The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 24, 1866, Image 1

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I F. Q. PENN7.II4 1 , o , Toin.
I TU. CuSTAIJ /LUNA, nu&rssr—ss SI ANACCII. •
. • No. SO FM= trIET, Pittsbargh.
.- 7 aria
- 14roxlcmc
b) 1710,
EVEXING Emvox, ti
o oo
be flovaiG
or EVENTNG, per
ticTittOorgit 6ntitc.
iieibitepmkb; .11461 retell, , pasheetti.
L.,..secoitlll. - age. _ •'
fe,seeetal rage.
rts7tptioits Cheap
At great Anal
tale Ot "Bark - et - 1 Ca. 59
2 111arl,et. 'street. , • -
Cloaks Peed Shawl.,
Great ler:Atria:Le the aloalnEr out talc of Dar
-j:.•r.t LO Sfarkirt Kzast. -
Inill#ll llo #o. 6 l'
iiIIP et tee:view prices, on the northeegt
turner (1 Vaud It ittOtarket itteleet..
• - G!.•.litetiott Lovr item,
Lin Goods
f 1,." mg Out vii , g•clienit,Ort the ncirtheziact.
pnr of Fo.rib and Market streota.
• HeacsoN Los - c 4 8.0.
rrirnielt !Merinos
t ',tam than elsewhere, on the Ittirtheast
4, , ortiqr of Rntrth isstli.Uarkat streets
-0 ILL
. . •
rer 1 61 1 q1104441RAri . ria*Ll
co to the 11nRI elosittg otat sale of Barkoi.h.,
a MAHAL street. •
' Silks Suot press
re ppettls x .
gat torgsins ittthp .faisfelos Oit
fa' Nikkei& CO, CO Markt' Lfttmet•
sz,ooo to 00,000 rtrot•ctoso attests
,Aro made Pez 4183 , ..byjthe liktionni Brick 31a
- - 7:44.1ne, tailsi•l'tero •htirso power. It le
tlbit irtentlee of the e x Te... goe advertisement in
tither column. I
NevaUml &notate of Adm..
linilirceerving cider: !PM . sine c by Marius Su
tier, I uggiot, corner of Penn and St. Clair
♦treetk, Pittenurgiti; . :3 ' • •
Countil iierehavits.
at el)] enf , hfax stook Weald, before pa rctutstaz
kiell *the eetatiLtshnieat of Barker Co., 69
Starketstreet, se . linty have tall lines of
laraehed and Brown Syeet-Ings and Shlrtlage,
'mats; yet atherittopt . a.goolle, 'which they pro
aria motif d& at nd:flees ttaet - Eaatera primes. -
• '-Drytiood s lis stt-STAplesale,
Fbe beet *co Itrtaez bet:neither in the rail
ar West I, at Itarkcalt'do. , s 'sohfaikiSt; whet;
Can he :fottral the. tteet worm:tent of Sheet-
Intra,l 4 lltrthm9,TrititiOt`rtnt 'stuffs and other
staple vett,.
*boles^le,,Dry Goods
Andsll the 51.1111dard makesof dry goons, at
•as low titioe as they eb b be purchased in tho
Zast. Bementher, we are oda - on the north
d'ast corner erfourth and Market street.
O. Itannen Love d 800.
the cliising out sale of Ladies , tars, at the first
Isidllonse:of riemtrig, No. 139 Wood
iltreet. This is the best opportunity ever of.
.1 ;red tithe pubilo to bay ladles' furs at a bar
Vain. Our stook: consikts in' Part of godson
_Ray .sable, rcrink , sable; German &eh, 'water
wag s Awed= Inch, black and tfrowble
Isidies , far hoods; ladle's' skating caps, [pries'
Sur caps, coifs= arid gloves,..gents line hat,
_and, boys' cloth and fur pap,
tit siX kinds. If - you Would secuiO
gall without delay. ,
4tliVettmanl the it irt i r ., Empiro 'lakes
I. r
,The genulne.Oriental i - emedy s.O long known
7 / 9 casts= comitrlesomdirliiella few years ago
:cattseiksuch comreotion4ll2o'og the - old fogies
thi piofesslott; by ;the eelebraterl
- treatise on tho article by the Assistant 13nr
*eon and . Professor of Ghcialstry in the
•tutts; Medical:Collor,Xl9 :nok for Abe first
1 1 0 4.15' 4 4: tints introiblcod.,lntOthis; coetilty,by.the
111. Oriental Comparti9rßoston.
Fahneatonk t Vo4 - . and. 3feClairen, are
U.e itticatattle pia place, where. the
Aenulne Hitiliealtainarean he had. Price, see
: - and 11,1,0 1 3 per Vex. -2.rone4ennine 'without the
Utiprlnt of thalkytnia Oifental Company, LSI
t• • .gtiostalieet43oll.6lS, on eitc4box.
..; • - •1 To•itaY,, 8104. To•litorrosr.
Boa - the•empethoot.of „ thousands Yew
; contioucrus lualtll, 'To what docs,the
Occasional, InVald. attribitte his uncertain.
• • „
.peaditterzt :Sot* hithaAr , „•of comae, Relays
' , Vie blame on the - iiltinitte, perhaps. It lathe,
Boyle - too cold, Ma damp, or .100 dry, or too
• , Tastable. But'doeslns:teke the proper course
•,' fortify his constitution and bodily organs
:iagainat the extremes and changes - or which he
-I:z•_;:templOnst Ro. Ile sar,PerhaPe.thitt only
A=-IEM Iron man could bear h euch - great 'heat, or
such violent cold, or suebsuddeo iintssitudcs.
el .IFby then doe:: lie noire-Sortie the great Ton
. i and Preventive, :which, ti it iil not make
t• • Lim an iron ina , totlll: at least :quadruple the
capacity of las Olden' to repel ell external
• • *genets thatj, ad to pr . use. dlaeaso
IPtters Celebrated Stmautth Bitter., taken
Amthtlint e - Op,:slmg - t4 ihe Aureetione,.will. se.
'itrengthen the stomach; brace - the derves,
'tente-the r lifer, And regulate -and - inv igorate
4 the whohriiiaa* Machinery, that the system,
: 4stealkorbeing at the, mereyot.the weather,
• 4..iondliableaS bipeostiated by 'every change id.
lezuPerill !BR bee= case-hardened, as it
*Vete, and' ahnost•impervions toe/Imile Laths.
•atuces. It, la to this preventive principle that 1
, • tilostetter , s Bitters owe their great polndartty
In.the WOt Indies, Itritlah America - and Au,-
- - -.. - .liostetteeniXlltters
'4, litre 00th srliolesale and 'retail at vary low rates
' ett . Fleming't Drug and Patent Medicine Depot
Al Market street, corner of the Dhmerid,
• lama Marra street.' 11 •
Rat the QOastior.
pecieyslyto your fzieivis as to uhat prtpara,•
Sons they use for tbeird teeth, and the re. ,
sponse, nine tunes out of ten, Will be sozodont.
. 'is no longer necessary to impress its merits
e uptni the public mind, esikerience 'has tatight
.!"; The world that, as a sucanS fof beautifying and
_gireserving the teeth, itivigorating the gums,
spd giving apleasant aroma to the breath, it
'haS no rival in either hemisobere. '
t: , With. die Almost
't ..ptirtala advent of ejialert amongst no in lb
. coming. spring, we say again to our readers
`do not be unprepared for it. Hays what you
'in crir and what experience has demonstrated
, , 'At. be a strictly reliable medicine to nip it la
. - 4ebtl Ilion the - first premonitory symptoms.
r.-'. not trust to new and , untried medicines;
• ' chat-yon know to have cured will cure again.
, 1 - laeming, druggist, ko. ei Market street, pro
rates a medicine that was used with Infallible
aucbess durirag the lzst visit of the cholera to
' ) tills city, and we unlicsitathagly say that no
1 ..Medicine in theworld is altimeter to it. Don't
to without a!hottle: of it, than is our advice.
and when the dread scourge does make its up
rarancelyou iiiecicinsparttlrely . ecti re. - ' ,
. . " . i.hold only Irtrittslrargb, at Flemin g . Drug
t *tore. No. SS biarket street.,:
min find Whittle Goods.
`it'e with great hlemere ;we call the atm:t
oe of our readers's° the suhperWitock Gael
ehtrii*lntir Goode Jest received by Mr. John
- Iftkicir l CerchentlfiaPr4Net.Wiedenti street,
iMeOPOttic. Ms stoclietrib*es_ecnzig, or the
beentiftd Clothg, Cessuncres, Overcoat
ppm:A Veitithis ever - Dr.:mght talk° weil-
Actariet, aesortrnent of Yuralablng Goods,
• comprlslngEtarts.Drnwereo4araNeek.Ttes.
?t , alAterahtela r fte;einnot,surtaised caaC
vfrirolllt. iiarwe abaci of rCadi made Pant
Vesticand Orescoals7wlll also bo found
dt tatkestabl.Mhniect.,..,rersons in want of anr:
'slag In the clothingnee should not fall to.
/rive Mr . Weloracall.
,Piiriy &
er,eticia State Renter - Nina Dealers in Awed::
itetn Oillee. at Alexiii
dter tke.Water Works Pitts
„mat. Pa. Residence. Yo. is Pike street. Or
dlertpromptly tatended to: Ail - work warrant
odAititer Proof. Repairing 'done at the sliest
eottklUltico.hoolLlrge req” rt'Palt.nroyilel the
aof is not abused after it is put on.
