The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 08, 1866, Image 3

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the 714/114,Linutfons of clat t. toad d'a -01. If
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to 14. Jlf-t Ind I rh01: not lc .'t, r'.•.l Iran
ton I eforc 1.• •• .• • • ed.. ..:
...told Inc 111, 111 . , :4 1.1 i• 41••• ..1
fa/ IL, plat ... !!I h.
144,114,1111) .. 11 . 1 - 1 0 of the
ot the , 4 1 1 ".
All MD , / nrlntit !hat tho hill of no codeag d o.
11 ,• ,111: poro ..... ~I; ;do d o-- ....the.;
le,. Ina , . • • :L. the law.
at I. a-t -oda, a , 114 .. re., d - .•..; •ct ce 1, In
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et,ullve content ol th.• -.tater, In
cluding the Icily", 00.1111 0 Ai 14,11 , 4'11V 11 1 .• •• ••-
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any In .Iy.coll 11 al, 4/..r.1 -T I 11D-I 1../I
tied ru.d. g e We Are solt",kol} P.. 1 •1....•.1 11.• N./ I.r
4/Dr Dag_ 1101/1/4 an lon‘g a. 11,,,,,,.! 11r//4 wv must
tie, , (Intl it L e. ,l re,ro ..k ...1
But Ile perrorinaoce th rana/
• be intent-led 1,, ;m eth., I,•:,-,al all, 1.,. It ~..
Intrusted to the old slave musb•rs, coldlttcre,l
agalest Litt. slel 2-, It must le• perform...l hy
the national torevent a lit The p o t hat
gave irv,•4loM in/141 al, that ft 44 4 .410141
13 . 4141,4tnit4011. Ti!i+ i /seer - o,lton to rea.e.t. It
lsa n41.41/rilllT 11l till' 1.,kul pl., of lti•tery
In tilt Ifrdiall 14 0•±1 110,1 1 11,. 1.." -
Ing. Tarte of I:eglan.P., grottos, °moor-, and
State...torn, Iturkr,Connzno fool Itronghant, at
anet.e....l‘.• period.. unit... fu declaring, front
the exlierience fa tile Itritish Weal. ind.e,tle t t
whatever the slave' te.wrs usulertook e t a d o
- for their slaves was always ...tret t [einem ,
end tied whatsoever re,ght Its phonlble
form, IL always wanted "the execntive petrel
plc." Marc receetly the Emperor or 1:11-cda,
• . wise. ordering emauel puti,M, declare,' t hat all
efforts of his predecessors It, thi4 d Irectioe had
failed because they had been left to "the ttpon-
Ltarietnis Initiative of tie
,proprietor..." I might
say much more on this head, but this
enough. I assume that no suet, blender wlll
bo made on our ',girt; that we shall nut lours
to the old pre,priotors toe Undriterfarfco hut
freedom to winch we arc pledged, and thus
break oar own promises and sacrilice a ' Mec.
I bath already alluded to vlnattelpation In
Bessie. But thin exan.ple it worthy oar doep
- cat study, unless Wo• imm,osely reject history.
• .611 knew that In Mel the Emperor, by solemn
• proelamatiori, gore free.lom to affirm . ..l of
twenty-three million serfs; but It Is not goner
. - • ally's liLuown by what sipplotamitary proct..ns
this frectiOni was scoured.
I bare in my hands btu official copy of this
groat actamblisbed al St. Petersburg, by ad, lob
ft is declared that the serfs, alter au intact-a
Of two yearn, aro "entirely tlisfranch
Under Ibis - proclamation, a now sot of
magistrates was rrnatlturerl, with - ' . lifecla
court, and "Justicce of the peace" In coon db..
trkt, to superintend the working of Ute f ads.
mutton and to exatitipu ot the spot all nu,.
boas arisloglrom emancipation. Title pr,,vl
sion was tint unlike our Bureau of Freedmen,
which is thus vindicated by this example.
lint the good work did not stop hero. Tin
Emperor did not leave the fre.alfooh entl
protection, handed over to the tondo: In.: refs
of their former owners. it) a careful series a
"I'regtll/StlOns" fteromitanytng the proclama
lion, prepartml with Inlln Ite care, and divided
Into chapters' and sections, the rights of the
freedmen ere secured beyond question.
• hold it copy of 'this remarkable ttoounac et in
- my hand. Bern it is, a model for our I mit a
: 'These "regulatirms" begin with the formal
: declaration-Unit the freedmen, by the act. of
emancipation, "andoire : the rights belonging
Ao tree fanners ." The-language is general - .
It is 1110 "rights of rfroo farmers," not l e
talit.particulars, -but in all 111Irtletllars; not
Merely in exemption from the authority of
their masters, but in complete enfranchise-.
meat. Surely hereis ail example for us.
The "regulations" then proceed in formal
. •
words to ax andstssure these right,, civil and
political.- • These righter are not felt to infer
-core or to future digens.ioni but they are
..itively declared - with all pm, sible
By one iselltai the freedman Is secured In, all
his rigtde of , finally and rights ef• contract, as
' • l'The articles:of Alio Civil Coda an the eights
•• • - - ohtikatiOns ',of the family • are extended
to the freedinen ; cfmleotiontly they acquire the
right, SOM.:it:the authorization of the proprt
etor;to • centraet .rnarringi, and to rakeany
, arransinnent whatever enacorninp, their fatal
safairsi they can equally enter into
end.obllgatione authorized by the Taws,
• as Weil with:the fitnter as With irldivldush,, - en
:the .eteidttions... - tattlished far free Vsrusera;
they catuseribe themselves in the guilds, and
„ • , exercise their trades in the villaget,• and they
- . .CAMICKI.III/ undo:lnduct factories and establ kb
•••• •,- month of corraxterce,” •
, • ' , Surely here to atrexamPlo for
"all= 'Sebt{.oll tun freedman is secure,'
bit rights Cr property. Lie may acquire and al
..js,,,este'prOperty of all kinds, according to the
• anti heoldes, "the Tins...Sion of
• , Abe Imumet ; 't ou which he has lived is guar
`.aniced: to biro'• - on 'certain conditions. nuraly
hero is tm example for lea.
.By.ancithernectiou the-freedman Is secured
.cOMpiete equality Ilia aosirts, ua
•- • ~L io Audi hg-re the right of action whuther
• Civilly • or-crlminally, or columenee• process,
. and to ruiSs - erpersonally of by attorney; to
make totnptaint, said to defend his right., by
:all the nteannknown to the Law, and to mmear
wifricsi anti as bail conforntabiy to the common
• law...
• Mark theca words. lie may appear "at wit--
. head aid tax 411," 1 , SurMy here is stn example
- By - the' other freedmin * lssecurod
equality inP olhehrolrights, according to thu
meastmerof_suclifights Lin Russia, therm
• - t'fin the Organization of the towns, be shall
• • be.entltictlto :take part in- the meetings and
• electionit - for the. towns, and to vote on town
••• ,affairs,and to exercise divers functions; and
be alien also take part in the assembliewfor the
dlstrlet;_and'shall vote on district affairs, and
Cheerio the chairman."
From etttlid - ..previsleme on this head;it
trlthat the freedm an enjoya righ ts to choose
ocal oftletra, .and to'be chosen in tarn.
Ourelyhere is attexarnple for us.
. Ep still sbother section the. freedman is se-.
vend equality at, schools and in education;
_ .
; ; —"Ha may place his 'eldidretrin the establish
lAmeets for. public education, tel embrace tai,
.. , career of Instractionor the scientLen career,
. 1 ,•;Or to take +Africa In the corps ofsnrveyora."
Sure/y, here again is an oxample forma.
Then,again, for thegeneral protection of the
F ' - freedman , it ix provided that he "cannot loss
his rights or be restrained in their exercise,
except after theJudiroent of the town IN,
'' , , ,frortlinik to Ilxvil rule!, and still further that
.;.‘ - i
be Peannnt be subjeetisi to auy punishment, or
Otherwise than by notice of a judgment, or a co
'l cording to the legal decision of the town t,
}, • . which,-ho belongs: , .Surely-hero again LI an
'example toms.. -
lli :--• ' Thu:, does Russia by careful provisions, sop.
'' - • phunentary to the act of emancipation, secure
; t - :her freedmen - 1u all their rights; first, In the
....;right of family and the right of contract; sec
`ll - , „ Malty, - in tile right of property, including a
• • i ' ' homeniciull thirdly, in complete equality in the
courts; fourthly-, iu equality In political rights;
L. i.lifthly, Inequality at schools and in education;
•.,, : alid.linally, all these safeguards aro crowned
is by declaring that they,cautiot Lisa their rights
prailshad except after' judgment accord
, ''. ',lug tot:lied rnlein.thris completely fuldlling
`,lfni requirement of our fathers,-thst "gotarn,
„meat ;should he a government of laws and not
t• • - I:trust that this 'example.. is none the less
•io , ' • worthy.of-hnttatlent because 12.19 that of an
enlptre,Arhlch Is not, "'opposed to sympathise
.:-.• ..--• With Ihiceal'ldena„ Surelitrepublie'-cannot
tt, '
, ,1- , 111 this respect lag 'behind an empire . Besides,
~- all" th at :If 0 near abuses that the, experiment
, ,!, . tea Wen bliceetafuL itllearly •an experiment
;ea:Umpired aheOmplettdi :by tho - aPirit of '.insilre .
:. • • t .y. 34yd/hag= is icleariy'rlght teerod
klllabilll, anti- pressing - it to av. The (ix-gum
queer tor - it'le •Irresialibia - It la essonilnl to
, comfl„tltinanalliallOY. W % ithout ottinnelpai
. ._-. lion will be olqy. hag {tone,_ It is our duty to
' . •.• Vie that . ilia. wholly done,.Slavery 17111.41,0
',ll b)little4'mot In fornit; only, but In sahatance
-IND that there shall bo no Muck cole, but al l'
'"; atital hti ecituillorforc the last% - - '
, AS to the power of COILTICIIS over ibis guns
.. Von I Cannot doubt it. Bly colleague aim uies
the power Without protaiaiingto.trace it to any
4 ' rtailrular ketTC. 4....
