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„ . trJESDAY, JANUARY X., 1966
.Anirat -ant Diepartire of Trains.
reamitoiasts +Central Railroad.
Depa m
rte.. 1 Arrice4.
h 37 Mtpreas 1.-dala Van 1,..50
anions ACM:den 7410 a m , raat Line '' r,a) a m
Clailmmu.Ezra saes =List Wall Accona'n filZ a RI
21:40 IL to IM, Venn ;Venom.. 71.14' a m
=ilT:4;: tftf;:',3lLaitgl*.mha: - .Pc.::
Mt 10:0:0 p M l'ltt.tEtie nun.. rz:r., p.
. ltat'Virall Atomaa.. 45:20 mt , ltalt mart , Nap% I= P a
Zi A' ' • 10....11 a m,34 Wall Annum— WA pm
84 .' '• 8:05 p ml' ft Ex prs,... 20. pnt
.1151 P.m Accom•nl.o:9sp m , ,:d Penn Atom.. Oa'. p rd
• 111 ," ` 4 840 p to jAltoona Acenta.
- ~4. Ynalgt Traln...m:M p m
• ' Mtn cbuth train , ..ave., Wa11..• nutlet. ever,
5 ..a11, tar OM an , : atdadaro leaves Pitt.burgh at
!AV:alp. M.
4 . 1 , 1441mmi1ek. Coltunbiag ands incinnati.
helmets. rir.f.a.
~, rag A.lnn *ZO a m Taal Une.. ..... .. li:M lat
',.. r a . . P43"l"' 33X,
p n
t,.T4i,ii6xi -41 Sneelia Ac-
coMMOdatlon.. 4.+:o pni nommodatlon .. lt,la :, at
Plttelnargb. Ft. Wayne and Chicago.
Departs. 4/17iitl.
Expnem.......... 3AI a mt Tallness ........- 2a33 a a
.Express —. 11.41111 m Expreas 943 p na
~..r :la p M afirew0.......... 3:a P a
, P3bl 4 l ~, 7411% in ....a...a.... eta P a
- 1 vellapExpr.a SAO pm
"en. Brighton. Aonommodatlon lawn., Allegnanp
depot atp a.m. 1140 a t m., 4:9 a. m., and 51M p.m.,
Rocbeatet. SslE:p- ta.; New easfie. 3:5Dp. m.: Econ.
my. v3ar p. m. • Wellorille, 300 0. m.
Pittelnergh. Cleveland and Wheeling.
Dorado. Alrite, .
Seeress "dl3 a m 'Empress a:a p .
, • fart. "td p m Express .ta p.m
a= a Plxpraa =I ana
bleabraMile Ana , munalatt m an r leave, Allegheny at
' &dap. se.
Pltiabnrgb and Camellavfile.
1144.11 Depart..
7:15 =Mall
Exp.-cs p Expreaa ...... ...• 1 0 ;
Ht 2. l eKe.-apart..llaXl mea t 31cRee...port..
6:16 a nd
.rmen;t7. -- " dortc;r:
6:Ra m ss 11:00 a m
kforcoa 6:10p m 3
ccl 6:19a px
Accommodatin. 71.100 A.rmEmdaEtno 90:0a in
au ,s Iwo Bourg:di" to OLI
_ . .
— they ;ma Franklin.
..drrroas. 'Departs.
S a. 40 ESPV4I.II.. 7:48 pm I v lto. = Express . .. 6:53 a o
. yi.. Filpbargh. IV .
v aZf e a an/Chicago, and
Ilretralerille Boat—Altrani . and Water St.
Arrives. I Doparto.
eta at ~..tvto pat 180:0 a m tone r
llarmany Star St. Cialr'St.
rrives. Departs.
/11 , 4 p. m.6100a. M.
Suuer staire—N•. 68t. cum,.Street
, . Waillait m ast Stage.—llar o *4 Rotel
ZS O. n. I Ma * le..
JAMES Bala a SON, Proprietor.
;;I=IIBII96ES AND CADHlMMfomishrd for al!
Al ClUTlageo for Tutorsls. WoOrlIng• and
.PlTllaf. alien wt ao4 rotes. STA •
0/ 4 Wit11.1611:11111:1MAttil4
We web It understood Wail the price
W ear Kerning and Evening IWVI on•
sold ti hale an tat street. tir7l the
sonatas, is TIMEX CENTS PEE COP 1.
filers mere le demanded, It is Impost•
re} *._ k iIL4OVIU :Y.lkl
'The 11th Regiment, Pennsylvania volun
teer+, originally organ ised September, Loll,
aid led Into Service under Col. F. T. Stam
baugh, who was afterwards promoted to be a
Brigadier General, pasSed through ibis city
some days ago on its way to Philadel-
AAA to be mustered out of service. in this
gallant regiment there were two Pittsburgh
companies, one commanded by Captain Thos.
Rose, who by his gallantry and good con
duct rose from rank to rank until to-day he
holds the position of Brigadier General, which
eould not have been conferred upon a more
deserving or meritorious .ofecer. The other
ctittiptiny . wes raised principally In Birming
• am, but our memory tint fault asto who were
the original ofEcers. The regiment entered
for the term of three years, at the expiration
of which time it re-enlisted so. ti veteran organ
isation; and was wind to Texas, from whence
It returned • short time since under the com
as:inn& Of Lt. Col. W. A. Robinson, and passed
through this city on Ito way to Philadelphia.
On the 15th inst, while in Camp Cadwallader,
anleeting of the officers and men was held, act
which, it is said, the following resolution-,
Wire Unanimously passed
35t. That we tender to ale - citizens and au
thorities of the city of Cincinnati, our warm
wishes ssidaincere thanks, torttic kind and
cordial' receidion given to no while en -route
from Texas to our native State.
.4. That we regret that we.eorild not remain
'there to be paid and diveharged, without re.
turning to Pennsylvania.
Ed. That we admire .the beauty and arch
lei:tura of the Pennsylvania railroad waiting
room; atlittsburgla--on the outside, and ad
vise theta to continne tbe practice of refusing
admittance to veteran soldiers returning
haste in a winter night, after hearty arc years`
hard service.
. .
litir. That we are frilly persuaded that coffee
glitadd be taken only "at the regnlur break.
fait bearer and that coal, at Plttneurgh, is
Coldly and wares
ath. That the barracks at Came Cadwallader
are net lit for hornets, much less for nom.
gib, That Philadelphia bt the "City of Bro
therly Love"—ln the stammer time; and that
while the Academy of Music draws full bons.,
Camp Cadwallader draws poor rations.
rib. That If the General Government have
any more Pennsylvania troops In the service,
we respectfully ask that they be retained an-
Magma weather before they are sent home.
agth. That we kindly suggest to commanding
Officers of regiments • returning home, this
winter, to make a requisition for at least
twenty. days' rations of coal or wood, before
Coming to Pennsylvania, arid bring them
. That we desire to expresa our hearty
hil o for many kindnesses shown us at Non
eerie, In ., Cairo, HI., IndlanapolLs, Ind., A
end Columbus, Ohio; and also to testify our
appreciation of the promptness, attention and
courtesy of the Mastering and Pay Depart
ment of Philadelphia.
10th. That we all espeet to run for pine,
and take this way to procure votes.
Were Root for the vein of good humored
4 tßPLittPl'. which pervades these reml ye. we
Shosald feel Incite...l to take Issue a ith them.
As CO whether "cotter should be taken only at
register breakfast boors," that is a matter of
taste l, but titan 'Monl In .costly and team. In
Pitts argil , ' Is literally true. We know noth
ing of .Camp Cadwallader "nor Its aocommod,
time for boniest, nor whether It "draws poor
rations," whilst the ttPhilatlclph La Academy-
Of Music commands full houses." We, how
ever, deem It one duty to let the veterans of
the, 17th have their pay, regardless of whose
toot they may tread upon.
it I. proper to state that Lt. Lot. itoidustin,
who bad charge of the veteran 77th is II well.
knOwn Pittsbargher. and that darintr the long
journey from Tates to Philadelphia, be Si'lll
COnstant In his endeavors to see that tbe men
tinder his command had all the comforts of
food, shelter and transportation that could be
procured. Ile is generally idol I 0-. i by Ibe lmv,
of the 77th
Skating or. the Park•
We were present yesterday niteentsm at
-ilinend promenade at the Central Park, which,
nftei having been advertised to come nil on
aevQral OCCasiOns, veto: always prevented by
"spell of weather." But yesterday afternoon
everything was favorable, and the long looked
for occasion canto to para. Abont throe o'clock
the Musicians took their places on the, opine
sitelsido of the Park from the stand, which
Vritafilled with lady spectators. The first ex
crone Was whatwan called usweeplng the
lark," which consiqted of taking hold of one
',llaothOrS hands, utU line was stretched
across the face of the ice, then another was
• formed In the rote of the tient, and
•So an until all the
theft' places. • The signal betng riven, all
atarteu•aownoar up the Park no - the ease. may
be, literally sweeping the Ice of any independ
ent alintera or stragglers who might be oti it.
Another line was then formed of two nbrmst.
ThisPe slated from one end of the Park to the
slither through the center, and when at the op
-,poslte end Mni which they started they
up, one couple going up ono side of the
~,Pai p c, and one np the other, and . so on until
th Ivero all divided off. Needing at the first
ea from which . they started, they again came
down, thiS time four abreast, repeating the ar
rangement the next. time eight abreast; then
Sitkitbrii Vh.ilat, ha tuattsi o f
: - course moved off, keeping time to the music.
The hand then placed cotillions,waltcea schot
tisches and other stances, and the skaters west
. rtheodgh the evolutions. of the "ley"
UPOrl Onqutryat the doorof the office,wo were
Inforfacdthat the nttmber of visitors upon the
Park trom neon-until dark amounted to eight
hundred, and after dart there were many
• tltdon Park KIM also in full blast. Hundreds
wended their was. towards this elegant place
of alyinseutent. At both parks the ice was very
. flaeoind all enjoyed themselves to the In.
WOOS It was amnsing to bear the _.young la.
dies! of the word fun. "Wow many
times M.:Lyon fall down }tarp" inquired ono.
0, about half a dozen times." Wasn't that
-1°" 131 " "flow, of t e n Old you tumble Ater
%Vest all." "0, then, you didn't'. hare any
fen...! And that is Inn; gliding along over the
smooth Ile, and directly coming down ker
chuniltlust is fun. Well, we can't coo it; we
, trtedi Cal. and limp yet from participating In
that poll:toe - of the fun. the sport will to renewed. This cola
: , bna 'WM flat last long, and young America
have to be lively if they would have much
. .1' ant of the present weather., it
night the
_VW 8 are spendidly il luminated and the
_et .'s eXhllerating.
