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NO. BO Tura emsz7,.pnwumi,
Emit -rtitor
rya wits agaivaD B r cumaiia.77.7. la:
ittstitudi Ciagettt.
l'EttraßDA.l", 10,Y 77, 1886
IN our. ,report of the yeas and nays on
the CcaisigutiOhttl Amendment, the name
of the Hon. TIIOMAS WILLTANS was alto
gether omitted. He voted yea.
availe4:- Maui& of several, occasions pub
licly to declare that lie held in detestation
the treachery of TYLER and FILLMORE to
the political associates by whom they were
elevated to the height of power; and that
he should' carefhlly avoid following theit
example. A correspondent of the London
Times, writing front Washington at ahout
the date of these Presidential declarations,
details minutely.. a converaation he had
with the President. ,His letter has, within
a few 'dart; pnblialled in roll in the
New York journals.. He..statcs that Mr.
Jona-set atlntliteid to tdm that his object
was to drivethe Republicans out of power,
arm to loco the control of the government,
fn'altits departments, in the hands of the
ate rebels and their northern sympathizers.
Every carefill observer of events knows
that this is the end to which all the efforts
of the President tend. It is easy, there
fore, to estimate the degree of sincerity
with which he professes to be fighting his
quarrel out insitlb the Republican lines.
SECIIRTAIty STANTON did not, either in
Cabinet meeting or any where else, give
his assent to the Presidential progratrune
of reconstruction. The report to that effect
was prepared in the Executive Chamber
and sent to the Associated Press. This re
port was followed by another from the
same•quarter, stating if the Secretary was
not there consenting, it was due to himself
and the public to come out 'and say so. It
Waa limply a trick to draw him into' a post:
tion vebarolp could be charged with "de
nouncing the President." It did not suc
ceed. What next? '
A FORM.EIt slave has brought suit before
the Freedmen's Bureau at Nashville for
damages. Her father was a free man of
color, and married a slave; Mon bought her.
A child was born before the purchase of
the with. Afterwards this child was bought
in the name of a friend. After the death
of the parents, this friend claimed the child
and ttie property to-which she was heir,
and held them.' Hence tht. suit. Verdict
for the child.
_ -
Tits President has vetoed the bill admit
ting the Territory of Colorado as a State
of the Union.." Ir, hia annual message to
Congress, at the opening of the present
Cession, this saute President earnestly
urged Congress to pass this very hill.
AT New Albany, Ind., on the kith inst.,
the Jury in the ease of Dr. Newland, in
dieted for the murder of the seducer of his
daughter, brought in a verdict of not guil
ty, a feeling that justice had been done
prevailed Against the letter of the law.
Wass a rebel, condemned hy the laws
to "take a back seat," wearies of that po
sition,-he gets nominated to some high of
fice, and has his nomination reported 10 the
President with an application for pardon.
Then the pardon is sure to issue.
DANIEL .1. Ilotturd.i., of Johns
town, is immed by a correspondent of the
Huntingdon American, in connection with
the Republican nomination for Congress iu
the district composed of Mifflin, Hunting.
don, Blair and Cambria counties.
- - ,
Mn. G. NV. SCHOFIELD is haring trouble
.. •
in securing a renomination to Congress
from the Republicans of the Warren and
Erie district. The Eric Di:vetch says it
will not support him under any circum
ALBERT B. SLOA NA I: F:1, has lien ( . 011-
firmed by the Senate as Collector of Inter
nal Revenue for the'first district of Penn
sylvania, and JOSIAH P. llErnrcv for the
TEE Soldiers' Campaign League. of Hun
tingdon county have appointed LT. W. B.
ZEIGLER and M. M. LOGATES delegates to
the Convention to be held in this city June
TUANKS.—We arc indebted to Col. John
P. Glass, member of the Legislature, for a
pamphlet copy of the General Laws pass
ed by the Assembly at its last session.
THE real Union men of the. South are
taking a bold stand against the President's
Policy as fatal to the best interests of the
whole Country.
HON. 8. P. IticCaLmonT is announced as
a candidate for Congress, subject to the
usages of the Republican party in Venango
Tire Titusville Herald urges the Repub
licans to nominate Mr. D. A. PENNEY (or
Congress imthat district.
Tuz. Republicans of _Lawrencecounty
Rominate on' The 28th Instant; of Fayette,
on June Lth..
Tat Republican - nominating Convention
for Beaver county, will meet on the 28th
Mat - •
Addlamas WOrelgn News, per Jaya.
,:Lrantroot.. May ti—Tere to left Queens
town to Wi t "
steamship VET of Washing'
WV. ttiPortod to bare passed Capo Clear hod
The politi cal situation Continues critical.
PARIS, . 1 1/IZ
_5.—T he 3ferionial Diplom:4w'
denies that amnee has made energetic remon
strances at 'Vienna, relative to Austrian anon;
*mental in' Venetia, and says that the illepatc
sent VC Vienna on tha aubject, wits couched Inn
Una Most cautions Orion, and solely requested
coundesitialexplanationsinvefting the °Went
of.Anstrian priarationa: . The AustritutgPT.
rerll protesting *mid maintain
e *strictly Oaten ve attitude.
France aOcuPted them euphonius, S2:l d the
result was nmutual understanding, mx.raing
to which Austria undertakes ' , Jilionld it attack
Venetia lielependentlY or-armee, Mt to se
cure for herse/f. any or the eventual restalta
of victom without the diplomat:to inCon of France. IC I& asserted that tenantonoct
of Austria in menacing Prussia and 'ltaly. th
to' foroo England to assent to the. consaatio n
of a Enrolxiaa Congress. '
. ..
!pita Raeleste4—Capt, Fox .41shim
WAsnoromm, ,—Thel . Postal . aster . den
orarbas, during th e lest month, ordered Post.
°Mess to be aromL44l, as follows: La:Virg:ma,
43; North Caro 50. Boutlveandlna, O: Ten. ,
moor=NA% Z; West V lally4Audairm4mit Ws.
318-4.lstatm• 11; le; Arlmul.
corpt: Box. dudstant Secretary of the Nam
will crop. the (mean in the monitor Mlantono.
mahnOW to Jenson,
adipreSent to theEnSperor of 'lttutell
olution of - Congress congrummitlnw Min on MS
ammo from 11113 sastztsttga. illapt:Foxidll also
ozamtob and report upon the eonditton of the
grAndPal.P4ooo,loCEuraPeti - •
:Hansa f. 1 1 1 1111136—,tew
.. Ysr~t-CelteewnWp
New . YOki, "M0y...10.4-A.! Am • oven red In
Brooklyn: thht morning In she cotton , Inking
astabllstonant ofJl.ll.•Nlanc.bard A. Co: The
whole building , laattulcd bY , Jrllht.•• Sodirroick"
and Yen Brunt circles, was dest ro yed, togotki.
- with. the; Or a Large
Anuantlry_saYea . 'recent aro la New
Turk., ane /ass on, e +took and machinery
detrain" , .thodsllod. clo/leasr, od.Abe bullartor,
awned by ;Chan. - )f,e4s4H,y, ten • thousand= dol-
Mr:SinythAr a nited u the nollocionstap th is
infon lwr tAtere two • kZ• no oirannoir ert" r g" o
thosnin„,;,,J e
ilito . urpriattagp.opeettecoar.Europe.
Nzierci Z rib"' Iliiikmitis . itsiLls'asamai,
taktlUag, °;"2":lE434lllreolsamo
. •
. . .
rigmaphrey's Ireatimpthle
biedielnes for sale at Fulton's Drag store, No
Hs Smithfield streat
Children hosing Worms.
Require immediate attention, as neglect of
the trouble often causes prolonged sick
ness. Brown's "Formßug° Comfits" are a
eimple remedy, and will destroy worms with
out injury to the, child.
Sole agent for Pittsburgh, Joseph Fleming,
Druggist, Rio. 84 Market street.
A Correction.
A correction of o word tn m 9 article refer
ring to Dr. Sill k Co.
The word find, "palled," should have been
lust "filled," TA extract a tooth to retain
would seem a strange coarse to those wishing
to save their good natural teeth. Dre. Sill S
Gillespie are very sirllfal Dentists, and the
tYPographleal error made does them great in
.texas It. Idenss.
ExtentHre Wholesaler Hat Stott,
Wereccanmend country merchant-s, and all
who deal In Hats and Caret,to cull and examine
the stock of Hats apd Caps at the extensive
and popular house of Wm. L. Fleming, No. 1.7.1
Wood street. This estahllsbrnent has the
most complete stock of all the nen' styles of
, Gents and Youths' and Chlhtren's Felt and
Wool Hats. Men's and Heys' Straw Goods,
,Ladies. and Misses' Hats, trimmed and'un
irimcd, to he found In the city.
Itanoon Ascension Postponed.
