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AIR TX HT MAIL , 48.00
CH 0• gx, nravtu CARRIER__ lA.
he Nittoburgh 6autte.
MONDAY, MAY 28, 1866.
Idit the Howie of Representative -t. on Sat
urday, Mr. Stevens submitted a proposi
lion that certain Ml:leers of the 'TreasorY
Department In' appointed by- (tom uKerit
resolution. In urging this proposirmll he
used very strong language t,sords the
President and some of his Seer•mries;even
going so far as to hint that ' ,licks of im
peachment should he brought forward with.
in a week.
If Mr. Stevens believes anything ha.s been
done deserving of impeachment, it is hi s
right and duty m bring for - ward articles
to that end. But violent threateninks only
damage him and his friends.
As see read the Constitution it does not
warrant the appointment of officers in the
manner proposed by Mr. Stevens. Among
the masses of the people there is just as
strong a disposition to hold Congress to
rigid itecotuitability, as to hold the I'resi•
W HEN secretary HARLAN , was asked to
consort with rebels and copperheads to
Overthrow the republic an party, he frankly
"I have been fonr times elected to a seat
in the United States Senate by the Legis
lature of lowa, as a representative of the
Union party, and as a member of that or.
ganization l was appointed to Oa oyiee
liO4 , hold. To betray the confidence thus re
posed in me mould ben manifestation of in
gratitude 4.0 dishonorahle, that I
tun sure no intelligent member of your or
ganization expeets it, nor eon it be expect
ed that I will do or say anything which
would, in my opinion, tend to diride, treak•
en or demoralize the great Union erganica.
tie,, until the purpau s •r" its creation shall
hare bee,. /It aceomplished.."
There spoke n high-toned gentleman,
who would not do "an underhanded thing."
Will the Colnmerrbil and other adulators of
Mr. Cowa...s, make a note of what he
THE DEMOCRATS of ilh lei , a:sembled in
State Convention on the 24th inst., were
tender-footed in their endorsement of the
President. hear them.
"We st ill cordially :loud actively support
Andrew Johnson, President of the United
States, in all necessary and proper men<.
urns, to carry out his policy as directed to
that end, and especially in securing imme
diate representation in the Senate and
House of Representatives to the eleven
States, now unconstitutionally and arbitra
rily withheld on the degrading condition of
inferiority in the Union and negro, politi
cal and civil equality enforced by the Fed
eral Government."
Which, being interpreted, mean , . so far
te , the President phi) , into ;he hands of
the Democrat,. iu their effert,to regain po.
lineal power, they will applaud him. and
when they have gained thei r end, they will
"whistle him down the wind "
TWE Nashville, (Tenn.) Pe”. vay,
"My policy" is sparing no effort to rebuild
the old pet faction, the Piouthern Secession
Democracy, in order to :secure his re-elec
lion to the Presidency. which lit the • , ttle
object of all his labor
• "Arrangements are being made to secure
the representation of the eleven Southern
States in the next Democratic conVC11(1011.
The Nen York Drily _V,r• already ir
culating 1114 a campalgn document in the
South, and it rnoote.l In influential .iunr.
ters that Iwth Fernando Witort and Voor.
bees Will lay itrong ,•:.nditia'4., for the Vice
Presidency. A man by the name of Curtis
is now traveling through the South as agent
for the paper. which he furnishes gratui
tously to those who can't be induced to pay
for; it. The. Money for this enterprise is
believed to come out of the city treasury
" New York.
THE all of the Republican Central Com
mittee of Illinois for a State Convention. is
addressed to the "Republican Union voters
of Illinois who are in favor of keeping trai
tors out of the halls of Congress, and of as
serting and maintaining the right of the
loyal people, Ihrough their Representatives
in Congress, to fix and determine the eon•
ditiou on which States lately in re b e llion
shall be permitted to participate in the gov
ernment of the United States."
Tilt. Republicans of .lunia to county hate
nominated for Congress, John .1. Patter•
son, (subject to the District Conterencea
Assembly, Henry H. Wilson, (subject to
the District Conference,) Associate Judges,
Joseph Pomeroy, Lucian Wilson; Prothon•
°tory, John M. Thompson; Commissioner,
Jacob Weiser, District Attorney, Jeremiah
Lyons; Auditor, Thomas Morrow.
US 'Change, in Cincinnati, on Satur
day, a resolution was offered to the effect
that the action of the Chamber in ISR2,
requiring the members to take the oath of
allegiance, and expulsion of those who re
fused, was rendered unnecessary, uow that
the rebellion is at an end, and that, there
fore, the disability be removed. It was
accepted and made the special order for
next meeting.
TOE carcrs of the republican members
of the Senate to consider the Reconstruc
tion Amendments has had a beneficial
effect. Conflicting views will he recon
ciled, and the measure put in such form as
to secure the unanimous support of all the
Senators who art with the republican
Wnim: the national authorities banished
Mr. VALLANDIGUAH the dentocr Its were
enraged. Now, they purpose to raise
among themselves $50,0450, to send him to
Europe for three years, until present politi
cal complications shall bare ceased.
11..s.xturLtAls and his empire am in a bad
way. His European backers are likely to
have employment at home for all their
time and resources; and this contingency
will leave him no other course than to ab
dicate and leave.
Tn Washington serenade was devised'
to constrain all the members of the Cabinet
to accept the President's Policy, or to af
ford a pretext for removals. As unity was
not secured, removalsmay be expected to
resulted from the multiplication of enter
prises purely speculative. It retuaiQs true
evermore, that "the) who make haste to
he rich fall into temptation and a snare."
THE republicans in the Senate hove
ceased to invite DOOLITTLE, DI KON , and
COWAN" to their caucusses. They have, nt
least, a suspicion those gentlemen will do
"an underhanded thing."
giving some foolish and mischievious hints
that t renewal of the war is contemplated
by the republicans. Nothing can be Earth.
er from fact.
ST. Louts has taken a fresh start since
the war closed, and shot far ahead of its
rival, Chick , . It now claims 280,000 in
Times papers say it Lae rained there
eteadlly for a week, .
Bates & Bellew
, „ .00tla.
Humphrey'■ Elomoapthle for sale at Fulton'n Drag store. No
la. Smithfield street.
For Boys.
A Very elegant stock of Cassinneree, Linen
GriCsts. Plaids, in the new stock ar
All trlath. anti qualities selling low. •ut the
Northeast corner of Fourth anti Varlet
Light 11./lii dark, on the Northea,t corner 01
Fourth and Market etreeta,
Lace Circulars and Points,
Mack and White, on the Northeast eonnee nt
Fourth anti Market street,
r os Lova
In great vacieLy, just opened, on the znotb
Cobbe-nrner of Fourth and Market...tree,.
1 . . 11.1.11fiON 11,)N I, a . iilt.
One ease, I.t arrirml and selling at about
half price, on the northeast corner of Market
Bates & Bell
No. 21 Fitth street, have opened an elenant
lino of Shawls, Silks,, Mantle., lam•
Cho-tnln4, Gilt Comic., Honey Comb (lull.,
Mnr.elllea Guilt,
Prudent persona will not be without a bottle
of cholera mixture in the Boller, or a bottle of
reliable liquor, for eases of emergency, both
of which can he had at Fleming's Drug dtore.
NO. Si Niarlzet. Remember the plan•.
In out notice. in Saturdny's etiltion, of lit.
Quincy A. Scott's method of extracting teeth
without ram. we intended to say the, 4.4 Al IT
ans./war in tritten it has produced Injurious rj
ret Jo, instead of there is but one case, Ac The
Doctor will guarantee euttre safely in seert
mw.. Itelnetnbice his number, X:, Penn street, ,
third door above Hand. lie gives a full set.
011 011 1,111 it, , . with beautiful gums, for eight.
dollars.— /i 4 milt it rib Pose
Iloatetter'm Stomach Bitters
ilea 1 the following letter from E. lionrne, o
well known citizen of I . ll.taborgli, l'a.
.11rssr.t. Hosteller aSmith—Gentleme n : Dur
ing a visit In the west lost fall, I contracted
chtlls and lever which brought me to my lied
and dually terminated in typhoid fever, and
eonfliii..l me to my room for several mouth,
dm tag which 11100 I was physically so pros
trated that I almost despaired of ever recover
ing my health; having entirely lost my appe
tite for days, Oct being able to eat n morsel,
added to a iiich I was much distressed with a
reeling aerisatiOn In my head, and passed Many
sevies , front debility caused by
ey prOstr,L to condition, brought about by the
(vv.. stage of illy condition a triimd
reconmirtided rue to Use ;our celebrated St,. rna , :( Bitters, led being morally opposed to
the me of stimulants In any form, I at first
hut afterwards yielded my preindiecs
and, alter taking the medicine for
weeks, its directed, nip appetite Mtn riled :M eral O
milli It t um rapidly regaining my former
strength and vigor. My sleep, (from the loss
.1 which I had sullered much.) lab net er been
seller than it is now, and the reeling rents
:too (bet. , alluded to,) has entirely lett me.
My tam vi., s hien Were much constipated and
Irregular, are now quite natural, and In fact I
am glad to nay that I teal myself a new Irian,
and tender you this testimonial of my appre
ciation of your valuable preparation in order
that others suffering as I have may avail
thence:lees of its virtues, which prejudice
idevente,l air from enjoying for no long
a period 'I !nay also mid that my physician,
atter seeing the beneficial client your Bitters
nail on me, r(ssiminended that I use them rec.
Marty I ours, very respectfully,
E. Boyitsr.,
No 46 Market street.
