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straint Ithrownarattnd rt , He
believed the
Vhe Vittobitrgit qbautte ..{ bill no , .pending in the •:Ifslature i if it
• should becOmea lair,' wo u ld - increase' Intent.
~ infante, 'and it shoed e earneetly,temon.
____ ....____
grated ''tgainst. ire dld not think that it was
rumv, y". FEBRUARY 20, ISG6. tso much a .. 11q„nor men's bill" all It was
---------- ____. ___ = 1 a "politician's bill," anti on this account he
felt nmnihated. Redid netlike to be sold by
.•._TRAVELLIELS' RETIRE. I politician., with whom he had stood In the
dark days of the nation's trial. In all probe-
Arrival and Departure et Trains batty our Senators had been imposed upon,
11 and now.that they know the will of their con.
resungyleards Central Railroad atltnents, he hoped they would cease to sop
-- - ' f..._.. Arrives. . i pert a measure so obnoxious. De was morally
__ . certain that money had been collected to Sc.
day Bars ~,,. ::tau nt
~,,, e.e.,,, Itfa„ a.. i care the passage of thwhill, but he would be
e in T4sti cc Op a i if:ls: :11,10'. , * 1 2, 1 1,,,,,„„ tali:, , far from acctunng either Senator Bigharn or
I Sr ;l i ter Graham
ral.ll.'”A„,.''';',44•ll:lltinl,st I enn Accem.. 7:55 a m
2 F . . li e
ase very much nalLaken. e
I t Meat Unte pm IPlttetitrie etali-ra3s pm A gentleman from Philadelphia staid that as
I .t. Wan Arcata.. 6,0) la,bsitheeee kap'. ItX) pm • _the law of that city had been referred to, he
m id ,:: :: ' I 'M p a I I t ra4 K, W im all k xp AW l' e r g;:: 2 1 ,V 1) ,,,m : could not retrain from saying that that law
ist'rennacestabne=nMitd Penn Accom mr, p m • was abhorrent to every friend of the temper.
tit .. •• swap= gin 3c ,,,,, Ace „,,, : ,',; anon cause in the city of °Brotherly Love."
it'Emigt2rain—intm pm • Short speeches were then made by Dr. 11,se
ane cb ,itch; cave. Van.' Statton every !.bad Dr. Robert Wray, in opposition to the
ealidaya9 ; returning, leave. Pituburgh st bill.
ildo p.m. • • One hundred remonstrances were ordered
Rittalltantt. Cain at
--113-116 and , Cincinnati •
if to be printed an circulated Immediately, to
emarte." • ' ' Arrtees. ' , receive the signatures of those who are oppos.
last Une.... 260 am t Lbw th) am ' t•si to the bill under consideration.
- Mail. ............. eteea m it .. . - .... ...... :alp m The following gentlemen were appointed a
'Hawses 1..... :einem ems. . t2ms a m committee to draft a constitution for the
riteneenird4 rig . neebeeviite'l:Z. League: A. X. alefionnigle. Dr. Hebert Wray,
•,veateriatattell ... pm coma:iodation-name m D. Robinson, Wm. Douglas and Dr. Clark,
- Vittslbiugh, Ft. Wayne anti Chicago. , The Committee will meet in Alderman Steele's
Arrtms. t Mace on Thursday next. ____
Mani ........... a =Exams MO am , • The meeting wasquiterespeMable and man.
antra= ..-...... dap m grprea5........... lataPla I ifested great interest in the matter. After a
Walrus ~.. .... .eade em .arliress..........rezta benediction by Rev. W. McClelland, the d.s.
M ..... TM a ra ...A.......-. ..... vta 1 sembly adlonrned to meet next MOM:My.
asides'. linep m
ate Drightett aoarateiodation p. wave. Allegheny
° t at li a.m., IBM a, Wee.., and
glocameter,2:ter.. la.; Oa", Castle, =Op. m,; Laos-
CIMY. Sheep. m.; 'Wellsville. Stalp. m.
Pittsbinsb, Cleveland and Wheeling.
__ 1 Amex:.
elm... ..... r-=a in Express .... ...... WI; JP a.
CI Sata pi:lran-res.
Ise inns m Express VA. TA
ataubenigle ACCOMModaLIcm learn. - Allegbeaf at
It Op.
Pittsburgh and Conn eurvtilo.
in m it.g.. ...... dnf .. ......... ala
illikilVTh......: " IVI ft VI.E.XpreV 912 a M
tit C r. inartelieuimi- a ase
.71 7.- ... Ode iMal '. ...145ptri
jalleggeny Valley Railroad.
I" .... ... .. sire m Egfirces A"lD".
.. &mom 31a 111 1 1 a ill '
=ad.,. 1,40 p ta daccraszasaltaan aa, a m
pirs i bures and Erie- Balboad, to Oil
city and Franklin.
' Vie M1a , 410 4 7 r i o S rA l ti l LI Vali if 3 .. Tad ' a
BeaTer Stuc7. 4
smnrilivinegoat.-Grant anti Water Ste.
Arrives. I - Departs.
la-- .. ......4110pin 151:01M &Capra
. • illirezairny Stage, Si. Clair St.
or r 4 re. . D I
awe ts.
s. 111
' i
antler Stage... No. 8 St. Clair Street.
I Departs.
es a. .
Wllallllnglan Stage-,-Hare's Hotel
Si P. le• I Departs.
Crta a . ta
- •
Pabllo Meeting in Allegheny tity--The
-New Liquor Law Passed Vpon—Sensa
tore Graham and Ingham Piece Them.
selves 'Upon the Becorda-Oppoeition
'resolutions Passed—lnteresting pro.
In obedience to a call issued by lile Honor,
Mayor Morrison, of Allegheny City, a large
meeting assembled in Excelsior Hall last even
ing to take action upon the liquor bill which
recently passed the Senate of Pennsylvania.
BefOre the Meeting was called to order, an
an invitation wan given by Mr. Smith to all
who felt dispose d to, sign the remonstrance
_ .
against the presa ge of - the proposed license
law. Quite s number complied with the Mtn
tatiOn. .
hir..COehran read the reMOnstrtujee against
the passage Of the law which is t h eollows
The undersigned, citizens of County of
Allegheny, would restoectfal_ly remonstrate
against the passage of the "License Law for
Allegheny County," which is nowending be
fere your honerable bOdy. We believe that ita
passage will tend to increase drtmkenneas,
crime, pauperism, and injuriously affect the
Metre-Ls cof the community in general. We,
therefore, respectfully ass each member of the
House Of Representatives to use his influence
against the anal passage of the bill.
On motion, his Honor, Mayor Morrison was
called to the chair, and IVilliam Bell add Rob
ert Smith appointed Secretaries.
The Chair read the call under which the
meeting assembled, and stated that the meet
ing was ready for business.
R. It. Kerr called for the reading of the
liquor bill recently passed. by the Senate, SO
that those present might net unhesitatingly.
A:copy of the bill was handed to the President
who read tho same. `
On the conclusion of the reading of the bill,
Mr. Kerr wished some one to state Ilia *Wer
ra:mato It. He was opposed to the last sections
t i n . : t i mils u n r i e ca t t and
i a i lt, was magis tra te .
and a eo e uld not act under
, the proposedlaw.
`Mr. Graham, la reply, said that the letter
- ' read by Mr. O'Neill from Judge Sterrett was
correct. He read from the Legislative Record
' wallow that he was In favor of this very pro.
visions hinted at by Judge Sterrett, and he
Teliagierturee Sleeting in the neat tr. P.
Marcia. • was yet willing to incorporate more stringent
.. provisios on the bill
Pursuant to public notice a temperance - Rev. Dr. Howard said . the meeting had mix
hseetingarna held last evening in the First Liked the object for which It was, Called. ben-
Halted Presbyterian Chard:, on Seventh St ator a Graham and Bigham were not on trial,
but theliquor law_
'Dr. A. G. Met:at:di ess wash pp plated ehalretaa, ret aa, air. ca
me was what I unilerstoott
and R. O. Miller, Esq.,`eneretary-, The chair- when I came here.
min Called on Per. IV, J. Reid to open the Dr. (toward argued at some length and with
great force against the law which he thought
meettagivltb prayer. Mr. A. N. AfeGonntgle, decidedly More objectionable than the present
- chairmart of the committee of the Sabbath one. Rev.Dr.P.ell followed in a similar strain.
School Teachers' Union; by whom the meet- ! The-chairman stated that the meeting had
been Called by the people of Allegheny city,
lag was organized, stated that the easiness of % mid hinted that. outalders -should not partici.
the meeting would have to assume a different tulle in Its deliberations.
,aspeeton account of .an obnoxious bill that ' Mr. Graham defended. his course:it length.
l'Aluilavnepsis of al
it has Meal:raper
- Ind ,Reett` introduced in the Le g islature . ' e,I but Crowded oat. It will appear Did:turn-ow,
'Short '' Of - an absolute, prohibitory. law itspace will permit.
he would prefer the present law to any other :Rev., Dr. Zell, in reply, said that the people
that could be enacted. Our work must be of Allegheny county..did not know' the eon.
practical. All we have to 110 14 remonstrate tehts ot the bill; and argued against the meas.
..a lust the bill now before the IRgislat are. ' ore. ,
-He then read a paper for the consid erat inn of Sir . Graham replied that he had seat the bill
the meeting. Omitting the preamble, it is a , . ' home for pabllcatien... It appeared, in the Go
' follows : :Ole, and otter city papers long before its pas.
Retotr-tyr,`That we proCeed at once to form a sage by-the Senate, and the people had there
permanent temperance organization to he fore, h
ad time -to reracinstmte against it, II
known as the. ttPlusburgh Temperance ; they had any objections on its_iosasage.
League, 'ynd that a committee of live by ap: . aenator Blghnin asked Mr. Bailey what &a
nointed by the chair to draft a constitution moon he had for saying the bill was pre
` end by-laws. The great object of this league paw in June last by the Minor dealers, are
'shaft be to operate againgt, and oppose hy all that thlo,ooo had been :abed by them to secure
• • honorable means the mannractere, sale and ' ita'passage.
: pane of intoxicating liquors. ' , sacra desultory. debate, Mr-Haber said he
• Resolved, That in order to meet the liquor , -
Lail not mhde a personal charge against the
'bill now - before ollr Legialatore, we proceed at Senators. Ile pledged his honor that t 2 0 ,600
, '.nee to eimafate potations paracattug against ~ hatt been raised to secure Its passage. It was
Ste paatagm and endeavor to procure" all the , norfOrhitntosapw-horeeelyedyniamettey.
Ingnatures that we =A In as short e. time as : - Senator Bighare by unanimous consent, oh
possible; and that this League appoint a suit- , tattled tliiiii.oor. Ile dented t hat this bill was
eb r ersart to present oar petition to-the ' prepared,by- th e` I quor dealers in June last,
I , Le gisla ture, still also Da urge:its .elaitns aud :nod avowed that. lnc prepared It In January
bring every influence to bear in its favor: ', last In Ilarrlsbarg. D. WAR the design of the
Berclayd, That I: ecanmitten of two ha rip, t bill to_plate the liquor traffic on a business be.
pointed aloha each .congregation in the city I Ms, He Indignantly denied that any Honor
anti boronahs, which- committee shall consist 1 dealer had spoken to him on the subject. lie
of atm- persons who represent the congregn ! had been written to by a Hey, gentleman for
tions In the Young Mena Bible Society, and it ; cop tea of the bill, but having none at hand had
shall be their duty to prepare remonstrances , cat it Mit of the Ganate and sent it to the
against the bill, and have them signed in their ' chairman of the county committee.
reapective churcs on, Wednesday evening. i prof. wined (interrupting the speakerd
and report-to a meet ing of phis League o n stated that he had stated in 8 temperance
next Monday evening. I tot:atlas-, that he understood 550,600 had been
' viDtattm the discussion, DraWrav stated that I paid forr the passage of the bill.
