The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, February 12, 1866, Image 1

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~,....._,.. AZEITE
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EtIMISEit. 4' Isilisir_i_t TH. co sT,fIALAGNs, Bustxxis itairAorit. •
• • rbBLIMODOT4 . "IIB GAZETTE itiSOCldrios,
N 114 o. k 211Sillfier, Pi usoOrnh.,
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.71LORNWO , En[TTON.,` ,
b - mall, per rear ..... —,..;48 on
IMyb2rll.7 EtbiTurs, ',, do. 6i,, „ , . •.,„ 3,
g3rbed by parrlbbb, 3fOII3:ING or EVENING:par
, , • week .
•., • Li
'abort', Cotler,e, 37 riftli.Nt.,
r ebruarY 10011, use..
_ Stranger,. tiesirb.4l9.lllll,,h their tn.nnwerelal
ftlucatinti will I t n i s ,jtthe stlacriority °is:the
training (or basinks9 sn autamsoftll-13'
lhls in...tifution for twenty-41z yttara by re..
'erring to any of flit, following gentlemen.
, t'rho el. 511enk of It aft,/ naany year. exp..-
ene.:.sll busitm&i.
P: n
Y. .l niterson, Banker, 0.1 r t
11.1tattna, Banker, :slereer.
.1. Brady. Bankcr,
J I .
W• Ir t ty It 1, of ll'lnruor d 11. th tn.
M. Ilunnit.g... of I:,raincr ..t
Plusher h. '
J Stark, of W. li. tPllliamc.F 1 ,
Ft. tr.bnrah.
%V. C. C ',trio, Banker, Erie. I'a.
)' )l."ltankln , lutzthni . , hiruknk. IC„ .a
M.t. Tr/Mb/C. Banker, 'Mount
11 ...O.rwin, flanker, .71clieesport.
.Ti.l. R. Compton, Criollier Niagara Bank, Lock
rrt ...N. Y.
S. 1,. Herron. Caiillior Fourth National Bank.
pi:tabur g .,ll.
E. 11. .lone,
.1: xrhange Bank. St.
Mo. ,
.1, M. Wnti , on. f'ashie, 1 in.. Naltorßil Bank,
R, I..strnl/4 Peopl.., flank. 111.11efon
-201ne,":01i1o,.. •
W. fr. l i allechon, of ,Pritterson S. Ammon.
,1.1"m7-51cC:retry, Merchant, I.ittsi.ttrttil.
J. 11.1tIceretry, Merchant, Pittsburgh.
.I:,...itnofraohristen. bru.crint. l'ittaburgb
11.1. A nave, of All,rce,zonS,u..,
T 1T1e.41.1g, t a.
Pittsburgh Norelty M irk
Nferclutnl, Pltt,hurga
th,tose Otr#3.ll, Alumbaat t,Pitt,...
WilsOn', .Merehtint,
C. 11. Wolff, bterellant. Pitt ...argil.
C. IVells Of Ili -toy' ,t. Co, ...tot,: Work*.
J. Wiley, 1,, Merchantm
2 .l ttslmrah.
W. Will,, of C. Yeager A co 3liirehl.4
0!. Mftrahant.
• R. 'treed; M erchant, Pitts!..urgh.
.1. It. 111/lerman, Merchant. Pitt,hargh
T. B. 1 1 .tekr,on, Ik•ok.keeper Bank
C'. E. Balotrock, !mate Bank,
lowa. .
C. Se%tot, •Book-keeper nint, _National.
71stuk, .Pittalturct.
T. JR: ItabeOch, Bookkeeper , Wood , Morrel
itt Co., Johnstown, Pa.
J. Inektne; Book-keeper to Ititch Steve-a
-t ntt & Pittatat*ll.
J. F. J. /I.lliSon, Book-keeper, Seitneklet,
;Jttn Ilttsburgla.
—,_- MC
.C.V.Wella:Tiook.koopettin BAT,, Fahnestoek
Dierehunt, Pittsburg
T..K110,1.t00k-kee.per ItcCullecir k Co.
rhacionati, Ohio.
W. noose, Book-eepei
k to I:nata*.t. 1 - forzoa.,
vhlengo, Moon..
J. R. limit]; Bookkeeper to T. W.* C.
W. 12. Co.
J ,7 g.ilatthlin.Book--kaeper to A. lloaglasa,
ifferebant, Italtimore, Md.
0 J, , ftbodenj; Bookol - ecivr,,, Adams Eirtrcss
- Oratapany,Cfnatartati; Ohio.
'W. T. WatlY, Doak-keeper. W. T. Coub
ratp.lterchant, Ptifkt.
, 6ose Liat-in oar pamplairt airtaae con.
Salm aver .bundrect_ttarags, ftran nearly
• c•very state la the 'Union.
oc' 6tge - tuicibrtiittnt .Bari"intittbig on the
ttortb-etiitoorttorofrourthttnd.Olartet streets.
':C:lLsataf Locslt Bno.
~.4 1 . :;4r5P4Legt I :+"ll99oXtc44loCk In the
I.wo-eltiesisosskiiieatiergairtigoist ear
st Fourth andidasket streets. •
C. a5...150 Lore .t Bus.
. •N
A Jar& eitettYtOr DOme.atio And Staple Good.
now °Oriel, on the 'Doitli-easTcorour r0,,-kb
. i r. ct Mitrlet
irlestitcd and laablbached--241 the different
as low is . tisprceszttropiarehasod us the
pastern clues , uri the - tartittiast corner Fourth
*rid 15.0.1.... - ej stream. •
C. ll.v..eso:v LoSit t Bud.
A Point - on Vbilea all IntyVe4ll4• Agree.
Ont Of tpathourand nsgplar Phrslelan.You
eninot fsd one'who will , not 'say:that mutat,
flOnttusnutinrigOrnatenze absolutely necessary
inediral make. • Altiaiit in bygone years
•iinticoatie practitioners have hesitated to ad-
Inlnisterthetn,heettnee thnfLendlsh ingenuity
11, who l mitidsnierehanlle of human
Intlinatien had , PDpolintnd and detartornted
them that the Was denthed • al danger-
App411.3 I,he, disealio. This perplexity is hap
, ; , .'3llrdene away :wit& Physicians Lvov,
..4 4 oaaviefh 11 J/ 14 CW_ ellelniete of the age
rideteonstniten the - met, that Ilostetter , s
eatbratai 04=404 Illtfers. ate_ ,almelutoly
sad 915r01y..c-n., from all peraiotouti ebb
; Mente:..3l*ca lairei',,been introduced
.; ~, I tatothe,VPitellatateaAnny, aid are accept.
.whernverth . n.Whlreentof the wise, the
3 , e l .l l diit - hturtliphiltulthropla Is isted at Its
InSt calucrins the . best protective against and
aura for all dii‘eatil an - from impurity In
the Mi.& 40:cir ulthVdthr hate influences,
that bps ever been tesied by experience. IA
oisesof'DysfrepsliVenCLiver reenplabst, we
4 • without lerti. llo ^ation or. resenratlon,
Clio Ritter,' vnearly intaiume ite any , .
tt'Prelutry4 V 7 Pit5 134 4: 81 4u Snubs.
rAeld wholesale and reteiratvirylow - rates
• 21 . 41 it3njr 4 Draiand2stentlicalletne Depot,
An. El Market street, corner - C.f th:o Damoact
'mud t'oarth street. - -
: gia"tat,",-•t"..t...e,
• • . D .rvix-r-cpo':zer: of roan and Fa.. Clair
.. • 4
• - Ya 73 and' Mallet Goods.
s with greet; pietuiniW tie - call the atten.
l oSnieoultiesditnift6lllo - enhperdiatoeb erred
nd Wintenatlodeltun,
,reeelTed.. by Mr. John
vreti,i,Merombit Taller, No. 193 'Federal street,
411.1egiCty: 'ate itte . ole entinacaus some of the
Ismael beautiful Cliathe, • t4sanneins, Overcoat.
!Aga and Viet:num, ewer brought to the western
erket. Hie assortment Of rtirtdah log Goods,
, .cannprialng Bhirta,prawora, Collars Nock Tics,
4 .11landtereltzefe, ttrr„ cannot bo surpassed east
4IY nest- A large stock of ready mad Pants,
tectats„,VOsta and Oen:tont*, will aLso be found
Catnidlifluneet Persons in want of any
Catuc In the clothing line shonid not fall to
al re !Ir. Water a cal/.
Peoria . and Babies.
White teeth oroptil4g from out of ridges of
rubs, a breath splay as the airs from Araby
the Itlest, Who Can racist finch fascinations
To realize them, tciperpetnato them, to make
the mouth a caakotaf pearls and rubles, and
:Oren , Wall a gush of fragrance, aiL on hare
O do,cialy larlid3, L. tome that matchless rage
iobio roductfoo, Frn,ant Sozottont.
Thomas W. Parry dt Co.,
rraettcal &late Rapiers, and ',caters in Amon
glattiof various colors. Ogloe at Alexag.
• ear Laughlin's near the Watir Works Pitts.
f ResitteckFe, co. 78 Ppcostreet. Or.
tors promptly attatded to. All work warrant.
*4 waterproof. Repotting dorm at tho short.
pet notice. No charge for repairs, provide:o the
S"? 1 12-4°t ab 1 "4 1 4 1 1 r It pat °I"
. . .. ... .
i- '' .- . -leCuitral gulpaate isz - Zinie",;
- ron preeerving cider. For aale by Cberles
puper, Drugglid,oorr,er of - Fdzue and St. Clair
AteettyPltGistintrit. ~. - - - .-'-
-4"dir P eli At r4 P b4W g 4i t o p.
retir.rruld dttelaxi:ale,e at three
pears In the army, I 4re rt.oPenett nay Abell
sone orlobbtne tn . theanyponter ,llne,
Lt the eta shad, Virgin tilte7. between Bmlth
a Iltetaetreetrteatt Merry-Alley. Orders aolintted
.„.D Pr'S.FOR titl9l
• ‘• - WrtirAtt Foe seer.
'lse4l fialarie•
Arc to he ft;creased. This Is'rhfcht, el all the
zeeeeenries of life bach oat oneefl with the ex
, eoptlan of 3no-yere Ilarhces Soap; which con
still Ld hail for thirty eentn d fake";
Realm* Ma*die, of :Um' ' ,
or preferring cider.' ror halo by Charles Su
Der, Druggist, Dolma renu and St. Glair
SOL-MXR3Gcsa nsts ,— BrigadierGene ra l
acph ',Mangan, "the hero or Giustes,s is a na
tive of Ireland, but has been a resident or Fer
nandina, Florida; for amp y ears , and owns a
plantation near that place. 'lle has not meets , -
. ed a pardon, neither have his house and lands
been_turned merle him, '.but.hisse been con
certed into a freedmen's asylum. He is Bring
•friend at Fernapdina. , .. Before the war
, aleneral Finnegan eras engaged in the railroad
business faith. D. L. ]'nice. Major General
llowell lacomfortably Mind on a plantation
'stmt Macon. General W. 1.. Brandon is ut his
3iorne La Irllkituton CoruatY Elltisiselpppi Gen.
