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pENNimAK,AEED,A .- 00.,
iptataimmialovrigiaarc ..... lb.
,•• •• • -
iitIDAT; ;UNE ts,. ;:•.••-•
present member of Congriati for the
anienteentit district bi A,. Barker:
E&llved in Canibrie county: leut 'the No:
publican; of Ccniiti, mat*, late Con ;
wention, declared In favor of gr., :Morrill;
who is allni dife Or It The ns-
Anal Inference; therefore, is that Mr. Bar
ker willbe dropped:- • - _
In the fourteentladistriel there is a warm
no s ittaxt beOte**... -kkOnber , ,
9norts:p.,-,lllllur - ' , and; Colonel- Petteraok
goneso diia:e, - ;to create a. probe
ill* , that favor Of
Mr John B. Packer
twentieth' district there is. a lit
warmer contest bitieett
judge:Xettla,.to see, trhipli succeed
Mr. Charlesy. ' possible a
third man willbe taktin. ' -
The Xlemeerita ,of :Fayette _eininty have
1101huded.00.-TAT3. - _-! , Seeright ;for State
flehhttifZolU Phelan fot Asiiiihly; Geo.
ttoidrinklija4 Majdil&L.,Cra . it for Mao
elate JOggs;:aeuvaie. Pimple for Pro , .
tAcfiwta4l and Peter ihinii-ItTßegis' ter and
.. t • 44.9*/ AO gt• IL.L.SAthe
43 ! riMPOTO, 3Tastiingt9Asounty, Pa m for
a copy of tletiiite neither or the -- Quebec
Gdsetfkisittid 1704÷-eine inindred
and two years ago. It is printed on a little
shee in French and English. In
address the editor makes the
pledge,thatarejtalicca ,and private
scandal willnevnr iiral a place in this pa
per." It would be - wholesonte if that rule
ofjoarnalistnAraanOt often disregarded in
these days. - .l4nong the Heins of late news
is thislirog.iii rot Pitt, the good
health tit the iatrieon - and the removal of
appreheMsimm onus attae.k by savages. The
latest intelligence front London . Wan - the
agitation of, a scheme for taxing the Amer•
icanThis m4tictdur number of
the G49ltztluui a history L cortnected with it,
tslaitieetil - Partix . COurtilorifie., - tn.,
sag therWrifi - itnia brought away as a
-Jons'Nessati colored man, whose
time is;familiar tolundreds of the Union
and rebel soldiers for his bravery and un
flinching opposition to the rebellion, is still
laborin' in. Virginia, His brother has es
tatdLthed a seminary for the education of
Colored . .ehlidreis at — Poughkeepsie, New
York, and, John ta, doing his work on a
larger theatre, and with greater enertrf.-
dtd yyou..:get . that : news? At
FiMghkeepsie we think, if met appear un
accountable that you rate Vassar, the
&Mod brewer,' as ar_colored man, or the
Female College , has munificently en
gowediks "seminary fOr the education of
CO - Plied children ?`
LIEUT. COLLiwa, l Whose relations !said°
in Indiana wooly, Pa., has, ipeen arrested
in Inking', ehaiwed with 'bigamy in'having
four-wiTTL. Mat a loung scamp should
be ableto mirrilitto four respectable
lles without substantiating lusAtztOW4uta.
shows., that marriage is often contracted
whit teis - refleithin than then trade horses.
We.bave not much compassion for people
who e.rpOso themselves to misfortune in
Tinkmerala of the.people at Evansville,
must he sadly deteriorating, judging
from the followitd.Which we clip ' frolic the
is bad enough in all conscience that
oni.yming4sol - ,:rnin themselves by drink
ing, DM it seems ibai.ilds.disttnetivebabit
is sprawling among thdytning !rail! "Pari
cy ddnks are mixed up, containing liquors,
not only
,t 4 parties, but at the soda saloons
fiegaMted-brthe'ladies.,,, • ;'
Wz 'vise special attention to the resolu
tions tuloptedlry the PittiburghAssOclation
of Regular Baptist Churches, on the con
dition of the country. They fully accord
104,,the,orble .stand of ~that Influential
beanettulaitioligimitethe Ninkhern
llorr. E. 1i.'W.A811111771.117.'i5118 on Toes.
inn y remorninated, for, Congress. 137 senile
*g tion.ltY .3 *liiiittlill'cli COnicntiori or
°third Congressional District of il-(litmanicti
ittier . in . i
is ltkely•rot
be more devllisk qum the
hick the CMMervltilovi journals
'Out.. ilia' Fo4rill of
blic . observance. in
intitidtteed a Bill
; by the - Comma.
rescinding thd
rate of interest at
ig partials to 'make
ate as they deem
that tlkeirse Of molt
rbtAMl ire own mar
thE natiusl Jaws of
A law BO this has
tOrrolitare in Rhode
me - have astonished
liture*', ;a Amide
ie.Aiots,,wlu) Neu ,
-eons Deftari*'!ollio,
_ 'Win "away with
pepluasband'a learn of 'horses, which she
ciiiiriettealia bide At Monroe, Michigan'.
Pie is trilail at.. Detroit. : -
—Ban-y more the 11altixaore rebel
Who once "disthitaisluidhlmiielf byrobbing,
the ptresengers on arPtilladelphta train, has
mritteastattolaMf.lda ukreatures..entitled
lr,smaesra lathe Baddie2t
Will he ice44-ifir shlaitaation convicting 4x,..
OWL Xittall 'made *lips oftehring oova the
•••• . nerd - Ellstirtannsa •
A.•• serst , ,yirlety, rut ,the• northeast .corner
inarthionl. Market Streets. . '
fitheezA 4 M.l.L. 4741.
AJ4w)o44mulpktoo,s,cti .tieniFt`,e;oraer
lomtb*nd:W.~rYatittyeta f -
1,!4$)! 4
. IhP uu n r g on the nOrtgbilAng " 411 4;
I." " th "14 ' 11
Ninon , " Drill
' , White Sairogesi
4t l ' 4 ”/., 14 4 1 % , : ,, _ • •
'tor Saociaaa at, itaTea.
- hers Weiti,o•
ranfetugil of and4difiit - Base. a Bell's.
A:cosaiblift)l,Ottinfatat Bates 4,
optadorMaii Baps.
Iylti44MwLt,aA ii
, -
P=.--NO. 140.
- tazawL
Grant Dinners
A.4.16 0 00 11 i 110 0 01)1 4 11 1( BliOaL
Boy, Skims 15 "eats
Ati Out ) pork /troika' Shoo -
children, ab0e.16,01143
AI the Opera House Shoe Store.
emus BroadwaytWAHANHis
In hate enited at the Opn Hottee Dining se-
A Neer. ildlea.•
Pleasing to all—ipekneer:Oliera Haulm Dining
• ' , Alley,: Goiod• .
At Um Omni, House shoe gore. No. 60 Fifth
0017 4 / 3 1 . 00 .
Ladles Gaiters, at South a Boss; No.. 63 Max
kat. street.
Plain Solid
Colored Clothe, Brown, had Green,
'Bates & Dell.
Gre*s Dtasters
At the Opera tionait,l1 I )ntnit Saloon, No 64
Fifth fitreot ' "-"' •
Best Bemirelsm Getters
In the city at the Opera floille Shoe store, No.
se Fifth street. F
Those Itigh Dolaths tiellers it South altos&
No. 83 Market street.
The Ladies' Gotten stßoutb d Rosa', No. 63
Market street,
Elam-Wide width"
Black and White Bilk,
,for $1,75, at Bates lc
Ladles , . French Xorocoo Batts, at South &
Ross. No. 83 ?daricet. street.
The Boots and Shoes sold at South & floss'
SIM Lace IlLsollles
In elegant tleafgna, a very choice Stock, Rates
Gears; IPalawl..7deaSber Mote,
The Incest dress Boot In the world. Very low
prices at the Opera Douse Shodittrue: •
A nee line of Black cif all ....laths, at
Shellaby A Barelay's, 74 and 71 Market street.
Just opened this day .° Prints, Gingluaus, Mus
lin and Putts stuff. Call altd atie Mum at nal
'any d. Barclay,e,
Pure and fresh, direct . from the Springs, sold
the - . 14448 rates: at fletsdnre-Drug Store
No. 84 Market street.
liee Cartalllll
At all prices on tha:nertheast corner of Fourth
and Market streets:.
Hyreoa Lovs a BAG
9 . 1),4 1 1 .
In all themes,' styles;now °patina the north
east corner of Fourth and Market streets.
C. Hasson Love a. Bats.
Plaid and ?Wu, all shades, and lower than
you will buy them later In ths mummy; on the
northeast corner Fourth and Market Streets .
C:Hensow Love ft Sao.
In Dress Goods. A large lot of beautiful Dress
Goods; an auction lot Just opened this day, at
Shellaby L Berelay.A original - Dee Mire stand,
74 and 75 *a.rliet,street:
FormaWe Seale..