- Math kreelropu—We notice the lee rued arc
busy. in securing a supply of leo:while the cruel
do not think that the supply thfii
summerpill-be either mail or bi d
.but viewer theprobtable sulTen of cholera,
we think that a bountiful supply should bu
laid in.
Committed for Trial.—The man Swocney,
arrested Mr assaulting John ilearlsley, o•
Peen street, SunOay night, had a heating thls
.7aeraing cad Atm committed tet.atunipar 'a
.._tutr issuedlus assault. Others.,
for the arrest of several
'4,17 VODV:IV:4
Piteib — fr. • noara of Tra — 4e—Pionsoriot
In FirvilleOf It General Wallet:and Law.
The Plttabutat Board of Teu.te yestonlay
ananimoußly nalopted the follow Mg, atentorlal
Iprtwietf; for the enactment of a law by the
state Legißlnt are. rtuthoriz Ina e ax•arae
lion of ranee/arta withnnt requil-ana •beelal lest
g6latlon In regard to earl. OW] /1,,,0n
for that !Inn., •
TO the &IMO, (1,111
Mkde of Penttsyjrara in
The Ifoard Tr-...h• O w I z.: v‘t:
3 hvisult of the realm t.b.•:.
11i.n0r...1.1.. 1...1 v. tut to your prc•
ern you s% cloy( rn!
In ‘i
They do so, believing that under the spirit
of u go•erninetii. towns. clues,
mum unities, eountles and sections of a COM.
w ealth, are entitled to the same freedom
In the exerelse of their cnergims for their go"'
ta pi ii-perity, as comma.. noCkfie, law , repots-
I lesn Istri and genet-al consent accords to tree
id nal- That the citizens of any particular
section of n State should be at .lilierte to roo
st:Bet within that section ouch Inibik .
• smovenienta as they desire without the gnu,-
-a • or hindrance from other districts.
P.ailways being in their coOstruction and
management simply tinniness enterprizes for
gain, though incidentally carrying with their
• proseeutlen great public berientst require for
the tprotecticus- of rho citizen. of the whole
Commonwealth, once restrictions only as law
and common usage have found necessary Ina
soctations for manufacturing, and n the
noes of individneds• • i
Thu p r ,,,,,poeity of aoy section of a State is
but the uggt . e gaie welfare of its eitixens,
bose individual prosperity Is in trirn but a
result of the prosperity of the whole. Where
eachrity after
by the construction
of a railroad entirely within the limtts of the
section, it I, u tyranny that its constXnetion
should is, ma de to
upon the consent of
other sections.' :
Tills tyranny, the offspring Of ignorance,
prejudice and selfishness, has for on long op
hpre_ssed the prosperity of Pittalittrgh undid!
ostess Pennsylvania, that we demand its re
moval from the spirit of the laws.
We can see nowhere in the rights of 'man,
nowhere in the privileges a republican gov
ernment eonfereupen its eitszens, It proviso
that If gitteibtlrgh desires to - construct a rails
rood through - the" south-western counties of
the State, the citizens of those Counties con
senting, that upon the votes of all or a major
ity 01 the other counties of the State, should
depend the right. We conceive that the other
cities of the Commonwealth, might with as
muich_propriety object to the cOnstruetion by
.Pittsburgb of a new avenue through two or
three of its wards. Nor can we find in com
mon arose, or in our republican privileges,
tiny reason if an aSsociation of individuals de
sire to build u railroad to Pittsburgh, and
it Is the wish of the cititens of the counties
through which it will pass that it should
be constricted, why the other counties of the
State should stand in the way of the enter
crlse, or by what right they have a voice in
the matter. Nor can we understand why the
Legislature should be insulted and worried
bv the cajolery, intrigues or menaces of a line
already constructed, to prcventan honorable
competition to the great injury of the whole
community, the special deprivation of a son.
lion of railroad facilities, and the harrlem out
of croutons from a Commonwealth in order
that a monopoly may continue its exactions.
We believe that unless some great gen
eral interest is endangered; that only
those whose property is immediately affected
should have a voice lu such matters y and they
desiring nod consenting, those not interested
should not object. We conceive that commu
nities have the same right to the pursuit of
happiness as individuals, and do not hesitate
to say that the neeessityto obtain speciallegist
laden to bid:o railroads, from those whose In
terests are not those el the citizens who tie-
Sire the roads, is in no violation of this right,
and without foundatiou in justice and equity.
The city of Pittsburgh speaks through the
Board of Trade, from experience. Years ago
this policy, so unworthy the spirit of freedom,
resting upon a narrow, selfish base of legisla
tion, shut, from the territory of pennsylvartia
is great eOrporation, -which, striving to reach
the head-waters of the Ohio, desired to enrich
the city of Pittsburgh by making it its termi
nus, to the great benefit and development of
those countries through which it would have
passed. Since then the .ime spirit of leg
i ion has delayed other roads of great benefit
le Western Pennsylvania and to Pittsburgh
their °triplet ion. et t present time, whoa
a wealthy em poration proposes is construct
a road through a line of northern counties, to
Iteei with the city of Ptttsbnrgh.
he mane seltish smelt is sought to
be aroused in opposition, that a soli
tary line may be protected in Ito mcnaopol y
LW the saute antlituated conceptions of aegis
fallen, other roads are kept Just without the
borders of the Atilk te.v.hose completion to Pitts
burgh Is of Instant rind vital importance to the
prey.perit) of the city. In this narrow legeds
tixe coneeption of wisdom has the progress of
Pin-slough and the development of thi. see -
trios of the state, and the prusdertty of oar
citizens been hampered, controlled and trifled
hh by the votes of those who, we man twin
are in no 1.1.. e entitled to negative any prop.-
sitiou for iniproveinent, w Mew scope, vast and
derminds are not of the %calm. they repre
_ .
In these beliefs, and convinced of the truths
ita•c stated, "Cask that you will coact ouch
a ion as will etudiletrallroads to he constructed
throughout the State of Pennsylvania, by fn.w
persons, w ahem floc necessity of speciat mg
dilation, with the consent of the citizens of
Laos° distento through which they may he
projected. By such a law its are con vowed
you nlll aid to the development of the
and almost virgin tracts of mineral and tim
ber lands to which our State abounds, and re
move from the people the danger of having
their interests controlled by monopolles--in
cite a rompetition In ;railroads, which 1,1 ns
beneficent to the whole people 116 it it to num
ufaeture.,i or In emmeree.
Are DreamedAkers Savable
l'or some time past we have heard It stated
that our dressmakers were charged with the
payment of a revenue tax on art work mann
factored by them. A note on our desk, written
In a hand delicate as the stitches of a cambric
needle, asks for Information on the subject.
We are not sufinclently familiar with the reve
nue laws which have been enacted for the past
fbur or tire yearn, for the purpose of raising
Mean. to carry On the war for the preserva
tion of a nation's political eitstenee, to
auto er our fair correspondent, and for
the present content ounselvoe with repro.
dyeing the following. which .0 , 1 dad in a
valuable exchange. wistch says: "The Govern
ment claims a tax of six par nest. upon all
manufactured work. Not only 1, six per e,, h t.
ebarged upon the receipts of the milliner and
dyne-trtakerafor their labor, but upon the cost
of all the material that pass through their
hands. Thus, for instance the value of a rich
dress may range from one hundred to dve hun
dred dollars; but out of this the charge for ma
king is only twenty or thirty; the dr...maker,
however, is not only charged with a tax of six
percent. upon the proceeds of her labor, hut
upon the entire value of the material , which
has already, In the hands of the dry goods
merchant, mild a foreign or donmstle duly.
iThle In nos only severe and opprenalee, but
It is destrnetivr to the entire trade intermit.
Ladles so ill not pay so heavy a taxi dressmak.
eel cannot exact It, as In man, instances it
out weighs not only their profits, but the whole
OIL ',l making, and rather than submit to
such extort in,,, litoie• alli have their dr,ses
made at Lolllle. They are, to he sure, private
dressmakers w ho never pay ally government
tax; who hang mat no sign; whets business
1s carried ma secretly unit behind 01.011
doors, who Work for ordinary price•,
andiltwhom ladliss may rovettly patronize.
nut what a premium bits offers to dishonesty
(.1 es cry description. It. In Into such heads
that the eat ler b11,111.1.s will he thrown, to t Int
rain of hundreds and thousands of honest,
deserving, Industrious women. The question
appeals not only to the ,1r114.-¢l.llCel./landmil
liners of iihe large Cities, hut to little
Interest t trottatiout the country. It would he
a vorylismall coneern that did not tare out
six dr esses a week, aver.ming a value of Ide
dress, on which a tax of eight-ea dol
taunt he paid; nearly the whole eta nn nt re.
calved for the labor. I/Intame•ly.
Cane, heeemen a necessity under a ay- ce•,,
enormously oppreSnlve.”
Another Xt err
In our afternoon edition of
mentioned thu fact that Ilie t,o,iy of a man n
seen floating dew u the Allegheny rly, I. on
Sunday, partially embedded on a elk , of tee
Daring the evening we learntnt the billowing
partleulara which may solve the tnyntary: On
ditturdaj latelltOon it yottn g maninamed k ran r
flOgda, in German, disappeand tnysteriousty.
amities not rime been heard of. It seem., that
on t!at orday afternoon, flogda win' tett [hi, city
n.coru party with three companion, trial after
drinking rather freely, about eight u'etilek
thee started home by way or the rail root
bridge. When the party re,wheil thq .I.lleghe.
ny nude of the bridge, it was found that flog.' a
wJs missing, but the pan beteg-under the
ihycnceof liquor, paid little or no attention to
the eirrUlll•datlCe. When, however, on .Coud..o
they found that [bete companlim had not
Matta hin appearanec at Ills hoarding hon.,
they at ott, Instituted acarch for him, lint
thus far he has not been found, and the serum
alt/on Is , that he may have fallen through the
bridge and was drowned. The friends of 11N
,1,01...tve piddltdlrd the followthgdencriptlon of
pernon, and the clothing he worn: wa•
aesent cen years of age, of small build, haring
on hie porson,booth, light Trey pantaloons and
brown-black beaver cloth suck coat. tin the
aupposition that be fell through the bridge
and wan drOWDeA, a reward of ON in ogle red for
the recovery Of hla body.
A Regular Contraband
Last evening wet:larked u stoutly built lad
of soma fltteen summers, whore cot:epic stun
and appearance gave Immbtakahto evidence
that . he wan of pure Mclean extraction. lie
• ...
was clothed in a tattered military suit of
trnlcut blue, which he said had been furnished
him by a Pennsylvania t`geintnan.r , He in
rofnicti pa that be WIN (cora the interior of Hem
inbk II:zt his father and mother pre dear,
and that he bad two slaters re,tding, in the vi.
chilly of Louisville. lie said he cad came to
Hied* . on a steanitnxit, which on a teoun t of
the cold weather, had laid up, Ile wasibrought
epic° a farm, and assured ea that kaew how
Hi plow, drive Itoracs, make fences, hoe corn,
and indeed almost anything pertaining to far
ming. Ile *mid he was willing and anxious to
work,and would be Industriorut and saying of
laielnonev, that he might nand a portant of bin
wagea to hie tasters. We understand that mil
ear Thornberg Would take him over to favui
todayand givottim a fair 'trial, end !If ha
found competent and trustwartlw, give him
pertaaneut employinent and fair wage,.