French la on his plantation In washing
ton county.. General d. J. Gliolson Is pract.Th.-
ingqaw in Aberdeen, and General E. C. Whit
her's° Grenada,MLasissipm. Brigadier Goner
. air N.V. Evans John is. Jackson, and Henry
Jaelmn, are practicing law 'in Atiguain,
.thorgi. ,Uenerct 2,101110. practicing Law
hohtx, G e e r t galrigre r rherstone, In
' • km, Ger lE tgr 4.r Harris, in vielAT Y u .': 73 ZT:
I Till,l v. - t , o,:. destruct],l•l ,
J.../.1011, 11 1
~ till` cllgh lof it, tan ,r,st. I l e
strum mill mum ed
by 0 te. 'Nelso n , with th e
houses itu ' , ening. and Sore•thl thirclliCip , on
the opposlte ..4,1,. of the aunt , were. entirely
masnuted. Ti,., :Gots to the, Va. l loll, , Ulr,r ei . ,
about tn,uc t
ass of tin It mond chivalry, Iloberi t
'[ - handler by name, beat his little daughter.
~ the other day, in a must terrible manner. The
.. ettild was but ten ).eas o age, ano her
a t v as, black and swonett, che f hav in g honn boateh
- until the bceatem insensible Justice only
bound the Inborn:in father ores to keep the
" ON the evccilLt of ::: e i.el :not., Mai Warl,"l.
Wh0C0 , 1271111./.l3llCei eio..llCrai I?o,ltiv'n rrbe/ wont,.
got lateen alteration is lib .ift. Z.-I/lure, at u
Millard .iloon in Tit--el:mire, AIW.., when ile
Clore /drool: Warren vt ith a cue. •Atnior War
ren responded with a pistol shot. which took
erect on Dr. Jame- Inirt, who we. instantly
Tun peddler who s ecidentalls-shot Miss 31,-
Corin Mk it Steubenv the a few 'days sine, was
on Priday tilschargatihy "Mayor -tehl t -s hs , th e
the beatiniumy showing clearly that
too sad
occurrence was the result of accident.
A GEITTI.TniAZ paid three hundred and Oily
dollars lb, a sp ecial ruin to :Mk* him from
Boston to and la Saturday, to catch the
English stearnor. Me arrived in time, for the
steamer did not sail till next morning, and be
might have stared Ws money by uniting fort he
A erwrosernys to/case Fanueil Hall for n la
ger beer saloon, and add the prooeeris to th e
city treas he truinds favor among some meta
here of tOD Gammon loaned. so says
the Boston 7renterript.
IT is reported from Viellllll. that Omar pasha
bas in . prepetratiem a life of Atexandur the
Great, the. retigh soldier of the Danube d isfant
le g from the en-Treat enthusiasm about Julius
((Wear whom he rooks on as not tut to antic the
sonatas of the great Macedonian.
. Ata. the distilleries In.Fittron County, Ohio,
tweepiencs harp been ell:ma by -the goimra
xnent for alleged vfolatiOns of site re - Venue
law. The inspector had pret - leallk 1 2. 4 ca Placed
tinder arrest, under the charge of sanctioning
the vfelation.
P. Ilrrr ,t soN,
C.,l4ANsos . Lovil .t BRO
. .
greiblic bonoiriee io Chattan
well aia lloso an Lookout ... I foanthin , have bee.
sold s good prices. .
It above company in Connecilent has dc
eleiresi a dividend of three hundred per cent.
It would be pleasant to have ei hand in that.
Tux Prince of Wales' has sent a handwime
bridal present to Mrs. Henry Johnson,
Harriet Lstie, in n
bins a onaowlett
Ybe Whitelyment of the n, e
that lady presided Uteri. House eo
Tux Southern editors, are to hold a conven
tion on the 11th Lust,: at Sicreitgameity, Ala.
ney - triumto Wens spriest e.o. m.:Nile° af their
n, being dissatisfied with
width news Ls sent tiall:ioM. She manner in
Tax Troy Thsesssiniii colnred'medi.
ral student, who scrvetTisa,Asetstant Surgeon
tn trrolored'vegiment,Tinstriosiistuestoed mac,
taco in GliarlesCon, etiooese exceeds
his most sanguine expootations.
FORNEELT. when any One ustrod his friends
up to , ho inquired "What will you
Voter' Thuatest style now is, "Boys, noini
nsto yens pOison!,
J•e Coax" has given pa 000 :.,tto and cash for a Ott - tufty acliool the Protestant Episco
pal Church in Philadelphia.
Tux milli] pox is having it. 0 tra way i n B ut .
tutu. It Is estltaated that there are at pt cont
front ?,000 to ;au ca-ses In that city, with a
rapid Increase.
Tar. ease Of the Oil City and Pahole Railroad
Company vs. the Wurree and Franklin Rail
road Company was decided by the Cons t of
Common Fleas, in sesalon at Franklin, in favor
of the plaintiffs, on Wednesday last. The era
was TWotight by the Mimic and cill City Ile it
readcOMparry-l'or the perpose of obtaining
injitiactran restraining the Warren /t Franklin
Railroad Company fronthindering the build
ing of-the Oil City and Mimic railroad The
subject of charter right!, and privileges was
thorangtdy examined mad the case ably argued
on both Filled, The testimony and pleading
occepied an entire day. On Wednesday mo
leg his honor Judge Campbell fendered his
decisioa, granting to the Oil City and Plthole
Railroad Company a preliminary intunotioa.
-thus restraining the Warren end Franklin
Railroad Company from ieterferlug to any
wey with the Madding of la Oil City and Pit
hole Itailroad.—Oti Virg Register.
Another big well was struck on lease No 34,
Menrots farm laut Weduesday, and com•
manced pumping about :: o'clock r. it., and at
noon bad purerked dirty barrels ad the hen rient
quality of oil ; there is no rigs of a failure.
Thh, may . look absurd to it. but in a fact. It
hi probably be a fifty barrel well; a la 125 feet
dup. A crevice of eighteen in e Lem was struck
at the depth of hot tilt feet. It 14 doubted by
many about oil being Panel at Reel, u studio,.
TISK Pithole .R..ra sari =The, sucker rods
of No. lai, Morey farm, were drawn on Mon
day night, and the yield ham increased to about
we barrels pert - Lay— gain its Its
_yield set
nver thilatrrela The lower valve bfaill in,and
.nt-n that Is drawn we are of the oplalon tat
ti: Is well will be one of the lergat, if not , 'he
largest, ever struck on the creels. 'l h. car
ornters are now putting up two additional
Icel ve hundred barrel twills, giving Its Rio-
rt.,71. enpanity of =beet VAR/ barrel,.
LA nee Wel.l. AT PL.r.A,AN.rell, e—Wes !CarTl
in, - si gentleman who came froth Pleas:lett ihe
ve•terday that the Nettleton welt Is pr.:inning
Jelly two hundred; barrels per day. Our cor
reapondent at Pleasantville stated it at a much
larger figure the day preelons, but over-est,-
milted It. if the above re po , istorrect,it will
create a decided Reaatiou, and lead to very
extensive development, es that ,/ runt,. —Er,
A mei broke out in Flthole City, Thursday
morning, destroying the Tremont Roar,
where it originated, end the Syracuse Reuse.
Loss about 4117,0D0. No insurnaee. Water from
two wells on th, hillside was thrown Upon the
flames, widen ,grow fiercer thereby. It Neel illsooverial that what Wax supposed lobe
water was pure 011. Real estatOThaS increased
accordingly he value,
ST e learn that the le thole Re,,tl that the
011 City and Plibele Railroad Company oxpeot
to Lave their load completed and tra/rin run
ning between that place and 011City,on Wamit-
Werra's birthday, VA inst. The read is tow
(traded through the T.ifolinden farm to the Sat
terlee we/lon the Morey farm. Care were run
down as far as the Sumner a Plait pure/m.l3e,
Between twenty-ave and fifty petroleum
companies, "on the hoof and in the sheltie
are before tho Legislature of Alabama, asking
for oharters. elloil 'Capitolfoyer' ov epr.
alenalc. An oil w rank on Efili at
Montgomery, is In partial Operation.
• .No. it, Booker farm, be gaining rapidly; the
oil 13 pumping freely, and She is now wilily
barrel well with a promise of dotag better. .
She LI supposed to tetra tapped No. ls,
It is stated that no less than twenty patent*/
bearing on oil prcurartion, relining or trans
were granted during the Month of
Jan ita--y.
illouthern People.
7. - Sere is no better evidence of the shirr',_
tier of the great masses of the Eouthern pers.
etc to disolsey the laws of the not len than the
exhibition of the utter contempt for the loy
alists o that merlon, and their general treat
ment of the freed race. The history of the
slave population has not heonforgotten. The
eichea accumulated by alaseo labor hove boon
sacrificed by mad ambition, lur the attempt to
arrive our republican form of government a
failure, and for the purpose of este Allah nag a
confederacy baying in its constitution the re
reoachable Word n slarr." Raffled and defeat
e I in their unholy schemes, with the wrecks
of fortunes alone remaining, it is nature I,.alter
leaving been stenraished by foremen who knew
no clefeat,that ahould revenge themselves
r u p o ntbefreedMen,and inflict Untold cruelties,
u nparalleled even by the recollections of the
pairnieet days of slavery. Reports received
at the freedmen's bureau unite in the state
ment that the freedmen conduct themselves
with propriety, and toll incessantly where fair
are paid. Notwithstanding these facts
the late *lave holders aro not eatisted, and
but for the presence of the military and the
prompt enforcement of the laws, the lives of
the freedmen would be imperiled.'
NFreeiimen fienteneed for Theft.
SEW Foltz, Feb, 10.—The Richmond TVA'?
says Two freedmen ranted Ueor Fe Whet and
John Whet, were sentenced by CoL Nel;ntee
lust Wedneatlay to ten Lind nye year ttnprts.-
Ournent, respectively, for theft.
Tar. Commiraioner Of F ter-tit...W. 011.1,
butt rerun, en a report from a:4l. 0,0. e.. Aatthal_
ant Coreml,tioner of the Itort-a,, in llotudu.
In arttlen he state.., that on rie , cutant of the re
atrlctlona Impnael upon the Intlurtry of the
freedmen an the other ban( Stater, large nun
nery, of them are coming into Flariala. At. an
instance of the character oi three olettucler
planed In the nay of the freedmen In their
efforts to obtain a livelihood, It i, vtattnl that
in Mobile, Alabania, an ordinance wa, pae.,•l
In Drccniitn, requiring colored men who o wn
Isar„ to enter Into lmadt ot one thouattutl dol
-1 lars before they can :oltln to 0 then., to Colton
l' . .their rOectinn.
The 7'iuter f hobo of line ICI II Dectonlter
uty,S. 'Dr. lArlngatton intently noon to pro
ceed to Zanzibar by the steamer Thule.
cleat, we believe, It to pre-voted to the sob
a tan by, a. e c croon - ult. Tn O )0111.b.i, ( . 01 I'n•
AIEDVII tripe. from the intertor of Atrial,
I wttam lf . pla - crol in 1 te• tree tatactubiy't Mal e
tutlon nnont 0!g1f1,,,, mown, ~...n,l l 1 were 0
Slirldl* /U.O 0111/t i 41A , by Dr Wiliam Titer En.
torn to lin., outive , cutr will. Dr Li, I Pig—
f r.... v.I", at L. Gommp . lL,etl I, one or t ,‘.. I
Airiran y.r.l”, i. 1 :111,1• , r Mt.. , 1.0 :.'