_it Tufty be atalittary power
prceticlfls the proclamation of emancipate.;
; • . nnillittatto authoritwis herefearittulettsnwto
'',-11s la filo"_Pistrlct of Ohl urn hio, uric. muy he In
. - pursuance of the, cOuttitntional ;amendment,
• which pravidex. that. Congiws may "enforee
. the amentlntiat by ;appropriate logialatioin"
.. .. . Or It atutp be to carryout the guaranty of a re
publican form of government.
There are taeasurca of shy own, olrenly in
' kroduced by me; now on your Mine, looking to
::too came result as the pending hill, Which pro
. ' ;Weed specifically on the two latter grounds.
One of these Is entilital "A bill supplyi ng op
prOpriate legidation• to enforce - the amend -
Anci.t, cram Constitution." From this 1,111 1
',tend the eention,n
• Sze. 3. And be iffi,rthrr enecZed. That In tar
. Cher enforcement of The provision of the Con
ittliallOirproltibiting slavery, and hi order to
remove all relics of thin wrong (rota the. States
Iwborothe conttil ut tonal prohibition tidies of
it In hereby deal:wed Clint all lawn or cart
team in kWh States establishing any ollgarehl
. cal pricllvp,.. and any dinlincifort of rights on
• - neeorrit of color or rare, aril hereby annulled,
r„ilinliallytersems 1.11. ouch - Stute-Inra recognized
• "-aFtokitatt before the law; and - the penalties pro
' - tr. the last section are hereby nettle op
.', .Vlleable to any violation. of this provision,
which Is mode in pursuance of the ConStito
lion of the Unit od States.
,• Sze. 4. _And f farther mewled, That in 7 for.,
Aber enforcement of the provisional the
siltation aforesaid, the Courts of the United
.Slates in the States aforoaahl shall have exclo
' -MCC jurisdiction of all-offenses committed by
persons not of African descent upon permns
of African descent; also of all offenses cora-
Tratted by persons of -African descent; tend al
ye, of all ceases e nits mid demands to which
• Loop person of African dennent shall be a par
. tv: anti li iii LCr,LY declarott that all noel;
I f. I
Irr t r•• 1 I•r•,
,/,‘• /n1),11.1. t". 111.1 111 i • •. 1
to: INN •• • •111113 . •`,l/1 ..1.41••
N •11l11.1:114.
1 ,1 111 1 1 1 1 1 . , 1/, .. rt . 1,, r•r
• Irr) • •r 1 lengnrt Ihr•:. r •
• •' 1•1 11',1 1 1 1 1 1 11, •::-• •
,1,•,1 on, ,4; ... : I, • ••:.:
Illy I
••••:.....,••: ••4•1:1L1
(1,1•1 211 1•1,1. Iltit 11'11111r,- 111, 1 111 , 1 1.11, 1 11
/111, 111, 1.1 1 tti1.1.,,. tn.-
tt I •1. 0111 :1 11 1 1 . 1 1/-
prt . ,— , .11111.1111 1.1,111,1..1,11
ul•I•h• r •••; 11 1 1'.1 1111 I , r-
It.• I‘. l • ulll, , ut t•i::,•• 111 i• 1 1 ,1 Nl , l S 1 /1 1 .,
1 1 1, 1,1:1111 a. 1
1 he • r ,, : , ••• . : , t , .1
t !..1. 1 1 1 111111111, t 1., h
of 1111,,,,11,,„1
11,, ccpUrit, 1.1), 1“6-itIvo, 11a.•
• ;.. I ;:iiztr.ita.• • 11l
r• It I r I . nr r rs r, - 1. rlrr,
rrt 11;irrIr Ihr . I rrl/rlt•rr 1 4 `ld rt'r.
111.'11l1 Si ,I. th, r• • • •••,tt -
I:t •!..t.
.• ••
•rt f t Ott , : t• I. :t.t I , Z.. 1 t.
at , ; st, A t I . r. Ity 3,1
t 1 t !tic!. It, ti.•
1.1/ V, 111 11l /Kith ttf nut! t.l
111. l't t•-,,:i.111 1 , 1 Ike I . :it•t• I --Ent.. '0t1.,1‘.•-•
Int ttl. N 5
f•• 171 1 .01 4tts t•rntint• tt
I.etrot new the
tit tle 1 Lois , 1,, veliNe ler it. 1. contentin) f NOW I.y that it I, ale..itr.l to
that it 11..111/1/ iie - 11) , rvtoult naiteled lax ...I:rat:-
ehleal preteslal, ftll4 whleh r u , h .fr
all pert ielthrt toe in tlie , ' . rit t•t, y. .A.-
maletable preport loner It. t at. fni 31 0 4 , ill
WM 4,110/Vs tillt v.:n..4,4 of the get ereed. e hr :tri$1 a 11'1.11:lean for“/
ln,ztt. tit, this pl , p,lti.,tl 1 hope to ht ch rot
at to early tta). Ilere 1. of the grea,ext
~ee.tleem of ehr /11-tert
Anal now sarr lht. bria•f no low of the ~hied
proposa d to tie neconipllslost, I um brought to
tab.• prom lent of such 1a.,1%-
last 1011 ; sll hon. It In to) duty to ospo,
netted newittlaln of the robot States, •••peolally
as naninis Joy:Ott land th e treanont o
trolttion. On till. hoot I shall ti tt•itiUrt•f the
1, I
possoasi. an. In the onileat Or lo
bring as bat I.say wit lon reasonable proportf, o as ,
I shall whine. , wily al small part of what lasts
littoral under toy nee; lan It will In. twine than
isnough. In bringing It font sal the , thilioulit
' sat .election and nbridgemont.
I shall begin. - with swooning; rolid int; to tho
insult ion of the robot Sintos gonerally, mud
shall hon primeval to consider the ditiorotat
tit at I, .aera,Vil
Ana new, lined, to ha , the rebel States ge tt er_
ally. I I:na now On test itneny which hat • found n.
way to the r Llie , at ills rogard to tar gon•nil
condition of the. South, which will niminar,• la
Witil m sera, of letter. I. .1. 11 orr,,, Kr 4..
, a business agent of. olinraelor :and
above question, v - ho law t ruoi , led
through, the rebel Stages. !lir onion tan lenttous
with his cinpinyors stogy singat:arisla ors of ob
servation, and are aexpreaa,eraal wtth great , Of mtg( , I can only giro as tow os tracts,
"In travt.liing about, as I ha•, r. from on . •
Lion °llia: comitry to the tailor, I have boon
able to wangler° opinions, and, us you know, I
have lanai populist% null favor.thlo opportuni
ties for escort:lnd:Ca the views they hat -,• :al
eoginani. I Igo wideinor,sl to ten .o Ili- t
tiers from which they have not. d, and
Hutt lla fmat V. theta' mutt tho ir p tarp°to n.r
the future, if than bine ono. In glvinr.
nt) opinion now. It Is poop, to •ny i lint 1 lisvtaken o
ter one .15.1.vittuni as w oriteriou of Ih,
vi Lido, sod hat a. points! them wily by no.
opinion,. I and they 'am re generally at:treed uon.
Nonni, burr aa , y ..r. t". statoment t 6 ,•!.
thoughts end. mato*, . opinions, dod as.
than 'anal conclusions are 41eriv.el ream, my
experienre anti olererynt lon among. thou],
anal o they be confirmed or daaniaa,l
by others, are, lair 1111 , tgadiag, my honest
and sineorel convict inn,
• • ..... •
While I am chic toSay that thee have at, h•
tip their mind. float emancipation In a hi. t,
UUit hat In he avehtell, I s: in ohlige , llaatale ray
came.: lon ihnh r, Lr c „,
rern 0-1 lint Is, the .!net rine of to rtgat.
It Is deeply rtune , l t lam ever :Imo",
lila al. TI., 3 are 1V , 111 , i13 t4llitg,i the
that the clivtiiilon of this eoautk) la Loth right
train u unntilt Introulpolnt, and polit le an
measure Nll expetll , ,ey, They hvve simpl,
changt , l their !lase frum the hattlerlelil to the
ladlot lo.t, ballet hob uv they very frankly ad
mit, that greater tnutoplia /await them there
than I ei etoilti ever hope for la the fichl. In
aliment el house haat, the.olth worn 1 ,, ,-
Salerut e uniform, whirl. Is .1 with
pride to it aalLntaettau to all rman, So tvr
tlam repenting of the slant! tiny tool:, they
glary la It. 'they regret the result, aral their
non-sneeess, R ti+ true, hutnot one Inn thnu
.nnd will they 1411 , 20 in the Wroll7.
.. • • ,„
argue that at trait ninety-five in ire
ry two 'hundred vote. at theNowt L, are sure to
he thror n its their fa% or, and I Ite3 - eats now
rule /be Union Ity giving. up, trtsielt is .•heaper
tissue to.peralat he 'hei r Idea of It rote gov
ernment. That Idea, heavy,. as only laid
sudde fora time. Every hey ut thr south Is
• helm; r•ducatell its the ladle( that the relations
the ninth ttn.slay mast:dear towani the North
are the nat.- as those of flung:mt . DC Veuer lo
toward _inner:a, tar of Poland to frte,sin. Vary
hid their time. They have adopted for their
motto “l'atiessm. and ...hustle the eerds " The
nnsake, w, firr from being
'stsJtt•butl." .filteust t 4.1e1,1 It "Slot to
rule in the Union than tO nor,,, is, h.. Confect
crate at My.
"Ton eau depend mum it that the couthetn
State, in 'the thlurs• will present man nnthl,
tumultuous front; their lee...tiers lens Sht-la well
In hand. And this what raint•ty
. nine in everylaindred of the Olen, Le amou and
Children believe nieces-0y as to the situation
to-day: fist, that Ilan Fs:urn of right 1,01.0.4 , ,1
.and ultrayli pOsacasull the right of ewerl-Ono;
secondly, that tins war only prevel that the
North vies the strongent; thirdly, that. sle,ero
slavery was and In ight,•but Inas been
by the war. The hoothernersare to., smart
not to see that slavery 1a dead, but many of
thi•ns hope as long as the black mee exists Isere aisle to hold it in a coedit Inn of 11 , "tree'
serfdom. • Ail except the:negro will Ist killed
in czar uny or aDOLIter I>p euLlneipotion. The
polity of those who will eventually h ens a te the
lead, era here at Ilse South, is, for Um present,
to accept tise•beat they can get, to aequier•ot in
anything and everything, but to strain every
nerve to regain Use political power and ascend:
ancy they ]sell under Buchanan.
