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. 24, 1858
.Pliorstiajrx Munoiesan it Curita..—ii recent
nambir.if lie Chtsitseliepositiq uye thst sines
1770,,0ri0 toadied and Atry, Proterrase mluioa
wire OH labored ;or .Cblza, of vhom seventy
;, • ilia; sizeial n.tas, sod remain to midis labor,
while Ara are obrent from , lit , booth' or other
canna,Afkbe isidcfnlng MirstitY;three„ , twenty
tiro died hi the field of labor, or on the passage
home, Inedading four who were drowned, sad,
• Mural who, . met with a Molest - death at the
bands of the 'MOM. Forty-eight have retired
.."—amet• or that on secant" of thole - own ill
• beilth or that thelifamlllea,—but some of them
..,through dlsoonr . sgement at the - 110.1 e *yen
' teey mad* learning the Oblate. hagnage. Of
the whole Muncher, forty-men were Maglithmto;
eighty-Sight Ameticans, and Ifmen eame from
• the, outlet of Europa Of the mieslotoutes
now *China, including the five now shimt.
• • Orenty.three are Eogllstainen, On are from the
, continent, and foil-tour ere Americana Most
of those from the continent are Litho-ans. The
• . . mambas of the mission at Amoy. sent oat from
-..tbe United States, belong to e A
theformild Dutch
• I:3htmeat. - • . -
The Russian minion bee • huge, monastery,
In Pekin, and the boembere of It remain there
for ten years, when they are replaced by a fresh
party from Haulm
Fulton, writing to a friend, sad giviog an sea
moat of Ids fret triple' Albeny sad bank In his
sew steamer exultingly remarktel, "I ran up la
Mlsty.two hoots sad down In thirty. ' The tatter
i? just floe luau an krar.•. * * I overtook
many sloops and sehoonen besting to:windward.
passed them u If they Mid been It seeker."
,Xmakthan half century bas elapsed Mum this
*lb ;viitteil. mad, the wontierfed power, the spoil
. cation o(ehlch to awrippon bad Joe; been made,
.11 now used' In every us and on moat of the Int.
;portant nalimiblo.riVOrto* 1111 gamier, of the
globe. Viltblii hiiiity yams one,of the sevens of
Englend pronounced ocean steam navigation Im
: pnictiMble, and s Brldsh statesman rashly pro
mimed to eat the boiler of the Itst Mesmer thm
orosead the Atlantic! NOW a reirtdu ferry la
across the broad thews, and splendid
steamships ply trith a repaid', sad speed
whisk In the earlier days of ocean steeniiiidPii,
*am never dreamed of.. • ' • -
...11.J.Sho:Ootoomber 0111 mire %tot
Zigftigalinr". me
• • bestad masurantory ofJo.a1: 1 01oluddoi. dogma.—
• Ak... .1•1011.1 - double toond.carnand
• natedroodi, fttalt, Plano —. ;too
•, • No. 1114 1 -43. do. • do. 80.0;
Ho. 10 7/4, 0 0a do. .rood froat.. B 0 Mao— • 8 280
do. • do.
mo. 17d 6.—EM• do. spo...ftost, in%
No, 1/.11/.-1 lad .0a to . • do sZo
rto. 13.11111-0. do.. inn
000 5o
the abora - Plaso Yortai 1101. 6 101 wt. 0.0
. mak and no. yobtot inni !Nina. watt 11r. Chseksrio*
, UM, Mien UN "WO. IA 10 fe•1181121 Utley hoPL-
Yolvttasoes roorcifullk . lo.l.l to rdasthmtbo.
Oars On tbair antral at a. Poo eat,. and rim. W.,
. Walt a: • ' 11.4,1.011,
fleet d , •lll. l .korlua'o Mama. 81 Wood street.
N. O. molasses ; • •
66 begs Ootr-r, ' 30.1.1 are Lawlor* Cte.;:
bw urtfee; . 20 boa e• irra. U.S4
...; .• 10 1.411 chests °teen axe b/ta
meta oall7 and table
• '• ' sit Va lenta.
166 Balaban
10 site d moiler Italainu
, 1 reek Gamma Prune% 10 box. Pearl 11turvb;
, • L. Oar. and dowse 10 base. Corn Mugu
12,1nres Paelland bavun litu
ao boors Yeast P owd erc 10 00xes ground ?elven
eO.-tat. Bordeaux sad hire WI:
• • • •10 bozo. palm, oily* and almond Scum
bas. &radon a rt s
Wally Alriu ran
aege man cub. do: 1 big. tlamp
ball Bermuda Arrow Root,: to u Mi. Buz Lead;
.1 base. 64, and lc. Lump Tolman«
10 0
no. Natant lrel and mooed Twist Tolaorrn
' 101.12.2E0.1 0 tuletToberor, 00 Cy,. ranted Bbot.
-20 bozo, BrotatiVerdr, 2 400 4 614 0•6666
• '• 10 ea= (+5 end V) f.) Mortard:
• tole: ttrid M arer
-.• • do. Vet1:066111 •64160666601:
1 bbl, rlor. milphur aad 11.1 -
• 100 sod.trae_ors•aßlarddiun .
60 0 6 Bork sad no. Powder: lola
Tor pl. Ur . ,1. 'll. 21, ILL( LBS. 12/ Wrod etreete.
usW.pne6t. th. rat
. Ofie. ha. ne.l•6l .
to Ootoory Bide br Beiwbide., .ditor
of du .
rot; • Zreleeo Woo 11. Robber's WM:"
, uiterde, or The Boldlers Bride;
Mum* Lamm.; • ritst.Alsoke
0.1., or the 11. wpm.....
Tierif llerdlrromt
in Itoustuag tofu the Bash e•
But.. gwoule s thinm.l.2lm 64.Msty
d o ,
on* of Ann miNd Dopolar
,W=S nt i ate l. emirVa .
' • - .- •
, , .
rEt_,_l3AL3l : OR .EXOHANGB-43IXTY
,-, 7. VS UAW% OP CHOLA LOD:4=W 11 =Poo
wit Iltnatty.Jalloffs 0 towooltBh•B•Bor •=llll Ift7
...60atit'alitaz 0nd.01.11 %mood. 'flu. • =Mass Urouaro of
• stiont•Cll9ll: . et ghti..• eons , f witural meadow; with
• cTo gorT foLoso lioll-8. 461 . 1.- Bakk Be, •10../too
ova Rtabthar •P r 01,11000:or • li t aintlaase la oft
forpro,•4l tro . larrt In Pittsburet or oil jrtmay eltios.
11.0/1 to • tott2o) : B. Wadi N. 11 Path Amt.
HE ROAD TO -WEALTO.--Jadeicius
A gValtat i. .rg st • urAva..4l . 7ar.rnei
ths soot consists sum is sl 73.41,14 . - 14/1110
tbs ei44—sosk Vanssits4l. 74 • Werd strut
aulA • ~- . " We Brody 4.441145tw0
0S reotioni per.Peaniudvaoia Railroad:
2 dm. 0111111 a Hothlad - Oatat' dst-062tidmb
umsn Italg 1 dos Jim Tramp.; 261 m MS.' bstatbst
sad 2 dm elesm Tint, sums...46'r, 8 dos rim suet.
Mb: Nmarataltaa 2Am Smut PumpL of um =d—
istaste st Its butts anebet Dmot: J. tos 116 ? CMS st LU LlPd. mt.
k P
itist reed 2 0.... Traumata Whatar a Shad.
• awl oh tai.e; co eattail of .sat..t. i' Y"..
.barunw, Gable. and a arlay of mbar arks. Tb•
samba of parmarts 4 Jana. an rlk+7 VW be all,
allt.t 'Maras no 2%014 at tb• laved a 1.,. ,
wall J. • R. r HILLTS. la Make amt.
w. are notr lints g 'out oar sleet:olmo and Naas at
rarazt par an: .n re . art . thvi. *ra atm oty
vra.”. - Bawd, iqiiis.44l aw.
, rata N to Water stmot.
dL *always on imad
tab. B.AD 11.1 LANGE.
• , sad KIM /nasal sod comet.? GALT PE.PIR, for
by Lanni MAdD DX LANGII.