11(rnoleilter.• Bitter*
A Et sold trbo:esai a and retail at very Tow rat'
L I onntam . /4 Drug and Patent Medicine Depot,
AO. ut Marcel. atteot, corner 01 Use liio.moc.r:
Il6,lket. near lienrt, street.
The Indictment against Jeff. Dash,—
Statement Contradicted—His Trial
Not to Take place Before Fall- -App
euttons for Pardons Dtatinisbed—lies
titation of Freedmen from Texas—
Collectinti and Burying the lead at
1101:11!bier, Va.—PintMusa Fair for the
Benefit of Soldiers and Sailors' Or
phone" Home.
W Asti !NOT Oh May M.—There enema to be
good 111 thor t y tar denying the correctness of
the .tatement Thick has been extensively
puldished, that a new indictment against
Darts has been drawn up In the Attorney Gen
eral's °Mee. .since Mr. Speed's return to Wash
mgton, and that Judge Underwood's
meet will he withdrawn and a new one 5.1.1.
stituted. It Is not Improbable, however some
changes may be made In the lndlctment pro.
serated by the Norfolk Grand Jury. The Im
pression still eSiALX that the trill! will not
lake place before fall.
Applicants for pardon are not so 1111111CT0119
as they were a few months ago, but those who
apply_t - sersonally are none the less Ur, fort LI
ate. Pardons were granted to-day to thirteen
persons of the Classes Included Ln the first and
thirteenth clauses of the amnesty proelanur
General 'tpragne, Assistant Commissioner of
the Freedmen's Bureau In Arkansas, has for
warded to the Commissioner, under date of
the fifteenth Instant, a communication from
Captain Abell, a superintendent of the Bu
reau In that State, which says that the freed
men arc corning in almost daily from Texas
in a destitute condition, and report that an
archy and despotism reign Mere. Many are
driven from their homes and families, and
MOOT have been shot and hung for expressing
it desire to enjoy their rights as freedmen.
General Sprague, in concluding his letter,
says that it is very probable the report is ex
igerated, and he la of the opinion that It Is,
although Captain Abell has never shown a
disposition to repeat sensational rumors.
Tile a orb Ines engaged in collecting and tins
eying the soldiers and civilians WOO tiled In
tile service, in wail about Hampton, Va., report
that they have thus far re-Intel red in the 7CIII
- at Hampton, the remains of about 4,(ski
leen. As most of taisse men tiled of wounds
ur disease. in the hospitals near Fortress Mon
roe, their names, rank and regiments are all
Active preparations are making for the na
tional fair (or the benefit of the StlllOre and
ioldiers' Orphans Home. A spacious building
is now fn course of erxtion at flue luterser-
Lion of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh
street for the fair. litt. August has detailed a
number of soldiers who are acting as carpen
ters. They commenced the brulding this
Cholera Report—Plead Center Stephens
Asked to Define lila Polley and Ac
count for the Collected for Him
self and Family—The Caucus of Repub
lican /Senators on Reconstrortion— the
Government Liable for the Finn Value
of Notes of National Dank 14.
Nwir Pons , May M.—There have been no
deaths recently from cholera on hoard the
hospital ship Falcon, and the patient. are
nearly all well. The following it lir. itheiclps
“1101,PITAL Snip, May 25, lain.
The report of the condition of the hospital
for May OLh is very meagre. No admission,
or deaths; all doing well and anxious to ta.
discharged and weed their way to the fertile
valleys of the West.”
Nothing of importance transpired to-day at
Head Center Stephens' headquarters. ft is
tented that the circles in Manhattan and other
districts have resolved to discontinue giving
any pecuniary aid to Mr. Stephens till lie de.
tines his policy and readers an account of the
lands hitherto collected t.. r himself and his
The evening papers say the proceedings In
the Bepubilean crenate caucusrevealed the
fact that more than two-thirds will sup
port the Constitutional Amendment in
tmslinedtOrm. The third section viii proba
bly be stMalren out. Probably a substitute for
the whole amendment will be offered In the
Senate. Medlars Doolittle, Cowan and DISOII
RCM not Incited to Lake part in the caucus.
'Lleroco4lll. 001101111 Grant and wile intend
visiting St. Louis and other portions of the
West next week.
Treasurer Spinner, in a communication to
the !Jerold, says that,according to the aet of
Congress, the Government An liable for the
fee value- of all notes of National Banks, and
Mat no case lift,, arisen 10 which note-holders
have buffered any loss. In other words, the
4.tvernment (Ines not ant In the capacity of
Jo lit lrllblot of the National Banks oil the
hOlders of their notes to pay the tatter suet,
earns tas it may realize from the sales of the
securities of the former, but It Stands as the
perfectly secured endmaement slavery circu
lating note leaned by a National Bank .
Capture of a Murderer.
J 40 . 1,-11 - 1 .1 May V.—Terrill, the murderer,
was cantered by the citizens of Shelbyville
yesterday and sent here today. lie reeelved
three Shots before being captured, and It IS
sUpposcd they will prove mortal. A man
named Baden was also captured with him. A
Lb ird associate escaped.
,A rumor prevailed there that a large body
o( Pentane moved northward from than Clete
ity to-night. Their destination is unknown.
tnellmaa A b eeonded — Lirreitments in
Fenian Bond.,
LotrisvlLLz, May M.—Ben. 8. Board, council
OLIO of this aty, has absconded. Ho 1.4 sold to
be guilty of forgery and fraud.
AL Nashville oversl,ooo was Invested In
rentaa beetle /an alert Several Tel per-
On routs tar the tiorthstn Aaiun
NO. 124
ffolo num.
The Prussian-Austrian-Italian Aar.
Military Exemption for Money
T 11,• Fiwinciftl (`rasli
Financial Panic %Wadding.
11.1 M, May "21;.—ThY fol low tug n. It tonal
IIeWS Is I Me steamers :amount and A toe rlea
A Milan telegram of the Isth states rrgl
tnents of troops continue to arrive. SIX
thotisaml were expected altogether. and will
tot removed from Frivol! to Padua. Depots
for the Aunt man alit terry servlee In Venetia
have heen established at gents. and avonstd•
erable force Iv stnlioued on the T) Ile. The
Vl-1111 1 .1 1. to be raised to 24,010.
Gunboats have ht-tin statloned and many tor
pedoes sank In the r uter harbor of Venice.
The nntlerpost had apintartsl In Ireland.
Several Fnonth Journals reeetved 0 artong
for representing that the Government is pro
voking war.
The In France oars many communtmdmos
have been exchanged between the labium,
'luring the suspense
The depart are of the Vienna garriamt for
Itohernla ban eommenoed.
. . .
The substitution of money for military e
emption was abolished.
lovresv.—A Berlin oomatch of the 101 l sitt.
A conditional treaty of alliance was signed on
Saturday bet wren Prussia and Italy.
The correspondent, between the King. of
Prussia 01111 the Czar In believed to have here
tmaneeted with the creation of the Purl, et
Warsaw, and It Is declared the 1 tar lots not
Interfered in favor of peace
Vienna date , of the lOU state that an impe
rial ordinance will shortly he published, de.
M ating Inotebant se,,h and range es not
Ilahle to capture Aust rim; ves-els of
war, .tulply bectoose they belong to It pain,'
with ahich Auatria le ut sear
A Florence telegram nave apectal decry, -
Mtn been islet 1, ordering all uoldmr4 of th
-ccond cavalry of ISt! to be tncorporated
the regmar army. They have stlrcenly been
culled to,t her lor two 1111111 , he •If 1;1
TM, henatt• a ppros by a cola. of •,
the hill gr.:mita* the looolltlve nttruo, l l HMr .
ponetr, 10 r 0 o, the publit• -.Met y
Tbe thlnt, •hat It a formal prop.
?hohld made lot a Europt•lth “notrt•—
llaly tltll.l ltecop: apt. LW. , C011g1111"1,
That 4h.• may T et.", Arthr•,l :ttot tha
(ht. ettnethak ~f rot, Itt hc• pr. ,
gramme Of thelong, ,, , The- , , on.ILI ton
ant .s..enit
A Milan telegthiu .Lunn that t othou 11 . ..1
Atoo elan Author% aerated at Ventre tor defence
of the Lagoon., and rruter. were lastt
ui ed to or
Z'Ltyaly of I ' . ..klO hoatmen, tor tran aurt
luullero to the191(1.11.1 of Late.
Twenty-two thou...nod Auatrautru troop, OfIAS
cat through the Mosul ,
A Trues, telegram sac. tho %quad
ron haul left the Bay of Lazront. a nl Mkt n al
a imaltion In the Adrlatli , tot peen Amore
and the Biland of liruaaa., thereby elo-Ing
tuulf or Trtonte and threaten in g t erub
Trieste, Poltuul and Futenne.
A Frynkfirrt. telerliTn MA% crvotton r.
..h,lrtly lutrniltice..l 1,1 the n
ft , t the
1:1,..ti0n of the frder..J %I 11/. It v•
Z &Lad Ra....t0t,1t, that i li. , tr
T 11 4 .1,11.10,1 Virn , sl T , lll 'l.- 11
•11 6,:xa•ty
at], tail no fre,di lallureltue,t.
enunidering that the presence far 1110:11.) . ha
not mitigated. ant that the ”.
tiot eatraor.ll7l.4
17 !Hit, it Well haro In ell pa. 1.1
unetampal, it Very in, °raid..
The f...lobet.i Tues.la3 et 'ring rvistrt• a .its.
cidetlimpt ovenn•nt in the stork exchange, and
the foreign stock isesp....tails. buoyant CM,
col. for notto•y, 1.1 I,u at 2 ! r v.
