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tI7BII3IRIIIIF TER GAzar.r.ssgoet.l7p.s,
Fir= Sinzzr,Pittimrgh,
Vonvroi EDITION, by mail. per yenr ...........
Zyna'l'ro .EN'Ttom, do. , do: .. , .... .• CO
serred byFlrrfors, sfoltsmaor-Errotrma per 8
Iree k. . ............ ....... . ~ .
'tow to do It. - •
ur slcht free from impuritici
our complexion by ut , lng Sall'yOrY
thirty oentg n cake.
live] il l
an 1,0 • o ,
3/11.1 "Or n,
TTci.h , Ty rkbat Ankbasandor
Ss roantn.l '
[Kral riolvan° or time.
jrviog color. For sales by Charley
LMgt. corner of Penn Ond 't; Clair
Far pre:.
enser, A
street, pit;
, t Vlore Chance. Unease for sate. Tiro story brick; range with
hot sad eqk water; bath room; gas; marble
Taantles;pared yard; to therns; house nearly
Slew; dnfablatt , in first class, style. ItAleslredk
dlus-whple la . thpirtralalihsg be sold with
Lb house ; r thiairner'e face* are In deelln=
log health 'The - whole, or either will besold
Itt a bargain. laquiro at Ni). l.t Wood street
Do Tell.
It eleatis the:aloha from all (Imparltleq, pre.
serves It f 4 chapping, and give 4 y elf...rand
bealthy appearance to the complexion. flu wyer's El6trber'3 Soap, only thirty eente
en Le
Look Out for the
—t asaador
peon, t, Moral/into
litepl outshine stook should, before pa rehaftinj
y WC: the ,4allablbilament,of Darker Co., 59
atarlcot street, ea they hare tail lines or
Bleached and Brown Shootings and Shirt/age,
Prints, and dhhee staple goods, which they are
petting at raeleh lose than Eastern prices.
• etiodha tit Wholatale,
Th. Wait plate to tiny them, °Mu:Th:sllm En
Or—West aellarker Co.'s 59 Market, whore
can De foua to beet assortment of Sheet
' inns, Prints, Print stuffs and other
stspte gtiod.r.l
Mantas' kinlrdeltat of Lime,
"teaerviag older; For Bala, .by Charte4
fdtpar, 1511404 oornai of Penn and St. C l air
'tracts, Fittationth.
itlititingi Out.
Heavy Itoot4 and Shoes at eoit at IfeCila
toclem, Federal street. •
- See
the lowprtee pi Vtoots and Shoes at If cCita
Tork's, 9 . 3r9dekal street.
Ten Thousand Dollars
Wori ti o! 800 sad Shoca Selling at. ~,ngt. ut CU
~ ,Yrderal streol,l
Onest Ilantatnn
In Boots and Shtied at IteCtintooqrs, 92 Fed' ra
, Lorigc Out for the
Tort ..411 Ambaa4a,dor.
1 . Abe aside Pry Moods,.
XI our stook at astern quointithisi; and some
1 4
Of tt at very 'nab lees Remember, we are
how on the. nrWtheast" Corner of Fourth and
jiarket atreet. ''l C. fLurson Lora & Dais
Ildienorall Marta
At sihcesitle or lietail, cheaper than you can
and them eLsewilswe, ort the northeast corms
Of Fourth and 31 Lrket streets.
- j ^ C. Halmos Lowe & goo.
.I,twiatiiiods at natal'.
ti - earenoWiattering our troll assorted stock
sir greatiy redniteld'prices, fer•the purp o se of
it : Angina it7piellatatory, tO getting to our
.aprhig stoek. .flenternbet, :we are now on the
tortheast corn ix* of Fourth and Market
:. . .41ri , ets.
4 ix.....,,1,....;.. 'nsAlaggi Queft.
• . aitSs illiiiiiitlieitea.bne, a t . an Immense or
. i ' pense, Secoredabc!weinder of the world:, 3ftss
-Carrie A. Moore, lIALIOI,III appear this ewening
in COIVEZIEtfoII WlOl the :per of tho American
stage, 31139 Frathr kielville, at the Opera
Well TOIIB ," Blek .To•glorrow, '
Seek is the em, .rienee of thousands.- Few
E. LiteJeY,.
_ee.etin , Wis ' tli ,' Te; what.dees the.
.. ; arferAW,teete l l ' 7 attribute 14 nneertiin
, • 4xidititint. 21%) _ iimkelf, of coarse. '. Ile lays
. .4.., ~.,tti.e...idatie on the opi;y -,,, te, pirbao,. it i, too
• 1._• , - . ?::- 1,0 t; Of tobsStl;3oo , ,,ditdp,_ or too 'dry, or boo
lariabldr:Thstdoesbe take .theproper course
'" • tii-Ortikr titteCiatitita*ArLd' Wily organs
1 2 ._ .... ttheeghresatSestdehanges at which be
• , -4toriplitirul . Nos.:Epley% perhaps , that only
- arklrOtt - reartMtald bear:wadi great heat, Or
— lnich'sitdent cold - *reach Midden iicisaltides.
'1 'Whitten does lus not resort:tit the great Toll''-
' :1:e and Prism:dim Which; it it will notiseite
1 - 'him an irenerain. will at least tsuaraple the
. siapiaity or .111% teititena tolroel all external
. agenda - Ault tend tek produce. disease • Hos
-1 teller's Celebrated 11Stormili." Bitters, taken
4 - faity'stc.oardingOo the directions, tfilltio
trengthen. the "Wreath, brace the nerves,
'llie.liver and ciodate 'and-invigorate ,
....te 'allele sainalsmichlnemituttlbe system, • :
• 1 bsteadof being at th'e mercy of the weather,
ad liable to be prorated by every cheer:apt
i/ - temperature will beoMne ease-hardened, as it -
were, and a4aOst ltnterTions GS allmatio loan
facts, It is to this prerrentive principle that
giostettees Bitters oWe their great popularity
' lb tbo West Indies,Ersh America and Aus
tralia. ___
Hinted Is Bitters • ,
Are sold wholealleaaratitil atvery low rates
Sit Ficsnines Drug attd,Pateat Medicine Depot,
,MO. OtiCariettitreet, corner of the Diamond,'
,ear Ftncrth street,
g i:
, estward 'Sae 8 '
It ir or Ezeplse !taken
-i Its Ifity."
The gazinin e Oriental remedy so long known
'l.t l lntf!fern COlzatelerxid which tifew years ago
such oommotion among the old fogies
isf the medical profOilon,by the celebrated
resat.° on tie erticiet7the Assistant Sur
geon and Professor of Ch emistry in the Cat
o utta Medical College,) is now for the first
time Introduced into this country by the Syl
van Oriental Company Of Boston.
B. 1,.. fahneetock & Ce , ,,, and IfeCiarren, are
She wholesale agents for this place, where the
irennine linaheesh Candy can be had, Price, Mc
anti eI,M per box. Nona, genuine without the
imprint of the Sylvan Oriental Company, 131
Washington street, Boston. on each boa.
Fall and Wloter Goods.
It a wit& greet Nearer° .we call the attea.
Sian of our readers to thd Buhl:orb/stock of Fail
and Winter good s Just r`podvad 'tirldr. John
, Mier, Merchant. Tailor, NO. 120Fcd2ralstreet,
Allegheny. Wa stock rib br aces aonia of the
Most beautiful Cloths, CnastroCres: Orcrothd•
lap and 'Vestings over brought to tho western
lulu - ken 'llls assortment birFarnLalngaix:D4`
etnnfrising Wets, Drawers, CoUaralfeck Ties,
ll:macrame% .t6.,1e bo anansseei cast
at west. - A bilge hock o ; ready Gand a Paste,
CW8;1%14410 Overeo will also ho found
at his Mobile/wont: P&p:supra want oeany
thiamin the clothing Uno should not ail to
ti re 114 Weior 0 MM.
_..- Tlossini. W. P 417 db Ca.. '
, inutile:a nate Roofers, and Dealers In Atteri
Starlblnle orations colon 4 Office Mt Mean
deriOnalin'cnair the Water Works Pitts
burgh, Fey Residence, Nop73 Pike street: Or
ders promptly attended to.! AU work warrant
ed Wateeptoof. Repairing I done at the short.
est notice. 'No etmegeforrepairs, preenicsltlei
is not abused after it ill eat on.