Naalk. ,
.A. rot Na ::.1) .111. - rrri a .01. 1i..1 1...e1i gri.l
- benoul nig tn4unn, h,,,-13 , deatreyed /If r
utuhrot)le, and ktc,r, •,, he r b, her elotteng
tit at wardrobe. and dre..m g het . ..oi an teat"
a oath,. Cabe:. r and broadeieth cloak c•I tre
to Itertelt and I..rallg Int. Li•-ai .Ite ." i ll. ,
Puma en veleperi an !lute,. ate,, clurierl
'latnt clot tram tug "ttn Ito! II,: glori.),l, i
MI I a Ina Myr r. ~ M oog,: nee'.l.hir. a... 1 (h•
lour, p cat a;, Itertartt o o“' ' ..1'"'l ''''"' ''''
did 1101 npltr, I. •r , d'r , r ., .
Tlikltr hare al,:uly !wen t OW l',1•-, .1 ...,
teal 510N0 . .1 1, non I . nion nl :(0 0110,
/obi )Cat's crop: which. nra•ragoll, WO frt,
it• MO bnic Pt tn eentr 'Cr i pond. atm/cuts annt
tile nice Mitten a
tIIII , •I .41. , , ,, ,,x, a n d thort.j. )Pt 1
00 small ~ ..mlit ...r ...fifth .. rrie e 0.11 1 ,. -
liter,: aro tr .1,1.- In 111,• , aa1.1i, . 1 01• I .11 -
a r. ere
(thu e hr•. 2 .. , .1J .1.2. .3 11• I 1i ,,,. e 1 11,11, Is. !.: r
some .
fodoo Itta 113,1•14.11 L haViti;: arrud
,I, C4revilnly ti ff ., f. , tisk, -Tela
front the , tattoton farm, a fro Iti!lt'a Out ol
tarn, with (rank. nvto forotcrly orltoututa
to Mr. Nathanirl -Ifni, of WI, roUtd.y. a•
Itt , truck, o rot to tho 1101.1, , ,,,:d Mr.
k th,vl... 0111.01, CyCe.l.7, n . ,1,1 ''Lily :tit, 'opt
log to tattcr o
prcuotttro., thr
limeTrer an
fourth. dto male, to/Ingrid. tool ootol o d
LATE OIL isitima.tuErwr.
Ile EudorNeN their S kits and Prom_
i.e. Co-operation,
~p rii:, l lll,% To COli , l:l>.‘i 1:1i X11?U
altx, totnin, the
•.10 to i Lire (rent the vedate ail 1 Ifielsi• .4 ie.,.
eiretee of the State of Virginia ',Med upte
Pre- Went Johortm, for the parpo.. of pre
',tiling hie/ with the roe/Muttons adopter by
7 I Lenora! ..tssentely or Virginia The follow
ing named gentlemen eolietitoted the (
th 713,1 (rik the senate. Moor. E. I iir•e t.
le ) nos Dale Carter. From the Mon. , or
Iti legal es, Meetrs. John it IL,lde In. titter.
11 a1t1hi.11, -1.11 Gratten. A. Pendleton, and.
m T. Jayne,. They are 0501 hnt , . of ac
iii 1.1,4,1 Moldy nod It 1. et:m..l lolly rep
ttiteid the State geourapb wall) and pot. teal
. telt from th, liitt-I tool West
cram la, nue of every akaad e of post and pres
eul d1i2111,1 Murilludi, ~ velar, able
I. st, melt-man, n nephew or the eche
heated C 11 lei .ineedee killoiro
mel I. rattan, ono .1.1. -la, le • are
n.dett the ablest la noon of the vto re
Mr 11,1.1,, in, speak to of t re or 1.. t• , -
u:71••• nv I luth - nten of ll ie., nil tin
tented the retioliition. iL/1.1. :el. reed thi hil_
liteving athirst. In behalf of the I °meld toe
Pri.itlent-We nre a I oho:tit Ire
tins and delegate. sent pi meet to yoil In
Herron, certain 17(8010iintin hivh ha, iris
•en rd then nite:moss moscot the General
.tvarntily or Virginia. We come us represen
tatives tole t by one of the States of this lin ion
to router a ith our Constitutional President le
reglird to Matters atTeet mg the munition tien
t, newer nnd tberefore co Ottered io all the
Mr. Iters
eta:Mo u id nd ent, fo all thrthe ; e people
hat you come trecog-
o you,
nize our common Interest in the Gov era me nt
under whic en h densed oc n live, and bauselhu
il far.
i ari, we
have be
nl enmuntritentinn by vrblett other State. Kull
her poOpla Make known their %Gnome per. t...el arld feedlllo to tile. elialned/771 Or MO /11-
In declaring that the people of Virginia nod
then reprosentatieee accept and abide by tau
tV3llli5 of the late content, and that they In
thereby ,111
in good faith, to meet nll the obleent lone
curred, the General Aeoltably ex
prenses a eentiment and n purpose which have
imen uniformly recognized by our people indl
eidually and in mass, sod In regard to
which there Is no hesitation or division it, ail
Chief among the reaulte thee ne
eepited. Is!the -unieersal conviction that the
Chien Of the litotes Is an estableibei mad an
enduring face r and that the whole future of
our people, hellamlubly bound Op Me4l
or woe, with the enema, or Meier,. of the Gor
en:Recut 01 - the Vetted deites. We reakdriire
the Government nem= Government, [McGinn
stitution ie oar Constitution. The dial.* .
which 1151130.08 laro 'one rtghta. Another
great result, alike acceptesi by one people, In
the deal. overtheniv of. the Institution of
slavery. This has been completed by a eon
%citaticaud amen t :Fent,ethe Nadine force of
whichis tethered' adnutted;for,althongl, we
are not reprtson to the Congress by which,
it wee preposed,thefalinre to be so represented
was ou,r Olen ehoiee.
The amid/lien Of tb efreedenetieinOngtia, and
timpolleytobe adopted With regard to them,
eel be recognized lay you as calling for tile
exereiee of the highiest ftenltiee Of the states.
man, and the best !feelings of the ehrintLan
phiLantbropiet. The General Assembly. of 'Vir
ginia/3 engaged in ebotoyesider
stddieta, end Illehlettpateon of the of
theiflabors, we Otelionirma that whatever
volley may be natigted, will y-
be /Warmed In
good faith and w kind feeling, to the
movemerrt of tee. beveled, intellectual and
morel condition aline freedmen, - Ton can on
eteretand rind will readily believe that thereat-
Ingo of our people' towards these freedmen,
ere those of kindness, sympathy and good will
:tad that to treat them with h¢, - abacus or M
imetic*, le opposed as much to our feelings, he
.t IA to our In tenert and our sense of right
/he poduv. parsited by you, Mr. Pre/Odom,
towards Virgiia s tr ong otter Etattert In like con
dition, nes i tsfoundation in broad and
eprollenetve view. of matt/lotto:tat Ilene
eul ne of net letiarpolleyosed , otnet teak for Its
tlntale anercee to tbe.eitmeersative,
inetice ar_aba_nandeor att 'am &sue,. ti
eue, however, to you eua to ode Veep'," to
akaldre you that an our IdinerlLlAdSelnbly
do:bores tho l i u sp4crovel et-that polity by the
people Virglnla, they extreme what each one
of this mum ttee here present !voce to be a
tenth: :It heppens teat your.pos ition
yoree yeez.betteen 24411 threatened dan
ger, and the General Assembly have but given
spit* to the reel feeling, of one people when
they:tender ttee - 01:1 the Wan:Meat thanks of the
penpleeoflYikeinla for the arm tread you have
taken apdrust the facility with which It is pro
, posed toe songs thefundamentel Law.
Win would not,'hlllreVer,el&llllllS the only or
even the chief merit Of the eouree yOu aro telt
, ie r gethee it atronde to eteproteetion is s time
rouble. 11. is y ou tlet 01.010 lirelloll.l
tonetiention, that doorrre and commarld
the confidence end iroppert of the people of
ten United Etates, anti it will be hereafter re
int:lnhered as your highest Gate to the hae
octet- of a Republican state:mann, that under
sit the trying elreemstazeen by wince you are
atlrreandell, you have not only proclaimed thn
Unest!traltm of tho United States to be the so
. preme law of this land, but hare defended It
;alike From elolatieti and from Inneeatton.
The Yeasident said 1 In reply, gentlemen, to
The rocelutions you have i tietpreeented to me,
ell the elear and fore le and candle re
ul k 5 Vi bleb you have made in explanntion of
the ',coition of Virginia. I shall not at-tem:lt
to make a formal speech, but limply enter in
to a plaln.converaltion in regard to the odd_
lion of things in which we stand. .ts a premise
to what I may eay, penult me first to tender
ynu my thanks for this ruts, and next to ex
pire, the gratification I feel in meeting eo
meld- Intelligent, responsible and reepeetable
men of VirgMis, bearing tome the lien timente
which have been expressed to the MAOIIIIIOI3I
01 your Legislature end in thelemarke accent.
pan, log them. They are, so far as they refer
to the earlakitUtildla of the country, the senti
ment. and the principles embraced la that
chance of the Government. The preaerve
teen of the Union has been, from
my entrance Into public life, one
- iny (ordinal tenets. At the very Incipiency
of this rebellion I set my Mee against (ho dic
' n!ution of the Union of the elates. Ido not
Imckt, thin allusion for the purpose of bringing
e p anything whielahaa transpired which may
1* regarded of as an unkind or an unpleasant
character, but 1 belieeed then, tie I believe
now, and an you have most mindatukably in
dicated, that the security and protection of
the lights of ail people were to be found in the
I 'soon. That we were out of It—upon thin non
e let !on I based my opposition In the efforts
ele !eh were made to destroy the Union. I
nave continued those efforts, not witlmtunding
the perlis tho Ugh Which I have paesol, end
you are not nnaware that the trial hos been a
['Vie, one. When opposition to the govern
ment crone from one section of the country,
and that the section in which my life had been
pttei-ert, and with which my interests wore
Men t ifleil, 1 steed, na 1 stand now, contending
for the Union and aseevorating the beat and
sweat way to obtain our rights, and to protect
our interests, was to remain In the Unlon,
order the protection of the Conetitutlon.
The ordeal through which we linen passed,
during the hot four or five years, demon
strutes meet oonoltutively that that position
eas right, and to-day, after the experiment
ha,. been tried and has failed, after the dente
Ontdratloll aw boos must oinelWilvely afford
ed tied this Union meet difeloPra, that It
01 not designed to bedlssolvoci, it Is extreme.
ivgrutify leg to Me to meet gentlemen ae In.
renitent sad reeponaltile m
o o >
and obedience to laws made In pursuance
thereof. We Snore at one period Deplirated,
keparaidadi was to too painful In tho ex
treme, Rut new, after having gone through
a streggle, wheoh the pow ers of the Govern
ment have been tiled, when wo have
swung around to a • point at
H e - IMM
we meet to -„ s e grim, and. a reng
!m to
!mite one efforts/Floe the' preservation of the
Government, which, 1 behove, is the beat In •
the .. .world, it to exelleillegly gratifying to me
to meet you today, standing upon common
ground, rallying around the Conetitn (heti and
the .Unien of these Mettle - the peen:Mention or
which, tee 1 oOnsolerielenaly and boneatly be
lieve, will remelt 1n the peel:gotten and the ad
vancement of this people. I repent it, lam
gratified to meet you tinday, expnessing the
pnneiples and pencruneing too sentiments to
which you hand given lateral:tee, and I trust
that this oetnaloh will tong bo remembered.
1 amen no doubt that your in te nd er la to carry
out and comply with every single principle
laid down in the reanlutions which you have
1 know that some of you are distrustful,
but I am of those who hate confidence in the
judeznent, in the Integrity, thu Intelligence
and in the virtue of We great masa of the
American people, ,ad having such oonfielonno,
I am willing to trust them, and I teen': God
Gaut see have not reached that point whore wo
have lost all confidence In cacti other. Thu
spirit of the Government can only Ito prover,.