Tile London Aropinsio . 1
;II VI. of the eN enthe
of the 15th antlol/11ea, 111.11 the hank of Eng.
land lind raised the in tweet for advances on
stock to tweis e pet cent.. In 1 . 011S01,11VCI•
the great pressure for assistance in ltd. II
on speculative arettutd. On the Stock
change the tle maul I Po ti aocorunf
Hon Was settee At the Bank. the Intr.-tors
are striving finot not in intrtuge it,, har lt,
I,; taking tot vantage of the pout, granted
them by the Stovetrutneni.
Hallett, I , Menarly ,C I 0 , bankers, and t,rll
- it Ruston, stock Brokers, have s uspentleti
Serena! [allures have neon repOrtedfrom -
The liaittlities or Wakefield, Nash A 1.0 .rf.
anti of Penny A o, ,:140,0A1, w lilt as
set. of only .C3t,ost,
Lel.. VIA 1/.)44
171/4.-1 .. 1'
.• lave for the Derby fu-Mly a4l, u 44
Lord on. Bribery cult wit). e.evon.l and l.
ltuanc thin:. Tama) -tom hone, ran.
The stmonslnpe Nialta and Ern, from Nev.
York. arrived at ljneeninown to-day.
The war question le unchanged. There are.
however, Inure pacificiimere from Parts, anti
the chances of all Bo ropillll I conrcen are 1111.
proving. II naeerieit that Prto-ct are] Bali
nave atkeenteil. The Auetrian rep:). on. ¶ll.t
ramet veil.
A Trieste VII 01 the DM. •a) , til.. All , -
tram rolunteets about to proceeil to Mexico
it In stated, sail under the French flag.
Fermis Brim , r.l l.ip erotic!, hut, suspend...l.
Their liabilities lire heavy. but Ile itisssods
eousitlernbly in excess theteof. tither stispeb
sions are report"!
Liecrpooi, Mott ottos .lull, vltl.
little inquiry, and prices a eek, the sales lot
two nays reacheil Ir..MfO bules, of shirt specs.
Intors ated exporters took 1,:.r. bales. Bread
stuff's stonily. Provisiocs inactive, i•Seept
Lord, which is rimer: sales at 7UFCIii.
Landon. 3/.1, St.—Consols, shiois7i., for
money: Hee-twenties. G:i%ty., Erie
shares, 454440. Illinois I estral shares,
The r rrr.l nap , The C.1.111P1 of the I Idled
States relatlve to the recent Fenian nglinClon
In Ireland hll.B heen roost 41.1.1101110,0',
_ .
It le believed that the eat tie pluale• viii led
extend lot. Ireland.
A Berne tetegrani say-: like Italian troops
who have been stationed on the frontier et the
Palatine, have keen withdram n to the !fierier
of the kingdom.
A Merlyn telegram state. that the "over,
Meats of }las:aria and Kaden are in at, tor of
armed neutrality.
A Gotilentz dispatch say's: The all and !tit
Prussian finny corps are to be enneentrateu
there and at Wetzltu.
A Rio Janeiro telegram of April . 24th says:
The operations of the allied arms . upon the
Pursues arc being elgorouslx pushed forward
Exchange off London
New Int k, y ni Itootne hem
arrived from I.lverteml nn t h, met
gllPolletOWn en the 701,.
The City of London was ont on thy rdh ‘IIEI
Nova Scotian on the lath
In luta, llnueus or lot liannott] the bombard
tnent of Valparaiso had teen noticed In tern,
of Indignation, but the nentrallty of the gril
l-II A.dtutral au., defended and fully endorsed
by the Government. The Logical. pr sni
people loudly denounce the net at Spain. ess
nthgnatton meeting at LI, erpool ado pled
resolution of pr des, and also reeohations en
pressing_gratitude for the exertions td
t "m
-alodor° Rogers, I ;Med States bury
The tintir Willi panic octant lll•ti .1111/..111P1Y 1.,
sulatitle. Many ditTleultiess are yet anticipated,
nut It in believed the effects are lens. dinasitrnus
than former panics. Leading securities were
decldedi,, Improved. The discount (let:land
at the Bank or England continued extremelt,
large. The ~,,, alual rate remains at ten per
cent. There is also 101 active specie demand
for the continent.
There tins he en CO schlitional suspension% to.
The Continental situation remains an.
changed. The military attitude .at the
%afloat; pun er n Is threatening.
It In reported that Ithimarelc receives 1111/IV
a rrnlngs oi Imminent &SIM/0.111/I.CM,
It is scatted that A nettle Ina tow weeks will
Hare nine thousand 111011 In the neld. I.tirtre
bottom of troop, sent flout V lenna, had al
ready effected a St rategie concentration MI
the k rustwart frontier.
1..,C11).00L. May lg.- Morning.—The 1 ntton
market has been steady, with fair trade , he
mand. Prices et American anti long stapled
Cottons are rattler m favor ee sellers. ?did
dling Up11.11111 , 11/01011 til :1131151 1341. The 5/I.lla
of bionclay and Tuesday amounted to about
13,0 w hales, including 3,001.0 tor exporters and
Tracts at Maaelicster yesterday wilt on
limited tuntle. The prices ollereil were getter
ally below the views of producers and little
actual business wi. transacted.
nrearlornlTN,-11.1clutrdurni, :.kffeueer d Co
Bruce, MeAulliT, and report flour quiet,
but steady. Wheat lu steady cleinuncl, at full
rates; Winter Real, I?' 3.1011....41 per tx:ntal
Indian Corn arm and In good demand, at :tune
Sus 3,1 per 40.0 poundr for mixed.
Mann Meeting of Fontana—Cane of an
Alleged Embeasier--Ilomicide—De
cease oral Catholic Clergyman.
New Tone. May V.—A Mann Meeting of Yen-
Lane was held at Cooper Inst Rut.. lard night.
Stephens delivered a short address.
The case of Cools A. Colon, before mention
ed as an crubender of money and securities to
the amount of forty thousand dollars, from
Duncan,bherman & Co., wits before the Courts
y l7tle ' ll 'l' ag . POLland, a tailor, wan murdered last
night m a tenement house on East Fourth
street, by William Cornutak, his late em-.
ployee. The latter is still at large.
Item. Doctor Piss, pastor of a Catholic. Church
in Brooklyn, died yesterday, aged silty-live i
Nearly the Entire Erna hide Aithes_
Consideration of the Tax Bill. !'n"" Rl. tlt.wl
;7 . 1, May L•on iltLy, ['LC •
• now raging t t•lzy. Nearly the °WI,
ni the e, :1
1% :11,Ite, The Ins ,
tnormous. Amon;: the buildings already
NOUNCED BY MR. STEVENS. : enn.t.urnod ar,n hotel , , Orly dwelling, and
-.evenly-nye strirti... I nein(led in thli4
SENATOR COWAN AN APOSTATE. flout are %ine tbe finest e-hilithilitnents ill
the elty. filt• 111, 1. , 1111/I.l , lltPti. I. tin-
. . .
possible to est mate the loss.
A rider iliApatch pats ilown the Ins, at nee
Ilion, and Insurance Si one hundred thou-
Mr. Stevens Threatens .to Arraign si ll dolls,. The following :ire among the
the President and Subordinates principal sliflerid•
for Malfeasance in,l and While, niermintile building,
4.40,000. Insiocil l'. art: Fox, Fidler 11.114 i C "Ml,ll-
ni , !limb,. si;ii,notr i Insurainie *l2ii Itonsmi
and i inninin3. pipe works, 1 ,30 . 10 0 , , Insure , '
~ o,lXiii: Alri lil WI, Mt. tools anti tillillig loss
I i la. \ I EVIFENIENT 1N THE 11111 . St. h',,,; Ilielinp anitliaaimn dry goods. iin,isini
insured VV.), il:lrf•illi.•M.CASlCriille 001142.111-
u hardware, I.3li,irio. Insided Slii,soi ;
NV ASHINUTON CITY, Nov . .N. IW , , i ViLLIAIII* anti C1)0, 440,11110, In..urstive i1r.71,111,1.
Ilill'SE. The oil ,Illpiiing . port lon of the city slistainvil
no loss. Over 1,. families are homeless.
1 he linsineSs of the mornin g hour was ills
'lensed wltn.
I Freedmen'• Courts Abolished in Ten
i.n motion of Mr. Wilson, of lowa, D ..
the sett- ' .see—P:lmo Marrlissres Lemtlised—in
ate stueretnient to the House ball relating to vesthmtion of the Memphis Riots
passports was concurred In. The liii] has Progressing.
therefore 101,3041 both Houses Mini rtzle t May - I.—tieneral .1 S. Alcorn, Unl-
I l' tr.. "'" of Mr. D.Lv., the senate bill ,' l e l ' o l iri a t . ;:l, o ll s aU o l 1 1:::i "htii:,lifiririWil"7l::V,Pli'ili' has
granting 1.1 in the ismst ruction of it railromi Freedmen's Bureau. for a ; teacher In a freed
lind telegraph line from the Central l'aciliC ' nen'. ''h •••• I nt Friar'., fe int, Si te.i".IPPI•
Railroad to California to Portland, Oregon i 11l the Ireed to r tt''' r""'l'. in Ton .""or" ' err
as token from the Speaker's table, read' to - day .ltlblb•hed by tine . Assistant Coin In is
t a jet , en , re terree to the c omm i ttee on the ; sinner, the his of the Sti4le inaking i'olored
Pao I tie Railroad. • persons ,1111petettl. !Aline. I, In all rivil courts
?Ir. Brownell introduced a halt° provide for I a t, "" e ' Ott '''''''''
coin pot log bounties of veteran voltinteers so l Thr a tell rights hill legalizing slave inerti
as hi protect titter rights. It was read twice agoiK giving their children the right of I tito•r
and refernal to the Committee on Military 1 Lance, and 111 u king ail !pers. ins, % 11.110t11 r
,n-air,. it proposes to mewet the heed „, giant to color. equal hero, e the law. hoe passe ed
dollar veteran bounty
front the ~..p„,,,,,0 bath branches of the Tennessee Legislat ore,
of what bisto ho deducted, under rho bill to '9 4
heroine ' '", ' " -.l "' .
aqualizo bounties. ; The
C ongress halal (.ow mit toe are purse,lll S
yir. (idler ~rre r„ d „ ~,„„1 , ,,,„„, ,„ ~,,,i , ,„their Investigation vigorously, examining
trom lea t„ tliteen win ne,,.... illl11). Every fa
adoptisl, requiring till. Secretary of the Int., „,
re .„ t „ mre ha t ~,,,,e ;„ I ntot . tnet „„, as to en. i•illty Is ollered them Ily ihe Pitmen,' for mak
pl icat mos for tit re-issue of till' Duchies pa- Mg the no/ a try thoi "Ugh.
lent for v.1.'111.01. .......- _
?Ire 1- ”" r "" tre . ' tt P.-t ".1 .v .".. "wit' . P" ,- Ifrotie oath Email Opened—French
nonal oxpiallittlOn, ref racl log 10 et , ertalli ea Troops Lentins Mexico.
