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WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 1860.
OEM. STEADMAN was suddenly con
verted to "My Policy." Less than a year
ago he arrived in Washington from North
western Georgia, where he was then serv
ing, an ultra radical; advocating the taw
lute necessity of conferring the right of
sulfrage on the negroes of the entire South.
It would ho impossible to state more strong
ly than he was then wont to do the wisdom
and Justice of this great measure, or to ex
{dint more conclusively the error and
danger of reorganizing the political corn.
enmities of that section upon any other
basis than that they should be exclusively
contmlied by loyal men, white or black, as
Andrew Johnson once expressed it.
A TRAVELP,R, writing to tile Chicago
J”urnal , Rape,
"At Pittsburgh a splendid improve
ment has just been made in the shape of a
new depot, built by the Port Wayne and
PemusylVititia Central Railroad Compa
nies, for the use of those roads, Not, how
ever, for their benefit exclusively, but also
for the convenience of the traveling public.
For connected with, and forming part of
this mammoth depot area first-class hotel
nod a restaurant, where passengers can al
ways find such refreshments as may seem
needful during either a brief or a protracted
sojourn in the smoky city."
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, in
this improvement, has set an example
which is deserving of Imitation at all
important railway eentres.
IN Wisconsin, a man who had served in
the rebel army got elected Justice of the
Peace. His predecessor refused to hand
over the hooks to him, and hence an
opinion on the ease was drawn flout the
Attorney General, lie said :
"Having served as a volunteer in the
late rebel army, you have forfeited all po
litical rights under the United States Gov
ernment, and that Government can alone
restore them: Having placed yourself in
the attitude of an alien enemy to the Uni
ted States Government, you cannot exer.
cise the rights and privileges now accorded
to aliens who are not enemies. Not hay
ing the right to vote, you cannot hold
THE President has met with poorer suc
cess in Pennsylvania than in any other
State. He has not had a single vote in the
House save what he got from the Demo
crats, and thus far has not received the
open support of a single known Republican
paper. He is of course much annoyed at
the barren prospect. The fact is, it ist ery
bard to make a party out of patronage
alone,. and the engineers of the President
in Pennsylvania find it so every hour they
IT IS stated that Attorney-llenernl
SPEED has no confidence in the legal ,or.
reetness of the indictment against Jxerxn•
so's: DATIS. In the preparation of this in
.tniment the Administration was bound to
employ the best pmfessional ability. It
soma not to comport with "My Policy" to
have the work done eflii•ctually. Better
pardon the great criminal at once, rather
1.1 1 / 1 11 hare a mockery of a trial
IN the Presbyterian GenendANse.:lll,iics
at tit. Louis, the main opposition to re
union comes front aged members who have
curried their griefs along the journey of
life with the young. A. notable exception
is found in Dr. BIIECKIERIDOS. The
younger menhersof both branches strongly
incline to come together. "It isa consum
mation most devoutly to be wished."
A WANFIINGTON correspondent says that
there is, at the Capitol, growing distrust
of Secretary McCulloch. Ile is regarded
as one of the bitterest enemies or the loyal
majority In Congress in the Cabinet. Be
sides, there arc many strange rumors afloat
as to financial matters, while the general
conviction is, that the work is rather more
than the Secretary can stagger wider.
lx Washington it is reported and genet..
ally accredited, that contributions have been
made by wealthy rebels of Baltimore,
Washington and other Southern cities, of
large sums of money for the purpose of
corrupting members of Northern Legiala
tures into voting against their principles for
U. S. Senate's who will support the Presi
dent'spolicy. •
A rzw nava ago we stated our opinion
that StrMOILTOIi Frt:o came to this coon
tri MAO get. u 4 p Arich tut , excitement
over American railway securities as would
help him out of linancial dialcalties; and
thathe had notsucceeded. We gave some
of our reasons for that opinion. The fail
ure of SIR - Morrow is now announced.
ALTHOUGH hundreds of thousands of
documents have been circulated among the
people to induce them to support "my
policy," daily intelligence from the States,
North and South, confirms the prediction
that the only * success that would crown
such efforts would he the successful expen
diture of a great deal of money.
Tim Washington correspondent of the
Rochester (N. Y.) Denoerat, under date
of Washington, May 13th, writes as fol
lows : •
"Leading Democrats assert Ain't. the
President big mined net to nominate
Lieut. Glen- Grant to, tile position of Gen
eral unless that soldier shall give in his ad
hesion to the policy of the White House."
Nrwimllltons of &liars In gold were
sent out of this country last week, mainly
to pay wages to European manufacturers.
In th4 lßi .d i n arYCondition of monetary Pr'
fairs, so vast a shipment of specie would
have gone a good ways towards producing
a financial crash.
Tux Oregonda
Oregon, sensibly _
"We-,copfeasto ,thfuldng. that ihtkparr,
which carried the • Government wei
through the late terrific struggle, is good
enough for us, and that we have no desire
to go searching after stralke Gods."
THE impression grans, ground that the
Senate will strike out the third section of
the noise plan of llecoustruction, and
adoikt.the residue. Practically, it will be
found impossible in most southern districts
to keep rebals from voting.
ArrEat.Becr °nig Szw.san's nalunsthsr ‘
President is to be serenaded_ and make
speech.. The members of the Cabinet are
to be milked in turn, and are expected to
respond by endasihg the President's ideas.
Monona, &maim and LANE (Kansas)
will vote for the Constitutional Amend
ment with the 'third "section ant? That will
(Willi the prediction we made of its passage
in that shape.
Ton President's supporters in Virginia
ere writing letters to the jurors,
dieted Jeffer.on Davis, threatening, them .
with lyncti-1: 1 .4 tinlesetlid rdiYie the glatc.
Timm. arc assurances that Gen. Ferry
- satll tplar tott , elected U. 8. Benatartrozn
chiatibetkath • 5.1,; •
mumphroy 'ln HO comapthle
atedlefors for sale at, rulton.s Drug store, No.
les stentoleld street.
The Boots, Shoes and Gaiters sold at South
& Boss', RI Market street.
They Go Away Itedoietng.
Persons who buy their Boots and Shoes at
South & Boss', 63 Market street.
Only 83.00.
Those One high eat Gaiters (or ladies, at
South a Itoss% I Market street.
Highly Delighted
.. • .
Customers who buy their Roots, Shona and
Gallen at South lc Ross', M Market street..
Traveling Dress Goods. •
A goal assortment ern the Northeast corner
Fourth and Market streets.
C.llAksos Love & Itno.
.44 Ingham.
A splendid annortment Just opened On the
Northeast corner of Fourth and Market inn.
C. Henson LoctA Mtn.
For Conirreftm
Gaiters, go to Itoblason'n, No, GI Market
street. He has received a beautiful assort
ment, anal will dispose of them at fabulously
low rates.
Loco Circulars and Points,
Haws and White, at all prices, on the north
east corner of Fourth and Market streets.
C. !lassos Love & lien.
Dress Goads,
We feel confident that our new stock of dreas
gocsis, now opening, is the most desirable In
the city. Remember, we are now on the north
east corner of Fourth and Market streets.
C. listrsos Love &.
Robinson In Advance.
A lot of those durable custom mad • One
boots Just received and fur sale at eight dol
lars per pair, at No. 61 Market street. They
are cheap, but must be sold.
neown•a eVerndface comets."
This valuable combination has been success
fully used by physicians, and found to be safe
and sure In eradicating worms, so hurtful to
children. Re sure and obtain the Vermilligr
Comfit which has been used with good success.
Sole agent for Pitsburgh, Joseph Fleming,
Druggist, N 0.64 AlarkoL street..
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
Read the following letter from E. Bourn,
well known citizen of Pittsburgh, Pa.:
Prrrar non, May 10th, Iser,
Boetel ter Smith—Gentlemen: Der
Mg a visit in the west last fall, I contracted
chill, and fever which brought me to my bed
and filially terminated (n typhoid fever, and
confined me to my roots for several months,
during which time I amt physically so pros
trated that I almost despaired of ever recover
ing my health; having entirely lost my appe
tite fordays, not being able to eat a morsel,
added to which I was much distressed with a
reeling sensation in my head, and passed many
sleepless nights—all from debility caused by
my proetra to condition, brought about by the
fever. At this stage of my condition a friend
recommended me to use your celebrated sto
mach Bitters, but being morally opposed to
the use of stimulants In any. form, I at first de
clined, but afterwards yielded my preJudires
and, atter taking the medicine for several
weeks, us directed my appetite returned and
with it f am rapidly regaining my former
strength and vigor. My Bleep, (from the loss
of which I had mittens' much., has never been
hotter then It is now, and the reeling sensa
tion (before alluded to,) has entirely left me.