_ ~RttlitotYl. Han Coal, Stook, Bnlliug
_. Milt,
ureters, Counter Sealesi is feet, Males adapt
ed to the requ.tremente of every business.
• Foasirraf Twos & Co.
Scale Warehouse, 39 Market street.
Bnaimer Shawl's.
Same Tory nandsome Summer Shawls just
opened, at the original Bee Rivet stand. Also,
great bargains in Fine Waite Goods, such as
Swiping, Mulls, Jaconetp,Sitinsooks,
r eadrind spittle 'kook at ahellaby
and Barclay!' before making your purchases
elsewhere. ficallbripit the fitimbism, 74 and
76 Masketsixect.. .• •
Bonnet/, dipatea
No matter how gay the bonnet, or how taste,
nsily decorated the gipsey that adorns& lady's
head, tt she have not a pair of neatly fitting
balmorals or gaiters .the effect of her head
dress la entirely destroyed. This reminds us
that Southile :Arms, 63 Market street, have a
complete .stock of boats, shoes, balmorals
and gaiters,:.'which, in quantity; Quality and
price, Ma not please the most fastidious.
Ikmiets, elpates.
To matter howgay the bonnet, or how taste
tally decdrated the idpiey that adorns aladrs
head, if she have not's pair of neatly fitting
bannorals or imitate. the abet of her head
dross is entirely destroyed.". This reminds us
that booth ti Soes,lll Market street. have a
complete stock of poets; shoes, babnorals and
salters, liquentity, quality and price,
rum notfailtopleasetheinost fastidious.
Pimat and illreetalt
Cod Liver Ou tti the world, manufactured
Men fresh selected Wont on the sea coast.
ThlooUhigharlatierizad by a sweetness and
Ptild*P le44l4.ttilt aloniii„lbi reputation Is
seereatthitttlairee'the lead Of other One.
and is tranursally prescribed by physicians.
Remember to art for Hazard it,Caswoll , s Cod
CABWILL, MACK. 3 eo,2ifilr:Yark.
• • • - Manotacwern.
For sale at wholesale In . Pittsburgh:by R. Z
Sellers d tlo. At rotail by all Vregichda.
Fourth Arrival of Am Goode.
The firm of Meters. Thompson Siroetzin•
ger,porner, of Federal and. Water streets, M.
legheny, isso Wall knewn that farther. com
ment from us is Valueless. We desire only to
say that they have received their ;fourth ar
rival of spring and summer gowleo and so
rapid are their sales that Imes albeit impossi
ble to supply thei demands. -They have at
present a beautiful am ortment beMges,
lawns, balsorines, silks and other goods for
summer apparel, and they are offering:them
at greatly rednoed prices, as they bought low
for cash., „Theleabstk - or latiles! garmetiM is
all that a customer can desire, either ' for
style of makingortmtdeneldepattern. call
at their store will satisfy our readers, and we
I would insure them* Eciod reception. as their
saltimen never -grow weary of showing
Mike and Eiluinstion.
itrequirei a Owlet: notion and &Padua of
enamel strength to resist the erect of the en-
ermines. beet of Jay add Await Unities the
system ii tenedandanstainedby nwitoleaorne
stomachic. during UMW eepreledve mentheit
is likely to be so severely debilitated estoren.
der it an easy - prey 'lope epidemics which
Pres-4111i the fail. ilsoleaome stoinaOhla
wherAle:itt4 totatdr, asks theyeadar, who
h u• Pev.hees. been told by hie phystielmi. that
geed brandy Is ispervietutble !Minutiae
indices Roadie for that obsolete article in vain:
It would be as idle to expect Wiatiscrmenera
I and parity among . the liquors of commerce as
to look farenitracdee Of piety in the State: prib . •
on; or. wisdom in an RIP3t :asylum. -
Thare lace. ottfilraeorea-out Dios-for those
.160pfiecia . :04."5 , tive tonic and health-sos
zithuniksimitoopr,.:-.Lit them commence: at
once, in etts2 torrid Pcdtscat opens in all„ ita
teplitiiiepiiise.oilitoatetters atomised" HU
tats .:4111f the ,nePterecr:Cdtkutu. lead !endless
of Shceflatou /Spay; uruopave used this elixir
laringthii.war,-..Whet , Oa Adak of At. They'
will till youths* stiaidps. up .itue,sitel forces
.under: tic&aflltieg PEMnirect Je!,:r2tiCela sun
•Irtulont.r. , t*Vec t l ! VOT- 413 " ting
undue(emettAttnentAehol.eiimmietPe.:.../u1 the
pout " CoWDereald tea;:. - Nt:iltileers,._ but ROL
Inebriates." It-briceethe . :aid - rour - rdir a e lea-,
Lion and . rqrahtteeiedli the AtinatlMM.:.4 the
.body. No Wise 'etimuteutt
'rl.l..7..WithtlakielletiCsS age; lidevAtlZlN
tests, and the Multli.etanliMeas asfAinpus,
herb. with whieittiennialicated iirethe,heet
of their kind
, 0 1 1 , *“1 4 0 4 ,
at.tlemicerrlctatielAiuteatitedadalsoepoc i i'
104.10 4 04.* 1 10:04 - 0 1 c::;
11014 ffillo=•lllliViTilgi
Wien:NO/OX, June 14, I.
The new army bill wee discussed.
Hr. Fessenden objected to creating the office
of Admiral. He had a very high respect for
Admiral rarragut, as he had for General
(}rant. He should be opposed, however, to
making the office of General for Grant, as he
was to making that of Admiral for Farragut.
He thought there was some place where, the
hero-worship should end: These two officers
had been rewarded already by the highest of
flee in the army and navy, Bud he was oppos
ed to making new offices forthem. He would
vote for the salary 0f.510,000, but against the
new office of Admiral.
. Grimm Mid lie would be wilting to strike
out the calm o t Adourul, and increase the pay
of Vice Admiral to .10,000.
Mr. Doolittle mitt it would be but smatter of
Juatlee PM the Go to allow ap p He
of the services vernment
of General Grant. He
did not think It inconilateat with a republi-
can form of government that we should have
a General at the head- Of the army, and an
Admiral at the head of the ear/.
Mr. Feesenden called for the yeas and nays
on it, resulting as follows: •
dera,Mesare. Anthony, Chandler, Cragm,
Doolittla, 4 Foster, Grimes, Guthrie, Howe,
Kirkwood, Lane of Indiana, Morgan, _Norton,
Ramsey, istevart, Trumbull, Wade, Williams
and Wllson—lB. _
• • ••• • .
Mops—Messrs. Connese, Cowan, Davis, Fee.
Bandon flames, Henderson, Howard, Pomo
“Thelithiew'mits'ittenni:Siblkrfe—di,Lwith an amend
ment, as an addition section, that the Second
Assistant Engineers shall be appointed by the
President and confirmed by the Senate as na
val ollicers. It now goes to the House.
The resolution appropriating ten thousand
dollars to repair, the Potomac bridge, was
The Paris exhibition bill came up. The
question was on the amendment, that no
money be expended, nor officer appointed to
the exhibition, until the French troops are
withdrawn Cram Mexico.
A debate followed, in which Mr. Wade did
not think the country would be bencatted by
the exhibitihn, and called the present repro.
sentative of this country at the French Court
yt complete snob,. and said it wasthe duty of
thin country to drive the French out of Mexico.
Alum farther debate the amendment was
The amendment wad adopted excluding
members of Congress or nay United State
official being a commissioner to the exam
Pending an amendment appropriating
twenty-live thousand gold dollars for build
ing in Paris, the Senate adjourned .
Mr. Lawrence. of Pennsylvania, introduced
a bill for the creation of a National Bureau of
Insurance, and to provide for funding the In
debtedness of the United States, which was
read twice and referred.
The Committee on Military Affairs reported
- -
aacka aubstitnte for the House bill for the re
organization of the army. It was ordered to
be postponed till Tuesday next.
The senate bill to authorise the Commis
sioner of Patents to pay those employed as
Examiners and Assistant Examiners the sal
ary fixed by law for the duties performed by
theta, which was before the House at its ad
jowl:merit yesterday, Came op ill order, sod
fir. Harding, ot Kentucky, withdrew his mo.
Lion to lay it on the table, when the bill passed
by CS TO 41.
Mr. Whatley Spresonted the credentials of
Lawrence Panes claiming to be elected to
Congress from the Fifth Congressional Dis
trict of North Carolina, which was referred to
Die Committee on Reconstruction.
