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TVESDAY, / , ',EItRUARY 20,18C8,
Not l enl/11ofeby Risen th.t•uereater all ?nor
412.5 T saTaftlooments received at this bee moot
Pala for Itho;:i,bond.o4 In, r.7.cfplll:LtOo oose of
wflU be rendere.!
q arterly, aq met,: Adorertleeee l 4 l /,lcle—eF'! le ' a
note of this, an el,e role of oath pernirnte for ad
, voetleelbente of the character stated. All be lunei°
MIT enfbrced.
The price of our Morning an 4 Evening edition:oli
THERE CENtS at. the counter or from ne"ranoT.• I
nerroa Or carriers L!ryrEEN pEliTS,,M,rferk•
,Oarratuisrtitoillsee that we have' kept
irotiniae of improvement in the letter.]
press of the Ciartrra. This improvement ;
will be perinanentr and when our nOW:
press arrives, an it will in the course of sal
• t weak; etforliataii: be tasie, to make ; a still ,
SPEECH itos-ritos vvivaAms..
• tie 'very` able and eloquent speech of
Etch. T130.316/3 WlLLtsate—the ablest yet!
delivered this session—will be published
entire in qux,weekiy edition•of Wednesday;
OidersloribaideiShOtdd be left at the Count'
hig-roorn ti4rnerhing.
Before the war tile expenses •of the goy
•ornment ware defrayed almost wholly by ;
irnlxott distles ; orteteW Eptot eon - ;4
iLtibtttioau fiCiefland-sales Were iliconsiderii
.4,tlittwar,Volreatad, and its Pro- ,
parttime enlarged .it became apparent that
resort mast be had to other methods_for ee,
caring iniSeliti. :Thaillipositt : coild - not be
made to yield sufficient income toper even
- tbelniarBst on the"public debt ivhiclfit was
Indispensalde licontracr. •f'Anexperiment,
186,. and collect,
od from the States. This Was ftillow - Ped by
the internal, ravenne system, which pro.;
duced more than two hundred and eleven!
millions of dollars last year, and will yield'
much more the current year. To make the
taxation of domestic articles productive of
revenue, it was needful to increase the imw
pest dtdies; 'for everybody perceives that
the impoaftinn'of art excise duty, so far al
the-effect on dotaestleproduct inn is concern.
ed. Ia •preclsely eqiii . Valent to abating the
impost ditty by tho same amount. on cone
peting foreital articles.
By far, the Larger portion of the national
'revenue billow derived from internal tax.
atiom If the tarlff on foreign gads should
he reduced,
.the moneys received at the cus
tom-houses would he considerably incretts,
ed, but this gain world he much more that
nnytbnlanced by the, , loss .of Income at
tr.P oRk of;Uie vllectorvofluternni
. ..„ .
Fran Trade,
or even to apriitaihnne ihereto, would so
tar Impair the national resoutves and rredit
ea. to. tood do 11,4 nancifil' revulsion. I"
our . Rresent system this metinsrn that)
_ are- reilidtmder the old one. Formerly. the
etiveritinent credit waga thing by itself. The
- ;yrOkt thal,cmild - happen wag a depreciation
of the national securities. Now, the whole
banking system holds intimate conned
tion with the naliznal credit. It is bilged
thereon. Let the confidence repostsl in the
present availability and tiltimate_sechrity
of the Gorernment bonds he seriously
'shaken, and the paralysis of the public
credit will Ie speedily followed b% - the titter
eollapsa of the hanks tuulof all rotannekial
confidence. Free Trade, at all times pieju
cital,..rouldnow- he neeegFarily etypried
by bad cCriYeciiienhEs; thA effect of which it
ie impo_csible to overestimate.
ON the 19th °fleet August-two days af
ter. the Republican State Conrenticru—Grat
..e.etivr r- Nrrete a Tettir to MT. Crsszr4,Chair
man of the State Committee, and which
was published in,. the Philadelphia Pros. - -,
in whlt:ti he rays:
"The platform of principles adopted by
the Conyentioroneritsmorethan a passing
comideration. From beginning to end,
(sell trnd of these resolutions is
"eound to the core ?' and eminently bation
al in its character they embody thdse MO
nitlons which the loyal men of the North
cannot disregard; they render that ijustice
which hasiong • been;withbeld; they ad
mini.sterthnsa. rebulteS which are ;proper
and fitting; they contain the declaration
of principles upoi, w i lL , d e r alone an;endrer
tug repittallecan becsta.. lished.
"The 'cordial endo lento of President
Johnson and ftecretary -Stanton, ary fast
tritintea thO exalted clis t ractentof .twom
, thopuiest tautest:tem of the American
'flint most effectually disposes of the al
legation that the General was not in - the
Bepriblican party last year.
Ap - - '
,„1" - r ----
TEEL London ectator says that the de
mocrecieS—are all going wrong about free
track, - - .tr !reit cannot be resift; in Pentutyl-
Tanis without protection, says that Journal,
"Jtshewsin theclearest way that the men
engitioa ru mining are wastiag their labor,
and could get far more iron by working at
tsgriuttiture awl living °reign iron, with
tiiittrociedathan'hy dire t mining." .:The
people of the •grairt and meat -producing
districts have hied that policy out. Corn
was produced till 4 became cheaper than
cold - rot. 'Ordinary fuel. But the farmers
Wero in debt; their estates heavily encore
berodi.. witli no prospect' of a salutary
charge, when the war niado protection in
dispensable. Now every prudent, Indus
<noun farmer in Out of debt. Protection
carried - them through, and they w,ll stand
14 it,',' • •: :
A3CratyntENT.—Mr. G. W. Ati
nEESOS, 11f Ilfissourt, has offered in girl
Reuse of Representatives a Joint resolution
aliain4ntory of the ConstitutiOn.- lies
one characteristic that ought hi commend
It to Copperheads, and . Conscrvatives. It
doe§ not relate- to. the };hicks. It simply
proposes -to abolish tha phrage "United
States of Amerien," . and to aubstinite the,
one +Word "America.". Tho effeet, of this
change beta makethe legal design. l l.-
Son of Mtn country America, and-th r e
dlaerlptlon of its oillzena Amerhiana. This
PrO4lntnencO la now . generally accorded.
bat the vialidatirm.ef the pry:Lire would
tUenpltiiny.and convenience.
...ruxNat: AND litaxico.- 7 , The telegraphic
news publish Chia morning contirnis
MinehiOidatos the remark wo made a few
days ago, that a Ifonifiarto riot to he
misted. It seems the French troops are to
be withdrawn, hut one hundredthousand*
Austrians sent to replace them. On the
withdrawal the attempt, was inside to wilco
dle the United Statesinto an agreement of
neutrality. • Whatever differences of np!p_
ion'thay eicist nn to what in called the Mon.
roe doctrine, or wt to pits surOvernentilof
or hereafter, there can ,be butane opinion
an to the -endeavor,•l6 entrap oor govern
ment into an'arrangement on partial, and ,
t ..-refore, irpreseptntions:
GE,N. GRANT bas takerithadisloyalnenT
pai.ars in rebel Eitatesunder military Super
.vision.l As the General is cautious vmui,
it inust he tie is itapresSed nith the' beildif
that the rebel element is noV so entirely
squelched 113 he represented to'ia letter tO
the President giving an account 6f,hp
tionthern trip. natal measures of the
sort he now 'ltai4 proms() to do not emir
port with the satisfactory dispositions lie
attributed to the Southern peOple. ,
Paz New York 27mcs confmses that in
r . cading !Ice:o9l4ms of Sputhernjournalu
atiiiiiist fins-eta that tho war is over."l
It is, _unfortunately, t 'this cless of 'Jour,
suds that have isiost,irlnotice over fioulk:
em people. And this one of Ihn.idain'
reasons yaw roilsAins Northern men doubt,
if the timehascomp to readmit . the
States, to Owlr oh pitiM4 In the Union.
_ _
1: - TWZ n3W "ZAK: Ti Lyles sherplirebudies
hie people :olio go to the White Howe, ere
give the yresid!nt , occasions for speech. -
a t ikwir We do not l ireader thitpe poopf
lier chatOlopz pt Presiderdleel thire:
bas inzortismbatioo much of this, •
w aa ir a sariroN OW NTS , -The /1011. GEO., Tiepins' Sol lee, HOMES.
NCE, and Col. Jolts tri.r. have ' A notkrt of Sir' John Do n - rins'a recent Roca'. ' - - -.......-- ---- - --- ......- -
appointed detesiLte ,„ to a le r f ertddienn lacti n „., at J„,.ai i n o n English wagering., hays ,NOT I C E. .... -A I if =meting or the ' NIVANTEILP4LERIICSRIP--A Rid.. L 'VIE
.__,i •„, bit John WAS. present oats at Cho arrival of Furniture Manufactarent of Plus} array and AI- r die g,intrAlin: of ernakorte ace sad rounseteam ---
1 State convention. Itlaurucleq• for Oclugui o en,„ dr i. Z for th 6 11,st "line in da% n .. She }"base ho tr.... Tams I'd,. that of A‘ , o arter the first sra ntl It stispition re. At%ortstrANtiour vAs UZI ,
pt•npr,•, • h,. .ata, .noourgin, tt ~ .,1 t‘ ,hp fame •'
„ , , IFto k reit neat, we wilt rydate. the wages of otrr hest refrrattre.Lnaddress ',WAX v. at ttarrlTa
linen liftren per red, Ity ordet - (Welt Derter. ' fell' .tr
if onitirEAD. %vender at 0 rst that the% would hate (tit lied
. 1
.0... tit, seen aindl tr masses or e,!. srai They NOTICE TO Sllill+EßS.-There WANTED-EiIiF I LOTME.NT - Ity a . ,
t0n . ..11.41 it :the feel was .irch a., th e y h a d a a ,.. -' .111 h e no freight r. • rived at the PIT f sßrltl' II a a Yoo,t Man. In • Store. rihreboruo. or Mann- ;
YESTERDAY cite UlltilS for four pow peen-
lis...v. 433( .. roseuedt hi g .0 4 , : $1. 0 ramihripikee ;er before ev perienced, and the novel Itensation AND Cto SNELL sl ILL/ P%I RO k l' . .T. Mc rf.. cox.