There Ere ,one huadreedtstinet nerrous
.tatteites;a2a , l there is not melt& them that will
tat steld to the great thvtgorant; Dtkoreae.
I Th7 surer the 'torture or =Mtn weakness
ecirirdar The ion Yon Instant
. *Viet and pensg.nerttatteng*. Sotoagantfor
elittiburgb, 'Jona nen:and, - Druggist, No. 81
market elt.reet. Seniby axpressany ahore. A
Cnirienter ".Tabbl*f-Shop
retnrue.a efter an, absoneo of three
tome in life army have re-opened my shop
tot all sOrta of:Sobbnig tlie caiponter
44 gm, old stand, Virgin between Smith
dela st.tep, had Cherry Alley: Orders solicited
Lid prtaniitik attended to.
R:orber wy. I, now prtut,ro.l to 111 nth..
4 1 t"lt It .t :):/eont. , . a cake.
Wlll :Ind extra Inducements to 1,0 at hates
a. Bellta. Their ',tech to in exeelleut order
Complete Linea of linen panda and housekeep
ers. goods will always he found in stock. A 9
an inducement to close out their woolen goods
they have restored the balance of their balmo
rahs,ahanda, cloaks, cassimeres, blankets, and
flannels fully twenty per cent. under former
price-. A visit to their establishment will
Neutral Nolphlte of Lime,
FOr PreServing elder. For hale by Cherie
inner, Dttigg eornef of Peen arid Ot. Ulel
.treets, Pittsburgh.
- -
Every deserlption of Woolen Goods, Bolmo
.!flantkets, Flannels, Dress Goods, Cloaks
sad Sbawld , *0 better chance has ever been
co:remain thls city to select Dum it Illrat,4aaa
ifack of Dry Goods, than it: now *trend at
Batta "they aroifelling Out the bal.
tinee of their winter good, at a large reilnetion
trout former paces. Do not fail to make a call.
All the popular makes, at very low oriee., on
the northeast corner of k'ourth ;and Market
Final closing-oaf .ale of Muter Dry Good,
ThO Immense and n - ell - asiOrtflll stock of Date,.
Bell I offered at retail yen/ cheap, In order
toelose out the winter block.
For presirying cuter! For Sal . es by Charles
SUMS, It:tin/Ist, corner or Perm and .§t. Clair
From the Titusville Hrrnirl we gct farther
igiralcrilarn of the arts occurring in hat place
on Sundayvnight: •
"About half-past ante o'cloek, the barn in
!heresy of Rm. Ituell's home- no Main street,
near lhartin street, was discovered to be on
Qty andy
s . i t l i e i r
was ralFr::
fa cttpled by ones belonging toldr. Traiers,and
the animals were taken out unharmed. The
barn was filled with hay, and the dames soon
communicated to a dwelLinghouse also belong
ing to Mrs. Hued and fronting' upon the alloy
between Pine and Main streets. The engines
were oe the ground, but the chronic want of
hoseand water, renderedall efforts of the look
ersbn comparatively Useless. -
"Before this fire was fully extinguished an
other alarm was sounded from.the centre of
the town, and presently the flames burst fur
iously from the south aide of Drcyfous.4 Co.'s
liquor store, adjoining E. B. Chase a C0...' dry
gnods slog'- at the corner of Spring and Frank
ofstreeL five minutes from the beyond
thethis discovery, both buildings nerd beyond
hope Of preservation.
"The losses as far as reported to us, were as
follows: 0.11. Richard, ,Be;V '
C. D. Iheyfotts &Cee—Loss orer72)% Insured
on ilyttors si AO3 ;on furrtiture , building
VAS. EChst.Se '&Co.—E)rdly sured. Tab
.tio not reported. 111: H. Buell--.-Loss on hOuSe
$1,00); insured $l,OOO. Loss of barn $.1,03 no
T t i sflonactemusaliteeonyreerlmenls-illfairs,
or a portion of the members, will shortly visit
R 013119 of the Southern States. The Orange and
Xrumuserla Railroad Company has tendered
to them the use of a special train from Wash
ington to Lynchburg. Representative Kelley,
in reply to the President Of road, thanks
him for his kindness,t and sass the - committee
will name an early day for the proposed odd
of observation.
Tag Vera-Cruz -vigrespondent „of the ieew
Torkr.licraid, wilting under.- date of January
ettr,egys. - G en.: Jebel Early artiVed hero a few
days agn,lLCCOnipateled by .aoveral tioureder.
sites. It U understood that he, will leave to
day for the City of Mexico. Ile has dyed his
balrand bea.rd black. 'lie rode all the way
'throngli, the Southern State, from p ia elm • ~ a ft-nt.liaPresternArlraltd.o
Ten taatlbaraday of Pebraary has usually
been consecrated to fasting and prayer for col.
lege, and aclioels. Th.l3 year it falls upon
WashiligtOn'sbixth-day. It is proposed, there.
foreilikailtrrtAr Olitiereetlie , " Thursday Lao-.
Mderiebruiry— The effect avoid '
bectharitds Year; ind three or four times eve
rpCentury, the college fast day would fall upon
the Oral of March.
871.10,C0LS efforts ar e being aside to have
the ' , Nays and. Conamitte noon ad verse.
ly to a con a ce of the tax on incomes. and
to substit a tax on sales. This however,
doesnotaieet with mneh favor from theCona;
rrarneould the Tax .Catornfasioners now ca
g ga ga lnst ed in any such reviain the
change.revenue taxes are
PILIVA.TZ latrines from Washington report
that in official quarters no cortildenoe to placed
In the professect Intention of Laois Napoleon
to withdraw the French troops from Mexico,
and that the ads - toes from Europe of a probe.
tde alliance be". een France - and Auatria are
interpreted as looking to a combined support
of Maximilian by -those powers. ---Y.- Y. £bet.
COLOULD Tuners T Go ve rn m e nt Sl' I3IIIPLAMI.
It is slated that the has conclu
ded NO garrison the forts and protect the
Mole! oti Val, plains with colored troops, of
whom at least three full regiments will short.
ly be dispatched to the Indian country. The
Intention is to afford entire security to tray
elers and oaravana,and pat atlas; mop to the
4,1,31411dt/ha of the savages.;
. , .
JontilL,Mtnitiscrs,, of Ban Francisco, could
not get divorce itaCalifornfa.,. add . so sent a
••• Omen statement of his case user to a Mor
mon probate court In tltah, which, without
the prestnee of either party granted what he
wanted, and he married again. Now his first
a !Le proseentes him for bigamy, and even
em‘y-going Calitornitt don't hod It conLa6tent
fo let him off.
Gusatralicrynan, a German, aged .1) years
whd half forsOhso time lived .m 1 intemperate
ilfr, and worked in the brewery of Adman
Fey b, No. 2054 William street, committed sal
elde on Thursday night by Jumping Into a vat,
of boiling peer, while under the influertee of
Alterllngeting in great $1,..0ny at the
New York Hospital until Friday night, he ex
pired from the efforts of the inJ erica received.
SOMLBODY who is posted up in sanitary mat
ters s..serts that New York city is afflicted
Kith no less than twenty-floc thousand mils.
s sores, among winch tenement houses, dump
ing grounds, defective sewers, daughter
house sod fat boiling establishments are said
to be the least Important.
Tar Memphis Apalonelie, a Joornal of decid
edly disloyal tendencies, says thaPthe opposi
tiou, to negro i,estimony .that sett lon In raps
idly dying out, and speaks at length in cow-
Inendatory terms of the fact.
TutMorsuon paper at Salt Lake City ....flees
the new demonstrations of eastern and con
gressional feeling against polygamy under the
encl of - 801 l boiling :wain.' The editor n.
t'. S. Postmaster.
MLF-TINGA of colored people are being heh
varlotn, points Of the 6outh to •eleet del
gates to the general Freedmen's Convention
which comes or soon at Angustn.
A rvlTrx locomotive, capable of 'ea Illng nay
miles an hour, has been Invented, and the pa
tent applied for by a French Canadian named
Pierre LactoiX.'
Frfixtr.r, one of the parties arrested on en
niclon of being concerned in the Adam,. Ex.
pre... robbery, be., clemped from Jail at Nor
cam:lndian Cana) Pro Jails.
?toss arrs.t., Jan-23.—A largely attended meot
lag of the Montreal Board Trade was held to
thy to consider Bon. Jno. Young's resolution
as to the necessity of ctobstractltg canal con
tannleatioll between the river SC Lawrence
and Luke Champlain. The Presidents of the
Toronto and Quebec Boards of Trade were
preset!: !elk - Removed Inan'amendmenetnat
t he Welland canal be enlarged to the lame size
rut the !it. Lawrence canal, which was carried
by a vote or roar to one. Areso!titian pointing
out the necresity for the constrtsetiOn, at coma
fetbre , time.OtiltlP Caugilnawaga canal was lost
by a vote or elevelsiounrtyssis. The meeting
scented unanimous regarding (the neeelelty of
eotketructing the Ottawa canal.
Constitutional Amendment Pamed the
New Jersey Senate. •
MENTON, Jal4. =.—The Joint resolutione to
regord- to the Eenhiitutional Adiendmeat,
tretcaletthseed to-dtty,and ttaeastllty a recent
13 yeas, against 6 nays. .
Mr. ',covet, President of the Senate, made an
able speech, which was much applatided, In fa
vor of the amendment.