• belied been told since he entered the Church tie. Blatant proceeded, and waned that In a
that bill , would ho. better: than the ono , financial Iselin Of view, the county would be
now Invary
operation. ExaLuyor Lowry eras . the largely the ga th er by the passage of the bill.
-gent/mum to whom he referred, and he would I. He again repeated, that the accusation wan
fine to hear es explanation from him.. - false that lie had corresponded-wan a single
4z.g.aloyortnwry said he wished it tobe on- liquor dealer on the subject, and he knew that
• derStOod that this was not the Winer men's I hiabrother , Senator, Graham, had not, The
- lailli• The Maltlev men had a bill which wan I„Y• ; maln -sod leading feature of the bill, was to
leg-Billanniannng, awaiting tha fate of the ! „ squelch out the malicenaed liquor trattlea
one: now before the. Legislature. It was' Mr. -Graham spate in vindication of his
Lis conviction that any: law would be better course. He never pledged himself to support
thadtbe Imo now in force. Under the present. tbel present - or ::any otber.liquor,.aUl, but,was
law the vilest and most notorious characters' under the Impression that it met the viewauf
Gan get license. 'Many tapplicationacae rates, the temperance men. Ho had met with the
ed, but not half Romany as slaraid be. There Judges of the coon s . aootry Commis: la more rum socking in Plitthargh th an in stonstones ,,one Sheriff, Mayors, dc. when the
Wicksburg, /domains or any other city in the prop, w o r k bo os . woo aemonoo, and
Union. . r ano -Philadelphia bill had worked she merits of the new bill alludedte and am.
, well, and it*waa thought that a, similar one moved. IN referred ID an apparent bOutra.
• would work here. The bill now. before the fiction between lain speed Conte passage of
e was a modification of the 'Plain- the bill andtlierecently exp ressed opinions of
" • kett l ia l a r w.: - Ho thought the_ bill should not Judge Ste rr ett . tt. His !L ag una on that occasion
-•-•. be condemned until it was fairly understood; hadheen misinterpreted. In *lndication he
. : whether atenfeybaa b' ea collected from the rend a note received by him from the court of
liquor men tO secure the passage of the bill. gelato, approving the bill as the best th at
(Ur. Lowry Mitt be could not answer the clues- could be procured,
7 - •"--On ter he dkl not know.) Alderman Steele lir. D. O ' Neal read a 'note he had received
notitloned; Helatew, for he gait from aligner fromdndge Sterrett, which was loth° same
• ••; dealer.Alowa3 east liberty to state pribUc- purport of drat read by Mr. Orabard. As we
'2y from whom ho derived the information,but understand the Judge be is in favor of an
:, be CinadeatiafratlY gentle:rain who wen:damn - amendment to the bill be
si- standard or
. -
for with Min: He was a partisan of the strait- qoallecationi raising the price of license, up
....:, est sectabat he would give no man his politic- matting a Board of Control,- and appropria.
, al support that would vote for the bill m gees- ,tinge portion of the proceeds from license for
Hon. .. the erection of a workhouse. •
.-- A.COMMIttee conslsidng.of Messrs. Dr. Rows Gee. IL Riddle, Esq., spoke In favor of the
ard, :Josiah King, Col. S. B. Clark, Dr. Dale bUtand opposed the resolutions,' giving Ms
. ' and John A.lialer was appointed to prepare reasons at some length. It was either right
' - 'business for the meeting. . or wrong to sell liquor—if right, then give alt
• '.:.'sensor James L. Graham was called on for an equal chance; it wrong, prohibit it alto.
a speech but declined. Ho bald he bad come gather. The present law was an utter failure.
• ' to the meeting to be enlightened, and desired - During the last term of the court one hundred
- to hear others before he gave his views.
.andtwenty-elght bills bad been found against
Sir. Ballentine, of Temperanceville, rose to personal for Illegally selling liquor, only forty
make a Biotech. of whom bad been punished, and moat of them
Mr. B. R. Herr thoughtthat tritons township SO lightly as not to be felt. -The present bill
could not be heard Temperanceville should would remedy this matter.
remain toilet. Rev. Bell wished to know upon what hypo-
Mr. BaUantlne was ruled in order and pro- -- thep i ls It was assumed that the new lima/Dahl
ceeded tO emos tee merits of the bill. He t be con etrictly enforced than the old one,
with op posed to it in tote. ,Wilson,made an able. and eloquent
. - Mr. larahato, In explanation mild that the speero fn opposition to the bill;darlng which
"liquor bill was reported early in Jannary. He Prof ,
ho paid a merited tribute to the honor, boa
iMmediatelyhad it copied emit home for csty; and integrity of Senator Graham, who
publicatiOn, and I t eople did metread lt, Wn3 lila neighbor and brother Ltt the Ministry.
It wee not las fault' itiril3 pa illshedat /mina He did not, would - not. could. not, for a single
month in advance of its : passage, girths- them moment believe that- - either he' or - Mr. Big
full lime to act.. baM were actuated Us unworthy motives In
Mr. Bellew wished to. know vale copies of the advocacy of the b 1. But they were ma
- the bill had been sent to all the liquor dealers, takes, and ho hoped eywonalseetheir error
and not to su ch temperance men an Her:Bell In time to arrest the - tide Of intemperance
and others.' , ' now aboitt lobe let losoetbrettglunit the State.
. . Mi. Grattan replied that he never sent a Get , . R. Riddle asserted that all goad tem
.- copy of the bill to a liquor dealer, but bad perukes men ..who had taken the trouble to
sent them to-his temperance friends. tee , investigate the matter_ were In favor of the
knew of no fend raised to secure its paanan. ; new license few. .
After the bill had In the aenate, fort-Dra Howard, Mr. Smith, Rein John E. Me.'
weeks and weeks Mr. G. bad longed for an ex- rte. and Alexander Hanna, spoke in appall
- Incision from hill tenets-citizens, and yet no ' -
1071 Co the
expression reached him, and he, with his Col- J. ,t. Robinson, Esq., spoke briefly la favor
leaguer, was left to:do the beet they could tin- of UM bill, - during which Inc drew , a comport
der the circumstances and they had done so. son between atilladelplaa, whereto, law alma!
The Committee cm iltesolntions, tbrongh its , lar to that proposed, was In Operation, and
Chittnitnn . , Rey. Dr. Howard, reported the fol. •aaowed that hettercater was maintained th ere
lowing, which were passed: • than In this city.
First. That' said bill ahoula not be enacted The question entire passage of - the . Maeda
' ;.into law, because. no each change In the 1 tions:waa called, or, and atter their passage,
liqtior 'Manse law of Allegheny county has ! without amentlinear, the meeting' adjourned.
been -asked for by the people, nor to any ex. 1 ... - --
' tent have they.been apprised of theintentlon •
on the !prat of our representatives to intro
' duce ouch a bill; nor even yet is the project
known to the mass of the people et the coun
Sevilla. That said b e cau se t bme
.: the law oat e Mauna t h at -wh a l e It
professes to protect - us more fully front Gm
evils of intemperance, bY ftdelng the vice of
. licenses, : and requirin g Daillna sum or Money,
" we feel fully assured itivill, by throw mg man
_ optia the doorlor all. to engage in the retail
1 algoDrkooloot,. greatly increase the evil it
' weald restrain: The retailer bas but to eclat.)
_.•:-, the price Of hi /liquor, to make good his therms
-.',, . ed expense for license, and' the bail required
..':• he will, as a general rule. have tO secure from
811 fellow retailera;or the wholesale dealer of
whom he purchases or of jwhom lie promises
, to Database This liquors, 'thereby virtually
-. . making the retailer batther agents of the
wholesale dealers, and who will open a bonze
where aliateraers can be, found, without any
, reference to : whether, it. Aortae of entertain
ment Is or ihnotneetied In that locality.
Third-Mat the said Gill-should not pass,
4 because the wants of-the eernmazdtV LI the
. premises require not new laws or alterations
of old oneabut the rigid 'enforcement of our
lawn as they exist' 11,•)rightly enforced, they."
tail to defer as all we can expect from ant'
laws based on the.pnneinles of our liquor 11-
~, cease system, th en, and not Inl*.thon, . should
they be altered or act abide. Therefore,
Resolved, By the people of Allegheny I
In town meeting faeatabled, that we ask of the
"'- :members of the Moose of Representatives from
a:Allegheny' county, that they use their haw.
'cnee and beat efarta to prevent the farther
ain't/Vet3.of eaid bill, and that we hereby. pro
test against all such hasty -legislation in tho
. .
local "affairs of the county as has marked the
introdectionund passage of this bill through: ap oo ld oolo ,;,. astriaao —
la—Next Thure
, - .Hotared, That tre nal; at the handier our enr4 l , - .., l l.l;M i r o tt e f o r n i o .W o an t Ilia,. Blo w n',
Courts and municipal authorities of our city, m o m l aajo oy An the banki --- 111 --a - 1.10 - ard
fellaew*/ theintreatang OVUM' speratice On a ro o don . ac h hat notes fauth will
ehryareek, to . the ftalest ells . nt of thf; dry Will have to Depot/ ma Wegnestla r y ' . E m ;
mtsyrevirit,ternhn th
nil i tr i, - to neleftli t Zieri_e V: , have expressed ti•delana that tit° atones "}le ea. I closed oaThuraday in Order to arlard eleras
lag we Pledge Will= our ~/teaff Y . CG< V 6f.a- an OpPOrtualty_of celebrating the birth-0a of
11 0 11' - -.•- • '. -'. a-- • the- "ratan' of his•eciur.try - Jt .I, .t ithoold be
... InDtaglaialid notilfetit . aai earthing celebrated arab greater enthusiaamlialtds
when be mitered the house, and 0 Waa Tat _than It hrsle La an a • '
. gaps Co denouncer e raimufactirers, retail- : -- - q u . YPF .Y4?na 7ear. • r -, .
era, nor even the drinker:. of IntoxiCatlar ax les ! il io,, Rionthiy,,. for Match, iis os i ,
.Ugu>rs. Me did not
__believe with some, that ' -
alma would be.etentanentwined j,: m. a t t o kt o nil ma:Wanes to grow io merit, it it tatenelY r
tt li ti a:sof liquor, Herr( . not. think.' t : was na _ °DlegvlalLni4Airt.4,,,eziitmber,:arnths
pp on - 4=B as t!..,T 3 P 32l63 r.Prrisatt geld. Lint he ' . ~ e ,- " &dilastrated. it e n siti n fer ber as
- did . 'lntro , that :: intemmrauce bromebt On . hall ''. - ---, eat 5 pages,
POrettY: tleqattatte_ll Mbery. and. rap t p 3 4 Vildi e .... elied at .6 cents. Yet saleg John
Aztergol - p 'nay= - Akre jevery peasibie re. F. In , 1 .4".1°1 111""" gall ' -1114t1 511. '
, .
42.9'PEN. 5 7 111EET.
/AIM DAMP t EON, PrOpirlatorm.
AIM Q ABRIAGEs fctrulahed for .11
Cs.trivespr For_lera4i, WeildluglATyl
WM VIVA-% RIGHT. Pdn" rates.
trajhl 4:1 11 J :Ili :71
A trotter of lotOrttt to AIL --
These whose has esscallSthem to the river
most; have hotter for yearn .babk a Practice
I which exists of ma g coal boats feet to tluY
piers the nfohon Bala bridge, in the =M
dlo of the stre.ato. A large numberof barges
are also tied up under the bridge, so that a
person can easily walk at any time from the -
Abore to, the pier. Wo haVe often 'looked at
this arrangeanent, and wondered if a more
suitable place Could not he foUnd for thti class
of heats, one that would be lees datigereus to
themselves, and to the steamboats-below.
