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RURRE.T.I). ERR , ) Eaton.
poia.m„,,,Dbrrnh f, . Trig Ammo: A ?lON
Mo. NS Fain Prrretisuzun.
tint YEAR, BY , •
Wittsbprgh 6a-ettc.
— As FOR the 'third party' idea. tt ex
Sacs, save in the minds of I opperheadn,
know it not, and a, for .uiportink , iierwral
Geary, if any cum. - tar. that the hu.t may
to 'iosit in to max him up with ma t ter 31/
things which the SW,. I 1 0(1,111R , I1 lit RI
OOM fluted lino though; it Ipekt to axoitl,
Willie we may tienidefil‘ ..hject to that kind
of support, we shall ant
think it our par
tirniar hus:ne.. to tlea! in enonclationk on
that account General 1;1.n. c
e think, ik
strong enough to stand • sea that imps
n "
Now let es see hint - r.ur ~nt,mporar3
will .goad.mrs~uu,t by nit own rule The
little Convention, Fn menus of its Platform,
condemned the Preodem.. Polley, and re
fused to malt, or script an i I,SIII. retails,. 1,,
Tmlrosch. nn 1,0111 these matters the rt.rti
mer,,l and hackers purposely put tilt It
l e gs neer Ihe traces, and lentil in litielene
them then• Under sue), vireurn.tatme..
. .
what avail are 11.4 eXhflrhlr..ll,
pure and simple, to the in,inin laid dorm
by the State Convention,
A certain divine vi . tts con,tto Ili)le, for thr
austerity of h 6 set mon , and the 14 , 11) of
his life. One of his parishioner , . took hits
sharply to task for the glaring dlserepaney
In vittpl on pay me fifteen hun
dred dollar, a year lot Idettehing-1
not practi, t e what I preach for double the
money " The Cerameeei.if has fallen into
the same eategory
Tar. Reading Gazette, in coninientini
the passage of the Civil Right< bill over the
President's veto, closes it, ' , math, with
the following paragi atilt
"There are timid', .1. .1 0 , 111,114A1., of
good ond, iu the Notli,•ell ,latt“. nvbo are
hoprful that President John , iin will declare
such 'legislation' revolutionary nod so
pernicious as to warrant him in completely
ignoriog it. Not only ',this their hope, hut
it is their prayer, and they will suantin htrrt
in such a eriarm with , h,,t. a
if need be
Mt CLYMER, id common with all ,ain
serratives, holds extreme VIEW., though
not in the direction of true progress and
amelioration Whetne. he is prepared to
sanction ill,- !,inxiiinaiy oink , . of
home organ, ,houl,l be clad to have hin
TEE President ha, reity.ri i 11, P,...111,q , -
ter at Pittsburgh, who iS . 1:11! editor of the
Gazette and who has been in the habit of
saying hard things cf him. Persons who
charge the Executive with being a traitor,
rebel sympathizer and copperhead cannot
complain If they meet with his displeasure
—Chicago fearnal.
No Irian on the staff of the Gazette was
ever Postmaster of Pittsburgh or of any
other place More tue Postmaster M
Pittsburgh hat not been 'moved.
GE::. Wm. H. KOONTZ is announced a ,
a candidate for re -nomination for t:ongre,
in the Somerset Herald We are triad to
the General in the field apain, and hope
not a single obstacle will be thrown in h.-
SrECIel. DIE , PATCIi to the Pittlath /0113
Telegraph protease, to i„,nniinee, on vets
high anthorit3 - , that Jell Dart , will
be released on parole, iin the atfl ierni
aceorclecl to Cletovnt Chic
ZiOLDIEII, %Uhl, bare ma.le
for nppointrneut, uudor i hr Pn—i,leco'. ,
cent virrithir, tinkl tlavre ,ar, t, plat. 4 4,1
Gov. CUELTIN has not yet apprt,vll iL
bill disfranchising tier- from the Imt t
The miasma which generates riptdeinti• n•
Vera Is now rising in clouds under the lila IlLg
beam! Of the aogalay son. Every Irving boil} -
!! weir as ref nue unload and vegetable matter
emits unwholesome vapors, end lu crowded
elites and the dens, assemblages a Web
fleas ana pleasure call together, the elements
Of also:rue ore evolve.l. The prefigure upon
every vital organ as net Cr no great aw In the
second and :lard months of summer, sod
common sense leaches us that thew. organs
require to be reinforced to meet it
We hold our lives, so to speak. on a repot
lag lease, sod this Li the mason when the pro
rates of dilapidation Is most rapid and repairs
are most required. Therefore build up, prop
and sustain the powers of nature with that
nighty vegetable recuperant, ❑ostetter's Me
ters. Ile who takes it may be said to clothe
Wished, m sanitary mall , against which epi
dertdc diocese will burl Its poisoned shells in
vain. Thts in no grututtoas assertion, but .
gnat nerhati /act. ktteeted by twelve years'
.e.nperienum is every cliniate of the habitable
globe. EXtreMts of temperature always
snrb the functions or the stomach, the bowels,
the lever and the Mem. It Is through those
ghat the moat dangerous maladies assail us
Tome themi"in advance. with Hostetter's Bit
ten, and defy heat and malaria
Mostatiter's Bitter.
are gold WhOletta/ and retell at vary low ratea
at laming% Drag and Patent Medicine Depot,
Vb. IliMartat ei root, corner of the Diamond
at.' Market, near l'ourth three .
Spring alga Summer Goode.
The well-known store of Mr. John Wafer,
)1[ rCblnt Tailor, No. TSi Federal street, Alle
gheny, his been lately fitted up with a new ae
11Cirtillitant Of spring and SUMillur goods. The
eta* has been well selmeten, and embraces all
the numberless articles needed for gentle.
MAWS garmente. A large noch Of ready-made
petite, coats, vests, ac , will also be found in
blatartablislinieni. ilis.steek of furnishing
gObtla cannot be surpassed. Terabits desiring
tOptrrebame a good 'tilt of clothes would an
weliby giving Mr. Welor a cell.
Dry tiood•
New and dealrable styles of Dry (Mods, as
wall as all kinds of domestic and staple Dry
Gooda to which we call the particular atten
elan of purchasers at either whole ale or re
tail- Many of our good, were purchased at
much leis than Importers or manufacturers
yttees andw ll be sold at a rory small advance
for "Ah. Call and Poo our stock on toe north
east corner Of FORTO3 and Market streets.
C. HAssoli Lori All. Bno
Uszpoutor Jobirtog Shop
Hating returned alter an absence of three
Stan 1n the army, I have re-opened my shop
to? all coma or lobbmg to — 6 carDelater live
at the old stand. Virg= Alley, bevireen Smite
debt street. and Cherry Allay. Orders solicited
and promptly attended to.
W[1.1.1•111 Foaaa.t
An Ent= larg - e Auction Rate,
Of a retail stock of Boots, Shoes anlp3aite4,
srill be dined as auction on Tuesday morning.
at A. Leggate's Auction House, ItO Federal
outset, Allegheny. The special attention of
in invited to thin large peremptory
Hall Acre Lots at Colllas• Park
♦ special train sill leave the Penney] van la
depot this afternoon, at 6 o'clock precisely,
for free conveyance of all to ttils2sale of lots
In East Liberty, returning at 8 o'clock.
-- —.....-------
The Superior Furniture
At the house of T. L. Mei-1014nd, EN., South
avenue, Allegheny, win be , eold by A. Leggett.,
Wellineeley,`at 10 o'clock. nee
Good heavy brands at loss than market ratan
onshonartteast. corner of Fourth and Market
.C. ihogeoa Lora a lin,
I A lull stock at lotr prima on the northeaxt
eltOrnar of iyurtb and Market at.reeta.
U. HAlff BON Lot. t Elmo.
Bomeopathic IdetheLnes, for sale at Fulton'.
Pro; Dune, Ito. IOS Saaitkineld Crest, three
11R0ZSAtbove Filth street.
1'()I,U111E "AAA.
Florida and Georgia Freed
men'a4 Bureaus.
I''r(•itrli Relati(ms
51111IihAll - IL 01 Till VIIENcIIFOIifIS FROV Ulll.O
outtuued Neutrality Toward Mexico.
dbo.. clbo.
els o . ,
WA`Mt •“1, April l'he Samiatant UOlll-
, 1.1”.14•11. the reedit...Ws Bureau, in the
`Late l Florida, ha, transmitted his report to
I bl• flu r ti Ile 4lale , that hr has lalinred In
.+r. it n ar far as possible, he.
wool, 7 he Iit:HMI \ and elv II authorities of the
stale lle mile., it.- at 7.7,71 lon of Governor to the pr.oistorts of SeetlOn 21 of an art
vein to am • - ,cribing additional pun
;sliments rot the commission of offenses
against the -tate, and for other purposes,"
hrov for ditaimtleg the freedmen
of the. private arms. lie argued to
4;0501'11M that It a It.‘ ittwonrt both its
legaids the tong states told state Constite
t ton, desired 10 hate the deciamn of Coin
tru•nt hutheritr 117 the case The Governor
hesitated. until tAVlteral Foster informed him
I at the disarming of negroes must CC...,
either through rich or military action. The
opinion of the Attorney General
ry,llell for, who derided that the proviof
the Section were unconstitutional.
Brig GI,. Davis Tillaon, Assistant. Commis
menet Of 1130 FlVtstimt•n'tt Bureau, In the State
of 61 . 0fatli, ban sent to each agent of the
Itur,au list nt quohaloun which they are di.
reeted It. 11.118 wet, .neluditig the folion•ing,tl.
W het hot' the civil author Ines endeavor to ar.
eat and punish those who wrong or abuse the
Freetimeo and If so, whether they general/3 -
suereed to punishing the guilty; whether the
nervier. ol an agent of the Freedmen's Bomatt
•• - .
ei necary to ',tire justice to the freed
peorle, ess alai if tie bureau was remove,) whether
the me it 1111(11011i Lug would protect their rights.
Also, whether, in their opinion, the tone and
temp., of the a bites t> Improving Itexartia
the (re—, people, and It they think the time In
sporoacmog wheu the control of the freed
people 1,51 ne -afely entrusted to them.
lesterd a y evening forty-eight colored pets
:mere at the tad. mml and woman, boys and
aids, enntrahands ail l natives, were with
theit own content placed en route for Loulsl
- it Ilaor chare of an attic... of the Freed
men's Buenas Thrr were all charged watt
pet) Int - cent.— The Instrlct Attorney has
..nte..-.1 a salt, pr in harts of the Cases 00
onnit 1,11 that thein Imenors ii0l1)11 go South,
stol the t oart will sue I/11 order fat their re-
erc of stolen goods, to he handed over to
he owners he the Property Clerk. About one
tuudre..l nn , ttwenty-ti Ve other colored per
ohs, heard 01l nt them freedmen, loft at the
am. , Unit , tor the :south, where they all are
Extensive. prepe rat too, aro heing made for
a fair in this cup io aid of the National 001-
Mers and o Sallors' i lrpllltans Home for the friend
-19..4 orphans of soldiers and attunes •In every
6 ate and territory of the Union. Sin. Lieut.
Gen brunt no President, and Airsollaj. Gen. W.
Sherman is N ice President. All contrib. ,
t One tin thin hem, olent olnect should be ad•
dressed to the National Soldier, and Sailors'
Home, Washington, D C
Weentsoros. April,—The French minis
ter hail an interview with the .Secretary of
State yesterday. It is said that he presented
the formal adhesion M the French Govern
ment to the American plinetple of non-inter
vention, as explained by the Secretary of State.
the Emperor 'kindly and cordially replies to
the C nand States, nod agrees to withdraw his
troop- from Mexico In three detachments. one
of them nest No, esuiser, and the others hr
Slay and November 14 1667 The full and Seal
.rre , pototeriee bet reeen be wm tiervernment,
Mel! led to ;111 , lu - Ipol - tant result will, it is
tpeeted. he to the dons, of Represents
,e- I ilk 14,0. /II oa.nen IO 05.11 recenth
.1.1.• I /11 the Department of , ttite on million
SD Sieben, of ent ors s
N rtr I our.. Ato —The Per, eorrt,pon
•• of the " orty.• The Frime
has i . ...11 , ./11410.1 It• re.mi
log Meru, to Sir Higt•l....