Light Wauied.
Win the Gas Committee of Allegheny city,
or hoover else May. balm the Matter In
charge, see to lttbat the gas lamps on Rebecca
"tree(' front Its elistern - - Ttli its western mat
t `j,,V,., ° ,; only washed at least once a bn
every night, when the moon does not
shine P.,
weeps past there bag not' been a
binale Itlmp lit from the First Wortl school
, I.:u p t‘on al e mt be;
Inebeee,a street from twelve to three; Woloek
to the morning, Imo kn.
1 la proper to Putt% howev w e t , er th o a f t I' 4= tio;
morn last made her epee,. r -
nee the majority
of the :traps were lit, us., t •
that the eta seeme , lashn i t ., T were
ilitz -Virg cut LlZev: "
Ina irh
01 utted PE , ...yt0.r./Lo
Cburel,. of 1 . M.1...rgh. Inn runcoo,tl.• nil
Illroorch I 1,1,:.1J,
• ht• t.,hv I/111
„ • Ai.•0111/1,•' Itt,
the I. hal, and Int nod u.. 4 ,1 the
1.1 .1 1.4,t10n
'rim 1s pung In t 1 cell ,
Ing tho th/rd 01 Ow of ',Amu
,' I,:ev. John Doug 1., is. is log .wo
rA,1 , 1 by ( , M h.. a 4, •lntdv
In player Thenintite. of Lb , . prey WM" In..ef
hag ovre then read by It,
XanagornerV, and on vuotioll of Mr. ILI'. Mill
er, wore approved
Aecos d Inc ton ,solut lon paad at u
r-uu, meeting, the tittperottendonts,in',
'their in
absence, the teachers were called upon
to report the system bf operations in their re
spective schools. 'Attgentleman a nose name
we did not catch, reported hi hehelftof the
school connected with the Fifth l'n ited Pres
byterian Church, that the teuelt•rs met every
Sabbath morning at half past eight octet for
prance. The school is opened at nine, o'clock
wdit religions Services, consisting of praise,
prayer, and reading the Scriptures, the 1111 k
not coo_ 14-
py - Lngsnore than fifteen minutes. Mr
R. C. Amer reported .10 behalf of the Sabbath
School connected with the Finn Reformed
Presbyterian Church. The mode of operation
was IRmany.respeets the same. Most of the
elaaseahaim 'commen - • lesson, which is ex,
poundefiby the Pastorate Wednomlay evening
prroedin,g. William Floyd, Eso., ntrorted In
Donal( of the school connected w James Dr.
Presiley'S Church, on Sixth street. Other gen
tlemen gave In reports, but we did not learn
their names.
The Rev. 8. B. Steed gave an loterestTng ex
temporaneous exposition of the chapter read
In the introductory exercises.
Mr. MeGonnigle suggested to the ASAOOIII
- Lon the importance of establishing a Tom per
anee League. Messrs A. N. McCord:tight,john
Montgomery and Hugh McMaster were op
pointed a committee to see to the matter.
The rnlon then proeeedell to the election of
oaken, for the year. Mr. MeGennigle was
unanimously re-elected President, and Mr.
John Montgomery Secretary.
The meeting was quite large, and the pro
ceedings Interesting, and will no doubt have
the effect of stimulating the members of the
Association to still greater diligence In ad
vancing the interests of Sabbath Schools.
After engaging in devotional exercise% the
AssoMatien adjourned to meet in the First
United Presbyterian Church, Seventh street,
on the second Monday of April next.
Vtiited Mates District Court.
Monday, January 2'2d.—ltofore Judge .
The Court after disposing of a number of
trifling emses arising tinder the I: seise law,
called up the case of the rnited States on.
Loots Prentre, charged with having in poems.
stop counterfeit government money. The
defendant kept p fruit stand in the city, and
getting intoWdritaken row, Was seised by the
police. It inibiliequently ascertalned that
ho had in his poseaston ton counterfeit twenty
five Cent Mites, and as they were now It was
auSpected that hoptended to pass them. The
aecuSed was defended by Thomas M. Marshall,
a. W. W. White, and Jacob Slagle, Ego., while
District Attorney Carnahan appeared for the
prosecution. The defendant proved a good
character, and the question for the jury to de
cide was, whether the spurious money hod
been received In bustle., or obtained for the
purpose Of defrauding others. The Jury them!
o verdict of net guilty.
Joseph Casson '
arrested at the mime time,
and Indicted for a similar odurtse„was next
put upon trial. The money wee Supposed to
be the joint property of these defendants, and
they were indicted Jointly, hut o severance
was granted on the trial. lie trial
Teary eon Chub Lectures.
George Alfred Townsend, Keg., lectured ie.
fore the Tennyson Clot, in Masonic Hall, lea
evening. t.Pwing to the generally prevailing
opinion that Mr. Townsend bad fatted to
math the city, as well as the Inclemency Cl
the evening, the Eindienbe woe not to - lat Vt. an
It otherwise would have been. We saw a num
ber of our most substantial and appreelail.
citizen present, but the effort of the youthful
and rather interesting gentleman was worthy
of a much larger house. Ills de,ription of
the London Teen, Dickens, Spurgeon, N
Icon, Eugenie, Dumas and others 14 . 014
C 2141.11,111017 rofroehmg. Ih the evtll,m3 ..f !)
remarks bode:Lit come heavy hi"w" ull the
miserable manner in which American )enr
ali•mle.nstatual. Compared atilt ot
Europe, American editors reed' e it mere Ili i
All=swit an Assets:trait—Ali rrenee
plate on Saturday that wan verynear tray
MS ins serious accident A frelzht trail. tar
stopped on the ttv.ek at the Penn reet ea-
Ing of the rittsbuzigh, tort Wayneand Ctilms.e
Railroad Company. net as a citlren pasw.n.
ger car an, par tug ay tut street. The dri
ver thinking there was room to Ins, tiro, e up
and Was In the set of going by. e then the
watchman mad• a motion to the engine', .a
the freight train to move up • little. The rn.
ginner, probably misunderstanding the signal.
gave her about four revolutions back, pushing
the street car off the track, anti bending one
of the salsa, hit not seriously injuring the car
otherwise. Fortunately no one was hurt, al
though several were very mach frightened.
S.I young man Jessie*, noticed
entsi tiny la being attested on -AL l iar`., of
forgery, swab released frOm a:lnt.:4y by the
or, the proseentOr not appsastsug. it is
understood that the slams of money drawn by
the young Minn will all be refunded, and that
as he expresses apparently sincere penitence
fur his past misdimds and promise,. to do teat
which is right and honorable in We tutor , ,
one more trial wilt be granted him to win bark
his lotmer reputation.
Aka% I• Rata Oreugmatiessa.—A 'number of
years ago, there was a law in force in loth.
I\ll/1, that every man who came Into the Stale
had to show his means of support or he was
committed 0.0 Jail as a vagrant, and ..old
to the highest bidder or lowest bidder we for
get which, for the jell fees. If such a course
w. pursued In Pittsburgh, how many Idle,
worthless young men would be able to show
that they make an honest living. The idea Is
At Heme.—'Mayor McCarthy, who has beet
stalking the a...tern cities, le at home again,
and till be rends to enter ltpan the duties of
his of If ho has selected his Clerk and day
police, they are aa yet knower) only to htnasetr.
about the Mayor's °dice was
extremely dull yesterday, and the ume may
be said us the various mattestrates' offices - 1n
the city.
Net Yet Burled..-The remain. of Iffe.
liartha Grinder have not yet been coneigned
to their lent reeting place. When they will be
la not yet definitely known.
ILibrihry Alambelatioal
The new Guard of Directors met at the lA
brat, Rooms, corner of Penn and at Clair
streets, on Wednesday afternoon of last week,
and appointed the following gentlemen as Li
brary Conitultt, for the present roar J•nia.
11. Scott, J. Collard and Joslah toheu
We see glad to be able to announce that the
Board, at the same Meeting, unanimously re
elected George K. Appleton, Lad , Librarian
for lb° present. year. We know of no 0r t ,.1,,,t
tor qualifleel for the position than Mr. Apple
ton. lie lars perfect book-worm, and Is well
nonainted with ancient and modern litera
-1 are. Ile Is in himself a catalogue of the libra
ry, and aninder to Ito eontouts. We Itave on
several otvaslons, been placed und.-r
trona to him for valuable asektstrtre rendered
1.14 in the investigation of Important -.object..
Re is, healtles, gentlemanly In manners and
obliging in dlsprodtion.
The Asroeistion is nor Inn hit;blv r
-005 rontlltloo, and when the ne
Late been completed it it ill 1,.• L.,14. el Lb••
It In I, 111.,t to permrh••
nreitha 11.• t“ it, A. ;.., ol .1 r.lln
LI.-ve ~tg
.mg Itp. Pl ip.tnv ir.r.
pjapo, 1.4,0 k • •• 141.
hr f
, le
CPI.; ;b..' II 1-6 1.• t•, pl:p•••
cmi• 10,1 i•I lit I,f zrent 1. zpitr4.•, ,
111 pt.. 1...1. In.lll gVl.t ..f
11.. p
II o , w, plip.••• IVr. rn .• 1.•
ma, ttem..h4 th e••
exue•llent ha r r.,
Lat,nir) Ilt lain 1 t+
owl, "tit - ouo4 Mc e el ran 111,1 11" t/. ft,
nor more pronlatilt•Oarat to ',pm.' their I .1.,11r.
boor+, n 1,4 tla. prim , M Antatvriptt tin ta
the r each of all It alTorla 114 ',learnt,. to na
iler that man) of our Ind 110 rl.ll. rrif.l•llttilp,
are tuere ,, el , . an , l latt the rolllt, ref., tar ly
Rev Hear) Ward Ite.eeher will qui o'er two
le:Aare...laq., the wtoelat ion Itie :oh w.. 1
:th •3( Eelirtiary hex,
Dr. Kerfoot --111 ahoy NI
fen Thurnday morning next the 81.411 , 11n1r , t
'Ti Ite new l•rot.ntnot 1{111.4-1,11(d Din,Cse or
Pill nburgli , is ro ennricernted to Tob ( lly
I 'l3 nreb. quite a number of Bishop, anti other
elm gy are A' xpurte.,l To be prevent, and 44(111.1(
Hopkins (by virtue of senleirity) Is 1' I peetr.l to
rot"kle• The nod/1111a be very
erosting. In the ;,ecniug Bishop .ste veils in
to deliver dkaceurke volnineMOrutlVe or
Right,.ll ,
Rev; A /Ann° Potter, dreenned —the same
t'..ellvered at the General Convention.
and W ~rh is to be repeated by request 01 the
‘,..' , Weentlon of the new ',locale of Pittsburgh.