On th; kamit [fain; aDid, filled then, u alo owe aml epprelientlon. gat cone" r ir,t and Co.. s's - ta i lor 'p l .:int l . -I° , i ell '4'
Don. and .ri b t t ' Ty g to t. 41' ),Th ' et r st rm as ' b rl, - r illll
when it .11•• o sol , , e 0 d , Jr , their hand . .they (uttered L. , , t t_ Y•• ,,, w40% ithtli Oat bee uotjee. nein:. to the ' dre....1. ei.,so at i tiA - xerrr Ortltr: It
' J•slattf I
the'thalls fort hree
flays from Chicago. Passengers" i came no 1 1 1 , oj Wad
„ t on 1
at . Ili; woOoryketa M
en a l 11l %e t; and
o a. ..a .: i ;:: 1 1,:, rtlx4,
or ~e . . .}
r k ... : ::: tg , ~, v., , , , , a bed„,,„:;
fa, , • thl. tlp . t.
( t ‘ i,l , l n ttl i rw , ! ; t t lit ni. for.. - _
raster. Came, two or time-incliki of wow. . tom or the mystery. Descr , F. .11 it r. ALL Ullialls.-Urea} Sale of Jewelry, silverware.
a fros}, ice end winter seenery have a tdngular fetilif
~.., ~,..,,,,,truntin , . attractinn to the inimbitanh; of the not re.
ae* , • . • Arent. torte Otte Ilatulllnd .1: Co.'s GIMAD Olin` DP,
\TOTIC E. TIIIE SUBSCRIPT-I-ON- 11). , t r it tr uir „ D o t .. ), N. Our agents are mat tor from It Ore to I
tryppßill VDAM narra,LoDuzbv. glom, These are to them Ilic very romance
,of nature. In my tr: t r a •cl eo a
in i p t i b latiCtiady who ' l, '. , " P k' I'''.
, o „
cr.. • r. per de', mtd span,.l.4lllmoie. Late t
."-” trope Lave *utile, our aloft to firer '''''.......j.
—.---- 1 3,,,..n.r me t, w in, i inn c , a a tri°r °f NA.TniN Al, aFFIN INC, A NI) riToRIOO • '. o "( up t A'.. nee . Minion Dollars. A splendid aSsOrtment of
i „ ' ti Itches; nines. Ladles` and tirntleraertse Jewelry
From an Ogeasional Correspondent. , was burning With a dealt*, abiallt to bat grati.l - er l thraio7rta:m e'm a r' s „. e r a . 4 ,: i L l e i l t A i n t r o t M " It; or all m a d, „i. a o , .
ruuwanito., rebury:lo mA.• : lied of Malting Europe. ; And now tell ine et ' POluDatov, Duquesne War, below Ilan% ..- 'e e 'r and Itof feel e Zh• Se 'ree l n r t h er t• b r l' infrl t t V e r to ' llron . I
• • , .. all roc bOpe to ire,
to do yon expect subscriptions. tor the remainder of the ' st t o r l i.
i, ,1 111 eee ' cf d re tic, • ' 11
ito receive the greatest plortioreV 'Oll, , she Issued, "11l 1.. 1,4,0 - .4 trcon the original •t ' ''
' t Ittlar t chats . 4 % 4' 'n' t ' Re ad. ' -.0 t l' .".
a o,h a ii.
„cc a e.„ or lor thirty; Os. it % rde-cent
, Entrees fis.terre:-;7ToBMy 1 40 .Ibouse so
• 1 litomp for ourterms to agents. Which are er tliemo..l
jaunted t6affOrd the Commitece Of Wass and ; answered, qs forest williont /eaves:. 1 erts I‘t tat ash it•D•
e rh . f o l k E.,F o t k L o L n E n t t . , c , o ~,,, om , , • illieral Lind. Now i• your Ume. Write plainly Tour
'Hens i ce opportunity . t6 vi i t . 6 a varl° 7: Sarrlyrnnr autogra - plt retters of Lo r.• no wa • ai.. 14 5 . 1 , r, to rod state, To llA'llii Ws aAL
State institutiormotcharity ay, Yhilculelph ICE . -TO TB v. sTocKno. 111 l'4'
U ►
is Tort. ratetruom, o. Men t
aml thereby Obt the Intaratation necessary
..r .
,\.........,...wit,,,:ir0i1....:,,,,,,:::„,..:,:...:.,..7...-_l/4.7::..,...:7:;,!,,,,,,,.....1_,..., I
are advertised for saie at auction Inl i On re°" OT
,_ They are mostly tuldressed to Mr. .1 . Ihnig d so '" ,
to adapt:the - a Teropriltions' 1 0115 Tegllta,_ ..°- and contain numerous passages which nave n
~ .m of th e e, : To some Inia ol ?histion•nu 'not yet" been - published .. One, for Instaime Tres rd the Cat of February, inA, 0. maehear
met to In 4 auto: ly.""t:EN'innit'l."k ----:R•S°rla-
r it R ED SALE DOL i ,
matia.f.amuty 1 atranke t_,..k nt -tnaLe g isin . - , contains thls rather ate * plconfession. "I hop ' a ' e li"
. . tozo o f the agyptaign State
__.....• PennlY l " . ".. you VIII End me an alted persona c; Id: _MAINZ/ c' l 4 l:i l'''''" ll l
not mean in body, but in manner, fort begifreed to trio ° pener ‘ Zoc i gOlders. " c k u " t er .' ll:!fo r.
are . the po- to gad out
:sli tme o n dl a d eo ad t j a o o u"rator
that nothing but virtne will do I n n
attka Id ,old , t
ort are Zl'n , d at ‘l' "LI. or me
I teat reasons. , ; . this'— world. lam tolerably suck of vie. i ercipsor, and still inn open for Stockholders 1
which I have tried -In lit agreeable varieties: ~,ex:lnsively, until the Wil_t. PERCELatE A
Your special correspondent keeps you an.
tztizatipturnot?ecTna(Tremid, but
letit day of March Ont.
ielS:tde wILLIAMPtiILLIps, Pusldent.
vtscd of all th i at a t i rtspireatn ttorLegtslature. and measi,'on my return , cut oil ' alt my (Ile: ,I
We do some t well, and OMNI thing s.wo solute acquaintance, off wine and stnal
1 Lot in Pitt To - wnslup
.ht do better •' We nay - *
DIV Bonn , an - company, and betake rovself to renal s and $ Ilaeta, se.-Notice Is hereby given to al . . 1
~aa tuns, and chars ire a re •bet Ore US decorum" In another letter, dated heron,' owners of Drays. Cans. Carriage., 'testi a, a , I
. ar m!' prottlialf CO he Internal= and" Wiper- h.saysi "rata Leytagea.. e to the ri .„
,„,, whether esteem or natcrealdent in the City r Of 1
Pi aOA tgb, to wzy tbetr License% at tne Tye te.-nrerts
%an,. trlietnetrefftillitinly theetnerlinenso.An Airelastary", within teeptinhin friar, n andv once of the City of Pittsburgh, - FORTHWITH. In E ',NITRE' OF I
, ,ameahenycotnity. And Whi tins Pangtal lae legged Torkiali cook, two Albanian saveg ~.. accordance whit au Art of Assembly, ammo', ed
seneast,promlsesto be Drier r This Is
g, `.This -an Tartar and dragoman." Rammer. ohine " , - U
lltelPtittan' bin to l-h eP ta l de f ouroollatY• 'lf In the irons° orLords he remarks : . 4`hlv e e " th " a h itro . r . Pittrba d r7h. 'r pit ' a l enp ° r i da h e. ' l e sZai b all CO ,
ad. bilt is not etringenterlo h let theocOple had rainy marvellous Lords ; he
ro t pca o terl_to me person_ a who neglect or „reins. 4' take out
Lire "
e .
i I
sigalfr•c'r l'uliefde B U 6II-11 t ..1.65 Ora 6lol- slime In - en d b
t ianal reBtrieti"B ai tbe r 4 F - P"Per. 404 only
' megion S ' ir n F. 'blTAft S t: ° li tn e any,, !T a l l li rh:• ' "irsv7d ? .=:itl= Y ein i t ' ogh7l.Te ."4 b'r"" ,' fa"
o ,
• I
ntr,7l The old metal plate. of previous ear '''. l Attorneys at Law. att Grant curet.
__ ___
theirtnaunettona will do ros Wally heeded.
wars or LICTIOZ:
There is animist afloat antlewhlch hat) come
SrtiltnEo.l,-A Landon correspondent Of the: Each One Horse Vehicle
toour cars, that {S),OGO have been raised to se. iii, 'railroad.) is r•cfored for sale for CI XITEN IMAM.°
1 to
t ru .. :
hl d , a t t h e: tit
aor. lime
r.. NN l , ,, ,al i tu ce: i
r ad o it arc
. A
ct,, ,
• Y . '"on "' re' FOR SALE-lOWA LAND-51,600
We ate aware that this trent requires strong 1 th k n e a - , b a e :h e fi g e ,P, th ,,__Fb l re ,,,, a l p a rd p , i .
legislative restraints. 4 ,
o=r:the/nal passage of this biti, - Sow we do Ch i cago Jaheraai saps : 1 1. %v. cents thereat, .1 - ABORT FOAM. HUNDRED ANI) 'f Hilt Fl
::.; pOLLails, each. Attire... 'S.M.:Svc," (1,,cr,.. 1
i net kitten how, numb; or how 'little money has You have long known my opinion of the! '
. 1 - ;,%h T wo fer,,, hack. ... - orrice jassuf
II beetrraLsecl,'or whether any, tor tbhi purpose Ror. Dr. Spurgeon, wife made such a itolser, Omnibutles and Thuile r Wheels draw
some time ago, and was reputed eQn 1 to, IA i nor,(.. 11111 00 tech Poe eoch additional drawn
Ito • - s -- '' .