• • edeont iiredeblsday thodwfost
112 M..... 1 rwt • 1.1. 1 W. bIevIANTOCIL
TlArteritY BRUbSELS CdhPETti-0
detrint Ted.l et 112 Karim 41. et..
aule - W. IiaILINTOCK
FUSSELS OARPEIB-41. larg e •:or andet cla
imer .44stune 14 ow rig..lo
44 Oirpn W nt arohnum: la as .ritt. scrtet to,
! .omprid.s .tyloo, gto,..d for
gbo Ogrvit Wenn:4ms 1.12 1far4r..10.1. whith
rlliottlt . k• DUO.
parches,.. 7vll.
t el
of“. hu [ol/I .A W Y bIeOLI:TOU*
AIL OLOTIL9—A. very large and earnsive
ecostpet.leg m .ad 414¢44. ' & signs,
fro 22 10zh44 m 24 toot win o, a
to white to • leo at
Cation of parehasere—lruehowN 112 darts. ores,
wag W. bIeCLI T-CB. '
Ban* btock
!IP B r Stoat zeutiVekligairalve:,
' U . ST. Arm , . 1 . I.*PW 1.
4 2,2 r•i• 4
imita. .I.b tvu-IttOBIE Cona•NK. •• •
act or ittlr Road. irneti.t Shwas. w!:44.4
stmt..: , '
•ILI4ANDS WANTED.--.l3laokomi ,
Jahns. - adduct mul Wham, CluOr ~ b ssaillrit We lessuangi pt ant , . dem ,
Wpm. , Sagviso or .-W. V. 11611 n'
- so 4 . at.tb• ale. nethee. Words. 48 Ida...
gis FOS SAL - 0118 LOT 22 b'
' 11111 amt. op, alto dm em IL
it Hoeg.... • . • f
an Loon' oGoo, Timm LOIS on Non ft.
snob Theo, Load IVO to tno but pot of bo o.
> Invill Wont. too lota fo fllndlorgatoo Mu • . U
"WM Um" lanai. of
__ _
gal . . THOBIAII WOODS , 48 H u ,I
All 8 FASHIONS, for LANs? I) ...1
'ag tale Lazio Whim. for JUNE. ibilet. A,
•i woe
, on Lb@ or
wit ,
• .4;Elf - Nava% Lon.. .0.. U .
TL . I a& ISatniala ma.kod t a. l
~2trW tQ tip; 28% eeon street. • •
QOM ASll—Hering 500 tone of ov
ininiuteetnee on head and for ale. .n
to *pantie. cub G00 .11211111.2v,
.11211111 . 2v , their merit! r
inn ammo at • orr
•nireseited WOW
in •
§A.11.4 O
el om ,
• two story IR
bolas • la our
aul• •
OS. drawl.,
illooral prim •-
• _• -, enla • - -
NlNfk X.RI C -
• - trod b
Frt .
1.3 JLIO. for
VITOII-35 bble. Pitch for elle by
INlffnE--250 bags prima Rio Coffee,
Joys atelee.tass)plts a) Store.) for sole
BPPER-26 bags Pepper, arrived rad
• !brad. by 1.1171 JOLIN 01111 R . ,
OLADSES-3501 bola. N. 0. Pelotas':a,
"torsahr . b7 Laal7l JOON OILIER.
I v., T. Toboook on Mod and tor solo bri,
let--45 tierces 3.o.ltiee,lor sale br
eau . JOIN Mitt.
b `g e ltliii s Ar
lANNERS' 011.-45 bble. No. 1 Tanners'
Oit,ned ma for au ilmal 70113 r OILIER.
AlLed-250 kegs asiorted bins 'Nailer
toposior terzod. for nit by ' JOB , Oojb.
FrOLMS-1011 halDotiesta )(mug Ityson,
1 ,4 . 1 . 1 .1 A 0912pOINWS T• 1114 an*. br Rnm
O. SUOAR, , so hhdo. J lager, tot,
. R ao or. r.oist 4ottor GLUM .
I rji,MAN- CLAY--1.00 Was. tier. Olsy.
5. 0 1.00 , •I*ut JOLIS
. .:~,
Fr ^r-.a .
Valuable • Omit— _aide:zees For Sale.
Tpubeeribe:r g laid out ten twee
I lota MINTS LOW, sill sal ono Lot or the whole
tea arr. this Ls Is In Stews. township, Mu..
paw an cad 144 itly'r hues. adtalisms lana of
0o1:11fra. Itoblarss au thermals... as. Josains
the oath. It Lac orttaroanrUctr IriAlf Lt allosherty .4
Pittabyrsh,oact LI ahaltabir 'Rua.] for coakhatare.
Thia l a w hi In 0. hichert state of colUntloa;
coaslicel with GM. Ass Puck, 11.1111 Cherry
T"•••,,, . ".b. j=t ei" raTi=ltVeigaTet
;sir; orrrehs: particulars. Wool. at the
OfSc• Elistkratrest near
harsh. . lhslatfl CILUILES %MAN.
B in? Pitt townshlgh in the City Dlstrkh shore the
Ireenolvenia flospitah bounded br dinften, Bodfrld.
ttoneo •arl Bldg* strode. In raid Dietrich Tido ;gofer.
ty Li • pare oi land owned sub urb .ho 'Sutphen Wil .
abd for oodrary or reeldrum, le Dotes.
wiled by th•t eentbn. It 6:lsnoaoda • delightful
noo of tho nAlloglueny trailer and antiotandiffif 0050
fry,inld eau now be bought f Itlnalka • erttolthor In
aft purchased* A Okra credit will to ninon on pug of
Lula:MS.• 1 t114,10, 4 ittornarobLuer.
stria 110 fourth ritrabon, h.
. . Xagnlfteemt Country Seat •
11:13 subee.riber offers for Oslo that beenti
.rei =soy OF LAND en Coal Hlll.lbrinerlT
,„, eaten Meer, Hen. sqd ndelulas the residence
Of L girt Leytt. Nap. it atiataitka tarratr sera. Part of
which is under good ettlUrialea. bating an It • One
TOON° ORCLIAND, end I. silo annunented lath foot
wee.ettenbe.ldeete...' "
Sale 100 stn. wan sea anent the ' the nest naiad. lad
Onatiiiii no.. I. Weilant Positiryttigitai Want
within Misty minutes .It
Pore the tier. aniseeds
Tanner Ann sweetie. oneureaneed ar any
truce of rood la the rattket
bllf not esti enure hinue the Ant of
autil June, It mill then
dlrlded Late W o
re altaiOttitrial at oa.
Ne. rl fourth
Valuable Finn • For Sale. •
gITUATED in Cranberry toeniship,•BaSer
altar. sastadd of 2.oaartts,llA ECM o which sa
dd d dd dd . d i owdid d sdrd. ad as :rmasier timber 555
'vrossl bra Is Is Ira Prod. ad oa tb. awal.../.• •
1 74`" 1 13 1 ".51::rogr. trg:lllll;i d gt
roabudgh about 1 UtUa ibraosbneg,b,da 2jd piped
dm. dAtardls dad Elttatamh Plat Bad. raft
lards °marl of +mks, paa ad and) teas. atld
. 4
dd. • : Medea 13411. 215 57 ythh amt.
ksiown ,
r at.t4 owe the' Poet flfilos, wel
haring • wi all
de. well
tea cod turf stairway. has town refitted. an f hi' fhe
errangewornt for light. Al— la now It CI retirees ror:
ultab • (Jr exhibitsoon of Yeaarautaa and omen of Art
gesos•hr. 11 id sleo well /Awed tor Anniversary sod
oCher ouhliamonies* of YooleUot, or r. Oarporahou
leehOne, MOClLbula.. maUadl, •go,•ufd Wog of noon
unt else oa be rooted on the following/ gaoler/an terms.
I run SS per day. or VA per welly inoitultag W. fool nod
earl.* of •.laultor
Os—Ohe Wall would to rented for • Is= Of anise Men
ot Woof Your ,landed Oollare aeuum.
- AP " T.bhd itory Orrr l Zi #Ul Al
apT •. • or lo 0*AV1•11.
lieiv Arrival. of
For Bale .
To be Lat. •
TWO ROOMS,-on toe second story, over
Me Btu* Mutest Er, aulltaring. [manna Om.
~el--ratable for OfIle•a. fupalr. of
6naer Tallith and llm4E6e{a straits
kor Rent.
Desirable Residence For Salt.