Owing to the inability' of Dr. Sill, the dent
ist, No. 2141 Penn street, to supply with laugh
ing gas the monster balloon advertised to
ascend yesterday, the ascension has been post
poned. In Justice to Dr. Sill, we would inform
the disappointed community that It tens a
matter of ImposSibility for him to keep his
contract to supply the mammoth balloon with
gas. The extensive reservoirs wore charged
yesterday morning, but before noon there
came hundreds upon hundreds of suffering
Parties to have their teeth extracted without
pair., and soon the teaching gas intended to
Innate the balloon was exhausted. Dr. Sill re
grets the disappointment, but ho could not
turn the suffering mnltitude from his doors.
If the rush at his ostablisliment can be abated
the promised balloon ascension will Gike place
at an early day.
Peace bath Its Vittorfen.
To prevent or conquer disease In a grand
achievement ; and as surely as Mal letand bay
onet will destroy, aosurely will HOSTETTER'S
BITTEItS preserve andprolon g life.
This Is the most trying period of the year.
The stamina of the strongest yields more or
less to the consuming temperature ofnlitisum
mer. Vigor oozes from every pore. The
strength of man passes away In Invisible va-
por, and weaker woman becomes relaxed and
nerveless, It was to meet such difliculties that
ilostetter's Bitters were given to society. It
Ls to prevent the evil consequences to which
nn unbraeed, depleted, debilitated Orglllll/41-
tins is liable, that they are re l. ollll.2l2dCd . as a
Seamen Tonic for both sexes. Old people die
of exhaustion every day, who might hare kept
death at bay for years to come, by an occasion
al resort to this powerful and harmless veze
table stonmehle.
Nine tenths of the community, rich as wet
poor, wort continually. If their hands art
unemployed, their brains are busy, and heat
wort: Is as depressing to the vital energies
muscular toll. But tone the system with Plot
totters Bitters and the wear and tear of broil
ness life will he comparatively unfelt even in
the most oppressive weather. No languor will
ho experienced, for as last as the vital forces
arc expended they will be recruited and re
flowed by thls healthful restorative. An a stun
men Invigorunt it is indispensable to young and
old. Sold everywhere..
noel etter'a Slates,,
Sri , said wholearild and retail at very low . rates
it , leaning's Dreg and Patent Medicine Depot,
\o SI Market si loot, corner of the Diamond
I. l •l2.larket, near Konrtti street.
Money Realized at Jones' Woods.
NltiV or X, May 16.--i Stephens was
engaged to-day In refs/ lying deputations of
various circles in the Manhattan distrlct,
town of whom presented Mtn with subscrip
tions towaraa the Fenian cause. The amount
realised front the demonstration at Jones'
Woods yesterday, was about three thousand
dollar/5. This morning Mr. stephens deposi
ted the amount he received Mace Ills arrival
In this city to one of the leading 1,11.111:s down
It Is stated that the lease and furniture f
the Union Zones, headquarters NV Ile ..1 0 11
Immediately, (or Liu:purpose of raising money
for the Head Centre.
It eta rersorted military dentsil to-day
that Gen. Sanford had expressed his intention
to Institute proceedings by court martial
against Llout. Col. Downey, for a breach of or
ders In permitting his command to parade
yesterday at done.. Wood_
Gen. dicauregard eat a passenger on the He goes to Europe lu the inter•
eats of the Louisiana Railroad.
lindlon• Quiet on the Plains—gamine
at Livclikpo De Vent lelondO—No Cholera
astusommr, May lA—Governor Cum
mings, of Colorado. ex...wild° Superintendent
of Indian Affairs has arrived in Washington,
and .sports to the Commissioner of Indian
Affairs that perfect quiet has once mile° been
restored on the plains, along the old emigrant
route. Contmissioners on the part of the
United States are about entering Into negotia
tions with he upper tribes the Cheyennes,
about Fort Laramie.
The Unltod State" Consul at Santiago, Cape
de Vert] Island, writes to the Department of
State, under date of April 12th; that In quence of a continuen state of famine in those
islands, the Portuguese Government has de
creed the entrance Into that ar , hlpelago, free
of duty, of corn,meal, rice, bran, dried and
salted meats, and lard, •un Di the end of the
present year.
Our Consul at Liverpool, under nate of May
Id, reports that there was no cholera In that
cit lelsistant. Paymaster J. J. Philbrick, of the
United States Navy, arrived in New York on
toe United States simmer Massachusetts, on
the 24th of April, since which time nothing
has been heard of him at the Navy Depart
ment, and fears are entertained of his safety.
The Department am State has received ad
vices from the Vice Admiral at Porto Rico,
under date of Starch 213th, relative to an order
dated March 20t1t, from the Captain General of
the Island of Porto Rico, wherein it Is elated
that vessels shall be permitted, as heretofore,
to oomn in at any hour Miring the night, but
not to leave the harbor at Ponce, or at any
other port of Porto Rico where exist mounted
batteries, No vessel, either national or for
crign, without excepting steamers, mail or
coastwise vessels, will be allowed until further
orders, to come in during %Impish t.
Circular to Customs collector.
Wssuisoreir, May 16;-The following circu
lar to the Collectors of Cuatoma on the north
eni,northwestern and northeastern frontiers
of the United Sta tes has been issued from the
Treasury Department:
• 'Washington, May 9 , Itrio.—Much annoyance
Seems to attend the enforcement of the regu
latiorm Concerning Invoices Of Importations
from the ' Canadaa and New Brunswick
try railroad and otherwise, and panic
idarly in the case of Importations of
small yams; Whieh are vary numer
ous, and frequently tmacoonapanied by proper
invoioasandeonsulturcertideates, and whereas
the time and expense required to obtain the
latter are so dlaproportioned to the value of
=aseffect to rener the pro:Motion of
ices l
and certificates d impracticable; and
whereas, second, the provisions of the first sec
tion of the act of )(arch Ed, 11363, chapter 702,
statutes 738, In cases where the production
of invoices 11 impracticable, it empowers the
Secretary of the Treasury to authorize the en
try non such terms, and in accordance with
mach general or special regulations as he may
Present. You are therefore inetructed to
admit to entry by apprisement, goods from
the ahoy. named provinces, that are unac
so_luniuned by Involeee or Consoler eCrtin
s-"et If net the result of fraud, and tha
rla coil or titspreixrrtionate s ea expen wean
.°VthetiLould be incurred ln obtaing
smirit a
, 17 . •ry important duty, involving
inctedonl tar r buc use e lgiou uaenlody the
that of
Deus • restrietkma, ••the • special atten"
i '''---/ienhasi is called to the neces
sity' ;of the utusist
nand carrying
ta" M U/ AMP: 1 1111W eeeet, .not eatend its
operations beyond the precise limitation s and
cotifiltiona prescribed.
• (Signed) • Mceortocu,
• "(Watery of the Cream:my.
Wilda! -
ems' orMarer.
aregeortal Elnesseti Defeat.
WASHMOTON. MAY /15..L.Onelalnews from the
Mexican, Goeeenenento e t e e ra up to
the Mat Si n d b eewrecelved by Senor Rome.
ro. Juarez not been ablate go to Chihua
hua, In consequence of Meknes*. but bu wu B
making preletratlon to leave for that elty. I
The news received at El paio, Erom chihna
bus, was to the. street that Commander lithos,
t h e ream* ,ataear continand at:Durango,
had been defeated by the eterman
Vie= and MeX4MO.
• New York Cbotors *.port
AsirrOnn,.lCal , /B.—TheighnusbOlneerw its
porestatematalnes the port " „ 4 .
Oar or deaths /Ann ehmera ocenrred on'
atm Itolabhp. , All are well an board the
y NM "",* l l4 -
Window Glass on Free List
W Astor:ores, May le—The following Is the
President's message vetoing the Colorado Ad
mi.lon 11111:
To the Senate of the United States,-1 return to
the senate, In whicti house IL originated, the
bill which has passed both bounce of Congress,
entitled An Act for the Admission of the State
of Colorado into the Union, with my objet.
tions to its becoming a law at this time. First
—From the bent information which I have been
able to obtain. 1 do not consider the establish
ment of a State Government at present neces
sary for the welfare of the people In Colorado.
Under the existing territorial govern
ment, all the rights, privileges and in
terests of ethe citizens are protected anti
secured. The qualified totem choose
their own legislators and their own local
officers, and are represented to g Con by a
anti of their own selection. ey mak
anti execute their own municipal laws sub
ject only to revision by Congress, an auhorl
ty not likely to be exercised unless in extreme
or extraordinary cases. The population Is
mall, some estimating it so low as twenty-five
thousand, while the advocates of the bill
reckon the number at from thirty-five to forty
thousand. The people are principally recent
tel tiers, many of whom are understood to be
ready for removal to other mining districts
beyond the limits of the territory, if eircum- '
-Lances shall render them more inviting.