The House resumed the consideration of the
Dlll , OlOl was up yesterday; to establish as,
assay office at Portland, Oregon, and Bola City,
idalioe, and discontinue the French Mints at
Dallas City, Oregon Charlotte, North Caroli
na, and Dalhousie, Oregon, ,
Mr. Henderson concluded the speech which
he had commenced yesterday, by offering an
amendment to strike out all in the bill re
ferring to Oregon, and mid a section adiending
the act ot July 4th, 1084, by transferring the
branch Mutt at Dallas City to Portland. The
debate was participated In by Alessre
Muriliand Thayer.
Mr. lienderson'u amendment was rejected by
el to 73, and the bill was passed.
Mr. Hooper,from the Committee on Banking
and Currency, reported a bill to amend the na
tional act, which was read twice mild recom
mitted, with leave to report at any time- The
bill amends the Beath= of the national cur
rency act in Abe following particulars
toc.lB gipower ves' theto Comptroller of Currency ad
ditional p against
any hank which may be found, or which lie
has reason to uolleve, has been guilty of any
violation of the banking law. lie may ap
point a commissioner at tiny time to inveati
gate the adairs of nay bank. Upon satanic
tory proof that any bunk is not carrying on
the legitimate business of banking he mss
appoint a receiver to close up its strain.
Section .21 reduces the circulation of all Ns
tional Banks, whose capital exceedslgloo,osi,
ten per cent ., and provides that no bank 'Audi
have a circulation of more than one million Cl
dollars, and also provides that such reduc
tions may he enforced by a reduction of the
interest of any bonds deposited in the Treas
ury. The reduction must take place by the
that of January, lee 7. It provides lorther that
there shall be thirty millions of additionui
bank cimulation in the place of this reduc
tion ot 113,000,1100, to be used for the conversion
of the old Stade banks into National hanks,
and sts,comos for new banks in the Southern
and ether States which have secured thus' fur
the bast rateable proportion of banking c
of Leml amount. which Is not to exceed
the present penis of $3:0,000,003.
Section twenty-nine provi des that no person
or corporation shall become the debtor of any
hunk to an extent edienss onestenth of
paid up capital stocexce k, unl g
snob liability is I
secured by United States ...Enteritis or bona
lido bills of exchange of regularly made and
discounted paper actually Owned by the party
for whom his discounted. and the °dicers and
directors are made liable for any violation of
this section, and the bank is subject to u pro.
alt y of one thousand dollars.
Section thirty-two continues the present
system of redemption, with the additional re,
quirements that the redeeming bank In the
several cities, as now provided, shall be re
quired to redeem its own notes, and the notes
of any assOciathsn for which it creates n re
deeming' agency in-the cities of Now York,
Philadelphia and Boston, thus establishing
what has been known as the Suffolk Bank sys
tem throughout the country.
Section thirty-four requires monthly returns
from each Bsok to the Comptroller of the
Currency, and to be sworn to by the President
and Cashier, end the quarterly returns to by
verified under oath by a majority of the Board
of Directors. The details of the returns are
also considerably increased.
Section forty-ma reduces the tax on the cir
culation from one half of one per cent. semi
annually to one-fourth of one per cent., and
also takes off the tax on the capital, leaving
the taxon deposits as at pr eSent, and making
no change in the local taxation.
Bandon forty-nye requires the Secretary of
She Treasury to withdraw from any Govern
ment depositary any public money la excess
of the amount seeured by the amount of bonds
deposited to secure the safe keeping ot such
public money:
Mr. Julbus, from the Committee on Confer
ence on the bill for the disposal of the Pubic
lands for homestead and actual settlement in
Aiaboma, a
and Florida, made report, which. was agreed
Mr. Mr. Windom introduced a bill to authorize
the Winona and Bt. Paul Railroad to con
struct a bridge acmes Muurissippl river,
and to establish it at road, which was read
twice and ref arel to the Poster:lice Gem
The House then proceeded to the considera
tion of the bill for restoring Me States lately
In insurrection to their full political rights.
Mr. Windom addressed the House in support
of the bill. He said that the real Issnebetween
Congress and the rebels was, sShall traitors
rule the nationtu. They fought four years to
destroy , it. It was not a mention whether the
Booth shall be represented, for all agreed that
she must be, and sill desired that she. shell Do
at the earliest moment possible, consistent
with the public safety. But the question wu,
Shalt these represenuttives be admitted hafe
without, the imposition of any conditlmed
The President and his supporters Inshit upon
immediatenneonditionai atindasion, without
any protection to the ' freedmen; to when the
faith of the government hen been pledged,
without any oWnge in tbe basis of represen
tation, whereby So uthern oss Irregularity o toak ing the vote of a rebel equal the
votes of two Northern soldiers, shall be rem*.
died without any diefranclitsement of leading,
perjured, and dangerous traitomand without
any protection against the assumption and
payment Or the rebel debt or of rebel callms
for toes of eaves. The Union party demanded
that the, plighted faith of the nation to the
humble-freedman shall_ be nutbitalned; that
the basis of representation shall be made just
and equitable; that prembient traitors who
have one° sworn to support the Constitution
'of the United States and violated their oaths,
f or not be allowed to make and a l te laws
for loyal mandhat the nationfildebt elnerver
be repudiated and that the national obliga
tions to bounties and pensions to soldiers
and sailors 'end their' widows "and - orphans,
shall not hi) questienedt that the rebel debt
obeli never be asummed,or paid by the Federal
or State governments; that these guarantees
shalLbe embodied in the Arm foundation al
the republic, where neither treason nor rebel
lion shall ever reach theta, and. th at these
shall. .
made a t h e
reb e l 'precedent to the
hill restoration of the rebel States.
Mr. Windom➢
proceeded to argue from these
premises in support of the bill. lie Oosellided
of saying that the power of this nation ill Yet
In the kande of the loyal people. They. have
Durchssed hat a fearful Copt. They wm keep
it until equal and exact justice Is secured
to every citizen. and until trie .regmbilo ft" ,
united end,PreeDereee, shall havatiolde 6 llfd
glorharil mission among the nations of the
'Mr. Harrie r addressed the House oppoid
tiOn. He declared that in prieelple, now
stood as he had stood alter the war MIS -de. ,
oared, sato had stood in the last Coughm,
,when herecedyedita crown of canines, Its
"pad ;stood la prison before the infernal instrn- ,
:west of tyranny — , 4 court. martial=and atr•ht. I
.stood b,pctpus go he would stunt MiDttlto
tioeorhenever eseadon might require. uncle
:dared hinima sak 0164 the Democrat, belies , .
Pftill d 4 N 441 /. Of Neellitibi, ballot .
. .
tog that the several States of - the
Union have the right to separate gout it.
each acting for itself. He:declared his belief
that abuses and usurpations had been Prue"
Geed and threatened to w great an extent by
their associates and partners in this govern
ment, that the Southern States were Justified
in going out. Thus in the belief by their Ordi
nances of secession, they did go out, and there.
by bacame to tuts Union foreign States. These
conviction ho eouldprot change and ho aiding.
expect they would ever be removed. MO worl d
most assuredly proclaim them,
and stand by
them as long as a sireirlecitizenof the Confed
erate States was in chains or subject to penalty
for asserting them.
Referring to the assassination of Mr. Lin
coln, he said Mary Snrratt was convicted_pf
course. She was tried by a court martial. Mar
immediate execution was orderedisheentilea
ted for four days to Tmable her to overcame
the shock, and the better to prepare her Soul
to meet her God. ...riot an hour," thundered
forth the voice from the War Department:Du
with the gallows, the eoftln, and the grave,
the Angela of Heaven shall not rejoice over
this repentant sinner. Agents of matey
sought tne edit of hlguer authority and proba
bly a more merciful heart, But Preston MUM
was Janitor that clairad they were excluded.
Where is Preston Echo answers where.
She was thus execute apeedlly; and notwith
standing application has been made in behalf
oC her heart broken daughter, for her remains,
those remains are still in the keeping of the
War Department. Pontius Pilate delivered
. the body of Jeans to Jose ph , _ of Arimathea,
but a worse than Pontius Pilate is here.
Ile continued at some length, and said so ,
long as the test oath remained on the statute
book he world do all he could to remove it,
and rescue the noble citizens of the South
trona the slavery and degradation it imposed.
Us claimed secession as a ruling principle Of
the Democratic party, from 1798 to the late
At the conclusion of his speech; Sir. Le
Blond, in the name of the Democratic party,
dissented from the views expressed by Mr.
A long debate ensued, during which Mt.
Dawes, of Massachusetts, averred that, he
would have voted for admitting any loyal than
from a loyal district.
Mr. Boatwell asked if Mr. Dawes meant to ley
••• . • • • • •-• • • . . - - - -
he was in favor of admitting loyal represent
atives from any diStriet in eleVen States If lie
was satialled the majority were loyal, without
regarding the Institutions of the State. or
knowing whether the State had established
laws and framed a constitution to secure' the
rights of all, without regard to race or color.
if that is the position of Mr. Dawes, he (Bout
well,) as a citizen and representative of Mass
achusetts, objected and dissented.