Tills, late. midenee of Jonathan Kidd, pa'
L deanwat ti drawl few aale. situated is • TA•eika
amtt part pf witemplltg—the mums aztatwkat
ef lea water aed ass mews leaders it pull wrolVtleatreble
itbow* le • wetl bp& •two AM ••• P daub'. ••• T••
i2, f 7,7llATA:t.troW , V •i• .7. " t'k
I gr 4.
and tame seaceaatc4att•L' APPIP r• •
!ANIS Bltlol , l.
For • Bale or .To 'Let _
at Ifrablal abetse wooly of V and
drat. Potorytrabla, ocrprialoo R=
La fraa loctray, large &are sad illeashortso. I
darning tom... with otter cabbatidinint vita as roc•
on:doo atonic sad val.:Ala Water E . 0.M.. as the MAUI
um afford fOr tba alloy* pond*. Oast althla gm tali*
of Ito 11111 of *good quality mad sofilelact doz./tit/-
Moo bat .abort &dams trearbatiosPe Sr Vast Wanes.
I , Or tsrmasul Warmtha logo lr• ofJ aS Ployd sod
James Moat Pittabonitr sad tba asbactlborat Frsotaa,
Pa. • ' lapfttlf . ,M. LAKISSIITON.
Desirable Property pis Batt: •
ed f
he very.. valuable =l Building
lots, adjoining the Outer Depot at the Otdo ula
leasla Belov. „...0= =
lielhaak_aed ea Preaklln,
gpd aueghene avenue. •
Also—A unimproved Lot.= the coronet Li h . .
arty me • valuab le
str HIM .1711 M. opposite the
l O W t.
Celholl = o Charott.:3oeet jeaat va gi: . 4 di tabz
übffizr o
eelJeln7oe the owes, the lot amp 110 het twat ley
100 feet deep. • The boom letite sod ononodeat. built la
=dent Idyls. anal eonteles eleven roam. ,
Llso—A Perm of Were:* Is IMMOM Mantra I*l
from K. melee,
rlZlTtsznit In Beam to at inirlois stini End
Pliata.ttom 600 antaidana. . ,
l'or tale Ipf and on annanannlainlyarma.: Anitaltaef
N. 2.* O. L. IL ILTISn'a
A ......."•
• . -• Allnnenrya at law and Waal '
• . —.NOW . • N. JOT 'worth atton..4l.
' For Sale.
- .MHE attention 01041=11sta is called to
that 'VALUABLE VECIVIEVV to Alhthrul
couuu•solug th• aorear or L•cook .d .ate _
tog f et ohm listhsal sternt toward. Boblam., etew.t.
till l tl t o ° 11111%::ter (:••• ?ll= • 1 1 1/•111 .. fIC
true. to nut owohasers. handsoautly Alluded ork
th• muds tOoreoublar• ben.. tworrluae...d in the
tato:waists •1.1111 of Lb. Drpot or trim, tibia and Vrits•7l..
mow lfadlroad CoulgAwr. It would bi • inoet domwtd•
• to o- dim f or ••Hotel. •• Public Etalt,_. or Co. bus... bore.
with awallissi attar.b.l. as Brig Fromb amoundtr wht
rrot , a ho god o•r • hrothout• nrraous . tb•
ostorements wig. WIWI". MAC. 11 1, worth/ of
amaso. Venous who to heath.... ar• !.Quoted
to Moan of • sr: Poesy. or
• fatutt N. HOLUB:S.& 00100.
For Rent...-
THREE Store Rooms, with Dwellings at
1. tubed. ea Mute. urea, hortmenni tined Third
i tcl i gi u l.4l9r. a CILIAILL MONT. .
, 14.111 Tblid Anat.
Ear Sale, or to let
WAREHOUSE on Liberty Janet, ra3l.
Salts st Nes 311. Ingitystrott.
Aexoillezit brick Dweaßn ia rritiliatedn
m K. lootoogo Tido
ono A of Oa Pam
moot 44Orablo Doronlogo Who eity.
the boom Wag la good Impair. owl lasted to ogolot,
and ow e 1 the moot pinaant pato of the city.
modersta Mogan am the gran*. of •
Jollmf AIM D. REID.:
Very Desirable Beal Mate.
IF subscribers offer for sale 111-4 sores,
ef Cams. situals4 • sat of allaererlils; Mating as
t • Yarns , Moat Plank Rao:Load oslondlett butyl tar
la a tow yards er tk. P.1101•11A4 Sallroad, ,Skll Pro ,
war Is ritaatot, nay of seers. and yell worthy
sea late:4bn of mesons dnalag a 1:01..4114:1l vomit» .
location.' if oat sold wire. o , lspd molar la .tatividal
Unto smaller sized 1 / 1 .1t: YoUNG Is Co..
•osill , . 101 Lltonoty stmt.
cwt. below Logan It2wit, War e :with
room{ aod as attle suxr. plum
Cellar oak. Ceti whole, beak,: bard. of Um aaterritr,
- 21,19 Clark gavot, or 16-Yrarstle Womb
Par Sale.
rPWO LOTS-20 Arr Fropton Rebecca
1 .tr.tAnstrd i mtrilie mt. 7.?" 2.. Mual,* at
Booktfe,Vootw a 'y (Sty
. .
Or of 1101.91108 60U0Y111..1t
dolkttS Guano °floc
'PU • ,IZT—Eratil April let, 1854, the FOUR
ROOMS on the PILIP /1000 n el 'Abe • ODEON
ILDllttia. north etreet. non occupied by the WHIM
4 . 1tb114/111PEI LIOL Pomemain Ile n
ifor terms, apply to .1011 N. P. Ghana.
IY2l:tt . NallinalTelegrtob 0111oe, Third street
I AltOk: CITY LOT TQ..LEAbh.—lhe
lat o/ Cron at present oseaoled b Alba Mellor.
toy. Cheddar. on Libert. strm between fitstb street SW
virgin stisy. VIII be kcuist 4r • tertA of TM. from April
Ist" b.f. ADDIy to
JUIN 8: fIIW fN. If'd. 68 Market et.. -
}MS Or. ItOBWIT'BOIIB, Attoraer. etb tt
' . .tbi vicinity of Grwouborg. WortntOtnhutd eooot
-as Fong ACMES. an which , t 1 to boa noun/
ouniowl. • BlUDift..oll AUt. . bollsouto antlany in
Mt m otylo. 36 or fas eontaining ton largo
rooms. wide hail bog !audios* atatrarag. opaingsbora
asspangs In non; eolgoianfiltig • inagnigtoot TWO of
Ow nos. tintroad sad aurronading eauotty. The beau.
Ufa' andltaalthy location of Inv prowl:: odd am stout
dutaaca has the town. "codas It Lb* wait dutiable
retreat nrcuod Ontontburg It I. .thatal O. as eO2l-
.1.1100.0 tha out tato to .tho town. .ad hot bannen
titrnabusg and dm point of junction of the llanptlold
Y.4.lnuti. Aluarythar•
itUanatOf tba mart basinful pri..
TAW paint:mu duo Sill oror Da atom! In the
.101 a of Oreonaturg. 10. tom, to. oonly to .
sole . '• B. IflciotlN..2l run stmt.
aIOCK.B /OR BALE— • . _ . .
[ V 16 short. of tbo Mono. ibola Navigotlola 10,
' 10 olootooo Pict 1.10 . 101 1 , •
0 • " Zoiloonoolo • • • oo0 1111 " of
. 0 - ' . • - T.11)16.60 11"00D9;46 Moollot • .
i: teat In Illaat•th township,: two wawa holier:the tor.
o gh. The Una cootal a. leo agree of ',tallest Lbs.
Kona /411.:412.5 SAMS °leered and anger anlhratlsa. The
trovroremeats ••• • frame sad log th•elhag. a Woe
bawls baro.orchard. M Msg. ghoul, lto woo of
ander and goloinlmts ab we farm. 1•314 the right of
was to the river , owe or the best located for goal
works say where oa '
~ This.,wbale will to eolg
Aggolber. or the goal alone.
pplf a rsalturr a enman'T, et i their aglow, NG
104 Fourth dreg. Mahwah'
Pittsburgh Building and Loan Association
TAI . IIB BOOKS of the "P‘ttabuigh Building
sal loan Amodattair la Syr which fatly organ.
I opts b y dutaMptioaa at B•Nluala t.ala's
.aatea, 21 an
litib strut. BY ard. , . •
Ira GEO. N. ItaLLIN. Breletuy.