',lie distinguished ability and eloquence of the
Right Reverend divine are well known, and
this testntm to said to be ono of hin moot bril
liant efforts.' If It shall do Justice to the la-
Went./ prelate In one of the most prom local
traits of his noble character, it will—ln View of
the foot that Ilishopilopkins.the author of the
"Bible View of Slavery," and 1141 =aligner, 4,
to ptraidatn tho mornln —boa littin_;,• e,nelli
km, tu the eereMonies of the linv. We allude
to the late Illshop l'ottern, devoted attach
meat to the cause of Freedom, and manly ad
vocory Of I:lt:rights Of the blast mm/.
Disorder In Church...b.—A Dose in Die
night Direction.
The Allegheny day and night police, in eon.
can urn., of frequent complaints Laving been
smile, devoted their attentiellOeSUn.lny 11l
toward preserving good order at some of the
churches, and their presence had a decidedly
beneficial effect. Thera arc a number of young
men In our sister city who, on Sabbath o /gots,
visit places of
frequently act In such 11 manner
f II to disturb the quiet of the worshipping Part
of the roni4regations.
Captain Reed, last night, detailed a squad
under the charge of Lieut. McCain, of the
night watch, to attend the colored church on
Water street, hut the "crowd" eXpectcd didn't
arrive, foomieynently no arrests were made.
If the reform is only 'followed np with the
Mims spirit In which it lins bean inaugurated,
it will result in the abatement Of a serious
annoyance to the religious portion of our
community. The law punishing disorder In
chxrches is very severe, and we sire pleasoob
tOlcnow that Mayor Morrison and Ida subor
dinates aro determined to enforce it to the
- Sent to the 'lease of ihfloge.—Thr 1.
Selbekebarged with aiding In the ,robbor, of
Jnertili ITarisron'a. butcher .tall ,robber,
Dlanntad market, on Friday (oat with
mind. JO tho 'frown of Mingo thin triornit4 uyy
pinyOr.frtOrrlson. Finnerty way dischtu-ged,
.there bo ng
. .grycklunee jo ronnect him with
tae then. , , N.
T 11. !•si- !Ivy,
r.-. 1 1, .: P.`l.
zn lb.' et,fag, turn 1 , r• I' 1% I
, !rti.p..l 111 at lire The-111, Anti wl
an•l NI..
held ; ,• I ; u II.•
e %veil !04/1111.1, 11, t`11114,C1,14.1
met. her I int, pet The mantle!
ehw n• nut gs,tleva or
m , . p •Mu, t., the Hie
• In ..... ~n.l !II the han.l. or Mt.
Inn 1., IT 1/1 It u 1 tha ruin., 14 pniven.
she n ,I•ry s, ell •tapported by at e .Lowmwell
11 nun ritt 11i111.1.11 fre-h itptm title
enr.7,l tan. ern! I liner apple tided.
To-night Mr... Itypennt for the second
blue, M. a 11.11 11CV1141013 the Ipt•autir..l
1,13% 01 ...Jule, the Aetrene,” a 111 be pre
he. e t o rea.-nt ly.itmltt bat that
an :net. antopleludilly comuteore.l.
st 111 le , a .•..ntitllll,l Plllll-Pliv..
Or ER Fanny it,
young 1.1.1 minirining
bon to u Pittsburgh ItUtilf.lloo /Ont. II at the
Opera 'lotto.; in the charu , ter of "It a:whet - tit,
or the Crgekmt." Primo has a very aspen-'
si yr face, a bennt Ifni sweet valve, and art. her
part in a very artistic manner. ‘Ve heard but
one enpr,,,,,,,i0n In the 'opera llntnse lastnights
and that was nue of eat reme_pleasitre she i.
admirably ouipported, by lit ilauchmtd.
Tmutighl a 111 tim preseritOd thebeuottroi
art play of the ...Rival tiferehants m Loom ,
Slutrifleett Min° play st - 111 he repeuied during
Miss Prime's engagement, those who wish to
see tier in her esittrt, role of characters will
have to go much night at her engagement,
Malicious Misehter.—John Maul was role
milted to Jell 10-day by Mayor Lowry, to un
rwer n charge of malicious misebief preferred
13i Benjaallll Granger, of the liinth wnr,l Tne
offense consisted In the smashing of the pro--
Withetl.—A countryman, a ho dee! ined to give
his name, was arrested on Saturday n Ight, L.
ottloer Seott i while drunk on Fedora! etre.,
was looked up for the night. unit upon .1
hearing Wan lined two dollars and ,oet. by
Mayor Morrison.
A New Organ.—A Contract ha.. been made
for et new organ for St. Paul's Cathedral. It
w 111 hr the largest organ west of the Allogin
nle..—thlrty-scren feet high, twenty-w•eo
feet Mide s and sixteen feet deep. It will and
ikloooo. The present instrument to prn
too x eak for the spacious church, and bonee
the change.
Dead Body Alloat.—Tho body of a yours=
mum Is reporlel to have been seen floating
Inwn the Allegheny river, yeaterdny, mmtl
embedded In a entre of km. The deer bo
ing covered with doming Impossl-
Me to secure the body.
Fismlly Committed.—Thomn, Wn Isom
tho individual arrostcd on a charm, ut
•ttealing n imat—valued at two Imildre4l
—frotn Mr. Denny, o( tito First ward, Allogio,
ay, bad a deal hearing Imforti Mayor Morrison
thh morning, and was oommittnit for trial.
11)rowile1l.-1 lad named Craven, oi New
Brighton, was drownist a few dill,. ago, in Bea
ver river, while sledding Ti,,, body was re-
Ittawrc—Thin Alnoaao la prevailing to .t
eontiPlornble fluent In the upper wants of
l~F~wy. Phyalclunti pronounce the theeazie
con tag-lOUs.
Bankers and Brokers,
No, 75 Fourth Street. Pittsburgh,
In all I .ln.l.o.l l .ovrrntiat.nt
n.l 11. ant / °reign
x l n.l ri. rir rt.
llrixtalturc..l,c.l in I . .vr futach sn.l urrun. ,
, on tin, .1.1..1, •.11 , ,tlown•
1 aiire.l Ntatv• on wo. tat
Jrdirr. r Ica ..ttb evert I 4in!
It ...... n Y..,
anal l' //..,trsl• strictly
Draw on A. 1 - Lk:W., ,,.r \, lurk. J
... M. TIM., .3 T. 11 ['Ell.
U 1 1ND 'WOK rits , no ut
nrr - r - r+n , ll2S,
Nl.,u•T Jun 1 U.1••“
, Vlerrd .1.4
1413 10
JOY 00
I •' I.l'.
I . • ..1.1
Allegheny Lunnly
La w rein.
Cash Irk.trraylce.. 51 00
/I.lOhnnizaholA iScldge Coulpangr 2. 14 U 0
Citizens National Bank o.
Exchange National Ran/
M.& M. Nnix.nal Rant....
Proples Natl.tna.l Mak.. . 1.06 60 --
thank of Pithsburet .03 oil
Fourth Nattoaad . Ll 6 So
Thlra National .......1:31 no
(..,,turuht. 1111... . . . '7l ta OS
H I'a. ..... 73 *I
There le little or on .bang. t. not. to the
gold market—lat., to In, the clovlog
110 n to New York at noon toolay. Here, ont
looker, and honker" or. tonying•aux 16,10T.16.
and there to tent very little offering, for 'ale
Government bond. are .tend] with u emotre
tied fair demand at full rate,
In our 10.-al stock market. the, 1. little
Or nothing doing. hank shareo art 10 demand
but the extreme virtue of bolder, ha. a ten
dency to reran! operation.". For GiLizenn Na
tional 0310 bid; 64'i for E xchtunge; 576 k for M. a
.M.; 100 for Peoples; 60for Flank of Pittubarght
121 for Third Nat tonal; and Fourth Na
tional offered at 1131 i. -Monongahela B. kige to
la wanted at 0; and Caul) Inuurance at 31
In 011 ebxrry there U. net to nettling dolnit
Colombia le offerml at . /.5-2.4.% Ind. This stool
Is certainly •ery cheap at these figures. 141 :t
has been paytng at tbo rut, of 4 per coat a
month. or 2 per vent On the Par aloe,
'Change to.luy Mr. Jot= L Balky Rold 2:00
shares of Cherry Run .1. At 14 per
share. Inelltding t,ommts.i.n, we to equate
—A C 3,143 ban been de:tailed by the Treactny
Depart ,nr tat -WhiCil in of et.. .terabit. Interval
to bolder...l tortltleatc, of In.lebtatoesc atut
anA ,t r tto, ern men! . ..Tornio+,. The bolder
of a Ilifin,.and ricrtitleate Maned it fro.
Nes. 1 fli - b tfl the I , ll3llrttllCllt for ratetuptiosi,
without fl lima the blank cbaeu, ...eking it
,pit all, ,e the order of a part tool., II a ,‘•
frflni the Mdil. .09,9 finally n
party in Poedon, the blank tilled by tht.
Or, and the cr rtiflealc forwarded bi the De-
I.! wr nt Ibr eactnil !lute 11. all part ie. for
c.crclllig II bd ricietupilron protnpfly nflitfled
1 1, separt thew, and it. /1110.1 art . ' and Caul
1 . 1011111 , 1 I • p”..eccion The I.epartment held
ili ;! 1 1, negloellog to all the blank, 11.. New
1 erLei i“ct peccce—clon and awnellal as pa
Inelit 14r he 1/4. E(.11 hold,
it" \'e'.
"Viii,!!.,• 111,01. 1 lu•
,h. :
t ,kit• all. - topting. t.. rood 41,70,1.U0
vllllr . 101.• ll\ !Kg n \ goo.'
dr../ noen Ithoul hr 1.•••In
e-I \ ......1.q.1. 1.0.11/ .41 0I
Lt 1,11111 I• M. PI "./I •1,•111 It 1.