Irre bow la e r ls a r w e h nicohw
were m
n u a c t h u c r o al n , s a t n i d a Indf aand
am glad to say that I feel myself a new man
and louder you this testimoniatof my appre
elation of your valuable preparation in order
that others suffering as I have may avail
teetuselves of its virtues, which proindice
prevented me fromealo t ang for so long
a period. I may shoo add tmy physician,
after seeing the beneficial effect your Bitters
lad on me, recommended that I use them reg
ularly. Yours, very respeetftilly,
E, Roming,
No. 45 Market street.
llowlettee• Bitter.
A I I mold wholeaala and retail at very low r‘te•
• t hesaingNt Droplet:ld Patent Iledlolne Depot,
No II Market shoot, corner of the Diamond
•nd Market, near thumb alsoet.
Details of the Bombardment of CAW.
—The 1 4 11.1111111111Ndf In no Condition to
Renew the Attack.
New Vona. May 21.--Some details of the tight
Tt Callao are published. The Peruvians had
nine batteries, mounted with thirty-two poun
der guns,• 300-pounder Annstrongs and io.
pounder Blakely rifles, besides the iromeleds
Leo and Virginia, and three Warden gun boats.
In less than half en hour the Villa do Madrid
had her motive power deranged, and was
towed out of the action. The Berengnell
moved out twenty minutes later, having re
ceived heavy rifled shot near the water line,
leaking badly, and was obliged to ca
reen to prevent sinking. At half mist two
the Blanca and litesolumon retired to repair
Injuries, but soon returned to their former
position, and with the rest of the fleet, except
the two first named, continued to fight to the
end of the action. Boon after the commence
ment of the battle, a Peruvian Indent, con
taining two thirty-pounder Annstrongs, was
blown tql, dltimantiLag the guns and killing
and wounding every one in the vicinity. in
another battery a lan-pounder Armstrong was
dismantled at the first fire. With this excep
tion the fire of the Peruvian batteries was
heavy and well directed, and every moment
became more fataliand destructive. Soon
after five o'clock the Spanlarda retired, the
batteries firing till they were out of range.
The last gun was fired by the Monitor Victoria.
The Peruvians are said - to have lost sixty
killed and one hundred and seventy wounded.
The shot disabling toe steamship of Villa de
Madrid killed eighteen and wounded twenty
one, and it was thought therefore, that the
total loss of the.Spanfah exceeded that of the
Peruviana. That vessel had eight stint holes
in her sides. The Blanca was struck forty
times, and others nearly as many. The Me
mancia, being iron clad, Mime off very well,
but one eight-Inch rile prOjectile pierced her
five and a half: inch iron plating and went
partly through the wooden bar-king. She was
fought seas to receive the fire at an angle,
hence her plating ceased. the shot to glance.
The officers of the Vanderbilt think the Span
ish are in no condition to renew the attack.
They bail only solid shot, so there was but lit
tle Injured.
onnuottou for laterual Xovenue Col
lector figfeel-led—Appointment of Mar
ftnal—flemovol of Wafted Mutes Courts
rom Norfolk—Moro ?ructions. Cur
remy—lP'ardoulos of Repel..
• •
Wes uttrorox, May 4 4.—. W. Prescott Smith's
nomination as collector of Internal Revenue
for the Third District of Maryland, In the
place of Mr. Finley, was rejected by the Sen
ate yesterday The President has nominated John Lyon,
fataer of General Lyon, as Marshal for the
Southern 'District of Illinois.
The reason fOr removing the United States
oourts from Norfolk to Richmond Is because
there is no fit place In Norfolk to hold them.
Prepara are makinto issue three
dred thousandtions at of f ractional currehnucn
this week, to take the place of a similar
CLIXIOMIL mutflated and to be cancelled.
Commodore Loan Stnith, late of the rebel
navy, f was pardoned on recommendation
of Senators Stowart,lfye, Mel:tenpin , Reward,
Chandler and others. Also, Henry A. Bragg,
an °Moor lathe rebel army, on recommends.-
Con of Senator lienderson and Hon. J. J. Blow.
West Point Appointments—Serenade to
the President and Cabinet Arranged
—llerebants. National Bank 'uremia.
New Thor, May fil..—Tfio' spociaLs to the
evening papers nay that the President has ap
pointed to West, Point Jacob Bell, J of New
yArk_, Kele and Thome, Townsend, of
the District of Columbia, and Douglas Grant,
son of Meutenant General Grant.
The, sarenseerto the Preggighait :and Cabinet
is arrnged for to-morrow
he llonsepomm on hanklg e l the
the Preelecat ofittee
the Merchants , National
Bank this morning, when ho admitted that ho
thui Government bonds le _Me poeseargon.
which ho regarded gm private property and
that he had offered to agisnet the difficulty by
Raying - forty per cont , of the money deposited
with the bank.
ortk C 4 e eer* lm th e—Merelrse.Ae. IS ofe Det
11 1e7112,-Chtherals Steadman
.find FullortOntikatn intermeirat . Savannah
on Saturday, with representatives from the
African Methodist Church. Three of thorn de
clared in favor . of the oontinuanea of tho
Freed scum's Burehle, awl three others testified
io malfeasance of facers of the Bureau.
Generals Steadman and Fullerton have gone
to Florida.
intaigter Expeditioll.
Has? Pour, alai no it;..:.ortro boats, loaded
It B,lppQapd. , wl tel amui,alllostod Wulf nit
on Indian Island last Ui ghtiluld'aevennl roundel
'of shot .roro sistutlad— The British war
steamer Niger Masan frOto Campo Bono to
the a. " 34 " " UM, Whe nAlte renlans retreat
ed. No furtharpartlonlarsas yet.
1 , 1,941 llisseinami. •
Ciscivary Atray....22Ll,Tho Sixth
street. this nioralne: ehiShOyea' Derenhaws
harness factery,Cooli Yarnell's extensive
steak stables and severs] otb or
Loss about OW. • bullainga
GOMIIANOT I I./904. itnnied.
AZILLANDNIA. VA.. Ally XL—About seven
thousand cords
n aUGOTersamint' wood were
horned last
g night. lb 4 •IIMP was Wrtinguiahed
thls Morni.
WAsilistrroxr Ctrr, May 22, I,e; G. 1
Mr. Wilson reported a bill for the equalize- 1 Scene. in Our City A ter Dark.
ion of bounties. It gives every
soldier, with- Not one perhaps in one hundred of our sit_
out distinction of race or color, eight undone. ' liens has any idea of the amount of crime and
third dollars per month, deducting the bout, wretchedness that exists in our Midst.: 6pcml
ties already paid, and excluding altogether .
deserters, and those who have sold or bar- ing,
their workshops or places of business, and
the entire day—as most of them do—in
tereJ away any of their claims.
their evenings in the quiet enjoyment of the
Mr. Williams introduced a bill to grant domestic circle, they have little or no oppOr
rolands in aid of the oen.struction of a railroad ,
from Salt Lake City to the Columbia river, , Lenity of knowing anything of the misery,
which was referred to the Committee on Pub. : crime and wretchedness that is only to be
lie lauds.
Mr. ood called rip u
seen on our streets when ode greater portion
Kirkw s e" In relation ,
to public lands in the South States. It pre- iof the population are wrapt In sleep. We, in
yidlls that the public lands in Florida, Miss.- ,ob Capacity as reporter, must needs be
, sippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. • will abroad the greater part of the night, and In
I be opened to mettlement under the Homestead ,
1 Bill. Not Moro than eighty acres shall be set- , our nocturnal wanderings what eights we nee,
tied by any one settler, and the price of any 1 if..placed on paper, would scarce gain ere
aselsoros, Slay '='.—Tho bankrupt hill I one patent shall be ftve dollars. 'The bill Was ' deuce from any one. Mere on our most public
provides that the District and Circuit Court Peased'
thoroughfare where'll day fashionable belle.
have jurisdiction, that any person owing debts I Mr. Sherman called up the hill consolidating , and perfumed dandies saunter carelessly
the public debt and reducmg the rate 01 I along, wo often lind some wretched Sight
amendment that the coat ahall not exceed two 1 along, perhaps cold, perhaps htmgry, In the
over three hundred dollars, tiling a I'm{ lon of interest on the same to five per cont. The , —some poor outeaat—wandering aimlessly
Inability to pay, and willingness to surrender I
per cent watt adopted.
I vain search for Ott , and hariy. Last
his estate, shall be adjudged a moot, and 4 . , , .. S' erman explained the bill at length. I night in the doorway of one of
a warrant lamed for the Merit!' to essa on
. Clark moved a postponement till to- I
ill an assignee Is appointed. Th till. of our Banking institutions On Fifth street,
row, as be wished to speak In oppesition i we discovers a woman crouched on the cold
assignees are defined. It provides for exami— It. It was postponed.
1 stone steps with an infant In her arms, and
nation before Court of the distributiOnS of the Tile 1411 Mtn:aimed stiPpl*U . tary to the : sot anongnelothing on her pereon to protect
caste, creditors to ahem prorate without pref. acts relating to the Treasury °Pertinent was : heraelf and offspring from the chill night air.
erenoc each wages to clerks and operators pun_ referred to the Committee on Cpmmorce. 'On questioning her, we learn that oho
dry SW a month.
