t0.t,114.,14,Wrii,-.1
TWO E.Drnoki,i ISSUED.
ON Ili ISDN ESA& TM AMID 8&a vitsurs.
raison Is forerotleal Widen ollletaait lb. rub
ftri bers soonest as the mall Ma.
'' e l l '' l ' s V O C F 4i T i L AND
F3NIV ,f)Alt-14;
New Cloak House:49 Fifth St.,
liEal, EA;Td TE.I6 Ea -r,
I 'thee, No. 130 Fourth Street, Pittsburgh,
flaa for sale the following INal Kalatr:
A I.trge three-story 'trick Honer, containing ten
large hail,: trout room on first floor naritais
~ e .le sloe. : hot and cold water and gas thrOdgll-
~1 Id. 11011,e. Lot N feet. Situate on IL:beet
""•' 1 i A " ; , R . F. A, T;f 0',. 1.!6i,,.. LAND, alt„ate al
gea ood Sia• ion. on the l'enneylv tide Railroad,
7 1, 11.. fro. ine en,. 880 which there Is a be•utlitil
in a Iran.. 81 weld", I iargo2 number of bearing
fr,it tree, 88i xl 11) , awl sppl
.... The dwelling and 7 arr., 818 f ground will be
soul r iteparately If desi rt.!. 411.1 the realdne In lots ol
each. or larger If The shone land
hallohniralny totaled lor tilen. •
A 1,? , ,.
liF LAN If, einatalinng anent 8 Ann
r or a ,11,1,11./Id 41 11 al It y. add eadly 01 Da—
ce, The .411 ol I.lle drat • la,. nultithit. .1111,8
lor farming or gardening purpose, good frame
da 8•11 tug and darn, and a mend supply of water, sly
oil,. :1 from the ell), the ashlngton Plke,
lu aim, township, being part of the tarter farm.
:17 ACRES, rived Improved. and under a high stair
of • *titivation, on which their are LAM bearing mu
raw. 1 8.i.hea, iirJO bearing grape •
I nea, 106 stand - It,
in .8 I emt, and a large her of peach, apple and
11 ren. Property situate on tut.aahlug
-1•88• rwoi, In ,colt township, lila milt...from the city.
881 - turther irsrllrUlin, Inquire of the .lour agent.
I, ) AliiiING HOIII4E.
N 0.57 MARKET STREET, Pittsburgh.
.I . IpPOSiLS reeelved In tar runtix and l'orrency.
nlom wade .41 all Lite principal poluta of the
Stalea and (Innadaa.
roattoulai attention paid to the snartiniae and
salt. or
united3tat.e.s bixes of 1881:
Do. rives of 1640 o;
1/o. Seseu-Thlrtlex,
Do. Cortifiem... of Indetn.....ells. no mac her. On to,t) t. or col leetogl. lx10:1)
Oren e, June 711, lain.
.tlvr B'lnTvny ..0 that the Aunt...ore have now
1 , 1. allln Ihr Ihr nunlleater of
roor, CR) Buntline
au Itountt Tat... and ul , LE, I, W... fur rar
I, and nut. -.11.1 Tatra r ...... ra In
a 1.., nt.. Art-or a—vault I ol Frbraar) =Lb,
anal Awn 1111 a. lena. 1.11 1,1.1 to the fol,ortlng
.c v. r rent., 11 ',Mil on or before the 11 rat day of
.41 r 1.. if paid on or toefore wr Orst day of
I per rent... If paid on or before the tie.. day or
pad otter the first slay of September, and on or
tht. tir•L day of ...ober, no deduction '-11l 101
It I••.. 1 after toe Oral. ay of Octr4l4er and On or
ft, r it.. trod nalffr 5.1 ,44 ,,rtnimr, an addition 4,4 Ilte
In.• it t. eolla / tre , woe° w son payanie Ile .1.11113.
• urrt Or NoraMIXT. warrant,. a 1 4 , 4
1 4 4 •44 lo ettioroe onneetion 41 1 all taxebrr 44.,111
10. 1.44 0 1,44in0r 'run Me percentage :wet 444 , 1
. • t, and
It. 5: At:Fr.P.RO S. 4 'llo Tr.-anon,.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
I .. l.itteisl=mairska, i=.41,Z11-11ASL.
Car ParUeuar to Rep
Ni V•le, Cloctks andattention
Jewnity olo.o .
AN work mar airing mots
OTICE.— The Committee on
I 1 /011140U ti round improvement of the Councils,
or wlleglieni. have been authorised to
pro cure
1.1 os for the untfornt and permanent Improthent
.d lie lu n teat donors, nno Ground in
a n d ald
others, woo city. The attentio
tandscape may
tdorestod In has log the public grounds Improwpd,
...rob) Invited. • nalinei Mani for the
1....VV. moot are solicited until the lat . DA Y leg
E.ld PER- Ytelionuell's map of too city to be
seen al either the Regulator .. . or I ontrollor's omen
02: 1 slims' what Information may lie wanted In
m • in, elltil plans. Such plans as may he approved
and a.lopted will be Ill.erallp paid for by tun , itt.
.11ENiiY 'Litt IN,
Chairman or Committevi
m.a.ftotable. Addrem. 11. A. VAN PELA.AIi
I, •lu r Boos, or BACHE & CO. 2U Plfk how,
_HOLMES, BELL bt co.,
Anchor Cotton Mills, Pittsburgh.
ANC/lolt (C) SIIEETIN6s,
-.A DDLICILN•, 1.11'1101.STEltd• AND CARPET
~urner Wood And tiecond Ida., Pittsburgh,
AXo l : o 3s3FiLthi4klW,
Unice, 63 Boyle Pitreet, Allegheny.
hovels] atte ntion given to drawing Deeds., Lento
&hit other s
A.i lections intrusted to him will receive tore
n,l visit prompt attention.
.M 631
Ilas e remotest to the Stroll Association Building,
Nos. 2 and 4 Si. Clair Street,
One of the best Wringers ever sold in the United
biaLen. you .vllllllO al
No. 89 'lDlTcmcaci tiltx - erfat.
of :dl kind.. Aleo, beantlful ['ARIAN ISTAII3
MT I'S. A CilOiCr 101 Jost recetvc4l at
MSc.. 22 Wood latineolt.
.11,1 • R. tiIGBY,
ts. CO. -
Reiween heftier street and Obis River,
Blanchester, Pa.
()Oriente all hinds of Lumber for building boat
vbilue, deck pianh, lath railings Re.
1.1 qtr.
DI .
Oe!‘rgh. r OFF I CE , )
C CV E r r Sloth,!
Money Loaned on Silver Plates, (lune listols.
DiAntonde, Jewelry, (lold and Silver Watches,
Clothing, and valuable article or every deacilprlon.
The Gouda canon( bn dellves t ed without neart.
Not accountable In caw) of Tire or Robbery.
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