.1..111• I 1 / 1 , 11:11 1 / 1 7. P.•••• 11•1 1 !1110
1.1 ...Ile 1.111," .te , tt- I 011,•.1
frnrlW•oalurr• lett' v
.1..1”, N 11 ion 1 1
Illt 011 1/11\ u 0 1I0,1\:, 1 111 IN- •1
.4 at, .i.‘ ,I)
at..l )',.111 la ....1
a Ent ,, pepto t. It ion. pr•".... ,
to •he 1....1..erenxe thtil n.. 1
11 1..• Ile enled non Ti,,. 2... int to he
lA, In.w to vv.! tl.r \OllOlOl do• , .t
in .t rot he g• the Inierext ean In. tor% '.•• , 1
In. Iqe ^e..nred to 4.`th..10 the Kin , ral
6 hr gratlnut.). Th E•antn.l ,
1,u1,101,. I,t •hOrt date 14111.1 10‘, Illter,4l, at time
a hen rnidtnlla ortltnury tot.loeot. toottm-ttot•
fro •••to 15 . 1,er vent. The Goren - not:7.ot, n lent
It to
gar... a. borrOzl . o4 Ml.{ preporett to
.• , irr,ta rate' I.
bonds, or dell 1004 00.:.
to I otpt Itatnern for to yenttstont !tore .ton.l In
the mono.) litarkuir 0 Etiropt "
Donlon Wool Wnrkrt
•• Tf•N, 41110-A.—The wool market has
, with a fair demand, during the ps,
a et
I. botwlthstitioling the num oat hai• in
g•ohi and genet - al value- It Is a noteworthy
Met, t h at the late decline In specie prices,
though materially affecting the relative vat ill,
of 010 dotnestle and foreign staple, has not in
, olted any cOrrespondlng decline tn . the lon
ter. It Ls actually realising bettor lees to
day by none ritlie per lb, then it did while
selling at the same currency rates before the
fall to gold. ho long 00 It 1101•111 Ito 01011, 01111
1101 s not share the general thrall ward tenden
cy Of couunetclal values sellers certainly have
good reason to be satisfied.
Idanufactorers seem to realize that it Ls bet
ter to boy line wool at 7:lc now,
rooted than to give
that price when the current
shall have ap
pro-sioted a as
gold basis . ey are king
round lots of choice staple w but little hesi
tation, at sellers prices; and for very 011011,
selected parcels they are paying extreme
rates, In fact, for the fancy clips of re.aits
ylvanta anti West Virginia, which have all
along been held above the market, there is
now sos antism competition, and commission
merchants will have no difflcrilty in disposing
of all their reserves at satisfactory prices.
Fine foreign wools are coming forward slow
ly from the English market. Unless gold shall
materially deeilne,they can hardly compet e,to
any extent, with the domestic article. There
61 hat much here at present, but a 10(11101,t0
.tuck of Cape In Sew York, offering at rate,
corresponding with the price of gold.
Sales of domestic for the week foot up noise
troetsi lbs, at shout the proviois range of 1110
Lae for fleece, and CO&ST for super and stint
pulled. Outside of these figures, we bear of
one lot of fa,ooo Ibis choice selected fleece, sold
iit air. The Milk of the transactions were in
straight lots' of good to choice Ohio fleet, at ea
(05c. Console combing Is firm and In good re
quest with sales at 7SaStle • in foreign there
have been small sales of Copt at 31i/Llc —Bal.
Baltimore Market.
B sLTi steam. Jan. tt .. 2.—FLor it—Flrsit males of
lion and street oinpertne at vi,75, and Extra
Fatuity at ii' Y 5. • '
CO at , —IV bite steady at aN ; yellom duU at
0 Th—Steady.
Coyrzt—Flrm ; sale. of Itto at iSq.2l..
Mining Stock•
New Sc AZ, J 0,31. 19.—The iollowinn are the
5,1-tease( ttllnfAQ ntneke bld in 110.;,,, tn-dey
Capper Fails, 21.1; 37••.; 114:Innen,
1$ • 14.- liernl ; 11%; '11154.:;50, •.! 4 , 1 . ; 5 5;
Beig 60414
Pll l F• 111 tti• II tv .1,
0,11, nor to, 1 -. 11,Ilil•R•lrl t. nzITY•. /
‘r, Jan •!2, 111
1: , u..4tuc "as il.. t.
tr , ..; 1 1.11111.1, tit,. r
- Int 11 1,, fr0t1i,“4.1,0 1.11.11 1•••
11 . ..1tt 1,,r1, ng f,lll t.
•,f thr kr.t.. Ab.l 11w,, s%ill 1, r ,- ,.l
:,I t l'IN• •••111.,k. tlEt•y v. 111
it••••Io•il It„ ~ti thy loi Lwo.•lt ol
Irkip.rt 1 , . m
111....1. 1..1 .111 111.• turtni.•,, all
001 ninn•iy inn] la ithoinit plO, ' ~nil
nt nt. ~,,, 10 vie',
iiri• 011 thut vari oni.nit,l3 tn• tt“treil It I. tii
linpi.l.lhertforii, that on('
n 111 tinnottratrn (hi* tttttt neoii
-10-0)/1, with their priNenri• ~ti
111 , II nll.ll .41, I„ 111.1 k It it..
•, 011/0 :,11.i 1. 114 ,. 1r 11.1, 14111 C) rt
1.14 \ —Th 4. r • t n , ron ion , 2
11 Is .1 1 Inted st les/ I: nu t ruck. an, 1,0 rs,
tor 'mall lota frnto •Inr. 11,1 , 3 1, dull :nut
enl toulnal. l'orn Zit i0t.,;:•11.1
-Mall I„t..
-Mall In quotes! at rn tn
Fla —I% dull nod uncluang ... I. Smell sales
null store ut 4e'. to 4ts , „ for hprio,2 Wheal ethl
for good to choice W antes Wheat
brutut. Reek. heat Flour It dull 3.1
per rn t. unal Rye Flour In •et, II"-
PRIA ste:nly nith
sale. el 1:4 - 115., fa, stllbulelt 12:, he a for 1 le:e •
..ugur art
1.1 ell 1.111 11 1 / 1 •111lflgrAl at /71111. fnr counla Taohl
11. tor prime kettle rendered Nothlug .lotn
.11as- 1,11. Cr 111 ul.
A , ll nf 10 'nee. entuntnn
aL la Inn. 11.4.11na, lo :It ••• nn.l .! t oo ,
Peel Is
at 12.
lii TTEIt —I. very .lull lutt uouli nulls ntt
vv.+ •ot
clutamlttl. !Otte 01 I.: pkg.. ut tu
A. 1.1 01• till nt :la
I t. 4, - 1 / 4 411-44••• quOte ut tl•tettO
1 r1I11:11 1 , 111:IT of It Apiti•-• tt
'l.' ..t 14',.; 4 cl. do.' It., ..14.1 'I., do
.1 I. ut'Q I.• .04.4.'0 .4 tor
1• It 1'.114
VBo' %Tt•l•.%—i , t•••ol\ with regular •••tlt••• sr,"
•••••tt sti .01,15 to ti.l,_ll pet 1••••tt And t..
1.1.4 tly ttt
hi unt - olt IvItt•••1 r•
i•ort••41 xi 114 1,4,144, mud ••14111, sit
IlitEZ•L—intles• 0111Ittrilsurg r•Tortsitl ttt
11 anti tlits•hon at :U.
- Ek.l ,, —Flitz•tast,ll-1 titts•tt••l r1,7t1•11,7:, per
I ti•th, 111041 t \II, heist :it 4.4 teeth 'Otte
\ .• ••••tutsttLl niuttrrt r h•r Timm,
PEI'ItOL FA' )t ‘l.lllk
Orr 0. •• o. Tn. l'Prrolc a.. zw.,(o. 0
Mot.lo,t J ttn. c 4 1•0000.
71.. 1...1m 1010.• 0.1 a g0 . ..1,d br”ak up. not
It dial.. 11 , 1[111410y ot glut lon an tlo•
0 10 •00.ny It Ivrr hug having la,n relkllLt,/.tIAA
lrlohAIIV, 11l Al 111.04 tur Crud.. ularlo•t
u amt. though I her, 1, no Improvumma nut,
the tient:lllli, taut la.o. :My Ltd, ,i 1
;q1.••,0 leo at . 2 , 47 , ./1 . I, .1.
el.l 2..07! , .. UM- dad .1 0 , ...1•• 0100
. •1•1.• al . 1,01 1101 NM, 11
.1,, mai 1./. ~..all la. -0 1••••000: 0..
t•n.l ;ti rail art. itt
Itlflrant Ft, 1:..t1nc.,1 . .011•I I LI, • `••• ••iii
t.r1 , 1 11 , .0 I-. I,
• 5 , .•,..11•1:0.),,,, • t•
91 00
30 an
s ,t..0.1..t at 41.22. 10.
I -prt,.g., mod `1 ~ ~, \... ..prim;
at for 11 , 11....:1...1 .Pat. , 1111.1 an I
lllrisco .It f, No I. and :I 1...
N. , '1 Ity.. lirmtl at tot No
sii at $..!,171t..,.1•
etn vt • • - rtnt but IP•4
rot k tn tuft a:mand mut Sok- r •u!e. nt
1, 1. I• 1, at .=; It.. 11,11.1 r.
battle .•7. en Meat,veer, ea.!, ut tar
ltams troth slaughtered bog.. and tu rat
uhnuld. ay. eet Pickled llama .Init l -kale_
of Ire tie reel ut 11 , 40 (runt ,laugh tared 110 g.
Buil. and ItnallAt Veal, neglected and tunt
ou I. Lard dull and peaty with gls ~r
Straw at 17e Dressed lingo artier and
. ...tier ut 610,at411,23—dnualle at Ile , ,
~.,Ina weak air b ael;era at 111 and buyer, at
115.1:. The reerqdr at. .l heard. .1111,61.,11{.
bead The Markel t• Aull 2,1 'Lift. ,
• —64064 63 0,0064 4 .1,•::•.
711-1—(1.164 rt Pooll*Z.
MAITI ►•—l:nnLun e . I I,n.
Spccllrl Dl.ltstrb to the Pit t.thtirgth•
Yam . S LIP/1“. Jan.=
I I:eet lathe corttinu t , Aultpt rutlwr i•twer: about 2.Y to j teu d , A rri ve l
and sold “1. ti, .%•ellue Itrltvt: Ytt,l,l+ nt frt.ttt
19Q,tir r !In.( quality: fur fair Iv
10141:t• poutatl fur
UAW:—err to la: r ttetruttnti nthn lad rat.,
..ttatta ittattl ttat:al tat thr .111Tarrnt runlnat trout
t at !•••• at t
hlif.El . —lnantla ni ann4 :on.,
`LOO ht n ad ...Id at from 4' t 1. 7. < pctr Ili. v
Or fair Inn 0 a:n.l font .nn ••• ;•
(OW , — k rt• nitnnant elptugr n
.1:01..-an1 -.lnt an
410((0 f„, p ' I 1,1.7.4•1: rtc r •tt • 1
Mt ••t`.