"This they believe cannot be postponed long
er than up to. the next Presidential election.
They will do all in their power to resist torgrn
suffrage, sand to reduce taxation anal expendi
tures, um! would attack the national debt If
they taw any reason to Aselleve. repnilintion
pOsn•lble. They will continue to assert the tn
fcrierity of the African, and they- would In
tim-f Itost , lblC, Procipittate the Called. COoLt es
info's forelmrwar, believing they caul,' then
ent•Sert, and Obtain their Andccenden••••. They .
la 111, STlOrtor them, take any oath. yo may
etti“Le to he adept., and break In.' 'as n
rttelj, and without scruple. in One word,
pre Die flare. planed themsel vr, to re.oloio ate
No. oxiimen to ale North, arid thrt gelteret ion. ILL
Ireet, rtivolys hate the N en orthern poople,
Lc] the boyit are being eilmteLl ID Llo. 'slueidea.
"On the Whole, looking at uw hi/at r ftwn ou
sides, it amounts to just thin. lf ortlwrn
people • are Content to he 01 , , by tl,o
f‘outhernen., they viii c. - fat 1111, In u.l l ohm;
If not, the first' chance they fret the, will
again. I venture the pre ¶l,l a•lthi%
five years they' will either be In
Le fighting 00 Agate, If the Urn:, , 1•11 . 1 be: S . ,*
England I"
to her if , , ttlliOh:y IA to ha-mar.v. For 30,e
1 /1t to. ,, tras,ler, who he. I . econ I; ra
creed the Golf States, thua write,. In n 1 , 1 . 1 m 141
letter to inyvelf
The former masters ft:tidbit r, moat erne',
remorseless nail vindictive eplrlt tOtrurd the
- coloredpeOPht; Lb. pmts : Where theren,ro
rnirnt soldiers, 1 saw COlerred W6lo en rent,l In
the most outrageous nunner. Tlicy hays no
rights Unit are respected. They are killed, and
their bodies thrown into ponds or nirei-holes.
They are mutilated by hiring earn and noses
eat oft* , • • • • ' '
(if courne snob n people already talk of re. ,
puttlatlair the national deist . To the quomtlon,
"Would it 1/0 tale, to trust White men- at the
Snell; with the power to repudlate.the national
dch n'yitlmen in 'gray unifOrrit at in m re
plied, "Itimndiete I I %horrid hope they would:
~h ipped, Anil 111 own it ; but Inn not so
fond of a whipping, that I'm going to pay a
expenees while ho
. !given ft to mq. Of
court.° them e are not ten men In the whole
kouth that would not repudiate I" Such It
the eptrlt Of these Stateg. `lint n tandldnt , , for
Congrits In Virginia undertook to speak for
the rebel States no follow.:
"I entoppoPed to the Southern fillites being
towel at eli for •the rectemption of t nix deht,
eh her direetl, Or Indirectly, and, if elected to
Congre., I will oppoee all each akeasure., and
0111 cote to reileul all laws that knee here!
fore bi en pasted Mr that purpose; and, in dn.
log en, I do not punchier That I-violate any oh'
Itrottlono to which lilt Smith wattretriy. - {Ve
e never plighted //or faith for the retleinp
tine of the trot I.lle people will be 4;le
tit/yin n lth 111.00$ for }tire to corny, even if the
wee debt b reptillated, IL will be the ditty of
Ille government tot•upport the maimed rind
tlipahlvd toldlero, and V.-LI KO,/
.111 if the Untied Sitite.v GoverninOnt
rettitlren the Solllll to 1/P for the ,opp o ..i,
of I ram, t.oltilers, we ~ ,I tott/il Irtolnt Mot tilt di.
10/11,1 eotittore alould he nottnt.ilne.ll by the
United Stitt, Gni eminent, without te;oti d to
the, itte they tool halt., In the nat.'
A. lute writer, sylluwlthlan feu days
turn( d from nn CX/ellhil, tout In North .4i i
'lnn, ,onth Ott'Oltrut atilt Genrttin, 0,1 rah;,
illIjk: , 10 II 'Will yollr rcrorl . 0 ill,.
t, tith o. , trltT , l to t to. .1, I,
naLional delot ~ g nl. to a
bey6:l,l f lan ri6oh of any hand. V6I I r0,,,1
It a ory 1,66,101 11161 mr4• u uli
11.11. , In: .0.11111 ipt Olt With!, 11,•1'
p•lt raft , 1 the 1.60110 1111 . 1”1,.•ra •Pf
ILIII:111,••11 ne•ii,a , ni
bpi 1,."11111111.11
Oa .6r lii' fi 6f ',1.. .rat lon.-
kl dollzr, to I. , 6,!‘ tor oroio•. 1 y
d.. 1 to a,: awl r . 1 61,-,,, 06r0pu1..41
“rol 166•116.,” t 11,1, ~h•, 1,-
ir ". l, ' ;;. 4 ;o 1 t! , . , t1 " :1. ' .1. Lt:g'"
II ,
pt.••‘.l:3r prl ..•
• r. 1,.• .1••11
• • ..
t •
et. .1 • i
II 1,111 1,11• Illetr 1.0.• agr
r• r r 4
1k:111111r, ••'d it 1,1 t“
111 ' 1 44 .1,,11 11,' 11,11 111,1 1'01!
y, 21,/•I th,r
I • 1r I T.
b/tII.AI 1.111, 5 , 151 , 1, .” 11 ! `.l• 1"" ,
1.111 11„•,r
1 N 1,011 1... 11 7‘ll
111., 1 1 • 111 1 11,' 1111') 1,1/ 1 / 1 . i ,
ht r .11
1.1 1.. 1.••,,
t ilk 1., 1...".•r `ll
• Li rti 1.1.• t pro-
hootl,cr',sate lett , r R )1., -
~ I• VI; o
Li... ,t,t1r1...
F.i on nit), the,' ootir, it to r ••
u to protect the
• fl ithoot that , ocoorM the u
cp t Len, lu,r%Vr ill bou.tage I O.• 111
in I ant alrtiti) 11,.11 the logo l..tnel
the - Inies la 1,0 tit tilt' .11,11" hore
ht. .O•In 0f 4.1g0. some
het) • htraoraloary Ct. 11,1
lip I.rt•Olint, lii''lo
To 110.1 minlit exhlhning
1 ad I. oilier niel ..itorit pre
• LIII . C.VIL(IIOUt. Vlrgtniu. tin) "1111.4 art. r,/.
ft.hing therni Millets are no Mnger
higr;tig there; l.ot thotrallorom.... kill that
nh:+• i the n•ln.l lion ...till till,. the . with tt..
malignant breath. I/0 not, 1 rut rnr.t 31,1, all., ,r
it to oh,
ti irginia ph, N ort h arolina lloro
I itn , u.) is tho tn: hi- w •••k
I, c seen I.itevernittoot ...Meet. ail , ' Itai••
I.e. n WOI% ire one of theto to• re
poll 1 hitt it P. On( eat.. to o ,
MA. ?hurt.; that lit., ly of to ills—. not
ell-t; that 111, •ici far (r ,,, n net , :
inx) rcluo, are w tiling to w..rg, Mit that
th. h are typ0...v.4 to nituttoral.••• Lal4.L,p atol
.ty thall,. 1.••• 11tIV , ..) to
hc A
hlte too la a i l lluw
r.tdotit of North Ctinetiot
. .
••11x11 )nti, .ir, thy nn:y thircit , llo( all /
I•al• p al i. that i•
tin., and 1 Intr." te , ..ant. I:tit r• ~, a mts Tnt. ,
ats if UM thing otherw itnirnhat
Ow Gas nrataani I „
In rr tzurd Unton men. bath flaw. and via , ••
111., rod taunt - ft ft. Union 10,i1
V Lit, 1.11.1 than tla-, tat- 3
It IN It. condition of N.orth
to bat; •nt Ith 1.1.1-. t.t.h..r t. ann., ..
Tv. r , ~.en school tt.ttehent u 1.0 i. r r•
• .
+r 1.• Tit (rum IVilinitglon to F•, t •lt • 11,
o • n for
I tif.•rir 11 • ho• If ....II') 'lint
IL. 3 N ri iml.l mil be lid to t
mnoti 1111 stratiii, Tint I r.•t urn
11, It itit.inglon, -
milt: if thvy worn Into Itriy .ml.l
)1 tn.x lnn!,llin wan 1,. skr 14,1 It,
•01111' 11.fiirt
Mr. /*Li, it/Mon .1)3 tilt St LOP 110 11 14 in
Vayem•villo a negro trr. e!rung nti 1. 1 the
huh.' 411. Ibe public 4.j u tie :eel r,••• . • b.,
I) -I:he:l:tabu*. (rem a elvll unle r cevul..l • 44,-
I:plated Lry tier.
A 'III 1...._1en pup. Leak. tb•
). /1.
t.. b. la: 11A. 4 Ghve-a: ••.,. 1. •
• I (bee •. :•41 , .It
fuyi tit *file. burr , • ent rbtln
1.1/.• I ul b lie repert, 1`..011111, from 1114 r. In
i 4. reammen? .•I 11... • .
7brror.ull of 1 hrir rl4llt ill, ,
the h.-.fr0... have be.alst
sot only by the ei•Ulaag, bul ab.o by tie'
rs, Il :LW borttira there.
..Tx w• hthrre...» wen. tied up an.l hto,llp
lett 1.1 the ttheritr, the 44 a
taito.ll:o4. there.
• !niter negro, were th..l end
111.1..,1, and it-re 11, .1,1?
nt. allay lip and pro. rat...l t!... t,d
11, fell with th,r,
••‘ II I tete. exerehted t he atitte.rity et tonteN
011 the :terrine% nhtt punished thorn at t noir.
will with wueh aevertty am to them 000• no• tit
“It teporte4 thot :tette'. ha., !wen
1i1t.4 In the tonal cruel
• - • •• • •
Rut boxp alert, Ttri.r nighti
I e piled lildli; lint wily pain 1 he a rt, by
Herb tin esiiii,/ttonl
root North t 4rnliny paqa to !Z•111th ‘'.‘rot Ina,
41 ere the led Imony I. If pmedlde,
f,p licit. The apish ,
MC. reml n'tnte, till
relol of heart, nppoan In thn nell Mlow u I el-.