They are habib atany time to break loose, and
it would be impossible. for them to go afloat
_doin g . . more ... or,.less ase, age.
it 13 a matter that we think the
coal, boat .- owners themselves, as well
as eteamboatmen, and merchants who are
Lahipping on steamboats, and also Mauna&
rompani es are li:deested in largely. - We no
I have a case before: '
mar courts Artstognist of
I. an ace !dent which .occurred some time last
spring by tepoal boat breaking loose, or being
cat loose from'the pier, which floated down
.gnOrIS the towsboats, and, soak-four-loaded
bargm, beshltek.dolng - .ethos, damage., The
amount of damage claimed in mi. ",,, 0 I .
rho neighbot.hood of twenty thousand dollars,
: addle; isl proVlden flat that the loss 31.10 . not
Much Wester: ;This matter should be looked
to_ eV once, , anti those - .baring , 1 he..greatest
.intcrents at stake. are the arm move first
in the - Matter: We do not. know but that the
Insurance cobapanles are as largely Intereeted I
as any one, and :they !Mould gee to It before
the spring freshets come On..
Menial:ollWe Fenian Vengiess-Orgao-.
Izallon-kppolutniefts or Cbaimiftees
-41peakimiu wt Meeanir • Halt. After
The meeting of the Fenian Congress ie at
present the greet topic of the day. The Delo-
Kates hare been fur severtil days arriving In
ohr citk, and at present about onotielthare
arrived, and every train brings more., The
Congress was to have organized yesterday,
but the delays incident upon so important an
occasion were not wanting upon this, and
, nothing more WWI- effected yesterday, than
' merely to organize. art we've o'clock•, M., the
Finute not called to order by tot Merphy,
Speaker of the ileum of Representatives, and
two Commmtttes were appointed—a Commit
tee on Credentials, and a Committee on Seats
for Members. The remainder of the day test
spent by them Committees In the labors te.i
signed them.
The meetings of the Congress are held at
, Masonic !Tall, whlth has been appropriately
fitted np for the occasion. The stage Is hand..
I Comely draped with three United States flags,
and two Irish battle flags, onrof the latter of
I which was presented to the brotherhood a few
days since by the ladles of Pittsburgh, and the
other by the ladles of Cincinnati. Directly
.Over the ceastrl:of the stage is the motto :
"Tears will reside not the men that we love.
Nor tor sigh, will their keener, exchange them:
Then swear, bother, swear, by the great God above,.
CM the red battle avenge them,'
• On the left of this motto is one that reads
"Liberty 03 Death," and on the richt the mot
to "Never give in, is the lesson we teach." On
the right of the halt are themottoes
pies, not men," and "Virtue, Liberty and lode
! pendence." On the left are the mottoes
"Deeds, not words," and "Let action be the
motto of the hour." In the front of the hall
—or probably It would more appropriately be
called the rear of the hall, are four scrolls with
the name of tho four provinces in gilt letters,
.shaded with blue on !white ground, meter,
Monster, Lobster and Connaught. Thirty-two
shields are hung around the room, each eon.
tabling the name of a county. Thirty-two
Small green flags, alternating with thirty-six
small American flags. The stage was filled
with seats for the accommodatiOn of the mem.
bars of the Congress, and a number of seats
in front wore also reserved for the same pur
pose, and for ladles, of whom there were a
number present.
A short time after the doors were opened,
the Roberts Guard .the first Irish military or-
Admiration of Pittsburgh, dressed in thelr
green uniform, marched in, and took their. po
anion on the rear of the stage. Among .the
distinguished personages present were Sena
tors Sullivan and Carey. lir. Brentian, Captain
Welsh, Colonel Murphy, General Sweeney,
Senators Gibbons, of .Philadelphla, and Flu
gernid, of Cincinnati, Mr. Delany, of Dartford,
Colonel Coveay, Senator Brannon, and Mr.
Jas. Donnelly, of Boston. The last named
gentleman is well known to the literary world
under the- nom de phase of Darby McKeon, as
a poet of considerable distinction.
The civic procession can under the Chief
blarshalshlp of John A. Ilbler, of the Pitts
burgh Circle. The Marshal for Pittsburgh was
Arthur Gildernow, and for Allegheny Steph
en Todusey. Mr. ileaphy was Marshal for Bir
mingham. Thr names of the Marshals for
Temperano.evlile and other preclur I we ere
unable to learn.
an acieWi as tile crowd in attendance had ob
tained seats, and coder was restored, Senator
I James Gibbons, a venerable old gentleman,
was Introduced, Ile remarked that It was 1111
pleasant at all times to be required to apolo
-1 glee for a friend, but It was a palate! duty re
quired of him to apologize for the absence of
Col. Roberts, who was too unwell to be pres
ent, haring over exerted himself during the
nest three weers I take It for granted that
yon have, crane here to hear the troth
,We have had too much of gilded blarney. You
are now standing face to face with men who
have a duty to perform, and as sure as Goa is
,in Heaven that duty will be done. Do not air
Pet• donut clap now, but when you do clap,
let It be to clap pour hand upon a rifle, and
, - bear it to the Geld. In Ireland we belong to
the hewers of wood and drawers of water, and
It Is thought that nothing can succeed tulles.
It is under the leadership of some of the no.
' Milli The London Timer is no more thecae
, my of Irishmen t ban those Irishmen who bare
1 joined
"F. to
s ag Ire y eln a m i n e ' a t t theiri
guard in London, because you are going to
try to liberate Ireland. We arc a. dangerous
•set of men, bat it Is to England and not to our
selves Ireland asks you the question,wilt
you let your brothers pine In Rrltlah dun
geons? Yon mast look the question fairly in
the face. You must swear to liberate your
brothers or perish in the attempt.
Col. Sweetly was then Introduced as he
rose to his feet three cheers were given for
him. He remarked that he was opposed to
making epeethea.We have bean - talking for
years, and what hare we accomplished I Talk
is sometimes necessary to explain and arouse,
but we have arrived lit the time when we must
i drop the orator and takenp the soldier. We
( moat light., or our names will go down to pos
terity. as braggarts, empty braggarts We
must redeem our boasts by deeds. We have a
herculean task to fusels with the British Em
pire. We have had the struggle before, and
hare failed,l but we will try it again, and if we
fail, we will fall with dignity, and with the
sword In oar hands. It Is the came cause for
( which Washington fought and conquered, and
Ifor which Hoachisko, Hobert Emmet and Mb.
eni, died. Wo will be a warning to our cue.
toles ;lotto despise the wareingan of the Irish-
From boyhood, the dream and passion of my
; life has been to liberate my country from the
worse than 'Egyptian bondage by which
it was enthralled, or to die in the
attempt We. must succeed. If we fall
bow, the stain of eternal infamy will
attach Itself to us. With all the advantges
which we possels, our chances of success are
almost certain. Large purchasea of arms and
win material have been made, and we are pre
paring for the contest in the only way in
which it can be made euccessfull. aridly/edge
you my word as a soldier that by the time the
summer min gives the hill tops of old Ireland
; that banner (pointing to the 'righting) will be
waving crrer her soli Will you do lii (Tel.)
I I have been for three Weeks past talking In.
Cessantly to dur countrymen, preparing them
for the struggle which wo are on the eye of,
and lam rely much fatigued. I thank you for
trio attentivemoaner In which you have
listened to my reArks
1 Mr. liinesbeing introduced, remarked that
while he was pleased to meet no many, be was
not •pleased at being intruded upon them,
while there were no many speakers present
But,he continued, I wall say a tow words Aug
! gmted by remarks that had been made con
cerning our Will tary leaders. There la wit use
to contradict the calumny to the effect that
Gen. Swerhy ham
his eyes on Canada. I am
not going to eay where We are going that
would be contraband, but if we do go there, it
will be fertile outpost, of getting a foothold
to kick British tyranny out .of Ireland. He
I referred to rumors that were afloat to the et.
fectthat an e xp edition would own rail from
New York, and said, to show you the iniprac
tieribtlity of sending an expedition from New
York, I have only to refer yon:to the recent
seizure of a vessel without even a pop-gun on
I board to warrauthordeteritiod, because It was
aripposed she was bent upon a Chilean expert!.
I lion. The chances are all against an expedl.
I don from Nest York . To ask the Irish people
, to rise until they are areermed and equipped,
Is to be an agent to their slaughter, and no
hottest man would be willing to jeopardize
Metopes of Ireland in such &manner. Nature
ties pointed out a road to reach the heart of
our enemy. Ido not eaysfe are going to Ca.
nada. It would require an army of 200,00emen
to guard the frontier and they have 7,503 reg.
Wars, and ea,eo 3 militia in Canada. You know
bow well they Light. They are very well on
paper,but poor on muscle. We have notb.
g againat the Canadians, but le ,anltithman sae the red Slag of St. Oebrge.
dyed in the blood of his countrymen, end Ise
cannot help fighting. Let there be in the
Geld a well drilled force who have learned war
ande roar of eannen and the ttle of rifles,
hen put your Irlab bandit on tho market.
Let the bonds of the Irish Government rest
for security upon the British possessions, and
they would than have an intrinsic value
among. Americans as well as Irish. Let oar
flag float over British soil and. our bellgeran.
ecpp will hare to be acknowledged. Let there be
fifty privateers on the ocean to• prey upon
British commerce, and you will soon raise any
blockade that may be placed upon the coast
of Ireland. Let the Gres of revolntlOn shoot
OW trout every hUI top in Ireland until
the whale country Is in a blaze. I be
lieve that sea can force England to
come down upon • her knees, and ask
as our term., without polluting the soil
of Ireland with the blood of a single British
hireling , . The speaker oeunnented at name
I length upon the damaging effect thermion ,
movement would have upon British commerce,
while on_ the contrary Sts effect Ural Ameri
can commerce, trade and manufactures would
he, of a favendile nature, Ile melte of the
dal - caging elfect that an Minted paper our.
rency would here upon:England, with her
already large national debt.,• If the English
deny us our rights, it will entail their Mood
upon their own heads. Ido net extra to make
war upon the Canadians, but I wilt take ad.
en of
/ rhTit ts t& o P r ig 7 3 , 7wii th lgf liligires of MY coun
try. I would take any spottliat, England calls
fight OWD,n
and make it my battle Geld. Igo In
I for! g Derr, three thousand miles away
1 from lien bane of sapplies. Dm for Dublin
Cattle, there to plant that green hag, and I
dines care if I go-there by the way of New
I York or Halifax.
t Mr. Hine.s was followed by Mr. Fitzgerald, of
1 eillzialleti, era Sir . Sullivan, of Auburn. We
(.had taken Dottie of their remarks, which we
; wouldhavebems.pleased to helm told before
, our readers, beta presis of other matter ren
ders it imposable. Stallealt to say, that then
aneethea breathed the Bailie spirit as
PredeoessOrs, and like theta they intimated
Martha time for action's at hand, and that
ere long the world will be startled by the de.
ellaYb Within of the realms.
To-day the Congress will be in teal= with
Mined dotes, but to-night there will be aneth.
In er a p y u s b n l bs i 6 or ° l e b e e ttn tot ar al d w o b tli te e h m 4l oV l ll b e e hr desire
Home Id salon AMsniveraney.—Tho first
Anniversary of the Home Bfig. lo,l SOCIet, or
thearabOdiStiEpUICOPSVICI Rill be held
at Christ IL E. (Murat, this even !ng. at half
past seven o'clock. Amides addresses from
Rev. E. B. Snyder and. Rev. Dr. Holmes, inter
esting repents. wlllrba . read of the operations
of the Society and the work accomplished or
the city missionaries, Rte. J ifolimushead
and W. Long, Store thalt usual interest aliOnid
be felt by all In regard tO4llO incotingtrinn
the fact this systematic effort to evangelite
the lIILLSAeIi has hood :Attended with is very en.
couraging degree of success.