Slialatet at P.ris. and
ann . a are, Sin orea,.l
1 1 , Impertal •ertluteal a
e, .11gpritch, If tch he tete forth
the f leo et the Worthington Cab
inet tourhing the Ilex man Empire
The Wastilogion fief orement wttneefes wit 1.
sat isfam e out tin ait hilrawat 01 t tuf aof a
great E.iiropean prover from American rmy
Tile t fitted Mate. tiovernment to 131 , Intsn
ion in ilepurtilie Irtnn neetrality toward.
111 e when the French are withdrawn
frill it In tins way modify It. poltry towards
the newly eiitabluthed Empire. The United
it file. alll not acknowledge the Empire of
<lust: ..fn. nor enter into any relations , Allll
11 e ico, tog those demanded by 1,013.1“1013,
31133.1131 beta yeti France and the
United id ales. %ow the E tilperor klaricnit tan
is recruiting him 3311121111.12114 in t.erniany and
Belcomi,o get tit least men
to replan till Vriintili twin, they have ali
finally minim keit in, Oki:. It is
very expensive affair, and wilt prove to 3313 14
heavy call on the Mexican Exchequer NO 313.1
as Frame is imuternert,therelll grnat detrac
tion in notifying tile final retirement el
the E retie ti 00113 until Part.
111%satintactioa Among Magistrates.
C,)l. \V heeler Released
Tessa, April xl.-I'he Herald's Toronto
special, of last .evening, says The Viobe't
Cornwall rlispatat Ventglit says that groat
satisfaction exists among Like magistrates by
the singular course or. the Mayor of A,Orn
wall, who Li .rniugernati, and who in form
ing his Court, exel all ed trabollr magis
trates from the bench. This fact, together
with the exclusion of the preen and other cir
cumstances, lead people to believe that,
whether guilty or not, a diabolical attempt lo
being made to punish the prisoners.
A special dispatch from Cornwall also says
that a very unpleasant rumor is afloat, as fol
lows. Detective Clark, while here no a wit
ness, by speaking Irish got Into the eonridenee
orsone ()Monet..., of Cornwall, and indulged
him In whisky.. lie renreSented himself as a
Fenian sympathiser, and drew from 4.Pinmu
hue the names of other sympatholere here;
also that if any movement was made, Mayor
Allen would be the _first victim Mr Clark
made affidavit that filionahne gave this In
formation, and the Mayor nave he has it In his
The ettlrenh kindly otter to supply prisoners
with newspaper. Lai the magistrates refuse
to allow them that privilege. The magis
trates declare thut the prisoners till taf resin
milted to the fall assizes. The people consider
this cruel perserntion shameful.
A Cornwall special .1 isms, cb to the Herald,
dated last evening, says . Colonel Wheeler was
hi ought up for examination at. half past nine
o'clock tills morning fie acted In the moat
defiant manner, daring the magistrates to de
tain him longer lie staled that us an Ameri
can he would claim protection from
Andrew Johnson if they attempted to keep
him under arrest without producing the evi
dence they possessed against him The magis
trates were seriously frightened at his threats
and almost unanimously decided to let him go.
ol Wheelet left for Nee - York by tills morn-
tog's train
Q u tint, Retrort•
New Tong, April 21 —Dr. D. 11. Wesel), Dey
sty Health (linear, In charge of the hospital
ship Falcon, In the Lowet Bay, has made a re
port to-day from the lower quarantine The
hospital ship Falcon came here Yesterday
morning; immediately hoarded the steam
ship Virginia, anchored Leer, and reruoved
the sick to the hospital, sixte-seven lu num
ber. Five new canes were recei ved trent the
Virginia this morning. There were four
deittne in the hospital last night, ten from
Liverpool were hurled yesterday, and nisi S
night cases are DOW in the It°Spite! of the
arrival of the steamship England
Dr. Bissell says the steamship England,
Capt. Grace, from Lit et noel eta Halifax, ar
rived here to-day. ohs report, a crow of one
hundred and twenty-two men, with sixteen
cabin parte/engem, null twelve hundred ilea
two In the steerage. The number who died on
the passage to Halifax Is fifty; at Halifax, one
hundred and fifty; and last night one infant
died. Tue Passengers and crew are all well
She will be quarantined in the Lower Bay The
report was nottie to Cyrus etletleg Pt - 1411 , 1re t
of the , fjoterentlito Commission.
Frutraria., lo
Tnresteplat isnrder.
I.ouinviu,s, April ILL—At Brandenburg, on
?rids). aftturoe. In an altereatiOn between
two .brothat , Kendrick and Allen Stanfield,
reepecting an old partnerahlp, the latter h.,
tag drawn a pistol, wm klllnd Instantly by the
• •
On Ft idav nu the chrtentannursr and Shelly).-
vine pike, - Terrill, Walkers and a number of
their old comrades were seen thin morning to
wards Shelbyville. connidernblo ereitettleot
occasioned, as Terrill said he was watching
for the parties who, being sworn for ezarninn•
Oon as Jurors at his recent trial for murder at
Shelbyville, stated they were satisfied Terrell
should be hung. lie nays ho will kill the last
OOP of them.
1.01111,11.L.R. April 12 —A fire occurred last
°fnight on Market street.. IL eaught In Finley
aguerreen gallery, over "lords Levi's dry
oods and cloak store. Tne la l ury by Are and
water is follows OW; S. Bro
dry goods, 11/0,0301 Aaroe.c oak and trim
ming store, 41,500; Thomas Jackes, owner of
the building, 41,500. Aggregate loss, elB,ooo.
All were fully Insured in the Lierman 'near
'llr:L.eYt°lAi:r'"""r=let44ol W.erbOnpa
---NO. 9.7)
The ',Aleut, N
. t "
eiljeutne.l rye e, 1111 11 Nlen.le;
1 . „,. rrortemng. ,„ Ilya da, '. se..—
Ira or, er, eolitined 1,. gene, .il 1c0. 4 0. ~, • ',..
• President 's an total rtiessage
Mr tileholson, of Indus :At Y was. the Cr -I N rut 1 ~ i t K. .April .I.—The Erpro.t,' IVashit
Weaker Ile took .1 roinr Ziolihin »gni, 4f Ile Cc,. , ifspat, li tent... 1 lim the 1[4, , i0 , 1 rt. 110
(...inst itnt tonal amendment ' ot 1
nest 1. -, rept
souratifi, conterralog that the effect 01 ft ' u•l'l''" ' ' '' ' d '' ' ''' . Y "II" the "nl"litn•
a stilt to' to destrey the tetterai cher tetra of „on hood he so anuratied that hereafter ao
the government. to prod nee con sot rant ran I stale shall tusk, all distraction on account 0 l
f and to 41.151ect the p,.opiy
stn the a ornl k Intl of color. that utter July 4th. MS negro., lattbf
despotism, that ..f elle.o Menai maim-Hie-. has e toe right to vote; that there shall he no
Ttrarr .iiie no Propriety In It. The `tate , repreSentallnli lad
po e t 1.*16 and 107/1 for cob
themselves were I lie he-, judges as to whet ore,' pet sons not allowed to vice, and that the
coneerned their Intertral ortlerand well hom e , . southern Metes [nay be represented on thee ,.
Mr. P e ri.. Tenon cd, lak Ink , I , rert It tertup 4,11 taking the test oath prescribed.
lan o bl ir " . lte Tie. to the , ae4thtli ~t reeon- The iota snu utilise on 1 ' , mitten's, to
.trliel Inn Ile COlimidereO It ot ld le Ohio. - I whl, as is usual in such cases, the noritination
.4. n raii. the Isle 101,01 , tate, a err re- .or ,,,,,,i,, ,, or, r omor.,‘„. of ~,,0 0‘o hhe
t 0 '' ,7 ' ,11.,1 ,1... dend, scoot to the i fen - 'of the Mr. s' Or , i e a dock was ,g,.,„1. rata' hot
' inn "' ` II Its' nt entbVl , el lo ng ie-- • .5 ' rl - I rny - On eorro , 1., a dentine voneln•lon on the sake
log had thy, toilet ion- tllliplitlillill lagilllilling . jeci.
'to Lill• l ien - . of the Pt ...hien!. the ,rl,esl fact It Is the OpilliOn of prerninent Congressman"
remain's' in either ease , taut IL Wes the duty 11101 the present sineoott 11l Congress will Da
Of entigrest, to procltle for the establuran ten I 00,,,,1 e., .1 I,lio Apar, from the saweeti
of a State gat ertitnent wh telt thoulti tot 1 10 - ol re:on:tarsi:lion ft.ll Other huotzteme. ran Ue
pond With the .I',lrrt of those provislo, of the . ,i 0 ,„,„,,i to y„..,,,i weeks.
I onstitto ton refitoring Congress to gear:tiller . The seerm k r, of stole m pehr„,, Ihst,ll
to rile etaras a Pepuhllcan form if too ern- 101 loing to the late Daniel N. DlektntiOu in reg
rayed Thin was about what Conger,. 0.1. go- lat ion to the ,leamer Met yor, which eras seized;
nig to fit' for the lost tler 3,11r4 0
(I na
„lit lel.. and prevented from !wing used tea private •
nl+, . 1 1,55 x.. II . r , t h'' Olt , I"l ‘ 0 ng1 ,,,, t o against ..pain, said “The Pd t ealdent is 47
t. not only that ill, ill•W Iti.lill'ii to lil• admit- [ermined that the neutrality laws ,-,r A
,0,, !not mud , 11 f ' i t. , of 14 ,,, rumen', hut a ("tilted ' , um., shall hr a.ltntah•ed lit g
I guaraittcelata the oid ones tlso It the , e n ere tall Is ” % principle thus announced wi
not.lotal 1114.11 enOlik.tli 111 Ihe 01111 111 10 toll the tarry ~.. or, doubt, he as striCtly aplied
ofnees, ,soma of the Fe , l4•lnl heroes 01 the It 01 pro,r, rig (snipe het a eel] Great Brita p in an -
`twilit( be appointed and 11,111 to take part 111 ill.. lb.. i'llit , ill SULU,. tilolll,l the Feral.. not
ion of the go, ernillenl ot tll, i ooronnger ii .
nt-nle' ' , AI 1111 illeY 11 . , .. ` ll, I ' 4 5, l l i''' , 1 nn't in I tA lipocial dispatch to the l ' hiladelphla Trio..
these :dale, The relods I. ete ' tie.. 111 I ik , Kt-
prop professes to 1111 s w i ll Oil high nutlwir
tuflatiev, loyalty nab thy e xoept ;oh, ~,,,, .1 Is- • 11 t that Jeff. Liam", will 00011 he released on
, l e i) ant' the 'lily ,10 whom de,oli 0,1 Iliiii 111.. Til,rilli• on Itie sulk. , lOrtils sersirtled 10 tPetnent
.1015 of deehling n hether 110 . latt• „ow, states , 't cm,
wet, in a coodttion to he rot - ire...era...l 1,, , -cf. --ow
are—, Not on 11,4. Eteiottivf , ti ,k . eel, 1,.,1.1,1 .
W. 4 lie/Vg1414.11 tO inn, 1.1 On nil . aeon.. ~I ROI , thI.LKA WI TIIE st1A111.1", I IKGIII I ISCKEI9IIU.
reforatatlv 4 Mir the oetials, Della nd
. iepoh
dent ty of each other, but on the Inw-making
power of thy uol - ereumfo. It.. in. the .I,lv 1 ,1
congre4s to take the a hole "rat tera into von
nilernt ion, h: , It was now doing, 111111 to devil. ,
It (lot guarantee ahetild be rot/ hired I. ~ ..f•a/g•
1 , 10111 and ,'tart Justice Is all ,ts i 17,1- it/1 , 1 lii I
rill...lint the roellriene, of another fcheitraff
i'lits could co, routed 1,, till il I 'lliti II Uriillllll
l/rnellthrllln It es could not fail 1. , m1
~.e, 1 .1,,h
the ~t eet,, and on life lat (firm fon 4 1 1 sm 1,
nolnis by the 1,11. relal -rate- a posi)t,e
of their trances - It, tunall,,, all, he a end! a t roe
them to he rept enenfral In 1 oagree- on an
',oral 111 d ink all 11 111, other -ratcs T 1,.• ~.I.Ls
ante', tie shot,' ten for. ~ , te 111 -,ill„
, • ilic
leading Itibels--ratelliketif truster,
the) are called hy oh, Pre..ident .10.'141
le. •lepi ived , a 5111 ts.llll, al t rants flt feast !Or
I Ile pre,ell I, nod 1111 111 1 lie, •Ili,ll have 1 , 0,11141 d 1 ~
forth r, uir, meet for reliekilailes. ,11 111,1.1 the ~'.,
loyal , entlinetit , in the 'gales lib. hersohe we ~,s o t,
,LrOlig as to render them Von •cries, lor toilil " o „ poo
Second. That all the rights ofittlzetpitilp, 111 1 ,, „ 1 ..
elildlng trait of +tort fig , . .hall Is , hil or, ill /111 ' C h .. ,
. 11.
loyal irretineellt eof in. .• .o . 010, ,
,k „,.