, I : , ...II SALE--A Valnable Country I
,Lent one thing We do know; , ltd` that is, Tha t
,i . WO hare aeon none Of this Money, nor hare not the superior of the famous Whitne as ay In any of the above schlelrs, Alta. Residence at FA cod Station. Peunaylvanla I
aura( my ouragnes, ,monv, , a i r • w in ,:,.,. pelplt Oral°, ilvery now mad then he at rectal . w. Emus's'. si, City Treasurer. DV i s .7,:t ~ ,T;, ,, 2„.4 r .,gr o r t inty:l,lTA r tSg;ll :
prwsiartrthe dogrod i et i,,,„,„.„„ if tb,,,,,t t a „. a little notice by indulging Di Foam ece Arlo. ) i irrsut roti, Febrnary fah inia.-rezutowyte
wrested in the trattle want to 7 , favorable
legislatitm let thenatiotproffert eyfor this
'purpose.. lib b'r 'Method Cord be adopted
to - defeat this Wwo.
Tho eight nr system is ritiott us, and lug containing tea retina and 'cellar nudernealn,
icy or extraordinary vagary, design , on. 1 __ _ _ .__ __ _ I Frets and-other cunrcidenCes °lithe premises. ler
tiOnbtedlY, to attraet enatel:e: ppi t: r l: d itt h iaz . . . o..__
/Ds last t4lort Of thh. sort was toottt extrahrtll. 1 ,
t - ' nary. On Christmas clay ArgE....___TlF9.!
pulpit with a crow. on his head and a palm In " Ph '" ru lAt t a tt,= .l . , ,,',4',:•LET ii- IL co ., 1
4 , 0 , ,d .„ o f ole handl Comment Is rumccessary, and It Is 6 Vlll'ail MEETING.-In accord- . ottsbargh, or on the premises.
J. S. also.
rf - l - etr - C.8 .--- - - 1 11 ; " 4: 7: 11. :"1' 1 f il:l7.E " ::Tril . "1" /T 1 E N°. 1:::: in
h i:cr ". 3l '.'"- -
; Moat be met diebosed of in th REM-IA(0 feet of 2 huh pleat, 10 Lo Isfect
the naming er in lion.J).}:. m bead was hardly neee ''' ar l . t°sft Y that be bas no n ' ° '''' ' ' .1 1 .. - ;O:s. - W - 11 - 1: tr. 0-,. hums of tit C I lay: lows fret Sawed 'flintur. icius cat to order
~„, pp erectus. the Annual Donee I deliver,* In Pittsburgh or Allegheny. Cross
here making rinds ord'Pullitt biags in f!' ticla- W2l•4eVr with ; • t"-reu'ed and
1.. ..."... 1 ...,...__ . - . P .. . .... , V...ii . ..'P.1 ""1, .!:; 111 Vl 's Pia* b. , '" ' "It low. IIIII• '• '"
. .
- - --'-- ----- --- to the Cr^ .- . '
, r 0 r
rot. ng- erepropera Ory to the 4.AL won
[oriel .curapalq. The General ' s pro .Decte are
good.. , John b rns,the , bero '-orititiysbruxh,
oralitent doitheener or the Senute,; Honor
to tho old hero ho 'ought for 1114 hr.. while
Trizna is an el region between Windsor, op
posite Detroit, and London, ClUtada West, s:t.
anted near the breat 'Western Rail way, that
,aaellurrii licit:quarto e " fltmOuV Veaan go re
glen In Pennsylvania.- 0:1 Is reaelted lit a
deptn of sixty tcieighty feet, though the best
Wells are bored td the depth of two hOnuren
three. hundred atidilityleet One well Is tall
!cif the Bishop wells and 19 said to Yjeld two
hundred barrels perday, worth . (4 , pdr barrel,
1 while the daily cos o fworking Istbnt 610.
Property is high in that region, and every
thing Isof course in ted. Many welts err In
progregs, and speculation Ls up to fever I:mt.
tillage property cusp{ from COO to $2,000 for
one-sixth of as nereA and oil Lands readily
realize from 41,000 tattll,s4o per acre, while
Iwhat are called "gum-beds" rise as high as
tilltle to 4 , 8,1100 for eighths and ninths of as
R GE:Snows Or.n Fouv.-l-Th ere liven a loan
In the lowa of Marion, Wis., who to sixty
yearn old, who never went to a liar of any Mud
oud talk a drink of arileet spirits ; never at
tended a theatre or shoe - of any description ;
nver tool: a chew of tobacco, or smoked a
pile or cigar; never went to a.nth or danced
a step ; neverplayed a game ofeirds,
demllleeS dice or eheelsers,Or any game what
ever that is played tor money ; never courted
bun one woman, whom he married and lives
with yet ;:never joined nay Order Or organiza
tion except the Chrlstiatti 'Muhl% of which he
.la yet anviember, and
ti nevf had name in a
ewspaper but once whl was or len he was
married. and no refuses o' give Is name for
-pubileaticra now.
GARRMON age SOLnun QuisTios.—
1 1 ,1Mam'Lloyel Garr - leen dellveredla lecture In
Philadelphia on 'lliursday night. lie congrat
ulated the audience on the immense advan
tages gained:byremancipetion; denied that
the South wan-Vielorlons; alleged that the
'?forth had enlarged froth' the utvr t. war with a
glorionsrecordoutd.hopefillie Pre !dent would
do right, midway onions to troy him; het if
he fildedhe, relied cm emigres" tq remedy his
shorter:Wl:Linea and 'provide - for the Clt.4 hilato
meat of, free institutlemi la the ?Dein. fie
ciao recotenielided Pommy/Valais td permit
the colored men to vote.
IacTiLaTED:NOTT.e.—The following in an eft.
talrlishea' Yule ortbo Treasury Department:
...Mutilated notes and 'ragmen!, niU be re
deemed only at the Treasury of the United
States et Washington. They shohkt ho for
warded tOtho .Treasurer of the trotted /Rates,
wathington, with the name Of the
otther, the name of his or her postoffice ana
Suite, and the nominal seine Of the amount
remitted, plainly Written. A firaft;on the es
fristant treammer at New York - for the amount
allowed, ran:reed by niallto the adcLresspf
the paten l'ell:il.iditlX.4 l l lll ecll'tltototrilzonibOli
of payment. ,
' TIMM. nicker. of Sprinrdeld,
Laving.witbdraa'nliissubaaccriSiptffccnof,p) from
the Library Association of that city, because
' a coaxal - ttaa of that associatit Invited
Yrederien Douglass to lecture, three colored
men of prhiglield promptly side up the
amount and presented It to the Association.
Joan .1117RLDFET. farmer Of Ridgefield, Con.
I neetielai Wain to a menagerie • the Other day,
and while there thought et no harm to pat the
!tenon hie back. Thu king of beasts refentod
thin tailing the , hand between
his teeth and eteelna his jaws. The poor man
has share died of lccalaw.
Tan llotartDeutommy are organizing a pa.
Mimi club of the, herd-listed order, to coun
teract the operations, of what the Nam cans
"the aristocratic portion or the Tammany
- clety," who have organized the lintiluatan
and to seeurs power in the bands of the
Democratic messes, where it belongs,
tut order tor the suppression of the Rich
mond Sroininer, Lv said to have proceeded
-frourGen, Grant.. too Infer that the Lieuten
ant-General has considomuly modified his
opinions since that report to the President,
tvhir-h be declared the South fit for inunril
ato reo.dethisior—Nita .prk -Trlbtrna
A jots:rumors writer in theiftmtreal Grettte,
argues at all points against the annexation of
Canada to the United States. Oh hof This
question has already made its appearance
then. We have been 'assured that any man
who In ,Cnnalls, should talk of - annexation
would be treated o rebel and a heathen.
A reitztarearmarr writes that President
Johnson , * recent talk - Ivith the Virginia dela
gntlon, Is the-general B , lbjeet of couverrat inn
among pnblio men at Madison, {Via ! , 'refire
the Legislature is now In and excite,
grave apprehension Ittoonz Union member. an
,to t polley of the 4-4tn#4slrttitOrt•
Grottos Sash 3V1.9 recently Inetted 10 dm
Ilver.a. lecture in. Paris, and abilrot accepted.
Subsequently, hoivelver, she -beged to lei' es
squad, mating that Fhe had never - been able to
overcomes trained dlftldenect la spent:lna to
number of persons at one lime, even in
(Inswing room.
Toe New Yore Newt draws a historieal por
troll of President Johnson In this aloe:
"Clenching his hands In the farm of/ traitor
.ona ConSTO pa
S and rty, hektilds manatrY
look to ulna for the discharge of hole dm ,
ty nx a,strtteriman and a. patriot..
Tar Cleveland J ferofd of yesterday given an
tmennnt of a oupperted earthquake at that oily,
aecompartled by aloud dull report, and deep
fissure P
ore in the ground. art It la the
opinion of some that It was au erect Of tun ex
treme cold.
Ose of the members of the West Virginia
Legislature recently In a debate noon the
cation of the capital Of, that atate, matte the
lUchlabSerration that MIS rate tre will
not nova r loCate the capital
A: einertxxAtr from TetaaStalea to the' New
I:ork."rms. that the cotton ep of that. State
trill next year dreamt tO Jb,lles. At thin
ratio, the entire cotton yinh far the year
Ile doable the usual ar,nree.
- - .