Tile bill making further preirislone for an • came from Canton, Ohio, and sueon Igor way
The order In the dividend is, !lost, the costa 1 armo r , a t Koch Island was passer,.
I to Camden,'New Jersey, where she hail some
of the Court; second, debts Loth,' United , The bill amendatory of the postal laws, pro- friends. She had a ticket for Philadelphia to
States and Slate assesallhents; third, wego., I viding among other things, that letters shall • 1 theP I• la lia 1 1 boa hat
• way 0 onnsy %an I row , n
fifty debts having priority by law. It provide. Ibe returned. free of charge to the writers; that ' f ifed on her arrival Ot few hoursl,
before> In
fifty for the discharge from all debts after ,
, nos ey orders shall be good for but one ' yea •
ri . n is city to make the conneetiOn With the
compliance, and prrold. a punishment Mr ; i',,,K ti n tbat apecial agents for the collection of 1 eastern train, and having nO motley to pay for
fraud. Seven days conferment of Judgment , ran ., s h a ll g ly s wads, w as p,sed .
LC otninodallOnm at a hotel until the and fourteen fourteen for commercial paper shall be en After executive session the Senate ad• I ' th e re of the next train, afro was obliged to ro•
act of bankroptcy. The act takes e ff ect for 4 3 „,.,„ ed ,
main In the streets. OM inquiry as to where
officers after the promulgation. No petition
her linsband was elicited reel e save a
to be tiled before the first of November next. t m ikl„ oeb. n , m. I
ryland, Introduced a . flow of s tuaric, fro th which we I . to sup.
WM to amend the Civil Appropriation 11111 ' pose isVe was one of that treating class of an.
ts ISNI, giving the Secretary of the Treasury men 'talk° hadloyed not, wisely, but too weill
/fewer to appoint Collectors in certain cases She refused to go to the Mayor's °Mee, say-;
he bill was passed. Mg "No, PH go to the depot." A gentleman \
The billi e s tippoint an Assistant Secretary Intasing, having heard her story, gave her a
a the Ns. o act clarion the absence of Me. , dollar, sod volunteered to accompany her to
Fox was med. f the station. she accepted Ills kind offer and
The Bankrupt hill] was then taken up and i the last we saw of her she was going down
after dismission a frultless effort to postpone, 1 Wood attest In the direction of the Union DC
tut bill was passed by re yea.S f 0 ill nags. , pot. She Was a young woman, and from her
oldr. Elliott, from the :select Committee on j deportment we judged that Rho had seen
Freedmen, reported hack the bill to continue , brighter and happier days.
In force for three years, and to amend the act I While at the tombs, last night, we noticed
t 0 [!dishing the Freedmen's 'serene Bill. , something pocriller in the steady, earnest stare
tilittle the hill was being read the morning 1 with which a woman In one of toe cells re
hoot expired, mot the bill went over till to. gli
' nted., and thought to speak to her. We
idairrow I did no, but our answer was a vacant look, and
Str. Driggs Introduced a bill to pumah At- we supant 5110 Was deaf. We learned, 1
torneys and others pli for a ithaolding monies , however, from Captain Lewis that she was a I
collected for °deers, soldiers and sellers, poor eras; woman, who officer Ithigly 110,1
which vo. read twice and carried to the Com- found wandering In the streets. From the
educe on Slithery affair.. time she hail been incarcerated until the pc,-
The Blouse wont into Committe, of the ; riot °roar depart]] re she inel never uttered a
Whole, Mr Dawes in the chair, mu resumed ' word, lint only sat mute and motionless, as
consideration of the Tax Bill, commencing tit 'we observed her.
the paragraph Imposing a tax of two emits u ,
) . ".. d 5. e. "'" , U P''' Wh ".. r. tn- . 1.. I. '" ,I Nusbblea f anal, an a !Mortis—Probable
I Homicide.
The paragraph Imposing a Mt: of 5 per cent. ,
on all manufactures not otherwise provided I At a picnic on Troy 11 111, Reserve township, ,
for, was, on motion of Mr. Stmltling, amended ; on Monda quar
t, adin
dg the following: Provided further, ;
y evening, two boys got into a
(fie., brown
e5,,,,,,,0 net eootthem
~,,,h t, „ tot , . eel, and while battering away at one another I
be Ruiner% to aMx of 7.i per cont. ad enthrone, 1 lo.eld Miller, reanlitig on Liberty street, ,
and no more. Tho paragraph in reference to Fourth ward, Allegheny, endeavored to Iwo, 1
workers In gold and silver wan , on the motion 1
of Mr. Kelly, amended by ading the provi
, rats them. Sillier was passing at the time In
m that the stomping orovialon should not I company - with two young ladles, Mary Hick
ly lump Um re-working of old gold or sliver i man and Mary Dougherty, and while In the
1101 o r tar.
art of parting the boys, n young German,
The paragraphs relating to tobaccowens
amended i , Witting as a new paragraph "on I immed G...einge WYgotd, drew a kaire an , ' I
stnnklnFr tobaccoomectened, stemmed Or hut- stabbed tom in tne ttbdomen, indicting .
red, a tax of See per cooed," and by guiding to , uound welch it he thought may prove feta
the words "or smokin g Lobo,. of ail aieds,•• 1 Miller uas conveyed to his home, and surgies.
the word. "not ...urned, nor stemmo, nor , attendance procured. Wygold was found 1
t.iittml." Tie tat on this is twenty cents per , the officers who wont in penult of hint at •• I
• saloon on Troy 11111, Very notch in
On motion of Ile. Schenck, the latter para. I The wepon, which seas found with Mtn, we
griqth Ira. amended by reducing the tax from ' an or,l hurryon. .
10, with it dirk tibiae. lir NI.
wenty conts to ten ton. per pound, so that it taken before Mayor Morrison, and intormv .
uow read s ..,,,, to
mg tobacco, of all kind a , that fur assault and battery With Intent 1,, .; ,
not iitreetenell or stemmed, or butteO, meted_ Miller !teeing I wen made mistiest him 1,3 N ,•
mg that Ma.le of -tents, Or 111 part stoma and 0 I 1 le.inan, Ile wit- lodged ol the Alleehmif
Imitations thereof, a tax of tee cents par . to 1115 ter the eight, end to Yenthrdlie merit
pemn.l.•• in g was committed to jail to au all the result
of Ihe luillrlehh NIBS Ilicknion and Idiss
M i • M Y''' ."'"d in '""'"' t II; ire " r. " . 4, In Dougherty saw the ocourrenee, tool were pot.-
inn\ of ditties on manufacture.' hotraceo, a lax
Illh e in their identitlmaion of IV ygoiti as the
of is enty ruts per tamed On tObaceco in i 1 ,,,,,,„,, „. 110 „ hi the sta b bing.
leaf The amendment, w. rejected. ;
Mr. Seliellek If. 0 ,41 N. a Stllealtalle for the 1
paragraph relating Oh cigarette. or small , •ia Excited Teuton
eiliars, the " mun '' uie " l. i ' inew ha t " i. " flea • j lliont four o'clock ye.derday afternoon, a
ponied in too House pnweedlngs of the loth , •
or German, Minim( W. Earnest Popo, entered the
lonalderable debate ensued, when rho tot- noire of Aldernian Jas, St. Taylor, of the rum
10 . - Ing mot . .. Me-tat to lid. amentiniott , . ward, In a high plate of exetton.,nt, and ao
was ccept...l. ini all other cigars tour dollars ,
in, li. and to per cent ad valorem, excite 1 mantled La thototam of a Stentor to see the
sive ot tax. pro. bled that In assessing maul
m a ll .mgottrate. tilt the appearance of the Alder
ad valorem duty the tire. Len dollar. 'taloa- . sbe 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in ~ y , M T , rf ~, E ng , e n,
'ion shall net 1.• assessed,
N itiomt coming to a t rite th e 110,,„,, 1,„-, i , a to make a statament, the tiorport of s, bleb. so
. near aa 1.0 wool understand was . follow.,
F: r , 011110 Srssuon.—The Tax bill was di/reuse , 1 eatordaut altinivy after , Itnner au Irishman
cut. e l gersend thtaM oo , 'Mr' , ~aken- ea- rh. 1 mimed Malloy, entered the Drover's Borne, on
d 1 . , ... 50 was
pry '.''''''r.
f 1 ..b..Sil
f Penn .tromm. in the Ninth ward, and ceor
I loope r, Morelli, tirtswold. W.lmurne or , a gle a m of lwer which he got. After Winkingdri
Ma i vi m'tituttit•to , and Paine , A '°,.... takti , , the beer he Woke the glass, and picking Uth
on 1110 closing amending . , Wu that c i garettes, , ~, i l l ,. ,i„,...„., struck p op , i n t h e 1,,
small cigars, cheroots, short sixes not In 1 with It The latter politely Inquired why he
value over eight dollars per thou Sand, a tax I d hl so, ae h ee , m a t h , „ fl o o d hi m a dd in t e n t,.