Such a population cannot but find relief
front excessive taxation, if the terri-
coda! system, which devolves the expenses
of the executive, legislative and judicial de
partments On the United States, is, for the
present, continued. They cannot but find the
security of person and property increased by
their reliance upon the national executive'
power for the maintenance of law and order
against the disturbances necessarily incident'
to all newly organized communities.
Second. It in not satisfactorily established
that a majority of the citizens of Colorado do.
sire, or are prepared, far an exchange of a
Territorial for a State government. In
September, lard, under the author 14. of Con
gress, an election was lawfully appointed and
held, for the purpose of ascertaining the views
of the people upon this particular munition.
Six thousand one hundred anti ninety-two
votes were cast, and of this number, a majori
ty of three tlionsand ono hundred and fifty
the was given against the proposal change.
In September, Ina, wit host any legal authori
ty, the question was again presented
to the people of the Territory, with
a view of obtaininga reconsider
ation of the result of the election,
bold in compliance with the act of Congress,
approved March net, lsat. At this secon
election Vail Vete. were polled, and a small
majority of 155 was given in favor of a State
°rpm Iratlon. It does not acme to me entirely
sate to permit the last mentioned result, so ir
regularly obtained, to outweigh the one which
had been legally obtained In the first election.
Regularity and conformity are essentml to the
preservation o rder and stable goveniment,
and should, as fat as practlcable, alwaye be
observed In the formation o( new States.
Third. The admission of Colorado at this
time as a Stilton Into the Union, appetite to me
to be incompatible with the public Interests
of the country. While It is desirable that Ter
ritories, wben sufficiently matured, should be
organized an States, yet the spirit of the Con
stitution seems to require that ybere should
by an approximation towards eterMlty among
the several States comprising the Union. No
State can have less nor more than two Sena
tors hi Congress. The lament, State has a pop
ulation of four millions. several other Stale s haven population exceeding two millions, and
ninny others have a population exceethog one
If this bill should become a law, the people
of Colorado, thirty thousand In number, would
have in the House of Representatives one
member, while New York, with a population
of font millions, has bin thirty-one. Colorado
Quid have in the I.l.sqoral College three
votes, while new lark hats only thirty-titres.
Color:al., won't: have. In the Senate two votes,
aline New lark lax no. Morn. I laeq salt lee of
this character have already occurred, but It la
believed none stave happened where the in
equality was so great Where such Inetillisllty
has been allowed, Congeal -9 In auppceed
have permitted on the grounds of some
high public neerensty, anti under circum
stances which promoted that it would rap
idly disappear through the growth and de
velopment of the newly admitted State.
Thus In regard to the several states in what
was formerly called toe northwest territory,
lying oast of the Mlastasippi Their rapid ad-.
van. in population rendered it certain that
the States. admitted with only one or two rep
resentatives in Congress, would, In a very
short period be entitled to a great increase in
representation. So, when California was
011 the ground of commercial
and polities) eXigenelk.S. it was well fore
seen, for that State was destined rapidly to
become a great, prosperous and Important
mming and comnierchd community. In the
case of Colorado I em not aware that any na
tional exigency, either of a political or com
mercial nature, requires a deposure from the
law of equality, which has been so generally
adhered to to our history, If the information
submitted In connection with the lull is reli
able. Colorado Instead of hicreaslug his tie
tithed In population. At an eleetimi for mem
bers of a Territorial Legislature, held In
lo,s4ivotes were cast. At the election before
mentioned. in isle, the number was 6,192,whi1e
at the regniar election, held In lAA which is
assumed for a basis of legislative action at
this time, the aggregate number of the votes
was 5.005.
Sincerely anglers for the welfare pros
perity of every yTerritory. and State, and as
ell as the prosperity and welfare of the
whole Union, S regret this apparent decline of
population In Colorado; hut it, Is manifest that
It is due to emigration which is going on from
that Territory Into other regions within the
United States. which either are, in fact, or are
believed by the Inhabitants of Colorado, to bo
richer in mineral" wealth and agricultural re
sources. if, however Colorado has not really
declined In imputation, another census or
another election under authority of Congress
would place the question beyond a doubt, and
cause but little delay In the ultimate reception
of the Territory us a State, if desired by the
The tenor of these oblong°ne furnishes the
reply which may be expected to an argument
In favor of the measure, derived from the ena
bling act, which was passed by Congress on the
21st day of March, lAN. Although Congress
then supposed that the condition of the terri
tory was such as to warrant its admission as a
State, the result Of two yea.-s. experience
shows that every mason watch existed for the
institution of a territorial Instead of a State
government In Colorado, at Its gent
then, atilt continues in force. Tee condition of
the union at the present moment is eficrilated
to Inspire caution In regard to the admission
of now Kat.. Eleven of the old States have
been for some time and atesti!' unreprosenteal
In Congress. It is a Common Interest of all
the Staten, as well those represented as those
Ir7reseuted, that the Integrity and harms
y the Union should be Teetered as com
pletely as piesslble, so that all those who are
expected to bear the burdens of the Federal
Government shall beeonsulted concerning the
admission of new States, and that in the
meantime no new State iihall be Preleature
ly and unnecessarily admitted to a participa
tion In political power which the Federal Gov
ernment wields, not for the benefit of any in
dividual States or section, but for the commor
safety, welfare end happiness.
As "mew JouNso
VAsunraron, D. C., May 16, 1866.
The Poet's special says The Ways and
Means Committee have determined to put
window glass on the free Ilst.
The Military Committee will soon report a
bill for the equalization of bounties, giving
each sokiler, who has not received his bounty,
one hundred dollars per year. This wili re
quire the appropriation of two hundred mil
lions of dollars.
At the fire in Brooklyn this morning, Bn-
Ohasuin & Lyons tobacco factory, etocknnd ma
eldnery, were damaged by water and smoke
to the amount of ten thousand dollars. About
two hi:Mitred persons are temporarily thrown
out of employment.
The Blatent Rebel Gwyn,
Nsw Oal.aaaas May 111.--Banator Gwyn has
arrived. Ile was released on parole without
any other condltlolii. Ile refused the oath
awl to /mice the country, He Is vuelting Ws
friends today.
The trial of the (imbeds murderers to pro.
greening. Morels a great crowd awl excite
Mr. Wilmer, or Vlminta,ts the favorite can
dictate for Bishop to-day.
The fiscal budget for the years 1065 and 1006,
exceeds for duties alone thirteen or
General sne lefty provlorm year.
Toomb Ifavannu for Europe on
the 10th.
The augur crop this year le estimated at half
a million of boxes.
The stock of sugar In Havanna Is heavy.
Cotton; sales of twelve hundred bales of Low
Middling at s.l6Sie. Today's receipts, eleven
bundrodand thirty-three bales.
Gold 130%; Sterling 42; New York Bank
Checks % per cant premium; rest unaltered.
The pwt quarantine establishment has been
tarried over to the State authorities. General
Canby orders the Board of BUIVOY posts to be
sent to headquarters (Or approve/.
The Bpireepal Convention is organised.
gaerstary Seward at Auburn.
actuaw, N. Y., May 111,—aeoretary Bawd
arrival la this city from Wastunatoalatt wan
lag In excallantbeelth and - spirits. He Ig ye .
celvtaitthecantstitliitiatui at his neigbbarC
and friends today—the.aunivanaty
stxtrafttiblelli day. • •
1 _ x
~~~Sr.C+se~L~~ f sy.-'~"''~;.:~r-~ :'Cif4•si:=.v~s.~ - R.v~S`.'-: Otis.",:
The Foil Goodwin Massacre
SAN FaAsmara,, May 14.-11 Letter from Chas.
Hamilton, doted Williams , Fork, Arizona,
April 29th, seems to central the massacre at
Fort Goodwill. Ile states that the massacre
occurred ten days previous, and that of two
companies Of regulars of the Thud and Four ,
teentil regimenta, consisting of one hundred
mim, only seven eamped. Thereanabcder were
murdered and scalped. The Apar-hcsreaped a ri c h harvest, carrying oil arras, ammunition
stores, de. A number of supposed
friendly Indiana were admitted into the fort
and supprised thegarrison. A tribe called the
Ilualopes had murdered one man and corn
milted other Outrages In the vicinity of Wl].liams , Fork. Lieut. Cervantes; of Cmpany
A, with twentyeix men, attacked the A=e 4, B
forty miles east of Camp lAnc=out
7.4 th, killing twenty-tWoowou five, and
captut= upon
trzullitir partLra pi ~ .'"11
an Th t e military ' authorities - have information
from General. Mason, dated Apra =IN who
says nothing about the Massacre at FertGood
win. A letter with'a late date from F Clip;
credits the report It Is now fm_ pt
that the 14th regulars could not have reached
Fort Gibson before April 28th. Dispatches 1 - e
calved at military treadquarterstrorn General .