Reaolntione, thanking our aoldiers and nail.
or, and their commander's, were poised unan
froonsly in the llotse.. A reaolittiort directing
that tine bundic4 gun., be' Mud toqnorrow, lit
honor of the pasthge of - the uniendinent;
Railroad MonopOly in the Sapreme
Puma:A.:train. Jannary the Supreme
court, to-flay, the Phlladelphlis t Erie and
Peram,rleunla Railroad Compao lei applied for
aep octal t c ol n uill y. ong ,n p i le c ront the a i l i ta,lam.
t , iptda and Aria road, - to bannocrt, arittuthe
Sear Crick' Railroad' at one termitilvi thereof,
'inlet the other termlnu.s with an road char
tered by the state of New York. The bill also
charges-that the purpoYe of the defendants Iti
to construct a road by which the trade the
oil reran. Is to be deflected from Philadel
phia to Near York.
The Mansion American Telegraph.
SAN InnircieFo, - Juii. U.—The Itissiten
ernmen t has of [nth., Westent Union
Telegraph CPlitPuitY, that the steamer Gni.
Vette. of their Pacific Squadron, will he
placed ut their disposal; and hare requested
mutt actions in regard to her destinutloo.
Col. 'Wilily, chief of Um eApeclttion, osiers
her to report ul !irrtrOpollig/t! to May.
Writunv Foantrax
i a , It cl,l nxperinft....
•r. Fk.rbf.r the
e9titirtn. It th.Lt VM
oily iD
Special lisle of the toesioon
Plaid rinCineas,
Beta.o Nate of the Season.
Nflitrol F 4 ,llte of Lime.
Flees fit 71fizsvI11ib.
Our Special Dispatches
Reorganization of the Treasury
The Foreign Loan Bill in Doubt.
Marriage of arm X.. 1. Doughy,.
tea., duo.. to.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
The following regulations concerning the
disposition of moneys paid to Collectors miter
judgement, and on cOmptomises, has Just been
made by the Commissioner of Internal Rev
enue, and approved by the Secretary of the
Treasury. They are Issued as a supplement
to timer of the Secretary of the Treasury of
lune 20, and June 27,1E4, for the guidance of
Collectors, under the provisions of the Inthi
itch, and 175th sections of the act of June a),
Isat, In order to correct some pructical errors
of ascount, in the disposition of moneys paid
to Collectors, after Judgment recovered in
Court, er upon compromises. It is believed
that all eases of the kind alluded to urn em
braced in ono or the other of the t twee classes
described below, and Collectors are Itn,tructed
to dispose of the moneys in each of the cases
named as hereinafter directed, viz
First— When proceedings are instituted for
forfeitures or for the recovery of penalties,
and the case is prosecuted to the final juita,
• recut. in court, the law requires the proceeds
of all fines, penalties and forfeitures belong-
Log to the Government to be paid to the Col
lector, and when any Stich payment is made
to him-by order of court, he will deposit the
amount Immediately to the credit of the
Treasurer of the United States, with his other
collections, and enter It upon his abstract of
collections for the current month, against No.
2,9, and return it to the Assessor in form fifty
eight, that It may be included its themorathly
Second—When a delinquent tax payer pro:,
poses after en investigation of his buAin, 4 by
it revenue /pincer, to pay the tax Coned due
with the assessed penalty, and a certain sum
in lien of penalties and forfeitures. In cases
of this kind the assessor 'Would determine the
amount of the tax and the oaseastui penalty.
and return the same to the collector on a spec
ial or monthly lit, al tothe case of other as
sessments. When these amounts are paid to
too collector he will enter them upon hie cash
book, and also upon his abstract, like other
collectors. The amount of the tax and the as
sessed penalty will not be deposited
to the credit of the Secretary of
the TreibirtrY, but the amount paid in lieu of
anew, penalties and forfeitures should he we de
posited to swatch!. deal award and distribu
tion. tr hen the award is made the Secretary
will issue a draft In favor of the informer, if
any, for his moiety, and another draft in fever
of the collector for the emolety.belonging to
the Government. The Collector will deposit
this draft to the credit dr the Trumuce or Us.
United States, with his other Axillections, add
enter the amount Di his cant balk in hia ab
strict, against 296, and ou form 6, as di
rected in the case of moneys paid to him by
• o -der of Court..
. Thfrl—Whem a delinquent tax payer liable to
prosecutions for tines, penalties and forfeit..
use, deposit. with the Collector a gross sum
either prior to, or peading an inrustigsthus, in
or.ler to avoid seizure, or torelease his prop
arty from seizure.. There may Do occasionally
a case in which the drearnsenthes will appear
to Justify s proceeding of this sort though ob.
eleuslY Inn cases and should be rare.
When, however,. the cirerunstiume are inch
as seemingly to justify the Collector in accept
ing a gross stun for taxes and penalties as s
conuition of refraining from, or releasing a
seizure so that the traslnese of the delinquent
may go on he will depOlilt the entire
amount received to the creditor the Secretary
of the TrellVlTy. The ease will be investigated
by the Assessor of the District, who wilt de
termine the amount of tax due, and the as
',shed penalty, if any. fie will transmit the
assessment to the Collector on a special or
monthly hot, as In the case of other assess
ments. On the receipt of such list, the Collets
ter will report the amount of the assessment
o the Comsnbistoner to whom the several pro
ceedings .111 the ease should be promptly re
ported, from tittle to time, as they Are taken•
When the ease is finally determined, by the
Secretory of the Treasury, he will distribute
the deposit as follows: One druft. In favor
of the Collector for the tax and assessed
penalties. This will be applied to the par
ment of the assessment, and the proper en
tries made In the cash book and abstracts'
One draft In favor of the Collector for the mo
iety of the penalty , belonging to the Govern
merit. The amount of this draft will be
entered to the cash book abstract, against. Rio,
%2, and on form SS, as directed in the case of
moneys deposited by order of court. One
draft in favor of the informer, if any, for his
moiety of the penalty accepted in lieu of flees.
penalties and forfeitures. if the amount de
posited should be In excess of all the taxes
and penalties accepted, the excess will be
refunded to the delinquent by draft from the
It will be °bylaws to collectors from the fore
going regniationa that while moneys paid on
on the 2d and 3dnases remain on deposlttothe
credit of the Secretary of the Treasury, they
..hould not be reported in form 22, nor should
they be In the receipts on form 235.6. In Iran.-
mating to the Secretary the original eert.lll
rate of deposit to the credit of the Secretary of
the Treasury on account of fines, penalties or
forfeitures, collectors will be careful to Aihr.
thigulsh both on the face of the certificate of
deposit sad on form 0, accompanying It
the name of each offender and the particular
amount of tine, penalty or forfeiture received
for him.
Seeretttry McCulloch will recommend to
t•ongres., a - thorough reorganisation of tho
Treasury Department. The Commisioners ap
pointed lest summer by the Secretary of the
Treasury,to reslsc toe internal Revenew laws,
it seems cow will make only a partial report,
for the MISOIII that they kayo been only si
months. in session, and it will require ma
mouths more to algeat the materials collected
_ .
during that period. The. Commissioners say
they have been di•eppelnted in not receiving
the neevoisara Hate from the Treasury Depart
ment, a bile The chirke of the liepiu - tmonta de
clare the C01111111 , 53/011e, did not understand
aliatjhey have feeeirekL
The resignation Of Major lion. Lew. Wallwee
lain been neg. - pled by Chu Pre. Went.
The Comintealoner of cie.i‘gu., hay ordered
an inerrase iti the force of revenue ogicors ou
the f'nuaillan front ter, on account, of the rtra
facility utrordelt for smuggling neross the ,t.
Lawrenee river, which is now frozen over.
SenaXor.rotticroy has it:areal...led a hilt in
lon per - acing about thirty gentlemen, raiding
in various parts of the wintry, under name
and etyle of-" Colorado River and ❑tub
portattori Company." The Capital stook of the
corporation in fixed at one hundred thousand
Jolinra, and the project which [boy have on
hunllb nothing lc.' ht than that of wstahtilhlng
a line of steamers on the Colorado r, Ter to
connect w ith Ocean a Wainer*. and the , espre44
and freight lino for Salt Late.
One section of the bill provides for the line of
river nt..merA, and for improving navigation
of 0, Colorado by dredging and Widening tho
channel, and grants alternate 'motions of land
or six mIleA In rrldth on each elite ot the river,
rem tbc .nouthern boundary of the UMW,'
tut ca tho beadof nark:Won. Another nor
tion empowera 0 eorportitton to eOnitruct
übont Min hundred miles:of won . road to
connect the Lend o‘nftelsntion withiqall-Lake
and Pfeaeott, the Cal)ttal Of Atlgota Ter
azo to to , .ntvoyed and een•trnrt
ed under the direction of three corn ualasion .
appointed by the Se.:retary of the Interior,And
u grant of land Is made, covering alternate
sections on each section of the road for Vl<
miles in N kith- The mineral land. are reaer
red to the United States. Gigantie an tills
scheme is for connecting the heart of the coun
t ry with the sea cast, the gentlemen intereated
in It are eonlident that it Is feasible and ad.
Senator Ramsey has Intro:laced I/ bill con it I
t sting the Postmaster, Collector of Customs
and District Judge of St. I'lillll,ll Board of Com
tolitsioners to select and purchasie with appro
val of ilecretary of Litterlo r, s site and erect
thereon suitable buildings in that city for Post
elite° Custom House and United States Court
House, and one hundred thousand dollars Is
appropriated to carry out the provisions of
the bill.