of tour 110115 " , Over iir°l " " li a r ' P e r thou- I man, an d threatened If he infra t clear out im
sead, forty per cent ad retu rn ee additional. mediated, te glee bile further chastise-
M r Morrill u ill offer an a...tree. , iwitul.- mem. MeS. Wuldier, the wife of the proprie_
log the same dote. on all imported claw, os 1 tor , •1 the bonne, then Interim-mil In behalf of
domestic Providing for Inspection , vet nation Pope. when Malloy very ungallantly struck
and fraud. Brokers, banks and banker, ,had her in the breast Tith. was too much for Pope
amendments to It
to stand and he Immediately hastened Lo the
Mr. Cooke moved to add to It the following . Alitormem's office, where he preferred twe
'ChM. VA of assardt and battery against the llg
-1.11.1%-ithii, that In the estimated sales of greenly° colt, one (Or striking Min with the
goods, wares or merelnuidtse, tor purl e s of , g h ee , toot th e o u ter m e ~a nut an g t h e f emale
tilts stet lon, way sal. m made by or through whicil Pope acciarini to tie
act of imrlvalle.l
aitothor broker uPon w hich a te. loo' Imo. meanness. A warrant was Issued for galley's
shall not be [unheated and Inch:Med MI , rest.
sold by the broker for whom the sale was 1
made. After some discussion the amendment I
wits reed to.
Mr. ag Griswold mewed to amend the paragraph
relating 10 carnage:l, Ac., by striking out gold
watches and golel or silver plate. IteleCted.
lir. Morrill moved to strike out the par,
gun 1h unending seCtlon hr. of the present law
under schedule A and 10 aubstltrito for It a
lutratfrePh wideti pOse.
cifx of tun watt •
nal f per cent. ou r ai lroad sa., ateamboats,
barges, canal horde, mall coaches, Ac., carry
ing passengern wattle the tinned Mates,
whore the receipts excited "Lute per semen,
the tax to he ealculated on the gross receipts
from pin passengers and Malls.
After somedlscottelon, the paragraph Was
Passed over Informally, until the ainetititacint
could to presented.
To the paragraph relating to telegraph cern
panne, a proviso was added that no returns
Mint IN,
tat required of receipts not imbJect to
The COMM Ittee atter ddepOsingt of ton
of the bill down to the paragraph ou =
rose, 01111 the Donne at ten o'clock ailtoarned.
Synopsis of its Provisions
- - •
A Bill and Written Report
W want:zeros, May 22.—Mr. Wilson, tram the
Committee on Military Affairs, and the Militia
to which was referred &Mate hill, So. 207, to
provide for the equalization of noun ties to the
soldiers In the late war of the rebellion, pre
sented a bill nada wiltten report. The report
says it has ever been the policy of the troy
ernment of the United States to keep a small
standing army in time of peace, and to rely
upon the patriotism of the citizens to all the
ranks of the military forces In time of war.
Tire experience of three quarters of a century
has amply vindicated the wisdom of this pol
icy. Every citizen of the United States liable
to do military duty, is Justly held to owe the
Government In time of public danger, in re
tarn for the protection given him, his blol
and If need be his life. W bile the citlzenflpuTfl,
military service to his eralatry the Mani ) ," In
return Is sacredly bound to recognize a
tly reward the military services rendeSh, by
the citizen.
Arenas, May . 22.—Mr. Seward addressed a
largo meeting of the fellow-6Lnc. 811 follows:
My fiend Fremetit.---Siree we Inat met, the
national condition has undergone some mains
rial change. We were then on the verge of a
serics of elections throughout the States. The
leaders, who no pertinaciously claim to Ice
democratic, organized with their actextomeci
machinery and evasion.. Toet/ had wisely
ceased to denounce as a failure the sear for
the Union, which had at Imt become
a glorious success. They thought to
undermine the dl stinctive party of the
n lon by effecting a new-bore actin
ration for its chief, Andrea. Johnson.
They seemed MIIIEIOB,II. prove their devotion
superior to ours by committing themselves to
IS O.In suort hint as a candidate for the Precedency
They inscribed our administratimi
mottos of reconciliation upon their newly
wrought Inmates, and reorganizing their
straggling linen as well they so hastily
could, they vehemently charged onward for a
partizan not a patriotic victory. What led
the Democratic leaders 10 make this change,
was the striking, I may call lt the marvellous
phenomenon which was J 8811 thou exhibited on
the scene of the recent rebellion. The whole
disloyal community In that blighted and cies.-
fated region, orienting the conditions of (cas
ual amnesty and the invitations to returning
whic h were proebstined by the ad
ministration all ut 1414, nmouneed pr
e in.
ciples or:wiltd and the policy of secesocce
sad disunion tendered m a new covenant of
loyalty, seated with their males and brought ,
forward with alacrity the remains of their ,
tong cherished institution of slavery, and
cheerfully threw thetn to lie burned upon the
constitutional altar which they inni no newly
These use smote.' changea is the attltucle or
political adversaries once no obatinate, natu
rally enough excited suspicions, Jea lousies
and apprehensions among loyal and tried
Union men. It was the eta OWNS of William of
orange, who, having in civil war put down
the fortes, afterwards found it necessary to
vole to repenting Jacobins and Paphsto the
right of citizenship. It Is the emu which has
ever cocurren, and winch must forever morn
occur, at the end of a successful resistance to
"How could Democrats and rebels he con
verted to the support of a triumphant Union
Administration?' This was the question every
where put by the zeal°tu leaders of the Union
patty. it seas at that moment that I answered
that gnestion by linking others, namely.: Wow
could Dernoenns and rebels assiti being con
verted 1" It not their conversion that you
contended for and that you ,scow desire r' I
expreseed the opinion that the condition
of ;ware with its new reaponalbilities,
must thenceforth hoc In good faith lamented.
I advised prompt and complete reconcilia
tion with the restoration at once of the con
stitutional symmetry of the Union. Rejecting
the ungenerous suspicion that the rebel, and
their deunscratie abettors were only changing
their pohtical strategy with traitorous pur
pose, I argued that with few and marked ex
ceptions, they were now to be remitted and
accepted av fellow citizens and brethren. I
urged this would be onely clone, force the
tried frientin of the adminiat ration, 11,U1OVIng
milted arid harmonious, and tons reclaiming
their Justly required prestige, should them
selves promptly and Mitifnaxlmotialf teeufe
to the nation the enjoyment of Oiclerly desired
peace sad incliapermahly reqtairolpr peosrity
For a time the friends of the Union acme upon
that policy. Clectlons everywhere resulted in
the defeat and overthrow of the Democratic
Organization, and placed the administration
of Soo rein Johnson beyotid the easels of clan
ger, at tonne or :thread. The worlrof recon
sumetiou has outrun expectation. Indeed It
has never had a parallel In human afflitra,with
Internal commotion and disturbances less
serious than those which sometimes attend
popular elemom.ctions In a tree country in time of
Heretofore the disloyal people of Tllghtlit,
Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana,
, Florida and Texas, successively, nay, almost
simultaneously, assembled and adopted new
conalitutiona in conformity with the Conan-
Union of the United States. They upturned
rebellion with all its far opt . ..ling roota and
all its nanaonotut buds, and they accepted and
ratified the mauling Congressional Amend
ment to the Constitution Of the United states,
which abollahes slavery thenceforth and for
ever. The people uf these States have at the
same time chosen, by free and uncontrolled
Suffrage, Governors, Legislatures, Judielary
and municipal authorities.
(The lateness of the hour at widen we re.
eel ved It, prevents su giving the remainder of
the apeech In this issue.]
Additional Particulars of the Late Fire
—Large Amount of &Ws Received—
Ithigintent of itoecie—tisquest oa Fres
ton K lag's Body—The Verdict—ad
vance la Gold—European Arrival—
(Wick Voyage.
Now Tone, May 72.—The Academy of Mille
eras valued at MAO, and was Insured for
110.33,0ue. and the scenery for alo,ooo. Maretsek's
loss la MOOD, and Grail's eOO. ieither la In
sured. The University Medical College was
Valued at $40,000, and Insured for MOOO. Wor
cester's piano factory was toyed. 7he loss on
iline's factory has not been ascertained. Thu
lire was doubtless Incendiary.
Tho Total loss will not exceed if It roaches
a million dollars.
Private advice. per the steamer Cuba indi
cate that a large amount of live4wordies was
received. Her shipment of specie to-morrow
LS expected to equal that of last Wednesday.
The verdict of the Coroner's Jury, on the
body of Preston King, rendered to-day, was
that he Jumped elf the ferry beat while /41101..
Mg under Insanity.
The Post nays after the Government brokers
retired to-day, gold wont up to 151.56.