Mason, dated April 110th, say Ute reported mas.
sauce at Fort Goodwin La Without ,/oundation.
The steamer Americo Merry, for San Juan
Del Sur, sailed, carrying one hundred and
twenty-five thousand dollars treasure for New
York. . .. .
Mining stocks are weak. Ophir, 6001 Impe
rial, 12S. Yellow Jacket, 717; Norcross, WO
Itelcher,=; Chollax, IMO; CrownPoirit 12,00. '
WAHHIN Gros, May 16,1868
The Colorado Admission hill. Veto Message
was read and ordered to be grin tod and laid
upon the table.
Mr. Win intro
Lisduced a Mille fix the
tary peac e o
eatabhment oethlillnited States,
which was referred to the Military Commit
teo. It provides that the army shall consist
of five artillery and six cavalry regiments now
in the service, thirty-seven regiments of in
(entry, and the professors and cadets of the
military academy. The companies Shall eon.
stet of aim y-four privates as a minimum, and
eighty-two as a maximum, to bo enlisted five
Section nineteen of Senator Wilson'ebill an.
thorixes the establishment of schools at posts,
garrisons and permanent camps, for toe in
struction of enlisted men. It authorises the
Secretary of War to detail suitable non-com
missioned °Macre and other enlisted men,
and the post commander to net apart a suita:
tile mom or building for the purpose.
Section twenty prohibits the appointment In
the army of a person who has served In any
capacity In the military or naval service of
the rebels.
Section twenty-one abolishes sutlers, and di
rects the Quartermaster' departtnents to fur
nish such articles as may be designated by the
inspector General, and sell the same to sol
dlei at cost prices, if not paid for at the time,
to be stopped from the next payment.
Section twenty-two repeals all laws or parts
of laws meonsistent herewith.
Mr. primes said of Mr. Sumner's amendment
that ono of the gents to be benefitted by the
above was Mr. Ilarvey, Minister So Portugal,
who was the person who notified the rebels
that Port Sumter was about to fired upon.
Ile had also recently written a letter to the
Secretary of State, advising the President to
eject the present Congress.
Mr. Wade sani the charge of haveb e n s
uncalled for, and ought not t trodneed here. It had nothing to do with the
question before the Senate. As to the accusa
tion that Mr.flarvey haflgiven information to
the rebels, he (Mr. Wade) knew all about it,
for be bad Ineestigated it. Mr. Harvey had •
done nothing in the twitter that was not ap
proved by the Prendent and his Cabinet.
Mr. ressenden, speaking of this subject said,
If Mr. Harvey had written the letter he had
seen publiahisl, it was exceedingly and un
neceuwaril impertinent. Ile (Mr. Peissenden)
believed Mr. Harvey know who he was writ.
ing to, and that Ito expressed no opinion in
Congress disagreeable to the Secretary of
Mr. Stewart offered a bill to transfer the In
dian Bureau (rout the interior to the War DI. ,
piu - tment
The senate passel the House bill repealing
; the act 01 the thirty-sereuth Congress in rola
, um; to passports, with en amendment that
hereafter pannpotta shall be granted only to
citizens 01 the Untied States.
Mr. Kirkwood offered a joint resolution (or
the appointment of a committee to Inresti
' gate the war claims of lowa, Referred.
eo A Joint u
row:Mutton t
in pumped to
Vi stnrponil the
llectlo of a direc tax West un
til the first of March next, indent; her acc rginia
against the Coded State are sooner adjusted:
The Consular and Diplomatic Appropria
tiou Bill came no. Amendments were
adopted that all foes of Canania Or com
mercial agents not mentioned In the
schedule, be accounted for to the secre
tary of the Treasury; that all fees of any Con
ott Or eorrnneretal agent exceeding 4a,cio in
any one year bo paid to the Secretary of the
Treasury; that titles of diplomatic represen
tation in Hayti, Liberiaand Dominic° shall be
Minister Resident and Consular General, with
out Increased salary.
The Senate adjourned.
Mr. Wasliburne, of Illinois, reported from
the Committee on Commerce, a bill farther to
provide for the safety of the lives of
gore on steumships. lie.sts.ted that i r
tattled a section to prevent rho transportation
of nitro glycerin es, end also a motion tomodify
the construction given to the existing law in
reference tocrude petroleum or coaloll. Thai
construction, he salmi, prevented the ehipment
of the article, .very much Interfering with
commerce. Time bill was read &third time and
Mr. Myers, from the Committee on Patents,
reported a bill to authorize Delia A. Jettobs,
admintstrntrlx of Jesse Fitzgerald, to
_aptl ir y
for an extension of a patent granted hith
an improved method of dressing tree oldie.
The bill passed—yeas tem, and nays IL
Mr. Myers, from the tame Committee, re.
Ported a bill authorizing the Commissioner of
atents to hear and determine on applications
or an extension of the patents of Wm. Mann,
for 1111 ifklprOTOMent in copying paper and of
Jaw, senaett, for an improvement In tred-
I dies, they not having made their applicatio
I ninety days before the expiration of their Pm* n.
tents. The bill was passes.
Mr. Broinweil, from the same Committee,
reported a hill extending for su•en years..
from the sixth day of December, lush the pa
tod. of Thomas D. Burrell, for an Lm
moot In a c mro shelter.
Mr. Dawes, of idazsachusetts, spoke m °pep.
eithm to the bill, saes leg that theme was no
information 'Dilute Ice Donee as to why the
, patentee had net Ihreadr safficlent profit from
' his patent.
Mr. nroomwell smoke in defence, and In
explanation of the bill. The hill was paesed•
The morning hour having expired, the
speaker presented a communreatien from the
Postmaster General, transmitting, in comet'.
once with the act of Congress of July td, Pal,
abstracts of offers received and contracted
made, and allowances made to contractors for
additional nu - vice, .to, Laid on the table.
The Ilouee went Into - Committee of the
Whole on the state of tho Union, Mr, Dawes
In the chair, and resumed consideration of the
tax bill.
The paragraph &mewling section 74 of the I
pretest law was under consideratkm.
1 The amendment Wasadepted,strikingont the
allowance of a half penalty for the Informer,
for a ssessment monthly of the sales or whole
sale dealers within the year above fifty thou
sand dollars, Increasing tax of whOlosale deal
ers whose sales do not exceed fifty.thotwand
dollars, from fifty to one hundred defiant fix
ing the Dix of distillers of apples, grapes, or
peaches, manufacturing fifty, and less than
one thousand barrels per annum, at fifty dol
lars, and
dollare. those distilling tees than fifty barrels,
y Mr. Ingersoll offered an amendment Increas
ing the license of distillers frontellXl_to SLCCO,
the object being to put down small distillers,
who are Inaitlngilentrahand spirits.
Mr. Stephens opposed It, enggenting that lime
license should rather be reduced to W. The
amendment was rejected Twelve pages of
the bill sore disposed of, when the Commit-
tee rote.
The Hence lion-ermourred in the Senate
amendment to the ant regulating the place for
holding the Circuit Court of the - Molted States
within the district of Virginia, and naked for
a Committee of Conference:
on motion of lir. Banks tho Military Com
mittee wore inetrneted to report what meas
ures wore neceseary for the further protection
of the dead soldier. of the "tinned Staten
hurled within the limits of the insurgent
Adjourned. .
RoaIIMITIIIII N. Y., May Ri.--Judgollmalley In
the United States District Court, in semen
here, has ordered. an Indictment quashed
oval:tat a party for making
Income re
turns. He holds that. theact of iSIS does not
make this an Indictable offence. The an of
Juno 30th. 1805, duos however, make the
offence Indictable, but all who made false re
turns prior to that date, escape underr , this do.
Contest for United states Maxtor fro
?few 114yErt, COIM,
lira The Emma
balloted to -day for Uniledteallenator with
tho following results O. E. Ferry 1141 It. D.
Itubbalt lai U S. Poste;
Thos. I L Seymour,
1. The crenate voteeito.morrow.
Jeff. Davhs• Mess lll ls—Mpeclal Moister,.
Ponrnass Monson, May atithorititr
tively understood here as e result of Sears.
tory McCulloch's late vis thnt President
Johnson has directed the surgeon of the post
to make a special report on the health of
Jett Davis.
Taboret, elaualisetory Se tbo
United States Illstriet Court, yesterdaY, /I. D.
Carr.atuin, Eno__ United:States District • Attor
ney. Bled Dbol against a tobacco inannfacto.
sy, formerly owned by L._ b De
but now the Property - of Thoersch d Co , .
The libel includes:3,o[l2pound, of cut and dry
Ina quantity of smaiw, and - tded
In the manufacture. Tbe . W • ehl teheteet was
seized. y Win. Little,En,rlnternainewentie
poi:lector for the. 2:d , Lostitsti for neglect on
the part of uuhtirooot to mike= thePrePer re"
turas:Wei:od tilOl4OrAMWO2allild .