The Ways and Means Committee had a short
cession this morning, but reached no conclu
sion in respect to the Loon bill. It is under
stood that at a former session of the commit
tee thc vote stood four for mind four against the
clause authorizing a foreign loan, with Went
worth absent. The present Indications are
that the Committee will not report the bill for
The Senate will probably reach a vote on
the passage of the Freedmen's Ilureau 11111
to-morrow, unless Sumner concludes to make
speech. The section authorizing the Presl
'dent to set aside three million acres of Gov
ernment land, for use of freedmen, gave rise
to much discussion, but was dually agreed to
by:thirty-six to seven. The section regarding
the Sea Island titles, which comarum them to
ncgroos for three years, prosaism! to pnaluca
mush debate to-morrow, as Summer desireS
to confirm them forever, and Garret Davis
wants to oust the leegroca at once. The Sen
ate will propably mastain the bill as it shindy
The Douse is very much disposed to thor
oughly debate the Reconstruction Commit
tee's proposed Con.stltutlonal Amendment,
and Sir. Stevens has therefore withdrawn his
soli for the previous question. Half a dozen
speeches wore made to-day, end eight or ton
have indicated their purpose to speak to.
morrow and neat day. The prospects for the
passage of the amendment, which must re-
The Senate Postonice Committee will proba
bly report the rostmaster l:rneral•a bill re
quiring postage on nowspapere to be prepaid
from the office of publication, bat Senator
Dixon, Chairman of the Committee, will op
pose it when It I+ called up In the !Monte fur
Colonel Ostorne, Assistant Commissioner ssf
Ffee.imen for the Florida District, reports to
General litritard, under date of December ISt,
• comparatively encouraging state of affairs
in that State. Be says that the craps have all
been gathered, and that the plauters are
promptly ipayhig the freedmen their wages.
No government rations acre Issued daring the
month of December, except to the destitute
freedmen in hospitaLit. Ten schools with near
ly two thousand scholars are now In operation
In that State„under the auspices of the Yr.:d
i:nen'', Bureau.
The marriage of Ides. Douglas and Brevet
hrigedier General Williams, took place this
evening at nine o'clock. at the reshienoe of the
bride. The ceremnny was performed by Rev.
Father tyneb, of the Catholle church. There
were present on the occaaloa. Gen. Grant and
lady, Secretary Stanton and lady, General Fry
and lady, General Kelton.. Assistant Adjutant
General, ,Jr. A., Col. Cldgrt, and several oth •
ce intlma e,friendr Of tho bride and bride.
Gen. Butlerls reply to General Grant's re
port will nojbe completed for several weeks
yet. One hal:Weed and eighty-four page. of
it are derotztl to a history of the tiener.iPs
military operations op till May.
tats Billy Smith, or % (reale, meorted by
t_o female .retrele, attended the i • residential
eves this evening.
Special Dispatch to the rittxburgh GajettA
nAir.15.130141, Jsuausry Mak
loweicfroto the Vadat Cora.
Witte appointed last mutton to investigate
thertileged attempt to promare the pawls, of
the italirocA, bill-by corrupt means, reported
with vOltimitiona evidence.
The committee recommend that t he Speaker
tans Ids warrant rot the arrest of Schofield,
who teiered to appear before the comma
A number of politicians and editors tetilded
before the committee.
31r. Ingham read an act Incorporating We,
Hick°,7gind Dennis Run did and 7r>•naporta
Coo Company.
Mr. Graham:, an act tor the relief of Abdigail
liarford and the repeal of the prarivo to the
ant section of theaet, which limits the Income
of the orphans' asylum of Yitubargh and Al
The Last named hill passed finally.
,tlr. London,• :impalement to the act proton.
Inc the marriage of miner..
Mr. Landon offered te . aeries of resolutions
approving the course of tbefiepublierin mem
ber, of Congress, In voting for the metro suf
frage bill, arid Instructing United States Sena
tors to vote for the same, sr Mob passed on the
second reading by a strict party vote. Holder
nod gldgmay refusing to vote. The bill dually
ntia, PAoOLD.
An net vacating &Ms street, Pitt-burgh.
An act relathe to achlttloual 1,1 or ororko la
hots[.—The Udvernor Informed ,the flout
that ha uvula send In his message the curly
part of neit week.
DILL! rAes.,:o
To Increase the pay of the Audllote of the
county Of ArmeirOriff.
SUppkiment • ct to intoorpornte the kir
rologhatta and South Pittsburgh Ut. Company.
The lieu., met to conolder tho et...intim, of
respect to the memo:, of Abraham Lincoln,
late President of the Lotted States.
Ruddeman. of Philadelphia, and Mr.
Perulung, of Cambria, addrwasell the Hoare ha
the resolutions, and they wore thou adapted
National Currencv "[smiled
Destitution of Poor Whites
N Yorta,Jalsuar) Itl.—'llte Wash:at:-
lon .pecial naps Gronerals Low W.thylVl
. Iterkhut have resittnett.
(Jen. Grant and family took h Is
new house In Wadi yostetday.
The Trtbette't Washington special soyy. Isla
lamal currency to the amount of ir1,931,x50 teas
lost steak Lsousal by the Treasury Department.
The total ornOttnt hssmtd up to dote in rltts'
The Coma Ms-loner of Freedmen of the Su to
of Alabama reports to General Howard, under
dote Montgomery, (Alit.,) January 13th, that
there is considerable suffering among the
laity,. as well as the blacir_s in that bvsalityl
but t h e citizens are taking hold of the matter
and doing all to their power to alit them, al
though poor themselves. Up to the dalo of his
eomniunitation to GeneMl Howard, ho had
distributed tweoty-tive boxes of stores, and
had ordered twenty-dye bow more from
ti., beuevoient societies of the west tin also
rented n building, and had startod a school for
she poor whites, to be supported by the illeTe
land (01110) Cormahusion, lie reports that ho
i- much pleased by too co-war:atm° of the cit.
tons, unit expresses the hOpo that ho ban se
cured an Internat. for this poor, both black
and white. lie reports that live hundred ra
dius or,: bring booed dolly to the freedmen's
corny, Lot there is stn.l great a want of cloth
From Nemihrtille
N •Nu V ILI. E,Tantlary Zl—Tho river I, fulling
Ith right feet on the Shoals.
Cotton dull to-tlay; prices rung,. front 3 / 1 411e.
it , ,clot,, 11;0 bales; tales, 111 bales; shipments,
GI holes.
In opposition to the memorial recently be ,
fore the public, gm coming teem the Union
citizens of Tennessee, a van to the citizens
wh properavomle to its speedy restoration to
Its position of equality and Influence,
has been made to bald a rams mooting on the
anniversary of Wrmiliingtonls birth-day,
to secure tills dirent end. The hearty and
unquestioned indorsement of the to
policy of Andrew Johnson lo pledged. The
call IS Signed by leading conservative mom-
lucre of the Legislature mid the most promi
nent Union men in the State. •
The negro testimony hill pouted the seeond
reading In the (louse toslay, by n cote of .1;
to 33,
florrmenta of Troops.
Cairo, Jun. m. —General firtsbin has boon 11.-
' V e a d stth C rtg a. o;rlP 7: f al r aTry "' , l u u n 'r tie A r
Wade, ha% been rent from Helena and Guvulla
Bluff. T6C r ,, port !tortheen paper: that
mut Iny rt..; b. 1; 0.,..;..,1117.1,r1t15
• . her„ Mei been waylaid, and one of them killed.
by men belonging to these oombinetione,
Pending the discussion of the abovesubjeet,
II k .11., OTOS .7.1111.111 y 2.:, Ist Mr liendermds offered a Joint Resolution to
sEN ATI.. I amend the lonstitution 00 as to prohibit any
state from withholding, tbo elective tratiehlie
• from citizens on account of itolOr
The Senate i hen adjourned.
.. I .
tu motion the Select
so ,t..,.1z 0 t f ,
o( If o r i
.. :(7 t:
i ' ll:f i t t:t , n ot e i l e . t n o it tl th er:o ' :l3 x a pe re tr d s n o i c e l t v n io c cii i
of providing by law ' for taking a CCU...pi of the.
Prided States during the year Istil, and report
by bill or °there Ise
Mr. Bender - in offered n re -solution deelaring
that the taltettltution nit government were
ordained and established by the people, and.
not by the States In their individual character
Therefore, the doctrine of State Rights strikes
at the foundation of all Erovertoneut. No stair
nor Mates, by the constitution or laws can se
cede or withdraw from the Chinn. ti d y such
effos, they destroy all their rights an privi
leges, and the government over their territory
reverts to the United States. All the territory
of Tens ought, under ouch rules and regula
tions as Congress may prescribe, to he set
apart to the use of the colored
_people of the
hotted State.. The welfare of both races da
minds that the colored people should be set
apart from the white.
The resolutions were com nalt red to the Lams
mittee on Reconetrictlon
The Home proceeded to the consideration of
the proposed amendment to the Constitution
of the I ailed States in relation to the appor
tionment of representatives and direct taxes
Mr. Jentskasuggested that the amendment
said nottung about a property qualltleation
South Carolina for instneee, might retain a
qualification of fifty acres of land.or payment
of a tax. There would be discrimination on
account of color in that "date, yet the basis
of representation would be the same.
Mr. Stephens replied that no matter whether
2 State cut out white or black, representation
would heilinalnimhed to that erteot.