The steamer! Pelrrie has arrived. She left
Krent on the 12th and brings Paris papers of
the 12th. Mho han made the voyage In ten
Old Sicholil Preibyterinu Assembly—
Proses& of Dr. V The Louis
ville Presbytery Denounced.
ST. LOMB, MAY the Old School Assem
bly to-day, the protest of Dr. Vandyke against
the action of the Assembly in regard to the
exclusion of the Louisville Conunlesdoners
. .
wne ordered to be recorded, and the Commit,
tee, with Ira Wed. as Chairman, appointed to
anewer IL The report of the Committee on
Foreign Miamians shows that the ]bard boa
ntieeinne in dinerent countries. The
receipto for the year were .207,4103. and the ox.
pendituree .210,600. Nearly half the churches
of the denomination lulled to contribute to
the eupport of the Bcxtra. Both money and
teen are needed.
Don. Sam. Galloway, of Ohio, consumed the
Most of the remainder of the day In replying
to Dr. Boardman's speech of yesterday, taking
strong grounds against the conduct of the
Louisville Presbytery, and dealing trenchant
blowe againet dislOyalty In 6124 out. of the
whine° occurred hr
'Mae Presentation of nett on the Poulin
of inky.
llamunamto, flay, the regular army
ottloara who commanded In PennoryWards rem..
Imelda, that can be spared will be prmorit at.
the Au present/ an l'ltiledelphle, {Oa _the
Fourth of July.
Geo. IL r. Roller Closeese Idaidr!VeOend
of Mafteoebusetil• m Is—Olutdouarr
A rod serwary—ludependeol Order of
(good Templar,
.110141,.. May 12.—Thu Senate elected to-day
General U. If. Butler, of Lowell, to be Major
Genc"al of the Massachtmetts MIIIUe, nude
the eallttla organisation.
The American Baptist Mientionary roam
bar commenced Ito anniversary meetni go,
Hon. Ira Harris of Now York. Preoldesit of the
aoelety. The PmsMeat Math: en interesting
addretto. In which ho Indicated his purpose 01
reThein tirg from the ° of Right Worthy G Moe reed Lodge of the Intl,
Pendent Order of Good Templar. In now In
tit, Boston. The , meeting la Itreeldt.l
ovhr by Hon. S. D. Ilrattn'nb, - 6I Wlseurnoth:
goaresoutatlves from nearlyall the Nortbern
and Western btatusom well WI tram Gan cam.-
dna, are present. • • • • ~- ; •
The Cottle Plague—lto Appearance In
Central America Comeauleted—!lore
Rebels Pardoned—bottles to Holden.
of Cetifamilies of indebtedness—Com
modore Boren,o and the lkombordmeit
of Cll.llao.
W ASHIZIOTOX, May . .M.—The inspector of Cm.
tom. at Panama nays: The cattle plague
rintlerpent ban not appeared In Central tuner
The President yestAirday pinioned 11. Pal
mer, a rebel trenersJi Clerics E. Mould, post
;Alen thief; J. W. Bowling and George Coates,
naught in smuggling.
All oltlocrs oa leave of absence visiting
WriolltsagLon are required to report at the
Jutant grummet's office. .
Willem Tripp was ecufirmed Surveyor Gen
eral for Dakotah.
Notice in given to all holders of certificates
of Indebtedness due In June,
July, or August,
than, that they will be paid, if presented. this
Month. and cease to hear interest thereafter.
Commodore Hodge:a:Writes that he received
notice of the blockade of Cabot', with four
days for neutral,. to leave. • Ho gives a minute
aecount of the bombard/meet of the Peruvian
lotteries by forty-fife gitils,tye Mpounderx,
Ellakoly's, and four 3 0 e-pounders, Armstrong's,
on iron turrets, with sand ba.
The Villa de Madrid withdrew, the steam
escaping freely.
Both sides fought with courage. The Scan
lards ezhaustedthelraininurillion; The killed
and wounded on land were eighty. The Span
iards obviously were badly punished, Their
less is unknown. The fear of impeder:no kept the
Spaniards at long range. One sent. picked up
lu the harbor. Dr. Peek eliered his assistance
fiat wan declined. Dr. Johnson was told that
Admiral Nunez was badlyTwoUndod in eight
Prom New Oriel/Ma— Light Pariah..
overflowed-11*K the People Without
Food—Minrialita *Mow elelplail.
N ow VELLAANO, May it —l:lght parishes aro
oversewed and hilt the people are Without
rood. aOhlig from this elty. The fly
r oafs crops le extenelve. .The .4ed flyer
have fallen nit by the Mlielseippl and
will not overflow the Southern country. •
The mortalltylle great among the negroes In
time South wappar.upoirtpbes,.l9blto Jmopito are
working oh lOW, of the Plantations. The
freedmen are uncertain, and the people nay
none will be loft In twenty years.
Palatal Appropria=l3llll - Nlaned—Na.
iriwiriar Amount, 81.3,379,600.
W nom moron, May 22.—The Y, estdent has al,.
proved the Testa! .11 - pprOtalatton
aggregate amount of appropriations le 143,370,-
too, of whichWOOS goes for the sir months
mail service between tan Francisco, Japan
and China, and MO,OOO tog :thO, ol 3l2MsAti)ls*
portation between Atklititon C 0 Mot
the marine transporiatinn44ween4few 7ork
and gun Francisco.
. ... . . . . • • :
Pe 0 ...!9F.-, Pi SP,./ . 9. 0 - 1 .?... -.. ..
s astroiose, it Drn...l.43itunyer r.lvfge.;')ln.
.datiendont trnlokaanaldsteo far..;al m,
j ustalk
man, wag e1M.04 'yesUrday by 1 ont...
cerer Coif politer, lefig,lo *mute' - 4 ' • • 7
Plumber. and Gas Fitters.
ith much pleasure we refer our readers to
the advertisement, it, another column, of the
well known and evtenalve house of Weldon ,t
Kelly, No. Pit Wood street. We paid a vials to
the store rooms yesterylay, and found them
well clocked with chandeliers, brackets, pend
ants, lamps, plain ttrid fancy glob., Medea,
tram stoves, pianos, hydrants lead and iron
pipes, and In short articles et every descrip
tion usually kept In ouch houses. The me
chanical department of the Arm occupies it
large four story brick building on Virgin Al
ley, rear of Fifth street. They employ none
but the best ot mechanics, and the work
turned Oct by them cannot full giving the
utmost eustlidaction. huiers. Weldon Kelly
attend to ail bnmelioa of their ha/deans In a
Carol of manner, and their rates are reasonable
and maim-rite. They are prepared to stook
the storm; ofuntry dealers with chandeliers.
oil lamps, heat prices even lower than theme
of l'lllhalelphia and Now York houses. Being
obliging and energetic,the trade will lied it to
their ml vantage to bestow ups. Weldon &
Kelly a portion of their patronage.
Com=Murton MorchattL
The consigner of produce or merchandise la
always anxious to secure a ti ustwOrthy con
glance. 110 wants one who will watch his In
terests., and have a care that they will ant aut.
for through neglect or otherwise. For thin
reason we take pleasure in referring our rea
ders to the card of Leary Rea, Jr., commis..
man Merchant, No. 9.5 Liberty street. flu is
worthy of the utmost conlidenee, and through
watehfulnais and energy has soncealed In es
tablishing a largo and growing trade. Mr.
[Gm stands high In the mercantile crimmontty,
and Is regarded as one of our safest, most pro
dent and successful of commission merchants.
We commend him cheerfully to all neriums
laving any consignments or other trauma,
JOT. to make In hb omelet /MOM' business.
Commercial Broker.—The attention of
our leaden to (tweeted to the card. In another
ooknn, of 41. M. Petty, Commercial broker,
and Real Exude Agent, No. Li St. Clair street,
Mr. Potty deals extensively In stocks, bombs,
mortgagee, notes and every description of
negotiable paper usually handled io the finan
cial market. He ban large capital at his coin
mond, for Investment, and persons desirous of either effecting a low; or of piecing their
money in securities of real estate or personal
property should favor Mr. Petty with their
patronage. We elieerfully naiuro our readers
that they need have no hesitation In confer
ring upon* Petty a share of their cnetom,
as ho is attentive end trustworthy in every
metric" Court.—flon. Moecs Hampton poi
Tirssosv, May 21.—1 n the case of Henry tier_
wigand others vs. tioorge ii. Anderson, the
jury found for the plaint VS.
EllzaJano ve. Pennsylvania Salt
owner Metering Company. Thep/ninth/ le the owner
of a farm in lin:wham. township, adjoining
land of defendants, and alleges that they are
tatting out coal underlying her farM, some
two hundred bushels Wring already been
mined. The dorm/dente claim that they per
chased the right to the coal from a former
owner of the land. On trial. McConnell and
Woods for plainti ff , Veech and Bakewell eon
Cross Plultit.--jno, Linder, a resident of the
Thin! Wertl,Vesterday appeared before Alder
man Taylor and charged John MeMundy with
having committed an aggravated misault and
battery upon him. A warrant was isound and
the accused arrested, when it was discovered
that Linder, not MeManly, was the party ag
grieved, and the former, therefore, inetituted
proceedings against th ei latter for an unpro.
yoked assault. The case was settled on lan
der paying the costs of both salts.