7 "Tait Sial
Sinaloa d. trhtp says that Any thousand
younk men from The. Southern .fitatss. have
settles% in:3low. yotk eity..:Whaftrhig protests
awainat, any more ernrtion either to the
North.ot to Mexico or raall. -
A PARIS paper states that the great mortali
ty among cattle In England has inereased the
price of eutchera'. meat In France in Mese
quenco, at the lane eaportatiOn -Of cattle,
steep, raid poultry for 'fie L'ngliint market.
TIM Take, Frlorreas AssoomplosVenroposed
of netrepapers In Northern l'eansylvanla,
Northwestern New York mad Northeastern
Ohio, held a meeting in Meadyille on Thurs•
day last.
Vet Ohio &carman Says that A. C. 3fordll.
len, Deputy tollecter of Internal neve.
nee at Wonster,Ness arrested on charge of
defalcatton and embezzlement of the public
Tiro removal of the Kentucky Btate Capital
from Vrankfort to I.raington ts beteg talker'
of. Lexington hat Offered' 8-7.10,000t0 pay ex
prnseN and an investigation is proceeding.
4? Cincinnati, on Friday Morotag, a young
woman was-found dead In' the street under
eircomptanees that led to smpletons - of foul
Mem Ratisfaetion In ex pt . eifiel•tylfeW Eng
land men In Will/11hIgton aver the Domination
cf Gen. Hawley es the. Valon candidate for
Governiir of Conacelieet.
Tar danKhter ot n wealthy farmer of ft ann
county, . 11 1stiourlicloprd a fel. nu), IWO with
rebenell io gro. him was n rampant rebel during the
arraraol, Dart» Is now alrdc tad with a sore
throat.—Al any Aryee
onetit 'to hare It tied liarrn
Palimituia, '
lir .tho o Dr. Nast, Ilev. Gardner
spring, D.D., Ls now lett as the sole survivor
01 the ionnilereot the Amerteire Bible Soetety.
liciat.Gasirr denies tbe truth ot the
-statement that he particlpattil In a Onauer
party at Delmontee's atepben..
late .Arlon. ball to New Tork, Gen.
Maclellan was morose:3.o.N , oUermna dwarf'
rifling upon a hobby-liorse,
Tun Boman Cornrabnweatta meats Or Homo
Greeley akila warm-healed Imusiith rov i„
awl Soft -b qed
Ir Jia, onions feet that the
man bas the lea Inlo
Stay - Sax flreressue.—A bill has been intro.
' dneed. into the Georgia Lesislaterre., author.
tang the sale'negroes into. Sersitnde for
• benefit at-emitters who cannot
factlOn or-their detrurruls:- Thials:pivelselp
I - the Provision Pi the.shaneerni apprenticeship
sysuan in echa..which - explatntrin effect to
ompAisprp chattel slavery.. The: tieorgians
how SemPled the ContstritiOnal ronerulmen •
or abolition,:.l3l3 -they, ellagto' the despotic
traditions - which. grew out GI the SyStetn and
attach upenthe ilfaat States - irisslatch ii luu,
pram/lea.- larlbetelYtrust, In interests.
car georgiiitself,thas - the incestrre win bade,.
featOd in the :legislature to that
pedisient will barn ln the-way Of reselpins..
.zatiort sawould,bo created bonch a stanse i rni
ensettNat.Q..2itSUlsp Ere3l7:y AtUrr44
itudpbrtion of society. Itta congreggation, who ~ ,, :,14:1 3 1;:t „ 'il`h, if i i, e 7,,,,,,,v,i;,,, ii.;,17 0 7, d t7.- .. 11/
Bers totefs Past. . Illy it 11, est
adore him, and wham he rules with a rod of I hay. will b.. bet.' at the Oltare of am Company to !VI ra t. i . c . ' 4'll n y. la. ° .. , tti ; L .: i d ATIr.W.In Ta. ,
Jean, is . ratmteaked Of the Illiterate and weak asborgb, on Ttletila AY, February s ail, mat, at • ti4at Ididadlesett Wrest. Co.. Po., or 'MON. N.
Ilarldpti OF the latter Odentonly. u n‘tinek A. M., to receive the argon of tits Prsal- alt.l.Elt, Box r 47, or No. 4 SI. dish ot, Fla,
dr It I all , i annoy, Jo to cart o Hoard of Manager, tor , ~ Jaitolottl
- " n i . "''" . . IT" tbo ....lag )bar, and tronoadt ouch ultset Itonno . ' r
-as limy be premen 1 c.d. I IpEllil SALE — DIVELIStdiiiiiE.
.. ~. fetatd JalIN I:ALL:it:TINE. keermarr• —tt 1 nou-ttoty hrlek Ilona, Ne. at Western A ye
-1111, A 11..,Itruy ..w ACT' and gas througb the h0w....
~. N r
ippcE...7 - The
.. StoCkholde jpii of 7 newt. and LatTreoz: loa:EitUttr.t,” tth 13 v.von
F-1:9 irte) r,4e4q
WI --- 7 ,- ifir. Agittin,-..111M14'
releniiVa;l37l3l74ol , Zitt.ZiaVrtm — .;g7 - ilen - o ' ... the I,!'N lON flrElltlY•Ill'lil .11.%113. -- ,UIL Al, LI Vtrera. grun, Sc, Puaonslon - 13Prrn on tat X grit,
'the rgyptlan PelttazlonOne. Use only one luAtarrl- • Mr: LNG i.ll am mein-. dto meet at the Ogler of , Mb Alou, 000 ailsolutng the a Imre =di' Cu 171.111 be
ea, will produce • true pleture of your future p r on. %% di. Met' bT t 1110 N • 111 f) !Mnh oreet,
*oh! with Use above or •r
:ale Alm., a ingu los
nn for life. awl send the. rAtur ~y moll Warty onr, burgh. at 3 u'rlont P. as., of the bg.eo!.. LI DAV 1/I !trail-niade I 'Mining tor :ale cunt, sa the prowl.
atatlny eorrertlr their Cr , a he rompleUlon, MAIll:11. li . f.c. for a rt 'porno...
elroilus noir ' etoos la gosng nrot. Apply loamertlauly ofll.s)fil_irf
rotor of hulr asof eye, t and place al stall, I ry, arid en- /Ward of Directors for tbe prescut your. ' SITTCHEI.I.. 137 follerat streid, Allegheny City..
eloalug 1111 v eentu, with pon.pald on riope plainly
oddreand td youroartf, lot urlll then requelrr the fel3 B sl y ofd rd n[ r or"'
Pr' i. id leeC L UTClfr.O . N. Scd'y• ..-,---------
desired picture br return mall. Addrrou AIAIIIIII i
MA ItlE - LETTA,' Drorrer =I, Marano. Id. .
fegesorill4 err
:4- IiETY.-A Fans. ono-half mlio from Freeport,
ELECTION NOTICES. . An:matron& county, PI, containing 117 hurts, and
' nderiaid with Coal, which 14 only a few rods aro.
- ---- - 1 . TILE t raroad. The coa t will be 'old with or without
R.F.! Toots AND OFFICE'IIa OF THE C o. ' Dwelling Iloutr, and Orchards or the very
_ , or 111thittxr. AND SeII.IIISNY. t I! , 'N oil. co. s.. ill 1.• 144q41 nt the Olgice of the Co., choicest fruit, •ay Vim or 1.501 treat, to they Willi
Nay X DerauTIIENY, Walbinglon. 111. C. ( uo TIF r,t, AY. Fetonai a sith, al 3 o'clock. r. at. a!, 0. 1 .17 of Emit Truer tool Grip. I i.e., Thi s
MEDICAL BOARDS FOIL TIIE . • . sAy .1. 0. 440:11,,y Cl.. her '7 . ; property affords o tart oppurtahlty ror a pros table
` , inyeatlne4t. r . pr term:and partiestara, enquire of
ed. , . EX AXIL NATIOiC CIF AIANDIDItTI 9011 Ali- car • ..' r Entr CA vat rove& arr, i S Eli CET HIIL. - 11.1 Ptah since!, Pittatrurgh, et,
HiSSWN INTO TILE SA VI AS ASSISTANT stn.. Eel., Frtintory 1310, 1510. i (eV tiletkaiT.
111 EONS.-It.Iaell• of Slealleal Officer% Tem cunt ene at i a
L IME CANAL corn PA N li. -- An I
the lineal 'lntl . /Ital. Chelsea. Um,: In oral Hospital.
' .,, ..1.. ,
th F.E;T r y . A r y I ‘ I v A . I I 'SV I I . L R L . I I : I S . T A AT t I . O re hi.
0 0 . ti b l . 1. , : n 1 1 1 t I l a
r.... r ‘' .. a k lrk L i o N ,l s Y ki- .. 00 . 4...,.,' N Irt t i , A b r u ,,,,,`g,7:, 1" 0 3. 711... . le At 4 ,,l7." , ,Tl ' 'A r' S r l t'r .7l " be l' it7l '. .Llll. o e t l: -I tita re l. R tu l 9. 1: t ;1 A, :
nation of Candldne. forsdatlaalon Into tbe Medical " . i .,1 1 :"` D A Y • '''' " T . 1, - , 1 ..V . . 1 7,fiy..i i .. ~, „„,,,„ •. ► Frame Harrillog, of modern style, e misining LI
•t.l a
Corps orthe Natl. '' • - i - e• , rooms and aketislioulet Wm an,trold wa.
tient/etnett tlestruni of"Lppearing to. (bre either m„,,,,,, .nil, ~,,,„0 , ., 1 i tem a 1414terldld nelct-ralling Spring, eupptying auf-
Hosed„ moat make application to tar Ilonarabh.Pelent erati.r far 1,405( 0101 eILOI 't ; pi, 41,
StfrelarY at!. Navy, or to the undersigned, , tat- ' Nlll,ot/11111. 111,rnary 24, laet. i ~,,r , of r „,., 6 ,„ ~,,, ir ,„ .. ... ca i tr .. ,,,..,)" .