Mr. Farnsworth-tint suppose (tie Werk man
does not own real eetatel
Mr. Stevens-Then the aw ndment oper
Mr. Brooke wishe I to know whether the 100,-
000 Asiatic. or Coon. in California and Ore
g itories ore excluded 00, and those going into N te. ada and the ter
Mr Stevens replied that he ender-toed Om-
Asiatics am excluded toy the laws of Colin,
n in, On OCCOUIII. 01 race. tram the elective Iran
ehl.. Therefore, that State, to this extent,
would be curtailed of representation
Mr. Brooks asked, "Why exclude the Indi
an t "
Mr. Stevens replied, "Indiaell, not taxed, are
excluded by tiael,m.titution ..
Mr. Brooks, "But why not Include them."
"Mr. Stevens, "They are tribal and hare
their own separate governments."
Mr. Brooks, "Why not embrace them all,
while you are making a liberal Constito
Mr. Steven., "We have not been expecting
the gentlemen and his friends would make
objection "
Mr. Sloan. of Wisconsin, asked Mr. Stevens
withdraw his demand for the previous
Ittlestion, as he desired to offer au amend
She. Sieveec-"t cannot do it."
Mr. linker, of Illlnols---"I submit whether It
Is entirely proper to put through nn amend
ment to the Constitution and refuse a word of
debate, or one moment to raise an objection,
As for myself, I protest against tins Marge".
Mr iitcren.t-n1 tuts, only suggeeted what I
bare thought our duty to do LI the amend
ment is to pass the Howe. I bare only sub
mitted the question to the Souse."
After some further talk, Mr. Stevens with
drew the demand.
Mr. Blaine said that having originally pro.
posed the Constitutional ametaduient, be
winhed to my a few words, rind also reaffirm
his assertion In regard to the effect of a suf
frage basis as between New York and PCIIIn.yI..
vents. Be stated. on the authority of the emi
nent Chairman of the Committee on Way. and
' Means, lir. Morrell, that It would give
~a net
gala Of the mentsers do New York and th e
tablet submitted to the gentleulan from New
York showed a gain of four, which was enough
Another objection to the suffrage baste
would be found ha the fact that the moment
repreventatives are appointed acony the
.totes in that way, they will be destrthute , l
e si [thin the States on the said hada . A strife
at of locality is at Once stated In all the State,
srsr where the male population of 060 ecetion
might be greater than that of another. lie
t o spoke further amultist the basin of ariffrage
,„ The loyal States should not Quarrel among
ler- themselves, nor should one seek to get au uri.
th e fair advantage of the other
„„,„„ Mr . Donnelly spoke In terse of the reselu
ride thin. It would - do away si ith the rotten boroeit t I
, the system of the country, It would reduce th e I
,•h,„.„ representation in Congress to a boats of perfect
few of equality. If men had no voice la tbo (severe- ,
leant meat, other men should not alt in Congress
pretending to repro:mot them. An oppreoed
Serest race ahould not be represented by his oppres
t or. and it was a mockery that a Iran's enemy
7,- P ZI. o ohould be his agetst and selected by his ene
att th e mire, us would Le the MAP if the white Men of
t h e g oo , IL" South repro-ceded the blnekti in Congreas
rt.,,,.. 000. . " shout the blacks being allowed to rote
o o too, of It ears claimed that thin measure would '1„-
to dam the south to let
The hope
vote. Xle
soa ta to , did riot believe this. The hope Of [attire 'pd
.:. dasti s t. Ittleal Mover was • very remote Lad vague ael.
sr, would lag. The antipathy to the negro was direct
its. la a d. and pressing. Lie wanted to have the twestme
or otm, era Jet tsof taXes WWI representation discern:tea
/elation of bed. Direct taxes atiould be according to the
Lo, would tomcatted property, apart from representation.
ratte petty Mr . Brooks observed that Oregon, California
5i n ,,.... of tad Nevada were to he dem - ire:l.of repro
demo., di e "rotation, and was not an LOalorl as well es a
y its priori- negro a man and al:ironic r I To this beetled
received no answer lie raised pis eel, t o
„ ht. ,. S ea ..behalf of fifteen millions of IllsCOantry-
A„ ma ~ in. . women, the rarest and brightest portion of
ter soeelderourcrestlen t and naked why they are to be de
,oerntie party priced of repreeentatioa I They are excluded
2ougre. Lie from all voting, why not recognize them se en
3eottote to ” titled to repre,ntation.
I proper „,„ 0 „ Mr. Stevens said the amendment did not say
rev shall not rote.
a° ' em. '" 6 " 'b ee. kartmworth said whatever law they
ditto, In which might pus, 11. will be hedged %boat with
guards and protections 50 plain and ao
1.6 of tee great
elittoCrntJc party (dear that the wayfaring Man though a ford,
~,,,,, ,r.t.i. party need not err therein. Tblky s had adopted a
a , the s hame ,. Loasti teflon/II amendment testaltgrerg should
D e „„ tiott .„,„ were not extra, but they found that in the South
those made free are being reduced to slavery
war I
ion of M om r. ve
again for every petty offence
sod patriots, good it The rebel, had evaded the law by which the
n u, na any a , , Sb . a. rk,.,1;...,..0 him a t t i ry , matt I were removed. it
.i ' utt P r "rt :11 L t I t ' s e mess- 17Tot .'" eo stew lt Ilrou'gdatiPl,T. TlateiVotrtV
„hv ~, „ f ~,,,,„„, rig states might deprive the negro. of the
d„ not helices „„ right ..4 sue rage by recognising a property
qualificatin, or if etthention were recognieed
that the war by passion .a. law excluding teem from
South. Is 1, „ Ls to , memo!, thm preverating the negro f rom pos .
'sinning the required qualification by no act of
y Initiated the oar
eat,„„, so f.,,. .., rip_ his. oven by illeati.m it *mild be to say
„„„ ea t . they h , a state has a right to disfranchise the negro,
a ~..noel ^,r„„ e „, to _ it was unjust and the srluciple of republicen
1 the Vetted States. If „0.„„„nt peeeented it Tee people •ho
an a pa
rty, , a Its pre _ , ent them to this House acre more nstileal
tn t o l„ t o , t h e eo „,i tttoo than they were them.elves In reply to a
a , d e , r „,,„ . i t , is " (or 4UIPTISOU asked by Mr. smith, he WO/ that in
to „ ' ,1 11.1611111:14A1U3E the his opinion, the states which bare been In re
le. fond „„, 5 .„,.., s , hellion are not necessary to ratify the auleml_
htse tskest the eun,c.
meet to the Lonstitutt
tot , toa , : ,, nett, ,uteri. Ide smith matrovert n
ed this rte IT, huh( i ig
hi i „ i , „i„„ i „lion every- Illat all the States being In the limos, It re"
„ toto t ok . ro ,„ tt, oporo „ ooto „tined three-fourths of thous to ratify a con
stitutional amendment
'het roe reeptiosibb.
, „tot„ ro t o n i o j eetoot to Ito , Mr. Farnsworth asked, if the Southern States
„ te.„,„,,h,, , co, they had were In rebellion for ten yeah how could their
I ra of the Guinn, i[[ ,„„ Lhe . votes be counted I If these States were still In
r t h e te„„1,1,. no t h e i ta the Uulret, why don't then - Senators take
in,-.l the Cr, ton with their '""" I
- Mr smith-Beene, you will not let them
„ i„ , ,• ~., .t.' , ~I I „„
,i, a ~.,„ Mr. F Kenna orth concluded by saving The
, ..... „.„.., r , ~, i I , tar took o n p their hats and wulk...fotf, and might
1 - 1. ,,,, 1 ti , lind nettee• i that it they em here do the ,wino to-lay
s el , , i I toe ai ef,,,, ~, ,11..._ titer a brief 41111CUANI01.1 tenanting the ex I tit
~ I h t , b o o I h o . ht „ at , „ t . sloe of the members from the late reeetia,m
eni torment., might he -tut es, Mr. Leblond moved that the Mouse go
eutteltedoe e I d el t lb", etc tome - title° of the Whole on the state of
, a „talter „„ „, „, .I,e Croon, and that debate thereto he rest rtts
o n , it oo od fm to o „ oo It .1 In rash speaker t wenty minutes
~ „,„„ „ hie , it „ Alt Lawrence. of 0111 n, Indeed that the rese
t, en Se re-committed, with lustruction 1 to
, e „ ~, ~,,,,a . „, ',maul as follows. First, to apportion t it.
i h i . i , ~,,., , i 1,11 taxation among tile elates according to
' , go , o I the property !peach. and second, to apportion
,„ ' , out t, te eseniatlon among the States on the basi n- ot i etneo 1.1 :I‘ll/It male voters who may ho cameos 14
„to of Ihr 1 toted States,
, to tut , Ir Wesilborne, of Illinot,,oltite to d, and the
a il II mart hen adjourned
Mr. sumner presented the petit ion of Penn.
e3 - Ivanfit resitir of, in thin city, asking for im
partial suffrage.
Mr. Morris pre.entrol n protest of the citi
zen, of St. Lawrence county against the re
newal of the Reciprocity treaty. Referred to
the Committee on Finance.
Mr. Conness presented R protest front the
California LegLsiature rominst the sale of the
mineral lands of the Carted elate... Referred
to the Committee on relate Lands.
The bUt to enlarge the Freedmen's Bureau
was then taken up.
Mr. Saulsbury spoke in opposition to the
Mr. Grimes, of lowa, Introduced p bill to
amend the net for the relief of seamen, and
others, On tha books of vessels, lost or wreck
ed at tea, which allows compensation to offi
cers of the Navy and Marine wipe, for person
al effects lost In action with the enemy, not
to elceed one montb's sea paw provided that
no losw prior to April hest , shall im paid. It Al
so provides that the bounty moony paid to
any seamen or marine, enlisted in thearmy
by a Stele or the United States shall be de.
dnctcd from his prize money.