4er teem Wade Hampton, trldeti I do not .tuft
to, ,untr. It also appenol In the frank opmedi
of Jame. 11. 1,11,111.14.11, In the L'oo.el':3tlon,ftvm
4 lit( h I trod NIA eatrant:
•• I hull, I. I hat when our votes or • adm i t ti.d
Inn „ tl•nt congress, if We ore tolornidy wise,
ere rdi'yt.iar slenste shorn ofeono., o , s on s ,
Ire a have our Pall - lolum.4,lenig new
not to be reported. ll'i•Orilt hare our on it wo
3: t, II tire true to our:se:les We nos the y
I Ind; wPl:oow not What is
.lit 14, our futon,.
Ole we not in a rendition to uerept • lint w e
rat not ilrtpt Arc we not In .1 . 0.11110 h v. here
it is the! art of Wiwlolll In Wad nail giro what
:lune( avoid giving? I believe, ar 4 nrelt
us n r art a people an sorely, if are guided
whdetn ire will, in Ito li:winning •if toe
next Presidential election, wheth is all tlu.t Is
I: nor. n the Lonstltution—f., $llll,l VOU talk.
of the Lidistltutlorl of the retool 4totes it
lie nee the l'rrrlclehtlal elnrth/n tied 11s, -dotro
of the .pulp—l better° thou tor tow, hol.l the
1-I. l ,rart• or pen er."
Tkat Idr. Campbell spoke orrnrding to the
sentiments of the prevailing p. 111 1 ,713101 i• 111.
/Tien l'y st private letter which I hove reeil: C.
et! front n Government eilleer there, who I 4 An
.It tinted as to kne-e the rent (sir:ditto:: of
I read extracts only:
"The ern:echos In Coat entlon and Log:sla
t:ire ore dottlfth.p. k 11111.11.1 111 poi, hi, I It, Ind
ult,. pervading all !Kitten of these 1.11 e.. Sir.
expressed it exactly. Lit tas do
what we hoer to do, Its little as We tree 0 , 1//g , d
tn. get 11,11, Congress hottiehow, , till th •0 pity
.11 the wire One or two miner in. tier. hi
I his vomit:et:on 1 Mention as Allowing how the
lirt en( ..,(da.
'i. 'roe el••• lion Of Tor ntber, of C 00,0•1 ion.
.• I. Foptorrther. The fas in 000-
ut• -1. •i oat. work, I hon.looo.t. 1,0001 . 0 •Lt in
• • • ir's• pr...000•110g• of
,t Ti, , .
,t> of thorn 111•1 hot tuko tho ll(ll#,.ty 1,211.
• P • • •
nf n !lot pr•h•riort
l'hh , rttl.t ion f (~”:rt• co 4 , 1 till
ht cil tiny nom lonsthil With I! 0100.
to on, trii - iitilchy
• ~ co , oti ht.toi.h: • •:rhitieot
Li th..i I 'I:11.
vt, i.tranct, •
it. 11 .1113thr
1,3- ,111. - 1, I liwan I In: plaut..r.
13, ,
If 11111.411, laid 1111.1. /HIV,. Mail%
I •It.,rt• mrnestly in t4,t that
wt!ttingl , late are in Inn
•,( "fir hun , 11..1 an‘l , 1;41‘1:. ill,. II
1:11 n IRr MIS mo.oll. 1,, IL/Tr...A1a...111•
of tlio luct,• I he oirtl iI
-I.M • /I.
•if • • VIII. In 1.10 3 trolll I, 3l lnAtni3t (JAA,
I .hit, 1.1104. erre. rol ;nr , 11114 tivtilkil
-11,,11,,111.11 • • r Ti .• .c..t...•
o. r• ut • 1.. • ; .• tit,4l , •r
r•ro -r h (1 /trot snlllllgo4, pharply
h. feelA of tho LCgiciatlare,Actildlt item to de.
filqlnntrtirtlon. It the , tute I. refit... 4
Prtmlitullou In lha proeent , Congo, , , and
t 1-4 M• the Stnlo YeeplAh I Pre; Iti
Llock (pole, It, getterol furtlop4 nod coin
hol)re tails ode, Its spit - A.ln accepting tt• CO,
Ittn.Anini littlen•lturnt Hod refm•litic the no-
To Intent of ntckmato7l onlinance..t if In al wool,
Allot 61, ,how,, Mot the brng rewpfnli,el poll
-1•01000 of ILE, Sudo how. thorough! ir damaged
the Mtnto Iry taking her nrclt,grf Linton, tOPI
Imye oh.° kept }tor from coming tu, thOre
v 11l I.p n revoltltlOn Jn 1t,,. stopr to a. .et
then two monthr. The rebel,. no promptly
per/Intnt by the I•etiratlent wllt Invel no ntleh
coinninCten,y from the prep!, 1 fyrlvelbi,
rim turight It rinerV eve , ry , eloy
-If the mate authority It to a.. rerogniced,
Wel the l 1r•..• nt hcglAbsturi, triumph.. 1,) for
elk: the 0 the 1 . 0 t3t). I pot lelporo
very rth ant roarrenmerinenre , r, yr v ed
p'e ore n.vll v nought they er, net loom. n e .
COLIN' N . (It tent, they 6now ,p1it,11...1
AA (or Id I.c expected, end are open to ithe roe-
Iron. I US tent infrtenetron men! ..rtmo fro,n tpp
tin rvn.rnt, throLgh lA. Enti , lory, out intebol
Lt thir (.0(10o4 !ebbing or flare o,r.
t.e re 1.• l• IPA 11,,- part crl ill , treed
Plor o. the Lau lc ; <go:, "pow 1 , 10. Lulled
FLtetee and no 1.01.14, 1,111 an,
I • I, g.r {- nil (II q../1
,• It, 4.1 , • .111.1
trt• ...:•,r,
//, t
r. it h rit
i1.1.1.41T1 If.
r for 1,.!i
?1! L.
1.111 -1 k:
I. •i. 1 I'S %, 11
11 1 .1. %11..1:...t Wll4 I.IIPr
F I, A r•
IP I. Fh A
Ci. • PIT 7 Nltt ItC DI MAN' IVOlthS
PIII..NT (.1i(11' •.i)
•Tra tat/ ••TI'L I 1.• W•/. /•• cry Ir ••1,•
.k./ /.,///1.•/: I• NIS 1,/ ay../ •••1•1:1‘ , /•••. tr.• I • 1 ,. .•
IC 11
I\•• •••-11.0 , 1\ I•••.`, //
• a 1./ 1.:/ /I //I • I•I I: •• 1
' ‘
r-1 , nr1 . 1,
..n6lLr ,t.
Boiler Makers & Sheet Iron Workers.
Now. 20. 22. 24 nod VI Tenn ostreell.
111., log r..4f or.-. 1 a lar, t‘r.l, and (urn' 4.1,1 It with
11.. ft- 0ppr0,..1 tt.orliln. rt. we •re p tO
a • ry clt 0r.1541... •.f /11.I.:Ile• la the
to encl lora, .1 .or• t. o .1.1. r. t Ole
..•ootti 11111% I! etr,t . 1 Wit:, ;ma: II FDA, 1111,, N. env,: to f t Lyn,.
l• ',ASK:, fltt. 0'111.1.1,
et 1.11.15., I
1 , 2 , 4 I \lt so.l ...le tia.foroelorer e
of ',ON III! I I• I.N ' T ;ILIA, 11,1,0,,
I.Aitt: hi
VA., fat Int. n• !Ml' /11Sh, 17rrn , . • I I ,
•: 1 • 1•1:1,11, • t,i•l• Kit in 11 - ,,Atn,
I I'l 1. . 11.1 In •111•Itn. •1•V I. ri it —.l 1 , 1 It
r. ra Mr! a ~n, 'IIS
1 ' / /I IT NI 111 v. A.
• +,,•!. , • 11, at lil NES at, r, W‘ri..
I••• IA n n•ittal , 1/IttA
• L•rh. CI -I nut ordnr,, nt • op,••••• rut 1.. an, d• ••••••••.1
1.• la 11• T
•• r .
C.' 71.4 IlolilF LOST--
itt.,,i..111'11. -Just ru1d1 , 1,...1. In t,
•• /• •I • 1,1. t • Irl/ • -I, rruta. A I.Y.CTI' t ',NI
1111 N sTI /I/ . TitEATAI r an tlt adtnal nr••
,d• icr,*l naltn-a., 1 ny , duntan,
• n , . I, anal 1.11,1 t: and 1,. , :••• - .1trIhnit. t.
Marna, r, st, rah: ,r1•••1,1,..... I
11,1 , , and I ntal I . ls,•fral da. rt•-
lultir 11411,, / I
Ar., 11 , 11Ent J., CY
/ “.• 1 / 1 . 11i
.0 , .11••••••(11, •••:••••,/, '• •.A
a Watt,. ns, /,, • , xn, .1.1.1•••••••,, 7••••••• dntid,
nn: Anvil arr
1(..t•• / ! 11) 3li , a tit !1 ri•i:ttr:its,
••1 I,• . 1 II n 1 • ••• - In ,••,• nvldn,rn an
l A , ng t, n•ateda .1 ••• In•alta In • frar •1•••. artnr
r. mg 11,, u-nedlnutlue and I , r, Fn/.r••• Indr.
;•211;•••'Lt!n•c r . oly;
11. r••••113.554/1, .1.
I• tn J• •11 I,ull.dr.
. t N. V 1iA11.1,1.t.,
. ` ice
. P. Sa. D..A.rte
3FI MX"XEri.
rrN.'ir; ,V6T:
//rt .