. The Ptetabaratr dYnatinsinut."4" wish
to remind our readers of the fact that the an
nual exhibition of the Pittsburgh Gym.rtsium
comes oft to-night at 15111:113a J.ialL These ex
hibitions have always been looked forward tO
with a great dent of Interest, and we hope that
this, thefirat since the reorganisation, will be
well patronized. where be 'upward., of
'thirty - performers, all of whom ate connected
with the institution. . • • . • •
f-tuer-fritikun,lndiatolphls BlattinOni 20.
nines Gompsolel, 2iotiti•ea k e3 carper WWI) wag,
"ter L. JDNES I Agent fOrthe liOrth
f 01.71 tri=n r ) l 3e s 6 gniglitgrfliNgts
SAiaIIUEL HEAL, ticeretaX7 tbe
Itankerh• and Rrokere,.
lio. 75 Fourth' Street. Pittsburgh,
Dealers In all kinds; of Government !Seen Hiles Gold
and Sliver, I:nearer/It flank Notes, Foreenit
and Dooaettlo Exettabge., ete,,
re i grno ' re e dli7fige e ffako in st,,tr " di l sPegt_n ne a 7. n;.ld lo'
In all parts of the United mate a on most * ss.voraut . e
1.419.6. •
Orders executed with isaatch for rrerythinir In
the betslneas at the Boston. New York,rhllldelphla,
and Plttahurgh Brokers' !Scorns strictly onconsial.,.
Dr 9. aw on H. CLEWS d New York, .T.'rnorr,
a CO., Philad..iptil.s; Messrs. C. D. & H. Haft.
sirocn 4voTATIoNs
S . S. sires. MI..
U. 8.
C. S. Certificate.
p. F.W. &C. R. R-100 00 5900 1400 59 CO- 91 53
Clevaland CPU - MAO) W 75 61 7900 7yoo
Allegheny Valley— 50 00 —• ID 03 373 -
3Beghany & Manch LA 051
Connellsolllc 63 00 933 97575 5 60. 975
Citizens.— .
Pitts./ liteubenT'le 59 131 500 600 500 503
Penn3yl4ania ••• • 55 09 54 50 54 75 54 75
Book Plll.3otitall ..• 50 03 60 CO MOO 03 50 Al GO
Pint Nittotoll 100 00 160 00 LWOO
Second Nat10n91....160 OD 193 03 I^y CO 191 GO
Third Natioital.....lCO 03 124 to
Younh Nat10mi1....160 GO 113 00 112 00
M. & 31. National... 60 CO GO 00 61 03 di 00
ELVA •V i t ".l t ° 3 0 . 0 ) oi?M° fa 0p
" 00
Lron City National. 90 03 79 OD CO 00 79 ro
Citizens Natlooll.. 60 00 90 00 91 CO 60 75
Allegy 'National CO l,O 50 67 00 97 0,
Nat IlkCommerceloo 0) 106 GO -110 00 168 CO
Peoples' NatiMal..lo3 CO 10103 103 10 103 03
Parlaere Depo4ll.-100 00 1:000
Gernuat 104410001-100 00 140 00 140 GO
Tnidesmaxis , Nat...No 00 MO 00 123 0017 A tm)
Zing (A4cs.) Nat. aim 00 125 03 —l2lO
Becon , l(enca-LNat.loo 00 •
I , lrst Birtng.) Nat. 100 W
Manch. 09c1u65 , .... Co 0002 tom
Man. d Merchants.. z.oa -
Monongahela :17 dal
Penney 'rants 5000 4500 .1500 6003
?Mahar(' h ez 03
Western .. 4i tal
German ..... —lOO 01
15111130 Y.
26 (.0
0 W
:CO 23 73
2.3 Co
2501 .10
GO 00
lImA Htrett....
t. Ilarr Streer.
Pit •bargh.
C01umbia...........00 00 24 22 24 20 24
lrell. .10 GO 124 2GO 1 GO
C 1 w
taloa ... 140 2.5
2204b42, Feb. 49, 4229.
Gold opened this morning at a further de
cline. Foreign exchange has tided Wirer der•
in the past week, than at any time since lad.
A large proportion of the late importations
having been placed In bond, there is less de-
mand for gold to pay caste= duties, while the
large balance in the United States Treasury•
enables the Government to assist the down-
ward movement from time to time. Repeated
reports of large treasury sales, and the In,.
mediate passage of the funding bill together
with the ritreordlnary fall In exchange have
combine to bring gold down to present quo.
tatlons. Th'e policy of the Government would
seem to be to prevent any further decline In
gold, since no authority will be given to in.
crease the Indebtedness of the conetry by
issuing any bonds below par; and, with a fur.
they fall in gold. and the present rate for Five
Twenties abroad, they would be at once sent
borne, and so depress the market here as to
render impossible the fending of the currency
In long bonds at par.
bold-bearing bonds lost to-day retreat the
rt.e made during the week, and shanll gold
continue to fall they will probably sympa
thize to some extent. Sbcen Thirties itre firm
and scarce at the following quotations: Au
gust, tin aeries) 993,“ J one, 9311; July, %%fp
ti Compound Interest notes are constantly
Improving—wet quote June, lgat, VA, premium
July, Angust, P4l Octobet,lH; December,
4 31 gay. 18D VI; August, September and 00-
tober, IBai, lk a s the • current buying rates In .
this rattrket
Our local -Mods market exhibits britilt4e
I aeiIVDY. andtbat, mair.lytaward hank:mares.
Private telegrams' from New Torii. vcieort
strong stockmiarket. The. oil board. las been
unusually active tar some days past, and the
aggregateof salts very large. Oura.trick
, hers are now doing more In some favdritoleew
York stocks than any nearer home.
Cold mining etocke are coming largely into
notice again. ammo new improvinnente
Quartz 'dining hid fair to work a involution,
and greatly enhanee the value of investMents
in Colorado andldatto. t correspondent *ffics
ns, "the now Lyons disemegratingproceesi has
mat been tasted on a large scalo in Denver
City, and proved a triumphant 'access. The
yield of quartz gold 13 now increased from 10
to BO per coot.'
Mining has hitherto' beamto a grate:dent
carried on by brute force, the 7applloaktion Of
the lowest powers of • ntittne. • Thoroughly
acienthie nalning,the application of mechanies
as now_underal,ood, will some day not far Ms.
taut wonderfully cheapen the cost of getting
out the precious metals, and largely Increase
the product over the present annual returns
—January SI, IDS 6, the undoubted proflte of
the Mullis Of the city of New York, ammonted
to slf,,isSati. Tuts is about eighteen (le)
per cent of their capital, No wonder that the
Treasury Department Is very desirous of plat.:
tog this large amount of money In a taxable
posltion. In magnitude it nearly equals the
Item of circulation 'returned by these bank's,
tithi betas at the time above mentiOned only
—Tho two oldest and perhaps most famous
farms In the Venango oil regions, Tarr and
Egbert, are now producing a total ofnbont 1900
barrels per day.: The former is eddlinated at
4009, the latter at M. Tarr Farm once re
joiced In a 3:00 barrel—tho"Bhllllpa d: Egbert".
was honored by the •Tontiette"—a fa barrel
well. But these wells aro now producing, the
former '2OG and the latter 75 barrels daily.
. .
Beetlota of Utica; at Pittabttrigh, per
, Penneyllvatdo Msettroad troto June - Int
f to September lat, ISC3.
(From the Quarterly Trade Circular.)
Motel. Moths ,
i Asblmad,July, tone . :4 ...._
- A...„„., ton. ...... ... . • .__
1 Bell'e Mills, June, tons 41,
" ••• - August, tons 11%
" " 33(4 —I
Columbia, June, tone 6.42 X
July, 0 .. .. ......
. .... &I
~ ..
..... .2,41.'3'.1
, Dutteaunqu. June, tons 10% --
1 Dttneaneyllle, June 0 G2' 6.1 H
July, " rut lore'
v e.
Aug. "
lloward,-Juue 0
I Einitlogdon Jtme '
' July.' " 1 . - 11' ••. •;•,-
, • Aug. 0 ... - 1 , ,:1 , c ...-
Harrisburg, June " " d i 1
Joy, .....,..,.:, 4. 2l
ug. .............. 1
aoutapbtirg, , j u ar .: : -., ... ••• l i r-- . :l 2Lt i..
Anr,"... ili s , -•-.. us, ~.
Lancaster Aug. ,x, 12:. • ,
11.uldletotert, June, ".- lr o ii •, '''--..-
Einryrille,Tuly Lf i 4 ' - ' - '
Ilft,Urtlon, 0 .... - .in 2 -• - .4.-
" Aug. " --
Peterttns, " • ' 4-- Ali
Spruce - Creek, June, " *-- 100 1 ;4
July, 0 ~. ...... 104
Tyrone, June,Aug. 94 12
July. - •.- , •i.....• . rt--
" Au g' ..-. 4
Boitolll Nieprrutt
EOSTOW, Feb. 17.—The demand ter pig !sauna
moderate, telt stipples of forelgtitgime forward
slowly, and are mostly taken previous to ar
rival. The baroness of the market continues
to imitate very full prices for Search, winch is
mostly wanted. being relatively cheaper than
the domestic article, though prices aresioir
tending to an 'equilibrium. -Stanufactnred
iron is-selling in small lots at about previous -
m .
smell We note sales of Sootohillg No.l at Pt
fS7 per ton for tbe best brands, the 'lnside fig
nre for lots to arrive, - Attnerlean is selling in
small tote at COW per ton, for the different
numbers, tint the market Ls weak at these
figures. Charcoal Ingle selling et itldati per
ton, cash. Bar Irma liMited demand and
but/Irma store are /telling at 41150:420 for *nit-
Ilab common,• Unite per' ton for do refined.
American relined bar is fishing at Ilidf*Atl.Per
ton from uunsufactuiers*, bands - and: emanaltS
from fame. Railroad iron is soiling_t SYCaMi
gold, per. too, for 'English, adp.SeS7,l4, cur
rency,-tor American. Holler plates are In:fair
demand at so for flanges, 7.0 for C No:1, sell a3S
per lb for common and tank. ;luta...aim
a abode easter et teetso "E_pgitsh ois
steady at P.iii/OXe. Nolm are talMli - - N c.
pet lb for assorted SiZe9.—Zullign.
80064 .
Berton; Feb: IT—The market 11 a Mania
easier for codfish, and the enneesslon In rates
has stimulated Mt Ineznaltog depbsnd, espe•
elally tor good shipping lots - tor the West In.
fait trade. eaten ot meditate and largeat !Mt
tnettuung English and Treuetimmalleyaticy
qtl, Hake are senintt dt nt00,3,7,4 Pollock fd
e 5,75 per qtt. - -21aekerel are dm but quiet. e .
quote No. allay at gt7gt17,50, tuut there g2l 0 , 22 i
sat 04 per MA: dtepayate la moderate
detaandatre. per
_., Pickled , herrintr
Are 4011 at VP, pe r
. td.! Box herrlngans
Belling et cOo Per . 1 09,k tOk 2(o, and sealed,. ,
• wpwiwzr nial". 7 l, • .
$1446,-4,6 ~ 6.
Ikesers it 4;12 bales tical t v aerstt
.co; Plass" 1 z133 3 , P.AtFa4B4l:l, l N , i 51Xkles
benp; CliNce
Par. Alia.aUi d Last Salet
104 00 104 101 00
—101. s 25102 25
04 :a 59 75100 05
- -91 00 94 25 91 00
25 03 ca
--- - -
MOD ..-- 30 00 2.9 03
"--- 03 00 --
mm- - -
211 1 "9 'I
-- '4 00
E 0 CO -
Special Diepatels topic Pittsburgh Board of Trade.
CaleAtio, February 19, Ica,
Ft.o l / 2 —Quiet and unchanged at $1t,46734.