Od—we can only beeOme prosperous an,t great
door,, a people by mutual forbearance and
upon that faith and confidence alone
can the Government bo successfully carried
On the cardinal principle of representation
to which you refer, I will make a single re
mark. That principle Is Interest. It consti
tutes one of the fundamental elements of this
Government. The representatives of the
States and of the people, should have the dual-
Mcatlens prescribed by the Constitution of
the United States, end those otualflcattone
must uutoestsonably Imply loyalty. Ile who
comes as a itemnsentatlvc,Pavlog the qualifi
cations prescribed by the Constitution to flt
him to tako a seat In either of the dellbenb
the bodies which constitute the national log
islaturst neeesSartly, according tO the in
tent of the Constitution, be a loyal Man, will
ing to abide by and be devoted to the Union
and the Constitution of the United States. lie
cannot be fOr the Constitution—ho caret be
for the Union—he cannot acknowledge ebo
%llene., to all the laws, unless he is loyal. When
the people send snob mad In good faith, they
arc entitled to repunieutatlon thrOugh Thom.
- _
lu ;;MTIO 'Clothe Meant rebellion, Or tri,_-tirree
ellion aga.,..ust Ile CM, erumeut of the United
ates` Yen erred, arid in returntrtg and
restaning tour reLations- with the Federal
Governme itM free to Pay that all the re
lif,t,CeitAsild,cipimiltiOzus and places Ought be cote
ictly and clearly to Mon who nre
loyal. 11' th Were only live thousand mom
In a State ,h ere less number, but sufficient to.
take charge ol the political nu:whiners" loner
Stem, their fire thousand men, or the .
numb`', are untitled to it —lt all thc rest
othorsi In, lie excluded. 1 look upon It
is being fundamental, that the exercise of ins
, lifleal lather sliontil be confined to loyal men,
and I regard it a_s implied In the doctrines
laid down in there resolution., and In the elo
quent addrens which they haste been ac
I may say, furthermore, that after having
liaised through the great struggle In which we
have been engaged, great
nlwtttd be placol upon
ninth more necuptahle gronnds In rosumint/
our relations to the General GOvcrimaent, if
unmistakably mid unquestionnblc loyal men
`veil' presented to fill the place, of power.
T ltautit • tieing dime, I teed that the flay In not Ws
speed/ ton thiently, in reference to the
great tenon of the Ameriemi manthen
they will determine that this Union shall be
torte whole, and the right of representation
in the councils of the nation he acknowledged,
Ni,eratlymen 11.1 s in a
La sack.) aII lapel reprecentation was one
of the privelpleo wh len c i ti neat us through the
, olntion Thli. great principle will hold
good vet, and if e but perform our duty, If
lie hal tomPir with the spirit of the resolu
tion,. preseati4.l nte to,lay,fthe American pro
ple will maintain and sarptitln thy great doc
trines Upon wltleb thenovcrutuent wan In
augurated. It yen hr door, and it will Ledo,',
atm I think that If the effort by fairly and fully
rmole, 1113 (brie, run ee and s ~.m et',
and thecretion and a Isa v an, clic and is
Col very for dislat,..
seems ni.. apparent Ilia: !rem every
...aohieraliran. the 1,4,1 I.onnl
tolepted at pre aril- x nu id by a restoration , of
throe Slates an•l of thy Government rip°h coo.
reel nrinetplo-. r have tolile foreign
ruble- but 10. inotnent it be turnortneod
I het ho Mon of tile states in again Com
pire e, that lre linos ream our tarry' of
pi ~ - 1.,•ril and Zreattiess. at that very M.
inlaid a:most nil 0.1 iMnign in, Vein lie
s i ettied, for there in no unary upon iiartgi
I.lei: s ill clue to have a thisront r•cr or a
rupture w Ith the Government or rho t'nited
slates. finder such etrenut•tenee..,
It the,, t.O full, reidoreol, the arra for
tLr rdreulation of the N.ntlental cm - retie) a Weil
I. thought hl -000, to he Inflated to n ter/
crtent °tient, will be enlarged; the Internet of
pel through let to pas.
• w lid he increased. tic. q uallty of Ile. cemnieree
it a bleb It Is to br employed an u medium
ctellangt• xlll he enl.irgoil and then It sill
begin to appromate to What wir All desire,
specie standard. If all the Slate. were re-
Itored, if peace earl miler reigned thrOUghollt
lie Mud, and all the Iminstrial purthlto and
as ocallous of penes , Vern again resuniod, the
clay would not lie far distant when we could
put tato the commerce of the World two hucti
Bred and llttymvhin dollars or thruelmndred
million dollars worth of cotton and tobaeeo
and s HMIS product, of the southern State,
which would eonstitutc In part a basis of the
curreuex. Then Instead of the cone being In
,„ shield reverse the positien and
put the base at tar hottoen. as It ought to he.
Ii here Is an tv ident ono/atom here of seine
thing necessary to giro the full meaning of
the following paragraph.l
This was n capitulatton tau., thr fact te a
'chief of the rebellion, dictated by t en Prot.!.
den t as a conqueror according to lift own fume
rial will. Ile wan not only pardoned but re
stored thrower. It whit further known that
Gen. Wade Ilampton retired from the guber
natorial field in South Carolina, became ht.
accession to the chair might ernbarrmer the
President In h,, benevolent ilerigiro The Er
ecutlve had no anthority to thus not as
President but as conqueror. When n man like
Ltampten talk, afoot the radicals of the
North. it was known be allude, to the Count
Marty. Whieb all Stained the war and elected
the President himself. It had been urged that
the President's polled wen a measure of ne
cessity to maitre tranquility to the southern
States, but he could net consent to any shah
arran,.%-timent by whieb tranquility can Int re
stored hy the withdrawal of troops. Tills
might have been secured nt any time
by a waiver Mom tights. list [hi...however,
la not the peace CO ha', been endeavoring
to secure, bet defeat. Ile would have real
peace, en a basis of reconstruction. During
the tail Congress he took paino to show that
the seceded States were ant of the Union. ay
their rebellion they lapsed into condition
where everything was loot except the terrl
rime It scold
not go out, andthat it never toe been. out, I
cannot be forced from that position. Flow ,
when the states and their poOple shall have
gennplled with tbe rot , aliments of the Govern
ment, I shall tie in n•or of thir restunirkg
their former relations to this rovernments ill
111 44 .,, rrr ' e t i,Illont cone/ laded his remarks by say
' ' ffentlemen —I itha,,l continue to panne the
Ninth lac of policy which I have punned from
thy commencement of the rehehion rho pras.
cut time hlyegorte lave harm to preserve th e
union of the etudes. I nervm for a moment en
tertained the rinalniOn that a state could woo
made Ito owtewill. TIL:a. at.
tempt was Made and It fatted. I stmll email:i
ns to pursue the same line of policy that has
been my °eminent guide. I cannot take the po
sition that a Slate which attempts,' tooneede,
is out of the Union, whoa I coatended edl the
time that It could not go out and that It never
has been out. I cannot he forted into that po
sition. Renee, when the Eutaw and their pen.
pie ithall have complied will:the requirements
of the GOvernment, 1 ehall Debt favor of their
resuming their former rulatleal.
I do not intend to gay anythirldocreocial, but
at the beginning of the recant gentle *trite
lie between the different afar Ona north and
' south there were extreme Mien north and ex
treme men tooth. This great Government
secs kept upon the anviland hammered during
the rebellion, end It has been hantrottred since
the rebellion, end there Petrol to be a disponi
t ,on to continue himunarHng until the (lover,
meet is destroyed. / hove opposed that sys
tem aware. acrd 1 oppOrte it note. The Goren,
went, In the assertion of ita powers, and In
the maintenance Of the principles of the eon
sti talon, has taken hold of one °stratum, and
ebb the strong arm ofphysical Power
has put down the rebellion. Now, '
as we eat trig around the citrate . g
the Union with fixed and unalterable
dcterntination to stand by It, we and the coun
terpart or duplleato of the same Spirit that
played to this fooling and these persona In the ,
hearth. This other extreme which stands In
the way MUast get out of it. The government
retort stead cin..•kor.r and unmoved upon its
haslet. The ilaynarroit m;tst hi be preserved.
goodl bope
hatfaaand I. ° ,l74l;nrosatofsther' try
wilt upon principles which you have noun
elated here to-dny of the Maintenance of thn
Union, Icy aside every other feeling for the
good of our common country, and with no
tified fame to Heaven, swear that one gods
and our altars and nll shall sink in dust its
griller rather thus hat this glorious Onion
shall not be preserved. [Gre-at alet:so I
gratified to find Om loyal nonti rm ment of the
country mannestlng itself in thews etpren
cirtrin and no* that the attempt to destroy
the ['Won hoe tailed at one taut of the line, I
trust we shall go on Orterintned to preserve
the Cnion Its Original purity against all retop -
After some further eon rentat ton between the
member s of the comic tctec. hlr JOhnime nald
If now Imu only arrive at that 1.011,1 at hie!:
tini,o states are all n.ntoretl such having its
repre.entaLlVO In the rational eoaedia,wan
it,. l'elor, restored, no that we can pro..nalm
;benne and good will aMOLig the people or tb, ,
rap t
States, I went he to me a very happy
day care riot may he Mid in taunt or
J. I Mire not what May In, insinuated, but
I tell yen that whenever that point Is reached,
Ihe meaonre of Illy ambition will hove been
tied more theta tilled, 1 have no object
?Leveed It. Ith ! how proud and gratifying it
mild be
that ratite from thin plums, feeling and
I. tooting' I hail born inatrumentril In con.
`I nutf leg this great end. 'tweet applause l
'the delegation then shook the Preolden,
heartily by the hand, thanked biro for th,
hied expressions of his opinions, acid retire.,
Virginia Compiling In iTaNblng,loy
Freedmen's Relief from Englan,
Reciprocity Treaty awl the Tiebeeteit.
INew Toga, Feb. 10.—The Tribune's VI - nailing
to n special says: The Cotrinottee from the
Virginia Leglalature in Waskirigten, orga
nized yesterday, selecting Speaker Baldwin
:as chatrman. The President was informed
early In the morning of their presencej bat
the meeting of the Cabinet being oontiricual
until tour o'clock yesterday nfiernoon, by ap
poll:dram:it the Committee will be received at
the White House at ten cocleek to-day.
A telegram was yesterday received by the
Secretary of the Treasury from the Collector
of i atoms at Portland, Maine, relative to the
ttemouilOn of several Dorsal pint arrive.] In
port from Ireland. The Secretary gave tils
permbodon for their landing.
Tho Birmingham, England, A.tomciation for
the relief of the destitute freedmen of the
United S
Just centributed another
cargo of goods to General Howard far distri
Millen, and the Secretary of the Treasury
has ordered lhou admiyelOn into port free of
T - he Times' W.hington special says . Celleo
iery throughout the houtheru States have
tern roceli log for the payment of duties 740
Treasury notes, from which the coupons have
been detaahed. Those notes aro le those
Slates received as currency. In answer to a
letter from the Collector In tho. First distrint
In Texas, fuldrossed to the Secretary of the
l'reasuu on tho subject, Mr, McCulloch says :
"Congress alone harlag the power to regulate
the lawful money of the United States, and
haring decided what Shall- constitute it, and
that nothing but lawful 'Money shall he &r
-evived in payment of dues, tho secretary of
the Treasury has no power to &video 11ai
TreasurrNotca In payment,of dean, because
they and not lawful money."