Mr. Dawes said he believed in the right of
the Southern States to representation, bet
also believed to their incapacity. Whenever
they should stand up clothed and in their
tight mind, then they would be capable Of
electing representatives. The 'loose has voted
to admit him to a seat, and have welcoMed
him with open arms. There never bud Deena
time when he was not Immoas for the MVO.
tunity of making the selection and drawing
the distinction between the loyal represents.-
live of a loyal district and those who would
present themselves with blood-red hands, the
repreeentatives of traitors.
Mr. Dawes resuming the floor said there
• never had been a time during the session
I when evidence bad been presented to him of
the election of a loyal and true man from a
loyal and true Waren, and would not be.
Mr. Raymond obtained the floor for tamer-
ow. •
A resolution was adopted requesting the
Ways and Kean■ Committee to consider and
upon at toe earliest possible day upon the
act that the praseuttluty oa wool affords WI
protection and operates to the detriment of
the American Wool Growers. . -
Markete—lnsurreetion to Illondoesus— ,
Money to A sssss den. bee's Defense--
ineamaltip TrOutile—Appeoliebles As.
rietalitierol Fate. ,
242.' OHLZAES, Jane it—Cotto n : : sales of 30G
bales Low Middling at 376123c,_• receipts, 215
Sterling, GO. Freights to ew York, Net
Liverpool, %Old; Havre, le New York Ex-
change, 940 premium.
Gee. Alvarez leads the Honduras insurgents
and Gen. Caboniz the Government troops-
The recent action lasted twenty-four hours.
The Government troops were defeated, and
Cabonlz captured.
A forced loan is feared a Truallio.
An appeal to New Orleans for money to as-
Stilt In the defence of Major Gee, commandant
of Salisbury prison, is liberally responded to.
The planters are planting cotton and corn
in the recently flooded district.
Thu New Orleans and Liverpool Steamship
Company is In trouble. The steamer Floridan
has been seized.
The Wine importers say that the seizure*
by the Canto= Howie are anima, and that
the_y are the victims of a bad detective system
at Bordeaux.
Plans for the Mechanical and Agricultural
Fair Buildings are nutillSted. Thee are In
the grandest ecale. The association have two
hundred tboneoad dollars to pay expenses.
New York malls of the 9th have arrived and
foreign advices py the Africa.
The Texans say the Union conservative
ticket will bereleeted on the CM.' by a majority
of live to one.
Fenian Oflleers Columnist' is Sall—Now
army 1301—lieduetion of Tax oh 111 x•
Clonal Bank Cleestlailou—Jeff bails'
Counsel Have on Imerview with /be
President—Falai Clumees of Ms Re
N c e Year, June 14.—An Ogdensburg special
to the Times, today. eays: The following Is a
list of the Fenian °Moors who refused to grve
hail and were com mitted to jail, at Canandai
gua to appear before a United States Corn
orislioner on the 19th mat. Gen. Murphy, of
New York; Gen. Ilefferman, Albany• Colonel
oltelly, Rochester; Lieut. Quinn, Alt.:any; ILO.
Connelly, Newark, N. Y.; Capt. Glass, Now
York; Capt. Prady, Albany ,• Captain Fallon,
Pottedam; Cups. Lindsey New York; Lieut.
O'Brien, New York; Ur. Shine , Newark.
Specials to the evening papers say that the
House Military Committee have agreed to re•
port a new army bill. It provides for a redue-
Doe of ten regiments below the number
named In the former bill. The Itadicals
:rxreed not to press the bill reported by the
ttecenetruction Committee, and thus secure a
imanimous vote in favor of the amendment.
This will virtually place the subject In the
hands of the State.
The House Banking Committee will report
a recommendation to reduce the tax• on Na.
timed Bank circulation to one-half of one par
cent. They decline to exempt bank mock
from national or municipal tax.
The Thaurte Washington spec/al says:
Messrs. O'Connor and Pratt, counsellor Davis,
had a long Interview with the Preeldent Le
fty. It is understood outride that the Freed
, den now takes the grOend that if a writ of
mal t e.; corpus should be granted to Judge Un
derwood, or should In merely demand him for
trial, he would surrender hirti,_but he could
not consistently release him ot herwise. 1110
ehaneeS for release arc more faint to-d 4
than over.
A Tribune Montreal apeelal nays, the Gov
ernment has ceased arming, and railroad
trains and boats are running. No one Is al.
lowed to Bee the Imprisoned Pentane. The
volunteers are still at the front.
tionaolidation of Telegraph Compasslea.
New Yeas. ' June U.—The American and
Western Cluion Telegraph Companies are
wetabout cocindmg an agreement of union
amounts to a consolidation of interests.
The public demand for prompt and uninter
rupted transaction of messages, renders it in
dispensable to get rid o n el delays
ing and booking from line to another.
The new consolidation will control and operate
over one hundred and four thousand miles of
telegraph wire, °ovaries all the territory and
connecting all iimiets Of Importance from Now
Fotmdland to. San Francisco, and Vancouver , .
Island. From the latter peinS a line 14,000
miles to St. Petersburg will be done within a
year. Cuba and the West Indies will be con
nected, and the success of the Atlantic cable
In August next is confidently hoped for. It is
haveregretted that telegraph business cannot
the Neely stimulus and restraint that so
favorably affects every Mimi, hetet least five
attempts within the last fifteen years, by
men Of energy and large 'Militia, to
build up and sustain an opposition have sig
nally faded. When the United States Tale
', graph Company had acquired over 15,00¢ miles
of lime, the public looked for the frults.Of op
position In a redtetion of rates, bat Mentes
had to be twice advanced to enable the bust
nem done to support two doh/panics instead
of one, the formidable opposition being com
pelled at locate succumb and sell out at aloes.
The question seems settled for the present
that the telegraph business will not bear com
petition, end against the immense advantages
of this combination, It would be rash tts at
tempt it.. One company can do all the busi
ness, and do it cheaper than two can, for two
organizations with a duplicate of °Mal and
employees must double the expense of doing
the aggregate business, and the easterners
must be taxed to' meet the dontlie expenses.
Let enlarged views govern thus mammoth cor
poration, and let them serve the public
promptly courteously arid as cheaply as they
can * N o ra, and the press and the public will
be satisfied.
From Washington--gepres sedatives
Grinnell and Boasenu Come To
WasinnoTOX, May 14.—The renders of tho
Congressional proceedings will recollect that
on Monday an exciting and decidedly un
friendly colloquy occurred between Represon
talve Rosseau, of Kentucky, aril Representa
tive Grinnell, of lowa, whicirwas confined in
tne Rouse to mere words, but to-day, immedi
ately after the adJeurment,-while Kr. Grinnell
was on 'ale way from the Capitol, on the east
side of the building to take the street car, he
was overtaken ti kin . iloesean, who
putting his bon don Mr. 'Grinne ll .'
shoulder, said something about an ex
pected apology for offensive remarks, and
thereupon assaulted hir.Grinnell with a small
rattan cane, which was broken in th e use of it.
Ur. Grinnell made butlittle if any,roailliaaoa .
The only visible - mark of injury sustained by
Mr. Grinnell la a scratch on his right cheek
caused by the iron ferrule of the cane.
Ordnance °Meets have been ordered by the
War Department to deposit, all public moneys
with the Assistant Treasurer. • • .
the Constitutional lumendsaMat—Cliew. ,
tar of
PHILADZIFIZIA. June .14.- - .4.fier this =Senate
bad Worms", the cOnstitntionaL amendment,
just concurred In by..tho'Honse-of Represen
tatives, Governor. Uurtintaildressed licireular
letter to the governors ef -alVthe fiord a
C 9 C I tr s i tin tgg i n i ttg o rheir t! = i ar
turett for Ci t irl
satisfaction of that stmendmant,it fa now nu.
derstood that mach entre= action will Oohed,
widths% !Wore the adjournment of Congress
a ratienation of the anomdtilent wfilbe made.
• Nini Tosis,4ene it'—raigenuMbersot the
:rental% army arrived here tcrdeyiezet•we.e
tarnished treneportetlon norgo.tnealthetre.
Tres at Caton Cosunes—Cantkere Ranee
to Work Iliere Than Eight 'Hoare a
Day—Chian*. In the Chiy—One c.... W.
tal and Two Aew Ones Reported—The
oT .
C tutheetalty or the Excise law.
N Toast, Jibes. U.—George . Wilkes beat
Lady home, bfth to wagon, at Union Coen! ,,
this n. Rile beats best three in Eve,
for SI,OOD in three strislAdit heats. Time 4:27,
^:45,'25. , ‘. The i time of the - Second heat is
equal to any on record.
The Caulkers' Association here still refuse
to work more than eight boars, consequently
the effect of the shipwrights' strike is the
same as if the carpenters bad not concluded
to resume their labors. ' .