IVIII s 01.0.• rvEriarkr W WO' he had made inn
it' Atintso roe, Slay 27 • Tlie Department of
ru n mng ,1,11:ile. It lew weeks since. retie., ill,
oil the character ot Cot. McKelvey, n , ceerty state a bas official informat ton that the Dote.
appointed I shed states Marshal for the West- ' rl . l Q/D y. r""tett I of tirtizi , , ri , blYist to "Pen
t•rh Distr . !. I of Pennsylvania.
, the dpitst w Ise trade to ...1,11, 0( all nations.
Sir. ay, „„,,,,,,,
~ ~,,t o, „e „ ,, a joint rear ", • The - 01 , 4.11 in g of the \ Innate, Canal eaunot lie
tin,, ret ,.„,„, t,, the ent , e , of pith"", t\'. tol " l.°r. ."uch 111ogil ‘1 , ,, , ,1.
)I ....,1.• to 0 1 ourt of Alain], which wiu rend ". rrt''' , "'l at lb. i t elatrtrnent of
t „ „(1.e.. t . e „,, „ ter , ,„, to the , ~.„1 .
~,,, ( •,, n ,. N tale ri•porls 111111 illy rt,,cll I rittinporl strum-' I
' er Ithinn left V eral rnlz I', France. bar Ing on
'••' - ' " .
, lo tin at Mr - C.nok. the Settote mak- ?"", w " . ."(
log further prto 1,1011 for tho to, or. For , 'too 010 , ePotreo. : , n the loth tnPt.
111 ataenal ot Rook Island 1111... French st. F rant, art Foto! there
nt., was taken Iron, the opeolpel Fold, real (role
"" red
Is , h ., ,„„i nn f ennn‘ i „, ,n n „ n Plpty of the nle al the foreign antl
tory .t.gsttro ' fifteen °filet,- •If the ..1111. corpt and of the
The lion.' Ni mat mot t 11[11101. , •••• of ;the 1•111111.,/1 14•1 p
whole on the Qtrtte of the 1 i, Mr Ilnwen
m the (hale...and reaumtol the ootlnltli'l MAIM 0/ rem° Nee. Orierkautt
thee:az 1 , 111
NrwOmthatet., 31av -.1 he "woollier., l'amtle
Mr. Mort from the Lommtt tel nt Wayn
r „ .
Mean, ',ported a new paragraph ntr thatallw•
amending eetzt ton 110 In toe ext-ting law. and ' In
The Lever CrAIIIIIIr.I , II, A or e lot 11
had been tewerved -orne day. Rine, 11
ngtan 0. to 4 , 4 I
t ll l`` ,lll ' 4 ‘ 4, Pee r'n am, They Intee , !taw A I
mentor tat and
10111 p.temnicera and LIMIIA ealtroutia. canal..
-wraith., and eoaeh muapan. ,, , t ie
ded t httt -nett rompantea shall liner the right
•t, witi a lox to thelr farm..
, th a t Lotted.. pm-port.:
I m mutton m Mr Ftfrnaw nett, the !nat. pro
v hto wx. tft rule lc •ml rind the amendment a° T ..
uottnied a a:. agreed to.
NI, notch If te. m. , t etl to mid to the amend
intim a pro, nui that horse railroad...hall hare Etre at at Loot.
the right to all tax to thoo fa, .1 - 7'1,.• Inrg. 1...1..4a,
M:. ..tea' en• tln,nght It null lit much hot- Mame of Peter I. DION. Mnin .treet. anti
ter to let hotre railroad companteis have their extenlitrii J.' , ' I, In, man'-
, hurter. amended. -to that they .hould charm. o ut .t..
thlg..lll l'f• 11 , ought , than lot this , ti . 11,11111.
:nr 111 Add 401 OW IR> The Insurance I. mil:noun
11, laalgeal.o am. mitmitil. in- o t . r D t ., A ,• 1 1,4", tnr
tn.nnyroino:ll olv ...11 , 1
',iv. 1 etty
••• r.-u
NI: Davi...poke In tarr.r of il.• u th , y•
.11.1 in Itlets., tx:,:ou.l,,toptinie” •t. t u upon El, imra,,tt apt.,
amandinent Arrival of atentnere Frani Enrope With
bit I.vntli 0ff . ..n.1 an amendment exempting 2,900 Ibni...etiger•
' 4 ‘ 1"'""."'""" n pr t i to l
e in ru".- h... Vitae, Nine r. The nen..., St:m...
•—nn Breme„, art . ,
I, utl,
t fi,.lll
... 11 pw0....1
.„ T!,.
1 , 111, amenclim iny .
t o
particular. ord. Important astern-drat•;.f
eyer, tlt It, m.tng int, tanking nit of
the word - ,tivotiol - from the sontetnie protilla • I •
liat..trrlv/••1 ..1.. N. a I ,rl,m.
itlng o,llls to h.- it here lager beer, en'.,
\V title lbe N(.0.10118 relating to disllllon were 1 ,, e2n.r.1111 Niteedman null Fullerton In
niter on itierntinn. Mr. Conklin Eltaltetl, tieOrgi.
n1 : 1 er IP( LICO It , Mt V. tlAnt a„, \ .14. t. 4 1 , .. ,
rtilnitian fuel nattritti Itimmelf in the Linn- ,li,„ rpt„
1I ttf NVni 4is 1,, protret the in - x. r„ r
rt-t- tif 4.1.01 , 11-1111, ,it - 411.1,e J.ivk .no I preptit •net.rt tottnetten t ,I tnn
t• rt intt;''t ft-nt tt rtn , t , t. e , ” Irent ttn.ttntt ttt ;tn. It.ttr.t, rind ntnitl.tttnt et •
• 14 t Itnll.4uno tilnet4ti, hien It r,.• , 1 • " „ .
A Httillt,oal eeet ton WfiNtraert.nd
rarn Pre•thyvertn.y. no....enttbly
10 ...0 . ,,el whole ..t
May rt:.• %ets ,
pal trete tee- 1, r,11411.,
metal uteler ,r 11.1.11 of the en t /re atuout:t of e ,
t,... " h
statement to I, deemed 1% Ilftil perittry. , th „, the ,„„„ 0 „
The ietrituel‘Plt Morrio.ll nr the
• ch.ting law wxo.‘ AtllClllloti w 21.1 te make it'
t,Lketus 11..
~Im.k. t 1114.1 tip li• (0/11.V1 , { ist Petal. 32 Inn.
II ".• R e venu. , ,t 4 . oo ”: l) l . ). z . liNv —.l 11 ,, . today t y. "tut. onti" , ;,./11:11. Alt," a.
1.110) I out:111,41one IN, 6-1.0,0,, .lrr,lght
r. of 11,1•1011 S, c1.f41.1 Ihe sulaxy ol , •:/.11,11gN 'lnn 1. I.oNN Neventy-IIN.•
NlNN•lail CommlNNimier wit.N changed from , houNan,', iloilur. purtl)
Mr %111...41,,, Of lowa, 1)}. I , . l.thotiOn t.l LIlt•
( ommitte#, "ffer.,l x , atrn. rt 41.11
toot, +ttttrtotot to ottrulutr legal proo,,ltog. tta "Lc,. May •27— trk.rol
tile act whirls wit, it•tortteti. nu, tatol rtlota arrive.! MI. morning on the
Ms , tetra., 11/10,41 to amen) tllu Ittanter T Brady. for an Otto, tow
Itftth a. Lion by tarn:lag out the wortitt ° Ulu It MIL Mr. 1.....
' •
..,,,,," y or rho. 'I regmtiry IA L. relylititho .. l- _,.....
,1 to lippoint .1 In hi. department ! Itller rot Lortloville.
oho ,tlta.ll Lri htyled touILLIM, , Iner, - -and in- 1,,,: ::., it : 1:, May Y:.--ILlver tglltgg .Ir"iti .
I".” "t th ' ."
""' ,r '" . t Y ' '',". .Ith lir sr feet [i.e. Inebe. water Ln eann I
:: ::, nIOU”.. 41 :. 11 •: :, :, ^P,,,L, . M.M... West her eirklid y : merry eighty deg meg.
NI, , tev.t...n.mal , l I an: •‘•• :fly Ing pat r , .11-
Dereoure of no OM Settler.
