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Netball. hereby elven Ltet hereafter all max
szarr ltdVerthainemtt rteelved tittle omee mutt be
paid rot eelbea . bmided In, except to the case of
yairly molverraters, whoee bale wall be rendered
easeteSll. u awl. Advertisers will please make a
note Of all. Ikl the rule of cash D►Tmente for ml
saMmisemite of the ammeter stated, will he• Mo.
lbly enforced
not prla or our Morning not *yelling edlttobete
Tarixaurra at the counter or from newel/ore.
Barrio 01 canter, at frrrma. - CIINTS per week.
Wz Lucile special attention to the card of
. "o:srE OF TIM PEOPLE," for a preliminary
meeting to concert meastuve for a demon
stestion to support of Ina loyal majority in
This eratorial effort has two claims for
special consideration—the character and
position of the evoker, and the magnitude
and gravity of the matter discussed.
Mr. Brwattp has been In public life for
the long period of thirty years : Ile has
not retained his hold upon the pops isr con
.fidartoe through accidental .or factitthwi
causes Possessing rare natural endow
ments, graced with more than ordinary
cultivation, having enough of philosophi
cal analysis to be the most apt political
teacher of his generation, and enjoying the
advantages of am:Lave, Insinuating address,
he has achieved distinction by achnowl
edged superiority.
One of the most conspicions characters of
his oonntry and age, he stood before a vast
concourse of his fellow citizens in the com
mercial metropolis of the Union, and used
the influence of his great name, the subtle
des of ingenious intellect, and the persuas
ions of accomplished sophistry, to Induce
be people to side with the President
against their representatives. Asa whole
the speech was) below the average ,f his
performances, and in particular passages is
sadly blemished.
After some introduelory reworks, Mr.
Sswattb made this etatenient of the ease in
"The ['.resident, a% we all aect, is a man of
decided eonvietkon. 'rho legialative lead
ere ore trying not to coincide with him In
opinion, and they have apiwaled to us out
eaters, HS are, to pronounce between
Is M r. MEW AIM superannuated? or did he
design to affront the conitiont sense of his
auditors? Ile an ''outsider." The Prime
Minister, and chief prompter of the Presi
dent—he selected hr Congress, as a disin
terested person, to try the issue between it
and the Executive! We think it would
Nuzzle him to produee Then
ounsider how naively lie si,mrs his lean
ing, and his inionirililleney to do,instice be
tween these high contestants. "The legis
lative leaders are trying nni to ioincidr
with the President to opinion." A num
who thus derides the cuss. beforehand, is
guilty of an impertinence, to say the least,
when he squeezes into the Jury box.
But what is the President trying to do?
Is he trying to eoim ide iun p inlo u witheoli
gre..?—or is he endeavoring to red lie,- the
members of the two Rouses to the unwor
thy attitude of facile automata of his Mille
The elements of this controversy are
ad as RI/RUM go is elll l / 1 41.4. The naked
question is whether the witl of one man
:Atoll sand for law, or the will of the peo
ple, as Os reared through their represents
! ivss. NO argument has been educed; no
argument will be educed; to sustain the
President against congre... that Inas not
Meets exhausted. over and over again, to un
hold king. against Perliaments, and Ent
-I.i.inrs against Diets.
I cddle.. the President is a uta r, of duel.
convictions. Nu— one admires that
quality In him more rhea we do. But for
that attribute in his character he would
test lin vil Rinflii up in Tennessee a. lie did,
and breasted the u - avcs of the rebellion.
beeision in the right Is always commends.
Lie; perverseness in the wrong never. The
President knows how to !noddy his opin
eannoind to adapt his conduct to altera
tions in his plants Last spring he knew
LOW to enaet• the part of LLD inexorable
Judge towards the rebels. What 'a
grandeur there was in his mein!—eduit
stotrupcsa in the Judgments he pronounced!
He experienced no difficulty in laying that
severity aside; In wiping the thundercloud
from his brow; in modulating his voice to
the sweet accents ofinvltatlon; and In light
ing up his countenance with the smiles to
friendship, towanis the very men he heti
execrated. Now his severities are towards
Congress, and towards the loyal masses
whop, representatives, true to their duty,
refuse to imitate his facility of change.
ANDREW JORNXON Is the billy man et
"decided vonvictions.• in the republic. The
loyal men who stood by the government
through all the storm and tempest of the
war; who never faltered ur blanched when
the national cause, through imbecility or
treachery. In the esninet or the: field,
seemed most hopeless; who poured. out
their treasure like water, and laid them
selves, their brothers end sons on the al
tar of battle; 'are men whose convictions
ere not to be ,shaken
eve by presidential ve
toes. Fllio attempts to resist and lure
back the strongest moral and religious
sentiments of the loyal masses, no mutter
how high his station or how strong s hls
will, must (Ind himset as impotent as a
handful' of dux In an oeettis of flame
Mr. SEWARD says further
"The President saw that Ibis .could enure
out right, and he ueeepted the altuntiou.
CollgrPla i on the other hand, hesitates, not
became - It has eagle out right at laSt, lint
because they ,have nut individually hart
their own wily In bringing it to that happy
dut erm Mat ion:
In nnordinary.truin this would be simple
rudenesii. In the Prime Nflnister . of the
i'nion, it in !Inexcusable innolenee. The
secretary understands perfeetlywell that
thin is not the solution of the matter ; for,
furthercon he declares : "The ronfliet of
opinion hetween the President and f'on
grcns; 111 1,401,111.1. to the FrVPIIIIIOII . . liu
reati, In, In ratively
unimportant, and would excite little in
terest if If atom!
Exactly mo. Here is the point where one
road divides !Maximo. One leads to the
restoration of the Union by the exclusion
from authority of the rebel chiefs; the other
leads to the restoration of the Union with
the rebel leaders back In their former plac
es in all- the Departments of the Govern
ment. It is this that makes Congress in
flexible; and which causes loyal men, Just
as fast es they perceive this breve, In its full
bearings, to rally to the support of the Iwo
TEE waiihingtou City meeting to endorse
the President, and which adjourned to the
Preslden4al Mansion to hear the undight
tied speech of its Incumbent, was engineer
ed by J. B. FLoar.rict: and eitata.ns Ma%
Chatrtnen of the two Democratic Na
tional Committees at the Capital. The ("MI
* was signed by the Banker, CORCORAN, who
went to Europe in 1861, to avoid taking part
in the war against the rebels, and was par
ticipated in by, all the returned rebel sol•
diets Inthat Iniitiwick, a large number of
that clatei haying been sent into Lrm's
army front at...1/Istria mad the adjoining
pan of Virginia. It was to a crowd com
posed °Tench men the President :made his
speech, and the speaker was vorthyof the
TEL Republican memberi of .the•Afaine
Legislature have adopted reaohitlotutoordh.
ally endorsing and aPprOring the - actionof
the Senators from that State; dn voting' to
pass the freedmen's bureau hill over , the
. , .
Fa ecutive*M.)