J;t; U o.pai rh la the elltyburmli
Tr. Jantlar) Itkie
rtiOv N... I,lty,
$129.00 Prat, • ryct vo;
d. rs, (.lea( liabbt..l
•ttg:Lr I 11,d Itslll4, '2le; ran
P. 1,11 Bulk Meat.,Af!t I vi•
10, liar Ittlp. • Isar
Moats. thrlnt,
lirrn. I I:',r.
I .tltl lA, .
PI:TROIA:1 M \ Ins I iM:I
01'1 " • lk. •
rltruti ‘s ••11 Pahole, 11..t.L.
iojloti rott.l htenuch9ll Hun,
.t11,:k; iltichotnan F'3l, 111 VI. Ellll , ll It 31,
Nortllvra (Pit
HA; .46, I filed
51'1'111 - Hock, Mu; Ilrulir 111 Y.•
spculal Wurtern
NEW Yonx. January
Out dull sod nominal :it
tyle, anti fin Relined In ii 4.11
Tlionnee and Trade In New York
New Tests, Jan. ?2.—The Stork niarket I.
ktill vacillating and unsettled. apecalationto
confined to specialties and those stock that
ere not supposed to ho In the hands of clialleri
at - 11%11%de downward. Cleveland and Pitts
burgh and Old Southern grew weaker at the
mottling board. The principal excitement was
on the former. The stock market Wag heavy
daring the day, and ut the last Board thee..
was a falling Mr In prices, with a strong desire
to sell. The lot-gent decline was on lid South
ern and Pittsburgh. The following were the
closing prices at 4:30r, tit.l
New lark Central, Erie, so,
lOg; Reading. 109.3 ., i; Madame Southern, tr.,; Pittsburgh, fel%; North Western, 1119; North
Western preferred, far %.
Money continues easy, though with rather
more activity In elemituaL lintel in YOU,o de
mond for customs duties and price firm. There
Is no speculative. movement. The price fell to
1.7.31y311gi tit the riots. Gn•Ornillout.eurities
eeni in. , dull. Medina the action of Contirm,
upon the Loan bill. Old Five Twenties were
tc lower. The continued stringency la the
London Money market has a depressing effect
oon them. Seven Thirties are still very firm,
though lc. active. State Bonds wen: steady
unit without any important change in quota
New Tork Stook nod Money Mark et.
Nr.w Tour, January 'n.—Moanv—Quiet and
easy at 5 per cant. Sterling dull and nominal
ut luttigf Real, Gold rates arm, opening at
adentleing in 1.194 and clotting at 18N. i.ov•
en:intent edocka dull and n thud,, lower.
Freights to Liverpool a shade firmer and quiet,
oexa—Fleav y; Fort Warne Chicago,
Burlington nod Quincy ithode island 101,4
Northwestern 32.54; Northwestern preferred 57;
Cleveland and Pittsburgh P2)l';Weatern Felon
Telegraph &I; New York Central 92; Erie 811 , 4.
Iteudinit 101' Michigan Southern ca.',
Stara 77; Ohio and Misnissipp I Ceti illetetes
Treasury Seven-Thirties ttl; Fl ve-T vrent ',o
pens of 1955, 102,
New York Cattle Market
New, Yona,lan. U.—C;avri.r.—llull and rattler
los cri males :XI bend of beeves, fair to good,
at 14e115% per pound.
SOUP—!lull and lower; antes 6,00) head at
pric e.
We per pound. Lacs are nnehanged In trri wnie, 2,G !wail per
It It
lrF. I•
..,j Sl.
t! ki I•I I.
r, ftl 1t... At .•;
1./ I, , tttcr
Our' tor
I -1,11110 1 tt,
I 11 , 1. and 12:0-for
t-myta-r ,, 0. 1111 utol 1.•.” r at iLio •
In,Mr Nett Meas. , 12,,1rm at 12,, 1., ,
0c.p.,1rt.f21-., tor. old . nil
r Et I me. 22,2.1 .
3111' afro , I 3:31./ Ina rr..1..,1 5, AI ,
Ipr lomat t. March and April. at the ' ,rip.
It Reef lira. at ap.,:eup2,l.,
for N. Plain Me , s, and . 21e 1 2 , 12 - for 5Tv, I. ,Iru , ,
Si,'-, fleet Meat 2 on ; 1, 11.
1.0 But on dull. Cut Wale: It cady at Ile/ 1 " aTT,tI/ 11 22Iti ;1 . 1
M, alMolder, lind 15 1 .4(1. for lam , o - T`TTai I • a ,. • • . ~ m.• o , -.ant 1,
11,,,p, urn., at lye Tt for 5 1 ...tern... 13' •2 o
IT Mr Itv laird Lea, Si ..1.
11/1,1'1.11.1,1 rem... lk• 2 ,
at: .at 2,clicra option. nt P I RIP el / I ' , RE-
Philadelphia Market.
I•it II •co 1.1•1113 intinary -- • 112 , .-
trralene, pen,- range from f 2 Rh
" . 'k
.150 o fan", Land.
Inn , ts—Whmt dull nod quotratione main na,, 2 .
ot lied nt anal White :at 1 21.10 M -
1 ma. acne , :, el , . I'l I 311.1 2,1, I a to ell 2, .
:Va.° ImMeis mi. tine foretell.. ,
PM' h 151 Hiatt
.old (a..., for W eat
,11.1 1: • —lnneth c. Mammy? , ar, , tata
o'rar.• Canal, Pi , . It. :TIM:, • 212. I(
,11•• n-• .1.••• •. In.. la rt %Thee:lac
-21,111 Ex, hang, on 5, et par
ayl Rn 112, 2, ...I', taw, ~2.,•, oat - tot tram
New To Weekly Baulk Nlektement. , d• ,••• • l'o t n -tolarr . h . +od I 3 , ,!tn11
)nn n. V. /I " ii 1
erlearm, 124 ptu,ooo. tepeole, decreaae. ! .
a1,a 2 0.140 Irettlat Inerett,e, „ om 4
Ilelmalta.1, 11 . 1 • 21 1 6 .2411: inerTaae• 1 ,700 ..XE 1 tha Mnaklregurn ert atm nt. Tarser-1,22ra a 2th
lawal ...di r. s7•2l,,etri; dryrcaee, 4,3131. 2 en e Baltimore and Ohio Ma trald arm
oh cum
' , learner. to Emmert". . 2 ,111p . ,,A,
! 12.2at0a. hartranouth. Mar" int and 1 m...natl.
lloeton iron 3larkel.
; Adel up trip. counereim nol, at pea,
114 ILO Chance to am , f %I'll oh. salaaa and Plttatn2rAlt RI
11., 11111H:tot for any dc-el :aid the in a I iTr ` d
no. 11,1 I , only for small lota. EMTTIgn pig t 2, ' ad " anal mornm‘.
1.21 inn. Int to nrrivll are ....111/11; n I .
-1/,..” ~ler rut.-;. Atnerlean MK le Ilan 2,1
.51 ,M,rl.ltoat 1 , 2.21 to' ,at ha.
me, I'M,. Mil,. Mannfneture.l Iron or In halt
-apply, a tth a better feelingantotig. maker. I PITTSBURGH.
of dona,tie, cirri: ,(1011 I 1ne0et,,221 pro- • 11, fre2g la a....h rear,. das day. up to iym
1,11011. 1 re DI, )nil
Me note small sale, of .2 , 2,1, It phi , ' r4t . hcir sdistme
4.1,4435." per ton ror br,t lirand, the 12 , 1.1•' ! h .
1,11, 101 late to arrlve. American i- I
AND EA NF. , , I.,—The am. .reamer EMMA
.2. • mall 101 a at f' , sofrina pm ton, for t h,• diner- t• It all 42.111. t'. ` . 1,1 leave fnr the
i•ra mantras,. ( ply, than at {::rare ataor and all Intermediate tattle /2,017 TI.IE,DAT
1011, 11,11.. llar Iron is hi fan tleniand and lot. •p. tn. Returning. Zane-, in, perry u n.
fi. tore art . Nulling at 21111,54. PA, tor English ,l a at 7 atu. J. D. Oil LINGWOOI,,
rommon, ti.12.1.1{130 per (On for do roMinytl
Ause dean refined bar I. aedling at 21211.3 , lA/ per , Fon MEMPHIS NEW
lon from maimfaeturera' handr., and el•2:a.11.• • Ill l t.E. , Na. -- The nem , M , *heel
Irian +tore, Railroad iron la "ellinht at ta".
gold. per Intl, for Ett o •eltah. and Tor- ~ .. ......
, AMerlcan. 'fleet to milet, at in ,
h 1 14t 37e la, pound. Euglir,la do le firm al 7, .awl
1. „„, I „,„„
M Int am sell alt 7er per polto.l r IOIIN'EL.
or In
lot a•sortad Mzen.—Bul/rfa, .1. li. 1 4if 1.1,,W1.1./I
• - -
1:0/C 41E10 1111 D ST.
. 0 .417=ti 4
1,221:11,—ATR, rilli ARMENIA
11., -plenant paaaenger deanter.
aar a, abme Z,llr. 3! ..".
0, /sigh, 11
all., -.5 ha.rd a, m
a I .I.INI2WCOD - Agent.
Cleveland Market.
Jun. 31—Wheat—Dull -.11
nt- , tt ro-t1 (rout t.tttret at 41..10. t
ttor demand and 14..at1y. Salt% 3 rar•
.11,11.,1 Eton'
+store .1.5 e• I t.or, At
\ utit•ttattgett. 11..41 At to
1., NA I frt., t. Atttl 11,11i111,0
7.4( lind.•)-11111 , .“1.1
1.11P011T19 B ItAILROA.D.
I•trt•nt not!. FoaT W•r as h 3.81C/300 it. 1:
.1.11 1 ear wheat, 11Ilelteook. Met reel)
ear- 11 Wallace; hu ter., lard,
lei h co: .Ito Put t er•eln h .111111101E3 / 13.,
110, 13 ilo , zen pall, etc. Met `ttlieetglt,
Mull 1. a , •o: Iln, Little, Batt , ' a / . 3111,11, 1
ear 0tu,e.,4.1 .1 1:a1), Ido st 10-at, .1.4.:41:t a
,•: .2n esrt.ic Wtn Sum.,
all W )1 Ityrtm, 101 hhl, deer, .kei
1 A..7:1. rare metal, 710104, A. '4, I e_te
I:ans , .l, Itag , + mill feed 11't111.,e
14,1,,,m ; I.; Intr.. l'el zer 11 - nr,
lc; Irk pAtric:c a 11,re,
It.o•nl.e:el, 1 key; I. i.e.. 71 .1
:I 1.11,1 f010a , ,,, 11 Dalton,. IJ tmle, tr•ee,
I. A, 11! u'.le 4..14, I'll 1 oun.
1. !. sine!, I r Ark , A
petrtllettln..ll.4 ti 4111•. ~.