. -, Pat gm' Qura.lota
,•Generally tq'yotai;friende, ea to what prepara
. tions 'they nee fen -their teeth, and Cie re,
• iv pnnso, marl tune& eat often, will he soz000nc:
-al9 ti.loriger neoest try to impress lb merits
2 ;watt/to pnb/10 mine, ererlenee has taught
oho:trorld that;as a mearuo of beautifyingand
— eresersing tho aeth, fast
the gums,
.and giving a pleasant nromt to the breath, it
-SS not - kalif:A:thee heads here
Ca . .
rpenter Jobbing. alley.
.naviop roturiOd'aftor absence of three
- Varela the Raiz I Imre mi.opened my shop
- :Oa? OOffSOf.JObbing Sh th:o carpanter line,
et the old etaad ,, Virgw betwoen-Smith
' Yeklativet Ind Cherry Alley: Orders solicited
pfornpur ateruica-to,
W pals roasts?.
d7l' lr flotortter, of„Slercei county, Ohio, a
.Tnember of the Rationing trigregation of the
: VOlted Presbyterian MT was Int,ly idled
to RPPear before the Pre tery to an4wor to.
'lllO Of/Orge Of bbvtog
al for_ voila lid/gram
• n.s4oyerneT.Of that fitato-wia nen notorioys
Sc? .4.10741% Sad war ootettoo Of bonino
'.u.esit .by • 4,40 Awe,
oe was found
' and auspereled fro privileges of
:the - chart h: From this aeon tat tot ap armed to
'll2O-13, ttereeeot acetic. A which so etale eat
-111114C110ZI id the Prcsbyteryli
I • Last Week the drillers struck a crevice in
:Co, 011 the Manly farm, within a few
f ackli the required depth.: s i ngr or tw . ,,
later welt No. Mt. stopped fland Iron
yieling= lairrels, she has ham reduced to
yield Of le barrelspe r day; by p anteing..
um Tid/oute, we learn that the ens k et
Captainf GoodrielisWell, at Dennis , It on, blow
up on the afternocutof the 22d, hilliog the en.
glover, Harry Blakesley, oy orrin
weet, one of tho workmen, was somewhat in-
I med. Ile was standtag in the ceglne house at
he tim, The engine was standing,. still end
the men were at work in the forgo. Blakesly
is raid to have loft e'vtfc and family,
ms, somner and Pratt tract, Honker farm
was struck on Thursday. It flows a steady
stream, and upon the drawing of the lower
valve, Will probably reach 400 barrels.
No. 7,1, - T. Holcrelen farm has resistmown,el
Mowing at the vote of 100 barrels be day;
"Island well." which eenved producing in
November, is agaln flowing at the rate of 20
The Titusville Herald, in noticing the .1 ts
solving of the inJunetlen against the Howie
heir Ran Petroleum Company: saps:
"The effector the injunction was of course
damaging to the reputation of the company,
und depreciated the stock, which bruinalLate
ly fell irons Veto alt, boterlth the removal of
the inletnetirm it as rapidly advanced to
prat- more than 100 per mit. The, dividend pre
vimmly declared Iris promptly paid upon the
- removal of the injunction.
"The Pennehter Rain PetrOleurn Company
stands among UM best in Venartgo county. 4,
hasnow 17 producing walls anal - 14 more gulag
dawn, the present th,llv, production being be
tneen SOnbarrril
The Eterald_glves enactment of "a voyage
up the West 'trickery region,
"At the mouth of the creek was found a Mir-_
tpltve barrel well of lubricating oil.
farm •
"A mile a d a half fnurther up is the Manross
, where over Potty well . are going dotrn;
and there are two producing
CA and the other 13 barrels a day."
Mile, further up—the White farm, which
has two preklnolng wells,. viz.: the Fatter and
the White welis—both, however. standing
Idle; though they_luid four hammea barrels of
lubricating oil iceamalated In the taks.
Overrorty wells Me going down on this f ort,
"On the Fleming farm, adjoining, aimut fif
teen wells are golng.down. (Inc of these is In
the second tend rook, and to regarded as pro
"A mile farther op Ls the Gorman Farm,
where a well has been ut down all feet Into
the third sarillrock; ands peniming oil and
Water with much gas..
The Mika Farm la a Mile further up the
valley. On this, the Miles pnraps bar
rels, day of. heravi rol, gravity. 40 degrees.
The town of Gillespie is laid out on the filthy
acre tract of this farm. 7
The well on Watson Pitt being soakbp Mr.
Jonathan Watson, and prevlotetly ram:* wed
on acootiot of icsigreit depth ot1,60) foot, has
been lanforttusate. The tools are gist. and
havothas . far resisted all attempts to bring
them to the: surface. • It is wtated that thli
well has already cost about tde,ooo.
The Genteel Oil Ran Petroleum Company
kayo two wells on Mato flats, numbered 76
M. No. In produeing about ail barrels per
.by .. Chaxtri su
and St. Ctutz
The Bothwell (C. tV.d Oil Rvorter 'dates
that the Prince well was again - tested on
Thersday last by, a ComMittec appointed for
that pnOse, yield
fhe report Di d ay. ee. in
states t heyield to be 1.60 ban - els pe
011 bits been discOveryd near DOstnn StaUoa,
Pendleton cOntity,.cia )exlngton and Cov
ington ratite-ad,
twenty eight miles from Cin
cinnati. The discovery lin.3 made to-day,
and the Greatest excitement prevails in con
Forty-one Honing oil well are now in. ope
ation In Barret, county, Kentucky.
ereatiwn of the llefferman Murderers
Prom a wperint dispatch to the elachmati
Obrentrrefof we conifer am an account of the ez
eautiOn of Jame;,- Knight,' Thipnal, Perry, Geo.
CrabLysaaght;tfit Nashville. last
Friday, for the trims:bar of Mr. Elm:Ferman, a
prominent citizen atil t piece:
"Theetrademned m profeasedthe Boman
Catholic -faith. Knight and Perry were bap.
rased. The other two had beekbapttsed in in.
.fancy: The - prisonerit had pistrkently shows
grearbardilickid,tdziging suctipleees as "Bold
Jack Danahou and "Bingen on the Rene."
Atm noSi two 44bad tamed thenadorrn, but
- they were atEll itelrOlons and eartiess,
Joking about their dootri..
Parry's brother hi - might him clothing. The
parting scene between them was beart-rend
ing,-Perry giving way to tears and sotst. Colo
nel Innis prorldod the others with clothing.
Lysauglit said. at first, that he didn't want
' any pants, as those he had on were good as
gold to bang in. Grab was Asked to tell who
-slot Iregerosan.' lie replied, .'Tktt is not a
fair question; I'll never tell that in this
world." : . '
Father Iteinith came ilbonl ten o„cloek to
attend them in their last moments. Liaanglit
paid he felt an gay As a lark. _ile was earnest
ly exhorted to repentance, bat he remained
almost staid `some one in the room having a
looking-glass; he llninped up, exciallaing, ufly
golly, I must look at my face once more."
Then turning to Crab, he remarked, "Look at
yours—it is your last chance' ,
When the priest left thous fora few mo
meats they begun to Chat and Joke about the
ropes that "would - hang' them, the feeling of
Nintrltion being evanescent.
.r-in immense crOsid,numbering fifteen thou persons', were on the &utast!. -At twenty
minutes past eleven, the prisoners were
brought to the gallows, which they mounted
with a tiro step,- and stood &ring arorind for
nineteen ashmten, *hill" the charges and
specifications and sentence were read. Per&
eomposeilly leaned against one of the uprights
and surveyed the crowd, Crab Wok hold of
the Dobai!, before him, and viewed it with a
roulle look, testing Its strength with his
thumb, and rubbing his Lead against the
At thirteen mtnntea after ii o'clock the
rope was atit, end the four bodies felt with a
Leavy thump. .Lysaught"s neck teas broken.
Tile knot slipped .wft h knight and Crab, who
died with many struggles and conruisire
writbings. Perry died by strangulation but
did not more much.. .-
A Londonietter to the Commercial 21.1,mrti
.er by the Asia sop+ while expinlnlug the dlf
lirultles In the English money market, that
nAn Impreaelon hoe gained ground that the
shlpmenta Of 'manufactured goods to New
York have lately been of Makin= descrip
tion, end that,edifs hare be,n 0 44 244 d 4. ”.”1/
firm, on your side who do nor occupy a posihon
velify it:,
---wa. • -•---
Trial of General Maker
it AmissnToa Jan. 27.— . The trial or Gen. /ta
ker before the Criminal Court has developed
HOMO Interest ing (nets in relation to the deter
tiro system and pardon brokerage.