Th,l. That dik . Pas La. nt ot t tra , ontc.tratat y
~.1 . ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
~ o
and flat' oeht ,, coni is. ted 111 illd of too
i 4 -ifol.l i.e prOlilloi , sl , root ,1...0 1 1 1,
payment le I 10 , 11,0 , , o 1„o I 1.1, • ler
ematietpatrai, 01 ilic -:,„, . / coi t 0 I to„ 14
lirrorayd I, dl. e, erlast tog "Onto, 1,, , 0.01,,
front I 10' 5 ,sl.. dot -peect, 5 , 5 1 . ., ...oft tura,
-On. In yi rd, he said, , el. i I his frand raid
[ ~,,, • tale g,ldalt ait 11 1,00. 1, awl tsno: , -
.. at,
ern rebels and northern I..opperlica.l . 1,1 I.• I
Alm captive at their a - 111,.. tin call,-,5 up.,
the President to eo , p.,
.te , ,th . ,•,,,-, in
g,oofg rte, 1 It. t tot 'lli, II 11, till.iii. sa lted or
111111'peer I; illy I nom thetra,ets did tt.,t .le,
sire re have 11, t 0 11,1111 ulll. I I-0 ro• oleo,
end wouId IIIIN • 11,11. tllill'ii ii•• 04, A- 1 Is.•
President r. hri •
dial. • 'to- 1.1, rior• tiaa,
Prompted tom of I -.I 1.1 111111 `VII iii. 133 , i
Mil) to ,it ear that 1,. a , .111.1 Ili, i•i ~ , nreu I to;
hi, vote I hut the got el :mien, oi thy , ' , lint, i
should be taken trona lute lovat citi.,,,, e n.
had eared It to I hear blega). and should 0
given to trait°,
.. .
yl 3111 Ito beat ad.!. •-e I Ili.- 11...1
r.l 11...1..1
the ell tIIII 1/11,1 4.11 I
141, vollettgae It! r. 0.0 . -00., 01 h
eollarbote, Mr Will MILIS, Or Id 11:.• xl , i. lit.
1141141 I I .4”. 4.1 Sir Q., In t.,.
rt' Le . 1.11.1 0..11 It..
force a State nol Of lb. - 1 gi,on .t
- olll4 . rtt
"1.te5 ...t5 1,1 ‘ .. 1a 1 .. 1 m,t rels,lll..n. stilt ..--
malnktvl part and parbolatf Ito. Union Ito .0.11.1
accord to the 11.. .11 , 11 1...11..1 I,t
11. taking elev.,.
tali., r4z1.1 • tar x.ll
1,111),1k1 .1.1
ni14 4 11 1. 1 .1
. 1 1 ,4 1 11! 11- 11 4 ,
.11 41.1
Roan 1. /1,. 1 11L0
1113411!I1 ' ll l In , ~'ll 4'
1,111 11. 4; 1
I tali
ng (1.4•• ongre,A
Itarl Ihrn ntlntnin4 , l . n•nni: up Int. n • r:.•
1110111 It,. [tire.. in' arm., n ,•• .
It tat. lt , -I.sturrtta tt> lath, ILI 17
hail the tact, 1I ttet tt,lrt 11.,1 /Is
10. 7 ,41 4 44,4, antothl hart•
tv•I•ul • t ••• . .•
ttf the Asti) a Ititch tut ..• : • I •
:01.1 lor.ll Of 111..
1.4.1 -1.A.••.1 true ht :hr rap,. su I..tttt •t
ll.'!who've.' that the •••titett•
tof r..• tt , ••
vt ♦nee, int. I v.,.
Iw t.. ',•• • I
war of r..1..e11101. :•• • • •
I ll.U• IN
Ent h I •
thoy eh t,,
H. r.-.1.•ve.) that 11.4. 1,1.1 tua.l..
ti.hd and. hr fotte.t. fugal .....txkt.
the 10.11,1 ttninlst, mann., n hh•:, 1,•• !
gt nnted par.lnn, It wn.. 11, 01` , ...1 0,0
u,l-h,l Tk l
rt 14' I
-I,ctitcr.. heean..... they
rellpolirry I , • the- .101,
place pon•-r Jah.i
Ilse r.munt 11.401,- I he. v. •
. .
rebellion, the l i r.aulelit • - Ono •1•1,,
wore to t 4,1,011 th.peetiiii and , t.or.
ireroii., than tilt ...I 41.11.M/it'd air pole
pendent Lonfrileruoi "us «rumen( 'Ol,ll
aol,P If the Prtonilerit i o I.
Out II would nin 1101) put the el. ven:vied
elate. lit the httiolti of the relads, but the time
would not he lone atoms the rebel. would
have complete control of the ieit era main In
all 11, Depart.e eta II as. t...• won,
every rebel from Jeff Deo down 1a
tubed tern, including Id.hai hoe ker..
ern and guerrilla.. ' au* an eurne.t and devoted
atlatirer 01 the Praahlertr polwy. It w
1 net the pal ley for theln,taienti.e II a a, t ho 0111,
one they could Ilre bl i atail the. ate they profe•-•
through their papers to lr read, to .11, hi
Mr. -mith wan the nest to the
'louse /leprnposit,l he said I o ; hr.
present ...uncial°n of the .tale. and tie eidoi ,
txy, end the propixdtlnum of the l i le•liler , 41.1
Congreas. lie 1,11 that tla•
tunics. ware troll end r obi, Fool that •
arts by I ongrewn Th.,
urn r acne !Meted Ott the ground tha. 1).
, . .
States were not out of the rn 10,1. .s.l .•,) .1
not get out of the rniott It did Ica ra
cause the rebel State, were edit: t 1...1
right of repreeettati vet. that tn. chould 1...
allowed to take !WM' , in either Hon,. 1 - hat
haul never tiers a...teal Icy the Preenl..... Ot nay
other loyal man. What could
e , n Entry to abet had been done I Ti,- y
inaugUrated by the late Prealient
had been carried out br Prealdent ....t.r. von,
and under It the Southern ztatem had forin...l
their organization... flow an, that irolley to
hr .'hanged, or what change al, there. to
made In to
Mr. BchOlield lasted lilt made any 4111T..F.
whether a man alio hod been engaged in lb.
I eledllon aae arlrnlit• 1 Int ref. - oxen.°
man who had not peen ettgu.geti it, t,
hellion, but who would 'ate eruct!) Me the el
rebel snout retro
Mr smith replled that its• dui out set hoe
that clittleulty could hescolded. He then re
(erred to the question of the etsndict between
the President and Congress lie e.kati why,
If the President had no power to tin what he
bad done, Congress bad not Undone It and
dons aornetbing that would be better What
no Congers" going to do in it. Ware , Tl,,
Outte goregontent" 011 1r Int , and I here mutt
De the same 'ort ofnnseidot,3 1.. • titent
on But It w stud the soothe; it 'tote, .1.1.1
repudiate the as
rebel debt That had tu en dune
It was said that the, trea•t ratify the onst I
talie/nal amendment at./011ahlng slur .7, Toni
had be• al"o Then it was , old they
tfl . 1,1 loyal men to COrtgrr's. t,ou
gr. • - snow It had not been dune In every Itt•
-t ~ . cat Who had tried that •yuestlon • Th e
...amities. on Elections a hid was the propel
authority on that "übject, had said nothing
° Tr j Lbutteld a"ked shy Mr It II Otel out
Introduced such a measure
Are aut "aid he would du so It those° wt.,
ware so fond of blood did not.
Mr. Schodel ached why he lead oat /Vete It
sometime daring the lost live month,
Mr I,ldridge Inquired If Mr "truth •uppoh.
tut Congress had power to par, lo w a by wltich
hone mon could be tried and conttern nett, t,I
whethst tuey Moat out he tried under the
laws exiating at the time the crime Wife , 001 n.
Mr firnitli 01,11.41 that to, n 1:1101 14, r.(
1.1341 MUM be tried owl.•r the InW eti.l.ll, bt
the time the crime w. 1111
greescould fix the mean" hy which ther 'Ol4
be brougliciu Justice
ltther Ftpestliers (4.llowe t l nthd 1.11.• 1it.... e.l
our ned
Mow York Dialler.
sIN 1 °Ka, April 11. The Stkato.h ]I lIIInIYr
appeare to hat, vont - 011,-d •tutipil. attall,l
LllO atoamor La Or lento', and ultimo...l arr onlor
from Wonlangton Lo detain her for oratotha
lion, hot too Into. \ oloolv .11.11", ' hor.
and tilt., to 1111 1.101/1.1 l• I/i r.
gllttoato hotOnotot.
. . .
Tile Board of Health !MVP determined
Mare the cellar population of New Vomit ,111.1
Brooklyn to more healthy abodes, alit
Itch temporary hospitals in various part • of
too two cities for use in case of neeentnty
Mayor 110frtnan has Ordered nil ultro-it ly -
OM - ICM vessels to henOM! in vessels flileil with
A raid was made on the tah or ilth a tn,o tg th,
heaviest lottery policy dealers in the city, et
the instance of the suit of a victim who hi le
gee that he ioat over $42,000 by their fraudulent
and illegal transactions. They wear arrent. , ,l
and held to ball,
_ - -
Prof. Albert Nobel, of fierumny, the 11111011•
lecturer and inventor of nitro-glycerine. is in
this city. He regrets profoundly the accidents
which have resulted from its transportation,
but still instate that it Is Impossible for Oil
to Ignite under a temperature of 320 degrees.
lie says the authorities of Hamburg enter
mitten the *MIMI object Inns against Its use
originally but after scientific experiments
now consider It safer and more convenient
than gun powder. lie proposes to give, In a
few days, experiments to show Its effective
noes and harnideseneas 33:1 transit. lie calls at.
mutton to thefact that the explosion at Aspin
wall was preceded by • fire.
%NV. Aprll •!:ir .k• w.• • 11.,
tirrnm hivints .of 111,1,0 A h./ V ~t 1
hrother Dovor. ck,unty.
Negro buttrage Teu Years Hence. r. - .-ts•ing
Isle - IT Tv TT TRI
liregliet were playing. killtsrg on, of
• .t.tvoll
Acting Sei reta r) to the President
do o
tl "_ It II .late.l that the
cholera cieitiong Imthe titeaultillio
girth. al a tegrful rate. Aura new epAPS
having • , rell r evil The hit-Taal ship at quar
antine t• eapahic iit holding only iteetint.3 , 4ll,
,e•rgoosnail 1
o moo r. 4 1aly-sPreit non on
i it. accommoilatiOn. have %et
hero pr. % 1,1
Or A 1.1.1 m, 11'111m1...0n, of I'o/1.0t.i11,
I M Rat licit. of MiAlintirt,
11 WI I, lit id Canton, lieorge
% .11c. hn iit ticity. and I...lllniirt E.
l% all I hurt., % M igan. have peen
nopoloti, I xutuooto; -olrgeot, of lite PrAI9IOO
L Ito II Is , 40.1 Meat.. iomit/titer had a Mug
on., the licectine lull iii-dayjnitil
ompli-lii .1 .1 it t drat of rive it. The
eh, I 11111$14 thel II Milt
1 • I'Vh1-
.10111 • - t 1.l vl3 IieCOM,.