.t.I . :•• t h.' ~ , vtiary ...I In. It eg.gry where it
• •
. .
0. 1,, a , ..141 Ile has she nd,' Kalil that he Ism issue a-, MIL) ..:, -Calvla YIOtL . IIL,, on ,
a ill ILppotnt no ono to Lance vrtio will not sus- . of the first settler. of this cite anti a proud
i Kin the pelt,. of the President lie. this fleet hanker end citizen, tiled to-iiaL
Inornlng, .I.unctly se informed a member of
tior il ituse who called upon Illm for an append- Bridge Partially' Burned.
u' Re asked Min ahother the anticedeurn
o e epplicants were Its favor of 1.1,0 !'reel- n A , 1.1 , 1 4 1. 1t..., Ma., Y.,- The intster3 end of
dent's policy, and when he declined to en- In.- "1. , llatrbiblirg breige Lidui.le.troyed by
willinto, he said, .1 VannOt appoint, and I tire ids morning.
will appoint Ile tour. Who does not support the ' _.
polic3 „rate President." The b runt Wen .
referred to en aptettale Senator from that re- CITY AND NEIGHBORHOOD.
:Lion Find said, °I will consult him when 1 l _
make the appointent. and I will appoint no
-1 .41 , 1)17'10,N4L r, V THIRD PAU £1
~I, nor recommended by hint " It is there
fore for 1 1 - [li ,
aise to let the 'mite of the
count, y ki,,, ,11, lier officers are to be snort- Fatal Accident-AlineKilled mind Two lot
aced to this iletct mural., of I tie settordinates Jared.
.4 the Preeblent. If we 'lobe: viand by them, , 1 , M. sehullman, a wagonteaker In the em
they will not 0100,1 be u- nod thee ought not. p l oy ~,,. ', viva, i .„,,,, , 0., m,„„„best„, ass
It N lane that we buill up,. Wall tigultist soch
IL reality as this : it hi 0 ,ir,,,,,,,, tr, tinily.. 1 mid:mil,. killed int Saturday untie, the fol.
hsve already ascertained that tour of the Sub- lowing 4,i, 13,..t.1are: Ile bust 1....” in Man
ordinates of the President have made the ehe ., er ~r , „e ~,, ~,. es„l „,r, turning ,„
mum declaration. 111 wen. a little younger, "
and 1 altnil he In Ita mk, I think I would lot basshone. in Ross township with a one 1.101,1 e
I hose id - Seers knois that this Is a gratin Inquest wagon in
of Into her When In the vicinity
of the nat.., Intro u inch Men 0 lio are 1,011- of Jock's Ilritliket i he seated himself with his
dol 1,1 a short riletance
Le firth,. shell I, brought up, and theft - cases
reemi his reahlen e,
le ...elitist to another Tribunal to try them.
1 h.veiteintinit- A voice "Good "I Iwo SODS-Who 111141 accompanied hlni-on top
Sir, WI. ale ~ ,'ream[ to our own Interests, to' of the load, intendinglnterests, to ride the remaltoler
our own dignity, to the interests of the cowl
trD ,If ‘l.• deed .001,1 by those WhO ,•100,1 by'.of the wit,. tie had gene Ind it Shun distance
as We mull. Lake cure that no mole patron- In alts umanor WllOll One 0( tile hoards slipped
age shall 5 ,0 pet tut° the bands of ally man to forward and struck the horse on the back,
he n bn , e i l. ny i.w eli.[ . It Is U..' that frightening 151 n, so much that he immediately
s e"h e ninnii .14 let one friends 'Or in .' started till "own a steep decliely with frightful
k now that they are In no longer. that they shall ~,,htity, throwing the two boys from
. be ,Seri need tiers, ass ' he ) . "i-..). by °in ' their seats Into the riati. The youngest
g rans-.beculise they are not to•ds oft recreant „1 the ~,, „,„„,1 foss: teen, t e ll h ent . e ih
President. iGrent . excitement., I have au- ' th e 0 heels which passed over Ills stotimehr.iill
theta, ',llama! len that this Vel . y dal' this j string him so civic ele that be will probably die
emll4o 11. been token by the 6ecridary of the --if he Is not already dead. Pit win d, the elder
Trea..nry, !Lost 11e has declared distinct-1y [hut o f the two boys, also received Injuries, which,
in the state of Peensylt ant., he will consult although nut fatal, are yet of a puteful nature
nobody hut a reereant4iFbedete senator, who The frightened horst:still continued Ida flight,
has betrayal 11 I. party and In. eountrl - until reaclituft u shut penrve In the road, when
EVeitutiolid I
~ . ' lite wagon upset and rolled over an euthank•
kir 'ter'eu .. . Oa ., n , a l ^ , tood a. referring 0. . merit burying Mr schnillman beneath titer/dicta
senator to,. an, of Peunaylvania. of the wagon and Its contents. Several men who
Mr. .pith inquired whether the gentle
. had seen the runaway, hardened at once to ex-
U.+. fro. , N'iin' , 7 l, o 010 souso
, going urge 01 i I rlcate him, but on the removal of the wreck It
amendment seriously. 1 WI. ,I lacovered that lee wits dead. lily right
Dlr. stevens declarer] that he was, l ear having been cut entirely off and his head
M r. Sledding replied that Inc am/11l ,rtotISIV , horribly retched.
Oppose IL
~.,,,, I. oroner held an fief twist on the hotly
31: . !it 11.1 a'a siostial that theW.lllloll.l,l
Y051 , ..1 , 11,, When IL vt.lllel ~.r Movident ILI death
lode Pc *sylvan,: had accompllsh,l hie liner we , ~,,l,r eAt s ...,.a.m.s.
pose in ablate speech.
Mr. Ha the attention of the Gotland -
°, to the Constitutional objet tone to the pro
posed amendment, though he did not know tilt' and eMintry merchants generally °vie
ins, I . ll cY 0 to , likyn anY weight. 0 11.1 the ilk - nicer much .10111,11 y Its attending to atlver
ii"guininid gnntiiiinnn from I. '''' ' Y ivniiin ' . 1 isienents. anti seldom knots W hlell J.llrnal
The only powers tied the Constitution reeeg
e,ert en „web, of het ieg , the pewee e r „,,_ e ill prove 1110-t ailValltageOun foe them to
point meet wet e the President and the Senate, mitt - fella,. In most large titian there are es
heaths e t departments -
in' Preeidr." i ' iniiii i "'in' courts of low ' in , tablished ad vevertising agencies, which pro
Mr. m evens argued that the powition of the or ltivaßlable benefit to the mercantile
special Commissioner was not en office in that munity. In MIS city, Mr. William Bingham,
sense. totigre , ,, einnid deputinte a Commis- • Jr.. at tine Adams Express company has tine
blotter of its own body, or any person selected ee,.folly established inlet, an agency. Thor
by it for erform the duties ittinosed upon a "nighty potted the ell - vitiation and stand
hintrial (nurn Itennoin,•r. Ho repeated that the ling of emery lOUrnal in the country, his sem '-
secret ary ant the Treasury had insmmied to reg- cs will prove int olualelo to the ant Ver.....
u hate hit , Patronage by Polittes• mu , not by • Ile is anti honorable, talr dealing and trust wor.
U r but connected with the interest or tit ) gent lonian, possessing tine conlidenee of
lie anee• that lie was Proslitul ing his enter to all who Wive ha/ business transactions with
unholy purposea, itnti that. it was time to put him. lie In an authorized agent to receive ad
s, atop to that state of things. . ve.rtiseniento for tne Gotrtre lOW other pa
yi r. Delano exposed the w eat:1108S or the re , iners tin rougholit the Mate and the I ntiatitte.
salmi to referentse to u special I.(onullssionet We cheerfully eronmend him to the public.
not Twin g an oilli er, by dueling the language
of the section Itself, and asked what 111141 the
Steallug Pipoon..
secretary of the Treasury doss to deserve
stick n reproach or to provoke such an attack( William Parker, with a friend, as is alleged
Was Inc to be denounced by the gentle.. n went into lioltzlielmer's (tormerly Frickersi
from Pennsylvania beennew he entertained
(ltimo, MI Fl I/I reef, Sot ur•lay, ant
eons truet non i eallisl
°funk., ditterent Iron] hie in regard to Ite
for a meal, which was linly set op, hut for
Nlr. stevens--I do not denounce elm for en- ..bleb they seemingly forgot to pity, and were
t ' r "' 1 " 1 " "").°"" ° P ink... 4°m6 "" . ' him otaardingly hailed by the mon at the ilesk
for pro., nutting the patronage of Government th e steps teem the mnorrea „_
all other opinions to bend to hisi•
eon retreat. I wring the parley ,bard words
Mr. lalono itskeit Mr. slovens for the amt, and Jostling, silver simtins, Marked
rit y which he noulb his statement, and In- ~ F ricker," dropped (ruin Porker's clothes.