Mr. Wilson, from the Committee on Military
Affairs reported, without essential amend
ment, the bill introduced by him to restrict
the eXpenses of collecting soldiers' chinas
against the 'lover - lament.
Mr. Sumner gave notice of the following
arnentlundit to the proposed bill for the ad
root-Mon Of Colorado* as a provlSo: "Provided,
That this act shall not take effect except on
the fundamental condition that. there shall be
rights hac c o u n t seective frunchlae or tiny other
on of color or race, but all per. ehall be equal before the binned thelegis
!attire of the State, by a solemn public act,shall
declare the assent of the State to this fundi
mental egnidition,and shall transmit to the
President of the United States, an outlined,'
copy of stick assent., whenever the same shall
be adopted; upon recoil:it whether, he 'hall, by
proclamation, announce the Mot; whereupon,
without any further actions on the part
of Coops:toy this Joiat resolution shall take
effect. ,
Mr, Dexen of Connecticut, gave nett ^0 of an
Intended amendment of the bill relitiog 4.
postage stamp. and stamped envelopes In
oredit, as golkore: That whenever it shall he
come expedient in Me opinion of the Post
master General to Palbstitute a different kind
f poets go stamps from those tow In use, be
shall bei road 1.1 hereby authorised, to modify
the rusting contract for the manufacture of
pottage Slaters, sons to allow contractors .
sum sufficient to cover the increased expen
ses, ifaxiy,lla the manufacturing of the stamps
so sidistlittLed.
The amendment was ordered to he printod
Mr. narrlbey, of MilmesOto, offered a bill to
provide fa* theappointment of .
to l P h u eVlrit a enla o rg fa e r tte l po '-" tv?4;i ' t t he St i. ' ,-=
men's IlurCin, was celled up.
Mr. Saulabuty, said he had not Intended
when he came to the Senate this cession, to
parttelpetayth the debates relating to slavery,
hut the See:4er from Illinois, lir. Teurnbull,
bad said the other day, that there was • ne
cessity in Delaware for the operations of this
bureau. Altbongli the rrectlinetPartorenu, as
origlly established, was only intended &s
-car to Its precisions to extend to the
State* revol to, we cannot shut our eyes
to the fact, 01what an extensive bureau
it in hound tais become. One thing we know, and
that 10,tbatbundrells of thousands of the no.
gr. reed hate been eupPorted wt.( the trea
sury of the Vatted Stetya, and [he white peo
ple Of this eOuntry are taxed to pay that ex
pense. Fur the ilred time in the histo of Use
country haethe thing occurred that th ry. e
meals of the prople Lase hem. timed to sup
port in idleness a close of people too
lore anti too worthless support
.tet•es. Look a rOunal at to
tarty time Of the day, you will sec the herm
it of this Bureau, in the nominee of negro."
ems - ding thXDS and listening to the deiestps of
thisheady. flow many Or the honest, hard
working white men of tide country, and those
oho can nlford to,owe to the city of Wailing
ton, can sit a after day, week ng after wook,
and month er onth, listeni to nr de
neotsyt ions ta
;Theym Canned, afford to doy o
it. But
',retitled by this Freedmen's Da.rean, your
cutleries err crowded' with neve. Ilea listening
to your deliberations, but doing nothing, to
lupport tbettutelycv. hut eupporMd by taxes
evel on the Whites. The bill undtr consider
ation liropoeoe* to enlarge the power's of the
Freedmen'. DUreau. it does enlarge them
wonderfully, '1 think. I can demonstrate
mathematically that the Dill gives to the
President of the Untied Santee, and to those
coneeeted Withthe diet targe of the duties of
the Moms, the power of spending at least
two liundrecteina filly million dollars.
Mr, eau)sbery then reviewed the different
sections of the hint, eliciting that It gave pat
ronage, to a dangerous extent., IA the Preel.
dent, as well as incurring nn expense Os the
vountry. It prorided for se agent Or the no
man in every,puenty. were 1,1:e coon.
ties In the tae Statueln every nue of
these en owertalltill.:oo , 44eat ai erened come to
-11istre= be wti ve 'g ni l ystwe clerk% or .Ltiblit
ant Commis/dant-re, at Cleo a year, would
Diet 4b4,11,1, and 11,24:1 clerks, for agents, ad
dition to all these, Makin,- a total for ogle era
alone of $7,1144M0. Ile a idled legislation or
in novo - under 0nt1... e
rar warty
result in the sterna;,, In the democratic party
and democratic mayoritimi to both limos,. of
COngresa. All be would say to the deettoor.ttle
party, was for it to stand grimly by its princi
Mr. Feemmden, of Maine, said Hunt the Sena
tor from Delaware had will that acentinuance
of the kind of measures now nodes consider
ation, would soon pot the lirmocratie par
kiesiseselon of both hells of Congress. lie
Ql4 not know that be eboual hesitate to do
what be believed to be tight and proper, even
In view of such calamity an the aeOewaloa of
of the Democratic party.
Let en look heck at the condltioi In which
we found ourselves at tee close of toe greet
oat brought upon no by the LiiernoerntJc party
—the great mass of the limaocialle party.
The leading portion of it was the Southern
mitten; I do not say Dint al/ Elarlanolrate were
in favor of bringing on the ray I acknowl
edge that • very great portion of /hum have
proved themselves to Ito good patriots, good
and true riends of the
thetascoutry Of any set of
men. ho t tdo say that upport the Dens
ocratloysarty gave to the moth in al' Its ranee
errs of aggreasion, was a degree f encour.
agement, • lib.' whieh, I do not believe w a
0001,1 ever have ocorryd.
It ha been my opinioo always that the ear
ena brought on by the South. It is fo,
them to notnplatn. They Intl tettel the yr er
and If the result I. Olnabl roan no far MN cap
preleaier measurer arc concerned, they hove
themselves To (blank for at, anal cannot Coln_
plain of the Congress of the Veiled states. If
the Democratic party, as a party, ta its pro
*lona nurse, is ryvponadd e for the emnitt t o o
of [hinge that . In ens ile h eree. to not for
that patty, a party, to 4.050 plain 1:14.O11.41 ills
thert-ore, hien , r-:1)fo-,,ni nece , oyary al
present They oho hate token the rulton
oneneel of thrir orlon, to a ~.stain tratent. I
and I think the., ought to Am./Ale/It Neon every
thing w Lich the Ines itel,i e revolt, upon e , an.
ortinenck", tor hire they ate reepnaible.
Mr McDouga), of ferule, obje o cted to he
arral4tiorront of the Isesnoerets, to they had
Men the maintainers of the tiltion, from kite
eonmsenerreent of the trouble to tile ‘4l.
They had ninlntalar.l the l'n Ina With their
blood and treo-bre
Mr. Fr-setaleo 'pet, ob rlo. i.ipl un.ler eon
st•lerut and Ili ..... r. Ivrre.l t. , flay
-odder, of reeoo-: reel e,. u ,. R,. hod notineti that
go;o11,•lorn ,•r• .1 Ift ~/ildoon ,
1 hi. root Ito 1,10: tile> 114,1 the tom-ill of
1 • %Wt., that the ...V.-VOA t:ollttlIttt011 Ilittrbt Ik
.' to `Otto. ucd et/T/01,1.1cm w telt they
,lorht 1000. n o • o mou e , l ot ~,,y,
I itnalin f., bi o
f ltOt Poo, ..• ,him„ noon Clutch ‘.
s o heti to nay
Tv• u , n lenaan mill,, the ~noise tar
In tad la at greet deal :knout taw [raw:, 01
the l'reNalcata %lel 1 Its policy 0ag0•,..,.. I
not llalito,ta w I env Ilan Kl,ll t lemon Iron,
tie oilier endsof thy how.% and gentlemen
al the earns way of thinking on this sale of
I lie Botts,. •liou id h r ~nrio,,s
"et up
the Ids'„ that there 14 of °plot°.
bet ween the Yronhltoll adyll'on ernes. We have
all sorts of rumor, fveherein '•1110 Willi is a
father to the thought" One day we hear
that Snell a Cabinet Minister 11 to be turned
out or to resign. Thls day SOlnuthilla olne is
being done. The President .hos Bold this or
that: Le mean, to Ostroff, 1110-in people who
will not not port his policy, Or, he . Such ru
mors an, It hont the slightest foundation ex
cept in th wish of those who invent theta.
kir. lesse e
nden would say to all who 11 , 1911 ed
such a state of affairs to come about, not to
natter themselves with any such idea- lie had
not, On ylf a, llOnfl tho slightest Indication, nor
did he expect to see any even erappeoling there
Wan a aliffurenee of opinion to it certain extent
as to the time and manner of aocomplistilim a
great work, which all desired to see aenOw
plished at the oar/lent possible day.
Idd it follow, bevause of ibis difference o
°pillion, that there was lobe the collision that
was talked about. Ile knewvery well that
men hung around the White House and cm
deavored to peratiado the Preeident Limit those
who ought to be hie friends, were not doing
their best to sustain him, but paid the Pnee
Ident a poor compliment, when they 11111olatf4
that he was not keeping watch Ent these rust
tern himself.
There la no entlieion. •Theretnre I say for
moth or IltUe for, the belle - 140f the nonotry,
the President ins done nothing thathis friends
eau complain of, and Ilia friend, have done
nothing that bc can complain of. As Com-.