Now Yens, February 10.—The World'', Wasb
ington special sacs: Tho Canalibui °Metals,
befero they loft, threw out some hints
that if the reciprocity was aßONtgl to ex
pire without none action upon the (MOO"
Mon of-the fisheries, it might lead to seri
ous diftealtien. Under thetreatystilitdattoori
If the reciproclLT treaty enders, we are limi
ted to a very small margin In the waters, and
If our fishermen go beyond that limit, they
o 111 ! k forced back.
RETARY 12, 1866
TUE W'•ait 1117T11
liadrld Paper, Greatly Enraged.
Peru and Chili Against Spain
N'''''' lo n., l' . .h In — Late ail r wt . - .t.,e ,h ,
I. ` fmilVrho m. • on!, rapt are or the 'span i n
otto unorCOVodongu by the Chili:tit, has, onus,
the InG4 VJOlent tern - dust .1 warlike itslilre-•
hits both Unshed and lt , troctlons have been
despatched to the Span ioti Admiral to avenge
the naliOnal honor and tho Mastoid pallor, issi
faint .it b rage One of the nit:Lout
of !Liu C Journal, o , at•rt% 1.11 tt Span, pii t • ttt
Rail 1119tIlth 11 - 0111 not , , , s tot: i- ow ty•lttot t••
*how Sitiallnahlovist lou ftot tiny] count, o in tbs.
A Mora Violent Ctoiliattitorttri demon '. that
labenorer-ti pahior. or a }hula.- os a It is t Inhasu
!tett hpit.ito, Itahtar,l children sit 00 0.1. 1.110,,,
PaIllill(11,11111 . 1' 1, 1 .0,n. Uteri. at it•l I Ito 'loll - dull
%het/ fullo - Whilot it provtitotal tr.per r,riteelv
W.... 4 grfitkee, England and to I n i led ct,tti . si
to .. .Mt , . said.., rife a h., or roux, bet Wt..,
'nos in said her (nes, its Snails
T s- oh .
h. CiLllvids nouditiolaloly itt . lll tit \..,. I'..rk
LtAlmlit h e r ti c !mll I n :
~ , . ..ei I 1 ,
g 1 , ,,,, 1 :4 . i5,/, , 41 , 11 „i, 1V ,,,, t i , i , ts ,
Ilad CtekiLl ctil I futons, i not ausut is) iha :pm') I -
once. 011 , 1111. , 1 1 , 1/11irli esno.t, .4 two ”„,,,,,I
r ilinte/ , ./tiialtiuttol to he [llO rat-, rues - idly . -gis
t pile , ' ts . .r r-stirsl to the,
Thu 'Abut ell vorrettjtonclont ut the Loss Lt , m
mt. , . Aaft-t. fl, ft ur I, not only' %tit h ono ot
Anis of !lie Ando,. It La not merely ti,..,iino• a
lemitedoras y of all booth and Cent rot t :is.: ..•,..
It may Storm hal to lm mooed u :tit - tittlttt t. tt
!tubieeto tat the _twills., and out li Hos, y tilt
kympat Insert., the.. 100 , 4. WI . ~ .,11,41C
nttrent 'troll. of till. North :viol - south, Who
atitlt: ;OOtiktrt:ike to wi l l Ilt.tti et'. Go soi, pis.
me. t i anti nho, cl en If 1.11,1 carat t ;111.,. t
lloltr collutry tr. a oar In um -poi t oi t iii 4s, ,
roe slocZrlne, a Illphsee moo HMI nonsionsisnitu it
lat the Ilitpos-al of • paitt'• intent is , ts • tit , l. .:
then: t :ore I hal/ :I 01Ut..1, Itr It, , Art II 1.1
p 011.1131 :111111. t o ng . 11“, ironldut. in , paniuti
Water, •ony be y 34 curios:, -.t 41131 I “15:,
AILIOrI 4-1111.9. y do In I Ite O .1y of miargo. ais.• it.
and tul,trprfso.
NrY , ". - otik. Vet, hl - Pullout:1 .on 1`.....r.1-
41,:nt r,:the Ronda uni,u 7th,, cousin... l'ei , si in a
and eir..'l lan !loot ls spinet nr.ts o-s iss 001611111111,
i Mnitl.ol.te hon.:tint-ha gigot:Jut , i , tut. Call.",
6el rarvii i , fort Wed ill,rettv v at.... in,ltttl
-1. it ~ 1:,..t hat - airy tin or Irmo roil iumniler..
The monitor Victoria dud ram I us are also in
I pot t. Non a of the 1.,,t arm. ar.• ~r lircn.,l
..em II
At.u', 11,110 hall ex portet"... ta [lie 1,, IC
scat ThePerTa, Lon ale 1,,,. e , I tkli.t, to,-
at l'artamn "Toil .vg, nit! 10011 /,,,,,4 to 1,,,,
ht - t,poreoorte
The Mrre,o.othihht oh, ...ay! , •he font iron
, 1.41,1 ilea 0 111 10, , 1 e Loglah ' , v.', :lo , t,h.-
torn:Jo:A Of war rvaclitts !LIP,: to. 11l r , Litt, IL:-
tack Vi... 4 Or Carry nor to the rut. of 'pas,
11/11 tal.yrittt the tit - dr - nut ton co the naval ar
'o,nal n X Yen al.
Gttn.lfelpatriok left Callao tot Voilsurnso, lii
rho g bah mall puclret. I:altos - I utatou tttett o/-
or W : 14 6 3 1/.J111111.1.11., at Halloo A tililliNer of
thy cont eltrttP ulllceLa have hoonl,g.g r j
for the Chllllan navy, and ten had left ruAdutti
for Chill In a Chilton war flamer.
The Tribune'. Panama oorrrupondent NO 4
oe• and the infernal maohnao • for the
ttle=l4oll of the Spanish flout, arrived at
I „ Ilan. IT WP-Nritirehluttod in NG!, look by oti
agent of the (.11.11tan I ..morlttotql L. I_ Jour , ,late of tbo rebel nary, was in rf - Lttf.v... V.
'moo to Chill, where ho WOO to hair o 11,11•.1:
,4,lllncrron, Yel.ruary 10. la:.
Dl r. Wal. of New tort:, 000,1 Ae •AOll id no!
now tntei- :nto the dineusslon of
,tlic question
a., to 1 , IteLLer the Southern States, by the tree
woo of Melt people mid °Mends, had destroyed
their realest with the other States. Re ttAlitllClel
that the legal relation nI those States to the
nion was not destroyed, and would sLadd
upon the declaration of the
dent Lincoln ,t at they were of their pr.,
Real relations with the Union, and deal with
the qutatlon pro, ik-ally They have borome
traitors and outlaws, and should not he *i
lea:Oral:01 their own state goverrinients, or to
came ilitepOwer In the Union unless they gore
eccukity for the luture. That se , ority
illandilhl that we should hand the government
of thos e Sates over to tan loyal mon residing
tbertNeattint their protection uld [
tie should establish In the ftdolamantal
ea that Li would ha oryon•t the capitoes
ooUthern legislate:tn. the Lalt-lole Lb:
•qa•Illy ell races end classes, end Irma
thrall .1 1 / 1 ell the franenaes en•l I , o.ers
nassalus,7 to defend and 'protect that esnai Its
die *avid puzil a h
.wortain haul:ars 0.1 the te.
bonnie tteaSou, o n th at ton - ible elites<
shanid be 0,110,,,, to ell time to come. Fie
would, before allowing nes< men to come
back to helpmake lows for the widow
whose husbamil they hoot alma end for the
orphan whose ththers they ha.,l inertlerod.
require all this, And Wlscu the hcpublle
reconstructed on • sounil ithd just 1,1.1. and
the Southern Staten snow a sense of rsturtung
patriotism, then he would take them by the
bawl and lift them up to a higher national
life, and united, we wOrile rOnduct the nation
to Ste hinperlal destiny as the greatest and the
beet of an Govartionents of the earth.
Alf. Rogers, of N.. 1., p. r entire of 1,,, too.
tontlan to hatrodnee 1111 to ropeal all acts
of I,linigremir exempetwei Government sem/rt.
tics Rom rederal and Mote taxation, and to
provide facial/en them by the Yaierai
element, and Authorizing the States to tax
them he exam ea they -toll Other proper 43 •
Ito WM/ gave no:Mu of hie In Leaden to intro.
:Ince a bill x/e/na hanntifts to the soldiers of
1,61 and INel, equal to the
men{ bounty ellen at any time during the
war, end also ton maize bee:nth.,
Sir. Delano, Of Ohio examined the present
pol ttlesal relations of the Staten lately ha rebel-
LlOrhandaehl 114111012 their eolution depends the
present be/mhos. of the nation They might,
he said to consider the question with • proper
appreciation of thole tionost
orb .difference
hetber amtmg members ot Congress
twee, Mein and other departments of the
Government, his purpose had beets, In all his
eXtualnatlOns, to be forbeering towards those
from whom be asked a Itheezerelse of obority.
Ile sincerely believed that If they were all an
by this spirit, the threatening clouds
would pans away and they would dmi them
sa ses adjuag these nthaeuros In harmony
would he sustaind With th tio e lippedrmidobatl p e r n of all, and Rin
ty', width/as believed, tne.nkte rwed by that pauod, wa. raised
up to do a groat work In tads lam/ of liberty,
There was e elan. of parsons who insist that
th e Int o rebellions etates are States to
itertro of the word, In the Union and are Intl
fled to the right to demand litTresen rat lon On
this floor. 111, did not know whether they
u ere willing to al Repremmtati,,,, Moose
hands wmoyet retliwtth thoblood of onr
treed countrymen fie did not belong to that
muss. Ile beileved that ttiose ntatori are `Anten
with tbr right of loval and <101111;fitle 'matte
tlon. Yet he AM not belborr thee [ion erre In
coudlttml to demand the adtral,sion of their
Another clans manitatnot that those States
aro dead and are eonnuerod provinces and
soilijoet to be ruled b 1 the law of Congro..4
env other territory. lie hail more frtith in
Lida theory than ho bud in the othe,, for he
denied that those /Mat,a hoer berm •IrKtroyml,
and Lac dem]. and shut lonArcint busygoeent them. Ho did not brlfe.TO and w thus
on id
not fullOW this theory of the gentleman from
Pennsylvania, Mr. Nteverna fhb, odnur
men t startled hurl mien it an. heat 'unite, for
be enc the consorolnnve that if carried met It
would lead to—the ilontrortien of the Union.
lie wan sorry that the gent leen.. Mr elr, m e ,
wnot stare time cserrtion of that
co oplulno.