Nn ..41 'V. A TEI: STIIEET tup
nonivsoN. REA 61. C 0.., (Sue—
to 114,mi snom,
rounders & nwehfol.t•, Plltsburch. 1:t T AND ST All , I> gler
.11 111 }NI.] V.SiiIN FIN MILL 11. -
-t 1,1:A PIN .41.1 ETI
aII .1.,..11,,timi• 011. TA and 5T11.1,, 1.1"11.1:13
414 . A nt, fi.rfiIYEAILLP'S PATE NT 1:0 ECTDR,
for re«.lln,l..llure.
ir' JOIE (Ol•t1 B A1 h ti --. 0., ----
Ileaufv,lurrni of 'MON VAULTS AND
VAULT DOORS, It All.l Ni.. WIN Ds ow
GI tltl.l Ar.. N... 91
and 1.4. 11111 ID , THEET. Wood
•nd Ma .1,1. hn.. on I .n 1.1 a ..flt.ty of nvw
f.” , ..01.d ,Iltnle tor all purl I•nrticulax atti ntlon rml.l go • neloslug Grave
1 .1.. dom. al
N 4 I. 1“.1, 1.•1'\(1 MEN. Al.o. nra. and
tr. aimo ut it Ilk- Sad S 4, nal
Add r,... Pt. J. :401.1.1N alt,
11,1,c1.11.1,5, ('a. st.l.2y
SENT Pamphlet
cf Ind. nor Importance to the old. and
t D r a t tuarrild end 4nyle, Of both ov.nes.. wlll
ft.. , Idtv..s!ug. with •trhr,
1 1. the
ro A . IiIND/I/Cli. CU., Iran n.
JIRAIMIIGR V, 11E14 1 . 1,1R1C,
P IST C) .
The Easy & Co.'s Cottage Organ,
.1.11711..t.V1 R C'.1.," OR Q .
P. rn , • , l Ist lb.. 1 , • judf.•• the mr.l
In irt.tno Ett of Mita Lk, 1 In the worl•t.
111 PiVile•• ho". 14“ ••perl., •• p•••• 1 r, purti•
••1 A of I•.n. thorungli work mail•Illp. .na
• • • rfraii I, 1..,1
141:1• thr r,nlr,
. . .
rill` •INI y 3 ea,'. 'I I an, Ira
a or ”rgaa.. It y a la.. .at sr
ran, tra al of 114 1,. dn. and Fla af at.
a.anual .al—bas.. a r_ur t a I,a a
mat b n• 47. a diraa, ?la. 1,,
F.Alr. it YIP. awankal qr,t prt tulvin
ag.r [vs 4.11:4-1.1.91 , .raan. •nd all roraralftare, for
a,' ar and la•atalr of t OTa•.
. .
11t.. , . /101 tl• • moil, nlltor Inhtnnrnolqn. 01 rtery
ion for ond 1 ornol Man.!, red LiOn•d
lon, Not Wool lon gunrantrool.
Mnalral VT nrl. ty, conntnntlyl,lll
1.0 n.!. n 1 11. on-11 •
I ..I•11,00.• and forol•lool on n00111,11(06,
~►.~nELtxt satin,
X... 1!:: St. Clair Street, Pittsburgh,' Pal
, d prannally I.' •uh.crll.r.r. attains a re
rat 'rt , li the. Yu.turl'•
° lOl
NI Wnod Str..rt.
Mtn E R Co.
1 , 11 , 711 EET,
Do 'es
/11111:S, S.t 1: Vein 3103 i t: 1
lo I'l'U SII.VF:11
F.'l'^. W )TEEN. 1,1? h^. It F.
Ft h
• • r• t. .14 1,,341.• ANI , W
t t r r , )l I. I. 11,,T.
~ 7 1!.: v. ( , lINNVEI.I..
7.i. , 131 r Str..,
CPA PH AILVIIIN 11)eittinl,
A 1 , , 01. 1.. /:,41).;;•:1:t1;S..12
1: ,•:. • I I. I ,c
SVC I. i 7.11. -‘9...1%.T32C •"1C717-
A! . •1 (I j;. ~.
1 1.11',411D ID.II tll.FT.lf AND
Z.H•1.•••1 , ,•,1!1,1N,
k ,, 1 I , Ur us INIVI I
:S ISt, %I I, ,I Mk! s 10,••,, I'l
vi *At( Lau:4l2V
SsE Ci 1 0" 1 - IM. /Si
Thy f clebratid PramatiNt and Author
T L.
Tuesday Evening, January 9th.
Dr- 1,•cl: nr Oce
/ I 1 1 IN I C. c I
I:ccrt II c',113:,•:: • •T):k ck SIC , T , -
1:11. 11:1.11 k • ELI :v:
ThurAday Erening: Jan. 11th.
141 Sc'T ,
1 , , I , . • m .1.114.1 It, art,
:c. ::f
1101.1. Iccolt ,c A NI , nil ...........I 1.4:17
• 'lllli 5-Ic"1:1111..';17141/11:
1 . 3. - 1 IV 1 ,, I• •• ••F: ATIi VIC
VI , : I. I NI , 111 , 1 . 31:1 , 110c \
111 , .-VI 3- IC khl - ,E1.1 .11;
II It 3,1,114337,,,
L'c , ccc , tumit.
United States Ordnance Properly.
T. A 11 1 43.:
I Ni kl. ...tan arts i•
I n
n, • r sr•turrkto • rrta,rer, Inrn
: 1••••• I,dir SuArt. nn•l 1:16.• .n.l
3lr• d
r• •• I tar,. nr... and r.palrnd
Nnu.k. I. an.l 1:113•••.
~. 1. ••rdicg an I nth.,
• r,:••! . sl•nr:•'. ninr•
' r• :1... ' • • •• I
7111...1.•and It., tirtrri 1.
I•n•••••• trlarr,lsr trud•rrorr?
I. Inf.4r) A... 4.1 r...0.ut.
, ad Cal alrF 11,1 ry
.4' 11.. r.. 1,1•111•
Ir•tle., .tarrl-e••rut,s, .tr.
t. 1.. 1,4,1 a . tutl.trt MC. and
= t• .4' ...ought Iron parts Inn
..4. Mail I t.,rt.g.
rfr Inn. F.t - rap
. t. 4.4 ,-retp Wrought Iron
t. 41• ant!,or. ELI T•pr.
f In [vu hl Iron a v.l. s
1 ,
la ad Dr.—.
7 (1
A, -
A I.l l ge apprudag.• for mart.( , earlder..
iarr. 1.4 o , rtlllery Inlrd•nuryli• and F..orip
h.( 1...• sad
l'ur. •• , wr• . reza.,•3 pr.pcn,
te.t 4.• uft,r tin .ale
R. II R BT7ITL7. F.l
I- , rut.11 , ,1n ware awl
I:. 11 . Artnl
NIEW vows.,
Offices, No. 93 Liberty Street,
To be sold 1 Anetlon on wr.DNESI,A T. TII (TIM-
I. A 1 mot 3 . 1111/ A V t WP.NINII,I, January t7lb.
and 1..1,, ad a o•eloet earh ening. at tae 31133,41.:.L
-1.111: F (. A 1.1. LILT, No 348 Ilroadway, neat door to
Tlaco 13Cvutz.toz- C3ree,l4.ox-7,
Th tor the moire eolleett.•n of the late Mr. John
Itcm• r. Monier. W'r stehe atm. rount,
T-. 0. ropeletng in all nearly lan ltenutne Marla
of 11.. 4410.1.
11.1. eat. av 111 alTned to eon nol.s.en as • ram. opportn
for the ....Imttun or ene picture.,taring the
lame., rnA (Ineat collection VT.', t hitolle•I or uff , red
fne •rd. In Mir mottle,. Theist.- owner. Mr. Monter,
formed the ortnetgmf imrt of It from the year 1a1)0
unit] 10:3; otetnre. Id. mg been ailed atom. ISO.
tenni or the title were too rhemed eartenially ble3
Ir. Raropean Arent. 31r. 11.4”0ta, during the
trouble. In tran c e, the tdanesbeln, the
taro 11:I selection or the Lab:MM. during a perhyd
lift) always born eatOasned the heat
repro...Math, Clattery or the. i /id Stonier, In the
ntt...l !tales. Thner.kmnootherpirtureaembeared
In lid. cataloe, It mmprlaing the cutler collection
or lhe late Si r . g
llonter only. The aalr 'rill be jensl
tl3.. and without . ..acme.
Th. I mat t leaved on and after TUESDAY, Jan•
oar, :di the Cintlertra am shove.
Catalog-ore may he obtained at the llallerien. at the
.•g e or Mean.s. E. 11. Lel/LOW A (1./., No. 3 line
str. et. or at tht other of tae Auctioneers, No. 39
Liberty ^Meet.
( ntnicruca can be obtained at the csine, of TRIM
PA r
INli 111 I. 117.01, 11.8.—TVENDAT EvzsiNta,
Janutu - y VOLat :Si, o'clock, alit he soli on acconA
fluor arc Nall, (Coign. llgdailltilleld street
+3110,,1 r sehonge hank atnck.
(Moen.. do do
)1 no %.,tern luturanrc Cu.
I. 1111•hurgh, Allegheny and Manchester
•I, fttl.,.t t e 141 Cowl/any.
110 Au Cherry Itun Ilaiiinllll (o.
...11 4 1 do Monongahela /loner, oil Co.
, ri. wan. hue c)11 Cu.
4t. lapel./, 1111 ('n. d.. II onto Nock till t'o.
"hots Lh, tut c
1 - tilted 0f...0 tit co.
A. MeII.WAINE, Auction. cr.
1,1111 It 1101. SE AND LOT IN
•1, • F 1.0111 (I AWL-- EILNE.tiIIAY A VT/11 ‘ 1.-
to N .1a ituary Both, al 2 o•rittett, will he 1014 un the
ort ittlt • to the eetrettt nerd. city of Pittottnirgh,
11% It el , 111 11111 CH It(tUSE. on Linton .treet.
tng 31!13 per
.lio T. fi el (roe, ou Linton eAreet, althlu one-balr
t •vt-untt,
and eat-ending txtek
6,1 In Iluneent.lre, I. 1..1e ponltlrr. Tenn...11,21e.