It appears from the testimony. of Lt. Mae
that tan[ Wednesday ho was detailed by the
Secretary of War and placed at the
disposal of Gen. Baker, and directed to act
ander bin orders. lie was inn - minced to Mrs.
Cobb, the plaintiff, us Captain Howell an
ex• Confederate Captain, who ices smoking for
a pardon. She told him that she had great
'facilities for getting pardons, but would nett
inform him what influences The had. Captain
nine drew up a statement or petition signed
as Clarence J. Howell, and affixed a spacious
4 1 7
r afis c tst . es w zr o t ilcia tae4stlduligrecszittiwthlsontoc,
with money. A contract was catered into and
', the person was pardoned. The money was af
terward found on her person and taken away
ftOM her. • It wasa part 01' the money used to
entrap this pardon broker. The witness ao
know/edged be (also statement to her.
During the prOceedings Judge Hughes, as
. counsel for Mrs. Cobb, said It was a conspira
cy, and Ln Orderter break tip a legitimate bull
ness,these soff.cmastitiated 'guardians of the
honor of the Government induced this lady to
do the breakingthey profeasjed to be anx
ious to up. Even ft thief cannot be COLL.
'tided if money b in,ced In lithrway
actors entrap , and the conspirators are
Batty execrated, and now Mr. Baker and his
'co-conspirators, and tho man who drew np a
'false and fraudulent paper, and acknowiegeS
that it was each, and who forged a magia
tratts'S certificate, need not mit oa a look of
dignity end talk to me. The days of bullying
aro ast and the courts of Justice
open, and oppressors anti midnight robbers
must come under The law, and their deeds
Must 'be htsown and spoken of. These re
marks wean followed by applause,' which was
ouppreased deare Court, and the Marsoluci was
directed to the room .if it iraa repeated
r Frca,.Lnsion.or the Spntgab Insurgent
Gen. Ptho.
Nam Yong, Jan. 28.—A Paris toter contains
the following proclamation of General Prim,
the Spanish insurgent:
We have arrived at - the terrible moment
When revolution 1.5 the only resource of the
nation, and the main duty of honorable won.
I' am the head of cansulerable military forces,
and a great number - of armed cavalrymen
hasten, on all sides, to tight under inyorders
for the eau, e of freedom and Choir fatherland,
My banner is the last manifesto of the Pro.'
gressista Ce-ntral Committee, With it in ray
bands I will hghtswith lay . wonted valor
against a Government which dishonors us
ab he rorul and ruins at home to
t point of making us a laughing
stock among foreign nations and bring
ing as to the verge of shameful bank.
prey. Soldiers, who have already fought
under my orders, you are aware I have never
rOnatken you and that If you stand by me in
thisenterpriSe, I shall know hew to lend Foe;
first showing the path to victory, and neat
and Men of ating • year endeavors. Follow-01U-
, _honor, aid me in bringing to
a happy end, a political revolution which may
dp away with the necessity of that great
revolution with which we aro thr eatened.
Spaniards,,burrab for liberty, for the pro
grammenf the Central Progreaststu CommlL
tee, for the Constituent Cortea
011. IN TEl.l.lllr Nut:
A to )hr Tlt te,lll.-
nell %Ten 'truck on Itiekett. , [arm. nea/ ,
liner. Pumping LWI:111) -rive!reel- 1,1" V , e 1
ref tiny. Depth or well ker.,
, even fy feet.
!Another strike has tern :ea.!, ..00 nennehon
Run, owned by Wm. spence. •1 00. It ilson,
Win. J. Runele, ant Age,' Coolollosgtn, Do-
kV seventy-a,, barrels—will no doubt prove
two hamtrert. Loeateol on lease t oventy-roto r.
The Clara a ill, N 0.4 Copeland ',awry,.
le prodUclng X 0 hatTeLs. No. 2 well, on t,c, 5e
5, la sari [oho producing 150 barrels
The Homestead well has started aasin and
is now nowlnc and pumping 'Moot lo) barrel.,
per day. It Is expected - that - she will ',Olt rs•
Cain her old figure. . .
A. dewing well Wan etruck on the Wil li am,
l ilillatnt. larrni,on : A branch of ringer creek ,
settle eight Tilt Lei from . Vrankl la, ii - h Leh to now --
pg 100 liarr . ele per -
day . .
Well No. 2, leaseon No. 2 'rain Writs, Thom
ttS ifedmdinn ,farmi Conitlitineed putt, lug al
the rate of 100 barrels last Ytingl,Ly. and la, Ilk"
nallle now welly ih this section, still inercar-
d VSF Pal K.
GA Z it,"FTE.
Otero Murderess Sentenced
• -
Conference of General Officers
special Digo° teh to the Pittsburgh ldt, Sett.
Wasursorox, January 2s, Ist',
0.1%. noSTA.BII
11.1 the enttrae of a ten dart will pay a V hitt to
several of the principal cities of Maine and
Massachusetts, where be will deliver address
es on the condition of Southern Freedmen.
cos/maxi-a 01,1,NR11,...
General, 11101,11/9 and Meade are expected
in Washington early this week, to confer telth
General Grant and Sherman, who are here in
reference VlMilltary affairs in their respective
Departments, and In regard to the proposeti
reorgan Ltation of the regular army. General
Sheridan, owing to the unsettled condition of
thing. On the Thin t: noble, was not summoned
to the conference. Generals Grunt and shot,.
man, yesterday, beta a lengthy inters ie a. with
the President,
i_iND ir r 4
Tlic.CezumisslOner Of the General Iduid O(
dee hay transmitted to the governor of call
terola two patchts embracing nearly [Verity
aye thousand Sores of Land, selected by par
tieS In •IrtUe of State trartant•.
rartyt. aILIVIA
rho Seoretnry of the Interior has called a
meeting of the Directors. Cons=gatemen; and
Engineers of the PaoMe railroads, to takeplace
here on the 'stint Februarg, ana another Meet.
Mg to New York on the 7th, for the purpose of
adopting some uniform stamlard of road
to whirdi the several Companies, orgaalreht on.
der the act of Congress shall conform.
The Treasury Department, Loot Week, itanat
to the Neurone] Dante currency to thcarneunt
Yesterday anacruntod to SAC,SeS.
irI..t.ELLS or OCD3e NCI 1111.11.11
The clerical force of the Ordnance ftwreau
of the War Department, whieh now numbers
one hundred land forty, will be re.10,-ed
forty on trio lath proximo.
TllZAlirlitY arrA 111,11,
The disbursements and transfers of
Treasury Department last week amounted
Plans of Preaident Johnson
WA9H1X0745, Jan..h...—The following is the
substsuare of a conversation whiten took place
to-day between the President and a
tingnialmid Senator:
The President stated. that he doubted the
propriety at this time of making any further
amendment to the Constitution. One groat
amendment has already been made by , which
alavery had berm forever abolished within the
limits of the United States, and a National
gharantee thus given that the institution
thwart never again exist in the land.
Propositions to amend the comfit it ntion. were
becoming as numerous as preambles and res.
elution at torn meeting, called to consider
the most ordinary questions connected with
the adminhdration of local alfaire. All this,
in hit opinion, luau-tendency to diminish the
Midtown:tee attached
seenM oemetitats
tfordi4Vthe country, arid to lesthe reepect
and confidence of the people In their great
charter of freedom.
if, however. amendments are to be made to
the Constitution. ebangtug the basis of repro
mutation mad Tug
and he 010 not deem,
them at all neoeseary at the present time, h e
knew of none .better than a simple proposi
tion embraced lea few tines, milking in each
litatrathe number of qualified voters the Oa-
Es of representatiosty and the yelue of prep.
erty the basil of direct taxation.
Socha proposition could be embraced In the
following terms: liepremintatives shall be op
portione3 among these - semi Sates which may
be included within the Union, according to
the numberof qualified voters In each Siate
Direct taxes Chill be apportioned among the
several States whiled:: may be included within
the Union, according to the value of all tarn.
hip Property' in ULM .
'An amendment Of this kind would, la his
opinion, pia°. the basis of representation awl
direct La:ration 'Upon correct princaplea. The
qr.:riffled voters Were, for the most part, men
who were embject to draft, and enlisted when
necessary to repel invasion. froPPrets rebel
lion, and domestic violence and Incur.
rection. -They riake4their lives, abed their
bloOd.andspent their all tO,uphOlsi the gm,
eniment, and give protection, sonnrity and
value to property . It seemed hut just that
property should oompensate for the benefits
thus conferred. hy defraying the expenses in
cident tO list:rota:than and empaymeat.