Mr. Delano pointed out what he nsidered
tho eons., notices of that theory, argu
ing that the conemolon of belligerent rights,
and the rulings In the prise cases, did not con
vert thorn Into foreign enemies. Ile ',owe
months ago heard the key note of the ~iontlw
man from Penneylvanin, Mr. Steven., that the
p nmet - ty o f ten indlinm. of people should be
subject to confiscation, anti disposed of in
part, for tilt, payment of the public debt, for
the location of homesteads for the ornanelpue
led race., and to Increase the pension, of time
wheat:leered In the lat. war. Re was shocked
with the enunciation of that Whom, of uni
t crsal plunder, and he telt as If Amerloa
woo ld lose Dor reputation before the natiOn'e
of the earth, shOuld we adopt It. But It
was based on Lb° theory of dead States and
connlaered provincen. The man who sent
forth this theory had Intellect sufficiently
clear to run out the proposltiOn In all its logl.
eal consequences. • The Duke or Alba axonal...l
the decrees of ' , bigoted monster white in the
Netherland,. but , Tile egirdlo nehome of
plunder would make the Duke of Alba blush
and admit.thyd he Tun not n robber or tour.
derer. fit tO e respecte in therton. Rfer
to Cromwell b, * nrraston d
of Ir A eland to dee e ms
tate that country, and witness there the In.
lemons scholia of plunder. Linn all this faded
into Insignificance before that scheme of limo
der proposed by a metuber of the .Interlcan
„.__ _
hir. Stevens said he was absent from the Hall
when the gentleman made the allusion to him,
and he wished now to observe that he never
held the doctrine that the Southern Mateo
were dead, bat had argued that It made no dig.
farrow., In or out of the 1:Inlan, as to the quer.-
Hon of reconstruction. Ile held that those
Ptates were organized under another govern
ment besides our own, bet the gen demon ruble
took his position as to confiscation. Ho did
no t advocate a general Sweep, but that the
hands of a largo numberof the rebels ought to
Inctien in order to me rebellionlptinses
rred by putting down the , and to
increase the pensions of soldiers.
Mr. Wilburn., at Pennsylvania, nor?. spoke.
In the mune of his remarks which were pro
longed about twohoare, ho Said that the word
restoration was usco on the return of the
st sures, and he expressed the hope that it ,ray
not QM loot. so to the future.
The House ut eve o'clock adjourned.
State Convention
Ng, Pons, Fob. 10.—A special despsteh to
the Tribune, dated Austin, Texas, /Itraday,
February eth, says the Convention was or
ganized te-aluy, and will incorporate into the
new Constitution the total abolition of elev.
err, and give the negrees the right to testify In
nil courts, hold property', sue and be sued, Ate.
The Convention is divided between original
secessionists and straight out Union men;
some members are in favor 01 11CgrO suffrage.
The President Of the Convention voted agaluat
secession in tbelest Coravendon, but wall sub.
sequcnUf att,OnMer In the coufedcrate atm:.
nelitintatton et Oen. Fullerton.
New ironic, Feb. 10.—lye lierakra specFlG
naye Gen. Joe. S. llerton, oblef of statr to
Oyu. I . l Vivant, relin Fu ed ti deror two !WPC.
"11.••••• New. from Nev. 1 ark
N-e 10, a. l• 0.
ton lido ler, roper,owl that o. t pog...
ircle, Napolcor,. c arprop—PoPn 4 hp (,
cs.fteaattall, are thadaht ~ ..1, r• .0.1 eliKi
Z..0110E14, and 'that pl to ii., .pot en.,11,. 1”,, n.t I t ,
n droll - au 111, 1-001, ‘ 1 131.•, ....! (...t.
will recrigorze 31a Tint ilia. or cot, ,•, a men
other ronattrornt., la the nowt, 5t..,,,. ,„..„
to ry turn entertain the opinion INni ...,. ~...
011 the. Rio Grande will he ta.,...yea, ,:I
11 T ~
~ .
111.1 our affair. there Iltitnndlitteiy tdc
... ,
war fooling.
A Wnwhlngdon verde! tar - The .1,1., ...
t ortimittee of the Brame, on inforotteiii, I cp ~
of it hill intr.lut,l by Mr 31oltett, ..t h,.,,.
to/ k referred to one of theft nutniie•
Ron. It C. I onk. of 1 11lhole, the otiordlott
'it Ti unAing a
moire for the prott, -
lion of the iPi , al iwathic or I:,ntoekv an , / other
state- iii.llo nit al.a In tett perweiwtih.l for help
ig to et., ate the Stet during tit , Pf r efre•—•
of the nor Mr rook executed hht duty. and
Ile toll drawn by hue WMt yeatertlay morale:.
adopted I, the t aternlttee. and will ho roe, t
tal In oho non, at the earliest opportitalty.
The .11.•,s , I aulon won special •pays 'Lowrie,
a , , orri ot,
wail not genentll:. credited. that
the Pretottent l kOna lt-tie ft proclamation
i ..i.p. in, 11.1- a eft of outioarp eorpog to all toe
`Pi.. 0•... and rin. 'a r 'fig that Ileart. hi rrstorod
roloi M. 114:1. renirling on Marra-on •tr.
lli II lc , / .itilo.ilt \ ...,ii- ttal ay •:.....tillt; iilo
p.ei I ihoo cl. Inc head lio ioa, ....1 .. a it.. "ad
rl, • . ht i
hi e•a
a , (14 , 1, , 00h n ••• , 1.• 1 st.
,', -I re,t. Loh,” A ,
Is. 1.. A • NIIII,I. 1111.1 01.,, a, A
111, 1,n,-, is.. entire 4 1. 4 0ek of 01l ..n.i
as rlrl, un. Jul m...JT1,, , lu.y of Cob.s
.:11t3 thOlts,/li 1/,k:i/Ar•l
Thy Co.. 31r.,snrs.
I•out , llng lkoh.e, 14 outln.ate•l "t
hohdr.•,l trs.:.nics,' , . ht
'H O ,OE:Wu.' In Vo, et lAtte
nr t4' I,J ~ t,, ul rise .3../.
ndlon rued
I.• i hr. 141 h fro,
.101 liendere.o. e eft, t
1”-I .glat trrette.l upon toe room), or of 1.. r.
offorfl hell,. of linfirfati. count ff
t here,' him trail boring abetrairted an
I gifted reclines mind, fool Tivartlre Mite, on ft
atfoof thr lath of Tnermltter lett 111 , ,1111, 4
ty.041 found on hla perrum arts 4'olll
11141 tlrbi morolog oft a hearing,
The fomrt ho. 111,4111/..,1 lerlfrinti In toe
rote of Mart to, the alleged reboil imatritlrat t,
NolurfiL rs
Tho• if...pee etateff Hint last Trinrfulfir rec.
mug delegation of .1.4.00 e FCll.ltllll, from all
effelet of the trteiltethoLod In :lift city. pro
eerded to the broom or Mr Patrick
1 f toeturer of the Acuatoritil brunch of the
1 , :.4111.'cuti..11, for the purport. dernatedln,
Ithaca theman nil hieh they allege lir
h bsent ay 1 (4
415 poeseetioo. dlr. Ultmarke being
pertoil. Llo [hoot, rye doputatioa dot
(of. Its. it llrer deliviffed an aLldrcee before
the Untied tier. ire
lent evening, ern
lo foo" log the result, of hit recent observations
Lim booth. limeolutionm were adopted. nod
a committee appotuted to report a boots 117
the reorgrtalrot lon of the Society upon core
eervrftive principle., and to make arrange
larlata for a public demonetrallort.
The Traver , ' Part" letter Ray, The gold
Modal for ilea Llocoin, (or fa
Tratm, Le to he proem:net/ to bee by Si Alletrt
neretfer, of the ?rote-talons./ Government of infs.
orb," nee In-en eoleeted by thecOmmixoloo Or,
L.o to Lae Totted Stoles for te porpoto
The ft.7 , M1f,113P1 !motion l h etter nays- Coo
cr ruing the bank rate of lotereat, there of no
general indleation of to early permanent low•
ering of the Oftletal charge; seven per cent.
may poombly he rulapterl Ina week or two. Out
title Is the utmost relaxation looked for
Cl4fil% oi ((Li; (DOPIIII (II 11 PLU4.i,•II
The . 143 ka - inig - ga.n.zrcaank. 1:717 tar
hkw lama. I. eb. 11 —gat_ciek ollourkr
..ire of tau Relni tu /outdo. of the Fe
nian Brotherhood, received a ',int La t n .411 t
train uorac hand, ed pod - soon, rho prodlanined
Ilierieuily en of the O'Mahony and.
mobile,/ thu rand, %al/ to la. In hi.. poshea,on.
Ur. O'Rourke xo•ered Into a parte?. itelth the
*ant ontent• at the eel,. e I , lllc tar, tcti:rtr. ht.
to r .1 u u h.. tp
malpe-id.g lie tioexpectcal v tu
G k .
/ Berlin corretgoniterd of a morning pa
:'at Gifu that ne.goliationa are null -
• anoed. betwetn .crst o. stutli-treTt'emistadatt.
auv-rmirent which are oamidatitry e - rpooted
rsi•olo In rellsvmg Outman ern Ameri
can eiturn• from all danger at arrest for mil
:Airy din!, on minim to their native land
horernot Wright, United Staten Minister at
Iter.:a, had been Illereels attacked In the Ber.
i, t rums for an alletred appllention to Me
lan Got - eminent Ocha/f of the l mired
sietbollirt congregation for a cte on
torlo to band //chapel in that city, hat he had
o cvo coandetalf art right in the:public eat/.
Intqlan liy • protest signed by tuoat of Ult
raglnte American reeldents.
letSer from Iltiou , ai Ayr. uarn that Lopez
ha* again invaded the ?mein., of Cori lon tea
,l'eent• irUY e' tr i t e i d s at le=r, '" len i g ta r
n .
ordered the iniensball, with Omni poasible
Lind of retaliation.
A large number of Argentines have been
sowed,imp their property eontLicatial and
one been shot.
The main body of the lirartlian army Is ten
leagues below Gersten te.t, and it hoped. but
It lt not certain, that they may save Corrlontes
Irons being sacked oa • second Invasion. Gen.
Flores has twenty thomand near
Fral2.l tier Deloroto, ready to Invade Paragoay.
..The allies are concentrating at Paso de la Pa
toga. The Paraguayan...lre/making strong for
tifleatlons there. and hake/ been concentrating
troops to impute the g•tintire of Para.a at
that place.
ThelHaeOn, Georgia, Journal publishes en
Appeal of Gov. Jenkins to the ladies In Geor
gia requesting them to contribute to tae fond
for Milt Jet[ Davis and family. Ho prope.ind
that each one pay one dollar to the County
Thcanorer, and that all sums coutributal
shall be forwarded to the State Treasurer
Thr Bagdad ' Affair fate,iiszated
Pi It Eli In c‘N
Na , ttet El ri, Februsry
lug ...100 of : N M hales oiludnag at
he Itroonst jibe !burls., 01 the
110E111,4, that I:Acalwdo I, reported to h. V.!
Ilk L., and ocetspled Monterey
("coeval Negrete had arrived ut Brownsvt:l,
and Ono reported to Lae o forsalcou Juarez
The Commlash3u investigating tie headed
~irair hod reported, and throw the blame on
rawford and party, the Culled States h•hilers
ei.gaged In the affair. They wore acting tinder
contrary ordors to those sent over by neo no , t
of the authorities of the Republic of Mexico to
preserve. order.
GeoCanby to-day issued an order proh
lug the City Guard, created by mid acting un
.lt.r military anthoritics, from alienating or In
any manner dtsposing of real estate or of o,
Mlloporty belonging to Gm city, Or granting
any fraud:tine or right to corporations or Indi
viduals for a term extending beyond such no- '
Hod as the civil government of tho city may
he reorganised and re-established tinder and
in conformity with the constitution and laws
of that Slate I and RIICUM.IOII disposition or
augrant will be sobJectl
Govern to any rights anti
to of ol the Generaent Avhloh may
belinvolved, and shall not extend beyond
the time when the question in rotation to
rigida and Interest may be demanded by com
plete authority.
Gao, Waltzed arrived from the Rio Grande
to-day, and leaves to-morrow for Cincinnati.
lie expresses the opinion that tho country
atcrod by the Ulu Grande Was..wertit going
to war .boatgays it Le very dlttleult to
preserve strict nouttaltty en the Rio Grande.