‘l, nll r ittl , l , l4•puiii,:t.i, 1..? the It•yreil and :l,t•ARN 600111 y I 1.. Lilt. 110 , 10011
I, ill
.11., %11... la, I •10. 111111 on.
Nat.lit nt tient,' Bruner
•l...o.petoslon Holden Completed.
• April —Thr r le reel nit
trot.- •!1 hell V rain fell
.111 la, 11111 i
n• k Hetet, 111 w,. ‘ , e•1tn , ..1 ar
W Sick toot to 11...1 him 1,41 molly
II 11,111 11,4 It.rAttlreNt.wyOrt.l having
llr 0
f•kt 111 th 011•
,111.1 ill/ Lir •I Id not otvl J. IV
it• Ili.. heal It it het,. t•attetl h,. ottt rut,
Air,' !loge a ~. .tekupiti 111. rect. tv tog on
hrthtthn I noun rt. froth %Ir Ilentietttort The
tt It tsar told Itt 114,, that he,
ell., 1/11l 1 , 1,01 A 11 , 1 At a. 111,
1111..11A TII e ,Alll..
ttrlera %AY
14 ill. 1111.11 e, 11.01 11, Infm thud Wu, Ile
hall, ha tttt•ett lion! I.a, ht 114 . 11.11,,1Att 1.1 thitt
tt 111 4, 1..141 lite ' , vitae to 1.11,11 ti,. 1.11.4/1.14 . 1
li.n k m. 0..) h
Ist. utl ltpird, wt.- 1,1 ylt .
,•slo• et itte..tte gt•t••• that the +n IIIR
•tt It ttlirttltt • ottelitt tt an. oak ..,•n to lhe no
1,t , ..1 part, Ili• Brun, rt,.. /11
•tht ?d0t.... 111, Anil, AwkleC.olr It, 01.-
• it "tot •ithitot t tt.
• I'. Co. report.. t
Itthtt llt 1... it n ill 1,
t not It tat t A ..A
t nil..
, b
• , Ni , rl4 Allo , n A I nn.• ...I t.oto sic uttu. p
oen Mrovt t
• p 1,1,1 311.1 • f•. 1.155 °Our, iuo
two, -. 04 the I.r It 1,.
gg txu{.. 0.111, 42{f/I
rt.. 1.-a*. fill it
ID.troog won Site no, of tizel , mt
Allt,it Ilaluwarutt to Ow hot hout Thu, , The rut.<
ten. I, 1,1114, Ule thin evenibri nn't
•toutnee 1141
no put nu motet and be
The Ematern M 'Mary urarrror ff
‘llrtimr,.lhe; nl tap Israd ,
- ‘1"1111‘1 te,o, . - teiNnT• ott
pr, • • ,, 1111.1 I 11, r• Ire-e. of StotatoF
Ti,.. ,v.,rk the elFtfit hnnr
•V`t• 131 If , i,1 , • 1 , 1 p ,“ I 4.n.1 ulet
I.ntler rr•rm t ollev , tor Xmltte—Vaalll far
N 1"... 1 outt, .Iprii :I.—The 11rthr Wantan,
ton , Inl I tar Smith has replied a le p tter adaren.eal to him by a 1.0.11.. g C.. 11.
ator 111 regard certain alletisitom• that he y.a,A mbnel, to inirtleA In Wn-Illng-ton.
nent them :L ;nun arta. has ref aunt
t•i• ',MI.,' In Ws letter Smith etaphat-
CAI: a• n tr, that Ise ha. el er wail a cent to a
hnlnal, being for e Cl,, othre Ile
.1..”01.1 , 14.1, the w bele ntatea,,nt a. a na.e aunt
,nul t lon
Wltt.lslittttait dinputri. -14)% , t 14.41 h.( the
~If v.( the tVtothlttgltlitl emeter), lott.ntled
re , eptlnn flu , Union .Ichot who tell
the hmtir-twi.i. or Vlrglnlh, h.` th - ' 44 . wl.
I, the guttrt.ertilittstar lietterttl, mud the
Chic( tltlnfterttlotater of the Dopurtment 111;i•
rrl t tof proptetitlel for its wonatrhotion
IN 0•*1.0.4 eastallnisl4lol.lli to Oar Wester.
Yonlt, Aitrit . .tl.—Mr. rant Amused,
outtnoottottetr of the Itunatan Gravarnynent to
the Western Vnirtts Telegram)] Company. la
rl% lit the Grier delivering his .11s
itatelre, to a ituraslan Hints/ea at Washing.
row, and riMsllng a tow flays at the telegraph
company... headquarters In llnehesler, he will
irarereett to San Pranelserr by the hiesmers nt
Arty 111 .n.l the extradlllnn ander
I muncl Balkh,. able)] la prspartng In .tart
lut In.. iturortan pusaestoonn with the male
, rat told ott.ttiltot I...totted to Complete the lute
the Wool hrd the Anion, Ti,,- It 1.410.11 liOr•
nui,nl ontlittoo to ntalltillotel the muratt/ ) el)
Iptet ell In 1116 groat talef:ra.phir allterprleo,
What Itt extending In 11 all needed vacuum.-
Mont and facilities.
Fatal Acclaims* to Tlaree• Soya.
Ihion. , a April •rt --Tito wail of 14 btlad)Uli In
priori e..n of Arm:damn oir (ham,* lane, roll
i•••• 1 0101, Get y herufibtoli ail
killing throe lane hone 11/14,1i itool,ll
cln•..or,ir OfK ) l. 4114 Robs,; 51 . Clair, all
het o rico end i wall „ year , nf Inge. Main
Floher, eitittaeri, hal troth of lair log.
1 - 1•1 • 41 i \ vii nth., Illjstrie. 'rhe tht•
rent* of the children hoe pilot pooplo,
In the ',amity or tlio icon* rif lhr .1 braider.
Troop. Iron. to the Wreniier
Nara lona, Apra 111,--The present garrison
at Fort biatolltun, vonalating of the Twolftb
to (entry, and ti portion of the First Artillery
(regulars) are under Order', to procra4.l to East,
Pori, 111abtn. The Flral Artillery wax ender
command of Mawr A(.1.41011 at Ifort6tuu
ter, and it,, Initni St Fort Hamilton ever since
the rapture of fort Sumter by the r e bels
1 bey will to' I.onyoyed to their deatitiation
a transport.
SI eedua of Maoler tlerbau!ro
Sew Voss, Apr Maxtor Ildrellantre•
t , stotelattnn, or Brooklyn, held n toasting last
Ist. Add! trere uwdr In which It wits
tasted (list not tvt l / 1 1ditoil loft the strike of tile
jam neytnen, the oldest 00,1 nest hands still
taboret: aline 0111 rates. l.soltnltsts, who had
horetotorr lovestrol Ilugnly to hullillok
owls. host pot Udell esilltal lid new channels,
tool It tvatt prohnOlC 11100i11111, .00.1
tan% t• I 11t1t . to , In Ouring the 40011110,
t4wirieral !boot 1.. Illebanonal
• •
Ili , /AM. , . n I 111 ,) April 21.-- LlellLolll4lll
rul I a rittat, alt.l`liMpallti•di by totonel Baden.
,tel Ma. It 11. hall, and (:rani'. lather,
t - rivetl alert , t Itltt miler:anon tatt II tam, v to
Pt.»! alantate r " harp and faMill), Mr.. ()runt'.
at. The prnprinfore or the bleat...wood
Hot,' 44111 I.—morrow give a cOaaaplirm•nttat
tm,. a tiet lel liar diktittazailtilied
n.ri.ion a. to nove.sur Pitasnisa.
1t..,111, Apr -The Supreme Coon! or
Hannanltstotta, In a oast, hold beam. the foil
Item h on denturrern, ban doeldnd an follows;
revnnttu +(pulp h+ no hart oft ho notn,
RM./ not be °opted, nor In the hilly of the
note offeetod by the Want of a .damp, onletot It
1. frandolently ottilttod.
aw lona, April 21 —Hod A tils, the princi
pal In Lb, griiat land bond robbery. hits li•en
rearrested In Al martial, mappeura by a private
illapitch to Marshal Murray.
'file Legislature of New York has ' , assail
blip prohibit MI: the lava,' or tree passe. itpnn
rn II mini..
t HILAUG.ratw, A ,rll 21h--A dre lost evening
destroyed James Watcon.s • flax factory on
Ninth street shove Columbia avunuo. Thu
building and waohltiory warn totally destroy
ed. Loss an mactaineo
_0 5 . 0 1 1 X 41 , and on the
stook 120,000. Inantance, WO*
cil .o ~
tt , tntt lter I r7tt•6 r .....
• r tatAttLatug toeanti. kV'
, tte• ot tttrotl
..! 1416
• o• r ft., ttrt.ltrat
.I.lltittrr crptt
ttl , ll, t,,
• s“
I t .
l t01..c. De4cl
Had Annl. Illanarrest.l
nes rectory Destroyed.
„ ;=.. • "1 ,, .1 Ito ' , srno,. net, e tartly) . .. - forth. 1
„„ is i•is, so lin In. 5•11e1 • , t thel.e. re pit.-
_ -• ~, ,- se ..nod or 1 e,...1., propelled in whole
oar! 1,, , leton. to regulate the Eight-lisal
oor Bill Wpferstrol. a:10.... •lenti,lsont tnspectors, and for rot,
ilorros, Ipril 21 -The Ina Cr brunch of i to . l o irle.e. Th. !nil .an important one bran
„ Massaelinsett. dg.!, roc low 'elected Inc "1 ” . '''' Inle t e.t.a, 111 1 Ile 11110100511111 Or (1111
ll '. right-hoar Minn hill 1,, it v..ti. of 0110 111111111" A 11.11 ' 1 ' 1 . 1. I . e, - .i,, e c pleiivut livloe nil nii.
lon ; and nine to Ilftyd a o s 1 tact arra . x mans, ton ) , 1 Ils provisions. The
hill ha- i.een iv:o :eu e, and rf . ..until! tell re ,
!hi , otntil II ler. on 1 niitio•l.•e• Th.. a hi, a , he
Ultur AI ILAVlllllBellle 1.,,n,l”ll. ale 11 I 1 /I NIoII on the
Lortsvrxxx, Apt 11 'ills-Tile river Is lalloix -10. feet , ati, , tddr , •. , Ion) at o ~„1„,,,,,,,,,
',lowly, with mg ht rent ander In the channel. : l'he halo, ing . 5 plart.oll , ll of the sea - oal
tVetather clear. • pro, bins, in the ' , Si , l A.. pl. Ilallil by ijye ...e.
Per , 1,1 .14 Da l . . 1 " , , `b ant' s, irt., and .ttl.-
nilitud to 1 111 , 01111111 f 1. - 1 1 01111 I n nllleeln. 11011ne
of Representatives. It . + O l.lll am.! clear that
tie prom,. it etllll v.., i • lil'io.l ifig n contillete
- -- -
i , t Of the iiill, nAt.l ith v a phin tl ion of I lie
Pihoo I Ins' Affray on lb.. Mr...0.31,1%hr In , n ,: ' ,.. ' e ' r... sought to he accono , ll.ll.l .
Bridge--A Minn Serlotwly Wound...
n e.,11/1 , I. Tlll5 section I. to prei ell, Nil,
iin 'into:a., es .oiing utioni neVen 0 . ,10,1, 4 ' , matron, of pilot. and ougineer. sti Ihe ll .-ell
- ~,yr , ~,.„ er a ,' a t the South pill s .,
, r , ,, ru ,, rt , ,.) , , , , , r , f , r0nti tratn„,,v,,,,,ntit„i t . i . e „ Tillirl . i..l , c , . , .11
burgh end of the Monongtlitela I/1 . 1111,e, 1,1.1111- 1...”:1" , ',- ; lx . '. lY " 4: ' ,,, ' • th,n, 1,, 1 . 1- " , 1 , ‘ ' 1, ‘ ;::,L 1 , 1 .