Ing.reatdenee. dote and place of trine- and before A N ELECTION roil TIIIILEEEN ty Halal. the , thlii river, Ma itouricA - c4=i bi
watch Roan] tory actin. Lavre , nnt tlseln•Plv , .. A p .aHA a 1 , , ICIL , of lt, I ...p.m) fur erellng •i, (telex,. waleb 130 I,e 1:11, - 1.1e.1 Into 4.1.• to 0011 rme
pllcatlons loin , aecontpauled by te.pontinle t. Hi- . iirldge over ttoi oppasit. Piliaborah. i rhas6r, nor infortnutliso tlealred can be... Attai n ed
montats of moral character. .. In the <An nip of A 11.41. 4 .613. 111 t.oltYarnalty to an Act from 1..114. JNII. HAY. on In. iteetnlxen, •0.• to 1
Candidates must not 01+ 1,.... ,San twenty-one cat of AntelDt4v, J.n•iy2546, Pet, trill oo hold ;IV ALTI.II DAY. '.O. lua Fifth street, Mailman
more than to fluty •si X year. ar.gc. at 11,1.11 /I,a r, 1., 11 ,, ,11 , A Y. March 14.1., 144.4 at —..._ _
No elpellse Ls 011004 , 1 11 the L./ten:4ll6W to can- 1 ardor!. I . N. ;.
1.4'0111 SALE CIDEAr.
&dates attending tn.. ses.lone of Ito itonr.l. Is • frig, tOl.l N. HOLMES, Trcavarer. 1 . 1 -
sitcom:col examination Ina legal yeereyul.lte for A It ANI iISOALII pr.urr.Ft - r 3.
for &proton:neat in the Li • nv•. L'LE('TION NOTICE—An Election
I. .i. ilviewlTz, Chief of flarenn. , ~,,,. ~.,...6 , ,,,, , 1,...,1310 ..., am„ 0. - The ' OF FIVE ACHF.S, In Ifeet...a trArnskiN adpsi a t e ,
re -:Otto -41'1'S ' Cumpany for ere , ting • Bridge ore: toe Allegheny ' 1 ,1 1, PStoidirw of J.tiles Cda_lrid J. IS Liggett, The
_ hirer. of.puatta Pittabiugh, In lb. county .4 .stir. I titinsartioschta,me • Tahiti Frame D.,111.4..rr40"-
• AUCTION SALES. , aheny, - .111 be held at floe Toll Moo, ..t th e tram , 4k. : A iaanTn , t , 0rn1 1 .1.1 , .. 1 ,10 yellia 01.11:
1 1..0111 end 00 the LOMA+, on AIOSIIAY, %Le 1 4.0 Is 4 441..0. of ground tilled with Oink., end% L'rers In
____of lint, . 0 . at, ai L delook r ; sr. , ball hearth/. A delightful tullbllng rite on the place
PLEGANT RE.SIDEN ( 'E, DANE). i 144:11.444, Wu. gust:at:EH. T rg ,... 00 .,, i can he Wily got to by the Haat et road or Wood..
....601.1 ILL: WAIN IsS, OCT HUI/ PING.. 1.., Al • . ) Eton street Car.
AUCTION.-11,ARE CHANCE ' 41 of.tillitTi A S'.l.'. Apply to JALIES T. SAIIPI.E, No. h. , Federal Si.
Itt1113.A14110LII•11, WIT/I CITY roNyENIENcr, DIVIDEND& Allegheny: or. address J. I. CAILS ARA!, No. cia
Walnut etre.- rhitageloto. . samu
-On TliCalrAY, Fula Chia, at Itia o'clock. r. at . . ___
will ne Fold, at Alas/alb,. linit Auction House, a. Orelut 011 Tut NATIGNAL Itanstaa 1 Wit SALE — Dettirable Dwelling.
.4 6; Filth street, tbe large two &tuned Hr. It ' altt. bra null ecnilealY, %. -As lam atant merle to the fOnlitr7, 1 011 , ,
Dwelling, ,Itaaln on {('sheen A,rrAlle , 00 11, llne rtrt.sarnaii. Feb:Vary 1.1. irr.z. for sale the deslrsble Harahan In ;Mtn I 'made, In
of the riii,t,ort . h. Allegheny an./ lianettester Fool
way, corneruf ALegtvens A•ccue, containing, uoutds THE BOARD OF DVBECTORS OF , the fourth Ward. A.ltegue. C. 11 14 CU ttiu reuond
parlors, library mei dialog room on drat goer, 0 1 .- Itje , p e rc,R.l.payiti , rlthliday 4atiareda dlr. ! . 1111 4 ...ht14j - ilnglallo=i , srpla .. l , ..tfrfisa d s - i i . r . 7 feet
w"b ' 1" I 'll:W:44( n 0ni. , ,%";,V,'. bg',.ct,... 1 : ,Y,',4 i. 4 al: ',',A Enii - atig !To ' citTL ' Ote 4 T - k 4 1. , ,bc,a, 5,.. 4 .._ ~..1 ,111. ..'d: .1 " 1. a.c.,' , u ( rti r ll ' . 'n' eil
Gcor. 1.30. • ~
building bat large hiteLen with gc.‘ea range, wash- , C.. 1. I. Cath and 11 Per <eat. in Certlf.esie , of See •ito ...-^ tuck-. IMP-rove...iota marble mautO-4,
room, olto tarn..., bake-neen. and otattonary ! "tort, payable .....d finer the ICA. inst. ~[ ay 1.14 water throng - a the is...ose, "Mirrange and
tuba, hot and.cold water teltton. Second La, ha. Ina Arai:War licealt a alit be rinsed Roolt. 13th to totlitxt,p to eO..pit to repair. The lot ii.
lck slab ar...lll.hie astretaga ease, ye.
'nursery, storeroom and bathroom with water closet. . tbr =1 lost-
f Lcu.e. /A boost
House Las term newly palate&
stand., 14gunt Fr aaltm.
ter a, grained,
.. papeod 1.4% 2w4 3 . nriursa pm , 0„,..,,,,,.,..„ i LC, fret grant, through la to Liberty strecit.„•64 MI feet
, „
and pu
roughout. s t La thorough repair. hue
tationary alot hu e hu e lint and .id wt. , -- -
_ __.__
deep. 1 , 1 the lot some. <Pol. (rol
. Fears so , tOrspea, and at tbn :anal is now Osing Mi
soartoo and Hate =atolls.. aaid paaat.,rs 111 4
the re. PROPOSALS. i .4 of. It tilt task* one of the moat. pteaunt lac..
! Ilona In MI elly, •1,..i easy of ..,-,-2.3.,. II wag salt' It
quiattes of aeountry home, wilt the modern to.
-- m 1.61. 1 .14616 tram tha Incline art of the (a 0
n o ose
or u city
COMlnCittah'il Hr.. T. 1 ! eitHeat,aa.llll• espectr4l hilt the f t nelluy liardest
Out 11;111,1141gs rotinlytt of. num,. five Carriage •
CI - F[or At I.LCHIX..I, February lA, Via. I ' Passenger ears will be running Ina few moottm with.
lions!, new gm orWr, 1,41.1 L 411,, Se. 'll.< ' s.-.. -
aGround.. arc ttandsumeiv told nut with fruit I , 1terk. PROPOSALS, etadoretl , i ' .rtu r°4s°to ' d.,-, •
nd ornalnental trees, riaronllClT. v.v.! Rat. . be, ~- "rropulala On faltsdint arid Forme ••wtli he re ,Al,O, a three..Auer trick Nara, No. ILL Lawny
haring ntrontun Weeternarenue otllfeets extends , celsrd ...xlsoalro ocuil/IVMDAt . rvLsm.. ' 47,11.t . CVN,".4,,'"i4",,,i' 1 1 n rtn.""1n t " . :1 4 4 - I ,' D. ."7 7 ,r„,
t „„,,,,,,,.."„ 0 ,,, T .,..., 050 feet. wash new fence , ?damn Isll, rut Gradlog and tering 11144 . 0 Street, ' - , 3 1 ,•• • -
enclisturr. -- sas.-- ; se. - _ Rem ILagion to invin sre one. Also ar Groats( t t f ''''.,; " " " ": .. Vt . '” " ! ".' " U'r".• '' ' ''""l4C4 b 7
' TEllitS-O n e.thini rash, hail., la sac and two i wad Caving V en ire 41:13., ' t . :L. '"
, 4.
r''''' Sflthiligill wr.
sea=s, with loterml,aiestated try 1..14 ova mortgage .! deto al e. B. rmt.rcr Gcoatteut,- 4) . , 1 1- - ' .
For fuedoir 'particulars, enquie at sa and S 7 ries,. i ~. r.mtvi I CM taw Drninl,
_ _ _ _
street. Ifclll T. A. Al(1114Y3-1...01O, Ale,
F"Vr%"/NO, rein-oar" 'Ate, el 7 . !‘ u 1 Ce
rtt, t o e 'c e lock,
Codrtytor deoff r r ki. l o laet tEfreloodr
Do.r of
a •Ust.rcs Bank r Itt.bvteti•
ZU .. EsVge timioail Bank;
.. At
Et ec Wes . 441 do
And the follow ng rainstle Cll7 Omni Etat/
1 rlf "'F.' °°- .14 VA= :1 . Z.:1
: ~T,,, to . Vturth ittert,
:1 iit . llls r. :C aK u l a n 7trt 'Ler":
re 10
ATXTl.o24.—llyi Ttintaday mcn
enhir. E.
ac.lo•elonn. be tad or. yltc. drend‘ca, 1.4 , r
U l ltminghw,
two-clotted Brick 1./wc1144
nOnsen, eltnatiiinn Meadow street. between
and &arab freers. Eacti Louse taa at psrat• r&r.l7
with bake-ovco. and Out bou:c, all to goad condi.
clan, being neatly new.