. . . .
L. Martin Montgomery and A. H. Lanedo.
said to be ex-officers of the rebel army, claim
inglto Sat as agents of Santa Anna, purchased
thosteamer Agnesfor one, hundred thousand
dollars In gold, tobe paid by Santa Anna
no on delivery of the vessel at St. Thomas.
W. J. Taylor & Co., of Philadelphia, deliv
ered. tho steamer according to the terms of the
contract, bnt the purchase was repudiated by
Santa Anna. The owners of the vessel re
turned to this country and gave the pur
chasers one month to fulfill the ternss of the
contract. They failed to do so, and were sent
to• Ludlow streetjou in default of twenty
tiorosand dollars ball. •
Patrick Shea died last night of ebolera
Cherry street, and two more cases not fatal,
are tmOilidially reporied. The Sanitary Corn
ITIRMiOII6III are taking great pains to clean
that filthy nWghborhood. The quarantine re
port shows three new c es and no deaths
since the last report. All is quiet at Sequin's
- -
The snit to test the eons utionality of the
excise law, was brought up before the
Court. of - Common Pleas - C amber today by
Ueorge W. Holt against kson S. Shultz.
Theplaintiff claimed the ht to ashspiritui
nos liquors under the old 1 sound histioun-
Sal argued at length that t e law was uncon
stitutional. A amorous sinter su i ts are to be
bught by liquor sellers who continue to
grow more and more exalted on the subleut ,
and are ffetermined to teat the question.
Anvers Condemned to Death
yen, Maud) dispatches say that the Fenian
news from Canada created mach exOttement
there. Two men-of-war and eigni gunboats
boAffed orders to cruse off the harbor,
Ad I Denman had arrived at Equimault
on ' *ate Buttley.
NeWff•vsland 'advices state that four of the
nittrderertl of the ralaslonaries at Valknon
have been condemned to dental,
Sixteen of . the murderers of the crew of the
have been condemned to death as prin•
cipals, and nine as aceessors.
A terrible gale and flood visited Auckland
on the let of April, which sunk nine vessels in
the harbor. The damage done amounts to
twenty thousand pounds.
asximlUan Conaent*Oake Withdrawal
of the french Troope=-Deplorable Coa-
Naw Toss, June 15.—The World's Mexican
correspondence says The flrstmovement of
the French troops will take place lathe Month
of November next, when about live thousand
trill be shipped. All the contracts have been
signed. These movements are made not only
with the consent, but at the express desire of
Maximilian, who hos !signified to tho French
Emperor that he is now satisfied of the loyal
support of the land proprietor. and ludo*.
Woos classes of Mexico, and that the Prince
troops may bo withdrawn at any time, the
sooner the better. The Mexican finances are
I a a most deplorable condition.
False BepOrt—The litioderpest Has Not
Appeared to New York.
ALBANT, June 16.—1 n a dispatch forwarded
Saturday night It Seas statist that the Hinder
pest or pleurimmeumonht had made its ap
pearance In New York, and that It had been
so officially announced by the President and
Secretary of the New York State Agricultural
Society. The statement was erroneous. The
"Meem named announced the appearance of
piouro-pneatnonla, but not the Hinderpost,
discuses of cattle entirely different in their
nature. The Riuderpest bas not appeared in
tint country so far ins the knowledge of those
officers named extend, and it is confidently
expected we shall escape the scourge.
A Force to Remain on the Frontier—
I ro-Feldsums to Congress Another
Raid looked For.
Mosrasat., June 14.—Orders have been sent
to the force on the frontier to remain them. It
was intended to withdraw them to-day.
The action of the pro-Fenian party in Con
gress creates some excitement here. it is fear
ed that this will give new vitality to the Feni
an designs.
An attack or raid upon the Huntingdon line
of the frontier and &ratted toward the Beau-
Mumble canal is looked tor. There is a good
'force really to moot it.
Demand fors P/41101101 . Correspondent--
The castle Plague.
New Tong, Juno 14.—The Tribune learns that
our Comm 'General ' eneral in Canada has made a de
mand for its correspondent, Mr. Kelly, who
was captured with the Fantails.
It Is stated that the report that the rinder
pest had broken out In distillery stables in
Brooklyn is incorrect. The disease is pleuro
pneumonia., a chronic end Infectious disease,
Imt not the same as that. ravaging England.
Burglaries In Long Island.
New Yost, June 14.—A series of daring bur
glaries and robberies have boon going on in
the village of Long Island during the last few
weeks. Twenty burglaries have been com
mitted at Newton. on the Flushing railroad In
that time. Fort Hamilton, Jamaica and other
towns have been extensively plundered. Den
nis Sullivan, who killed Tom Burns, has been
arrested on sespicrion of being engaged In this
New Cuban Captain GNnerall'e Peer
N acv 'roux, Juno IL—The new Captain Gen
eral of Cuba has issued a preelamatlon on
the occasion of steaming the rebus of the
government, exhorting the people to loyalty
to the Spanish Crown.
Mxtwanitar., June IL—The following gentle
men were elected directors of the Mliwankee
8. Prairie du Chien Railroad to-day : Alexan-
Her. Mitchell, 11. C. ilielnson. Russell Sage, F.
. James, N. A. Cowchwy, Walter 8. Gurnee, 8.
S. Merrill, U. Acker, Joseph Rudd.
Reme Hampshire D. la. Senator.
COEOORD, N. U., June 14.-100 r. a.—The Re
publican caucus has Just nominated the Hon.
James W. Patterson for United States Penn
torMn the fourth ballot, by a rote of one bun
rut and twenty-four out of two hundred .nd
River and Weather at Loniwrille.
Lantern-Ls, June I4.—River stationary with
flso teL eix inches in canal. Weather clear
and warm.
adattlauol Local lilac Cars on Third Pag
The Central Booed of Edueatiou
Met Thursday evening, June 14th. Present,
Messrs. Lowe, Marshall, McAuley, McCook,
Hobbs, Sergeant and Brush, President. The
minutes of the last meeting were read and
The reportof the Principal of the
High School , m principal of the Colored School
and of the Secretary were read and, ordered
to be filed.
The following named geptlemen ware elected
Colleetont for the ensuing yeart Samuel Pat
terson, First Ward; Andrew P, Thompson,
Fourth Ward ; Joseph A. Butlero3lxth Ward
Thomas Meeks...Eighth Ward:,
A vacation of the city schools was &aborts
froln Friday (Waning; the Yatb. but, until
Monday. September ad. •
Mr. 31'Cook presented petitions from sun
dry tesehens, asking a change of text book
on grammar. • Laid , -on the' Watt. Teas—
Messrs. Lowe, Marshall, SitAuloy, Hobbs and
President Brush-6. Nays—Messni. McCook
and Sergeant—it.
On motion adjourned •
File Aniezteiii. watinei
The , watches manufactured In ,Amerlea are
rapidly growing Into favorand supplanting
all others. Yesterday we called Into examine
a very Reverter stock of gold andellvertimeo
pieces, purchased direct from the manufaiiiii
rem, by the prosperous end.entexprbflug firm
of Johnson d Scott, No: 274 Liberty' street.
They havens line an assortment of watches as
can be found west of New wi t h of which
they offer at rates in keepinghe Woes.
Title firm has also • upon bands a large stock
of the latest and most fashionable of Jewelry,
and ladies or gentlemen desiring anything In
She line would consult their interest. by fa
voring Johnson d Scott with their patronage.
All kinds of watch,. cloak and Jew -repEr
ing_is done In the neatest and hest style. The
Individual members of the firm are active and
enterprising gent l emen, and by hones
tyomtatio,g su la cceeded
Ing op a largeandprwerous
An:minces, Wo
ulluesfullY commend them to thepatrOnage of
our readers. .
In nebula et 61,000.—Androw Beaker,
°barged with threatening to klir his wlfe, Was
was lodged in jalt yesterday - by Alderman
Strain In default bf Wl* ball: &MIS ”,er so e :
years ago, - attempted to kill qauk and.
thinking be had. so dorm, . attempted to take
his dwalife by cutting hie threat.' atter his
recovery ha wits tried fOr felontont animas and
battery, convicted, and sentenced tothe Peni
tentiary for two yea rd and. sir mantle. - - Be ,
eently helm been abusing his family, and - ble
wife fearing that kelslikraPeitt, hlaattesipt to
take her Wei hats hadlim placed ln durance. .