; lug In the , lang , •rous wounding of a 1111111 from, the bol ernnleilt.
named John ,hype. lo !tooting named John
1,, , ,.. if, , ,, ,, ,, , , , , , ,: i ., ,11 0 i,, ,,,,: , , , , , , , ,0 ,,, , ,, „, ,.,,, , ,,, ,, , , ,, ,,.. ,,, h ,, i , , , h ,, ,,,hi, ,, , j ap , , ,, i, , ,, ,... :
- Mitchell. The rlrcumataneer , 1.1 Ilse offal, r
-CO dhow that the n 1111111,1 111/111 14 -le la 111111- ! 11111 l en, 1' '. 3 ,.1 ' rt ." are 1101 111e.berq "f the P, "
• nil that filth-hen N's . ml ..11. °wont., 11,11- I.n.' %.....toeliit Inn, or where apprentices fi-re
enl, although „if, eira,l, r at an th e ey e , ~, It. pm on howl 4101,1nerii by the owners ifileiiill
aw. ' the rivt•r in the south. luat they combine
it app;.„,„ um, ib,,, re , a h„ Is ~,,,,,,,,,,,,. ~, ' against pilots who AerVeil on government gun
the isliffo I,H or-hid!, hail been drink tog I boats or tran.porls during The war, to their
l i ther 11,4 , 11 deign!, the afternoon, tail l,l.
n about I 111 1 11011 from I ' o lllllll I rad. On tile South
-WO o ' clock reto rned,nll or a brief abeenee In estern water, Th., also, by means of this
1 , his city, to hi+ board big house In MOrlougalie. ex, 111.1ve par liege, et : mantle for the purpose
a borough, where 10 , met Mitchell, who hoard- of extorting exorbitant wages. Engineers
ad ~,i the ~,,,,, house, sein e ~,,,,,,,,,,„„,i I„.. frears.ntly associate ill the same ',manor and
tweon them, when blltchell naked Doyle •• ,eri. " ...DU I.' f llir l De", `•
she had killed for a real ?" This interrogilliOn arr. 2 The provhdon in (Ills section for a
tirisod the Ire of for In, and be attempted to large , retint oiuitteetton bet were hollers set lu
1 str ike Mitchell . , but was prevented by the In- ' Ite!". or l ' al terins. to fit rnlirti means by
terferenee of I.r. MeLue, the proprietor of the ' " 10, h
the :truth ~,elierated shall readily
hOttrilillg hoese, who mtereeded in separating , e q u a l iz e i n P r es. ."' In t he s ev eral h ollers, no
. them They both then ten the Immo. and rep- 1 that ... lei ' ''."‘"". " 1 P reDalt, '" may exist in
a rated. lioylo going toward the bridge. Some ! Amy one holler .4 l hi - huller) . on a mild expel
time ttrtt'r , they rho again n s hort distance , the water rein. nlll4l hinter through Ihe water- ,
'.from thin 011110 f the bridge, when the ottarrel i b t amn a rt big 11111• t i ll" the other . , and thus lay
„„ 0 „ ra „..,,,,,, , m i ., a .fight ~,,,m,. I bare 1111• linen of 111111 ' , oder to the iletion 01
Mitchell freed tomato( fro. the; the are unprotected by water The emergelle
• grasp qt. Doyle, toil lied to lii,'all ....a tile , 111 "11 141,141 hollers.w loch '
• brnige:eloSelY followed by thelatter, who held clan, 111 h. 11111 e 4.4 t, when With
„,,,,,,,,,, 1.4
„,, , ,,i, 1 0 , 1 ,4 . ~,„, „th„,_, 1, 1 „ ;,„„, ,„,,,,. IMO! tit•itting .urlnce.reoders them extremely
, nor for 11Mteholl to stop or he ' , mild kill lion , Dalai , 1,, flu. result Th. 11 nettratron In the
On renriliflii the...lilt. ot the gent spar, lea Ili of the ~, , ,ter IS taint Intrally oh-iervahle In
Mitchelliiii a,..p. and wheeling around, en ' the ' , Demi inn of These hoihir. , „, ill ~,,„,
cinitiled: "Do not clone ii step 11l Aber 111 111 111 a rranged .11 . 1111' wester. a atm, anti regnireii
shoot VDU. ” Without heeding the ',tithing,'thr ininil mill:, nut ii aleillilinese. of the engt.
Doyle .1111 contiene,l 1,, ~,,,,,,,,,,,, a h„,,,,„.„, n
-Ire, to keep Ilion, operatlng safel). Tlie ex-
m 1 .10 1 ,0 1,
~,„,„ „ ,„.,,,,, a , 1 1 ,„ 1 , 1 , f„„ a „, paex,., 1 1 1., of p rite rer,ire hi hoiivr oi er the 011ie, I
0 ,„ 1 ,,, ,„; ~,...,„„,„,„ The 11 , 01 , h ,,, ) „,„,,.. 1 „ v „. I is, in general, the resell of greaft,r evapora
the heed of b ..
boy le, but the .wood entered the lion, ; nosed li) . the toe molei that boiler hal.
right bri,...t. „,.., „ob., 1 110 l+ iPPlr. ,• no•- , 11,.. a , log tot Ill,' lime I ,frenter 11 dt . ..i11 . ; and the
„„„ g „, , ,,„ . „,,, ii „.
~,,,,,„,„, not „ ~,,,,,,, : dlgeren t till pi - v.-Tiro e Weil neat Iteellrtllliati ,
Mooed Ti,, Ill'lnv sill iirte.l a number or pa.-- ' °l" ' 1.11 "... e, ~.. of -Wain generated, I
cr. 1 , ), aho : Lulled to Ihe aol sf the mule,, ~•, I , through the Iteam-e,m,,,,,,,,,,,, Or ~,,,,,,;;,,a g I
nuns, mho bail fallen, unol pre..zna lit. 11'111.1.1 0 1 1 1, 1,, 1 1 '. 1 11 till! 1111 1 1......11.1,111. Sal, alas'
to th e .1" 01111E1,1, ion , •• I'm shot 11 11,1,11 ha. ..O n keo .4 - 11 din . ..rel., .it I r , r, rr )1, ourprrt
dime It." Mitchell mere. while v. liked /1,14.., ' or P. '-•••."' °^ , Y • I '''.ol: -, . , h<1 , 0 , to ' , torture
th e ',t ee t„ nil. ~,,t . , ~,,t,l ti„. ..„ti . ,.,,, ~,,,, 1 the di:eel Ithrilllciest steam
Immediately ear : Heti to the Mace of pr in 5,,, ,, . aces 41 twl e CI, tile 1 .1111 .1 11 1111, !wen one
In iVest Pittsburgh, who,,, eonf 11111 . 111111 141111 fill:tint 1.111111,4 Vann.. 11( the ex :hidden of
DT Roberts, proceeded 10 remove the hall. ' 1""Ibla... " II "' " c s b • rh rt, et., and the alai.
which hail bulged It , I lic hack, neat the ',lona! iohof I him pr,i ~• .11 pi ort.l.r, the moot haft'
vOillnin is .4.00 us the ball had been ext ra , 1- , l'a ta- u ,11•
eat, hew,. removed ~ills ~,„,,,11,,g ;pia,. 1 . 1,.. ' The vt.., :-. In 1111. ne• t ton 'nhat the lonit
excatenient in Ile net 01,1, , ,, Inset ars. tut. •••.e " 1 1, orl d n a , D le- 'it , ail.. e , l shll not ...refs'
I but. the reeling aan In fa, or 1/I Ille 0 , „.„„,.. ..11/- 1,44.1, tl :in, III 1) t 1:.“, Irrrrlnr,,, ..11.0I ho tip to the pre.ent unto, trinrow steal tins,had " ia .1 b ` a '''',' • 1: " l ' u,"li a ' lo r high'', pie.-nt be t etiolation of beings sober 1111.1 peal,l, ,r iii i .l l ., ll ,i ll .1 1 h , ~ ‘,.1., rt,•ll , ..,,,,,,,, ~n.
ill.posed man der the stile catal.l. , lieo Ili i ongtess, to be of
It a staled that Doyle 0., least or the c .i i , '•• t • e a , i 11, n't , ..... that. to ' th e e , ' e, ,t is
, but a µ l4 celi, hiring commn free AOooto, o, i.., , foul. 111 e ill ii., e 1111, 00.1 the ral lion
; ,„,,,,, In.
„,,„ ,
„ 0 „ 1, 1 11 ,„ . ~,,, h e o r „,,.. of 11,- Sp a oh, , d 1,0, lit, I. Iona: mine,
haring beim of albedo., Ile I , a -loon the des lower". or a loch ...dims:, , ~,,.
, heavy man, illiparelitt) alliiilt th,t, Ir., .4 ' " lII ' , ... .I I i ' lll I l
11, 1' In 1, 1/0111'1 01 p,,,,0rt
age, and i iillee ills 01 - 1 - 11 . 111 tic li., oi Mr .•1 / .1... 111 11 '...... ".. ' ~ I . 1,, r 0., -on ,el, a l.
. 14,1,4 g,,,,,,,,,,,„,,, ,„,,,,„,„., a re, ~, ~ ,„. 1,,. 1.10..11 greater pre--,,,.. Ihs i, eweroe lomat .1
1 ealhe In enntal . l 41 - 1111 141111 e 1,1 i. 1 e1 1111 1r144. : ii l nl tin s imnod.. !mt., 1 11,.• ,r“ re pro, w e d a,
o , ~,,,,,,,,,.
, ~,, liar „ rl.rl.e„, )„.,., ~,,,,,,, 111 , ar
stetibiant a. 1 of I•tat tioa , tan , .., 1 here,.
„,,,..3, f reet it e ,h. e dth e h,,,,,,, „„ th, , „..i„ I
„t to , twee ia m 0,0,11,05 it If tls boiler .held
iteell was iiiiiployed at the I Itrooll •„,, ' I s” "del t.° • of , h 1 ,10• - oboes
. Work, 1.
The torts 01111, 1',,.. 1 ' g,.t0 pro., that VD.' Pros oo”. oi , - , Io , ho• ,00 1 lon for the
1 , strong drink 4 1. 11 M the prime tore,. 111 I hl.-1,11. 1 1 Ig.'llig of b o iler' , ~ it It 0 0,1'. al One hundred
is te nearly all oasts ot a .fir lat eta rueire I' 1 1. 0 , to - mm . lot to e. .n. tea)! of •I ttv degree,
. unitustrat ion In 0 , 1.111/1M 10 111”.... 5 ,th ' ,. .i . ii , provided I,v the net of pcd, I. ~,,,ra.
whtela the press Ilally deem, anit o rind,at , ..1 ide or , aaansil id the ex salng strong 'irefu
l.. vointrion oceersence to oe, Il.lolt 1 ,1 11111. -11er 01111111 g 1114111 1 • Eig14•4,4 g,1111.1 ~,,,og
i,lllllllllOl n1 1 11.4/10 1111., .I , llolllg 11,1111' a
11/It. to hollers
The .erairti .. It tester! o'lll, . 414, at .me Mol
-1 Droixarlerfell "Alb taxer” A rre.....1 • I b.. d , 1 , .' l 'k W r.'", I bl"- , , ll ' P . ? I l ab `nu.. arid .
Illy Flood.. d will. wirt.rloo a p..... 1 '' '' r '''' . .; . " 1.‘....e.. ''''
../. • Tile 1,1,,,,0r, s rho, .......flon tor a
l ' urrrnry.
attn... ~ .1.- . • lo t,.. mt.., 0 ' 1..,11\' fromille ran,
A Irian mound Ma 11... 3,111.0111. 1.. a ~... a - ~,A ~, 1 „.„,,,, ~,,,„.,,,,,,,,,, I}„.