Outrages su Vidtatt Men to Tetusessew
Naw You, Feb. 10.—The Nashville Prusand
71eles of the oth lust. says: Intelligent persons
from Robertson Minty give a deplorable ac
count of alllurs there , booms two months or
more shoe, Then:oat Payne,itti old and respect
on Union man living a few miles from Kriel:-
oil:m[11e, on the Kentucky line, was Itunted
up in ono of bin folds by a rebel named Fos
ter, and shot down In cold blood and again
shot when he Was dying. The murderor then
committed further Outrages upon the female
members of Payne% fatally. The Sheriff of
that oounty to ono of Norgan's men, and
Justices of the ()Canty cannot ho endured to
take any notion of the cunt: though the mur
derer is still there, apparently tanconeorned.
It is supposed thaFt boy venture to arrest
the offender their own lives will be in thuiger
on February tact an old and inoflbludre
Union man, a Mr. Smith, scat found dead In
one of Lis out houses shot twice, once through
the head. Me only offence wee loyalty to 1114
country. Our Informant had beard of two
other clown of tram:: men being found dead
from violence, but could not giro tho particu
lars. A weak ago, the notorious Elerper was
at llittcheilville and attempted to kut the post
master, for the Infamous ogeusc of taking the
test oath and hohttug Wilco under the Govern
ment. Ire was with-difilculty presented from
o . 4 :ruling his„ purpose. - A number of the
Gulonlate_o t hat
_ County aro preparing to g *
North. Dlr. ttariow, whose wife tied the mis
fortune tit SOO Otto murder or Mr. Payne, has
taken his faintly to Illinois, fearing his wife
ing i
the be mcase.urdered to keep her from testify
Proposed Canadian Lines of Ilea= era.
Toncrro, C. W. - Feb. 10.—A company is bet ng
formed of aterehante of Identreal, gueboe, St .
Job .ne N. IL r and Haltlaa, to establish steam
era loot/roan Cantuld sad the tower ere, - !neon,
intended it:lo3=9oLp with the routes through
the BMWS tO Qantas, Fla John• and the be Y of
Cholour. 1::bo Unto tiOtwoon Quebec and St
Johan expootot to to three and e hell day..
connecting vith Atuerloan sod .1, T.-,
I.; owners /Ma roll vrny, I,loutpup h, •
The Llsteolp
'Feb II Irr. ❑ , • .r.n ftn 'o r- "' dr".
e thr Ze. prepared under
„,.,,alerhas Satatardatro and
,‘ '• I :‘ , ,t) 1,0 ' •,, 4;wo ,
:1, 4 0 ill • ryTln 'C ”
Coromlatrou nod r'• ,,, oe• thein-l.:?:::ZO hors of n- " - t Sloane Of neldewenUl ler "'" not he
Lollar took the ehalr. k •rd m'oir.
elrProPriale mdle.rer , ‘ urr /5.) dr on rho rn.: " d ‘ r.,;l. ' ; ' , ' S ' ,,,"'' 4. r.ra
Lap/a/It ..f ti, 41 rro, op , ll. • """ '' r in"'ne.`Ota
-1 h, //,,,,
•1., eg
Al a 2
•(1..n . Art
". ti... that .2,-11X1,0./0
Ar..l V.,K 1 0,0 0 0.l n rh '•
qiktrltruterl: al-n
• f1,r1 , 11,101 w I of tortill•,Hrtionrr,
•AtU,l,ll 1..1/)•••• Or 111!
v• out h•
'••' y
• nr.,gl[l. t
ut im.l
. r.
It/ 1, 4.1 :I. • ttirr.. II ••ri•(.>,
n, • •••at
' A. 1$
i•J 111.1 1 1,71 .) ..(1....
I nl. I
.. u
E t. • 0 •1.
V. I :LI • , „
u•. ~• • 7
I .if•lory u ill. 1,1114 . I hrill-cz • 11.
W 1 ;11.'410 Th.. rtudtener . fire cum
irlou or 1.1g1..y. w 1../ :1a... ..y
yr:di:vet 5.. ptru 7.,
ihr ...dale,: a 1. .11 , , I,js ~11./
IL, I ,14:111, “.1
Nii nit:ll :..t n
t , I hr. l 04/IIII!..ii.11 A
inS.) !II,: Vt./it:Oa
In 1•1•/, ••onr-144
, ell NI • I OU., • ,64,1 ot.
:'p scut hr. f0,t,.w.1,._ 1• ,
r.1.t11111/01• 11/llkii a/ ..14 •
.tyu P.:lk ilo. IDon":v t:
F.. Fl
M• I '..1'...••t/.......-an.•, l , in, nl•
r. o•rr•.1 et ‘ lyn. ll , irre 11dr.-sne„ hallls .4d ow elid le Ktra 1 •11
nen.itni Don)IllP;rf Wi,r,rn„ii,
A .., , told Ith in
r. 'nerly Ch Ain ie •, i
flinnupS/rajeneadelthareilthe purr Ina -,.•... li. . .
~,,,,,,g. rriftne work of . he r'niir in i•e10.1 v.
rbialnltintleethisne, Secret:. y Weilen, Dee; 0
ii. nes - al Griint. Arlin irel l'at rage.: and rn.oly ,ii
otlo r .100 in,, i.lied rergnns were peen..., -.....-
_. i
A C. 1. 1 ,11,7,11 COOrt Starl:l*. lat. ine.n. nrininiel " 'in/ in r.. pi •Ielo.• ilainrirsealillsgeafi
1.. N./pet - le In tLo ell; oe ale etirti.. i i -\ L. . rt, I. t. . ... -..,., 11,,,,i,.,,,,,
Pt: h. fro the trial of auctrlsersons I. may 00 el I' . ..•'....1101..z Is...vt.arr OFctt•l ott t o h o du._
brought torero it The follow in 4 °dicers br ~. ..,r) , .a WO 1.1, rn 1.0 N••st. Jersey, tkistrkt
t•tatled to form i tie court Ilrevet ... I: a. :t ' •....: 1.. .0 ... o.ner ilico,'llii•trlet, of
t/enet al Nr 13 Erneer. Ftriptilier General I - Ili,- e t ..-, "... N• 'a' Ilairiosiiirn Rust Venn alo
e. Dent, I S. 1 , • Lrevat 1., tor. Frau', ' le-it I .ns Sin ine. Isistr.teol l'iortilierti A ° l , l
Itern Is. Brev r I Tl„lnr.l. %V NilavOD, t'apt Y ‘t . r• - , •,, r.. \• ri 5 or'e
I °Pet, 41.11 b. S. 5 rilllery, Capt I 3 II tire a. e. P -•-
. . -... • ....---, -_—
7th b e Cavalry, Xlajor •I Game- J mix.. 5,1
IlAilltlitall; - -- .' .•
To..traep pare with the demand to cat rren , r.ii , CI I sees . Inn LT LT Thergextr.JM tett.. at the
. expected that this a eel. ilea: .i 4100,10ne 0.. ,
~ t l.• •.• ••Inti:e anoints. The •rten i Air..
will be printed. Last week the issinearnnuni.- ! . ; ' ) „ r „:' . ,,' . ..,',, - ; . ,. 17 , wrt....,,v .Yof 31socaruter.
MI to 4.104,030. Of tlaid amount titab,atio were ..,,,.,,,$ . , „,,, 7. • ,' U .. 1 31, 'Cantlle-.• to.limrdP.
traeurittosa to ..t.s \ brtant Treasurers, ant ,re. far.,
... o.
~, E., noun the nea
irignaled Depoeltoriet, nod the remainder , t••
National Hanka, and sliodends. '(Cr reactor,- °1..., '". - "k- ". " " V.'. t e a , i Pbrat Pair roll \s
iron die Islon last week essereelled t, a,- : ~ , ,,,i .• h 5...• .1 to the!, kart ni at the brea d that
nu ma. y to the amount of teN.,eos.
... rt, n 1,, el notrlmoubd hater reps, dad at Id ,
-- ,,,,, 1,1, a the liainsa of %invite! repose:
•nallier Priaaldenllal Con( • He
Prole., den So be In .terns with In.
Union Party • 11/ED.
' rt ktt ...., 4 .-1 ',roe, eventn77 al • • lOlit n . i .,,, •
Nure Yoga, Feb II -The critirryondelat or . uIIIia Si 1 .. ,r 340 non nr,lnrne.audrthanna Inter
the button .Aarmiterer. turn blot- a hat purports .9. 07..17 ninnth• „nd oda), ,
to he 0 erinverna [lnn ?net wren the Prcsitirnt . The I..i.ernl n Ili take pls.,' Tin, A1rft117. , ..." •5
and ilererwl i11 , t141,1f,1611e.1 Rep` gt , tlit,l•^7 , -,.. ~ :`,.1. , f ,, 111 the ....skittle. ef hi
The Premidemt e STU e•sed hi.n.e.f I, ' l.. n,i nn a . . s parent.,
wills , lie bed al. aye heels. the friend of th. i e,O-. ~.,•.:,. 1,. :ri, nd, nf itie fatally are re-
Innot And the 10s ly. Ile hall nee. r broken ' ,-' '```"'“ ,• al l'ail, ...
faith n Ith en) boat, . a i.. 1 If RIP Pa ""n roll, der, I C T " ' i n •• •• , • , lal m•irelnx. :Nu Inst-
hie former lanareaie weronot a sureleacut guar. m i l , . : J : lf) 31,-, :e Frl V aged ;I \ curb.
centre that he meant well toward., toe eni..reol i 1 annrin Inn, lair pin., trout Ns late. ready/30D la
,„,,,,,i, and woalti toles or to Re..larr to thew / t "te ll ton n -nip. an liotrox-x, I.= lost., et LI
-, ~ „ ~ li, Iri. it d. rit thillirell'y are barite!
a fair chance, notntng he mould soy th 110110 R.
would ,nis e:any such guarantee
lie thought, however. that It was best to ' - '''' .4.
•twal; Tilnthle, and be did not belles, that the , :-
. ,r.,,...._
__ _ ..____-__'-- - 7 — ___7__.' ~- r ____ _
effort new mak' tng by wane who rail them- ,
1.i./6aIMET ailliXES . '"
aelvet the negroes,trpecial Siren rant- fl
versal sulTrattre upon the States ITS* rise or 1 I I!..I.IJ)A.LPLCHtIIC-r-'-'—_ - - .11. nia
Judjr.lous. Ile thong/It It tended to embitter
tenting., while oar effort should be to char.:: „.:;74:.„'ta'V;;„,sity==,
snatsteralruneas and confidence. He be/levee/ It Illy { en Ansi 'enr delgtoms hoe/. pe.ettiss e "W
would maul!. In great Injury (.0 the pronperstli /So eek„ i t 'Mew Lot. OW apply I{4 the' ten
urthe colored people.
I clic'. 0.Z,./.. Itt Ole CeMetery. TILli • . peemf••
111 regafxl tOrilfferences with the party that I t.trl , " !a...L... alit bet to o thethaia
eleetesl bon be said be agxr t d:ltter ' , vitt. I ndl- • •••.‘ ri\ tet et the nosleesslAa comer or F ederal
i and Ustmaels seem e, daleMietry.