DaorEssoit 13A1iarS TEL.
LCo P11Y.1401311, or ilertitated Oonpeuhd, fir beautify.
.au remind:4 Os bolo, enn.s eon
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UNTINUATION of the Bamiannual
./ Sale, sad UM fast./ daductlon is letlees—A. A.
MASON a Cu. aid toad.. that, rual.attaaal 8.1. Pr
,11 81 dna War.. That lam.. must wilt b. Undo
-mtria _
osaa,sad nt a 'tutu redaction In lulu.
.it,ay au la put-1.4 O.nw,M Shard at $l, outal
.. , ,See $4; 400 Tara India milt te aver; 700 duds au
Ida lam Wad Hamaa ,
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mta: e 4 as Ifni Begs at 12)4 /AO
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441,44 emu; 1110 as at oa.balt tam .441
'44.1 uda last sotoe d tains/4 6 K the raid. S..
An taw= .Al} Nana 44 Nuaab - Ohlad... at 111$ am=
laded Ulnas 10 Pratt 10 awn adder Own* at $
mat.; ,40 .piume Dem %memos at 9 6.904 699 Lina
ttatlV 9999 Lash. ficour
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4, nit las
NOTlCETheintblie eke hereby informed
COMPANY hews tot their Werth Into omnstloo. and saw
.n &thew any •thenot or Coal at that Wharf on
hb• Ohio Liver, on a• reasonable tithing As •Irewhlree. AL
1 . 1 0VM ; : MAX. one. an d
with • Pelt th ereat patroofjps and anew= •ed Men fors
113,1%.1 lb. Wends. sod WWI.° illterld Ea trade to Coal
to call Inunedtherlp et the Otnthany's CHIP, tee newt,•
waeteornet of the Memo 6d and Manned Ahoy.. at Om
whew. roe: th• month of haw Mt Mtn. and naar J.
Wlst ood's hellion MIL
131. BANCI
SIPA.Y. of West Beetle, New Pak.
L.A. Van Patten. 15en w. P...b° 'l" P " . B"
William It.eatt,, Chula. H. Tall, A mmo Vedilerr„
k„, P. & e d.... u.,.../ Veklar, : &War, 8 UM,
bon: A. W: Tat, Ybi do II: Deetialt, Nlthense Brooke.
' Jpan B. Lesteses.
Win 10.111• unhurt Nish at the welt hanniona taints,
felhdain r. Reauck OA*, It Itth Innen
'MeLATN. Ament.
IvoncE--en EleeJon fur one Preoident
Wu haat Mazda; of Aril :118.6:111b• aratitaqAtt
tr:lrrVaro " par
ehb.alhilat to aka Cashal &Irk LIU that data. - "
KUILL MaOLUßßAN,Scarstary.
ANOTlCK•ii:hereby gi'cn to . the STOCK
D 001.1rAN}. Mot so Zioetl...o Ida no hold et the
MN. of N. P. F11M120.11. 10T YOUTH. BTARET.
nort.brtgroos Om boon of - 9 owl 4 tlalor.t. P. N.. for the
fo.looloo Moms. ids iiste Preoldent ant px..14.a....
to wry* for ono rear.
WM. MP t. Proldeot.
Northern Protection Insamoe Company,
Camden. N. Y.
CAPITAL, $200,000.
LYMAN CURTISS, Preridant......B. Carantra., Pariatarr•
NriLL issue PoHoles against lote,or dam
age br /Ire on Buildings and their =dents. also
on the Ilona and Cargoes it Manna and Canal Boa% on
the moat favorable tame.
- AO Lost. of this Agana be adJuatel ant prompt.
IT Paid at MU once. J 0 CURTIS, &gent.
con= Wood and SIRO aunet
• dz.% over Patriots & /Hands Banking
Rowelsar Iniuranoe Company,. Lansing
- Inugh,"Now York.
JAO6II 7•Bll..Tremildint.:l-: , /isto Dooow. Boontoti.
cnanratanlx 1836 , --car,rrar, Spf3,ooo.
TATS old 'and hell 'ostabliehed Company
aro_ptoparoll to Ira Polio/ oo,bl ttrY Altoot.o.ll ll
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rir %ar oo.. tot Lta . Lo . osZtrtl i t the tazsat t Drr ra rem.
41"""'""""""'" 7.0 (maw, Amt.'
FDOBBS, General Insurance and Real
. &Mak Agent, may ba easmaltml .t tals O.
Pittsburgh tnd Steubenville Railroad.
revliE subeeribers the espitel go* ot the
1. Pittsburgh mut Btoubmvillo ILL C. aro boob.
par into tho Treasury. tb Murat instalment
Caps dollars par ohm*. mi cc trot. , ths Ist I...oszotar.
proximo. and am dollars Tor stmr• ma or beam dm tl st
dm. or such month tboroallar. until Um whom amount of
stook sotrontsal tot has Dom pald.
Mr order of the Board of Manors.
WiLLIAII A. MILL. Thaanear.
Treerareea Oftta. 64 Wica Omit.
1 tiomuilmr 6.1062.
. Notice. • '
ALL PERSONS -• ire hereby cautioned
stalnytpbrobasfosar negotiating for n NOTTin.
by u• to the order of lo5.2.11•on. for Sr.ln fiond.d
.IT. Dollar.. d. J. 111..1113, payable 4 months
atm d•t•orltb eaten.. parr.. has b.. otop.ll.
odd Nof• baying bops bat or .to . o.
m1.441' CO. .
CONSEQUENCE of hissing sold our
• Yursteeee to th. Cambria trot. (10111P!5T,4.... ;Va .
slap a:Wing smart . the Orm Ott
e( Klao.A.faitMinalt.oll ll :
at. thuntals tarp
by axe both dievolvhf. bug..
11 eettledwp by thelsanbinkte et the Yarneor.,
Oconee a ittb. who are buttwrstsed to oft the names of
duo rilikreethr• Arno ha oettang ago the heehaws. •
• ,• GROW I 8. ZINO
• '• •r. saorainsitosi.
Itehtntti •
're Pittsburgh' ,Cityhtilb! will hereafter
ItiSOLLITION.-4he Partnership here
tame alisttou_betwoot , tho uodoraliped. lb the
l I RW i
ANDIND, aurnsaos. GROOMS% • AND PAO.
DUCA R. to thl cloy Meal red by soutool moral
The buebuteo oT te. Atoo will be settled by abler of
the wimp. who lo autbulloUl• so or the some of Ow
DO Arm. to oottlIng• tho suate. sod J. J will cau
tious the bueturo e u usual. ot tho old wood. N. Zbi
Liberty stmt. J. i. 114 ,, N
.. Mobutdb. July ht. Md. J. J. BDONA-
(socen••• a, a., • s ...031•3
Comadaaira and Porwardlng Merchant,
Dealer in Wool dad Produce qf aU Ki
U nds.
O It. c......U. C.J. r...tre u al e s . mi Sal t, ealc, l l2l....
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' 'iaaa'aL Bal l 'a llori aad
re et ..., a Oa. '-
a Co..
ar‘a ii.ia a Santee. "
IL liessoosal A Co.. Bodo.
.11g14. _ . . i _ 00.
d i ,
D.l D. WDonald a Co. amlca,..a. a a
walire.lle. Ohio "' c• ,••••• Tudy,,,,, plcSels.
" ...DM. . I'M . Ci " . ""fs 'Pa"". aeose a Ca.
Hamm Gessecessa a OS.. r .....,,, 00 .___....
nateci Loafs. or_ . lls , _ ... ur .r . _ .
Y.' pi.e.r. 2Z,:ira of '
Bowen a 11•Nasossa.
J r Itows.d.Looleville Ky.
DC,n01001i0.,21,4,1403•C1.. -I:6;woisules.A.l
1. Haatoss. am.. M..
Weaver. Saylor A Oa. Mb. Texas
, • Co—Partnarithip. •
=subscribers Alava formed • Co-Pert
baracua: etc mama. the RlMlamb
oad atwad. wadaz Ma Ina all=
VII:nlY IL Ummam... ••
• -
11.01mara.Jult 1aa.1.1112--ava
17E heretofore oziatilig be
-1/111.11 the bodtmAirs — ro. lowboy tbo stykt of J. D.
LIAM Op. actircerro lontCootsgsolm Msprhaws.
woo discolsod by content mama op dm Ititi of March.