! ~asted si Clio" of l'. do, Daum'. • 0, ', fluid") -him ri to sat . 10..../1111. Ileeennlll, an a pee1;111-
lalternolai, for patoang ~orlon Imytml .r+ soy trent rgal:tones, .T Inn nt/lying 11. all
,Al fUr dor...WM. •., tnen.rn , r r m.!
ii (011 fb... 1 , .... , ... n.,,,,, 1 h '''' 1....-l. . ' 1 " .. r or., of 1111, to for allloyial metals rar-mg pretty trerla 111 14.. etty ,Int in, , 11l e ,
...„.,, „, ~,, „,„„. „,„„
p„, „ ,L....,
.in3 • DDil ' - 'l •e•aDll a .1 I II"' tirlir‘e , . led ' II" -are, than ,• , other duclee of I hi. tint lire
met ti, male, al, co e . tirolion wt. I, i. led ro •,.;, ~,, ~,„,,,,,,
~,,, ~,,e n, ,, , m.,
"..• ~.... . 4 k hl q . ' r“ .. ' •''.‘'l '''.""..•l 4,01111.1 ar , 1.11,11.. 1111, f ti 44 -.., at, il 1.1 ' 1 ' .1.11el
• all 1 1 11 n l l .' " II " . .. l ' lll ' ll ' llll Ill " II ' l " llIl "I ' tal ta, en 11,1 !la,. (ad. ' s: titter,'
I ILIC OM !WI .11 MAlll‘l.l 0.11•1 I+otl •lreol. 1. , 11, , „.,.„,.,„,,,.,,,,,,, „,....,, 5r,, ,, , ,
a,tttt oot .Iw, ,et)-tit's -lIVI I . ollln, and -livreil :lit vi. „..„„, ~„,,,.., ~,,. ~,, ~,.,,..
..piti i ~,, - ...e,; . 111)..Ili c .eof I.ote• ul pis iti• , L 1 ,„, „. „,,..,, , , L.... ,.., ~
111 ma, 0.. , of alens -he 1,1,1 ~ , ,,ell 1 , -, a r h„ „,, L,„ , ,
~, ,
.„,, „.
~„ „Nil
.1111..• 114.11111 n-, MA IlyglA. 11'...a. • - \ll., n 1.1111. ft ~..„„„. ~,,,,:.
!,, . x ...„.,..
„t ......„.. 1...
Iti.t. 410 1. it Pl. .1010 1411, II:1lb .1 •.11.• .1, , ,
„,,,,,,, ~,,,,,,,,. ~,,,„ ;;„ ,„,1 , „,„,„,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,
' Ito bull) tout' told' .': '" ~" 1 " Ibe ," ..u ", " •"-• r. , at a teutmrat are belns, r.,,,,,, rolitelt
for ,
,4 4,1 • 11, ...d 10 1, I , • li.rg•• • •! T•' l. Ir.' •••• • 4 " .. otr'rrervr. do u,..rarlerees „„.retie,,, and ix. therefor,
fltrisen he returned ft ilrNek 41;445,..1,11 that tin ~,,,, „ . ,„ 1 ,,,,1 ,„ „„,,, ~,,, ut„„
„f b.„, ,.. ,,
, hangs ,-,..1...t...1 ~r tau toff. , Anil 1 . .0.p.. ,•,,, , „ ~,,,,,,
„,,..,, ,
I t o, l2l , juart.nt, .poling Ina Nam . 1.0. im1a1.,.,..m.
p,,. . ,... , 1 , , ,
~ ~
~....,..,. .: I " ,.. '" , •tu'" t u o l . t. , • ra ,
vidence. the 1 hilt i,l "nee •I“. 14•11 to 11. , ~,,,
~,•,,,,,, ~,,,,
0 . 1, 10.1 , 0,
.. , 1,111 1 , e
an '
-bod sr 1011. ~....., •','" ..., ' I. ' o ,ln - 1111..111 .1 ftlel 1:11... 1 , I.J. 1,1j,-,,, xx , )
no 1114 ivl . ..1n ., •, ~,,. - ''.• '", ~,g..1 ot tra. a ae, 111 tlle n(11.141 holler.,
it tote trit ouer . ....Lob, I he a' i e.., ' be torsi cans. . a plitoted mole, .ection twa
or 6011, pu.A.I ht. 11./.1 in 11,, el krt nllOl . ll- ~...,
~...„‘ ,1,... a I,mt,
...,..r.,1 i P. throe . -p” , . , •- ~,,A., ~ . ....f ,t,..,,,,, ;,,,,,,, 1.,. ~,,, . ‘1,..
retoml. h , •t thy "1. , ..• t..“ .”" ' h '"• ...1,-, I ...111.11 rt ..iler • t l/. a bleb rhe hear 1. a •
...„1 .art 11 fro,. Lim. 111.- P ti • . 5 . . .....
p11•'•1 4, 1 1... oulni.l. ~I Mc .1,11. mud ix 01 r ' e
....oat,: huff,. th.• I '1.)1•••1 , tat it- I ~...,,,,..
.... „ „
~. ~., ),.,.:
' li/..' tuorumg fo, .. lo ut leg, n 1.1. 1. , .11
.. L.
~,r , ‘,
L,, y .
. I
. 11
.1011 , 11,4 T 11 1 ,111 111 1 11, • moms west of rl, ~,„ L„,..... ~,,„ ~,,,,
~ ',...,,1 1. , " ~ ~ , : , : i '‘' .ii. !
pri.tioirr 101 trt., • • ,roi, . r
litrkputi o•k it 00l otlerolei 111 lot tr,
tr,,t .1..1.11.11 rirth tit 1, Willi 11 aa.
notortot, g,/oo:
rote Mel at m, Mat. ifol-b, Stel•hon 10. and
who!, of hint tlk, allh ahin. , Lenter,:
, oto a partitelahlp to oltrulat., the-
nonavy they uoutolut•tutr-1 Ahoot .•Ightern
111011 till. since he a arre.tod try Map.-
torpaaslnt, postal hull .lollto •
a Lt. II at that Iltora ere to freq. tit, %dation ,
n., ...tat to tVaaltisagton ov a loot•vrtloieht
tort is . 111 woo, moan- .1 •.t her he eat - upv. utol •tove !hal till., .4i,,
Hague ha , l 1. , •It, ~‘ r. I, a
I! IN PrO4l , ie 1 2 / 1 0. Olt , AIM! OM.
eitnutuled ow hatiirtiti) op to, nowount
rho hozoirawl 'rho Itn:i $1 itlfl I • 1,11 In
/AA( 111111 V lothlr to •lort.i, to.
who do not oxmotto- alle change 1,, , 3
WOO/ nary poorly a nnculeO ae togw,.i• pat,
It is of n gr , •“, wpponiwora, an.!
tony , re r/wwtly dat Cr I 1111. 41.1,!n.
APIPIdOIOI to 111 Child—War nistkr to Pro
.%. child ol Mr Hobart I% ra), oil inervisaat
utatlt Lao yea ra o: age, mei a ark 4111 AI VW.,
on Salttrilay afivra.a.ti, a liicls intwitt I.nk I f..
•Lilt raid/11) low rtkAtrck,ar u,nr
CI [l* 1,1”111. aown anti Iva. 11,/ I.
OppOltile tile .1 I+ tll I ray. tint
•lnut above I new,. Lhn chilri a Liu 1111. ,
tsy ttin cur isSiont mlarl4+l to walk art
tio istrwet, is, hap. a ill the
t/11,1Ing it. Ow eat'. t , ul four feel It
the :rack a, lre. 1:1•• .Irlt'er could tt.w
•top the oat on the down grade In time to to,
en% nue Of the wheel• front pamklng ,over the
chtl,l The driver s lien he .as the uo-eoleuut
tainted hal he had pray ttttt sly stopped the
car, and the child was dragged from under It,
and taken Into the buns., to, Innately no
11...nes wore broken, although the fle,, 1111
leg er eonsiderably lacono ed, the a heel ha,
tog prueed diagentalty sero.s the Ilcntu through
the fleshy part. Dr. t. I. Si,', out, the 0,1.1.
clan 11, attendant ,•Int everything in roe pots
r to relieve th.• tu , otifeter, and It I• n
o ww ollag well. This scoblent should VG' a•uu c,
w•rnlng to cut. OF 'hit.' V11i1.11,11
onder Owlet's-a pal
re. lly the near culpable nog!,
sense. of the parl, ha, hug tit!. eh ILl eharg".
II has h 14
nod will, Nei Imt, oljney. sivl ;um fo,
•pecial oroeldenrs, pet Intie. it nu is hl ha, e
with a fen,l,ll death
Body of a Drown.' neg. U.11.4 . 1).'.real
The dead body of it man wan IDUlltl Iln.btag
on the eurfttee of the water, on Sat urday oder
-110011 xtwnt five O'r lock, close by the wheel of
the steamer I,rmlnville, lying Ireton the St.
( • la/r etrcel erbige, at the wharf of the Alll,-
00111 , river Coroner newer.l was nottned of
the tilt and contemned a Punt of 11140.1.,
when the following furl], were nerertaboel
The Teeeneed mote a rleerman, and pronoun Ut
his klinith wfu engager] &deck hand on the
'Telmer PPtrolla. The mute of that moron
...letitifled him, giving Ids name In. Jutorenn
llorlea ellease.] name tu dent!) on
Trolay, March Ile lord been ton lire on
that evening, the burning of the Weetto n
firming Min, tut Martinry tartlet, awl returned
to the pout In an alutuxzented vevottlillun, lay
down On thn dark, and II Is etipposed rolled
off Into (lie water Ito wee lortio•rly
from ljuliatia county, Let lind resided In thin
city quite n euinber ofvrare, having at Otte
time been employed on the Penneelonnis Ca
nal He woe ct married nton, and about Ili irt y
eight yearn Of aye. The wherenbeete of We
fnentin being unknown, the nod) Iva. der-roily
inferred at the ,aunty expenice
Dead ilonlykoran Inllin4 Found. - , ittir
aay niornlng, addle noun, tittle boys wet. , play.
og - In en old burying , ' ground above Penney!.
ramie avenue,Seventh ward, they discovered
the remaine( a maly n infant, whirl, bail berm
burled ie n raisin Dais. It 1. 4.pponed that
the body hail bean interred on Friday night,
but it had evidently. been dead for M.M.lln time,
iso it was lunch denomposoil. The body wee
',Tappe been wbOoll onelh, and appeared
to haVekept for tittle In a collar or
other damp piano Cornier Clawaon hail street,
r ttttt °rod to Devotees, on Ulan! street,
where It nas ernmined by Dr. U. 1.. McCook
The phynie Inn .tetrad that the Mehl wan horn
alive, but ow leg to the ativalieed stage Of de.
eomeoaillon war 111111iWO todeterminr whether
tenth re.eilted riot Violent, et it el mai
A Rampant INowdy.- Ito Sal today night
the Filth ward wax the went , of the maul :PIM
mon rowdylem. bridal oharaetor named
Janie. Winn wax lording It on the pave, WI.-
ruling With everybody he cattle Penn.. During
his rn Ihe threw a brink at an unotrendlng
Garman, which 'truck Idol an the bead, in
hinting a movers, wound. Ile was limply rap
tured and taken to them aths, where he will
remain Mil to-day, us several InfOrmatlons err
it coding agaltud
Prowned..—An the ~elanboat was
endeavoring I.' street ding Si the l'ltts
hurgh wharf last night, n desk hand named
James Ward toll overtstard, and although
strunuOlis efforts wore 11111.110 to rtlBl.llo Ulm, lie
was drirwned. Ward was standing on the
guards when the hum ...Aidedslightly with
anothur boat., and the Jar ett.Ml hint to 10101
halite, Ho Man (*rt. -livens !Inv )ear• of ag,
snd It supposed that Ills relatives resided In
Butler enmity.
Attempted Reseue—Ambrose Whalen tr.
held to ball yesterday on an Information pre
ferred by John Coyle, with
of South Pitts.
burgh, °barging him with attempting the res.
oue of a prisoner named Pat Lally.
Important to Sleombon'men- AJIII.
Ilona! I.egielollon tor the Safety of
eat hiek Ink v
and •,a , •ti.
I,:i 1•0 it iliere 1.• de.