The meeting held at lia.OSVlll.wmt:Thilnt-1
day, to anstalti the president, *its hot it&l
-ed or participated in by the union meniof
that State. It sea calltsity the retained
Rebels and their politiral sympathisers. A
11Npatell In the Cineinnali ' , l.:elle says :
dozen letters stare shows me to-day
from Union men, in everyart orthe Alto,
who have been appointed delegates, saying
they were appointed without their consent; .
that they look upon the convention as a •
plot. W turn the :il.ate aver to the rebels; and
that they utterly repudiate the whole con
cern. The Committee on Invitation sent
their circulars to various persons, and,
among others, to Ron. 'Horace Maynard.
ma reply wilt not be veld In the .Conven
tion to-morrow, but It will be published In
full in the loyal Press and Tones or this
city, and will thrill the country. It Is the ,
moat terrible blow the malignants have yet
received. Every word cut,' to the quick'.
the managers of this Copperhead Conven
tion." -
The resolutions adopted by this Con yen
tion are sueh its are the staple of all the
rebels in the South, at this moment. They
aceept the situation, they say; they admit
the'abolitlon of slavery; but they ehtine the
right to do with the freedmen whatever
they please, alleging that Congress hag no
Jurisdiction in the ease mut that the Smith
ern people must be trusted implieltitto
do patlce to the blacks. With rare Impu
dence they deny being disloyakand de
mand pardon and restoration to civil Tights
ibr every one who took part in the rebel
In the letter of Mr. MAYNAItn to the Con
vention which was so distasteful to its rebel
managers that they refused to let it be read,
he says that the President's: policy is
"that loyal must rule and traitors submit."
Wherever that policy has been adopted it
has worked well, Le says, andadds
• "Where it has been abandoned or even
released, and traitors retmnehised as In
Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana, ,
trouble and disorder prevail: The condi
tion of the loyal Union men is little better
than under the despotism of the Southern
Confederacy.. What that was, go ask our
friends in East Tennessee—PastTenneasee,
illastrious in tow sorrows cud the blood of
her martyrs; go to the prison cells where
hundreds pined in wretniumlnwat rather than
pollute their souls by swearing allegiance
to 0 power they condemned; go to gibbets
where patriots hung, and Harmon, father
and son, add Hensle and Fry passed up
ward along the shining pathway to glory—
there see What treason did in the_plenltude
of ate power, and what It wants but oppor
tunity to do again. Yes, by all means, let
us heartily and Without question indorse
the President's policy, and repent his fun
damental axiom that the exercise of polit
ical powershoahl be confined to loyal men,
until the sounding words shall be echoed
from every Unit] man's hearthstone and
roof tree lb Outland. Let the preservers
of the nation belts rulers."
If this ix the President's policy, we are
glad to hear it, but must confess our scepti
cism. The policy, however, is thetrue one,
and we are glad to see Mr. MAYNARD urge
it. Mr. MAvYrAan denounces almost the
entire southern press as disloyal:
"Under a thin dbiguise of flattering
the President, they assail his friend.who have stood by him all through
the dark years of the contitet, and
sa'llify those 'chose they entt Rodicat;
',teasing all r7llon men oho opposed
their infanious course, and who are now un
willing that they should again be restored
to power over loyal men. Their venom af
fords the stronsmt of arguments. against
their admimiom to the seats of your Con
gressional representation. This remark
applies, with few exceptions, to the entire
Southern press: , .The ideas and principles
of the rebellion are constantly instilled by
it into the popular mind. Fortunately for
Tennessee, she has manhood enough left in
her Legislature, her press and her citizen;
of native and foreign birth, to controvert
and denounce them, her strength and grace
commending her to the loyal and patriotic
of the whole nation, They who for four
pelts conspired to destroy the Govemmeut,
if they are now sineere, will cheerfully ac
cept the measure of liberality accorded to
their North airolina ancestors. They will
voluntarily, in the language of the 'Presi
dent, 'take a back seat.' Let them have
the benefit of equal laws, but take from
them at once both the power and, tempta
tion to renew their assault upon the lite of
the country."
In closing, he exhorts the Union men of
Tennessee to stand shoulder to shoulder,
and put no trust in traitors.
_give up umeh of our spare this morn
ing to the President's speech, not because
it desercds it, but because we want the pece
pie to see the puerile talk with which au ,
President draws applause from Rebels and
The Npoech is not worthy of any man 11l
to oreupy the Presldent'n caner, It La the
language of a demagogue, note statesman.
It•tnay endear him to the enemies of his
emmtry; never to its friends.
The rant about STEVENS and SUMNER
I being enemies to the Government, and
wanting-lo assassinate him, is disgraceful.
It is devoictOf ell warrant in fact and ail
decency inthe utterance.
As to the conversation he reports with
President Liscotar, which he states took
place about the time of his inaugnration as -
Vice President, if We remember the facts
rightly there is some doubt onto his
'to remember correctly anything that trans•
plied about that, time. The President
should be the last man to recall to the public
mind the disgraceful scene that occurred
when .he was inaugurated, as Vice Plata.
deut, tie to bid us remember the condition
he was In for dayi before and alter that
THE Brie DiaperteA lately pitched into the
railroad swindle to which weinirereferredi
giving tbe.philadelphla and Erie toad the'
right to occupy all the nnappnapriatadrall,
road routes in Penusylvan* but the neat
day it backs down In this VW
"We regard the Philadelphia and Erie rill'
road as the most important In the Stalk
running as It does - diagonally tbroughlts
entireesuntry tromital lake to lie seapo rt,
and lithe Legislature will aloe , . haw to
vote undue privileges to any railroad alma
ration we say vote. thaso privileges to the
Philadelphia and. Brie
This is akin to .the 'ethic.° given by a
Catholic priest, many Years since, to his
dock in this city. Re urged them, warm.
ly, not to throw away• their money for,
liquor; bat, it they would do It, in spite 91
all that ha cottliPeay, they might as well
leave their abrpencea - with Barney Coyle all
a ith any one else.
Iv the adogoler nod disreputable speech
of the President which we-pnblis • • • "="
he charges STEVENS and Ammon _with a
design to nmassinate him t
Eitieb 'therm' are easily made. We re
member that when Mr. Luresita WAS mur
.iered the Copperhead parasites who pre
now faatening upon the President hinted
that, as the then Vitte-Presldent was the
only party interested hi : the death of the
President, the fact thatahe assaiudit 'Boars
had, on the die L y Of the murder, sent
card to the Vice President's rotten was,
very. suspiclows circumstance. The
was a dastardly and-mean one, and could .
have been uttered only by thetbasewretehea
who are now his beet friends; but the fect
that it was made might have taught 'the'
President how unworthy it Ls of any man
to indulge in such charges.
THE President &emits that he Dee been
vigorous and active In bringing traiton to
punishment. What traitor has.he brought
to puniatunini: - Oen Lit vridka Orel
of Wasbiughlinairee fr om moiestatiamse
if he were ttioeentram. DAVIS hvelittil•
dent Se will never be: Mulished;
srmsirmrs fa eleetixi 4ithe - 'llnited Stateri
Senate, and 13mmtir; earn ',11111.1re;
and the President, ays*Oi. oo r nise ! *
an enemy to th e eantrir;c6o r i G 4.4l
vor of their admission' •Ottli:r4l44lll Qtta
tatting trees:tut . ,
Antrrocrv.--To Cinoirutag , caaatiffi
gives an abstract ' of the . Jaw*ignmedji
the presenx.>Lasisli*Are icelittickii:a4,l
says at . theiaWs just pawed: •
' •b reT,3s ‘peitdi
:•.uv. ;4 , , dyy re l"
Ira:WaTaitulike iaptot.
i l w i t :.
e =mane r expmadwPidit. h 8, 4 :
To ommeNdoW4llooo444 - 4 S. L0.r6J4,-;...1.
A.' E.?. DMENT'a.—W., MM.: that several ' MatiG/OUS. .
Senators and Ttepreserdativm have grmsty ,
neideel the lb* d uty of a t member of the FIRST CiptlifililiiN Clatikiell.. 1 W
7,h .1 ...,., n n g,,. .A least,4l nur. .