\ldeals of allot am. oil/ the Union party a• +"a
to the moat. tope used, hut he cousidered 1 ~.
himself in grueral amatini ith that py, Ito , "."."....""".."'" 'tn """ " 7
a whole. 134 the ends to be reached. lie Win not
a party num,
and hr to sink the par
t Iran In :he oatrlnt litqi so fan ni tie tin ler
sod the et...U.:cleat.. of .., 1,1011 parts. he
wiltl gelaorei ti , rst V.
ends It. Ile inlithi 411-
fro. ll scree orbits ftit ends, and he stroubi rd../
d h 4 4,3 at /Abort) tO so dlrer, nto) tO state the
glotand of his contrary belief or opin Ma, lot
he contildered hlraself identlilled with the great
:Illenstparetly„ laktrkbatt 'lnd.:titre or ttrtenttoraor
toeing !band otttaldd.
Profeel Of MaLeitoorne fleeehounin
*amino, Infrnetioos of Neofenlll3.
St re' Yet., February I:.—The T.-. eon [alai
the penteat of a nurraher of pervon• alleging
theiroe/yea merehneite of . 11 ainunoran, to NV illeb
~114, they ha, been ;wneer eigh
months prod neutral epect •tot , nf the disgrao
fel oceurrenoewon the frontier, sun consid e er
it heir duty pi:LI:WY to denoun , e the nets Of
eenon Tnited States They state
teat the profeweed he enalty of the United
slate+ 11 coutradleted by the en:ouragernont
and aid 1 - 1 N en the Sdnrican partilao• in the,
al mini Inv...tor. tact ra Wn !MO] the territory
of the United State. Into Mantra, and de•.
nonnee the rapt are of Bagdad by United eta to•
negeo soh/acre, the uarry in; off ni
kulit lett , Teta•, and that anlear the p rttltelunder,d
hint. Inowernmeint tnetre inamedinte mene•
Check tho arbitrary uaterfereace of ito
to llenleen affain . . u! , r , rain will be brought
the whole population Of the
out She p is tent eerti . ,/ .1 10 and endorsed by the
t lee a smut.; of Spa •,, France, Bagla•el en
Pru• • la.
Wren. Sew girlNonial
LO tn,,x•ne, Eel, 5,-- Lottou dram
'tire 'nice InCe h,, es trodttitng at I , e. ••••gb[
tot tuir prhoe.
Othellng Excheinget:s.i. Neu I or: cheek.%
lo .
The 'team, Norwirlt loaded With abort 400
ne. of cotton burnt the, Wes tvlng 31vvit at
the cotton wXI thrown o•cflkotril and
The yodel u. Insured.
The steamer %I trtcheuter and LA Liyman
ett !Min `few i nn t
7 . — Tbr•teuthur I Ity of t•
uh-l'ttuoe taxi/ten ut tine Isaroft the LA It, troth
Nem York.
Cotton, inkhtlln g%tileent. (vol.l—Prelght
Neu lark one chitt by .11. 11, by ute_aaant.
I.‘vcrpool Ti to There I. u large quantity
of emptied tonnage m port.
The Inotonu have. not been very Iron:no...on:le
or Into on the Tame northern ,routdor Tee
Trans State Convent ton Meets on the Stir
The Coneord Rank Robbery —Arrettl of
the Robbers and Recovery of part of
the Roney.
!t ones, 1 . oh 16 • The i-ry• 5,r...341111a
the ',Whir ) co Ihe Notional hunt; or Concord.
h 0,.., no Iho filth day of •-"epteintier
.4,1.; /V vet rated thrviugh the hattri .g
mintl • of the . dete,lees a few do-i-a T
td robbers weir raptured ...other stair,
$/:1:4116 of the money re,. ertal. hid ad
salon, of the mould itenotint
•• money teeovered has bet•.., pool over to
L.. Ire, rut of the honk. It i•
three per.on. a ere C o lleelllt-*/ in the rotilier.i,
in.l t :1 pet win .• tot de, but ..«
iinu T 1 Alia Ott/ prolini•ly arre•toil. for
pi :Oit' nth:o rOA.Ott. the en einn•iittaee. id ••na
rig the capture of the two robbers at
for the
pre-ent withheld front pot:l:eat Ur,,l
fora - nit-o.d that the "tole,, money belonged
rut nettintly to the MllidieSi's emits I itotitto
i 100, and to rhaidenta in the tone of Concord
-- • -
Official News from Jlesleea—loaves lie
neettn• Ecurnolested nt El Faso.
IV amnia wren Cirr, Yet, 11 —olllebil new. , to
the It, of January-has Leen received from
El rh-10, the resident, of the Melaean um mit
merit. from which It appears that the French
lied not attempted to oim-lo morel! from Chi
huahua to El FL., llOr Fa, It likelj, they
a maid.
Pre-daunt Juarez Lizely commend, Prell
dent Jolanaon', annual meeehae, had ewer-1-
%11y the portion of it whicli WM.O to the
Monroe doetnne. The Governor of the State
01 Coahuila has eapreated hiv unqualified np.
proval of the decree extending- Prmddont
Juni-or.* term of callee until another elvetlup
ahah Le held.
Coliforniss Newa..—Slobbary of 11 / 2 00.000
Trensdare hildipmesta.
use rnsitciseo. Feb. /I —The steamer Golden
Cfty, ulth poscengors from New York on Jun
uaryAdahas arrived/
Mr. m., Co ll ector of Customs fqr the
Oregon District. was rotavil of two hundred
thonetoul dollars on the eh:tuner Oregoo, on
Lls way here from Astoria.
The Nevada Legdalatore bare passed reion.t.
Dona endorsing the Monroe/Lai:trine.
Rev. Inane Owen, the pioneer roinigker, ding
aultionly yeatarday.
Tto , stoamer Golden Age anllr , A for Donal:ha
to-oar, Inking $1,f..."0;502 trvusnre, of whigh
0.10 . ,•1.t goes to New Tort.
The Winooski and Algonquin Roe..
T'\lreb STaten STlttltsuir Witroosil,
Ore rue N ArT
ilitooki.rn, Feb. IL 1956.
none, arriN c 4 here et fire O'clock thl3! atter
nnel end that tha Alzonguto hes not yet
matte the prat move towards meeting oe at
htuhle Point, ta.etert °tithe Every eon Of Mr. Dickinson's piirtylert the'veasel on Fri
day and Yuma nottlppettp4 ether. In view of
tam facts. Air. A-stet - stood hag nottflet; the
New Department by Mall owl. telegraph, and.
It In probable that Orders wilt be fore anted tO
nuke the :see with the Algonenin'e ent+7 os
controlled by natal engineers. If thu be 0 ,
it util Ire Wedneeder of Thursday betore they
nlll start.
Attempted Pottery
1 ,1 13 rata..reb. 0.--A forged cbe,l nrcilltch
-1 ar.,t,ong for ha,rsp W prommted for
at the People's hank to-day. The
feller Lacing doubts as to Its geoutneuess,sent
A messenger to ascertain Its character. Lar
iat; hla absence the forger decamped, leaving
the cheek at the bank. Ito chic has yet been
°blamed n 9 to the lamer.
French Minlitres Ban.
• Tonic, Pet). aryl) vrns given to
..hiragton kat nlgl_kt, by the Marquis,Yon•
Ma French Waister. which " - co
..•N n•T•7ll,r (•' • • -. 0,...,1 ,•1:1
1 THE li 1 1712arLY: -GAZETTE_
TWO ED1116309.. AltetdWNW..
0.... Tra..dmi and ri... - 440; wer saterdwi.
11 KIIIIon I. Am - warded vatlell +III 1 - ill4O Om ••1r
04. Mc rs aotniest se the MAIL rub.
" rout write. •
ration 411 Prope•rt y beep:l444ra led by lb,
I ht. , 4..14 4 . 4 , 0 474 Of tbr Chrktinn Com
rol4.4.ion .1••• iiiii lor &Ls Cordon of
lobo 4'. 11. - 4.4^1. In rielzr.
W• :•.”• S• • •.v I Jr , hrth a - ric!
annit et, r, Co, 1 n,retl DCatChelittwt
• wn• 1.11.1 in the Ittall
•• I:ehe,rnta:lvv• hch Cl -
t t 4,1;
.hurr. and Tad! an
'Orin• , then: far preen.
•t.. I h..
vi, tat•ltt. 3 , !Stitt; (Or Lilt, partlo.
t t , t , turhl,• It stgo,l hy
• " •r-. 1,77 0/ V, 1'1,1( zi-4't
sold is•r•' Phil:Hl:ill:We.
• • -•• • • h 10.— V large ma- , :nee , -
••1 ~••• • .•osusell murinfs, Is: favor
• • . • n •.t houaty en, held to
.•. !.•pos leave flail. 1%. rose
s:• s. 11,11• ol ( 111! t upon the members
r.• obseet, and upon fal
-1 s • • L• 1 •I• o Ines of the roun
--: mot, so
mass sloe:inn. , and urgl, tbe
,u. “,,,
nvJ t'llolprsh.te
..1 a IL-tits -oat, 11..umpast}.
•1 • , 41) , ener,
e!•.e. I: knw
.. Wed
• • -.We Nee,e,n. :hd• el
• „
oe Ilt "\1 sl"rnu. T
S, by
nonel nand
:vrn t!
5,000 . NEB WANTED!
Sante lumber of Cattiest
M. - -Clellen 3.4 her that abe earl orab..
crlte cry that Joao Range' w itetillebter drat Grady
bnllt E beard that It eraa tto doh.- the widow /Ulcer
cahl that Capt. W00:P.14.M thocytht that Coieote
I...nleelfe Ix/levee the/ 'old Ifia.-Lane reetesed
poaltlrely that Peter botthettriviPe bee tote Neel
Coavedger that her acct had @Ward to•the motif
that It %-1,1 generally believed then blather Pector
had //old Ir. pi ain t. rrn- that the heard fretrf -Nok
•cr that her Pour had •eld that lt ohti
len. 31 la I I ITTSBU1P• 11, that
No, 60 Fifth Street
theapem, BeNl and Most Reliable
lii the, "%Arc:o2'lcl!
n d Cr' Ihr Opcz a House
a , .%;C r .1:::AND DOLLARS
:v. 7110C7!..kti1l voLLans
kr!, •I) BoTS• Ctonny
Id , CL O T
AT2 N1A144
'.T TIAN Pola_LAte
,:411R3 MITT
Bangs a Qua
(pi r
c rm . o: r rfii ., „rr
oppoeite the Opert&Seuee.
FIV, I sr. ii2i,112.4
ZI s~o[o ins::
SLZ'- 811
IWO RFUL BC AN) F.lE4ll(oloanDlet
Rill give two en tel . LW-Ur= ata ea
r.emtny laid Wednesda*, feb.l3 Ott tie
asl,tedin. tie ...col:A evening bl
71184 CIEs PIeIRRO fr,
Who will read aelectioga &vat ELLELLV. la CULw
arca with Mr. AlCiit:kr.-
berlansili 8ide..... =' Diale itslirse4
He>R Yeirki •
mt ry .• •
aka., "Reserved seats ra — eat!, Salo or
I:esr•-. • rl *tau eons:ord., ea 1 - oaaderhoora
at C. V. Motor, itaaJo mete. No.
l ow s KAT/Mier PARTE I —Thet
Ler -7 LitANTDETI,ErPrtr.. 40'
a v
„r ~..1..44t,7
s , • 1.11 /....10•4-
r, • .1 4 1 .4 ••• 4 7 44 04 1 r;:•11:.+f4. stititostea
4111190 t. itinPaL2
. $ Laarant -
n I. moping.
'lnbs of G
I ,ssh• of 11, and :4
) 1 3 rt, e i
:, f Nigiav
I n orator that ornor
oe,tt toto or t o
1.00 rv 4 10 , 1,41 t o the o t,