GRAlN—Wheat, quiet, at 9 1 .,r791 for No. I
Spring. Corn boilable at 99. Oats steady at 19
for No. 2, and 51.4 for tio. L .‘
P0ry,172 . 113 at E):04. Balk
Shoulder, 10):. Sldia eina at lati. Pickelad
Hams 10417.
pzlrsultr.vm iIITOCES IA NEW 1801313.
Special Dist,Stet tO the Western Press.
Nem YORE, February 19,
There was les3 liCtivity in Petroleum Shares
to-day, but the market wen generally steady-.
Palmer was in demand et 4,a5, and Bllyen at
3 ,83, Haw SleClintock was acure et 4,68 and
Pltholeat /1,00. Other stocks were as follows :
Brooklyn, SS; Benton, 1,45; OCCatIIC, 59; Oil
Creek, 5,13; First National, 48; Bradley, 45; Em
Pies City, Si; Shade River, %CO; rotted States,
KM; Webster, 95.
Special Dispatch to Western Pres..
NTW TORII, February la, Itae.
Petroleum cull and heavy, with 5=4 sal es
- of. Crude at 30, and Relined in baud at tsG,t7c.
Raw Yong, Feb.l9.—There was increased ac
tivity and buoyancy in railway speculation at
early open board, at the Stock Exchange.
The market was weaker and fell oiT as call
! progreased. After session the entire Improve
, meat was 'lost, and before one o'clock cell
market. was Mfil per cent. lower than yester.
day. At the Last board the rket was lowor
oil Pittsburgh but steady. On balance of list
the market was generally quiet, however,
and transactions were on a very moderate
The following were the closing prices at, 4:,0
P. x : Now -York Central, • Erie, • RN;
Hudson Elver,. likliT; Evading, 101 . 31; Michigan
Central 193550C1 Michigan Southern, 70%; Cleve.
land It Pittaburgh, Cleveland and Toledo,
Rock Island; /65vt.Northwestern, ;
do. preferred, S' 2 l.s;Fort . Wayne,tllli• The goy.
ernment list was quite steady but business
was Only to a moderate extent In fair demand
for money on call, with no new business tinder,
6 per cent. State bonds quiet but Inn, with
small sales. Gold market heavy and lower,
and.closed at 13N.
New Nark Market.
New Yale, Feb. 19.--Corroe—Rather more
steady, but not very active at 41c for middling:
Pcoon—Dull, hoary and common grades lee
Welower at 1,,410(A9i for extra common to
rood shipping brands of Extra Round Hoop
Weiser—Heavy and declining.
Clasrs.—Wheat dull; common grades Howl.
rally 2 , 011 e lower. Corn without decided'
change. Oats dull at Skiii2Ofor unsound west
ern, and 6.10110 for sound do.
Onoceirms-Coffee dull. Sugar rimer; Cuba
Efuscotrulo, Iay.ONLNc; Molasses enter. ,
Paraotemi—Quiet• at Sac for Crode, add Li
(ill7c for Refined in Bond,
Psovistoss—Pork without decided change
at s23,fdgriS,B74; New Mess. closing at irM,e4f,
cash; . 12/1 for Old, do.A. SNl,fof32l for Prime, and
rtme , w for ptv a : It t z e d4r. liaf .s e it tr i fie o r t i . tt l ig2
Cut Mess. Beef hams heavy at 111141,50.. 1
eats arm at for shoulders, and
/4.4618Y,0 for Hams. - , Bacon qmet, • Dressed
Hogs quiet at Whelglie for. Western; and lluo
for City. - Lard miner at. 16918%c; also do
kec Prime Nettie,' rendered,March, at
la Bauer gran at 721g11e for Ohio, and SIO
rStatc. Cheeseateady Pt 16623 e.
Cincinnati Market.
.:•Ourcieaer, Feb. 11 —FLoon—Remains on
changed, both asregards prices and demand.
(ALAlN—Wheat la dull at $l,BO for• No. 1 New
Red. Corn 15 'steedy and in fair demand, at
b3c for No.lahelled., Oata are dull at 35c No. 9.
Rye is dull and_priect nominal at 77e for No. 1.
PROVISIONS—FIrmar hot quiet, as neither
buyers or sellers are disposed to operate free
ly Mess Pork higher, closing 'at *29, 00. Balk meats firm -at 141401561 Ce. for Shoul.
ders, sides, clear Mir and clear shies. Bacon
firmer, and in good Jobbing demand, at 1440
1830 for shoulders, sides and clear sides. Lard
firmer and prices higher, closing at 100 for
prime City.
Corms—Dull ist 41a for Middling.
Wuraire—.Dull and prices nominal.
001.0-137. •
• Chitago Market.
Oasis—Wheat opened at a deeltne of 94 of
a cent. tinder Mood speculative - demand And
rallied, closing ctit/bgaitbn4. Oata ,
. Moir Wises—its title more active. Bglea
_ .
.-Eaortatona-Tleaa Pork - advanced 25 per
tent. -Sales at t80,214353,50,'-closlng at the out. ,
side., Bulk Ideate .gulet ; Clear Side% loose,
1T'(; rough , 13;(. Lard 11rmer, at it9agl,e. Xel
transacUons rln Other articles. /Ave liogs
%wave, and advanced; Dressed Hogs. Inner,
at 1 1e1 1 14. - ' - '
Austere-2,025 •barrels Flour; .1,900 bushels
Wheat; 1.100 bushels :Giro $ 1,100 Raga ; 900
Dressed Hogs; 1,900 barrels. Fleur ; Mad Wheat
New-York Mock sod' Money !Market.
New Toes, Feb. 19.-31,51:Ley- market quiet
and steady at 6_ per cent. '(;Old Is a shade low
er, opeelne at 15eil and closin at 127% . a 07-
Arnsuent 13 backs. gated and S g
auer Stocks
notes, 74.1 s 2d Series, m i :
United Orates , One -Tear . New LSS4O, ;
wontem Union Telegraph, STU; New rcir -
Central, 92%1 Erie, 8156; !Leading, lalqi Inch-
igen Central, 50156; Fort Wayne, oi, ; Ilichl,
gun Southern, 7 '; Northwestern, ....ay. l do
preferred, 6534 $ e, 1.9 . .7,4 ; Chicago and Al.
ton preferew4
' - ?few York W eiarissakstelteinent.
NEI" Toni; Feb: 19. -
La u ,.
_. . Lt" e09„.41 increase et S S,S I, 2
Specie, 1 ,7(.:5 Increase ,. ; '-
Legal Tenders; 01,802,9E0 Decrease, 2,,M3,033
'Deposits, - /29,177.29 g ...Sin:reale, , 1,075,C7
Nowk Seed rturkrt. •
?trap York. rob:/7. , •••••Cf L orirr continues d is li r
as 4 t wines still favor hums] miles Sk`icki bag"
at nke ir rents. •Vitoothr is 'without move,
meat; ye quotO n 015 34 ingl i r, at t itia. flax tr.
in verr moderate =um ammai awes at
.valantta Lfzuseed 13 offered to route
- cutout ImBo3tOZI; lit.4F . Di
'ci,Pr 71:470
betkil ottOosirl. ' - • -
Onicre OTTSlPrersarsal Gamma,:
almost% Feb.- 18, UM S i
' The general markets have been exceedingly
dull and depressed to-day, owing partially
to the -inclement conditioned the we ather.
There is bet n limited demand for any of the
lelidlng commodities of produce, and' hit bat
very few roun.Llot operations, prices are en
tirely nominal, though the tendency is down
ward. Cold.dropped to IWy; in S'esr York to.
day, which is the lowest it has touched for
some • considerable time, and It Is thought
by litany It will go still lower.
GRAlN—There is no demand whatever for
Wheat, and, in the absence of sales, we Omit
quotations. Earley la dull, but without quota
ble aliangaianles to-day of 1 ear Fall at 901 and
—ost the 10th-2000 bash Spring nt 75,—C0 days.
t u,
Oa dull bat nominally unehanged—maybe
qu ted at oto ac, on track , and' he usual ol
eo for small iota front store. Bye is In fair
de d; and. sells readily at :OW.S. Shelled
Corn Is =land nominalat (Z 1465.
FLODII-rThere Is - no itoprovement to note
in demand, and the market isnitlet,and prices
are nOminally unchanged—tie continue to'
cinote.‘-fot small lots front store—at .9 to AM«
R' L "PgifiT,Leilf•an
an ti dld to $10,46 for Winter.
4.:,. per barrel. linckwtr i gi Flour Is l a ti.tir
deniand:and held firmly-at Wiper bbl.
PEOVIguIarSIONB--Bacon is quiet hot steady,
with :re sales t 15c for ShOulderst
18 for Ribbed Sides, B and M. 5.224 for Sager
Ctrred Hates. ,Lard la dull but unchanged et
Marl for etrantry, and 18 for prinie kettle ren
dered. .I.teas Pork quiet and unchanged.
BUTTER—Ia in very good demand, and
prime Roll ECUS readily' at tO to 4dcents—arri
vals light and supply limited. •
EGlCi.—There is a good. demand for fresh
packed, and we can report sales at 10.
CHEESE—Steady - with afair demand at 21 for
liambarg and 27.10 r Goshen.'
SEEDS--Binall sales from store at 117 to la*Z. ,
for Clover, I
and kb i% for Timothy. Flax
seed is in demand a 112,7 a.
FOTATOES — Unchanged—rogularaales iron;
store nt $1,15g10) per hush, and f1ih:63:4 , ,, per
APPLES—Demand light bat prices ave . un
cbanged—a6% per bbl—the latter figure
only for choice., •
Orem: or Telt PITTB#OZI3I2 OitprTit
itiOnDaT, Fels 19, 1401.
CRUDE—There was not a - single transaction
In Crnde today that we could bear of, and
while the market may be termed quiet, the
general tone of the trade den - snot denote
weakness. For &Dire delivery there Clams
to be conalderrable inquiry, and Wipers world
doubtless contract pretty freely were It not
for the unsettled condition of affairs at pre,
ant, and the uncertainty In regard to the (a.
tore. As it Is, we hear of offers to hay at 18, to
be deliveiext an the opening of navlratlon, and
offers to sell at 19. The recent rains - will pro
bably open the Allegheny River again, and
with navigation fairly resumed, we may rea
sonably look for large arrivals of oil, as there
Is said. to be &largo accitilat ion at the well,
REFINED—There Is I considerable In
quiry for bonded Oil for f tiler delivery, while
for present delivery the demand Is very slight
and the market excessively dull. On the spot
we hear of offers to:sell nt 40 cents, without
coding buyers. Sale of 1500 bbls, "Nonpareil"
brand, to be delivered between theist and 15th
of April, sellers option In Ph Iladelpb la, at 47.
Free oil is doll and drooping—may be quoted
at in JO N.
NAPTHA AND RESlDlTUld—lliere is an
Improved demand for Residuum, and while
there is more disposition to bur, prices are
not quotably higher; sale of SCIO },his at fit 't.
Naptlia Is very dull but nominally unchanged.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Pansorzrins, Pelt Pi, 'eGi.
CATTLE—The cattle market is rerN dull
this Week and prices are unsettled and rather
lower. About 2000 head arrived sad sold at
prices ranging from ISQIC eon islc.r =lra; IV
Utc for fair to good, and ireiVii rent• per id
tar common, as to QUl:atty.
SIIEEP—Are unchanged; about EOOO bead Sr.
rived and sold at from ito cents per lb grow,
as to condition.
COWS—Are rather dell; le.o head sold at 630
.630 for springers; and S4A§ICO p e r head for
mulch noire.