Drowned . a Tab.-Eillinit'-llttaboth, I
ased.onotran inonthili daughter of . A:Roes.
residing on: Decatur ' street s Sixth ° a rd, mot
with her - ileathlesterday - niOrnlng Under dis
tressing, circumstances lha.lets her-nurse.
and It wanwspposed she had gone up stairs to
hairnet tnothertUnt ingots% *he went to Ms
ez ionnl y qu i lla ch dr .ha
to drown hlt,: - . - aa.indliest hold. by 'Coro.
nor Clawson and a verdict rondarat sernnl
anus with tho nun*: •
Haft rii4e.—Tbotngt. xendruoui, Charged
with Intonnv and bald In bonds mills ap
far 64 yesterdaYllurrella
Wonsan Drawl. In the Anegben7
tinder Magetlar In d he
Some exciteinfinC:prevailed .in the Fifth
-Ward yesterday :forenoon, consequent upon
the stcry being cheadated that a woman bad
been drowned terlenl means. in the AlleghenV
river, at the foot 'at Adams street. - Upon in
vestigation it appeared that Ann.CalLtgan, re
siding in Garrison alley, In the Fourth Ward,
bad started with a man named Edward Mc.
Donald to crisis the river on the ferry , ..boat
from Mechanics street. - :..They seated them
selves on the madfir hanit, near Shoenberger's
Mill, and en:weeny elsrcalibrireie heard. The
woman was observed- lit, thelriver,and MC-
Donald standing on the shOre. rwo men
from shoenberger , a Mill went to.her assist
ance and brought her ashore, but she was so
far gone that all attempts at rennieitatlon
fafletL -
McDonald was taken into enstOdy.ledifed In
the tombs, and Coroner Owns= Minf il i= -
mooed, be, m conjunction with- the,
proceeded to investigatethe ease. McDonald
stated that he was a stranger in the city, that
he was acquainted with ldrs. Callahan And
had started with her to visit Allegheny. Find
ing that the ferry boat had left, he 'Wed
to cross th rilroa bridge, to which
assented. b u tafter d
walking a',abort distance
she complained that the clndershurt her feet,
and they sat, down on the bank to wait unttl
the boat returned. The bank, at the point al- ,
lusted to, is almost perpendicular, and the
water same ten or twelve feet deep, McDon
ald states that after they had been sic.
Ling there for a few momenta, he observed
Mrs. Callahan take off her bonnet and throw
it on the ground at her aide. Them= instant
she leaped down the bank into the water. He
alleges that be jumped into the water •for the
purpose of reselling her, but being unable to
swim he could render no assistance. He Man
aged to get ashore and screamed for assist.
ance, which brought the employees of the
m The deceased was about thirty-dye
age. Her husband Is a teamster, and l T•e a fi&:
Garrisonin alley, between Liberty - Mid Penn
- • .
The husband and daughter of deceased were
examined before the Coroner's jury, and tes
tified that she had been in a bad state of
health for some time. A week ell Ice; she Went
to Allegheny to visit a niece, and remained
there until Wednesday evening, when the
husband was informed .that she was very 11l
swirl deranged. He went to see her and brought
her to his residence in Garrison alley. During
the night she continued in a deranged state
of mind, imagining that some one was going
to shoot her, and insisted that her hus ba nd
and the man M'Donald should _guard the
doors and wirdowa. Thursday morn
ing she seemed somewhat better,
and told her husband before he went
to his work, that she world take a walk with
McDonald, believing It would dollar good. He
Demented, and she accordingly left the house
with McDonald, tolling her daughter before
going out, that she would rather drown
herself than give the imaginary persons
the Benefaction of shootingher. McDonald.
was also examined before the jury and made
a statement, the substance of which we have
given above.
The Jury rendered a verdict that the deceas
ed came to her death by drowning herself
whilst laboring under mental derangement,
whereupon McDonald was discharged from
The Maslen] Monster. of St. Penni,
Professor George W. Morgan, the)ustly cele
brated organist of Grace Church, New Yorlr,
gives a grand organ concert In St. Paul's Ca
thedral to-night. He Is the beat performer In
the world upon the organ, and eminent critics
have exhausted their powers In landing his
efforts upon the big organs of Boston and
New Vora. The organ just finished In St.
Paul's Cathedral is third In sire In the Union,
and persona who can enjoy instrumental urusie
of an extraordinary character should be in at
tendance. Perhaps in connection with the
expected grand musical trial to-night we
might describe the monster organ to be inaug
urated. The architectural design Is Gothic,
with four exceedingly 'large octagon buttres
ses. In height it measures some forty feet; in
width from twenty-seven to thirty feet, and in
depth from thirteen to fourteen feet. The
ease is black walnut, varnished, and set off
w ith seventeen richly gilt speaking pr.
Over the "lip" of each pipe, and extending
the entire width of the front, the words "Glo.
rla Petri et Fillo, - et Bpuitni Semite," are
painted n red vermillion. The colossal
structure is divided into four compartments,
vizi the Great Organ, Choir Organ, Swell Or
gen, and • Pedal - Organ. In " the Great
Organ the stops are made on the
largest scale, well winded to produce great
volume, power and brilliancy of tone; while
the characteristics of those in the. Choir Or-
aan will be richness and mellowness of tone.
The pipes in the Pedal Organ are of the heavi
est scales and voicing, and owing to the pecu
liar simplification sy s te m of the Jewett:do
school of - Organ buil , the coupling stops
ensure freedom from friction and durability.
In the Swell Organ the newly introduced
"VertleatAllides," with flushed front,
the "crescendo" very atreallvicialrlinVeirtrio.
lion. The keys or manuals overhang. It con
tains six sets of sixteen feet pipes, Pity stops,
and in the aggregate the grand total of three
thousand pipes. Three- banks of keys give
utterance to its mighty melody, and each bank
has the extraordinary compass of nye octaves.
Two bellows of prodigious slob furnish breath
to this musical monster.
The concert tomight must prove a success,
as the great organ, in which all Pittsbrughera
should take pride, will be Tally tested and
shown to the best advantage. There are no
reserved seats. The programme is published
in another column.
Threatened to Pull Down a House
Willielmina Fleming was brought before Al
derman Taylor yesterday, charged, on oath
of Agnes Mulleng. with [surety of the peace.
The prosecutrlx, whole a maiden of fifty win
ters, stated that she heard a rapping In her
alloy and on going out to learn the cause was
met by the accused, who announced her deter
mination to pull down her house and bury the
deponent beneath its ruins. Tothis Agnes re
plied that if she did not Imm•idisi•ily depart
she would give her an application of hot water
about her shoulders, which, in the existing
state of the weather, would be but
agreeable. After a hearing had b a :32ri t a,
nes declared her wi ll ingness to bury the
hatchet, on condition that Williehnina would
let her alone in the [Mum. In order tosecure
this result the Alderman held the latter In
$3OO to keep the peace.
• The colored population of a locality known
as "Whisky Hollow," Armstrong county, had
a picnic. on Monday last, which was numer ,
only attended by both sexes. During the
day a black fellow, named Murphy, consider—
ed tumself slighted by hia. IS4Y-lovet and um"
eluded,. after fortifying himself with several
large doses of bad whisky, 'to pin an end to
Me existence. He procured .a shot gun which
was heavily charged, placed the muzzle in his
month, touched the trigger with his fooa, and
blew the whole top of his head oft Of course
death ensued instantly. ass igned other (UMW than
that above stated canhe for the rash
A Itardsarbble Case
Mrs. Elizabeth Utter ana Mrs. Jane King,
residents of that Mazda region known es
ollardscrabble." were before Alderman Lynch,
yesterday, to settle their grievances. Mrs.
Utter, whose anger almost choked her utter
ance stated that Mrs. King was in the habit
of&tag her a tongue lashing every day, and
An threatened to pull every hair in her
head out. After mmaiderable -chiuminsio the
parties shook hands and went tether homes
good friends. During the hearing officerßat ,
ry acted as interpreter, Mr. Utter being WA
ble to utter a word Wive Irish.
A !Spanklng Tennu—Dr. Potter, of Tio
nesta, V.:mango county, it Is reported, Made a
wager of 0,000 a few weeks sines that he would
drive hie pair of teams, over a country road to
be selected by him, 100 miles in eX, home- The
event GISMO off on last Saturday week, and the
Doctor drove 103 miles' mad 17 reds in 0 hours
and 11 minutes and 13 Seconds, stopping once
to feed and twice to water, the actual time of
traveling being 1134 hours. Tole is the beat
tame on rooord. The animals axe a beantifti
pair of large lay MOM. sod they . 010 1 6 in The
D o rt
quite Dab, under a strong pull. The
Doctor was after Wards effete/ 0 10 , 00 0 fer
team, but he refused seU it.
swim in alleges
has 'been a 'leading feature. -- some Otte'has
Nod, 44 let, me make the ballads, and 1 care not
who xnalcos the lawil of the nation.. A good
troupe of tattuttrels is something tO be Cesin
oil, and we do not know of nue that wo can re
commend to the public. with mere Pleasure
than Skiff & Gaylord's. They will Teske their
bow to` a Pittsburgh audience on Monday
evening next. 'Th excelleacy . ila a bond of
musicians Is too well know to neod any com
ment at our hands: All wiff welcome them.