/I. O.'. 1 /1.1 kuu“..S.
hu•.x. hid I du 1,41.1,r. ,Ll.l. 11
11,d; ..1 , 1/I , ls mph,. I. II I ..tgt
11411 . - 1 3, %C .V.! a 11 ..•., .
41/P. h 111.1.11/ /11 .•:ti .14./1
13 lit,- lard, 3 1..1,
II!,1.3r1. TO I.:. T 1 J,
/Ik/2/ . 1:ort)r, kag.. c:0vt . 5...••,1, I 1,1
~.,,Pl,lllO A Prrrearloati RkIL
Jar, XX—IUU blda flour, aeglnnver A Toakalap;
1W.1. , do, , 1 - ll•ert .t Alkorgan, 100 C
It.. It. de.Li Jr ,t 0.,
T J MS; I ear wheat, Liggett A S. hid"
tole potroleam, JolotAthan I ear
loin',. 1,.1 St A I lay I ear metal. .1s i• - k .tro
PITT f °cellar. •vb Ito / 't rf
.101. oat.. J d W ea I Mao
r. It - .natant 2 'Aga, Llt Volgl. CO; l l ef
par,. Plitt Paper 14, Z.en LI at y.••, a
Ilempb , du do, C C nualth !,
A Ll.s unnxtr axtox, Janus y 11-12 float
0 :M . . sr, 1 aar rmta, earn mill luta'. If I‘llo3.
rot.. 50 1.1.11. T Nevin ZS 0o; 0 pkg.. pro.
daze...W.l.a., A Hata
;trot.. o atmeal, Wm Pram . , 11 aka a 0 01,
d nasnplaj 2 cans lumber, J 12
aka axseed, Al Suydam;ear lumber. t
Roy le: bstbs paper, Pltta Pap, 0; 7 It alt . •
I a ' L. 2 reels y If tsar, lg.
7ha cold ...rather ha, again c.ton.l tut t c/
to rectOt., and it Is going /loon pretty cup/4113
lee Is floating beastly In tho rh er. and al
though tb. 4ll , gherty leg it ruinolng pa//t the
city. I here i 5.3.1, hope,/ of a general break up to
that ell er as long as the preheat weather
1.-ar1.1:1) Lb. , oealbol v , :t.- Just
enough In h.p p clutter. nolid and .try,-and
with a north. a 111.1 blow. log, glee, to
chap rapt/11). There a ere but little bu.iat
dung at the lauding
.t ideh had binned nelosi ht i.rd
the rive in the ie The lornakind of
and the eonaiiiiiienl nr
rein - A.llllz of the
rill, ratified dude a Ir. ely titne moody: silt...fn.
Intattnon Id dine at all t actil ity,
ever, the t runt d difi il , .t 1,./1011 111.. !lII' 1110.1•
nd ae lintliallt tod fof tiniii• ly Hot
id a
il enoti;iii but tint! n.n•lf
a.; aal ...ter day M1..111.'011
The Itet, that left nu Itttetturtltty hay., het,
trt It lung!: t t lite The Littren told %met
tt-a Itt enattlett ttlt a great .I , l.lo(.litticuity
to ;1 , 1 through, but tin America :Intl Lucella
‘‘ert e-let - lay mot nip, tie.' tip at Iteaver t
ant I in Inetthiuni utpt t .t. 1 rt•er Itettee/
tttlltt,ltt 1 hey hurl It, otAttlit tit , te t e 01 3 1..• u.
bout In ...ler', get Durk
Th.. II urL Lupt “eo. h Vt..., 1.•:t
r.la3 afle•ritoon I.n
'11.4- 1,0 Lvofl. Inl,l I..n.l.l.11o•
1,1 , 16..1,:111.1 will lest
11. e %Vann Ilia. 1. apt LII 1.”
1 thelnnal alit) •on
.1,211.111. v n nal her
1. Apt Ila”. 1. 11. Lan h.ohnt Ir.. h. ant ,• MA , -
Ihn I pal•IL,•1 lin!, me up 1, , 111, Ino.lnt4. an.?
nn.•. - lhartni; Iv lea% elvl 31annik1.1.. an;l Nen.
.1, In a harp. nu 1 llnnolNonnn how
m ,1 1.. 1,,,t0 trel,ll
1..np1 11. r t, an,. 1.. 1 ,,
ha. In tln D. 11. fre,,, •11. i
ellb yll , l Iliti•relediel I. -hr. I. n .
I ler —els, lett , ,he nee, e:
el 11 ty t , ,e'd
bk. I ..,111, I ej , l `IWO. i. k I'ulnalu
:11 .1 11/nlntla, and .tlrer 1. h.... 1 t
;sal% evil, 1 ,, le 4_ eleln.n.l
• 1 , 0,11,1
ri..• 11h-Lln4nlnrl, •
„1 .1 I. NI. It. hel.t. , t nth,
1 , r1..•nel ha, kV., ••,/.1 eti
1,11.1.tny far 4+1,110
IL la Ihhughl that the Ult‘ ~,,,
nut ett St lends Ili.: jne,ll.;ng
v. 111 Ise nt1,...1.
1 S PI PSIA. --. '
-•- l'klb I , a. eouro
Ti al vtl yreyara Llou of Ito.
..1 flm L., aPk am
m.lO, Arid carluluuti.e.
..t t • n 4 then I hc .dusa..eb as
1. r‘,..0. ” •tern. II .'pop,
lnln ren..., for It%
or 1u,11,,,, , 11urt, Nemo,'
nes,, 1.4..,s of Appel!
Add., of thy Morn..
l'lstul;,ue) and drt.lll.
I. nut alehohollq thereto
p , Tticular: y sula..lfur . c.
• T, ow. aud dylpepllc ye.
~„, toy ...xty tr , sndraT et,' .berg at el
i fer E. bo s ta i.
i, 1.5
oca7:l, d NVIIOLETIAL !SAGS, r,.
Till. STRICIKLAND'S illelLinuotis
-..-,, f:011.:11. FIALJiAIf is
ty ,• =ti tz , lt o tt . l4, 0
, f , 117 .1 . 1.; ; .::::". 1 3 1 1
li %,
1 nuylia, Colds, .floarseras. C IJ ,
Atibms. WboopisF Cough, '..,.,.,,,`•:,
ChrtallC Cf 4111114, Croup. I\. '...,....... ,
tiOti, iirOpetlitiS . ;lllllll (.raup. ..•!
,- -. i.7 -, 7 i. ; ,
It.iny ImltttrTd rr , .. 110 " T . d'illtfE: -
at-J.1114,W.. It la bxoling. tort
en:og au.dry peTtbrallTlZ, and .. . . ‘. . .
particularly suitable for all • .....-....._-- -
Off. etloux of the Thrum an.l L. bog, Tor 111 by
Druggitts avcry yawn:.
t. E.t . YELI.T.Iti 3 C...
obutlyd :
._ ll'uoc.a.botat .Area., T.
k:L/Y pas CLIIIID Oulu- 0 .
clod. of lilt ror-t ea. or
111.11% ANII oLEEDI
PILES. It 'di InanuAiato
,tsilef. aud effcce.. pernta
lertt corr. Try It It I+ vrartanta,l to cure.
I or %ale Di at
M. per...Lc/Ma.
. -
IN SEXUAL. UST.. t' , F-9
Glyra me a knotOrylyr aehlum noluloof
Illy Ion?, Trodencr In thl, ottr. •nl thjamo . unt
of patient,. treated annually Lae. aro anent:lent
P' 44rr/Jl4llalli-V. ,10,11a1 Wraknoo, and
all dial:ASto art.lng therelrom. are enrol In a notch
a A lei t rT Jltn• than heretutaTc by my NEW Vf.tiEt-
RIXEDIES. Motlelnea Arnt to anyhart at
IhrClalon. A 11101,3 tntt,t contain a ,tamp to ply
return postaht. Cornespoutienre held saed. OA
Lee, KS SMITEC/Itt.ll EITIME.T. neat Ola cr naond
Adthroa, J. W. BILANSTRUP, 11. 1 , ,
fal. Pittsburgh_ Pa. I
• -
rEIC:4 STIMET, near
For the cote of All diseases oftpert - ate natur, ln
from two to Moil days, tfli an entirely ties , and , at's
tenathanst. AloNgietnina Weston.. and Oil other
dlsetses of the genital orzasts and their preiention
warranted 1,7 stoney rethadod.
ri e tgaiiil7 t"
- :
H. F..: 4 }7tX.V6.4 - 4,4
1. 1•li. P, iil 1!i4,. 411:111i I ?IL
1. - " I ' rj ' ,
1 , 4 .“" TRIP -1I It RI,
I• <• •1. • ••,, . ,r,
I: 1% I, 111 , 711
t•tmr,l. er:
111.11111), WORKS.
-%‘ .11.1*EVING
„ • r
Office, No. 2 Duquesne Way,
I , Ji'jUnWn...,n II ridg
11,:s f'} 1. ft:Milt, 0? PURI WWII ,
ituat - NiNtl colr,.
1,, r , nn f
ot c d burulu4 prop,ryfr•
I 11.
I 0 11 , k. IV 11. I:qhert 1.,. Gem. 1114,1 t..
It. Herron. I . 1.. t ni.11.1.1!. 11. 11. co/11n, I. W.
WALL..,.. D. W. r.e.rrull.
ork • and 041 re, Collie• Toars•tdp
. . . .
h.... aura, bate the turgetl enpanity In the rowan
trt. The tnaud stand. the in 0111 country
awl In liurope. for quality sod Pre tent. sad the oil
put In wen ...anted barrel,. prepared especially
tinieeth erre of CP.P TANKS and
Oil Wait... 41eintly
DC~I►ARD IkARD &Mk: PETnoLtaum
°Mee Co,. of Peon and liaro• fiteenta
Thu cart:pony wee org•Ja.ted oo toe Meth %w.f. eader
1,0 ronneils coto Mink, And Mafautlurforio, Lor,.
The terettory of the tonallony adjolue the Tueds of
Ilse Dm - O...fret:el 1:oloft Uti . - ooepany. ofthla city.
f'spleal btoeF M.Wa
Working Yowl
l'or V slim of each tan,
Ver-Idept—tk JOIINNP.N.
eecretary and Trresuree—ff. N. RlTeltrE.
S. A. ..OEIN.ON, L. S. R11:0 , 11%,
V. D. C1N1.,. N. 0. KM - G.
jcelyti • 11. 'W. Rt, MIL
('031:411.11 , 14:1A1, WE Wliit kit
i'...tautly on 'a...rid .ctld I.r
kT TII 31AltliET It AM.'S
B. V.& J. 11. PIARYETL,
r i 1:111:S 11 ALKASIS.