Manlier-Inhief of the urm th e yad appointed
Governors b oo the south, buthaul attempt
ed nothing whisk, under the Constitution, he.
longed to (king - real.
In conclusion Mr. Fessonden said he desired
n full restoration of the country an speedily as
possible.llo was oploomnd to imposing upon any
people designed to form a part of the (Ovens
went, degrading conditions of any ktud,
Be would not degrade the 8011th In any way.
Mr. Hendricks replied to the alluelone of M r
lossenden to the conduct of the Dentoo.ratte
party. Ti nz party had fittest . firm by the Con
stitution. Ar hen the South Revealed, it left the
Democrat in mot y. ins Dienoortale party heti
ale aye held that. thetitution,. of the States
were not under Federal control.
Mr. Darts said he had alwava been a Whig,
and alu aye been Oironscri Ti' 'the Dea t ice,it
Cparly; htt the n nestles), n used to dived
,: "artics Lad alma by, and Ihey were now
bliritietts 1111011 which they agree. They were
the constitutional right of lutimma eorliust
trial by Jury, suboolinat ton of the military to
the Cit if power, and Obedience Wilke Constitu
tion in every respect. lie was now with the
Deutoorate on till these tpiestions as UptoOnlni
to the itcpuldleans.
Mr. Johnson said the Constitritlou did not
give power to Congress to buy land for the
euhened c y bar-
I:1 ' A ' ; :lima tll:olibu'whliilist'weSrl4eVforrinerly
stares were now Cil irons, and. we had 110 more
authority - to provide homes for black. than for
white citizens,
Mr s Crewmen stated that be bed been fit
termed on the best authority teat thercereffo
on the eastern Chore or Maryland, comblue
done ildllitrat the freedmen of the Ste . Ile
men t Toned s la In Illj
Three of the Supposed linen-
diaries Arrested
Trtunvittii, Vs., Jan. I.l.—un nnittlay night,
an attempt was made to barn this town. St,
o'clock a house and barn were net on 0 re, and
an Lour later a block fo the centre of the town
wan tired and burned down, also Drifous' fur
allure and liquor store, and the hoes., of Mr.
Fletcher. The block of the First National
Bank, tho Petroleum Dank and the °Mei,
were at ono Iliac In great danger.
Three incendiaries arc being tried to-day by
the vigilance committee,whlch numbers thirty
of the best men In the town, and who are
dreadfully in earnest. A gallows hits been
eremed to hang them it they are fUttllti
The loss by the tire was s73.tioe. Insurance,
000. The Lycoming County insurance Compa
ny loses heavily. The most of the
er, falls on Philadelphia end Eastern Coullias
n lea. The greatest excitement prevails. 7he
:Authorities are determined to rid the place at
all incendhules, robbers, and other scoundrels.
resat Nervitude In North eakollua.
WILVINGITO7I, N. 0., Jar, 'Sampson
County Court arrested a negro on a charge of
drawing a pistol on a white man, :and sen
tenced In. to be sold into servitude. Slajor
Wickersham, of this district, ordered the
Court and all thu parties concerned to be
placed under arrest In this oty. The 'natter'
will be immediately investigated.
Death of MI6 Oswald Thonapsoa.
Puu....urcrum Jan. Oswald
Thompson, presiding Judge of the ,Court
Common Plena and one of Philthielphia'r
most brilliant layers, died this morn lug from
.second evoke of paraly§is, which harreael
a few days anion. The nourta tattoo root at
°M . e on (e Imo unecuicl n of Ids death.
Plunicipsu Ebni lon.
IVorrt.xn, WRerT VA ry 13- ~
e1..110.. ell , v
itl,l V
lirtnnoewierunn al 11x•.A11.1 Atle I,n,TtliA-I.ltic
Statement of the Columbia
Marine In‘uraitee Co.
felebratioo It) the Pole. of New V4rk
New Tone, Jan. 13.—The A. T. Stewart libel
case mime up at the comb, ponce court yester
day afternoon. Several prominent citizens
were eanmined, whose test Colony went to show
that from reading the art.lele in the Police Qa
rear they were led tic believe Mr. Stewart Was
the person referred to. The ease wag miter'
althea nr e aument,Ju'lge Do wing stating that
If he wished to hear any argument On tile mat
ter, he would give twenty-toilf hour, notice to
the respective cwouvel.
The following announcement iv made by M.r.
Elenry D. Phelps, agent of the cojninhiart
sine Insurance Company : 'The Hoard of Di
rectors of the Columbian Marine Insurance
Conapany, in consequen.of severe and unpre
cedented losses the pam. yr, r. ad particularly
'luring a recent period, has-.:deei to ded
up the affairs of the Company. Thee find
themselves 1.10 ,,, ,,ed of large asset,
to meet all liabilities and leave a handsome
It also stated on thestreet yesterdas
that the liabilities of the com pany a Du1dr,.. 4 .1,
at least as,uoo,ene. Stony risk, hail been lost
trough the depredations of theanglosrebel
pirate Shenandoah, the loss. accruing from
this cause alone aggregating, it Is said, 01 er_a
million of dollars.
The last uprising of the cenntryticn was last night by the Poles residing In
this city, at a place in Essex street, where ad
dresses were delivered in ins Polish and aus
shin languages and a resolution was adopted to
form a revolutionary club.
The World'. Washington special says dire
mehen A. Douglas will be married to-tiny to
Williams. U. S. A.
The thirty-seventh annual hall In aid of the
New York Fire Department Charity Fund,
eanie off last night at the A. , aderny. Nearly
four thousand people were present,
The British bark Diadem, under the com
mand of Capt.
ig t Hannaof
he which sailed
C then
dpurron th e e 3th inst. ? Or Liverpool, capsized
[Ma's wife a me nd two t bow eh el n nging to the crew
were drowned. Capt..flannan and four of the
crew afterwards died from exposure. The sur
vivors arrived in this city vesterday.
She is Seized before Sailing
New Yong. January M.—The N.: says: The
merchant vessel alleged to be intended fur
the Chtlian service against Spain cleared at
this port. The elm ranee was granted after a
foil investigation. The representatives of the
Spanish tiovernment here furnished no evi
dence whatever against the vessel. She had
no arms or other war material on board and
under our revenue laws could not be detained,
After clearance was granted, the vessel was
seized uon Spanish representations She to
now hel d under the authority of sun of tha
t:eked States otlieers in this city .
The army:ere:lW girl.s further psttienlars re.
gaming the seizure of the suppo.e.l Chillan
privateer. Yesterday a clearance fora splen
did propeller was applied for at the Custom
House, and after a careful In. car Ication of the
ease by Surveyor Wakinamn a Clearance was
grunted. The vessel was a but leaving port
to-day, when she was seized by the IL kilted
States Marshal, unaer an order from Judge
Bette which vas granted on representations
made by the sparkish Consul, who stated that
the vmsel was going to sea to enter into the
service of Chill against Spain.
She had nO armament on board, but was well
manned and was In a proper condition to re
ceive a fall complement of warlike material.
The vessel is the Meteor, which was built by
Forbes, in Boston, for the purpose of chasing
and capturing the pirate Alabama. She Is a
magntdceut vessel, about three hundred feet
in length, and a perfect model In shape
lier Crew conaisted, principally,of Americas
seamen, and no doubt is entertained by those
who ought to know, that she was going to se,
to receive, at some place, her armament for
the Chilian service. The tam of her having re
ceived a clearance created ence•li excitement
among the :wealth houses down town, and the
skikikiah Consul showed, by los prompt 'action
In the matter, that they really entertained
serious fears of her hostile
character. She ix
now in the charge of Vatted Staten officers.
The Dolly News of today says A' vessel
bearing the Irish flag, mid it is supposed in
tended for a privateer, left this port yesterday
morning, under command of Captain !finely.
The:Ceara add, ; We may soon expect to hear
of depredations on British commerce.
rate.—lt appears that the supposed Fenian
privateer was simply a new pilot boat which
went on a trial trip. The crew being composed
Irishmen, they hoisted the nr.un . burst" going
down the bay. The Tassel returned last even
tolle trial of Francis Gonzales Salvador, the
accomplice in the Otero murder, was reSunted
this morning. The evidence was entirely fur
the pluses-talon.
Rea!go* of Rebel* in .Ve.r o
W seats o-rox, Jan. 2 3.—There has Just been
issued from the Government printlag-oftice
the message of the President, communicating
to the Senate information in regard to plans
to Induce the immigration of dis,mtiszled
ieeneof the United States Into Mexico, and
especially in regard to the plans of Dr. Wil
liam It. Gwyn and W. 1 , , Maury.
On the ilth of February Mat, Senor Romero
add, essed a letter to Secretary .seward, pro
agninst the cession Which Maximilian
or Irma about to make, to the French
Got ernment, of various States Of the Macl
ean Republic. He called the attention of ,Sco'y
Seward to the printed documents which se
companied his note. Among papers submit-
Teri 1+ a letter from Romero to gangue a Malin
who says ileforr leaving Mexico he was shown
the orignial letter from Napoleon to Maratial
reeonimending Dr. Gwynss plan ILI
submitted to him, and directing the 3larshal
to furnish the droops denAandcd by Elwyn.