For rot r par Iteuint, en ? ttlre of I% N A-MEE, or
AT TRI'STY:I7,I 1 1 11.r.._ on ertmAl" A rrEit
fool .11. Janne,/ litth. al 2 4:fleet, ,ot tire pretalres,
,VCI/1 t. 014 t•ltt t of "metre, TIIULL BRICK
ac la anti:(, Ob ,Horst oily Itttteteett
t'tet . o2ll.l and T Licit tarot to. The 101 l are IS feet front
, e/ eh and ou re. 1 In depth.
Terme. one-third cash, hllttliee hi one and two
•A. apiLwAiNr,Auetb,...,r.
Crri or ALLgoIIY.NT, to,
in accordance with an Art of Assembly dated
Itiarchl3lll. 'John Morrison, Mayor of the City
of A Ileithony, do hone toi..y Proclamation That,
on Do .yeund Tuesday In January, A. D. Mal, being
the ninth lay . +or the trunith., the duly qualined •otatre
wind of sold eft) will meet st the several
plecei itoldinK elertlops In their respective wards
pent precinct*, itrld elect ballot. under the erect
elen• of cold Act of Aauembly-
line person to verve 121 Directors sti thy,
Two pcnions to fleerre a. of the Pont-on•
(or the tern of two pours, and one for the ten. of
Untie Mae day, In aceordance with the further
pr 0.121022 of cold Act, the citizens of the .
Ylret Ward will elect by ballot two persons to erect
es uninbersof the trivet Council-use for the term
of three years, cud one fur the term of one year; and
four persons to to tetnibers cif the Common Council,
And two heri•on 141 be School Directors.
en , dud not mid elect by-ballet two pi emus to be
no in
of the Petrel - Connell-one for the term of
thrt e year., Bud one fur the term of one year; and
font perrons to be Members of the 1:012M02 Council,
lee pen* to be Scheel Directors.
ided Weed will elect by ballot two persons to Ire
tor naives of the Council-one (or the term of
thy , r year.. and out for the torn of one year; tool
four in n mu to be weinie Dere tilt Common Council,
toot t Ireeron2 to he F/chedgrltireeters.
!north Word will rivet by ballot two persons to he
dw be rt. of the Meet Council-um/ fur the term of
ive Pere, cud one for the term of ono rear; and
four pereorr, Is , inc nu inhere of the Common Connell;
t 1 ree lo rig,'" to Inc 11e110011/Iruetora-erwo fee the
I. oft hree retra, tin.] one tor the term of there
) • thr Meth:4n to be held no afore.lil, un
I. on, •12400A1 - , A. D. Dee.
lo ln •of tile Virst Ward w 111 into At the
fl 4. 1141- 24 vend Went will vote at the
I' rebeel 1140tre 1/1 :10.1 ward.
I / le, lurr et tier lot per tunet of the Titled Ward,
I. m 00.... all 1231 pert id aal.l ward lying Fr. rt
r s end Ftreet, will vute at tiie
!'clot, lieu,. i nn
li, Y./ruler.. er the :id Precinct of the Tided Ward,
u 1, tr, el Mir r)041 part of nue] I) log eurt
er ail. ) .11uldie ben,. tole 41 1.101
Irontre 1 l'ololl I t.“ tri.r.t, en the corner of Itiust
er . ...end 4•11 44.
11.. I-1. vier, or the 14 Preeinet of the Fourth
11 .1111. 0141,4 10,042 n 211 that part of meld ward lying
h...., lair, 0 111 %o'er el inn Llnglue House,
co./ n. tarte I.oreek Ittel At/dr.-roil n.r ta.
'Io.. I tit.- rt of Fourth Ward,
nLL I/ lnrn,den *lt that er wirrol lying east
./. I /...1 eq. , 111 F rd.. ut it., Unita, eurner of
ur oil. • ../.a. niel 201, sl 2 01,
11, • i ‘ r 1 . ;i4
n rrr, 104 tr: l
440/ 1140 •• ..f ibe Feld elt)
et ...h. F ie. • .
. Dart,
in". -i
, L. ,
r./711,1.1 p. i•• 1
r ll •
r., rty
r I Irm• f ,, Tr 10.
";.• 1.•r.1 and
; • rll. r., rht
1.1 I n
par I iI
r r1.a,•••,. 11,,r1r.
4. II I H. 11. A.l Erlate. Srterrl
0A.1., 0.41. .4ND I.AND FOR
Thr ••ry FA1(..11 m Flltstr,lb
• our.' runtalcitor
rr.“l front..., ..a the
rl,lr z: 1111... heir a Lull, 11.
In art t.f "met rnerrbanta
llt t 11A1. ntlng on the rly• r. deep vat. r all
tt .• t:t lln water nt nt,t , a te.. than
' h It t t th %rhea the tit er its I,Jw-
Th. “( the I.r) 1,11.1 quality of river .ot
-1010. aJi IF, e.4.l.•ravr. und. • rood fro , lug. watt
.1 rr• 1.”i•to .r., IslflcK I VIV F. 1.1 rN4;
It' leap. frau, Han, framr sinhirfvt
• r:L. gut unit tv.,, Te 1..,..eut
1 L. r,r, • r. I nd %1 Turnpl runs
..f L.- I in, •luzlnn, nt. , •• In thin
l• 1.:t.. lo oult 11.. purt•T For
11. T. PVl*
I, .1 V. 1.., AK. ul. No. 161 }our, t
on ,itr
LIOL'SES for su le by
s. N. RR
, 11:F711. BURKE'S :11:ILDING
Throb. b.tb•ry
lb,. I, • bbutaltblug roboubb
Two /dory Id ed. how, enema Water etre. t and
War ally. fronting dn fleet dannvo. Alligheny.
Contaln• le room. Mel ds. wash rnenn and bath room.
T• o sow, lartek looter, No. VS Laeock street. AI.
nt It, ilge In kitchen , and hot and co in water.
k a re. h •as ...ow.- three .101.7 brink
. ' , lna e I l•rant etre, Math street, Pitts
-I.or. L. tr anedtat, N....5a10n given.
T. 0 Ones dont. .. belek dwelling on Liberty st reet,
A 1 . n. • .1..., dl-laude aatof the Cast Coo
nl a. 1 entnlna ten roonsa. 10l 1.1‘101.1.
. .
•t" , ") br.rl e. , -1 1.1( SUSandu.l., -treet
1, uu NALJE.
Itr~lig CIS Its 11;
7111* LOT I. F.rt -0v front. by nn Ilun
de'd rut ..ep. "ItAPE,' AllllOll. VIII* IT
LI Ar. .111 be given on Mr
Arrl: a. r I hO,
A 1. , .1: , ,T0RE•10.011 WITH ONE DWELL-
I NO 1101'SE.
trlll be gltet• on the lot of April nett.
'the ;sroprletor will elther sellor exchange for
et.uulr) Frupt nub caay. Inualre of
No. 161 Fourth street.
• . . ML
Het' T,.141.r Rroler. and J
InTtturanßA P
ee Agro E. t,
am., ten P.ll tet Federal atrwet. Allegheny.
1;0 SALE--One Engine, 1.1, Inch
a eltntn..ter. 1 WI 6 Inch Choke. I fret hoary Fly
It. I -1 , 1. 1.4.1 a. . f..rec pump,
(41 ..,fet, valve, puteut yarning. Thl.. engine Is
n. er:y urlar and I. ~taperlur workman...hip, t he
ea. 1 ...go being hear).
A 1.... 101.11 EN ts IN ES, rylltuler. 21 nett
,ottable for wells. use 1. .0., the
et h. r. Let. 014. Ilttle need.
chaise bull anointed trur,is, baring tool,
lug, ropes. tr. A , so. feet of 7, 1 1, Inch Xublhg•
herein, rod., lc.
lg learrriu Roue Charenal.
lOW of [wrap llocen Iron.
Ebbt rt. Wood. Tani.. :4 fort diameter, tf kV
staves, capacity. 1.10 barrel, Ape],
tiT.AN USED R.El.l.'n,Elty .
er at Trodurry, bear :7p ‘ l - 7ii 4 r7,.1r-irki‘so.
1. - ; OR SAL.F.:••••••REFLNER
ntunE nit WORITK, 1.1.1 PITT TOWNSHIP.—
We offer then! works for lode et every low prin., for
Ih! puse of nosing 'withoutana of the ronnen.
Th. y nit,• repseltv. fonts...a, for turning
pot Letworn nu awl Ka barrel. maned 01l weekly.
Ti,. reel r.tete I. very valuable, comprhang the en
tot Nu., of !intern lots. lying between boundary
and or Ilson streets, and [routing lb. Allegheny Val
k. IL U. The ork• ere In perfect der; Imre
Tinting capacity for ELMO Litrel. Crtale 011. and
nprelo•o, (Cr noting AM barrels Refined 011 In
rren. Torsendon given lira 16th, or Jtatuary Lit,
144. Apply. for further pertlrtilant. to
• Illtkal ER, 111.1th.1. • 00_
Lea'esze Way. corner of Munroe[
no= 1:weo
F — OR SALL. •
Noe. PA and 21., oh the eat alde of 11 ,- F
ni sr Ihr corner of Ohtu etrevt, aud tlnhtheal
throughout in a vuperlor rnencer—dulatied with
every modern eotorethenee and Improvement and at
fethnt In perfect order; one of the chant,' and
local desire - Mr altuatlons in Allegheny. Posseasloo
on the let of ..Delp Lehi. Enquire of
Vial Estate thokir end lueuraneo Agent
01 - Muf No. S.:Federal St..•Allegliony..
I; on SALE.
WM he told TO-DAT aLreduccd prices. Thla Watt
tr oltuane Weetmoreland county, Penne., on the
l`fOrtb-Western EcanNylearlis Rantoul, about 1.0
veinsr Aeolic., 1.11.,_ end Contains [lto etre
twee of OA 1., TIM y,,,ed F IRE
and veil. complete WATER POWER.
For further pertlenlara Ingetre at the Law and
So. 141 'Fourth fit.. l'lttstmrgh. ro.
Foil SAM - %situ•lml on the Pentoyleanta Rail
road, kkne-half roue from IVllklnaburg, andonly
three minutes walk from llos loot) granted Station
on nett' rvlttl. caned EDO EWOOR STATIfiN; a LOT
or containing It acne Lie ;keret/eat three
0r,,, ('oh }'..met; In n Frame Building J at
wilb In room, nod cellar underneath: 'hearing Fruit
Ti,.,, W at. r and cons/ tanners. Ttate grounds
.1 hands°. ly. For Nether information
call on JAMES S. KING,
no; slt No, tab Finn street.