Tha baclow wilt to continued by J.A. Wlllionw, as tholr
iocwor stand. No. Mg Wood Moot. who is Woo duly ow
UMIAK to bottle up the boilsowool Motifs.
Pit - tabula. AP il 1.13=
tar In retiring from the business, I take
als•sam la reeammeadlas to the !Mende
Me I. Arm .1/12. W 1111.4. • .taleama can 0ta110.4
tc dlmb ro. with
_prompts.. .4 fidelity. abet..
Imam. in lattrasted to am 1:01.•
• •
lIIE midenigned have . thhs day entered
wt. On•PlirtanalAp. coder the ham eaA colett
AN. 5 WINADI 1 Go.. tor the punt. of Lthht.
log • maw stilltog lostoenkiL Is the atty. of Altegboar.
S. A. 31111 AN
WM. , tuenanirr,
. • .n. CHILD& .
=far P. edaw Juni.
G.... 1 loin. 41,1146■117 CIU. Jess 1.40.1333.
I have this dai xa msodebed with me, in the
uo. Doty JASLES IL AILLIA. nada the
_Ann of__JoWS
ZNI r 4010 rAIOLEff-
& :BLAIR have anociated
.Itl2 04=1130111E 15. BLAIR. netted...lll , W
eyatinuot Lb& erte & HAMS.
sat Mtn'
To the Public.
NOTICE of the •Dissolution of the
Piff Joss nun a e
dliwt Ili tbe molars. thy
vral l' ltie vino sisll Aye da.r. noti tbo n a w c tel. m 0......
WOW 'Of firm of .1011 H PLUM A LO.
:WILKINS & CO.. Blinkers and Ex
• annsurn Brokrri, bnoo macron one nano .Vut al
r room location. low the "naffed &mei Bank . '
building. tin. II /mann moot, Immo Ilanoly Monte the
Bank of Pittsburg h. them they will bo plosood to and
11•11frloode.ssod 4u aubilo ronosonly • lateen
• Edmond 'Warta & Co.,
No. lEi„ Liberty /Rua -
ABB in receipt if their Fall Sfyleii; also, a
oomplete meortionst or neer mid maple Goodk .0
and Winter amr, mob an Otereostlnce.4'Lln /cr.
sal nese Nome. Mammy aad Pilot Cllmbs, of Tatou.:
colon and analiclemOotbe .1 the bat makeM and matt
bisbionable *More. toy 12/reee and brook goats. Isiri black
". ! ;,? I ,V° "4 1 " " 4 4 144.41*". .
Vestlime—Miss realofmtlnl f
red! oi the Pelmet min. and hi
cniat'artor. mummus.: cosmialifel nencrtommt
r e n tiousi i ii . tir ration o
0200+,2 t t l . n: ettotza c lALMa.o d t
by se alum be ateamrior odd at a:4OMM prises.
mid •
. • Land For
Tundersigned offers for Salo is hand
..ponw aai ril TRA' OP LARD I.lWfles
to•nehlp, .talolog • OITOPPEN Acaltd.adieluth; the
lauds of T es ow, on. Chao:Mkt. Shit Tract of 1 so) Is
motional, to the fourth street Rand : and le Isfuerialeif
ea the ue Of the o.te vimtee. 10 pouvesueet to the
elty aud would ,be an icsonlot luestlen Go say 000
desiring • p moot country residauce. lb. hod lc odour
dangly supplied Olth udder and I.lo a seed ins% of ^WU
ration Inc Imirovcateuts mu • Iths-Corp Mune DWISL
-10•42 fIOUPY and ►• trAute a.m.. Pot Roth. , Peefie‘e
Ism sad talus of sa 0. Inquire of
Hail .10117 OMER. 21611berly street.
BUBO of wall hontmid YoEctlnit Lnot ,
tatant•.•—trbe Submit.? taws tar role ono Pons of
Two HUMMED allo Wlttr ICUEL. .110.10 in Now
Bewloblog Township. 2N, milee from Nolo titightoo, with
• En. timbale!. a mad rm.. Boum nod Dula and othor
fehologram. 340 bornborn of wition lo oloarodßad and. , good
Form wittily tmo toll. of Now Brighton.
containing T• CI 1104DitEn *BEM. 50100 can be Mb
Mal Into bon acre tots, if!4Nmd. The lOcation to an oligi•
. h Aw—V e ar w m d s m °ln. tampon.
mail nom. Blom GO Aorta and
upward...tamed in New teelolimr Pownotilw dlttant
inint NW It mile. from the WBroad. for mat mutat....
U..ftbe oohs...ben. at his Neal Panto Mae. in New
Eloaror County. P.
Plbll.—Thle intention for en article ltelleveyebhe
oneeteda....,, Sill awrit•ttrel, , .opk...t , "
Thees wtpg aulako and edtaoduw.
thalta tbaliAlat. Upon tb• Una, pn mpg gentle' 62,
cur.!, ewe It, do not biunt the thebett,
They awned be Spilt or broken hilt o d Mod, magi
thee an only be taken of by Dena, ue tan 111.515 le te
ilott, and clothes lextened by theta ale baler Wenn of be
the 5152.
26 Grote lug reoelved end foe eel.. tot . the glues or dm
. nu t W. A. ' 711oULUILO.
Ironer sod Itqc heeler.
•qmon t. CO.'S celebratal ENGLIS Ii
311-111YABI) —Tb. rube:lller bia been ebliolnled
itlite i :f 'MITI'S mr
•Voht . ,g,ltzzu:rg:t
too atteollon or Oru nn. Drungi.le. and the nubile gene
rgir. I. all:tatted MU In never end iltninnin nu other
Mune...lM Wrote. or 4 Amiga ono 44.11 r. it • lure
on band bet 0 kens. eroples, bat a
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p_r •1 nelelest to ellen orders, large meth' .
Wholeure onlers ftlAil on liberal Lartta.
• cue •W. A. blonlAill.n. eon Woos end Welt *tree
. V V
Old itoorinosi Dollar. and Map°llssm
Unman wan.lisainsw Doitszs;• , •
litosllb. /swum am Usrman Crowns:
1 .
I,llswisoursosw sq./
~.1.,.. aerd..l.l , 1
. Tas• bwons msd neisslng . • •
~ wui MT u. Wiled mite primit Ass*
urds-7. wssad—,w
- Nos. 97 994 99 Third .70444,
Mends and °oatmeal.., that he has Jun 6ompletad
Xl.OO • aprin t
n e=r7frre t ' W h e t t I. #,14,101,1g;,1f
prices m any in Cm yule= Ptalos, gem
el Wan. As ha is dm...Moeda° uphold his Meek. with
&mooed malarial., teat workmanship, and newest des
/ tom asuy from the. areal of his mins and faculty la
manufaernmut, he Is enabled to preduca warranted
YUKNITIURIS at the lowest prima
Ira hae adop ted the
In of idantifyina w he sustain
n's interest with hie own, duality and yr and kedpr
Camp on hand the greatest misty of <TM ettorintion'
of Furniture. from the ehespeet and plainest. to the most
Me gent and milly,abat a house. or any part of one. mat
be fandelted from hie Moak, ex inonulhetured ontowatil
to order. The following eyrie-lee oansiat Inpt of his as
sortment, which. for M . ahn, of style and O CtaL. mono
-be alarmed in may of the embalm
. ElYtete • tete •Ser •
60 Sofas I. Muth an/ Hale . o,ottl:
CO donna Mahogany quire.
itu do Walnut,• do
60 Mahogany itocking Chi
Walnut do • '
50 MahogortyCinnst
IDO Wapiti '• do 1- • .
60 Marble top Centre Table.
60 de r Dreining humus
-30 do Wsattstandr.
40 Inelomd do
100 Common do •
30 rialnDresedug Bureaus;
60 Mahogony tteMtaads:
40 Walnut do.
1 6 0
and Charry Pop lar do.
YO alahogorty•Wardrolmer.
10 Walnut- .t do
0 Murry 1
•TO Plain gum= do: • •
TO.inlog and Smallest Tablas.
13 ecretary and ilookauses:
10 Omen Cane Seat Chain.
41 Cane Nat Reeking Chaers:
13 Unties' Writing DeshM '
Hat and Towel nand";
gtigulnes; .• . ' Papas Maelale
...eisationOltairs; PelabrOk• • do:
glimbsthaen On. HMI moil Plat do:
Raw ti . do: Ladles' do:
- Pearl Inlaid do: Etang Table.