Secretary Sewerd, on January Pith, teal,
thank...lSenor Romeo for commun lent Mg this
linp,tant information, and informed him
that the subject Would receive prompt consld
rotary Seward accordingly 'rote to
i'lor ttlrrlos, roe/oath:T. a copy of th t Inter
cepted letter., showing that Dr. Gwyn and hie
f. telly are dlsosyal. 'that they are engaged In
obtaining n ,rantS of universal lands In the
Slat, of that republic adjoining the United
and that. Dr. Gwyn is to ho' Chief Di.
net hag Ag. zit In working the mines. That
a large accession of capitalists and emigrants
these &tate, trout the rebels rtgalicit the
I riled States, Isexpected; that they regard
their enterpris , as injurious to the United
slates, and Duo they elaina to have the pat-
Dag, 01 the I.lllparOr Of the French, With
a ,, nrante. Of Military aid. Other doslouten is
accempany this message.
The Senate has cantina] the following num.
mations: Leonard 110Inses of lti'asbisigion
Territory to le.o lifted Slates District Attorney
for that Territory; IllarkalOtte MeD.otald of
Tennesser,lo be United States fur
the Eiotent District of Tennessee Captain
Thornton A. Jenkins, of the United :States
Nast - . to he Chief of trio Bureau Of NaVigattOn;
Surgroll I'. If. Ilovriir, of the United iltates
Navy, to be Chief of the Bureau ut Medic:mo
und 'Surgery, and John Dulles, of 1D...a
-chtiscus, to be Solicitor and Naial ad.
sonde General.
The Parnotaa au War
N ea- 'V one, -fan 2.3.—Let t era have hvc it ready_
e 1 from Itio Janeiro which give further par
tieulars of thu Paraguayan war. Tho Brazil
ians are fcarfal that their Argentine and Uru
guayan albino lmay turn around , and espouse
the cause of Paragnay. The Ilraztllna Govern
ment is thort•fare pushing forward to the
acme of hoitilities with all polalble rapidi
ty, with all available troop.' and utiYal revolt,
sea, on as to be prepared oven for ilesertliin of
its prevent force]. The ft icnda of 1.,07,05 COn
tinned thoir etforti to r•iiit‘t tho advance of
tho allies up the Petragtinv Myer to his
but ho woo defloiel,t In proper %attire to
men his vesa,•Ls. It is eahl that he Iraq impris
oned the spauish and Argentine Consuls, For
what is not known.
The (fen eral server Case.
cu rt . MIC, Jonnary•23.—Thti Savannah
o+4, of the 11)th and °nth. Is received, contain
ing the evidence of Union soldiers to the Mer
cer case, showing that they were told if catight
a(ter deserting to the Cnbm forces they would
be slot, and that 0. tirrim-hend eourt. martial
convicted these men of conspiracy; that Gen
eral „Mercer knew tiOthing of the trial and op.
ecutiou untli the eXecullon was over. Trio
case seal concluded and subotit tett 'althorn ar
gument for !los IL:fel:ISO. The court male po
deelslon shortly after, and adjourned ens d;r.
The Anilines hail; not been pronaulgotcd. '
The Florida lions., or Represent:olcl'. pass
ed rto.olOtioli? off - thiplkS to (rk7ll. Coder.
K A ERVIIER—On Tuemelav morning• nt hilt pact
o•olork. Mr. CONRAD KAKltell twze4 Cr years.
"The finer¢%lelll t.kko platoon Tirt•IIRDAT moan.
I,G. at lUp•clock, from hi; late re.l,lenee. No."
iteaue. The. friend, or mi.. ra•
speetfully larltratto attend. • 21.53.1;"
DAY—At Colaubaa Grove, Puttitm r ante Ohl*
t.aturtlay.aah diniK )Ay. lu tae
6.1.1 'ear atlas age.-, .
*I 001 aiN*ll34zl
-rd and mon pintureogor place of Sepulture. At-,
oat I` 011 the upland ..,lmmediately north AlleghgrY
Clly, oil the :Sten Brighton r. 0.34. Permits *Biting
to felret Boriat Lot; Will apingint Ban liapvilw
eon. Warn., .1 the fititneteee. Titie rOrMit%
u, 111 •tton dog Lott 01,0414
Wi.reilotiar or ,l a r otthralfrtid, comae of
met Logagoult L enin . of Pi.•
• to, A. irgrrtilr,
ENNITZ*7 , A111:13711t , ... •
0 9* tre/i,of.ip trier r% nr S,r .v 15.41nnflp
Ilte rlro Ar.. 10.1 nUt
Aertbc_ra rual! ran. -
"MAT TIME :cirwlr
Bon Ton Skating, Bahnorals.
and , In thr Isb •: I:r.,,lway -trip
The) are %are to at fic!rd mire I.
Gentlemen will always find a
Splefgbi assortment of
Custom Made
Lyle, onbl nt tit!
No. GO Valli Street..
UNDER Tug OPER& 110175 E
NA 'A 114.)1 - • eTAITZR.N.O
si AE is Bors..CLoTtltSti
M) A AND BOYS' ClATtirtie.
(3. , 1TMN0 HOt%F.
12 E - A3M1441
Opposite the Opera Mouse.
. .
the orerimporters of the genuine thin/testi Clad!,
now Introduce to the cabal. of Pittsburgh and Yrs
city, > remedy which tor apse ha, been known . 1.11
ea-elect, muntrles aa the most potent for tt..lot
• multitude Prof iseascs, and in the language a
cetebrated ssor in the Calcutta Medical a
gr, has for ages constituted the principal element
In a l l the poptitar medicine among the Orient..
The article bow offered to the American pctillle tat
iii. gsntuine. hasheesh Candy, so vividly deSCribed
trppayard Ta
ylor. and which for ceuttirtes bsa
been the theme otpocts and philosophers, but ow
tog to Its remarkable and entertain inthrerthe on
the mind when taken in its erode state, and the ex- --
azgerated acettannt glee, of It by ebtbulbLitte
tourlets, a de-green; distrust bat beretorbellerteled
on the parto; the people of this country, as-to lisa
practical Dement as a popular'ectedleine--nerd pee.
buys nothing has had a greater tendency to Increase,
this distrust on the part of the matt Intellfgeut
our }cork th an the course recently. punted by a
certain Pew York concern, by offering to the pab
lie an utterly worthless preparation. under the tie
cs ytlce mune §of lisabeesh Candy, and at the sme
faun cateringto the morbid curiosity on the part of
thostaands to witness Its em-eta as &Scribed In the
Count of Itoute Cristo, and other similar autboti.
In preparing the grnothe .11asheesin Candy, th e
e thins-atlas propertlrs of the erode hasheesh see'
modined b) chemical combinations, thus rendering
it • sat-. pleasant end certain cure for
I WAAL, coLlys,
AsTif MA,
It.—Bowage of aworthioss artiole under a 41.111-
liar 'tame, and Sa xe none without the Imprint
of the byhrin 11rtont Company. 151 'Washington
ttreti. Houton, on each box. Price 50 cents and
per box. For Tale by Druggists generally.
41 hob:sale Agents tor rennsytranla—tlohnaltenl.
Ilollown, a Cowden, Philadelphia. B. L. Yakut.- t
loci. (0., end NieClarrati ritsatuuatz.
ja,:azt :rod do
p:i4 1 iti..7114 , ina)11.1.):4:1
Schowarker Co., rhi/aiielphiti,
The Estey & Co.'s Cottage Organ,
Ark notelet:4t?l Cr the beat musical talent In the
I:nll,4:dale. to be aupezlor to to all others In ;mere,
lo.,11) *ea quality of tun, wad thorough In:wi
Th. e e , nstrantentnt • have for yen taken the felt
ry,n voter alt all eoropellt re. at the radians
tat. t.o. I
tiers. ty Tales. In pelt rt they are lower
.or ..1 tier Alt a ardau tett er 6 e icon.
A3116:L1 SR oi BARB,
No. tg St. Clair Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
} , .1: tL. tqcutorAtv Ole Sailalma rII),
Meals and Ws., FlsNuring and N_arr Mtn, and othei
nuc nIII.CON Fur further Informsaloa•
lOppostre the Cathedral._(Sm ) ut street, No, 1.10.
1 19
ttt Al - E t BOOK CASE AND
Et . rat • k E.
conne ILlesson b.. sold With on
the Fhursdau upturn,
sloodyadvertlsed, at Mason= Hall Analogs
llosto, ,S sad Fifth strtet, too Doable Desks, sad
one intuit.. Desk., all in good condltlou; oue Das
'as"C'Tkanl4l"'s... Dm*.
.1 A. 31hes.ELI.A,D,-Auctlonetr.
son SING OIL, Sew ... I/ 0 MIER WELLS
No. 136 etreet, Pitt...burgh, PA
Tet•i• d 4 y AND
L. Ir Mt 4 oil I i)Zs.
cli !wren. Cunil .46.1 .tt
Lcovcrost igra.sa2a.3P.rl.oots,
With such arts. A th
thaw., Silt
• A 'NILS II ATCHEtS, .'"..'
11k.1.1...54 , .. :. , i;••
vka,_.??. • r!AIA
!•yt. ss. 5-,T
- HASIZIELM , caP.O;IIE.3, •
PICKS., •L , EtiilM .4;
AXI.k. .1 4 : AILS, • .
ROCK, LF.ATIIIt.II A ta: - 51 .112.1.. MG. 1.•
MI of ntiltb I baTc 411M...3 1 .? to o , o‘e. Ocilla,!
prritoixt titACIILVE won Ks, 4f,
six., *c.' 5,...mc5,ix.72 - ,
. . 1:
hp,,a2 Ohio liirkl. Allegb r try,. , .. c .
.. . . . .. :. .
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