Such an amendment, the President also sug
gests, would remove from Congress all luxe,
in to the eualit of the
races. It would leavep theolitical
States q to de termine
absolutely the qoalidealloas of their own
voters with regard to color, and that the num
ber of representatives to which they would be
entitled in Congrem would depend upon the
number upon which they conferred the right
of suffrage.
The President in this eonnection expressed
the opinion,. that the agitation of Dm negro
franchise question in the District of Colum
hia at this time was the mere entering wedge
to the agitation of. the question. throughout
the States, and was ill timed and uncalled
for, and calculated to do great harm.
lie believed it would engender enmity and
strife between the two races and lead to a war
between them, which would remit lu great
Injury to bo th , awl the certain
i m h ot
and urgent matters, legislation upon which
Wab essential for the restoration of the I'n lea
the peace of the country and the prosperity
:he people.
Gen. Sherman in the Senale Chamber
Smuggjing Operations Transferred
New lona, Jan. 27.—The Tribdiw's Washing
ton special says Admiral rarrognt has rocele•
ed n report from the Commander of the West
India Squadron, stating that eta large French
transport ressels had put In at Herein; on
_their way to Vera Crux. The transports were
empty; and It is believed that they were in
tended to carry back troops from liesloo to
The 7Vmeal Washington special says that
Maj. lien. Sherman entered the Senate Cham
ber with his brother, Senator
Sherman, this evening, while the Senate wag In
Hesston. Immediately a general hagz and
bum of suppressed voices broke forth among
the numerous auditors in the galleries, and
there was a rush to get in favorable positions
for a good view of the military hero. The
Senators, ono by one approached the General,
and warmly shook him by the hand. For a
time he was ammo:Wed by admiring friends,
and the business of the Senate was almost ens.
ponded during his reception.
GOO. Sherm carne hereon onlctal business.
and it is ;raid wi lt remain forthe coming week,
Generals Sheridan, Meade and Thomas are all
ordered hero to form a military convention
to regulate the entire of their several depart
The records of the Treasury Department
show that from March, 1883, up to August, le,ss,
abandoned and captured cotton valued at 0,-
714,000 was seized by the government In the
valley of the Mississippi. Of this amount
$3,710,000 - have boon paid into the Department,
the remainder having been transferred to the
original ownera of the cotton which to that
amount bad been improperly seized.
For the fiscal year ending Juno SO , ISIS; the
mint-and branch mints of the United States
coined .1132,019,24£1.61 In gold, silver and copper.
The Tilhons's special . nays Intelligence has
been received by tbeCommisaloner of Customs
Of the transfer of a large share bf the smug
gling Operatl
ons. on the St. Lawrence to inf.
feront ipointa on the bonmhtry line between
the British Provinces and Dacotah. The Com
missioner has taken the necessary precautions
for the suppression of this illegal truffle in
that direction. -
The 211buno'a Washington special says A
gentleman Just arrived here from Charleston
says, that in consequence of the erne' and op
pressive legislation against the freedmen, en
acted by the South Carolina Legislature, Gum
Sickles has been compelled to typ e a very
radical orderannullitur all such legislative en.
Irtteatner Storstell—asororal Lives Lost,
, Cargo,2B.—Tbe steamer Ashur Ayers,
with one.thetisanil arid twenty bales of cotton,
was recently burned on At!ameba river Ga.
11,0 boat wits rained at V 0,000; insured for
Most of the edition WI. sirreel. Five
Or six nogrot", Wert. 1,,t.
l'renria Ministry Favors Ecor
..esatiny Mexico.
N isn Yeas, Jan. 2 .—Among the passenger
injured by the rail reed disaster neer Sing
Bing, this morning, are S. 5. McGowan fled his
u - ife, and John Murphy. Mr. Areflowita Is. a
dry goods salesman in Utica. Ills leg to badly
fractured. One of the ears nert to the erirOttio
rear, was thrown on its side anitdraggetteslti
fence or nearly eighty rode, and on to she .or
the bridges in that vicinity. 'The timbals':ma
debris of the bridge went crashing Ina. • the
cars, injuring several of the passengem Otte
et them, Mr, Nichols, of this city, hut to*
hands badly cut. A lady had two Allots cat
off. A men. c h ute not ascertained aunt iliSlitte
broken, and others were severely injured, bit
no one was killed, on was first reported. The
engineer of the train think the train' Which
passel down In advance 'of him meet train htoken the rail. The hind ears of the train,
which met with the accident, did not ttkra
over, neither car was a tdcephart car, not. were
either of the ears thrown oil the bridge! late
the roe below es reported,
Gonzales and Pellicler, the mnrderffte of
Otero, were toelnysostenend by.l edge Gilbert
to be hanged on the 9th day of next Mareh.
The prisoners received their sentence with
out any emotion.
One of the mornthg papers claims to have' a
dispatch from London by tbe Latest steter,
which says there Is a rumor in that city Which
says that the government has recolved n tfi . for
motion of Fenian conspiracy tq blow the
public buildings. It is asserted that the Cue.
torn Bowie has been undermined and thdt the
Home Secretary has informesl the Chief or the
London Fire Brigade to adopt prooantHassa
mettgures. The Coltom Hone*, Somierse
llonso and ether public buildings are o
careflilly guarded. Irons this continued pila
ale two results will ensue: Ireland will be
practically placed ander martial law", find
definite dendand will he made at Washiftton
for the alippression or ptibile realer' denftrillP
striations in the railed States.
Letters from Browwerille give a dettd
count of Um capture ot.Bagft.d. The to
log party was competed of a miseellaneolts
cowed of - Mexicans, settlers, clerk*, eat ratters
ere and idler., who appear to have °num!
in the affair as a geed plene of sport 4 and
though It Is believed there wero among the
captors come United States snifflers, everyone
of them w present on the other aids of the
river to answer to filename at roll-call ins the
next Morning. According to these accounts
the capture was plcumod and executed with.
oat the knowledge of critter lien. Coaled°,
Gen. Crawford, or any other thief of great re
Letters from the City of Mexico repreetert
existing among the imperialists In that capi
tol a profound anxiety on =aunt, of the em
barrassed condition of the imperial Boatmen
and the prospects of the Empire irenarally.
The demands (or money to carry ott tbe gov
ernment ere great but the Treasury is empty,
and there are no available seem e trom whieh
to replenish it.
The ilosi:e went int* committee of the
Whole on of the Union, Mr Wroth
no, of Illlnoie , In the ehatr, and resumed
the comaderation of the President's annual
Mr ',mil. of Kentucky, conclude•l the re
mark. heretofore onnamenced saying anions
other things, that tho doctrine which eras ini
tiated during the war , by the fain,, party,
"ma, that secession is a hcrew, and that it vio
lated all principles of the Constitution and
lawn, on which our goverateent Wall emtah.
Itched. In tostniaining this position he refer
red Loth„ record of authority made t, Con
ores.,ett4 ping through roar yenta, and quoted
rm the remarks of distinguished gentlemen
nutaide thin House. We, he maid, carried cm
war as a rolon party, for the express propose
pf keeping the eleven Southern states in the
l'itiott, where they were from the beginning,
and are today.
fa maintalaing this position he did not in
tend to compromise any principle heretofore
assumed by the great party of the Union. The
Southern States, bein in the Union, are en
titled to representat ion, -
on, but . he could not
adroit their members here title.. they could
stand up here and swear that they have never
ea+lsteel in the attempt tblfwerthrow the Gov
ernment, If they could not do this, he would
send them book to their constituents to try It
over again, end It they xhotll4 not then,retern
to seat, here,men who weibld take that oath,
he would aiptin send the m beet, until they
should answer the requirement by ...adios
hither Union mon to legislate for the great
Aulefleph nation.
Mr. Baker, of Illlnols saidlthat to his mind,
two fundantertialprinet:itad been presen
ted, tine of theta sins ly adhen..l to by
the *Mall d eumeratic - eppoiltion In the [louse.
It was also apparently leveret bra tow of tho
members of the overwhelming Caton party.