Ana tot Ottomans: •
• ' Dot/do and HMI tlhairr.
Also, a large Ylortmakt of Common IMmiture .01
Wholaor them •
Cabinet makers "stopped with articles intheir line.
Steamboat& and Hotels fornishod at the atiorteot male,
onion promptly atUnded to. a01t11.63
To the Readers of the Pittsb urgh Gazette
iIIUBLIO ATTENTION ii respeotfunfiD
. .144 to the Mb:min forthlw notatfon tt
One of the most impterleat remedies of mdern thiseel
YNTROLNUM Olt HOOK OIL; It Is not more then ono
rear ego siar: thie argot noneduas brought WM the '
Vit i Atee, el oe then. ' o=e fun,' pi= ry ' la
ammonite. an" we allege thet.tbe longer It ri Me
mare certain will De gnat Dm mead. It le not the rem.
ale f reer "i* ll e t i n " be n 1
ac men..
all other odstrom De. bee . o . lbCortela u" The reunlor! le
h• Natural itsmedy. elaborated In the depth. of the ova
r • cower and gamey that imam to B e .11 ammo
Me, . Wisest:duty. when we write about a molt.
Me, that we write the Moth—that we my nothing Moo.
Wad to deogve three who met tenet our warder pot mg]
Ope? fa . statemots. The slot a..ry apt to .t4h .1
too tr promisee tetlef from dlmew A etorr sse
hardly be highly wrought to earner the Meet of gull.
Ing or lombogeng some of them; Now, we do not deeire
t '* lll. l '' re t Z..elh . giliVeril t oll ' e!r t ta h : :fret I g ' a Ve t , i a ' o r .
taloa fee moesding em y Male Miele to the on:teria tied.
Ica P/On UtrearliMid toots—hsts that may be amertansl
I..rm .4 a7 .l .;:g,,VstaX , rho..l. btu saugs tatialasky Is Iv
Within the mt two tonnans. two of oar own cinema.;
who mow totally UM, bare been restored to sight. Nee.
mi. awe of Windom, be . the &Mil OM hare beer
mad. And, also, U. meet • gentleman la Beaver Mute.
I tom en other; bottheee en ; met Deer IC . . , and mat
be maimed to he any. pollens who hew ton ts on t ic , ens
lett These mem were aimed after they tad n abeodor
.... by Dayaaaal. as booth Tbe Petroleum will am ,
or to Elseatfet*Diershm iiTeeateD t
(.l e.
Ice thearalaln,Enirl i tli r amen thlni.•
the gam
en gres it. arm. etrter,
toned Need. yell. In ttet end loin ol 1..... W...
Wet.. ague. Chronic om .itamm. nehltlL arti MI
Pulmonary affKaans or a am= maws. tending Ls or,
Su. 00anLaptlan.
Dom and MM. Mom. of the ftlidder and.
ChatEM gland& amortalsd Itipptee. Cornsanm.
VaVo t t ' lre == 4 a rrl:: " b roM "" rth tr. t l
most forgot moms OertliZtor Mt er t mlowl an ts
thrhsads at a r parpfletar, who will take pleasure in ebow
''' fil•Verr th ttere n l: d irgel ' ll=fae =a :z.
.P.msaro, / rue wawa, of ene wr. l'hysid...
In '', TroireaVaren talliglfitt :Zit
E on Minty:are wilting to torMl o grebe ma
nolleZtion.. Degree another yeareelle (
conedd. all will be
...mailed to aalimeriedge. that the Petroleum is the great
.e. nediett..,“ di...vd. Par 4;e4e, wholetwle mad re
tell. he ILICYBDR a aIeDOWILLI.,I4O Wool tit.
AIL 11. Salem OT Wool street: D. D. Curry. D. /I
ttilottampb DeughgAlhlchtne Otte. Meal - the pm
prism g. Id. WM. Prem mistn..Oemesth Meet. ruler
torah, and B. A. latamalara a Ca... Weed and pent Or
Flftera Dollars Only
to ,ll of BOOZ , /ALL a dellattUal an 1 healthy
1A11.120, worth orar $l4OOO. 1.0,0
BUILDING IAiTS to itt dicrittnntmoon am Wm trot
towtorthrwom VIBAY DAY oh SLY LE WIN& loot, •
Ivp samtitr of thaw alit W.A. maw.. Uwe at tbe
La. nate Ware have be. ml 4 Yu tr.. IMOL to NW P.t
.111. adrenal, arty the prim f.r which Ouse bolt are, oo.•
told. alittelar W.t I. inTortase:l.
dog ift:i g atawly Wan i lalWan rtw ' s &TS to;
iwnetts am , bayiellow ontwww eat P.m... 1n...
mean. With.* law day• pad, Mr. MWlWmff will 44
0i . 7.
-w. of
. 1 :r beet 06.2.1 ' e r r Y trti . it y
CT tin 0111 Dar. 111 the www oi wove., I. 1. Yam. ha"
togaly liwa wit WY lion MOO tO tt sem %I.
to Ireation ant wont.... of arldnwni b.. ol
art.o, Iron mid swum vestmOl.• kr the New York
Wow.. from ere to ten unman. own. twat. mow
wberwlwr it ....lid for hobnob late 71147 149
hal. Irian lowttur. or NT. of from 2to 2> awe. Tr •
we Ina. wayable in manta, Innalmeow of 11 ..-14.
If &wind • woman* dart 01.1 0. bade oat 1.0.W....1y
attar 1 be Watributlow, owl dtltnitel Wroth 55.5551.
TT.* Immo of Boarraie. Ihtat lomrwl. It
W 7. • slicesdictsne• t0w.14 ut the otlehtsted I.ahe how
th e ban./ rwantioappeasawe or trtitel
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RP:CEIVRII this day, by W. WOLIN;
. TOOK. at the CIARPIT WARVIOUSY. 16 leutth
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1111RLS' BTOOKINGS--37-,doz. Girls' said
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100 dos. of tdrtiiso. Lambe Wool. sod 000 Stockings
and Socks. at the MYTH 0111/Igg etoekooa klunr•etarl.
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hinertesorcr. Tana. June 33, Inn
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B. A YaIIIeT.STOCK 819..
apl2 •• eer. 013,0 .04 Werel
New Restaurant
rilliE .andereigned has opened a RES
TAUMINT at rioa CO, fourth etrmt, •r. doom
!toot Market. Weer onarlta tdpronanta'
ata, ne bar baadusandr Wed up. and. id nom imareaut
to etneatmodate they uede, at all homy, Witki *hr . n.u.s.
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Itur root in la. lino
Dinner Oa th e table. lolls . from 12 Co 8 temoci l l . .
an/ ovvrj atitn Oral W corolla, supply kke tab • wits
all the d.neaelea of Um mason.
Meals and renahmanta tandabed •to • order, at all
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i5K.4.2....M141,1461000. OOMtlh
RAIL RO -8;:c
1853 atigmeasamg 1853
irk N and after WEDNESDAY, A'ngaet 19,
9' PILI, Passenger Traits will rim daily. (Sundays
Nr IP ) IOI f T w AIN leave. Cleve/and for Welligille
sw na at 10 tO A. Y.
ACCONNODATI.II TNA1N, , ,,,, Ciavely ra l for. AIR
an. arid Way.Staldo.. at 7 30 hit..
I:MMUS TRAIN leaves Thillvville far Cleveland and
walotat nna ad 0.10
AC(.51310174111.1 TRAIN learn Alliance for Cho*.
land and way Stations .c9OO a-14.
(10 0 RECTIliffd.-the 9.00 a.m. Train from Alliance
anunte with the Espraiterrain of 0. A P. 101voad, le 0.-
Ind Pittsburgh at 6 00 , larng at Clevelard at 11.57
A. N. , ThiV ore. Train from 11. Urnill* coneacts at AdIP
an * with the 890 Nall Train fn. Pittsburgh. min
reaching liavalend at 310 0.z.: also, with the Ned Trent
of U.e IP. Railroad Rood tic. Weld arriving in Pith.
burgh at i, t3o rota The Itapresa Tod. from Cleveland
cennects Alliance with Mail
log Pitutiorah. Ba
lam. Oen n e Kamilla, Woollier, and Stallone. on U. 3 P
Railroad •
one Train daily f cm Cleveland to Pittsburgh.
owing •tn the erfutal of the Ohio and Panne, tranis Lail.
root Citron, bit allow an companion t , h. nal.,
a Gold aoccomorodara plaeen.revaacbionClevelard
in the attandoOp Trains from the. Iran and W..t. •
the 10 00 alt Train Rom thenilaed and the 10.15 A. V.