(Teeng—One-Yourst carb: balance In our. two and
lses. 4411 h Intcfral, strairrrl 1.7 1.714 47,1
111.771,77 e.
frl 4
curio-tr.-on TUFSDAT, zn at 2
..ctoct, U I t.t. mold, at lisaopic Ifall Ace ton
loon]!, LS laud 57 Firth stn•rtt P. a N. 14 14 Ylvst
rre3bytertan Church, t• 11 0 14.! vittott. l to Ott' ~ti
die late. (teat T. A. 11.4.3.E1.LA)11.,
BAST i STOCK.-Oo Tuesday, 1144
=IA, at: o•Plo.t. p. VIII bo &old at Afat..titc
!fall .thrtll,llllvattr,ll..tot t.:* Fifth vttoet.
13 uls.aMleabrny National Dant,
hr,' T. A. Ntert.Vl.l,Vill, Aues..r.
tIIIfC..The M1111(701.111 bcre4it4rr exlAl tw—
mean U. 1111.3tOkr. nod W. J. 3.Ie3IASTEIL under
We borne of U. tiILMOILE k I• the
solecd by nrintnalrenn , eur. The intituera of the dm
will I.e petil,..l by Iteir onrce‘.er% 111 tivlr °Care In
' the SIM, on Fault, ['lnca 1 rem. mar Cbt •poit,
em he ery.
T underlined witl cantione the 1111111ny
net% natter the float, aud style of
dISIPSUN & CO. when, ith.ti their Itercauld Yarn.
Mei. Mei
_ore delerralued Incaution. to prod., an
VaIICIP or Flour 14,013.1 to none In the made!, they
therefore nest et4SX'ciffilly wor. l of I, .‘t • " 10
. front all, ertiljaarilMit r/ y timer horde.) In wee.
that article Of - prime .re 411 T . Coot..
I). 611..M0RE.
.1. W. i.iISIPSON.
' YTS/WORT fib, 15C..1. W. J , iIIc3IASTLIt.
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C. L. URA Pr, • • '
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1. Graff, I chterfully reottanentl,thn-new
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fe7:l4 . 'TWA. J. 110nNINSON.
In also Designs.
107 Market street, near FlLth.
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1nc.1.7 ALL:cos...wt. FeiMmrT 10. rait
‘'.E..SLIED PROPOSALS,' codorted
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r.e.t. , rd tilts oat* antll RALTVADAII, tob-1.J.: itnr . „ 3 . oE.v „ ir ,
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K virm,•A RIIIN 0 711 1 : SIM/Err 11417 i, T•vo...rsi . rtirra April in. Ltiulri, ti.
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CtTI cm MAUI,I4,T. reh. In lakt. 3 - I A.,.
A ,• ret3on liatlrle, irt the rice.iiit viitereorii..ick.
SEALED PHOPOSALS. elosorie. I lel, enol•lulzte hall 44.4 tic ranee* taiscsallart Altelt•
• - • .Propotile for rue id ACetec_tk in , . - yin be Ifn seri forte dry CrtLe-ri h 3 . 3/ 4 Atthf4Abt-b•lbt
r•Aflyed at 11,11 oftlee runt( V 31 - OADA If, Inn Fab- lap,: A /srpe Log, A 4-1/ 4114 , ‘ Allnt ICA ftn.l44 , both
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elves of th e (Up. . ley MIA. 1 e.. . fillA:etlzar
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Vetroare. Inelarive, for fartelrbtA • 7 44 Or A. 1.114 I AAA./ • A.••••••••••••• 44.4,4 A
els• Laser of the bleat n 4.141 ~-.... , ..- - - - ..,---- --- - --,
,t , ..c... lrabn.als, etrecrar4 • •1•rneo•Al• for Lpthikt.Q'ALL or GOVIPIINAIENT PROP.
1:11, clly .11 . 4.1, • • alb lea IlL,ViTta littil Irrtri:,.," F.E.n..
Dal, r• broker 7lat, Soflo•r•o• to ;Ake ebr,AA ,4,
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, ~,.. .. Airsil TA AT QT•tell.A/LL 4 TIA. • • OTIIICI,
for due year.
.... 1344•64Auti l • ••• Yes. =O, 130.
I 'l " JO" " ..77.v1...1"1 .'l """ Md. ' ' •-•''
ill be +cad ere PalPte iuciter, to th e bleb. • t tit
tcwii I. LANCIA. (l e Illotticller. ~..., ih . F A IR ,uurNly,..r , em.b.,4 . ~;,, „,
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Y /i.. .C. C &MI%
Reser+, Temlamp lee Aileen dg ray, or, rhe Mk '
of be.•ealla r. tar.. l 423):41d DT t. 1.14ut. Cr.. 3. awl A. V. 31.. U. It A.
Fl r.t Irani-.b. I/ler a. lir.r. If } ICP A •
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f ' lled tV3r.l-•,,tio ' • at,.g. ..... ..•• ..... : 3P3 1.3 l ''-' 1 v er um o • nri m iwG, 4c-
Vonriti Ward-Wilt, • Illoorst .. .. . ..... 41.110 1 .....-
Po Po .11.. ‘,74114.r. 0 44,7 ..... . al b. , ItrrocAL. MAI - LTC/WA Orricr.
fleb• 140.14.1 t -urns an C.Lereh, 4lh Wen), . . 41) ore I WA4nINOTOYC L II. C 1.,„ p'ettrueere II We, 1
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cb e d e . ti,arl.p, lee,•er.. 1 . ..p.m/ A .., 1 3 .1 /0 I ie., ellttrele reef...PUP 1U the cattalo! brat. *WI
NI, 11,3,e. Ai, 0,,,,, T,. ,e Cdr.!,.. , .•
.. T,,,e w.l.bensi, will be 31144 to thts city at the Jikliciels
Pret•brier o Tula,.. ....
.. yet --, r eqqasnWevehou•+•.433llte Aral 1: geet3s, 4074 of
14. `, C. Weber"' Chan. h . • • r, , ,Q ejt, ! 444 11A11,.3n IIit•VbDAY, Ili 14th PAT of Novel,
*. -....-.,1,43.1, A4190'1113:5 A. X, 3be (olloarlApArtlelelvlll
rceps el. • tot oretrerl ftir Mir, tit;
. t . Shirlr .10,4tOrt
--- .
A 1 I 4.4.11t/fT COTT, Jabalry lit, 11110. ' latemyre . er taO
UnyTT ?sty °Tin TO 0. MA MORMON. ' i ii 4reprpp r .r.l 7 4- .....
- • - ........... 30... j' er,"
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"‘.E A I'mb.O• • . . .. .. ..1PPZ..14 1 Gwen, Vb
tl.sfret Ilearlap ' „,.. a ,
Pitt , burgh Turner. .. . .. In :11, p1110•410ka . ' 10.
P itt ,
babe pi VI , Pillow 4, ti. 017., ........... .... .... “....4.. 4.0 W
J. Gramm. alb 'rani ... .. •. • • ... . 7ll be 19011.4.-11a1.1 .0.1D„D.,3
1t... Uld.rhon., to. etrureb.. ... ... . PP (A'[ 7be Attention AT the I nolo ~ 0 1 the ;Male 44 Ita il la
-... '111.104.1 to 011 oalc. If 11.10 tr.:4i will 0 1113 1 , 1 tal I
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~,, LteruluttlloF Of Sale. , .
-1. ,ji . : 4 ! T;.iiici- Gash, In Goverroaritt.notdo.
•., U. oUTHEIIII..A.I.M.,
04 01,11
i. .. tr. Wolritton VW A.
8 ,, W. oTrlalc. Jr., an.
;fro 1-
SA lLlT Orriii s rDiV i r o ES 'II trlA4iillii ..
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A a rim-mimic EPARTIMVP UP
'PO' .' , .: '
1 , 151T.11it7 /GT TO Tf. SCITCLIIItiIt
Clarks iinErman ........ ,
110 c l -rib Winc ........
John Killer
Peasant at ricy •
Ynhta etvare
John moh7
C . hC . d A
t Lit Casneter ..
ill knee Ehnen .
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resets Anaertt rice ,
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Peter elethiae
Lorene Myer rs , I reap! 5 J r: tettles% lnepwnmest'tifi ' . Amor.
Mike Miller pti, ttelliple .Ituttito citron tilittiltitt A . the Orel
Ifenty WagnerAl,Se OM nem, &Act toreeealse days , f ormems-
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l'unsupt4 For „ 4 11 , „ Attlee, ate la the calstoal pattern, AM_
Men. Streeter
.tom the Attention Qi tee nun le melted to ton eon,
A. Kohler
~,,,, witttbattlistoteeste the fonownsprltictpit ankle,.
Ilea abeam
2 V,',,' 1, m .Ob ese VIM?, ittl Ite.,• Alcohol. Pla hance;
Mr. Yearn
~,, . Cox, sel/lpirit aoi htt het; 4101W.1 Mann° erten,
4. bent?
I Chiocuteem, Wll to.• Plaid rat, tr tat a
-o,4vMottrw. I :elYr,l4 . finis' - ....
' . i ,„,7 1 z , (70, I.4.Fl.7l,ltilttra't4.6l.ll'96ol",ll3TUATl,Cltr,COUllt,t'Ullri'l47l.4.l4lll%:i
A l itr Am ' t*,',i„, M t Itil t : r " , t i% it!'lt 4 4 ft' " 7 "' " ". 1 11 7 t"
Liter 011. WOO boll en, am.