It wan that in order to restore the lately
hellions States States to their normal povition, Lon
gs„ had notelet; to do but art cinder that
'clause or the Constitution widah gi•es to each
lion. the right Io.llldiiothnalectionaetiet&L,
tfleations lad returns of itS own weathers.
nib other fundamental idea was in keeptag
with the lalgtosat prerOga re
tive of Congress, and
ll the by the people,retra vial That we should
bgattm Mere ce dr election q
i m it , r i etht , ert . g u ri.nuni f !or sold that
, Aura acesiettins=.7a l :4 l ottit th e a
the Southern States !should take h acksesta
Ur. II all,. of Pennsylvania. o
ne the
, great problem was what ahouldjbe done with
3e . yeate lately reoehtm,on the solutloa
depended the emitinuanee of the
country tor ages. There were,' he considered,
no rights of, the yanqatshed to embarrass oar
action la melting the o/d States or keeping
the osnottered country Us a teleeltorlal coed 1-
lion, as eft erenay bred earboorre the interests
of the entire nation. A conquered people
have no eights, Orpolltieal. The victor
may asset all the guarantseeneoomary to pre
sent the
ef hostilities, and the
condueror Is the sole j edge or the go imitate.
In Moll war the Calitqlteee4 ua De treated as
thee:man eror_pleases
The fleas, adjourned.
thaoperior . Court Vssini., arguments
are made in the CO. of Mn, MOTU aglid4s
A /dereer, emieration agent for Washing t
um Territory. Lengthy arguments were Made.
The Judge took thepapers and win mike out
a decision next week.
The Paris correspondence of the Ind°dead
en. Re(ps says It Is known that Mao entire
French Ministry are in favor of the enema.
elan of Mexico, and rumors rem that in the last •
council they obtained kpromissa fa' send ne
new troops to Mexico. The assertlast i lien
added that the speech from the Malmo wilt
make mean= of Mils prole:maxi evacuation.
advlces from Char/eaten may Clan. SICILIA.%
commanding the Department of South Carce
lina, has prescribed regulations for tho go,
crnment sat all concerned. Ile decides that oil
laws hall be applicable alike to alt MUM
tants operscot shall he held Incompetent to
sue, make cmoplaint, or tastily because of
color or cast, He directs that no penalties or
punishment sittnirent from those to width all
whit* persons are amenable, shall be imposed
an the freed people, and all ' crimes and ogee
ass prohibited under
case d
shall be
understood as prohleited In case o rfessimen,
and if committed by freedmen, shall, trpon
conviction, be plialahed In the same manner
as If ronstaitted by white teem.
The Conssicre(ers Washington special fleis:
The neesinstruetlon Committee had • alsdamg
to-day, but will not take farther action pasta
the constitutional amendment, now befom the
noose, has been dispessed of.
The funeral of J. Boorman took placy inis
No eine tisayet been hadto the Identity:of
the bootis_poncematairterso tognaloway
bed MX. Thomas Quinn, the_portar of Me
Greenwieti Savings Bank in t , armlas street.
It is now stated that the cash tax taken from
Quinn contained Ka In bills and 1,1,0:13
Election for Nnnioipal Offleen;
Gross Cotton Transactions In Team
l'lnw ORLEANS, January 11.—The ship Carle
Joe has arrival from New York.
Cotton dull .21 lowan ellen I=o bales of
Middling at motto. Sales for the week, 7.6,m0
bales; receipts for the week, 11,41:0 bales; stock,
176,000 bales. flow York cheeks O r e disrount.
Freights steady; Liverpool, 1 penny; New
York one cent. Gold Its.
In the Louisiana Legislature the Senate pass
ed the House bill ordering en election for New
Orleans witintetpal officers on the second Mon
day in Muth, and now stwatts the Governor's
signatures. Nhould the Governor veto it, It will
lalas over
Private i nformationn received hero from
City of Slagle°, from a reliable source, is to
the effect that the YttalLO troops will not be
withdrawn until Maximilian will be free from
American intervention, On the other band
Maximilian will certainly not give positions
in the Mexican army to ex.Conf-alerates.
The commander of the P'reacti fleet, off Bag
dad in the name of his Government, protest ot
against the occupation of that piece by United
states troops, and those which had been east
over for the protectirm of the town and of
American interests. were withdrawn. Many
families living in Matamoros are fearful of
further collblon.s.
Captain Weir, of the bark Mary Belle R in
rrts, of New York for Iliverpryol, dlokl:sudden-
I y at Galveston on the 12k1.
The steamer Alamo's% leaves tomorrow with
two thousand five hundred bales of cotton,
and a number of passengers on the 120. cot
ton Incoming freely into Trenton on tn., ou
etilto ri•er, which was falling •lowl v.
TherupperOuchlta Coal Mlue Company, loca
ted In this City, ore a bout to resume their opo.
rations, interrupted by the war. It owns twen
ty thousand acres of coal land on the onehlta
river. In Union county, lower part of Arkansan,
Emil wan some yearn ago experimented with
by e well-known chemist of New York, and a
most satisfactory decision given.
The Galveston Nur. urges the stooling of
special treasury detectives to Texas to search
out the a lleg ed grosseotton transactions by the
G overnment agents In Jatraraoll, Marton
ounty, Texas. Trait paper Charges ngents
with downright, hatofeced stealing, and op.
pression. There were over 100,0010 bales of cot
ton at Boonton on the Mth, and receipts falling
off. Large holders of dry good. at Houston
refuse to sacrifice their stock, as they expect
la irti r' Vw ceos
rien" Prier Current reviews the
reports from different Southern Statics ou the
tuber question, and shows the urgent peeps
slty for Freedtnen Bureaus throughout the
South, and taking energetic measures for the
Freedmen to make and keep contracts for
work, If It, in desirable to even raise moderate
cr• Ph P o s FricCeo t r,r;eni says the wiltearrange
metda of,. the Government be seriously
affectett should the crop be cut short by the
failure of the Freedmen's Bureau to protect
the great agrlcultunsl interests of the BOuth
thln year through the proper inforceneent of
labor contract. Should the cotton supply ho
email a material rise in the price will result,
which will press severely on Northern manu
facturing Interests and will leave so email a
quantity of cotton for exportation as will di
nilalsh the supply of foreign exchange.
Cousequently the demand for gold will
extinguish our foreign 11 : 1(1 0 1 4.0d110., Rod
materially obstruct the Federal treasury op
°rat tons.
Two Sleeping Cars Thrown
Os er a Bridge.
11111 Nri:soss fiILIED 151 SEVERIL 50111E1
New Your, Doe. 27.—A cerlottc accident oc
curred early till, morning on the nucleon kir
er Railroad, The Cinolunati express train,
due In this ally about 7 o'clock, A. 11., wnapar
tinily thrown from the truck. Two curs-4mM
tobe sleeping earn—wern precipitated off tho
bridge into the road below. One WIVI oom
pletely broken to piece, and the ether nearly
Three percona aro reported kill oil and many
serloucly Injured. The place where Om noel.
dent occorrod wan a email bridge over a road
lending to the brick kiln, near Croton.
New . oVerland Route.
Dettran CITY, COL, Jan. 27.—Tho Colorado
Territorial Legislature has granted two Ilboral
charters to lion. Itolltda, , ono for a root!
through Middle Park, shortening tho distance
to San Francisco 000 rutlea, and the other for
he Hollaway MuLL KAU Erpros4 Company,
Governor Carniadisaga, of Colorado, on
Colored Alion'a Illabts.
Nrw lona, Jan, titi—Gor. Cummings, of
Colorado Territory, telegraph, (0 senator
Sumner about colored Citizens calling his at.
Motion to the Diet that the Legislature of Col
strado n at its drat session in 1201, panted a law
- establishing the qualification of voters, mat
ing no Math:tattoo on account of color or moo,
bet the session Of ISrttp . a f tis t rt a law dopriring
n7 = l4l4l oa7ngs : Says I InveoariegyoUr earnest
attention to the subject, and hope for the
honor of the territory that you wiltpronsptly
take action to erase this odious roomed from
the statute book. I deem It proper to nay also
that the Leginlatire Assembly tome to the en
lightened sentiment of theta country. to take
lute conslderatton the coudition of colored
people with regard to the public schools. tinder
the taw of lA% oftering them equal political
privileges with other*, they came bore
In considerable numbers and to an hero
If not a greater extent tnart any other of me
emigrant,. The evidences of their industry,
frugality and thrift aro Itleell In the various
starts of Denver, some of the finest property
in the town belonging to them,
They Eve sub-
Ject to the tux laid for the support of the pub
lic schools , while they are not permitted to
attend them.
In consequence of theiracelusion Dom
hoth . pnblic anti private school, some of thong
pe ild ople ren to the eastern have been compelled to send their
ch Btitton to be
while paying taxes for education In tills terri
tory, but all arc. not able to incur this exotics°.