O -
COUNTRY RFAIDENCE, ettnated In Cortina
t. waohlik• fenntlng on the Citizen, namenger Roll
about Oh feet acme width on the Allegheny
It re% containing about Oaarr./ af Imoi with
law k (ionic, wink eleven well du Mho" room.. alarm.
from. tali e, carriage Ruse, wash house, coal houre
end other building.: a variety of fruit Ireea. This
mi. 11 7. will he sold on eery reasonable tones. Pot
ien. Oven the Orrt day of _April, Mg. For fur
ther infortneti o n enquire of i. it. TOWER,
detr/If 14.1 Estate Agent, 1114 Fount-
,;(on MALE.--I am authoilzed to
.en any at r land. altuatert in Chanters V. 1..
Ivy, oath three and • hair tnlles tram thecity._ and
three-Y, orthe of • mile from the Pittsburgh & Own-
R'Glnproperty la well tatted tor dardentnjc purpo.
Ben. bring all bottom land, and protected on the
north by.. hill and haring a •dattern expoturc. It
14 welt • !opted for a country reatdonoe, havtng
f out on two public roada, JOHN IL BAILEY,
de= W 1141.1141.
—Naivete,' on Cent?. street,. running inmegn
Prantlim Inning a front on Centre ettrot of lii feat
dorth. len fret; upon which Is erected•TWO STORY
RRICK HILL, .Englite complete and
i ii n . 4,=. 4 f , d ( rL io .lileo e.. Dro Brick Dwelling Imam.
dee ' JOITN W. IdeREE & Rho.
I Dlnologlmm, to,. for cart.. Apply to
J. W. arE.E & BOO., lltrrolorham. or
No. en - oath strtat. PlOrbt:rgb.
reeparstory to tutting our Annual Inventory, and
Pr1t1.1:4781747g than
;Z e e ' s 'o u r (
our choke sad curet:W e re stock of
Carnets, Floor OH Clothe, Window Shades,
Damask, Hop and Lace Curtains, Cur.
niece, Taiscla, Loops and Bands.
rnennae our customereto oo d,, noLI DA y
SENTS peturun• of rshte pt o eery,o o ,ls t m,,
71 awl 73 I , lfth street.
de:l Next How, to the Post Otter.
Funs: rtrits: Puns '"- -
P I TT3E;t43,
D.O Largest awl Ist Naplete issoimezt
Erer Offered in thisrArartiet,
triact4c`c>xt.ra db CICV,I9,
Ot No, 171 WQ.W aTEEET. Pittsburgh,.
p rt?
frri4cllEß eiC,c IFJ'''rI4:NCE CO
11, I it
,11.1 . 1 Z -.bun
• h.,: I
Pi I (.4 . rg.'"
r• r 11 -Inn. I. 82.45:.41993
I'. nitC
I. I cl
5.,, II
111/.1• • !Inn/ I
std. I I/r,ol.
It. ~/1.1111. 11Ir., I. W.,.
1:1 , 11//2 , 1•, I 11
I II 1. DAN, KE.I/.
/, A 111/ , 'DALE VI,. Vr,./.1/ of
Svc p, trul
.1 Is. Ot
/1,1,1 J orper Wood at/4'71.1M•rt•
Apart., - - - 51,1.10,000
ILO - 1'1 , 1,a - tiny ran n.. .n thr annto-narn,•l
all4l 1,110,1 , t nnynnlr..
f... 27,tr....t.
It. MILLER, Jr. P ,sed.nt .
mr3l. r. HY/111E1;T, Seenteary.
°Mee. tio. S.l Water , panK Ware
horn,.p etate, Pltt.hurg h.
1.(*(1/ Insure ripathof r:// kthas of Fre Warle.
Jtheks. A Homo Inotaftaton, managed by Dirertor•
An are we( I tnotrn to Me ae.3 Leh° are
.14.......ntherl by and Itbera
rn masn-
M;sl , n-arnrfer trhict, they ha, aeou4.l ,
ttap the test prolertig.. b. 14 , 4 e orb,. deelre an
E Miller. Jr.. • Andrew Arkley.
Jam., McAuley, Alexander 'peer.
Nathaniel llolione, David M. keol.3g,
Nirnlrk. lteca J. Thom.,
George Darsle, ' J. Hark,
aulybell Herron. John It. McCune,
C. VO . Warta..
tny3o WM. P. ITEMBEILT, Secretary.
PlTlSBM2oll.—Oellen, corner Market sad Wa
ter Artrecta. t•crobd noor.
WM. EAGALET. Preut.“.
WM. A. SHEI . AItI), Secretary.
Inaurca meanaboata and Cargora.
luaurea agalual lot a and damage in the navigation
of the So..thern and We.tern Uteri, and, and the navigation of the he...
In.urea againt loss and damage In
- .
Nt in. Ilvel, ~ • S. Si. liter.
,ainut I Rea,. ' John Slily)los.
Jae. F•art, Jr Janwo Si. l'oorker.
Al .1., Juhn.,,n. tl. flarbaugh,
It. F Jot, w, J. Caldwell. Jr..
lion. T. 4. llow, John S. Dilworth,
Barri, Prr,ton, Wen. A. Codger,
I:..wire lilnirhani. .
Wm. PlOlllpa. Capt. John L. Rhoads.
John Walla. : Samuel P. Shrkrer,
John E. Parke, , P. klaneon Lore,
rharlra S. Bissell. , Charles Arbuckle,
Wen. Van Kirk, John F. Klrkpatriek•
James V. Terrier l John Glyde.
W3l. PIIILLIM, Peed/eat.
JOBS WATT. I Prte4l4,o.
W3l. F. GARDN'EII, Sercrld(lL ' pillar
PITT.IIII:IMII.—UEIev, N. 37 Firth ecteet.
teal Work.
Insures ...lost all kinds of Pim .d Hsrine 1:13ko.
ISAAC /ONES, Presid...f.
JOHN D. McCORD. vv. preji,g,o
D. 21. BOOK, Aserctary. •
haw Jones. r John D. ileCord.
C. C. Hassey, 1 Copt. AdankJleotol
Harvey Chilthl, i 11. S t. Sterling.
Capt. h. C. On,.
John Irwin. J. i 25 I.actrt g i : '
C. FAlmi.stocr, I Robert 11. Davis.
Pot:role:mamas 3Ellerflackx-sr.
Works and Olllee. Collins Township
Thsae works have We largest capacity In the coun
try. The brunt stands the highest In Lateeolintil
la Elftope.lbr quality and fire test. and the oft
put In weft seasoned barrels, prepared t spechdly
for cavort.
Manufacturers of BOILER 9, STILLS. TANKS and
Improved Borba* Tools for 011-Welt.
Ofdee Car. of Penn and Wayne Streets.
Thls company was organised on the 9th !nat. under
the Pensisfitaata is o_
and 31anufacturLag Lau.
The territory of the company - adjoin. the land, of
the Dankest] Creek Union 011 Corupany, of this rite.
Capitaltetnek., 4Zid.ood
Working Fund
Par Value of each Share I 00
President—% A. Jo O
uNsru ite s.
t‘ccretary and Treasurer-11. W. RITCHIE.
LL CM/ff. W. C. Kum. -
Were conslrocitnw, on 4
palm-styl or will imp on band, ou
• .
liFt barite puttto stading engines Ibrjals_Durpooe
to call and see thena l 2orner , k . or THE en, 91.141 LL
TIE"' R ory. co.
Constantly on band and fur sale
.... 111
ears Bloch, Duquesne any, Platmtturgh.
Sag - Sprang attention Crest to tile We arid ship
Luna of Petroleum and its products. Consignments
isn , Pertruily soilettreL Postollice Box ieds24.7
No. I ST. CLAIR ST., Plttsburah,
Forwarding and Commlsogon Wortiiant
Crudeeaer to 0111. Illumine Wig, Lubricating,
Petroleum 01le, tee., constantly on band and
for sale atthe lowest markstprieet. Consignment*
and orders sollel ed. _
. Con s i g nment*
And Dealer* In Iteannig
Foot of *lttattn' and Ilarrlson ntrentt
Idrooltlyn, 21. Y.,
Storage for Refined PetrotelgOr
In Tanlot and Barrels. See Orentar , :
Aka. nuke, No-4113EAVElt STILLLI. 2. „ , Tort
No. 1,1 Yoorth strert,tlttnlo.rsh. Pa- COFFINS or.
ti I.or - }=3..11 , 1 every desertptloo
of 11171E40 ForrilstiLoM Oral, ~roralshed.
open doy arle alori sALITIMIZOI RIM hr.
111,1 d err, 1).1... M.
Jzicobue, 11 . 0 ... .reroh 11.
6111:4110 .....
Tiowelnu witzTE,
I,7 zielortair-ca-nr,
comn Rooms at.limmester Livery %table.
Como , ' of °lloneld and rtiers street!,
/GT,Orders- frord - MlCE,hdirtitr and iloaltf
Pt attended to. • - defrltivale
(1000 A :! . .11:TS«3,000'1Cocoa Wilts
114.11‘ e:,l lcr ealr by t ,
• ligYNIElt A. UAW.,
Ja4 -.7 2,4 , 1. I:Saudi= VI Oodzirycl•
z , l
ter •
IL V. & J. 11. 19AWYER.
a A 43 ! 1 •V 1 51 t n . .
Pr ••- 1!•14 • r1:,1 M. it T1V1,1.V71
• • A 1• AV, n. -It!
e ~,.{.~,. ~ ~.. .
V‘)l l i . l:kg• l't 6.t I 1 40 4. N.
1.1 ryalf.. 5.
1 . 1111 1.1 - I'll, t• 1..•.• •
• 3 •• , Nrit,
ta 11.1,1
r 1.
-Intl: Rein lltt9-
~ I. !:,••
‘.l 1 IN} -1
.• w.. and New York. •I*.
.• •11,- 1. S. Si t ..N151.111,.‘ r•s,ept.