Omuta! that the Secretary tlllll M 110 SUal There
be wits held In coatody, a charge
tux:tarot lon.
of larceny p oterrett, ontltile accusal, in do-
Mr. stevens repeated substantially his state- L . ALL. ox 11, won romml d for
meat, but dechneil to give the name uf his In
Mr. Mame moved to amend the rectum by Justice loneey.—With pleasure ice direct
giving power to the President to appoint the th e attentlout our. readers to the curd of
otliter in iinention by anti with the consent or IA Illiam .lance}, Notary Public., Justice o f
the tumult, the Pence aim lieu] Estate Agent., corner
The Ilouno close: the d e b u t, u p on th e of Butler and Drava streets, Lawrenceville.
tion n nl nmead mop ,„, hen Mr. thine Ashlo Iron, attending to all matter... Connected
drew his amendment, and Air. Stevens, weer- with his legal e..emb'alens. he gives sreelal
training there was no qUOrIIIII present, and altentlcni to the purelmse and sale of real
that there was u majority against him, also estate, and the collection of rents. Justice
Iv It bare W his amendtlirtil. 'several other Jemmy is favorably known to the community
amenthnents were offered In the dame con- ad correct and 110110rablo gentleman and
nectlon and withdrawn under the Same air- any business entrusted to him will be care
cum.tunees w Ith the understanding that they telly end prompuy attend. , to. All discrip•
might he afered In the house on Monday attn. et legal conveyances ere drawn tip In
r.otwith.utpding all these eetnpromlnes, now- the neatest and most correct of styles, and
ever, the Committee rose without reporting are warranted to stand the test °Celery.
back the bill after placing the Special Com•
miSaloners salary back at the original figure
or IMAM—.
Al o , slosk tau Haase adjonra4l4.
Ro-cornmittcd.—Peter taet, accused of
abandoning his wife, has been recommitted
for another Aldermen Strain.
Another Travedy —Escape of the now
derer —Coroner's Inquest.
one of the pror,kell anti reckless
notrrlet , that we have been called neon to re
old for n long r inle, trrol, place nn Saturday
alit In t Borough of Temperanceville, nit
the south side of the 3loncongithela river. The
tieare e • lailnw. I nunt nine Cl'elOek nn
'At II a toting 111411 named Roberti,
Ine•mtpstia .111 i seveoll otner , , entered the
‘y r; . t . r i I e n s ,„ l . l n u t,. Cite ,ii st i t , w m.,, lt 1 ,,. / i t r a . u ,;
them. subsequently the party— vith the ea
ception of Hebert,, wil Intros: from the
rest and storel nit the farther end of the
eounter—be , Allll.l l e wen. or
tiered to leave 1, Mrs. -.rein This they
refllgel I &lin, ' llenl -1. , w-1,0 atoMt be
hind the bar, oirew revolt , tint tired
two shots into the crowd, w Moll f,,,„„„ toiy
strriek no one. He then bred eta Roberts, who
fell to the there without a groan. File party
who had created the dint urban', fled Immerti
ately front tine scene, nib! Stein, .» ht. unitll,lo leg, made instant preparation for flight.
Meeting tan, boy. In the street he engaged
then) to I . OW 111111 n rocs the river. which they
dm. on reaching Ili. side he wont to: dined' ,
greenery 111 the Flrst wool, where he borrowed
do e llar, out of which he paid the boys tort
wends earl, am! --Meted up Penn street, since
hirl) time nothing 1)1, been heard of him.
About half an hot, after the shooting had
taken place the men who hadarcompauled
Hobert,. to Stein's house returned and found
him lying just where he had On lift
ing him 1111 they diserorered 1.11111. Ills face and
bosom were dyed in blond. and that he had
r ~, n shot to the right temple, about ail 11101
Illa/Ve the eye. lie was /0.1 /I at lee though on- ,
able to speak Intelltglhly. A litter was pre
pared and he was taken to the residence of into I
father in Monongahela borough, where he
r•tplosi a little irefo-e clever' n'eloek.
news of tiro oecurrenre did not reach
Ihe authorities until fully an hour after the
perpetration of the deed, when Mayor Mc-
Cnrthy, with his mutt promptness, hastened
with several of his police to the spot. There
they lest - not of the ulyst erious dLsappearace
of item for the hest time. They, however,
arrested a man named John Kropp °has John
STllll.ll—Stelll . 4 bar-km-per, and hedged Wm In
the tombe, where he still remain..
hie( of !Mlle.. Hague gave is the following
description of the murderer, yesteolitv, which,
on 11114111,1', we learn to he very accurate. He
Ia fiv e feet sin or seven Inches to bight; florid
cotnplexion, light sandy hair, nut hoot
kers, and, tar w .Ltd 41 , i before, lie bad but one
leg and we
a eark substitute This peen-
Hardt we 'link wig insure hi. speedy up
turn, aoni , tininntion to be wished for by every
good entire',
Coroner , horittin stisterday held an inquest
on thy testy of thetievettsetL nut owing to the
Net that. and t titTny had not fin
ished their /to., work', the Inquest Was ad-
Jodrocii to tneet at the Mayor's °Mee at three
11,114 . k 11,133
Last night 1 , n1C1.1,1 Minure, Itiglev and Scott
started on different trains lit pursuit of Stein.
The Code of honor In Pitt...burgh—A
C •rt Chnllenwed to Fight a Duel.
Ittithin R tillon, a a ell known nnil reapeeta
ide gentleman, engaged In the .klleghting
river trade. In some manner gave umbrage to
Joirentuth 1.1117. TM. latter, to carry Out
high toned hire of honor , ri sant to have ad
dressed awl ilelivereil in person to the Cal,.
lain the folio,, Ing eltivultai•
cant si a I will meet !inn to-mori
roil nny tune or lila,- coo may itenigunte
anti light :,on it duel. int trina hare the
tileilee weittains and the plat,. 1 tat can re
:ily aml li•liVU the amia et at the Rol Lion
i Intel or at smitiria drug `tore.
.11.1 100:
I he writer of tile nele •zient the till of honor,
or of glvlti him Iv, ..pp.rtur,.l% I.olllog n ollet In 1,11/1, .. , 11.• took the wirier and hinter
inim in repairing to the trinytirri MTh, and
lodging nn against Lut, The
.IE,I .11: 1101 .•0002 !,11 liearllig 10-
, 111 v Tho part v. l li Lotz played, to .Imitar
rot. we .1:ttlIti• !nu. Of Lit
ute, to tot• ttvntl
:11011 lle y, pr.l :••il • 1111,1 hnt
thlth II tr 1110,121,1 .1011, n An undergo
11311,1n011Ment 401ItarV colllim•ment
the penttentiar). for a term not demoting
three o,r- IVe aro va , r3 lell I.'llllol to
the L..llef that Lilts area Mt.. th e wrong
Disgr.eertal Riot
,hotit 1,1 %, row took ping -, In thr. , 10.1111111 g POLl
of Peter Uhr,te, It 1 . 111 townnhtl). whirl
•lonl In the Altnin, total .leloolltion of the
itortotnre and Into n,111,, The orlgln of the
follow. It,
n-n , ted slot sie: tor tete, u hick they
:le p.m, piekeo up a Onto nib: struck the
large looklng-ginss behind the Itsr. shattering
It pieces. This einelnet exasperated
t triete that he tailed several friends who
were ,ainlbig by to Az.. Int kiln in eJectuig tne
rowdies from the house, whereupon Dunlap—
who appeared to hr the chief spirit In the riot
Lurk one ot the ley-etanders, August
~c loutlt. a set ere blow in the fare. This was
the signal for is general attack, And for several
nt , outes the row raged with fury. length
brixte sneee,led In driving the rioters trout
tile hopse by let ining at them 11.11 old musket,
minus 4 lurk,SV ft, In her eagerness
to rescue her hnsband, had brought from Om
,l-roon, No arrests have as yet been made.
ateallatt at Fire,
W ray. isibarconist, due of the suf
ferer, by lice fi eon liberty street, on ustuo
ilaj morning, Worms us(lint his loss will
arilOunt to shied upon which he has no
hisorance A iionskierable portion of lds
stock was saved from the dames, but being
placed on the street, much of It fell Into the
leityls of thieves. Pilfering at fires frights city
nits buctitue a source of much cs,mplalut, and
the character of the tiremen suffer thereby, its
persons are wont to accuse them Of truing the
thieves brass ago we had fire wardens, whose
special duty It was to protect property taken
trom burning store, and dwellings, but for
some ret.on these officers have been lost shrill
ot, anti the law Or ordinance on the subject
totally disregarded. As some members of the
are department ore now engaged In framing
Mr ordinance for Its better government, we
suggest that this important matter to' taken
tido consideration.
I =1
li might be said that vvel) man owes his
duty to his wife ond family. to insure his We
We have knosti several eases whme families
have tweit bail in annual cueimantainces after the
death of the husband or father, slalrqy be
cause they took the timely precaution of in
suring their lives. Ilad they neglected to tin
this their wives and children would have been
lett in poverty. Insure at. once. Lose no time
for life Is uncertain We refer you to the-clued
of the North American Life Insurance Lon,
pany. know lag It to be a xtauuch and reliable
umnoration. Their risks arc taken at very
lon rates and their policies are 1,11.1,1 promptly.
It requires no Imager ton to collect Oman* from
It us it is nun honorable, trustwol thy nasocht-
E T. Cook, 1(7 Fourth street 10 the agent
for Western Pennsylvtunliv
The King of Feneen.--There Is nothing
so beautiful about a city str rural home as a
neat, pretty tens,. It seta Oct to wonderful ad
vantage the place, nis matter how rough or
common It may be. But beauty In n fence is
, ot all that Is required. It should be stout
and durable. Now we have in our mind's eye
a fence that is popular and soon willbe
Limo.. It is the h Ing of Fences, manufac
tured by the 1 - mon Fenno Company of i'ains
vlllc, ttnlo. It is Inside from the best of Bat
her, and by a process used only by this com
pany is rendered a perfect imitation of solid
granite or brown stOne. This (otter should be
seen to be appreciated, and we would that all
the yards In the city and homes In this country
miera surrounded with theta. Mr. Peter Peter
son, 4 Federal street. Allegheny, has the
agency for them here, and persons deslrot s
of seeing samples would do well to rail.