Lawrenrewllle Plection..—The election
for Burglars of the borough of Lawrenceville.
took place yesterday. There was quite a re.
spectable vote out and considerable interest
manifeatail, but everything passed off in an
oniony manner. The eleetlattresultad intho
success of .1. C. Dorm, E,sq.. who received
WO votes against 2b 5 Ingfed . .lßrAis opponent,
.Banluel McMahon, Esq. The - successful can
didate was electe d upon a citizen's ticket.
Malicious Mischlet—Jestlee Former,
Rim of West Elizabeth borough, yesterday
-committed David Moog= to' the countyati
for ma li cious iniashluf on oath of Tohn j
Taylor. 3ho offence consisted In the dorm.
; dant having .on last Sunday broke the win
dows of the prosecutor's house with 'stones.
gaunt' sad Stasters—tilmon Killian was
yesterday brought before Alderman Blorrow.
Margot with hgVhur onntaltted. an assault
arid battery an dehtl MeAdarns, at Eliza - !fur
nace in the Ninth ward. Ellhati was held In
I= far a hearing today.
.. . .
. .. •
- Ofialwaled;-,.. Ye:stein:lo a . neaten by .folut
Coyle, 'Esq., fora new.triel le the ease of Win.
latlet , oecortatelle the United awes Dlettint
Coda, on DICIIILIay,. 'of . panto counterfeit
.nationallnackey7was awe , . ?dude wut
bei eevieneect co•asy.
Abducted:At-reit& of the Alleged
Mike Lipman, proprietor of the circus now
exhibiting In this city, and an employee, earn
ed linker offal Bates alias Buxton, were arres
ted yesterday and brought before Acting May
or Morrow, charged, on oath of Mrs. David
son, of Cinclunati, with having stolen her
daughter, aged live years. ThO:ClretUnstanCen
of the ease as given by the prosocutrix, are as
follows: some five years since she was living
in Cincinnati In rather indigent circumstan
ces, having a family of live children depend
ing on her for seaport, she being a widow. At
length she gave min of her little girls to a Oi ls,.
Steele, to rear and educate. Subsequently
she discovered that the guardian of her chird
was a disreputable character, and
application to the Court of liamilton
county to have her child restored to her cus
tody. The application was granted and the
girl was restored to her mother who, a short
time since married her present husband, Mr.
Drividson,who Is connected witha weekly paper
In Cincinnati.
tin the night of the list of April Mrs. David
son placed her children in bed, and after lock
ing the doors securely, retired also. In the
morning the little girl referred to was miss
ing. Suspicion ltramediatelv rested on Miss
Steele and the family physician, Dr. Long, who
were arrested and lodged inJail. The
former confeased to having abducted the child,
but stated that she had sold her to the Carpen
ter of Lipman's circus, whose name was Ba
ker. The mother, learning that the show was
On its wup to this city, started le pursuit and
arrived hero yesterday morning, when she
canoed the arrest of Baker and Lipman. Al
though active search was made for the child,
.to trace of her whereabouts could be discov
ered. Lipman entered ball in the sum of 350
for a hearing. Baker wits linable to procure
bail In the sum of 51,00, and was locked up. A
hearing will be luret In the case to-day.
Heavy Robbery—Tobacco Moro Cleaned
For some time past our city has enjoyed ojl
1.11111131110 freedom from the denredatiOßS of
burglars, and we had been led to believe
that the thieves had either all been sent to
the penitentiary by the net criminal court, or
had quit the city for the city's good. It ap
pears, however, that we have a few burglars
at large, as a during and successful robbery
was committed at about one o'clock yesterday ]
morning, on Wylie street. Through the nave
int grating of the vault of the tobacco afore
occupied by George Metzner, some thieves ob..
tabled ingress into the cellar. They proceed
ed up stalra, and by Lemma of a "Jimmie" pried
open a door leading into the store room. On
obtaining admittance they Immediately pro
ceeded to take stock according 1.0 their own
ideas. They helped themselves to several
hundred dollars , worth of tine cigars and
chewing tobacco, They next burst open
the money drawer, and obtained a
Igw dollar, in torn scr ip. The proprietor had
pasted upon the inside of his show cases some
twentyllollars In gold and sliver coins, which
the thieves approprlated. They unlocked is
rear door and,made good their escape with
their stolen plunder through aback alley. Mr.
Motaner discovered his loss yesterday morn
ing, upon opening his store, and immediately
made an Information of burglary .against
some person or persons unknown, helot, Act
ing Mayor Morrow. The pollee have no elite
whatever upon which work up the ease but
they will Ilse their bee tendeavors to discover
the guilty perpetrators, and we trust soon to
be able to note their capture.
Rooth and Ross. Market Street-
The card of the prosperous and accommo
biting shoe firm of South &. Ross, No. Cl Mar
ket street, appears among our now advertise
li meats to-day. It Is hardly necessary for us to
Invite the attention of our readers to this
hence, as IS is universally recognized as the
place to secure pedal coverings nt exceedingly
low prices. They purchase all their stock from
manufacturers for cash, and are thus enabled
to successfully compete with any similar house
west of the mountains. We looked through
their house yesterday, and would not attempt
to describe the varied styles of boots, shoes.
gutters and slippers we noticed. Suf..
tice to say, they have an elegant stock
en hand which has been selected by Mr.
South with the view of suiting the Pittsburgh
trade with auhatantial, durable goods. Their
profit. are small and so are their expanses,
and the customers have the advantage o
both. Polite and attentive salesmen are al
ways on hand to show goods to all who may
favor them with a call. They are daily re
ceiving new goods, and so soon as a new style
appears in the East, they are introduced here
by the hem. For anything In the boot or shoe
Ilea, from the tiny sootling to the Immense
mill brogans give South a lions a tall, and i
our n - onl for It, you will be tuttlwfleil with
their goods and pleased with their prices.
:err srer Rosso, and Anettl Gallettf are the
two great magnets of attraction this week at
the Opera Rouse, and Judging from the ap
pion,. bestowed upon them nightly, they are
destined to become favorites with our amuse
ment lovers. Mr. Robson Is a comedian of
more than ordinary ability, and since his ad
vent among us he has well sustained the high
reputation that preeeeded him.
Au a terpslcherlan ertssf., Gallon' is, in. our
estimation, without a rival. To-night an un
usually attractive bill is offered by the man
agement and we of course expect to see
large audience present. II mem s and her trained horse Sensation
are *till drawing large crowds to the Theatre.
Last evening the Revolutionary equestrian
drama of 'Legit, Eye , ' was presented, Miss
Hudson appearing in the title refr;ft part., in
which her daring feats of equi.trlanship were
iispley awl to the possible advant age. To
night .. i . utman the Iron on of 'l;7' will be
A Sewing lsaC4lge Woeth Having.
The public are always interested In good
sewing machines, and are willing to be told of
the superior merits of ono over another. In
the question as to which Is the beat, we beg
leave not to take elder. nut we do know, that
the famous Shaw Clark's machines are all,
and a greattleal more, than they are represen
ted to be, by the proprietors. They combine
every improvement, are drirable, easily work
ed, are of plain construction, anti ere sold
cheap. They will stand for veers and perform
snob work as the hand never could equal; and
when not in use are an ornament to a parlor
or drawing room. They hem, fell, stitch, bind,
embroider, quill and do everything_e pair of
fair hands will guide them to do. Tbonsands
or these -machines,are.{ in use, and we
have never heard a single complaint Against
their superior character. IL li. Long,opposite
the Cathedral, Grant sticet, Is the agent for
1 138011COCHLOGIS, In this city. He 19 a clever
and accommodating gentleman. His card will
be found In another column.
Grain Merebsuote—The grain business at
this city has grown to he a very important
feature of commercial Importance. Among
the heaviest or most extensive dealers In the
business, the lirm of Ilitcheock, McCreary d
Co. stands deservedly high. They have cor
responding seehouse all the romhaent grain
marts West, and al very xtensively with
forwarders and merchants of the East. They
store NI their grain in the granary, on Libe
street. here th handl e d danger from fire, a r ia
where I tcan be with ease and expe
diency. Their (Alice le up stairs, fi .3.349 Liberty
street. We refer our readers to their card in
another column.
Camper's Inquest.—Corouer Clawson,
yesterday afternoon, held an inquest alma
the body of the unknown woman found float
ing in the Ohio river at Di moat. From the
decomposed condition of the body It was pre
.sutued that It had been in tho water several
months. The woman had brown hatr, tied
up with cord, black velvet sample, black alpa
ca dress, hoop skirt, two pair of drawers, and
a pall. of heavy shoes over dark stockings.