.W ,e, A r inaKintl tvis. gNeXisteettrus,, ww PO A ' -141; Wahr ielt4 l : * the w . otottle ' l
tweitnv Or th eta /111V4 as yet fOed to into? ? Ent Ipf i ti `Z.,,,lnd "tot . . .0 '}!".,.,„. rati r•son-..47:. one seW ta
in °rose Atteetet':
dues an antentirttent. to the Constitution t an tees tins ailfr - tn - ggetn.ettiikßi3(9. P. TV :. —l la . em it r
a[ pee eanfrodressari'
iibi.areeamici itrlted to ~i. i.,,,,,,, ; T mi , etaneetille. ste Gti
ttni the Urgail rer W a . . h .!
- ---- ---- 1. 7 . 1 .4409 Itittei reference .' _ leZlAttr:
Among those who have thus neglected
duty is Mr. RAYMOND, of the Tones, lie -
Can make up for lost time, however, i
by Introducing the nine amendments to
the Constitotion offered by ANDRWW jOgFt
soNT, at one session of Congress, when he
was a member of that body.
WELERsnrohielly we cannot approve of
the policy of President Johnson is a re
ganl to his course'and the tenacity pur
pose he has shown, haadharingto policy
touching the Southern States,. However
prudent that polioy was at -one time, it has
been shown to be unwise, in view of the
growthlar disloyalty all through the South.
—Commercial. •
"The growth of dlsloyaky all through the
South" WAS the 1 ,,, ‘ drnl and necessary pro_
due: of the President's Polley It could
have no other result; and that is why we
opposed it from the start.
GEo..k•a4Nop . 3. Taattr.—This gentleman
to now In the city , and we underatand that
he will address the• metolutlita of the city,
attbe Board of Trade Rooms, to-day, at 12
o'clock, ficon, upon tlioatibject of the Pa
cific Railroad. This le a rare opportunity
for our buslneas men to hear a gentleman
who never falls to intereathls auditors, and
there will be a hill turn-out on 'Change to
day, If there never was bet re. •
spicuous actor in the Cooper Institute
meeting, on Thursday evening. He aban
doned the Republican party.before the last
presidential election ; and is one of the
officers of the Free Trade League. He
knows to what use, for hts European
clients, he conld puf seventy rebel voters
in Congress,
As NOM an the news of the yeto arrived in
Dayton, V ALLA N D lOU ANI ran out the
American ling from the windows of liLs
house! During all the long weary war he
never displayed that flag In rejoicing over
a Union victory; bUI when treason triumphs
V A LLA NDUIRA NI rejoice%
Tar President, in hie Veto Message, nev
er once refers to the new amendment to the
Constitution, abolishing slavery, which
gives Congress full power to enforce that
abolition by"approprinte legislation." Ile
Ignores that amendment, and we presume
the next thing will be an official announce
ment that it has never been adopted.
Tun. Louisville Courier, the editor of
which ran away from Kentucky to take an
actiVe partin the rebellion, and who bowfin
that he still thinks be was right in doing
so, now warmly sustains the Veto. We
have no doubt JEFF Darts warmly ap
proves of it, too.
_ .
NEW YORE ELECTIONS.—The town . elee-
Lions in New York have been progressing
for a week or two, and, so far, the Republi-
cans have held their own, anti more too.
The defection of the President, and of their
Senator, :dorm/is, has not affected them In
the least.
—Arrangements are made:for a great Union
demonstration In New York to follow the
eonghimerata meeting of Thursday night.
Mr. Shellabarger has agreed to speak, and
Judge Trumbull and col. Deming have
been invited. •
-INDlA:ie.—The Republicans of the State
of Indiana could not be cajoled into endors
ing the President's reactionary policy.
Their resolutions fully sustain the Repuli-
Seim phalanx in Congress, In spite of all
the efforts of the truculent oftics-holders to
the contrary. ,
of Armstrong county have appointed F.
M.FXFILING, Delegate to the State Con van-
Son, without instructions, and concurred
In the appointment of Hon. R. A. BROWNE.,
or Lawrence•, an Senatorial Delegate.
THE lowa Senate has passed a rmatution
instructing the
.Senators and requesting
the Representatives from that S Ma to an,
Wu the Freedmen's Burenti bill, notwith
standing the President' r . objections,.
ORIG.—The Oh(o Slate Journal says that
no far as hoard from, not one Union paper
in that. State endorsee the veto,
(From the BLorristown (Pa.) Free Prem.)
In adopting this policy It is needless to say
that the President has not only joined issue
with Congress, but with the whole Vulon party
of the country. he has deserted the men
who weds him what he Is, and whose pried 4
plat he has pretended to support, he must not
=gtrue and loyal men to MIMS him. He
ar. the fate of Tyler and Fillmore, and
sleep In that dishonored company of area tusta
d ets . whose names to all future thee
ar bp:words of scorn and-repro:web.
(From the New York Tribune.)
The guns that echoed over the country yes
terday In, celebration of tire PresidenPe yelp
were tired hymen who, a veer ego, wore the
bitterest enemies of Andrew Johnson and of
the polity' he then represented. Have they
changed, or has het
(Front the Chicago Tribune.!
When we see snob a document coming from
a President who lately
_bOaated of the earn -
nee he Made • In not. Water the rebellionore
tear weir gird' up our loins for the struggle
that is tOconsa,
Yet shilesafidened by this long expected
Manifeetation, there need be, should he, and
we think . iWi +e, no trembling or hesitation
onthe mrt of Congress. as there Surer will
'be none au the part of the pele. The Lord
has not made bare his arm forth& deliverance
of his pwole, that we should now link under
the Inattation and caprice or one man. We
have already seen what can be done with a
President true I. the Goren:menu_ and mit.
lions arrayed against It. We have Ode - , it may
be, to submit to a different test
-- (Prom the Detroit Tribune.]
The purport - of thls message is plate. It Is
dellance of Con Agra's. It Is • the &BUM* of the
popular will ernreased through thatbody. It
seeks an • , Oftleoll for quarrel and trinket the
potato of distrait err trvad Drat, 'OM/ blaental
A po to t
brkketrtiverthecimr. The;
Treindtnt ',toms •111.- ume upon the mekt who
toadish_ ,IM and - th rows , histmeltitito the tams
or the north Indira he estnerfronktio no or
thollatithent arnitherat has knitted: 00
Ink of his violent '4ol3onrietre.. There Is no VOatra
• that Mr means worse Oka he Waste ;
sold oat, dir 'c, Mut MIDI or cannaous
j or d et i w or s er i
It doe* not seem ' ' that, bony
stand firm I ''lt le now the tar y rellaitee dt the
eonatrjl , and It rarryet become Its solemn
datyto Impeach. the Rkevidedt. •
- -
Lrrainaka'Unionfoan3 (Pa.) standard.]
The President on Mondayreturbedtbe above
named bill - totheetheate trithrits °Wootton',
Theretretsballe4 with delight bytherebels
end- cortperbeedirgenereth".•,Frm.tble-raet,
wignfertheg wthe
"a"adte be
General Geary.