ROOS—Are scarce; IWO head artlyed and
■old at the different yards at from al3ls(Piai
the 100ihs, nett.
enicAco MARKET
Limn, Wool. and Prtitanznm anabangad
New York Finance and Trade
. _
Boatota Wool. Market
ll. L o) , ros, Feb. i:.—S.ale. of domr , tie for tbe -- --------- -- r — ----- - •- -- -.- •- - — 7 -
week foot up ...ante a:4,00u It, - at about the pre- leigg 10, I, 1-51. Er BANE ..... JH. ANSI=
vlOns range of. 1 - 70 far st aright Int., of nerve, ..10111/. ; 1 90 n. , 1'11.4.NE & ANJED., CO.ILVILSSION
and 63(375c for super awl ca=re pnlle.l. 111tere .- ,- -.- lIIERCIIIINIES stades/era In FLOM OXUS
has been considerable ricers worn. however,aria PeoDUCE..* Secant/ street, between
mid outside the4e fla - nre ,, , eonsit log of very SPRING, 4.11. It ANGErifENT: ~t ralthrk.lrt, PlEtabarith. aptlrly
CllOlO3 and select tots nf r dill blood West Vi- , •
rue.. SOTTVII ..... Jolrrg ATRIn; 5. 4 Snaker_tzeo
rata, Penrusdrlinln and 01110, a hie!, Ire m arl , y : .
=canted anti readily Anna pricer ranging Irmo ? porTER, -ALEEN &. SHEPARD
3to 95e. Indeed, we ha Nelau• lv ...en a to , . of -.. C. , e,n_isant Mernitano. land dealeraln Forelgtt
gossamer-like flnene-m an I -min,s of staple, MONONGAHELA RIVER • and Loon.-sl.l, Fru Os. Flow. limo, Chcea.. , ErEN.
. . Koala and pol Anne rot:emir, No. ma/LIRE/UV
which cannot he mooed Alton( of Ey, In- . STRX,IIT, uppr , ltv Par,rnger DepaZ. rict...bnrlrb.
good loth of Wester. fleece at ti:c., . — --
We; New York at Co7Vlfx• 2, ~n. llnot nthire not ,
' 1 " Pittsburgh. Bri)trnscille and Geheva C
IiAItLES C..-13ALS1LET. Produce
setae at W.G7Oce rotatuon nod medium Onto at 9 awe Couvut,,,K4. Werchaut, Warltutve "So. =
8508 e: fine and chafe., no :2 , -.4.7e, t,,,,,,,0, lb, . , LIBEETY SrktE.l 7
.T. .Pitt.aare , , • I'.. Wholesale
Harrison Co. no, ; Gild :41(e :139 Wanbingtent ..
, .dealer la Butter, Ch,,,e, Lard, E..,., , - , , Port , are
C0.,1M., ISM. In Canada, 100,0A0 In; ~..else corn- kif , tictisi LANE; .. Sean, Ta=lon, Itathers. firaaa+,', Potatoes. , Oa.
binggold at 8.5 c, wit.,ll one more In[ of the some . , hay. Drted From, IN•rcen Frans, voter, rkar.
ottallty left upon tits market . In foroltm the • Grata, Clcor tidal, Ttoant4- ~e ^, l -. Flax Paean.
, dame nal rnultry Pa,- •lir - sO nO. a given '
sides embrace elan lob: or Cape at :::;q4 - sc, . 3Fs.a.cope-T,,Tia (o,ci f rn i,, .7 . pr,_,•“. C0,,,,,i,, • •••' - -------
.... 15
'destine at 35 , 34,0 c, and ALlLralta II at ifs.—Pal-
Wiil run Hare &silt ...side-wheel steamers-tietwoon
l'll/s l •'-rel Menong4,,, inv. Brosru6 vtlic. - F.lce'a
~. .,alto “T.Cpsbory, E,. ,, ,,V r 0 and theDunfard vll
1 PliTsurfitall,lOnT Warn& ,t fiftnAGo. R. A .th Ethtl'. 1.,5 lthc ' l, ^othlessed of the f 0 110. 1.3
I Feb. 19.-11 DUB oil. S M Kier It co; 6 cks pearls reamer, `
• J B Canfield; 17 pkga grease, F Seller. A co; 1
Itbl lard, S S Martin{ 1W bbls door, tsbomaher .
I"A Mogi 6 cars m eta I, b iZ e lnd , cl; tr. fri c f „ l ,,, ,bl l s cl , ry CAVE - 1 - 1T .. ~. t APT, S. C SPEY Rs.
no ' 7 irroo ke r g la w s l fp d n ' t s t i o e h bi 0 n: ' . ' t:bi , i T s - 7. ,, ,, 5 . ,, ,i f i5. ,,, t,t 0d ie? , .. T urTA E .. 1 ,.. j . ,, , ,..:,':: } '"
.. 7 , ,... •
I fray it Clark; 10 bbls flour, W Bingham; '34 sal • •
• rage, Markle g to, Ibe tobacco, Atwell, Lee A Throe patwets wilf [care Pittsburgh daily at •o.
co; 3 bbla butter, li Riddle; IS Obis dry apples, '4 1. , 1 ..1 . ,'.1..,;
.+!..i.escept .nriday. sober me deatuyire
Cook, Bro A co; I'. hes son p, A rbockics at co; 15 ' ' l"` --* °_ ' .- f .
! Pltgti ' r ' r r .ti. "‘ '-1 dally D' aroli r . m L h .. Aleo l P I
- Vii °,-' 6;17 ' a l it ' l ' ral
do do, 11 A Fahncsrech i 'lei. , & en; 1 ear stares,
J J Ralya.
Prilliltra&a, COLLWAX". AND CP;OINIVATI a. R.ltertireitloC.—Leawis Brownsville for Pittsbarra
Fob. 15.-41 bolls p•tper, Prltsbargh Paper Cu; 15 i Sally at 7 a. Int and &.p. or.
ban candles, Kiri:p.m - Ica s. Herron; Paper
Ibis :3 ,
_Leaves Greensboro and Goners al Is aw•in../ ;
aka eloveree.eil, %V P heck ten ; 10 half bbln bn Is ' .r . ,,,% " ' ee l ,',,,ll d eh th e , , _ at 2, p. th
minim Our at , o ',act
ter, L H rolgt 6 CO; 5 Ice bams, 3 H Parker; 1 ' The b ee ~, 1. 0h , p .,,,,,, ei . nr , t ,."
„,,,. i
ear nest J Durrlnatian: 10 nij lihiS. LtIMPICO ile...Mtr... built r< H_,. for Me tr•de ' They ull
OR Co; 100 bbls flour, P. Knox SS on ; .3. , S logo , b e ~,ded bs. nalccr, of lor, ertwri..n[o. 0 1,.1
wheat, D Wallace; •100 bids dour, Graham A CM pay portleurar aye:atoll to :Le want • oriii....n..
Thomas; 99..3 port bulb moat, .l Llppinentti:' , 7l fort of P. , tenfterr• l'he soat , e 11l les, orfnript •
bash oats. Campbell A Brown , at the hear adverd..l
ClrlingLAlrD it PlT,Arrtfill RAIL ROAD '
Feb. 11-1 curs pig iron, Mattel: It en; 1 ntave Freights Reieived at all Rout's.
machine, F Dibble:a ill bile tobacco, Prete-
fold it Bro; 23 bids dry apples, Volgt .t et); ih< .roe fort lier part lelilars, enquire of •
glass, Baketvetl, Pear. It en; 1 ear load lathe, 11 - 1/.1-1.A..11 ItIeELFWV. se:mt.
n eewan g on; U. bale: brryou, enn t,
. it 11 :‘ ,,,, ; At the Wharf-Boat, foot orGrant Si. , Pitt,inirii I.
L. CoLVIN, Arent.
14 bait Whifity, lattlo & 3lceltllng; 17 barrel, , „ am t 6 Brownsville. 1.,, al liletmllongli; IS do lime, Ring a ern -.-. ' --.. —...
3 bbls OnitrY, J Huthem ; 1 Corn libeller, 1 otrt
t bag bx, White Lim I en: 3 able hatter. N boars 1866. Wirfat 1866.
Doper, 11 Rlddle; 1 uses Inbtioen, D Wee, 1
bbl oil P D May; I nth 1.111 tPr. T l' lenlrin , , If .
SrEED, SAI -, ETY AR 0011111111 T
eropt.7 . lle bid., It .....m..1 A Piro, / an: bi riours.
i I Durdevy.
ALLCOHENT ST ATI.IN. Fr.Laii,ry 19,-2 ear,. CtI3IBIIVED.
: •
wheat, Kennedy I. '' r "' ''' '"'"''''' ' M6 "'j Pitfall:CH, NIEELI;(1, IdAklEiti & PtiIaYSIMPAI
.v. MC., ......1..r01a-.1, N. 1: ,113 dart.; I Cur eteria, r.
Knox & Son; 10 roll, tenth.,, Kellerman it co; i
seeks re, J McConnell: 91 10,1, flour, Shalr,
Son a co, 12z, h,ll. paper, P 1 10,1
14 hides, Lapp., a. Weise. S hales I wipe, II Ger-
. ..
Wig ,t 00;10 pirg, palls, J Moon A. Arm
.; . .11/111i I. 111.11,11 . • • C.DITAIIII BOUM .8./.. H. HllOOl.
Comprising the following Geeselass Passe flofer JOHN I. I/OUSE & RHOS., Slicers.
steamer, 1
51.11141, HA Y ARD:.Gro. SI. Moore, Master: • if toss ro .got'' I. floc sr A to., \i tole. ale tD.;,.
steamer W/NtlirriTglis As as. Shepherd, Master, eers and Consul teelet lietchants, maser ut Smiths
Steamer FOREST. CprYs de t tioni6n, Master. betel and Water streets, Pittsburgh. pea
Lear., Pittburgi, every Moullay a'
I 'Mart ‘'
tiay' .at J AM E S DAL.ZELL & SO2. Mann.
It o•eork, S. m. • -; Ir tre'tnrera Of Lard Oil. and I onaul4sion Meretted•
Lev, WM:. lint *very Monday and • oursday, at for the perbee and sale of crude and fiellurUP,
9fMp. In. Indent., Nos. 68 and 70 Water Street, Pittsburgh.
STF.ASIER WINCHESTER, . Advances made on ennsignmeats. .
Leaves Pittsburgh every Tneeday and Friday. st•
Park [rah nes t Ltso3 a. us. ' SCIIOMAILER &LALNG,Wholesale
Leaves Wheeling curry Tuesday 1001 Fridiy, at dealers in Groceries, Floor, Oren, Produee,,Pro
1:30 p. tn. visions. Fish, Cheese, Silt. Chrbou
et ,u Non Mend
Importer . ....Non.. Si. Lends sTY. &With FORF.ST CITY 174 Wood Street, near Liberty Stre, Pate/arta,
Start et ta ,Curtis..:. Nashville.. L Pittsburgh ever Wednesday and s t,,,,,, , p g ,
Wlnchest et .. Shepherd . . Parkershorg. at D ....• • ~ rOIIGE 8., tics. 00011"0 so:trust-it
Lures Whelan rfery Wednesday sad *tatordr.
Silver Cloud. Conway. ... . New Orleans p
,• " ! [-TEAD & IMETZGAR, Groceritand
dis 9,311 p. m.
RIVER, IBBATIIBB., [TO. CI TRIP-STF,A.MER FOREST CITY - . AA Commission Ilereltants, toll dealers In eh kinds
ravea Parkersburg every Stonday.aud Thundlay of Cont.e - Prodttee and Pittsburgh Maitutattures.
The river ta again swelling, wit b. a boot seven .1 p ~.