,s,s, a necessary. conaequence many Of their
children renal grow up In Ignorance. i submit,
without argument, the fact that the colored
people In Denver and various partspf the Ter
ritory are taxed to pay for educating white
children, while their own children ore
excluded from tom public. sohoobs, and
and your action will determine how long this
humiliating special:de shall be presented to
the world. Justice to the Dying, and grati
tude to those who died that the nation night
live, forbid that the state of things against
which these petitioners protest should longer
prevail. I have only performed my dniY...iii
...mi n yo attention to pod.
rest, the responsibility is this
Case of Efts. Cobb.
New Tons, Jae. 2 7.—Thc case of Mrs. Cobb,
pardon broker agout, end Detoctito 'faker
was continued to-day. Thom was a coneldor•
ablo oftuineti tol tO fulmlasataillty of testi
loony robins,.the obarneter of the plaintiff,
tiltlted,but no et Menet. of Interest or importnacu was
Provisional Goiernnient for lirginia
N KIS f oa u, Jun. l".—Letter from Reriln
It Is asserted that (ho Pruselnn Prime Mini/ter
14 . I, •troug of bringing about en al"n"
Pri nein, Runt= end A merles: fees,la. to oper.
ate agnlnst Iranec on the Rhine. Runs,n to
attack the Austrian. in Hungary, and Ameri
ca, with her navy, to keep the neetn of Irene,
in cheek while her arm it, overrun Canada and
The /frerthet Richmond correspondent, nay.
one of the Virginia delegation, now awaiting
admission to Congress teiegropheil to that
city from Wash Ington onion Wednenda y, that
It is the intention of President Johnson to
eupernede the present V irginia ' o3l e govern
meat by a Provinlimal one. 'lit In Jinn roue:red
credence in Richmond, and hal therefore, of
course, created much eoni IDOL lon /male= titer
n•tion to financial eel well an political el rcles
A number ef Indies held a meeting re.te
.day afternoon, In kin , . and took prel
diary stellate organ I ('trole of Fen ittn l n
tcrhood, The members or the General Cour
ell, of O'llehony Pentlinn, In rill= n inure
bare concluded their Inborn, anti adiournet:
The O ' Mahony bonds are being soot to , liffer.
ht trie r s "' ;' ' ro Co m un iti r tie ' lll ngton say that
member of Congress filled at the - War De
partment yesterday toenquire Into the eau,
of the delay in announcing the names of the
parties to whom the reward, for the rapture
O(the conspirators are doe. Recretary atanton
answered that Judge. Advocate Dolt Ion! al
ants , an
ready prepared a list of the soecessf k. ul claim-
d the tnent would e me
early next weeannounen /dr.litanton said h he that he
Lad taken the trouble to go through the en
tire evidence, and that as lt wan ery volumi
nous, delay had been =avoidable.
of ad lltlon t,. John d
L. Thorn., of Maryland, have nought lo bane
their names recorded against the District of
C.:thimble sutTrage bill, but the request has•
been denied, because of their absence from the
Boise at the time the vete wes taken on the
passage of the MIL
The friend, of Mal. Sweeney , the Fenian
Secretary of Wax latch, dinmitmcd trots the
Regular Army of the U. for almenco without
leave, era making fitrrhOUß effort% to have
lam rednstated, and are confident of bocce..
t r.uou - NG - roN,J.huary r. 1+7.4
Communication with America Active
Meagher Appointed Dictator
r New Tone, Jan t7.—The Manche4er Ounr.
Wow of the 13th Instant, say, Our Lieerpoot
correspondent has received froth some source
information which he assures Is strictly true,
however absurd and Improbable the (arts may
appear. The purport of the communication I
that In Liverpool, which ha, •insays been on
ot the great centre, of lenlantetn, and where
t lie eller membewn have had active inuan• of
communication with other towns In Eland,
Irelaul end ineotiand, ma well iol with Amngerica,
their movement is AS •IgOM. Li ever.
Of course the proocedings of the brotherhood
are not conducted with much More caution
than before the recent trials and arrests. De!-
°gates' meetings are er:Latently held at Liver
pool, and attended by peen's from different
pert, o
lint mee ore never h twits:,
In the same place, In order to baffle Lila old
and to prevent the suspicion of outaiders, and
to put the 'pies and Itimrtnern who seem to be
inacparable from anirlsh col:191)1May on the
wrong +cont.
The communication with AmeHea I, note
are activ
writin e
g. thrtno e
tr, hat It 13 noa carried
amor e
Thu Fenian Embannadorn now nrrl ve at en I
`envo Liverpool to and from a rnerieen port,
ek ly, and an many of them smo person. of
good addrenn, Add even of eduhrillon. and an
they aiWays travel first class, no suardoinii
nhairver la Incited, no far an our Informant
has been able to learn.
The latest move of the Faainn body In
to Appoint the ritgortritta Meagher, as Dic
tator. Meaghor, it will be rernenThereL,
Wan the leader a the Irish brimide In the re
cent American war. ills plans are said to be
to divide the Fenian army into two immense
trales, with one to invade Canada, _ ond
with the other to Join the Emperor Nape
leon in ...taming the throne of Maximilian
lit Mrizioo. By this stroke of policy it Is statod
that Meagher hope. to mecum the eternal good
will of the Emperor gapolecm, and to gain his
support to the scheme of establishing the In
dependence of Ireland.
_ _ _
'."". ~,- w or.---- r^ , . , Ath , v - Irb - . PLUMBING-4GUS FITTING
sells 611.05 t.
'• s , ',err a"-, Jan I sib, mo•re : .. .
s•rry,,,ne nsndred Imles. ' , Um , firm , I ' . ''''
New Vera eheeka ~ ,1 1.seouist Erel,bt, us
, Imnired Geld 41/
i ..
A fatal affray netts, red on I; reeler at , net ye— i
tertlay In whlrda L. I. Sesrbereg I.n. 1,11e.1,
younod Catplaln , rldham !.ererel vrnun.rel Tbe '
ng man who idles Newburg surrendrd.
rho aehnonar `rept.nre hence /or His,
Isrly-flre pa4sencerg. ~,, ' , ref ,n the 10th 011 i
- i
the I übau Cos.,. rt.- s l a - -eng - ers aml ere.
1. saved, end arrived Ile• II ht` the Irdildlng
Star The reaael Is a totai leas
• , Winter Stock Particularly
Tbe ateamer Ansa l'erretl, bound Lel Ness Or• •
MEM,37.171....9,...15TTEi, ,
1,,,,.. sunk In Red river Oe the i pp, l'alls
Iler range arta raged.
Better aCcOuntns are
freedmen.reee,...l rental F.oult e , I
Teams about the making edricreera !
Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc,
Affair, In Anstreilirs—fliefeal of Inapeet.
nlhts In W Me:leo.
SAN FRANI:I,O, January 'l7 —.austral is ad v
yes of November ll state that public aidoc i
k ia
tlll remained In a illsturhml •itato. There
on been au eirtermlve strike by thew orkmeifon
the Western Railroad, bat It was quieted dow d
unit they resumed work.
Rain had finally commenced to fall doing
great benefit to the country.
AgIVII•CS from tinaysiatui to tticilnth inst. stale
that tbo Imperialist were defeated by Mo
rales at Matarpba. Morales was subsequently
defeated , losing one hundred and twenty-nano
killed. The Liberal Gan. Martinez had captur
ed the city of Alamos. • •
The roads are very insemire, and ',amerce
Is reduced to almost nothing
Dlantond.dold and Silver DI.COVCrif, In
at Sacramento.
• "
SA Fll•lgCtlleri, Jan. r.—llumboldt papers
sive a glowing theeount of the discovery of di
amoudsrgold and silver In Idaho.
Arno. Phinnev and company, evtonsive Into
I:4r dealers in thin city, have failed; Liabilities
reported at attavattl.
NOtwithstamling the water in the river at
the low w
sacrament° la nearl twenty-three feet above
ater mark, y
tho levee still held (Melt
the nom'. The low lands of the so:rotandlng
country are flooded, mid families are driven
from their homes. A 'bongo of weather In_
Abate relict from greater damage, eel the
escape of Sacramento.
(Metal Weave Front Mexico—Expedition
So.* Alratnot Inures.
WARM:SOTO,. Jan. 28.--OdleLai news np to the
,Zth of December, has been revolved from El
Paso, the present aeat of the Mexican Govern
ment, that after the occultation of Chiba.
ahua by the French, they sent an espediticm
to El P.m against President Juarez, who col
lected at that plane Gen. Eorragu's
and made other preparations to realst the in
vaders with every chance of success. When
the Fnuell heard of this, they ched back
tc Chihuahua, thee abandoning theidea of at
teak Mg El Pee°. News from the interior is re,
presented 6.• being quite encouraging; th ,
ellatoll pre•miled the whole country that
the French would aeon abandon Mexico.