The irlsome.—We solkosl the fact the other
lay of the commlttol, by Just i.m Piper, of Mi
chael Sit!liven for an offense which the Jus
tice failed to designate in the commitment.
in satorday his man-esti iP, Mr. Piper, being
advised ot the ham nattily, sent the Warden
of the county prison what he believed to be a
proper romMitment, after consulting the
most approved forms In the latest digest. Ac
cording to the last commitment "yiikie is
chartied, on oath of his wife, Bridget Phil tvon
with being crazy and tearing hur hair out of
hur head and bur clothes off Our back and
landing bar badly." Justice Piper dispenses
joiner in Peeples township, Allegheny county.
A Disorderly Case.—Athuo oxenhort—an
individual who ban frequently figured In no.
lice reports—Wlas before the Mayor ou Satur
day for acting in a very disorderly manner in
the saloon of larch Ituckreiger, on Pennsyl
yawn avenue, on the night previous. In the
midst of bin disorderly demonstrations he
was not upon by number of persons, who ad
ministered to him a Severepummeling. The
Mayor at first Imposed a flea of twenty-nye
dollars upon Adam, but finally concluded to
it fifteen dollars of the amount, in consid
eration of the punishment he had received.
C. M. T. Si.—The City councils will hold
their regular monthly meeting tills evening.
Among other business to be conaiderod will be
the enhJvvt of the Fire Alarm and Pollee Tele
graph. Messrs. Wm. A. Brown, of the Select,
and John 11. Liam and Wm. N Ogden, of the
common Connell, composing tile Committee
appoLated to take the matter in hand, will
make a ieport, giving their views and the re
sult of their observations East, whither they
eat to witness the operations of the tele
graph. The nature. of their report has not
The New Five Cent CO IP . —By a notice in
our advertising columns it will be seen that
the United States Mint, at Philadelphia, is
now ready to receive orders for the new dye
cent coins. Orders must be accompanied with
National or Government currency, or drafts
on responsible New York ur Philadelphia
banks, payable to the order of the Adams Ex
press Company. The coin will be ready about
four weeks Lumen, and no order will be receiv
ed for less than fifty dollars worth. The Mint
pays the Express char es.
Big Thing.—A private dispatch received
yeeter day from itunkard Creek. states teat
the "Bobtail , ' well in that region Is now pump
ing twenty barrels of oil per day. Thiel., le
mons for that region and as the stock of the
company owning It is held by but few individ
uals, for them it Will prove a big thing.
Roomlt of the Primary Elnnn
The elections for Delegates to the v m ,
Republican County Convention held on
lay evennor, MT very quietly
mnie of the polls the excitement ran high, hot
uc failed to hear of any rihtortiler or confn
41on. Wii will venture no calculation as to
who may reeeive . nny of the nominations In
the gift of I he C tot iOll, which
morrow. The contest for the shrievalt V
tracts most attention. Messrs. ts. It , Inley
and Joseph Roes are the pronunent candi
dates, but It Is unsafe to say which will pr,ve
the winning man. Here are the returns so
far as we have them,
`lest Ward—Geo. Wilson, Abraham Fry..
:second Ward—Thou.. Steel, T. Eslogs.
TlGot Ward—W It. Berber, A. It. Smith
Fourth Ward—Wto. Soser, :lobs H. Harr
Ward, lit pr.lnet--Geo. Caughey,
114,' 4.
. .
Fifth Ward, 2.1 precinct—Richard Harris, R
sloth Ward—C. Jeremy, Joseph A. Butler.
seventh Ward—William Mays, Albert Moore.
Eighth Ward—E. B Thomas, Henry White.
!Ninth Ward—W. It. Ford, W. W. Wills.
. . , .
Waid—lolin McDonald, rico. Parkin
'Flilrd Mara, l.rt preCllll.l—,un. Mwit.ltign
Third Ward
Fourth %var.!, kt prreinct—Johls McGruir,
.Joseph Pattimon.
Fourth Ward, '2.1 pre,lllel,—E. F. Fnulhauber,
Louis Moull.
Manchester—Patterson and harper
Duquesne-4.h Moult. ho. Coate,
hawreneevllle, let ward—Z. %Velum r; ght,
W. llosuek.
Lawruneevffle, 241 ward—Chu, North, Wm.
Temperaneertlle--Contested; t wu sets of del
West Pittsburgh—Edward Sprung, Auth
Monongahela—Richard Perry, N. Brokaw
South Pittsburgh—Ed. Perry, hi. Moorhead.
thrtningham. Isl precinct—Wm. Graham,
Chas. Markham.
Pormlngham, 2.1 precinct—W. Doyle. I.
East Birmingham—Wm. Mittenswl, Geo. F.
Mt. Washington—D. 11. Ferguson, haoub
TOW ,111 . s.
Pitt—William ,W.Harrison it. Murray.
Collins—Samuel ilitmeoird, Robert Thomas
italdw In—Thomas Horner, W. R. Verner.
Ross—T. H. Bayne, Wm Peters.
Upper it. Clair—Walter Foster, John GIIIII
!Mimi—Jam. Marker, Th.. Walsh.
Scott—Henry Eaton E.G. Waite.
Peeblos—Liberty, W. It. Megley, D Aiken.
Schoyer, boor
Chartters—R. W. Westeman.
snostien—it. it. Fite, A. Dougl as. Lower St. Clair—Louis Frets Jacob Musser.
south Fayette — Thomas Collins, Thomas Al
MeClure—Hugh Fleming, Charles Hart
County Piuperintenalents
Me publish below a complete lint of County
superintendents of Common schools, elected
on the ilrfft day of the present month. In
lIIIrt v-three counties the old Incumbents were
re-elected. Easton borough elected a Super-
Intendent of Its own, under a special act
passed at the last 413.40011 Of the Legislature.
Adams, Aaron sheely, 3)001 Allegheny, A. T.
lot belt. 4 - 2,00,; Armstrong, J. A. Richey, lteoOf
Beaver. Janie:lJ. Bead, 4:01; &Afore, N. W.
Fl -her, $1,10X,; Berks, J. S. if mentrout,
E. Eiflet, $1.00); Bradford, 0..1. Chub
tairk, 31,0.0; • Bucks, H 11. Hough, 060; Butler,
.1. 11. C Coln foam; Cambria, .1. 0 . Condon, 31,00,
1.1 It. Jolumon, , arbon, B. F.
I,lll Tord. fc•lmf Centre, It. M. Magee, 4700; Ches
ter, W. W moire; 41,200; larlon, IL S. Kelly,
ftsfsh . Snyder, 41.01); Columbia,
C G. Barkley, Vol; Clinton, A. 11. stager, ItaCce
t cowbird. 11. D. Persons, 41,000; Cumberland,
.1. II etieltlnger, 4700; Dauphm, 0. Le Rona WI;
Delftware. J. MtCracken, 41,00 U; Elk, J. Blake
ly. $00; Erie, 1.. T. Fink, 31,1.0; Fayette, C. C
Wft v nn, 11.800; Forest, S. F. Rohrer, $250;
Fra . nklin, I'. M. Shoemaker, 40); Ful
ton, .1. S. smith. Slain . Grecue. T.
TOM), teOP. Huntington D. r. Tussey, 40100,
Ind:aim, A J. Bolar, teal; Jeffers°, .1. W.
smith, SLUM; .1 on tam H. W. Floyd, You; Can
...ter. D. Evans, 41,70, Lawrence, W. ..111Crack
en 4100, Lebanon, II Houck, $760; Lologh, E.
.IYoung, 41,10N0 I. II 2,11, Armstrong, 41,Afe ;
Lycoming,.l..l. Reef *Lbw: M'Keam. C. • ,orn
berth Mercer, .1. 01 lller, 141,W0; 1111111 in,
M Mohler, 3.C, Monroe, .1. B. Storm, 40210;
Montour, W. Henry. 4710, Montgomery, A.
11.111.41. 41,f00 t Northampton, kV. N. Walker,
Northumberland, G. W . Bengt, 1,01,
Perry, rtg Of, 3100; Futter, J.' W. Allen, Ws,
Pike, E. S. Decker 01.10; Schuylkill, Newt:,
an to; suy.ler, IV. Moyer. s oo +l;. S omerset., N. B.
Critvhflehi pot, Sußlvan, J Marttn, 30)00;
sunquellannu, W. IV. Wateon,49oo; Tioga, e. B.
fries, 41,00 th Union, C. V. Grundy, $.5001 ye
'tango, L. U. Dale. $1,000; Warren, C. H. Ltmi
ney, 31,010; Washington, .1. C. Ullchrist, fgase
Wayne, .1. E. Hawkr $1. , 100; Wentmoreland,
.1. S. atthews, $ 050 ; Wyoming, W. Lamont,
WO; York, S. B Beiges, $1 D; Easton 80,
TOLlgil, W. W. Pottlugham, 41,50.
Bent Ilia Wife.—Anulo Collonn and her
husband John do not seem to appreciate the
bliss of matritnonial life The former ap.
geared before Justice Pifer, of Peebles town
ship, on Saturday, and brought a charge of
assault and battery against her seemingly un
worthy spouse, alleging that be is in the habit
of hosing anti abusing her. A warrant was
issued and John was arrested. lie was re
leased on entering ball for his appearance at
In Danger.—During the tire on Saturday
morning last, on I.toerty Stmt, the UTIUD
Depot of the Pennsylvania Etaßroad was in
danger, as the neat was en great that the paint
on the eornlees dropped off in flakes. Mr.
Butler, the depot mastor, war on the ground,
and quite :titre in getting the appliances
about the depot to guard against tire an a
shape to be of service.
Charged with lieephig a Bawdy noose.