, lin tin, tallier, the
ismer i•sititg •.• 101.1,,/ front the .urine..
loch t lit tii 5. I.i :with., It. (staling in-
I. not It anion :11,4
!rill., plate.oil We
hale the ••• Wen, Ulm
111 the uul the... , t the coil iif that olana i.f
11,4,11 lin tit eistet the., 4104, not
a Oaf re.pari.llng Of miength.anili
all thelt 101 l
these u ate.. nets. inaite hailthirli nos.
exceeding that crib. .cotton. 10
tlmlthug the lbw tiee+ Of tron be etnitioyed,
the eAtithlt+lted its otigve,o In the act of
t. uow lee +l,angtl,llo pottotln preatoire
•tn Ittelt holler made td ,112tb.. tme-tourt h
of an 0101 l In thlekne:—. be allowed,
00101 that or.mortiott tm to three-tenth, 01
an Molt 111 thlekneas, but II a higher 'treasure
.110010 lie tie.lrmi, the boiler , tuald have to be
made a 111110 •111/4110t diameter. +0 that In ,vase trdi the tenalle el min to Which the
110t1 of the boiler h. subjected by the working
pres.tire albm exceed that now allowed by
The .p., Med in in tut 9111 spare to be left he
t • en the nue le to provide Lae ileceoonry
oots for water and for cleaning the bollers,
and will etfeet non „ ent the haildlo g o r
lamlers for oar on the water.,, named,
the employment of loch has already re
resulted melt feat - int calatnit,
The pros t.lon that steamers hereafter la 11l
have the water connection lad amen the
.llv hbol, to pre, eto. the o orr, (tom
Tann tug from the uppei to the lower Milers
/if the tan
when the vorl i. careened
from any eau. , hatever, winch would c. 0. ",
,leth moo of • met In the nailer boner,
•attain. p„ pr I.lono fin he preven
t cm of flee, it Inch experience Ims.itown to e
at, d kto lit ohdol out;. and When stoorn
rategtured ln oi ide life -oat tag
u• tor putorrrer., front ta1.111,: paw.enauf
lute geo In Lou t• t 101 hundred, of
••• MI., and etitltit on cm hoard. on howl 'no thorn
all thedatmer, I •ii• n 111 l Ilia.
titt. withal( making ...liable ',Tor talon loi
thor, 'slot::i l ittit• Or accident
Ma, I to Include freight boat 1,, Ihe ,atae
cateoot •II li tug, terry eel canal !Loot, no
provided in the eel line
To pi TN VII 1,11 r pi .011 111 the t' hire
111,pectoi •of titeatithoute, 01 Ina, the 11.. r.
torimmee of their duller.
Ore o lion all l.lle ea
ter/. ot the i, nitwit States shell be sithjee Ito
the navigation it,., provided by act, I.l' t on.
gt ens and that *tempters shall lie further nut,
hog to the room foritasnlng eiMiblialied pur
suant to law try the hoard of superrtirig lli•
top.13(101,1 It Is unit/tittered necessary and prop
et !flat all venstelo otiall to• made to conform to
general regulatlnn• eitturdinheil for t lir satiety
of nay igation on all waters used as noturimil
highways of commerce
sin 10 Frov Ides ilinengegin a apparat its for
life-boats, so that they may be cleared from
the teasel with great... facility after being
I - mortal Otto the water, to prevent then henna
dashed to piece. again. !lie cooel Or ,wanir,
oil alongside
nor 11. To proltde monaldialits for certain
marine, 01 steamers, better whipted to rivers
and other waters titan any plan of boa
lights oppitealile rigged lot earn
ing sail, as the euarse oi a rapidly ain't - snail,
log stratum may tie more readily and curtaittly
Mitertulned thereby Before the paaatngeof
the net of Apt II the plan at bow-lights
provided In the am Witt. 11,10t1 oat nes-going
simmer. e y, am! wan lit fact the only
plan aullahir far rentals tarred tor carrying
which wan the reason ha- Ito being no ar
ranged, Inn for river navigation It In entirely
n nutted, en F1( . 17011lIt ..f l he con t n natty ehgog.
Ing counies mid position. assomeil In follow
erimked e11f1.111.14, not being Inilleated with
nufllelent accuracy for the purpose of close
not mutton. For thirty year. at Maid prior to
the passage of the net of Aftull 2.4, 1834, the opo,
termof signal,. propotind in thin bill luta been
timploycal In .lillll. of Mir Inland water, and
tee 141L111,41 111/Li an enfOreettnent of tits
prenittit Ili our riven+ and other Inland
eaters will work the mutohtef, tante,'
rotiderlng the nut tgailott more watt as con
templated. tin Important. 11l Ulla matter to the
safety of Our Interunl 111,/g61.1011 that oWttero
of Coolant - . cannot be imineed to conform to
the. ',resent rodulrettienn. of law, but prefer to
pia3 any penalty that
no unposed rather
than hazard mvfety or t 1101 r vnwiehl.
cis in nod 13 relate In the compen oor i m , or
'not tor,.
The ire*. Hugh Mel:tram. —The rental.
et toe latV numb Mrtiraw were followed to
their twat renting place In St. Iltary'a (Catholic)
Cemetery by a large number of relatives anti
Irtents of the •Inceruted, the funeral cortege
reaching Iron, Market to bran!. aloud Sixth
etrout. The religious rites peculiar to the
Church were performed In St. Paul's Calla,
Aral by Mahon Dominec In permon, who, In
uNuston availed himself of the oce.lon tm
deliver a altort hut Imprematve toldrena, Metal
eating upon him hearer. the beautlem of holl
ow., the benollt of Irving It truly religious Ilfe
here, and their great anti sure rewartle heel ,
Disorderly UOTlltr.—nenjamin Timmon,
his wire, and Sarah Innis, were on Saturday
arrested (or keeping a thsorilerly house on
Bind' street, In the Eighth ward, and commit
ted by Mayor McCarthy to anstrer at court.
The information was made by handled Mason,
who lives in the neighborhood. The house
where these partles earrlel on their orgies
has been an intolerable nuisance to the whole
uelghbottood, and they have taken this moans
to lid it of Its shameless oecupants.
91., Diclichskon•N 11..einre
NINA Anna F. . Dickinson will dcl,
tare to Clty Hall. lids i Monday ,
on , let tlo•t he 1 OM, \l en• t Met.
ton and Hot hana,'
In.ttlitte The tide rif Mita: Diet, Itatont4 !,,.
tore 'a II! no -1., , ItfTereat !tofu that tin
nottnetal In t 011 he still ertntennatt. We uthlor
-land that the gable, will • - 111 r
tVre .tro• not ailt 1••••,/ 11.4 (A. •% ii•O•1• part IC
LI y, refurettet. in 1,1 t , , made. hitt e has e
tinrnetith.pti:lort. nail .• liar. no onn i to toil to
Atlas Itlclitanah . . loit,•!. It a he I I ttte , l
This trill he the ['unsung 11.^11,.. of tho
which In the A... Mat lon has been nn - ot t pea.-
perlalt , ono.. Nit prey ton,. •Lattittot tee hits 114,
ra t oa a d li t Wo r k 1,1 ter than the n wilo•te
lalnirt. are twv. awsing a close ile
thing aWI ar . rangeil Rant toltntrably, in
tatelt n'at' as to la• on, \ Intl antagi
the politic, tottonlan at 1,4,11.1111 T tlellellt
A.l,ol'o{lloll Ti.. - I.4a•lure ,• nnlllll, tee ant
in our iiihninn. en t 1(1,1 In the Thank.
of both. •
Mitt' I.i.Ccu 1-1 , 1 II 1 , / 111.
11,.! .it i 4,
County Iliosporlntentlency
l rso.ns. 1.1.,..utt• eolnunume
In he %tulle, lilt] agitated at prenent von.
Meting of:011nm. en 1., the 45, , 101v , nperintru•
deney of nub., ..eiloolv Maui' Well irstortnn.l
cltleet, of the , oull iv aee r.;vigls oirfae....l to
the Ye- 0 1141101i of th.. nolnent.
enlist. of the proof.. , Ineh they think he lin.
given of local nn, and Went io "di lal Mir
noes. While other, profess not have Af , ll
these proofs.
Non' such Is the nature of 11131 onl, o. Thal
the Incumbent should meet is Ith the cencio ,
approval of the f :len Is of te h
lneatton Irough
out the county. The cause ,f th e
schools requires that their pi esblinc "in,
should have the , enllffent , of , 14,th a , 1,.
fairness and literary ability. [fence, woolit if
not be well for the Directs.. the isiming
election, to have that considerate regrd ro
the public a
wants here hinted al. cool lay all
partisan feelings tralde, eseu of the nomel 4 , 1
tilt' Community. html. a Coarse w oniti 01 1 ellll.
nently proper, so. It would free the ea: vas•
from personal anlmositlea, and mire bore
unite the people upon a standard bearer, C ., .11•
.'erring ing who there are no divisions. A on
tlnuance of had feeling for three more 3,
is not desirable, and the Inrectorc eau rest, ,
peace, good will and eontirtice, by electing
eandidute who.,: untrue its V, not bet
publicly obleettnuahle to anent the friends it!
eduent lon In the county
A F - 1111,11...c PK ki•V n..n
11 1,1" ILI . 1 11 - •1 1 1 • 1111111.11/111101 141111 annolln
et well meritent reeeptnint on -nit 1111.1 n) M4lll.
nt the "pm. /11/11/40 'rine ontinngement in
making up the Inn/ MI ' , tau ony moil}, e
think. ilial not Intend That the conclindon
.hould he npiree, yet -11011 .1 w The •ntin
iproonn- w,
• lint w, ,IninnietuilV
"rut - amt no Imperfectly p,nenl nvet 11./1 11 1
flake it a .11.grAc1• to the entittnipnlmnent
play Is one at thong. perullerinnens that renittlre
working tip, wfll, appropriateneenery unit
own] nituninetrp.r nool when these ure wanting
even vt hong 111 1110111 It 1.. W 21111.1111, MI
aPPeur" to-night n nth
Miss Eberle "Lady Mnehoth " Ito Wenl,lol-•
day eventing Mr Little, formerly of the l'lt
burgh iThentrr, renew, elimplonte ntar)
benefit aL TM. inlace Nlllll Mt ln
Inilinu a %mi
litate., Mr Litt e l,ut "any !mend, and ne
benipeak fon hen n ennui house. - hone 1.e.,'
11111 .111101.111C, 1 11 tla 10..11..g
i • li 1 ^II, 1111,1'1, - To-lt kghl
A 111111 , .. nnp,tr. u hp. unapprrntelmbl, t - Itrirnr•
ter of Rover, In - IVIILI h/utti.•• Wenia)
.1111 :1 lure. -
holw In Ittet tlnrlng tits enyniteint,l•r%
avallattle vont lin. !won tnken nip ••,
u - 111 1-e the ~ 1 11. 1 11.1111 g (liver
Victimized Iry .2 Confidence Man -lo•
flenford, it farmer re.bling near W ilk lost•org,
w:to lately .o mill,',) tail of Iwentyt o dollars
by n sharper who, n hilt• lollog In the a In
itenforol , . wagon, informed 11l to that he wool•I
like to make some purvltanen in the nilllut ..n.l
of town, Icorer) hot hail nothing eheek tor
.eventy•fuor dollar , , al in, Ltbret, tollire
Tht• lartner took the eneek n
uvetity, and
gave the .harper all the money lie had t wen.
ty-t wo dollars.) Mt roiling nt the Enitre,,dttlre
he found that the eherk w•M'. utterly worth),...
The fellow gave Ida name mll)ddle, MI
Renford mat aa tt eI ll all lino Diddle
DI f :r 4k,eor "Imre. —A b. .LI
ago, ti.young .n„ of George Mel noG of Madl•
san Glaeson enunt), aged six year,
left 111. Ikolll,, In enpany With Is,, 4 , 1 het
lots W
To:IF .1. , evenin nl g the lan little feline •
returne.l x Ithout 11r Ale Cool•• , ene and when
Interrogated ,:...Oral 1; to. , a• In I 111 , 111 is..lllg
01110, OW, finally replied that he Ila , l
511 11.• a, In the'Arlon 1,, el and au,
do ne ned Tn.• parent. and nt
ruaol, alingen, +ea.-10ml xll I,r din vat,,.
Th.. r ontraitall Notw log
I hat a brilliant moon .hone I tion .