No. Sec Liberty Street, opposite head of Wood street,
feet water In the channel. The * l ttieather was Lein., Whrettog [Very Tneaday and Trial', ta 7 Pittsburgh. , astfly
quite warm yesterday until inwards evening, A .• STEAif ER BAYARD .
at which time It began to snow, but ,simnel Leave Parkersburg - every Tuesday and Friday, at. .... warding and Commission Merchants, for tbe kalif
p. 2. , Floor, Grins, Hamm Lard, Butter, seeds: Dried
somewhat cooler. Nearly all the Ice has dia. 2 Leave Wheeling terry Wednesday and Saturday,:. Frolic,and Product generally, No. la Market Stern.,
appeared from toe street., and the aver leak at 7v m. : ! , corneof First. Pittsburgh, 1.1. fe..nly
• I
most entirely free STF, ASIER
nosiness at the wharf is e
Lure, Parterstairg trlh
every ITennesday and stor- 1 D . WALLACE, Commission itlera
rather Ilvely.
ea n e r eW;U n t:e lin g eel . v Th o ruts v and Sunday. at! Ne *,• L b t r ittg4ir , 7l4 2 , 22 4 l , : o,,ile r it:grs- " Tylitil 2 it. -4 , ' it .
The Winehester, Capt. Asa Shepherd, turns 7.. . - ''
, r!
Debut, Pittsufgh, Pa. ' Storage {Vat - Liman,. torn,
her limit westward for the first time to lay, :
. d 44.: 3 aua r efAi t tnit t ido c tgArr t oe d itle . tt ge t v :7! Wayne and Penn street.. not7fly
She will leave at the regular hour fm Pur- ! which leaves Pitteborgh st Sfeff p. in snitherela l itd ,
.H . RIDDLE, NC. 1W..1 Liberty St.,
kersburg, and will MO regularly :henceforth • at . = I. nt. also. with tress of Pittsburgh, Sur ~ . • Pittsburgh, Pa., Commission iderelrant.
Wayne and Chicago Hallway, which leaves Chicago • m bole s ee Denier in trygsatry prodoe4tie e se, e rfes and
whenever there is water. '
at 10 p. m.; and st and
with *tarletta and CIS- ; Pittsburgh menu Demirel. C.IL adrange I on Cot,
The Armenia, Capt. McCallum, tame up to ;
.. I chiliad Railroad. and Stith steamers to all point.. signalers ts, .d peel for Produce generarly, twat.
Iles iandltig yesterday, with but a 8111111 the 111.01111,1110 IIIVCB: 0110 11/ Parkercharg. wit .1 . . mgere• JOU" 1-1,11115.'1Y I
fa t
of frOight. She had to tight her say ! early tren BO iho Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and r• - -.— „
I through the Ice from Enfibigton. She is up yin: Daily Line theatacrs to Pomeroy, lialllpoils,
.1 . S. I.IGGEFT & CO.. Cid y Flour..
for New prlean., end will commence loading Ironton, portmmailigdayertile and Cincinnati.,. n• • lug Mill. rotors I.lBorty nod 0.151111 streets,
lintuedlately. ar•On up trip, connection. are made at lieltalr , Pittsburgh, l i st.
with Cleveland and Pittsburgh Ralirond. C.:0• It. m. I .46P - Capacity, 4130 barrel, per thy. aged.
The Leal Leon, Capt. Campbell, came up to
at i arrlve at Claret
rain, by which palwagent ...1
the landing yestethay. She is the drat boat to ; at D. r.0....pd .leb,,, -,,h . ~,,,,,,,,, , onager natestt. s. r. nes - CLL.
secede to oar request, and thnt her manifest J As. COIJEANS dt. O lents, ! 1110pORT. DALZELL & CO., Whole..
ahead by mall, for which her clerk has Out A 1 Wharf-Host, Foot a ood sr. , ... sale Grocers, Commission and Vorwedlng Mer•
pyrygnisgeAs 1 , Chants and .10014,3 In Produce 1101 I'IttAIbUIVI lUD.
2- The Importer, Co t. John Noss, takes her , Where freight out be: rreelved each day, up to Slid , armlet - Lot, No. OSt Liberty street, Pittsburgh.
departure for St. Louis this evening. Our , p. m. . - Hs. ) , ciRAILLES L. CALDWELL, (Sue.
' friends lo Duni:tart of the counrry may look
I a.-..' swine to Jame• Holmes . A. Co., f r..7,-‘ raeruand
for something a. little extra when she gets . pou MEMPHIS & NEWr i3 OF%
: dealer in Provisions, earner of Mae ot , and Front
around there. a. ORLEANS-The splendid steamer
The Marietta , Capt.. Sweeney, will leave this ARMENIA ; R. C. licesttust, Shuster, ,,,,,,,.. ~,,,,,,
JOlll% W1L,10..
I eve ns Mr Ntmlaville without fall. As Cum- Will Have for tar ainqe and elf tntrnuedlase poll. ;
• WATT &. WILSON, Wholesale
beriand river Is rising, she will have no MOT on SATURDAY. alth„at 3p. tn.
salty In getting through. For freight or tisAtrAt . p A lz; an board or to • . Grocers, comfule•lmillerehdllte. and dealer, in
i ~,,,,,,,.. . Pradnee and Pittsburgh Mann farm,. No. Hs Lib.
The Reindeer,-tow-bout-passed Evansville ~,,a ,
.i. D. ;co I.l.lNt ' lliVOOD. 5 '`.v.” . erty street, Pittsburgh. 1u . 5
On Saturday last on her way up here.
Tile Memphis A twiunche, of the lulu, [ova; OR CINCINNATI, LOU- t .
We chronicle the arrest of CapL E. A. Levy, FDITIELE AND NaSIIVILLE ••• --'24
late of the Miami. United States Marshall M.
The aptendid passengir - steemer
T. Hider arrested Capt.. Levi toe yesterday on ; :MARIETTA • , Capt. Cra•rts,
charges preferred at. Little kas regards WM leave as above in TUESDAY, Wilk fee ,at
the explosion of the ill-fated Miami lie was .II o•clock S. M.
relmtlife on 11133.403 bond to tipper at the United For frotahr or parvsge apply on board or to - •
StateakLOXidittPli omco on Saturday and then fell FLACK CCOLLINGWO()D. agents.
the Marshall will carry him to Little Rock
.. ._s7_ll4
for trial. There 19 also an order Issued for the FOR CAIRO ( AND ST . '•e-"w
of the aryl and second engineers, pl. ! ST. L 0 1719.-The She steamer ~ y et - -" t-+'.7-
1 -••••4=
-lots and mates. . i IMPORTER . .. ..
~ 4 . ... .... Capt. JOR - S - NOsS,
qtf.o.-Tlle Timer e nf Thursday , Saga:. I Witt lea, fed - the a and Intermediate party, on
four monitors lying in front oar ettyare TH/S DAY, FelovtaryMtli step. - al. '•,
Intended for harbor defense, and itIS reported' For froicihjtATT,ll:_mmat...4,l„Zriegi.nis.
that two., will be stationed In same harbors ; - .
upon the Golf, while the other twit will be , R EGULAR PACKET gam&
matte the Atlantic COaSt. They are all of the 1 iv F u n wur E m-,0 „ !,,,,,,, ETT ,
Same model, and- nearly the same 91 / 21 / - the ! ANSI .TANk:SYILLE.v.The Oneteamer EMMA
Tippecanoe, who Last finished, being les tuns ,• GRAHAM, Copt. G. PL. STULL, w ill leave for the
capacity, and drawing thirteenfeet water. ! store and an intermedkne ports every TUESDAY ,
Thep will soon be joined. by Seven Other light- at 11s. m. heturning, Hares Zanesville every FRS
draught monitors, for river defense. Two of I DAY, a: 7111. J:TiI•COLLINGWOOD, agent.
throe, called the Shiloh and Etla, are being I ... Tr._ .... _ST.__
built by McCord LI Bro . 's., of St. Louis; two- I
the Tumah and Marrintb-at Chaellmsti, by ;
Hamilton ..t Co.; two-the Marietta and Sam
dcisky-at Pittabtirgh, by Hartpoe It Co., and
another, wheats . name we could not learn,at i
Pittsburgh, by Snowden d. CS. rive Of tlie3e : HOMDEPATIIIO BPELIFICS. .
vessels draw,nine foci of water, end two Ivo I -
feet; all are to be .5,15 . tuns measurement, I Have yrtsved, train the Mostampleexperteneolin cm-
! tire saves.. shopleelent and reliable. They.. I '
and cocarry 11-Inch gnns. The large monitors
carry IS-Inch,emootlidiore, Dahlgren guns. I Lite . :3l , agneglr i es ectly adapted to popular me I •
The name of the other monitor whose name I tr i d e nt 'a o l' haraesiiis ro.ife! doubt
be' . 4tn artfl 'g ' '
the r u n,, could not barn is the VotalNlna. 1 efficient as to be alwaye,-rellable. glom
Her armament convists of two eleven Inch
guns. No 1 ewes FEVERS, k`ongestiOna, flndamma- - CIIAIRES
G. •
7. .• WORMS Worm Fever, I Colic_ ..... :4 ; •
• • CRYLNG COLIC , orToething hl Ins •
• • 1 " %Il i
4 HAL _A of children or adults.. Cr, 1
6 - DYSENTERY, Grigdng and Britons I
• • 711 .
1 " Flill
. " :NEURALGIA, T.thache, laces
he.... . ...S. ... .
1 1l :: l i agg i g .1 111;1 ' &: . IsS i t 's I ' .....".
~ .. symp l is,,b , ..,, ty ~,......k . l p. aV ''.. AND ALL KINDS or HEAVY CASTINGS. ,
iteriods.;:. 2...
M ; 8 2. 2 1T 1 P 11 11V11N... V. 1, 84 a ' nrl ,'" h r iN l2 L"
" '2B2C
3 -ph.. ,r. , RE:rnius a r e . 10 rOB/PLIS• -
11,1 Straus LAs berriothre. the best materials will alway s s
IL " SALT 1111,FHTM, arnt Trfelpehts, Erups- t tht.onttre. '
~.., „
„Ateir m .x4 l .. ii . f .. iiiii;;;, . ... ii; .. iria , EY: nttan la called to our NISW FLY WILERI
I , „ p ri .... Eit .. Al.4D Autly. ; tr, m ,P
..d ..., . PATTSRN au.l Increased facilities for Mang upth
. thine, ' • nottlya
I 7 .•• PIL ES, -
EP, int al or external 03 pITTSHEIRGII FOUNDRY. ,
le - OFTLlAlLidraore, Mihuned rye., to
19 •• CATAnnikacute ur chronic, influ• , Let A RRIF,ON... ...... ..... ..... acein it. It -
LO •.
TO " ! WHOOPING COUGH, SpahmOdle I .
1 „ wh : A. GARRMON & CO.
.1 " EAR DlSClTS.Ma d impairrd hear: 2u
1 ; • '
. ! Muserrsars 1./ 20./60211, Garrison A CO., 2
: 2 .• D SN'SY, eI _ et; A vend
•,,e • GENE . RII. ° E
-4 . . D. C LA/TY. • s I 1 •
welkneasY • D'"
, 2 " DROPSY ga d Remaly Seenothia. .... ,go ;
' ia " SEA SICRNE.SIi, or Sickness feral Mansfact tea of Chilled Rollers of all aixes Mt
riding • 1 Iron, ntre, " Brass, Eine, Copper, Sliver ' Gld, given
27 • . ictp.N.Ev DISEASE, firsvel... ..... . SII 13os rda. - A•apet and Ineilaele•dtber Weerk . - lam Rolls
If, •1 NERVOUS ; DEIDLITY,• enteral lug Mill castings uf all des I s, 'L ' -
e ndsaloafitiovolumarr disc/Mr - gra 99 ' Patent DoUbleGender, with ' a -i t l a i rrly o n f 'r otte 3 r i pta iji i:
hi •• SORE 910 Ur or Canter CO terns; alle.ay s on hand, and geed to ed.. MI 101011
LB " URINARY NCONTINENCE.. • .9. nOticr and f •
91 •• PAIN rim ERI01)9, even wiii . I. sthittea;,:r "le '''' ths " ' "4 Wr'"'":"'" '
reer, Pittsburgh. Ditty
Spthas i
11 '. MIFFS:MIN 9at Change of L1fe....10a
in -• IHMLEPSV, palm., ESL Vitus' Dau•
ad •• DIPTHERIA cos
cera, ulted e 103tre thrO.VIW
T.ll.3fllif CASZB, -
ate of Metals. in LITZ::, , I,Icage aid book toms II
_pl.. 0 02
rifle La ce y large vials, to morocco and hn o ook 5 CO
C'uts of 20 large ells, pleb case and book IS 03
. Cl.4e of IQ boxei (No. I loth and book 910
Corner of Fottirth and Market streets.