ValuAble Held Estatewsr Squirrel 11111
at Orphans. COUR% thaee—YOUri lots of
ground, containing nom eight to eighteen
wares each, with choice bearing fruit trees and
dwellings on-eseholigtbls situated.
Also; a:House and - Lot .ln the borough of
To•be bold:that arday next, June is, at ten
u'eloehjeAthe Court House. Terms at sale.
Ucoana a,
. . • Trustee of JOU Diners , Estate.
Aldemean Butler's Ordee.—Tole Galla
her was prosecuted 'baton) Alderman Butler,
yesterday, by Jain and Hannah Mcßride tor
. assault and battery, and a warrszt Issued ter
Ann Williams Wsis lleld to by Alderman
Butler to answer a elude of assault and bat
tery, brought by Fidellallsberry.
fleeting ;if nut gintty-Firig—The surrin-.
ing 'Members of the 61st:PenosylvanisT Woo
tearlietrlnntt will hold mooting an tn.) Ls
Pierre. Aanse, kept by. Captain Louie Hager. ,
on Market Street, near AlttornorrOW
evening. far the purpose of making arrenfip?
moots fastfood the lag preeentstlous RtP
lidelphis'on the Fourth or July. •
. _
Ic to our painful duty to 811111701100 thtfend.
Oen deethi_on Thursday morning, ;of Cloning
larnel,nsq., from congestion of the brain.
Mr. Israel, at the flute of his death; held the
°moo ofif.blle and SO=Otary , 'the
Ineeseo 011 0
Co ry mpany. ru Be win be i s m of ent.d
by a numerous circle of relatives and attaub!
ed - .
neoldent—A young man named
Illobell,l ;Mmdville,_ was sooldaninn9,
- bmnlng on WeintadaY, by
ore kni ma °4 ;WI Zrt a gm , 116 &Wit
tinin years air% and the CY ,I . I 7: I IFPW'r
. i : .., , ,,tl . . -:,...,,,,;,-...:,,,.-,1.,.,:.,,:t,:,
. .
iteeithig vitrAneebely cowmen..
The regular monthly tneettniof Allegheny
Councils was held list evening in the City
- - sriLnot OOMMIL.
Present: Messrs. Dram; Huokensteta, Irwin, .
Myler, Patterson, Win. Smith, and President' ,
Mc:Briar. The minuted of the preceding
meeting was read and approved.
Mr. IrWin presented a petition form the citi
zens Of theßftst ward ..s. ng Councils to sell
a por.then of the city lot in the said ward.
Referred to the Committee on Fire Engines.
Mx. S. Drum,a petition , from residents. of
the same askingward a faller supply of gas.
Refe petitionrred to the Gas g
A askin far the reduction of water
rent Walt read teed - referred to the Water Com
mittee with power. to act._ •
A communication from Mayor Morrison was
presented by Mr. Thomas, asking Councils to
appropriate a room in the City Building for a
dispensary. Referred to Committee on City
e tt a grion was presented asking for the
and paving of Leaky alley. Referred
Street Committee.
A rmtilloesaking ter a water pipe to be laid
on, Western avenue was read and referred to
the Water.. Committee.
- A remonstrance Usinst the grading of Char-.
tiers street Was read and referred to the Street
A petition alkingfor the grading and paving
' of West alley, was reed and also referred to
the saute Committee. ' -
Mr. Hall read the Mport of the Finance Com
mittee, designating the Bank of Pittsburgh
as the floral agent for the sate of the Coupon
Bonds of Allegheny City..
Mr. Myler objected to the piitage of the res
olution, and moved that the Allegbeny.Truat
Company be substituted instead of the Bank
of Pittsburgh.
After an animated debate Mr. Myler's mo
tion passed. C. C. non-concurred and a Com
mittee Of Conference was appointed. The
Committee reported in favor of the original
resolution, which was dually passed.
Mr. J. B.
-Smith presented the report of the
Commit - bet:On Streets with an ordinance for
the construction of a sewer on the Sento side
of North Commons and connecting with the
sewer on West Comnion.
Also, a resolution authorizing the Control
ler to. advertise for the • construction of a
wooden eawerof three hundred feet in length
to be placed under Fremont street.
Also, a resolution authorizing Mr. Logan to
sink a well on Fayette street for the purpose
of draining a cellar. The ordinance and reso
lutions were adopted. • - . .
Mt. Hall also presented the report of the
Controller to which was annexed resolutions
arra? ,
asking Councils to authorize w to be
lomed for the payment of an on nding
Bounty, and also for the payment of pia for
repairs done to the Gen. Grant Engin House.
After an se meted debate the resolietiOne Were
pa Mr Drum offered the following rebolution,
which on motion of Mr. Thomas, wae;eierred
to the Committee on Fire Engines:
IResolted, That•the Committee on ire En
gines be instructed to place the .General
Grant Steamer lhcharge of the Commbia Huse
Company., and that they consider the,proprie
ty of . selling the Grant Engine House and
erect another in the Third ward.
A resolution was offered by Mr. Irwin pre
tiding for the appointMent of an assistant
vicee City Reguhttor, to be COatitmed in ser
ntil the sewerage is completed. Ado-
Kr. prlreeented resell:lElcm prorid .
that all as (UM from the streets, be
ed upon e C ommons . Referred to the Street
An ordinance • creating a Health Officer,
passed C., was non-ormourred in by the 8.
C and a Committee of Conference appointed.
The report of the viewere on the opening of
Davis alley from Webster street to Pasture
lane, wan read and accepted.
Mr. Thomas offered a resolution providing
for the appointment of an Assistant Street
ComulagdOner, whose duty it shall pie to see
that the city Ls kept free from nuisances of all
description. Thepted-
appointment is to be for six
menthe. Ada
Mr. Irwin offered a resolution for the grad
ing Of the Second and Third Ward squares.
C. C. non-concurred, but suggested - that_ the
dirt be removed to the river ban k.
In all matters not otherwise noted there
was a unlined concurrence at the hour of ad
collagen council.
Present—MeSarl. Brown, Campbell, Crinn :
ham,•Panihaber, Banns, Megrim, Myers, -
ler, McNeil,. McDonald, Reed, Riddle, W ter
and President Bouncy.
The minutes of the last meeting were
and a
r.3W d. inber presented ispetitimi from the
citizens residing on Chestnut street, pre ing
for tha.rernoval of a draping from the he 'of
Mr. Panlinehi house to the of Chen Chestnut
and Canal street& Head referred to the
Water COMmittee, with to act.
Mr. McDonald—a petit r an for the remov of
a public gas lamp, now situated sixty feet t
of Fremont street, on Western avenue, the
corner of Tremont •street and , said eve, ue.
Read and referred to the figs Committee, With
Tower to act.
. Also &petition for the erection of a fire ping
on the ' corner of Buena Vista street and Tay- I
lor avenue. Read and referred to the Water
Committee., With power td. act.
Mr. Hanna, a petition for the building of a
sewer, commencing atidarket street, to the
'river, via Carry street. .Referred to the Com
mittee on Sewerage, with poWer to act.
Mr. McNeal, a petition for the erection of a
public gas lamp on Poplar street, in the Third
ward. Referred totes Committee, with power
to act.
Mr. Megrim presented the report of the
Committee on Wharves and Landings, to-
CtiliMt with an ron ordinance r emboweringoa LT:,
to the grade establishedyfor hii r h and low
water line and properly secure t em against
l iftiatz e bi: , wate n n ee Th r e e Letr , report naree l an e e s epteg
parawd. .
Mr. McNeil presented the report of the San
itary Committee, with an ordinance creating
a Health OMee and a Sanitary Police, to con
sist of one person from each ward.
Mr. Hanna moved that the ordinance be
amended by dispensing with the proposed
Sanitary Police.
The amendment' was accepted and the ordi
nance finally passed.
Mr. Hanna, from the. Committee on Markets,
preinated the report of the Committee, to
gether with the following abstracts of the re.
ports of the Weignmaster and Clerks of the
Markets for the months of April and May.
azostrra eon span.
John 8. Edgar, Diamond Scales 9238 19
W. F. Andrews Seamed Ward M
DMICILD D 911341: Clerk of Markets.„. .. , 811 37
The report was accepted and ordered to be
Mr. lieed_presented the report of the Com
mittee on Fire Engines and Hose, The:Com
mittee 'recommended the eppointment •of a
committee to inquire into the probable cost of
the erection of a Fire Alarm Telegraph and
report to Councils, and also recommending
the renwanteation of the Hope Company m
the Second -Warr, te be supplled with hole by
the city and the members to receive the same
r given to the members of the Grant and
Wz; report Wan : accepted and.the resolution
Messrs. Reed, Riddle and Walter were ap
pointed on the part of Common Councils to
in tdre into the rost;of erecting a Fire Alarm
of presented • his rein/Path= as a
member of the Commoo,,Ceencil, which was
read and accepted:
Mr. addle tedutordnsnce requiring
the Superm dent of the Water Works to
metdraw ord on the Gintroller - for the pay-
of persons ers
performing fractbonal parts
of a months labor at the worka. Bead, and
brid over.