Intm Emich, ZZ op l' eller. Rills, I. OW them tlatapenad Cathartic% Mlle ,
John Mattel. „„ , 11,000 poseu: lioloz%ruts,,,ucu ea:eat toMna of Pa
...., , . teatime, tett INA.% Itituhetb, 50:11b4.; row.lerml PLII.•
John l'alruer
%.• 2 ,, 0 1 berth Ple lbs. t lt%, top of Mollie, on 11m. 1 yomponwl
Jacob amen
,op , Itplrin orLoyeniler. Lae lea.% bt61(10 °thee aeocles
Prod, /0131. of abaly melded% of the Mrtifria illtdoe..t. b.
1 lots similar to theabore, will be . I ferea tamale.
(i . on t estl idt "FAc .
...... .
.. .. ....,'
: 11 v
Lostwls :star „_,, aleloplea rontalrong a complete Ilst,i with Pal
"'`' pattletilera, wiltse reedy by the 11th Ont.,
o illi . : r i a m tr o a a w n l t of
o n c o rla po tl i taa tt er c lgtl;l:z t b ll . ltie h a i
th e P g t t
it i. g 7 0, 7,,,;,t:i1, D ,,: 3 0 ,,,: c i,1 , 14 t7. ° ,3, t ,, e , c ir d
v , e 0 1 . 1 ,, 1, n , b , M , 4 ,6 . ., 0 1 . , ,t , 4 . r ,
on% the Tree= et, Cot. %tempo Clotst% Surr. U. O. A., Mel lent Puree-oe.
Vet. rfcitier % t
rl 1 gt et: Well ... T . .' fa12;407 C.
igni 9ofit i lltei . :
. Kutter ... .
PrI l .1 1 1 1 : r .
(a . . linhellog.
Mee Krammer
Kunkel ...
banns Meyer
Quotetion inner
JOS. 11. 1117011E5 R 1/110.
C.... 7.: -
• .
iii . Pinsl- c. 98 , 11
P . i GA24
iß(jariPriltlP 11. :fiNgeeP4rEn;:,
JO 1. AU Eati.PF. rarlailbt& I '
VOll - 161ALEA'destiettble Dwell+
log Hanle and 140 tOr nag Alkgheny city,mu 54" Voceir strtet, ncar to t.oacontt arrest; hatiso
built In %rude= style nod contatning I rooms-641
parlor:. dinin
iOQ g tOO kltAa r n t n a rgoori. bait,Auv pnfaned•toorni, and
tOryn wire
ball:vast awl waatnUuso -, (n'.oaaeantht.
with waterripeat ant nakt.crran claming Into a leb•
en thYdrant water Laniard. ,The lattawsli Oiled
with cranaylner, and gran' Ims.joanesston dprll
lat. n.-dr CO.
r e % • - ' Yotarca.
-- -
• AN D, intrAnyLINIIITIITS.-Tho, Betbod
Tqm of the tkholastlo rear._ coullueuces au the 3st
o,...b.rtiatut closes on the Zaldt4 ame Mat, ,
' Boys and s ourpg , glen thoroughly 'prepared tor bu ,
t i r 2 sd t:att.rn,..gzaimi - railigimilyt.
iliggrVule=rati, iiivw*„„'d - eddies ' o - diOns
Ichool.urOpercy hear West Cilester,istely occupied
by t b a regyupyirszts =ltem itetdouny, Adds tido
reaterspirts lichee." Uteri logaesr isms . Arter the
retool he t tlu troadt.t ..,YedOktprageod
' 9 '''46-444!... .
v "4 .! 6 q,,,Apit . . top :6 - % Witt i: st.; ..,
lAA= ' /3flln Mesta;
. it; 06
18 CO
. 10 do
....... ou
II la
'V for SolUur Llouore, pled - In tie Cftrk's Ottra up
.n.retruarr uti , . Md.
' zo; t 1.1 1 1 1 !VOD, 'isvo ro , 11141 rd, P/tta , t4Ergh.
n. - (1, - S. 0 /11111e.r, '' d .i d?, 'do
:At t riatag. gli'. : 1 3:
. do
• do
UOttioth Muably,, „ do do do
F. 914 .1.9F914 0 27.
~,_4lo_. :14 yard, ,dO
• .r./I'l2OlN fbt ' ogeTto . i ' s. w itle'ir' d I Albl.
4,1 td. eletoilr , ,dir. ,_Tavern, WI lynrd,,r/Alfbargo.
l i ft:NAV:Art, " Tli . e... r g " ' gi; Z!,11. ' 2:
1, tier Dobttoe r, , In ' . 9th ward, o
f an y O'Hara,
_Pi...h0r,e004a._, , ,10
_. do
ilitTiEttigE' " . . 1 4 1 .1gg'" '174117,:nr3; ,do
i : O t liG ot A E . a . i" l : 4 4. l l% . C . z?2 , reit it " l :7. u 'L ' l 4. ° std r4 ; .9? ° :,% ) ..;!'
tJaeob Blanca., - do , 3.3 ward, ,e.
;AdthOdy learrlnger, do do , d e
'Linn kiiaster. .• do _ . Itt ward,
ior. titadletnau,. do do ;Cu
I?4,4IA.SOZISCIII:OIdt. 40 . 00 do
ll .. Xe_okor.. boding flame, do ', do
; 4ho Far , ollter goad., uoro L. .i.frixdo,alutm.
, oxy Kloog. 'Aaron, do ... - Duodena
rnAfeattriti_44' -do
. ,' .ottau=.'' do . 41 ; roatiester.
.m. young. - ''do . - L. it. Cialr ' atitifit
co. TOlkor. , Eilles Home, ,do do" - , do .
,Peter Litoroldt„. ''`avert.,... 11.1191 z ' do
,Csapor Ventor„ do ,, . do . .4 ;
'PUT IL. ••• r-• dog .-' -. ',7dOClttro ' ' o
..laeot, alder, Plag Ulnae, do ~ - .. i
..„4 4 ~,e r . ,nt r goods, ,mg . , -..,:u
)antr i, ,b.. F! ,.....R. , m , 16.14:0u5!,.m4,,,0.0 - .d
, . The 4.,:00 g it iairl artred - 1611 . - Irgditcy, 41 44 ‘1 4 4 ,
-of zdt= 4 , =1: 1 ? 0 .../dok, A. W.;LorltoldlllLiAd
t t ig.tast;voin it :t. ? '''ai !''' r_ tsr.. of
i-pc..........4.. 0 0;44 oiiPxtittoio'llietday
-- Cortneutfidtileituddr Tinted roan be *Akin 414
alter two and wltblßlLltaan Oars attar bailor Deed
irooted, or Ltie7 will CO AtitStdaraf 1,9).11.
" I
I wen 1
110 N. THOMIS 111111.111 S,
7CIsT Si TIM. T_.,
Cop of whlcb taLy 4,i
Price Fli•e Cents
qt) l.lrl'lli I,NTAININUTur
IN 11E11001411 01
Abrahsitn I.incoli►,
rr IL /4"W.3C, lEA'r 11..T'13.1*4;
Tngt [her sritl..adi 011,, IN T Fc I 4TINt: 1111101:IAA t'
Single eople,
One Year
Sir or more rapt.•, to one ad
Pittsburgh, Pa
No. 67 Fourth Street.
13a nIL for Savings,
No. 67 Fourth St.,
Nearly Opposite the Ban h of Fit s bur eb.,
t:g . Rl P t A ku l d L N14%11. ' 91' 4 r ;flV4 l l 9 r:tr lV Tl l) .;
tat to
19 to :to 9 o'clock. and from Spy.
tat to Stay 19L. a to I o
8t... of DY -1 •• 9,9, fornlshrd at no 0C19 ,,
Etat la.
Tble litellttatonelally offers to thote what..
eorclog ere Mon etw ett. the cpportnalty to accu=aLch
by men 4eposits, really red, a.m which tell/ Ge
reaource ahem needed, end bearing taterest to.
rtes..] cf er=elclog unproductive
413-lIC4riLGIr XI EN- 13MM1.7EL'ir
ID. la. rizzoiricx.ivx.T., sr
tatAD L I.LT,
IsE 11&.. ii.Avvarrvr.
0. ) , .)L
LL a. 011..411.AM
str ,
KiM k
PS. rz.
L. W.
Tir +.11,431)Y eu
TA rti 4941.5
TH Linty F,(bNr;
AND ALL 47811: ^oN
orS. 91ITTIMAN•S I\ ALAN qt. ce
Tilt: I:1)0RMEI% (ye, Tem. Pr.e.e...N•s Le.miere
rill. ?Acesa.:
Tut , A:o62rirvvrtn.4 op AusTuattA.
w num
V E1.4 - TT Vs;
THE huSmrtt.r. LETTER warrrit:
1),I. Vs , .0,11: I:ICA N EEADT. ni,CICONE.P.;
VA it: 1.11.1A5. 14 , tr. •
'llo.` ri; ASIXVONFt. , I(); , :, JIAIt7IIA
oR NU a lt, TNL PONONF :anent::
Tur,Tituldtr IKA.RTHI GRINDER, r.ceutE
l4tkil'ut!ie2ll(SN:Lu4' JIAG-tZla}:i 't2"'
• JOUN P. DENT & (0.,
fzi: NO. :9 Finn writrrk pumwe
pint! +Aleuts •
tiit Old World:
I 'Volume. 800. Pelee 113,00
J. L. BEAD, n ramitl street
los twins° Oh., SALT itriLl OSHILIt W/CLI.
1.30 rWood street. Pittsburgh. Pa.
. •
t zt v ai ll La mzedr64. r tkeTtl7 bettsLlao .
Weren tei ittli at
MacoctroisstiVissill Wiz-lochs,
WitiLsa n rA 'T401.1113 are arrental7, to canThret ap
rainaa rot
Malta -- c KL% .
tooyamrs, YLA
- pg:
illn.K,l,T.A:Tur.r. ANT) lip's ILLTI Net,
trt watch 1 havocoustuttli t, awn. 0011:IMO
Z'3. S.'L~7O$Y.
ri .32 Obi o A treet.Alleghera v
nfartnrer of
KUESBEITEIfiIaitrI t.lo*'°ll:AltiotrgiiPTl'Vehl?