The Jury returned a verdict in accordance
with the facts. The body was dooently in
terred at Disanont.
New !lode of Po rettastni.—liesterday Dr.
Gilroy, of Alleghcny, cola a horse to a Gorman
butcher on Ohio street. Attar the sale had
been affected, and before the money was paid
to 0 llroy Ibr the animal, the purchaser Jumped
on the back of the horse and rode away. Sev
eral hours elapsed, and yet the butcher did
not return, whereupon Gilrout an Meer
unon tk, who, alter a The search,
stmoooded in capturing him.ase was
settled by the butcher paying for the animal.
Mann Sleetitna,—Thero is to a
ho tomight of the "friends of social be
libert oe y who
are opposed to the workings of him temper.
once letigueS of the county." Wo Understand
that the liquor questlon Ls about assuming a
political shape. tis proposed that the sub.
Ject In dispute be fully argued, pro and con.
throughe public press. The meeting will
be held I nSelene , / Ilan, corner of rim and
Smithfield streets.
Caved lo.—Tho coal-vault beneath tho
pavement In trout of the reildenee of Mr.
}Mattel, on Fourth street, caedin yesterday
evening about aLx o'clocir. A'portion of tho
Arcot outside the curb end Into the vault,
lcurrying with it one of the rail e of the Oak.
and and East Liberty Passenger road. The
care are therefore obliged to bo etopped in
front of the Mayor's °Oleo until the read If
Pug! ii Butcher.--John Metzexerttch
er, resident So East Ilirmingliam, ised
nie muscle yesterday upon Jacob lium_phrey,
a colored teen, driver for the American Worke r
for which, having been - prosecuted Defers Jus
t:lee Ammon, lie was required to give ban for
a bearing on a charge of assault and battery,
The earthse were driving teama and came In
collude% hence the difficulty.
Itunsway.—A ee . lee . a‘ attached to a
wagon loaded w ith empty egs took fright
yesterday afternoon on Federal street and ran
olf. The driver, who was seated on the top of
the encmid in. jumping off without
liningsusta any injury, savant slight sprain of
,the ankle.. .Tito mules wero captured within
a short distance of the BUSPOnSiOn Bridge.
Severe FaS.—Lou isa .Whitney, a girl, resid
ing in JetrerSon county, Ohio, while passing
along.(irant street, near -Liberty, on her way
to the railroad depot, yeeterdar, ateSPed uPon
the rirni. or an orange, and elipning . •
her head, receiving a samara acaip *On on.
Dpferred..--Tbe bearlag in the ease of Zoba
fieboter,.scouted of committing oassiutulton4
1384 4 4 7,-. 1 4P00 a child- of John Ryan, Lb Tam.
.Ro,nosytuo. boa, by meanest, been derorred
Aulacatassairabi until fialurdayirbok
Reformed Presbyterian SlYrioel. —
The General Synod of the Reformed Preseiy.
tartan Church met in Xenia, Green county,
Ohio, on Wednesday last. On Thursday, re
ports from Presbyteries, and other Ilia Pe t,
were received and referred to appropriate
committees. The report of the Chicago Pre*.
bytory was presented on Friday. The contents
of the report are likely to give rise to consid
erable 1 /ISCIISSIettr- It requests that some mod
ification be made in the subordinate stand
ards of the Church in regard to the matter of
Psalmody. It asks also that the Synod will
take immediate action In order to enter Into
organic union with other branches of the
Presbyterian Church. It complains of the in
adequacy of ministers' salaries to support
themselves and their families, and urges upon
synod the importance of giving a deliverance
on the subject.
That part of the report 'which touched on
the subject of Psalmody was referred to a
special committee consisting of one from each
Presbytery t. , to be elected by the delegates
eve understand that mostly all of the Pres.
byteries refer in some way or other to .the
se eject of Psalmody, sad It is likely to lead to
a sale range of discussion.
Soldiers Claim Agent.
To tee returned soldier, who has manfully
Imperiled his life in the cause of his country,
it Is a matter of Importance that his claims
upon the Government for his bosnty, pension
or arrears be collected at the least cost to him
self. It Is important to him that he defos not
fall into the hands of dishonest claim agents,
who openly, though legaty, swindle him out
of the best portion of his dues. In this city
our claim agents are,so far as we know, all
honorable and fair dealing men, and the so!.
'Hers' pecuniary interests ere carefully guard:
ed, and honestly attend.' to. Prominent,
however, among the honorable agents stands
our friend B. F. Brown, lateitary local claim agent
of th e United States San Commission.
Ile now devotes all of his time and attention
to the collection of soldiers' Government
claims, and through strict, honest and fair
dealmg he secures a goodly share of patron
age. he soldiers recognise in him a friend ge ,
and a nSuch he Is entitled to their patrona.
MP °Mee is in the second story of No. W 7
Fourth street. We direct attention to his card
The Troy 11 1112tian!ohlsag AJEstr—Hearhog
We notice elsewhere the facts of a serious
stabbing affray which took place on Troy 13111
on Monday. Wygold, the party charged with
having done the cutting, had a hearing before
Mayor Mm risen yesterday at two o'clock. The
evidence addriemi being agalbst him, he was
committed to JaU to answer the charge of
assault and battery with Intent to kill. Jas.
Miller, the young man Injured, la slowly re
covering, and la thought by Ills, physicians to
be almost out of danger.
Alderman E. N. Morrow.—The profession
al card of Alderman L. H. Morrow, of the
Eighth ward appears among our new wive,
tisements. Thoroughly schooled in all legal
matters the possessor of an Indomitable and
energetic disposition, and at the same time
careful and attentive to his dntles, Alderman
Morrow is worthy of receiving,and capable of
Performing, all business entrusted to him. He
makes a specialty of the collection of soldiers'
claims, bounties and back pay; ho attends to
all civil business such as collection of a,-
counts, drawing of deeds, mortgages bonds,
Sic. and die penses Justice in the criminal law
wit , h a fair and impartial Judgment. His entice
Is upon Pennsylvania avenue, at the end of
Fifth street extension, and immediately at
the foot of Chatham street. We earnestly re
commend Alderman Morrow to the public.
Will Yon lamoke T—lf you will, purchase
your tobacco and cigars at the favonte place,
No. 4 Seventh street, near Liberty. There you
will find the best Havanna, the finest flavored
Prinemes, and the most aromatic of emoting
tobacco. There also you will find the finest of
mecrshaum pipes, the prettiest of cigar tubes
and the latest styles of tobacco pouches. Mr.
George Blumenschein Is the proprietor. He
knows his bush:toms; and has established a tip
top reputation as a caterer to the alootian ap
petite of man. Give him a call.
Peace Diaturbedl.—Peac ln th family ( f
William Georgie, of the Na e
poleon e
[louse, m
the Diamond, was disturbed yesterday by
Margaret }finely who is aeensed by Mr. (1
with threateing 'bodily harm to his daughter
and striking a child with a wash liacin. Mar
garet was held to answer for surety of the
peace. The ease transpired before Alderman
Pfingst Woodsy.—Tho picnics given on
Troy HUI, on Monday, by the German Lodge
of the American Protestant AssocLation, and
a Lodge of the Garabaldi order, were In COM
memoration of the annual festival In Germa
ny, known as •'i'dnget Monday," or Monday
after Pentecost.
biquest.—The body of the man fOtind doaa
lag in the Ohio river, near Cork's. Ban, on
MhMonda,y, proves to be that of the man Jones
o was drowned on Friday last. Al
derman DOnaldson held an inquest yesterday'
morning w hen the jury rendered a verdict et
accidental drowning.
Bse Ball Bate game of base
ball a
between the Enterprise
Club, of Alleghe
ny, and the Hiawatha Club, of Kittanning, was
played esterday afternoon, on West Common,
and res u lted in favorer the Alleghenians, the.
Hiawatha,. being beaten badly and quite
For Trtol.—Alfred Wilson, the Young MAP
accused of feloniously taking possession of,
and driving away from the Theatre, a horse
and baggy belonging to Dr. Rinehart, wee
yester n day committed for trial by Alderman
errimm and John Ocommttied.—E. C. S hictiovrn,
accused of pil
fering from Evans A- Co',,. gilt store, on Fifth
street, were yesterday committed to jail to
await their trial at the next term of the Crim
inal Conn.
- -
Arm Broken.—tin Wednesday afternoon
Jame, lk , wden, of the Sixth ward, was thrown
from a wagon, and sustained a compound
tracture of the left arm. The casualty occur-
red on Penn street, In the Ninth ward.
AbsestL—There was no business of any
kind at Anlerinan Donaldson's °Moe yester
day, the 'squire belng
an day at
Cork's Run, where he held an Inquest on the
body of the roan (Conlon Monday.
dirs. Battles Is the name of the woman
committed to Jedl yesterday, by Alderman
Strain, for surety of the peace, on complaint
of Thomas Iloian. The accused " lives an
fiplane's court, off Fifth street.