Mr. Miller offered-a resolutlen instructing
the Mayor to issue his proclamation for an
election, to be held in the Thlrclward, to elect
one person as a member of the Common
Connell to all the vacartoy:Occaskined by the
resignation of Mr. John Myers.. geld - =BO
times and adopted.
Fanlhanber offered a resolution Instruct ,
Mg the City Solicitor to ascertain If any plans
can be adopted to prevent the depositing of
filth at Butcher's Bun.'
On motion, adjourned. '
_ O 4 W t. r Ike X*74 111 6 ae•
Alhed ilson was tiled ln the Quarter Ses
sions Yesterday for the bireetty. of ithorse and.
buggy. from in front Of. the Theatre. on Fifth
street. The =idol= was that the 'accused
VIM very drunk, that lie staggered
_rip the
stops of the Theatre saloon; (where he was, 'or
bOil been,OszkOOptrj to too paventent and'
...against the horse and buggy, which belonged
to Or. Itinehrrt shah= -beanie% Standing in
the street. .ile drove the bum' to .Lawrenee.
ville, Writ there l ne xt =mg= Condition, and
On being arrested day he didnot, alma
rently,_trocellect anything about the trainee.
Lion.. Excouttve drunkenness' being .proven,
the Jury acquitted. thedefendant, vlng aim
the bane= of the reasonable don tas to his
having entertained any tolcnitous intent;
The fact 'that the defendant had beerta hAr.
keeper at the saloon of • the - Theatre, however,
attracted the =Mitt= of . S_ Monett, d
onett, an
tiitson was required to_ give bail to answer for
selling liquor without }Wnite.; ••
heth Swam= made an information before Al
derman DOWlldson, yesterday, against Goo.
Glendalms barkeeper on Waterstreet, for ass
sault and. battery. The deponent states that
she went 'into the saloon where Glendale is
employed, and called for a tuatara:dale, where
upon the latter oast a tumbler Lull of mote
water in her 'Moe, and called her a d—d b--h.
A warrant was issued for the arrest of the oo-
_ • , _ .
BOY Droessed.,-Ireetiining afternoon WU,
thy son of George Bunter, residing in the
Med ward, Allegheny, Was drowned off raft
in the Allegheny river. on which, be WOOD lay,
ing with some companions. Voroner OlawSon
held as Inquest, . the jury rendering a verdiet
of accidental drowning. - 138 °" 160.4 „7 48 be
tween (=ant fire years of age. t
- ,
•Conienleseduinfer Boyle Wl5
before Mayor Morrieim,-ilbarged with Aru is.
cameo and disorderlyoroubsiti on oleth of bor.
busbeed. yes coistraltted to obt
cry for Undo*, sil'elie", , moiresbeat Ol , .erhinh
iL is hostel. eke. wilL:00 - -.tstany „ r a mme d .
A . at ii.panest - trade rearftillnroads
44111011 .
OW. • .• ent.—toeording
vo ttie pOnal niljnat . approved -by" ;the ?roar-
•nentanattald indlleeletters
p ar a atobeloeward;
ea, at tike -Mt 1 014:0t,tang
loom one otke to.another wltatont 'additional
Peelein' 'Aga Warned , dead letters
reline& 0; 1 welenter tt{ereOt tree,of.pollelte.
..Mlebasey , Bosnian. Indicted for
the butenrof clottibag i r Lewis Limier, a
Esete, and Mules tahl.seoused of steel
ing trOinite OA store &vane a. CO, were
di " U nted-tion OK& Yeiltera 2 9, :the Grand
Jaw bwozgret anted the o, l lia sivOn" mu!'
wasirespaxli - ARD
The edition la wed& erl.ll mob Ibt as
Ntrt. ft
t:Ell or TEN AND VFW ' I 1
nye ce Ne c e i rC s o — cc T n h m ecnocointwe th
h a p ft e er
- width time it ban bo procured b 7 addr.,.
James Pollock, director of the Mints Phil
:phis. P. It alll be forwarded b express
auul of flay dollars and upwards tree of -
!panne to partial ordering.
StraWberries.---liir. Wm. Chests, of Char
'tiers township, bas - scut us several boxes of
extra strawberries, as specimens of wino.. be .
, ever'y day forwarding to ;.the city mark
; They are of very superior size awl flavor
Talk= Over--Benjamin Bazaars', conic
od of larceny,and Henry Davie, convicted r
lakiedomeanor,arere taken to th e peat entiary
weaterday by Sheriff Stewart.
on s captai.—Ttiomas Dookberty was
'lodged to Jan yesterday on it 'eaplas to an.
ewer Darby M'Donongh a plan of .troSpus
' dyad+.
SILLELL.—On nanolny aoroln6. the Uth. Nr
Notice of the funeral elll appear In papers or
nr.lay morning.
No-196 thnithileld 8t Car.
(Entrance fromßevent6.Btreeta
"X . X . r . i . ErZ3lCril.Oleir.
trxra - masrzgamisaranzt,
Sin tee rorirtll street, Pittsburgh. H. ormitra of
all kinds,' ORAPES,I*LOVI:NIane everrdears=
,of Fairenil TenThrellla 4.. 1 * laranlea.
i„,,,,,,,,a.iaadalght, Hearse ateiCarriagerfatalrliee
• llargalLerCliallee. Dane Kerr, • Fe, hi
jp,ob.s. „ Thoaula Kering, Ilagr, .1100aK
.._.. __
. 7 170L11N..
TERRA will meet In parthiince So atlloarla
-7nent, st. Ftrymeto. Hell Intbe - Dtamond Market
tiouse, on Tuesday evening, the nth lest., It
o'clock P M. . .
Jell5:4lM : T .E. ROSE, RN/a/lent.
se 3riftb. 0911zreeet.
Fine Watche s,
Silva and BilvepPlatea Ware.
We are In recelnt daily of new arras of GOLD
°HAMS. Plidd, EAR RINGS. &c.
call and see our_elock and !et prices. j
e 7
• ALL firivEs,
WXLIa T. 171711:1GrilinEip
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
WiItEIIibEILEIB3B4 W . . 02 : 3240 "
WifeatrOf= ,`ArkWl,l'l
aya • s al
An examination will prove that they are the beat
atnehine In the world:
Salesroom, Filth Street.
; Pronounced by an who have tees It the Blmpl. at
!machine tow Wore the potato-
It Is as effective and durable aa It It simple, and
-as practical all tilt durable. It tuut but to be seen to
:be admired. and vied to be appreciated. It eom
:blues the elements or&
In st price within the rouge at 'near
tig:t7nly .121 kine In the United States
ncensed.torts7the WHEELER A WILSON FEED
—the best and only.relbsble geed ever constructed.
313.134:EUELIT . db 33.00101731 M,
WiloixsALlC AGENTS,.
37 1 17%0. 813 31 0 1.1rtia. *Street,
My111:411 . . I tTIyIIUWUI. PA.
R . T. WHITE & COy
Manchester. Wand's Bon and vicinity.
Osaka atoovisat Iltaiseestift Livery Malls.
Owner cm 131selltaul sad Martian streets.
Hearse and Carriages furatched. nolOdyd
sossig WILLI/UM% undertaker.
Undertaking In all Its branches Dlsinuinins,
laying out and fluidal:dna erematng arsessary
latarpeelnterment. promptly attended to.
A splendid Hearse and Carriages always on
nn-4 at reasonable terms. 481:3
Selling, at 492,5,
New Cloak House, 49 Fifth
Tins Opßosite Old Theatre.
pieTuomt, miciatinE worths,
la. Ohio Strees,
I;nsD a t i g lemma. OW A.Nu LIALT,WELI
• ater Welted SA Ws . 4
Derrenesta .1a Ja nandbtbse Jen= mace o Veseesed_ inelau
amend Kepn= In standard AO= a
=sabered. so ttud,partd tan be ordered by faido/R.
tea= sadtrudierrafxstatgasr as to
those whams w anease
sikede tome= ,Ordereb4.ll4prosesly aiteisde4t..
no prepared= Pa= Se oder inallaMeti.
=nen Or Matt thatroVralanta 11110.01 farm(. /kilt"
Allei • r softy
/1 OT h
B'' rem.o-
~Bailee um
, .
• vutiOi*RAP! , - 11 44w 1 4 1 4.0.treiii. - ,1:::
1 1' 4 , '•!-
-~.. ..~ ~ 1 Nr'
Ii) fl fl.•hl
They are admirable
They ars unexcelled. •
They are unapproseb eh la
They are unsurpassed.
They nre
Moe, Die. 1.16701TRT/iSTREET