VW. Rom Wellsville connectat Adyard will. railroad to
Carroh llcton. tsti, hack. far Donny New Philadelphia, and
each waysonnect at undado. with, the C. 7- and
Cl Italiroad. tortuyahoga Pall. and Akron.
use Pasorognm Pittnnurah in tbe 8 90 /Lab Train
Cleveiand at 8.30 r. and connect•with the I.labo
Wog Train lef Lake &hare Railroad, leaving at 3 45 P. Y.
tol orie. Dunkirk litiffain and filagancY&M
lissasogers by all In* Train, can ire froward. nut, al
or south. by Inc following gnats', lioaa front Clevelandr.
Flaws. 0/4 Ltx• Yarae-Tti• new and .grabe n
dilating petanesn eaten of as Mbar I •Crescent
leave at 71.0 r.n. for
Luta elogis RITLIOID Tai . 045 . and Alb r.N for
Lare,Panairk. Ranh, linsgaranalla, B. Yink and Batton.
01.11011.131 b 001111•110 II entry.ton ItAltitnu-At 8.76
u.. for Columbus and Cincinnati: Name drain 00000004
at , h11:49 nib Belleinotainestr r Indisaa BefLim Dextrin.
luilanapolts Terre Rance ind ans.. Ilk. Unarm.
Taupe. neslssus ahlt ttmtaso lntly-.41 8.15 P.
31. kr Toledo, Chinon, Miloutkla. Wall. Galan. and
th Legal& 00 P.M. by, ens bale Brie to
Tnhdo enrol lt.benc• by railroad to Chitago./andia.
and Oaten..
Throueh Tickets In Toledo or Detroit MY Chicago $ll.
Leeslie $ll 518 TO,• St .Lonia $7l
- noon Tickets to oaw Verk and hmmagia Buffalo out
br ntrained at this trill.
paa.anaer• are i squealed to notate their tick.. at Ito.
Comry& Unionos. .10113 A. Astor. Anati4
Monoog diela Roar. Pitt-burgh
OHIO et PENlisTrar
commknionua AUGUST oth, 1853.
IE4I XPRESS TRAIN learea Pittsburgh al
e osisse : atop Olr at Ma prinsipail Nitatirns
00.1 gin. at Crestitne et 1.10 Pat, 111110104 at Ovatabatt
i int tha erecting via eiluelhos and Yena. nye fen.
nteburett Clocia.o $7 .76. to Cohninhua 79.
HAIL TILIIII Prtniburgh al 8 au die. at
Alliance; and penes ereetlha at Olt nit 00anwellog
with the Nieb rani to C I uto lAA sod Ciniinuell. and
viii. the Bell ntain4and Indiana flailtoat toe Dayinn.
ndianarolos Ten• to ion.. Coo.
neertn. an Clev e l and . lish
inf. , . and Pare Pittaburgh tu
I.mi. II 00.
Couto r Limn to made at kluir fle Id br rallroa4 with Sun
&pity 1.1117, klaeineld, Mount Varna, Newark. and
14relaSandasky Ott , St 50; to Newark $4 Ng
re 83 CO. .
C made with Datrult COdeagn bath by
Clt.ei.tW sad ruidualty City. .
o i,aegrory Who ie.* Pittatinr eh in tha Train at
30 0.14 go direct by Mansfield old rancid. y City to
Winn, without datounon. Jan to nna SO bo ht.
rag, stl 09. •
TII/1 AXPRISaiII TRAIN ilea.. Crestilue at 100 .r.n:
Magsfiald at lan a mr.. and Alliance at 0 0.t.. and mach.
Immesh y,
at lb N; connecting with the Na..
T...inp Philadelphia and which le. p
. POE.
'O7. N. Time from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh
iktil boom-Tara 87 10. Prom Climatal. led Philadalphia
0, 1411100. gle, 00.
Aifdi ALL T 11413. 1 ~,,, Croatia* at ,70111 0.N.1 dines at
conments with Evoresa Train flan
4111 artlire. l'lttahurgh st r. W.
?JEW 881011T.)3 51.v0ldif.)DaTION MAIN 1
11 tiborgh 10,10 a.m. son ISM r 0., and New Mightn't,
Pt xOll r. Manna.. Tutatall 00. QuartmlY
Tiesyta et d ca p,
? 101011 T TOtALS liana Pittabblat at ti= 0. a-.
al. ril,. a 1460 Pa- •
Posen.. are rrqn.leil to Tick.. rat Um Caine
t arty'. thy P L egoral Ste... Station,
0001110 PARIS lit. Ticket AMC.
arrbt , Trains do mot, ran on Sunday.
it further infonnation may be oat duel of
Tire:Dumb. ILerikete - ,IS
d0111t63. RALLY. Paaterig. Agent.
9 31L1E FAST MAIL TRAIN will leave the
rasa...ger atattoa on I...acrt7 ettrart, over/ mataitar
at NINE O'CLOCK. •topoltt at the IV
t , • mat arTlakag tn rile
nett motn.a.,
.1. 7 a •joak, ,r.ono•o•stat w.tla the Trains dove! to Near
Vora. also coanectina at Ilaarlahung alth tba Tinto for
artivlng Ital•loare o'cloelt A.. Al.
antvr EX.ll6ea TRUN—Loa,a taa atatioa eeeee
St . 0220,1 a-a •taaotta •t thareaallarst.l7na.
• Ph Trans Cr 0.11110,00.0.11110,00.. •3 sieton P.
also w ag with ate.. ter Ileallood SONO.
tar. m tiedwd Npricse Ye. to Phiwil.libla
$3., Fan to F. Wow. 13 tO Pare to New York 1112 W.
Newton ponaasice tbreolth Tin.. to New York.
• 111 b. eceny.d f ro m ow dery to tn one, tc
enw ebasSv. provided they gentler/Way thrown.
good to goy thew dart to Phliadelpbta.
a d ... Wonted to soy nattoa on tin rectisylvou io
i/ out. nal to iladelybsa and ileletraona
Tb. astotandation Train WU /awe near afternoon, Cl
3.l,Wore.stopplas at all regular atatneljuod ana log
ouly M fat
netieralogattire In Yittehotah. at 8.30 and tl d.
reedY.lB P. N.
P.. 0
0074 Tirkats eine, be be staisat
T.O 00024. he oedema to the entitle rand ein. Iran
/e.t.a. what* Wens Wain Mtn co scent.
NcllClF—Stk 01.01 lose. no Conway
bald tbn,
gewea rawarsalbly fa peen. bulgur! , cetly..4l for
eel ruudiu ono buurrul
NtYrlCE—ibatera. 30. a J Braolutlial.Osulbas Pu, br an .main
t... t0 or.rey banantien 414
12=a r. t.ii be Wierpaw tire. 1211 1 : age " foltsh
tt tan-.
^•~ 4 `l?mitoraws: Aged r.... 1 :1 1
vauburab. 8,11 , M •
MP& jiiiika
• - Miehiraw Central Railroad Line.
In connection with the. Cleveland and Cincinnati
R R., Ckveland and Erie J? R., Clivanil . 41
rittsdurgh R R., and Michigan Catrai S. R.
I.3IS.SeSENGEKS will be ticketed through
from any point on Leto Mlchigan ts Clerelene.
Ctheatthi. YlthoMHigh. litillanetytoo. owl bellntore.sad
from -Heim of thus pure; to soy pal. on LAD Michhoto.
MAY P. rrehtf.
uLnJ. R 0005
A boot 5111 loath Checkout) for Dettiott. the verrolt for
Cleveland. time
ortolan at 1134 ithlook,tattelog In each
etty In time to mono. with sit the mottling Itholic toot,
eat, ye Continue with the !Ake holed. nod Seethe.