Elpek. Duquesne Way, I.llllabarals
aSpe<faiu l,utc n.+l II th• talc and
ntrmpr.d t.. 4+lgmt•
m. 14,11111, Hex .L tazly
No. I ST. CLAIR ST.. PlUmburgli
Forsn.rettaa mod Comml••loo Merchant,
A,I detth r In I tll., Ithmettn t athg. Luttrienttnit,
rthlr l'eletolt nal ~ts, r•t,atty on hand an
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nal Uraler• In Relining Materials
•. . T 1 II CA F T T. l'ln.barrh
Toot of Itolllo and llorri•on Ktreets
13rooki, o, N. 1..
storage for Refined Petroleum,
In Tank. 34,11:,,,
IF fr .
tit rEltielt UIL EM:LAE..4.
II V,.% • 1.6 YT KKEI, York
B'.- awl .111 keep on
111111 MUM A COILMO \ 06 11111.16 BINLEG
R. Inv Ite•pnrtir, nredinx eoginr% for pul p
m. car uer of PI lit.OL'LlAta
SILNDILIES, for bale at IK.SLiber
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1 , 1:1 Eat'111:11—:n. b1:11.. tar:, haler,
1,111" A PITEX , --10 bet-. nal, alw obi.
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LIME—Irk WWI Llrrin:
ALT- :L.D.ubli. Extra ;No./.
111:04 ,1 1 , -1,11 dozen oust . curb.
..11:6111' bbb. 6orgbun) • ro,
I , VIT Eat-, WA, •nd boor.
bbl, and: thataa
1 ,1 1/rlnll--Vt bond:eat
1.:11111! , 4 obi, Labrador;
I"L" P
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l a. 15 1 1,4r...0r 11tot er• acid Pr..ou,-e
JU('}:. pt rap in rine poobd tin' nAtil. • dIGZEi
and r Jelly. yr Ideb way be timed for plea sod
t o, d ...A1 water, taxi,. sweet elder, for
salt. , d A. - It W,
. nrnr r 0( Liberty and Raba streeta.
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bx%. No. I
Ine.. yast rrert.rd and for bait! be •
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I' l and M Woad strcet
( 1 0('(A titTS-3.000 cocoa Nuts
r for wilrp v.,tin
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Nog. Mt and ELM clod ortct.
I)ECANS.-10 bhl4. Pecans
meet , rd ii 1 3 ,1 for .gale- pp
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159und 3 . 11 Wood otnrvet
dad ..riaiteraxit 1114.602acrirs
so. 1: St Chß Si., near &spreelie Bridge.
Pectoral Syrup
tt RES coat MIIIO
Clul'4.l-; litt-(mt•hitis
Cii.. - t - e s ALsi - taa.mia /3
All Dis(ases f ilio Lung
•t..../141 In
,• • It •
t. n I sou lo ...Iv, or a.' 04,4 ,Xl7lll
e• • •,••
Pectoral Syrup.
The.c nrr at as,rl au, nue ws,' f a •n, ante
ran luqultr prr.ou- .to , Latr iwela eurr , a bit
Attend to Your Colds.
A Li% v..," “tatd1111; ',re., 0) Itn xr
, YI 'l'RLl'.
rtii.nrattit, January U. IttO.
LI *be :—Sty bas been adlletedtlP
bed cotigh tuel dlinculty of breathing for Site or
ear, 0 bleb, for eeseral years back, bad gradnal
Menton,/ Itt violence. The complaint ha, been he
milt/try. end the bad been treated by pryer-al phyt
den. without any erne!. In this meta of her can
procured hOlllO 01 ynur I . I.CTOILAtI, COUGH STEIOI
I nought, the lir.t time, a fifty cent bottle, whlelir
ileved her err, much: I then called and gut a doll
bottle, bleb cured her entirely, and ahe - ha now,
trace of the former dlacnae, except weakness.
euuld .tote that need them edial:m.7.olU
cold end ceugh. The medlrins cured me by takis
Irep," entiro..lMtrartlon with it
tmnielor. and yon ere at liberty topubliett
eu delve to Lk. WM. WIS.
Alderman, Fifth Ward.
Pipratmaom I:weather la, !mg.
lye. KS n:—Although not en advocate of Pate
'Lanett:le, In . general. It affords me Veanure tad
eel-amble to r commend your PECTO .kl. SYMPA
A. a medieleo It Is well worthy the attention *I'M
peraon who may in any manner loor aftffeted art
cough.. cold, and boarheoess or anv kind, and tor U
ta...-oibtr quad:lead...rt, for removing ell that all
grreable heeo4llott attendlag a buyers cold.
I ha•e b.wo, moor or lea, In my Iffe. attect.d let
he ars err. of colds and hoaraetwas. Al timer.
liroag woold beromc °Mord WI to prevent a
-peaking atm. r aw b hoer, and by taking a tow d
.4 , be oat% e estop It woul md retiree me entirely.
rrrononcidling Thi• medicine. I moot
!ugly -.ay Ili. the Oast remedy ever foam
rf."d%fr I pin t Boa ice, err tae aboeo, X,a:Prorea.
100.1 r"" ZgWIIM .r. Javrs.
Ca•hler Clatena• Depoalt Dank.
EX37::171 Luc. Ohio, March H.
I have uved
L. he) kel . ll Cough Syrup roe a h
eo•lgh of veveral • earn stututlug, am:luau cheerful
It:. it Is the be, uuulletue tor tits name that 1 hu
ever taken. J. W. I.IIIOE.
STRUP.—Dn. Kt, sr.x—Dear Mr: Errnse the del
at my ackunwledging he e arelleneoul your Pteto,
Cough Syrup sooner. I take great pleasure in ea
Ink that It Le all you Way It le. It knocked rho nor
ont of my cough. and tite.worst one 1 was everagli,
ed with. 1 lase not used more than one-hair of t
bottle, and 1 coo and do wish that all who are Willi
ed would give It as tale a trial as I hare done. a
they will be proud to say, • •It Is noan quack me-brine'
I would not mutter another such attack (or a.
et:lnelderatlon. or at any cp.. I ant eonlident I r
breathe 'none freelthan ever did. I shall tine
acknowledge a deb T oss ratitude for Inventing tors
eallent • reinedy. great liberty Louse my naL
la this rrgard yea think proper.
Nleseenger Common Connell, Pittsburgh. t.
N. B.—l am no stranger tarty feliowetitleett,
311 who entertain doubts can =uniting
IVErrin 21,
READ THE TRUTH.—LIa.- otoir.April ha t ,
daughter wPo h.. taken meeeral medicines for a h:
cough without benefit, among theta Ayer'. Cheri
Pectorai. I purehsaed fro., you a bora., or yo .
Pectoral Syrup. and before she lisulaseet hall' a he
tie .he stiff mitered. The second bottle cured tr.
entirely of bar cough. JOHN DARCY. •
Robinson streat, ALLeghear..
PrrTgannOlL December 31,
bERUY.—I Use in Peebles tont:ably, Aliegte •
county. I bad h cough and rpitting s which
corm menced about the 4th of Ectunaty last, and corm
ineight months. I employed the best physiclA
the country, and my cough. continued unabati
tntil early in October. At lout time I was is
1171 Y"r kigrA r 'bOa
the coughing and sparing. I haedespuired es'
getting well, and I thine It etsould kin t it bin valuable remedy will do fur others what it h
ions in my cues.. JOLT'S C. LITTLE,
Whims.: B. 31. Etna, Peebles towurdste:
PArroN Totimrkeng, April 14, LSO ,
A WONDERFUL. CMCE.--einete time ago anc
nelgbbor at mine was eey IU with a Ind Coalr,
Loch every one supposed to be colvennaptlon.
relathe, ttrhl Me that he tad taken every tame;
tatty beard of without benefit: htv brother motet
.4.f. Mut die, and all were confirmed ha itio better
bo lt
b• could not live. I had abonatbe Mtn' of f•
• your Pectoral symp, which I gave tdm, and ei
moat] cured him. to tire a& ton/came= uf Wk.
he the case more et:mart:lr, is the °atrium. &
of the moo, ho being about -her year& old. Ihi
uo doubt the totted hie life.
I•ta ane 1113 me .tooter to of your n
table Pectoral syrup. Almomt everybady around!
Sag the cold. and are enquiring Cur — Dr. Keytet
l'ertorall4yrup.'' We Intve sold tizteett tattle. t ,
P. 4 weal, mail are .Ore entirely out. Sir. A. Alt
and Ylr. P. Nlst. , r, tatb ut Itistrevtlie, Pa. told;
they yrattid nut be r.ttlaut it In thels fatolilen.
tact, all who ax• It unto want It again.
J. s. TTfa..S . ON SONS ,
January .19,
SEW, PE:I rot:AL oi P.t v. --tt e..t..bech troutd
tth a euugh riud cold for arauVal vvvrtar—.o bad*
It that T could oat Ih. had Ulu lutrica sad pi
arriptivoa Rua. uf the best phaticlarta la t
rtly whom 1 eutztrt dame, but du oot do o. /
pair urcd a 'Soffit. of your rector:al Lrrpp, urbt,
ur, dtar rUtirctj.
fitt rt. .; 7 ;.•l .. Pa i tn ' urf. 'X.
January ,th.
•• . r Illl`TIIAT( OU? 111 •• .•flow can I dolt ,
rato Keyrerli, on t%owl street, and get a bottle.;
t .ough pertoml, and it Mat don't core yOns
cast onsat he desperate lashed" This la a spectsM
of the coltouoy not b. are tweey day in cold-caSerdL.
periods of thcyear. And see eau. from actual exy,
'latent. ehtserrisily conenr In the ads iser• admoh
lion as arose, 14 me have tried Use .. rectorar,""/
a 100.1 stubborn, case, tit Ith entire tutors, are:
,„ sst rat Pittsburgh, with one
the mo-t dlst rontrary, foolish- onstlialuall
roost), see seer ex •rlenced since our adentit
thls andame spine • M e toughed steadily awl si
boriousts tor of is hole week, id; hopes of tirtnal
oat, built was no iro. In fart, fr seemed rattier r
base Ito proved Iss practice, and to hare anquir:
strar-irtb. poteue stl , stressibility by tae oped
tion. sid- 'nag, or the suite, weer...shod our el.
to He) Per a. No. 101 11 oust street, petit:tired a ISO.
cent bottle of the ••reetural," toot it according ±.
dirertion•, sod in forty-eight host,. see were maid!
ofthe Oct.). the • tunny Ita,
unconditional/7 sr
tends rest. after a rie, but oneynal <outlet with i
tortoldalne sd arts ersne3 Kes scrls LIMOUS
rcrt-ta. pr,s,
lart . r...rril and ..14
Prepared awl .one el
140 Wood Street, Plttsburgla,
144 Price , . VIS On*