MW... EDITOII.IOA earrespoodent in your
'morning issue of Wednesday, the list Inst.,
.does nor appear to be satisfied that the para
. graph you quoted hour (lepers! Gearre letter
s of August lOW, ISSS, endorsing, entire, the Un
tOn Eepriplyntd platform adopted by the State
Conreati a day or tiro pre.
vionsijrisswbelenat evidence of the iteneraPs
,Colllle4loll With - our party. lie asks for Sante.
thing morn-when be voted with the ltepublt.
mud vto. To gratify your darrespOndinst.and'
all otberswho have any anslety on that peter,
I will - say thin had bad the benne to have
bare followed that gallant pincer, at ma than
•sandentbravehoye, on that 'memorabilia:welt
.ot Ctedientr Sherman. thmuStr. Atinntiwm
nmb_ omd . atthrequea Anto and tbrouan
the eraulinaryir ise had been*, eiruunistan.,
cad as to bare been prevent when - tbr Palls
were opened on tbelth dayof Hove= ber 11101,
throughtertlbabeastannyor Miami innaders,':-
that RD Attars ts be could "' hawser*
qenerai.Qearyr ' ticket for 'Alas.
sAat .1.0001111 lie could seeerens , wOre
rraiShavir-a wholt otimtd le the
Ossu • notrenountz -atlachen whim , NIA j
se It tonowtog Mralltiatilhekilnid?Oretie
pat i Aluan Aitarsecen.ratc.., stgict,focotolith.
;A and not one,rer,fienmai....W.CASlnert:
I coo are year. odrreirpoadentst wre:lore'
facterUdtr eenstakettie , propsselamigr ,e4,3obr
thorn matters orifuncte histarnwhieh
Moe and Drava .lien.lingnrinu, stag ,.
114414,. ,4 1 71OVIAbt ;bat apt bid- alie2lo,
maw insmszoe.;aenehmod, w ins
lathe erin*,"whins, With* WOW tomWeltund:
attoresertthAkee•prolixnara had:,
'art Pr . I=46l M ,l ntanalotOt*n nbleh ,
lreraAririttend, tolflOnry, rge r m a u tit „
unrg,;3., *rely tbar , the mums Mr rime.
Anorlsb, ling b.
:11/711.00 A so7lll o l4ll6 kirrestir regrilit•
St:7OIMM .of seas: tivNine, orx
intoWWS; .V ri ;onb, mann
rent ore TALaill tazabect ,
vtavest."o SI sok
SOX' the. MM.
WANTEnr-A 46100" GlltLy lode
otfit ;elicballßM-weave. toneewOrkatirt squall
A. , sclil be lecelred se the PITTSBURGH AND ; well reion etnende g d 7ll 4plytatagit ' r ' th =er.
Ross RA LLROAD - DEPOT. awn.. of : MERU
Whit and Ross streets, Plttatougl
, for au m. 0.. ------------,-, -------
on and after FRIDAY, Februeryl24. WAINTE
te=aul H. C. SHALLENBEItiIEH. Agent. y l. pj,oo il liv i rstiN' :1 ;. 1171" ,,,... ~,1".2%6
ERB OF THE BLLEGHENY VALLEY LtAIL ' tarioN:tb ut e ltr. des'l .. Pil4ds ilA) Pefigtf '
ROAD COMPAI.By . act of Assmbly. Allegheny
proved the Itth of Penman., Ma, the Allegheny , •
ti,,,,,,, y .,l compsny la . maks:mixed ftb I.
sue ten per of
Preferred ntock to Um &Inaba of
Otte Million of Dollars, srhlchsald m o c k be to-Reof
fered to the present titootholdero.;' Bobseription
Books to said stock are opened at .the OfAce of the
I . 3or i tzny .l and w:l,l=lLopen=ifitoacklioldeir
letsaLt Y ' VII.LIASI PITIV.LIPS, Pro.hient.
NOTICE TO osinizas OF tits.
TIACHH, &C.—Notice Is hereby evert to al
TIC! Cgriione-'reallru'e r:Tes.64'nk
rlitabernb, to pay their Liftoffrs at the Trmumner's
Mike of ihe City or Pittsburgh, FORTIMITIL In
accordance with an Act of Assembly, approved Starch ati, IMO, and an Ordinance of the Councils of
the City of .Plttaboryt;Anaud April le, latti, and all
persons who neglect or refine to takeout Licenses
rh t e l l kilejetr:Z=oloo be reeorcred:hefore
The o ld metal plates of previous Trees rout be re
turnedar the time Licenses are taken out, or pay
Mamas therefor.
Each One Horse Vehicle $ 7 50
Each Two Horse Vehicle 00
Each Pour Horse Vehicle. Ls 00
Each Two Horse Hack 55 00
• Omnibuses and 'Mahar Wheela drawn by two
CO each. Yor each additional horse used
In any or the above vehicles, 100.
W. 10101A1TH,CIty Teuare-
YlTlnilinnlit Parra , IROANOL—IPOop. d
Orrice or ylnt_AtaytamtNTifeLLlcl H. B. CO •
mytilerBoll,-Yebrhaty MOWS.
A NISIL/Al. BIEETING.-Hln sector*.
-so- core with the provhdone"of the Charter And
paay, will be hekl at the 011 a of the Colnttanyin
filtArr, o i t t l JTUESDAY ,
h Y . etornart Vtb, INN at
dent and M armara, rec eive
elgt t a Board of ni;
tbaensuing year, and transact each other bualness
gamey be presented.
fielltd JOHN BA ILLANTITCE. Secretary.
NOTICE.—The Stockholders of
1 the 'UNION 0117.1111 Y HUN BASINIOIL AND
WINING CO. are rueate,t to meet at the Anton of
VM: iteCUTCHTON, 155
h Liberty s
O treet, Pltta
tuitaibetift,naloliliT4k Pr
rh t . h ,
I: o .,, f rx t
Br order ortheorreeideeen e e
rle J. It OTCRSON. , -
. °riles ERIS °ANAL CO , IPATIT,
lona, itennt orm ary 1110 110{.
Election COMPANY
Seven Director of t Other IM CA NALCOMPANY will tot held at their inihrle,
OR MONDAY, the 0(0 of Match vest.
thiamin A. 11. CAIDDIET, Secretary.-
••-• fOr President, Manatees and Onieers i or ' , The
Mr" fer gtgllE:roi r , l irtig e fotti . 1 :1 6 1117
h r itriSd Nile,' the Toll
ainta:en newt, at 2 o'clock r.
re6aastdiss WM. itthaLBURA. Treasurer.
A NORDINANCE of the llorottgle
or t.mper..ce,in....bisam g to We Opeallhgbd
Elliott Street In said Borough.
Xxxxiox 1. Re Ordained by bie Bkspeas and
,be •Hi If fat Botonta II:obions wart! As in Ono
-14": "' qr . '„p 1 " 1 ..,"' Eliati Y i."ll. ° Y.J. th liel
warden '" a Aaexander• plan of pa . rt Cr mild Sof
mash. from
moot to line of /and of . Robert
Boob, Fno. be sod the same is hereby declared
opened as a . public highway of a uniform width of
forty feet, as designated
said Man.
Bac. X That Elliott street be
as opened Mak
extended as a public Wichita,' as afore-mid. ea t ik
mencins Mora Ws last terminus aforesaid - 1n a
direction or maxis as moo to hereafter riled to
Recording Regulator of said Borough, until It later ,
sects • otreet contiguous thereto, and extending In
the amine direction from saki Alexander's line to
Wood stzeet ,
Bo ron down Id ben ltobb.s plan et
a part of said rough, OW extension to be fatty
feet in width at Ito commencement and gradually
reduced to thirty feet In width at Its Inteneethin
last aforesaid;) owner alone said street to-Wood
Mreet of ths uniform width of shirty feel a* detift
'lO:C.lll.' Tha itl'ordinaoces or part. o f
incondstentperewith, be and themle are beteg
Ordained mad enacted,lnto a law to Council mum.
bled this lith day of Febreary, A. D. pita.
4/JdEti W. BALLANTISS, Burgess.
Attest.: Bair LB. Pastien, Clerk of Council'.
A 7 LETTING.— T i he
4 A llegh ny Valley RailroadjWMlT:.fir4nlt
41, t i r l it 'ATVr i ki
fifteen sections of their road, extendtrig from Oil ~
City soottierard, and on fifteen section., extending
Inc. Idahonlog Creek northward to the annuity Of 1 1
Brady , * Bend - Iron Work. leech section will .Ise
about one mile In length. 14`011 SALE—Degirnble Dwelling.
Napo. ;motile*, plans, and apeciacatione of the 1 —A.I am about moving to the conatry,,l oger
work wilt be needy for examination et the Engl. for Me the Warb le Dwelling to which' reolde, In
ecer•Bodice, on Pike street. In Ike My of rum. the Fourth Afterlife). OILY, lina the tiemnild
burgh, on the let oligarch next, and proposals will, Bank, - larEelirick Donee, with ta rooms: Mall feet
t; flit IrttitT i l s ; "' lli g nAri t CT; ii'lAlltil?..ll'44 P.
The Ing sr 11... e r n out and staked ea %ast l a Vidall . N the moneroliftprtirements. 4arbtawsetbe,
riethelZesteenlionitert, inhi c tstrrarallite tar. .I c o7na re .7rit`teUTi g e b tid e ofigira=ir h li° i '.4.
bid for the wor understandingly. y. :A feet front, thine gh to Liberty moat, and VI Peet
'ZllAtayillirtlier information doeired ran be had try deep. On
_the lot 1. Iltalll choice fruit, Peachee,
I: titilir to
i.e F " , latlar to ALT ; r n ebe . .' at 11 4 ''..alitti.'"g.,:illim i'Vst're" b ` 4 1 4 1 °":
Calkirnol.ll,3l, ureic a, 4.
/ ; pl._ y ity, and eloyot scene, ii bete, „,t, .
Ctrl Or ALlallaillexT, lrebraary le, IWO. 1 v i ....,,,, 1 ?Nom tile oudoess part ofthe two
QEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed i i...74;;;;,....,===inerg,t2f,ti:Vtr
a. , Prposele for Painting Market Ilonse.” will be - in A few rods of the door,
received at this omen untIi.iIIATITIMAT, !Rh P.O. Also, a ilite;ltoty lirjelt Store, No. =ll Ltheety
ruary, for Painting the 'Waal and Iron I% oekof the atreet.rel head Of Wood street, atul -- new ec.
Jana c s Rouse. Bidders ere reenceted to mabs bids envied yT. G. leakin g, end that large three-siovr
Iltlek alehouseon stinittreet, pow emsepi ed is*
Itatt ia t i l4o n tni . ON£ CtIAT INSIDE AND Anil the Ardescooll Co.L*Abrr.
Bids will oleo be received at the same time for, fel7dwd
(ennui -
-- - --
c0.T.0.....„ ~....,.. r :
Crrr or Maxon:Corr, Feb. lub.lw.
"Proposals tor Plan er yrlgh t t,,, will be;
received at this oalee unfit NA AY, 24tb Feb
rury...., . Inelesi7;„ Avails( a Plan of the Water
- V.EXE b. riu t anits. endorsee "Proposals for/Creel
Lamps," w in be received until WEDRIMDAY. Vst
i tr i f rig, a
,r,or t
ow iernlsbing SIA iseN Tin I
AL l s?, rnfelessili, radoraed 4 "Pioposaia fin Olisbt.
tar Cliy . Lampa. '7 - will be received until IVEDAL.A.
s U liffl ; = trAgliii,'lgleir, Xd t gellyt t 74ll !
for oneyfar.
1 1 2:111"""Irr V1.111%!°(, 7 11TWAIlli. i
aota at irasould 110.11 Ann.
g4l: 9 12ifek.T. 1.117:`,; "j i g fiODAdY e :,
arable and eAtibi maaldienee, 2112.mm4j1e.i"
nla tenons, u niers silent with, Heal
Prgo e PPAT Ma, ojiligite. l ing d tto m
r i t h rje . hen. go- Ertitelef, mat i gn i , 2uNre fti t e n .
minions bac at4 kl . 716 (net Inlrtti r AS 1M Mot riarredr
'Mien le k Brick at.t.d.o mid Caplaga -7bia
WAs Pe religinlVSe t rinr.a e ,*aa
and spatula layman. iiky access and short In a
ame, Ihmilize bandana centre.
Trams—One-tatra cash: Ind An. In one and two`
ren, with Intere st. secured try bona ana mortgage.,
(ea 7" A. Meirt,ILLAND.
E 1 ~ -4; i . 43
.1 i A di V. .g :CO
f , - , :al
ii,,.. is ,
la,• .g g
,A,Y . .„,f,Pgigv- , ..,..,,,,sc:PTATmtaigivizintiii PEßT ' -0
' 7l-
IL: fi
041111 . 1 . 17 :gp I t'.4114% 4 DVISitaf f =r41 , ..mek- 0 - ,12, :j i i '.;
~." .143tA trku nt IVPZ.I'011,74=itteptl ' ''' 4,1 'Q' `` 4 :1:1' '.. V 0
- iNT.14,,,,,,,,i7, 4 ......,,,,,,- tits..,.- % II f ..., 1 „ i
.„A. riptiloey can beam's', twitithercho :: 'it„,„;,-'' '.3 4 .7"„1 ..... 7 11 2 4 lig
4g3l,lt gat•Afint:ittler.,l o l4 l o'%,ll,7*` 4 — - -' o :, eira'
~.,„, 1
In fr ,,, tit...,
,i.. 0,. ..1, ,,,, 41 , 9„d..d.„„,,,,,,
Nu , ai ti_....._,.,x.,....„.„,..„.,
- ~. ~,,,,
, ~....„ 4.1., 43._ ~..:
, ~._....,...0 „pm. aro , *
t ......1. , • lIR o al i
•, , r 44 ,4 , 2,„
taial ': l 2 4 1 / .
' 0.
al $
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0 4 ,
01 ' 41
EyE r aglas i ta. litimwaloo t Va owl
=43%,6o4artgemegiz ih n... •Coulta . tvg ii r art
.14.0.14 lii refq of ages Ilocousjohitart ift . - ary yat.:
sa"ble rii=d°LlMZlTiteM.D'hattnr,
.44t.j 1 ;„ embwitig mop foretsujliquipg lc
work,: whats vs txmillyely *Wet g of
the be Wenn*? intboVl Ditaltit II cif trit is.
i•grlgral a t eneri l t
.A:4.: Lfortit=l::
ortllle oyes to 'clew on mut May. ~
- • ••-, • A
A. iliettAvAvyak Anat. c,
fi dDIAI:6III4-81. 4 17 1' .'- ‘ 7 l .l ,l l.. Tirtl ai NEn t l ii
0 I Het toenuddp. ender '• te l l% •et riavi : ee,
. 91 .31ELLII•bt. wee dlrd e zd etet zimb..4.1,:e9
Y. i n lnla
C u enifiere $0 he le : thive<l by Metal ,
John reee, - ,F edll gees to eery el.thskualdemi
fe9___2l , .k w _ ........ 144 .....„ 1 ai0, ~
nisoo , or - :PAIITAWIFC!!
.r BLith'ebertee atevertuedshto.beeetatardtzlitlec Wavrceete:frrg:reZZAZ74
; A ry" dt t Sr IghWet.°ll7 %la iline l 'aZ p
;sea uriN A. 9. ~' it, the old Moe,: Corp., q 1 ,
Tunnel street al eded. !lie/p .. le R
, HATIAT- VOLE. -1 '
teddltd ~ • ' „
DlSElouu n All. N 11 . 1 .,
ativile t viarptailbjp baTioare xtatipghli.l
tweep D. 0 ultr, htiti w, J., IarMAST/C/i, hilaeil
t ottell i n e nint . ,,,a 4l ,l l P i _ phi= Sh t e l ths l it /A l t itti 11% ,
)rill grill La ihittlea " uy weir , asetessarir," at ' LIMP office in;
the Bill, on nort h Chas! street, nen (ninapinMlA'',
gb igaild,p_r_sioits4 vim cousittbitigibigiti•
ti,lfiVirToi4 :Mir rag .tilhealiclelablia_.;
gitelltrat"ngt rogrirra to
iLisrai,ar _.. rir egiv i rar e gx: l 4, 4 o:.:TAO,
1110% *Mal* acpniee aeochilty, L l itar, • •• • -•-..
Plaatuareth, lffor ti.iitiltaMWPlPl4:4l,l4lJ.....4s-:i ::-. .••• -•
I P r o 'li tha a tis ira irittowe' wu ngua 4 res r e ltua ti lry 11 - t . ' : ..., .AGRICIMITDI36,_
IstruAl l atiil, It_l4op4nie.. "muttony cm14101,100044000*;',
nifee ri bewtiuAsta. _..k , '". -.--. r.', 1.- ma ....--11,
litiW II , , hash i
~ . : ,
~ . .1 ,., .....xik, ,, q.i.10--,-ISTPc . • ,;_.,. .
.: .
~ .:kitlit, , - • :i. 34, ; 41 XP11C1N. .
~ I vornit,,,,Tre'*;:qOpe„Atines,,.
7. 1
Thmai—T------------------------_LvnoN-:,OF ,t, PAIIITNEW , -.. Titia **Bulky notnsi'-'',-":
;04.11E04 " I tt a, ==4"t" l l, ll °'..- ' --'--- -' - '---
11011Mko`r* . Zra.'".l,, LZ -' Pirgrt0 1 16:.:041441it.4408 ). : , -- .. .
zfritni r magg o Art , 4, .r.:&, ~ odowiprikte.i.Tia*l4l44..:r:,.,
wzi - P9 , :' . : .- '- ''.' .. . x... , , ,w...„;li ft e 4 ' 04 fe!!! - .. ti4i t i'iht Lhithehi to
p . • 111110 4,, '
e,;lil,,,tiitta. •._ 4 1 , 4 1,,k :5i1y. p .. , ,a,8 7 .,.
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5.,, ,
.. ,.. -„: 7 i.en,:,....,,:t4.111, 4 1, 1,,,_ , !;111:1 7: 7 .,:,,,.., L . D 4
. !1: 1, : i & .,:s CID I
o y a Fi f i . . ,
and th•ii. Art; i L!_kiwyty.g....avgpfi ! , .. - --iv' ..•' .--' - .'.. ..'f...;,;:,
''rilavnv'!''.-T - Ra i citaits:46.:-. ,, , ifitu.okl.vokov.• k >, , ~,,.- .- . 7„,.
-----' '''` r ll.:::: '-‘7, .::--,:'-:.;14,;,:.:;41;,.1::1.1.
- lt 'l. ';'. ,s 7 li. t'
- , 1
!I#l recei* r
1 *. 4 4 1 1746 1,2
tk4N '-' - 117 awl 1 oiXt t 1
ti n ' aged m t ° ' 61MiebnV4 o
;ri m 4.1=0 !Lidres...vtArr,ovutiami
Iv Toon/inn,' In - Mom WAretubase or Wm-
Cletor7. •HA was brought-np4m w - ntruithas Mr
ndnon, nn4 trf toinskeltheselinserel. Ad-
B.,••At Marrri Onion. JAMir
v r. SOU
Al.!. OTHICRIL-KifesiMinwe_ sW4r‘sr
ThelfamlitorifeCOYs ISREAT (1114
ThIBUMON. 'Our nEnklosare making from Floe to
Thirty Doliare_perday; and we need stlllmore. Late
from Nerope bayerwelle4 oar stet* to over
Of. Minim- Donne. el- splendid saurnent of
Watches, Illninhjadlas , .end Gentlemen s Jewelry
Si' all hinds, of the most huhlonahle materna, sell
ing et Siena- 15end.Meents foe nertmeme, and yo.
will see what yonare ?RI lb; or send SLIM. floe
eettlneates, ov ' ; lend Mreenent
stamp Co. our tense to Igen which are of the most
liberal ki nd . Sow yourtlme. Write glojely your
n itre e lfa i eVng rel=lr
street. Ow York. honhem
VOIR S=E—A two-stOrilek
HOUSE, situated on Lciettat street; near Market,
Manchester, hoeing nine rooms. thatehettattle and
wash-Muse; hydrants on the prenittee. Enquire on
the premises. teht-Ivrec
. • • .f. .111 St .m
obo N Imo or Extm,DRAITOM AND
DRP7ING HORSES. Those to want ot good stock
would do well jo call ent_eimtne Memel. JOHN
WILSON &B/S/0.41.-No. SO Diamond, Allegh
Than eiALE--nowa usariu—st,soli
.H gtc am le B PLISW I SRITA R E. A ?v i lliny
fardr , r ik usrAe.= th uA sin ;
not.LARB, math. Address "OWNER,' OAZETTE
PURL BALE-Three: goed,second,
hand H0LLER9...40 inches ehonetett,.e lb
twit le Inch 0 uesi , t i gs Vilest We
esrynt t. Int a:l re 311.
WWl' co.: at. the the. NTAltse. corner or
Sohn alley andlhigninartHey s Rl' tsbnrib,,Pa.
lair.E74ll/6.1 cd , Nine :Acres
A: of LAND llTHownstaft, on Etttetetet4. St.
li Warne and CA 11 aHrend.stear,Itlatmont Ste.
tlott Von .thikr . Donee Wont buildlnSs.
and Sesortmen of, owtirees..slarnlobetT,
on thelscie. MVOs ot I
neer the properts . 4 or bt IL .
• renteiteod EMMA HOOD.
VOIKSAILE -- 1 11 01111EANDIAIT-.on
l'eslaylvenla aveaueo the tere-starr cob,
ul deft 4 tomb!, 114tbed at Lteeinti bletatest. "I•Ot
by 110 feet; Tree beet,
v. elelklteirtetet-
I be, soul ir entittlLed, pLe,ghs t n.. roster
tr= l 2:"• , E 7, l'lre Ln!..
VOW SALE-..C.Vialuible Omit,.
itutitimeridirempor Staany .i . easaryltania
Eillecuid,. ono soma( mike, Rom Wilktinburr.
item, *eras Ur pehes orLaation. *ft umpire],
s- - containing • a 700111% Old cellar linderneflbt
= e rr& o j rzes o v c r i m . It
4 5he ic lreael hu r e er
PlUatl i rl, OP 011 lb. prosaliegi -' ' - ••• , 4
. rirrrqsk 00k.A.n Lliden • Grove+, i OOl7 Prune Uinta: Cantalalag aaW4
tit tell k:bV irt. a = lat'a . troa rmu zat knt aaj etr ohlag rimr.i. C i fte edghli aza dv t .
..milaaj-tra . [raw 'Miles Shrubbery.
.- 4 ; a a j i t it ta ga
Str ii rrgiiegi 10 7 41.4reirrable as a pakea,qt teal
atAtocnAm. mtrAtt a *treP a '"" °'"`"
Praiathe P. F. W. A C. K. B. A large sabolanilal
Pram DirolUng.. of widen% Atria. abotidnini 13'
violas, both-ro and iroatehrottut i t i 2 cold we
, imp ring fie-
Itterlihatlegg i tbretz. - t i mixr,. ... Ur.
Olin Oration. lefts's: Ac. `The aboretoper.
to fronts the Ohio' river, z and - woolen of a ut 70
*rota, whirl Idisedirlded.ltdolate to sultlen ,
choeorA . Aux. Remotion anima can be obtained
then Coot. Jri . 'LAY.. on the orembei, ar to T.
WALTESDA , /rim *tree'. reeamme
9.11 ervz mazes to 11eClure township, adJoluM
u tta s gratiaaa t ad Jr
Ban. de.: a tilneyard &sue VWD.h
&re. teti l gags 014
f ull of &Wind Med MW choice Pratt Tim., 1
full bearing. A delightful building stti oh the place
it uaAlta=l4! to hp the /SW& road or Woods'
AtitglaodAhLth'F.'SAMPLV. No. &Federal St,
l i zfle x =ragk ii z i t i k : CAANARAN, No. hal
• &Nutt
. TIME. trr 4l4
nye t t f t,e/XCIIA24uI7 I .4 ICK,Error,
ortal, B at En-
—a fore
ated ea the aerate:4Bg Clideimatiltura.,
as present • tepea pled by -T. li mey f
awes, 10 V .traet Peti l iat 7 ar
_CT . A4IO3; Bre
Tt:‘ , ; r , •“;ti
:. 77-.:.:-.:,,;9..- -;,:,
7 .. , ,
t I '
~...."1: .. if (..,,..../... , .... ' /
/,. •
~, , \
I ,/ ,
.11 , 073 1 1V3ZrEls) xxv ia-ahco.
Incorporated by Legislative Charter,
F"Ets-cori t College
The Only Institution.
Of the kind, IN THE UNION, t•ondurted by, pnte-
Beal BUSINESS ]IAN. our highect commercial
authorities, Past and west, pronounce Lls beatcle of
Spa-KeepingOntaplane.l: comprehending every
department of Minim', and vet akillfully con
druaed that the an en tire SttelPtit tassier the whole
In ale or eight 'week, which consists or
Stock Books,
Closed once
three ' different twice with • gain, ex
hibiting, by
of obit° new books.
• • Partnership Books,
Conducted by three differentlnethodi, htbitlng
the transfer of °ld to new books. with the Introduc
tion of a new partner; •Iso nractleally tlnt.tratiny
Private Ledger,
By means of eihteh the f o rteresf the . busineee are
trary t .ltlre g t=rul k :i Pe g t e lt r
eVoTe ' Lr "
Single Entry,
With six practical Illustrations • exhibiting the
Books reopened by Donhle Entry• 04r coune of
original lectures upon tne details of
Actual llnsines
Are,to one going Into
tuitions* on and
Own account,
worth more than his fee, and may sane him
thousands of dollen in es pertthentsll knowledge,
that may take years to scontrein bustneen In these
lectures we have no competitor, as nal, but an e
rented sareclunt cou impart. the ore led Infos
utiOn which they contain. it wilt a be seen by
examination or other systems of sciounts, that
DORY is the only one In use contenting connirehen
dna exercises In •
Business With Foreign Countries.
NO other modern treatise cOntalus a tinkle r.ed"
else In ILtiltbuslneas. Pupils instructed from thus
are, therefore lett totally deficient in derail
ment of American Commerce. Our qat Unisex
resided Warfel& of !nuttier& wholly Oita fd by all
others, enables us to present our atndents with a
conthrehethire and tamable collection tit
Business Forms
Wr e alatifot:Pt.eghilllge`ll= 6 : f boot -
Counterfeit Rank Notes,
By comparleonof an extensive collection of coun•
r te ol t i l arl i fi e r=l:rifirtgregjiltZti d ortliffr%T
linens education.
Our. Railroad Book-Keeping
tin Manuscript, ) e.abibits the construction and
Books are advertised by others,. tint not tau g ht else
where to the city. Our new system of
Private Bank Books, _
"" " "
Steamboat Book-Keeping.
In this depatlrdent students are tistructed fedfo
grin . e6v A atu r . 0 8 1 tot 4 4 2arild ni eri , t h o . f it
plete trestlisaupon thiamin of the satenes bod.
Our fall emirs. ea business practice Includes about
rirrrlldUSl BOOKS, ruled to aboutahirry
different farms,_ vizi 11 Ledgers, 7 Day-Woks, 6
Journals, 0 0111 Books, 4 Cash Books, 4 BalesßoOka,
2 Involetrrooks, 1 Discount Book, 1 Check BRlster,
I Ilan D.P relle i 2.Lft_g tej ," l 2 F C relg i rt t rio l l '* , M74* -Jag;
1 Vaal Book.- :rue. boors practically record about
sig honored business transactions, comprehending
Duni Original plan of business education Introduc
ed twenty-die years ago. How Car others bare sec
onded In imitating p ap wilt be t seen by com
paring the business papers and i s of thee pupils
with those of the graduates of this Institution.
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ut, Wall street, N. Y. i
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Cashier of Seventh WA. S. FISASER,
aru Bank, N. Y.
••lt contains much matter Important to the mer
chant.. '• C. U. liiiiL.STF.AD,
President ILlnhattan Bank, N. 'V.
"The most complete work of the kind I have ever
seen.” JAB. B. NIUEEAT,
President Exchange But, Pittsburgh.
"I graduated In Dun's College to halt th nothi n g
expected. Ma admirable eystent includes
maperdoons, nor Irapes out anything easential,"
.1. PTO,
Cashier Megan Bank,L o ckport, N. 14'.,
most clear and comprehensive that I hare
met with." JOHN HARPED,
Cubler Dank of Pittsburgh.
"Fool have pot your own long emperlence as a
merchant to good rise ht this work."
RICHARD II VIN , Merchant,
No. NI Front street, N. Y.
"As an extensive Ship Owner, r American and Eri
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..11e. Deft la • man bf rue qualifications far best
: neat." JOHN M.D. TAYLOR, Merchant.,
'Union street. New Orleans.
Dultlai merchant of the nest resyreetatil..
My." J. LANDIS..MerChant, New Orleans.
"The favorable opinion. already impressed by
: gentlemen of competent authority are wet). dimera
ed, and very properly bestowed."
CHARLES 31. L EQp p p ,
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!!Decal orig cttuateuemce.
• N. ralsur IM.Yetary.
"Four OomMittee unanimously...termer In the
°oink? ofthealllity IN the improitilynethod ofhlr.
ul NeXtring Seel , of the American Insulate, N. T.
The New and Enlarged Edition of
Duffs Steamboat look-Keeplng,
alitingblish*l by. the author. Trier /MX MA by
• Boolisellort getterslty.
•"The only Work published of any yens to the
Steamer's keternobaric . F. J. ALLISON.
ro.rwlrly Clerk or the cleanser Fortune.
Out pertket,ayileto of Stskocer's Accounts
I In ate. C: " • C.: S.FICESBE.E.
Fortnerly,Captain of Steamer NeshoLlie. •
"A pertkot !warm tor"keeplataneb Ike and lie
counts.'• F, GAB° HERS,
Formerly Cootr - r or Merebnuti• pant or ttaborgh.
Tams Table elute. to worth abe_m_ice, of tbs.
book." • _ • - .Di lc. aIEAR.OIC. •
Leta clerk of Steamer Mount Vernon.
"1 col:raider" tisteaul.foran'Of the .kuakmera Year.
'Copy o➢booed." teat sokalizable: or I never leire"ro t leartt o.
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VAIL E.O ?eibutt.
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,D - DS, TRDIMINGS. ' 84:4143404TE**34i
131 A & CARLISLE. titvonT.EDGoons::.
1 _
19 Fifth Street,
S.presedauv from New Yoh
FAN.. I) 11 FA' STYLE:.
I.E7i A N'lncE•B RRI OECruES: •
Duplex Elliptic Skirts
Drairr, at liamtraritarr.' Prier 1.1.1.
At N.nnhrtun..4•
AT REDIICP4, plficEs
nercliarals and Dealers supplie,d
at loweerprices.
19 Fifth Street
DO 1J 'rlCs.
313c)sess NATeray.
Having trashed taking stock,
Are Offering their Entire Line of Goods'
SSILIC2i-NCTXXIC 6101.1421.13
Sets, Collars, SleeveS,
Cm.7l aaci inac.a.saalste
77 and 79 Alarktt Street.
We re now closing out our
siriravEß. GOODS
At Very Low Prices,
Negligee 'Shirts far Men an d BoY
Yens and :Drawers of 'Mahn
- Flannel, Wool Sind Merino;
Warm Gloves and Woolen Hos
Woolen genre, Burners and Nu
Handmade Zephyr Articles; .
Woolen Gaiters and illtiCits;
Balnahral shirts bar Ladlea and
isuecus. to EATON. 11401DIFS
• 'Prices Reduced.
Wkir.l.o, ORR & CO.,
No. las s9llkrel.ol4
Will .11 their stock el
tell At greatly reduced price.
81Zffietwiset lit.
Yon will Ind great Darpina la
LACE HANialtr%pai :
J"llm.. t C( nV.4 l3 . IHOOODIk
• N 0.81.3 'lmAxet.gireet..
17- AFErle 'cri*lFFAzoi
',ft the: • Tristswitsil iiore of
0. o—w,irries=m7EVir
sELLietta' rEarenZZIP.4O.
(Hyde & CO%
ram iii.aftie:fliaikee,lsi.t
7 1 .
33 333.115VW ucais .
At 111Aalux4; 61,y4e & Wet
NOV/ SO Plarktt st.
. IP JMripißroMTs.
Doltiffinilli Wimp AT "
Now VS 11114 80 Bgarke;qtreel•
1.17 -MA.CRI/11,„ tiL I , Diesf cue
-arAcii u.iti„ axinnur Coas.,
lune vs aim so - market st•
O. 8 4 -11ECIIIICD AfillAti4PlS
At NOS' 1 ' 5 ' 4 1 4 4 801 40",
CAR R, & co.,-
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tho ttenticuo ortba trpda Is tainted ovion , 04 1 4, ,L
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~nr, t.4", rgartrijorin: l :4 2 ,: on, ons sa ‘ 'Loma eonts= b rnillg, e i tt iv wilt tun:
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r ' _ , , ''?'.., -;.,e,ZWlldiVi.r.;-
ZTOLIC OF 011:111NIT PROP OJ Eli Tr.''' . - '"
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___ , Z , ..:;P:-;. A .. -... ,t7,-.. , ~-..,-.
rou I , Itklini SOAPS
socirTElll-01EN1Qtrts 5,)4P5.
RROFR•S ettLoWinswt
rEtrAtlcA LS Fsosl sumais
For rale by
Corneriingtblkd anoCStintets
aoTn COL" Its.
M •
The Cloth timed Callan made by the LOcKWOOD
Mro. Co.. 235 tiouraTilnin PIMA., have
been In general one clone 182, - and - notwithatantUnt
the fut that numerous ItallationeOkthelb4MMlNKS
made they still rank enpnrler to Italy Cobarlir the
They are the - only-collars lined .tlito d lnint. with
cloth,. wi th Inyee or, paws on es= ....iodate
=aped upon cornier', or mOiltda , sets ti% Therm=
=dation. a apace tor the etarsC,TU,l.daltarbste
ems need Inibelr ..rmasttaeture, mate. them rens
biellnen very Closely: when finished the dbres of
the dote give the appearance of linen to the paper.
They, are veveryetrnag, and'donottar et the butt=
hone. and are the only Cellars so e. O canat. be
turned and erortron - both - sbleir 4 w ant trmbitttan
holes givtur waYhndlite papet tear
Partles purchasing , aolhtrs will ,be eareihl =gee
that rant Collar Is maned npan the insideLook
wood a. Co., faked ; walk fe4o2gatle..llfark of
the Co. a Stu =Candler) mist =ten/ Founts- De
not be enedved brthe 'boars or false representa
tions, but see for yogratlf. .1( the genie Itallt/il Ufa
stamped upon the Inside ea elsava, Ala iiletgesline.
A New tine of Diseinuei °feted to 1611114 n. •
Or Heade ,StreetlitiV ,oir,lo'
19 Fifth fitteet,Tltt
. fluorin' &
Wholesale Agents torLO'cliWnthPs
Cloth Lined anilitirrante - C/1•.
Jars. • _
BOOTS, , sHOE,';, o: ,
00T8, OMB!,
New Cloifang,
Woolen Goods,
Fancy and White • Shirts,
Cassimeres, Over-004rigs,
Cloths, Domestic Dry GooDii, At.
Plante Sale. Day and El-11E114-
T. A. McClelland's
Jro, 55 and 57
No. 67 30obiarth1101.)%reert.
Bank - for Sayings,
- No. 67 Fourth St., .
(Nearly Opposite She Bank orglittaiittrakt.)
OPENI/ATLY from 9 tO-11-I).9lootOlndhaVililli-
NESDAY and gATUBDA:Y. F.V104 - I.llfilirrosay
lot to No bee Ist, 7to 9 o'clock. shd &W
ut to MaLst. sto a o'clock. • • ,
Books of By-Laws, Ms ‘ Osinel
Thts lestltotteit especlallY offer& to. those echoes
earning are limited, Maciportalmitylameasar
by lgoalitlehosits..eastly sad , ti ima,which be
a resource when sad beFlufAsurrt
steatlafremalatagmtprodoctlve, . ,
BOARD prumusacuismb ,
paEsmarr, 41' - -
CA•MIC3'riCiI4R .4;•.**1n*...1f;
Nue razsrimrts. •' • ."-=f"!
H. 11 4 11 TM* . 4 404
'SECRETARY explierrisum;;',sss '
Xl ' 11 4 311 1 402 = 2, 4140Aniti,', -
r t rie_ A T''.- • I 'nu
to.t. s ia . tßig e gatis, -J
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• CHBt9TO HEE zxren,t;.--. - -
r d 1 " , S:
''''COVERNMENr;r. '
Wei 1
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QALIE ,- -rNIEW-e. .7 , IROMPINiti
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marearvistokii thisloa„ , 4,r,
exalf=TOT Jah r ZEWZ A U l tl i i,
entitetr neer; an Ist the- otbrankilentaana
bales. will' be .beld'A ebnk'Clein ,f altik 4.easme
Square Wareboulltd alreptg,.b.e.k. •
ecet,ufClty Har,vp:9lfigitODA,X,...t_beAkba n y or :
.4:4!1°-"°7"41 T 4 C4-": 1"11.
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termination or- sale. • -,-
Trania:Cub, In Goverztmeirrtida, -
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Tax =taco: •DEN