~:~ ti ~ _,
iItDDLTIOIG44, ON 7171121) PAGE.)
Fi lantinal Convention of the Protes
tant Episcopal Church.
Th trot Annual Convention of the Protes
tant piscopal Church of the Diocese of
Wes . Pennsylvania assembled yesterday
at flv cloak- in Trinity Chnreb, Sixth Street.
Th nvention was called to order by the
Rl,gh everend John B. Eferfoot, in the chair.
After Mg the object for which they had
I ease
.. esi, be offered an impressive prayer—
in w is those present joined in—to the
Thro 'of Grace. asking for guidance in the :
work fore them that they might do nothing
that - dbe in deviation from the path of
truth d rlghteonsmas, but that each act
sho donnd to their own Emir Muni benefit
and t he honor and glory of God.
At conclusion of the prayer the,
form th e convention that the first business.
was appointment of a Secretary.
The air having the power to appoint, the
talk) g gentlemen wereaepointed &me. .tary•
and =taut Secretary--9. Greenleaf Fuller
and N R. Huey.
A to stated that in the absence.ol. the
cam tee from the Parish of Monongahela ,
he re q uested to ask that that _pariah
be tt into the Episcopate .• •.., .• .
On cm carried. •
The - Caring list of churches *ch were'
dee .at a former convention lobo n union
with diocese was then called and the del
egateerfarm each requested to hand in their
at 4
ly Church, Pittabur h.
•Pard's Chu= e.
" Allhe.
St. Andrews "' Pittsbu eg rg ny h.
SC James' " Pittsburgh.
Glues - " Mount Washington.
SG Luke's " Charlie= Creek.
4t, Mark's " Birmingham.
CMvilry " East Liberty,
9 Peter'
S4John's " Lawrencevfile.
s •' Pittsburgh.
St,litephens". Sewickley.
i p salorraoso COUNTY.
8 WIPP Church, Kittaning.
Trinity Church, Freeport,
raktfara gll47:l3lllo'agenrtlV:
Christ Church, New Brighton.
St:Peter's Church, Butler.
St. Andrew's Church, C'earfleld.
Christ Church, Meadville.
St. James' Memorial, Titer:a/le.
St:Maul's Church, Erie.
St. Peter's Church, Erie.
Chinst Church, Brownsville.
Gowe " Blensilen.
Trinity " Corinellsvills.
St. Peter's" Uniontown,
St. Peter's Church, Blairsville.
Christ Church, Indiana'.
Trinity Church, New Castle.
Si. John's Church, Franklin.
PrAinn anion COUNTY.
Trinity Church, Washington.
winiTnniallilAnn COUNTY.
Christ Church, Greensburg. ,
The Clerical delegates are thirty in number, 1
their names being at follows :
Right Rev. J. B. herfooti D.O, Reverends
William iladderly, It. Avery, James Brown,
Morrison Itylbesby, Thomas , Crumption, Will •
lam Ely, S. Greenleaf Fuller' William Hilton,
D. C. Jam.. B. IL Killikelly Samuel T.
Lord, Theodore Lyman, Henry Mackay,
David Page, Calvin Parker, It. B. Peet, Will.
.lam Preston, John Protlieral, Henry Ludlow,
George Masterly, It lehard Smith, R. S. Smith,
W. A. Natively, 1. F. Spnaldlng, Cornelius
Swope, I. P. Taylor, W. P. Ten Broeck, M. A. •
Tolman, IL E. Tschinly. William White, and
William Wilson.
Each parish being entitled to the lay dele
gates making ninety in all the r oll of thaw
delegates were ordered to be next called by
the Secretary.
About thirty answered to their names, when
the President announced that a quorum being
present the next buainess before tile conven
tion was the lamination of officers to be cho
sen by the Convention. The following gentle
men, were pat In nOnnnation and unanimous
ly elected.
S ceretary — Rev.itroeek.
Treasurer of the convention and Christian
Fend—nos IL Howe.
standing committee--Rev. C E. Swope end'
T. Ten ilkoeck.
Board tiz Missious—RL It.. J. i 1 iterfoot
and Bev. IL 8. Smith.
Treasurer--Geo. IL White,.
The hours for the convening and adjourning
of the Convention was then axed at the toi
letries times: The Convention to remain In
I cession from nine o'clock a. N. until one o'-
clock r. a., and from three o'clock r. a. until
six s x.
A delegate requested the Committee on
Amendments to the Constitution to hand in
their report, as it was now In order, as well as
that of the Committee on Unfinished Business.
The Chairman of the Committee to prepare
amendments to the Constitution begged leave
to state that the report of the committee
would be ready to lay before the Convention
at an early hour tomorrow.
Johnston offered the followin:
Resolved, That in order to expedite the g bin.
Mess of the convention, it would be advise-
We to call the lint of delegates without regard
to County lines, and the order of their admis
sion into the onion of the convention.
A delegate thought the resolution objection
able on the ground that very few of the dale tell the exact
Itte their tes
k bid be
Mr. Johnston bellrevell' org a nist
objection triv
ial, Inasmuch that if the delegates did not
know the exact uate they roma easily learn it
before the reorganization of the Convention.
Several amendments to Mr. Johnston's res
olution Wan offered, but each, on being put to
• vote, were lost.
At length a rote on the resolution as origi
nally offered were taken, when it was passed
by a tall vote.
The Convention then adjourned to meet to
day at ten o'clock, when religious services
wilt take, place.
Hydrant flee and Pipes.
We throat the attention of our readers to the
card of the old and well-known business house
of John Moffett, Nos. 127 ana 149 Fired street.
.Moffett Is prepared to furnish upon the
shortest notice the moat superior hy
drant hose and piles In the market. flaying
hwl longexperie_nce In the Winkles., ho
knows Junt the quality of stock 112 that part ic.
ular lino which Is serviceable, and persons
desiring such articles will consult their own
Interests by conferring their patronage upon
Mr. Matfett. They will find him a liberal, fair
dealing gentleman, content with reasonable
profits, and anomos to dispose of nothing
ut the best qualities of the articles adver-
Bloody itpeetacle.--enthertne Sollruike, re
siding In Birmingham, mode her appearance
he Alderman Strain's oMce, yesterday, and at
tracted more than usual attention, from the
fact that her face and clothing were bloody.
The occasion of this was explained by leer
bringi ng monist h a charge of assault and batter y husband, John bollnake, depoain
that ho struck her Several blows with hie flat,
One b i d% she received on the nose, ening
It toreely. A warrant was loane dfor
thin disciple of the AL 0. W. 11.
Kicked In the Bye..-A German named
John Hell yesterday charged a certain John
Irwin with having knocked him down and
kicked him In the eye, Injuring his ontic to
such as extent that be is unable to see even
the largest object shwa. J ytace Ammon, be
fore whom the ease was brOught. stated that
althongh the Injury was all In the eye of the
defendant, he would minim POO ball from In for his appearande at court. All the par
ties reside in Boat Birmingham.
Court. of Common Pleas.—llou. E. If.
Stowe unwitting.
woreSDNIGIDA T. May 16.—The following oases
disposed on
Benjamin Conrsin Chance Barnes. Alter
tho ease had proceeded some time, the plain
tiff took a non-salt and the Jury was dis
ye. Nf i r m. da i tiFtort llVl e d r r
et in nd favor ” of plaint u jff
for $230.00.
If tooting from fi sus Mora Joseph
Philter was arraigned befeseAldermen Strain,
yesterday, on trio charge of stealing a clothes
brush end a poutul Of coffearram the gift store
on Irtftlrstreet John A. Scott WU therose
cutor. Fisher protested tits innocenc e, and
opened teat he had purchatmi the articlea at
another atom. Ile desired another hearing,
and the magistrate accepted ball for Lb' ap.
poem:nee on Saturday next.
sidinDistrict Conn.—Hon. Moses Hampton pre
waniirseer. May 10.—Tho Jury in the cane
or Perry Drown and others vs. Jake BM ana
others found a verdict for the defendants.
Luke D. Davidson vs. Lowrey Droner, ailtiPr
of David Sampson, &coed. 4vUsm to recover
- balance duo on actiount at the death of Mr.
Sampson. The Jury certified a balance of
$lO4 duo plaintiff.
Publle.—Wm. F. Babb, Esq., re
cently appbitited Notary Public., lies estab
lished Ws °Mee at No. 09 Plamoinistreet.
Robb is an obliging and attentdve gentlemen,
and bankers, broker", attorneys and others,
rest enured that any busbies' entrusted
Alin will receive careful and prompt atton.