Dlaehartre4,—The business In the United
States Marlin Court having been disposed of,
the Jury in attendance for two weeks and two
days were diseharved yesterday, with thanks
for their promptitude.
An Ancient Couple.—Yesterday one Mat
thew Patrick, over ecvouty yearn of age, took
unto himself a wife about ten years his Junior.
alderman Lynch, of the Third ward, perform
ed the ceremony.
From West Ellmbet6.—Justire Ferguson
Riggs, of West Elmatieth, has oommitted for
trial Daniel Megban, charged, on oath of John
G. Taylor, with housebreaking, throwing
stones, fie.
Severed.--John Moore, n little
boy, while using a hatchet to a lumber yard
near the Allegheny river. yesterday, acci
dentally severed two angers from his left
- -- -
Not VertEled.—The prediction of our city
weather clork, that It would rain In this vicin
ity YeatereheY, was not verified. Thu atmos.
puce . ° wan more Indicative of meow.
Coming.—Prot. Hobart Heller, the celebra
ted nocromancer and pianist, pill commence
a brief engagement at the Opera House on
Monday evening neat.
HOLDSHIP—On Howley, the 21st lost., at IUI4
o'clock. A. at., OEAIItHE W. litiLDSidlP, in the
31st year of his age.
Funeral on WalthisDAY, the fad inn., at three
o'clock, r. i. , at his late residence, No. a 7 Ander
son street, Allegheny. The friends of the family
are invited to attend. 2t
lIMITNUS-011 Monday, at 4 o'clock r. at., JOHN
ANTINGe, the ISM year of hi, age.
_Funeral wlll take place Front the residedte of his
father, JAM., Hastings, Spring alley. The rrieed,
of the tinnily arc invited to attend.
• • •
BLACK—On Tuesday, 3Lay ISGS, ILIZA,
daughter of ttro late Jotut Blank, of ltronnsburg
Funeral will take place from the residence. of Mrs.
M. J. Carothers, Boberea street, two doors below
First Ward *hoot House, Allegheny, Tina (Wed
nesday) arrianzroox, at 2 o'clock, The friends of
the family are invited to attend.
....M1 and most picturesque Vico of &palm. alt.
nue on the uplands. tnunedlatalr north otAlleghenY
to wleat tla i teaa t tpth it t i on Boma. nations Ids/Ulu
ant's Dram. nt th e oethesegPildnieZer="4
and all other haiku:as will pa . attanded to nt the Dram
g a11 .... 14 ,,, L „ . . fi 1 i 1 1 e rig e4 1 1, corner of PedersU
SU. A. Y erzu.r.
murmur, and Treasurer.
I A :lei! itvv) 31
igrILAFAYETTE v4111.-...WED
NESDAY "XENIX°, "lay 23. 32E2
SubJect—`llSMlX AND CUOLLEA." •
Doom open at 3 o'clock; to commence quarter to
". 2. TTE ,
O. L
No Y
w or
. fitlluttY and the°
Coltare. Sesta, tltellis.
Phrenological examinations add advise.' at MO.
NONUALINEA.II4II3IIE, daily, from 8 A. 2.. t o y
,r. this week only.. • • mraima
4 1111110TA.Maimx01. .
No. sfll.l"niticral i Z a in m e
r tmlitraw
... 1.....L._.... L.. rt... __ i ~...
the edition la fonrarded which 'ern meth tb•
eeribere eooneet as the mall rim.
SINGLE cortzs, PER
We hare ,lest °potted larte and well selteLN_
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Call and see them. If I:eu 'rant to see aomething
.713117-I•7IELMELT3Et ci2l acs.,
my.-2:1,10 co. 6 witlE STREET
CLOAKS, accs.
Selling• at $42,50,
New Cloak House, 49 Fifth Si.,
Opposite Old Theatre.
11U011 Y. BOLX....JASIES bitigOir...lllTATlft Ottn.
CHINISTS; Manufacturers of bTEAMBOAT EN
for Coal Werke, ail Mods of and Marine EN
FN, made o onler.
Fro EE m the well earned reparation of the Manager.
Mr. JAMES NELSON, we hope to secure a liberal
share of patronage from Steamboat builders and
others wanting good maehlnery. Our aim will Into
do all work in the best manner fora fair compensa
tion, and to do it in the time we ray. All kinds of
cesTimis made to order. Repairing Machinery
Promptly attended to. We can turn a short M afect
ong, and bore or turn a Pulley S/ feet diameter.
4S - Shop on Duquesne Way, near the Point.
Foundry on Third street,
ifsnofsetemers of BLACK and QUEEN GLASS.
WAILE, Druggists' Ware, Bottles, Demjohns, Car
between areoust— D it ATEIt STREET,
Smithfield sod (ru t streets, l'lttsburnhi
warrant our Wares to be superior to any man
ufactured west of the Mountains. Always on hand,
Glassware of the above description. All orders
promptlylitended to, Particular attention paid to
private moulds.
na.V.. Y. cow-Ns 110kcin WEIGHS
IOLLINS tg, WRIGHT, Brittania,
Byas• and abaci. Metal Workers, Brittanla Cat-
Lori, Carbon and La rd OH Burners, and CI dlllerest
stylm of BriLtanta aged by Glass Ildanotheturers.
Orders promptly lilted. No. 130 SECOND trrarizz
Pittsburgh. .Penna. witty
Attorney at Law,
iiifirComtnlsailoncr fur Ohio. Kentucky. Wert
Virginia. Missouri anc other States. myl6tafk
O. S. Licensed Soldiers' Clutha Anent
Bounties Sur Wounded Soldiers collected In fro
ten to twenty day.
SirOftlee, No. Se Grant stmet, Pittsburgh.
Call with Discharge and two witnesses_ au 27:
st sA. BOVNTI PA Y mid 'Milian, Clams
eve 77 dasc 7 lPLlon, collected by the subecrtber,
the ibliowlog rates, els : Pena ons, $lO. all otha
claims, SAM C. C. TAYLbk,
rney at
Diamond Wee. oPPoett A e t th to e Court Novae '
N. B.—No charges are made If the cloim does not
ucceal, and ail Information gamen gratis. splay
I, 7t i al l ittlagri7k. U P l L TErEr . 'TAW"'
At the lateot GOLD RATES now In stock at our
No. 12 Firth Street,
A splendid !Me of
Late NovalUes l 0 TIES,
Together with the most complete Line of
Gentlemen' Furnishing Goods
IN THE WEST. As oar businem is exclusively
tIENTISEUILNISIIINCI, we rarely Pall to please In
that line. Itemem ber our number,
78 "E91.21t.b. Btroet,
Nearly opposite the Post (Mee.
znyc2avr lm W&S MUkt.Docii PUTNAM
An Immense stock of very select snd ell own
ANN/ iICDt.I3iU 1 . LA28, for
sale at the (Would Greenhouses.
JOHN It. RA. iltiltDOC
Oakland Can rue to the Greenhouses ewer
minutes. tort :luLisa
A fine stock of General Nehley's superior no
kltss Hata Paton, now ready for sale al
the Oakland Greenhouses.
mylilmd&wl• - JURY: It. &A. IIUJIDOCkt.
from Fulton street to Erin street, in the Oily of
All persons interested ars herebr notified that the
Report of Viewers in the above mentioned street
has been handed tome Iv, cotte.tio. of ...mem..
if said ustesments are not paid within TalitTy
arest, eon
nd fees. J. F. SLAGLE, City Solicitor,
or SHINGISSEITRKET, frotoliratannetteet
to renneylvarda avenue, /a the City of Pittsburgh.
All persons Interested are hereby notified. that the
!import of Viewe ban d ed shor f o v ea tioned street.
bee thtt day beeto me llcn of Ma
eeDentente. If amid aateatmenta are not paid within
THIRTY DAYo froze Me date, Item will be lied
therefor ngaltutt the properue, ”eeaaeo, with In
erest, emits and fees.
SLAGLE. City Solicitor.
No. 106 fifth Street.
- 1 3X1LICcux 1,17‘7211:r0 ci•
And LOT 2 {07x4 oo ehiqt!.. street, Alleibeny
Olt? . for turthoy particulars, enquire of G. FL
TOWEL N0..164 riutth itreet. aryikaZ
F iL°ll/t ' ' GRAIN
kap: bats. eutacilour • brands Muter arta twin s .
Whom F;
. num 111hraakee Club—ln narrator;
ear do Watt. Wheat;
earsßT.—to matte: . • •
3 ears eltolee Feaolt Blow rotaam
Far SO. by • • R. KNOX SON.
, No. 70 Dimond, Allegheny..
WW 4 l l P 4 mnikemoliwk
and ATAAOmpar sasartmeat And .
AIM !OM Britiad titeektoa Dore. s e: Purr..
• -41. so.
• ::::: I IR: