The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, February 24, 1866, Image 1

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10;41 1.. /lardite4 Esurons.
Eir..wejukulOki: Hwang' Korman.
FWAVIDII7 TEX 011311727148130014,1 OD,
So. as roma 'num Pittabturb.
kfolormi Bornort, mull. Der o•
sumo IltDrnox, do.
a 5 ,... 1 by Carrion, IiCkWrING or gpriiiV , l;
r...... 4
r 4 •
QTY maxi
altmeaigmatlale IRedlalne■
, a Drug Store,lioa. 67 and di Fifth •
The President
will be sustained by the people, so will Ss*.
yers Barber's Soap.
Call littatedlately
At 139 Wood street, If yon with to purchase
tura at a bargain.
pltyiek hoe received Petersou for Starch
All the Luting Beek*,
Pagan and Magazines at Pit-toe-Ws.
Aare your Greenback.
By carrying one of Plttock , a new pocket booka
Prince * Automatic Omuta
and Melodeons. "Over forty thousand now
In Me." Cnarlottee Biome, N 0.43 Fifth street,
sole Agent. Send for an Illustrated Catalogue.
All the March 11 1Agazhaes,
At PlttoelcA.
Prints, Gingbanas ae. •
Naar and handsome styles on the northeast
corner of Fourth and Market streets.
C. nARROIf Lovz & BRO.
MI the Irina
Paper, and NOW books at Pittock,s
Heavy Cotton Zu*
POT Steal:about decks, on toe northeast earner
of ilia:tin and taaxket etreete.
C. If • M16:4 Love & BRO.
French Merino - a
Mower Than any other house In the city,
an natal:mat darner of Fourth and Market
streets. C. ithorsox Lorca Rao.
New Dry deeds.
Butted to the 11[4.011, km the northeast corner
of siourth and Market streets.
Popular New
"Come Slug to me Again,ik..."The Noontide
Dream," “Sunlight within my Heart!' For
sale by Charlotte Blume, No. 43 Fifth street.
Julia Daly, Laura Keene,
Ada .11ohic, Sophie Huhn, EoielleErnie,
Jean Hossati, Carrie Moore, and others pno•
topaphs 'at Piteocies.
A Four Left.
Wm. Fleming, No. 129 Wood street, still has a
few seat of Ladies Furs, which he offers at a
reduced price, in order to close oat.
lbalarer't Celebrated Play
Of the Lady of Lyons, this afternoon, And
/din Lauri Keene and the splendid =mess ,
the Wives of Irel tuft', [carded.
A Person
Found asleep to-dap oriPenn street. On arons
the gentleman It was found that ell of his
teeth had been taken from his upper jaw. Dr.
Sill Is supposed to be the perpetrator. From
all we esUa /earn, the person had experienced
no pain. 940 Penn street.
Yard Vilde ;Sheeting . 23 Cents,
Fine phlrtlng Ze. ; extra 'quality and wide
do, 3IXe. ; good teat colored prints, 15%c., all
the rery best makes ^3c at Barkerld Co., 59
marker street.
Neutral Sulphite of Lime,
For preaervbig cider. For sale by Chaska 5n
par,Drligiiiit, earner of Penn and Clair
meets, Fittatairgb.
(Arent &ale
Of Spring and Summer Dress Goals, end will
offer, 15Mrumeneing thaday some,sofiworth
of Dress (}pods, embracing almoit everything
roonlrett, for the emutug season at such pries,
as will command their fmthedfate . sitie at liar
& Co., 50 Market street.
The ittaarte of Hoecews • 1/,
Galvanizes rebels Into patriots, speculation
Into enterprise, and Impudence Into genius,
and colder its magical influence, vice Is mls
.taken for virtue, and ignorance sometimes
'panes for knowledge, offered as a stock text,
from which we would- like to hear sermons
from all the pulpits In the country, thrul—"Go'
not drink, do not smoke, do net - "larder, do
not Ile, do not cheat, do not steal, dolma gam
ble, be just, be getter/ma fear not, love your
fellow men as well as God, love truth, love vir
tue, use Roback's Bitters and be happy.
Coming .on from Montreal to Portland,• had
• 'nought a love of a silk etches former place, and
otter entering the cars, a officer
naked her If she had anything that required
eseir!iination t Very Innocently she produced
bar valise the mid slik lying In her lapalltite.
while dime up in COSMO brown paper, and
asked the omeer to hold . that parcel while she
exhibited the contents of the valise. The in
nocent victim, not snspeeting that common
looking pastel of being, an offender, allowed:
her to go on her way rejoicing.. l'he lady al
zerwards determined to patronise. l i rrrocio
Whose goods she knew were the beet and
hUapest In the City.
Give Nature a Lift.
People expect too tench of Nature. They
ride with their health and their constitutions,
no then they are surprised that theyfail sick.
The pressure of constant mental or bodily
abor upon the animal tiowers is tremendous.
Very few systems and constitutions can bear
up against Itils'preesure unassisted. Add to.
ehts.the unhealthy influences which lurk 10 . 11.-
*MID thentrwe breathe, the Water we drink,
the artificial beat With which' we endeavor to
alums away the cold and marrow,seatehltig
molirture or Winter, and It would Bakal° re.
quite aluicat• superhuman vigor, to keep In
,perteenhaqta at this rigorous season without
reltlfOrettig the physical energies.
But bOw reinforce them t Certainly not with
adulterated :stimulants There- is no poison
in the .outer' Air, or In the atmospherenf
Dane heated rooms, or workshops, orfactories,
so pernielous as those deadly-burning fluids.
Wny use them, when
a vegetable tonic without alloy, are every
whwre obtainable. Nothing has eVer:beell of the fee le and debilitated so barrel
tees to its nature, ao Cr al In Us Inihmra
ttagalSeeta, cuff Iseelebrated
. ' MOUS( 10 Lap .11.1.TZ74.114142. .
in the army nd the-navy, In new settle
manta; and in crowded cities, by old and
young, TIM and poor, it is used as a
Pllo7llo=lol AID4I.IIOTORATSYN ingrocuk
with the most gratifying results.
Heetetter.• Bitters •
Art sold khoiaaale and ratall at very lewratea
at rastalare Dreg and Patent Medletualiepot,
No.& Market street„ corner of the Dterecuid
&ad mirth stmt.
stirisiali innate tioods.
-It is with great pleasure ire can the often•
JYtt ofdar reader' to the subpart) stocitoilfait
mud Wtotar Goods lost received by Mr. John
Wider, Marabout Tailor, Wo. ltelfullaridstrest.
.nthapasar. stfr.k =Mania some of the
, socet. bumtlful Cloths, Caunnems, Overflow
wags sad Vellums" aver brcmstbt to the wintain
ildwitet. • Els assortment of Prundaptug 439045.
itOolyrbrlnir ehtrta, Drowfon, Mahan IfilekTfol.
to.; cannot De surpnoox mum
or ;rat. A pry* stock of ready mad Penis
Coats, Vests mad Ova/coats, wlll also be Zooid
ble eabitaberMilint; Pomo= in want of any -
Mug Lb the clothing. itaa , abduld not fail to
eau Mr. Wafer a call.
Portals amd itorthea. - •
thoning from ont of Was of
b th Oka as he Jun from Araby
fbeßbat Whoa= realm such bucthattona
So red o,. thaw, to pepeorat• them, to
ttm month aboard , of Daub mth rubtOw. Asull
avarY Egli A ipinM Of butane., MI you bane
to do, fair ladtha,thbansa thatammthi j i as we e.
tibia Produrgcth, aoroarnit.
Tamosial w Parry la (:!ii„;,
sqvgiao bias soden. and DealetitiAtuar.
eta ittetioPraelatis Palm- =co lit Alma.
d•r Lagghlik , a =near this - Water. Works Pitts
burgh, Pa. itaahlgare, X 0.78 Pike street.' Or,
Om valuta, attealidto. "AU vicaliwarrant.
ed Vatic groat. Itetialrini Ogle at the thart.
est notbse. charge OirruPloricPrords4..,_
resets not abused atter.- bind
earpenten jelthiseg inhop
Mining returned after 'an abettnea. falthrite
Years In the an my. I Dave, reopened tershop
far W win of pekoe .ht tae; ause t ter us* .
at the old stand. Pit= nitantwitantfit,apath=
Cold attest and IlhartrAlflY,"
„,„1 iii, iici Ti ii;ii , ~ A eir lib/M . 76C i4ottred ontna a •gt: ion to
I ---
ilia - ---- 4
A Prie
... has introdueed the and emcee 10 1111 open spacer& frontal the I tho Itns ynion , ;or Owl Statew,'(Great &plasma)"
or thle Gov......ernznant re-
Latighingtias In this community, turning theieroalfUr.til,ll..,mxxeCitlze.,. - tu ,, _ 1
heads of the peopie wild, that we (this vim ei..111---464--5•L0,..th5017.64
~ 7 - L , tie( mi : .......,, ,
~. iiineeadseeedaterbebiCadditimi,
lent body,irtli let no other person to ke the I "'The Vfositlent - selen dilute , hlt 7 ip l' iii .- - vry
(----'," ,:" -'-'
. .
gun iiiSolo,l' 1 -and sr met with an entit
_,,..reoeption.: -..s.°eVltti.tiliUtiiCe4tllyttiiir;itivili
1 "'" : - and , POwer,
Re/cared, That we mention the ruination 4, 'NW etteaterlb- far - '''
' .' - .14.L188-Wrzilai.,,,Jelli': litiftelteftele4lliftle
has brought upon our craft. Before he intr& sirightt z •Yent-it<eiliti-rtirtrati-;74 - ,? ,001P1e, , , ....,,,,,,,,,..xemett„....,..idi11nr,„Larir...th5tr lin.
I tee who has .cenduefAxl and orgentient." .:be,...4,,,, - ".. '......' 7°4. !*!..7.:.•"'“°"i'fr:!l,l
nutted the Ban , our patrons would set down i
and have a tooth extracted without taking , =gfrr.-ifaher'cUilplenntaentaadanderrip7roata.baron : s l,--i i.00.,... "11417 0e5 . 7' en .....5 e ..s.oeires.:tersora,,*,.-AVref"- ....4°-,1
anything, It did not matter how much pain I they have manifested iii .their"persorsl ad- IrTni-,-r,„7-,„„,1e(,-„,- - 1',....-;, -- "',,,,," - -% w,, ~: ` ;:l
was given ; and thinittithiare is not more than I dress to myself and la, the resolutions titer ti0ru,.... ---- ---„ii..-- -,,----,,--,- L.,4,
nineteen out of twenty i or whom it can be bare adopted
to Na = - a d . a ~,.. ' ' ~,,., ,j;.„ - ' I Presthlatiir ' the UniteL - ', -- "l . 4l — ad -7--.
said have no pain under the bewitching Gas; It la extremely iratiiing;to tajts to.k ,"Kje; that ve reEfon Wi th KM 1411003 h:3 We Wii oo. 4lo;
Still they leave us end go there.- Thajt . ttvo n .,, I s:. large a portion om e renew effuses r ent tbefoonditinnotaindea, sad isuep,mer e i
1 .. „wag.= will be , seen by ibe . Mb". of
f Prove Ria. eadoftie Thepottcy.that has been i galtdatle2e F-114,,etrin8W!!':/"151„r,,, *0202'
ndopted .t . and _ie intende ,t..r, _ -- . --- ' ------ ---- --- - - -
Ll* ola - uat body, who expelled Ur 941 fr I •"` • - a ' °e
..its bast.
, eine „s ring In Sharensborg. The cbambermald, a colored woman, name
Press, and that It would
lidi e f d a in bette b r aß teport of tint eon i The "Denser brother had iteuried this so- , and residence unknown, lOst ke m
finnadn:amdatg,hrtaeiru,uhubtulitthlr's ri d tz i p d ttly u h r ten. J
curried oat. _- k, !ey - en aho tien .. ,„, had ktnended ,i)nr.Cele
ks Oldo, gdAire, w ife ,
lf?lfeets w , of it a res ° 7, 3 l;
rom 1 That poicy - rfia . e'been one Whit% Waa Intended ittiZteam,'"7,,e,t,„,t."44,,,,s,,„Bll"merY•intht Ittli.l.„, • Weelfirrngton-.ll'Whe res:listlon. rns be eit n t:". -Frook Gordon I ves arreeted at hie home, in place, were in the cabin, and were all loot
thesociety without girl ng him a bearing to to reetore the St.:lnoue maim of the States, 'l l h li t a r -- c ,,ar t 7, --",. -,...._-•-"”s"--5555.54 ' ... r
Slmrpor burg, n • here about smo worth of the There was a family of deck pemengers on
and theirorigittal elation/ate the Gorenneent • °ln' s. 41 PrOnoe#T . 1 *id given him en- endidS' tbe consideration of the bte the goods, were also found. He had a regular re- board, named Van Meter, (Germarna,) consist
defend himself.
I of the United State*.
e renstitation on the *date*[ of reoresee- 1
aaurigemein,ana in npreitneenlettfl- rning hour expliedrand therunendmethr o 1 tellers !teensy, and this Is probably the way ing Of father, mother and chit
children Of
Meld. fa the tti tele Said Wheetbe
Reunited, That In case these debt:montane do 1 This seems to be a day Dec nliarly eppropel- mea,...daeth.
u the Father tlii n o
f woo
ht s CTuun'tdrl-1 gilitiriirtliselli I or pretty nearly all. lam in fever of ritrum/1-, gl ich;
anti- on ale person ,
111 ' il P i l l t hhi Ge in t was lost. Ile was a
clety who' advertises It, that We will ad- at the head of this Goverrunent Then all the CanatitutiCel _if there .Waill inonligte tied le the flZll : lllllll t el le t Nisf i rieV e Fe w st ' un i i i ' The parties we re arrester! by officers H;leek pas%nger. ""
n 3. '
' 'l a i d ll inntod. Said I, What b i ts
- ague, W
Preside. *. -". - - --sd to take up the resolution for: Wrigley and liarry These three officers, In Leonard alter, (or Walther,) Wife and two
minister the gas in order to*** der busineye, { the** States ordered this Crow% T i tt o irtVl l, l I hatcrh e ,yu cc , l a b ored ackr. w ca,' ~,,'
ssion to
to members °mil I cam an with officers Scott and Moon, found children, are missing. They were mov lug and
though it Is our honest faMreletien that we 7-l Ai l lin e t r i al el ri t S 4 l 4, Sr tes, -4 otnPded ra by 4 the e ' I b"81°1164 PP ' ? Teartl' utP.-
1 a small portion of the goods at the boardhig : sal all their effeete on boar. Residence not
should never be put to that trouble, believing, , Father of his Country, 4Orge Washington- Ware
, t
great o cal d tr ir y e s w il been
topresent,et e entined to reeresentotioa
an opposed Um motion on the I house o r the younger Gordon. The burglars known.
lie "°° • thel "1 " 1 "t /4 t ' atf One steP (ill Ovole' lliVitl i iii h e ° l B l *. esi j g: u o e t Ills city bout is lof these States inthet tinder the It could not be thirty and calmly were breught lino the city, and urn at present Tbree-fourths of the pessengers and crew
1 wheeleVii free
the present thnecthe proposition In the watch house.
were seen tolioup Into the river, La order to
science beyond chloroform and ether, though , government-WaShington, who woo , croa m i at telly Wereibeforo. antotald /,-
nor intended to operate as, ma I About nfteen him dred,lcd and
worth of goods amen from the flames, which spread with
, wmitenienditlent da yaw Tee*
we have never Used it nor seem It used. ' pence, tiest ili war, fleet in the hear*. of his fie thought tharhabael i t bo la si tirned the declaration of point- , are yet to be recovered. Among the good ß , greattraplditr
Reunited,. Thai we regard otiritelree as her. ! c"nataguria-lth4,l=.PleNchtniglittift..o:4ll,ldift ' del to UM...... - Cenentution,Lithlch I rased in the other Mune In the I found, are one (toren tine French calf eklno When the fire broke math(' paSeengers gore
,eitement„ , ye a senate ought , ser oral pairs of boots, some Jewelr knlyea all asleep, and there being no time to dress
lug been verietneidershoit Melded in allow- is the common Inheritance of - al. who lore free l al ttle'S'''""4"s."aen" *lna tine Utah - nese of Congre,,, I and forks, plated spoons, and oth er '
attacis they went ashore for into the wiper) In their
ing Or. Sill to get so tar In advance with tins government. , sentetlyes telat2r_incts tight
r em or get ting into a political hOt ettilanki bylidr.,..tiehOWall. Vie Gordona nfeht clothes-.
, 1, toelar, had the plensnre of 6t ho
the -thmr,....-0„....... the ,ileedteinwee rem the Preeident and-Cone-re. will - ffrobablybe e retained to-day , Idr. , Cl. C'. - Blending', Ibe,seeMitroleek nested
Has, but since he bas, we Intl threw all the I National Waaltington , Assochttlon, which is ~•--,,,„,-;-=,„..-2 ..„--..,,_------1,-- V Committee the last sernhin 'tea '' s. 'i--41-na.......:,_____,,,_ , ss , s MOstiltendeSNY, antlivas -OW dOtibt themettris
available stones we cad lininellini. And if , afrecting its efforte tocomplete the monument soh,..---e,,...,,,,,,,------ Ist *maul o shells* rArbins ~ 4 Dew J. , ..=, ,,,,, ,, 5; , , , , , orJoratogmanytirem gligardi r esellif hie Own
by Dr.
Sil l
the narrouref the pemems who erected to hts memory. I wan glad to meet it, - ~,,- ' - --e n n - --, and— ;
lentil* in-ebareewbus
~" - - ...csic . . - w- -- " - - -. ' . gaiety, Le retuned to leave the boat when the
have experienced pain, White under the Intim- , P uTtA:Veteft a e r .' 3 l , ll.`Vettitggent` h irlw, t m,,Y; tpongt h ,„„„„ltu, tiona:i!Tl6i ,, 4l , .e, tot 1 tho Be th,gre findne- I , ni .. .,... d g i t roll - hand, was are broke out. went haok, waked • up all the
i Ito i mom= of the if„ . ,,, ui "Norge r ranels rain, at the St.. passengers he could find, and Whdn the means
*ace of the gas, does riot, turn their heads in ' erected within a stone's throw of tbe spot from ' 'ia - ccr - """ o ;,,,,, doc y., aa ,' o oso , o _
0 , ,,..
tdoption- Cif i l.7terllollltheir„e Mild Miles Hotel text Peening eight o'clock, of safe retreat were cut off, he came near
the right directiati, we will - too *mettle:re I address you. Let It be completed. , o h -- tiztvin 7:„Ritirzumr.,—".4,67` to nettling, enCh henSerWht f
losing hie own life In swimming ashore from
a vust crowd ems assi.mbleal In front of the
whi c h pledgee which all the Spite *meta- lof it width pravideSiter ill' ei re of the election rerun* 'Miff
the stern of the boat.
Reaolred, That the - publishing committee „u n u a n u
, a n u
u d
of tt r te t ir
icr i drv a e d idged in teat lay tam,
e for nth. aims. ion .. Pf Ile mmbers, and would es
ter do as it saw lit 'hotel, and fond erne for IHr Train brought the In fifteen the
after the fire broke out
i Irrept essible orator to the balcony, who asked ' the boat was completely envelOped In nature.
*hail take a cOpy Of these proceedings to the Union, be preserved L% l lt be coin- 1 t h ig h ''''" 'kW 1 1 1 1 / .
a said 11000.11 e.! op tile hiOiriPn for whom the serenude w. Intended I , ' There were upwatds of twO hundred barrels pf
family of Dr. Sill to show that our sympathies Anted; and le, this connection let -Me Er ..,,,,x..=ula t ie .uare,,,it of the greatest inn- ,
tries , oil on deck, and a large lot Of enipty , barren
refer to the motto upon a sto sent from ' '
~ ~,,,., '
tented that there was any desire anssered the honor was Intended for hint. ' in the bold. These. together with the infirm.
are with them In their suddenly blighted and ra ,. own 5,,,,,,. G nu id„. c s tate c hi aa boa , teh re gati---• -55. KO I =s
e' thlitWhYner rI: tag 'reel between the president and I teas Team one
te declaring that he I niablecbanneterof the boat itself, served toren
disappointed hopes, In the loss Of position as f i ruggled for the yomervetion of he Dolan ' co s y,* oh d- aelbl alla a i i „ il said he thought now nas the , a ;
der the destruction rapid and complete. The
President, red standing In tae dente/ proles the field and the erminellB o ne, the nation- pleinreto bgtOPPlreeed with timed moss the queetion. Ile thoUght n t .grirt . 7B4ll: r e nt rett e a t: latwltge'7, '",{l, l Trt° f scene was appalling, and the screams of the
Mon - motto Is inscribed on that stone I stand ' ah c y came here to partielpete in
by that sentiment and she is willing to Mend ' ~,,,,-,; „., ~,, aid he no more Impoginit I init irge mold do an to bent T ra ce .
women and children, on realizing their bar
ter the senate and I use 1 i 1 „ ah , 0 „,,. h i * i s, ,- o tips MI poeitlon, were heart-rendering In the eX-
Reactred,-That all railroad cars drne nby by it it was Ow sentiment enunciated by the 47, : i t i i i,re 44 " tr Y W " tin et
nation to to whether they Kara cc. „lac' • d " ; r 4 1 friends time.
'teen] 4 bidreeitae to carry human passe niters Intiporral Altdrew Jackson, eThe 'Federal ; that h oar
' nttiruoTenoirliliov"Pe yin relation to the condlito Ista .0
T Lo u, so uu, ll toes denounced RIM- Hr. it. laardner, a reiddent on the Virginia
Union It must be preserved '.
States. if Congress 14 pie lee ured for IPsin nu- xhore, saved mane person* by picking. them
lest some person might be hart and no one to lair Johnson then referred briefly. to the con ,OM Utast nOtgatitteipata In tea " le
„ L ., 1 Lien ity. Ho ulludetl to attacks made ton li from the water with Dile skiff which he
blames. And much more -the people shall dam of General Jammon in ISMI denounced art . , tehetie,MlTAPY,
:4 1 , forof 4,. e fiT e n % l 4a i ,? r n,4 , s e. tes ts - r I hint n the Pittsburgh Congress or Conven- k P ent 1 ta t e , '
a Dom This vans the slime' for an outburst. It ja " 'am •' " e '
support us who remain 1n the soelety because , traltrays . all 5
e ho u n ro t
it ttetatatiestidtlgerdmlrtaOirte t t0 : 0 r...44 rat ,am
nowhimmim.,_., . . r.0. te now it before discusslng the Coil- wax evident the leaders 01 the Congress wer r. Hugh New ell, another resident, was en
a „, i',`", 0 ttettonal amendment. Ile did not believe 1 ,,,,.. ch , ii , f o ,„ an, ocootood to , i 1
, I 1 ceasing in ids efforts to cOntribute to the
we are worthy of support, whether we ire e ~Th u h " ,l,7l , t 1,," country r ht „ he c himathuh , h ° kursued Gy me trader bin anistibils - fftf
,' * trieteptors were too numb excited to discuss , n al, b oard Ay I are a rout wante of the survirnes--takinit them to his
r ra n endeavored lo
laughinwircis or not.
. fie thought , ill consnering the question of re- , h"1114%,-,.4.711...„,11_,,,,,,..b..At a j,,J",,, - 8 1 . ' page Lien calmly
Pris house, furnishing thorn with clothing, eta
Re:plied As this is thedrst meeting for six construction, We 5110 aid net della With , ki.Pride l i c e gyw I.6psirio-re ,0,11,17",,,,,„ I ,- /IIV, B orman, in reply, thought the events t ,e,e,r,,,do'ciuc,„,i°,°'rehig his Idea but the tumult TheaccOmmodations beinginsufeetent °nine
he people in a spirit of revenge ~,,,, ~,-...., P
...,.._•-• ot yesterday there too fresh In the menory Of --.- -----.
R at that he eould not be heard l, _ , Virginia Chore the sufferers were inch ferried
months at which we have had enough to do Ca t South d acknowledged its singlet:lee --'' "''' ''''''''" a " Ile? w4r411 " 4 1 4 " 1- 1 """ theseame rs net t e car e sonic ing,,,,,,,,,. 4 , 0 ,0 . 2 &rent or 1 lolonoo wore made allrein true. over tris',East Livererel, In skid's, where thee
business, that we be nnanimone and when we to the Government, and he was ready to opeii I ....„......hlottlisee,end.there isnot a principle of him le 1 theetta and thought it well to anon- that in- fdt , i , i i iiisn . r , f) liai u t d I *ore of oxen.' individuals, were frilly presided with clothing and Mmes.
bare turned the achln from theyamp that we ' the doors ha d t Union, and reelfore theta to '' I= ". 4
t e restoration of the Delon that) fitien eto pass- He would ro c
tie mid there is ne w i° have ' ' le/Jerre& The war to no t IthP Sen C. would t 4 - 11 . eI r lb *" "h e Threats It ere als "
0 lit ecru I be perfectly at his ea
o made nutmeat Hi Hefter
no. Messrs. J. Thompson ACo , Jackson & Alien,
will adjourn in peace, until some other dia- , thou former i h o , r , -n i zr l - ,, egrions.
1 herder than rb - ply open me, bin . It tampon iny.giedgeemier ,
ate to a.. , atee bet ate calmly . , until the ex
, moment of the pest few dips Judi delappettr- d another flrln of East Liverpool. name on
ward lion all this In blood was engendered " y I (
We of knelt ;not being .• known, rendered most valuab a
set cloth. cause.
hare the principal crouscio. and intelligent r h h,
- , ed. This measure was brought fore ard nu - in 1 -e n ongaonee or beteg eery prompt In furnishing shoes, cloth.
trailers brought to juetlee and to have the vs tried te,l o myth:gr. and i.kno w that de . ., oirooromoooo.
:Pore! it, ~ ' eith er of ile a fro tons , bid thh. we tnew, that ~ , et ,
I some are enriortt and Jealous, and speak of I '
law Vindicated While coriselaus, intellirt
„„,-- , other House with debate, under feelin -' s e
o the distarbanen of the serennde was not Jas. ' Tire pilots, iteasrs. Abrams and Gordon, and
traitors are to he punished, should'. w the at.-NL,,, , t , unt .„..."..T., 1 / 1 1 , 1,!nie.,, r ,„ ...__"4. Influenced by the Veto eleatage After fu-r- tined by anything apparent to the public, and the first engineer, Air MIMI. Dentrar, weroon
States and conumanttks be made to submit to ca • hia„-,, Thoicor,a, -, Wic - aar i n i 7r o ,; oo 7,7,,e / ther debate, dir. Doolittle arose to eorreat a um; as u, greet a breneh of deeorum as-n e hat e notch at the Dane, and escaped ny swimunng
and bear the penalty ef death f Let them ho.
'''''' statentent. that tho President teemed tp " l ei '' 'lra veil fOrtnall3 It tint .
lutes upon tiny Individual ern this consitry, ,
mime loyal and willing supporter/nand defehd
tathlngretes the eight to Ind,* Or the qnaifd-
The Winchester was a spiendie new able
atorrooch leas tipow- tne than Upon these Wig.
era of our glorious stars and stripes, and the
• tepees 4 )1'111mM/era and the richt of rm., Gxmoakilly A sonerlation. wheel packet, built expressly. for the Pitts.
constitution of our country. l. et their I ati atirtelknig abotlt it. The difference between , 1 .,,a h l h , ~,h , „ . th k b . s -"` "
..,o a mi n t trn State,, He did The exhibition of the Gymnastic Associa„ burgh and Parkeraburg trade, and this was
O '' the 'little that Sufecee far my Mormon, anti
Judge /Reins.
rs the conscious, intelligent traitors suffer
her , first trip. She left our *hart on Tuesday
Secretary or Averican
the le .
New Cork, says
' the' pen nlty of the hos. nut tor the greet mass habit, rind =Ore than enough has no chores*
~,, ,I,l,7;r h `g,j . Rn f h . h th it i ling - with **mar ,. o
wad ,
Don in Wilkins Hail,. Tortsdaylovening, pins las , anal wan on iter return woes the terrible
There Is emphilleally but one Sewing ila- ; s Ito have been !creed into this rebellion and ' 0chigarra,Thw,.„,,1",,,,,,W1,0,nn,,,,°e°°,,,,ge1a5,te.,„"w1„„erhe„,,14.." , *led to'order by 1 0 1- 7TAnrbrin, on ih e gr ( Caung a brilliant success. Thu houso tr. Densely calamity of her. She had about two
chine, and that Is Wheeler & ',Wilsn' lan ' misled bY their loaders./ soar show them boil- ;7, Wi,i-A----i- ti4, --- ey -- 'iviiyui ant n Senator °trims.] to linking inp the reso- peeked from door to ceiling byyooventng ,
oar moat
re- hnndred tons of freight on board. The boat
itre, trust tiers. wraith-pee s The r ~,,c a , ', oak ` ood• 0 MU Mtn.
was owned li) Andrew Ackley, George
tberoughly satisfied of tine feet, and hare it ,- I
, hellion put down In the strong torn of the 1 - 1,, - ...„...' „ - i" - (Great applatiae4 /
'1 MITA% I.4,4o.inribaullserass 4e o tx r risious Thc
, pectable eitirens Th • I
e. x 111,11.1°ns of agility , D iriecr e , Asa Shepherd, ,Captairi I - and Daniel & s an e ., Li... without Li ii I
entay pmenaseo one tonally own family . (;overn mm . I, but we are searcelt out of one h.,- ''''''-',,,,,,,.•",„1°.r;et..T.,e, Igg-th oc io r o L oo n,,,,T,, o _gegli c e question mu Nca t tate i , ;,,,. pc,„:1,,,, by the performers we re roil}- arm. ing, end I Bloore, (clerk i She war. • ulned Mon and , ph e li c '..
to r etr 3 csteralat made oath be
_______.,,,_ ;-___ refs Won before we are almost In tho midst of / ~: ; ?,: 0; ',7,,,,14," : o0 i'ora 4:autalion „:1,717;,;„ httliSidenatlon of therenerarrent resolo. in some use.,
e s meet; . e n' aa ,-.0.„ ana ...y",7 i i .. 9'd 'or 4.. ..uu° '" ter "' ginn ing [lifts- ' fore Alderman Tayierr, charging Frank
fillesita/ Dialpielte 'of Ling's anoint.: Tls • re Is an atteinpt Co ettneeattrate c; cd u , c ti a . • . Carried : Yeas in. Nays 19.
afor e
Government la the nmataaf aLaa W." a aaa P ta " a °a l . OM' • r : l'earteaden took th• floor on the ' e.olo-norgh onntuoiles Western, err , • MonOngn
p often° ner maid well bear ft rent! , held, ; Citivena, 111,010; erchants and Reacher with selling ligitor without licence.
srdaaa, r cid:r,,, , , PO! sales by Linters%
..iir,„r4c,„.l ~.11‘ t ..- a' Etafog.Slieos. v don.'
..&. t„te, -ft'T'lPeoP ...iourd,.. l4 "re 1" Int thaeit. wen late,lntentiost of Con- ...creed [nerves si r Ti e perform.. i ere not , Han baranif,,,; Cath,11 1 4000; Allegbenyf . A " reel ° Wan iB'"ed for Braahara arras[
• —,.,...,....„.„..a.t . SVlßtmegrrobratilyp,ritalirldhvteorar by 441 rase —A....
acne tier Mrthc ertansmgetw o r ~,,,an. .nb.lect.tonefies revltatio. ' Many of 1r ICAO ; esbnlea. 03,M, end Plttalmegh,lo,ooo.,
maintaln ire province*
I with seperation. Sometimes, revolutionetutet
members till they had eased rn law for the the feats were emu fey ything we have ever
I lleampms to the people are effected Without let wilwt " 4 b 7 tae ennellbllleni °I atir il4ll itb i s ' ilesion of the raintliern i ttaim. This n Moro ed 1. th tn t a hats. 'Lrralm"TrAtt
ers thinigin then 'marvels faUi though fection ,
Jioti t ee l.°: I
. h r i m j .
n a . TL a a ,r, aura , ra ,,, ' Among the possengers orr board the
,Win- , E 3M1 91. - elkt P T C : a ° Kiri n . .ItrT.P'ar li'F'grfiln
' h din b orl-the gendarme of a thic-
I :ret e tnetThe taken away, learn one Uniform '" u " taa rein • VIM" ( ail;
and" iri hl riinsilitnerl==e % i n ger u ta C t 2u
e t
c gra, h;helt,:i dou " bletra4ge " single mi l d ;tona ' . a M fi t ci a n wl
c ' eltese, was Mr. E. T. Steel of the Item ot W. i-,
a emit. 'aim suss SOPniE s a STA tivianD. ell orDsldwia
and shadow. One find that, in Lt, 4an trre- I ern°4—kiligiic% .lib...L....4.liliTricm =a2.94 general Distances. ' P 1 lance exercise, tnmoling, balancing, &c. n ''' 'J. steel a Brotherir. - !Weft . entreat, who I, tosoohle, Allegheny county, Pit. No card..
lane kindly furnished WI with the following
sponalblecentral directory. nearly elf the/saw. r t ii.7. o : d , „ ti r% 4 l ea. :t: 0 a z u i l i o lr a a 1 Ile referred at soMe length to the action In ' Too much prase cannot be bestowed upon
the cane of Epuism aa es pertnelarny ,ppli. , the Connultteeof nnuelgersund for the excel- "r t :,,,, I. Waken ed
w ,... a ro
ere of the One
are ssumed ; Without the chief ark of OneMK4--tis tlui ponartuiro
broke out, and )
even consulting the Legislative or Executive of our Mill and our reUgtone liberty. I cableth support of fate present resOlutiOn In lent end onlerly mannet in shish everything wee awakened by bearing a noise and bustle I/ALM/lA.-on Thursday morning, re Inn.. at
Departments of the Government. Hy a redo- Yes- lama clins tO It as the mariner elln ,„ . defence Of the committee, of which be was a was voedocted.
Eat I &toll alter beard the Second I o'clock Ais ROBERT JAB son or ea
Intion reported by a cOmmlttee upon whom „, th .; h hirhphmk ,. han the ,„,,, h* **au* yds.: member. be quoted frqra the speeoh of the So great WWI the slieeete -w hen Exhibition, lon 1 4 /A m / ,
j ane pA t , i 1
per roes ng t a passengers wad crying I I, to venrx.sed 4 loontlw.3". "a
all the legislative power or the Government i 4 0 ..... d ham. Lo rr o , go aim fro . President m reference to tbe amumption of the Committee have been duce,/ en repeat it
ant Dca
le m m ß pedout ß of my
i b r erth,ll , : e poth. !: Fun Mau the .eslitence et his parents. No HI
has been conferred. that principle fn thereon- IWe Drat, .4, „ cid . * to th . rutur,t4reji,e, ter by the irreepontdble central directory On Monday evening next,n an entirely li l tire '
stttutionlwhichauthorixes and ompaireiticath
without °Consulting the legindative or exec new programme will be presented. It Is n g ( in osier a dre. era, tatitg VArthalli Stem% on BATt • nDAY. at aotelala t r. w.
hralleh of the legislative department to be 1
endeavor to restate otir GOrertlntent 10 its Live
cc my vest,tpocket book and watch, went back to lime Intend. or the f if are rem full i
nye branehee Of the Govermnent ""
doubtful whether the hall Will be capaclo
ptirity treating in HMI who Is higlkinat who
the rate.. I could find no doer open, and ' ' „_._ ion f . Peet r welted to
judos of the cloon and qualifications of Its
Ho th ought the President could ' herrn h enough tO accoMtnodate the nadlence that had nothing with whirl; to force adopt , being i ' -* " . "° 4 -
I e4 " 114. ' 4l here bele ' w lbet ere 144f.hrr osnaldered with the tu r P av !
will assemble.
. asiwis
own tnemberst, been elrtalally taken away from , u n i on w in hi , m o ored, a id h , ~,, ~,,, tare . na re o the resole
In my bare feet A young mau ;tame to me
conferred Upon •eum- , „ c „,,,_ ,
m th ittee asp d , e w Pa hri girill s rep l'n o d rt Ireton , they Can net , „,,,..7,7 hot ell W 3 „ le „ hi .. of 41 , * , U oti n n i A i i e j u i;d e u r a tre ruo ss i tt7i w The ou c e esolu ro ti u o i s
u --
71 7 m ilia l e
Orl ' 4 tYstt°m3:Ytchth w ei c iro h r " e l e 'e , ttlowasr
, 1 srith boots on, and kicked my door through. ------,-,--. ----__
under the Constitution and allow members I * 7 - 41,, - ,,.,,,-- e h Tzi i r.ritra wlt r a .,.."g 4ll "rts 1 fora Joins Coninilltee of fifteen to P Inquire ease, the role laid down in the programme I climbed down on the Lop of some oil barreuls,
d there found several wom n ' IarIiLLDALE • CENEETEIre..KiI ina
duly elected to to take their Bests. By this , %N o r -, „ century . 6. 5 7,6 2 ~,,i, • i ," 1 info the cendltion of the late rebellious Suites that every one keep Ids seat and not obstruct' ' c ° ll li 'Arl
dre l l' • ring for asentance. The xi .
rale they assume that, there Mist he 1 4.-4
- ahont tsa r e, imilront and ytin will End ono report by bitter otherwise, wilether any the view by standing "tip in frent." There I
1 night wee dark, and the smoke was yet so I i,,,,,a'r,.",,,,1,T h r,,Li0taw-Ist, oegttee,.. of,,,gispe...nitureig
d and there Melt be A rceossitlott tat I a -
g=l to Stan* in the Union ia all ite I be hiMbl°l44lvl"2-1 wh4 " 1 " 4 " 45 bele" a"rengtfititlifetnhlreere "titic ernrad re rs,, P n r rr e rgo tati" g: aro,otnrgiontailpooTioergclinsool° g° 'IL". know siensetlutt / could not see the shre, tuul could 1 'city, iiiitte-lirwYn iteia.n°l4.—Abinti
you weeping over Its final dissolution.
shall be thi t iiittee rt wc
sec bet a little distance in any diet:Mie. 1 quietest Berta! Lots will apply at Malta Meerut '
practical relations re
heloTe the rear- '
, '"'"
. ,
' several of the passengers throw over empty kint's *Deo *the Cemetery. Mtn Deed Perw
tire Homes of - Congress. under the Const tn. '
„...4.....".„*. . 3 itmonn, 111.r...F enterelea read frem tbe President's New Marriage nw.-meetius of the , 01l barren and then jumped in, /*ping to I end sli Otherhannen will be ttanderito 4etheDrie
talon, shall Judge . of the *!"N a tion and flitittliica-
Wing that theiltdea had I entity.
save themselves by
was, to the biurels. I Flgeholout of tha inirl i irld i center 01 ream]
tire of Its own =anthem. You have been I atißlirlifa AO ". inteireflit njrapOrge4to /
g out of the Polon'
mad Leseeek streets, Lite enr.
struggling tar tour years t rf n t down rebid-
___, 1„......_ that e still maintained shat theory, and that ersuant to public mill, quite a number of throw over a couplof barrels. myself, ,
le A. SEELY.
Hen. Yon denied In the ing that any
eachchwyccd ra.occcroo
swore I did.---______
State bed the eight to go
it it has been I Asa air thi-pti,:ate—&o4-inniaoaL, obedlence,, they should he restored to their lln the Lecture 1101nnof Dr.
church, , 11:: Jump shore
denidod that to State nes ir berthe right or
1 former raletions.
W power to go °nlithe Ititlit=nel when I
, Mr. FesSenden argued the rit s ttl
.. : . :If Congress on Penn street. on F
we have settled that by the tire and
' to 'litanies ••••
military power of the flovernMent, and by the
pubileindgment- "''
C. FLtreon Loved-Rao.
Neutral Sulphite of Lime,
for preserrag . eider. Par elite by Cluirles.
Super, Druggist; conief of Penn end St. Clair
treats Pittsburgh.
street, futeinnsh.
Dliziets. Almanacs', SerpeUle.
At Pittoekii t opposite the Post Mlles.
ladiana Valois State Convention.
h. U nion State
Convention met at to o'clock A. M. ' Maj. Gen,
Lew Wallace was elected temporary,. Chair
man. filis address deprecated a division, and
urged harmony. Alter the appointment or
committees on permanent organization and
resolutions, the Convection adjourned chi
'o'clock P. M. •
The Convention reassembled at two o'clock
P. M. The Committee on permanent organ
ration reported Governor. Dater President.
The Convention then nominated the foarraing
State ticket : D. R. Williamson, Attorney Gen
eral; C. Fronster, Secretary of State; L. b, Mc-
Carty t Auditararbi ajor_G metal' /Mathias Kim
telibublia r; P. on tF : Pass, Superintendent 1
The resolritions adopted declare full faitn ln
President Samson and his' Cabinet,- and the
Guam members of both Home of Congress,
In the sincere desire Of all of them to Conduct
the.affairs,Of the Government : In such a man
net as to secure the bestinterests of the whole
people, anti we truly declare that we will stut.
Arlin them in. all: coastal:atonal, efforts to re-
Vpeat*, order and permanent union.
et second resolution declares that In Al:.
drew Johnson we reoovdte a Patriot true and
tried, end - will thistat'hart in all constitutional
efforts to restore the authority,law and order
among the people of the States lately in rebel
lion on a basis of equal justice to all men, and
that we the administration, execu
tive and lesedalative, our mated and hearty Co
op eration Mall wise and prudent measures
devised , far; the. security of thetGovernment
against rebelliOn'arid inearreetion in time to
come, and while endorsing the President, ex
presses entire confidence in the Union major
ay In Congress.
Bern/red, That theprovince of the Leg- ,
islative branch or .GovernMent to determine
the question of reocaistruction; and In the ex.
mac, of tbetlpower,. Caegness should have
In' iew the loyalty.-of the , people of these
States and their devotion to.the Carunituitan
and obedience to the hier, anetantll the peo
ple of these States prove themselves loyal
to the Otareenmeat :theyabotdeL not be
tiered to the rights enjoyed before the VIP-
Reaolved,; That no Man whii - Solentarily par
licipated In the rebetlien onghttto be admitted
to easratie , CongreeeL end andertlie.Oonsti
tutton of the United States the power to de
termine the qualltioattowniquisita of elec
tors rents with the States respectively.
Ratolved,,That the Union ofiheseStatesjias
not and' cannot be dissolved; except by suc
cessful revolution,. . .7
Readved - Thatjitsticitand duty demand the
equalization of 'bounties_ to our national. de-
After the isloption of the resolutions the
COllVC l 4lo4:o44oprUedit,
_,SLeertstature ante the Veto
St Lome, Veb: Both bansis iq the min
anionsoma.Legalature pineal the. tollowlecreso.
s tinder ensperadon or the rides: -
Besolnef,. ?that the Conflict which has existed
for the last ems years between loyalty and di&
. 10 7latr Inin - vendinc - ann Om the safety of
the , nation demands- that "the •
etralltie retained In loyal bands. Government
areetaerfelthat:ln'the thirty Senators who
- voted to sneaks the Freedmen's, Boman Mil, the Presiden,atolln the , Detail ma
jorlty of GM Souse of t Representtlves , who
the Lame and kindred inaasuree. we
0 - anemeer and-- Mostly represent&
tivq. of prinotplesWldab aped the country in
' the late rebellicat;and'
Sen ? SUwPeP O ten der such lem&
ofo sti
Tee reaOluldamt Reseed. tlio Gomm by vote;
rfl tweet Senate, m .to - • • •
Boca Houses adjourned 131 commemoration
of •• steltabisigt birthday, ; after which
•eleeedles were by t4euntenant Governor
Smith and save -members of the LeAlsin
ture,tiuting insnnjr Fords - sAwnsf" the rust
Prom: Saii'.3llsaeler•- • -Pirasidowil
sou's Gime Condemaked--.4t14 Irs to
iforthinikAre , •
, , .. .. F eb.' , . . .
. SAN Slisrmsco, b =.—Colonel Hawkins
udgrotsed One - Or , thellargen, meetings ever
held here, last night. • Thu sentiment, that if
Prissidettt - Johtuana's , lneent action had been
corractlyzorted• by terpb, he was unfit'
for the 1 puistrury - Oa United Suites,
weaves by - twig And' mitinued 'apgituse.
Governor Lair.ia ktrookucille•Co. 4Sel , he
ihs, in the comae oi Jun address, said • the
President% ~ mite r that .. im tett It to be a
source oY anxiety and When be ear pv
exy traitor In d isinghig praise • to' An.
drew Johnson Th is sentiment was also greet- -
m=4slg Mid continudd applause.
lieges to. the pith sae received.
That Ma *Ss -onmM iinporial . decree;
Advidee - Magi% "'Meg Wes , prospects
atiltd2 o nsaintiiie. -- Tilb Pat:Orf 146 l ' Pkilein
here receive!) v fusirer
A I M Paso to the 20th ofAmi ," smiting
telt es verylpromiting. The' mpe sets are
fortirging iambi:Mims. but !hero is' no :prob.
ability ortheir going to El P a 10 ..,,. ' . -
# l O l , read -Areld,
thegralibr Washingtm;stain, on tb6 Yew Jersey
'tan into ral/roscl ` being Cletsiwest bytog ibbi'morwing,
-wand train 'lrhich snug switching
'soros. th Inn*, PM, ()Clime; at East Newark.: TholOconuitives Weirs high de1124/18:11edtAg
tstrftra of thWWlshington train Worn'
stowend... Thmss brasera:no - w aro iswitittair
Injured. one Using both - legs shockingly
11=ii Inm
nil moan.. itis (eared. As liklure 4 ' l4 !
IT; ThO - Washington node otbnc pains,
- imallat• '
andl tosuittuy • 13:41orrAv—
!MO. ..The saitm. 'Wight - Li-II: M*14.04
t•; - :;;C
i Single cosh*
...------,..,, . ..... ~...........5.5,............. -a. 40- t s 11300.
CEn fri si-SW, .--.
..4-.' - 14.r055,.... . . -
PRiure , 1,..r . i . e . ; . ,Ckir l im • I 1umb...,fi,..... ...... "',.....6.4 1-21
• --On-Thursday n ight ;
..„, . •.• • .... •-•- . • • - . • • •
• , •_ _ --. _.l_ ____zir.-.;----,....b-7; J:...
.. -
ti ........ rr X'
-'421K5113.;_.' VERY LITEST TELEGRINS i 'i v i rzwr. ='''" - t"'wil° l- -.
~,A„-......,.. ..- I . h IXIIIIGLI F i Ihhir hB5ll/011 ' , Eteli::::tifil e ft gle jE leitros "n d tin
ie d rr e s it e or be th7 1 111
. .
Dieirderly Boys. There Is a. habit ..eslst.
• 1 elatm,Uns presidenttaltutust Matt - be .'. -
- I ing among certain. boys Who 'frefifiehe Fifth
Death - ....... .
~hg..da ‘m d .;
.... ,
—__ tree[, to pink-on -.owe one of their Weaker
Da. C. SILL ?HZ VieStsfosaldS'getitieniiin, of ; dr
, strang Opteesert when, I , anY , that Mitre no - -'l 4 - -
, flatten Matot the way.- liitusre Asatf °rarer" - ,70.,: , : . IV sen s rs.r E T T N,;eliritary -.,..e , iSe.s.
° Meer Met nji ,if tt 7
'e - 1 ' Ralista Y P°ll P. anti THINE fiIMIN.I LOST-SEVERAL OTHERS MISSING. 1 ;‘,,'° n ',l . !' A i g;ii-'"` i ImPc "" 11 " d444eldlia
ha. so renowneti tor. hie atilt thense ot th la ' - lugging at Washington City I'd°";the'inteattala aaa-tt)te'adelekettlee'''it : Ratline ' t I'''' ,,l l ,- .1 '
y, of Minnesota. presen ei the w an __ e . mop, of Finithlo, arrested 'morgue .
[n Clots of 4o as
TIIIR petty tyranny has bees
powder agent, -MO beenjikw i tz d equently 1 ' ' ? [goal and ailitet el - iirag,thiFseiletilidd •
• I carried 'on to ii extent that. seereely -a
. . day pas..., i hat 31:, iA not di row among . the
Dimwit to exhibit
.te.jissln harm. . • I ,ll lre qm .fa o rem .nu elx.d._, Tba, -Dele,juvrWlervis— teliel dargli ii -inuedalluig Go ils. e. '.ntPe' trhangGsetrThiert. E n va ara n nti ' n f e C t74 ln a rli p d r n Cr7ntiT,: i
zr; , ::: -; ,,,, L sn'e t l gi :I n t i n i in.f i,, r won ol "r e lyt i A t t :j a : e h l o p ar ! l t,Ei e r : :: t r i t i ra t ek r o b irb t nu l g at l f - in- j e za gb 'e fti:g t : : r n; ,
rya ,
is an dilinitieftn itnAillgOd to the eanse I ADDRESS BY PRESIDENT /OUNSBN. r.iern't4hiochtionrdh,:tubiddge."l'Vra. want to o the ofi., ~di,ed a d i r h l e cholera In this ciduntrY time, about ono isiT
hem Peasild• Large, 4 1011 te - Ot-the . gas hare 1 _... - -!,.. IA c„,:direbbeyh d t ii d tbli dd w ith the Wo, h. - h iras referred to the Crolnininee od Com' w •rli. of goods '''' t" thausand d°l / a s" o .
four 0 clock, the new steamer Winchester: f thesm fello*nr, and um ti, i , ' re s iii, i s th,4 swo , of
bees taken by the donor. army, dat,,,tor the ! .
r . , ,h O,' Wham been shed[ Does tattlianiat. Merte., •
t ti i i , ir t s , &Va n te pr.. nt.
1 ~,,,.e e
geed , h-a;
large quentil of the
In near to soeureithee'pturo'nl":_y"."Tehlararrelrubsei Mr. Daniel liffare, the first Clerk, arrived Id
Plirpese Of amine whatieffeigs it.isoraill iere 1 ws,,,alsorox, Feb. 2.. 4 . -There was a inns, 1_ der t r o . l4el l ?Da aPPeatill'Abenittgetinee aral Tir.:Fesaeuilen., onjahie, presented a elf - ! % 1 1 -t :1 1 N tin ' rnnbeA ; Tr:enter th e e l e 'i t
on his system; but he little aresdrida in hi. meeting at Grover's Theatre t,,,,,,A.,.. le
~ ,,u p. , %An,
t i lifiatu opponstma of thithaloveritMe9
.e.iiiethi-iL nsuirtriin'or the - tax on agricultural
ooro.ainred ft w e . hti t ' o s ta la ti lt y in d i e l ,, l t i r e d it y r ed E . ast Liverpool, i-otile of these boy" deserve a ser er . 1 e ,...
scientific pursolts, of gni , fatal eireinatie g . ; port of Gm Fresldent,'s policy. , The ; ea Lace i merekeoadf - Have -th____, , ey 'not ' e7hon,11::::t ,nnialeniMita;i4ilicla was referred to the tom - .
At Meeting held-bT -1 -hiPittalitirgh Dental e"
parties are old offender 'rt.
werowded to its fullest capacity. A large -..00,krtd&r,.002;tt0.,....".,,,..„11Lentai.,.......tect5.,...,000r*,,. ~, , ,, -- Ilal_,ltie, e ' Mince
term In the State Frisc h . fin- riZ,V e l e tg ry 'nryed a the-city this morning, at ten welock, by rail- ' 'n
• ' -. - "e"" -- —'
Association, (of which Sno t t y Dr . R i ft we . , number of persoi. were addreisetl from the '- - -"' --- ----"'"` ""''' e-ee ' s " -: ;"',......'"' Kr• Brawn p6iseilteil a petition asking that
--s.• •.nto,-IlinknOttiTtliddet Oalsetilitte stiltettlint... - • •
toad, and from him we learn the following ' *rand " I n " ^ "tle ü bd Aerobe Ess.
President at the Mine or the sad occunsmce.i ! siende• Among the speakers : were MGM ' where [mgr s
Cattsv m otatasn'amuld at- anitmendm tto the Constitution be tulopted ' ittr e — T -- "" ".------ -- wa.•
torthi..,,,,it._tring to the unbounded sue
particulars, :
the members adopt ed; the (w owing
re,eee. gomery Main 5. 5. COI, JUIVe GinneY,ltfiDee- I t ank:. a aatall ...iraum4thi e'....r 0 11 17: i
..rootimv. ' hltao;'wdhenau,he, ..„;t o 4ire w re t tt. " art State from • making Istine- I w ard . LAND, ()• .., ' Feli. 4 .1 :-.-% 6 1 Pe" ,,p,, i b. , ~, i ,
, eess of tho annual exhibition of the :Pitts
' SellrltUves ➢ Smith and Trimble. The pilnetted •7111141sgiigeseyematt,tet ,- tineelnive term- ...'"
.e ight. of naturalized citizens, In ast night'a report to Mr. Want, ir-• tj. ed re waslirat discovered On the deck. ma- burgh Gymnastic AasociatiOn , the Managers
was a isr. mediate aft of the furnace, and in supposed . have been solicited to give o simend Me on
Rereteed, That this meieei n t,,,,, her, lost ~, i meeting was pr.-midis, overby hillipA.-Iren- I enouh-tea strike - like mem •-.I
Which was referred to the Judiciary' •
onsly 'evening next, February 28thi at WU ,
to have caught from a apark or cinder from Sf
valueless and dla teterested member in the l' deli, the oldest member of the liqUilungten [Are Waling -Olefin/id; beret" are trio% •1:?
-214'r• -ti -11.0h introduced a bin to continue in
ictois id', with °mini obonge of larOgreiltrae,
Dr. ant, and that We demily a re thathe ever 1 Ber• 'at t ritte: - (Appiatnacy Itm bloodletple eh 4676 '
' becinase t ohnhcate the. ntoti and Preserve•_,,,_ . - •
the atilt-chute communiestme with isumil par- ti ', new and wonderful feats. Ugh
ILthe Freedmen's Bureau for two year s CHIT AM) ERTBUBBAN ueles of baled bay, widish lied been titre gym" Cand acrobatic. , The mluifters,--
I?Plger, which was , Jeferred to the Military
. It over tbe ➢ deck alongside of the boilers. 1 1 h " : ! heave n been prevailed upon anal - `li produr
came to the city of Pittsburgh to practice den- j A series of •
resolutions were.pliesed, A trong. 1 tiOnOftlilS 00 rerntatatiCla tte original Puctsr"
Mary. • ''
ay approving the coarse adopted by the Pres,. Fend chastity; -let it, be shed. LOt.ari altark, Lain , '
a 4 4 • M b0b% . 1.0y d ot ' ' i '" 1 • '
nue,m:l a bit Bargtary atFest Liberty.
Resolved, Thatwe deeply eympatbize with
ti , f Query ahade of political opinion , . to ,"blijoh•tpsii:Zisi- Y -Le "" -t ''' "-- ‘- - a e - ‘ •-•!4°1 in '''
I dent, and calling .upon the eltlierna of . creme : ..,...e theta ril t e lt „, erse eee ri a an,„ e d the% il i ttls Ors-re
i tZeuriburse the State of htor arpen- For several di t-- - - -
Ma (unity and friends, who were rich Mut 1
...t i y", A t the 'li ft:re ,- - warms and antfiratesrn
rruspeetable,) that they were - ever Po meanly cioge
associated. And ne Dr. Sill has introdno..4 ~- --- -- - --.2 , ..! ni.._'! v
.. ._
... ._ _
j a :;:
_.:.1,.:..i.:,_:. pi ::. .r., .. ,
~.., ~ 2„.
......,. __ (,
end tiiinTtioilalialiluirte
that they are not and shall not mime fn. rkm ,
free to say to .you mar your lihrecutpre. that I; i
am not prepared to take any such, position. I
cannot turn round and give the alrect lie to
all I profess, and have done in - tbil„; laid dr.
Cons. When these States - comply with the
Constitution, when they yield obednce to
tbe law, I say extend to them tise, IV% hand.
of fellowship.`l say that when these Statei cum with
the Constitution; when they have given° ply
Meat evidence of their loyalty, and Way
can be trusted; when; they - yield tibedi '4O
the law, I say extend to them the right; band
of fellowship, and let peliceend • thfon balhe
result But then, gentlemen,.. a a.m. . idt
round their ;;;role , . have fought traltora •
treason in , .the. Smith. • L opposed the. Dav .
and Toombses, the Slidell's, and a long Hated.
others, whose names I need not repeat,
now when I turn around at the other end • •
the line, I find men. I care not by what! . •
yen (Anthem,
(a voice, call them tralUrir4 Wilt
still stead opposed to the restomtiOn Of, t;
Union - of:these States, and .1 am freelnearttf
you, that I ate still for the preservationottlds
comoset 1 amnia! for the restoration of thelltei ,
. kn. lain stillin fsvorof this greet government:
of ours going on and following out Its destiny'.
la voice, "Give us the names."l , .A gentleriten
calls for their names. Well, Inipposmkahould
g,lve them. la voice, "We. , .1.M0w them, „ ) . /
100 k upon them, I repeat t o A@ President
- or citizen; asmtich opposod , to the tinidluzien i
tal pnnetplel of, this tiovernmeutiand
they are - as 'meth laboring. topreveut ordei
stroy themes were the men, who Mughtsgakett
ns. fa voice, "What are the pewee ~; Lear .
Tlutdens Stove of Petinsylvinkti;
; d , ..,
ons applause . ) say CharlesB i-Ptireat
applause-1 - - /eay.WeridedhPidlthssand other&
of the same- stripe, are. amouppw..theM.":l4;
voice, Glee tr. to..Forfiefr.l - Sante jientle.
man. in the crowd.:saya give it ;;._koraey.
1 have.oalkjest . to alsYtbat I do not Wat ; te.hiy.
; aMmunition_npou dead ' ducks , ILitnithteresull.
.applausii.r.4 stand.toenew examter.. .I:.litatill
for the censtantlea, wherert;placed;nry;lbee,
1 from My entrance into public life. They , :no
traduce me L they may slander .l , _
...ther mar. !Me;
Ir 3rate,bet let missiTtnyo l i.thavit nas neet
ilitioll u refli n arl e afi c rititiend t t i7l . liniee_sraftliond ad.
enemies. .[APPlente and. a NT! "the PeOPle.
will stistainyou."l • I Itnow,-my countrymen;
that It has been insinuated, and natal:Urinate
uatgd but said directly, the
that if 'peen given to high _ laces, that If such a turtir.
potion of power had been exercised
hundred years ; ago in a"partiontar • reigo„
I, It would have mist a oerteba.. individual
bead. What usuppetiop halt .AM,resr.•
I , Johnson-.boar. f 2 -
' The usurpation I have been guilty of 'has al
ways been standinit'hetween the people add
~1 the encroaelmientirOf PoWer; and because I
lured - - to sayln a eaultersation with a fellOW%•.
citizen, and a Senator 4, that / Monett the'
amendment,, to the co tutiorrought net ,to
be, so ,frequent ; tbaf t eir elibet..wogld be
that ;It Weald Mae all _ Its :dignity t.,: that
.I the old Instrumegi would : be lost eighti Of
in _a small . time ; amp 1 hammed: fo say;
that if it was anion ed, and •atio/r endvsteti
1 amendments should be adopted, it wee 'an
usurpation of power that would have cost a
King his head ata certain
time (tLaughter and arlauseh. and In connection with the subject.,
I was explained by the same gentleman that
we were In the midst of an earthquake,
that, ,b 9 -.trembled and.. could . not- yield.
ILanghter.] 'Yes there Is an earthquake
begnmr. ' There is iv grand swell , coming
of popular polithlpnt , foul
.; huNgssagen ,
erbe.,4. true.) The- -4 Meellbtri rdkillie . Well.
speak nythelrtnieroSta. end Indy will know.
who are their Mende and who MOM en s mice
What position have 1 held under this govern..
monis ;Elegiz:dui/with as Alderinati and .7110.
mg through all the branches of the ;Legisla
tureila Volet . "Bom tiros up.”) Some gen.
tiemap Wirt Sttt a . .' INNOrZl.PreMen•
• dons applause.) Now at usd not , 'ulaeomnt
me in the least, ter. when/NSW tO be a tailor
• I bad the reputatlettof helm; a anatomy and
meting - closents; (great Leeman 'Alivays
punctual with MyousteMerS,and alwaye - did
!eed. work... (eyelet,. ono mum werk.nt ifo, I
omit want any patch work. I want a ;whole
nit; but I will pairs;bythitlittlefittietiolltheas:
MyttlarkeUtßilay 61 72,9it.' we .I , ntdprt
yclo intranbt talk - wont stick trungl.
.; en'
vinalplegrare involved ' giyix!iinttillieni hen
existence of My. country- rcluiperilled.4
pet, gjii ilitipt , tra1re, , .17.1 4 .
I betevNekte m
y y.
,etsestlomitr9. ; d9r...
moolbrotwir th • ank 999 eir 91-vm,„o
that which a- now -Wlnt ilet
that will say that PutMetrJonnsen aver IMMO'
a plellgo that he did not redeem, Ora- remise
'.he dlil notlti W ho • ,, wiU - say- - .• ..b9biot
— ^•*44l4fit 0 9ilsot:tbluv.ti.l2 :woe,
i mat.==.,rit„ e ; ROOM.? ;•They .
:about beheading natirpatten rbilt..Whml
am beheaded, 1 wort t ut AlßarklattkrP/0 to:
- witnesi, '2 do '33ot intat by1er402120392.4
NEW You, Feb. 23.—The Poses special says:
There Is much excitement In Washington over
the President's speech . A Republican caucus
was beta to-alght. Moderation eras counselled
by the leaders.
Gen. Grant Ls passing the day In a reserved
manner at the house of A. T. Stewart, Esq. He
will leave for WashingtOn to-morrow.
John S. Pearson, who murdered Walter
Gregory, In the town of Wallldli, Orange
county, on the 241.11 of last September,
vented at Goshen today The jury the
'ease of John Cahill. for the murder of-pollee
manDurtea&returned itwerdiet of murder In.
the so:tad pee. Judge Russell - sentenced
thteprisoaer at once to imprbionlnent at Slug
:Sing Hir.ttfe.
Th II .;.4.tlaniia„ the Wander of the
North Anted -Lloyd- Stestrubtp - Co-, called
yeirterdofornrerntm. The.staanters of this'
tide. t perform reraihr...trtnightly service I
Islatebes ls stated, that Ways
-4 Keehn committee.. are "11.verstdy etmsal
gliisdeptediloa Us Mc amilistame
&Lacy "m a n tee utaued
44414.-' r 1411 ' MU 40119.rfsetare
vill•f prevail teeny jrd
miAtnioes.ttirecmefttw- eloakt.. Mr.k m
vessels. the
9 . 9 L. " tb il e i tt rth al t e i g i s AL. W e i rtr
4 g ee loolo l4 ,l 3 l oA . o . ErYfirr wowed
-4010 0; los , test
sing- the wane isibletudoo *filth.
avmm adstateref lettletet lee!
IPUtt ,for itutticalvisSouk
sato .onr4ata-art:eapectatiote
of seek a.". dear ad the semi, adding:
that the UM r ecital*, her. noist-41m.,
plYend eteluslre mgrs. the prodentlidemi-:
'alderathmthak-the ncredmeti into .bur
stenos, she our aotair m czart .7 lrom Brit,
lea tratersin sybostite
&Maar!' by tmeorthe Crew Oahe Shen-'1
andosb, showing - how the British - panto° of
the pirate's crew; were .penulttedto escape.
1 1 111 4 14 0- e atur Claren don tat:=l.o4ll fe
ry'obstireed thatlseie Weresome matters con-' 1
Wardle thls smaelt upott3 . whtett the goy
ernmentulight- possibly , fotuut otmecutlons,
' if evidence were furnished
Me; adelas rtjelnedthat wlati taeletteelees
aspartame of anglish proseautleal6-' e could'
not presume ssy Anat. the United States,
Government watild be Willbsg to' take this
course. Thermtireeorrespondentoebisunamed,
upby the London presseas bang of an irri
talng cluargeter,,plaetrigthe enutionin a less
satlafactgry penman than ever.
Ast ahedi
Fourteen P 11130119 Probably Drowned,
exaspiime, Fob. i3.—The steamer Wineffea•
- toNifinitinet) tuts aiming alma fahre!OßF l 4
one mite above Ltreipool, at the foot of Babb
• Island: . Übe was run ashore. Immediately, as
s a ottesettateoitelievit - gifier she - Stench
a bar as sho.inkf-e• Virginia 'Wore, emu
coMenntlfet unttre), 0.34 Aare- - boat
410eiehOitit:44tr4.0qi8ligter '
chiding hay sea oUF fa kmary!:low is
liner 144 _AM *lan drat' lacovertst, Uket boat
was mtuel> flatbeaillle oil ' tufting . tut' tor.
mrbrb2ii efiine together /lb a"
tbePerriOn, apioT. laatr. - .Captain
sheprt aunwtterre !ere'. Re Tamil tjfricgsr!
disused(' thif Ura_ls unknofin,,
,tOt tt:
.CroUtfu thinks an maddezitiol- abaft =mo
contact with the hay. She had about one.lfun'
ti red 'alka itkoeptimpActen. .
obr- .6<50,,1104 04 ,
1•114 mioastactiv - ti • • 0
,= l ,,b •
• .4
• * •
, ..quiiiiiii Ga - Mil, goatff.
4144 tart, to repel tire invasion of the State of
'oo .
ea u
j ranieh
_was referred to the Commit
, ta/KDliortarguit ther ‘ Committee on IPOst Of
' • lad - 14:15 ' t , tioade, reported a resoltitleh
ing. upon the-Post -Master 'General to lay
tiellbre• be Sehate , all the information in has
.; In regard- to the feasibility and
.• altii
tetablishing telegraphic lines
thifillieetiOn with the mail routes for the
h vuthettlon of Government and private bust
', r . . Broivn spoke esta blish ment on ',la favoring the ofgovern
'elegraph lines, on the ground that it
establish a uniform rate of telegraph
tAilltOw exists In the Posted:fee, and
01,1 break irp the present monopoly which
togut...eontrols the • dissemivation of news
h the public Pc- '
wiiiiturr the conditions mooed by
the Pmildent had been compiled with, .and,
midn "pietist Comtnittee Was organized for
that purpose.. Nelt,ber, tidy Committee nor
any other wait anything more than the
servant of Ca ga a i i n n e s
and. could' not Set rip
anyauthority agt the body which made IL
I,ou .the anbject of the bill vetoed by the Pres
=he said he had never been a -verywarm
of the - bill, but •yielded his objections
because he thought the powers conferred by
it were Constitutional; and their exercise was
necessety. ire :Voted to sustain the bill.whon
, pi e o n u e s d 0 ,- f b e t c h p v s e e t h o e m objected
to 'the closing
Opinion that Congress could , n x nukes g a h w
to Um any State that was unrepresented.
which wak in erect, stating that Congress had
no right to puttee bDI affecting. tho southern I
Slates.,._Mr. Doolitie ram to say he understood the
President to discuss the Drool-110W and not
the right to legudate without Southern mem..
Mr.' Petwendon thSughtthat : • ;proprioii
should not Denude the of tlie veto. nip
onJectlon to It has the argument natal by the
Prestilentto austaiitit., He contended for the
right of , Congrras toe decide the unfitness of
the Southern States for nepresentattort.
Looneinsion,- he gave his .views on recoil
, strtietim4 holding that br.the /awe of war,
Lbisgreeithatt the right to -seenritylor. Mein
! nra.":..tfelvassin'favor ot-the gdinUylop.or gh s
. pinatittikafttibetiOind.ttenators atthe earliest
mamma eemritturc. with the safety of the j
Conway. • •
- altOr' E Xce,l l, ..e ,seallon...the: Amato,. ad,
. - ROUSE.
, .
Mr; Wardi.of Mew Vork. presented the joint
*11111)Tati011110f`tbe Vgre. of
-Maw ,1411>I4rIltltingt atlon , ealatei r to
_ nik t .tlr t mns..and.fsoiMla o the - navigation- of'
lakseiseid reautrinentitafra grant tithe.
Rowe lands tO ehl . to Ate constructiowerthii
Isortage Lake ant Luke Superior' Ship Canal: ,
Referred to the Committeeon Conimence.
Mr. Cebb,-of WlSetaudir,- On leave Introduced
.a otat....reselatiow Roof , ttie , Legtelarare- of '
i rotating Ark,. tbesimprosemeur of
the navignUterof theraptdatk the-Aitssissip
pi river. ;Referred to the same-C.:intim ttee.,...
The Montest.ed *election case; Of Was bann.
Vs: Voorhees.of the Sev entkindlenft.Dietriet '
Ur! tir*A - ne,
l ot Illinois, sustained ' tie
1" 1 "1 . lashburne weTa rt itwed to address tilt'
Rouse In tavor of his claims to trseat'dnrinit
his remarks he clerk the lette r ' s newspaper,
from which theread ll 7, J.
W. wan, and - addressed to Daniel . Voor
beee,releting,to the Sold of dm ants lekr.
Mr- t oorbees Interrupting tiro contestant'
aUd whoeveratated that he was engaged' in
• purchasing fire arms either for - loyal or dis
loyal purposes. or that he belonged to any an%
. met political organization, stated what lie.
knew to be false, and what the gentleman
`who made ; the charge knew to he untnielle
had answered that calumny to the people of
Ur. Pavfe role to a pidntoecuder,Whleh the
Speekarsmitelned, that neither the-contestant
nor the sitting member were sp eaking,cm the
merits of the case. ,
Mr. Voorhees then addressed the House tor ,
beesor, la support of his claims.. Ur. Veen
sent to the Clerk's desk an.eatruct :rote
the Washington conespendencer of Mu Cin
cinnati Cbrnmerciot, purporting' la give the
nation of the Committee oil tlectronm, Wilk ,
- mays that lho Coin entice deckled, with but ouo
disimititiati -Voice that ,Mr.- Voorhees- Was eta.
Mr. Vtiortmeskniceeded with-tsaignment,•
and iniptedgail I' nci fraud had helm proved
In theirote men Ito, and Um& the tesUMony
taken hy the innUestont,seas swern to before
-s person IncelistetertA. In- - administer atone
outside - or Abe el poll Terre.lhailesid; ..,-..- •
In conclusion, herald that!. he-v(4lOAm de-,
prlved of the seek here bocaueol,ho:Vrrtr.
bed the newest° de it:..Th a Corpmittflt . thou
teiolOttinir grit acvon;.gtvtimninrinaViktior.
giro the 4'ention inythinr annual batik' in 4e.
lI Mr: ails to:tanned Mit' arrininenit ' , ln biiiniii
of the ronlority: zoport.:nna , dontendeg , Ma'
the :trttudulenv votes- lnldr.'Voctrbetui'behar
Nero Igireliqt ile r i ti ai A_Oit4eplivairlapiu Or
logg - ZolJorlty. ' ,btont4o , l4‘n;voted by 03.
Yowl lifolott...4)C Arat',Unit. Ittr , reorbees.was
en told seatjand by 87 yeas ligainn
:a n o nays wet lifr.Washbdru e Was entitled Lott.
n ays
PVtleer willint.l
- Omens iptminctettrik:ll4. to tes;u b ri 3 . -th e ;
Inr gZ i git= l--the T s " lille gi' 174'
. anti azsgra . /4*,
4V"f 9. 53!, 'IT! P`TRltteg , ' ?Kr P 44 6 ,"
!= au . "''''' . eitiiilso-int4__liikii4iiiditzie , I
:won; ytho - tonurew'ol '0111o011:
whieb."wai- orro4 , ta: the .ro11117 . : 9E314.;
=tuft; , : re •-• rup.: ...:
Th•1K . ,11,0 iikAtoyiry . eo 601 to-snoirnir:: - -
when the tire was dinrol'e
. f r o n t la tide
Jaye past the police have been Pent, Wiq." t r i "' ".'°. Haft B,3 fefell foet
and made rust. U tu—nhAci
n all efforts to extinguish It proved
quietly 'flaking up a case, and yesterday bar. "Ilt ym `eilS.
Ina succeeded in their endeavors,
the matterpublic. It appears that Cm last Smi
they made ilreepe:ns.';:"2,l? and Li:lPP° Bo ne de: u un n :l
b. be,lost, and /
v AILS r
day night. the store of Rev. MeGowan of
p jth n ° the eb tr i r — ra e "sterai3 Che
Vast Liberty was entered, an.l 'goods to thd t the boat swung outntti,fde tortf,o-.;
amount of nearly two thousand dollars were ' fi re being' front, cold rattan
boa arr"tean z:::::t . thri
nitration with tbe Soft all conimu
,,„_ tavern of Thomas Morgan, Penn stroot,"Pifilt
taken therefrom. Information of the burg - and drew who had not
r pa ' BBe- el . •.' Ward. A subseq_uent exambutticm P red tics
ria u vi e tig °j st "n' len a. :l ' .l °u fro l'A nt hu' d
tory haring been laid,before Mayor McCarthy jump IMO the river anci e str, had
tact that Ur. Uutahinerant 'WM a 'lran Well
he' immediately set the Chiefof Police Robert swimming ashore. There were limown for honesty and probity, and that: -his
Hague, to work with some of hlsmostilfElelent ! women tuid children on board and, n rxr — n A ° ' took the money hem hie friend in
men. Now they came to suspect the guilty knows of fifteen persons Who were seep him from 13 ollitg
parties has not transpired, but neverthelea4c I oral others are missing, and It feared th I spree, and thetas
_as h g mt sober'ln o
they did, and upon that suspicion, arrested they hare also perished. a• intended to return it; bleb w' a think eta
two brothers by the name of Gordon, who The bar-keeper , George Young, a reside nt of lie lentir proper Of .34.1rae he " ellacharmp2
proved to be the right men. Frank Gordon, the Rochester, and son-In-lf Cam John Gor- '11.3
outer brother, wax married ton woman with I don, of the Forest City wasose
e . daughter,
.anti ‘ was 11,. •
. ,
._ .._—,. remained i c f:d -II I -
,„ un ,
_.. Friday afternoon, to lake Pe ar eb ,n,M.the,„,___hist once
,ti_ft , .2f the neeilni_ie , ....
Into consideration the prevalent' of the new I Vok`olrion`nont,r,t c o nria ni o ,;,'"" rh Z, o h m .. IVO' the ......"--,.
, _
marriage bill that is now before the State Leg. I Nras spreading rapidly, and although / could i 11111° •
!nature. The meeting was organised by call. f hotthought I ban better Jump In and 1 oar city has been the merle of man Ten men . ti
ling th e goy, w, D. yyrommi, D. D.. to m e I drown than stay aboard and barn to. I knits and murder. ones., and it is most grati&lng
yo Lit my.srateh and pocketboor Into m onth
yvest, to knew that we cannot charge any of these terrible
Chair, and appoir.ting Rev. John G . Brown, D. D. Secretary. Dr. Sproull was called upon to 1 and =ulna it up tried to throw it ashore. It, crimes to
lead in prayer. d_ not reach, however, and fell into the wait- .
drrthenitimped into the river, sinking', as 1
On a free .hiterchange of views, the bill re
ferred ro was declared to be oblectionable In , thon g/ 4 . ful ly two lengths o f m Ymir be f°r°
many of Its features. Most of - the Reverend ! began toxiee. On antm, Whitt/ea to keel ,
gentlemen thought that, the marriage law of I afloat by inserting my banes and arms, and In
Ohio or Masaachusetts was far prefemble. I thls way ,: I floated down aroma come n&
On motion , a Comm ittee; was appointed to ; teen or twenty yards. Then I came In
prepare a memorial to theLegislatur ,c, renion. eeenti=gilthlifihniurf wmyharevaliiVdrag dro"Tage,
st e r t atlng moduat the pasaiLe i of the th et. and to
1 ,f,, ' amide? twice before I could —t rhl of him I
F 6111 =we in em yieg e *Prey Was considerably exhaustZ after the str;ig
.ons suggested in P t b e disonsatan. Tile Com-1
m and ann' are Rev.firs.liowaril,Sproull,Prestliry, I We. a n d enn a men ' ,M erl bnd ahn nk him °fr.
Dunghill. and will meet In thesame
...,n coming to the surface again I saw a willow
p l ot .. on M on d ay mor n i ng, or 1 0 w o w*, , la. co five or eight yards distant, which I strove
It was agreed that another meetingeball b e . to reach, and to my 'Mara to do se my feet
hold In the mine mace, ou Tueed ay efternOon 4 touched the bottom of the river. This was a
the 27th
last. at .1 o'clock, to bear there& , great retie! to me, and In a moment or two
orate Committee. All the Ministersof i after Iwas able to Walk with my hero above
cities and vinixdty, are respectfully fellUeSted water* and I "Wreathed the willow. There
was so much lee along the Shore that I could
to be present., us the matter Is of great int. i
porlance to thent.3 , not get up. was very.
; and while . resting' on the Ice the beat
Rent •to Jolt t from 'the burning ooat warmed me so that
, I
Our readers will remember that during the 1 theshor e. On reaching the banki saw Mrs.
cold spell when Ceptral Park was open,to th e I, Yen kteter, with a thud tither arms, In coin.
~,, pony with an older daughter. She said 'she
skating eimuniuliffentalin was t 4 llen In to ...- F. themetherof seven , children. Reg hus.
Bath House on night, _Weeding, Profusely. dried four of them around his body,
wile stated that lie had 'been knocked down udJumped over with the hope that ha Would
. pe a ast° rescue them, but olliyilbDerakwitit
cod robbed. lie was carefully cared for, his fl ioni. A m. mit of the statement direr,
wounds dressed,' and ha wars taketirio a hotel , from theta)/ the clerk; Mr.Moorst, whelk nri..
in the Ninth Ward troth he,teCoVactsi. It Was I der the Impression that 'the family 'consisted the time that an extensive drunk rot nut •fire 'ehildreu.) I found meat of the
was hurting him more time anything else E ltt grew en shore, and several passengers, who
charity Pir a inhering fellows restaute for had been rescued. They tvere in
such ea expreation of epinion. Sulamitient tate condition, 'and angering from 0014.
°fent. aUrre proved that , . the fellow Ku Capftia' Shepherd " found a. yawl which ,
net 'all right on . the gOose„ .t!... Mla . bad been carried off ar. the outbreak of
name ' a James - sasinies,. aim ha real the fire by some of theerew and went down
bearding house Is with Dombmc Qallagher, to Liverpool, a nilleand a liall or two miles.
ail 110 Wateratreet Me recovered sufficient- below, and 'll:e.ttliedrOanciltiotorketiltie
iy to torero to his quarterti, when his Anti.* tens who_mnt up Mend sapplles of blanketa,
was to ransack. the /SOW lorwhateTer enhia- tothlngr„ etc. a man connected with the of ctiuM lay hisltands au, He ,pook .clo. • came back with they :sir/ and took downs
thingto the value otatigi is slikuullt worthatalt i another of the audertire to Lltartmel. Mrs.
a silk_ waist worth $7, and then broke opep • the 1 Iran Meter ryas in the yawl, and on the Way
trunk Of Ellen Mot adders; and Wok her poet- down she Sew the bOdy_of one of her children
et book, containing $25 In Ipreenbacksi beaMen i lying on the Milne. The body was secured,
taking other articles. °inter Seth, Wilmot and afterwards: taken to the wharf boat .at
orethaeledthe gentleman In the midst Of 'ids LiverpOoL It was estituated stat
ed ti= 3:11: -
mad Career,and , took him before Alderman 1 sons' were lost. I beard It stat .
S ofasoo bail ..-. train, who committed him to Jaillin deiltult Sheets Limbo. life preServer around hla wife,
scut told herto falitnt him 'when he Jumped
over. While he was brattiest a window. So
er Out,he, reached 1110 gnar and Jumped
efore WM; She wan seen to rlseto the
airtime, . but . her , night gown had , got
ewer her head In some way. and It is
supposed .that she suffocated. A young
man naked Martin from Slaterasille, a
MI/Mooed to have perlithed In the Iltunes. - as he
-Wite eqt aeon after the ere. Two colored men
einill9Yed on the boat, are alga reported lost.
The eitinetui olvereatea the gaffer.
ors very kit . A gave UM a pair of
pants and A sailor" t way down I had
git a.oeat Sh ut t o 'the rerry men, 1
tOWltitglintil4 VgeiniatrAg: 9 l 4 .
being aoXiiills to let. tar 'family know tlrit h l
vas alive.. The teet.wae dill bttrolng when
I I) Y assea %l3liel=lThibr "ate
that he
erbook, an it contain t e, i 7 ) a ma r, " 6% 47" hale
alibi° papers. If the Teat la found, threo4,LA
p t k
and Poidult. halt Witi-illtely be found in it.
Should It berecavered, he t fouler -will please
address eR. T. Steel, No. 128 Third street,
Pltalitalth • •
THIATRE.—TOII4O4 Mite Julia Dal, will
.appear 1n Luso admirable, clutracttera, "Mae!,
,thn Markel Girl* Parte," anueAlliAy.
Casey," fin "trtsh tart la, Amartcg, ,, .. la
will tang a I. 4Yar/to eons. The wp,
forßi .
will conclude with the "Spatirt),".
Mr, Ban). Ryan pereenatlng `llhorleut.”
ettAllottsr.—Thitracternoors, the Ave act
aLads•vot I,y(ms,a -be presented,
Tutu ereallng.lWes Laura Keene concludes her.
I engagement, . She :wilt appear ais
the nevi trislearuma et the . Wrivca of Lrelandi
/Weaver% Hatantccet.-leinember to6hight
theransical pictorial entertainment otarem-..
tbroaggh 11 184nd, )x111'1)e favpra., at La PaYotte•
hall t o which' krec aehrtty apneura. La. hit
great originaregarroter of Barney, Mega/11e,
e )rill travel aril& you as 'Yea ; PASS through
themild reintottle scenery ,of that land -wAleli
.le at' present ',creating to puw.ll, o;illtemcnt.,
13° Mfg . ,
ool hy_ ihoi Liquor ow nonoor,-,..lri sior at e ,
eart omoitnd has on o sympathy for. the - i - dry, Was mat,
Smiday,ln orqer," ipet Bather
t i te
thin toetiol.thelr heated eo_pper ,‘ lie hi elh-,
- 'ph eallirdositi onl iu n dayasquorsetpac "4
•0, ripAnd_tbativebakbe prokeir up.' Teta.
V belling t a nntaal-linee °Vies . act:Online,
to Aio ma,c
,approved.,_sityle."•Tthl 'larvae'
enericrit, Itho k•Ails - zon Inert* ay',
inear.the--*s*,4lintunit,lltAstaalin ..409,,
,p3loanttafts.-aR k 444FPrili'rOrt-4.nlA.
1114111 setlutity,..-, , -,-_, .-,..
._.. , ,
, ,PairditMoßenierhokeeimVceinettritti:: '
„net Street was 'brought .tiatit I'd , on. t. 141110
IttUrlCO.,...e .....t.,o„whynJtp*p"llli
"Attlgi?",', uh7.41:11,e`gitc...4.,-.-ffir-ife'
DlRmogtu/ .InIE aim ;- Sy rritgiu24l gm , the
-Charge; and i'Aipotr. theF:payajenkler insi -p,nd'
eon' -Sritsit4WelliM, "Ileir_Art,'.
baorot4l,l4." l ot l -?ar - niiner' pe a '
o i nk t ia for lStnt , Y. 09 terdy /dd r --
PenutirueueM,lr :gg i lz rs; er - IxtuZg°
aitboodk . eft r n W e a' N ni. tribuje
w i ck "%IWO being- ti r tr i .,...?l7
tor th Imes, he dlciernmuz :honed -
Prat cute o r wiet . . !ik,mirpH,sts
r •-•-.'"-- teiall'll4,llonaleeting•
00 -
I,l .En et li hind Olse G w iaiii ad,rebeu r t-4, ani " tt i oalee tNt
in t e ol u ar n a 1...„
1;0 elideree the X'seibtent.--and -lan' yolley,Ond ;.. '
' 1 404 1 4 1 Inclea and .taboltbai uttered .at Wee* ' ;--r--,.- ..-• - • ,,-, 77 „ - i. -
1 4 e ett!kgaT 1 qhkrflaatti-e ctiPealite, it :llamas :,• - x 6 ' 'w taiawai.v e."-s'
''' • BORFar O r i lTDlCl 4 rAtDELlathinr." - I' i
'l."°3°AtjrPrCiPef thlit' the 1 " 1 . 1*90e I P° .. - ArEDICAL _ isoAnns . Fon Tann
!.:4,le§t cd .1110 . -ci q i. Trwadeut.-.-urror Piesiiient-: =ion traanox or •IANDLITATI9M_RAr
I , 4010 alsObiiVaiirpd to aay 'oa the oat* t,,. ~ tirgi2.4Vdnitltittncdtritrrylggtltmla
1 : at - Alictiii : aitaice'riV - itiatt',fattiifor .fteilie. , ..-ta a Natal Murat; caella r ttiotent i ttnW . -..:
'' ui V in `' °*s " 4 "'''''''"''';' 4'''
' '
1 wou . thenmbrev.uggest-thik_t 4-,,prouw-iltia:o, liyadMaieis ' fo!"atnItolon 1 : 11.0 .t,1 1 0/41!0•••: •
M l / 1 , meeting °Ullman oppaseat_ ta , •':ranairing t 0„,p...x.,1.- -.......- m - - -, „: .:, ~,,,,,„.6 4,1 ... .", "
1,140 rebellion-13r talliing UM uoveromissit • Orar . Utwaemeil.~ool,....arrrgnaTi... a ''''
tO.Harthern Ccipparbea.4l3 anti 8011 U1013111 . 0be14 I lickard;llunelaAte• AP/ 4 " aw it
derminii‘ •1 4'
be bebt at-Yrind 11611 ;tble - (Saturday) Aft t{d0ng5:74,11.46.7,,urig P i a c,y8, 4 „ win ._ ~ •
tot each one that renae th fa - nOtiCo itaeuta• l ' h .h B",4."l"4"kifir° tC
PI by ~ .frocmaltile 40
r, rlllllllo tdeetittatte• it ble , thaliaitctti 56 .Ploloriror"
~_ : ,
4ateprompuy. .- ... mar*, Tax Psotts...,- . atitidnies tit eat . ', ..i , - 9r ,... r . '!'.,77 .: '
t.i - ... , ,..L.„ 1n1iti0ni „ 6 .,„ i, Kitti i,,,,, iai ,„ _No expeneeliallo • „ -:. r :
Wart, 'died' SUatten4 - Yelitary. _COMM' AwaidtitMa"UoVialtVill .
CUB= held an , inoneet. and Lie AM , r '''-. tor s Pi ga loint I t• -% iNibie. )14m"."'''''''
turned *erdict ot4entb trona lawn/came& -,- , 0 . ,
411 o) aceeseedleaTill ilt ' 1 5407-"Vt A0.04 1 411110b. Om:Iowa - - ::- ....,_,.-.-. :-., •-, .. - .
;: 4 ;14
Two amnions sittirviD.
0.. woleffrai. ;114 r ,44rgor•
Tiiedtiton widdivtifliaidithisalt•
wows smell is the mall •
Fo-r. n u . eIV, :try'' . uee
and exceedingly pleasing pevronxutneee enti
tled the v Promenade of the Celostlahv- by
over thirty gymnasts, and seVeral
cities in their line.
--co— ---
Temperance Sermon.—Profassor Wliaon.
I tof the sixth Presbyterian ChurchrbY Paralek.
raquerttOJ th;A:mbers of hie Chtirele . attft
r " Sun3 : l 7 ereninil . on trsUbject Of
emperance. It is known to all that Dr. WU
MOn•is now and always has been a realm, ad
-1 v°e kta of tt anPnrancr, and that and oppcsied
to the proposed nrw license law, from hie
well known posssr and eloquonno as a speak
%Wer,, the Public may expect an able effort in be
ar; Itgitrto ,°,f ti:TPe''`nce sea" free.
ISTBUYerratelikhriaYAW".4:tetrt st..—°untain'ebty tre°llaulteAodf.
Dan Burgin, charged with being a profeasion
al burglar. l Upon hb, person was found a
bunch of matches, three wire lock picks.
bunob of keys, atilt to lit ordinary locks, eau.
up his
was fonnd u heavy mace, MM
dad to be used With roUracrous effect. After
due examination, the proofs arainst him were
found to be eriffielently ablut4t to
h w ayck a tis conultta . t ao the counklrlkka for-Alapey.
dam v _AfterOe tele out he abCpul net Ail ar
loweffninety *daub:lad leave torn.
. ..
. . •
, hole In the pavement in front a tdaggi wenS
tavern, corner of Second and qirantstreets.
that, Is going to cost somebody 510methpig yet,
The property belongs to Mr. dlithnsOn. Last
night, a man walking along pain the house
fell in the hole; and was booty hart. 'Fie had
to be carried away. We conid got learn.lits
name, but therefrom might arise a big Stilt
for damages. The owner of the protierty
should see to it immediaioly. The hole leads
into the coal vault, and at would hot be a dill
milt matter to break" a limn thereat any time
- .
The Leader.—The Leader for ;Eatenlay ls
ant, and lo filled with very interesting matter
local, commercial nevHf, and literary. T
Leader does not appear 10 be very faveriabl h y e
itopressed with renlanism, and It Is not Very
sparing of rhetoric hi trying to convince Its
readers of the futility of the mement Well
there mast always be two Sider tone l:matfett,
and if every one agreed, this would be tame
World indeed.
The Case pf Mfrs. Newita.—.Nirs. Kevin
wf ' habeas as yesterday brought out of Mil on a writ
O corpus, and after a hearing of the
case she was discharged upon her own recOg-•
niaace to appear at the March tern of the
Criminal Court. There was no evidence
against her, the chemical analysis' falling to
110.1 traces of poison In her husband's Motu
aen, and the probabilftl. are that the cane
wilt he ignored by the Ontml Jury.
Judi%lam and Clarlodlanilly.—On the last.
two Sundays past Rev. Dr. Jacobus tans dell,
crest addresses on the above sublect. which
have been listened to - with Interest by large
audiences. To-morrow he will deliver elbla*
third lecture o tameable sub) ee t at the Cen-
Ind fivanyterlan Chords. The seats will be
free and all , lenoruinations are Invited to at
‘ , titti , ; 7 i"?=,*nara°4ll.ll"Al°l'..lls4",tVllll
pa. 7 Poor creatures
ilterem. European cities to make material for the
;nig freitttia rabmgeorg for axle
Th eCloperaaioup4e.
thThalia Roods ars of the inimit'aupertor quality, made
emy own and and watztiated supartor Wail/
oily; and a challenge of
km:44 at trto ebria etTiporluomi!" theeraa
From 10e. a Pair Upward.
$20,000 ruor.iN,AND Do r...T.4141
ay= THOUSAND pow...isa
RTH' '''••
WORTH •=., •
-P, ; •
N AND pure'. 4.:LOTHIS , :' 't t' l
NON A AI N 'III Zi p Trri: 9 C flaq . '
. .
Ri1u5.,:044%. hys !c 74 .
.; .
. .
91.4111 P riga! 9 ' ' ' ' ' :
• • ' aiLOTt me ra9LTEIX. , .
..guaR,T,2B4O „J. : ,
' 41 b 4 : 70 411 ,01- 'x'":
.. ' .i..• 43 Xililliff XXXT' ' ' ::'":'-;4''''''"'
;, r, gra.g.iftni, . ~.Wt-
' . litipiiatte the : 0peirg,#.0,P*:',6i,,,,..:::.
' IrOMMW-El.