• 1 eeeee Robbery—Mew Praettee.
[sr VORA, Jan 07 —Pollee officer !thong"...
of the ',nth precinct, tens no duty in C.l . artnlne
street yesterday morning, a hen a man dratted
In pollee uniform came to him and told hlm
that he had been detailed to xrrest n ottunter
fetter, and that the asslsttmee of the patrol
men would be ',attired. Shortly after, the
porter of the Greenwich savings Bank, named Thomas Quinn. Amine by with a tin box Con
taining a:11 0M In money, and he was arrested.
after mak Ink aal !Olt feattannee. TllO bogus
otlleor snapped a pair of handeuffs 1./ain't.,
wrist., and the regular pun:tic/tut to take
him to the station house, sr bile ho proteedett
to headquarters to report the arrest This
wan done, the strange Titan making his escape
with the hos and contents.
VW —at
r•.ablence or I.IL. raeee
..remora 11111. Lord 's Day onorolna IT I
: 0 1.1EkT L. klc - GICEN .rod an.lll mon.,
Funeral will takr a[: Xourtay.
/121,00, Carriage. will have Lac Ellamood.ll.
elleay. at I o'clock.
BA YARD -- danuary rtth
IF.. darighter of
• epbea mad Ld , y Bayard ar.d rs. wonthi
.11. n. days.
Tetrad. of the Molls are respectfully lnytte4 le
mt.pded lbe funeral from the reettlence P.
Goff, Enall.lll-mlusba...rula.llontlAj, AWTEHN•JON
al '1 o•r/oek.
-.Aral .4 snort picturesque place of Sepulture, el -
..117e oAtig , utA.L. B ., ittitee, eillattatiortb of Alletiecti t f
to lieleet litirlal restirilir ith
' eel
roils collee, at the CeuielerePPlTlettethe 9ePeeth''7
mod .11 oilier busks". irtil ee al el - Ie
Peeneen j
Wprbouse• of Me tioderslAued ea th
" the
sod fairseA Kneels, Allesgetty: "the
__ so Treasurst
Z.C>IITIT3ThXt. w.xticrinn,
180 and 182 Federal Street,
TY raLwis,
:1111E71N6 JI USLOIS.
11001. 9h.ll:Tn
pule.. t• careen...l with the rectal deeiter
Ea.teru Harks
Wholesale and Retail Buyers
NI 111 Ain ly • Ilm.l . ~od .tort. at al toll lor tM
they eau be found anywhere. !al
NIT"_I. 17.1'
ISO and iS Federal Street,
.11.4361r1203 I 81 13.11.•IMIE31 1
2,500 PAIRS OF
Ladles, Gents and Childress
In Every Variety, for Sale Low
.71!l3!MMI/3 13ClirliNTIV.
esl:tmd No. t Wl/11D lITREPT.
Skates and Sleighs,
No. 10/ Idarket•treat, neat YIRII.
latJ Wholemale and Retaal.
Tnnd ilfaftento lAgrelltl,ll..c.iztef.option now*.
rsqourtag rt-r4iLot.... The thjge'estg.ntrL
"AsYllrltg:rnetgrorart=Villbo found „ the
/LARD x.
ri - - . ttOILNICI
utwaiNo. T ER V
Lo. r , 7 ut r. reet.n. and W ooo .—Th4
U RAL irefi. °r AV tl.:,11•••
Illtu r dlen4 4 1i1: 1
nu " d L 'T 44 , •ti Cnr ! LI fat
f z _ II
li"1-4 8 Sumo&
N . _ l o t. - .,111 . 1 nt rrpal. .14u. prno.,(l,
it,L=l:7:4l3,lannecltately .I(l•ltijc4 (p.
iffard's likjeetoi
T• T
E 'yr-1M & c 0.,
(Stet...ear to 44:4 & EMT)) q )
jormioat No. 103 'Wild St„ Pittsburgh. Pa.
Portables &• Cigar netters.
(bucces.ror fo Adds ♦ sweat,)
•1:!.1.1.4 No. tfiA W. 4 St.. Prrrsaurtnly.
T. T. .......... STEAM 11TTILA... rr IL. LONGO.,
Plumbing and Gas rifting.
.• db
Sur.,44cr. to 4ell/ A' es
Rood fgt.. Pittsburg*. Po
_ .
WAALLINUTOIf Cm, January 4 I,l(ii.
PEALED FROFORA LS will be received this rif
fle. until o•ctoeit r. X.. on IRLDAT. the ot h day ot
February. INK for supplying the Light-llonte X.•
tablistunent with slaty thonalliaditallons of the best
~Silt) pure winter-strain.' Orb, either Isrd or
!Terra, to be divided Into foal rats, aad to be deliv
ered at the times undertnentitricd, alOnpoide of the
Government( supply-reatels, or the vehouse,
other place o deposit, to be designated by thelnspect
ng Bo u rn other authorised agent of the Light
house , In strong, tight., iron -boned. well.
made rad., suitable for shipping, In good order, co
a capacit), cab, of from Offy to eighty gallotsg-not
to etrerd the latter. The oil may be delivered at
Bootee or New Tort. at the option of the bidden.
The place of delivery In each case must bo distinct
ly stated In the bids, tad will be embraced In the
T.he four lot F i ftee n delivered as follows, via:
Lot Na. I. thousand CIA.OOOI gallon. oa
the ilei day April. la th , or as wools thereafter a, the
proper teat•
gauglag can be completed.
Lot No. 2. Fifteen thousand (Mean gallon. 011 on
the IGth day of April. or a• noon as
the proper tests and gauging can be completed.
Lot No.:. Fifteen thousand (15,0 O) Stun. ell on
the lot day of., uue, noq or al soon thereafter as the
proper teat, and gangin g ran he completed.
Lot No. 1. Fifteen thousand I instil gallons oil on
the Ix day of August. 19ge, or as soon thereafter cui
the proper tents andgga ging eau be completed.
nelmrote propouds ile received at the same
time for LOO gallons of Col. or Lard op. t o
peered as above stipulated at Detroit, Mich.. on
the Ist day of &lay, man.
No bid will be ronsidered male from • matturae
tun, of tbe article.
. part of Ilse oil proposed for and t, hrseed
In the contracts under thls ad vert Hi be ar.
robed, received. or cold for. It shall have boon
proved, to the entire eatisfautlou of the person
persons oharged with its examination. test. and In.
apeiou, to be of theta-at quality whiter.•trai it •
red o i l, and free from mixture with ether or inferior
ails and adulterations.
u T . l i tKr o g r aLtri foori
amounts ae of resactumn. and and
other proper teats to arrive at correct coucluelous
that maybe deemed LICCOF,try.
The laid oil will be subjected tospecial test, and
will be rejected unit., found to he. to regard to
burning and fluidity under mot union or temperature,
and In evet7other cop./ to that of t be st-sud
•rd adopted by the Hoard. of which a sample will ti
naruished on application to the Light-Mna. Engi
neer at Beton. Maas.
The cas ks chest be gauged ender the dlreetlon and
personal ouperelalon nt th• luspeetlng odleor. by •
eustom-bnuae or other legally auttiorlled and sworn
ganie , i , ., ....Nina to the Cult./ States standard,. usst
Inn be marked and accepted before they are renVlr.
m the cellar or warehouse of the contractor.
The temperature of the oil will be accurately noted.
pod the measurer:mots reduced tothe standard tent
ratore of d) deg. Fahrenhett,by tabled prepared for
e purpose.
Propotials will be resolved and considered for crud,
tt,':.te.O4SlTrZel ofFgiao.?ec'ear
Unantlty thanglat spec-Med as one lot, to be delivered
at one time tad plue. Each bid m om? elate explicit
ly, written out Intel!. the kind of all ottered,rheth
dtritror7.l:eidtit,Zed pit tdhoe.
" oiPZ: .7417 sV,',Atzh
'` ,ll :"LT;tll , = l 2lPo'.l.ll,' '4° IC,lTt`h7,4ierent members of h , 7 :f the
Departmen reserves the right to reject any bld LL
tWan hough it may be the lowest. for otherconaideratlona
VII milfl;
scriPtlou'rof olletiTn"YeTdsperorcial&OevaiierdklVionrlt
A bood, with security to the aatlsfactlon of Me
Department. lb a penalty equal to one-fourth of the
.1101113% of each contend made under theae pmpo..
awls, will be rviulred Of each contractor,lconditloned
for the falthibl performance of the contract to be
et rented within tea day. after the accept.ce'of the
Path offer moat be accompanted bye written gear
nee or more rospontlble persona.
relllW itaterantr:sl;MTV " "r""
o l . r d r t i e t r a r n i et r A th ol. Roc
terms 1.. ll dale to the of...rum te :L.