Mete. The Una goats 0111 loath War• Land In tho fol.
toning Ont.;
Wthecour 7113A1 ,
flill .outs. from Oleretant to Ultimo. moot
vteierelne ago The rateeoner enjoy• • cord night'. met
op 5 • Ent-clue shiantbant end. tithing the cern at Doi
time lo the moinipc.nalatilmeelf Chan °After • moo
hoots' Ode through ; loansint =tutu. soil over the bat
itaalroaa An the wen. er.eer other nuts be
mort culla. the longue of sight thong upon the Otte,
or the morale of the per Loh..
Air Persons mlshlog to mare harem, or Mho thm
hente rat (tenth*. lOU erply to L. A. 4.61t05. Agent.
Initeolone. (Moo earner of RlVri r Clair latent.
Coutes! &rebutter ' ) ot tot JOHN A. CAIJOHNY.
Aetna C. A P.M* W., hiontgAishola Mom
.11 , Tltteburgb.
Niehigan Southern Railroad Lute
arIIE ehorteat arid beet route from Toledo.
Ohleado. 7dinniakia. +rid Voris on Lana Xichinon.
I/Hann/an routbarn and lalortbarn Indiana Railroad.
Thrown to Toledo in 7 ninny without landind.
. .
One of thn staunch and commodious Upper
Patin Steetnrro TROY,Capt. 1. 31. &Vous SUPERB/R.
(gape W. lb Wilkiosen, in eonnealoo with the Michigan
Southern Railroad. will inr. Cleveland at 7o 'clock, P.
M. on tbe arrival Of the ltspreasTrains (P.m Cincinnati,
eittebittith .cad the met, eoz.esting at Toledo with the
dOA.. Row the Chicago. voting through Adtlan. 01 1 / 1 4
ote. Coldwetar. Bronson. White Plkwen, BLJoeepti, &nth
goad. gliebeerakto /kw •
entire time from Cleyeland to Chicago 17 hours.
lir maMalik.
in Rallrowl is new. laid with
a n...ey t tell, end in perfect ord. , No twine will be
seared by
l b.teecer.• of the Mats to.oad. to ma x ,
tnie oon of wat routes to travel 1n connive.
- Clammy e ^.. .7.4 t'cre of charge, by Siring It to
the Agents, and amble . / through: Rom Cleveland to
IlarThrough'elates can ha hut at the aka of for"
.7th W Came, a on the Wok. and 11l River street. Ober.
Lea. '
I fwitharinaratation or Sr . elighlriare, apply to
mnulf2donongaball Roma.
Idichiggui Southern and Northern Indiana
Rail Road.
C9onN and after February 7th; 1853, until I ur
tLer notieo.•Tiouonter Train. will run dampen
00, Tole*, and Monroe.. dally..cept
1 ollooro
Clanosoloo.Monica and Toledo at 4.14.
Oilrogo for Tolodo •• a r, r.
T for Chinos° ' ... •• •• 6 • 6
1461 ou tor
serThla Road in'oonktootion with thaToleda
tar Norwalk, LA* Shore, Raw York and Sri.. Burial° a
lbany Illudsoa llhor 'iloarto. ram tha only
II U.Ollll CommnLlranon tostwoma .
Chicago & Coluattaui.' Cincinnati & Pitts
burgh, via. Toledo & Nuneslk Road;
bLah lothre.ta Oa NAP BHT& AND - 17ABIZTON
<6 PA MON BUaD3ir 9YLid0que.d.11411 , 917117.1).
110 AL at A. tkIVROATILLA and
JOdOEU U. hlOOlll4 dap%
M. 8. , A N. I. It. R. Offfee.l
Adrboa, Dsa 117.11182.
P AlAY—She sunenat n 4• Wire. PltUbersla Ylll.
1 elehla and Dallltaar• err ea follow I, . . .
w att a tge—i t Ztazip , ll:rstraLialtield; Dear and
dread 41ase—Aleonol. arrs. OlararimaL Dew
da da. Dtl drtilt.lllarsir am Mona Danl.... Leather.
, klado. Waal—(o club, per 100 Ho.. •
Thud Vlsta—thatu., thodkra. Ohersa. Denham Wan,
'Lear' Ttbeato..-60 e.ate par It* I Ls. •
Dentin ulvtr-14nao, kora mai Ll•ef salted: hard and
Lard 011. Whiskey. Cotton—id trade tar 100 lac
ep27 P P ** aedent
Dehgur toting B. A. AIittATOPIC? Ylintl/1306.
g t i lioo-b oi tr b traUuratr wall woo taw b.... I ‘ ,
irrotri i rtiVor. Dontb. Arnimlot]
resuouvutr, Moo; tub. B
13.,., B. A. 1...b.,„0„,,,u-;hou.trrtutut hare IM a,
lima l.o raw grzf
j ux 1 / I rolOor •but you.rour
Tr o i 11. yl% n e. 0
41 .
itrourtnroutfoti amongst. the amt. A lita
f , Jac Putter
I. E ',7, h iertr it ( 1, ! ." Ti t' t t lV L o nf V ;T:
worm! Dualet u ourll. E.I. 100 War to ► ettild tour
in , . old. null It prowl ueout. you butultrA worm until
Irut11.. 04 A1=1;11; iNati=elTaTl " orrr
an addr4unal papply. .
klatunuotallf. Wm W. Boom.
Prerkzed wt Add b. T.
R. A. NAIINEATOCK OP ,fra , _ roz. Wood mut tint ottuora.
1010 Z-6 tieroes Si* far Ws by
Lik, as 7 A. 4V-411.1.ruaw.Om
No. 91 South Thlid street, Phlladelphls
between diarist and Monona titnntio
Dry and Orton Barad; ?atm KJDiI; Tandm' 01/4
Tanner. a•td Currant' TOOILa at the lataatt, riots sad \
9.ii i ..l2l7EVilseiLlEß., to tittroottb. RrANTI6".
which the rashest saarbst.prica will Ito nicety in CASH,
"t t * INVOVATOrctiVg. and sold on conordrairet.
0111,AP • Man.Gress.'
NO. 219 COLVIN U 1 4 .... P.IIIIaNNLYMA.
OFFER to' the citizens of Pittehirgh 102.
It eiebe . the ehdlen.h t their r behut=g a t.i
trAntkr; r, eee
thsrviutia 17 11 1 0 8 §E P T I O T IN Ott
_ e " " Dienuh. or
.. Also, QLABB WARN. Out and Matrelle
" Ilttl=fin e tt'eteate
beet satiates. at Tet7 ohrty,yriors.
tines eiel
fk PIPES, Half Pipes, Qui-ter C`i t s, •
8 1 . 51 . kur v. r . q . 1 . qt. Darras, Palo, Uold and DO ,
'' l ltlrloOr and London Do
Dort Wboe.Llabon, L. P. and cargo Tenertlfe, Dater • •
Dry italaiM , Wlnes,Ohammotaa ea. of Tartans brands
lIZUi \
French Drandlee, of ramono trandr. Holland al.
meloa Rum, Ida and &Mob Walsoew Dualamta
Ne• Odeon& Emo, 'Dart of tam above are entitled
dehentum. _ • . .
For sale in told LO mac porchmara;and on Liberal lA,
Jot • rfo;10 South Drenc , ,,m, a'alladelph
Straw Gocelepits4,\lBs2:,• •
rilllE subscriber ;:l c i* ,, icisw prepared to v -
ambit to Idsrehmai dto llatery him cutout z t
hmasy s Locket Ladles' , and Hisses' ATEAW AND' m.
ARDIIICIA I, IPLOWHIIb; Rams Lea,r,Pancolla. And
mmh‘mt/m/SUAIMEIt HAFS. Nr r Chutletuan: \ which, Ito
extent. variety. and beauty a SA Fe! 0
c 40.k1 4 61 . 442Tr. f ur. 4 1 1 ilt r o l t=on 0 •
- filDit . U ' PHILADELPHIA.
Pearl Pert II es. ' \
SPLENDID stock 1 pearl;uadles, Misr
for Deanna and othePms el est nod. to or 1 11 , h, an hand Marine liholls. sal Os far Cabinet
Oruarisnt. .
A muddy of Fancy Doody, at low Mae.
A. JAHDIAADL L . No.ll Nar l lk L. ath.rA
Straw Goodi—lSSS,
(167 T1104A5 Wl=
al South Srmctst.. P
Philadelphia Carpet, ' , Wartk,
4,atIPERIOR quality FULL WOOS? 'WV
AJ Palm So.= A 1,.. COTTON lir A 43. Lerei
e., for sale at lb. la,m,txtrn . moft i t,
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