Wbotesafe Agent,Plitsburgh, Prs.•
FrgallstibZ fdigt.LilgtLASlMlthlldid streetr,./09.
Pittsburgh, and J. J. EAST. IsTelfl49l4iherri.listre:l2
Allegheny; McCLAIVAS, a McILENN.A.N. corner Of
Diamond and Market Strekt, Pittsburgh.' . 'l'
St. Lou
Len, Lent
POOL AND MDEENSTOWN (Ihn-aath) Deice a
weak. The INMAN LINX, eatlleq
Tickets .old to and from Ireland, Eat land, Scot
land, Germany and France.
An n , the Comnany•.Omxe, •
JOHN 8, DALE, Ageut,
lo Broadway, N.Y.
Lettering or all kinds azeented: promptly and In
nnsarpassed elegance.
tleautinal Ilnote Casale on enameled paper of ail
cores, and Masa, made to order and
" Paggl r le t algria ezcmited In • highly artlstle
tt . i:t i tog done meltla a ri li a i rtl i t t ? aaral,ffity
LitHobe, wofk o a r iAL:Altirg::.. ° mks ty
(Late n/ the inn of Elitowit & blonnOw
North East corner of Third and Marker Streets,
llacutattntera of the but refined' Cast 9011, Squats,
Plat antl Octagou, of shalt.% Bur Platte, hot, Fora
aul Sheet Cut httel, Cut Steal thr •
Cast and Common Plough and Spring Steel,
012,ce—Corner of Fl_r_e I n / . 1 3 La e f f ri c. /1 . tll
:47 atm* Ole 11.
kleaufacturera a
,•PaAnaillarNEVlaellottail talfalliTh""4"4
11 t FMB FURS !
• W1:7X1.193i'
The !nest $I last (kap /swim
'we(' OB•crsd. tis this Market
Nck...l-138 Weseell lstreaot.
•V* tba mot Derfsei hurt mmtacl
U2ll ODIT wll/ stead S Cab
smug the ' Vresenbnopparb mails
for =Oiler taro yto be met with. .bbi
lien to NW: terrttorr floa t et=
Goad ulna ggentelraated-In btcrieestarthl Poona
*Mends. &Suitor Clrextar..,Atithfas.7.*ll:a4W
VII.OFT4 tap at ,L4i.L. trams co, c
az m ,
M. 0 -
ji ar
lt. StRICiEtO l3 : laellinuotis.
....... micron - - BAULILIC It
..,,,.. . •
warranted to be the etagere- 7 . • 0
c iro g . T i :) , . r
4.2 ma, Wllooping 0644, lo f ,' • ' ..• ....! 1 1
chronic Cougtm, • Consutop- •' "
_.,.. Ar ri
rgHon, Bronarttlits= &V a p,..,_ . 7.... - : , T' 7 '
tairtirti. to healing. nil.- ORE .:
ening cad elpectoattim , ~,, , . ~..
l ilatltnftit'rbroat An d Longs . goi.ssle :P/
Druggists everyvbers. -
)4-E.rIELLERS g C 0.,.
Bapdi Btuts 8 tuts CURED Dm
Lak .4°Dwo
s. It Ov gi
en tiontedatu
Mitt. 41:14 • CCU -& Plerlal•
neat cum Trr 1; earnegr
waenated to owe.' ;
- 1 WSPEPSIA. ---Or. • StricklandN
...., 202710. a • concert} , • c
rtatedpreparatlattof Bowe gal ~ l it,
and Alerts, with awl" a . W _ .../.,
add.. and arminative t# C.,
strengthen the stomach/met ,r••• , '
nervous system. It ts seers
• -
rain reined) for DA...pnag czi 4,-P
or tnengestlun. ssarsuctat
...,, ,
am. Loss of '. AppatlaN
.',; ••• i
Acldttg, of 'the latonshtri , ... .... ,
Flatulency and debtlit.7_. it -,0......,___.,,,,,,,,i
v is i n nu at
.r aleh i alsn y
... lbs . : ths,..erawstseatrev,
norru - su Arai clgsnaPtlePe" '
spa. Som ata Dr all nutg , -
guts aserrahere ai El e 2 00. ,,
• ..". - .." • ,
7'1101434Z Agfaeolli
Foirry TEARS tonacricie
/14 117311A.L.
Olres me tnowledze seldom. sevaixed by-1 - 1411.
clans. rest
of asto Vas city. end t z ho aroma
ts reitZ! '"4l ...? 7 -by
S P Inti&2°Alr Cured trr ; nib t
shorter Mae thin oeretotost =711E17 VICI.L•
ABLE ItIIekLDLES. Ilehlehles sent to saa7 part .14
the Union. All lettere mon coats= stamp to w.
IV% '‘ .4 t l n ATTlZ e tir M 1 21 1 7 76 1 111 ill! ". h ad'
Slab I . lo = ll Xtalttatotrgb. Pa:
- 1 ) 1 1... .U/8.F4et98.
(it - rm.-4o Prra. StriET ttearlitad:" •-;
Tor the care at fU dlseesio oft . trate triter*, re
tram two to four dayt , tot enoutl7 row sa d ant*
ireaMe" 3.l • Z inif Weallee_mh and .1.1 other.
pseAsee of the mutal emu And weir prerentlott:
Can warrazited or Zaue7,rethuds4. •
. Othee b0t0n...7 to 10 A. 1t.,t5( . AtulVo so; et.
• Addrest letter{ W.:11113‘ min stmt. - 0 0, 7 : -I
TrALL P • •
„A‘ ip
- grve v
wigu.9P4 IL :
—a% CUL ttot'm XTO
ice of new ups.
R 1 " OX UtoitunisAiOU
• „urric MANI S aicjOkealei,ll4 FLOC?. Gt,./LIM
MILL Er- 11=0_PUCL .70. .
Duraorl. npp C:tv MEL All. City,
. (W;CC. , 5 5, tJ 11.7.dh.00,s 1," 3 „,
De*lcr In ITC
Her:h.:cc; N 0.1351 [ABLE fY 5 r.}.E C,
Fn. feilv
11 . 11. JACK,
• •• ••• • •• •-• • •
CI - 4p & SHEPARD, Commission
l.V.e . o . banr , and dealernon, Grsin and Pro. sit Lik.M.f street. Pirt , norgli.
cs.ur for Bator; .3,1 Fa p 117;
Ewingon hand. l'artJ , nlar attention p La
ening or er :tor lierohando, genarally. ocCly
•s_A i” ea-era l'ounnt, tan Mot - ohm:tut : and
....Iron In Lon,
:Mari and Lard "IL Iron. N.itla, 421553. Cotton
Yarn, ano aiulsrtsr., genetulr
Ila and 114 Swood atroot.
NV tt la re r. I ('1
I[!'"t t‘r i f t :11 41 1 ; 1., : tIlo!!!
. , t Corns
-11.11, , , irhlrt. See ,
Greet, !fried ,tt Lime. ”lit
jOIIN D. t'AiNTlELD,Vonarni§miOn
rat utmNt mut
t e J
Nlt ~, Von.,
ties,. 14.1, Put ni.4 mart AiM e, steerrus.
:mut ,
lirimf I: telt, and Yralure,,,t st,eL rittsJUlL.l
Comlut2.l.). Fomardlup Ntercha.llll.,
purcliaatug .Arnie for all l'ltlApitgh Mumtfa.eturr,
AVarettomie. Nu..A I.ii.erty •.i rye.% Plt,mirgh.
TIESISTA3IDEILT ..J0111: till S.
1 .AMBERT, SnirxoN 6; CO.,
Wbole•sle Grocer.; and Froatuce 1)e Alen `:0.3
Arra. PitteLornt.
ISAIAH DICKEY 6: CO., 'Wholesale
o r ", n , . - desists LA
Produce., ju.
.ter street sus h.: front attest,
116.117Z1., EE ..E L. , 414'11T.
T H. VOIGIII' 6-. Co '-
, (Successor
r 2-4. to G. Grafi, 7 Prodacc• and Corwalsal
chants, 47 Lalcrry etrect, Pit7.sburgb.
, SPErlifEll 4 1 / 4 . LAZOS., (Success...7;ra to
Reyrcer Anderson,' Irr. , ie..e.D.ll,gti in For
eign Frulta, Soo
freworkz, Nos. L.; and qtrkt ,c6 o v e
Flfr4, Pitts Largl4. 13ZeIT
DA.VID M. E•Dt'iiitToN. Whole-
Grt aztzot; 'Commleslon licretukt i p
t r c a,4zo
i nt
. . .44. VA5H151C.......J. 8: SHADES'S
ETNA STOVE Irpattoi. •
A. BRADLEY & C 0 . . ;.
- its.tittraetnrc ortry rat rwr
Moon, which are the ctleltirlted ZURfflit TILLOr/C
matt TAILLSAIAN' (Coal t;torran POUSNA; VET
ERAN Sod (WOO4l Csuk aulyeg. ) Alta
, Omce ml‘.7archouse, corner of Seeinrd and Woo
strliktz; Pit ti.l4l.rgh. ..Eatrauce on :•lculttl meet.
Parlor anti Healing Stoves
. Grates, Fronts, Fenders, &c:
Alen, all kinds of HOLLOWWAY.E Wart/448,
Jrfaehine Works tend Foundry
spr..larrigutaxua a2 ,_
gy"Yrlgtnltiejttrrelr t711d4/t/d4=',1133N1
10AltIn& rollers, se..
ItepalGas of all Ltnda attended to felly
xp.colv.s. crtrznomst..e;.,
• .. . - • .
i, MODES, -RYRIE - ar- CO - -.
lfahufactstrcra of BLACK awl titt=ll - OT.AZ3-
trdtill.', - Drontate Ware,' gortti.ooi .ivelatjohbryar It .rehour,r-tin. Ili It ,I.T.EIt MELT
betwoca Ea' oalthtleld acht:Gront sreeta, .Plrabarirk
Penna. - . .
oP=a -at oar Warta to be eaocrtor to oar num
-o, of the Itour.titaa- Always a'a.b.a.a•
tillt . .t . aware of the above desciptlon. AU "ortora
Promptly attended ro, 'Particular attcattott -• ta t o,
vdrate-taoulda.. 0 . ..,- ' • - ' ... e. lr -
ylimE:outcs.o:waw co
or - keEtoo, marez.tatot qty
I s7 77118M7111: r.
VIAL. 7.4 , 0-L1.130
VOLUM -6r. WRl6iltryilrittania
.Brass and ;Sheet Metal Workers, Brlttanta Cat:
tar di Carbon and Lard 011 Burners, and all 4:Serest,
arts at Brlttaala used by -Edda. I . lasul4ntra ,
ordata ptonarty-fdlett.. No..3B3EXCUND aTitatZEZ.
f 0,2 W EI:CANE/a,' . No. - OS IVATEII
Pa. mabufetcarercfßVlLEa'
Id.VNT:I.Wasu -coamau +o4=l=4'
Oracular flied ar S7Plkea taid Eli*: UM*
cr rml3..tadao °Mast &twi ntllzs,' glcO.P.-
1 . 4 1:411 WWI miiii:Cll44l
No. 301 .I.Thrkty Street.:
:4:41:13 LEM=