Partlautsr attentlou tartlet to O tt
step mu
PruelAututs In Jam and Joints. made at J
II. 8., mut .Luw Moor Iroth..lo stamlnel
nueutuu,h op that parts sou he ordered mai
teloxesph, .o,lA:rota' a pen het At a; all Us Qr
SS a IWO ihrtaeh rOpta, teelstme, =an
thole who may wish th ' . kluthlrA rh.l' 2 . 7 .*.ta1n0 went
mode looms. Unless 1...7 mots DiOnair ~atteaaeY to.
o. Vnilll ' a bC" in'n ,V.
r iltortah
17 Atte ,
n. ./.1; LLG7ilro
....__ . crairm AGErtors.
c'l`refFitl i tti!,P.Titring ------ d --- tife ;37.-1
-Wafers, • oho
ganged kui MO Ant - .
' `. • V r enieltil 130X,;1.00.
All 'a_ ll4llo „ o l l* % . 4'ir ' ere Illutuireed how az/. gala
ligrnre*,‘, , ...:4 recdrin Moir tiorrannagn. , Jr Ls
oil /ionr4..4l‘re /wasted to tall or oeod tb Ilr iol•
drag to:e• •• ' T. - 'i :LT,EIt D, AY.
• . ~' Bollpltor Viz ... Bounties, as loos 'mai ry,
NO, - ina PLETII ST/21MT third r .1410." 'Up Ca,.
'thedroL - . • ' faia
tirmrsox tr / pubic
nazi Farm-118ov AUG 'ft 14 re
J.&IIALLpATT,'I ;V, I , Id
•YournwellarlvEll74, : ,. 12. CA.;
. f . .t ,
A Ua N t I
101 . 66 . J. far INglectltte gala,
ensa ho i r tivrv r er. o ll•r% • , L 4 .1. ?A .
trix EThII
oms • Tarim Assortment os
BMA! pi.:ll2:BA •
so rr4r . Aids ; ; '
710, 28 and SO Ordo It., Ant, Pear
Lrrav , p. HACT'_
t. • • ko e./. •
C~-i l.[ wl'R~~l.~f
•••••• I ri F HYGIENI.;A:ES SOAP,.
eqilN cwt
FahloN 101113 TON, Druggist,
Cfoth Lined
The Cloth Lined Collars M94/9 by Ilse LOCKlrted.
!Db. CO., 255 dartitTllrhOSlltrar. Pinta., bare
here, In ennui hue doer teat. and notwlllastazdina
it, Cod Il n utt numerous Imitations or them ha, lore
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that earls collar 19 al:dulied upon the Inalda—Loet.
wood Nig. Co., 01 , 1;. Linid, with the Trqtre Nark ol
Me Co. Star an'd &nelson and date of Patents. Do
not ha eeelved than/ores r false reprtmenta,
Dona, ht.. see fur youraelf. It the collar Itself it net
stamped upon tht Dmlde neater., It Is not genuine.
A New lioebf Diseatots offered to hatre.
233 & 239 South Third St., Pht la
Or 93 ROde Street, New 'fork.
19 Elflb Street, Pittsburgh,
Wholesale Agents for Lockwoodls
Cloth Lined and all Pager Col
r'nTr '. l. 411
Gaimorals, Gaiters, Over-Shoes, &c.
musts , BALMORAIS.
fait Grain, Morocco, and Kid
Boys Boon and Salmon's.
Calf, Hip and Grain Leather
'Jeered. d ezd Pegged
IPETIE,DREX , S smats,
sae • foil an.Vcr.=l4ll , w , tc l of Gookb at T.OVit
65 and ,57 Fifth Sixtim,
J A. 11-013tritiON &
OEAT sEwFirri.l-41.
cfmAiLialicr. SALE
• - or
naciriowsr, 0.01012.., 4 216111t.
fOOTtkUtt TWO WYEip... •
Thar enttne!stn,k ac butt zralka ilowa,llss.2
wilthe mid amu,. It4rozzearires, !:;ml, room
r awl *tin, St‘p.
Retntinber ' the Number,
ilettirtret Street,
thinsia Vartcra Dry 03044.'itate•
CrrS ValtS lloo4 '
AT Cost' oter cairn!
I am sa# slosiag oat .yolscafe afaax of
Boots, S* , es, Gaiteisaktlialorals.,
4vr 0 CilgE;
4) nett room fat Solar errs:a Carping CORSETS.
• c rade - Sal s •asiegbasifi 100 nozErt JrST OPENED AT ,
has: 'fa and SO Market Street.
a= NIACItIf3I. ULTIsi St CU.
! No. - 2.--.3anAIR NETS:
ST YRlCt5t FOR fitt a tATTLAT,V Ew
BOOL% Gaiters, Ba1aOfill9 )
49‘1%72:1 40-1:11155.60.
sail ninon ored good Scuds aild.Shoes, esll 7 t 7 - -
ie lia.7 tork, ,:ettel be UnViriatek4 Mal we
0 t uft G rip jE 4 5 ,
.11 , ' Wog et..gdzey }op edge Mtr,e,CIST. ,
iest6ixualcA l sav - i:r
?33eat street., 4 . 4oittotif Firth,
so E tlitoors
_ bond' • lot ct MTV , ' BO
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ortll clam out "4 " "
/100.4120TX39. OF COST
4 4 - r .M.Var l l,ls4an 4:CO
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ndt , emrretroctv.. • . • , salt
M I4TT~~
iSSETA - - - $4,000,000.
ANNEAL INCREASE ;$1,500,000.
neliall4e Agents Wanted.
L. rustenkix,Agent.
B -171 itTug — A°: 11°Ns f . ••
*oyst Badapts / -
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G. zatriv.irk
Tarlefr s S tore.- No: 10:Naacttircet.
firrrauruGu marsEnir •
011):.litigLAND lIRIENHOUSES.‘
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70/111CO: DIACIFIXNE; .4011112 - : INA"
O , TIANALS:4IIIOX-1112,0111N13iialle,,Itli =UT
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t jt=l, "s r P" . arleirfnd. Um sway
iless&AS 4 11 44W-v: 11
711411 7 .
UT Offering their Entire Line of Goad;
El YIP LW' El XT-a1113C)
•+'ets, Collars, Sleeve's,
Negligee Shirts for Men and Boy
Vests and Drawers of Shakes
' Flannel, Wool and Merino;
Warm Gloves and Woolen Hos
Woolen Scarfs, Mufflers and Nu
Handmade Zephyr Articles;
Woolen Gaitemand Mitten.;
Balmoral Skirts f o r Ladles and
1 4 7 c.. SS at - refavt,
Invite at traitor. to their large 5100 k r.i
Jan teeetved from the Alarm fa et•trer. fro=
A T •
Ell 11/1435-/ Se.
rcuwLll ArAl Rrrat bargairo/P.
lalttutivt•Rtra n bACES.
LIAN situnirrr. s,
• r i atE cOLLARE, wi , GLFIC 4304:05.
ligraffswos STA
co. Si Market Street.
• sli7lErl=l.^2 - CMCIELA.I7,
41 the Trimming Store of
'Tdacrum,"Glyde & Co'B,
- ?Nos. TS and SO Market Street.
2336zociva: c•cmer,
At Nacrtan,q4 , de it Co's,
Nos. IS and SO Market St.
eat Nos. 78 and 80 karket Street.
- macnnr. (31.1" DE It CO.
- I)OI3IirE',WrICS.
I&X , kT 'MO
lEitpsr'El N;V#aEL3e.
Ilavtae enisb,lrtllug
fID C. G. Y/2 i 0
JOSEPH 110R.1'E ti
77 and 79 Market Street.
WC re nnw ctrstne Oct onr
At Very Low Prices,
(s.--,;.r, to Ed TON. MA CE OHS 00.,)
?ids. 713 and SO, Ildhrket St.
wrzwason% e4J
,T 1 a C 0..)
%Char Aeslers In SOREIGS" 134111L9T10
I)RT tiOODS. TZ - atectt, llard,hou• gars
I.llawaid fEY rtv,burtb,
NeWcffp . omiD4 - itrorrA4 l
.lA 5 * $4 25, 'SS - •
Is • [MT makejsut eSQlef at 1,6014
isle or retail by • •-
MAC U9l a C4V.1.1314,
$l,OO, $l,OO, $l,OO,
Dadershirt,or a Pair , of Drawers,
Worth $1 . 41.
sow zco. xp FIFTH . flltEEl<
Sty. 71E1T Mtge just rocci: tt.'
I,acuL7 a*,4,
:tssurt. Legvurc.
wE OFFER ran s i .LEE
Our Entire' Afock of
Gmceries and Liquors
ft:Nice the ilk mica of dtalers to dot Urn Wad
swito etoelt,thleb , ire at* dextrous of- clot:111r out
o•fore tae
W dr a t of 4:01 t. -‘
e ave on hand a Latgelot rot* rted Lad Do•
itio h cora; =Ohl& pore 0111 Impo Whlsltc74 Ono
EE!iGported Brandy
,sad DoS . °on:kW,. best
rty Pen. : 3 1 , 1t. +L4E4OIOI
- ISlntrof various 'wand,'
Bay a: mebato• Imported IrtsiWtilaky; State-Um \
and etoauLen Bitters; • volxrmin .1. foots very.
Ott. belaritturto , tholtottortroalocsat tans lot of
Test. Wetted with care to xOll the but retail ends; '(
co fwv.zurgi t .Syrap....ll,2t. • Plellea In Darrel, and
:but bscrelf.2; Itep,:ke„, :which Nye 43.1=0"‘
4 ,211.6 LL .449 at the - L
Triertanitars G.ETTr.
55 Ohio St, opposite tlielicarket s
t01.2.13ra A.u.somm*T