We aard - rnay bo found elsewhere,
Held for Trlnt.—John
fo u r a he , proseted by Darby leDonough assault and bat
tery and MeV orthe Daseeoras given Shear
lag before, Alderman Strain, yesterday, which
resulted in ble being beld -to slz hundred dol
lars for th i rs mane° &ILI next term of the
siding ,43x, TnesdayWilli Doty,
ron Yen Dream street., in the Eighth
ward, bad the great too of his left foot severed
at YEP/Ilrett!s factory, where he was eunplo
ed. - Jae was luaidling an axe, whith Slipped
'relatifs gratTastdlbaiapen 'pet, agleam
liode—T a flatland ilia Luta:
- aran Chaiah.ot.thapalte4 atates*W.assambla
'fta Vory Waineiinalans,l94ttorror •
~.,.,--<...z,...~"' ~:Y,,~-~.:. -..:~ ~2st.~x..:~2n',i^-Ste'.-'~a-c~.'`,._
A Family - Jar.
Mary Otto and ner suse, John, residents
of that usually quiet district known on the
map of our county as Birmingham, have not
been living of late as flesh of one flesh and
bone of one bone should do, but have been in
dulging in a series of squabbles that have had •
the effect of marring the bright blue of their
connubial skies. At length John leithle home,
and after remaining away for a few days
turned In company with the borough tousle-
Ale,William McCully, and announced his in
tention of taking to auction the entire fermi
tare ot the honsehold, there to be sold for his
eCtelusive benefit.
'Mary determined that such should not be
MO case, and hied herself at once to the office
.of...rustle° Saulsbury, where she made an. in
for sur formation against McCully and her husband
ety of the peace. After a bearing the
defendants were held in Out each to kw,' the
cones toward all good Citizens hat toward the
prOSOOLItrIX in particular, (sr the space of one
year. And so the matter ended.
Plumbing and Gas
bless's. Essons & CO., No. 165 Wood street,
have Jest opened at their ware rooms a now
and elegattt stock of chandeliers and pen
dants, for balls and parlors, watch are con
structed in the latest and most fashionable of
styles. They have also on hand a fall line of
sinks, basins, Be., which they are prepared to
set up In stores, counting rooms, or dwellings.
The firm It composed of practical gra and
steam litters, and they employ a largo number
of mechanics, who thoroughly understand all
the branches pertaining to their tmalness.
Messrs. Ewens & Co. are agreeable and oblig-
Mg, and will attend in a proper meaner to all
business entrusted to their care. They deal
exclusively In hydrants, iron vamps sheet
lead and zinc, and lead pipe. The prices for
mannfattured articles and labor range among
the most moderate rates, while all work
warranted to be durable and satiefeetory.
Persona needful of anything In the plumbing
line we dlrect to the firm's advertisement
In another column.
notloo• Argued.
Before Judges. Sterrett, and Mellon, in the
Court of Quarter Sessions, yesterchiniiieldo-
Don for a new trial in the cagerotiffaili Denry,'
convicted on ian indictment for receiving'
goods stolen fromights' bat more. on Wood
street, was argued , by J.. M. - Kirkpatrick, Taila
for the Notion, and District Attorney Duff
noinst it. The Court reserved its decision.
The motion• for a new trial In the case of
Louis Heed. convicted 01 burglary, was also
argued. J. Kirkpatrick, Esq., was counsel
for the defendant, District Attorney Duff rep
resenting the commonwealth. No decision.
Improved Sanitary Condition.—The
streets present quite an improved appear
ance, since our newly elected street commis
sioners have assumed the duties of their of
fice. Street Commissioner
i Hunter, than
whom there is no more active wohy or in
dustrious city official, has gven rt abundant
proof of his strict attention to duties, in the
present appearance of the lower dis trict of
the city. Through our advertisino columns to..
day he warns all persons against throwing
or s
garbageewers or
of who sweeping rubbish Prudent into the gutters
streets. keep
ers will take heed in time as Mr . Hunter Is
determined to prosecute a ll persons violating
the ordinance.
The Fax:none Russian Pebble Flpeets
ele.—Perao. with weak or falling eyes are
generally much perplexed to know where to
purchase glasses that will preserve the sight
and at the same time prove comfortable. This
want Is suppliml in the now famous Ruesian
Pebbles, manufactured and for sale only by
the well known practical optician, Mr..l. Dia
mond, No. In St. Clair street. A trial of them
will satisfy any person of their excellence
over every other glass now In use. At this
store will Wad be (omid a large and varied as
sortment of opera glasses. thermometers, bar
ometers, and all such articles usually kept In
a first claw, optician establishment.
----- -
Niesling Gloom nod Queensolosre.—Jos.
it. Dickey, proprietor of the El Dorado saloon,
on Fifth street, made complaint before Alder
derman Strain, yesterday, aviinstJohn Webb,
a boy, residing in a court off Fifth street, wi th
having stolen two glass rake Stands and some
gueensware. A search warrant wan issued,
and °Meer Wilmot searched the Douse of the
father of the accused, without, however, find
ing any of the missing property. The glass
stands were found at the houseof the parents
of a boy named Fairman, who, it was stated,
- had purchased th em from Webb for fifty cents.
Webb was held to buil for a hearing to-day.
Wortunate.—Someboy says there to a spe
cial- providence for the protection drunken
mon de., wardg officer Bell
covered, in the Fifth Market finnan, a man
helplessly drunk. He took him to Alderman
Taylor's otliee, and upon searching him• nine
hundred and tw outy-six dollars wale found
on his person. He was a farmer, and designed
leaving for Oil City, but missing the train, he
went to a saloon and indulged beyond his ca
pacity. He was detained until ho became so.
bor, when he went his way, avowing his in
tention to •drink no more."
oil and Commhaelon Alapaha nts.—The
card of the ostensive and well-known oil bra.
kern and commission merchants, Messrs.
Warring a King, No. 4 Duquesne Way, will
be found in another column. These gentle
men enjoy a very enviable reputation in the
mercantile community, and both bola= thor
ough, practical, and experienced bustrum
men, they have succeeded In obtaining a full
snare of the public patronage. Their corre
sponding house in Phdadeiphia is Warring,
king and Co. We mostebeerfully recommend
this firm, knowing their business qualities and
Put out the Lich L—Last night while the
play of liareppa was In pro,,ess at the Thea
ter, a young man went to leave the house by
way of the centre entrance. During the late
warm days, the pennament doors had been
taken away and green von Wan shades en bstlu,
ted. These the young man ran against so vio
lently that ho knocked them off their , L loges,
and against the chandlier hanging nln the
vestibule, completely demolishing it. Of
cournetho lights were put out,
Anniversary Eleeting.—The first anni
versary of the Episcopal Board of Missions
took place last evening in SLAndrew'S Church,
Rand street The ceremonies were very in-
were attendance very respectable
Addressedelivered by E. S. Golden, of
Kittanning, and others. In oil respects, the
anniversary was the most agreeable affair of
the character we over had the plessare of at
The Morse Case.—Owen Fitzsimmons and
Frederick Hines—accused by lifichnel Kelly
with havingobtaincd thirty-three dollars from
him under false representations, viz: selling
him a horse for that amount, and representing
him as sound, but the contrary Droving the
case—had a hearing before alderman Strain
yesterday, and were held In SMO each for their
appearance at court.
Pined for gelling Liquor on Bundy.—
At the request of the East Birml ngham Tem
perance Society, John Jarrat, the constable of
the borough, appeared before Justice Ammon
yesterday and preform! a charge of selling
liquor on Sunday against John Marshall, the
keeper of a tavern on Carson street. Marshall
was discharged on the payment of $5O and
Btoppedl.—The work upon the Duquesne
borough branch of the Pittsburgh, Allegheny
and Manchester Passenger Railway has been
suspended in consequence of the rails n ot PaviAarriveiThey diayet 74r lve earlyliatweckn'he „aving(o
street has been removed as for asoandusky
street and stringers and eross-ties laid.
Did Pot Go Up.—Thoae who were looking
for the balloon—ourselyes among the rest—
announced to ascend from the Union Skating
Park, Allegheny, yesterday, were disappoint
ed. 2ho Cause of the nonaiseenalon, we learn,
was the failure on thetert of rrof. Stainer to
secure the requisite quantity of gas.
Sayer'. Oftlee.—Five besotted 'specimens
of humanity were presented' befbre Ma Honor
Mayor McCarthy yesterday morning, mad four
of them were consigned to the tender mercies
of Warden - White. Ono individual had worn.
aloof. changa.kfter the night' carousal, to li.
outdate the usual assessment of "two-ninety:
reit from ricwfblik—A laborer named
George Duncan fell from scallblalsas on
Pennsylvania avenue yesterday afternoon and
broke bla arm. The Injured =II W . An a hod
carrier and at the time of the accident hint a
heavy load of bricks on hia shoulder. Ilsintay
thaws Providence that he escaped thus easily
lihnoworay.—A Loose - attached to a baggy
took fright la Federal street, Allegheny, last
evening, and rau for a ecaudderable dis
t/taco before be was chocked up. A man
who was In the buggy was thrown out and
considerably lalurmi. We did not lawn his
11 /nosanee..,Wiiihnn McKee was yesterday
before Ald. Traylor charged, on oath of J.
aterret, with keeputgaad maintaining a Dub
aidslinee. A warrant wee placed In the
hands of °Meer Bell for the Arrest of the
Fire In Alieithony.—Yesterday about noon
the roof of a dwelling In 11 . 1ntOalei court,
Allegheny city, took are, hot was eatlngulah
ed without doing any damage, save that done
4 a few buckets of water.