1. , •. • r as regrila.r atatio•.
t. ••. , 1111Ch, cont ,, ct.tal
4'1,, • .., It *1:1:.
train.; h,
on tilt , Int.l.hoy,.
I. ra.rt. an.t , ani, italrn 1.
,\ — holly
at 7 10 A -I..pv. ng. at I, l l, gular.tallon,
••• • k., ,, ,rta, mitt 1..1.1t Ina ~loat,
.11 It tr,•,...n 11... Indiana Branch, W.4t.
t /WI
at..l /1.• - t•la,.1•ot, itran,lt
1.,.1 At , raw for WoJl's
• • r• at 6::g • • a
•...I 1....XN CICCht
'mini k• n,n.l n Train rnr II•• Station
-1,, et tlei , ) at
1 . 1 an Ac - ••4t aw•letl-rt, :-1...ece.4 &ally ,nx , .pt
r ....49•Ing et ell "italic,. be , -
tw. • a 1,1,,0r1. tn•l nn
TL, 1 hurl 1: 7 re:a NV
a t
..a ane. err Ire-. an ritt.o.,, g h at 10:111
• M. ItvturnlnF. rttu-tlntati at 12:50 r.
• t..! Atli% •at %I all'•,tatat at '.o‘) Y. N.
11, tur) arrlt. Pitt.lonrph Agfonnos:
11a, I . •. he
2:W A. W..
Fino 7 . 13t1.•1; 4•M A. Y.
11 al • • . Slat lon A ecommodatiOn 4:10 A. N.
~.•lat hen . —.. 10:05 A. a.
...... • I 50,..t.
Alt••••••• ar“c sn.l Emigriut r. a.
'need :station Arrnminodattein.. 1:10 r. a.
E pr....•
Plltehn reelk et Sr... M .... 12:33 P. a.
An Act nt ~f the ma in olor ,len t i l.. Company IrIU
pa,. .ab tr t.,.fnre re.schlng the Depert.,
14 • b.. .... and , r baggage Lo sAY
..Ite 0... 410 Penn street—open day sad
night -where .11 order. for the cnoverticnt of pastiche
r• •tcl r. Ire{tion.
lIA/flenorr Expre-s arrive with Philadelphia
+•m, gin. -In rasr the Tamm y will bold
respon.lble gage only,
sad fur .t. amount not vs.... Paint, hlnn.
W. It Agent.
At thr Pennce n
leanial'entral Pailrood Pcs...ruger *ta-
t h n. on I.lbr y M1n.11111,,2013 Affects.
= wrrsieu n, co-alicam
1.1 MISA NI) I 1141.1 N -
And all the principal t 'tt tea.
Trains will leave and arrit, at the UNION DNY(Yr
a. touotrt:
Deports. Aerie..
btkil . ...;,C0 K.
. . 12:55A. K.
.11:00 " 10:101
Oral Ticket Agent, 'Steubenville 0.
iolL D. Sil/TIME:SPAM('
Ticktt Agent. Union Depot, Pittsbugh.
- W fit - E - Z IG C1 11 1 1 „ FT C10 . Wl4 - 11
Winter Arratmemettl... 1865.
On sod After Ng:member 19th, 1569, tenth ' s will nut NI
Ltareo I For . For i''.l /kr
PIUs/ma - 9A. , Chios i Clowlama.' Whe4lo,&.
F.zpres. ' 230 A." 1.1 .1:50 A. N. -
Fah's/. ....... .1 135 2:30 r.-st. i&Xr. K.
Express .145 r. Y. I 5:136 P. K.
Mall 7,(Li A. K. I 6:122 , A. AL . 6930 A. if.
Far tirwcutle And E.rh• ... . .... •.....;.....6:49 A. IL
Itrtnrotno. Arrive at Fitioboutia:
P., Ft. Ni.. & C. R. W. —1:l91 . K.; 9,10 r. ri., 11:91
e.., .03 r. K.
to A P. U. 11. —11:15 A. N. 3:31P. K ,_. 9:30 P. K.
Leave Allegheny for
Ni.w But4terozo - 9:03 A. N.. 11:90 At K. 4 - 21le K.
And S:W P. N.
Hocztcra.ra-7 . -tr. r. w.
NSW CA,ms--2,Z0l P. MI
• • .
7T -10:33r. ff.
Returning. arrive'At Allegheny: .
P., N .
t C. R. W.-7:20 A. M., : 12:12 A.. IC, AAR
A . r.. 4:30r. M. and V.:.23a. It.
Oa ti•
n 09 2 , F. R. ?Mat. di eral Ile. ge kg?! .
CONNELL , VII.I.I - iClf. Maggligal
Winter, Arrangertient,
On and slier
°amt. :lothisitt,
The trains Int; leave the Dkn..,
Water xtrerto, a. ouow.: ` 9°l ' °° "` °f H
Lama Andrea II
' Pittrburph. Pitteihra.
m.n to and from Uniontown. 7:IS le it. SMII r. IL.
.i.`zpreaa. '• " ... SAD roc. IMCDA. rz,
Ftr co 4t McKeesport Acr0m . .......11:00A.At. gl • - A. K.
Send • •
lint Braddock's•• • ... 7:CO Al XI- /a..
Second •• .. •' 4:41r. 05., a:0 P.
Sunday ('Doren Troia to and
from McKeesport 1:corOG iftwa..x.
For llctels apply to .
A, J. SHANK; Agent. ,
W. B. d•PDVT: ftet-
Ott and
u sites SIONDAT Not. attfir.DMICIDIP
t ruble will
111 i n at - ranged to run . rO/101/A: .
MAD. TRALV—Leaval rittabyrgit at 1:421A. L r
arriving at Kittanning at PC A. X. Leaven Rlttalt•
Dina fit Pio r. 0..• Arrived at Pittsbargli M6:10 P. rt. EK PRESS TRAlN—Leaves Kittanning at POO
u.arttv lag at Pittsburgh at LI a. V.• Learnt
Pi M tsbargh at r. m.. only - log st Ehtsaning at
iOp. at.
I.t Pan A. at., arriving at Pittabargb One A. t'
minetas bsres Pittsburgh •at I:4D r. arrlrlng , at HUM
at :I•_..S P. Y.
F. WRIGHT, Supalniersutent.
Have Trovek from the most ample erpetitheallit elm
the entrees, simple, etrmleat tad rellahle: Theyar,
the only medicine* perfectly adapted pormiXt
—.O simple that mistake, earn:tot be made th slaw
them; so harmleas as to be roes tram clittset,"l3l.3 AO
tinclent as to be always sellable.
:So. I cures FEYFAIS, Congestions, griiitssoanst-MW__,.
Hon ... . ....... ..•. .....
ATIlt Roan Fe, i
4 DIARRHEA of eadrea oestbalta..
• • 1)1 TEM . . t.MPIng Attt,d H/HoN
• c 1 N K. 74[7 : 1 7 ii.Y•fiit . 471::::::: u s
coutt b. caw. aro.cinus,
a • NE ITRA LOU, Toothacht.
•• iihnuAeuE, Sick. Ileattsibe Si .
10 • DI ArEPSIA Minoru Stomach-- 1111 '
11 •' surrna.a...w.l), and palnifol
• • LI:V(4l2ln t•a...;; . WitTes. N
;a CRoUP. boar. cough
/ MALT ItLIEV3L Erysipelas. Erni>.
all rhea rnains N
to • FEVER AND AGUE, chill, and
3: • • PILES, Internet or exterall.,
•• OPTHAI.MY. sore, ittllAMeCe7es..
19 CATARRH, acute or. ristrosaln.
tA; '• WIN'O patumsl.l4l
23 • • AS co
THMA, Oppressed
.tr. •• DISCIIAUDESAmpAIred Rea: a
• "
• •• 7 , lloltst* and Scanty Secretions.. a.. 11 ,
`. - SEA MEKNES Hain % or Alralss•finN
• •• INFAMOUS DERILATY‘,......_ „.
• 2
saiMitivairaz•g4:l,l: lIL
•• rime 14.14".
3. 1 DI74IIEXIA. eieerts , ed thrae 107
TAMILT c1a 4 r..44
Cares or In morocco cases.; , .
of large es. rocco
boOk.. .1. S ICI
Ca. of 31 boos vur. fioll.frand loot ;
Case of 10 SA , se• ' EL FILLTOt
• Wboiesale Agent, l'lttetrargb••
sr F. MIXER. Sinfthntld oteeipiost„t
asitarlret 'greet, for of the Dntond.'
lltbbargb. W. 1 .!. EAS.I. rederalSerieli. Al
-1( ghenr• -
Glees me s knontedits svidom aegatred,by-Phyal.
clans. -31 y - longrestetruce In tilts etty, and the amount
n t ',silents treated annually—by' arth.t•netetent-
Pri'llklilTlatTli:EAr 'SeMmt• tutC
el/ eltfertrea artehm. therefrom; art.
la a *Duck
shorter t Imo than heretofore by mv7l4". KR VEGET.
ABLE REMEDIE+. • .11edielnes sint t =YAW - or
the. Eaton. All letters must contaln a stamp to pale
returnpostage. Correspoudenee^tteld.sasnxt.: O(Lice, b.S - 8.121Thr1E1.13 STREET ries,
AdoireSs, ' J. w. ,
JaL'hly ' • ROM PATlttattrgbrA,
OFFICE I'ENST , E7I2,IErT, near - Tlata.
.•. • • .
. .. . .
}orti.•. uit...or Iku,4l:te.tyi of priva ic tut ore, it
;ram tvo to lour amp, by in cutirrillay.; and eats
11 . 6t1=ttit. ' Ala°, t±eraihal , Saaal - taam.aVl , allothr_t
ttlAanat.a of tac aco:tai organs andltalrjafeatattiO7a
tatravarratnott orutoney refunded. • :,.,. : .
()11 , c bours—: to 10.0.. ac.Uit to a,. and pp: t it r. ,....
Addrem lettt.r4 :W., t......Pa reort stroq;,-,,, t ,... zwi7 '
3E 3 lstaxt:t
vI i r
nee `to. u WIT meld - •
,• f. Le, 10
tiar ,, t,urr,• for.
. w. v klic•-
I;JA r u.; New
',Eft's,: Al Loa..
I; sr.* aL