Ike laint night, the-AltaoPlony guar lamp.) were
all lit up. iii lark °when the moon
ha, pone oul tee 'm00t.... the ti
Man cannot .. / 1 / it/ tint! LIM lamp, Ilene.. man) ;
of them remain Itiliigllll,l 14
NitintiOillinl. tat'
otirpin , of trig the tlilr4 r lot4 12 , / , - IV II ll+
11911/illy - i1t,44 / /12/ ti/./111.
flelteloon 31 Istehlef.- A tenlalt. named At, - ells war. ,tiny on salartlay Ilar
.4 Mgt littratt, and lornaght tutfni - t• rano.,
Mayor Ale( on n clkA:gt• tnallt•ltat.
ut - , 111,-1 Mar, :1111,4t, that \u„ "tine tato
st .Inotra ,t 1 apt, and I , lt•lat.
th/an, and liar,. till ow the ' , lancet)! tht.rn v
Into n tut.. :tht• wnn held In 1,11 to 11,1-
•trer for her atnitoettl..ol.
rowilponernewit.-4 lig re an noriapee, a ,:
•Islay in completing the .11agritio of the aew
rieibleins ol Mllsig• the rule 1.1 reason Lictets
lot the coming opera w ill riot VOLLIMPtiec until
utornizr Thor,. Intending to secure
Lleketri should bear th tri In mind, thereby sac.
mg trouble to thornier Vet. owl Metors Mellor
and Etcher, w hieie rim t n•gets ars
Wool Grower.' Metreilogi at Pilleasben
meet lii of the Cool growers of
Weetern Penn syhianla, Kiettern Uhl° unit
Wert Virginia. will be held at Steubenville, on
Wednesday, the _sth I an. itemizes- of tut nor
tante will lie brought before the meeting ,
Ererllng n i 04.10111 130111dIssi..—MartIn
uchnoblo was arn•.eted and taken before Mayor
McCarthy charged with a violation at city or
dinance In erecting a woolen building onl'ay
lor street, Ninth ward. A hearing was had nn
Saturday, and Schnoble admitted In ball.
A Brute.—Sarah Lewis, out, of the female,
charged with keeping a disorderly hon.., dur
ing the bearing in that ease, made oath that
a man named Philip Delis had struck her on
thot bead with a luatled a hip, almost potting
her eye out. Oche gave IMO to att.w on
Arieftlert*.—Robert tileCrwaity,
I IC , Ixth ward, had both feet ronsitlerithlt in.
latch], at thia outer depot of the I . ollllsy II an la
italic/awl on Fi toy a car wheel
ove 1 humwhihh he wits In the act iil cottpling
Notary Public. -WiliuLut Janev, , • ` , I •
Law ranesvllle, has received the :Lppoint meta
at notary ttubllr
To J / I.lvrt r, Esti - Dror St. Regret ling
11.1,11 that 1 - 011 ilgtVe PataolVed \OM V 411111,••••
1011 with t Sr Put 'burgh Theatre. nod arc
shoot to leave cuir ray, where for the hint
eight months the public bare wit nes.wal con ,
true and powerful delineations of the maw
a rtluCtus characters aneigned to you, w. con
sitior II but a Illght compliment to our
private worth anti to your profew4lonal Lai
ity, to tend, you a totien of our eat -em and
You have alwats, wllion out acquatntance
a tin you, endeavored to render the stage
what it nitoold ever he—an adjunct In morali
ty Wild refinement, find a school witondit 41.'14
represented an telloon, and virtue the truest
happtoest. You have never pandered to low
end vulgar tante.. hot, on the contrary. hear
t,er endeavored to exhibit the parte, stand
ard of hint cotton. aid of ettllghtenekl et de
ehon outtnending volt for what you hove
entleavormi to do, anti tot what we feel lire
Your ambition leads you to, WOresp cell Lilly
tender to jott a parting benefit, ut sui.kl u time
anti place as may be agreeable to you.
We are, dear air, sincerely your (dentin,
Y. C. Bhannon, Char, 8.1111/, A C. Slleen...
N. liellarren, Th... Clark, W. H. Alechling,
H. %Yeller, W Al. Wllll%, Al. Elsner,
.1 H. Lurk, D. AI. Bonn, Wm. Alnr.ntler,
J DleLron, .1. T Kirm. Ur. H. C. Chrletr,
.1 Bowman, J. Hannuch,
end many ether..
Ilectri. Ird/1.1.1r,A !Own non, Met-Nino, (An
tinsvtamits —Vont kind favor ol yesterday
:Ills me with gratitude, 'mingled with a
deep shade of sorrow—sorrow that I :1111
obliged to part with those generous friend.
Pittehurglt who hit Vl' rendered my soiolum
nere an pleasant and solacing. I cannot re
It accepting your fraternal compll-
Went. I shall he pleased to Meet you and till
my frlemis at the Opera House on Wednesday
evening, April Vith, 11017011 g Shakespeare's sulk
lime piny of King Lour es the entertainment
In which piece Mr. Charles Dillon, the Justly
distinguished Ertglitili tragedian, has genor.
nasty volunteered his great 5Cry1.213,4.
I nm, gentlemen, With great rewind, your,
truly, Jou!, Z. I.dr.m.x.
Phonies W. Perry dt Co.,
Practical Slate Roofers. and Dealers in Alfieri
can Slate of various color.. Office at Alexan
der Laughlin's near the Water Works Pitts.
burgh, Pa. Raddenee, No. 78 Pike street. Or
ders promptly attended to. All work warrant
ed water proof. Repairing done at the short
est nouee. No charge fermi:sun, provided the
Idol Is not almaed alto- it Limit on.
We Wave Deed
Dr.Dugerta Dry Ulnae of Ittagaeg. xna Ana
it the Pat mwe.
rrmnu icon, April ni, 1,1;t
rt.• rau ion leforwArdesl w bleb grill recch . stss
scribers the scut; run .
1 . E.R111 ,
CLUB , Of;
Fir.• Horning,- Al,ollt two
.1 k 11$• IL,' Mug n ! , roko• .$,/1
1..0 - i
• - end .10
111111 1 , 1,.1.1mg. 'iwn
:,•• • roe , the ertglues
arr!, It ..1 or. pro‘entett from
..ti It, .41 ri
sir %It Tritovl I ‘DEIC
ck nips
Great Sheila Sales,
Lasting, Heel Gaiters for $1
Ist).% %111
E. R Fir I,
Go at otier to th. , Peoples Prz4ac4
IV:t (CS
N 0. ti() cut
OPERA HOUSE blioF. ;.31'0EE
Ime - v
1.: k
FIFTH ST. 11.401 h
1.• kIS
1 N. NI
• r'
1 , %,
I 1% I I F
r lkk'~• 11 .I• ~tl r.i• i
I !
J t II • • ty • Lt•••t •
!It ili I i.,4; sad
1101111,.. iIIIF .; I I, • TIIF LATEST
-.111 F•
as - [auo•a fnll In Ise. Moan
L 0.4 ELS o rx
Oul3 to he foakkol at tilt. Ace Ls'
ULGAI~ 151 i.•C'y lZi jr.',
-1I I'itll Sleet,
OloPo'ite E:1; ; bran t.
eami 4to k;ib ev. .A . .016 '.2d, LA
ut tut i.s . s E at
Heidi, Hand st. Bridge, Pittsburgh
AAA, ,lent.l, I hi, ••• ts •
• I.• • ?mildlug lei • ••of ilgt,tniny
how., !... A
PA.! rod rful .ndoLllon .11rolnIshes 01,
"" - " r "" nJ them
/ • ,1
pl . It •
to, 1:•• 111 41, from Noy
It 1... tr it, I from a glee,.
• .o tr.utulthrtl int.° si•
.11,214,” as,
444.1 t•. sh. .•
\\r ,3/1 n Tt,l, Monson t- Copper
Futolar I.l,l.tnitte Itod. etltlt 'tor, Ftnnge, This
t.ot ha. reertiett th. Flret Pr.:moan tt the elate
air`of Neu 1011. 1 . . no, It 4 11:3Int0a, llLltiols,
Ilullatl a, 1 , 111„ and 1 oeol,lll. 011.1 at battottel
Fate. Nt.trelatt•l I ntt
tot Inltittlte of
Nutt Ytok. Merll.lolt, I ottltot. tt t tut:lt:nett, end
at cry 111001 COOOl, 1.t.1 '..-1 in Sec
1101110 f tto ..011111: 11 , 01011 , 1 i • 010051101 In every
eeet..l aid haft to. ulu,o.n , y by tee moat
lutelti,eul prop:, v. lwr
II t. wrll
‘6ll-i0..1 lnet that .ppe,
kr ..... . ,ght t how- the • - ••nductlng power of Iron,
nil all Mat <•n11 the I4r
Mun , ..h.•. rod. p......,Et0g •
• Ith ha![
:hues gnat., Ihnol rh. Ir..n 1..1. It ',i11., a that It la
...o,xi [wet., hl their condi
oll I•N•t •• - 011 . lu..s Its Ushful.
while o I.:t rt. t ‘nd reULlns
oower..uf coo . u., tool 110 1t , ,01z 4plrel shape
1 g rod rt. k tho , birth .t the
oxite.,l p .eolde oo ant 3.k,• , I operlor to •
ropioo rod thn. an,tiva 51...4,11Le.r0C100. The
atiAlltll, vf • otznao log tto 4 o.t i hat perfect
• -, 00 leo It o [ono. l tr.•in to no-other, [ad
in:. rod v, retoao.n • 5.. r. ,rahost the
141,,11ie • . "Idll.l‘ en-
r I.oltlo,
:. hadorse-
trot°, It. tr.
Front Or X II It . •
S. 1.u., •t. !,t o In .Itylo,
•Ilat 3lunsto. nom !to punt!,
P,•,1 Prot ix. I or, ;/rulaptst.-
do pot [malt., I. , couttnen.l rod to e.
oho iv., I • tt, Is by
Front flt.
• :Ito.
1 .- • nt t lieftyr.
J. 11.1 Allyn itnt m•de
too ',on. toot 05.., !tot tooolto • - f protectlon
t tor :1 o flnli ,tr. into genera.
Me Malr of
rvg^rd Ire. vapert., recontosond
It I" the public.
H,/.r ht.l, . A Fl , . Whew
the nollthng pr , terte4 Or Copper Light.
ulna hod. Wee per re pt •• t,e deduct., nom the
Premluto note No recht - 1$ A. (Jr Ir., mdt. ' •
Prosn Esp.. Pr:omit. ht.tftan,t
poi" , * - 41 ,, c1", ruletots COlapafir
eta• ft /4,11 pe , eintunA .11 1,31.1U1DE, p. , 9l4Ciael 11
the Munlott Itt,t. I •," r..,;jt3 l, 11,3 f
1111 laurtly nate 11101.0 $ $ •oti. is my rtn-
1 ey
.I'. ~t '.(<. 11'rr
Prs.n the Nag fort rmatioi - .. l err navel, 11,-
avnttt elstap, and ie., - s. ciaclent
t,t/. la
eonsteneted upon u th toosiapp, •ved selentifie Brin
es •od . •
ou, • hare one upon it ,•
Siordire., o,
Mt Boned Educe:L . lon. •
• , Ituttig cm" in
he part. de•tructron
tin high aehoel ha lightning, that the leou
rod ettaCOCLL lliarcou nit 1...L011...1c/It, our Board
dlrtolod that Ifitt,aat • tloppt, Hid be I et up
Fort!, Ma
Wldrea. o,llr, •nt.pslorl ith Iron or Copper
Hotta at lowa, ale.. Liu, Copper Bode are yen'
poppme simm, tho
peddlers tout and
then. e o o , eoletitiy careltal and easily put tip. vat
Iron nods her of the most approeed IMO
orders for the seectl.oi of rode on buildluas in this
Monti) toot tot through the mar. or left at our
Way. , 41 door Ilmtd Street ISrld,re,
spll.6idtoihtllwc PI/ TS PA.
at ElectiOu for blrnrtoru of ti.el
Rill tm1.,.4 at ,i„. ugh, of tP. r .Laiyauv. ue MO”. •
DAY, MAN :IL tte.rwre.n iP. Pots,. of tin, aud four
''luck P. a 111 order
and Moat picttlroaque pLote 0/ :/ , s/Ltili.lre, .11.•
nal/. on Inn upland, ImMe/Illiely I'm:// Atinsbeny
Clay. on the Inw firlAbion Road.
to wanati filarial Lola will apply al
ant's nffier, at 'no Cemetery. Title Land: Penait.
A all other busiona will ana tanalrd to 11 the Urn
g arelfonte of the und'amagned corn, ni Fethfiu
nod Low.* streets, Alleitacify
Secretary and Trenont,
;1 1. - t ;!; Ceder4l::ll4. ase=lhizeietklza.rrrlaveevo.r
2 elu
it 3
w 1