81111 Raffbring.—Wo regret to state that
Mayor WCarthy is still suring trout rh
maim, so mush so that ho w l s scarcely LI ".
discharge thu duties or his outgo. - a ta
Argument lama—judges Merritt and Mel
lon were engaged yesterday In going tlunugh
the argument net. of Me Conn M. Conunon
Pleat and Quarter bet/dont.
Tot on Trlgl.-Tho itisecii the Union Pet
roleum Company ve. George Ktng and othore,
In the U. 8. Circuit Court, 4as net yet been
Crepe Is* ed.—The -cold weather of the
bun two dale.and the stem of tlnnday.dlit
great damage to the ft•alt crop through Out the
Rich lag* Cortains.—Whlto Orr and Co.'
25 MitreMet, advertise, as idetreeekvedi
mune very rig& embratdered lace eerlaiac, .
• Rataed.--The ooal barges sunk. In the Mo.
nongaheli,mear Dam Ng I, by the wind Mg
dorm on anneay last, have been =Med.
. .
Gridlsle M Paslag.--The bOrOpirtiaughestsmadvisrtteastar sealed for
gradln4 ag4 paying4C4 ey, s •
~F: " ~~ x?y,~~~,~ :t e r ~.. SY~~:r. _..
Four Bora Were =Med by the
police, last evening, for malicious
The case is rather trifling. him
GLAIIBLE-On Wedneeday morning, Kay Ifith,
NETTIIt.. daughter of James Gamble, In theleth
year of her age.
The !emend wilt take place from the riladesice of
her father, No. 14 Jam. street, Allegheny City, on
rnl and most gZbareetvilit gam:libßeopteltngt;
lifeliew Brighton Rawl. ° Persons wAhlhe
to t am ea &mai Lou apply at the haperfritend
not , . alike, at the Cemetery. -Title Deeds, Permits
and all other hem wUI be attended bat the Droll
Warehorme of the underalwhed, Corner of Pedesaa
and Lemma street.. All_estr
sr. A. KELLY.
Ilearatars and Treasurer.
AG= ...........
Br!Mani orteceas of
BruZ4=4l,°.l,llll.9BEZa.,tr:47.'Yit,7"' be
Daughter of the Regiment.
Josephine (with moss) ......,Miss Emilie Melville.
To conclude with the bevies,. of
P ocahontas.
Pocahontas tlle. Emilie Melville.
grldyr evening beneflt..of Slybrit Idelvlllc. The
" Jattralef WAS 3fEEW.J.E MATINEE.
ter of theestate of SARAH STEELE. decea•ed.
No. 3, March Term, ISM, Writ of Partition or Val
To Elisabeth Steele, Martha McFarland and McFarla n
Sarah F. Conover, Jantes S. McFarland.
children of mld Martha McFarland. formerly_alar
tha Steele, and Sarah A. Lichtenthaler, Emma
Lichtenthaler, Samuel S. Lichtenthaler, Martha
J. Lichtenthaler,-1.1.51e Lichtentheder, William D.
Lichtentlmler, coildren of mar) Ann Licbtentba-
Iznand ft=erly Mary
You are hereby notified thatfi elrl :l lnquisition will he
held, in pursuance of the above men lotted writ of
partition or vaimMon, on the Promise., R.s.".
township, on THURStrA V, the vlat day of June,
A. D., Loge, at 1 0o'cloce, A. L. to make partition
to and among the heirs of said deceased In such
manner and in such proportions As by the laws of
this CAMtnoncrealtn is directed, de. at obi. time
nod place
frtllV ilfi.yg‘TlSV/lißgre.riff.
Etriznum•B Omar., j
PlTTSconon, May oth, 7860, r Myl o llatrtbed
IN THE ORPHANS"COURT of Al Estate of Woman Olheon, -
del ' a2t;. m lt t o te , c, Marc h
Tenn, Md. Writ of Partition or Valuart.on.
To Mary F. Wood Wm. H. Wood, Frederick A.
McWetlad and Wood, David W. Miller and Nancy. his wife , John
his Ifs, WW
Johnson ad Ellen 0., William z 11; wile Be amin ib.on,
Gibson, Benjamin G. WOM , and (Merles
E. Woo,, and Emily P. Wood, by their Guardian,
D. C. Halts, Esq., heirs of Woolman Gibson. de
You are hereby notified that an Inquisition will
Sc hold In pm... of the above mentioned writ of
c,aoV,Ligfp.o.r.'"rTlTJA ,I,le'r.P.,f,e°ll7l,fin,g;::
102', aria o'clock A. sc., to mate partltion to sou
among the hetrs or said deceased, In manner
Mnadoo rtlon re. b ., T a i ttr ' r l dat s ti o m f e " acc " .l
you may attend If place
you thine proper.
JUIII 11. wrzwAnT, Sheriff.
litnr.nreva OFYIVE, Pittsburgh, May I. trot.
—By virtue of an order of the Court of Common
Pleas authorizing Lawrence Winchel, Committee
of Gertrude Soellner, a lunatic. to sll the Interest
of mid lunette; and an order of tile Orphan.' Court
Gf Allegheny county. authorising A. CI. McQnade.
uardian of the minor children and heirs .t law of
John theellner, deceased, to sell the interest of said
minors, of, In and to all the following real estate,
situate in Bum, Shinier township, Allegheny coun
ty, Pa., to wit: Lots-Nos. S 3 000 21 In David An
derson's lest ion of lola, fronting on the Butler
Turnpike or Plank Road sixty feet, and extending
back 110 feet to Lomita. street, at Public Sale, SATs
Inert Rout e , lu the It, of Pittsburgh, on
I.IILOAT. May 888 OM. at 10o . chwk a. 0.
A. G. Mot/CADE, Guardian.
:tptpCourt of Common Mem, In the matter of the
i aation of the /34 . 11 . 141 . r 0 r
i d Loan 41.1..,,,cf1at10n
No. ‘ lo, "r f t i t n n t e o . r ?e,e. And nor o t r o p ?w r i a t: April 21.
ISM. Petition 'llea and the Court direct notice then -
of to be published In cue newspaper printed In the
city of Pittsburgh and county of Atlegheny for at
least three weeks, setting forth that an applleatlon
has been sonde to the I'ourt for the purpos e of grant
ing the Building and Loan Association of Pitts
burgh a c harts, of incorporation, and that the
sine will he granted at the next term of the Court
-9 exceptions hereto shalt bo filed In proper
"Trwrn the Record: JACOB li. WALTER. Pro,
th J e olarr o natoterested rein Please talmLuotice of
nic r of Court.
aeM:law3trol Attorney for the Association.
DEBSON, DECEASED.—In the Oghans' Court
of Alicia.y Couty. No. =, Moot wenn, 11365.
Anti now, to wit: April MK the ohn
NI ay, Jr., Administrator of Jentima And e rso n . de
ceased, confirmed absolutely, and on motion of
flastplton & Acheson, Attorneys fo r the Admira-
trutor, the Conn appointJACOlS P. BLAtiLE, Esq.,
Auditor to distribute the balance is the hands of
the Accountant. BY TILE COURT.
Attest: W. A. Minnow, Clerk;
All peAars interested are hereby notliled that I
relif,'eat o em for lettlYitTr
Plfth street, on 21A.TUILDAY, MAY 12t1, 1811;at 2
o'clock, P. Y. J. P. SLAG LE, Auditor.
AlleghenT COURT
County. OF
Term, A.D., MA Libel In Dlvoi et from the Bonds
of idatrimorty. William kicCwslin vs. Susan Mc-
To b 1.18114 AIeCASLIN, the above named respond
ent: You are hereby notified to be and appear at
the next term of the above named Court, to be held
at Pittsburgh, un the FIJIST MONDAY OP JITNE,
A. D., 18fd. then and
answer the complaint
of tht William T. MCC:69IIII, and show
Z4Taltor.i.T.°ll,l,°7. "f,,, °; i ztis e n t ol k t:: for
° dl-
Strair.:l"H. WlTWAlfT,gritrrl.