—Mary Ackerman appeared before Alderman
Taylor on Suturday, and made oath against
.lane Morrison for selling liquor on Sunday
anti also for keeping a bawdy house. Both
parties reside In the Fifth ward, the house
being situated on Liberty street. Jane will
have a nearing to,i.ty at ten o'clock.
Bill lard•.—A very exciting game of billiard
played at the popular saloon of Captain
David oorner of Liberty :Lod St. Clair
streets, on Saturday. This saloon to daily
growing more popular, and has for its pat
rons many of our bast and most respectable
Of citizens.
Too Much Beer.--Gerartl Holllton WIL9
brought before Justice I.lpp, of Birmingham,
on Sunday, charged on oath of John Keenly,
with assault and battery. The offence consis
ted to Gerard throwing a glass of beer over
the former. Held to ball for a further hearing.
Robbery.—Seme thieves entered the Jewel
ry store of C. T. Roberta in Ebensburg
a day or two since, and stole therefrom a num•
ber of revolvers, gold pens, pencils card
cases he.. A reward of nay dollars Is offered
for the arrest of the thieves.
Domestic Winew.—lies. Herrick Johnston
to announced to deliver a lecture on Domestic
Wines, to-night, at the First Presbyterian
Church. An the learned lecturer is ono of our
moat gifted pulpit orators, a rare intellectual
treat may be anticipated.
Meeting.—A meeting of the Allegheny Lib
rary Association will held this evening in
their room In the City Building, for the pur
pow of electing °Meer. to serve the ...zing
yen, ladles are liartieularly invited GO at
The Lender.—The Lender this week is a
plcv, able paper, Ono of Wat,oll'S beta, It
banal.. without gloves some of our contem
porary e•lttors, and combats with decided
pluck against what it thinks erronoonsipul,
Ilc opinions.
On Profeenaff.—The Clerk of the Court on
aaterday issued a process for Adam Oxenharf,
to answer a charge of felonious shooting. In
default of butt he wan commltted to Jail. Peter
lieltenhorn to the prosecutor
Arrested.—Huger tlart ouu f theparty
who resisted the police while to the discharge
of their duty a fem nights since on lined
street, was arrested by °Meer Dressler. lie
was committed to answer.
Mien Hair at the Elm—Thomas Kendrick,
accused by J6llllOB K. Latin, of stealing blaukete
at the lire Cu Liberty street, on Saturday
morning._ was on Sammy committed for trial
by the Mayor.
No. 106 Smithfield 9t. , cor. 7th,
(Entrance from Seventh Street.)
.1.31 D 133 SANDCSAY sTREET,
y24:1,..12 ALLEGILENY, PA..
ral and most plercenrc plaCe of Sepaltnre. alt-
,00nnt n et. srfs jog
to select Burial Lou will apply at the Superintend
antis OMCP. St the Cemetery. Title Deeds, Permits
and all other basins. will be attended to at the Ursa
Warehouse ol the undersigned cont of Yedetai
and 1... a streets, Allegheny
Secretary and Treasurer.
I.FF It a ICrCRI SON VIL nap litsinriTiG Co.. /
Drltalountill, May lath, 1164 y
}n.() EPS of this Company will he held at to
Oake of the Company. No BS Duquesne Way, on
FRIDAY. June fut. at 10•010.1 r.a.
mytDalio H. S. I.niLLlrs,
GRAEI IN STORE and to arrive:
5,000 bush. strictly prime Minnesota Club Who
W arrive:
1,510 do Rye, to arrive:
1,1a.0 do prime Shelled Corn. to City F.le•alor;
2.000 do do Club Wheat, dodo
Jodo Spring Barley, do Jo
For salt by HITCHCOCK. 11•CNEERY 6 CO.,
No. 360 Liberty litre,
OFFICE CP • T AIRS . my:7:b
bbla. Peach Blow Lot oes:
0o do rbcordx 311114 Floor;
00u Ounbeta 0o00;
1.0:0 barrels Ball,
to store atd for sale
0 WF-278, b icsarszoy AJWIR.
BM 70 rodsrol striet, Allegheny
TINE. rdlllesi Is forwhrded which "MI reach the soh
seri he rs soonest se the mall run.
CLUB , : OF Flyt;
E.4l”_narne.l a large and well seta nel
gj.'4 , 1,0 LD AT( II Kb, with beacntl
CLOAKS ! CLOAliti ! !
Selling Ftl $5 2,50,
New Cloak house, 49 Fifth St.,
Nu. 57 MARKET STREET, Pittsburgh.
,t o tr i, t t s .t it io n . re n t;lz l e:l in Par Vitals anti t'u
sited Stateb and -1 lnanatilat,lnn principal
Pan.,lo: attrotlon pxl , l 10 the prarawte and
...le of
L)o. do .
Do. Flyra of 10-10 s,
1)0. i'ortlfloal.... Of I
hole, and Yoor horn hongnt or collvetell.
• • .
)43 I , n .
t a r ! , ll. , from
v,n t. h . e[ to
a a y l
o W N etl y n e eltd ay
4t. from to 9 o'clock, f
and from November to LO
Mar Int. home toe o'clock.
I.httooJta recolac.) or all aome or not lettm than OM^
Doom, and a dividend of tit. prodt/ declared twice
Ar. in June aild December. Interest lase been
declared semi-annually In June and December emete
the /ulk tram organtse.l. at the rate °Cali per cent.
• - ear.
, merest, If not drawn ant, is P laced to the reedit
depositor as principal nd bears D e cember,-
terest from cue first days or June and
compounding twice a year without troubleutt the de
p,sltor to call. ur even to present hia pass nook. At
this rate money will double In lees than twee re year.
Books containing the Charter, ByeLsws Hales and
ii-gulations, furnished gratis, on appllcatLan at the
o lice.
Phanmeatr—GEOßGE ALBILE.E.
Jolan G. Backofen, • Hobert Robb,
lienL L. Vaburatoek, John H. Shoehberger
Jame. Hardman, Jam. Studle,
James McAuley, Alemander Speer,
James Meads, Christian Yeager.
laage M. Pennock, A. M. rollocc, M. 11.,
W In. J. Anderson., James D. Kelly,
Calvin A cams, t Henry J. Lynch,'
John C. Blndley, Peter A. Madelra..ll
Deoege Black, , John Marshall,
Din Burgwin. Walter P. Marshall,
A'onso,A. Carrier, , John B. McFadden,;
Charles A. Colton, ' Jahn Orr,
Ni m. Douglas, . Henry L. Illug - realt,
lobe Evans, . Wm. Z. Schmidt,
John J. liillesple, , Alexander Tlndle,
William S. Haven, I 'A illlain Vanklrk,
Peter H. Hunker,
illeharl Haye, 1 I ' laac ."'" e W'lal W ar' . r.
Tagastinae—CHAßLEß A. COLTUN.
SacnsranY—JAß. B. 1). MEELI3. pan:dawril
R . T. it HITE & CO., -
Manchester, Wood's Run and vicinity.
Comm Asoomanallinneeatenr /Livery !liable.
Verner os &Manta and Chartists streets.
Hearse and Carriages furnished. noloilyd
COFFINS t corrois
Undertaking In 111 It, branches instntendlifi,
laying out and furnishing everrtnnur negegsuy far
the ler e rs; re ' r7:g d g stl * Ways
b• -4 at reasonant terns. defy
No 164 Fourth nrect, 111.M:trot, Pl. C0r111305 or
kind.. CRAPES, (31A-IVES. and .4)n/description
or Fun eral Fornnsulng tion. torrustilen. Boma
Dread. F and night, Hearse and Carrlnges tarnished
ItErtngscsa-ILey. Darld Herr, 1).13,, liar, ri
Thom..l , Lug Esq., Jacob FS
Miller. EN. 2911•4
Manufacturer of
Particular attention Invited to his Patented
poeetnenta In Jan and Joints, made of Juntalda,
L. IL, and Low Moor Iron. In standard slam, and
numbered, so [bat pans colt be ordered by malt or
4c legraph, and mood a pencct 11l at all times.
afro fttratib ropes. G.t11211.g. small tool., Re., to
those who may wish It. Enenoa and machine wok
made to order. Ordure by promtly attended to.
I am prepared to grant licenses to other manulattlAl
toreta for these Improvementa on liberal terms. AM
17 Allegneny P. O.
dellhamw it •
•Deo In and :74 Wool:, STREET.
200 bele. Intact brands Winter toad Norio'
Wheat Fiona:
3 oars Milwaukee Club—lu Elevator:
bet do Welty Wheat,
2 cars Bye—to arrive.
can choke Peach Blow Potatoft,
F sale by B. /LNG.% a SON,
No. i 9 Dlatoooo, Atlegheoy.
5,0 Ooze, Watt tdadlaon read Btaraht
an • • Unrego Bine"
For tale tow to the tratall
11 LANG,
mill Mend al Wood ',vet.
a..., boar, 1.01... uf tut erns
sad w1,1,i. Ai.° a full aasor , mout of W,u4oW
oluadea, tireen ClOth. of alt wioltuu, obadr if
turn.ea_ fur sal, wholesalt sod rutaal. at NO. as
tads et. Club . Strelf t. 07 J. & li. I'HILLIPLI.
Fresh kiln dried mane and One Oat Meal, lust
seised alltd for male by Mb bsrrel or single po ud,
D dulito A. kLENastA W s
my= Corner of Liberty and limo' stave'.
h o — n
Wed .11apt ilj e ll eeard l it b s T. it.; h r r aala
i r
raw ARA h. Lk, a L. 1.2,1.4.
17. aid 114 Woo street.
- I L.Drtate York State, Roxbury and Brandywine
Ho d , now In stank and for Ws try
myl? TOM.
GreallY Reduced Prices.
Call and set. them. 11 yn„
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