In tab advertisement, within ton dayeafter
imeeltAneei and that In ease the said party °aerial
sor hall fall to enter Into the contract as aforesaid, he
the' guarantee to make goal the dlfference t.-
I , 7lSen.:!'!‘ff
r'rpoaals for 011 for , Llghlohotiate,“ and thou placed In
eal:r o'faielft-t!edset"Leadrii,Pr‘',/ViZtr.ect:
AU Itida Will be opened publicly, at the hoer and on
the day apechled.
Payreentewill be made for the corers! lots of nil
Ears: been receiv •
Ily order .r Light-house
ANDRE ti A. It AltiTitellb
R e., !<., 5. Sr.
LOYE ; OA, on. S. A
60. kAltion, Just out. It toadies you to extant, T t thnee
you Io , N bow to redeem strsytny; cotopsoloto, /Sc.
it contains many suurets worth Itrebtog Pries,
ueut,. Atsb, GREAT PRIVATE BOOK • for STA It.
RUUD or GROWN PERSONS. Evory lady abool4
one. Prlto, 111.01 bend Priet, of either or moth
In F. STEINIA: A co, -,s‘µ a N o.
I. bestout wrot. Ph Ibulul ettrytwv,,, sA4rltt:l.
tosl. wwled
Ca. acccava,,
li[vdlTtulic• 1-2nnis.
NT I 'T: CI >c)TITI.o
I 4 '
ort. el 311
nJ. Ind, 111,e, fin Pipe foe Rod.
Ito,/ Pipe. ( ./Upil/17.. /Oa • lire. tad
de.crlpll,,, kept 1.L...1
Addy, 11111liams it, Bartl6y's
CV6\l•r, SI)TIf
X r To' 1,,,T firrrry:
Plumbcrv• Muterlal,
ur vale or ti.. he.l Ir.rm•le the 71,1
llCTmltharld Strntf. Plftchyrflo. r..
JEPIP • E.V'S 0' CO..
OF AIL D1.C.1117.10:Vg.
• on 7 %,..•:,,eiry an .1 (h. cLier rn Sratur,L77,
ou ry TH E 4,(1-4;PTED
k I (.1410()I)1
All This and Next• Month
No. 60 Fifth Street,
Si v.( side. al>oi e R ood Strret
hith Anr
An... In chit,'
,c . , 5 .20 ,()00 TIIO lift4i /114;11:i 414
:.c) TIIUC NH UOr.r. A its
1 /Q!./.A.1:4
)tvr tin nor:: f4.0Tri12,411.
'11 ; .;:
„ N - 1 1.:
AT I.V-*t V.\ II
.11 A,f FM:MIMS:R' GOV
ArTA , ACTIIREIRA• C4l , :fr.
tioti r ,u
( 1.0 , 1111V11 itycNt.
MC/ t3.13L1T313 Cre
33. if3XECVXMC d cles b
Opposite the Opera noose
I b bids. Flint Llotality, ,T 3 001..
Pearl Hominy; Co I bbis. Dried Proebeo. halres, 30 do
do eusrten.; la do do, pared; 041. keeriesspits
12 do do. pr. out. to do do PloeSle erlrs; 10 do do El
dertterrieo ; 10 do Frenott`Corroas;33 do York Mate
11/ ird obele, , 00 do Liblo do. J., do old do; 121 dos.
serd I r.. 0 Preebo.: Pio dos. do Totnators;l•l keg.
ountr) d 03. bids. do dot 11 do do Tallosr...
o. i'lo‘'er L ar d;
bags RP . ; do `Tinnotkri
ooze, errors' Cher.: SO do Westem
do to do gnaiisti Dales do: SO bbl{ Shall:ark Wet
ory het, l'reste Eon Itatterrinktifbble. do;
.23 kegs lucked. do,KI bid*. C. 2.4 tap x re< 4; 21 CSAInt-
Inert/el .1. baseo Eirecttonlkkosipt"Zbbb.-fresti Eggs
Aso Pearbblose rotators; SO do Wendt= Onto's;
33 do Sorghum Molasses: 3 do prime 'Appielititter
do SS Lite Beans; 10 do Clseetautts; Stf. bee. Wal
nods; au It, Strained Honey. Torsale by
1a s To Do YOTOT.
600 d0..r0 l'er•it Testators, 2.11 :pounds;
SW • • •• reacts's. 2.0 pounds;
110 r r lislA=Laftd 2 , 5 pounds.
los • il/ackbarries;
It • • " s.
50 •• Lima B r a nns:
" Green Pew
Ice •• " Corn;
Ail vranted choicequality. We also otter. large
'tack of as.orted Presersea W ps,is
5M.... Pieties, do., &e. HEYMEtt &II
Nos. I= and Wood
for sale at IS
o Street:
DRY rp.Acnts—m bbls. Ho me bairns;
DIVE APPLES - 30bbts. new Ind old;
WITITE BEAKS—PO blOg. primp. white:
/10211LNI bbl:, Flint /IomIty;
LlME—Debbi. White Liter;
b gatt n " r
VT.PIVAIM--111,0 s h .l . nTIsTIT ' s ' t ‘ eg ' t ' s .
ttlisii—C Obit. sad 1. beats AbC.;
1' —IC.O sons
ni _
P . BECK At CO.,
- Isolessle Gsocers a rnd Prodtree Deislers.
Prune Dried Pored Peaches:
:Prime Dried bats, sad onarter Peacbss:
.mime Drztd Apples and Cherries:
-Green Apples and Pea ch BiollSotator., '
ChtelaeL:rd4l NedtTV.,"
•Conned Peaches sod Tons -Uses. rtnesp.
4 ,.. ;20 5 . tea1 i0 and Pearl Batley;
thA ne. and serds,
Alt of Llcn lo orterud Ivo sale for nub at !owes{ este., by OKAPI" & RACITED,
'in 310 Liberts noel.
put •• in one pound cans. a =seep
and est - slims Jell, "bleb mar be used for pies ws•
tarts, o, thlutodi with water, ma im sweet eider. Dm
sale by JO. A. RENefftW;
Corner of !directs. anal Hand strestals
IGS.--400 drums Choice Figs
-. roselual and Tor sale by
Nos. 19 and Wood Wert.
"RI bbls.Dry Apples;
do do P
To AtyrlN eon stesmer Kenton, for sale by eaches.
orJ ,OOO bushels
( oru. In •torr d for side by
14wirsniuncn STEEL WOfl
Mau fifact ttrers of lb, 4s,t r.Por,l trot Htoll 8 , 1
Pl. 004 , h - ta go, of all .tsr.. Saw Plate., 1100, rode
saw blaeel (:at Jt.e..11, Cast litesl fur
Cats mad Common Plough and Spling''Stddl,
Offlee--Coreer of rivet mad Ross streets, Mei Wadi
' above the Monongabcla lover.
il3"l"Faima wcrwrimei,
Flat and Octagon, of all slam Warranted
equal to our Imported or manufactured WAWA.
da . thnee and rearellonse,fio. ICI and Liintit.
ItNLild Senond gtrreL/. rtuataarab.. %alma
Ori'lLS 8 :
U S D E In" A E. I
MODEST WILLIAMS, Erssleriaker.
omcv, xo. ut rourrtt ST/WM
M0,12101:1: to all Its branches. rillhateelg
laying oat soil lUndshlng crez7th z l t o . gsriet .
5 7 0117 fut
r e
14 eter Sfrir
r- .l onable terms.
17ra3D.MPLat 9 3 32 411,
es, ourth street, PitesiTrgb,_rs. ME M .
t ,, s GRAPF..6 . OLOVt.6, ever/deny
r.ltrral Ferntshing Shads retrutrlett. •
t. , rl day .d • liesrsesti4Carxispetlir
iar.e.gtexcrs—tter. Darfd Kerr, .L. U., 'GM
r.. Jac-Oblat, D.D., TbOpus Ewing Ysy. , .Tseo% fr:
It aaP now• , ..........................
' lOrAllll4. W.UIW, •
Collinitool323 :t Staneosterlirtri
wracr os
PrP7l , 4 Mteattsd {9 l , 44.:Irak
^C . ~Ictinite
mall run
1, SI
trotn II