April 21st, A. D., ISM --ap2l:lawdivr
AA Court or Common Picas. In the matter of the
application of the Mechanics Building and Loan
AasoaWhin of Allegheny city fora Chartcreflneor
No. 144,
1860, Petit J o u nM . e d and
t A h n C n u ow d i t r o e c w t ino: A c pril 1.1,
city Pittsburgh.n one newspaper printed in the
of for at least three weeks, setting
forth that an application has been made'Lo the Court
for the purpose of granting the Building and Loan
Association of Allegneny city •Charter of incorw
ration, and that the same will be granted at the
next Lerma the Culla. of Common Plcsauttlem
"gok.rtiltheletet:oillt Jrafilnlirer: /Wk. Pro.
the above Interested . will
amt3;lawlerd Attorney for e Association.
A DmimiThictiplLi NOTICE.-
-Letters of Administration on the estate 0f.701%
inberBOLTON, late ofhAll,egerviatz,diee.=,.hkijow.
th iT "sM i e t a ° l:td e ebted to said .8.6 will please
mike immediate payment, and those havin g claims
wilt prom= them, proven, ..tb*.elmt:A A @gr..
tiement, to either of us, or to 1 2 . 8 pit t . b a..IN . A . Ph
mtee i‘ our attorneys, at N o.
burg .
Lutesster Tgtc hs : iaaiEr,
aplodawdew naTm° t tl ,g ‘ "etomv 071 /.n, d;d.
COVVl ri r Ons -- 1111 the
matter Mo nt e account of David Chess et al, kir.
grentoo.r.of k i). S . tegilug, A, itticeased. At
. No.
7th,_A. WU, Jrtion the C n o ° uTt. ' l o ppo *i heiAV
AWiLlfin. Jr.. Auditor to audit the account
and make distribution. WV THE COUNT.
From the Record. _W. A. Hsaaux, Clerk.
The Auditor above named will meet the parties le
olhce` No, b 0 ecrenien for rho b "rittr.P g 7t"t t' Al!
uLtDAY, Nay bth. A. 1).. ham. 2 Welockfr. Y.
wußwiawd 14. UAW " Jr.. Auditor.
ALLEUHENY COUNTY, ot March Teen. 1/388,
N. 74. In thematter of the schema of H. T. Cof
fey, Adadnlatrator of Harry.wv, deceased.
;to di.trie;rtbl l .,°%
In the hands of adnunlatrator, summat i ng to 11
Notice Is hereby elven that the Auditor above
lured will attend to the duties of his a‘ntinent
n the F/RBT DAY UP JUNE, A. 1)., t
gleNo.l4o Fourth street, Pittsburg a n t h
eloe No. lt A. At., of said day.myr:LawdawDAVlD lIITCMIC.
t zll2 r.M. , :li b ."raZttry_actg L B .l l4l .
ed, b ' avlog been 'mho. to we n undetutnnods o.
Persona itnoWingtbeinaelees indebted mesh! estate
will please make Immeelate PaYment, ead them
AMA Z e t.itiinC 113 aka liZeiltUbT
1.11.11 W . lar d Akee it to r •
.ErtilD itj Tfor LI ----" icE...._olr lin
g Tenementary on the Estate ofJOHN H.
LEirzyZ, Int. or indiansTn., Allegheny Co.. de
eased, hare bran petted to the and All
p.n.5... knowtng unwires indebted to col d es
tat. walitlease make/woe taps ant, and those
haring Cielinatelli present lent, p rm roperly authen •
tiontedfor settleilient.
apliielarden W3l. V. EVANS. Exec.r.
. _
aby l.frwa.tirjarzcifipararT;Eß.4l:l;
soZleandi •
mrNo. OS FOan URTH MEET,keni NICAII wOOO.-Alla
m muticture and non
bands ererr ankle IA their Una . . 71E co
witu,Voklaumillelik reathgr uadat
tOwing Me& All kinds of jikanii. Muds 2 A4.31x.
urn istiviagaitlvion Wag to all orders /91
pßinvieff—itoo kegit_Ger%
-. tdaa,;....anatk .• a "
xi Zama Cazamta.°
All prime laar4al.. reetn d
_ simwood street 1
a- il - a --- n - eal"a lldr
Ro e , BWo D
~n ''ter
~.r~cti"v:.ct. ~ .cs!~srv-'~,,~y„ ~':r;~.'_'.d.. t'r~4~k2'4.t:.E~
The edition Is tonrardsdiehteh resat Ye seb.
eerthers soonest as the mall inn.
Selling at $2,50,
New Cloak House, 49 Fifth St.,
BANKING 110178 E.
33 . 1 5t. 1 113.e.1'EL.
No, 67 MARKET STREET, Pittsburg*.
02: 0 11 0 7 d o l iSifht°=AVIcXaMcii the
United States and Onasdas.
Bought and Bold on Commalon.
Particular attention pald to trio planatabe and
Bale o
United State. Sike lN s C or 1 UD 841;
Do. do &ZS.
Do. Plans of 10-40 c
Do. Seven-Thirties;
Do. Certlflmites of Indebtorkie”.
Orders end Vouchers botorot °reenacted. jelibly
len daiICHRIToE REDIo k 8
and Sa turday evenings, fr om May to to November
let, fro m .7 to S o'clock, and from November lat to
May Ist, from 0 to 8 o'clock.
Deposits reeelyed of .11 sums of not less than One
Dollar, and a dividend of the profita declared twice
a year, In lane and December. Interest hes been
declared semloitintially In Jane and December since
the Bank was orimaisial, at the rate of gin per cent,
' I
merest, If not drawn not. to placal to the credit
of the depositor as principal, and beios the same in
terest from - the Ors, days of Jena and December.
Iretompoulading twice A year without trophilkas the de
ter to can, or even to present hie Rasa book. At
rate money will double In less than Orem° years.
Books containing the Charter, By-LAwa, Itnies and
I lrgniallons. furnished grads, on application At the
PuSaussurr—OE ,
John 0. Backare w.
Bon). L. Pahnestnek,
James Heydays.
James McAuley.
James B. D. Meech,
hew M. Pennock.
Wm..T. Anderson
John C. Rhey,
V i tlefitlßlack,
Ch . Carder,
arlrs A. Colton,
Wm. Douglas,
doho s,ltespla,
William S. Haven,
Peter H. Hanker,
Richard Hay
T im.astmesHAßLES
WOOD puniirs;
3 Zrlr3=ll.i.AL=•w6,
Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc,
rly dra, nal° ]tuns.l
Brass Work -of all kind •
.onolO.l . 1 1 kinds tRir k "V I T """"
po up u ngx; _ea ex. Haw;
kept oaou
Addy, Williams di Bartloy's
N. B.—All kinds of repairing dorm promptly
All orders by mall Inman/lately attended to.
.JalmoMmtemovem •
`, irk r ial. " rnrar.o=rOr" d " d Pr " u " l
onstantly on nand and mode to orderHYDRANTS,.
Xt. ® FEDERAL STREET, Alletke r nA
until mM ktamrst.
superior s
HOURT toc k H
of ISTILEET. We hare on bandsa rely
40 ALAW 0 .13 0 VIZT4:3-
Of everry derorlption and every grade of qualify.
OIL CLOTHS, extra well ...Looped, from a feet Lo
PIANO ' o l4 A e tr
use. TABLE COVERS—Every kind in
MLULTH 111/o*—Brom the peat ClAgitY Loth
i" drUj i gniA.TT.lNG, COCOA AM) 11.A.N11.1 A
•p 4 4
Stpek. in the West of every
thing in the line of Carpets,
Oil Cloths, Damask, Reps and
Lace Window Curtains. Gold
Bordered and Plain Window
Shades, Table and Piano Coy:
era, of our . own importation, at,
the Lowest Prices reached since
the war. A line of Scotch In
grain Carpets, of our own Im
portation just received '
ha ndsome - -neverolfered in this
country before—and at prices
based on the present rate of Gold .
71 3; 73 Fifth Sweet, 2d doer,
Next betiding to V. S . Custom Rouse and Posioake
lcEr man IcEM
. .
The tuidentignedhait i lhi gl ee Home fn , Collins
township, near Torrent. ntauon, - rit. I. R., Qom
Isl to ,1500 TUBS ICE, which he offers *bp sale, •
either In balk or' hp the ton, deliveredin the lisp.
t. Attn
tient e rate et/stop:or Isle Denise,. +One and
!serse ,
Isty.lo;lwil a 1 1
. .
e '~6~dWiaww?~' ~~:.. ? r~i.~.~ca~=a<+-y.X~ —=c_~.:~mr...,... ...:.
Opposite Old Theatre
Hobert Robb,
John H. Shoenbeeger.
Axnder Speer,
Christian ]eager.
A. Id. Pollock, H.
HenH. Kelly,
Henry' A. Lynch,
John Marshall,Lef A. Madeira,
Welter P. Marshall,
John B. McFadden.
Jahn Orr,
m. E. Schmidt.,
tvwtam vtml*rk
Wm. P. We,
mane Whittier.
Formerly W. 11. & H. McCollum.